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{£l)kago tribune.
MONDAY, JULY 27, 1803,
Ikcoue Tax.—Attention Is called to the in
come tax notice of Collector Schneider, in
another column of this paper.
Ok ms wax Home.—Chief Engineer, U. P.
Harris, has reached New York, from England,
Mid wfll reach home early this week.
Escaped. —A dispatch was received here
fiaturdiT morning, nnnonnclDg the escape ot
seven prisoners from Ure Will county Jail at
Joliet, Friday night.
Soldiers 1 Families. —Seyen hundred and
IMrty-two soldiers’ families are supplied
weekly with one thousand dollars from the
War Fund raised by the Common Council.
Beal Estate Sales.— -Notwithstanding the
stagnation in the real estate market, produc
ed by oar capitalists investing all their sur
plus funds in 5-SOs, sales amounting to
157,000 have been effected In the office of
Thos. B. Bryan, Esq., during the present
month, and if the trades now pending are
consummated, the amount will reach S7O,
by August Ist.
D. 8. Corm —The Jury In the cafie ofßli
nois Central Mlro.d Comply, vvbieh has
been on trial for severel days in tbc U. S.
Chcult Court, on S»tnrfny sent word to the
Jndce that they conld not agree. By consent
of counsel, they were discharged and the causa
continued to ano'.her term.
The case of Corbin vs. Hammond, Sheriff,
ct. al. Is Billion hearing before Judge Drum
mond, and will in all probability extend
through Monday.
PosrnvELT the Last op the Embroglio.
—On Thursday afternoon, the surety of Rev.
Dr. Reynolds, who was arrested at the in
stance of Dr. Lewis, and whose commectlon
with the “London Eve and E*rlnfirmary”
has occasioned so much amusing comment,
surrendered him to the Sheriff, and the Rev
crecdpcculist and Auiist is now In Jail, await
ing Ids trial for larceny before the Recorder’s
Court Application was made in the Circuit
Court of Cook county, Saturday, for a writ of
Jaibeiu cotjwt lu behalf oi the prisoner. The
writ was issued and (Theming of the case Is
act for this morning at ten o’clock.
McVicEEns’ Theatre—Seven Sisters.—
Tide gorgeous spectacle Is to be produced at
WcVlckcrs' this evening. The success
which attended its first production in this city
Is a guarantee that It will have a fine run. Mr.
McDonough is to appear as Mrs. Fluto and
Cupid, slid several new engagements hare
been made expressly for the piece. To our
couutiy renders who are gelling upexcurstons
1o Visit the city wo would say do so during
live i «u of the Seven Sisters.
Wttirit llisruciKßs,~Uov. b. Folsom, Hob*
j.llnl chaplain at Cairo, la In this elly by or
der of Gen. Buford, commander at Hint post,
ioj rc-col iho of while rcfugcei from
I In Ho utli who are brought iligru by tho Uni
t<d6tnka(ioTvniinrnt| and nro In great Mif
luring and md Immediate rullul. A public
muting will bo held In lliy.m Hall, on ftrh
bath evening, «t a quarter before H o'clock.
Thcpsatoisof our city am requested to oc
cupy stats on tbe plaltonn ami Invito their
congtegutlous to attend.
National Teachers’ Convention and
National Thanksgiving.— Wo recently al
luded to the fact that tho NuMonal Thanks
giving lolls on one of tho doys of tho Nation
al Convention of Teachers In this city. Wo
vow learn I ha* the Directors of the Teachers*
Association have decided to set apart ono
hour on Thursday, from 11 to 12 a. m., for
exercises appropriate to the day of Thanks
giving. These exercises will be conducted
by Rev. Dr. MeJilton, of Baltimore, President
JUU, of Harvard University, and one or more
clergymen ol this city.
Extensive Burglary Case.— Wc men
tioned last week the arrest of Pat Paley,
William Mcßride, and Philo Durphy,
Jor robbing Jessel’s house ol cloth
ing and plated ware, for which they
were bound over to tbe Recorder's Court.
Through the vigilance of oar wide-awake Po
lice, seven new cases were brought against
them Saturday morning, for which they were
each held to bail la the sum ol SSOO, making
$3,600 for each one of the rascals, or if they
wish to make up a purse to clear themselves
«f the Recorder's Court, the gang must raise
the snug sum of $10,500.
Gee man Military Movements. —Oar Ger
man friends arc exhibiting a degree of enter
prise in the formation of military companies
jn different sections of the city, eminently
praiseworthy, and display asnlrit which might
he profitably imitated by our citizens of
American nationality. Ons company is al
ready formed in the South Division, another
in the West, and another In the North, one
tinder the patronage of the Germans 1 Work
ing Men’s Association, one commanded by
Opt. E. Scbund, and one in the German set
tlement in the North Division, commanded by
Capt. Brosh—in all seven companies.
Fises.— At about half-past two o'clock
Satuiday morning a fire occurred at the foot
cf Maxwell street, near 12th, in the steam
ing house at the boat yard of Ackhurst
A.Douglae—loss about $75. Hannah, Lay £
Co. shingles In their lumber yard adjoin
ing, destroyed, to the value of SSO. The de
partment was promptly on hand, and pre
vented an extensive conflagration.
Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, about half
past 12, a fire broke out in a bam in the rear
0f207 Fourth avenue, but the speedy arrival
of the fire department prevented its entire dca
traction. The b&m was filled with hay, and
damaged to the extent of SOOO 00. No insur
Serious Accident. —On Saturday after
noon, while a young man and two young la
dies were riding In a buggy on Clark street,
n car Madison, the horse took fright, an d ran at
full speed until the vehicle struck the side
walk, when both the ladies wore thrown out.
One of them—Miss Mary Nelson, who lives
on Van Burcn street—was severely injured
by striking her head violenly upon the
giotmd. Shcwos carried into Dr. Ball’s drug
store, Id the Methodist Church Block, where
she lay for some time in a state ol total un
consciousness. Dr. O'Byan was summoned
to herald, and a professional examination of
her injuries discovered a severe and danger-
of the brain. The suffering
girl was subsequently removed to her board
ing place, where she remains la a very criti
cal condition.
Bead akd Act Quickly.— August sixth
has been wisely and appropriately recommend
ed by the President as a day of National
Thanksgiving for our recent unparallcd vic
tories. Faith without works is dead. Grati
tude without fruits is an Insult to Heaven, as
well as to the honored dead and suffering liv
ing. What more fitting time to pour luto the
treasury of the Sanitary Commission contri
butions to make glad the hearts of our brave
toys below. Culls come up on every breeze,
‘•Comodown and help us!” Bead the dis
patches from Cairo last night and thin morn
ing as to the sanitary condition of the army.
Besides our own sick and wounded six thous
and of ocr rebellions children lie helpless.
Cbristlike wc must bind up their wounds,and
not pass by on the other side. One hundred
thousand sick men must be continnallj cared
for from day to day, and month by month.
Let every clergyman take up a collection
(or the Sanitary Commission on this Ttumks
giving Day,and send the boys a small Install
ment of that wc owe them.
Tun Tchnehb 1 Hall.— As is known to our
citizens, the Turners’ Society embraces many
of our most respectable and influential Ger
man citizens. As to their public spirit and
loyalty, U need only be stated that this asso
ciation has sent two hundred brave, able bod
ied men to the army—one hundred in the 24 th
and one hundred In the 82d regiment. They
are now making an effort to erect a ball for
their permanent use. The plan proposed by
the committee is to lease the ground for a
term of years, erect a frame building, which,
when finished and famished, shall not cost to
exceed SB,OOO. Of this amount the Turners
propose to pay $2,000, and to raise the balance
by a sale of 120 shares at SSO each. Alter the
necessary amount is raised, and the work com
menced, the share quota of the Turners’ As
sociation will be first expended, and the quota
of the shareholders will be payable in two in
stalments of $25 each, on the fourth and eighth
week after the commencement of the work.
Satisfactory provision* have been made for the
t ccurity of the shareholders, one feature of
' iich is, that a certificate shall bo Issued for
4 neb share, redeemable by the Turners’ Asso
. Utlon, and containing the clause that up to
tlx redemption of such certificate, the share
holder* shall be the joint proprietors of the
l.alL '
£T(* trust tlist our cliizeus, with their n=ual
3il.e*»nty, will lend » helping hand lo this
Traitor* on the Police Force*
In the present crisis wc suggest to the an*
thorilles that It would bo well to be certain
of the loyally of members of the police force
of Chicago. We submit that a Copperhead or
a traitor has no more a right to hold a posi
tion ol this responsibility than has the devil
to preach a sermon to one of our city congre
gations. There Is danger In case of a gather
ing of the riotous clement to resist the con
scription, as is by some threatened, that dis
loyal policemen may fraternize with the mob,
and render the complications more difficult
to be overcome. Very fortunately, of the loy
alty of the great majority of the policemen of
this city, there Is not a shadow of doubt; but
there are a few men who on all occasions moke
a boast of their disloyalty; and these should
be hunted from among honest men like any
other venomous thing.
We have a casein point On Saturday,a ser
geant of the ISth regiment, Illinois volun
teers. honorably discharged from service be
cause of the loss of a leg at ShUoh, arrived In
the city by one of the leading lines of travel,
and on getting off the train, while hobbling
along on his crutches was addressed by a po
liceman wearing badge No.—ln a most vio
lent and abusive manner, curding the poor
fellow for having lost his leg, cursing him for
having been a Union soldier, and winding up
bis blasphemy by saying “I am a damned
rebel myself” and thus speaking of the United
States flag: “It is a dirty rag and should be
rended in pieces and trampled in the dust.”
Who are onr Police Commissioners that they
allow this man thus to blnrt his treason in
onr midst. We hare the name and number
of this policeman, and we call upon the Com
missioners to investigate the matter, and if
the officer be guilty of this outrageous con
duct, to discharge him at once. It will not
do to insult loyal men by retaining him longer
as one of the guardians of the public peace.
Attempt to Commit aßape, and Dow
It was Punished,
One of those outrages 'which the Copper
head Justice who disgraces the Police Court
of this city, will persist In considering a triv
ial offense, was brought to light Saturday af
ternoon at the Armory. About a week ago
Mrs. Margaret Sorge, a German woman whose
husband is engaged in some business on Ca
nal street, made a. complaint before Justice
Miller, that John Steak u German batchcrllv-
Ing on State street, hud a few days previous
attempted to commit to wards her a gross per
sonal outrage. Upon this statement a war
rant was issued and Staak was arrested and
taken before the Justice. Of course he plead
not guilty. The woman was placet! upon the
ttaud and swore most distinctly to all thepar
tlculars of the gross attack; how he called
at her house when her husband was absent;
bow ho locked the doors, and made a violent
personal assault upon her; how in her strug
gles she was thrown upon the floor and kept
in that position subjected to the threats, en
treaties ami abuse of the defendant, until the
husband returned, and BUiak was sent head*
long down the stairway and Into the street.
Thu pour woman was unable (o speak so as
to bo altogether nndatsfood, and bluudorod
somewhat in buretory, which led the Justice
to change Die chargo to that of disoid ily con*
duct, and for this he assessed the beggarly
line of nml.eoHU, remarking that “$5 whs
about the usual Hue In such eases." Worm
collect that in a similar com. tlm Mina Justice
charged $lO fur an atUunpt to commit an out*
rage upon u married woman on Mlaidgan ava*
mm; but in that hislai.ee the uffluiilor was not
a German,
A Heavy Suit lu Prospert
When Arlington Leon & Uonnikerleft with
tbulr colored Opera Troupe, a few wuukfl ago,
(buy supposed they had secured u lease of
Kingsbury Hull for a term of years, and wore
intending, alter a short season lu the country,
to return again aud establish burnt cork min*
strclsy in Chicago as a permanent Institution,
Our reudera ore arc aware that quite recent’
ly, In utter disregard of the rights of tho
smoked opera troupe, If they ever had any
rights Id the mutter, the Agcot of Kingsbury
block has leased nearly the entire building to
the proprietors of tbenewMuseum, and given
them actual possession of the premises. It is
raid that Mr. Kelly, tho agent of the troupe,
does not propose to stand this nonsense with
out having his rights aud status legally defin
ed. Alow suit Is already on tho tapis, com
menced by the Minstrels, la which damages
to the amount of SIO,OOO arc claimed. Emi
nent legal talent has been secured, and the
trial promises rich developments. It will be
a profitable not for the lawyers to crack. Both
parties have wind, speed and bottom.
Wrongfully Taking a totter from the
Poke Oflicc, and Appropriating the
A man named John Dalton, a carpenter,
now, or until Ms arrest, employed upon the re*
pairs of the Foster House, la the North Di
vision, was brought before Commissioner
Hoyne, on Saturday* charged with taking
from the Post Office o letter written by W.
H, Eddy, of this city, and directed to John
Dalton, a grocer on State street, enclosing a
check for twenty dollars on the Western Fire
and Marine Insurance Company’s Bank. 1c
is alleged that Dalton presented the check at
the hank and drew the money upon it. An
examination was had, wMch resulted in a
partial substantiation of the above allega
tions, and in holding the prisoner in suit
able bonds to secure hlsprcsenceoaThursday
• xt for further examination.
