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ptlK to maileubßcribere, per 6 months.. 6.00
Srl-Wreldy, pet fe»r S-00
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• dob 80.00
ftor rtak.
The remittance for data must, tn all cases,
<*e made at oms time.
There will be po dcTlatlon from the foro-
Kolng i calc of rates.
Ilddreu “ CHICAGO TMBDSB," Ohlclgo, 18.
Chicago tribune.
MONDAY, JULY 27, 18G3.
Our dispatches from Cairo, Memphis
tmd Vicksburg arc very full and detailed.
Unckrou is thoroughly in possession oi tho
Union forces, but reduced to the mere
Vrcck of -what it once was, and Johnston
Js once more on the tramp. It is to be re
gretted that lie was allowed an opportu
nely to gel out of the city at all, especially
\vith ns much ease ns he seems to hare (tu I
3n the accomplishment. The roporte!
.Utdonism of the Jucksonlons is to bo taken
•With many grains of allowance, although
St Is sufficiently eridcut that the campaign
}n Mississippi Is virtually at an cud, end
the whole Hlalc practically under Federal
Tlit* lin|ti|pillvi' turn nf inliitt dlsplnyt'tl
|iy our boys ot Vicksburg Ims mitmrlboil
fci'inc <>( dell. DihK eom'SpoiidHice.ftiul It
J« leptoled tlii ieari' tellers from Utiulmimn
tun! IMuee. ll.v nil uieam let ihoib letters
In* Ininip.lil lo llglil, 11ml we omy Umrti llm
|bl) im isure of (be obseiimousuess of those
tlelediiMe ('iipiterhe.uls towards their
jUeinl .1(11. Ibivts.
Timm (he (nr olf Himilliwchl oomealhe
lldlngs of vlHmv. Giilhinl lllinil, nn
UiiOifi'olnl man who Imagined (Uni ho won
pent ltd" (lie Held to fight, mid U too fur
tdl fh tn llnll' i k to bo slopped, Ims won n
victory, a very imp sbenf of brll
llimey, Aclmded bv u slrnuge delusion
llm( lids rebelltuh Is lobe put down by
kin 1 tt blows, (h** gallant fellow, though mtf-
Jntfng with lido Ida saddle,
limiihes silly miles in twenty-Amr hours
vllh a mete Imgulello ol two thousand
Such, and without waiting lor itnybody's
jH'imMon, whip* and routes threo (lines
)ds number. Isn't It about time for the
Uopperhetyls t<> clamor (or Ids removal V
At last, .lohn Morgan nnd Urn Imlaneo
pi' Ida plundering, murdering gang are
caught, ami If ever u man deserved hang*
Jpg ii U John Morgan. Wo sincerely hope
jio parole will bo administered to him. Gen.
(Shackleford, In his terse, laconic stylo, nn-.
ucimrcs “ by the blessing of Almighty God,
1 have caught John Morgan.” It was
n good Sunday's work. Thus ends tho
raid of this murdering bandit The St.
John of the Confederacy, ns his Southern
admirers arc wont to call him, will never
make another raid into the free States. It
is a safe rule for ambitious rebels to fol
low, never venture out of their rotten Con
The news from the Army ot the Poto
ynac is not very detailed, and still wears a
Very vague air. Lee is probably on the
Jrctrcat ti wards Culpepper, and Meade is
every nerve to cut off his Rich
mond communications and give battle.
An engagement is reported, probably with
Iherenr guard. Our cavalry are doing ex
cellent work harassing his flanks and
capturing his plunder.
The Red River expedition, commanded
hy Lieut. Seltridge, proves to have been
very successful. Several steamers were
destroyed, and an immense amount of am
munition and stores captured.
Ourudviccs from Charleston arc all from
1-ebel sources. They represent a terrific
combat and Federal repulse, with the ster
eotyped loss upon our side of 2,000. The
dispatches, however, in the face of a Fed
eral repulse, do not display any considera
ble amount of cheerfulness or conviction
of success upon the part of the rebels, and
our readers, we think, may very reasona
bly indulge id doubt as to the statements of
our loss, especially when recent rebel reck
oning is considered. If we arc repulsed,
5t is only temporary. The attack will be
renewed and persisted in. Charleston is
H doomed city.
P. S. The New York Her aid dispatches
received lost night confirm the repulse re
ported in the rebel dispatches, but mnleri
all}* lessen the number of casualties. Our
forces fell back in good order to llieir old
position. A repulse in siege is not a defeat,
nndwc PlUl confidently look for the glad
tidings of victory.
The capture of Huntsville is confirmed
ami adds to Uncle Barn's books 000 more
The official repot- 1 , of Gem Banks sols
duttii the receipts nt Port Hudson of 5,000
pHsouets, 20 pieces t»f beaty ttHlllety and
W iHtge tituumil t'ftittitfiUhltUub
Hnebucit* tin* Hnglleh Copperhead, who
Whp so mereilesply flayed by glorious .tolm
Blight, the Croph^Mend,has withdrawn
bit* mull"!! in I'atlhunent I" the
hmilhem Contvderaey, and In p-» doing no
wive* h phitlmf hint from Ihdmersbm and
n l.irl. tiout U MonoglniH
Ofllclul Ri porl of Admiral Porlor
Wa*hinotor, July UN,—Tho following was
rci dvtd «l the Nnv> Uupatimml this morn*
Jog i
nr Hr.ACKiiAWR.nrr Vtcßsnutm,
Htn; 1 linve the honor to inform you that
U.M’i" dPloiiwhleh I sant Into the Hod lllvor
region proved very successful, ascending the
Jllack and Tensas Hirers, niuntng parallel
wllh the Mississippi. Lioul. tkdfrldge made
Ihe bead of navigation nl Tcusni Lake and
JlhJcu Milfoil, thirty miles nbuvo Vicksburg
uml v. Uidn five or Mk miles ol tho MMi-slppl
river. Tim enemy was taken completely by
nurpiise, Tho robots who have ascended to
limt region will ho obliged to move further
In.tk from the rlvrr.lfnotgonwsyaltoguiher.
Lieut.Sclfrldgo divided his forces on find
leg irarapoitft, which had been carrying
•turt-s to Walker’s army, which had escaped
up feurnu of the narrow stream*. He sent the
Monitor and Hauler up tho Little Rod river, a
small tributary’ of the Black, and the Forest
JKosc and Petrel up tbe Tensas. The night
vasdm k, and It was raining very hard. The
Monitor and Rattler succeeded In capturing
the rebel steamer Louisville, one of tbe larg*
cst and perhaps the best steamer ou tho wei*
’ i«>n waters.
Up the Tensas, on one of its tributaries,
Ike Forest Bote or Petrel captured the steam
er E’lnira, loaded with stores, sugar and rum,
for the rebel army.
Finding that the steamers which had con-
VtycdGtn. Walker’s army had returned up
the Woshltuftbe expedition started up that
liver, and came suddenly upon two rebel
Btcamcrs. But the rebels set them on fire,
-md they were consumed. Ofte steamer, load
ed with ammunition, escaped above the fort
at Harrisonburg, which is a very strong work,
and unassailable with wooden gunboats. It
os on an elevation of over 100 feet high, which
elevation covers what water batteries of
lieavj guns there arc,
Lieut. Blefridge was fortunate enough,
however, to Lear of a large quantity ol am
munition that had lately been hauled from
Natchez and deposited at Trinity, nearly due
•west of Natchez, and from whence stores,
provisions, cattle, guns and ammunition are
transported. He captured 15,000 rounds of
smooth bore ammunition, 10,000 rounds En
tSelds, 224 rounds fixed ammunition, 52
heads sugar, 10 puncheons rum, 0 brls flour,
*>so brls salt—all belonging to the Confeder
ate Government.
Walker’s army Is left almost without am
jnubitlon. The officers have shown great en
ergy in this expedition, and have met with no
xnishaps. They procured a good deal of in
formation, by which future movements wilb
Be regulated. People in that section are very
hostile to the Government and rank rebels,
I hate tho honor to be, &c.,
David D. Pobtbb,
To Hon. Gideon Welles.
Great Destruction of Property
by the Rebels.
Correspondence of Buch
anan, Pierce, Jeff Da
vis & Co>, Found by
our Soldiers.
[Special Dispatch lo the Chicago Tribune*]
t'Aina.Jul/so, 1809.
Major Ocntml *lOllll A* Logan, cn rou*o for
lioine, tale from Vicksburg, arrived hero to
day. lie Is looking well, nod ipeaki ootifl*
dcnliy of the future (ft otir country. Could
ha ha prevailed iiftnti to address n Urge nmimii*
lilngotn sotne pitmlpnt ell,r, Ills loyally mid
Hnplmltc (’tprculmi nf (but loyally, ninl florci*
(h M'liiiM'iin nl ol (Jojijierlirmls and peace mini,
miold do ftlitininriisiHimounlorgood, Jfinit
In nl'rp men could lltlnh and find ns Jnliti A.
L'lpiii ducc, nhd ho led In rxprcM llntmsaivcs
bi'lilly, (lie nnr could not IsM linen monlli*
'llm (Jrneinl will letnrti (0 Vicksburg In
about ten <l«Vf. (hi) John A. Hnwllnga, (bin.
((im ('■ AOJnlnet (ienoint, wan «Ipo aguoH id.
Culm It' dny, end Ip on rntilefbr (IMaim.
'I heie I* noihltig tn-w fmtn Vlckrinirg.
The (xpedStSon to Cimlun from .lACKfon,
Mb*., won BmeeMfui hi capturing a large
mi.mud of mlllng Aloekflnd tiigliM B upon r
• Rllli ml which Ihu mhi In had fiillud to curry
olf. 'flie hildgcn all nhmil 4aek*oii liaVehmn
dnliopd, idol I lie (own HigUl* po inticti of a
wtuk (hat it can never ho uccuplud until
nmoly all ruhulll.
