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OlHce IVo. 51 Clark Street.
IVVjv, dOiror. -i iucity. per year. SIO.OO
~-jiv 20
3>nliv' ;o rail per year 0.09
HjiPv’ uiaiaiinibstrribere, per U months.. 6,«0
IVi-Vciklr. per vear 5.00
Wcoklv. Knizlof >;b€c: mere (0 too*6$1.00). 2.00
•• ’ Peoples 7.00
“ lOcopieß 15.00
“ 55) copies, and Ito getter np or
club 30.00
fSTTJonoy In Registered Letters may bo sent at
car risk.
yyThf remittance for clubs must, In all eases,
jc made at ox* time.
tST There trill be no deviation from the fore
going scale of rates.
£.ddrces -CHICAGO TEIBCXE," CUicap), 111.
(El)lcago tribune.
the news.
In the House yesterday, the Illinois
nnd Michigan Ship Canal measure was up
for di--cu?si«n, and is now near a decision
of which its friends speak hopefully.
The leaven is working. Our. hoys in
Ihc field see that to increase the army
j.y 300.000 black soldiers, to he
officered by white*, oilers an opening Xor
rdvancemcnt. With the same eagerness
that British officers seek commands In
Sepoy regiments, there is now a rush for
commissions to lead our black allies. It is
only the home Copperheads who arc dis
gusted, and they proportionately as they
understand the new dangers threatening
Ihtir Southern masters.
The news gives no further facts from
Charleston. The silence of the Southern
} toss, since the sole is*ue that gave the first
intelligence, means, manifestly,the Govern
ment ban, for, reasons not now apparent*
The dispatches indicate the discussions of
the affair at ■Washington. We like the sug
custicn to take the city and so solve the
From Vicksburg little that is new ex
cept a new canal on the Yazoo. The steam
ram Queen of the West ran the gauntlet of
Ihe enemy's heavy guns, and is now below
the city. Our troops are not favorably
h-rated for health.
There Is now a fair prospect that the
tlutv (in lorcign paper will be taken off, the
argument being palpably brought hometo
the Government, as a dead loss to itself of
Suable the whole amount of duty received.
The "Ways and Means Committee and
the Secretary of War arc from present ap
pearances, to adopt as u public measure of
national ami historical value, the system
ci' Records of our Yolunteerforce, initiated
by George B. Smith, (formerly connected
with the Tr.mrsT:.) as a private enterprise
in this city, but in his hands grown to such
magnitude as to win the favor and encour
ngement from officers and civilians alike,
r.? gathering up the statistics of our sol
diers in this war for the Union.
Colton burning is meeting with some
fcbstaclcs in the Valley of the Mississippi,
and we would it might meet with more.
Our dispatches give a new fitness to the fa
miliar phase gormandizing. The officer
rdludcd to is the very man who recently
turned back with oaths and opprobium an
rdicer specially* sent down by the comman
der of the department to enroll the blacks.
There are officers who, if it made the dif
ference of securing two bales of cotton
more, would hold back a campaign for a
week. There are others with whom the
i-.ane bail would prevail to set at defiance
the best known orders of the War Depart
ment. We arc sorry to believe there arc
just such men.
rr JirsT me done.
The old regiments must be filled up.
They arc reduced to sad skeletons of their
first strength. Take, for instance, our gal
lant Nineteenth Illinois. (Turchm’s boj-s.)
Theirnew colors will wave over only three
hundred men—“ all that is left of them.”
Yet this is full the avemgc number in the
regiments equally long in the service with
them. We notice that, tardily enough,
Lut better late than never, a measure
L to he brought before Congress to fill up
these old regiments. It should be done,
tiud that too by some other means than
binding the people down with heavy boun
lus. The Government has a right to call
upon its sons, and will win respect and
vindicate it? power honorably and salcly
by calling upon the number It needs to
bring up our armies to fullness and effi
Illinois needs no legislation that were
H''t far better postponed, if there must be
coupled with it, through tbe venomous
Copperheads that control our State Conn
f the pledge to strike bauds
v.ith in the vestibule of tbe slave
driver*" Confederacy at Louisville. Illi
:u is bus scut thousands of her sons south- 1
ward as delegates, to bring about peace.
They are numerously at Nashville, at
Vicksburg, and Memphis. She needs no
either representation. The Copperheads
do not represent her. The olive branch
they would bear, is more deadly than a
lough of upas. Let the Republicans
come home and leave the factions'
Copperheads stranded high and dry,
with the wrecks of a misspent
about them. Let the
responsibility rest upon the men
who have turned legislating lor a free
ami loyal State, into complicity with trait
ors in arms, and would now cany Illinois
over t<» he lashed to the wheels of the Man-
Selling Confederacy. Unless this project
he al r.ndoncd, heller we have no more
legislation at the Stale Douse lor the next
"While Indiana Copperheads at Indian- 1
poiis are plotting to betray the cause for j
which so many thousand loyal sons of In
diana have taken the field, her noble Gov
ernor steadfastly pursues the course in
which long ago he won a shining name, as
loyal to the Union and true to every inter
est ot the volunteers of his State. Our
Fpcch.l dispatch in another column freshly
attests the zeal which actuates Gov. Mor
ton in everything that may conduce to the
welfare of the soldier, and the soldier’s
family at home.
The two measures lie now urges should
be warmly seconded by loyal Indiaulans,
and emulated by the Executives and peo
ple of other States. The message-to-the
legislature, in which Gov. Morton puts
forward a simple and feasible plan for the
assumption by the State of all the evils of
niTcars in the pay of the soldiers, is gen
erous. and better than generous, it is just.
It proposes that the State pay the troops
cf Indiana, through the U. S. Paymasters,
ever}* tb.lv days, from the State Treasury,
leaving the State Treasurer to settle with
the Federal Government for the sums so
advanced. Coupled with this is a State
allotment system, by means of which, on
allotment cards signed hy officers and sol
diers. County Treasurers in all parts of the
State will pay out the allotted sums direct
ly iulo the hands of the soldier’s family.
This should become a law, and a cheer of
gratitude will run along the lines of In
uhna boys in the field, at the proof that
they and theirs at home are faithfully
aud promptly cared for.
Apdn, end this time in a direct appeal
to the people, Gov. Morton asks Indianions
lo send in to the agent of the State Sani
tary Commission at Indianapolis, a supply
of fresh vegetables to he forwarded lo In
diana soldiers in hospitals. Let loyal In
diana respond nobly and forward the need
ed supplies which will not he missed from
the stores of the farm and household, but
which may be accumulated easily In an
Mnounl that shall fill the entire requisi
tion bountifully. ladianians U may be
done in n week. It should he done.
J’itlshurgh. Fl< Wayne and
Chicago.B. K.
