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Office Ho. 61 Clorlt Street. '
B. delivered In city, per ye*r.. lo.oo
, delivered la dtr, pet week SO
, to mall «cb*criDC», p«r yew 0.00
. tomail eobecrlben. perdmonthsu 6.00
FeckJy. per year....... . 6.00
ITeekly, glnc'c tabecrlbon (6 mo B $1.03) 8.00
“ 4 copies 1.00
•• 10 copies 16.00
** 10 copies, end Ito setter vp o!
crab. 80.00
garVoney la Bcsistcred Letten may be seat at
Bf The remltUaee lor dole mn«l, In til CMWi
Pi taafle at oeb time. ' •
9ST There win be no deviation from the toe*
feeing scale of rates.
Address “CHICAGO TBXBtTNE,** Ohleigo, IU
€l)icago Tribune.
Blunt, the fighting. General, has ndded
another to his long list of victories, and
lids time has achieved a success of which
Buy General in tho field might bo proud.
(Since the battle ol Honey Springe, Blunt,
With his little bond of 4,500 men, has been
Sna precarious situation, where seeming
annihilation stared him in the face. The
Rebels outnumbered him nearly three to
one. An attack threatened defeat, and to
lUtcmpt a retreat seemed the signal lor an
titter rout. In the foce of such heavy odds,
fcowever, Blunt made the attack with such
fury that the rebel hordes fled inconti*
Uently. Blunt pursued them a hundred
tnilcs, burning their commissary depot,
fort Smith is the nest point of attack, and
4ro may confidently expect the immediate
downfall of that rebel stronghold, and the
complete riddance pi the Indian Territory |
from rebels.
Our Vicksburg; Memphis and Cairo dla
patches arc ample, and full of interesting
details as to tho movements of our own
force. I *, and news gathered from rebel forc
es, A panic, prevails at Mobile,'‘over tho
threatened approach of our gallant “West
ern boys. The reported defunct Pcmbcr-1
X-on seems to have tamed up again, and to !
have been made tho recipient of an ovation
x>f rotten apples, by the chivalry whom he
attempted to address. Guerillas have
Commenced their depredations again along
the banks of the Mississippi, firing’ upon
Unarmed transports. If the end of a stout
tope and a short shrift were administered
to these roving bandits when caught, we
Should hear little of guerillas.
The New Tork banks have accepted
Secretary Chase's proposition to lend the
Government thirty-five millions of dollars,
stipulating, however, that the treasury
Cotes tun one, two and three years, and
that, if they take the first fifty millions of
treasury note? the remaining thirty-five
millions hereafter to be issued, may be ne
goti ilcd tbrough'the banks, if they choose
to take them. .It is doubtful If Secretary
Chase will accede to these terms.
The lowa soldiers in the field arc dis
posed to examine into Gen. Tuttle's claims
to the Governorship of lowa, while repo
sing under the wings of Le Grand, Bying
lon, and other Copperheads of that State.
portion of his old command are pro
pounding to him .some leading questions,'
svhlch it will be difficult for. him to an
f £wer. Tuttle is a melancholy instance of
apolitical r ? nide. He should have ad
hered to hk ies 5n the field.
The news from Charleston presents
Nothing decisive. The Monitors seem to.
bare waked up . and - have had a.terrific
bombardment with the rebel b ittcries.
Cilmorc is M pegging away” industriously,-
and daily approaching nearer the grand
Consummation. .He takes no steps back
Wc deroto onr inside columns to-day to 1
the speeches delivered at the great Spring-.!
field Union love feast.. Close abstracts bfj
the speeches of Major General Dick Ogles-1
fiy, Hon. J. R. Doolittle, Hon. Z. Chan-1
flier, Hon. L hf. Haynie, Got.* Tates, CoL 1
pongherty, and Hon. E. 0. Ingersoll, from 1
onr reporters’ copious notes arc presented. I
It will bo unnecessary'forns to commend |
|hem Co our readers, -Raid them and
Bather new Incitements to renewed devo-!
tion to the Union and support of the Gov
ernment, which nt this lime pre-eminently
poeda the encouragement of every loyal
Tlic man who planned the Confederate I
Ipotton loan deserves a niche among the I
famous. John X.aw’6 South Pacific I
Scheme, over which all Europe went wild, I
*ras not a more etupendous awindle than I
|1,;« TVe hare looked on with much I
Complacency at the avidity with which I
the bait has been swallowed by the usual-1
Jy Ehiewd financiers acton the water. A I
Joan secured by certain hale* of, cotton, I
goal or imaginary, fer away from' any eev
j>orl whatever,— laying aside the feet that
Itcheldom is in a T state of blockade,—
itronld teem to he a little precarious. As
>rc understand it, the loan u based, after
Jhe manner of pawnbrokers, upon the cot
ton which the Confederate Government
Jias purchased of the planters and stored
On the plantations for greater security.
I *
Not long since the London papers oon-1 «
a grand announcement from the I
Confederate agent that the government I
Cotton was perfectly secure. It was left I
Dn the plantations .where purchased in I
prdcr-to remove it from the possibility of 1
Bcstructlon.by marauding bands of the I
Cncmy. It bad been marked with the j
government biadd and stored .In well I
Jbuilt sheds; three hundred yards from any I
Other building. ■ Imagine Mr. Caput Tauri, I
gn English bond-holder, about to collect |
|hc little sum of money which bo has con-1
Bdlngly loaned to the agents of Jeff I
£)avis. He takes steamer for New York
Bind when arrived there consults., the map
of] the United Stales. 'Mr. Tauri's cotton
5s on the plantation of Mr. Jules Ecbrler,'
Hcvcn miles southwest from Huddleston,
Eapides Parish,' Louisiana. Ho find*
Hi at to reach Louisiana ho
snust taka steamer to New
prlcans. He* arrives at that port,
pnd finds that he must take an oath not to
'(to anythingto the comfort of the rebel* be
fore he can be permitted to land. This
path somewhat obstructs hia movements in
future.- .1-. /
By a atreak of unusual good luck and
Ibe aid of the British Consul in several In-
Icrvicrws -with Gen. Banks, vc will sopposs
y r Tauri lo have obtained a pass allow
ing him to visit the parish of Rapides in
|hc State,of Louisiana. He looks about
for conveyance. He can get to the mouth
Df Red river, hut no farther, as that stream
Sa not at present navigated by steamboats.
tn a skiff or dugout, if he can persuade
viarkeya or “poor white trash” to propel
khe same, he proceeds to the end of water
Communication. He is shot at by
guerillas, is stopped and searched
repeatedly, - hut on .the plea of being
St harmless Briton, he is graciously
permitted to proceed. Leaving his canoe,
fce makes bis way partly oh foot and never
vrith heller conveyance than on horseback
lo Mr. Fehrierie plantation. ' On the way
tie is troubled to; know how he is toget
piR cotton to market. Added to the lack
t>f transportation facilities, he understands.
that trade matters are somewhat restricted.
Sfcturally enough he is in a condition of
£erious mental tw>«Tpi»nnMit'-
On reaching Mr. Pettier’, plantation,
Jtliat gentleman ‘welcomes him after the
{Danner of hospitable Southerners. He
Informs Mr. Tanrl that his personal com*
lort willhe somewhat limited, as “all the
jnggere have run off to New Orleans," He
liincs upon a fragment of rusty bacon and
ft cube of heavy cornbrcad, and, refreshes
Jilmself afterwards with a few whiffa from
ft cob pipe. He thenopens out upon busi
ness and Informs Mr. Febricr of the oV
Ject ofhiSTl“t*.:
Imagine Mr. Tanri’s astonishment
. Avlicn he learns from hhfhost that the col*
lon for which he has traveled .so. lopg and
po far is the things that were. I
Sold my cotton.” says Mr. F, “and took
Uid nates of the Confederate Government
In return. The officer who conducted the
negotiation told mo to hum it if tho Tan
kccs overcame near me. Five months ago
Geo. Banks moved up from Opclousssto
Alexandria, and I thought some of Ida
cavalry might happen this way. As I
didn't own tho atulfi anyhowi I concluded
to net lire to It, and have It oO my mind.
All my neighbors did tho ssmo thing.
Ton’ll find tho sahos of your cotton out
them on the edge of tho bayou. lam sor
ry for you, bull really don't too how you
could expect anything else,"
pn tho following morning Mr. Taurl
I>. eakfasta on hog and hominy, remounts
hie horeo (if ho has one) and starts on his
-return to England. Landed in Liverpool,
bis friends meet Hn on tho quay and to
gether they adjourn to a gin psloco for
inspiration. - The glacroa am died. One
of the friends proposes “The Confederacy
forever P’ Our traveller don’t see it.
“Confederacy be—eaya Mr. Taurl
and swallows his atimulant with a gulp.
He soils out his Confederate stock at the
batpossiblc figure within half an hour.
The Confederate Loan has fallen to a
low figure. Possibly the Taurines are get
ting their eyes open. ,A fcwznonthabehoq.
they, will bo selling their bonds to tbo
pai>cr makerj.
Kentucky State Officers.
Governor BramlettejOl Kentucky, hat se
lected Iphraltn L. Vanwinkle, Esq., of
Pulaski, as Secretary of State, Lieutenant
Colonel John Boyle, of the Kentucky volon.
tcera, as Adjutant General, and 8. G.Bnddutb,
Aeq., of Adair, as Quartermaster General.
