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Office Hio. 51 Clarlc Street.
tehms or the Chicago thihuke:
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club 80.00
62T~ Money in Registered Letter* may be eent at
Dor risk.
S2tr" The remittance for dobs must, In an cases,
be made at C3»x time.
IST" There •will be no deviation from the fore*
fOlng scale of rates.
Address "CHICAGO TRIBUNE.” Chicago, HL
QUltcaga olnbnnc.
the: news.
Our news from Rosecrans’ department,
Loth by our own and rebel channels, indi
cates that a movement is actually in pro
gress which can hut bring on a general
engagement at an early day. The rebels
arc taking the initiative, but Rosecrans
jnay not wait for Ibem.
All appalling disaster has befallen one of
the Portland line of English steamers, the
Anglo Saxon, wrecked on Monday, the
2Tth, near Cape Race,Kcwfdundland, with
the loss of nearly three hundred lives.
The casualty was due to her striking on a
reef in a heavy fog, while a heavy sea was
running. The Anglo Saxon was one of
the Grand Trunk Railway Company’s line
of steamers, which run to Portland du
ring the winter months. Her regular day
for leaving Liverpool was Thursday, the
IClh Inst.
The Cape Girardeau aflalr is over, and
the rebels, soundly thrashed by Gen. Mc
2scil, arc following their leader Manna
duke in hot haste to escape. They havo
“ come, seen and concurred” in the opinion
that s] eed was all that would save them.
It is one of the best little affairs that has
befallen the Union cause in Missouri for a
] ong lime. It has tested the temper of our
troops, and found it of the best proof It
has again shown 3lissouri the evidence
that some of her citizens arc prone to for
get, that her best friends arc not .the hun
gry hordes that follow rebel leaders to the
pillage and devastation of the districts
they visit.
A Springfield dispatch announces one
ol the most important sales of property
that ever took place in this State, being
the laige and valuable estate of ex-Gov
ernor Mattcson, sold by order of the Master
on Chancery to reimburse the State the
entire amount of bonds purloined by Gov.
Matte-son. It is a striking and appropriate
sequel to an extraordinary affair, one of the
most characteristic features of which was
the desperate resistance made by Gov.
Matleson’s Copperhead confreres to the
measures taken by Republicans to bring
about this disgorgement The State is now
reimbursed, and dishonesty signally pun
The rebels, according to our dispatches,
have pressed northward, through Western
Virginia, and occupied Morgantown in
Unit State, cutting the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad in their route. As it is now an
nounced that the road is again secure and
In running order, it is probable that
the force has retired as rapidly as
it cau.e, or, perhaps, like Roderick
Dhu’s men, has sunk into the surrounding
scenery. Evidently there was a bad scare
at Wheeling, and a lesser one at Pittsburg,
from which latter city Morgantown is dis
tant some fifty miles up the Monongahela
Valley. The rebels could have had no
force adequate to have attempted a single
day’s march into Pennsylvania with any
prospect of getting back again. It may,
however,- be the mask to more important
One thing we like exceedingly’ well in all
these recent rebel raids, northward into
Kentucky, Missouri, and portions of Ten
nessee long held by our forces. Not now,
as formerly, do the ragamuffin hordes
herald themselves by bigb sounding proc
lamations, zealous professions of love and
promises of kindly protection to their
faithful brethren. The character of saviour
and preserver at first worn with ill grace
by those sad knaves John Morgan,
Forest, Price, and others, is played
out, and withdrawn. They rush
in now’ with a hungry’ grab at all
and everything that falls in their way. No
questions are asked. They make a clean
sweep. Does a secesh farmer or a rebel
grass widow plead exemption from visita
tion for principle’s sake, it does not save
horse, mule, nor nigger. Of course, the
friends of the dear South, must befriend
her now, and the poultry yard and com
bin is swept clean. Read what the dis
patches say of the late rebel movement in
Southeast Missouri, and note the new pro
*Wc like it, for it is significant of the des
peration of the rebel cause. Their season
of ardent courtship of the coy Border
Slates is past, and they come back now
much in the character of the discarded
lover, who should turn burglar and
prowl in to steal his mistress* jewelry,
silver spoons and cake basket. Not at all
would this last scamp hope thus to further
the matrimonial scheme once sought. And
there is no prospect that these devastated
districts will gain in love for the rebellion.
The regiments now in the field from Ken
tucky were struck out from the white heat
of rage and grief In some of the sec
tions thus laid waste by rebel marauders.
The same influences will stiffen and con
solidate the Missouri militia forces, and
kindle their desire for vengeance on the
loc. It is altogether a desirable and excel
lent change, expensive as it may prove
for the communities most interested, some
of which pay a heavy tuition fee for their
tardy lesson in loyalty.
The following table shows the receipts
ami shipments of leading articles for the
week ending April 25,1863:
Receipts. Shipment?.
Flour, brls &&} -35-WJI
p n . r ]»u t <07,339 tol.SSj
Oat« bu' 154,053 124.819
*v C bu 8,873 3.4*0
TjarVcy. 5.709 1.050
Steed* 7* 26.240 53.453
I>o'U brls 4.530 19,734
Cat bleats, ft* 2,531,378 4.7U.7‘VJ
Lard. Dr..
'Tflllov; ‘V»I4 li's.G:)’*
X.fve°noz.-. No 10,764 0,073
3)re?Pe<tHo£F.NO B ....
RecfCaltle. No *>.wj 4,7*j
The following tabic shows the receipts
of flour, grain, live stock, Sx., since Janu
ary Ist to date, for three years:
3903. 1=62. 1871.
Flour, brls 863,WJ3 816,694 335,4 P.
\yiii-at, bu 1,475.562 1,751,503 1,671,703
Corn.bu 4.462.222 1,611,711 3,177.610
Oats, bn 1,322.041 217.735 100.3 0
Eye.bu 203,600 213,072 104.020
BirloT.hu 121.925 319.041 273,353
Seeds lbs 2,743.609 2,147,023 2,329.713
Fork, brls 23,630 27.805 30.162
Cot Meats, lbs 23.617,414 8,713,183 7,656.649
Lard, Hv 17,724.024 14,179.213 4,770,079
Tallow, lbs 1,420.850 167,563 ISI,:.*H
Live 00;:*. No 47.1,421 179,927 101,266
Dropped How l . N0.... 193.2 M 171,814 144.067
Beef Catt Ic,NQ 56.7U7 SS.GG3 43,053
From New Orleans.
New Tons, April 25.—The steamer Black
rtonc-, from New Orleans the 19th and Key
W»-i, the 23d, has arrived.
The tlcamer Circassian, at New Orleans,
from Galveston, brought a number of priso
ners recently captured by our blockadcrs off
Sabine Pass, among them Commodore Fow
ler, who commanded the steamer which cap
lured the Morning Light and Velocity on the
The expedition from Gen. Dudley's brigade
lud crossed a point of land opposite Port
communicate with Admiral Far-
with the Hartford and. Albatron ui
Bed Elver, and tbc movS^<Y‘S2S ,u i«
wards the same point will tend
cut off the rebel supplies from TexaT s^
WcfctLoudana. ™ an 4
Blockade Running 1 .
New York, April 28.—Late advices from
Bermuda, state that the Anglo-Rebel trade
continues brisk. There were no American
vessels of war at Bermuda, and a line of
steamers, owned at Liverpool, were con
stantly running the blockade to Wilmington,
Y TTHI-n Tttt ~ ‘ ' ’ ' ■ ■ ~ ' ~ 1 ■■ * -
Late and direct advices from Gen. Grant"a
command modify considerably the expecta
tions based upon the tenor of recent dis
patches, that the actual attack on Vicksburg
was about to commence from the new base at
Carthage, striking at the rebels from, the
south and rear by the Black River. Indeed it
has been stated, on what was deemed the best
authority, that Gen. Grant had gone down to
Carthage, and that a day of lost week, had
been fixed for the sharp and decisive move
ment which was ibis time to be a success.
All this aspect of affairs seems to have been
premature and fictitious. Gen. Grant did in
deed go down to Carthage, but he has re
turned again to MUHkcn’s Bend, twenty-eight
miles above Vicksburg, where his headquar
ters arc retained, and are likely to remain for
some time to come. There is to be no direct
movement against Vicksburg at present, if,
indeed, It is ever taken In such manner.
What has been done is in the direction of
re-opening of the Mississippi River, and cut
ting off the rebel communications with the
Southwest. To this end a portion of the'
fleet of Admiral Porter, with several trans
ports carrying troops, and a large number of
barges with army stores, coal, «fcc., has been
run by the Vicksburg batteries to the new
post at Carthage, Louisiana, twenty-nine miles
below Vicksburg. The latest of these gal
lant achievements is well described in detail
by our correspondent, in another part of this
issue. Thus, the Federal force between
Vicksburg and Port Hudson is strengthened
beyond danger of being overpowered by the
rebels, and their main source of supplies from
the Southwest, through the Red River, is com
pletely cut oft
Abundant reference Las recently been made
to the new cut-off, which alone of all like at
tempts is declared a success. This new chan
nel has been confused with a still fourth one,
ol which latter, also, something is hoped.
