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Cfjttauo Eribiwe
Effect of (he Intelligence iin
. tills
Movements of Citizens.
Appropriate Action of the
Ihe Masonic Fraternity
Ihe Remains to Lie in State at
Bryan Hall.
The intelligence of the decease of the illus
trious Senator, fell yesterday upon a commu
nity not unprepared for so sad an event, as the
loss to the country, and to our State, of one
whose place con he hut illy filled.
When lately Senator Douglas returned to
this city, he appeared as the object and recip
ient of a noble ovation, memorable among all
the welcomes ever tendered by Chicago to
those ehe delighted to honor; he made his
last speech to an immense audience, who for
tie last time heard the full tones of his voice
iu an open and manly stand on the important
issues of the day, wherein spoke the patriot,
and the true mas, spoke, and then sank
through tho painful gradations of a chamber
ofillness, to silence evermore.
That meeting will never be forgotten by
those who witnessed its glorious proof, how a
common love of country had blotted out party
lines, abolished political enmities, and made
to be recognized only the tests of faithfulness
to the country and the laws. This was the
consummation of the life work of Senator
Douglas. Long protracted labors and exer
tions, physical and mental had taxed a con
stitution that must have been ofironto endure
ro much.
Grave fears had been entertained in Mr.
Douglas’ behalf on the more recent occasions
of his severe illnesses. He was not well when
he appeared before his audience at National''
Han, Wednesday evening, May Ist, and spoke
with difficulty, not noticeable to his audience,
but confessed to several of those friends who
c •nterfdabout him tograsp his hand. Toone
of these he stated that he was unfit to appear
in public, and should now seek rest, a rest he
eo much needed, ere he again entered on his
duties at Washington. Little did he or those
he addressed, deem that his work was done, its
rest the grave.
Senator Douglas was accompanied on his
journey to Chicago by his wife, leaving the two
eons at school in Georgetown, D. C. They
lock their accustomed quarters at theTre
mont House. The next day, May 2d, a phisl
clan was called. It was known about town
that Judge Douglas was ill, then that his con
condition was serious, and since then the anx
iety of his friends has been incessant, until
their worst fears are realized in his decease,
which took place yesterday morning.
It was not until some ten days since
that Senator Donglas’ illness assumed
an alarming type. From the first he
Lad been attended by some of onr
best medical talent, and latterly it was thought
desirable to summon hither Dr. Miller' of
Washington, in whose care Mr. Douglas had
passed through former severe illnesses. Dr.
Miller and the Washington relatives of Mrs.
Douglas reached Chicago on the 23th ulti
and since then have been closely in attendance
upon him.
Throughout the latter part of last week,
Mr. Douglas’s condition was deemed extreme
ly critical, with the chances against his re
covery. His primary attack was acute rhen
mMlsm, which rapidly assumed a typhoid
character, and continued from thc firet very
unyielding. After some ten or twelve days,
his malady was complicated by an nlsarated
aore threat, which soon yielded. Torpor of
the liver and constipation of the bowels en
sued, soon followed by a jaundiced condition,
accompanied by poisoning of the blood,
which prostrated his nervous system still
A wandering and delirious state accompani
ed Ms illness more or less from Its inception
to its fatal dose. At such times as he was ra
tional last week, he seemed aware of the
grave fears entertained in his behalf, and on
one occasion said to those about him, that he
knew his constitution so much better than
they did, he felt confident he should recover
from the attack. Doubtless his will and cour
age, joined le his great physical powers, had
much to do with his so long continuing to rc.
sist a malady belore which feebler men would
have rapidly succumbed.
Throughout Saturday it was feared he could
not survive many houra. As night fall drew
near, without any positive change having ta
ken place In his disease, ho yet seemed easier,
and so passed the night. He had only brief
intervals of consciousness after this, hut lay
In a quiet state, gradually hut surely sinking.
At times he briefly rallied but it was not to a
clear conception of what was transpiring
about him. On one occasion indeed it was
evident that memory and habit of mind was
strong in the dying statesmen, and that his
thoughts were once more in the Senate Cham
ber. One of his physicians Dr. Hay was ad
ministering a blister. What are you doing 5”
asked the patient, “stop, there arc twenty
against me, the measure ia defeated.”
At an early hour yesterday morning he had
an intirral of rallying, was rational, conversed
briefly with those about Mm and then m.tiV
gently and quietly until ten minutes past 9
A. M. when he breathed his last quietly,
without a struggle.
His devoted and loving wife remained with
Mm to the last moment. Madison Cults, his
brother in-law, Miss Young of the Tremont
House, B. G. Caulfield, and Dr. Hay were al-
Such has been the anxiety with which news
from this sick room had been looked for by
the public that throughout Sunday almost
hourly bulletins were posted in the office of
the Tremont House. The earliest bulletin of
yesterday reported “ Judge Douglas is dy-
Ing.” A little later, and the intelligence
spread, “ Judge Douglas is dead.”
The mournful news spread rapidly through
the city, extras and bulletins from the news
paper offices were eagerly sought. The Court
House bell was tolled for one hour. Never
did a great city put on more rapidly and
thoroughly the symbols of grief, and never
was grief more frank and thorough. It per
vaded all classes, and visited all sections of
the city. Along the business fronts of Lake
and other principal streets, the brick and
marble donned the emblems ol mourning.
Festoons, wreaths, and pendants in black and
white intertwined, American flags at half
mast and heavily draped, in many
bordered with black—all told of a city in
moulting for her illustrious dead. Many of
these mourning symbols in style and charac
ter deserve especial notice, which our
limits deny. None to ns, however,
were more touching than where, passing
from more pretentions streets, and
manifestations the wealthier citi
zens, the eye noted the humble token
of real and unaffected grief fluttering upon
the lowly homes and places of business of the
poorer dasses of our Irish population in sec
tions of the dty exclusively occupied by
them. These made the loss a personal one
and took the grief home to their hearts in a
manner characteristic of the Irish heart The
mtny laborers at work upon the Tremont
House improvement, to a man, asked to be
released from their day’s work, one stout hod
carrier protesting with a broken voice that he
could not work the day, for Douglas Is
dead.” ;
This notice of these humble but sincere
mourners is deserved, and will be again de
manded by the inevitable features of the oV
Bequdes to follow. It was the characteristic
Of Senator Douglas that these attachments
Were so strong between him and those who
would go miles to catch the tone of his voice,
Or or a look of his eye, sad be made long hap.
py by the shake of his hand. The banks post
ed notices nrlng that they should close
** 1 p.ULtbrthe day. J. H. McTicker, Esq.,
of the death of Senator Douglas,.
£*-vc orders to .dose the doors of the theatre
daring tbe time that the body remained an*
From these general manifestations of gris
by the city at large, we tom to thc action tv
ken In a more organized form.
At the'meeting on Change yesterday tbe fol
lowing resolutions, submitted by Honprd
Prcstley, Esq, were unanlmon sly passed by
the Board of Trade; |
Seeoloed, That tbe deep and profound grief with
we bare heard of the death of Stephen A*' Doug
las, is beyond the power of language and recoin
• Uon to express. .
Besolved, That we feel that In taking him from
our midst and from oor country, In this the most
trying ordeal through which it has ever passed.
Divine Providence has Inflicted upon the united
States a groat National calamity, before which wo
bow wltn Christian resignation, hoping that so
heavy, a chastisement can only be for the accom
plishment of some high and Irg ratable purpose
of Almighty God.
Sacked, That In respect to tho honored name
of the deceased this Board do now adjourn.
Upon tho convening of the Superior Court
at 10 o’clock yesterday morning, Hon. 8. B.
Gookins, rose and said:
May it please yefar Honorsl rise to per*
form the painful duty of announcing to your
Honors tho decease of the Hon. Stephen A
Douglas. He died this morning at ms lodg
ings, at the hour of seven o’clock. No man
within the last ten or fifteen years, has filled a
larger space in the eye of the public and of the
world than the distinguished gentleman Just
departed from us. As a distinguished mem
ber of the bar of the State of Illinois, as a
member of the Supremo Court of this State,
as a representative in the popular branch of
the National Legislature, as a Senator repre
senting the sovereignty of the State of Illinois,
his history Is the history of our country four
country’s history could not be written without
thc name of Judge Douglas in every page.
This, may It please your Honors, is not the
time to enter upon a detail of his public ser
vices. It would be impossible, on this occa
sion, to recount 'them, and now, at a time
when, of all others, the exigencies of public
affaire seemed to demand the services of those
who have attained eminence in our National
councils, of those who have made their impress
upon our national history, in the eye of an in
scrutable Providence, it has seemed proper to
remove b!m from this stage of existence, and
call others to perform the nigh duties devolved
upon him.
In accordance with Ihe desires of my fellows
at the bar, as well as with your own wishes, 1
now move, as a testimony of respect to the
deceased, that the Court do adjourn.
Hon. John M. Wilson—This Is one of those
occasions when words are powerless, and had
I the ability to do Justice to the merits of the
deceased; my feelings on this occasion would
utterly forbid their expression. Therefore I
feel that for the present a solemn silence is
sufficient and best The Court will order an
adjournment, as a token of respect to the emi
nent deceased. What order will the bar take
in relation to further proceedings to show
their respect ?
Mr. Van Boren—l conceive it would be
proper to rail a meeting of members of the
bar for the purpose of taking such action as
may be deemed proper. We may regard this
as a meeting, and 1 shall therefore move that
Judge Wilst n be its chairman.
Mr Von Buren put the motion to vote, and
it was unanimously passed. On motion of H.
P. Waite, John Lyle King was chosen Secre
It was moved by Judge Gookins that a com
mittee to consist of nine members be appoint
ed by the Chair, to prepare resolutions ex
pressive of the sense of this court and bar
upon the occasion of the death of Judge Doug
las, and to report at a future meeting.
The Chairman then named the following
members of tho bar as thc committee: Hon-
L. B. Gookins, Hon. B. L. Morris, Judge A*
rlngton, E. Van Buren, U. F. Linder, John
Lyle King, E. C. Lamed, J. B. Thomas and F.
H. Winston. The meeting, on motion, ad
journed till this (Tuesday) morning, at nine
The Recorder’s Court, on motion of Judge
Eustace, adjourned until Thursday morning.
In the United States Circuit Court, the an
nouncement of Judge Douglas’ death was
made by E. C. Lamed, Esq., U, 8. District At
torney. The Court immediately adjourned to
10 A. M. to day.
A meeting of citizens was held at 13 o’clock
M., at the office of E. T. Merrick, Esq, to
take preliminary action with regard to the
funeral of the deceased Senator. Hon. Wm.
B. Ogden was, on motion of R. T. Merrick,
Esq., called to the chair, and G. B. Farwell,
Esq., was appointed secretary.
After a few remarks by the chairman, B. G.
Caulfield, Eeq., by request, stated that it was
the desire of Mrs. Douglas that the remains of
her husband should be taken to Washington,
where the remains of their child and of his
former wife were reposing. It was the wish
oi the family also that no religious services
should be performed over the remains prior
to their removal, but that any civic ceremo
nies that the citizens might deem proper
would be perfectly agreeable to the family.
It would be agreeable to the family that a com
mittee of citizens should accompany the re
mains to Washington, and this was deemed
hlgqly proper. It had been suggested, and
with great propriety, that the remains should
be laid in state, that the people of Chicago
might have an opportunity of looking upon
the remains. Bryan Hall had been suggested
as a place convenient for this purpose.
George W. Gage, Esq., stated that dispatch
es had already gone out that the funeral cere
monies here would take place on Wednesday,
so that the remains would leave here for
Washington on Wednesday evening.
Hon. John M. Wilson suggested that it
would perhaps be more appropriate for tbu
meeting to appoint a committee to concur
with the Common Council, and have the cere
monies emanate from the city through its con
stituted authorities.
A motion to appoint a committee of nine to
confer with the Common Council, and co
operate in any action they might deem proper,
was adopted. B, T. Merrick, Esq., moved the
appointment of a committee of five to put
Bryan Hall in proper condition to receive the
body. Adopted. Also, a committee of thirty
totake'chargeof the remains while lying in
state. Adopted. The committee were then
filled by the chair as follows:
Hon. J. M. Wilson, R. T. Merrick, Esq.,
Hon. Thos. Drummond, Dr. L. D. Boone.
S. J. Surd am. Esq., J. W. Sheahau. Esq,,
Stephen Clary, Esq., w. S. Gurnee, Esq?,
£. H. Haddock, Esq.
T. B. Bryan. Col. B. D. Taylor,
E. C. Larutd, H. A Tucker,
Hart L. Stewart.
Geo. W. Gage, W. L. Church,
Howard Priestley, W. W. Stewart.
