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gUjlccigo tribune.
Arrest ot the Officers upon the Charge
or Man«iapghtcr. ,
The Coroner held an inquest yesterday upon
the hody of an Irishman named Patrick Con
sen, who was found dead in the cell in which
he was thrust late Tuesday night, at the Po
lice Station corner of State and Twenty-sec
ond streets. The facte of the case win he
best shown by the evidence here produced:
2fit.Mary Conner*'- The old man lying dead
Lercfemr husband, Patrick Conners; we had two
children and lived comfortably: yesterday evening
I bad a disturbance with him; be had taken
Honor, was drunk and kicked me; be did it often;
he did sot abuse me so very often, may be once in
three mouths; I went np to Archer Road, found a
policeman there; he is that man here before me
now, Jacob Enaos; we found my husband in bed;
he was much tired then; he was not sleeping; I
bad called the policeman to arrest my husband;
he said he should get ; Hr. Peter Davis, who
lives on Archerßoau, a carpenter, was with ns;
be and Ensue pulled my man out; the policeman
clubbed my husband a couple of times; then gave
the dub to Hr. Davis to hold, while the policeman
went after help; in the meanwhile Davis knocked
him with his fist; my husband gave the officer
several blows, but not before he had dabbed him;
my husband refused to go with him; they
dubbed him badly outside of the house;
he cried, “lam killedcould not walk any more,
and be fell down; my residence is on Twentieth
street, west of CJatk; they pulled him to here, all
the wav; he could not walk a step; my husband
risked for water; they held the cup, aud he drank;
Iheardmyhusbandmiikeeomemotions; he was
in the cell next to mine; thought he was dying;
the policeman several limes gave him drink; when
he died, I think he was alone.
WiUiam CoTnierfi.ewom. I live on Twentieth
etrcct, near Archer Dead; came home about half
i«ast dx p. m., yesterday; my brother drank whis
ky; he worked for the Illinois Central Railroad
Company; he did not work that day; he drank a
pint of whisky each day; he licked hie wile a lit
tle, but licked her very seldom; policeman pulled
him out of the house; Kuans choked and clubbed
him; Hr. Davis kept him on the sidewalk till
Knaus came back. They pulled him on the road;
J went with them halfway; did not see my brother
strike the officer;, he was not willing to go with
him: thevasked him if he would go, and he re
fused ; th<7 asked him several times, but heal ways
refused;die generally bought the cheapest kind of
Jacob Knave —About 12 o clock 1 was on tho
Archer Road, corner of 22d street; Peter Davis,
and Aid. Kaon, of the Fifth Ward, were standing
with me; Hrs. Connors called us and said her bus
bandbadhcatcnberaudßaidehtt wanted us to ar
ret t him; said sheVould appear against him; she
told me she had him arretted before and he behav
ed himself for a short time; -she said she was away
from home last Sunday when they were making so
much noise; Will Connor opened the door when
wearrivedatthebouse; Pat. Connors was lying
on the bed ontbc floor; 1 told him we should ar
icst him: hesaid he .would not go; I lifted him
by the collar of the coat; he wss intoxicated, but'
walked with u»to the door; 1 did not strike him
inside the house; when we got outside the door
he showed fight, and got bold of me by the coat
collar; 1 struck him on hie hands; he grabbed for
my throat, then got hold of my neck and choked
me: I struck him twice on his head with the club,
and be struck me on the left eye; that was before
1 struck him; he said he would sooner die than
go to the lock up; we pulled
him along the road; be talked
all the wav. calling the neighbors, and hie wife;'
I called Peter Davis to hold him, while I went for
asHEtance; rapped and Abbot came, and together
we took him to the Station House. Locked the
ptieoncrup, gave him water. He asked for water
aud spoke of his wife. This morning at 0 o'clock
learned he was dead, and went for the Coroner.
hr. Anttnennan *rom —Discovered no marks of
iujory al»ont£nim except about theheadandbaods.
Tuc two principal wounds were on the head, one
*j\>r the nose between the eyes; here the skin was
vouuced aud bones driven in. There was another
blow on the hit side of the head, about the center,
'npjia’eutly produced by a club—wonud inch
<je«.p. irregular, 1% inch long—did not go through
the skull, simply a scalp wound. Tnere were Ti
ttle cuts of no account. The Internal surface of
ihr skull was uninjured, and there were no other
-iutenal injuries. Hy opinion is that none of the
injuries found on the body m deceased was suffl
i-icut to produce death. Thought he might bwe
died if lie had receivedno wounds whatever. The
w ociids might have contributed to his death.
JderJMnU was allowed to make a statement
but was sot sworn. His evidence corroborated
the statement of Policeman Euaue
Strut. Abbot aleo corroborated in his testimoay
the circumstances of the arrest and detailed how
Connors was found dead.
The evidence in the case, being in the
cpkion of the joiy conclusive, a verdict was
rendered that the deceased came to his death
from whisky, disease and over exertion!
Immediately upon the rendition of the ver
dict, Constable Sioat arrested Policemen
Rnaus and Davis, upon a warrant issued by
Justice Boiriogton, charging them with man"
a daughter iu unlawfully killing the deceased
Patrick Connors. They were taken to his
cilice on Clark street, and there held’ In the
sum of $2,000 each to appear this afternoon
for examination.
The facts of the case are set forth In the
foregoing testimony before the Coroner, and
wc anticipate'the speedy acquittal of the ac
cused. * • •
Tbe Iledlcal Imbroglio.
For eome months past Reynolds and Lewis
have been in partnership in this city in con
ducting the “London Eye and Ear Intirmi*
ry,” in which hnelne&s they appear from tes
timony to have been connected in Philadel
phia. .Last Thursday Reynolds was sued by
Lewis on charge of larceny as bailee, in ap
propriating to his own nee SIOO, the property
of Lewis, and was held oyer in the sum of
S2OO to answer to the charge. Dr. Lewispnb •
fished a card last Saturday, in which he claim
ed that be bad ejected Mr. Reynolds from bis
•office, who was connected with Idm only as
advertising agent, and that In' the future
would be avoided those gross mistakes which
bad been committed dnriug ids absence by
Ids irresponsible agent Two suits are now
entered by Dr. Reynolds against Dr. Lewis
the first of which was an action for libel in
publishing the notice here referred to, aod
the second lorperjuiy.ln the statementswom
to by Lewis In the-examination of Thursday.
On that occasion, it will be remembered by
onr readers, Lewis testified that Reynolds
hud only the position of advertising agent or
“ errand man/* and that, after appropriating
Ihe SIOO, he denied all knowledge of it amt
on being charged with the larceny, first de
fied it and then confessed, offering to replace
the money, but, after several efforts to bor
il among bis friends, was obliged to give np
the aitcmpt. The examination of Lewis was
to come off before Justice Stanford, but a
change of venue was subsequently talvm be
fore Justice LcWolf, who heard the case yes
terday afternoon.
Mr. B. P. Reyoblds, who now Is the plain
tiff, claims to have received an education in a
London institution. From his evidence, It
s«]«l*carß that he met Dr. James Lewis ip Phil
ncelphla, and entered intabnslnete with him
there, soon removing to Chicago. Here they
pursued the practice of ocular and aurrfi sur
gery. Some two ortlvee weeks ago be dis
solved partnership with Lewis, and com
menced business on his own account, and was
almost immediately arrested on complaint of
hie laic partner, on ihe charge of larceny. '
In the examination on Monday and yester-~
day, Mr. C. C. Bonney conducted the prosecu
tion for Reynolds, while the defense was sus
tained by Hon. E. TV, McComas.-
After considerable disCussion and explana
tion as to the course to be pursued in the ex
amination, and after themooted questions be
tween the attorneys had been decided by Jus
tice De Wolf; the-prosecuting witness was al
lowed to make his statement,■which was sub
stantially as follows:
TUt there were three separate agreements en
tered into between himself and Ur. Lewis, the first
and second being destroyed when Invalidated by
the onesncceeding. That the witness was to be a
tilei.t partner by ttie terms of the first agreement,
anetto receive one third of the profits, Lewis re
ceiving the other two thirds and to bear all theez
poutce incident to the bnaiucfeg. The term fixed
was three yean, and a penalty of $«oo was to be
paiiiiu cast’ the contract was broken by either par
ay. The witness alleged that be gave to Lewis*
note of hand for $l5O. and his watch as security for
another $l5O, the watch to be redeemed out of the
first money accrning to witness from the busi
ncee. Lewis did not lend him anything.
That agreement was in force fire or sir
weeks during which time they were in Philadel
phia; it was abrogated by a second, bearing date
Nov 86f, which placed Reynolds at the head
ol the firm, leaving all risen* in the first agree
ment. The witness claimed that Lewis got into
” a scrape” in Philadelphia, and found it politic
to leave; Reynolds did not wish to leave the city,
as he was attending a course of lectures there, but
Lewis bad Lis watch, and he had no other means
of getting It than by coming away with him;
thereupon Lewis found him SIOO to pay his ex
penses, for which he pave a note, and Lewis still
held the watch. The firm opened office on the cor
ner of Ucurbom and Randolph streets, and a third
agreement was entered into on the Ist of May, a
copy of which was produced In court
That Dr. Lewis charged the witness in court,
on the previous trial, of taking a package of
money ($100), which belonged to "Lewie, from
the express office; It was sent from Oneida,
ZUinoio, by a Mr. Rouse, in consideration of
medical services rendered to his sister.
That Lewis testified that the witness kept the
money for nearly two weeks before he found it
out, and that when he accused him of having
Jakcn it, the witness seemed surprised, and pre
vcnacQ be had not received it. That the truth was.
mat tut witness did receive the money in a pack
ngc,u>d receipted for it and paid charges: that
“■> r?s?nSo?U.’e
S! .. “>4. On Me return, the wlt
hoard bill. That the % P ‘ T “5
of the charge till aira^ e £l£ e ' er J aiarda word
be was subsequently ? r f though
elated overt© him mltbrtrtoS.^s? r * f®w*Mnd
ecnce of witnesses. On
after Lewis had repudiated the S^2S of * Ju,y '
»*““• "togets actllemSt, SLSS
and ordered to leave the
examination by Mr. Mc-
Comaa, In which be asked the itittwi,™
quertlona apparently of minor leimtC
but ■which were -very pcipiering to thT^rtt
nl 3fV-“. a S olitof y l **be confd notanswer
satltlactorily—as to hla part life and educa
tion—the caae woe continued to 10 oVWk
yesterday. .
The examination was resumed by Mr Me.
Comas,who inquired very particularly Into the
■character and virtue of toe witness, greatly to
ihe amusement of the by-standera. Reynolds
“Lewis said I did not pretend to any skin.
i ,nt was solely his advertising agent. He
tjj>ld that I had no skill—that the patientswere
trealAbybim. I represented my self to pes
etas skill to heal diseases of the eye and ear.
Tallents were treated by him who never was In
ihe office. ■ I did Ifie most part. He stated
tlat the patients were dissatisfied—that I had
tw.t treated two patients right. These pa
£’• its were treated by him. It was done
ii. rjatake on lit part. The patients were
futifficd it wae a mistake. Patients have ex
perienced a wish not to be treated by him
in Borne instances. There was no distinction
between us. LeMs 1m «1.~y 4 told pati( , nt6
I was everything that was desired in a medi
cal man—that I was a gentleman. *1 hare
preached In the Welsh Presbyterian church,
Dr, Patterson's First J Congregational,
and West Indiana Methodist churches, by re
quest. Lewis said 1 forged a certificate of
character in Patten's church, I joined on
the Ist of March; I preached for Dr. Patten.
I had certificates from various associations
as to character.” . _
The testimony of Edward Morris, Amos jr.
Tompkins John B.'flnnna, as to the skill
and honesty of the parties, which was rather
evenly balanced}- closed the evidence for the
ConrtdUe I arreßted Rey
nolds he said Lewie nad got himself Into alight
box. This was immediately alter bis arrest, lie
paid be would give SIOO for the privilege of swear-
Inc against Lewis, who had not himself into a way
to co to the penitentiary. Alter tbc trial be said
be wonld spend a hundred dollars to send Lewis
to the penitentiary.
To Mr. JJonney —Reynolds appeared to be anx
ious to pnt In bis oath against Lewis. Bald ho
would give SIOO for the privilege of swearing
against him. He said be would have him in the
-penitentiary If he had to pay SIOO and take up a
collection. (Laughter.) Reynolds told me he used
part of the money for the theft of which he was
charged, and that he was going to make it good to
Lewis. Reynolds did not say what money it was.
Dr. Beynotds recalled by Mr. Bonney. I told
Keeler that Lewis' ’ statement was false; that 1
wonld have him up for perjury and libel. I had no
filiation to the hundred dollars taken from the ex
press office.
To Mr. McCorna*. IdidnottellMr.Ecelerthat
I had nsed part of the money gotten at the express
office. I told him I would take all the money
thereafter from the express office.
Mr. Better (recalled.) Be spoke of the SIOO
mentioned in the warrant. Be spoke ofthe sl9
he had taken. He said he took sl9 topayboird.
To Mr. McComat. Be did say he had used sl9
which he would make good.
IJ/u. It. Cameron, mom. Hr. Reynolds intro,
duced me to a young lady named Ball, in company
with a woman represented to be her mother. They
were in Lewis' office. I saw two ladies come out
into the hall. Dr. Reynolds beckoned to me to
come out of my office. I did so, and be introduced
me to Hiss Dali. I don't know the other Udy. He
afterwards gave me to nuderatand that he supposed
the young lady wanted to get somebody to keep
her. and the old woman was trying to force her up
on him. He recommended her very highly, as be
ing a good woman.
2lr.Jteyn6tdf re-caUed- s»The door was operand I
knew that Cameron was a lady’s man; as we pars
ed out of the office be turned up his head and
smiled. He came in and I introduced him to the
Indies. That was passed. I deny saying
a word about her wanting some one to keep her.