Our small map above will sufficiently well in
dicate the location of these cut-offs. They
arc both reached through a short canal, cut
from the Mississippi to Duck Lake, a few
miles above Vioksbuig.
From this canal there is a very direct route
only seven miles long through Walnut Bayou
into the Mississippi, nearlj* opposite Warrca
ton. The route of this canal is shown at U A.”
At high stages of water it will be navigable
for light draught boats. There is no expecta
tion that the current of the river will wash
through it, as it is cut at a point where by an
eddy of the river the water is nearly still, and
further it is actually cut at an angle opening
up stream. The other and longer “ rounda
bout" cut-off is also shown in the interlock
ing bayous, which, reached by the same canal,
pass around Richmond, as shown in the map,
and after a tortuous course of over thirty
miles open upon the again at Car
thage. It is the former and shorter canal that
our dispatches have frequently spoken. It is
unlikely that the latter will be made available
or for obvious reasons desirable. With this
explanation the situation at Vicksburg will
be sufficiently well understood, and it is un
likely to be changed by any immediate move
ment of our forces.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, April 28,1853.
It is not true that Daniel R. Goodloe has
been appointed Military Governor of North
Carolina, vice, Stanly. The probabilities nrc
in his favor, he being recommended by Stan
ly, and the President, with five Cabinet Min
i-ters being for him. Stanton, however, ob-
jects, either to his appointment, or that of
anybody else, on the sound ground that the
office is wholly unnecessary, besides being a
prolific source of quarrels with the Generals
commanding in the department.
Secretary Seward's party arc still down a£
the army. Commissioner Barrett went down
this morning for a hasty visit.
The place has yet to be found where ne-
groes are numerous and have not yet em
braced the earliest opportunity to volunteer
under far more unfavorable circumstances,
with at least as much at stake, as the whites.
here arc enlisted to form a
regiment-half as much as the white popula
tion have achieved after two years of trial—
and on yesterday the President was notified
by Commissioner Dole, on bebalf of officers
engaged in this work, that if he would give
assurance of the same protection to blacks
wc extend to white soldiers, this district
would easily furnish an entire black brigade.
An effort to bribe certain officials In order
to get prisoners, confincd'in the old Capitol
released, has been exposed.
It is reported that the McDowell commis
sion has sent evidence here implicating a
number of prominent officers in the South-
west in the crime of selling negroes for cot
ton or money, and that they will be dismissed
the service.
Commissioner Lewis has decided that man-
ufactured, sized, bleached or wrapping cotton
cord or twine must pay throe per cent, lax
liability not being affected by payment of tax
on it in a raw state.
A M. Hall, the veteran editor of Nashville,
Teun., is appointed minister to Bolivia, on
the recommendation of Gov, Johnson, vice
Carter, of Ohio, returned.
Horatio Perry is appointed Consul General
to Cuba.
The Sccretaiyship of Legation In Spain will
go to a nephew of Gov. Curtin, when that of
ficer takes the mission to the same place.
Fred. Law Olmsted and Dr. Vallim of the
Sanitary Commission, who have spent two
months with the Mnrfrecsboro and Vicksburg
armies, report them in good condition, and
with ample supplies.
The rebel Gen. Churchill, taken at Arkan
sas Pest, is to be exchanged for Gen. Willich.
A number of rebel officers arc to be sent down
in a few days.
Business in the Second Auditor's office is
nearly a year behind hand, and the number
ol claims unexamined arc said to have
reached the enormous number of 75,000.
A large additional clerk force will be made to
clear off this business. Robert Wilson, of
the IntcriorDcparlmcnt, and Thornton Smith
resident here, have been indicted by a Grand
Jury for the plot for the rescue of Old Capital
New Tons, April 2S.—A Washington spe
cial to the N. Y. Time* says:
At the instance of foreign banks, agents
were, about four weeks ago, sent to Europe
to make sales of our bonds authorized to be
issued by the last Congress. The la»e steamer
brought news that a large sum will be sup
plied to the Government credit In Hamburg,
London and Paris. Robert J. Walker is un
derstood to have sailed on the Bth, fully em
powered to perfect arrangements initiated
here by German agents in March.
Friends of prisoners in the old Capitol Pris
on have been trying to get them out by bribery.
The evidence of their crime is in the hands of
the District Attorney. . A . ,
Mr. Romero, Mexican Minister, hod an in
terview to-day with tbc President, and com
plained of the unfriendly treatment that his
country received in the refusal of permits to
ship munitions of war on Mexican account,
while the French were allowed to buy freely
in New York, St. Louis and elsewhere.
Washington, April 27.— 1t has been deci
ded that States which have furnished militia
for three or more months are not to be placed
on the level of those States that at the begiu
inn went beyond the requisitions of the Gov
ernment furnishing three years’.volunteers,
as is said to he the case in Illinois and Indi-
UD Capt. Vroom, Capt Harris, MajorTTunt ond
Lieut. Locker—all of the 7ih Michigan arc
reported for dismissal for absence without
authority; also. Cant. John Letcher, sth
Ohio, and Lieut. R. C. Marsh, sth Michigan,
are reported for diftmlßßol for desertion and
cowardice. .Tthe following, reported previ
ously for dismissal, are declared exempt, hav
-15/? satmactory excuses: Capt.
rnSi C t\. 7 '> Indiana; Lieut, Kellogg, 2?th
Ohio, Lieut. Abram, othlndiana; Capt. Ful-
hr, 10*11 Michigan; Lieut.Tucks, 82d Illinois:
Lieut. "SVygnm, 61st Ohio.
"Washington*, April 28.—A mixed commis
sion of military officers and civilians Las been
appointed by the Secretary of War, to pro
ceed at once to the Wept, to examine into the
operations of the army police In Tennessee
and Kentucky, and report to the War De
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
McRTREEsBoao, April 2S, 1563.
There arc rumors that the enemy are mak
ing a general movement ’towards Murfrees
boro. Some believe tliat within the last forty
eight hours their entire line has been advan
ced, and the headquarters of both Bragg and
Johnston arc established at Shelby villo. As
near as I can ascertain, and from various
rumors, the situation to-nigh: is as follows:
Two brigades of the enemy arc at Hell Buckle,
eight miles from Millerslmrg. Cheatham
commands at Tager’s Gap, twelve and u half
miles from Murfreesboro.
Contrabands cay heavy forces arc on Doo
little Pike, where they have thrown up en
Gen. Price has assumed command of Tulla
boma, relieving Bragg. The former is reported
to have brought large reinforcements, but
this is unreliable.
Previous rumors ol a considerable rebel
force being at Manchester, arc to-day con-
On the Triune they have strengthened their
force, as If again meditating an attack on
Union men, refugees, deserters, and con
trabands from the vicinity of Tullahoma and
Sbelbyvllle, express the opinion that if we
don't advance against the rebels, they will
shortly advance against us.
It is reported that the rebels were 75,000
strong at Tullahoma, two weeks ago.
JkliriiFßEKSßono, April 2S.— I The rebels are
reported as having made important move
ments on our front, materially changing the
situation. Whether it is In reply to ours on
McMinnville, or that the rebels are weary
waiting for us to advance, is not known.
, It Isknown that Bragg has been reinforced
by one brigade from Mobile, and a Missis
sippi regiment from Vicksburg was sent back
from Chattanooga. A force has reinforced
Manchester, to strengthen the rebel right.
One brigade went back from Shclbyville to
Tullahoma. Johnston Is reported to have
moved his quarters to ShelbyviUe.
Gen. Cheatham's division is at Gay’s Gap,
twelve miles from Murfreesboro, on the Shel
by ville and Triennc roads.
There are two brigades at Bell Buckle,
while a third force Is said to be at Doolittle
X’ike for some days. It is believed iu rebel
camp* that if Rosecrans did not advance,
Bragg would attack. One authority says
Bragg has 75,000 men. There is no confirma
tion of the reported death of Bragg.
Nashville, April 2S.— 100 prisoners cap
tured at McMinnville, reached here last night.
Preparations arc being made to send all cit
izens South who refuse to take the oath.
They will leave in a few days. All quiet at
Franklin and Murfreesboro.
Gen. Burnside’s New
[Special dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cincinnati, April 28,1853.
The Lexington and Frankfort, Kentucky,
newspapers have contained of late hundreds
of advertisements of runaway slaves, and giv
ing notice under the State laws that unless
their owners come forward and identify their
slaves, and take them back they will he sold.
