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Office, So. 61“ Clark Street.
nnxa or vs* Chicago Txasmß:
Da-ly, delivered in city,-per year.... $ B*oo
Daily, delivered ludre,*per week.. “ ,15
Dally, to taaH aubecribere, per year 7*oo
«iUy. to trxtiLsubscrfiiere, per elx months -4.00
WwtAlrpeijttt:.... 4,06
Weckiy, alngio subscribers, (6 mo'a. 81.00) 1,50
S' fc0p1e*..,...... 4.00
m ,s°™ e.oo
“ lOeoplea., 10.00
** 90 copie*, And Ito getter np of dab 20*00
A.CST* Additions to dubs may be node at anv
the «une rale, • *uy
l n ,Begle t ercd Letters may be sent
torai «anacfl TttIBCSE,» HU
The welcome news brought by yester
day e steamer, that the English Govern
ment had decided not to Admit any pri
vateers into - English ports,. is the first
practical assurance that baa been received
livm that -quarter that the Ministry was
not really in league with the rebels of the’
seceded States, to drive our commerce off
the sea. Now the recognition of the trait
ors as belligerents, according to interna
tional law, though damaging to the moral
position of the Union in the eyes of the
civilized world, will have little practical
Worth. It is simply an assurance to them
that their privateers will not be,treated as
pirates, when overhauled by. "English
cruisers—nothing more. Now, if Great
Britain is not determined upon a quarrel
with the Republic, in consequence ot the
■Unavoidably frequent misunderstandings
which will grow out pf the blockade,:,the
Government at Washington will bo able
to make good the recent declaration of
God. Scott that he will crushoutthe rebel
lion in. a year.
We are glad tolicar tliat a few of the
■best of the hanks of this State—those
based exclusively on Xorthem stocks—are
making efforts to add to their securities
now in the Auditor’s hands, and by prompt
redemptions in specie at their counters, or
in exchange at a moderate rate in Chicago,
commend themselves to the confidence of
the public. If true, this is good news; and
the lact that the course suggested is that
dictated alike by interest and duty, permits
ns to believe that the report may be well
The currency which a halT dozen of our
institutions, thus strengthened, could
safely furnish, would be a great relief to
the people of the Stale in this emergency.
Convinced of the; intention of their
owners .to do business as other men,
who strive to pay their debts, do it,
the people would he glad to sustain and
protect them; because the worth of the
system upon which they are based, adding
to it the novel feature in Illinois banking
—redemption, is everywhere acknowl
edged. The abuses winch have grown up
under that system and the errors of legis
lation which should have improved and
guarded it, are what have made it odious.
At this time when threatened with an in
undation of paper of doubtful character
from other Stales, all classes would hah
the establishment of a' score or more of
our secured banks, in the' way and for the
purposes' contemplated by last winter’s
amendments to the hank law with pleasure.
We arc informed that Auditor Dubois
has decided that the bonds of banks under
call for additional securities, may be with
drawn by the holders of their notes. If
the practice at the Auditor’s office is in
accordance with our information,' may we
ask to the State JoumdLXo notify us and its
readers of the fact. If such a decision has
been made, it is a wise one, and will add
TCiy materially to the value of the dis
credited notes; because holders who are
compelled to' realize may, hy virtue of it,
convert their paper into gold without being
compelled to submit to the terms which
the few buyers may dictate. '
Wc are pot, specially advised, hut we as -
sume that all the banks upon whdm a (rill
has not been made, will be notified, by the
Commissioners now In session at Spring
field, that their time has come, and that
they must meet public expectation or dose
up. These gentlemen, •wc are sure, are
doing in -- good faith what seems to them
best for the protection of the people whose
agents they are. They may differ in opin
ion from others who have itade our bank
ing system a study; but that they will not
do their duties honestly and maafollynone
will avow. x
The affair at Bethd, near Fortress Mon
roe, "by which the Federal troops lost not
only 30 'menlolled and 100 wounded, hat
the prestige of victory which has thus far
attended ourannj, is so far hidden in the
mysteries of a telegraphic despatch that
cccms to have been made up to conceal
the truth, that comment thereon must be
deferred. It is probably one of the blun
dert—many of which have yet to been*
countered—growing out' of the inability
and ignorance of the plumed and epaulet*
led sapbeads who have been, in quite too
many casts, chosen to command brave and
loyal men- It is fortunate that the matter
If no worse; and it is fortunate also, that
the Brigadier, who led the boys,- has been
compelled to show his worth as a com
mander thus early in the struggle, and
before lie bad a chance to laid his brigade
into a position where it would be cut to
Phis war is'a matter of too much im
portance, and the ■ lives of our men are for
too valuable, to warrant the continuance
of men like this Brigadier Pierce in the
commands that they have attained. Courts
martial must soon begin to their appointed
work, and whenignorance and incapacity
from any cause are proved, political con
siderations and personal intimacy with the
powers that he, must not interfere to save
the epaulettes by which stupidity, inca
pacity or drunkenness are adorned. To
ensure valor and subordination in our
irotps, confidence in the officers is the
first necessity—confidence In their person
al courage, in theirknowledge, and in their
Judgment and coolness in the hour of dan
ger. Though the men who stood un
der the galling fire ot the rebel bat
tery, may be each as brave os Cmsar,
they arc useless for any' service under
film by whom they were led to defeat
Kotbing but bayonets in their rear
would drive them toward an enemy, under
fils command. And so in every other case
where the incompetency- of the officer is
patent It is defeat. before the first
gun is fired. .
Grn. Pierce is, ifwe are not mistaken, a
Massachusetts; man—probably a militia
Colonel, whom the opening of the .war
found in a place of which he could not be
legally dispossessed. For tbe honor of the
Union and the future usefulness of his men,
we trust that his case may ho made the
subject of special inquiry, and if his of
fence admits, that he will be made a warn
ing by which all others may profit '
Beattuegabd. —TheNew York
Tribune of JMonday says. that Madame.
Beauregard, wife of the übiquitous Genera l
of that’name, was in that cityon Sunday,
and attended Mr. Beecher’s Church in
Brooklyn, in company with on attain of
one of the Hew. Xork, papers. . .
. Dontt Touch Them I ■
The bills of free banks are being
circulated to some extent in this vicinity.-
Don’t tonch the free banks
are no better secured, if they are secured so
Well, &s our own . discredited .-Illinois banks.
The bais of the State Bank of Indiana are
good—the bills of the free-banks should be
of lib Supreme Court.
Tee Ottawa Free Trader] whose means of
icjoncation ay© undoubtedly good, says that
the re-election of as
Clerir ofthe Se fe
Grand Division, is now assured by a pretty
Saiga majority.
. The following table shows the total re
ceipts and shipments' of floor, groin, Uvo
stede, provisions, &a, during: the past
week; '
_ - ~ Eecelptg. Shipments.
PU*nr, bbls 98,010- : 98,610
WfceaL bn.. 1 .. 429 957 849,343
0at8,bn..... 7LBll' CS.ISS
TO- 90,535 9,690
Pork, bbls 502
Cut Meats, lbs .; 367,710 - 153,735
Isrd, lbs 82,357 77,738
Tallow, lbs 6,213 - 20,012
L1vcH0p8.n0:;...:.;... -1,627" ’ 8 615
Bresred Hope, no 2. 1...
BetfCttttlcno,...... —..... 1,542 ♦ 4^27
| The following table shows the amount
•f flour and grain in store in tins city on
flie STtix -inst, compared with tho state
ments of the three previous weeks: -
- • 1861. IBM. 1859.
piour, bb15.;....::.. 509,57G 901,930 170,851
Wheat, bn ......8,661,900 1,687.425 1,176283
Com, bu. .*, 6,602,155 6,509,631 2030.341
0at0;1m.........~.'-1867,358 603,937 302,491
Bye, bn 152,638 69,790 ■ 22.646
Earley, bo. -289.960 184,636 111 ".71
Seeds, lbs.. ..9,466,811 2,695,462 1,290.958
Pork, bb15;....:..;.. 81,611 - 12 807 11,851
Cut Meats, lbs 8,036,563 6,03,042 4.12L565
Lsrd. Its 5.742.712
Tallow, lbs 274,627-. 112,409 1(51,271
live Bops, n0.... . 326,106 - 66,975 - 41.489
Dressed Hogs, n0.... 144.115 45,230 26,352
Beef Cattle, no £4,265 , 57,857 - - 23,896
The following table shows the amount
of flour and grain, in_ store in this city on
the XOUi inst, , compared with, tho state
ment ofihc three previous weeks:-" '
-June 30. June'B. Kay SO.
Flonr, bbls... 35.250 37,700 29,800 83,645
Wheat, bn/.'.. 628,884 • 458.959: v
Corn, bn 5, 870,451.3,C54,»84 3,583,223 3,093,804
Oats, 'bn...... 506,497 £05,726 501,803 505.201
Business during tlie past week has been
dull, and owing to unfavorable news &om
Europe and Kew York, the leading mar
kets for produce have declined, and closed
heavy and depressed. Flour during the
week has fallen 25 to 35c per bhl; wheat,
3 to 5c lower; and com, Ito IJc. • There
is nothing doing in provisions and the
market is dull and nominal. The receipts
of live slock were veiy heavy, and prices
of both cattle and hogs declined veiy ma
The supply of gold and convertible cur
rency continues to increase; but it is still
far from sufficient to meet the requirements
of the community.
Careless Firing*
The accident by which -two regiments of
Federal troops were hroughtj&ce to luce near
Fortress Monroe, in the night, and set to fir
ing upon each other, killing one man. and
wounding several others, was clearly a esse of
the careless use of firearms. It should be in
vestigated by the police. If Brigadier General
Pierce does not manage his men better next
time, they will inevitably hurt themselves.
