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Cftttggo CtHmwe
Walsh has Peterson’s new publication,
« The Lady Maud ’’—Egan’s latest work.
Etul tbet Comb.—Still another victim
fiem the country—the fifteenth victim in a
fortnight—was swindled out of $53 yesterday
by the confidence game at one of the depots
in this city. When wDI strangers from the
country learn common sense ?
Bailboad Sale— The sale of the Pitts
burgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad under
foreclosure, in pursuance of agreement be
tween the bond and stockholders, took place
yesterday at Cleveland, at. which time the
Company was also re-organised.
Chicago Medical Socebtt.— By a resolu
tion passed at the last meeting of the Chicago
Medical Society, a meeting will he held this
evening, at 95 Washington street, and every
Friday cvenirg, except the first lu each mouth,
xmtil the next annual meeting, or until other
wise ordered.
The New York 44th regiment, “Ells
worth's Avengers,” passed through New York
city, cn route to Washington, on Tuesday, and
wire decidedly the lions of the day in the
great metropolis. Almost every man had a
bcuqutt, so plentiful was the supply.
Fasssw6btii’s Cavalbt, Quartermaster
“Waite has received advices from the cavalry
regiment of CcL Farnsworth. They are
pleasantly encamped on Fourteenth street in
Washington, about fwo miles from Willard’s
Hotel. The boys are all well and In good
Barker left last night tor Washington, having
recruited nearly one hundred picked men, se
lected from over fire hundred that have offer
ed themselves. Major Barker will have com
mand of a squadron of cavalry acting as Gem
McClellan’s body-guard.
At Home Again. —We learn that Joseph W.
Smith, long and favorably known as Local
Freight Agent of the Michigan Central Bui
road in <■>»*« city, and for some months last
past connected with the Michigan Southern
Bailroad, has Ufc the service of the latter, and
accepted the position of General Western Pas
senger Agent of the Michigan Central, com
mencing at once in his new duties.
Body Recovered. —The body of the little
boy, Charles GUdner, who was drowned from
the North Pier about a week ago, was recover
ed yesterday near the warehouse of Starges
& Buckingham. The deceased was thirteen
years years o€ age. His parents reside at 154
Illinois street. The Coroner held an kquest
upon the body, bnt no evidence was found
which shed any light upon the circumstances
of the case. The jury returned a verdict of
accidental drowning.
Not So.—-Mr. U. P. Harris, Chief Engineer
of the Chicago Fire Department, says there is
not one word of truth in the statement made
in enr columns yesterday, by John Blaukinzer,
that the carving shop of Henry Newhouse,
comer of Tan Boren and Griswold streets,
with between S7OO and SBOO worth of work,
was bunted on Monday night, and that the
alarm bell did not announce any Are. There
was no Are at the place stated, and the shop
and an its contents are untouched.
Sad and Fatal Accident. — The wife of
Mr. Alonzo Huntington, attorney-at-law, re
siding at the comer of Indiana Avenue and
North street, while going down ataira yester
day morning, caught her foot in the carpet,
and was precipitated from the top to the bot
tom, striking her head and causing injuries so
severe as to result in almost immediate death.
Mrs. Huntington has resided for many years
in this ciJy, and a large circle of loving friends
sic left to mourn her untimely end.
Operetta.— The Fairy Operetta which his
been in preparation for several days, will
occur this evening at Bryan Hall. Over four
hundred young ladies will participate in the
performance, and every attraction possible in
the shape of songs, dances, tableux, orchestra,
scenery and illuminations has been famished
by Mr- Bobbins to render it a complete suc
cess. The Hall will undoubtedly be crowded
to overflowing, and we advise our readers to
go early.
Douglas Brigade. —The Second Refciment
of the Douglas Brigade, yesterday recelvedau
accession of one fall company, numbering 106
men, recruited at Abingdon, Enoz county,
in this State..
The Second Regiment now numbers over
SOO men; and another fall company, which
was expected yesterday, and will certainly be
here this week, will fill it to the maximum.
The boys will probably be in Missouri in less
than a week, an event most eagerly anticipa
ted by the whole regiment.
C. C. Flint Escaped. —G. C. Flint, lately in
dicted before the Recorder's Court of this city
for forgery and swindling, was arrested in
Wathirgton on. Sunday by a Chicago offi
cer, as stated in our columns on Monday last.
After his arrest, he was placed in charge of the
Provost Marshal lor safe keeping until Mon
day morning, at which time the officer intend
ed returning with him. Before that time,
however,the prisoner had succeeded in escap
ing Bom the Marshal’s custody and is still at
large, although the officers aie stall on his
Cavalry tor the McClellan Brigade.—
Captain D.l>ebay,of the McClellan Brigade,
bos his Cavalry company nearly folk The men
ore encamped in Camp Douglas, and will in a
few daysbe ready,armed and equipped, to take
the field. Cspt. Lthay is desirous of obtain
ing a few more good men lor Us company.
Tloee desiring to go to the cavalry service
have now a fine opportunity. This is the last
company that will be accepted in the State.
Capt. Lchay is a man of experience and the
regiment to which his company is attached is
one of the first to the State. The recruiting
headquarters are at Gamp Douglas, and the
ngimental headquarters No. 17 McCormick’s
Building. Application should be made at
New Cavalry Regiment. —For some time
rt exulting has been going on here for a new
Cavalry Regiment, vhich was tendered to
Gov. Yates on the 2S-h of September lost by
Lieut. Got. Hoffman, to be taken from the
northern part of this State. The Governor
having accepted this regiment, the efforts of
its officers to organize the same have been at
tended with unusual success, and we under
stand that as soon as Major Fonda shall report
his two or three companies, which he Is rais
ing to Hancock county, the regiment will be
nearly complete. It will be commanded by
CoL Amo Yose, of this city, and among the
other field officers wc notice the names of Has
bronck Davis and Hamilton B. Doz, of this
city, the former as Lieutenant Colonel, the
latter as Senior Major. The men of the differ
ent companies composing this regiment hsve
been selected with the greatest circumspec
tion, and are raid to be of the best material,
and most of the officers possess high military
qualifications. The regiment will go into
Camp Douglas for instruction.
A CorloKs Shootlac Affray*
On Wednesday night a shooting affray oc
curred between Charles Rogers, Esq.., a com
mission merchant, and Capt Burns, U. 8. A ,
at'the residence of the former, corner of Wa
bash. avenue and Monroe street, in which both
parlies were wounded. The tacts, as near as
we can them, are these:
At about 10 o’clock on the night in ques
tion, as the wife of Mr. Rogers was about re
tiring, she discovered a man dressed in mili
tary clothing under her bed. She at once,
without manifesting any alarm, went down
stairs and Informed Mr. Rogers of the fact.
Mr. B, then went out and obtaining a neighbor,
Mr. Dickinson, the two entered the apartment
occupied by the mysterious stranger. In the
meantime, the intruder, Capt Curas, had left
his place of concealment, and when confront
ed by the two gentlemen, drew a pistol.
Rogers drew one at the same time and fired,
the ball hitting Boms In the cheek and pass
ing out at the month, carrying away
one or two teeth and a portion of
the Jaw. Captain Bums fired almost in
eUneoualy, wounding Rogers in his shoulder,
though net seriously. Mr. Dickinson suc
ceeded, after a tcnfiLc, in securing him, some
passers-by coming to his assistance. A po
liceman was also called, to whose custody
Bums was transferred and taken to the lock
up, He was brought before the Police Court
yesterday morning and gave ball for his ap
pearance for trial in the sum of $3,000.
Of the merits of the case, or why Capt.
Burns was In the house, we know but little,
ttd that from hearsay/ A thousand confilct
iig rumors are in circulation, and scandal,
ever ready, is now circulating from one end of
the avenue end the city to the other. There
ere certainly some curious circumstances
connected with the affair which an examina
tion may develop. Until that time we defer
sc y comment upon the cue.
Nomination of County Officers,
Interesting Side Scenes,
The Cook County Convention called by the
City Committees of the Republican and Dem
ocratic parties met yesterday afternoon at
Bryan Hall to nominate candidates for the
County offices to be filled at the ensuing No
vember election. The Convention was called
to order by C. N. Holden, Esq., Chairman of
the Republican City Committee and the call
was read.
Mr. Garrison moved that Ira Y. Munn, Esq.
be appointed Temporary Chairman of the
Convention. Carried.
XL K Linder: —“Mr. Chairman, I more
that all persons, not delegates to the Conven
tion he requested to remove and obtain seats
oft the platform, and that they be occupied by
delegates alone.”
The chair decided that it was unnecessary
to put the motion as he “ trusted to the good
sense of those who were not delegates that they
would leave without request. Thegoodsense
of the outsiders, however, proved unworthy of
trust,as they still remained upon the platform
peddling tickets and creating the utmost huh*
bub and confusion.
Mj. Garrison moved that D. H. Dan olds
of the First Ward be appointed Temporary
Secretary. Carried.
The Chair suggested that it would be appro
priate to have Secretaries also from the North
and West Divisions, and Thomas Mackm and
David Cameron were appointed.
Mr. Linder begged that outsiders would
leave the platform, so that the Convention
conld organize. The Chair reiterated his re
quest bnt no attention was paid to it, new
candidates continually flocking upon the plat
form and sticking to the delegates like cob
bler’s wax. After an ineffectual attempt to
.get rid o£ them, upon motion, M.C. Steams,
A- H. Dalton and H. T. Messier were appointed
Committee on Credentials.
Owing to the confusion upon thestage, near-
ly an hour was consumed in the presenting
of credentials, the committee Anally returning
the following list sf delegates;
Seth Wadhams, James H Roberts, John B. Par
sons, M. C. Steams, Henry Wining, H. K. Bael,
D. H. Danolds.
H. C. Ballard, Wo. Wright, Albert Prasch, Max
Myers, H- Evans, J. H. McVicker, Peter Gleason,
Stephen Barrett.
A. Garrison, Anton Berg, Fernando Jones
Peter Caldwell, Charles Stein, Darias Knights.
John Raber, B. H. Skinner, Dan. Egan, John
Long, John Geary.
J. T. Mnnn, Henry Myers, A. H. Bodman. Wm.
Barry, M. Talcott, John Cogan, L. P. Cheney,
Eobt-A. Williams.
John Ammundson, T. S. Filch, Henry Akoff, L.
L. Bond, E. Y. Colby, N. H. Huntley, Edas Daniels,
Barnaul IL Bruns, Motes Gray, J, M. Righncy.
IT.F. Under, Owen Dougherty, Theodore Weller,
John McHugh, Richard Burke, H. Sehlotthauer,
Retry El inkle, A. Harvey, M. Fleischer.
C. L. Woodman, H. Laroparter, Char. Charles
ton, Edward Kehoe, Thomas Mackin, F. C. Weber
John Brand, Andrew Conrad, Philip Conley, J.
J. Richards.
D. F. Wilson, Philip Mason, C. Dickman. O.
Morrison, Martin Casey. Thomsa Rawleigh, A.
Fitzgerald, Dennis Coughlin, Morgan O’Brien.
Like.—J. Gerber.
D yds Pabk.—Paul Cornell.
Beehzk -P. S. Downey, Cbarlcote.
Bloom —William Miller, James Miller.
Lyons —John O’Shea, Adolphus Mueller.
South Chicago.— H. P. Comstock, George Mac
Palos.— Jas. Mslony. Alexander Roberta.
l.*Tra View,—Jacob Wolf.
Niles.— H. Hama, P. Citvnan.
Cicebo John Davila, George Scoville.
Proviso.—Edward Gleason, John Phillips.
Babbengion.—S. C. Kingsley, M. P. Mackin
Mains.— M. Eooncy, B. S. Hopkins.