In the late (seventh) annual report of J,
Edgar Thomson, President of the Penn. Cent,
It. 8., he says:
The investment made by the company in
the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Kail
for the'purpose of securing a share of
Hie Northwestern traffic, will in addition to
the advantages originally anticipated from
the expenditure, iu a riiort time return full
interest upon thcoapital devoted to that ob
ject. The traffic of the line this year would
have justified a reasonable dividend npoa the
shares of that company, but it has been
deemed bv its directors moic prudent to de
vote the surplus earnings, after paying inter
est upon its first and second mortgage bonds,
to the renewal of temporary structures erect
ed upon the road, and otherwise bring the
standard of the property up to the character
which the position and importance of the line
[Special Dispatch to the 2?, Y. Times.]
Washington, Feb. o.—Mr. Stevens’ speech,
in closing the debate on the Negro Regiment
bill, was of unusual power, though, as usual,
the Republicans complain that nc did them
about as much harm as good. His retort on
Wadsworth was peculiarly savage. Ho had
been speaking ot “the distinguished gentle
man from Kentucky.’’ Mr. Wadsworth asked
if he referred to him, apparently desiring to
correct the statement he was making. ‘‘Oh,
no,” said Stevens, “I referred to Hr. Critten
den, whom I always delight to designate as
the distinguished gentleman from Kentucky,
hecuuf* he it dittiuguuhed."
Iu the course of his speech, Mr. Stevens
brought out a terribly damaging fact against
Gen. McClellan. He sold he stated from facts
within his own knowledge, that McClellan
had as persistently disobeyed the orders of
Lieut. Gen. Scott, in the earlier part of this
war, as recent developments showed ho had
disobeyed the President, at a later period.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Indianapolis, 7nd.. Feb. 6, 1563.
The Govemon sent a message to both
baanchcs of the Legislature this rooming,
urging them to adopt a plan which he sub
mitted, to provide means for the prompt pay
ment of Indiana troops every sixty days. He
proposes that the money be advanced to the
Federal paymasters every sixty days, the
Government to reimburse the State as soon
thereafter as possible. It also provides that
any officer or soldier may, by means of an allot
ment card, assign any portion of his pay to
' his famiiy or friends in this Stile, and that
they may draw the same from the State Trea
surer through the Treasurer of the county in
which they may reside, or allow it to remain
in the Slate Treasury as a deposit for safe
keeping. The plan is quite simple and would
result in incalculable benefit to the cause and
relieve, to a very great extent, the suffering
among the families of our gallant boys now
in the field.
It was referred to the Committee on Ways
and Means, without debate.
The Senate passed the morning in the dis
cussion of some judicial question, but could
not raise a quorum this afternoon.
The House passed tho morning in tho in
troduction of bills of a local character,
and the afternoon in making bnneumbe
speeches to prove that the fifiy Democratic
members of the House were not traitors.
Col. Wilder's brigade is now at Nashville
being mounted on mules. He has a battery
of light mountain howitzers, and a train of
COO pack mules.
The Governor has published an appeal to
the citizens of the State, asking them
to contribute potatoes, onions corn
meal and dried fruits for the use
of sick and wounded Indiana troops
at the various hospitals. They should be
packed in barrels, well hooped and headed
up, and chipped to Win, Hanuamcn, Presi
dent of the Sanitary Commission, Indianapo
lis, by whom they will be faithfully distrib
uted. The various railroad and’express com
panies in this State will carry goods con
tributed free of charge.
The following arc the latest appointments
and promotions:
£Crn< IteuuicxT.— Llcnk -Col. George F. Dbk
to be Colonel rice Hamilton; Major Jasper il.
Dress*t lo be Lieut. Colonel. N
29ra Regiment-— Eoratlo Shan, Chaplain.
SOeii Recipient—Lieut. Cob Lewis Brooks to be
Colonel, riMDenby: Major Goo. T. Simonson to
be Lieut. Col. c Xu brooks; Captain Charles L.
Cnbcrtpfm to be Major rice Simonson.
SI ft Regiment— Dr. W. 11. Kilso, Crawford
conntv. Assistant Surgeon.
22i»llEaiMEsr— Dr. H.l.Bcachy, Assistant Sur
geon vice Stilwcll.
(.Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Lansing, Mich., Feb. 0,15C3.
Quite a number of new bills have been in
troduced both iu tbe Senate and House dur
ing the past two days. r
The bill appropriating SIO,OOO in aid of sick,
wounded and disabled Michigan soldiers
passed the Senate to-day, with several amend
ments regarding the disbursements of tbc
money. Tbe Governor is empowered to ap
point two or more persons—as many as in
bU discretion may be necessary—to carry out
tbe objects of the act.' The compensation of
such agents shall be two dollars per day, ox-
I elusive of traveling and other necessary ex
| ponses. As tbc amendments do not affect tbc
| material objectsof tbe bill, tbcywill doubtless
: be concurred in.
In tbc House, tbc bill to legalize tbc action
of townships, wards, «fcc., in raising boun
ty money for volunteer.-, was discussed for
some time and recommitted to tbc proper
committee for amendment.
The special order was then reached, being
the resolution on the State of the Federal
Mr. Barnes of Ingham, a Democrat, but a
little tender-footed on the position occupied
by the Copperheads, concluded his speech in
opposition to tbc resolution. It was plausi
ble, but not strong.
Hon. 13. M. ‘Williams of Van. Buren fol
lowed, and delivered the most consecu
tive, argumentative and telling speech of the
debate thus far. Ho swept the sophistries of
Barnes away like cobwebs and annihilated the
secession heresies of E. G. Morton, who had
the iloor some days ago. He showed up mod
ern Democracy, as expounded by its self-ap
pcintcd loaders, lu its true light. The oppo
nents of the Administration were ill at ease
j throughout his speech, while Us friends could
uotrcfraln from frequent cheers.
[ Rev. Bishop Simpson, of the M. E. Church,
preaches to-night. His former sermon pro
duced a great desire to hear him again, and
lie consented to remain and gratify the de
sire for the benefit of the Church.
The Republican members of the Legislature
from the Second Judicial District, comprising
the counties of Branch, St. Joseph, Brown
and Cass, have called a Convention to meet at
Constantine, March lltb, to nominate a can
didate for Judge of said Circuit.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Sr. Louia, Feb. C. IS$3.
A movement of the army of tho frontier
was ordered several days ago which was sup
posed to he directed toward Little Rock, but
when the troops were already to start the
order was countermanded.
General Blunt’s division Is now at Crake
Creek, Totten’s Is at Flat Creek, and Her
ron’s is at Forsyth, nil within forty-five miles
of Springfield.
Bloomfield, wliieh was taken by the enroll
ed militia last week and evacuated next day,
has been rc-occupled by rebel guerillas, who
are arresting Union men as hostages for guer
illas taken prisoners at Bloomfield. When
latt held by the Union troops a detachment
1 of the 12th Missouri cavalry had been ordered
I to release the Union men.
from mmim guy.