Jefferson T. Toombs, the colored man,
with whom Hon. Geo. E. Pugh, Copperhead
candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Ohio,
Is now bar «ng a serious personal controversy,
is a son of Brigadier General Robert Toombs,
—formerly U. 8. Senator from deorgla—by a
female slave.' It Is to be deeply .regretted
that Pugh should quarrel with the son of bis
bosom friend.
Diptlng into Oil.— The Oil City Monitor
Eajs that the youngstsis of that region till
into the oil business early, and very often
into the oil. Lads ten and twelve years old
often clear from $1 to $5 a day dipping oil
from the surface oi the water, in some eddy
or place prepared by artificial obstruction,
and on “pond freshet*’ days ■where a jam is
made, sometimes realize from $35 to SSO per
day.; The same paper says:
On onr last freshet day. a boat frith about
one bundled and thirty Darrels of crude oIL
came down tbe creek with a man a* pilot, and
a small boy of nine or ten years at the bow,
and they got along swimmingly until they
we jo ahont opposite our office, when their
little craft ran cgali st a barge of larger pre
tensions, aud the oars coming foul, the stem
of the one manned by the lad swung around
i with a tom; bnt urchin saw his danger and
I escaped injury or being knocked into the wa*
I ter by Jumping into the bnlk ot oil, and
I squatting. Sat he couldn't keep out of. the
{ way of the oar stem without a ducking, and
-had -to bob his head and all under the oil.
Down he went manfully, and was literally.
1 baptized In oil. ‘When the danger was pass:d
I he came out, sputtering and squirting worse
I than a flowing well, but it didn’t hurt him.
I Stdtca la the natural element of urchins here-
I about. Most of the citizens hare such a
| prejudice against water, that they christen
I their children by an application of oil instead
I of purer clement.
The steamer Chancellor, arrived at Cairo,
on Wednesday evening last, having on hoard
a thirty-six pounder, made of brass, cast in
Fiance, in the year 17G3. The crown and
royal cypher are engraved upon its butt. Da
ring the Mexican war our army cvptar*.d it,
Since which time It has remained in the
South. When the rebellion commenced the
Confederates mounted it, and It was taken
from them onlhe Fourth of.Julj.jkt
boig.' The piece la - veil preserved, but the
interior ofltia&r from, being smooth. Could
tte ancient gnn speak, what a tale of adven
ture it might relate.
A finpaiftr cose of death occurred at Al
toona, on Saturday morning last, at two
o’c’ock. Mra. Dr. 5. M. GemmlU. (formerly
Mr. Dr. C. J. Harris,) had retired at cloven
o’clock the previous evening, in her usual
health and in fine spirits. About twelve
o’clock, a brass band called to serenade the
doctor, and about the same time he was
called awav to see a patient. After the doc
tor left, Mis. G. arose and called her niece
Into the room to hoar the music, and then
sat down at the window. When the hand
had finished playing, her niece turned to
sptnk to her, and observed something unusu
al in her appearance. Mrs G. left her scot at
the window and threw herself upon the bed.
Her niece approached her and asked her
whether she was suffering, and she. replied,
“vtry severely.” A mocscuffer was at onco
dispatched for the doctor, who was soon at
her tide, but he found her insensible, and she,
expired in ft few minutes. Her death was
caused by apoplexy.— TUOburgh Gaxtte*
The Union and Emancipation Society of
Great Britain have recently pawed the follow
ing resolution:
Omen M Picxntu/r, I
MaKcnssm, llth August, ISOS. J
Jludxtd. That the Executive of the Union and
Em* urination Society beg to express their sympa
thy with General Neal Dow In respect to his ac
tivity and imprisonment at Richmond. The Ex
ecutive very highly value General Dow’s able and
earnest Letters on Slavery and the American war.
Whirring that they have rendered great sendee to
the cause of Union and Emancipation, and have
thereby earned for Mr. Dow the gratitude and es
teem of all true friends ef freedom. (Signed) -
Jonir O. Edvjlbds, I Hon. Bec'ys.
Edw. Owzx Gnxajiixo, j
—The French General Forey gave a grand
ball In Mexico about six weeks ago. Three
thousand men were present and only five
hundred ladies.
—A stranger In a printing office asked the 1
youngest appjcutlce what hit rule of punctu- I
*Uod was. “I set up as long as I cm hold I
my breath, then I put In a comma ; when I I
gar c. I Insert a semi-colon; and when! want I
a chew of tobacco, I make a paragraph.” I
The Trench Steam Frigate, which, ]
i with a live Trench admiral on board, has so I
I lore been the cynosure of admiring eyes from
| ih* battery, gucefully slipped her moorings
at 6:15 p. m., moring seawards against the
stiopgnood tide with great speed—so gently \
I ana gracefully Indeed, u*ut La Gwrriert was
I the obsei »cd of all obsotTCrs. This is one of
I the crack frigates of Louis Napoleon’s naval
I marine. Borne thirty of her seamen are col-
I ored men, and the most expert oarsmen of
I her barges aro also “ebonies." 'Where has
I La Gunritre gone to, and on what mission U
I her admiral, nnder lost! action from the
I Tullleriee, Intent ? We expect ahe will turn
I up off New Orleans in dne coarse, winds and
| waves permitting.— WUkt'iSpirHofthe Times.
Xoe for the Troops.
(From the New South, Aug. 90.]
The following letter tu received In the I
la*t mall per the Arago. It was kindly fnr
althcd us by ColoneTElwell for publication,
and tells It® own story. It Is cheering to
know that, while fighting here ®o far from I
home, Tinder a scorching August sun. on the
' bai ren, burning (and of these sea isios, we
am not forgotten by our more fortunate fel*
low citizens of the North; We give Mr. Stu
art onr hearty thanks for this splendid pres
ent. More of the some sort wul find ready
consumption. In this country, Ice Is of the
ntmoet importance to the continued health
of troops: —
■ Ki v Yon,
I> nteaant’Colooel J.‘ J. Elwell, Chief Quarter- 1
master, Department South. I
Dxas Sir: I received your appeal for Iso I
for our breve soldiers just u 1 wn leaving I
Philadelphia to address a meetls* In Sirato- I
ca on behalf of the Christian Commission. I
VhUo at Saratoga I made an appeal at the
dinner table cf tbo Bererel hotels,-and re
ceived In a tor hour* over three thousand
dollars, and at once telegraphed the Chair*
taan of our Boston Committee—E 8. Fobey, |
Ktq,—to invest the amount lu ice, lemons,
, and forward at once to the agent of our
; Commission at Beaufort, S. C.*—Mr. Emmons.
1 trust the ice may reach our brave men In
good lime. I thank yon far Informing me or
the wants of our soldiers, and shall always
be glad to hear from you. - Tours for our
country, Gborok H Stuart.
Ch’man United States Christen Commission.
Eisterk awn Wrstxbk Troops.—A cor
respondent writing from New Orleans, where
the troops cf the East and West are doing
duty side by side, saya with a probable show
of truth:
The difference between the Western troops
krd their Eastern brothers In arms U very
noticeable here in the slixels, and Indeed
wherever they arc brought together In large
bodies/ a |
untidy, devil-may-care stjle shout him. The
Eastern Is prim, and more given-to whlte,
gloves and bultoned-up coats, And the two
classes do not mix well together.Thevar
guesud Quarrel too much about the want or
native victories in Virginia, and
JtcU involving sectional pride eliciting
ti ctlOD&l feel tug lu the discussion. Men who
have served with Gen Grant.are, I begin to
inspect, learning to regard themselves as not
.only Invincible bcfore.tbe enemy but also be-,
fore their filenda. - They are elated by their
fureesses. • -
yff hy should they not l>a; and is It asjrihiog
LQtLniEia.tobr*gr .
A New Rebel Battery opens
from Sullivan's Island.
Terrific Engagement between
’ the Monitors and the
Bebel Forts, on
Fortress Moanoi, Bept, A—The iteamor
Spaulding arrived at 0. o'clock last evening
from off Charleston. . Bho left Morris Island
Monday last. Bho reports that a severe storm
bad prevailed there for ccroral days, making
It very rough where our fleet lay, and entirely
a topping all naval operations.
New Tore, Bept. 6.—A Moiris Island lettar
of September lit, to the JleralS, says:
“For two or three days p&at, a sew rebel
battery on Soil!van's Island has been making
fruitless efforts to annoy onr men In. the ad
vanced trenches. Tne calibre of the gun em
ployed Is not certainly known, bnt supposed
to bo one of the Xl-Ineb gun# tiken from the
Keokuk. Tbo tiring ofihe gon Is very good,
except in one rather important pat tlculax, its
.range being short, and only at long intervals
a'shot Gom It reaches this Island. Those
thrown in thus for have been solid shot, and
hare done no damage, other than to sand hills
which bate been hit. The grwt majority fall
into the water outside the beach, and expend
their force on the curling surf
“Four monitors, the Faasa'.c, Pataptco,
Nahant and Montauk, came in yesterday
afternoon, and engaged Fort Moultrie and
the batteries on Sullivan's Island, firing oc
casional shot at Sumter and Wagner. The
engagement commenced about half-past
three o’clock and continued two hoars. The
fire was maintained with great intensity,
particularly on the rebel side.. The firing
. from Moultrie and Battery Bee was terrific.
