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Delly, delivered In city by-cairifir, Dcrweßk.
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Onr dispatches reived last night state
that-Fort Pickens has been re-lnforced—
that several hundred troops -were taken
from the vessels-of-war in. boats and landed
at the Fort It is devoutly to be hoped
that this report may be true. ' ’
It will be seen by our dispatches that
the Spanish Government is about making
a formidable filibustering demonstration
upon the Dominica (East) end of the Island
of St Domingo, and which it proposes
eventually to extend to the Haytian (West)
end of the same island, now under the
Government of President Geffrard Here
seems an excellent opening for the appli
cation of the Monroe doctrine by our Gov
ernment, which we trust it will not hesi
tate to promptly apply. It may not be
amiss to inquire of Spam by what right,
and for what purpose, these demonstra
tions are to take place. w
The little Post inserts a very scurry
editorial concerning the appointment of
Postmaster for this city. It draws exten
sively on its fancyfor its facts. Its asser
tions are as destitute of truthas they are of
The statement that “ Mr. Scripps obtain-.
u ed the appointment of Postmaster of
“ Chicago on condition that he should
“ agree to withdraw from all editorial con
“ ncction with the Tribune,’ 1 is a fabrica
tion out of whole cloth. The appointment
was conferred upon him without terms or
conditions of any name or nature. Iso
hint or intimation ever reached him from
the President or any one else, that he was
desired or expected to withdraw from the
-Had the condition named by the Poet
been affixed to the appointment, he would
have peremptorily withdrawn his name
«a quickly as the telegraph could have car
ried the order to Washington. He would
not sever his connection with the Chicago
Tribune for the Post Office or any other
office within the gift of the President.
It will be neict to the Presidents it will
be to the citizens of Chicago, to learn that
“ the Tribune rests under a heavy load of
“ odium in this .community.” And it will
be some time yet before “ the President
finds out that there is a powerful oppo
sition among the people of Chicago to any
person connected editorially with the
It is sufficient answer to these mean and
malicious assertions, that the patrons of
this journal outnumber those of all the
other political papers published in this city
put together—the contemptible Post inclu
sive. If the Post was afflicted with a little
more of the kind of “odium” that “rests”
on the Tribune, its finances would be in a
more satisfactory condition.
Senator Crittenden made a Union speech
before the Kentucky Legislature last Tues
day. He talked much better and more to
the point than last winter in Congress.
There he had nothing to propose but der
grading coneggiosa. . ..He made demands
on the North wholly impossible to grant
gave by making shipwreck of cherished
principles and self respect But now that he
la face to face with his own people, he tells
them very plainly they have no sub
stantial grievances; that no party, orpower,
or government has hurt them or wronged
them, and that they should be content with
the Union and the Government We
quote a paragraph from the speech:
What shall Kentncky do—our magnanimous old
State —what shall she do In this great crisis—this
trial of our nation’s faitht SinU we follow the
Secessionists —shall we join in the experimental
government of the South, or shall we adhere to
the tried government of the Union under which
we live—under which our father's lived and died?
I call upon you to bear witness, as candid truth
ful men—do you know of any wrong that the
government has done you ? Can you name any in
stance of wrong suffered on account of your con
nection with the great Union of which you are a
part? Kentucky herself came Into existence un
der the Constitution—and under the Union that
she still dings to.. Under its protection she has
grown from a handful of pioneers and a few
hunters to the noble State she now is. Where
is the man of Kentucky that fears that anybody
will come here to take away our rights from ns?
Now, this exactly accords with what the
Republicans have declared from first to
last They had nothing to compromise or
concede, because they had not aggressed
upon the rights of any section. They have
lived strictly within the letter and inten
tion of the Constitution. We commend
this important testimony of the venerable
Senator to the flunkeys who are croaking
for compromise and concessions to the dia
unionists and rebels.
Sommer Time Table#
Elsewhere will be found the Summer time
schedule adopted by the Railroad Convention
at Cleveland, Thursday, March 28. It goes
into effect on the Xsth of April.
The morning trains leave New York at 7 A.
JL on, all the roads leading West, and arrive
at Chicago at 8 P. M. the next day, making the
trip in 37 hours.
The second train leaves New York at 11 A.
M., and arrives here at 5 A M. on the second
day. The third tram leaves New York at SP.
M. and reaches Chicago at 8 A M..
Three trains a day will leave Chicago, going
east. The first at 5 A M.; the next at BA*
M.,and the last at 8 P.K., and arriving at
New York at 230 P. M., 930 P. M., and 1030
A M., respectively. Two trains a day wQI ran
from Chicago to New Orleans—the first start
ing at O:4O'A M, at 6:15 AH. of the second
day. The other will start at 0:40 P. H. and ar
rive at 6:15 P. M. For farther particulars, see
schedule. ’
Ksior laderton’s - Oomipondents
Withheld. •
Washikgtox, March 27.
In the Senate this momlng the Chairlaid
before the Senate thetollowing Message from
the President; * '' c .
u To the Senate the
* “Thave received s cdpyof a resolution of
the Senate, passed on tbe&Uh inst, requesting
me, if In my opinion It is not incompatible
with the pnbllc interest, to camunmjeste:• fo
the Senate the dispatch es-of .Msjorllobert An
derson to the War Department during the
time he has been incommand at Fortfiamter.
On examination of the correspondence thus
*»ATled for, I have, with the highest respect for
the Senate, come to the conclusion that,<ri the
present moment, the publication of it teovld.bein
apeSknL r - , Abrabah Lnroomr.
viilie%'ni&Ka]ii, Jr.
t an g the appointments said to have been
aent to the Berate to-day. was that of WlUie ,
p |£engmn, Jr., «hd T .X lafee great pleasure in <
■ intimate personal knowledge,!
tbatthe appointment Is In; every respect fit‘,
and apprppiwe. Mr; Jlahgpm ls toedurated’
fTPpZmxf, of great modesty, yet dignity and;
jS^nfaTrfmaanqß: and I confident that -
the AfflnfrH»P of.no similar place will gratify
a wider iahS.cff influential families m the
iff f-n farther to conciliate the friends
cfSe tJnton- I may add in this connection,,
♦w yftunjrnm still lives at his home
in Orange county, North Carolina; throng in
■very jtrffrrn health;- and that he cherishw :
warm ettachment to the Cnlon. He expresses
the greatest confidence -in the integrity and
of Mr. Lincoln, whom heknew in
rimately when ihe laticr was ln Congress,)
twelve or frmrteen ’ yeare’ago,' M^., Mingurn,,
Jn, owes his prompt appointment to the cor-'
dial Interest mahlfeated in iris behalf by Hr.
Seward, who thus tha first-opportunity
offered to make a gracefhl of an;
old political friend and associate, who has for- i
ww 'the shades of pritate
v Kme*. . . r J
0. •
' . “ ‘WijßlSWKW;latch 88. "
A Cabinet meeting convened at* an- early
Ticur this mornlfig, in anticipation of the ex
• pootedadjounttnentsfne die of 7the Senate in
the course of the afternoon. ■■ ‘ ’’
• The transfer .of Mr, Clay was made with his
consent ,* ■ but great Bniptise is nevertheless
expressed at the nomination of Carl Schmz.
-It became known in the course of the afte>
noou that the Secretary of State consented to
it only upon the personal request of the Pres
■ Four of the Tribune's staff being provided
Jbr, the .question may soon arise, who will be
left to-run the concern? It is presumed that
these Exeentire favors will result in more
closely'identifying the Tribune with the polit
ical fortune of: the Administration,- and that
they were made in view of the resuvencss of
the. great moulder of Republican opinion, at
the. npparent policy oft the Administration! in
reference to the Southern question. ,
George C. Fogg’s nomination to a foreign
miEsion wae promised to the New England
Senators,- in return for their final consent to
confirm D. P. Holloway as Commissioner of
The resolution offered by Senator Trumbull
to-day, at the eleventh hour of the extra ses
sion, is not believed to be a threatening dem
onstration in the face of the passiveness of the
Administration, but rather a bid for populari
ty among the coercion Republicans.
Letters denouncing the inertness of the
from prominent Republican poli
ticians throughout the country, are ho w being
received here in large-numbers. The best
Mends of the Administration apprehend the
breaking out of a sweeping storm of indigna
tion incase a more determined attitude should
not be assumed before long.
' ‘Thfere Isa strong belief In otherwise well in
formed circles, that another “military neces
sity” is about being developed in connection
with Fort Pickens.
Mr. Haasaurek thanked the President to
day for having appointed him to the.highest
Elace in. bis is, nine thousand five
unbred feet above the ocean, the altitude of
Quito, the capital of Ecuador.
[Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.}
Washikotok, March 28.
The Cabinet had a long session to-day on
Coll Lamon’s report on the condition of Fort
Sumter. The necessity for Its evacuation is
more apparent than ever, though it will prob
ably not take place for some days yet.
RUMORED appointment.
It is understood in high Republican circles
that the office of First Comptroller of the
Treasury is to be offered to Mr. Whittlesey of
Ohio. It Is a position of the greatest impor
tance, by reason of the tact that nearly all the
extraordinary claims against Government are
supervised by it.
Quite a number of office-seekers are leaving
everyday, and the pressure on the Depart
ments .is not so great. Secretary Chase is
adopting the commendable rale of only ap
pointing those who pass successful and "criti
cal examinations. Hundreds of incompetent
men are therefore started home very soou.
This morning, only fifty awaited an interview
with Secretary Smith, which is a great decrease
.of the crowd. The Secretary of the Interior’s
administration of that Department- has been
very pleasing, thus far, to his numerous
Yesterday, Chevalier Betinattl, who for some
years past, has represented the Government
of Sardinia In this country as Consul General
and Charge d’Affairs presented, his creden
tials to the President as minister resident of
that kingdom: He accompanied the presenta
tion with a few apprdpiate remarks expressive
of his pleasure at being introduced to -the new
Administrrtion as a minister Uf Lis'Govern
ment ; and the wishes of his BovereigzfjßSr the.
prosperity of the United States and of hil fie
tenrdnation to endeavor to merit all the be
nevolent esteem which he had on more than,
one occasloubeen the recipient of-from this'
Government. " w.
