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b» made at out time.
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&3drete “CHICAGO TKmtTNE," Chlc.ro, HL
s£l)icacso tribune.
In spite of what some of the army coi
respondents persist in forwarding, chiefly
fir m'the force of habit, we do not look for
any Immediate stirring event in the region
oi the Knppnhannock, nor is it indispen-
Bible to the programme, of this, the fetal
Bummer to the rebellion. Let Meade hold
Ihc Confederacy Tjy the head, and other
anmos, and'other commanders, will rain
in telling blows upon the monster’s ribs,
backbone, and sides, will crack its limbs,
Shat off its wind, pat out its eyes, and
When its gashed and ghastly length is
Stretched helpless and dying, ‘Richmond
will be a good place lor the last spark of
Vitality to depart from.
All looks well, and promising at Charles
ton. Gen. Gilmore’s mills grind slowly,
hut the giist is sore.
By reference to our Madison dispatch,
ol Thursday evening, it will be seen that
at the Wednesday night session of the
Copperhead State Convention, a full ticket
was pul in the field, headed by H. L.
3h:lmcr, of Milwaukee) as the c&ndidate
for Governor. This Palmer is noted for
nothing but intense partisanship of the
Copperhead type, and is a fitting accom
pi-mmcnt and impersonation of the seces
sion platform upon which he stands. The
loyal men of Wisconsin, aided by her sons
in the field, will buiy Mr. Palmer so deep
that no resurrection will reach him. -She
insult designed for the loyalty of Wiscon
sin in these nominations and the resolu
tions that accompany them, deserves just
this fate.
The recent statement in the dispatches,.
IhM Gen. Rosecrans was on his way to
“Washington, grew out of the confusion of
lii*numc with that of Gen. Rosseau, .now
at the Capital, on matters connected with
the war in the Southwest He is urging a
large increase of our mounted force, which
will doubtless be accomplished.
Read our Springfield letter, and sec
whether "it is not* time for loyal men to
awaken to a full recognition of the danger
meditated by our home enemies. Happily
our recent successes over the rebels has cast
a chill “upon their sympathizers among us t
but they are still dive and watching their
Our dispatches gives the intelligence
that work isto he immediately commenced
on the ordnance and arsenal buildings at
Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis and Rock
Island, Illinois.
Jeff. Davis, having freshly concluded
his mockery of lasting and prayer, falls,
buck into his old practices of malignant
falsifying ol the Administration at Wash
ington, in which work he has no
equals outride our Northern Cop
perhead Conventions. Really there
is & striking family resemblance
between the style and subject matter of
this arch-traitoris tirade against President
Lincoln and this war, and.the frothy ex
pectorations of our Northern enemies of
the Union. 'They will fall together, and
lie in one grave.
“The schoolmaster is abroad” upon an
excellent errand, and in the best of com
pany when he shall make one of such a
gathering as that whose sessions have just
closed in this city. The National Educa
tional Convention presented an aspect of
more than ordinary intelligence and cozn
liucss, possessing both to & marked de
gree. The numerous speakers will never
find more attentive audiences than these
v. here patient listening was made a duty
even in the rare occasions where that vir
tue was its own sole reward. It could but
befall that at times wordiness stood up for
eloquence, and muddinessmasked shallow
ness for profundity, but these were excep
tions, and the teachers will cany home
with them many golden grains ot profit
imm the intellectual threshing floor ol
lb dr Convention. Viewed simply in
itself, the gathering was interesting and
important; bnt considered as a represent
ative body, and that these be they Into
whose hands it Is given to train the boys
and girls of to-day, their assembly is fitly
termed national, and their nßsnmhling kos
& national importance.
Operations of French Cruisers.
New Tore, August 7.—The steamer Geo.
TVufrhhigton from New Orleans. August Ist,
bring* \ era Cruz advices to July 10th. She
report* the death of the American Consul on
the 14tli.
No American or English vessels of war were
c:i the coast. French vessels were seizing
evt rylhing both Eorilsh and American.
On the Bth, a French steamer arrived at
Vera Citxzwith cn English steamer in tow,
which was captured on the Bio Grande with a
cargo of arms valued nt SBOO,OOO, intended for
the Texas rebels. The schooner cleared at
Liverpool for Mattmoms. Her officers report
live more loading for Mutomoras.
Xlic Confederate SKy Darkening,
B ALmrons, Aug. 7.—The flag of truce boat
arrived at Fortress Monroe last evening.
Richmond papers contain no news of im
portance. ' Jcm Davis has issued an urgent
appeal to Confederate officers and soldiers to
return immediately to their various camps.
32c complains ol a want of alacrity on the
part of ail classes in coming forward in this
m»sl dibmal hour of the South.
The Richmond JZeamirur grows gloomv
over prospects at Charleston. It sayslhe fJI
of that place will**© the most mortifyiugand
disastrous event of the war, and a fital blow
lo the cause of the Confederacy.
Richmond papers state that Lee has massed
his trvops, and is ready for another battle.
The Examiner says Lee’s army is in excellent
condition and spirits.
An engagement is possible, if not probable,
on the line of the Rupidan. It is believed in
Richmond that Meade has been reinforced
I. om Grant’s army to the extent of 15,030
men. -
BKaiuc Democratic Convention.
Pobtlakd, Me., Aug. C.—The Democratic
*S*ule CoiiVi-ntion met to day. 900 delegates
Vfic prcbtnt. Resolutions were adopted in
£Ubstu-ice as follows.
Ist, All men, irrespective of party, are invited
to unite lor die termination or the calamities
which now depress oar distracted and unhappy
&d. The Delon woe fanned in fraternity and
concession, and cannot exist in the absence of
that brotherly spirit.
Sd. We will earnestly support every constitu
tional measure tending to preserve the Union. We
oumot, therefore, support the present Adminis
tration. whose coarse Is destructive of the Union
and (.o'-ernmeut.
4lb. The war is now being conducted, not for the
restoration of the Unlou, bnt for the abolition of"
eJavcry end destruction of the Republic.
rth. Under oar form of -Government onr sover
crcign power is vested in the;people, and n>sts
upon no other foundation than their will. Tne
I-copk arc the only lawful sovereign* and puolle
Jhnctiouaries arc their servants.
Utli* ou the part of the rebel States, if a disposi
tion is shown to return they should be welcomed
back with all their dignity, equality and rights un
The 7th resolution denounces arbitrary arrests.
The &L asserts the xreodom of speech and the
, ThcHh denounces the Conscription law as un-
J* ut coousels obedience to it, unless the
TiS ?,^ ide i l * unconstitutional.
djNcw\-o;^ orßCi the coarseof Gov. Seymour
fiir °H r «ol<bera, and says they
lion. Blon ®C fatl tuac.
<3l date of laatTeL^ Ur^’of Ew tport, the can
emorwithwrJtumajiSiS® for Gov “
A r-rlval eleiter f7omM *
the Convention was result , a me nib2r of
cs the opinion that rn*express
and the Republic can be «SU r ,? lc81116 * lOQr »
by the 00-opertlon of only
aqiaiust the spirit of fanaUriim* 01 ?? 11 !® meu
his opposition to ,lbc declared
uiatlon, to the Confiscation AcL m rroc i ft *
cbimuon of the civil to the miUtatriit^? r '
2nd says opposition to the war policy ar*?*
Adminietiation is not opposition to the ruTe
to secure t£S rertornUon^rtto'
6/61 dat F olthc cltUem Brfe
Jomied! re miae > " na tUe Convention ui-
- jtesssai
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cazbo, Anguet 5, 1863.
Taking the steamer Nevada, several pay
masters and their clerks, Capt. Pegram and
Hr. Oglesby, clerk of the Bath,* went down
this morning to where the destruction of the
steamer Buth took place last night Nothing
was discovered of any importance. Pieces of
the wreck were lying near the Missouri shore,
two or three'mHes below the point where the
fluth was first run aground, surrounded by
dead mules and cattle yet fastened to the ma
chinery, but no human bodies were discover
ed in the vicinity, and no news of any could
be obtained from, residents along the shore.
On the return trip they wcrehailed just above
Island No.T, and told that three or four sol
diers'had gone up to Cairo upon the Ken
tucky shore, having been saved from the
wreck, but thus far none have imported here.
Since my first dispatch I have been able to
gather the following important particulars of
the dreadful affair:
The fire was first seen near the carpenter’s
.shop, left of the wheclhouse, under the ladles’
cabin, when the boat was just below Norfolk
Lauding, below Island No. 1. The fire came
from all forward almost like a flash, and be
fore anything could be done, the steamer was
enveloped In flames. •
The steamer’s pomp, furnished with excel
lent hose, was at once applied by the male,
but to no effect. Nothing could subdae such
a sheet of flame. The boat was, as. before
stated, beaded immediately to the shore, aud
a Ith a full head of steam ran upon pie beach
with such force that some thirty feet of her
model was left impressed in the solid clay of
the shore. Both wheels were moving when
she struck, and had they both-continued to
revolve, all on board might have got off, bat
the bank was very steep, and nothing to tie
to, and one wheel suddenly ceased to revolve,
remaining stationary hardly one minute. All
who escaped did so during those few seconds.
The other wheel continued in motion, and
turned the remaining part ot the vessel into
the river.
Major Brinton, Paymaster in charge of
moneys to pay Grant's army, was standing
upon the upper deck, leaning over the bul
warks, when a shock came behind him and
sent him headlong overboard, and after strik
ing upon the lower guards and hitting one
man and knocking him over, the Major fell
into the watarrncar the wheclhonse, and
was eevcrciy^£nrt , ‘and somewhat braised
about but he finally jaade his es
cape. Had he not been thus knocked over
board by the shock, he would not have had
rime to get ofij as he had no idea bnt that the
beat would stick upon shore. His clerk, H.