I introduced her to Cameron because she was con
sidered very pretty. I intimated nothing as to her
Mr. Cameron— l am informed that this witness
has testified to facts that I proubnnce unqualifiedly
false. 1 never saw him before the lime of the in
ttaductlon. 1 pronounce it a falsehood. No such
occurrence ever took place of which he has
Mr. Reynold* (Excitedly.}—lt is true. I can
prove it by twenty witnesses. This evidence of
Cameron is brought on to injure my character.
Everybody knows what Lewis is. lam not a man
who has half a dozen wives.
Henry If. Court eirorn. —I have heordDr.Lewis
speak highly or Dr. Reynolds; he said he was a
mao of much skill aud eminent piety, and was
anxious for me to go and bear him preach; he
also showed me some certificates about Reynolds'
abilities. He spoke so highly of him, that oa tbs
strength of his recommendations, I introduced
Dr. Reynolds to several of my friends, and 1 wish
to say here, Injustice to myself that if Dr. Rey
nolds is the man Lewis now alleges he is, I shall
certainly bold Dr. Lewis to a strict accountability
for the imposition be practiced upon me.
Mr. Me 001710“, sworn,—l will here state that
while in Detroit, Dr. Lewie stabbed a man who in
sulted a woman in Ms presence, and on the trial'
he was honorably acquitted.
Mr. McComa* —We will rest our defence.
Mr. Cameron —Justice, I suppose your presence
protects Reynolds from a good cowhldlng; bnt his
clergyman's cloth will not protect him.
Jiigticc—Lei those difficulties be settled outside.
Jfr. Jteyuctde— Who’s afraid f
Mr. Catneron—l w Ul cowhide you. yon miserable
hypocrite. In the public street, aud thrash yon na
ked through the land.
Some time was then spent by the attorneys
la discussing before the court, the law bear
ing upon cases ol perjniy. Justice DeWolf
expressed Ms opinion that hod the evidence
here been heard in the former case, Beynolds
would not have been held by the court for
t riaL From the later evidence, Reynolds was
not guilty of larceny, nor could he see suffi
cient cause to hold Lewis for trial on the
charge of perjury. Hence, Lewis was dis
The other charge of libel Is to be tried at'
ten o’clock this morning. The alleged libel
consists in the publication by Lewis In the
newspapers, of statements having a tendency
to injure both the professional reputation and
private character of the gentleman of the
•‘Eye and Ear Infirmary.”
During the progress of the trial the court
room was crowded with anxious spectators,
among whom were members of the clergy
man’s flock.
Sentence o t tbo Convicted Prisoners
by Judge Van Daren. . .
Yesterday was sentence day in the Recor
der's Court, an occasion always keenly en
joyed by the carious, and those who, anxious
to hear the incidents of crime, are unwilling
to listen to the diy details, as elicited by the
examination and cross-examination of wit
nesses. It is an event in some men’s history
10 be able to look upon the criminal receiving
his sentence. It gratifies a morbid curiosity,
and is, perhaps, productive of some good.
Whatever the motive, there was a foil house
* ben the Court was opened, and the Recor
der bade the Sheriff bring up Iris prisoners for
Owen Bouncy, Barney Rowney, and John
McGinnis, were first arraigned, charged with
a deadly assault upon a policeman.*
The Recorder said: “ You have been In
dicted and competed of a grave assault upon
a policeman. The Legislature has passed a
law fixing the degree of punishment for this
offence, and I*~cannot change it If I would.
Ihe severity of the punishment indicates the
importance the Legislature attaches to the
crime. Policemen must be protected iu the
performance of their duties.
(Here Mr. Chase, their attorney, asked the
Court to remember that the jury who con
victed the prisoners yccommencd them to
the mercy of his honor*)
The Court cheerfully responded to the re
*. jest of the jury, but regretted that the action
of the Legislature had taken the prerogative
entirely from his hands, and left him no alter
liuiiiebut to pronounce the sentence —one
\ ear in the County Jail.
Junes Kinney was then placed before the
bar, and thns addressed: “You have been
tried and convicted on two indictments: first,
for assault with a deadly weapon, thus devel
oping the great depravity of»yonr nature x,
and also upon the charge of burglary. If any
fense in tbecalegory of crimes deserves special
* iteration it is this. Idon’t suppose anything
1 can say will affect you. You are apparently
hardened in crime and steeped in iniquity. I
have never seen a man come into Court, ap
parently so oblivious to the promptings ol
his better nature, and so utterly destitute of
integrity, as yon. If 1 can’t appeal to your
moral sense, and il you'cannot be reached in
this w ay, I must consign yon to a felons cell,
in the hope that ill the expiration of your
term of sentence, yon will endeavor to re
lorm and become auselpl and honorable
member of. society. The sentence of the
Court is, that vou be confined in the peni
tentiary at Joliet for five years, thirty days of
each year to be spent in solitary confinement.
Wm. G. 'Ward was called. The Court
said: You Lave been declared guilty ot steal
ing property worth one hundred and* sixty
dollars. I learn that yon have a mother and
sister here, whose hearts are almost broken
at this sore calamity. 1 have also received a
letter from the m&u whose property you have
taken. Interceding for yon. I believe this is
your first offense, and as the object of the law
is the reformation of the criminal, not re
venge, I am disposed to be lenient with you.
The sentence of the Court is, that yon be con
fined in the penitentiary at Joliet for one year,
one day of which shall be solitary confine
Wm. Simpson was next arraigned, and thus
addressed by His Honor: You have pleaded
guilty to the charge of stealing a gold watch
and chain, valued at one buudred and fifty
dollars. You professed to have done so most
reluctantly. Youclalmthatyouboughtthem.
It may be so. Yon seem to be penitent. HI
err in imposing the’ penalties of the law. I
prefer to err on the side of mercy, and I will
therefore indict tbe shortest Imprisonment
known to the .statute for this offense one
\ car in the penitentiary.
JVfeoncr—Will i onr honor please grant me
more time before lam sent to Joliet f 1 wish
to correspond with my wile and children, and
If possible,sec them once more bclore lam im
mured in that Bring tomb.
Court —Tom request cannot be granted.
Mary Webster, whose features were con
cealed from observation by a thick vail, was
iheu'brought forward and thus addressed:
Mary, this is the second time you have
been brought before this Conrt upon a simi
lar charge. On that occasion the Court
treated yon with the greatest kindness, and
allowed you to escape with a days Imprison
ment In the county jail. That clemency, as
ebown by yonr conduct afterwards, was mis
taken clemency. It is my duty to place you
where these offences cannot soon be re
peated. Stealing is an unprofitable and dis
graceful occupation. Your sentence is that
yorf'be confined in the county jail for one
Harry Temple was next called, and address
ed in substance as follows:
Mr. Temple, yon have plead guilty to the
charge of counterfeiting, xou are a stranger
here, just having arrived at New York, ap
parently on purpose to prosecute here yonr
nefarious occupation. 1 nave been appealed
to by your friends and the friends of yonr
wife in yonr behalfl and I judge you kre re
spectably connected. lam always disposed
to show mercy if there is hope of reforma
~|2t Your sentence is the lowest Unfit pre-
Stlaiy by ‘totute—one year In the peoi-
wiSfiSS ie »J khe oUlcr female prisoner,
f you tore been
tbcre&r Rood nSn?y^K? u ™ y ’S*, el ?“ s
most heinone crime, La .jS?* a
mctolDfllcta much aererer
do. This leniency on my p£t'aJs.. tll J' l 1
.oonalderaUone of yonr
The aentencc of the Court Is that Tm tau
prisoned in the penitentiary for two teaS'
one day of each year, to be solitary conduel
Pritonrr —l am innocent; but If yon say so
lam willing to Buffer. lam as Innocent aa
your Honor.
Win. Grccsman and Bertram EdmutUUoa
■were thus addressed: You wore first convict
ed of burglary at the June term of this court;
I was induced to grant youa new trial, and
yon are again conTiclt'u. You arc young aud
intelligent, and might hare' become valuable
member* of society. I would infinitely pre
‘ fer that yon might go free, if such a course
would reform yo*n, than to be instrumental in
placing the brand of inlamy upon you. One
of yon, I know, is blessed with an excellent
mother. Had yon obeyed her injunctions
this gnat calamity would not have overtaken
yon. The jury might have fixed the penalty
for your crime at ten years’ imprisonmenu
but because you were young and apparently
Cl ? me ’ “"T law riven yon
tie shortest term known to the Taw— one
year in tie penitentiary. This Is yonr sen
tence. *
James Harvey came up with a shuffling gait
and shading his eyes with his hat The Re
corder said: I know nothing of yonr previous
mslory. but I have reason to believe that you
are penitent, and I therefore sentence you but
for a single year, in the hope of your reform
Edward JR. Bennett, the prisoner came
unwillingly to the bar, and listened with
downcast eyes to what his Honor had to say;
Mr. Bennett, you have been convicted of the
crime of larceny under such circumstances as
leaves no doubt in my mind that the offense
* ranuot express the deep
regretlfcelthataman ofyourage and business
capacities should be led to commit this crime.'
sufficient Intelligence to know that
it don t pay to steal. Every man who ap
pears before me.convicted of this crime will
bear me witness that larceny is a loosing
game. Tourtentence is one year in the peni
ten tiny.” * *
Thomas Dorsey appeared at the bar.' His
offense was tß&t of Knocking down a Norwe
gian, one of the recent importations by tho
blelpncr, and robbing him of Ms money and
watch, both afterwards foond upon his per
son when he was arrested. Alterintercession
by Ms counsel and District Attorney Knox,
the Court said: Mr. Dorsey, I have been aware*
of yourprevious good character and the efforts
ol your friends to compass your release, and
have sent for all the witnesses in lifts case and
examined them with great care and attention.
I am forced 1 o the conviction that yon have
committed a flagrant crime, one of the most
flagrant a man can commit, one which thclaw
punishes with great severity. The law author
izes me to impose a penalty of fourteen years
imprisonment. I have taken your case under
advisement and fix your sentence at one year
in the Penitentiary. «
Tbe prisonorsbeingsentcnced and removed
below, the Court adjourned. • . .
United States Circuit Court—
Hon, David Davis. —Appeal in Admiralty,
Jeremiah "Whcelfer, appellant, ve. steamboat
Editor, appellee —ln this case a libel was
tiled against the steamboat Editor, to recover
against her, as for a maritime lien, for a barge
that was hired by the master of the Editor
on the Illinois River, to increase the. cargo*
and which barge was lost and not returned! *
Judge Davis ruled that under the well set
tlrd decisions of the Supreme Court, masters
of vessels might make them liable for neces
saries, or supplies, or materials furnished in a
foreign port, and might hypothecate them for
tuch necessaries or supplies; -but that,
although a barge might enable a boat to carry
a larger cargo, yet. as in this case, the stage of
water was so high when the barge was hired
that the steamboat could cany a full cargo, It
was in no sense such a necessary article as to
authorize.the Captain to hypothecate the
boat, aud therefore that for suen barge or its
logs there could be no Uca In admiralitv.
Libel dismissed. » 3
Robert Rae for libellant; Judge Weed lor
The Cofirt is now occupied with the impor
tant case of Woodworth vs. the Illinois Cen
tral Railroad Company. The suit !a brought
to recover for a large number of bales of cot
ton burned in transit, as alleged, through
carelessness of defendants, and while being
transported from Memphis to Chicago bv the
Railroad Company, on a bill of lading signed
by tbeir agents. The jury has been empan
elled and thq case opened. Several days will
probably be occupied in the hearing.
• United States Disthict Court —Dfwe
Hon, Tfiomag Drummond —A jury was cm
pandedin this conrt yesterday morning, and
case No. 54 on the trial docket, Joseph M.
Munn w. Gilbert Woodruff ei al., was called
and tried. This is an action on a promissory
note for $5,000, given by defendant’s firm In
1857, for money loaned and payable to the
order of two of the members of the firm, aud
subsequently transferred by them to one Fox,
and by him to plaintiff. Defendants plead
uturv, claiming that SSOO given by them to
one wm. For, who negotiated the loan was
usurious by the laws or New York- A judg
ment was entered in December, 1863, for the
amount of note and interest, and the court al
lowed defendant to come in aud defend fur
the purpose of applying anv sums which
conld be shown to have been already pajd ia
excess of 7 per cent, to be credited on the
judgment. The case is still on. For plaintiff,
Haines & Storey. For defendant, William T.
Bmgess. *
Tire TTnlonGuardsand tlicUnion Do-
feaw Committee.
Seme little. ill-feeling has arisen In certain
circles in thls«ity, concerning the organiza
tion of a regiment ofcTlizensoldicrs, to which
we have perhaps unwittingly contributed by
tbe publication of communications from the
parties interested. Yesterday, Capt. Smith
of the Union Guards, was allowed an oppor
tunity to reply to the communication of
44 Union Defense’' of the preceding day. It
appears to us that this controversy, whatever
it is, can better be settled outside our col
umns, and we have therefore concluded to
1 üblifrh nothing more upon the subject except
the-following letter from Col. John L. Han
cock, defining his position,and esplainhigthe
“situation” so far os he is concerned. Our
columns are open, however, for the advocacy
of any measure which shall look to the har
monious organization of a body ol citizen
soldiers in this city. We earnestly hope the
project may be successful:
Editors Chicago Tribune*
Having-noticed my name in your paper, In
connection with the. Regiment of Home
Guards, I would say for the benefit of those
interested, that In compliance with a resolu
tion passed by the Union Defense Committee
on the 18th inst., requesting me to complete
the organization of the First Regiment Chica
go City Guards under the State law as rapidly
as possible, I shall continue with the Regi
ment as heretofore, and organize as an inde
pendent corps under the State law, in accord
ance with the wish cf the line officers of said
Regiment. Very respectfully yours,
J. L. Hakcoce.
Great Attractions at Evunslon.
'Evanston, July 22,1503.
