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. ■ v.-.VCf VH,
f it >icv7 Sail,
if tl-. I nloa Clch held
y‘e building, comer of
-. «u --tarday evening
. They me located la
, .ie* - >. .-oaveolent, and
*rciC purposes. When
-HI be rutH-rtor to any
V pun the occasion in
..:zmu, President of the
; Uory.rddresß, and U is
- --.-alive Committer that
• vbynlibe any.wiUafi
idurees of the campaign
• r arc amply large to ae
• «;r;r,abdas the address
s -!r*dthaS there be a full
Ci-ilut Geib, Secretary.
>s. id DavU and family, of
~D. Caton and family; Gen.
te—are all at the Tronont
Larr Siunr.—The first prise
lot S6OO, was drawn last eve
printer named Kmaedy. The
Innate numbers will be found
nr.—The Ladles Aid Society
ibstantial benefit at the Polyo
o Thursday sight at Hetropoli
fid*a large turn to the treasury
CoycrßT.—Our readers will ob
the card from the Sanitary Gift
, la another column, that the con
until the 7th of April. But no
lost by those who desire to buy
tTtisemenl in another column.
e lady manager* of the Tfcrsciy
Asylrniarcpaßlcniarly requested
their attendance at the next regu
sting, to be held Tncaday, March
Business of Importance to be
.—A libel suit bae been In progress
opastiu Uic Circuit Coon iu which
Abbott sued to Tvrorer $5,000 dam
me and reputation froia O.
cltizua of Chicago. It was dtcuW
the Jury in five minutes time la the
rdlct of not guilty.,
uneral eerrlw# of Mr. Lorearo Wood
lit Board, of Trade or 72 1 regiment of
steers, win be attended at the Henan
rcb, comer of Pcrplatnesand DcKorec
Sunday, March 25tb, at lO* o'clock a.
oby Rev. A. Krnyon. The friends of
dare Invited to attend.
.—roronrr Svhmldt LcIJ an Icquoat yea
rning upon the body of a a»!c iufiat
cbvii found seder a bridge at the cor
rguuasd Lake streets. The child was
cold woolen and silk clothe-. Two well
idles. who wore seen around the
night, arc suspected of being connected
aflalr. The matter is is the hands of the
ii will probably be ferreted oat.
toc».-We learn that Arlington. Leon &
3 't xniutreU, now delighting crowded
nightly at Kinsbary Uall, have kindly cos
.ogive an extra exhibition at Bryan Kali
rdty afternoon of next week, for the benefit
ladles AidSorlity. The excellence of this
icaud coble charity, as well os the ercel
jfihe entertainment ought to crowd Bryan
i overflowing.
iur.sx Tuirr Caronr.—Some time ago aao
orwe thief, named John, alUu Bernard Kain,
ndktcd in the criminal cocrtof St. Louie, and
o bail in the sata of $1,600, Mr. J. O. Stewart
Louis, becoming hie surety. A few days
iai:i raa away from h;a ball, and Stewart tele
bed to the principal cities a description of the
ped bird. Yesterday Superintendent Ib’ba
an d him in the post ofiir.c in th.e city, and re
.••d Lim to St. Louis la*t night.
rroxunc Ciuik Scaixs.—Mr. A. Stevely. of
: de Luc, \Vis.,has invented an automatic grain
if. » hich, for simplicity and cose of working,
superior to try yet patented. The- cyllnler,
.»ch receives the grain from the hopper, and to
iicli the beam is attacli*d. is divided into two
rr.partnicnts. Aa sco* a? one is filled, the weight
tL- grain ralfcs the b-am, detachers the damps
iltiii.glhrcyliirier, doses the valve in the hopper
i4 l causes a half revolctinaof the cylinder, which
mplivß the grain and brings the eompartiaent be
•w tin- hopper, at th' sum- time opecing the vjve
•;d filling *T The vrtigl.ta are regietc-rc-d upon
ilaltal the vide, and cauu<>t otherwise than
trictly arcerste. For simplicity, economy and
irntnicy, this eode curamcnds itself to shippers
atiiiall other* interested. A ir.od 'I, in working
fp> ration, may be seen at room 13, McCormick**
I'Uirairx'b BraxvousT A#*otiATios.—An ad
journed taming of the Firemen's Benevolent As
n clarion was held at their room Thursday even*
to Lear the report of a committee r.ppolnled at
.u prvvloo* meeting to cvaialt npon th-; Ute amend
of their charter. After the n#ua' prrlimiaa
*lc#, the committee re ported that they had acted
recording to irndractloa. aud con-cited L,C. Paine
i reer. tay., for iris opinion on the question raised
j-y the Association, and printed a written an- •
ewer from that gcuriemnn. which was read by the ;
Secretary. The qocsilon raised by the Association i
was whether they could neder the old charter, by I
Amendments to the conduction, cde;t the objects
contemplated by the amendment, respecting th*
control and dlspoeition of the society's funds. Mr.
Freer was In the opinion that It was in the power
of the Association to seccre all the objects aimed
nt by the amendment, and his au»wer cited a nnm
ter of antiii fillea on the question: ai-o that it was
optional with the society to accept the amendment
or to reject It. The committee also reported that
they had conversed with several of the ten trustees
—whose names were inserted In the MU contrary
to the will of the Association, upon their disposi
tion to resign, and thought it possible that mod
of them would carey oat the wish of tire Associa
tion by resigning each trusteeship. The report of
the committee was accepted, nod after a general
disc ass ion by the most prominent members of the
Association, it ndjonrned.
Tbr Ladlf. Aid Sodcty.
The noble and patriotic association of ladies
l.iiown to the public as the Ladies Aid Society, is
accomplishing a great and good work in supplying
our soldiers ia camp and hospital with the articles
requiaite to their comfort. As aa Instaacu of this,
the following letters whirhere sample* of uumer
on# (•ti-cri* constantly in receipt, are to the poiut;
utrrtua of *cnsovn.*POE«Evr from the akxt.
V. S.HosrtTAtSutrr.en Roter.
—f 3iXr#lrMl‘i*l RrrxJt, Feb. 6. ISO. j'
LAr:t*i Allow me. In behalf of the sick and
votu.dcd ; of this fotllla. to thaak yon for two
loxcßcfdau'.tarygoo'!#. furwarled to ns through
the k’l.du* #* of Acting Vo!. Lieut. Hart.
The unerring ;>• u of history will have manyre
inarkablr events to record, connected with this re-
J.< ll!on; among them all, none will stand out more
I roißtacnt than the glgkcttc effort# of our mothers
and #:-ft n 1 at home, in behalf of the’r sou# and
Ircthrra cow -battling for the Union.” Ladles,
>our inflnencn among ua U iucal) ulablo. for while
jour iom!(Mtable <iothing pruu-et# us from tb»
cold, y«nr delicacies sooths the palate of Uio fever
ivh; yourspirlt, yoarre*!. and la«. but not lca«t,
jeurprayers, icrtll ua with new courage for the
wiwL t-ciorc ue.
.Svitb renewed obUratlon#. X remain, vorr# truly.
Gb... H. llrLvr, M. lb, C. 6. N,
LaniKf-AauSoazrrr Jtl Baptist Cburch.c'titcago.
NASBvtujt. Jatitiaiy m, ts6f.
Lthßc#' Soldiers’ Atd Society of First Baptist
Church. Chicago:
I meiveolo day, through Capt Theodore Brown
and Llrnt#. Bab-s aod ernmniings, from steamer
t ity Belle, two boxe# »#nt to mv care, having
fruit, fish, lira, starch, sugar, clothing, reading
ji.after. &c., Ac. The boxes can-.e safeaitd Ingood
oidrr. Fleace ecci pt for the brarp wounded and
*ick tbelr wartsiat thank# for tout ttm« ly and
«xccllent donation# to them I u’lll tree my bc»t
v. ledtnu in obeying orders lu their disposal. Hay
your noble s«#:lciy long Ihc to bWs the world
with IlebeuefocUoLS. lu liArte. lam truly yours,
CLsplaln Ho-pitsl No. 1 and 10.
Cavtr xXAn Mur.rflßKsaoßO. March 4.1893.
Hon. Sirs. James li Woodworth. I’n-sIJ.-nl Indies 1
* Soldiers’ Aid Society, of the i’irst Baptist
♦ .nun-h of Chicago :
I*rjr Ma'lani— l Laic the honor to acknowledge
thermij-t of a Urge box of hospital store* and
«. limr' ■- from your gea« teas Society. May your
r- olcouiaue w-MlelLc war iloce, and may your
i.ir.iixcfcp. j-rodiictiieof so much good. betoyi*
:.«*e *• bread cast upon the waters,
V\‘v »re exirvnn ly obliged toror and the patriotic
ladies of yoar r.'N. Et itNwoon.
Surgeon Tib ilcg, U>. Vols.
Orsßoar Ea-ti-okt, I
Off Cairo. Dor 15, i
LiPitsTonr kind donation of three boxc* of
hospital slog's. forwarded to this vosrrj by Lieut.
Wm. It. liotf, arrival raf.-ly November Irth, and
w u* placed in the hands of our Surgeon foi distri
bution. The’ receipt or them would have been
ackiiowlcdgvd sooner, hot U& Sr tier having been
rdsbud. we were rot certain to whom we were In
debted for this kindness.
Contributions like these, arc always aceeptible
to the siik sailor or soldier, both of whom appre
ciate kind treatin' ct and attention. Who are more
<Wtrr}rg of woman's can? atid sympathy than
they who on the water ard by land are now tacri
fMcgtheirllves.h'-alth and the comforts of home
to sustain tbit glorious heritage of on r fathers for
which th< y eo gt nm>u»ly aa J uoblysacrificed thrir
li ves tnd fcitatic-. trd "iihhhelr blessings on u««
a nnth d. Vjippy tnc pros porous people; ca'b took
flight i.ntil al! nassr-u to tn» ir eUrtiat home—gn!d.
cJ np bv the whiit-wicgvJ angej of n-avpn. lc*r
inp earth *Jtißfli d that all was well. Not oue n>
staiua to view tlir fhaltervd wreck of tho great
temple they labored and ruflVred so lorg to Build
on a sure foundallou. on ■wb«»e lofty height* oar
Codders stood, prcKlaitnifg liberty to mankind.
Alaer one troarhcrocs rock wa? act sound; itglve
way beneath the weight of loyalty, and let lall
another and another, nutll the mighty work, the
admiration of Urn world, now standi* loitering to a.
fall. Menhr.d their flout r.rtrs to hvM It up
while l-'ing repabeJ; wou.tiu their eympatby.
their aid. their JovJrg care.
Yonr coclicneti Utmlrefs and care for the sick
and wounded will ;.lh vjatc Uie suffering of many.
Tbcwe in health have u* consolation of knowing,
*Uosld they meet misfortune, that they are
lot forptiten b; tbc bull-* of Cblcifo.
Wlthoct woman what would tin* wrrln be. what
Lome. Whatman, wlut liberty* Nuthlng,
Ladles we fight for von; help ns. and the. war
will srcedllv end. autl ncace again be with us.
I'ray God it may he eo. Very mp« tfully.
J Tour obedient servaßL
Jff-rrn L Arntv, A> ting >i«slcr Cota’g.
<- 0 y, 5 J H. lVm ul •' otth. Mr*. F I* Van Wyck,
' uAi E Hlagli-. h>-4 to. : a:*« fif ; A; ’ v-!'-
c . , - Vj--; Of ’v7;..
cnicnAi icr ATrncTii^^-.ir.
Ncftfi© anfl 25cVlcl<'r on the “Chicago
Times, ■' *
•U the close of the first phy, “Vmiiuonde.
Vi c Theatre. Tv ( right. V. r. .T.' a . .T. wi,
t-nt'.uibia-ticjllT called for, iu compliance with
«LUk be un;i before the dr. p curtain andapoko
eJvbUUraJlynb follows;
J-cJU* and (■'ka-/o;-r,rrsitme I
to ••\prcestnr'.“eastndt‘ that notwithstanding the !
risnders beeped. upon mi* during the past two !
wvekfc, lh.-,o are still those v.ho are roy frleadj, i
and I arc gratified ia seeing hero to-night a good
bouae. Y..u expect mo. and perhaps Ulsdae to’
mytKlf .swcUaß toilr. M«-Tlckcr. that I should
state tome facts concerning the vile slanders that
have appeared la the Tim.-s. The fall
pedigree of .the so-called editor of that
dtlcclahlo sheet 1 cannot give, r.or do
you want It. Bnt be used to scribble
for a paper In Detroit, where he controlled the
miserably tuaaapcd theatre, and bad free passes
for as many Udj.-a and gentlemen, loafers aad
bladomards as hv plcaseu Jo favor. Ue col kicked
out of Detroit, and cam - to Chicago, where be has
demanded the same privileges. 11. re he find-a
good theatre, ably managed by a mnn aad a gentle
man. who Is not influenced tram what he considers
his duty, by either the favor or the anathemas of
the Timet. Hence, he vents his spleen uui ouly
njKJuMr. McViiker. but still more ;oTcrelrnp«n 1
me. comparatively auouUi:l..,,.4riy. In eiplana- 1
nation let me say that betore 1 had conelnd.-d my
engagement atiz-'iaannaUs, Mr McVlrkur wrote
me that the calm that always succeeds ihi storm,
would follow the unprecedented rush attendant
. during Ccbaa’engagement; and thaU must nut be
disappointed if I Wda slim house here—aad even
after the (ommcnccuftut of my eugayment here,
1 proposed to reduce the sum I wi;» to receive,
but Mr. McVlckvr declined, staling thv. after p-.v-
Ing me til ho liad originally agreed to. the attend
ance was such ns to pay him well. (Cheers.) With
out appearing to blow my own trumpet. I will state
that during theprst teu yuan I h-r.c been upon
the stage in the united Slates, with the exccpiioi
of one year spe nt in Europe, aud 5l e-. ems rather
singular that It Is left to ««th au editor at ihl« bite
d-.y.l»first make thedJpcotcry that Ipu.-ecssno
merit as an actor.
Why this poisonous fellow hat rented his spier a
nj or. ni.-, 1 leave tin- cuie.-ua of Chi. aco to Judge,
having appeared before them several time# durin/
tl e p&el ten ycare, and always having been well
nceived, icheers) If I live to see next fall, I expect
to appear before you again, the Timtt to the con
trary, uotwithi-tandlng. (Cheers.> I hare npp.-ar
cd to-night in two characters—those of actor
and—-speaker; eo he will doubtless give mea
double do»u. Thu whelp will wiiliout doubt crawl
away tohls kennel, aud give another yelpto-mor
row morning. (Tmucaooun ivpp’tuse.)
Mr. ScV icker.who war loud!) called fcr.nud>* hi a
apjx arance, and said that he feared ho should be
nm.MetO!»atitylis? frh nje, by such remark* a#
thry probably expected from him, iu regard to the
vindictive calumniator of the Ti%n**. lie always
made it a point never to take the advantage of any
person, even an enemy, and a# the writer of the
s> urnloui slanders In the T\n** could not have
the privilege of replying to hire In the Tliealre,
he suould forbeariroia any remarks npou the »st>-
jl-rt. He will fight him with hi* own weapon—the
rcn.Whcuthr T imsA’man blunders him,or thoee in
hie employ, the public ivay expect to hear from
him iMcV.)arvpiy insomu other slu-t-t.
Both gcrilnuan were enthusiastically cheered
during tnc delivery of their remarks.