A. H. Bojden, j. n. McVicker,
Hr. Walter Bay, - F.A. Eastman,
J. K. Fitter, T. B. Taylor,
C. H. Dyer, W. L. Oreenlcaf,
F. W. Thayer, B. A. Stampoffeky,
8, S. Hayca, W. C. Gouoy.
P. A Boyne, M. W. Fuller,
G. C. Walker, George SL Griy,
E. S. Banter, Wm-U. Bradley,
W. Y. Daniels, S. Beck,
B. G. Caulfield, J. F. dements,
8. H. Ecrfoot, J 1L Rountree,
F. T. Sherman.
The meetings of these several committees
took place yesterday afternoon. The above
named Citizen’s Committee of Thirty met at
Boom No. 40 Tremont House, at 4 r. at., —G.
W. Gage, Chairman, and Howard Priestly,
Secretary. The Committee was divided Into
three squads, as follows, and con
tinuously to have charge of the remains:
SQUAD no. X.
Capt, n. Priestly, Geo. . Sage, Dr. Hav. I. K.
Either. A.B.Boydeo.F. W. Hurer, S. S.'Haycs,
S. H. Kerfoot, S. C. Walker, £. S. Hunter.
Captß. O. Caulfield, W. Y.Danlels, P. A Hoyne,
8. Btck, JL W. Fuller, J. H. McVicker, W. h.
Church, F. A Fjistmau, T. B. Taylor, W. L. Green
eapt. Q. M. Gray, B. A. Slampofftky, W. U.
Goody, W. W. Stewart, W. H. Bradley. oT fa. Djer.
F. Sherman, J. F. .Clemente, J. M. Bountree, J.
8. Ncwhotue.
It was further moved and carried that the
Chicago Light Guard he accepted for guard
duty, and all other military companies Invited
to discharge the duties of guard over the re
mains of Judge Douglas, under the direction
and subject to the control of the captains of
the several sections of the committee. It is
desired that all companies desiring to thus
give their services, frill report themselves to
Howard Priestley, Esq., at Bryan Hall, at 9
o'clock this morning.
A committee ol three, consisting of Howard
Priestley, Dr. Waller Hay, and F. A. Eastman,
was appointed to decide upon and supply the
badges to be worn by the Committee of
Thirty. The committee subsequently report
ed that the committee would be required to
wear a mourning rosette and carry a baton
wrapped with crape. The committee are to
meet at the Trcmont House at 9 o'clock.
A special meeting of the common council
was held at five o’clock yesterday afternoon.
Alderman Foss was called to the chair, the
Mayor bring absent He stated that the meet
ing was called to take action in relation to the
death of Senator Douglas.
On motion, the committee of citizens ap
pointed to confer with the common council
were invited to occupy seats in the chamber.
On motion cf Alderman Prindirillo, the
following resolutions were adopted and or*
dered to be spread upon the records of the city.
Laolud, That the Major and common council
of the dly of Chicago have beard with profound
regret of the death of the Honorable Stephen A.
Dtnglu, United States Senator from the State of
. Setoltet f, That the city of Chicago, in com
®®° with the whole State of Illinois, is folly
eonsdou* of/the irreparable loss sustained by
£*s* ?£* ft* nation at luge, by the death of
Senator, statesmin and patriot,
thls’rity. In order to show the
mmtS r£ “teem of her citizens for the la-
W* ofld * blgh personal charac
ter, tax great public services In the council of the
State, on the bench, and as a representative and
senator In the Codctcps of the nation, recommend
that to-morrow, while tho body of the deceased
senator Ilea In state, all tho bolls of tho city bo
toiled between the hours of 8 and 4 o’clock p. x
That on Wednesday all business bo suspended
throughout the city; andthatall the belle bo.toll
•d and minute guns be fired from the time of tho
departure of the: procession from tho hall until the
thc ?oa4»t tho cars which
bear him away from our midst.
hi; fame is tho tsme of tho
Mate of llUnols, whoso history has been Ulu
mlned by the noble and patriotic efforts of bis
Brest mind, and that the city of Chicago, his home
while living, Is deeply pained that Itfi compelled
to roiinqnlsh for the time, tho privilege of being
the place of tho repose of his honorea remains.
Setolved, That a committee of this board be ap
pointed to act In nnieon with such other commit
tees a s have been or may be appointed by theciti
sens, to make all the necessary arrangements for
the funeral.
Strived, That this board attend ihe funeral in
wear the usual badge of mourning for
The chair appointed the following gentle*
men as the committee named in the fifth reso
lution; Aldermen Robert Law, F. K, Bots
ford, W.G. White, J, M. Marshall, Gordon
Perkins, C. C. P. Holden, A. D. TUsworth,
Bsmnel Myers and J. W. Cobb.
The following ordinance was then read and
passed without debate:
An Ordinance to defray the. expense* of the removal
o/ the body o/ (he late Stephen A. Douglas,
it ordained by the Common Council of the City
Of Chicago •
Bsc. 1. That the Common Council, in behalf of
tbe citizens of Chicago, claim the privilege of de
fraying the expenses or removing the remains of
their deceased Senator and fellow citizen. Stephen
A. Donglas from this city to the city of Washing
ton for Interment, and that the sum of two thou
sand dollars be and la hereby appropriated from
the city treasury for tbe payment of tee expenses
of removal, and that the Comptroller be directed
to ieeno his warrant npon the treasury, payable to
the order of each person as tho Mayor or presiding
officer of the Common Connell shall appoint to dis
burse the same, and whose duty it snail be to re
port the amount disbursed under this ordinance
to the Common ConnolL
Sec. 2. That the Mayor or presiding officer of
the Council be authorized and requested to appoint
a Committee of fourteen, ten of whom shall be
from the citizens and four from tho Common
Council, to accompany the remains of Senator
Donglas from this city to the city of Washington.
t-zc 3. This crplnance shall take effect from and
after its passage.
The chair appointed the Committee namcij
named in the second section as follows:
cmzsKß. T. B. Bryan,
Hon. John H. Wilson, George M. Gray.
E. T. Merrick, J. M. Rountree. *
James W. Sheahan, couhcxuizx.
W. H. Bradley. R. 2L Foss.
B. G. Caulfield. R. PrindivUle.
John M. Douglas. J. Q. A. Hoyt,
Julius White, Joan Comisky.
At a meeting of the Masonic Fraternity held
last evening at Masonic Temple, the death of
their late esteemed Brother, Stephen A. Dong*
lae, ms announced by A. W. Hitchcock, W,
H. of Lafayette Lodge, who appointed the un
dersigned a committee to make all necessary
arrangements for escorting the remain* of the
deceased to the Depot, on Wednesday evening
On motion, it was resolved that the Masters
of the different Lodges be requested to call
the Brethren together at their respective
Lodge Booms, at four o’clock on Wednesday
afternoon, to proceed to some Central Hhli of
General Rendezvous hereafter to be desig
nated, and there form in procession for the
purpose of paying the last sad token of respect
to the memory of onr departed Brother.
On motion, Fast Master Henry C, Ranney
was appointed Grand Marshall for the occa
sion,and the Master of each Lodge is requested
to appoint an Assistant Marshal of his Lodge
On motion, the Committee adjonmed to
meet on this Tuesday evening at half past
seven o’clock, at Muonic Temple, at which
meeting the Masters and Wardens of all
Lodges are rcqncsted to be present.
Dan’l Cameron,Chairman Jas. D. Sinclair,
Goo. F. Haines, W. H. Dobson,
Gilbert R. Smith, . Jas. W. Ma e so.n,
B. E. Underbill, * Frank Q. Grech,
Ch&s. E. Tonnidiffe, R. A. Hamilton,
E. L. Church, Benj. P. Patrick.
After the adjournment of the Council, the
citizens’, committee and the committee ap
pointed by the Aldermen met in the Council
Chamber, and organized by the appointment
of Judge Wilson as chairman.
The programme prepared at the Citizens’
meeting was then adopted, as follows:
On Tuesday the body of the deceased will
be removed, under the charge of the commit
tee of thirty, from the Tremont House to
Bryan Hall, where it will be laid in state du
ring the day and evening of Tuesday andJVed
ncsday, and where, under such arrangements
as maybe made by that committee, it can be
seen by the public.
On Wednesday afternoon at 6 o’clock a pro"
cession will be formed at Bryan Hall, to follow
the hearse from the hall to the Fort Wayne
depot. Of this procession Joseph H. Tucker,
Eeq., will be Chief Marshal, aud will name his
own aids, and the route of the procession.
The following named citizens will form a
special escort as pall bearers:
Hon. Thos Drummond, Hon. Geo. Manlerre. Z
Dr. N. S Davis, Hon. Ell B. Williams.
Bon. W. B. Ogden, James Robb,
lion. P. C. Sherman, Hon. Hugh T. Dickey, .
Hon. J. EL Woodworth, Hon. L. D. Boone,
Hon. Mark Skinner, W. L. Newberry,
Hon. W. S. Guruco, Hon. J. C. Haines,
M. Laflln, B. F. Haddnck.
W. A. Mnrfey, Philip Conley?
Bon. B. S. Morris, H. H. Honore,
G, E-Underhill, George G. Rodgers,
Col. J. W. Foster, David A. Gage,
David Rnnnlon, D. H. Danolds,
M. Tlernan, E. I. Tlnkham,
T.J.S.PInt, H.D. Colvin,
E. W. DeLong, Hiram A Tackcr,
B. L. Stewart, Hahlon D. Ogden,
£.Van Bnren, Aaron Haven,
B. F. Carver, F. Granger Adams,
Alex. C Coventry, C. C. Parks.
Sami. W. Fnller, A H. Corley,
E. C. Lamed, S. D. Ward,
H. D Gilman, John Prindlville,
Henry Waller, Cyrus H. McCormick,
Henry Greenbaum, J. L. Marsh,
J. K. Botaford, J. P. Clarkson,
J. W. Cobh, « C. Wahl,
Wm. B&ragwanath, T. J. Kin sells,
William Crlbv, Andrew Schali,
J. M- Mart hall, E. Solomon,
C. C. P. Holden, W. G. White,
Malcolm McDonald, TTir*m Joy.
This committee will escort the remains to
the depot, where the corpse will be received
by the committee appointed by the acting
Mayor, and under their charge escorted to
It was resolved that these pall-bearers be
requested to meet this (Tuesday) morning at
9 o’clock, in the Council Chamber.
On motion of Dr. L. D. Boone, it was voted
that Dr. N. S. Davis be requested to deliver a
brief funeral oration over the body of Judge
Douglas, at C o’clock on Wednesday afternoon
at Bryan Hah, expressive of the feelings of the
people of Chicago.
Dr. Boone and R. T. Merrick, Esq, were ap*
pointed to inform Dr. Davis of the request of
the committee.
On motion it was ordered that the reverend
clergy, civil societies and the citizens general
ly, bo invited to be present and take part in
the procession.
On motion the committee adjourned to
meet this morning at 9 o’clock at the Council
An Explanation. —lf the usual tokens of
mourning wMch will appear in the pages of
our cotemporaries, in turned column rules,
arc missing from our paper, it is only neces
sary for ns to explain that the peculiarities of
the new cylinder press we arc using render it
impossible to turn the column rules, a set ex
pressly made for such use, and only to be pro
cured in New York, being required for the
Orp Fob The Wars.—' The Chicago Light
Artillery Company B. Cob Ezra Taylor com
manding left for Cairo, last evening by the
Illinois Central railroad. They have a full
battery of six pieces awaiting their handling at
Cairo, They go well equipped and ready to
do good service.
The following are the officers of Company
B, Capt. E. Taylor commanding: Ist Lieut.—
8. C. Barrett; 2d Lieut.—Levi Hart; 8d Lt.
P. White; 4th Lieut.—P, P. Bumsey, They
number 105 men. They were led, in their
march to the depot, last evening, by the Light
Guard Band.
Movement op United States Troops.—
Company K. of 2d Begiment U. 8. Infimtry,
Major G. W. Patten, commanding, passed
through this city yesterday, en' route from
Fort Bipley to Pittsburg, and Washington*
The whole force numbers 83 men. Lleuts.
Hunter and Spencer were attached to this
command, the latter as acting Quartermaster.
These fine regulars Were in excellent spirits.
Major Patten, wo find from the Army list is a
Bhode Islander by birth, a 3d Lieut, in 1830,
Captain In *46, and Major by brevet In 1817, for
ecivices in the Mexican war, where he lost a
hand in the Cerro Gordo fight.
Horses Stolen.— Horae thieves were
abundant Saturday night last A bay horse
was stolen from the premises of Hubert Petit,
No. 53 Clinton street, and brown bone, tea
years old, from Otto Mats, comer of La Salle
street and Michigan. The horses were not
valuable In either case.