Editors Chicago TObune:
Oh in the past has It been our delight to .chroni
cle the achievements of mind In this classic retreat,
but the gaieties of the place are not simply the vic
tories of genius nor confined to the narrow limit
cf commencement week, lor it seems quite proba
ble that the glories and triumphs of the past in
ibelr splendor will pale before the novelties of the
coming Friday.
As coming evcntacast their shadows before,”
eotlic approaching annual pic-nic of the Evanston
Sunday School begins to shade its path with innu
merable evidences that the Millenium u near, if
v e correctly Interpret the preparatory signs, the
very sleepers of the Church Militant wilt hare oc.
cation to awake and rejoice. All secular business
will be suspended upon tbatdayjthepostoffice will
close with its usual frequency, regularity and
The bells of the place will be rung, and the wind
will whistle at intervals during the cay.
A grand dinner will be served'in the grove about
meal time, to be partaken of bythe children and
adults present, and by such others as may be there
hcncty. »
There wQI also be various amusements for the
children and citizens generally, such as icc cream,
music, swings, and other refreeiimeuts. ‘
The most imposing exercise, and the oac in
« hich most Interest centers, is a foot race for the
championship of the town. It Is understood that
revera) of our most prominent and heaviest citi
zens have been entered, and others are now ontbe
ai-xlone seat.
Betting ran high tills a. m., some staking the
old Black, and feme preferring tbe Bay.
Old Sorrel bad no taken, as we disapprove of
betting, though we hare great confidence in his
loi>g wind and plodding qualities when aroused,
ai.o believe him a trump.
Vicksburg, Port Hudson, and Banker Hill, will
be patriotically remembered. We may also “re
m tmber Morgan!”
PyiotcchUcg will be displayed in the evening,
also moonlight arid other curiosities.
Cars will leave Chicago at 8:43 a. m., in time for
the exercises. s
Bcftolatlous of Sympathy and Bcwpcct
Parsed by the Chicago mercantile
Mattery Association.
Wuniixs t Our former comrades, Thomas M,
Hutchineou and John n. White, late members of
the Chicago Mercantile Batterv, haye given their
lives a willing offering to the altar of our country,
tlic former, after a painful and protracted illness,
living to reach his friends in this city, thus allow
ii g uswthe mournful eatisfeetton of closing his
fyes in their last sleep; tbe latter actively narticl
patiegin the battles preceding the fall of Vicks
burg, as well as in that memorable siege in which
he received his death wound, just before the glori
ous consummation of tbe 4tb of July. Therefore,
Jit+olnd, That while we, as an Association, and
an individuals, mourn the early fall of our noble,
self-denying md patriotic brothers, wo are com
forted by the memory of their heroic deeds, their
pure and honorable lives, and deeply regret that by
snch sacrifice alone can our now distracted coun
try be redeemed and reunited.
J!e*olred, That we tender our united sympathies
to tiote who mourn the sundering of ties nearer
and dearer than those Sustained by ns, ns comrades
and friends of the deceased.
JieiclTed, That the foregoing bo presented for
publication in the city papers.
What a Draft. —Twenty-flv|£ cars loaded
with the men, women and elmdren of the
First Baptist Church and congregation, and
their five Sabbath Schools, besides all their
outside friends who may wish to have a cheap
ride to Forest Bay and return for tbe paltry
sum of fifty cents, will start this morning.
Come one, come all, with yonr baskets or
Without. Coffee, substantial and ice cream
on the ground, for sale, balls, swings, bal
loon ascensions, pure air, shady groves, &c.
There will be a happy time for all. Only
fifty cents. Milwaukee depot, half-past 9 this
morning, remember.
Aerated Bread.—A gentleman has placed
upon our table a loai of aerated bread, which
he sajs is prepared without, fermentation or
the introduction of deleterious Ingredients.
It is thus made: Fore water and flour, with a
little common salt,- are introduced into a
clean, close kneading vessel' the air ex
hausted, and carbonic acid gas washed pare
by water is forced into it under pressure,
when thoroughly kneaded, it issues directly
into dean Mt tato the oven for
* loaf ho®® yesterday and
•re Prepared to endorse all the inventor says
of its palatable qualities, J
Openlng ana Wldenlns of Dearborn
The delay in opening and widening Dear
born street, between Madison and Monroe,
appears to us unaccountable. The assess
ment for this object was completed last fall
by the then Board of Public Works, and dar
ing the winter and spring the necessary pay
ments were made, and the street could and
should have been fully opened by the first of
May.- There is a provision of the City Char
ter upon this subject whlchTrequircs the open
ing of any street as soon as the assessment
money is paid into the Treasuiy. In this case
the provision is disregarded. Can any one
inform us why ? Is there political favoritism
displayed towards Puller and others, by those
to whom this matter Is legally intrusted?
What say little Fullerahd Comptroller Hayes?
We call upon the Mayor, Comptroller, Cor
poration Counsel and Board of Public Works
for an explanation of the delay. The street
cannot be paved until a year from next spring,
unless it is opened immediately, as the assess
ment must first be made and collected, and
collections can he enforced bat once a year.
Citizen Military Movement,—At a meet
ing of the citizens ofWardNo. 3 lost evening at
371 .State street, J. T. Scommon was appoint
ed chairman, and J. Dore Soc’y-
It was voted to open a muster roll for the
enlistment of an infantry company, which was
done accordingly, and L. Nichols, Dr. Bcvlin
and J. C. Dorc were appointed a committee
to obtain signatures thereto.
Afterwards a muster roll for a cavalry com
pany was opened and J. Y. Farwell and T.
Neaple, were appointed a committee to obtain
The meeting adlounied to meet this even
!ng at 7-SO P. ML All loyal persons are Invited
to be present.
Personal.—CoL J. A, ilaltby of r
(LeadMine)regiment, has just r
city from Vicksburg, and is storing ai; h-i
BrlggsHonsc. The Colonel Is one of trie
.bravest officers in the service, and has re
ceived the very highest commendations for
conduct on the field, not only from his brl
godcand division commanders, but also from
the Commander-In Chlefr The splendid fight
ing which has been done by the 45th, is pro
verbial in the West, and CoL Maltby is the
fitting commander of his gallant men. He is
now here for surgical advice, having been se
verely wounded, for the fourth time since he
entered the army, at the late battle. We ex
pect to note his promotion to a Brigadier’s
position within two or three weeks.
House Moving Extraordinary. —At
Bridgeport J. 8. Mclntire, the well known
Louse-raiser and mover, is busy iu transport
ing a lalfce packing house a distance of a mile
and a half: crossing the river cn route. The
latter is performed by means of .scows at
the Hoisted street bridge. ’Mclntire has a
very moving way with him, only set him at
the work. He wouldn’t even stick at patting
bcrowe to the Southern Confederacy and set
ting it off sideways into the Gul|; though the
latter is pretty nearly done alreadyA
Washed Ashore.— The body of a sailor
was washed ashore near the Garrett Biblical
Institute, Evanston, on Tuesday. An inquest
was held upon the body, but it failed to iden
tify it. The deceased was about five feet ten
inches in height, and had a sailor’s belt
around his waist. The body had been In the
water, the jury thought, tea ol fifteen days.
Verdict—“ Probably lost from a vessel.**
Burglars. —Three notorious thieves, F«fL
Daly, Phil, Durphy, and Bill Mcßride, were
arrested on Tuesday for burglary. Ou Monday
night the residence of£. A. Jessel,s63 Wa
bash avenue, was broken Into and robbed of
about SIOO worth of clothing. When these
parties were arrested one of them actually had
ou a portion ol the missing clothing. They
were examined yesterday morning and held
for trial each in the sum of SSOO.
Funeral or General Farnsworth.— The
remains of the luto Brigadier General £. J.
Farnsworth reached this city last evening, in
charge of Hon. John F. Farnsworth, and a
mtiitaiy escort sent from the battle field of
Gettysburg by Gcu, Pleasautou. The funeral
of the deceased General will take place to
morrow, in St. Charles, at II o’clock a. m.,
from the residence of Hou, J. F. Farnsworth.
Rejoined his Regiment.—Major Chas. W,
Davis, 51st 111. infantry, left last evening, to
join his command in the field. He has nearly
recovered from the effects of the wound re
ceived at the battle of Murfreesboro. A let
ter received from CoL Bradley, yesterday, lo
cates this regiment ou the summit of the
Cumberland Mountains.
Benefit Ball.—We learn that .D. C. Ryan,
the discharged soldier whose case formed the
subject of a few lines in Tuesday’s Tribune,
Las secured North Market Hall forliis benefit
ball, and that the festivities will take place on
Friday the 24th Inst- The occasion will be a
pleasant,Jand we trust a profitable one to the
Seizure of CorrzimulD Muskets.—Day
befote yesterday, John E. Henry, Assistant
Provost Marshal of lowa, located at Daven
port, seized two boxes of fire arms m route
lor a notorious Copperhead residing near
Grincell, lowa. The guns were purchased in
this city, odd shipped as merchandise.
National Bank.—The Presidents of the
Board of Trade and Mercantile Association
Live colled a meeting of all citizens interest
ed in the establishment Of a Natlonal'Banl&n
this city, to meet at the Mercantile Associa
tion Booms, on Friday evening, at half-poet
seven o’clock.
Arrested.—A man named Miller was ar
rested yesterday, in the N.W. Depot, by Officer
Bellinger, for stealing a watch, and wallet
containing $lO, from a drunken man. Miller
contrived to get rid of both the money and
the watch.
72d Regiment Illinois Volunteers.—Sur
gean Beers will take letters to the above regi
merit if left at the office of J. W. Sykes, 153
South Water street, before 5 o’clock this
(Thursday) evening. No packages con be
Arrival.—Capt. Hayden, of the gallant old
19th regiment, is In town on a brief furlough.
Notice.—There k wUl be a meeting of the
Union Defence Committee at the rooms of the
Mercantile Association on Thursday evening,
July 23, at 8 o’clock. All members are ear
nestly Invited to be present.
By order of the Committee.
* Chas. G. Wicker, Sec’y.
Pension and Bounty Blanks.
The llt-t of approved forme of Pension, Buck
Pay and Bounty Blanks are kept on hand at the
Tribune office, and sent by mail, post paid, upon
receipt of tbc price, at 75 ceuts per quire.
Application for Transfer of Pension.
“ of Widow for Payment of Pension.
” ’ of Invalid Pensioner for Payment of
Also all kinds of Law and Military Blanks, Con
vjwanclng Blanks. &c. Address,
TRIBUNE CO, 51 Clark street.
‘Bounties and Pensions.
The Benevolent War Claim Association of this
city is doing good work. It is now adjusting bon*
dreds of claims for different persona in the North
west, thereby saving from $5 to sl3 for each sol*
dier. The office is at 56 Dearborn, and the P. O.
Box la 163. For full Information, inclose a red
stamp to the Secretary, Coas. A. Geegoet. jylG ct
Attention.— Young men of Chicago, yon are
requested to meet at the armory of the Ellsworth
Zouaves, in Garrett Block, comer of Randolph
and State street, at 8 o'clock, this evening, when
you can have an opportunity of becoming a mem
ber of the above celebrated company. Byjolnlng
this organization you are furnished with uniforms
and equipments, free < fall expense, and are also
taught the renowned Zouave drill, under the, in
struction of Capt. Brand, whose skill and pro
ficiency is well known.' Go one and all.
Ham Wobk. —W. Barrow, manufacturer of
Wise, Toupees, Ladies* Braids, Bands, Curls,
Puns, Ac.. No. 23 S. Clark street, up stairs.' Di
rections for measuring the head sent on applica
tion. Post Office bos 6,487.
U. S. Z. Cadets.— You arc required to be at the
assembly rooms this Thursday afternoon at 8
o'clock, to attend the funeral ofwonr old comrade,
Capt. L.'S. Larrabee, 4lthNew York, killed at Get
tveburg. It is hoped every member will be
promptly on hand> Ben. B. BorsronD,
Crab. L. Tcoezb, Secretary.
pg" F. E. Rigby, 89 Bandloph Street 1b selling
Paper Hangings at less than New York prlcqa at
\yholcsalc and retail. The trade supplied oirthe
most liberal terms. jy7.4w
Nervous Diseases and Physical Debility,
arising from Specific causes, in both sexes—new
and reliable treatment, in reports of the Howard
Association—sent in sealed letter envelope free of
charge. Address. Dr.J. Skillm Houghton, How
ard Association, No. S South Ninth street Phila
delphia. Pa. • jyliMw
In St. Charles, on the 22d last, hy the Rev. W. A*
Lloyd. LTMANL BARBOUR or Battle C; eek. Mich..
;o BKLEN B. MINaKD, daughter of the Hon. Ira Ml
ntidoi the former place.
In Bt Johns. N. B, on the 13th lest., by the Rev. T,
B. Smith.GEORGE U. SPRINGER. Of Colcago. D.8..
10 MUj J. HI'MPHHF.V 8, Of this city.
In this city, at the Orient House, on the 30th Inst., by
the Rev J. C, Burroughs, D. D. Mr. CSAS. P.DeX-
TaK and Miss MABi 0. DkCREKT. all of this city.
On the 22d Inst.. EDENEZER DUNKLHE. of Dunk
eo's Grove. DoPsge county. 111.
In Bridport, Vt, 19th I nit., at the home of herfather.
Deacon Amos Hamilton, Mia. DELIA H HUNT, wife
cf Sanford M. Hunt. Jr., of this city, aged 27 years, 1
n.ontb.4 days.
Killed in battle at Gettysburg. Pa„ on the 3d Inst..
Captain LUCIUS B. LABHABEETcf the 44th Regiment
New York Volunteers. In tne26th year of hM age.
fits fiiends, and those of his family. are invitedi to'at
tend the funeral senlees. at 8t James* Church, this
(Thursuay) afternoon, at 4 o’clock, without wither
Wednesday Evening, July 22,1563.