The Mei.nii r riimct Inn hem lying hmo all
day with reiiel oflhor# mi hoard from thirl
llmuon, In charge of Major Newplmm, of the
llTlh llllmila, aw ailing orders fl« (0 Dm dU»
pemd of the prisoner*. U wan llmdly do.
i ldid to (end (hum (0 Johnson'* Island, and
liny dhiiiiilmibed and took the train on the
I C. H, It., tor ridlu, this afternoon, Tho
unmiuhr of the I‘ortlludsononieors arrived
luiir In the evening upon the steamer Ro»e
Hamilton, and they will also leave for tho
tame destination to-morrow.
Ttic steamer Rose Hamilton brought flies ol
the Memphis Hullrtin to the afternoon of tho
24 lb.
At fl o'clock p. m. Sunday last, a report
came that a small body of cavalty had dashed
in and taken ten prisoners within one mile
of Germantown. A detail was immediately
made, and the men x>laccd under the com
mand of Lieut. John H. McMahon, Olh Illi-
nois cavalry, Lieut. IliUler, Olh Illinois In
faiity,and Lieut Ira Smith, 4th Illinois cavalry,
who vohmtcercd to go to the rescue. They
left camp at 4 p. m., on the double quick, ta
king the Ni.ncom.ah rood. About seven miles
form Germantown the expedition carac in
right of the rebels, about thirty in number,
taking ten prisoners. They were moving
toward Olive Branch. Upon coming up-with
icm, Lieut. McMahon formed in line of bat-
tie, Uic enemy being already formed, decing
that to fre as formed would endanger bis
men, be ordered a sabre charge. They drew
sabres ard made an attack; the enemy broke,
leaving their prisoners and one man killcd on
*be ground. They were pursued for several
milts, until there was nothing to pursue. All
they did not capture, took, one by one to the
weeds and in the darkness they escaped. The
parly returned, arriving in camp about 10 p.
m., bringing Id six rebels and the Lieutenant
con uiaiidirg them, with the ten men re
The Richmond Il'Aty is sure guerillas can
prevtr t any regular tn.de on the Mississippi,
and makes the singular discovery that no loss
will ccmc from Its cutting the Confederacy in
two. It professes to believe that at the west
of tbal river an army will be raLcd and a sep
arate war organized. Where the beef they
used to get from there is now to come from
I- not pointed ont.
The Mobile Adoerti*tr is sure there has been
outingeoue Incompetence. It docs not be
lieve General Pemberton, at Vicksburg, to be
disloyal, but considers him Inevitable. The
follow lug sentence Is significant: “ The army
at Vicksburg is not lost to us, and In a few
•n} s these inch will again be in our ranks.”
Hie Atlanta (Memphis) Apjtral discovers
that the loss of Vicksburg Is tcally the only
serious reverse the Confederate arms have met
with during the past twelve months. It draws
cumulation and hopes for help Worn the pilrty
Mid Uopptibfnd turbulunce tbal exists in the
Mot-lb. The Attjteal la evidently fearful that
duff Davis wilt fall Into dlspalr, ntid so nit bo
there* The ferns ate wellgioiltuled, as
ilhCarolina testifies*
The Mobile ICirhitiy Ara-s of the IMh esjs
Iwt as « ealahiilt Int* befallen our arms at
I’lcKMimg, Mobtlntidfihi be ((Hacked any mu*
im id, amt calls upon able bodied HibU to ur*
laiitre lit companies hit her defense. A euitu
inblio of ealvly Imfl betMi h|«|*(*liiUhl by (be
Mayor. Tim billowing (rdveHlsemeiil, which
cpiehil onier No. ii nt I lie (mimiHfidiml,
id It Jin |nlly elgMlflCdlll I "('ojitiilp! Milt ml a
•im> infuriHd ibid oii(ler ft neenl (Incision of
111* I’iiiiMudilii Judge for tills liutrim. pen
h.ii« having ilomldlld belli are subjent to imho
Hilpibm loin ilm Omrlodnrato aurvlou, oven
ilifiogb Ilia) may ImvolnUmilltuoiilbas Bilans,
C Alim, dune ml,—*Thu steamer It'icket uimn
up 1 bis non King having on board (lon Logan
and ( ol Rawlins, of Gun. dram's sIoIT. They
I'O'ol Hal hhentiaii had ruturnedto.tncksun
lie n ports to (icn. Grant Unit tho lending clt.
Im.. (>f .taik'oiinndthesurroundlngcountry
have Implored him to take some notion by
which Mississippi mny bo ronlorod to tho
Video. The people of that section aro com*
plelcly dispirited and nro ready lor peace.
't hey staked their nil on Vicksburg, nudtt has
fidb ii. They dung to Johnston ni n last hopo
i.ud he Ii nllctiy vampiUhed.
Gen. Loguu wan rccdvud with tunny mark*
of trspicl by our people.
Vis. ('aiiiu, July *e, )
Tbe n bds hud set fire to the town of Jack*
. on, nnd our forces completed the conflagra
tion—reducing tho whole place to ruins.
Johnston escaped by moans of his cavalry,
which arm of his force, as has been before
dated, was very strong. Several hundred
prisoners were taken by Gen. Sherman, among
ihem a number of the scceah that wore under
Pemberton, who had recently been paroled
here In Vicksburg by Gen. G rant, Tftese Gen,
Shmnau took out and shot on the ejwt.
A number of rebel paroled prisoners are
n l»oricd to have attacked a wagon train of
uurs on the road from the Big Black to Cham
pion Hill, taking a number of our men pris
on rs.
JnlyiH, tsoi.
Sherman is returning from bis pursuit of
•Tobi.eton. Tho latter has, It is thought,
slarledfor Tomblgbec, in Alabama. General
Shuman was not preparedfor eo long a cam
Prominent rebels In this city curse John
son ns a coward. They soy allihclr Generals
arc failing them. They expected he would
surely whip Sherman.
Colonel Grierson returned toVlckshurglast
night. The meeting between himself and
Gen. Grant was vety cordial and enthusiastic,
l&pccbl Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Camo, July 35,1983.
The steamer John D. Perry arrived early
this morning, bringing Memphis papers and
dispatches from your correspondent to the
23d p. m. The news of the BuUetin regarding
the occupation of Jackson is Interesting, as
furnishing details received of that affairs. I
give the article in full:
We received last evening Information of a
very* interesting nature from our reporter,
jutt arrived from Jackson, who witnessed the
proceedings of tho evacuation that took place.
From him we learn that on Thursday last,
the 17 h, Gen. Parke made an advance upon
the enemy’s works. After proceeding some
400 yards ho was opposed by the South Caro
lina Legion, or regiment These men had
never before been under fire. After an en
gagement of three-quarters of an hour they
ran, having lost three hundred men killed.
After night set in, the rebels had a band of
music on their works, which played Dixie
and other tunes, supposfit to be peculiarly
offensive to the invaders. When day broke it
was found the rebel pickets bad been with
drawn. Many of our soldiers crept up to the
woiks and ascertained that during the night
Johnston and his troops had evacuated the
place. Soon other soldiers hurried in, and a
scene of plunder and destruction took place.
It was put to an end by General Blair’s divis
ion entering the town, and restoring order.
Upon Inquiry it was made known that the
’Donation began at 0 o’clock, of the preced
h g evening, and ttqh completed before day.
Tbc rebel army left but little behind—a very
Cue columbine! gun and some artillery ammu*
nltlcn were taken. Borne rery fine English
and German ammunition was found tramped
down In the streets, and some of the
newly Invented German phosphoric explosive
niusk+t balls were also discovered. Fifty or
sixty cars wcic found at tbe depot.
During the night a largo lire had raged In
Ihctown. It became evident on Investiga
tion Hint llie flume* Were not the result or
ledeial shell*, hut (hut ten or tnrelvc stores
cuntalniijg cominlßßsry goods which could not
he caitlcd away, land been set (Ire to node
•siillajitnllon epstied utilll llfly or sixty houses
mne eoiisumed. This dei.lruelioti added <0
wind neeuited on (Im jnevloim oeeupathm of
(lie plain hy (Im iiadoonl troops some weeks
ago, PCi «lacksnn hut a poor wieek, looking
Utile like llm (lipllal of a giuil Htnlu. Ho do-
llliHalely leu) (lie rel real leg army left (lie
place, (led lliey look all Ihulrslek with Ilium.
Very f"tt people warn found In (he phn-uaml
on at of I lii-iii foreigners.
Mippnned, Olhutß raid ho would Inivealoml
alegc, tint R very exatgeruled Idea uxtßlcd us
lo the mimher of Ktderal troop®, and tntellb
pcin'c had Ikon received llm' R heavy foico
win* i.dvaiieilig to flank them almVo.
'Jho new* of I lid fall nf hnlitud'otinnd ic
lira! nl Hragg, hud pimhiccd a marked elhjcl
mi •lohiißtutfa finny, wldeh wim muck ills
lieailened and dtreuimigvd In uoiißC'ineinjo,
and opeliiy diclaivd that the Cotifrdoracy war
gone up.
Our Informant vhdtod head qnnrlorA of (len.
Joluotmi, and found them ftafcly placed In an
cKoavulluii where no rimt could atrlkcornh'dl
pcnclrato. Homo prUonar* aaid Ilia fuel wan
elmraclcrlatlc of tho man; that ho In* nmr*
vtlluitfl facility in rinding out safe apoU.
After the place was In Gen, SbermanU bunds,
hundreds of deserters from tho rebel army bo
gan lo pour In. They said the struggle was
no longer hopeful, and that'there was no
chunce of success remaining, and they wore
glad to got to the federal army, and would
fight against the old flag no longer. In the
nficnioon of the day on which the place was
taken poeeusion of, Gen. Sherman sent out
cavalry with orders lo destroy railways,
bridges and culverts, so as to intercept com
munication. The troops that left with John
ston were expected to Join Bragg. People in
the country around were load in their pro
fession that they had been opposed to this
thing la the outset, and wanted to have noth-
Ing to do with it, but only to live quietly.
They had been pushed into it against their
w ill, and only wished they had Jeff. Davis and
Ids coadjutors to deal with; that they be
lieved if our soldiers would not pillage and
burn, quite a warm Uuion sentiment would
bo exhibited, all of which may be taken with
allowance. JcfL Davis, they accused of be
irg guilty of not properly defending his own
Bonin prlHomtri lahnu, iumHeil Unit John'-
m bml never lutomied to dnlonil llm works,
liU-h on hiApeellim Im-iied mil In ho much
mm eiuoph'le aml foi mill ihlu I Imti h id huen
State and his own neighborhood.