The President briefly responded, congratu
lating the new minister upon the high peek
tion Held by his Government In the scale of
nations, and. requesting him to assure his
Sovereign tbat thegood wishes Of his ' conn
. try are reriprocatewby-us, for his,' ftaCtbat it'
should be our constant care to -mamifttn the
friendly relations now existing between the
two nations.
The InieUig&icer to-day argues that one of
the most irreparable misfortune growing out
of the partial dismemberment of our Union,
is found in the fact that secession as accom
plished, for the reasons assigned, and in the
way actually pursued, has destroyed all popu
lar confidence In all human arrangements un
der the head ot civil government.
The BepiebUean argues that the interests of
Virginia are not dependent npou the extension
of slavery, but that it is for .her welfare to
preserve the National Territories free from it.
Mrs. Lincoln, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
Kellogg of Cincinnati, and a select party of
friends, paid a visit to Mount Vernon, per
steamer Thoa. Collyer, to-day. The party
were escorted over the grounds by Captain
Baker. •
Ballway Convention at Cleveland—
Time Schedule Adopted#
Thursday, March 28, the Convention was
called to order, and the roll of delegates called.
Eight additional roads were represented, the
delegates having arrived over night. - They
were all from the South. The Committee re
ported a Time card, with the understanding
that the Louisville line of roads have permis
sion to insert their time before printing, if
they see fit. The Time card was adopted by
the Convention, to take effect April 15th.
Mr. Brough moved that Messrs. Flint and
Nottingham be a committee, in conjunction
with the Secretary, to have the proceedings
printed. Adopted.
On motion of Mr. dement, .the question
of locating the time and place of the Conven
tion to fix the Winter table, was taken up.
Several places were taken up. Indianapolis
and Boston were voted down, .and Cincinnati
was selected as the place.
The question of time was taken np. On mo
tion of Mr. Guthrie, the time selected was
Wednesday, the 16th of October, at 9A M. -
The Convention then adjourned, to meet
again in Cincinnati, on Wednesday, the 16th. of
October, at 9 A. M.
The following Is the Time Card as adopted
by the Convention, and corrected by the addi
tion of the Southern schedules: ..
Maii. Express. Express.
Leaye—Chicago..,.. s:ooax 8:00 an 8:00pm
Arrive—Detroit.6:lspm . 6:3opm 7:lsam
I .cave—
Arrive—Susp B’dg.
Leave— “
Arrive—Albanyß:9o pm 6:00 am
Leave— .... 4:00 pm 5:80 am
Arrive—New York.. 9:30 pm 10:80 am
Boston. 11:45 PX 2:80 pm
Leave—Boston...... 8:30 am 8:00pm
Leave-New York.. 7:OOaX 11:00 ax 6:oopm
Arrlve- 1 Albany.....ll:soAX 416 pm 11.00pm
Leave- “ ...;.IS;2opx 6:oopm 11:15pm
Leave— “ ..10:45 pm 5:45 am 10:45 am
Arrive—Detroit...7:l6 am, 8:45 p x .7:30 p x
Leave— - “ =7:80 am 4:lspm 8:00pm
Arrive—Chicago..»&oo ax 6:80 pm MOax
Leave—Chicago'. — 9:30 pm 9:80 am
Arrive—Pr'edbCh*n.lo;So A m 730 pm
St Paul 6:30 pm
Leave—Chicago 6:40 p m 6:40 a m
Arrive—Odin. s:loak s:lopm
Cairo 10:40 ax . 10:40ph
Cohnnbas..lS:4sPM v * 12:45 am
Jackson 5:15 7 x 5.15 a m
Canton .... 7:lsax 7:lspm
N. Orleans. 6:15 7x 6:16 am
Leave—N. Orleans.. 6:80 ax ■ G:3O p h
Canton 6:80 7 m 5:30 a m
Jackson..... 7:80 A x 7:30 pm
Coltunbni...l2:4s pm 12:45 am
- Cair0....... 4:oopm 4:ooam
0din.....:.. 9:4opm 9:4oam
Arrive— Chicago..*, ft 50 AM 8:60 pm
~ -The above schedule takes effect Monday,
April 17.
The Bank Draft Swindle. ;
[From yesterday's Cincbmati Gazette.] ‘
The developments with reference to'the Cat
&ract Bank drafts, npticed yesterday, prove
beyorid.questionlhat a grand fraud' was eon*
templated. All the drafts sold in this city so
far as heard from, havebeea paid. This dodge
was rdsofted to, as we supposed, in order to
grin credit , and it is probable that the whole
$7,000 will he met It has been ascer
. tidpAd that -a portion:of the eurrencyxeceived
for thedrafts was used topurehase exchange,'
which,was forwarded to the Ocean Bank by the'
same mail that took out the former, upon
searching the trunk of one of the parties ar
.restedyesterdty $50,000 of the Cataractßank
drafts were found. These were -for various ■
amount* from $495 up to sl,soo,and were ray
able to the order of different persons. This
makes oreri SIOO,OOO known to he in exist*
ence. Messrs.-A: L. Mowry & Co. receiv
ed a dispatch from St Louis this .evening,
stating .-that the. drafts were ’ offered m'
that city to-day. ' But the- exposure here
having been telegraphed over the country, the
swindle, ■
well planned and wellmatured, has been pro*:
vented. We doubt wdiether the partiee en
gaged in &ris operation have made ; enough) -
jar, to pey -espenses, Wedonbt,also, whether ■
they have committed any which they :
can behdd,as the ‘drafts' were genuine, and |
tbe i be able to’
show that everything was done*‘»ccording to :
l»w.* It received; we Wranie; proslSo|y
notes fonrimdraft*’, aad allhougli-both wre
bfea vlo-J
latedln of' eitiier,
Isold staEhot be paldrihere wuUld'ta a
. of ;coTiree ? 'bpt these, 1 &*alpSajfly seated, tave
doubtless been proidded for, l^ 'nie’jiCTsonfi ar
rested tire to’nkve a heariDr'tQTnorrov (Pri
day) afternoon. It Is to behapedthey dan be
held and punished. /'■ - ■"• '
FmltFroapecta. i
The general opinion growers In
this neighborhood,' is that the crqp'of peaches
will this year be exceedingly light. ,1A gentle
man from Bockport. informs. ns : that ne cut
from oneof histrcck,atwlg,containing twenty
eight blossoms—of 'these eighteen tad been
killed, laving, ten good blossoms, an abund
- :XHE:CIT¥/;;rv
gay* See advertisement headed Gold”
in proper column. ;> l .; I •
Labcesies.—Clarence Smith-for stealing
-laundry work has beeii in SSOO. Slmuel
Lucas has been also bikcC ip sßoofor the | same
charge. • - -•.-■■■ ■ • ». ; L
Oue Police.—Jacob Rehm, Depnty Saperr
jutendent of Police has his head-quarters at
the Armory. : No more appdintmentsby
Board of Police Commissioners for rlhree
'weeks. ! .
The Wigwam Saie.—At 10 p. m. the Great
Wigwam Is to be sold to highest bidder, t&ie
proceeds to go to the'Hdm.c.pf ttaPjdenldiSßS
and the Town ileet
ing announced to be held at the Wigwam to
day seems to tayebeen spiff earlier.; 'f . ,
Literature.—Art Journal for Marchi; • alj
the American Magazines for April; a fresh
supply of “ Trumps,” and *'Father Tom. and
the Pope,” the latter byDr.Maginu; together
with all new and popular books may be fbund
at the book and periodical depot of. John R.
••'Walsh, corner of Madison street and Custom
House place. i
Received at McNally; & .Co.’s, SI Pear
bom street, “Public Laws pf the State of Il
linois,” “ Trumps,” a new novel by Geow W.
Curtis; also the “Art Journal,-” for Mire li
lt contains three fine stcsel,engraymgs, ‘T The
Armorer,” from the Royal Collection, Mo
dem Italy,*’ and “ Cupid captured by Veitus.”
Xh£ engravlngsalone are worth the price pf
the Art Journal. \
. Struck by Lightning.—During the severe
thunder showers of Thursday night, the resi
dence of W. G. Hibbard, No. 644 Wabash ave
nue, near Twelfth street, was struck by, light
ning, the, fluid passing , down the chimney,
leavihg its traces in different parts of the build
ing on its way to the ground. No one of the
finally were injured and but slight damage was
done, but this is an unusual time of the j'ear
for such phenomena. ‘ ' ‘ i -
The New Public School House.—The ; ap- :
propriat ion for the new Public School House; •
on the comer of Wabash avenue and Twelfth
street, was $15,000, The bids on the several
building contracts have been canvassed, and
the following awards made.: ; ! ..
T. Menard, carpenter work.:. $4,575
Reed & Shlrwin, mason work* . 4,744
Francis Qreenhill, cat stonework 2,085
Gpo. A. Freer, painting ;... • 748
William Connelly, plastering..; :800
A. Knisely, tinning ; : 640
... T0ta1..... $12,892
s The plans were drawn by G. P. Randall, and
the building will be a credit to the city.
A Sheep in Wole’s Clothing.—A corres
pondent of the BM. is sheepishly attempting
the role of the wolf, In a gross, malignant and.
utterly false attack upon a gentleman largely
.associated with the cause of religion and be
nevolence in this city, and always • for good;.
The old adage *as to “two of a trade,” Ac.,
should stop far short of thedomala of Sabbr.th
he, who in what he has made a
rivalry, goes to such- a length as the
wtiter iiiqnesrion,fnny ; reidlzes bur caption,
all theyagpecta
harmlessly beingnothsngm6rethan malignant
mutton. 1
A Brutal Assault in a Balogs.— ln yes
terday’s Police Court, Justice Akin held Al
bert Goule to bail In the sum of $200,' ■ and
.Bennet Smith in SIOO, to appear for trial in
the Recorder’s Court, on a charge of cruelly
beating a man named John Jung, on Thursday
evening, in & saloon kept by Goule on West
Water street. Jung was that .day paid s2l by
the railroad company for which he works, and.
after settling a board bill of £19,--he repaired |to
the saloon in question to square an account -of
two shillings he owed to Goule. In making
the change a dispute occurred, which finally
led to a melee, in which Goule seized an iron
poker and struck Jung two .or three terrible
blows on the head, leveling him senseless jto
the floor, in which prostrate and defeneelass
condition he was kicked in the face by Smith.