Business of all kinds for Chicago is doll, as is
usual here and elsewhere at this season of the
year. The lull Is necessary to afford our Jaded
bankers, merchants, and business men respite and
recreation before the immense fall trade commen
ecs. Bankers are specially glad to find customers
for their funds; large amounts of which are lying
Idle. Bates of discount as usual, 7010 $ cent.—
the lower figure for large accommodations, payable
in New York, /
New York Exchange as heretofore la A*e. The
bnyingrange [email protected] nearly all the banks pay
ing the upper figure, and some of them perhaps a
fraction ahoye. The selling pricef is firm at X
with the usual exception of a single house supply
ing customers at K«
The forenoon dispatches made the rates for gold
in New York 3240134 - Of course the market Is
considerably down from yesterday’s quotations.
We refer to our late dispatches for the closing
rates. Here the brokers paid 13C0131, and some
houses paid considerably higher, but buyers arc
Silver 1100115. Treasury notes selling XOX-
New York Stock and Money Market,
By Telegraph.] New York. J oly 2i, 1853.
; Stocks —Dull but rather better.
C.&B, l.f. 99X Reading lo9v
C. & T..... S5J£ M. S 65
M. & P. dn C 6S»X M. S. gtd JU3X
P.Ft.W.&C 72© I. C. scrip 108 X
C. & T 117 Hudson 148
G. &C. 97X Erie 93#
C.4P WX K. Y. C 120
M.C 11l PacMaiL 237 X
Harlem 100 m
Government stocks firm.
UjS. 6s .’Bl, c .10CX I 7-Soa... .r.. .106X0107
aTonet—Easy at 6 per cent, on call.
Sterling exchange iowes and dull at 137XQ133
for first class bills.
Gold unsettled, opening at 125X> advancing to
- - X» and closing quiet at 120.
Wednesday Evening, July 22, 1563.‘
ascsirts ros past twenty-tour hours.
Flour. Wheat. Com, Oata. Ryo. Bri’y.
brls. bn. bu. bo. do. bn.
Canal • 4000 41137 170
G d CURB... 308 7667 W23 667 034 375
RIRB ISO 1050 HfcO 850
lIICER 1100 35(0 13300 600
CB&QR R,. 478 2328 34016,. 412 149 864
KWRR 218 1050 700 1200
A * StLRR.. 72 090 5010 623 360 ....
- Total 2326.20555 111671 35M 1473 1759
Grass Live Beef Hlvh-
Seed. Hogs.Wool,C , ti.,tt.ocs. w’es.
lbs. No. fl>s. Nc. Tbs. bill.
GACCBB 42 7780 ....•
BIRR. 34 .... 54
1U0RR.....-..18eC0 750 .... 64 6300 350
CBAORE - 5363 .... 12471 48
N W Bit
A.&51.L.8.R .... 191 .4954 9423 ....
.18000 941 5363 140 59170 452
Flour Wheat Cora Oats. Bye.Bari’y
brls. bu. bo. bu bu. bo.
Buffalo 8200 10000 .. . 80000 12575 ....
8200 10000
The receipts of produce during the past twenty
four hours were brls flour, 20,535 bu wheat,
111,671 bu com, 3,501 bn oats, 1,478 bu rye, and
1,759 bn barley, The shipments embrace 3,200 brls
flour, 10,000 bu wheat, 30,000 bu oats, and 12,575 bu
The general produce markets to-day were dull
*and dragging—the prices of nearly every leading
article being lower. The depressing character of
the reports from Eastern markets has deterred
shippers from entering the market to any great
extent, and the speculative Inquiry Is, as usual at
tills season, very light.
The Wheat market declined IXO3C per bushel,
and was rather more active (in No 1 Spring, espe
cially,) but at the close the feeling was that of de?
pression. No 1 Spring Wheat In store was sold at
$1 6O01.O2X; No 2 Spring, at 91c; and Rejected
Spring at 6SO7Sc in store. Around lot of 8,000
boebcls choice Minnesota Spring (in a separate biu
in Biram Wheeler’s elevator) also changed hands
at $1.05. There were no buyers of Red Winter
Wheat in store, and the market was nominally
lower. A lot of 1,000 bushels new crop in bags on
track was sold at $lO7.
There was a good Inquiry for low grade Flour
and the market was more active, with sales of
about 1,560 brls of all kinds, at $6.37X07.50 lor
good to very choice White Winter extras; $4,000
4.£ v for medium to choice spring extras; and
09.60 for spring supers.
Corn declined X®Xc per bushel, and ruled dull,
only about 140,0C0 bushels hands, at 49X
060 c for good to very choice River High Mixed
afloat; 49c for Canal Mixed afloat; 4)o for White
Cora In store; 47X017&C for Mixed Com in store,
and 46c lor Rejected Com in store. At the close
the market was dull, with buyers at 47Xc, aud sell
ers at 47 *£C.
■ Oats were quiet and steady at 54055 XC for No. 1
in store, and 480fOc for Rejected in store. Ryo
was in goqo demand, aud a shade better, with sales
of No, lln store at 63063 XC. Barley rules unusu
ally dull, aud wc quote saies of new at [email protected] on
track. Highwlnes arc cull, with light sales teniay
at 41c.
Provisions but firm. Mess Pork Is held ’
at $12.30, but buyers are holding off, in hopes of
lower prices. BulLH&ms.are in good demand and
firm, with sales to-day of 7,000 pcs city cut at 7XC
loose. A small lot of country Long Middles'*was
sold at 4ȣc In Boxes. Lard is quiet, with light
sales of prime kettle at Oc,
Freights were easier and more active, wfrh libe
ral engagements, at 4c for corn to Buffalo, 8c for
com to Oswego, and 0c for wheat to Kingston
As far as oar market Is concerned there are ho
features worthy of especial mention. The djaline
of gold and the unsettled state of affairs in%ew
York, have withdrawn operators from the field,
and they are not willing to purchase, except at a
material concession. Although the published sta
tistics show upwards of 123,000 lbs as having been
received last week, still the greater portion of It
has gone through on manufacturer’s account, leav
ing but a small quantity to be marketed hero. We
hepr of no transactions and quote the market nom
inal at st©ssc.
Nzw Yonx.—The Economiet says; The heavy
decline in gold and exchange, and the continued
favorable war news have quite unsettled and de
pressed our wool market, while the “ conscription
note" have kept it very quiet. We have seldom, if
ever, found so few buyers or Inquirers In the mar
ket as during the week under consideration.- The
few buyers that appeared in town early in the week
were in haste to lupre, and. business In the staple
has been brought to a complete stand by the
troubles of the hoar. The operations have been
very limited and not worth reporting, including
some fleece at 76075 c: out these prices, are now
considered above the market. In the country the
market is also at a stand, the favorable war news
ana heavy decline in gold having stopped all opera
tions. Buyers refuse to give late prices within
607#c S lb, indeed some of the western papers
quote a decline of 10c. Wool growers are not gen
erally willing to accede to these rates, but the force
ol circumstances wlll-compel them to lower their
Ideas and meet the market according to buyers*
Boston.—The Bulletin says: The fall in gold
ai:d popular disturbances in relation to the draft
have combined to check operations almost to the
extent of a suspension of business during .the
past week. Manufacturers, encouraged by the
ptospect of a fall in the primary markets, are
patching up their stocks with foreign staple, and
pwisistently holding-off from domestic with a
view tq lower prices. Dealers, however, have
sold pretty close up; there is scarcely any old
fittce left on the market; supplies of the new clip,
even from the surrounding country, comu.in very
slowly, and there is not much chance to compel
lower rates here for the present, even by a policy
•of “ masterly inactivity” on the part of consu
Philadelphia.— The Xorih American says:—
The new clip comes In slowly, and the Inquiry for
it is limited at [email protected] Holders generally are Arm
In their demands, and asking the latter figure for
fine fleece, vv hich is above the view of buyers.
Balunore.—The Price Current says: All var
ieties have come forward sparingly, and wltlra
very limited local demand, prices are unsettled.
We quote:
No. 1 polled...
Medium fleece.
■Tub washed...
Ko Merino or fine fleoce in the market
Milwaukee.— The Sentinel says: Some of the
wool buyers here have withdrawn from the market
for the present, and ofthoee willing to buy none
conld be found yesterday to offer over 55c for the
vtpr best quality of wooU Possibly a higher
figuremlgb have been realized, but we couldnot
learn that any purchases had been made. The
inarkecwil) necessarily be very much-unsettled
for some time to come.
Cleveland.—The Wool Grower says: The past
week has been one of almost entire suspension in
the wool trade. Prices have receded. -Wools are
»'!“ a , ? n P>o ™»*et In Email lots at 50565 C,
without finding any bujera. while large growers
are indifferent Boners. Thla Indlcatea a decline of
ICc a pound. >\ e are net disappointed at this sud
den charge, and are Spared to notice still
greater fluctuations, while no one *•*** truthfully
* a T . wools will not advance, circumstances all
point to a greater decline. Onr readers will admit
that we have strongly gnggeated the propriety of
** yearly, but have avoided discussion on that
point, for discussion on the wool market this year
baa become an impertinence. It is not nnfre
quently the case that parties *mako enemies of
those they strive bard to befriehd. by simply
pointing out, in good faith, errors, especially when
it is more agreeable to believe in thosfe errors
to open onr eyes to unpleasant troths.
Adrian (Mich.)—The Expositor says; Our wool
market is as brief as Cteaar’a bulletin this
week. Not 1,000 brls, all told, have been bought
the present week. The market Is extremely dull.
Buyers don’t care about buying, and sellers don’t
core about selling. The range of prices to-day is
55c to 65c, offered. \
Loyalty In |be Cincinnati Chamber ol
There was a meeting of the members of the Cin
cinnati Chamber of Commerce, on the 20th lost.,
at .which the following resolutions passed almost
unanimously, there being only two dissenting
Wdbrfas, At a mooting of this body, hold on
July IB hand 21st, ISGS. a resolution was offered
and passed, requiring all members to take an oath
of allegiance to oar Government:
And wimnxAß, At a subsequent -meeting, a re
solution was oflered and unanimously passed, re
quiring the Board of Officers to serve a notice on
all the members who had not,taken the oath, de
manding that they should attend at such a time us
the Board should epedfy r and then either comply
with the terms of the first mentioned resolution,'
or state their reasons for refusal:
And wbebeas, fubther, The Board of officers
have this night reported, in accordance with such
resolutions, the names of sundry persons who
positively refuse to take the oath: Be It there
Jleeotred , by the Commerce of tbo
city of Cincinnati, That all members who have re
fused to take the oatb,ae required, bo and they are
hereby exp*lied from all the privileges of member
ship in that body.' I
The Secretary then read the list of those who
have not subscribed to the oath. Their names aro'
as follows: James Bradford, Hiram Clearwater,
Thos. Cordukcs, in Europe; Jas. Dougherty, N.
H. Florer. Solomon Frenton, absent; John T.
Foote, in New Tork; Owen Gaines. John H. Ger-«
rard, H. O. Gilbert, H. P. Handy. Jas. Hall, sick;
Wm.Hltatt.A. H, oznltUd 1a
reglect; D. E. Mt-ado, Richard Samuel
Manning, Wm.McCammon, Job N. Nash, George
W. Phillips, Jr., in Europe; Geo. C- Sledge, John
TchlfT, Joseph Sballie. Thos. P. Sanders, Geo. W.
Woodward. Francis Wymond, C. W. West, Wm.
Wile Lire, B. C. Baker and B. P. Baker, in New
Tors: Edward Gilmore, in Europe; Jason Evans
and Eugene GraeeelH, explanatory notes.
' Boston Floor market*
[From the Commercial Bulletin, 18th.]
The flour market is completely stagnant, except
so far as the current supplies to the trade for im
mediate consumption are concerned. The decline
In gold, and increased dullness of the foreign mar
kets. have completely checked operations for ship
ment. Prices are weak and nominal, and large
transactions can only be effected at a considerable
reduction from quoted rates. If the train of mili
tary events continues favorable, a material decline
maybe looked for. The receipts are tailing oS,
but as there is no considerable outlet for the im
mense stocks already on hand, the process of accu
mulation still continues.
Accounts from Europe represent prospects of
the forthcoming crop as very auspicious, and the
supplies from Russia and the northern German
States, unless cut off by a European war growing
out of the Polish question, will bo unusually
The capture of Vicksburg and Port Hudson has
somewhat strengthened the Western markets, as
their Southern trade will receive an impetus, and
supplies for New Orleans and South America will
go directly down the Mississippi, instead of mak
ing the detour by way of Atlantic ports. This
will be eo much drawn from the Eastern trade,
which, so far as flour Is concerned, will be far
from receiving any benefit from the opening of
this great avenue of commerce.
Extras are a shade lower, but as yet there Is
little alteration to be made in our quotations,
which are nominally as follows:
Western superfine, $5,0005.25; common extra,
[email protected]; medium, $2507.00; and choice in
cluding St.- Louis favorite brands, $7.5009 00.
ExtraMlchlgan is selling at $7.0007.25; choice
do, [email protected]; extra Ohio, $6.0006.50; choice
do, $7.(008.00. Canada Is very dull and nominal
at fc5.0005.25 for superfine; $5.5006 00 for com
mon extra; $6.2507.00 for medium; and $7,250
BCO for good and choice. In Southern fiotirnoch
ingis doing, and prices aro entirely nominal.
Brandywine, SB.OO. Com Meal Is very dull of sale
at $4.3704.60; and Rye Flour la selling Iu small
lots at $4.2105.50 $ brl.
Bids for Flour In Boftton.
About ten days since Government advertised in
Boston for bids /or 8,000 brls of winter wheat flour.
Before the time expired, not leas than 41,878 brls
were offered at a range of $6.1903.37 X.
Opening of the New York Cattle Har-
Brrj.’t Head, Monday, July 20.