United States Cxncrir Coukt.—The Hon. Da-
Tld Daria. Judge o', the Supreme Court of the
United States for thlr judicial circuit, has arrived
is the city, and will occupy the beach in the
United Slates (Ircuit Court here fora Lrkfpnrlod. ;
There arc a number of cstci of importance to
tome before the Court, which we shall lay before
onr traders as they are railed.
Smii—B CoLTtT—Srfo.-a the Cbr/rf in Bcr.k.—
Tti* argument on tit bill filed In the chant fry cam
of Hager tp. Whitrhourc cl al. was concluded yes
terday rooming by Judge Arrington, and the Court
rendered a decision. An adjournment was imme
diately ordered for the term. The April term >lll
comma nee on Monday, the 6tb.
Corr.TT C’oeut— r.tfvre Hen. J. T>. Bnjhtdl. —
The will of the late cx-Alderman Sylrettcr Seaton,
was yesterday offered for. and admitted to probate.
The y idow is appointed *olo executrix. The
taloe of the estate Is estimated at $50,0.0.
The will of the laic ex-Alderman Geo. Silts was
also aeiaiitul to record, with J. E. Silts, admiula
tratcr. •
We-teen EjpmrrNczs.—The
cn at pianist is r.'auOrl &» impressive with the pen
a? with the p'utio. If ueoielo judge from the few
spefln enp that w« have seen. A private letter of
Lie bftj toned it? way Into the i\-aitr de* E-att
f /.i-, In which he gives a ludicrous account of hid
Tt-ccht Wcstirn experience. The Indecent baste
with » bich he and hio fillow artUts were hurried
from i lace to place is advened to, and after be
wailing his frequent surTeringe from hunger—Cor
he often had no time to take a meal, and one
day llst-d for eighteen hours on a paper of can
tries nnd six apple*—lie concludes with these
Lxsr.s;-.g reminiscence*:
"Oi ce. in * title town in Ohio, a charming yoantf
girlaidlu-r mothert-pent all the timeof the cou-
Cert in alaring at xny feet. Their immoderate
laughter attracted my aUcutlomand after having
vainly sought for some time to diviae the caused I
at !a»t pertelved t!mt it was the movements of my
l. et ot the pedals which aroused their mirth.
They did not know theureof these appendages to
the piano, find only aaw inroy mbremests a rort
of Isi Utll. trepidation, or rntilmcniary chare
regrsphy. In tLc same village, a man, observ
ing tue* unboxing of my grand piano, asked
me what I called that‘big accorJeon/ Bat.b'tme
araun you. these exceptional cases are rare, and I
am often anstonlshul at the progress of civilla
tion In our reentry.
■•There Is no village, however small, in which
voticm.net find on«-or mere pianos. The'Wfcis
periuj; Winds’ of W’oobxihaupt. the .‘SlUer Spring’
of Hafou.tbc •ilonurt. ry Bell*’ of Lefebre Wciy,
cud t( on I name it I) the Last Ilepe of your hum
ble servant. and farm in a sad condition. 1 admire.
« ouderf&ily. th«* compositions of Wyolenhaupt
audMasou. but they will pardon mo for speaking
of llama* I do. when I ?ay that even my paternal
love for the ‘Last Kept* has succumbed under tho
terrible nef'ssity of meeting it at every -lep. of
p’a*i::clt even- evening. and bearing it played
eveivuay. 1 had-decided to exclude Ulrom my
pm/ramicf ■?, hut alas! I received between tho
parts of a concert ,ln» little town iu Wisconsin'. a
little note asking, 'Will Mr. Oottechalk oblige
•A i/•/*,-* hr young ladi.f who have studied ‘Last
Hope' by playing raid piece?’ I abandoned myself
tc- f«t*. ar*i have atnee then rccopuixc*! the 'Last
12op<’* a» one among other Inevitable afflictions of
my life.'*
raxomjEn'* Corat—Guano aivs Petit Jcb.xbs.
—Tbi# morning the following lista of Grand and
Petit Jcror* were drawn for the April term of the
Recorder's Court, which commences a week from
next Monday:
Brandt Pieters. P. H, DIx.W,
\V Boynton. Fred. Kla;n. Daniel Solowar. Henry
Osborne. Daulc! TValter, Janus Otis. G. W. Cook.
Jor- ! ;.h l’:a!t,S. 5?. Barrett. S Oanay, 3LB Smith,
WortiroerDonogbac. Oliver 11.Luc, Johaß. Drake,
Mi-tad Trtrnan. John J. Kelly. Thomas 3. Dicker
son. Jacobi Andersen, Henry Forsyth, .1. C. Calk
ins. Wm. Sbnfelt.
J't-i’ •>;prT^—J. J. Sands, Owen McCarthy, Fred
Opitx. Samuel Hoard. Wm. Waller. H. Deal. G. M
Higglnson. O. P. Hoot, B«nj. Foreman, Henry Ar
iir.iu, G. W, Cobh. James Handley. Hiram H.Uill.
Wc.E. Doggett. Issar Greenfciuer. Robert Law,
rbar. Sat jaman. J. G. Humphrey, S. D. Kimbxrk.
W. W. Eddy, L. J. Swift, Jam-ji H. Gray, J. 31.
Notice to the Public.
SaMTAiir Gin Concert i
No. C Mbtuoi outaxPuock.
Cuicjgo. March 2Mb. 1863. )
L. tor.sfqnerce of the many friends of
the ctihlicre, who ha: e the Sanitary Gift
Concert tickets for sale in various parts of the
country, and up to tire present hour we are unable
to learn th-* number of tickets sold; aKo
from EutiKftrtia «o’.:citr.tlon» from the
friends cf the soldiers in the country,
who propose to get up club* for the Sanitary
Gift Concert ticket*, if th-yeonld only have sodl
( imt time, and a!;Uripann<: that the ticket#may
not all be sob! by Saturday crenlug, March 28lh.
it l* deemed advisable to postpone the Sanitary
(.»jt Concert fora few days, amt thereby Insure the
ulr of all the tick* U. as the afllh tea troop# are in
nodcf all the nrsirtacce that tan be given them.
ltd# course, th*; Directors believe, will meet
with the approbation of the public in behalf of the
sichccd lufft-riLS soldUr*. Therefore, the -S’ani
rniy Oifi l on&rt •# postponed until Tucrday cro
ning. April 7th. at jlclropu'lUnllail. The tickets
ate ell dat< d March tfcth, but t!icy will be good for
n.- jK)stpctemtt.t night, April 'fta. Thcfore, tick
rT-hoh'cr# r.ced not hate any fear in regard to their
ticket;. Those who desire to .assist the sick
‘■(K'p-by thepurdiasc of .•Hini.'ary Gift fjonttrl
•i. Itt*. had better t-oy them forthwith, as the sup
ply may not be equal to the demand.
Only ti.U/j tickets will be issued. In answer to
TiDcitrcut Itnulrie- In relation to the manner of
dii-rriliutitg the prices, a card will le published in
the xarioQs papers in a day or two. giving the mt
rfu*i .;;-traaa» of divtributi’ig the clfta.
AH ortlin* for ticket# mn#; b«* sailrt #»i'«l to
W. H. C. MILLER d: CO.,
P. O. Box 0,201), Chicago. TU.
M J. Havu-Ton. Secretary. mh27-3t
Scm>at LErrrr.E.—By general reqn-sl, Dr.
Dulnry, the Central AXr.caa explorer, will repeat
hi# ethnological luctorecu “Tho Progress of Git
ih.'-ailnn: or. Ore Susceptibility of the African
Race to the llighcft Civilization,'* at Metropolitan
Hell. Sabbatli aflcnioos. Hall op<*n at 3: leclore
to comm* nt n o'clock. The small fee of ten
o Us will be clmrsed to defray expense#.
Bonus Dcttok.—This charming “ little fairr”
ron.taencea her levee* "Jit Metropolitan llvlj. on
Monday aflcrr.coj, and will continue every afu-r
--nooa an 3 evening during the week. A* this is her
fir i;t aMt to our city, elm w ill doubtless meet with
si tordiaPwelcomc. DoUle is nearly Id years old.
ln«.he» tall. and weighs only 15 pounds, a mete
atom of humanity. ana yet, it U said, in perfect In
form and f-atnre, bright, active and Intelligent,
and entertain-* her visitors with a quiet and 'ra*j
grace. wbldi might will becoplfid by many of marc
Mature years, and of a larger jtrowla. She in by Car
the smallest person in the world of her asm, who
[ ha* e»t.; appeared upon the stage, belngonlyahouf
f one-third as large an Gen Tom Thumb. In addi
tion to the attractions offered by Little Dollic. a
grand convert will be given at each levee by Miss
K. A.Mareh. a lady who is said to |K>-seas rare mu
sh al abilities, and who is a great favorite la the
Eastern cities.
JS" Coughs. Hoarseness. Asthma, or any Irri
tation of the Throat, or Bronchial Tubes, rellev**d
hy allowing one or *’ Brown’s Bronchial Troches '•
todlaeohc istlie mouth. All Druggists seTthcta.
%ST We call attcnlioa to the advertisement of
Tom Thumb photographs is another column.
tSTCook t McLain. Dearborn street and 121
Bontb Clark street, clean and dye ladles* dresses,
shawls. Ac. Gmta* coats, vests ani pants reno
vated in a superior manner. Bonuats dyed,
olearht d and pressed in the latest style.
mblo-3ia -
pT T. E. Rigby. PS Randolph street, is selling
Paper Rangings at less than New York prices, at
wholesale and retail. m2Mn
All diseases of the eye, no nutter of how
lone standing, are cnr«d by a purely vegetable
trialmrnt. by Dr. T. W. Thomas, No. h, M. E.
Church block.
N*. B—No dutrgu made for examination or con
sultation by letter. 3*. O. Box, 1812. mchul-Ct
l*at>cr Hangings, wholesale and .retail’
Largest stock in the city at CHASE A CO/S, 109
Ratmolph street. ml-lm.
BiaKms.—The following list ofapproved form* of
Pension. Back Pay and Bounty BLANKS are for
bile at the Tittnuw* Office. Sent by mall, post
paid. Seventy-five cents per quire. Cash moat
nvcetupsny the order.
Application forTianafor of Pension.
-• of Widow for Payment of Pension.
“ of Invalid Pensioner fer Payment of
Claim forDom* and Equipment,
flaim of Heirs for Am are.
Dcrlarat:on of Minor Children for Pension.
“ ofOrptianSirtarfurPeasioo.
Application fer Bounty and Arrears.
Ir'Sl’x'r^:-ion Claim.
Fwdat Ers.vxKO, March 2T.IC-05.
*' Is- moo"T markel In.- br«»*. »ialel.t>urt -••I'O
business has hern more active. Tin- derail .L-mrat
xcd ana h-tr rife In busitc s e cir-’ce, '.low tUy*
•»ii.ee, begins to di-r.ppcar. anil bn -..err to r'sumc
Its accustomed cbtLU’-l*. Toney, though. do»e,
c.-n atQl btuptoeur-.-d oy tho .best customers, bat
aeccinijiudationa arc lotfiuvd to the narrowest
possible limits.
tic-IJ bus been a Ulth* firrtcr. It opened at 135\
i»e firel reported from tnc “curbstone"’ opera
tor», but during the. ic«.iotu of tho board, as re
ported here by pri v i;o dispatcher, if was steady at
Ai'H till non. vae close, when it rose to 40\. The
dispatches of the Associated Press, given below,
nia/warya little, but the trsonctioo* here were
made on the above figures. Oor brokers paid IST
C-Ka. generally the upper figure. Buyer*are not
disynml to keep very close to the Wall atri-’t
* Jicw York exchange Is still dose. Tilth the ox
r.ptlon heretofore noticed buy at .•»' and sell at if-
The scarcity of currency make- somcof
the b-.uka hold exchange not quite au firmly as
Others. *
I The price of silver was
Old Treasury soles were bonght the same as
gold. Ntw nominal at ’» buying, adting at
. Some of the brokers paid lofcfor Indlanx'an.l
Kentucky, while ethers who supposed themselves
letter pO!-»c»s>d, would not buy. It U reported
l!i»l the branches or parties that were willing gold
a: a high premium, and retiring currency at a low
one, making a very nice thing " oat of It. have
withdraw ii from the market. We give the rumor
lor what it Is worth.
lowa Stat*Basii.—Byan advertisement loan,
other roinmn. It wDI be seen that W. P. Coolbangh
•4 Lo . will redeem the bill# of the Stale Bank of
lowa, In ibis city, !u Treasury notes at par, and
In exehaege on N:vr York, at not over S' of
one per cent, premium. This Is a Capital move,
and will make lowa currency a favorite with our
business public. The banks of the Stat? of Illinois
ought to follow this good example. They all hue
agencies for redemption, cither In Springfield or
Chicago,but the rates. If we mistake not, arc not
so favorable as iloee of the lo*u banka.
Fetdat ErEXiKo, March 27,15«3.
arvxnrs ren ran last TwxsrT-rcm noun#.
Floar.Tf hcaLCoru. Oata. Rye. Brl’y.
brls. bn. bn. ho. ba. bu.
OiUI'KR.. 524 1»X) 2357 7713 179 179
RIKlt s'o .... 400 .... 700 ....
luCKK AO 2100 1060 1200 .... 350
CP Ai> UR... «I 700 4500 1!“» 2200 ....
*A»7 ICC .... 1*32 ... 712
A&Si L Bit *7 1W 100
JS32 5572 10656 ICSW3 3120 32a
Graes T:il- I,lt* Dr*’» Beef.
Seed. Lard. low. Hoc*. Ho-rs.C'tJe.
Jbs. lbs. lb*. No. No. No.
O * Vli iili... 1720 2-JSO .... €OO- 32 336
RIKlt.. ifOO .... 456 .... 5W7
111 CR R 42C0 CGOO . .. 450 15 112
CBJAOKR 000420 2891 mi .... 47fi
NIV KII 16 OS 7 147
AA St Lit R 1215r6 SO 201 .... 4S
Total 4«335 2572 3073 61 UM
Eicnrxs AND HiirUCNtd BT CaS'AI.—HAUCII 2tJ.
[Lumber, ft. O'/’Ct
j Shingle*. no 110.CW
The market for gold Ibis forenoon rallied slight
ly and the general produce was taverabl; affected
Tlic Wheat market rhovroda decided Improve
ment, under light receipt*—only £,57.1 bushel*—
and an act!to speculative demand, priree of spring
grade? advanced 2c onNo. 1, sndl£dr t* bushel
cc So. 2 Spring. About 35,003 bushels changed
hand? at for No.l Spring. and Weft
$1.04 for No. 2 Spring, according to the age of the
r« ceipn. Winter Ibv.-Ipti* of No. 2 ranged from
fl.H‘stl.o2K< *hd 3fo-1 from $1 ThSH-IS.
The Flour market was neglected, nod the sales
■were light, mostly on terms kept private.
Com was also in good demand, and we note an
Improvement of 2c V bushel—with rales of winter
receipt* .M lied Com lu store at 10ft 10*.’c, and fresh
receipts Rejected at 41/i'c.
Oats were In better demand, and the market was
firm—with raks of Mo. 1 at &T3«QSIr for winter
receipts. aud33*i<|>36,Vc for fr*-sh rccripta.
Itye wss quid at “do. Barl°y was cold at
$1.20. Uighwii fsweremore artlve—with s.aiosat
4&£Ulc. Clover Sued was hold at sl-55£3 oil—a.
v«ry material decline. Timothy seed la scarcely
saleable —fair quality changing hands to-day at
$1 50-
The Provision market is quiet. and all we have
to report is a lot of city-* ut Shoulders at 4: loosu.
and steam rendered Leaf Lord at tie.