"Hoolet & Campbell’s Minstrels.— Bryan'
Hall was again crowded .to its utmost capacity
last evening with the elite and fashion of onr
city, to listen to the recherche- entertainment
of this incomparable troupe. /To enter into
detail of the Individual members of this: com
pany, would take np took much of pur space;
but suffice it to say that taken as a whole' we
question whether tins company has its equal,
inexistence. The vocal* instrumental, terp
sechorean and comic departments are filled by
artists of well-known celebrity, bid and expe
rienced in their profession. ; -Their, concerts
are of a superior order, ; and composed of
gems of negro minstrelsy. . . Their success in'
Chicago has been unparalleled. l They might
remain here a month longer and play to crow
ded houses. They announce .to-night as their
last in this city. Go and see them, . ;
Catholic Intelligence,— The Hedemptioh-
Ist Fathers concluded their mission In Si.'
Mary’s on Sunday evening last. Upwards, of
four thousand received holy communloQ, and ‘
five hundred adults were confirmed bythe Rt. -
Bev. Bishop Duggan on Tuesday-morning. On
Sunday next the Rt, Rev, Bishop will celebrate
Pontifical High Mass in St.. Mary’s at
o’clock, and at o’clock resume Mb ; lec
tures, discontinued by reason of the mission.
Bev. Dr. Butler, will deliver.a. discourse
appropriate to the occasion. The choir of the
church, assisted by several ladies and gentle-;
men, will sing‘ Mozart’s Imperial Mass No I»
for the first time in this city. Service to com
mence at 10 }4 o’clock A. 31, and at 3 o’clock
'P. M. Benediction by the Bt Sev, Bishop.
Also several choruses, duets and solos, appro
priate to the occasion. ■ The last rehearsal oit
the Mass will take place at 4 P. iL “to-day at
Goold’s Music Booms. : u.vi: v./r- \
730pm 8:15 am
4:00 am 5:00 p m
4:45 a x 5:45 p m
Rev. J. L. Corning, late of Milwaukee, ha*
recently been called, as our readers
already know, toJhc.p&tpmto.lpf ike
outh Church in ihis city, an d
for several Sabbaths past has officiated in his
new field, with a degree of acceptance happily
confirming the Wisdom of the' choke, .of the
Society. . * '
The Plymouth Society was
organized In; Oct of the
membership of the First Pieebyteaian.Cimrch,
actuated by a desire for unlommder a different
Chun* Polity. Measures were -immedlatetyi
eet on secrcre a' house of ?tyoiehip, and;
this was done >h
‘ was organized by Ecclesiastical Council : In-
Dec. 1853j twefltyfiw,
The *ni iir mv-.
eral years, locked - on-Madison ■ street, oppo
site the Dearborn street, and.
to the!
coni?r of andVanßweu street,;
,the pre6entr r filte. :Prom:present promise it
willnot the wants of-the Society,:
and indeed from. prerehtpromise a ncwbnild-,
Ing more commodious. will be shortly needed,:
when we learn it is the designid the Society-to •;
erect a structure on the Tabernacle !planyWlth •
cheap sittings fortheWultitude; I
indeed to dairy out the fhirdesign of Bapctpa. ■
ty worship, . t— j-'-' -nsf'S
. The Pastoraie of the’Church has been Ailed ;
by Rev. James M. Davis; Rcr. H, Egglee- ■
to% how settled in OonnecU(M E by Jo
sephß, Roy,htprcaont District ibr
the American. Missionary Association’ 7 In the
Northwest, and now bySey; Ifrf 'Obrnlng,
- who has insl commenced dhdOrthe
auspicious ;&cumfitahceß, a3*oye " noted. .j.-Thp
Annjial rental Ofpews obcnrsatthßcffiurchon
Mondayjthe house tabfro^endttrii^toe^y,
the renting of slips
o -
& I
Plymouth Church#
CHICAGO, MARCH" 30, 1861.
. :-'\?eleani that a changebaaitdkenplace at
the Post Office even in bTthe antici
' ;pa&d succession by We state
- U irtfli tliai tiie afihirs of the office are
in such's condition, ea relates to : its accounts -
■ with flat the.Sjpecial Mail
Agpnt'Mr. Shhllcross, dttiy.qualified and armed
with the necessary .{opera has has demanded:
of Postmaster Cook, possession of the Post
- Office, and its papers, at once setting aside Mr.
Cook for ‘•‘ft'qftpfl alleged of arrears and faulty
wMimfii running through even a longer peri-,
od than the present quarter' ending with to
Postmaster Cook resists the claim and er-.
of the Special Agent, or was disposed tor
dbso nntji the opinion of States Dxs
,trict Attorney Fitch sustained the iatter, who
will takepossession to- day. The town is rife
with : rnmdrs, many of them doubtless highly
exaggerated..-;, v
. It Is "certain that the clerks and employees •
have many of them been paid nothing for
'sometime past, and the claims of tome; of
them against the Post Office are paid in Mr.
Cook's own L O. TT.’e, their receipts for sala
ry having been given for the same. Some of
, these, within the past few days, attempted to
pay themselves by taking possession of Post
age stamps, one of them getting nearly S6O
worth. .Mr.ShaUcrosatakes possessionjwith
a: view to going thoroughly to the bottom of
the matter, in the service and interests of the
Department, pending the interval before the
new incumbent enters upon his duties. !
« Later. —Since the forgoing Mr. Cook
■called upon ns. and stated that under the ad
vice of Judge Drummond he had telegraphed
to President Lincoln, asking if he; shall sur
render the office to Mr. Sballcross. Mr. Cook
states to ns’ that the papers of Mr. Sballcross
bear onlythe signature of Poetmaster-Gene
ral Blair, and holds that as he was appointed
'by the President only the President can re
move him, hence the object of--the dispatch to
ascertain the pleasure of the President In. the
u; Se'sayahe has paid every draft upon him by
the Government, and does not owe it a bent,
and in relation to reports on the street thathe
is largely indebted to the clerks in the Post
office, he says that as the fiscal quarter .does
not end nwtn April Ist, it cannot be charged
that he owes them, until the end of that pe
riod, and that he is abundantly able and wiL
lincptq meet such indebtedness to the last,
cent. . 'This statement will undoubtedly re
lieve the apprehension of the clerks in ques
tion. •
Ihs Court Home Square-Extraordl
nary Meanness.
. We referred yesterday to the feet that the
Court House Square was receiving a top dress
ing of the bfikl from the adjoining streets,'pffe
paratory to some improvement of that neg
lected patch .of territory. Two facts were not
stited which IT© shall give here.
1 : - One of these is that John C. Ure, a well
knownpmctical gardener, and late, if not In
deed 1 the 'preent, President of the Gardeners’
Society, has undertaken this enterprise indi
vidually, has procured n subscription, and is
still pushing the same, looking to a thorough
and excellent work, which is being carried
out under hia own immediate supervision.' He
has raised about S4OO from citizens, and has
the ability, and should not lack the material
aid to bring the Public Square into a condi
tion that shall less perfectly typify the official
-meanness and stupidity which have therein
had their perfect work. .
The other feet we give upon Mr, Tire’s own
authority, and our citizens can ask no better.
When he cams to examine the thin and bar
ren soil of the square, his practiced eyes saw
that it would be . a good thing to give it jthe
very top dressing we. have referred to. Mr.
Ure Innocently looked updn it as belug a
-uulaaAce in th e-etr«eta,»thU heavy-compound
of .indiscribable mud and mire, and supposed
that clfy .and citizens 'alike would rejoice In
having it removed- He therefore asked leave
of City Comptroller Ward to haul it from the
surface of tho streets adjoining the Public
Square, for the purpose named. Innocent Mr.
Ure was,’as many of our readers will be, sur
prised to leam that these “ special deposits”
on the streets were a source of city revenue.
Comptroller Ward would sell Mr. Ure as many
loads as ho wished—but give it /’—not he, nor
the city, they were not doing anything of the
Mr. Ufe ohjectedtobuyinganyof this street
filth, and applied to the Mayor, who very
justly ashamed of the Comptroller’s ridiculous
propositlonto lessen theSitizena’ Subscription
by setting a price on the street mud, gave him
permission to remove as much as he pleased
for the-use In question.
. . Here we ’ have a secret revealed as to the
reason for what we bad foolishly deemed the
deplorable state of the city streets. The mud
deposits are so much wealth, and we can al
most imagine It an occasion of joy In the
Comptroller’s office! when two inches more
mnd is reported on Lake street.. "We had no
idea the city was so well off Shall we-have
the mnd Items in the Comptroller’s Annual
holding on for a rise in the mudmarket? Has
he hypothecated the mnd? Has anybody
leviedon.lt?. Why don’t he remove the de
posits? -'lf Comptroller Ward is satisfied with
his present (mud) banking system, the citizens
are not We have heard of the “powers ol
'mnd;” we had not thought of it os one of the
Comptroller’s titles.
“ At tlie Tap of the Bell.”
The news-boys had a grand benefit of half
;dloies last evening crying the evening paper
With. u ’Ere’B yer full account of the fight be
tween Long John and the detective.” From
those who saw the afiklr thus lucidly described,
weleam that the Mayor was yesterday morn
ing met on lake street ; by Allan Pinkerton,
the well known detective, who called him to
account for. the persistent ,and scurrilous man
ner In whichthe Democrat has for some time
past followed this officer. It is little to the
credit of Mayor, Editor, or the manhood of
either, that the' great accosted whSningly
evadST a direct answer, and finally took refuge
behind one of his subordinates, saying, “ Flint
wrote them.” •
The detective immediatelybrokethe peace'
withoiit waiting for “ the ofthe bell,” and
slapped the official face, firet on one aide and
then-on the other, .whereupon the great-aa
saulted,-having fulfilled the Scriptore injunc
tifln of turning both cheeks,” toched Ms
back, and commenced « muscular progressive
exerdsci in which his legs gave him great ad
vantage.: .The Court House bell. ringer is
quaking in Ms shoes, expecting his immediate
dlschaigfrfor not giving that some “tap ofthe
belT’ at tWs invaston of, the Mayoral and Edi
ISelanelaoly GtreiunctaTice.