A Great Northwestern Festival.
A mats meeting of the ladles of Chicago
will be held at Bryan Hall on Tuesday after
noon at 3 o'clock, to take Into consideration
the propriety of holding a Great Northwest
ern Fair, during the Autumn, for the benefit
of sick and wounded soldlejs. The large
number of hospital patients, and the alarming
increase of sickness among our troops in the
Southwest, require energetic and j>cracverlng
•action. It is a privilege to labor lor those
who are dying for us. Let every woman show
her zeal and patriotism by her works, and
row prepare for a grand, patriotic mauifesta-
lon, which shall produce an overflowing
treasury for the sick and wounded, and show
the brave boys and the country at Urge, that
ihe women of the Northwest arc In earnest,
and mean to work and keep working, so long
us the boys keep fighting. Let every true
heaitcd woman he there. Let Bryan Hail,
which stands wide open always for patriotism
and humanity, be filled. It is proposed that
ail the Northwestern States shall unite, and
make this Festival an honor to our country,
md a substantial benefit to the soldiers. The
.ride, patriotism and humanity of Chicago
* emen will be enlisted in this affair. The
ladies of New York, Boston and Philadelphia,
*re making preparations for similar monster
fairs, each of which is expected to bring in
$25,000. Shall the women of the Northwest
be behind their eastern sisters in this matter ?
We answer for them—NO!
IVcstcm Union College and miliary
In another column appears the advertise
ment of Col. Covert, President of this* excel
lent Educational and Military institution.
The Western Union College is located at Ful*
ton, Illinois, and occupies one of the largest
and most elegant buildings in the valley of the
Mississippi, formerly the Dement House. It
is now In its third year of successful opera
tion, and is constantly and steadily winning
its way into public favor. The standard of
educational excellence is high, and to this
primary advantage is added that of acquiring
a thorough military education, an accomplish
ment not to bo despised in these troublous
times. The college has an excellent and ac
complished corps of teachers, who are worthy
of the reputation they have attained In their
several departments.
Canal Convention Committee.
Pursuant to adjournment, the principal
members of the Canal Convention Finance
Committee, and a number of the prominent
subscribers to the Fund under consideration,
metal the Mercantile Assoclatlonßooms Sat
uiday evening, Dr. Brainard In the chair.
D. A, Gage, being called upon, stated the
object of the meeting was to decide what dls.
petal should be made of the surplus funds re
maining in the hands of the Finance Com
The Treasurer read his report, as follows:
Amount collected by subscription $3,1W00
Received for lumber sold 373.00
Expects paid
Paid back to subscribers
Board of Trade quota paid to
Soldier*' Borne 420.00
Referred for Printing 60J.00
Reserved for Contingent Expen
ses... • .... 1)619.15
Mr. Farwcll has orders on the Treasurer
from subscribers to this fund, calling for
about SSOO, which have not been paid, and the
Treasurer asks for Instructions from the
Alter some tlmo spent by several members
in discussing the subject, and presenting their
individual views upon the subject.
On motion of 6; C. Cook, amended by A. C.
Coventry, it was unanimously
Sefdr(d. That the orders held by Hr. Farwell be
paid and the money returned to the subscribers
who have drawn upon the fund through him; and
that the remainder of the foods be bell In treat for
the special purpose of carrying forward the Canal
Extension for which It was subscribed
There bring no further business before
thtm a the tutting adjourned*
Banid Increase in Population and Bn
ftlue»»—Extent of Public Improve
ments, do*
Below wc present some facts and figures
relative to oar city which will be new, not
only to our distant readers, but to many of
onr citizens. The data have been collected
with care from reliable sources, and demon
strates that the progress of Chicago is up
ward and onward:
WehaTebeenfhToredbyT.il. Halpln, Esq.,
compiler of the City Directory, wlthadTanc
j-bects of that Taloable work, from which we
extract the following as the present popula
tion of the city”;
“Since the* Issue of oar last publi
cation the city of Chicago baa continu
ed to progress In material prosperi
ty to an extent unexampled In the history of this
or any other country. The actual increase of
namesorer.last year's edition is four thousand
tiine hundred and eighty-three, which, computed
at the usual average, would give the present popu
lation of Chicago at one hundred and fifty thous
and soul*. We arc satisfied, that if a thorough
census ofthe city were now taken, thatoarestl
mate would prove an under one. What a glorious
contrast then docs this Directory, of 18G3, present
to that one of 1844, only nineteen years ago, in
which the publisher,proud even then of the promis
ing growth of the Infant city, boastfully an
nounced that the population of Chicago was nearly
if not quite, eight thousand. At that time, a well
known, and then, as now, respected citizen of
Chicago was langned at bynis mends when he ex
pressed his belief that he should lire to sec the
day-when Chicago would contain one hundred
thousand Inhabitants. It Is to the public spirit
and far-seeing sagacity of such citizens that Chi
cago owes the prosperity which has elevated her
toner present proud pre-eminence.
This conclusive evidence of the onward march
of the city to metropolitan greatness, is the more
gratifying from the fact, that while our people
nave nobly responded to every call of the govern
ment for both men and money In this trying time
of tbe country's need, we still multiply and in
crease, while the older cities of New York, Bos
ton, etc., exhr it, by their Directories a very per
ceptible decrease in names."
The new Directory contains a table of the
number ol names in each letter of the alpha
bet, as follows
The Brown Tamil; of Cl
Johnson and Johnston.
Miller (German nndEngll
Smiths, of whom we bai
A comparison of the Chicago Directory for
1867 with the present edition gives the fallow,
lug mult
185 T. 1801.
Agricultural Implement Mnmifaclurcrfl. 9 7
Breweries... ........................... 19 89
Di5ti11erie5............ 7 10
Grain Elevators 7 18
racking H0u5e5........................ 19 6?
lion F0undrie5.......................... . B 15
•Machine Bhopß 17 8t
Tanneries 4 1(1
< art Inge 8ui1der5........................ 19 80
Wag0nMaker5.......................... 91 40
Hotels 7t 91
•ThUdocauol IttcUulo Urn vnteiulvc Uallkkul
MncMm* Hliojp* (-nr Work*, )'in|iloyhitf ni'Vi'hil
iloni'miil ImniM, of which nn nocoinit \v«*
Itrin 0 lit llK'TntiU'Nß ln«l month.
Tbvro mo now in ntwmllnn In ilw «l’y
■ icmlii elevator*, tliy njitfrcßAlu cajuc
ity of which writ m> follow* t
Hiorauo, bushel* B,<l'ff,ooo
Umdvu unit ship dally, UVIUW
< ’Aiiuclty to per <fny fI.BM.tMO
wwuige Steele, Esq., lias nnotliur lu course
i,f construction to bo completed lor (bo fall
trade, which will bavo a storage capacity of
1,600.000; rocolvo ana ship dully 100,000;
ship per day 260,000.
There are In the city 47 miles and 4,520 feet
of gas pipe laid. Of public lamp posts 1,310;
of burners 00,837, Number of private con
sumers or patrons 4,407.
The whole amount of distributing mains
iow in connection with the works, is US mites
aud 2,043 feet. Of tho supply mains, 0 miles
and 2,24/ feci arc not included above, making
the total length of water pipe, of all sizes, in
use In the city on the Ist of April, 101 miles
nud 4,81*0 feet.
The amount of water pumped during the
3 ear 1802 was 2,217,270,780 gallons, being an
increase over 1801 of 450,126,050ga110n5. }Tho
aveiagc number of gallons pumped per day
during the months of January, February aud
March, 1603, was 5,421,645. The whole num
ber of hydrants in use is 608.
There are within the corporation 772
streets, the total length of which are 400
miles. The number of names of streets la
each letter of tbe alphabet arc as follows: A,
28; 8,52; C. 70; D,33; E,80; F,37; 0,29;
H,SC; 1,9; J, 18; K, 16; 1j,53; M,62; N,
31; O; 16; P, 37; Q, C; R, 34; S, 58; T,34;
U, 6; V, 8; W, 48; Y, 3. Total names, 772.
During the year 1802,15,035 feet, or about
three miles ol sewers, were built, generally
of brick, -more than half of which were ol
: 1-2 feet diameter. The whole amount of
,nblic sewers now’ laid In the city is about
sixty miles; the number of catch basins,
1,204; number of man-holes 2,201, Whole
number of private drains 2,603.
Besides the immense number of wagons and
carriages owned by private individuals, the
fallowing are licensed: Hacks 101; Omni
buses 99; Express and Baggage Wagons 459;
Gialn and Truck Wagons 275; Drays 503.
Saloon and Grocery licenses 022; Porters
and Banners for Hotels, Railroads, &c., S2;
Newsboys 142; Pedlars 820.
Ulcctlug for tlio Belief of Union Kcf-
According to announcement, a meeting was
held last evening, at Bryan Hall, to take sonic
steps for alleviating the destitution among the
rtifogecs who arc arriving in large numbers at
The meeting was opened by singing “Coro
nation,” and prayer by Kev. Dr. Lord.
Order from Gen. Buford No, 122 was read,
authorizing Chaplain E. Folsom to visit the
interior of the State to solicit donations for
the reliefof destitute refugees from the South,
the funds so collected to be remitted by him
to C. M. Shipman, Agent U. S. Sanitary Com
mission, who, with Mr. Folsom, will report
cn the 18th of August.
Mr. Folsom, In his remarks, stated tha*
scarce a boat or transport arrives at Cairo,
that has not more or less of these refugees,
who are entirely destitute, and thousands have
been passed through into the State. When
he left Cairo, he left it free of this class, but
the means of sending them forward arc ex
hausted, and new arrivals occur daily. A let
ter was read Jrom Rev. Mr. Lovejoy, who has
charge of a refugee camp at Corinth. He stales
that many of the refugees have not a single
garment fit to wear. About SIOO worth of
supplies have been received from the North,
but this was as a drop in the backet. They
have not materials in which to wrap the dead
fvr burial.
Hr. Folsom depicted the sorrowful condi
tion of those persons. A few weeks ago 235
esme in one lot. They vrt>re placed in box
curs ns n shelter, and had to remain there for
ty-eight hours before money could be collect
ed to send them forward luto the Slate. Oth
ers have arrived since and fared similarly.
The Government furnish them with transpor
tation to Cairo, and there they mast meet with
:>ld. They only ask for funds to toko them
where they can reach homes or farms, or po
sitions where they can earn olivine. The hus
bands and fathers arc principally in the Union
mmy, and those who now call for help arc
womt n and children. They have already come
in such numbers as to flu up the Soldiers’
Home at Cairo, and tents that can be devoted
to them.
The speaker suggests that funds he provi
ded for Bupportlng an agent to 1 ravel through
the country and secure provisions for these
poor, desolate, Buffering people. There is
nothing growing to sustain them at home;
they are hunted by the guerillas like par
tridges in the mountains, because of their
Union sentiments, hence they cannot stay In
ibe South and seek old from their friends in
the North. The speaker urged the import
ance—the humanity of our doing what wc
properly consider our duty toward these suf
icrlng people.
Dr. Lora, being called upon, made some ap
propriate suggestions.
Rev. W. tv. Evarts spoke with earnestness
of the importance of ibis movement. Uo
looked npon those who give np life, proper
ty and homes for their principles—that sacri
tlce everything and beggar themselves and
still stand firm Union men and women,
as deserving our warmest encouragement.
He drew a picture of the South—pa«t pres
ent and future—the rejuvenation and Chris
tianization of the whole South. Ho believed
wc should take Immediate steps to extend re
lict to those who were thus fleeing from their
unholy persecutors,
Charles Walker added his testimony to those
vho had already spoken. He did not look
*l»on this as a charity, but as a duty wo owe
them as our fellow citizens. There fa a great
need of labor throughout the country, and
there are homes waiting for these very per
sons, all that is needed is to furnish means for
co ®\ e 5 them to the locations where they
will be cheerfully welcome.
Rev. E. B. Tuttle made some stirring and
appropriate remarks, urging the importance
of the movement, illustrating the subject by
giving ft description of what be had seen in
the army and in the South.
Ihc audience was then called npon for con
tributions, while the exercises were closed by
singing the Doxology.
The amount collected was $390,13, which
will be very materially swelled by subscrip
tions and outside donations, we trust, Mr.
Folsom will be glad to receive any donations
of clothing or money at the Chicago Sanitary
CoiMuUcioa Scobs*
$3,621 S3
On Sunday at about 11 o'clock, a boy named
Asa M. Downs, rodo a horse Into the lake at
the 111. Cent. Car Works Pier, near the foot
of Rio Grande street. Ho had divested him
self ol his clothing, nud rode In to wash the
horse and have some sport In swimming him.
Just os the horse was passing Into water too
deep for his foot-hold, he reared up almost
perpendicularly, at the some time making a
plunge towards the shore. This quick mo
tion threw the boy off backwards Into the
hike. Two Frenchmen were silting on the
pier near by, and seeing the critical position
i f the boy, one of them Wm. Reyull threw
off his coat and vest and rushed in to rescue
him. When he reached the drowning boy ho
caught Reyull firmly by the arms, and climed
upon him. Though the water was about 8
feel deep, and they were not more than thirty
feet from shore, both were drowned. Bupt.