Notwithstanding ti-o invasion of the market
place last Monday by a mob of thieving rebels, who
sacked and burned the market place hotel ami
broke up the business of the market, It did not nut
a stop to the regular supply, for we have about
3,500 head of bullocks on sole. Including some lots
sold Saturday, and the first half of the market was
at prices full half a cent a pound better than the
forenoou of last Monday, and of course the trade
will close better, for tbcq we had frightful war,
now we have quiet , peace. The weather is very
warm to-day, and the accommodations for people
under cover very limited, and as a matter of neces
sity they hurried through business this morning
very rapidly, so that a large proportion of the stock
was sold before noon, ana at prices that gave full
satisfaction to drovers. In the afternoon trade
grew dull, and salesmen were willing to accept of
ters that they refused in the morning. The num
btrof cattle on sale provedmuch larger than was
expected, and when we get in reports to-morrow
from oil the market places, we think it will be
found that the supply of the week has been quite
largo. A large portion of tho stock has sold at
prices equivalent to 10011 c $ lb. for the net
weight of meat, seller sinking offal. The quality
of the stock this week averages good fair medium;
there arc a few very good cattle, which sell at
HXc> 9 und perhaps u very few at 12c. The
number Of poor, low priced cattle this week is
small, and not many will sell as low as 9c. lb.
Altogether, the market is decidedly better Than
any one had reason to expect at last Monday, or for
several days afterward, in our opinion, it Is bet
ter than it will be next Monday, as the butchers
are now pretty fully supplied, so that a large stock
will not he required. The Sheep market opened
this morning favorably for drovors, and Sheep sold
readily at about 5Xc. $ lb., live weight, and
Lambs, 6XO9C. $ D>. The Hog market is not ac
tive to-day, though the supply is not large. Sales
at SXOSXc. 33 live weight. We arc happy to
say to drovers, that Mr. AUertcn Is already engag
ed in providing a new building for their accotnmo
dntlor, eo that the regular business of the market
will not be interrupted.
New York Butter Market.
The riot which commenced here Monday put ai
most a stop to trade of all kinds for the first four
.days of fte week, and the sales Friday and Satur
day were not of sufficient extent to give very relia
ble quotations, for Gold and Exchange and sales
were made at rather low figures for butter. Ship
pers are not buying to any extent. We quote Wes
tern Reserve choice marks 16to 17Xc; good
marks do 16 to 16Xe t ordinary do 15 to Mid
dle and Southern Ohio, if yellow and even color
and in ntat packages, 35X to tuc; ordinary lots 11
to : 5c White and streaked butter is slow sale at
12 to 14c. Michigan choice marks, from the South
ern section of the State, 16 to 17c; common Michi
gan 14 to l r c. Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana in
neat packages, If yellow and even color, 15 to 16;
common lots do 13 to 14c. It would seem as
though the lowest point bad been reached on bat
ter; still, should Gold and Exchange continue to
decline, prices would go lower, ae the European
n arket is not as high as last year.
Tlie Grape Crop Safe*
[From the Sandusky Register, 18th ]
Though there has been some cosiderable alarm
as to tlys safety of the grope crop,and though there
have been reports circulated far aud near as to Its
probable failure In this region, we arc-happy to
say, that vhat little alarm there was felt a few
days ago. has now subsided. As yet the grape
crop on the Islands, as well as the mainland, is
almost completely safe. Some little rot has been
seen, but we have it from those who have recently
made extensive examinations, that there is none
nowlo be seen. Nor Is this all. Since grapes
w ere cultivated here, they have never before
promised so finely. They are doing remarkably
well, and the crop at this writing promises to be
St* lioulti Markets—July 21
Dealers In flour could nol agree as to prices, aud
veiy little business was done in the article. Sales
were confined most yto small lots to the city ba
kers, embracing 373 brls at $3.75 for low grade,
$ for country super, $5 for single extra,
and $5.25 $ bil for double extra. Wheat was firm
but slow, with sales of 1.800 sks at 70c for poor
spring, and $1 to $1.15 ibr good fair and extra
choice. There was rather more activity in com at
prices ratlur more'favorable for buyers, sales com
prising 2,500 sks at 56Xc to s<c per bushel. Oats
were in smalt receipt and firmer, with sales to con
tractors at 73074 c, and to feeders at 70c to 75c for
rejected to prime. A couple of lotsof-rye were
reported at 50c per bushel. Nothing transpired in
provisions and lard. Whisky was slow at 40c per
gallon. Hides steady at 15c for flint.
Cincinnati markets—July 21*
Flour remains dull, and except In fresh ground
trade brands, there is nothing doing** Whisky
steady at 41#c. Bulk shoulders arc in good demand
at 4c. and bams at 6#c. Bacon hams ore wanted,
at9o9#c for common, and l’(B»n#c for
cured. Old mess pork sold at $'J ou. No inquiry
for new'pork or lard. Linseed oil dnll at $1.25
Groceries remain qnitedull. Wheat depressedand
nominal. Corn dull at 56057 c for shelled, and 57c
for tar. Oats dull, but prices are unchanged.
STontreal/Grain market—July 18.
Received. 23,437 hu wheat, 22,390 bn corn, 6,100
bn oats. Very little business was done to-day on
the Corn Exchange, hut prices are not only strictly
maintained, hut may he said to show an advance,
fresh ground flour having sold at $4.40. la wheat,
sales of Upper Canada Spring were made at 83#
New York Side market—July 20,
Hides aro dull and lowc; the sales reported in
10.COO Buenos Ayres (last evening) 2k# Jbsf.at 2l#c
nitcaab, andwithin a few days, bnt notpreviouely
reported, 15.000 California, from store, oii private
terms, supposed to be 24c, 6 months.
Cincinnati Hay market—July 21.
The market rules firm, with a demand folly up
to the supply. We quote prime timothy at
22.( 0 per ton, in bales on arrival, ami 2J.C0024 uo
from store.
St. Louis Salt market—July 21
Salt was dull at last quotations, viz: $2.6002.70
per barrel for New York, and $2 8002 40 per sack
lor G. A., with sales of 150 barrels or the former in
two lots, at $2.60 per barrel.
Montreal Provision market.—Joly 18.
Wo hear of a lot of 200 barrels old inspected Mess
Fork at $10.26. New Mess Is stlffat $11.60.
St. Louis Kay market—July 21,
Market firm, with sales of 170 bides at $1 JO on
the spot; 45 and 50 do at sl.lO per 100 S>s, deliver
ed ; and 31 and ISI do at tbc market.
In the Dry Goods market there is a fair business
doing—for the season, u heavier one than usual.
Although V Icksburg bas.been captured, The Mis
sissippi opened, and a material decline in gold,
cotton goods have not sufleredany remarkable de
preciation, and, with a few exceptions, there is no
muteriarchango since last week. The stocks of
heavy goods are altogether inadequate to the de
mand of the fall trade, and when we consider that
the production of these goods has been suspended,
it Is not a matter of wonder that holders arc not
ai.xions to sell or make large concessions. Be
low we give copious extracts from tbc New York
aid Boston authorities, which will give oar read
ers an idea of the markets there.
.55060 c
.63063 c
.64066 c
We give closing prices
Stark Mills, A. 80 @ c
Indian Head.. .80 @ c
Medford .20 C
Agawam F.... m ....25 c
Constitution 20 c
Fanners, 8-4 16#c
Wamsntta, 34.... .15><c
Ocean, 7-8 17>tfc
Indian Orcliard, W.2l#c
Indian Orchard, L.20 c
Plow, Loom & An-* ‘ *
Til 57#c
Farmers and Me
chanics. GO c
18* c
,20 c
Charter Oak.
Hartford. ...
.?....25 C
Fan*, 8-3 25 c
Whittcntoa 27Xc
Roanoke 22#c
Albany 20 c
cm css.
Delaware 18££c
VUlagc Green.... .22Xc
Lancaster 22Xc
Richmond..; SSjfc
Bast River 28#c
Lonsdale 25 c
Plain Black.
• cambric,
Waverlr 16#c
Paper Cambric.....SO c
congsr JSAMB.
Lewiston 200 c
Glasgow SCO*-c
[From tbc N. Y. Economost.]
The savage and protracted riots which have
been ragisu in the city have checked all disposi
tion to do business, and the dry goods market re
mains as dull and unsettled as it was last week.
Indeed the dullness and unsettled feeling has in
creased. Since our last Issnc Port Hudson hu sur
rendered, leaving all the country west of theHls
iseipp! under Federal control; the second attack
on Charleston has commenced, and gold has de
clined to 136. This decline of gold from 146 to 126
a fall of ISM per cent., in connection with the suc
cesses of the national army in bringing the war
nearer to a dose, must have Bill as much of a de
pressing effect upon the dry goods market as we
anticipated last week, namely ten per cent at
least, while cotton goods will probably decline
more than this. Heavy sheetings have already
declined 14# per cent., and some few lots have
been offered at a decline of twenty per cent.
There is one argument which holders of stand
ard cotton goods argue with. a good deal of
plausibility, namely, that the- scarcity of leading
cl stated brown no 4 Wwobed MtWa
i as follows:
Pacific, new
styles 25©27#c
Hamilton 25©27 Xc
Manchester 25ft2*Xc
Reps [email protected] c
J. & P. Coats, 9
doz 00 c
Stuarts.... 85 c
Williznantlc SO c
Stafford Bros 80 c
Pittman’s, 200 yds. 85 c
Victoria 12>£c
Wulte skein X.OO
Assorted skein.... l.io
Lewis River I7#c
Aurora 15 c
Atlas 25 c*
Bird! Hill 13 c
Union, 4-4 2T#c
Lonsdale 4-4 30 c
White Rock 31 c
Merrimack. 20 c
Sprague** 1?©20 c
Richmond IS©24 c
Bovlbton 17(3)19 c
Lowell [email protected] c*.’
Dorchester..... - 16 c
Pacific 17©19 C
Dutchess,B .153fc
Naumkeag.. 15Xc
Pemberton Isjsc
Montville....; 16 c‘
Manchester is c
.35 e
Worsted Braid,
. tiso
Cotton Yaiik ..85
Twine ;....9001.00.
Kt. J£ins.. .40®‘X)c
Satinets 6C&1.0Q
Glasgow .23 c
Lancaster 23 c
Scotch [email protected]
goods -will tend much toward sustaining their
prices. Standard heavy sheetings are entirely out
of first hands in the market, and none arc making,
and standard bleached goods aro nearly in the Same
condition. The jobbing trade therefore expect
that if the manufacturers do noLovercrowd the
njarket I with low-priced goods, they will be able to
obtain fair prices for thefewstindard goods which
they hold, although they expect to submit to a de
cline from last month's closing prices. It Is very
difficult, however, to make correct calculations
concerning the future course of the market. That
the tendency Is downwards is certain, but how
strong this downward tendeacy win be can only
be determined by developments that are yet to ap-
. i ßß r AJtarnln told “in- i‘ore"u reported in
, this market report as subject to 2c storage, which
u paid by the buyer . exdusire of the price paid
for the grain to (he teller. )\7wn a transaction is
made in which the seller pays the storage. U is re
ported “f. o. b.”or “free of storage.” AUjtour
• sales are quoted as “ delivered." unless otherwise
Wednesday Evening, July 22,1863.
FREIGHTS—Easier and more active. The en.
cagements were as follows: To Bcitalo: Prop
Neptune; barks S. B. Pomeroy, D. P. Dobbins,
i Chenango; schrs. George Steel, Golden Harvest,
J. H. Hartzell, Eveline andMelvina—all with corn,
at 4c. To Oswego : schrs. Acontias and Algerine,
with corn, at Bc. To Kingston ; schr. Tecumaeh,
with wheat, at Oc.
FLOUR—Received, 2,8:6hr15; shipped, I.2oohrla.
Supers In good demand; extras dull. Sales In
clude: 250 brls “Chicago Mills,” choice White Win
’ ter at $7.50; 50 hrls “St. George” do at §7.50; 100
brls winter extra at 56.37 X; 243 hrls spring super
and 109 brie winter super at $4.00; *OO oris “Hano
ver City” good spring extra at $1.80; 25 brls “Vet
eran” do at $4 75; £5 brls Fair “View” and 100 brls
(brand not given) spring extra at s|.lo; 150 brls
winter super at $3.50; 160 brls unsound extra at
BRAN—Sales: SO tons at $16.50.
WHEAT—Received, 20,565 bn; shipped, 10,000
bu. Market heavy and lX©2c lower. Soles
were;—B,OOObu Minnesota Spring, (by sample) In
H. & W.’s elevator, at $1.05 m store: 40i) bu No. 1
Spring (in M. A. & Co.'s) at SI.2X; 7,200 bu do (in
North Side houses) at $1.02; 9,600 bu do. iu one
lot (short receipts In North Side houses) atsU)U£:
400 bn do (in Fulton) at $l.01X; 2,000 bu do (in
North and South Side houses) at |l.ot; t(XJ bn do
(in Newberry’s)at $1.00; 19,000 bu No. 2 Spring
(In-North andSonth Side houses)at Ole; ..',OOO bu
Rejected Springtin North Side house) afr'Ksc; SOO
bn do (In:P. & T.’s) at 71c; SU) bu do at 71b. > Red
Winter Wheat was extremely dull, and prices were
nominally lower. No sales reported.-
Hy Sample ;—P obu No Grade Spring on ®ack
at 6ec; l,toj bn New Red Winter ontrack at $1.07
in bass.
CORN—Received, 111,674 bu; 'shipped, none.
Market XOX<? lower. Sales:—6,ooo bu verycholco
High Mixed afloat at 50c; 2,500 ha-good High
Mixed afloat at 49ifc ; 6,000 bu Canal Mixed afloat
fit 49c; 78.000 hu Mixed Com in store at 47Kc;
25,100 bu do at 47,S'c; 800 bu do’at 47Xc ;!800 bu
White Com in store at 40c; 16.0-X) bu Rejected
Cora in store at4fc*c; 400 bu No Grade oft track at
•• OATS—Received. 3,504 bu; shipped, 80.001 bu.