'Death of FrankllN’J). Owen. Esq.—We
arepaihed to hear of the sudddi decease of
F.'D: Orrery Esq. Kr.Gwen was one of the
most promising members of the bar. - He was
a hative ot South Lee, Massachusetts, and has
redded In this city since 1854.
He graduated from Williams College Snlßso,
audfrem the C&mbridgo-Law School In 1851,
and thence immediately removed to this city,
fonnlng soon after Ms arrival, a partnership
withiDavld C. Beattie. During, the early part
of Ms residence in this city, he was largely en
gagedinreal estate the North
Division.' He took an active part in political
matters, and last fall was elected a Supervisor
from the First Ward. His age.was thirty-one
Wo wiahthat with’thns copying and ftilly
we .do the above brief notice of
tho deith Oweh; bur duty as public
Joumalißfajnight aid, but ourJriioice -would
scareely avsil to lessen the weight ;of“ sadness
wMch in lhls event has fbtlxid qnick chafahela
a to manyheartej in intelligent
possessed of so many traits rthatwon' him
firfehds;-inearly niaiihbod, so-hearthe' passed
threshold of a profusion in wMch he had won
an. excellent should have come'to
iisend byhls ownact ;
Hr. .Owen resided in the southern suburbs of
the city. He was about .town as usual on
: Thursdior,aad during « portion of the even
ing. who inirare degree'possea
sed those trsite of good feeling and bonhom
mie, and tlmee: who. met him on Thursday,
among whom wu the saw - nothing in
his maimer to indicate the rear depression of
mind whiph-was then preying upon Mihj and
isdtiog'him- to the rash step,*an escape
'sought from pecuniary trouble and dlsappoint
jmcmi./ 1 ./« . i.-ji J.. ... i .
During the evening, he told iCrs, Oweu tbat
he, had taken..landlnpm^^*^:
tbe>eiM«k was made in audi-' -a. manner -as to ■
cause so convtctionfebertatop.thathe was ixt '
earnest.; A 1 Uttle3atd:-lw'/|v]cmiiUd lively,'
and thls being not nSwnsl- Trttji hlm, tli6 Tfife.
rwas even then not starUedf; When he told her'
thatwas “the end I J. . k .
'-‘•They the night ,sho;.
awoke, and found Oweu'ln a eomstyse A . ;
state. '"ln' great almri 'the' neighbors iJtly~To xterit.a Store with
1 * f vor-ytthontasmanstoefcof Goods."-' ; ! ?
-i . ’ ' AT:A; pOOD: TRADING POINT,!’
Everything was dcmatofiarert themects { of the -in mo country. Illinois orWi.c^nsiiiprefixed, * Ad.
poison, but it had bq£b top long in the system;"* tor one Box sassTCM-
The Unfortunate youtteiaaD. died.at 7*iL IC of " -—* —~——— m
yesterday. /_. $■
-Corroner James hljdair
when these rad facts’wert* developed, and also' i
that Mr. Owen purchased ,four ounces of lan* j
dannm .at Store, under the !
Sherman House, ’ We hate v al-j
ready indicated the wrat, ■which, weighing'.]
upon Hr. Owen’s peapfflpempgnmignt t
him to a step wMd®rafiHed a wide clrcle of
hearts with anghlshF He leaves a wife and
three children. C * ,
The Board ojf Trad* Election. - ;
The Board of. Aim'oaZ.’JSlectioii j takes
place'oh Monday at theirSooina. .WOJpreaent.
again the following, Jghg- bothtlcfcefenowliiN
thefleld. The firetjlSns nominated on Tlmrs
day evening, the Mtw yesterday, moaning:
Bsacrc#B tickbtl
JRrwWenf—C. T. WsSselsb.
Ist Vice-President ■— R. M. Hough.
2d Vice-President — Sjwahd Hempstead.
IHrectorr.—EtißatetUChaa. K. Walker, O. J. Da
rts, M. S.Bacon, T. J.Bronson. C. n. Curtis, Du-
Said Stewart, SamudSL Jcfluißon.OringtonLunt.
Committee of Arbitmtion— Lemuel D. Norton,
;Wm. Houghteling, Ja&D. Bailey, W. N. Bralnard,
J- K. Fisher, S. A. Kent, V. A. Turpin, H. W.
Hinsdale, Nathan Mean and T. T. Gurney. :
'.Committee of. Appeals—tie o. Steel,-Hugh Mc-
Lennan, Geo. .Armour* W. H. Low, Asa Dow, F.
D. Gray, 8. F. Atwater; B. Adams; E. Raweon.
- member’s ticket.
President —StephnnClasy.- ’
.. lai Vice-President —Clinton Briggs. 1 1
2 d Vice-President —R G. Wolcott. .
Directors— -Y. A. Turpin, Sam’l ghAckford.jA.~C.
Leckie, Chas. Hincklfy, E. Rawson, E. Hemp
stead, Hugh 'Adams. Cs E. Culver,-J. L. Hancock,
E.EldredT: ~ \ -1 ' ! •
Committee 0/ Arbitration —H.-Mil ward. Asa Dow,
Murry Nelson, J-.LedUft, L. D..Norton, J. B. Wal
ler, J. D. Cole, G.H. Gibson, Nathan Meets, B. A.
Towner. "V . .
Committee qf Appeme—'H.. D. Gilman, E. W.
Densmore, T. J. Bronson,-J. M. Adsit, H. K. Fil
kins, J„ w. Tattle, Sam’l Howe, N. K. Whitney,
S. T. Atwater.
An .Excellent Remedy.— Whoever la troubled
with Hoarseness, Cough, or Soreness of the Throat,
.can apply an excellent and safe remedy by using
tion by Messrs. Joss t Beows & Son, of Boston,
and which maybe had of all our principal drug
gists.- We have tried/the article, and can safely
recommend them in o]^cases of throat irritation!
To Singers and Public Speakers they are of great
value. So much are they now used, that counter
feits have appeared, of which, tho inventors' and
proprietors have warded the public. He that is
troubled with any soreness of the throat can easily
attest our words by a trial. —Alton (IU.) Courier.
. Hats Ton f—Have yon been to see Messrs. Case
& Parmelee, Nos. 123 and 125 Dearborn street ? If
not, call there and get a lunch, dr a ,warm meal/
and you will pronounce them the beet caterers in
the city. ; v -. \ mhsd-2fc
Tooth Powder is justly rej
garded-aa the safest and best article for the Teeth
that can be used. One trial will show its superi*
ority. It will be found at Sargent’s Drug Store,
corner Randolph and State.
Sloan’s CommebcialColleqe.— The drat exam
ination of the second class of the current year
took place before the'“ Board.of Examiners” of
this institution, last evening. Below we give the
names of the graduates : ,
J. N. Reece. Q.H. Warren,
L. Salisbury, L. Burgess,
P. V. Fitts, L.P. Clark,
H. Brown, • W. T. Lyons,
W. H. Todd, Chas. J. Manvel.
If yon wish for bushy whiskers or a 'fasci
nating mustache, send for a box’ 1 of Belling
ham’s Stimulating Onguent. It.is warranted
to bring them put In irtin three-to six wefks.
-Sent onreceipt of postage. $1 .18, to jiuy
' actress“by J. & Johnson, 70 State
go. 111. mh2B,3m .
. All should not MI to read the advertisement
of Prof, Wood In to-days paper. mh-ly
For any operation upon your teeth,' pr.for
PERPBOT artifldal work of any desirable style, call
■bn.Dr. Albiaugh, No. 63 West Randolph at.
ja2G-Sm ’ v ' ;
Cook & McLain, S3 Dearborn street,
made their price for cleaning and dyeing gent's
garments Jess than any other boose in the city. l
|Sf“ See advertisement of “Hard Robber Bigg’s
Truss”—has cored cases of twenty years standing
in this City.' , mrlß-lm
Fuse Seats.—The South Presbyterian Church,
corner of Edina place and Jackson street. Rev, T.
M. Cunningham, pastor. ■, Services to-morrow at
half-past ten a. m. and three o'clock, p. m. The
pews In this church are now free, and strangers
are cordially invited to attend.
—Easter .Sunday Servicesat St; John's P.-E.
Church,'(Union Park.) atlO# a', m. nnd7#p.m.
At 2# p. m. Sunday School anniversary. On East
er Monday, at 9 o'clock, annual letting of the pews
and election for Wardens and Testrymen,
—There will be regular services lu the Church of
Assension every Sunday morning at 10# a. m. and
3p.m., and on Friday evening at7# o'clock. Rev.
wm. H. Cooper, Rector. 1
—Divine services in the First English Evangel
ical Lutheran Church, on Conroe street, between
Clark and Wells, every Sabbath at 10# a. m. and
7#p. m. Sunday School at Sp. m.
—Communion services In the Scotch Church,
Pulton street, near Clinton. Rev. J. M. Ferris
will preach this (Saturday) afternoon at 3 o’clock.
Rev. R. Patterson will preach and conduct commu
nion services according jto the order of the Cnhrrh
of Scotland at 10# Sabbath -forenoon. Rev. Thom
as Cunningham will preach at 7#. on Sapbath eve
ning, and Rev. R. Patterson on Monday*evening.
—Haydn's Imperial Mass will be performed with
an efficient orchestra ahd. chorus, by the choir’of
the Holy Name, .to-morrow, Easter JSunday, 31st
lust. The solos wfl! be sungby ‘Misses E. Qarthe,
E. Farrell, and Messrs. De Passio and L. Haues,
under the direction of Prof. May & Glrac. Hiss
Tema dePelgrom willpreside at the organ.
• —Rev. Nathaniel Colver, D. J> n ' will preach at
die Tabernacle Baptist Church at 10# a. m. and
7# p. m. to-morrow (Sabbath.) ;
Eastan Dat.—Divine service will be celebrated
with the Holy Communion In Protestant Episcopal
Church, corner of Indiana and Franklin streets, at
lOis a. m. Seats free* Infant baptism in the af
ternoon at 3 o’cock, with Sunday School celebra
—Divine service at the Beroai Baptist Church,
on DeEeven street hetveenDesplames and Hal
sted. to-morrow. March 31.''Preaching by Rev
Hr. Kenyon, of Chicago, at 10# a. m.