TVUllamvou County—Xlie Enlistment
of Troop* for "Scccaala.’’
The State Htgiticr publishes the proceedings
of a mass meeting held at Marion, Williamson
County, on the Sd icst., to take action relative
to the enlistment of recruits in that county
for Jeff Davis’s army. Hon. David Norman
was elected Chairman and J'. JL Swindell Sec-
l*he meeting was addressed by Hon.
Wm. J. Allen, after which tho following ad
dress was adopted: ■ - - -
“Wc have ever been, and still are Union men.
pledged by our convictions to standby the Federal
Government in all emergencies. It is with the
profonudol regret that wc have beard of a few of
tfcc citizens of this county leaving nt* and allying
their fortunes wilt the Confederate Stales. This
ait on their part, was unknown to. the body of the
people till It was perpetrated, and on being known
met with our unqualified disapprobation.
** Wc vcntcre to eay, ricking our character and
judgment alike in netting forth the assurance,
that the entire people of Williamson county, as re
fifteen or twenty wicked and irresponsible persona,
unconditionally oppose in sentiment, and have
oppose ! in action, (so far as their knowledge of
anyenrh designs enabled them )any aid or eneonr
op emest of those people in the eon them Slates who
have placed themselves la opposition to the Federal
government.- And we distinctly say to the country
that we will do everything In onr power to bring
about peace, tranquility and fraternal feeling,
and will oppose with all onr energies anything
and everything looking to aid or aaslrtance to the
Crarederate States; in a word, we will stand and
act according to «nr vrics* ot .duty,--whl«hrwQ«a-'.
hesitatingly say, favor the Constitution and the
Union. \vc say this much because of our county
having been placed In a false position by the acta
of a few misguided men, who precipitated them
selves into an unfortunate condition without de
liberation on their part, or recognition on oar
part. 11
To BfamuTactorers of lleaper* and
' ' Manufacturers of Reapers and Mowers and
other Agricultural Implements will find The
Weekly Tribune an. Invaluable medium
through which to offer their wares for sale.
Its circulation is very largo. It Is taken and
read in almost every neighborhood and school
district in Illinois. Many thousand copies are
also circulated through Indiana, Michigan,
Wisconsin, lowa, Minnesota, Kansas and Ne
braska. The Weekly Tribune is certainly
the best medium through which manufacturers
and dealers can reach the farmers of the North
wfct Terms of advertising are quite reasons,
From the Louisville Jonrnal.
Threatened wrrn a Mob.-'F. A. Garble,
formerly editor of the Evansville (Ind.) Jour
nal, but at present a resident of Memphis,
barely escaped the fury of a mob in Evans
ville cn Thursday. The Mayor secreted him
in the city prison nntil the citizens were
quiet CarlUc had written some violent and
unwarrantable things in reference to the citi
zens of Evansville, and had been especially of
fensive to the Germans of that place.
A Man Hung by a Mob at Mound City, -
Aril—The Memphis Avalanche very coolly
ansonnees that Mr. John Beman, the watch
man on the steamer W. M. Morrison, was hong
by the citizens'of Mound City on Thursday.
The AroloncJte says Beman was a most uncom
promising Abolitionist, and expressed each
sentiments ns left the indignant citizens no
other alternative. He was upward of sixty
years of age; had been employed a long time
on the river, and came from Boston, Mass,,,
where he said he had friends living.
Negro Dung.—We learn from the Memphis
Avalcitdte that on Thursday of last week, on
Silver Lake, Washington county, Mississippi,
a negro belonging to George B. PowcU and
employed on the plantation of Hr. Charles G.
- Ale Hat ton, was hung by a Committee of-
Safety.— Hehad stolen three gang, two pistols/'
a bewie knife and a watch, together with a lot
of powder and lead, and succeeded in reach
ing a bridge, under which he secreted him
self. As Mr. James S Dodds was riding over,
the negro fired at him without effect. Ho
was subfcbnently captured and hung. It Is
supposed that he was Induced to sisal the
guns by several runaway negroes in the
neighborhood, belonging to the family of the
late Stephen A. Douglas.
Tee Rumored Movement at Cairo.—A
despatch from Cairo, published here on Fri
day morning, stated that Gen. Prentiss, in
command at Cairo, had’sent troops across the
Ohio into Kentucky to break up a camp of
secessionists. We didn T t believe tbe state
ment, cor do we believe It now, for we know.
it to be inconsistent with the orders under
which Gen. Prentiss is acting. The following,
which we have Just received from. Frankfort,
will put an end to nil anxiety, if any Is felt,
upon the subject. Althougn emissaries of
the Southern Confederacy, are raising troops
in various parts of our State for bostlllss
against the United States, no United States
Ire ops will be sent to set foot upon our soil
Cincinnati, Jane 7,153U
To Hon. J. J. Crittenden, Frankfort, Ky:
The papers of. this morning state that Gen.
Prentiss, Commander U. 8. forces at Cairo,
has. sent troops across the Ohio river into
Kentucky. 1 have no official notice of such a
movement, but I at once telegraphed Gen.
Prentiss for the frets, and stated to him that,
if the report was true, X disapproved his
course, and ordered him to no more
such movements without my sanction previ
ously obtained. Geo. B. McClellan,'
Adjutant General
Fnm Wheeling,
[Telegraphic Correspondence Dally Commercial.)
- . VTncxuxo, JnneS, ISCL
Delegates are arriving here. Four or live
counties east of the AHeghanles are represent •
ed. Among them, Henry T. Dixon, of Fan
qolcr, who yoted for Lincoln with revolver in
hand, sed was afterwards. driven out John
A. Fold represents Dinwiddle county. John
C. Utmdawcod," of Clark,has arrived. ,
Thefceling is prcdomlncnt for a Provisional
A collision occurred at Glencoe, 13 miles
from 'Wheeling, on the Central Ohio Railroad,
this evening, kiUlngfour employees, smash
ing the engine, and ?>?**■* one or two
• cars. -
_C*plur©d by tbe
Charieston~ Jflntte>
The Charleston 'Mercury of the Cth says a
privateer of that diy, hitherto known as the
pilot boat Savannah, slipped otft of the harpof
of that-dly. Uie blockade notwithstanding,
and captured “The Bend,’* a fine brig from
Portland, He., r heavily' laden with'. sugar and
molasses. The capture was made off George
town, S. C., and the prize sent into that port'
The bring apd cargo arc add to he worth |40,-
OGO. The captain and firstmatewere detained
as prifonen ahpard the privateer. .When the
privateer was last fceen it is said that a TJ. S.
war steamer was in full chase, hut without the
Ttinotcet prospect of ovcrhauUnghcr.
If this story be true, it may well be .asked;
whether the ports of South Carolina are being
blockaded in realityor on paper. .... /
1, FBOH CiXBO* '
* [Special Ccrreepondcnce oLChlcago Tribune.]
CaupDekahce, Cairo, JouelO. 3801.
• The toe train this morning
of any Chicago papers, was the cause of con*
ejaetable excitement for a brief period, cspec-
Adlyaswordwas brought by. one of the em
ployees of the road that the sending of the
papers of Sunday's issue hod been interdicted
by the government authorities of-.your city.
The absurdity, of the story did not at 'first
strike those who were very anxious to get the
sews after a thirty-six hours, fast, caused by an
inteivening Sabbath, and speculation was rife
as to the cause of-this unusual caution on the
part of Uncle Sam's hired men. Bat a dispatch
from Chicago, in reply to one sent for Infor
mation, pnt down the excitement in- the
twinkling of a dam-shell. - The papers run
short, and none could he obtained for money
«—the foice of love was not applied. If your
newsmen understood and appreciated the anx
iety with which the boys here look for the
daily advent of the Chicago Tbhjdne, I am
quite sure it would never miss, except from
causes over which printing machinery has no
control.- . ' '
The Louisville (Ky.) Courier of Friday last
contains on article of despicable character,
wherein it seeks by falsehood to bring the
State outof the Union, because, as It says, the
neutral sovereignty of Kentucky has b.ea in
vaded by the Government troops at this sta
tics, by order of Gen. Prentiss. The main
points In regard, to this ♦‘invasion” I have
already sent yon; but in order to make the
matter deer In all its bearings, I have obtain
ed from head-quarters the following points:
Some time during the earlyjiart of last week,
a band of armed rebels, mostly from Colum
bus, a city filled entirely with rebels/estab
lished -themselves at Eificottz Mills, some
tea miles below this, • and act up inthe busi
ness of arresting, Searching, robbing aedabus
tog refugees who were; flying from the South
to the land of safety. They also served tho
Union men in that vicinity in much the same
way. A day or two after their establishment
in camp, a petition, siened by twenty-five
citizens of that vicinity, was received by Gem
Prentiss, askiDghim to send a force down there
to drive off the rascals. Gen. Prentiss at first
hesitated to comply with the request of the
petitioners, hoping the Stale authorities of
Kentucky would five the matter their imme
diate attention. This they either refused or
neglcctedtto do; and finally a committee came
from Kf-ntncky. and begged Gen.- Prentiss
would either send a force or supply the Union
men with arms, in order that tney might pro
tect, themselves., Gen. Prentiss concluded to
take tho former course, and sent two com
panies to Elilcot’a-Mills on Thursday night
of, last week. The rebels, apprehending
danger at hand,' had disappeared some two
home before Ihe troops readied there. . Oar
men were received by the Kentuckians ‘with
many demonstrations of joy—a handsome
breakfast was prepared, and other like courte
sies offered them. Since this event a number
•of Union families' have been forced from
Kentucky soil by the miscreants. These facts
are all well known to Gov. Magoffin, and to
tie editor of the Courier, and yet they hope
by appeal to ihe bad passions ot to carry
Kentucky out of the Union,' because her
“ neutrality has been invaded by Federal au
thority.” Jhcy will probably both be doomed
to disappointment, as they have been many a
time end oil.
