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&ddreae ** CHICAGO TEIBUKE,** Chicago, Hu
Chicago tribune.
Tin; NEWS.
The rain last evening, with accompa
nying thunder and lightning to the east,
yard, proved a sad damper on telegraph
ic news. Enough was received to show
lhat nothing of marked importance has
transpired. We are still told that all is
vjuict on the Rappahannock, and it is cer
tain Hint Gen. Gilmore is shortly to make
liimself an unpleasant via a vis to Charles
ton from the extremity of Morris Island
Gen. Burnside, it is stated, has tendered
Ids resignation, following immediately
upon the brilliant accomplishment oflds
East Tennessee campaign. He was un
willing to retire while yet the cap stone
Was wanting to Lis success as a
cr in the "West; hnt now that he enn retire
illustriously, he does eo—an act that will
Do viewed with general regret
The season of State Fairs is at hand
lowa opens the series next week in her
State Fair to commence at Dnbnqne on
Tuesday. "We arc assured that everything
promises well for its completeness and at-
There is a call for Hie active expression
of sympathy, and a diligent dilation
among Copperhead presses and partisans
The liberty of the press and the people
las been interfered with, and the outrage
of sending Baltimore seoesh editors South
tvard through our lines is one not to be
lamely borne. '
The growth ol intemperance in our
communities can but be viewed with con
cern by all who watch the signs Q f the
limes and give their full place to the influ
ences ior good or evil that pertain to soci
ety. Any reference to the passion for
drink, on platform, in pulpit or press, is
prone to, calls into consideration, with
vaiying sentiments of sympathy or other
wise, the various machinery in time past
or at present in operation to check or cure
Ihiseyil. Old partizanships, antagonisms
End rivalries, in ancient party lines startup
spectrally before the timid mind But it
is possible to speak of the dangers of ship
[wreck without attempting to farther the
interest of this or that maker of lif.-i.nnts
Jt is veiy easy to demy and And fault
ith Chicago water without making such
reference subservient to the interests of
this or that manufacturer oi filters. The
public can be warned of a great and grow
ing evil, and each man convinced can take
Icme to hitnsdfthe consideration of rem
The evii Inmkcnness is becoming
more and Ec;i openly a feature of onr
social life. Tlie snares it is setting for the
young men of the nation, the victims it is
fading among those to whom the present
generation is shortly to commit its import
ant trusts, are all forcing themselves pow
c-ntdty and painfully upon the observation
of Ihe very many who have the welfare of
the country at heart, and see in this curse
a weakening and waste of its best forces of
tnational life. Scarcely a reader of the
.IrjucKE can look through the list uf lila
own near acquaintances and relatives
Without reading in painful living pictures
the truth of this statement.
It is an easy and common method to
dispose ot this subject, to say that this is
a time of war. It is impossible not to see
that the enhancing of this danger of soci
ety has been tenibld since the gathering of
our great armies. The boun companion
ships of military life, the ennni of the re
cruiting station and the camp, theremoval
of the ordinary restraints of the domestic
circle, have all had their effect in loosing
the bonds that have safely held the citizen
lo sobriety and temperance. The evil in
our armies is happily less among the sol
diers, to a large degree saved by the strict
rules of the service. It has wrought Its
fuller effects among officers, the liberal
patrons of tbc army merchant whose
tempting spirit cases go to all parts oi the
lines. Could the catalogue be made out
of the shames and crimes, the sacrifices of
Ziravc men, the self-immolation of noble
souls thus squandered, the people would
Stand appalled. Tct men do talk of them.
Common conversation singles out this and
Chat commander and once promising offi
cer, as the victim of this vice, perhaps dis
tuissed in disgrace, or gone home to die,
Xiot because of a Southern climate, hut be
cause of a habit whose deadly blight no
Zniasm can equal.
Prom the army the evil leaches back
Upon the people. There is more license
less restraint The effect who cannot see.
The result who does not dread. The time
trill come when this evil must receive the
tittcntion oi all whbaim to he conservators
of the interests of society. There never
was a lime in the history of this or any
other nationVhen the rewards of sobriety
■were mere tempting tbnn now. There
never was a call fur a higher manhood, a
nobler premium offered to prominence in
ell the traits that ennoble humanity than
now, when our nation is in the furnace, to
Tjc cast anew. It had not been given to
Shore of more peaceful preceding genera
tions to labor at the work of nation-build
ing. If the period has its trials, it is stud
ded thick with triumphs. We are laying
anew the national wall and the names of
■worthy workers will he builded into its
face, a momenta for all coming time.
Let a few plain words enforce the lesson
of the hour. Our triumphs In this battle
ago are not alone on the corpse-streim
Held. The grandest Tictories yet won since
this war broke ont hare shed ink, not
Llood, in a triumph of principle.* Presi
dent and people have moved long arrows'
iCights forward in a march grander
and more terrible to opponents than the
earth-shaking tread of armies. The evil
referred to must not he allowed to grow
■while the care of the people is'direrted to
other duties. That cannot be a light evil
•which robs society of her young men its
strong men. To every one to whom this
conviction is brought, belongs an allotted
Fha re of duty. Granted the existence of
the curse and blight, whoever by personal
influence, and example, and labor, lessens
its power, and sets one single stake in the
bounds to its spread, has in so much bene
fited the age and the country.
Qebcl Plan for the Capture* of
Norfolk, Ta*
Kj:w York. Sept It—A letter from Nor
lolk, Va., professes to giro the details of a
plan which the rebels have on foot for the
capture of that city. It says that au expedi-
Sion j>gainst tbe city is be committed to Gen.
Xorgsirect and several Generals of lesser light,
who are all well acquainted with the topog
raphy of tbe country. The forces are to be
divided and advanced from three different
TOliatß. Alartre body of troops wm be at
jauflhlk to make a feint, and draw onr troops
there, while the attack is being made upon
the city bv another body advancing through
princess Ann county, with a strong reserve.
jL third party is to appear In the vicinity of
Sew ell’s Point, while all this is going on, to
£ttjact the troops stationed north ol the city.
Fire in Boston.
Boston, Sept. IL—A Arc early this morn
ing destroyed the boiler works, blacksmith
fcbop and machine shop of the Globe Iron
"Works, in South Boston. The Are will cause
serious delay in the construction of the tiro
mew Monitors now building at the Works,
lore $35,000 or $30,000.
From Hew Fork,
Nfw York, Sept. 11.—Gold and railroad
*tccka are declining rapidly to consequence
of a rumor received at Philadelphia that
Charleston has surrendered.
Gold is selling as low as 12S 7 8.
The Attack Upon the U. S. Steam-
er Pembroke.
[Correspondence X. T. Time*.]
Siiakcilii, China, Jnly4lli,
cntragc upon our flag, and the
Sf scon 5conn * taken already hy the fits-
Irinccs. In an - unprovoked attaek
made upon the American tteamer Pembroke.