The Only Machine Having the ‘ ■
•• Mafctw the LOCK BTTTCK, which la alike on both
mm ofthe fabric, and having a positive upper and
votes tension. 1
. / Every Machine Warranted,
r XS“ We give fnn : Instructions and guarantee the
practical working on all Usds of fabric, thick or thin,
without change of tension. -
Under tit© New Sherman ECons^
AGENTS WANTED in every town and city lathe
Northwest L !~Q mhtrsi-ijrlatpg
. KEIiOSE.ri. oil. :
With Patent Silver Reflectors.
Just tte tttoglbr: 1 :v ;
Propellers and Sail Yessels,
I*3- .CLARK BTEEST.... 1 ...122
all kindsof Sß / W
Repaired by J. J. Vfceelaad, ,
JinlldjHjE.oa Alley nar 01 ia> itreel.
.. iTolselaan
•40 ANP UPWARDS. , _
■ Ho. 11C lialteMnat, Chicago, HU. .
■,. . QtfnJrtiirt- ■ .■a = vi.-.
mwnWi 8. H. EKHTHEDTacO., HeerOrieam,
-By MELLEN * olhsted : : -
j - Ho. IB* 'Sooth Water street '
JL> deryomPriirtin*MTribunoOffiaa,'£f'-- -
, Nieto Sibheflispietrts.
»V^A^TKD.— strong,
—.V»V • Scotchbr&igUsir'Wbman wanted asWICT
.jmBSE.. Tliebeatof referencesmustbegtven: Ap?
•, *p3y atßo6.M*<*.friE«nATenoe. - 1 ■ x - , mh3teSS4.ty ~
*v House. with nine Toom«;Sbuth Bide, east at-
Clark andnortli of Twelfth streets. Address P. O.
,Boxß6te.. . . . . .mMO-eSSa-Str •
j TXTAST ED-—A, good Girl to do
I t | Housework, German, Fnellshor American
| pretoreOrlaqulre at aißladlana street, between
Clark and Dearborn streets. mhawit •
|. \A/ANTED. —We want to hire a
*i* *. Genteel Eesldence, with' modern Improve-
Korthof Twelfth and easier Stats preferred.
''"WStgA. BCTTEIS &CO., Auctioneers, 4a 48snd
*SO Dearborn street. mhaturia^L^---
hayiazone for sale may address “J. F. B," Box 6000
Poet .Office, giving: description, price, and where It
maybfrßeen. ••• ' . . mhSOxSt
\Jkf- ANTE D.~-To persons with
BmaHcanltaL desiring to travel, ths r CMcazo
.Oil.Company- offer inducements seldom met with.
For particulars can at their Office, 126 Randolph,
street,*Koom No. 5 (upstairs); or: address, Inclodng
gam p, - Chicago OUCompanj,” Bor3r»71» Chkago,
W ANTED—Two Girls, one to
' t T do laundry wort, the other to assist in Ironing
and do general housework. Mast come well recom
mended. Apply at 53 Dearborn street. mhSOxSt
TO RENT—A first-class Brick
Dwelling on North SWe,with all modern Improve
meats, location desirable. Possession given first of
May or before. Apply at McCormick's Reaper Fac
tory to C. A SPRING, JR. mh2sxttnet
TO RENT—A very desirable suit
of three rooms, enltable *fbr a family, and two'
single rooms, famished ur anfaroisheA Apply at 11
Adams street. ’ mh3o.ea9i-3taet
5,000 gross Boot Webs, 1,000 pieces Rein Web*.
S,OuU pieces Girth. Webs, 1.000 “ Bridle Webs.
_ • , 'W. E, CASTER, Manufacturer,
OfficeJQC Lake street. P. O. Box 1616. Cuicaeo.
tmbSQxlw] ~ - •
For sale cheap and
QUICK —A Scholarship in Bryant, Bell & Strat
ton’s Commercial College, with Blank Books and Sta--
tlonery for the entire course. Apply to “ CPost Of
fice Bbx 995. mb.^rit
A GENTLEMAN and lady
wishing pleasant rooAs can be accommodated
by applying st 37-1 Indiana street. Also, a few day
boarders. mhseztt
XTOTICE.—The Pews in Grace
_LI Church win be rented on MONDAY. April lat,
1861, lor tie eaaoing year. The Chnrch will be open
from. 9am. to 12 and from 2to4p. m. mhSO- eSSoSt
/2J.OLD! —GOLD!!—And howto
VJ get it—Agents positively making from efpht to
fifteen dollars per day. Send one dollar to Box Ko. 3
Anoiapolis, Park County, Indiana, and get the great
secret.. • . rnhSuxSt
XT OTICE.—The author of the let-
J_ v ter directed to the Judges of the Superior Court
ol Cook County, dated March 15th, 186 L 1 desire to
state that—that portion of the letter per taking to me
relative to escaped convicts or their pursuers, «nfi the
implication of other parties os counterfeiters and
and coonterfeltmouey dealers, is a designing mall,
clous LIAR AND SCOUNDREL, deserving exposure.
mhSOxlt . No. 82 Randolph street.
Tlxe Spring Term
Of this Institution wlii comroeuce
On MONDAY, the Bth day of April.
. mhSOxst -
Oddest music house in
(Successors to Higgins Brothers.)
No, 117....Randolph Street....Ko, 117
Is the only place in the city where all kinds ot Music
Books and Sheet Music can be found. Do not forget
the number, 117 Randolph street, near the comer of
Clark In Kingsbury Block.
Orders from the country promptly attended to.
1861 - - SPRING TRAMS. - - 1851
Poplins, Mohairs, Delaines, Cloaks,
150 LAKE 5TREET........... ISO
-A.. <3-. DOWN'S & CO.
XJ RESTORATIVE Is the only Restorative that
restores erey hair to its former color, with three or
four applications, without coloring the skin. It pra*
vmts the hair !rom coming oat or becoming gfejgj
maklnglt to grow solt and yontliful. All thatpaßiig
like it. Bold by L. J. IVKS. No. 193 rtnntftfngMg
street, Chicago, ILL
T|»|parEp HAVANA
JL—liiaralnf£raeqiyed and opened a splendid as-
imKo Cigars, which I warrant a gen*
for my’partHftuarMfcrade. and others are
invitedtocaßLaad indue for themaelvee.
'mhSO-eoOl-lw No. 6 Coetom Honse Place-
Soap and Candle Works.
Having recently enlarged our Works to meet the in
creased demand for onr Brands of Soaps, wc are now
manufacturing by steam with capacity of 80,000 lbs,
{■er week, and design to supply the trade at prices
ower than any manufactory West of New Tort.
Jobbers and Country Merchants will And it to their
interest to call at onr Factory before purchasing else
where, Factory
Noa* 222 and. 224 East Elnzie street.
The subscribers arc manufacturing •
Bloaon’a Headlight OH and mason’s
Car Box Oil.
Also, a very-superior
And would invite all who desire a really nice article
to a trial of the same, with tae full belief that no Oil
cu be found hearing an}* comparative value for either
light or machinery to these Oils, m reference either to
quality or price.
We nave a process by which all the fibrous and gam
in ey substance in Fish Oils is precipitated, leaving
them perfectly pure and transparent. This process
also increases the body or durable characters of the
Oil, thereby increasing the wearing qualities. Another
valuable qualityls, it will stand a very low degree of
temperature. The same Oil used for machinery.isa
Giving a clear, brilliant light, which, proves Its purity
and excellence.
These Oils are sold Wholesale and Retail by P. £
MERRIHEW A CO. at the Manufactory, 229 State
street, and by C. GOODWIN. 12/ South Water streets
mbSO-eSSian . P. £. MERRiHF.w ft CO.
[From Rev. Zechariah Paddock, D. D.)
Dear Sir: Having used, personally,, and in my fami
ly, two or three bottles of your Pectoral Syrup, 1 feel
myself author zeQ, Indeed, bound In dutv, to sceak in
high terms of the article. For hoarseness, which with
me as a public speaker, baa been a mo 3 formidable
difficulty, 1 have sever found snv thing like It. In dis
eases of the lungs, and other parts ot the vocal organs,
its effects are moat grateful and salutary, unremark
able palatableoess, I consider one of us smallest re
commendations. In a word, lam persuaded that were
Its virtnres and its conveniences known to the pnb
lic, it would have an extensive sale. -
- * Very respectfully,
' Cazenovla, June Sd. Z. PADDOCK.
. .. [The lollowlng Is a Physician’s opinion.]
- jin. Foobd—Dear Sir: Having used your Pectoral
Stwjp some ibne-in my family, and thinking tebt
hibhlt of it, I would like to get the Recipe for making
It to use In my practice ;as 1 suppose you do not deny
the knowledge of it to the profession.
Yours very respectfully. •
G. W. LEE, M. D.
Cortland Village, Cortland County, N. Y„ MarehSth.
( . No. 211.South Cl ark Street, Chicago,
[rnhSKaO-Stdltwl • ~
Messrs. Fullxb 4k Hosssy are instructed to offer
fbr SALE by AUCTION; on Wednesday, May Bth, 1881.
at the Auction Mart London. England, the PATENT
FLOATING BOOM DERRICK, constructed In 3858 by
.the Thames Ironworks and Solo Building Company
(limited), for the Pates t Derrick Company, at a cost of
£l9 009, and Intended to be used In randag sunken vea
aels on: a principle long known and applied in the
Doited States with great profit. . The powers, of .this
"stupendousiloaUng Uerrlckhave been most severely
■testedwithr/errectfucceSß. Ills capable of Hfttnga
boctomeovesael zTO faet long and-90 feet beam, divided
throughout byannmber or water-tightcomparfaneots,
which can be filled to counterbalance any weight on.
tiie opposite side. On tiie one side Is raised air Iron
tripodßifiet in height, on wWch revolves a rigantto.
boom; ISO feet In lengtii, and from one side of
•areeasrehded 19 powerful blocks which -work with
others immediately connected with the vessel to be
raised. On the opposite side of the vessel ate arramred
-10 powerful crabs, connected with the chain falls ofthe
vmfievblocks ana worts pair of powerful steam
emrtnes.. The derrick itself fa capable ot being propell
etffour mllea an hour by, a .senes of bucket- paddle
float?.- ‘The vessel may be, seen by cards only, which
mar be had, together .wlOr- prlnted inveutonee- ami
partienlars. at
tore. warorobg^tfateTwctore*-Comrnbns.E. c 4 atthe
aip Bull ding
Company (limited), and of Measre. Fullw
’ft Honey. Demter street.Xoaaon. England.
mMCte3SS.It • ~ j : -;
.I--*: - . Ohio. 1
MFmi4s rfloii AuaHOL ou opuua .T
- Send for a Circular. . - {
T. X SEELYE, M. D* Proprietor.
' V\TANTED—A trustwortliYyoniig
* «■{ -maiioi at leant two years -eTnCrtence la the
; .^SXTA^TTED —By a. young Ihan
-1* T situation &3 a'Book-Keeper Ina Wholesale or
-Coramisgion Boose. Can .give good dtv references.
