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MONDAY, APRIL 82,186 L 3
the wAb spirit Saturday,
.IRQ* :
Scenes , and Incidents.
gave ns , bright spring weather,
and eaw ;onr city the scene of increasing ex* -•
citcment, to which out .entire community >iaa .
given itself np. The war feeling everywhere
is dominant and paramount over all
In onr houses, our workshops, our stores '
: the comers of the streets, on in
church, evciywbile military law has ' D een- de
clared the excelsior of all other topics
engrosses aU,overehadowsbußiiees, conquers
personal and party learning, and leaves but
one tie prominent—that rjf - ;
3 : = ■ .the flag floats ail or er the city. Vnere 1 are
no more togs to be asd, or hough'* for ] OTe or
left, ma that toe same rale
, • may be knot™ by the fer; c th - at the New Yotk
to erhaustea, and none
to be had for four ffedl6- _ This dearth in Chi
, . cage oee occur to the detriment of a
■ • tore' “ e every direction, and a new
¥7*' awakened for the old Stars and
Stripes, since traitors have assailed them. - "
Thereis no reservation and ..distinetion nf.
V'\- «ect,.creed or denomination, and many dTonr
’churches are finding some of Iheir best yonng
Bum, and> most efficient workers fdr good, in
the ranks, and zealous to give a good account
v /of themselves. In one of onr West Side
Churches, at a conference meeting a few even
* r ? since, one of the brethren of the-plalner
sort, in his prayer used language very
tho following: 4i O : Lord thou knowe'j
... • l»ve fulfilled tty law. They a Mttea
... /ns on the. one cheek and we lji Te tte --
- other, end they have not Krbome to emitena
.. on that, and now. 0 Lord, etrengthen thou
onr emu, and give ns en-eese, that we may'
• ' P°‘ them otterty to r ont,”-to this onr en
tire community a'-e saying “Amen.” The
people yonng old, are moving to snch
... end. -- - .
streets resound with the call lor volun
teers for the war, and we are glad to know
that the response is cheerful and hearty.
Many hundreds-of our-gallant may in
a few days be In active service.
A larger number may be wanted within a
short time. In order to meet the possible de
mand, it is proposed that all who feel an into-.
rest In the defence of the Government, (and
who does not?) meet in the.Supervisors’
Boom, Court House, on Monday morning at*
10 o'clock. CoL Tucker of the 60th Regiment
will be present and give such instructions as
may be needed. The design is to form a Re
serve Corps, and at once obtain all tlfe military'
knowledge and practice possible, with a view
of forming companies and regiments, so as to
r. -be fully prepared for way future emergency.
' ?£ 4 ? nia S WBuckingh’m John M Loomis
■w°^S a ® e - FT B erman Geo S Wright
■ GeoE sZ%n A S ‘'■ hadbo “ ra ' ! L
- . Weh&ve referred to the action proposed by
• means of our older citizens in the direction of
forming a military company from those ex-,
empt from military duty on account of age.**
The following gives further information coa
‘ ‘ cerning ‘ . r.
Pursuant to a call in the dallypapers of this
date, a large meeting of citizens of Chicago
was held atthe Real Estate Rooms ot J. ; EL
Reeßj Esq., No. 48 Dearborn St., on Saturday
- - tie 26th inet., for the purposeof or
ganizing a Military Company to be known as
the “ Home Guard,” to be composed of per-* ■
-. sons over 43 years of age. - r-
The meeting was called to order by Andrew
Akin, Esq., when Cob Wm. Hutchings was
. Cbairmanj and* Andrew* Akin," Esq.,,
" Secretpjy. The Chair Stated the object of tie
mating in a few brief and pertinent ■ re- ,
'macks, when on motion of P. -L.- Toe; Esq., it
was unanimously resolved that b*
*■ 1 composed exclusively of persons of 45 yp'ars of
. age and upwards. . ' , . • ,
...... ■ On motion of resolved -
i./', that the names of person who have signed
-the muster roll be the daily papers
, for publication, that we meet again bh
* * Monday cven’jjg next at 7% o’clock P, if., at
_the Circuit Court Boom, for the furtherance
.. object, i - ■ •
On motion of B. W. Ranstead, Esq., a com
mlttee of nine be appointed by the Chair to
-• nominations for officers of the corps.
The Chair appointed P. L.Toe,J. H. Rees,
*7 Geo. Anderson, Albert-Smith, Solomonfimith,
7. H. Woodworth, Elisha 8. Wadsworth, H. H,»
Tat es, and-Sylvester Marsh,
j ■ - r On motion of L .Speer, Esq.* a committee of
three was appointed to. draft By-Laws for the
_ 4 organization, to wli: J. W. Chickering, Esq',
•'L. C. P,..■Freer, E3q.,.»nd C. K. Thompson, ]
After some further remarks from gentlemen,
Circuit Court Room on this Mohday evening.
.. . . The following names were.then signed to
l " the mudter roll: j' ! f..<=
yaP-HHiggins, Giles Fitch, CE Thompson,
*, ' if* H Reese,. Bcnfl. Stone, • Andrew A&n
Dsn H Boss, QA Springer, JCCunhlnehaUk,*;
A .Q Herbert, A Huntington, W L Felton,
HNHeald, O Kendall, Eben’r O Naeint
— F-B-Gardner, - J W VsnOedel, Lake Colburn
is&ssp -fitfiSa-.
- Mer.on, |a?=V
Euvroit,, JJohSEOr * ’EOSnlHvsti
' Wm-Osborn, aSpSt ’
«*. HFL Yaiit ■ cLT’ ■ :
» • Ford, - 8 MaraW
JBGooWns, Bradford .Stone,ME Coe,,
RM Carter, ' J Speer, 1
p L X°«' Harry Banks, ; -
J H Woodworth,Tim Hamlin,
Taylor, Win James, M Grants,
It 1 !* Caleb Shaw,. Job McPherson*
Alfred Dutch, Sylvester bind,
,w : .alia, J Cartwright,
J ,®*2 Moore, WHutchings, FDoty.
AlbertSmlSCn 6
' A meeting was held at North’ Mirbft Hall
Satjiiday evening,,, which folly tested its
* opacity. It was made ,np exclusively of Irish
. - citizens, who are forming an Irish regiment.
It was a . most stirring and patriotic aflaifi
Speeches were made by Ospt James A. Mullf-
■ gsn, Philip Conley, Daniel Mcllroy, Capfc
jOwqu Stewart, Capi C. Walsh, Heniy S.- ; Pitch,
Esq., and others.. The .folk was all patriotism,
„ and, so will be the action. ~
iij* li fa designed ta enrol an infimby regiinent
cpmthoußandatPong. . Capt, G..W*lsh opens
hia office and muster toßs «t Daniels’ cigar
store under the Mattesoh House to-day, and
. - the Bstwill fiUap Mildly. -SeVcril'huhdred
- • names are already enrolled, and these good
;., men, many of them well drilled la bid com
gsmica. ••••••,•
,4<Japt k *Wafah Idniself lms seen servicejin'
/. « Fiorida tad Mexico, -and says he 'will-teerve *
whder the same old flag again; ' TKe~ Irish reg
-Iment will beheard'from when bailed for, i
v> _..Oipi. Xellogg’fi Company is full, and the
shows' jover one hundred picked/men.
a Boli(i lo oUng f -CCHP%-Bn(Lmade
** joung men bf mtelllgence' anl spirit,
twoinflbncea deserve to be noted in
ceßneCt!6n'vrith’ this combitina.' Row.
Slsad'enßsts ss 'surgeon tb the bts’ wife -
- ■ curse, and the Dr. has a,brother in
'nsiks;'- ■; _ , ;
JL. -.la- the, same Company Are
Hama brothers, Daiah,- Asa, *and Lyman, the
two former long-and wril known in our dty
police departments. They are iromihb Old
sad eome of*gbod stock. Two,
other of their .brothers; Almpp and (xeorge,-
.vereJn the Deerfield and Hadley--OtilDpaaies
of the Massachusetts regiment attached ; in'
V Baltimore. Thus five brothers of one family
ere now bearing arms for the Goverzuaeni.
; They are lineal descendants of bld tithe'.soU
diets. - One was a companion inarms of Put--
nam, soother fell at Entaw filings in fighting
* thßbauie* Sonfli,'tbe ; ««ne Soiith
t&pt Compaaynow uwatt- march- •
lug orders.
.... ‘caps -
-■**• iookedte itOn w, Barker's dST
ofmenX4SßtTOTg. Attheir annotyoaSalnr
. Tfijaitß’'
" . Cuter, In behalf of the Chicago BMe Society-'
i -.prßlSntcd '-Capt. Barter- wltt i"bSninblly
bonj(J.#b\e; taji&jnik qf;.ths djjp, . testa-
raent TLe Second Presbyterian Cimrch, Bor.
—.Hr. PaKerecn, have given the copipaey a
. choicaly aelecled llaligioiiß Library of2ooyol
- ausea." -^fble i Shr%in« the companyarc to at-'
•S^sbe»lrAvenMr^Btts^ :^^palif>
th£ ffiat Committee tqiafcp 9ti«
inf jU», B<ddkys go^tha*
t h. :
-jam i-. a
McTlStef prescntcd toCapC Hardlng'e Com--
paw to
fialfila'iha rgenennu manager**
tot‘'company rtceljea -
'themaelvea at
bead quarter- Satnrdayand received their
* l^-o.', -They will probably leave for Spring-'
afield atones/" ; i : - [
Capt James Smith, a thorough officer tod *
.soldier, Jakes-command of the Obhago fcjg&t
Artillery now In fullrank. They aft tftady to
mareii Instantly. onorders, hid an abun
dance of ammunition, *nqnd. shot and canis
ter for lmmidiat*i service. It is a most com"
mendable act ‘ that .of the .brothers.— r
A: • R.' Q. S/Miller, hardware dealers, No;
287 itate street,- vhoyrtrb called, upbh Friday
Jlight by <}ec. Swift/ehmmoned thelrwork
nien and, manufactured 400 canisters, gratis,
for Instant use. : Bach action is deserving of
tteiighestereditM - * *<•.-;>
The following are. the officers of .the
go Llght Artillery Company*. • *
;th,tt]P3 flmitv Capikin. -
Cfaas. M. Willard. Ist Lieutenant.
.c<frankMoTEan i 'SdT<ieatenant.
John R. Bolsford, 3d Lieutenant.
"' They will present ..themselves- for Inspection
-. r Germans and Scandliav
dans are out .-in- force and- have numerous re*
ermting' stations. A muster roll held
Otto H.-'Mtttfi/'Esq., contains the list of many
of pur • most prominent and .spirited young
The TJmpn .Cadets, a Zouave corps,organiz
ed fcom the Tamers,'have baggage and aims
packed, and thelr Armory At Kinzie VM I Was
‘thrbhgedall day Saturday.with their fiends
and relatives leave-taking, vritlx numerous
moSt-alS«ting , -Bceneß.;'The «npa now Only
await orders to Once. They will soon
be.called-for* . - ..
further -Military matters.
The war _ wpnt on apace' Satur
day. _The ‘quarters ‘of the Wat-Committee
were a busy-scene all day,* and a large amount
of business preliminary of necessity , to the
going *bf ■ cur troops "into Camp was attend
ed to. . ! '• '. - ' 1 -
CoLS. D. : Baldwin has been appointed Brig
ade Inspector, and is a thoroughly competent
officer, who has entered at once upon his du
ties. ” -
Our colored residents are^ forming in Com*
panics fof acflve drill,., and., have already en
rolled a goodly, number of picked men v who
will make good use of their arms. They are
A spirited body of determined men, and will
make excellent-soldiers.
Fran .all the. country .of. the* Northwest one
spirit alone prevails; Companies are every
where forming.. At Elgin, Sane county, the
■ *‘ContJnentalp,”-Capt. E. 8,. Joslyn,has been
accepted. A Soldier’s Families Fund of S2OO
per month’durmg the war has been raised and
will bo increased, and the citizens have further
raised S4OO cash for uniforming the company,
which is now r being done in this city. .
/Messrs. A. D. Titsworth & Co., Cloths**,
took ‘on Saturday for five hnhdred
uniforms, Including the Dragoon corps and
several, out'of town companies.. They are
ready to,take as many more.
.. George .A. Fuller is getting up a Cavalry
Company of one- hundred men to be called
the Illinois Bangers. They comaenceentoH
ing thla Monday morning, .
The Journal states that Dr.' N. 8. Davis, at
the reddest of Gen. Swift has announced him
self ready at .a moment’s warning, to act as
s Sargeonfor the General’s Brigade.