Scovllle, of the Car Works, hastily made a
raft and used every effort with the old of citi
zens to rescue the bodies, but life was extinct
when they were found.
. Wm, Beyull, aged 35, has been employed In
the Car Work’s black-smith shop—was a
sober, Industrious man-had been in the city
but five weeks, and came from France about
four months ago. In the absence of the Cor
ner an inquest was held by Justice McDon
nel—verdict, accidentally drowned.
Asa 31. Downs, aged 10, resided on State
street, nearly opposite the Gage House, and
with his step lather, Lewis Thoms, was in the
employ of Wadhams, Willard & Co., In de
livering ice on Michigan and Wabash avenues,
between Van Buren street and the Railroad
crossing. He was a remarkably promising
boy of his age, and until misled by the iufiu
cucics of other boys was an obedient and Sab
bath-observing youth.
Another case of drowning
Oakland Station, near Cleavervill*, •. .
past five Sunday afternoon, V.
boys Charles Suntcr, aged nine; John Sanur,
aged sis, and James 0. Smith, aged twelve
O* 833
0 303
P 1,450
Q no
B 1,710
8 3,838
T : 1,155
U 118
V 320
W 2,512
Z 107
(the latter colored) lost their lives. At nine
o'clock last evening- their bodies liadnot been
The 5 : 20 Loan. —Jay Cooke & Co., the
subscription agents of the 620 loan, are
converting an immense amount of green
backs into Ibis popular Investment. There
are several reasons which render this a very
desirable Investment. The bonds pay six per
cent, in gold, three per cent, every six
mouths, on the Ist day ol Slay and Novem
ber, at the mint in Philadelphia, and the Sab
treasury in Chicago, or elsewhere. There is
no question that both, principal and interest
will be paid In gold when due. No taxes can
he collected on these bonds unices the income
derived therefrom exceeds |6OO per annum,
and on all above that amount the tax Is but
onc-bsif cf that required upon other indebted
ness. The Supremo Court has Just decided
that no State, City or County can tax Gov
ernment Bonds, The amount already sub
scribed to this loan in Chicago is consider
able, and wu look for a largo Increase before
tho loan U withdrawn (rom market, m It will
be In a few days, Now Is the (tmo to Invest
your spare change.
Icago number.
l»h) 181
re 51 oT the veritable
HhmaiiKAlU.l7 Com BKPION.—Wo have bocii
liifoNtml tlmt Controttur H 8. liny*
tMiiUy Joined tlio Holy Catholic Communion,
olid (lint lid coiitomi'lnt*'* tuhlng ortlnin. Tito
whole community will doubtless roeelvo tlm
announcement with surprise. Wo had «u|><
posed tlio distinguished olßeer so liitoruolvil
in Klvlngn pmtl/iii character to municipal of*
folie, ilmt lie would have no time to attoml to
tlio demand* of religion. Wu congratulate
the Catholic Ecclesiastical dignitaries that
they liiivc secured so able and patriotic a co*
Examination Waivjsiv— lu the case of the
policeman, Jacob Knaus, charged with Peter
Duils, la bclt'g conceraed In the killing of
Patrick Connors, ns heretofore narrated la
oar columns, wo learn that by advice ot
counsel, the defendant on Saturday afternoon
vent before Juttlce HoUlogton, waived au
examination, and gave bonds In the sum of
SI,OOO, to appear befoic the Recorder's Court
to answer to the charge of manslaughter.
Union Men of the 10th VTaub, Attes
tion !—Pursuant to un adjournment on Sat
urday evening, a meeting will be hrld this
(Monday) evening, at 8 o’clock, for lire pur
j ose of organizing an Independent military
company, Place of meeting West Market
llall. By order of Committee.
Hcftolatlonw by the Typographical Vu<
lon on the Decease ui major ICCedllh
Drowned In tho Lake*
The Typographical Union Ko. 10 met last
night at their Hall and passed the following
preamble and resolutions:
Wueiieas, The Divine Euler of the Universe has
iu Hlb Infinite wisdom called unto Himself, from
the Patriotarmy of the Potomac, Major W. U. Me
dill, one of its bravest nndmost honored officers;
and Whereas, The ?ald Major W, n. Medlll, before
the breaking out of this wicked rebellion, was a
Allow craftsman andmember of this organization,
respected for his manly worth, Integrity and skill,
loved for bis pure, disinterested patriotism and
great moral worth; and since bis connection with
rhe armed defenders of the Union—honored for his
bravery alike by us and other loyal citizens: and
though oar hearts arc full of sorrow, we deem it a
duly wc owe the departed hero to publicly express
our sympathy to bis relatives, friends and brother
soldiers, in common with us mourning the loss of
lundwhote achievements gave such glorious prom-
Iseforthefnture. Therefore, as a farther tribute
of respect, be It
Cred, That to his bereaved and sorrowing
part.nts. brothers, sisters, and other loved ones,
we would, Id this theirtime of mourning, tender
our sympathies, and assure them that It their sor
row is deeper it cannot be more heartfelt and sin
cere than ours. That though bis place ou earth is
for ever vacant, hla memory will bo kept green in
ihe hearts of his brother craftsmen of Chicago.
ftt*cjc(d. That In the death .f Major W. H. Me
dlll, the Chicago Union has lost one of its most
valued members—a printer, patriot, friend, and
I'rion man.
7fc«cfr«f, While with the Bth Illinois Cavalry wd
lament the lose ofHajorlfedill and other of their
biave comrades, so many of whom nave “fallen
with their faces to heaven, their feet to the foe,"
we wonld send to them words of cheer and conso
lation; and If, in the providence of God, farther
sacrifices arc demanded from their shattered
ranks, let the remembrance of past heroic
Meds of them and their gallant leader gone,
fire their heart- anew and nerve Kicir
strong aims to fresh deeds of daring to avenge
their losses and make secure forever the salvation
of the Republic; and if any of them should fall,
n ay they have the pleasure that attended the last
hours of our friend, of knowing that victory, to
them as it was to him, Is their reward, and that
death is hut promotion to the army of sainted pa
He+olrfd, That this Union continue to wear the
usual badge of mourning Tor thirty days.
Be if further Ile-*olved, ThatCapt I). J. Hynes,
one of the several honorary members of this Union
now connected with the Bth Illinois cavalry, on bis
reinrn to the regiment be authorized to convoy
there resolutions to them, and to assnre them that
we as citizens sympathize with them in their sor
rows and glory In their victories.
Jiefdrtd, Tnat a copy of these resolutions bo
presented to the relatives of the deceased, and also
that they be published in the Chicago papers.
From an Officer of the Circuit Court.
The following is from a special deputy of the
Circuit Court of this city. Dr. Ayer, McCormick's
Building, Cf/re*catarrh and throat and cheat dis
Chicago, 111., July IS, 1853.
I hare been under the treatment of Dr. I. Wins
low Ayerfora chronic affection of the throat and
chest, and although the disease had made alarming
inroads upon my health. Dr. Ayer's success has
teen so complete in my ease that I take pleasure
in assuring. those who may be thus afflict
ed and yet be as skeptical os I was at first,
that * I am. perfectly aatUfled that Dr.
Ayer thoroughly understands the nature aud
piopcr treatment of such cases. I feel
very grateful for the benefit I have received at his
institute, aud add that U has been thronged with
patients whenever I have been there, and I have
never beard on-dissenting voice to the opinion
that the doctor Is justly deserving the celebrity
lit has attained for curing Throntand Chest Affec
tions. E \V. Tucker,
No. 2-13 State street, Chicago.
Special Deputy Circuit Court. jaly2fl-at
Haiti Wohk.—W. Barrow, manufacturer of
Wigs, Tonpois, Ladles' Braids, Bands, Curls,
Putts, Ac., No. 23 South Clark street, up stairs.
Directions for measuring the head sent on applica
tion. Post Office box 8,487.
f3T Instantaneous and efficacious cures or Corns
nnd Bunions, without pain or bleeding. Alldi*-
enres incidental to the feet treated by Ur. Kendall.
Offices No. 17 Larmou Block, Clark street, corner
of Washington.
fgr Parties desiring Electrical apparatus for
medical purposes, would do well to call at Dr.
Hayes' Institute, 00 State street, and examine Dr.
Young's new and elaborate Electrical apparatus,
and Electro-Thermal Bath. For therapeutic pow
er in the treatment of diseases, it Is said to be su
perior to any In use. Jy2o 6t
t3T*The attention ot our readers Is called to
the advertisement of cabinet Photographs, for sale
by McNally & Co.
Ton Superior City avd Ikterbepiats Ports.
—Tbc splendid side-wheel sic finer Planet, Captain
Chamberlin, will leave Goodrich's Dock firstaoovo
Kueb street bridge, for above ports, on Tuesday.
July 28, at 8 o’dock. ThoPlanctwlilcallatGrand
Portage, giving passengers an opportunity of wit
nessing the annual Indian payment. Jyß i-4t
XST" F. E. Rigby, 69 Randloph Street, is selling
Paper Hangings at less than New York prices at
whole*ale and retail. The trade supplied on tho
most liberal terms. Jy7.4w
jy Nervous Diseases and Physical Debility,
arising from Specific causes. In both sexes-new
and reliable treatment, in reports of the Howard
Association—sent in sealed letter envelope free of
charge. Address, Dr. J. Sktllm Houghton, How
ard Association, No. S South Ninth street Phila
delphia, Pa, JylSMw
To nil Afflicted with Catarrh. Throat
Disease and Affection* oft tie Chest.
Dr. I. Winslow Ayer. Physician for Affections of
the Throst and Chest, Rooms 12 and n McCor
mick's Building, comer of Randolph and Dearborn
streets, gives fils entire attention to tbladcpart
mentofpractice. The extraordinarraucccss welch
has attended his practice in this city has enabled
him to refer to the best and most responsible par
ties In Chicago. It is especially desirable that all
who have need of medical aid, either for Catarrh,
Asthma, Bronchitis or Consumption, should make
early application. Tbe patient at a distance, who
cannot come to the city to remain hero for treat
ment, can, after an examination, return home and
pursue the course of treatment with success.
Where it Is Impossible Cor tbe party to come per
tonally to the city, he should write as manyol hla
symptoms as possible, and give such description
ss will afford a correct idea of the case. A list of
questions will be famished pponapplicatlqn,
SiTunnir EvrsiNo, July 23,1863.
The market for gold continues quiet, aud the
brokers are buying sparingly at 125. Silver Is dull
at US for email and 117®118 for large pieces.
In New York gold opened at 120.V, and closed at
136. There was no second board to-day.
Eastern Exchange continues scarce and firm at
X per cent, premium buying, and X per cent, sell
ing. One or two instltutlooe propose to sell Ex
cliangeto their customers at less figures, but tho
public have to pay X per cent.
Business is generally very doll, and money 1b
easy at the usual rates of discount. The rich re
turns of the Colorado gold mines are attracting
considerable attention and stimulating inquiry as
to tho safety of Investments In their Increasing
bnelncss. In the Internet attaching to the copper
and lead enterprises nearer home the production
of gold has excited but little notice of lato; but
we find several new companies being organised
this season, and some already at work. Certainly
the returns of the last two years, and so far of this
year also, afford tempting data for estimates, the
statistics of the Philadelphia Hint showing the
coinage for Colorado Territory to here been
$8,000,000 In 1661 and $12,000,000 in 1663, while the
estimates for the present year, based on the yield
already made, promise a product of not less
$25,000, OCO or $80,000,000.
The comings Of the Galena and Chicago Union
Ballroad, from July 16th to 23d, for two years past,
were as follows:
16C2; 1563.
Freights....s29,4l2 49 $19.89315 $9,614 34 Dec.
Passengers.. 6,317 97 8,190 97 1,873 00 Inc.
Mulls, Ac.,.. 1,250 00 1,800 00 50 0i Inc.
$36,980 46 $29,389 13. $7,591 SlDec
At Louisville on the 23d Eastern exchange was
(jelling at #(&# 9 cent, premium. Gold.was sell
ing at Kentucky Notes were 1 per cent.
it St. Louis on the 24th, New York exchange
. as scarce. The Missouri Democrat says;
New York exchange was scarce, and treasury
notes were shipped East by bankers to draw
against their customers. The rate charged by
leadinghoneeawas *1 50 e thousand premium
( the cost of sending the funds by express) to their
regular customers, and $1 75 to $2 SO 33 thousand
to others.
ch ee
At Clncincati on the 24th, orders on Washington
were in good demand at ?«(&*« die; vouchers, 1#
die; and certificates, die. Exchange
wbb in good demand at par®)* prem. Honey was
easy at C®6 per cent.
Cuicago and Alton Railiioad. —The earnings
of the Chicago and Alton R. E. for the week end*
Ing July 23, were:
Increase 1863
Tub- “ Fxt.st National Bake of LaSalle,*’
111.—The LaSalle Pra*# says •
• i Tlic First National Bank of LaSalle, capital
$50.0(0, was organized on Wednesday, {ho iCth
by the election of six directors, viz: Messrs.