The jails at Frankfort, Lexington and Lou
isville, are full of these slaves, who have cs
eapt d from their rebel masters and come Into
our line?, and who under the President’s
proclamation are free. Some of these were
about to be sold back into bondage, when
Gen. Burnside came to their relief to-day, in
the following general order, which was issued
this evening, and will appear to-morrow;
Cincinnati, April 2d, 1563. )
General Ordeks No. 13.—1n accordance
■with the spirit of the Proclamation of the
President of the United States, dated January
Ist, 11*60, it is ordered that all persons belong
ing to or following the army in this Depart
ment, are forbidden to interfere with or
impede the operation of any civil process in
the State of Kentucky, having in view the
recovery of slaves of citizens of the State,
and they are likewise forbidden to aid or abet
in their escape from their homes, or employ
such persons against the consent of their
owners, except in eases where military neces
sity requires their impressment, which im
pressment must be made in accordance with
regulations governing such cases.
11. All slaves made free by the war meas
ures of the President of the United States, by
Congress s , or by capture during the war, are
entitled to their freedom, and no one in the
department has a right to interfere with that
freedom. Any sale of such persona in this
district is void. The rights of citizens must
be respected by the army, and the war meas
ures of the Government must be sustained.
m. Any persons wilfully violating this or
der, will be at once arrested and reported to
the headquarters of Gen. Doyle, at Louis
ville, for trial. Regulations, to prevent con
tusion and injustice in the execution of thl*
order, will soon be published.
By command of Major General Burnside.
Lewis Richmond,
Assistant Adjutant General.
General Burnside has also issued an order
changing the time of the execution of Thomas
M. Campbell, from May Ist to May Slh.
Forty rebel soldiers and three spies were
arrested and brought into Lexington, Ky.,
to-day. They will be brought down hero and
sent to Camp Chase. Jack Caldwell, a noto
rious rebel leader, who has been in the Con
federate army, was arrested to-day, back of
Covington, and sent to Camp Chase.
A man named Dick Eggleston, who hurrah
ed in Covington, to-day, for Jeff Davis, was
immediately arrested and sent to Camp Chase
this evening.
Condition of Uic Indlanola,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, April 23, 1863.
Official dispatches from Admiral Porter
concerning tbc first running of the Vicks
burg batteries, April Gtb, contains little addi
tional to tbc published accounts. The Ad
miral says the fleet was under fire for two
hours and a hall, but all damages are repaired
and was ready for action again in half an hour
after reaching the lower end.
No one was killed and only eight wounded.
Kc found the Indianola about which
we have so many conflicting reports, much
shattered. The rebels had carried away her
two 9-inch guns. One of her 11-luch guns
had hurst; the other was sunk.
■Washington, April 23. —The Nary Depart
ment to-day received a letter from Rear Ad
miral Porter, dated April 17th, giving a few
particulars of the passage of the Vicksburg
batteries the evening previous, but not mate
rially different from what has already been
published. He adds, all the vessels were
ready lor service In ball an hour after passing
the batteries. An examination of thclndianola
showed that she was much shattered. The
rebels got her two nlnc-lnch guns. One 11-
inch gun was burst, and was lying on deck,
and the other fell overboard, and now lies
alongside in nine feet of water.
SulMicrlplionn to tlio O.aO Got-
crnnicut Securities
Philadelphia, April 28.— Subscriptions to
tlic Government 5.205, yesterday and to day,
amount to $3,500,000. One Philadelphia bank
took $300,000 this morning.
Government Agent Robbed*
Kw YonK,April 28.—A Goverumentagent,
residing at Hoboken, was robbed by burglars
on Sunday night, of $30,000, belonging to tbs
Advance in Gold*
New Youk, April 28.—There w&s a large
business in the Stock Board to-day. At two
o'clock Gold advancedto 55 l-8a55 3-4.
Tlie Rebel Repulse at Cape Gir-
Gen. McNeil Puts them to Utter
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Caiuo, April 23, 1863.
Wc have news from Cape Girardeau to 9 a.
m., to-day. Quiet is restored at that place.
Enough troops have been left to garrison the
town while the remainder, all mounted, are
in pursuit of Marmadukc, in the direction of
The gunboat Little Rebel, and two trans
ports, with the 25th and 27th Wisconsin on
board, came down this afternoon, their ser
vices not being needed at the Cape. They
went up yesterday.
I sent you last night the particulars of the
repulse of the rebels on Sunday afternoon.
After their defeat they fell back to Jackson,
aud encamped for the sight about midnight.
Gen. Van Dever succeeded in surprising them.
He captured some 600 prisoners, and killed
and wounded a number more. I could not
get exact figures. Those that escaped, fled in
great disorder in the direction of BloomDeld-
Yesterday, Gen. McNeil overtook them and
another battle ensued, in which the rebels
were again worsted. They number 7,000 to
8,000, and are composed entirely of cavalry
and artillery.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St. Lons, April 23,1363.
It is settled that the rebels in Southeast Mis
souri arc commanded by Marmadnke. They
have atclcgraph operator along, namedßond,
formerly in charge of the Springfield office in
this State, who is also the rebel Medical Di
rector. He carried off the relay at Frcderick
town, after trying to fool the Pilot Knob of.
flee by asking questions as to our movements,
which did not succeed.
Gen. Yandcvcr cannot be hcardfrom direct
until the telegraph line between Pilot Knob
and Cape Girardeau is repaired. No particu
lars have been received, up to dark of the re
ported fight between the rebels and Vaudevcr.
It is known a force is moving from New Mad
rid to intercept the rebel retreat. Their only
avenue of escape is a very swift march on the
Chalk Bluff and Bloomfield road, but owing
to numerous streams on this route it is doubt,
fol if they can carry off their artillery even on
this route.
The reported evacuation of Fayetteville was
premature. An order to that effect was only
pending. Refugees are pouring into the place,
and over 200 have enlisted since the recent at
tack was made.
Obcdiah Smith an emancipation member of
the Legislature, and one of the original Union
fighting men of Cedar county, lias been mur
dered by guerillas. They have tried to take
his life about ten times before. He has been
specially odious since his conversiouto eman
cipation doctrines.
Cairo, April 23.
Four transports hare just arrived from
Cape Girardeau, two of them havingon board
the 25th and 27th Wisconsin regiments. The
gunboat Little Rebel has also returned. Or
der is restored at the Cape, and the women
and children have returned from the Illinois
After the rebels were repulsed on Sunday,
they fell hack to Jackson, ten inllcs. About
midnight, Sunday night, Gen. Yandover fell
upon them, completely surprising them, kill
ing and wounding a number, and taking
some five or six hundred prisoners. The
guard-house and jail at Jackson are fall of
Gen. McNeil pursued them on the Bloom
field road, overtook them yesterday, and gave
them another flogging. We have not full re
This Information is received from Col. Mont
gomery, of the 25th Wisconsin.
The rebels, as far as they could, have com
pletely devastated the country, respecting
neither friend nor foe. Theirforcc is between
seven and nine thousand, mostly cavalry and
artillery. Whenever they could, they have
cut the telegraph wire and carried it off.
The Federal force sent from New Madrid to
intercept the rebels, has not been heard from,
and some fears arc entertained for Its safety.
No arrival from below last night or to-day.
Washington, April 2S.— The following has
been received at headquarters:
St. Louis, April 27, ISM.
Toll. W. Ilallcck, General-in-Chief;
Gen. Vandever came upon the enemy’s rear
near Cape Girardeau, last night, and attacked
and routed him, taking a lanrc number of
prisoners, horses, arms, etc. The enemy re*
treated towards Bloomfield, in great disorder,
pursued by the Tlclorious combined forces of
Tandercr and McXciL
S. R. Ctmxis,
Major General Commanding.
Cairo, April 2S.—The affair at Cape Girar
deau is at an end. The rebels are in fall re
treat on the Bloomfield road, with Gen. Mc-
Neil close in pursuit. It was McNeil’s Inten
tion to send a force in the enemy’s rear for
the purpose of dcstroyinga bridge over White
Water, thus cutting off their retreat. Should
he succeed in this, most of the rebel force
must be captured. Some fear has been fcit
here that the Federal force from New Madrid,
which was out, 2,000 strong, might be overrun
by the rebels, who number not leas than 7,000,
all cavalry and artillery.
McNeil’s forces were all mounted.
7ho principal object of the rebels was to
gather supplies, and they have completely
stripped the counties through which they
have passed, making no difference between
friend and foe. The soldiers would enter
houses and take whatever was wanted,
exchanging their old clothes for the best they
could Imd. The roads are strewn with frag
ments of their booty, telegraph poles were
cut down, and the wires broken up and car
ried away.
From Wheeling—Movements of
the Rebels.
Rebel Movements Against the
Baltimore and Ohio R. R.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cincinnati, April 2S, I^*3.
Seroral dispatches received to-day from
Wheeling announce that the rebels hare made
an attack on the B. & 0. H. R., near Grafton,
and hare cut the wire. It is reported to-night
that two trains on the road have been cap
tured and destroyed. No trains will leave
Wheeling or Parkcrsbnrg, going cast, until
the truth is ascertained.
