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CljkdflO gudlmne.
WEDNESDAY, MAT 15, 1861.
x': -f?c are informed that since our article
was written calling attention to the fact
that the companies commanded by Capt’s
Kowbold and Mlhalotzy at Cairo, after De
fying ifeuslerodin. by Capt Pope, had bees,
left out of the regiments in service there—
• Hhey have received ample justice hy being
attached to a regular regiment. This is as
U should be. Doubtless the omission or
neglget was the result
of accident.
® tßoveatent itL-WetjbernVirginia for
Teoiganizmg the Government of that State
—a necessity growing out oi the treason
of the constituted on swim-
T l&ingty. The Convention at Wheeling,
called U> consider the best method of doing
- that ytork, aeems to be largely attended,
and-W-promise beneficent resalts.
Our telegraphic correspondent at Spring
field confirms what we have heard be
fore, that the companies who missed the
-chance *to get into icy of the seventeen
Illinois regiments, hare gone to St, Louis,
and there l&ken service among Captain
Lyon's volunteers. He says that 1,600 have
so enlisted. Let us remember the fact;
and when the Missouri troops do a gallant
tiring, we may be able to el aim for Illinois
A share therein.
In another column wc detail at some
length the condition of affairs at Memphis*
on authority that admits of no dispute.
In the ringing of the hlarm. bell, the per
petual session of the Committee of Safety,
in the usurpation fay that Committee of the
prerogatives of law and justice, in the sum
mary execution of its decrees, and in the
general alarm which prevails, we see the
French revolutionary antetypes—the beat
ing of the generals in the sections—the
triumvirate, Robespierre, Couthon and St.
Just—the trials by Henriot in the Abbaye
—the dt eadful guillotine and the Rdgh of
Terror. Memphis, which was lately a
flourishing and prosperous city, has, in
sixty days, made the progress toward bar-
I? .barista.’winch ongbt to have occupied a
_ century.. Two years of the .rule to which
; she is now subjected wonid reduce her to
the-condition of the first town of the name.
Slavery is enough to bear. Add to it the
curses of causeless r hellion, and the
avenger appears. The occupation of
Jiemphis by an overpowering force of
Government troops would be a mercy to
the madmen by whom it is now abused,
and’a joy the few loyal hearts that are still
aEr© with love of the institutions which
bar fathers founded.
ttifin r.
The issue of those Illinois banks based
on the stocks of seceded States can scarcely
be said to pass at' currency any longer.
Exchange reached the ruinous height
of twenty per cent! and the prospect last
night was, that it-would go still higher to
day, The “ secession n cusrezuy, as it is
called on the streets, Is evidently approach
ing a crisis, and must shortly retire into the
discredited list. It is utterly impossible to
sustain a currency at par, which is secured
by the stocks of seceded States. Missouri
stocks were quoted yesterday in New
York at thirty-fit* cents, Tennessee at forty
fire, Virginia ut forty-three, and so through
the Southern list It is proper to remark,
however, that more of those stocks were
deposited with the Auditor than the bills
issued. The Mtssonris were mostly taken
at something like 73 cents; Virginias and
Tennessees from 75 to 90 cents. Some of
the owners of the “t-tump tali ” banks put
op additional margins after the first fall,
last spring. Therefore the notes of these
* institutions ” are really worth fifteen to
thirty per cent more than the stocks by
which they were secured.
A, meeting was held by a number of
leading merchants, yesterday afternoon,
oh the grave question, What was best to do
with the “secession” currency. Most of
them were the signers of the agreement
withihe banters to receive and pay out
. Illinois bank notes, during the war. They
contended that the bauki rs bad not lived
up ho their side of the understanding in
. goo 4 %tA - t lt w#* alleged that the latter
had “assorted” the currency, retaining
and hoarding all that was secured by
Northern State Stocks, and paying out on
ly that which rested on the bonds of rebel
States. They were charged also with re
fitting to furnish exchange at the rates
promised when the agreement was signed,
exchange having advanced day by day un
to 4t has reached the appalling height of
twenty per cent, a price which was de
structive to all mercantile business.
The conclusion to which the merchants
eamo was, hereafter to receive all curren
cy—on the “short” as well as “long” list—
al juet what it mU bringJf.kexhange with
one per circular was
drawn lip to that cffi&stio be mailed to all
their country Customers, stating that : in
future they will continue to take Illinois
currency as per agreement with the banks.
But they will bill their goods hereafter on
the standard of exchange, and when car*
rency is offered in payment, it will be ta
ken/or what it will bring in exchange, with
one per cent, added.
The immediate effect of this will be to
cause what is called “slump tail,” to pass
for eighty cents on the dollar, or at a dis
count equal to the prevailing rata of ex
change on it. ,-i r,..
We learn that the officers of several
railroads met last night for the purpose of
taking some action in regard to receiving
the depredated currency.
It is hardly just to blame the bankers
for “Baiting” the currency which they re*
, r cdrc, as the merchants and railroad com
panies have been doing the very same
, thing themselves, and selling such as was
secured by Northern, stocks at other
«4nr exchange. Self-interest and a sense of
( jscir-preserration were the motives that
actuated both panics. And it is hardly
• fldr.fer pot to call kettle blackamoor.
'-"Tie iDlltrtflng table »bowß the total re-
and of floor, grain, live
itoek, proriakma, dining the put
Btceipta. Bbipped.
VlMr.lUt *4*BB 18,868
,Oars, ton *14,789 845,608
avTbt..*. 8.856 ll,ow)
B«&y. b* 5,8*4 8.671
. ,f»Brti. 9* 48,496 84.0*0
Port'bbl* *75 1,488
•OctltMU. *». ... 61,746 88,600
t»... 15,525 *,660
ko‘. *;«? im
_“edaßmg the flour to wheat, the total
• Towiptt of greln during, the put week
against 90V
“1 “’“hele the week prerjoa*. Thie in-
WlUl W * Ut **
fcrt]J.t^e. WwJ
■Barfcete hare largely
, The shipment* of flour and
C ?“rr“ <,, ? the treek foot up 1,«83,«99
bushel*, ageintt 1,885,090 bushel* the week
The Mowing tebi« et»w« the loud re-
•eipts of produce in this tfib Ist
of January last, eompared with tiia re-
Oeipti during the
1859 and 1850 s T '- : '
~, IMJ. life. I !v
Flour, bbls 418.2i3 ■ I«WSfJ f58.574
Wheat, bn 1484,821 1469,694 i 768.876
Core, bn.....;.. 4.209,681 4,414.195 !
OaU. bo 117.057 457.07T 1 188,862
Rye, bQ 109,930 -68.424 -46,798
Bariev, ... 2»,178 178.118 i 94.090
Seed*,!* ..*,411040 1581480 ' 1,254,890
Pork, bbls 80,916 13497 . 9.143
•atjMeats, Jbi... 7,768,250 6,190.410 3,405.602
Lk* »• • 6,216.612 1893,277 1,693.888
Tallow, 1b5...... 2*5,717 73423 mfiSS
L*TBHom, No.. 114,867 617T0 *SuSB
DreseedLog6.No 144.108 46.W 26,852
Beef Cattle, No. 41*954 .48,029. 6,381
"ThC following table shows the ar lotint of
Flour and Grain store in this city, (as esti
mated by Mr. Catlin, Secretary of the Board
.of Trade), on the 13th insL, compared with
statements of the two previous weeks:
_ hat 18. mat A iron. *9.
Flour, bbls 44,956 47,160 i 60 050
Wheat, ba 604,198 1,089.512 1.415.449
Com, bu 1,155,630 1,470,838 2,(04.256
OaU, ba 666,229 670,000 {*1,064
According to the above table it will be
seen that the stock of wheat dor ng the
past week has decreased over 500,0( 0 bush
els: com upwards of 300,000; anq flour,
8,000 barrels. On the 20Lh of .Aprilfr.tha
amount of flour, wheat, com and oats in
store was 4,361,010 bushels, while, on the
13th Inst, the footing up was only 2,450,827
bushels—so that within two wedks-.our
stock of grain has been reduced two
millions .of bushels
The general market* during the past
week have becßL.buojant. PloumdVanced
80a40c per bbl; Wheat is Ba9c hig&fef-
Corn4a4£c; OaU lal^c; Highwmea 1c
per gal.; Hides salc per lb. This improve
ment in prices, however, cannot be EaftMb_
be a legitimate advance in the market; for:
the tendency of eastern markets has been
downward. The buoyancy here was solely
due to the anxiety on the part of holders
of currency to invest in something that ca£
be converted into gold or eastern exchange.
The advance is, therefore,
eUne in the t&lue of currency. i * LS •
An Amiable People, and %bat
They are Doing. ;
Preparatious—Committee of Safety.
10,000 troops is BBsiktizrors
A few months since, and the city bfj Mem
phis was enjoying an immense growth. In
! the rise of her real estate, the erection of
, splendid buildings, la high rates of red! t and.
