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glljicago tribune.
TUESDAY, JULY 28. 1863.
FmEMEK Hew-ieped.— D. IF. McFarland of
54 LaSalle street, yesterday presented the fire
men of tlic “Atlantic" steam lire engine S2O,
as an appreciation of their efforts to save his
property from destruction by fire, on Thurs
day last. ■
a -nTTr-TEKT.—CapL R. 6. Bounds was ar
rested yesterday upon the charge ot living in
jin open state of adultery with Mary Allen,
and taken before justice Brown, where be
gave ball in the sum of S3OO to appear this af
ternoon and answer.
MARRIED. —Our friend, Col. H. N. Edridge,
ol the 127 th Illinois regiment, was married,
on Sunday evening, by Kev. L. ”
the Deeplalnes street M. E.
Sarah E. Munson, of this city. T PPJ
couple left for the East directly after the cer
jLbbesi or h'Ewcnora.— Seventy five news-
Love .ere arrested yesterday afternoon abont
three o’clock for plying their vocation with
out treating the hidge prescribed by the or
dinance. Those who had badges were re
leased with a reprimand The others will be
examined at the Armory this morning.
The Krw Citt Dikectoet.—tVc are glad
lo learn that this most universally useful of
all annual publications, is now In the binder’s
hands, and will he ready lor delivery some
lime this week; and that the pnhllshere,
Messrs. Halpin <fe Bailey, have met with a very
liberal patronage, which from the manner the
ivork is gotten up, they richly deserve.
Auction Sale of Lots. —Gilbert <fc Samp
-on will tell at public auction, on the prem
iees to morrow at 10 a. m., sixty lots sit
uated north of Union Park. Tiic desirable
location ol this property, and the uncommon
ly easy terms ot sale, will undoubtedly attract
the attention of those seeking residence loU
in the West Division.
Enecavu. Diocesan Convention.—The
oi.minl Dlocwon Convention -will be held at
tie Ekbojj’b Cli.pd in this city on Wednes
day tlic lOtli of September. We nuderetand
tbit tie gathering of Ibe clergymen and lay
men oftbis denomination is expected to be
large, and tbe exercises uncommonly inter
Excursion to Fair Oaks.—The South Con
gregational Church, are marking their arrange
ments to have a very pleasant plc-nlc excur
sion to Fair Oaks, on the Illinois Central Rail
road, on Thursday next. Cars leave IU. Cen
tra! Depot at 8 o’clock, and the Car Works
Rio Grande street, at 8:30, Tickets 50 cents.
Children 25 cents.
Not True.—The rumor so industriously
circulated on the streets within the last few
di«TB, that the City Railway Company had dis
posed of the West Side lines, wc hive
the best reason to know, is entirely without
foundation. Negotiations have been pending
for time, but the contracting parties
arc still wide apart in their views, with little
prospect of effecting a satisfactory transfer of
the franchise.
-Honesty Rewarded.—A waiter boy on the
prepelier Antelope, which arrived here day
before yesterday from above, found a pocket
book containing 1150, for which he found the
owner— a passenger—and returned It to him.
The owner had given it up as hopelessly lost,
and rewarded the finder with only $3. Sub
sequently the passengers made up a purse of
fifteen or twenty dollars and presented it to
Mm as a reward for his honesty.
Obtaining Goods Under False Preten
ses,—A book-keeper earned Charles S. Curtis
was charged, at the Police Court yesterday,
with obtaining goods under false pretenses.
It appears that sometime last September he
purchased a suit of clothes of William Frlcke,
West Randolph street, and paid therefor In a
bogus check cnF. Granger Adams’Bank. Tbe
check was not honored, and until last Satur
day the tailor had utterly lost sight of the
purchaser, when he was arrested and ar
raigned as above stated. The case was contin
ued until to day to enable the prosecutor to
obtain more evidence. Meantime Mr. Curtis,
in the absence of proper security, remains in
the county joB.
Cricket.—A match at single cricket was
played on the Union Grounds between Geo.
Howard, alone, against E. Slater and Wm.
Turtle, on Friday afternoon, Jnly 24th, which
terminated in favor of Howard, who beat his
•opponents iu one innings. The following is
the score:
<3. Howard.bowkdby Slater....
K Slater,bowled by Howard ...
AV. Turtle,bowled ny Howard...
R. Slater, bowled by Howard... 1
tV.Turtie, bowled by Howard 0
Howard winningin one Innings.
After the match and the passing over of the
stakes to Howard, he was presented with one
of Duke’sbcst cricket balls, by E. E. Beblng
ton, Esq.
Pekbonal.—CoL Jno. A. Bawling*, A. A.
G. to Gen. Grant, anlved here last evening on
his way to "Washington, andis now stopping at
the Briggs House. Col. Rawlings 1b the best
Adjutant General in the army of the Tennes
see, and to his intelligence and excellent
judgment of military matters Gen. Grant is
largely indebted for the splendid victories he
has recently achieved.
Capl; Ira C. Tuttle, ofßlpon, Wls., has
just arrived from Jackson, Canton and
"Vicksburg, at each of which points he partici
pated in the glorious work, the results of
which have already been published. He was
commissioned by Gen. Scott as a scout soon
after the attack on Sumter, and since then
has spent snore time within the rebel lines
than within our own. Be hears with him
the “ battle marks,” as well as the endorse
ment of Grant, Sherman, 'Washburne and
others, as to the valuable services he his ren
dered the Government, as a scout.
Lieut. Brown arrived last evening from
New Orleans direct, and is probably the first
41 through passenger” that has reached here
since the blockade was removed. He reports
that gratitude Is everywhere expressed at tbe
success of onr arms, and the probability of
resumption of business along the Mississippi.
These gentlemen are stopping at tbc Briggs
House. ~
- Larcenies.—Kate Dolan, a little girl twelve
yean old, was charged yesterday in the Po
lice Court with stealing a jet cross edged with
gold, valued at ten dollars, from Johauna
Dunn. Justice Miller sent her to the Catholic
On Saturday aftersoon, Mr. Isaac 6. Eutb
drove* spun of fcoma, attached to a buggy,
& £**£ *£ Sto Markftt, a t*A went iu to
2*mcUosc *>igmtaWut, leaving the U*m In
xguM£C (Of «e lUd- W&dte fetter *t* K&sing
piifthc buggy,, W&lhmo jumped
jUAp £Ue *ua*x4w»d Che Jim* from the
■bov rffeove n*ey iu the direction of the
fyjfryd grossing In North HI vision. when the
\#y protested against such fummry proceed
. Jugs. Montgomery undertook, then, to drive
the boy out of the buggy, but iu this he failed.
Finding that lire affair liad progressed so far,
the boy jumped cut and rau back to the mar
ket to inform Mr. Bush. Montgomery, left
to himself, jumped out also, letting go the
lines and striking the horses*a fearful blow to
accelerate their speed. He was subsequently
arrested and held for trial in the sum of five
hundred dollars.
Simon Bernhard, a lad of sixteen, and whose
occupation Is recordedin the police list as that
of “a regular thle£” was examined and plead
ed guilty to the charge ol larceny, in steal
ing $30.50 in currency, from George Fritz,
landlord of the New York flense, on Ran
dolph street. Host of the money was recov
ered, and Simon held to hall in the sum of
SSOO for trial in the Recorder's Court.
Richard Davis, a young lad in the employ
of Potter Palmer, was arrested and sent before
Commissioner 'Williams, yesterday morning,
ibr stealing goods from Ms employer, to the
amount of S3O. After hearing the case, the
* Commissioner tent Richard to the Reform
Tlie Seven Sisters.
The spectacle ofthefeeven Sisters was pre
aeuted last evening at the Theatre to an im
mense and brilliant audience, and from the
. .first scene to the last went very smoothly
auccCbrfWly. An analysis of the Sisterly Sev
en would be Impossible, A tbin thread of a
. . plot runs through it, upon which are strong
inconceivably fantastic characters, from de
-4 mona to culprits. Music otevery description,
Ethiopians and angels, the Fall of Vicksburg,
-and the flames of the lower world; jokes,
june, g»gs, and oddities innumerable. The
ballet dance and the Zouave drill were
capitally done, and some ol the scenes be
; 1 ween Snail (Mr. Myers) end Tartarine as the
*X-nkee (»irl (Aioj Stone) displayed aome of
-I .■ ’l.ccM <on ie and by play we
Uiiw. cLaUs di*.
Ijjlny— the Bower of Ferae—was a triumph of
scenic and mechanical effects, and the tableau
une of rare beauty. As a whole, the Specta
cle has been placed on the stage ctcu better
’ ban last season, and. when a little more prac
tice has familiarized the performers with their
riluations, it will approximate perfection.
We advise all who have a taste for the humor
cf bread bcrlcqsue, or an eye for the beauti
ful, to witness the Seven Sisters before they
make their final bow.
More of the Medical Imbroglio.
;rnx morsisD dollies a day.
Tbe application for a writ ot habeas corpus
to relive Rev. Dr. Ben. P. Reynolds Irom Im
prisonment, was heard before Judge Williams,
of the Circuit Court, yesterday, C. C. Bon
ne? appealing for Reynolds, and E. W. Mc-
Comos for Lewis.
Mr. Bonncy, in opening the case, gave a
brief resume of what had been done; that
Reynolds was held to bail, on a former trial,
and afterwards surrendered by his surety, and
sent to prison in default As his attorney, Mr.
Bonncy now moves for his release, claiming
that there was no reason for holding him.
The suit for slander, under the decision of
which Reynolds was held to boil, was based
upon an affidavit made on the 20th instant, by
Dr. James Lewis, of which the following are
the substantial and chief statements, as sworn
to by Lewis:
That on or about tbe 15th of July, the ealdß. P.
Reynolds falsely, wickedly and maliciously uttered
and published, of and concerclDp this affiant, the
false, scandalous, malicious and defamatory words
following: *Dr. Lewis has got himself into a
scrape in that suit he brought against me, and in
which Iwas held to bail. Lewis committed per
jury—rank perjury; he swore to'a string of lies,
and I intend to have him arrested ou Monday for
perjury.’ ”
The affiant (Lewis) In his affidavit says:
“ That he is an Oculist and AurUt by profession!
and depends wholly (or his subsistence and suc
cess in life upon his reputation for honor and in-
and that from the scandalous and mali
cious utterances, by Reynolds, he, Lewis, has been
and is greatly injured in his good name, fame and
credit, and has sustained great damages.”
He further gives notice:
«* That be is about to commence suit against said
Reynolds In said Superior Court of Chicago iu an
action of trespass on the case to recover hi* dam
a-es ao by blm sustained, for the snm of $1(1,000,
and that the benefit of whatever jo dement may be
obtained in said salt ag&iiet said Reynolds will be
in danger unless the said Ren. P. Reynold* be held
to bail.”
The counsel on both sides made lengthy
and able arguments, quoting liberally from
legal authorities and decisions to maintain
their positions. Mr. Bonncy in conclusion
claimed that the writ itself docs not show
cause lor the arrest of the prisoner—that the
statements were charged to have been made
on the 18th, and the affidavit was made on the
20th—that the damages for which suit was
brought are not shown, and upon grounds
argued by him at some length, he urged his
claim fora writ of habeas counts.
Judge Williams will give his decision at the
opening of court this morning.
From the above extracts from his affidavit, it
will be seen that Dr. Lewis docs not claim dam
ages for the injury done to his reputation as a
skillful occnltet and aurist, nor docs it appear
that his success in life or business depends
upon that, but, to use Ms own words “upon
his reputation for honor and integrity,” Here
are two nice points depending upon this de
cision: one is whether we have anEye and Ear
Doctor in the city whose character can be
damaged to the amount of 85,000 a day; and
the second,’whether this man Reynolds who
has been denounced as a quack, and au impos
tor, by his former partner, stUl has the influ
ence and confidence of the people to such an
extent that by one short speech he damages
his Iroducer SIO,OOO In two days. It is well
this valuable character was not iu jeopardy
longer, for if tbe snit had been delayed a few
weeks, it would have made a bankrupt of
somebody at 85,000 a day.
Fire and Burslar Proof Safes.
In no other connection is the trite adage
that “an ounce of prevention la better than a
pound ot cure,” more particularly applicable
than to the use of sales by business men of all
classes. This will be acknowledged by all
who have given the subject a moment’s con
sideration ; and especially is this the case,
now that the North is flooded with burglars
and robbers of every grade, who have been
driven from the South, and must now confine
their depredations to the prosperous North.
Ihc records of court proceedings in the
Northern States will show that in no other
section are bnrgl&ries and robberies, and
fires from incendiarism, more frequent in pro
portion to population, than in tbe Northwest.
Tbe whole country seems overran by burglars.