Ceorpe F. Bntler. M. Bymc, K T. Adams, W. M.
Woolscy, John T. Pace and David Brown. Geo.
F. Butler was elected President, and E. T. Nexsen
Cashier. The bank will go into operation on the
Ist of October next. Tho stockholders and direc
tors comprise some of our best business men. Wo
arc glad to chronicle the establishment of uiiool
(he new National Banks tu our cUy. M
Roods Island Banks.— The statement of the
Rhode Island banks, made tip to tho Olh lust., Is ns
follows I
I'rdflitrlico. Providence. Total,
Cniillnl flfl/mi.HVi lUO.Hlll.nd
<•)/,ni(itinii,,,,. j.ufi.ftth v.tim.wn o.ii'i.m
ftiMndt* 4,{M,I«VJ b.Wt.tm
iMtrtlnl'l*- 4f,4Hrt J.ftHMUO
Hlicftn. JIM,ITU Jlll.tni -IKl.hofl
li'diii uoie» let'll,»0) 8 i.utii l.nir.im
Into ltylltuil.il., l.l'.’C.U'H 717,1' M)
Aacoini'aml will) (tig Mlatetnmtl of June «U tlio
result* nro im follow* i
Providence. Out of Providence,
Cflllllhl f.l.tM.Oii 100
( liculatlon,.,. «H8,77i aft 100. jM.IIKI.BO 100.
Dcponita....... tH,U'ftP4 llio. 8.1, lAl.l'i due,
Duo banks.... Hfi.un.Midoc. Ul.lflVil Inc.
I.uann li.VKb.7:J dec. b1,(184.77 Inc
Specie II.IIH.JH doc. BT4«)lnc
lln ok notes.,.. JWMJIUB9 loc. CT,•Jill.Hi dec
Hue by hanks. 1M.W747 Inc. l9,MoS!ldcc
I'mijiUßi.rmA Banks,—The aggregates of tho
Philadelphia banks, at the last weekly statement,
made tip yesterday, show tho following changes as
compared with last week
Decrease of loans
lIICTCABC of Specie I.WJ
IncreußOof deposits..... 220,7(3
Increase of circulation 34.713
Increase of UnltcdSlatus notes 89,811
Bank o? Enokand.—Annexed Is the latest state
ment of the Bank of England:
An account, pursuant to
32, for week ending M
Kotos Issued £28,614,000
£2r, 614,000
Capital £14.653,000
Bust 8.211,276
Pubdu posits,
Oucl. exch’r
savings bks,
com’w of na
tional debt, .
amt dividend
account 6,598.831
Otturdcpoa’s 18,590,718
Seven day and
other bills.. 607,693
£42.614,425 £12,611,426
This statement shows the following variations
as compared with Uic previous week:
Increase. Decrease.
Public deposits £4,762,539
Other deposits £2,320,979 ....
Notes In circulation - 399,722 ....
Rest 43,357
On the other side of the account:
Government securities .... 3,391
Other securities .... 1,839,788
Coin and bullion .... 235,82
Notts unemployed ... 490,*.32
Tlic following table will show the imports and
exports of gold and silver into London, during the
first sis months of the present year, compared with
the same period in 1602:
Imports. IST<2. 1963.
Gold £8.091,413 £10,012,331
Silver. 4,581,003 5,109,481
Total £:2,677,43 l £15,780,805
.£7,2:6,403 £9,501,2 di
. 5,2?8,259 5.133,395
.£12,5*4,751 £13,634,6'i6
New Tork .-Stock ai
8y Telegraph.] Nr
Stocks-Irregular, but
N. Y. c mx
Erie 10»#
Binding 109*
M. C 114
M. S
H. S. gt'd.
Government stocks steady.
No second board of stocks. Sales Of gold at pub
lic board at 126%.
U. S.6a ’Bl, c 106 X 17-30s 106,V®UW’>
Monet—Continues easy at 0 per cent for call
Sterling Exchange quiet at 135#®139 for first
class bills.
American gold firm, in consequence or largo ox*
pons to-day—opening at 127J£ dosing steady at
* Total exports of specie to-day sl,-
Satcrdat Etekikq, July 25,1858.
receipts ron past twektt-poub hours.
Flour.Wheat.Coni. Ous. Rye. flri’y.
brla. ha. ho bu. bh. ha.
Canal TOO 19T63 4314
fea CURB... 160 8000 8571 4*B 183 ....
BIRR ICO 1400 2300 800
11l CRB 410 1750 7000 COO .... 850
CBAQR R.. 700 3563 17074 U46 415 1148
VYfßa 519 2100 .... 1230
A*StLRR.. 270 8150 8950
foUI 8179 14973 64157 12348 633 1496
Grass Live Beef Hijra-
Seed. Hogs. Wool,o'U..u.oes. w’es.
fi»s. No, lbs. 80. lbs brla
Q*CORR... ... 800 .... 688 1520 ....
RIRB. 040 .... 844
OICKR 600 .... 144 .... 800
CB&QRR 2054 1598 280 6735 ....
NWRR CO 4000 44 10130 ....
A.&SLL.R.R .... 16S .... ICO 9434 ....
3186 6198 1612 80919 800
Flour Wheat Com. Oats. Kye.Barry
brio. bn. bn. bu. bn. bn.
. 650 11000 96M25
B tftlo.
Oswego i
I’ort Sarnia.. 751
Ktucston 80800
Goderich.... 1»7
ColllnpTOod. 0600
Ollier porta SCO
T0ta1.... 35SS 11000 814075
Tbc receipts daring the past 34 boars were very
light, Including only 2,170 hrls flour, 14,078 bn
nheat 64,107bn corn, 13,048 bn oats, 00ibu rye,
and 1,400 bn barley. Tbe shipments by Lake dar-
Inc the same period were 8,583 brls flour, 11,000 bn
wheat, and 814,675 bn com.
The leading markets to-day were doll and drag*
glrg, and prices bad a downward tendency. The
demand by shippers is light, and there laannn
usually limited speculative Inquiry.
The Wheat market ruled heavy and declined 1c
per bushel, with very light Bales at sl.(-3i&1.03 for
new No. 1 Red Winter; 68c forncw.No.3Red Win
ter; tOc for old Rejected Winter; SI.OO for No. 1
Sprlcg; 68(&eoc for No. 3 Spring; and 70©71 c for
Rejected Spring.
Corn was less active and without material
change in prices—opening at 47ftc for Mixed, and
dosing at 47XQ4 7£c. Cana! Corn’waa sold Bt49Xc
afloat and 49*i'c f. o. b. Rejected Com was very
dull, and was sold at [email protected]— buyers generally of
fering only 45c,
Data were In good request and prices advanced
Sc per bushel—with sales of No 1 at s&&sStfc, and
Rejected at 49c in store. Rye was steady at 63c.
Bailey was dull, with light sales Of good new at
61c. Hlghwlnes were dull and neglected.
The Provision market Is inactive hut firm—the
supply being Ices than the demand. Mess Fork Is
in demand at sl3 005hl3A0—holders asking $12.75
Q 18.00. Bulk Meats are firm, with sales of Shoul
ders at BXc loose and Sides at 4J*c in boxes. Ba
con sides, loose, were sold at <Xc, and sugar-cored
and canvassed Hams at 20c. Laid is quiet and
Timothy Seed is in good request and firm at
s2.to—at which price wo note sales to-day of 1,000
Freights were doll .'and heavy, with only throe
engagements, at B#c for oats to Buffalo, and 7c for
com to Oswego.
Tbeniru « U>«nl evfpir ot Wtte Ui W»9
yards to-day—-mostly of inferior quality. As there
ifas only a moderate Inquiry hy the Army Contrac
tors, and the supply was much greater than the de
mand, the market was generally doll—closing
weak at a decline of 10&15 C.
Live Hogs were qnlct at yesterday’s closing
prices, with sales at S4.SOjM 57tf-raostly at $ 1.80.
1». S. Limn.—The Scvlta from Liverpool 18th,
was telegraphed this afternoon, reporting an ad
advance of l©2d on wheat, and 3d on corn. Dls
palchcs'from Now fork report a firmer feeling In
wheat, and on Improvement of [email protected] on corn. On
the street here there was considerable excitement
among speculators, and com .advanced XSMtfc—
holders generally asking 48Xc.
The Crops In Monroe County* XU.
Watzbloo, Monroe Co., UL, July 22,1813.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
There seems to have been more rain in this sec
tion than In St. Clair, Madison, or Clinton coun
ties, and Its benefits are prominent. The wheat
crop, which will give fully an average yield, if not
even above it. Is now all harvested and secured.
The oats, which, In the before mentioned counties,
was on almost entire failure, are usually good, and
are also secured. The com looks finely, but is suf
fering for rain.
The Production of Coal la Pennijl*
The Philadelphia Ledger states that np to July
Oth there have been 1,659,853 tons of coal trans
ported, this year, upon the Philadelphia and Read
ing Railroad, against 1,124,911 tons for the same
period last year. By the Bchaylklll Navigation
Company, there have been transported in the
game time 239,885 tons against 877,937 ton for the
same period last year. The coal produced thus far,
this season, exceeds that oflast year for the same
period by 513,430 ions.
The Crops In Henry Co., 111.
(From the Kewanee Dial, 2Uh.}
Fanners are everywhere In the midst of the
wheat harvest. Most of the fields are rather green
for cutting, bat the ravages of the chinch bog arc
such os to admonish all to hasten the work as
much as possible. Few if any fields have escaped,
and many, we understand, are so badly used up
that they are not thought to be worth cutting. Ur.
John Rule informs ns that tbcbng has been very
destructive in the vicinity of Elmira, Stark Co.,
and the pest Is more o* les» prevalent over a wide
stretch of country Trey arc so thick along the
edges of some fields n* lAiily to darken the adjolo
ir geornafew moments after the reaper has dis
turbed them.
But for the bugs, the crop would have been very
fine. As It Is, some good Judges think there will
be nu average one, ami it will be better than aver
age in quality.
The copious showers of Sunday night, with their
praud thunder and lightning accompaniment, have
done the com a world of good. It has shot up fa
mously since. Some fields are rather backward,
but the stand Is generally good, soda fair If not
more than arerdge crop may be anticipated.
Oats arc being harvested, and the yield Is good
—better, we should eay, than average.
1963 1803.
.14,134 31 8,700.83
.7,914 82 15.039 06
. 1,135.31 917.83
PlUxraukec Wheat IWarkst.
The Sentinel of this morning says:—Wheat 1c
lower yesterday, the effect of the unfavorable ad
epts from New York by Thursday night's dl«-
pnPhes. The market opened with tivcry strong
inclination downwards. For ordinary receipts or
Not ppiiug there was nu demand at more than
$1.94. nml a,CCO bn sold early at that figure. Fresh
receipts were In better request and ruled steady
duringtheforotioonat $1 0.1. Ou’Changc,under a
favorable reports from Now York, tno market
gained more slrengli aud closed at $1.05 forordl
rmry receipts of the same quality. A few thousand
bushels fresh receipts of No. 1 sold at I.(V»V. but
(he diuiand was limited nt thlsorlce. No 2 spring
was neglected, quantity was sold in the
morning nt 948* In buillh’s, aud iu a tcad
of following the improvement In No 1
on Thiitige, It declined nomlmlly
le.ii.te being hip best offer for that quality during
the Hoard. Rejected to Hmlth's found ready sale
nt We. alter the market for other qualities h id do
vi tuned Itself. The site* reported of nil grades
amounted to aboniytl.OOdlMisiiets.
Pm'ljilils were very dull. The birk Newsboy
wa« chart crcditl 4ke for olnmt to HutTulo, and tin?
propeller Miqjitcl m 4ne for Hour to Monireu). the
lultei payableln ('nnßillaM eummey. flie-d sveio
llmonly ehmigetneuiH reported.
.43.184.47 21,U5C.20
Out Of
•IViom ill" uinclimßi) I’oimm'rclal.J
Tlio Croat I tin I weak Appears to have done a vast
deal of mUchltf. Wt'fi'or limitin' coni, far ad*
vanndasU Is,has been ruined In many places/
and damag'd In nil. between (III* city ami tin* (in
ner \\ ttiitmh, In Jhmdrlcks county wa lu-ar of onu
held of »m nly ntrufl, in which Ilia aUlka wora
four to Mix feel blub, which wa* actually frozen to
dtmlb, net n hill showing n yveuu or healthy blade.
•J hi*. ilmiich prohnhly u worse case than tho aver,
ace, indicates a severity which, at the mlhloat. can
not Imvo failtd to cm down the crop* In all tlio
aflVttcd region scrimirly. Potatoes, especially
sweet potatoes and melons, nro badly and widely
Injured, and tho co operation of tlio drouth, which
hut* prcMillod in theccntnd portion of tho State for
marly a month now, will undoubtedly leave u*
hut a trifling yield of either. Wo have Been no cs*
tlmalen* yciof the extent of frozen territory or
Hie Injuiy inflicted.
Tlic agricultural prospects In the vicinity of New
York hove undergone a great change since the
commencement of July, Copious rains have f«l.
Im, to the serious detriment of alt Into hay Helds,
ai d very little rye has been housed In goo 1 order.
