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(Eljiccujo tribune.
The regular weekly meeting of the Union
Club will he held at their Hall in Dickey’s
building, corner of Dearborn and Lake streets,
IJde evening at 7% o’clock.
Uy invitation of the Executive Committee,
Tlon. John Wentworth will address the Club
upon national affaire—the relations of the
Government with Franco and England, and
will touch upon the issues involved in the ap
proaching city election.
Other speakers will be in attendance, and
the meeting cannot tail to be deeply interest
' The Hall is now completely furnished, giv
ing ample room and accommodation for five
hundred people.
By order ol the Executive Committee.
Clark Gibb, Secretary.
Under - Marching Orders. —The lOith
regiment, now at Camp.Dooglas, it under
marching orders, and will leave in a day or
two/Also the Cslh, and Phillips’ battery.
Fourteenth Ward. —A meeting of this
Ward will be held at Fritz Frillmaa’s saloon,
comer of Wells and Division streets, this
evening. Let the voters be out in their
strength. Good speakers will entertain the
Larcent.—Mike Kennedy, an old offender,
for stealing between nine and ten dollars in
cash from Edward Fattce ot 99 Milwaukee
avenue, after an examination b'efore the Police
Court, was yesterday held for trial in the Be
corder’s Court, in the sum of SI,OOO.
Tire.—On Thursday, fire was discovered
issuing from the roof of one of the workshops
attached to the reaper factory of McCormick
& Co., in the North Division. A local alarm
was created, which called out a portion of
the Flic* Department, and the flames were ex
tinguished before any material damage had
Sanitabt Gift Concebt. —The Sanitary
Gift Concert ticket holders arc daily receiving
Ihclr prizes and gifts from 5S Wells street.
We learn that ticket holders from the country
will have their prizes and gifts forwarded to
them os soon as the vast amount of business
will admit. Those holding tickets in the city
are requested to present their tickets and re
ceive their presents Immediately.
Tea Launch. —The new tug I, A. Crawford,
partly owned and commanded by Capt. Alex.
Leonard, was launched Thursday, from the
yard above Van Buren street, on the South
Branch. The Crawford is to rate as a first
class tug, and no pains diavc been spared to
render her one of the most efficient on the
river. Her machinery, which was built by
Messrs. John Murphy & Co., corner of Michi
gan and Franklin streets, in point of strength
and finish, is all that can be desired.
Acknowledgement.—-TheLadles’ Soldiers’
Aid Society would gratcfullyacknowledgc the
receipt of the sum of one hundred and twelve
dollars from Messrs. Arlington, Leon & Don-
Hiker, the proceeds of the entertainment of
the afternoon of the 4iUlnst. This substantial
token of patriotic sympathy in the efforts of
the Society, will prove, we trust, a remem
hrdfccc that will cheer and encourage our
brave and loyal men who have eo nobly ex
posed their lives in defease of our nation’s
honor. In their name, also, allow os to thank
you. •
Policemen Garroted.~A well dressedand
respectable looking lad of sixteen was before
the Police Court yesterday, on a charge of
disorderly conduct. On Thursday evening,
after dark, the prisoner and seven or eight
other boys stretched a rope across the street,
corner of Madison and Curtis, about live foet
above the ground. One or two ladies were
suddenly brought to a stop by this contriv
ance. Finally, Sergeant Kennedy, of the Po
lice, and another olficcr of the force, were
garrott’d in a similar manner, and the prisoner,
the only boy who could be caught, was taken
an charge. He plead guilty, and a moderate
£ne was imposed, accompanied by some ex
cellent advice.
Presentation at the School op Trade.—
Mr. DyUrcnfurtii, the accomplished principal
and proprietor of tbc School of Trade, on Lake
street, was made the recipient of an elegant
llbraiy of choice standard volumes, a night or
two since, at the hands of his students, a* a
juarkoflheir appreciation and esteem. IVc
congratulate Mr. D. upon his good fortune, as
wc know him to hare been eminently deserv
ing, both in the capacity of teacher and gen
tleman. Few men hare labored harder to es
tablish a commercial school, and been more
successful iu their efforts, than he, and the
handsome tribute at the bauds of the etudeuU
evinces that they too appreciate these labors,
which arc working so much of advantage to
The Charity Party.—The most elaborate
preparations are being made for the great
charily parly at Bryan Hall, on the 15th Inst.
Tbc hop is destined to be the gayest of the
season, and everybody and his wife arc ex
pected to purchase tickets, even if they do
not attend in person. As the proceeds will
he devoted exclusively, by the City War Fuad
Committee, to the relief of soldiers’ families
in this city, we are sure that our citizens,
especially all devotees of Terpsichore, will
encourage the noble charity, and help, while
they gratify themselves with a delightful en
tertainment, to swell the proceeds which
shall bring joy and gladness to many a hearth
stone. Surely, we need not appeal to onr
readers to secure tickets. So noble a cause
appeals itself with more force than wc can
give the subject.
Ouu Soldiers at Memi'DlS, —lt will be re
membered that sometime in February last a
German Fair was held at Bryan Dali, for the
purpose of raising funds with which to fur
nish some of the sick and wounded Illinois
soldiers In Tennessee with needful supplies.
That Fair proved highly successful, and no
lets than SI,OOO were raised and appropriated
to the worthy object named; Mrs. Schneider
and Mrs. Degcnhard being delegated to pro
ceed to Memphis and disburse the funds.
These ladles have now returned home, and
most satiffiictorily have they discharged the
Important duty to which the management of
the afiairassigned them. Many a sick and dis
abled soldier at Memphis, during the remain
der of his life, will have reason to bless these
sisters of mercy ” for their timely benefac
tions, so freely lavished when most needed.
Our cause is safe so long as woman’s heart and
Woman’s sympathies are In it.
Religious. —ln consequence of thc-illaess
cf the prstor, the Rev. Geo. IV, Dodge of
J'ew York, will preach at the Tabernacle
Baptist Church, to-morrow morning and
evening. On Wednesday evening, he will
give cn acdount of his experience as a prison
er of war at the South; also, his views of the
Southern character, at tbe same place. Rcr.
Air. Dodge entered the army as Chaplain of
the Fire Zouaves, commanded by Col. E. R.
Ellsworth, of tills city. He entered Alexan
dria villi him the morning of»hi» brutal mur
• dcr—was with him when he fell—holding him
5n his arms while he breathed his hist. Mr.
Podge was taken a prisoner at the first battle
of BullKun, while unending to the wounded
oh the held of battle, and retained as such for
more than a year, sharing the same Cite as
bis friends and fellow sufferers—Gens.‘Wil
cox, Corcoran and others.
Lieut. Josiii:a Setmocu Balxaud. —We
cxcccdltgly regret the necessity that compels
an announcement of the death of the
young officer whose name heads this article.
He died at Mutfrccsboro, Tcnn., on the 9lh
Inst., In the 23d year of his age, departing life
amid the lamentations of scores of soldiers of
the Army of the Cumberland.
. . ' . “ The good die first,
ado uicy whose hearts are dry as Summer dust,
Bum to the rocket."
Lieut. Bullard entered the service of the
Government as the Adjutant of the SSth Illi
nois volunteers, in the month of August, ISG3,
and filled the position till l u the month of
February following, when he was made Act
ing Assistant Adjutant General, upon the Staff
of Colonel Frank T. Sherman, who has been
assigned Commander of the First Brigade of
Sheridan's Division. Ho was a rare officer and
rarer man. Bis official duties were perform
ed in such a manner as to enforce the com
mendation of those with whom he had hast*
sees intercourse, and bis life was one, which
according to the testimony of those who knew
him well, had hardly a blemish. He was the
Idol, the “pet” (as the writer of this article
has often heard the soldiers express it), of the
“Eighty-Eighth,” and we venture the asser
tion that many marches will have been acconr
pushed, and, mayhap, battles fought, ere the
gallmt men of that regiment cease to pass his
iair memory from Up to lip.
The body will be brought to this city for In
terment, and due notice given of the funeral.
Tiro Fire Story Blocks B>c
At a little before 7 o’clock last evening a
fire broke out in tire tivc*story brick building
Xo. 14, South Water street, opposite
the Maseassoit House, and before the flames
could be subdued, destroyed a large amount
oi property, on which, unfortunately for the
owners, there was but little insurance.
The building was owned by IL Newhall,
who had several hundred bushels of apples
stored in the cellar, and a quantity of furni
ture in the fourth story. The furniture was
wholly destroyed, and the apples arc, at this
writing, supposed to be thoroughly baked, to
say the least. The building itself was insur
ed for SO,OOO.
The first story was occupied mainly by
Messrs. Borke & Co., who had a stock of
groceries worth probably $3,000, which was
destroyed, and on which there was no insur
ance. On tbe same floorwere also liighwines,
in store, valued at about $2,000. These were
insured, but to what extent wc did not learn.
The some story contained at least SSOO worth
of ofllce fixtures and furniture, placed there
by L. Bradley, agent for tbe People’s Line of
Steamers. This was also destroyed. In tbe
second story, E. C. Vo re had a stock of gro
ceries, which was entirely consumed. His
loss is about $1,400. No insurance. The
back portion of this story was used as a vin
egar manufactory, formerly carried onbyS.
W. Manshur, but recently sold to another
party, whose name could not be obtained.
The loss In this department will probably not
exceed SSOO. and is fully covered by insur
ance. It was impossible last night to arrive
at an exact estimate of the total loss by this
destructive conflagration; but wc are led to
suppose that the entire damage, including
that done to the building, cannot fall much
shortof $25,000.
The cause of the fire was not known; but
It appeared to originate in tbe second story.
The fire department, led by our always effi
cient chief, U.P. Harris, performed most gal
lant service, and bnt for their skillful and
energetic movements the flames would have
reached the adjoining building, number 13,
which is occupied by Messrs. Benedict & Co.,
who had it stored well nigh full of oils.. Had
the flames once reached these, the loss of
property must have been four fold greater
than it was.
Ae we go to press, the fire has rekindled and
the adjoining five story brick block is wrap
ped in flames. A large quantity of oil and*
highwiucs is consumed. The cast wall has
fallen, crushing the Central Sale Stable to tin
der, several persons barely escaping destruc
tion. The Girard House is in imminentdun
ger, hut it is thought it will be saved, AU of
the borscs were removed from the stable be
fore it was destroyed. The hour is too late
for us even to approximate tbc loss. It must
be very heavy, however.
Tbc Ell job Concert.
We arc glad to know that the prospects for
the coming Elijah Concert, to he given by the
Musical Union on Tuesday evening next, are
very flattering, and it is expected not only
iLiv. our own citizens will largely attend, but
assurances have been received from Peoria,
Madison and other places, that delegations
will come in for the purpose of attending.
Tho immense expense attendant upon the
production of oratorio has compelled the
manager to place the price of tickets at what
might teem at first sight a high figure, but by
no means high as compared with prices else
where for oratorio concerts.
It would be impossible for ns to attempt
a critical musical analysis of Elijah, but we
may present a few thoughts upon it from an
excellent critic.
Hie lai*l great roaster x>iccc and crowning
effort of Mcudtlesobn’s life was the oratorio of
Elijah. It was first performed under his own
din ction, at the Birmingham Festival, on the
ECth of August, IS4G, a little more than a year
before his death.
The subject of Elijah was very happily cho
sen, There is a warm thread of human inter
est running through it that appeals directly to
the popular heart. In the “Messiah” this
dramatic element Is much Jess apparent. Al
though iu itself the greatest of all dramas, It
is too hroad and high to be at once fully com
prehend as such. It is like a grand and mas
sive work of sculpture, such ns the idea of
Raphael* 6 Transfiguration might be if wrought
in marble. Its calm majesty cf outline veils
a wondrous life, that needs no external
warmth cf coloring. It is in itself pure, sclf
exhtent and eternal—not human, but divine.
Elijah deals much more with human pas
sions and suffering, hence the dramatic ele
ment is more easily perceived. The charac
ters »re brought out by the fine shades and
eoi.traslsof coloring. Each utterance, too,
has a diftinct individuality of its own. How
sublimely beautiful thercudcringof that grand
old Jewish poc ry. How clearly it opens the
vision into the purer realms of eternal truths.
Dedication.— -Mission schools are multi
plying quite rapidly in tins city. They arc
institutions of which wc cannot have too :
many. There are thousands of children who
need their influence to preserve them from
evil associations, and consequent evil habits.
And they are being provided liberally by oar
churches, and arc doing a good' work la those
localities which are never reached by the
“stated preaching of the Gospel.” Some of
these schools have already grown into church
es, which in time will become important in
terests. A new one lias just been established
in tbe Southern part of the city, at the corner
of Indiana Avenue and Tates Place, and a
church-like edifice erected for its use, which
is, In fact, intended for a Chapel, as well as a
Sabbath School. The building is of brick, In
the Borman style of architecture, 70 feet by
40 wide. It Is to be dedicated on Sabbath
nest, with the usual services on such occa
sions, at 11 a. m., and 4 p. m., and at half
past 7. Those wishing to attend the exercises
can leave the State street ears at Bingold
Place, or continue to Ridgley Place. The at
tendance of the public Is invited, especially
the patrons of the Mission.