Pemberton they cursed liberally as a traitor
unworthy of the confidence that had been
placed in bis ability.
The Federal loss in the various skirmishes
and assaults that had taken place amounted
to 000 men. Citizens said there bad been
much sickness during the summer months
among the troops there. On the fields around
were hundreds upon hundreds of graves made
principally since May last. When Johnstcn
left Jackson he took away with him bstween
lift} and sixty pieces of artillery. Many of
them were old and not safe to use.
At Vicksburg the Federal works arc being
leveled, and the rebel fortifications put into
more perfect condition than they were. A
number of the finest guns arc being mounted.
'Che place will be held as n first class military
Jiff. Davis’ house had been overhauled by
;ome of our soldiers. Among other things
found there were letters showing that the
conspiracy to disrupt the Unlou had been in
•■xlstcncc years before the election ol Mr.
Lincoln. Letter* from I'nitidcntg Buchanan
find JHerce wre dlvorcrcd. They ehoieed no
etmtU obvqutoutttrn toward the mighty Jeff.
A gang of forty or more rebel guerillas
came down to tbe river banks near Island No.
40 on the morning of the 2fid, aud fired two
volleys of musketry Into the steamer Perry
ns she passed* No one was hurt.
Mr>l mils, duly 211.—Guerrillas In West Ten
tiospee have become so troublesome that fir*
met? have liudlo leave llielrhdmesnttd llee to
Paroled prisoners Ituiu VidabUfg had
reached liralldoh Slullohi
The JhiihUit enlls upon (lot* Andy Johnson
iaitit the tnlliMa of thedUlo«« In MtstmnH,
ltd Mpi-wiw (he opinion Hint litre beneficial
istiUa will atleud (he move in Tennessee to
i MisMiuil.
tlh lmi(l*Mii, the unerlUit, has eeliM him
if down In bis pibsani diCHfnpmiMiti iumm 1
rownsvllbu wllb the lUed remlve kiaiay
min ami dudioy the property nf ovary Union
■an in Haywood enmity,
Mi'Ml'ihh, July U;),— Chalmers fiirooß who
nv« hi hi tim cnuulry south of Memphis nro
I'pmled moving Inwards Grenada and oka*
A snout from Okaloim yesterday reports
hat Johnston has fallen hack to Chunky
Bragg's army is mostly at Chattanooga and
at Atlanta. Nano Imvu gone to Johusion.
Atlanta Is being strongly fortified.
Charleston dales of tiro 10th slate Uml Fort
Wagner still holds out, and that tho Yankees
hud been surprised on Folly Inland, and re
treated to Morris island, and Uml tho iron
clads and other cruft continued bombarding
Fort Wagner.
Thu report that Pillow is In Wuil Tenues*
sue is untrue.
Small hands of guerillas, enforcing tiro
con cilp'lon, stealing horses, Arc , nro all tho
forces left lo annoy Urn inhabitants.
[Hjicclal Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune,]
Wasiiisotok, July 2f1,18(W.
No later nows from Charleston as yet, than
il,at contained In the rebel report already for
warded, but the feeling about speedy success
Unot buoyant.
The situation of Lee’s and Meade's army is
still understood but vaguely here.
The Commissioner of Agriculture has Usu.
cd hl& statement on the condition of the crops
last month throughout the United States.
The condition of wheat was very nearly but
not quite up to the average, and a larger
breadth oi land sowed than ever before. Com
was also slightly below an average.
Data recently arranged at the War Depart
ment show now how largely Tennessee has
contributed to her own, now almost perfect
deliverance. She already has twenty regi
ments of infantry and cavalry, and two bat
tery’s in the service, most of which were
made up from refugees and organized beyond
her borders,
Gen. Helntrelman has called a Court of In
quiry to Investigate the conduct of certain
officers of Gen. Stoncman's command during
the progress of the great raid In tho rear of
Lee’s army. The court Is composed of Gen.
Max Weber, president; Colonels Davis and
Upwards of 200 side arrived this evening
Irom Warrenton.. The largest portion are
members of the 2d corpsi The rest belong to
the 40th Mass,
{.Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Wasbihotojt, July 25,1808.
The Richmond Whig thus laments over our
recent raids: Fair warning was given by the
Yankees oi their intention to organise 10,000
mounted men and ravage the country tar and
wide. . Southern newspapers did all in their
power to awaken the people to a sense of their
danger, to Incite them to tho aid of the gov
ernment, which already had its hands more
than foil, and to inculcate a lesson of self
defense. These efforts of the press were re-
{ warded with little success, owing, it Is feared,
to the inveterate indolence of the Southern
people. The consequences ol this slip-shod
Southern way of doing things are before us in
tlic raid on Knoxville and the destruction
of the bridges to Strawberry Plains,
the raid on Richmond, and the burning of the
bridge on the South Anna, the raid
on the Virginia and Tennessee Road at Wythe
vllle, and lately the raid on the Wilmington
and Weldon Road, the destruction of a
bridge 800 feet long, the loss of 5.000 bales of
cotton and two car loads of ammunition,
bnruirgof an Important cotton factory, and
other losses. During the excitement in this
city, caused by Spear’s exploits, It was bitter
ly said the Yankee raid on Richmond was as
plenrar.t and easy ns n fox chase. It Is certain
tint other raids liavcbccn safe and agreeable
position being afforded to the Yankees by
our unprepared condition at points where
preparation ought by all means
to have been made. it is (ho
Ik *>t possible encouragement for them
to nssiitl oJI otb> r places. If a thousand Ynti
lue horsemen can spot! leUttrly aromidlho
(N'lilViietiitu Capital, wo may bo sure (hat
fi,foo will no! bedetened from enjoying thorn*
tilm In ere i) Interior county of tlio tioulii
cm Blutcs. Uttar wrltera tell us (tut Iho
Dub h (miners of I'nniiM.vlranU did excellent
buftliwbiichliig bu*lm*M upon our fbrcea,
then by Mtlng n gmil deal of their properly
mol helping not a llllbi to expel u«
fluid llieli roll. It Is (run wn urn not wedded
to pioperty as Dutch Yaokees ere, nod wdl
i o( light so lieid to protect 11, but fur very
sliKine, end for (lie sake ofHoulliern iinrn*
I mid, wc inlgtil try to show at U-ssl us much
ejdill ns l*euiis>lf(»ulius,
A eotiespundeiil of the ITM//, who signs
himself “uu old resident," after stating
that he Is In tlio service, complains that every
gambling shop, bur loom, stole, billiard
loom, and leu pin alley In the city of Itleb*
motid, ns wdl ns I ho principal corners of Mritu
sited, ere tlitongcd with scores of si rung,
hculiby inch, nil of them In tlio vigor of man*
hood, who nrn not In llin service of thcli 1
eutibliy, and enquires why It Is? The udttor
iinswns ns follows I
The sight which no nnlnrnlly offends (ltd
eyes of our A tend' nil old resident, olfomlcd
equnlly the eye* of members of Uungrn<N
ebllu In this city, and they having satU*
lied ili< oi»tlus that the statement that the
dioneeand hlaekdegs were for the moot pari,
or claimed to he, not citizens of tho Confedcr*
utc Biaiffl, petfccd a bill subjecting lo conscrip
tion, aflerthe first day of July, all citizens
between 18 and 45, residents or sojourners
within tlio Confederate States.
' The President did not think the bill worth
signing and It thus fulled to become a law.
Had it been otherwise, our correspondent
would have been spared the trouble of apply
ing to us for information.
The remains of Gen. Johnston Pettigrew,
who was killed during the engagement be
tween the rear gaard oi Lee’s army and the
enemy, near Williamsport, arrived here yes
terday evening in the Control train. A largo
number of persons assembled at the depot to
witness the funeral ceremonies. Alter some
delay, the body was transferred from the car
to a bcarsc and conveyed to the Capitol. It
will be taken to North Carolina.
This morning’s "Whig has an advertisement
ftont the Adjutant and Inspector General’s of
fice, giving the schedule of prices to be paid
by the government, reducing them in all
cases from market value, and In some cases,
making redactions of over one half.
The Richmond Whig ol the 23d says edito
rially that South Carolina troops are, by order
of the Governor of that State, to remain at
Columbia and Florence for the present, the
force at Charleston being deemed sufficient to
prevent the attack of the enemy.
The South Carolinian learns that whllcthore
is much anxiety, there Is abiding confidence
that our valued old city will be successfully
defended against the diabolical invaders. It
lean>s of the evacuation of Jackson, Miss.,
from the Memphis Appeal, and the loss of the
rolllrg stock of the New Orleans, Jackson
and Great Northern, the Mississippi Central
and tbc Mississippi and Tennessee Railroads.
The motive power alone consisted of over 40
engines. To have saved this invaluable
property required only the constructing of a
temporary bridge across the Pearl River. Six
of time were allowed for this work,
which might have been done In six days.
What were the railroad and military authori
ties thinking about? The loss is one of Incal
culable Importance, and the present condl
lon of things wholly Irreparable. Xolhing
*itu* to yo wit in the Bouthwit,
Another Brilliant Union Vic
licucrnl Illant With n Stun 1
force Routes 6,000 Rebels.
tSAVfcNttlUffll, July l!fl,=Oll TllllMlUy, tliu
Idlli liiMm * Hews (Mil ucoumul Mwotm
(Imil'lHl lllllllt Hint III! 1 lUliul (ImilTHl Uui)|llU|
ri'Hiilili'Kln lliHciiiii|i|ylu imiil of llw fut.oU.
IMihllw HihHlim hJihl. liiiil Otllyn h.inh rrom
If.irl lliliaiui, llliint, Mill. M,IO>I ii.uii mill 14
yiui., luO 111 txtlßlilt, Alim iimniiluu lUly
nilli i In Iwonly fuiir liiimi, lliuy f.iuml Uni
I’liomy 0,0(10 .Iroiiß, In (imlllim no Kilt (Jrooh,
Jlliinl Imimiillnluly iittnL-kuil tliiim wUU mill,
loiy, mid ill.moimlml turn roll. I Buns, which
wimi ensured. A ohm-gu w.. fhmlly miulu,
when (ho cticiny licit In confnMon, onr niv.it
ryinimihig, *
When tho courier left tho robol loss was
sUly killed, twenty wounded and ouo hundred
prisoners. Our loss was ton killed and thirty
wounded. Wo captured n quAntlty of com*
mlssary stores.