‘ tray trom Hauagaaa to Nogar&kl!
t: ow» much Ifihi upon the true state of al-
The tacts, as I gather them from the Cap
tah, are suhstantially as follows: He left
Wgawa on the 21st of June, for Naga-kl,
rio the hdnnd eea, as ft Is called, with
nesc pilot on board, placed there by the Gov
ernment. This sea or strait, wc would state
between the islands of Nip on
The country or Island lining this sea or
strait Is the richest, and the Princes holding
possession there are among the most vower-
IW and Independent in the empire. The cities
orthe greatest commercial Importance, each
Osaca, <which was to bo 'found
glnidpg of the"year,) and others aro to be
found here—iliaco, the new Capital, Is
tt tew miles inland. The entrances to
ttils scaarc narrow, and gnarded by stream
fortifications, while all along its course there
are nnmerons forts, many of them lately con
structed the great activity In this respect be
ing a subject of common remark by aU those
rente!*™ * of lait f ear passed by that
After leaving Kanngawa, nothing of note
«f^p, i £ ed i?, ll * e Pembroke nalil 2 p. m. of
*J ,e r’JJ" ,^ cn ocar the western end of the
Straight she parsed by a Japanese bark,
TmfeJth’H’ ““d. and Toll of mem
had her ensign llviog, but the
V"h J'“’' ed no flag Alter anchoring, about
they do not run during the
°n account of the dangers of the pass
iho’iL* 11 !* 1116 cf , liie small harbors of thessa,
fabw r'tid r, b ',h rVe f c,mI "S down withe
ks» . the Japanese ensign flying.
»n, e „r? aEeU -. t!ie t eO'brokc and
about a quarter of a mile oft The Captain
observed when she went by that her sails
were to part slack so as to slacken her speed,
though he thought nothing of It In partiS!dS
at the time, bat it was probably to obtain a
thorough, view of the 1 sirrimer. TOien she
wasi approaching, a gnu was flred from a Waff
S > ” nd and then another
further on, .which was repeated all alone- the
f°“* ‘heir sonnda died away In thfdls-
Hs“?■ , S s®, e bo,tß “mo Off to the steamer,
”5? 000 cf tbem appeared to have on board
f , WorT&Me 6 S£ C n?
Nothing occurred in the evening worthy of
note, but tiler dark the bark warped
leotly, and got springs on her cables for
broadside to the wind. About 12 45 tL m.
fhe sent asingle shot, which passed over the
.'learner, doing no dahuge. WluusnsLLt
thought It mLntoXto
lowed 0 Bat tuls soon fol
tSlfth? i one of the shots cat
ting the main topmast backstav and all 1
passed close to the Vessel. Abou/tWs time I
“f Japanese P®
t SS2SffS^
SS^SSg&'Vg e ch C Tas e 'tSTSk*
hid'? yonld have sunk them,
nan It been delivered with even a small de
, Bat for some reawn not
known, she held her Are till nearly out of
*;FX rt rX’ Sg£
she ran ont of their range. Some
thirty shots were fired from the Heavy guns
betides musketry. The pUbCd?-
SrFSS^ attempted to jump overboard,
but was prevented by force from doing so!
to^rkVttT/J 1 .! . coo i? . not ““‘i*.® “t
V th a ! r V lto extricite the steamer,
I 4 * 61 * through a pasage not be*
fore used by foreign vessels, back into the
open sea. No attempt was made, as we can
ri^ 0 / 01 * b^.tlie attacking vessels. As
the Japan custom in mainnc* nn attack either
on £ca or slngle-handedon lancU it wS
“mmobced first by a terrific ySI-wldS
SL we tnow '> no quarter.
w>, Ji-Tt C firin S. going on, a great
w cre visible on shore in motion,
K?.?® A o r 6of boats was distinctly
heird. A few moments longer delay in ge£
* team », ttd » iQ all probability, we
wi??? i*v Ter beei ? wiser as to*
wh..t had happened to the Pembroke, and all
would hare put her doirn as lost at sea, as
ue .Japanese would never have announced
her destruction more than a band of pirates,
SJLl ar t* e !, damage was sustained by the
Pembroke than that before named. To the
darkness of the night and the bad manage
mmit of the gnus only, she owes her escape,
and bad marksmen Indeed they must be not
to have done more crecnHoa, far ihouththe
shots whistled all around and above he**
none took effect,
Tima cur flag is .the first to be insulted hr
ttc Jwjancsc, our commerce is the first to be
interfered with, and all oar old theories of
Americans being a favored nation by the
Japanese falls to the ground.
Onr Minister, Hr. Pruyn, could hardly, as
yet, have received intelligence of the outrage,
as the Pembroke did not stop at Nagasaki,
as was intended, but came direct To this
place, since which time nothing has left here
for Eanagawa. Wc are, therefore, ignorant
as to what course he may see fit to pursae in
the matter. We do not think the Govern
inert a* tea* had anything to do instigating
this outrage, hut believe it was done by some
of the independent Princes, cither on their
own responsibility or by tbe authority of the
rew Government at Maco. This, coupled
wit h.tbe declaration made by the Japanese
in regard to clearing the country of foreign
ers, is significant in the extreme, and leaves
little room for doubt as to what the conserv
ative party may attempt themselves, if the
Tycoon is not able to succeed by negotiations.
It alto goes toward establishing the opinion
expressed as to the cause of the singular re
qufet of the Government for foreigners to
tal.t-moans to protect themselves' we can
not agree with many here that our troubles
Japan are ended. The aspect of affairs
:s er.ything but pleasing to those who are ac
quainted with the whole aspect.
Two of them Nearly Beady for Sea,
[From the N. Y. Tribane, fith.]
From a passenger by the steamship Scotia,
▼bo enjoyed peculiarly favorable facilities for
: becoming familiar with the facts, ire learn
that the Anglo-Eebel Iron-Clads are being
pushed forward to completion with the u£-
most vigor. Two 2,000 tun iron clads, com
oiDing the ram and monitor principles, are
being built by Laird at Birkenhead. One of
these is already launched. They are plated
with four Inch iron: each carry two turrets,
twelve Inches thick, and hare formidable rams
projecting from their stems. Each turret will
caj ry two 200-pounder rifled gnus, and each
vend will be armed in addition with two
200 ponnder stem chasers, lire guns were
reaoyat Preston, Lancashire, and would be'
shipped and put on board in the Irish Chan*
nel The ram which was launched was ex
pected to sad within four days after the Sco
ria It ft, and the second would be launched bv
the time the first sailed. The dcstlnatloa.o‘f
the »e powerful vessels was repotted to be the
United States; but nothing definite was
known on that subject.