Isnotpartic^Laraatosalary. AddressiLß.FOG
XT, BOX BQSQ. - - • -'••• J • .- . inhMr^t
'~\A/A!N TKD—To Rent, or’to buy
: T t~ -In exchange fbr choice HHaols Land a Hmas
. oaths South Side lor a email family. Address Post.
• Office Box 183 Q. mh2Mw*
Vt/ANTED: —A House pleasantly
* * located; convenient to the badness portion of
the city.-and.'puitabie for taking a few hoarders.
Would sot object to pavlne rent partly, or wholly In
board. Address P. O. Box 3165. mh29x3t
WANTED-An active Young
- » T 'man who can loan from sSooto|soo. Tosuch
a person aplea&jatsltoatlott will be given. with good
security for the money, or an interest In a profitable
•badness. Address tm Ist April, box 2805, Chicago
P. O ... nih2silw
u'.L. Jtje or. six Carpenters, five or six Cabinet
Makew. Also, one Boy accustomed to Painting; and
mrnarrSt: -■ ...•
T V flret class Carriage. Painter, to whom good
wages and steady employment will be given. For for
mer Information Inquire of THOMPSON! BONHAM
& CO., 253 South ater street. Chicago. None hot
a man of steady hablu need inquire. mh2silw
WANTED —A Situation by a
yonnsf German who can speak English wen.
He can take care of horses and do general housework.
¥SSK, r SS£. m W etl d*tl ons can l> e given by applving to
JOHN KUGEL. No. 309 Jefferson street, between
Harmon and Mather streets. West Division, or ad
dreaalng to JOtaN KUGEL. mkSQiSt
\\T ANTED.-—Agents wanted to
T T canvass every county In the Northwestern
States for the sale of an article which every business
man most have, every traveler mast have, every rail,
road manjnust have, and in tact, everybody mast have.
Cooney Agents appointed, who will be pledged the
sole control of a county.
The Small Price of this Article hrlxurs
It Within the Beach of All.
Enclose a stamp and receive by return mall a circu
lar giving fall particulars. Address J. H. JOHNSON.
70 State street, Chicago. P. O. Box ’
mhlße2oß-lm. - • ,
House wanted.-—a prompt
paying tenant wishes to rent asmall convenient
house oa Wabash, or Michigan avenues, or la their im
mediate vicinity, tint not more than half a mile south
from Lake street Possession desired on or before the
first or May. Address “LOCK,” Box 6170, giving
particulars. mn2Ux3t
TO UNTOR schools, school
Districts and the Public generally.—An experi
enced Teacher, who possesses Collegiate Testimonials,
as well as recommendallonsof a practical character,
wishes to be employed immed ately. He would ac
cept a secondary position. Addrsss SAMUEL B. EL
LR, Chicago, Illinois. mM9i2t
T) DRUGGISTS—Wanted a sit
nation in the drug business, by ayoung man who
has been in the business fbr several years, and
understands all parts oflt. la also a good book-keeper.
Cari give the beet city references. Address A, L.
BROWN. 80x3301, Chicago P. u. mh23xst
Ing and Malting.—The subscriber, wishing to ex*
tend his oaaloera. is desirous to secure a good man as
partner, with IMLO to $5,000 cash. The Brewery is well
established and doing a good business, and bai all the
facilities lor doing a lame trade. Railroads diverging
In all directions, N. B. Satisfactory reference reqmren!
Address S. T. OSMEB, Sterling Brewery, Whiteside
County, ill. mhifflxSw
Alive Yankee would
like a situation as Governess in some highly res*
f ectable family where there ore pleasant children to
each, to care for acd to love. References exchanged.
Enc ose a postage stamp and address mart, Tribune
Office, Chicago, ill. um2Sxlw
.XJL year made by any one with $lO worth of
Stock enongn Included to retail for $l5O. Send for
Circular*, Samples and Stencil to A. J. FULT.AM, No.
45 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo, or 312 Broadway,
New York. mh2lx!ot
wanted to sell Clark’s recently Improved
Splendid inducements offered. Samples sent bv mail
on receipt of 35 cents, or circulars, terms, 4 c., by ad
dressing, with stamp, K P. CLARK, Northampton,
Maw. mhlSx2w
\\l ANTED—A small saddle Horse
▼ v or Ponoy, not over six years old. Address “J.
F.,” Post office Box 4434. mh2BxSt
r VO RENT—A new; two-story Cot*
'' 4 ■■ fage, wlth atable adjoining, corner Gurley a nti
Silver streets. Enquire of B. F. CHASE, 509 Ran
dolph fetreet. mh-<BT2w
TO RENT Store Ko. C 6 Lake
street, including a good basement and fourteen
rooms on the and fourth floors, from
May Ist. Apply toTa STONK, No. 113 Michigan
avenue. mh2Bx4t
TO Dwelling
jg . ■
first-class Honse,
lafor rent to a first.
ScawitefianfTWtiheor m’>rßye»ra from May Ist. Ap
plyto tf. G. LOOMI3, at Marine Bank. mhZHxflw
TO RENT — A. Farm, on the South
Western Plank Road, within a milc-and-one-half
of the City Limits—6o acres—3o of which Is In a high
state of cultivation, well fenced, good honse an.t
aheda. For particulars apply.to GEORGE STEEL,
Esq., or J: J, RICHARDS,.foot of Laaalle street.
TO RENT.—-Offices and Lodging
Fop any light and quiet Manufacturing Business.
Apply to B. F. SHERMAN.
maai-eajo-2w Boom No. 18 at 114 Dearborn street
TO RENT—The large Store, No.
S3 Lake street, adjoining the Store of Messrs.
Weber, Williams & Tale, and or Messrs. Cooler, Far
well ft Co„ for one or five years. Terms made known
on application at No. 22 Washington stree, sou.lo
west corner of Wabash avenne. PETES PAGE.
mh33-eS33-tmyl’6l •
'J'O RENT—A desirable Residence
• Furnished or unfurnished, near Ringgold • Place to a
responsible prompt paving tenant. Apply to
iahl3-e39S-3ra Cor. Market and Randolph street
f T'O RENT—Dwelling House No.
.A 231 Wabash avenue. Terms, S6OO per annum;
or the premises would be sold on easy terms. Address
G. ROsaiTER, Lake Forest mrrjo-e3OB-ltp
HPO RENT CHEAP.—A four story
A Brick store, with cellar, 20 by 162 feet, construct
ed for storage, but can be used to advantage by manu
facturers. Apply to GEO. W. adaTis, office In rear
of ISO North water street, Chicago. mhlSxlm
T3 RENT—Store and Cellar No.
131 Einzie street under Foster House, with good
Stable oa the alley. First rata stand for commission
House. Possession given immediately. Also, Stores
with good Cellars under each of No. 177, 183 and ISS
Klnzle street: and. also. Stores with Cellars No. 43 and
46 North Clark street, under Foster House. Poases«ion
given Mayjjst. Inquire ol GEORGE F. FOSTER or
if. H. BAXTER, at Foster House, corner North Clark
and Slagle street. mhi6-e375-im
UpO RENT—Stores Nos. 130 and
' A 102 South Water street. Rooms over Nos. 1, 3
ands South Clark street. Bent low.
mh>«lss-lm TALMAN WHEELER.
'T'O LEASE, Wharfing Lot on
- A South Branch, 107 feet by ISO feet deep to Frank
lln street; 'between Van Boren and Harrison streets,*
with a good dock, suitable for Lumber. Wood, Cooler
Stone Yard. Apply to WU. H. SAMPSON.
TnhiCftasitmyi’tti Room No. 3 Metropolitan Block.
long (tine, three lots on West Lake, and four on
West Harrison streets. Would exchange, with part
c-ish.for Inside property. Apply to GRIFFIN BSOS..
Boom No. 5 Pomerov’s Building, Sooth' Water street,
or address P. O. box 1379. mh3sest3-iw
' The Distill ary at East Clinton, on Fox Eiver, on the
Galena £ Chicago Uni m Railroad, three miles from
EUln. Capacity 800 bushels, it win be rented or sold
on the most favorable terms. Apply to D AVIS £ NIS
SKN, 46 Lasalle street, Chicago. mhll-egJ34m
■VfOTICE. —To rent or sell, a beau
_L V tifol Snmmerßestdence In the
Hear the depot In Chat place, about eleven miles from
Chicago. This premises Is known as the Benson House.
For particulars enquire at GEORGE HUHTOOH. Esq.,
of that place. - '' mhH-egfrdm
- CERH.—One 'of the finest opportunities Is offered
to any ofie deairons of going Into the
And wls 1 mg to purchase the entire stock and fixtures
of an old andwell established Grocery, doing a fine
business. Foe informs tion address Post Office Box
6164. • • mhlSilm
Flt# Hist-Class Sailing Vessds.
To carry Grain to Buffalo, win be chartered by the
single trip orseason. . . ' •
TO: ZtaWT.
Twenty-Five Houses, desirably. located, win be
rented cheap to responsible, prompt-paying tenants.