Their heavy guns rattled off, like a snare
'drum in tattoo, tho Vater about the monitors
: Jetting up in all directions. Many shots
struck the monitors,. but did little damage.
The heavy rifle and 15-inch shells of the Iron
sides burst with effect over and in Moultrie,
and sent the earth whirling in all directions.
Wagner was repeatedly struck by the explod
ing shells and somewhat damaged. She fired
but few shots during the contest at the mon
itors. Battery Gregg was exceedingly ac
tive. Her heavy guns were In play, from the
first'to tlie last of the engagement, and made
some excellent shots. The monitors* shells
went wiliPy on all sides, and had no effect in
slierclng her guns. ' Sumter was struck
several times by rifle shells from the Passaic
and Patapseo, but besides detaching masses
oflocae masonry, it did no iurtherdamage I
lb tie fort No'guns were dismounted, if 1
they caist
“.After two or three hours* fighting the
monitors withdrew. The object of the st
uck has not been developed.
“Some days slnco the enemy made. a sys
tematic effort' to blow up and destroy the
gunboats ; at Stono Inlet, by means of torpe
does. For innately no serious damage was
inflicted on any of the vessels by these Infer
nal machines, but the escape was quite nar
row enough for comfort, A torpedo exploded
a little astern of the Pawnee, and blew her
launch, which was towing astern, to frag
tents. A few moments later s tremendous I
explosion occurred on board the Kawanee, &
few rods below the Pawnee, occasioned by
another ioipsdo rent down at the same time.
From facts since developed, it is certain that |
the rebels sent down on that night at least
ten of these inventions. Three or four
exploded, and .four !wero picked up. One
drifted through the fleet of transports and up
Folly river, and exploded under the bowsol
*tbe’mortaf”ic&)Oner*TJ-' ,!
'occasio&eduo'dams2e. w The torpedo la pre
cisely like thoso we have found in Light
House Creek, and go off at the aUghtest eon*
I cutflon.”
The New York Tribunt'a Morris Island lot'
tcrqgatcs: “ Wagnar wPI be held to the last
moment, but a want ofirater will compel her
to surrender. The dead lie soth'ckly around
hcrwalh tb-t the water Irom the shallow
wells cannot be drsuk. If, compelled by
thirst, some of the soldiers areso imprudent
cp to swallow it, the next day they are .in
bosplta l , and before the close of the week
many of them are in their glares. Brere
I attempts hare been made to supply the gar
ilson from Charleston, but thus fara small
quantity has been famished. Only at mid*
night, or under corcr of some dense fog, In
the morning, have any Teasels been known ta
reach them for the past eight days. If the
monitors could only cut off the communica
tion for one week longer, the fort would b*e 1»
our possession, and with Fort Wagner, Fort
Gregg and the whole of Morris Island once
oun, the stars snd stripes in a few hours
would ware over Sumter.
“We are now ulthin 100 yards of Wagner.
By to-morrow, our heariest Parrotts will be
able to deliTcr fire at a distance of 200 yards,
Into the enemy’s embrasure, common dlngtka
beach, and an enfilading fire on etcry gum
looking seaward.**
[Special Slepfttch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Uunni. Bopt. 8, rix I
Cuno, Sept. 6,1801 f
There is nothing new from Arkansas, At I
last accounts, the armies of Davidson and |
Price were approaching, and acolllslonabont |
c’gbl or ten miles from Bayou Metal re, was!
anticipated. . . ]
Kirby Smith Is commander of the rebel |
trans-Mlsslselppi Department. Helsatlittle 1
I Rock. Texas Is In command of Gen. Msgru-1
1 dcr, headquarters at Galveston. I
Dick Taylor is In command ol the Loulsi- j
ana District, but has not gone to Tries, whose J
Lcaiquartere are at Bsyon Met&irre, where |
there axe.strong fortifications and where 1
Price proposes to make a desperate defense. J
Defenses are also being put up at Little Bock. I
The rebels have eleven cars and three engines I
running on the Little Rock Railroad, between I
Duvall's Bluff and Little Bock.: There art I
salo to be quite a large number of steamboats |
lying at Little Bock and along the Arkansas.
GoL Bnrbridgo oi the Confederate army
was captured by pur forces at Brownsville.
Ec supposed.be was going Into Marfa ad aks’s |
camp, but found bimself in .Gen. Davidson's
dutches. ■ He Is now at Memphis, In the hos
pital, sick. ■
The steamboat Planet get aground near
Island 05, on her downward trip, and In get
ting off broke one of her engines. At another
point she was fired upon by guerillas, and five
hotecs killed.
At Morgan’s Bend the Atlantic was fired
upon by a patty of guerillas from the Louisi
ana shore. Eighteen Minnie balls penetrated
tbo upper works. A soldier received a slight
woQud In the hip, which was all the damage
Borrow, a noted guerilla, burnt
some 70 bales of cotton about eighteen miles
from Memphis, on Tuesday. The drivers and
owners were taken prisoners and carried off..
Last Saturday morning 40 armed men rode
into Brownsville, Tenn., about forty miles
from Ft. Pillow, and helped themselves to all
the goods, clothing and boots they could take
I off with them. They threatened to hum the
town but did not venture upon that experi-
I 'mtnt. There have been some half dozen
I regiments, formed in Western Tennessee,* for
I the Federal army during the past few weeks.
I Bcme Guards for the defense of property
I .and crops, are also forming In several coua-
I ties.
We tore late advices from New Orleans.
Gen. Grant and Gen. Thomas haTOgonedown
to New Orleans to visit Gem Banks.
It U rumored that Gen. Banks Is going
Texas, and that Grant win command all the
i! laeiaalppl Birer, and capture Mobile.
Jce Johnston's army has moved from the
vicinity of Enterprise, but in what direction
is not certainly known, though It is supposed
tt at he has abandoned the Idea of defending 1
.Mobile, and will endeavor to effect a junction
with Bragg’s army at or near Chattanooga,
tt> the end that Boeetans may bo set bade,
i. Advices from the South confirm the tall of
Sumter and Wagner, also that three Tederil
Uoa-cUd* had pasted, sB the obstowUoaa,
and were in front of Charleston, shelling tho
city, from which they desisted according to
report, only at the instance of the British
Consul. ' ;
Tho Mobil. Tdyraph ol th« SUh, ulmlU
tbo fall of, Sumter, but intimate, that thoj
have other means of defease. It says Charles
ton may be burned but never will boiur
rendered. ...
Mnurntß, Bcpt. B.—Brig. Gea. Carr, who
has Just recovered.hit health, which was
greatly Impaired by the btUUuit part which
he sustained In , the Vicksburg campaign, re
potted hero for duty last night. He is or
dered to tho command of tho left wing of
Gen. Hurlbut's army. Headquarters at Cor
inth, Miss.
Chaplain Cnrr of the Sd Hllnols.cavalry, a
brother; of the General, leads to the altar, lids
monung. the lovely young widow, Mrs. Vick
ers, of Memphis. The bride snd groom go
North to spend the honeymoon, among the
clerical gcutlemon’s friends, upon the Illinois
Every thing Is quiet along this line. Some
t«»n guerilla bonds are committing depre
dations near Brownsville and Jackson, Term.,
burning cotton, which the owners are endeav
oring to get to muket. Considerable quan*
titles of cotton have reschcdHemphls during
the past three weeks. • '•
Gen. Steele was at Duvall’s Bluff, Ark., at
list accounts. ' .
Hanging of the Murderers of the
Beckham Family.
IB pedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
CoLurau?; Sept. 4,1861
Three of the colored men found guilty by
& Military Commission, of which W. I* Shaw,
of the 14th lowa, was President, of the mar
der of the Beckham family* at' Compromise
Landing, -on the Cth of last month, were pub*
Ucly executed by hanging here to-day. Gen.
Hurlbut’e approval of the finding of the MU*
Wary Commission only arrived yesterday, but
it peremp’orUy ordered the execution to take
place on the ensuing Friday after the recep
tion of the order at the headquarters of the
District. Though* the time for preparation
was short, Col. Scott, llaj. N. Rowley, and
Capt. 'Williams, upon whom the serious duty
devolved, were equal to' the emergency, and
bcfoio noon to-day, had everything in readl
*nces; i.t a little past one, the culprits, Lewis
Stevenson, WU’lamßay, and Jim Webb, were
launched Into eternity.
The execution was attended by about 2,500
people; Including the 21st Wisconsin, 20th
Tennessee (colored) artillery, and a detach
ment of the Cth United States regular infan
try, besides numerous delegations from civil
life, many being females; The white and
black prisoners betrayed bat little feeling,
and met death with nnnbatilflrmnesa. Prayer
was made by colored exhorteia, In which the
culprits Joined. Unch praise is dae to the
officers mentioned, more especially to Pro
vost Marshals Sowley and Williams, for the
prompt and skUIToI manner In which all the
details of the tragic event were conducted,
and the complete success which characterized
the results. It is supposed that the seven re
maining prisoners found guilty of the same
crime, WIU : soon suffer the late of those
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cuno, Sept,6,lSQS. .
By steamer C. E. BD'man, m h*re Mem
phis d ties «f the Stl. and Vicksburg new* ol
SGtb. Tlio Utter Is folly given in your cor-
respondents dispatch from Memphis.