Neither police, nor locks and bars upon outer
doors have proved sufficient to stay their de
predations, when conducted upon scientific
principles—for these scamps have reduced
burglar} to a science. But fortunately, there
is one point beyond which they cannot go
one secret chamber, which neither the fiery
element or burglar have yet been able to pen
etrate—namely: Dieeold, Baumann & Co.’s
Flic and Bmgl»r Proof Safes. These safes
are composed of the finest quality ot harden
ed English spring steel and wrought iron, the
only materials yet discovered that have proved
. euro and reliable protection against the
present and generally successful mode of war.
fare by burglars, by the use of jackscrcws,
jimmies, drills, &c. This is another import
ant matter, that should not escape the consid
eration of merchants and others. No insurance
can be effected upon account books, notes of
hand, or bank bills; hence the only security
that can be found against the loss oftbis most
valuable property of an individual or compa
ny, is in a Fire and Burglar Prool Safe. The
safes under consideration arc claimed to be
belter in every respect, as well as cheaper,
than any others manufactured.
In our advertising columns to-day, will be
found certificates from a number of promi
nent firms and individuals of this city and
country, who arc using them, as to their effl-
A... 3
..... 0
A word as to the introduction of this safe
may not be amiss. After having sold the
Wilder Safe for upwards of four years, Mr. F.
W. Pratt, the present agent for the North
west, No. 13 La Sail© street, visited all the
esfe manufactories in the United Slates, and
after a critical cxamlna Jon ol the merits of
each kind, 'gave his preference for this safe.
Within the past year he has sold an immense
number, and is dally more a: d more convinced
of the correctness of his judgment in the
matter. Every one of the safes sold had given
satisfaction to the purchasers—merchants,
bankers, insurance agents, county officers,
Jcc. About a mouth ngo he sold one weigh
ing 7,000 pounds, to W. B. Ogden, and to-day
he delivers one to the C. & N. W. B. B. Co.,
weighing «,§OO pounds, which will be taken
up, outside the building, to the third story,
corner of lAke and Clark streets. This safe
was ordered two months ago, hut owing U
the order* ahead of this, it has hut just bwn
vMupUML Its has now upwards of 17.0U0
worth of these safes sold to arrive, which
fthows the re] n; fallow they have gained with
the public. The manufacturers have erected
additional buildings, and will at once double
the capacity of their establishment, to keep
pace with the rapidly increasing demand for
their premium safes.
The public trials made by moebiiUs's In en
deavoring to penetrate these safes, using the
hardest drills, and the most appropriate tools
for the purjtosc, with an account of their fail
ure to drill Into the safes, has already been
published. As a test ©fits Arc-proof quali
ties, Mr. Pratt challenges the world to burn
safes with him in a regular furnace test.
With these claims ol superiority before
them, for a particular safe, it is u duty pur
chasers owe to themselves, to examine these
safes, at No. 13 La Salle street, before pur
cliaslng. ‘
Accident on the Illinois Central Roll-
The train out of Cairo yesterday started
with 17 cars, seven of which were occupied
by 2C5 rebel prisoners, from Fort Hudson, cu
route to Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio. These
were left at Mattoon, This train, when about
300 miles from Chicago came upon a piece of
track where the repairers were at work, arid
some of the rails being bat temporarily
spiked, threw the train off the track. Five
cars went off and were more or less injured,
one rolling completely over.
The train was running dower than usual
or the accident would have been of a more se
rious nature. As it was,one man,a soldier of the
7th Missouri cavalry, was severely injured by
a bolt pas sing through Ms leg. He was so
firmly held among the ruins and between the
can, that some two hours were required to
relieve him. He is badly and it is feared fa
tally injured. Several of the passengers were
bruised to some extent, but none killed. Coh
John A. Rawlings, Chief of Gen. Gr&nt'sstaff,
was considerably braised in Ms lace, and his
chin deeply cut. Bis wounds wore dressed at
his room last evening, by Dr. McVlckar.
Copt. Ira C. Tuttle, the famous scout, jast
Lorn -Vicksburg and Jackson, and LleaU
Brown, Jnst through dlroc*. from, Ni*w Orleaas,-
wuc cu the train, lu; ouiujurecU
An lecrease of Salaries all Around.
Special Meeting on Friday Sight to Consider
John Comlsky’s Anti-Conscription
The Common Council convened last even
ing inrcgularscssion.
The following Aldermen were present:
Hahn, Sdall, Shimp, TitawortU, Roberts,
Barrett, Gallop, Edwards Hahn, Sheridan,
Walth, McDonald, Abbott, ComUky, TJlbricb,
Clark, Holden, Garfield, Casselman, Arm
strong, Rub and Woodman.
Txm roues clerk wants more salary.
A petition from Martin Paulson, clerk of
the Police Court, asking for an increase of
salary, was readond referred to the Committee
on Police.
A petition from the Assistant Bridewell
keeper, asking for an increase of ealaiy, was
read and referred to the Finance Committee.
A petition from several Hotel keepers, ask
iig for a change of badge to be worn by run
ners, was read and referred to thcpropcrCom-
A petition for the appointment of a city
Fire Marshal was read and referred to the
proper Committee.
The report of the City Comptroller was or
dered placed on file.
The semi-annual report of the City Attor
ney was received, and ordered published, and
placed on file.
A petition for a steam fire eneioe, was re
ceived from citizens on Lorrabco street, and
referred to the proper committee.
The following transactions were reported by
the Board of Public Works:
On Depnystcr street, to a point four hundred
and fifty feet west of Desplaines street; west
12th street, between Blue Island avenue and
Rucker street; Eighteenth between State and
Grovd; on Fifteenth street between Sangamon
atd Moigan; on CarrolU between UnUtecl and
Carpenter; on Ewing street, between Eigh
teenth and Nineteenth streets; on Sangamon,
between Carroll and Fnlton; on Carpenter,
between Carroll unu Kinzk; on West Jackson,
between Hoisted and Desplaines; 10 on Bal
ded; 1G on Desplaines; 4 on West Van Baron.
East side of North Wells from North
avenue to Clark street; north side
i.f High, from North Wells to North La-
Salle; south side of Archer Road, from Lake
to the bridge; north side of Archer Road,
from Hoisted to Lock; west side ot Hoyue,
from West Washington to Park avenue; east
side ot Carroll, from North avenue to North
Elizabeth street; west side of Noble street,
from Milwaukee avenue to Division street;
couth side of Van Buren street, from Hilstud
to Desplaines; west side ol Laflln, from Van
Suren to Taylor street; both sides of Cool
edge, from 'lhroop to Reubeu; repairing
Randolph street, irom west side of State to
tbe bridge; planking alley between Gurley
and Hope streets; opening a street on the
Assessor's division of s. w. 14 of sec. 21,30
and 14, from Prairie avenue eaatwardly.
Grading and planking Benton Place,
between Stale tireet and Wabash av
enue; vacating alleys in block 11, In
dheC. T. Subdivision; w. 1-3 w. 12 n. e; 1-4
sections 17, 30 aud!4; extension of Third
avenue to Fourteenth street.
An assessment roll for macadamizing and
grading Canal from the north side of Lake
btrett, was submitted by the Board ot Public
Works, and confirmed.
The Board of Public Works reported an or-
dinance relative to the claim of Joslah James,
n con tnccdiDg tbe conveyance of lot 14, in
the City Cemcteiy, to said James; passed.
Also an ordinance for Issuing $150,000
rf sewerage bonds, for certain improve
ments. Passed.
The Finance Committee repotted in favor
cf an Increase ol salaries for the City Attor
i.ey. City Treasurer, CityColiector; and sub
mitted an ordinance for the payment of
S2,CCO to each officer. Adopted.
Also in lavor of the petition of Michi;
Staples, acd tbe refunding of money for the
construction of a certain sidewalk. Adopted.
Also against the claim of Thomas Carbine.
Adopted. Also for referring the.'claiai of Ju
lian Clark, to tbe Mayor and Comptroller.
Concurred in. In favor of tbe remission of
the fine of Patrick Horton, for selling liquors
without a license. Concurred in.
Also in favor of the claim of Geo. A. Meach.
late City Attorney, and appropriating §2OO
for that imrpose. Concurred in.
Also upon the ordinance of Aid. Comisky,
for the appropilallon of §120,000 for the relief
of drafted men. The Committee recommend
ed certain amendments to this ordinance.
The report of the City Attorney, with ref
erence to the legality of the ordinance, was
read. It strongly advocated the con
stitutionality of the conscription act, bnt
took the ground that the ordinance in ques
tion was also legal; that the Common Coun
cil has power to appropriate the two mill tax
warfund for the purpose set forth in the ordi
nance. The City Attorney took the ground,
also, that the measure Is simply calcula
ted and designed to encourage enlist
ments in ns legal and legitimate
a manner as it has been done heretofore by
the Board of Supervisors, who have offered
and paid liberal bounties to soldiers enlisting
in the Federal service. The City Attorney
was also ot the opinion that the Council have
power to appropriate one mill additional for
the purpose set forth in the ordinance, and
believed said ordinance was perfectly In har
mony with the conscription act.
Aid. Talcott moved that the report of the
City Attorney, together with the ordinance,
be laid oxer and published.
Ald.Comi6kynadno objection to hiving
the ordinance published, but was in a hurry
to have it passed. Bethought the sooner It
was passed the better, and said if it was not
passed this evenlcg, there would be a special
meeting called to act upon It soon.
Aid. Talcott wanted to see the ordinance in
print, that he might read it at his leisure, and
vote nndcrstandlngly. The motion ot Aid.
Tolcott prevailed, and the ordinance and re
port of the City Attorney were laid over and
ordered published.
Tbc Committee on Judiciary reported in
favor of suspending the lien acquired by the
< Ity, by virtue of a judgment obtained against
B. F. Carver, and submitting an Older for that
purpose. Laid over uod ordered published.
cxTi printing.
Aid. Roberts called up the report of the
Committee on City Printing, winch recom
mends that all printing ordered by the various
deiwilmenU of the city government, be done
by tbc corporation printer. Aid. Roberts
moved that ihe report be concurred in.
Aid. Holden moved to r<for to tbo City
Attorney for hla legal opinion. Lost. The
motion to concur was then pul and carried,
The Committee on Railroads reported
ngoinst tbo petition ol the corporators of the
Chicago and Kvamton Railway Company to
construct a railway from Chicago to Evans
ton, and presenting their reasons for such op
position fn detail. Concur red In.
<rtie nimxiK-TErtDEitN again.
The Committee on Harbors and Bridges re
mold In favor ol Increasing the salaries of
midge lenders, and alsopm ordinance for car
tying Into effect said recommendation. The
ordinance provides for un Increase of pay to
the tenders of all bridges named in the an
nexed statement, for the year IHW, In the ra
tio ol forty per cent, on the rales paid during
the year IblCi, as appears from said statement,
except for Wells street bridge, which shall bo
the raincas Clark street bridge, and except also
for Polk and Twelfth street bridges, the rates
of Increase of salary for which, as aforesaid,
shall be fifty per cent. Adopted.
refunding tax to trinity enunen.
Aid. Comlfky moved to Like up the opinion
ofilic City Attorney Id favor of refunding tlie
tux on the Trinity Church properly. Adopted.
The report of the committee and the opin
ion of the City Attorney were then concurred.
Aid. Sblmp Introduced an ordinance to
compel the Chicago City Railways to run
their cars on Slate, North Clark and Madison
streets, every live minutes, and on all other
routes ut Intervals of not over ten minutes;
to commence running at oa. m, and run
till midnight, from April Ist to October Ist,
and from October Ist to April Ist, to com
mence at 7p. m., and run till midnight, said
companies to be compelled to run their cars
on Stale. North Clark and Madison streets, to
the extent of their tracks, or to tire city 11m-
Its. at night as often ns ouce every half hour,
from April Ist to October Ist; and every hour
from October Ist to April Ist Laid over.
The ordinance for appointing a Flour In
spector was called up, and pending its dis
cussion, Aid. Holden moved au adjournment,
which was lost by a tie vote, decided nega
tively by the’Mayor. Several Aldermen hay
ing called for tbe reading ol the ordinance, it
was rud by the Clerk. Referred to the Com
mittee on Markets.
The Connell then adjourned, upon wMch
the Clerk read a call foraspeclal mcclingnext
Friday evening, to consider and take action
nnon Aid. Comisky’s ordinance la relation to
the appropriation for drafted conscripts. The
call was signed by Aldermen Comisky, Rob
erts Walsh, McDonald and Abbott
The monthly meeting of the Chicago 8.8.
Onion was held last evening at the New E
ngland church, Rev. W, W. Harsha conducting
the exercises. After prayer by Rev. Mr. Har
ilia, and singing by tbe North Market school,
being introduced by Rev, Mr. Harsha, R-v. R.
L. Collier delivered an'excellent address, baa
ing his remarks upon the “ conversion of
childhood.** He claimed that If the church is
VctaUlcLvd universally on earth it must ho
Sabbath School Union.
the result of pne.of two things, cither the
conversion of the children or the proselytlsm
of the adults. He gave a history of the four
great epochsyhlch have trmgpir** lathe
Uittory of£ihe clmrdhj and;, the .influences of
them severally, especially that of - the list or
fouith, one of •which was the encouragement
given to Sabbath Schools. The speaker rela
ted many interesting incidents that have come
under his observation, of the early conver
sion of children } and he believes that the rea.
son we do not see more conversions In our
Sabbath Schools and among our children, is
because we do not labor for it nor expect it.
