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€l)tccgo €tlbtme.
TTODAT, JUNE 20,1803.
Glorious entertainment nt Jlelropol
tan Hull, to-olglit.
XT L. A.—There will be a special meeting
of the Union Lcagc of the First Ward on Sat
urday evening. Every member should attend.
Bab Mct.ttxo.~A meeting of the Bar will
be held In the Law Library, this morning, at
9:SO o'clock, in relation to the death of Judge
Sent to titb Bepouh School.—Commis
■sioncr 4. S. Williams sent a young lad named
Call Christopherson to the Belorm School,
yesterday, at the solicitation of his friends.
MP Bern ember the disabled and wounded
soldier, to-night, at Metropolitan HalL
ComsioK.— It wr-s reported yesterday af.
ternoon, at the cattle yards, that a serious
disaster had happened on the Illinois Central
Railroad to the El Paso stock train, which
•p-of dne at one o'clockp.m. No particulars
The annual excursion of the Union
Pork Congregational Church and S&bbath
School will take place on Saturday, June 37th,
to Dcsplalnes Station. Cars leave Ecjibeu
etrcct at 8 o'clock, and the Northwestern
Depot at 8.45.
jgp*The Soldiers’ Home—let this noble
obarfty be largely patronised to night
Tocho Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Sociurr.—
The young ladles at Metropolitan Hall, this
evening, unite with their older sisters In the
Festival for the Soldiers' Home. They have
a Post Office, the Gentlemen’s Horror, the
ladies’ Delight, cake, candies, fancy articles,
&c. &c., and deserve encouragement. Their
officers are Mbs* Lillie Boyden, President;
Mbs Lottie Combs, Assistant President; Miss
Annie Miller, SLCrctoiy; Mbs Eliza Sanders,
Tms Pbesbttebian ThholOgical Bchz
smr or the Southwest. —The ceremony
of laying the corner sUmcuf this institution
will take place on Tuesday—the SOlh Inst., at
tlj.ro. Addresses will be delivered by the
Ecv. E. C. Mathews, President of the Beard
olDircclore, and the Hon. Lincoln Clark. All
the friends of Christian education are invited
to attend. To reach the grounds take the
city Emits car on Xosth Clark street, to the
limit of the city; and a short walk west from
that point will bring you to the place.
jgj*Our citizens of every denomination
sjid every nationality will visit Metropolitan
Hall, to-night.
The Mammoth Festival To-xioht. —
■Wall onr readers remember that, to-night,
Metropolitan Hull will he crowded with the
beauty and chivalry of Chicago ? The ladles
have determined to make this the festival of
the season, and to this end have spared no
expense or attraction. The young misses of
the city have joined the ladies in this enter
prise, and will be on hand in fall dress to dis
pense the hospitalities of the occasion. He
collect iw every dollar received goes to the
treasury of the 44 Soldiers’ Home.”
A Goon Example. —Chaplain Day recently
addressed the children of the Sabbath Schools
of Adrian, and suggested that they should
xnakea boxfortbe soldiers and scud it to them
through the Sanitary Commission. A vote
was taken, and every hand of 450 children was
up. The notice received of their shipment
was five boxes and $36 in money. Will not
the Sabbath Schools of every other town and
city follow the example, and thus bind up
many a wound and soothe many a sinking
Don’t forget the great Strawberry Fes
tival to-night, at Metropolitan Hall, in aid of
the Soldiers’ Home.
The Ottawa Excuks i onists .—T wc nty-one
car-loads of country cousins from Ottawa and
other towns In LaSalle county, arrived here
yesterday and spent the day pleasantly and
profitably in visiting the lions. In the after
noon, as they could not well remain over
they chartered Arlington, Leon & Don-
Hiker’s Opera House—minstrel 1 s Included—
witnessed one of those agreeable matinees
that they cannot find elsewhere In the State.
This Is one of the largest excursions with
which we have been visited, and we trust it
nay be repealed often and as agreeably.
Coeonee’s Inquest.— Coroner Schmidt
held an inquest yesterday on the body of Pat
rick "White, a native of Ireland, aged S3 years.
White has been missing since Sunday evening,
andtuclaat time that ho was seen alive was
In Clark street, going towards his home on
McGregor street, near the Archer road. His
body was found Wednesday night in the South
Branch ol the river, near Ogden 1 * slip. He
leaves a wife and five children. The jury re
turned a verdict of “accidentally drowned. 11
A second inquest was held yesterday upon
the body of Mary N. Thornton, a woman of
fiftyyearsof age, found dead In her bed. The
Jury returned a verdict that her death ,was
caused by apoplexy.
Let everybody, his wife and his little
ones visit the mammoth Festival to night.
Upon General Principles.—Officer Streb
cl arrested a‘first class genteel iJafer, Wed
nesday evening, on suspicion of being con
cerned in the larceny of a valuable gold watch.
On searching the prisoner, no trace ol the
-micrfnp property was found, but instead, a
large amount of bogus money, gambling im
plements, marked cards, &c., sufficient to
stamp him as a confidence operator of the first
water. Hie young man gave his name as
John Taylor, and upon being arraigned yes
terday morning at the Police Court, plead
gnUly to the charge of vagrancy, upon which
Justice McDonnell fined him SIOO, on general
principles, and sent him to study geology at
the Bridewell.
{29* The Grand Trank Railroad of Canada
have considerably reduced their fare from
Chicago to Boston, Buffalo, «fcc., with corres
ponding deductions to and from all points
Blast and West. A good route at any season,
as a summer trip there are bat few roads that
can compare with it cither in comfort or in
places of interest to be visited along its line.
The St, Lawrence, its rapid*, and the Thou
sand Islands, Quebec, Montreal, White Moun
tains, Elver Saguenay, Fails of Montmorcnci,
the Great Tubular Bridge, &c-, comprise at
tractions which neither the man of business
on his usual trip East, northe seeker of recre
ation and pleasure during the summer mouths
can well overlook.
yy Strawberries and cream,* ice cream,
cake, fruit and flowers at Metropolitan Hall,
to-night. Admittance, twenty-five cents.
Bbcobdeb'b Cornr.—The following cases
were disposed ot yesterday People vs. John
McGinnis and OwcnKowney, assaulting a po
lice officer; plea of not guilty for each party.
People vs, Barney Kowney and Thos. McNary;
recognizance; bail defaulted; sci. £u ordered.
People vs. Lucius Howard ct ah; bail dis
charged. People vs. Ole Jergerson cfc ah; bail
discharged. People tb. Sim. Cole et ol.; bur
glary; motionfomewtriat PeopleTs.Chas.
Pox, burglary; N. Belting surety in S3OO
until next term; continued by agreement
People vs. W.’Consldine; recognisance; dis
missed at prosecuting witness’ cost
Tfrf petit jury presented a series of resolu
tions eulogising the various officers of the
court, from the Judge down, as possessed of
profundity more than human, and legal lore
and ability of the most marvellous descrip
tion. They ordered the resolutions published
in all the city papers. .We cannot honor the
-order to give their buncombe an airing.
fgyThe ladies are active, enthusiastic and
industrious in preparing for the great Straw
berry Festival at Metropolitan Unit- They
deserve the co-operation of all good people.
North Sms Rowdies.—lt has become al
most a matter of doubt whether any of the
North Side rowdies can he brought to Justice.
If a warrant is issued it Is almost impossible
to make the arrest, because the friends of the
accused almost always attempt a rescue, and
tardy fall. Wednesday night the rescue
dodge was again tried on, this time without
success. About six o’clock, two rowdies,
named John and Michaal Kane, without the
slightest provocation attacked Michael Kchoe,
the bridge tender, on Clark street bridge.
Officer McAuley promptly arrested both, and
undertook to get them to the North Market
Station, when two others of the gang, named
Johnson and Brady, brought a crowd of the
p«iym> stamp andattempted to rescue the Kanes
£um the officers. An additional number of
police coming up, a geneiai row ensued, In
which the official dubs wrought severe .in
juries on the heads of the mob. The prisoners
were finally locked up in the station cells, as
were Johnson and Brady. In thePollcc Court,
jerierday mornlng,the two Kanes were each
frned S2O and costs; Johnson, sls and costs,
*ui] Bxw)y $6.
Enrolling Officers Stoned and
A large portion of the Third Ward, espe
cially upon Fourth Avenue, south of Twelfth
street, and In the locality thereabout known !
as “ The Fateh,” is inhabited by a lawless
reckless class of the community, embracing
the very lowest, most ignorant, depraved and
besotted rabble that can be found in
Fights, rows, and even murders are not infre
quent among them, and after nightfall, it is
unsafe for any person to pass-through the lo
cality unless armed to the teeth. The* natives
of this neighborhood ore all Copperheads.
They read the Chicago Times, and theypursue
its teachings to the letter.
It is among this class of people that Mr. A.
H. Carter, a most estimable citizen, formerly
Steward of the City Hospital, and Mr. J. H.
Balley, both enrolling officers, have been at
tempting to obtain the names of residents in
accordance with the Conscription Act. Every
obstacle has been thrown in their
way, and threats and even violence
have been resorted to for the
intimidation of the officers. Finding that they
were determined to prosecute their duties, in
spite of all opposition, they positively refused
to give their names, and the officers were
obliged to have recourse to the law. They ac
cordingly made affidavit before United States
Commissioner Hoyne, yesterday, and a war
rant was issned for the arrest of two men, liv
ing on Fourth avenue, near Liberty street,
who had refused to give their names. Armed
with the process, the two enrolling officers,
in company with Officer Hart and Deputy U.
S. Marslial Webb, started for the locality
above mentioned. On the way. Officer Hart
arrested a man named Eugene Sullivan, who
had refused to give his name, and, without
any difficulty or resistance, brought him be
fore the Commissioner. Ho gave bail in the
turn of SI,OOO, for a hearing, and was released.
In the meantime the other officers kept on
their way until they reached the corner ot
Fourth Avenue and Liberty street. Deputy
Marshall "Webb went into a shanty near the
Bock Island machine shops and arrested the
two men, handing them over to the enrolling
officers. The men at first offend no resist
ance, but at the same lime seemed unwilling
to go and used a number of opprobrious epi
thets. They had proceeded but a short dis
tance, however, when the prisoners openly
refused to go any farther. Force was used to
compel them, when almost instantaneously a
mob of three or four hundred infuriated Irish
-men, women and children—gathered to
gether, and howling like demons, commenced
an onslaught upon tho officers with bricks,
stones, bottles and every missile they f ould
find. The attack was so terrible that the offi
cers were obliged to release their prisoners in
order to save their own lives. Deputy Webb
escaped unhurt. Officer Bailey was struck
by a stone in the face, inflicting an ugly but
'not serious wound, and also had one of his
thumbs badly hurt. Officer Carter was struck
in the head by a brick, and felled senseless to
the ground. Some of the workmen in the
machine shop near by rescued him from the
mob, and he was taken, still senseless, to
Hitchcock’s drug store, where an examination
was made by physicians. His skull is frac-
I tnred badly, and at the present writing the
I physicians think he cannot recover.
With the absence of the enrolling officers,
the disturbance quieted. Provost Marshal
James, as soon as he heard of the disturbance,
visited the ground in person and made thor
ough Inquiries, but could find nothing which
afforded any clue to the perpetrators of the
outrage. But the Provost Marshal and Gov
ernment officials will not remain content un
til they have ferreted out the offenders.
It wonldbc idle, sow that the affair has hap.
pened, to show how it might have been pro- ]
vented. The mob have openly set at defiance
the law, and tho first result of that defiance J
Is the probable murder of one of our beat
cliizem —a most estimable man in every re
spect This is to be attributed solely to the
teachings ot the Chicago Time*, and to noth
ing else. That vile, treasonable sheet has
urged on these men to violence, and the riot
I of yesterday is to be charged to it; and if
1 Mr. Carter dies, to it also belongs the respon
sibility of his death.
Tli*IIInsIc«l Union Excursion*
The Musical Union Pic-nic yesterday was
an immense success. At least three thousand
of the solid men of Chicago with their wives
and their little ones, shook off the dust and
turmoil of city liie, and taking the early run,
went humming off over the broad prairies to
The first-train left at nine a. m., and con
sisted of sixteen cars, loaded to oversowing.
The last was a platform car npon which was
placed one of Capt. Jenning's twelve pound
howitzers, which as the train thundered up to
the stations along the road was fired, awaken
ing strange echoes in those beautiful soli
Forest Bay would seem, in the economy of
nature, to have been specially designed lor
pic-nics and excursion parties. There - are
here all proper appliances, beautiful
deep ravines, romantic shades, the bright
mirror-like lake, coolalrlrom the north and
gushing fountains. Beside all these natural at
tractions, there ■were others calculated to add
to the visitor’s enjoyment.
John Wright had charge of the refresh
ment tables, and dispensed his bless
irgs to hungry thousands. On the
north side of the grounds, there was
target practice by Zouaves, and archery for
the ladies, base ball and quoits for staid old
gentlemen, a platform and excellent music for
those who danced, a steamer for those who
wished to ride upon the lake, row boats for
the athletic, books for the sedentary, tele
grams and daily papers for the politician, and
pure air for everybody
The Zouaves commenced their target prac
tice at 11 a. m., and, as each man had five
shots, they made a day of it
The first prize was a splendid silver medal,
presented by John Hancock, President of the
Board of Trade, to the best shot
The second prize was presented by Gen. B.