• At the Board of Trade Rooms bii ’Change,'
Saturday, theMhßter Roll of the Home Guard
received the namesof fifty substantial citizens:
<3; - FUND. “ ■
Previously reported «30 184
•Thos.Hoyne.;;.v..V3oo SBCobb./..... fm
Thos. B. 8ryan...... 100 Chic Gas Light Co. .1000
Wiff8nrrig11..';.,. ; .v.. , 95 Jeromeßuckcr.. ' 100
VanH Higgins...... ,100.,.Th0s Church..’ 100
F4 H M Hooker.. .’ 50 MO Stearns 200
....IQO, Law^StroLbot..v.. 100
Jlunn 4r bcoU... .. 100 TJTOnsella SO
Georg fiturgess &Go R-Prtndfeville Bros 4
Hngh McLelan 25 Co, and coal for 8
Sam Have..*.../;..: 100 families... k .... 50
Leedpm, &, Barring-, . , James Boyd . as
•B'P^ulmby. .Vt,v 100’ Edwin Hunt....'..;, a#
. .. .-100. JasCFargo; 3-
Weston4Barter..: 100 H W Andress *
.A.Morse.;&eo^i.-;t : -s5- Vdrgho, Rdhlhg' * $
£ vlungh.. 10 . Co ~. A 0
, j
E QYo’.ccct 25 WmTurner “10
PBaker 15 WmßKeen.- 10
OhasELake 60 Ed MendeU J 10
“Walker, Washburn & -LDOlinsted 4 Co.J 50
.C 0.,.. 100 Eosenfleld & Rosen* «•
LD N0rt0n..,.’.;... 100 bergh 20
AllanHowep.loo Larrabee 4North. T .i 25
GeoPßaker... 10 Chas Clark .-.,4 i-
Sayers &Dffr15.....'25 JDWeber..: 1
Sherman 4 Hall.-... 1 28'"A W Rood;..'. ......I 5
S Bogardes & Law..>.6o- C C Wallin & Sons./110 1
Field,-Benedict &Co 100 Jas McDcnaid 5,
Hay; Allen* C 0.... 100 . F W Robinson 15
■ AW,Moore & Bros. 10 Yincent Shark &Co tB
Baily&Mead S5 Eabed & Brother.... S'
Ronljr&Hndson.... 10 JlStandish & C 0...
Shipman 4 Good- Grey, Marshall &Co 25 ’
ridge.;:..... 24 FDMead... 10''
John Kirk, with con- Peake, Marsh & Do
ditions for future Long 100
Hoyt & Pierce.....’. 25 Hardenbergh 4 Wll
"SGTsylor ... 25 ‘ • llama. Inboots 100
S A Smith ... 250 Fred Welgle • S»J
EH Haddock 230 >N A June 5..;....... tB
H'T Dickey.2so Cash : 6
S Sextoii..l.,. h .. .; loo; D B Cook- 4 Co. <6
F 6 Adams, ,200 Wm B Wilson 6
HetuyFarham...... 600 James,Mark4Co.. 20
J'H wobd'VTorth.... 200. Jones, Perdue -&
R Meadowcroft 100 Small 50
»P Ball L X ’lOO 1 tteenhelns ft Menz-
UHBrown >,,..250. er ■ Ift-
H G Loomis.... .V. ".'. 200' N Goold 5
§&?■*>••• :.*
Mark Skinner u SOO HH H05ted;........ 10
O«irE6Bttla,r....4tloo =Danicl OLenghlin.. B
A Bnraatn , - 26.. M M Larraw«y... ?5
F»nklin'Bakef.:;:.' -5 Wm Wheeler...;.'.. 50
EBManning.......;, , 5, WRWood...v..M
BTglow Mnhlkoff.... m
1 Singer 4 Talcott.... 100. Wm W00d5.... .... 10
i Smith, Pollard* Co. 100 ’ j'W’Smith. 60
I Dlnsmore&Rice... 100 Williams 4 Bought- -
Jones*Culbertson. 100 elllng : }m
: Jas B Waller.-. 100 H Captlu.2o
! Wright 4 Tyrrell... IfIKBBWUsw.. 25
: Jewett 4Butler.:.. KB Co . 25,
;. iWm Brinw.. •. ; j 1D0 : -’Win Jones V.i. r. lb
c T Wheeien,..,. 100 GeoASeaverns&Cb 25.
Hinckley*Handy.. •«, .PhillipsPros-400. 25
P Am1er508......;.. 100 Crestline Route 25
Neely,lAwrenceiOo 100 Davis,Pope 4 Co.. tQ
Toby* Booth 50 JSSharpfcOoA . 50
4. Co. 150 _ J D Sinclair 10!
r «feoßfeeU..loo n Clark &X*......... 50
MaraNelspn........ 25 NNWoodruff...... 25
TlWdle ;.vu,;J J S Cotter 25
DPKJmWU.;. -25 Empire Hills 10
HHarblelcher.. 25 AWalliagford...... 25
AEKent* C 0;.... 100 Price 4 Morris ..... 100
D HElncolo.2s EdwardSackett-...v. 25
10Q Grain inspectors.... §)
i 5. F8af1...?!!: 25
JasWanlnwagea... 25 Wrght4 Beebe.... 25
JHottengham..i.,% M Allen Vane 4 C 0;.,.
J ttCteip 25 Leland 4Mixerbo
Ohhsßandolph.::.; 25 \VHRoleon 25
Mr l£cke... ? > .--.v.... 25 -C H Hntchlnaoa..;. 60
Vanlnwsgen 4 06. 60 BailrSegman 25
RHatch...... 25 Law'Bro*Rosa .... 60
N Chapman .;.,;;.-. 1 6 Johnßrodie... 25
EC Lamed;..... 100 CRBaipes.... 10
’Sturjfeß.' -Bucking- Wadsworth,Wells*
ham * Co ..-600., -Co.loo=
SNAHester.'.. ../i.. lO Bael,Hill & Granger 160
MTabor 10
• 8 HButler Loyd*Smith;...,;. £5
Hays 4 Aver:..-. .-100' Fargo 4 8e11.,,,.v;. ! 25
Hobbs,Ouphant4Co 00 Keith 4 Faxon ~.;. !&.
JT Ryeraon.Bo . Sawyer, Eoith* Co. K)
Gilbert. Hnbbard * John S Buchanan... So
Co ,v.. GO Hannon, AHren * j=-.-
JasCaßpbeH....... Ga1e..... 60
John Borden.2s H W Hunt 4C0..,. 60
sWmMHoyir.t'.v... 10;
>BlsetsU* Goodrich.. <95 -NBRapplye - 10
5 cfq&co!.as*
;^hack.4,Kreigh ... 60 SimeonFamell,.... so:
Wm J Barrow—6o_Pnller 4 Finch 60
”100-*lolmiNoT C a &Co. S
,G W Wasun.-.A... » » v .Cbapmanßtsw4Co. G
Eagle Iron works 1 WilliamCokor/;..!.. 6
employees S3 ,BtF Brown 5
fiflPorter ......... 100 Thos Harter ; 6
Hardenbergh 4 .-Jm Kelly. *CoT 100
'Hams ;.v.'lO(J*-<>sbOTtu Adama^O) l 60
Pearson 4 Bachelor. 60 C B Nelson 10
:Oooly,F«rifeUjSrOo.lo6(n & A Brtaky .Ci .’vJii I .' 10
Doggett, Bassett 4 . OWBelden ;10
Bhua....J.U.iL*. , . 1 /200 S ; J ; Snrdam 4 C 0... 60
Rawson 4Bartlett... 26 BS Southard....... 10
Richards,^Crombaogh’ ! .E Woodniff 10
—*«haw:xv;;‘. .'/YidO-DioID KUlchfer..'... -10
Washington Smith-- JBS, Edward Emerson... 10
JahnsOn.'Spc'nCdr 4 ’ AdChapotoh •10
- 20
Biwycr ft Co .' 550 Tnme.Hibkard &Co 100
vr 5 hj---
1 i mom
ing from Headquarters : *■;*" * ;
i ,h ffs ftotE’Ntji f
r Hkai> ftCAKTBBs Sbook©Bmoadb, 1
1. /. ... v •etbD.Ln, • f
! A’lTHjmbap Voluxtbebs .yoa lataarotATßlsim *
vice!— All corps .who. are armed and.equipped
.ready to march at the shortest notice and all corps
ready tomsrch as soon-as armed will report td du
plicate tomyßOlC, Cblcago I "and to‘the Adjutant"
GeneraJetSpilagflddi' ‘ ' 3 " , ; f k
Byorder oi the i
B. K. Swut, Gen. Com. : -
3d Brigade, 6tb D.I.M.
■: OepeeNo.2. ,
‘ Xffypereon boMng scrricfiablearms and military
'ASEdfiaemenrs oTwhateoever kind, wiUing to place
them at the disposai of the State will please report
them withoutdelsy-Bt my headquarters, 19 wells
street, up stidrs. . .
-' ],' J .B. H. Honan, Quarter JUrter.
HBA3>Str&TEBS Szcosn BftiGAnE, 19Weu*St. )
- Sixth D. L H. w phimgo, Aprill9®. f
Officers-: “You are hcrtby ojdfi.efl to
. mSaiSojitb . Welle street, -armed-, and
• for inspection, this Sunday morning,
- . ■ 1 - . Gxeu. B. K.', Syrrr.
’ . i - PRINTERS QUOTA.' ' a?
1 enrolled in
' ? Mt ?~ Tma I th ® 'OwWSieia jsmm <Mcs •“
* ftoja-.-ehs PraWMwiK Bacc •
: •; AND THE 1 '
The Chicago Bible Society
U a vast amount ot* ezeefteni military infbrinV
lion in lltaV** boot of l)ddkfi, n
Uds &nnotbo found a
by lose oIT
aberfcy,h w£en ii nation la
trffceitoe’d.' It la “wmilihriy history of earth’s
greatest heroes,' of conquerors by wliom Cbrifr,
tianity was carried forward,' h'uriktilty i ea
trenched and strengthen,edj migWymimwho,
amid other * victories,: ednque red themselves.
A on the Blble planls'a fbrtress.
The Chicago Bible arfdameht Isa
substantial one, if brought: into service. '' !
Party Eztinot—Patriotism .Brightly
' j • - ’ ! .=
10,000 People the pf,£eplty.
■— wtwmOtneplebffid'prdbf that
the North is anfmlt lbr the just and holy war-,
.now entered upon, than on Bat*
'today evening, at ’the great rebapilzed strno*-
ture, now-“ National HaU^ } coaseerated-afresh,
and to Patriotism, not-Party. - vraa a per
fect milleninm of harmony. Men of all reli-
and' agsociitions giving in
• theirhearty assent end adherence to thribause
of the GpyemmenL-^
has the great buUdin£ known a great
er crowd than on this occasion, the broad
platform belng cntlrely cletoed<>f and -
the* people'standing ‘densely compacted ,
throughout , the t immense' tarea* of whatj is
doubtless audience room, m ‘the
United States.' Probably not less than eleven
thbhsahd wefepresent wiiile
were turned : away ntterly nnableto effect an
entrance. ’ The gallery was reserved for-ladies'
and'gentlemeh accompanying them, and was
r-oiosely packed anhour before exercises com
menced.. , Many .of thedculiea carried tiny flags
in their hands. __ ..
- ft* gallery front 5 had its'originkl decoration,
-the toms Of ihe AeyeM States,' and on this oc
casion the arms of seceded States were drapqd
r-'to-monrhlng.'; • • •»
JThe music was furnißhed_bya grandconaoli
dationofour led the proces
sion from, the? Tremohi.' House, ■■‘comprising
delegations from ~ _ .. .__ ’’ .■*
v .-ThaCqerfflfc-,» ■* < r
The Judiciary* '
The Press,
i. -■*'•■--■ “Surgeons, 1 * <■’ * -
Military, i
>• Bankers, ;•• -
Railways, - - -
„ . f Board of. Tcade, «t
The Marine,’
- * f i 1 ?Citißons;' v , j - vf-.i; •
taiefr entrance into the Hail was hailed ■with.