[Special Dispatch to the Cliicago Tribune.]
Jeiteusox City, Ho., Feb. 6.1863.
Committees of Conference have been ap
pointed by tbe friends and opponents of B.
Grat7. Brown to make some compromise on a
candidate for Senator. Anll-Browumen offer
to vote for the new man lo be named by
Brown’s friends. The prospects for a com
promise looks favorable.
From Kew York.
New Toes, Feb. o.—Contraband good*
hating reached the Rebels from this city,
through the West, the Government ordered
no goods to be shipped hence lo the West,
without special permission to the Custom
The Pirate Alabama*
New York, Feb. 0. —Bermuda papers of the
261b nit., received, state that a brig spoke to
to the Alabama Jan. 15th, in latitude SO deg.
45 nun., longitude C 3 deg. S5 min.
[Special Dispatch to tlie Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Feb. C, 1553.
An uneasy feeling prevails all circles as to
the effect of the alleged raising of the block
ade at Charleston. Tho way to escape these
difficulties would be to cut the Gordian knot
by taking Charleston. Doubts, however, are
still cast on the whole story. It seems that
uo rebel papers the nest day make the slight
est mention of the afialr, although other dis
patches show that they bad telegraphic com
munication with Richmond.
On Monday there were certainly two lines
of blockadera found at the entrance to Charles
ton when the rebel rams came forth. It is
supposed at the Navy Department that the
outer line was not touched, it being seven
miles from smooth water, and 100 far for
the rams to venture.
The New York dallies of this morning dis
cuss the question in its legal bearings, and
unitedly affirm that the blockade is not raised
by temporary interruption, whether volun-
tary or by superior force, except during tho
actual time of interruption.
[email protected] SFBINQFIED.
Ah Adjournment to Meet at
The Legislature Virtually
[Special Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.]
S:*niNnrrzLi), Feb. 6,1563.
In the Senate a bill to incorporate the Doug
las Monument Association passed. Also a
bill granting a lease of the Penitentiary to
James Pitman of Quincy. An act incorpo
rating the Cook County Savings' Bank was vi
olently killed by making all the stockholders
personally liable. This is a bill of little Ful
ler of Cook.
Mr. Richardson of Whiteside county intro
duced a resolution callingfortlieappolntmcut
of a joint committee to prepare a law for
taking the vote of soldiers. The Democrats
reluctantly suspended tho rules, though little
confidence is felt that they will allow a law of
the kind.
The resolution of Senator Underwood in
relation to a proposed recess of the Assembly
till June, came up, and there was much oppo
sition by Republicans. Speeches in favor
were made by Underwood, Green, and Lind
say, and in opposition by Ward, Rodgers and
Alack. The speech of Mr. Mack was the
greatest thing of the session. He denounced
the resolution of the Committee on Federal
Relations as traitorous, and some of the men
named as peace commissioners ns traitors, by
name. He was interrupted by Democrats,
who asked why ho was not In the field. He
answered that he was ‘*T There danger icas most
Imminent and n-Jurc traitors were mod nume
rous.” This brought down the galleries and
lobbies with shouts of applause.
The Republicans, after some flllibustcring,
left the hall, but the Sergcant-at-Armsbrougl
them back. Tbc doors were locked, and tbc
resolution passed by a vote of 11 to 7. It
caused great excitement. This resolution is
passed with tbe intention of giving tbc Peace
Convention, at Louisville, time to take action
in favor of an armistice, and report to this
In tbc House, tbc Cook County Superior
Court bill passed by 46 to 2S.
Mr. Glntber spoke against putting tbc Re
corder's Court expenses upon tbe county of
Cook, but the Democrats paid no attention to
any argument.
Tbc bill was passed to change tbc lime of
bolding town meetings In Cook county to
A large number of private bills were passed.
Tbc Republican members held a caucus to
night, and agreed that there should bo no
more legislation unless tbc Democrats with
draw the resolutions calling n Convention at
Louisville, and pledge tbcmselvcs not fo
again present them.
Tbc Republican Senators bare already left
tbc city, aud will not return until the pledge
is given, so that tbc Legislature is virtually
dissolved. _
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Madison*, Wis., February 6,XSC3.
The Senate did little of consequence to-day.
The resolution of inquiry about depreciated
currency in the State Treasury was adopted.
Five new bills were introduced, including one
extending the State aid of five dollars month
ly to families of drafted men. Eight unimport
ant bills were passed. The Assembly voted
itself a lot more postage stamps. Sundry res
olutions about the disposal of the coin in the
Treasury were tabled.
Resolutions sympathizing with the people
of Missouri in their efforts to get rid of slave
ry, aud a substitute setting forth that negroes
were only fit to he slaves, and denouncing the
anti-slavery policy of the Administration,
were postponed till the 13th inst.
Mr. Pullen's resolution for the discourage
ment of busccmb resolutions, stirring up
party strife, was discussed at some length,
the Democrats opposing it. The .subject was
finally tabled.
Five thousand copies of the Governor’s
message and correspondence relative to draft
ing, were ordered printed.
The Democrats, who have manifested such
great anxiety to got hold of it, aud made
fierce threats of violence if it was not made
public, all voted againtt printing.
The afternoon and evening session of tho
Assembly was occupied with contested scats.-
Mr. M. Strong, counsel for Harms, the sitting
member, by universal courtesy made an elab
orate speech of over two hours. Rountree
followed with a plain, brief statement of his
ca.-c. Mr. Caswell reviewed the testimony
and showed his right to his scat, aud Sanborn
argued at length for Harms. The resolution
passed by 4o to 42, declaring Rountree en
titled to tho scat, and, pending a motion to
reconsider, the Assembly adjourned.
Lieut. Root, of the 20th regiment, a son of
Hon. E. Root, formerly State School Superin
tendent, badly wounded at Piairie Grove,
' died February Sd. Incut. J. H. Jenkins is
[ commissioned Adjutant of the 21st regiment,
vice Filch, promoted to Major.
[Special Dispatch to tbo Chicago Tribune.]
DesMoikt.?, loxmi, Feb. 6,1563.
Governor Kirkwood has started southward,
to render what assistance be can to lowa sol
diers In the field.
Rev. Henry Clay Bean appeared in the
streets of Oskaloosa, a few days since, to make
a speech, displaying a huge bowie knife upon
Ids person. He stated that all the
Democrats in Henry county were arming.
His speech, however, was but half as bellig
erent as his personal appearance.
A resolution was introduced into the meet
ing, favoring a separation of the Northwest
ern States from New England.
Colonel Harcellus M. Crocker of the 18th
lowa regiment has received his commission
as Brigadier General.