S. Goddard, was also fortunate enough to es
cape. In the rash of getting ashore, some
poisons fell into the river, bnt it is belipved
noccwcie drowned then. A corporal, hav
ing in charge five privates, jumped ashtre
with lib men, bat stepping down the
bank he unfortunately went under the heavy
staging which had been pushed oat to facili
tate the escape to shore, and' as the host
swung ent the stage fell off and crushed
three to death. The remainder, who'were so
unfortunate as to fallen getting ashore, seem
ed to bs tciror stricken, and lost all presence
of mind. Captain Pegrum shouted to them
to launch another stage, by which they could
all have been saved; for if the stage had not
.reached shore, they could have clung to it in
the water nimFassistance could have reached
them', but although they were standing on
the stage and around it, no effort
was made to shove it overboard. An
old river man who was still on board, tried
by every mums to induce them to do so, bat
all his efforts failed. He then jumped
overboard and saved himself by swimming
a&hcre. It Is thought all who remained on
board were lost, with one or two exceptions.
' This number has been variously estimated at
from twenty-live to sixty, but the most reli
able authority seems to be that which places
it at thirty. Paymaster 3L Jameson was
among those left on board when she swung
out into the stream, but he threw his trunk
overboard and jumped in after it, he suc
ceeded Lj its raft-like assistance in gaining
'the shore. His clerk, Mr. H. G. Lampson,
could not swim, and his chief provided him
with a shatter and assisted him to leave the
boat, hut as Mr. Lampson has not since been
heard o£ it is supposed he is lost.
Mr. J. G. Greycs and Mr. Wm. H. Loomis,
Pcymaster’s cloaks, went down along the
rm-r bank in search of tome kind -of water
raft with which to take the uclortuatc people
iroin the homing wreck, hot finding nothing
except an old rotten jdugent, they risked
ihemtUm lull, hoping something might he
done even with this. They immediately
paddled to the stem of the boat, hut found no
one, and could hear no one upon the wreck.
Eight Paymasters were on borad, and had
in charge collectively $2,000,000. The whole
of this money was lo&>-
The following is a list of the Paymasters
and their clerks 5, ‘
Major X. 8. Brinton; clerk, H. J.. Goddard.
Major W. B. Mendenhall; clerk, John D.
Ford. Major "W. W. White; clerk, J. P.
Graves, Major Josiah Sllden; clerk, S. H.
Morton, mhsing. Major J. W. Bdgdon;
clerk, W. W- Lovines. Major W. H. Jame
son, side of his head scratched badly; clerk,
S. G. Lampoon, missing. Mftfor M. Ham*
1-hrcy; desk, H. C. Fletcher. Major j, G-
Gnecawaidl, missing; clerk, Fisher, missing;
Mr. Frank Oglesby, assistant dork of the
Rntb, and son of Captain C. H. Oglesby, is
among the missing; two negro deck passen
gers, one negro woman, a cabin passenger,
and one chambermaid are among the lost,
but as the books and papers of the boat were
all lost, wc could not get the names of the
unfortunates, who arc no doubt burned or
drowned, as they would Jump into the liver
rather than be burned. No-white women or
children arc known to be lost.
The officers of the boat didall In their
powurto save the lives of their passengers.
It is barely possible the names of most of
the rescued may yet be secured.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St. Paul, Aug. 7,1853.
Advices from Gen. Sibley to the 9th of July,
have been received. They were within thirty
five miles of Devil’s Lake,.and had found no
trace of Indians, except ettmlJ scouting par*
tits.. Some Bed Blver half-broods, who were
encamped within forty miles of the'expedi
tion, come in and reported that the Indians
had all left Devil's Lake some time since, and
on ihelffih ult,were encamped on the Missouri
Cotean, thirty miles beyond Camp Bedßlver.
Little Crow had gone, with nine men', to
the Yellow Medicine Elver, a branch of the
Minnesota, and on the old Sionx reservation,
the scene of the outbreak last spring. HU
people, withstanding Buffalo and other Sls
teions, comprise the camp mentioned above,
and number about 3,000 men, women
children. On receiving the information, Gen.
Sibley decided to establish a fortified camp,
and leave his heavy transportation, while the
remainder of the force, with twenty-five days’
mUons, pufch on after the Indians. The force
he takes with him consists of seven compan
ies of cavalry, twenty-three of infantry, and
three sections of a battery, numbering 2,300
men. In order to enable Indians who desire
jtp maintain friendly relations, to do so, Gen.
Sibley has sent two half-breed scouts to the
camp whercStanduigßufEilo and his followers
arc, to ascertain what they intend to do. If
they arc hostile, it is doubtful whether the
scouts will 7 ever return. This news confirms
.theflight of Little Crow, and only varies os
to his whercggrouts.
The twenty"five days march will probably
dose Gen. Sibley's active campaign for-this
icascn. The scarcity of buffalo wits so great
'that the Indians would be obliged to scatter,
amTthey will leave before he can reach them.
A horrible Indian murder took place four
-.milea-from Glencoe, in McLeod county, last
.-Sunday, Three Indians attacked the house
of a German, The German was. terribly and
btah j injured, and bis wife was shot through
e face and her jaw broken* -Another man.
at the house was severely wounded. The In
dians used gone, and bows and arrows, and
all the persons were shot inside the house.
The citizens assembled in large force, and en
gaged in pursuit, but at last accounts they
had not found the Indians. Large fires in the
Big Wood arc risible from Glencoe, and it Is
feared they are houses or haystacks burning.
A Copperhead city Justice immortalized
himself to-day by imposing a petty fine on a
Deputy Provost Marshal, for arresting a wo
man who resisted an enrolling office. The
accused had charge of the State Penitentiary,
and Is one of the most respectable citizens in
the State. He will probably go to jail, and
betaken out on a habeaseorput. The 'aflair
crcetes a great feeling of indignation.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
St. Paul, August 7.1563.
A paragraph published in the St. Paul
jftw of July 10th, containing the killing of
an Indian near Hutchinson, having reached
General Sibley, he and his officers who were
well acquainted with Little Crow, say that
the description corresponds exactly with him,
and especially in some peculiar deformities of
the body. They are confident that he is a dead
Indian, and his reported departure from Yel
low Medicine-might account for his having
been in the vicinity where he was killed. Tne
account, when published, said that the Indian
resembled Little Crow, but the general belief
being that he was at Devil’s Lake, It was not
then thought probable that he had been
killed. Whether this is true or not all the in
dications are now that there will be no battle
fought with lh(T Indians, and if they are
found in force they will succcd in passing
.themselves ofl for friendly Indians. Three
hundred Bed Elver Chippewas have visited
Gen. Sibley’s camp, and had a friendly talk
with him, Capt. Fisk’s overland expedition
Je about eighteen miles from Gen. Sibley.
The Wisconsin Copperhead Con-
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Madison, Aug, 7,1565.
My dispatch of last night gave you the or
ganization of the State Copperhead Conven
tion, the day session of which was occupied
byblatantfrothingot treason, and denuncia
tion of the Administration. The platform
adopted reaffirms Byan’s Address, and urges
offices of peace and a Constitutional Conven
tion. *At the evening session the work of
nomination began:
H. L. Palmer was nominated for Governor,
having received a majority of all the votes
cast on the informal ballot, getting 170 votes
out of 252 on the first formal ballot. W. P.
Lynde receiving 11, and the balance -scat
tering. ”
Mr. Palmer made a short speech accepting
the nomination, endorsing every word of the
platform, advocating submission to all laws
legally passed, but resistance to the usurpa
tion of the administration, which was so fear
folly trampling on the rights of the people,
and substituting of a weak man for
the provisions of the Constitution!
An informal ballot, was taken for Lient.
Governor, when fifteen or twenty candidates
appeared, none getting over rixty votes. Af
ter some discussion, Nelson Dewey, of Grant
county, was nominated by acclamation.
EmU Bothe, of Jefferson, was nominated
for Secretary of State by acclimation.
An informal ballot for Treasurer gave C. S.
Benton and Ben. Ferguson a nearly 'equal
number of votes. After an excited discussion,
a second ballot was token, and Beaton, of La
crosse, was nominated by a large majority.
Two ballots were taken for Attorney Gen
eral Bndd, of Outagamie county, standing
the highest on the first—bat on the second
E. A. Waklcy, of Dane, was declared nomin
ated by a email majority, amid cries of
“ fraudulent tally.*’
After considerable wrangling another bal
lot was taken,' on which Wakley had a large
The convention completed the ticket by
uomitating H S. Pierpont, ol Manitowoc,
Bank Comptroller, over Sat. Clark; Yolney
French, Superintendent cf Public Distrac
tion, by acclamation: and J. B. Boham, State
Prison Commissioner.
Without doing anything further, beyond
ihe appointment-ol a Central Committee,
the Convention adjourned at half-past two
o’clock this evening. In the Convea.
tlon there has cot been an expression
of praise for our gallant armies, rejoicing at
victories, sympathy with efforts to suppress
rebellion, or condemnation of the Infamous
Southern traitors.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Springfield, HI., Ang. 7,1663.
It Is totally false, as telegraphed to the Chi
cago Times, that the Governor is doing noth
ing to have the State credited with her troops,
or to procure the transfer to the credit of Illi
nois of troops now serving in Mlesonri regi
ments. On the contrary, he is making every
possible effort to accomplish both these ob
jects, on which he Is in correspondence with
the War Department and the Missouri au
thorities. Adjt Gen. Fuller has nearly com
pleted his arrangements with the Adjutant
General of Missouri, by which our State will
be credited with all Illinois soldiers enlisted
in Missouri regiments. The balance in favor
of Illinois will in this way reach from 8,000
to 5,000.