In order to facilitate their speedy comple
tion, work was kept np on them day and
right, several gangs being employed to re
lieve each other throughout the twenty-four
hours We are Inclined to doubt the state
ment that either of these rams will be ready
*£t soon as was expected. And far
»ms reason, our Informant, describing the
progress on the first ram, states that when
before leaving Liverpool,
jwrte, fitting the ilintLere. Sd
lions consume a good deal of time. It if 13-
dent, however, that no effort norecoeise
■mis being spared to posh forward the wort
Sindidr and Manrj- of the rebel navy, were
c»ijy in Laird’s yard, Inspecting the progress
of the vessels, and urging the builders for
Bam l*o. 1 was launched under the French
"•£» peraaseion for that purpose being given
by the French Consul at Liverpool? And
what is mom, tbe craft still flew the tri-color
when our Informant lelt The destination of
these vessels is well known to the Brirtteh
Grvemment. Oar agents have closely fol
lowed them from the beginning, and the evi
dence accumulated of their contraband cliar-
Mter.huaUbeen laid before the ministry.
Yet thus far. no effort has been made to res
train them from sailing.
But these are not all the ofienslve prepare.
Uont now lo progress against us in u neutral' 1
Great Britain. A large iron-clad sloop-of-war
is well*under way in the yard of a Liverpool
atip builder, whose name our informant has
forgotten, and five others of a very formidable
diaractor, are in tbe course of construction
on the Clyde. One of the-e. now building by
James and George Thomson, over 4 003 tuns
burden, will have four or live inches of iron
p'a.ing upon 18 Inches teak. BUe will not.
however, be ready to eall for come months.
On the day before the Scotia sailed, the
c «ptato of Bam No. 1 was hoard to state at
the Adelpbi Hotel, Liverpool, that he would
command that vessel. He remarked, lu con
vcreillon, that he was a Sonthcmrr and a
rebel.: bat more discreet than Maury and
Sinclair, he refrained from going near the
Iron-cuds, eo as to avoid bringing suspicion
npon their destination. Pnbllc opinion in
iAvcrpocj appeared to have settled down to
thisjioint: that the centrality laws of Eng
land hadbeen evaded long enough, and It
was time that the farce/came to an end. The
merchants and pub’.lc men hod come to the
conclusion that unless the Government inter
fered to stop these pirates from sailing, veiy
grave complications would arise between
Great Britain and the United States, which, it
was by no means improbable, would culmi
nate In open hostilities. Whether their
opinion is founded on fact, only the result
can cetermlno. -
latest News Via Havana.
[Correspondence N, Y. Herald.]
Havana, Sept. 3,1E63..
The French mail steamer Tampico, -which
1 aJTiTC-d at Santiago de Cabo, brings no later
dales from Vera Cruz than tho lSth. She
. e. k , on , b3 H d 3t Verl Cruz thoCommittee
' "“ft appointed to wait on the
Archdnke Maximilian, and make him a for
mal offer of the Mexicsn thrsne and crown,
i The expedition against the port of Tempi-
CO, which left Vera Cruz oa-the dttr. arrlved
i ■ -there and took possession on the llth. It
consisted of one thousand French infantry,
one hundred and fifty Tampico volunteers
' and seventy mounted men, all under the com
mand of CoL Henrique, who now discharges
the functions of commandant of the town.
The vessels which formed the naval part ol
the expedition were the steamers Hellene,
F* 1 -!?:', Entreprenante, Brandon.
Panama and Milan, under Vice Admiral
Bosse. itttlr'ance was made by the battery
at the bar, bnt it was very slight and no casu
idtii s are reported.
" The forces collected at Tnlanclngo. hv Gir-
J?j al end others, were driven out by the
Ikench detachment sect against them, with
resistance. Il is supposed the
tugi'ivca have gone to Acapulco.
The civil war between tho rival governors
cf Jalapa, continued, while the people suffer
»'r^tvf IC I- ntll 5 e i all 4110 b3d consequences.
Another forced loan ol eight thousand dol
lara had been exacted from them.
From Guanajuato we learn that Gen. Dohla
do e army amounts to about four thousand
men, concentrated near that city. Contrary
of stmo < sv d ,? B of JMrez> 3 conducts
rf./t ,■ 11114 lcf£ lllere 011 »>c 30th of July
Co'ima, some say under the escort of Do
blsdo himself, who is the owner of the greater
£?ni or t p- e .i pEcie- TUs General stlirkccps
B ecrctof hia letnre movements
SJ?r« lntel1 * lo n ß ’ . Irblle 1“ the meantime he
spares so means to Increase his army. The
hfm ..“/el? a n eC JS t att<an pt to assassinate
? 4 , c ? 1 . e4 b F the Guanajuato papers: bnt
Ss* 18 ?f 4 credited by the papers of
sequenced 1418 3 ma -tcr of very £tUe con
ictlersfrom Guadalajara etate that Gen
Ogazon, Ex Governor and a staunch Juariata
las been obliged to leave that city. Many
French residents who had been driren froii 1
there were returning to their houses. Artea-
P.'' h , c JT t£ .™ 4 Governor, is said to be forth •,
ping that City, and many residents were leav
ing through tear. 1
Firally.ireiesni that tie restlcssMlramca.
trhobadlnlcly arrived at Brownsville. Texas i
had found his way lo the capital, and imme
diate acdieefcd the following letter to Gsa.
Forty, gmrg his adhesion to the French in- i
To hif Excel!™,? GmcrMF™?,' sS&’own-
Sexico'- 511^'^ Expeditionary Army of
Most Escellest Sm:-In the interview
wldcli your Excellency did me the honor to
grant me on my arrival at the Capital. I ac
quainted your Excellency with my convic
tso®6 in regard to the noble and generous in
temnuon -which France has tbodght proper
i to offer my unhappy country, in order that
•he might, without danger to iter sovereign
-1 tyandlndependence, elect the lorm of gov
-4?0ul(i most suitable,
Sf5S? ctcd V 1 ® I acquired, dor
ing the period in which the nation entrusted
£L2 c Sr4? 8 'V 3 * J placing me at tie
th® Government, in the disastrous
effects of revolutions and the bloody foot
prints it has lelt behind it daring *n intern!
s*sl®®. without it being
poesiblo to establish a solid and atable Gov-
Jtww^nt, 1 cherish the intimate conviction
Hlhfi'af 11 '. B, f te of “yeutness andmiserv
which Mexico has reached, she conld not he
which Providenceap-
tohavedestmed her, il a powerful and
friendly han.d had not come to lend her the
aid she needed. This aid she has found in
the magnanimous protection of his Majesty
Napoleon lit. Emperor ot the French. In
! these circumstances, the Mexican who wishes
for the ealration of his country and the pre
servation of her independence, who baa con
secrated to her his best days, and sustained
benights with his sword, cannot do other
wise than accept the means which Providence
had yet reserved for his country to arrest her
on toe brink ol an abyss. This has induced
me to say to your Excellency, and I repeat it
here, tout I accept the intervention which
comes to afford my country the meins of
consolidating her independence, of maintain
mg ucr independence, and marching in the
pathway of order and true civilization.