Chittenden, for the second best shot
The third prize was presented by Captain
Brand, to the third best shot -
The names of the lucky ones are: Ist prize,
Wm. Payne, average score SC; 2d prize, C. F.
Llgbtner, average, 87 1-2; 8d prize, N. B.
Irwin, average, 401-2.
Hie best Individual shot was made by pri
vate Whitehead.
After the presentation of the prizes to the
fortunate shots, the members of the Press
were mustered and escorted to the practice
grounds by the Zouaves. We cannot say much
for the their target firing. The
pen would soon lose its mighty power if bet
ter points were not made than these doughty
warriors mad* with the musket. The local of
the Times received the grand leather medal.
Some say he made interest with the colored
man who carried the augur, and so made a
center shot, but this we take to be slander.
Following these and other sports came the
singing of patriotic songs, grand old national
anthems, and then the company adjourned to
the cars, and by dark had all arrived in safety
in the city..
It is proper to state that for the eminent
success which attended this entertainment,
the excursionists were* largely indebted to
the indefatigable efforts of George B. Chitten
For hake Superior*
The fine steamer Planet, Captain Luther
Chamberlain, droppedlnto ourport yesterday,
neat as a new pin, and with everything in ap
ple-pie order, to take her place in A. E. Good
rich’s Chicago and Lake Superior Line forthe
coming season. She ariivcdsevenil days later
than was expected, and. consequently after a
busy dayat her dock on Elver street, was dis
patched last evening lor her first trip to the
Father of Lakes. She had a large cargo, and
a goodly passenger list, among the names of
which is Mayor Taylorot St. Louis, and other
residents of that city.
The Planet is the largest and best boat on
the lake. Capt Chamberlain Is an old and
popular commander, whom not to know Is to t
argue yoursdlignorant of steamboating ontbo
Upper Lakes. The Planet will make the round
trip in about ten days. It will behard to crowd
more of pleasure Interest into that period
of time, in any other summer trip than that
which links the hyperboreans of the Upper
Peninsula, with the homes of pleasure and
health seekers. The Planet will make her
next trip, leaving Chicago on July 6th. Chalk
the date inside your hat, and get the family
ready against that day.
|ag*Bememher that the beauty and elite of
Chicago will attend the Strawberry Festival
Aubested.—The Photographic thief; whose
exploits were narrated in yesterday’s issue,
was, early yesterday morning, arrested at De
troit Officer Elllotlefl for that dty, and has
doubtless returned with the thief before this.
The Opera—lmcleu
Dodd izettl’sOpera of Lucia di Lammennoor
vos presented last night to an audience ap
preciative and- fashionable, though not as
large as that of the previous eretdug. This
opera, abounding in beautiful melodies now
familiar as household words, in fine dramatic
situations and effective instrumentation, has
long been a favorite with music-lovcrs and
opera-goers, and on this occasion was pro
duced most effectively. It is a work entirely
within the capabilities of the-company, and
the orchestra and chorus, which in many
other operas have been too limited for the ef
fect designed, were in this instance all that
could have been desired.
Cordicr as Lucia was an excellent impersona
tion of that character, both In acting and
tinging, and Impressed ns more with her
power os an artist than in any previous role.
Regnava rd siletizio, preluded by a clarionet
solo of great beauty most excellently execu
ted, was sungadmlrably, the different ,/fori/urc
being given with exquisite grace. The 21
(foftv was also splendidly song, and in
brief wo may say that Cordler sustained her
pari both in the solos and concerted pieces in
a manner that left nothing to be desired.
Amodio, as Enrico, was superb, and snug
and acted with great spirit, particularly in
Xfdir non no in the duo with Lucia
Se tradimi. His part was given with great ef
fect, and elicited hearty applause. MoccUcrrl
acted the part of Engardo splendidly, and
sang In his most impassioned manner. We
must confess that his moimcrsms do not al
ways please ns, bat he is entitled to great
praise for his hearty efforts to do justice to
every detail of his role. The famous sextette
was splendidly given. Altogether, the per
formance ot Lucia was one of the best of the
To-night, the lavorltc opera of La Trariata
will be produced.
Specift JHectlng of # tlio Common
At eight o’clock last evening, the Connell
had a special meeting at their rooms, to re
ceive and act upon the report of the Finance
Committee, to whom were referred the esti
mates of the Comptroller at a previous meet
. A quorum -was, after considerable effort on
the part of the Mayor and Comptroller, got
together, and the report and ordinance from
■which the following items are taken, was con
sidered. •
"We giro leading appropriations:
For Interest, a tax of mills on all real and
personal property In the city.
For Schools, a tax of two mills.
For Sewerage Department, a tax of SV in Ilia.
For Reform School, the unexpended balance of
last year's appropriations, and a tax of ȣ mills.
For Lamps, 4 c., a tax of two mills.
Public Square and Court House $ 2,100.00
Legal expenses 1,000.00
Miscellaneous items..*.. 4.4U0.C0
Health Department 2,000. 0
Printing, 4c 7,&K).00
Recorder's Court 15,00(00
Mayor's salary
City Clerk’s salary...
Comptroller’s salary.
Corporation Counsel.
City Attorney
Harbor Master
Chief<ht-rkComptroller’s Office...
Second Clerk Comptroller's Office.
Third Clerk Comptroller's Office...
Assistant Collectors
Cltv Physician
Police Court
Bridewell.. V. 11,000.00
Markets 600.00
Fire Department 101,27107
Contingent Fund '. 1U.000.’ 0
Bridge Tenders 14,000.00
Street work, S.D n.OC.DO
Street work, W.D 19,*15.M
Street work, N. D.... 12.000.« D
Street intersections 15,000.00
Office expenses 833,83
Salaries 6,K0.1j0
Repairs bridges, 4c 8,2X1.00
Removal obstructions from harbor, 4c. 6,000.00
Public Buildings C.OSS 83
Cemetery . 00
Union Park 1.000.00
Jefferson Park V.? 310.00
Police Department, tax of two mills.
Aid. Holden desired a levy of two mills for
war purposes, and offered an amendment em
bodying that proposition, upon which ho de
manded the ayes and nays—with the following
result : Ayes 18, nays, none. After an ani
mated discussion in which several Aldermen
participated, the ordinance was ordered to be
laid over and published. On motion, the
Council adjourned.
\ST Let the great Strawberry Festival in
aid of the Soldiers 1 Home be made a complete
and creditable success.
Kelly xs a New Ciiaea.cteb.— Captain
Richard Kelly, the man who ejected a negro
from his omnibus a year ago, for no other
crime than the possession of a dark skin—
Capt, Richard Kelly, who raised a company of
patriotic men for the Irish Legion—who,
when the President Issued his emancipation
proclamation, indignantly resigned his com
mission, on the ground that he could not
consistently serve tinder the “present Aboli
tion Administration, 11 —upon whose resigna
tion papers was endorsed, “Approved, and
acceptance respectfully recommended, be
cause of Capt. Kelly’s gross incompetcncy to
Julfilthe duties of his position 11 —this same
Capt Richard Kelly appeared yesterday at
the Police Court in a new character. His
place ot business is a low groggciy on the
corner of Arnold and 23d street At a late
hour night before last Mrs. Lee, the wife of a
respectable man living in that neighborhood,
accompanied her brother to hi* boarding
place, and on her return passed by the door of
Kelly’s saloon. Kelly saw and followed her,
and made the most offensive demonstrations,
clasping her in his arms, and nearly throwing
her down upon the sidewalk, when her hus
band, hearing her screams, rushed out and
rescued her from the cowardly rascal. Kelly
ran, was subsequently arrested, and yesterday
was tried by Justice McDonnell, who let him
off with a fine of $25 and costs. The case
was appealed.
ggjT Every, dollar taken at Metropolitan
TTnii this evening swells the treasury of that
noble charity, the Soldiers’ Home. ,
The Florence. —There are some facts in
connection with this new and unequalled
sewing machine that persons desirous of pur
chasing the very best would do well to remem
ber, a few of which are hero given.
First—lt is the only machine extant having
a reversible feed, which enables the operator
to sew cither right or left at pleasure.
Second—lt is the only machine In the world
that makes a perfectly elastic seam, alike on
each side of the Cibric.
Third—lt not only makes the lock stitch,
but three others, which for certain kinds of
work are much superior, especially where
elasticity is required.
Fourth—lt is the only machine that fastens
the end of each seam securely, and docs it in
one fourth of the time it can be done by hand.
Fifth—lt docs not draw thin, fine goods
down through the slot or hole in the work
plate, nor drop a stitch in turning a corner.
Sixth—lt is the only machine having a
changeless tension, and no slack threads,both
of which are drawn together simultaneously.
Seventh—lt is the only machine capable of
making more than one kind of stitch, hence
numy who have not seen it suppose that it
must be very complicated; *ncb, however, is
not the fact, as it has less parts, cams, springs
and friction than any other shuttle machine,
ormany of thcloop stitch machines, whilefor
strength, durability and beauty oi design, we
tnißiit will bear, and we invite comparison
with any or all other machines. Let those
who doubt call and see.
Florence S. M. Co.
Salesroom 124 Lake Street.
Xlic Proposed Flour Inspection Ordi
Chicago, June 23,1303.
Editors Chicago Tribune;
Will you allow mo to call the attention of
those interested to the proposed city brdi
nance establishing an inspection of flour, as
printed in yoiir paper of Saturday last.
Let me first tell you wbat the ordinance is:
It proposes that the Mayor shall appoint an
Inspector of Flour, who shall examine! all
flour brought into the city, for sale and con
sumption here; that no flour shall ho offered
for solo without being first inspected, undor
a penalty of five dollars for each package; and
that the fees shall bo “two cents” per pack
age, and “ not to exceed four ounces of floor,”
The latter being known as the Inspector’s
“drawings” or sample of examination, and
worth about three-fourths of a cent per bar
The theory of the law Is that the public
needs protect!on from the frand and cheating
of onr city grocers and retailors of Hoar. The
true design of it Is, however, the creation of
an office which shall pay some one a good In
come. This design Is very evident to those
who ere behind the scenes—that itmavheso
to the public, let me explain its working;
An examination of the ordinance will reveal
that it Is carclully worded, and Intended to
cover all cases, so that it shall be imoossible
to even offer uninspected flour for sale with
out Incurring Its penalty. ' ,
Our city haters arc supposed to bo good
InSves of flour, but even they must not buy it
untS iho city official has tested It and taken
hta“four ounces" and collected his “two
S,ts " At present these of this branch of
thl trade do not submit their purchases to in
spccUon. They have confidence in their own
judgment. But the proposed law assesses
the upon them. Perhaps the bakers may
have something to say about this, for the loss
of “four ounces” of flour from each barrel,
and the charge of “two cento’.’ Is no small
Item to a trade which consumes many hun
dreds of barrels of flour daily.
Let us see how it works with our grocers
who sell flour in a small my to any one who
■will boy. And, first, let it be remembered
that oar millers generally pack their door
only in barrels, and that it la repacked by our
grocers and small dealers Into bags. The law
requires ilxat every package, whether barrels,
or bags, must be inspected before offered for
sale. 80 onr grocer most bny flour in barrels
which bos paid the tax. Then when he re*
packs it into bags so as to accommodate his
iiLflll cufctonurs, ho must pay the official for
inspection, and the same fee, too, on each bag
that was paid on the original barrel. So if he
jacks into half barrels be must pay lour,
cents more; if into quarters, eight cents
more; If into eighths, sixteen cents, more;
if into sixteenths, tldrly-two cents—making,
in the latter case, a tax on that barrel of thirty*
four cents, besides the “ not to exceed four
ounces of flour” each time. Now,
grocers, will yon stand that ? Or suppose a
a poor Irish, or German woman, who cannot
buy a barrel of flour, wants twelve pounds,
and it is weighed into a bag for her; up steps
Air.lnspector and claims his “two cents”
and “ four ounces,” and also fines the grocer
five dollars for selling flour not intpteted in that
package. Verily, tins la a grand ordinance,
‘and an interesting one for the grocer and for
the poor; for after all, itisthepoorman, who
has to buy bis flour in small quantities, who
must pay the money. The grocer must have
his pay, so the thirty*four cents must he pat
on to the price of the small packages, and the
“fourounces” has been already taken out.
Isn’t this an admirable law, taxing poor wid
ows and bard working laborers to this extent,
adding to the cost of what is their almost in
dispensable article of food, and at the same
time literally taking some of “ their bread
out of their mouths r* Isn’t it a flue Demo
cratic proposition ?
If passed, we Republicans may well be
thankful, at least thus fir. Our Democratic
grocers and poor men wont relish the tax,
and it will undoubtedly tell to onr advantage
at the next city election.
The ordinance would be moro acceptable if
Inspections were not, by it, made obligatory.
If it was left to the option of either buyer or
seller to have the flour inspected, less com
plaint would be made; but no, this would
not make a fat ofllco, so all flour must pay
fees', and new fees too, os often as it chmgea
its package.
what is the necessity of any city Inspection
law? Inspection of flour is only a conve
nience. The flour trade of this city was car
ried on until within two years without an in
spection. Then it was established as a con
venience to the trade, I can very well inspect
what flour I buy or sell; so can any dealer.
Now I engage the Board of Trade Inspector
because it is more convenient for me to pay
him for doing the work tbau it is to do it my
stlfl But neither the Board of Trade, nor
the city of Chicago nor the State of Illinois
has the right to require that flour sold or
bought in ibis city shall be injected, neither
can make It a necessity. If it ever becomes
such, It/will be by the requirements of trade,
in the same way lu which other conveniences
have become necessities.