Eta n t ton. —John Evans, 8. L- Simpecott.
Palatine.— Thos. Joimatoa.
Thornton. —H. Zellere, A. 11. Dalton-
Worth.— M. Brcne, George Locblemeyer.
Leyden.—Alexander Beaubien, Jas. RoMofiOn.
Jefferson.— D. C. Booth, H. L. Messier.
Ki-g Gbots.—Benj. Waters.
W. Chicago. —W. fl- Donnivan.
N. Chicago,— David Scndley, John Cammack.
Wheeling.— George Stone, B. Cameron.
New Tbiee.—lT- Schafer, Lambert Bloom.
Leeokt.—Dan’l C. SteDy, John Barnes.
Oeiakd.—Tbos. Harris, 8. S. Campbell.
ScEAiraBEEG.—B. Sharding.
Hakotzb.—L. Doomey.
E, F, Colby— Ki Mr. Chairman, I move that
all delegates smoking poor cigars be requested
to stop and throw them away, as the smoke
is veiy offensive to those who are not smok
Upon motion the report of the Committee
on Credentials was accepted.
Mr. Colby moved that the Temporary Chair
man act as Permanent Chairman. Carried.
Mr, Garrison moved that the Temporary
Secretaries be considered permanent. Car.
The same moved Chat the delegates of each
ward and town be allowed to fill vacancies.
In pursuance of this motion, Reuben Taylor
was substituted for Mr. Huntley in the 6th
Ward; LL. Milliken for Mr. Wright in the
2d; and Anton Berg for H. C. Nash in the 3d.
Col Snottftook, (in the audience)—“ Sir, if
citizens are not allowed to be upon the stage,
I move that the Police Commissioners be put
effi 1 was put oil, and they’ve got to be.”
The chair was abont stating the reason why
the Police Commissioners were on the plat
form, but was interrupted by Mr. Linder,
(delegate,) who said he believed “the Chair'
man of this meeting was to preside over this
Convention; if outsiders wanted to make
speeches, let them organize and appoint a
Chairman of their own.” Great applause fol
lowed, interspersed with hisses.
Mr, Linder:— “l know of but two animals
(hat hiss—the snake and the goose; yon con
take which side of the dilemma yon choose.”
Renewed applause followed, with hisses and
cries of “order,” “order,” “down front,”
“hats off,” &c., &c. Loud words arose to one
corner of the room, and for a few minutes a
general fight seemed brewing. The excite,
ment was still farther increased by the ejee,
lion of Alderman McDonald from the stage,
by one of the policemen. Order was finally
restored, and a motion was made to appoint a
The Chair appointed as such Committee,
the following: V, F. Under, Melville Fuller,
L. P, Cheeny, Geo. ScoviHe, George Strong,
Hr. Evans moved to proceed to ballot for
Judge of the Superior Court. Carried.
The following candidates for .this office were
then pnt in nomination by their respective
John H- Wilson.
H. G. Hi ler,
Fending the ballot the following resolution
was introduced by C. L. Woodman:
Sesolvtd, That every person nominated for the
support of the Convention shall, before any ballot
1 e taken, he required in person or by some author
ized friend, to pledge himself to abide the retail
and support the nominees of this Convention.
Mr, Eyans thought the resolution impracti
cable, and moved to lay it npon the table.
Carried by a division vote.
Ex Alderman. Dennis Coughlin M Mr. Chair
man, I did not come here to hear trash, per
fect trash, ill day.” (Laughter and applause.)
Lpon motion, A. H. Dalton, Andrew Garri
son, hud J. G. Dweu we T e appointed tellers,
and the Convention took an informal ballot
resulting as follows:
Wholemumber of votes 119
H. O/UUler ~49
J.H. Wilson 45
W. K-Macallistcr 33
F.P. Peabody. 3
The Convention then took & formal ballot
resulting as follows:
Whole number of votes 124
J. M. Wilson
H G Hiller 64
W. K. Hacalllster 16
There being no choice ,the Convention pro
ceeded to a second ballot, taking the two
highest candidates.
Whole number of votes 123
H. G. Hiller 69
J.H. Wilson 53
end upon motion. Hr, Miller was declared the
unanimous choice of the Convention forjudge
of the Superior Court.
Mr. Cameron’moved to ballot for Clerk of
the Superior Court and the following candi
dates were put in *nmin*u>>p •
2* 9'Sf 9 ' T. B. Carter.
T.JuHolt, P. A. Qoyee,
O- Fwkloa, A. B. Benedict,
W. A. Wilson, w.
The Convention then proceeded to billot
with the following reeult:
Whole number of votes l»
D. O’Hara 28
T. B. Carter a*
P. A-Eoyne ai •
Ci. Perkins 15
W. Kimball ; 13
T. A. Holt 11
A. B. Benedict 5
W. A. Wilton . 4
D. O’Hara 43
P, A. Boyce 23
T. B. Carter 31
W. Kimball.... . 11
6. Perkins 9
T. A. Holt 5
W. A. Wilson ; 3
A.B. Benedict 1
thihb BALLOT.
D. O'Hara 51
T. B. Carter 45
P. A.Hoyne 24
D. O’Hara 68
T. B. Carter 68
P. A. Boyne 4
D. O’Hara 69
T. B. Carter 60
The Chairman in announcing the vote stated
that one of the idlers, in passing with the
hat, had, by a sudden jostle, lost from the hat
one or two votes. Upon this statement the
convention proceeded to another ballot, the
last balloting considered, under the circum
stances, informal.
One hundred and twenty-five votes were
cast, three votes more than the number of del
egates, and the ballot was thrown out The
general impression placed the vote in favor of
O’Hara, but the vote was not announced.
D. O’Hara. 67
T. B. Caster 57
being 124 votes, more than the number of
delegates. But as the taking of the extra votes
from the number left a dear majority of the
Convention in favor of O’Hara, it wag, upon
motion of Mr. Linder, resolved to moke the
nomination oi Daniel O’Hara unanimous.
Upon motion, the Convention proceeded
to a nomination for the office of Judge of the
County Court.
The following candidates were placed in
Andrew Afcfa, H. I*. Rucker,
W. T. Barron. J. B. Bradwell,
H- F. Tuley, W. A. Graves,
D. V. Bell, S. A. Irwin,
<Ko. Thompson, D. O. Robinson.
first ballot.
J, B, Bradwell 81
Andrew Aikn 16
S. A. Irwin 16
D. O.Boblnson 14
M. F- Tuley 10
W. T. Barron 10
H- L. Rucker 9
W. A. Graves T
G. A Thompson 3
D. V. Bell 2
M. F. Tuley 3
H. L. Rucker 4
W. A. Graves 8
D O. Robinson 10
W. F. Barron - 11
S. A. Irwin 15
Andrew Akin 23
J. B. BxadwelL 29
Andrew Akin, J. B. Bradwell, and S. A. Ir
win, having received the highest number of
votes cast, the Convention proceeded to vote
for these as the candidates.
S. A. Irwin - 18
J. B. Bradwell 43
Andrew Akin. 60
Irwin 3
Bradwell 55
Akin . 63
Andrew Akin having received the majority
of the votes cast was declared nominated.
The Convention then proceeded- to the
ec miration of a County Clerk, and the follow
ing were placed in nomination:
L. H. Davie,
J. B. Rees,
L.P. Hilliard.
W. W. Allport,
L. B. Davis 13
J. H. Bees. 5
L.P. Hilliard 25
W.W. Allport. 4
C.B. Farwell.. 66
A. E. Bishop 9
E. 5. Warner 1
L.H. Davis 13
L. P. Billiard 46
C. B. Farwell 65
A. E. Bishop 1
Having a majority of the number of votes
cast, C. B. Farwell was declared the nominee
of the Convention.
The Convention proceeded to nominate the
candidate for County Treasurer, and the fol
lowing persons were placed in nomination:
Hugh Maher. A. H. Boyden,
M. Glceeon, A. H. Heald,
C. E. G. Miller, J. M. Kennedy, :
C. Reteig. H. D. Colvin,
Martin Dodge, C. McDonald.
Martin Dodge 1
M. McDonald 1 H,
A. H. Boyden 4 _
H. D. Calvin 4
C. Beisig. 5 g
H. Gleeson 13 I
A. H.Heald 21
C. E.G. Miller. 31
Hugh Maher. 41
rhe vote, having been confined, to the three
The vote, having been confined, to the three
highest, was as follows:
Hugh Maher 61
Charles H. J. Miller 82
A H. Heald 28
Mr. Maher having received the highest num
ber of votes, was declared the nominee of the
Convention for the office of County Treasurer.
The Convention proceeded to the nomina
tion of School Commissioner, and the follow
ing candidates were placed in nomination: J.
F. Eberhart, Geo. A. Meech, Ch&s. H. J. Miller,
C. E. Meserve.
Upon informal ballot, the following votes
were cost:
- J. P. Eberhart 40
G. A. Meech.: 35
C. H. J. Miller 34
C. E. Meevrve 4
G. A Meech....
C. H. J. Miller.
J.P. Ebcrliart..
C. H. J. Miller
J, F. Efcerhart.
Mr. Eberhart, having received the; highest
number of votes, was declared the choice of
the Convention.
The-Convcntion then proceeded to the nom
iration of County Surveyor, with the follow
ing result:
E.Bixby 17
McClintock 24
A. Wolcott '. 69
Upon motion Mr. Alex. Wolcott was de*
dared the unanimous choice of the Conven*
The Convention proceeded to the choice of
County Justices, as follows;
Charles H. Barm 43
John Cammack 49
Philip Caldwell 18
Upon motion Mr. Gammack was declared a
C. H. Baim....
Philip Caldwell
Mr. Caldwell was declared the choice of the
' The Convention here resolved itself into
District Conventions, and proceeded to the
nomination of delegates to the Constitutional
Convention. John Wentworth and Melville
W. Fuller were nominated by the South Die*
trict, and U. C. Goudy and Elliott Antony by
the North District.
W. K. M&cailistex,
Francis P. Peabody.
The followltg town officers were nominal-
South Chicago.— Collector, Anton Berg; Clerk,
L. L&mpenz; Assessor, Harvey Banks; Overseers
of Highways, W. p, Comstock, H. A. Jennings;
Supervisor, Fernando Jones; Assistant do., Aaron
Baven: Commissioners of High ways, John O'Neill,
D. C. Bawlev, C. T. Boggs; First Ward Supervi
sor, Aaron Gibbs; 2d do., Stephen Barrett; Sd do.,
Peter Caldwell; 4th do., John Boorman.
North Chicago— Collector, John E. Winkle
namt; Assessor, John Bans; Clerk, J. 8. Quinn;
Commissioners of Highways, (not nominated);
Supervisor, Ellas Shipman: Assistant do.. Ed
ward Kchoe; 7th Ward do , Carl Erler; Bth Ward,
do L. Lam partner; 9th Ward, do., Eli Bates.
West Chicago.— Collector. Geo. Horey; Clerk,
E. L O'Hara: Assessor, A. H. Bodman; Commis
sioners of Highways. Thos. O’Neill. August Stein
tans, Hoses Gray; Supervisor, A- G. Throop; As
sistant Supervisor, A. C. Eliithorpe: sth Ward
Supervisor, John Cogan; 6th Ward Supervisor,
Reuben Taj lor; 7th ward Supervisor, John Ho-
Previous to adjournment, which did not oc.
enr until midnight. Dr, Evans offered the fol
lowing resolutions, which were adopted, a
Email fragment of the Convention only re*
aminlng, and the Committee on Resolutions
having made no report:
Jfaoirtd % That we, the Union Convention of-
Cock County approve of the rigorous prosecution
of the wsrbyourGovernment for the suppression
of the unholy rebellion waged against It.
lieeolted, T hat we'hold rebels against our Gov
ernment to be outside the pale of Its protection,
heix-g criminals lathe eye of the law and in ths
judgment of the enlightened nations of the world,
era that as tcch they should be treated as public
Jltfoired, That we call upon the Administration
to use every legitimate means of warfare to sup
picsaihe rebellion—including the confiscation of
all the property of rebels, and even to the libera
tion cf the slaves.