I in every high pressure token of -advancement
j she more nearly realised than any §lty on the
i Lower Mississippi, the vast strides our own
eity has made characteristic of her growth.
That was Memphis under the Government of
the United States—Memphis, loyal .to the old
flag. [.
The change that has eome over that city in
the short period that has intervened since the
opening of the rebellion, has been a < most
marked one. The change has been total] The
present state of affairs there would do credit,
as a supplimentary page of tb follow
the days and thedoings of Danton and Robes
pierre. Austrian terrorism, the . porUsc of
despotism in all Europe, are scarcely parcel
led In the century with the present Reign of
Terror In Memphis.
Sha was, according to the lasi census, a city
of from 23,000 to 24,000. In the circumstances
of her rapid growth, it was naturally the -re
sult that Northern mechanics of all classes
poured in upon her community. : Her manu
factories, her foundries, her printing offices;
were fall of Northern men. Her railroad en
terprises w ere run and operated by Northern
ers, from Superintendents down to growers in
machine shops. Northern clerks were plenty
In the stores. The overwhelming share of
the practical working men in that section
were from the loyal States.
{ Into a community thus constituted the- by
> dm of rebellion has reared its head, with a vir.
| nleace and venom that hate brought ajjont
I most striking results. Memphis to-day “out
i Herods Herod,” and surpasses the Golf cities
! in animosity and deadly hatred to ali-lojaity
| to the Government. As a eonsequen.ee, there
has been a wonderful Hegira from her midst.
Every northern bound steamer and car .has
been heavily freighted with sons of theNdrth*
fleeing from tyranny in its worst form. T
It .is estimated that from voun to
tbousab9 have thus left Memphis, many of
! them under eireomstanees of imminent per
| U. A Committee of Safety has Us
I aions. It is made up of twenty-five citizens.
I The President is a Mr. Titus, a prominent bus
iness man. They cause any they choose to be
brought before them, and after a hasty ee parte
examination, they give a decision from; Which
! there is no appeal. Up to this time their man
date has been, an order to leave the city on the
first train or boat North.' There is reason to
believe that they will soon make It de&th to
be unfavorable to the kingdom of Jeff Davis?
We ere put In possession of a voluminous
Vray of facts, bearing on this point, tfrom
several of our lormer citizens driven ont of
Memphis. They represent the state of feeling
as growing more and mere rabidly hostile
every day. Ail business Is at a stand-still,
other than that which belongs to military out
fit. Only one regiment, from Middle Tennea '
see, has gone to Virginia, and lu this a Mem
phis company found a place. A military H
rendezvous has been established at Randolph,
75 miles north of Memphis, where there are
about 3,000 men well equipped, with a battery
of 33-pounders, sent thither from Charleston. :
The town of Randolph consisted of about 700
people, and many of them have now left for
refuge elsewhere. The blnff is high, and the
battery commands a wide sweep of tß64iver,"
These troops are those gathered to await or
ders frees Montgomery.
At Memphis, volunteering is being pushed
strongly; There are few arms there, however.
The foundries are turning but round Shot and
shell. There Is a display of Secession flags all
ever the eity. It has already been stated in
oar eoliimiis-that the American flag was
burned in Memphis with formal ceremonies.
It will “ rise again” there, amid scenes that
will purge Memphis of rebellion. The citizens'
are fer from being happy in the possession of
their loyalty to the Montgomery Kingdom.
The city is filled with alarms and ezuitementa.
Says one informant, hundreds of women in
Memphis never lay their heads upon their pil
lows at night without dreaming of Inmrree
tiom, - On every public alarm the fire bells are
rung, and this brings the entire population
into the street, A few nights since, a rumor
spread that a large body of troops were com
ing southward from, the Ohio, and a fearful
scene of excitement filled Memphis for hours.
The fire bells rang furiously. The numerous
mounted patrols dsshed to end fro. Women
shrieked. Mothers clasped their children to
their bosoms in frantic agony. All was con
fusion, and its greatest terror lay in the doubt
whether it was an insurrection on Southern
ftoO, or sa hxriuion of Federal troops.
By dint of dragooning and persecution, the
Union man, if such there remain, are silent and
•rushed ont. These people distrust the re
ports from the North. It Is openly urged by
mau sensible on ordinary topics that “ the
Keith has not a single regiment in the field.
but the New Fork 7th, which latter will mot
fight the South” They all rely upon a reaction,
a rising up of the masses at the North to cut
the throats of the ruler*.
A day or two Binoe, ft Tnan Dan Hoge, former
ly a resident of Chicago, hftd hit head shared
and being otherwise'maltreated ww pot oa a
northern bound itaamer. E« * eompany of
•pUkcft boaiid fcr tbe Itidrfph rendvroos
■abedhim,bonad M» And shoekUgly mil
treated him. Hi relihed Cairo non dead
than alira. Vo ni Oft iht staamar dared to
Our readers win reeelleet ft dealer in horse*,
niioad for a long time ft resident of
this aity. His ordinary turn-out was a pair of
blacij w & light baggy; and hie
general appearance £bst£f a sporting-man,
the heavy black moustache and a, jaunt; air
marking him a& a maa ol the town. Hewrtri
South last fall to stock. ' Wdhcard
hot long einco that He* had been stripped of
his property and severely whipped j find to
•day our information irtbfi he was to bp bung
by order of the Coqnniljtee- of Safety, :bn
Saturday. Hie crime was that of bring! S'
Northern man. He was £J Demoerat of good
party standing when here.
We regret to say also that news of thd death,
of a printer formerly of this ■ city, gained
Samson Kennedy, son of the late Alderman
Kennedy, came to Memphis in the latter
part of the week. _He was the
dent of the mechanical department of] a
try paper at West Pointy Arkansas;
are told, never feared todtvowins Republican
sympathies. He is said to have been hung
on account of his politics. ■ t' it: y-
The above are but twoof the es Iss oif down •
.right murder by-the mob, that have been re
lated .to ub ; and we repeat them now only
because the sufferers were Chicago mem: : : ‘
There are about txm
THOUS-iMU troops' of the Southern Confederacy
in rendezvous, waiting orders to attack Cairo..
Of these 3,000 arc at Randolph, as above
8.000 are at Corinth, Mississippi, forty, miles be*
low Memphis. These bad orders a-few day*
since to remove to Randolph. There also, •
1.000 well armed-and fully cquippcdAk > kansa&
troops at Gamp Rector, at Mound £|ty, wfrere
two steamboat*, the “Ohio Belle” arid “Mara,”
Clnclnurtl boats, arelused a» officer’s quarters.
and boepltakSbi the troops. .This regiment
is armed witlrthe munitions stolen from the
Little Rock aftsenaL Thefe are also
iments bring at Memphis. At a point
four miles north : bl Memphis, called Fort Har
ris, there is a: battery of six pminders and
about 500 troops. Everybody’s, belief at
Memphis is that an expedition f*will move
from Randolph made up from these troops as
enumerated, to attack Cairo, it is believed
that they will rendezvous at Columbus, Ky.;
twenty miles Cairo for a bofi stroke.- -
Memphis has made herself the seat of a war
whleh wlll'dvtrtake end punish nest of
traitors. : The h «xprees company fails 'ceased
guaranteeing- the safety of money 1
since mails and-express - matter are freely pil
laged. Bills due in Cincinnati and Chicago;
and sent to .Memphis for - collection, are ce
turned — "WUl&py vhm the war U over.”
This is one j»ge in the history cf Memphis,
a fearfnl exhibit of the fruits of rebellion. * A
day t>f reckoning will come when another
page shall be wiiten, when be
held by Federal troops. And this dsy will
come. Never did. a nest of pirates more loud
ly call for thejßtronn arm of constituted law
to wipe out -these insults to Gad and hu
The NewCcrman Reglß&2at»
The New German Regiment to which refer
ence was made in our Monday’s ftsue/ha*
adopted the name of the “Hecker Jager Regi
ment,” in honor of the patriot Fred H&cker r of
this State. The following companies have
been formed:
L Pioneer Co., oapt>VVon Horn* .
3. Union Cadets No. 3. Capt Lange.
S. Hecker Riflemen, Capt. Knobeladort
4. Grenadier Co,, Capt, Becker. -
5. German Rifles, Capt. Maraohner.
6. Union Rlflee, Capt. Ehdres. .
The remaining four: companies will be
formed this week, at the following recruiting
1. German House (Head Q Arters,) North
Side.- .
S. Oaatrelek’s Saloon, opposite the Court
H ;“*: . t v-fc ;
•». Lants’s
4- Capt Vefle’a saloon on North Avenue.- -
5. NiemeyerVcla the Tenth Ward.
The following gentlemen eonstiintua eoitt
mlttee to collect funds for uniforms and Other
preliminary expenses; ' .
Geo. Sch wilier, J, Q. Glndele, Fred. Let*,
Dr. F. Mahla, Mr. Muhlke, Mr. Greenebaum,
Casper Buts, and Dr. Buckhardt. Letrus ap
peal to onr patriotic citizens to respond to this
call. These men are volunteering/or the war,
be it longer or shorter. Let them be fitted
out promptly and "well.