: BotDsowkzd.—:AyonngladnamedWilllam
McNamara, ten years old, went in swimming
In Ogden's Canal on the North Side on Sunday,
abont 6 P. M., and getting beyond his depth
was drowned. - His body was recovered with
little delay, but life was extinct
• SnsacLAß Death.—Wc learn that yesterday
a woman named Rosa Barker died at the Me
tropolitan Hotel, from running a pin through
her finger, which mortified, and death was the
result, wr, - -
Loos Out fob It.—A great deal of spurious
money is afloat here, both gold and bQls. . Be
cause stumptall is in* bad way, it should be
remembered that counterfeit is worse.
The IndlclnllElectlon.
The vote at the election for' Judge of the
Circuit Court and District Clerk of the Su
preme Court of this State, was extremely
light, yesterday. Probably most of our citi
zens were scarcely aware of voting going on
at all Less than two thousand votes id all
were cast yesterday, throughout the city, and*
In most of the wards the Clerks and Judges
had a lonely time of it* Eon. Geo. Hanlcrre
was the only candidate heard of for Judge,
and W. L. Greenlcaf hod scarcely any compe
tition in the city for Clerk, former has
unquestionably been returned to a position he
so eminently well adorns. The result of the
election for Clerk will not be known for some
days. .
Change in Business.— Messrs. Barrett &
Arnold and Fowell & Mansfield, well-known
and veteran Roofers of Chicago, having bought
out Messrs. BundeH & Co., (a leading house
here,) have combined their extensive business,
under the style of Barrett, Fowell & Co., and
now represent nearly the whole Roofing inter
est oJ Chicago. They have greatly enlarged
their facilities for doing business, and are
ready not only to answer all call a in Chicago,
but are prepared to send Roofing material and
men through the whole Northwest.
Judging from the class of buildings they are
covering in our city,"(among which we men
tion the Sherman House, Tremont House, and
McCormick's Building,) we can safely recom
mend them to the public generally.
Hsceeb Jaeger Regiment—An Appeal to
’ the Citizens.— The patriotic citizens of Chi
cago and vicinity are appealed to send in
whatever provisions they can to the head
quarters of the Hecker Jaeger Regiment, 200
Randolph street, for the subsistence of the
Regiment, until mustered in. Woolen blank
ets ore particularly needed, as the men have
nothing to lay their heads upon.
C. Knobelsdobpp, Lieut C.
F. A. Bulow, Ad’j P, T.
Douglas.—We would call the attention of
all those who desire a perfect likeness of the
late Hon. 8. A. Douglas, to those on exhibi
tion and for sale at tbe store of Albert Ersklne
86 Dearborn street They are without fault,
the most admirable photographs of the great
departed, ever executed. .Read Erskine's ad
vertisement on the first page, and then go and
buy a picture.
Death of Sehatok Douglas.— At a special
meeting of the Chicago Typographical Union,
held last evening, a committee was appointed
to confer 'frith the Citizens 1 Committee, and
make necessary arrangements for participat
ing in the obsequies of the late Senator
Not So.—J. F. Horton returns to this city
to the full refutation of the statement of one
of our correspondents,that hems recently
hung by Secessionists at Memphis.
Postponed.—Wc are requested to state that
the Concert and Strawberry Festival, which
was to have taken place this evening at Bryan
Hall, is unavoidably postponed. Further no*
tlcc will be given.
Hecker Jaeger Regiment.
Head Quarters Hecker Jaeger Regiment, )
Chicago, 200 Randolph St., Jane 8.166U j
The Captains of companies belonging to the
Hecker Jaeger Regiment are hereby ordered
to be ready to report themselves, with their
companies, at & moment’s notice, at the camp
to be hereafter designated. Each company
Urns reporting itself must have sixty-four
privates, the minimum number required by
the general orders No. 15, issued May 4,1801,
by the War Department, Tht maximum num
ber of privates allowed is eighty-four.
AH commissioned officers of the regiment
are ordered *to appear at the head quarters
every evening at 7j£ o’clock.
By command of CoL Hecker.
W. Bitjlow, Adjutant
In Acknowledgement.
Beasquabtzbs of Irish Brigade, I
_ June Bd, 1861. f
The Brigade desires to return its sincere
thanks to Capt. McCall and Messrs. J. A.
31111b, L Y. Colty, H. Hutchinson, E, Batchel
der, W. P. Dodge, W. L Lucas and E. D. Col
gan, the Military Finance Committee of'Wau
kegan, for valuable services rendered the
Bngade, through Its prized officers, Capt. Me
-3lnrray, Coffey and Hynes.
It will long bo a pleasant duty for the Brig
ade to cherish the recollection oftheir liberal
ity and patriotism.
James A. Mulligan, Chairman.
Chicago Gaedejjeks asd State Fate.—The
Chicago Gardzners Society at its regular meet*
ing last evening, passed the following resolu
tion unanimously:
Baclod , 1 hat this Sodcty deems it politic and
important that the State Agricultural Society hold
its annual Fair the current year in this city; and
the members of this Society pledge all reasonable
effort to contribute to Its interest and and success.
2lncited, That the Secretary bo requested to
furnish the morning papers with a copy of this
resolution for publication. r
Em as SAxnxna, Secretory.
Aokkowledgmests. —At a meeting of Com
pany B, Chicago Light Artillery, the following
resolution was presented and unanimously
Eudtfd. That the thanks of the Company be
tendered to those citizens of Chicago whonave so
liberally contributed towards our outfit, and par
ticularly to Messrs. Goo. Starnes and John.l*.
Walsh, whoso generosity to the Company will not
soon be forgotten. Ezra Tailor, Capt.
S. E. Barrett, -
L. B. Dart, -
P. White,
J. F. BtncßET,
Notice to Tailors.—All the Journeyman
Tailors of this city are requested to meet at
the Tailors Union Hall 250 XiOke st on Wed
nesday afternoon for the purpose of attend
ing the funeral procession of the late Hon.
Stephen A. Douglas.
Special Notice.— AH members of the
Mercantile Association are requested to meet
promptly aftheir rooms at 10 o'clock this a.m.,
to take action expressive of the sense of the
Association in reference to the lamented death
of the Hon. Stephen A. Douglas.
Merril Ladd, Sec’y,
Atten(lon« National Bines!
hereby notified to attend at the Armory, Lind's
Block, ou Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, as busi
ness of importance will be transacted.
All persons wishing to join this organisation are
invited to attend.
By order of Tub CoSixittee.
Attention Zouave Regiment,
Companies £, D, J and E of the Zouave Regiment
are requested to meet at the Armory this dar and
evening. Two companies arc recruiting, to bo At
tached to the Zouave Rcgflncat at Springfield.
Per order of Committee.
Military-Ready for the War.
ly complete and will be accepted. A few more
companies wanted. Applications stating the
number of men ready to march must be made at
once and addressed to Poet Office Box 2310, Chica
go, Illinois.
Attention Volunteers.
dlately, to fill a company accepted in Col. Blair's
Gth Regiment Missouri ■ Volunteers. To persons
desiring active service this Is certainly the best op
portunity that will offer. For farther particulars
inquire at the recruiting office, No. 16 Dearborn
street, or of F. A. Bbago.
Attention Doaglas Brigade.
fleers of the Brigade at their headquarters, at 11
o'clock a. x., June 4th. to make suitable arrange
ments to manifest their grief and sorrow for the
death of the great and good statesman whose
name the Brigade bears.
By order of the Brigade. Robt. Rob, Ch'n.
Anderson Rifles Attention.
at West Market Hall on th**, Tuesday evening, at
7# o'clock. Business of Importance will be
brought before the Company for Us consideration.
Be prompt, Saxo. B. Ratxojto, Capf
Jas. Maxcox, Sec’y.
Attention Military Companies.
Good American Regiment, accepted for the war,
can make arrangement by addressing Box 4399.
Post Office; or If in thfe country, by telegraphing
Box 4899, Post Office, immediately.
Chicago Light Guard Attention.
at Armory at half-past eight o'clock this, Tuesday
morning, in black pants, black coat, and fatigue
All members of the old Chicago light Guard are
earnestly requested to join us on this important
occasion. The Great Western Band hare kindly
volunteered their services.
Wx. D. Maxchbsteb, Orderly.
Attention Comp* G, GOtlx Regiment.
at your Armory. in City Armory, this, Taesday
evening.atT# o’clock, to make arrangements to
attend the Tuneral obsequies of the late Senator
Douglas. Every member is expected to report
himself to pay this last sad tribute to the lamented
dead- A. S. Cbabbocbxs, Capt.
Honano N. Mat, Orderly. , .
promptly at your Armory at 8 o'clock p. x., to
perfect organization.
John Mjlsox Looxts.
Home Goard, Pint Ward, Attention.
, Tneedar afternoon, at Drill Room, at 4 Fcloeh.
sharp, for afternoon drill, *
Per order of Company.
8. B, Wn.T.TAH?, O. S.
Attention Scammon Light Infantry*
ordered to appear at their Armory Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock sharp, with fatigue uniform and
black coat.
Per order. B. W. XfcszswooD, Sec’y.
VST A large and fine assortment of Hair Brushes
and Pressing Combs, Toilet articles of every kind,
win be seen at Sargent's, comer of Bandolph and
State streets; Drug Stored. • myWtf
Parma HaKoxsae.—The best stock at the lowest
prices, at Faxon’s, No. 70 Lake street, apSOtf
An should not f&Q to read the advertise
meat of Prof. Wood ia to-day’s paper, mh-ly.
Monday Evening, «Juno 3,1861.
The money market today was unusually excited
In consequence of a variety of rumors which were
afloat of assignments, fin ores, Ac., of several of
Car banking institutions. With two exceptions,
. however, we understand there la no truth in the
reports current throughout'the street and on
'Change. The exceptions arc Messrs. E. LTlnk
ham & Co., who made an assignment this mom'
isg, and Messrs. L H. Bnrcb * Co,, who In anoth.
er column of this Issue announce that they jhave
made an assignment to Wirt Dexter, Esq.,' for the
benefit of the “depositors.**
We have had a conversation with Mr. Ambler,
one of the partners of Tinxhom ft Co., and he
stated that they had taken this step for the general.-
benefit of their creditors. We understand that a
number of their depositors hare been demanding
coin in payment—which they could not obtain at
any rate. ' Messrs. Tlnkham is Co. win publish an
account of their affaire within a few days. i
In business circles there was much quietness.
Gold was scarce, and exchange ruled at 101* per
cent discount. For Indiana and lowa currency
exchange ruled at
Stocks—The following are the quotations of to
day's New Tozk Stock market:
First Board. Second Board.
New York Central 79* 79*
Galena ~.57* U7*
Rode Island ....34* 84*
Michigan Southern, gt’d.... .26* 20*
Michigan Central.,.. .
Illinois Central 68 68*
Cleveland and Toledo S3
Erie., 23
Harlem, praf *d 25*
Ii dlana 5# 80
Tcnncesce6s 40* 40*
Missouri 6s ..40 ' 40*
Virginia 65..... 48 45*
North Carolina 6s 53 51
First Board, steady; Second Board, dull,
Elbnixgs or Galena and Chicago Union E. R,
—The following table shows the earnings of this
road for the week ending May 81, with the total
earnings for the month:
1860. 1861.
Freight ..$20,600.97 $41,536.18 $20,955.21 Inc
Passengers.;;.. v_7,628.89 8,890.99 1,269.10 Inc
Malls, %c.;v;.. r ;4,054.94 1,100.00 2,924.94 Dec
’ $32,35160 $51,547.17 $19,292.87 Inc
Corrected earnings of previous month of
AprlL $103,79137
Whole month of May, 1661 $160,693 09
Whole month of Hay, 1860 115,505.50
Increase $45,160.59
Exchange ax St. Louis.—Oa Saturday last, ex
change ralqd at 19 0 18 per cent premium, and
gold at 14 per cant for bankable funds.
Wisconsin “Slump-tall” Currency*
In order to keep oar readers posted wish regard
to the ralae of Wisconsin “stump-tall” currency,
we republish the following table, based on the
price of stocks on the 20th of Hay:
Name of Bank. Circulation Valnerdol
Bank of Beloit $18,500 Me,
Bank of Columbus.... 63,852 69
Bank of Fox Lake 54,791 &
Bask of Grant Co 68,018 69
Bank of Green Bar 44,204 65
Bank of the Interior ..40,403 73
Bank of Madison.. 8,897 86
AfW 6 94
Bask of Jefferson.