Wedding Cards '.—The “Yankee Card Wri-
celebrated Visiting and Wedding Cards, new
etjles, may be safely ordered by letter, and will be
dallvercdporfnps/rM to any part of the country.
Write names plainly, and send letter and three
red **■—!*■ for samples, to O. Saekett, Treaont
Hmm, C tic* go. octtf-tt
C. B. Farwell,
A. £. Bishop,
E. S. .Warner.
informal ballot.
delegates to the convention.
ViftlA lettcn*
The following letters, detained la the Chicago
Poet Office for postage, trill he forwarded to the
Dead Letter Office, on Monday next, unless the
postage la preTloxuly paid. Call at the room of
the Dead Letter Cleric, np stairs:
Mias Clara Job?, Chicago, DL
Jobnß. Carter, **
A. J. S. Quirk, „
Mrs. Jane Burlingame, KastvlUe, lIL
Mre. W. J. Wilcox, Durand, HL
Dinon, Green River, 111.
John A. Geffrey, Bt. Louis, Ho.
Mrs. Jennie L. Davis, Cliiton, lowa.
Henry T. Brown, Clinton, lowa.
. R. 8. Hall. Oconto. Wis. .
John H. Bradley, Marshall, Mich.
Joses * HubbeU, Ontonagon, Mich.
Wm. Rattle, Clevela- d, Chip.
Cbflfl. W. Cutting. Boston, Mass.
Willard Hillson, Trinity Center, Cal.
Letters under old style stamps and stamped en
velopes, not recognized In payment for postage
John Bills, Chicago, HI.
Mr. Ting "
J. O. Felton,
Ithorsm Tsyjor. “
John Mill?, Etna. HL
A J. Woods, Mahomet, IU.
William Palmer, Bergen, lowa.
Miss Anna Hall, Cannon Falls, Minn.
Dr. W. A. Gordon, Warsaw, 111
Robert D. Gordon, Almond, Wls.
Jacob Schmidt, Merrillsville, Ind,
Eli Burt, Indianapolis, Ind.
Dr. T. T. Seeley, Dowagiac, Mich-
Fanny A. Hastings, Dowagiac, Mich.
John Kennedy, New York.
Mrs. Aaron Dun kin, Cuba, Wis.
Chss. W. Hamilton, Cuba, Wis.
Mrs. J. H. Blckett, Dnndaff, Penn.
A Way to Remember Sick Soldiers*
Editors Chicago Tribune:
Knowing that the ladies of Chicago are ever |
ready to do all in their power lor the benefit
of the Eoldiers, I would suggest a way by
which they can do much good to those who
are sick and deprived of the watchful atten
tions of hone; that- is, to famish them some
thing to read, and thus help them to pass less
wearisome the long hours. Look over your
stewed away magazines, pictorial papers, and
ask jour little daughters who so wish they
could do something for the poor soldiers if
they here not a hook to contribute, and in
that way without extra expense or great effort
you can make up a box that would be grate
fully received at the Depot Hospital at Cairo,
and at the General Hospital at Monad City,
and oblige one who would be glad to minister
hindly to each poor sufferer.
Cairo, Oct. 18tb, 1861.
Fair Flay*
Editors Chicago Tribune:
As there are six important county offices to
fill, and as the Convention yesterday saw prop
er to give two of them to citizens of foreign
birth, I don’t think it was hardly fair to be
stow both on Irishmen. On what grounds
this was done I would like to know. The
Germans of Cook County, have contributed
five times as many soldiers to fight for the
Union as the Irish. Are they not as respecta
ble and as worthy citizens ? Perhaps it was
because they had no “Stump-tail” beef con
tracts A GEEiLLS.
pg* Dr, Allport’s Tooth Powder is recommend
ed by all who use it, and sure to give satisfaction.
One trial will show its superiority over all other
articles for the Teeth. It will be found at Sar
gent’s, comer of Randolph and State streets.
Wheeler and Wilson’s Sewing 9Ka-
Wheeler Ain) Wilson’s Sewing Machines.—
The only Sewing Machine making the Lock-Stitch
with a Rotating Hook and using a Glass Foot.
We prefer themfor family use.—AT. Y, Tribune.
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We cannot tire in Its praise. —Hew Yorker.
Office—l 63 and 105 Lake street.
George E. Crittenden,
General Agent for Illinois, lews, Wisconsin and
Northern Indiana. ocl7-10td-4twgß94
Books, Books*
Who wants good books at half price 1 One of
the finest stocks of books west of New York City
will be sold by J. A. Colby before January 15tb,
1862, without regard to the original coat of the
stock. Call socn and pick out your choice at your
own price. Books without jewelry, books with
jewelry, or jewelry withont'books. This is to
close cut a large stock, and a similar opportunity
will probably never occur again in this part of the
country. Remember the old stand, 118 Randolph
street. __ oct. 8-2 m
Cook & McLain, 93 Dearborn street, have
made their price for cleaning and dyeing Gents*
garments less t-b*n any other house in the city,
peas •
X> I El X> ,
In thiß city, on the morring ot the 23d of October.
Mrs. PAIIENCS LORRAINE, wife of Alonzo Hunt
ington, and shter of L r. Dyer.
The funeral will take place at the family residence,
on Friday afternoon, at naif-past two o’clock.
At St. Charles, Kane County, Oct. 2Ctb, PETER
GUTHBIF, aged fifty-four years, formerly of Banff
shire, Scotland.
of «t.t. quasuxs.
Flooring and Grist Mills,
Bmut Mills and Separators.
Separators for Warehossee
Belting of all winds.
Holstlnz Screws and Ball.
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Flans, Specifications and Estimates famished when
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Stem Bfiglneij Boilers, &c., dec.
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Heater. Water and steam Pipes. Cocks, Valves, Arch
Castings and Grates, complete and ready for nee, de
livered In Chicago:
S terse power. * 590r so tone power. SWSo
8 * “ ns 25 " •• u*s
- " 735 180 “ “ 1,575
600 SS '• ** 0,550
1406140 - " B.y<’
ia “
An ft m lit* proportion for larptr sizes as required.
Every Engine Is famished with
For Floor Mills we confidently recommend them as
superior to any other style of Engine, end they will
gave from 35 to 50 per cent In Fad
over the usual class of boilers in use in the West We
ahall keep an assortment of different sines at oar es
tablishment where they may be examined and the
necessary information obtained regarding them. Com
petent men will. If desired, be tarnished to set up and
start engines in any part c£ the country. Wealsosupply
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Parking Honsel comer Grove and Cross streets, near
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purchase Cattle and Hogs and slaughter and
cure Profit ion* on commlscton. oaa-s?S6Jm
I) by the Bale at the Head Quarters of the
No. US Lake street, Chicago, UL
lo .BEPAUUNG.—The underdgned, recently pro.
Srietor ot the well known Shipyard at Milwaukee,
avlnr permanently located himself at this point, in
the above business. Is now prepared to enter into con
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Office Mid Yard foot of Blvard stree^Det^Mch.
4CO boxes nice W. B. Cheese. also 300 bores
Busborc Cbeese. loi cattUr. But re eived sed tor
•alehr 8: BO9ABDD3 * SON.
ocnot 98MthWfttarnreet;
Thursday Irnm, Oct. 94,1861.
There was a good supply of Eastern exchange
today, and rates vrere easy at par buying, and M
per cent, press.- selling. Currency is in good de
inami, with a liberal supply, and a brisk busi
Gold is still in limited request; bnt there is
rather more discrimination with regard to the kind
of currency received. New Jersey and Penney!
vanla bank bills, as well as all Canadian, except
the Bank of Montreal, are generally refused, un
less at a discount of [email protected] per cent discount.
Exchange as St. Louis. —Exchange ruled in
St. Louis yesterday at [email protected] per cent premium for
Missouri money.
Honey aid Stock*.
[Prom the N. Y. Tribune, Oct. 23.]
There was no important change in. the Stock
market this morning. The tendency of prices was
downward hut there was uo pressure to sell and
the bears made no serious demonstration. The
dealings in long sellers’ options only reached 400
shares. The advices from the Potomac have been
used by the bears, not without effect, to check the
speculative movement of the street and there ap
pears to be a temporary check to speculations
waiting some decisive action on the part of the
Pedettu forces. The parties operating for the rise
sre still very confident of the future, out wait pa
tiently for the result, _
The busineselof the Sub Treasury was: Receipts,
$605,275.49 —lot Customs, $85,000; for Treasury
Notes, $547,048; Payments, Including redeemed 5
£ cent, notes. $625,857.27.; Balance, $6,332,454 27.
The Sub Treasury has tc-day recslved subscrip
tion for Treasury Notes to the extent of about
$200,000, and the country agencies have paid in
about $250,000 more. The New York Life Insu
rance Company takes $200,000. A large portion of
the payments are in Treasury Notes. Mr. Cisco
has made no further call upon the banks, but ex
pects to receive a reimbursing draft to-morrow.
The city agencies for Treasury Notes are rather
quiet to-day, but we understand that Messrs. Liv
ermore, Clews & Mason have received subscrip
tions within a week of about a million of dollars.
Thursday Etebisg, Oct. 32, it 61.
Flour, Wheat, Coin, Oats, Byd Bar.
brio. bo. bo. bo. bn. bo.
Canal 272 10696 54450 8030 2000 ....
G.&C.U.E.S. 1634 57031 3926 130 951 2202
E.LIB.E. 1097 *2750 7000 1030
IU.c!B.R. 480 21350 84800 850 .... 1030
0.8.AQ.K.h 1090 18346 15940 583 . 613
H W 8.8. *BG 16145 .... 96 SGO 382
A. & St. L. 8.8 255 2710 8250 605 ITS 175
Total 6664 145930 118870 9324 3499 5254
M J. 8.
Llye Grass Beef Pota-
Eoga Seed Hides Wool Cattle toes.
No. Ks. fl>a. lbs No. bo.
J.U.E.E.. 120
E.1.8.H. 223 105U
DUO. R.E 650 .... 9290 .... 43 300
393 2303 1212 143 ....
N.W.8.8-... S7 ....1859 200 .... IC7
A. & St. L, E.B 290 .... 7728 508
*1673 2800 23799 200 191 2131
Flour, Wh't, Corn, cuts, Bye, Bar.
brig. bn. bo. bn. bu. bu*
To Buffalo .44600 30S00
ToPt.Cclb’me 2390 ...
Tu Collingw’d 3C90 *....
Total. -.. 3690 65500 30600
The receipts of produce st£U continue liberal
embracing to-day 6,664 bbls floor, 148,930bu wheat,
and 118,870 bu corn.
There was abetter supp'y of veseels, and under
a very limited inquiry for freight-room, freights
declined 1c $ bushel on grain—24c being taken for
wheat to Buffalo by s&iL But even at this decline,
shippers showed no anxiety to je ake engagemonts
—the principal inquiry for vcesels being (as it has
beeu for a week past,) for the Illinois Central
Ball road Company, who are anxious to ship their
corn before tbc dose of navigation.
There was a fair inquiry for Flour today, but
holders were asking higher prices, and only about
2,200 bbls changed hands, at $4.87#©4.75 for win
ter extras, $3.65®4.2S foe spring extras, and $2.90
©3.50 for superfine.