UrTL»»ioUoiring UmpotUnVnotice,!* -which
ill'cotton buyers are interested, I* published
by T. P. Yeatma.n Treasury Department,
Memphis, on the Sd Inst.:
Onici Special Ag’t Triabubt DBPAirrjnißT,)
, ICucrms, Sept, t, 18W. f
| Notice will be token that all cotton raised
I in the States of Mississippi, Arkansas, and
Louisiana, comiug Into the State of Tennes
see withont being dulypermltted.forabaudon
ment or otbwwiec, wih be seized and confis
cated. This notice is given for the
I advantage ol planter* residing in the vi-
I cinity ol Mempn's, who are Imported to
I bjii'g their cotton forward; for sale, thereby
1 rorwg great risk of loslnglL
I (Signed,) . 8 Tbatjcaji,
I Ateu Special Agent Treasury Department,
I The members of the 2d lowa ;in£antry, part
of Gen. Tutllc’s old command, had a meeting
lately, at which his acceptance of the nomina
tion for Governor of lowa, by the so-called
Democratic Committee, wen severely repro
baUd. A series of resolutions were passed,
settles forth the seeming Inconsistency In
, his course, and ask’ng him, among others,the
I following pertinent questions:, Do yon eh- •
i doiee the Circular No. 2, Issued by the State
Central Committee in which the Conscription
set Is denounced as on abominably unequal
aefi unconstitutional set? Do yon, wlthjlhat
I Committee, tavor an appropriation ol |SOO,-
1 QOOto exempt a certain class of persons from
I tho draft ? A Committee of the 2d lowa wiH
1 call upon Gen. Tuttle for explanations and
I answers to their queries.
Brig. Gen. N. B. Buford, has received to*-
a a j official notification of hie appointment to
tbo command of Helena, Arkansas, and be li
to proceed at once to bis new commands
Brig. Gen. A. J. Smith, in command of tbe
Bleuict, will del riV competent officers to
command at Cairo, to. reJ’eve Bilg. Gen. Bn
ford, who desires to get off In about one
Cubo, Sept. s.—The steamer Liberty,
with Memphis papers and a largo number of
furloughed Illinois, lowa, Wisconsin and
Mb tour! soldiers, boa arrived from Me mphl*.
Thn bring late new* from Arkansas. Cou
Bnrbridge (rebel) was taken prisoner at
Brownsville. He bad been sick at D avail's
Bluff. Hearing there was to be a fight there,
be uni bis fcimly to the Interior, and started
for Brownsville—met a maaln butternut*—
asked if Mannaduko was In Brownsville—
man said jes—offered to show the way a
short distance—mot two others in United
States Unilorm—they, would conduct him to
Marmaduko’a headquarters—took him into
Brownsville, when ho found he was caught
in a trap. He ia now in the officer* hospital.
Marsh Welker Is made a Major-General, and
is In Price’s department. . _ .
Guerillas art at work In Middle and West
Tennessee. . • Al _ ..
1 give the following from tho Memphis
I't.!Uiin: "Wc lean that tho noted gue
illla and thief. Parson Burrows, one or the
worst men ever engaged In thieving opera
tions In West Tennessee, haa recently got
; back to his old haunts. He mads himself iclt
potentially on Tuesday, about three miles
bejond Raleigh, on the oldßrownsvUleßoad,
capturing forty wagons and teams, hauling
cotton The team slers were taken prisoners
aad conscripted. The cotton, about ™ bales,
was burnt. One of the teamsters, nearly
blind, was let off from the conscription, and
be brought the news to Memphis... Barrows
is one of the worst men living. Pesple along
the line ot his usual operations need never
expect reliel from his visits until they rise
up; arm themselves and exterminate him and
bis band.
There was a guerilla raid into Brownsville.
Stores were robbed and goods carried off.
■We ieam from Brownsville, Tonn. that a
guerilla band of about forty made their ap
pearance in that town last Saturday. Imme
diately the merchants dosed their stores.
This greatly Incensed the desperadoes, who
threatened that, unless the stores were
crtccd, they would bum them up, A few
or the merchants becoming frightened, open
ed their stores, when the desperadoes went
In, look whatever they wanted, offering Con
federate money in payment. It happened
that all bad a large quantity of Confederate
notes. When they wanted to buy a pair of
boots they offered a fifty dollar note. Of
course it was not changed, and goods were
considered sold, and accoralogly carried oft
Boolean! all sorts of dry goods and clothing
were in great request for about three hours,
when the freebooters departed with their Ul
cocten gains They arc thick along the grove.
* Colton In Now Orlcrvns 60 and ca cents.
Bands of guerUlaa still infest the country
adjacent to Nashville, via: Clinton, Monroe
and Cumberland. On Saturday one band cap
lured four of Woolford’s cavalry at Ashbury.
Small parties are reported InTrimble county.
Fr«m TTaihing^on.
Washixgtox, Sept, s.—Postmaster Gener
al Blair baa returned to Washington from a
Tialt "with the second assistant Postmaster
General, McLellan. hull* still prostrated with
sU kncsa at his residence.
The Potoroad flotilla reports no signs re
cently of rebel troops alone the river.
The official orders show that the capture of
the ennhoat Reliance amd Satellite by the
nheia was owing to a disregard to Instruc
tions by the commanding omrore. '
1 *TnieTroa*.uty Department is engaged la th»
I n edifications ot . Regulation* of Commerce
[ oaiHwHisriilpplßlref.
Important from the! South.
[Bpedsl Dispatch td tbs ChlcafoTrlhune.]
Via Cauo, Bept.l,l*l. f
Reports from the South by aeqhta ore that
Johnston’* at my is scattered along the road
between' Jackson snd MobPo, for hundreds
of miles. It Is found impossible; to support
thcmsll In one body. Fifteenthousand of
Pemberton’s troops refuse to report at the
Demopolli rendezvous lor paroled troops.
Breckinridge Is advising non-combatanta to
go North, aS they, on*y embarrass the Con*
fedcracy. ‘ ■ i .
•. Gen. Dan. Manty Is In command ot the
forces at MobPo. The whole population,
both white and black, are the for
tifications. .
Gem Pemberton attempted to address the
people.at Demopolis, lately, .when.he was
pelted with rotten apples. f
The people of Alabama are attempting to
hold meetings lor reconstruction; One held
In Green comity, was dispersed at. the point
of the bayonet. .' {
There is great suffering In tho' intorior of
Hisskslppl for want of food. ;Xbe author!-
Use wQI not allow the people to coma within
our lines,, if they can help it* toy would
rather they should, atatye.. .. t ’ipf"
There Is great: -deprcsslonDreT The loss of
machinery at and near Grenada,- The com
mat d of Chalmers" was sent there to bring It
South, when they fell into the firms ol tho
force sent from Memphis, and'.'oue from
here. .. f
Bragg Is reported at AllanU,-Qa. Rose
cracs Is not even located by rumor.
Wo have news .from ChorleftOßfcl the 21ii.
Nothing definite.
Public confidence Is shaken In Johnston,'
He was compelled to send bis Carolina troops
to Savannah, or have them desert. About
4,000 of these troops went thlthcrVn thelOth.
Ail things look blight in this department.
Our troops are getting imps licit to move:
.Weather cool and healthy. . ■ t; ; .
[BpedalDlspatch to the CUeagoTrilmae.l
VlCKsaußO, Aug. 25, via Cxino, Sept, I.
■ A messenger from Mobile Just re
ports a general consternation among the In
habitants tor tear of a siege or bombardment ,
of tie city. It Is well fortified; tint deficient ,
In troops. Everything is veiWhigh. The
blockade has been carried on almpat. without
interruption, and draws gold and silver Irom
the country. Each cargo raises the prices of
gold t until It is now fll-ecn hundred per cent,
and impossible to get at that. We have dates
from'tbero- of the 20th. There are several
gunboats not yet completed, wh’ch will be
ready in two months. Moblle.,-h&rbor de
fenses are very strong. The city. for Lllldd
as strongly sa the nature of .the ground will
permit. : ''£\
AH quiet in this department/ We shall
hear from an expedition that left; for ilonroc,
to-mouow, In aU la under
Gen. Stevemoa* V •
John Morgan writes his wife\that ho is
well treated, soeayatheGrenadaiji/’P**** Ton
can get bo bets*on the . Confederacy men in
this wager loving region. Confidence has
gone. *
CoL Coolbaugh, of the staff *of Gen. Me*
Pherson, C&pt. Seed of the staff ol General
Grant, and Capt. Dayton of Sherman’s staff,
went out under a flag of truce io*day, to meet
Gens. Stephen D.’Lee, and Johnston, at Can
: ton, Mias. AdjLGcn. Thomas'and General
Grant leave for Now Orleans, onja flying trip,
Weather very cool, and health good. No
news of importance. All working well. We
have mounted Infantry enough for the fall
campaign, and will shake the Confederacy to
Its center when we give them our next visit.
[<tpedal Dispatch to the ChlcasolTribcce.l
Srszxonxu>, CL? Sept. 5,1888.