Hungarians, in this State and Wisconsin, are
particularly invited to join this regiment.
There will be several Hungarian officers In it,
and the command, of both companies and reg
iment will derolveupon gentlemen who have
served in European campaigns, and those on
ly. The regiment will be immediately ten
dered to the Secretary of War and will with
out doubt be accepted. , . .
Baltlmore bronglit to her Ktlllc*
[Special Dispatch to the N. T. Times.)
WaauiNOTOjf, Friday, May la
Yesterday was one of the most important
days since the commencement of the dam
pawn. Baltimore was telly open to the passage
of Federal troops, end that city was folly re
deemed from the-. Secessionists, who have so :
nearly ruined it. One of the officers informs
me that he never saw such a demonstration ef
joy a* was manifested by the Baltimore people
at the landing of the trbpps from the steamers.
Upwards of ten thousand people assembled
and followed the troops through the streets.
Not a his* or a sound of- disapprobation was
heard during the whole march. The people
seemed to vie with each other In cheering, and
other patriotic demonstration*.
The Stan and Strives were thrown to the
breeze along the route, while the soldiers' re
sponded with hearty cheers to the demonstra
tions. Capt. Sherman’s "batUfy was placed
with three gnus in advance, and three in the
rear, while the infantry marched with doted
ranks, in the centre, and with a file on eich
side of the street, to keep H clear. They car
ried their muskets loaded, with bayonets fixed.
They did not see a accession flag, nor.hear a
word of treason.
As they left the depot, vast crowds lined the
road, and eheered wildly. Bonfires were built
along entire route from Baltimore to
Washington, They were saluted, by Butler’s
command, under CoL Jones of'the Massachu
setts Sixth, at the Relay Spue and at the
Junction. They reached Washington at 3 o'-
clock, and marched immediately to quarters.
They were seven hour* on the road—most of
; the men in freight ears. > Some of them had
nothing to eat for thirty-four hour*; All were
in good spirits, and most of them are ready to
serve daring the war. The Psfih»ylvania First
Regiment o Volunteers numbers sixteen'
hundred mem - ' . | 1£
The 'Affray between Judge Huckster
and Or, Sanderson *t si. l<ouis7l
The St. Louis Democrat of thcTStii sajs
On Friday night a fatal affray occurred'; at
the Broad Guage saloon between two WcH
known citizens, Dr. Sanderson t and Juqga
Aylett Buckner, under the following circum
stances : Dr. Sanderson and another gentle
man were conversing in the saloon, when
Judge Buckner, who was pasting, and id
dr eased by Mr. Scott, an acquaintance, stepped
in and at once commenced & couveraatipn
wfih Mr. Scott on the universal topic of the
day, when he made a remark which Dr.- San
derson Imagined applied to him. The Doctor
at once assailed Judge Buckner, striking^lra
over the head with a cane, and the latter
clinched Immediately with his assailant, with
out, as be says, knowing who he was.
After a shori straggle and scuffle, the Doc
tor suddenly let go his hold, aci exclaiming
“Tie has stabbed me,” fell. ‘Mr. Baaderson
. was conveyed to his residence, where it was
found that he had received three- stabs, one
penetrating the liver, and two in his stomach.
The Judge at once gave himself up,, ac
knowledging the deed, paying thatit was an
tirely in self defence. He was conveyed to
the county jail, to wait the result of Dr. San
derson’* injuries, which were undoubtedly
fetal. Judge Buckner was formerly fram Ken
tucky, where he held the position of Con
gresaman, from theHarrodsburg district.
The 8t Louis Shoe says Judge Bhckner U a
Union man, and Dr. Sanderson a BeeessionUh
KxelttßC Smim « >Chanc* mi St,
* *- F .i. I
The excitement on ’Change on Saturday was
very great. A nun in the employ ot Ander
son A Watson, a porter It is sold, came into the
hall of the Chamber of Commerce, and In the
most violent manner, denounced the proceed**
lugs of Friday evening at Camp Jackson, and
condemned m gross end unmeasured terms,
the Republicans and the Government. In his
wrath he approached one of the windows near
which were sitting Major Edwards, of the firm
-Of W. L. Ewing A Co., and A. W. Fagan, one
of the oldest, wealthiest, and most respectable
mlUers of tide city. He at ones directed his
conversation to Mr. Fagan, and while de
nouncing t< action of the Government In re
lation to the capture of Camo Jackson, was
replied to by Mr. Fagan, who is a zdiid manner
remonstrated with mm, and defended iheao~
tioa of the Government. i
At this moment the man grew violent and
abusive toward Mr. Fagan, who promptly re*
canted It with a blow, whiehsoot the rabid
rrnieaalonlit to the floor. Great «seit«aeat
smu#A, mdea egfraordlnary end eaiaeiiei feat.,
ing was created by the ssesssloaiata against
Mr. Fagan. HU portrait, which graces the
wall of tne Chamber narrowly escaped destruc
tion. Mr. January, President of the :
appeared at this time and made a speech t?
the merchants, which had a quieting effect.
The reaction, we are confident will be
gtrongly in favor of Mr.Fagan,—Xowii &*»■
l‘jZ? •-
‘ V V.
intenstfaff Latter from a St. Louis
We are permitted to publish the following
Interesting letter from a St. Louis volunteer'
• who participated hi the capture of G en. Frost’s
brigade of iecesalonlite at St. Louis—addreaa
:bd to his friend* in tWs city ‘
■ / fit. Louis,, May 11,1861.-
- Crtrsnu: Twrite yon amid the moat
fetonjeexcltejhant -Tomaclty has ever known.
As I suppose fee telegraph has this morning:
placed yon ia'poaßeeaionof the facts connect
Bd with the capture of State troops at Camp
-Jackson, I will give you some minor partic
ulars, . and sopie account of . the stale .of
feeling' this' morning. On. Thursday,
afternoon it became apparent in the quarters
of our. regiment that .something like “busi
ness” .was In immediate prospect During
the afternoon and htgbt, nn£H a late hour, .the
campahies were assiduously practicing these
manned exercises::which precede the order
“fire.” Our company being unexpectedly
plaped on, guard at eight o’clock lor the en
suing twenty four hour* I had- fee-opportu
nity of hearing certain vague hints at a
seizure of a shipment of arms, supposed
-to: received by-the steamer “Swon”
and conveyed to Cainp'Jackson, being the
property of the government. The night was
exceedingly dark, and the rain fell lu torrents.
_We s&ppoi *—for we privates know little of the
.plana of generals and colonels —that the un
propltlouaucßs of the'^weather-deferred the
attack. ''At about midnight all the companies
excepting our own, on guard, were dismissed,
cad matters quieted down- into the steady,
"slow,' solemn pace of sentinels, and
-the.- stowing:-away- oft Shan lot "the reliefe
loot -i)/*, /upon and under tables, benches and
stain. Ttscsubtcriber was fortunate enough
to secure a bench at least ten inches 1 wide, after
his relief, and with an overcoat for ‘a pillow, •
coaxed- himself into a. state of insensibility
just in time to be aroused by the report of a
muskdt In an imtant'aU hands were ordered
to “fail- in,” and the usual preparations for
resisting an attack made. Word, however,
was shortly received that the alarm was oc
caskmad by the accidental discharge of
a' musket in the - hands of a sentinel
on the lower floor. Of course I
went to bench again at 1 the earliest moment
During all the-neXt day fee active prepare*
Udnd idr au attack were carried on, Until
dbodt thtee In the afternoon; when' several
rogiftisntp from the Arsenal, under command
of Capt. Lyon, p£sßcd tip Is front of our quar
ters. -Then a scene as 1 nevor be
fore witnessed. The enthusiasm and impa
tient of delay, waa with difficulty restrained.
Many feared we were hot to be permitted
to participate in the attack; as.our com
pany waa in charge of the building- for
Che day. Soon, however, in our turn the
cartridges were served out to us, and then we
took upbur line of march. I refer you to the
papers for particulars of the capitulation,
afld transfer of arms and stores. The teeling
of quiet; grateful satisfaction manifested In
our portion of the line, which surrounded the
camp £ cannot describe. My own feelings as
ire stood looking across the ravine
which separated us from it, and sung the
“ Star Spangled Banner,” and “My Country
’tig of thee,” were new and overpowering:
Never did I feel inspired by so deep a love
for my flag and my country, or bo devout a
desire that the “God. .of our lathers” would
give ns success. The transfer of prisoners and
property Was made at too great a distance for
ns to be spectators.of it, the camp being in
grove of oak trees. The firing of two vol
leys, after the surrender, not being under
stood by ns, caused extreme .anxiety, and
was explained by various and Contradictory
reports. From the statement of a number of
reliable eye witnesses, J gather that a portion
of the line, after being hooted at, threatened,
and stoned by feexnbb, were fired upon by a
portion of the surrendered force. The fire
killed one 'member of Capt. Cfandowski'e
Company, and brought that officer wounded,
to the ground. He ordered his command to
firfcj fend the melancoly results detailed In this
morning’s papers ensued.
