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Ci)tf.ijjo Criimne
So.—'The tag Bapty now bang fitted
m a gun boat ut Albany, is not a Chicago craft,
,1 oil, and never Tie..
, A Eelic.— Mr. dames Patton, of Rockford,
who haajnrt returned to this city fromWoth
irgton, baa brought wltb him tho bannlaler ran
of the atalrajon which Cob Ellsworth wm shot,
nt the Marshall Home, in .Alexandria.
Yibe ok ‘West Jackson Street.— At two
o'clock yesterday morning a large bam, be
longing to B, W. Rooetead, situated in tbe
block bounded by Jackson, Van Boren,
Loomis and Thioop streets, was entirely de
stroyed, together with a small cottage adjoln-
Ing. Loss about S7OO. Insured for S3OO.
Photographs or the Late Senator.—J.
Cortmtt, 131 Lake street, has published a
meznorlcd photograph er Judge Douglas, en
circled with a neat mourning border. There
is also a medium and a cabinet size, both fuR
length. Walsh, on Madison street, has them
for sale singly or by the quantity.
McViceeu's Theater, after being closed
four nights, out of respect to our late Senator,
8. A Dcuglos,*wQl open this evening with the
operatic spectacle of “The Enchantress,”
when Miss Caroline and Mr. P. filchings will
resume their engagement. The Stuigea Rifle
Company, which was Invited to attend, on
Monday, will be present *b!c evening.
Noun ib & Hire, news and periodical deal
crs/100 Dearborn and 102 Madison streets,
have on their counters all the late dallies and
Weeklies, Vanity Fair, and also a new Dime
Ford entitled The Trail Hunters, Wilkes’
Spirit, and all the Irish papers for tho week.
Just received an approplate rosette of the
lamented CoL Ellsworth, and photographs of
Douglas by Heeler. \
Change in a Commission Firm.— By an ad
vertisement to be found in another column, it
will be seen that tbe firm of Bedford, Mere
dith & Co. has been changed to that of Bed
ford, Meredith & RusselL Mr. Russell is from.
Cincinnati, and has for many years operated
largely in flour—which will hereafter be aa
Important branch of the business of the new
firm, *
Pleasant Boms at Evanston To-Night.
—The young ladies of the Northwestern Fe
male College, ETan£tOD t will hold a Strawber
ry and Ice Cream Festival to night. The
proceeds will be appropriated to make addi
tions to the College Cabinet and library.
They Invite their friends of Chicago to visit
them on this occasion. The festival will close
with a sale of fancy articles, paintings, &c.,
made by their own lair hands.
The Douglas Obsequies.— Wc are request
ed to state that the Post Office, CnstomHouse
2nd the offices connected with the TJ. 8. Court,
wQlbe closed to-day iromlO o’clock a. m. till
'ftp. ic. r '
' The Mayor and Common Council respect
frilly request, that business be suspended in
this city to day, during the funeral obse
quies of the late Hon. Stephen A. Douglas.
We call attention tea card from, numerous
merchants in another column.
A Chicago Bor in Washington.— Lieut
Frederick Mcnrs, 9th Infantry, U. 8. A, who
has been lately drilling seven companies of
tbe Twcnty-Fillh Pennsylvania Regiment at
the arsenal, with such satisfactory results, has
Been assigned like duty in connection with
the Connecticut Brigade, by General Mans
field. The Connecticut volunteers will find
it Lieutenant Hears a skillful drill officer and
% thorough gentleman. So says the Washing
ton Sunday Chronida.
An Insane Man on His Travels.— Tho
Jhvmcl says that a young man named John
McDonald, representing that he has relatives
In Gettysburg, Pa, was taken to the Armory
on Tuesday night,* perfectly crazy. He be
lieved that some one was trying to kill him,
•and when accosted would fill down upon his
knees and beg for his life. He hod a draft up
on a Pittsburgh bank for two hundred dollars,
and about twenty-six dollars In eastern money.
He wHI be cored for humanely until his
fritnda can-be applied to.
Luscious Strawberries. —Mr. G. B. Davlsi
Of thcweß known Morgan Gardena, on the
Keith eide, has placed-upon our table a box of
Strawberries which deserve more than a pass
ing notice. They are of the WRson’a Albany
variety, of the highest sub-acid flavor and large
size—many of them measuring three to four
indies in drcumferaace—and; Just from the
Tines as werecelved themjn point offrtahnass
are in pleasing contrast to those scat to this
dty from points from one to- three hundred
Julies difitantr ‘Mr. Davis is making the grow
ing ofaH small fruits a specialty and his en
terprise cannot be too highly commended to
the attention of those In our community who
Lev f good fruit.
The Beathof Jadce Bovglos,
At a huge meeting of the Beaman’s Benero
lent EodeJy at their rooms, Wednesday eveu
irg, the following resolutions were passed: ■
Eudted, unanimously by the Seaman’s Benevo
lent Society of Ue dty of Chicago, That we most
Sincerely mourn the death of Senator Douglas, and
thotwc will testify onr grief at his loss, and re
spect for his memory by uniting as a Society in the
obteqnics of 10s funeral.
itoo lud. That ilia a source of unfeigned satis
faction to the members of thl* Bodcty tnatths
honored remalne of the great and gifted Senator
are to repose upon the soil of the State of minds.
That wc know It was hie oft expressed wish while
living that his final resting place should be in his
own loved State; That a time so much honored by
his illuhtrlons life and abilities, and which, to her
turn, had repeatedly bestowed her highest honors
epon him, bad a Just claim, In the historian’s page,
to the rerowu oi his Dame.and memory.
Saolted, That the death* of a eta tee man so end
sunt, patriotic and influential, at this critical
juncture of onr national affairs, mobos h’s loas
mote profoundly felt and deplored, and nearly Ir
ycparsl lc to the country.
Mctoirtd, That these resolutions be published in
*hc cHy papers. c. N. Holden, President.
Daniel D. Waite, Sec.
The Chicago Catholic Total Abstinence and
Benevolent Society, met on Wednesday, stb
Inst., and passed unanimously the following
HuUvtd. That this Society sympathizes in the
Escral grief which the death of Su.-phcnA.Dong
s has cast upon the community, wno recognized
In him the real and ability requisite to sustain the
fortunes of onr country in these critical days, and
who, moreover, esteemed him for qualities of
heart which seldom in a similar degree are found
combined, with the eminent merits-which distin
gol:bid great statesmen.
£emlttd. Learning that the remains of tbe de
ceased Senator will be interred on Friday-next,
tl v members will meet at 8# o’clock A. iL. on
that day, with draped regalia, to join the funeral
Army Nurses.
Miss D. L. Dir, the well known philanthro
pist, Laving been appointed by tbe War De
portment as the Matron General of Army Hos
pitals-and Superintendent of the Nurses of tbe
Army, has appointed Mra. P. £. Tates, of this
dty, presiding Matron of the Military Hospi
tal at Cairo, and the latter left this city last
evening for that place.
Mrs. Tates, who has the appointing of her
subordinates in the nurse department* of the
Western Division of the Amy, has already
designated Miss J. A Babcock, Miss L. Slay
maker. Miss T. Zimmer, Miss H. E- Babcock,
snd Miss Ada Miller, all of thin city, as her as
dßtacta, and these appointments have been
dnly sanctioned by Hlu Dlx. Two of these—
Hiss J. A Babcock and Mias L. Slsymaker—
are already acting as nnnee at the Hospithl at
Cairo, and Mias Zimmer accompanied Mrs.
Yates thither last evening—and the others are
ready to go as soon as their services be
There will be seed for more nurses in this
Division, but Chicago has her fall quota, and
weß-quaiified ladies In other parts of the
North western States, deeiringto volunteer in
this important service, are requested to com
municate with Mrs. Tates, addressing her at
“Camp Defiance, Cairo, HL” None will be
Accepted as nurses unddr thirty years of age,
or who, cannot give the best
tion. from physicians and clergymen. *ru«
• Dlx wm accept all sunea whom Mrs. Tates
may recommend or appoint.
Hoffman Dncooos.
Capt. Bchaumbecks Dragoons were in readi
ness yesterday morning at 9: o’clock, at the
Store of H. A.Kohn & Bro., Lake street, and
there received their uniforms. The company
. were then marched to the Washington street
i &ont Court Hook, where Llont’Qov.
-Hoffmanpreeented them with a flni aland of
i regimental-colora of aUk, trimmed with
gold fringe. On one elde waa “The Union
, Hcrerer—National Union." On the other
“ininola Mounted Co. B EoamanDragotme”
’ The Lieut. Governor delivered a neat
.to the soldiers, praising them for their disci,
pllne and soldierlike appearance. The colors
Were received in behalf of the company byAr
mo Voic, Esq., & former member of the Wash
frgton Independent Company, who responded
• bravery brief speech.; The Dragoons then
gave three cheers for the Governor and three
. mere for the dty of Chicago, and repaired t£>‘
their quartets.. - ■ ' /"■
•‘Earth to Earih—Dast to Dost,”
Imposing Bites by the Masonic Fra-
The Last nesting Place.
The solemn and imposing ceremonies to*
day ore to fittingly culminate the tribute of
mourning and respect .our community is ac
cording to illiißtrions,dead. Throughout yes
tefday Bryan HaU was visited by a conthmbos
throns, paaalng alowly In double file between
the lines of the military guard, to toko a final
look of the departed statesman. The events
of to-day, will witness tho bearing hence of
these honored remains to their last resting
place at . Cottage Grove. Tho hnrlal service
will be the Roman Catholic, conducted
byßlshop Duggan of this diocese—not that
deceased was connected with this form of re
ligious faith, but since bo belonged to no reli
gious denomination, tbe desire of the bereaved
; wife Is followed. The rites will be those of
her own church.
Last evening at Bryan Hall took place the
solemnities of the Masonic fraternity, of which
deceased was in life an honored member.
Tbe Fraternity assembled at their respective
Lodge Booms, at 5 o’clock P, M., and clothed
themselves with the usual habiliments of Ma
sonic mourning, Masters and Officers of Lodges
wearing the collars and jewels of their office,
and in other respects attiring themselves like
The different Lodges repaired to Metropoli
tan Hall, where tbe procession formed under
the direction of Brother H. C. Ranncy, Chief
Marshal. At G o’clock a detachment of
Knights Templar,with a deputation of Masters
proceeded to Biyan Hall and relieved the
military from guard duty in the interior of the
Hall. At the same hour the procession moved
from Metropolitan Ball, proceeding down La*
ealle street to Lake, along Lake to State, up
State to Madison, along Madison to Clark,
and down Clark to Biyan Hall.
Tbe doors of the Hail were opened at 0
o’clock to a limited number of holders of tick*
eie, these being ladies and gentlemen accozn.
-panying the same, friends of members of the
Order. The “limited number”proved, as is
not nnusual, to be several hundred mere than
were provided for; but the circumstance .was
disposed of with only moderate confusion.
The inevitable infants who always attend pub
lic occasions were there in arms, and made
even more than their usual share of annoy
Long before the arrival of the procession,
the space devoted to spectators was well filled.
The spectacle was an imposing one.- Within
the open area cf the hall kept clear for the oc
cupancy of the Fraternity, the honored dead
was watched by a guard of TTnigbfa Templars
with drawn swords. In accordance with Ma
sonic usage, the body was made to take aposl
tlon with the feet to the Eastward. For an
hour the large throng waited in a breathless
silence, broken only by the light tread of the
Templars on guard, as they paced to and fro.
About half post seven, the procession com
menced to enter the hall in double file, and
passing round the outer circumference of the
area, continued to move on, contracting tho
circle, until the rear of tho line had entered
the area. The following is the
Lafayette Lodge, No. 18, A W. Hitchcock, W. M.
Oriental, Lodge, No. 83, G. F. Haines, W. M.
Garden City Lodge, No. 141, W. C.Bateham,W.M.
Germania Lodge, No. 182, H. M. Feolets, W. M.
Arcadia Ledge, No. 271, —— WunfeTd, "W, H.
W. B. Warren Lodge, No. 209, 0. H. TunnlclUr*
- W.M. •
Cleveland Lodge, No. 211, N. W. Huntley, W. M.
Dearborn Lodge, No. 810, 2L N- Horlbut, W. M,
Kilwinning Lodge, No. 813, F. C. Green, W. M.
Blaney Ledge, No. 271, Gilbert R. Smith, W. M*
The ceremonies were performed under the
auspices of the Layfayette Lodge No. 18, that
being the oldest Lodge here. The exercises
were opened with an impressive prayer by the
Rev. Dr. O. H. Tiffany. Following this a se
ries of Resolutions, paying a tribute to the
worth and services of the departed brother
were read by D. H. Cameron.
Tbe Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge,
Hon. H. G. Reynolds, then recounted the Ma
sonic history of the deceased. He said that
the departed brother on tbe 24th of May, 1810
became connected with the Springfield Lodge,
W£& Grind Orator tho same year, and in Dec.
£Bih, 1840, was elected Junior Warden. Mr.
Douglas was In that year Secretary of State.