In regard to the question of the form of
government, having been absent from my
country and unable to become acquainted
with the opinions of my fellow countrymen,
naturally called upon to decide till* grave
question, I Inlormcd your Excellency that
not being conversant with recent events. I
desired to inform myself conscientiously of
the manner in which public opinion should
declare itself, promising to make, afterwards,
a declaration of my own Ideas. I proceed,
then, according to ihc promise made your
Excellency, to declare my conviction that
public opinion has declared itself generally
and spontaneously for the monarchist form,
in all points of the country relieved from the
pressure of the demagogue party; that no
sane man can doubt such to be the general
will of the nation. This will b-m been mani
fested by the organ of the numerous Assem
bly ot Notables. Assembled after the form
consecrated by our customs and respected iu
all times by the country, that Assembly has
thought proper to adopt among the various
forms of government, a moderate, hereditary
monarchy with a Catholic prince, and to
offer the imperial crown of Mexico to his
Imperial Highness Maxmllian, ol Austria, as
the wishes publicly expressed by the country
required. I cannot, therefore, hesitate to
adept in all its partr and unreservedly approve
the et leiDD declaration of the Assembly.
Earing to make this frank andspontaueous
declaration of my convict!-ms to your Excel
lency, I embrace this occasion to offer you
the assurances of my distinguished con
sideration. Miguel Mhumox,
_ General of Division.
The Influence of great men is so wonderful
that I am afraid John Smith, ol the great
Smith family, msy come out some dry in a
letter which may set aU Europe by the cars, .
knock the continent of America into a cocked
hat, and set the Atlantic Ocean on fire.
How awfully grand it sounds to hear tiffs far
famed Mexican talk in his sublime way about
“the destinies of a nation entrusted to my
care;” and tben his touching abhorrence of the
“bloody footprints” of revolution, and that
quiet remark about his sword and the devo
tion of his best days to his country. So
strikingly patriotic, so refreaingly cool. How
eloquent his allusion to that “powerful and
friendly hand," the fingers of which not long
ngo morally and figuratively, tweaked his
ncce severely. Oh, fiunkeylsm, stand forth
and claim the world for your own. Poor
Miramon, you are not the worst of flunkeys,
perhaps; for where there are so many it
woe Id,be difficult to decide, and you have a
million and a hall of your country to com
pote with; but never mind, strike and despair
not; you will be a duke yet. Perseverance
and the Assembly will put you through.
1 have but one or two more items to add to
this Mexican news. M. Dubois de Siligoy,
the French Minister, was lying ill at the capi
tal. according to letters from there.
’The 15th nit. was celebrated in Vera Cruz,
and no doubt the capital shared in the enthu
siasm with which the birthday of a foreign
monarch should fill every Mexican bosom.
On tbe Bth rumors were prevelent in Vera
Cruz that Matamoras had declared for the
empire after the people had disarmed the
few Juarista troops that were there. Since
the papers of the 15th do not confirm tiffs ru
mor, we art at liberty to discredit it.
The regency has re-established the law of
November 29, 1854; relative to Courts of
Justice throughout Mexico. The town of
Medellin and a number of other towns and
villages have declared their adhesion to the ]
new government,
From San Francisco.
Pas rursasco. Sept. IL-Tho steamer
Orizaba s&ila for Panama to-morrow.
Money Is easy. Atlantic currency exchange
L at the of 23127 premium for gold
to Government legal tenders. Sterling cr
&Km^£ Bcd -v nco ttie Ba 'W of the
Sdl been a Mr offering
Wm Inarms. have done little. Jolf-
MUdSttae Tf.„ d to re P’ cn >'h their stocks,
f?eth 0^ portnnlt . les •««
Charles ol*SMr^m« rl 7 4 J? e "
absconded to MeSo h “
to the extent of about S3O OM if?vi U ii ter *°
vlonsl, been ef good'
bis present disgrace to gambling. a owca
Seecsh Editors Sent South.
Bxitimoee Sept, 11.— B. H. Richardson,
and his son, Frank A. Richardson, and Stel
pnea j, Joice, proprietors of the Baltimore
were to -day arrested by order of
Cen. Sd'cnek for venting their disloyalty by
publishing ta their paper of yesterday, a
E il ' ce ,° r Poetry entitled “ The Southern
p'“s.” They were ordered South. The
three went scrota onr lines this evening.
The Draft In Ohio;
CpLDxnjDS, Ohio, Sept. IL—Recruiting
having failed to fill np the quota of this State,
piden have been received from Washington
to enforce thednft. The number of men to
be rafted 12,000, requiring the use of 18 000
names. The draft!, to legta rtCtactanaU
nert week.
Out Forces Strongly in Posses
. New Tons, Sept IE—A special to the
Trihunt says: Gen. Burnside, upon complet
ing the redemption of East Tennessee, ten
dered his resignation to the War Department
by telegraph.
It is supposed he contemplated it some
time since, In consequence of the constant
political perplexities that beset him in the
administration of his department, through
the repudiation of certain of his measures by
the Government, but did not take the step
till he could leave the service without dis
credit to himself.
After expelling the last armed rebel from
JUb department, the headquarters of the
Anay-oX the Cumberland are established at
Washington, Sept. 11.—The following re
port from Gen. Bnmslde, concerning the
capture cf Cumberland Gap, has been re
ceived at headquarters:
CcstBEULAKD Gap, Sept. 9,13C3.
To H. W, HtHeck, Etc.:
I have telegraphed you our movements up
to the occupation of Knoxville, by our
Since iLcii a cavalry force has been sent up
the Bailroad to vrituln a iulJea of Bristo^
capturing three locomotives and tiro addi
tional cars.
Another force composed of two regiments
of infinity and two of cavalry, I brought to
this place in person to reinforce Gen. Shack
leford, who was here with two regiments of
cavalry, Coh DeConrcy being on the Ken
tucky aide with a brigade, which I started in
that direction before leaving Kentucky.
The infintiy brigade marched from Knox
ville to tnis place, tlxty miles, in fifty two
The garrison here, consisting of over 2 000
men and U pieces of artillery, made an un
conditional enrrender at 3 p. m., to-day, with
out a fight. A. E. Bnnssinn,
Major, General.
Wasiiikgton, Sept. 11.—The following
dispatch from Gen, Kosccrans has been re
ccived at headquarters:
Camp Keab Tj.esto.v, Qa., Sept. 0, p. m.
To Major Gen. Halite];;
Chattanooga la onrs, without a struggle,
’and East Tennessee is free! Oar moves on
the enemy’s flank and rear progress, while
the tail of his retreating column will not
escape nnmoleeted. Onr troops from this
side entered Chattanooga about noon. Those
north of the rive>-[Hero the line filled.]
[Prom the Chattanooea Behcl, Angnat 25.]