Tie United States Express robbery Is the
subject of much talk here. Noyes passed
through here, on his way to New York, Tilth
one of the Express Company's agents, a few
dsys since. Noyca told them that the robber
waa a man named Tine, residing in New
York, and formerly of Cnlcago. This, how
ever, waa a false scent, and, in the meantime,
Noyes’ room in St Louis was searched, and,
concealed among the sped* l springs of a
lonreo,|7,ooobfthemoneywasfonnd. This
&ct was telegraphed to Toledo, where Noyes
waa arrested. He passed through here on
Friday, on his way to St. Louis, In charge ol
H.D. Colvin, agent at Chicago. On the way,
betveen here and St. Louis, it appears that
Colvin frightened Noyes Into disgorging tin
balance of the money. Some say H. D,
threatenc 1 to hang or drown him, and as he Is
one of thoze men who mean what they say,
Cbaihy thought it best to knock nndcr. Ho
accordingly informed Colvin where the money
might bo found, and it was found, and more
too.' In fact, the Company hsTgot, in addi
tion, more than enough money to pay all the
ot hunting up the thlel, as they
'lisd over one hundred men at work for two
* weeks, sconring the country in all directions,
lb* amount stolen from the Express Compa
ny was (GO,COO, of which Charley Noyes
. had about SII,OOO.
A dispatch liom Secretary Stmt in states
that no charges winterer hare been present*
td by Gen. Grant against Gen. McClcmsnd.
A u-ln containing 3.00 persons, from
On'ncy end other points on the Great West*
ein Railroad, couM not reach here on acs.
• count of damage to the locomotive.
The citizens of Decatur offer the following
splendid fmh premium to bo competed for at
the coming State Fair im that city:
Tnanar. Sept, »lb—P»ate«t paclngbone, mart
or gelding In birnesa or under the aalole, beat two
In three, $103; trotting fasten doable team, with
oat repaid to matching or ownership, beat two In
WynnsssaT, Sept 80lh—Will be exhibited Secre
taries regular ring of carriage, tingle haihesa and
teddlc horses, _ . . .
Tucssnar, Oct Ist—Fastest trotting mart or
ccldtogofanv age, beet two In three. $)00.
Fnmar, Oct s —Faeteet trotting home, mar# or
rcldmg. nndcr four jeurs old,beat two in three.
SIOO. Fastest irottwg stalling of any age, beat
two in threa, SSC3.
The track la very fine, baU a mile round.
The beats one mUe each. _•
Cm Bliut‘l Ll«floAmi WUji
the Kclrcls.
Fo»t Gnu oic. Ikuisk Tsrmroirr, A0g.29,
Tio LsAT*nWOJITH, Sept. 3.
• G.n. Blunt, with h'.s army, forly-llyo hun
dred Itroue, Including twenty pieces of srtll-
Ury, crossed the Arktntaa liter on the 23d,
ana offered tattle to the rebel Generals Steele
snd Cooper, who tad msseed on his Iront
11, COO men. After a faint show of resistance,
the enemy commenced s retreat, which soon
turned Into » disorderly flight.. They stah
doted all their property..
Blunt pursued them a hundred miles sooth
otthe Arkansas, to Fenyrllle, which U only
fifty miles from ths Red River. At this point
ho raptured snd destroyed their, commissary
depot. They continued their flight to Boggy
Depot, on Bed Hirer.
The Indian Territory Is now clear of rebels.
Blunt Is now marching on Fort Smith,
which will doubtless IJI without s struggle.
Success of AreriU*. Kxpr^ritlou.
Tht rebel General Sam. Jones, In Unofficial
report to General Cooper, rebel Adjutant-
General, stated that he bed delated General
Avctlll’a forces In Greenbrier, killing and
seconding he did not know hosr many m/jn
and claimed a great victory, although ac
knowledging the lota of about two hura'dred
tilled and wounded. .The drat Union rfjport,
received through the meagre private dl jpatch
bom Cot Oley, ahoseed that Bam. Jr,nea had
gained no victory, and a latter tTnl.on atsto
ment given below, provea that General Sam.
Jcnea officially reported sehat wan not true.
General Avcrill waa victorious ; drove one
force out of Pocahontas and defeated another
In. Greenbrier county. The. very victory
recqpded by Sam. Jonea turn'* out to he a de
feat. . * ' ■
Tbo folloiring {a the account of the iflXlr !
from the JnttXUgmcer of September
let, 1663: • •'
pjinte neelred lathe city lut
onrifrfr ttoictnm tolhatemUly
Randolph county, of the cxpcdi.
Gencruf Avcrlll recently tent out b,T General
Kelly. General Avcrill’a. route t
through to Iho counties of Hardy, Pen ,
Highland. Pocahontas ami Greenbrier ».
diftrojeo tho eallpolro works in Pend
and drove Jackson opt of Pocahontas, pn ‘ 4 “*
lug him to Greenbrier, near Che White b “!*
pbor Springs. At Rocky Gap heeocounter
the Ibices of General Jones and Col. Patton «
and had a severe action, In which ho lost
about one hundred men In killed and wound*
cd, including severs! oQlr*tr. General Arsrlll
brought in quite a number of prisoners, In
dud fog many officers. Ho denroyed Carap
. Northwest, with a largo amount of camp
equipage, stores Ac. , ,
T. B,—A later dispatch states that during
the late action between General Avcrtli’s for
ces at Rocky Gap, Captain Baron Von Koenig,
Aldo-de-Ctmp on General Atcrlll’s staff was
killed while leading an attack on tbo; enemy’s
right, and Capt swing, of Ewing’s battery
and . Major McNally, of tbo &r Virginia
legimeat, were both badly wounded.
- ISpselalDlspatch to tho Chicago Tribune;]
Bt. Louis, Sept, 5,18 Mi
The fbllowing dispatch war received-this
motnlng at the Governor's headquarters:
Kasisi Cur, Soptombor 4,18&
Governor Hah: /
There will bo no luvaelon of Missouri by ibr
people of Kansas. . Tho Governor and. tho people
of Ulasourl-may be perfectly *t ease on that sob-,
jwt.' ; .(Slimed) . J. M. BcuonaLD,
■ 7 i ' . Brigadier General..
The however, says the' Invasion has
already begun,, some thirty having made an
inroad-In Platte county last Monday night,
and committed divers depredations.
The United States Express Company have
recovered the larger portion of the SOO,OOO
stolen from them. Noyes was released lost
night, the Company' not wishing to prose
cute, but was re-arrested this morning by the
Chief of Police, and committed to the cala
hoote. Hi* brother, John Noyes, and £L A.
Smith, an ex*Unitcd 6Ut« dotccUve, were
alio' committed as participants In the rob
bery. ■ .
Eleven thousand dollars were found in a
bonce rented by Noyes and the balance In a
tnmkwhlchho had shlppcd to the East. - r
Gen. Schofield’s order No'. 93, published
this morning, forbids armed bodies of men
in Missouri and Kansas, not placed under the
authority of the department commander, to
pass from one State into the'o.tber on any
pretext whatever. The object of this order la
to prevent tho Invasion of Missouri which
the Copperheads persist in saying is threat
ened by Lone. . .
Tbe Gorermient Loan.
New- York, Bert. Banka of this
city have accepted Mr. Cbase’s proposition
to lend to the Government $33,000,000, at 6
per cent, interest,'and be paid in the new 5
>er cent. legal tender treasury notes, author*
. ted by the great SOOO,OOO,CXX> Loan Act of
last March, xo this- acceptance, however,
two conditions hare been laid, which it Is be
lieved Mr. Chase will scarcely accede to:
Yim, tbe Banks wish the Treasury Notes to
run one, two or three years, whereas it has
been deeded absolutely essential to the finan
cial safety ot the issue that one year be the
extreme limit Second, the Backs stipulate
that if they take the first $50,000,000 ot those
Treasury Rotes, the remaining $350,000,000
which are hcrealtcr to be issued, shall be ne
gotiated through the Banks if they shall
choose to take them. Should the loan fail to
be aegotiated, it is urged that Mr. Chase will
be easily able to replenish the treasury daring
the next two months by the issue of Certifi
cates of Indebtedness of the 5-20’s,. and, if
necessary, a small amount of ordinary cor-,
rency. An amount fully adequate may, by
these means, bo raised without any serious
derangement, if not with positive advantage
to the general financial Interests of the coun
Tbc Kansas-Migsonri War*
St Louis, Bent. 8.-r-Gen. Schofield has is*
sued an order forbid ding armed bodies of
men not belonging to the U.B> troops, pass
ing from Kansas to Missouri, or vie* vena,
under any pretext whatever, and the military
of Kansas or MUsoutl, not In the U. 8. ser*
Tice, will not be permitted to pass from one
Statelnto the ether without express orders
from the district commauder.
The Frost.
Cirao, Sept s.—'The tobacco, and corn aro
sbontbalf destroyed/by tbe trost, trom
cranes to Sejmour, on tbs Ohio and Missis-,
eippi Ballroaa Nearly all tbo cotton exop in
Southern Illinois la destroyed.
The St* Xoiilt Express Boh*
Sx. Louis, Sept. s.—' Tne money stolen
from the UrUcd-States Express Company
has been recovered, and Charles Noyes re-
Ituetd. ' •
Conn ter Aid*
Bostow, Sept, s.— Well executed fives on
the New England Bank of Boston, were put
lu circulation to-day. ■ ■ .
- Dtwkvillu, C. W., Sept. 6k—A large fire
occurred here Isrt night. Tea - bulldogs,
•tores. &c., on Main street; were destroyed.