BankofMoneka 47,265 77
Bank of Monroe 15,273 63
Bank of the Northwest 83,823 75
Bankof Oshkosh.....* 6,885 1 01
Bank of Portage 47,283 74
Bonk of Prairie da Chlen 34,099 94
Bank of Racine 2,827 83
B*nkofß!pon 12,212 92
Bank of Sheboygan 23,560 53
Bank of Sparta. 18,407 59
Bank of Watertown. 43,630 78
Bank of Whitewater.. 23,800 53"
BankofWeyaawega 42,110 96
Central Bank of Wisconsin... 66,927 1 00
City Bank of Kenosha .* 19,411 59
City Bank of Prescott 49,666 95
Oneida Bank, Berlin 22,154 74
Colombia Bank 45,940 83
Commercial Bank. 50.660 87
Com Exchange Bank...- 44,190' 96
Corn Planters Bank. 87,375 55
Done Co. Bank. 14,790 1 00
Bodge Co. Bank 22,257 59
Exch. Bank of Barling & Co.. 27,327 56
Elhhorn Bank. 21,649 60
Fanners and Mechanics Bank. 14,460 75
Fanners andMillen Bank.... 6,655 63
Forest City Bank. 34.006 83
Frontier Bank 28,745 74
German Bank 88,286 34
Green Bay Bank ....23,661 96
Hudson City Bank SUBSS 83
lowa County Bank 23,451 81
Jefferson County Bank 68,700 71
Juneau Bank 7,805 69
Kenosha County Bank 8.300 83
LaCrosse County Bank 13,800 53
Lumberman's Bank. 65,160 01
Northern Bank 19,060 63
Oakwoodßank 43,100 96
Oshkosh Com. Bank 23,635 67M
Prairie City Bank. 20.100 74
Bacine County Bonk 20,510 69
Rt ck Elver Bank 45.166 69
Rockwell & Co.’s Bank. 31,286 69
Sank Olty Bank 49,092 04
Sauk County Bank 49,026 1 00
Second Ward Bank 180 1 00
Shawanaw Bank 59.709 94
State Bask.
State Bank of Wisconsin 21,751 53
St. Croix Valley Bank 65,015 ■ 76
Summit Bank. 17.783 73
Sun Prairie Bank 23,636 70
Walworth County Bank. 37,445 61
Waukesha County Bank 63,933 69
Waupun Bank 23,065 69
WleconsinßankofMadlaon.. 24,625 88
Wls. Marine and Fire Ins. Bk. 35,372 1 09
Wisconsin Pinery Bank. 46 861 78
Action of the Bank Commissioners-
Call Blade on Forty-Nine Banks.
In last Thursday's issue wo gave a list of the
Banks which Commissioners made a call on to put
op additional securities. As there were some er
rors In the list, we reproduce it corrected, together
with amount each Bank is required to deposit
with the State Treasurer to make its securities
good under the law. The Springfield papers state
that the Banks have to the 20th of August next to
make op the deficiency, either by depositing more
bonds, or surrendering circulation to the Auditor.
We were not aware before that so long an exten
' eion was granted, nor do we now know any good
reason therefor. We subjoin a correct list of the
Banks enumerated in the call, together with the
amount of their circulation and deficit, May 24,
Aencnltoral Bank $144,208 $45,821
Allpana 8ank.;..... 95.5H) 40,580
Bank of Ashland 55,180 22,840
Bank of Alcdo 54,355 16,410
Bank of Albion 137,861 37 790
Bank of Benton 74,618 80,113
Bank of Canal 111,650 60,030
Bank of Elgin 55,326 20.728
Bank of the Federal Union.... 76,670 25,270
Bank of Galena 45,659 9,643
Bank of Ocneeco 61,870 13,900
Bank of Metropolis 166,810 68,270
Bank of Naperville 53 675 19,875
Bank of the Republic.; 239,203 101,451
Bankof SouthernDlinqifl,; 247,299 92,999
Bclvldere Bank. jv; 7,776 3,978
Bull's Head Bank 313,925 47,895
Canal Bank ■. 72,520 80,280
Central B»nk£ 77,163’ 13,712
Commercial Bank, Palestine.. 133,457 46,037
Commercial Bank, Hew Haven, 65,805 27,365
Continental Bask 107,535 42,895
Corn Planter’s Bank 74.799 83,379
Douglas Bank 50.400 21,800
Eagle Bonk of Illinois 63,035 15,048
Edgar County Bank 65.868 23.563
Farmers’Bank, NewCanlon... 62,760 17.250
Farmers’Bankof Illinois 77,210 81,770
Franklin Bank 91,896 19,970
Fionticrßank 416.160 181,090
Garden State Bink 163,033 55,633
Hampden Bank 49.733 30,538
Humboldt Bank...; 133,852 63.492
HltnoisStateßank.....* 48,895 18,505
Jersey County Bank 43,871 17,811
Kaskai-kia Bank 62,646 31.746
Lafayette Bank 53,736 -23,996
Lancaster Bank 99.969 41,410
Mississippi River Bank 109,335 43,305
Narrogansef. Bank;. 64,660 23,860
New Market Bank 103,430 48,150
Prairie State Bank 54,611 24,411
Plowman's Bank 94 953 41,373
Reed’s Bank 18,364 8,364
Rock Island Bank.: 1.721 920
Shawanese Bank 87,000 29,700
Toulon Bank 50,001 12,011
Union Connty Bank.... 50,310 21,770
Warren County Bank 93.570 21,670
$1,551,179 $1,666,838
The aggregate circulation of the above banks ou
the Ist day of April la«t, as appears by the
quarterly statement of the Auditor, amounted to
The circulation of the same banks on the S4th
of May, as shown above, was $4,551,179.
The difference, $137,382, shows the amount of
their circulation that was retired, between those
Tnercwcre eighteen banks which failed to re
spond to the call Issued Nov 19,1860. They were
chiefly based on Missouri stocks, and being estab
lished under the old law were not required to keep
a margin of ten per cent. The Auditor has been
notified of their failure to comply with the do.
mauds of the call, and he will proceed to pat them
in liquidation acording to law at the expiration of
the six months grace allowed them by the Legis
lature at its last regular session. Their circula
tion amounted In the aggregate to $1,681,265 on
the 24th of Hay, and is being rapily retired.
They are as follows;
American Exchange Bank, Bank of Aurora,
Bank of Chester, Bank of Commonwealth, Rank
Pike County, Bank of Quincy, Bank of Raleigh,
Citizens' Bank, Corn Exchange Bank, Farmers*
and Traders' Bank. Grand Prairie Bank, Mer
chants' and Drovers* Bank, Morgan County Bank.
National Bank, Railroad Bank, Southern Bank of
Illinois, Grey Till e. State Bank of Illinois.
This makes a total of sixty-inm banka now
under call, and the work of retiring their notes In
exchange for bonds will go rapidly forward, as the
market Is open to everybody.
Wc understand that the Auditor wifi surrender
bonds on any or an of these 69 banks to whoever
presents currency in sums of SI,OOO and upwards,
on any of them.
The following are the banka which the Commie*
sloners omitted to msko a call upon—for what
reason, is not known to the public. We give their
names, the amonnt of circulation May 34,1861 and
and what they pass at by the Railroad list:
Alton Bank $38,170 par.
Bank of America. OJcaco 1,162 par.
Bank of America, lit Cornel 273.954 90
Bark of Bloomington 60.000 par.
Bank of Brooklyn 59,736 80 ,
Bank of Commerce 137,170 80
Bank of Indemnity 163,700 80
Bank of Illinois 199,679 60
Bank of Jackson County 89,650 SO
Bank of Northern Illinois 13,953 par.
Bank of Sparta 345,011 80
Bond County Bank;. 70,890 80
Chicago Bank 4,903 par.
CUj Bank, Ottawa 19,434 &
Colombian Bank..: 159.0G0 80
Cumberland Coontj Bank. 80.T78 90
B L Tinkham & Co,’a Bank 108,779 90
Ex. Bankof H, A. Tucker & Co. 491 par.
-Fultonßark 73,033 80
Highland Bask. 107,800 90
Illinois Central Bank 175,093 80
Stools Hirer Bank... 100,957 80
d. StateßecnrltTßankßoomlltT 191,930 80
International Bank. 130,155 90
Kane County Bank.... 15,898 par.
Kankakee Bank....', 47,787 70
Lake Michigan Bank.. 181,480 60
Mahalweßank.....; ; 53,514 90
Marine Bank. 60.000 par.
Marshall County Bank....' 60.463 70
McLean Comity Bank
Mechanics Bank..;.. .... 68,991 90 '
Merchants' Bank. 365,430 00 :
Ohio Hirer Bank... 156,655 80
Olymplcßank...... 69,040 70
Pametßank. 57,670 80
Patriotic Bank 111,119 - 80 .
Pittsfield Bonk 56,641 00
Reapers* Bank 116,015 00
Union Bonk 92,473 00
United States Stock Book. * 89,665 80
Wheat Growers* Bank 86,023 80
Western Bank. .60,066 . CO*
Total.. $4,158,613
The escalation of the eight banks marked par
. amounts to $163,081. ' '• ,
Pittsfield Bonk.
CntATttKQ . House. Chxboes yon Reducing
“Stuxftail. l ' —For the-general information of
our readers, we refer them to the list of the ~n«nw
on which a call has been made by the Auditor of
the State. According tolaw, as soon as the call
is made, the Auditor must deliver up the securi
ties of any bank on presentation of Its issnes.
Thochargeaof Mr. Tinkham, agent of the clear
ing. house in this city, are two per cent, on the
par value of the Bonds, which includes a fee of
$5.00 per bond to the Auditor, express charges,
Bans Stock in New Ohlsanb.—There has been,
of conree, a tittle decline In shares as in oth
er stocks since the war began, bat anything of the
kind observed here can be nothing to what la ex
perienced in New Orleans. The Crttcent of that
city of last Wednesday, Bays that “It ia well known
that there cannot bo any stock sold at this time,
unless at from thirty to fifty dollars per shore be
low the prices rating on the 15th of March.” No
each enormous depreciation Is suffered here, al
though we have never made such boasts of an ex
tended suede basis as have been made in New Or
leans.—noeUm AdrertUer.
Specie Basis at Chicago.
The New York Evening Pott says:
Private advices from Chicago, in relation to the
benefits already felt there from the adoption of the
specie basis pun, are evtn more favorable than
the newspaper accounts. We learn that not less
than $150,000 in specie is arriving at Chicago daily;
and from the preparations which wo know to be
making here now, the supply will soon be suffici
ent to render the success of the plan almost
Missouri “ StnmptaU” Currency. 9 ’
The following blast is from this morning's Mis
souri Democrat:
The fact is, the banks of this city have descended
to the meanest and meet miserly system of broker
age, while they affect a sort of contempt for brok
ers and private bankers. If a merchant was to do
what the banks are now doing daily—discredit his
own paper—lt would cost bim his standing in com
mercial circles, and bo would probably get kicked
out of the Merchant's Exchange. Bat these kid.
gloved bank gentry can coolly utter their Irredeem
able stuff, called “bankable funds,” worth 85 cents
on the dollar, and chuckle over the successful
swindle. The standard of bank morality in this
oommnnlty is at least 15 per cent, below par, when
they will indulge in a practice dally that would
disgrace a nation, or send a private Individual to
the penitentiary. Would a nation debase its own
coin, or an honest man shave his own note ? Yet
the banka are doing worse than this, and claim re
spectability. If they can't redeem their paperthey
have no business to keep It in circulation, and
make the business community suffer the swindle
of 16 per cant. But the banks of coarse argue, as
well they may, that as long as the people suffer
themselves to be duped and robbed and say noth
ing, the rich sport—on the side of the banks—.will
be continued. And so it wLI, and the people may
all rest assured they will all die bankrupt Before a
banker’s conscience induces him to do a legiti
mate and honest business, as long as the commu
nity will allow him to do the other. Hence, the
people of this city, in tolerating these swindling
Banks in their midst, and allowing them to circu
late their depreciated trash, to the exclusion of a
sound currency, are partietps criminis, without
sharing the profits.
Momdat Etzsdco, June 3.
The following arc the receipts and shipments for
the past forty-eight hours:
Flour, Wh’t, Com, Oats, Rye.Se’ds
brie, bn. bn. bn. bu. B>a
BjLake -
bj Guta1....~ 100 1387 29060
3 &C.U.H.B. 611 27667 10607 SOSO - 613 418
ChL&R.L.... 1610 15750 20650 2500
1.C.8.R 400 10850 1570 350
C.8.&Q.8.R. 378 6357 87632 427
C. 4N.W.BJ*. 196815667 IS3 1906 438 110
C.,A.*5tR.8..... 450 9850 850
T0te’...... 5007 78128 105551 8613' 1079 623
High- Lire
Lead Cattle Hides wins Hogs Pot’s
lbs. No, lbs. brls. No. ba.