The Wheat market ruled active and firm, with
sales of about 175,000 bushels, at 88c for No. 1
W bite; 78c for No. 1 Red; 74©75 c for No. 2 Red;
71©72 c for No. 1 Spring, and 67#©68c for No. 2
Spring—the market closing firm.
Com was in fair demand and steady at 22©22#c
for Canal Mixed afloat; 21c for Mixed in store,and
17c for Rejected.
Oats wore steady at 16c. Eye in fair request
and firm. Barley was doll and lower—Common
having sold at 15©20 c. Eighwines were in fair
supply and steady at 14c. Hides arc in good de
mand and firm. Timothy Seed quiet, with saies
at $1.50©1.45. Flax Seed in good demand at 90c
©LQO, according to quality.
BThe Storage Question.— A meeting of the
Beard of Trade will be held at their rooms to
morrow (Friday) evening, for the purpose of con
sidering the recent action of the warehouse-men
of this city in advancing the rates of winter stor
age, and other matters. A full meeting is expect
An Important Decision.—Out readers will
probably recollect that during laet summer, the
directors of the Board of Trade of this city passed
a resolution, the effect of which was that ware
housemen were rot obliged to deliver sound com
on old receipts. Under the protecting wing of this
resolution of the Board, we understand the ware
housemen of this city have been delivering on re
ceipts dated back a few months, musty, black and
rotten com, said to be a great deal worse than
“Rejected.” A few days since, Meesrs. G, & J
Watson, of this city, presented at the warehouse
of Stnrgss, Buckingham & Co., receipts for 2),000
bushels Mixed Com—dated from March to June.
For these receipts they were offered.com which
was nearly black, and which was as near rotten as
it could he. Messrs. G. &J. Watson refused to
take the com, and the matter was carried before
the Court of Arbitration of the Board of Trade,
who, after hearing the evidence on both sides, de
cided that the com offered by Messrs. Sturgoa,
Buckingham & Co. was not what the receipts
called for—Mixed Coro.
This decision wDI have a great bearing on &
large amount of property held here in the same
matters or Interest.
Lapatxe Cobatt, Oct. 22.
Editors of the Tribune:
We live in the counter, wc rise with the sun and
toil until the setting, we live in the great West
and are loyal citizens. We have suffered and sub
mitted under that baneful protective system of
which you are an advocate, we saw the blockade
at Cairo instituted, and not a man complained.
We saw the Merrill Tariff enacted, and though we
knew It was robbing the West to pay the East, we
chid nothing. We allowed Yankee money to take
the place of our own, getting out of the frying
pan into the fire, and submitted. Later we nave
seen plots against the West, betweeen and
amongst grain operators in Chicago, warehouse
iroprip.toie. vessel owners and railroad companies,
jy which they can wring the last drop of blood
from Illinois, On Saturday you showed that the
carriers, warehouses, Ac., charged 25 cents
fer carrying com to New York, leaving 9 cents to
the farmer. Yesterday freights advanced on the
lakes 4to 6 cents, ard warehousemen were charg
ing extra storage, and Erie canal freights had ad
vanced 2 cents. This will hardly leave three cents
to the producer. Now. Mr. Editor.*we are in for
fair-play and a free fight We are willing to acknowl
edge the effects of supply and demand to be legit
imate. But we know that the rise in freights on
railroads, lakes and canals, and the advance in
storage, arc parts of a concerted plan to rob the
, producer.
The shippers say, let us pat freight up to
twenty-five cents—grain moat go down as mucu as
the freights coup, and the staff will have to be
sold, fer the elevator will force them, to sell. They
cannot stand the storage.
Now, Mr. Editor, the West is supporting this
war. It is our produce that keeps a supply of gold
in New York, that buys the Treasury notes. Now
we think the late doings amongst coiners ani
speculators are cold-blooded operations. The
effect of these operations will be an estopper on
the movement of grain from the country- and if
so. it may suit these operators in grain just as
well, for it will add to the value of all they have
on hand, and all they have shipped.
GnK.iT West.
Daily Review of Chicago Market
Thursday Evening, Oct. 24,1861.
FREIGHTS —Declined 1c per buaheL The en
gsgemente were as follows: To Oswegozchr."
Btarof Hope, wheat, at 80c. To Buffkloprop.
Adriatic, wheat, at 25c; echr?. New London, Ma
ztppa, ard three standard vessels, wheat, at 91c.
FLOUR—Received 6664 brls; eniptk'd 8690 hrls.
Market steady. Skies 100 brls “ fifinoia Mills”
white w'nter at $4 GO del; ICO brls choice do at
$4-75 drl; 100 brls red winter at $4.37# del; 105
bils “ Cedar Creek” choice spring extra at $4.25
del; 150 bTls“Como” do, at s4del: 100 brls
“Derwent 1 ’ and 50 brie “Commercial” at $4.00
del; 361 brls “Farina,”7sbrls “Planet” on p. t.;
SCO brls good spring extra at $3 90 del; 300 brls
do at sß.B7del; 100 brls “Ohio Slate” and 120
brls “'Warnet” at $385 deL; 60brIs“Juno” at
$3.80 cel.: 100 brls “Rich Hill” do at $8.65 deL;
84 brls “ Stark Mbla ” super at $3 50 on track; 81
brls “Lowell” super at $3 00 on track; 75 brls
good super at $3,90 del.; 44 brls choice super at
$3 40 del.: 50 brls fair super at $2,80 deL
WHEAT—Received, 148,930 bn; shipped, 63,500
bu. Market steady and firm- Sales—Winter—
-400 bn No 1 White in store at 88c; 8.000 bu No 1
Red in store at 78c; 8,000 bn No 3 Red in store at
75c; 1,0(0bn do at 74c; 400 bn Rejected In storeat
60c. Sfexsg—lo,ooo bn No 1 Spring in store (all In
one warehouse) at 72c; 10,000 bn do at 71# c;
52,000 bn do at Tier 15,000 bn No 3 Spring in store
at 67#c; TOOOObu do at 60c* 8,000 b» Rejected In
store ats7c: 1,400 bn do at 53c; 1,600 bn do afloat
at 61c.
CORN—Received, 118.870bn; ehlppeC 80.800bu.
Market steady. Sales SO 000 bu Canal Mixed at 22c
afloat; 5,000 bu choice do at 22tf c afloat; 5,000 bu
Rejected Canal at 21c afloat; 40.000 ba Mixed in
filoie at Sic; 7,500 bu Rejected in store at 17c.
OATS—Received, 9,25 i bu. Market quiet Sale*
7,500 ba No 1 tn store at IGc.
RYE-Received, 8 499 bu. Market firm. Sales
400 bu No 1 in store at 30c ; 40Q bu do at 31c on
t»ck; 500 bu do at Sic afloat. „ ■
BARLEY—Received. 5,458 bu. Market dull and
lower. Sales S3 OCO bags medium at 2Gc; SOObigs
common at 15c—all oa track.
HIGHWINES— Quiet. Sales ISS beta country
at 14c.
St [email protected] „ t ,
TIMOTHY SEED— Quiet. Sales, lEO bushels
choice at $1.45:15 bags prime at $1.40; 100 bush
els goodat $1.37#; 41 bags medium atslßs; 25
bags common at $1.15..
FLAXSEED—In good demand at 90c(&$l,00 ?
hnshel. *
HESS DEEP—Seminal at $8.00; Extra Mess,
HESS POKE—Nominal at $11.00©12-00
LABD—is pbgs good Country at 7#c.
TALLOW—4 oris Country at73fc-
BIDES—Firm. We quote; Dry Flint, 18®13#q
*reen Salted, 6a6s£c.
WOOL—4,OOO lbs medium from second hand at
BUT TEE—IS kegs Common at 6#c; 15 pkgs
EGGS—Freeh, IDc per doz. _ .
POULTEY-Chicktus. $1.25 per doz; Turkeys,
7c $ 2>. ’ v
POTATOES—Quiet at 25c per bushel-
LIVE STOCK—Received, 1,673 Hogs.lcl Beeves,
Market for Beef Cattle steady, with rather more
inquiry by shippers, and a better inquiry for
choice lots. Bogs firm and a shade higher, bales
6S Beeves, aTcrsglce ISCCfca ; S2BG
C 5 “ « fa s h65 •* 25C
to “ «» mo “ 2.25
38 ** •« 930 “ 1.80
19 ** « 1003 “ 2.00
40 Bogs 11 890 “ 30C
60 •* « SBS 8.00
CO ** “ 265 “ 9-SC
95 “ S9f ” B.BC
40 “ « 4£o “ 801
94 11 <• 380 8 0(
40 « « art “ 98<
48 « •* *96 “ *-«
40 Bogs
CO “
95 “
40 “
94 "
40 «
IlMlai’i »«w ToA Cattle Market.
Bulls Heap.—Jfcw Tori, OcUUe Market. Tnea
day, Oct. 22.—There is so fact that
there Ib an improvement in the beef cattle market
this week. Not that the rates per pound have ad
vanced very ranch, bnt a great many more bullocks
will be sold this week at highest rates quoted the
week previous, and none of the poorest wCI be sold
aa low, and the sellers also get a better estimate of
weights. The prices range to-day from 6 to S#c $
lb net, and more bullocks will be sold at the top
price than in any of the last three weeks, partly
because the price has an upward tendency. "and
partly because there is a greater number of that
class on sale than we have seen in any week Cor a
long time; Some whole droves will average B#c.,
and a few extra good bollocks sold at 9c, $} Ib for
the meat sellers’ sicking ofial. The great bulk
will seQ at [email protected]«and altogether too large a portion
at [email protected], for this class is more numerous and
profitable for producers or containers; bat not as
numerous as it has been for weeks past. We are
afraid that the report of a better market will stub
the rats out of their holes again, and then down
will co the price, as It did two weeks ago, almost
With a moderate supply Jof good bollocks, at
each market, the price is not likely to recede, and
we cannot hope ?or much advance from the pres
ent rates of a pound net, for choice good
fat steers, and B#@9c for rather extra ones.
These are the rates or the day, and they seem to
be satisfactory to drovers. At least they are in
belter spirits, for beside the advance, there is
more life in the market, and the prospect that
very few cattle will be left over for the closing
day,'out of the 4,000 head already reported at
Forty-fourth street—some six hundred of which
were sold on Monday, at better prices even than
to-day—borers fearing that the sopply was to be
a very short one. and that all the stock would be
of medium or inferior quality.
It is estimated by some of the brokers, that all
the bullocks sold on Monday averaged [email protected]> par
head mere than the same could have been sold for
la-t week, ard [email protected] more than to-day.
The weather to-day is very much in favor of
trade, being cool enough to make stout woolen
coate and fires comfortable, which is quite in con
trast with Saturday, which was warm as summer,
ard made a losing business for a great many
The stsmpede of Kentucky cattle continues,
and a crest many of them are far inferior to the
general average from that State, which shows
inat owners prefer to sell them lean at lean price?,
rather than feed and risk their loss to rebels and
Philadelphia Cattle Market»Oet. 31.
Cattle— The market for beef cattle was doll, but
rather firmer to day, the receipts at Phillips’ yards
reaching only atont 1700 head, which were nearly
all disposed of at previous quotations, from $5 OO
@8.75 —the latter for extra quality, which is a frac
tion better than last week; the balk of sales, how
ever, were at [email protected] the 100 tt>s.
Hogs—The receipts were large, reaching about
5100 head, and the prices ruled the same; sales in
clude 5630, at Imhoff’s, at from [email protected] 50 for still
and corn fed. and 1560, at the Avenue yard, at [email protected]
5.75 the 100 lbs net, as to condition.