Freights were more active to-day. Three ve*-
feiswtre chartered at Kfcfor corn In Baffalo. ISc
lor com and 16c for wheat to Oswego.
The receipts of Beef Cattle to-day were liberal—
flout 2.W0. Owing to an active shipping and
speculative demand, the market waa rampant and
ixcited with a wide range of prices. Several
droves changed hands some two or three times
during the course of the flay, paying a handsome
profit lathtime to the seller. About 1.500 head
tbat<r*d hands at a.range of p3G0&6.23.. The
market closed firm, with a strong upward ten-
Liv.' Hog* wore In fn’r fipply, and quiet at
I; ftlfc. with sales of about 2,000 at a range of
$1 SfG-LSO- The market riosed quiet.
New York Slock and ITloney Iflarket,
ByTelcgrspb.l N*w York, March 27,
br«v( zL&~Setor.d Jeon/—Belter and dull.
rhl AH. I !i&\ I Central.... .. 00
I*.F. IV. & C 5!*% i 111. Cent 87
( I. v. i Tol. MS ! A. A T H.iur, .... Tfl
c, 4 r !♦■»* i r.Ft vr.&c 2d..ito
t'.‘& Pitt# .*. Hl* I To}. & Vr'ab. 2d.... «9
Mich. Scu. gtd 'X>H jM.S. rf lid
JJirh. Southern..... 5-I*, I Va»6«..... Ch
tb** | Cal. 7s.
IlrJe. pfd,
r.S.Ct* *ei c..|C.VfclosM | »?-10Tre*#*y IftflV
V S.fi# I year cert.lOUS 1 L*. 3.54*74 conp... kl.\
, Hostt—Sterling exchange firmer and very lim
ited business. 15fv>156 for first das a bil!#.
Gold feverish and unbilled, opening at 55. id
vetcirg to Ls. and closing at 4o>i,
Export* from New York.
The following w ill ebow the export# of produce
asd merchandise (cxclirelve of specie) from the
port cf New York, for the week ending March wd,
and since Jan Ist:
For the week $1,411,342 *fr*W.B!3
PrcvlOusly report’d. SS.’-tJ!.411 -J8,W3,1G7 4MVM.7IJ3
Total since Jau. 1.
Ir.dudedlnttc exports of domestic produce for
the week are 073.1K* galls petroleum. 30J brl* pot
ad.r#. 17 bilfj.wirl asbc?. 2,271 frs b«*'4 wax. 81,-
mS3 tils wheat Cour. SM hi Is pre Hour, 2,s<Sbris
< orn ha ‘wheat. 35,113 bn rye. 611 ha
fats. IM.I-Wbu 'om, 6.6'S bu peas, a,2(<opkj*# - an
elf*. I.ll*l tons coal. lOObsu-s eottoa, 570b.de? hay,
t(V bake tops.tS bris .«pts turpentine. US brls tar,
4b bIU ro-ia, 10 brie pitch, titd/TO gslls whale oil,
esll* »p< rm oil. fi.uaa galli-lard oil, galls
Hiisred oil. 4.4-tS bri# pork. ASMtrls and 1,202 tea
l««f. B.rCM.liy tiS CT; n.fnte. 120.131 lbsbUttiir.tSSft,.
tr-f «licefe. .173 Ibo Inrd, ter* and ICtf brls
ricr. Dfil, .’Stt fra tallow. 2.&U8 lbs whalebone. 1.53
rhdf atd 1,047 uthorpkgs crude tobacco, and 30,-
<«9 Ibsxuacufactnrcd do.
Baltimore rroTWonMarhcl-ilTcb 23.
Trsneacllora are confined to jobbing lo.b of
bacon, for which we notice a fair demand. Lard
amt barreled pork and beef are neglected, and
prices nominal! \\>quote ns follow#: New mess
pork sld irftld.so: old do $ I4.00?bl I 25, and prime
me## sl4 50 V brl. Beef—Western naked No 1
do dome** sls tad Dalll
more do do S:LSO. and $16.00 brl. Bacon—New
should) r# 6LCt6\e: sides *,ViT?;c; plain hams
fdOtfv. Htter ftuure fur r.uiT:ic>-ed; miua?
cored do HC'lllfc p Ct. Bulk Meat—Shoulders*
5Mc; sides M*C£7c; and hams 73t7.t<c. Lord—
\y cetera HTULS’c; country aud re
fined ll’c lb.
Philadelphia Flour Tin rkcl—TTarch 25
Tliemarket for Flour continue# depressed and
dull, and the demand both for export ni.il homo
use very limited at quotations, uttly alkmu 2j*>brl9
i minion and eoO‘l*up< rfiuo
Q6.25: 500 brl# northwestern <'xtra family at $7.01,
and l.titic brlf. Ohio do at $7.50P5" “5. mostly at the
lait* r rate, fern good brand, at which figure#tir-rc
are-more seller: than buyer-. The trade are tak
-5i g hold in a vtunll wav only, within the same
rtt.gc of prices for #npcrfln»; and extras, and from
S#.u to *9 00 7? brl fi.r fancy brand#, a# in qualttf.
fijeriouTl# uni* tiled an I i-elliug in a sniaU way
at’ $4.7Wj5.00 9 hrl. Coni Meal is dull nlsd.<U for
Pc i m-yhaida and $ I 60 for Bmndyw sdc.
Milwaukee 'Wheat Market—March 20.
RvcH.vrfl. s.llO bu. Tlio wheat market opened
ncmlnally lower yerterday, but after the re -elpt of
di*pat«bei* from New York, contradicting the rn
nuifß lliat pula bad pone down to HI. It rallied .«Ilt
t>. ted on 'change prlc*# ruled about Ic higher
than Wedimoday. The sales for cash were confined
to a few thousand bueliM* No. 3 f-prhig. at W*i* in
fto*c. and fox future diUvrry, comprised about
rO,« 00Vu No. 1 do. at a range rtf si,pu to juo. To
Aprils! was tb<* longest option eold, am! *ale« for
delivery up tc that date .were specificd to he cub).-.. t
to 4r pierage. Bummer storage commences on the
1(111; of April. No, 1 wa* offered at $1.09 for cosh,
but buyers were not disposed to pay over $ 1.9 c.
Seed* lii Philadelphia—HXurcli 25.
There is v ery little elovcn-fw-d offering or selling,
and pries * arc nearly nominal it JTnyii't.73 i> ba.
Tin.titl’y Is quiet at 5a.00a9.30 ? on. Of flaxseed
nrl»es r»rgi- at $3.7.V&4 O) for rensh. and SIAO 53
hu for recic&iiet!, for sowing, which is wanted.
Onl* iu St. LoutH—march 20.
At ilic opening buyers took hold pretty freely,
at nV, but soon withdrew from the market. Sales
comprised only LOW to 1.600 sk j tt 80c, and SCO do
in t-. tond hand sks at TSo.
SI. LocU Seed Marhri-TTarcli 28.
Clover lower, with ralrsofSbrla at $5.15 » bn.
barrels ij.cluded. Timothy also lower, with iDbrls
at fl.tft. barrels included. Hungarian advancing,
with sales of l«sk# at $1.75, and 14 brls at sl.*-A,
. xciiislve of paikagee. Salvaof C ska uilkt at $1.75
exclusive of sucks.
Clnclniißtl Seed Slnrkct—lWarclx 26.
A continued dr.ll market foe clover, aod prices
declinedtb $1.KQ,490. with sales of 40 sacks at
these prices. Timothy is also lower, bntil-laln
fair demand at the decline. W'c now ‘:uote It In
lots at $2 (0.
Ifaltlmorc S«*od ?li»rkct—!TZarcb2s,
There is very little doing In grass seeds. Clover
rules heavy at SS.TKj:BOO. and Timothy at
2A5 per bushel. Flaasccd le scarce and prices
New. York Wool Markct-infarrli 2S.
Wool has been inactive: there are no buyers at
previous rate* and holders are not presnlug their
storks upon the market. Wo notice sale-* of US.O>O
tif fleece at £6&H>c; email i-tlce of pulled at Dsc.
PhlladripliU Provision Market—
March 25.
Tliero Is a very Utile demand for barreled meats,
and we quote rrew pork at sls6V&bi.(o fornew.
Rrefls steady at SI2OC'CIS.OO* the latter for ciiy
Efirkfd mcee. Beef hams are worth SI7*JI7.W V
rl. Bftcon moves off slowly atPftllcfor plain and
fancy L»mr—the dt ruand la mostly for the lAtxer—
Btci ahocidcra cl c. Of griyr. meats the w
cvlpte ai d fair* are mo<!-rate, tnrla-liiw *•- in
xji: u : ; doloj.ichlra’ '' buhieLOaUefs
TV;, and al.ii-salft'. Lord i- and about
tiXHcr* prime wc.dern m*V : n< H s } c t k-.-yn -W" livid
a’,ls:; countrylaworth&ij.iii^c..
‘ I Seeds In 5cw ■ Vork-Marcli 25.
f.'m r;. ;n ’.Midi - fci.ftt ’ ,■■•/*•' for rO*U
li o' ;r> (-* ;i' :• r«.-rif flin' Timothy :? d:*!i it J
('!*!> i,Mal.;<rf'd ts inactive, amluor quotations are
cal-Jily vtiJiii-l.
Ocean FreJslxt# »i Xc\t *ork- TTzr. 2 5.
To I.ltttpcol, gO-brls flour at 1? 0J; t.LuO bn
vhi-at at * h«l: BOtro* Urd.nl2o?: {WOircabccfftt
<«• pi-r ui ulrnl, 50brl? lard oilat 25a; 850 tee lard
atfJtie Sd: per steamer. 800 hag? Hofer swd at W».
To London. iC<» t»-*» beef at3n; K?) brl« pork at :is;
:i<t u e do at 4* 6d, and per neutral, l«) lea beef at
T-r -OObif bacou ftl fLstfiSTs 6d. and 83U tea lard
ClnclnuaU It alley jnarltct-.Tlarelt 26.
The market is unchanged and «jolet. We qnolo
prime fall at »l.Cdai.w; state ftiring at ?1.5 6
j 56: and Chicago epriugat fl-WJI t.tß.the outside
qiiotition? fur strictly prime qualities. The re
floTcrumcut CuuiractN.
[Prom the Bsllimore Americna, Match 23.)
The following contractu were awarded yerfterdiy
by Capt. Ttiomas riulHvai), ratted diale«* Com
mir?aiv of Subsistence: ponmairai: 4 McCulty,
Baltimore.Ce.COu 1/r new
atJuSd cash per 100 lbs; do do P'.'.O’.Xl u>w new
bacon shoulders, without cover?, at $7 43 cash.
C< orceCastsrd, Paltimore. W,ouo S)a new bacon
sides. In cover*, at taab; do do 50,000
jba new bacon shoulders, without rover?, at
f7 15 cash. Dxakeley attd Fenton, Baltimore.
W.tOO lb? bacon shoulders. In covers, at
*- a». '•ertiflrates. H R. L'oggefball, Baltimore,
150100 Pwiyellow COiJei- eiijjftr. at 13?« c. per Ih. A
Crovexnan, Baltimore, 83.1 (Jo Jb? hard brown soup
at Ibe per pound J. B. Eustaian 4 Co. Baltimore,
500 hr!? extra floor at $s a 5: brls cut extra
at $7 f*,>. uud 41C b:ls superfine at $7 10. T. W.
t«iugU-. Baltimore, 230 brf? extra at $.5,26. and b0
brls. do at $b 2‘*. S»mu<*l Elder A Co., BtUicuiro,
f-hO brie cut extra at fV.sO; tat) brie do at ?*.70
n:d ‘A*! tfl» do at 17.0k George sanerwelu.
Balfiti.cre, 1.450 btl? extra at $3 35. W, E.
Woodjear. Baltimore, 600 bfls extra at
is.V4. tiamtiel Dner, Bsltlraore. SGO hrl«
extia at $6.53. JL T. Kei.nede A Bro.,
Pittsburg. 6.0 0 barrels extra at $6.37. cock* y
»t Co . Baltimore. I,«XJ brU extra at $6.25. Solo
mon Comer, Baltimore. J, 100 brla extra at $6.*5.
Rol ort Trson, Baltimore, 1,000 brla extra at $8.20.
John Ketauvrr. Baltimore. I.GG t«rl» extra :tl $6.-
15. .TuliJi S. Brice naltimore. 500 br!r extra $6.30.
►CObrlr do ats>- **. ai.dKVJl'tl* do at $6.20. 11. R.
C«cg« fhall, Baltlmora. 1.000 b;ls extra at $6.15
Fiantis A. Gibbon?. Baltimore. LOO hrlft extra at
sb.i.v. George M. Ehnnan. Baltimore. 600 brla ?x
--: Payment for all the flour tsk:n to be
made in Cnlten Status cettlflcaleß Of indebted
IfcsterD Crop News,
[From the CinrJmmti Price Current.)
Pxt.rsTiNß. CnxwroiiD Co.—About one-fourth
It-?? foil v.heal Hjwn than was last B:ason, audit
dees no) look well.
There Is less corn, hut more wheat, in Urn handa
of farmer* la«l Spring. A larger quantity of corn
was fed to cattle and nogs than nuia!. owing to Us
low price last fall. The open winter, and conic
«iui nt bad road?, prevented farmer? from bringing
ineir wheal to market, and h?Dcc there is more of
laei year's crop r.ow in their baud?.
Qlincv, Adas? Co,—About the same amount o?
uh- at *ownln*t full ns wa? the previous out, and
it looks well—never hater—and the prospects so
far are in favor of a large crop.
Then* i? more tnau double the amount of corn
In the band- of farmer?, than was a y«.xr ago, but
i.ui not any more wheat t inn wa? la?t spring.
RucUYiAa. fcLIiLXLtE Co.—Oar-ILXJth XilOtO till
wheat sown than wariast eea*on, built dorsnot
look well, owing to the epeu and unfavorable
There le roucblofsccir., but rather more wheat,
iu tliv hand* of farmer* than wan fast spring
Natl*-.—Om-fourth le-a wheat sown than tvu
last s-a-on, and oa ibl lamb u is Dadlyfroracout.
but on dry rcliing laud it looks very well and
Not ever oncfoaitb as much corn and wheat la
the bands of farmer* as there was la*t apring.
sln.n>s. hKEfn.- One fourth more land non n
with w heat than was the previous fall, and It looks
very woll.
There is full thirty per cent lers corn In the
band* of farmers or dealer* than wlast spring,
ard hardly any w heat.
KriT»«pr.fTMiSi.—More wheat s owu last fall than
I ever remember befora. aud it looks well, the w in
ter having been ftrombUs
Oiu- tbird Ivre W!) in farmers’b«ids than was
I:i»t spring. but hardly any wheat, not more than
w hat will I* needed for home tire.
Haui’Tiiv,-More wheat sown than last eecton,
and it looks WC:!.
There I? leeetorn and wbcatlc fanuers’ buds,
than wu*. last t-prtfg.
SnAwsEMWN.—One-thlrU less wheat sown than
last rf atoll, hot ItltM'ke well.
Much keg earn and wheat fanners' hamli,
than wa« last spring.
Dlta it n.— lino-third I, ?- wheat *o«nt than was
la;( *< asoi.-, and it looks bad, liAtiug bcenfruaeu
There Is U-m corn and wheat .in the bands of
farmers, than last spring.
SniiMifiELt).—One-Diirillf«B wbcalso'ciilnthls
part of the State ihnn was laet sea-on. which is
the voLsrCjUetiit of the ecnrcllv of ialior and
wet w- fttlt riu the fall. It looks wellfo far.