Loss *45,000.
fbok thb arut of tub
Bcsane or tbe movements of two
Weeks—Oar Troop* Cmjs'ut the
aiver—The Situation—Rebel Doser*
. tors Coming in— Important Events
In Frospoct* .
- [CorwfpondsnceofthaClnchmsUQazctta.3
Btbtxxsox, Ala., Aug. 31,186*.
A brief review of the progrcrs ol events tip
to this morning, may not be oat of place.
On Tuesday, the loth Inst., the entire Army
of the Cumberland got pretty generally in
motion, and from that until the diet, different
corps were straggling across the mountains,
ana taking up positions along the newline ex
tending from Harrison, abore Chattanooga,
to Bellcionte, below Stevenson.
■ On Saturday, the 22d, Cob J. T. Wilder,
commanding's brigade of Infantry In Gen. J.
J. Reynold’s division, appeared before Chat
tanooga, and shelled it from 10 a. m. until 5
p. m., inflicting considerable injury up n the
enemy, and one man c '.vcrtly, and two
slightly woundei.
iroui the 2*d to theasth, extensive prep*-
rations were made for crossing tbs Tennes
see; the extreme left of the army got folly
into Hoe, and some unimportant skirmishing
took place at different points.
On the morning of the 29th, evre thing bo-.
it'gin rcadlcees, the pontoon whlcn had o sen
hitherto concealed in tbo valleys
among the mountains at some dlswnee from
the nver, were hurried to the front; and in
a space of time which would teem incredibly
short to the uninitiated, a force was landed
upon the other side ot tbs Tennessee tuffl
cieitly strong enongh to bid defiance to the
The crossing was effected at four different
S oints at Shelnnonnd,atßridgeport,oppotlte
tcvenson. and at Belleionto.
It would be improper to designate the
forces now upon the oihor.aidc, bui the first
troops which landed opposite Stevcn-on were
those belonging to CoL H, C. Hetfs brigade,
of J. : ft a Dans’ division. AgaUantugbt was
presented when these hardy sons of Illinois
and Wisconsin embarked Infoxty-eight boats,
and with colors flying and music sounding. :
advanced in line ol battle, the boats rowed
bv strong and willing hands across the placid ;
bosom of the Tennessee. They fully expected ,
a fight upon the other s We; but the enemy a
plc£ eta retired as our boys came on, not dlv :
paling the landing by firing even a single
shor. Col, Heg’s banners wore perhaps the
first that were planted upon the thither side ;
of the river, ho having effected the crossing
before 7 o’clack akin- ’ _ ~, I
•At Shcllmonnd a portion of Gen. Reynolds ,
division first reached the other side. They
captured a number of rebels nearShelUnpund, i
SlbJSeupacampatrallingWaterCfCek. ,
The most important captures were those of a
pnerllla leader named Mays, and the rebel ,
Congressman Cannon. Hero. m at . j 8n *
ion the landing was effected without firing
a shot.- and the subsequent captures were .
from & terror stricken bind of fugitives who
were endeavoring with all their might to got
*Htber forces have of course followed since
the morning of the 29th; * we; hold the conn
trv from Bhellmound to BeJleionle. extend-.
Inc a half dozen miles from the Tennessee,
»TiO every honr picking up stwggleraAnd.ro
ccivine deserters from the enemy. *
yesterday a large force of our cavalry ford
ed the river, losing two mm and five horses
drowned in the passage. They immediately
took up the line of march In the direction of
Chattanooga, since which they have not been •
hoard from- ■ *
This morning there Is a general acurtty
along the whole lice, indicating the speedy
approach of important events.
Corfu* t vrir*.
Mr.DlmUslit.Rjr tie past ten
_.tVe d every day that hlsulft would tumble
SSS'ISM'S* h<* “-*• or else die
like a Christina* In her bed. v,, D i m .
au’of wSch required monOT, and
no intention
and taMngop
? ■ !n »n Tincertiin sphere. Neither-
would ifireT Icsrine her
forttoSnSSirtalnntata. mid herplyficlan
condition. The doctor mid.
S. ISSS ron.inr, and Mr. DlmilshV
thought that he “old do something to start
Vi «* pet her out ot bed.
plan which ho thonght wnnli
tofcsstisuctory manner. . .
mine to Mrs. Dlmllght Un. Koundirliik 1.
a widow, voluptuous, prottyond coquettish..
For a handsome present, she resolved to on
set tho part that Mr. Dlmllght marked out
for her; so, ono evening, whenUn»pimugbt
was groaning and threatening to die, Dun*
light called in tbo widow. ,
"‘She Is going to kick the bucket at Isit,”
sold tho husband, “so you snd 1 may at well
fix things so that we can start fair.! 1
Mrs. Dlmlight turned her head and stopped
mosnlrg. Her eyes began to assume annatu
i d brilliancy. The panics In the room took
uo notice of her -
•’Tee,” said Mrs, Roundwlck, “she h» going
at last. Now wo can talk over our ownaf*
f*i nJ*
k*ia. Dlmllght raised herform In bed and
a\t taU upright. She listened attentively,
ai«d tor eyes grew brighter and brighter.
41 How'soow shall wo ho married after she Is
desri ? ,r ssked Dlmlight. passing his arm round
the substantial waist ofwldow Bbundwlnk.
»* I suppose' you will bo willing to wait a
week or two t” shapered Mrs. Boundwink, as
she loving!v reposed on the breast of the of*
fcctlonato Dlmllght. •
Mrs. Dirallght uttered on exclamation
which sounded like an oath, and giving one
spring, landed on tbs door. . '
“Ton think rmgolng to die, do you 1“ she
yelled. “I’lleee’youbaßgedfirat: PllUyo
’to spite you—-yes I win I Now out of this
house,*’ turning td Mrs. Roundwlok; “for
yon don't stay here- another m’nuto I I cau
act as my own nurse, you good-for-nothing
- And from that day tberalras rapid Improve*
, l ment in Mrs. Dlmlight’s health. Bno so
1 longer tolerates nurses, but
’ what kind ol a life poor Dlmllght leads.
PnoviDjymaLLr Directed.— Among tho
attendants at a late Methodist conference was
a very beautiful and intelligent lookingyoung
lady, who drew the admiring gaze of many
eyes, particularly eyes masculine, always on
the lookout fer pretty feminine faces. During
the intermission at noon, a spnica young
minister stepped up to the presiding elder
and said, with an air of secresy:
“Did you observe tho young lady who sat
by the first pUUr on the left’?**
‘ “Yes,” arid the elder, “what of her?”
“ Why, ” said the young man, “I feellm
pressed that the Lord desires me to take that
lady tor a wife. 1 thick she' would moke a
good companion'and helpmate in the work of
the ministry.”
~ The elder, as a good Christian ought, had
nothttirto object.
But 5 s few moments another candidate
for ministerial efforts and honors, and for the
name of husband, came confidentially to
make known a like Impression regarding the
same Identical youcg lady.
“You had better wait a whHe. It is not
best to behasty in determining the source of
Eueb impressions,” said the prudent elder.
And he sold well; for hardly were the steps
of the second youth cold at his aide, ere a
third approached with the same story; and
whHe the worthy confident still marvelled, a
fourth drew near with the question—
“ Did you. notice the flue, noble-looking
won<an on your left?”
“Yes,” cried the swelling elder. ..
“ Well, sir.’t went on. the fourth victim of
that unconscious gtrl, “it Is strongly borne
Inuronmy mind that It is .the will of. the
Lord that I should make proposals of marriage
to that lady. He has impressed me that she
Is to be my wife”
Tho elder could bold In no longer.
“ Impossible I. impossible I” no eschimed
In an excited tone, “ the Lord never could
have intended that four men should marry
that one woman..
• - BATTSD4T ETKTnrO. 8epi.5,1885.
The arrtral; of Horses for the Government during
tb« week hare been heary, and, with but tow excep
tions, have lolly satisfied the Inspectors. A large
nambe? bars been cent on to their destination and the
remainder will follow at once. Prices are ranging
from 11W.030U5.C5. It to, bowere*, supposed that, as
acreral of the contracts haro been filled, the present
not contone beyond a short period.
Albany Lumber Qlarket—Ss>t»-% - i
The receipts of lumber have been lair tor the week.
elTluK a good astorlinent and re-pcctaMe .stack of
me t Kinds, though alarw shore of lumber i * market
Is but partly seo:oncd. •ihesaloharo been steady at
foil price'. The shipment arc still restricted by the
wantof TCsselsiorEancmporis. , _ • .
The receipts by the Erie and Champlain Canals da
ring the fourth week In August, la the years named,
wereas follows:
Boards and Shingles, Timber,. Stares,
u* !T?&}- “to e '.. R r
ISCT . . B.WJOOB 1.000 .... 1,057,13)
i*a . tfraxa ifli* ajsi i5.2w.000
1*31........... ll£l&33 1455 ID.OCO
Tho receipts of boards and scantling tortbe-foarth
week In Angnst show a handsome Increase over the
correspond Ilk week of lest year, while other articles
in our table exhibit a falling off. , , _ . .