But while these crops have suffered, some others
huvt gained wonderfully. The aftermath is com
ing on at a rate that promises to makeup the do
flcicncyofthoHrstcrop. Com isgrowlngrapldly,
is ul good color, and looks quite promising where
ever ft got amir start before the drouth. These
r< marks apply not only to the vicinity of Now
York city, bat to all the State and adjoining
Ith and 9th Victoria, cap.
Wednesday, July 8,1603.
Gov’t debt.. .£11,015.100
Other acc’rt’s 8,631,000
Gold coin and
bullion ... 13,061,000
Silver bullion ....
Gov’t securi
ties (Includ
ing dead
weight an
nuity) £11,016,833
Other securi
ties 2,803,443
Notes 7,233,120
Gold and sil
ver c01u.... 860,969
The wool market was very dull, and the princl
pnl dcidcrs not disposed to par more than 55c for
the beet quality of fleece. A considerable quan
tity could now he bought of second bauds here at
St. Louis anrketn-Jaly 34.
The flour market moved slowly with a tendency
In favor ol buyers. R-ported sales of 1,800 bris at
$-155<&4.40 for super, and s4.92®sperbrl for city
and country single extra. An Increased supply of
win at canted a slow market, but prices wore main
tallied, with sales of 9,500 sksat H)cto $1.15 per
bushel for inferior to choice fall. Corn continued
fl’zn, with sales at full price?: but the supply being
larger buyers genernllysloou off for lower prices.
A smallbusiness was transacted 10-day in outsat
advanced prices, including sales of 1,100 sicks at
75e to 60c. After ’Change yesterday the market
was pretty well cleated of lots in store at 7‘iftSOc
pir bushel, including two lots of Su,WO bushels at
ePc. A couple of small lots of rye were sold at 52®
£4c per bushel. Country bacon clear sides were
sola at 1c lb. Whisky was firm, with sales of
two large lots at 41c, ana a small lot at 42c 9 gal
lon. Bay was firm, with sales of 22Tba1os new at
sl.lO, and 320 do old and new at |112 *4 per 100 lbs.
lake Frclshts at Detroit—July 2-X.
Nothing doing In grain freights, and the rated
on staves and lumber tend downward In conse
quence of the general drooping condition else
white. The nreaent rates on staves to Buffalo are
sB.C(Jfor W. r, J9.CO forbhds , and ill.oo for pipes,
Detroit Grain market—July 21.
Received, C 23 bu wheat; 25 bn oats. At the
Board this morning, the phenomenon of a wheat
transaction was witnessed, five cars No. 2 white
selling at $1.15, a decline in this grade of 24£h2Sc
since the battle of Gettysburg. Even at this
great decline there Is only a very moderate dis
position to invest, it being an open question
whether the bottom bus been reached. For
No 1 white. $1.20 was offered ami sl.2sasknd. For
three cars No 1 red, slOl was offered, and an in
definite amount of this grade could doubtless be
placed at same figure.
In com the supply and demand arc both mode
rate, and the business Is unimportant. Nominal
rate 50&56. Oats are steady, with rather more In
quiry, five care selling on ’Change at 65c.
ad money market
w Yobs. July 23, ISOS,
generally better.
I. C. scrip
C.«fc P
M.& P. du C.6l#
A.4T.H 51#
G.&C. 99#
C. & B. 1 103#
Allccbcny Live Stock market—Ja ty 23.
We have often heard of a “state" of destitution,
and we have come to the conclusion that at least
one half of the cattle offered this week, came from
that “State"—where. It is said, grass-hoppers and
oakgrugs are the only article of food to fatten cat
tle on. There were some good lota on sale, and
these sold readily at fair prices, though not up to
last week's quotations. Large quantities of infer
ior cattle when forced on the market, as was the
ease this week, always injures the sale of good
stock by Ailing up the yarns, and causing buyers to
billcve that there are many more cattle on sale
suitable lor batchers than there really are.
Government buyers bought only some 30) head,
ar d at very low prices, 4 cents, buying the rating
figure for stceie averaging 1000 to 12U0ponnd8,and
it was extremely difficult to force this grade of cat
tle above that figure. It is not probable that oven
thispiiccconbe obtained much longer. We be
lieve, as we have repeatedly stated, that cattle
must comeback to last faTs prices.
The next contract for cattle will be taken at
much lower figures than those which have preced
ed it, and as these Government contracts have
governed the market since the war began, so they
will continue to so long as the war lasts. The
price these contractors aie now paying forthls
giade of cattle is a high one—a price thatprodaccrs
of cattle should not complain of.
1 here was a very limited demand for stock cat
tle, and with a large number forced upon the mar
ket,sales could only be effected at very low figures.
The following are the current quotations for the
different grades, of cattle:
Piemlum 6 ®s#c 9 &>
Extra cWlb
First qualitv 4 (<j)4«4c $ a
Second quality StffcO* c p ft
Tlilid quality ...3 7) D>
Inferior 3 3 c |J
New ITorlc Wool Hlarkct—July 23.
Our market for this staple has ruled very quiet
during the week, owing partly to the Indisposition
to operate extensively, occasioned by the dally, if
not hourly. violent fluctuations In gold and ex*
change. The supply, besides, leby no means large;
Indeed the arrlvatsfrom the Interior continue very
limited. It would appear that the farmers arc
In a wealthy position and not disposed to
part with their wool unless at very high
rates, while many of the wool pro
ducer}* hesitate, and only purchase according to
their most urgent wants, as holders are unwilling
to make a concession accoidlnp to the decline in
gold, which regulates the price of most commodi
ties. Wool-growers, however, know that all the
wool in the country will be wanted at extreme
rates, whether gold is high or low, and hence the
indisposition to sell unless at fnlt former rales
We note small soles of Canadian fleece at C3c ; do
pulled 42Kc; domestic fleece at 03&30 c winter pull
ed at CS&TCXc, » t; d cape at £sc.
Pittsburgh Petroleum market—33d,
There has been some little activity manifested
iu crude to-day. though the transactions were al
most entirely ofalocal character, tbe demand be
ing confined principally to the wants of oar refin
ers. There are several orders here from tbc East,
but the rates arc entirely too high to admit of ship,
merits, and shippers have virtually withdrawn
from the market. We note sales of 124 brLs heavy
at 25c,packages returned; SO brls good green oil
at 25c, andl36 do do at S7c, packages Included; and
some «50 brls in tank were sold on Wednesday at
Sic. From the above sales It will bo seen tbe rates
ratgc from 21 to 22c. packages returned, and
27c. packages included, Refined. free. Is steady
with a sale of 70 btls prime white at st>fc. There
la nothing doing in benzine, and iu the absence of
sales, we omit quotations.
The Wool Slarkct-Detrolt July 24,
Detroit Is fully maintaining its reputation as the
poorest wool market in tbc State. Our buyers
profess to offer only 60385 c, and assure us Chat
they have secured choice clips at that price within
a day or two. In other pans of the state no new
feature has been developed. The range in the lo
calities where the choice wools abound la steady
at 6C®tSc, at which there is full ns good adi«poaf
lion to boy us to sell. A correspondent at Jack
son says: VerylllUe wool offering here—onlytwo
small loads in to-day. Buyers arc offering 60®65c.
Cincinnati Hay STarket—July 3d.
The demand is good, fully up to tho supply, and
tbe market mice firm at $*1.00322 001'orprimc
Timothy in bales on arrival, and from
New York Hide Market—July 23*
The Market for dry hides In the earlypartof the
week was quite unsettled, and business was at a
stand still. In consequence of tbe riotons disturb
ance that prevailed; in prices there was no par
ticular change to.note. Toward the dose.how
ever, a moderate business waa done, and holders
Ticxo compelled to ndace their duotatiopa about
'i lie renal in iiMiiiiim« <
The Crop* lii New York.
|F:om the N. Y. Tribune, 23d.]
Wool In Milwaukee.
1c © lb In order to effect sales, this depression
being principally caused by the heaviness In gold
and exchange during the week. In wet salted
bides there was hut little done and the market
ruled dull, and In the absence of sales of Impor
tance prices were entirely nominal. The total
stock of skins on band is about 333,000, against
236,000 same time last year.
Ocean Freight* nt New York-Jnly 23*
Freights a*e dull and caser for grain. T*Liver
pool tho engagement** are: 30,100 bn. Wheat at
7kd la bags, an extreme rateand above the market
now: 24,000 do com at OXQiWd In bulk and bags.
The charters arc: A Norwegian bark with 20.(H0
bu grain to Cork and a market, at 6s 10#d; a Brit
ish vessel with 16.000 bu do at 7» if to Cork aud a
market, or 6s 6d If to a direct Irish port; a British
brig with 16.000 bu grain to Belfast, at 6s Dd, and s
Britii-hbrlg with i.KK) quarters grain, to a direct
Irish port, at Cs 4#d $ quarter.
Louisville Provision Market—July 24»
Pbovisionb— Hess pork sl3 Bulk
meats dull and nominal at 3X&iXc for shoulders
and sides. - Bacon Is selling in smalllots to the
trade at for shoulders and Stfcfor clear sides.
Hams meet with a steady market at 6HOSc for
plain, and 9k<ai3c for common to fancy brands, if
canvassed. There Is no inquiry for lard and no
disposition on the part of holders to sell at the
nominal rates, which are from 7c to S#c, accord
ing to quality. "
Cleveland Grain Market—July 24,
Received, 3,000 bu wheat, 850 bu com. 5,000 bn
oats, TOO bu rye. Wheat—Sales yesterday after
noon, 2,000 rtdf. o.b. at $1,06. Market opened
veiy quiet to-day, with but little demand. The
only sale on ’charge was one caron track at SI.OL
No price was agreed on for round lots, buyers
offerng $1.06, which sellers would not accept.
Corn—Salta one car ears on track at s*o, one
car sbellrd at same, and one cor prime yellow, on
track at f 9Xc. , . _ ,
Oats —Are 1c lower, and In better receipt. Sales
2 care on track at Me, and one car delivered on the
C. & P. track at CBc.
Rye—Nominal at SOc.
Philadelphia Provision market—23d.
There is vt ry little doing, and prices unchanged.
We quote mess poik at $14.00®14.60 5 hrls. Tla*
con hams arc in demand at 12®'.a#c $ ® {< > T fa S,*
cy. A sale of 50 tierces lard Is reported at 10#c 9
Satcbdat Evxxcto, July 23,1863.
gy* AU grain sold “in ttore"u reported In
this market report as subject to 2c storage, which
ts raid by the buyer, exclusive of the price paid
'or (he grain to the teller. DTien a transaction is
made in which the tetter pays the storage, U la re
peated “f.o. b.” or “free of storage." AUJtour
sai fare quoted at “ delivered," unless otherwise
*’FREIGHTS—DuII and heavy. The engagements
were as follows:—To Borrow)Schr. A. H.
Morse, with oats, at 3#. To Oswiao:—Schrs.
Willard Johnson and Gerrltt Smith, with corn at
‘ C FLOUR—Received, 2,179 bris; shipped by Lake,
Market dull and neglected. Sales:—so
lula “ Norpariel’*at $5.25; lOObrla “Moscow** at
$1.00; 200 unsound winter extras at $3.75; SO brls
spring super at $3.60; 200 brls “Lawrence” on p. t
ORAN—SO tons Oran In balk on track at sl-4.60;
10 tons do at $19.00.
W MEAT—Received .11,973 bn; shipped,ll.O'Obu,
Market dull and about ic lower. >\xvt*r.-2800
bu No 1 R* d Winter in store at $1.(0; lOOObu do at
$3 02; 1200 bu new No 2 Rod Winter in store at SCc.
Brrusu.—JOM-bu No l Spring (inC. W’s.iat $1.00:
•ilObu do (in Fulton elevator i at 9Cc:6WO bu do (in
North side houst s> at 89/* c; li*Uo bu do at h8o: aw
I.u do (in F. &T’s )at 70c:13(.>0 budo (lull. W. and
C. W'Oal 7lc.
CORN—Received, C 4.167 bu: shipped, 814.673 bu.
Mnrki t less actl*e anil without material change—
closing dull. Sales:—lWJo" bu canal Mixed at H#c
f. o. b;6sG(*bu doat 19** c afloat: 6000bn Mlxednom
In store (rariy) at V7/ fc c; ‘o.WDlm doat 17?* r: 70,00
bu do at 47*ir; ‘UOObu doat 47kc; 2900bu Reject
ed Corn In store at Pte; 2K>» bu do at IB*ic: IWO bu
do nl 4BkV; 1600 bn do at »6c.
OATS—lUcelvi’il. bu. Market advaicod
8c per bushel. Sales:—2l,ooobu No 1 in store at
6;«; 6000 in do at fw#e.
/}« SittnpU NX) W" at 67WC delivered.
RVM-Received. GO') bn. Markeluulel. Bib'S!
a.Wm Mi No. lin store nl rilej in bu Rejected Ryu
Mi store at 4kc. tty .Sum;*/*—UW bu good at 010 uu
l '”l“lll.KV-IlMdlml, U(W In). M.’krt itull.