The great work of the Sunday School should
be the conversion of the pupils. Let teichers
labor and pray for it, and expect it, and they
will not be disappointed. He firmlybelieved
that children can be and are converted, as ear
ly 'as three years of asre, and mentioned in
stances that he knew of. He believed that if
wc could do away with the old-fogy idea that
bad lor so many years been entertained, that
children must grow up to the a»e of maturi
ty before they can be converted,-and would
labor in earnest iu .the matter, wo should see
results we have never had any idea of.
Mr. Harelia then announced lor discussion
the question, “What are the requisite qualifi
cations for a successful Sunday School teach
er? ” Short addresses were made by several
teachers and superintendents, in which they
related their experience—the Importance and
the responsibility of the great work ia woich
they are engaged. Mr. Collier's doctrine of
early conversions was folly endorsed by those
who followed him. The meeting was very
w ell attended, and the exercises interesting
and profitable to all present.
The Steinway Plano.
We have written on former occasions of
the excellence of the pianos sold from the
warehouse of Root & Cady—wc mean the
prize medal “Stelnway’s.” Our good opin
ion of them increases the more wc see of
them. They always take front rack among
first class planes sold iu the Northwest. If
there is one thing for which more than on
other they| are remarkable, It is for tV* - •
prising elasticity ol touch, and .’-on.
derful clearness, brilliancy and icieivKct. ss
of tone. It Is gratifying to note mat the
sales of these excellent pianos In Chicago
were never so large as at the present time.
We are sure that those who are seeking re-
liable instruments—instruments which are not
mere paintar-dvarnith,but combine an elegant
appearance with sweetness and clearness of
tone, elasticity of touch, and all those qualities
which go to make up a really good piano,
will examine the “Prize Medal Steiuway’s,”
at Root & Cady’s.
From Brydgcft’ flattery—Reply of the
Commanding Officer.
Several weeks since, it will be recollected
that Lieut. L. A. White was deputed to pre
sent to Capt. Lymaa Brydges an elegant set
of colors, purchased by his friends la GUI.
ctigo. The following is the gallant Captain’s
Bridges’ Batiert, )
Illinois Light AnriLLEur, v
Camp Chahles Stuakt, July 20,1863. |
To Messrs. W. W. Boyiuglon, J. W. McGtnnls, W.
sad A, B. Cook& Co., J. V. Farwell, Mstbow
Laflln, Thoa.lt. Wood&Co., W. C. Deakman,
and others:
1 have the honor to acknowledge the receipt a t
the bends ot Lient. L A, White, of the very beau*
tiful stand pronounced by all as surpass
ing any similar colors in our army, with which
vou were so kind as to honor this Buttery.
\\'c feci that our eiforts, however bumble, la
crushing this unholy and uncalled for rebellion, arc
not forgotten at home. While many loyal citizens
nt theKorthhavccomefar short of appreciating
the magnitude of the work to bo accomplished ere
the traitors within our borders can be brought to
yield to the authority of our Government, the
friends of our cause in Chicago have, to their hou
or, always advocated and carried out the most lib
eral ideas, and encouraged the most vigorous pros
ecution ofthe war
Let tble be the free response of all our friends
at home, and, as sure as God reigns, this rebellion
will toonbe crushed out.
We are proud of the record of the army from
Illinois, aud pledge our friends that no eifort of
ours shall be omitted to add to the success of our
The reception of the valuable colors yon have
hceu pleased to honor us with, will noc soon be
forgotten. Wc shall go forward In the perform
ance of our duties, with a sense of pleasure as well
as of duty, remembering that our career is being
traced and noticed, and when called upon to de
fend the starry emblem of our national unity, our
motto shall be “ Conquer wc must, fur our cause
it is just*’
In behalf of the Battery, I return to the donors
our most heartfelt thanks and good wishes, and
trust that wc may prove ourselves woriby of being
the recipients of to tangible an expression of the
regards ofonr“friennß at home.” I am. gentle
men, veiy respectfully, your most obedient ser
vant. Ltm*xßktdobs,
Capt.Com*dg, R. Light Arty.
Bc*olntlouHpßKftedby the mercantile
Literary Union, outlio Death of MaJ.
At a meeting of the Mercantile Literary
Union, of this city, held on the 25th Inst., to
take into consideration the decease of the
late Moj. W. H. ‘iledlll, of the Blh Illinois
cavalry regiment, occasioned by wounds re
ceived at Gettysburg, Pa., the following reso
lutions were adopted:
JleKAnd, That bythedrath of our late friend
and associate, Major W. H. Medlll, our society has
lost an active and efficient member: the commu
nity a worthy and energetic citizen; our country a
brave soldier oml patriot: and his sorrowing rela
tione a warm friend and affectionate companion.
JUt&.red, That we regard our departed friend as
another sacrifice offered upon our country’s altar,
w hose precious blood will assist in quenchlcg the
Imxning fires of rebellion, and in uniting the bouda
of our glorious Union.
llociud. That we deeply feel for those who arc
more nearly affected by this sad bereavement, and
that we tender to them our heartfelt sympathy,
Lcpicg that they may be sustained, in this their
great trial, by the memory of the glorions death of
the deputed, and the precious promise of the
Christian religion. ....
JUfotud, That a copy of these resolutions be
presented to the family of the deceased, and that
they be published in the daily papers, and entered
upon the record ofthls Society. •
The Chicago Rivek.— The Milwaukee Sen*
titid is responsible for tbe following:
A *'reliable gentleman” who went to Chi
cago a few days since, on a steamboat, relates
the following doubtful story: A heavy fog
rested over the water a3 they approached that
city, rendering objects even close at hand In
distinguishable. Under these circumstances
the boat came near running past the city en
tjrelv, and wonld have done so bat for the
fragrance of Chicago River, which fortunately
enabled the Captain to run hla craft safely into
port. Light-houaes dwindle into Insignifi
cance beside this all powerful guide to mari
ners. "Whew! •
STILL another testimony*
From an Officer of the Circuit Court.
The following is from a special deputy of the
CircnitCouitofthlsdty. Dr.Aycr, McCormick's
Building, and throat and chest dls
eaßCfl* Chicago, 111., July IS, 1863.
I have been under the treatment of Dr. I. Wins
low Ayerfora chronic affection of the throat and
chest, and although the disease had made alarming
Inroads upon my health. Dr. Ayer's success has
been so complete in my case that I take pleasure
lu assuring those wno may be thus afflict
ed and yet be as skeptical as I was at first,
that’ I am perfectly satisfied that Dr.
Ayer thoroughly understands the nature and
proper treatment of such cases. I feel
very "ratcfol for the benefit I have received at his
institute, and add that It has been thronged with
patients whenever I have been there, and I nave
never heard one dissenting voice to the opinion
that the doctor ia Joetly aeaen lcc the celebrity
ho Las attained for curing Throat and Chest Afiic
tions * E w*. Tucker,
No. 243 State street, Chicago.
Special Deputy Circuit Court. july23-lt
Dr. James, formerly of James’ Hospital, Custom
House street, New Orleans, La., established 1650,
and now permanently located at 80 Randolph
•met, Chicago, Illinois, is highly recommended
by many oi the Medical faculty and the press.
*1 lute who have had occasion to require the ser
vices of Dr. James, say he has no superior In the
treatment of diseases of the akin and blood, chron-
IraiidorganlcwcakricM.Ac. The following edi
lorial. from the New Orleans Della of May 15th,
ifeCn, la hut one of many. Here it Is:
‘•To tuk Atflicted. —There is no blessing so
great no perfect health, and. therefore, he who can
confer that blessing should be sought tor by those
who enjoy knot. The best and most feasible plan
for those of onr readers who are suffering from any
diicß’O, bo It acute or otherwise. Is to apply Imme
diately to our friend. Dr. James, No. 82 Custom
House street.” *
Dr. James' office and parlors are 68 Randolph
street, between State and Dearborn streets.
Consultations inviolable.
X3T Parties desiring Electrical apparatus for
tm diral purposes, would do well to call at Dr.
Iluves' Institute, 90 Statu street, and examine Dr.
Young's new and elaborate Electrical apparatus,
and Electro-Thermal Bath. For therapeutic pow
er in the treatment of diseases, it Is said to be su
perior to any in use. jy*3o Gt
Notice.—Having been burned oat at 91 Wells
street, 1 beg leave to notify the ladlcsandgentlu
meu of this city that my fate business place will
t-uonbe rebuilt, where! will be glad to receive
their former patronage, Jy?B-‘-t M. Pplaum.
{ST “Leslie’s Ladles’ Magazlne”aiid‘‘Ec!ccUc,’
for August, have been received by McNally & Co.
81 Dearborn street.
Dn, llunter.—We ore pleased to announce to
our readers that the Dr. is having a great many
nconie calling upon him for the treatment of vari
onscbronlc diseases, such as Consumption, Ca
?ar“s; SoreEjo.«nd Ear,. ».idPile,. Fistula aud
Cancer, without resort to the knife. The Dr. is
successful in every case lie undertakes to treat.
His rooms arc at 91 Randolph street.
Fine arts —The collection of pictures now on
free exhibition at US Randolph street la pronounc
ed the finest ever offered at sale In Chicago. They
comprise some rich, rare
Co ami Inspect them. They will he sold by Win.
A. Rutters « Co., on Wednesday and Thursday
wr Fifth Animal Pic Nic of the Berean Bautial
Sunday School, at Cold Spring Grove, July 80th.
Cats leave the C. &R.I.R. R. Depot *l°** 5 1 {
and the Grove at 4 p.m. Thecaw wlUbeleftat
the Grove for the accommodation of the 1 ic Nic.
A HinK CniSCB.-At E. Hofltaan’s Cigar Store
Is to be found the largtat etcck of old j-onulne toi
ported Havana CMgarß jna recclvcd and wlll
nr* sold wholesale aud retail at low prices.
KloJHondo, I^PronlUud.LaCondarca,
Hircnlts.ElEbzo, El Bnon G “ a K’?. , ,,S• ompU ■
mlento, Fnlton.El Agna Dntoc^^tmrn
jj2fl-3t 137 Eandolph et,, Sherman House.
"R/inKf-ToiiE —All in want of books, splen
did Family Bibles, Prayer Books and Photographic
Albums, should call at the
ftore, 97 Randolph street, under ihe Matteson
n on«e Gifts from fifty cunts to one hundred dol
Sre|fieuwlU.SSn bo not mistake the number.
CSV F E. RlcbT. 89 Randloph Street, Is selling
Paper Hanging/st less than New York prices at
wholesale and retail. The trade sapplledoafts
most liberal terms.
BT Nervous Diseases and
arming from Bpeciflc causes, to both “13
and reliable treatment. In reports of the uowara
Association—sent In sealed letter envelope free of
chareeT Address. Dr.J. SkUhn Houghton. How-
Ninth street PhUa
dtlphia,Pft, JyW-4n
Monday Evuntko, July 27.1365.
There was more activity la the money market to
day, and an improved feeling in business circles
generally. The favorable character of the news
from Europe, with regard to breadstuffs imparted
greater confidence to holders and shippers of all
kinds ofprodcce, and. there was au incresed de
mand for money by operators.
The gold market also showed signs of renewed
life. The early (curb-stone) dispatches from Wall
Street were 12S, at which local speculators here got
‘• on a rampage,” and large amounts were sold at
127,127#, 127*£, 128, and one lot of SIO,OOO as high
as 12SX- Later dispatches from New York, how
ever, gave a different tone to the market, and brok
ers at the close were paying only [email protected] There
is very little silver offering and the market la firm
at ne®llß.
Increased orders from the East for grain has
made Eastern exchange plentler, and rates are not
quite so firm as last week. The majority of the
banking houses are paying X per cent and selling
ut X per cent; but there are some banks selling to
their customers at 12#®"20. -
From the official statement of the public debt on
the Ist of July, fhrnished by the Treasury Depart
ment, the following recapitulation is taken:
The w hole debt at 4 per cent. Interest. ..$23,059,203
At 0 per cent iJVJS&SS
At 6 per cent... 431,273,875
At 7 3-10 percent • 189,920,600
The whole debt without interest 896,721,067
The total public debt of the United States on
July 1, shown by thehooks of the Treasury Depart
ment, Is $1,097,374,£60. * Iu the Secretary's Report
of last December he estimated that by this time
the public debt would reach $1,102,237,403. The
expenditures, however, have been slightly less
than the Secretary anticipated, or rather the
National revenue has been somewhat greater, and
the public debt Is therefore less by $25,020,037 than
the Secretary estimated last December. The re
vltisa singular vindication of Mr. Chase's fore
. ght and calculation, as well as the honesty with
• which belaid before Congress the exact present
and prospective condition of the finances.
—The weekly statement of the Boston banks ex
hibits an increase of $322,347 in loans and dis-
counts, and of 47,729 in specie, and a decrease of
S9H),2M in deposits, and 100,900 In circulation.