Gcv. Tates, who has also been laboring in*
ceescntly to obtain the transfer of sick and
wcurdedUlinois soldiers to their own State,
has just received a reply to one of his letters*
fn?m Dr. Josehp B. Brown, Acting Assistant
Surgeon General, U. S. A., to the effect that
authority lias been received from Washing
ton for the transfer of soldiers in the hospi
tals in Bt. Louis to the hospitals nearest their
homes, whenin the opinion of the Assistant
Surgeon General, or of the proper medical
' authority, such transfer is necessary for their
The leading Union men of the State, upon
consultation, have come to the conclusion to
hold a great Union mass convention for the
State, in this-city, cn -the Sdday of Septem
A committee has whoare
in correspondeiice'wrth the leading political
men of the country} who mo to ‘ be invited.
Among others who art expected to be pres
ent arc Generals Butler,-Logan "and Mcder*
nand; Senators Dickinson, Doolittle,undEur.
Lan, and Representative Colfax. The Vice
President, Governors Morton, Salomon, An
drew &c., Ac.
It Is designed Uiat the meeting shall he an
overwhelming expression of the loyalty of the
people of the Bute to the Union.
ESpecial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Sr. Loots, Aug. 7,1853,
Tbu vote in the 8d Congressional District,
so far as heard from, elands; Lindsay, Radi
cal, 2,524; Scott, Copperhead, 3,7&5* Bogy,
Conservative, 300. The army vote/it ls.be-;
Ilcvcd, will elect Lindsay. ■ * '
Capt B. F. Johnston, C. S. A., was yester-’
day arrested at the Everett House by District
Provost Marshal Allen. Capt. Johnston was
formerly a prisoner of war at Alton, but
escaped when about being transferred
view to his exchange. He says he objected
to being exchanged, and preferred to t*kq
the oath of allegiance and remain in the free
Stales. He was committed to the Myrtle
Street Prison.
The War Department has forwarded to
Gen Schofield a Hat of officers commissioned
for the 3d Arkansas colored volunteers.
Their Colonel is Ident. John Guyler, of the
4th lowa cavalry.
From Hew York.
New Tobk, August 6.—A 100-ponnder ri
fied cannon on the gnnbo&t Nangatnck explo
ded } esterday, Injuring Ident. Waldron and'
five of his crew. No one was killed.; .
Specials of this morning contain little of
interest. .The Heroic?* Washington dispatch
say s that Paymaster McFarland of New York,
waa xobbed of $40,000 by McCarty, his clerk*
and the latter was subsequently arrested and
the money recovered. . • ' .
Arriral of the Board of Trade
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Portland, Me., Aug. 7.
The Boards of Trade of Chicago, Detroit
and Milwaukee, arrived here last night. They
number about 225, including ladies.
On their way down,at Island Pointjthey cel
ebrated thanksgiving with a sumptuous
To day they were welcomed in a formal re
ception at the City Hall, at which an address
was made by T. C. Hersy of Portland, Jno. 2.
Hancock and O. £. Britt ot .Milwaukee, Lieut.
•Gov. May of Detroit, J. Young Scammon of
Chicago, and James L. Brown of 'Milwaukee.
8.8. Bayes, of Chicago, attempted to make
a Copperhead speech, taking issue with Mr.
Hancock’s casual remark, that if slavery was
annihilated the war would be ended. Mr.
Hayes was greeted with storms of hisses, and.
large numbers of the members of the Chicago
delegation left the hall, which compcliedhlm
to tack ship, when he was permitted to finish.
A grand ball takes place this evening; to
morrow a bake, and a sail among the
Portland, Me., Aug, 7.
The Quebec Board of Trade was expected
here to day. The delegates will meet our
delegates on ’Change this morning. loathe
evening a complimentary ball will be given
them. The Western press is represented by
eleven members. Large, delegations are also
present from the press of New York, Boston
and other cities. " -
Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,]
Washington', August G, ISC-1
Thanksgiving tv as universally observed to
day, the Departments were all closed, private
business suspended,.and. religions services
held in such of the churches as have remained
open during the summer?
Gov. Gamble, ot Missouri, Congressmen
Porter, of Indiana, Kellogg, of Michigan, and
Gov. Pierpont are in town.
The weather remains exceedingly hot.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washxxoton, Angnet 7,1333.
The draft has been the all-absorbing topic
for the last few days, to the exclusion of all
other themes, whether martial, political, sci
entific or literary. As one man out of every
three and a third was to be drawn, the chances
for an “election** greatly preponderated in
favor of Provost Marshal SUeetz. The draw-,
ing took place at the City Hall, in the pres
ence of a large and deeply interested audi
ence, who evicced ranch good humor, and
passed good-humored remarks as certain well
known names were announced in the lucky
The list presents some names not unknown
to fame, for the production of which, the
blind officiol, whose fate it was to decide the
Me .of others, deserves dac credit for flue
discrimination. The people out in the “back
woods settlements,** will- undoubtedly be
much assured as to the ultimate Issue of the
war, when they know that Napoleon Bona
parte, George Washington, Andrew Jackson,
and Robert E. Leo arc now among the valiant
defenders of jhe Union. * .
Altogether the draft passed off without a
murmur. It is said some secessionists find
ing themselves among the “ lucky ones*’ at
tempted to avoid a proper response, by taking
unto themselves wings and fifing away, bat
meeting with sundry Impediments of a point
ed and determined character, they decided
to submit. Those who have the three hun
dred dollars to spare the Government look
calm as a summer morning. Many of this
are in the various Departments, and ns a
general rule these will procure substitutes,
rather than pay the money over to the Board
of Enrolment.
A rather amusing illustration as to the In
fluence of self-interest over prejudice, is fur
nished by the draft in the District of Colum
bia. The community raif cd its hands In holy
horror when it was proposed to include ne
groes In the enrollment. “What! make nig
gers equal to the white men ?’* Abolitionists
were cursed “up hATanddown.** But when
the astute WashlpgtOtf Intellect began to com
prehend that tbe.'mprc names enrolled, the
less were the chances of being dratted, it was
wonderful to sec bow public sentiment acqui
esced; nay, vociferously advocated the en
rolment of men of all color. The result
proves that sagacity is not monopolized by
other communities. Oat of the five thous
and drafted persons in the District, over ono
thousand will be found to be “colored con
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago TrHmue,]
Washington, Aog. 7,1883.
Circular No. 65.]
Wax: Department, Provost Marshal )
General's Office, t
Washington', August G. )
It Is apprehended that order 54, from this
office, in relation to exempting men from the
draft on the pica of alienage, is not fully un
derstood by the boards of enrollment.
Wherever the fiict of alienage is cleariy.es
tablished, exemption must be granted, but
where the Board has any doubt in the matter
the case must be referred through the Pro
vost Marshal General for decision by the De
partment ol State.
Until such, decision has been obtained all
action in the case shall be suspended. The
certificate of the State Department shall be
deemed conclusive evidence, and the question
of liability or non-liability to draft sholl .be !
decided by the Board of Enrollment in ac
cordance theiowith. Jasß. Far,
Provost Marshal General.
Urgent representations were presented to-
day, by Governor Dennison, for Government
acUou to secure the release of Richardson
arid Junius Browne, correspondent?, now con
fined in Libby Prison. Rebel officers in our
hands are belnggathered together at Johnson’s
Island, Sandusky, where they will bo kept for
the present, awaiting developments, under
the President’s retaliatory proclamation.
Gen. Gilmore is being, and'to be, supplied
with ample reinforcements, and the determin
al lon expressed by the War and Navy Deport
ments is to furnish everything necessary to
make complete the work this time at Charles
ton. ~
Tte bnliaings at juch place are to be pa
the nime pIADi-ieo tect kng, CO feet wide,
hnS i£ freidilgli to Ihcconicle, and 9Tj£ teat
high th the tsp nf lie tower. Bight acres
hove been' in Columbus.
The Ordnance Department has. completed
the-plans £sr:lhs arsenal authorized by the
latt Congress, at Columbus, Indianapolis,
and Bock Island. Gov. Dennison and Con
gressman Porter have been urging the speedy
commencement of the work onthcae arsenals,
and ordnance officers have>seeh, ordered to
cadi place to make necessary :prcparatlons at
once. Capt, Tod goes to Columbus/Cap tain
Tfeadwell to Indianapolis, and Major Kings
bury to Bock Island.
Ex-Congressman Galloway has been at
Fort Delaware, making examinations for the
Government concerning rebel prisoners.
Washington, Aug. o.—The statement pub
lished in yesterday's Republican, with regard
•to the imminence of foreign troubles, is uu
iderstood to be considerably exaggerated.
■While it is known that the Government has
adopted an active policy .with regard to fitting
put Anglo-rebel vessels in England, it is not
believed that anything but amicable relations
will come out of it, especially since the
Queen’s speech proroguing Parliament.
Twenty-nine millions of dollars are re
quired to pay up all the armies in the field to
the first.of June, four millions being the
amount for Bosecrans* and five millions far
Grant’s army.
4 To-day has been universally observed here
/by the dosing of the Departments and the
suspension ol business. It was noted for Its >
quietness, and was celebrated byreligioos ex-:
cruses, followed by joyous demonstrations'
during the evening.
Kbw York, Aug. 7.—The specials this
morning are almost destitute of news. Gen.
Meigs says the Government has lost 9,000
horses in the Maryland and Pennsylvania
campaigns., v.
I' , Ai v gton, Ang. 7.—Statements have ap
peared in some of the northern papers, after
the full of Vicksburg and the defeat of Lee,
that the question of-peace had been discuss
ed, in theTederal Cabinet, and that a Cabinet
I caßM4 11 Proposition of
Mr. Seward, to issue anamnesty to the South
erll People- /These statements were not
thought of sufficient Importance to d»—
attention. It seems now that
- r '■
Europe, and were made the fivundAion there
of more castles in lim air,built by the Euro
pean enemies of the United States. It is,
therefore, proper to eay thatthese statements
had i-o foundation whatever, in fact no such
debates, or proposition, or any debates or
proposition on thesubjectof peace or of such
amnesty, has been made, or had In the Cabi
net, nor have any such differences arisen-
Isbw Yons, August 7.—The AVfJ ting IbsVs
Washington special says that the Chronicle of
this morning fays movements are in progress
which are morally certain to result in the
capture of Mobile. Stirring news is expected
shorflv from that quarter.