Organization of a Swedish Union Club.
—A meeting of the loyal Swedes was held on
Friday evening at Reinhart’s house, corner of
Chicago avenue and Well’s street, and organ
izing a Swedish Union Club. After the meet
ing was called to order, John A. Nelson was
elected President; P, Peterson, Vice Presi
dent; and S. Cronsioc, Secretary. The Pres
ident explained the objects of the meeting to
be the organization of a Swedish Union Club
to counteract the efforts being made by the
Copperheads to disaffcct tbe Swedes and array
them against the Government.
Upon motion, the following Executive Com
mittee was chosen: Andrew kind, S. P. Swan
son, Cart Enqnial, E. Whhberg, Andrew Pet
rie, and Charles Blom. Stirring addresses
were made by Messrs. Kelson, Cronsioc and
Peterson, iu favor of the Administration and
the Government, calling upon the Swedes to
rally to their support, and stand firm to tbe
great principle of liberty, after which, the
Club adjourned, to meet on Tuesday evening
'next, atF. Fillmau’s.
Canal Convention. —A meagre number ol
members of tbc various committees melon
Thursday evening at the rooms of the Mer
cantile Association. J. S. Robb, E»q., pre
Mr. Wicker, from the Finance Committee,
reported that petitions to the Common Coun
cil, asking for un appropriation, were in the
hands of the City Clerk, and he thought that
the Council would not hesitate to appropriate
a sufficient sum to cover the expenses of the
Convtion. The General Committee then ad
journed, to meet again on Thursday evening
On motion of Judge Skinner, the following
gentlemen were appointed a sub committee
on Invitations: Joel A. Walters, Grant Good
rich, W. S. Gurnee, B. F. Ayer, H. J. Loomis,
The snb-Comniittee is requested to meet on
Saturday evening; the Committee will con
vene on Monday evening.
The Grocery Tuxes at Fobt Watke.—
In the thriving town ol Fort Wayne, lad, is
located A. C. Hucstis, manufacturer and
wholesale dealer in Groceries, Confectioner
ies and Fruit. It is an undisputed fact, we be-
lievc, that this game Huestis alway keeps an
extensive and well selected stock, and is pre
pared lo supply tlie wants of a large circle of
trade with goods in his line, at the lowest Hr
ing prices. He is constantly prepared to fur
nish an excellent quality of oysters, and in
their season deals largely In oranges and lem
ons. The fruit sold by Mr. Huestis is received
diicct from importers, and is shipped from
the vessels direct to Fort Wayne immediately
after its arrival in port. Hence, It is always
nice and fresh. Parties living contiguous to
Fort Wayne will do well to "make a note’*
of this. It is worth remembering.
P. r ' —Jt is rni-— j -
x'-EJiSOKi-L. It is currently reported that
veto Shennan was taken suddenly ill on
Thursday evening. His disease is veto on the
train. Dr. Hahn la attending upon him. but
he thinks his case doubtful. Yesterday ho
was somewhat better, but come of hla friends
imprudently mentioned the word Union,
which brought on another attack, worse than
the first.
Analysis of (lie Comes—Wash. Camp
hell the Winner.
The great billiard match between W. Camp
bell, C. Coan, T. McCarty, and A. Lo Brun,
for a SSOO billiard table, came offlast evening
at Bryan Hall, before a large audience of ama
teurs and citizens, and several ladies. The
tact that all the players arc professionals, and
quite evenly matched, added much to the
interest of the game, and the friends of either
party came up very confident of the success
of their favorites.
The game was 1,500 points, and arranged as
follows: • Campbell and Coan to play 500
points; McCarty and Lcßrun, 500, and the
two winners 500; tbe game being the Ameri
can four ball carom.
Campbell and Coan banked for first shot,
Coan getting it, and making four, missing on
a long follow, Campbcllran fourand pocket
ed, and Coan strung the balls. Campbell
made a beautiful bank shot, and ran 13. Coan
ran six and missed. Campbell ran four, pock
eting Coan and stringing. Coan made an ele
gant bank, and commenced a very pretty run,
which be kept up without a scratch, making
SO, and bringing him within eight of the
first hundred, and leading Campbell 63points,
Campbell run S5 points, taking him to 70,
Coan turning the first hundred twenty-two
ahead. Campbell Idllowcd with a pretty run
of 40, which gave him the lead. Coan made
another run of 30, which* changed matters,
makintf the score 18S, while Campbell stood
153. Campbell missed and Coan ran SO, turn
ing the second hundred 04 points ahead. The
second hundred was less interesting than the
first, the runs being small. When the fifty
was turned, Campbell stood 243, Coan 250. On
the last fifty Coan played nervously and miss
ed some easy ehdls, of which Campbell took
advantage and went round the third hundred
twenty-two ahead. Campbell kept his advan
tage, and when near the fourth hundred, an
unfortunate kiss of Goan’s left all the balls in
the corner, and Campbell went round the
hundred with a handsome run of 47 and 94
ahead—the game now standing, Campbell,
438, Coan, 334. Coan could not recover his
game, and lost the splendid play that marked
his opening, .and by easy stages Campbell
went out, beSllng his competitor 87points,
the game standing, Campbell, 500, Coan, 413.
The second fire hundred were played by Lc-
Brun and McCarty, ibe former playing first.
The firtt hundred was very close’playing, both
making small runs ranging between six and
ten except one of 47 by McCarty and one of
19 by Lc Brun. The hitter passed the first
hundred on a run of 35, the game standing
Leßruu 113, McCarty 94. Lc Brun played
very handsomely after turning and went
round the second hundred co r.hcad; game as
follows; Lc Brun 205, McCarty 120. Lc Brun
some fine playing making runs of
43, 34 and 44 and rounding the third hundred
190 ahead. McCarty recovered a little by a
run oi 30. Some slight skirmishing ensued,
when McCarty made a splendid run of SO, dis
placing the best science of the evening in
keeping the balls together, and reducing the
gap to 00. McCarty continued excellent play
ing and was but 14 behind when Le Brun
reached 400. Lc Brun passed the hundred
with one the best cushion shots of the eve
ning. McCarty gained an advantage and got
a trifle ahead, when Le Brun missed, leaving
a gap of 33. McCarty played elegantly aud
made a run of 30 getting 31 ahead, and string
ing the balls. McCarty banked and missed.
Le Brun ran 12 and mis-sed on a difiicult shot.
McCarty made a run up to 407. Leßrun
n.iffccl and McCarty went out beating Lc
Brun €0 points.
McCarty and Campbell, tbc winners, played
tbc mxl 300 points for the table. The game
w as all on the side of Campbell, who led from
the start, continually increasing the gap by
careful playing, until be went‘out, beating
McCarty 310 points. The lateness of the hour
prevents any analysis of the closing match.
Tlic Alleged PerrerMou or Saultary
The following letter from the Surgeon Gen
eral of Wisconsin, volunteered spontaneously
by Dr. Wolcott, is of interest to all who are
engaged in the work of the Sanitary Commis
sion, and as testimony proving the falsity of
the stories In regard to perversion of supplies,
is of cf importance to* the public:
Torso's Point otpo-ite Vicksburg, )
March Uilh 1503. f
Mark Skinner, Esq.:
Beau Sin; This is the fifth time I oavc visited
the army hi clunge of Sanitary supplies, from Wis
consin and the Chicago Sanitary Commission, I
buvebadafulr opportunity to witness the opera
tions of the Commission, as well as the eilbrts
made by local societies ami individuals, in extend
ing rebel to the sick and wounded soldiers.
Expeilfiite ptovi-s precisely what uuThtbccs
pecU'l, The catholicity of the Commission, its
pcrlVciicn of organization and vast means—cm
macirgtbe full recognition and aid of the Govern
ment—give* facilities for accomplishing its objects,
entirely unapproachable in any other way. The
only question is that of management. Arc the
officers and agi nts employed, the men and women
fur tl.c duty r As far as my observation extends,
1 do rot hesitate to answer, most emphatically, in
the nfhrmr.tive. I have mot many of them, em
bratiLg all grades, from the accomplished tsecre
taiic? to the nuievfl :u hospitals. That occasional
esuptlon, though Inmt say they are very rare,
aie to be met with, wili surprise no oac— faithful
ness and efficiency being vety decidedly the gene
ral fbanuiejistict-.
Ficm tbc preceding, you will perceive, I am pre
pared to uivc- utt o|<io>ou Ass to hie fact about which
it pci rnt* foir.c t-till enteitaln doubt, that MippliOs
ciitnirtcdto the United Stales Sanitary Commis
sion reach their legitimate destination. That all
articles are faithfully delivered to the Surgeons
making; tl.e requisitions throngli the j gencyof the
CcßiiDitfhion, there is no doubt. But one step
more remains to be taken and the work is accom
plished. Bo the Surgeons tiithfully discharge
their duties? They are accused, not noire
e.nci.tly. cf gross dereliction, not only in
the discharge of ordinary duties, but in
(lie consumption of supplies, designed ex
clusively lor the stele and wound
ed soldiers. All general sweeping charges
are to be taken with groat allowance, and in this
connection should be regarded unmitigated slan
ders. I judge from a knowledge of the general
cl araeler of the Jlcdlral Staff of the army, as well
as from positive observation onasuflicibiitlylurgc
scale to satisfy mo, that with aa few exceptions as
van be found to any general rule, such reports are
unquuliCe-.-ly false. 1 therefore advise all to send
their donations through the It, S. Sanitary Com
mission a? the only reliable channel through which
their friends, the soldiers, can with certainty be
reached. Very respectfully your ohd’tserv't,
E. D. Wolcott,
Another Currency Suit.
Suterior Court.— Austin vs. Horner. This
case, which was tried two or three weeks ago,
was finally disposed cf by tbc Court a day or
two since, by overruling the motion fora new
trial, and giving judgment for the amount of
the verdict—silGs.77. The facts of the case
were as follows: The defendant, Allen Hor
ner, drcwacheckon the Marine Bank in favor
of one Knox, of Bristol, Kendall county, for
$874, dated May 14,15C1, which was received
by Knox at Bristol on on the 21at of that
month, which was four days after the bank
had stopped, and the currency had gone cut
of use. The check was presented for pay
ment on the Slh of June, and the Illinois cum
rency offered in payment, and refused. It was
shown that the bank had the same ability to
pay when the check was presented, »hat it had
at the time of its dale—that it paid its specie
account in full, and accounts iu par funds hi
lull, and Illinois currency accounts, such as
the defedant's, were in Illinois currency. The
defendant's account with the bank was in
term?, in Illinois bank notes, and is entered
on tbc bank ledger with hi* assent and no
other. It further appeared that after the suit
was begun, Mr. Horner drew his money out
of the bank, receiving for it par funds at Go
cents on the dollar.
The points taken for the plaintiff were that
the holder of The check was not bound to
present it for payment at all, or to give notice
to the drawer, on two grounds.
Because It was not received by tbc paver
Irom tbe drawer, until after the failure of the
bank, and the withdrawing the currency.
Which facts being known at the time to him,
notice of non-payment would have been a
mere ceremony, because the
defendant’s bank account Itself, not being in
lawful money, or in par funds, but only In
depreciated Illinois bank bills, in terms it
was not such a bank account as gave him the
right to draw upon it, for such was the im
port of the check, being for SS74; and,
thirdly, because, by afterwards drawing out
ids deposit altogether, he was precluded from
claiming as a defense to this action
That the plaintiff was hound to
resort to the bank for payment of tbc check.
It is claimed for tbc d« feme, that the drawer
of the check was discharged by reason of
non-piestnlaiion for payment in duo season,
on the ground that thc*d«fendant, having a
laigc bank account all the lime from the date
ol the check until after its presentment on
the Slh of June, the bank laid failed before
it was pusuited. The Illinois currency had
largely depreciated, and thereby Mr. Horner
had been damnified. It was contended for
tbe deftme that the drawing of the deposit
alter the suit was brought, did not help the
ease at all; that at the most, plaintiff could
only sue defendant for the funds realised from
the tale of the deposit account, in a new ac
tion for money lost and received; mid that
the present action coaid not be maintained
on the tainillar rule, that if a cause of action
does not exist when suit is brought, it cannot
be aided by anything that happens afterwards.
And it being shown that defendant had more
than money enough in bauk nil tfco while
from the date of the cheek until suit was
brought, no or article existed on
which this suit could be maintained.
The jury found a verdict for the plaintiff for
the full amount claimed, and interests. An
aj peal has been taken to the Supreme Court,
by the defendant, where the case will be ar
gued at the next tciin.
The precise qucMions presented by this
ra.‘e are different from what have been pre
sented in any of the former currency or bank
cases. And much interest is felt in mercan
tile circhs ns to the final decision.
Arthur W. 'Windett for plaintiff; McAUI:
ter, Jewett and I sham for delendant.
Copperhead Treason and ai«l2ffalty«
Chicago, April 10,1563.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
The InTiudhle Copperhead Club cave their
anniversary dinner at the Briggs Souse, on
Thursday evening. As is always customary
on such occasions, ’he the United
Slates was not toasted. On the contrary, no
mention was made of the Chief Magistrate
of ihc nation, except In the speeches of the
K G C.’a fiom the southern part of the
State, in which Mr. Lincoln was most grossly
abused and insulted.