A gentleman who has arrived hero from
Wheeling, states that he was informed before
he left yesterday morning, that a rebel force
had come into Oakland, and another into
Eowlesbnrg, and had cut the wires, and were
committing other depredations on the road,
and it was reported that fighting ha* been
going on near Rowlcsbnrg. The Wheeling
InUlUgcnecr contains the following: Nothing
was known at Grafton of Col. Latham’s com
mand, but it was the impression of Col. Wil
kinson that it was cut oft somewhere between
Beverly and PliiUlppl.
We also Icam that intelligence of a reliable
character, has been received from other sour
ces, going mainly to confirm these statements.
Col. Latham's exact situation is not known,
but this fact alone proves that he is cut off
Whether between Beverly and Buchanan, or
between Beverly and Phillippi, is not known.
It Is said he burned the Government stores
at Beverly before leaving there; but how
fins should be known, and nothing known of
his present situation, we cannot see. It ap
pears certain, at least, that all Ms communi
cations are cut off, if nothing worse has hap
New York, April 2S, 1863.—A Harrisburg
dispatch of to-day states that many contra
dicted reports are circulating relative to the
rebel raid. There is no doubt the rebels have
taken Morgantown, and occupy it with some
4,000 to 8,000 troops under Jenkins.
Our troops arc in motion to Intercept
them, and artillery Is being sent from Harris
Another dispatch from Uniontown, Penn
sylvania, states that the rebel flags are float
ing over Morgantown, and men, women and
children are flying in all directions. Pitts
burg is thought to be in some danger.
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad between
Chambersburg and Grafton is destroyed.
Balttmohb, April 28.—The Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad can now be regarded as entirely
safe. No property was taken in the recent
rebel raid, nor was any of the road injured
except a small bridge near Oakland, which
was slightly damaged, and which Is now re
pairing, and will be ready for the passage of
the regular trains to-morrow morning.
Through trains, both cast and west, will then
be resumed, on the entire length of the road,
for freight and passengers.
Large Government forces have been moved.,
to .'ill important points on the line, which
guarantees ample and permanent protection.
The delay of the prompt and regular working
of the road will not exceed twenty-four hoflrs.
Philadelphia, April 2s. —A large amount
of specie reached Pittsburgh, from Wheeling,
last night.
Hew York, April 28.—A rumor has reached
here that a rebel force is moving on Wheel
ing, Va., or Pittsburgh, Pa, The rimor bears
some marks of authenticity.
Baltimore, April 2S.—Many wild stories
are alloat to-day of rebel depredations in
Western Virginia, on the line of the Baltimore
and Ohio Railioad. Information,. believed to
be reliable, states that some guerilla cavalrv
penetrated to Rowelsburg and Allamont, but
were driven off. No damage was done to the
road 01 Government property.
There are also reports that”a rebel force has
marched westward, but It is believed to liave
been checkmated by our troops.
New York, April 23.—The rumors that the
rebels are marching on Wheeling and Pitts
burg rests on the fact that a forcoiiad appear
ed at Morgantown, Va , on the Monongahela
River, near the State line of Pennsylvania.
No fears are entertained for either place. It
is not probable that the rebel force will pro
ceed any furtherNorlh.
A dispatch to the Washington S(ar t dated
Harper*?Ferry,yesterday, says: “We have
information that the rebel Generals Jones and
Imboden, with some force, are at Moorfield,
probably on the way to New Creek, to de
stroy the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in that
The Baltimore American of Mondav. says:
“Humors of rebel approaches to the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad have assumed quite a seri
ous aspect. On Sunday evening and during
Sunday a movement of eight thousand troops
was made on the road to strengthen points
west of the Cumberland, and two regiments
left Baltimore to hike the places of those
moved further westward.
On Sunday night two companies of rebel
cavalry made their appearance at Kowelsburg,
and were driven off, and did not succeed fa
damaging the Cheat river bridge.
There has also been a rebel force for two
days not far from Clarksburg, threatening to
advance on the road.
A rebel force of four thousand, under Gen.
Boyd, left Winchester early this week.
>le*asures were Immediately taken to cheek
malc them.”
Washington, April 2S. —Richmond papers
ol yesterday contain the following:
Okolona, Miss., April 25, —Our cavalry en
gaged the enemy yesterday, at Birmingham.
The fight lasted two hours and a half. The
enemy was completely routed, with a loss of
fifteen killed and a large number wounded.
Col. Hatch, of the 251h lowa, was seen to fill
from his horse, which ran into our lines and
was captured. Our loss was one killed and
twenty wounded. The destruction of a bridge
prevented pursuit.
Chattanooga, April 25.—Passengers by
the train report that General Dodge’s Yankee
force, 1,000 strong, has advanced ten miles
towards EastTnscumbla. Col. Roddy is .fight
ing and retreating towards reinforcements.
Ttllahoma, April 24.—Further advice from
McMinnviUo represent that the enemy lias
destroyed several bridges, burnt the cotton
factoiy, the depot buildings, one edgine and
three cars, and then retreated toward Mur
Ttixahoma, Tens., April 24.—The word
to-day Is everybody to tlie front. There is no
movement there on the part of the enemy.
Our troops arc in spirits, and confident. It is
not believed the Yankees will have to attack.
Advices from Tuscumbla to-day state that
three rcairacnts of Yankees are advancing.
They will be held in check by Col. Roddy
with his cavalry,
Tullahoma, April 24.—The enemy is tail
ing back. All quiet in front.
From the Di*j>aich of the 27th, wo take the
following telegram, received in this city yes
terday, which says that the Federate were
advancing on the Jackson, Mississippi and
Meriden Kailroad, and had burned the stone
bridge on that road.
Washington, April 28.— The Rational In-
UUirjmciT learns from an officer who left Fort
ress Monroe on Saturday, that the news re
ceived from the South gavc’promise of another
attack on Charleston on the 2Sth.
New York, April 28.—'The New York Tri
bune's Hilton Head, (S. C ) correspondent,
under date of the 20th Inst., represents that
tlie Monitors and the army are ready for an
othermovement, and indeed one seems actu
ally In progress. Ho says: “ Before the close
of this week, all the iron-clada will be again
over the bar at Charleston, and the attack
must soon come off—this time in co-opera
tion with the landforces. The rebels are hard
at work, strengthening their defences on the
Ulands south of Charleston. Troops have
been sent from Savannah to assist them
From Florida we learn that there are no
armed rebels east of the St. John’s River. A
sufficient force Is left to hold St. Augustine
and Fernaudina against any force the rebels
can. brine against them.
/, small craft, supposed to be a gunboat,
I ad escaped from Savannah through the War
saw Sound.
A clerk ’of the United States Prize Court
is said to have absconded with §90,000 la Gov
ernment funds.
The Washington special to the New York
Tnbvtie says:
Chief Engineer Wood, United States navy,
now on duty in connection with iron-chad ves
sels, has made a proposition to the Secretary
of the Navy to the following effect: lie
offers to take a Monitor up the harbor of
Charleston, removing on lus way any ob
structions that may impede the progress of
the ships, or, if the Department only de
sires the destruction of Fort Sumter, ho will
accomplish that. A State Senator of'‘Califor
nia, who enjoys, to a largo degree, the confi
dence of engineers, also offers to accompany
Mr. Wood on the important expedition named.
It is understood that the President and Sec
retary Welles look on the proposition with
favor, but the action of the Government, of
course, is not known.
New Tore, April 2S.—The pilot of the
iron-clad Keokuk Is under arrest, charged
with running her ashore on Morris Island, in
order that tue rebels might capture her.
Washington, April 2S.—The Richmond
Enquirer, spcaklngof affairs in South Carolina,
says there are some indications that the Yan
kees aremeving in South Carolina. It issup
j'oscdtbcir intention is to make a raid in the
vicinity of Coosawatchlc,probably to attempt
to destroy the Railroad between Sayaauaii
and Charleston.
Xlic War in Virginia.
New York, April 2S.—The N. Y.
A rumor reached here last night that the
army of the Potomac were moving.
The Washington special of the N. T. TTcrW
The enemy have been strengthened, as re
ported. They arc now fifteen thousand weaker
than they were at Fredericksburg. Gen. Lee
is sick, and Jackson is in command, and if he
will only stay sick, they will be lifty thou
sand weaker'than they were at Fredericks
A special to the JTerald, dated, “Headquar
ters of the Army of the Potomac,” April 27ih,
shore have been minors in circulation dur
ing the last lew days, that the rebels are about
to abandon their present position. Nothing
definite, however, is yet known concerning
the movement. Prisoners are brought in al
most daily from the outposts, but their infor
mation is conflicting and unsatisfactory.
Washington, April 28. —The Richmond En
quirer cf the 27th has the following: The en
emy has occupied the county of Fauquier in
large force, reported from 20,000 to 80,000.
He is said to have 15,000 infantry and 8,000
cavalry. His infantry camp was at last ac
counts on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad,
below Warrenton Junction, and his cavalry
pickets on the Rappahannock. It is reported
that a small force of the enemy made a dash
up to Washington, Rappahannock county, but
that is not certain. Skirmishing along the
river was daily taking place.