At St. Louis ou the 23th, New York exchange
was ecazce and firm at $15"®2.60 per thousand
premium. Bankers continued to ship treasury
notes to the East to keep up the supply of ex
change. Missouri defense warrants were steady at
s.> cents buying, and £5 cents selling. Washington
drafts were In active demand at Xto X®?> $ cent
off for email nnd large ones. -
—Anew-order issued from the .Adjutant Gen
eral's office, Washington, July fith, and received by
Quartermaster Myers, to-day, reads as follows:
“Ilerrart'-r no officer or agent under the control
ofthe War Department, disbursing public money,
will pay any claim or acconut presented through
agents or collectors, except on regular power of
attorney, executed after the account or claim is
due and payable,aud unless such agent or collector
is considered by the disbursing officer amply able
to reimburse the United States, or the disbursing
officers, in rase such claim or account shall, subse
quent to payment, prove to bo * unjust or fraudu
lent, and when an account is p t-seuted In person
by an individual who is not known to the disburs
ing officer, the latter will require such evidence of
icentity us will secure the Government against
This order, if carried into effect to the letter,
will stop the traffic in claims on Government*
which has been so large in some cities In the West*
and we are not sure but it will prove injurious to
the interests of a large number of government con
tractors, who have been in the habit of selling
their vouchers to the first money broker they met,
sois to enable them to keep on buying to fulfil 1
their contracts.
—The Montreal Money Market is thus reported
by the Montreal Gazette of the 24th:
Slcillng exchange Is in good demand at a frac
tional improvement on last week's prices. The
drawing rate at most of the banka is still 9)4 pur
cent premium ; a few sales on the street are re
ported at 9}{<B,9}i per cent, but it would be diffi
cult to buy an important amount under 9)4. The
supply of documentary and produce bills is falling
oft; their character is now very strictly scrutinized
by the banks, and if satisfactory, they are saleable
at n*£ for sixty, aud to Bjf per cent premium
forninety days* sight. Themarket Is almost baro
of other choice sixty-day exchange, for. which
there are buyers at 9 to 9K per cent premium.
Ninety-day bills would not command a corrcspon
ditg price-
ind money market*
sw Tors. Only 37, ib»V*
;ular, bnt generally better.
N. Y. C 116
Ilaricm 117
Ilndfon ISO
Erie pfd i(B
Reading 110
Erie . 90«
N.Y.C ISt*
Mo. Ca 70*
Veve York (Stock ai
hy Telegraph,] Nbi
Stocks—Dull and incgi
C. & H. I tW*
M. & P.du C...... 69
I*. Ft. W. & C 77«
C.&T 115
G -AC... 99Jtf
C.SV 96
M. & P. da C. IbUUS
1 C. scrip 115
Government stocks steady with moderate busl-
U. S. 1 year cer.... 9?.»; |
Mosey—Steady at 6 per cer.t.
Sterling exchange firmer with moderate basi
net* at 139*<a!40X. k
Gold firmer—opening at 12tM» advancing to
I£!>X» declining to 127 K. and closing steady at
Kew Tork Bank Statement.
By Telegraph.] New York, July 27.
1 recreate In loans $00,051
Decrease In specie 2,:U1,20J
Decrease In circulation 103.435
Increaselu deposits 814,000
Monhat Evutwa, July 27, ]Sf3.
KXvXzm fob past Poair-Eiant hooks.
jTiour.Wh eat. Corn. Oats. Bye. Brl’y.
brio. bo. be b<i stu bn.
Canal 61000 3000 .... 43
liiCURB... 252 4413 4280 3214 737 561
KIRK ICB 1050 14:0 350 ....
ICCBR 1110 5650 147 0 1200 JtO ....
Cl 5 4QRR.. 2(0 2504 17430 1131 615 1700
STWSB 40 700 .... loCO 350 231
AJStLSR.. 4CO .... 560
£2OO 12577 90176 10378 2102 2657
Gr&sfl Live Beef Hiph-
Se«L nogs.Wool,o*ti..ii.oeß.
2>a. Ito, lbs. No. &>* Mi
GACU ER 5350 50
RIBR. 118 .... 183 .... 100
niCRR. 1050 .... 624 2900 160
CB&QnB 1970 7441 809 413 50
KV HR 3010 17 10500 ....
A.&51.L.8.R .... 835 .... 1177 2213 ....
3479 10481 2870 29441 300
sMirnzsTß sr lake roa tab lost romr-sionr
Flour Wheat Corn. Oats. Bye.BarTy
brls. bn. bo. bo. ba. ba.
. ICOO 41275 8010018000
Pt Colborne
Kingston 25875
Other poita 400
1000 70550 11C625 18000
The receipts during the past 48 hours were 9,200
brls flour, 12,677bu wheat, 99,170 bn c0m,10,37S ba
oats, 2,402 bu rye, and 2,037 bu barley. The ship
ments during tbe same period were l,Coobrls floor,
70,530 bn wheat, 119,623 bu corn and 18,000 bu oats.
The arrival of the steamer Now York on Satur
day afternoon, with Liverpool advices to the 19th
showing an advance in nearly all kinds of bread
stuffs—^bad a favorable cflecton the general pro
duce markets to-day.
Tbe demand for Corn was particularly brisk, and
prices advanced 3©l#c per bushel; but towards
the close the feeling was somewhat subdued, and
the advance was not sustained. About 300,000
bushels changed bauds, at 50©61 c for Canal and
Diver Mixed afloat; 43#©49c for Mixed Corn la
store;and47©47#c forßcjected Corain store,
The great bulk of tbe sales oi Mixed were at 49c,
but at the close there were sellers at 48#c.
The Wheat market advanced about le on Spring
brands—with sales of Nol Spring at [email protected];
No 2 spring, 00#©91c; and Bcjected Spring at 68©
71#c. Bed Winter Wheat was in better request,
and prices were [email protected] higher—light sales of new
No 2 being made fit sl.Ol. No 1 Red was in rc
queet at $1.05.
Oats advanced 1c per bushel, with sales of Nol
at6S#©s9#c. Bye was quiet at 63c. Barley was
firm, with sales of good new crop at 65c. High
wines were more active and firm—with sales of
610 brls at 41c.
Mess Pork was in good demand and firm, with
ealta of ICO brls extra heavy city at $1*3.73, and 150
brlsat $12.50. There was nothing done in Balk
Meats nor Lard.
Timothy Seed is steady and nominal at {2.00.
Another lot of 1,000 bushels was sold at that price
on Saturday afternoon, but we heard of no irons*
actions to-day.
Freights declined Jtfc per bushel—with engage
ments at 4c for when;, and [email protected]#c for corn to
There is nothing doing in Wool, and the market
is nominal at [email protected] for fair to ffnc washed—un
washed H off.
There is an active demand for Lnmher by the
cargo, and we note sales at for fair
to good cargoes. Shingles are firm, with sales at
$3.25 for Sawed. A cargo of Green Bay Cedar
Posts sold at 12c. ’
There Is a light stock of Fish on the market
aud prices arc firm at $5.12#®5.57K for No 1
Wbitefish. Dried Apples arc firm and in good
demand, with sales at for prime New
Sugars are In good demand aud firm. Coffees
arc quiet and tend to lower Agates. Molasses are
steady. There is a fair inquiry for Rice, and we
note tales of 60 bags Arracan at S&e. Soaps and
Starch without change.
The Hide market is quiet and without change
Green Salted are selling at S.V®S)£C.
Foreign Commercial Circular.
London, July 10,1863.
Rrkadstdfts—Since our last report markets
throughout the country have been very inactive.
Farmers are busily employed haymaking, and de
liveries of English wheat are consequently small,
but aa tbc fine weather checks the operations of
buyers, the supply Is quite adequate to the de
mand, out the business done is very trifling, and
prices have a downward tendency. In our market
there Is an almost total absence of demand, mllieis,
one and all, expressing a determination to buy
nothing if they can help it, until the new crop
comes •to market. Importations, however, aro
moderate, and granarled stocks are light, holders,
therefore, do not show any desire to force sales at
a sacrifice; some of the recent arrivals from New
York, however, have been pressed off ex-ship, on
account of backing houses hero, and 47fl has been
taken for both red winter ana white Canadian.
Flour, if of fine quality, is saleable at last week’s
pi ices. Nothing doing in maize. , . ,
Pnovisioss.—Butter—Old, quite neglected. The
few parcels of new which have reached this mar
ket via Liverpool, are so tender owing to the hot
weather, aa to be scarcely saleable; but we do not
alter quotations. Cheese, in good demand, and
supplies being very scanty, more money Is obtain
ed; Bacon only saleable atjreduced rates. Homs,
at-d Shoulders are not plentiful, and find a fair
sale. Beef and Pork, good enquiry for prime
toils. Lard dull at our quotations.
Groves & Todd.
LrrEßroon. July 10.
Bexadetcfts —Brilliant weatherhas caused the
Trade \9 jple extremely dull, with prices tending
t'ownward. To-dav’s maiket was thinly attended,
nrd the bot forcing" weather inducinghnyera only
o supply their Immediate requirements, a very
limited business done In wheat at a decline ot
£d per cental from oar quotations of this day wees-
Flour was little inquired for, and was 6d per barrel
lower. With a good consumptive demand for In
dian Cornourlast quotation was supported, riz:
ids 9d per qr. for mixed. , , . ' ,
• Pbovisiosb —A fair business has been done.m
beef at steady prices. Fork qnlet and unchanged.
The sales of bacon hare again been large, and
prices aropretty well supported, especially for the
finer qualities. Hams and shoulders are In good,
demand.' Large supplies of Cheese have caused a
decline of 2s per cwt. New Butter sells slowly at
our quotations. The market has been nearly clear
ed of the low qualities for shipment to the Medit
erranean. Lord has been more firmly held; the
week's sales amount to about 400 tons, and at the
c l oße there is more disposition to purchase on
speculation. Tallow Is 6d per cwt lower, but a fair
amount of business has been done at the decline.
Bislaxd, Atiita & Co.
Crops and markets on the Continent.
From the Continent we select the following brief
notes of the condition of the groin market and
The Paris flour market has lost the buoyancy
noted at the commencement of the past week,
(tom the finer weather which has been experienced.
The wheat trade in the country was becoming
more calm, though some markets still noted a rise.
The prospects for the crops continued fair in
Belgium, and prices had remained mnch the same.
Good supplies from Danzlc, Stettin and Hambro’
had arrived at Liege. These arrivals were only
taken cautiously for consnmptlon. Native Wheat
remained 65s 6d to 57b fid per quarter.
The position of the Corn trade had not changed
at Antwerp. Comtrai was only a trifle dearer—
for wheat prices 54s fid to 57a, rye to 33a. oats to
22s Sd ft quarter.
At Amsteidam the valne of wheat was maintain
ed, as well os barley, hut rye was dull. Maastricht
was about 9d $ quarter cheaper for wheat. Some
storms bad occurred, laying part of the barley.
After some considerable demand at Hambro* for
Wheat from the interior and the Rhenish prov
inces, hoainees was more calm. Advices respect
ing the crops .were contradictory. There were
some reports of mnch mischief as having ensued
from the late harsh and dry weather in the high
lands, but it was thought this would be counter
balanced by the late growing weather. .
Most of the Swiss markets showed an Important
rise—say, averaging about 2s per quarter. Heavy
rains at>d cold winds had laid much of the corn.
Yery rough weather had prevailed for a week in
Strauhing, doing much mischief, the wheat being
in bloom; and there were serious complaints of
ruet. There had been a heavy and destructive hail
storm. With the wheat market well supplied, it
went off rapidly at higher rates.
AtLlndau,laßav«n i, the rise on wheat was la
per qr.
With Improved vri r.liier and a slackened inquiry
at Colouge, wheat w ns about !id per qr lower.
Much warm rain had fallen in the neighborhood
of Berlin. Arrivals having been small, prices of
all grain were advancing; hat on the offer of many
samples, a decline eventually ensued, and people's
fears were dissipated. Some were, however, of
opinion that the rains were too heavy, and these
were for holding.
With the weather as fine as possible at Odessa,
ar.d the crops in the neighborhood looking magni
ficent, should no unlocked for disaster occur,
something above ordinary years was expeettd.
A lively business had sprung up at Venice, with
forward sales of the new crop (now began cutting)
for October and November delivery. This was
caused by the reports of failure from Hungary.
Crops and markets In Great Britain.
[From thc.Mark Lane Express, July 10.]
Although the rains of the past week have occa
sionally been heavy and threatening to the wheat
in tar, the fine summer temperature that has pre
vailed, with a good share of sunshine, has forced
on the crops gem rally at a rapid pace, and much
of the backward time may yet be made up. The
straw, however. Is generally short; but if the
strength of the so’l be thus preserved for the head,
this may prove a benefit. There cau be no fear
now for the second cut of grass, or the later mea
dow s: bn potatoes will soon be In jeopardy if too
much moisture should be furthcoming, and we aru
a long wav off from certainty as respects auy crop.
Indeed, in Bavaria, where a short time since all
was promising, a week of storms has done serious
damage, and sent up wheat fully 21 per or; and It
has been the same m Switzerland; but Lombardy,
it appears, has not suffered so much as once feared,
the injury being for the most part confined to
Piedmont. Still Hungary remains unpromising,
so os to wake lively markets at Odessa, and even
■Venice, where the wheat harvest has began.