At Atlanta, Ga., on the 37th nit., gold was
quoted at twelve dollars. .
Officers who arrived from the army this
• morning bring nothing new. The heat con
tinues andthe streams a retrying up.
Articles appearing Jn.the journals of this
city and elsewhere represent a war with Great
Britain as imminent. Tiieiassumption that
these articles arc authorised; by the Govern
ment, or*, made upon any "knowledge of its
viewf, Is without foundation. •
Baltimore, Aug. 7.— The American has the
following special;
Flag Ship Augusta Dbnßmobe,- >
Orr Mobiub Island, Aug; Sd. f
I find myself, this aflcrxcos, located on the
flog ship Augusta Dcnsmorc, the guest of Ad
miral Dahlgtcn. All here arc confident of
success, and no one seems to entertain the
slightest'doubt on the subject, and with such
a feeling iirevalent, failure la next to an im
possibility. ’ . -
Tbe grand ball will be opened in the course
of the week, and it will bo tbe most furious
fight of the war. Moving buoys have been
located from each of the Monitors, and the
Ironsides is within five hundred yards ofSum
; ter. That Sumter will fall is, I think,- as'cer
tain as that the day of attack will arrive.
The enemy Is also at workerectlng batter
ies on James’ Island;. but we are putting up
.batteries to command-thcm also.-
There has been but littlo cannonading to
day, but some of the Monitors will go in to
night to hamss the enemy. There* was con
siderable cannonading all day and dating the
night The guns of the Nava! battery, which
is Iho advance battery, willibc erected to
nlght. - -
Yesterday five hundred prisoners wore tok
en, hy four companies of the ‘‘Lost Chil
dren,” on an Island in the rear of Folly Is
land. They showed hut little fight, and after
receiving two volleys laid dotvn their arms.
There has not been a dozen guns fired to
day, and they were principally from our wa
ter batteries. ' .!*
The enemy has been unusually qpiet, evi
dently finding that ho has been wasting a
great deal of ammunition lately.
The weather is very hot.
The arrival of reinforcement*: has given new
spirit to the troops on shore.
Washington, Aug. 6.—A' fetter has been
received here from the Iron-fUet off.. Charles
ton, stating that* tfae siege- was progressing
slowly but favorably, and in due course
of time, Wagner, and then Sumter, would
both be reduced. It I* evldeutthc rebels were
receiving reinforcements, proftiblyfroni Lee’s
Fortress Monroe, August 7.—The steam
er Spaulding, from Stono Inlet, the ith, has
arrived. J- . *
She reports the siege of Charleston pro
gressing favorably.
No Important news otherwise received.
Baltimore, August 7.—-Alvices from Mor
ris 1 Island say that all there ore confident of
tuccfss. The grand ball will beopened in tho
course of a week. One of the moat furious
fights of the war la anticipated./ Five hun
dred rebel prisoners were taken on an island*
near Folly Irinnd, on tbefiu. . Reinforcements
have arrived, giving the troops new spirits.
Boston, August 7.—The correspondent of
the Boston //trcW,in aletter aiUdoff.Chnrles
ton, August fid, says tbc now battery received
by. Gen. Gilmore on Morris Itland, is mount
ed by tho largest guns ever cast at the North.
When these batteries ore opened against
Sumter, there will he a dreadful scattering
of bricks, legs, arms, and bodies. -. One hoar
and half is allowed lor the bombardment of
that fortbefoie it will be compelled to sur
render. i ,
An attillcry officer, writes; to tbc Boston
Yrccdkr, under date of Morris Island, July
fiOth • . .
“ Our force Ib working day And chA *
fog new batteries and motmtllg’', fAk ,„nr
tars and heavy guns. We
atd three SOO-pouml Par*o, '
tOO-roimd is already ui aS ye° tc r ™y
urc<^ Foitfcjamer, just to
SrJJS? 3 ® 0, P nc £liot hit the corner of the
parapet him made the bricks fly. Our pickets
are wllbin 400 yards of Fort Wagner, but they
■ wUVeto look out for the rebel t-harpshooters.
Ihc water on the island Is so bad that whisky
issirvcdont to the troops three times a day •’
Fortkess Momioe, Aug. 0.-The steamer
Leaf arrived to-day, forty-eight hours
fromStonelcict. JTo^learnti^tevcrv*{rol
is being made to arrest the
burned ihe light house on Smith Island, on
tbe eastern shore_of Vienna.
The gunboat Arch, from Charleston the-Uh
anivea iMs morning, bound for New Toric
with mails. -
Mr. Fnlton, of the Baltimore American ,
writes to that paper from Port Koyal, July 30;
In conversation with some officers from the
Wabash, I find a very general confidence pre
vailing, that within the next ten diystboflili
of Sumter would bo consummated, and that
Charleston must soon alter succumb. They
report everything os progressing satlafactori-
Jj, and the fall ot Fort Wagner as one of the
events of the next few days. The constant
bembardment now progressing, is, I learn;
mainly to conceal the erecting, by Gen. Gil
more, of a masked battery within five hun
dred yards of Fort Wagner, and also ttf pro
tect his troops In the operation. This new
battwy was expected to be ready to open on
■ the enemy to-morrow, and its advent will be
u grand fosilade from the Monitors and the
Ironsides. It will be a sight worth seelo*,
and as I have just arranged to return direct to
the bar, I hope to obtain a good view of the
event, and to be able to record to yon its en
tile success. Fort Wagner is already a sight
less mass of sand, and with tbe boring shell
of Gen. Gilmore, strong efforts will he made
to penetrate its magazine aud pat a summary
end to the vile concern. However, even if
this attempt should fail, there is “no such
wordaalUil” in.the vocabulary of Admiral
Dablgrcn and General Gilmore.
It is the. general impression on all hands
here that ihc rebels have evacuated all the
casemates of Sumter, aud luteal to rely on
her parapet guns-entirely in the approach
lug assault. It is even said that her entire
casemates are filled with sand-biige,-and that
all her best guns have been.crowded to the
parapets. If this is to, it indicates that even
the unsuccessful assault of Anrfl last must
have been so terrible that there (a an tinwil
ipgness io risk the iate of the foit to another
equate assault from the Monitors!
A correspondent of tho Phiiielphia In
gn»>«*writcs same dote; \ •
I wish that I might take aside each reader
of the Inquirer and in
his ear what IJmo wand what 11 have seen
-1 think said reader would immediately act as
if he had heard somegood news. ■
For the last three days and nights the rebels
havcXred. upon ns continually irom Sum
ter, Gregg, Wagner and Fort Jrekson, On
this latter fort they have mounted some lon" 1
range guns, which they fire with treat accu
racy. Their plan of action last Sunday and
Monday was to fire thirteen sTdts every
twenty minutes, and our boys,(laying to
heart this rule, jumped under cover with
great regularity. The nombeji of men
wounded by this enfilading Are from John
son has only averaged lour a day, aid I hone
Beauregard will continue to waateHis ammu
nition thus. The rebels are strengthening
Johnson, and have also built another enfila£
icg batteiy lower down* James Island. Some
of our scouts have visited it, but found only
one gun mounted in It, although twelve em
bratnres. Although they have doubtless a
lame land force, they seem afraid ft us, and
eullenly await our next active demcistration.
This week Captmn Paine, 100 th Jew York,
the best and most fortunate scout we have
succeeded in a manner unknown td myself or
tho enemy in reaching the parapet if Wagner,
and, Inspecting, unmolested, the interior
American Dental Conrouion.
August 7.—The AmcAcan Den
•tab.Convention closed Its ses&ioi to-day
-ThankFgiviDgwas observed bythlfbodyby
appropriate religious services. Agreat fea
ture of the Convention was the exhibition by
Dr. N. W. Kingsley, of his appliances for the
entire correctfoaof the evils of clet palate.
His demonstrations were received by Ihe Con
vention with enthusiasm, and oa motion of
Dr. W. B. Roberts, of New York, he was ac
corded a gold medal for his discoveries. .
New line of Steamers.
Racine. 7.—The Racine and
Railroad Company have establish
a new line of mat steamers between Racine
and Grand Haven, connecting there with
trains lor points East and West
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Philadelphia, August 7,1863.
The rmws-boys this afternoon made tlic
streets vocal with the cry of “death of Jell,
Davis.” This canard was started in New
The arrival of the Spaulding at Fortress
Monroe last evening brought no intelligence
of the death of Jeff. Davis.
Two Union refugees from Richmond arriv
ed in this city at noon to-day. They say
when they saw Jeff. Davis last he was like a
walking shadow.
The Union people of Richmond are hope
ful. The refugees give most deplorable ac
counts of the condition of the people there.
They say all la horror.
[SocclalDispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Philadelphia, Aug. 7,1863.
There is nothing new from the army of the
Potomac. A fight is imminent. The move
ments of.Gen. Meade, for prudential reasons,
are kept private. He is very cautious.
Lee is south of the Hapldan, and though a
fightis Imminent, yet he may reach Richmond
withontgiving battle. The army of the Po
tomac is in excellent condition.
The news from Charleston is up to the sth
Inst. Reinforcements bad reached 6cn. Gil
more. The siege goes bravely on.
• The people cf Philadelphia are without ice,
the United States Government having taken
it all for soldiers in the hospitals, to which the
patriotic say amen. ...