A grtat deal Ic-s com la the iian-ln of firmer*
than wes la-: rpriiig. owing loan uuugual consump
tion hr i talic brought U» this pvrt of the State
fjem ili—ouri.
Then- }.* more wheat in the hands of farmer#,
cm ing l«» the bad mads during Uri* fall and winter,
which pjcvrntHj them bringing it to market.
Hoc it laLAN'D —About the same amount of wheal
sown a? was fast season, nnd It looka very well.
De S'ito.—A much larger amount of wheat sown
tesn wr.s last season, and it generally looks well.
About the fame amount of com in farmers'
lands as was la-t spring, bet no more wheat than
is nccef sary for home u.-e.
WalEM.o.—About fifteen per cent, more wheat
sown than In any previous y>»r, and It looks
well. colwithrUinding the open winter. The fly
den* fotsje Injury, however. Prcpr.mliuna are
roakirg to row a large breadth of land with spring
About as much corn In the bands of farmers as
ws-lart spring, but lucre la no wheat for trpon
v orlhy ot ♦.ollce.
J-'aiurts'iTiiN.—A much larger amount of fail
"leaf sown tituu was la«l season, ar.d it looka
'cry w••11. There will be luas spring wbeal sown,
n* it h--s tail'd so often and no badly.
Th-:e is more corn In farmers'hands than ever
I etore, at this sea-on. but not one half tav amount
t f wheat U-ere war last -pring.
TEiit.r lUrrs.—Tbcro was more wheat sown
tl.onUsl eca-on, and U look* well and la jwJ
condition. .
The.-*, is ranch less remand wheat In the hand*
cf farmer*, tl an was last spring.
Michigan City.—About the ram'* amount of
■•brat tOA n e-\»r-Iti the fa!! of 1S*»1. Generali/
ejMitlis, lb-: prospects are favorable lor a good
crap, though in low fiat lands it has been impaired
S'>tnc j*r being frozen out.
.Mont the tame amount of corn In the hand* of
farmer? tieic vj s !j«; •prltg.bnX totmnrh wheat,
u? fa Ur tnrcc foanka of the cropwaa sect to mar
ket Ibm 'nil
Mvm is - More wheat sow:: than last season,
aaii U looks unn-nally well. If nothing should
happen to it between this ami harvest, the crop
will be a large one.
Ahcnt tin- eamc amount of corn, bnt not as
much whiat, in the hands of farmers as there was
iLi spring.
Wabash.—From ten to twelve per coni. loss
whcat.souutLau ’sas last oriKin. In the P report
of tr.c winter it looked well, b»;l the fre«-xi: g and
thawing weather Utterly, has injured iltoromo
2\nt over one-half the amount of com In farmer**
1 auds than wa# last epriisg. but there iadouhlu ti;e
kQioctit of rheat.
Jlvoxne.—About the same ahountof wheat t»owu
thtre was last ecaton. and it look.- well.
ITifrc Is ten p* r cent, more com bnt fifteen per
er;t. lt-a viheat-ln farmers’ hands, than wad last
spr; i
11* ; >v.—One fomth 1«-‘s wheat sownthantrai
last sc.;son. ami it looks rather uiipmniieliig.
There ie lee? corn and more whtat in farmers*
hands, than was last sprii g.
Mr. Vehnon.—About a- much wheel sown as
was sccruQ. l et owing to the absence of snow,
ami the freezing and thawtrg.it coe* not look well.
There I- veiy little com lirlbe hands of farmers.
Clovcn.roei t agent- ha«ing cleared this region
ptelty vi-nerally. •
Hardly enough vhcai is left in farmers’bands
for Lome use. till the new crop comes in.
VTniTtWATxn.—Fully three time* as much fall
wheat sown ..v was last eeu-on, r.cd it looks wry
Tht-tc if rather more com. but not overone-half
Ibe an.otmtof wheat, in thtihai:d-of farmers than
was last spring.
Atuen? - More wheat sown than w.t,- Inst sea
:cn. itiid it look? wry w.-11.
' Th«-fC Is more corn, but leas wheat, lit farmers’
Land; than was Inst feason.
Fuidat EvE.tt.vo,March 57,15U3.
b'Dl-IGETS—Tin* following engagements wore
mi;«lc : To I’cftal<v—Hark S. B. Pomeroy, corn, at
Cc. To f'Bwgoo—Srhr. Ilalpli CHaipbvll, corn, at
IP**; eihr. Ilftrbarlau, wheat, al ICe.
PROVISIUNS—Market dull. Bales were: 000
pc- 'ity-cnrcd Bhoubltn*, loose, at 4c; ICOtrcs
i ouTttrv =tenm Leaf Lanl at sc.
Tal.l.OW—Nominal at
liL TTr.R-24 kegs prime «t S.V.
FlA»ril—Rert'ived. J. 835 brla. Market neglected.
Su> a. .V.'O brls ** Volcano” Winter Sajicrruno on
{.rival* - terms.
IVHIL\T— JWeived. 5 6T2 bn. .Market active
i.rd buoyant. No. 1 Spring advancing 2c *1 bn,
jt'lU'i. 2 Spring 4<2Gc p ba. Sales were, l*.»J b«
N«* 1 Spring tic uteruge) in M. A S ’?. at $1.17;
1,110 bu do Me storage* at $1.15; 2.000 bn dojat
Si.lt>,: S.Wtlbn do ot $1.14; 3.000 lu doat #1.13,4:
40, Mu in do tin North side honecs) at $1.12; B’>o
iu do ;tfe storage) In F. and T.’s ut $1.12: 2.500 i'U
No. 2 Spring (2c etorage; in M. & 8.. and M. A. A
Co.’s, at |l.‘4: pj.tCOba dofn- storage'in North
side horn**, at |LCt!)s ; 22.0X1 bn do al $1.02; B,OXI
bu on at (1 00* i : bu do at $1.01; 13,000 bit do
utsl.oo; 400 In do (2c storigc) in S. 11. Jt Co.’s,
altfTc; O.Oi*Jbullij< - i.tedSpringvfa etorageiatßsc.
( ObN—Received, 10,6sfi bn." Market advanced
•>VLu- Sales were S.OfObu mixed corn In store
Mi- storage) ntdCV l *! 42ACO bn do at 4f>*<c: t.'»o
be do,-it Pic: l.ts.si bu rejected i - ?ostorage) at 42^c.
OATS— Deceived. 16.ir.Hba. Marketmoreft-divo
Mill flin. Fake. 3.{W) bu No 1 r-Jc storagei atWiVc;
to.tf'O bu do at COc; I.BHI ha du alM^c; U.OOJbu
iii» (If rat Me • fi.GOOhn do aIMJ-'c;
HVK—Her*hed, S.lSl* bu. Mntkel steady. Sales
VH a Ini No. 1 . se storage) at 7iic.
UAHLKT—Hcrt-lvcd. S.STS bn. Market one hang
ed. Sales 924 ska lacilnm at SI.BO del; 62 eka do
nt f6r on track.
lIICIIWINES—Market quick Sales Iflp brls si
4»rc; lift hris city at 41c. *
AIA OHOL- Aomln>l at [email protected]£Gc per cal.
t'LOVKU SEED—DeII and lower. Sales IS3 bra
go< d at $4 K>: GOhncfl do at $5 r *o.
TIMOTHY SEED— til* ska fair qualllv at *1 JJ.I •
13 ek« belied »ec;d at |I.SS.
DRIED FRUIT —< ton** N. T. tipple at 6»'c.
Eo(ib—2o brie at 10c; 10 brla at Jo; s c."
cmcAbo « tjm; ,’ivmiET
FutPXT Enaixo, March 27,1SCT.
BEEF CATTLE—Market osxitcd—prices taking
a v»ldcranirc. Sale* were:
Chapman soli Hoirii, liinneman A Waixell GO
head prime shipping beevee from 'Wu.jeu couatv,
MerrlU sold MorrD. Ulnnetntm & TVaixeU 17
head, averaging 1.1.N) los, at £4i&.
Var.dcrcock void Morriv, Kinaer.tan A'V.tlxell
23 head prime ehipping steers flora Warreu rcunty.
averaging 1.2W 6a, at fSTnU) per bead.
AVattesold MUD whom] prctnlnat etcert f-ota
McDonough coanty. tvetagiug 1,x7l lbs, iIJOJO,
and SI.OO per head boons.
Wlilffcn sold Ccmipbell IS bead premium -.tocra
from llecry tnnnty. averagtag Llfib B>e, at $5j23.
Waixell S3 bead, averaging 1,171 !ba,
Conover eold Hughe* 13 head fair grads steers,
RT.-ra-ring l,<«Ofts »t *3 5". ’
Drived sold Good 34 bead, arcraglug 1.171 ft*.
■at 14.25. ** * ’
Flntmons sold Hume 80 head, aTeragine 1.177
fts. at fchfio.
Siiunior.s sold Hughes 34 head, aterarinc I.OM
ft*. at|t.Co.
Arinina cold Bnmsldc ds Co. 15 head, atcracine
1.1/6 ft*. at #4 00. ** 5
h. * >TT * i * nm Btecr * fc * SIIO.W per
JakirFryc eold Ruble 91 bead, i-oraglug 1,092
fte. at (t£S. '
Tomer *• id Cramp 184 head aTmeln* l.v)n ft*,
at f4 w *=' ... ' j i tie ft*. *1^.75.
ftfVt'taT’* 1 J * oet;ctlla ‘ 61 be**. ••—baaing I.OM
d ’ CTb -* f ’ J,n S I,*W
, Jacobs 21 head, sr-r*slngl ( tsy
Grates sold limlh 61 head premium
5 quiet and likJßtt lower.
Sorb! AVe. . Price, j Dos?. AtV. - P.rice.
43 935',. .SJ.V-O!2M
210 220 4-£ « _ 4 5
if-c - i«c-- --i-"** aftjw
im ... i-T, - liimW' if) 2?,]*
6i 108 4.45 j« . »l -iS
ISO 183 ' 4. 50 a iW
\ETV YORK Marrii 47.—Cottos dall aii*l
1(-Vj3t ra«t (or SIIOdIIJE rpTmJJ- .
Fliuu Klitc, mid UK M s b.r:
Inn:lSiste.lSK®7.ls: Eo. Tradelirauam
Market dosing quiet.
shippers cot diepoved to operate. J»o F”f ln h
desire toreallzc. Corn, mere active and ic Is-tter
at [email protected] eonnd; aoOr.4c for 95cfo r
vwtirnydlow. Oats, in fair requestat .^^c.
Piumaios?—Pork heavy and lower at ÜBTH«
13.tS* for old rnees—latter P ric ®
inspected; $16.0U for new do;
for old and new prim#; and $18.00®!»
umw prime met*?. Beef d»H . aad
Prime Bi-M beef dull and nominal
easier awl dosed* shade unnerbul jera Qulit «
WC ll'Hc, lUitu r welling at 19320 c for Ohio, and
21 ftBB {or state. Chccao quiet at ll®lsc.
BALTIMORE, March 27.—Oiuw—Wlieat declin
ing. Bale? ol Red at f.l-6f>il.Cs. Corn ccarco. an f
unchanged. Gate buoyant: Pennsylvania at
OblO At 4S®43,VC*
Xlio Foreign JHarkctß.
Per Steamer Bohemia.] Telegraph.
Xjrtia-ooL, March 11.
CoTTi'K—Closed J<d advance on tic week.
Giurs—Wheat firmer. Com has an advancla,,
Comols-MS' for money.
AarmcxN Scccnmx?— Lower. Erie
discount: Illinois Central•Mijcdlw'ooal.
Lom os, M?r.h 13.—Sugar eteady, refln-dquint.
Coflce him and in good dimand. Tea unctaaged.
uanii>£ dtellioexcEi
Aitointmest or Orrit bus.—The slovinerMich-
Itttii which i* now hviug fitted out for
son’s biielue?? to ply thl? reason on the Lflko
Snrorlor route, bar received her appointment o.
oClcers. whlcli is as loll'**?: Captain, Albert
Stewart; First Male. John II- Crabie; Second
51nte, Robert Briton: Steward. P. Coomiy; U-rk,
iiippointiQciit.but uair.o unknown:) Engiuecr, h.
Mi LentflD. Her boilers are being tborougly over
banlcd, her cabins renovated, and the Ml< hbran is
otherwise to-day as substantial as evur.— De.rolt
A New Bauk.—Tl;C ptramer Western Motropo
li?, formerh of t!.o Cleveland aul Huffulo line,
vhiih la?t'fall wae diamnntledof her machinery
sod Cabin?, lb being cotmrted into a flr?t-cl«H»
hark, with nearly the same dimensions before.
her 1. rgth ?omc 268 f«*t, amt beam thasamea?
forn'crly. She wan purchased by H. A- Friuk. and
will b? fn n-iiiilncss lorcommlssloo on thcopomng
of navigation. Her model had been slightly modi-
C« d, h< r hull Elrcugtbened and rofaitened, and
from what weianleam, fcbo is dor lined toprpve a
fart sailer, and carry au Jram-nso cargo, wbo b?r
commander Isto b« or forwhat particular trado
she is intended, we have as vet not been advised.
Firrnto Otrr.—The schooner MountYernon was
to«o«lo>trftom the Canada ?ldo yesterday, to he
fitted out. The bark? faunnjidde and Indiana hnvo
al-ohetn dropped down Rom their moorings for a
bkepurpot-e. The schooner Nightingale, now
that she ha? completed her repairs, Is being newly
painted, amt Captain Tom Stevens this t*cason
will command her.— JblJ.
Tub iLatDBU and Goa-utbr Eorrr.v—The
►termers Cl.ua and Olivo Branch s-iccecd-d on
Tiu-frtiiylnworkinc their way Lrroiigh tlu-lrro
epet-li'e ckrtinutioii!-. nml yet-D-nlay w<-r< cuab.ed
to return after cij-vrltuclng dilli.u’ty with icc.
u uich prevented them from reacldiig here oa their
usual tW. The rhvt yesterday wa- well filled
with ;ic. notwithstanding wh!-h they again took
their dt partare as usual far down the river.— JovS.
ARHIVED March 23.
Wave. Lockport, light.
t’LEAKED MartuM.
S V Gale. Athena.
Clyde. La Salle.
Arkora. La Salle. 25/C1 ft lumber, 110 m tblaglca.
11 C» f.oomle. Atiiciie.
ItclluMe SKiallroad Time Table,
Uerealter trains will leave and arrlveat Chicago,
as follows:
. ©EUAn?. annns.
jtiruiois cßimuL—rKtor r«*or or i-kKz PTnrrr.
Detroit AN. Y. Express. •ti;3o a. ta. Mft:lsp. m.
Night Express Iti.4sp.rn. {lo.l-sa.ru.
Morning Express *6,20 n. m. *10:15 p.m.
Night Express *9-45 p.m. {10:05 a. m.
kicitiOA.s eotrruEitx—T*DLir>o ttsr.
Mall *s;ou a. m. *11; M p. m
>Vw A’otk Express *6;uoa.n. *loOlp.tn
Night Eapreaa tiAOp.m. |10:00a.m
5ta11....' *sK»da.ra. *lltoop.m.
1*7:00 p. to. 110:00 p. u.
Erprcee vfa Adrian.
*“.(»ia. to. •lOtTOp. m.
Mail Tra'n,
Night ExpfcM.".*.’.*.’.*’.*!. t9:(op. m. i“:3oa. m.
Day Pas«engrr m. *10:30 p.m.
Nipbt Passenger +6:30 p. ro. I10:W a. m.
ValparaisoAccom'n...... *lodMa.m.