Information reaches here from undoubted
sources, that large amounts of provisions are
shipped across the river into Kentucky at
many points above us, all of which are in
tended for the Confederate army. It seems to
me, it wonld be an act of wisdom on the part
oi onr State (authorities, if they should, in
stead of placing onr State forces in camp at
Dfcatplace them at differ.nt points on the
Ohio river, between this campandthelndiana
State line. It this were done, itwould be tho
means of cutting off an immense quantity of
coni raband articles which are now dally pass
ing from onr State into Kentucky, intended
for tho rebel army. Indiana has also a work
to do of this character, which it is to be hoped
will not much longer be delayed.
The force tthich was sent up to Mound City
yetterddy, are intended to remain in that po
sition, at least for the present. The baud of
rebels who were driven from EUlcott’a Mills,*
and who threatened to burnMoucd City, have
_not ventured upon that undertaking. It may
he regarded as extra-hazardous, and that class
of risks, experience proves the rebels have no
affection for.
From Washington.
[Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.!
Washington, June 10,1881.
the late senator docqlas.
The din oi war and the agitating suspense
cf the times have not prevented a due appre
ciation of that event, which, at any other
hour, would be the all absorbing theme of
men’s thoughts and words—the demise, of
Stephen A Douglas. To the President,- not
unnaturally, tho death of one eo long Ms
competitor in the political arena, and, eovlately
engaged, in cordial consultation and co-opera
tion m bet alf of the cause that now unites all
patriotic hearts, is a profoundly
event. I have heard Mr. Lincoln, previously
to the intelligence cf the illness of the de
ceased, speak in warm terms of appreciation
of Mr. Douglas’ conduct from the time of the
assault upon Fort Sumter onward. Hot a
shade of unkindly feeling, apparently, was
left in tho heart c-f either towards the other.
Politically, at least, he had undoubtedly
lived. u too fast,’ 1 and to the high pressure of
hie last public canvas, followed by (to him) on
unusual calm, may Justly be attributed a has
tening of his end- The prediction of the
graceless Saunders in his intrigues at Charles
ton, lest summer, with the traitor Yancey, Is
renumbered fn this connection, from its exact
fulfilment. Judge Douglas did not “ live three
months from the fourth of i larch,” his death
having occurred on the 3d of Jone.
rus SUCCESSOR IN the senate.
■ There Is a general desire that Gov. Yates
should appoint a Democrat of the same school,
ps Mr. Douglas* temporary successor In the
United States Senate. Hon. Isaac N. Morris
will occur to the minds of thou onds as an
a ppropriate person to receive this honor. '
Although it Is hoped that the approaching
extra session of Congress will be a short one,
occupied almost exclusively with the imme
diate business for which it Is called—the or
ganization of the House and a re-organization
of tbe Senate also, probibly, will receive
first attention. For Speaker of the House, th"
Sireons most prominently named are F. P.
lu!r, Jr., Schuyler Colfax, and Galnsba A.
Grow. There is little doubt of the re-election
of CoL J. W. Forney as Clerk, unless Mr.
Growls chosen Speaker. •
Tbe negro property of John A. Washington,
late of Mt. Vernon, which has escaped within
the lines, has been retained in Alexandria.
.A glance ot any good map will show you the
military consequence of-Aquia Creek, in any
contemplated advance of odr troops upon
Richmond. That point wUlbc fn FeJcralposses*
sroti toUhinafae days. With Western Vinrlnia
loyal, Harper's Ferry and the Point of Bocks
retaken, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in
running order through its entire length, under
. Government auspices, and with Alexandria,
Manarsts Junction, Aqnia Creek, Norfolk
; and Portsmouth fully in oar hands, the Fed
eral forces, raised to a quarter of a million if
Congress, at its extra section, so pleases, mu
make an onward movement from this side of
the mountains, to Richmond, Charleston, Sa
vannah and Montgomery, and from your tide,
down the Mississippi Valley, to Memphis,
Nashville, Jackson and New Orleans, making
short work of the.most infunous and cause
less rebellion against a mild andjust authority
that everdlfgroced human nature.
[Special Dispatch to the N. T. Tribune.)
■ ■ . Washington, Jane 3,15G1.
The transportation of heavy guns, to bo
mounted on Forts Seward and Corcoran, la go
ing on briskly. A large number of very pleas
am-locking pieces of metal are on the other
tide of the river, and will be in position to
morrow. -
Fort Flckcn* may be regarded as practically
beyond danger .from the enemy. It is strong
enough at present to resist any force which
Gen. Bragg can bring again St it, and within a
few days it will be able, with the additional
strength supplied by vessels now on their way
to the Gulf, to defy the whole power'of the
South. . v • -
- The Sabine has . completed the three years,
crnisc for which her crew were shipped, andls
due at Boston within a week. Her place will
be more than filled by vessels which have re
cently sailed to Join the squadron. . Capt
Adame will soon have an opportunity to an
swer in person.,the chargca-that have been
made against’
v ' ; ' TO TUB PBESroCNT.
A party ■which reccutly'arrived fromFortreis
Monroe, brought a young Virginian in the
thape of a mulatto boy, whom they presented
to the President This little contraband of
war will he a waiter at the White House, and
will, for the hist time in his hie, receive
■wages. '• .• .
The captain ’of a 100-ton schooner, at the
Navy-Yard, olfcrs his vessel, to be fitted up
with guns and employed In reconolterlng on
the river. He also offers. Dree of expense to
the Government, the services of himself, three
eons, and the balance of his crew.
Seven thousand yards of casslnet, and other
military goods, were seized at “ The Adams
Express Office” to-day, consigned to Point of
Hoiks, via Alexandria and London Railroad,'
valued at about SIO,OOO.
The thefirst number'of tlie
soldiers’ newspaper by the Pennsylvania Fifth
Regiment, appeared this evening. It is priat
'cd in fine strie on the old Alexandria Senlmd
press, and is Ihll'of interesting Information
regarding the condition of the soldiers, &c.
lt> edited by Lieut. Ely of Lebanon county.
Several columns are devoted to German liters*
ture. - -
tt It was decided by the Cabinet to-day that
-all the expenses of the war shonld-bepaid
by the general government, except such sums
as may be expended by the States in the
equipment end malntcnancoof men previous
to their Ucirg awora Into the service/’
Tic Great Eastern not to be Dad.
10,000 Union Troops Move From:
Qreencastle. • ; /
Gen. Scott Commmands.in 'Person.
F R O M -O A I R O.
Kentucky Railroads to skip no More
Supplies. -
Discharge of Horfolk Prisoners.
The Fire Zouaves.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
~ Wasuinoton, Juno 11,,1861. T
JCJnder a temporary arrangement with .the
Government, ProC Lowe will commence serb
nautical reconhoisance of the enemy’s posi
tion at Manassas Junction In a day or two.
An engineer officer and a telegraphic operator
will accompany him in his balloon ascensions
—the first to survey the works, and. the latter
ot communicate the result of his observations
by means of a wire to be reeled off as the bal
loon rises. In all ascensions the balloon will
be held in position by means of a cord of suf
ficient strength to prevent it being carried off
by rebel gales.
Gen. Butler has been instructed by the Gov
ernment not to receive any more fugitive
slaves at Fort Monroe, The number has in
creased so rapidly that there no way to taka
cere of them. •
Two secession pickets were shot last night
near Alexandria by the Hew Tork Fire Zou
aves. They were endcavoriDg to approach
our line?.
The propeller Resolute returned from a
cruise down the Potomac to-day. She took
end burned several vessels engaged in jinrft
truffle with the rebels, and between Maryland
and Virginia.
The steamer Monticello started down the
Potomac with doable armament and a heavy
cargo, to-dsy.V '
A large number of locomotive and cars from
the North were taken across‘the river yester
day, and were placed on the tracks of the
Alexandria & Orange, and the London &
Hampshire railroads This Indicates a
1 forward movement- The roads are completed
several miles out.
Gen. Beauregard, at Manas Ras Junction,- frag
issued orders to let no one pace through the
rebel lines after noon to-day. He baa issued a
proclamation exhorting oil Virginians to rise
up against the Invader* of their sacred soil,
■who have come' to destroy households, rob
and murder the men and ravish the ■women,
and much more of the same sort. It is greet*
cd here with “ roars of laughter.” .
Notwithstanding the intense heat of to-day
and yesterday, the work oh the entrenchments
on the Virginia side, at Alexandria and there
about, has been vigorously prosecuted. The
men work with a wilt
The disaster at Great Bethel is much regret
ted here. It was duo, without doubt, to the
ignorance and cowardice of Gen. Pierce. Ac
cording to official accounts communicated to
the President, our troops had actually to act*
without a leader. That they did not retreat
before they did, !s surprising. Gen. Pierce
will undoubtedly he court-mariiallcd and de
prived of his command.
The bearer of despatches from Port Monroe
told me that Gen. Butler said, just before he
left, that he would have possession of toe bat
tery at Great Bethel, this morning.
A meeting of the Cabinet was called imme.
di&tcly upon receipt of the news from Fort
Monroe. . .
I have nothing to add to my speculations os
to the true meaning of the movement directed
against Harper’s Ferry. You will see within
a few days that there has been a bloody fight
or a swift foot-race.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St, Louis, June il.
Governor Jackson had an Interview with -
Gen. Lyon and CoL Blair in this .city to-day,
toe subject of discussion being the condition
of the State and tho measures for securing
peace. No agreement was made. Gov. Jack-'
eon proposed the withdrawal of the Federal
troops, and, on his part, the disbanding of too
Home Guard. Lyon and Blair suggested that
toe State troops should be no further armed
in accordance with the infamous militia bill
of 4ho last Legislature. They, declared that
toe State would be considered hostile if furth
er organizations under " that’act were per
Neither party coming to the views of the
other, the interview was ended, and ~the Gov
ernor returned to Jefferson City to-night, his
personal security having been guaranteed on
ly until the 12lh—to-morrow..