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Aug. 7, 1663.
' The impending battle about which the New
York and Philadelphia sensalkmlsts have
been exciting themselves, continues to im
pend, but seems further oil than ever.
In a skirmish at Kelly’s Ford, on Tuesday,
two privates of the Bth Illinois cavalry were
killed. Names unknown.
Washington, Aug. o.— Eight sutlers’
wagons, returning from the frontJ >were cap
tured to-day by Moseby and his gang, this
tide of Fairfax Court House.
Last night the enemy brought several pieces
of artillery down to the river bank at Rappa
hannock and fired upon our troops from that
Considerable confusion was occasioned at
first, but tbc appearance of our batteries upon
the bluff restored order, and speedily drove
off the rebels. The casualties were insignifi
Advices from the front report everything
quiet along the lines.
Baltimore, Ang. 7.—The Amsiiean ol this
eveningbos Richmond papers of tho sth,
which contain the folio wing address of the
President to the soldiers of the Confederate
than two years-.of a war, one
scarcely equalled In the nvmber, magnitude
and fearful carnage of its battles, a warfare
in which jour courage and fortitude have
illustrated your country and attracted not
only gratitude at home, but admiration
obroau, your enemies continue n straggle in
which onr Dual triumph must be inevitable.
■' Unduly dated with their recent successes,
they imagine that temporary. reverses can
> quell.onr spirits or shake your determination.
Theyorcnow gathering heavy'masses for a
gcneiaUlnvasion, in the vaiariiope that by
desperate cflort, success may .at length be
reached. You know too well, my country
men, what they mean by success.
Their malignant rage aims at . nothing
less than the extermination of
your claves, your women and your children.
They seek to destroy what they cannot plun
der. They propose as spoils of victory that
your homes shall be portioned among
wretches whose atrocious cruelty has stamped
infamy on their Government. They • design
to create senile insurrection and light the
fires of ineendarism wherever they can reach
your homes, and they debauch an inferior
race heretofore decile and contented, by
promising them the indulgence of the vilest
passions as the price of their treachery.
Conscious of Inability to prevail bv legiti
mate warfare, not daring to make peace lest
they should be hurled from their so its of
power, the men who now rule in Washing
ton muco even to confer on tho subject of
putting an.end to outrages which dl-gncc
oursgo, or listen to a suggestion for conduct
ing the war according to the usages of civili
zation. Fellow citizens, no alternative islcft
ro- i -c r h. C °; b wftlS
i ft T on out to stretch forth your hands
it. For this all-that Is necessary is
»aocie who [are culled to the field, by . every
motive that can nerve human hearts, should
promptly repair to tho post of duty, should
eland by their comrades now in front of the
foe, and thus so strengthen the Confederacy
as to.eusure success. ' .
.Davis then appeals to those who have ab
sented themselves from their posts, to return
to their duty, and declares a general pardon
aijd amnesty to allow officers and yfenmowj
absent without leave, who shall withouPdelffv:
jeturn to their posts within twenty davs after*
the publication of this proclamatiou'in toe
State where the absentee may bo. .-v .
This pardon extends to all who have been
accused or convicted and are undergoing sen-'
itmco for absence without leave or desertion,
excepting those twice convicted of desertion.
He then says, Anally:
I conjure my country women, wives, moth
ers, sisters, and daughters of the Confeder
aev to use their all powerful influence in aid
c 2V t ? l . a^ d ouc crowning- sacritice to
those which their patriotism has so freely and
constantly offered on their country’s altar,
?? *¥? Uiat noDO who owe service in
the field should be sheltered at home from
the disgrace of having deserted their duty to
thdr families, their country, and their God.
_ (Signed) Jefferson Davk.
J. P, Benjamin, Secretary of Sta*e. -
natters on tho Lower Iffissliulppi,
New Vork, August 7.—The steamer Geo.
Waihlrgton, from New Orleans August Ist.
has arrived, Ex-Mayor Slith of New Orleans
had airived there, he being released from
r oit Pickens; also, ex Senator Lathe. They
have betn at Fort Pickens since last Septem
ber. c
Gen. Ormc, of Gen. Herron’s command, had
arrived in New Orleans. .
_ United States stcamerTcnnsssee, the
flagship of Admiral. Farragot, had arrived ut
New Orleans, A large number of invalids,
from the rebel garrison ol Vicksburg, had ar
rived at New Orleans, as had some fllcy reds
tered enemies from St. Louis. Tlieir destina
tion Tros Mobile.
The now Monitor Neosho was at Vicks
burg. The Osage was expected.
The Cbocktaw and Pittsburg were blockad
ing Bed Eivcr.
An important military and naval expedition
was on foot at Vicksburg.
General Grant had some dozen skeleton
regiments of negroes organizing at Vicksburg.
Blatters in Kentucky.
Cincinnati, Aug. 7.—lncluding the returns
giveu.lu the Gazette's special disnatch from
Frankfort, we now have the full vote for Gov
ernor in twenty-two counties, in Kentucky,
including the city of Louisville. The maiori
ity for Bramiette is 14,141. z ’ ■
Lexington, Ky., Aug. 6. matters'
Lave quieted down into the cMm'fHhf&fially
precedes a storm. . Apparentlyfail'-ITtstill,-
while preparation, for. a vigorous and
movement was never more active. To
initiated it is plain that one of those periodi
cal attacks of Tennessee on tho brain, to
which our military authorities are subject
twice a year, is ot hand. . We will wa'ch tor
the crisis* There is nothing from Tennessee
further than what come through refugees.
The directors of the Kentucky Central rail
road were here yesterday to discuss the ex
tension of the road. If the Government docs
not push it on, East Tennessee will die of old
age before it will he done by Kentucky enter
prise. Morgan Vance has succeeded in un
earthing and arresting ninety-four of Mor
gan’s men. The Boyle ruse to gain votes,
upon investigation had an ugly look. ‘ Affi
davits arc being taken, and the forgery traced.
From 3’ortli Carolina.
Fortress Monroe, Aug. 6.— A Newborn
dispatch Bays: The foil of vicksburg is fist
obli'erating secession In North Carolina,
Hundreds of prominent rebels are dolly ac
knowledging the failure of the rebellion. The
recent proclamation of Jeff. Davis, calling
upon all to take up arms* is exciting great
anxiety throughout the State. Thousands
arc taking to swamps and mountains to avoid
conscription. The occupation of Raleigh Dy
the Federal forces, that arras and a rendez
vous of safety may be famished to the peo
ple, in order that North Carolina may be able
to return id the Union, is the daily supplica
tion of the citizens from all parts of the State,
who sincerely desire peace and protection. If
this step is taken at once, and an additional
Union force gent here, the rebellion In Vir
ginia and North Carolina will end in thirty
Fromtlie James River.
Fortress Monroe, Aug. 4.
The Norfolk Virginian, of Ang. 8. says:
A rebel deserter, Wm. J. Tumor, belonging
to Portsmouth, arrived in Norfolk last wet?
lag direct from Fort Darling. He says the
fort is built in the form of a square, three-
quarters of It being of sand, and the remain
ing portion casemated and roofed with rail
road iron. The armament consists of six
guns, three of which are 7-iach rifles, and are
stationed In the casements. Theother three are
mourned m harbtitc over the sand-built part
of the works. The bluff battery, or u pitts,”
as itls called, Is very ingenuously construct
ed. Six holes or casemates are dug in the
face of the bluff, in each of which a gun is
placed. It Is Impossible for any one on the
river to observe what they are or how they
can be reached. Captains. S. Lee is in com
mand of the fort.
Soldiers’ Home.
The regular weekly meeting of the mana
gers was held at the Soldiers* Home, on Ran
dolph street, yesterday afternoon, T, B. Bryan,
in the chair, and a large number present.
After the approval of minutes of previous
meeting, the Committee on donations report
ed having received from the employees of
Burnham and Richardson’s Foundery $4; em
ployees of Mechanical Bakery sl3; employees
of Gates’Eagle Works $33; fromG. W. Noble
S2O; from a casual visitor $5; from children
70 cents—total $80.70,
, A note was read from Mr. Winne, Agent,
Dearborn street, tendering the use of afire
and burgular proof safe, to the Soldiers’
Home, which offer was accepted and
On motion, ten dollars per week was ap
propriated towards the support of the Invalid
and helpless soldier reported at last meet
The Superintendent’s report for July was
presented., showing that 825 lodgings, and
1,011 meals had been furnished soldiers dur
ing the month. The total expenses for July
■wenrsAßs.Go. ,
On motion, the Auditing Committee are
hereafter required to report on the first of
every month, the expenses ot the Home tor
the prcTloaa month.
Alter considerable discussion as to the class
ol soldiers entitled to the benefits of this In
stitution, the following resolutions were
unanimously adopted: -
Jieidced, That ad weary, wom-oat soldiers
who are not positively sent to the hospitals, who
may expect to bo able to travel within a week or
■ ten days. be admitted to the Soldiers’ Home: also
those who are .apparently near death, as we be
lieve home care, and home influence ani nursin'*
would be more likely to restore them to their
incuts and home than any other monos.
Heftloed, Thatthe first Article of the Constitu
tion be construed to include soldiers,whether they
come ae individuals or In regiments.
. It was. determined that the soldiers who
arc returning home, whether singly or by
regiments, must not jacss through here
Tsiivffry; and Miss Blakle, Mrs. Lamb, Dagen-
Imrt, Haines, and Hosmer were selected as a
Commitee to sec that they are provided with
suitable refreshments, at the Illinois Central
Depot, or at the Home.
On motion, Dr. Beebe, Homajpathlc, and
Dr. Buck, Allopathic, were acceptcdas regu
lar physicians for the Soldiers’ Home.