NEW YORK, -October 24—Flour— Market a
shade firmer,-»ith fair export forborne trade de
mand Sales 26,900 brla at [email protected] rejected;
$5.50©5.35 for super state; $5.60©5.65 for extra
state; $5.35 ©5.45 for super western; $5.G0©5.80
for common to medium extra western; $5.80©
6.90 for shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio;
and $6©6.5U for trade brands—market closing
rather quiet. Included in sales are 4503 brls extra
state, delivered in all November, chiefly at $5.70.
Canadian flour a shade better, with moderate in
quiry. Sales 750 brla at $5 40©5.45 for super, and
$G.6('©6.75 for common to choice extra. Eye floor
is quiet and steady at $3©410. Corn meal in
moderate request. Sales 100 brla common western
at $2 85.
Wmrsx—Market dull and steady, with sales of
350 brie at 2C©3o#c.
Grain— The wheat market is about 1c better,
with a good export demand; a large portion of
the sales are to arrive. Sales 48,000 -bn Chicago
spring at $1.15©1.22; 6000 Inferior do at $1,13)4;
44.000 Racine spring at $118©1.23; 73,000 Milwau
kee club at sl-22©1.25; 28.C0U amber lowa at $1.25
©1.27, the latter an outside price; 13,500 red state
[email protected]; 5800 Inferior redweslerustsl23;
98.000 winter red western at [email protected]; 23.100
but-hels amber Michigan at $135©X36; 550 bu
amber Kentucky at $1.36 : 6500 bu very inferior
white Ohio at $132; 6000 bu fair do at $1.40;
16 COO bu white Mich at $1 43©148; 9300 hu white
Ky at $1 40©1.48. Rye is quiet and firm with
sales of 4000 bn state at 78©79 c. Barley is un
charged. Sales 23,600 bu at 62©65 c for state;
G6c :or common Canada; 72#c for prime do. Cora
market opened heavy and closed a trifle lover.
Sales 162,t00bu [email protected] to common
mixed western; 6S©6oc for good prims shipping
do, closing at Inside price; 60©61 c for western
ycPow. Oats in fair request at [email protected] for Cana
dian and 42©43 c for western and state.
Provisions— Pork continues moderate and mar
ket without important change. Sales 400 brls at
$15.55®15.75 for mess; $9 75©10forprime. Beef
dull. Sales ICO brls at s4©4 50 for country prime:
$E©5 60 for country mess; $9©11.25 for repacked
mess; [email protected] for extra mesa Prime mess
beef and beef hams are doll and nominally un
changed. Cut meats quiet at s©s#c for shoul
ders ; 6#@6#c for hams. Bacon is in fair de
mand. bales IGO hhda smoked sides on pt. Lard
is in moderate request and.rather easier prices.
Sales 50 brla at 8)4 ©9#c. Butter selling quite
freilyat very fir* prices; OhloS©llc; state 12)4
16c. Cheese doll and heavy at s©7c for country
Groceries.— Sugar— Raw in moderate request
at unchanged prices. We quote fair to good refic
icg, 7#©7#c. Sales since oar last 0f460 bhds at
B©B#c for Cuba, and 6#c for Porto Rico; 175 bxs
Havana, part at 7#c, and 4.200 bags China on p. t.
Refined sugars are without decided chance In
price and In moderate demand. Molasses quiet,
bales 20 ht ds Barbadees at 87c.
Stocks— Qniet, but prices have again improved.
C& EI 51)4; C& T 36#; G& C 70#; IO scrip
65 fi; MSlB#; MC59#: Erie pfdOl#; Hudson
35#; Harlem 12#, Harlem pfd 32; Edg 35#;
N Y C 78; Pac Mali 93; Cal 7s 81#; Va 6s 46# U S
6s 81, regd 94.
BUFFALO, Oct 24 —Flour—'Market steady.
Grain— Wheat quiet; only three sales reported;
6,000 bu Tolado club at 96#c: 6,500 bu red winter
Toledo at $1.07; 8,000 bu white Kyat $1.24. Com
dull and drooping; no sales reported.
Canal Freights— Closed firm at 21c on com,
23con wheat, loNewTork.
r.itrg Imports—lo 000 brls flour, 140,C00 bu
at 90c, 900.000 bn corn.
Canal Exports—6o,ooo brls flour, 73,000 bu
wheat, 86,100 bu com, 33,000 bu oats.
OSWEGO. Oct. 24.—Flour—Steady.
Grain —Wheat market better but quiet. Sales
25GOObu Chicago spring at $1.06. Other descrip
tions firm at a rllght difference without sales.
Com scarce and market firmer. No sales. Barley
without material change. Sales 16,200 bu B*y
; Quinte fct sic, part to arrive; 6000 bu upper lake
at 56c; and SOIO bu prime at 5Sc. Eye scarce. No
sales. Peas in demand at 63©65 c, .according to
Ovat. Freights— Firmer on grain with an ad
vance of 2c on flour; flour 46c, wheat 14c, com 13c,
Lake Imports —lß37 brls flour, 93.600 bu wheat,
7500 bu corn, 3800 bu barley. 5000 bu peas.
Canal Exports—s229 brls flour, 40,700 bush
wheat, 31,710 hu bailey.
930 ‘‘
1003 “
890 “
885 ‘
565 “
ss n ‘
«o “
•• sns ■*
•• 396 “
[From Wednesday’s N. Y. Tribune.]
Prop RHFose, Wilson, Muskegon, 100 m lumber.
Prop Adriatic, McCrea, Buffalo, 750 brla salt.
Prop Chicago. Collins, Buffalo, sundries.
Prop Acme, Hathaway, Buffalo, sundries.
Bart Northern Light, Sheadley, Oswego, I.OCO brla
salt. 1,0 m lumber.
Bark Colorado, Mason, Buffalo.
Bark American, Davis, Oconto, 200 m lumber, 90
Bark Wm Sturges, Faith, Buffalo, 175 tons coal.
Brig Algoma, McGwinn, Grand Traverse, 160 m
Schr Cape Horn, Lee, Buffalo.
Schr Mnnticello, Muraock. Buffalo.
Schr TBaker, Stalker, WaUaceborgh,loocds wood.
Schr L B Nichole, Simmons, Sheboygan, 60 cds
Brig DFergueon, Adlam, Buffalo.
Brig 8 A Clark, Johnson, Bailey Harbor.
Brig R Holigter, Baker, Bay City, ISO n lumber,
ICO m shingles.
Brig Mechanic, Colling, Buffalo.
Schr Rival, Boiling, Ofcwcgo, 1.700 brla salt.
Scbr Star of Hope, Rees, Oswego, -1,500 brie salt.
Schr Di Vernon,lngraham, Buffalo, I,soobrla gait.
Schr Miami, Pennington, Buffalo.
Scbr C Eetve, Donahue, Buffalo.
Schr Queen of the West, Sargent, Green Bay, 150
ml amber.
Scbr Palmetto, Scanlan, Oconto, 124 m lumber.
Schr Jane Lonlea. Davis, Manitowoc, 40cda wood,
125 m shingles. 30 m lumber.
Scbr B Parsons, Miller Cleveland. 220 tons coal.
Schr Griswold, Ball. Oswego, 1,000 brls salt.
Schr Harriet Roes, Wayne, Oswego, 050 m lumber.
Scbr G W Holt, Hangcom, Boffalo.
Schr Amelia, English, Buffalo.
Scbr Cornelia, James, Buffalo, 175 tons coal.
Schr Albatross, Muir, Menomonee, 145 m lumber,
12 m lath.
Schie L C Irwin, Sherman, Two Rivere,ss m lum
ber, 100 m shingles.
Scbr Hew Loudon, Smith, Buffalo, 5 brls salt
Schr Jupiter, Hawkins, Buffalo.
Schr Odin. Wailm, Muskegon, 110 m lumber.
Schr Geo Foot McKay, Buffalo, SOO brls salt.
Schr Lawrence, Charles Gale, Buffalo.
Prop R H Foss, Wilson, Muskegon.
Prop Acme, Hathaway, Buffalo, 20,000 bn com.
Prop Ogdensborgb, Hopkins, Ogaeasbargh, 5000
bu corn, 4UO brls floor.
Boik Colorado, Muon. Buffalo, 21.000 ba corn.
Bark Wm Stnrges, Faith, BaSalo, 16,500 ba
Bark Three Bells, Felon, Colborne, 12,000 ba
Brig Mechanic, Collins, Buffalo, 15,000 bn corn.
BrigAlgoma. McGwinn, Grand Traverse.
Scar planet. Lynn, Buffalo. 2,350 bn com.
Schr Lady Jane. Ingalls, Pier Marquette.
Schr Nichols. Simmons, Sheboygan.
Schr Baltic, Baker, Buffalo, 17,250 bu com.
Schr P Hayden, Ingersoll, Grand Haven,
Schr Mary Norton, Vanetta, Buffalo, 11,000 bu
Schr Foifalr. Lindgrecn, Bnflalo, 7,214 bu wheat.
Schr Australia, Anderson, Buffalo, 9, 67 bn com.
Schr Reciprocity, Matthews, Oswego, 14,460 ba
Schr Amelia. English, Buffalo, 17.553 bu com.
Schr Gertrude, Mayea,lßufialo, 16500 bu wheat.
Schr Queen of the West, Sargent, Green Bay.
Schr Palmetto, Seanlan, Oconto.
Schr Jane Louisa, Davis, Manitowoc.
Schr Albatross, Muir, Menominee.
Schr Xi C Irwin, Sherman. Manistee, 30 brls beef,
10 bria tpoik, 10 brls c ware.
Schr New London, Smith, 8uffa10,15,300 bu wheat.
Schr Harriet Foss, Wayne. Oswego, 9,225 bu
Schr Carthagenias, Davis, Oswego, 17,300 bu
Schr El Tempo, Hughes, Buffalo, 8,600 bu wheat
Schr Ravenna, ilalette, Buffalo, 31,500 bu wheat,
B A Thorp, Joliet, 8000 bu osts.
Si ars ana Stripes, Lasalle, is7oobu com.
Bail 1 Splitter, Lasalle, 5000 bu com.
Angola, Lasalle, 5354 bn com.
Old Abe. Joliet, SCOO bu com, 150 bu rye, 150 bu
Central City, Lasalle, 30CO bu com, SCO burye, 1296
bu wheat,
A Leech, Lasalle, 2500 bu com, 1500 bu wheat. 2*3
StSbila flour, 4TOO 5)3 hams.
Gibraltar, Lasalle, 4000 bu wheat, 1000 bu com.
Utah, Lasalle, 4100 bu com, SOO bu wheat, 76 bu
Too. Lasalle, 2000 bu wheat, 3SOO bu com.
S A Douglas, Seneca, S6CO bn com, 250 bu rye.
Laura Ann, Ottawa. 5500 bu com.
Cushman. Ottawa, 5900bu com.
Adelia, Joliet, 3000 bu com, 800 bu rye.
America, LasaSe, 100 m eh ingles, 59 m lath, 845 brls
salt, 532 H>9 mdze-
Northrop, Joliet, 20 ede hark,
lanihe, Dupage, 3300 it lumber.
W H Brown, Lock port. 3000 ft lumber.
Troubadour. Lcckport, 10 brls salt.
BA Thorp. Lockpoit, 25brls salt, 5 m hoops.
Lemont, lockport, ICOO lbs mdze.
W W Dodge, Ottawa, 5 m siding.
Paessd Dzteoit, Oct. 23.—Bound Tp—Prop
Montgomery, Jefferson. Pocahontas; barksThur
ston, Stork; hrig Walbridfie: echrs Canada,
Dashing Ware, Excelsior, Hyphen, Fortune,
Henry Hagan Shook, Autocrat. Adda. • •
Bound Down—Slmr City of Cleveland, Cleve
land, HorthStar; prop Illinois, Cleveland; bark
Fottanelle; icbrFrerte. Ostrich. Merrimac.