ByCanal 258
G.XC.I) R-B 85740 126 760 1521
C. &R. I.R.R 781 .... 191 .... 1050
LC.B.R. 550 448 600 SO 550 1100
C.B.4Q.KH. .... 108 1315 310
C.AN.W.R.R. .... 26 1031
C.»A.&St.L.RR S3 1789 .... 120 ....
Total... 35740 IGIS 43C4 659 610 4093
Floor, Wb% Corn, Oats, Bye, B’rly
brls. bo. bo. bn. bn. bo.
Toßaffido 301 .... 43111 76000
To Oswego 77746 14756
ToP*tColborne 63500
To Kingston 1600
801 93746 181167 70000
nr lass, jmn: 3.
BKcKrrra asd si
JZeccipis. Highwines, brla 16
Lumber, ft 2,709,000 Apples, brla 43
Shingles, no 735,000 Flour, brls 94
Lath 201,000 Coal, tons 830
.239,000 Shipments.
..35,000 Wheat, bn 18,000
~...200 Corn, bu 55,800
Salt, brls..
Wood, cds.
Bfcdpts. Shipments.
Corn, bu 29,060 Lnmber, ft 316,253
Floor, brl» 200 Shingles, no 199,000
Dlghwines, brls 335 Lath, no 149,600
Pickets 6,000
Salt, brls 350
Fish, pkgs.
Coal, {too*
The steamship Prince. Albert,'with Liverpool
advices to the Slat, was telegraphed to-day, re
porting breadsluffis generally steady, and corn
Owing to the death of Senator DougUs, the
meeting on’Change adjourned at an early hear,
and the transactions were unusually light.
Under increased receipts and an .-upward tend
ency in freights, the wheat market was very doll,
and we note a farther decline of [email protected] per bushel—
with limited sales at 77©90 c for Northwestern
dab ; 74XQ76XC for No. 1 spring; 70©72 c for
No. 2 spring; and [email protected] for rejected,—the mar
ket dosing quiet. The floor market was heavy
and s®loc lower, with sales of about 1,000 bris at
$3.65®4 25 for medium to choice spring extras.
Corn was dejressedand in active—mixed instore
selling in small lots at 22K23C. Oats were sold at
16)tfc in store. Rye and barley were neglected.
Highwines were dull.
The live stock market yesterday and to-day was
more active. Beef cattle were in active request,
and prices of good to prime stock ruled higher—
the range being $3.50 and $4.00 —the latter only for
strictly prime. One choice lot of extra steers was
sold at $60.00 per head—equal to $4.20. The mar
ket for hogs however ruled doll, 30c and 40c lower
on the week—the sales to-day being at $3.10 for
heavy hogs.
Freights advanced #c, and dose Arm with en
gagements at Cc for corn (by sail) to Buffalo, and
CX for wheat (by propeller) to the same point.
Flour, Wheat, Cork ajtd Oats in store, Jane 3:
Flour 37,700 bbls.
Wheat 453,959 ba.
Com ; 1,654,331 ba.
Oats 505,726 bn.
Grain at Fort Colborne.
The number of vessels unloaded and lightened
at the Welland Railway Elevator at Port Colborne
up to the 25th Inst., was 88 This would give an
aggregate of oner 700,000 bushels of grain elevated
up to the present.— St. Catharine'* Journal.
The Grain Trade of San Francisco.
Stocks, receipts and exports of wheat and floor,
from July 1, IStiO, to April SO, 1881, Inclusive, and
estimates of wheat and floor consumed la this
Wheat, Flour,
ska. bbls.
Stock on band July 1,1860 83,731 89,785
Receipts to April SO, 1861 1,9C9,CC6 109,044
Receipts from Oregon 9,932 22,808
.3,011,819 161.317
To Wheat. Flour.
England 883,153 61,556
Australia 337,885 33.893
New York 187 606
China 22,503 21,639
Victoria 370 7,382
Cape Gc0dH0pe..19,453 3,482
Manilla. 2,403 4,000
Callao 23,797
South Coast Isl’s,
Russ* Foss' &c. 170 11,776
.1,326,217 185,397
685,102 29,890
Wheat.uscd for distilling 38,666
Total 616,436 28,820
Reduce wheat to flour (3 ska to
Ibbl) 215,478
Barrels flour 341,233
Stock of wheat and floor on
hand April 15,1861:
Wheat, ska..SO,ooo
- bhis 40,000
Wheat equal to f10ur.....26,666 * 66,606
Used by city consumption and
dtj trade during 9# months,
hbfs flour 177,633
Or per month, bbls flour 18,375
Bequlrements from April SOth,
to July 20th, 1881, Smooths,
bbls flour 55,125
Or in wheat, sacks 166,373
Reduce the exports of wheat
and flour to bus of wheat, it
amounts to bushels 9,887,346
The above figures bare been examined by the
trade at large, and meet their approval as correct.
Tbe figures are valuable and will prove useful for
future reference. They showastocknowonhand
mote than sufficient to supply the demand until
next harvest, consequently the receipts In the in
terval must .either be exported or constitute the
surplus in the city laying over on to next year’s
crop.—Price Current.
Grain In Store at Baflalo,
The following statement ehows the amount of
grain estimated to be held in store here on the
morning ofWednesday, the 29th lust., and Wednes
day, 22d inst.:
May 29. May S3.
Wheat, bn.; 1,804,891 1,245.255
Com, bn 666,807 668,544
Oats, bn 190,815 118,989
Barley, bn 83,578 22,897
Bye, Bn - 66,530 44,746
— Exprtit.
.3,261,121 2,090.960
Receipts at Ogdeniborg.
He receipts at Ogdenstnrg for the week ending
May 25th, with the total since the opening of nay?
gallon, hare been as follows:
Week. Total.
...... 19,094 63,787
Fir nr. brls;...
Wheat, bu....
Peas, 4m
OU. brls
Cotton, bales.
Fork. br15.....
Lumber, feet.
PmzjtnxLPHza Cams Mjlukxt—May29.— I The’
supply of beef cattle this week was not very large,
only amounting to 1150 head. This, however, waa
equal to the demand,' and prices did not vary much
from last week's quotations, the finest quality
bringing $9.60 per 100 lbs. Ordinary and good
were sold at prices varying from $7 to SB.Bo and
Snxxp—There was a fidr supply of sheep, the'
offerings at all the yards amounting to 6700 head,
all of which were sold at bom 4&4j{cp er fi>.
Hoos—The supply of bogs reached 2125 head at
the two yards. The market was brisk; and sales
were made at bom $4.60Q5.60 'for etUl-fed, and
bom $5.7508.40 for eorn-feo.
Daily Review of Chicago Market,
Monday Evening, June 8,1861.
FRElGHTS—Advanced *c. The engagements
were: To Buffalo—Prop Racine, wheat, 6*c; schr
Minnesota, oats, at 4c; barkSturges and Danube,
and ecbrs Moselle and Comet, com at Cc.
PLOUR—Received, 5.007 brls; shipped. 801 brls.
Market doll and 5010 c lower. Sales were: 100
brls choice spring extra at $4J25; 800 brls do at
$4.15; SSO brls “ waucousta” at $4.15; 193 brls do
at $4.10; 300brls“ Shelburne” at $8.94; 100 brls
•‘Dayton City” at $3.95; 100 brls lowa extra at
$3 95: SOO brls “Owego” at S&CS; 200 brls good
sprineextra onp. t.—the transactions being chiefly
in N. x. exchange and par currency.
WHEAT—Received, 78,128 bu; shipped, 93,710
bu. Market dull and 203 c lower. Sales, 300 bu
N. W. Club in store at 80c—par funds; 800 bn do
at 77c—oar funds; 8,000 bn no. 1 Spring in store
at 7G*c—par funds; 4,000 bn do at 75c—par funds;
1000 bn do at 7Gc—gold: 8000 bu do at 73* C— gold;
6,000 bn do\t 73c-goId; 2500 bu do (receipts Just
expiring) at 74* c— gold: 1000 bn No. 2 Spring In
store at 71c—gold; 7000 on do at 71 o—par funds;
1000bu do at 70o—gold; 1200 bu~do at 72c—par
funds; TOO bn Rejected in store at 65c—par funds;
1500 bu do at 63c—car funds.
CORN—Received, 109551 bu; ahlppodr 131.167
bu. Market doll and heavy. Sales. 13,000 bn Mix
ed in store at 23o—par hinds; 8500 bu do at 12*c —
cold: 2COO bu do at 32*o—par funds: 3700 bn Re
jected In store at2oc—gold; 6300 bu do at 90c—par
OATS—Received, 8,613bu: shipped, 76,000 bu.
Market steady. Sales, 8000 bn No. lin store at
RYE—Received, 1079 bu. No transactions.
BARLEY—Received, 450 bn—No transactions.
HIQUWINES—DuII. 45 brls dty In lots at ISO—
par funds.
POTATOES—Received, 4.693 bn. Market well
(applied and dull. Soles. 400 bags Neshannocks
at 23c: 15C0 bu Mixed at 19c.
BUTTER-45 pkga fair Roll at B*c.
EGGS—2S brls at 6c.
POULTRY—Chickens, $2 0003.60 8 dox; Tur
keys, 9 ©,loc.
PROVISIONS—Mesa Pork nominal at $l5OlO.
Lard nominal at 909* c.
TALLOW—IO brls city at 7*c.
BIDES—DuII. Sales in lots at 404* c for Green
Salted, and [email protected]*cforDry Flint.
Monday Evening, June 3,
The receipts of cattle and hogs during the past
week were as follows:
Beef Cattle, No.
Hogs, No.
BEEF CATTLE—Business during the week was
exceedingly quiet and without any material
change in quotations. Indeed, there is at present
no real market, except for small lots at retail, till
Sunday and Monday, when buyers and sellers come
Yesterday and fo-day there was more activity at
an the yards, and prices ruled somewhat higher—
especially for prime stock, which were In active
request by shippers.
At Sherman's Yards, yesterday and to-day. there
was a good supply of cattle, and sales ranged from
$3.0004.00 the latter for prime. Several lots of
Ecod quality were sold at $53.00 per head Scal
iwags were in moderate request at $3.5003.00.
One lot of choice steers were held at s4.2s—falling
which the owner shipped them.
At the Southern yards there were several lots of
very prime beeves. Due lot fed near Springfield
was sold by Allen Turner at $60.00 per head—
which would net about $4.20 per 100 !bs.
At the Pittsburgh yards there was considerable
activity,—sales being made at a range of $3 400
a 75 for Coir to good. The prime cattle offered
were held at high figures, and shipped on account
of the owners^
On the whole there was a much better feeling In
tbe market than ruled a week ago, and tbs tilic
among drovers would indicate a prospect of better
prices. Tbe Government Beef contract, awarded
to Hugh Maher of this city, occasions considerable
talk and speculation; but the general opinion is
that there is no money in it, unless the Govern
ment will accept ecaUawags, which is not atoll
HOGS—The market ia unmistakably dull and de
pressed, and we have to note a farther decline
since the date of our last weekly review of 30040 c
per 100 fi>B.
At the various yards yesterday and to-dar the
feeling was strongly downward. At the Pittsburgh
yards several lota were sold yesterday at $8.30©
8.40, and at Sherman's at $3.25; hut to-day the
market was even more depressed, and several hun
dred head changed hands at Sherman’s and tho
Southern yards at $3.10.
Stock Hogs are scarce and In good demand—one
lot being gold yesterday at $4.25.
SHEET—The market is quiet and steady, with a
fair demand by city butchers, and sales at $3 50©
$4.1% for good to extra.
The following sales were made yesterday and to
day, and were all for gold, eastern exchange or par
currency. 44 StnmptaU”—whether it be Illinois,
Wisconsin or Missouri—ls rejected entirely:
IS7 beeves, averaging 1340 Sts, at £BSO
18 44 44 1095 44 44 3.50
17 44 44 133 5 44 44 8.75
17 44 44 1180 44 , 4 3.75
45 44 * 44 1325 44 44 3,40
82 41 “ 1215 44 44 3.65
lEO 44 '* EGO 44 44 3.65
146 “ 44 1227 “ 44 8.75
37 “ 4 ‘ 140 0 4 4 44 350
4G ‘ 4 41 1850 44 ' 4 3.40
26 44 44 126 0 44 44 3AO
86 44 - 44 148 0 44 44 3.85
42 44 “ 1515 44 44 400
16 44 44 1500 41 ' 4 SSO $ head
27 44 44 1200 44 44 SO^head
16 44 1131 44 44 50 $ head
ICS 44 • • 44 44 60 $ head
18!) hogs * 4 283 44 44 $3.40
54 44 44 23 7 44 44 330
60 stock hogs 44 148 44 44 4.23
650 etm fed 44 25 0 44 44 3.00
103 hogs 44 189 44 44 3.10
101 “ 44 254 ' 4 44 8.20
47 44 41 255 41 44 315
106 44 44 370 44 44 310
55 44 44 28 0 4 4 44 8.10
49 44 44 2CS 44 44 8.10
141 ehecp 44 90 4 ‘.--“-:r:... 350
is? “ “ Jiff ;; 4.12*
42 “
... 91 “ “
Pittsburgh, Fort & Chicago Yards.—
Sales for the week ending June 3,—reported by
S. W. Bowles, conuolaston salesman;—
45 Cattle areragiug 1893 Iba at $3 40
5 “ * p 1350 “ .3 60
17 “ “ 1400 3.40
5 44 “ 1800 *• 3.25
18 “ 1400 44 350
6 “ “ 1345 “ 3.40
7 “ “ 1225 “ 330
117 44 *• 1239 “ S.'IS
163 “ “ 1460 “ 3.25
S3 14 “ 1300 44 3.65
6 “ 44 1200 44 2Ji O
1M 44 44 1160 44 360
S3 44 44 1500 44 3.40
4 ‘ 1350 44 3.50
4 * 1150 14 335
28 “
GTS cattle sold.