Mr Shi mum, the Mayor of the city, was
present at the dinner. Yet he eat quietly In
his chair, and allowed this indignity, not only
to the man, but to the office, to pass nnre
baked. And he has a eon in the army, 100, of
which that President is the Commander-in*
■Would Cob Sherman do as Mayor Sherman
did ou that occasion, were lie present ? We
do not believe lie would. Indeed, it is an in
sult upon his chnracterand reputation to sup
pose so for a moment. He is a gentleman and
a soldier, and would quit the presence of the
rebels in disgust, the moment he perceived
' this studied insult.
’But these men would not toast Abraham
Lincoln, because they haled him and his Gov
ernment; and they dare not toast Jefferson
Davis and his Government, although thev
love and worship them,’ only because they
wore in the mills- of a loyal cits*.
But howcame tbisoutrage tobe perpetrated
in the loyal city of Chicago, on the night that
thousands of her citizens In mass meelingtCE
tified their continued devotion to the Consti
tution and the acknowledged head of the na
tion ? We will tell the public. It was done
with a purpose. The toasts were proposed by
Melville w. Fuller, and others. One ot the
committee, a pretty strong Copperhead, too,
proposed that the toast of the President,
should as usual, head tie list. To this Mr.
Fuller and another member of tbe Committee
objected. They did not want Lincoln roast
ed ot all, and would not have it done. So the
comparatively reasonable Copperhead was cor
rected, and this insultto the President, and
the violation perpetrated for tbe first time on
such an occasion in a loyal Slate, at any rate
for tbe first lime In the history of thisclty.
It would be interesting to know how many
K. G. C.’s were present at. this dinner; how
many men who have taken the oath published
in your columns a few days since, to ai«rand
couifoit the enemies of the country, that
such were there wc have no doubt, urn from
the fact that all satstiU while the premeditated
Insult was perpetrated. It would be safe to
sav that the loyulty of every one present was
aOeast of a questionable character. *
Mr. Sherman is to be the candidate of the
Copperheads at the municipal election. The
hcipilnhas been made. He uttered the veto
me.-gage'to secure the nomination. Let the
people remember that this man was weak or
wicked enough to sit at dinner with a set of
semi-traitors, too cowardly to express their
real sentiments, yet with enough malignity io
their compositions to show the cloven* foot of
treason. Union.
Who Is to Blame ?
Chicago, April 10,18&3.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
Will you alloil' me to inquire, through your col
umne.who ie to blame forthc negligence la paying
discharged officers and soldiers in this district*
There arc many who have bci*n honorably dis
charged from the service, whose families are
actually tuffering for what the Government Is
owing them, who were honorably discharged more
than six mouths ago, and yet arc told by ihe Pay
matters here that they have no funds for paying
them. Is a man lets deserving who has entered
the service andloet his health, and been compelled
to resign in consequence, than those who have es
caped sickness r Who is to blame ?
A ScryßßEn.
Tnir.T3E.NTii Ward Vnion.Clcb. —The voters of
the loth ward are notified that there will be a
meeting to night at Conrad Holtz's, comer of
North avenue and Larrabec street, at which time
and place, the subjects of delegates will come be
fore the meeting. Let all attend, as we expect to
hear from various candidates, By order of the
Committee, Clark Gieb, Sec’y.
Meeting or lira If/rn Ward Union* Club.—
There will be a meeting of the ICth Ward Union
Club at the Hall of Jacob Entires, corner of Lara
bce street and Chicago avenue, on Saturday even
ing, the lull inet., at 7V o'clock. Let every true
Union man.turn out. Good gpeakcls will be pres
Scandinavian Meeting.— There will be a Scan
dinavian Union Mass Meeting at Bcedecfcer’s Hall,
on Hubbard street, this (11th) evening at 7# p. m.
Union Club!— The regular meeting of the Un
ion Club will take pluck this evening at their hall
In Dicke y’s Block, at 7 v o’clock.
The Executive Committee have procured the
Hon. John Wentworth to address the Club, on our
relatione with England und France, and also on
mrutersof interot incident to the next municipal
election. All arc invited.
By order Of the Executive Commitlee,
Clark Giec, Secretary.
Sixth TTard, Attention.
There will boa grand Union rally of the loyal
voters of the Sixth Ward at the House of Sebas
tian Opfer, comer of Canal and Sehor streets, on
Saturday, April lltb, at 7&|o’clock,
Let Uicrc bca full attendance, as this is oor first
meeting of the campaign. Good speakers in Eng
lish and German, and a good time generally may
he expected. Let every loyal man of the Oth he
there. By order of the Committee.
{ST Dr. James, formerly of Now Orleans, now
of 50 Randolph street. Chicago, Las produced edit
orials from most all the papers published from tho
Lakes to the Gulf, from eminent medical men, pro
fessors of medical colleges, ard now ho produces
the follow ing, taken from the editorial columns of
the Indianapolis Oolite Of April 7, 1663. Tho
editor of this paper has known the doctor person
ally, and therefore what he says may he relied oa:
Hit. James.—Wc, call attention to the medical
advertisement of Dr. D. B. James, which trill be
found in another part of our paper to-day; and we
do so the more readily because wo know Dr.
James, and have known him more or less for the
last twenty years.
We Cud that our most successful physicians are
those that devote themselves to some one disease
or class ot diseases; os, for instance, to the treat*
merit of consumption and affections of the throat
and lungs; to diseases am-h sis piles aud Calais; to
casecieat.d carecnomatons affections; to cutane
ous diseases and affections of rise skin; to diseas
es of the .eye and oar—as w* II as the dentist to
disc asc fof the teeth. All this Is very proper. No
ore man. not In a life-time, can he*
tonic a thoiotigh and successful physician
In the tioutmcLt of all diseases; and wo
would always rather recommend a friend who
war afflicted with any serious complaint to a Spe
cial Practice physician, who confined himself
wholly or mainly to the treatment of such diseases
—just ns he would, for Instance, and ns we often
hate done—recomincnd a person suffering from
any of the diseases of which Dr. James makes a
i-pi clalfv. IVe should th'nilc Ulm more Mkrljr to im
dcrfinnU and to he able to treat successfully the
•list hfr than a physician who attended to general
practice and all kind* of diseases. And this is but
reut-oi.able and natural.
But as to Dr. James, we can speak positively.
Wvhnvt! known him, ag we have said, for many
years; and being a physician ourself, would natu
rally inquire into and know somethin" about his
mam.cr of treatment at d his success. >Vc believe
he n ay be regarded as standing among the fore
most. If cot at the head of those devoted to the
cut v of this class of diseases, as to speedy and
tutcca-lul cure of the same. Wc know him two
ycurs in New Orleans, when he was so regarded
then*, and, indeed, all through the Southern coun
try. Ills hospital on Customhouse street was about
,ua well known as Dr, Stone's hospital for that of
general diseases, and he seemed to he quite as
popular, and to give universal satisfaction. We
have also known him In Cincinnati, (where be
sometimes spent the summer,) and wc have always
understood him to be most successful, ami to give
complete satisfaction. We regard him. in addition
to all this, to be a man of unblemished character
and sennd moral integrity. He had to leave New
Orleans, we believe, on account of his Unionism
and loyalty to the General Government, whichis
certainly one thing in lug favor.
To persons, therefore, who have been go unfor
tunate as to contract any one of these diseases,
or have had such disease or disability entailed
upon them—we say. and wc say it with confidence
—go to Dr. James. It is some distance—he having
permanently located himself at 86Randolph street,
Chicago, where he can be found at any time from
9 ft. m. until 8 p.m.—but it is better, perhaps, to
go ml that distance, and he treated skilfully, and
cured in a short time, and with remedies that leave
no evil effects behind, than to trust your case to
unskillful hands, and suffer, perhaps, a lifetime.
Coughs —The administration of medicinal pre
parations, in the form of a lozenge, Is of all modes
the most clllgiblc and convenient, more especially
as regards a cough remedy. “Browns Bronchial
Troches,* 1 or Cough Lozenges, allay irritation
which induces coughing, 'giving Instant relief in
bronchitis, hoarsenew, influenza and consump
tion, and ashmatlc complaints.
IST’Dr. Dunham, having returned from Mur
freesboro, will resume his classes, ns before.
' K?" We ’call the attention of our readers to
the advertisement of Plays in another column, by
McNally & Co.
The Oratorio ouElwaii. -By Chicago Musical
Union ar.d a full Orchestra—from 90 to 100 per
formers—at Bryan Hall. Tuesday evening.
Reserved seats may be had (commencing with
Saturday, at 9 o’clcck. a. m.) on application at
Boot & Cady’s music store.
Tickets of admission for sale at the principal
hotels ami music stores.
By order of Executive Board.
P. E. Rigby. 89 Randolph street, is selling
Paper Hangings «t less than New York prices, at
wholesale and retail. mSO-im
Go to the Best— Go to Butant & Stratton’s
Chicago CokkercialColleoe, to get a thorough
prncticalbnsinvfis education.
psypook & McLain, 9s Dearborn Street and J23
South Clark street, clean and dye ladles'dresses,
shawls, &c. Gmts’costs, vests ani pants reno
vated in a superior manner. Bonnets dyed,
olearhed and pressed in the latest style.
Plank?.—The following list ofapproved forms of
Pent-ion, Back Pay «nd Bounty BLANKS'?re for
gaU- ut the Tuibcne Office. Sent by mall, post
paid. Seventy-five cents per quire. Cash must
acconip.-'.tiv the order.
Application forTranefcr of Pension.
“ oflYhiow for Payment of Pension.
4 * of Invalid Pensioner for Payment of
“ for Prize Money.
Claim for Horse and Equipment.
Claim of Heir? for Arrears.
Declaration of Minor Children for Pension.
** of Orphan Sister for Pension.
Father's Application for Bounty and Arrears.
Invalid Pension Claim.
Mother's Application for Pension.
Officer's Certificate of Soldier's Disability.
Povcerof Attorney to Draw Soldier's Pay.
Soldier's Declaration for Botmtv under Act of
March 3.1&2 J.
Soldier's Declaration for Bounty. Arrears, Ac.
Surgeon's Certificate of Soldier’s Disability.
WhTc.w'e Declaration for Bounty Money and Ar
Widow's Declaration for Half Pay Pension.
In thin city. Thursday morning, April ?tti, at the
Third Pmbvtfrtnn fhorc’i l-v the Kev. Vtlmr
In Oils city. April Fth. Unit SAMUEL H. PRICE.
Regimental Quartermaster of the Pth Illinois Cavalry,
la the 47th year of Lis age.
At Murfreesboro. Tern . on IhcCth lost., of typhoid
fcvir. lu the 2Sd year of hßazc. JOSUJA sRYanuR
UAIXARD. AOjvtai t 13ib Mlaols Voioi.leert:. ami
Acting A. A.Beal of Flr*!>t Brigade, Third Div.. SCth
Corps Army ot the Cumberland,
gar' Notice of his funeral will be circa hereafter.
Bo or Lima,
BOARDIKG. —Pleasant rooms
with brardmav be obtained at 225 South Clark
-trcct np-rtalrs. Itisa’so a convenient location for
rt*v boarder?. •? It is only n moment's walk from the
l»cVt office orConrt Hoa?e. npllc36i2t
I > tent ••Hone” wanted, by a gentleman and
u lie. In a private tamby. crwlih* few hoarders, pre
ferred, within live minutes walk of the Post Office. A
furnished or nnrtlaily famished room dcs);ed. Refer
ci-ccs exchanged. Addrcf.
mcdaiictb ntd terms) “LAKE SIKEET. P O-Box
5741. aplo-c32P2t
T? OABDIX G Can be had for two
JL> or three gentlemen ?t 115 lodlsna street near the
coiner o( Wciu street, two minutes walk fro-n tlio
)>rldge. 1 here )a not a more comfortable private bpsrd-
Ug house Ju Chicago, ap9-c276-4t
\\l OOL TWIXE.—I am manu-
T T bcturln*. and on mi orders for this goods.
In any quantities.
95 South Water street.
... Fjudat Evening, Apr!! 10,1863: ;
She market For money continues close all round,
though If anything, currency Is reported a shade
easier. It maybe owing ns much Just now to a
less earnest demand os to an increased supply.
Thedtrival of the fleet from below, and the com
mencement of active shipments, and of courscin
crcascd receipts, will be the signal for a heavy de
mand for money, flankers are making arrange
ments to meet all the legitimate wants of cus
The market for New York exchange is sensibly
closer. All ore satisfied that as soon as active
shipments commence the price must go down, and
hence bankers are working down balances to the
lowest practicable figure. Each one, therefore,
seems disposed to hold what he has for customers,
and very little disposition has been manifested
durin" the day to accommodate outsiders, or other
bankers. The rates with the single exception
heretofore noticed, are par ©S' buying and X pre
mium selling, and firmer. The demand is not
According to private dispatches gold has been
firmer in Wall street, Indicating no decidedly fv
rorable news from Charleston. The figures re
ported were 14G*£, 147 and the closing 14$#, The
brokers have bought at 143©14 C, usually the lower
The price of silver was 1303135.
New Treasury notes H buying, 2s©# premium
are the selling rates.