But even this reason of convenience docs
not apply to the city-consumption. Why?
Because every grocer aud small dealer war
rants the flour he sells. If you—or the poor
est man of the city—buy his barrel or bag
of flour, and It proves to be badj or for any
reason uusatisfac ory, the seller cither ex
changes it or takes it back. This bas become
the custom of the trade. And besides Ibis,
no man need be cheated in the weight, for
every store has its scales for weighlug, and he
can with his own eyes see the beam turn.
What Inspection can be bettor than that?
And. what necessity or even convenience is
there in the proposed law ?
The truth is heie: A party lost his ro elec
tion to an office in the gift of the Board of
Trade. Chagrined and defeated he has made
our City Council think he lost it because he
was a Democrat, a reason which did not enter
into the matter at all, because those most
strongly opposed to him did not know his po
litical character, and those most in his favor
were among our staunchest Republicans. It
is needless to say why he lost his election.
This proposed ordinance is the fruit of his co
j gitations and exertious. It is supposed tbit
I by it he intends not only to got a good Uv-
I lug, but also by virtue of the ambiguous
I wording of section third to control the inspec
tion of all the flour sold In the city, whether
I for city use or for export. In the latter trade
I he will fiUl of his design, and have an Intercst
j ing experience. In the former, the law, if
passed, will beget trouble without end. Let
1 our City Council think well of it before they
attempt toput into force any compulsory in
rpection, -Tours, etc., Floor Trade.
3,500 00
2,500 00
600 00
1.000 03
ggfHand in your contributions for the
soldiers, at Metropolitan Hull, to night.
Examination and Commencement Exer
cises at the University or Chicago. —The
onnnual examination and commencement ex
ercises at the University of Chicago (Cottage
Grove) will open to-morrow. Tho folio wing
is the programme for the commencement
Examination and CommencementExercUcs.
Examinations on Friday, June 26th, aud Monday,
June 29th, at the University.
. The exercises of Commencement will he as fol
*°r. B Annuftl meeting of the Ladies’ Baptist Educa
tion Society, on Sunday evening, June 28th, at the
First Baptist Church. ,
2. Prize Declamations bv the Freshman Class on
Monday evening, June 291h, at the same place.
3. Oration before the Athenaeum, byE. B. Me-
Cag", esq., of Chicago, and Prize Compositions by
the Sophomore Claes, on Tuesday evening, Jane
30th,' at tho same place,
4. Commencement, on Wednesday, July Ist, at 2
p. m., at Bryan H&IL
Personal.— S. A. Washington, deq„ of
Middleport, Iroquois county, Illinois, the
present owner of Washington’s Seal, is at the
Adams House, in this city. He has with him
the original relic, as well as a number of cop
ies, which ho will bo pleased lo exhibit to the
curious. .
Attention.— -The members of the Otlx Ward
C. U. X*. are notified to attend & special meet
ing of the C. this evening.
* Alfred Pabdoe, President.
A Card.
To the friend* of the Sailor.— The patrons of the
Bethel cause, in lids city, and troo friends to the
sailor, have had it in contemplation for over eight
Teats tobnlld a suitable Seamen'sChurch.ln some
centra) location, for the benefit of that class of
men and their families; but the work has been de
ferred from year to year, and the men trom the
lakes and rivers, and their able and faithful Chap
lain, have been left to do the best they could in
their old, uninviting and dilapidated Church, in
the mud on North wells street.
Chicago owes it to her marine ponnl&tion to
provide for them a comfortable place of worship,
with accommodations for their moral and Intellec
tual improvement. It Is propoied to delay this
work no longer. Rev. J, 11. Leonard, favorably
known to our citizens, as Chaplain to seamen la
this port. Is authorized to solicit subscriptions,
and donations, and collect funds topurchase a site,
and build a Seamans' Church in Chicago: and it
is confident]} hoped that there will be a ready and
liberal response to his calls. ... ,
In view of the importance and necessity of this
enterprise, we, the undersigned; cheerfully com
mend it. together with our Chaplain, to the appro
val and hearty cooperation ©fall our fellow-citl-
June 20th, 18C3. .
C BCNelson, John Brodle, A. Blacklc, Goas &
i none, John Creighton, Geo. E. Purlngton, Abner
i R Scranton. Artemns Carter, William Blair, G. P.
Grant Goodrich. Peter Page, Q. C. Cook, T. M.
Avery, George F. Foster, Andrew 8. Brown. J. M.
Williams, Samuel Howe. E. V, Bobbins, J. L. Mil
ler. H. B. Wllmarth. C, L. Hannon, Orringtoa
LnnLC.N. Holden, Timothy T. Atwater, Jas. C.
Fateo. Tbos.H. Beebe, Philo Carpenter, John O.
Fuller, L. Haven, S. M. Burkitt, Simeon Fanvell,
J TounuScammon, C. B. Far well, C. G. Hammond,
Mark Skinner, H. G. Spaffard, Washington Smith,
B W.Raymond, J.H. Dunham, Cyrus Bentley. L.,
B Boone, J. L. James. Gilbert Hubbard «fc Co ~
Henry Smith, Mablon D. Ogden. C. Beckwith, H.
R. Payeon,Wm. H. Brown, David J.Ely.
There will be a mass meeting of the members of
the Union League of the North Division, held at
their hull this Friday evening, commencing pre
ciscly at 8 o'clock. All the members or the
League are specially retinoated to be present, with
out fall. Per order.
Diseases and Physical Debility,
arising from Specific causes, In both sexes—new
and reliable treatment, In reports of the Howard
Association—sent In sealed letter envelope free ol
charge. Address, Dr. J. Skillfn Houghton, How
ard Association, No. 2 South Ninth street Phila
delphians. jelfi-iw.
tST F. E. Rigby, 89 Randolph street, is selling
Paper Hangings at lees than New Tork prices, a .
■wholesale and retalL The trade supplied on the
most liberal terms. ja2-4wks
Go to tits Best— Qo to Bbtakt & Stjiattou a
practicalbnainess education.
THomas E. Hill’s Penmanship*
IlaL’e FA3HLT Record. surronnded by the
lord’s Prayer, executed with a pen in over thirty
different styles of lettering and flourishing. Price
%l, postpaid. How (owriterfainJy, ratndly, (U
nantly. Enclose $1 for copies and full directions
Address THOS. E. HILL, waukegaa, HI.
Thursday Etejoko, Juno 25,1563.
The money market was affected somewhat by
the reported advance of Lee’s army into Pennsyl
vania—gold being reported at the opening lu New
York at 145, and closing at 141#. Hero tho bro
kers were paying [email protected]&.
Exchange was In good demand and firm at par
buying, and H per cent, premium selling.
Chicago and Alton Bahjioad Compant.—The
following tabic ehows the earnings of this Compa
ny for the week ending June 23,1663:
Increase, 1863.
New York: Si
By Telegraph.] Nm
Stocks -Easier,but cl.
C.& ILL 95*
C. &T 112
A.&TH. 4C*
A. &T. H. pfd 72 ;
P. F. W. & C 60
C. & N. W 80*
M. &P. duChn.... 65
C.&A 70
T01.&W... 77
Gal. & Chi 93
C.&P 83*
DL C. scrip 102*
N. 12u*
Government' stocks qn
U.S.6s ’Bl,c.lo9#@lo9#l
Do. new..', IC9#|
Moiarr—Firmer—a goo<
* Sterling Exchange advr
Gold firmer—opening
145#, and cloeingfinnat
Cleveland Grain Markct-Jnne 23,
Wheat—Received, 5,850 bn. The marcel opened
.dull and spiritless, bnt as holders were not anxious
to press sales, no material decline was established.
Sales, 4 cars red at $1.24. _
Com—Received, 850 hu, Market doll at 53c
Tutbsdat Etsxcci, June 25, 1863.
Flour. Wheat. Com. Oats. Ere. Bd’y.
• hds. ho. ha- ha. bo. bn.
Canal 178 6*5 WIW 3500 ....
G © CURB... 10*0 11164 2DiS(> JOiOS 643 125
RIEK ISST O'-SO 21330 20 0 210J ....
HICBR -f6O 6700 42300 3900
CB&QBB.. 406 5959 04243 1432 1135 ....
... 500 3400 6600 MO .... ....
A istLBB.. 607 i960 13820 1250
R.LB, .... 181 •••• 51 • 100
niCRR. 300 .... 81 2600 100
CB&QRE 1203 .... 107 1910 ....
NWRR 03 00 ....
A. «tSt.L. RR .... 681 .... .... 15783 20
Total 170 2130 .... 597 20973 220
szhthehts bt lake ron tub last TwasTr-roun
Flour Wheat Cora. Oats. Bye.Barrj
brls. hu. hit. bu. bo. bo.
BafiWo *470 13000 163*50 75575
Ocdeiitbnrg.. SOOO .... ■■■■
Kingston .... ISO-r
Goderich....- 1781 81650 ••••
Oswego ' .... ...» 16000 ....
The receipts of produce during toe past twenty
four hours were 5,198 brls flour, 47,113 bu wheat,
274,797 hutorn, 25,640 bu oats, 3,876 bu rye, andT2s
hn*barley. The shipments Included 4,254 brls
flour, 18,000 bu wheat, 212,600 bu corn, 75,575 bu
oats, and 36,000 bn rye.
Under the Influence of more favorable news from
Eastern markets, there was moro activity in the
produce trade to-day and prices wore better.
There was a more active demand for Wheat to
day, and themarket advanced fully 1c per bushel—
with sales of No. 1 Spring at $1.07®1.13; No. 2
Spring, 89®£Uc; Rejected Spring. 70®73c In store
and77®B2c afloat; No, 2Rod Winter, #1.0G®1.03;
and Rejected Red at 98®U0. At the close the
market was Arm.
Flour, however, continues Inactive and flat, and
the sales are too insignificant to constitute a mar
kct. The article seems to have no friends, either
East or West.
Corn still tends upward, and wo note a further
improvement to day of Jfc per bushel, with sales
of about 300,000 bushels, at 49#®Glq for Common
River Mixed, to High Mixed afloat; 18®43#c for
Mixed Cora In store; and 40#®47c for Rejected
Com in store—the market at the close being firm
Outs were In good and a shade bettor,
with salrs of No. 1 In store, at 56#©07c, and Re
jected at 4S©B2Xc. Rye was quiet at 67c. High
wines were inactive—buyers aud sellers being
apart. «
The Provision market Is almost entirely neglect,
cd, with but little inquiry for product, and none of
Importance offering.
The demand for Wool is more active, and buyers
arc offering 55c freely for all that arrives, but the
receipts are very light. A good round lot would
undoubtedly command an advance on the. price
Freights wore #©#c lower—opening at 8c for
corn to Buffalo, and closing firm at B#c.
The great cattle market opened with'a fair rnn
ol bullocks In the yards, butasneltherablppors nor
government contractors showed any disposition to
operate, consequently tho market was rcry
dull. The only transactions reported were a few
small lots of cows and rough steers, which were ta
ken by the butchers for. city consumption, at a
range of |2.40©3.85. The market closed dull and
heavy, with every Indication of a decline of #®#c
on the closing prices of last week. Lire Hogs were
In good supply, endowing to a liberal demand the
market was active and firm at yesterday’s quota
tions. Sa'cs foot up some 2,000 at a range of SI.OO
©4.40— mostly at $4.25©4.80.
Meeting ot Wool Growers In Pennsyl*
A large number of tbe Wool grower of Findley,
Moon, North and South Fayette townships, in AU
leghcny connty, and Rqbinson and Cecil townships.
In Washington county. Pa., met In Conventional
the public school house, in Nobit stown, on Satnr.
day, June 20, and organized by calling Robert Me-
of Washington Co., to the Chair, and
appointing V. Potter, ot Nohlestown, Secretary.
The following resolutions were unanimously adop
ted by the Convention:
Petdred, That in view of the high rates of ‘Ex
change, great cost of raising wool, the enormous
advance of woolen aud cotton goods, and every
thing we consume, we arc better entitled to one
dol'ar per pound for our wool this year, than fifty
cents last year. • . „ „
Petdred, That wc agree to. and call upon all
wool mowers to hold their wools atsl.ooiper fi>.,
until there is a material change in tho price of
woolen and cotton goods.
Jlesdccd, That wo call on all wool growers in
Wct-tem Pennsylvania, to meet in Convention and
resolve to stand by what they they may consider a
just and fair price for tbelr wools. In view of the
present prices of other articles. „ .
Jlttdud, That George Burns, of Clluton; Mark
Robb, of Noblcstowm; and Wm. Nicholson, Esq.,
of Rich Valley, be a Committee to meet in Conven
tion at Washington, Pa., on the 26th of June, to
assist out these resolutions.
Petdved, That the Secretary have tho proceed
ings of this Convention published in the Gazette
and ib»/, of Pittsburgh, and tho Herieto and Trib
une of Washington.
Tlio Crops and Markets Abroad.