A Fredericksburg correspondent of the Dis
patch writes on April 2Cth: No news here.
The sun and wind to-day have dried the roads
very much. Wc are quiet, but expectant,
hopeful and confident. My private opinion
still is the Yankees arc leaving.
Xlic Alabama Again.
New York, April 23.—The bark Gem Cobb,
from Palermo, reports that on the 18th, In
latitude 37:7, longitude 89:14, she was boarded
by a boat from the ship Morning Star, of Bos
ton, from Calcutta for London, They report
ed that the Morning Star was captured by the
Alabama in latitude 2 min. north, and releas
ed after giving SOO,OOO bonds.
A brig from Ponce reports that the Alabama
arrived off there on the 7th of ApriL The
Spanish authorities supplied her with powder
and coaL
Steamer Anglo-Saxon
Wrecked near Cape
Painful' Details of the Disaster.
St. John's N. F., April 27.—The Canadian
steamship Anglo-Saxon, which left Liverpool
•at two p. m. on the 16th Inst,, with 860 pas
sengers, a crew of S4 men, and the United
States and Canadian mails, was wrecked four
miles east of Cape Race, at noon to-day, the
27th, during a dense fog.
Seventy-three persons escaped from the
wreck by ropes and spars, and twenty-four
more in a life boat, making a total of ninety
seven. Two other boats have not arrived off
Cape Race in consequence of the density of
the fog, and seven more persons who em
barked on a raft, arc also missing. Therc.is
still a heavy sea and fog. The CommandeAs
supposed to be among the drowned.
The Purser, First and Second Officers, and
Doctor are saved, and one cabin passenger.
Lieut. Simpson, of the Royal Artillery, Hon.
John Young and family are supposed to be
In one of the missing boats.
The deck broke up about one hour after
the ghlp struck. Several persons clung to
the rigging until the foremast fell, hut no as
sistance could be rendered.
Guns are being fired at Cape Race to
tract the attention of the misslngboats.
Pictou, April 2S.—The steamer Dauntless
at nine a. m. to-day (Tuesday) picked up
two boats containing ninety people. It Is very
fine and clear on the coast to-day.
New Tore, April 23.—Yen. Cruz dates of
the sth, per the bark Henry Trowbridge, state
that the .Mexican guerillas had captured the
, camp of the railroad laborers near Vera Cruz,
destroying and earn ing off all property there.
Several other similar camps near Tejeira hare
been also captured and sacked. Some seventy
laborers were killed and fifty or sixty
It i= stated the French are making very
Flight progress In Mexico. A small fort near
Puebla has been captured, with a loss to the
French of over 700 men. A heavy storm at
Vera Cruz destroyed over $20,000 worth of
French stores. Reinforcements for the French
army arc continually arriving.
Springfield, 111., April 2T.—The sale of ex-
Governor Mattcson’s property to-day, by G.
W. Shutt, Master in Chancery, realized $230,-
OCO. The amount of the decree, including in
terest and costs, was $305,000, thus leaving
a deficit of $27,000, for which the
securities are probably amply good.
Alexander Sterne, Trustee for the
State, bought all but about SIO,OOO worth of
the property. The splendid mansion and
grounds in Springfield, which cost Gov. Mat
teson $1)3,0(H), sold for $40,000. One hundred
and seventy-seven acres oflandadjoiningChlca
fo, brought S3OO an acre. The property in
oliet realized $30,000; in Quincy, $25,000;
and in Cairo, $33,000. The sale is the largest
ever made In the State, and, all things consid
ered, the trustee has gotten most excellent
bargains. I understand he offered an advance
of ten per cent, on his bid, if the estate would
relinquish their right of redemption, and
thus make the State actual owner of the pro
From San Francisco.
San Francisco, April 27.—The Legisla
ture adjourned at noon to-day. The follow
ing are among the bills approved:
Legalizing ami providin'; means for enforcing
contracts, payable In gold, so that paper money
cannot be need to pay debts where coin was prom
Appropriating from the State Treasury ton thou
sand dollars per mile towards building fifty miles
of the Pacific Railroad. This Is additional to the
two millions proposed to be voted by the counties
along the line of the road.
Providing for a survey of the eastern boundary
of tlie State.
Providing for uniforming and equipping the
militia organization; appropriating SIOO,UUO there
Thcstramer Oregon,from Mazatlan,brought
$120,000 in treasure, and a large quantity of
specimen lots of silver ore.
From Indianapolis.
Indianapolis, April 27.—Adjutant General
Noble reports Gov. Morton as saying that
imminent Democrats, supposed to be mem
icrs of the order of the K. G. C., In various
parts of the State, are to be arrested within
the next thirty days, brought to military
trial, and, if found guilty, summarily dealt
The greatest activity prevails In the arsenal.
Ammunition is shipped daily therefrom to
various localities within the State.
Six hundred Infantry, a battery of artillery,
and one hundred cavalry, left the city this
evening for Brown county. The object is to
make such arrests os 1 have spoken of.
From the South.
Washington, April 27.—The Richmond En
quirer, of the 83d, has an advertisement from
the rebel Engineer Department for 5,000 men,
free negroes, slaves or whites, to work on the
Richmond fortifications. The same paper
contains no news.
Cincinnati RSarket.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cincinnati, April 2S. 1563.
Whiskt— Continues dull, and prices 5c lower
with sales of £OO brla at iOGAO.tfc —the latter rate
for wagon.
• Provisions— There la nothing whatever doing
In mess pork, and prions are nominal. There was
a fair demand for bulk meats, with sales of 50,000
lbs and 30,000tes shcoldcrs at 4c loose, and 350,000
lbs sides at Gc loose. Bacon sides wore rather
easier, but the demand is fair—the sales were 200
brls at Cc, and ISfcdo at sj{c. Shoulders cannot be
sold above 4 *tC, though generally held at sc. Lard
is in moderate demand at 9c/or prime city, with
sale of SCO tea at this Agars; country cannot be
sold above S?*®9;»c.
Of For Want a. For Sale, Boarding,
For Rent, Found, Lost Ac., seo
Fourth Page. ’
|S7“ C. S. SC RITE'S, Advertising Agent, 63
Dearborn strut, is authorized to reeetoe adcertl’i.
n.ents/or this and ail the leading EoriAm/esUrn
11/TAY PARTY.—The Annual May
will he given on
Friday Evening, UTay Ist.
Tula wi'* b e tue closing party of tic season, AU
alec* I *, and patrons are cordlallv Invited.
TV" OTIC E.—Any person bavinir
-L \ claims against tie
cAicagv Academy,
Or the snhscrlber. -win please nreseut the same for pay
ment at the office of the Academv.
apSJ-dl9o-lt J. EDWIN MARTINE.
200 Randolph Street,
Is now undergoing thorough repairs, and will be re
opened for first-rla-a boarders on first dav of May
nejt. {apSfi-dJOT-St] L. P. HILL. Proprietor.
XV will be a Special Train to Roschlll Cemetery
Leaving the Chicago andMlVwankeeDcpotataS'P.M.
returning at 4:45 P. M. tare t**n cent* each way,
ap»(11.4-It J. WOODBKIDUE SMITH, Treas.
X NESS.—Person? wishing for situation* of any
kind, or anv information concerning Ural Estate, Busi
ness. Ac.. In this cltv, should send a statement of their
w.uits. enclosing If. to the -CHICAGO INTELLI
QKNCK AGENCY.” Every application Is attnndo.lto
honorably and PROMPTLY. Address R. E.HOYT &
CD., Chicago. P. O. BOX 3055. ap23 dISS 2t
The Bee Excitement.
The continuance of the high price of sugar. rather
Increases than diminishes the great desire for honey, as
a very cheap substitute fbr sugar at its present nigh
pi Ice. Bees live without cost, and besides their large
amount of surplus honey, they swarm twice, nod often
it ire times la a season. There Is no war in which so
much money can be made upon the capital invested, a*
by paying five dollars for a hive of bees, to be delivered
at any depot, orolhcrplaca In Chicago, and which can
be safely sent by railroad or other carriage. to any
oolnt In the United States. Address, to thecans ol
Hon. John Wentworth, Chicago, the
call on him at Summit. H- HAT.
HAY AND WOOD.—Those per
sous wh j desire to purchase Hay or Wood can
always find them at the
Snmmit Farm,
By Inquiring for the subscriber, HENRY HAT.
_ NtewYoßK,May2d,l3s3.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of this Core
pany for the election ofthirteen OS) Directors for the
ecsulntryear. will be held at the office of the Company,
in the efty of Chicago, state ofiniuola, on Friday, the
fljlh (sth) day of June next.
The poU will be opened at eleven (U) A. M..and
closed at twelve (12) M.
HENRY FARNAM.Pr ©silent.