Indiana State Bank and Kentucky currency 103.
Chicago and Alton Railkoad Cojumxt,—
Weekly statement of earnings for the week ending
April 7th, ISC3:
lo.as'j.aa 7,uh7.55
16,851.78 9,807.(3
974.33 899.33
1H101.33 17,784.27
Galena and Chicago Union Railboad.— The
following are the earnings of the Galena and Chi.
cago Union Railroad, for the week ending April
1862. 1563. Inc.
.$13,37258 $20,701.35 $7,529.77
. 7,222 3-4 9,763.69 2,546.35
. 1,250 00 1.250.00
Mails, &c..
.$21,844.92 $31,721.01 §9.876,12
New York Stock and Money Market.
By Telegraph.) New Yobs, April 10, 1563.
Stocks—.Second Board— lower.
MoCs 61 Bari.... 47#
Ya. Cs 63 M. S 59#
JerscvCity watrln.lls# c. & P 70#
A.&T.H. iu.hd*.. 61# C.&Tol 96#
Maim* £e (s. f.) bds.l2o Chi. &It 1 8:#
I’ao-.Mall Ir9 C. &A.pfd 83
N.T.C 115# L.M. AC US
Erie; 77 P. (Ft. W. & C 57
Unds 191# A. &T.H.pfd GO#
U.S.SVeic’s.KCSIOS# I 7-SOT’y N’s. ..1033103#
Monet—Easy at s#®6 percent.
Sterling exchange quiet—small sales of first class
bills nominal at lb2® 64.
Gold irregular and unsettled—opening at 47, de
dining to 45#, find closing firm at 49#.©19#c,
Fbidat Evening, April 10, 1563.
Elour.Wheat. Com. Oats. Rye. Brl’y.
brls. ba. ba. ha. sa. ba.
Canal 293 .... lOOtO
QCUURK... 1230 1373 757 3559 .... Idjfl
11)CKit 070 1(50 .... 601
CBi QK12... m &J0 14593 558 687 ...
NWIt rt 115 C4S4 350 459 .... 24t
A«sS;LItIi.. 740 534 1077
3558 10231 82377 9306 087 19i0
Grass Tal- Live Drs'd Beef,
Seed. LarS. low. Hoins, Hogs. C'Uo.
fts. Ba. lbs. No. No. No.
GaCUKH 240 .... 221
RIRP. 71676 .... 830 7 836
IHChR 14000 8100 4100 900 6 84
rB&QJIR... 501-0 44105 *330 1411 Q CJ7
NWKK 118 2 129
AASt LB B 7(299 294 .... 2ST
Total 19C00 12-13S1 76729 3293? 21 1707
Floor Wheat Com. Oats. Byc.Barl'y
brls. ba. bn. ba. bit. bu.
i 715 .... 7*250 3400J 33.25 ....
OgJcLtlurg.. J75
Total 2030 .... ICGO3O 154000 53025 ....
itscni'Ts and smvuzsxs »v canal—apail 9.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, brla 203 ; Lumber, I t 130,73-3
Com, bn 10,000 ( Shingles, no 63,000
The unsettled state of the gold market, and the
anxiety with regard to the result of the expected
attack on Charleston by the Federal army undnavy,
have almost completely paralyzed the general pro
duce markets. Doth shippers and speculators arc
bolding off, lest the newsof the Call of this hot-bed
of treason might send gold down 10015 per cent,
and carry everything else In the shape of property
with it. True, there is some little Inquiry by local
dealers and short-sellers, hut there are no Eastern
orders hero, and the tendency Is consequently
The Wheat market was Inactive and heavy, but
there was no material change hi prices—the tran
sactions being trifling at $1.21 for fresh receipts No.
SKcd;sl.lC(&l 17 for Winter receipts No 1 Spring:
$1 05 for fresh receipts No. 2 Spring; and sl.ol#®
1.02 for Winter receipts do. At the close the mar
ket was quiet and rather heavy, with little or no
disposition to operate.
The flour market was dull and entirely nominal.
There is no speculative inquiry and prices srefully
25c beyond the limits of Eastern purchasers.
The Corn market was dull and heavy, with sales
of Winter receipts of Mixed Cornot 46h'&47cand
fresh receipts Rejected at 46& c.
There is still an active demand for Oats, and wc
have to note a further advance of X®lc per bush
el with sales of 75,000 ba at sS*£(3slMfc for fresh
receipts No, 1, andSCXQ-57#c for Winter receipts
of the same grade—the market closing firm.
Rye was more active at73©.76c for fresh receipts
No. 1, and 75c for Winter receipts.
Barley was steady at $!.0951.30 by sample.aud
$1.02 for No. S Barley in store, subject to 2c stor
There was a firmer feeling in the market for
Highwincs and wc note sales to-day at 47c.
Clover Seed woe dull at $5.00®5.25. There is no
demand for Timotbr Seed and the market was neg
lected. Flax Seed was active at $2,73 for fair qua!-
The Provision market remains dull, with sales
of 4CO tree prime Leaf Lard at 9*« c, and 123 bbls M.
O. Pork at sil.<o. Cut meats arc neglected.
Freights were unsettled, with only three engage
ments, at for Corn to Buffalo, and Cc for
The market for Live Hogs was dull and prices fa
vored bnyers. The transactions were light—add
ing np about 500, at a range of $3.75®4.86—the lat
ter figure for one very cboicelot.
Beef Cattle were in good demand by government
contractors, and the market was steady with sales
at $3,200,4.75. The ehipivera were buying sparing
ly and their purchases were principally by the
Contracts Awarded at Louisville.
List of awards made by Major Q. C. Symonds
Commissary of Subsistence, U. S' A., in Louis
ville, April 8,1563:
Pokk.—D. Ricketts, Jeffersonville, 1.2C0 brls
prime mess at $1j(.65. P. Ricketts, Jeffersonville,
1,200 brls mess at $13.83. Huffman,Duncan & Co.,
Louisville, 238 brls me*? at $13.86. Claypool A
Floyd, Louisville, 2,600 brls mess at $13.8 T. Clay
pool & Floyd. Louisville, 416 brls prime mess at
Ba con Sides.— D. Ricketts, Jeffersonville, 330,-
OtO lbs at $7.49. D. Ricketts, Jeffersonville. 130,-
OOu lbs at $7 65. W. Jarvis & Co., Louisville,
65.t (.0 Jbsal $7.1 ; 0 - McDonald &Co., New Albany,
200,010 Its at $7.59. McDonald & Co., New Al
bany, 2X0,000 lbs at $7.90.
Bacon Shoulders.— Ell Johnson & Co.. Cincin
nati, 110,000 lbs atss 40. Eli Johnson & Co.. Cin
cinnati, 300,C00 lbs «t $5.63. D. Ricketts, Jcffcr-,
sonvllle. 6r,000 lbs at $5.05. T. Leib. Louisville,
145,000 lbs at $5.G3. McDonald & Co., New Albany,
TO.OCO lbs at $5.65.
Daks.— McDonald «fc Co., New Albany. 100.000
lbs at $8.60; McDonald Co., New Albany, 106,000
lbs at SS.CO; McDonald «t Co., New Aloauy, IIW.OOO
lbs at sB.ll.
Flour.— W, Grubb, Louisville. 9,000 brls at
$6.22 V ; W. Grubb, Louisville, S.9CO brls at $6.25
M. G. Anders. Louisville, 1,000 brls at $6.-,0; Guy
i Clark, Louisville. 1.000 brls at $6.20; Mitchell a
Co., Louisville, 600 brls at $6.25; J.Q. Wright,
Madison, Indiana, 3.0 0 brls at $6.25; J. A. Thomp
son, Edinburgh. Indiana, 600 bib at $6.25.
Rice.— Bronn, Stout £ Butler, Cincinnati, 100,-
OOu IbsatDc.
Cotitb.— T. M. Turlay & Co., Chicago, 200,000
r>s at ffr.SSc.
Sugar.— C. L. Marge & Co., Cincinnati, 300,000
fi>s at 13.20.
Exports from New York.
The following will enow the exports of produce
ar.dtrewhav.dise (i nclusive of specie) from the
port of Nt-w York for the week ending April 6,and
since Jan. Ist:
1661. 1562. 1863,
For the week $2,(X«5,8b9 $2,297,152 $2,474,375
Prev. repotted sS.Cfts.6lt* 3j.599.710 51,053,310
Total since Jan. 1 $35,674,5* 5*14,896.892*34.137.715
Included in the reports of domestic produce of
the week are 514.216 galls petroleum, ISO brls pot
ashes 31,(26 brls wheat f10ur,25 brie rye flour, 2,551
brls com meal. 47.938 bn wheat, 945 bn rye, 2,>17
bn oat?. 7c.-577 bn corn, 5,C65 pkgs candles, 2,812
tons coal, 11 h&lcs cotton, 150 bales bay, ISC bales
hops. 1W brlr tar, 25 brls pilch. 3 brls roglu, 4 brls
rptr imp, 95 galls wbale oil, 3)5 galls lard oil. 4SI
galls llmecd oil, 6,1(6 brls pork. 625 brls and 1,101
tC6 beef. 4.4(7,112 lbs cut meats, 136,221 fi»s batter.
2is,l7S!bfich« ee.l.> 24,001 1b? lard, 140 brl? and
99 Us rice, £7),T>4 lbs tallow, 94 hu peas, G.S-'O lbs
whalebone, 3 hbds and 1,191 other pkgs crude to
bacco, and 80,870 lbs mfd do.
Tho Grain Trade at Albany.
The Albany Board of Trade arc considering the
propriety of erecting there an elevator and store
house lor flour and grain. The sales of grain in
Albstiv in IWil amounted to 9,100,000 bosht-ls. and
in t?6« lol2.9Co,t<.obnebfcU. A committee was ap.
pointed to investigate the subject and report.
Cincinnati Seed Market—April 0.
There was an active demand for clover to day at
|S.CO, and sales were being made In the small way
from store, and orders filled, at [email protected] 25. 73 bn
soldat|6.(’o, and 145 bn at $5.15. Timothy is
steady at $2.00.
A’cw Y’orlt Seed Market—April 8.
SflED—Clover is dull, with small salts at 9®9#c.
the latter rate for choice rc-cleam d. Timothy is
inactive at $2 00, with small jobbing sales at
$2.12KC&2.25; rough flax is selling moderately at
*36(<A4.tO; Calcutta Uoseed is quiet at sd.lK>4fi
FbUatlclpbia 9ced Market—April 8*
Hj seeds there le very little doing, andonlyabont
ISO hn cloverstcd found buyer* at $5.25^5.7511 bu,
the latter for prime.
Oconn Frdslitu at KfitVork—April 8.
Freights are till! doll ami hcary. To Liverpool
the eiicacemcnta arc: B.OCO bn coin at 5d In balk;
6.000 »>u wheat at B»id In baus; i.fflO boxes bacon
at 17eQ1Tb Bd: and. per ncutml flag, 5W boxes ba
con at 22s 6d: and 60 • brls pork, per steamer, at
Ce; also, 85,000 bu wheat, per neutral packet, de
liveable between tho 20th and S.st of Hay, at 114
Id bags. To London ; 1.5C0 brls floor at Is I9#d;
and, pcrncntral flog, 100 tree beef at 7s, and 510 do
pork at 4». ToQJoegow: lOOtrcs lard at rts td;
and. perneulrai \t peel, 250 irea lord at IBs 6d, and
ICO bags clover seed at Ssb.
St* liOnls Onl Market— April 9*
galea 0fG.60) to G.COO skg prime in ‘.rood order, in
rarioua lots, at 7Cc: 511 do at at hOc delivered, and
ISO do light at 7Cc hn, Market heavy.
Burley In Albany—April 8*
The Albany Journal quotes barley Arm—with
salts ofl,ooo bnJefferson county at SI.6J, *
Detroit Grain Markct-Aprll 9*
Wheat is quoted at $1.42 for Nol Bed, and $1.64
©1.55 for No 1 White. Com, [email protected] Oats t>©
61c. Bye, COc, and scarce.
Albany Seed Market—April 8.
The market is rather firmer for clover, with
sales 100 bu medium at 6’4'2i9c. A sale of 50 bu
Chicago timothy was made at $2.(0.
Fkidat Evening, April 10,1863.
FREIGHTS —Quiet and unsettled. The engage
ments were as follows: To Buffalo—Schr. R.
Campbell, corn, at 7#c; hark City cf Chicago,
com. at 3>;c; prop. Alleghany, oats, at Cc.
PROVISIONS—Market quiet. Sales were 125
brla country packed M. O. Pork at 4CO tres
prime kettle rendered Leaf Lard at 9,*fc; lOtrcs
do at 10c.
BUTTER—In fair demand find steady. Sales
1.400 lbs good roll at 22#e; 6001i>sdoat2.'c; 1,600
lb* prim*-do at 23c.
TALLOW—I,6.O Iba country at 9;£c.
FLOUR—Received, 5.J-5S brl; shipped,2,9sobrls.
Market dull and nominal at {s7 Uo©7 50 for choice
winter, and $5.5 C©6.00 for spring extras.
WHEAT—Received, 10,231 ba; shipped, none.