In Feb. 1841 being elected Judge of the Su
preme Court, and assigned to the Quincy Dis
trict, he removed thither, resigning his poai
{ tion as Junior Warden. On the 30th of Aug.,
1844, he received the .mark Master’s degree,
and on the 8d of December was made R yal
Arf-h Mason.
Brother Hotmer A Johnson then delivered
a brief and appropriate address. Then sue.
ceeded the Impressive Funeral Service of the
order conducted by Grand Master LA. W.
Tbe following invocations were made by the
Master—“Msyve be tree and faithful j-ondmaywo
live and die in love I". motcltbe."
MasUr—May wo profess what Is good, and altrays
act agreeably to our profession r
Answer— - *‘So mote It be."
Master—“ May the Lord bless us, and prosperous
. us; and may all our good Intentions bo crowned wltb
Amwcr—“Bo mote It be."
Matter—** Glory be to God on Ugh! on carlh,peaco;
good will towards men!"
Amwcr—“So mote it be, now, henceforth, and tor.
evermore.** .
One of the moLt impressive features of the
occasion was when during the singing of tho
Funeral Dirge, to “ JPlq/eV* Symn ” the entire
Fraternity passed in single file by Die remains
each depositing thereon a sprig of evergreen.
The following was the dirge sung:
Solemn strikes the fon'ral chime,
Notes of cur departing time;
As wo ioumey heto below.
Through a pilgrimage of woe I
Mortals, now indulge a tear,
For mortality la near I
Sec how wide her trophies wave
O’er the slumbers of the grave!
Here another guest we bring,—
Seraphs of celestial wing,
To our fon’ral altar come,
Waft this Mend and brother home.
There, enlarged, thy soul shall sec
WhAt was veiled in mystery; -
Heavenly glories of the place
Show hie Maker face to face.
Lord of all! below—above—
Fill our hearts with truth and love;
When dissolves our earthly tie, 1
Take ns to thy Lodge on high.
About eighteen hundred masons were pre
sent, and the occasion by its impressiveness
was made one long to be remembered. The
guard .duty was done by tho Apollo Com
znandezy No. 1, of Knights Templars, M. J.
6. W. Dcering, Commander.
Throughout yesterday workmen were pre
paring at Cottage grove the beautiful estate,
and the anticipated homestead of Judge Doug
las, a place for the reception of his remains,
the narrow house appropriated for all the liv
ing, In place of the home where he had hoped
to pass the evening of his days. An excava
tion seven feet in depth has been made in a
reddish gravelly soQ. A brick flooring
been laid, and the aides walled up with brick,
and arched over about three feet in height.
This, of course, will form hut a temporary
tomb. The selection could not be better, and
is especially appropriate, as the site was a fa
vorite one with Senator Douglas, and was
selected by him as the spot for his future res
idence. It is immediately adjacent to the
spot where his permanent tomb and monu
ment will be reared, to mark the spot. This
tomb is being erected upon a high knoll of
some three acres of cleared ground, bound
ed on the west and north by heavy oaks,
on the east by the lake, and on the south by
the Langley estate. In which direction the fu
neral cortege wfl probably enter.
Judge Douglas* sons, Stephen A and Rob
ert Martin Douglas, arrived from Washington
yesterday morning, by the Pittsburgh & Fort
Wayne Railway, in company with J. M. Cutts,
Eeq., the father of Mrs. Douglas, and tho en
tire bereaved family win to day have their
place in the funeral cortege. The* eldest of
these lads is thirteen, the youngest eleven
yews of age,
lu the procession to-day, delegations will
be present in large numbers from different
places in this Slate and adjoining States. It
wfll be one of the most imposing demonstra
tions ever seen in the Northwest. The order
of procession we gevein our last issue. It has
been modified only In some of Its Immaterial
features. Its divisions, with the officers of
tbe day, as detailed to as follows: ;
Chief Marshal—CoL J. H Tasker.
Aide—Kaj. Geo. E. Stanton, J. H. W. Jones, i
. Tost Division.—Assistant Marshal, Col H. D.-
Booth, consisting of military escort. . This Dlvi
.. ion-win form on Clark street, right resting on
Lake street. -
• 6*ooh» Division.— Assistant w.wKhai, JohuH.
.Klorie. Tbeftmeral cortege, with dergy, escort
rJu!*?* °f deceased, and committee, This
' > a T lll fertt 011 dark street, right resting
on Randolph street.. \
. Thus Dtook.— AorUtant Marshal, jStephen
A. Goodwin. This Division will form on Clark
street, right resting on Washington street.
retrain DmeioN.—Afelstant Marring Col. G.
S. Hubbard. This Division will form on Clark
street, right resting on Madison street,
FwmDmeiOK.—Assistant Marshal, J. H. Bow
cn;.the Masonic Fraternity; tho Mercantile Asso
ciation. This Division will form on Madison St.,
cast of Clark, right resting on Clark street. . •
Sixth Dmaox.—AisUtant Marshal, C. N. HoW
«i. Tbla Ulrlfilcd it 111 form on Madison street,
righlnitlng on Clark street.;. , i -•
Seventh Division.—Assistant Marshal, David
Walsh, This Division will; form on Washington
street, east of Clark, right resting on Clorkstreet.
Exgiith Division.—Assistant Marshal, W- T*
Slmfddt. This Division will form on Washing
ton street, west of Clark, right resting on Clark
* Noun Division.—Assistant Morubni, CoL Wm..
6. Johnston. This Division win form on Ran
dolph street, cast of Clark, right resting on Clark
street. ’
Tenth.Division.- Assistant Marwfert, n. H. Bl
criy. This Division will form on Randolph street;
west of Clark, right resting on Clark street.
Among Die military present in the proces
sion will be Zouave Companies “ A” and **B ”
of CoL Scott’s Regiment, now CoL Pitcher’s,
who are to arrive here this a. il from Spring
field. .The following is the .
The several divisions will form under the direc
tion of the Marshals, designated in their respec
tive processions, promptly at half past 9 o’clock
Friday, p. m.
The procession will more at 10 o’clock precisely,
east from Clark on Lake street, sooth on Michigan
avenue to Cottoge Grove, the place of burial.
The streets and avenue through which the pro
cession Is to move will be kept dear during its
pasEage. • •
We are glad to notice a general and mostap*
propziate disposition on the part of all classes
of onr citizens to pay respect to this occasion.
The banks, and stores will be dosed. There
will be no meeting of the Board of Trade on
’Change, the Public Schools will be closed,
and thus our entire dty will pay its last trib
ute of respect to the illustrious dead.
Tho Funeral of Judge Douglas.
Proclamation or Matob Bunbet.—By order
cf tho Common Connell, I hereby request all busi
ness to be suspended in this city to-morrow, dar
ing the obsequies of ths late and much lamented
Hon. Stephen A Douglas.
■ .Julian S. Eumbey,,Mayor.
• Chicago/ Jane 6th, 1661. ' \
To Jouhketnek Tatt.ob3.—AH the journeymen
tailors of the dty arc requested to meet on Friday
morning, corner of Washington and La Salle
streets, at 9 o’clock, for the purpose of attending
the funeral obsequies of the late Hou. Stephen A.
Douglas. ’
Lawtzbs Attention.—The members of tho
Chicago Bar ore requested to meet at tho Cook
County Circuit Court Room at 9 o’clock A. M. on
Friday morning, for tbe purpose of joining In the
funeral procession of Judge Douglas.
Notice to Pau. Bbahess.—The escort of pall
bearers are requested to meet at A. M., to
day, promptly, at tbe Recorder’s Court Room, in
the Coart House. Tho dress to bo worn is black
hat, block coat and pantaloons, and white vest
and gloves. Crape for the arm and white gloves
will be famished at the place of meeting to-day.
Gbk. H. L; Stewabt,
Col. J. H. Fostes,
J. P. Clarkson,
Dn. L. D. Boone,
Matthew Laplxn,
Fjbe Department Notice.—Tho Fire Depart
ment are requested to meet at 9% o’clock A. M.,
Friday, on Lasalle and Washington streets, with
out their engines, to join in the funeral procession
of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas.
V, P. Hawus, Chief Engineer.
The merchants of the dty are Invited to
join with the Mercantile Association, at their
rooms, comer of Lake and State streets at 9 a, an,
prompt to attend the funeral obsequies of Judge
Douglas. Badges will be provided.
Pes Cedes. , • Mebbill Ladd, Scc’y. ‘
The members of the Bar are requested to
meet at the Circuit Court room at 9 o’clock this
morning for the purpose of attending the fnneral
of the lamented Senator Douglas. Each member
Is requested to be present, and if possible to ap
pear in black.
Badges will bo famished by tho committee at
the Court Boom. B. S. ilonnrs, Ch’n.
Jas. B. B bad well, Sec’y.
tST” The Board of Trustees, Bcgeuts and Fac
ulty of the University of Chicago, arc requested
to meet at the office of Thomas Boyne, Esq., op
posite the Court Bousc,tbls morning at 9# o'clock,
preparatory to participating in the funeral obse
quies of the daj. By order of tho
Executive CoamxrxßS.
Chicago TrpocnArmcAi. Ujtion.— Members of
the Union arc notified to meet at the Times office
on Friday morning, at 9 o’clock, for the purpose
of Joining the funeral procession of Senator
Dongles. Jakes W. Sistzbsoh, Chairman.
Notice.-— We tho undersigned Dry Goods Mer
chants, agree to keep onr respective establish
ments closed on Friday, 7th Inst., in respect to the
memory of the late Bon. S. A. Douglas, and there
by give our employees an opportunity of partici
pating In the funeral obsequies of the day:.
W. JA. Boss & Co., J. B. Shay, Freedman 6s
Goodkind, C. S. Stein, A. 6. Downs & Co., T. B.
Carter, Stryker A Co, Philip Conley, P. Palmer *
Co., Hollister & Wilkins, Bigelow, Muhlke 6s Co.,
W. B Wood & Co., Phelps, Seely & Co., O. H.
America & Co;, Timine Schloaser, Charles Wetz
ler, Goodman 6s Beincman, F. Stenson, Halbert
Esnn, Ferdinand Eoenug,W. Marc ores
& Son, Scbsfddt 6s Bro’s, Koha 6s Brother, L.
Frederick, L. Bamberger.
Company B, Attention !
You are hereby notified to assemble at your
quarters. West Market Hall, tbla morning at 8
o’riock. The company will march from its quar
ters to take tbe position assigned it in the funeral
proceeelon, at precisely 9 o’clock a. m.
- S.B Raymond, Captain.
Attention Volunteers!
Company A, Seventh Regiment Missouri Volun
teers, CoL John x). Stevenson commanding, attach
ed to Gen. Frank P. Blair’s Brigade, have opened
a rccrnltlnc office at No. 76 Dearborn street. Any
good men desirous of going to the war and seeing
active service at once, can have an opportunity, a
fall band of twenty-four members, for the regi
ment, go with this company, which will leave posi
tively cn the evening of the 9th for the Arsenal at
St Louis. Capt. Jos. S. C. Rowland,
“Boss Rifles.”
Homo Guard —First Ward,
Ton are notified to be at your drill room tMg
(Friday) morning, at 8 o'clock, to attend the funor
era! obse qolea cf the late Judge Donglar. -
• y S. B. Williams, Orderly.
Attcntloz?, Chicago City Guard, Com*
pany F, COtb Begtxnent.
There will be a meeting of tho Chicago City
Guard, for the election of officers at their Armory,
Garret* Block, on Saturday, Jane 15th, 1861.
By order of J. Mason Loosas, 1
Rost. Bkadlet, VCommittcc.
J. A. Cutlto, . )
Company B, 60(la Ileclmcnt, Atten-
Every member Is expected to be at West Market
Dali on Friday morning, at 9 o’clock, sharp, to
take part in tbe Amend obsequies of Senator
Douglas. Uniform, -black coat and pants, bine
military cap, belt, and white gloves; also, cr»pe
on left arm above elbow.
Samuel B. Raymond, Capt,
Wheeler & Wilsqn’s • Sewing Machines—office
IC3& ICSLakc.St, Geo. R, Chittenden, General
Agent for Illinois, lowa, Wisconsin and North In
dlana, ■ mySHOt
VST" Services will be held in tho old Trinity
Church next Sunday, as cenal, and for the last
time. The Sunday following the congregation ex
pects to worship in their new chnrch on Jackson
street, between Michigan and Wabash avenue.
Mzkistbt at Laege.—l wane work for a man
able and willing to work one week for bis board.
Be 2ms come from the South—got here entirely
destitute, and is thankful at that. Be wants a
place unto he can get money from his friends in
the East, to carry him home. Apply to Robert
Collyer, 177 Randolph street, eecmd floor, froml
to 4 o’clock p.m.
feW Cook & McLain, 03 Dearborn street, bare
made their price for cleaning and dyeing Gent's
garments leas than any otherhoose in the city,
tST" A large and fine assortment ofHalr Brashes
and Dressing Combs, Toilet articles of every kind,
will be seen at Sargent's, cornet of Randolph and
State streets. Drug Store. my9otf ;
Pates Haxoism.— The best stock at the lowest
prices, at Faxon's, No. TO Lake street, apSOtf
AH should not fan to read the advertise
xnent of Prof. Wood In to-day’s paper, mh-ly.