Vast cheering. ; Judge 1 : Mabniere called
the meeting order, by jeadkg thb following"
list of oflicersi ..*' s r .'. :
Br.fiiiNiEnßEiiKAnD, Chairman. j
66y.;H6feiah, , M<m.' Gep»ge
Maiuiiere, Rev. Dr. Ciarkaon, Bt. Rev; Bishop
Ron, Du V. : Bell, Peter Page, Alex. White,
G. 3. Hubbard. Philip Conley,-3. 3. Hayes, Hon.E*
■ Peck, C. H. McCormick; J. ,8. ‘ Rumsey, ‘‘John L;
Scripps,, J. H. Dunham, J.. H. Kinaie; ha Js, 8.
Davis, Gov.McComas, J. M. Wilson,’ S; W. Fuller,
T. B. Bryan, C. G. Wicker,R.M. Hough, JameaH.--, ■
P; ! W;- Gates,- W. L. Newberry, Van
H. P.Letz, Geo: Schneider,‘A*. ‘Cl.Heslng,
Seentortes^ C.H.Rayj John L*. -
WUson, J. E.,Ct Forrest, James W. Sheehan, i >. '
* Dr.Brainard called upon : Rev."® M; Hum
phrey-,Pastor of the First Prebyterian Church, -
to open the exercises with prayer, who tnade
r d fervent and earnest appeal toi the Deity in.
behalf of our natlod in this crisis. «
'JO r. Brainard made an able and patriotic
,-ifpeech. t He said the present-Administration
did not have -his vote; tint it should/Have his
support now to the last. He* sahttit wafi ru
mored there were-traitors amferag ps. ;He'
hadrequested to ;ad*i
minister the
-''Never was there a.more impressive scene
than.that which The entire audit'
ence rose and : - with bared
'hbads and raised hibds, all, old men and
youth, mstrons repeated eoK
jomply after Judge Manierre, the-words of
I do • epiemnly swear, in. the presence of
miglitjK'Qod, that I will faithfully support [the
.Constitution of the United States and of;the"
Jjfate of Illinois. So, help me jGod. .-j r- . | J
** Geo. F. Root and Julius Lombard, jjirtf
other singere, then gave urexcelient style 'the
new and stirring song composed by the
former,'‘with 1 a chorus, In which all aueft-’
. en£e joined s ■? . *=•*. : ;
~ “Arise, Arise,-’Artec,.'. .c- !
- And gird ye‘ for tho light, i
, . Ana let your watchword ever be; •" :
~.. . ‘lfayQodprote ctthe right,’” ’
This chorus was giyen with,*, Tfith,
the finest effect; >y Immense throng. 'v :
i« Scat John Van Annan follofred. Ho spoke
eloguontly acd well.*, He Eaid, “ I did not Vote
•for . Abraham Tifafcoln, but I will sustain him
tothelastdrop bf ibVliloHd.^* * I •”*
There was this about the. speech^of the
evening. They wefe, short 1 : The time for
speeches and harangues Is over. The eri of
Aitlon has. begun. Daniel Mchroy, Esq., brief
Hon. J. F. Farnsworth foilowei , E. W.
MdComisj of the ; the
next speaker, spoke excellently to the point.
,.said; “As long as this trar laats I will
stand by the flag of my J. Intimations
BtVb Veen thrpwn out that .1 was not true to
my country because:! am of Southern ;bikh.
I came here of my own trill . ; Your all egisnce
iflmy aileglaiide, l amno longer a Virginian,
but a citizen of Illinois.”. [Cheers.] T _ i
Charles Walker; Esq.', aud'Rev.'feobert Coll*
yer, S. S. Hayes and-Rev. Dr. -Clarkson vfere
the speakers' ehccoeding in order, the hist
nailed reading tfie Yellowing
.. ' - fotice td THE'i.kniss-/ ‘ r ' (
Arnes lingo t the ladles wDi-behehiiifroom 3fo.
SO, Methodist Church Block, on Tuesday, April S3,
.at 3 o'clock P. M;, to r iUr pre
paring Lint and Bandages*-. ,AU Ladles desirous of
engaging in this patriotic enterprise, are desired"
to he present. > ~ ■ Ladies.
Thomas B. Bryan,* a .ftw very _
’happy remarks, 0. harned followed; i
Hon. John’Wentworth followed, succeeded
by Dr. N. 8. Davis, and -G< Ml Willard, Esq.
Thepressere Upon our tpaefehai forced hi t&
,condense thecopious notes ;bf<rar-reporters
to what, is dittle.more toon a list of names,
and yet to a very.wide circle.pf our readers, es
pecially, those conversant with Chicago politics
4s. aneloquent jand-tehming 2
proof of Union* and harmony in the rally for
toe war. ? There is no holding!
ons or questioning connselof peace, “ Thfere ; ?
is no peacej desired, short of the
of Treason and the defeat i
Several companies were sresent5 re
sent on the platform, eeyeiaUadies whose ser
vices have been accepted as as nurses, and the
various physicians who have been attached to
onr raiments. • - ] ;
;; ; j • \
Chicago I<X3aeet«sHal 1 < X3aeet«sHal Seminary. |
The Seminary .Ajmlyersap’tajkis place: on
Thursday, ipM'SUu'' The public exercisei of
the4r«ek an wfoHowsf ‘ i j :
Mokdat, 88d-iESamfioitidarW, Biblical Llttra
tuefeoatjtol9.c.atJahdlWfastoSp, at. .
MoROAT BvajrtKO, the ssa, an' address before the
Society of; lo<luhT,‘at ; lhe«PiM Congregatidaal
Church, H^7K»'etoo^ ! by Ecv.pr. Dempster df"
Garrett Biblical Institute. V- 1 1 ’ ’ " 1
Tdsssat—Eramteationsln Ecclesiastical Histo
ry and Systematic Theology, from 9to 12 aTm
and from 3t05 v. at. Sermon before the Board afu
Directors In the evening, by Ecv. Dr. Eltchel of
Detroit, at 1% o'clock. ~ . t', r ,
WawnsSßAT-r-Eiamlnationa and
Bomuetica, from 9 to 13 a. x.
Wzdkbsxut Axxxbboqw, at-B#y o’clock at the-.
Semluary CSlapel,- Joint AimlvereMy of the so
HAdottoax EnaOT-«Addfcw.bfefci« fte-Bhc
toric&lSodetyaf First Congregational Churcfu*
by Bev. (X Dv Helmet,,=o£« Milwaukee, at 73tf
o'clock. \
Thdcsdat—Anniversary, exercises ot-theScml
“may m 9 o'do&A* 4 :
- ■ Except the Monday evening anS.'
the oration on‘Wednesday evening, which are
to bo First Cmnrch,
the puhlld .ex»rci«js rof/dhe.oecafiion will bo
held at iM Seuwmry QBittarwatsido?
of Union Park. * y' 1 ? ;
- A DaeisoFeat.—The forty fobfakg-slafl :
on the 3*itoe _ Hospßd had lost ite ’ gny/
SJIWi S“K800,. Bm t o -;
take down the apar wAprflfAlttfgaln, -when a
dariDgeeaman.offcicdaml Jicconiidlilied the.
brave that of i'aUnhing!’ op the polei oanytog*
with Mm Oie halyards; by mpan* of which the
■olddiag floate«|Mit' ; ' - - - ?
. t -- air- ~ts ’y---- '* t — r . 5
-The Book Isllsp to 1
ot % j|«n. B.
proseentiog coniaeL the trial of thd-Bock<
-MSiff Hridg^fiid fe)-day. ’
3 ttsje ST-rL-ljeV SO. U?i-*rp ,srli3- 1 .f 7 ? ,
fpwg. lid *
tiraly' altSnooh fell from-w
the Bonthßcaneh,'. sad,wonldv hive ‘ drowned
E. P. c Wwd, who idunged.
special Notice** all feltiieaS. I
6&fc£gd who basin his positeS
dte Wte W fcottV^oWs,is requested tobrinj
. A-^®^S e . iroin&t of CJolt’s f ev&rers |are
\o properly arm the soldiers.,
nj&& w enieti service.
'sHng them Sunday or Monday witho* *' “ ; ..
pistols will be —•-» rail. The
—it nia pistol, and thus cause our soldiert to
leave the dtj; not folly armed. I „ - 1
&. 51. fiottokj QdLaHer-jtaßiet', --
«Weat Kinzie street, was Broken into and'
robbed id ftJdtqfptp&eryj glassware, bariflxr,
tures, ate.J About the’same time the
store if b, 88, same street, was broken into tad
robbed of a large. quantity of tea, sugar cur- -
■ rants rad r bthaf: groceries:' Friday Evening
Peter fiinq, John MeNicholsand-
Peter Flynn, were arrested on suspicaoa
(ansed by finding some of the missing articles
in timpossesaion of two or three of the defen
dants. They .were all held for fqrther eraisin.
atlon, to takeplace to-day. . ' • ;
WeU JP°ni> for tUe BaUroad Men.'
The following Is a copy of the KBoutlons
, uymimonsiy adoptcd by the workmen em
ployed to the Chicago & E<whflshind sail
road-Company’s works at Chicag<j,.'April 20,
1861: ’’ T" :
■ WhaBBAS, official information that
armed bjmdsor traitors and rebels ateplottlng.the
. .dismemberment, and .overthrow -of--the Union of
these States; and par flag has heed aa*i
sailed, oaf public property stolen, on* forts assault
'edi takeif"possessionof’snd heldby (hesd'"drmed;
forces; ana-whereas,'we-helieve the preservation
.jrfihe. Union, intact. to.hfi.the only, safeguard of
nghta dear to every freeman;-therefore
That we,* bom*nnder the Stars and
trip ev and that. we,.who have-made thisthe-home
xf ohr adotion, xeycra alike that emblem under
which we Have found religious freedom and politi
rCßl'eqnaHty'.‘■ r-‘: V i~~"
Besdwd, That feeling the. affection -we-do for
piuon it.represents, we Will
• creeds, ana partyhnes, iamf
uniting in' one common brotherhood, swear to
stand hv it, pray for it, and fight fob it, now
cnddkbdyi. .’•■*••• r rJ v/i* *’■':
' xesolvcd, That we, the employees of the C. AE.
I. HE. Co., pledge ourselveg Jo provide for and ’
protect" the families and educate the -chUdri-n of
any of onr number who may desire to respond to
rtfae call of onr=Qoveminent"for troops to Crush re*
Jbellioh. '■ Kf. ; * -
- JBesdived, That a subscription He immediately
opened for the purchase of a flag to be displayed
from the Company’s workshops, ; .
-;?». f The lrtsli Beglment.
yiflHA thefe .re^ru? ting ogpa under .the. Matteson
"irtKHHouse for the purpose of forming an Trick
Regiment to protect the Stars and Stripes, Monday!
Attention! Volunteers,
UaM. Company for the protection of the Stars
Cadets’ Head
quarters on State street at any time duriog the
. day and. enroll their names. Rally, Boys, you; are
wanted. J. H. Cltbotone.
.Attention.! Tolnnteen.
, ?^O r the Zpuav.e. Eeghuent, Will nepbrt>imniedi‘
at the armorycorner Randolph and
state streets... Drill commences at 10 a. m. tO-day.
Rfecruitlng booksopeii dayabd evening’.
Heseri-d Cbitp»l. ir
JgjO this ages of thirty and fortyyears, called at
West Market Hall to forta a reserve corps
on Monday Evening; next. Is postponed until Tues
day-evening,- at 7>f o'clock.'
SI. Ladd.
Attention Shield* Guards!
iMjjy? bravely do or bravely die, in defense of the
Constitution and of.our country, are invited
ioa.tend the Shields Guard meetings,tobeheldin
North Market Hall qveiy evening during this and
next week.
The Shields Guard.
THE SHIELDS’ GUARD 'will open a re
*m*sL3 cmiting station at the store adjoining D.
■JiSsaY. Pamela.- nnder the Matteson House. 1
Members of the Company will be In attendance all
day. Young men.desirods of serving their coun
try are invited to attend.
Bt Cedes op the Company, - -
* 3 . -.Tolanteer* I VbTdntebiPrt
JadO pany having been accepted by the Govem
afew morevolnziteerfc will be enfolled.
-Tne .officers-are not ail electecL AH-yonng men*
• wishing to join will call’ at the rendezvous, in
Lord’s'Biock,'corner Wells and Randolph; on £at
-utday morning; April 20th, fit 8# o’clock.;
Recruiting Office,
‘ ‘SSL open to-day ahff to-morrow at "No. 17
/wsu South Clark street, where Capt. John C;
■, ■W» Phillips will receive volunteers to fill out
i his company to he tendered to the! Governor of
[this State. , ... i
I Mercantile Association, k- J
of the Mercantile Association of Chicago
PljwPif wUI b6iheld< at-their, roc ms. over -Tuttle,
f Hibbard & Co. • s store, 63 Lake street, this (Mon
; day) evening, at o’clock. A punctual attend
• ance ls earneßtljrrequeßtee.' . *
-- - - - MKBRTT.T f -T.*Tm > -
Veteran. CUy Guard.
the age of forty-five- and upwards will be
held this evening, at To’clock. In the Cir'
aS3B cuit Court Room, for the completion of the
organization of a regiment for Home Duty. A full.