: j : To-day the mob spirit is rampant. Many
shots have been fired in the streets; and
wounds and death are the result As I passed
' down Market street, about twelve o’clock, I
metsome halt dozen Zouaves running towards
quarters, but suppose they were Bimplybe-
Wnd time. In an instant, however,astoc was
fired a cquare ahead, and then a man, apparent
ly a U. 8. soldier, came up, hotly pursued- by
perhaps a hundred roughs, who threw stones
.as they ran. They turned a corner, and nob
being: disposed to join the chase. I saw no
‘more of-them. The condition of things .is
' dreadful. Many' families are flying to free
territory. lafiiurabie t8 judge correctly of
pflbUcsectiment, having Lad no opportunity
. to-day of dpELversidg with citizen, friends,;
but the' raoble, the.-equals of street loafers',
and .bar room loungers, Hurrah loudly for Jeff :
Dfcvifl. I fear a lawless mob mere than all the
armies of the rebels. Tue city must and will
be put under martial law, and the rabble dis
armed, before any of us will be safe. . In ef
fecting tbiSj we look gratefully, hopefully,
across the mer, knowing that loyal Illinois
will help us, to any required extent. .1 fear I
must send my family away, for I cannot be at
home to protect them. Last night 1 could not
get passed out until after midnight, and then
with orders to appear at 9 this morning. At
twelve 1 was dismissed till 7 this evening, and
. shall probably bo kept on duty. all night. I
should not be the worse for this could I feel
that my family were in safety. 1 telegraphed
for to come down to-day and stay with
tbepi. Thus you see our condition. De
plorable, is it not ? I fear to night will’ bring
new horrors. . Some five regiments are within
four hoars’ cell, on the east side of the river,
sod within twelve hours, Illinois would give
us ten thousand troops.
Affsatlonately yours, . . ‘ Wit
From JllamcbaMtti*
Bos Ton, May 14—The special session of the
Legislature of Massachusetts met at noon to
day. Gov. Andrew’* Message la exceedingly
patriotic and gives a detailed account of the
action of tbe Commonwealth. He says this
is not a war of sections—no war ofihS -crib
on the South. It is not waged to avenge for
mer wrongs, nor to perpetuate ancient griefs
Or memories of conflict; but it is the struggle
of the people to vindicate their own rights, i o
retain and invigorate the institutions of their
fathers and the mejestlc effort of the National
Government to vindicate its power and ese
cue its functions for the welfare and happiness
of the people. - '
After speaking of the financial affairs of the
State, he says: Commissioners withletteredf
credit for fifty thousand pounds, were
sent in April to Europe to purchase the most
efficient arms for the Stale, and says when
Congress meet, they will doubtless relieve us
from paying duty thereon.
Another recommendation Is the establish
ment of a State encampment for military in
struction. He recommends a loan to meet
the expenses of the emergency, and suggests
that the scrip be partly issuable In sums of SSO
to SIOO, that small capitalists may share in the
The Message concludes by saying, “Heavy
responsibilities have fallen, m the providence
of God, upon this Government and people,
and they are welcome. They could not have
; been safely postponed. They have not strived
too .soon. They will sift and try this people,
all who lead and all who follow. But this
•trHI It given us to revive our patriotism, and
-WiH breathe tbe inspiration of new life into
trar national character, and re-assure the
deetiny of the Republic."
IHitrew In ths Island of Java*
New Yoke, May’ 14.—A letter from the East
Indies says tnat the Island of Java has suffered
immensely from, the effects of the overflowing
of the, water. The letter says: “A continu
ance of unprecedented heavy rains, accompa
nied, doubtless, by the breaking of the bar
.Tiers of some of the Lateral reservoirs In the
mountains, have caused the Soloo and other
tivers to overflow their banks, and flood the
valleys in the Soloo and Banjomas presiden
cies, causing great loss of human Lie and de
struction Of property, cattle and food. In
some places the water rose suddenly some
thirty feet, sweeping away whole villages, and
as the waters-now subside, they leave a thick
deposit of mad spread over the land that was
The damagp done to Hie crops, as well as
the destruction of life and property, cannot,
of course, yet be estimated, although the offi
cial reports that are being received, prepare us
fbr a very sad result One of the Councelors
of India has been sent to these presidencies,
and 800,000 i. have been placed at his disposi
tion by the government for immediate relief.
Along the west coast of Sumatra severe shocks
of earthquake have been experienced. AtPa
dang the severest shock lasted for three min
utes, and was felt by the ships Testa and JZum
bowl fer out at sea."
From California,
•*<»» Kkabsxt, May 14.—The Pony Ex
preea has arrived, from San Francisco May
■4th. Preparatlouswera making for imnd
Union meeting at San Francieeo. union'
meetings continue to be held throughout the'
State. Gen. Sumner speaks highly ofthe con
dition ot the fortifications at Son Fraaelseo,
and also of the U. 8. soldiers there. The Baa
Francisco military anticipate ' being called
upon to pnt down the rebellion In Santa Glam
Important Sewing nuhliis Case B«*
Boston, May IS.—A yerdict has been reu
; dered In the United Slates Circuit Court in
the ease of W. H. Johnson vs. James E. Root
agent of Wheeler <fe Wilson, in fevor of plain’
tiff and damages of SSOO assessed. The easels
one of great importance and involves large
interests,-though merely nominal damages
jrererasfced. Counsel fof pldntJff, Whiting
and A. C. Washburn, of Boston; me.
K ““* nu
WJjratnaron, May 14.—Th« aownaoit
hW ocoepted two regimonto for thro.month.,
ondons for throo y.sn, from. JCnr...,
TO. Fwtnustrr Gmrra.'., t>> i c ’•
the null) rontmtv j: .: .*>■ ... i,,.
phis, ••-•••• :;ii.
•t» l- Cd .veita ” "
AllQUlet in Bt.Zjonla.
The Pawnee Beaiy to Open on
Union in Wteding.
A Visit to Harper’s Ferry.
News atSpringfteUj
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
SroiHevxxu), May 14.
The Ninth Congressional District Regiment
is composed of companies from the following
eounties i Alexander County, Oapt. Hunter)
Edwards County, Capi. Geo. & Fiteh; Frank
lin County, W. S. Cranford i County,
T. S. Herod; Jackson County, it D. Burke;
Ferry County, James Beard; Folaski County,
J, j. Gordon; Wayne. County, W, Cooper;
■ Wabvh County, G. W. Beeon; Union County,
/. J. Connick.
Captain Charles W, Darter’s Cavalry Com
pany of one hundred men, left to-day at noon
for Cairo, Whither they have been detailed by
the Governor, UDdejf the'pfOvislohs of the Ca
valry regiment laWi They will find thfilf
horsei at Cairo, ifiost of which have been
shipped from Chicago. Tie to defend
the Constitution and the flag was administer
ed by Assistant Adjutant General Loofnls,
who In addition made address. It
was heartily received, and the bully Chicago
troopers went off to,-do picket duty about the
camps at Cairo. The seventy men remaining
organized a new company, and elected Thcs.
Bracken Captain. . ...
An act to provide for extraordinary expen
ditures in the lfce«dtiv« department empow
',era the Governor to employ Oil heeded clerical
: assistance in his office. These clerks are paid
three dollars per day while at work, and by
courtesy are designated aids-de-camp to the
Governor. - This is . the explanation of the
Governor’s appointment of: extra aids, and
the great pressure of business In the Execu
tive department has fully justified It. 1
. The late accessions to the volunteer forces
of SL Louis bavo been, in a great measure,
from unoccupied and consequently disappoint
ed Illinois volunteers. Not less than fifteen
hundred men have so volunteered wiihin two.
Reliable Free State men from Missouri say
that they, In connection with the Union men,
if freely supplied with arms, will make a stand
and flax out the Secessionists unassisted.
I hear Goy. : Keomer’s name mentioned in
connection wife the Colonelcy of the Seventh
Congressional District Regiment, quartered at
Belleville; and Jackson Grinuhaw’s- in con
nection with the Fifth Congressional District
Regiment, at Quincy. Judge John M. Palmer
has been elected Colonel of the Sixth Con
gressional District Regiment, at Jacksonville*
The success and secfecy Which have charac
terized the war movements in Illinois a&d
Missouri, should teach readers to doubt the
truth of any reported movement in the West
in advance of the “fait accompli.”
The Seventh Regiment of the first brigade,
CoL John Cook, commanding, still remains in
full force at Alton, to which point it moved
the day succeeding its organisation at Camp
Tales two or three weeks since.
From VuhiDgtoih
[Special Dispatch to th« Chicago Tribune.]
Wabhtnotok, May 14,1861.