A dispatch from St.- Joseph states, that a
.detachment of loyal troops from Fort Leaven
worth appeared, there suddenly and -un
expectedly to-day, to prevent secession inter
ference with the swearing in and arming- of
the TJ. 8. Reserves. The leading sectsaionlsla
had threstened that the organization of the
should he the occasion for a crusade
upon the Union men; bnt the Leavenworth
movement Chech-mated them and a great deal
of swearing was done on both aides—by oar
men to support the' Constitution, and by
their’s because they could not safely destroy
It. The Etars and stripes, latdy 'dishonored
in St. Joseph, were thrown to the breeze from
tv o buildings, and float from them still. The
would-be rebels were greatly troubled; bat
no collision took place.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Cuno, Juno 11,1SC1.
The.bond of rebels which was captured at-
Norfolk yesterday morning pnfl/rrftTniTiad be
fore.Gen. Prentiss wcrc.fi.aally discharged to
day, after, taking, the oath of allegiance and
subscribing to an obligation to bo ready, at all
times to defend the stars and stripes against
all foes.' : - . • ; * - <
Everything quiet here.One thousand ;reb'd
troops were added to the camp at Union City
to-day. There arc now. about seven thousand
rebels at that place. / The town Is In no .way
protected by batteries. : . * / \
- The Memphis Appeal of Jhis morning con
tains election ittams &om quite a number of
precincts; but. no fall' counties. Knoxville
gave but two secession majority; Cleveland,
180 Union majority; Piney District, 47Union
majority; Jonesboro, 95 Union majority. The
western part of the State is almost unanimous
for secession;; The veto is small.".
Six hundred Arkansas troops from Hindman
arrived at Memphis in one day on their way to
Virginia ~ V
;New Orleans papers’ of Sunday contain
nothing of Importance. .7 ... ‘
Midnight; Dispatches.
i: Front Ijod^na,
Indianapolis, June
Regiment, CoL J obnWalliafrleft this evening
for Evansville. .. - .-v'-vC .. . .
A large meeting.was hefitto-nlgbi at Metro
politan Hall in honor of Sana
tor.Douglaa. ‘Resolntlonsjigpppraprlatetothe
memory of the great statetoxu were passed,
and speeches made . by HossT.- A Hendricks, •
Judge Huntington, Hon. BMX Newcomb, end
8.-Jlßyan,Esq, .' ■ -|sr r
St. Joseph, companies of
the Second 1 infantry; U. t&Begulars, arrived
also two companies ot thelftrst In/antrv star
ted from FortKearney.£jßsfcerday for this
place. The baltailion wfljSfaromber 380 men,
and Is to be commanded bjvMaj.Solley; They*
will probably be for the pres
. M_ ... -
■ St. Louis, June_ii.—Jiiiotiier conference
between the State and Jfcgißl authorities was
held in_ this dty rto*day*,?The Slate was
npreemfedTiy Mali Gen.
Price, and the General.QtiSernment oy Gen.
Lyon and Col. Blair. Tl&atote authorities
tho remcvaloruiibanding' of Fed
eral troops from aod the State would
disband her militia. •« refused, aud
the : conference*, • after-' session,
broke up without coming' to any pacific con
clusion. Gov. .Jackson «d Gen. Price re
turned to Jefferson City train to
night. . - • ffift;.. .
. Xaicsi FortSCi&Jkdvlce*,. ; *
Bt. John’s (via. SACKvrii>«); Jtme lL—The '
Adriatic, from Galway iOTlved; •
Lord John BusseU cimouiftVd In Parliament
that the Government to pro •
hibit privateers and arineddnssels from bang
ing prizes into British pofSt and that France
intended to abide by toe Bur prohibiting pri
vateers from remaining im port over twenty
four hours. ■ He said fmgliom and France sent
a proposition to on the de
ck-ration of toe Paris Congress.
Prince Napoleon is sooqlbrvislfc America.
Public writers had rtoelvcd warning to
moderate their tone atiEhfit toe Catholic
clergy, ....
Leavenworth, JimeliS^} special election
was held in this State for member of
Congress. There was;hoteppoeition to the
re-election'of M. A Conjgtvtoe Republican
candidate. A very UgbtSßuwss polled.
Four companies of FtrLeaven
worth yesterday, for St'fSfecph., Two com
panies of Infantry and ocjgdf JDracoons, also
went to Kansas City todays and will be fol
lowed by two companies«sCavafry. Tho ob
ject of these movementfsf to assist loyal
citizens of those forming home
guards. /Sp •
From Baltimore. *
: BautimobeV June ILr-She correspondent
c-flhe American says a flans took place at Wil
liamsport between the H&ie Guards and reb
els. It continued all rebels were
wcunded and one killedgj?
Haobbstown, Janie Government
has evidently token possdSion of the Frank
lin Co. railroad. The Unwaists at Williams
pert are' fearful the reb&nwHl cross the river
and bum their town io-Mght, Guards that
had been placed along thewiole line of the
Fotanac have been donated. To-day gives
13,000 rebels at Hajperiejjmy,
News from t&etCapltoU
Washington, June have
been received here that shewill
not rccogrfze 1 the.Confederate States. The
statements modeby of supplies of
aims from Belgium, sra exaggerated.
P Washington,. JimellSg’he President to
day called on the Govern OiSof Indiana*, for six
addlUotal regiments. ' '-
The forces under CoL -tSpoce have concen
trated within four xdHes’ of Washington.
The Cavalry went ten mile* farther.
The regiment ;of mounted Riflemen and
four companies of DragObnA in New Mexico
have been ordered home? 7 !: •
It Is reliably ascertained feat tbo Confede
rate troop* have been moypjg from Harper’s
Ferry to Winchester, thraje to Manassas, as
speedDy as they cotftdprqraro wagons.
Evening Dispatches.
Horecnhe Affair.
• Washington, June, is not known
how many were killed ,<frxtrounded in the un
fortunate collision or jfcdeca} troops. Previ
ons to marching on Great' Bethel, however;
the less was The fire of our
troops on the masked battery did apparently
little execution, being from small field pieces
andbowitzers, against the rifled cannon of the
rebels. The attack lasted bat half an hour,
when the retreat was sounded and executed
In good order.
The troops throughout this trying affair be
haved well. The estimated number killed
was about thirty, and one hundred wounded.
Major Wlnthrop, aid of Gen. Butler and Lieut.
■ Cob Grinncli of the N. T. Ist Regiment, are
Among tie killed was Lieut, Grebles of the
oftbeU.S. Artillery. • He was struck on the
right side of the forehead by a rifle cannon
projectile, which tore away the upper
his head.
New Tons, June IL—The SeraUT* account
of the affair at Bethel, states that after toe un
fortunate mistake was rectified, the forces
comprising the Ist, 2d and 3d New York Reg
iments. joined by detachments of the 4th
Massachusetts, Ist Vermont and 7th and 9th
New York Regiments, with two light field
pieces under Lieut Grebles, came upon an ad
. vcncc guard of rebels, and defeated and drove
them back, taking thirty prisoners. Theythcn
advanced on-Big Bethel, in York Co., where
they came upon the enemy, 8,000 strong and
.drove right into them. They were in a posi
tion protected by six heavy batteries consist
ing of 6 and 13 pounders and heavy rilled
cannon. Beth Duryca’e Zouavee and Hawkins’
Regiment charged right np to too batteries
but could net pass the ditch and were com
pelled to fall bock. After two hours’ contest,
the ammunition gave out and the troops re
tired in perfect order.
The Tribune's report says all but one rifled
gun of the enemy were silenced, and when
the Zouaves charged the enemy scattered but
were rallied. Npt more than half too force
was.brousht into action at once.
Lieut, Grcble’s body was gallantly saved by
being brought off the field on his own cannon.
From btw Mexico and Arizona—Sei
zure or Government * Supplies by
St. Louts, May IHh..
An extra session of tbe u. S„ District
Court, Judge Treat, has been ordered for the
20‘LlnsL An especial Grand Jury has been
fUrcmoncdbylhetJ. S. Marshak .
• The Santa Fe correspondent of the Repub
lican gives the following additional names
of army officers who have resigned: Captain
Maury, Va, CapL Lindsay, Miss.’, Capt Ste
phenson, sth Infantry, Msj. Sibley, 2nd Dra
goons, (understood) CoL Grayson and Maj.
Reynolds will soon follow. The report of the
resignation of Col. Loricg proves to be un
true. -
'hie Misclla Arlzoula Tima, of May 17th,
says that the trains belonging to J. Grant, Ar
my contractor, lor different garrisons in that
territory, were seized by Texas forces at Rio
Hondo, near Son Antonio, and train, animals
and freight confiscated. The officers in com
mand mused to give any receipt. They made
no distinction between government aad pri
vate property. Forty. wagons were seized
containing about 250,000 pounds of freight
for Arizonla garrisons, and 30,000 pounds of
private property.
-From Now Orleiui*—Seizure or an
American Brie at Savannah,
Louisville, June IL—The Surveyor of Cus
toms at Evansville, Lid., notifies steamers
that the transportation of provisions to Smith
land and Paducah, Ky., is in violation of his
instructions from the Government, and nn>.
hibitsic. •-.■/•••
New. Orleans and-Mobile mail boats were
stepped on the Btb. The British ship Inde
pendence, for Bremen, and the Oablan, went
to fca frem New Orleans on the 6th. The
ships Mamarcneck and Parsons, for Liverpool,
were abandoned inside of the bar at Pass
L’Outre at the same time.