: report of the Committees who were appointed on
■ Saturday evening will be madejit th.s meeting,
if, or *• ■=> W;Hra<!mKa9;Chairman/
, A. Atkek, Secretary.
Up! Freemen.
a Zouave Regiment, under their former
jjgft* commander, J. R. Scott, at the armor?;
• ™*® comer State- and and RanddlpA Streets.
Those wishing to. .enroll, will assemble between '
,the hoawof 9a. m. and. 10...p. jn,, this 30th day of.
' AbtU. , 'At~thfi time OT ‘ signing-, the oath will be -
administered. It is intended to make this the
£rack regiment ; ot Illinois..- .Tho offlcera will t>e
■composed of the best instructors In the State. : - r
•- * : - ■• 4 *OiiPZotTaVßa. ni
NuiwesfoT the Army Hospital. ,
-Asi4 TnE UNDERSIGNED, having consulted
ffntfay with -icn. Swilt upon the propriety of or
jaESß&i ganiztog a corps of Christian women as
Nurses, (to be offered to the Governor) under his
care and direction, as Chaplain in the army, will
be pleased to have an interview with any whd de
sire to enter upon that work of love and mercy.
■■‘r 5 ;: 7 E.
* City Missionary, Proti Epls. Church, i •
• 98 North i'amklin street.
Attention! Engiueen, Sappers and
- Miners*
JsMJt der any Government and all others duly
Qualified who ore willing to serve .Ih this
Oistiugulshed branch of the service, are requested
to come forward ih the defence or o’er country's
flag and our noble troops. - The roll Is open at the
City Surveyor's office until‘farther notice. None’
but; ndllteiy and civil engineers and -mechanics
can be accepted. ,
Arthur C. Ducat, Adolpb.il. Hirsch^
51 Anton Nleman, r
* -Attention! Company!—MiehlgMX ! '
i s : SoutheraKßi ' 1
■ NoTtßem ihdiaha Ekilfoad Coinbany Will
ewSßa transport troops and yblanteter fcotapafaleo
when In.chMge.of regular officers , over their Toad
from dalb to June Ist, 1881. All
. fippucations for such service must be made, at the
Company's office, No. 55 Clark street, or at'the
office of the General Superintendent, in Toledo—
/ abpUcations to be accompanied by *the names of
officers and men actually enlisted. -i -
John D. Campbell, Gen. Snp't.
Chicago April laay/ ~gfj/Jj
rAWeatlyn I ;i Tolinteml pr.
* ■ Stratton’s -Coiniudfclal College
MKH Rooms on.Wednesday craning. April 17,
tj L.? 3
efist comet or Clark ana Monroe strtrts. The: six
belngreportedinll, this Compa-.
Ny prcpoVea to continue Its drill and hold itself ia ;
jteadinqsßforthe next call; - fXcttmgimSn jffesifinir
•fo’Joih ns In acquiring military science for the next
opporiniritytomarc&lhdefehfis df the Stars and
Stripes, are requested to he present, at the drill
-robin ouHMonday evening at 3 ?# o'clock. "
By order of the Company, n i ,
: : Fitrt Ward! Attention I /
we; the TOtfEitsiGSED, ci-rizEss
,®P!i» Si. tlle ?i r !i- w ? rd - w<l ';W Njggcst to our-
A®*® ffflou-HMUf-h*?, tAe propriety of oruau
i.ft*.l2lDg a Beserye Home Gnard, for the per
. jeering of onrselvqs in taiUtaiy drill'|nd-exercise,
* oat we mAyT>e better preparedihan we now are in
case qnr country calls for us. For this purpose we
would call a meeting of the residents o£ the first'
t Comptroller' Monday
evening, the sad, at 7# o’clock. Let there boa
full tnmjOnfcj,* -ari.T c « • -• ■
P*« X. J. Averell.
; ~
H. W. Hinsdale, W. W. Mftchauff.
M.W. Gray, Geo. H. Phelps. i
YirFarwnll, FrDrtSray;* f ’ >
JamesH,Bowen, ' ; ;
George S. Bowen, Jas. G. Fargo. • .
; -aL uuteer.EireDepartment and their friends'
/p#Bsl are respectfully requested to meet; in
j , ■..■■VKorth Market Hall on, Tuesday, the 23d
mat o'clock; Tbr‘ the purpose of formin'* a
Military Brhrade for home service. .• -
Cnicago I
J T EawtrSj,-- J CMPKissell, JA Pnrrtogton;
CNHwden, 6 Hubbard. . Jofes.P pcarns,
| Wmßbifilhgton,
i3MJfohn«on f H-B Daniels.
I | (^ a^! p - Henry^Welch,
■ sas?.
o H 2* cy » MCtossman, : - -Jaaßarfy;'' ,
m a 9®® VoltK- RiehaxdStrlnger,
TAConsldino, John Ndsra^debnT
1 ExAJXjtrABTBRa 2d Bbtoade, 6th Div, LM. 1
; ChftSigo,'April 30th, 1861.‘ J
bers of the late Chicago Hus-" 4
r**^j& r JJSsryJSE= sars: Ton are commanded
eachwd«very <me krfiyon to
ttport to my Headquarters by 9 o'clock on Mon*
day next, and as much, soosec as practicable, all
armaand accoutrements of whatsoevep kind, of
the saidHiissan, and deliver them to Qbartcrmas-,
te? B. M. Hough, IS WeD* T street, who la author-.
4ze4 the same for the^tate.., . -r
ijiHone by special order of the ffommandeMn*-
Ghief, " " “' E. K Swipt, .
t UI Brig.iQeßJSd Brigade,'^BthlDivisieuXAL
Head Quarters Second Brlnde. Sixty
r Mi#nso of^om^
gade, nfoichwM adjourned to?.
sTT^i“aifefetat tSa ~Eecorder's Court
room on Taarsdav
iSWottw. httha eai&e place, to hear the report of
the committee the last meeong to
Si law for foe reorga&iMtion of.Q>a-gimtia
%inifar poatpohmuent His "in eo&soqne&bs of the
nassmeeting.Qf tbpciri|%ns :tobe held at Bryan
Hall on the 20th Inst. v __ > 1
I Pol. Jamma Sanaa?.
Sales % og r Jtnir. i^<nß. r -Xlie following J
sales of during the *'f" >
Stood. Sold by Francis WUHni Of a —-' I
yiul i>- ■ * rt»oSßroH3i, 100 feet on
( jv:,-'>irettstrali,,vrest of
♦SS'fer fbot. Also by the Bamo,io : Davis,
‘ Sawyer S Go., 46'feef oiriSaxlem.etreet, jbe*
, tweeli jacliflbh tod Vatl Hurea, for $M per
foot Alm by the' sable to ft B.';Bob6tta of
Peoria, four lots in SoatoandWest Divisions
-for|9,Boo. • • ‘lK>r J j
Beliqiouh Notice.—Thu : Kev. Dr. ITemp
ster, ofOarrett biblical Institute,!?!!! deliver
the annual address before the Society qf In
quiry of Chicago Theological Seminary, lon
Monday evening, April 22<1, at r l]/ i o’clock, at
the Piret Congregational Church, corner of
Green and Washington .streets. Thepubhe
are tnvltedto attend- . ..
A noted riergymnn and public lecturer says
of Brown’s
Ing tours, I put Troche's into'my carpetbag ns reg
ularly as I Aq lectures or linen ” ~ Pnblto'speakere,
■ dergymen, and all otierswho exercise
the Toice v ßhould never fail of using these Troches.
Th ey fthrpasV ill other’ preparations' in cleaijing
and strengthening the ,voICB.-removlng
. of thsthroaV.and.as, a,_cohgh
remedy,, are' .best.—ZVby Whig.
•nGABKrFOB THK-TCOTnfDKD-rAi meettogiwlll be
heldatthe Briggs 'House; this (Monday) evening;'
to tjtftp. into consideration this all-important auh
-ject. .Come aU*nnd. lend y out aid to further the
glorious design* . - ■ •
: ■ GhaTUltous —Dr." Whipple offers his ‘services
■gratuitous as Physician, Surgeon and ObstrecJan,
to the families of those whoenllstto defendithe
Union; Having devoted over ten years to .the prov
feseion, sevenyaars in pctfve practice in the Weat,"
.he feels confluent of success. - Specials attention
given to diseases of women and caildrehl ' Office
117 So nth-Cl ark street,' Calhoun Building. "Office
hours to II a.'si., and from 2 to 5 p. h. Res
idence 279 West Taylor ssreet.j a :
—“ The Madness of .the Southern Rebellion nncL
the Dntyof thePatrlot” will he the theme of|l)r.
EddyV dbjmnree- at-tha Jefferaon -street:'Mi £.
Church tomorrow (Sunday) evening. <
H, Cox win preaeb at tie Wabash Avenue
'Methodist Church, Sunday, 21st lOjj’ a!, u.
and lU■ Subject for the morningdiscotirEe—
“ The-Nation’s Peril and the Citizen’s Daty.”|
„HsADquABtBBS of Union Men.—All the. mili
tary and Union men take their dinners at the eat
ingrooms of Messrs. Case ' & Parmelee, Noaj 123
and 125 Dearborn street. You win find fhe beat
fafeVtho moßt'affable’ hosts, and the most aflkble
’dfwaltere'at this'place 3 . r ' ’ 1 ** 7T
To'lnvauds,—Pure Native Wine, made from
the wild grape of Illinois, and warranted flve
ywrsoldr Boldonlyhy Sargent, Druggist, corner
Randolph and State; i
Union cockades at .James Roche’s News
Deputr, near the Post Office." ' ‘ >; i .. .
“ The first gun Is fired','
MayUSod protect thevight P* i
The new rallying song and choras, with piano
forte or organ accompaniment. By Geo. F, Root.
Now readyat* Sbot'&" 9? Clark street, Chfc.
cab. Price2scents. ' v. ; •
:• Also, in press, an arrangement; of the *yunp on a
single sheet for choira and chorus. Price 50 cents
adozen. • ■ / •’ ■, apl9^6t
fS?" Gas fixtures and lamps for sale nheap’and
store to rent. : H.MVWiliharthj'Nb, ft Bohih Clark
street. • apl7-lot,
•- MKIf yon-ndahfat bushy whiskers or -af fasci
nating mustache, Eend,,fpr..a hpr„ of Belling
ham’s Stimulating' Ongnent. It Is ’ warranted
to bring them put In from three t<y six _ weeks.
"Brat on receipt of price and postage, sl.lß, to’any
address, pj J. H. Johnßonv 70 'Statestreet j-Chica
goillL' - . mhS!B,Bm .
SSf' Por operation n^n’your teeth, or for
artificial work of any desirable style, call
on Dr. Albaugh, No. 68 West Randolph ei. % ,
Cook & McLain, 98 Dearborn street, have
"made their, lirlca for cleaning and- .dyeing gmt’s
garments leas than any other house In the dty,
Oi :
; of “Hardßnbber Bigg’s
-has cured cases of twenty years standing
la this City. ‘‘ * ' • ' _ mtlß-ljn
AH should not fall to read the advertisement
in todays paper~ ~~: mh-ly
/■'/ A- matßbiedv =
In Denver City, Abril 2d, by Rev. G.S. Allen. Mr.
■JOHN B. ANDREWS, late of Chicago, to MUa
NELLIE A. ALLEN, all of that place. ‘ ■ .* ’ • '
ID 181 D,
A?RdihVmellDo on the' Sthlnet .ELLENVIRGINIA.
daughter of J. C„ and Emma Sciipps,-aged S years and
6 months’. 5 ! .* t -
”At New ‘ London, on the 18th Ihsti EMHINE
DANOW wife of Sydney L. Danow, of this city, after a
short lltneßß.' • -
. * Mra. Danow left Chicago , in her usual health, bn the
lOthtmt •'
In this city, 'oh the morning of the 20th lust., WAlnt.
• TEB..only.son.of Alexander..Officer, sged 1 years,?'
months sndlfidaye.. , .