Blunt, though sick, commanded in per*
IHpcdul to tlio Chicago Tribune.)
I‘oiit Hputt. via Kahkab, July JlUh.
General Blunt hurt it light with (ho robe)
(iennul Cooper on Iho Idlh luit., at Honey
Springs, hi the Creek Nation. The rebel*
were 5,000 strong end our forces 9,030. Tito
lebels were completely routed, and sixty kill*
ed. Our loss wu ten. Wo captured one piece
of artillery nod n Hag. Colonel Williams, o!
tbc first colored Kansas volunteers, was se
verely wounded.
Our dispatch above locates Blunt’s brilliant
fight at Honey Springs, a small Tillage in the
Creek country. The Indian Territory is oc
cupied by the Cherokee's, Creeks and Choc
taws, the Creeks inhabiting the central strip,
from east to west. A brief resnmc of the ope
rations in this department will be of interest
On the 4th ol July Gen. Slant and Staff ar
rived, from Fort Leavenworth, at Fort Scott,
a military post on the Hamilton Creek or
rivtr—a email branch of the Osage River,
and eight miles west of the Missouri State
line. He immediately took all the available
forces at that point, 800 cavalry with two
pieces of artillery, and left for Fort Gibson,
a military station in the Indian Territory, on
the Mosho River, near its entrance with the
Arkansas River, to reinforce colonel Phillip?,
who was threatened by the enemy. Just
prior ty this Col. Phillips had defeated the
enemy, consisting of 800 Indians and 400
Texan rangers, In a gallant light at Cabin
Creek, in the vicinity of Fort Slant. Imme
diately after the light reinforcements, to the
number 0f2,000, were hurrying forward to the
rebels from Fort Smith, a station on the right
bank of the Arkansas River and on the boun
dary line of Arkansas. Col. Phillips was
hen in imminent danger of being overwhelm
ed by a vastly superior force. Gen. Blunt,
however, by the most extraordinary marches,
bunied on to bis rescue. Their combined
forces amounted only to 2,600 men. Blunt,
however, Is one of those infatuated Generals
who Imagines that he was placed in the field
to fight, and although be was attacking an
enemy, outnumbering him three to one, he
gave Um battle and routed him, with, what
Success the dispatch shows.
Morgan and His AVfaolc Stall
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trlbtme.j
Cinoinkati, July 27,1801.
The Cimoua Morgan raid is at nn end. The
following dispatches were received 10-diy at
the headquarters of Qcn. Burnside :
BALlmsvillb, Onto, July 20.
MaJ. Out. A. B. Burnside:
After ti forced march yesterdiy and last
night, with nlmust continued sklmiUhlng, we
much ded this morning, about eight oTlus't,
In peering Morgan (o tin titigitgmiMMii
omj iii dit half miles fimti this pities, After
mure (him mtu hour of revere (Ighllng, wo
seaUeml his Ibices In every dliecllou. TikJ
following l< the icsull ol our fmgugimimil i
Win IK) Mllnd, idumlMJ wmimled, UOOuH«"U<
era, IM# stand of itrins and 180 lioiflef, Our
lotswiiH very light. Our horses are very
nnieli Jndid, hut I shall follow ns quickly ns
prsrihlo. My forte was from 200 to 250
strong. (WglirilJ W. 11. Wav, Malm*,
Corn'd UeUoliNiriit Ist Midi Car,
Theabove dispatch Was rccctVud about noon
A Miorl lime after, thofollowlng was rcyolv*
ml, niitmunelng llio enplmo of Morgiu mnl
HciinmmVlU.li Mll.K. I
flll.M hKW 1.1.11 UN, .Inly UT, (
'll iinl, I.iml. Illi'liinmid, A, A, llenertl lliirii,
.lll,''. .1.111
It) thohlesdngof Almtglay Ood, I hnve
MKTCfdid In capturing den. John A. Mor.
gun, Col. Cluku, mid thu halimco of hl« com*
mwnd, muountlng to uhoul iOO prUoucrs,
(BlglictlJ J. 11, BIIAOKhUFOIin,
Brlgadlur Genera),
Tin* prlaonurs will arrive hero In the morn
ing. Among the prUoncrs already hero, are
four Colonels, three Lieutenant Colonels and
four Majors.
The steamer Berlin, laden with Govern
ment freight, was burned to the waters edge
this afternoon. Loss about $70,000.
Cleveland, July 20.—M«Jor TVay, with
250 of the 9th Michigan cavalry, forced
Morgan to an engagement at 3 this
Sunday morning, a mile from Salineville,
Ohio, and routed him, capturing 240 prison
ers. Morgan, with GOO men, escaped, but
were all captured by Gen, Shackleford at 3 p.
m. Sunday, near New Lisbon. Morgan and
staff arc now prisoners at Welleaville, Ohio.
Estimated Strength of Lee’s
The Federal Cavalry Harassing
. Him,
An F ngagement -with tlie
Rebel Rear Guard.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Tbe statements received here as to the army
movements of both Meade and Lee, are very
conflicting. It Is confidently believed that
Meade bus Lee’s communication with Rich-
mond at his mercy. Both armies are making
tupicl movements Southwest, and a great bat
tle will no doubt be fought north of the Rap
Direct communication between the Army
of the Potomac and Washington bus bceu es
tablished, while but Utile hope, according lo
the slatcmcuts of deserters, are cuterlalncd
by the i cbels of being üble to roach Richmond
iu safety. Their whole flank is seriously an
noyed by onr cavalry.
lie’s force is estimated ns follows; Bin
art’s cavalry 11,000; Lougstrect and Ewell’s
corps 18,000 each j illlPa corps 16,000, These
with 18,000 tunre rebels at tltchuiotld nhtl
Petersburg, ore reported tocohelude the whole
rebel forte, Pliu Confederacy netrer bid so
fow lumps ns at preselit, Since their recent
luiiMntt’uK Hudson rttid Vlekbtihf, all tlic
ironjt» (heyeati imisiei' ure estimated as fob
lunst 110,000 al(jimite!>(nii,UHdcrtlertiiregardi
10,000 at Mobile | 16,000 uudor Mnrmadiiks
uni lOk'Pi oo,o(i(t umler JolmMoui 60,000
mikr jlifißfet f|6,(K>o at vnilnin delaelied
(i(tli,ip=|ii all only 040,000. Jj'tt's army 1« the
lira.nl mill Im.l nigmiiiiml til lh» Hinilli, Hint
he Mic ill llm (Jmifcilcnicy ilapmuM nn him,
l,tc |m. nciilvtil nnluri mil In llghl Mmiilij
>nw, bill to mammvro in snob a mamiur ns to
imw llio Union army Inward HUunlnii and
lordonsvlllr, by which tlmo they hopu lu ro
nfort’u Lea,
II Is rumored In Washington that lliu Major
tli ncrnlshlp lu thn rrgular army, vacant by
Uto retirement of Ocn, Wool, will bo tendered
lu (icu. Grant.
Nilthcr tho Wur nor Navy Dopnrtmmiti
have received anything from Olmrlosluii later
(ban the 17th lust,
WisiUHuTON, July 30.
Advices from tho lirndijimrlors of the Army
of tho Potomac received to-night, say that
during the past week our troops have not
been Idle, but by it close scrutiny of Leo's
movuiiciits, and by rapid marches, has suc
ceeded In buttling his sovoraUttompts to en
ter ICiudcrn Virginia, and forestalled his at
tempted porscMlon of Blue Rldgo. It Is gen
erally believed ho Is now moving rapidly to
wards Btaunlon, by tho BUtmamlouh valley,
lie tried Smicker’*, A«hby’« and
Gaps, but found a strong Union force already
there. At tho two last named places he was
dtiveuback with loss. At Chester Gap, our
cavalry recaptured 1,100 ot the cattle atuku
by the enemy, andseveml hundred sheep. A
large n umber of horses have also been recov
ered. Several brisk skirmishes have taken
place. With the exception of cavalry, the
principal fight occurred Thursday evening,
between Linden and Front Royal, in which a
brigade of rebel Infantry’, probably Lee’s rear
guard, was driven through the town.
The cavalry has done excellent services.
The several commands have made arduous
marches and rcconnoiseanccs, and completely
foiled Stuart in all his attempts to raid ou our
flanks and rear. Meshy's small but energetic
band has alone given us trouble, principally
by cutting off foraging parties and messen
A cavalry private reports on Friday, as a
division of our cavalry was rcconnolteriog In
the vicinity of Aminsville, a large column of
rebel infantry was seen advancing in .that di
rection, and our cavalry was compelled to fall
back. This force Is supposed to be Long
street’s corps. Up to Saturday night, howev
er, this report bad not been confirmed.
It Is Impossible to conceive the poverty
of the country through which the army
passed. With the exception of London
county there Is nothing to harvest except a
few acres of wheat and corn, and this most be
done by manual labor, as the country has
been entirely stripped of stock.
The road Is now in running order to War
renton. Our supplies, which have been nearly
exhausted, are flowing into the army, and the
mails, which have been entirely suspended
since the army crossed the Potomac, are anx
iously awaited. Thongh the army has bad
fatiguing marches and consequent priva
tions, it would be a mistake to suppose that
it Is to settle down in idleness. .
The messenger who brought to Washing-
I ton lhs ab9T9 Intelligence, reports that tq-
d*y forty of Moeby’s guerillas were captured
sear Fairfax station.
patch was received on Saturday at the head
quai tere of the Middle Department:
FBO3TT Bot.il, Vo., July 85. i
The Major General Commanding directs me
to inform you that he engaged the enemy at
this point, yesterday. This morning the ene
my appears to have withdrawn, and his whole
atifiy Is, undoubtedly, en route to Culpepper
and Orange Court Houses. Probably Ms rear
bos passed the,Shenandoah at this place and
Stmbnig.(Signed,) A. A. llitnirvg,
Colonel and Chief of Staff,
The following information was received at
headqtf&tttrs In this city today by General
Bcbenck. It is from Brig. Gen. Lockwood:
The tfietny bos disappeared from our front en
tirely, and there Is none here, north of Win
chester. Oar cavalry were in Charlestown
yesterday, (tfrlday), and scouts were out to
the distance of ten tulles lu every direction
without any signs pf the enemy.