Pales I W baas iww crop nt (tic oil Ira-dt.
nluid'-ftc V gil.
]lA(.OIMI-l.KM)liirUps nt'pci i.iWU f.owUtou
yrniii bnusnl Wo, **
lir'lTKil liiyoofi ib'innitd nml Ann. Hah-s i In
flikUisiboiii'al He i AHiklnautmdat t'tue
UK,>NH«-tH liMtaU good While at SIHO.
HROOM CORN-outol, with lint n limit'd lit*.
niMid At slVWiilft,lli fur fair to mlirw brush
Halts? I tons t fiolco it I SUS.O()( I.UKMh* lUmtllllll
OIIKKHU-Nominal al motor WaaUrn ßuaorvo
in il Ilf for llmntiiiruti.
t'OPKUKH—Aro aiulaalmde caaler. Wo
(jnnht KlovhJt'QiniJti*.
MtUlTfl—Unir.ii Appi k" aro In good demand
him) ttrm. Halo*: W) biU Now York Apple* at U>,v:
10 brl* tildo Awdva at tt^c.
M*ll—Ar«* Hi light supply and Ann. We (]iiolo:
No.SWhlttflfli |5.10%©557*
No. a •• 4.73 (16.V00
No Trout 4.75 ©5.00
inilKfi—Quid anU upcimogod. Wo mioYu:
Dry Wlnl 18*GM7
Dry Baited IW4&U
Gri'eu Baited . ...
'* ‘ " ©7^
Green Country 7
IIIGTI WINKS—DuII and entirely nominal at lie.
LCMBEU—Cargotu are In good demand and
firm tll.fiOQlS.riO for common; SI3.OK®M.OO for
medium,and $1430(3,15-0;) for good to extra. Wo
give the following yard prices:
L.t'3ißEU—First Clear, per I,oooft $35.00CM , i.0Q
Second Clear, “ “ 81.00-333.00
Third Clear. “ M 15.aias8.00
Stock Boards 18.00® >O.OO
Box or Select Boards IS.Otf&sO.OO
Commonßoaids,dry 16.00 a ....
*. « green 35.U0ip15.80
Coll Boards 12.00®....
Fendne [email protected]
First Clear Flooring, rough [email protected]
Second Clear do do 90.00®....
Common do do 23.0V®....
Siding Clear, dressed IS 00 ft ....
Second Clear 17.00 ft ....
“ Commando. 15.00ft16.00
Lccg Joists 10.0uft30.00
Shaved Shingles, AfiU 8.75 ft 4.00
do do Ko. 1 S-S'tft ....
Cedar Shingles 3.50 ft...,
Sawed Shingles, A 8.50ft8.62tf
do do Ko. 1 3.00 ft 3.29
Lath,p I,(oopea 3.00 ft ...
Poets. SIOO 10.0Cft15.00
Pickets .. 14-O.JftlOM
OILS**-Saie9—3oo brls Sraedlcr. P & Co'b July
strained “A. A A. I 'Lard Oil at fee: 60brl8“A,
A” do at tOc. Kerosene is quiet at GOt&nSc.
PROVISIONS—Market quiet. Sales—l,soo trc*
Bulk Sbouldeig. loose, at OJVc; 25 bia Balk Sides
at 4»ic; £O,OOO lbs Bacon Sides. loose, at 4Jfc ; 4,'
1«0 lbs sugar cured and canvassed Bacon Mama, at
'Oc. Mws Pork 1b firm at $.3.00<&13.50. Laud
quiet and nominal at
SUGARS—Are in better request and firm. Hard
refined advanced JVC. VVe quote:
New Orleans
Cuba . [email protected]?V
Hard r {fined............. .... 15 JV ©lfiJ-
SYKUP%—Are steady at previous rates. We
Belcher’s 6^63
New York Sugar House G6&61
K, Y. Syrups [email protected]
Golden Syrup '..6t<@63
Sorghum [email protected]
Do. refined Gsft63
New Orleans 53Q35
SALT—Domestic qniet. Sales:—3,ft 0 bria Sagi
naw Fine afloat onp. t ; 640 brls do at $2.10 de
SEEDS—I.COO boehcls prime Timothy Seed at
$2 <O.
SOAPS—Arc in good demand and steady. We
Common Bar.
TALLOW—I 2 brla city at 9c.
TEAS—Arc firm and withont material change.
WOOL—Ouiet and nominal at [email protected]—the latter
figure for foil blood.
For Uie Week Ending Jnlj 23, 1303,
Tht receipt? of Beef Cattle and Live Hogs at the
various yards in the city during the post week, end*
Inc to-day, compare aa follows:
Beeves. Hogs.
No. No.
.5,662 12,802
.3,757 11,637
.8.496 0,331
3,637 1".2C0
,7,257 13^12
.6,699 19,860
.5,660 14.407
.5.910 13.K8
.5,814 17,274
7,829 8.723
.6.983 14.437
.6.065 1&823
Week ending July 25.,
Week ending July 18..
Week ending July 11..
Wuck ending July 4...
Week ending Jane 27.
Week ending Jane SO.
Week ending June 13.
Weekending June 1.
Week ending May 80.
Wttk ending May 16.
Weekending May 9.
Weekending May 2
Cattle. Hogs.
9100 tbs
Mich. Cent. & Mich. South, large care $39 80 eta
Cars of 210 feet 45 80 **
Michigan Central, small cars.
Mich.Cent,&Mlch.soath.largecara $:5 53eta
Cars Of 210 feet..* 73 63 “
Michigan Central, small cars.
Fort Wayne cars, 224 feet....
Pitts., Ft. W. & Chi. cars of 224 feet., $72 50 cts
Michigan Southern, large cars SO 60 44
do do cars of3oofeet... 63 60 11
Rates to Dunkirk, $5 per car lees than to Buffalo,
when shipped by all rail.
Rates to Dunkirk, 2*c « 100 lbs less than to
Buffalo, when shipped by all rail.
The total receipts of Beef Cattle lor the week
ending to-day, amount, according to the daily re
ceipts posted on' Change, to 6,652 head. This is
J,W6 more than last week, and 2,000 more than the
corresponding week of last year.
Thurrday, July 23.—Notwithstanding that the
farmers are busy In the harvest fields, the c was a
liberal supply of Beef Cattle in the yards this
morning; but In point of qualily they were very
mind. Some lots were of the poorest possible
quality, while again there wore a few droves of
vciy extra bullocks, some of which the owners, not
willing to accept the terms of shippers, will run
through to New York on their own account. Taken
all through, the quality was not fully up to the ave
rage. The improvement In this week’s Now York
market gave an impetus to the shippers, who
“ came up" on last week's prices fully Xe, but the
drovers didn’t eeo It. For the common grades
there was a good Inquiry by army contractors and
specnl itora and prices oh these grades advanced
some 10c fl 100 lbs. Good shipping steers sold
freely at from $4 2504.80-the latter figure being
paid for one premium drove —while the range on
other grades was from |3 [email protected]>, most of them
selling at $3-0003.50.
On Friday morning there was a still further large
arrival—mostly common grades—cows, stags,
rough steers and bulls; but there was less inquiry
by speculators and the Government men, and con
sequently the advance gained on these grades on
Thursday was entirely lost. There was an active
demand for shipping beeves, but as the supply was
light, the volume of transactions was very limited.
From the number of scallawags in the yard, it Is
evident that prices will go lower.
rnx close or tbs basket.
Saturday Evening, July 25.—There was & heavy
mu of cattle on tho Burlington and Altya Roads,
this morning—mostly poor grades—which, added
to the number left over from yesterday, argued a
poor prospect for the drovers. The army contract
ors held off and bought veiy sparingly—only when
they had “a good thing"—and the speculators wore
compelled to do tho same. Towards noon, the
market was heavy and dragging, and sales were
made at a concession of at least [email protected] on the fig
ures obtained tn. the morning. Taken all through,
we don't consider this week as good as last, as the
great bulk of tho cattle have not realised as much,
although there waa an advaice of at least Xc on
extra grades; but aa there were very few of these
on sale, the advance was not noticed in the gcsenl
market We give closing quotations as follows:
Premtpm. * (i.sotiHßo
Extra shipping 8.7501-35
Good aj’TQ&SO
Common tq taediwa........ ...lUTSS-MX
TOs giro the following sale* daring the week.
Some lots were sold by the bead on an estimated
weight. Sometimes this is given rather high, hot
thoso sold by actual weight will Justify our quota
Merritt sold Huffman SO head, averaging 076 lbs,
at $3 25.
Adams sold Hastings 70 bead, averaging 1,100
fts,atsaao. * ...
Gregory sold Rankin 81 head, averaging 1,225
lbs, at (4.15.
Adams sold Huffman ft Co. 40 head, avenging
1,0» 0 Be, at £3.10; 27 bead, estimated at 1,000 lbs,
a: #3 00.
(Listings ft Co. bought 373 head (In lots) at
prices ranging from $3.00®3.40
C. f. Loomis ft Co. sold Walxell 17 of Powers
tough steers, averaging Ml lbs, at S3 75.
C. F. Loomis ft Co. sold Morris, Waixell ft Rln
nemnn 83 of Sherman St Co.’s lowa steers, average
iac i.4to Bs,at |3.(i2>tf.
Flint sold Hannon is head common steers, aver
aging £64 Bs, at $2.75.
Coates sold Harmon 17 head rough steers and
cow*, averaging 840 Be, at $3 37#.
Buttenham sold Sherwood 30 head medium
steers, averaging 595 Bs, at s3.fo.
Murphy St Bnshec sold Moofeft Co. 53 fiilr lowa
oxen, at $30.10 per bead. _ _
Hawley soldMorrls St Co. 33 cows,at S3LSO per
Morris & Co. bought 34 cows for SOOO.OO
Howard sold Jack Davidson 40 choice Knox
county steers, averaging 1,800 Bs, at $58.00 pet
sold Danbe 45 bead fair steers, avert-
John bead premium State steers,
ftV i.ci^r J MjkMMoore *2O head, averaging SG4 Bs, at
'“pwker sold Morris St Co. 41 head, a rough lot, at
* Hall sold McCsgg * Rankin 52 head very good
shipping beeves, averaging 1.243 Bs, at $5.2>.
Leach sold Dave Waixell 18 head, averaging
1, Eowe * Co. 83 head, averaging 917
Morris St Co. 20 head, averaging
831 Bs, at $2.40.
Hicks sold Morris ft Co. 38 head, averaging 1,050
Bs.at $3 00
Adams sold McPherson 11 head, averaging*!,o76
Bs. at $4.00.
Gregory sold Morris lShead,averagingl,o6d Bs,
at s:i uO.
Daube sold Gibbs 10Cat cows,averaging 1,150 Bs,
at $4.10.
I lye sold RedflcW 36 bead prime lowa steers, av
eraging 1,310 Bs, at $4.25; 10 bead, averaging 1,000
Be, at $1.(0.
Jake Frye sold Crumb ft Co. 33 head, averaging
1,140 Bs. at $3 50; 44 bead, averaging 1.010 Bs, at
$3.15: 9 bead, averaging 9 0 Bs, at $2 75.
Lai icr sold Chapman St Co. 40 head, avenging
1,035 Bs, at $3.10.
Wintcis ft Simmonds sold 113 head, averaging
1,330 Bs, at $3.20.
Boone sold Rosenthal 85 bead extra Sangamon
county steers, averaging 1,860 Bs, at $4.63,V>
Ltcdbam sold Bazlewood 34 bead, averaging
1.0 0 Bs.at (4 00.
Farits sold ilnfftpan II head,
at $3 CO.
Hyman sold Huffmans3 head, averaging 1,030 Bs,
at $3 20.
Case sold Hazlewood 29 head good lowa steers,
areraclng 1,128 Bs, at $4 <O.
Tlionnis sold Morris. Riuncmui ft Co. 36 head
extra rbipplotf steers, averaging 1,360 Bs, at (57.W
V I'.efid.
J!o»rl» A Co. sold naffinaa C 7 head, averaging
I,oft' Ibo. at S2.PO; 63 head. averaging 1,030 lbs. at
$3.16: 63 head, averagingl,o23 Bt.at $3.23.
The total receipts of Lire Hogs at all the yards
for the week ending to-day amount to 13,3 9. This
morelhaulust week, and 3,851 more than
the corresponding week of last year.
Early itt the week, the receipts were tight, and
under an active inquiry an advance of 10915 c was
obtained: bat towards the close, Uio supply was
much heavier, and owing to a di dine in New York,
there was leap Inquiry, and the market closed quiet
—the advance gained at the opening being lost.
We quote!
C'hnlcp heavy,
Medium.., ..
HIIUIU’-Aro dull and tiuiiiinal at $.13*93.73.
Wi hear of m> sales wmlhy of nieplloit.
Demniid i oitilmt<’« gt od ami market Arm at i-Jc.
I'ruvUlou market again morn I uoyani andprlcua
Aiomaterlkll.Tldghur. Old Mea* fork sold ntvte,
Hanm shoulders at 45s t pUln hams at life, amt
.ugar-nirtil at lIMOWc. Vera Pork and llmou
were held higher at thu close. Bulk HhouMuraat
4.1,'; sides at &#, And aamo utricles amokudat
Cfljflc, 550 trea country Lmd sold at Oc. Thode
roand for Bacon and Mess Cork was rather press*
Groceries Arc quiet and tbo demand light, and
prices uncharged.