Tne visiting Committee for the ensuing
week embraces Mrs. Burnham, Tin&ham and
To this city.on thesth last, hr Rev.Kobt. Lilrd
Collier. Sir. NATHANIEL RISING and Mrs. LIDA
31< FECK.
Utica, New Yotk, papers please copy.
—ln this city, on the sth Inst.. by Rev. Robt. Laird
In Bscraroento City, Cal„ August sth. air. OHORGK
JW. BID W£TT. of this city, aged 48 ye-tr* and ‘J months
AtTnlUhowa.. Tens.. July 2tst I s ©. JOHN McIN
XVHK latemcmburofUo. A.tDtbluiao!jißftairy.
TbefrltDds ol deceived. rope'her with the members
of lie regiojent who are nowm tie city, are Invited to
intend the fur eral. which vlll takepmeo atso'clack
th’B p. m.. from bis late residence. No, 65 foordx av
enue. ‘ - •
At DeEalb. .inly ictb. at the residence of his son. C.
H. Simmons, G. G. SlilMONS.ln the 51st
ape. u
Montrose Pa M popors please copy.
In this city. Ancnft 6lh. MARTIN L 5 WJS. young
est child of Li wla K, and Anne S. aged 8
n.onthr and JC days.
S3 tig Aftrtrlmmtuts.
T. O. O. F.—The New Odd Fel-
X lows’ Hall. lately fitted nn for the ascot Union,
DuanesadExce’elorLodges. N0.43 Clarkatrest,will
be publicly dcdlcatcftTcm Monday evoiilnr. loth last.
Ceremonies to commence at 8 c-’ciock, Ail member
of ttc crcb*r arelavlted-to be present.
anS-kr&zt eatAmon H. L. iJUCKEB, Chairmen.
"]\TOTTCE— Is hereby "iven to all
.X v t erom« lodebted to Mary SmTth. proprietorof
the Empire Works not to pay any debts due said
Smith to William Smith, the turner Agent of sold
Mary bmlth.acd that Q«orse Clark will hereafter act
as tne kuifintsa Apcat of said Mary Smith. [aoßlß3 ft
X Uayfle'd. Grand PorUge, Isle Royal, and all
prrU on Lake Superior.' Do not forces that the splen
did side »htel steamer
PLANET—Capt- T. Chamberlin,
vn leave first dock above Rmh Street Bridge for
sbove rortr.cn Wed&'S'iay evening, Aurugtl'i.lsii.
bßb-kl7l-2t-»at & mon-aes
L picture Ciirtea eoYute at Everett's Art
waiiCD; i.sa-0 street, corner of Lasalie street
.ante rtyle of pictur* s only Two Dc'.nis per dozen.
au£-\ais-u rat sris. Agent.
QUITOS, All trliova'no & good night's testandwb-
J*ct to blood Piling are now having their bedstead*
lorliUdwllh Bnebock’a Patent Umbrella Mcsqnito
Canogy.ickLOffJedgedt'rcnJcst perfect and elegant
tnawmentfor Uic ezdosloo of mosquitos, dha Ac.
For talc at the principal Upholstery and cabinet store*
everywhere. • " au3-klf)6-7t-aet
alt a^tjotion - ,
PornLld'iYoclo* 103,185 oadlo7 Dearborn sweet. (In
A large and flee stock of Household Linens without
.-JTM ivh fer CMb. v
■ jar Uonsekeepirssbould attend this sale.
ong-1<2.4-3t . Auctioneers.
Xt’ read Dr. Johnson’s Rwelaa.or tbe Prince Of
Atibystnls, sentence fe bcantUUL do are
•be ‘'Cartfl-deVlsUes*^taken at Shaw's. Prices re
duced two dollars a dozen. Better Negatives taken
on cloudy days. -anS- kSI3- It
Havlmr just returned from New York, where I was
awiincy to those bloody scene* dnring toe late dti
SwtJQt riot, lam about to pubIish.TEROSCOPIO
HCriTELS ;rom negative# that I made there while
y'VS ?, n "* erc . etißeced In their woik ot death and
»?££££*&£* ap A da7lE - *tay there, and In other
f !i 1 . hftVQ f omQ ln possession of nil tholes
,V at **.* fccowrz to tne art. I shall make
( -'®s tc V 11!! !" at two tfoPars a Cozen thatwlU com
pare with any work teat la done la the Fast
auE-IKMt IB and 15S* Clark street.
ti X- -Gryy Mares Saddle Horse. Horae. "Wagonand
Harness; TnrkL-k Smoking Tobacco, otto of Ro*e
pui ?osv tr ?« f9, * c - ,Ac « as auctionthla morning An!
ccß.Bth.ato,s o clock, at oar salfaroamia Portland
Block, ear ter of Dearborn end Washington streea
Ttcfnti'e fbinltn:eof a family cotsuifizof rcl.-et*
Brustela atd logralicarpet: parlor andcii-nsbarseV
fitovts. crjckery aedg'niaware. Also span matched
tuey ruares, saddle horse, horaa wagon and lumens,
also *a brl» Turkish smoking tobacco, ‘,'o boxes pure
extracts, <5 bo t.Us Ot .o of Hose, fine article.
mi. W. A BUTLERS & CO..
acS-szL’-ltsp . Auctioneers.
pf youth restored In four week* by Dr.
Whltno s EBsenance of Life Recommended by Pro
fessorsot Medical Colleges, Eminent Fbyslctsca. Ms
ttrcnlsbcd Cleigj men—by names known to science
ar;d ram*. Its popularity baa extended la all direc
tions. and Is now recommended by l? 5 lending phyal
clacs whoso name* are open for Inspection. Vr. Whir
tk has devoted i.hfetltne to the preparation of this
Invaluable compound for Nervous Debility, Good for
oothiexc*. On receipt of live dollars a packate wld
ne pent by mall to any address. Remember DTL
WHITT IN. Pox V 231. CLlesgo. 11L auSifUG-ltd 4tw
$7.35 Less to New Tork,
$8.50 ItGSstoOgdensbnrgli)
s7*dO Less to Boston*
For Osdenibnrgh and Intermediate port? taking
falser gcis for ■Milwaukee. (.Isa Arbor, fflac lfe
Butfaio S: Catherines.Niagara
Oswego Cnpe icceat, klrgitou. Clayton, Brookrllla
fiKcpit, Montreal. Quebel. Fortlarid. fork*’
ari “Boetoa." The splendid apper-cabm Screw
, bteair.er
GBANITE STATE-Capt. B. H. Saris.
° f LaaaHe itreft. on
AATTODAT, Aag.btb, at BP, M. For paasaje apply
to JOHN H. GtJCLN, General Wt stern Pasaenzcr
Agent, is North Well? «trt er, next door to Wallwork
iloaßc ortoN.J. HOWE. Agent, foot of North La
ta’.le street. anS.ka>T-it
Ai;l) navy
approved bt the government
Warrarwd snperior to any other olsto! of
PCi.-fTa the kind. Mat.ufac:arftd by E RIMING
'iu> & sjNS. Llou. Ne * Yoik. And sold by tb-a prlu
clpal dealers. a^i-kaij-ia
X' Grand Tbu.nk Linx op New STiuiaas
Tor Buffilo. touching at all pilar* oa Lake Mkhlgas
andUirewga toßaffaio In three days, Toronto Oswe
eo, Otfdensbnreh. Montreal. Portland, Boston and
Fork. The spleaoii low-press ore, last salliac.
upperctbla steamer
MONTGOMERY—Captain Gilles,
Win leave her deck, foot of South Lasaßa-st Satur
day Aag etb. at IP.M. For
ply to A. T. SPENCER
.aa3-k22Slt Agent. Offleo footof
JL~J now offers Ladles, from too city and
elsewhere. superior advantages tot boarding pupils,
tor beaatlfchJCSß or situation, besutlful grounds. and
specious rooms It L« unsurpassed. The terms ara low,
toe Teachers experienced and successful. Next ses
sion will open September 6tU. Address Bev. GEO. 1..
MOORE. President, Lyocs.lQwa. an3-k£3-:t latp
Aurora seminary.
Paul Txast oners adocst 3!bt. ISO
•* It Is one of ibe most sncctasmi schools in the West
It baa a large and able corps of teachers. aadthebufld-
Ire la ibe Dctfet of the kind la the State. The fa
male department offftraspecisl Intiocemeatw. ** Board
and tuition. U week*, from S4O to SM. -Music. Palat
ine Book keeping. Ac., at the usual rates. Liberal
discounts to clergymen. For circulars address Bar.
Q. w. QOEREAU. A. M.. Aurora. lU. Jy»h3sl-lanet
■9 •
Warranted a safe and infallible spcciflc for Catarrh la
wbaieverstace of Uut offensive, and dangerous <hf
case. Sent tor express. with fall direction lor ss'.f
treatment. Price *3 par package. Address Dr. J. sv.
VAXPET.Phytlclaa tor toe E»«. Fir aad Catarrh. 2U!
Washiipton street, Chicago. P. O Rox auj.
ftuSkL c 4-!t
I TtHTntthe North Government Corral. St Lon's,
ISO- on Soturday. August 15tb. I£C3. at 19 O'clock A.
51., sell to the highest Didder.
Three Government Camels,
Terms CaSh—United State* Treasury Note*.
•By order of Brig. Gea. M.C Meigs. Q SI G..
auAklSI-St G. W. FORD. Lput. and A. Q. SI.
BOEtE CORH PLOWS.—TiIs is an improved,
patented orait.prevettirgthe pressure and Injury to
the horses’necks, whichTia? been the great dldlealcv
with all Ugh plowa made to cultivate both sides of
the tow at once.