Maiket quiet and without material change. Sales;—
7,5(1 bu No. 1 (in H. &. W.’s) at 55i£c; 2,30u bu
No. lat 55c; 600 bu do at &l#c ; ecu ba do at Me;
tOO bn Rejected Oats in store at 50c: 3,500 bu do at
48Xc j 4,800 bu do at 18c.
KYE—Received. 1,478 bu; shipped, 12£75 bu.
Market active and a shade better. Sales3,6oo
bn No. lin store at 68c; 1,200 bn do at CSXc.
BARLEY—Received, 1,759 bu. Market dull.
Sales:—4oo bn new by sample at 57c; 400 bu do at
Csc—all on track.
ALCOHOL—Nominal at [email protected] per gallon.
BEANS—I 4 bushels prime at $2.80.
BUTTER—Demand fair and market steady.
Salts:—42 firkins pilme at ISXcfrlO firkins at
BROOM CORN—Held at $125.000145.00 perton.
with but a very limited demand.
CHEESE—Market dull and unchanged at 110
Doctor Hamburgh: lOOIOXC for Western Re
serve, and 809 c for Illinois and Wisconsin. The
demand is unusually light;
- FRUITS—Dried apples in good ‘demand and
firm. Green apples are in demand at $2 5001.00.
Peaches are making their appearance Rom South
ern Illinois, but as yet sales are only of a retail
.character. Sales to-day :—lO hrls prime Dried ap
ples at o?fc.
FISH—Are without change. We quote:
No 2 Whiteflsb $3.12J£05.37
No. 2 “ ; 4.75 ($5.00
No Trout 4.75 @5.00
HIGHWINES—DuII. Sales:—6o brls at 41c.
• HlDES—Quiet. We quote:
Flint. ,Mxmi
Dt Salted. . 13*ai3X
Green Salted BXO 8x
Green Country 7 @7X
LUMBER—Market steady with a good demand.
Salt s include: Carat? schr Louisa Ann, tram White
Lake, X strips. sl3 25; cargo schr Storm, from
Ferry's Mill, White Lake, X stripe, at $!?.( o. The
cargo of tiie bark Morgan, from Spaulding's Mills,
Menominee, was sold at $14.50, not $14.00, as re
ported in our Issue of yesterday.
We give the following yard prices:
Liamas—First Clear, per 1.000 ft $35.00038.00
Second Clear, “ “ [email protected]
Third Clear, *• “ ..... [email protected]
Stock Boards [email protected]
Box or Select Boards [email protected]
Common Boards, dry [email protected]
Fend Mr. [email protected]
First Clear Flooring, rough [email protected]
Second Clear do do 26.00© ....
Common do do 23.000....
Sitting Clear, dressed ls.ooo ....
Second Clear 17.000 ....
“ Common do [email protected]
Long Joists 20.00tft30.00
Shaved Shingles, A M 8.75© 4.00
do do No. 1 ; SA*©....
Cedar Shingles ....
Sawed Shingles, A....'. 3AO©
do do No. 1 3.00© 8.23
Lath; f) 1,000 pCS ... [email protected]*
Posts, $ 100- 10.00015.00
Pickets [email protected]
PROVISIONS—Mess Fork Is held at sl2 60—
bnyers offering $12.00. [The 750 bds reported
yesterday at $12.50 was mostly country, and not
city, ae stated, j Bulk Meats are in good demand
and steady. Sales:—7,ooo pcs city cured hams,
loose, at TXc • it hhds country Long Middles at
4)£c. Lard—Quiet. Sales:—2s tes prime kettle
rendered Leaf at oc. Bacon—Homs arc in good
request and steady at 9©loc for plain, and 10011 c
for good to fancy sugar-cured.
SUGARS —Unchanged.’ We quote;
New Orleans ...11X018X
Porto Rico UXOIB
N. Y. Refined, Powdered and gran. 15X01 5H
White, A 14ȣ@
Extra, B 14X014X
Extra, C. 14 014 X
Y'llow. C. 18X013X
SYRUPS—Are steady at the following quota
tions: •
Belcher’s 60069
New Yoik Sugar House [email protected]
N. Y. Syrups 66071
Golden Syrup [email protected]
Sorghum t 38013
Do#Tcfined 65063
New Orleans .’......68055
SALT—Domestic is steady. Sales:—Coo brls
Saganiwand Onondaga Fine'at $2.10 delivered.
Foreign Salt Is held a shadc'flrmer. Sales:—l,(oo
ska old Liverpool Ground Alum at $1.70 per sack
—r.o guarantee.
SOAPS—Are steady. We quote:
Babbitt's..* 9XOIO
Oakley's... BXO 8X
8 0 8X
Extra [email protected] H
Common Bar •, [email protected] tv
Emery’s 7J£© 8
TALLOW—Quiet and nominal at [email protected] for
city, and [email protected]'JC for country.
Wkdktsdat Evening, July 21.1863.
. BEEF CATTLE— I The receipts are light and of
only medium quality, forwhich there is a fair de
msnd by Goa enmient contractors and speculators
at oar last quotations:
Premium (nominal)
Extra 3.5001.00
Good 3.0001.25
Common to medium . 2.4002.73
HOGS—Ate In pood deman d bad Arm. The re
ceipts arc light. We quote;
Extra heavy $4.1001.30
Medium to good 3.5004.00
NEW YORK, July 22.—Cotton more active and
102 c. better: 62063 c. for middling uplands.
FLOUR—lrregular, unsettled, and western
grades sc. lower; $4 90(05 10 for extra state;
$5 6005 76 for extrarouudboop Ohio; $3 BUO7 25
lor trade brands.
WHlSKY—Continues heavy, 45045#c.
• Grain— Wheat 1c lower, with a fair business do
ing, at [email protected] for Chicago spring; $1.1001.12
for Milwaukee club; $1.2301.24 tor winter red
western. Corn opened heavy, but afterwards ad
vanced Ic, and finally closed oullawith a downward
tendency, at 64#(068C. 1 ' Oats moderate at 70076 c.
» ool —Dull and nominally unchanged.
Pokk—Quiet and without decided chanSe. Bacon
ar d Sides dull and nominal. Lard doll and bear
ds 91.5£®L00. The latter extreme.
BUFFALO, July 22.—Flour doll, and no sales.
•Wheat dull- and nothing doing. Corn dull and
drooping at 53#054c. Oats quiet. Syo is in mod
erate demand.* Whiskynominal. 43#c for exports;
12c for corn: l4c for wheat to New York. Im
ports, to,oCobtla flour, 24,0C0bu wheat, 89,0 0 bu
cord, 111,0 0 bn oats. Exports, 6,000 oris flour,
89,00'J bn wheat, 131,000 bu corn, 41,000 bu oats.
OSWEGO, July 22. —Flour— Unchanged.
Wheat—Bull. No. 2 Chicago Spring SI.OO.
Last night Winter Red Indiana sold at sl.lß.
Coro and other grainb quiet.
Canal Fnnoncs—Dull.
ARRIVED wTcl? 23
Star Sea Bird, Donealt, Two hirers, sundries.
Prop City ot MadGon, Price, Oswego, 2,OCO.brIs co
in eat. *
Prop Maine. Bossman, Ogdensburgh, sundries
Prop •>. Barber, Kobbms, St. Joseph, sundries
Flop Badger Sate. Beckwith. Buffalo.stmdilea
Prop Chicago. Penny, Buffalo.sundrles.
Plop Eolttr, Weber,Goderich. yo brlssslt.
Fiop Niagara. Mclatosh.Godetlch. 43 brU fish
Bark Silver Cloud, Gray. ColUngwood, 200 m lumber.
Bark Western Metropolis, Morey. Buffalo.
Baik Great West No. S, Smith, Cleveland, 404 tons
Bark Superior. Gotham, Bt. Clair. 230 m lumber.
Bark Pacino. StoneJ*ensaukee. -M)ra lumber.so mlath.
Bark Jane Bell, atooiue Kile. 440 tors coal.
Bark Success, Donahue, Buffalo. 133 m lumber. 90 m
Bsik D. P. Dobbins 'Kendrick. Buffalo.
Ba. k Pesbtlgo, Lewis, Buffalo. 409 m lumber, from
Brig HeUenstelD. Ferris. Buffalo. 433 tons coaL
Schr Tecumeeh. McGregor. Goderich.il/7cdswood.
Echr L. Lndlngton. Williams, Wolf River. 4 000 posts.
Schr Jo. Vilas. Clark. Ford River. 100 m lumber. 5j m
Scbr g. Barber. Kirby, Grand Haven. ICO m lumber
Schr Wlllaid, Johnson, oswego. 2.5H3 brlssile. *
Schr Bermuda. Becker. Oswego, 300 bars railroad Iron
Schr Montezuma,Mßian.Oswsto.3.UM brlssalt.
Schr J. H. Drake. Hardeuherg. say City, 2tomiamber.
Schr Baltic. Baker, Bay City, id* m lumber.
Schr Essex. Cbtou, Bay City, 175 m lumber.so m lath
Schr Geitrude, City, 200 m lumber. 6a m
lath. .
Schr St Lawrence. T. Klrkaut Sheboygan. 15 cds
wood. *
Schr Msber, Glaser. White Lake. 70 m lumber.]
schr Emms, Embseit. Muskegon. 60 m lumber.
Scbr Gco.PurrlnetOQ. Flack, aiaskegon.USralomber
<,sct>r Blue Bell. Decker. Bay do Ncquet. 2.SLO posts
- Schr Lady Jane,lnglcss. Black Creek,6o m lumber
Scbr Mariner. Murray-, bt Joseph. 36 cds wood.
Scar Guide. Butglss, 6t.Joseph.24 cds wood.
scbrC. Hinckley. Manning. Buffalo. 550 tons coal, -
Scar Jupiter.Thou p*on. Buffalo, tootoas coaL
bchr Corinthian. Woman.Buffalo, LsStoosgaspipes.
Schr Autocrat. Grover, Buffalo. I.COO brls salt.
Schr G. Murray. Turnbull, Buffalo, ISO tons coal.
Scbr tons coaL
betr Wings of the Morning. Peterson. Erie. SiOtooa
Schr Mary Morton, VanAtta. Erie. 2U5 tons coal.
Schr M. 15. Hale. Lawrence. Bnffa.o, 373 tons coal.
Schr Ssfgo. Wood. Erie. <43 tons coal/
Schr T. Baker. Robinson. Cleveland. 51 tons coal.
Echr A. H Morse, Moffait, Cleveland. 559 tons coaL
Scur c. J. Maglil. Kerr. CJaveland. 500 tons coal.
Schr Harvest Queen, Tax Detroit. 133 cds wood
Scbr Altslr. Martin. Saginaw. 230 m lumber.
Scow Storm, llooney. White Lake. 70 m lumbe*
Scow G. Ellen, Peterson. White Lake, 63 m lumber
<tt.fa mm T.i.u
fitiar Sea Bird. DoubsU. Two mvera/suncWea
Prop Free Stale, Bounds. Buffalo, 12.675 ba wheat, 9 525
to corn.
ftep Cltjelknd. Wa'.Tln. Buffalo,2l MO ba com.
Sort E B. Moißjin. Elsie. Baffilo. lYc« bu com.
B.rk Chenango, Ke»l. Buffalo. 755 bti com.
Bark Win. Jones, Andrew* Port Marquette
Bark Northwest. Aiklng.BuffUo. 26.56? bu corn,
Schr Swallow. Elile. Buffalo.2l.ooo ba corn.
ftcLr D. O. Dickinson, Ferdinand. Buffalo. 13,*33 bu
Schr Acentlas Force. Oswego, n.yo ba corn.
Schr J. A. lisrtzell, Bramao. Buffalo. 17,530 bucora.
Bchr Lose Star. Jan isou, Buffalo. 18.000 bu corn.
Schr Ethan Alien. Boihweil. Buffalo, ifi too bu corn.
Schr Melvlna. Ferrltt. Buffalo. 18.010 bn com.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Dwtaorr, July 22. I*3.
Up—Prop.' Galena; bark Orphan Bqyibrlgini
Hams; cchis. W. Case. MapjeLeaf,Boot,D, W.Loa-
Down— Props. Potomac. Kenosha: barks Giberal
tar Chicago, Hoyt, Ransom,Nichols Colorado, Moni
tor Empire State, Watson; brigs Rio Grande. Stand
ud: Kbn. COlUawta Selkirk. Cooper. Fntweli
Arctic. York Stale. Pulton, Maseppa, Hawk. Cairo,
Barney. Flske. Rebecca. Bay State, Contest. Holley.
Merrick.- Stephens, Donamaa, Logo.', Alnsato. Bon
nie Doon, Wyandotte. Owaseo, Bhark.ldaho Konro
glan. Slawion, Empire State, ban Jacinto, Tartan
Collins. Game Cock, Rainbow.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Bnn>QKPOJCT. Jnly 21.1263.
Advance, Athens. ,
Ltioy hranklln. Athens.
S. F. Gale. Athens.
Neptune. Ottawa.
sir John Franklin, LaSalle. 4.CCO ft Inmbtr.
S.A.Donclas. No. 3. Seneca. 33.0C0 It lumber. IO.OCO
lath. 12 too brltlane. WW posts.
Imperial, Lock port.
Cuba. Ottawa, 79.563 It lumber. SiTSO lath.
American Star. LaSalle. 25 brU salt. 3 brls oll,2brls
vinegar. 2,554 tbs merchandise.3,ll7 tos sugar.
Motarcm Joliet. 12.C00 ft lumber. 10.000 sklagles. 190
brls salt, 6,310 lbs merchandise.
Caret dolet, Morris. 5.500 bu com. loobttxre.
Energy. Aux Sable, 4,500 ba corn.