Markctdullandheavy. Sales: 4W bn No. 2 Red
Winter In store (2c storage) at $1.21; I,o'»buNo.
1 Spring (4c storage) at'sl.l7; 3.000 bu do at sl.-
16#; 2,ooobudoatsl.l6; 4.oo9buXo.2Springt2c
storacf)ats!.»s; 1,000 bn do (4c storage) at $1.02;
1,(0:. bu do at $1.01#; 400 bu Rejected Spring(2c
storage) at S3c—in F. & L’s.
CORN—Received, 32,377 ba: shipped, 106,050 bn.
Market dull and heavy. Sales: Bfl.OOObu Mixed
Com in store (4c storage) at 4'»#c: v,SOO bu do at
47c; f>,( 00 bo do at
at 4g**c; CCObu do at-19c; 4,10J bu Rejected Cora
(2c storage) at 46#c.
OATS—Received, 9.306 bn; shipped, 34,090bu.
Market advanced >;©lc ?? bushel. Sales were as
follows; 6.ooobtlKo 1 Oats (•icstoraue) »ts9#c;
7,500 bu do at 69#c; 10,000 ba do at 59c; 1,0 0 bu
dc at sS#c; S.GCO bu do (4c storage) at 57#c: 5.003
bn do at 57#c; 39,000 bu do at 57c; 6,000 bu do at
£CHc: I.COO bu dootSC#c.
By fample the sales were as follows:—100 bu
choice Michigan oats for seed at 63c del; 500 bu
No 1 oats in bags at COc on track; 4>X) bu do at 66e
delivered In burlaps—including sacks.
RYE—Received. 667 bn; shipped, 3-3.035 bn.
Market more active. Sales:—l,ooo bu No 1 (4c
storage*, at 73c; 1,000 bu do (2c storage) at 72c;
400 hn do fit 75#c; 1,000 bn do at 70c.
BARLEY—Received. 1,920 bu. Market steady
and active. Sales: —lo) bn No 2ln store (2c stor
age) at $1.02. By sample:—33 bags prime at
$1,30: 4(0 bags do at s!.£>: 44 bgsgood at $1.19;
73 bags nu dium at SI.CS: ICO sks do at SI.OO.
ElOnV.TNES—Firmer. Sales:—l(W brls old
, wines last night and UObria to-day—ad at 40c; 50
bris new wines alS9c; 50brls do at 39#''.
ALCOHOL—Nominal at 83©S5c gal.
CLOVER SEED—Demand very light and mar
ket quiet. Sales were as follows:—10 brls prime
at $5.00: 30 brls do at $5.25,
HJIOTHY SEED—No demand and markctdull
and nominal at $1.40©1.55.
FLAX SEED—Market more active, but at easier
prices. Sales—2so bushels and £0 sks fair quality
at $2.75.
DRIED FRUIT—II 9 brls prime New York ap
ple? at6»;c: l-<brlaunparedpeachcsatXOc; 5 beta
blackberries at 18c.
cKUEN FBlT'f—l3o brlfi prime New York and
Oh o applts at $3. 4 0 brl.
UNIONS—S brls good at $2.00 *3 bn.
BRAN—2O tons Bran in bulk on track at $19.00
HIDES—The market is dull, coueequent-upon a
decline in New York. Wo quote:
Dry Flint 18©19 c
Drv Sailed 15c
G ret n Salted. B#©S#c
Green Country 7X : $Sc
Grubby ** price.
KipandCalf. 12,Vc
FlSH—Market quiet with sales at $4 5001.73 for
No I— the outside figure hi a small way.
EGGS—DuII nr flc.
POULTRY—Steady with sales of chickens at
fta.SO 5? doz. and Turkeys at Bj»c V B.
I’OTATOES—Steady at 85090 c for prime, and
6E075C for mixed lots.
F hid at Evening, April 10.1803.
BEEF CATTLE—The receipts were liberal, and
consequent upon a good demand by Government
contractors*, the market ruled steady, with sales at
$3.21'<&4.75. There wcebutlittle shipping demand,
and the transactions were almost altogether by the
We give a few of the sales:
Bronson sold McPherson 100 head, averaging
1,3>9 fts.ats4.7s.
Rankin sold Hazelwood 22 head, averaging 1,190
lbs. at $l5O.
Vales sold Walxcll 15 bead, averaging 1,043 fts,
Whiting sold Hardlnge 19 head, averaging 931
ftp, at $3.2e.
Athclby sold Morris, lUneman & Co. 62 head at
fCS.CO per beau.
Adame sold Morris & Co. 78 head, averaging 1,230
ftp, at J4.65; £0 head, averaging 986 Bs. at $3.75.
langUou tcld Morris «t Co. 54 head at $45.00 per
Kt leer told Dallr 1C head, averaging 1,113 lbs, at
* Dally sold Eazlcwood 12 head, averaging 1,034
Its. at $4.23.
Morris. Kinncinan & Co. sold Leers S3 bead, ar
eratrirtr l,Ci>o E>s, at S4OO.
HOGS—The market was dull, and prices favored
buyer*. The transactions were light. at a range
of $3.1004.65 the latter figure for o*.e lot of very
choice- Sales Were:
Hess. Av'l% price. Hog*. Av*g, Price.
40 SlO $4 15 25 tZ S 11.33
40 230 4.10 20 215 3.15
53 234 440
Jake Stater sold 53 vei
lbs, at $4.60.
SllEKP—Market quiet,
ou p. t.
jry choice, averaging 20?
Sales 610 Stock Sheep
For tlto Week Ending April 7.
[Abridgcdfrom the Kew York Tribune.]
Knmbcr reported for this market atJForty-fourth
street, 3.963.
The prices to-dayarc quoted as follows
First quality. I Ordinary
Medium, 1« @ll 1
Some extra good beeves may be quoted at 12#
©l4 c.
The general average of the market at 10>$c.
The most of the sales range from 10<>»12c.
Total nnmbcr of beeves received in the city this
TTCfk, 4,5i3.
This is 228 head more than last week, and 203
bead more than the average of last year. The
average number at each Wednesday market last
vear v as 4,032 head, while the number to-day being
. : U63 shows SO head less than the average, and
331 head more than this day week.
A.M. Allerton &Co.. proprietors of the Wash
ington Drove Yards, Forty-fourth street, report
the cattle in market from the following States:
Kevr York 2611 Kentucky 271
Ohio 119) lowa 216
Indians 19 I Michigan 390
Dlinois S,7bß| Pennsylvania
Wisconsin | Missouri
Tuesday, April 7.—The decline noticed jester
dav evening is stronger this morning, so tiulwe
do'uot feel disposed to materially cliaugc the flg
nree of our table of dictations made last week.
It is the opinion of sonic of the salesmen that the
market on tbo whole is not as good as it was a
week ago. Perhaps that is owing to the little cir
cumstance of their having bought their stock at an
extravagant high figure. Instead of slicking to le
gitimate commission business. It is very certain
that the present ndvancewonldnotbave beencs
tablifbed by any other means than a pretty daring
spirit of speculation, which has so Infected all the
regular cattle brokers that there are but very few
commission men left. Kota fourth of the stock
ibis week was sold by commission brokers, and
much of it was purchased at such a high price that
the owners were compelled to operate for a rise or
lose a pile of money. In spite of the combined and
powerful effect to establish the rise yesterday
morning, it Is said that some men will lose heavi
ly. They arc trying hard to-day to close out with
out loss/but the total number of cattlefools up too
large. The butchers will not pay as much byifS.OO
a Head as they did yesterday morning, and the
market docs not close as well as it did last Tues
With an equal supply next week prices must de
cline, unices butchers are willing to be butchered.
With thepresent rate of supply, even with a con
tinued demand of 400 a week forjthe army, there is
no reason in any advance upon present rates—that
is D> rorgood,fairbullocks—good enough
fora city retail butcher. This is the fair, honest
rate that may bo fixed upon for the season, and
which is warranted by the state of tho supply in
the West* The price need not go higher, and will
sot, unless the market is controlled by reckless
speculation. It is the duty of butchers to them
s<-lv< s and their customers to fix upon these rates
for live cattle, averaging the scale of retail
prices to suit, and then ‘determine not to advance.
The elate of tradeJn this market to day shows that
tins can be done—that the present rates cannot be
legitimately exceeded.
Receipts this week, 17.376.
Quotations given byH. D. Grant, Superinten
dent of the market are for coru-fed hogs, 19 cwt.,
IVvcweigbt, 14.73&5.30. Ko disliUcrsla themar-
The market opened on Monday morning with a
large stock on'talc, partly ftomover supply last
week, with very dull projects of sustaining tho
quotations of our last report, and to-day the trade
is still worse, and as seen by the quotations, prices
have materially declined.
GtO. W. Dorman gives the following as the
price of hogs this week:
LlrcßT’t. Dead VTt.
First qnalltj com-fcd. large
size ......5?p(5)”.63 C?,'^7*c
Second quality com-fcd Sh.GS’ic OHQGXc
First quality, small sizes, fat
aud prime, for mrk't butch* _
crs... 4?p&5 c CVtafvVc
Large site still-led 4 (34Kc
Second quality still-fed C (jp—c
Western mast-fed, fat 4 (S-l^c
Cincinnati ITlorlcct
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cincinnati, April 10,1563.
Wm?KT—3fo brla sold at 4:j2.43>«c—the latter
rate for wagon.
Provisions— There Is no Inquiry for mess pork,
and very little for lard. Citymess he'd at $14.00;
and city lard at 10c, but country is offered at9#c.
Bulk meats are lower. Shoulders sold to the ex.
lent of 3,200 pieces at 4c; and 100,000 lbs sides
averaging 4 lbs each, at s’»c. Hams are still In
ccirai d [at CJlic; 1(0 tierces iplain hams smoked
canvassed and packed sold at 9c.
NEW YORK, April 10.— Cotton— Dull, and nom
leol at CCSfBc.
Flock— Rather more active, but prices general] j
without material change: $5.71X46.90 for extra
State, $7.20557.30 for round hoop Ohio. $7.35&3.40
for trade brands: market closing steady.
Grain— Com heavy, with only a moderate de
mand; 58C193, 6C£S7 for unsound. $1.07# for
white southern, and 93c for prime two years old
Wistem yellow.
Oats— Scarce and firm.
Provisions.— Porkdnll and unchanged. Hams
qniet; sales of 100 brls. Lard quiet without de
cided change at S&GlOJfc. Butter dull and lower;
sales at 16®18c. and u?®23c for slate. Cheese
lower—l2#@l4c for common to prime.
Tlic Foreign markets.
Per steamer Bavaria.] [By Telegraph,
Lrvxr.rooL, March 24,1313.
Cotton—Market unchanged. Day’s sales 10,000
bales. ,
Flour—Richardson, Spence & Co., and others.
k port flour dull and declined fid; American quoted
at ,, . ..
Grain—Wheat Irregular and all qualities slightly
low cr. Red western 9sUt9a sd; red southern 9a 6d
(gf>s fd; white western 9s [email protected] ; white southern
lOHStls. Corn quiet and easier; mixed23s, ana
v.hito 29s 6dQ3ls.
Pbotisions—The same authorities quote beef
steady, pork nominal, bacon qniet but steady,lard
dull and unchanged, tallow flat, aahe* quiet.
Grociuubs—Sugar inactive. Coffee steady.
Another report quotes a decline of on
yfbett. Corn lu good demand.
ARRIVED April 10,1
Schr riiion. Ulrich, Honnml.« cdu wool
Scow Luurel, MeVae, Charlottcville, 55 cos wood.
CLEARED,. April 10.
BarkAmericau Union, Jones, Buffalo, £4,000 ba
Bark Fa'iue! flartatt, Buffalo, 17,775 bn com.
Brig Fanny Gardner, Morgan, Bttflhlo, 14,800 btt
Brig F B Gardner, Bather, Buffalo. 17,930 bu com.
Brig Mohegan, Stedmau, Buffalo, 11,80 > > ba corn.
Sebr Live Oak. Thimbles, Buffalo. 10,675 bn com.
SchrEvallnc. Hubbert, Bnffalo, 155.075 bn com.
Sclir Plover,McCormle,Buffalo, 17,725 bu wheat.
Sebr Bonnie Boon, Ledden, Buffalo, 15,460 ba
Sebr Wyandotte. Blood. Bnffalo, 20,100 hn com.
Schr Baltic, Chilson, Buffalo, 17,450 bn corn.
SchrGeo Davis. O’Connor, Kingston. 1,0G3 brls
pork, 960 oil casks.
Schr Gertrude. MrHnrrv. Muskegon,
rwhr Union, Ulrich, Holland.
Schr Commencement, VanDls. Holland, sundries.
Sebr Forrester. Peterson. Wolf River.
Schr Wolliu, Waring, Holland,
HeLr D New hall, Noble. Pierre Marquette.
Scow Laurel, MeVae, Charlottcville.
537* There seems to be considerable difficulty
experienced by vessels in getting through the St.
Clair Flats, ad the channel has not been staked out
and the lights fixed In their proper position as for
merly. The propellers Buckeye and Forest Queen*
the former of whom cleared for this city from
Detroit on Wednesday last, have grounded in that
locality, and at last accounts bad not been heard
of. The evil will be remedied In a few days.