Tbererelpts by the Erie and Champlain Canals, from
the opening of na\i?atloa to Sept. Ist, In tho years
named, were as follows:
■ . . Bocsdsand Bhlmtto, Umber, Stares,
.• - . . -'Scantling, as.
isra.’”.!”!"" iw.iS’rSo li'loa
TVe bare now reached tho clo:e of the tourth month
of canal navigation— more than half the usual Mason
or free passage on our Inland water a. Tho receipt* of
boaroß ana scantling on to this period show a decrease
from last season o? 2i.t2s.sti tect, ana In iklnglcs of
are the ruling prices atlholeadlng
Ea?iW f«.0O « *ISCO
*• cerrt b0x......................... SR.OO O SS.Od
“ S:S 3 It:SS
“ si-..-.- 13.00 a IB.®
ooa « M
• * « MquaL “ . :...% OMB & OW3
Bhlnplc?, Ist qnal, shared M.:; J-W g 7.00
“ • common ** **. ........ ■£w ca 8.50
r. J;S g 5“
** common ** M rso o ?Sj
“ uw0di1e510ck.............. 2JO 0 S.OO
Foreign Commercial Circular.
GL\Beow,Ang.2a,i3C3. -
We bare bad another week of ecaconablo weather,
with occasional rcit-cablas ahowera. The crops con-
Uane to make rapid progrew towar.is-mamr«ty, ml
rearing will be general sere In the course ora fbrt
n,?viib continued dull reports from the leadln? Ene
ll*h markets, ourgraln trade has been exceedingly
nmet amlna U.e can week, and the few transaction*
reported have been at prices generally In faror of boy
“lt our com Kichinjo. ymterdsy, «ili*lonly >
limit d attendance ot. buyers. Wheat and floor
■trouchtlist wtek's price*, except In. occasional In
stance*, where 8d per boil aadbrllcrs money was ta
ken toclear ship, re* - 'continue to bo-dealt In mode
ratclv. at our quotations. For other articles there
The Provision trade continues steady. Boe.. of flao
Quality. Is scarce, and commands fall prices: inferior
Is neglected, Pork qnlet at late rate*. Bacon la good
demand at outside quotations j the market U amort
; entirely cleared of long and short bonelcsß, and thoul
cert, and supplies of such would readily command ex
tnme value*. Cheese,aalow • tenderto
decline. Butler. dlnlcoU of • tie, end Prices barely
supported. Lard, quiet lo *’” QoD *
I In to. oiulcct. 10M ’‘ ,aU S&,*Ciuio.
Bt. Lo*U Market*—Sept. 4.
The condition of the flour market wm no mow en
couraging for fellers than it has been of lote. Said
were made ofl A3 brla and sacks at nsi tor sin*
ale extra onlt# merit* and
extra. Wheat moved off tlovfjjtbe offerings at the
oienln* of' Change not being saftlcienUy large to In*
once competition among bnjers. Prices were steady,
and sale* embraced Wrt sacia at
stiaf*jC tor damaged and poor fad. CJjS.j.2 for kooj,
92S«as:<3 for primeto strteilyprtme, and
per bushel for choice to extra choice. Cora advanced
lQ3c tier bushel, with sales of mixed and mixed white
at 67&C9c per bushel, amounting to Sfft tacts. Oats
aUo advance-!, with lalej at UKSJOcper bushel for
lots In second-hand sack* to prlmo Instore, a.ta tea
dajV storage, bales repor.ftd of sxclu tore and
•3.100 bushels to arrive. A. solo of TO common
spring barley was made at 70c per bushel, exclusive of
sackiT A small lot of prime rj evas taken at be per
: bushel, exclusive of sack*. 6mattlouo. bacon, sick*
I ed and loose, were made at 5c per a. No hrnnisciiocj
made pnMlcln pork aurt lard. *W hlsky advanced, with
tales or mah proof at 43c t ortilnsrr proofaiMic, end
“moll lot at tic per gallon.
iMVbrt lor x»ew \ork,. and <it9&2.43 per sack for
G. A.
Auction Sale of Bit Good* at New York,
[From the K. T. Commercial Advertiser, tth.]
At auction, to-day, Kobbe A Corllta had a very
lance and attractive special sale of ribbon* and
lalulsery goods of the tmpprttUon of Mwra.
«iinco ATJrotber. The attendant wlinw aod
K lle?ni'^«rtmW*^ai?ha'i1 • m
inia.i6c- Tnamc*Klvar do. isxciM LacealaL.
SlSSds »SSh O. Si inch. MMo;‘xUntou acrtoJj
«wWn Co. B. Ke: Adirondack ae:SlmoaFalt»
15C! Albion. 34VC: Cabot, ssxoisxc: Allan,
tic aoUd black ITXQ. *
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market—Sept*
Th-jB toa* been coniiderable excitement In the
market to-dar.end refined, tooth for jroent andjn»
delivery, advanced materially. Cnnio
Arm, and toofcen generally,are"fUng “ Si’abVq
■ad In KDt instances, it vu obtained: some l,w* to
E rtffii,at 2ito
•Sd a tale ol SjD.O tori*. In tank; waa reportca Mj*>y.
ttoonsto wo do not voncu for ™ r^^ th°at
itraw color at
tvt A It BIBD.
_ - itT M Ttonrsda* 3d. toy Ber. Kr. Q.
Q. MILLER _--n^
T« tlUcltr. MARTHA LOPE&A; only daughter of
vr Bin *3 0. tndLouiia George, aged & month a and
to day ft 10 A. U 4 from SIT Illinois stroet.
jyßcston and Haw Hampshire papora pleas* copy.
In till* city Annul lOU>. of eCitlnn of the Mo,
UABV FBASCES. daughter Of Bdwlu and, kUia*
toeU- D B ward*, atedl je j*DdsmoQttoa.
51 cm 'S.imtrttßeinfuta
0- O. B. SCSIVZS, AdbirlUiT* A?t*L, «9
Jkario m ttruU it eHthc*lz*d to rtceitt advrrtiu
whfrdt for M* oad aU tt* Uadi*g BorihtruUm
yaperu • - ■ ■ • -
Eff“For ‘Want*, Pot B*lo,
|F«r Rant, F*un4, ' l>o«i ic., M 4
Im. 1 Foartb '
TgABY RATTLES.—Juat rocf/.Tcd
500 Doi. TfgtUW* Irorj
Tor •»!» to tMtmrt only, sja;«
v.RntXY 3TOEB t lMLiU.e«tr»et. teSic«S»tn«*
O A L T .
' . GK -A-. S^A-XVr
C. il. HENDERSON 4 CO., Si LHa atmt, corns
or W’oboth arcane.
F.O 4 M.D. WELLS, S9 Lake rtrert.
GILLETTE, WHITNEY *. CO., Salentxnu «
y«t°tr, 833 North CUrkolroot.
jDTtm %imtitlgnnntt, |
A LETT S^/ Msnfi , B^i;s,J9M.
Us. IT.P. Brmsr:' '
Dear Blr-t today ship you 4lbMt«t»ol
Poor cl tie*# narkcd-Aie - Cau*." l®krtor«li«. Jo*
Ifluire. Sc —loo choice a yansty to throw away.
IhiywUl brtcK somethin!. Too S7 tiulctt arc all
narscr Psaciub.
This Cooilpjar paid *33 fortha labor of
oat" thePeaeliea on leaa lhaa two aerosol oliorcoard.
wpo caa complain U we do #4S a yua vjijca for
PrSShta beartaj mco a brand. **
»a Stateitreat, u. P. eXANLUs.
toC-mW-3tDCt • - •
ii CT, GEORGE.”—A meeting
kJ of lha 61 eearia’. n«n« ril ant AMoffaffTO
•iiibaitia M their Ha'j, oa Mt’htJhY iTmaaa,
Pvt wh ir’3 • ■ JAMSB Jims.
r •«b-al I |a|.i( • If canting asretarr.
\J aU Che
That caa be furnished la the eext thirty days, at tth
GovcT»o.eßtODrraloabUie streaV . .
leS-mQO-gtnr. • E 8. WATKINS,
Ins —examine all iyvq:
xvU# the tyectiFtu and prince of AvU
Caita da VUltet. and then call ar traad’a oldeatah
naked Gallery and set year work dooa. Be Blree
Peavntfhl plctaxea tad two dtcly colored wtta each
dozen ordered. . .. awt*m!l3tt
D KYOLVERS. —The largest stock
>tteKortawMi. Al*o, a few COLTS, of an tin;.
c -jtAi* at wcolxs.ib* and re' Ml. a* DoWSX'S Olarr
and Mint APT QoodaßtCTA, 31CUrk»tr«Jl. (aMtvl'B),
ow.v the IT. S. GaprewOCca. Good a» fhff oe*t And
tßr**’a* tW cbeipat. Post Office addrAjs. K. tt,
BOWEK.2oClarkrt, .P.O.noiWfi, Md-int»lw
NOTICE. —All persons having
cZataa at Jo-'I the Coant r of Cook, aro re
daesteu to present them oaorbeioretne
Ilth day of September next.
L. P. ItILLIAUD, C.ark.
/P*nSrV ©rail ■***"■
Tsirbanka, Gricalaaf ft Co, r
Lyman. Self-Sealing- Jar.
Tor Mlrby the dozen or eroea.
THOS, P. BTRITE, 173 t:te«,
tefi-mfS tw
General Nortlvwestem. -Amenta,
Feet Office Drawer Ota.
w6-mU7 6toet
To aceomaodate tbo general desire to see
Great Peack Orchards,
The favorite Steamer
Lady Fi-ankUn,
TO cm ml ,ft«r Itb, mg. DlutTpip.