Brig. Gen. Laman has arrived In Burlington
on a temporary Visit. ‘ -
The Incipient traitors of the townships of
Cedar and White Oak,in Mahaska county, had
a meeting last week, at which they passed re
solutions in substance, threatening to resist
by force the United States authority, under
tho Administration of President Lincoln.
There is sufficient loyalty in old Mahaska
to keep the scoundrels from attempting to
execute their threat.
There is to be an immense demonstration
in Wapello county on the 14th inst, at which
Senator Wright of Indiana is to be one of the
speakers. •*
The Illinois and Michigan
MoKinstry Probably to be Dis-
misaed the Sendee.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Feb. 6,1803.
The Illinois and New York and Erie ship
canals came up to-day. Contrary to previous
iutcutlon it was opened to debate, in which
Yoorhics and others Jed off with the discus
sion of the interests the Northwest has iu tho
Union. In reply to one of his customary re-
marks about the trade of the Northwest fol-
lowing the Mississippi River, Mr. Dawes of
Mass, brought out the fact that forty-nine
liftieths of all the produce of the Northwest,
even when the Mississippi River was open,
came East, while only one-fiftieth sought the :
outlet by the Mississippi River.
Tbc friends of the canals hope to bring on a
vote by to-morrow evening at the farthest.
They express do doubts of the result.
John D. Defrics, Superintendent of the.
Government Printing Office, expresses the
opinion that the abolition of the paper duty
would save SIOO,OOO in his office next year.
Secretary Chase gives the whole imports
from duties on all kinds of paper, writing as
well sis printing, at less than $50,000. Thus
for the sake of securing this income, of less
than $50,000, the Government is submitting
to an extra expense in its own printing of
The Ways and Means Committee say their
principal objection to repealing the duty Is
that it is setting a bad precedent, and that a
hundred other interests will be coming at
once and claiming similar legislation.
An appropriation has been agreed on in tho
Ways and Means and Finance Committees for
compiling a register for volunteer forces and
statistics thereof. It Is understood that the
Secretary of War will* confide this Important
work to George B. Smith, late of the Chicago
Tnxsrxs, end formerly of the Springfield,
Mass., Jlcpnllicun.
Gen. Rosseau arrived here atm quite iIL lie
is talked of as the Emancipation candidate for
Governor of Kentucky. Judge Halt expressed
the opinion last night, that Emancipationists
could yet carry Kentucky at the next election,
lie insists that the rebel raids into the State
have given a’ great impetus to the Emancipa
tion feeling.
Gen. Vide has been transferred to active
service, and Gen. Rufus King succeeds him
as military Governor of Norfolk.
The general order embracing findings and
sentences of the Court Martial in tho case
of Gen. McKinstry covers sixty pages of
foolscap, it will bo published early next week.
We learn upon good authority that the sen
tence is dismissal from the service.
Secretary Seward to-day answered the reso
lution of the Senate touching Minister Pruyn’s
arrangement to build ships of war for the
Tycoon of Japan. He admits all the essential
facts that SOOO,OOO were given Pruyn for that
purpose by tbc Japanese Government, and by
him sent to Thurlow Weed.
Pension Surgeons, Jacob B. Mitchell,Mound
City, Kansas; Bcuj. F. Buckley, Freeport,lll.
Senator 'Wilson lias received a large number
of applications from officers desiring commis
sions in tbe negro army. A black force one
hundred thousand strong could easily be offi
cered by 'vhite men in less than a mouth's
It has just been ascertained that the first
new year’s proclamation of freedom was
brought to New Orleans by a colored Union*
it, from Port Hudson.
Private advices from Missouri say G ratz
Brown will prove the successful candidate for
A section wi:l probably be added to the mi
iilia bill, pending in tile Senate, providing
some method for tilling up the old regiments.
Washington, Feb. 6.—The steps taken by
the Secretary of the Treasury for the recov
ery of the certificates recently stolen from
the office of the Treasurer, have been success
ful. All the certificates have been recovered
ami are in the possession of the Government.
They were in sums of ss,oooeach, and amount
ed in all to $350,000, but being unfinished and
the Department having notified the public of
the loss, the thief probably found it useless
lo oiler them in the market.
New York, Feb. it.—The Washington Shir
of last evening says Gen. Burnside, after giv
ing evidence before the Court Martial which
summoned him there, will go to Chicago,
thence to Vrovidcnce. and remain till the ex
piration of his leave of absence, when he will
again take the field-
The same paper has a rumor that Stuart s
cavalry had made a raid in the vicinity of
Acoutink Bridge, gobbling up a Federal regi
ment there. The Star reports it as untrue.
A Washington dispatch states that it is be
lieved that'somc measure will be adopted by
Congress to prevent further speculation in
specie and the consequent depreciation of
Government currency.
New York, Feb. o.—The Washington spe
cial of the New York Thn>* says:
The special Pacific Railroad Committee have
had under consideration for some days the
Pacific Railroad bill, and have authorized
Senator McDougall to report it back with
several amendments. They modify the for
mer bill so that the amount retained by the
Government shall not interfere practically
with the construction of the road; also make
provision fora right of way through the Ter
ritories of the United Suites omitted iu the
old bill, and confirming the adjustment made
between California interests.
The President sent to the Senate the follow
ing additional appointments: Capt. J. C.
Morton, to bo Brigadier General. Commis
sary and Subsistence,with the rank of Captain,
E. Morthell and Geo. F. Jacobs of Illinois.
To be Assistant Quartermaster, with the rank
of Captain, A. Wcmple of Ohio. To be As
sistant Adjutant General, with the rank of
Captain. Lieut. C. A. Partridge of Ohio. Lieut.
James D. Wood of Wisconsin, and Capt. M.
H. Bailhacho of Illinois.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.
The following telegrams were received at
headquarters. Those successes being report
ed in connection with the resurrection ol
Island No. 10, and the energy and military
skill displayed by Gen. AsbotU everywhere in
all his dispositions, will very soon change the
general gloom and confusion throughout the
whole District of Columbus Into a perfect
system of order and security:
Dist. or CoixaißUs, Head-Quarters Trenton,
Feb. 3, 1563.
loßng. Gen. Asboth : I have killed, wouut
cd and captured thirty-four of Dawson'sgucr
ilia band. Have also captured twenty-sis
horses and twenty-eight stand of arm ■a. No
fear need be felt for anymore depredations
from that quarter. AH is quiet towards the
Tennessee river.
(Slgucd,) C. Wood, Col. Comdg. Po:
Paducah, Feb. 4,1863.
To Gen. Asboth : At Fort Donclsou there
■was a glorious victory over Wheeler, Forrest
and Wharton. One hundred and thirty-live
of their dead have been already found. We
have some fifty prisoners. Their wounded
and stragglers arc being constantly brought
Forrest himself was wounded.
The whole force Is in full retreat, with our
cavalry following.