IS* The schooner Marcppaarrived at the month
of the Detroit river on Wednesday last—being the
first of the season.
XST The project of shipping ice by vessels from
this locality to Toledo, we learn, has been aban
doned. Caral boats, it is stated, will be towed to
Detroit, by which It will be takeu’directthrough to
the final destination.
Vtssels Cleaued fuom Bcttalo »on Chicago,
Aprils.—Brlgßanncr; schr*. Scandinavian, Har
vey, Sturges, Banch, Shape Raynor, Baker, Logan.
ARRIVED April 9.
Lady Franklin, Athens. 90 c- y. rubble stone.
Roolntc, Athens, 43 c. y. rabble stone, £4 dimen
sion do.
Imperial, Lockport. S,CCObu com, £93 brls flour.
Time, Morris, 5,000 bu com.
Union, La Salle.
Badger State. La Salle. 110,270 ft lumber, Ac.
Monarch, Joliet, sundries.
Imperial. Loekpoit. >5 in ft lumber.
Dr Hanley. La Salle, sundries.
REGood-11, Ottawa
Nautilus. La Salle, 115,572 It lumber,s9 m shingles.
Maple Leaf, Joliet, sundries.
Resolute, Athens.
H O Loomis. Athens.
Lady Franklin, Athens,
Reliable Railroad Time Table.
Hereafter trains Trill leave and arrive at Chicago,
as follows:
inctnoAK central — depot root or la kz street.
Detroit &N.V. Express. •G:.'X)a. m. *10:15 p.m.
Night Express. +8:45 p. m. |Il);03 a. m.
men. cent., Cincinnati and Louisville line.
Moraine Express *6:;:0 a. m. *10:15 p. m.
Night Express id;4s p. m. {linos a. n.
Mail *s;ooa.m, *ll:00p. m
New Tort Express *f:3oa. m. •10;O)p.m
Night Express +7:(»i p. m. 510:00 a. m
Mail *5:00 a. m. *11:00 p. to.
Express via Adrian t7:uop.m. IlftOOp.m.
Cincinnati xss. ixsb.
Mail Train.
Night Express.
PITTpBTKCB, tort watne and CmCAOO.
Dav Pas:-enger *7:Ooa.m, *lb:3op.m.
Night Passenger +8:30 p. m. IKkOOa m.'
Ya-parcisoAccom’n •3:40 p.m. *10:00 a. m*
Day Passenger *B:3ua.n, •Or-Hp. m.
Night Passenger 78:43 p.m. *7:6oa.m,
Urbans Accommodation
(Sanrdaytouly) 4:fop.a.
Hyde Park Train *0.40r». m. *B;ooa.m.
“ ** *lv:W m. *1:35 p.m,
** “ *5:45 p.m. *7:lsp.m.
Mail Passenger *9:60 a. m. *9:10 p. m
Niiriit Passenger +9:30 p. m. J5;45 a. m
Joliet and Wumlngton Ac
commodation *4:00 p. n. *9.50 a. m»
Day Express and Mail...*lfc4oa.m. *6:oop.in.
Joliet Accommodation... *:;£ op. m. *10:15 a. m.
Night Express +11:13 p. m. 15:45 a.m.
Day Express and Mai1....*10:45 a. m. •5:35 p.m.
Night Express '...+11:00 p. m. *6:43 a. m.
Accommodation •COO p.m. *9:lsa.m.
Fulton Passenger... 9:40 a. m. 6:00 ft. m.
Pulton Passenger 11:20 p. ra. 4:20 p. m.
Freeport Passenger a. nt. &iX> a. m.
Freeport P:* senger ll;S0 p. m. 8:45 p. m.
Rockford. Elgin. Fox Riv
er end State Line 4:00 p.m. 11:10 ft. m.
Geneva s:Cop.ra. B*so* m
Chicago and nop.i itwt:steun— (Depot corner Kin
zie and West Water street*.)
Woodstock and Way S-J3 a. m. 8:00 a. m.
Dnv Express 11:30 a.m. 1:10 p.m.
Rockford. Janes'llp.MniVn 4:00 p. m. 5:45 p. m,
Morping Express 8-10 a. m. 10-45 a. m.
Erprcstj *11:80 a. m. *5:45 p. m.
Ni-ln Acromibodfttlon...*ll:3)p. ra. {C:OO».m.
Waukegan “ ... *5 - Sop. m. *£:3Ja.m.
* Sundays excepted. t Saturdays excepted,
Mondays excepted.
Central Noticts.
Ptfllcd proposals for tarnishing t’’« State of lowa
trill. Slatiol.trr. us per the following Schedule will bo
received at the office of the Secretary of State, at Des
Mollies, In said State, until tbe 2lst Uay of July. 13(51,
at none of s-h» day. on the said day soch proposals
as shall have received op to said hour, will he
r»pii;<d. and the contract or contracts awarded to tbe
lowest responsible bieder or bidders; the parties con*
trading on tne part of tt e Stale, reserving the right to
let the contract in parts to dlfierent bidders. If advb.
able. Proposals most be accompanied by samples of
the artlclts to he furnished, which sild article are to
be delivered at the office ol the Secretary of State, at
t' v Capital, on or before the IJtb dav of October neat,
wht out claim* for freight, boxes, or anything extra,
over moonlit bid:
.9 ©lO
iron reams book paper—24x3S laches.
CO lean s legal cap.
ISO reams commercial note.
3ft reams Hat cap.
125 reams letter paper.
10 reams packet post.
10 rcnt.ts folio post.
GO reams enveloping paper,
ffi ream? pamphlet covers.
US 11. envelopes. No. 16—9 Inch.
5 M. envelopes. 10 loch.
It doc. Ink stands, common.
15 doz. cold pens with silver cases.
14 doz. letter pads.
3 doz. erasing knives.
15 doz. Cashing’* Manual.
14 doz. maps oi lowa
3 doz. Quart bctlUa writing field.
3 doz. bottles common Ink.
2 doz. bottles mucilage
3 dor, mucilage bottles with brushes.
1 doz. ? poo's red t »pe. li Inch.
3 doi.boii*rilkrtbooo,. l 4lnch.
20 dez rubber erasers.
Sproa* rubber bands, assorted sizes.
3 grots blotting boards.
2i> gross steel pens.
4 gross pen holders.
So oozes candles.
IW ho ces paper wafers or seals,
as boxes eyelets, assorted sizes,
rt eveltt machines
75 pounds flax twine.
J. w. CAT TELL. Andltor cf State.
DesMoines.Aprils. l!* 3. aplt c34!> 9w U*w
Chicago lu.. Aprllioth. 193.
CmrAGoTninryß;—l am directed by tne Secretary
of w a r to pnottch. for the benefit of all concerned, the
following Clipatch:
" Washington. March Slat. i? 63.
** Capt. ,f. A. Potter. A. y M U. S. Army;— The ao
••tbcrilv to rabe four Regiment* of Infantry and one
••of cavalry as State or Rome Gnards In itUnoia, la
•* By order o( the Secretary of War,
•* W, Scott Kktchtu. Rri*. (!en*l A. I. Genl.”
I am also diiectvd to forbid the fnrnUhinz of anr
supplies or the incurring of any expenses for said
troops. J. A POTTER.
apn C.MT-61 Capt. A. Q. M, U. S. Army.
The SAXO has been extensively used In this and
other countries, and I? highly approved for Us
Fine Flavor, Henltlifnl and Xatrltlons
This Coffee compare* favorably with, and b bymaay
preferred to Rio and Java, and U
Sold at about Half Ibo Price;
It b ground and pat up In Tin Foil la paper in 11b.
packages, with labels that read—
|n the centre of which la a cat of a lady holding a
coffeepot. The labels are ml. green, and blue, and
are copy-righted. Observe Label pabticulaklt, as
partu-oare putting np an umnion article, to resemble
Hie gkncise SaNo. as near tuttbe law permits.
It t? packed in white wood boxes of So lbs: also. In
bulk 1c kegs and barrels. Also on hand Milks' Old
GovznyxKNT. .lata, M a tjaca mo, Sr. Dosnsmo. Rro.
Dandelion, and Itvx Corpus*. of snpertor Quality. In
lln Foil papers and boxes: similar to Sano.
Dealers will please send for Circulars and List of
Price? Ordcrsbvmall or Express promptly executed.
LF. HOLMAN,SC Ilnrrisoa st.. New Tort.
Solo Accnt lor the United SUtca.
&T Beware of Counterfeits. tchll-ascr-fim
JfEEL 012 JSOO® 9 ®,
The oldest establishments the United States, employ
ing 200 men. and finishing SO Instruments per week.
ilsnufattory, corner of Maryland A Sla^arasts.
HcnryTolmaa St Co Boston, Mass.
W. F. C01burn...... .
Balmer& Weber....
James Beliak
A. Come.
pb.P. Wcrteln
A.& S. Nordhclmer.
Persons nnacqnalctcd with the Sfelodwn and its
history, will bear In mind that we are thcploneera and
leading manufacturer*, no: only In the United States,
but In the world. We commenced the manufacture ol
Melodeons la the fall ofthe rear an>ytlnce that
time have finished and sold TWEN f F-SEVEN THOU
SAND. Thesrfi Instruments are cow Ui Oia mostly la
the United States and Canada, but also■ la Europe.
Avia. Africa.South America, and the west Indies,and
from all these quarters we have the mo*t nattering tes
timonial? of the high estimation In which they are held.
At all Industrial Exhibitions they
have invariably been, awarded (he
Highest Premium whenever exhibited
In competition with olUers,
We shall take pleasure to forwarding by mail (at oaz
own expense) our Illustrated Catalogue, in which every
Instrument we manufacture is folly described, and
Illustrated by elegant engravings.
Aft Melodeons of ocr manufacture, either sold by u«
or dealers In any part of the United Stated or rnn'ut*
are warrao««d to be perfect Ju every respect, and
should any repairs be necessary before the expiration
of live year? Irom date of sale, we hold ourselves ready
and willing to make the some free of charge provided
the Injury U not caused by accident or deafen
Agent? for the sale of oar Melodeons maybe found
lu all the principal (owns of the United Bute* and
Address either
GEO. A FRINGE ft CO., Buffalo, K. T.
GEO. A. PRINCE ft CO., 87 Fulton ft., N. T
GEO. A. FRINGE ft CO., 43 Lake tL, Chicago
Or either of the above' Wholesale agents, apls->*-
ANTED—A "ood business man
T ? with from f7/00 to $ to.fco. an a partner to at
tend a Manufacturing Brininess now in successful
operation in Davenport. lowa. The article made la
nncol the staples. aJs.no U already invented In build
ing* and machinery, wltn no Incumbrances of any
kind. A large and respectable Eastern nous.* are pro
sent owners, who will furt-isb an equal amount of
capital, bat have lo time to attend to the bu*lm--* la.
£4U d r Kg T particular* inquire of ALLIN'O a
«JvH a ii lo* a, or ISAAC aNi>*H
SON. New Ilavtn. Coi-a. ai>ll-0.5:-'u
"\A7 ANTED—A situation as Sales-
H E ? lr - I ’ c l"i(lJv tt-dn an.
s«i* t0 L d ' , ' L tn ' i; i A P lace Is soniegoodbx-fiiesa
hoist- (Oroct rj busJrps.*: preferred. Would be
Salary can be arrAmp-d .-atli
factorlly. Lest oi city rofejence given. Please ad
dr*“ *.\ J." care Inbuseofflce.
\\7A*s TED—Three or four Car
* > P t ' litt *rs. immodlattly. to whom will he given
employment. Inquire of
11ENIi\ lIOON L, corner of Warren and Wood streets
In WiatDiUdoa. J;
\/\7AETED—jVlacbujUts. Elms &
.*, Wibi ter. at Columbian Iron Worts, wunt three
nrs-t c.o>* Machinist*. None others need apply,
spli-ists-jw rr
T\ ANTED—A Gorman, Norwe
* » glaa or Scotch Girl, who Is a good cook and
lattu.res-, std can come wen recommended. Apply
Immediately at a* .MleMgaa avtnue. aptl-cXt-jc
TV ANTED—Board. Two young
* » men. of the highest respectability, desire a
room, with or without board, on the Soatn
Mar. eait of Mate stmt, and within a mile oft.no
Shcnrr.o Hoc?e. Terns must be reasonable. Six
o'clcck dinner preferred A No. 1 reference* given
and required. Addte** "BBII," Post Office Box 4.M,
huilcp location sta term.-*. »pll-fefe*>-'Jt
T\7ANTED —By every Farmer,
« T
Cinder In the wond that Is fully warranted to bind
grain on the reaper platform In a workmanlike man
ntr. savli g the labor of four men. paying for lu-etf in
utewcek It U fitnple, cheap and durable, and is
m&nufacttd in Chicago. Bare cnaace for patUea to
canvas? and sei l said .Machine, or manufacture. For
luF particulars addres* •‘Chicago Groin Binder Manu
facture. Bos Ihd.*'office at S. J. Todd's. MacntcUt,
rear of lime* Office, or at Stewart House. i*t State
Etiett. . apu 3t
\\( ANTED—Amau to take charge
T T of a Sash. Door and Blind Factory and Plan
ing Mill at FeahtlgO. Wlsconain. Apply to XIIO.MkS
11. BEEBE.Prealdtnt FeaatlgoCoiapaoy. apllcoS3 3t
W ANTED.—A lady wishes hoard
T I in a private family. Would like to gtvo two
hours JbUy tuition tu Music tlustrumcota.') and the
Eugllnu braucntfl.&d an euulraient. Beforcncea given
auu retjolreil. Artdms. care of F. BIM>. Haq . North
Prairie Station. Wl«cotig!a. aplt-cS^-Jc
V\7A^sTED—lmmediately. Acora
t T peteut and reliable yoanz man wanted asSales
man In a diy good* store, tmeago referc-ce* re
united Permanent sßiiatlon. Address W. B. COX-
DtCT. Michigan city. Ind. apUc3sd«
.April 9.