Ithssbeeatcstedbytnndredsoffarmer*, and they
all prone once lea perfect success, of wllch we have
numerous crrtWcatw. All formers must have an im
plement forculuvstlcgcorn- teat does double work,
and will buy ttutUnd ttat has the easiest draft lor
the horses. This draft la very simple la arrangement,
sod Can be adapted to any lortn of plow intended for
coltlvailrg afaurow.and wnetheren wheels or not
Toall partiesirakir* such plows, and those ln»and-
Ingto make them, we offer toe right to o»e this Oralt
they to pay one dollar for each plow. *
Tills fee Is a trifle. and It yon are making. or Intend
toroakesnchplows.lt la year interest to secure the
r'gtt In year town before som<* otter party does.
For circular, giving foil particular* address
H. FOSTER. Aront.
Foot Office Drawer &K6. Chicago.
auS-lcSl-ITT la
ISth street, search Avenue. Toe lltb Acnual Coursa
of Lcc'urw will commence on tnu 19:b of October. >BC3,
and willcontinue until the lust week la March. l&l.
Benj I. Raphael, M D., Professor of General Mill
tory Surgery and turrlcal Pathology.
A. Jxcom, M. D., Profeiaor of Luanaij Pathology
anff.Tntrapeuilc* - -
E. M. D.. Professor of Clinical Mid
wifery and the Diseases ol Women.
J."V. C. Surra M D., Professor of Anstomy
Wu. v*. lioLCoam. U. I).. Professor ot Ophthalmic and
SAuran K. Fbect.M. D„ Professor of Materia Med
ico and TherapertiCf.
UssutO. Cox. hi d .Professor ofTheorv andPrac
tlcc nod ClloiCnt Medicine.
. P.U.yAxDan WKTI.B.M. 0.. Processor of CUsm
bury and Toxicology.
lion, John H. Aarnox, A, M., Professor o! Medical
Snrnas Roams M D..Prcferaorof Physiology
Joseph EiOTnxKB, if. D. Lector* roa Alicrosconlc
Jamss B. Steels. W. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy
and Curator of tin Museum.
JoDKH.TnoatP9os-.aLD.. Prosector totheProfes
tor or Surgery.
F. S, &nfad. Janitor,
A pielimlnary term win commence on September
litb.aDdeoEtiauonntUtheregnlartenobegloß. This
tours© win be Ganns to thete Students .wto intend
taking a mil winter course, . - ■ -
Deny Glides are bold at the College. Fariherinfor-'
real lon as to Lectures, Terms. Ac.; maybe cbialutd by
Demof the Faculty.
No. 91 Ninth acc-it.
au3-tl9o-ltew-ialw - Few York.
U DlSEASES—Manychroslc diseases incidental
to the human family, and even such aa heretofore have
teen considered incurable by the medical licoltyof
tie wciiil, are ekuifoliy treated wlta (ttuiagui»h«t
and DB. IIANS YON BADKK, cf Lctpalc. Germany
There three tclentlflc Physicians and Burgeons aavo
bees encaged In their pro/irwtoß for upwards of rortv
yesrs They especially ca l the atteatHn of tee afflict
ed to the loCowirg named diaeares: Coughs Cold*
Croup. ConHur-rtlon, and that moot distressing of all
diseases the Asthma or Phtoislc. and oil otter com-
Sl&lrts of ttc Mouth. Throat. Lungs and dears. Also
iMaaes ol the Stomach. Liver. Z hlaeva. Spleon. BUd
der anl Bowcll such as Dys jeoais. wiitcb Ls a very els
tresi In ir complaint. Dtarrlie^.Dyser.te/y.CoiwlijiitTpu
orconUrutd:costlvenei>9. This lastornLeMe no»S ai.
ways supeTlnf nets Pure sr,d Flssuxa, whtchD treated
wlux K&rhcd aurcesa. without resorting to cutting
with the knife. The nerves are ofl«u diseased, aud
Nemalgla, BheuzoaUuQ. Gout and Paralyils aredis
treralng complaints. Also all fesiala com-
such as 17o<kr«4i», Debility, and
Diseetea ol the Wumb. all cured withonc caitlag with
the knife. Carcincma. or Cancer. Is another
which trw hitherto boiil«‘d the skill of the e&rtiUte and
learned uoctors of tiia worhl. This monstrous Hydra -
nukt now bow Us head, jorltcia be cured. All Ta
mors. TSTert Ulcers, or o:d Sorts. Hip Diseases White
Swellings. Club Feet, alike can bo cured witaout cut
ting w Idi the knile. Dbetsct ot the Byca. such as Laco
rymal FUtoJa. StrsDUmua. or Cross Eyes. Biactor
While Spots on the Eye Ball, Sore Byes.Biiadaesaand
Cataract. The latter uis :ase can often-be cured wUh
out resort to cutting with the kelfe. PaueuS with
Cataract wifi do well to call and let the Doctor exam-
Irethn-cssc. A large sssirtmo/itof Artlflo’ai Eves,
perfectly natural. All LUeasee of the Esn. sncf> »
roaring or buzzing souxds. odcnslre diicbareea and
dealccds. The Doctor has Tabes and Ear Drums and
Grades, of all sires and Descriptions, wh’ch restora
hearing very pei feet to tlu*e who are deaf. Person*
wilting wiii ten cents Write yourfbUname
t< wa. comiy aad State. Your I'ttsrs will be nromot
!yaotweiCO. Beas particular as youcau inulvinffa
filll history ot TO’JTol‘oi*'. Address
Jlmra frem ‘J a. m„ to S p. at. Ofllee No 91 Randolph
sucsr, corterofDearborn atreet. Chicago ?jj
auS-kliiMtilUdltw . fi,y *
„ , •laiTKSSOXVILLB. AaffUlt 4 13 -3. (
will bo receUedat tola office until
ticl.lL or 1163. for at tie Military
Hospital Grounds n»ar .leff-rsorvUle. Indlv»* the
Ivliuwpt Pimnblng aad Gas Fitting Muerlal* ttc.
Fix trocssao rlre hard red acd eighty (6.952) feat
two Inch Galvanized Wrought Iron Pipe } ' *
1 f°“ r ‘hoa?ar.d o'ght bandied (l.SOO) featoae-and
cte-half-lnch Galvanized Wrought Iron Pice
Hgtr thousand (3.01.0} fee; one inch Galvanized
TViooght Iron Pipe. »«****»*
- to*®) feet turee-anatter
inch fla.T£slzed Wyoughtlronpioo .
lcct lu:f tacll °«‘-
Twenty five hordzetl (2.ccy> poondaPbrLcad-
Four thorn ard live hnndrea (ISCO) pounds Sheet
Lcna,sli pounds per foot square, super iiclaL
Ore thousand u.WO) pounds he;t Bancs Tin
Seven thenraza five bandied pounds Lead Pin* size
otc-aid one ban inch. *’’*
Twenty seven (ft) cast ton hopper Water Cloiets
painted. . •
£&S“ )ron «•» i »** s
(wffi?Jd«!.?' >I ’ !>or '- nro ™ * e: ' < l nir3 •>? ton
.Two hundred and ninety six (295) three-quarter Inch
brass p’ftlu Bibb Cocks fitted for Iron pipe.
Twenty eight one loth Coda with one and one
qcarter lech Lose connections, fitted for Iron nine.
Thirty six (S6) half Inch brass plain Bibbs, fitted for
Iron pipe.
-Thirty *lx (85) Quarter inch Valve Cocks.
Two &T enamelled Wash Stands, with wash basins
p’ugs, and cocks
Twenty teran (27) Sinks. 2 ft. 3 In. by 30 In. by C la.
def-p. ....
Throe (3) Slr-kaS ft 610.bv2 fdof.3 In by 7 In. deep.
boor (4) tvo-lnch Ball Cocks fitted Ibr two Inch ton
Six (C) two-lcch Step Cocks flaed for two-Inch iron'
Two (2) one and a-half inch Ball Cocks fitted for
two inch iron pipe.
Sir (6) eight inch Copper BoQ Floats with 21 Inch
Fifty foar (54) occ-lnch Stop Codes, fitted for one
lech iron pipe.
Six (6) toreo-qnarterlnch Valve Cocks fitted for
tbree-qoMter-lccn Iron pipe.-
w?to C iWt '' ock wltil bich copperfloat.
One (l)one and ibalf inch Service Cock fitted for
Bon pipe. - -
Twenty -eevtn (27) half Inch Service Cooks fitted for
Iron pipe.
fcven (27) three-clghtt e-lnch Service Cocks
fitted for Iren pipe.
Twenty twoaundrert (3 2CO) fret two Inch tube
Three thcuMSd (S.CCO) leet onelocs iron to be.
Three tfcoaeand (3.(00) feet.three quarter-inch Iron
tnbe. ,
Fifteen lmcd ; ed (1.5 M) tee t half inch iron tabe
Eighteen hundred (LSCo) feet three eighth-Inch iron
Seven hundrt d (TOO) feet one-quarterlnchlroa tabs
Fifteen hundred pounds malleable Don Pipe Pit
One thousand (1,000) Booksof different sizes.
Twenty-four (Si) ono-folnt one Ugnt Gas Brackets,
Six (C) two-llght Gas Brackets. .
Two hard: eu and fifty 050) onellght Gas Pendants
cr-mpieto, exceptlcg stem, fisted lor threa-elgnth iron
Pl *fwo hundred and sixty (280) two-llght Gas Pendants
coii-plele. excepting stum, fitted fur three eighth iron
Twelve (15) Icur-Ught Gas Pendants, complete, ex
cfDtfetcu>, fitted Xor three-eighth }ro« ulna 1
fittcaitlronLamj) Pests complttulr ad their parts
uSkS ts<,u, “ a imm> (more «
Ail the above articles will be subject to the fcmec.
tlea and approval of an agent of the Government:
T&® Irery of soci of the above arilc ea aj nv>y be
-& r we 'will commence, at soon a*
p. acll.ab.e tiler date of contract, not exceeding tea
gajgOtcieafter: and the whole will he repaired to be
dedvtrcdon me ground by thelkth of bcpieiuber next,
or Econer If practicable.