Funeral from the residence of his father. No. 45 Jack
son street, onßabbath afternoon at 2M o’clock,
•*Of such Is tte Kingdom of Heaven.” 1
General 'Notices. ;
A.' hold 'goods to dispose of. can bear of a cash
purchaer? by addressing a'line to Q.L, P, P- O. box
ll , LTBtIIS., . ■ - „.. ; April laib. 1-«1,
Claims xoxixn thk ' Post Optics.—All persons
having clalgifiaaalpst the Chicago Poft.QKlce for foci*
dentai supplies furnished previous to March Slit last,'
aad for Jabot omormed in said Post office .prior to
same date, will present taelr accounts properly vert
.fled to the undersigned on Monday-next, the ad In t.
ap!9-eS6B Bfc Acting Postmaster.
Xt extraordinary.
• In drawing of April 4t£ 1861, No. 2.8?9 drew
No tAtS drew s!■ 0.000, No; 12,666 drew,s3o,ooo, No.
9,644 drew SI,OOUL No. 15,517 drews2o,ooo; belngthe five
principal prizes. Prizes cashed and information" furn
ished by CHASE 4k CO, Bahfcert, 33 William street,
New York. - ; - ■• ■ apmiw ;
XJL- Sals af a Gsbat BaBOAiNi
CMlndefr 14 diameter, 8, feat stroke. Ball
Governor, out off valvesand beater; bed frame and nr
wheel extra heavy. All the work is well finished and
itr good la complete r except boiler.-
SuFable for MCuog or other purposes.* For quality of
*3CP, cost new SI4OO. ' With If are water and steam
pipes, extra shaft, 8 Inches diameter, with spiders to*
form drum aodnxtra gearing, which will be incl'ided
without extra charge. *» he whole cfcnTfe eesn at Mon
dots, La Sail? County. lIU by applying at Blacfcstpne s
?Mlli.. FBrsah W a 0. FRYMAN. bt»dtbPass,lTnlon
- County, m. - ' - apSOxSt
Korroa,—The annual cfieetlag of the Stockholders of
the Illinois Stone Company, wui be held *t Its office In
Chicago. ourCivesday.JbP Jthd*J of May-proximo, at,
8 o'clock P. Mi for ae election of five Directors, and
.transaction. .of .any, other bUßlnesa.that may be pre
sented. •" JOHN W. McGBNNISS,
:<w ap6-ett6-lm . - ... ; Secretary.
U eotfraSßN and nobthebn Indiana
RAILROAD COMPANY, No. 18 William street.
... - , .NEW Yonr, Match22d, 186 L
The Antouffi BleOHonfof DUHwtqrtof this Company
will be held at the Company’s Office, In Toledo, on
WEDNESDAY, the 24th day of April next, at B
o'clock m. The Stock Bopka WiD be 010663 on thefth
proximo at 2 o’clock p. iLi'ana remain qlqsed BBtU thq
25th proximo at 10a, Jt 5 -- ■
~ ,. D. P„BARHYDT, Secretary.
PScMveRS op grain.-
J_li jb'll»'on-»a to tee
SonmlJaHteEteTatordftec C.i.ff: AQ-li. R*. will ba
found at oor office on the. corner of South Water end
Lftsalls block. where Warehonsa j re
■octets tee game. /' - •
apl6es»frw..~ y ” ARMOUR. DOLE & CO.
AWffiS. - The
XI heatesixitiele sold, wanted oy-nrcry-Xady.
One will be sent, fret for 25 cents, in stamps. Great
[tedocementa.to Ageale, who ate wahted/tn ersry part
‘df tee •counny. ' Fnrnlaoed Id air qnanntles, by tee
gross or dozen. Address, with-stamp, H. GuKtJON,
So. 48 South Clark- street. 'Chicago, »«r P. O. box
Sraii*/.!'!;- 1 j- &p«x2w
The* willbftjactßd-Jo-eueiv'a jflannet as to render
them Impernoaa to MOTH of dampness, and insured
from an damage or loss. Receipts given and charges
•lo*s.'> \ 'f ( * ♦.; 3*ML SOTS* CO.. '
‘‘ap¥6My’ ! ** * ’ * Hatters andrno^Mß.
lor tale at $1 per 100, (3X per 500, and $5 per 1^)00,
I packed, Ac, aad'lazger.feoah tides at : rtidnoßd/ratev
Onr Plants are strong, healthy and well rooted, at a
.are tarita customers to and see for teemstlrea ba
fbte puriteugfe elsewhere, ht MO EYAS’S GARDEN*,
corner of Centre street and Bacteo Road, (near Cly
boaraeVbridge}, Chicago. address GEO. B.
J)ATIS,P, O.Boz 3Q14, Chicago, ill. _:aplSxlm J
FOR GREEN B A.3V-,aafleta
: Touching at Intermediate porta, "“■"■■“j
The test low pressure Steamer - - - ?
B.; COLF;H*rter. will leave as abotd as- aoon aathe
Ice win permit her to enter the Bay. Pet frdght *
passage apply to A. K. GOODRICH, 6 and S HreT at;
nearßaafa street bridge. . . apl3-eSB-lw
ABddefilerißJFrnltand Produce. No; isß South Water
street, P. 0. Box 225, Chicago. Dlnole. '■ We solicit the
consignment of cooes that are of the best qualityi-4t
- Trnuia be onrotra choice todeai tano other class.
N. B.—l have several acres of the *flaonls .Albany
Strawqegrry, ofthatvaoetyat the'
usual rates, and la any quantities.
wanted to till Clftrk*B recentl7 Improved -: j -
Splendid Induoaaeatß offered. Samples sent by mail
<mtecefotofSMnte.orclreslan, terms. . £&, by »d>
dressing, infoatamp, S. P. fir-aww, -Korttumptoaj.
; *. , CHtLDEKN.—*’.The Child's Tint Un sib Book.”;
An Introdnetipu to foe Art of Playing the Plano Ported <
.By J: T.-Craveo. - ' AWnrand Improved .edltloaof this
popmaraodlnatnicUve work, contilnlnff lessoDa &hn
yisMSeftawswwftTOslDit wßtttQitiail‘^le»B.
' fog BiercM*, especially adapted to the use of young,
chlldren < .-.Sept:po6t-PMd; to any address, on receipt -
of BITOOK ■* CO„ Boston.;
»V 5 4s-ised* ini recommended br fob f&HoVlag well,
known Sportsmen of foe Tort and Horae Dealers, as
■foe **w J rnm of -
And bate volunteered’ foeir names p reference, after
baring naed ft several ytsra.\ U U also a certain rem e. ’
dy for foe mange upOaTJogSr-and the Blteof Insects
BponAnimrila rtf y • .
4 Usaxt». .Simoofli;Baitt- J.D. Walton, Hew-Yotk.
, ; ■ .jaore,M4;fc;:'. ; D.TaUman, . '■-■. ** >■ t
- A.Banner. adtedslphlaEa . James Irring. •■ “-
eeo.Wood, Bortoo,Uasa. Wnn-WheeUn, * . *
- altMobefcp.' P*,- .: James - .
..Afinmoo, Samael^fcLaoshlln.K.Tc:-
'4SSSfSLi^ —- _t; 2 "
-2K8,-Hunt M Bsadins'Uaas. * •
W.-Bglt »t»fl, Yeterinary &arg6on, -CMeagjj:
tbs bore
la warranted to cum the;’
i*a.‘W?; Mto i;
i *
v Erxarso, April3o,lß6J.
Thedpiand &r. Eastern to-day
again very active, and rates advanced 2®3 per
cent. The hanks generally were haying at [email protected] .
Percent- premium, kftd
fromli®l3 per cent—-some reported as high
The hanks were nst selling, except in a small way*
at 13 per cent, the nominal rate. |
The currency questloif still enjoys public attfeav
tioru The increase in the war feeling and pe
downward tendency? bonds—all tpd_
to lessen the confidence, of lhexcommercial corn"
munlty in .the currency, and to-day there was|an
eager desire to Invest In produce or rather ex-_
change—the qaotatlonsfor both having ad van ;ed.
very materially under the anxiety to buy. No--
V 1
■SATUOTXT April 20, 186t. ,~
The following are the receipt* and shipments'for!
Ihe past twenty-fonr hoars j -' 1
Hour, ’Vyh’fc, Com, Pot’s Bar. Sefeds
* ]ot. J. bu fi>.
Br saßAl.B4BM£..»* ....
N. B*B ’8677 r ISOO 683 31S 7%0
O. COS 2300 3750 1050 .... ;..~
LC.8.8 100 2800 7000 .....
o.=Bi&-Q»R^B--;4n-:68a,.. , TOW
3»A&St.L.B. 1750 i...-
- iM&S .14&3-*14950
>..Drt!d' High- r . c ,- i-~
'■* '• Hogs -Live Hides wns'CSittTeTaPw
No. Hogs lbs. brls. No. lbs..
3.&C.U.RR;.",.;.-"60 19140 50 70 i.~
3.58.LR.8 55 .... i...
LC.B.R* . 100 1050 ,23 .... -1..-..
C.B.'*_Q:R.S. ..r. 459 40S<K .w. 506 *SO.
O.&N.W.R.R, 5 .... 1939 .... 18
3. A. & St* L 60 7770 15 .... \
' Total’..T. i 679 33949 143 894' 550
Tbejwar news still tends to excite flie commer
cial community, andgeneral business suffers some
what in consequence.: -T-p-day, however, owin \ to’
a panic among the holders of Illinois currency, md
to investia sojnepiingjaoje ton-.
giblo thin Southern bonds,thegeneral markets.
■for produce of nparly aU’kinds were unusually c*-.
cited and active,'and a very material improvement,
took place In prices, . Boaides.the, usual specula
tive and shipping inquiry’ for Breadstuff's, there
wasan active demand by outside parlies—money
'brokers; ’dry'gdoda mferfifihnfSj-'gfdtdiyifilih and
others not usually in the market. The rumor on. l
’Change; 100, that ■•somaHrf our leading bankers,
were heavy buyers tended very* much‘to increase,
the panic—and was a general rush on ; the
market to buy whatever Was* oUbrcdTor
somVins'tancesT irrespective ofpriedTor quality.-
In Flour, there was an advance in prices of [email protected]
25c per brl—about 7,000 brls having changed hands'
at [email protected] for spring extras. A large number
of the Flogr did not open their samples,,
and sellers generally got their own prices.
Whgpb, advanced [email protected],pcr bushel, with, sales
of 50,000 busheia at [email protected] for No: i f Spring; pnd
88)[email protected]>4c for'No.'fl Spring—subject lo 2c storage
Corn was very active and the market [email protected]
3c per phshek'wtth lales of nearly 200,000bushels,‘
at 34c for River Yellow afloat; [email protected]>£c for River
Mixed-afloat ;.and.2o;s£@a3#c.fou*Mlxed, instore,
subject to 2c storage. Oats advanced 4®sci with
sales of 40,000 bnabelsat 21#@24j£c f.o.b. Rye
was also in request and lots in store were sold at?
[email protected] 3vpa,quiet. Highwines
firm at loc. Seeds neglected. ' ; ’ ‘
In Provisions there is a good inquiry, hut in the
'present the cnfrehfc^'.question," sStks’are
held off the market, and the only tranWictions to
report are 300 hrls Light Mess at $20.00 and SSbrls
af.'OPork H€ *slß. T *Latd in held atli’6.
Two vessels were engaged to-day at 13c for com
to Buffalo. ■ - | •
ROv^ewof the Rrltlßh'Oorn’Ti^ide.
5 r [From the Mark Lane Express, April I.] J •
The weather this week, though commencing
rather wet,-has been somewhat finery but not ehffl-'
ciently so to materially help forward the work in
arrears, or the completion of sowing. Little* adr
■ vance has coneequontly-beett-ebeervablerin |thc
growth of the young wheat, and prospers ‘are
still far from encouraging. As time rolls on,|the
fact of a serious deficiency from last year becomes ’
more apparent, and those who doubted its extent,
oi; .aßpgethfer dented. W 3 !.. now, their
'conviction of* its truth. If *we take 1 : the
course oT «ix; 5 m'ontha’ ’deliveries as an indi
cation of the yield, the matter stands thus The
three last months of 1860 and the three first of ibis
year make thpprescnttotals I,Blo,7o3ore.,against
1 ‘3.166,607 ,qraV for *the N . petiDd lait' season,
showing adecreaseof-1,819,904 qrs..-whlchis very
near the proportion of 7 to 12, or only one-twelfth
more than a-half. We are, therefore, only more
confirmed4n qur..position- as to.thexoa! state of
things; without atr aHontenng'iihtd the calcula
tion of serious deficiencies in the potatoes and oth
r er root-crops. It is well,-then; that monetary; pres
sure is lessened, as its continuance might hkvo
so far reduced, onr imports as to bring prices to
a dangerous range; and, under such circumstan
ces. those yho influence strikes must be looked'
-Upon furthß-Worfctnnemies'ofthedßboring-Classes.