DesirableLote fora term of years, to persons wish
ing to Improve them. ..
oc3o-d3fll4»nx 12 State street, (np-stalrgj
I have several desirable stores on the above named
streets whUJi Trill be for rent on the first at April or
May. Apply,to : V "
mhfreHA2m . . No. 58 and 60 Lake street
wnnLrffSiwipetto ß. BQbrect to Hie jhe Be-
, : x . mh»e3Bbaw
•X der poor FxinUaratTrOnine °h, balQ>
Madlsoastrret, between State and Dearborn.
SATURDAY RIGHT, { March 30th, »Vrth nfglit of the
eminent Tragedian : -j •
: MS, J. S, MUSDOCff, ...
Who wmappearaaiCHAßLK D 2 MOOS la the beat
translation qver presented totha, public, oi scHIL-
“Whichwillbepresented'wlth. aa ercenea'. cast and
Double Irfsh Jig...:.. 1...by the. .....Gale Sisters.
' >To eonclade with th enew and snecessfhl Farce of
Hit Hlm, He hunbFriends.
Rodney Ricket5,.,.,..........D1H0n^
B T A N . H A X X.
waosiuroAr avainso,
March 20th, aa4 every evening,
illYl :»B
The most and Versatile Company in
Existence, comprising the
Whose Concerts daring the past seven months, at the
above ponolar Saloon, have elicited the highest en
comiums from the New York press, and have been
witnessed b over 150,000 of the elite and fhahloa of
the great metropolis.
8. C. CAMPBELL, The Prthce of Ethiopian Vo
_ CUN COTTON, The most talented Ethlopcan
Comedian of the present day.
JOHNNY DALEY, The only peer of Ben Cotton
la existence.
great Basso Proftmdo,
Wit, Jester, and Burlesque Actor.
EOLLTNHOsvaRD. The great Sensation Prlmo
Donna and Burlesque Actress.
MASTER CHARLES, The Wonderful Dansense
and Female Impersonator.
Elng of Bapjolsts.
J. C. REEVES. The highly accomplished Tenor
Vocalist aod Gn ter Ist.
~E „ * The hneqoalled Soprano Vo
calist and Guitarist.
?' Violinist and Composer.
J- H. SMITH. The unapproachable Flutist
£. Cornet and Doable Bass Player.
£ MmSSSSi - ***** M “ aeer -
J. C. FABB, Agent
The above unequalled Troupe will appear in
New Sons*, Acta, Dances, Borlssqne
Opera, Comedy, Tragedy and Farce,
Forming a programme of unexceptionable novelties
and tie moit attractive entertainment ever offered to
the citizens of Chicago.
BT Doors open at 7; to commence at 8 o’clock.
/”\UR OWN HOP.—Grand Fancy
VJ Dress Ba*L at Madams Akerstrom’s Assembly
Rooms, on MONDAY EVENING. April let All Fool's
Day. It Is hoped that every person win attend In
Fancv Dress. Ladies not In costume, will please wear
Calico Drea.», without hoops, with apron, and
shawl tolded acres? the breast. looking a* Ancient aa
possible. This party la expected t>be the most jovial
oas of the season. Tickets now ready. Mb sxSt
BRYAN HALL.—Clark Street,
Opposite the Court House, Chicago, 18.
Eminent musicians pronounce this Halt unsurpassed
by any xiall in th-j Uuloa la Its •
Acoustics And General Appointments.
It will seat 500 more persons than any other Hall in
BIoSrtKSS coun ‘ l ““ lrep ° rt « CiRTER *
The main «adlenre Room la on the first floor, the
entrance being on Clark street, the greatest thorough
fare In the city, opposite Court House Square, yet the
Hall has a retired, quiet location in the rear.
Ample Ingress and egress—2o feet of doorway to
Clark street and Court Place.
The Hall contains the Healv National Gallery, valued
at $15,000, and purchased or Geo. p. a. Healv, now
commissioned by Congress to paint a aeries of Pres!-
dential portraits for the White House. • This Gallery
contains tie identical great picture for which the cold
medal was awarded at the World’s Fair In Pans • also
** Webster In reply to Haync, and portrait* ot all the
Presidents to Lincoln Inclusive, as as well as of many
other Illustrious Americana, by Healy.
There Is a spacious Lower Hall for Fairs, Festivals.
Balls, and the like. It is provided with dressing rooms,
a kitchen, cooking stove, numerous tables 4c.. 4c
Both Halls, or either, can be rented Car Concerts,
Lectures, Exhibitions. Italia, and the like, on appllca
aoIVCO-ly Office in the Building.
JPor Sale.
i Buildings, containing about in OfO feet of Joist,
and large quantity of Doors and "Window Frame?.
Also, Square Timbers. All at good as new, Now la
the time to build your Barns cheap. Apply to
STEWART & CO.. Soap and Candle Works, 222 ami
2*4 KaatKlnzle street mh23-eS"i^t
pOR SALE—Two Certificates of
In Sloan’s Chain of Commercial Colleges, bw GIL
BERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers, 82 like street.
F)R SALE.—For Sale or Ex
chAQge for other desirable propertv. a Cm rate
distilling property, situated one mile south of the City
of Niles, Berrien County, Michigan. For inscription
Inquire of the subscriber, at 13 state street, Chl> ago.
mti v Tx2w D. W. MATHER.
of the finest Marble Front Houses la Chicago. U
four stories high, and contains fourteen rooms, ex
clusive of Clothes Pre-tea and Bath-Room. Tbe
Bath Room Is supplied with hot, and cold water, and
water 1* carried all over the house. This house has all
the modern improvements, and Is one of the most
thoroughly built houses la our dtv. bavin? been built
expressly for and under toe inspection of tbe present
owner, Also—in conpectlou with it U a fine Brick
Stable. 30x50, two stories high, and well finished.
Al-o—A Grape House 80 feet long. If rented. It mart
be a term of not less than FIVE TEARS.
For further particulars inquire of GILBERT * PAMP
SON. Auctioneers, S3 Lake street. mh36- cittd.'iw
'C'OR SALE—Several very finely
A . improved Farms containing from 40 to 610 acres
In Illinois, convenient to railroads, vlLages, &c Also.
3.000 acres unimproved in same State. Also. TOO acres
in Illinois, lowa and Wisconsin, together with a fine
Betldence in Davenport, lowa, to exchange lor Mer
chandize. For fell description terms, ftc.. call on
HIGGINS, SELBT ft CO„ Commission Merchants, No.
56 South Wells street, or address same through P. o.
Bo 2S4>4U mßSgiw
Thu Two Stout Bbick Waanrors*
Situated on side track of I. C. It it, adapted to Beceiv
log. Storing and Shipping Grain. ftc, wQI be sold or
rented to good party on favorable terms Apply to
BAILIE ft SETmOGR. Commission Merchants. 1 AH
South Water street, Chicago. P. O Drawer 6137.
mh4-euT 1m
warehouse scales,
To weigh uo to 3>< ton?, for sale cheap. Address Post
Office Box 3123. mhaax2w
AVi sale a delightful two story and basement reel*
dence on Michigan avenue. In inn view of the lake,
and containing nine or ten rooms. Price *34100
cosh. Address Box 1307 Chicago P. 0., giving real
name. ' mbjSxlw
A The Frame Flouring Mill, known a« the “Chicago
City Aims,” situated oa the corner of Jefferson aud
Klnzle streets, now occupied by the undersigned. Has
been run little mors than two yean, is weu located
and doing a first-rato business. It stands on a leased
lot at an annual rent of £4OO. payable semi-annually.
If not sold at private sale before the lOth o' April, it
will thkQ be offered at public auction, oa tbe spot. For
grice and farther particulars, apply to MAuPLE ft
OLE, on tbe prem wes. mhlfixtd
t> ARE CHANCE.—I wish to sell
JLVi my Warehouse, boilt of Stone. 4iz7D tec*. three
stories, sitoate on the trask.of the Mineral Point Ball,
road. It is one of the best locations In the West lor a
Produce and Commission Business.
For particnlars call on or address GEO. W. COBB,
Mineral Point, ffis. ~ , mhK^iin
Docks for sale or to
„ Docks on the South Branch of the Chicago River, in
Section 29, with ra iroad track connected with an the
roads In the city, will oa sold on long time at from $25
to fSO per foot front, or leased at *1 per foot front per
year- Apply to DE. BBAINABD, No. 45 South Clark
street. . mh<4x^m
McHenry, Kane, Ogle, Whlfcealde.'Grnncly,
De Kalb, Rock m and, Boone; Carroll and Lake, being
the same land entered by THOMAS R. GBfeEHs.
And now owned by Amelia E. and Mary Ann Greene.
Title perfect. Terms easy. Apply to H, B. -HURD
>o. ilMethodiatChnrchßlock,Chicago. mhß-e!3S£m
V-/ subscriber has now several fine Flirts of the
Albany Seedling Strawberry” brand near
Chicago, and la desirous of further extendlfle the cal
tnre. Panics bolding land they would wish to have
covered with this variety of Strawberry, without any
Sr r a expenditure, ■ will -please address
H. P. STANLEY, 165 South- Waier-st, ■ -foUPfiMy
T3OARDING- —Pleasant Rooms
J—J with Board, can be. obtained at the Wavertey
. House, No. 223 Klnzie street, for *3 00 per week. Day
Board S2AO per week. - Also, suitable rooms for gen
tlcmen and their wives at prices to snit the ©mea.
Transcfoat It 00 per day. D. S- POTTER, Proprietor.
man- and-Wife desire Board on the West Side in
a private family where there are no other boarders,
within twenty minute* walk of Van: Boren street
bridge. Address, with terms “W. S. 5.,” this office.
Tnh2SxSS • - ■ " '"*••• '
man and wife desire bcerd to a_prlvate family;
east of State street and North of preferred.
Would furnish.their room. .Address JLB-box 5906.
with terms, Ac. ‘ mhaseWX-iw
X> CARDlNG.—Pleasant suite, as
D well aa single rooms, meybe bad at 109 Wrtuli
OTenne- ■TT-. - ■-
T OST—On State Street; lietween
I J Lake and Madison. & Best Office Drawer 'Key
The finder wiU be agtably recorded by leaving It it
tM* office. _ ' ." ■ . .>. mh-Tbrea
abontdark^^f?lxfrm'slSe? to
Otter Fur The finto- wiU be-suitably re
warded by leaving the same with S. A-.TOiSXx £
TAOG LOST. —Lost a laige Blaek
VJ aoma
BniaS-eSMt C. 3,ASPKUu*
R* taOawiae-m tfurßataa- cfAitrartlrtng
\ s DAH.T TB^rOkB-
S^iSH** s * o
Sqnare, one month. ■'*
of Prices ftr moii’nwi An CM
vm .