France and the near countries have improved In
projects most of Germany looks well, and South
ci n Russia teems with promise. Bruadatufts have
been infiueccod to a heavy decline in Now York,
by a fall in the exchange and a strike among the
dock laborers, but they subsequently rather re
vived. Our own prices have rather hardened, sey
e*al places noting is per qr advance earlv in the
week: but later, with the falling off of the French
ar.d Belgian demand, considerable dullness fol
lowed. There are. however, indications that
stocks aru running low in those countries, and any
disaster happening to the standing com would im
mediately renew the demand and farther enhance
the prices. In short all Earop-. as well as the
British Isles, are dependent on the weather.
Stocks or BrcadHtufiN In Liverpool,
Gllleepie.Borthwich &Byrle, In their circular ol
July 8, give the following comparison of ol
breadstuff* in Liverpool:
. lEG 2. 1?61.
Jane SO- June 80-
Wheat ££0,762 qrs. 41-5,21U cjre.
fvfw ** v
4.463 “
15,7*0 “ 81,8*5 “
Beaus 82,723 “ 11,653 “
Peas 1.306 “ 2,274 “
Indian Com 205,1-60 “ 163 CBS “
Oatmeal 17,374 loads. Sl.SiO loads.
Flour 86,251 sacks. 107.714 “
Flour 225,1*25 barrels 144,231 barrels.
New fork Dr)‘ Goods market—July 25
The Dry Goods market has not become settled
yet, but there has been more Inquiry and more
business. There Is no general disposition to buy,
however. Boyers prefer to wait a little longer,
particularly as their necessities are not great at
present, Standard heavy brown sheetings have
settled at 28c, a decline of SO S3 cent from the clos
ing prices of June, but this is the only article
which has yet assumed a fair fixed value. Lons
dale 44 bleached muslins are held at.*'o: by the
regular agents, but are jobbed at 2Sc, and in small
lots have sold below this price. Prints remain un
changed with first hands. The agents arc Intend
ing to make a change as soon as they sec evidences
of n decided demand. Jobbing prices of prints
have declined abont 1c from the highest prices of
June, Merrlnmc and Cochcco excepted, wnlch are
still held at 20c. Spragues and Pacific are jobbed
at lire. In stripes, ticks and denims, there Is a
disposition to make some concession, but we can
qnote to fixed prices. There is some demand for
woolen goods irom the city and Western clothing
trade, chiefly Jewish buyers, at a decline of 5 $
cent on plain and .0 $ cent on fancy good*, bat
there an. a few houses who are not yet ready to
ninkesomucb of a concession. The f e have been
some considerable sales of low priced light weight
casfcimerts, however. by two or three houses, at a
concession equal to the views of buyers, and wo
bear of a sale of §2 00 goods atsl.7s. As a general
thh g woolen manufacturers arc unsettled In their
iccas and arc still waiting before they make agen
tial alteration in their prices.
Detroit.—Prices in the city for small clips du
ring the week have ranged from 50 to 53c. wc do
cot separate the wools into grades, for there has
been no distinction made by purchasers for tb»
last year. Throughout the State the oricos paid
in the interior have ranged from SO to 62c. A very
large buyer on the Grana River Plank Road, has
secured about 4P.CCO lbs of the choicest light
fleccis at an average of Gic.iacluUlngcommissions.
Tbe items below will show the prices paid in
other places, and tbe general feeling that pervades
the market:
Canada —The Loudon Xeirs quotes wool of first
quality at 40(5,41e5) lb, Wool, second quality, as
to 39c.
Milwaukee.—Wool buyers have, daring the
Kaet week, lowered their prices, or withdrawn
oin the market- During the latter part of the
week 65c has been the highest price named for
coodlots as brought in from the country. We,
however, hear of no sales at that price.* Dealers
mo holding assorted lota of fleece, In lots of 5,000
fits or more at COc, at whichpncoa sale of 5,000 lbs
was effected on Saturday. Moat orders sent into
tlie country have been withdrawn, leaving unsold
In growers bands a large part of the clip.
[ffontrcsl Provision Market—July 35.
Fork and Cut Meats—Small lots new Mess lave
been sold at $U.7E©$!2; larger lots at $11.50.
Sales of old Prime Mess at |S S3. No new inmar
ket. Old Prime $8.75; new $10.60. tTncanvaased
Haros are Inbad condition, sod arc difficult of sale.
Canvassed Chicago Hams 7#©9c; do Cinciucati,
[email protected]!ic: salted.shoulders B#©»#c. Tbe market
for Fork and Cut Meats has an advancing tendency,
as owing to the diminished rate of discount in U.
S. lunos importers cannot bay their articles down
lure at lees than 15to 17# percent-advance on
April ami May prices, buying rates In Western
cities having at same time advanced. There are
no lots of Pork pressed on the market, and holders
i re firm at outside rates, ia tbeprospect of a steady
demand in Canada, rendered probable by there be
ing io fitockin the country districts and the high
prices ruling for fresh meat.
St. Louis Hay Market—July 25.
Hav was sold on the landing to a limited extent,
at slll3# $ 100 fits. The bids for army supplies
were opened by Captain Chapman to-day, and
awards were made of contracts as follows:
W. L. Hahn & Co., *2,060 tons, to bo delivered
b<re, at ton.
C. C. Thompson & Co., 20 tons loose, 73 day, to
be delivered at Rannall’s tirm, at sl7-97 7? ton.
For 10,060 tons to be delivered at Memphis, bids
straight and mixed, ranged atsSo to 33$ ton. The
awards will be made for the last to morrow.
Cleveland Grain Market—July 25.
Wheat—There is no improvement to note In ci
ther the price or demand. Tbe receipts contlnne
light, the Inquiry very small, and tbe tone of the
narktt heavy and depressed. 1.0- 0 bn red afloat
were sold on 'Change at sl.ot. Wc heard no offers
for lots from store Corn—Market dull and inact
ive, with no sales lor the past two days. Oats—En
tlicly inactive. There were offers to eellatG3c, to
day. Rye nominal at 80c.
Toledo Grain Markets—July 25
Wheat—There is hardly sufficient changing
bands to establish quotations. Thu only sales re-
Sorted ore 350 bn No 1 red at $1.05: and 850 bu
I. S. red atsl.oo. Corn market very quiet: sales
1,600 bu No 1 mixed at 52c; 2.830 bu do at same;
375 bn No lat 51« c; 3t>o bu do ct 52c. Market for
other grains dull and nominal. Freights doll and
unchanged: S*tf(&2*£c for grain to Buffalo; Ccto
Phlladel’a Dry Good* Market—July 25
The Dry Goods market Is firmer aud rathermoro
active this week, but business opens slowly; the
jobbers, however, are looking round and sorting
up their stocks, which are vcrymuch reduced, pre
paratory to the opening of the fall trade, and there
if- a better feeling on the part of the holders gener
ally. All staple Cottons are firmly held, but the
sales are mostly by outside parties, as yet, at a
slight reductionouthe regular .rates. The stocks
are veryliebt and the production almost suspend
ed. For Woolens the demand is rathermoro ac
tive and the market firm, with a fair business to
note in casslmeres and satinets at full prices, and
all desirable styles sell well, with light stocks for
the season.
Philadelphia Hide Market—July 25.
The market continues inactive. We have an im
portation of 4,087 dry hides from Farto Cabcllo,
but we bear of no sales from first bauds. Dealers
are, however, buying in other markets to supply
the usual demand of tanners. Dry hides are not
fltm, hut favor the buyer. In green salted stock
theie bae been some little inquiry. Tanners are
beginning to make their appearance in market,
ana have taken gome few lota of hides to their
yards. Price s arc fiat and a trifle lower. We quote
salted at 10&10 XC; butchers’ weight at 7flfc2c; dry
Western and domestic at 20®22c.
Detroit Lumber market—July 25.
The yards are accumulating stock at preseut,but
tbc market is very fihn. Shingles are in good sup
ply and very fair demand. We quote as follows:
First clear $30.00
Second do 25.00
Third do 90.00
Dressed Flooring SO.O0&22.OO
Dressed Siding, clear 16.00
Common do 1100
Fencing Boards.
Provisions In Philadelphia—July 25
The provision market is quiet and prices about*
the same, with further sales of salt shoulders at
sJ£c,andlOOtierceslardatioXcs fi>.
St. liOUlsMarkctH— July 35.
The wheat market was lower for medium and
low grades, and steady and firm for choice fall,
with pales reported of 1,12-i sksatOOctfbSl.lS# bu
for poor to choice fall. Cornkcptwcuuplu price,
APd talcs w«e reported of 3,162 fcUs At 9
bu for mixed and white. Oats were quite linn un
der small receipts, with sales of 1,169 aka and 15,-
OCO bn at TC&SOc p bu—the principal lota la store
with ten days* storage at SOc.
No larcc tran&rctiona were reported In bacon
and lard. A lot of B.SOO pieces bulk shoulders,
Icoee. was sold at A lb. Small sales of bacon
shoulders at fic. Prime lard is in demand atS?*c
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market-July
There has been more activity la erode to-day,
but as the receipt* were unusually la*re, asgrega
tlrg between 2,£ CX) and 8,000 brls, prices receded a
trifle, say from# to 1c per gallon, and some bay
ci e are holding off in anticipation of a still farther
d< clinc. The sales foot np as follows: 103,159,5 a .
SCO andlCO barrels at 26c, barrels included, and 130
and f-0 barrel* at 20j<c, and 160 barrels at 31c, bar
rels returned.
Mondat Evening, July 57,1863.
Pr JR grain sold “in stors'Hs reported ia
this market teport cu subject to 2 c storage , ishieh
%s paid by the buyer, exclusive of the price paid
r or the grain to the seller. When a transaction U
trade in tchich the setter pays the storage, it iv re
peated 14 f. o. b.” or “ free of storage.” AU jtour
to* s are Quoted as 44 delivered," unless otherwise
FRElGHTS—Declinedjtfc per bushel. The en
gagements were:—-To Bcttalo—Prop Mohawk
ar.d sclir Timothy Baker, with wheat, at 4c; props
Galena and Queen of the Lakes, with corn, at 3j£c;
prop Winslow, irith corn, at To Port Col
borne—Schr ScnnysWe, with corn, at %c.
FLOUR—Received. 2,SCO brls; shipped, 1,000
brls. Market quitt. Sales, were:—lCO brls “Nash
ville Eagle” do at $6 00; 109 brls White Winter at
36.50; 50 brls do at $5.75; 50 brls do at |S.M; 140
brls Red Winter at $5.80; 100 brls Spring extra at
s4^o; 400 brls do at $4.40; 100 brls low Spring ex-
BRAN—io tons in bnlk on track at $18.50.
WHEAT—Received, 18,577 bn; shipped, 70,550
bu. Market about 1c higher. Sales were as fol
lows Winter— BCo bu new No a Red Winter in
store at $1.01; 400ba old Rejected Winter in store
atSTKc. Spring—^l,2oo buNol Spring (in New
berry's) at $1.00; 4CO budo (InH. A. & Co.’s) at
9£c; 1,1:00 bu Minnesota Spring, by samjde, (in a
separate bin InH. W.’s) at $i.M; 5.000 buNo 3
Spring (in Newberry’s and C. VV.'s) at 90X®» 5,400
bu do (in A. D. & Co.'s and F. & T.'s) at 01c; 400
. bu Rejected Spring (in S. B. A Co.’s) at 6Sc: 800
bu do (in F. AT.’s) atTlj^c; 400 budo (in C. W.’s)
at 71c.
• CORN—Received, 99,176 bn; shipped. 116,625
bn. Market advanced KSdXc per bushel, but
closed dull. Soless,ooo bit River High Mixed f.
o. b. atfll&c; 8,000 bu do afloat at 50% c; 13,000 bu
River and Canal Mixed afloat at 60c; 173,090 bu
Mixed Corn in Store at 49c; 53,000 bn do at 48l£c;
55,( CO bu do at -IS^c; 55,000 bu Reject :d Com In
store at 47>*c: 12,000 bn do at 47^c; 8,000 budo
at 47c.
OATS—Received, 10,873 bu; shipped, 18.000bu.
Market advanced lc. Sales:—2,6oo bu No 1 in
store at 59>ec; 22.000 bu do at 59c; 3,000 bu do at
68Xc; I,CC9 bn do at 68j£c; 1,500 bu Rejected Oats
in store at49#e.
RYE—Received, 2,402 bn. Market quiet. Sales:
—£CobuNol In storeatfi'Jc.
HARLEY—Market Arm. Sales:—£9o bu good
new crop on track at 65c; 40 sacks old crop at 45c
on track.
ALCOHOL—Steady and nominal atS3©Ssc.
ASHES- 3 brls Potashes at 7Kc.
BUTTER—In fair demand and steady. Sale?:—
•i 5 firkins good atlSc; 10 firkins prime at 13Xc;
12 fitKine choice atl4c.
BAGGING—2,f CO Burlaps at SSc.
BEANS -14 ba Miied Beaus at $3.53<&2-T3.
CHEESE—?,OOO 2)a Wester n Reserve at lO.c
COFFEES—Are quiet with u downward ten
di ncy. We quote Bio at [email protected]£c.