The precise number of the enemy I cannot
tell, but one of their surgeons, now at Fort
Donclson, says they had eleven regiments,
and it is known that they had. from eight to
twelve pieces ol artillery.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
t?a suing to N, Feb. 6,1653.
Advices from arc. not encour
aging. The canal makes very slow progress
In changing the channel of the Mississippi,
and our troops arc neeccssarlly placed in a
swampy and unhealthy position,' with consid
erable sickness as the result. 7
[SpecialJMspatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
MzHPms, Feb. 5, via Caieo, Teb. 0,1863.
The steamer Adeline has just-arrived from
Vicksburg. Sbe le.fl Uie fleet ptjll opposite
the city. A terrible snow stem ’ia in pro
gress. The ram Queen of the West ran the
blockade aud braved the rebel batteries, on
Monday morning, at daylight. Over 100
heavy siege guns belched forth their contents
upon her as she steamed swiftly past. The
noise of cannonading was terrific. A rebel
boat also opened firenpon the Queen, which
the Queeu returned, and crippled the rebel
steamer. The Queen then passed to the foot
of the canal, and there stayed until 1 p. m.,
when she left for the point below. A lino of
lower batteries then opened upon her. The
Queen went through in safety—mobody hurt.
It is a feat, the accomplishment of which
should make Capt. name stand
among the best- and bravest Union officers.
The Queen, at the lower butteries, was under
fire fur three-quarters of an hour.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Meni-niP. Feb. 5, via Caiho< Feb. G, 1803.
There is but little here new to-day, except
tluitour forces arc cutting a new canal at
Yazoo Pass, which enables gnnboats to
go past the rebel fortifications i)uthe Yazoo.
This will he finished in a few days, as there
are but some levees to be ent i<jmake it com
plete. The movement has bcin kept very
quiet, bull suppose it canb«Tmadc public
now. They are also cutting a lsew canal this
side of the old one. :
We have advices from ourflecl at Vicksburg
to Sunday afternoon. Preparations for a great
demonstration were in progress* The water
is running through Farragut’s ditch, or canal,
as it is called, at a slow rate. It is about five
feet wide. Efforts are making to deepen
it. It Is about one mile and a half long, and
only about half of it is commauded by the ene
my’s guns. |
Steam dredging machines mve been sent
for, with which It is proposed 4o deepen the
canal. \
Preparations are making to rjm the block
adc. It was reported that the Girondelet had
already run the enemy’s batteries, and was at
the mouth of .the canal, but th(Yreport is not
confirmed. There has been no indications of
success from Port Hudson. i
Sickness among our troops ‘still continues.
Many of our troops arc down with the diar
rhea. No doubt is entertained at tho fleet
of the ultimate fall of the rebel'stronghold.
mu island mm TEN.
Ordnance and Stores to be Used
or Sent to Kemphis.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cairo, Feb. 0, 1803.
Gen. Asbolh, after inspecting Island No. 10,
sued.the following order:
Island No. 10, Fob. 4,1553.
Special Order No. l’.—Of the eighty spiked
puis on the Island, seven, with all necessary im
plements are to bo selected by Capt. John A. Good
en, for the defense of the Island. They will be
immediately unspiked and properly mounted In
the point designated at the inspection. Besides
ihcpc seven heavy guns, the Captain will retain
the 0-pounder brass field gnu for hailing boats.
Col. Bissell of the engineer regiment, will take
the balance of the gnns, seventy-two carriages and
other Government property of any value for mili
tary operations, down the river to Memphis, Ten
The steamboat Sam Young may take as much of
the ordnance stores as she can carry. The restwill
be shipped on a boat to be sent for that special pur
pose. Col. Biased will leave a commissioned offi
cer with the requisite number of men to-attead to
the embarkation.
Lieut. John Cayton, Quartermaster, will prepare
a complete list of all property transferred to Col.
Bissell at this post, audwill make requisition for
the ammunition required for guns remaining on
the Island.
The disposition made in the above order
places the famous Island No. ID once more in
a complete state of defense against any at
tack, while the immense amount of valuable
ordnance stores now strewn over the island
will be made available and of great service in
onr military operations at and below Mem
phis, for opening the navigation of the Mis
sissippi, which is an urgent national ne
The lately reported attack upon the New
Era, by 2,500 Confederates, and their threat
ening of Wand No. 10, turns out to liavc
been almost, if not quite, a hoax upon Gen.
Asboth, perpetrated by accident or design by
the Captain of the New Era. Gen. Asboth
made a prompt examination of matters, and
is satisfied that there was no firing with can
non upon the New Era from shore, and bat a
half-dozen of half starved guerillas were in
ibc locality when shelled by the steamer.
The affair'will undergo the scrutiny of a
court martial.
Seizure of Contraband Cotton,
Cairo, Feb. 6,1563.
Matters Military—Cotton Burning-
Guerillas, &0., &o.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,]
Hmmns, Feb. 5, via Cairo, Feb. 6,1563.
Thomas H. Yeatman, Special Agent of the
Treasury Department, to-day, seized 10S bales
and thirty-seven bags of cotton brought up
from below Helena in violation of special or
ders. The cotton Is said to be the property
of Compton & Ranger; but rumor says that
high military authorities are part owners, and
Gorman is mentioned.
Certainly Gorman's skirts have long home
the imputation of a secret co-partnership
with Ranger, a Jew, owning the steamer Ev
ansville, and Col. Compton, who runs that
craft. Certainly, also,the Evansville has been
notoriously the recipient of trading facilities,
under Gorman’s special orders, denied to
other steamers. The Government may gain
by looking into Gorman’s gormandizing ope
rations in cotton.
J. E. Mqtriman will probably be appointed
our postmaster.
LiQut. Whiiden, of Burbrldgo’sstall;who was
mentioned in the official rcpoit of the Arkan
sas Post afialr for gallant conduct on the
field, has been detached for duty on the signal
corps. . ‘ ,
Tho Argus of the 4th has the following re
garding guerillas: Guerilla work is still
progressing at Fort Pillow, and the section of
country back of that point. On Saturday
night, a band of these gentry commanded by
a men named Cushman, of Landerdde county,
numbering only fifteen or twenty, stopped
two wagons four miles back of the fort, and
burned eight or ten bales of cotton being
taken to the river. .They turned the teams
and owners back.
Ou Friday night the same party overhauled
a raft containing twenty-five bales, crossing
the Hatchie River, ordered the men accom
panying it home, and destroyed the cotton
and raft. This occurred about ten miles from
the fon.
A cotton buyer from Indiana was captured
by guerillas a few miles from the Mississippi,
in the same neighborhood, one day last week,
and relieved of a supply of greenbacks.