Sohookxb Lost —The Picton Times states tha.
the schooner Echo, of Toronto, with a cargo of
barley for Oswego, struck upon Gall Bar on Sat
urday night, ana bis since gone to pieces. Ail
buds saved.
In beautiful costume.
Ur BOBBINS’ beautiful Operetta representing
SPORTS IN FAIET LAND, which hu been la active
rcheanal for several weeks, will be performed at
Frida; and Saturday Er’gs, Ott. 25 and 26,
Bycearly4Co young ladies in splendid costume, assist
ed by a fine Orchestra from the
Light Guard. Band.
Tie whole Intt rsperaed with
No efforts fr expense will be spired to make this
entei teiument superior to any of the kind ever zlwn
In the West 0c33-gS43-8t
ITX Madison street, between State and Dearborn.
Last appearat ce but one cf
Who will perform three popular characters, viz:
FNIf\AT EVENING, Oct. Jsth, will be presented
the tumorous comedy In two acts of
BIS LISt LEGS, (Jr Experiments In Mesmerism.
O'Callagbaa Mr. Hick-.tn
GRAND Da sen Ml S3 jKSSDt HI=HT.
To De followed by the excellent Dramatic sketch
writteabyiir. Beckett, entitled
BOSS. 2IIUAT: Or, The Post-Offiw Mistake.
Moce. Maret..... Mr Hackert
Gband Dance. .Miss Jessie Hiwht.
The wtcle to conclude with the fl st act cf the
famous American Comedy of the
Col Nimrod Wildfire. Mr. Hackett.
SS^ Saturday Mr Hacketfs positively ia*-t appear
acc* as FALS i AFF LS LO /E in the ME KEY WIVES
To be held »t Bryan Ball. MONDAY EVENING
Get. 53,1£6 i. Tickets admitting a lady an d gentleman,
SLOP, con be had cf members cf the Society and at cue
door. oc<3x3t
JL The CHcago Lisht Guard Band would respect
fully inform the public that they have opened an Of
fice at
93 BiMOIPH SIKE&T, Cor. Dearborn,
And ate prepared to fomiih Music for
On reasonable terms.
Office hours from 10 until 12 A. M., and from 2 until
5R.51. Any orders left at their former office will be
promptly attended to. odsx2w
The last performances In CMcaeo of Mr. HACKETT
are arranged for this week sa follows:
Friday—Will be revived COL. NIMROD WILD
FXKR, the Kentuckian of ISIS, with otter entertain
Saturday— Mr. Hackett declining to be a caudl.
date for a ptblJcbcneflt. will make his last apce>r*
ance In the PRE fFNDIN-= LOVE, ihthe
Comedy of Messy Wives of Windsor.
♦ ? • academy;
Comer Madison and Clarksta,-Entrance on Madison
Class epen at ail times for beihxaers.
Children's Class everv Tuesday and Saturday. Pa
rents only allowed ss vMtors. Assembly every Tues
day right for Scholar* and Frier d?, and no ad
mitted except thoseintroducedby scholars. Post Of
fice Box 105?. au2S^4s7em
Laurin P. Hilliard.
the Sixth Ward, is a candidate for the office of
County Treasurer. ociggWi vw
V 7 solicits the office of Sounty Judge at the ensu
ing election. 0c18g919-iw
QAMUEU A IRVIN is a Csndi-
Kw 1 date for Judge of the County Court. ocl!s2w
TAMES H. BEES is a Candidate
fer the office of County Clerk. oc S-gSTS-td
I? CotTBT.—JOHN B. BENEDICT la a candidate
for Clerk of the Sup:-ricr Court. ocissaw
AE BISHOP offers bims'-lf as a
«• candidate for the office of COUNTY CLERK
at the ensuing November election. 0ct.g7.5-3w
"PHILIP A. HOYNE. at tlie re-
XT quest ol alanre number of bis fellow-citizens
•will be a candidate for CLERK OF THE SUPESIOE
COURT. ociSxS t
Aken cffcrsfclmeelfasa candidate f)r the office
of County Judge at the ensuing November election.
oc- 3 -eri<-.m
• date fer County Clerk at the ensuing Novem
her election. Justice, Liberty and Economy.
1?(5r judge of the county
I* COURT.—The underrifrued. at the request of
many iricndf, wili be a candidate the above office,
subject to the decision cf the Union Convention.
a? 15am T. Barron offers himself as a candidate for
the office of County .Indue at the ensulus November
election, and respectfully solicts the of big
fellow QC>-g«S4-lm
d-nt of Cook County for the last twenty-six
years is a candidate lor Count? Judge at the ensuing
November Election, Hlsi)la»fonn is Down wlih Party
—DoT»nwith Traitors—Esf.rce the La .vs—Support
the Constitution, and Maintain the Union. oc9rlm
agusuusg saeOft.
• Manufacturers and Dealers In all descrip-
tions of
pipes fok smar, gis jsd tviteb,
Together with everyvariety of Fittings for the same.
Steam-Boilers and Boiler Fines, steam and Water
Ganges, Steam, Power and Hana Pomps,
For Warmirg Banding*. Hotels, Factories, Churches
and Dwellings. Particular attention given to email
Iron ardßiate Castings and Babbit Metal.
Mitchell & zahm,
MAxnTAcrunzßa or
Factory comer of State etreet and Archer Road.
Office ard Warehouse 77 Kli.xla street, Chicago. Id.
j. s. vTTinyr.T.. fnolSl iouiszAHX.
And dealer* in Resin, Soda Ath, Tallow, Tallow Oil. fte.
Nos. 18 & 30 River St., Chicigo,
■DUTLER & HUNT, 48 State-St,
JLJ have now on band the following sizes of printing
iSri 20x4* SSX4C
29x46 SSX44 24x34 25x3' 37x41 3ixS3
116x42 Mx 6* a:xS3 25x35 7
andarerecelvlngalaree assortment of BOOEPAPfiB
B.OCC reams of wrapping paper, of different sixer-.
1,000 n-azna Manilla do.
iOO reams can and Letter, and a general assortment
of Printer's Stationery.
LOOO kegs ol Mather’s celebrated Book andNtwa Ink.
Ail of which will be sold for cash at the lowest pee.
Mble rates.
mhfg BT Cash jald for Rags.
Oc*-g7?2.«n ] 23 SOUTH CLARK STREET.
.Oct. 2L
This Brush pofsesres the following among other
merits over the ordinary Brash, that It drea-es the
b air wi’hout eoilir g tbe fingers, regalgt; s the quantity
of field used, acd la a great saving in'the oae Of Hair
Preparatioir. Call and see it at
Importers and dealers In Fancy and toilet Goods.
extra goodflDQCbeapJostreceived Belteand Siahea
manufactured at BOWEN'S Glove Store, No. 33 Clark
atreetover U. S. Express Office. ocltly
3,060 to 4,000 Aeros of Snperior Pasture,
Principally Timothy, Blue ©rsss and Bed-Top, w?!l
watt red and fenced, on bla Farm, near Homer, ouam
palgnC-cnnty, Hhrofa, FOB BENT. . . „„
Parties having lame droves ol Cattle, desirous of
Fad pa tore, can be accommodated as 73 cento a.beau
ptrmoctb. If desired arrangements can be made for
fee direr Com curing tte winter, the crop ol which
never was better is tidi region than 1 U this season.
Apply toll. SDLLITaST. Sow. caampatßn
Ccontr. m. ooiltooc-9x
-Oct. 23
U M. SCHOTTBNFBIA manufacturer of
CT ow» Fresh from the forest Better plant oat
some of the rolllne prairie than eat them a U
H. P. STANLEY. 165 South Water street.
O of Cooh.ES-Snpeilor Court of Norem
her Term. ISO- William H. Lee va. Canos Pierce,
John Harper and Hex rj Keyes.- In Cbaacery.
Affidavit of tne non-nsiaence of Carlos Pierce,
joi-n Hamer and Henry Kejea- Defendants above
named bavlug teen flledfci the office of the Clerk of
said Sopencr Court of Chicaco. Ncflce is hereby
alven to the said Carlos Pierce, John Harper ana
Bear? Ktyer, that the complainant filed his bill of
complaint In saidCouit, on the Chancery side there
of. on thefitteveth da? of Jure L-tO, and that a gam
mons was issued outef gala Coart against said defen
dant returnable or. the fire. Monday of July, isio, as
tbv laF required. _
How, onJes* yea, the Bald Carlo? Pierce. Join Har
per. and Heory Keyes, stab potsonally be aad appear
btfere sale Superior conxv oi Chicago of Cook County,
os tt e first day of the next term thereof, to be holden at
Chicago, In said. County, on tne first Monday of No
vember i3»i. and plead, answer or demur to the said
ccmclaJi-antp bill of complaint the same, and the
matters ato twines therein chanted and stated, will
be taten as confess'd, and a decree entered against
you according to the prayer el sale MU.
Gallhp & Hitch co6K. comprta’Sol'ra. oclt-ggsi-iw
.Oct. S3
JLj for Meal or order wA
•tUte lowest niea, .UJZ«] BTAYENO * KOBBU.
ff- ' Oce thousand Teamrters for the U. B. Gor
enanent, to drive ownandmulea, Anyparsou brlog
tor « TtiaMtas vttbtim vm tisve swegoa Mssters
berth. Wuei of Wagon -Master*. f?5 par month;
■PMnubitfTfe Apply at Fourteenth Street, pacific
R«nTO>d Depot St Looia. Mo. 0c23-g9iS-lw
VJ or two energetic men wanted as Canvasser* for
sew Uluetrated Works. Employment permanent and
rentmentive. Applyat j6»L*keatrect
oS-SSI-Et O. J. GBIfPITHS. Publisher*’ Agent.
•WANTED—Two first-class MU-
T T Uners fcrthecity trade. One to Finish, the
other as Trimmer. None seed apply but those folly
AidrEM “A. B. a."
Peal estate wanted—
Alu Wanted to exchange a very desirable piece of
land, on the West Side dree from for a
elegant tow ard lofon the South, or North. Side,
east cr Clark street preferred. A cab payment will
be made or an Incumbrance assumed. If desirable
Addre°B “Advertiser, Box 163 ” with description of
property acd amount of cash, or of Incumbrance.
Maliorn Wanted.
Good "Wagis and Etsadt Explotxkst
gQ 2CB Randolph street, ChioaZO.
' i O RjtNT—The two Stores in the
* tbree-etoiy building corner of Lake and Hal
sted streets—corner one a good stand for a dry-coo<?a
orc'rrgstore. Also.sultes of rooms to rent over store*.
AJs-.-, store and rooms to rent in »hree storv bul-dimr
corner Weils ardiloproesti. Will rent all the above
2tOH South Wetsr ttre«.t, or J. M. WILLIJOdS, cor’,
ner Washington and Despianes streets. ocaJ.g3i3-Lw
Xj'Oß KENT—House 246 North
A Wells street Inquire at Boom No S HUl'ard'a
Block, corner gopth W*ttr and Clark--ta. ocM-gJ:3 it
TO REN T—The Residence of the
nrdersJgned, 333 Indiana street, corner Dear
t>cTQ street. Mhe bouse Is pleasantly located, and con
tain? five roo r a on fine story and tlx on the second;
i* st pplied »Ith g-s lmnac<*—hot and cold water, bath
rcom.&c., ana In good repair throughout.
beliding, cor. EandolpD & Dearborn,
oc2l.gia> ?w
TO ESKT*—To a gentleman, one
unfurnlshed room, in the talrd story of a first
class brink noose situated on the North s.de, within
two miloies from Bu?n street Bridge, and one
block west of Kn?h street, said house Is occupied by
a very small ana quiet family. Address, with refer
ences. Post Office Box IQQI. oct&x2wwgpASAT
T3 RENT—With Board, a plea
eaut Front Parlor and Bedroom, large cloths*,
presr, innlched If desired, at 21 Alcnlf *-a avenue.