FRUITS— Djukd Fiiuits— Are m fair demand
aijd etcady. Sales:—2o brla N. Y, Apples at 6#c;
12 brls choice do tit t*&c.
Fl?H—Arc scarce and Arm. We quote:
No. 2 Wbitcflsh , $3.12K®5.37tf
No. 2 * 4 4.T3 (&3.00
No.Trout . s 4.7T»_ ({£>s.oo
‘ liIGBWINES- ilarket active and firm. Soles
in lotsat-lie. _
HlDES—Quiet and unchanged. We quote:
Dry Flint.
Dry Salted. a**
Green Salted •
Green Country • —@
LUMBER—Market active and Arm. Sales were:
Cargo achr Ifalh, from Grand River, £0 m rafted
ttfipe and boards at|sl2.so; cargo sehr Meridian,
fiom Oconto, 125 m good railed strips and boards
at sl-1.25; cargo brig Racine, from Oconto, 15!} m
goodrafted strips and boards at sl4 23; cargo achr
Muskegon, coarse at $12.75; cargo schr Heligo
land, from Muskegon, K) m strips and boards from
Tmtsnalu's Mills at $14.25 (on contract); cargo
ecbr Telegraph, from Muskegon, GO m strips and
boards from same mills at $14.50; cargo schr Little
Belle, from Muskegon at $13.75; cargo bark Sono
ra, fiom Green Bay, 2C3m boards and strips from
Kirbv& Co.’s Mills at sl4 50: cargo schr Storm,
from* White Lake. GO m coarse rafted at $12.37#.
SitiNOLZs—Deck loadMnskcgon sawed and shaved
A at 58.27. Posts—Cargo schr McNair, 9,000
Green Bay.rouxd posts at $2.00 per 100, Wo give
the following yard prices;
LtruitEn—First Clear, per 1,000 ft $35.00538.00
Second Clear, M u 31.0Ktfc33.0Q
Third Clear. “ *• 25.00a28.C0
Stock Boards [email protected]
Box or Select Boards 18.0^20.00
Common Boards, dry 16.00 a ....
»* “ green 15.00®15.50
Cull Boards 12.00® ....
Fencing. 15.OOtaiO.CO
First Clear Flooring, rough.. 8u00®32.00
Second Clear do do 20.00©....
Common- do do .. ..... 2&00®....
Siding Clear, dressed 13.03© ....
Second Cleat J MSsP.vix
*• Common do 15.00®18.00
Long Joists [email protected]
Staved Shingles, A 9 M 3.73© 4.0U
do do No. 1 3,s’'® ....
Cedar Shingles 8.50®
Sawed Shingles, A.. 8.6n®3.C2#
do do No. 1 B.oo® 3.25
Lath, 9 1,000 pcs
Posts, 9400. 10.00&1& X
Pickets 34.0f®15 00
PROVISIONS—Mess Pome la in good demand
nr d firm. Sales:—loo brla extra heavy citypacked
at $12.75; 150 brls 3fess Pork at $12.30. Mess
Beep Is quiet. Sales. 15 brla at $lO 00. Seek
Meats arc scarce and firm, Labs la quiet and
5.45S “
2,4*1 “
nominal at
lUCE—In lair demand. Sales:—so bags Arracan
SUGARS—Are firm and in demand. Wc quote:
New Orleans
Unr d refined ts}*®l6#
SEEDS— I Twotut is steady and nominal at
$2.00. On Saturday afternoon another lot of 1,000
bushels wns sold at $2.10. To-day there were no
sales rf ported.
SALT—Domestlc Salt is nalet, with light sales
of Pine at $2.10 delivcted. Liverpool G. A. la held
a bYitijf steady and moderately active. We
Belcher’s... .. g*a62
New York Sugar Houae -- -
N Y. Syrups
Golden Syrup [email protected]
Do. refined 85©B|
New Orleans 63055
SOAPS—Are without change. We quote:
Babbitt's 9tf®lo
Oakley's |[email protected] f }4
Austrian 8 ® 8#
Eatra 7tf® 7Jf
Common 8ar.... -6XO
Kld€CT*B T ...7»i© 8
TALLOW—QnIet aud nominal at3J£©9c.
WOOL-Maiket quiet, withbnycra of flcccc at
bCOCOc, according to quality.
BEEF CATTLE—Are flail, and the tendency Is
to lower prices. There was nothing doing to flay,
as the most of what was left over on Saturday was
B *l FsGS—Arc^drp l np, with sales at $l.CO$&4 50,
the outside figure for a prime lot of 250 head,
averaging 255 lbs.
Monday Evening, July 27, 1853,
Shippers of produce, in order to realize tbo
highest market prices for their consignments,
should heed the following instructions:
Mark the consignee's name plainly and neatly
upon each package to bo shipped, together with
yonr own name or private mark, and also the con*
tents of the package.
Be snre that the articles are In good order when
pnt into the package, and that they are so pat up
that they cannot break or spoil on the way.
Send on invoice to the consignee by mall Imme
diately on shipment of goods.
A reputation for accuracy of country weight,
tare, &&, Is very valuable, false marks only dis
credit a brand, and make purchasers cautions in
future, to the disadvantage of the shipper.
For Prime Navy there is a liberal inquiry, and
owing to their scarcity, full prices are realized.
Common are dnllat quotations. We quote:
Prime Navy, per bn $8.00^3.23
Good 2Jls© 2.7S
Common 1.73© 2.00
There Is no particular change In the Batter mar
ket. since onr .'ast, The receipts are fair and on.
dera good shipping Inquiry, the the market is
stead*. Choice Table is wanted. We hear of no
movement in common or grease hatter. Wc
Dairy—Strictly prime 14 <MS
Good Shipping
Common 10
Tto Cheese market has ruled rather dull daring
the past week andjwices must be written fully
lower, with liberal sales at the decline. We now
Hamburgh ..11 ©
W. Reserve 10 ©
Ills, and Wls 7 © 9 c
Are quiet and steady at 10c.
Chickens are in demand at $2.C«0©2.25. Turkeys
aze dull and nominal at 4©4>£c.
There is nothing doing in old Potatoes, and they
arc nominal at 25©50 c. New are coining In freely
and selling at [email protected]# per hu.
We Rive the annexed quotations
Bodlebes, per doz
Carrots, per doz
Parsnips, perhn
Turnips,per doz
Bette, per doz
Cucumbers, per doz
P?ae. Marrowfats, per bu
String Beans, per ba
We give the fallowing quotations:
Huckleberries do
Blackberries do
Green Apples do
Peaches per box
Plums per box
Fears per box
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
CINCINNATI, July 27.—Whisky—In good de
mand, and prices higher. Sales of 300 brls, at
•ky*®J2Kc—latter rats for wagon.
Provisions- The market is fair, but the demand
not active. Old city mess pork is offered at $0.75
®lo.to. Bacon, f©Cc, Bulk Meats —s#®6c for
shoulders and sides. Haiqa at 10®12c for boat
plain and sugar cured. Sales were 50 bhds bacon
shoulders at 4?4C; 100,000 S>s bulk sides at
4jic— the latter rate for clear rib; 60 brls light
country sides at 4# cln stacks; and 111 tres coun
try lard at 9c.
Cotton— DnH. Trifling sales at 61(3<2c.
Flour—A shade better oat demand not very act*
ire: $5 00®6.15 for extra state; $5-70®5 B'i for
extra ronnd hoop Ohio: $5.55<2j7.i5 for trado
brands, market closing dalL
TV msKY—D all at 45<&&Xc.
Gbxin—'Wheat l®2c better. Demand limited
and confined chiefly to good and choice parcels at
$1.01®1.18 for Chicago spring; $1.!3&1.22>f for
Milwaukee club; sl.SS®l.37for winter rod west*
ern; [email protected] for white western, and $1.40 for
white Kentucky. Corn about 1c better, with only
a very moderate demand at 68®40c for shipping
mixed western. Oats plenty and dnll at 7i®T7c
—the latter price above the market at the close.
Wool—Quiet and nominally unchanged.
Gbocehiks—Sugar greatly unßetUedonuer the
news from Havana; &3»O101£c f° r Muscovado, and
11 Pi?ovi?n^&—Pork heavy. but prices without do
ririf d change Bacon sides doll and nominal. Lard
SSJSSvfanddimer. atWOUe, Including very
choice at lOJic.
& and henry.
PartlM apart- Other gralua nominal.
FiuumSs—Oareierfl at the dose Mfclng 15c on
corn, 17c on wheat to NewTotk, and In some esses
'''faroars—ll,ooo brla Hour. 310,000 hn wheat,
70t‘,CC0 bu core, 180,0Q0 bn oata.
[email protected]
Extorts—No flour, $6,000 hu wheat, 191,00) bu
corn, 97,000 bu oats.
OSWEGO. July 2T.—Floor-Io good demand.
W beat— Dull. Com without material change.
Feetgbts —Better. Flour 39jtfc, wheat 10c, and
coin to New York.
2-1 til.
StirrScaPlrd.Poogal.Two Rivers, sun tries.
SCirrßatbeatn, PabsC.Gr Haven, sundries,
pi op Antelope, Bnt:m.S*:ntA. sundries.
Prep Hunter. Dickson. Buffalo, sundriea.
Prop Galena. 31ute. Buffalo.suadrlea.
Prop Mchaw k. PhefibMfuffalo, snadrJw.
Prop Queen of the Lakes. CraTy,Bnffalo. saadrica.
Bark L G Winslow. Ramage Buffalo. 230 m lumber.
liHia eburuburco. Chamberlain. Oconto. 130 mlumber
Bark Haas Crocker. Moore. Peshflgo. 3so m lumber.
li m lath.
Bark Sonora. Cell Ins. Bnffilo. 210 m lumber.
ki >g v B Gardner. Bather. Green Bay. 810 mlnmber.
Bug Fanny Gardner, Morgan, Green Bay, 2JO m lum
Brig s v Gale Langley. Green Bay. ISO m lumber.
Brig Mary. McGwlu. Green Bay. 150 min tuber.
Btig C J Hutchinson. Hutchinson. Green Bay. 290 tu
BrlgLJ ciark. Mann, Cleveland. ISO tons coaL
Brie Sam Hal© Dilion.UtileSoamlco 170 rnlomber.
Brie Susan A Clark. Petemoo. Sheboygan. 97cds wood
Brig Banner. McEliigctt. Buffalo, zso m lumber.
Schr Minot UltcheU McAnlcy, Gd Haven, 1W m lum
ber. 150 m lath.
gciiy Bveiloe. Hubbard, CedarviUe, ID* m Inmber.
Bcbr A £ Hart, Bigelow. Buffalo. 2SO m lumber.
Schr Perry Hannan. Canfield. Buffalo, 850 m Inmber.
Scbr Cascade. Day. Buffalo, SO brls salt.
Scbr Bevolvlr e light. Read, Gd Haven. 123 m Inmber.
scbr Warren, Barison. Gd Haven, 1200 r r ties.
Sc-r L C Irwln.Taylor. Gd Haven. T5 mlomber.
Scbr Ellen Pike. Cfc ration son. Sheboygan 43 cds wood
Scbr Liberty. Fraze. Sheboygan. 160 m eblaxles.
6ci*r Pilot Gnndenon. Green Bay23W) r r ties.
Scnr Geo Davie, O’Connor. Green Bay. 129 cds wood.
Scbr Scandinavian, fflerson. Green Bay I*s m Inmber
SC&r Sarah Clow. Clow. Green Bay. 19 cds wood. 3.0
Scbr a:ro. Williams. Green Bay, 133 m Inmber.
Scbr t Jypsey. Jamison. Green Bay. 115 m lumber.
Scbr Mark H Libby. Connor. Green Bay. 175 ml tmbsr.
Scbr Souvenir. Cuslck. Holland. 49 cds park.
Scbr Spartan. Vatderberg. Holland, 56 cds wood.
Schr Tempest. s*ll lam*. Oreea Bay. 125 m lumber.
Scir Emmeline,KlrtUnd. Green Bay. 73 cdswooo.
Scbr tt Campbell, O’Neil. Green Bay,o m lumber.
Schr Falcon Wood Wolf River. ICO cds wood.
ScbrLlzzleThroop. Vihert. Muskegon,73 m lumber.
Scbr Anna Thome. Anderson. Muskegon. 75 m lum
Set r Persia. Roger. Muskegon. 93 m lumber.
Scbr Geo Purrlngton. Flack. Muskegon, 113 m lumber
Scbr Sbanbaj, Linn. Muskegon. 60 m lumber.
Bcbr ooln.Duherty. Muskegon. 70 m lumber.
Scbr Helen Sent, Cimeron, Muskegon. 70 m lumber,
Scbr Heligoland, Burk. Muskegon, 70 a lumber.
Scbr RB Hubbard, Thompson, Muskegon, 30 m lum
Schr R 31 Sboyer. Scblobohm. Muskegon. S3 m lumber
Scbr Emma. Emb»Ur.Muskegon. IB m lumber.
Bohr Utile Belle. Liston. Muskegon. 106 m lumber.
Schr Jane Louisa Patee. Muskegon. 60 cdt wood.