Cushman has been operating in that portion
of West Tennessee for several months, and
thus far baa received no check. He is a guer
illa In a generally accepted sense of the term,
and has destroyed a Isirge quantity of cotton
during the past three months.
Cairo, Feb. G.—The steamer Hillman has
just arrived from Memphis with yesterday
mornings dates. They contain nothing of
importance. The Artfus says that $13,000,000
In greenbacks bad arrived, and is to be used
In payingthe soldiers, and for other Govern
ment expenses.
The steamer Kenton had arrived from
Helena, but brought nothing later from
Grant’s army. Colton speculators at Mem
phis are very sick over their recent sky-rocket
Rebels Claim Further Successes,
New York, Feb. o.—The steamer Roanoke,
from New Orleans the 2Sth and Havana the
Ist. arrived this evening.
New Orleans news is very meagre.
The J)dta says accounts from the rebel
army at Port Hudson and elsewhere shown
most deplorable state of affairs among them.
The men only being kept from mutiny by
promises of peace during thirty days. (Con
scription among the rebels is rather danger
ous, as over twenty conscription officers have
been shot while endeavoring to raise men.
The regular Havana letter of the 31st con
tains Vera Cruz dates of the Slth, but nothing
ofliuportAace. Seise trains were at Vera Cruz,
without which the French do not hope to take
Puebla. Smallpox Is abating. Nothing re
liable relative to the Alabama or Florida.
It is rumored that the Alabama had re
ceived four shots Irom the Uattcras, and that
she has arrived at Port Royal, Jamaica,
whence she took her prisoners, and where she
will stop to repair.
The British gunboat Rinaldo arrived at Ha
vana from Galveston, bringing au extra of the
Houston Ttlcgraph of the 23d nlfc., containing
accounts of the capture off Sabine Pass of
the Federal brig Morning Light, and an un
known schooner on the 21st, by an expedi
tion from the Magruder fleet. The following
arc the rebel dispatches:
Sabine Paps, Texas, ok Board C. S. i
Gunboat IJbll, Jan. 21,1803. \
Captain: We met the enemy this morning
in the Gulf of Mexico, whipped them and
brought everything to Sabine Pass. I fought
him ten guns to our one. Wc have captured
two vessels, one a full-rigged ship, aud the
other a schooner,and 12 guns, medical stores,
ammunition in abundance, and 109 prisoners.
Came here waiting furtherorders.
(Signed) O. M. Watkins.
Maj. Com’d’g Sabine.
To Capt. E. P. Turner, A. A. G.
Sabine Pass, Jan. 21,15G3.
To E. P. Turner, A. A. G.
I engaged the enemy to-day, captur
ed 12' guns, about a million dollars
worth of property, and 109 prisoners.
(Signed) 0. M. W.*tkin's.
Maj. Gom’d’g.
Majrrudcr, on the 4th, proclaimed Galves
ton open to commerce, but Commodore Bell
issued a proclamation on the 20th declaring
Galveston, Sabine Pass and the whole coast of
Texas under actual blockade, and Naming all
vessels from trading, under penalty of cap
ture. Nothing confirmatory of the capture
of the pirate Florida is received from Havana.
New Yoke, Feb. (5.—A letter to Gen. Ham
ilton, from the U. S. Consul at Monterey,
says a million dollars worth of cotton arc sold
there monthly, ail of which is sent back to
the rebels in The shape of powder, lead, blank
ets, shoes, etc. An order was then therefor
000.000 blankets.
J. R. Baylard, says the letter, is getting up
anotherexpedltiou forthe invasion of Arizona
and New Mexico. He intends to start Janua
ry Ist.
Union men in Texas are hung on the slight-
cst suspicion.
A party of Germans were attacked on the
Rio Grande by Texan Rangers, but got away
with one wounded and the loss of their
A thousand men arc on the frontier await
ing a chance to join the Federal army.
A letter from tliclL S. Consul at Matamo
ras to Gen. Hamilton says there is np the
river a force of 1,300 Mexicans, half of whom
are well armed and mounted, who have been
driven from Texas. Having been joined by a
few Americans, they keep the frontier as far
as San Antonio in a ferment. A Mexican Gen
eral has been appealed to by the rebel com
mander at San Antonio to prevent the Inva
sion of Texas. Nothing has been said lo our
Consul on the subject.
Wi-niNGToy, Feb. C, 1563.
Mr. NESMITH of Oregon offered a resolu
tion requesting the Secretary of War to fur
nit-h to the Senate the report and maps of
Capt. John Mullen, who was engaged in the
construction of a military road from Walla
Walla to Fort Benton.
The Committee of Conference on the de
ficiency bill made a report, which was
On motion of Mr. HENDERSON of Mo.
the Senate took np the bill to aid Missouri in
emancipating her negroes, but it was shortly
afterwards laid aside.
Mr. WILSON of Mass, called up the reso
lution expelling Geo. E. Badger from the
Board of Regents ol the Smithsonian Insti
tute, and appointing Prof. Agassiz iu his
place. Passed. After executive session the
Senate adjourned. 9
The House refused the consideration of the
Illinois and New York ship canal bill.
Mr. OLIN of New York said this measure
had long been a subject of discussion and re
flection, and its provisions In a great degree '
•wore 'well understood by the members, nev
ertheless he would now notice the persistent
efforts made by its enemies to prejudice the
bill. A report had been authorized by the
Committee on Naval Affairs, and he claimed
the responsibility of saying that, in every
material fact, it was a tissue of misrepresen
tations and misstatements.
Mr. F. A. CONKLING of N. T., rose to a
question of order. The language was in
decoronsand insulting to a committee of this
The SPEAKER overruled the point on the
nround that there was nothing personal in
the remark.
Mr. OLIN withdrew the remark, neverthe
less he believed that misstatements had been
made in the report, and that there were mis
representations of facts, was without ques
tion. The author of the report knew it was
misrepresentation to say the canals could not
be enlarged.
Mr. VOORHIES said if he had before had
anv doubt of the propriety of the passage
of" this measure, It had been deepened
and confirmed after Mr. Olin’s speech.
Such stupendous Internal improvements
were opposed to the principles of his party.
It seemed that every measure intended to
spend moneyand bestow patronage met the
approbation of the Republican side of the
Mr. ARNOLD of HI. briefly explained the
importance of the proposed improvement.
With one mouth for commerce at New Orleans
and another at New York, the destinies of
the Republic were one.
Mr. KELLOGG of HI. answered an objec
tion of Mr. Voorhies as to the unnavigablo
condition from the mouth of the Illinois to
St. Louis. He was assured by a responsible
and intelligent authority, that with a few
slight exceptions, there had been a depth
of six feet or water and generally more.
Mr. DAWE, of Mass., saying that he would
vote for the bill, remarked that New England
would not ask the gentleman from Indiana*
(Mr. Voorhies) on what terms she would re
main in the Union.