.Two small war vers els approached-on-the
6»h at the mouth of the Bicnvlenna Biy. 20.
miles from New Orleans, where the British
landed in the war of ISIS. Gen. Twiggs occu
pied Martello tower at that point. •
The Charleston Mercury of -the 6th, reports
that a privateer captured off Georgetown a
brig valued at $40,000.
Savannah papers of the 7th state that the
ship Scbasticook, of Bath, Me., was seized by
the collector at Savannab, in consequence of
remaining in port longer than the law al
A special dispatch from Charleston to the
New Orleans Picayune of the 8 th, says Gov.
Pickecs bod published a notification against
sending funds North, being in conflict with
thelaw. . • '
Iho Southern Ttoopi 'oa' BTarjlavCd
Frederick, June IL—From a gentleman
well conversant with localities iaaud,around
Harper’s Ferry, who Icit Hagerstown- this
morning, we leant that 10,000 United States
troops are between the. town of Green castlo
and Chambtraburg, from whence; they are
marching. The troops recently at Point of
Hocks have certainly been withdrawn, and are
now with the main body at Harper’s Ferry.
Much disaffection is reportced to exist among
Kentucky troops cn hlajylaad Hbhts,' and a
rumor is current here that In a few days they
intend displaying the Stars and Stripes, and
probrbly deserting In a body. . ’
The Confederate Forces; J
' TVashikctok June ll— From the best
'available sources'll is believed-the entire so-'
cession force of Virginia does not exceed
CO,COO or GO.OOO. > Gen Beauregard has issued
a proclamation form Mannasas Junction, ex
travagantly picturing the deplorable conse
quences of the expected ‘invasion by Federal
troops. :
The Secessionists In Baltimore*
' [Special Dispatch to the N. T.’Post.]
Washington, June 11—There Is great ex
citement Sere over the news of the conflict at
Great Bethel. It Is the general opinion among
military men that there was gross mismanage
ment and bad leadership of the Federalforces.
The secessionists are looking up emboldened
by the<ffepnlse of onr troops. A prominent
Baltimorean, now in this city, states that sev
eral secession .flags are again flying in Balti
more, and Gen. Banks is needed to keep the
rebels in check.
The Border warfare between Maryland and
■Virginia Is becoming very bitter. .
Funeral Obsequies.
- Joliet, March IL— The largest concourse of
people ever assembled in this county, attended
the funeral ceremonies ot Judge Douglas to
day. The procession was over a' mile and a
half long. An eloquent oration was delivered
by Judge 8. A. Randall. .
Appropriation for Volunteer*.
Boston, June IL-— The city government has
postponed the annual sixth of Jnly dinner and
appropriated the funds to equip the soldiers.
Afternoon Dispatches.
New Tosh, June 11.—A dispatch to tho
Tribune says a letter received-from aboard the
Anacostasays: “We are in hourly expecta
tion of making an attack upon Pig Point bat
tery, in. conjunction-with the Harriet Lane
and Cumberland. They also expect to pay a
visit to Sewell's Point and Craney Island. A
warm time is anticipated.”
- As army officer, who had an interview with
Gen. Scott yestorday. states that , he was posi
tively informed byhlm, : that nolmportsnt at-'
tack upon the positions of the enemy would
be made until the fortifications around Wash
ington should be entirely finished and guns
It appears that Arlington Heights were on
the point of being attacked on Monday night.
One of Lieut. Tompkins's companies came in
towards midnight to toe camp of the New
York 69th regiment, repotting toe enemy com
ing In force, with cavalry, infantry and artil
lery, at a distance of only two miles. .Onr
troops were formed inline of battle, but for
some cause unknown the rebels concluded at
the last. moment to defer their project, and
Col. Van Allen’s regiment of cavalry, 990
rank and file, has been accepted, to be ready
for active service Sept. Ist.
Tie order recalling Mr. Harvey goes out in
Wednesday’s steamer. Were not all of our
skips of war absolutely required for tie
blockade, be would be brought home in a
man-of-war as a prisoner. Under the circum
stances ho will be allowed to choose his own
conveyance to America. .His guilt is denied
in some quarters, but this is useless. The
evidence is overwhelming.
At 8 o’clock this morning a huge force was
mwciedlhtongh Georgetown towards Point
of Hocks. The combined forces, in conjunc
tion with Gen. Patterson’s columns and per
haps with Gen. McClellan’s, will effectually
surround Harper’s Ferry.
Intelligence, deemed trustworthy, shows
that the rebels ore retreating from Harper’s
Feny. It seems the rebels received early
news of the movement of troops ..from Wash
ington. It is doubtful whether our columns
can combine in season to make a large cap
ture. The rebels mean to make a stand at
and perhaps an attack from Manassas ; Junc
tion, which is, according to reports received
by the government, etrongly fortified. The
cannon are in a semi-circle. In the centre of
which is the R. B. station. The rebels talk
about flanking the Washington lines and cap.
taring the city directly, without going around
by that the place would rise
in a moment, if the capitol was token.
We have farther Continuation of the disaf
fection at Harper’s Feny. Three companies
refused to serve under any flag but the Stars
and Stripes. They are probably Kentuckians,
who hold the Maryland heights, and who, if
previous statements can be believed, will turn
tbelr guns against the rebels, of whom they
are nominal allies, ,
Washington, June ll.—This has been a day
of anxious expectation. It Is reported that
the evacuation of Harper’s Feny by the rebel
forces has already begun: It is known that
■the policy of such a step has received serious
consideration from the rebel chiefs. They ap
-peur to have abandoned oil idea of the offen
sive operations at first ..laid down by them,
and only think now of being able to hold what
they have got. Secession flags won’t float
over Washington, independence andFauaeil
It is certain that Gen. Johnston has boon
largely reinforced within a few days, aud it
.may be his intention to try the mettle of ( Pat
person’s, McClellan’s and. Cadwallador’s com
mands. He will find himself surrounded oh
all sides, and but. of the reach of assistance
from {he south. If he retreats towards Man
assas. Junction ho will be closely followed by
the whole Federal force now concentrated
around Harper’s Ferry; the .retrograde move
ment will hardly stop north of Richmond.
X have reason to believe that Lieut. Gen.
Scott leaves 'tonight for Frederick to com
mand the Federulforces in person. His horse
went forward to Baltimore to-day.'
Fortress Monroe, Jane 9,1
• _ Via Baltimore, Jane 11. f
Gen. Butler having learned that the rebels
were fortifying a camp with strong batteries
at Great Bethel, nine miles from Hampton, on
the Yorktown road, he deemed it necessary to
dislodge them. Accordingly movements were
made last night from Monroe and-Newport
News. About midnight, CoL Darjea’s Zou
aves and Coh Townsend’s Albany Rrglment
crossed the river. at Hampton, by means of
large tattcaux, manned by toe Naval Brigade,
and took up the line ol march, toe former
t wp miles m advance of the latter.
At too same- time Col. Beudix’s regiment
and detatebments of toe Vermont and Massa
chusetts regiment at Newport News moved
forward to Term a junction with the regulars
from Fortress Monroe at Little Bethel, about
half way between Hamptor. and Great Bethel.
The Zouaves passed Little Bethel about 4 A.
21. Col. Bendix’s regiment arrived and took
np a position on the intersection of the roads,
hot understanding the signal, the German
regiment, In the darkness of the night, fired
upon Col Townsend’s column, marching in
close order and led by Lieut. Butler, son and
aid de-camp of Gen. Butler, with two pieces
of artillery.
Other accounts say that CoL Townsend’s
regiment fired first. At all events the fire of
the Albany regiment was harmless, while that
of the Germans was fat il, killing one man and
wounding seriously two others, with several
other slight casualties.
The Albany regiment being back of the
Germans, discovered from the accoutrements
left, cntUe field that the supposed enemy was
a' friend. • They had in the meantime fired
cine rounds with small arms and field pieces.
The Zouaves bearing the firing, turned and
also fired upon the Albany boys. At day
break Cel. Allen’s and CoL Carrs regiments
moved from the nsr of the Fortress to sup
port the main body.
The mistake at Little Bethel having been
ascertained, the buildings were burned, and a
Major, with two. prominent Secessionists
taken prisoners. The troops then advanced
. upon Great Bethel, but our three small pieces
or artillery were unable to copo with the
heavy rifled cannon ol the enemy. The rebel
battery was completely masked. No men
could be scen-T-only the flashes of too guns.
There were probably less than 1,000 men be
hind the batteries of the rebels.
A well concerted movement might have se
cured the position, bnt Brigadier Gen. Pierce,"
who commanded tho expedition, appears to
have lost his presence of mind, and the Troy
regiment stood for an hoar exposed to a gall
ing fire, when an order to retreat was at lost
given. Lieut. Grebbel of too U. 3. A-, in com
mand of the Artillery, was struck by a cannon
hall and instantly killed. He bad spiked his
gun, and was gallantly endeavoring to with
draw his command.
Copt. Geo. Wilson, of the Troy regiment,
after the order to retreat was given, took pos
session of the gun and brought it off the held
with the corpse* of the Lieut. Both were
brought it to Fortress Monroe this evening..
About 25 kl’led and 100 of the Federal
troops wounded.. Lient. Butler deserves the
greatest'-credit'for bringing the killed and
wounded. Seven! of the loiter ore now in
the hospital here. Great Indignation is mani
fested against Brigadier General Fierce.
Privateers . Bxelnded from Brlllsli
St. Johns, N. F., June 10.—The Adriatic
from CJjdway the 6th, arrived here this even
ing. •• ‘ -•
. The Great Eastern arrived out on the 3d.
I. Breodstofla dull Provisions quiet. Consols
dosed Monday 909£@90J£.