Scbr WolUn. Waring. Holland, re cds wood.
Schr D Newhsß. Nlbba. Eagle Harbor. ICO cds wood.
Schr Barney Eaton. Welsh, Kewa&ce. 100 cdsbark.
ScbrMoskegon, Me Vac. Green Bush, 68 co* wood.
Scbr Challenge, Reid. Woodlawn’sPier, 7i cds wood.
Scbr Koanoke. QUlen, Port Sable. 60 cds shingle bolts.
Schr Eleanor, Smith. Sturgeon Bay. 150 m Inmber,
SetrJS Wallace. Lawrence. Sooth Haven, 41 cds
nark. 11 cds wood.
Set r Tisier. Glaser. "W bits Lake. 70 m la nbor.
Schr Elva, Sw«uoa,“Wblte Lake. SO mllnmber, CO m
Schr Maine. Anderse-.Mnnlstee. ISO m lumber.
ScLr Rambler. Pugr>, Mar biea M m lumber.
Scir Kitty GrantjTeed. Kalamazoo, SO m lumber. 133
m ablng'ea
Scbr Socket JobP.Embtlti. Kalamazoo.43 m Inmber.
Scl>rTtaosKli>esford.Tomkloion.Bayda Sjc, 800 m
lumber. F7CO pests.
Scbr Racine.winlsmson.Bay da hoe. 30 m lumber.
320 tu lath.
Scbr H Bpencc% Panliea. CeatrcvlTe, 85 cds wood,
Scir Mannar. Nelson. Co* trevlde.trj cds wood,
seb-' Geo B Roberts. Nelson. Cectrevlre. TJ cds wood.
Scbr St Lawrence. Shetkauff. Centre rllio. St cds wood,
Bcbr Quten of the West, Largisson. Menominee. ISO m
Schr Albatross Parker. Menominee. 133 m Inmber.
tc: t Beloit Power. Pett Warier. 85 m
scbr Fcbo AlcPfierson.Pent Wa»c r Mm lumber.
Sclir Speed, Beld, Colony. 50 cds mi.igle bolts.
Scbr Ihi ee Bells. Clark, atone Wm bricks.
Sctr Whirlwind, Wilson, Silver Creek, 700 posts, SO
Schr Manitowoc. 86 cds wood,
gebr Charlotte. Fulton. M»nUow«.c,l6occ*a wood,
Scnr Slarion Egan. Bußlisb. oeoao. l»a lamber.
Scbr Ihictoe. Smith. Oconto. 150 m lumber,
echr W H DewiU.Hlgba ucot to. ISO in L lumber.
Sci r M McNair. Becker. Green Boy. Cedar posts.
Oak,Tblir>me*y, Green Bay. 190 m lumber,
get r Mlarescta. Rawson. Qre -n Fay iso m lumber.
Scbr G Barber. Kirby. Grand Haven, 93 m lumber,
geir J 8 Baffa.o, 810 m lumber,
Scbr 3IOCBODB. Dykes. Buffalo. U9 m Inmber.
Bcbr CaifispenJau. Hays. Erie. M 3 tons coal.
EchrTelegrapb. GUhuly.Mookegoa. 70 m lumber,
gebr CUpver City, lnsereo.l, Muskegon, 60 m lumber,
&5U m sblEglts.
«dhr S Bates, cannon. Muskegon, lie m lumber.
Scow Christy. White Lake. t>o m lumber.
Scow Union, James. White Lake, 70 m lumber.
Scow Hercules, Pete’son. Muskegon, ta m lumber.
EccwMe*roa!d Banob. South Haven.46
Scow Arpletos. Bell South Haven tfcuabark.
Scow Tronon. bmitu. simkegon. 111 tu lumber.
CLEARED. „ July 27,
Ster 8e» Bird, DoagaiV Two TUvers. rstffl
g,xjr r Sunbeam, Pab»t, Grand Haven, sundries.
pjon.l Barber, Robbins’. Grand flaveQ.aundrles.
Prop Empire, Richardson, Ogceasbnrgh, 12.300 bn
Prop cuyaboga KePey.Buffalo.lS.ccObucom,
Frcii Hunter, Dickson, fcuffslo 31.(00 bu corn,
prop Galena. Steele. Buffalo. 19.10b bn corn.
Prop Queen of the Lakes. Crarey, Buffalo. 17.000 bo
.23® .
2 50®3.00
5.50® *5.00
PrcpMoSawk Phea’t,Baffal<v23,ooobucorn.
Bark Jane Bell. Moiroe, Buffalo, IS.CCObn wheat,9,ooo
Bark Niagara. Muir, KUgston. 19 200 bn wheat.
Brig Mechanic. Collide, Buffalo, 15X00 ha wheat.
Schr A K Mrs*. Maffat,Buff4lo.2l.<XOba oats.
Schr C N Johnson. Comstock, wheat.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Detroit. July 27, 1833.
Up.—Props. Raclre. Kenosha. MendoU; Barks
UnadlUa. Champion; Scbra. Titan, Vorlar.
Down.—Prop. Missouri; Bark Warerly; Schrs.
fashion. Quickstep.
For Lake Supkexor.—One of the most tntoreatlag
trips that can be made from this city during toe whole
season, will be made by the Planet, which leaves for
Superior Clry and Grand Portage this evening. Par-
wltnets the annual Indian
paymcntatGraudPortage.andbave an opportunity
to'see the beactlinl scenery along that shore of the
Lake,andcnlsla Royal, which la rarely afforded to
these who visit Lake Superior. The Planet leaves
Goodrich's Deck at 3 o'clock.
Abmvrd.—The following Cl Icago vessels arrived
at Buffalo on the 24th: Props. Ifendota, Kenosha;
Bark Goldenfleece; Schrs. Cornelia Nabob.
Cixasu}.— Props, Forest Queen. Pittsburg. Mea
dota. Tosawanda.
Paumj Tußorott—The following Chicago teaaela
pasted tie "Welland Canal:
VetteUhound Wwf. Where from, TPTic ire to.
On the 22d July. , ,
Pr teller We»t» Montreal, Chicago.
Park Can itla. Kington. do •
Ca?k Indiana. Os-aego. Co
gciconer oatrlcb. do do
On the23d July.
PrcpellerOgdensbarg. Osd A Oswego. Chicago.
YtfftU hound East. When from. Where to.
On the 22d July.
Propeller Garden State. Chicago. Ogdensbarg.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago *ribnae.7
6BOO2TQBT. July -7. DX3.
Com. Foote, LaSalle. 151 tons coal.
Antiopa. LnSu le. 3.4C8 bn corn.
Robert Holmes, LaSalle. 15* to oj coal.
Atlantic, Mortis. S,CW‘ ba corn.
M L- Adams No. 2. Minooka, ba com.
Alice. LaPalle. 5.013 bn corn 2jC-2buwucat.
Imperial Lcckpoit, 5.600 ba corn.
Essex. LsSaLe. 155 tons coaL
Lion?«s, Ottawa. 5.4(8 bu corn.
Cbascabon Kankakee. 4 CCO bn corn.
Moms. Ottawa. 4.866 bn corn, t>l bu oats.
Sehastopol Morris.yobacotn.
Onward. JoUet.3.£oo bu com. yobn wheat. 400bu oata.
Bock Run. Ottawa svcca5 v cca bn corn, 50 br.a vinegar.
Arctic.LaSalle. $ SIS on com.
Time, Stoirls.
Elizabeth, xeckport.
Monarch. Joliet, ICO brla salt.
Ancles, LaSalle.
J. Barrlngtcn.Marse.lle3. .
Advance. Athena.
Lauy Franklin, Athens.
S. F Gale. Athena.
Dr.n, M&nla.
Stars and Stripes. Monli.
Andopa. LaSaile, 63 brls salt,
imperial. Lccaport,
Lioce«».Ottawa. IDs brls salt,
Signet. Ottawa* 14 7GU fcetluxbcr. C6.T50 lath.
Atlantic. Morris.
Oen.L Taylor, Joliet.
airntank. Athena.
Tins TiU«»
Hereafter trains will leave and arrive at Chicago,
as follows:
Mall 6:00 a.m.
De troit &N. T. Express, *7:30 a. m. ®6;30 p. m.
Night Express >» f7:lsp. m. (7:80 a. m.
Morning Expreea *7i£o a. m. *30:15 p. m.
Night Express t7 J5 p. m. (7:30 a. a.
Mail « *6:40 a. a. *7:15 p. a
New York Express *7:30 a. m. *6:80 p. m.
Kig&t Express 17:16 p.m. |7:30&.m.
Express *7: Boa.m. • 7:15 p.m.
ExpressTlaAdrian 17:15 p.m. | 7:30 &.n
Union Depot, West Side, near Madison, st. Bridge.
Mull Train. 77:20 a. m. 5730 a. m
Night Express 78:30 p. m. 78:30 p. m.
oink. airline—roacnJiAsopLia and toinavnin.
Day Express 7730 a. m. $730 a. m.
Night Express 78:30 p.m. 78:30 p.m.
MonilrgMail 4:00 a.m. 850p.m
Du j Express 7:20 a. m. 7:15 p. m.
Night Express 7:15 p.m. 7:40 a.m.
YAiparalsoAccom'n 8:30 p. m. 7:40 a. m.
' , n.riuntß CENTRAL.
Day Passenger *8:30 a. m. *9:45 p.m.
Night Passenger..; .TlOtCOp.m. *S:lfia.m.
Kankakee Accommodation*s:oo p. m.
Hyde Pari Train ‘6:4oa.m. *&ooa.m
** ...*12:00 m. *1:35 p.m,
« *3:30 p. m. *«SOp. m.
* “ *6osp.m. *7:50 p.m.
Mill P£«33aecr *8:80 a. m. *6:00 a. m
Nteht Passenger +8 45 p. m. 17:50 p. m
Joliet and WUmington Ac
commodation *4:00 p. m, *9.50 a, m.
emoaeo ato rock iuahh.
Day Express ana Mail... *9:COa. m. *s:Bop. m.
Joliet Accommodation... *4:45 p.m. *8:55 a. ax.
Night Express +8:30 p. m. 16:16 a.m.
Day Express and Ma 11..,. *8:30 a.-m. *6riß p. m.
NlßhtExpress 48:15 p. m. $6:20 j. m.
Accommodation *4:60 p. m. *ft!o a. m.
Trains will nm as follows, on andatter Sunday,
April 19,1663:
Pulton Passenger 9:00 a. m. 8:56 p. m.
Felton Passenger *B:3op. a, 6:00 a. m
Freeport Passenger 9:00 a. m. 8:56 p. m.
Freeport Passenger jfciop. m. &Coa.m.
Bockford. Elgin.Tos Biv
er and State Line 4:00 p. m. 11:10 am.
Geneva 6:80 d. m. 8:33 a. m.
Chicago ako FORTH WESTERN—(Depot corner Kin
zie and West Water streets.)
Day Express *8:45 a. m. *6:30 a. m.
Woodstock and Way *9:10 a. m.
Janesville Accom. *5:00 p.m. *11:45 a. tn.
Night Express *8:80 p m. *5:60 p.m.
Morning Express *8.45 a. m. *11.43 a, m.
Express *&Bop.a. *s:sop.m*
K'ght Aflcommodatlot... *7:00 p.m. J6:3U&.m.
Waakegan “ ... »5:SSp.m. *3:33 a.m.
• Sundays excepted, t Saturdays excepted
Monet tb excepted .
•In tbs vlllae. or Homer. HI.. .Tnlr ad by Rev. L_ P.
Aneler, Hr. HERVET 8. STEPIIRhS<'>. late
01 Company B, 12th Beflmatt Hilnols Joluntesrs. re
signed, and SIt?sI*TDIAHICKOK, both of Homer.
In fhu cltr on the 27th ln«. of scarlet faT<;r,
GEORGE H.. only son of Mr. and Mrs. Rani Mills*
•tree" to morrow (Wednesday). at 10 o’clock A. M.
The Irleudaacd acquaintances ol the family are In
vited to at'eod without farther nctve.
130AKDING-— A single gentle
|T> man can toe accommodated wit* board and a
2U ouio street. Also bottom
day boarders. _ Jrß-hitte-it
GABBING.—One large far
nuhed room with closet, gniab'.e for * geatJ©.
•nrt wife and room for two alnjtlo eentiemfio.
wttb fl°at-?aw toward, at 63 Adama ilrtet. 1y» tail 3t
OAKDI^fG-—Two pleasant
A o ct r.oom. to root vUb 800-’tJ. *5 7l W»biuO
.Tfooo.tlttejtw • »K«<H Kpa»».
nUbeaorutforabbtfU .• jjiiaw**
ID :nts6.
WANTED— At 277 Ontario
»■ street, a flmrate experienced Cook. No tmo
without goedreferrace* need apply. JyM-hlsTSe
XV AN TED—A furnished room
f » without board In a respectable family by Itj
sertleneo who can give satli&ctcrr refereacM.
or West Side preferred. Address'*L MO.-p.