The report freely circulated to-day that Fe
deral troops were being: advanced on Har
per’s Ferry from Relay Home and Chambon
burgh,Pa.,was occasioned byadispatch of addi
tional Massachusetts troops for Belay Home. It
is not likely that any such demonstration will
be made without simultaneously breaking the
•line of the rebel forces, from this point, by
throwing the Federal army between Richmond
and Harper’s Ferry. The coarse of the Gov
ernment in Virginia will depend very much on
the action of the Wheeling Convention now
in session. The advanced posts in Maryland
are purposely assigned to the Massachusetts
regiment to make the humiliation of the Se
cessionists greater.
The Government is contemplating meas
ures for the support of the gallant Johnson
and the Union men in Tennessee.
Tbe report that five thousand troops are at
Alexandria is false. Not over six hundred
ever were there.
No Southern maDs me as yet eut off, with
the exception of the mall between St Louis
and Memphis.
Parties from Northern Missouri are now
here urging the Government to take pos
session of the Hannibal and St Joseph Rail
Three more Pennsylvania regiments are ex
pected here to-night.
Official advices from TortFiekens have been
received. Fortifications on Santa Rosa Island
continue to be erected by the Federal forces.
The fort U folly prepared - to stand a long
siege. The report of a mutiny In the fleet Is
From Wheelloti Ta,
Wheelzso, Mag 14.—Thai Convention u
-1 embled at 11 o’clock. There was a larger at
tendance than yesterday. Prayer tu offered
by Rer. Smith. The Journal was read and af
ter tome corrections, among which was strik
ing out Frederick 00., the chair announced
the business before the Convention was the
report of the Committee on State and Federal
relations. Mr. Willey, of Monongalia, rising
to a question of privilege, said he had been
misunderstood yesterday as favoring a post
ponement of action until an ordinance of Be
session was voted on. He only differed with
Carlisle, who favors Immediate action as to
the course to be pursued.
The committee not being ready to report,
Mr. Jackson, of Wood, moved to adjourn till
2 o’clock, but withdrew to enable Col Wheat,
of Ohio, to present resolutions which he said
he did on his own responsibility, to be refer
red to the Committee on State and Federal
relations, condemning the action of the
State Convention, referring particu
larly to the ordinance of Secessior,
the schedule attached to the Ordinance and
transfer of the State to the Southern Confed
eracy. This was followed by* resolution of
Mr. Carlisle, instructing the Committee on
State end Federal Relations to report an ordi
nance declaring the connecting counties com
prising the 10th and Uth Congressional Dis
tricts, including the county of Warner, dis
solved from this day, and alio to report a De
claration of Independence with a Constitu
tion for a new State* to be called Hew Vir
ginia. .
Col. Wheat objected on the the ground of
forestalling: thnaetlon both ot the Committee
and the Convention. All debate on inch-reso
lutions was prohibited. A debate ensued be
tween Messrs. Carlisle, Willey, Jackson and
Wheat; finally, Mr. Carlisle modified his res-,
elution so as to read, asking the Committee to
report the expediency of such an ordinance.
A.resolution was then adopted luftartoff til
suggestions tending to action of the Conven
tion to a Committee on State and Federal Be
lations w lhont debate or explanation.
Gen. Jacksou-a motion to adjourn till S
o’clock then' came' up and was carried, ,
1 ' ‘ 14 -Tt? ConTontion n.
-I assembled at 7 o’clock. 'The order from the
f Committee on State and Federal Delations
: submitted a report embodying substantially
the resolution* offered by. Cot, Wheat, and
providing for a Convention in esse tfceaet of
secession be sustained. - ;
Hr. Carlisle moved to In.
report an -Ormnaaca *of senara
-tion, sad Constitution aqd font of Govern,
meat farthest ate oflfsw 'BTesup-
PQrted age speech, to which
eonduded ot ad*,
1- PlcdfM ts Tlrjitia- w«n
?■. taflky and JUlwoulh*
j HannißinTKa,Mayli i<r.l
' Governors C . ■ni D • i.» -ni.. ..*
\iho-r.i,-,..... , g . •. *
•'I- V IC. P ~ i
’• •.* ag-=-s‘ -Uta.
•* *n-l I.IW i ••‘we n'e-> ttu
Uu.-... !’i ... ct and Misiuuri uiv
... M , ur **
Latest. Croln the Beat of War.
[Speriatto Tort Coiamf
v Mayl4.—AChßpt« of Virginia
Kelght Templars have officially seceded from
the U. S. Grand EncampmenL A detachment.
06. regulars and volunteers have left; here for
t -Baltimore, ! ! ~ ' t»
c: t
■ ~ - DBp«clai to tha Post.)
• It la said the 6th : - Massachusetta Regiment
moves to-night to the Relay House., A New
Jersey regiment ie under orders for Alexan
dria. .
Senator Kennedy of Baltimore publishes in
the Rational JnUUigmctr an eloquent appeal to
the people of Maryiand, entreating them to
remrin loyal end: Join their fortunes with tha
North. • -.. . >
No change will be made ln the erwnWand of
the fleet off Pensacola. -: l .
, It is regarded ae not Improbable that the
Federal forces will march from Wheeling to
Mart ins bar gh, Ya., and take: Harper’s Ferry
; In. the rear.
[Special Dispatch to the N. T. Express.]
Orders have gone from the War Department
directing Gen. Wool to assume command of
Forttcea Monroe..
. The Providence hanks will takehalf a mil
lion of the loan next week.
Baltzhobb, May 14:—Federal troops are
fully established at Federal HUL
A eChoOuer was .seined at the wharf this
morning, it had a lot of pikes, manufactured,
by Wioans’s foundry. j
Washington, May IS.—The Secretary of
the Treasury has just issued a circular to all
’Collectors, Surveyors, and other officers of
Customs, precisely similar to thht recently ad
dressed to those on Northern and . North-
Western waters, relative to commerce with
insurrectionary States, with the following ad
dition: “Among prohibited supplies are
eoal, telegraph instruments, wires, porous
cups, platinas, sulphuric acid, zincs, land all
other telegraphic material” .
: It is satisfactorily ascertained that the
whole number of troops in Virginia does not
exceed 80,000, one-fifth being in Richmond.
The ultimate direction oi troops now here
and dally arriving, is a matter of conjecture,
thd Admlnstration keeping it secret. :
No doubt that among other- vigorous meas
ures determined upon, is the constrcuction of
from forty to fifty gun-boats by contract, for
operations in shallow Wateri.
A Montreal firm offers to take. a million
of Treasury notea at par.
Now Tons, May 14. —The World'* Washing
ton correspondent telegraphs that an attempt
was discovered to-day to poison members of
the 12th regiment, flew York. Several are
sow HI. ‘lt appears some sugar was: used,
Which contained arsenic.
A'Washington dispatch states that the Presi
dent and suite took a tour of inspection down
the Potomac yesterday.
The Tinies* Washington dispatch says there
are noW In that city, or within sight of the
Capital, about 81,005 men. !
Gen. Butler dined in Baltimore yesterday.
No attempts were made.to annoy Mm, dud ev
ery courtesy was extended to him audhlsstaft
The 69th regiment has been accepted to
serve during the war.
Washington, May 14.—Gen. Butler has or
dered the outposts of CoL Jones’s camp at the
Relay House to be extended this evening some
10 miles towards Harper’s Ferry. They will
aot incouj unction with an advancing force from.
Ohamberaburg, whose operations will be
against Harpers Ferry. These advanced posts
are also intended to cut off the flying rebels
from Baltimore, who, it is supposed, have at
tempted to ©scape from Gea. Sutlers force.
1,000 troops, under Col. Jones, entered
Baltimore yesterday afternoon. This move
ment waa made inconsequence pf reports that
another attempt was being made to revive the
tnob spirit in that.city, and prevent the paa
sage of troops and destroy the railroads.
The Navy Department expects the ports of
Charleston, Savannah and the mouth of the
Mississippi to be blockaded in the course of a
The Government contemplates the erection
of earthworks, at regular intervals, along the
railroad lines leading from the North through
Maryland. Preliminary surveys are now mak
The Capital Is now surrounded by a circle of
encampments controlling all roads to Virginia
and Maryland.
Capt. Pope, of the Topographical Engineers,
who mustered the Hlino.s troops into service,
is here. The, State authorities of Illinois were
anxious to secure hia.serrices as general; com
manding the volunteer forces, but could not
obtain fee consent ot the War Department,
where fee rule is not to detach any officer
from the regular army, in few of theformation
of new regiments will not be deviated from.
Capt Pope says Cairo is perfectly safe, and
the reports of au impending attack by fee
teb£l troops without foundation.
The rinwiee is ndw anchored at the main
wharf of Alexandria, with her guns loaded and
run out of the port holes. She crossed to stop
interference wife fee free navigation of fee
Poiomoc, attempted several times within the
last few days by the rebel garrison of the
town. Her appearance produced quite a panic
among the Secessionists.
Mr. McMullen has juet got in from Rich
mond. He&avs there were 10,000 troops there.