Mr. HOLMAN ©find, opposed the bill. Ho
had rcachcdt’hc conclusions of the Naval Com
mittee, tb'at this work was not intended for
military purposes. Without concluding on
i the fip.oject the House adjourned*
From tlie Sonthi
New Yoke, Feb. 6.— Rebel papers print an
order of Gen. W. L. Lee, dated Dahlongea.
Ga., to the effect that he has been.despatched
by the commanding General, to capture de
serters, lories and conscripts, who are resist
ing the laws in Northern Georgia. Governor
Shorter prints an appeal to exempts to form
reserve corps, subject to the call of the Exec
utive, for dnty iu the State.
The Richmond correspondent of the
Charleston Mercury says French bankers have
tendered to the Confederacy a loan of seven
ty-five million francs.
A bill was introduced into the rebel Con
gress for the condemnation to the public use,
of all cotton within the Confederate States,
to give the owner a receipt for it at 121-3
cents perpouud, and sell It to the French or
English dealers, and let the purchasers sec to
Us exportation.
New Toast, Feb. 6.—-The Charleston A/rre?;-
•/»/, of the 2vih, announces the arrive! of the
British steamer Flora, from Nassau, with an
assorted cargo.
Tlie War in Virginia,
Headquarters Ar.nr or the Potomac, 1
February 5.1963. )
The indications arc that the enemy has very
much weakened bis force opposite here, rely
ing on the impossibility of any movements
under existing circumstances. But few pick
ets or fires are seen to-day.
A heavy snow-storm has commenced,
changing to rain. There is a prospect of a
re-inauguration of the muddy term.
Under Weigh,
Fortress Monroe. —A propcllcrarrlvcd at
Norfolk from. Newbem to-day, brings the
news that a fleet of 120 vessels had sailed
JffiD TUiDcrtiscmtnts.
C. IT. scitzmx. Advertising Agent, 61
Dearborn /street, i* authorized to receive adtartUe
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Address Tost C£co box 2103. statlnc location
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» T tlful” Octave Plano for a lot In tho city, and
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Pest Office iiox a*l. fo7-zSII-vt
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street. foT-z3£-2t
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fo» zsmt
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T f chinos In pood working order, to exchange.
Small atnonntof cash and balance In other good pro
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ANTED —A thorough, reliable
Canvasser for
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Per order.
E. V>\ JOKES, F. J. G. M.
MASONIC. —The Grand blaster
Trill hold a LODGE FOR INSTRUCTION* this
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■Kim SUmertlSEnunfs.
Grand re union ibis Saturday create? of the stock
holders ol the Association and the skating public.
Tbc mammoth planer keeps the lec smooth. Ran
dolphstrcet cars land yon at the Part
Tickets can be obtained at the principal Hotels and
at the Park.
The Part ttvdaywlll be ntzi and coHPLnnrxTxr.T
entire city, until a o'clock In the afternoon. Free also
to spectators. feT-zSIUt
Uita Saturday afternoon at a o'clock. Mnalc bythe
Great Western Pand. Tickets cf admission-G;mla
rr.t-n. with Lady. W cents. tteT-cSai-lt
Druggists and. Chemists.
Successors to J. H. REPP «fc CO. la tbe sale of
Celebrated Surgical
O. McCLURE, M. D.,
.Claik street, between Lake and Randolph streets.
Test OfllCC BOS-RCI.
Dr. McClure would Inform the citizens of Chicaeo
mid rlciully that be Las exchanged tils professional
field for sixteen yea:? past In Elgin. Kane County, IU..
for the practice of bis profession la Ibis city, where
be will in future reside.
KT.GlN—lion. A. ,1. Joslyn: O. TV. Davidson; V.*.G.
Hubbard; S. Wilcox. Ksn.t Rot. N. C. Clark. A. J.
Waldron. Fjo. : Dr. Joseph Tatfl: li, TV, Padclford.
CHICAGO —111' e Fay. M. C. Stearns, P. L, Harrell,
fof Hairatt.KlrjrwCo.*. Kx-Ald. A. J.TVrlebt. Lord
d: Smith Julloi* KoclunbeW; D. S. Hammond. Sheriff
of Cook Coor.tv, Hon. Jndcc Uradwdl. Colby & tills.
K. D. L. Sweet.* Andrew Aiken. Esq. _ _ w
PROFESSIONAL—Dr. Da-del Rrainard. Dr. DeLas
kleJlUler Dr. N. S. Davis. Dr. Incail#. Dr. EldriJge.
Dr. w. TV. Allport. Dr, Waite. Dr. Duck.
T f AGENTS ron
Boston Belting Company’s
JgHUB AKB AYIXE. —1,000 gals, of
Native Rhnbard AVme,
crown on tbo farm of M. Faßln. E«*i..ftndnowtwo
year? old. Is offered f<.r?alc by A. F. CRO;?s..A.
fcTrSS-St r.l and 53 South Water street.
pHAiIPAIGKS-1 offer the lot-
V,' loirtng brands of Cbamraiga for sale, viz:
Green Seal, pints and quarts.
Prince Imperial, quarts.
Billery, pints.
Eeidseick, pints and quarts,imitation.
51 and 13 Sonth Water street.
Kclro. Ardesco. and other brands of Coal Oil
a fe/xsast bT si wild3son'tn wateratnk-ts.
J3 l srmrrs.
Id Quantities to suit the trade by A. F. CROSKET,
fcT-sSS-St 51 and 53 South V. atcr fitretr.
Gins, Brandy* Unas,
as well as ail erodes of \rhisky. of my
tcre. for sale to tiso trade by _ A. F. CuOSKfcA,
fe" 2*C3St 51 and 55 South V> ater streets.
Brandy and Wines-Patent 5s and 6s
' Porter Betties—quarts and pints.
Hecks and Clarets.
Ecknspps—pints and quarts.
Boker Bitter Bottles.
Flasks, quarts. pints and half plat?. Jockey Club
v.-i uky bottle?. Also. Demijohns, all size?.
For sale bv A. F. CIWSKEV,
fe7-zSS-2t ‘ 51 and 53 South Water street.
quality of
In cases tor Medicinal purposes. maybe obtained or
si and S3 SouthWatar streets.
J\. Second-hand Piano to sell cheapforcash. ad
die’s**S O.*'care ofCooler. Farwcll & Co.
order, will be sold at a flj bca ith of the
lease of the premises, on persons desirous of
owner. Thl»l*»«"« b "“ Address PACKER,*’
r4\ »\JI / rands, Kin? In the Counties of Cook,
wiilnd Dn Page, in tee state of Illinois, selected la
from the United States Govern.