O Box 4f»y. Chicago Jyß3-h*s-3E
\\’ ANTED—A situation in a store
* * or office, by ayouug man who has some know
ledge oi boMnew, or is wuttegto wtrk at anything
that Is not degrading. A situation where be would
hav** crar.ee to advance himself, preferred. Address
~yw." Chicago Po*tQtflce. Jya-hSW-lt
TV A2JTED—Board. A furnished
_ir. °I °f rooms, forgent’eoiaa and
j yWffi-tt* * AddrtM "BA a.” Tribune ofice.
W ANTED—A Boy at the Photo-
TT giapbGaikry. HTLakeitreet. Jyt»-h9n3-lt
TVAJsTED— Immediately, aPart
f v o«r In *«Bh paying bu«toM». A »maT capital
ODlyrcfiutrcd. Toamau of tee right stamp thtnUa
raiuchacca. For farther particulars apply r»9T Rta
dotpb street, Jv-ht-iaio k
XI’ANTED—A sitnarion by a
T T young man of experience. In a Retail Rreaery
Stcre. or in »oma capacity where be con make him
eelt n-efuL Best of city reference given, addreaa
** P R.” 1 rlbune offlee. JtBWOS-U
XV AIiTTED—Ta see business men
v J with a capital of 950 to SI,OOO cash to lnve»c In
a safe bottcew. -uhichwiu pav from *7.50 to *ls per
day. No risk ami a »me thing, wtu afford steady
. Addrt» Boat omce Box SMI or cad at
vnllW 55v el 7^ a Grocery House of SAW
TELLE, VO RE A CO , liDearborustJCSt. opposite thT
Trf moot Doom, tor a few weelta ° klc - k » v *'» lus ‘ u: “ ur
Jy7S-t>Bol*-3t J, N. PATTON.
TT7 TED—A buyer for a first-
T " cla»a Photograph e-tatnnhmart. loette I*u
the centre of bu.»]u»e on LaXes’iect. The rooms are
fitted up with all the modern Improvements, aud a
good business Is now being docs. There Is a large
amcuut of work on hand, which will Do tur-.e l ovnr
vo the purchaser. Reason tor selling. 1U LeUth ot the
proprUtor. who U about to engage lu au out door
business. Price. $8.(00; halfctsh, oalaoce la oue vetr
lor approved paper. A llbertl dt«connt will be made
to a ca«h purchaser. Address Bux 1447. Chicago. 111.
AV r ANTED—A Drug Clerk, 18 to
* * 21 yean of age. having experience In the pro
scription department of tba business, and a good
knowledge of CheM.lstrr. Hommopairdc Pharmacy,
coner 01 Clark and Madsoa streets. C. 8. HALSEY.
VV ANTED—A Counter Casa that
T * win answer ter the Jewelry badness. Apply
at 184 Rasdoipn street. Boom No. L
Jyiy-h744 it T. S. BAKER ft CO.
XV ANTED—Six experienced can
* r rajseis. to Groceries, ic..by sample, la the
We»t. To men who andorsnmd the business, wo c«i
give permaneot eoibloytuent. Address T. 8. BAKRB
ft CO . Box :£iß9.«
\\ ANT A smart, active young
T » or mldJle eged m»n. as Partner In a cash pay
lr.gbu*itew a small capital oaiy rfqntred. For far
ther i articular*, callatv* street and Inquire
for ’’ 81l EB W OOP.’* Jylli-hlSl-lt
X\’ ANTED—For C«sh—Wool,
f v Glr*<lig.Feeawax;bvßONHAMftGAKNKTT
correr ot Soma WatarabdCLuk hta. Jyjio739
V\ ANTED—lrnmediattly, a man
* * from rkarlt every township m tie Halted
States, to make two or three hundred dollars a year
without ant tkOvDlx or cost whatever. Persons
who deOrepeut-iSENTbiLilueit to occupy their whole
time n ay flua cos; tan: employment vltn a nettccomo
of aileasttnreethousand (I8,(CI») dollars a year, by
making personal application at Room No. 1 up one
palroi stairs. 121 Clark street. iy3S-hßu:-€t
TV ANTED.—To Beck Binders.
T » A Qr»t-claM Book Binder—one who under
stands forwarding, mlbg and OnuhUu—am secure a
profitable ana permanent »Itnat!ou by aspirin* im
mediately to A. D MACKENZIE. Spirsgaeld. iD
TV’ANTED—Board for a ladv,
T T child and unrte. In a private family, or where
there are few ether boarder*. la a pleasant lorat’oa
convenient to hone cars. South or Wen Side
itired. Adoreis Peat office Box aiffl. lytsasos-lt
ANTED—A smart, active hoy,
f * that can come well recommetrdel, to extend
In a Grocery atoie. Apply at ifO Halited street.
jya> hsi7-it
TV ANTED—A Music Ttachsr,
• • A youox lidy. competent to teach Sloilc, who
woo'd wisn also to pursue her steal?*. lu an I i*t ta
ilor*. ;ao learn of a place by addre»a:cgP (>. Drawer
13. Discs, Lee Cooaty. LL attil A
Wl ANTED—To invest from §oooo
v ▼ to fWOO la an old established Commission
House, as a partner, by a young awn of good bnolne.-a
qualification. who car commas some vide. Be»t of
refe-ttew given, Address P. Q. Box a7?B. JyaSMPJSt
TV ANTED—By a young man
* • fiom Canada, a situation In a respectable pri
vate family or as Porter la a store, Ac He any be
seen or Inquired lor at BTBWAKT HAMILTON’S
Emigrant and Employment Office. 107 (Sark street.
TV ANTED—A situation by a com
* I petent Book-Keeper. Address “AB A.** car#
Tribnte office. Jy2l-haK-3t
TVANIED—To purchase a nico
T T Ceitseo Rouse and tot In a good reig ibor
hccd. worth from two to five thousand dollars, and
pav two-thirds down and baiaz ce in land near 3luJt
soa. 7is. Address "J 8 B." Post office Box 4*31.
TV' ANTED—WiII rent a hand
i T somesniteof twoor fsur nnlnrnlahed Rooms,
with orwltiiout boarff. on 'Vyatr.ah avenue, lu a re
sptct»Ue private family having no boarders—tea
tnli ntes* tUe on cars—detached owellingind pleosmt
locution. Atamlly without children (unless young)
nreftned Addrew**! H,”Pox 1573. PtstOQJce.
P s.— Also a good Stab.e for fsor her»es arc car
rtege to rent cheap, at sane place. JyM hTC^-tt
Tl, ANTED A well tarnished
V • house lor a few months. In a dutiable
borcood west Side preferred. Address ** M.” cate
DrrerwccdACo ! . JySB-tofco 3t
V\' ANTED —A purchr.ser for onn
T T or the beat payinz nearest Saloons In Chi
cago. None but a monied man need apptv. Apply at
261 andhtts Randolph .-»treet Bridge, or addret>s •• Ex
cn.\sGß '*TrlbßDo office, Chicago. Jy2*hTO92s
YV ANTED—An aulive, intelligent
» v lad. about sixteen years ©face—honest and
falthfa!—to drive and serve a small milk routs Go id
wages paid. Apply Immediately at id Market street.
Sou.b *lq ■. In the morntog or at noon. J; Ji hTM it
\V A!N XiD Sewing Machine
T • OlEce. A aalt&ble room lor t:.e »ala of Seeing
Machines— centrally lovateil. Can be tested to a
prca-.pt tenant. Addresw. for three daya,"* VMC "P.
O Drancr 6.-bl Jy.n-3c
TV ANTE D— Assistant Editor
v T wasted. A gentleman lately from the army,
wbo hr s bad eiptrte.ee as a wr.ter. bwlog bee-i
connected with two dnFy newspapers, desire** pod
cion as Assistant Editor. Is a ready rapid writer £C.
Adores* U. C. A. P*<et olflee box t>3s. Chicago.
W ANTED -Residence Property.
V ■ I have orders to purchase several welt located
Residences la ibis city, Alfo. unimproved Residence
(iLLNGER. Real Estate Broker, L> Clark st;est. Room
No. e. rep sflrs.) iv2»tSMt
TT/ANTED. —A good machinist
■V r can have stead? work and rood wages from
T. TV. KRAL’hE, West Waaalngtnn. between Canal-**,
and the River. Jj‘.*3 faglS-Ot
TV ANTED—Agents for the “Illns
* * trated Encyclopedia of Animated Nature,**
embracing ever isio engraviace, and full dr jcriptiona
cf the d'.atrenr Races or men, and me various Hca.-*w,
Dlrcs.fisher. Insects. CepiUcs, Ac. XT complete Housi*-
and Mu>enm. BubUheu in EnzlUh
acd German. Btcd for Circulars. BOPINSON &
POSI.P. O. Bexrsa. Chicago. ll*. j;i> Id&iSt
TV ANTED—Agents at sls ptr
Y» day. We want energetic Book Canvassers in
every county atacomu (estop oflrom saio ?15 par day.
Nohumbug. Experienced Canvasser* prci-wr’d, but
room loraU. AddreMC.U. DCNN A Ct> .Pabtuhers.
l&l Clark street. Chicago. N. 3.— #ilo per month I*
nsdo easy by Agent* so-Ung oar unequalled PrUa
Packagea. Send for Circulars. jylObttSDrt
TV ANTED—AgentstosellLloyd’a
f T Now Maps and Charts. Card Engravings. A
splendid engraving of General Meade, milled tree ca
rectUt of tea cents. Send stamp for circular* R. K.
LANBON, A cent, 88 Lake street, opposite Treaoat
House. (.btcago. liL ; ly2l hTiB la
\V AN TED—Agents Good euer
v T gailc men, to sell Standard and Popular Works.
Active men are now clearing SSO to |tso per mratu.
Adrtma cr apply to CLARKE & CO. Dtf Lake street.
Chicago. KO Sfll 4151 jjsi bHamt
TT ANTED.—3OO Horses wanted
v v jtnraedJately. IwU pay tbs highest market
Srbe'or five hundred Cavalry Hordes at tne Ph.unlx
tables. 193 State street. WM. BAfRIdK.
\\ ANTED.—The advertiser is de-
T v Blrons of fbrriogaconaeciloa with eone
tablfebed borne oolag a Ptodocs Commission and
Forwa:dlngb»9ine9», Has bad seventeen years ex
perience In the Forward in t: acd Grata trade lu Car 4*-
aa. and fnliy uuderstaao* the details of either nranch.
Tbeb<>»tof reference will be given os to ability and
Integrity. Any person wanting a working partner
•will p!eare address “.Wt U.” Post ontce Hov
MllHnokeo. Jyllb2ai3t
TV ANTED—(Knitting Machine)
* ’ Etery Farmer to kuow uu. hia ** woere
folk*” can earn IS to t£) per week with one of.AKa"*
Celebrated KaltUnc Machines, It will earn
Jo thirty aaje. Frlca complete, |SC. '!* "car J.
Freight from 59 cents to &JO. Send for circular aad
gS”i’ ELLIOT. General Aseaw.
mhS-a?56-6m iso Lake street. Chicago. uL
\\ ANTED— $75 a month. I wani
II tohlre Agenttlnerery county at rPawontb.
HiCi»Bces paid, to sell my new cheap Family Sewut
MacMuca. AcfdreMS. MADISON. Alfred. Ma
ffr; A MONTH! WewantAjteata at $6-) *
expenses paid, to sen par Sn»t*imo
Bttbsebs. and 13 otaer new .Vi
nous ariic!es. 15 circulars,uu. SNA)-&
•M.trtord. Jlc. myli d^-3^D«>w
W ANTED—LocaI and Tracelmg
T T A.ent. to eTOTTown er Conntjr. ..
with Testnr cnlah* of Clergymen , s £i? «
repj.ro u. tie business pent Iree. iaAAC HALJ
tTo V«-wE.iiiTrort. Ma«n
Sax Sals
|?OR SALE—Or to Leases.—
17 Saloor fixture* nnd lease for*a*e;at. tue low price
ierxe. Arp>iat«so« ll « IKlc ,tre "- IrKjcC'J
inert. Ji ' -
roK tiALt, —The stock and bust
r r*., Ol'i Wholesale and SlanufacttalDZ Kstabllih
nrttint&*City Oiienytar*standlc* and*tpreheat
S£-VS Zaires*’of Forty Thousand Dollar oer an-
Sin* *«h » nwzln of weft of about treaty five on
~■.l' SatL«iirtory evidence of UiefOreijulr'X stale-*
nTerits win be ffiven the purchaser. TUa purchase can
be TOdVf* rrtftwn Thousand Dollars ; one rail;c-wh.
the balatce on lime. City r*al estate will be ic.»ea cs
» fiilr ruination for the whole or any pa.t of the pn.
cbaieSom Address ** A w post rox
UltesfO. jyisu.i 1 >
I?OR SALE—The Sloop Peach, of
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comlrz Peach trade, will bo ao.d very
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I'OR SALE—4SO fine-wool Sheep.
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t ’Aii SaLE —Second band Corn
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T^yfTSAIE - FarnTof 420 a-, rts,
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T=vTftliALE—One Steam Boiler
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—JT<T a GoJtT Watch and Chain
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i rwr—Julv *ivth, a dark brown
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