10,000 at Norfolk, 7,000 at Harper’s Ferry, and
others were preparing to leave Richmond for
fee latter place. ,
Business in these places la entirely sus
Affairs In fit* Loals and Jefferson
St. Louis, May 14— Accounts from Jeffer
son City say the militia from the surronnciiDg
town and counties continue to arrive there,
many of them mounted, and all tndlffefienty
armed. Ex-Gowemor Sterling Price has been
appointed Maj. Gen. of the State.forcee r and
now has command of the troops in Jeff City.
Orders were issued by him yeeterdsy that any
attack by soldiers or mobs on the property of
citizens or sojonrners, without authority,. will
be promptly inquired into, and offenders
hung under martial law if the offenses even
tuate in loss of Ufa or property.
The Northern Methodist Church was stoned
on Sunday night by a crowd of drunken men,
and doors and windows smashed. The mem
bers of the Southern Church immediately
made up a subscription to repair damages,
mid expressed disapproval of the act
Gov. Jaokaon has given orders to repair
Osage bridge and Pacific Railroad. The offi
cers of Gen. Frost’s Brigade return th*nki» to
the officers of the United Slates regular ser
vice for their kind attention and courtesy da
ring their confinement in the Arsenal The
United States volunteers have been removed
from the Pacific and North Missouri Railroad
St. Louis, May 14— The first four regiments
ofU. 8. volunteers under command of Cob’s
Blair, Boemsteen, Sigel and Schutter, under
the style of the “First Brigade of Mis
souri Volunteers," has been formed.
andCapi. Lyon has been elected Brigadier
General eommanding. General Lyon accepts
this position, and retains command of these
regiments by authority of the President.
Emmett McDonald, Captain of the Mounted
Rifles belonging to the South-west expedition,
having refused to swear allegiance to the
United States, or accept a release on parole,
Is still confined in the Arsenal as a prisoner of
war. Judge Treat, of the U. S. Circuit Court,
was petitioned yesterday for a writ of habeas
•orpus. Hfe decision is anxiously looked for,
as it will involve a constitutional question
which has been raised in reference to the cap
ture of Camp Jackson. ‘
** Confederate Congress.**
Now Oblbans, May 14.—1n the Montgomery
Congress, Mr. Oldham, of Texas, offered a
resolution '-inquiring a« to the expediency of
making Houston a port of entry and delivery.
Mr. Cilngman presented a resolution of the
House of Commons of North Caroline, placing
that State in an independent position, and in
opposition to the Lincoln Government.
Thos. R. R. Cobb offered a resolution which
was unanimously adopted, that the President
be requestedtodssuea proclamation appoint*
Ing a day of fasting and prayer, in observance
of which, allehall be invited to join who re
cognise our independence.
A Visit to Harper’s Perry.
B-ALHMOBH, -M*y 14.—The correspondent of
the American laecompamed the members of
the Legislature to Harper’s ferry. He says
the Virginians hare strongly-fortified the Ma
ryland heights, overlooking Harper’s Feny,
and are very confident, and evidently have ho
intention of evacuating their position. On
Sunday 7,000 stand of arms, (Minie muskets)
and twelve cannon arrived. Twenty more
were expected the same night. A bitter feel
lug prevails in Washington county, agahist the
Virginians, and a.coliiaion is considered prob
able. Ross Winaas was cordially received by
the Virginians. The Legislatore had adj corned
till June Ath, - .
• ' ..U.. -• ' 1 j
Five Thousand mors Troops In FTflf e
BoeroSj May lA-r-In the Senate to-day a bill
was introduced authorizing the 1 Governor to
form era ot 5000..
msn,who arc to-be •misted-for-three years,
sad .who are to be governed by the united
States military laws. These troops are to be
liable to draft on the requisition of the Gsa
cral Government.' ■
“No Compromise,**
HiJUUSBUBe, May 14.—The Governor* of all
the fireeßtates. ftxm Pennsylvaniawest, have
.asked and obtained pledge from President
Lincoln, that no com promise or cessation of
the war shall take place until the national flag
floats over all the rational property. : '
Bid ofa Nilmluo*
Thtt- inkr.pHTA, May 14.—Robert Tyler, son
of cx-Preeidrat Xyler, has resigned; his office
In the Subreoie. voort of Pennsylvania, and
le&tbiic. v
■V-./L-V,' Vat!»a VUgfnla,
TTuenwiwagH, Miy Western Vtigtidsoi
say that part certainly separate
Statehood will Include 45 Co’s. 'AH the Ohio
Valley supplies have boon eat off from Vir
ginia. Two thooaaad western VJraiu
are sworn into the U. & snyha r
Pmlamstloa by Oen, Bntler,
• t .timorb, May 14.—Geu. Butler has Issued
he says the troops
I—’ I • •*’ 1 the laws.
£dt«fr aadlmportuit from Earopa.'
Halidas, 35ay 14.—Tlie at earner JSutepa
withLiyeipool data 4th Queenstown stii, has
b:. . ....
; Urkat BjKTAUf.—In the Honfio of Oommona ■’
Mr. Ewart-asked whether, seeing the ppeaihß
tty of privateering being permitted or eiiconr
sged by the flontHarn Confoderacjc, the Amier-:
bad-placed a aaMcient force
tn.theGqir for'the, protection of prop-
dn innerican snips, and if privateers tail
ing under tSsfi&g of an nsreedgniaed power
woftld be dealt wrlhaa pirates. ,
Xord Jon r.HneieU aud lint Her.Majesty’s
’Gh>Te«mient had- directed that a datatforce;
force for tto proteoßoh 4)f British shipping
be sent -to.; the coast of America.
Tie Govemment had' received acconnta: of
thepirogTOSß, of the war in the United States,
heard, the other day, that
the cbhtherß GcrafetUmUon had issued letteTa
of manjne, ud pat it was Intended by .he
United State Government that there should
beebldckadedfalltheSo^tlrcrnports. There
ware some point* of law bn these questions,
and they have been referred to the law officers
of the .“Crown for their opinion, in order to
guide them in instructions to the Minister in
America and the commander otthehayfil squad*
ron... The. Government has. felt that it was its
duty to use every possible means to avoid
taking part in this lamentable contest. Noth
ing, but the imperative duty of protecting
.'British interest* in case theyare attacked, Jus
tifies the Government in Interfering at all,
We have not been involved in any Way In
that contest, by. any act or by giving advice in
the matter, and for God’s sake let ns, if pos
sible, keep oat of iL
The betrothal of Frlncess Alice to Prince
Louis-of Hesse, had been formally announced
by the ministers In both Houses.
The Loadon Tims* says the excitement in
the Northern and Southern sections of Amer
ica has had no parallel since the early days of
the French Revolution.
The Underwriters asked higher rates of In
surance bn British vessels from American
ports to-day—[email protected] from New Orleans, 10
(815 from New York; per cent, extra is
demanded of American vessels from Indio,
China, Ac. War risks on American vessels
detained in Southern ports have advanced
from $ to 10 guineas. ;
The London aMk says that it was rumored
that it was H. Thiers who wrote' the > recent
pamphlet published by the Due D’Auaiale.
The Archbishop of Tours, in a letter fo the
Minister of Justice, says that the Temporal
Power of the Pope is abolished, and the
Catholic world Kill hold Louis Napoleon re
sponsible for it. : ‘ ...... (
The Paris Bourse was Arm 69f 155.-
SrAtN.—Correspondents had said that all
the towns in Ban Domingo had issued apro
nunclamsnto in favor of annexation to Spam.
Italy.—Large bodies of Italian troops had
embarked from Genoa for Southern Italy, and
8,000 had reached Naples. The official journal
of Rome, denies that Sardinia had made con
ciliatory proposals to Rome.
St. Johni, M»X 1^ —The steamer Parana,
from Galway the 7th,‘has arrivtd, bat brings
no mail
Lord John Russell made an important state
ment on American affisin aft to the Federal
Government commit ting, infringements on in-'
temationsl law by collecting duties from for
eign ship* before breaking bulk. Tbelawofli
eers. of the Grown said so much depended on
circumstances, that no definite instructions
had been sent to cruisers. The Government
believed such collection Impracticable; that
the blockade would only be recognized when
effective; arid regarding letters of marque, it
Is open to Government that the Southern Con
federacy must be recognized se belligerent.
.Consols American Affairs did
not embarrass the London money market.
Ayportlomnent of the Sereral Begl*
May 14.—The following;!* the
number of infantry regiments to be reserved
from each State for a teal increase of 73 regl
iments of three years' volunteers, under the
recent determination of the Government
N. T. U; Peon-JO; Ohio 9; Illinois 6; Ind. 4
Massachusetts 3; KUionTI * j Kentucky 9;
Wisconsin*; Michigan 3; lowa ‘sj New Jer
sey 3; Virginia 3; Maryland, Maine, oGZ*
necticut, New Hampshire, Vt. Rhode Island,
Minnesota, Delaware, Kansas, Nebraska and
the District of Colombia one regiment each.