The general agricultural report for May, pub
lished lu the Urltlea Fanner's Magazine says: “Al
though the weather baa been very changeable, and
although vegetation haa been kept In check by the
prevailing northeasterly winds, the advltes from
neatly all parte or the United King-iemin reference
to the growing wheats are favorable. With very
few exceptions they promise a full average yield,
and their color Is everything that could be desired
These observations apply to both light and hc*vy
Liverpool, June s.—With only a moderate at
tendance of buyers at this morning's market the
wheat trade rules very slow; business is almost
altogether In retail, the aggregate transactions of
limited extent, and mostly at a reduction of 2 tod
cents per 1' 0 pounds from the quotations of Tues
day last. Flour of fresh quality la in falrreqncst
at previous rates. Indian corn is pressed on the
market against a limited inquiry on the part of
buyers for export, but some parcels hare been
taken in warehouses, and we note a decline of l#c
per bushel from Tuesday’s currencies.
Emnitur.on, Juno I.—The Arrival from abroad
of all descriptions of grain continue liberal.
Wheat meets a fair demand at the rates of the past
Glasgow, May 80.—Fine wheat was In good rc
qnert daring the fore part of tho week, particularly
fine sound American, which seems to rise in gen
eral estimation as it becomes scarce.
Uambuiig, May 30.—Wheat in scanty supply, and
Billing for export and local consumption at lost
week's rates. , _ _ , , .
Xantes, France, lToy 83.—Tho advices from the
agricultural districts report rye, oats, barley and
hoy as much Improved by tho nun of last week,
i Wneat looks very luxnrfant, and promises to be
early and abundant. There Ip no alteration to note
in the prices or demand for wheat or flour.
Odessa, May 16.—The weather continues very
favorable for our growing crops. Mild temperature
and frequent rains lead ns sanguinely to anticipate
a pkatllnl harvest. Arrivals of wheat from the
interior are very active. Tho supplies coming
dows from the rivers arc damp and scarcely fit for I
rhipnent. Wclook for considerable shortly, which
may; cause prices to give way. Aparcelof fair
Sundbmlrka wheat soldat $1.20 per bushel, free
onboard. A choice lot of Polish wheat sold at
»t 24
France—Paris, May SO.— The more tho season
■advarcts the more qnict becomes the business In
the provincial wheat markets. The favorable
weatWaftcr the rains so greatly needed and so
■easonbly sent, has not yet produced a greater
disposition to sell on the part ofholdors. Tbs gra
nanc* are almost empty, and the holders keep back
their supplies with a view to availing themselves
of anvlmprovcmeut that may happen from the
largrmss of consumption.
Holland— I The fear about drought in Holland
has beta dispelled by a plentiful full of rain. The
prices cf wheat at Amsterdam remained steady.
Belgium— The wheat crop of the country is re
ported is looking well. The wheat markets were
n Th?nmii? pHcwfo?t£e various kinds °fwheat
and Hoar in Mark-lane, London, on the Ist of
June, were
English prlco American
per quarter, per bash.
■HTilleßscsfind Kent, (oft...«®sPs “
llpil do do ..
Dantzlc mixed,extra I’S^Vas
T7nefoclc 6Sfo&lB 1
Pomeranian red -
Dflnieh nod UolEteln red. jjgsS“ H’,511'55
Blga mid St. Pclcreburgh..... .41®483 1.2-j®!«
Arntricag white BJWbISa
do red [email protected] 1.4101.47
New Yobk, Jane 53,18C3.
The market for scads has remained in the some
quiet state ns noticed in my last of the 13th, with
the exception of flax, which has been more In*
qulred for, and a considerable business could be
done at oar present prices, but there is no stock
nf consequence, and but very little arriving.
Clotxh —Some inquiry for shipment but the or
ders are mostly for prime, of which there is but
little hero, and the views ot holders arc too high
for the limits named. __
' Quotations to-dny are from B>j(£9Xc.
TmfiTiiY—Xo transactions to report, holders
generally ask $2.25, but buyers only offer $1.75
Small sales western and State at from
12.40a2.C0, market closing Arm.
' 1 A. Cajiebok, 9 Old Slip.
1563. 1862.
$30,701.39 $9,461.03
. 22,216.10 19,755.56
. 1,635.83 947 33
.$44,453 33 $80,164.43
»cK market*
n Toss, dune 25, 1888.
•sing firmer. _ _
M. S. 2d bonds. ...101
Mo. 6s 67*
Tenn.63 61*
Erie 95*
Erie pfd 103*
M.C.. HO*
M.S 72 *
M. a., gtd 116*
Reading 103
Fac. Mail ISO
American Coal Co. 53
Quicksilver Co 40*
I 7-809 106
I U. S. 1 year cert....93#
,d bnslnesa doing at 7 per
iced to 153 for first-class
at 144#, advancing to
• 144#.
.. 6183 47143 974707 25640 3876 125
Gnus Live Beof High-
Seed. Hog?. Wool,C’tlo-Hldcs. w’es.
lbs. Ko. fi>s. No. t>s. brls.
4254 ISOCO 2128 0 75575 16000
Seed Circular.
pctrolt Grain market—Jane 23.
•Wheat was very quiet this morning on ’Change,
chiefly owing to the want of sellers. Tho current
offerings are. to the eye of the regular operator, so •
Ir.finJtcealmnl that it ia doubtful if even the actual
transactions are any true criterion of the market.
The only sale was two cars No 2 red at $1.27. For
six cars No 1 red, $133 was asked and $1.30 offer
ed. Oats arc again a shade better, commanding
Me r.O. b .andfiSc delivered in bags. Sales two
cars atoic, and 1,000 bn at «<3c, tho latter delivered
in bags. Com dull, being without buyers at 56c.
Lake Freights at Detroit.
[From the Detroit Advertiser, 23d.]
Vessels ore very scarce, and there Is great anxie
ty to get staves forward. Kates have made anoth
er large advance, £l2 [email protected]*' being from
this port to Buffalo, outside figure for long pipes.
Dealers profess to regard these rates, which show
an advance of $5.00(36.00 within three or four
week?, as only temporary. There is very little
grain here to ship. Kates nominal at 4*osc to
Buffalo, and B*®9c to Oswego.
Toledo Grain market—Juno 24.
■Wheat—the only sales reported are 2,000 hi* re
jected winter at Hlc, 750 bu springat 85c. Corn
sales, before report, B,OOJ bu No. 1 mixed, iu two
lots, ats4c, 350bu common at 54c Oats lower;
(0c is the best offer to be obtained to-day. Bra in
demand at TSc. Barley—spring SI.OO, winter sl.lO,
Freights—three charters at 9c lor wheat and one at
B*c for com to Oswego; one propeller at 4*c for
wheat to Buffalo.
Bostonßldo Martlet—Juno 22.
The transaction# hare teen fair at about last
week’s prices. Sales of 5,000 Gambia and Bisson
on p. t.; 7.800 Gambia at 26c, cash; 1,800
■Western dryfllntat 18#®20c: 6,500 Sierra Leone
at 20c; 700 Western wet salted at 10®10#c cash;
BOG do on private terms; 1,100 Rio Grand wot salt
ed. to arrive in Salem, at 13c: 1,000 Minos, 16 lbs
average, at 2 i#c, cash. In Galc utta Hides wo hear
of no transactions.
St. Louis Market—June 24.
Wheat—Nothing bnt very choice can bring any
price. Sales Included 580 sks and 91 brls at 65®
OTc: 454d0 and 181 do at $1.00®1.06: 60 sks very
choice at $1.16. Oata-Rccclpts being small,
holders are asking an advance; 120 sacks,
70c; 200 sks, 65c, sks returned; 1,100 In 10t5,72c.
Corn—There scerps to be no inclination upon
the part of boyera to pay any more; in conse
quence wo have no sues to-day. Whisky—Re
mains Ann; 23 brls high proof 40c; 76 brls in lots
ordinary proof at dOXc; S3 Ma 41c. Bio-Wo do
iot notice any change whatever: sales include.2l7
sks in lots at fOc, ska returned. Hay—Remains
unchanged; ’ItO hales in lots at sl-10, delivered.
Bacon—ls held very Ann; we report saleft or 2
tasks deareldes at 4c. •
NewTork Hide Market— Jane 23.
The week’s? ales reached only 33,200. lucloiled
in the sales, ns reported by Messrs. weizel & »> el
dtmeyer, were 16,000 Buenos Ayres, 25#®2S-r1
400 do kips, 25#c; 2,2 0 Rio Gracdc, syfc cash,
usual selection; 7,000 Oronoco, part 24#c, sixmos,
usual selection : 8- 0 Aspinwall, 22#c, cash, usual
selection; 1.100 Bogota, on prlvate.terms; 500 Sand
wich Islands dry ealted, 18c, cash, usual selec
tion ; COO Gambia and Bissau, on private terms;
2,400 country slaughter, y#®lo#c, and 1,200 city
slaughter, iDsOO.S'c, cash, rejecting had bides.
Stock in Importers’ and speculators’ hands, 422.800
dry hides, 2,900 wet salted do, and 100 hales East
India hides.
Pittsburgh Oil Market—Jane 24*
There Is some inquiry for Petroleum, and xho
market ie finubutunchanged.* Grade Is held firmly
at IC®ifi#c packages returned, and 21J£®22c pack
ages Included. Sales 0f220 brJsdt2l#c- Refined
is firm, with buyers at-1c for bonded, while holders
are asking from 41 to 4'c. Benzine is entirely neg
lected, and, In the absence of sales, wo omit quo*
Cleveland Grain Market—Jane 24*
■ Wheat—The market was more active at about
yesterday’s prices. The sales on ’Change were—o
cars and 2,000 hn red f. o. b. at 131; 1 car and 3,000
hu from Pittsburg elevator at 123#c; 1 car on C. &
P.trock at 122#0; 1 car white f. o. b. at 123#c.
Coin—Market very quiet and inactive. Sale 1 car
on track at 6Sc. Oats—The receipts and demand
both continue light, and quotations arc nominal at
01c on track.
TXio 'Winter Wheat Crop*
[From too Cincinnati Price Current, Jane 21th.]
Wo have a sample of new wheat from Southern
Illinois. It Is fully ripe, and the quality good.
The quality of the wheat this year, generally
speaking, will he excellent, as far as we are in
formed ; but the breadth of land sown with winter
wheat being less than lust season, ns our corrus-
Sondefit informed us last spring, the quantity will
cmnch less than that gathered in 1802, as regards
the winter variety; the amount of spring wheat
sown was large, however, and should it turn out
well the crop will boa full ono.
Philadelphia Provision Market—
• Jniio 22*
Bacon hams are In demand at ll®l3c, and pick
led do at 9>.'®locfl 7t>. M> se pork is selling In a
small way at #ll -|1 brl. Lard continues dull ut
lr#®ll’#csl D> for barrels and tierces.
Cincinnati Wool Market—Jimo2l.
Wc have still to r.otlco an unsettled market, and
not much doing. The estimates of owners ami
dealers nrc about 25c apart: 4Sc to 60c indicate tho
whole range dealers aro willing to pay, but the/
arc getting only small lots.
Toledo Wool Market—Jane 21.
The quantity arriving continues verysmalij wo
rote a slight upward tendency. Induced by tlio
presence of buyers from a southern market: 55©
05c Is the xoago, the latter figure for the very beat.
Milwaukee Wheat market Juno 2-1.
Received 49,0C8 hit. The Sentinel says; Wheat
declined #c yesterday, and the market closed with
a decided downward tendency. We note sales of
about 40,M0 bn at $!.18#©1.16 for Not Spring In
store, $1.02©1.12 for No 2. and BC©sl.o2 for Re
jected Spring. The outside quotations for No 2
and Rejected were paid only for Hlgby’s receipts.
For Rejected In the Southwestern Elevator (Pfeil a)
irOc was the beet price offered. On ’change sl.Ol
was the highest price offered for No 2 Spring In
Smith’s, and the demand for No 1 at sl.lO was Ilm
lUdand very soon supplied.
Philadelphia Cattle Market—Juno 23
The arrivals and sales of beef cattle are large
this week, reaching about 1,800 bead. The market,*
in consequence, is very, dull, aud prices have de
clined fully 60c 9100 lbs, first quality western and
Pennsylvania steers selling at from 13©l2#c; fair
to coodatlo#©H#c; aud common at B©'J#c, as
to quality. At the close, the market was Tory dull,
and sales were reported at lower prices than the
above. ICO head were left over. , .
Hous—About 2,C00 head sold daring the week, at
prices ranging at $7.00©8.25 V 100 lbs net, as to
condition and quality. .. , „ ,
The cattle on sale to-day are from the following
States: _
600 head fiom Pennsylvania.
750 head from Illinois.
4CO head from Ohio.
Fuller & Martin, 92 western steers, selling at
from 2#s for fair to extra. • „ f
Hllman & Bachman, 7>westcm steers, selling at
from [email protected] for fair to extra.
P- McFillen, 93 western steers, selling at from
105fcl2c for fair to extra.
P. Rathoway, 80 western steers, selling at from
10©12 c for fair to extra.
Jones McClesc, 88 Lancaster connty steers, sell
ing at from 9©lo#c for common to fair.
A. Kennedy, 48 Cheater and Lancaster county
steers, selling at $D.60©10.60 for common to good.
Barclay C. Baldwin, 60 Chester county steers,
selling at from $10.00©12 00 for fair to extra.
Moone y A Smith, 199 Ohio steers, seeing at from
for fair to extra quality.
Chandler & Co., 60 Chester connty steers, selling
from 110.00011.75 for fair to good.
Smith A Moore. 14 Illinois steers, selling at from
9©l2#c for common to extra.
Sb&mbetg, 20 western steers, selling at from 10©
1* #c for fair to good. • ...
John Billlngcr, 107 Pennsylvania steers, soiling
at 12#@13#e, the latter for a very choice lot.