49 Hogs averaging 200 lbs. at $3.30
M * P * 215 “ .3.30
189 “ “ 280 *• 8.59
274 “ “ 200 “ 300
60 M “ 220 “ 3-00
616 Hogs sold.
141 Sheep averaging 00 lbs. at
66 care of Cattle and 14 of Hogs shipped.
Tones to, Jane I.—'There was a moderate sap
ply of grain in oar market yesterday, with consid
erable activity among the buyers, although the
outside prices of Saturday were not maintained.
Fall wbe»t ranged from [email protected] for inferior to
good, and [email protected] (and in one inataa-e $1.29)
for good to medium- Spring wheat rather more
active at 93©97 c?) bus. Oats steady at 2S©3oc
per bus. Other things arc without change. Flour
—We notice a sale of No. 1 at $1,50, free on board.
Detroit, Jane I.— Flour is Arm, with moderate
demand for the local trade. Wc hear of no sales of
round lots. Wheat is without chmgc. A sale of
500 bn No. 2 red at 103 c. Corn and oats arc weak
er: corn selling at 31 ©34 c, and oats at 21®23c,
shippers offering inside figures. Bye is quite firm
at 48c. Barley steady at 85©90 c. Potatoes con
tinue to advance, common selling at 23©*23 c, and
Ncebannocks at 44 ©soc.
Moktebal. May 31.—Flour dnl l , with downward
tendency, onlv small lots having been sold to-day
at prices ranging from $ [email protected] for No. 1. Offers
of $4.80 have been freelymado for good brands, bat
this is below the views of holders, and a very
limited business has consequently been done. Oat
mial sales arc reported at $3.80 for inferior
samples: holders ofgood still asking $4. Grain
wheat—there were sales of car loads of U. C. spring
to-day at sl,lO for fair samples. Oats—There were
sales yesterday of some 5,000 bushels at 33c per
mlnot of 40 S»s, or about Kdperfi). Provisions—
Pork quiet and unchanged: one lot mess brought,
to-day, $18.50. Beef nominal. Butter—New still
In demand at [email protected]; old neglected.
PimaDEixniA Floub Mikkbt, June I.— The
flour market Is dull to-day; there Is very little de
mand for export, and standard superfine winter
wheat is offered at $5.50 without finding buyers to
any extent. Western spring wheat super is held
at $5 25. end do extra at $5 50 sbrl. There is
allmltedbusiucsstonoto to supply the retail and
bakers at from $5.37# to $5.62# for superfine;
$5.6006 00. for common and good extras; $6,230
6.75 for famQy, and $707.25 $ brl for fancy brands,
as In quality. The receipts continue moderate.
Bye flour and corn meal are not Inquired for; the
former is offered at $3.50, and the latter at $2.87#
$ brl for Pennsylvania meal. The receipts to-day
are 1.317 brls flour, 9.020 bu wheat, 16,960 bu corn.
2,423 bu oats, and 700 bu rye.
Bamixorz Pbotisiok Mat.ket, May 31.—The
prori-lon market has been extremely doll through
the week. Pork—we quote nominally at $13.00
for western mess; $13.50 for prime, and $13.00 for
rnmp. Bulk meats —we quote shoulders and
sides at 6#o6#c and S#oS#c: and hams at B#o
B#c 9 Bacon—transactions hare been confined
to the wants of the local trade. Shoulders wo
quote at 7#@7#c; sk’es at 9#@9#c, and hams
at lO#ol2#c fi>. Lard—no targe sales have
been made; held at 9#olOc for western In brls
and tierces; at lO#olO#c for do In kegs, and re*
fined at S>.
Oswxgo, Jane 3.—Flour steady and unchanged.
Wheat, dull; sales 4,Soobu white Canada at $1.35.
and 1,000 bu Wls club at $1.05. Corn and other
grains quiet. Canal freights doll; flour, 28c;
wheat. 8c: corn, 7c toNewYork. Lake imports—
-4,00 brls flour. 6,500 bn wheat, 10.300 bu corn. Ca
nal exports—loo brls flour, 10,100 bu wheat, 13,200
bn com, 4,000 bu barley.
Oczax FnxioßTS at Nxw Tons.—Freights are
less active and rates are lower. To Liverpool—
-22.C00 hush wheat at 7#o7#d; 350 bales cotton
at 6-3Sd; 500 brls flonr at la 9d, and 3,000 hides at
SOsoS2s6d. By foreign vessel, 100 hhds tallowaad
300 boxes bacon at 80s. To London—3,2oo brls
flour at SsCdo3*l#d. By foreign vessel, 500 brls
flour SsSd. To Hat anna—7,ooo b u wheat at 17c.
Receipts by Canal Exports by BLLaw
ond XL R. rcnce.
Week end- Since Week end- Since
lug 25th. Janl. ing 25th. op T g aar.
Flow, brls.. C9.99C 830,873 24,497 45,521
Wheat, btt..814,247 1,378,587 135.459 239,580
Pca5.hu....146,895 842,843 78,833 127,033
Oats. bn.... 12,895 21,182 20,869 20.869
Pork.brla... 2,196 7,175 .... 60
Lumber 1t...790.000 2,801,000
NEW YORK, June 3.—Flour—Common to me
dium grades etQl rule in favor of buyers, with on
ly a moderate business doing for export and home
consumption. Sales 10,400 oris at for
superstate; ss.oo®s.SOextra state; $L80&4.90
superwestern; $4.95©5-W common to medium ex
tra western: $5 4005.50 shipping brands; extra
ronndhoop Ohio: [email protected] trade brands doJMar
ket closing quiet. Canada floor in moderate re
quest. Common grades a shade lower. Sales 600
brls at SS.OC®7 SO for inferior to choice. Extra
rye flour selling in email parcels at s3.lotfW.oo.
Com meal nominally unchanged.
WmsxT—Fair request, and without change In
price. Sales TOO brls at IfllfSHOtfc, •
QniDf—Wheat—Moderate business doing. Mar
ket for common and inferior grades heavy and de>
dining. Sales 13,500 bu Chicago sprint at 81C2H.
12; 11, SCO hn Haclne spring at [email protected]; 8.500
bn Canada dnb at sLl7j£; 69,000 buiMilwankle
club at sl.oß*f©l.lß—the latter for prime; 2,600 bn
red state at $1.26 :135,000 bn winter red weaternat
StS9QL9tyf; 8,000 ba white western at [email protected]
48. Bye continues steady; sales 8,000 bu prime
northern at 68c. Barley quiet at 65<a65e. Corn
rules In favor of tne buyer, with partly good de
mandfor export, and home consumption. Sales '
147000bu at [email protected] for Inferior to prime new mixed
western; 46&47e for new western yellow; [email protected]
for old mlxedwea tern; 57c for western yellow. Oats
dull. SIQ3SXe for western and fawmit; aaaSSMC
•or state. *
Pnovxsxoxs.—Fork dull , and heavy. Sales 270
bblsat $16.79017.00 formees: 512Q1250 prime:
$lB fer thin clear. Beef rales quite dull. Sales
[email protected]: SjfiaOAl mess; 10,00
®U.CO repkd mess : U. 20&12.50 ex mesa. Prime
measbeef quiet and unchanged. Beef hams dull
aiISQIS. Cut meats continue heavy. Sales 3
kcgaat6QsMcforfihouldera; [email protected] for hams
lari doll and drooping. Sales 380 bbla at 8T£(&
M<c. Batter felling at [email protected] to [email protected] for state.
Cn :ese quiet and steady at 3®Bc.
bTOGjtß—Very quiet, but firm and unchanged.
Ca * ChL S7H ; tu C scrip, 68* ? Hart. MXiDud-
Baa, «; N Y 0,73*; Mo Bs, 40; Va,4s*; IjTSSs,
«!,; coupons, 18; do 6s, 81; registered. frj«; ex
Interest Treasury 13 per cent, 102*; Term, 40.
BUFFALO, June 3—Floto—Market quiet and
ÜBAQt—Wheat dulL Sales 5,C00 baa No. Chica
go spring at 90c; 3,oQoUUwaukeeelubat.96. Com
rtnTl. bales 16,000 bus at Me. Oats quiet. Sales
WraiKT—Nominal, at 14xc
Caxax. Tbxiohts—Declined to ll*c on corn,
and 12 H ott wheat, to New York. .
Lass Imposts—lo,ooo brla flour, 153.000 bus
wheat, 21,000 bus com. . ; __
Canal Exports—3,ooo brls flour, 70,000 bus
wheat, 429,000 bus com. . ; •
Bank Statement*
Iftnr Toss, Junes.
Increase of Loans •
Decrease In Specie
Decrease In Deposits 1.J37.420
Decrease in Circulation 110,103
Foreign Markets,
Peh Facto Albert.] Litxbpool, May 21.
Bbea3>BTCTPB—H-, 8. 4 Co. and W., N. Co.
report wheat quiet, bat steady. Red [email protected]'i310d,
white Western [email protected]; white Baltimore 13a
9d<ai4»6d. Flour qolet but steady; Ohio 29a®
81s. Corn dull: for mixed S4s<&Ms 3d. white 355.
Provisions —Beef and pork Arm; no stock of
American. Lard heavy at sS߮s6s for common to
pnontrea—Sugar quiet. Coffee quiet. Bice
London Mabkxts.—Coffee Arm. Sugar dull and
slightly lower. Other articles unchanged and
Avebicak Stocks.—Latest quotations of Ameri
can stocks were: 111 Central shares SS#(&33 dis
count, Erie shares 21*(&&2*.
Stmr Lady Franklin, Hickey. St Joseph, 190 R R
tics, 10 cds wood, W brie floor, 8 pkgs fish,
200 bedsteads. 15 tables.
Stmr Rambler. Pugh, Wolf River, 3,200 R R ties.
Prop Barber. Brown. Grand Haven, 100 m lumber,
13 fanning mills.
Prop Foss, Wilson, Muskegon, 95 m lumber, 00 m
Prop Sun, Jones, Port Sarnia, 1* brls varnish, 5
casks oil, 6 cases paint. 5 kgs lead, 7 brie su
gar, 1 box soap, 1 case brick. 1 box popper,
3 bza sundries, 4 bxa chocolate, 3 bxs glass,
1 cask hardware, 33 Iron safes.
ProplllchigaL, Chapman, Ogdensburgh, 88 tons
mdze, 35 tons grindstones.
Prop Racine, Pratt, Buffalo, 45 brls sugar, 60 mo
lasses, 171 bags coffee, 1 chest tea, 59 brls tar.
16 brls hlehwines, 3 bxs crockery, 6 m lbs ma
chinery, 11 carriages, 43 brls apples, 605 nkes
mdze, 13M bars Iron.
Prop Ottawa, Warren, Muskegon, 3130 m lumber,
25 id pickets.
BarkECl,Stubbs, PesOgo, ISO m lumber, 50 a
Brig Fanny Gardner, Sonora, Green Bay, iso n
lumber. 50 m lath.
Brig Algomah, McGee, Oconto, 165 m lumber.'
Brig Montezuma. Moore, Kingston 200 m lumber.
Brig Roscius, Hardsnbuxgh, Green Bay, ito m
Schr Rand, Clelland, Duck Lake, 100 m lumber.
Schr Hero. Burgh, South Haven. 175 m staves.
Schr Wolf, Royce, Oswego. 100 tons coal.
Schr Laurel], Pier Cove, 56 m white
Schr Telegraph, Hays, White River, 75 m lumber.
Schr Union. March. South Haven, 60 m lumber.
Schr Gem, Kimbreq, Muskegon 63 m lumber, 20 m
Schr Bally, Foster. Maskegon.os m lumber.