A friend Just down from Athens, Temn. rc-
Jre r Si DO J Cll " ent «t that place of a
SI’S I." Tenn. (a small Tilluro
on the river), on Saturday last, between Gen.
honest’s command and a large force of the
enemy. In which the latter were repulsed and
driven back seven miles, loss on both sides
*sw occurred
“ H -v> “5 a l ho were again
repulsed. lio particulars received yet
pe reporteff advance of Bnmsldeon Knox
con(i,rm«l- Operations are for the
moment enveloped id obscurity. Chattanoo
ga, so long a hospital and baggage room. Is
now a camp. Almost every restfge of what
is technically known as the rear is gone: all
signs of domesticity hare died away. It Is
une the cock still crows the coming dawn
from many a yard and roost, but the house
holds,-beneath whose glimmering roof-trees
they were wont to make their matins, are re
moved. The place has been literally cleared
for action, and nothing may now bs seen in
the streets but the rude paraphernalia of war
It Js welL
Tie initials to vigorous and bloody opera
tions have transpired without confasxon or
The framing which awoke the army
and the town on Friday was not neglected for
a moment All men seemed to understand,
by that tacit intuition which sometimes
moves large masses of people as in slngiC Im
pulse, that.a battle was impending, and citi
zen mid soldier at once began to prepare ifor
it By dusk on Sunday evening private fami
lies lad retired beyond the reach of danger,
in the event cither of a direct ossnnlt noon
the city or other Incidents to active operations
in its vicinity. The military hastened heavy
Baggage to the rear, and the several commands.
received orders, which suddenly electrified
them from the torpor of camp life to the ani
mation of the field.
~Thc sights that now fill the eyes are very
ome rent from the careless pictures of a few
days ago. There is little pomp or circum
stance, for the gat and the tinsel are tided
from the military coat of arms; but there is
that which passes show—deep earnestness
and desperate activity. The crowded tho«-
pughfares, with ladies strolling hither and
toitoer,with market wagons vending fruit and
fish, with ambulances, drays, and private ve
hicles coming and going, with officers and
soldiers, quite listless to everything hut ease
and idleness, with Jews and Gentiles, un
bleached domestics, dogs and cats, all jostled
in one rolling current of humanity, have
passed from view like the magic castle of
Aladdin of old. In their stead officers are
riding in every direction, squads of ewafry
gallop through the streets, and ordnance
trains lumber along from post to post.
% ow and then, as we lookout upon the
scene, a battery rolls by in a cloud of dust,
i*6 brass pieces shining mysteriously through
the snndy mist, and its wheels and gears mnt
terirg and growling for the foe. At times,
the distant ring of rifle or rattle of musketry!
or deeper bass of cannonade, rolls up to the
quiet skies, where the summer clouds play
like one of fleece aroundtho crags of Lookout
And here we sit, quite as rebellion s as ever,
dropping our ink drops In the ear of the foe
man, as he drops his shells into, we were al
most absnt to. say, onr own. Howbeit, we
shall stand our ground as best we may:
therefore, as the man said in the play, « Have
at ye au.’ - Rack on and do your worst.
Besecrans and gang, mongrel, puppy, whelp,
sad hound. The mountains are on fire!
There are freemen in the crags. There are
rifles among toe pine. Come on, therefore,
thou canine epitome—
“and we will cndgel thee.
Like to a jelly that cats refuse to lick.”
The J2ebfl t at this writing, is about the only
public institution left in the almost desesrted
and once proud martial city of Chattanooga.
'Every other is on the wing, and probably
frill fancy that the shells are not after them-
We are left alone in onr glory. Alone with
onr types— w that client myriad army, whose
true metal never flinched or blanched
before the despot wrong.” The indulgent
reader will excuse onr scantiness of costume
and material, and will of coarse applaud onr
temerity in flaunting a few more Rebel sheets
defiantly in toe face of toe foe. Like the
mouse in toe fable, we shall continue to sport
our dimlnitive proportions in the lair ot the
abolition lion, and tickle his ear with a few
of onr opinions abont himself and Ms master.
Lincoln, generally.
[From the Southern Confederacy.]
The attack on this place, we are inclined to
believe, is a general advance on toe part of
Boeccrans to fake Chattanooga and northwest
Georgia, and drive hack Bragg. As we under
stand the matter, onr army is, and has been
on this side ot the Tennessee river, making
that river toe line of defense. The whole
country on cither side of the river is very
mountainous. The line of defense is a very
long one—from near Huntsville on our
extreme left far up into East Tennessee on
toe right. The shelling of Chattanooga on
Friday, and at intervals since then, is, no
doubt, a feint—toe true object being to cross
the river In force, at some other point, either
atHarrison, twenty miles above Chattanooga.
East Tennesse, or at Bridgeport below. We
bear that our forces haye actually de-
Bridgcpbrt, and driven away, and
that too enemy have thrown pontoons over
the river, upon which they have* crossed In
considerable numbers. We"cannot positively
vouch for tbe truth of this report, but we be
lieve it is correct.
We think a determined movement is now
beirgmadehy Bosecrans to cross his army
at Bridgeport, .jfld flank Chattanooga on ike
south, or to cross at Harrison, and malm a
dercent upon the State railroad at or near
Cbickamauga,, and we shall not be surprised
if a severe battle is fought on this aide of the
Tennessee Bivcr in a day or two.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribuna l
SraxKQvmzj), 111., Sept. 11,1868.
The Firemen's Tournament was one of the
grandest successes of the kind ever came off
ta this State. Qatacy, Peorta, Jacksonville.
taUow*^ d olter . cltl “ wcre represented as
‘‘S t „'. r ? ilf , 11 ., N0 - S*"of Quincy.
‘ AltonaNo. 1. ,? of Alton.
* Washington No. 3," of Alton,
“Germania No. 8,” of Peoria,
“Central, *’ from Hannibal, Mb.
moV’o?Sp A “ Pi<moCr " 11114 “ 8 “e»-
After receiving various other companies
which did not participate ta the contest
the proceasion paraded through the princi
pal streets, highly decorated with flags and
devices. Each company was tally manned
and uniformed. At two o’clock tbe firemen
formed into line and marched to the market
place where the contest began and resulted
as follows:
thbowiko a rsnrsxnicvLAn stt.eam.
Prairie Bird,” from Bloomlngtoa, one hundred
eighty-eight feet six Inches.
, Germania,”-from Peoria, one hundred and
eteWy-flve fret five Inches.
elgMy Qnincy ’
‘Unionfrom Jacksonville, one hundred and
scveuty-Blx feet
T**A I l 0 ?- a :V Yrom Alton, one hundred and fiftr
eight feet three Inches. „
fcct tea inchei/* 0m { oße hundred and eighty
The Prairie Bird, of Bloomington; Ger
nonb, of Peoria; andW&tert Witch of Quincy,
who received the prizes are now parading
the streets, headed by theirresnectlve bonds,
A torch light procession and a grand Fire
men’s Featlvaal takes place to-night Af cr
the contest was over the Union Fire Compa
ny, of Jacksonville, challenged the other
companies to throw a horizontal stream tor
a prize of $230, which was not accepted.