W>n ad* A eete eete i h A»>
* ® ABTumuj* xa a**nV gam
SliSs^^ 3
auction Sales*
J-> Gxatoaz. ATTCnoTKEBa, 83 Laka street.
_'W3H gtre their personal attention to the sales ot
Household Pornltnre at the residences of ftmllies or
at: our salesrooms. ■ Cash advaaceo made to anr
amount when required. - .
ssFxaroß aravr A3n>
rnniitan, Btdrtndi, tt,
. v On SATURDAY, March Both. at 9M. o’clock x. s.
vewtll sen at oarsalesroonia. S3 Lake street. a general
assortment of Sofia, Tete-a-Tetes, Whatnots, Marble*
Top Tables. Book Cases and SecretxrieAflsno Stools.
Parlor Mahogany and Saay CbalriPlatn and Marble-
Top Chamber Suit*. Bareaoaand Waihstands. Ward
rpb«.Oak sad Walaot ExtenttonTaWea. Oak Dining
cnalm Lonsgea. Hatr and other Velvet
Janets, Stalrdo. Mahogany Stand*. one
Large Oral Gilt French Plate Mirror, Siahogaar Pramo
fflrc- 311 ** OJt paiatlaii. Also, SO Eooad Cornered
cherry and Maple Bedsteads, and many other good*
- Bate potftire andVlth.
miU7-ea>i-A .. Auctioneers.
■*-*' Auctioneers 82 Lake Street.
Elegant Second-band Velvet and
:Brussels Carpets, "
■ On TCESDAT, April 2J. at >*< o'clock, w« arfll e*n
atonr9aiearooma.ho.sSLake st,s rt ah Velvet and
BmSiels Carpets■ I rich Velvet Medallion Carpet all
aesond haod.noda np. an din cood order. TV ill be on
exhibition on Friday to thedav cfsale
, GttßKftT & SAIIPSOK,
46, 48 and 50 DEABBOBN STREET,
(Opposite the Tremont House.)
Every Monday at S 1-3 A. M-,
Hr* Cash advanced on Furniture, Dry Goods. Boot*
and Shoes, «tc. auSOcKWy
FarnlihiDg Goods, Umireliis, U, ic.,
WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., will sell on Friday,
March ISHh, at o’clocic. at their salesrooms,46. *Sand
50 Dearborn street a fine stock of Dry Goods, Cloths,
Casslmeres, Satinetls. Sheeting and Shirting. Ladles
Dress Goods, Broche Shawls, uadlea and Gent’s Hosi
ery. Gent’s Furnishing Goods, Umbrellas, Bock Gloves.
Liaena. &c.,4c, WM. A, BUTTERS « CO..
mh23-e3TS-2t Auctioneers.
-L v FcaxiTTEK, Cane and Flag-Seat Chaibs,
Brussels Carpets, Etc.,
WM. A. BUTTER 5 & CO,,
Will sen on SATURDAY. March 39th. at 9<< o’clock, at
their Salesrooms, 4t* 4S and 30 Dearborn street, a gene
ral variety of New and Second-Hand Furniture. Ac
mh33 eStMt WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Ancfre.
The subscriber will sell at Public Auction,
On BATUSDAY, Haxci SOtli, 1861,
At 10 o’clock a. w., at the Wigwam, all the right title,
and Interest, the Chicago Orphan Asrlum and the Home
of the Friendless have In aod to saxa building, under
an agreement made by and between the Trustees of
the Garrett Biblical Institute and the Wigwam Build
ing Committee; also, the Interests given, by order ot
Common Council, suhiect to p ;ymeut of 3W dollars to
the Garrett Biblical Institute.
For terms of Ground Lease and Sale, apply to O.
Lout or Peter Page- mb'&eSlMw
©ennui Notices.
XL —la Drawing of March 16th. 1861. No. 21649
drew $100000; No. 4.5 M drew S3XOOO- No. Kteffi drew
§30.000: Np. 21.731 drew $20.0001 To. U«S drew
$10,000; being the fire principle prizes.
Prizes cashed and Infom-ailoa furnished by CHASE
* CO, Bankers, No. 23William street. New York.
X PSWS —Will be sold at Public Auction on MON
DAY. April Ist prox. the Pews In the Trinity Church
on Jackson street, between Wabash and Michigan ave
nues. Th« terms win be liberal oad will bo made
kno *rn at the time of sale. Those Pews not sold will
be rented after sale. mn27-<3S.V.t
Board of trade rooms,
Chicago. March 28tft, ISCI,
There will be s meeting of members of the ■*Boanl
of Trade of the City m Chicago," at their Booms, on
SATURDAY, March 3£th, at IV- P. X.
Per order.
SETH CATIIX. Secretary.
Board of trade elec-
The Annual Election of the “ Board ot Tradaof the
City of Chicago" will be held at their Booms,
On MONDAY, t'ac first d ay of April next.
The Polls win be opened at 10 x, m. and closed at 4 p. m.
At p. h. the Annual Meeting of the Board will
be held, when the result of the election will be an
nounced, and any business transacted which may be
brought before the Board.
mb-a-ear-Mt SETH CATLPT, Secretary.
CAULKERS.—Wanted. Boat Builders and Caulk
er*, at the New Tor's Boatyard, South Branch, near
12th street. Chicago. Beetwages paid and each every
Saturday night. ARHURST & DOUGLAS,
nual Meeting of mu Society wih bo ho.tl on Monday
eveutng. Ist April, l-vji. at 8 o’clock, at their room, Bry
ant, Bell A Stratton's College, when tlie election of of
ficers Cor the ensixng year, will take place. Members
In arrears of dues (i~.e Art. 6. Sec. 1 Bv-LaT9) will not
be entitled to rote. FRANCIS HUDSON. Pres’t
Tnoa. E. Portsoy, Sec'v. mhiy^iw
XT OTICL.—A Meeting of the Board
i.l oi Trustee* of
lisd cjMVKusmr,
■Will be held at their Officsi Clark a (net, Chicago
oa i uesday, April 16th. IS6I, at 3 o’clock p. il, to decide
upon tha location of the Theological Department.
mhlAe3sS-lm Secretary of the Board.
O V BIES, for sale by NEWELL SNOW,
mhglxlw Corner of Clark and Madison street.
Billiard tables. —Marble
and Slate Beds, the latest Improvements
adopted. Cloth. Balls, Cues. Cue Tins, ftc. Old tables
Re-Cusbioned ■•nd Marble orSlate Bods put on. Man
two Second-Hand Marble Beds for sale. Orders by
mail promptly attended to. No. 135 Madison street
between Clark and Wells. Post Office Bos 961.
mh27-e3&J-Iw A. B. GRIFFITH, Agent
A RENTAL.—The Trustees of Plymouth Church
Society will offer tHelr seat* for Rental, In the Charcb.
on MONDAY EVENING. April Ist Sale to com
mence at seven-and-a-haif o’clock. Eveuthodt d»-
sibimo Skats had bettks bs os hand at- that
time. The Church will be open from 10 to 12 a i l,
and from 2 to 4 p. it. to accora modata any that might
wish to call aud see the Pews before renting, mhtfxit
AJ rURE FRAMES.—A Gilder would like to meet
with a situation. He has bad an experience of twenty
rears as a practical workman, and understands silver
ing and lackering mouldings. He has far the last nvo
years held the position of foreman in a good eliding
establishment. Is felly comoetent to act as salesman
or to manage the gliding department of an establish
ment. For particulars address WILLIAM MOULTON,
Box 770 Louisville Post Office, Kentucky. mh2BxS6
RAILROAD COMPANY. No. IS William street.
_ Nxw rows. March23d, 186 L
The Annual Election for Directors of this Company
will be neld at tne Company's Office, in Toledo, on
WEDNESDAY, the 24th day of April next, ak 12
o’clock at. The Stock Books win he closed oa the nth
proximo at 3 o’clock p. it., and remain closed until the
2Sth proximo at 10 a. w.
ma3S-eS7i-4wtd D. P. BA.SHGAT, Secretary.
C MORGAN, 199 Lake Street,
• wm,nptol36orilaynexl,Belllbr
His large and rich stock of
Comprising one of the largest and best stocks in the
West, soon as Rosewood, Mahoganv and Walnut Par
lor and Bedroom Saits, Oak Extension Dining Tables,
Hat Tree a, Bureaus. and other articles too numerous
to menOo i; all ot which will be sold cheap for
Oast steel:
“We are prepared to fill orders for those
At How York Price, With Freight Aiati.
Ercry Ben Is WABB ANTED for one year With’ttlr
and proper usage, if a bell should break after ayeir
half price is allowed fat exchange for a new one. For
toll particnlars send for Circulars to
Agents and Importers of Hardware, and
mhJ4-e2SS-6m -' '-69 LAKE STREWp; Chfragp.
"VTOTlCE.—Equitable Fire Insur-
JL v anee Company.—The undersigned Corporators
named is the Act of Incorporation of the- above
named Company, hereby give notice that books for
subscription to the Capital Stock of add Company, aa
provided for in said act of Incorporation, wia be
opened at the office of B. W. Pnffllpaw No 4
Clark street, on FRIDAY, ffie sth day of April w>r,
at ten o’clock a. tc, aim wmremafoopeo fifteen dova
for this pmpoM. £g :^gg a*-'
Clileage, Mirefaaria,'l96!. ‘ •mM3*emillt
The best place in the West for invahdo. Addrera
etrento. Dr. JOHN B. GULLY, Mr? GULLY fcr
E. reskoYkH. Proprietor “ ’ mtSSjVSa
LAW YE li S.-
Hoady SQon!
P. B. COOKE t Cft.lll like awa.
- , a»ow-~sijßafcx&R; !
i j r. HBow '
P. a. COOKE « CO, Ul lake

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