The other regiment of Cavalry is not assign
ed. The General Government is doing what
it can through its Commissary and Quarter
master General officers to take proper care of
volunteers and contingents of States as they
arrive; but it will always be prudent on the
part of the States to have in wash!' gton or
on the route, in advance of their troops, a
member of the State General Staff to provide
for contingencies and see that the troops, are
properly cared for.
Slid Accident.
Whhbukg, May 14.—Mias Mary' Woodward,
daughter of 8. fi. Woodward, of this city, ac
cidently snot herself dead this afternoon.
le Qalrsbarg, nt, Msy i:tk, by tb« Key. Hsrw
Cant*. Mr. J. Frf&NK. BUlUf*B and Mto MABT
EVItJsBST, both ot Galesburg.
In St Pant Minn, on the 18th of April, ASSA
CaTHoI&b the beloved aengMer ct
Metne A 8 and B. A. Frolseth, formerly residents of
Chicago, aged 19 yefcra,
" In the midst of life, we are la death {
Oh! grieve not—wo ansL meet her—
■ When the my*tß*V* veil shall be rent 1 *
Biuvaxi QFBS,
leaned each day, and
TJnioa. Letter Paper
To match,
iftw and Original design* issued every day.
they are received, ana an AHeKI .AN FLAG for a
sign. :n«erted free of charge in each package amount
ing to TEN DOLLARS. Wshars
Send THREE Letter Stamps and we will retom a
sample by first maiL
Envelope. A Letter Paper,
Bepr seating a STBBAK OF LIGHTNING descend
ing from the talons of the AMERICAN EAQLB
through, and rending a PALMETTO TREE.
Dying Rattlesnake
The r.ao of LIBERTY and the CO- STITUTION are
represented as being weighed In the opposite scale
with tne sbokks ngitir or Dutcxox and the TSxi-
~t With a Border of
Xled, W liite cte Slue f
Ts» Hiixm tbtws inerowr.
VBLOPtS, sod a great variety of ether new dealga*,
we are now able to supply.
MtatloHorn’ SC all,
«p»-«3t3m KO. 140 LAKE BTSXBT, CHICAGO.
47 •• - State Street,
wm ox uuii hues if ran sin
Boiutißf aoA Itroiling Chamber,
In whlehSrmtlag e&nba doa. oa. turn epu. aißwrr
ltßiroiaUßrmittd Broiling be done ever zjtb'
COAIA wnaout an j fames or smohe escaping Into the
b fangt thoroughly ventilated, and Is with
a Patent Enameled Oven Bottom—a nev.valaable and
attractive Invention. The stove Is supplied with a
which la more eo»renleat tb«ji the ordinary
Mat Copper Baaerrolr. A* IT CaK BE BUZ) OB
Ccenplee no mart room than- thf common Mad of
eoonng stnre with or.ly four holl*r holes, while 118
CAPaCITT woke-Half greater. and oootaine
Id the highest degree eO the CscllUlee for performing
the eajlsar; worker* heneehold with -
The rahHßiber woaJd Attention' of pa*.
•£•#«*_ foWf c j. or .. •
yn&&iAim» mhdenp end !s constantly mavsfketarw
idr filling sll-er.
den tor BU&SISi OB CAKB.AOK3 of whsteyer
*' 4
tf s, ,sjc4tJ£*ll Hockaway aod three Second
- »»*W
ire u« in use mmt;
ImWaaMlalao aad Mu ukmul it
Sit ttjrlM frauk nt Ktftak Cfag*™.,
‘Nela &frbertisemtntg.
- s*-$' A Advertising Agn\l, 35' Dfar
'ifarn it., is aiiihoriztd to rtetiv* AdaeriUments/or
■thh caid ati Vu Loading J*ap«rt gf the 2\'erVnemi.
’iSfctß "PRICES- OaSLT is.oo
' v ? OU, and w-rronted
•uUtactorf forOireodamre tor the next tbirtv can
fey Mr. & Mra, G. 8. LACBT, 170 State »treat, (cp
rtsirl). C«!l and tee itpacuaant, Inajonttons klrea
In tiipart on reaaooabla terms. • mylaxftt
GO PROPERTY— v Utne Qusrer now 4 leg a
gitKlbcsluee.; wlthStesm Zaglne Hortea TTagwns,
omeA <r c, togetfifr with a Farm of Bily tbree acres
*ia- beindfOLl Besldeace- situated -wtUnn an hours’
rldeof ,h;cxrfo. For fajihe*- particulars Innoire of
AIAPPA A-COLIASd, Rial Estate -and Merchandise
Broteta. Boqa ito.» Warner’*Sail, orti 134 R*n
dolph street. . - 1 myifixlw -
be a oaadWate fbr Clei* 9t the- Third Grard
Dlvlsloa of the Supreme Court of Illinois at the earn,
lug June election. - myifiltd.*S.»wlt
.can bo accommodatedat 930 fiats- street. Be
ferea'aeg given aud raleregoes required. mylfi-sT^lw
W AST ED—A: clean, tidy Girl,
- J * about thtrta- n of fbartecn years o* age, to take
nf »■ liX'Qg calid. A?P'T at -creo t - Mr*.
b s_ on atreet.betacenJ'ockand Beuben
Btfette. »)ia4 -
WANTED— A Pi tuition -waote'
by a young man ef Wfoeral/daeatloa acd
euDness experience In a »u>rAMfc>d|f9PcoMtlDir
room. -Wo ikl tskkfrthe pla’e of a volant er, or one
wishing to leave tr« city f’r a few mint*'* and with
draw ehen dealred. Aacrcaa HBMRT 3TOEBS, cars
Chleagq Trlpupg. ' ’ my axlw
WA >. TED — Tgu. Experienced
Cloak Makers. Inquire cf Hr. MARSHALL,
2* . w ,* M Kyss A-*'®,-167 and 169L&x«Mrcet. btfore
9 o do-t lujha roji»e73« st
HOME. —A gentleman ..-wish ng a
UrgefumlaaedToom. with the comforts'o? a
lioaiA io a prlvare f mihrof hlrn rstpeelabDily.Mh
oh tela the same in a Q&-f?able }. cation by « ddresfluir
“E B T, * att-.e.Tribune CHIOS. A -Cai~
riagv Hoare ana Stable may also b* had iXdealred. *
10X13x417 . ,
TAT ANTED—Hy a gentleman and
T T wife, asult of aafßPniatei r'o»a,wirt hoard,
la a lami y »nere there arete* orno hoarder*
Jocaced winda taa minutes* walk of Fktt cflie j Ad!
drew urawer
LOST —A Lady’s B’ack 3lorrocco
Puree one $5 BID, aotne ehanre, and'
-Uroldt.bain fora cm-d’a xq* enoet jSy.r*
turning the ixme to iZ Buffabi atreeVwffi be imubly
rsvarded. '• ay«x*4 .
FOUNH —Lady’s Pcxt^mopoaie
boDtalnlsg some money. The owrer «»«tv
»Pi>btng atL.A DAYIS’Shoe fctore. SS
West M4a.&oa street. myiixat
Illinois & Wisconsin
Talien at 75 Cents,.
17 5
XT A. Property or Farms la Cook andadjotnlaz Coca
_ i. L. LEI, » Clark umt
Post Offloa Drawer ‘ A'.U. Bloj
Ifo. 26 4 23 FEiBL Stsz«t. Botxoi,
Art.'B Uoctx. sxirTosx
übiggs Horse. Chicago,
AjcßtticAß Borsa, roz.Tncstrs, O.
Haversack!, Canteens, Cartridge Poxes
an i i:or 8 Cu&p 3ians=ts Oflcen*
Cl <tks, Overcoais, aidhlvtng Leanings,
olotMag Bag*. Gen Cane*. Betts, B M>er»* deftTT
Bootee«. B •> is the fata >OS MHCary Hat, r a
tigaaCapi Amy and >*avv Buckets, Heavy Twilled
rtaunels. Light and usnc Bine Ootus, Fiannel Shirt*
1 Salto for a war a dimase." eaolhaiol, Zouav*
ai*d KcgHlir Army Uniforms. Army Ttata, Onlied
Stags’ >lag», 4C. ; »v I^«T3-.St
' . —AT
Sow oweSiho'at
78 .. Ziaka Street 78 .
wjumitw xbmsos gßAVxa
AT auction;
No. DeartoFa Swreat,
wm ifill THIS we Maj lofli.
at precisely 9j< o’clock, sofas, Loungra, B-dsitaoe.
Bureau*, v*aai-Bta-iOA Book -ase*. D uka. Tables,
Chairs, Glassware, China, Beds and Bidding* Ac_ ao,
mylhxit '
Embroidered Bands, to.
All Sizes and Qualities.
G>. Downs cft» Oo. p
150 LaK*8TRUT........150
pice. •
. 153 Dearborn street, Op. Poet Office.
FEmmas snpnll»d with oelp of the - cwt reliable
character. Orders from, the country promptly re
sponded to. Adoress Post Office Box Sil).
myltxlw ; - MRS. A L. BALKAM.