Branson, 18 Chester county steers, selling at
from lC<ailc for fair to good.
John Kinvln, 20 HIIooTs steers, selling at 11#©
12c for good to extra quality.
The arrivals and sales of hogs at the Union and
Avenue Drove Yards reach about 2,800 head this
week, selling at from *7,00©8,25 a 100 lbs. net.
1,823 bead sold at the union Drove Yard, by
Henry Glass, at from $7.00©3.25, per 100 fl>s, net,
us to quality. _ _ , , _ .
790 head sold at the Avenue Drove Yard, by John
Clause & Co., at from $7.00©8.25 # 100 lbs, net.
The Crop of Flax.
The Cincinnati Price Current of yesterday says:
An nnusually large amount of flax-seed was sown,
and it Is doing very well; tbe crop of seed will be
nnusually Urge, beyond a doubt.
Salt In St. Lonls—June 21.
Salt la held very firm: 1,000 elss ground alnmal
$2. yj; 45 brls New Turk at S«.TS.
TnrnsDAT Evening, Jane 23,15C3.
yg* An grain sold “in store" ts reported in
this market report as subject to 2c storage, which
is jmid by the buyer, exelurtve of the price jtaid
for (he grclnto thsseller. When atransaeHor.lt
trade if* which (he seller pays the storage, it »* re
ported “f. o. b.” or “ free of storage." AU flour
taler are quoted at “ delivered," unless otherwise
FREIGHTS—Declined *4(?s#c per bushel. The
crj:Bg«’in« nts were as follows: —To Buffalo:
Prop. Mayflower, with wheat, at 9c; prop. Ply
mouth, hurk Great West No. 2, Sonora, atidachr.
Htlfcretein—all with com, at Sc: schrs. Dick
Somers, Golden Harvest, and Ketcbnm, all with
corn,at(Kc; schr, Jos. Cochran, WUh corn, on
p t. To Oswego: Schr. Algerine, with wheat, at
FLOUR—Deceived, 5,193 brls; shipped. 4,251
brls. Markft very dull. Sales: 190 brls Winter
Super at §3.75: GO brls Spring Super at $3.73; GO
brls Unsound Spring Super at s3.o*.
COHN MEAL—DuII. Sales: SO tons coarse on •
track at SiR.TS.
VTT.i. STUFFS—Bran Is in good demand and
firm. Sales: 10 tons at sl6 CO in balk on track.
WHEAT—Deceived. 47.148 ba; shipped, 18,000
ba. Market advanced fully 1c perbushel andmoro
active. Sales were: 8,000 bn No 8 Hod Winter In
store (in S. B. & Co.'s) at $1.06; 400 bn do at
SIO7V; 400ba do(in A. D. &Co ’*) atsl.oß; 800
ba Rejected Bed Winter (In 8. B. 3s Co.’s) at $1.00;
400 bn do at 99c; 400 bn do (in A. D. 3s Co.'s) at
98c: B,' 00bn No 1 Spring (In M. 3s S.'s) at $1.13:
2,» (Obu coat $1.12; 1,000 bn do at ; 2,690
bn do (in A. D. & Co.'s and F. &T.’s) at $103;
l,2Cobndo(lnNorth Side) at $107)f;400 no do
(in F. & T.’s) at LOW; 600 bn do at 1 07; 80 bn
No 2 Spring (in M. & S.'s) at Wc; 12,0 0 bn do (in
North Side) at 93c; 6,f 00 bn do at 92tfc; C;000ba
dontSSc; tOOba do (in A. D. & Co.’s) .at 91#c;
),B(Obndoat92c: 40obu doat92tfc; 1,800 bn do
(in P. & T.'s) at 90kc; 800 bn do (la S. B. & Co.’s)
at (9c; 5.K0 bn Dejected Spring afloat at 82c;
3,SCOIm do at 7sc; 3,000 bn do at 77c; 4,SK)ha Re
jected Spring in store (in North Side) at 77c: 2,0 0
bn do (in F.& T.'s) at 76c: 400 bn do (in Fnlton
elevator) at 75c: 800 bu do (in A. S.'s) at 70c.
CORN-Received, 274,797 bu; shipped, 319,800
bn. Market active, and advanced J*c per bushel.
Sales were: C,OOO ba Rjver High Mlxednuoat at
51c; 33,000 bu do at N)c; 6,500bu RlvcrMlxed afloat
at49#c; 83,000bu do f.o.b, at 50crl.OMbu Yel
low Corn in store at 49c; 78,0(0 bn Mixed Corn In
store at 48i£c; 42,000 bu do at 40,‘fe; 90,000bn dp
at4Sc; £o,«.Cobn doatfiOcf. o. b; lfi,fooba Reject
ed Corn in store at 47c; 19,000 bu dp at
12,(300 bu do at 46#c; 800 bn “no grade” at 42c In
6t OATS—Received,2s,64o bn; shipped,7s.s73bn.
Market firmer. Sales were: 28.000 bn No. lln |
storeatß7c; 6,(Cobudo utMJic: irOOOba doat
oGJtfc: SCO bu Rejected Oats (in M. SS. 1 0) at Bljfc,
CCO bn No 1 (in S. B & Co.’s) nt 50c; 1,000 bn do
RYE^-Receivcd^S,S76 bn;'shipped, 16,000 bn.
Market quiet. Sales: 2,CoobuNoUnstoroate.c.
BARLEY—Received, 125 bn. Market quiet aud
E quiet. Holders ask 43c;
° at 8112866. '
SALT—Mixed easier. Sales were:—TOOorls On
ondaga ai.d Michigan Fine nt $2.10 delivered at
core; 60 brls do nt $2.15 delivered. ...
MESS PORK- Market quiet and nominal at
* LARD—24 pkgs prime country kettle at 92fc.
BACON—2,4OO me smoked shoulders at 4#c
TALLOW—In fair demand at 90Otfc for coon-
Ci Salcs ;—32sbrla New York
at $1.8001.90; 75 bu choice peach blows at 65c on
tr EGGS—Scarce andhlgler. Sales Sbrla at U#c,
7 bxls at 12c, 6 brls at ls#c. ,„ ~ * , .
BUTTER—Firm. Sales;— 23 firkins good dairy
at 18c : 7 tabs extra choice dairy at 10c. . ,
POULTRY—DuII. Old chickens per dozen
$1.7608,00. Spring chickens per dozen $3,000
2.60. Turkeys $ fl> 4®sc. ...
BlDES—There is raihorinorc doing in tho hide
market, but prices arc without change. Tho In
qnliy is mainly for green salted. We quote;
Dry Flint.. i
Dry Salted,,,,.. 153 M «
Green Suited, 8© SK C
GreftnCountiy .‘® T» c
FlSH—WhlUflsh are firm and in gddd demand.
Trout are quiet, and round lots might bo had at a
slight concession. We quote;
No llVhitefleh, hf brls $5.75 @«.00
No 2‘Wbittllfih 550 @5.75
No 1 Trout 5.25 @5.50
No 2 Trout 5.C0 @5.25
SUG-VRS—Ara In good demand and Ann. We
anote New Orleans at U&OI3XC; Hard refined at
16X015«c: WhiteAatl4*@l4Kc.
COFFEES—Arc steady at M#oß3)tfc.
WOOL—Sales 120 lbs good washed at 85c.
LOIHEB-Market firm. Sales were: Cargo of
echr Telegraph, from Mnakegon, SO m extra,
mostly strips, from TraesdalTs mills, at $15.10;
cargo of schr Frolic, from Kalamazoo, at sl4.oii;
cargo of Othwrighl’B Mnakegon lumber at $18.75;
cargo of echr Challenge, from Clay Banks. GO m,
poor quality, at $11.50; cargo-of schr Undine,
from Whlle Lnke, 70 m, H strips, at $12.00; caroo
of schr Jos Cochrane, from Underwood a mills.
Cedar River, two-thlids strips, at $13.15; CO,OOO
feet, to arrive from Kalamazoo, at $12.50* The
yard prices are steary as follows;
Lumber—First Clear, per I,oooft $35.00®....
Second Clear, u “ 30.00®....
Third Clear. “ “ 25-00^....
Stock Boards 17.0t4E19.00
Box or Select Boards [email protected]
Common Boards, dry 16.00® ....
« ** ’green 35 00015.50
Can Boards...
Fencing... 15.00015.50
die' >h 81.0^^2.00.
First (Sear Flooring, rongl
Second Clear do do
Common do do
Siding Clear, dressed
Second Clear..;
“ Common do.
Long Joists
Shared Shingles, A S 21
do do No. 1....
Cedar Shingles
Sawed Shingles, A
do do No. 1
Lath, ip 1,000 pcs
Posts. 9100,
SHINGLES—SaIes: Deck load of schr Chal
ier ge, sawed shingles, at $3.00; deck load shaved
shli pice, from Mubkecon,at $3.10; 260000prlme
sawed shingles, from, Kalamazoo, per schr Aooa,
at $3,00. •
LATH-40,000 pcs Lath, per schr Adda, at |AS6
afloat. .
COOPERAGE—2.OTO Pork Barrels, to arrive
within sixty days, at sl£o,
Thursday Evbneto, June 25,1863.
BiEF CATTLE—The great cattle market open
ed this morning with a lull supply of bullock*—all
of good average quality— from this Stateandlowa.
But early in the day, it was apparent that there was
a “pulk hack*’ somewhere, as neither Oovcra
mmt contractors nor shippers made their appear
ance at the yards, much to the dismay and disgust
of a good many drovers, who had anticipated sell
ing at a fair margin. Bp to noon, nothing had
cl anged bands except a few lotsof cowsan lrongh
steers, which were purchased hy the butchers, lor
city consumption. The raid of the rebel General
Lee into Pennsylvania, has pot a quietus on the
Government men, who, we understand, have re
ceived orders not to purchase till further advices.
The shippers, many of whose histories of the op
erations during the last five or six weeks would
“point a moral or adorn a tale,” have left the
“rlD‘»,” and think of retiring to private life. In
the afternoon, there was absolutely nothing doing,
and when we left the yards, the drovers were ex
pressing their opinion of the market— hard,
**mean?’ “tough,”etc. From the very limited
number of transactions—there were no good or
extra qualities sold—it would be ftitile to give any
quotations. It is sufficient to say that toe general
appearances are in favor of a decline of rally Ji ■&
)ic tt> on last week’s quotations, we omit sales
as they would give no approximate idea of the mar
HOGS—Were in good supply and, under a liberal
shipping demand, toe market was firm at yester
day’s quotations. Sales include:
ITogs. At. Price.
65 203 $4.33
48 Sit 4.25
55 211 4.35
08 215 4 13#
43 214 4.03
52 243 4.00
65 212 4.i 0
162 183 4.00
veraglnglOS o>a at SB.BO.
Hogs. At. -Price.
11l 227 $4.40
59 214 4 35
70 197 4.515
121 203 4.37#
47 371 4-25
44 210 4.25
117 219 4.25
99 215 4.25
SHEEP—Sales:—l 32 ai
Forth© Week Ending June 23.
[Abridged from too Now York Tribune.]
Kamtar reported for this market at Forty-fourth
street, B,m • . . .
The prices to-day are quoted at follows
Firstqnallty... 1 Ordinary,
Medium, lOftlD# 1
Some extra good Ilcorra may bo (looted at 12c.
Tho eenernlnvcraircof the market at 10% c,
T)>e most of tho sales range’ from He.
I’rlcc* per head and per pound, of different
weights, will bo found In accounts of sales of sun*
Total number of beeves recelrcd In tho city this
bend lees than last week, and 10
head more than-the average of last year. Tho
average number at each Wednesday market last
year was 4,003 head, while tho nmnbur to-day bclmr
shows iva head less than tba average, ana
123 bead Iqsa than this day week.
jirrni rnox me DirrEnenr states.
A.M. Allerton & Co., proprietor* of the Wash
ington Drove Yard*, Forty-fourth atrect, report
the cattle in market from the following State*:
New York .1851 Kentucky 188
Ohio 485 lowa 141
Indiana 237 I Michigan 119
Illinois -2,7101-
Tin close or the majtset.
Tuesday, June 23.—We find only 40 fresh catlle
have arrived, though more were expected. Owing
to the znilltury occupation of the rails in Pennsyl
vania, the stock trains have been held back.
Therefore the nnmherof bullocks on sale to-day Is
quite email—probably not over 200 or 300 altogeth
er, but it Is quite sufficient for the demand, which
was fully satisfied yesterday. It may therefore bo
said that the market closes very dufl, at a dccllno
upon last week’s quotations.
atT.-Efl or Illinois beetzs.
Ben Westheimer, 31 Illinois distillers, average 7
cwt sold on account of blmself and company at
lOVc a fir: GO Illinois corn-fed, average 8 ewt,so!d
at Albany at wholesale, at lOJtfc, delivered here.
Samuels & Ecketciu bought of RoaonnaJl, at Al
bany. 73 Illinois steers, average 6 cwt, which sold
at ■>[email protected] S lb.
Wheeler & Teed, 93 of Pratt & Co.’s Illinois
steers, average 13# cwtat home, estimated at 7#
cwt here, and sold to average 11c 30 fi>. •
Stephen Healy bought of E. C. Sumner, at Alba
ny. 65 Illinois steers, which sell to average 10#c
Slgel & Lauterback bought at Albany 131 steers,
avciage 7# cwt. which sold slow at 9#&llc fJ o>,
with a bard prospect for commission.