.before nets required < :9-g9 5-lw
T) KENT. Eagle Hotel will be
rented on rtasosatle terms to tg'to-l hotel man.
Fcr fnrtier mf,nratlon inquire of E. MOORS, Eagle
Hotel. opposite Chicago and LortiWgittrn RUlway
PosstDger Depot. oclOxtm
TO BENT—The large Brick Pack
tog House cr Warehouse; 63 by 120 feet, four
floors, just t-clow Rush street Bridge. Also. ir&me
Warehouse adjoining, SO by 60 feet; ooth lota having
river Gent Also, two Crst-ckssßrick, undone Frame
pwolllrr, near comer or Pine and MlcbUm streets,
Xr outre of W. H. SAMPSON. o of the snbacrlbcr, Ho.
J6 Court Hcose. tocT-gMI-lml B. CARPENTER.
r PO KENT—With immediate poa-
JL session—A Store with Dwelling over It, eligibly
located to the West Division, suitable fcr a Lager
Peer Saloon or Retoll Grocery. Kent moderate to a
good tenant. AUo, Building Lots to Icaxe elegiul? 10.
c*ted in the West Division. Also. Land suitable for
garden purposes. Apply to J. P, NORTON, !<>*» WAnh
icgton street. Boom Ho. 6. ap-t’ol-ly
House on Michigan avenue for rent.
Bouse near Union Park for rent or tale.
Lets on West Stoe for lease or sale.
Store on Dearborn street format, with Bank Vaults.
Apply to F. H. CUTTING, Room Ho. 2 Walkers
Elccs. Dearborn eireek. ocis.gSSMm
TO KENT—A large Ihree-etory
and basesnert House. No 610 Waba h avenue,
tocmiDletecruer, ultcGes, Water. Bath Room, Ac.
Good Yard and Barn on tre premises. It is a deair*
aM" home ard location, and will be rented from now
till the nr.*t of May for seme less than the stated rant
ana aithuiit doubt can be rented for any length of
lime to a good tenant Inquire of D. Go jDKIcH for
particulars, corner ct Clark and Monroe sneers (up
stairs.) Possession given, inmtcdlately. oc4-gSS6-x3w
TO Rent—new and second hand. Pianos tor sale low
a: 116 Late street. Cup stairs) near Clark street.
Jfot Sal?.
17 OR SALE—A large assortment
X? of English Table and Pocket Cutlerv. Also,
Mots A G Nicola’s celebrated Files For sale bv the
package at cost of importation at 03 Wells street,
ntdi r the Briggs House. oceJxiv
sCx«i and barn, cau be seen and pir-Uttiara
given at 04t> Sooth c-iatk street. ou2 xlw
F i- OB SALE—A Scholarship in
Errant * Stratton’s Commercial College, dp
ply to L. S. WELLS, of the firm of Satterlec, Wells
EV u':kaf r, at 64 Lake state octfizim
FDif. SALE -House and Lor, 22.
Wabrsh avenue. The house was well built, and
ha? gas and water. The lot is In a pleasant part of thf
city and is the highest ooint of ground to the
Dlneicn. AUdresu i*. £C‘S6ITBr- Lake r crest,
je .‘Lcsiy-em
F)K sale at really
GREAT BARGAINS.—3IxIOO ft. with two-story
Louse on Itdiara.iearLv Salle street; 23xUHft.wltv
a very pood hotuo, on Depnyster street, near Drs
n’aincs; 2ix125 ft on Aberdeen, near Adau:s street,
(tbteelets cf that tire); SOtrao ft. #lth firee-stary
house on Jtflerton near Jackion street; 25x\W fc
■a Ith large two stcry house, on Indiana, near FraQK
linttttet; 21x100 ft.<tf Chicago aveu e. near Wolcott,
with a fine three-fetcrj - house. ERNST FRUaSLNG,
Nc.6 La> men Block, comer Clark and Washington.
cfirgfrßi* m
BOARDING.- A pleasint sni;o if
frf utreoms and rooms sal able for a eertlomau
and wife, cr single gentlemen, can be Lad be had at
HI Wabash avenue. oc24x3t
BOARD A small private family,
occupying a fine large brick house on Wabash
Avente, a etert walk from' the post-Offise. woula leu
with board, two fartished rooms, to a gentleman anil
wife or two gentlemen. for a moderate price. Any
one seeking a p‘ ace where the comforts of a home may
be erjojeo. weald no doabt be suited. Please address
P. O.Box 2321. References required. oc23xiw
BOAKBIITO.-- Very desirable
rooms 'with board, can now be obtained at 268
West Washington street, corner of Morgan, Also, a
few day boarders can be accommodated oclSxiw
TSOAKDIN6- A pleasant suit of
1 J front rooms. In a private family, to rent. located
on Wabash Avecne, north of Adams street. Address
P. 0.130 i 1918. o&i-gpn
OOABDIKG.—Suits of room? and
X> tingle rooms can be obtained wlibboard at 293
State ttrett. AUo. a few day boarders can be a :com.
modated. cclßx2w
TDOABDINGr.—Two front rooms
-I -J to let with board to a gentleman and wife, or
single gemltxnen. on reasonable terms. Apply to 64
Wflba*h avenue. corner of Randolph street. oClsx2w
"PO-ARDING. Desirable rooms
X> with beard may now be had at 49 Vcn Boren
street, third door east of State street. ocTxtm
T>OAEDDfS.- A few gentlemen
1 J and families can be accommodated with board
and phi.sact rooms at No. 69 SDcalgan avenue. Also,
a few day boarders. References exchanged. ccSxia
®tne£Bi Notices
Board of trade room-*,
CMcago, Oct. 22, i-fil. will be a meetinc
of the members of the Board oi Trade, at their rooms,
PIiIDAT. 2. th hut. at 7P. M.
Bv orocr of the President _
oclS-gaVi St SEYII GATLIN. Secrctsty.
I Mectisc cf the of the Colon In
surance and Trust Company wIU 6ehel-i >»t their office
!n •' hlcAgu, DJluois. st two o'clock P. M., on Tuesday,
ibeflftiniaj cflstmmb „ .
ui, Oct. 21, isdi, ocagsas-Ht
/CAUTION —All ptrions are here
\J bj cautioned against baslnc a Promisao-y JTote
pays ble to Ob: ar l.e» Ja from .James Pecfe, for tae sum
of about {sls7Co) oneh-mdred and eighty seven dol
lars. the same having been lost by me. ,
J? Ten box Freight Cara, Iron Track* for 4 fe»tSK
Inches gauge, rest com; letea sad lor sale low tor cash
orgcoo parer. I*. W. PRATT.
Ko, is Lasalle street, Old Custom Boose Bonding.
For sale on very low terms, three lots faclnr
«isf, opposite the ceooe of Union Parh. esch about
70 ttet in width by 125 in depth to an alley. Perhaps
the choicest residence lots in the city. Inijalre of
y.BIbBT & TYKELL, Metropolitan Ball.
0C29 g914.2w _
Fj Pulaski County. HI, escaped from the Insane
Hospital at Jacksonville, last Spring. Ha is 35 years
old. short and stoat built. has sandy hair and com
plexion, is partially bald w bisters and beard fall, has
rather a down look, ana seldom speaks to strangers
■without ashing for tobacco. Had on. when be left,
dark parts, drab frcck coat, and felt hat. Was last
seen in Adams county going north.
ocis-lxmdaw ANDREW Sapt.
J-l bids. Piime and Choice New Orleans Sugar,
In store and for sale by DAT. ALLEN - & CO„
OC'4-t.953-C t c 9 South Water street.
T OAN WABTSD—Four hun-
JL/ dred dollars. for ore year or more, on good se
curity. Address Post Office Box 3733, Chicago, HL
CBINERT,—For sale a new Stationary Steam
Ergine, cylinder 15x24, alth Tabular Boiler and Fix*
tares complete. Al?o, all the Iron Worx camolete for
a Floor Mill oft h ree ran Burr Stones. Apjiy to
TBOMaS BCRGKfiS, MtsUr Mechanic G. <£ C. U.
E. It. < t tie Shops 01 the Company, West Side.
Farm, 40 acres all improved, •with a nev
story beats, pi* mantly tltuateo on high groanti ms
grove, within baU a mile of the
city In lowa, will be e. changed
on favorable terms. Addrcaar » £- u *
Boa 617 2. oc-.t-yaa-Jt
independent regiment
I of MOUNTED Col. C. R. Jennison,
the armed with
Sharpe’s Rifles, Navy Revolvers aidSaOte*.
Companies of fifty uen or more will be mustered
la and filled up from thagcneral reermtsi of the Brt
cadc The horses, anna and equipments are at the
Brigade Ltavenworth. Subsistence
and tiaESPvnatioa will be furnished by aopllcatlou lu
Sermon or oy le ter to Capt. J. B. CaStKR, Ist Beg’t.
ausas Cavalry, Recruiting Service, Post Office Box
lfc2S. Office 229Lpke street. oclsg=7B.lot
NOTICE.—AS owners or occupants of buildings
supplied with water by the Chicago City Hydraunc
Company, are btriby notified that toe sec'rd Semi-
Annual payment of the year commencing May Ist,
ISO, ard ending May Ist. 1862, will be due and payable
cn tbe first or November text, at the office of the
Bc«*rd cf Public Works. Boom >o. 15 Court House.
The payment herein declared to be due on the first of
NoTeitbexnext is for tbeu'e of water lor toe half year
ccmmercicgw.th that day and ending May 1, !S6l
Owner* cr occupants of building* wtlch ares’tuated
on lot* adjoining any street,avenue or alley, through
which the distributing watarplpee are laid oat which
are not supplied with water, act also an tiled, that the
record Semi Annual pavment for tho assessment for
the year commencing May ist-igri. acdeudUgMay
Ist, ig®. will be due and payable at the same time “d
place. By erderof the Board. _ ~ ,
B. CARPENTER President.
Office of tne Beard of Public Works. 0ct.15, ha>U
OC!£-£9l -6w
r T'UG E C. BLTSH.—Any person
X b.Tlng cUIM Tns BjC. BUsh in «-
ouafted to forward the same, duly certified to the un
dersigned fbr payment Address W. H-BABSB A
SON, iHtroll, Hmlu P. O. Drawer Jl3. 00iixl«
■MsaaTO^fiaaagg 1 *"
Bridge. Idß A. mT Albany, £3n p. n?
73DP.it; Borton.ll.-ff P. M.
TJO P. X.—New Tort and Borton Bxprc» (excem
Saturday} arrive at Detroit <3O „A.jC;
(Toronto. &«?.*-; Jiang^aiß:a.:>
Sasrennoa Bridge or BnfflJo, &0p P. i;
SjSS® a!mT Sew York. W» A, Ml
Bottom IS3O ?. M. _
Cincinnati Tniat via m. C. BaHrotd leave Chicago
at 7.-00 A. M-, Mall Train: BdS> P- M* Part Bxp restj
arrive In Chicago at 7:00 A. M; Past 35xpre«, and
13:40 Sight Mall Train. „
The &OOP.M. Train leaving Chicago mas through
toClsdnnttl wlthontcheafie of ears or baggage.
Balls&ury*» Patent Dusters are rna on Day Express
Train*. Patent Sleeping Cara on all night trails.