The Scbooser Lumhenuin Supposed
to be TVreclcecL rr
Capt. L. A. Smith, ol the bark Great West (3) arriv
ed at this port on Tuesday night, and gives us the fol
lowing particulars relative to this vessel: On Sunday
night, about half past 10, wtlle off McGalpln’a Point,
about four miles west, he fell In with a fleet of vessels
bound down—the wind being sooth. WhQe in com
pany with three upward bound schooners, one of
which, the Lumberman, (loaded with salt from Sagi
naw) was close alongside, he saw two other vessels
coming down, showing red lights. Ho then put hla
helm sport and kept head off; shortly after heard
somebody cry out. ** Hard sport.” and Immediately
afterwards, a great crash, then a heavy fill, as If a
mast had fallen overboard. The Lumberman was not
afterwards seen by him, although the two other
schooners were In sight. Their names aro unknown.
New Ilsht-Honic on Raspberry Is
land, one of tbo Apostle tlroup.
TnxasraT DspAimnraT. )
Office Liamr floras Board. i>
WAsxzzaaTOH Cxrr. J oiy 1. iaC3.)
Official information baa been received at this office
from Col. J. D, Granam. Corps of Engineers, that the
new light-house on Raspberry Island, (one of the
Apostle GroopJ InLakeSapcrlor.hae been completed
and wm be exhibited on or about the Soth of
Jaly.isej, , *
Thetowerisplacedon top ofthekeeper’s dwelling,
which, with the tower. Is pointed white. The height
ofthe tower.from theground to the focal plane, is 37
fret: and the height of the focal plane above the lake
level Is 77 feet.
Tne illuminating a catadloptrlo lens of
the fifth order, system of Frond, and will show a fixed
white light, varied by bright flashes, at Intervalsol
one minute and thirty seconds, and should be seen. In
ordinary states of the atmosphere, from the deck of a
vessel, a distance dt fourteen,(l 4) nautical miles. Its
position is not yet determlded but aproxlmateiy. It Is
latitude 46 degrees. 59 mla. and SO sec. K; long. 00 deg.
52 u. In. west. By order TV.D. Snunaicx,
Heliable Ballroad Time Tabla.
Hereafter trains will leave and arrive at Chicago*
as follows:
kicmaas cnmui- depot root ob laww stbzzi.
Mi.il B;COa. m. ........
Detroit &N. Y. Express. *7:3) u. m. *6:30 p. m.
Night Express „+7: lop.m. 17:20 a.m.
Moraine Express *7:80 a. m. *10:15 p. m.
Night Express +7:15 p. m. 17:20 a.m.
Mali *6:40 a. m. *7:15 p. m
New York Expreaa *7:30 a. m. *6:Bop.ui.
Night Express ~+7:lSp.n. 17:20 a.m.
Express *7:30 Am. • 7:15 p. m.
Express via Adrian +7:lsp.m. | 7:30 a.m.
Union Depot. WestSlde, near Madison st. Bridge.
Mall Train.. A $7:20 ft. m. a. m.
Night Express 78:30 p. m. $8:80 p. m.
cinh. Ain usb—ron nmiasorus and LotnaviLL*.
Day Express $7:30 a. m. 57:30 a. m.
Night Express +8:30 p. m, $3:30 p. m.
pnrsßimea, roar wins ass Chicago.
HorningMaU 4:00 a.m. 8:50 p.m
Day Express - 7:20 a.m. 7:15 p.m.
Night Express 7:15 p.m. 7:40 am,
ValparaisoAccom*!! 8:30 p.m. 7:40 a.m.
iiiLinma wumu
Day Pawlnger *8:80 a. nu *8:45 p. m.
Night Passenger .-fIOtCO p. m. °a-isa m.
Kankakee A ccomm odatlou *5:00 p. m.
Hyde Park Train *6:40 a. m. *3:00 a. m.
M “ *12:00 m. *l:3sp.m,
M *3:20 p.m. p.m.
** *6:15 p.m. p.m.
Mali Passenger *8:30 Am. *5:00 a m
NJ-iht Passenger -7845 p. mi 17:50 pm
Jolitt and Wilmington Ac
commodation *4:00 p. m. *9JSO Am.
Day Express and Mail... *9:ooa.m. *&3 op.m.
Joliet Accommodation... *4:45 p. m. *8:65 am.
Nlgttßxpress +8:30 p. m. |&ls am.
Day Express and
Nbht&press +8:16 p. m. IG.-30 am.
Accommodation *4:50 p. m. «%10 Am.
Trains will run aa follows, on and after Sunday.
April 19,1863: *
f'clton Passenger 9:00 am. 8:55 p. m.
Preeport Passenger 9rf»Am. &55 p. m.
Freeport Passenger 9:10 p. m. 5:00 am.
Rockford. Elgin t Fox Riv
er and State Line 4:00 p.m. 11:10 Am.
6encv« 5:30 P.m 8-30 Am.
Chicago abd hobthwestbrn—(Depot fiomer Kin
zio and West Water streets.)
Day Express *B:4s aba *6:30 Am.
Woodstock and Way *9:10 Am.
Janesville Accom. *5:00 p.m. *11:45 Am.
Night Express *8:30 p.m. *5:60 pjn.
Morning Express.^. *8.45 Am. *11.42 a. m.
Express ; *3:30 p. m. *5:60 p. m*
Night Accommodation... *7:oop.m. 10:30 am.
Waukegan M ... *s:Bsp-m. *3:3OAm,
* Sundays excepted, t Saturdays excepted
Mond ye excepted
Xui Sau
FOR SALE—A new leather top
X Boggy.whlch costa few weeksago *2*s for axis
!or Bisu. a pair of Horse*, a double set of Harness.
*nd Buggy. to exchange for a residence lot. Apply to
PEIEB 8H1MP.167 State street. JyS-h‘slMt
FOR SALE—A small Sloop,fifteen
X tons bnrtben. Will be sold very cheap for ca-h.
Address •• Box 95." Chicago.?. 0. Jyg-h6SS-6t
X veil assorted stock of Goods for a Country Store.
81.250; a Grain Warehouse with all necessary fixture*.
812T(; an Interest In an excellent Farm nearby. $1,500;
nil situated at a good Station on ate best Railroad in
impels, and corrvmtcnt toCtlcago. Will be disposed
of with or without the Farm. Smalt part in Cash, bal
ance would be taken Id good Inside Beal Estate in this
cltv For particular*, address or apply to HOBNB A
GIBBONS. 121 A 121 Dearborn street. Auctioneers and
Commission Merchants. jyJ3 bS>7 It
F'OR SALE,—A good top JBug<ry
for *alo cheap. Apply to GACS BROTHERS. afe
Randolph street. Jy2S-ffiS39Bt
OR SALE—A Buggy, Single
A . Han ess. a P'atfonnWagoifftr.d Double Horae«M.
Inquire of X. MORGAN, corner oi Klnzleand LaSalle
streets. Jy£l-hes-2t
FOR SALE.—Horse, Buprgy and
1. Harness. The horse Is six years old. perfectly
sound, might bay. and weighs 1.(00 pounds; a first
clae» Saddle Horse, !w lady or gentleman, and equally
goodlnbMT.e«», the Buggr Is nearly new. light ana
stylish. Wl'.Keil Bugay without the Horse. Address
Post Office 80X2453. JyUhafis-at
FOR SAL Property.
The Chicago South Branch Dock Company oner
for sale one thousand feet cf water trout on the slips
on the South branch, at low figures, for the purpose oi
enablieg it tc extend, still further. Its already large
Improvements. The property Is well salted formana
ftcturiug purposes. or any kind of business requiring
front. For particulars Inquire at the Company’s
office, R«*om 4. Cobb’s Building, 124 Dearborn-st.. Cm.
Cage A. J. XNISELT. Agent. le4-e6ftt2iii
T7OR SALE—Cheap, a House and
X Lot pleasantly situated in Geneva,Kane Co.. 11l
Lot iso feet square. The bouse has ten rooms beside
bathing room. bail, pantry, woodshed, and good cellar
Aisouwell of good water, cistern. and small barn’
F)R SALE—Second hand Corn
Bheßtrs. Five Richards’ Corn Spellers—2 sizes—
nearly new. and In perfect order, for sale cheap.
GKO. DUNBAR A CO., W and 21 Dearborn street.
SALE -Two Dew 12 horse
X power rtalfonary Engines, with Locomotive
Pollers complete ;a1«0,. , < fi. 7. and 8 horse power Por
table Engine*. GEO. DDK BAB 4k CO . 19 and SI
Dearborn street. Jyl9-h512 6t
f'OR SALE - Farm of 420 acres,
In Albany, Whiteside county, Illinois well Im
proved. WM be sold CHEAP. Inquire at officeof F
a. HOWE. 16Dearborn street. Jyl3-ZA3-12t
F3R SALE—One half intereet in
a Betall Dry Go'xls, Grocery and general variety
store—good trade established on the cash system—
cated In one cl the best farming towns la the North
west, only a short distance from Chicago. Any man
with a small capital will find this a rare cnance.
Abo. If desired, a good convenient Dwelling House
will be sold at alow price. Address Chicago Post Office
1*0X345. jylS-hSI(H)t
FOR SALE—One Steam Boiler
X, 12 ffeet long. C Inches diameter. 88 3 inch fines,
stesm dome. Ac.. A cl. ail complete ood to good order.
Price S6OO cub. Alio one s Horae Power Portable
Engine. GRIFFIN BROS. . je3P-gS3I-lm
FDR SALE—Or exchange. An
cjceUcnt opportunity Is now offered to any per*
Mti wishing to engage Ist the lumber business. a
large 6 aw iUH at GraUJay, all complete and In stood
runnings pine land, la offered
In exexy ce for prow&ry In Chicago or Improved
Farms ■ ulnotei Pdx particulars aadreae P. O. Box
9573. Cb} 'ov JyH-hJ3B»l&t
XT OR SALE—The property known
X M the “BANK OP LA SALLE, ,f occupying
Lot 2. In Block ISL on First street. In the city or
La Salle. The above lot is 50 feet front by 115 feet
deep, of which the western half Is vacant, the east
ern halt ia occupied by a stone building. 35 feet by
S3, three stories iugn. with Athen’s marble front, and a
brick building in thfi rear, containing kitchen, wash
room and bedroom. The main bonding la arranged
fora banking room on the first floor, and a dwetQcg
house above, connecting with the kitchen above men
stoned. The banking room is fitted up lo the heat style
with every convenience for a banktr g business, and a
fixe proof vault equal to any in the State. The vault
is S feet by 12 inside, and* feet high, bull; of solid
stor-e. with two sets of Iron Coo re and kiltie's locks.
There are six rooms in vbe two upper stories, with wa
ter closets and pantries a 1? conveniently arraegedjfor
the use of a family. Toe windows are provided with
Iron shutters; there is a cellar under each building,
ard drains connecting with the public seven. Tbs
bulldlxgla four yean* old, and has been occupied for
theporposes of banking and residence since it vubuilt.
The above property win be sold at public suction
on the premises on wZDXEfiDAT. .Inly 23d. ISSt. at 3
o’clock P. M. Terms of sale One quarter cash, re
mainder In three equal pay tents atone, twoaadth-ee
years, with tea per *ent Interest. For further Infor
m>tion. appl/personally or by letter to JOHN ROCK
WELL. La Sidle. Illinois. jyl g917-3w
The above>ale la postponed until farther notice.
SALE—The stock and bust-
X ret bof a Wholesale and Manufacturing EatahlUh»
meat In this city, of ten years standing-and at present
doing ahasbcea of Forty Thousand Dollars per an
num, with a margin of profit of about twenty are per
cent. Satisfactory evidence of toe foregoing -Mate
menu w ill be given the purchaser. The purchase can
be made for fifteen Thousand Dollars: one half cash,
the balance on time. City real estate will be taken at
a fnlr valoatlon for the whole or any part o'. tho par
chase money. Address "A fl." Pwt office Bo*
Chlcaso. Jyia bK4-ll.t
SaTE—Fine Residence Fro
nerty SCO feet on Wabsah avenue.
i^iai«t M K.r%VSoIph and mirnhethda.
AiM» 20 arfea of fine suburban residence property in
the South Division. WU be sold CH»-tP. Apply to
j pfoLl>*Gßß.Beal Estate Broker. 43 Clark street.
r.tv’ir No. 8. (op stairs.) Jrlg-b513-fit__
Co Rtm.
TO RENT—A Store, and Dwell
log with six rooms.at N0.7978ia»e at .betwoou
North street and tne Burlington Croaaing.
Fast aide. Inquire of Dr. GEO. C. JONK3. on the
.prtmlsea. ir-St-lwtt-lt
rpAKEN UP.—Came into my en-
I clo«nre.OD the 17th Inst., a white Cow and a Calf.
The owner can have the ease by applying to D. .1,
HUGHES. Blue Island Plaak Bo ad, proving proserty
and paylcg charge*. Jy&-bSBS-2t
tfOUND-ACow and Calf The
X Cow had a bell around her neck. For oartlculara
Uwnreitia.W'itUkoitrMt JiS-hMW*
"W ANTED—Salesman in a Retail
f » Scot and Shoe Home. Mn *t bofrliT m
the business. A good Salesman, ant bnc* tj£*h«2
references. S??.'." glrla* teie-e-ie*, 9 *
Jy23-b6CMt e:ie **
TV ANTED—A situation in a pri
» * Tate fatally, to do chamber work or Cake ears
of children, by a young lady who can giro rood moV
ence. Addreae*- AG.” Tribune office. JyS-MSt-ii
\\ r ANTED—In Trade—A span of
JLJ Carriage and Harney fit foraprlvua
OjmUy. for which land In minds will be taken aspav
'?iv t I?Jf BO v- eorlQ * , » rt Apply to MACLAT A RED.