Hardee the Traitor Superceded.
sued by the War Department, Ist of Hay, 188U In
fantry and Blfle Tactics for the Army and Volnn
teers of the United States. Price $1,33, Posts?
10 cents.
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Ellsworth to the TJ. S. Zouave (£dets, written by
CoL Ellsworth, with the roles and by-laws attach
ed. Price SI.OO. Free by maiL
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Active Some* Book.— By E. L. Vide of the
Seventh Bcgiment of New York, beingpractical
instructions for the campaign duty. Price 81.C0.
. Postage 13 cents.
Cavalbt Tactics-— Svbls. Prepared by a Board
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* SSpf U rat?’ 67 C * Pt McCleDia - Prloe *l-50.
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Pries 02°, Postage 18 cents.
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' All the above Books or Maps, .together with
etayoOurloohdnvar literature, willbe forward
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either by mall or express, on receipt qf the amount
TmmsnVri Junes, 1801.
There Is nothing worthy of note in the general
money market. The. bankers are principally en
gaged in compromising and settling with their
depositors, and their business with the commer*
dal pnblieat present Is exceedingly light,
On ’Change Eastern exchange was sold at Xc©
IX 9 cent discount for gold, and at par for Indi
ana, lowa, and good- eastern currency, - The mar- -
ket for exchange, however,, is very Irregular, and
it,win probably continue so till monetary affidrs
are in amore settled condition.
Some ,of'our dky r bankers and broken are at.
tempting to depredate the bQIs of. the State Bank
of lowa by asking 3©4 per cent premium for gold;
bat the issues of this bank and Its branches are
redeemable In gold, and we are requested to state
that Messrs. 8. Stnrges & Son will redeem them
at the same rate as any other good currency. On
Change, to-day. It was< sold freely at parlor N. Y.
exchange. .
Stocks.— The following are thequ otatlons of to
day’s New York Stock Board: '
• ■ Ist boabd. So board,
N. Y. Cen.,ZL B. Stock.... 72 . 7tv
Galena..... B7X - 6GX *
Bode 151 and.............;.. -83 X 83-
Burlington & Quincy Masked
Michigan Southern (gtd.).. 24 94
Illinois Central. •» MX 64
Cleveland A Toledo.'.; 91 ...
Erie 21X
Tennessee 6 9 cent, Bonds, 40X 40
’MiMonriOs.—..... *» 40 ' S9X
Virginia 65... ** 45V .‘45Sf "
North Carolina 6a.... “ a ....
Market drill..
A CoimzcnoN.—The Chief Clerk in tho Trea
surer's Office of, Wisconsin our attention to
un error in the recent published table of the value
of Wisconsin banks. The Eadae Bank was quoted
by ns at 09 cents, when it. should have been 06
cents—tho figures having got Inadvertently trans
posed, *
Illinois Central Baileoad,—The following is
the statement of the stairs of this road for May:
Acres construction lands
sold 12,947.09 for $193,767 80
Acres interest fhnd lands
1,245 80 for 10,572 35
1,447.50 for 23,501 03
sold—.. ......
Acres free lands sold,.
Total sales dozing the
month of May, 1661 16,639.89 for $227,811 20
To which add town lot
sales. 2.800 03
Total of all.
Acres sold since Jon.
1, 1861 65,528.07 for $859,357 00
Acres sold previously
(net sales): -.1,260,278.46 for 18,147,033 01
.1,315.801 53 for $17,007,241 81
Total cash receipts In May, 1861. $51,780 81
Total receipts since Ist January, 1861.. 190,255 00
Total cashandbondsrec’dtoMaySl,*6l.4,43s,6s3 02
Receipts from passengers $83,380 30
Receipts from freights 116.181 45
Beceipts from mails O,SSS 33
Beceipts from rent of road 6,633 33
Beceipts from other sources 1,060 Si
Total receipts In month of May, ’61.. $211,793 65
Total receipts in month of May, ’6L. 219,889 8S
Total receipts since January 1,1881... .1,247,722 83
Total receipts in corresponding period
of 18CO 934,824 42
Original land grant, 2.593,000 acres. Railway,
706 miles of main track, and 93 m'Jea of sidings—
-110 engines—2,4s6 cars. Funded debt, $16,559,240
1858. 1859. 1860.
Traffic SI,97GATB 72 $2,114,418 93 $2,721,599.94
Wkg expos. 1,410,054.80 1,469,579.62 1,693,403 80
$556,623.72 $624,809.40 $1,023,187.64
The earnings of the Chicago. Burlington &
Quincy Railroad line in May were: r
- 1860. 1661.' Decrease.
Freight $159,712.53 $123,632.00 $30,030.58
Passengers 61.003.00 84,546.82 16,456 18
Molls and Miscel. 0,817.04 2,724 00 7,092.44
Total $220,632.62 $160,903.42 $50,629.20
FonaiaN Exchanges at New York.— The N.
Y. Courier and Enquirer of yesterday says:—
The growing dearness of money in England has
made drawers of exchange less anxious to sell,
but the supply of bills continues large and the
demand is not improving. At present rates there
Is a flair margin lor profits on the importation
of specie, ana it is probable that it will continue
to come forward for some time yet. Wo quote
the rates current to-day for the mail by the
Persia, to-morrow:—
On London, 60 days Bankers’ [email protected]
“ Commercial Bills 161 ©lo*
“ with Bills of Lading [email protected]
“ Southern and Canada B’k
Bills .• 105 @lostf
“ short sight,B&nkers’Billalo7tf @lO3
On Paris, 60 days Bankers’ 8i115....6.85 @6.80
. x t* short sight, « ....6 [email protected]
Amsterdam, 60 days..B9 @-10 cts. $ guilder.
Bremen 60 “ ..76 @77 cts. $ rixdollar.
Hamburg 60 “ ..35 ®Bstf cts. marc banco.
Frankfort 60 M [email protected] $ florin.
Monet Mattbm in New York, June 6.—The
money market continues very dnll and easy. The
demand for money is on a moderate scale,*and
where the securities are unexceptionable and the
borrowers in good credit, money can be obtained
payable back on demand at 5 percent. In many
instances balances are left with old established
slock and bill bouses at even a lower rate, while,
as usual, there are many transactions at
higher figures. In the discount market tho offer
ing of sales grow smaller daily, aud}at the banks
the line of mercantile liabilities is runnier off
very fast, the vacant place being taken by the se
curities of the Government. Of really first-class
paper, there is but little in the market, aud that Is
bought after at 7 per cent. Longer dates than the
banks take sell at 7 to 9 per cent., and names of a
shade lower standing than first-class sell at 12 per
cent. Below these quotations It is impossible to
to give quotations as the classification is entirely
arbitrary. Dry Goods paper makes little progress
toward recovering its credit, and with very few ex
ceptions it Is not negotiable except at exceedingly
high rates, too high to leave any profits to the Im
peuter or manufacturer, and only submitted to In
cases of necessity or nndertbo influence of fears of
further depredation. Business In all branches of
trade continues dull, as Is natural, but our mer
chants seem disposed to look more cheerfully on
the immediate future, aud already begin to antici
pate a fair ampnnt of near by and western trade
lor the fall season. —Courier and Enquirer.
CITY OF CHICAGO, twenty years to run, inter
est payable semi-annually In New. York.
The total Issue authorized $500,000
Is for the purpose of extinguishing the
floating debt or the city, which to the ex
tent or $100,009; has been done since Mar
Ist. ■ .
The population of Chicago is about 115.000
Its total indebtedness on the 6th of May
was nearly as follows;
Bonds issued for hydraulic {Purposes J.. . $1,105,000
Do. do sewerage do. $900,000
Less purchased by sinking funds
cancelled 15,000
City debt bonds outstanding.
Floating debt
Cash on hsndbclongingto water and sew
erage tends 202,000
Total $3,773,110
The City Charter provides that a special tax
shall bcievied annually to pay the interest on tho
Sewerage Bonds, and create a sinking fund to
meet them at maturity.
The Revenue from the Hydraulic works, exceeds
the interest on that y orl lon of the debt.
By act of the Legislature, the Common Connell
is trdtred to levy a tax annually to pay the inter
est ou the Bonds now offered. Apply to
No. 54 Will lama street, New York.
We fled the above in the New York papers.
Wisconsin “Stnmptall.”
In the 'Wisconsin Journal we find the follow
Now, It la well known that the bills of our
banks aro much better secured than those of Illi
nois, having a personal bond in addition to tho
State stocks deposited with the Bank Comptroller,
which is not tho caec with tho banks of oar sister
In our edition of yesterday. It was shown con
clusively, from the report of the State Comp
troller, that tho securities of the Wisconsin
“stnmptall”-currency weronofas good as those
of Hlicots. In the list published. It was found
that out of four millions, there were $2,792,760 of
Slave Statebonds—of which $1,631,760 were issued
by States that have seceded, and who will pro
bably repudiate both interest and principal, while
In the list of securities of*the seven mlllions of
Illinois “stumptaD,” there were more than ono
half secured by the bonds of Northern States, and
only $908,600 of the bonds of seceded States.
But it is assumed, the Wisconsin wildcats are
cccnred In addition by “peraonalbonds!” Whew!
Of what value is the “personal bond” of a ban
ker worth, who never redeemed a dollar of his
issues, and sever pretended to ? How much more
will a money broker give for a Wisconsin hank
bill, when tho day of reckening comes, on the
strength of the “personal bond” of the man who
has Issued It? Of what use will this “personal
bond” be to the farmers or mechanics who
hold the stuff, after the man of straw located In
Pinery Swamp has disappeared, and when they
have to sell it to money shavers at from forty to
fifty cents on the dollar, as is tho case at present
with a large portion of It? “Sue Mm and get
judgment” says bur advocate of “ Stump-tall
bnt in order to do this yon must first find him—
and, when yon have found Urn, what then ? You.
find a “myth”—tho real owner of the bank will
be seen chuckling at yon with his pockets full of
gold and silver, wMch he has received for the
wheat wMch ho bought from the farmers with his
irredeemable trash.
Bankers’ Convention at Springfield^
Tho Springfield correspondent of the Missouri
Ifcmceraf writcsasfollows: t
The country bankers arc sow In secret session
here. Is consultation upon the state 01 the curren
cy- The expectation Is that they will fix upon
seme kind ot a list which they will take at par on
ccpoflt, and of course will solemnly promise, after
*T e » to keep it up, come what will,
imt the people are too well tutored to bo caught
They will not take cur-
It goes into bank instantly, on
deposit. And the merchants have been swindled
dodgeof sustaining the currency Just once
» Standard, Infallible for
teßt the specious promises
Of the bankars. The Question with them is, “Win
“ it will, good; If not, they
are fully resolved not to touch ft. And let theli/t
Ass SJS3;
o&fp for «“
There is only one way in which miaola banter*
can ever again get their currency into the »■"*■
of the people. It Is this: Put up, securities In the
hsnds of the Auditor, dollar for dollar of their ds
cnlatlon; then get a ea*h capital, and redeem er
,ery dollar in gold that is offeredat your counters!.
Without a redemption in tpecU all your efforts win
bo .“vanity of vanities” ' 1
miat be Xakcnfor
:v [From the Prairie Fanner, June 5.] •;
.As the lUnois “wild cats" seem to be pretty ef
fectually killed as a circulating medium, much cau
non is nocewary to he observed in taking other
Statea’rnoncr. as nearly all kare got a aeries of
wild cat but little better than our own. Provla
fons and Grain will command void or 1U equiva
lent, when it la demanded.
Ihbzava. Hokbt.—Tf of the Free Banks, Is'bnt
Ittlo better than onr own, and should only be
andled whep yon know yon can use it for 100
cent* on the dollar to pay debts with. The Issues
or the State Bonk is the only well secured and re
liable money in that State. -
Wisconsin Monet.— There Is a list of some 68
bonks that the merchants and bankers of Milwau
kee have agreed to take and pass until December
next Very- many of these banks are worth bat
from 61 to 70 and 80 cents, and secured as are the
banks of Illinois, and worth no more, and we can
not see bow they are to bo sustained as a drcola
ting medium above -their real valne, in compe
tition with money worth 100 cents on the dollar.
*Wo-\ronld advise our .Wisconsin readers to only
;lake them at what they are really worth.
TmmsniT_EvEKTNß, JtmaC, 1851.
The following are the receipts and shipments for
tho past twenty-four hours:
. Floor,Wh’t, ConVOata, Eye, Bar.
_ ■ - brls. bu. * bo. bu. . bu. - bu.
By Lake 90 .. *
By Cac&l 370 83576
G.iC.U.B.a. KM 29787 8370 500 991; ....
ChL&B.L GOO 4200 7350 .... .... ....
LC.E.E......100 7850 18650 .... TOO" 200
C.&N. wTe. IL 1452 16185 130 2630 959
C.,A.*StB.B 9411 ....