S hrCommeucement.Fauder,Honicd l 2lm9taTC9.
Schr Blmiia, Miller, White River, 60 m lumber, 150
m shingles.
Schr Major Anderson, Dwyer, Grand Haven, 173 m
S«hr Hunter, Williams, Muskegon, 130 m lumber.
Schr Levant, Connel. Grand Haven, 05 m lumber.9
Schr Wyoming, Burdcl, “ 140 m lumber,
and 6m shingles.
Schr Ardent, Stocks. Kalamazoo. 50 cd wood.
Schr Nonpareil. Davis, Cleveland, 350 ton eoaL
Schr Presto,Wllcockß, Cleveland, 330 ton coaL
Schr Whirlwind, Nelson, Centrcrillc, 97 cd wood.
Schr Bell. Edwards, Manetown, 200 m lumber, COO
m shingles.
Schr Gertrude, Edwards,Manitowoc, 2,000 RR ties
Schr Wm Tell, Stevens, Holland, 40 cus wood, 23
cds bark.
Schr Palmetto, Scanlon, Oconto, 135 m lumber.
Schr El Tempo, Hay, Qconto, 90 m lumber.
Schr Cornett, Stark, Buffalo, 200 brls salt.
Schr Bonesteel, Christy, Muskegon, 70 m lumber.
12 m lath.
Schr Albatross, Meyer, Menominee, 145 m lumber.
12 m lath.
CLEARED............Jane 3-
Slmr Lady Franklin, Hickey, St Joseph, 10 tons
mdzs, 5 tons h h good.
Prop Barber. Brown, Grand Haven.
Prop Pots, Wilson, Muskegon.
Prop Racine. Brett, Buffalo, 19,000 ba wheat.
Bark Stnrrcss. Faith, Buffalo, 17.000 ba corn.
Brig Boeaaa. Hardcnbergh, Green Bay.
BarkECL, Stubbs.Peaugo.
Brig Algomah. McGea, Oconto.
Brig Montezuma, Moore, Milwaukee.
Schr Moselle, Meriam, Buffalo, 15,800 ba com.
Schr Palmetto, Scanlan, Oconto.
Schr Eltempo. Hea, Manitowoc.
Schr Comet, Stark, Boffalo, 33,000 ba com.
Scbrßonesteel, Cbri-ty. Muskegon.
Schr Albatross, Meyer, Menominee.
Schr Wallis. Laurence, South Haven.
Schr Eero, Burch, South Haven, SO brls salt.
Schr Gem, Kimbler, Mnskegon.
Schr Commencement, Fander, Holland.
Schr Banter, Williams, Moakegon.
Schr Levant, Connell, Grand Haven.
Schr Wyoming, BnrdelL Grand Qavca.
Schr Ardent, Stocks. Holland.
SchrWkWwitd, Nelaon, Centro rill e.
Schr Bell, Edwards, Manitowoc.
Prop Ottawa, Warren, Muskegon.
Pabsxd Deteoit —Jane I.—Ur— Prop* Belle,
Dunkirk, Iron City, Baflalo, Plymouth: oarks la*
Tiadble, Sonora, Ocean Ware; echrs Dial, Chal
lenge, L B Goldsmith, Melrose, C Sumner, G
Down —Stmr Planet; props Neptune, Comet,
Dunkirk, Potomac, Free State, Missouri; bark
Geo Tbnnton.
Weather pleasant, with light X £ breeze.
The Peerless arrived in port from the lakes
on Sooday afternoon. She will immediately pro
ceed to Quebec to be refitted for sea before sailing
to New York. —Montreal Gazette.
|7*The topsail schooner Chieftain, owned by
Wm. Roes & Co., arrived at this port on Monday
from Cuba via Portland and Halifax with a cargo
of sugar.—Toronto Globe.
ARRIVED.... Jons 1.
Eecolute, Athens, 60 cubic yards rabble, and 1$
yards dim stone.
Atlantic, Losalle, 6,637 ba com.
Akrona, Lasalle. 6,600 bn corn.
Glbraller, Laasllc, 6,514 bn corn, - Jl hhd taognr, 33
brls hJchwine.
New York, Losalle, 5,111 bu eora,tlso brla bi~k
wine, 100 brls floor.
James Patrick. Lasalle, 4,000 ba corn, 160 brls hi"U
wlne, 100 brls flour.
Praine Chief, 5,201 ba corn.
Mariner, Laealle.
A Leach; Lasalle, 13 m it lumber, 30 hf brls fish.
135 brls salt.
Lnella, Lasalle. 40 brls salt.
America, Lasalle. 7,C00 ft lumber.
Thames, Marseilles, 4.396 ft lumber, 6 hf brls beer.
York State. Lasalle, 115,669 ft lamber, 5,000 pick
ets, 38.333 ft >slding. 60 m shingles, 78.800
latb, 1,650 c work.
Alcona, Lasalle,
Old Abe, Joliet,
George, Momis.
Rail Splitter, Lasalle, 8,0-0 lbs pig iron, 3 tons
Arcadia, Lasalle, 23.500 ft lamber, 135 m shingles,
71,000 lath, 20,000 lbs molasses, 3 tons mdze.
Resolute, Athens. 20 tons sand.
Uno, Lasalle. 68.4£6 ft lumber, 5.000 shingles, 14
brls salt, 681 lbs rice.
Vermonter. Feeder, 21,000 ft lumber.
Maria, Kankakee, 2,413 ft lumber, 3,331 ft siding,
31 brls salr.
Globe, Prison, 47,685 ft lumber, 41.000 brick.
Emprcpw. Lasalle. 5 CTO ft lumber. 5.000 shingle*.
2To Contractors.
Ornc* or thz Poabd or Puntgo Wonxs, >
Chicago, 111, Jl*yco,ls«. >
Will be received at this office until 3 o’clock, P. XL, on
Saturday. Junesth, for providing the following quan
tities of White Oak Lumber.
50 m feet 4 in. by 6 In. IX ft. and IS feet long.
S m feet 4 In. by 4 in, 14 and 13 feet long.
7a m feet 2,S In. plank, 8 feet long.
SS m feet 1 In. plank IS fact long.
75 m feet 3 In. plank, IS feot long.
51 m feft In. plank, 12 feet 'ong.
tS m feet S In. plant. 14 feet long.
The Lamber to be provided most be good, sound.
White Oak. to be delivered at the Bridewell Dock
Folk street, one-half by July I'th. and oie-half by
August nth. It Is howererdesirable to obtain certain
of tc.e kinds as early as practicable. In particular the
2>£ inch plank £ feet long, and the 2 Inch plank H fj.*{
long, and parties bidding arc invited to state hr w
much earlier than the days above named, thov can
fhrnlsbtLese or any of these dlfierent kinds bid fv.
By order of the Board, A. "W. TINKHAM,
myxesutd Secretary.
SPBcrapikLD, Illinois, May 25, 1331.
Bealed propoaala will be received at the Office of the
Treasurer of the State of Illinois, in the City of Spring
field, Illinois, until 12 o’clock noon of the twenty-fifth
day of June, IWI, and at the American Exci ange Bank,
In the Cltyof Kew York, until 19 o’clock noon of the
first day of Jnly.iSSL for One Million Dollars of the
Stock of the State of Illinois, to be hsned In accord
ance with an act of the Legislature, entitled “Au act
creating a war fond and to provide for auditing all ac
counts and disbursements arising under the for
volunteers,” approved Mav»d, isot. The stock thus
Issued to be reimbursable at the pleasure of the State,
after the year of our Lord la the city of Kew
York, to bear Interest at the rate of six per cent, per
annum from the first day of J oly. IML Interest psya
blclathecityof Kew\ork. and to consist of bonds
payable to bearer with semi-annual Interest coupons
attache!, payable on first Mondays of January and
Jmy of each year. In amounts aa follows, to wit:
Two bandied and fifty thousand dollars In bonds of
one hundred dollars each. Two bnndred and fifty
thousand dollars In bonds of five bnndred dollars each,
and five hundred thousand dollars Is bonds of one
thousand dollsn each.
The proposalsmuststate the ram offered for each
hundred collars of st:ck, and the denominations of
stock bid for, and most be unconditional without re*
foresee to other offers. Due per cent of the amount
offered mutt deposited with tome bank In the city ot
Springfield or in the city ot Chicago, DUncls, or lathe
•itr o'Sew York, and a certificate showing such de
posit most accompany the offer, subject to the order
ot the Treasurer of the State of miaou, »*tj ccrtlfi.
cates to be returned in case the offering* are not ac
The persona whose bids are accepted trill he re
quired to deposit the amount thereof with the Tree-
Borer of the State cf Illinois, at hit Office la the city of
Springfield. Illinois, or at the American Exchange
Bank, In the city of New York, subject to Ws order.
' W l9 J £J? ve the acceptance of their bids, at
which toe the bonds will be ready for delivery; the
piece where the offerings are accepted to be tie plaeo
of the deposit and the delivery of the bonds unless
otherwise specified In the bids, The right to reserved
to reject any and all of the bids If considered neces
sary to protect or promote the Interest of the Statu.
The procosalsmmt be sealed and addresied, _
William Butler, Treasurer,! Springfield. 11L Pro
posals for Loan, 1861 or wllllaai Butler, Treasurer
of the State of minoto, at the American Kscjaage
Bank, Sew York. ** PtoposUs far Loan, ISfIL
■“cKS-JoSstate of IlllnoU.
my;&<Bl64»d -yrir.T.r*\f BUTLER. Treasurer.
»t Springfield, Illinois tlie rollowiag ansa and equip*
ton thousand illnnle Rifl'd Xtzutets, with
angular bayonets. CM) Inch
MHhw and 40 Inch length of umL
(2jx> i cvo thousand Minnie Bines,with sword bayo
nesaflftT-eighrtnndredtha(.SS) Inch callsre, S3 Inch
length of barrel. Tbs barrels to bo rifled with three
grooves, one twist In six feet; the lands and grooves
lb be equal. Each pan to be equal In all respert* to
the standard required by the United States, and to be
subjected to the same tests now In use bj said Govern-
To each meakct and rifle 1 screw-drlver, with cone*
wrench: I wiper; ltomplon,andone snare cone.
To each 23 (twenty-five muskets and rifles. 1 ball
screw:) spring vice; l tumbler and wire punch,
iloo S^SudJ 0 ** 9 * {Adapted _to the above stand.
ifi.OCO'Walstßelti, . ) ardofarma.
The CotzantortonCTS metre tbefoght to rclect any
propcuL T&a tern* of ptjracnt *nnder~Lha Utr tn
eighty p«r cent. on dtUrcrr, twenty per cent, oa com
pletlun oi contract,
Adame “Commissions for Parehutog Arms.*
JAS. H. STOK£3»j
Illinois (Surtcncs, See.
Illinois Currency.
Sends of an kinds sold at New York Stock Board an I
drafts given Ibrprocceds on day of ulo.
New York Quotations received by Telegraph Diay
my*4’6l-1y C. B. COBB. N0.9 Telegraph BaU.Ha>
The undersigned has opened aa office at
No. 17 Wells Street
LaWr occupled by Gab. Smith ft Co, for the noraoj
with proper blinks and information. •»P?uo4
SmayCfeeai-lm E. L T INK HAM. AGENT a
ZfOan and Trust Company,
Chicago. Maya-th, 1361.
This Institution will only reed re Coin and Csarer
tfble Currency, at coin rates,
OZff aDSPOSZ'X 1 *
And will buy end sell Exchange, and discount satis-
D, R. HOLT, Cashier.
JjJL Property or Farms In Cook and adjoining Coaa.
J. L. LBK, S CUrk street.
Post Office Drawer 6137. dsux if
OF HJXNOIS CURRENCY 1 . (In single shreta or bf
the quantity), fbr sale at Tribune Office.
• VK. H. BAND.
UDDfas, JelxulP. Set.
At a Oreat Sacrifice.
of3t “' Urd “ a
119 XXandolpb Street,
t*T GRE*tT JB*tnG*ir*rS.
my2&eßl7-Sw JAKES P. BREWSTER, Assignee.
irgal aiberttsetnenfs.
IO County, S.B—Cook County circuit Court, Juaa
Tern, A. D. xsa. Sbenezcr Q. Wolcott vs. D; c.
Br> wn.
Public nr tlce la hereby given to thesrid D. C. Brown
that a writ ot attachment issued out of tie office of
tee Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court, dated
the SSI'S day of May, A. U. 1861, at the suit «tf the sud
Ebenezrr G- Wolcott and against the estate of the
esldD. C. Brown, fortheaumof One Hundred Fifty-
Five Dollar* and Tbirty-Five Cents, directed to the
Sheriff of Cook County, which said wnt baa bees re*
turned executed.