(Sundays excentea). Uartag Dock of Joim B.
King, foot or Fratwta ftrest. at 10 A. M. RxceUeat
arrangement for pleaaniapartloo, Apply to „
oeS-miU-Xw STITO.
• BEKOTBD T£: • ;;,. v •
iMPCitTam or
St Croix, Jamaica-and Cuba Bums,
Irhh ud Seoicli \HiliWm,
Port. Madeira, fiber ry. Borßundy, CUret. Rbeia, Mala
ga, and Champagne wine*.
Distillers and Rectifiers
American Eagle Whisky,
Superior Double Beatified And B. P. ft Co’i Cele
brated Beaper Wbitky.
DIATI rXKBTES, lor tbo ehotceatbrand* of Boarboo.
Bed Jacket.Stomach Bitters.
Alto. erfTTiM'C uauaUy found ln a FIRST CLAM
LIQOITK nbCBE. Jobber* aud Wholeaiio D:aler*
TTillCid )t to be to their benefit to «*mlao ®nr eooi*
arc pric-s. A complete Catalogne and nice Lit.
*entty mifion fibters ft CO.
New Store, n R rer meet
post Ogee Pot t?!*; »ce-m.9>itoet
Woolen- Cloths and Cassimeres*.
I'oUl Ijms of Domestics,
T. onmaeoualtd CCS
staple' AND TANCX 1
NOTIONe, &c„ &c.
Wc larlte rUesUos oibcjera.
74 and 76 lUake Street.
B.OCO lbs. PlrtilinrjliTarn,
100 balcyLfwlntoallasß.
PT ,gcT,lUle6Broiaiit]r. «cs-m!r-3tnet
X xnmun ■ ■T«»'«qrra *• j
joaiOAUxTAsnaarr. u a. A- ?
• ST.LoriB.
IfcWLBD FEOPOSALS will be weelred * ttJ» e® ■£
nntlSaVclccXK- Wedraaday,Septemberwo.»»A
200,000 bushels of Oats.
To be- delivered U *^ I j^S>^Mt»*Aßd 8
Steamboat Landing*. WbarfAaatt
ttaetvraretotuee* rtß ®i^lK*Sy2fa.aobutii«lijwT.
Pn L . e t KftndU ttacoatract la awarded Mn.
Vib ai
Tts Following li a Lin of Ant-elm Wfesto.
sals Bnainess Booses in CUoago j
Dry Goods, Notions, & o.
COOLZT, FAEW2LL & CO.. 49, M and 48 Wa
- bsth arenas. - -
BO Wra BOTHERS, 11, M sad TO Lake street* ’
'hArmon.oale * co., m uk o »tn«t
Boots and Shoes.
Laka street. ’ - ■
itMng. and Gents 1 Famishing
Goods. ’ '
* co., Nuie utm
im<a. EBixono a co., «i»*.
Hatß, Caps, Pure, &o. :
WKBKB, WftXIAHS A PITCH, ss t «v. .wt
KEITH, PAKON & CO.. « and i? Lake tSoct
Crockery, China and Glassware,
BOWEN BROTHERS, 73,74 and 78 Lake strati*
BURLEY & TYRRELL, 4S Lake street.
Hardware, Tin Plate, Sheetlron, &o.
WIT. BLAIR * CO., 178 take itreet. • *
BUCHANAN, ALLINQ * CO./Catlery aalWlt*
Manufacturers, 51 Lake elrcat.
Cloths, Oasdineres, Yestinga,.&o,
FIELD, BENEDICT & Zi and 86 Laka tbMfer
CHAfi.HRAPTifli.itB s 880., 66 Lake itreet**
Iron, Steel, Nails, Heavy Hardware,
HALL, TmrßATtg & CO., 103 and 195 South W»-
, tor street, ' ■ ' •-• -
C. B. BROWN & CO., 86 Like street, opposite th£-'
•TTcmoat House, • _
Metal Warehouse, Tin plate,' Sheet;
■ Iron, &o, ... - - V
YAMSEI\VOOKT, nicxxßsbiTa coLui'a
m Bacdolpb street, •
Paper, Stationery Blank Books," &ai'
MCKSOX, SKD.HBa & CO., 140 Late .treat
: ' .ms-Tico-sotLe '
Clocks,' Watches and Jewelry; -
J. H HOGS, Dealer is all kinds, U7 Lake street
GILES BROTHERS ft CO., Importers andManS <
fteturers, 143 Lake street.
Bankers : and' Brokers,
JAMES BOYD. 88 Clark, street.'
Oils, Lamps and Glassware.
WHEELER ft BATLESS. 19 Dearborn street.
N.F. MERRILL. BS-Randolph street.
. Beligions and S. School Books.
WSL O. HOLMES, So. «0 Sonlh Clark.tlMt,
■ ' ...
Wholesale Clothing,— ’
and Boys,
B. L. FBEQUBOK ft CO M 37 Lake street and tl and*
Wabaob atenne.
Drugs, Paints'f Oils, &o.
J. H. REED ft CO., 148 Lake street.
FULLER, FINCH ft FULLER, 21 ft 26 Market-at,
Millinery and Straw Goods. -
KHTH, FAXON & CO, 4S nna « Lite itnet.
Yankee Notions, Fancy Goods, &d.
GILLETT, TITUS ft CO., 151 Lake street,
• ets-n-ssa gt ' __
Wines, Liquors, -Alcohol, Spirits,
&0., Sto.
BENNETT FIBTEB3 A CO.. irßtrer Street.
j. parsons & co.,
(Formerly with J. B. &SSB A CO;.)
Patent Medicines, Soaps, •
BrnsL.es, Sponges, Tooth.
Powder, Perfumery, Hair
Tonic, (the Lest in use), Eau
de Cologne, Lnbin’s and
Towels, Turkish Towels,-.&0., &o.
Dispensing’ Chemists,
English and French, 100
different patterns;' ,of Su
perior Quality.
BLISS & SHARP, Druggiate,
114 Lake ttreet. dealer* tn Fine Toilet Good*. Fanep
Gooda.rarlorOrnattenU.Pocket Cutlery,
•tee-txvMTit -
ronißLt or
Paeywt House street, Orleans, La..
8S Randolph street, Chicago, Sh,
*Ox» QDoma MifsaußiUs blood and fia-DtA
EiMsa'roonaikSio Wsaxxiss,
i Cart* them wUhoat reeortlaT to todWe
PoSS. Amnio or SaroapanlSk •
NwniULLiEn.wnncnrsAPOtzixTn opMlaallbiood
Onrai lo Weaknesa. oroegbt on
orertaiation of hnalaeeAor
c*nelng loa* of memory. nerrouwd deamy,
AcLTcmedhT *n infallible meuod, and the cmij car*
fhr thii vnl/otti-UTlsf botn time and tijfiJJA
®T^i«-mZr^Sss»nmended by the pre»generally of
*yS e h£fS' t&^2d'e£lfaculty and proteswr* of ms>
Apply tone,
duvelj aad & Mred of Ibw tertiblo dliiaaoa.
“aSeabor. Dr. Janer Office and Parlor* are at W
Bandogs-'ft., between Bute %zAße*spornriM.
For tale to ronsutoers aad deatera atlowat uurtet
rmt**. Ol Arthr*clte wo Lara tbe celebrated LACK
aw AKA auirrziaruN.lxi -
BANGS, and
emSXHVT 8128. ,
Also. Leblzh LU3T» ejected Cir foWjy o*e. .
O l ßl^na!ncna. wo have Briar HU!, Widow tmX|
Mineral BSdgo and B'le, for ealo By tbe cargo. as.
minis j prices, adding irtlgbt.
Gif'* take Superior CUarcoiL No’s 1 aad S. _
Gtj *a Luke Sapcxlor Charcoal* No a 4,5 and 5,f0. C»r
MaaiPloa, No> 1 Utd 3. CoiynMA. ,,
Mahoning, No. i. eastch. No. 1, crtaaa
Of any th&pe cr «Txe. mado. tan bert ****
Jeiaey Clay. by the Chicago Firs Brig
; auSC“iDtfi-lfta>t • oaceFcotNortbUatSettf^
A in m», ma m olUlnei at
tlrgEtl»sDn!agHt»-^C : « rt^
tVi’cnght iron Pip®
gnvjß2»n*t IP. •■ -.■• ilw ■ ■ -
QEO. G. POPfc,
123 Clirit Street, CMi.'igS*
»nmrCß6gttae ’ • • . - - ■-
T^Y£ EAR.—Dr. Under-
T/ wood, Oculiit, Aube. ud op^UTwJSareoon,
Dr r. perform* ailttaa approved »od«
orerauoct tor Deatoew *C«u»ct. aatlficttiirogL
errors eje. ttßpbylomft. fUtal*. btS*4ik
mrnvi ol Um»or*4ad ewyw£
icrljtlon. Aitlficbl ejw
elea. *oub4 oadnctoa.
Tima ard many ctliar ovbta*lm.c. J-i^ 3jao . ll
apantn»in»y t*t*4 of Pr. u.
v> 'Tfra*
how or
Bsedarjt tn the treatment of
ADD niTINO? ras SiHSj

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