T0W...... 8496 67697 74994 8186 2733 . 200
High- Live*
Seeds Cattle Hides wins Hogs Pot's
• lbs. No. B>s. brls. No. bu..
By Canal....•: .... .... .... .... ....
6.AO.U.KE .SBMK 42 990 . .... 1760
C. &8.L8.8.V—-• 8 22460 90 .... 700
LC.8.8. - 1600 10 200 400
0.8. ft Q.8.E. : .... 113 25
C.&N.W.H.B. .... 18 218 1156
C.,A.&StX.BB~— SO .... 80 .... ’ 600
Tcisi 2340 188 25258 243 200 4641
Flour, Wh’t, Corn, Oats, Bye, B’rly
brls. bn. bu. bn. bu. bn.
-Toßofido £53 44600 86900
To Oswego.... .... 80800 .... .... '
To Ft. Coiboni .... .... 1800
To Kingston....... 15200 16500
To Fort Sarnia. 83S 634 ....
T0ta1!.;... 6693 91334 70460 T.’TT
nrcmpTß and suipbents bt lak*, june 0. .
BeceipU. x Shipment*.
Lumber,.ft -700,000 Flour, br15.—...,8,700
Shingles, No 170,600 Wheat, bu 93£72
Lath,No 16,000 Corn, bu ........160,830
Salt, brls —...2400 Oats, bn 15,500
Coal, tons 1,825 Barley, bn 12,400
Posts, No .„.6,60(U Potatoes, bu. 2.500
Wood, cds 170 Pork, brls —5
High Wines, brls .16 Hlghwines, brls ISO
Fish, brls 4X
beceipts and amraocTTS nr canal, jpne 6.
Becelpie. _ . . Shipments, ■
Com, bu ; .-..*3,570. Lumber, ft.; 247.453
Wheat, 'bu— 370 Shingles, No 82,000
Potatoes, bn..54 Lath, No.- 13.600
Coal, tons— .194 .
High Wines, brls—lso
$230.0*1 23
The leading markets were more active to-day
and generally firmer. At the opening .there was
on extremely dull feeling in the Wheat market,
and Bales were-made at concessions; hat as soon
as the New YotkjUspatchea were received, the de
mand became active and prices rallied—closing
firm at an advance of folly Sc over those of yester
day. The day’s transactions amounted to up
wards of 75,000 bushels of all grades, at 73c forN.
W. Club; [email protected] No. 1 Spring; aud [email protected]
for No. 2 Spring. : The Flour market was oa the
whole more active—though at a shade lower prices
—with sales of about $1,300 hrls, at $3,[email protected] for
fair to choice Spring extras, and [email protected] for su
pci fine. There wasan Improved shipping demand
for Corn, and the market was more active at. full
prices—with sales of about 100,000 bushels, at 33e
for Fiver Yellow afloat; [email protected] f or ju TCr and
Canal Mixed afloat; and 23e for Mixed in store.
Oats were quiet aud steady at [email protected] c. Ryo'aud
Barley were neglected. Hlghwlnes dallaadnoml
nal. •
Freights opened steady, but dosed easier, with
engagements for 9c for corn, and 'loc for wheat to
Oswego; andStf @oc for com and Ctfc for wheat
to Bnffalo.
No Meeting ox ’Change To-iioEßOw.—As a to
ken of respect to the memory of Senator Douglas,
there will be no meeting held oa ’change to-mor
row (Friday).
Tuesdays* Ntw York Cattle market.
[From Wednesday’s N. Y. Tribune.]
Bnx’s Bead, Tuesday, June 4.— There la a de
eded decline In the price of bullocks to-day, from
quotations In our last report of the market. Mo»t
ofthe drovers think their bollocks at full half a
ccntperponcd less thiq week than last. This may
be the fact, taking the lower estimates of weight
into account, as well as lower price perponud.
The general report of the brokers to-day shows
the range of prices from Ttf to 9 cents a
pound for the net weight of beef, sinking oflkl, and
at least three-fourths of all the sales at 8
to Btf cents per pound, indicating an
average of Stfc, Last week the average was giv
en as btfc; but as there were only 2,976 head on
sale, against nearly 4,000 this week, there Is no
doubt that butchers are getting bullocks to-day of
a better quality os well as of better estimates of
weight, at the same rates per pound, so that the
decuno is really cqnal to balf a cent to-day, with
a very bad show for to-morrow, as from the state
of trade in the afternoon it is probable that there
will he a larger portion than usual left over for
eale the second day, and owners fear they will have
to submit to very low rates. 1
A good many of the bollocks on salo to-day are
iu the hands of men who went to Albany, Buffalo,
Suspension Bridge, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg,
and bought the stock of drovers, to sell again oa
r-neculalion. As they all predicated their opera-* 1
lion* upon the prices of last week, it is needless
to say that the speculation will be u left-handed
one. The quality of the stock this week
is as good as it has been for several weeks
past, including a great many Western distillery
fed cattle, an das the average weight is greater than
we ever knew before, for a long period, the supply
is quite beyond the wants of the city and suburbs
for beef, and the only hope that owners can reason
ably have of selling all out to-morrow, is to farm
ers, a considerable number of whom are here to
day on the watch for good bargains, but disposed
to wait ISB chances to-morrow. The weather to
day has been favorable for business—cloudy, with
slight rain, and not very warm.
FliUadolpUa Cattle Market-Jane 8.
Osly about 750 beef cattle were ordered, and
pearly all sold, at Phillips? yards daring the past
week, at rather hither prices, ranging at from $8
to $9.79 the 100 B>s., the latter for extra quality;
the demand was brisk. The followiogara the par*
licnlars of the sales reported to-day at the Avcnne
yard: .
40 L Abrams. Illinois, at Btf ®9tf
40 John Sanderson, do Btf @9
45 McQnald & Carr, Ohio.'. [email protected]
19 Kimble & Kirk. Lancaster C 0.,...1.. 9 @9tf
49 Jas. McFßlen, Jr., Indiana 0 @9tf
40 Ph. Hath way, Lancaster county 0 @9tf
£6 P.McFiilcn,lndiana...; [email protected]
J. Seldomtidge, Lan. & York Co’s 9 @9tf
140 Mooney & Smith, 111., and 0hi0...... 0 @9tf
4 Shanmoerg & Co., Ohio [email protected]
25 H. Chain, Ohio [email protected]
86 Mustln, Lancaster county 8 @9tf
19 Knox, do 9 ®9tf
64 Airsmau, do 8 Cfi9
28 Haymaker & Bro. do 8 @9
8 John Kauffman, do [email protected]
12 Franks. Berks county... 8 @Stf
27 Fuller & Co., Beaver Co 8 @Btf
The receipts and sales of Hogs include 2,414 at
Imboff’s, at [email protected] for still fed, [email protected] for coin
fed. and $9.26 at at the Avcnne Yard at [email protected] the
ICO S*s., net, which is rather better.— North Amer
Daily Review Chicago Market.
Tbomdat Evextxo, June 6, 1861.
FREIGHTS—Easier. The engagements were
&s follow*ro Oswego: Schr Mediterranean,
wheat, at 10c; schr* Maple Leaf and Hungarian,
corn, at Be; echr Pcr*y, rye, via Port SarnU, at
9#c. To Buffalo: Schrs Cuba and Hamlet, whes t,
»t6#c; echr York State, corn, at 6#c; schr Jupi
ter. and anotber vessel, name not given, corn.
FLOUR—Received, 3.496 brls; shipped, 5,693
brls. Market dull. Sales, £SO brls " Morgan "
fprlng extra on p. t: I£o brls “ West Lake Street
Mllhj” onp.t.; fiTSbrls fair spring extra at $3 80
—N. T. eschar 100 brls choice extra at $4 35—cur
rency; 100 brls “Janesville” onp.t.; 600 brls fair
tprlng extra onp.t.; 11l brls choice superfine at
S3.SO— N. Y. exch.; 200 brls fair do at $3 00—gold:
100brls do at $2.90; 80 brls do at $2 60— N. Y.
. cxrh&ncc.
WHEAT—Kccdvcd, 57,597 bn; shipped 91,831
bn. Market opened dull but dosed firm and 3s
lugher. Sales were:—l,soo bn N. W. Club at 73c
in store—gold; 1,000 bn No. 1 Spring at 70s la
store—gold; 1,000 bn do at 70 c—currency; TOO bn
do at. Tic—currency; 8,000 bu do at 72c—currency
and N. Y. exchange; 6,000 bn do at 72c—cold; 6.000
bn do at73e—N. Y. exch; 4,000 bu do at 75 o—N.Y.
exchange; SCO bn No. 2 Spring in store at
66c. gold; 1,500 bn do at 67c, gold ;4.ooobtt do at
6T#c, gold; 8,000 bn do at 65c, gold TOO bn do at
69c, (.old; 3,600 bn do at 67c, currency; 18,000 bn
dn ct C7c, currency and N. Y. exch; 6,000 bn do at
70c,N.Y. exch. and currency; TOO bu Rejected in
store at 00c, currency; LOGO bn do at 65c, gold;
/TOO bn do at Cle, gold. Sales In bags by sample
were as follows: 1,000 bags dab at 75c on track;
116 sacks fair spring at 73c on track; 800 Mfiw do
atTOcon track. •
CORN—Received 74,994 hu; shipped 70,409 bu.
Market firmer and more active. Sales were ns fol
lows : 6000 bn prime River Yellow at 28c afloat—
currency; 30,000 bn River and Canal Mixed at 21#c
afloat—currency and N. T, exchange; 17.000 bu
River Mixed at 25#c f. o. b; currency; 1300 bu
Rejected Canal at 23#c afloat—currency; 6000 bn
Mixed In store at 23c—gold; 45,000 bn do at 23c—
currency and N. Y. exchange ; 1009 bn do at 2l#c
B. K, currency.
OATS—Received 8.186 bn. Market qnlot. Sales
30CO bn No. 1 atTSe In store—gold; 1000 bn do at
Is#c In ttore—currency; TOGO bu do at!s#c—cur
BiE—Received,2723bn. Salesßobagaat36con
track-currency. »
; BARLEY—Received 200 bu. No demand for lots
in store and market nominal. Sales by sample
were as follows: 250 bushels prime In sacks at 40c
" HIGHWINES—Recdved 245 brls. No demand
and market nominal at ISfolSc.
30 bags fair Mixed at $L00; prime do
POTATOES—Received 4,641 bu! Market active
and easier. Sales 800 bushels Neahannocks inbalk
at 28c on trade; 800 bn Bloc Neshannocks and
Mixed at Sic in milk on track; 700 bn Mixed atSlc
del: 400bn do at 16con track.
SEEDS—2S bags Hungarian at 85c; 7 bagsTlmo
thy Seed at $1.50.
- PHOVISIONB-25 brls Mesa Pork to lumber
trade at sl6 00.
TALLOW—7 brls country at 7c.
H Dry Flint 9©9#c; Dry Salted,
7<asc : Green Salted, [email protected]#c; Green. B®B#c.
BUTTER—No sale for common roll and firkin.
Dafry KXailc.
FOGS—IS brls st 6c.
POULTRY—Live Chickens SkOO®2AQ pet dox;
Turkeys 9©loc Sib.
LIVE HOGS—Received 300. Market quiet un
der light receipt*. Sale* were:
btillers, avenging STB lbs at $3.00
•** 220 “ 8.10
BEEF CATTLE—Received 133 head. Market
quiet, with retail sales at $8.00^3.75.
LUMBER—Cargoes of schrs Speed, and Little
Belle, Grand River, rafted, at s6.oo—gold and cur
Toledo, -TuneS.—The usual June “panic” seems
to be on the carpet a little earlier thlsjseason th*n
usual. All the sales we hare reported were made
before the receipt of the New York market report;
since which, prices hare wilted considerably.
•Floor-no sales.: Wheat—sales red, 1,000 bo, 5,600
l! Q I|6oo bu, all at $1.06., Com—sales of 5,000
Bye—last sales at 48c. Oata—34oßsc.
— Jfiaas, ;
June B.—Becclpts—4,Bo6. brls flour;
o»167 bu wheat; 1,740 bu com; 150 bu rye.
- CTour-Quiet and unchanged. Sale of 100 brls
high-extra Is reported at $5.50.' Superiors ~we -
ft 110 !® a*, $5.75. Ordinary extras dull and ln*n.
jive, wheat—Something over. forty loads • were
taken from the street this evening, at $1.00251.04
J^ xl vd,,nhd $10901.18 for white, the market hav
njrdeclined since the dose of the week. $1.05 is
offered for No 1 red, free on board. Corn—One
. load rather Inferior was taken this morning at 83c.
OatssteadyatSSc from wagons. Barley quiet at
cBO9Oe per cwt. Bye in good demand and modern
aidy active at 48c.—Adwrtfrer.
.Boeros Mabket.—June 4.—Flour—The recelola
Since Saturday have been 6.852 brls. The market
gmunuea dull and the demand is quite limited.