The Easter holidays have reduced the.amount of
business, but the upward -movement ‘of the
markets has continued, the rise on the avemgeibe
ing fnlly Is $ qr. The. continental markets have
very little varied from our last. Paris was rather
dull than dearer, and though some markets in
u Praace wfirdhighen ®evtrut«how : Jl'(ierillft. Bel
gium has .not changed,. Holland has only been
firm, or tb'e improvement Slglff.’ThV Baltic ad
vices were generally qniet, as were the Mcditerra
.neam;. but in freights, withopep water,
at Odelsa, made a.better trade, at somewhat more
money. The American markets also seemed rather
reviving. | -
.The sales noted last week were 65£78qrs wheat
at 545, : against 180,939 qre in 1800. -The London
averages were 56s 9d on 2,105 qrs. The imports
Into the principal porta of Great Britain in wheal
an flour, for the week ehd.ug March 20th, were'
equal to 137,703 qrs wheat, of which S2l qrs were
■ nalfintaL.— : — ... —, 1 ■
. Cincikkati, April 19.—Business in tte general
markets continues inactive. consider*
able inquiry for mess pork, mainly speculative,'
’and about 3,000 brla gold at sl6 GOfOr lot's !o the
interior, nnd $l7lOO on the spot} holders asking
sl7.2s at the close. It-will be .seen that prices
have advanced in New York 1 to $19.00.= f This nd--
vanco Is attributable -to the war movement: t It
will require a large amount of pork to feed the
army that is befog called - out. ••• We heard *ofjno
• transactions in bacon or bulk meats. The rlsk tap.
tending shipments South checks demand;
FJonroml and prices nominal. - -Nothing done in
wheat.* Ear corn was in cobd demand and firm at
30®33c. Whisky advanced 0 -— Gazette,
The schooner L. J. Farwolland bark Northern
Light came In. contact .near ; Fightinglsland,
winch resulted_m both vessels having their jib
booms carried away, and the former vesaelhadccr
mainsail torn. They stop here for repairs.—Zte
troit Free Press.
, Emm Above.—The reports the
bark Grace Greenwood aground on the flats and,
wellout,of water.. Another .vessel was
bn the shoal near Algonac. name not given. , r '
ffhe fleet of vessels at Port Huron wefe all Jm
proving'the recent fair wind, and were leaving for
fake Huron.' Snow fellat Port Huronevenins be
fore last to the depth of. nearly - two
Press', ' I————— < -* :
Daily Review of CKlcago Market
gATCBDAY Evening, ' April 5(^1861.
13c. r . ; •• .* •* 1 ■' ■
FREIGHTS.—Schrs. Live Oak and Criole, com
to Buffalo at 13c.,
15®25c. Sales,- 1000, bbls ” Albion’V flat hoop
epring-extraats4.76ontrack; 1000 brls, “Wan
consta ’ ’ fiat hoop at $4.65 in score; 1000 oris do at s
S-L7J Instore ;Sop,brls good spring exfrd at $4,85
- del* 60 Bfls J‘ Cmnmercial” and IDO brlaf 5‘ God
win's imperial” fiat iibop-sH s’
‘‘ flattooivat on track: 800
-brls" Sown Beus” flat noop, at ss,oodel: 2GO fes,
•“ Globe ” roundboop at »4.T0 del; 200 brl a . Fox
Villen " at $4.70de1; 90brls “ Morgan ”nlat boop,
at $4.70 del: Elkborn Empire ” ‘rbund
boop, at $4-60 del ;‘IOO brls ‘‘Palmetto ”.flat boop,
ats4.Codel:loobrUclioic3 spring extraonp.t.;
:200 brla “Albion”, flat hoop at $4.80 on track- !
WHEAT,—Received. 13,093 bu. Market ad-
Sale?; MKHm No. Lsprlng at92o—' !
SC storage; ‘bn ad at storage ;8900 bn
do at storage; 4000 bn do on p. t.; 2000 bn
No. 2 spring at SSMc—2c storage r6OOO bn do at 89#?
.—9c storage il2, TOO bu do at 00c—2s storage f 10,flw
bu do at storage; 5000 bu do at 92#c—2c
storage; 4000ba-BejeCtoißiiT^— 2c atorage. * *
CORN—Received, bu. alatkel. advanced-'
2® 3c, Sales 10,000 bu River TelhW At {Ntfdfbst;
-15.009 buElver Mixed and TeHowat 34c f. o. b.^
5.000 bn River Mixed at S2#c afloat; 10.000 bu do'
: 320—1 c storage-;; B<€flo bttdo at 32340-lc storage;
- 5,000 bn do at storage; lO.WX) bu do at 33kc
—lc storage ; 2,£oobu Mixed at 30^c—2c storage
60.000 bn no at 3lkc—2c storage rl0;000 bn do at,
So—Sc storage; £0,009 #d do at storage'
•40,000 bn do at 889— 2c storage/ s,CWTrTtdoat-te#c
,6c- -Sales-6,500 bn No; 1 f. o. b.; .4,000 ba.
do at S3c f. o. b.; 10,000 bu do at 22>£c i, o. b.; 5,900
bu daso4M&c£. E Oibt. ->> J i
.. RYfr-Keteived, 515 bu.'. Market mora active.
'Sales 700 bn No. 1 do : at
,41c-r-2cstorage;.3oobado at4os—Zcstcrage. |
BARLEY—Received 615 ba. Market nominal
■ i SEEDS—Received* 14.950 bu. ■ Markets 4ulet.
Sales 50 bu Timothy at [email protected]; 40 bu Clover
at -' -j ; v'V A ?.'A 7t'Jr.r:< >
HIGHWINES—Firm. Sales 100 brls at.lßc.
winCsTin smaDip^ef'■ *f t'ix i
, MRSS PORK—Rirm and nominal at ASJjaia; |59
at M: ’O’: PorkratAlS:-800
S2O. .... ........... ~v r
.r ,LAKD—Heldflrmljrnt-Hc.,
TALLOW—Nominal at ••!
HlDES—Green, 3#®4c; Green Salted, 4#®se;
DryPUnt;'U®l2ci- ■- J 1 7,:‘> ■ •* !
firkin. Dairy, 10® 12c. - -
EGGS—In fair request at B©S#c- 1
POTATOES—aime Neaa4imbck»,in demand s'
XIVE HOGS-AdvancedlSc. Sales .were; 500
.. SEBF CATTLE—lTinrvvrUli lightsaled.at{3©
4forgoodtopriirte*'- - s. -n '■
. SEW* TOEK, April 2D.—Floor—War excitement
.materially transactions ; pricea.atfll strong:- ‘
-lyrJaTor purchaser, and limited 4i*qniryfor export"
and home consumption. Sales 4.500 bbls
6.10 for superstate* [email protected]£Ss for extra State, $5---
®s.lo_for super western, [email protected] for commontqu
; extra rbunTlhoop brands
do—market closing quiet. _ Gnus 41 a H flour doll and r
dedlnLag Aales 400 arls'al [email protected] for common:
to good extra: [email protected] for choice and favorite do.-
Sr« floor fa-moderate reddest anaratber-
prices; saleslSO brisat [email protected] L Oorzt meal
remain s quiet andfirm.', ’ . > ‘-.!i “ • :..
:"WHii>KT— . sales ,100 brisat 19#®20c— •;
ioaldeprice. . .-v- t. :•”
Gbais—Wheatdnll and prices still rule in favor,
of'buyers.; 1 The war excitement * checks transac-.
tions. Sales 720Q1JU Hadne cparing' , at $1.26de1:
' 6500 Milwaukee dab'at; latter for
prime del; 6500 amber>26wn At'.sl-BQ’del; *7OOO
-Canada club at 700, red atate at;
flB3 del;-4500 : red western at $1.33-in store; 650 J,
* fcotanicm white Indiana at ft.4o: 1 1000 white Ken- ,
. Ryo quiet at6Sc.. duß
heavy.' Sales 500 bn.'at SOp. for Coniqultcr
firm; very, moderate barintesdbmg for export and*
mixed, and 71c. foe] choice bid Virginia yellow..
Oats In moderate [email protected] for western
-and-Canada j 88Q360 fosstato*--*** —
Psoviiioss.—PorkiVery quiet jrsmaSeales at
iflOftff idflfia, jfi&so for-prirae^bna r la*t-evenisg
'looohhlain&B6dalive7bdur4o days,«ts2o, bayfers 1 .
Eeef qnlet and pricerunehanegd; snail*
Stales atfAß^OOXorprim^fS.TSaG^foEmess,
r.axidSi'i pllnii meed baof dafoand nbmltuu.’ B«f.
hams inactive, with, trifling.sales at 12®1&, Cut
at 6K®S&cfbr shoulders, B®S2€ cr
iiO®ific:tor.Ohi6,[email protected] fon-ataie^. C&eese
of low bills nets os prints terns.
1 —
" 7„”V. ;v,- AttET?™.—, ......April 20. ■"
Prop Backus, ChlMa," B‘. Joseph, *,600 ER tle«,»
... P cda w00d,25 holes ash, doV-telaMu— '
lumber. -
Schr Knapp,'DavlsiJMamatcef 115 m liimber.
rr r- ~ - nyfe abeiS:.'.! .'Apfg^Q.
Prop Backus, Childs, St Joseph, 15 tonsmdze. ,
.Prop Tone wanda, Seymour, BuflhlD,.4Mbrl»high
wlifea’ 100 brls Jtyur.'lO hrls meal, S ton stm-
Sand Biy. • .
■Bchr Wm Allen,- Boyle, Oswego, 14,000bu wheat.
Schii Parson, Ernest, Buffalo, 14,439 pu • coni.
... . IN^CEI»I#iG^NCE..
" . Passed Detroit.—April 18.—The following is a
■-list of.vessels which passedlhjpptirt yesterday ■
Up—Propellers Empire, Omar Pwha, Wiscon
sin, . Stockman ; barks Norman, A., Stevens, J.
• Sweeney, Sovereign of the Lakes, a.
B. Pomerby, TB.: S.’ Shdpphrar Prince of Wales,
Hungarian;: Clayton;' Bepublic. IS, -Light; begs
'Orkney Lass, BannerVEfontier, OccaaEagte»B..W.
, Cross, Isabella; schooners Lively,
Moselle, Mditeagle, J. .M. Jones, E. Mott, T* J.
“Bronson, Montlcello, -Reindeer, LU-,
ca,B.R.Lummis, -Eclipse, G. D. .
Sanderson; J; Grant, Pl?lng-Gloud,W. H. Stevens.
•Algerine, Norwegian,- Tbos. Kingston. -
l W. G. Grant.rMcdllerranean, W.S. Nelson.-
Dispatch, ;Nosway,_ 3>. Lewolf,
•OreyEagle, L. J. Farwell, G: X. Newman. Elk,
■Antelope, A. Handy. Bepublic, Huntress, Racer,
Dane, Peck “V. Bv.CraUy Accntias,'Titan,
-Pi Handy, Hiawatha, Arrow, IT. Belie,.C. C, Gris
wold, A. Bronson.'.. • •
' DowNrrPfhße^.«, .■» - ■
St.Clair Flats. i ; i
NBTTPOBT T! Apiil 18.
• I iayfc Dot been able to get Tnattcrß In shape to
"ihforin yon of the depth of water on St Clair Flats
until this latQ hour, on account of the weather. 1
"got inyhnoys In position yesterday, and And ficefrs
■feet 'water, wbich'you will please insert in the Chx
* cago TiiBUNK 1 -*' - ~~ - : Jee»t Saxdees
ileinois'and Michigan casu,
1 ABHIVSD. 10.
Investigate*; Athena,; SO cubic yards rubble, and
. SOcubic yards dim, stone. ..
Jpliet, Da Page, 4,802 ba corn.
LOCaporr, Lockport, 4,800 bn com.
Humboldt, Joliat, 500 ba corn... ..
WmMerriam, Morris. 5.002 bu corn,
Thomas; Marseilles, S,SCO buxom.
Danube, Ottawa - . ' ' .
JD Leonard, LaSalle, 81;2S8 ft lumber, 19,600 ft
elding, 90,000 shingles, 40,000 lath, 3,000 pickets,
1,465 lbs carpenter w<Jrk.