ALE, Loom No. Kingsbury Block. Jj~33-b651-It
WASTED—A Girl, to do general
x ors« Girl. Good reftr
o^Mai^JSfwJSPw. 6 ??® . A P9*T at southeast corner
of Maj and West Washington greets. J ya-ndSfr-lt
AN TED— Housekeeper—A rare
T T opportunity offers to any one deslrm- the sen
rtf'pv.nl.v* ‘ dow 5° too responsible position,
of Hoaseketper to s family, or to an iiaMtnMAn nt
UgU character. TnadruJicr Uo *£; m,
can giro nnexcertlonsbie referenced for moral worth
uadouMad capacity, AdirVw n7r
S67S. Chicago P. O. Jy33-htgt it
TV ANTED—Five Honored Cavul
* Try Horses, for which the highest price wfli be
paid. Inquire at P.B. Morgan's Stable, on Alley In
rear of S!terr>an House, or of the subscriber, at tee
Tremont Eton*. GAO. W. GaQK. Jy33-h>«o 5t
TV ANTED—To purchase, a first
—lll *»*?• Saloon or Restaurant. Parties wishing to
♦Si-»?.2 y ficd a PWhMer by addressing ”Saloon.* at
(,tnca « jra-htisMt
W ANTED.—A. good Machinist
T W kp.ar ££ e •arl^rc'* and r ood wages from
LWashington. between Canal-nt.
and the uver. JynhiWdt
\\/ ANTED —Twenty-five hun.-
" dred dollars wanted on rood cltr real e»tat*
secailty. Parties, address Chicago Post omce Box 373
statu g lowest per centage and where aa interview caa
he baa. Jyfthcst-U
\V ANTED—Agentsforthe “Xllas- -
», ’ trated Encyc.opedia of Animated Nature ”
embracing over Wio engraving. and full description*
of the dlnerent Race* of aten, and the various Beasts
Btrcs, Fisher. Inset; ta, Reptiles, Ac. A complete
noldManagerltt and Museum. Published In Kuali-h
German. Send for Circulars. BOSIXSOM A
1 Osl.P. O. 81-x eh. Chicago. Hl JyU>i»‘ii si
*^A' 7 AN TED.—Four Mechanic
Boarders of Steady habits. They can be acconv
mooatfd with tingle rooms. Tenr.sreasonable Also
a clear ant large room, with or without o*ird. * Only a*
short distance from the Madison street cars. Please
address **L P.ӣox 1606. for two days. jj33-L63i 4c
XJ[T ANTED—A respectable, intel-
Q. “S'"! r-'"-® Mr. lurlDJaWh-elcr i Wll
son Sewing Ma. htae. and well acquaint'd with its
Uee. desJrvs bcaid wltharespecuble laully. wherca
portion of ter lime la sawlog win be accepted for
hoard: or will act aa tnt« rto children, haring taught
school several jears. south side preferred Good
rsierecces given and required. AdclreM OAKRIK, P.
O.Lotk box 6178. JyO U6H3 ■ it-
\Y ANTE D—Assistant Editor
* t wonted. A geaUcmaa lately from the army,
who has had expenerct* as a writer, hvrlag been
connected wUh two daily newspapers, dtuircs a poil
tlon o» Assistant Fdltor. Is a ready, rapid w rlter Ac
Adorem K. t. A, Post office box 065. Cntcazo 1
\V ANTED—At Dannville, 111.,
PTfty able bodied Lahore-b anJthree Black*
Mcltra. Laborers wage* II SO per day. Work steady
ev ?*7 fc» l wlay. Good ooard *3 00 per week,
•i.aliroaaiure i-i.iO to be deducted from wages Ap
ply at the Illinois Central Dep«n at9ln tlie moral!"' o
-5 in the afternoon, to day. Tnurscsy.JalyXid to
Jyghhftw u J KJUkLvND.
\\ T ANTED.—A Home, An edu
" ; ~ cated young man wishes a Home la some re
spectable £pmUy. wnere bis prtocace and services In
atiejidln* to the oat doorbuslnessof thefamlly would
be received as pan compensation Tor Ids board Nei
ther smokes, chews, drinks.swears, nor la adlctod to
any other suth vice. -The very fc»t of city ret irencea
can be given. Acdrtes, Immediately. .Mr. A. B. Tr.b
me othce, Chicago. jya neb-U
V\ AN TED.-Ec ucational- - Board
; log- A gentleman, thoroughly educated In
the classics and sciences. and an ex; erteaced teacher.
Whdi» a to obtain a situation In some fatally w here ols
services aa a private tutor would oe taken «*.« com’
relation ila part at least) fbr hb board- Testimonials
as good as can possibly bb asxxd. can be given.
Koran interview adores* “J.MaY," Tribune “nice
Chicago. Jya-U>iMt
WANTED. —A good Cook,
Warher and Iroaer. In % private family Ref
erences nqnlred. Enquire at 133, Wabash Arcane.
Jy# bfiSSlt.
WANTED —By a Protestant Wo
man. aallnatlon to do chamber work and
sewing, or kitchen work In a small finally. Under
slacd* ad kinds ot cocking. A comfortable home Is
desired by one who will be fsllhfnl. and can glre ttu
best of ct>y references. Apply at 3v7. West Lake, for
one cay only. Jy23-hftO it
\V ANTED—Boarding.—A yount*
.*, * man of goodmannera moral* and education*,
desires boarding In a nice, private family, waore he
may enjoy the comforts and retirement of a home
The best pobbiulk city references will boctven Cart
notpaj a high price. Place on West aids preferred.
Address immediately, MARION, Tribune office Chi
cago 111. Jy23hS«-lc
YV ANTED —Occupants for a large
W * front room (fumbhal) pleasantly situated oo
Wabash avenue. s*o. 109, jyii hrjiwt
T/yAUTED—Agents at sls per
» * day. Wo want energetic Book Canvswers la
‘ ?. Te tK connt> at a coma 1.-«Jon of Horn |Uo I-13 per day.
5.0 humotur. Experienced Canvassers preferrei but
fo. c ?, f0 Addre-ssC.M. DUNN* St CO.. Publishers,
181 Clark atiee;, Chicago. N. 8.—4100 per month u
macie easy by Aeenw eelling oar unequalled Prize
Packages. Send for Circulars. jjT&-hUM2t
\\l ANTED—By a middle-aged
.» “„ man, with s family, a "Ruadoruin a Commis
sion. Grain or Wholesale Krais House, in thb city. I
am well acquainted with Book-Keeping (aa ordinary
penman). At home In any department ol the above
trades. Addrtss Post Office Box ,*O9. Chicago.
\\l ANTED—A Situation as Ship
\ ping Clerk. Copybt or School Teacher. In or
put or the city. J’y» young man who can furnlahthe
best ofciiy references. Addiea* ~T 3.” Tribune
o ff ce- Jy2B-hsi»2t
\\’ ANTED—By a young man, a
" situation as Clerk in an office or store. Ha
base knowledge ol German aad English.wiltaa a
mir hand cen
erally rist-'nl. Address Box 23u, Chicago PostOtflco.
YV ANTED.—A young mao, re
. ce °tly from Canada, desires employment
either la a ranking, UercaatUo. Insurance or Bxpresa
Oflice. Baa. for some years, filled the post of teller,
and can show letters from the first »«">« ta tbs
Province. Address ‘‘Canadian.’* Box UIS. Cnicaco
Post Piece. Jyiimi st
\\' ANTED—A situation by a
", young German, who speaks English oa<l
French, as Salesman or Assistant Book-Keeper. Best
of city reference given. Address *•£ B." Box UW.
Chicago 111. Ij^J-LSU-St
XVANTED.—To Shoemakers.
▼ t Wanted a Boot Fitter. Steady workani good
waf «• will be given at 43 Lake street. Apply In tbo
rear (op stalrsj to A. AR. CIIAPEN3. Jy&-t6j||t
TTZ AN TED—A lew business men
* > to tike bold of one of the beet Inventions oC
the tlmes-a small Agricultural Implement needed by
all farmers. SUO to f4CO a month may be made by a
very small Investment. A few Agents can be em
ployed.* Call at 94 State street. JyU h615-2t
VVANTED.—A lady competent to
/ Teach English branch**. French, Gramao and
Music, desires a situation as Teacher In
Seminary or School, or os Governess In a private
family. The latter preferred The best of recoin
menda tiers given. Has Ami expat lance as an organ Ist,
No objection logo Into the country. Address"*Miaa
J. C.. ,T Box IMrAurora, 111. Jy32-hS3Mt
TV ANTED—A Sitnation in soma
v T Grocery Store as salesman. Can bring good
reference. Address “LEE,” Tribune Office.
TV ANTED—A Sitnation by a
t t young man of business experience as Book
keeper. or In any other capacity in which ha can malm
himself useful. Can lumlsh good city rererence*. Ad*
drees Box 4508. Jj2J-hSBS-3t
YV ANTED —A to sell Lloyd’s
* " New Maps and Charts. Card Engravings. A
splendid engraving of General Meade, mailed tree on
reft Ift of ten cem*. Send stamp fbr circulars. R. U.
LANDON. a cent. 85 Lake street, opposite Treaont
House. Chicago. 111. Jraharm
\\ 'ANTED—Agents. Goodeher-
T v getlc men. to sell Standard and Popular Works,
Active men ore now clearing SSO to $l5O per nnnth.
Address or apply to clakkk jj CO.. 198 Lake street.
Chk ago. P. O. Box 4751 Jy2l h533 IQt
WT ANTE D—Twenty Ci^ar
? T makers, by NICHOLAS KUHNEN at Dareo
port. lowa. Good work and good pay. Jy2lhsU-$t
WANTED —By Illinois Central
* * Ballrtad Company Machinists. Boiler Maker*
and Blacksmiths Apply at the office of the Superin
tendent of Machinery. 00 the Lake Shore, south of
Twelith street, or at the office of Che Master Mechanic
at Amboy cr Centrada. Jyfii h5556t
Y\ 7 ANTED—To rent, a Cottage
» » on the West Side, containing five or six rooms,
in a good locating, cot more thau half a mile from
Baraclpb street Bridge. Rent not to exceed 413 cer
month. Address Post Office Drawer 5963 JrAhAP-at
\\ ANTED—A situation. Any
v T one wanting a young man who has kept a set
of books and acted assaienman In a general country
store, can hear of one at this office, or address
“ M K C.” Chicago Post Office. jyll-IiSSB-3;
YV ANTED.—3OO Horses wanted
v v Immediately. I win pay the highest market
wife'or five honored Cavalry uorse* at the Phteulx
Btabies. 193 State street. WM, PATRICK.
TV' ANTED—By a gentleman and
> * Us daughter, (a young tady.) board In a pri
vate family—rooms furnished or unfurnished—South
Side, rest of State street. Location must be pleasant
and accommodations first class, for which a liberal
price will be paid. Address “Boarder." Tribune
office. Beat of references given. j>i9-h57Mt
\V ANTED—lmmediately, a man
T T from 2ne.lr.LT every township la the United
State*, to make two or three hundred dollars a year,
without Ajtr 7EODBUS or Coer whatsvar. Persone
who dt site r krxasxnt boaioeae to occupy their whale
time may Orel constant employment wltn a net in corns
of nt least three thousand (I3.0CO) dollars a year, by
mskirg personal application at Boom No L up ooa
pair of gtatra. 121 Clark street. JylSbSOSt
~y\/ ANTED.—Vacant-Lot wanted
Jr r fbrraanafhcrarlng porposes-iOO by 173 fret.
Would prefer South Side, between Monroe and Van
Bn.-tu streets. Address Pest Office Sox 2107. stating
location sod price. Jyls-nSOD-6t
XV’ -ANTED.—The advertiser is de
* * sirooit of foralng a connection -witb some ea>
t&bl>Led toufe doing a Produce Cotntnlaaloa
Forwa;dlDgbu>i3e3*. Has bad seventeen Tears ex*
pcrience In tie Grain trade In Can*,
aa. and fully understands tie details of either branch,
in* l>< st of reference will be <lven as to- aollltr
integrity. Act person wanting a working partner
?•*•! please sddrea* “ W fc; U.” Post Otflce Bo* HW.
Milwaukee. JyUteam •
V ANTED—(Knitting Machina)
/ • Erery Tinner xo know that his “wotcea
foiKs can earn Wto WO per week with cae of Aktai
Celebrated Knitting Machines. It will ears Its cost
!n thirty Oafs. Pries complete. |SO. W«tebt4s pound*.
Krelnat from 50 cents to sLSO. Send tor circular and
samples (send *tampn.>
BRASSON A ELLIOT. General Agents.
W ANTED— $75 a month. I want
'v T to hire Agents In every county at fTS a month.
m?c’K p ’iteS l i%n"oa.'s!frK2 & °*°*
S6U A MONTII! We want Agents at MO * month,
paid, to sell onr EviolasTlNO Pxstrma,
OBiKiTti uu»x*B9. «ad 13 other new, tubful and ca
rious article*. IS circular*. mi SHAW A CLASS.
Cldd<iord.Me. ttyl*dS»3amaw
W’ AH TED —Local and Traveling
f v Agents in every Town *r County. Circular*,
with Testimonial* of Clergymen a:d Scientific men la
regard to the business sent tree. ISAAC HALL. J*_
* CO .Newbmyport, Mass. Jy6-hU-?ltd
VJOAKDIN6.—A pleasant front
XI room, on the second iloor.to rent with noard.
Wrold rrefer two young men who are willing tone!
Apply at No. 63 Wabash avenue
LOST —On or near the North Pier,
.J aLadj’tPla.BetwlthPcarla. The dadw wlllbe
returning U to No. 13 Wells street.
T OST.—A Horse. Strayed, from
A-l tlo comer or MmiKra ud UiUS •'"SfS Si
Burdiy Julj Mih. . B»jr Dor*. !>« w* i,S?
long switch U!L a lurrpoa the nigh side of nl* belly,
and black mane and tau.
kitd and gentle a reward ot tea dollars will do ptw
for bis r arovery at the aboveplaco. or
CouitHcuae. J K.THQMPSQ y - jyc-b65S3t
LOST— A Black and White Shop
herd Bint about eight nOOthl Old. Tha Unde*
vta^Sfyl'lltfiSSi V tr-vnafto ma

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