Bales of western superfine at $4.55&4-85; fancy
*5 00; extra $5.12X®5.87X J superior $6.75©9.00
« bri. Bontbem is in moderate request. Sales of
farcy at SG.SS: extra $7,00©7.50; superior $7.50©
O.EO $ brL > Grain—The receipts since Saturday
hare been 17,784 bu corn and 650 bn oats. Corn
continues dnlL Sales of southern and western yel
low at 6C©GOc; western mixed 54®55c 9 bn. Oats
are in steady demand. Sales of westemand Canada
atSSQSCcllbn. Byo is doll at 70c $ bu. Proyi
sione—Fork continues dull. Sales of prime at
$18.00©16.00; mess slß[email protected]ß 50; clear $19.00©
90.00 brl, cash and 4 mos, Beef is firm and in
fair demand. Sales of eastern and western mess
and extra mesa at $9.00©1100 fi> brl, cash and 4
mos. Lard continues dnU.. Sales In brls at oJ£©
10c; kegs [email protected], cash and 4 mos. Hams
are selling at 9X®loc $ |b, <ash and 4 mos.
Sr. Lome: June s.—Flour—The demand Is limit
ed and Inactive, and the market is unchanged.
Sales comprise some 600 bags city.super, in lots
from $2.40 to $3.60, and 250brls choice do at $4.95.
Wheat—Market inactive and prices unchanged.
Sales comprise 63 bags spring at Ssc ; 1,100 bags
prime dnb, in lota, at choice
do at 90c, and 831 bags very choice do at 91c. Corn
—The market continues dull. Sales were reported
of BlSbags mixed at22c, bags returned; 480 bags
•mixed private: 183 bags mixed, in new gunnies,
at 29c. and 200 bags yellow, new gunnies, at 80c $
bushel. Oats—The feeling la slightly better.
Sales reported comprise TOO bags In store at 26c.
and 375 baps in lots atS6X©27e, in good and new
bags. Barley andßye—Nc sale of either reported.
Provisions—Market doll for all kinds, and there
Is nothing doing worthy of note. Whisky—Mar
ket firmer, and soles comprise 270 brls in lots at
18c. , .
• Ocean rnziGiiTS at New York—June 6
There is less offering, and rates arc easier. To
Liverpool—6,2oo bash, peas on private terms;
65.0C0 bushels wbcatat 7X«L in balk, and TXd. in
chip’s bags; bbls floor at Is. TXd.; 100 hhda.
tallow at 90s. To London—l7,ooo bosh wheat in
bags at [email protected]&: 2,000 bbls flour at 2s.
bales bops at X<L; and 200 tea beef on private
terms. In charters, we hear of & vessel with 13,-
OCO bushels wheat to Ncwry, Ireland, at UXd.
Cleveland, June 6-r-Tho market this morning
opened heavy and the depression Increased as the
day wore on.-The receipts of wheat foiled up
forty-two cars, and this, coral-g on a dull market,
and unfavorable Eastern news, sent prices down.
Shippers were ont of the market, and the only
sales were to supply immediate milling wants.—
Holders asked $1.06 free on board, without setting
it, whilst some refused to go so low. Corn Is still
unsaleatleatanyfigurenow talked of. Oats have
broken down completely and can find no buyers.
Other articles arc generally unchanged.
Floor—Small sales ore made steadllyat $5©5.25
for good to extra choice red wheat doable extras.
Wheat—Market flat. Buyers arc out of the mar
ket. Lots of red were offered at $1.06 free on
board; but found no purchasers. The only sales
were 8 cars white on track at $1.21, and 2 cars red
on track at $1,05.
Corn—No sales reported. Several lots are on
the market, but bnyers arc shy at anything over
80®31c, aud arc not eager at any price.
Cate—Several lots wereput on tho market with
out finding purchasers.— Herald.
Milwaukee, Jane 5 —Until ’Change bonr the
market continued irregular, varying from 76 to 75c
for No. 1 in store, but subsequently it became
more steady, and closed with buyers offering 77c
quite freely for that quality. No. 2 was not so
much inquired.for, and at tho close would not
hiing ovir 73c, hot could not be purchased to any
extent at that figure. Not mneb over 50,000 bush
els in all was sold, and that was chiefly at 75©78 c
instore. No sales of bagged wheat or muun"
samples were reported. There was no market for
flour, and most of other articles were also neglect
ed. Grain freights were unchanged, ?X being tho
rate for wheat to Buffalo, and He to Nswego.—Sen
Pittsburgh— June s— Flour—continues quiet
and dull while prices have undergone no change.
The receipts by river ore increasing, and the sun
ply at present In market is considerably In excess
ot the demand. Sales were: 60 bbls spring and
winter wheat family at $5.85 and $5.85; 73 dodo
at|[email protected]; 25 q 0 do at [email protected]; 60 dodo
at [email protected] for family and $0.25 lor fancy: 50 do
winter wheat family at $5.75.
Grain—Oats dull with a declining tendency;
sale of 320 bush, In two lots, from store, at Sic *
SS6 do do prime at 35c. Corn—Sale on wharf of
160 bnshel prime ear at 40c $ bush.
Pnoyiaioj.s c* Cincinnati.— The Price Current
of yesterday contains the following:
la the early part of the week, about 500 bbls
mess pork told at $15.50. This is generally below
the views of sellers, who ask but
there has been no demand for some four or five
days, and, at the close, any quotations we could
give would be merely nominal.
Bulk pork has been neglected, and we did not
hear of a sale daring the week; [email protected] the
rates asked. Small sales of bacon have been
znadcqtStf, 7# and 9# for shoulders, sides and
clear sides. Not much offering at these rates, bat
more than enough to meet the demand. Lard has
been dnll all the week and nothing done until yes
terday, when 200 tierces sold at Stf @B#c, and 400
kegs at 9c.
The stock of brl pork In New York on the Ist
of June, the present and the previous years, was
as follows:
JIS 70,53 a
JgJO 78,233
JfOO 93.-143
4858 49,925
Thus it will bo seen that notwithstanding the
enormous shipments made to that city the last
month, the stock is now less than it was tho last
two years. Holders of provisions are very much
discouraged Just now, being nnablo to see any
thing in the future encouraging, but It seems to
ns that prices will be better eventually.
Philadelphia Flour Market —June 4th—Tho
Flour market continues doll, and holders generally
are free sellers at previously quoted rates. There
is no demand for export, and the sales to the trade
are limited at [email protected] for common western
and good Pennsylvania superfine; [email protected]<X)
for extras: [email protected] for family; [email protected]
sbbl for fancy brands, as In quality. Bye Flour
Corn Meal are not inquired for, and held at
50 for the former and s2.B7tf sbbl for Penn
sylvania meal, without finding buyers. The re
ceipts to-day are 2510 bbls flour, 7037 bushels
wheat, 15,476 bushels com, and 8112 bushels oats.
Flour— Market somewhat irregular, extra state
and one or two other brands bringing a little more
money, while other descriptions arc without ma
terial change. Sales 11,900 bbls at [email protected] for
super state, [email protected] 20 for ex state, [email protected] for
enper western, $4.90®5.20 for com to medium ex
western. [email protected] 50 for shipping brands ex round
boon Ohio. [email protected] for trade brands do—market
closing firm for ex state, of which there was none
to be had bcioV $6lO. Canadian flour is in n ode
rate request, and low grades rather more steady;
calcs 1200 bbls at [email protected] for inferior to choice
extra. Bye flour selling slowly at [email protected] Corn
meal quiet, and prices without important change.
Wbiskt—lngoodreqnest and at belter nrices.
Sales 1.700 brls at [email protected]
Grain— Good sound wheat [email protected] with
pretty good export demand in pirt for France.
Inferior still rules heavy. Sales 49,000 bn Chicago
spring [email protected]; 68,000 bu Milwaukee clnb, [email protected]
I. 19,000 bu Baclne prime, [email protected]; 4.000
bn red state, $116; 6,000 bu very choice amber
lowa, [email protected]; 500 bu very handsome amber
Green Bay, $1.25; 14,800 bn winter red western,
[email protected]: 13,400 bu Canada dub. [email protected] ;
4.800 bn white western, [email protected]; 400 ha white
Kentucky, $1.70. Bye steady at [email protected] Sales
5,0C0 bn to arrive on private terms. Barley quiet
[email protected] Corn, fair badness doing for export
and home consumption and market without im
portant change, bales 84.000 bn at [email protected] for
new {mixed western; [email protected] for new western
yellow; 68c for white western; 66c for old mixed
western. Oats in fair request at [email protected] for
western and Canada; [email protected] for state.
Provisions.— Pork dull and prices
Sales 400 brls. at [email protected] 50 for mess: 12.25 for
prime. Beef doll and lower, at $4 [email protected] for
conntryprime; [email protected] for country mess; 19.00
11. repacked mess; 11 [email protected] extra mesa.
Prime mess beef dull; sales 150 tierces on p. t.
Beef hams heavy and declining: sales 81 pkes
western at [email protected] Cut meats, t-alea 250 pkgs at 6c
for hams, including choice at 7tfc; 6c for shoul
ders. Lard scarcely so firm; sales 220 brls at 9®
Otfc; Butter in moderate request atß@l4for Ohio,
and [email protected] state. Cheese steady at [email protected]
Groceries— Sugar dull at 4#@stfc for fair re
fining. Sales 667 hhds at [email protected] for Cuba; Be
for Porto Blco. Molasses very quiet. Sales ID
hhds Porto Rico at 20c. Coffee—Moderate trade
demand. Sales 700 bags Rio at [email protected]; 400
mats Java at IStfc.
Stocks—More active, but lower. Cbi & R133:
C& T 21; Gol & Chis7; IC scrlpGl; Pan lOCtf ;
M SgtdSSJtf; m C4otf; Reading 3Dtf; HirllO#;
Hudson S2tf; Erie 21 tf; N Y CT 71;; ; Pac Mail
COtf: US 6s ’6l Coupons S4tf; IIS f»j ’Bl regis
tered S4tf; U9 Bs *74 coupons 77tf; Treasury 12*
10Stf ; Va Os 45tf; Mo 6» 39#; Tenn 6s 40tf; IC
bds 91; M S sinking bonds 91.
BUFFALO, June 6. — Flour— Quiet and un
changed. -
Gbain—Wheat rather more doing this afternoon:
sales SO.fOOsbu Mil clnb at [email protected] Corn dolt;
sales 6.000 bu on pt. Oats lu lair demand: sales
20,000 im at 24c.
Whisht— Dnll and nominal at [email protected]
Canal Freights— [email protected] for wheat to New
Lake Ixtobts— CCo brls flour, 30,000 bn wheat,
8,000 bn corn, 45,000 bn cats, 6 SCO rye.
Canal Extorts—2,ooo brls flour, 86 000 bn
Wheat, 6,000 bu corn, 48,000 oats, 6,000 bn rye.
OSWEGO, June 6.—Fiona—Declined 25c: sales
at ssfor fancy brands.
Market for Grain decidedly flat; no sales.
Cabal Freights— Dull; flourSSc, wheat Bc, corn
7c; to New York.
Lake Imposts—9oo brls flour, 15,300 bn wheat,
32,310 hucoro.
Canal Exports—l,743 brls flour, 2.CCO bn wheat,
7,900 bn com.
ARRIVED..... Jane 5.
Prop Barber, Brown, Grand River, TO m lumber.
Prop lowa, Hoot. Buffalo.
Prop Plymouth, Dickson, Buffalo, 250 pkgs mdse,
50 pkgs sugar, 16 brls whisky.
Prop Buckeye, Beaman, Ogdenaburgh 52# tons
Prop Ottawa, Warren, 135 m lumber.
19 cds sMrgle bolts.
Bark Norway, Brown man, Buffalo,
Schr Mary Spratt. Manistee, 135 m lumber.
Schr Enterprise, Peterson, Wilkinson's Pier, 70
Schr Plover, McLeod, Buffa,o.
Echr Loomis, Morly, Kingston.
Schr Decola, Robb, Eastmanvllle, 100 m lumber,
120 m shingles. '
Schr Pride, Denton, Palntwater, 85 m lumber, 60#
m shingles, 4 of bbls fish.
Schr HinSdale, Parsons, Hamlin Pier, 30 cords
. wood.
Schr Sea Star. Reddick, Whits River, 60 m lumber,
15 m lath .
Schr Mitchell, Brand, St Joseph, 100 cords wood.'
Schr Mary, Tripps, Holland, 59 cords wood. ■
Schr Flying Cloud, Borland, Oswego, 100 bbls' salt.
Schr Whiteman, Philips, Cleveland, 310 tons coal.
Echr Oswego, 600 bbs salt.
Schr Persia, Thompson, Oswego, 100 tons main
pipes, SO tons mdze.
Schr Rover, Founta'ne, Cleveland, 365 tons coaL
Schr Calcutta, Long, Colony, 70 cords wood.
Schr Granite, Fitzgerald, Oswego, 600 bbls salt.
Schr Invincible, Bowman, Buffalo. 600 tons coal.
Schr Bradley, Miller, Cleveland, 220 tons coal.
Schr Octavio, Johnson, Green Bay, 6500cordsposta.
Schr Lady Jane. Ingals, Benona, 85 m lumber, 85
m shingles.