T\’ ANTED—At 169 Dearborn st.,
T T opposite the new post once, situations for
Domestic Help No girl sent from the oitice unless
able to fuml-h satisfactory reference from former
employer. Parties can obtain saxse by applying as
above or addressing il:s. A. L. lIALKAiI. Post Odlco
box shs. apu-c3:iMt
Vt'ANTED—A young man who
» * thoroughly understand* the retail grocery
trade. An KcglMiman preferred, who has learned the
trade In Knclatd, Address PuStOdice Pox 25»7.sta
tligape.saiurv. references. *tc. apIOCU6-.lt
TAf ANTED.—A gentleman and
f T wife without children. wonM like to make ar.
rareetrents to oectipv n ftsrrlahed hon-*e dnrlog the
summer. Anyone wishing to leave tnelr hon.-*o la
g< cd hands for a few months will dnd this a good Op
portamtv. Address Post Othce Hot 6251, staling ;oca
lien. tonus, Ac. Unexceptional reference* given,
oplV e;57 lit
"V IV ANTED—By a gentleman and
» ' wile.three or four roonw (or boasekaeplng.
Sonth Sice, north of Twelfth street. Address ” S ts,"
Tribune otnee. apl<)c3io-2t
\\'ANTED —Board by a gentle-.
» » r:nnandwife.nnfarr!«hcdrooms.orbnelargo
rron, fill eron or near Michigan avenue. Address
"C W H.'TvSt OiCcc Hex ITUI. aplo-cd4i.lt
•7:00 a.m. *10:30 p.m.
(S:3O a. ra.
t9:i 0 p.m.
TVANTED—A first-class second
J » girl. One who can come well recommended
will hf nr of a p>«>d situation by addrewing ’*MRS. J
L S." Tribune oillce. aplo-c3153t
\V ANTED 2OO Army Horses.
T T The Idgbcst price In cash paid for Cavatrv
Horses, dcllvcsctl at the American Expre-s Stable-*, io
Monroe street. Clilcaao. H. tl. ENIGUPS.
V* 7 ANTED—lmmediately, men to
T * take bcld of some «fth(! most Important New
Inventions «>f the age. In which they con make from
fi:tc to 3ir<( every moati. by a small Investment of
|2CO. Callandjuage foryourcClves. at 71 De-irbora at.
ANTED—Ten ITonac C:\rpcn
f * ter* and three Masons to work at Harlem
debtmlli-sfri-m tbecliy. Goodmeocandadcouscant
•en-pioyrrmt and fair wages. Apply to JAMErt W.
St OVILLH. 1> Telegraph Building. apO b~h^3t
WANTED—A Wot Nurse. Ap-
T T ply to Dr. THOMAS BKVAN. otUce State
ft - co»,lftwr**n the bo nr? of g and SV. M. ap'‘c2-y-Ut
"VA'ANTED —A lew of the Girls
T T formerlveirpiojedhv n=>. to make Tents BT
hand. GILBhItT HUBBARD & CO.. Snip Chan.llers
ai a sail Maker*, 207 Sooth Water street, cor. of Welt*,
a; i- c‘,V-M
\,\i ANTED—Board for a gentle
» » man and wife, (with a rittlug room and bed.
room nttacl cd). In a private family or private board*
trg house, on the South Side. The best ol references
given and required. Add’ , c*>***E €.” Knx 3134. Chi
cago Po«t omce. Htaticc location, terms, «c.
ap'j ca s at
VV’ANTED.—I,OOO Cavalry and
T * Artl'lery Horsfa wanted, for which we will
Siy the 1 1-hist price in cm-h. fall at oar Stable.
AAS & POWELL, 23 We.-t iladLuu street.
81>9 C2w>6t
WANTED—A Fnrnished Honse.
* ' An Fngsl-h lady, who 1.-* fully competent to
the charge of krej Ire a ilrp{ cl-*.-* boarding Louse. la
dreirou.-* ofrentlnga FombhcdHousefortnatnarpovo.
In a good ucluiiborhot-d. Ham ea<*el’ont tAoitioontalH
of character and sbllitv. Address, stating terms, loca
tion, etc .P. U. Box 3675, Chicago. apJ-cdU-UC
XX* ANTED—Agents for the sale
T * ofCayuga Chief Beancr and Mower and Union,
for the Conmleaof Coot. Dupaeo. Will. Kendall ana
Grundy, Apply to IVm. FIELDING 4 CO., Agricul
tural llouk Cfs M and CO West Lake *t„ Chicago. 111.
apTclii Ct
XV ANTED.—The advertiser, who
» * is of fI.SCd in cash. wish©? to Join
some party who ha? an equal amount ol money, to en
gage la some pleasant auu lucrative brndocsaln the
city, or woald purchase nn Interest In a bouse already
csiahilphtd. where the shore amount, together with
the rerv»cc? rf an active tm-lne,-* mm. would be de-
Gred and afford a ren.-ouable coiDpen?a'loo. For fur
ther particular?, address * - S A m.’’Pos£ Office Box
«15(». appointing a time and place fora personal Inter
view. apT-clOf-M
IV ANTE ID—A few energetic
» » A cents to canvas? lor the History of the"Great
Rebellion, by .1.5, C. Abbott, the mon reliable, at
tractive and popular historical wntcr of the age. First
volume row ready, Accnts are meeting with anpnra
lei’ed ?ncce?s. Over loo.MW colds'* already sold. Cir
cular? giving all necessary Information In regard to the
work, term? to agents.&c., mailed free. Call on or ad
dress o. V. GIHI’S. ist gcuth Clark street. Chicago. Hi.
Post Office Box SOS. apto-pKO-ly
\\7 ANTED—ReaI Estate in all
M parts of the city. I have order* to purchase a
Mock or good residence property, worth from <IO.OOO
to fe!O,CCO. CASH. Property most be In a desirable lo
cation. Also, several store? In a central location.
Apply to .1. p. OLING£B.RaiI Estate Broker. U Clark
street. Koorg No 8, ap6 cIOS-Ot
\\T ANTED—Agents to sell the
* v New Edition? of Books called Incidents of the
War. and t j position of the K. Q. C* KnlgUU of me
Golden Circle, ora
Either cf the above book? mailed free on receipt of
retail price. 25 cents. Send red sump for a circular.
R R. LANDON. Agent.
mhlS-bld-lm S5 Lake street, opp. Tremoct House
100.000 AGENTS.
To ?ell the Great Mammoth Prize the best
In the world, aid ten other kind?. K, It. LANDON.
Agent, nj Lake street, opposite Trctnont House.
Send stamp for circular.
II" ANTED—(Knitting Machine)
f T Every Farmer to know that his ** women
foils" car tarn <3 to <7O per week with one of Akin’s
Celebrated Knitting Machine*. It will earn Its cost
lu thirty «lajs. Price complete, ISO. Welsht4s pounds.
Freight from 50 cents to |IAO. Send for circular and
samples ( rend stamps.)
BRANSON 4 ELLIOT. General Agents,
mhsaS.’-6 3m 120 Labe street. Chicago- HL
TXT"ANTED—Second-hand Fnmi
f * fare. Clothes, Ac., for which the highest reason
able price will be paid. Also. Second-hand Furniture,
Ac., of all kinds, constantly on band and for sale by
mhlS-bSI-lm 51 West Randolph street.
TX7 ANTED—A small amount ot
f ' Indoblness against Hoffman 4 Gelpcke. In
cluded In the second chua !’• their assignment.
mh23-M»IMw No. 5 Metropolitan Block.
TD RENT—A two story Frame
Cottage, containing nine rooms, near ITnloo Park.
Possession given Ist of Slay. Apply to L PROUD
FOoT. Room No. 11 Rice’s Building. 77 Dearborn-si.
r PO RENT—The first class Frame
X Dwelling 225 North Lasalle street, containing
nine room-, cellar, wati-r. gas. Apply to A.IC
Srß.\NTt>y.3l9 South Witter street apll c 2ft
'T'O RENT—A very commodious
X second floor on lake street, between Wabash
RTerne and State street. Suitable tor a Jobber of
clothlrg, bats and cap*, notions.*r„4c. Most ample
storage. Address Post Office BotSCO . apll-c3oi-3t
r l' l O RENT—A Deal and commo-
JL dlocs louse. with an modem Improvements, on
Superior street, near Wolcott. Rent #KO. Arpivat
tie BOOK fcTORE. 112 Dearborn st. apll-tCUi U
'T’O BENT—One half of first floor
JL of store 1W South Waterstrect.
aplfrc&S-Ct C. B. PT7PEE A CO.
r l'' O RENT —A two story first
J- class Dwelling containing twelve rooms, closets,
ardbathipg mom,between Mswil-on and Monroe, on
South Sangamon street, for S4OO a year, Store and
basement l:o West Randolph street. Apply to store 128
West Randolph street. ap!3c3J33t
'T'O RENT—From May Ist, the
JL Hamilton House, corner of North Clark aad
Water street*. «pply to P. B. MANCHESTER <fe
SONS. 40 Lasallc street. aplO c 333 66
r PO RENT —South "Water Street
JL Store. A fine large »torc,2J South Wate* street,
to rent. Apply to CHARLES A. GREGORY. Su Dear
bore street. Walker ft Building. ap»-ci73-3t
..Cincinnati. O
... Philadelphia
..Detroit, Mich
...New Orlearu
.Toronto, C. T?
T) RENT—Two stores, 43 and 45
Franklin street.between Lake and Randolph sts.
These stores have been known fbr the past five year*
a.«theKxceLlor Coffee and Spice Mill*, and are sulu-
Lie for a manufacturing and wholesale badness. In
quite of c.H QUINLAN. S3 South Clark street.
TX) RENT—A first class four story
JL brick store, on South Water street Apply *2
D J. LLY 0 CO„ corner of South Water street aad
Michigan avenue. a3»cSE<-lot_
RENT—The building and
X store No. 181 Lake street. Inquire
2 ACKER. Room No. 3, Larmoo Block. »p.rCU»<>L-
TO RENT—A large Store 25 by
rr'n tt'ASE Three lots on
ssfwsfe £f-
T-) KENT—The five story marble
ii, .tnrc, Trith biu«icciil Jo Lain <treel. ln-
SF&DeSw J.BEOWS.SI Clait rtiw*.
1 >KOOM CJUIiiN SEED.—I have
ID one hundred bushel* of mperior quality of
broom coraMOd. *Wcb baa been triad, and warranted
to crew. Send toordert catty.
B&MSO-tci B SouUiWater rtr«t. Cbls»co»
770K SALE —A good Dwelling
„ Honge with seven boat* and go-vcl trapping
pnvllcgp. on the best banting ground oj Wo -’auiuec
Inver, sitnated about one niiic sooth of Alnvwotth
Station, on the Pittsburgh and Ft. Wayne Railroad,
and twelve miles Boot Chicago. A lew cattle and
w>me farming Imp'ementa are a’so for sale apply on
the t remises to ». W. THDTSSTOK. apt! cJjQ JC
FDR SALE—At a great sacrifice,
the fine new steam Flouring MU. situated at
Nereka, 00 the Mlfelwlppl Itir**r, three mile* above*
McC’Cgor. lowa. T-ro run of stone, machinery. and
everything built In Che best manner, all in good otd-sr
readvto rio tine business. Tor particular* Inquire of
HallT. ASIEX * CO.. 15* Soatn Water street Chi
caco. 111, apU-ctitrf-Ut
FOR SALE— Two Dwelling
Douses and Lot*. 2S feet front each by CO fe-t drop
to an alley. on tae southeast comer of Hoisted and
Fulton streets—will be sold separately or together.
Are well bnllt. two stories—two parlors, dialog room,
hitches and bedroom on lower floor, and sixcnan
ber* with clcteis. Price moderate and terms easy. In
quire of »M. H. FEIUtV. or J. if. WILLIAMS. Jim*
South Water street. apll*tf*«3l t
Tj'Oß SALE—Open Ba""y. Has
X been used three monttA Price IsSiCW. Apply at
13 State street. aptl-CUH Jt
®o Rent,
Sax Bait.