Henry'Westheimer bought of Coon & Hosbury
at Albany 96 good Ohio steers, averaging 8 cwt
strong, and sells nt 11c $ lb, and make no money;
ICO sold for C.& H.6K cwt. Illinois steers, at 10c
aa m ; 97 good smooth 7 cwt Illinois steers sold
fr>rGu!ckebhelmeratllcs lb.
T. C. Eastman & Bro., 75 of the Funk cattle sold
for Baker & Adams to average 11c upon 8#
cwt. This was a good lot of Illinois steers, part
Durham, and sold well, but not as well as the same
quality lost week. _
Goff & Hclntyre. 144 Illinois steers, for W. B.
Duncan, average 7 cwt., sold quick to average
lOKcglh; 41 very fine 7# cwt Kentucky dor
hams,sold slow at lie lb.
John T. Alexander, has STS medium Illinois
steers, one-half selling by Simon Ulery at [email protected]
» 2>, He cellmates at 6# cwt, and the other half
at same nunc rates, selling by John A* Merritt, ho
thinksmay averages# cwt. • ,
Barney Bartram. onhla own account, lllllllnola
steers, "bought by his brother on an average
of 1,879 lbs. Be estimates at 7 cwt. Nt
which they will make ll#c lb, and average |G3
Murray & Glover, bought of Wm. H. Belden
here. CO good fair Illinois btcers, estimated to aver
age? cwt, and sell at full lie $ lb, lb.
Sam. Shoester sold on Saturday the last of bis
purchase, unseen, of the 1,900 Chicago distillers.
ot4#cSlb. This lot. ISO head av. lb net
and by a remarkably good fortune the whole
have niademoney, but Sam says that ho would not
take the risk again for anything less than $50,000.
He has had quite enough of that sort of excitement
for the benefit of his health. He la afraid more
would be decidedly injurious. He sold to day 97
111. corn fed? cwt. steers atan average of 10cper
Beceipls this week, 11,437. . .. ,
Quotations—ss.so(o)s.7s $ cwt.live weight ,for
com fed Logs, are the quotations glren by H D
Grant, Superintendent or the market. Dleiillery
Themarket at Albany on Friday and Saturday
was reported very hard for drovers, and It was ex
pecUdtimtit -wouldopen bard hereon Monday,
ret the supply by the Erie road was light and the
weather cool, slid hogs sold well at an advance
neon last Monday. To-day the arrivals arc mod
erate, and the stock sells as fast as it arrives, the
weather being favorable. It is cool enough for
winter garment*. . ...
Gc o w Dorman gives the following aa the pace
of hogs this week; _
First quality cora-fcd, large
Second quality corn-fed
First quality, small sizes, fat
and prime, for mrk’tbutch
Large size, still-fed. fat 5 (P£HC C
Second quality, still-fed 5
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
CINCINNATI, June 25.—'WnisKT—A fair de
mand with Bales of 250 brla at 40#@40£c, the lat
ter rate for wagon.
Provisions— Hardly any new feature la the mar
ket calling for special notice. Some bacon sides
sold at a price kept private, but understood to be
shade below sifo- A moderate demand for smoked
hams at 8J£(&8?sC for canvassed. Nothing was
done In mess pork or lard.
NEW YORK, June 23.—Ptoun—Irregular and
unsettled, with extra state and shipping grades of
round hoop Ohio quite firm, while other kinds are
heavy. Sales at [email protected] for extra state; $5.80
Q6 CO for extra round hoop Ohio, and $6.05(3)7.75
lor trade brands, the market closing unsettled,
WnisKT—More active and firmer at
The advance in gold and sterling exchange has a
favorable effect. „. x . , .
Grain—Wheat with fair export demand prices
have advanced l®2e; *1 JaiM.M for Chica-o
spring; $1.12 for unsound do; sl.S7sM.4ofor Mil
waukee club; [email protected]» for winter red; $1.33 for
winter red Illinois. Corn 1c better with pretty
good bnsinees doing at 73&76 C. Oats firmer with
moderate business at 7-f®79c.
Gbocsrzss —Sugar firm. Molasses steady and
!u moderate request. _ _' , _ ,
Provisions—Pork firmer. Lard firm and ana
more doing at 9#@loJ£c.
OSWEGO, June 2Sl— Flour—Steady at sß.(»for
fll GHAiN—Wheat dull. Sales 7,000 btt good Mil
waukee club at $1.26; western SU3; Cora
ai d other grains quiet. . _ w .
Freiohis—Flour 3Sc, wheat 10c, com B#c to
"^iMroRTE—I,C4G brla floor; 32,000 bu wheat; 7,100
tT fSSoRTS—3,72O brla flour; 56,000 bu wheat;
13,501) bu corn.
ARRIVED.....* June 25,
Stmr Fea Bird. Dongall, Two Rivera sundries.
EtmrFlsnct, Cnainberlio. Ontonagon, sundries.
Prop Mayflower. Dlckhon. Buffalo, sundries.
PropJ.Baiher.EobDlLa.St. Joseph, LOCI B. R. ties.
Prop Oilawa/Warren, Grand Haven, 133 m lumber, 8J
eda w00d..5C0 m
lumber, sundries. , _
Brig FebattopoL Jotmsou,Moßkegott.lK)mlumlnrafc.
Echr Wallin, ilann, Holland. 40 cas wood.
Echr’Daveller.Shljter. Holland.
6clirAlnha.Gwynn, South Haven. 4; cdiwqoo.
Sctr Lady Anns, tnglls, StouyCrcelL,6o m lumber, SO
c C hr St P Swrenco. Thcrkauff. Centeivire.B2cda wood
Schr Muskegon. Merca. Green Bar. 65 cos wood,
lehr Telegraph. Ghbatly.Muskeson.TO m lumber.
Bchr Calcatia.Long. Jtnnlnp*’ Pier, TS cdswood.
EctrTiavelier. Bsberts, Maategon, 65 m lumber, 100
Echr Mery, §aoson.St Joseph. 12 cdswood,
Echr Tricolor. Eitg. South Haven, 65 m lorn, 20 cds
g».hr Hornet, Ande-son, St Paul's Pier. 23 eda wood.
Echr Gertrude. Slajes, bay aty.iOOm lumber
Eehr TV. D. Hubbard, llarnson. Bay City, 175 m lumber.
Fcbt Dick Somers. Ackerman. Kenoeha.
Schr Commencement, Van Dls, HtUand, 45 m lumber,
Echr Raclae Point. 13.C00 bricks
lehr ?ieh2* w K,McMl|len. Kalamazoo. 30 cds wood,
‘ BOCOetims. , .
Schr Dawn. Lebeniten.McDowe3sPier.3o tn lumber
Schr A, P.Datton, Ranky. Holland, 35,000 staves.
Echr L, B. Nichols, flymond*.Holland. SO cds wood.
Schr Fisher, Glaaer. wblteLake. TO m lumber.
SthrJ.S wallac*, Lawrence. Webster's Pier, 57 cJi
Schr Corwin. I Taylor, South Haven. 60 cds wood.
Bchr JowpULeDrcsden, Watson, Poller's Pier, TO.O-.O
Fcbr Octavio. JobrEon.Hoifeegon.l2o ml amber.
BchrGo clen Harvest, Moore, Buffalo, 2CO cds .wood
from Grand Traverse. „, , ......
Eehr Gold Hunter. Sorer, Buffalo. 2CO m lumber ICO m
la»h from Cedar River. ... .
Schr Elva. Ewenscn. White Lake, (0 a lumber. 10 m
Schr Add»j Coate, Kalamazoo, 70 m lumber. 330 m
Schr Horace Greeley. Reid, Pier Cove, 49 eda wood.
Ecbr Tutcola, Conley. Muskegon, 120 mlumber,2o m
Eckr Challenge, Ecld, Muskegon, 45 m lumber, 75 a
Schr Ann«!l5)OTlno, Anderson, Muskegon, 65 m I am*
ber. Bin lath. .. „ , .
Schr Gertrude. McHarry. Mnskegon. BS m lumber.
Schr Lltttle Celle. .Aston, Muskegon, W m lam ber, 190
m shingles.
Schr Hero, foTctt. South Haven, 80 m lumber, 29 cds
bark, 125 m headings. __
Schr rndlne.Brown. Well Rim.73 mlumber.
fcchr Juniter.Gallagher,St. Paul’s Pler,9 tu hoops, 3
m ceadlnss.
Scow Laurel. Mcßea. Lafeetown, 55 m lumber.
Scow Alba. Anderson. White La*c. 90 m mmber.
scow O Ellen, Peterson. White Lafee. 65 m lumber.
Scow Mermaid, Bouch. South Haven, GO cds hark.
f cow Hunter, Williams. Muskegon, 100 m lumber.
Scow Harriet Ann. &wensea, Muskegon, 10m lumber.
Elcop Pearl, King, Bt Joseph. 4 m staves.
CLEARED .....JoneSS.
StmtSuabeam, Pabst, Grand Haven, sundries.
.Star Seabird, Dongail. Two Rivers, sundries.
3.75 a 4.00
3.5® ....
3.50® ....
B.oo® 335
1400®15 00
Pro? not*. lOMbrls
flour, SM brls pork. 2TOO pigs lead.
, »tSbM, S obn ooen.lTJO,
Prop way inower
S»ni'«- M ' »!>“.»»
Bop W%&f“MsEbt>d«Tl<a. wheal, 331
* to *’hFia^flour fiUbriscorn meal.inndrles.
F;op Magnet. Malconson, Montreal, 9309 bu whaat, 100
n.,tCt4f,Wb °VolTte.'PnirCo.3l,SCobtt corn.
S“S GiSflfratNo i Stnltb. uilfalo. 11.000 ba corn,
ofla nif£. Wo. Fetfla,eoMo, IItMOnoorn.
Ilg • wheat.
|gj tosSb.Walo. 3b4 On com.
fchr Valparaiso, Bnckley.Baffa!o,23.lS3bacora,
Bcbr Maple Leit Curtis. Oswego.ls 309 wheat.
Bcbr yofibtrn Belle.Allan. RniT*]o corn.
8 hr Joesph Cochran*.Thoma3, Buffalo, 17 Mobacoro.
Schr Dick Soiters. Ackerman. Buffalo. 23 COO ha cora.
rSoedal Dispatch to the Chicago TrlboneJ
lcvcvku DsTEorr, Jane 25,1363.
UP-Frop Gs’ena; bark Fame; brig Isabella; scbra
Hamlet. Selkirk. Jfabob. Florence. J W Brown, Flit
mo: e. Racer. Arrow. .
Dows—Props Forest. Wenoaa; barks Colorado,
Mfst• schza Stampede. Adlroadac, El Tempo, Martin,
M M Scott. Allred.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trihane.]
Bkooeport. June 25, LsSJ—9 p. sx. .
•Athens, Athens.
IIG Looml*. Athens.
Tioe, La»alle."o m lumber.
Haple Leaf. Joliet.
Cuba. Ottawa.
Seneca. Ottawa.
Fclipee. Loc kport, 28 m lumber.
Imperial, Lcclcport. 25 m shingles,
mogrcu. Lasaile.
Eburopali, Lasaile. 59 m lumber.
ABKlv kD.
Elizabeth La*aEe.sSli-bu com.
H McLellaa. Seneca. 5800 bn con.
Abbe? Sprague. Lasaile. SOCO bu corn.
Colorado. Lasaile, S6t 5 bn com.
Improvements In Our I>tko Hlarlno*
AmoBC all the Improvements of the advancingpre
icnt. none atand out more conspicuous than those
relating to our beautiful fleet of Lake craft. Kapil,
indeedfhave been the strides towards nautical arm
metry and perfection, uatll you nearly see proprrtlon.
strength and utllltv blended to make the Lake vessel
lo I well a unit, a compact thing of purpose, capable
ol contending with opposing forces while sne bears
onward her golden treasure the strength and power
cf the West. Veasels of the later day and higher class,
thanks to the efficient system of the Board of Lazo
Underwriters* Inspection, navo not now. a« la earlier
bysoie days, wnen meeting with high winds and con
tending seas, to experience the Immediate necessity of
encaging their pnmplr g capacity, ana on their arrival
at apt it, the nae of a dry dock. And no slngU part of
the whole of the Lake vessel's construction has been
more benented by the touch of Improvement than
that which relates to tie strengta and proportion of
tne trunk, or ktel bo*. 'Waked up to the ulo t that this
nmt.tnore than any vthcr. needed the extra attcutua
of the ablpwrlgbt and eaniker. hur builders, more now
ifcnn ever, are sweating to the theory inat n »internal
longitudinal structure of extra rigidity la marine ar
chltei-ture. should terminate abrupUy; andnenco are
constructing lha trunk with the property to comp*n
rats for Us extra strength, by eaten ling some of that
strength to the neighboring weaker parts, nr. In other
words, are removing the fulcrum crested b» inequality
of»npport,to the lower or power end of the levsr,
lessening Us fore# to ocaie the strain, Other Impor
ta> t points are JlkewUe receiving stfentfou. nut it s
not my purpose to be ierglby. f may.with yon.- perul*
alon./lesrrs. Kdltors node* them at somefitnretime,
go far we have done-wen. aed may safely challenge
cmr-partsow with any effort* at marine architecture at
the Hast, or etenwneis. keeping, of c-vkso. In
adaptation to the demand of i<v»ilty; and western
bniKera mavpotatwUa satisfaction to these exMht
tlor.a of meehaaical cenlna as **coM to- nor.e. And
when. In the course or lime, the quest oa of
con mnnlcation with the seaboard by *he fo*ce of cir
mmstaoce* shall become a realty, and the Amencsa
Government cvlrce to the world It* power to nro-set
Itself and the citizen la every part of its wide domain,
which la only a qnett’on ol time, then whl the product
of onr forests leap from natural Into architectural
shape acdezhiMt In a wider sphere the unirammolel
ecergy of the West and the character of Its people.