Pit Pasactsgcr *S.-3u&.m. *9:45 p.n.
Night paasenger +8:43 p. m. a. ta.
Urlana Aei-ntr.rocdalion
fSatirdaysocly} 4;<X)p.ia.
llydc Park Truitt •6-tOn.m. *6rooa.m.
•• *• *ltPo m. *l:Tsp.ta.
“ “ .•ilSp.m. •7:15 p.m.
Mail rr*seßC**r *9;(*o a. m. *9:10 p. in
Niirht Paseecgcr tfrSOp. ta. 15:45 a. m
Joliet and Wilmington Ac
ccmrocdatioD *1:00 p.ro. *S.sos.sl
DsyExprc-r’and Mail...*Jihtoa. to. * •9:«lp.m
Jolkt Accommodation... •<:.‘Wp. at. *10:15 a. m.
NlghlExprvss *11:15 p. a. }o:4sa.w.
DayEiprcfs and Ma11....•10.45a.m. »6::2»p.m.
Night Express .11UK) p. m. *S:tsa. nv.
Accotnmoilallon *5 Cop.ro. *915 a. m.
Fnltoa Passenger 5:4(» a. a. 6XO a. m.
Fulton Passenger ..Ilr2o p. m. 4:2 ftp. m.
Freeport Passenger llnOa-m. 8:00 am.
Export Passenger .11:30 p. m. 8:459. m.
Rockford. Elgin. Fox Hir
er *nd state Line 4:00 p. n. 11:10 a. m.
Geneva 6:80 p. a. b:s*<a. m.
Chicago and KOBTitwEiTtits—t Ui-pot corner Kin
-7.1e and West Water streets.;
Woodstock ami Wny 3:15 a. nt. 6.«) a. m.
Day Kxpreei*.... 11:00 a. m. I:**> p. in.
llo*kford.Jarea'.Pe.Mad’n 4:iXl p. m. 5:45 p.m.
NighJExpre«9(ci.Sat’day)ll:Bop. m.
CHICAGO ASU milwacksa.
Morning Express i*.b‘a tn. 10.45 a. ci.
Express •11:30 a. ra. •5:45 p.m.
Night Actommodalioa...•il:S>p. m. {6:ooa. m
Waukegaj. “ ... *s:oop.m. *d.4Sa.m.
• Sucdays excepted. t Saturday* excepted.
| Vondayt* exceplea
In thK dry, on tiic Wth, h% !<»*▼ jt. Pjvd. fi. D., Mr.
<\ C. FTKA'TN and Ji'.ss CLAIIA V. BOUT AN. all Of
r> i i-i id
la llro' kltn- N. V.. oa Tlnsrolav. Wth ln«r. LUCT
i-LMU.V TAI'PAN. wife of Uenry C. Bowen. E-q.
<Io Krnt,
r |" , o RENT—The first-class fctore
J AVa:-r*t.. from M»j lot Apply to P.
GMOPES. Si«. f, over bturge:’ Bank, 1» ’*7c:i*--t.
a l.'gT-bIW-in
r TO KENT.—Store Nog. 1“ .fc 14
JL P*»urb-'rp strtet. from May Ist. Aprly to
TO RENT—After May Ist,
I.COn test of Dock north side of ftowel! Slip.
Entire or in lot* to suit. Al?", fumWjcd Houw* on
MUMganavs. Al*o. Himsc 01 l.itiiia ITacc. Apply to
S. K. HAVE>.M llandolph-tt. TntU6-bl'cf-.t
Ty RENT—A wiled,T & Wilson
Sewing Madiliic. half case, Mark walnut, to rent
or f*»r sals al a low price. Address **M\CniVE.'
P O. IhiiW*. * mhao-bSIMt
T'O KENT. —A fine suit of room*.
Possession given Immediately. Al»o—Sororal
otiler? and lodzlug rown.?, t*v be vacant l-t of May.
SAMKKL OEITR. Pociin >o.tP. U4 Dearborn street,
tub. t-UMi>6t
r PO RENT—A.first class brick
-L house, with all modem Improvements. 33* In
diana sired, mar Pb.e. It has hot and cold water,
ba-cmcnl, with cellar, also a brick barn In U.a rear.
Ii ijolrc of Mews. W.tITK ft TOMSK, jwv
str*rt. or of J AS. WAiUV-54 West Randolph.
r ’ A 0 KENT —"Wharfing Lot on
J, river, tear Old street. W. ILSAMPSON.
rVO RENT—Office 163 S. Water
J street, under Board of Trade Ib*nu«. IVsses*lon
Is* oi May. inquire of HuSMKit & I’KOK. 11* Ran-
Colpli st. mhltf-bdk»2w
TO KENT —A first class brick
residence, pleasantly situated lu the West Di
vision. Hot»eCant every five minutes. Possession ltd
of May. Inoulrt: al room No.fi. Metropolitan Block.
fiumO to 12 A. M..and fromß to 6 P.M. mills b'AU-12t
r J'G RENT—New and second-hand
A U-gn of Planot and Melodeons at
wholes*,e and retail, Onlsr*i from a distance prompt
ly attended to. W. W. KIMBALL, 107 Lake street.
All kind* of tnrtroment* tunedand repaired by ex
pcrlrccrd workmen, Do not rent to go Into tie .mob
li y, Instructions on the Piano, organ, Metodeos, Vl*
11a and Guitar. hv competent trftrh»r».
WM. it PUOsFEU. ISO Clark street.
IOST On Sumlnv Inst, FOinewhon*
J near P'lie si reel, n focket IL-nk. containing
|H|. which tM-loon to a poor woman. The finder will
d •sn act of Undue** by reluming the mme n this
t dice. tab** b7?.l it
LOST *5.00 Kewrml. From
Brand*-. Art Gallery, l r « and 119 Lakr-et.. on
Monday, the 23d Inst.. n young black and u& Slot—
answer* to the nam*ofGipsev. Onerarrtirpo'l a little
shorter than i':c other, hair wora short under the neck
by a cot ir. Und no collar on at tliotimeof being
10-t. The above reward will be paid by returning her
in the above mentloced prt:aiv.-i, nifc.dj-b'A;-lU
JL ItorpE— Good board rrrd pleasant roorae. and
i-utt* of rooms. ftirrJnhcd br be ’u<l
cl ?f2 tfonih Ct-rk street, ermer of UanDcn. Or.ly
lea mlnntea walk from the t oort House. Also a few
day boarder* can lie ucfiomtnodTtcd on rejvonable
terms, ! mhfi-gfPJ tm
-nti- of the Recorder'* Court.—HtAHE LOMBARD
announces blmHdftoilir -lector* nfCblcagoi* a can
didal* fCr Clerk of the Recorder's Court at the forth
coming city f.ration, mhUbiUllir
MASONIC.— Thoro will be a Reg
ular Convo.-atlon of WaAblngtoa Chapter. Ko.
43. u. A, M . tH» iVrldajn arming. at o'clock.
Work. 8. E. UNDERHILL. Sec. ruhlT-bTU It
X»J jpertor Harley SUU for sale. A<Wt®m J. J.
SANDS. Columbian Brewery. Chicago. mh3K-bSIS-lai
City Intelilseuco .Ofllce f
by Vrs. KARA, Iff) Sooth Clark street. The only o*r
man .rMllactCft otte*. la u.edty. DoUi* Md prlraw
house* aosr-lcd on tic ahort&A aotl3« and lowest
'*rza,aadal»?Caraluut!)6, B&tC&Lu
"WANTED—A first rate Cupl’er
WANTED—By a young Amerl-
found at tu« ?»»•> ’
X\J ANTED - ]so:inl. Tiro lurn-
T T if! etl room with baaed wanted for a snian
fu-iil’T on I lie «c.'f or Soutli bides. Central h-ratloii,
YA' ANTiD—Board iiy a gentle-
V \ mail anti Tvi'e with a eel of moms or one I tree
* rc« will be given and required. Addrt« R7 M.
Chlrpgo 1 rinuoe otflee. auan».s.w
AA ; ANTKU—lnformation. Daviil
V> cnniry m-.dU!tarf Wllll.inv *lijj «
fi.. T . n cn the raicd Staten Uonbosl C alley Uty. Jo
XHJ 'ff fare Hntterai. wantd confer a favor on a
rt;tT-matc of tlicirx br ralflac at the War Clilm O«fo
of ISAAC it. mrr 4 ca. & Clark street.
mli2*-b7TO-U .
XVANTED-*],ooo. An experi
? T cured business e:aa. with tbs above capital u>
deposit with bU employer, wtshra a jipsltlou fc. hale*;
man In any wholeaalc business. Addrsw R*£ D.
1 rilmne oUlcw. nibg-b7t.-!t
■\\7'ANTIID—A situation m a store
T T or to drive cnxrh, |Ta» exfsriaßcelnboth.
Inquire at tbu AJCtle Rouse. Caeal »Ueet. betwi-ea
Mailboa and Monroe streets, or I*. O. Bo*-{J*. Good
rvcenimendntlocs to nmv. rna.s-ti<gs it
AVANTED— A situation to do
f T cencral housework In xpnrxto fstnlly. Good
rcferiT.crssl'cii. Address ’* B iC," Tribune o—’tc.
ml£6-b;42-ll_ ;
Yl' ANTED—At 109 Dearborn st.,
Y Y opposite the new Post Office, altnattona for
Tloß tiUr llelp. No ~lrl sent from tke uffice mIM
aide to famish satlsfacwry refemice from former
riuiloypr. Parlte? cxn obtain same by applying aa
abJt f or addressing Jlx?. A. L. UALKAsi, P«jit othcu
B0X«15. inhM-b.U-U
W’ ANTED—A situation as Gar-
Y Y (Jentr. byn man who I* acquaint?*! with all
th<- varleu? branches, voqetucr with ar*>l U
well arnnalnted with the Fl*. Orap?. Orantc. Lemon
atd all other kinds of fruit. Apply by letter] to ML.
Fuller. City. IU. . wliSfib.lvlt
"\\ T ANTED—lictwctn this and the
Y Y Ilratof May. ft CM rlanhoase. cspable *>f ac-
Cointtiodailnu flfum or twenty board-ra »ll'i«ed
elir.pr on Buw street or on or Mlclagan avn
cQ-j ana not 100 tarout, A furnished hoo»cj»re:erTc«l,
Urvt of reference? given. Address ”LI. O’ Tribune
office. ud.gV-h.HBt
"l\r A NTED —Immediately—Two
YY Mnsit Chair Tamers, to whom the best of
w*ct? will bo paid. Apply at 116 South Franklin
•t:t?l?,U|> stairs. (7d iuM. o.li?2;
\\7 ANTED—Army Horses.— I The
Y Y HcLc-t market price la ca*l» will hnpatrt for
one hundred arat<l«?s cavalry hor»«v. dvllveted at the
‘luerlrsr. Kxpre*>subi«-?. 7t>Monrc?street, Ctdcxgu,
ui:; hr: > 2i
\\ r ANTED —Employment—To <lo
V y general hoa.it> work. plain sswlmr. oru tV«
ca*e of children.l y a Gorman widow n*vlni? * UtUe
kU I r \ e year* oM.llolcrecce* given. t All at ta Mlc/,1-
gan street. aih37-b.W-.t
TV'ANTED —By a gentleman in
T T tU«* country, a lady of refinement and litelll
eretc to art a* In# ti>>aiwkeeixr. II- rca'd-- la a
village. bri * few hours’ ride from Chirajo.
-Vidros*"!* b." Tribune Qlflce. tulrtl b7.*s U
WANTED —A young man of
I* 6«-ortbu«lr.era fjuallflc*U'm«. wcllac-iunlnled
la tae City wisiiM a t-.limilou In a wlmlesale Grocery or
Coml-rloii Lon-e; t as also a little capital, and would
bexlvd to form aco partnership In an alrutdy caUb
luhed tm-lniw. Address Drawer No. 475*.
WAN T E D—A good Carriage*
T T JiUtV-n.Uhand » Ifalpcrfor same.
Carriage Wood Worarr Inoae wlo are tusd to Ugn:
city work preferred. None hot good workmen need
hi ply, TAUttb steady employment wllioe given. Ji,
AO.N. MILLET, corner state and Twelfth «tre-;ts,
AYANTED-Siluatioa— Thn aJ
r * vertiser. w*ho can tarn fcta hand t» anythin*—
has La.l t ftcra to twenty vean*'«-ar*ertci.ce la Uo>k
KH'| Irs Id cie:ie of ibelancrt banking and merest;-
tl.ef»uhll.-m:'«.u:“-li»ea Vr..->wledce »t the arof-ry,
hardware end cti*rkcry trade*. *:idr-«a p-'jt.uce good
t<'*tliiii>r'a!s a« to rt arae'rr »ful abthtv. la ’Wiroas of
oM»:Ur.r a situation. AOdre-i ”W 1, ’ Tr.’mne Of
flee ” cmSJbUJ3I
\\’ANTED— A good Milliner.—
• T Ouulbstcau take charro of an c-UaMkhm-nl
and 1» willirK to ro to a c!:y Rhi ul a hundred in'.lM
fr< in I err. In.;ujte at 1, UEIoZOG'S, lafktks street.
AA - ANTED—By a young man from
» » Wnu'iiit, v attniiUon tn aeroeefyordrypooda
ard ercciry ?lere. Un» na-t *)v ywa* exi-crl-nce in
tlie-irrgoodsanrtprociry bnslnea?. amlcaaglve the
best of rtfrrei.ee*. No obj'jctlco to sols-; Into the
conn-). Addrcu-Its W,"TribuneOtace.
rr.l;'.*: bC9G
"W'ANTKD —Room.—I want to
V * rent, fur u.eaßtatao'-.a good sited
rcoui, (ni.fcrrl-l cd. c-i< ■ ; i a car:'*t.> plcaaastly l&c*-
tr>! on MicMsan or Wiihatta aveuncs. board not re
d. Addrcas. etnUns location and terms, •■lt. 1
Drawer ICII. ir.h/T b7tt2t
aVNTKD—By a young man of
I T go.,>alinslnciiqumUScailoak.sidtß'kttona-silCA
mat cr bcut keei'-r hi a !ir»t-clA»* hoaas la this city.
The best city reference given. ArtJ«-f "S W r>.”Tn
bnae ('Eire. mhtt-bmt-21
\\ r ANTED. —A young man from
V T u - .. cjußtiy wl-hs# a*lttnliotiln«oiiieco!RSjs
sl->r. nr rt-tal! rro.'try s'ore, to learn the bus!ae«. 1«
?truilr ard vddegtu work. Good
rc,,clrcd. i sll at. or adrtrtw lifcNKV KOUiGN. 21
UubbatU »trr-t. West aide. uihgT-b-ViSt
\y ANTED—Boarding for four
V » p»rson--fathcr. ilaoyhter and two-on-. {-. a
private fau liy, where itern tu-e oo othsr lK>srd ;ra.
Widlry tojmv f’fnto 115-7 per ico-.i:;, Address,
la nwifiatclt.j* Hovsrvg mhgT-beai-re
\\ T ANTED—By a young lady, a
T l hoarding place la a genteel private family,
hhe wl’.i furaSh a good piano, and wDhsi to ctv? ma«
flcit r*oca In tiariiwy for hv- b iaril. Will take a fur
r.lfhed * r urfcr.Nl.e,! rooia. («<>od reterences given
an.lrtiiul’id. Addrew*"C S." jtox nr.7. itailng]>Ci-
Uun nnd nmn’-cr. that »bt may call at the buniis.