The British Government has decided not
to allow the entry of privateers at any of their
ports. •'
The attention of the Government was called
in the Bouse of Commons to the fact that
France was largely augmenting her navy, es
pecially in iron plated vessels.- In the House
of Lords there was a discussion on the India
supply ot cotton. ‘Earl Gray pledged the Gov
ernment to do all in its power to advance the
growth of the staple there. ■ - - *- •
At a meeting of the Great Ship Company,
it wu stated that the employment Of the ship
by the Federal Government would not be’in
accordance with the Queen’s proclamation. **
It appears that the great powers wit! guar-;
anty the Integrity of the papal territory. .
From Eeatneky and Tennessee*
- Lomsmißj-June 11.—The Journal bas the
following ‘ fax reference to the Confederate,
troops below Cairo:
- • The number of troops at Union City, Teun,
• a few miles from Columbus, was,-two or three
dsys ego, a little short of 5.000: ’at
B.CCO: at Cornitb, a few miles out of Memphis, 4
upon the railroad,*?,ooo; at a point slrmllcs
below Randolph, on the Tennessee side.l,2oo;
at FortHarriß, six miles above Memphis; 300;
at MoundCityvpn the Arkansas side, nearly
opposite Fort Harris,loo.
Good for St. tools.' '
Bx. Louis, June 12,—The First Regiment of
“American Zouaves” formed here has been
accepted by the Government. This Is the
sixth regiment that has been raised iuSL
Louis for the Government. ,
To Encamp at Chicago*
, FrRiNGPtELD, BL, June 1L —Governor Yatei
has issued orders for CoL Scctt's Zouave regi
ment for the State at large, to encamp ok Chi*
cogo, the companies of the regiment to report
at that place immediately.
- CzlauncetMiixeb, Adjutant.
The McCormick.’* Reaper Patent*
; -"Washington, June IL—The time for the
submission of written arguments in the Mc-
Cormick patent extension cose will expire the
20th inst. and Commissioner Halloway will
not probably give his decision until the Ist of
July. .
Bebel Troops Hissed at Nety.Orleans*
The Vicksburg
The Cocnle Guards, of Union Parish, La.,
who offered their services to the State under
the call for twelve months' volunteerSjTe turn
ed home, becansc.they were refused reception
under that call, and declined to offer them
selves for the whole war. Considerable difler
ecceof opinion prevails smong the people,
and a crowd on the levee at New Orleans hissed
thcmon .thdi return, and they- were coldly
received at Monroe.
Tbe Golden Hra*
We understand that about $40,000 in gold
have been paid out in this city-within the
pssLten days. Our traders agree in saying
that they have taken more gold within a week
past, than.they did for two years previous*
Tht coin Is not generally in circulation, how
ever, as every one who receives it, is anxious
to keep it in bis pockets a short time Just for
the novelty of the thing.—itoria Transcript
Gone Hhere the 14 Wild-Cat*” Go*
: We understand that the* Platte Valley cur
rency -Issued by Rupert & Co. of Pekin, Is
brisgvery generalydiscredited wherever It has
heretofore circulated. Until lately Rupert &
Co. have redeemed it in current funds, bat
now we are told it only calls out “stump
talk” Let toe people kill that ** cat I”— .Aorta
Movements op Troops. —Company C, Sec
ond Infantry, U. 8. A, ordered hence to Pitts
burg. arrived at St Anthony yesterday from
Fort Ripley. The officers of the company are
Cant Davis and Lieuts. Watson and Latimer.
Col. Abercrombie, who has been in command'
at Fort Ripley, also accompanies this detach
ment. The Colonel and Capt. Davis arrived
in our city yesterday afternoon. All' the offi
cers and men will leave on thslr journey to
wards the seat of war, by toe Frank : Steele,
this morning.
There are still three companies of the Sec
ond Infantry at Fort Abercrombie, who will
fo forward as soon as they can be relieved by
lent. CoL Miller’s. command of Minnesota
Volunteers. This will probably be within toe
next ten days or two weeks.— SL Jhul Fret*,
9th. • ...
C. S. SCRITJiy, Jdreriuing Agents 63 Dear'
bom *t, is authorized to receive Advertisements for
this and ail the Leading Tapers of the North'cut.
X\T ANTED—By an experienced
T T oprpmtor, who has a flrit singer Mach lea,
employment In sewing clothing or Ugh; leather-work.
Address “It,” Box 6"6t> Post Office. or call at cor
ncr of KlnzU and Noble street*. • JeU-c9i73t
YV ANTED -By a German Black
T T smith, a situation (o do general blacksmith
tog. A ff ly to H. OAKTLENG, 266 Madison aireyt
\KJ ANTED—A Situation as Plain
* " Gardener and Coachman, by a single man
can milk cowa and take care of hones, or any work
abent a gentleman’s place. Has no objections to the
country. Haagood recommenoallona. Address COB
KKAT.IUfa, at this office. jeigxlt
CTRAYED—From the residence
of the subscriber, No. 372 Oak street, corner cf
IN i-plalne", on Tuesday Iwr, alight Sorrel MARE and
COLT. Iho Mare bad two white bind feet, a email
»ter In her forehead, and was about eight jsnra old.
Whoever will retard them to the subscriber will be
liberoily reword. JULIUS FISHER.
pOTTND—On the comer of Van
JL Bur«n and Griswold streets, a largo Bay MARS,
about sixteen bands hisb. Bad a wtute star In Her
forehead. The owner can have her by railing tuo
Hack stand for WM. BICE, and then proving' »»nper*y
and pai lag damages. jeizsSt
to Cob Ellsworth, with correct likeness on the tiue.
HrlccSS cents. Address
. • Publisher. Chicago, IU.
j-10 eNPAtnst
FDR SAXE—House and Lot, 231
Wabasb avenue. The bouse was w*U built and
■ b»» gas aua water. The lot Is la a pleasant part of the
city, aud is the hlghcstpolat of ground In the South
Division. Address L. EjSSITES, Lake Forest
Jel2 6915-6 in
tpOR SALE LOW—A half-scholar
-i- ship in Bryant, Bell A Stratton’s Commercial
College. Apply at Tribune OQlee. JelLeOiflAt
Military belts and
SHIRTS.—I am now manufacturing BELTS,
and ready to soppiy in air quantity .
cheap ns usual E. R. BOWEN, 20 Clark-st.
cclFCe-ly Over the United States Express OtSce.
"ROR SALE—An Improved Fran,
A- 70 miles from Chicago, tmlesfrom m Station,
. 8J acres of good timber, eO acres under fence and cal
((ration. Ilonas, Barn. Com Crib. Orchard &c_ &c_
will be sold very Cbesp for good pay or for In
Stump-Tail Currency. 2.M) acres of good Land In
lowa from SIK to for Illinois Currency, or checks
on the C v IL and I*. I. C. Han*. One acre In the City
Limits, only *SO •. Ten Loti 2Sx!T7 on State street and
Wnbusb aveums, from |2 to $25-) per lot. Buckeye
Slows rs, all complete and new, at a crf»tb*r,;<Ur>. and
Goods to exchange lor Lancs. Apply to PrTER
sniMP, 167 State street. - ■ ]el2x3t
Douglas funeral
MARCH, with a correct likeness on title. Bent
by mall (postage paid) on receipt of price. 85 cents.
Address A. JUBSOif lIIUOtXS,
• 3*iQ-*riC-6tnet Chicago! IP.
T) CARDING. Pleasant Rooms,
JL9 with Board, can be obtained at the Warsriey
House. Xo. 223 Klnzle vtrrct. for H'O per week, fray
Board |2.w per week. Transient lUOO per day.
OTHERS.—For sale & cargo of Superior
.Canada Cane Rawed Lumber,
'Constrtlog of Stock Boards and Strips—about 270 M.
Apply to ALfcX. B. CHRISTIE, at office of 1). <*ood
willle. corner of Franklin and Ohio street. Jel3xlt
Gardner and cook.—
Wasted by an English nun and wffa a situation
in the country or city. Tbe mac to Farm or Garden,
the woman a* Cook. Also, an Kog.lsh Girl to Cook In
a private family. Beet of city reference. CanJJfi
beard of at SIKS. BATES* Office, 171 Wasblng*>n
street. Jeiamt
Just received
100 Bbls. Fresh Ground Canada Oatmeal,
Torssl* cbeopby OSBORNE, BROS. A CO.,
Jcl2-eyp.iw No. ir caaal street.
NOUKCE that we have now on band a fresh
boj ply of
Msdc from pore White MlcbUan Wheat.
OSBORNE BUO. & CO, 12 Canal St.
JU FICATE3 OF DEPOSIT.—Toe undersigned la
authorized to pnrcbaee and pay Gold or Eastern Ex
change for a Umt'ed amount of Checks or Certificates
of Deposit on Banks in Chicago.
. Cffice No. 4 (Slain Floor) .metropolitan Block.
Jel2xSt R.K. SWIFT, Agent.
JL opened an Office f.r the purchase,of
, iiiw’ois cunnsjvcx'.
At the Old Stand of
: Comer of Lake and Clark streets.
C. S. BUXIiEa.
<» t/U Circulated. Crushed acd Powdered, of
standard Quality, arrlrioc and for sale by
16 South Water street.
t/U v No. 1 Gold Chop, tor sale by
.... 16 South. Water street
Down with the trai-
TOBS’ SEE PENT FLAG. with splendid Litho
graph Title. Sent by mall (free of on receipt
of price. 15 cents. Address
a. jitdson moaers,
JelC-eSOWtuet - - FubUihcr, Chicago, XQ.
~|I)EST & CO., Randolph Street,
xkpobte&s nmact or
Of the first qualities and. Onrranteed Pore.
We have always on baud a Urge stock of the follow
ing brands:
jpyRUGS, Etc,
- - ■ V 10 Tons Terra Japonic*, .