A detachment of the 16th Illinois cavalry,
nnder;Capt. Jackaon’s command, attemnted.
the arrest of scm6 Itoon,
Effingham county, last night. The deserters
were aided by about twenty K. 6. C-’s. A
number of I 'shots were fired, wounding two
soldiers. Five deserters were taken, two of
whom were severely wounded and several of
the K. G. C.’a who aided thsm. Considera
ble Eexcitement prevails throughout the
J« Ln F. Eccker, a notorious rebel bush
wacker of Western Missouri, was captured
near St. Aubcrt, in Collaway county, in that
State on the Bth inst. He was wounded, it
is said, mortally, before being captured.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}.
Washington, Sept. 11,1853.
The sales of 5-20 bonds have Increased du
ring the week, and the facilities at the Tress
uiy are such that all present orders will bo
soon filled. Issues for the last week amount
to eleven million of dollars—one-hilf of it to
day. The engravers and printers will hereaf
ter beable to keep up with the orders.
Tlo Navy Department have no conlirmEtion
ol the report contained in the Near Tort Sir
aid’s Queenstown letter of August SOth, that
one of the rebel iron-clad* had jailed from
England The fctory is discredited here.
Gca. Castor la conversation with a gentle
man from the army of Ihe Potomac deaied
the statement made in the Teibckb that ho
had crossed the Rappahannock at Fredericks
bnrg to hold an interview -with the rebel Gen.
Hill. He pronounces the whole story a fab
The Comm issloncr of Internal Revenue de
cided that all vessels or water craft of
which keeis or such parts as are
equivalent to keel were actually laid at the
time of the passage of the act of Much 8d
1803, are exeunt from the advaiornm duty
two percent imposed by that act. On all
vessels hereafter built a tax of two per cent
is te be levied on the hull of the ship, boat
or vessel In its iaished state, including the
cook house, forecastle, hlnnlcic, cabin pilot
house and texas, together with masts and
spars, and tax to he assessed upon the en
tire value of the same without and deduc
tions on account of the daties paid upon, or
of any materials used in the construction of
the vessel.
The receipts from customs at four prin
cipal ports for August were $7,500,000, and
$2,000,090 of direct tax. The Commhtioncrs
of Florida hare lately sold property amount
ing to about SIO,OOO, and bid on most of it
Commissioner Lewis hat declared the sales
null and void, on grounds that they were
made without the concurrence of all of the
members of the Board. One of them, Mr.
Sticki.cy, being absent, and offending mem
bers w ill probably be dismissed.
There Is but little reliable Intelligence from
♦he Rappahannock. The opinion is gaining
ground among military men, that Lee will
speedily make cither an offensive movement,
or the rebellion will assume its last phase of
guerilla warfare.
New Tobk, Sept. 11.—'The mraWa Wash
ingteu special says: No arrangements in
regar.i to the exchange of prisoner® has yet
been made, and negotiations are still going
On Monday night the boat Teazer over
hauled five deserters from Meade’s army,
while attempting to cross the Potomac. Tne
men Lad been sent out os substitutes but a
few cays previous. The inhabitants on the
Maryland shore report that a great number
of this class ate escaping, some of whom have
been known to swim the river on boards a
distance of nearly three miles. The deserters
captured on the Potomac on Monday last
were sent to toe army to-day lor trial by
court mar.iaL Two hundred and thirty-six
deserters arrived there under guard from
New York last night,
Laft night an attempt was made by gueril
ks to burn a bridge on the Orange & Alex
ondrii Railroad, five miles from Alexandria.
The tang was driven off and the flames extlu
enisl ed, not, however, before considerable
damage was done to toe structure. Trains
crossed this afternoon, as usua*.
An order has been Issued from the War
pcpaitmont, prohibiting sales of articles
from toe Commissary Department to inhabi
tants residing within too lines of the army
Now. it seems, they are allowed to draw sol
mere rations, and these not till they have ta
ken toe oath of allegiance and had .permis-
Mr L. J. SUckoey, Tax Commissioner of
Florida arrived in Washington on Monday
He comes for the purpose of representing to
the President the desire of the people of Flor
ida tbtrl a force should be sent to that State
to relieve them from rebel rule, of which he
says, they are heartily tired, that they may be
enabled to re organize tbe State Government
and elect members Congress. He says if
such a force is sent Immediately, their Sena
tors and Representatives can be elected in
time lo take their seats in Congress ut the
commencement of the nest session
WAsmNOTON, Sept. IL-The Richmond
Difpaicli of the Bth says; It was rumored,
that a dispatch had been received by Gen!
Cooper, announcing the withdrawal of the
from Fort Wagner and Fort Sumter.
We think this highly probable, as a gentle
man who left Charleston on Friday says the
enemy were at that time within seventy-live
yards of Fort Wagner, and Snmter is entirely
in mm*. The came gentleman says the Yan
kee troubles have not commenced, nor will
they commence until they get into too . har
bor. univereal belief at Charlestonwas
tbai bnmter and Wagner would be taken hnt
that Charleston would not be. Our inform
ant expressed too opinion that the iron-dads
would never-get-out of toe harbor if toav
once got in. >- 3
New Yoee, Sept. 11.—The an In golito
cay is attributed to sensation reports from
Philadelphia, of the surrender of Charleston
They arc doubtless imaginary. roa ’
A Washington letter states thatQeh Rio
ley Las returned to doty as Chief of the Ord
nance Bureau, an(Uhat Gens. Meigs and Tut
lor will also return to their bureaus, from
whkh they have been absent only tempora
Since tnnday, the rebel cavalry in small
force has been demonstrating on Hoxoll rZ
Tbc-v, In every Instance, have been driven off
and it ie not anticipated that the advance
near,a any include to a general movement
Of t)»5 rebels. ;
All the members of the Cabinet are no* in
Washington, Secretary Welles having just
returned from the North. ® i
Nbw York, Sept 11.—The N. X. Tints' di«.
patch says:
Tuere Is scarcely a doubt that Leo’s arm. I.
belrg depleted to reinforce Beanre®?d Jad
Bragg. Up to within a week there was
pctilive evidence that this was so, hot is o?w :
reduced to a certainty. Our lutellimjnce fn
tide effect is corroborated by adriceffrom T
L. Cronniz, who states that LoacatrwS
corps has been ordered west and south er,.
larger portion of it going to Brogg—the baf.
ance. probable one division to Cbarlea'on
Tho heads of the dlylslon of this corns moved
from their camp, near Frederictsbnn? S
Tuesday, the 6th, at 3 o’clock, and it !?«„“
cully understood among theprivate soldW«
that it was going to Charleston. A colnam
of 15,000 to 20,000 can In ono week be eSS
thrown, by the Virginia and East Tenneasai
Railroad, to Bristol or Greenville, in Eiat
The NewTork Tribune's special from Wash
inton, say■:
It Is-telieved by military men, whose meant*
of information are of the best descrintin*
that Gen. Lee has within the last few ds*t'
received heavy reinforcements, and that h»
meditated another aggressive campaign. The
weakness shown by the rebel armies a* otw
points. Is thought to strengthen tho prob?
mUty that the insurgents are gathering their
forcee for a desperate effort under their mo?
trusted commander. * v
From Toroato.