Tj'Oß SALE—Rare chance—the
-I- Stock, Fixtures and Lo»«j of a retail grocery an i
provision atore. well Ircaled and doing a flr-lcla.*
DQ.-ir.eyd. To a person, deMroot of going Into U*chnti
r «s agood orporiosUy 1» offered. For partict.li.-A
addrt»»•*.! P; s Pest office Bax 3133. Chicago.
apu c£s3 et •
Tj'Oß SALE—A fine Phaeton Car-
X rlace.foroneortwo horses; Incomplete order,
and made In N"w Tork. To be seen at CLAUK‘3
ELsble.iear the Post OlMce. »pU-e3TI U
17 OR SALE—In qnantities to suit
. purcksisers. about 2.5T0 sheets rf Rrown Wrap
ntrg Paper—damaged. Apply atthe Tribune office,
FIR SALE—lmportant to Sto.-k
BaL««rji. The celebrated Stallion Toong “ F-tpe
clilon.”an*l one large nne yousg Bay Harse, will he
sold cheap forca«h. To be ?een »t the Central Livery
Stable, near the Idloola Central K.ulroad.Soum Water
ttreet. Chicago, apU ci^taAX
TTOR SALE—ARare Chance. For
X 1 rale, the lease and Ibrnlturoof a public btftf>e.
centrally located, and doing a good business. Personal
property will be taken In part payment. Artdre** Post
CBcePox asf/J. apnc-35Tt
S'OR SALE.—A Schooner. A
» email Schooner of about IOC tons, six yc.vre old.
will entry Mcr6n thousand feet of lumber. Will t>e
scW cheap for cnab. or part time, with approved se
curity. Apply to ». B. BLACKWELL, Planing Ml:I,
at the Chicago. Bariingtouasd Quincy Bal'roai cro->>-
jpg.Statertiet t. apH-c*:Vß!t
|7 OR SALE—Valuable Real Es-
X {ate. The un beluga noa-n^idcnt.of
fer? for sale the Whirling Lot opposite Lot No. I,
Block No. Ifi.la original Town of Chicago. Said Lot
li«»a front cffd feet on South Water street, and run
ring back 55fcet. I can be found for a few days at the
Tremoat House. JAS. R. BURKS. apll-c3£b>t
17 O R SALE —A very desirable
Residence Lor. on Michigan a vena*, north of i:to
Grande street. 50 feet from, and lull depth. t* next J*>t
north of one on which Mr Hancock la building a line
residence, high ground and In a desirable neighbor
hood. being convenient to school andehurche*. It*
quire of cI'LVtR. PAGE* IIOTNE.I2S and ISC take
t-treefe*. This lot ha-* ail the benefit* of a sonth com-r
without any of the Inconveniences of being on the
corner. apll-c357-«it
TTOTi SALE—A magnificent farm,
A' at ronton. 111., for sale cheTp— 525 acre*— t" min
utes riom Chicago by rail. l*< mlies from suulou and
vlllase, four express trains daTr. SIS acrearich.dry.
black, rolltrg prairie, all coder fencer. Eight acres <f
timber. About Ift* acres herd-grass pastnre. W) acres
p ow-IHEd 40 seres cf mowing. Orchard la hearing,
never railing well, hou?o r f six rooms, large ham.
mokhooio.de.. admirable for dairy. Solendld Invest
ment. Terms easy. Apply to GEO. SHERWOOD. US
Lake strcet.or.J. L.LE£,O6 Clark street,neder Shrr*
man House. aplO-ctH-fii
SALE—City Lots, situated
X In the Western. Socthwe pans
of the cliv.arc offered fors.de during tills month, for
particular}*, terms, Ac.. Inquire between the hoars of
10 A. M. ana >P.M.at Si Dearborn street.
FDR SALE—Farm for sale in Scott
County. Illlnol?—610 acres—lCO frnit trees— good
bonso ai.il batns—hfl to ICO acres undercnltivaiUm—
location healthy, and aotl canitnl for groin. Te.* : .«
easy. Apply to NOKMaN C. PERKINS, Alto: ney. xt*
Lake sire* t. P. O. Box Xl 7. apiO-cSy lit
17OR SALE—Drug Stock and Fix-
X' tures. I offer for sale at a bargain, for cisb,g.»d
land, house and lot to some thriving t*>wu.o» well-.-*-
cured paper, a well xlecled stock of Drugs. Merino*
Paints, otu Ac., now In Wisconsin. If Haded ft f.iu
In cash will be expo :ti d Stock and natures valued it
$1,3C0. If sold it uniat be moved by the ISth of Jane.
It belonging to an otßre'now in the army, and having
r.o time to altn dto It. hence ttie reason of sab*. Ad
diess c. BKEVE, Mozomaule, Dane County, Wli.
FOR SALE—A very desirable
property as a recur? Investment—TJve Acr-s of
Ground, covered with nearly every variety of fruit a d
shade trees grown in thlslatitnde located at a central
point In a ilonrishlng railroad town, about 13® miles
irom Chlcngo, RulWlngs of brick. In excellent con d
tloo. and nt**v be rendby converted Into a Hyglenl: In
stitute or Hotel, for either of ahlcli the location
nerlor, F««r terms. api>ly to CHAS. tV. COLKH'M.'R.
Attorney at Law. Chicago. 111, Room No. 0 s
Block. aploe:il-*it
FOR SALE—The Stock and
Fixturescf a first <*!.vs Retail Cr *ccrv. Incite!
on one of the best hnslnes-* streets on the We*t Side.
Stock light. Addrcw* P. O. Box opldc j;
T7OR SALE—Stock and fixtures
X 1 of a first class grocery. Apply at 43 West Hast
dotph atrret. ap9-cCOSSt
FDR SALE—Kentucky Bonrbon
Whisky foe Real Estate. We bare a large lot of
old copper distilled Kentucky Whisky wmea wllbe
oxchnrgeit for good Inside rhie-.go nropertv or whl
be Md low fcr cash. GUTHRIE BROrUEBS. SU
Dearborn street. apS-c3!7-6t
T?OR SALE—House and Lot on
X 1 Scdswlck street, half a block south of Asviiim
Place, ard the same distance trom the hors** railroad.
The Louse is new and contains sqrcn large rooms. Ap
ply to li C. BROWN, 46 Lasalle street. 2d Boor, room
No. 3. • HpH ciSl It
FjR SALE—From SIOO to iiiOO
order?foriash.doors.blind*, moulding* or cas
ings or anything that may be repaired from a factory,
at a discount from wholesale prices. Address I*. o
Bog 61. oraprlytoTSLmaTtf street. apf-clfil-'i:
X - buildings and lands recently occupied as aSO ip
FACTORY, Mtuatcd on the North Branch ot the Chi
csgo River, opposite the Bolling Mills. Incmdlug V 3
feet on flvbourne arcane, and ICO feet of dock. A July
to Cost onice Box Chicago. :>p.S-cLi7t
FDR SALE—A Sulmrbanee Rosi
deoce. In the town of Evanston, on the C. 4 M.
K. It. consUut'g of ten acres of Improved land, com
modious iwo-stnry bul.dlng.wnh barn andoathome-*,
shrubbery, small fmlta. etc,.tlie same being located
on a high ridge. overb*okli'g Lake .Michigan. Inquire
at the otllce of Dr. NUTT, I*s Clark street, upstairs.
TpOR SALE-In the West Division.
JL A splendid boose on Greene street, two blocks
from the Madison streetcars. To bo flat-died by tan
first ol May, with all the modern Improvements,
Terms. *3.700. Also, a fine cottage on toe corner of
Taylor ntid Sbolto street*. Term* #3OO. Apply to G.
W. HILL. 12s Dearborn street. ap7-c177 8t
FOR SALE—Two threo story
Brick Houses and Lots known as No?. 512 and .Ml
xVabash avenue. For terms apply to WiL CLVRKK.
73 South Water street. apt-cSO-i2t
SALE—A rare chance. For
X sale at a bargain, a stock of Drug? and Medi
cines worth <12.C00. .oeated in one of the moat flourish
log cities of the Northwest. For location, term?, art-
Isiactory reasons for selling, and further particulars,
apj-dg-tOt 24 42a North Market street.
F)R SALE—The "brick bonse 520
Wabash avenue, corner Harmon Court. The
boute U furnished with the modern conveniences of
water, g??, closets. 4c.. and there Is a good brick barn
on the lot. Also, six vacant lots In Block 3, Spear's
Addition. West Division. Apply to C. L. HARMON,
No. 8 Clark street, np stair?. • ap2b9s'-l2t
FOR SALE—lnside prodnetive
property. I wm sell the House? S9 Jackson and
26 Qnfncy street?. with the lot running through from
Jackson to Quincy street, at a moderate price, If ap
plied for witt ln ten days. If not sold by tne 15th Inst.,
the house? will be oflered lor rent. P. L. UNDER
WOOD. office. 187 South Waterstreet. ap3-bg«i-ist
FOR SAL E—Cheap for cash.
One Engine; two Tubular Bailer*; three run of
3M fret Mill Stone*. and the machinery for the same, all
complete, now In the Dearborn Mills. Canal street.
Chicago. THOMAS LONEBGAN.I6 South Clark st.
X?OR SALE—Desirable Residence
X' Property, Lets Is George Smith’s Addition,
east of State street and north of Commerce street.
Lot? In Duncan’s Addition. Brick House and Lot ou
the corthweat comer of Indiana and Wolcott street—
lot ll&HxlM) feet. Bouse and Lot 23 Pine corner HU
nol? street Also, a large, wed docked lot on the
South Branch, near Old street. Apply to P.GEUDS3.
No.SoverStarges’paak.lT Welifrst. mh27b7Qj-tomyl
FOR SALE.—To Capitalists.
Two of the best business and most substantial
itoucblockiln lae dtv of Madison, Wisconsin. Al-o,
one of the finest residence* on the lake shore. For
Particular?, spplv to J. A. ELLIS, Northwest corner
Clark and Lake-ala. mh2s-bJ73-3Ct
XT' O K SAL E—Dock Property.
X 1 The Chicago South Breach Dock Company offers
for sale one thousand feet of water front on the slips
on the South Branch, allow figures, for the purpose of
enabling It tn extend, still Partner, Us already luge
Improvement?. The property I? veil suited for manu
facturing purpose?, or any kind of business requiring
water front For particulars.inquire at theCompanvs
office. Boom X Cobb’* Building. 124 Dearborn st.. Cbl
caco. A. J. KNISELY. Agent. mh2o-b337-lw
F3R SALE—Iowa Lands. 80,000
acres of choice lands In Northeastern lowa aad
Southeastern Minnesota, for sale for cash or oa time,
affording Investments for speculators and home* for
settlers. Lists can bo bad of M, REDMOND. Esq.,
rortheast conier of Lake and State streets,Ctilcsgo.
W, J. HARNEY. Dubuque. lowa. mfait-bl3H3Ot
pOR SALE.—Water Power Wool-
JL en Factory. Saw Mill and Tannery. All new and
In good order, with dwelling boose aad -td acres of
land being the lower Ellis at Raraboo. county seat cf
Sank connty, "Wisconsin. Original cost. 117.000 Tba
pcwerhasiSfeettead, estimated as saSclent for 3D
rnn of stones. W.P. FLANDERS,
jaStt-alKfl-Sm Milwaukee.
"TOR SALE—A Lot, eighty feet by
X oaakundred and eighty, on Washington street,
betwcwEcnrbom and State streets. Ann vto J. B.
BU'E.Ttoom 20. i ■ Dearborn street. mhl>bl<4-taa
JjJ be sold, the undivided one-half ot a BREWERY,
situated In the village ofMazomaolft Pane County.
Wisconsin, reartho railroad depot, twentv-two ml e*
fron» Madison, the Capital of the State. Price
Apply to EDWARD UCGGIN3 Maiomsale. Dane
Conrty. Wisconsin. tahlS b9fr7w
S~ u formerly Justica
• Of the peace. Is a candidate for the office, of P*.
M?2lst%tfclr«W the North DUUtoo. Select to
The nomination of the CncnudlUosal Unhm Party.
v n-Mett'lxtsof she party |n favor of LbOauCoako as
”S!i to artist in bb election, *aft-c313-3t
K.I, PAIJLISON announces
• himself aMUdldato f>r Clerk of the Police
Court. «nhject to the action of the Union Convention.
«?/*«£• Court.—FRANK LUMBARD
aaronncesblmselftotbe electors of Chicago a* e can
didate lor Clerkol theßeecrdoc*»Coartat the forth
cotnlrg cI«J e>ec«k>n. 8h23-bSIL2w
IOST On the cars, between MU-
J waakee and this cltr- or on 1U arrival at tkia dtr..
a Usbt-ct'loird Lrolker Value. marked *’ »)t, j. C.
S>i.*rzaLiX. 27th Rest w l». Vo!*. A liberal re-rard
will be paid for lt» retnm to no owatr ** Colombo*.
Ky . or delivery a» tfto St. (.bar Ira Hotel. Cairo, or toc
“i wm K 4 J “ c l “s3SSS&w^
S7th wit. Volk, Colombo*. Ky.
»rti cicsat
VJTRAYED—From the new Roll-
O iceMUtsatßridgeport oa Tuesday, tbo Tib last,
all^tßrownlloreawrhdaife Haiaoreralcol.
Uc Tn&tks on ibo thoalden* aaa a tear
%Vhoeter«Ul return the tame to U1 WeatYaaßu'ea
street, *b*B be suitably rikM Md sll
eipenaoa paid. apUHwl-SV

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