The fall name and post office ad-ire s of the bidder
(andtbefUUaameor Ms parutei* If blddlaeior a firm)
n nst appear In the proposal,
Propo*a‘» from clsloyal parties and rebel urmna
thjzers will net bo considered. and the oath prescrib'd
by Congress mast la all cat** accompany the bid.
Proposals shoo.d be addre.-eed t» the aadertteoel
at d p^alidyendo-ei a. "frodosala for Plamluag arm
Gas rlltltg Material?.*' etc.
Each proposal mast be accompanied t>y a guarantee
signed by two 2 esponalble persona. wa>w respooslMli.
ty must te shewnor UlO certlrtrateol the CWkof tba
county In wMcb they reside. Tbetormoflbeaturaa.
tee win be as follows:
we of the county of -«,*
State cl do hereby guarantee that - *
is able to fortU a contract In accordance with
lie terms of Ms proposition, and that should hS
I’lopositwn be accepted, he will at once enter into
a c.'u&act In accordance there with. Should the con.
Sf.ccldtffr '* o Pmwwfto'KcSS
r.iPonjtsm t*e sum of fire thousand <s>l.o*o) dollars ‘
fMed by the coatrar .orand both of nu guaranS
tbiwifiS! r " Jtfu ‘ e ' n “ (!3!M “dderu? M «te3s£
tuSf SSSLiIfSSa? “ b ° •’"•“‘topenm «».
*»l^ , ? h HV^ ctanyor * 11 the bids that maybe
re3erved by the nadeniigned. as
v- eu astb& rtjht to select from etch bid such matert
aj».*tt..e prices thtrela named, as Li required by the
Government. Andlncassoftie failure of* Didder
who»e proposal is accepted to fa mix* within the Hmo
prescilbed. In qualify and quantity, the nuterlils
stipulated to bedellvered, then the Assistant Q isrter*
m*ster In charge to have the richt to soppiy such de
1 clency bv purchase, and such binder to be charged
-111. ue difference of cost. c BowlE3
Captain and As**t Qaanc muster.
nnS kRS-CISA-3C w-t bud at
coannssioN niebch ants,
iro Sonth wellAEtrcet Chicago.llL
o. W. Cupp, late O. W. ulapp 4s Co.
H. A. Goacdt. formerly Goadby, Perry tCo St
Louis. sio. J7is.WlS.im t saaw net
cimtehrs Hall?. &c.. *c. I have at mv WiwMnS’
53 LasaUe street, six different titea of these ircrooin *
Portable and Brick Furnaces
A ? po. I have a Furnace lor WOOD snltaMs f'?
E^ i . v f te .v Uweni ? e * ** the country; any
at abort notice. Tin Pipalad I® w coSS£-?«VSS
-."iSteiMtwnuM ' “• W ' LESIEB
Nos, lllj 113,115 117 BandolpU St*
JOHN E.SLHGU, Superintendent of Art Gdiicrr.
Tb? management takes grest pleasure I*. asncune
vf-o£?-;.V * N" 1 evpeuso. taetenoua ST LOtTIS
y> t BEii *» baa been purchase! and removed to the city,
auu with Urge aad expensive additions road* fro it from
' rt iao > sources la Suicpe and America, will bo
On Monday Evening, August 17,
emSn'«d ll lJ cS2'^5 M ;°i' ~n • TOM lour
affortl tf** s * 3 ®****
Where wD be combined ** *
■ Amusement and Instruction,
Free from all the objections that tnavoidab’v mu
round many places of a similar character.
The Slus* am contains over 20,C00 spitudul spsclmeaa.
clue moat wonderful
From thskiaglv Eagle tf*lhe gorgeously plumed Flata* 1
atng bird > great variety of Walar FogJs. lugethnr
■With REPTILBS, ana
Nlonsters oi tlzc IligUly Dccp t
The whole belre the resultnf many lungr«irsn’’lihsr
and research, by Prof. J.R. Batra. the aiiUmrulihod
practical Mtuial'j:. who wtl have me permanent a* r
»maLc^V7ha.,°A,:tl3 department. la addition t.» t&U
will be exhibited the mammoth skeleton remains of th»
e.ii.r ProtKOCH. In AMbmam. wd
only two ever brought to l.'gnr. The cinerwiwnm?
chased by the King of Pm Mia for the Royal
Perlia. ataco»tof St.OCOtaalew. On the second floor
sill be found a
Containing works ef art bv the greatest masters ofaa
clent ami modem times. In the surrounding Rooms*
nsgmficent serifs of
Of the choicest ard meat beautiful dcrcrlpuon. to*
gether with a rare collcc ioa or
And curious
prnLosopmcAL appar axes.
With minute Insects. Ac., for the Inspection of visitors
The splendid
Ess been ettlrely renovated and adorned In the high
est style of ait. atd wlllbeoccupledtrom tlmetallmo
tfcVb^iistorde?IrmaaCc 1 rmaaCcS ‘ auil tM wuexUiuaants of
Ttel'ilcc of admission bus been placed a:
Children under 13 year* of age 13 cents. Museum,
open every DAY and 2\BMNO.
Ofthe Museum wlllbetorsale at the office. Price IQetSv
The public is respectfully informed **«{ the
Magnificent Panorama
or TDK
Will be unrolled to the public.
In tbo .
This Superb work is of the most gigantic extant.and
was cxecuteu In London by artists ox tnc Loyal Acad
emy of arts. It will be open on
Monday Evening, August 17th.
For full particulars, see small bills. Admission 3S
cents. Children under ten years of ago. 13 oonu.
&r~ AdrriMlon to tho Panorama and
getber.4o centa. - aa*dC3o-2w-
SATUMJAT, AusurtStlx,
Via the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. The
train leaves the Depot, on West Klnale street, at 7-15
A. M. A coed Bond of Music will be la
a beautiful grove has been selected near tha Clew'
where the Excursionists can bavtr their own
Loot out for a Gala Day. Tickets only tLSO- call*
drew f i.oo. ana good to return on Bth orlOth.
Tlcek’scsn be procured at Henry Greesebaum'a.
corner Lake and Lasallc streets, ana 23 Elnzle street
of P. J. Hnsander; a so. at the depot on themorouur
of the Excursion. Comooae.coinealL
We arc sole agents in this market for tha
And shall keep on hand a foil supply ol there celebra
.echal.ajwtjich we offer at same prices that are aakad
tor common brauig. Dates at present qtc.
Nalls 10 to COd.
** 8
“ 3 fine iiuVii
l A, dc,,nct, ‘ cn 01 Per to j win be made on lota oc
1W toga or more. •_ .
Cblctgo, Asg. 1.1853.
189 south waters^ ce ,. - £
20CM toga aidheavy,
s__gj e Q tum i e , i Roo 4weight.
~uuO Eirlapa, 4 bushel, ezcallant gialifgfv^
Start A. Lewiston A, American A. Monitor, and other •
Se&aii«aj Pegs.
woolsacks. Floor Sacks. Grocer*# Sags. and every
description ol Bag and Sack used. For said by
Custom soase street, Nsw Oileana, La. >
now of
86 Randolph street, Chicago, fij.,
. Specialist In the treatment cl
Oed Casoxto. Mebcurcax, Blood axd sn« nr*.
t « em y ll6OOl waorttne to Mercury loilda
13 A POSmva coax In. all hj'mvt
diseaaea. Orcaclc Weakness. brought on by oxcoml.
oxer taxation of business. or ontoilad
causing loss of memory, narvooa and general dobintr
«c„ cored by an InloQlble method, ttitisr -bote time
aao expose. Sr. James Is recommended r*y the nra»
gnerally of the South. the medical tecalty and r»?«v
isots cf medical collegia, &c. Ttoee afflicted
apply Immediately, and be cured of theaa terrible <£•>
..Remember, Dr. James* Office and Parlors are atag
Randolph sk. between Stats and Dearborn sta.
Offlceopentom9A.il. undl3F.il. ConsuiLtaon*
Inviolable. auS-kJMMtaet .
Burglar and pnirs-Broof
Improved Baok Locks.
A. L. WHINE, 58 Dearborn street.
Jyl4-h£392tew tuasa, net
We are fully prepared tor Fall Trade with an
Seasonable Goods*
Purchased before the I»AT2 ADVANCE, whlcn w«
stall SFXL IIZQVLAZILV, at less
New York Prices.
We advise early purchases as, with active Fall trade,
goods will bring higher prtCvS.
Importer?, Jobbers hud Commission Dealers in
Notions. Woolens and Worsted
Goods, &c., &c.
74 & 76 LIKE STREET,
18G3. ST ™ OA ' xs TB63.
A First Cass Boat will leave Goodrich*! Dock.Hi«
abdve ltxuh Street Bridge.
Every Morning, (Sundays BzceptedL)
At 9 O’clock.
t^i!2s- lhel lL t £j psVto Kowannee and Wolf River
®*®*y Friday, Durlngiue toa-on of navigation,
*®t«rs and freight carried cheaper than by any ouw
rates of fare for passengers/--
_ First Claaa, Second Claw.
CUcagotoKenoeha. jj.no ttM
OhlcaeotoKaclae L 35 3
Chlcigoio Milwaukee IJO LJ»
Chicago to Port Washington.... 2.0 d - lA-
Uhleago to Sheboygan AM AH,
Chicago to Manitowoc and Two „. .
Eheis }»
Chicago to Grand Haven ato Mjm
nr Passengers will ple*« purchaeo their tUkeucft
V~3«nd IMrtl» 'nr MM
<.riaJM»»WPlro« wrll aiooburaoH.
»p&da*frD>TT»iM* • eaad Btroratnal.
•« ...4AS7V

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