TjusczsH. Tows. Secretary. ap&dl37-90ds
~.?? cs I lbse ?J ,crfcM **b , l*t rt ck of Boofla? Material*
”S d 13 rea^l to - TO PPbf orders to Roofers aad
,he country ,*• the f hortest notice and at Silr
Bc£feria*d b 2*df° hatiaea of IOE *
To put on Hew Rccfe or Repair Old Ones.
HI; work is warranted a* good as the BEST. Flew
call at the old stand, 53 Lasalle street.
apyj-dISI-lt M. W. LESTER.
Heating and Ventilating
For Houses, Clmrclics, Halls, Ac., d:c.
Tbia Furnace ha* now been In nse for live years, and
1> found to do ALL that any FUUNACE UAS E V Kli
DONE. It will make xohe usat hour the bixe
amount of fuel than
Thi« la caused by the Patent Wp.orosr leov Ttrou-
Lab Kadiatoe* and Intermediate Pipes, -whereby a
larger Radiating Seer ace lj obtained. To person*
in the country where the
Is used, I can uy I hare a Furnace that will work
I have fenr sizes of Portable Furnaces. and two sir**
of Brick Furnaces; I have also a Brick Furnace for
wood. My Furnace? are In Brvaa Hau.theNetr Trini
ty Church, and In hundreds 01 private ref idcucca. 1
have had a ion? experience in this business, and pro
ftss toknownow to set a Furnace and locate the
Pipes. Tin Pipes for putting Into the partition as
houses are in process of bni'.dhg. at the
shortest notice. Please call acd teo fur yourselves at
53 Lasalle street. M. W. LESTER,
Refer to non. Tuo?. B. Beta*. Hon, Wx. b. Ogden 1 .
Joseph L. Jambs, C. G. Hamxond, E»i.. kducnd
Aiken. Banker. W. W. Fabwkll. E«q_, watbon V.
Cob, Esq .Fairiiansb & Ghbinluap, w. W. Roving-
TON. Architect, E. UvcLiMi.do..T. V.WADsKiun.do.,
A aUEH Caetbu. do. aa29 dl&l 1C
On FRIDAY. May Ist, at 9>S o'clock, at the residence
of Watson Mathews, E*q.
No, 11 Adams street, between Wabash and
Michigan Avenues,
We shall tell the entire furniture, consisting of
Parlor, Chamber, Dining Boom and Kitchen
By order of Wm. W. Stewart. Agent.
WM. A. BUTTERS & CO.. Aucfre.
Elegant Oak Diningroom Set,
Two Horses, Family Carriage
Etrggy and. Harness,
COW, Etc.,
jSIT auction.
At tic rciUencc of Ales. ‘White. Esq.,
■4.0 X "Wabash. avenue,
"We shall sell, without reserve. the entire furniture
of Mr. White, conßltilaenf a splendid Ro«cwooJ Parlor
Set. Inhoit quality of Brocatelle. made by C'ltsr *
Co.. New York; richly carved RotewoudCentre Table,
marble top; Gilt Rosewood Parlor Set. In hair cloth;
Oak Library Set; Oak Dlnlnc Set, cocsbtlng of costiv
Oak Sldeltrard. 12feet: Extension Dining fable and
Dlijliiu Chairs; beautiful Rosewood Chamber Salt, with
rorrbie slabs: Mahopanv Caamber Sot. with marble
s’abs; Chestnut Chamber Set, with marble slab*;
Black Walnut Chamber Sets, with marble slabs; srden
dld Gothic Hall Stands and Chain* solid oak; Black
Walnut ami Oak Bedsteads, Bureaus aim Chairs; best
Hulrand Excelsior Matrasses: Spring Deis: Elegiac
French Mattel Clocks, In marble; Bronze Mantei Or
naments; rich Wiltos, Velvet and Brussels Carpets.
Three Ply ascl super ingrain Carpets, Mosaic Rag;
rich Stair Carpets, China and Glassa are. Dining Ware.
Kitchen Furniture. &c.. <t.\ Also, one Superior Octave
Plano Forte, made by T. Gilbert la rich itosewood ease,
ftill round, cost Rosewood Mn?lc Stand and Plano
Stool. Also, the well-known horse* ••Prince.” and
pony “Fanny:” Family Carriage, Buggy. Sleigh and
Harness one fine Milch Cow.
The above furniture can bo seen several days pro*
vlousto the sale. WM. A. BETTERS & CO..
apihldnOQ-td Auctioneer*.
Ft. Wayne & Chicago Eailway Co.
Interest due May let on the Chicago Depot Honda
Issued i;y die PitL-burgb, Fort Wayne ana Chicago
Railroad, will be paid at the office or
S. J. GIOYBR, Cashier,
KearMsdbon street bridge, no the presentation of the
Coupons. J. P. HENDKIsSON, Treasurer.
PUt-burgb. April liUh. IV6J. apeiMßll l-lw
Lot to Lease,
Or East of State Street,
Will address “ C,” Trlbnn© Office.
Xl CZDAB R.VPID9 AND MtSBOm Ryvtoßaii.bo.vd.
Cruar Rapids. lotra, April aih. pvu. t
SE PROPOSALS will bo n-colvctl at this office
on the sixth day of Mnv next, for the Grading, Piling,
Culvert*. Cattle Guards and Cros-lngs. Ties. Trick
laying. Ballasting, three Station Hoosesand two Water
Tanks, on thirty miles of tho Cedar Rapids and ills
lourl River Railroad, west of Marshall.
Fids will be received for the grading of fire or ten
mile sections, and for the whole. Olds will also be re
ceived for doing the entire work, including every pos
sible espeme. except tie right of way, rails, chains,
spike and switch Irons.
The Company reserve the right to rcjrct any or all
Profiles, plans, climates. *c„ may be examined al
this office, on and after tl>c 2d of May.
>V. y. WALKER. Chief Engineer.
Twenty-Five Able-Bodied Intelligent Hen.
This Battery has been thoroughly re organized, nnder
a cow corps of officers. It Dclng-under tbo rormnAm!
of Llcnt.f. H. WdITE. formerly of '‘Taylor’a Bat
ten*." and It offers superior Inducements to those who
desire to enter the service of their conntry.
The usual Government Bounty of f ICC wIR be paid;
also a premium of $2 to each recruit, or to any person
furrhOjlßp one. Subsistence and pay commence at the
date of enlistment. In addition to the above the Mer
cantile Association will ;»y a bounty of $53 to each
recruit enlisted.
Recruiting Office at the room of the Mercantile As
sociation. corner LaksAcdSt&to streets, (ap-stalrs.)
stOdl&Mff Lieut. P. S. POKE. Recruiting Officer.
48 Lake Street, 43
Jobbers of
[apis c521-lot w-fax net]
Sheet Iron,
inxißS’ STOCK,
199 & 201 Randolph street.
mhJO-bSsa iyat-w.tr net
Q.EO. G. POPE, late
122 - - Clark Street, - - 122
Wholesale acd Retail dealer la best brands
Sole Agent for BldwelTs Coal Oil Axle Grease.
apH esu-iw w-paM net L 3 CLARE STREET.
•37 Lake Street,
Invite the attention of the Trade to their stock of
Ready-Made Clothing
Onr Stock; I. by far tlio Inrxf.t In till,
market, and wo offer oomo BAB
CADiS, even In tlicaa Oafs of U(h
prices. mM3-b33S-2m-T--w*xact
130 SontH Clark Street#
irtUaiSHED 70S 7m RlTSOWax> Tag ATjfTTT nr ttm
Em. .‘■ An, CaTaksjt and Tusoat Dt-2»sza.
moan toe DsorsazojrAZ. caanox or
I>p. S. CldiSonPratt.
- J n . ;I ' e dl-CTlpUre oatllco heretofore ci.en of tha
ia, c .f car. we bare stated, that commurdcut
iPr, Jv.Vl .? Throat, from the Tympanic cavity or
?rhl‘ e tw l ;t K rl * 1 IJ ttic pa<-u»grraft eorbe RnsraciNn
one?o i&T i Qbe *! tJQrly an inch and ahalf In length.
w?i >ea i m C , h. tollj ® °PP«r and bach part of 'he
iach tn diameter. As It ap
broaches the ear. It crows smaller ici Lilians a*
ft* entrance. so thalln fact It Srttii
Its mouth-piece In the middle ear. AatneosSof ttUa
tube U for the entrance of air to the Cvtupacfc carter
and Its cloeare. e frequent cause of partial deafness t
refer to It In this connection as one of the severs*, parti
Implicated In chronic catarrh. Among the ntAslogna
ef diseases with which humanity suffers therw Is per
haps no ONE complaint so common, so- troublesome,
so offensive. so dangerous In Its ultimate result*, or to
nnskUlfahy treated by phvslclasa In general, as is
Catarrh. The truth Is, physicians are sotcviXP to
doctoral the bedside, and not to treat specTai* dis
eases. ilaav a physician who obtains o •hgaal, and
we'l merit-d reputation in the treatment of fevers, for
which he Is xorcATBP. may talk of the Incurability of
Catarrh, or perhaps feign to Ignore Its very exUUcce
simply for tee reason tout be naa not given the dberae
that careful attention which its nature and Importance
demands, for medical men. and the public as well, have
yet tolcarn.that the relation of Catarrh to Consaxp.
tlon. is simply that of causa and effect.