Sr a party fate of >*ew York, deceased, must be
Sod at a «aciiflce for cash within the next thirty days,
to Sose«»» estate. JOHK MATTOCKS. Jr n
jaSi-zCinctLCt Telegraph Bunding.
ood i Wood i wood s
IOC cords Mixed Beach and Maple, $8 in the yard. -
ICO cords Canada Hickory ’Wood, f7 In the yard. _
Apply at 151 South Water street, feteela’a. Building.
• fW-rCbttnct
.OOQharrtl. coorM.ad'nno'OKOSDAOASALT
twmahelov price hr a. LIGnTIIAIA.
Neid SUrncrtigcments..
Great Western Band,
trsosß tos DHirerrox 6?
•it Bryan llall r
THURSDAY, MARCH sth, 1363.
3,000 Gifts and 8,000 Tickets,
Tbc management hare labored to make tho Concert
the ablest and best that has rrer been given te
city. Their prizes bare all been selected with mat
rare, and are of (rood manufacture, and warranted to
be genuine. The beat musical talent luu been en
gaged, and crcrr effort made V> render the Concert
entertain leg. and to make IT ALONE a compensation
for the price of tbc ticket.
Ticket* for sale at D. P. Fanld*’: Cudworth A Lor
ing 115 Randolph street: A. 11. Miller: A.T. AB, IL
Gfllctt. and nearly all public places in tala city.
Persons from the country wishing tickets, by enclos
ing the money to D.P. FAFLDS, 54 Sherman Hoaso,
or A. T. and R. H. GILT.ETT. IST Lake Kraot, will
meet with prompt attention.
Call and loot at the two splendid Pianos and Melo
doon. at D. P. Fanlds*. M Sherman House, and other
Gifts at A. 11. Miller's, Jeweler, corner of Clark and
Lake streets: and A. T. A R. H. Gtllett, 137 Lake,
street; and also, those two fine Sewing Machines at
Wheeler A WU-on's Agency.
Drawers of Gifts la the country can bare them for
warded by *encUag their addresses to D.P. Faulda. U
Sfcernsan House.
The following Gifu. drawn, will be published In tha
dally papers ImnedUtely after the Concert. Tho
Pianos will he on exhibition at Bryan Hall on the even
ing of tboCOncert:
17-OciaTß Rosewood Plano. (Peart Ksyo
round front.carved leg*. turpentine mould
ing, bras* orerstrup z, So.l f3S) o®
1 7 Octave Ucscwood Piano, (round comers,
carved lega.Loul* XIV style). No. 2 303 00
1 Mclodeon, <roccwooct 65 00
1 Ho. 1 Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine.
(mahogany full ea*?. side drawer*) 97 00
1 Ho. 2 Wheeler * Wilson's Sewtng Machine.
(black walnut half case, polished > 67 00
1 Set Bayard Taylor's Complete Works (mar
ble edge, extra) *3 53
1 Fine Photographic Album 90 00
1 Floe Pearl (faiald) writing desk IS 0O
1 Gentleman's Gold Watch, {hunting ease) 75 00
l ladles' Gold watch (homing case) MOO
1 Silver-Plated Tea Set MOO
l do Ice Pitcher TO 00
l do Ics Fountain 25 00
1 do Tea Cm Ss«*
I do Castor 30 JJO
1 do Card Baaket W OO
t Gold Lockct.No. 4 S
I do No. 5 50
1 do No.S • 0O
I do No. SSO
1 do No. wco
6 f'CU Silver-Plated Tea* pao ns. (each 53.00).... 13 00
1 Silver-Plated Cake Basket 10 CO
3 Sets Pins and Ear Knobs, (each M.00) 19 00
3 do do do (each *10.00) SO OO
5 Gold Bracelet*, (each fR.OO).*. SI 00
6 SUver-Plated Table Forks, (each *LOV) ?| OO
6 do Tablespoons. (W.2S each) 23 50
§ do Napktaßtegs. (sl.co each) , j
t... . • •• ' . WCO
JScUFlneStuds.CeachSLW)....! l iZS
« StftFlne Sleeve Baitons. (each (2.00) 13 CO
fi Flr.i Neck Chain*, (each *5.00) 50 01
G Silver-Plated Butter Knives, (each *1.50 9 00
fi do Fmit Knives, (each *3.00) 1)00
6 Pen and Peaell!*. (each 53.u)> 14 00
3 Gent's Pins, No. 1. (eaim *3.00) 9 OO
S do No. 2. (each S4.W) 13 00
Tbc balance of tbe Glftsarctoo nomer*
ons to mention.
I hereby certlfV that the prices annexed to the ahoro
articles, tiou; tny fst.tb!L«lunent. are my regular retail
prices, and the Pianos are flrst-cloM instruments,
ftlly warranted by the maker* and myself for us
TC»r* D. P. FAtTLDS.
We certify that the orices annexed to the aboro arti
cles arc tur retail rtW mLLER
Acent of Wheeler & WUaon,
At the conclusion, the Gift? will be drawn in t* a
ireecncc of lliu audience, by a committee appointed
if the audience to superintend the drawing.
Poors open at T o'clock. Concert to commence at
■>i o'clock.
Arranged by Wcrbe<fc DIUon.
Just published the new edition of the celebrated
with a new and beautifully illustrated title pise.
Price flc’.W per doz. Send your order* to
9. 9. IUCGISS, m Randolph Stmt.
"Wanted at Hew York rates.
American Silver, Foreign Silver
and Gold,
Canada Currency,
Purchased above the Market Bates.
lowa, State Bank of Indiana and
Purchased at a }{*l}4 premium.
Puchascd at the following rates:
160 acre Warrants
-120 “ “
80 “ u
40 “ “
E. W. MORSE, Agent,
36 Clark Street*
fct-zT* Gtnet
Are now receiving the largest and most complete stock
of shelf and Heavy Hardware, Tin Plate.
Wire, ISTails,
Ever offered in tills market.
Oar goods wore pnrehashed before the recent ftd
ranee, and wo shall Mil them aa low a* they can be
purchased East, and many articles without adding
cyCG-lst? Gi Lake street, Chicago.
We are constantly receiving supplies
of choice and elegant goods. Oar as
sortment of articles for the Toilet
select. Drags and Chemicals, Delica
cies for Invalids, etc., etc., is unsur
passed, It is onr deterannatioa that -
everything sold at our establishment
shall be of a superior quality.
ProggistsftiidChemuU, 93 and. 94 Lake Street
Wholesale dealer la and manufacturer of Kerosea*
t.atvn=>gg T
Carbon, Coal and Karoseno
Ko roods remlftl. The trade rapp'Jod «
from country pnew. »»j>xiwy
WhthprcMhtahroahwihsSew rort Dmuia
Continent*!, Security,
metropolitan, market,
Itortk American, Goodliao,
_ ~,, B.w.pHtLtftrsaco>~
dey-yISUoMt . vtW6H
.890 eadl.
.*65 “
.865 “
■540 “

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