No.S'Steel’a Bloelcr (id 'PiddtX corner Soratb Water
and Lasaile streets, Chicago, DL
0. 3. 6TLBIKT. X.O. ITiIAID. 3 a. «1H
GILBAitX MILES A 67AM AMU. No. ft City AUld
ings, fit. *xmn, Mo. mylft e7304m
; “ BawawiU the Berp«t :
t. b. oaiaTHa
Ha. a large .Mortm.nt of
Ttblck ha' la offerlojaat law f]r!C(. Cor cub.
Valeneiaa, Bern res »ad Ifoxam'Wqaes, '
ev.,,.. ■ . At, very aheap*.
Ireucb and E5e11.-il.De Lines, and.
uvaSeh PopdnA-.BoabtEißeA
xTeaca Prints,' Lavas and Organ dies, , # ..
. Km irclderles at half pr.ee.' -
P-hasols, Son. UmbraUaA Ac,, At, ; . >
All Good Illinois Koney.taien At Parr
aij!trt».lw!iO - T.B. CARTE a. ’
P R.Q .Q/LAIAI jo ni i
Know aIL Men. Women end Children by theee pre
,yms, thavl,a*ma»l Jl.yemptvyhotcc'bpßgV
1 Itos. >22a)M;ilS7tt*rk:S&«e^ i
, iriut, jntf rutf.
I: ;F
- . - ror TOTT ims of ~ •
. '' OnaTO. kc'
BOECra THE war,
Colored Photograph! from $5 up,
* * l *Wia&m,?&agssiL teii 1 *
r r €t|wago ®ratnw
TtefcOowfag-tte tbo Sat« of fa iht
One Square, (debt Saw agile) ose jjUilUOO.| AO
Sac Square, eacn subsequent oar, (St |LmO) •• • • v
two weeks, (Sw SZtt) !■#
One Square, one month. (2m M 00)............. A|9
Oae Square, throe muotht. (4tn SIS.QO) lift
One Square, »lx caoalha, (to SMI
One6qairo.aM. year. |MI
fW~ Schedule of Price* for more ipooe than Om
Squire can be tees is the Co acting Boom.
tW’AB Transient AdTertUementi to be Mid fox ZS
i. BP* AS ebeassaehsrzed thirty ea&ta per Bqoar^
. xxtbs of iarminia eg wuelt eoi'Mif^
|t.o6 per Squire, each week, for first month.
7 9:OD'per Square for each subsequent month.
i&OO per Square for one year.
atmum £aLt*.
T>y Gilbert, Simpson 1 Winer,
JJ Sejssili ArCTiOTKSBa, 32 Lake etreeC
WHI rtew their personal attention to the tales eg
Household Turnlture at the residence* of families or
at oor. satearooms. CaaA advance* made te aog
amount wten required.
Carpet*. Oil Cloth, INLirrora^
May l«th, at 9* o’eloek, we wflS
» 1 * I T« and anperloraeeortmen*
Mx££^ b - ol t!L!L QraUar *- Carnets. *c, eomUttne of
Walnut aad Otk Parlor. Bed
o?l?STo.°' n ran-.nare, Rich Rotewood and
p£S£Z wa * Marhle, Fop chamber Sultee,
SS?Sii; e C r^ted^Table Cutlery. Mir*
, .foji3-e7»*t Auction****.
On May IStb. at u o’clock, we wfQ
sell at<mr salesroom* a choice aud beautiful eollea-
StoiiofO'trden and Hou>e Plants. Ladlm are narttea.
larly Invited to attend. v
- mylAe'3-i-it ■ AacWoceera.
40, 44 and SO PKABBOUf il l ■■■!!■ |
(Opposite the Trecaost Hos—J
Bvary Monday st 9 1-S A.
BT* Cash advanced oa Yaraltare, Djt Goods. BooM
aau Shoes. *o.
DAT. May i?tb. &c o'cioot. a* tele* rooms,
4\4Saaa9) Dearborn all TnrnHara «f %
Dw-ffinz Room *wUl noder Chattle Mur.caaa.
myl3*73tet VM.A.BDTTERSa»fto.. AasTrm.
Grlassware. Carpets, <fec.
' TTM, A, BUTTERS A CO. Till Mil tor Mah oa
WHDICMD \Y, MA» !s;h, nt 9 1 -, 1 o'clock, at their aelet*
rp jms,46, «3 ar. j. o Dcsrbora street,
' As Tnvofce of New Farrlmre. Cirpste, *e„ Ac.
An Invoice of GiaMw*r«.
mylS-eVliSt WM. A RUTTKR? A CO, Anfrs.
-11 MISSION house.
107 Dearborn Street, BloskJ
attsntloQ will tw « iv,- u t--* s a iia of Peraltara
at Rasigeoees «r Stock* of Merchandise at Stores,
Sad Salesroom. Bayer* will »*. nil times And s good
**>ortaj«fflt of well aide Punjitnr# tppt os hand to?
Private Sale. Cana advance* will be on Furnl»
tore. Dry Good*. Boot* *ni *hoea. CarnrtA Jko, £LT
Pnbllc Sate. S*L»b.' Auc loa t'.rr.* uiu«4 a week.
Cotulftimecte solicited oral) ntncsof for
eals at Salesroom, or in a.; j part of th-* city oa reaaoa*
able term* Sales e»«bad at oac*. Best oi reft-renos*
ftvtn. P. O. Bor 3776. spJSiiBS
Go to Noble’s
179—i-awb 5T858T....179
wMi-n ia 1
Tbs Only Hacjua— Hsrlaj A*
W. O. 2HA8017 & CO.,
XJnd«r tsa« ;y©w Sasraaa sou«.
' CHiC 460. EU
AQK3TT3 WASTED 1C evsry «c4 BStT intfea
Bcnrssar mHK
T.«r~tlny £ijsepj«r» tt QWEMIOWt
Ike Lherpeoi, Stw T«k md FWUdotjlita
WTB dijpatch everv Sainrlar their ui2 poweg 6WI
built Iron Steamships
errv of Manchester, vr -o.
jetna. josiironcs
Rates ot passage as low aa by aar other has. Pew
sengera forwarded Jo *ls the principal cities of BeraM
- Persons winning to bring oat their Alsads can Srty
tickets in Chicago to srr-'ac advantage.
These Steamers have superior accommodations,
sarry exjKrteooed stannous, built La watn
TTSaTiaDM SECTIONS, sad carrr patent dro
tots. For ftmlier iaiornstioa ppplT to
Henanl Western Agent* 13 Laaalls street, Chiaagsa
• J3T l£xchau£o on E-rope toil in suns ot £1 and «ps
wards. mhUlMMylsSp
family : &mm mmm*
■ 840 AMD UPWARD*.
lit, ii( Stmt, Hl«
. V-
A.ad Sail aiAkeri
Have constantly tor sals at the lowest
|Uai2*2to]M* Fiteb, Tarred Ra:*, Hay Jtopit
Tar, La& Bops ; Oakum, Blocks
Span Yarn.
BT“ Made to order at shortest cotiaa.
2618ofith Water street, near Lake-« 1 Bridge.
lO! deetrablesatm of Rooms to rent, with Baud, at
Nos. i and 3 Van Baron street, near the Lsk-v
. ; * . AND
With a beantllal colored UUa papa ispreeac ttsc tha
Capital, anil Weahl--*t ja on a- rw rack in ihe Back
ground, and, the “ a car gpanelrd Bac;.*r" snppcrted
bya salor. wtai of me- Continental Amjr
1a toll dress la frost. Jiut pubUargt by . _
H M HIdOiNS, UT auidolph stmt,
PrlQ«i PlCty Csna. ■
Improved Piuuo Forte*.
Thete Ptaaoe have reeeWed
tveutt nasT rsraairtrma
• • - OT*3 AX.L.COXPSYTTOH3. •’
la*truaqot warranted foe five yeut._ m jg§
■ drlancsfor *'.oo >ewand3««c»d.«as4
flaaoa t > rent. Ulnstyatei prtce‘'atalogaieof Plaso*
and Melodooaß tent Crsa of chares.
W.V. -
» oiarfc itratt
fj '* EEiIOVSD to
’ Eos. 12 & 14 Dearborn Street,
A FEW,‘doors from water st.
1 Myii MiTjy • ~'
-\Jr oßsrß&cmcit -■ -
■ SSS2S&S«t 50 be ®>uad it the shore office
*«W*» them with c.'aptrt«a«
> sss^i
-C*-- IO 50Bmi5tI*T
-Bamiaar, Wis, April ISth, ML
. la therenaet dßsUmme Arete this city, I was one
°aaasflßaas»s ■■suss, si isgss
MMLtormwe been ana >foetnred la &aeht*tar. r T
jim hksriso-s PiTiXTbaai
■ Sj 5° 5“ m uaecua
Aai Tittaot tb« Jamvt a Uagli Dot'
tfMwl MMlwrirtK Slfiu 11 Ik ”*

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