Si Bbls. Alam,
/2S Bbla. Copperas,
SO BUs. WUtlii?,
10 Casks Chloride time,
j. .100, libs lod,Fotmasum,
"'BO tbf, OlißergaifrOt
80 Lta. on Lemon.
: * • SJLba. OllWlntergreen,
■ , 60 Lba, <Uj aa-aifrat.
-■ _ SO Lbi. Oil Hemlock.
; .r--. , 50 lbs. oa Cedar.
ppnsAiE low.
> Wholesale Dniggiitg, I»«ke street.
’JL are hereby notlflod that ADIVISO.V I*. LTOK U
no lot m>r la nor fiarior a* .spent or other avia
law ko further gationtr to L*ao«»ct;bjwly«M for a*.
JeU t9.1-2t BBltiifiTX, ri£l£B3 *tO.
WANTED —An experienced
Gardner. thoroughly acqualntad with the busi
ness m aiUtsDMi.chcs.woQM like a have a situation.
Addnw c. n. HOFrtUtis. k ttigomce. iSBiS
\\f ANTKD—A young gentleman
TT canprocnreabomeln a smaUTrollr where
there will bo but two other boarteni. Adfcws Box
74. or call at the premises, IMEdlaaPla-e. Also
a coed Protestant or German Girl wanted to do
tai housework si the same place. • leli^st
young man with s csp'tsl of $5Ol U deslron* of
meeting wuh a respectable party potte'sed of a slai-
Ur mm, wto would engage tn the Cigar or Liqior
Business. One who understands the business pre
femd. Address “A. B. CX," Trtbnne pace. je ! Last
\A/ ANTED—Dry Goo?a, Gro
, I * ceric*. Boots and Shoes, (nothing. Ac, salts,
bio for storking a Country Store, in exchange for
Chicago, Et, Louis and Wisconsin BEAL ESTATE,
and seme money. Address P; O. Box 1481, Chicago,
ID. . . ; „., - - jaaaesastw
srerebtote, s>Tteg» Loan »nd.Trust Co*
E. F. Carver & Co.. H. A- Tack-r * Co, WesteruM?
Hoc and Fin: Icvoncee Co, F- G. Adam*, md J. M.
33 Clarkt SootbEiut cor Lasa St.
WANTED. —Partner Traated
vlth a capital of Six cr Kltht Thousand I>ol.
Urslna < ve!Xfßta.llabedßcissedotozaß&^eand pro.
Stable bUilscu. A thorough Book-Keeper and one
trilbpg to take dirge of books preferred. Address
•kL,** care of this pace.-with real naae. JaiQe9crr«lir
▼ J • yonng man of Berets! year* experience as
Book-Keeper sod Cashier, and In the general direc
tion of the office, desires a sitnatioo. Can give satis
factory evidence as to ability and tnutwotthlneaa.
BjftrtoDAVU) KlilbQH, 3t3 Bonn Water street.
W ANTED.—Agents wanted to
C ° n . c *v ta ,fc« Xorth,e.Ura
States for the sale of aa article which every
man must have. everytravelermast have, every nil
rr*d man nut.have, and in fad. everybody must
have. Also—A large assortment of Patriotic Sadraa
and Pins, Maps, Charts. of the teat of war. ■
Iks Small Price of these Article* brings then
Within the Beach of AIL
Enclose a stamp and receive by return mafia Clr.
eslar giving fob partiialam. Address J. a. JO3N
SON, Chicago, HI. Post OSICd Box 4383.
oyll-eHI tm
B*,WO or ca or *LCOL for which valuable city pro
perty in Central Wlicoxuls, now renting for six to
eltlt per cent, on tu valuation, will ha exchanged at
fair Spurts, or good wild land, welt to taxed, aud a
proportion of cash paid. Ifla a desirable locality In
the country preferred. Any person wlah'ng to go out
°‘„Dp-lnew. and haring a saltSne stock;
vUiCed agood bargain. Address Box 43, CUL
rttgo-l». lt»llxlw
jTjL year made by an; om» with $lO worth of
Elect enough Included to retail for $l5O. Bend Cor
Circular. Sample and Stesell Catalogue. Aiireaa A.
J.FtTLLAM, Ko. jI3K Olive street, et. Loqla Mo- or
81 a Broadway, New York. amartidy
KEB WANTED.—None need apply wlthont tae
v»ry ovt-: lerciuaentlations. Also, ay.one lady with
a Maetlne, To such the very best waxes will ha paid.
Apply at n6 Lake struct. Jcli.e9lfat
Bone Power, nearly new ard ready far wort
w anted by the subscriber for cash, at J - tr«*r*on. Wl*.
-CjL Partner wanted with a capital of Two or Three
Thousand DoDarr. one tbooeand ea»h now, and
balance in six months, to take naif interest In
Or one of the best Water Powers In Minnesota, and
la an excellent wheat growing country, where It w»U
draw custom forTwcnty-FlTe Mile* In all directions,
and for selling Goods at eime point where tture Is no
fiber Ftore • it' In twenty miles This la one of the
best points for buslni»s In the West. Fite Thuoaund
Dollars can be made the flrstyear on the la. eat mint.
The country is eettllog fast. Address • MINNESOTA,*
Trlboneotnee.Chicago 111, with real name. Jeftxtw
T TlMßEß.—Wanted to Exchange
_L/ for Lumber,
a two-s'ory Honse, situat' d on Displalnei street
between Lake and Randolph Apply toil. F. QUIM
DV A. CO.. No. 190 Booth Water street. oel*d ly
jfot Salt.
FOR SALE—One pair Heavy
Working Horses, one Lumber Wagon one Set
Double HjixctfS. one very One Durham Ball, one De
von Pull, will be sold verr low to close an estste
To be seen at Jtx HRS' Randolph Street Home, near
the We-t Market.
je?xlw . WM. R. BASSETT.
FIR S£LE.—The improved hnsi
cess and residence Lots known as No. 508 and
No.2472vcrtb Clark street, with the buildings and Im
provements Also, the Building No. •** Nor h
Clark stnet Chicago. Inquire of PETER DUNNE
Kxecatorof Thomas Savage.deceased. myJ»eH^(Mm
A-f a thrlvlog point ou the Mlstlsatppl River. Cash
buyers rarflntf a eood bargain. Apply at once to B-jx
8186 St. Paul Post Office. Mtim. ■ Jdlie9QV3t
JLJ in McHenry, Kane, Ogle. Whiteside, Ontndy.
De Kalb, iLck Island. Bcone, Carroll and Lake, bcl-*e
the Kune land entered by THOMAS U. GRKENR.
and now owned by ArdelJaE and Mary Ann Greene.
Title perfect. Terms easy. ApplytoH.B BURD.No.
II Methodist Church Block, coiatgo. mhßel^s-tox
X leg House, nearly new, 'with nine rooms, Ilf acre*
of land. located at Harlem. first Station on Galena
Kaltrcad. eight miles &os Chicago, twenty rods Cram
Oat ludre seminary, and sixty rods from Station
Bouse. Trains run to accommodate Chicago business
men. fair One Stilling. Terms of sale. ft9oQi A
small payment required; the balance on five years
time. Kent per imnnm >l3O. to a am»n family only
ForfertherpartleuUra Inquire at 231 Booth Water
ftrwt. Chicago-11l • wytax-tw
Ss Sm
''TO BE RENTED—The very de-
A- slrable English Basement Brick and Marble
Front K‘.b?c, Bslsrave Terraco, No., 44 May s.Teet
betvepn Washington and Madison 9 tre- 1 9, ten minutes
rde from City Hall. Boose contains Gas, Bith Roots,
Uct and Cola 'Water, and use of Stable if desired. Is
In thorough repair, and will be rented low to a cholca
tenant. AddrtssPastOsiceßox4io3. cr inquire of
J. F. NORTON, 100 W&shington-st, omce No. 6.
apVii ly
The four story Brick House camber 336 Indiana
»tr<et, wltb tL« Fuinitnre therein is offered to rent
PTthe eumrueroa very moderate term*. The chief
object btug to secure the care c f tbepremi'cs dorms
the absence of the famllv. Apply to L. O. OLMSTED
T3 RENT—A desirable Country
Residence and fifteen acres of Improved Land m
Evanston. Will be rented low to a good tenant. For
rsttlcol-ie apply to LUBLAM A BROWN, Grecera,
270 State street. JeSeaMSw
To Beet—new «cd second hand. Planus fbr sale low
at IIS Lake street, (upsttln-) near Clark rtroet
Tte Distillery st East CCntca. on For River, on ths
Galena* Chicago Union Eailroaa. three mites from
Elgin. Capt&tyKOboehcls. It wfll be rested or sold
on the most Civorable terms. Apply tc I> AVI? 4N16-
BEN. 46 I-atalle street. Chicago, mhll«s22Mm
TJOARDING.—A few boarders
Jj will find a qnlet and plear-aak home at 118 Lv
i alls street—a desirable location. One or two g-sat e
mcn and tlrntr wives, or four or fives stogie geuUitncn
can he sccomrnc-dated. a tew day boarders will be
retelvtd. References exchanged. Jctxim
BO ARD IN G.—Desirable Far
nlehed cr Unfurnished Rooms, with Bc&rd. may
now be had at No. 4 9 Van If urea street, between State
street and Wabasb avenue., mylOrhn
BOARDING. —A Gentleman and
wito. or two single gentlemen, can obtain Board
In a private family. Pleasant location, 'erms rea
sonnt>!>‘..Caliat2Ss Indiana street, or address Post
Office Box <6za. JeiOtlvr
BOARDING. —A large and plea
east suite of rooms with board far a aentleman
andwli*. crsmall family In accrual loca-.ljn oa the
Eocthßloe. For terms addre» Box 666. jelxlw
BOARDING. —Two gentlemen
may obtain FnrnUbed Boots* and Board In a
small private jatmly, where all thecmafiirt* of a home
rnay be enjoyed. Location, the most desirable part of
Wabash avenue. References exchanged. -Please ad.
dms, giving name, O. Box 1007. JeSxlw
T5 GARDENG,—A pleasant suite of
_l_r .rooms to rent, with board, in a private family,
located rn Wabash Avenue, north of Asams street.