■Adelis, Joliot-v t - ...
Imperial, Locfeyort, 809 feet lumber, 3,200 3ba mer
chandise, 2560 lbs machinery;
Prairie Queen,' Ottawa.
Wave, ifurris, 13,680 ft lumber, 40,0QQ shingles, 510
'fits scales.
James Patricks La Salle. ■ .•
Investigator, xlthcna. 33 cubic ft timber.
Jefferson, La Salle; 125.000 it lumber, 2,000 pickets,
60,0001a!h, I,soo’carpenter work. -
Amazonia, La Salle, 10,000.158 household furniture,
100 brla salt.'
W W Dodge, La Salle..,
B A Thorp; Joliet, 75.547 ft lumber.
LQCkport, Loc&port, 10 kega‘nails, SOO lbs gunnies.
14 beta salt,- .. ...... •
ft It 830W3T8 PAIHHT POBIiBtt
Flouring and Grist Mills,
Smut Mffia and Separator* ; '
u. . • i./ : Separator* for Warehouse*
Bolting of AH Holttlns Scretim aad Bans,
■Bran Duster* Picks, Proof Staff* 4c„ dsc,
- ' i-JO
Plans, Specifications and Estimates furnish edwban
desired, aadthe construction of Steam and Water MBit
ooniracted for entire, .
. Steam Engines, BolteTs, dee*
- Tbs subscribers hating obtained tbs Agency for the
salo.of Steam. Engines and Boilers from tbs maenfhe.
toryof GOULDINoV EAGLET & SE WELL, of Water*
town; F. V., would invite the attention of purchasers
to their superior merits'of style,, workmanship and
powers; also, their very low prices. The following Is a
list of prices of Engine and Boiler, together with Heat
ar, Water-and Steam Pipes, Cocks, \alr2a, Arch Cast*'
Inga and Grates, complete and ready for use, delivered
in Chicago t ■
5 bores p0wer....,.! 500 so horse i»vrer......5L258
io' «'‘ "*.!!! iw so • ~ bra
U ■ " “ •. 8« 85 u “ 2,000
ifl •• .. UOO 40 u * *3B
and In ilia proportion for larger sixes aa required.
• Every Knginelafuraiabed vntk
For Flour UUls we confidently recommsucDthpm as
jupsnor to any other style of Engine, and they will
, Saye frock 25 to. 50 per Cent !n Fuel
over the osaal clasa of boilers la txse in the We
shall keep an assortment of different sizes at our es
tablishment, where they may be examined and the
necessary information obtained regarding them. Com
'pctCnt'men will, if desired, be furnished to set up and
atart-engtaesia any partot the oonctjy. We also supply
At very low prices.
tftM Furnishing Depot, West Water street, between
Randolph aaoMadbca, Chicago Illinois,
Postdate address 80t374. ocffSMy
Richard’s Iron Corn Shellcr,
Capaclty from 1000 to 6000 Bushels
per day.
Warranted to shell clean la any. condition of grain,
without cutting It. and requiring less power than any
shelter oFaaxne capacity.
Office and- Manufectory at Lets ft' Johnston's Iroh
: ;i ,: >Vorke* So.WFraHkllnstreet. ... feafffil-ly
Has become so notoriously uaefulln curing COUGHS
of ever;description tfiattueboxesof Ittliatare tent
to the Northwest by the Upper Lakes are often opened
hy ths-hands on. tbe Propellers, and aucra quantities
taken oat and used as their own exigencies require,
■without asking any questions as to the propriety of
each appropriation. And it ia f* be hoped they will
notkerp tnelr knowledge or its curative effects bid
from their fellow men, as they do the manner of ob
taining ifc
Bat without (heir testimony the Doctoe has enough.
■ to filla volume (bom persona In every pursuit cf life,
besides those of
Lawyers* Physicians and Clergymen*
‘ All cbncurlng to show that this •
: la doing more than any other remedy-known to the
nrofessiOQ In coring, common COLDS. COUGHS, and
' aU'Fnlmonary affections that lead to Consumption.
Comer Clark and Adams Sts., Chicago.
. .. [>pifl-e»;»a-3tdltwj
. ..Wholesale and Retail. ,
• • 14-t and 146 Lake street
We wCI sen
"A.* Wel Oost,
For the'next sixty days,'our Jobbing Stock of
Soft Far, Wool and Straw. Hate,
< Which la fteah and embraces aD tbe LATEST STYLES;
. can insure Bargains
. - J. A. S3UTH & CO., '
aplS-eSSQ-2m ~ 113 lAke street „
: '(Successorto7. Mehring,) • ■. •;
Office ITS State st, sear Monroe, Chicago, lIL,
•a I
- (NRAEUT’OrroaiT* postOma)
Eavfiig purchased the entire Interest of Mr. K. Mehr
•iog*» lee Business, X take pleasure la saying -to the
’Uio-Customers, as ■well-as to the balajtck or ths
emus os Cmcsoo, that I-have toe Only..pure
BPKING ICE, a larger quantity on hand andexbetCer
J quality than any- lew concern' who-axe now or who
. jnay befora-ehorttlipeintheFce-Crada. - It Is my fall
determination to leave nothing undone to give the
public entire satisfaction. My Ice Pedlars 'anrali of
‘ieera old apd experienced mecrrwhoaa only aim"is to
be psoxpt, please their customers, and give toe loe
•B««neS9theDpiindlvidedattention, c
'. Blank, band it to the Drivers of toe.’
willow spams ice Wacom, •
Or eend yottr'order to toV Office, Post Office Box 172.
• apU.-eSES-Im • W. IL SWETT, -Gen. Supt.
.Fils any wash tub or
stationary tab. Doeetaeworklnone-fourtothetinie,
witiTooe-ijurto. toATtoovaad vdtirox* inj cryto toe
'For sale by the House furnishing trade, eener-*
'ally. AnpartfesardcautSooedagainst making,vend
ihg or taing WrlngeTs
•’ ~ AOddlefield. Cono.
YJgf ; : JAK :: ■ SCHAAegS
Keaily Sve*y Article K&inasa Piaa*-
f;;7x-'-Sjyjdii&r.ftr '/I d. • ?
v '^Ed^sr
‘flljfcStWf TJtß3»il«, : St.
of tbe Golden tW^etOl*.'
Hm, 119,114, iw Lake Street.
30 Cases ManJmao Prints, 9 per y*rd..;
30 Mm Bttrk SSMUnji, 9X turjari
*i B»&» dcaApplcton BtefltlnfiS, 9MPW7*r i
10,000 LEWISTON! DO.
in Huai of Borautie and Tonlgn Dry Goodi,
lotimu, Hoiisry, to
At Keir York Cash Prices, Freight Added.
TboXiarsent Stools, of
O A. R P IB T S,
- 'Beddingsßdlteflieri. '
JS*. P A Xi as 30 R,
No*. 119, 114, 11« Lake Btnet.
WMmOfap ; ■
.April 19.
50' Cases
WAMABUITA PRINTS, 74 per yard,
And never before sold In this market at lesathan BKc.
■ Also—Now receiving from the bankrupt stock of
Over $50.000 wortb of Choice and-Derirable Goods
that will do sold at less than two-thirds the value.
ap&elT2-2w Nos. lia Vi and 118 Lake Bt.
1861 - - - Spring Trade - - - 1861
6. W. SPEAKS, JB.,
- f • WITH' • ” '
T. *& a. - HBBZOO,
Msunlactnrera and Jobbers of
Cap Makers .applied .with all kinds of Cap Trim*
mings at lowest rates,
p. B.—Cash paid fo~ all kinds of Furs. mroT/vl
saptr Rangings.
Boose and Sign Painters, Paper Ban*
gers, Etc., Etc.,
CASH 111 iH.
The largest and only complete stociwestof New Tort,
Paper Hangings.,
Table Oil Cloths,
Curtain Fixtures,
Cash bayera win find tt fbr their advantage to can.
70 -Lake Street - 70
General Home Painters.
7. :. ; . a i jsr.
Pot the T7se of ilxe Sledical Profession
and the Family.
Havingsupersede toeso-iaHed “etas," “Aromatle,*
, *‘Cgts'*i. “Medicated,” “Schnapps/* en
dorsed by an of the moot prominent Physicians, Chem.
tat- and Cotmolsaenra, u possessing all o( thooa Is.
-Wnslc qualities, (tonic ana diuretic) which
belong to an ou> awn yu»a enr. Put np In onart and
pint bottler and sold by au Druggists, Grocers, Ac
A. M.
rushed In 1773J Soma Pxopxjxtobs.
No. 19 Broad street, N.-T.
ry For sals, wholesale,-in Chicago. by Hoyt A
Pierce. J.H, Seed A Co* &.&J.S.S. Fuller A Co.
Wigwam Tonic.
by toe First Physicians of tAa
CoohtQr,on account oftiutrFDßlT? AND fiSKAT
They are pleasant sa to toe taata, and art pro*
nonacedthe b*» Tenis amt Wfwwtoat amr afiirat
to tbsPahOa, -
- Ttretr'enratiTßpoirsn ta ecaa of eSREBAIrBS.
Bttx, are enparaneLed, aadw a gcarsuaeo-tlwi-we feel
warraated ln giAtTTrfng Trhat we do, weT>eg Imre So
jtete that oni endoa^tii, _
Prot gfILIMAy, of lale Collegt)
1 y*bfc HAYES, oflTluuchuctU,
Andliandfeda<rf l ot!i»*, l ' ; ■
“For Bale WtoleeilA la Qdeaio'bT*
- C ebVabi> tostsb,
• MidlJqaor.Merchant,
notgWMy .SowiSSoctfr Water street Chicago.
'iHoajißißa at iait.
SO Jfeartxu-n Street > » > .80
Gzoasavmca. -u..... . TOt &. anaH,
cmOAeoinmoa ■ - >
~WJ ANTED —A Situation aa Book
r t kotou>. ’ ****imd:il*7««*ex.
tabllahmaat by a young man wu,> ' ■
perlcnca-lathenesteratrade, Address “B. G."si
Tribune Otflce. aplfttSt
TXTANTED—Agents to sell Pack
prices one-third less than can bepnrehased ch*wb«re-
Cali on or address (stamp enclosed,) J. L. BAILEY.
No. tst Court sh, Boston, Mass. ap*-e-I2S-Sm
T. T ' Second Miller, to go Into the country, that can
bring good references. Inquire at No. 3 Pard-e’s
BnllalD| (up-sUlra), between the hours of 3 and Jpx
TSJANTED—A small family wish
f T to obtain b'ard In a private Cimuy where
there are na other boarder#, and where the contort*
ot a home can be had, within fifteen minutes wain of
the Exchange B*t k. cornier Clark and Lake street*.
-Address **CLARENCE." Box 3901*1. apZ-.e-.7Liw
VV , MAY IST—The Advertiser wishes to r«nt %
bouse confining from Qve to
situated, and U over lea minutes walk irom the-fcart
House, near the City fiallwav. South Mde preferred
Address, with terms and location, * TENANT,” care
'Floyd's Penny Post. . apffx t
Boarding wanted _a gen
tinman hlswifo and two children, wish £o:ird
inz for the’eummer in so ae quiet plac* la thesa-virba
ortho cltv, wiere tbsro 1* plenty of roa-n ard shada
trees. Refrreoccs exchanged. Address, wltrio.-a
tlon of premises. Box 32UG Chicago, Al aphii^t
VATANTED.— wanted to
i T canvass every county In the Norur-western
Statcsforth3sal6of an article which every hti’inr-sa
man most hava, every traveler moat hay-, every rail,
road man must have, and in toct, everybod - -- mu?t uavq
- County Agents appelated, who will he plodded the
sole control of a county.
The Small Price of till* Article brisks
• it Within the Reach of AH.