Above the tony arch which forms the reef of the
month, there are nume-ous little windings, p.iisacw
and cavities channeled Is.to the base of the skull, and
known as the raaxQary. cthmol 1 and sphenoid cells. —
the frontal atnnee*. (little cavities over the eyes.) and
the enstachlan tubes- tc the middle evr.i in
life, all these ramare covered with the same dclfcasc
mucous mcmbnina which Uaeaihenowo.mgata, tcroat.
trachla bronchial tnhrs. and extends throughout the
ec lire substance of the lungs, Intlarjationaad ulcera
tion of that portion of membrane which covers tho
nasal fosaa acd posterior tarics, the maxllary. etomold
and Epheiioli cells, the frontal statues sail the
en-mchiau tubes. Is Catairh; when conSned to the
tLroat.lt Is Laijncius; to the trachla, (wlndplpet. it
Is Trachlties; to the branchial tubes, it Is HronchlS*-
and discate of the san.e membrane. In the lane* Is
Consumption. 1 has do we see at a glance the rel&tica
cf Catarrh to Lung Disease—lts connection and wa
der cy.
The symptoms of Catarrh, as they v»ply to persons
efdincrciittcmi'cramenu. and at dlffer-nt stages oi
the dh-ease. are pain over and between the eye*, weak
e;es, neuralgia of the facial corves, closure
of the tear passages. confm-lon of memory, loss of
smell, closure of the ens Lachlan tabes, with paitlol
drainers and rlmrlsg noise In theears.softeatnzofthe
gums and decaying of the teeth, a constant accretion
I'fmuco— purulent matter from the nose and throat—
and last but not least, as offensive and Dots -uons
breath. Not that all these symptoms up.dj to cacti
Individual case. bnt they are the syropfOTs of the
disease ca they apply to differen tca.es, differing ualy
In degree.
In udoltion to the local symptoms of Catarrh, we
find the same diathesis, or constitutional tendency,
only In a lc»s degree, which becomes so lolly marked
In luc Consumptive. Hence, considered and treated,
as a simple local dluaso. we are cot surprised at its
Incurability; for In eight-tenths of all cases, tac cia*es
arc latent and deep seated la fact, all cases not of this
class, speedily pet well of themselves.
It Is a well known fact, that Colds, are asnallv the
beginning orPulmunary dtsca-e. and yet. Tery seldom
dees the Lnrga recclro the pnnssrv shock; It is "x
cold in thb head.” which resolve* latocnrusic Ca
tarrh, from wr.lch the sufferer feels no tuarm, until It
drops into the Lungs, and then strives In rain to dls
lodce. AUncngh crerv symptom of the disease in
Its tendency and progress, predicates ON* inevitable
result, vet the STibjocr. make* hone a matter of belief.
i:i;tll the Long* are attacked, and then, but too of:ea
blamcstlic IntClclenry of science and'till, .and <!!•••*. a
victim to the unhitching pustkntioss, of the Illiterate
Empiric. And yet. no dt'tono. can be mure aunhlaka
blv certain In Its effect* upon the general ev-dom f«r
coupled with the purulent secretion, which character*
Izes th-* disease, there U a poison and vitiated condi
tion cf the blood ard fluid* of the body, which sooner
or later command attention. As tie dlm’:i>e fastens
noon Its victim, one after another the vita; powers
give way; the appetlt** clthcrfalls. or become* exoe*.
klve'y mo:bld. the suhjectctaring such artloioioffood.
as serve to derange digestion, rather than t■> nourish the
bodythu sleep la not refreshing, bnt disturbed and
dreamy, feelings of glcom and aespond-tney, alter*
rate with a peevish Irritable disposition;—anon the
throat bccoiu- s In.pllcated. hoarsens**, and cough sots
In. the disease h-» reached Its last step, amenable to u.\-
Tional treatment.
And yet.all this '* 13 onlt Catabrh.” “ms noto
One step more, and what follows. The darting
pairs KiLttlmcs f-r.. through the upper part of the
chert, conretiaent upon Bronchial InltaMoa, Lave now
resolved Into a dnll aching sensation, bencatu the
■lunidtr l-lndc, or remap.-, a pain la Vie bid**. w;tu
shortness of breath, night swea's begin. the teet and
bands are cold, the poise U feeble and trregnlar. the
bean palpitates In Us struggle* to fo.ee Uivc Unsou
stream of life. Catarrh, is gone from the Hoad. it's in
thoLeogs. .. .
And now. to nil these symptoms, binges the delusion
of some expcramctUvo treatment— imih promises
NOTliivo fbM'li.'Od promises BVKirmn.vu. Science Is
set at-ldo, nnd Qnackerv la at work. Fir-:, it’s ” Pa
tent Medicine; u-.-xt,* C -Id Water.” then ’’Electricity.”
ard finally. •* Inhalation.” the exploded experiment of
hoccit aeu; the 12. read-bare hobby of Medical Mount*
bar V*. Put the did* ca«t. On the pulecheek. burns
tie crimson seal, day by day. the symptoms become
mote deeplv marked. n**Uie conch aod expectoration
keep pace w'llb the wasting of the body. TiiOskln b.**
gins to assume a pale yellow tinge, throng a which the
bine relnsshowln stngnlarc-mtnw-t.tbe features grow
sharp, the muscles contract, and the bottet bsoa.nc
pron.ireßt. ibe eye looks wild, and bums with a
strange luster, ibe lio« growthln and pale.toe twin
aA'r.me a nearly whiteness; at length worn oat with
rain, like deepening shadows of evening, the pallor of
death Meals over the frame.the face mautlea with &
parting smile, and the heaving breast is still forever.
With palsied hope? and aching heart, wo wa.tthU aide
the stream..to msnrn the loved, and early lo*t.
Is the picture overdrawn? Head the weekly lists of
murtalltv, that come from city and country all over
tin-land; read it In the face? of the living; call it from
the memories of the pa*t; go, in these genial spring
dar*. ard conut the ncwm.-tdc grave*.—where.over
still bosoms, the new gnuaU crowing, and wild dow
er* are bnrj-t’rg into licantiful life. Take council of
these, and say 1/voa can. the picture’s overdrawn
P. S.—Person# infferlns from Catabbr. are kindly
invitedto learn the remittor ItaßmorfALSrcatmmt.
from tlio many rases now In cmv, at Mia
Chicago Eve and Ear Institute. 13g Sooth Clark street.
Has devoted ten rears to the investigation anti employ
ment of Electricity la curing disease, and cn-e* many
that hare 'ee !BteU all otiier remedies. inch a*P.iralyil*.
Rheumatism, Asthma BroncMtl*. obstinate Conation
lion. Mental Depression. Seminal Weakne**. Uterine
■vvontccss Impotence, and all tho*o cases of weakness
la the backer Iclns.
Dr.lions busforsalc the mo«i improved electrical
instruments, and will Impart Icstrcctloh In their proper
tmillcal a;.plication.
Office No 4.orerthe Bank of Montreal. Not. 4» and
■UiLassllc st. P. O. Drawer C 333 Hoar* from 9A. M.
to 8 P.M. ap < P-«HQg-* : t-Trs9-net
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received of tbu or.ee
nctlllO o'clock A M., rt'ednwday. Maydth, at which
tlmett.e 80-ud will open the for thedellrcry of
all or part of
4,000,000 Sewerage Bricks,
To bo whole, hard bpjped. free from Umre. pebbles and
bat*, senate (aged. and of the standard dlmced in*.
lecher. > The brick* will be delivered piled tip
along the line ofaewers to.be bollt la Opacity. snhlecc
to the Inspection and count of the Ttoard of Public
Works, lime of-dellvery—(Joefourth on or before
June istnext, onerfourth on or before June l*th one
fonrth on or before July Ist. and'die remaining one
fonrth on or before Jnly 15th.
The bid* most be sealed, and mral he accompanied
with a bond (blanks for which can be had at this office)
signed by :ht bidder and two acretita. conditioned
that the bricks shall be delivered for the price «t*ted
in the bkl. In case the contract Is. awarded to the
Proposals will be directed to the Board of Public
"Work*, indorsed "Prorcaali for Sewerage Brick*."
The Doirdrcserrea tho right to rajcct any or all bids
Commissioners of the Board of Public Works.
Office of the Board of Public Works. Chicago, April
25th,13«3. ap-SMHftl-rd
22.5 CC tons horthea.
■Will leave Liverpool on ter first trio daring the pres
ent month. or early In May, and will t > ran
retmlarly dnrlne tt.c season. Early notice wilt ho
Riven ofdatcscf departures.