Now. therefore, unless you. the said D. C. Brown,
shall personally be and appear before the said Cook
County Circuit Court, on or before the first day of tie
next Term thereof, to beholden at the Coart House,
la the City of Chicago, on the third Monday of Jan*.
A. D. IWI, give special balL and plead to the said
plaintiff’# action. Judgment will be eotered againu
you. and in flavor of tee said Ebcnexer O Wolcott,
and so mneb of the ptopeny attached as may bo snin
dent to sail* y the said lodgment and costa, wtll be
■cld to aaCaiy the tame. __ __
WM. L. CHURCH. Clerk.
A. K. Wolcott, puts A try, jti-ea.Mv
of Chicago. JuneTcfia. iSfiL -In Chwcery.
William T. Seymour to. Cla'Jc Ituuvon and Laura J.
Runyon, his wife. Joseph Johastnn, Charles Q.
Wicker. John Peanutoo. American HortoNail Com
rany, Samuel Bailey, Jobu 1L Brown. William U.
Brown. Peter Kinney, Eggleston 1). Lmlwlck, Charles
Stair, Jr., Robert Huehe*Tt.ucisa Buttles, vltnlnljtra
t:r of the estate of Joel Buttles, deceased, tho nn*
known heirs cf Joel Buttles, deceased. Clarissa Hi
kina, administratrix of the estate of Joseph Fllkta*. d<*.
ceased, the unknown heirs of Joseph Flmna, deceased.
Affidavit basing been Hied In the office of the Clerk
of laid Superior Ccurt of Chicago that Robert Hugh**,
ore of tho defendants above named, on due inquiry
cannot be found, acd that the arid Robert Hughes has
gone ont of this State. Notice la hereby given to the
arid Robert Baches that the complainant Qled his rill
of complaint in raid Court, oa the Chancery rile
thereof, on the twentieth day of May. ISM, aad that a
suit mops thereupon issued out of said Court against
raid Defendants, returnable on the tint Monday of
June next, (IS6L) as! a by >aw required.
Now. unless yon. tho said Robert Hughes shall
personally be and appear befbre arid Superior Court
of Chicago, of Cook County, oa the lint day of the
next term thereof to be holden at Chicago, la arid
County, on the ant Monday of Juae. 1861. aad plead,
answer or demur to the said complainant's bill oc
complaint, the same, acd the natters and things there
in charged and stated. wfli be taken at confessed, and
a decre- entered against you according to the orayor
Of raid bl L WALTKR KIMBALL, Clerk.
Kao A Scott. Complainant's Solicitors,
K3 COUNTY. 8. S.—Superior Coart of Chicago,
May Term, A, D. i»u A«« D. Rofd and Sjlrcswr
T9. J. K. HaHare— Attachment.
Publ.c notice Is hereby #*eo to the said J. BL Hal.
lam that a writ of attachment lasned ont of the office
of the Cleric of the Superior Court of Chlcaga, dated
the t'tth day of April A. D. 1&3. at the salt of the said
Asa D. Reed and sylresler Reeo, and against thee*,
fate ol tho said J K, Hallam. for tho sum of Fire
Hundred Seventy-Two and 45.:00 Dollars, directed to
the Sheriff ol Cook Conner which said writ has been
returned executed. Now.tcprefore,nnlessyoa,taa said
J. K. Hallam shall personally be and appear before
the said Superior Coon of Chicago, on or before the
tint day of the term thereoC to be Holden at the Coon
House, in the City of Chicago, on the first Monday of
June, A. D. tSSI. giro special boll, and plead to the
tald plaintiff's action. Judgment will be eater ad against
too, and In farorof the said plaintiffs and so mneh of
the property attached as maybe sufficient to satkiy
the said Judgment and cost*, will be sold to sat Uly the
same. WALTKR KIMBALL, Clerk.
OaLltjt * Hrrcacocx. p.firV Ati'jC
V/ oCminoU, Cook County, S. B.—Superior Court
of Chicago. June Term.
wlllam T. Seymour vs. Clark Runyon and Ltnra J.
Runyon, his wife. Joseph Johnston. Charles G.
Wicker. John Dennlaton. American Horse Nai Com.
cany. Samuel Bailey. John H. Brown. William it.
Brown. Pctrr Kinney, Eggleston B. Lodwlck, Charles
suit. Jr, Robert Hughes, Lnctaa Buttles, adralati.
tntrr of the estate of Joel Buttles, deceased, the aa
known Heirs of Joel Buttles, deceased. Clarissa Ftl
kins. s<lTHlntn'»tratrlx of the es’au of Joseph FUkli*
deceased, the unknown Hein* of Joseph FUklna, da'
ceased.—ln Chancery.
Affidavit of the sen-residence of Clark Rnnyoo,
Lanra J. lisnyca. h'nwife. The American HonaNail
Company. Inclan Buttles, adtnlnlilrator of the es
tate of Joel Battles, deceased, Samuel Bailey. John
H Brown. William K. Brown. Peter Kinney, Kg
gleston B. Lodwlck and Charles SUrr, Jr, ten of the
defendants above named having been filed la the of
fice of the Clerk of said Superior Court of Chicago:
and. also. that the defendants designated In the tail
ot Complaint In said salt as the nnknown Hein of Joel
Battles, deceased, and the unknown Heirs of Joseph
FUklna. deceased, ora interested In Mid lull and la
the lands described In the hUI of complaint In sal.l
salt, and that the names of the said defendants design
naled as the unknown heirs of Joel Battles, deceased,
and the unknown hem of Joscnh Pllkdns, deceased,
are nnhnbwn. Notice Is hereby given to the said
Clark Bunron and Laura J. Runyon, his w<fe. The
Ameriesn Horse Nall Company. Lnclaa Buttles,admin
istrator of the estate of Joel Buttles, deceased, the on.
known Heirs of Joel Buttles, deceased. Samuel Bailer
John H. Brown. William R. Brown, Peter Kinney. K --
E lesion B. Lodwlck, Charles Starr. Jr., and the on
nova Heirs of Joseph FUkin*. deceased, that the
complainant filed hU bill of complaint la said Court
cn «be Chancery side thereof on the 20th oay of Msv,
IS6I. tod teat a summons thereupon Issued out of sUi
Court sgalr st sild defendants returnable on the fine
klonday of Juno next 0861), as la by law required.
.2jp w « nnle» joo, the said Clark ttnayon and Laura
J. Runyon bis wife. The American Horae KaUCim.
pany, I uclan Battle?, administrator of the entile of
52?. l .. BnW .r B i^e r «“«a. Samuel BsUirr, John U. Br*wa.
JUto R. Brown. Peter Kinney. Egylestm B. Lod-
S.an-.Jr,, aa(l th ® saladefcndanti de
signated In eald bill aa the unknown Heir* of Joel
»nv. ,e * d . ecf and the unknown Helm of Jo*ept,
FUklna, deceased, shall pertonally be and appear be
fore said faupniorCoert of Chicago, of Cook County,
cn the first day of the next t=na ihereoC to be miden
st Chlcazo, in said County, on tho first Monday of
June, IS6I, and Mead. answer or demur to the said
complainant’s bill of complaint, the same md the
ms tiers and things therein charged and slated, will be
taken aa confessed, and a decree entered against roa
according to Ue prayer of said mil
k,™ * ?cott, BonjßSTgssuasa.®'*
n yii-tOT-Sw
nS-i-So^o** 9 * , e 'U ierior Court of Chicago. Jana
?«“• ¥hJ^xP e U* lf * r V rK Joaa D * Pahlmau. LnUi-r
f.* 00 ® > ewl * 6t £ ne v f^ T ? e A. Carnes and Caro
line IL Cam es hi •wife. Theodore F. Phillips. William
G. Appleton and Eliza O. Appleton hiswtfr Abitah
S'one. Robert Balnbrldge.George RnUcdgewimaa IL
Warne, Frederick WaS*: Hiram li Tnckef.
G. £*rnea, Samuel Haskell. William WUaoa JohaL
torthell and Illcfcani B. Doveli in Chancery
Affidavit of the non-resldenco of George A. Carnes
Capo line H. Carnes hi* wife, Theodore P. Phillips!
.V. 1 . W cV- A PPi e l? a •BdEllaa G. Appleton his wife)
AbJJah Stone Robert Balnbndee, George Rntledge!
William H. Wane, Frederick warno, NaUiatUcl (i
Caraes, Samuel H&akelL William Wilson and Blchart
B. DotclL foortecuof tnc defendants above named
having bc«£3 filed In the office of the Clerk of aald
Superior Conn Of Chicago, notice U hereby given to
Hie said Qecrgc A. Carnes and Caroline H. Carnes hi
wife, Thotlore P. PhUllpe, William G. Appleton an
Edza G. Appleton bis wife. Ahljsii Stone, Robert Bala
bridge, George Rutledge, William U. Warue, Fwler
lek warue, Nathaniel G. Carnes. Samuel Haskell. Wil
liam Wilson and Richard It. DoveU. that the complain
ant filed bis bill of complaint In said Court onth<*
Chancery side thereof on the %th day of May i*n. and
that a Bummonds thereupon Issncd out of aald Court
against eald defendants, returnable on the first Monday
of June next, 1661. as by law required.
Kow. unless you. the aald George A. Carnes and
Caroline H. Carcea bis wife.Theodore F. Phillips. Wil.
Ham G. Appleton and Eliza G. Appleton his wlfa
AMlah Stone. Robert Balnbrldge. George Batledns
wuliam H. Waxnc.
Carnea, Pamnel Ua»kelL W’UUam Wilson and Richard
B. Dovell shall per tonally be and appear before said
Superior Court of Chicago of Cook County, on the
first day of the next term thereof to be holden at Chi
cago. In said County, on the first Monday of June, tssi,
and plead, answer or demur to tho said comolanaul’a
bill of complaint, the same, and the matter* and things
therein charged and stated, will he taken a* confessed,
and s decree entered against you according to tho
prayer of sold hUI. WALTER KIMBALL. Clerk.
Kura A Scott. Compl’ts SoVr. my-TeUt^w
O COUSTY, S. 8 —Superior Court of Chicago,
May Term, A, D. 186 L D. Beed and Sylvester
Bred vs. J. K. Hallam—Attachment.
Public nonce is hereby given to the said J. s. Hal
lam that a writ of at'achment tamed out ot the odea
cf the Clerk cf the Superior Court of Chicago, dat*d
the 17th day of April. A. D. Wl,»: the suit of tho said
and Sylvester Heed, and against tho as.
taic >t the said JTJL Hallam. for tha aim of Five
Hundred Seventy-Two ant ts-fon DoUari, directed to
the Sheriff of Cook county, which said writ has been
returned executed.
Fow, therefore, ualeseyou, the said j. t Hallam
shall personally be and appear before the said flauo
rior Conrt or Chicago, era or before the first day of wo
term thereof, to be hcldia w ire Court House; la lbs
City cf Chicago, on the first Monday of JUas! A, l>.
ISbt, give to the said plaintiffs
action, Jcdgmen. will boenterod agamn you. and la
favor of'the said plaintiffs, and so much of the pro-
SALE. Whereas,
bTd^S^ns 1 pyrene# J J. 51ssea.haa been
*s.® Superior Court of Chi
00 **“7 wth. 19i% in a suit wherein Isaac
•aid Henry L Porreah Trustee, to secure a
promUeorynota of Five Thousand Dollar*, dated May
Sto, A. Dlj8», and payable one year alter datatotha
order of Thomas 1* Furrest with tatereet at ten new
cent per annum, which said original Trust Deed*
filed of record In said causa, and la also resorted 5
the Recorder's Office of Coo* County. In Book rat
Pa* eias.br which said Dead tha Beal Vacate hereto!
after described was conveyed to said Henry L. Format
tn umm Vnt*
And. where**, Mid Sote with Interest frost the
£ber*o£ 1* sow wholly doe end unpaid. end there to
tine thereon the asm of Fire Thousand Nina Hundred
ud Seresty.Two Pollers, to pey which sold e*td
Beal Estate hi* been ordered by uld Co art to be sold.
*s to *sd by Mid decree appears.
Sow, therefore, notice U nereby rtren «*■* the ttv
dertlcned, Lawrence J. J.Slnea, wQI seUstoebUs
eactlon on Voxsat. the sevente«nth day oc Jane.
A. D. ISO, st 13 o'clock noon of that day; at tha north
door of the Court Home in Chicago, to the hlzhest
bidder for cash the Beal Bstateconrered aa atonvald
▼to:—The sona half of Lot Ten, Bfocr One Handled
cwo ttannof«UOp W-UM, recorded to thoßeear
Haiaxosox Pans, artuaiH .

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