NEW YORK, July 30.—Ftoun-Loaa arrive—
rlo.-f* sratci-ly so firnv: prices without decided
chMige; ISOeftS.-IQ for extra spring. nnds3,rt39
c.15 lor common to good shipping brands extra
round hoop Ohio.
WnidKT —More active at 45i2.t5.Kc for good and
prime parcels.
Chain—Wheat in fair request for export at a
shade better prices, while common ami Inferior
descriptions are dull and heavy at $1.00&1.17 for
Chicago spring; $1.13®1.31 for Milwaukee club;
$1 1 ,53 for aiuhcr Iowa; $1 ’i7 for choice amber
Gri enßoy: for winter red western:sl.3o
21 CO for amber Michigan. Corn advanced 122 c.
There Is a good home trade and speculative demand
at IT)QO*X’c for shipping mixed western—closing
firm. Oats less active and scarcely so firm, at 70
ITiov'isions—Pork opened quiet, and closed dull
and a shade easier at sll 50(&U.63,K for old mess;
sl3Do®lb.63K for new do-closing at the inside
price: $K k .so(Sll.Coforoldandnew, and $13,502
$1(>.00 for new prime mesa. Beef dull. Lard dull
and nominal at DQOKc.
ARKTVKD ...^Jolja
Stvr Comet, Morgan Two Rivers ancdrlfs
Pun > tnplre. l.lchardroo. tlgdesoburgb.sundries.
Prop Wltaiow,Smith. Uulfaio. sat,dries,
Pii-p Cuyahoga. Kelly. Toledo.
Prop ATtgbeny. iloylcgton. Sarnl*. ICO brla sugar.
Ilark Acorn.Ma'C. KlPßvtdD. 47 ions RfcH.
Park J. iijpiiea. DonaldsoD. Klagston. 877 tons salt.
Park Great West No. l.Thonia-, rtttnalo.3ool jrscoal.
Hrtg Nieclililc. Colilos. Buff do. 115 ton* coat.
Brig Kaicimy Crooks. Anderson, Manistee. 00 m lum*
rer. loom ahl< gift.
Ecb: H- Hoppock.Tucker.Buffalo.sCotuns coal from
Fchr ColllPgwood, Keith. Cleveland,SOl toes coal.
Fchf 6. 11. Lathroi. Tracy. Oswego. 2.500 brla :att.
i chr Gem. Hein, wllk osou's Fler. So ra lumber. 55 in
Schr Hose Donsman. Johiuoo.iMa#kegoti.S3mlomber.
Sc hr Freedom Adsit.* Chickahomlny.-tO a lumber.
Schr Jotepilae Drtsdeu. Watsso. i uller's Pier, 73 a
Schr Sea Star, Higby, Pier Marquette. TO eda wood.
rctr-Magcct-Merkel. Port Sheldon Wcds wood,
f chr Ithaca. Davy, White Lake. U5 m lumber.
Schr TJodtx e. Callow. White Lake. 70m lumber.
Schr li. G rcelcy. field Pier Cove, 10 eda wood.
ScirCecUla, Lewis, Badoe Point, 37 toes moulding
Schr Pntber’atd. Johnson. St. Joseph. 55 m lumber,
schr ( ciavla, Thompson, Port washlc&ton, 173 cds
Scow Laurel. McYea. Whticjoa's Pier, f3 cds shingle
Scow Grace A Green. Lsrsea. Uuikejon, 70 m lam*
6tmr Sunbeam. Pabst.Graid Havaa. sundries.
S.rorfoo’et. Morgan, Two Rivers saodilej.
Ftmr Milwaukee. Trowed, Milwaukee.
Prep Edith. Wtber. Go-lerlcn.9 iso bus com. TOO brls
flour. 879 brln me»L
Prop Adecheny, Boynton. Sards. 3.C3) brls floor and
Prop Brockvlllo. Moat, Montreal. 7,100 bos wheat.
BatkP.lde of America FUr gibbons. Kingston, 33,000
.8 08*
.7*o 7*
buacorn, ..
Park Cream City. Johnson. Port colbome. 31,050 bus
Brie Commerce. Hick. BuiTalo, 31.000 bos com.
ScirW. B. Hibbard. Harrison. BQflhlu.lt.o(jQ bus Com,
Eel r Ftsex, CLron. nufftlo. 15.300 bos com.
Scbr Genltt Smith. Murphy. Oswego. 18.000 bus com.
Schr '*i , latdJohßhon.Tyler.O!»»eeo,2t.Boo bus cam.
Scl r 7 rarer ort. Fnra*. Buffalo. 11500 bis wheat.
Schr Bermuda. Pecker. Buffalo. 19.850 bos wheat.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Drrxorr, July 25.1963.
Up—Props. Merchant “Tocawanda, Pittsburg; barks
Stargus. Constitution; echis. Robb. International.
Wellington, Wlrgs of the Wind. Republic.
Down—Props. May Flower. Nile, Idaho. 'Buffalo;
schr. Rapid.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago tribune.]
Bxiro-CPOBT. July 35.1383.
Resolute. Athens.
Investigator. Alters.
H.O. Loomis Athens.
W, S. Gurnee. Athens.
Bncue. LaSalle.
John McNens. slorr's 3 SCO it lumbcr.ano posts.
Cayuga. Luck pert. H&ij It lumber. 50.V.0 shingles.
Yorktown Utica.
Couetitotlon. Leckport. _ _ _ .
Contest. MoriL*. 3?.tCP It lumber. 10.CO0 ft ailing.
Balcna. LaSalle.
En. press. La£ alio.
H pHe. Morris. 5,100 bu com.
'Hba.boldt. LaSalle. U7 tats coal.
40 80 41
66 63 “
77 63 44
Reliable BailroM Time Table*
Hcrtaßer trains will leave and arrlva at Chic&so,
an follows;
dspant. aXHita.
lacaieaii cxwtaal —Dipor poor op hvs stbzr.
Mall s:oo*.ia.
Detroit AK. T. Express. *7lßoa. m. *6:30 p. m.
Night Express t7;lsp. m- 17:30 a.m.
Homing Express *7:30 s. m. *10:15 p. m.
Nigh: Express t7:15 p. a. |7:30 a. a.
*6:40 ». m. *7:15 p. m
•7;30».m, •&S0 p. m,
♦7:16 |7:301. m.
New York Express.
Klgtt Express
• *:3 Ca. m. • 7:15 p. it.
77:15 p.m. | 7.30 i. a
Express Tla Adrian.
cJscisNxm Am lixz.
Union Depot, WcetSide, near Madison st. Bridge.
Mail Train 17:20 a.m. $7:20 a, m.
Night Express. 78:30 p.m. jd:3op.m.
Dny Express i7;20 a. ta. $7:20 a. m.
Night Express 78:80 p.m. f&SOp.m.
rrrr?BtrEflH, tort watwx aitd cbicaoo.
MomlrgMail 4:008.10. S:sop. m
Day Express... # 7:20 a.m. 1;I5p m.
Night Express 7:15 p.m. 7:40 am.
Valparaiso Accom*!* 5:30 p.m. 740 a.m.
Day Passesjer *BtfO a. m. *9: is p. m.
Night Passenger 710:0) p.m. *3:13 a. m,
Kankakee Accommodation *S:00 p. m. __
BydePark'Tndn *6:4oa. m. •JWOa.m.
»* « *12:00 m. *1:85 p.m.
« p.m. *4: sop.m.
u a *6:l6p.m. *7:60 p. m-
Mali Passenger •&» a. m. *4OO a m
Night Paseereer ~ 78-45 p- m. p. m
Joliet and Wilmington Ac
commod&tloa. •I'OOp.m. *9,50 a. m.
cmcAso Aim noex isxajcs.
Day Expreas and Ma 11... *9rfX)a.m. *5:80 p.m.
Joliet Accommodation... *4:£ p. m- *8:55 a. n.
NUrhtExptesa t3:Bop. m. 16:15 a. n.
Par Express and Ma 11.... *B:3oa.m. *6:lsp.m.
NiehtSxpreae +9:15 p. m. |6:30 a. m.
Accommodation *4:50 p. m. *9:10 am.
Trains will run ae follows, on and After Saaday.
April 19.15C3:
Fnlton Passenger..
Ftdton Passenger....
Freeport Passenger....
Freeport Passenger
EockfonL Elzio.Tox Bit
er and State Line 4:00 p. a. il:10 a. a.
Gfii6TS. 5:20 o. n. 3:33 a- n.
cmcAoo aitd soßtawzarsax—(Depot comer Kin
ste and West Water streets.)
Day Express "8:45 a.m. *&3oa.m.
Woodstock and Way "0:10 a. m.
Janesville Accom. *S:OOp. a- *11:45 a. m.
NightZxpress *aajp.m. *&SOpJn.
Morning Express..... •3.45 a.m.
Brpreaa *B:Sop.xa. *6:sDp.a*
Night Accommodation... *7:00 p. m. 1&» a. a.
Waakegan ♦* ... *S;SBp. m.
• Studays excepted, t Saturday* excepted
Mond ye excepted.
In this city, on the eyenlaepr the Uih Inst. J IMIS
DxWirr. moat son of M. He. *fltt jpeai, ot Greed Bay,
WlacosMs, aged 8 coatlUK
\\7 ANTE P—For Cash—Wool,
T > Glts»flg,Beeswax: bv BONHAM* GARRETT,
corner ol Scuta Water aod Clark *>ts. Jj37lx7-50 U *
WANTED—By an experienced
T r Engineer, arttu^tfoalathi* city. Caadoa'l
Ms own wort The best city references given. A -
drewP.O. Box ITSi. Jrflhtam
TS7 A X T ED.—Correspondent*.
II By two Intelligent young soldleraof tbs Army
of the Cumberland, wttn as many young, pretty ao.l
accomplished ladle* a* would not deem It • task to
help dilve dull care from a soldiers* unoccupied mo
nert» by willing a word of encouragement. Now.
ladles, write,ano send M stadow" and recelveone hi
return A’l conwcoodence strictly coafidautta;.
SON, Loomlaßattery, lit Brigade. Ist Dlvlslon-Urt
AntyCorpa Murfreesboro.Tecceaaee. Jy27h»3llC
VV" AX TED Sewing Machine
*7 Office. A suitable room f-r the tale of Sewing
Machine*—centralis located. Can be to &
prompt tenast. Address, for three days,** 7M C. P.
WANTED—A small or middle
TV Uzed Funslshed House for a family of three
grown persons- No ciuldren. Location nosraatertal.
Address- J J D.-P.O. Box3M. lySi-h.Md.
IST ANTED—A second*hand porta-
Y T ble Engine and Boiler, from eight to Mloea
horse power. Addrces P. 4*©. at Ui
and !'->» South Water street. Chicago. Jy» aTO it
WJ ANTED — A Horse, Harness
V V and Top Boggy- a I first clara. The Horse
must he a superior saddle Horse also, a good traveler,
asdwtthrnt a taalwfor family use. Addtew P O.
Draw er No. 6101. JyM h77>2t
vyANTED—A man from more
v * than two-thirds of the Townships la *hls State,
and nearly every Township In all other State*, except
Michigan. to engage In a vastly lccraYivs aod pop*
ULi*boslues». Apply, psksosallt, at liiC:ar<-4t.,
up one pair of stair*. Room No. 1. jy2&h«432fc
IV ANTED —WiII rent a hand
f * some suite of two or f.»ur unfurnished Booms,
on Wabash avenue. In a re«pestiMe private family
having ro boarders-tea minutes’ rUe on cars—de
tached dwe’Uogand pleasant location. A family with
out children (ncle*» young) preferred Address**T
8.-Fot 1573. Post office P S.—Also a good Stable
forfsur hones and carnage, to rent cheap, at *ame
I lace. Jy-MbrnMc
TA’ ANTED—Rare chance for a
T* ritnattrn.—Ayouogniant»mi'.larwtththeDr«S
bosloets, or one possessing a little ready means, de
siring to encage a* a partner In a flourishing business,
wav hfarrf something to his advantage l»y address
ing W3I HOOD. Green Day. wia. N. B.—One fainlUar
»itn tLe German or Frenca langnoze will he preferred.
Nor** teed apply unless well recommended.
Jyrt-hTfS at
T\7 ANTED—Residence Property.
* • I have or ?e. sto pnrehase several wetl located
Residences In iTMcflv. Also. unimproved Residence
Lot*. In ato >] '< catiou Owners can apply to J r.
HUNGER. R»al Estate Broker, 43 Clark st est. Room
No I.<np iflrs.) Jy2S*W-4t
TV ANTED—A Purchaser for a
T * trst-claia Salo:a and futures. together with a
long lesteuf the premises, now doing a good buo
ce s. aed tc a good location. For particulars, toqnir*
at No. ?i Randolph ttreet,or addicts P. o. Hot ;tri,
Chicago 111. Jy^hT^-at
\\’ANTED— Immediately, 8t 411
» * MfchJgsn avenue, a woman to do general
hoa*eaurg, /to objection* would ho made to a per
son navlngachlld fOoror Are years old. Asa readf.