Nnw Yuktt, July ad.—Tho IbmUtt Wash-
It glon specials lUio ttiat It Is believed Leo has
fctiweded lu escaping with his army, and wns
nt Culpepper or Orange OuutUluuse Bnturd.iy
t'lglil. Thesiratml Oiioster Gap Is supposed
to Imvu Iwn with Ids rear guard.
WssMiisiiTtiK, Jut; Milt,—The Ali/Pmnl H»‘
/MiMUoiMiMhls p* nt. stales (lint porillvtti*
(iMiiiSl hut ims bran lensWKl hsie Unit Lea hits
Ik pii dt-lfjh'K on (Hu phtumao to enable him
logel away suf.-iy with llio plumlm- huhts
culliMtcd lu Mmjlnnil nud I'miiisylvnnlii, and
hminniliU force* Imvu been gathering 11m
ik-wloops of grain In fhu Blimutmlosli Valley,
lie Is now Hinting limnnla lllehmoiid with
itiin.i use Indus nrsnpplles, uml (lie iii‘cu«aUv
orphieiirlug which wna Inerensed hy thu Till
of Vh kshiirg uml I'nrl lliul*oti ( mid is umr
Ihlei rifled by Urn culling of llioTciine««rc
nml Virginia railroad, whlrli wa« a grout inn
dliiln for procuring suppltufl for Lee's army.
Our Men arc Repulsed, but Hold
their Old Position.
New YoiiK, July 2(1.—W0 are Indebted to
the JJcrahi fur the following account of opera
tions near Charleston, received by the Argo
on theOlb.
The rebels attempted to, drive our forces
from James Island. The attack was sudden
and unexpected, but Gen. Terry met and re
pulsed them with great slaughter.
The gunboat Pawnee, which supported the
left flank, grounded, and a rebel battery open
ed upon her, firing about fifty shots, thirty
nine of which bit her. She subsequently float
ed off and opened upon the rebels, putting
them to flight. Our casualties were small,
and the rebels were taught a lesson they will
not soon forget.
The bombardment of Fort Wagner was re
newed on the morning of the £2d, the iron
clads co-operating with the army. D uring the
day Fort Wagner was silenced for some time,
and the colors shot away. The new Union
batteries were opened upon tho rebels, do
ing great execution.
A charge was made on Fort Wngner, and
our troops, after a desperate struggle, were
obliged to lull back, which they did in excel
lent order, and held their old positions. The
loss on our side was quite severe, bat our to
tal loss of killed and wounded and missinst
iicce the 10th, Is only about one thousand.
Thc4Sth New York lost about 250 men, and
only three officers escaped unharmed.
The C&tsblll was struck over fifty times, but
{s&ll right. She went to Hilton Head for sup
i>lips and coal.
Charleston, July 18.— Tbo Ironsides, five
Monitors, and Are gun and mortar boats, as
sisted by two land batteries, mounting Are
gnus, have fired furiously at Fort Wagner all
day. One of our gun carriages was dis
(Signed) 0. T. Beauregard.
Charleston, July 10. —After a furious bmu-
Imrdment of eleven hours, the enemy assault*
id buttery Wogner desperately and repeatedly.
Our people fought desperately, and repulsed
the attack frith great slaughter Our loss
was comparatively light, but Includes many
valuable officers. Brig. ft Qcn. Tallfcrrlo com*
monded on our side. *
(Slgued) 0. T. Beauregard.
Tin* Richmond TTAftfhns the following dis
Charleston, July 33. —The enemy coin
icmul shelling again with but few casual-
ties oh outside. Wo had In the battle of the
18th lust.,about 150 killed and wounded. The
loss of the enetuy, including prisoners, was
about 3,000, Nearly 800 were burled under n
ling of IrllCdi Col, Putnam, acting Brigadier
neiicml, ttud Cot, Sbuw, cuuinlutidiUg » tug to
n giiueitt wete Killed.
Nt?iv Ynhtt, July steamer Poca
hmPae, ftom Poll tloyal mi the 33d, has ar
rived, Plu? heard heavy tlrtug when off
Cliail‘#ioii. the ilege of Port Wiiauur was,
piubably, pfHKfMiIHB,
Cni.liiro it.. IlniKnyllli' Con
Nhw Vnim. July IW,—A Wlcpfrmn Win
lujbici,Tumi , nf Hie HHi, cuiillrma llm c|i
urn nf llmil.vllhi.ivllh lion inl-nimna mid
,U(KI Immiiß mill niiilci, hy dim. Hlunluy,
lining 1 . Hrmy la rupiirtoil rcilucml hy ilim-r
--lun m m.iHHMiijiiyyHh
I'ruui New Vurlt.
Now York, July WJ —'Tho sloamur Arago,
fun,, Übnrlcfllon bar, on tho afternoon n| tho
3fld. bt.« arrived. Among her pasßUiigora aru
Bi'tn'ials Blrnngnnd Hiyinour; Col. Jankaou
and U< u*. Col. Uodnmii, wounded, and oHior*.
The Arngo, on llioUlUi, captuiudtliu itoam
it Einnia, nf London, from Wilmington for
IbMinmla vrlllincurgoorturponttuo, toaiunnd
cotton, and towed tier Into port.
Thr AtcnmcrChntuplnu, from Asplnwall.on
fho 17th, has arrived. Bho has |*I,H(XX) Irons*
Nkw York, July lift.—Nearly 670,000 arc
slitnOv collected for tho families or police
men, ihomm, nml soldiers Injured or killed in
Urn riots.
Ifoiuchmcnts of troop# from the Army of
tho I’otonme have arrived to lake charge of
the dratted men In tho Northern and ICul'Tii
Slates Thtdr principal duty will bo to catch
runaways. They goto Utmlni and o»h«rparts
of this Stale, and to Vermont and Connec
From lluiikft* Department*
New Youk, July 25 —The steamer Colum*
bin baa arrived from New Orleans, No nows,
(ictis. bbennau aud fihepley came passen
A New Orleans correspondent, per tlio
steamer Cromwell, reports tbc arrival of tbe
rebel Gen. Gardner.
Banks was in the city, but intended to take
the field immediately west of the Mississippi.
The icbels are reported to have 15,000 men
between Donaldsonvllle and Brashear city.
Thh* Is not credible. The rebels are known
to be falling back. No resistance Is expected
this side of Bayou Boenff. Four gunboats
act in concert with the army. The rebels may
abandon Brashear city and fall back behind
the Atclmfalaya.
Funeral of Major McCook.
Cincinnati, July 25. —The funeral of Major
Daniel McCook, Paymaster, better known as
fatherof the fighting McCooks,took place this
afternoon. The procession was lengthy and
imposing, in which were General Burnside
and staff, Major General Cos and staffs the
heads of different military departments In this
city, five companies infantry, Free Masons and
City Council. Major General McCook, Colo
nel McCook, and Captain McCook, of Rose
crans’ staff, sons of the deceased, together
with General McCook’s personal staff; were
in attendance.
The Draft in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, July 25. —The draft in the
19th Ward was finished this morning, com
pleting the third Congressional district. At
the close of the drawing, three cheers were
given for the country, right or wrong. The
draft for the city Is now complete, with the
exception of the Ist and 2d districts.
Contrabands Captured.
Nbwbebn, N. C., July 33-—.A train of 3,000
contrabands, picked up by our cavalry iu the
recent raid, took the wrong road and fell Into
the onemv’s hands, with two lieutenants and
flltccn privates of the Fifteenth New York
A. Brakcman Killed.
Bloomington, 111, July 2o. —John Thomas,
a brakeman on the Chicago and Alton Rail
road, was run over and killed at Gardner Sta
tion this morning. It Is supposed, that bis
friends reside In ClutfanaU.
NewTobk, JnlyJS.—TlieClty of JfewTork
made the passage Irora Queenstown In nine
days, the quickest time on record for a screw
The Bohemian arrived out on the 15th- and
City of Cork on the 10th.
In the House of Commons cn the Isth, Roe
buck withdrew hlamotloo for the recognition
oftbe South, yielding blsown Aeliogs to the
wishes of Lord Palmerston.
Lord Palmerston said Mr. RoePnck did right
in wlthdrnwlngtbe motion, lie hoped this
would be the last time that any member of
Parliament would make use of ms intercourse
with any foreign sovereign, such proceedings
being extremely Irregnlar.
Mr. O'Donoglme protested against Mr. Roe
buck's bitter hostility to the North. He be
lieved Mr. Roebuck and his friends were act
uated by the belief that the destruction of tho
Union would ho n great advantage to Eng
land. lie should consider It tho greatest cal
amity to the world.
Madrid dates of the tnth say tint the nsser
thm of Spanish Journals llio I Spain Intends
lo rccoftulw the Bmilhsrti OnfiTcderaet, arc
utteil) i«l«e. Spain will wall tlielnltlntlvu of
England and France.
The I'ollrii National (fovernimmt has rm
fused I'M'gteu to the sit points of the threw
pimciH nod will tsaun a mmdfcstu to the
Thu Tfm«i draws nllftithm to (he arrest of
Mi I‘t'Ulliliiimll In New Yntk, and MtUtirn of
hill* held hy him on Helimeiliir On,, negii-
IMIon of Urn Um>fvd*‘fuli | loan, It nys u
giibrautun should he oPtiiliied for (lie sufoly
of the purports of mmiruts wlMilu dm Juris
diction < f tlm NVrtsidnulmi ffovyrnimml.
tUcn Utotf, July 21—The Heutln fmin
Llw'lpoul July JMIli, ami Queenstown Ihtli,
whs founded oil hero. Une week's later dates
nf limii ohinlned.