TW~ Baggage Checked Tbrongn. _A . „ _
THBODGH lIcKBTS icr sals m all principal Bafl
road Office* In the West at the Galena Office* corner
Late and Dearborn itrats (under the Tremoat
Houscj Chicago, and at the Depot.
S. N. BICE. General Superintendent,
J. Q.A. BEAN, Western Pass. Agt.
-1 eoa jy,
On and after SUWDAT, Jnlv 25 th, issi. trains win
leave from the Great Central Depot, foot of Laie and
South' Water streets, as follows;
THKODGH BXP2EBS, dally (except Sundays*, at
6-S9 A. M, arriving at Cairo at i 3 mldnlzbc.
Thlfl Jraln connects fbr Peoria. Alt.n, St. Loali,
McmcfilsTKew Orleans and Mobile.
ACCOMMODATION (every day) at 4t*o P. M. foe
' Cairo and Way Stations, arriving at Cairo at
BHJOP-M. naitday. , . _».
This tr&m on Saturday* vrtli run only to Droana.
Trains arrive at Chicago A. M. and. ftOO P, U,
will leave Chicago: Leave Wood Lawn;
6.-00A.M, MSA.iL.
B*S A.M., 3-^SA.H,
12.-00 M_
6-0.1 P JL. RMP.IL
nr For tickets and information apply at the ofleo
isTHCBi (^,3^
w. p. jotNSON. Gen. Paae. Agent
The pkn’nstlvaitca csjst-
JL TRAL EAJLEOAD is a a FlrsVClaaa Scad In al
• With 285 Miles of Double Track,
THKBB DAILY TRAIN'S (with connections Cram
all points West).
All cannc'Ucg direct to New Tort,
Morning Mail, Afternoon Fast Xnne Night
One Train Bail; from Pittsburg to Xew Turk,
(CO miles), without change of ears,
With direct connections Gum Wc=to-n cities, srrirto£
hours in advance of other routes. In time tor Boston
by Ball or Boat i-lnet.
Express Trains Ron Dally—Others
Sundays Excepted*
NIKE DAILY TRAINS from Philadelphia to New
York. Tickets good on any Ine or train. NewYorS
or Boston Ticket* via Pittsburg good via Philadelphia
or Allentown.
Good via any of the Boat Line*.
Two Daily Consectuma from Harrisburg ta
Baltimore and Washington.
Stay Tickets via iPittsburs.
By tble route Freights of all descriptions can be fo
warded from Philadelphia, Hew Tors, Boston Or Bal
tlmore to and Gem anv point on the railroads oi Ohio
Kentucky, Indiana, Ulinois, Wisconsin, lowa or Mis
ecurl sr euxlsoas dibsct.
The PenrsjlvaLls Railroad also connectt at Pitta*
burg with * learners, by which goods c»a be forwarded
toanyiOTtouibnOhlo. Muskir.cuai, Kentucky. lea*
neisee. Cumberland. Illinois, MUslulept Wisconsin,
Missouri, Kamaa, Arkansas and Bed Riven; and at
Cleveland. Sandusky and Chicago, with steamer* to
all ports on the northwestern. Lakes.
Meicbantsand snippers entrusting tbs transports!
tlon«f theto Frelaht with this Company, can rely with
confluence on Its speedy transit
THE RATES OF FREIGHT to and from any point
In the West by the Pennsylvania Railroad are at at
times as favorable as are charged by other Railroad
particular to mark packages “ via Psnna.
KJ. SKKEDEB. Fhfladelpb’a.
MAGRAW A KOOKS, So N'oith Street, Baltimore.
LEECH ft CO- No. 2 istor Eoufc, or Ko. 1 South
William street. Ke Torn.
i.f.kch a CO- No. 7i r .late Street. Boston.
H. H. HOUSTON, General Freight Agent PhKa.
h. l. BOGPT. General Ticket AgenfcPolla. __
Enccb Lxwis. Geu. Supt, Pa jaal’oOdly
rur BocKi' rA Beloit. Freeport, JanesvVUc. Salaaa,
Madison. pnurie do Calea, Fond da Lao. Oohkcaa
Green Bav, Berlin, Ripen. La Crruse. St. Paul, io.
On and after Wednesday. Har Sta, ISSL trains wll
leave vix;
Day Express N:45 A_ a U. r*«ht Express. WOP.2L
Through to all toe above pclnte. and connecting at
both Prairie dnChlec and La Croese. wild atoaiaeri
tor Be Paul, Ac- , •
Way Pawengcr 3.45 P. M.. fcr JcaesvlUo.
Tr.ODS Arrive 6:30 A.M;t2:iS r. Mg 6:M) F.J*.
L. DUNLAP, Scp-rtoteadant.
S. Di Witt RObcvson. Gen. Ticket Ageah orii-l?
Great co n solidatsd
Forty Kiln tAa Shortcet \a Clßßisaat
ladiacapolii and Xoaitvilla,
TWO EXPRESS TRAINS leave West Side Unis?,
Depot. Chicago- dally, as follows;
6K3S A. M.—Day Exoresa, (Sundays exceccodA
1:40 P. M.—Mgnt Kipreoa. {Saturdays eiceptec.j
Eastkbv ComrxcnoFS—At Andersen and Bicn.
siond for Fequa, Urbaca Dalton, Xenia. Cclombua,
and all points to Central ano Sasters Ohio.
SoimixßS CoNNXimoNo —At Indianapolis iot
Franklin, Columbus. Madison. Lawrencebuig, JaSer*
sonvllle, and all points to Central and Scuihem In
diana; also for Louisville, Frankfort Lexington, and
all pointe booth.
Connections at Cincinnati for Hamden. Harriett*.
Parkersburg, and points on the Ohio River.
Time to Cincinnati only U hours. Elegant Sleeping
Canon Night Train*l
Through tickets by this Use can be obtained at all
frlncipal Belirbad Offices to the Northwest rwid at thd
ompany’a Office, No. 133 Randolph street, Chicago,
(under toe Sherman Hom>eA
JOHN BRANDT, aupertnteadeak
CEAS. E. FOLLBTT, Geal. Ticket Agent. myll
Passenger Trains leave thr Depot, corner of M&C
son and Canal streets. Chicago daily at
&OA A. U. Fast Line (except Sundays.)
9:40 P.M. Sight .Express (except Saturdays.)
Hai risburg & Pitts’oixrg,.
An( all intermediate Stations between Chicago asl
the cities above named.
c eeplsgCawon night trains, and bargsge by ttns
i®t ie checked through to ail Eastern Clriea.
Tickets for sale at the principal Ticket Offices In ted
Wept, at the Company’: OiScacornsrofHandolph and
Dearborn, streets. and at the union Depot. West Sid*
D. W. BOSS. Wcsfn Pm*. Agent.
B. F. PATRICK. Ticket Agent.
1861 ,~ STJMaiE^f RRA - N7G3 ~
Michigan Sonthera & Lake Shore
On and after SUNDAY. Ang. llth. and nnttlurta • r
nctJce, trains will leave Chicago as follows:
Krw Toes Pat T.xsri.’-s:
f.-OO A. 1L doily (except Sunday), via CM ail .j
--ganßoa' l. connecting at Elkhart wltbr -.la
on Air-Lice Road, at White P’geoa with tain
lor Three Rivers, at Adrian with tral- tbc
Monroe, Detroit and Jackson.
Sight Eipbkss:
720 AM daily (except Saturday), fltOU 'lchJ
pan Bead. cocneetlrg at Air-Lice i uctloa
with trains for Detroit.
Trains arrive mom the Saat at 7flO A. ii. and
All the above trains make regular caaaacdona t*
i>otklrk,BTLffalo l Slasara Kails, AlbaaT. Sew York,
Boston, rhDadelphlaTralttmore, and all palno Bast.
Salisbury's Patent Casters used on all trains.
Lnxmloua new Sleeping Coaches, with aE coders
Improvements need only on this acd all ooxmecang
toads. _ „
Tbrocgh Tickets can be obtained at the company’*
Offce. fid Clark street, tnder the Sherman Setae, or
at the Depot comer ol Yaa Boren and Sherman sta.
Gec'l Snot, Toledo. O. GeaT Western Agt,
VjT r* tt.hdan—kurths Assiseaßs?, . ...
Un **«•> after Monday, April Utx ISC- train/ 'fill
leave Well* street depot aa follows. Stmdaya excspte? ;
5.45 a, at. and 9.15 ?. AL. for Beir.dere, BosWert,
Freeport, Warren, Galena, Duaielth. Dnl>nqna. and In
termediate points; 9.4 ft i>- M. and BJG P. M.. foe
Blzoa. Polo Fulton, Cedar Bapids. and Intermediate
otnt*: 400 P. M-for Ei ein, Bdr! dcre, Bocfcford, sad
atemedlate points; ft.SOP.ai~forGeneva aadintep.
tedlate points. Passengers for Belclt and Janesville
dli take the 9.45 A. J4. train. Passengers for Crystal
.ato. McHenry. RchiccntL Gensyn Late and inter,
ledlate pclatt. will tate the 4.00 A, M. train.
Sleeping Can on nhht trains
S! B. 'i ALCOTT, Gen, snn*v
, Gen. Passenger Ag*c >7.
Day Erpreg* and Mall Tra'n leares WefltSld« CaK»
Depot Chicago, at SUM A." M. dally, (except donlay;.
andantvec at 6-JO P. H.
The Joliet and ‘WUmlnztoa Acconuaodalioa. leara*
Chicago a; 4rffl P. iL, daily,
JAMES 8033. SeCeiTgr.
\y -RATT.-Rrun LINX.— Passenger trains depart
JLet&aa iSatioa ad» R Mjoumlays except-
J°U-t a.ccoiUJiuu» JtJ2H G«n, Dtp*
°W. L. ST- Jogy. &gal Am2P*- dal
For Mllwaakee, La Crowe St. PaaL
Otlffioih, Berlin, and Inter*
mediate Point*.
On and after TUESDAY. Oct. Ist, , 8«l. P*?9?nger
Trains will leave the Depot corner of We«t Einzleaad
Car al streets (Sunday* excepted,) as fallows:
A. M. and &30 P. and arrive at Milwaukee
at 12:25 P.M. and *2:05 A. M.
Pas server Trains at live at Chicago at 3:00 P. M.
and 6:35 P. M.
Chicago at 330 P. M, and arrives at Chicago at 8:30
A.M, 8.0. BALD*^-..
nn?s s-npertnteadflßt.
O GO RAILS OAD, Chicago. Aug. »tli. 1«L
Sblppxss tax* Nonca—On apd atter pL3dat3*a
article* “CONTRABAND OF WAR wm notOe r*.
c* Ived or transrorted by this read
signed by authority ol tne United Stote*. State oflQt.
note or the Mayor of the CffiL of 1
au23-gts»-lm C. C. WafiSLER wn. F*t. Art
Passenger T-alne leave aad arrive &s Chicago as loi<
low*-—Day Express asB.4S a. ac., (Sundays excepted},
arrives at&S P-*~ (Sunday* ex coplciU Night
leaves as a« f. Jt, (Satardayt excepted), arrive* a*
6.50 a. v. (Houdaya excepted.) Aurora Accostmoda-
Uoc leaves at 4rf» r excepted), arrive*
at l&ie a. K- (Saturday* excaptod.)
G. G. H.AMMOHP, Sop’S.
|) t J. GARTH & CO.’S
Manufactured labaccs,
VUteUOnMn, TtSMth WiM-it, Ckia«<>
ui.mu u inDiani, m au uotm watraMC
mate of Mmo at rim sSfi?
IddA AMltettWMtMlTWtyfllliß*

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