CLEARED— June 6.
Slmr Baltic, Avciill, Buffalo, 13,400 bu barley, 15,-
600 bu oats, 500 bbls flour.
Prop Barber. Brown, Grand Hirer.
Prop lowa, Hunt, Buffalo, 3200 bbls flour, 500 bn
weeat, 150 bbls high wines. IT bbls tallow,
£SOO bn wheat, SSOO bn potatoes, 596 lbs to
Prop Ottawa, Warren, Muskegon.
Bark I«oiway. Bowman, Buffalo. 15,000 bu wheat
Brig Mary Butler, Green Bay, 10 bbls beef, 5 bbls
Schr SPlaml, Pennington, Buffalo. 15.000 bush
Schr Altair. Kyle, Buffalo. 19,636 bn wheat
Schr Ostrich, Pratt, 4 * 17,636 “
Bchr Mediterranean, Mcrly, Oswego, 15,000 bush
, wheat •
Scha Hamlet Jones, Buffalo, 10,000 bn wheat
Schr Hlrondale, Johnson, Kalamazoo, 35 bbls pro
• • visions. . ;
Schr Cctavia, Johnson, Green Bay.
Schr Mary Spratt Manistee.
Schr Presto.Wllcox, Oswego, 11,600 bu corn.
Schr York State, Dlmlck, Buffalo, 18,000 bu com.
Schr Diseola. Babb, Muskegon.
SchrPride, Denton, Falntwater.
Schr Mapleleaf, Perry, Oswego, 12,600 bu corn. •:
gchr Hinsdale, Parsons, Hamlin's Pier.
Schr Sen Star, Beddlck, White Hirer.
Schr Minnesota, Blackburn,
Schr M ary Phelps, Holland.- 1
Passed tbs Wexxahd Cabal.—Bound West,
on the let—Bark B S Art*™* • brig Saxon: schrs
Sf*2 T i2 nc S» CNU«a») O Wings of the
Wnd, Eureka. LDly Dancy. K B Crocker, Echo.
On ue Sd—Props Young America, Wisconsin. Ver
xnant. *
Boundßast-On the Ist—Stnir Caledonia. On
we Bd—Props Bay State. Amity; birks Geo Thurs
ton, Andrew Stevens, London, Louisa, Quebec;
Bdn S J Holler, Sea Gall. James Coleman, Ben
Franklin. Alice Grover, Frank Pierce, Crevola,
Amelia, Walrus, Ellington. Sea 'Bird, Wilson,
(Goderich) Conquest. .Mariner, (Southampton)
Cornwall, Coleraine, Kate, Robinson, Lewis Cass,
Hamilton; brigs Ocean, Lafayette Cook.
The schooner Speedwell ran back for harbor.
Like Captain Drowsed.—E. B. Math j we, of
this city, last evening received a dispatch from
Cleveland announcing theloes of Capt. Newkirk of
the propeller Wisconsin. While off Erie on Mon
day evening, tie-unfortunate man in some wayus
yet unexplained, walked off the deck of his boat
Into the water and was drowned. Capt N., though
a young mas,'baa had charge of several propellers,
and was widely and and favorrbly known on our
lakes.— Dttj Adv.
‘ Assort.— I The schooner Nicaragua is ashore at
Morgan’s Point, she is loaded with wheat. The tug
I w. Verner went to her assistance, bat could not
get her off, She is some two feet out of water,
be is also making some water, and Is bumping
on the rocks.— Buffalo Advertiser.
Sens. A. G. Monrr.—This splendid new.
schooner, Juafbullt by Miller & Hood, of this city*
was receiving her Hist cargo today at Mann &
Scott’s warehouse. She presents a fine appear*
once, and is a credit to her owners and builders.
Collision.—The propeller Buckeye, which or
rived yesterday, had her stem badly damaged by
colliding with a vessel In tow of a tug on Lake
Huron on Saturday night. The captain did not
know the name of the vessel, but we see by the
Detroit papers that the schooner Emperor while
being towed to that port for repairs by the tag
.Oswego, was run into by on unknown propeller.
This was probably the vessel with widen the
Bawkeye collided.— MU. Sentinel. 9
Vebszls PA»grso thbouth the Welland
Canal.—Bound West—On the Ist—Prop Akron;
schr Fremont. On the 3d—Steamer Caledonia;
schrs Potpmae, S A Douglas, Carlton. Ontho4th
—Prop Bonshore; schrs w S Nelson, Alice Curtis,
Hiawatha, Arabian, Uncle Sam, Patrick Henry,
Bound East—On the 3d—Prop Prairie State. On
the4th— schr Mountaineer.
70 - • lake Street. - - 70
To Close Oat Stock.
&C., &c,, &c.
S'O - liaise Street -70
Of onr own Manufacture.
Zn all Varieties.
From the host makers.
That can bo afforded.
Neatly Executed.
Should try ns.
Famished with Z’ino Work.
Should look at oar Prices*
Who cell or consume goods la 'his line of trade win
find it to their Interest to call at
Btatlonors’ Hall,
Practical Blank Book Manufacturer, and dealer la all
kinds of BUnkßooks, Stationer/. Printing and .
The undersigned respectfully announce to tlielr
friend*, patrons and the travelling public generally,
that owing to the stringency of the times they Lava
reduced the price of Board tj
Tbantfol for the patronage so liberally bestowed on
them, they respectfully ash for a continuance of the
tame, assuring their patroca that the “BBIGGS’* will
be condneted on the same liberal plan that has hero*
tofore characterized their establishment
Chicago, June Ist ISSt JeLo»B2w
Agents for GEO. TIEMANN A CO., New York.
"We baye a large and well selected stock ef Surgical
Instruments or the latest and most approved patterns.
&C«, AC*
J. H. REED & C 0„ Druggists, 1M ft 1(9 Lake street
YTc, the nndentgned, having unrivalled facfllUei by
Railroad, and our Eastern connectioni, ara now pre
pared to furnish
With CTcry Paper, Periodical
and Book
At tlie loircst terms and at tlie earli
est possible moment.
TVe *in supply the Trade with the Chicago Tribune,
Times, Post ana Democrat at 2X cents per copy.
We pre-paying Express charges to gegHimtjrm
on packages containing over 25 papers,
IVe win sVo supply them with the leading New
Ycrk Weeklies, Monthlies, fto, cheaper they are
cowpnrcbaalng elsewhere.
. For lurthtr particulars send for one of our Price
Utte, _
L. N. SHEAR & 00..
Pot t Office Box arot. leSegatw
atmg gyiipments.
We are now extensively engaged In manufacturing
Dragoon Equipments,
And* arq prepared to furnish large quantities
Manufacturers of Baddies, Horse Collars, ftc.
BT* AH Inquiries promptly answered. mj27031i3m
Grey doth,
•fiuf Trimmings,
74 and 76 Lake Street.
Uanafhetaren and Jobbers ot
Army:, equipments.
And ao arranged that they may bo formed into Tent.
. Tho.abpye.aro newly Invented equipments, and tr
tonhhed In large quantities to the Eastern Troooa—
being considered the best in use. Piact Karapaaoxa
Boots* Cloth; Caw
pot Ao.may behadtn anyriaanttty at the Rob
her Agency of JOSH B. ZDI&OH a co„ us bm
dclpb street, Klogabuiy Block. my^eroWat
Illinois (ffiumncs, Set,
Forty.Blz Cents.
For DfcpedlUd HUsols and Wisconsin Currency at
their Office In the Old Post OffieeßaUdiags, (up stairs.)
F.B.—We have no' connections with WILD CATS
jcg-esar-at) WE PAT GOLD.
"VTOTICE. —We have made some
it changes In our
Our customers wfll please can and get a now list.
je* e»7srt SS Clark street, southeast c^r.Lako-st.
Wmbtryat the best rates Illinois. Wisconsin and al
other Uncurrent Money, and pay In Gold or Sliver.
- • Wu are scßlsg an kinds cf
At 98 per H., delivered on the Cara.
Other qualities equally low.
ILLINOIS CURRENCY token st the Railroad List.
jes-fgeS-5t South Clark street. Chicago.
Have got Into their Kew Office,
Ko. 33 Clark-st., S.E. Cor. of Lake,
And are prepared to buy aC kinds of
Their custom era can obtain a list of Banks and rates
every day. Q iotiUon-* are liable to change.
Illinois Currency.
Bonds 6l all Sleds sold at New York Stock Board and
drafts given for proceeds ou dry of sale.
Kcw York Quotations received by Telegraph Dally
mySffMy c. B. COBB, yp. 9 Telegraph Building.
The undersigned )m opened an office at
No, 17 "Wells Street,
Lately occupied by Smith A Co- far the purpose
ofconvcrticglUlnoticnreucylnto boc<Kwhero par
tiesdcslrlurtoconverttbefrmoney will oe supplied
with proper Marks and infbrmatloo.'
Ztoan and Trust Company,
CmcAQO, May SStb, 1961.
This Institution will only receive Coin and Convcr
tlble Currency, at coin rales.
And Exchange, and discount satls-
D. B. HOLT, Cashier.
\J SAL 2.
By a special anacyeraent to nse Ullaolt BilK
(STuMP-TAIL), I am able to sell the foßo wing lilt of
Beal Estate in and ad'olnlag Chicago, at marset
prices, and take the said bills at par. Tola la an op
portunity to make good and safe luvestwests, and
save lom on the depreciated hills, no where else offer
ed, viz.;
, S*Lcu on Michigan Avenue, between Tan Boren and
Jackson streets; .
4 Lots on Canal street; between Maxwell and
Twelfth street;
5 Lots on Bine Island Avenue, In Sampson & Green’s
6 Lots on Welch street. In Evans* Bait’s Add.;
i 1 acre Lots in Brighton, sear State Fair Grounds:
IP (mail Lots In Brighton, near fctata Fair Grounds:
ISH acres in Brighton, near State Fair Grounds;
n»>» : acres, south of Brighton, on Plank road,
12ufe«t Docking Lot, near Hoogh's Packing House,
with aside track from the Alton £ at. LoolsiLK:
4 Lots in Evanston.
Together with various other Lots and Tracts of
Lard, which wilt be shown at myoffice.asClar«Bt-
Bp stairs. - JOHN EVAX3.
intelligence Offices.
H-ENEKAL employment
VJ AOiXCT, Churchßlocfcto9 ClarkstrectTOld
cage, Illinois, for supplying Farm Hands Ihiiircad
Men. Lumbermen. Hotel and Boarding Uonae Help
Also private families. Hein of all kinds constant]r os
hand and promptly supplied In city and coo-'try.
Good servants may And respectable sUoattotu at tills
office. my:-xtm
Nutv intklligenck
163 Dearborn street. Op. Post Office.
Famines enpplled with nelp of the jost reliable
character. A Orders fmm tvo country promntl/ re-
Bpcndrd to. AdfireasPost Office Box S3 45.
mraifiw MBS A L BALSAM.
®o Contractors.
Omcs of tux Board or Public Wobks, >
CmcAGO, s
Win be received at this office until 3 o’clock; P. M., on
Satnrday. Jancetli. for providing the following aaan
titles of White Oak Lnmbcr.
SO m feet 4 In. by «in, 13, 14. and 18 feet long,
s m feet 4 In. by 4 In* H and is feet long.
7* m feet 2% In. plank. 8 feet long.
W m feet 3 In. plank, 18 feet long.
73 m feet 3 In. plank, 14 feet long.
53 m fett 3X in. plank, 12 feet ong.
_SS m feet S In. plank. 14 feet long.
The Lumber to be provided must oe good, sound.
White Oak. to be delivered at tho Bridewell imck
Polk street, one-half by July izth, and oue-half by
August izth. It Is howcverdesirablo to obtain certain
of the kinds as early aa practicable, in particular the
2K Inch plank 8 feet long, and the 2 Inch plank 18 feet
long; and parties bidding are Invited to state bo *
much earlier than the days above named, they can
furnish these or any of these different kinds bid f w.
By order of the Board. A. W. TINKH AM.
myaceSMtd Secretary.
lOmclAL.l .
SPXcrorxxrD. iLLnroin. Vay BS, im.
Scaled proposals will be received at the Office of the
Treasurer of the State of Illinois, la the dtp of Spring
field, Illinois, until 12 o’clock nooa of the twenty-flfen
dsTaf Jane, 1881, and at the American Exchange Bank.
In the City of New Tork, until 12 o’clock noon of the
flret day of July, ISHI_ for One Million Dalian of the
Stock of the State of minds. to be Issued In accord*
ancewtti an act of the Legislature, entitled “An act
creating a war fond and to provide for auditing aU ac
count* and disbursements aristas under the e*n for
volunteers," approved May 2d,ltfii. The stock thus
leeuedtobe relmhurrable at the pleasure of the State,
after the year of onr Lord 1879, In the city of New
York, to bear Interest at the rate of six per cent, per
annum from the first day of July, l?«l. Intercstpiva.
ble In the city of New i ork, and to consist of bonds
payable to bearer with seml-aonoat Interest coupons
attached, payable on first Monday* of January and
July of each year, in amounts as follows, to wit:
Two bnudred and fifty thousand dollars In bonds of
one hundred dollars each. Two hundred and Ally
thousand dollars In bonds of five hundred dollars each,
and five hundred thousand dollars In bonds of one
thousand dollars each.