First Cabin *95 to *!» 1 Second Cabin. STC
Ihlrd Cabin. 501 Bteorage SO
First ar.d second cabin excursion ticker* to Liver*
pool and back: at a tare and a half. Prepaid passage
certificate* burned.
Parable in gold or Its equivalent ia tr»^, a77 note 4
D - wen " , rtHuw*tlfcwentr coble fectoilaeintre.
An experienced Burgeon onboard. Bertha shonld fa«
S'-curul Immediately. For farther particuara apply to
JAM S3 WaRRACK. !J take "t.. Chicago.
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acknowlcdccdtobc the hcsSand nearest Imitation of
nature, ai.a are warranted net to shrink or c»use the
cat! to perspire. Marnfattnred at hU hair dre an I
wig factory, :3 8. Clarkstreet. KqU directions for
nietifiorUg the bead sent on application. P. o. B->x
SIS*. ap?j c3l’*2tWAs net
to STATS ST- Chicago
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nod and Prated Tie Ware of all kind*, for talo at the
Hardware usd Metal Warehouse. 176 Lake street
ap2TdlS.tet*2£ff«r «JL ULAIU & CO-
TSm dbrcrtiarmcnti
Tie BEST, most ConTea'eaf, aid CHEIPEST •
P. 0. Drawer 5607.
_Th« attention of Bankers. Inrrets, Kerctunia,'
Telecrapn CoaiDanJca Exorwomea. prx>-
pnetora °f pajenf Medicines. and an others using I*,
ternal Revenue Stamps, is reepectwlly InvltM to »■
Reed's Patent Cancelling Stamp*
•JV’—fHSl ? Cer ">' #«” W Strap b<m«oroni to.
toatnm** *** Uocs aot P artaie of their objectionable
tor*. ttc. It area-
Stamp at one motion. Ucaabe i« h S, S£T e 2? 0 '
and lortjy. it la Soto *?, {£-
Ucr stamp In the market. other Cancel*
Initial Letters, Dates, TnV.
Ink Fodr and Bmxsh,
And an thaet cetera neCTseary for the perfect work
tne of the machine, are Included In the price of the
£tamp. rvr. dering It not oziy tae Baer bur Caearsrr
ctarr.pln tie market.
“ PLAIN 4.50
f7rom the New Tort Printer.]
Thb last “ Tsskee Notion btdv Ciir to have a iml-
Yerra! sate. It is the most ‘•ompact,effective, and uaT
ncellttre mach!a«,for tnt« parpr-se. that has y« mtdff
ns appearance, tad Is certain :o attract the la.erest or
every pee to whom it Is show®. The patentee wta
Gccbu<'j» reap a rich harvest from hit ingenuity: Th« '
Ycvj-nne etomm are eat In strips bora the sheet, m for-
S U:e Govern meat, and rolled In a Utt'e cylfa-
Ui^nrE^JT« r, t fM ® at M reialr-** by the turning of & ’
woaldtne.wfck ofaUrap
to the^2SE n 5 rt f mp^*,hcan ’ OTCi from tnalak table
leJSSJSSt.rSSU* 4 * ,Ueit prcMonOidno
iTe tilSsTflL r »r”o’? iSSfid SiS/Sttf :
check or note In the n«test on th 2 *
stamp toqoesMon. The acc of start
ißirerdmis ccotrlvance. enu the :r\*nw-
used from the coll within, and ttrmtr u SsS
desizeed Thr accnracw with which' waole •
tlon is performed wUI be resdlly understood
printer readers when welnfbrtn them tr-atthenmiJu
llrg stamp Is attached to the body of t»«e rnscMnebw
two movable arms and the process orcvie-ijin'* can
be cone throush a dozen times without tiie* slleutest
vnnation In the Impression. Tnle-w .he mac due la
moved the-raccrlllng stamp MrsT arrive at M»e identi
cal spot every Uric It it operated. Its great us-nu.
re?s to bankers lawyers, merchants, oaicnt nedlclno
venders «e 'wbo tw lirjn* <iaar.tia.*s of revenue
stampsdslly. wlllbe apparent to all. The nece*orr
type for names and dates and a bottle of ink. accom
pany each machine, and the only trouble tnvolrvl b»
to alter the dare every morning -the wc.-tofafew
07 Having the exclusive Agency for the entlro
Northwest I am destron* of procurlac a naraber of
active and intelligent Caxtassess for the sate of the
above machine. App’v at orce. in person. atiSStoiH
street, or by letter to Drawer 307.
Electro typing and Wood Engraving,
Printers* F'nmUliint; VVtirehouse-
S.P. ROUNDS, 48 State street.
Fster shimp, real estate
Ron* and Lot 152 South Green street, price . •Irtßa
nonse and Lot on Wabash are., near Ilinggoli.. i'toi
near BlnggoltL.. 2*o»
Ilease sc. near Wabasha. 80 0
House and Lot 51 Buffalo street,,,, a sm
Ik-nse and Lot 151 Edina Place. v33>
Honsc and Lot isa Edina Plaac.. T*3si
House and Lot 23S Kdlna Place. ISo
llouj-eandLoton Wiuhlneton avenue
Room ancL.>tlT6Xorth Clark street i«0
Kerldenco LotonlVa>hlngtjn street. geo
Residence Lot on Park arcane 355
ReQtdonceLot on Indiana are.. 100x100.,.'.. .11“' aww
KesldeEce Lot on State street igo
Residence Lots on Clark am! Dearborn *ta each. CO
Kf.ddfnceLotoa Wabash areno* ; w
For farther particulars read PETERSHIMP'SRBst.
ESTATE HL’lXETlN.and If yon want to sol! or bny
T*rrp»rty. he sure and call on PETER SHIMP IST
State street. ap-y-dlSft-ynet
Are now receiving the largest and most complete stock’
of Bhelf and Heavy Hardware, Tin Plate.
"Wire, IsTails,
Ever offered In this market.
Our good* were pnrehanhed before the recent M
vanee. and we shall «e them as low a* they r«n be
purchased East, and many article* .without
tuttie, mBBiRD & co, 9
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Co.. Cincinnati, with Important Improvements over
every other make, and the only Fire Proof Safe made
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make at all the Agencies, then look as ours, and If yoa
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boy Over Seven Thousand Dollakis.worth of these
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The Largest and Best Assortment
Everfcenlntlje Korthtrest. conprtslnreTcrytiloclnu
Fire Proof, Burglar Proof, and
Fire and Burglar Proof Combined.,
Also. Small non»« Safe*, for aflvtr ware article* or
jevelir.&e.. Ac. >o business maa should mreetoee
dollar In Safe*, until he sees our s'«»ck.
As for Sit Uie East Ufrom tte West, so for are thesoo
Safes ahead of every other m.'we ta this market.
13 Lasalla street,
Tba at jve Scale taa been adopted by tba
New York Custom House
"Wc offer for sale »U kinds. ••mbraclaitH.vT Cximt,
Plattokji and A.unco.\o Scalks. A eumbleto aa2
Onr success In the Introduction of the above Seales
In the Northwest haring more than &] nailed our an
ticipations, we shall cmtlnne the sale os heretofore,
ary report to the contrary (drcuStted by rinis) br
io ? entirely nnfonsded.
Oar Hay, Cattle and Railroad. Seale*
Beqalro No Pit,
A very great advantage in a Oat country.
Price* Ml«w as any Scale that haj merit. All Seal*
BOldaralow list price.
Attempts having been made In many eases to ondap
sell to our customer*. we are determined to meet satin
unfair carapetUlon In every Instance. Apply to
Taxsdcrroort, Dickerson dc C<K*
Agents fbr Howe’s Scales.
120 S: 201 Randolph street,
Xf'ROM AUCTION*.— We bought
X at the Great Panic Acctlon Sties to New York
within the past few days, and are now leceltfaz. wd
have In stock, over
FrencS, English and Berman, Spring
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Many of them bench*, and win he sold 50 percent, to
low the Importing eo*t. Thrse goods are allofthls
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novelties In
nSr'fflaSW* oTer !OOPACKAGES op TBS
Of every description. bought at panic prices, tad
which we are seldaij
20 and 30 per lent, below prices of a
few days o£o*
3fcw la the lime to tony, as prices are again advancing
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_, . 187 and IS) Lake Street. Chicago.
Chicago. April 16 isea. fetio-a37*-Bm-oes
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Hannficnirers and Jobbers at
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We hare tba largest and best assorted stock (direst
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to "which we Invite the attentloa ot Western mar>
chants. Having bought oar goods early last Yak. W9
are enabled to eeU at a large per centra leas t**" tt«
»aire goods can now be mhlO-aaS-naa
Carton and Kerosene Oil,
U Lectures oa
By K. LUDLAM. M-.JE, T™? 1 "* 01 ° r *V* oUar -
Pathology and Clinical Medicine,
mmiamra coMßfi*.

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