Marine Bank Building. - American Bonding.
Will give their undivided attention to Marine and
Commercial Law. and particularly to ca*esof Collis
ion. Insurance. Cettract* of Affreightment Driftlcs
Papery etc. connected with Vte&ela.
CwiCE ot THE Mctcal Ins. Co., or Brrrai.o.l
Butpalo. May iSth. ISO. ) .
Understanding mat the law Arm of Messrs. wrtLUT
A Cast, of Llevelatd. Ohio, purpc.ae establishing a
Prarcb Office In Chicago. I take great Plesaore la say
ing that during my long residence In mat city. 1 wa*
for many jeaislnllmately acquainted with ttiem. and
I conooebt'y recommend them to the commercial
i uhllc ns a arm who have a large aid successful prac
tice as Maxine and Coranmolal i-awyert
J L. WRaTHERLT, Secretary.
Defer to Stephen Clary, Blackly* Handy.Co! B.S.
Shet'ht rd. _jg3t£6i23t_itp_^
Sellable Hallroaul Time Table*
Hereafter trains will leave and arrive at Chicago,
as follows:
kichibak onsTRAn— sapor rcor or t.akb »rm!.
Mail 5:00 a.m.
Detroit &N. T. Express. *7:30 a. m. *fcSo p. m.
Night Express t7:lfi p. m, |7:30 a. m.
vica. cr.iT., ccfcnorATZ and louisvzllb un.
Moraine Express *7:30 a. m. *30:15 p. m.
Night Express t7:15 p, m. (7:20 a. m,
mcmsAK southshk —tdlkdo lot.
Mall *6:40 a. m. *7:15 p. m
New York Express *7:30 a. m. *6:30 p. m.
Night Express ...... t?:lsp. m. (7:30 a.m.
Expre55.................. *7:3oa.m. * 7:15 p.m.
Express via Adrian ■♦7:ls p. m. | 7:30 a.m.
cixcntyATTi air like.
AU, M*.*B.
Union Depot, West Side, near Madison st Bridge.
Wail Train *7:20 a, m. {7:20 a.m.
Night Express *18:80 p.m. *8:30 p.m.
Day Express *7;2oa.m. {7:2oa.m.
Night Express +B:3op,m. *S:3Op. m.
Day Pa55enger........... '7:2oa.m. *7:4oa.in.
Night Passenger .. t7:lsp. m. I 7:15p m,
Valparaiso Accom’n *8:80 p.m. * 7:40 a. m.
* n.TWon ratmir.
Day Passenger *8:80 a. m. *8:45 p. m.
Night Passenger *lO-00 p. m. *&IS a. m.
Kankakee Accommodation *5:00 p. m.
Hyde Park Train '6:4oa.m. ®B:Coa.m.
J « « .*l*oo m. *l:3sp.m,
m '4:60 p.m. *3:30 p.m.
*• *» '6:15 p.m. ♦'WOp.m.
WUWAUV ~ U.■ uvuMi.
Mall Passenger *8:30 a. m. *6:00 a. m
Night Passenger .. t8 45p.r0.. (7:50 p. m
Joliet and WllmingtonAC
commodatlon '4:oop.m. *9.50 a.m.
Day Express and Ha 11... •9:(X) a. m. *5:30 p..n.
Jouet Accommodation... '4:45 p.m. 'B:ssa.m.
Night Express +8;30 p. m- (6:15 a. m.
Day Express and Mail..- '&3os. m. *6;lsp.ni,
Night Express +8:15 p. m. |6:30 a. m.
Accommodation *4:50 p. m. *9:10 a. m.
Trains will ran as oa and after Sunday,
April 10,1863:
Fniton Passenger
Fulton Passenger
Freeport Passenger
Freeport Passenger
Bockford. Elgin.'Tox Kir- „ „
cr and State Lin0........ 4ioop.ni* 11:10 a« ni«
Geneva.................... si9od.hi R - 30a m.
Chicago A2O) som HTrßSTZßif—(Depot comer Km
aie and West ‘Water streets.)
Day Express... .........*&lSa.nx. *6cßoa.m.
'Woodstock and Way.....*9:10 a. m.
Janesville Accom. *5:00 p. m. *11:45 a.m.
NlghtExpress *B:3op m. *5:60 pan.
Morning Express *8.45 a. m. *11.42 a. m.
Express *BiSO p. m* *5:60 p.m*
Night Accommodation... *7tOCp.m* $8:20 a. m.
Waakegan u . ... *siSsp. m. *8:80 a. m.
LireW’t, Dead W 1 !
7 ®7*
• Sundays excepted, t Saturdays excepted.
Mondays ezeeptea.
In tills city, at the Jefferson Street M. B. Church, oa
tie evening of June S-lth. by Rev.F
LaND.sll of Chicago. No carts ls«ued. ,
X3T New York and Canadsgula papers please copy.
In tils city, by Thomas B. Brown, Justice of tie
T( VtlheM.E Chapel.• Bremen. Germany, by TV. F.
Wanen. CHAS. GILBERT WHEELER, 01 Chicago. TJ.
S. Consol at Nuremberg, to SARAH J. JENKINS, of
F!)R SALE—The owner of a Job
Printing Office, connected with a weekly paper,
doing Railroad and Mercantile printing.!* desirous te
sell out and go East. Ponulatlon 10 OtO—price of office
aiOOO-ihe same cost £1,300 four years ago. A. largo
amooiitofwoTkalways doing. Addressß. FRAZER.
Hannibal, Mo. Ja2&-637-StpaUw
T?OR SALE—A second-hand open
JL* Buggy, in good order. Inquire at Wright A Cur
rler’a Livery Stable. lAt Ml-Jdgan-st. je2S gfiOg-iK
FOR SAL E—Steam Mill and
Dwelling House, at fjouth Auguit*.Lee County.
lowa. Faid Mill Is a cccblned Grist and Saw Mill,
with two run of hursandcood mulrsaw.lc is Is a good
locality for either a Custom or Merchant Mia. and U
well Qxed for either. For farther Infannatloa laqube
of the undersigned, at Denmark, lowa. ,
Je26 gGiC-2wx>aw C. K. BROWN.
FSR SALE —A light second-hand
Top Buggy—cheap. Msy.be seen at 231 Snath
Water street. Jc£s-g7LMB
1?OR SALE—Cheap for cash, one
r of the most desirable residences on the western
shore of Lake Michigan. It Is located la the city of
Kenosha, the headblcst and most lovely city In the
wettern country. It Is romantically situs tea on the
river bank, and adorned by the choicest shrubs and
flowers, ornamental trees and native forest trees. The
boose Is exceedingly tasty In architecture, with all the
modern Improvements. It Is tituated In the most pic
tn res rme and beautiful portl-mofthe city, audcoutalns
three-qnartersofsn acre of grouud. Amongthead
v&ntases of the place arc a well ot excellent water,
ovtrfifty feet deep: a good and durebte cistern; an
e-Vgant vegelahle and trait ganlea b&ck, containing
allkinds of fruits of choicest varieties, over fifty fruit
trees, a'so currants, gooecherrics. raspberries and
strawberries. In abundance. It Is pgr fifty rpd-» from
the dvpot of the MUwank*© and Chicago Railroad,
and that of the Eeboaba. Rockford andltocklsland
Railroad It la within two or three minutes wa.k of
churches of all denominations. Itlsalsoconvenlentto
the excellent Ur lon Scnocls oi the city, which ere the
best In the State. It lsdlstant3s miles from Mllwau
kec and SO rrlles from Ch!c»go.nnd wUlbe amosteU
gible spot for any business man of either of thorn
cites. The owner is compelled by circumstance* to
part with his spier did homrß»ead,and any PJ£ 4 0j5.?«»
fpj-to pm chase must apply soon, to J.M. aTRYKtSB,
E‘q. of the firm of Strvker A Co. 141 Lake street,
Ch'cago, IIL, or address Box 463. Kenosha. Wls,
FOR SALE—One First Class
Ticket to New Yoik for SIR.OO. Good!until the Ist
of July, J. w, D. KELLEY, 174 Lake street, .
JT'Oli SALE,—The entire Stock of
J/ Groceries and Flxtores, and Lease of a First
Class Graceiy Store,wen located on the westSide.oad
doing a good trade. Apply at once as one of the par
tus has to lesve the city oa hussnesL Addre# O. w.
g„” P.O.Box 3163. Je3s-g*33-U
T?OR SALE.—To be sold for Cash
J? or exchanged for productive Real Estate In tills
city, a McrclianCTailOi’s Stock of Cloth. Cashmeres,
Vestings ard Furnishing Goods to the amonnt of Five
Thousand Dnlhus. Should the nurchate money ex
ceed theabove named sum.a limited amount of cash
wsi* the deficiency. For particulars apply to
c’sriUN K, 81 Clark street, Chicago, or H by letter,
G, S„P. O. Bps 4QU, jeg-gcu-fit
T?OR SALE—A well established
1* Grocery Store, doing a smart business, and In a
first rate location, lor sale on account ot family mat
ters, at a sacrifice. Cheap for cash. Inquire at 165
Booth Clark street.. je*>-g>U-4t
F)R SALE.—We have for sale
Qonse £2 Harrison street, between Canal and
Beach streets, with the lot 55x120, or wo will sell the
bouse separate and lease the lot. Apply to S. H. KGii>
FUOT& CO .71 Dearborn street. JellgS 84t
FOR SALE—A Soap Factory.
Tbe subscribers, being connected Inanotacr busl
i ess. wish to sell the Keith Tools and good will ol
tbelrSoapMauafoctory. For farther particulars ad
dress Post Office Box 3611,0r c*ll at corner of Division
and Frarklln streets. North Side. _
j: For sale at the Phcenix Sale Stable, corner »*f
State and Adams slreets. Chicago, a well bred £tock
Ecrse.bleed bay. iGbanclsblgh Byears old. fln» figure
and active. Will be sold at a bargain on appUcadon
to WM. PATRICK. 168-gStt-l*td-ltW
XTOR SALE—To arrive, now due,
X? caroe of Schooner Morey, two htmdrtd thooMnd
ehnfrA Tntii Tnn Green Bay Lumber. Delta MUM,
l?il 1^1 « BoardTr.de Bonding.
F3R SALE —Horses. A pair of
Work Horses, young and sound—aa grad a team,
for their « eight, as there la la the cuty. Thoowncr,
whols responsible, will give a written guaranty, la*
Julre tor axewdays at SMITH'S STABLE. Washing*
tonstredt. between Weils and Franklin. je3t-3t
XT'OR SALE —Cheap for cash, or
JD will be exchanged for BaatemproportynearNew
Tork City. House a>t> Lot is Joust. The lot Ul5O
feet front by 125 feet deep. House 16x21, with kitchen
14x16 and wood house./our room*, hall sad pan trie J:
IK story, verandah front, cellar, cistern with chain and
forceunmus andcood neighborhood, near M.chlgiin
WfeeApply to QUO. M. HIGGINSoN,
No. 7 MeUopolltan Block. JodgSkSt
XTOR SALE.—A good opportunity
P for a permanent tsveatment Tbe marble trout
store 44 Lake street, under a good rental. Terms easy
ISS.W rate ofinteicfc Apply to JAMJSSi 3FMN*
GBR. 13 Metropolitan Block. Je3lg49Sst
FOR SALE. — Forty-eight feet,
‘vittt t«o amaH homes, oa Michigan arenas. north
of the Elciunood Homo. A Lot of aboat an aero,
w*tbßhon«e and Barn, on the WeatSldo. on Chicago
"Venue, near M'lwankee arenne, Also, a block of
abont A Lou in block Si. Side, between Harflaon
•nd Trier and Rseker aud Tbroop a tree to. For par-
•Watct street. J« «»-»*
CHICAGO akd boch ibiakd.
..9:00 a. m. 8:55 p. mu
.*8:80 p. m* 0:00 a.m.
..9:00 a. m. B:fs p. m.
..fclOp. m. 5:00 a. m.
Jet Salt
OR SAL E—A Stock Horse.
ID onUfl.
X\7ANTED— A sjood Facnily Car-
T T rlago, suitable for one i top
preferred Inenlro at the office of OJIDBK «
I 0., 182 &iQth Water street. between ihehoa j.\of? wa
II o clock. A. M. .
TV ANTED—To rent a fnrniihed
T T howis. la the Xorth or Sooth Divisions. Ap
plTdortrgbttJneisbcoia Riverstreet.
jeaqgCTs-Gt ; __
X\! ANTED — Correspondence.
« » By two roast soldiers who wish to corresposil
with the fair sex of the Weal. with a view to ftm aai
the rraolt of eo>re«TH>a<llnc Please address WILBx
PARBSK or HB3UT LANL?TE, CompasrE.«tn Ohio
HrgUneat, via Charleston, West Va. laSlfcbSM*
ANTED —Correspondence.