Thel’tusslm reply nti Ilia INdlili question
is bM'ii iccclvodt fils hHh'Vi'd lo iiAseui to
ie six I'olnls imnird hy Kiigluml, Vraiive.
<d Austria, hut piopuses utiaumcely litsUnu
Ureal niivhdy etlsled lo learn Ihn results of
in Imtllcs helwieti Meiide mid l.i'C, Thu
EngtMi nnpers i<ral«e lit' l t/iilou troops. The
Lmuton 7'ir/if* don't see Ihe ground for l.ltt*
ciduV hopeful Millclpnllunp, nod says (he
lolmipnt struggle Is to conn', looking nt
Vhkdmrg and Imii llud*ou.
Untlmi "hd llrundstults llrmor. Wln .it pap.
Unit) l'«2d h-tler. Coin Ud lieltHP. I'fovlA
lona quiet imd ftviidy. UoUsOln U>l,ilU (j u.
An eih'nu srcuilllss iM.inlim),
Wtm SUtoevtuciium*
Pr a. n, aomvF.s t .uwt4na .tge,,:,
Dtnrhcm itnet, 1 1 anfkoriattl to rtmtt .i ,it«ri\u
fiunli/or (Al« an 4aU Uniting SurLK*«>'.irn
tar For Wants, For Sato, Boarding*
Fur Bent. Fouud. Lout 4c., hoc
Fourth Page.
A choice collection ol
Of olltbeGrrat Muter* of Europe, viz;
Atd maoyoturs.
TheM Pliotoaravhs tre taken Irom ArtUti* ProoK
aoS are acknowiedaed by &li to be thu flneit speci
men* ol the Otlcln»l« jet produced.
McNAILY & CO.’S. 81 Dearborn St,
ly. 1 7-tuGI u
Wholesale ard Reta'l Dealer la
Tard and Office,
No. 566 CLARK STREET, Corner of Twelfth,
Orrotite Goss & Phillips* Saih Factory,
Masonic. -ti> .-re win bo a Reg
ul&r Convocation ot Lafayette Chapter No. a
R A.M . tola (Monday) evening, at the Masonic Tem*
Die. at 7k o’clock, lor uuslnc** and work
Jri7-hrtt.lt 11. O. CHASM. Secretary.
XL S. 5-20 LOAN.
Subscriptions received, and Ronds famished at tlm
of subtctlpllon. If desited. by
Sub*erlptton Agent,
J}3WiW-9t Ma-lno B*-)k Bal.dl i*.
Custom House street. New Orleans, La.
now or
86 Randolph street) Chicago, 111.,
Ppecls'l«tln tbstrealraert cl
I'Lti CUsosUJ Ms.autjntAt., Utoun Asn BatS Dll
Ki9fS AHOUmtAfld W«AS*M9.
tbits* ttwhi *lUi«ttl ti«orllh|» id.Me*rUry. !o-!t-l*i
Arsenic ur pstMtmHi!s. Ur* Jam** mss I
ittHnti t? * Hmrtv* pone lu all ti l oud
MMtßtßilt tif UIS MlUl, Itui UiptUral
n**sut* el ti!»j led tjutWH, A": itip'-e r'iiioM •It-Jold
ni<t>W ttilp-f of iKmslsblKMw
!.H“i<te«ti)er ll nf, .(sway i.Hh»*f ji'i-i pstj-w* »rs m w
yyie havk now on umw
A Fil l telmilnn nl
AMliimiJAN WATamiW
in anid) and hii.VKii,
A!■<) a very Oisl’emUtit WUdlnw Wslt li from l.mlo,
ni>-: CI.SUK STtlKltr.npi.uiUo too Qlionn.i, Homs,
lytft KriMt
TLo splendid new ■istmer
WINMLO IV-fapUtn Smith,
'Vlllli’Ava fct above porf* on MONDAY,niI o’clock
I* M IbivMMiuvrUHnMirpMtAi lof
H».on*a,aw*y n .1,1 olfOlltON. foot «*•
W. M. hAIIAS * AgaliU. |y»Mimai
1 Duryco ft Fonyth at IBS, Coot SBO,
1 Hcrring’i »t SIBB, Ooit $835.
1 Valentino ft Bailor at $125, Coot S3OO.
A« taken In exebatse lor out’modern ityleaof Dio
b ud, i'alm<ann A Cu, the only Sale In the market up
nuhtheote. ?op«a:oooly by
IS LABALLS street.
Great reduction i
$7.35 Less to Now York,
$8.50 Less to Ogdensbargb,
$7.40 Lew to Boston
For Ogdensbureh and Inter nediato ports taking p«-
tensers for Milwaukee, Glen Arbor. Mackinac. De
trofl Cleveland. Buffalo. St. Cathariaes.Nl«4ra Falls.
Oswego. Cape Vincent. Kingston.Oaytoa. arookvUle.
Prescott. Montreal Quebec. Portland, -New York
snd •Boston.” The splendid upper-cabin Screw
EITPIBE—CapI. BoLert Blcliardaon.
wmiesveher dock, foot of North lAsalle atrect. on
MONDAY. July 27th, at 6 P. M. For passage apply
to JOHN H. GREEN. General Western Passenger
Acent 15 North Wells street, next door to Wallwork
House or to nTj. HOWS. Agent, foot of North La-
Ralle etzect. Jy2B-n.ta-,t
Chicago, July 3d. 1555.
We are authorized to continue until the Slat lost.,
receiving subscriptions AT PAR fbr the
United States 5-20 Tear Six Per
Cent. Bonds.
Interest will commence on day ot subscription ui
receipt olmcney and Is payable slay Ist and Noxem
ber Ist in GOLD. . . _ . »«.«
We will receire la payment for these Bonds, at ptr.
without commission. Legal Tender Notes or Drafts on
New York, and at IS per cent discount currency or
d We , dSlTertt?Bonds at our Office free ° f
purses, or will forward by express or.mall
elected, within ten to twenty days from «U-e or
acMrtlori. FaTorableanaßßemcctswmbemadcw>“
parka. Banker* and other* wishing to obtain
establish National Banks. . ol
TL6 Coupon BO Eds SJW inured D sads lo same
180. m«. fSCO. «ieoo. Thf t ®Sror further ja to r
PBESTON, WttlißD * KEAIf, Banker*,
Ifm 3U)rtrfunntnls.
Atlantic Monthly
AUGUST, 1863.
It coot Alas conOtbutloa*.tram
oaouou WjCrhtn.
t. Waflard. Jrt.
uniAhu o. inrcimLL. w
CHAB, P. Sfltfrtvt. .
ricAifri* Paß&uam,
And olLt r well known miters.
cist or oowriKtst
Al» tn lh“ Ifofl** *f
tvipthinp-tT ihpi*! yiiart j Dptib/>UM'iii w«t
Wrafhrr wtrlli ritlf T>«*
MlrfillP At*t Th» Wb»*-rhioatpl| flu?
rip-iri’tM# in ri-rMai wwipii. biu- map* s *! •}
IVoken •aii<lUvodlM*'«*oi lietitwiaiiii LU*
ptarf tinlirM,
it«f Mij'Hlmf. TliM" 'l'll
In* r*' >"»r, i«**f l»r i'i« |ihMWi*m.
(It •» , lln«lA>i,
2,000 CAVAI,UV hmiwkm.
liri cir (jutnriHMMivfti ui*m*r«l> nm>m.i
. . rimin pum, I’a . .Itiif»»Jwh (
. Ffilrtl I’f l I‘hmli win lie r>i-.-lvßtJ ut |ii)4 iilile* Hit'll
1 1# r«i •«r or All■ *l• I, l* :l, al W M. ftp Itir
Hililntf »nil i|f||vi<rliijr ttf Twi Tlinti*mil i
IfllltP* M IMlUll'llltl l r A .Ml litl* flllitl m* l I r|( ItlP’lJ
M*p >r In »*( ft-lllt aanioil BKftt I'll, HkOI «H« It
l iitai- lm»«M I'tml I'S rriiT't Are In #l«'il jPMifi itltl,
(•inn li'lPtMl Id aItIPSU fiHA't* lilrli wmi limim (•> 11(4
Mil'll# • Uta nil til I'm I f'lrtu i'll) (iPiisotir «uii iff
In urny tr«| pH, nr iln mmti iißumt
ti"t Wo, I utt nr bifote ilm idi it«y of Ah
>)!•( )p>4 *
|,..i v- OfMuN lit** IM'i Uy »| Ah
Ue till) lief »I Ah*
Midi law,
t.ui h> l'tw Mfl any of Au
» ika t»Hhw«»i*u'f MdiHlhe 3Kli itity of AH
Kv.imi (i«v«|py
n,jf|(PKra to Mmhj. vol, l»“pniv »j, li, ii*>u
trit WiulMOiM>.io.HMurk*i iwin* Ui»lrt •»**
oh imi,*« iin»Mhom>railfor lliu«»i>*'U«r
lo !* 4| fxf !»■-iMltvi OM«o4, U >KH»I ii<t aud
ihAiKm! miU'«>UliMioy.
Alllur.tifloitiurifc.l for uuter tbu «<tvert'*a.uei,t
niUbp»MJ'Cl*rtlo* WIOIO IM»P*«’TIiW. »'**! UliUji
U,ci iMf-fatpi to |li-}*pf.Hflo4llo4»»o'.fillßlaU‘l*pOj’
,k»ll(iowMb« rejected.
The ability cfthe bidder to faldll the contract,
kltouidthe award dlo i.ua, n.u=i tic guaranteed by
two iii»»pos»inui pxuaoxa, whose slgnatutes mutt be
fci.fNlded to l;.e «u»f»mee.
itereeooi tibliiivof tbaguarantor*mar.be shown
by llmutln'iul ceriliUaiß of the Clink 01 rim nearest
Tiiitrli t* onit. or the Unite! RiatcaDutrlrt Attorney.
lilHdoicrrmtboprvieDtla peraoawlien tba bI.U are
opemd or thtlr proposal* wbl not bo considered.