Enclose a stamp and receive by return mail a drci.
lareivlui; full particulars. Address J. E. JOIiNhON,
70 State Etre-rt, Chicago. P. O. Box 4253.
Horse for sale.—a cood,
eentle. famMv Carriage Eoree. J. H. £EED a
CO., Lake street, apjo-eS6O 3t
F)R SALE—A pair of Matche.l
Bav Dorses. Warranted sound, well,broke, six
and seven years of
BlUlard Tatole,
With Phelan's Comhloatioa Cushions. !“• good order,
for eale caean for caslu inquire at 12 4 Sooth Clark
street, or add esa Hoi 2900. apiS-ejfrt.lw
r Pale or Lea§-. that large flve-stcrv Brick Build-
Ine—lW feet od Polk r treet by ICO on Beach •»treeU
erected bv Thomas Kane. deceased,foraßr*wery. it
1* also well adapted fur conv: rsion into a Cotton b ac
tory and will be sold cheap, or leased tor a term ot
years. JAMES G HAMILTON, Boom 7 Methodist
Church Block. ap i?xiw
T?OR SALE OR RENT—D w el! in s;
i 1 and Lot No .|6H Wabash avenue. hoa»e eon.
tains eleven rocM, gas and water, and stable. Lot 40
bT ISO feet. Possession Mas let- Apply to wM. ii
SAMPSON. No. 3 Metropolitan Block. aplleoCSm
X? twoetorv Brick House. situated on May strert,
jost north of Lake street, containing eleven
nearly new ana ihorouuhlv bnilt, with Iron lence,
stone walk. 40. for rent from May Ist. or will be sold
rerv cheap to a c.v*h purchai-’r or on time. Apply to
GKO,. A. SfcAVERNS, No. 73 Dearborn street
apiel :6-lm
IVf ASTER’S SALE.—State of llli
i"A nol«, Cook County—S.S. Superior orCM*
<Mffp_lnChancery. Nathan C. Platt, Pmldeut oi the
Artisans Bank, ts. Stephen A. Douglas, Aiigia Doncla*
and Be linens.
Public notice is hereby given that in pursuance of*
decretal order entered la the above entitled cause oa
the ninth day cf March, A. D. 1881. L Ira Sco»t. as Mas-
Sn.* Ch^,cerr °£ Superior Courtcf Clxicaro,will
??M C aactiuntame highest bidder lor cash, as
6 llonw of Cook County,
£? Chicago, in said County ot Cook, on
tog described real estate situate, lying ana being in
County of Cook, »nd rate of
numbered one (1) to twenty (30),
both Incloslve, In Block ave (5). in Archer's Addition
to Chicago, or so much of said premises as may be
satisfy the Indebtedness duo said com
-55 sa^ t decree and coeta, tojetoex pitt
Masters fees, commissions ang dlabusemeoee on mS
Wie. . - IRA SCOTT. ‘
/pRUSTEE’S SALE. 'Wiereas,
JL -Jearnza Atkina, on toe eleventh dsyof Jsmarw.
A. D. 1559. execuied and delivered to me, the under?
signed, os Trustee, a-Dced of Trust, conveying tha
premises hereinafter described, to secure the payment
of a.certain promissory Note therein mentioned and
described, for a full description of which said not&
and of toe power In said Deed contained* refer,
ence is hireby made to the Record of said DecAwbich
said Deed of Trust was duly recorded In toe Bacor
der*r Office of Cook County minote. in Book UB of
Deeds, Page <l2. And, whereas, defanlthss been made
to thrparment of said prombeory Note, and apphe*.
tlon has been made £0 me by John Brooks, the pave*
and legal holder totreoi,.to sell said premises under
and by vfataa of the power in said Deed of Trust cob*
tamed, and for the purposes therein expressed.
Now; therefore, public notice is hereby elves that I
sbaUseU, at public auction, at toe nortadoor oftto
Court Boose, is tbe City of Chicago,-m toy State of
-Illinois, fbr the highest and best price ths saatwwlU
bring in cash, for the purposes in said Deed of Trust
expressed, at ten-o’clock in toe forenoon on Saturday,
. the thirteenth day of April, A. D, 1361, the premises m
iaUl Deed of Trm>t described, ana situate in Evanston
lirtb* Conntv of Cook. *cd State of llilnole,
Coinmencmc at a point in the centre of toe County
Hoad four (£ rods south of the north Una cfSecdoa
eighteen OS),To«a forty-one (41).
east, toenee rnanlsg « toe east liaeof toenoru-*
west quarter of toe northwest Quarter of saidagn-mn
• eighteen, thenf a south ds-rods and
f dredtoa®M-IDorods), thence west parSlei with C»
aonb-ltne ofsald Sec Con eighteen to too
ton aforesaid County Boat!, thence northerly am®* ■
.ton centre of said road to toe
".talßlns about oneand-a-halt (IK)
Chicago, March ath.M6l. H ,
Jta Sa U.
FOR SALE—SOO Bales Upland
Prairie Hay. Also, any quantity King Phillo or
early Sankee Corn, that will rlocn however late taa
season. Enquire at room No. 3 Walker’s Budding
Dearborn street. WALKER 4 CUTTING.
FOR SALE OR RENT.—A nice Cottage, containing
six rooms on We. t Twelfth street. In a good n* Ighbor
ho >d. Bent SIOO per annum, from May ist. 1361. Also,
a Cottage, with Cooper Shop la the rear, n-ar the vor
nerof Division ana Noble streets. West Side. Al-\ a
C-'t*aae. with two lo*3 on Catherine street. n»Kr Kir.e
Island Avenue. Enquire st Boom No. 2 WiUkt-r 1 *
BaUaing, Dearborn street. WALKER 4 CUTIING.
* [sp'TeS-iS-twl
"DARE CHANCE.—I wish to sell
fli my Warehouse. built of Stone, 4LxTO icct, three
stories, situate os the traclcof the Mineral Point Kail,
read. It la one of tne beat locations In tna West lor a
Produce and Cninrbalon Bui4 n oas.
For particular* call on or address GEO. W, COBB,
Mineral Point. \S la. mhiSxio
KJ —CHARLES B. WELLS. of Kane Connty. be-
Bering that the candidate for Cla*k Las been from Ot
tawa as long aa modesty require*-, would arccurre
himself as Candidate for Clerk of the Supreme Court
for the Third Grand Division. splOilm
DAVID L, HOUGH, oftte Cltv of La Salle, in LaSalle
County, is a candidate for Clerk o» tne Supreme Court
for tho Tnird Grand Dlrl lon. Election to be held on
the Ist Monday la June next. apl2-tjßv.i
BOARDING —Two suits of dear
able rooms for ■atnlUes will be vacant at Ko fiH
Edina Place, cti the lirst proximo. Also, a f«,w single
and double rooms tor gentlemen. ap.Cte^w
BO AR DI IT G .—There are now
vacant at 223 and 233 South Clark street,
snmo peasant front rooms, suitable for families or
single gen lemon, which may be had either furnished
or unfurnished. It is also a conveniens location R r
day boarders, a* it is only one block from tin Pest of*
Ace. apigilw
BOARDING. —Pleasant suits, as
well as single rooms, maybe bad at ;Ofl WabssJx
avenue. mh22x4nr_
on Thursday afternoon, from the crrntr of
Clara and MaJl-o i >trvctn an How, abonc
15!? bawls high, dar’i mono, tali; nud on abrWlo
ami rlJin.; siddl-*, t > tti * a.iddie »;«■* attichel. a light
housing and a red -nMnjlc. At»v pers >n fliKlss hud
re.ur dug the same to C. li. ALI.E“<. i'ragoiat corner
of Ilarrijou and romr etrocU, will be liberal y re
■warned. _jip.es i;t
REWARD.-Lost on Wed
cDt* BCSiUy. Cas“ I).-t<chfd Lever Stiver
Watch. with u-etal face. Five d)i.ars reward will
be paid for lid return lo me at 23 VTe-jt Madison.
aalls'Jt a. PBEV. _
ilegal gfabertigonenis.
i.?X \7UU*m.S.M-!\Vim3ta«did, on the nineteenth
day of Ociober. In ihe year of our Lord one tuousana
eight hundred and tlt'tr rishc ruak--, execute and cie-
Uf u r-to Cite- hia certain mortals- deed,
nearing date the day ami rear aforesaid, cunve'ing
thep'onerty hereinafter described, to secure the pay
ment ef liis two certain promissory notes of area at-te
tnerewitn, for the sum of dfteea hundred dclUrs each,
due In one and two years-after re date thereol re
spectively a death drawing Interest at-lx per cent,
per annum, payable annual!?. which said mortgage
deed Is r< CT'rdM In the Kccorder’a offl’e In and for.luo
County cf Ccote, la the State oflllln- la, lnB)ok 41 of
Mortgages. at page cil. aqc! wheteaa. nUo. default
has been made hi ihe paymt-' 1 01 the said promktory
notes and the Sana are wholly doe aud unpaid.
now. therefore, puo ic notice b hereby given, that I,
the saldmortiage-. ehu 1. under and by virtue of the
power ar.d authoritv In me vested In aud by tald mort
gage deed, and for tn« uses ana purposes thtrd" ex
pressed, on th“ 10th day of sf3y, A. D . at ten
o'clock In the forssoo - of said day. at taa north door
01 the Court House la the cltv of Chicago, sell *t pub
lic auction t»> the highest bidder for l aab aii the fol.
lowing described lot, piece or carrel of land, situate
la the County of Coos, and state of i)U ob brag the
same premises described In and conveyed by said
mortgage deed, to wit: i,ot numbered live r>, In eat>*
divlafou of block numbered tweacy-ssven (:7), la tno
Assessors Id vision oftlie snuthwe-t fractional quarter
tf section twenty-two (*£!), town-hip tuirty-nbe iJu),
north range fourteen E. m the City of Chicago, afore
said, togetherwith all riihs and equity of redemption ot
the satu William S. McWintsma, nb heirs and lSh3
therein. JOEL GUfiLEY, .AortgugeA
Oaxlttp & Hitchcock, Atfjs,
Chicago, April, i«d
Dlincls, County of Cook, as—Superior Court of
Chicago, May Term. A. D.
.Frauds Wilkin* and Joseph J. Whiting n. Paul
Cornell, Helen G. Cornell, William R Loveioy, Charles
M. Dupuy James N. Johnson, Beuoul Lockwood,,Gid
eon SculL Jr., George Bnckhan, Holbert Smalea, Wll*
ham T..Barron, Joan Woodbrl ige, Jr. Normaa wa-
Usma, Jr„ Alfred James. MathewLuflin, John Wttscm
E. B. Marion. William Bailey, Samuel Howe, EW.
Henry, Adamaon B. Newkirk, A. J Buel, Warren
Newton. David 3. Oadan, Cbp.rlea a. Spring, Ihcmaa
Allen, Eattaa S. Williams. Joan A. Jameson, Haciaa
A. Hopkins, Sarah M. Hopkins, Chams B. Wa'to,
George H. Spring. Winthrbp N. spring. Tbomaa
Thompson, George A. Bryan, Charles C. Allen and
Edwin Hoyt—la chancery.
Affidavit of the nun-residence of William B. Love
ipy, Gideon Scull, Jr, Benonl Lockwood. Georg*
Jucknam, Holbert 3males, K. w. Henry. David d. Os
den, Georgo A- Bryan, Charles C. Allen, Edwin Hoyt.
JamesN.Johnson,A. J, Boel. Warren Newton and
John Wluoo, fourteen of tie defendant*above naoeu,
having been died In The office of the Clerk of said Su
perior Court of Chicago. . ,
Notice Is hereby given to the said William E. Love-
Joy. Benonl Lockwood, Gideon Scull, Jr„ Georg®
Beckham, Holbert arnaies. R. w. Henry, David S. Og
den. George a. Bryan, Charles C. Allen, Edwin Hoyt.
James Johnson. A, J. cue), Warren Newton and
JoHu Wljjon, that the complainants died their bill of
complalnfe In iaM Court, onthoCranceiw side thereof
on the Uni day of March, A D.lSbLaun that a sum
mons thereupon Issued out of said Court against .said
defendants, returnable on the first Monday of April,
law, as Is by law required. And afterwards, to wit:
On the ith day of April there Issued out of said Court
an alias summons against said defendants, returnable
on the drat Monday of May noxt,i3«l-
Now, ther. fore, unless you the said William R. Love-
Joy, Benonl Lockwood Gideon rcnll, Jr„ George
Buckham, Holbert Smales, li. W. Henry, David 3 Og
den. George A. Bryan. Cburles C Allen, Edwin Hoyt
James N. Johnson, A. J. isael, Warren Newton ana
John Wilson, shall personally be and appear before
said Superior Court of Chicago, of Cook Courty, on
the first day of the nest terra thereof to bi holde* at
Chicago. In said County, on tbtr drat Monday of May.
1861, and pleat?, answer or demur to the said com
plainants bill of complaint, the; same, and the " atier
and things therein chargee and stalad/wlll be taken as
confessed, and a decree entered acamstyuu according
to the prayer of said hi L WAUTES KIMBai L,
Gallup & Hrrcncocx. Clerk.
CoinpTa Soi'r’s. ap.>-e«4i-*w

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