TV ANTED.—lnvest in a sateburi
f T n*-v -Tobacco I—Tbo advertiser. who h»»
fS.rwio Vaiidlae*. teams and Irapleaieau. wishes a
j urizer with &.OOC, to engage with him In me coium
iJ'.n nf Tol acco. on th** taoadaway Fiat*. In Uie Mate
uf New 1> rk,n:;e«>l tt.e be-i *«-"ior.» In the counter
for tbe i-rcducttcD of the plant. IV ot*-c city rvlcreD
«e» gH»-n i-.rnj r*-qulic4. A’Mrcrs,far live d»v-. "T*>-
BAi Irltmse office. olidt-b**?2:
TV ANTED—By a gentleman and
T T -a l.’e. board In a pleaAtnt private family. Noce
i.iher crcdnpply. Address l»«t aiM, mhntVTCSt
A\ T ANTED—By a practical farm-
I t er—T» rent a f-rtn of from ■►rc tr* three hun
dred acre-, well Improved. *!th good buildings, water,
fruit-. tJn.lrr.4c., with ter.tu*ana f-rmlrg ttapieuintiw
fmr;!-Ucd. lor which I will pay o*:i oi crop ns.t. P-s
-•►-1.,:. U .ur-dUI-lv. AC'trm. w—k "FAItM-
V 1 • •' l rUitiM, I Chicago. 111. tube'; t>jfis-U
AVAN TED.—A Now En'rbml,
» T rrfajlc sgrd m*a. want- a »ICcaiSon where lit
ctr, earn b Jisnvcer, ar.J W wininz to do it. Would
prefer «n out«l<lr.icrUc bßstnes*.’' Would OOt object
to travel. J» cotop-trct. Cocur.issiot hu?lnr*» pre
f*;i rM. I* a< nnalntc<l tth Inrober and hull Can
give refert net from lul employer*. Andrea* iioxSU;.
n.t-.csfcvxr- ;t
\V.ANTED—A Lot of 50 or 100
T T frtttrcct. oraleuac and lot. wc?t of Kr.t.m
Fark.for which I ’alU pAj tav» third* ca*baQ-l bA' tace
lo vlllag-: prop-rtv t-r f»rr>lQ-' laud, at low flgures.
A«Mre?« civhiß*l6v.ailc.o aad price of propcrtv.J. p.
f I*TiIEIILANU. Hot 4741. mh-25-lAk ’ft
\\ 7 -\ NT E D—£2,ooo. —A good
v T builnvM man. long a n-I.lent of Chicago, bar
ing tr** ’honiaud dollanln casb. would llkrtotakcan
Ir.'drcfct la tome I'ayp’V bn*|nc»» In this city. Best of
rrffrcßfc- slvenand rcouh**'' 'Address, natluuburt
nr??. "M t. ,r P(>*t Officeliox mhz» blh ot
VV ANTED—To rent, on Cia.V
f * stiff*, b-t'vetn Uandolpli and Stritli AFatcr, or
i-n Lake or ?ontit Water lr. the '.rnmmllatc vict
nlty of Ci»rk -trf et. a room or ro-jms suitable for a
fits*.clasaUer-ral In-urancx Bnslnc's. Call r.nnrad
drfM HuLMii! A 15110.. at tbootfice oft>. H, lt*n«ocn
& Co .JTaad 19 B:a!i--trr* t, rah.*o-bgoJ-lit
W ANTED—Agents to sell ihe
* * New Editions of Bookscalled lnctdent»*>f ttie
War. asd KiposlUuc of the R. U. C., Ku'gUla of Ike
Ucldfn Hide, era
IJil er cf tlie nt.i<v«v Loot* mallftd free on reoelnt of
retail price, gr«cents, f »*nd rc<l sump fora circular.
K R. LANDON. Agfnt,
xnbis bICI-lm f» T.*k» strert, opp.Tr-mont House
VV ANTE D—A few energetic
T » A: cuts lo canvas* lor Uie HUtory of Uu,- Orel
Rebellion, by J. 5. C. Abbott, the tao«t reliable, at
tracth r and popnlar Mstortcal writer of the age. First
volume now ready. Agents are meeting with nnpsra-
Ici'edsi.ceess. Otctloo.OJ copies already sold. Cir
culars giving all nrrfasary lufunnatloa In regard totbe
work, terms loagepta.d e.. maßc-t free. Call on or M
ilrc?' < i. V. OLBBS. 181 South Clark sticet. Chicago. 111,
I*np; O’-lcc Hox 3W. apht p^T-ly
Y7’” an t u
100.000 AGENTS,
T* - «ell the Great Mamnoth i*r*.re Psckagc: th-' h-«t
lntscwcrbt.aidlcaoibfrkU.rfs. It It. L\NDt*N’,
Agent, hs Lake stttet. opposUe Ttciiumt lUiissc.
Send b‘>iup for circular. mlil2
’ ANTED—(Kiiittinp: Machine)
* ’ ’ Kvcry Farmer t» know that hu “women
felts ’ fsi cam »s lo fan pig - week with -jne of Akin’-
Cehbralfd Kr.lliUip Machtui - *. It will earn Its cost
lu tidily dsjs. ihlrerotaplcSe, IW. Weight W pouc.l*.
> relgl.t from CO c-ru to {IAO. Send fur cirralar and
seinples <s-nO stanus.)
I’.RANaOK 4 EI.LH T. O-a-ra!
nihßuAv.sm ire Lake rfeet. Chicago, xlb
~VV : ANTED—SOO Imshcls or more
v » Top Corn. I win piyMccuUabtubelfor
500 UuftbPlß or More Pop Cora,
braided up. 70 pounds to the‘bushel, shocks anti cvra
tcgt-ther. It must he ail Wnttc Flint Cam, well
If nev farmer will draw a contract and acn.l
It to me. I wilt bind nmelt fortho amount samed
above. ’Pi* seed must be all
ami not Blied. (TUs e.nclraci N good on to Peu. let.
IWJJ J. A. BRACKET. P. O. Box asy., Chb
f. S.—Send all last year - * corn yog Lave. tn.'kadDS-lm
\\[ ANTE D—-Employment for
T » American, EnciHb. Irl»h. Bootc&l Censin'ind
colored servant*. with good city references. at tfm
I’ultadolpMa Intelligence Off.ce, No. IttSoatu Clark
► Deer.between Monroeand Maol«on*treeti. Coontry
or.lere punctually attended to.. Post OfilCft Dot. ltt»
MUS. I). I'RATTtn attendance de2s hfo-ly
\V ANTED.—473 a Month!—l
* • vim to hire Aeenta In every Monty at TZ a
mouth, expense* paid, to sell mv cheap Family Sewing
Machine.!. Addrtxv R. M ADISriS, Alfred. Maine.
|MA MONTHS—We want Ajrrnta at IflJ a moxth.
expeneev paid, tc mil our Kvrrl*»tlaß Peactiv. Orien
tal Unmera and thirteen other new uaefni&ndrnrioui
article*. Hfteea clrcalan* «nt free. Addre*a SHAW
A CLaKK. I'hlileford,Maine. safty2^-Jo
AV AN TED.—First class Black
* v ktnllbs and >facblii!.*U. Tho»e accu'tomcd to
eirrlljig leetnu'tjt r* rreforred. Apply at llieeiDcc of
0 cSupoMntendci.tortho Chicago and Alton fUltroad.
Itoi-ni 3. Maeonlc Temple. uihtJ'b.-CT ihT
W AXTED—Sccond-Jirind Furni-
T ▼ turc.CJpthr*,.*»c.,fOr wn!ch the liljheft :ca.*ov
. ! r !c . e , r»M. A1»o. Second ban-1 KartHinrs
dc.. ol f~l V.Diis. cy.'utactly on h*od *nd flip n.il» br *
Cl “.•«[ Ittadol;>t»
\V *l’ KD — A situation in a
* ' . retail MsM!»hro«il. by a renr!;
iJ.sn wr o hzm bud en.l jetm* experience In ,f ic ii-r
SItSS? * °.” J CU T tsmw
Artilrea J MII, <U|hUotfl»c, trinafll^Si
\V -ANTED—Good active men to
S C V&VMV. o ? 7 ? f i^Clra-War.br John
TV? ANTED—Board in a private
WASTED.-How to avoid th,-
emit a company to fbnn part ola n jrtmmfVhimu
tsow Win* rained excioslvriT i.-rv? u. .
TLl* force U railed far ilia porpo-o of
tcctli", -fllooUK IromWlßcnJiSS?, -rLP/r
•\,V~ANTKD—A situatton-#!*
l V ANTiD.—Hardware Traveler
V f hm) SuV.irm wniitcd by ar. rid
|;i CMr.tpa. 110 mint s*« taor<»ug!i.V
vtlb tbo (.uslnc-*fl.sr.d »t ficaUewaiiJy P*:
cat Jr. in Und-wnth-n, a U?^^^° l c^tt«rvdU 1
naft \r, to I'ost Office 11 jt UT3. wlllrtcclre altc..U-«.
mri'-bTiT. Jt -
\\l AKTKD —Immediately to t?o
V T in Hie country. ■ eood nurtaftiltt
for two day*"ttheoffireofMewr#.HOU *•
Dour TweHth «trret hri'lee. rH-JD.w-r
"IX7 ANTED— By a gentleman of
l>fr*te. a dltnathin ai* Hilprlnjr or * D . t, 7£}',: A
I, nr H. iik KtenCr wr any otlit-r In wrilcu l:fl caa bJ nv •
fuL cUb-r in Bfo.Vit.lw-/oa. wholesale grorerr or f.ru
ffc* dry good, or iM-ot ntnl -boe !um *e. No
i..ira*.a Tlflm-fcltTrcfcreoco slveu. Alire
u »l u VIIICIS Poll 02lce Uux or call at
Sot Salt;
17 O R SAL £—A Farm of 113
J 1 acres. wltMB « mites of Chicago. and two mile# of
a depot In a I us*' village. nnder a good »Ut« of c-iltl-
T ,,j ( ‘ n iriih rvwl Improvemefits thereon. A»«o. 3
Rn.»l Urn*-orchardof graftedfruit,as <1 good Umber;
I will sell At • «err low j..-lc«s, Willrequire but
a.mail t aynieut down-th** balance on a long time. or
u for city property. For wrhclars.
addrip* **All. I*,(>■ HotfrwQ. mhSt-b.ftj-dt
TTOli SALE—Steam ilill property.
P The one undivided half of a small and well l»ai;t
Sif nm Hour Mill, sltoatod at Prairie Uty. McDonongh
Co HI il Bdlee below Ualraborc. on »ti- Chicago.
I»ni , ‘rcton and Quincy fUllfcad The M!U co«t w,iw,
ba-heer. built live year*. !■»» a good run of custom.
*l-0 all the tsrtrcbact work It cacdo. TneMUUran
br l«’u' , hl lor onebalf the ortglnal coai, Po*vC.-k-loa
will be slreo the Ist of May next. For nartle.nlan. ud
dree* H C. SANFORD ortAUTEUMA.V HHOS.. J>ral
rleCJty llcPoaongh Co., IU.. orCLAFLIN A FA\,
qClcrk-st. Chicago. HI. mtiJ»bTs»6H Itw
I7OK SALE —lowa Lands, 30,000
1 acre# of choice land* In Northeastern lowa »ad
< -eulheA-fern Mtuneeot*. for ealo fjr caab OP on time,
affording Ui>ektn.onU for speculator* and hp'acf. fur
leltler* 6 Idetf can bo had uf M. REDMOND.
rorlhraat corner -.f Lake and State ifevti. Li.lnazo.
W J HAlLSEV.DubuTJe.I'iwa, mliM-b.JISW
l?OIl SAI.E —Seven'"oo.l Horses,
X 1 snltaMe for family o*e. Inquire at the Union
IJ>>tiM>,corner MadiaonandCanal at»« m’i»D«l7-St
I7OR SALE—Drug Store. One
i‘ oftlie bandaomeat Drug Slarss ta the Nortiiwiut.
rtaaicdln a flourbulng city. Corner »:ors. central
location oprOfUe Peal and Express Offlct*. Stock.
Cxtnrra and I'Olidlrgrun be obialned. For full par
tlcuUo.lD'iutic of LOBiD & BJII rit,23Lske-il.
tuhVo Lr.S 6t
yOR SALE—At 180 and 187
l 1 Wanhlngion st. of River. A Saddle Pony,
cr: tie.«ialel and well broke. Will be fold lew for
curb. • mreA7>T-U
T7Oll SALE—A first-class X'ai-kiii!;
.1? Iloß<f wMI!-PAted.wiihncnparUyfor»l« , tght«f.
Injr actS jiscSla* 15V fattk mid W» Ho** per d»/. and
com»ii;*BT«j \M:.-b‘h gtearn Task*. sni all modern
Improvements. Hits been operated but two eesvias.
klil 1* la complete order, fer particulars addre-*
Post Office Itoxg«L mhJt-bTTI-gt
T?OK SALE—S6,OOO Cash. Two
X 1 lint cla** House* and Lot. situated 117 and U>
Kouth Jcfftrsca street, between Mount and Adams.
Lot S.’ilU) led. ca*t ftoot. wttb twesty fsol lot cn
a.lertß tbe rear, with ham. If not sold by Anrll !- r .
the *bme house* will be to rent at fto»e-»ch. rot far
liter j articular*. la'iUlre of AKIiMtST 4 HoTCLAs.
Host Yaril. Lumber »t.. near Twelfth. cwutb llrai ch.
or mldre** f*. f», l»ox MIT, mUi7-btJ»*-Cl
1?OR SALE—Citv Lots cheap tor
. caih. LotlC.niockT.gVeffleM* Addition. Ap
lily at ouco t j A, C. VTL‘ ttELciß. Aader*uu JJoiise.
T7OR SALK—Piano. Posowood
f ‘ caw. four rcnr-'i '‘orr.i'r*. full frame, seveo
cc’ «7r, LrilUaat lose, *1 TuNcrtV. i*n?»ico3«* IMf*.
SALK—Farm in "Wheeling,
JL 1 CnokCootly. This farm U the place known os
the FllklLi i We. RLd l» rljbt in the vE-age of Waevb
Irz. and cot.lsta of .everal parcel.. which vrM be so'd
at * bargain—eeparatelT or tozetticr. The flfly acres
with tL« holldltic* wlu 1* rold with or without the
balance ..f the fann. Ktaty ace* of wood lard will be
hold In i P-crs of 2ve 01 t»n acre;*. A» s’xin as $1 n>Xi La
realjwl, lanetarl! be withdrawn Irom -ale. Jems
to roll U-e purO>»*er. Title umiiHistbiatUi*. Apply
to Ii F HIV.RMAN. or SAMI-tL GEtIR. Rooms 10
and 12. lit I>«s»rU»*a-«it.,Chicago.
ir!i26 b'SJ-JUd-Uw
1?OR SALK—Desirable Xlteulence
Property. Lots la George Smith's Addition,
ptut of State strrti and north of Commerce alien.
Lot-la ImncanN Addition. ItrJcJc !Ion« and Lot on
tbe northwest corner of Indiana ami Wolcott etrepi—
lot lUi.HxICOIeeL, XJoa*e and Lot IS Pine iwraer 1111*
to !• eirt.it. AUo. n Urge. veil docked ! >t oj the
Pocih llrarch. near old *».rr«t Apply to P. OKIIDKB.
No. 4 r »cr&turg*-V bank, 17 Welisft. lua.TbTtiVtomyl
LTOlt . SALK.—Rouse ami Lot,
.4 k.-i'tmas w yertn HaUted street.about b'-h f>-tt
North K*t Lake »lre*--t. In a good ac!yhborh>>oi Hone
cor.tainp ten r-’otr*. besides bair.-room. pantry.o»l!sr
and wood bon.to. with gae. hydrant an» cistern water.