Tliepropc»alsjuu9tstata (be sum offered for each
cundrrd coDars ofst ck, and the denomination* of
stock bid for. And must be unconditional without re*
ferenee to other offers. One per cent, of the amount
offered must deposited with some bank In the city ot
Springfield or In the city ol CMcaco, H'lnola, or la the
-Itr c r New York, and a certificate showing such de
posit must accompany the eff-.r. subject to the order
ot the Treasurer of ibe Slate of HUsoU, said cnrUfl
cat< sto be retorted in casqthe offerings are net ac
The persons whoso bids are accepted will be re
quired to deposit the amount thereof with the Trsa
surer of the rtate of Illinois, at hi* office In the city of
Springfield. ITllcols, or at the American Exchange
Bank, in the city of New York, subject to hi* order,
within five days after th* acceptance of their bids, at
which time tne bonds will be ready for delivery; the
place where the offerings are accepted to be the place
of the deposit and the delivery of the bonds unless
otherwise specified In the bid*. The rigbtl* reserved
to relwtar y and all of the bids, if considered neces
sary teprotictcrpromotethelntersstofthe State.
ibe prccosal* mntt be sealed and addressed,
lYOllam Butler, Treasurer, Sprmgfleld, UL “Pro
posals fcrLcan. 1861;” or mulam Butler, Treasurer
of the State of Hltools. at the American Exchange
Bank, New York- ** Propos tls far Loan. lS6t, n
Governor of the* State of HUnola.
WILLIAM BUTLER. Treasurer. •
sea ed propaeaU> wm be received st SprlnTfleld.HU.
noD, oner before the eleventh (llth) day of June next
at noon, by the undersigned. Commissioners on the
partofthe State of ILlaus, for famishing, delivered
at Springfield, mmols, the following anna and equip
00,(00) ten theesud 2Qnrle Rifled Musket*, with
angular hsvoneta fifty-eight hundredths CW) Inch
calibre. aadtOloeh lenath of barreL
(Abo ) two tbouiand Mlaclc Rlfies, with sword baytv
nets, fiftr-eight hundredths (.U)«lnch caliare, 3J Inca
length of barrel. The barrels to he rilled with three
grooves, one twist in six feet; the lands and grooves
to be equal. Each part to be equal In all respects to
the standard required by the Unfed States, and t> bo
subjected to the same tests now In use by said Govern
To each musket and rifle 1 ecrew-driver, with cone
wrench; 1 wiper; 1 tomplOß, and one spare cone.
To each Ss (twenty-five muskets sad rifles. 1 ball
screw: 1 spring vice; 1 tumbler and wire punch.
SISSS.te OI “- *«*■
The Commlssionere reserve the right to reject any
propcßaL The terms of payment under the law are
eighty per cent, on delivery, twenty per cannon com
pletlun ot contract.
Adcrees “Commissioners for Purchasing Arms.*
May 18th, IF6U mytteTSMOd
(Bung, See.
rj.UNS I GUNS 11 GUNS 11!
VJ Gaos, Rifle*. Pistols, Colt*!, AHen’s, Sharpe'S,
and every varletr of Revolver. Bowie Knives, Tento.
Picks, Shovels, Fans. Gold Scale*, Blankets and aU
kinds of Miner's Tools. Powder, Shot, Caps and Am
monltloa generally
_tF“ Agent for. Bt. Louis Shot, and Sole Agent for
Hazard's Powder GEO. T. ABBEY
aoriv 1 m Lake street.
kD COUBTT. S. B—Superior Court of Chicago,
May Term, A, D. 186 L Asa D, Reed aad Sylreatar
Bied ra. J.K. Hailam—Attachment. _ _ _ ,
. FobUe notice Is hereby glren to the tali J. K. Hal*
lam that & writ of at'acfinent I«sub 1 oat ot the office
of the Clerk of th» Superior Coart of Chicago, dst »d
the *7tb day of April. A. D. IMU as the tolt of the aald
A*a D. _*ed and Sylrerter Beed. and against the es
tate ;f the aald J- K. Hallazn, f:r tbs sazn of Fire
Hundred Seventy-two am 48-ion Dollars, directed to
the Sheriff of cook County, which said writ haa been
retained executed. .* •» w *.
How,therefore, aalewyoa. tte nld J. X. Hatton
shall oerfonaHy be aad appear before the aald Sape
rlor Court or on or before the Ant day of the
term thereof to be hold«*n as toe Co art House, in. the
City of Clilcaco.pl> the hist Monday of Jane. A.O.
ixt give special ton, and plead to the aald plaintiff •*
action. Judgment will be entered against yon. and la
favor or the said plaintiffs, and ao much of the pro.
petty attached as sur be sufficient to satisfy the so
lodgment and coats, wlUbe sold to sstisfre he 11
Gallup A HrrcßOOcr. PlftTs Atrys my9^e7-iLiw
i-l WOEKS. Wo. Terbury, Iff? South Dirk street,
between Madison and Monroe, Chicago. Dyer sad
cleaner or all Muds of SUk aad woolen Good*. Also.
Straw fiats and Brunet Dying, Bleaching and Frees.
Jng. Store and Country Woxw Solicited. All orders
by Hauer Express promptly attended to, F.0.80x
3683. _* jefgMy
Kenosha, \naoonu,
Tbe bttt pUee la th e Wm, ft>r
d Sislsd o ™ a
A_y 1 have this day made an Assignment qf*g.gf
property for the benefit of the creditor* of L
Chicago, June 3rd, Ja^ehiMt
Irgal SSJsrtKsmtnts.
KJ COUNTY, S.B.—Superior Court of chic.~T
August Term, A- D. 1361.-Wiliam T.
D. T1 tsworth, Budolph M. Tltswonh. WfllUa Dn . h J
H. K. Bn cl Ell H. Mallory- Ethel T. FarnbaiiL ffi?;
H. Jordan and Orlando Bellows, Impleaded with a y,
Tltoworm. H. L. nil), G. h. Granger. Buuell
Jo flphß.ldeson.
SamuelH. Turrall and Aaron Haven— Attachment ft
aloof scire facias to make party to Judgment.
Public notice la hereby given tolho said Bltni t
Foret kd, la pleaded as aforesaid, that a writo*
toeboent la aid as aforesaid, usued out of the oilw -Tf
the Clerk of the Superior Conn of Chicago, dole i
otb day oi June. A. D. itfii, attbe suit of tbe raid
kreaud against the estate of tba said Famhasi £
rlreded os aforesaid. for tbe sum of six hasdrcai?*
Wjy doßanijdlrectet! to tbe Sheriff of Cook Cauare
wmclitalclwTitbsabeenretanied executed. aa * 7 *
-»tL°? r *. u,er ? C:)r **. ttnlM ’7oa.the said Farnham w
pleaded as aforesaid. sb*U personally be and am!*;
ft? Eopejlcr Cooxt of Chicago.on orbetiri
the term thereof; to be holdeu at th>
£ O^AHOCBe, i n . th £, c , 1 17 Qt Chicago, on the fim M
£jol Ananit A.I), 1m», give special ball, and pi-»i
to the said plaintiff *s action. Judgment wIU be enter?!
agalmyon, and In favor of tbe said Borges*, ana U
o/ti e property attached a* may h.-* sufficient
®*}J e P r ft e and cost* will bo sold v>
satiny me tame.
jefrerTt-tw WALTER KIMBALL. Clerk.
K' OF COOK. SA—Superior Conti of Chicago.
FranclsW. BncYlngham n. Charles A. Greearr
William Winn. Horace F. Waite, William C G-indr
Charles B. Waite. Hamiah lUUrftT. Marlon
Karel to Rattray, Francis Wlnn.ardibe
of James Wfnn, deceased.—ln Cbaecerv w
Affidavit of the non-residence of said Francis W!»»
and William: Wlr.p. and that the h-lw oriSd jSS
Wlno.ezcept(ald Francis and William, bis brotVrT
ate unknown, defendants above n tmed. bavia* h i,
tiled In the office of u-e Clerk of tald -up'rtor
ofr.meauo >utlceli bsreby rivea la toe saidFraa-»
Winn, wmiam Winn, and tbe unknown v elr* o*
JamwWmn.deeeaecd. that tbs compfrlaactfifcdvi
bill of complalntln said Court, on the Chane*rr aLv
th#rept at amended, a&d that a summons lb-rran-5
L-ocd pat of raw Court against sail DefeattoviCw.
turnfeblecD the first Monday of August next, i&fiT
a* Is by law required *
* ow, unlere y cu, t' e raid Frond* Wlan and Wnil ™
Winn, snd the unknown hslrs of lame- Win-* ».
crafed. shall pmvonol ybe and appear before ? al-: -V
perkr Court cfCUcsffo of Cook u.unty. . <i t
*fav«f the term thereof, to beholden at C;toa:o.la
eafcl County, on tbe cm Monday of August next,
and plead, an wer or demur to tbe said cosipla-aaat#
bill ofccicplalnt tbe some, and the matters and
thereto cbnrsed and ftatee, WAX be taken *?co fe*s« L
and a Cecret* entered ajtalo.t you according D the
prey*rcf »n!d bin. WALTER gtvwAT.r. 'berk:
W.T Bmtossa. Comprts* Sol’r.
Chlca;t-, June ftb. ISoL jese&vtw
J. James G. Mac lay and Margaret Afaclay. hu wift.
did execute and deliver onto Eaward u. Arnold,
Trustee, Ac. adeed of tntt dated March 55.AD.
s£m:, and recorded Is tbe recorder's office ot Cook
county, riko'a. on the Hth davofAprllA. D. 3V.
Ju Book U4 of deeds, cage c«J,laacd oy which said
deed fold Mac lay and wife conveyed to the naU
Arnold, aa trustee, tbe fallowing described premises
In the county of Cook and State of IllinoU, vU: tbe
north forcy-slno feet (43 ft) of lots seven (7) and elglit
(»> In block thirty-one <3l) In IVolcott's AdAldonbc
lag forty-nine feet on Clark street by etgbty feet de-p.
a cen»lneocambr«ac*:
In sold deed specified] to secure the payment of a cer
tain bond bearing even date with said deed fbr three
Ibonsand dollars rouble in ten years with Interest at
ten percent per aimum payableseal-anauaily,said
bona temg numbered six ananudepayableto Eaward
U. Arnold aa trustee; Ac, and It being provided there
in that It definlt should be made In the payme-i t of a>ir
of tbe Interest on salt principal sum and any portion
thereof sbonld remain due and unpaid far the space of
thirty dare after the same should become due and my
able, then tbe principal sum with all arrearage? of it.
terrec should st tbe rptlon of «a! i Arnold. h $ ei_‘-
cutor?, admtnlstrston cr asslgtutilu-reupoa beci.ti!
cueand payable and might be demanded Immellat Iv
or at any time wltbm tLlrty days after
and In and bv said tru» t de. d it N rrovtdcd that la c.vj i
of default In the ravment oi wild bond or a**v -Mrj
tf>«rf of, according to toe tenor and effect tbereof or l »
the performance of any of the c tvenacts In ?ald d-rd
cnapilJcatlo?of tl»elegal hoMerofsatd boniorto*
rcupocs thereto attach'd, s«ld Arnold or his l.*gnl
rerna-ntatives oratfarcey should sell aaldpreuUct
at public vendue.
how. therefore, default having bean mad? In tbe jit.
meat cl th* Irt- rest coupon on told bond due March
Uth to l?tb, A. D. X»8l, for the sum of one hundred
fifty dollars; and the o«ner and bolder of
and afro tbe asVgnee and bolder cf said coupon bre.
tng elected to declare the principal sum and back 1-*.
terest cue. viz: tbe sum ot 9-VSd u‘, and having mule
application to ssJd Edward H-Ar-oli t> pro<:>etl
sell raid nreml-«e, notice Is hereby given that hi pur.
tcacceof sod by virtue-of tbe powers in cold <fe»j
eontoloed. tbe undersigned EdwunllL Arnold, will .>»
siond»y, August istb, tu D. .af.u attbe hour or tvcl >
o’clock, coon, of said day at tbe north donrefthv
Court House. In the city of Chicago, scM atpuM
vradne. tbe r.remises hereinbefore describ'd with all
tbe tight and equity of redemption of sold Jane. G
Msclay and Matyaret t*U w i e.
Davis A Nisszx. Solr's. jetevotd
Term, A_ X>. IS»3. Jibenezer G. Wolcott va. D; c
Public u< Uce Is hereby given to thesaM T> C Bmwi
that a writ et attachment *saaed out of li- ot'ice f
tceCitrk of the Cook Connty Clrcnlt Court.
theasth day of May, A.i>.lßsU at the salt pf the <ud
Ebtnezer G Wolcott and against tha estate <>f pie
MtU). C. Brown, for the *nm cf Ono Hundred Fifty.