Toeokto, Sept. IL—Tho evening jw
pnblithoa a telegram from Quebec? earw
the efearners Bowmanville and cJSmffS
1» understood, are fitting out at On.w.
run the Southern blockade. '«uthee to
The Situation on the Lower
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Mamma, Sept 10, 1863.
A band of guerillas have visited the wreck
of the steamer Courier about twenty miles
below Memphis, and It has been burned
entirely up, the object being to prevent its
being raised. »,
Everything is reported quiet In and around'
Vicksburg, except occasional and unim-
Portant skirmishes with guerrillas. There
are bands some miles hack in ths country. A
quantity of cotton, and other property, was
seized at Monroe, the western terminus of
;£^^BS_^Shrwopart.KaUiWe- i '’-
Airby Smith has called upon the old men in
the 'Westem Department that ho la coming •
that their serricea will not be needed in the
rebel army more than sixty days; late
advices from below represent, on authority
of a deserter, that at a dress parade at Vcr
mUlionviilc on the 27th ult., it was announced
by order of Gen. Dick Taylor that the rebel
Gen. Magrnder had been shot and 'killed in
Galveston the week previous by a Lieutenant,
who suspected Magrnder of criminal relations
with his wife. The same authority states
that the whole rebel force in Louisiana is not
over 10,000. Dick Taylor’s headquarters are
at Camp Bisiand.
Tbp Tiians are getting tired fighting for
their rights under Davis,and are all deserting.
B.'jon’s Texas regiment, numbering 300 a
month sgo, had Ml deserted but sixty.
Tbe steamer - Pose Bambleton his arrive!
at Helena from Davaii : s Bluff, "which place
ale left on Sunday. There haa been h4 law
fighting in Arkansas pf any consequence.
Herring has massed his forces near Bayou
.Malabo, and 1[ begins to be understood that
they Trill not fight, but fall back to the chain
of hills in Saline county, southwest.
Little Rock, people are very bitter toward
the Unionists, refusing greenbacks for delica
cies. tVe expect stirring news from that
quarter soon.
A skirmish took place at Gcndale, in the.
vicinity of Corinth. A large force of rebels
Is reported to bo la possession of that place,
and 3,C00 cavalry cent to dislodge them, were
successful. Six rebels were killed, and six
taken prisoners. Our force suffered no loss.
«r^t IB r o .i^ cpt- u ;— B T tt e steamer Post Boy,
fofhi wV U w? or n I “.? , . I,e hlTe Memphis dates
to the Jfh. The MiiUelm announces the arrival
of tue steamer J. n. Groesbeck from Vlcks
-ni'.&s.e Th S river expedition had
returred, having accomplished its object,
.Viz. A thorough recocuoi.sance of the north
era portion of Louisiana adjacent to the
™te iVO S si ?° encm * 1q organized force
was found. A detour was made in a north
| western direction toward* the Tillage of
hsklondo, Arkansas. A large number of Con
federate soldiers came voluntarily into onr
Hues, and surrendered themselves. Of the»o
about twenty-five came np on the Groesbeck.*
Ihej report matters in the department as
E - U. Smith commanding west of the
Mississippi River has called upon tho old
men to rally to promising their
services will not be needed more than sixty
days, as by that time the fate ef the West wiU
have been decided for weal or woe.
The wreck of the steamer Courier was
owned by guerillas, to prevent herfrombeing
Memphis, Sept. 9.—Official advices have
been recchcd fr°m Gen. Steele up to Sep
tember 2d. Ho had reached BronviUe and
everything was working well and prospects
of complete success very flattering.
The rebel forces in Mississippi are becom
ing more active and have frequent skirmishes
with our cavalry, who are vigilantly
them, and the consequence is that deserters
and refugees, with long reports of suffering
and growing disaffection towards the rebel
cause, are doily coming into our lines. The
weather Is extremely hot. Reports of guer
lilas firing with musketry on steamers below,
are frequent, but no damage of any conse
quence has resulted. J
Serious Shooting Affair at
New Lisbon.
I Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribnne.]
Milwaukee, Sept 11,188%
A serious shooting affray“occured at New
Lisbon'last evening, resulting In the death of
two men and seriously wounding of three
others. Mr. Bellinger, of the firm of Hewitt
& Co„ of this city, having stopped at that
place for a night, became engaged in a pollt
cal discnssion.which speedily brought on a
quarrel. One or two soldiers interfered,
.when Bellinger drew a revolverand shot one
of the soldiers, killing him Instantly, at the
*ama time wounding three others. Bellinger
ran after them, firing, hut was pursued by
several soldiersand shot dead. The name of
the soldier killed was E. Olson; wounded*
J. P. Elgin and Edward Webber, seriously,
Charles Cummings, slightly. Mr. Bellinger
was about thirty years of age and very gen
erally liked among his acquaintances, of
strong partizan views and passionate in dis
{Special Dlspaie* to the Chicago Tribnae.l
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 11, 1663.
The result ol the late victories over too
Irdltus, does not appear to have been anni
hilating. A party ol horse-stealing Indians
made their appearance on Monday, night near
Sank Center, 160 miles from this city, and
killed a man named HoSman, whose horses
they bad previously stolen. As usual they
were vigorously pursued after they had fled.
Sibley’s expedition will reach Fort Snelling
to-morrow noon. They bring the eon of
Little Crow with them.
The Union Convention yesterday nominated
a strong ticket for Legislature and county
offices. It will he elected sure.
Official Dispatches of the Wvomln"
Officer, •
Washington, Sept. IL—The following
telegram has been received via Sin Francisco,
Sept, 7th:
Legation ov the V. S., Japan, I
Yozkuhana, July, 21th, ISG3. j
Sib: On the 2Gth ot June, the American
steamer Pembroke was attacked at Slmouaki,
600 miles from Hara, by vessels of the Prince
of Nagota, on the 16th of Jnly, The Wyom
ing blew np Ms steamer, sunk a ten gun brig
and engaged six batteries, with a loss of lour
men killed and seven wounded.
A French gunboat was fired into on the 7th
of July, and a Dutch sloop of war on the
11th. at the same place. On the 25th of July
the French Admiral destroyed one of those
Kobt. H. Panra,
U. S. Minister Bcaldent.
Tire Revolution in Haytl,
[Correspondence of the X. T. Tribane.]
HiTAh-A, Sept. 3,1363.
We are in possession of dates from St. Do*
mlngo to the 27th nit, by the arrival hero of
the war steamer Isabel 11. She comes Irom
Fnerto Plata, to which point she took troops
from Santiago do Cabo, and on her arrival
there on the 27th it was found to be in posses
sion of the insurgents, while the Spanish gar
rison had shut itself up In a small fort The
troops were landed from the steamer, consist
ing of one battallion and one field battery.