Let iCxIS. »Uh alley; plmted with frr.lt and era v
r.efilft* shrub.. Itidclre tit Loti.her Office of OItOVKS
A MoItKIP. n South Car.al street. mhiy-bilTOt
1? OJi SAL E.—To CajiitalUtS.
1. Ttt oof the bait baalarM and
elcneb'.cckahi theclty of Madlst'o. Wisconsin. Also,
one of fie llte«t reuldcnm on the lake shore. For
partlrnlam. apply is J. A. £LLIS, NofUiwestcomer
Clwrk atd Laki-iU. .inbAe-bgbT-Jil
J.' wiicotisia Pine Land-i. 2«S aorta of heavily tim
bered pine Knda. In llrow i coaaty. M'Le.iuin. lying
Er*rrJ rally in section Zi about plri : mile* from Greco
■t and *aio*’ distance from L-Jf >Gc:.lKan. Will be
solil on eajy tern's, or fur eltv property.
J. C. Ut TLKi:. BoaCsO, Clncmnatl.OiJO.
Cl t- dnaatl. W arch 2t». tsa. mndtnr.ls-ldt
I?ORSALE —The l>riek 1,10u5e 520
i' Waliadi arcane. corner Harmoa court. Tbe
hccfeln furu-»tir4 ui:!i tie rrortera coaenaloace* of
srsler. pas, d-oci-.i1... i V|:oc,i brick tarn
on lie let. Also. a vacant lot. it fnvl front by 19)
flerp. id r.a aCty, situated on tl.enrrtV tide of Samoa
ccnrt.t* twees Wabaab asd Mlcllxaa arcane* iuttt
pieces of property will >•« Md at low prices Apjny to
C. L. HAhMi'N. 3 Clark rt. ap stairs. iair,*t-b.fe'Jt
SALE.—First-class dwellin';
(three rtorlesaail im-emeul) asd lam, all ilf
brick, vllb all modern linprovcnieau. nearly new.
«ulit in the very beat manner. Located three blocks
from lloali street bridge. Norta Pule. Apply at JtJini
rol* htrrtt, mW t>ti *i
Forty debt teet. wills two «ma!l hr.s v*, on Michigan
ancuf, north of the Rlchmoitd Hou^.
A Let of abnnt ar. tore. with llcum aad Bs-a,oa the
Yfirl Side, on Ctlca;o areane, near Milwaukee a?a.
A lso—a block op about CO Lot*. In block M. West
Side, between* llanl*ci» and Tyler, asd Rocker and
Throon itrects. For rartlralant InooUe of
irb22-bl7l-3w IS2Sonia Water atreet.
17 011 SAL E—Dock Property.
1- The Chicago South Branch Oo*k Company offer*
fur sal* ore thonsabd feet of water front on the *llp*
•on the S»*nlli Branch, at low (Ignres. for the purpose of
cr&btirglt t*> extend, still further. Its alrftsdy large
laiiJOTtmeiU. The property b well suited f.»r n-.ana
faumlrjr pnmo*f» srasyilndor business rriuinm;
water frvii For particulars. Inquire at the Company a
bfloc, Room 4, Cobb * Building. 124 Dearbomu.. Chi
cago. A. J. KMbKLV, Agent. mliJO-Ut/Mw
C'OK SALE.—I wish to sell, be-
X. twc»n tM« and the Ist of April next, my hte resi
dence. In Evanston. Cook conatr. HI., the most hem
fill of that brnntlftil village, consisting of eight <S)
Urge lots. or about three ,5i acres within tbelnclos
nre. artistically laid oat and finely shaded with large
satire cak». rciitta* shrub*. cherry, pear, peach and
apple tree*, with an abundance of small frola. such as
ptr*wl«errtes, gooseberries and raspberries corrants.
*c..A»:. Thehoue'* !a large, well arranged and built.
wliUchlerttiiand well*. liam and outhouses tosatt-
The ground* and house front the Lake ea<t and the
Park north. If cot sold by the shove time, will be
retted to an apprised tenant. A. C. STLWARr.Wcet
Branch IV*t Office. tni altTlra
FOR SALE—Two tliroe-Ftory
Brick Rouses and Lota known u Kos. 5’2 and 5U
Wabash archne. For term* apply to WM. CLARKE.
IS Sostn Water street. mhM batf-Jw
F>R SALE-r-A Lot, eighty feet by
oi'c hundred and eighty. nr. Wnshlngtoa street,
between Dearborn it'd State i>tr»cU. Apply to .1. R.
Ult.E. Room 20.77 Dearborn street. mMS-bbM-la
Fill SALE.—TVatti Dower Wool
en Factory, Saw Mill and Tannery. All new and
-in cco-l order, with dwrElnc Uon>« and *6 acre* of
land imhip th" I>*wcr ndile ai Ramboo. county seat rf
P.iuk county. Wticonaln. Ortßtnal cost, tn.jnc. The
rowcrluu 13 feet heat), estimated a« snfilclvnt for 20
run of stones.
t.VSi xAVt-Sm*
SALE.—A Steam Flouring
A. BUM In tTJcsgo frr sale at a bargain. Apply to
E, F. QIIIMHT A CO.. ISJ South Water Struct.
Magic time or,server.
The retfuctt'iti of mechanism—being a floating
and Open race, or Lady* or Gcmletnan';* Watcacom
tlirtl. with patent SelfWlmllng ImproTCraent. The
>. Y. Ili v=tbned Nxwn, the lea-l!r.e pictorial paper
of Uie L't'tteU t*tatri>, lr. Its la.ue of .tan. 10. !W?, pa/e
I*l. ToJnrla-iIT sht» ; ~We have been ah own a mo*t
r>lra»!fig norelty.of whlcU the f(rnn\Rr)BßOS. nf Sew
TVrk.ate The M*ln importer*. It Is cant'd the MAGIC
HMfci and It b a hunllag and open-face
wntcii coinMocJ. one of the prettier!, ra >st cunTcalent,
utui d<*cldadly the bert and cheapest timepiece for <ep
eral and reliable lko ever off-irert. It ha* within Hand
connected with Its machinery, in own wln-ilng airw.r..
mint, rendtrlr* a key euflreiy unnecessary. Tnc
co.«e» ol this watch *r** c.'rrapOMil of two metals the
enter of (Ire ir-carat gold and the Inner nue of solid
dhcr. It h»« the Improved ruby action Icier move
ment. and 1# warranted an accurate timepiece.'' Price,
HUperbry engraved, p»;r cm* of half-doren, *.'ol. ?am
plr watci.es. In neat niorocce botn, for those prop s
itit- tc bny at whp.f«ate. fXi. If sent bv mall, iho post
age 1* So cent*. Addtess linilUAtlD uUi)S„ tJoie
Importer*.©* 67 Kusean, corner John-st.. New York
T OTTEI\IES.—John A, Morris
JL J A Co.> Delaware ftwto Lottery will be drawn la
n l.irlngton. Delaware.
EfcryTVedDc)Mlnj and Saturday
DtirlorUieyntr. ranee from AJD to *&) <**> For
tlrcnlnr>orTlckcta.addrcM A. J. KA'.HE
nar-be>4-i:t 16S Broadway. N. V.
-Ll TVekceji coa«!aaUy on hand a stock of Gann;
Us?#: also. < Liulirl Dorian Bjz#. consigned *o a» to
he *oul, a: way# at themarkrt pne*. Ordcrafram tbs
country. acCompunl-.-d with re'DluaDceeorFwtd refer
ence. Lrotuplty oiled. UNDERWOOD A CO.. ram
tuueloa Merchant*. tar Sooth W»t»r #t. f-ta aVA.lai
-L' PRICES-Fonr. »«x nod ten ion iia+arwXC.atlo
rcalra; al*o. fntjr ami «1* too Depot or tVarei»on*o
Scale*, with nil the woo.l work complete.ready to pat
up. warranted refect aad accurate In ererrr»«pect.
will bo »<«ld cheaper than can Uajtoozht nl any other
place They win be puck**! and »blppcd to nay point
by tallrcad cr lake. Also, t r nale. new and accoad
baud Platform Scale.*, warranted aceonb*. Scales.
Iron Safer and Douk Vault Door* repaired In tl:e t>«t
manner. «1E». W. UANNIS,
. . _ VT KJcii’e *l’, near WrlS.
nihZSHT'J-l'xJ-Ktr I*. o ilox 7!-\
1 fCA BARRELS and 200 HALF
/ narrrl* choice y.O.Mols-*ra.ln«t
from S'ca* Orioti.a aa<l for sale by UHMP3TE.VD.
SOitToX & CO.. lOaflotUh Water street. mliit-b.'VlMtr
101 Wakhlnstoxi Mreet, Chicago. UL
• . toiwi-btanwi
TVrOTICE. —The Annual Sleeting
X* of the Stockholdrni of the Chicago Flrwnctni
Ii rnraccs renpanr will be held nt Uj« otCce ofaiid
Csir-nftuv on TUESDAY, the 7th day of April seat.
U’t the cletuna oi rUi!< Director* for the cnsulOß year
Uy order of the Directors.
TPhl7b2o7-2nr C. N. HOLDEN. Secretary. *
; PKOP.NtAOAILV.~AJI personaholding dilni
against is.d l*rope ler. will present them trarnedlsteiy
lomeforadlnstrcenLP. A. HOWS, Ja.. Ann tor
-1 EAEF.S.—ApproTedaßd Infallible Cftre bvlc«nf
flsllcn of mi ediaf powder*. Pr. 11. SKONIT2. So.
KO Itroadway, corner Ifth street. New York. Letters
costatmcß full deacrlt-Uoa of the disease will be
promptly answered by Inclosing fSfec.iaiaTSl Smeod
?rt!V 1, . ,, i r l 5 . 4r . k -5S rc t t ' Bp * talj ** A falUvottment of
Artircial 11 sir Work cocstai.tly on bar.tl. I*la : n diroc
-1..7v1T n ‘h ft * r rtrifi the heed, *enl on application,
tailmctioc gcarnitecd. Private rooms tor lasv*
gehilm t ,-L»;and childrens I'J.' cunbg.
Family Sewing Machine,
■With tsl new brc-cr ament* ' tfmmcr. Tlr*l<ter. I'.inU-'r.
IVUer. Teeter. LinlrT.'l-in-rer, *-• .fir. *c..* l* the
cheapest, nurt be-*. naJ he lut'fal oi <vli machine*
lor ranlly i»ew‘.ri£ *rvj 'ir.nnftctnrln? rmrp.'-«.
Tbo llraoch ODCti are well sup|>Li‘>l. w-;:i« -lit ;*Ut.
thread.nw*;<ilea.oil.4c. <.-f »ne rary
Bend fbr a pajitulit ami a coot n( “Msota 1;-
co't OArrrre." L it. «isoet? * co .
iSS il.-tjaJoy, J*. T.
Chicago Office, 50 Clark Street.
AgeoU wanted !n IlllaoU and low*.
Merit alonetr.aie# afiFTWINQ MACHINE valuable
T*i« people are parcelling that glowing represses!
Uons arc act merit.
ThatU laeconoiay and wisdom to purebaao onlj
BKWINU UACniSit cf known practical attUty.
There are ICO.QUO ilaci lnea la uie la thla country and
It U eijusl to TIN Seanutreaaoa.
AS ANNUAL DITIiJKND of to SCO per cent. (6«
1U cost) may be obtained la uso—by Ilf po.iaeeor.
Tnuia tl>eonly SEWING MACHINK lade world
making tho LOCK-STITCH with It a ROTATING
XUOIC and calng Uo GLASS FOuT.
OcteraJ Arentfor nimob. WUeoe.-dn, loaa.Sorfcera
infiimna, MlonesoU and Kar.au
VX Lake atreet. Chicago.
maybe bad on application or Ly poet
iMroted In 1815 Perfected la ISM.
Plmal reward to tie great Americas Investor—art
Prcuilutu* ukrii by the Howe Sewing Machine at th«
loiemallonal World'! Fair Uia aeaaoa In London, Sng-
Und. where the
Took the Imperial Gold Medal aa the fint highest Pro
mlum for excellency of Machine; abofoor olher Gold
Jledalt-jtii Ftrat lTera:nm» f<*r the foar different grade#
of work; a!»o four lloaurabie Mention# for good work.
comi'rifingtLe oidy Prcmlaaa civea. either for ex rel
it nev or for work. Thu« tno Original Howo Fewlag
MaoLloe rrora » hich all other* d-rtvo their yitallty,
taking five Gold
L~. and four Hor.urkbla Meottona nut of Are as a
World 1 * Fair, where all of the leading Sewing Macnlsea.
bolt, in inm country and Europe were oa trial, a# the
best Sewing Machine is toe world.
0r AgenU wanted la U* Wesiera and Ncrthwnt
containing foil descriptions of Madinas.
esa be had on application, or »«nthy mall.
nd(lrc*a j. b. Dll « AN ..
General We«tmt An*nt,€*Lakc atreet. Cblcag*.
mr-i-tn ly.
=*^ ! fAKE Si>|
The Florence Serving MacMt-r
Tie Lock, Kcct, Doable Lock A Doable Fo?r|,
WUbn.roneh r**ear.d f.irmtyaa ordinary
r.«ieos« fctlU'S. aiid with ns llf.Vor itv- ricCincryJ
ÜbastnctirTitßetfiterartnronoT. wntet
the i perator. by almply turning tne Ihcttu uj
hare the work run to the tight or be *txr anj
pn:i of xea:-:. or taaien tic ends of scams, wltnuv:
ton.*i,< thvfbbrle. ...
• It tuna LioirTLT.eetrs Barn?r.r.and laalmettscwi*
**Vt'«i«eathenfan*ST or TiTtaT worX with e-inal fa
dlilT. withoutr! a: ge i-f t-n«loaof machinery.
ri.Srclrg the of the -ii»«;b, and from, one kind
Of etlttli to Another, can icadily Lcdoce while the caa>
chit r lain motion.
lltnrns-any vi<ith of hem ; M’.s.Dtndi.undaa. jratli
era. tuck* culltsaul ealher»’U.d>«w»oß amlSe at the
same time, tt will oot oil the dree* of the o.vr.»b*r.
A Ueino er. an i.i-rc.-aary uv'L*. and •*D.iU'*LX‘3
£KLh'-fcKV.£K." which a India ue voricihselL arefur
bUbn! w!Ui each irsrbloa.
AGENTS WANTED.— yor terms.samples cf S4wljj
>&d circular*. address
Port oaico BoxSiQ. Cblca*n.LL
Salesroom. 124 Lata street. tc4
• iIACmVEfI, of al! stitches, at 13 Lake Street.
Wiles* 4 Gibb*’ 'fwir.ed Loof-Sttteb.: Taarart *
parr Double-Lock SUtcb; Empire febottl* Lock SStcA.
Tbe Stinkiest PtiUrrt. Vaatert and most perfect to M
found. Also. Sanaat*a “Birnr »rr*a *•_MacblsaSup
pile*. 4c. L. COKNELL * CO..
Pox SL Cklcago.'Pl.
Snuff and Tobacco Manufacturer,
(Formerly 12 Chamber? street, New YarkJ
■Woi;Mc»l!theaUentlou of Dealers to the artteletof
Ida iLSntifactnre.tU.:
JUcaboj. DerslßrtM.
Fine TUpj»<\ Ihire Vlnrin-'a.
Coarse Rappee. Nstcnitoabe*.
Americas Gentleman, Copenhagen^
Scotch. ITooej Dew Scotch.