Indtistrloss tand I* principally desired. JT23 h?343t
WANTED. —A good 3lHciiinist
t I can have ateadr work’’ and good wage* from
T W. EliAl'fiG, West Washing* m. between CanaLs*.
smiths River. lynhftiMt
\v ANTKD—Agents fur the “Illiw*
f • traled of Animated Nature."
etDl-rarlcgnttr l&o engravings, Hid full iliscnptlona
rf Hie dim rant Race* nf Men, and 4 hc various Beasts.
Hire* n*he*.lD«* , '’ts,n»*ptlli'*.Ad. A complete Hnua*-
liolil Manmrarie ami Ma*eum. Fub.Bhed In KnalWi
anil German. Bend for Circulars. HUNINBON A
I’OBT.I*. O. lt> X >721. mirage. ill. Jy3> hWIt _
W ANTED—Afjkiits Hi SIB per
f T ilsr, We want enet**t'R B iok Cati»*asera la
every County ataconm l*ah-t» of pom f" to f liner daf,
Nohtilueng, ffat*"flpur*M| ranms«*r« efst"»rsd. hill
toxtn f<>rHit. Adilra**t:. M IM N N A CO . PuhUaVff,
I*l < lark **tee>, • hirago. N. H.- in*! jiff monJU Is
us>le ea«» hr Agen'* s» ng ouf uueuuslM rfMd
fa" L»« "*. P-Wof Circular* jypmW W .
*i waim
. I 9*sl.W
W A NTKD—Au« titss, mulo nml
> > fin,at* to art) TltK MiillKl, WAR «At*. Ul*
rli»sr«’»t ""t i-rsi Pnliuirf lanfaty. Air*. (?**»*• do
V|»i|f fininH* nf (ho Bud (faiiinst, oulcars
•if H * Annv umt N..vy, t.nii TiiUllh uit'l US'ty, 40.
fah.nif man »fIU fra* Inr WiwuUi l*nf*fsUs ti»t«*u|s,
pfliiU'w'i nfurl treiosra. K, II * 11. th (llkAl*.
I> ! rM»w it’it'Uiksinwl, chlrag■>, fll._
VVANTEU—»U juip Day. W'a
II hHid (iiargaUo Hoik (’auvsa.Ar4 la syery
rmmiy, si a c.ii.u.Mmi of trom to fIS j*«s
■Uy. Cuih. ki|>eilmi« e l pnlsricii. »H*i
lirt nil nil. rtfunM «..»* hy «a»r.is snl lngiuir nusqu*l'
no iitl/o ist-barfr*. rhu.il fur olrculvr*. Ad trsM C,
il.ltHSN* CO., fuhlUlier*. til Ounl'i Clsik *irn«l,
CUU’ng.). tu<W feud
\ \ r ANTKD —’AUtilitatOHtolliJoyil’ti
T v New Maps and Charts. Can! kDarartaxt. X
ipluiitM snaraving of Gmuirat MsaUe. mailed trrs on
ret ell tor ten cems. Send slump fur circular* It. U.
LANiXiN. Agent. NS Lake itiett, utip<i«tiu Treo.out
Horse (,I’lcago til. Jril hWtm
\\ ANTED—Agent* Good oner-
T T B*'lc men. to a«:i B'aa-lanl and Popular Works.
Ac'lvo m**n are dow clearing |so to |i.v> jxir mvnta.
Addrrtaor ani.Jjr to CLAiiKJJ A CO , I>. Lake slrset.
Chtcsgo. P. O Bex 1731 JyjlliVXJlOt
WJ ANT ED—Twenlv Ci^r
f v maker*, by NICHOLAS KITIN'kN atDaven
port lona. Good work ttud giod pay. JjattJlt-AC
\\’ANTKD —By Illinois Central
9 » Pallr.ul Company Maclitnlsts. Holler Maker*
ami Dl*ek*mltna Apply at the otilce of the Snpertn*
tfndrbiot Machinery, on the Lake Snore, aoatn of
TwpUil Krret or at the oihce cf the Matter UscUtalc
at Amboy or ftn.tra.la. Jy3i haa at
\Y ANTED.— s':o Ilorsca wanted
T v tDinu-dtately. Ivin pay the.h'gheat market
orlre 'or nve honored Cavalry uor»r» at the Ptiraoix
Btabiea. i<« State stieet. WM. PATRICK.
ANTED.—TIie mlvertiser is da
* * alroaa nf frnstng a eoarecttnn with some es
tablished bouse dolcg a Frounce ComalMtoa and
ForvardlDgburinras. Raa bad taveateea jean ex
perience In the Forwarding and Grata irate la Caox
oa. and lol’y iicdsmtanca the details of either branch.
Ibebvstoi relbreocevtUbegti'ca aa to ability and
loSfß’lty. Any person wartiu? a worklag partier
vnv pirate acdztta " WhH,” Post Office Box «*J.
MUvitukce. Jytlhjsaisa
(V ANTED—(Knitting Machine)
v 1 Every Farmer to know that bis M worries
folks” can earn M to t:0 per vesk with one of Akin's
Celebrated Knitting Jluchtnee, It *IU earn It* ecfl
la tM:tj days. P:lc«eoiooiete, fSC. Weigh*: 15 wma
Freight frotr. St cents to il-SO. &end for circular aod
aaap.ea ELLIOT. General Axtmta,
mb? tx Liake atreet. Cblcag-oTPi.
\V AXTED— $Tr. a month. I wan*
• » to hire Agents la every county at ITS a month,
expenses paid, to sell my new cheap Family Sewlnx
Machine*. Address. MADISON, Alfred, Me.
(60 A MONTH! We want Agents al 167 a moot*,
expense* paid, to sell our Etkelastiso Paxcma.
Oeiestal and 13 otter new, rueful and cu
rion* articles. IScliculars.xaxs. SHAW * CLARK,
Bld.lelord.Me. myli djJ--3guaw
"VV AKTEI)—LocaI and Traveling
* • Agents Id every Towd or Courty. Circulars,
with Trailn cnlal* ol Clergymen asd Sccr.tUlc men La
regard to the ba>ioe»s rent tree. ISAAC HALL. Jv..
* CO . Nea.b»uyport, Mas*. Jjfi-hl9-JUd
SALE.—Blacksmiths, wagon
X n akeisand oth*r mechanics.—A flae Blacksmith
Shop, Wagon Shop. Barn. House and Wood Shea, sltua
tedon about an acre of land, la the flourishing village
ol >lden. McHenry county.Ul .ooeof the stations on
the Kecchha Railroad and Bock Island Railroad. Said
S remise* also have a good well and cistern on them.
111 cnUh comps Is the proprietor to qul; his business.
lhe*e U ro other blacksmith or wagon maker within
six miles. Call oa premiss, or at J. C. Knickerbock
er’s Law Office. Boom No. 14. Metropolitan Block.
Chicago. 111. Jy27-h7631t
pOR SALE—House and Lot. on
X’ Wabaah avenae. Iloase two stories, and contains
all the modem Improvements. Lot 46x160 feet. No
better neighborhood tn the c-ty. Price only St 000. on
time. Bpme ana Lot. No. U7 B<nna i lace. Price
I<*. This Is a great bargain House and Lo; on
Edina Piece. Price fIACO. Boose and Lot. No. 210
South Jefferson street SUPQ. UoosoaadLotoaSouth
street oelysico, 50 fret on Calumet avenae. near Rio
Grarde street, ISOfeet deep SSB perfooUon time. An
unproved Farm of acres. 75 miles Horn Chicago, to
escharce for Chicago property. A patr of carrtaga
Horse*. Soggy and double set or Harness t» exchange
lor a KeeideccC Lot. Apply to PETER SFIIMP, iff:
State street. _ Jy36 hTTI-3t
pOR SALE—The stock and bnsi-
X re sofa Wholesale and Manufacturing E»tahll*a
mett In this city, ol ten years standing and at present
dcirgabnjltess of Forty Thousand collars per aa
ntni.wlth a margin of profit of abou* twenty Ore per
r.ert. Sathfactory evidence of the foregoing state
ments will be given me purchaser. The purchase can
be trade fer fifteen Thousand Dollars; ooe half cub.
the balance on time, city r*al estate will bo taken »c
a filr valuation for the whole or any part or the pur
ch*-e money. Address -A a," post office Box JHO.
Chlcat o. jy!3 h!CMOt
SALE—The Sloop Peach, of
X Et Jotepb. 15 tons barthen. find suitable Cor the
coxnirg Peach trade,wQl bo sold very low for cash.
Aocreae - Box 95.“ Cakago P.o. jya-hsrs^t
L"OR SALE— 4SO fine-wool Sheep,
.* ..F fo .°f them Ewes and from one of the best docks
in Notttcrc niinob. Sheep sound and healthy. For
particulars. Inquire ot addreesS. H. SUTTON, Cnenoa,
McLean county. Illlcolg. Jr3l-CG9t>tot
F'OK SALE—Honk Property.
The Chicago South Branch Dock Company arfef
lor *air one thousand fret of water front oa the alloe
on Uie Sorth Branch, at low flgores, for the purpose ot
ecabllrg It to extend, still further, its alreadflvM
In-piovcntents. The property U we.lanlted formano
facturlnc purposes, or tnykfrd of bcalon* rtqatrlag
vatvr ft rut. Tor parleuiars Inquiry at the Company *«
offic*. R*-om 4, Unlltling. i 34 Daarboruat.. Chi.
csgt A. J.KNISKLY. Aeent. jelcaouani
L OR SALE—Sccord hand Corn
X Ehtlltrs. Five Richards’ Com sveßer«-35 v eßer«-3 *iw*-
rrarly new, and In perfect ord<*r. fb* sale cheap.
QKo BUSBAR* CO., B* and 21 Dearborn street.
JyUMAta 12t •
XTUII SALE - Farm of 420 a rea,
A. |a Alh»nr. Wblteddc conr.tr, 13! nob veil ltn>
Bro»»d. TlTi be i.dil Ct HAP. Inquire tt oiTceof r.
H*>WF. •Bpearbom jyU bttQ-iat
LPOH SALE—One Steam Boiler
X 1 12 fret long. « Inches diameter. S3 3 iroi floaa.
gtfftTt; i ome. Ac.. Ac.. all complete aa.l 1c good om«,
Price »SCO c*.»h. A!»n one 3 Uor»e Power Portable
Eozlnr OUFfIN ÜBOS. Je3o-gS3I-lm
BOARDING. —Two pleasant
font Hooms to rest with Bean*, at 7t Waba'k
aveine. ellLcrji* a rn.t or »eparaie, a* dedren. tnr>
Dl»h<d or ut-fumlwhed. ly-TT h»SS-3t
T> OAR DING. —Two very pleasant
I J poonu*. with B»ard. can he obtained by anew.
So? «t 13 Uarrlaon »trcet.?wo door* west of watuuti
arct or. Jy27 It
T>O.ARDING—Two large Rooms
AJ toTeatwlth Board. Inquire at 23 Wsahiaaton
utreet. between State mad Vabash arena®. Alv>
d«> boircer*. Keferences exchanged. Jj23 ht^t-st
KJ Reward—Fronirnjr r**|deoce. 19J Ontario street
on the rlehtof too .Jin of Joly.a large black New
found ana DOG. with one white rote and one whlta
h!n*i foot. s£d wH*e breast Had a ’Mtheratrto aroonS
the neck. The auuve reward win M»paJ-t bydenywl
Irg him to me immedltuly. H. HA,a,B:tl < ltl;HPrt
IS: Kittle stteot.
CTKAYED —From my residence.
lO No SLSUlchlEaa avenue Thursday: erealaa
Wd. a tn.aH sccTCH TEKRIStt. with a
marked with my name. Whoever will return him tJf
ce will be liberally rewarded. J. T. SCAMUow
»* ertte flaik BuDdlrg. Jyas h7u at *
...9:001. m. 3:55 p, a.
..•3:30 p.m. 6.00 a.m.
.*.9:00 ft.su £53 p. m,
..JfclOp. ta. 8:00 ft. n.
T/OUND.— Whoever may hare lost
Jl •mm of money la ft street car. this dar
1 ftve the same by Weotlfylry It »nd addresser
D. f. FAST. Sherman Sons*
gfttottsy.Jalya.lSßl. |gn^ggi
The third year of thlapopular tn*t3lodoa
S«ct.2dpxox. The ugnest adTaatajea for Literary
BcitrUCc aid Military itdacalloa are here ooabUeo.
Scedal attention U paid to phyucal eoltore. and a.
ktfLftU ehycctsa la eo&aected with the Faculty. *u
cauetft ft oca abroad room. and. bo«M. la the Coflegs
BtOdlrga as also the teachers. sod are nnder their
eorsuntcaie and Influence. There la a fan corps of
experienced teachers, caa aantcem appointment*.
TheorUtalotof tae college property was 1128,981.
For circular* addren
tOL» D. S. COYEST. Preddent.
M Fulton,Cliaoh.
Jay Sai«.

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