HveDoll*m acd Thlrty-Flm dlwcr-d to tie
SheriffcfCook Connty, whlchsaldwntba;bwarc.
tamed sxeented.
Now, therefore. nnl»«sron, the said I>. C. Br>wn.
shall personally be and appear bef<>re the«ai.i c'o-ii
Count/ C'rcnit Conrt. oa or before the art .tar of tie
next Term thereof; toteholden at the Court Ho-’sc.
In the City of Chlcaec*. enthe third Monday of Jua-,
A. D. isni, give special ball, and pleat! to tho add
plaintiff's action. Jndzmeat will be ctitaed ac-vl;i-:
yon. and in Civcr cf the said Ebenczer G Wolroit.
and so mnen of the proper y attached as may Ic «n!h
elect to satis yth-sr-id Jadgmeot'and cova, will bo
add to safitly the same.
. „ _ _ WM. L. CHURCH. CWk.
A.E Wolcott, PUT’S Alfy. Jabesriw
V-/ nnsoU. County of Cook. B S,—Superior C«tn
of rhlcaze. Janet erm. 1911.-In Chancery.
_W Ilham T. Seymour vs. Clark Rnnvon and Laura .1.
KnuTou, his wife. Joseph Jotuiot'm, C’arl-* u.
Wicker. John IMnnlston. American Hone Natl Co.-n
nany, hamnel Bailey, John IL Brown. wdu.vn IL
Brown. Peter Kinney, Eggleston B. Lodwlck, Una.-',.-.*
Starr, Jr„ Robert Huche*. Lnc-an BatlK-e, fu*mlul*;rv
t r of the estate of Joel Buttle*. reeeaacd. tb<* in
k'town heirs if Joel Buttles, decease-!. Clarkn Fil
klce.admlnbtrainxof the estate ofJ>*eph eilklo* o*.
coved, the unknown betrsof J.weph Fllklns. deceanri
Affidavit having been hied in the oflira of ;n# ;,icrc
r f (aid Super or ccurt of Chicago that Robert IltiJuvj.
one of the defendants above nswe-l, on due lu.ij'r*
cannot he found and that the mid Ihtb'rt H-i,;>i-> hii
gene out of this State. Notice la hereby given D u-,»
sold Robert Hogtes that the complainant Hied hu v .iii
of coiuplaicc lu (ala court, cn tiio Chancery ddu
thereof on the twentieth cay of May. lfc*U and that %
soc mens thereupon issued oat or said Cour A?v.n«t
•ald-HcfFzdaots returnable on tb* first Monday cf
June next, (19H.) as is by awre<iotred.
Now, unless you. the said hebert Hughes (hall
p-rwcally be add appear befire said Superior
of Chicago, of C>ok Connty. on the first dav of tne
ceit term thereof to be boldcn at Chitago.'ln »Ld
Connty, on the first Monday of June, IS4I, andp!?*f,
arswer or demur to tho raid complainant'* bin -M
complaint, the same, and the n attera and things there
in charged and stated, will be taken at coafpiaod. *ad
a decree entered aga&st you mocordlns to the nnver
Ofsaldbl'L WAiTSa KIMBALL, Clark.
Ena A Scott. CompUtcut's Solxcltora.
VO COITNTT. S. P.—Poperlor Conrt of Chicago,
31ayTenn, A D. 1561. An D. Bwd and
E#cd ts. J. K Balhur—Attachment.
Pubic notice in hereby given to the said J. K. ITil
ia tn Uiat a writ of attachment Issued oat of the oiflee
of the Clerk of the Superior Coart of Chicago, dated
the nth day of April A.D 15m, at the suitor the said
A*al>.Ke&andt*jlvest*rßeec, and against thecs.
rate ot the aa’d J K. Ilillatn. for the sara of Five
Hundred Seventy-Two and tS-100 Dollars, directed to
the Sheriff olCooic Counrr which eald writ has bean
n tnrnedexecuted. Now.tkeref&re.ualeaayoQ.tnesald
J. K. Hallam shall personally he and appear before
the said Superior Coart of Chicago, os orbefcre the
first day of the term thereof to bo fiolden at the Court
Boose,ls the City of Chicago, os the Or>t .Mocday of
June, A.D- ISCI, give special bail, and pload to the
said plaintiff** action, judgment will be ent-red agaitut
Sou, and la favor of the said plaintiffs and so mneii of
ie property attached as maybe Bnfllclcr.ttosahify
the said Judgment and costa. will be sold to satisfy the
*ame._ JWALTKIt Kl
O ATT.TTT* * nrmrooci pTreTAtrSriSJii'arw
Vj/of DlbKt* cpok County, B.a-Superior Court
of Chicago. Jose Term, nw
TVIUamT, Sejtaonrvs. ClarJcßnnytm and Laura J
Kuor..Q, hi* wife, Joseph Johnston, Charles G.
Wicker. John D-nnlston. Amrricaa Horso N.vl Coie-
S*nr, S.nmo*l Bailey. John H. Brown. William is.
town.Peter Klr,n* r r,Ensle«tnnTi. Lodwlck, Chart ;*
Starr. Jr. Robert Hucfce*. Laolan Buttle*. admtati
(rater of (be eetatn of Joel Buttle*, deceased, the on
known Heirs of Joel Cuttles, deceased. C>am*a HI
kla*. admlnin'stratrlx ot-thr es-au cf Jo»rnb vukifa
deceased, the unknown Heirs cf Joseph rliklru. do'
Ctaerd.—ln Chancery.
.affidavit of the nse.reßtdence of Clark Rmyw,
Laura J.Jtrnyon.b-H w.fp, Tlie ametina Howe sal!
< ompany. luclan Buttles, administrator of tlie ci
tato of Joel Bmt’.ev deceased, Samuel Bailey, Jots
H Brown. wuHanx It Drown. Peter Kiniicy. Hi
§lestonß Lodwlck andCharlesSt<rr, Jr, tea of tie
eftodants *hovc nimril harin'? been fled In the of*
fieaof IheCierk cf said Superior Court cf Cnlciao;
and. alio, that the defendants designated In tin HUI
o' Complaint In said S'-Jtaa the unknown Hein of J<>«l
Buttles. cec«as*d, ana the unknown Helm 0f.1.«-‘,ih
Fuklcs, deceased, are Interested Li a-»td snft'a.-l In
the lands described In the bill of complaint lu »ala
ault and that tee names of the said defendant*
nated as the unknown heirs of Joel Buttles, (iceea**!,
and the unknown heir* of Joseph FUklCit, coc-a-'d.
arr unknown. Notice Is hereor given {> tic *vd
Clark Rnnrcm and Laura J. Runyon, hi* wfe.The
AmericanißoreeNall Company. Lucian Cuttle*.admin
Istntor of the estate of Joel Buttles, deceased. cue us
knpwnßtlrs of Joet Buttles, deceased. Samuel Hall**!*.
John n. Brown. William R. Brawn. Peter Kin tier, fir*
Kies ton B. Lodwlck. Charles Starr, Jr., and tlie nn*
known Heirs of Jovph FllkJms deciawd. th.it the
complainant filed bts bill cf eumplalct la said Court
on the Chancery alda thereof on the 3ttn o' :.f »r,
-S6], and toat a summons thtreupoa lamed one cf adi
Court aßalistS'ld defendants rctnm ih> on t v ** fine
Monday of Jnnj next (li-tin, as is by law required.
Now, unless 3 on, the said Claris Utryoa aulLaira
J. Runjon hi* wife. Tbs Atr'erlcsn Horse Nallrtum-
P*Q7. Inclan Bottle*, administrator of Che estate of
Joel Buttles, deceased, Samuel BiU*v. John IL Ur >wn.
William it Brown, Peter Kinney. Egrlert n B. Lod
wick,Charles Starr. Jr, aud ua said defemlaat* de
sigeattd la said bill as the unknown Heir 3 of Jo-1
Butties, deceased, and the unknown Heirs of Joseph
Fuklnr, deceased, shall pcraonally bo and appii&r be.
fore said Sup. riorro-rt of Chicago. cf Cook County,
on the lint day of the nest t:rm thereof to be h-ildea
st Chicago, la said Connty, on the ant Mon-lay of
June, U6l, and dead, aeswer or dtmur t> the said
complainant's bin of complaint, the same :nd the
matter* and telngs taercln charged tod stated. Will be
taken as con: essed, and a decree enttred agalastyoa
according to tic prayer of said blit _ ■
Eriro ft Scott, Solicitors for Complainant.
O Cook, fa Superior Ccurt cf Chicago, June
Tens, I8«]. Samuel Myera va. JohnD Pahlnan. Luther
Stooe Lewis W. 6toa&Get*rgu A. Cornea and Caro
line H.Carneahi» wife, Theodore j*. Phillip*, William
G, Appleton amJhllza G. Appleton his wife, Abijah
B*ooe. Robert LalnbridgecGcorge Hntlcdgc,WUliaru U.
Wane, Frederick Warne. Hiram A. Tucker. Nathaniel
G. Carnes, Samuel Haskell. WUUam WUsoa John It.
Corthellsndßlcbardß.Dovell.lnChancery. -•
Affidavit of the oou-realdence of Georg-* A Carnea
and Carolines.Canes hi*wife,Theodore F.-rtmiiip*.
WiniamG. Appleton and KUza G.Apph’trn hi* wife,
Abiiah Stone. Robert Balnbridze. Georre Butledinv
William H. Wane, Frederick Warms. G-
Carnes, Samuel BaskeD, Winiam Wlboa and Richard
U. Dovell, fourteen of toe defendant* shore named,
having been med In the office of the Clerk of said.
Snperior Court of Chlcaao. notice l* t herrbr glvea to
the said George A Canes and Caro line H. Canes hi
wife, Thcdore P. Phillip*, william G. Appleton an
Etlra G. Appleton bU wl*. Abilah etont Robert Bala
bridge. George Eotletlge t WiU!am U. Waroe. Freder
ick Wane, batbanlel G. Carnes. Samuel Haskell. WU-
Uam Wilson and Rlebanl B- Dovell, that the complain
ant filed blablll of complaint In said Coart, oaths
Chancery side thervot on the 20th day of May IS6X. and
that a furrunnud* therenpoo lamed out of said Coart
against salddefimdanu returnable on the first Monday
of June Of it, IM. »* f.T
Now. unle» you. .the said Georgs A. Canes and
Caroline H. Cane* bi» wffe.Tbeodor* T. PhiniUA WU
l'*m g. Applston and Elkta O. Appleton his wife
Abtlah Stone. Robert Balnbrtdge, George Kutlctlge,
WDJlam H, Wane. Frederick nine, Nathaniel t*.
Canes, Samuel fiaakelL Wllllant Wilson and Richard
B. Dovell shall personally be and appear before said
Superior Court of Chicago of Cook County, on the
first day of the nextterm thereof to be holdoa at Chi
cago. In said Connty.on the first Moodayof Jane, usi,
and plead, answer or demur to the said comnlanauf*
bin of complaint, the same, and the matters and things
therein charged and stated, will be taken a* confess*!,
and • decree entered against you according to the
preyerof said bUL WALTER KIMBALL. Clerk.
Kixo ft ScoTt, Comprta Sol*r. myJiq7JS-5W
A th» ondertlgned, Lawrence JJ. Htoea, has been
by decree in Chancery of the Saperfor Court of Chi
ttgo. entered on MarMth. 13». in a eagjrt***!?
Buchanan la complainant, and Bo&CTSL_?fbiJS
imma 8. Fabian. Thomas L. Forms, Rffitoß- ror
rest and Mary Forrest, are dc/fladautA appointed
Troatee In place of Hecrr
carry out the proTlaiosacfa J^djMg
cn ted by Robert L. Fabian aad Emm» & Fab^Ato
«£sb££SS&Office ofcobi Coontr. In Booh ns.
Deed the Beal Estate herein-
a ?torif yot9 wltfc tnm tbs data
if mw ■whol& doe aad unpaid, and there la
-SmtSeiSmthe sum of Fire ThouaandMna Hundred
“J Dollars, to nay which said earn said
Seal Jtttate baa bees ordered by said Coart to be sold,
W h^t^er^^ d that the u>
designed, Lawrence J. J. Mason, win sellatpabUo
OTfHnfi on uossat. the seventeenth day of Jua
A. D. IML at 13 o’clock noon of that day. at the north
door of the Coart Boose 1a Chicago, to the highest
bidder tat cash the Beal Estate convoyed as aforesaid
via The sooth half of Lot Ten. Block One Hundred
»od Twenty-Two, School Section Addition to Chicago.
Hllnoia. with all the, right aad equity of tedemptwa
ot said Robert L. Fabian ano at mid Emma S. Fabian,
bis wtflsj subject. however, to a certain mortgage of
said B.L: Fabian and wife to D, Waldo Llneolzvfoae.
core the com of $350000 ltd recorded in theßecoc
dert Office of Cook County, ha Book «ff of Mortgage*
Face lUM23. LAWS* HCB J. J, JOnSSN. Trustee.
HISBWtCg DaTXB. SoUffitOC. B^flt-eOS-td

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