High Tout Scotch. Fresh ncno> Derr Scotch.
Irlali iU«h Tout, FreshSCitch.
or Lur.dyfoot.
rr Attention 1* called to the larzo reduction In
pr.cca of Fine cut Chcwtnc anil Smoking Tobaccos,
which will be found of a svntsioaquaijTT.
rsonso. rmt cut cHEwnro. ixocnra.
Look, I*. A.L,. or plain, g.Jajpv
Ko.l. CaTeod'iihorSwect. Spanish.
Xo.Z. Sweet Scented Oronoc-j. Canaetar.
Fo*. 1& 2 mix- Tin Foil Caeecdlah. Turkish,
ed Granulated.
y. P.—A circular of price* will hd sent on applica
tion. 0h3>7«544-3ci
138 XiJvlie Stree.t 3
ICO do*. 'Wniow and Wood Cabs anti Gig*,
30 “ t'radle!*. Chairs,
800 ** Ladlra Work and TraTellng Baskets,
Mi “ Rocking an.l Spring Horse*.
. 300 “ Toy Cart*. W.iioua ond G»^*,
30 Lacs Common and Colored Siaroles,
gOO Jrt China Pulnled Allies,
200 il Flue Oloes Allies,
M 31 Gilt and Silvered Allies, Jtc.. Ac.,
s<o Grofs Peg Tops, nssorteci.
lOoOdoz. Pockctand Currcncr Bdoks,
liii «10/. Loy» Proms, nine sizes,
ICOO 3t Fish Hooks, sixteen a! *e«.
T3O dos. Fish Line*. It) to luO feet,
100 “ Tin and Wood Bird C.igrs,
TIB “ Rubber Balls. BfEortcd,
Eotlen Goods and Kotioss in Great Variety.
Ten and Fancy Good*. In nnantltle* to suit thb trade.
Ale-j. the un-.oua waLRIn'U J>»iLWJun received
Remember. 13S Lake street.
rojiPADoin side cozrns.
Kcw styles re.-elred doily at
No. 78 li-VKJE STKEET.
TTr bare a'.»o orrerd alatre lot of FRENCH COTHBTS
of our own tn;i>ort-iilon—utcr.t Part»Uo style.
(iI:AVKr ; A luvirn!. TSL.Ss.trtX
112 and 114 Pranklln street,*
(Two Block West cflbc Ccnrt House)
The hon«eU »iml>»UatlalhrJck building. with all
mocera Improvement* of a flrvt clan* hotel. and bu
roc:e« to accommodate abont nor huoJrel qnnnM.
Tte proprietor ftu Vc*>t the Hilintad Victualing
I!cc*c at fiaUaharg. 111., fbr r.earlvelx aid nav
lcj» fn*nt flvp tiionti.a repxlrluij a-. l rcfurnJehlotf UiU
Louse, U no* ready to tto a Hotel ItoaiaeM la CHlcag*.
Hoard flid per day.
Patronage Solicited.
ml aOW-lm
At S'o. 1C IH'splaJr.f* street. Mmtb of Randolph itrwt,
'Weal DUlstoß.
Hirtrg jnit retarnM froa Part*. a/:*r sfl*ctiag a
lolof the i-urfsl I)?eEtuff».tlieuiid»rri!mi*dw.»rTa3t*
to slT' *.* - ,iatictloa la all color*—Hie latest ■a'ladej,
Also.Solfcrtoo.Miucnt*. Freach Purple. Ac.
Pretlooa to h!» trip to Enrnpe.lhe oadendzned cos*
ductrd the well knows premium boose of Cook A
McLain, of Chicago. C. D.VHLGItKFV.
Part* Siram lire Works.
S'. 8.-Hrmccb Office, 75 North Clark shrct.
nrnEODOUE holbrook & Co.,
JL 4A Sonlh Clark street.
Negotiators of Mortpacrf. sod Agoats fjr the pnr
cliaw. rai* and leasing of Heal Estate. For *a‘e. rate
able Kesideree Property on the North. Sooth *nd M>Wt
Sides. store on Lika
rtr*ct tcr*i'.e or to lease. Brick Huase and tarn on
Green Bay arrauetolet. meivbudlw
Land surveying and en-
born stmt. filed bis bond and taken ont a
license aa SarreyopTicrter the p*orL*lona ofthonetr
City Charter. Is prepared to make anrveys and nb
dividers. and t*> perform all duties heretofore per-
Uhdi z to the office of Cty Sorvyor. cow abolish*)!.
• T RTBKLLA MATCH KS.—Thc*« match e* are
triad# without sulphur. and being frws from diaaareev
Me odor, are not only very dertnbJe. bat almost tails
p-fosable for ese la the parlor sad sleeping chamber.
They are pat op In farcy colored bores sad small
package* forfsmlly use. and are also careAUly packed
;In case* for trsorponatloe. For sale wholesale and
[ retail by JAM£S U.D£V.No.WCortlaai alreeC,New
j Y r.s‘ —Country ncedtaaU TfSH do Tali to call aid ex*
! a&lae oar elvck. CjU ri/j-Jm
notice <)rjiEi:ov 12 ,
*• to " ««* -•«
r 103 " ni ’°s n«rt„ ra ’ *,,_ -
t.erjvrt'i at oar .it# ri‘m« We<
UrK-ra- r-Ki. M.ratcM wtl ~ %
! K# *>' <*a.»s
nKW' iv w;i7t
Entire Furniture, Fixtures, 4^.
wmßEsoiniT txeaas 1
OnWrdnr.Jaj April 1. 1, laO].',t
u'clock ». m.. umlae Pr- ;mtw , 11
Is cf the -ll—.lcU-.a o f-v. .
C*S** Sn. 1 Drake. by UmUnon.w2 £&.?*» t
.‘BlwPCfta. to tha fciKJscj b.Oiler. Ut a* n* lh :
wrli Itowa to trailer- 3* m.» Mu..T ? *l-1
Brick I'ltc Story liandit.ir.asd L-*tuxizaV * »
on the timer of Smth a>r »L'v‘' »
atenur. oppose U.pQrca:ie".:ralD»->,t
dl*oai ;r.e-tme Uni*, the p>*; ri > ij.ni U
riirrccr-istlng ofparior. Dn«'r-.!>w.
Fed-Boom. Dimaa-Hi-om aad KiLcf.>-» r
•bcU«.MjiiUaw*a, ne«-ua*.<Ar!.«- . yi- Far =B*V
try. China, andGlastvare. Fed and ~fi\ 'i*! I* - i-
Cutlery. Silver-Plated \v.-< 4- Li£-'V.v.,
Ins «u Ihaiu tcqul.Kt to c*. : r» on a t
alltliess# and uti'-r flxr-.n.* -tevr w«- I' I '-*.
pl!>«. I-•.•♦•the* with tueufllre ASOti—
The lot Alloa uf tUr ilo-.tio b on- of tS^?^
and de<ri*hlelr.T-c rjty. belre Is t.“rim^l'v- - '
larged >< holrptlo t.ouva and , riv’ ■ ■ -j
Great f ectral f»cjit; b « wt :l >mi;:
COTi-rtag the entire ground. nur.i*L.lj
two hur.drvd room*, and dolr.* a •«, i
It Swellftiraldiyd throughout »ud hrv*i». ‘' J **
ILc.otUiO) b vary TalaaMe and Nh / ",
httuli'O* property. 14 -a.fi,.- j
TL« IN x‘eas.l i - nrr>‘t-.re will be v>l4 m
WMMhlT.jj :h-_*pnrrtiisep’ "
KorfnnLe.- paxticui-tr* a",.;r.L »„L /• ,
± Dmk'i’r vrji a. nn im ♦ ’' , -
Owrlliosp'lfonwc Fiimlt* re
naßi.Outhouae. Hor#e#. Mslcs,Tattle. IL-m w ’
Fa .. k.g 1 Creea
Llghtafif Glawf .rrL:!!«!«, t«sttLar w^»*t T^r , : s, ‘
On Tlmriwlay, April 3d,
Bro & Drake, l.y !L.-.;uuvn, ire wiu *«.• -^V?'’]
bidder. JttLi 'it fir ra»r • V -►
krrwTj*«UieTrpniL’ito4.il-n »!•-*.# JV, * • - 5
cf tile i‘.t»J'nt'.te on U.- Uln- Diar.il p-i-i
Tl.ebanr.PcnraleiiJsiTCs'.f trip s ; -r-. t
n:b;l.vrul In th«\lcia»* tf Cclci-V~~
jeaf«ha-.lr.g htrr. *parM In Uj«i«sfalser* •> i'-.' 1 .
j.roreniettt... :JtrJ: V lr ;
lainlurti I Cucina!>e*».r:.t-iL- > '.«, Lnr-e i
n- .'.UrrT ? t i : *.
Tre<«of erery wirsr. L-'niv
are cow ready for the market a-d otfipy
-!. advaarwi - oj for I'm -ut*--.
ward#of IP.UJ". of jria*». “»••.-
i'!.eGrreE-hoa*er')atali.< «»er> Tar , r , »>-.f*s. ,
Grape in ;i e Mateo: calL-ratiVn 7
TJ.p in'4. eDUra »r*-
and out hn'lJruj*. "
Ct.otram of Uorres t*o Coil* on- iyv> 'u*. u
rcw. fo-ip ronr.i; Calf!-. a np! .,
c’'' U trTi^okK:
Ku.-rr, \Vii.-'fi«.il‘';iVeard itnsVßamM s-,j ,-
ranrmv ri-n-'S tr.c ■(,..!» pr^*r.tL-;'" r *'..f -v.
cMurcsr-TtTer-dln - r.e T'.r.'irr efCh'ii—'r.
I'urcl.iW of a i tLe(—it i-iplr** 3,
ti ; n: lorwatr. rtatc t.'iai lastitea an
uroath-j liive^U'aen*..
Torf-mser parU'.aiar? M»«m G*-. p,
It shall remove in & few dija froa £ .*
Stores iG and iS Dearborn Street
the Treuiont Gonte, a tier? ire sla'l usm
trnasact a
General Auction Business,
The abort aWn are tbe son ceaira3r:fa:»iui
hetseiailapj'Mliats Auctionbudsewtui » c »oi-!«ra
tt»» city. «e th»U continue to receive on ourra*-
and to sell.
IVe shall jcivc our pernjnal artetidoti:• tb«
Also, to the Sale of Honcchold GooJv
At the residence* r.f ramble*, nr will'u»* ro>b -i
Oiortit by ••T.p*-r!enred men to our conasedr izir.te'
fhr sale 11 Ctaired. We *iiall also eontlatiaoar
nr Fin-t claw referecee g! T *a.
Central Aoctloaeers. 1 U HtsA:
Opposite tr.e Tremout Hocse.
Kesnl*r rale day* of Fcroltare. Ac .TTSSUAI
>itU>AT3 of each wreA,
New &sd Sscood Hand Jarsitors, Cvpiu u
Hoasekeepins Goods,
On TUESDAY. March SUi, *1 9W fl’clxi.-nr,
e«i»rw>st. * .
l»rye*»*ortnfßtof h*u nature Ptr.carjlaUaxJJr\
l«rand Chamber i-cte, fo'is, Te'.ti feu*. Ptr *
other chairs. MarMe Tur latl«.
Coirrux'cuJ I‘arraa'Ks-tsttb.U. Wi’vlro'.e*.!
and r c:ta*e I>siate*iv Tea Pof ttraci L
CS air*. WitaiCfW, vramb»r «•'«. Lop.=;n
Slirtora. Derrl;er«ion. icd aiv
ptL*. Mhro:*. ic.
GIUERr 4 SAilFSdt.
mbs- bTiTT-Jt
Gilbert & sampsox.
Auctioneers. 4*5 * -ii DsarNjra
Or. TUESIJVT. L'arch 31. at 9* o>lvt we
atour eew Nos. Hi ii Dearta::
oppwltc IheTreu os; noa»«*.
2SJ It Burea-i w»»>a»!.«J*.tnthet»stis.
lot B V andCh r<a«frKtt.Gothic uJKC.
5;. h w Panel d 0..! u tie whlta.
TO RWTu Pan with drawer* la t*te wtt«.
£0 BTFasdtr» HCLda: r« laths wills.
110 HC Itedsleada. tamlaned.
AH the abore poods are made la t v e bnt rev
aa*l of Sample* can szj Q
before Use sale.
SSLakv «tieet. Cbtesgo. IU, i»11 slratsrtrprwc
tenCnr *p Jhc »aj; u { iteij EsUlM* sai »««« '•
eTTv TartJea mAla*cytheirpiacito #eil&y»-a
will do well localise Ue »al «rl>n.
M4«l>2in GILBERT* SAJ?j»3
at attctiuk.
ire wU» sell on the i remise*.
110 Weal Lake ilrtrtt . , A .
Tbs stock of Groceries. Store Flxtorw. <**~*f , * fc '
of Sugar. Tea, Ofiee, Tobacco. Silt, rplce.
niw Vlreear.Pried Apple*. C»i ;d. e«. e* >» {»*. cIP"
Barley.Sslh.Brooiri.Tabs Pali*. Clinrawj*»
Fl»b. stoneware, Crockery. Gionvsra. k*f #
Lamps and OU. Show C*« >oc«a <awgl
Shelve*. Scales, 4c. w
mhtrr.b7l!»M A3 -ljL
Boots and shoes at m
Tl* 5. Xicnusorr. 2S Lake rtf** 4 .*;
rf Franklin,on Trx»D«T. March«*t. 4t *> ~
A. M., will be «oM L3ciw« Men •. Boji.
Kip and Calf SI tf«»«
Tie*. *3 Ctdidrea’e Sh-ee ; **->• > « ‘ ‘°V.'.c
ndi*:-Lfcf&-it S. yiIKELaOS.
ACCTIOS—B*S Xicixawx.S'lai';;
comerul Franklin,on Sioaj»»r. M*jc4St~ -
Dir. April l»t. FaibaT. April JL «*j «.
A. ?f.. vOI he sold Clctha. Cawfenerr*.
ral stoekofi*;? Good*and CicUilag T*bl»sv*
Fcmbhirs Good* and Jewelry. Ai prtmJ
c SleM?Sit> n s. sicgmaw.
Auction sale o
il -WHOI2SAI3.
Gore, Willson & C?
Every Tuesday and Thnishf
AT 10 A. it.. PROMPT.
AEd at prtvaU sale thronghout the wrtk F» ••
anlrte our stock to M
Than by any other Hoi
Gar »loek belli? COKiljtwd leaabf
To whom wo make advance
For CarrTtrjalAnnßand
wbicu we otTijr to Uie bli#e» “it”
cr Jt prtTite rale.o» • <
cone, wittsos * eft,
« Lite itrrd^
fjoop Skirt fllannfattKJ
• Hoop Skirt ManufacW
Aal bnjoner ud '-*V £r
French and German Coo*'
AMD Jg'-f
lopr 3 *?*

- SS**'*
cni'Cirn’e. to M
N. 8.-tfe re?*:? :«*«*£ wpt cttffejjv
.racrarse.crofUtrJ »b«y ««
4-eV3b«of»« ►*
,ae<: «*«* e vtwtM U »«< * Wl^
*en; tt rtfcficoco. f^itef*
am P»?» t<*« iaisr*^ T* 3 "/
‘TiUihecmttra< unirfg*
Joa-«oJ t» v*r
UtirMCMb-Uf* *}£*£
vutt x< *WSc!U ®- 9<r £ff inr *** **
utaKi »j »»»»?r>«P«y
l, TtiCER, P«ptW» r M V A

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