Iknd eiioalln amount to half the aum to b« received
on tie coiitiact.ilgcelby rim contractor and botu of
Ijss ptmiatitora will be reunlrod of ttia anecestful bid
der tiprnrlirid-igtLocoatruct. Asllmboto moat ac
ccrra*3 iht- contract, It will ba recta‘ary f>r the bid
den to have IhMf bandsmen with them. or to hare
bonds a cncd in anticipation. and ready to be produced
when tie contract la signedj - -
pgyww you* or ooaftAXTKK.
We ——.cfthe county of—.and Snteof ,anl
—ot the coiu ty of —. and State of .d: luvebv
guarautceri.st tsablcto fulfill ac-m'iact 1: nc
the term* cf nU proposition. and that
thrulCMaprcpoMtUm be accepted, be wi'l at once <vi
ttrlntc a contact In accordance ri.erav.T.U duoaid
the cor.t. am be awarded tlm we are prepared to b»-
cf.mu nia^ecanUea.
To ti 1* guarantee rantt be appended the omclal ce>
tlflcate above mentioned.
rxor-cai-lfltroai disloyal person* will ant be coxsll
tied and an oath of allegiance will be re mired of
roccesoliil bidden before Mg- log contract.
TleoLderslan-dreserTse to h:rree;fthH right to re
ject at y or all bids that he may deem too rdgh.
Fajtect to be tn»de upon the completion of the
won'racr. or so soon tbcteaiter as tee md reigned
rba.l he in tunds. „ „ . .0. CROH.
Jyyl li7h»*t L'ent.rol a*d P. Q. M.
Auction sale of farm
MORTGAGES AND TOWN no*n>3.-tm he
sold at Public Auction la Hie tl:y ofCnlcaio.at the
north 'loot door 01 the Court flouee. on Thursday,
the thirteenth day of August ISfi3. at H o’clock lu the
forenoon, tlef llowlng described proparty •
Mee bonds given by the town of Klknorn, In the
Etateil Wisconsin.for stock In the Uoclae anl Mta
aJMlppl Railroad each for the mm of rive Hundred
Dollars all dated July Mh ISSI. payable Feb*uary
Wtn jsTn. wltnl per eeat. Interest, rsvable aunuilly.
wiach hasbeenpaldto February 10.1557.
A.*o a note for Fixe Hundred Dollar*, given by
Prcfl. .1 Frydendall to Uie lUdne asdMlssltitppl Kail
road Company, or bearer.dated April ifith.lSSA pays
hie the vun duj of February, isfio with annual Inter
e>t#t mp'rcett. Interest pa’d to the mu of Febru
ary. 1r37 *ccurcd by a m<.:ti*i:e on elghtr acre* of
latrt. In the town of Bradford, Rock county, Wis
Also a nate for Two Thou’and Dollar*, given by
Unfits M. Huilock. tolls Dnrsnd or bearer, payable
the tin da* cfFaDronry. ihx*. situ la pnr ennt li
iere*t. 1 nyablo nnnua’ly; interest paid to February
Itth IFfTi, »ecur?d by mortgage oions hundred and
thirty acits ot land In the town uf Hockton, Wlnna
bsgo cour tv. Illinois.
Alto a note for Mva Hundred Dollar*, given by
Paitrn Atwood lo Henry S Durand or bearer, patable
the Uth day of August. I-**), with annual lctere«tat
It rei rent .Interest phM ti the l f tli d»y of August.
IWi.serured by mortgage on fifty acres of ’ami la
townebtp fortr-nre. range two cart. In tbe caaaty ot
Mlirebsgw Illlmila
Also a note for Four Hondrcd Dallsrs. clvon br
.lot n it Herring to the Karine aid Ml«>U«lpd Kill
road r'o..ororder dated April ifiiti. UW,, payable tio
Klh'lj»of slay. !3!»l.wlth aucnal Into e«t at 10 per
cent.. Interest paid to May I*. tM7. M»'n»*d hyniort
geitei-n forty acres of laid la the town ol Harrison,
tVlnnrd auo eoanty, Illinois
Alto a note for One Tinnaiud DiHars. eltei by
Joeerh A. Van Drfee. dated Wav tfith U&l. payabl-s to
the Rarli-fl and Ml.s'sMppl Ual’road Co, or order, on
the Mil d»y cf May. 18»d. with tu percent annual la
teten whlrh boa h*en paid to May 10-h. t«37. secured
by mortgage on ferty acre* of land lnLaacMter.il
theenu dy» f Sfeve'mon, about lonr miles from the
rl*j rf Freeport, I’lfon.
Alsu a note for Two Hundred Dollar.*, alren hr Reb
uilt: C ufter'len. dated Mam Hth. 11WJ, pnvgVe co
the ILarlne and MlwtsMpal Ita Iroal Co., or order, on
theft! dnvof.’dav id per r’nt. aaanal In
terest which has been paM to the I'ltn day of Novem
ber. IFW fpcnrtdbi moitiage on firtr acre# o r tend
WS- the town ol ttammr, c juuty of Jo Davies. Slatsof
,\l»r> a note tlv**n by Warren 9. Pease. 1o the Rvtine
and Mfa.«>«|pjil Railroad co. or order, lor Three
Hnrdm! DoHara. dated March Hlh I**l, payable tm
the lUibdarul May. IMI with 10 p-r cent.aaoual In
te»r«t. w|i!( li ha* been paid to forember Wtb. |w,
•ent'td by o<oidenßi* on a village lot. tn Sara me.
la.’ruliroiin’y. liltuuli. ~ ... .
*ll r.f at!d note* end hibflgtiM wprp resoMkled
«l iin iffH-t /or it food end tall! eouslJe-all-iu.
Hr onfrot the'.otm of cimatery. . ......
, A, Li Mlahll.
jj.M ;m Id Iftslrs* pf iNbPy PSfH._
Q (i Ji 11!H Oil 1 JAY 000KK
FOK 0-90 LOAN,
No. IN Noutli Third film
vonmvNiTiiM and ii.tvimim
Suw Qoiit'trttltunc lb« ot
National Banking Associations,
Secretary Chase’s Bill,
Fusetd at tie U*t smion reminded
that the
Now for a limited nertM to he oMstned VT PA.R. may
The Improved condition of Military affairs and the
tot slant succession of Victories. together wltu the
completion of the preparations £ ,r i a * °£ the
> OQ r Hundred Millions of Legal Tondftr Internal beer
i Qr Notw tr TreMnry Notes, readers tae Issuing ot
farther lorit or permanent Loana. at present, exceed*
*ne 'lSu 'sof the Government, maturing la 18SI. are
nnv eeIMDC at slz per cent, premium. These would
advance To 10 or 15 per cent, pramlom. If the Secretary
of LheTieaaury should discontinue the sales of the
5 .V»: and the 520’a themeelve* would soou command
a liirilfcme premium. •hould the demand for Govern*
meat as the bails for nankins or forlarertmeat.
be at all active. ItbpoaaiblethattneSecretaryofihe
Treasury may receive Subscriptions to tie 5-20 Loan
for a Icnjjtrperlod—should there be any delay In the
preparation of the Note* for Use snoplylos■ of the
Ties»nry with lands, or should he. la view of the msnl
ie*t bereflta to the country from the present pcpa£;
mod* rf clstrltmtlngtheL<>“"of,^Nationamongrt
the propiz-or to encourage the formation of the cow
Harka—decide It to be wise and w
♦•steed the time ot Subscriptionsdotiei S»»
life views and Intentions on Ihe to
nntnr wn ; therctore. the safest and wl*«t #
subscribe at once, whilst a Ptr ?_ ba had at
Interest and principal payable m GOLD.
5 It will afford me
in resard to tho formation ofta •p rtJJfe( t aornme »u
the reffcieary b k«She*d,« WMll ingtoa on
relative Hereto wttibe Comptroller
3 ®® S^{^! S?Sowb,
SutetrlpUou Xztnt for WO Loon,
U1 Scuta Third stmt. Philadelphia.
tvSi-hgol-tt-net .
-tL fire pboof safes.
nntsisQ and floyd's
Je:S-fcg6Smr4TOgt *0 STATK BT.. CUcag j.
pASEY & CO.,
\J nun. cakt.
F0.17 Dearborn rtreet. bet. BoaVvWtUr tad Lake,
usuis-tuct cucw.m.
most wonderful successes
OB' MODERN times.
m sfAKzns. triTHEr. asd tive somj
Eare.tom thesmiHent botfanios. caused lMobec««
tt* admiration of - *
Tumir-nro nasr PKEineig
la the Largeit Clilcn of Ataerfe**
And wkal U more rijnacant.ln rlcwott’ie repnUt>«a
ami real excellence of Auropeaa Instramea.i,
it FIRST pniittfl MfiUDAJU
oßmfuiioiiLMmitnot ii wnno.t
Lati j#»r. fbr hueertW, elnr Mlldrt*
iM ertrp.»»heltotoH*,
Oburv* Ihi Aili4wliig ImurUm' UiltmtßT
•111 rißUil U
iiii:su:i\nvv pirns
Titer# •er-i •.''*! I’liim i, (rout <t'| )<•’(• »>f in world.
Vl mi* 11 j (.V WiU' ■J,*”* 1 ** ,M * liM»«ii*‘'Ul rurriiifmitUal
** Hi kfs w* t'l I'tlm wire mil ttjr (h# | i*r»« U
P'lnmmir, SMt •*(<»• «h hm<i mine lu ut* iiulnt IHM
Ui»t n( bt-jr Ror>i|iHf|ii inniier.
teller fnmi iltet'fjrluHiel UUuhl. Allr«>J Jt»e*||
.. _ IrfitiMiH, .Ithsj IM|.
Mum* Hrpi*»w»r A flnn«t tit*..iUti«n -| lab**
oiiii'h i u sb'im. (tiet(■• * »« tn<pfimMMli«N«Uim
■l»» nl )i.«ir «i*'eii(li'| llrsiiiltVirstf fUn-i* Mi|fli|>|Am
I l«l n» •Mr* •I I <rn»Jim nf »Hl| I Its ihmlml tltSlLljl
it ilts It U>(ii«i)ni.m )• iiUMtioii, tit<ir p (l'iiiiil UuliiMH
iMaftiUstor •1..1M1.H rr f*M»*rat *t"U»*BrtiTiiiwU»
m wen m I«i>iW i**'rt uwir# nf iuimi, TbJ?