By a gar and totlre yoang so’dler. who ts far
from hla** paternal rraasloa.” been •ab
ject to the hardship* of a aoldler'* life for nearly twenty
fiy months, wishes to correspond with several Inlaid
sent and good locking yonng ladles, (not over Cytar*
of age) with a blew ta fan, lore or Ita coaseqneoce*.
Allwhowl«hto lighten and cheer a •o!d«ep'» Ufa cart
addree* FRAN K oLARK.and enclosephotograph and
Carte do Vlalte. to Loo ml*’ Battery, Mnrfrewboro,
Tenn. Je»6-ggo U
i\7 ANTED —By a yonng man, a
V T situation as Boot-keeper/ Assistant Bonk
kceptr or Salesman, la a wholesale or retail grocery
•tore. Speaks the German language. Pltaie adlreai
- r.OOK-KEEPi.K.’Tost Office Sox IStt.
_JeC6R69O 2t
WANTED —A young man, as
general agent and confidential dork. One with
a good address. steady habits, common sense. corn
iron honesty, and iseu for temporary Investment, can
obtala a most desirable position, wtta graduated
salary, as ability and experience are developed. t)oo
with “hlahcrlaw principle" preferrid. Address 1 A.
T. JOBSS. Tri&nne olflea. Je« 70>US
\\I ANTED—A Blacksmith, who
v f aiderstanJsjob work and horse shoelng.caa
fled a sllnaMon at Powell's Hotel.on Milwaukee j\ve
nue. [Je2sg7f3-2t] TIIEUDQUB MS IMCIL
~\\T ANTED — A Local Agent i u
Tv every county irat In the Northwest, tosoltcl;
orders from merchants for an a» tide In great demand.
Ocod wacea win be paid to competent salesmen. Ad
dress Post office 3ox 4743.Chicago. Je3d-g7uß it
WANTED.-To Wholesulo
Dealers. I want to purchase a couple of
hundred dol’ara worth of Trimmings and light D*y
Or oda on ninety daja.i Can give eoilateral if requir
ed, Address lUrx m3,P. O. Je3d gT.'l it
W^AJJTED —A Sitnalion i« Cook,
V V Washer and froier. or Chwnbemald and
Walter la* private family, by a fonoggfri baring
rood reference* AddreWC,,” Chlc-tjo r. <>.
TOASTED To Printer*. A
7 T you:-*■ nv.»n rtf good education, who lm« »*.rk
edbetw*** ;wo .»nd three year* a» the printing ivwl
whoe«n do* Journeyman*#- work on puin
compesltlon. de-dr ev* situation *o complete Mairyt v
nrder Instructin'** Reibrer<v» given. AddroaaCyir
twodayVA E. * F. Q. Box nm. Chicago; Juan-trUU
T\T ANTED—Women with Sew-
T * tag Machines to work on Caaael apMy
to 17 Sorta Union street. l
Wl ANTED —A Partner with 8600
V v Ca»\ In a caah business. paying 1150 per week.
Apply immediately at M Randolph street corner of
Dtarporn. upper Boor.Boomlf- je36-glis-3t
ANTED 55,000 ■worth of
VV second-hand Clothlpg, Furntture. Carpet*.
Jewelry and Fur*, ter widen I will pay tee highest
price. Xadle* am! gent* having any of the above
named atUclea to dlA(K>se of.wld plenseeatl at 91 South
■Wells stmt, twodooxs f;oA War dnetou. or address
M PFLAUM. Poat Office Box 1130. Ladle* stranded
by Mrs. Pflaoa. jcfT-gV-M-^t
XV ANTED —The advert ia<-r ia de
f v (.troua of forming a ex-ncedon with some es
tablished Unuso doing a Pro 'uce Commbslon and For
warding business. Um bad seventeen yean eiparleuco
In the lorwardtng and grain tends la Caaad*. and
fully understands the details of eiUer branch. Taa
beet of reference will be given as to ability and Integ
rity. Anv person wanting a working rartnsr wU ad
dress "WCII," Pest office Box dJ3, Milwaukee.
TV ANTED—To rent, right of. by
• » a family without children. a ncathonse or cot
tage, with or without furniture. Oo it 9 Sonih iV‘>,
ts-'tofMa'e iteet, preferred. <Toald boy thefnrnl
tare. Address “mECHANT,’* Post Office Box 5535*
T\7 ANTED.—A yonn» man wishes
T T to obtain a situation u Clerk or Salesman In
some Mercantile bo*lne«. or can take charge of
Coal Mined, having tad Qve yeara’ experience a« Clerk
»r d Wst hger ot coal Mines. Good reference con be
given. Please address "C. C.,” Tribune Office. Chicago.
WANTED. —To men who aro
v v traveling, with tVlrown conveyance. In the
Weit,wec*n offer snperlor ’ndacements for selling
oar goods by aitople. Address, with stamp. T. 3.
BaKEK & CO., not 2229. Chicago. Je2Q goDS-lt
TV/ ANTED.—A young man of
v v excellent business quaUflcattcm and good
moral character Is dcslron* to obtain a ahuatloa as
Assistant Fook-keeptr or Salesman in some Mercan
tile house In this city, or in any business where a good
penman and accountant is needed. Have been en«
*»{jed for some time in fe Grocery and Commission
hnslnew. Good relerences given. AddroM <v\L H.
JS NOS. Chicago. Jt£.*6-gfi3l-6t
WANTS D—Correspondence.
Three gay yonrg soldier* In Gea, Rotecraia'
»rmyde»l:eCoirc«ponjerce with three young Ivilea
with a view to friendship, love or anything to break
the dull monotony of camp life. Address FRED.
Co. A. a«th 1 Is. Vo’s.. Mnrfree?boro, Teno. Jrl6 gf9dl6
T XT ANTED—A Situation by a
vv perren lately arrived la Chicago, In a whole*
eala or Retail Ilart)w»re or Grocery House, where ho
wonlo make himself generally usetnl. Write* a good
band—hss some knowledge ot Book-keeping and hav
bad considerable experience In the retail trade. Ad
dress ‘O. G Tribune Office. Chicago. Jejß.gST32t
TV ANTED—3OO men wanted to
v V work at lumbering and farming In Oceauiaod
Mason Counties, Michigan. Houses furnished for me a
with families. Apn-y to BALDWIN Jfe CO., at North
Pier.foot of North Water street. Chicago 111.
Je34-g6j3 6inaltw
WANTED— Two first class, expe
rienced Patent Agents wanted to sell Rights
fora Valuable Aerlcnltnral Implement la the we?t.
The right men will be liberally treated with. A No. I
reference or sccnrny required. Address Immediately,
with fail particulars of experience. Ac.. C. B.
HOLMES. DowauUc.MlJh. Jels-g4is-36
WA NT E D—An Unfurnished
Room, with board, for a rentlemaa aad vlf<»,
coDTenlerttotfcePoatOiflce. Address“J.H. D." P.
0. Box 6161. stating terms and location. Je2j-g~Xa 8t
WANTED— A Good Second
baud Family Canlagewlth two seats, tor one
or two horses. Any person bavins such a one to dis
pose of may find a customer by addressing Tor a
days M 9. T.." P. O. Box 371. JeM-gSSI-2&
WANTED— Board wanted by a
f T young eentlemira and wife. Private Cun Ur
preferred. A pleasant situation anu plain fa-o la ad
that U requited. Address. stating terms, &c.. Bor
253. Post Office. Je2S-g637-2t
\]U ANTED -Smart active men to
* v take Exclusive Aseocles In Illinois. Indiana.
lowa.MlchJgan ud Missouri for a Patent article man
ufactured In New York. The business la established
In New York and the East, and will nay |2OO per
month here. Persons wig- Jog an agreeable and prof
table bnrloess apply to or address 90 Randolph at.,
loomyo. 6. JeJ5-g67i-3t
WANTED —A gentleman of odu
f t cation, also experienced In attending Invalid.*,
deilres to act as Secretary. Amanuensis or Nurse *o a
gentleman, ebher&t home or traveling. References
ready. Please address “FIDELIS KT DONSTANd
careet J. A. Holslngton, E*q.. J. P..71 South Civic
street. Chicago. • Je3lgsS9 3t
W ANTED—lmmediately, a good.
v T wood workman at the Carriage Saon corner of
State and Twelfth streets. H. A G. N. WILLET3.
T\7 ANTED—A competent Agent
T T toicll five of John P. Money’s Patent Readers,
built In list. Thb partita owulne them having t-*o
much other business to attend to It taemselTis. For
particulars address ** CHICAGO.* 1 Port Office Bos *C3.
V\7 ANTED—A sitnation as' Fore
f f mqn or Superintendent at the Building busi
ness Das bad charge ofhand*for twentvyeiua.' laji
give the he»t of references. Address - BulWcr. ytl
bane office. je0.»52 5t
WANTED. —A situation wanted
V v by an experienced Accountant of seven years
standing. He refers to thebest dty honsrs Addrcea
*• ACCOUNTANT,” Tnbnne office. Jes-gA.-ot
TVTANTED—TaIIow. 2 00 bbls.
T T Cotntry Tallow at the highest market price.
Country dealers having a stock on hand to dispose ol
will nleafe address NAIUL. A. HAVEN A CD . -4J
Sooth Water street. Je2l-gl3t-l,t
TV ANTED—(Knitting Machine)
▼ * Every Farmer to know thas his ** women
fo!ks" can earn *5 to WO per w ack with one of Akin s
Celebrated Knitting Machlao, It wUI earn its cost
tn thirty days. Fries complete, £*o. Weight 45 pounds.
Freight from 59 cents to |LSO. Send for circular and
samples (send stamps.)
BRANSON A ELLIOT. General Agents.
mhS aS36- 5m 220 Lake street. Chicago. DL
T\7 ANTED— $75 a month. I want
T » to hire Agents in every connty at £3 a month.,
expanses puld.to sell my new cheap Family Sewing
Machines. Address S. MADISON, Alfred.Me.
160 A MONTH! We want Agents at 460 a month,
'xnentes paid, to sen our Evkrla&tiso Pixcili,
OrizstaL uubnkm. and 13 other new and ca
rious articles. 13 circulars,x&xx. SEiAWACLARK,
Blddelord. Me. mylldS933mp^v
WANTED—Agents to sell Union
TT League Pics, retail price 2Scenta; new book
called Drifting Ahcut, retail price ?IJS; and fifty
otter articles which sre selling by over ICO Agent, la
the Northwest. Samples sent, post paid, ou reculpfi
ofprlce above. B. R. LAN DON, Agent.
Post Office Box 4423. 68Lake-el.. Chicago. EL
Send stamp for Clrcalara. my23_e_ug_lta_
r PO TEXT—Low, to .Tgooct tenant,
JL a house on Mlchlgah avenno. fourteen
css. water, furnace, range, Ac. ACdrcM «b\' .
Tribune Office. * Jefi»-g&*.-,S
TO RENT—The well known
Hotel “CLARENDON HOrSE." on Bandrlph
street, near Franklin street. Is now for rent on rearon
able terms to a responsible man. Apply to YOuNL* &
SPRINGER. No,2M«trtpolltaaßlock.corLerofßaz
do'ph ard Laaaile street. _M^g37l-Ut_
■DOABDISTG Pleasant suits or
A ) single rooms, (with bathroom), maybafoanl
0t239 Michigan street west of Rash Street Bridge,
Also.day boaruerg accommodated. JeM g6TJ-3t
T) OARDIN6.—A very pleasant
JD parlor with bedroom and closet, on tbe main
lloor. suitable for a gentleman and wife, or two
gentlemen. ran be i ail with board, by appl?lt.g linrno*
lately at 257 Illinois street. jegl gs^.t
LO S T- On Wednesday evening,
about six o'clock, a lltie Boy, four andahaif
rear a o'd Baali**ht h«fi*. hazel eyes and fair complex*
fon? Hhdonastrpedcoioredjscket. brown pants and
tnelrlloine. fSo.i) •
near Lake shore.North DlvUioa. MABTISJ BIKA,
1e26 gTPMt
t OST—On the 10th inst., somc-
I J where between LasaHo street “<1 Chicago anil
MiiiriinltEe Railroad, a larga Photograph Album,
will be suitably rewarded.
UTRATED—From the Bolling
jlLls near Ctybourne Bridge, about the 38th of
iMtUkT a .arse Chestnut Uorese, lame la the nigx
foref rot.* A Überil reward will be glveu for his retoru
to7he above address cr for s^chWiiSS
lead toM* recovtry. D.D. STREETER. -*y
CTRATED—From the. rciiJeneo
o Of Mr«.Bevlndf<*.at ETaratou.on^ 0 ta-j
Cavalry Horse about 11
forehead, bcih hind fttt whl-e. and to the (mu
on Ms side. Whoever will retort* r hf . fonail
sctlbero/clve iofoiraatloa fflJjt, HKVISLaa.
will he snltably rewarded. m L!i -
CompinT ot^sr
X The Chics ro Sooth W a:cr froct on the s!lps
for fh\r. one thousand flKaiW . for the purpose ot
on the Sooth Drench. * 5 ; tU i ,-anJier.!U already lar'o
enabling it to *2 h vVrbt)eriy I* weiliultod formsna-
ImproTement*. auTkind of business requiring
fact arise parpc«^ in i C alari Inquire at the Company •
»atcr front. /Tv.hVa Building. tM Dearborn st. ti
offl ce. Ifr-og g'visELY. Agent. Jole6ol3ra
Y=v5r"SALE —A House and Lot m
« location, on atrecC Ina?]™
la cement. J«» 8«i *

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