Address Box 1948. JH
(SO REWARD.—Lost on Friday
QyO afternoon from tho subscriber, a Dart: Bay
MARK with a sere between her foreb-gs, had oaa
red wollcn halter, with a string around her dock to
tar.en the same on, has the scratches en her near hind
toot, acdtasDonalrnoon It Whoever will return
the same to JOIIN DRAPER, on Archer Bond, or
leave information where she may be tound. wQI re
ceive the sbove reward.
Jellxst HUSH HAS AX.
T OST—On Snnday morning, June
XJ 9li between 9 ana 10 o’clo-.k, .HOT, Swnl Corn
-3 tin oW. Wore brown par.f. hro Halit hdr aol blue
jtw. Aaawna totba name of MATTHBW. Anri.-
lonratlon of ealdboy win be thankfully received by
bistoiher.^lhoaySchendl Orchard street, between
>orth arcane and WlUcw street. Jellxst
QTEAYED—From the subscriber,
on the 6th nit, s medium-aired light Bay HIB3B,
witn black mans and tan Tall quite Ion?, nun-ihanrs
ra the nigh aide, has a small star In forehead, and both
blad feet white, two saddle marks Is two small gray
spots, had on a rope when be left.. The under
win be suitably rewarded by tearing Information
with CEAS. WALKER. SOI iDchigan avenue; eras
92 South Water street - Jellxvt •
T OST—On Tuesday, 28ti of May,
X*J a email Black and Tan Tenler SLUT, about five
'months old, cars cut and nearly w«n, a few whits
hairs near the breast. A reward of Fire Dalian will
be given fbrtctumlng the same to 161 Stats street.
Jehxlw '• ;
1 SATDEDir.JOMßtb.Jaa.duiJaswia 51
posed of) -
Inteßtfmwbcß I established to
hare made It > permanent Institution, out cTcnra-1
wh'ch I consider unnecessary to make public, com
nc’tino io make this announcement- -Dnrlagthetimo
It has been in operation b» success has exceeded my
mcit sanpolne rxpectetlocs, and to the gcatruuspab."
llcwhohaveanstdn'd melAnyentcryris• Irvinm
in* JOHN B. PLOFt> ’
N.lt—To a p«r*cn of good business quallflcvloat a.
rcre chance u ottered. Jellxst ;
One Square, (B lines sgate)on« insertion.3 ,so~
One Square, each subsequent dar, - J25
One Square, two weeks, (6w $7.00) 3.00
One Square, one month. <Sm \9 CQ) |«0O
OneSqnare,three moiUfia, (dm $15.00)..;. 12.00
One Square, six months, (9a $55.00)... V. 20.00
Schedule of Price* for more mn then. Oae'
oqo«e can he teen at the Counting Boom.
ix%iTacS? lulai AdTOUMnoits to ha paldlbc
An chmgsßdtaiEtd thirty cent, pegging..
°» hmostm cr wirax tkbotk
V ™ P * r f?“ r * , ,*” h wwk. fbr flirt month.
S*®® P“ ®y*" *“ «k nhaaquat
26.00 per Square for one year.
auction SaUs.
T?T Gilbert, Sampson & Warner.
JJ ■ 6X3ZSIL Aucnoszzaa, s T*y« street. *
Camels, SUrcr-Piaied Ice Pitchers, he., he.,
On THUESDAT, jane 131b. sttyfo’clocfc we wffl
sell st onr salesrooms, 80. t2 Lake street, a sapenor
assortment of
Parlor. Bedroom aid
. Diningroom Furniture,
In Bosewood. Mahogany and OaL Double Wall lea
Pitchers. Carpets, ofl Clcku, Mirrors. Clocks, Ac. Ac.
Abo. a splendid as«ortinent cf Cottage and Enameled
Chamber Suits. 9 and io pieces.' Also, 100 Dark and
Light Single and Donble Bedsteads. Together witi a
greatmany other goods.
46j 48 and 50 DB4BBORM SXBXBSa
. (Oppoßttath9T?a«oßtHoai<i>
fi AT.lt
Kvary MondayT afc Q- i-3 A«
g . Sgmcl < mgTOßW
X TOBA.OOO, tibO),
war. A* BUTTERS i' CO.
WQI ten for cash
Oa W£DS£SDA7 t Jioe 12th, at 9* O’clock,
At their salesroom?, 48,48 & » Dearborn street,
An Invoice of Liquors, such as Pan Champaigns.
Cwet of Assorted Liquors. Imported Brandy: Boar.
boaaodJtjo Whisky, Ac, Ac.
Barrels and Casses of Bird’s Ere Smoking Tobacco.
Cears, Ac. WM. A. BCTTKRd A CO„
Jen i9ia-5t _ Anctiooeers.
TO L BUTTERS A CO, wIO- sell fbr cash, on
THURSDAY, Jose 13th, at 9H o'clock, at thtlr *»laa
rooms, «?, a and SO Dearborn street, an Invoice of
.A. XiOt of X’ancjr Goods, &o.
Jel* e9l?-St WM. A. BUTTERS A CO, AocTs.
At Asiefl rvw -
Wlf. JL BUTTERS A CO. wQI sell for cash.
On WEDIiESDAY, lone 12th, at 9* O'clock,
At their salesrooms, 4< 43 A SO Dearborn struct,
A general vtrloty cfNewnnd Second-Hand FoRtU
tore, Ac.
Also—BO B. C. Bedsteads.
. , * SCO Cace and Flat Seat Chain.
lell-c9l.tst WM. A. BETTERS A Co.. Aucfra.
107 Dearborn Street, (Portland
Prompt attention win be given to Sales of Furniture
at Residruces, or fctcck* cf Merchandise at Storey
and Salwrov m. Buyers will at an times find a good
asfcrtmentof well made Furniture kept on hand tor
Private Sale. . Cash advances will be made sa Funl*
tnre, Pry Oocd*. Boots aud Shoes, Carpet*, tc, for
Public Sale. Ealrs by Auction three tunes a week.
Comdgnaecta solicited of all kinds of Merchandise Cor
sale at Salesroom, or in any part of the city on reason,
able terms Sales cashed at once. BosCoi references
given. P.0.80x3T7& apdtzUw
McVICKER’S theatre.
Mad&oh street, between Stats and Dearborn.
Last week positively of the Charming Vocalist and
Aftrw MISS CAROLINE BICRIXOS and her father
the celrbraKd Actsr MR. PF.rER IUCHISQS. whose
r Dgapementa «lsewhere preclude the poasiblltty of
their rttusliicg In the city after Friday uyenlhs next.
WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jnso lit), nlncth and
last Bight but tcc cf the Grand Operatic Spectacle,
Stella, (The Fpehantress).... AUsa Caroline ihcMbm
Bamler. (The Pirate) Mr. PetarßiehtaST
Assisted by the entire company and somenSm
This brQllant Drama presents to the public
TbtUllcg Tableaux! GrandProcestlona!!
roicle Sitsations—Lota of The Pirated Shin—
ThcP.ojal Ten-Equestrian Eatrclaes—TenMichorea*
Effect!— The Burning Fleet aodPa.acc on Ftro.
T>RYAN HALL.—Clark Street.
X> Opposite the Court House, Chlcarn.HL
Eminent musicians pronounce this H.ifanmrmtuff
by any Ball la the Union lalta
Acoustics and General Appointments.
It win seat 500 sore persons than any other Hall la
the city—by accurate count and report ot CARTES it
HAUER, Architects.
The main Audience Roots is on the first floor, the
entrance being on Clark street, the greatest thorough
fare in the city, opposite Court Bouse Square, yet ins
BaC has a retired, quiet location In the rear.
Ample Ingress and egress—W fret of do array to
Clark street and Court Place.
The Han containsUseEealyNatlonalQallcry. valued
atSLVCO, and purchased cf Geo. P. A. Scaly. now
cotcmUaloned by Congress to paint a scries of Prsst
dectial portraits for the White Boose. This Gallery
cot.tains the Identical grestplctnre for which the gold
rudal was swarded at the world’s Fair la Pons: also
“Webster In reply to Bayne," and portraits of all ms
Presidents to Lincoln inclusive, as well as of suay
other UlnstrlDCS Americans, by II paly.
There Is a spacious Lover Hall for Fair* Festivals,
Palls, and the like. Ills proved with dresdngrooma,
a > ttchrn. cocking stove, numerous tablea, &£. Ac.
Both Halls, or either, can be reatvd tor Concerts.
Lectures. KiLitltloc*. Ball*, and thellke, on applies
tlcn to TBOtt. BARBOCB Bit VAN,
tCITSCxIT Otoea In the Rnlldin*.
Know all Men. Women and Children by those pro*
sents, that 1,6«0ucl ILFassett, Fhot;graphLst,
Sos. 122 and 124 Clark Street,
For the LOW torn of
Colored Photographs from $5 op.
The original style, and only safe method, m* - * ->i
Faseeit £ Cock O>LT In C wcagv.
.ft IS V .w s.
For Cord Phonographs, just received. Also a very
Hree stock of GoMTnuucst bought at pan'c nricea.
andvHlbesoldlow. AsUr.FassettbasJascretarned
frera New York, he bln po«sculua of some newstyle*
of the Photographic Art. the public mar find to their
advantage to avail themselves oL • Gallery npea from
7 *.». to «F. at my<eOH3mlstp
Bis Ocly Wtfhmts EaTiag th»
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