F'tUil*- ) !•'<«« Afh «nU •j’.hli l Miwi|'t l tr>*(| < ’ 1
MlftiHt) ,IAN{.L,
Kaiinui nhim «ii# t,‘ii"lnii Kmkm
£ A i‘.Vij" U U MH.
ltt«»\#*M|fll • t.Mlm fc.h&i.o-.rS p*j3m
{HIII.S tlm 111 I.UIT ,U« WB «*VM Mb* limV.l ftft «!)!?.
till! ihi>*'itfi>l*l<t>i|«M«ft4ii. |.| IHM'.I e»4,'’ <Anuf #>.
Vhuut, I ltd i ,, i||i>f»out |i' i| b« 11 -'Va M 'vr*r *1;
W»" a Imla iiMMio, «itii «ro iuti>| ur • foolt
nano to rHi ih«<« k.iriMia.tiliii,*taJ*
Hi # iU* «*»*•* U*# lMßnmu.ti.4f fcji.ihuom. W**m
M.rinttfi>»i Mxim firiißw.vA &>v« «mf..roesTis
" ttm ifiiiMiiUl n»r u.ejr f'laiia*. w.tioii ha*# il?
I"’* I *. I'fon imr. liy \|bj; f*. I'rnier, flo*|a 4
Ww iJ.luo jnoit'lniiir* i<j i|i« mat TUrio iforle o*l
- *• I** iluiMn.,l ».'* w<i ui4.ter»i»Q,l ■».
|x>ir>tMi Hi** .«>H A||Hii« for 4 ’
lu tl-e ustl, Up l!..tch« ,«i, w «i| *rai
w«h*U M.O pcciuum.t» « ia eiuai‘«ticle*or * *****
ilr. Hoary II ic’ie,or.a of tha most competentcritic*
In rr*rr...Mys»!. tfeP.ejs Mu lealeof P»d»-
* The ittm ot brsi.vwvr A Sons, from .Vsw York
* xhlhfi Ciruiti a-o h>ia*ru I’isnos. 60 t iof which have
paiucnUr'y attracted the attamion oflho Jury on ao~
count o- tbclr excol;enc-t Tut# rtnaN also the only
ere wtlca oi*U< xui>hra JUelf ip the minufarturlnff of
Plane t> by new Intend me worthy cf being taroraW
cartel.lt cd. Ih ive been üble ro Judge upon tie affect
01 ini* rew methi d of and can t**tl too
th«t (he Miuro Hanoa of >fe«srs Bt*ivwit fu>fy
rossnsthe toneol aGrand Plsno; It sounds marvd
ou* y- 1; eau pie eouau. the extension, ihe even Mao
1 hi* »atetpei*, t..e power arecomhlned la this Pltab
la Lo-ti er rtano I h ire seen Ana thUls there,
su’softhc tew invention which 1 mentloneiL Tno
lir»rd Ihano nrltes lu Itself all the <|uaUUea which you
can d. u.*Lfl »f* concert PJsno. rho Charactor. tha
power sr.d the even tone are most remarkable, the
tor.cn Is adapted tor every shade of expression and Ht
tTfiypnrt tbt-instrument will develop.acsorlluc to
the wUh of the player, power and sweetness, and
ta,< c'a’ly (bat scf '. tone wluch is necessary for accoiii*
• Im tc. klh), from the bight at European acthorltr
what *• Skid of ■*
The London correspoadencecf the Paris Cosstltn
ttorale writes la connection with the International
~Tbe 1 aim rf Plano Forte manufacture does net bo
lorg Wii« year to a Knrooean.bat to an Amortciai
lo.se nliLcet unkaown befuretbU lu Enrope, hleaara.
Si kchvat A Soss. who b ive sent two Sdoara Pianos,
wl Icli ontte alt the conditio:* o( sonority and oven-
T rf tor eto be found In the Grand Plano, la noh
th’s victory gained by the United States on the terri
tory :l ba:monies (aod»thecorr<(ipoadeQto(theParla
Journni) the most curious contrast In a moment wbea
the citizens ot that country are engaged la deadly
TbeVieora Press, one of the highest authorities l:t
musical mutters, referring to the Plano Fortes of tbs
LxblDlilon saxa;
-erxiswAV * Pianos, bo'.h Grand and Siam.stand'
lu the I’tst rank or the Plano* which hare excitel the
most attmUo*'. those InstromenU win by their full,
mar 0 tone, and also Interest by their lugenioua me
chanical Invention. The brass strings In them aio over
strict, aril of all the numerous Improvameata to be
fruotflMh* Kxh'bttlou—partly revivals of old Ideas,
long »lnce exploded, partly relative to Uttle sabordl
r*t«* det *li«. ami partly useless -dTstrxwaT'a method
Meins to o»to have the grea*e*t capacity of develop*
trei t.lhi-n o-t of future In It. It I*, tuereloie not at
all snrj rl»lrg tba* their factory ha* hocom* the great*
»: Put-ufunc Es’abllshOient jt tha: klud la America.**
*y»lr. hear Peasz Adt. the celebrated composer.
.. nnrsswTci. (Germany, > Sept. Wh, I 3».
Me«»M. ftT»;i*«w*T A Soar :-Oeullem«n—A short
•Irene 1 hid oceaefa of meeting with and trying
on* oi jour Patent Overstrurg Grand Concert Planoe.
whirr: bid been brought here by Mr. HebnMock. ot
Ph'ladfij’liia. ana 1 cannot refrain from eipresatuz ta
joi mi n-d sßUfed ado Imion. There are no lustra*
inrtte inown to ran which cou d excel yo*<w: with rn
»pert t*> fullt ex*of tone I hare never met with their
renal Pnou tower nr pane, inch rounduess of the
tnldnle toil**. such ■*oftne.vtnndclea'ne*< or the neper
toms, and vlthal each complete uniformity of the
vs'fu: octaves. I have, so tar. never met wttli In any
instrument, not rv»>n in any of the most celebrate!
tuaiiU M OhMOt Europe,
Tbt elasticity of touch Is mod surprising, am) It
may b* take?: ns a *ur« eaufuc- of the ret"ntireneM
of fore that, lustd'e o* the distant transnortlon from
PMlmMnhlnfo Mils pin'** there ws* nor nub string
nut of tun*. lam convinc’d that these Instruments
will sui u t ike the Ira ! cf all other and 1 wish
fin my heart that von may continue to labor for the
•eueflt of att fbr many years.
„ v.ry respectfully. FHA.NR ART.
Rnl n*w we turn homewnrtl. anl what do we bear
from our most honrved and ehllTul pianists and mu
sician* with regard to
dtef-lHtne «'• ■•velhPfaromilnfe. r|o »n*fafir elfß/t.
, 1. that of Ljn aaM (womoss'tlfnL IfU
lunenl tftc I’lAny greatly imptoeetf ii qualify ftml
’TS •* w*tM Kf PtkHtkf liUHfmatjU'M.i*JHVL
b 1 Ofe Arts**, i* M Mrsk. 0000. usm
hHesd I'iaH laal fsali*s*t T» a"y o*fisp I'lamj Win
wLfii wsg.e ae.(iia'Ma>l- ... ,
And many oil ers
Wnwii'd in> wlih o ciiifi Iml iiia'sidailiUa H4t*
fri.M lit. 11. (V, uahOUSH.ou tbs sulijdel of
Jletroai.Th,. January M. (Ml.
Ms><*< HTstHWiTi I renard him sa a liniiehtoldf
wlmliitllra a su' d plsuo. si.d I am your iiunadnlarymt
tliht am uni. Ilstins had una id your luslruinenla
|i r sevmal I rmi b«ar wltneui to Its adinlrabla
uualltbs li. «ti'» risiisi I, tarn mure Oisii sallsllsd,
aid if I had Hi lmyaMdi.fr, t mmold prrialniy go t®
ot:”'”• 'hivAii'l'wifr.iMiKiiAAr
Ws 1 ave thn saenry fhf »h»»s •ideudld InaUtlWgnM,
•ltd ran lun-Mi d-rm at New VorU
to onr ru*liMiiers fre'ithf sod fj*oj Maw
York, flier lange ita upward*. They art not
low— h"'i*b f Mini Is trail t «vri*'|ioii ran he-*hut they
areanliu'V«reipj*re«4<Mio<l.and aia fully aarfanlal
t*jt nve >enrs.
05 Clark St„ Chicago.
l>3d hW*3lhct
Chicago to liuflalo, All Tall*
“ Other Hues ou*rga IIS.IB.
Chicago to New York, All rail, t'il.SO,
' nir B other lines charge
Chicago to Boston,slß.oo.
c J Sllifn™"- wfeSiSir ,
C - il.u.Sinf DWctor^^We.tera In,
jjis tC£S 6tTf.y>an<: *
J: r-iAvpT*r7KKLrvworNa»ST*aa»»*
L S T &|gTo feSlr°SSrSmia.
For Buffalo. tonaMna- at
andthough TO Hoffs o I la tbr* l Vwtlaod. Boston and
;,^^mSoPE-Ca Sutler,
win i"» Te J[£ r p fl V* °For° Vr 1
day. jitiyaith. at.r.». A .t?SPKNCeS
Agent, Office foot of 8. T.ssaPfr-et.
Two Fine Brick Dwellings,
On W&zMngtoa*3i«, isar Xkhlgan Aveme,
Can be pn-chaaed oa lans time. a
meet, ibcy command & «no»i#woftne LjK^aax
front on Deartom Park. WJ*I be sold s^pviteiy.
thos. b. bbtan,
Real Ertato Attorney.
JjOfi TTIT-StßCt
Via Grand Trunk Railway,
through ririd*. the Tabul«
prices ’• and the “White MoufiUtoJ. t*iBQL
V tvEH— Detj olt to PortUldiad return. »**W>
Fo? fullpartlcalar*, apply t° B T wFBSTKTt.
o«eral Weitcm AacnUK
UW.h-.fß St ret - -
cohs wC^jAtobks.
tpv&sr •‘^ssH-vasa-nrt.
k ‘ f.r.,
ItetmuMUlTO Mutt, ot
1 At tW

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