An immediate attack was ordered, and tho
men advanced, led by CoL Arizon j Castro,
of the Engineers, commander of tho expedi
tion, who behaved with the greatest gallantry
and fell, shot through the head, before the
enemy’s works were reached. The
were carried by storm and the Insurgents
fled, leaving a number of prisoners in tho
hands of the victors. Spanish loss, one killed
and twelve wounded. The Colonel, who was
the only one killed, lingered till next morn
Nearly six hundred troops are leaving to
day by the Pararo del Oceano, hut their pres
ence will not be needed. This insurrection is
over. The next will be about February, and
soon, every five or six months. The Qovem
jrenthere ought to pay more regard to the
comfort of the traveling public than to send
' r
troops by a passenger steamer when there
i arc eo many vessels here lying Idle.
I went on board the Foizaro last night, and
round that a number of persons whohad paid
their passage-had returned their tickets, pre
feiring to wait till another opportunity. It
is far from pleasant to be shnt up for fire or
six days in a steamer like the Pazaro at this
, eeaE f°? more especially when there are at
least 000 persons on board, including passen
gers, crew, soldiers, Chinese and negroes. It'
is quite wrong. - •
The Dlario, of Santiago de Cuba, oftheSCth
ult., has the folio rang extraordinary para
graph: * *
Through a sufficiently authentic source
we are assured that the republic of Hayti !a
about to be incorporated wittYthe French’
Empire, Jn connection withwhicamoTemeLt
the flay tien government is practislncfthe ut
most assiduity. • •
Make your own comments, and let us hear
what you have to say. The philosophy of
action and reaction is receiving many illus
trations now a days, and perhaps we
should not he astonished at the conduct of
Hayti, even though .favored eminently by the
powers at Washington. Mr, Lincoln’s mag
nanimity has done them no good if the above
ne *® fce-tme: for It £ a clear indi
cation of distrust, father than confidence, ta
iAccepUar-epecle* of servitude under Franco in
preference to independence and equality uu
*vr -Jr 6 .: ,£ r a** protection of the a»gls of
the Halted States, nut by all means give the
Hay tie n Minister his papers and let him go.
He has no business there any longer.
Later from Europe.
Cara Kaon, Sept. 11.—The City of Man
cheater irom Liverpool September 2d. via
Queenstown the Sd, passed this point this
evening, and was bearded by the news yacht
of tbe associated press.
It was vaguely reported that the French
Cabinet had debated the expediency of re
cognizing tbe South. No final decision was
arrived at. Some of the French journals
j ecommended the seizure of the Florida at
Europqan’polltics ara unchanged.
[At this point of the dispatch the down East
lines we:e interrupted la the conclusion of the
Brown Acquitted.
Sept. IL—The Dayton Journal
of the 20;b says:
T,be jury this evening acqnitted HchiylL
.Brown of the charge of murdering J. F. Ball
meyer, editor of the Dayton Enquirer,
From n Rricilcaa Barrister*,
Editors Chicago Tribune:
Ab you are going Into the business of enlight
ening the public by the itablicatlon of a “sum
mary of ah the important eases on negotiable In*
strumenls, 6c.,” I beg to surest to you that a
summary of the law on other matters of practical
!mpo:taaco “would be highly invaluable” not
only to the fresh ones “who have recently taken
up their residence among ns,” and havn’t yet
sprouted their ocnlar incisors, but to the old act
ors who have cut their eye teeth. I therefore
SSSJ y . Be S lce ’ prov ! ded th =y are credited to
me by name in the piper, la so iotereatinga labor,
and to begm with, I offer you my brief—4*>
mannawipt—in the celebrated Tlammerkiu caa**,
in which tbo question war whether a malicious
sneezing In the plaintiffs face was the subject of
an action on the case,” or of “ treapasa,” and In
which I mads an oral argument of nine hours, and
raised and dfsenssed one hundred and ona points.
My brief—sixty pages—in Snodgera ra. TenfeT
ebank, IsalßOßabmllted. “
lalso offer you the nao of “Anthony’s Digest”
and twenty volumes of the “United States Di
gest, all of which, if published, will afford old
settlers and new, considerable Information.
Bcspectfultf, ■. O. GojotoN-,
(Of the firm of Quirk, Gammon & Snap.)
A Texas.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
■ Tear Mississippi Elver dispatches often, inre
u-rricg to steamers belbe fired on ssy the was
struck In her texas.” Will yon inform those ot
your readers that sever sec any marine structure
Jarcer thana dug-out, what part-of a steamer her
tfcxas is and whylt is eo called.
Eakeaszs, IU M Sept Bth.
The “ texaa” is the cabin upon the hurricane
deck of a steamer, set apart for the officers of the
boat, and surmounted by tbs pilot Wado
not know why it is so called, unless, because
the country whose name It bears, it is Inaccessible
to honest travelers. Those who Indulge in <»™a
cenfc games, whose annlmatlng principle is, the
more yon lay down the less you take up, can
always find amulet comer in th»‘« texas.”— [Eds
iNtm SiiDtrtistmentß,
member belong off to this
reqnested to bepreamt at
■t!2 aS-j It Capt.H.l7 COPCUfT.
An 157 Lake street, and
examine tbe Cones de Visile taken mere for Two
not yoa believe that they l are
Inqeaujjr of tone or ftyle of finish,
de \ ialto for one dollar
__Sfcl2-DiG6lt BAT NIAS, Agent.
Trade Sale of 120 boxes Glassware.
Mna a, Pnchcrs.finsara. Arc,. 4c. Ba o without
aei2 a SL-i S; GILTEUT 4 SAMPaow? AuetS 8,
r ?«“.Soi-u LISS * BEABP - mLakes;
One hordrcdhosbels
n J .W 2 e £fftS I ,JPA t s£ A? 1 ? by SH3RMAN.
MALL 4 POPE, orfcenth Water St. sen
Wholesale X>ealers in
15- and 17 Lake-st,,
Ne&ri) oypoalta their old loaatlon, where they are
opening one ol the
Ever offered in Chicago.
.9°. T . Pld Customers and Mwchants generally are In
vited to call on ns.
Edsm(37St arJ)S - CKUSrBiUGH * BIIiW -
. We regret to Inform the public generally, that ow.
“C to the greet delay on the put of the Railroad
companies, oy which our goods have boon seat, wo
are unable to cpca tho
3Vew anil Extensive Stock
O 3T
JDSirsr o-ooids
Forafewdayaloneer. when we in-rlte the aartlca.
lar attention of C4SUBUTEU3. ana mil cflercre.t
Inducement* to customers, by the pieceoryatd, *
Dealers lu Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods.
Central PrMCTlptios Dm- store. S3 Clark «treet,
Larieoo Sleek. iei2 stfJilt
At A. C. DOWNS & GO.
•cl 3 icffO Staet-s.iT&srox
■E'X.E AND SAIL —Dr. Under-
Nom lUndSfphi! j jeArßheSiuSoS. CUSS'S
Dr D.jieitonnj.ll insapproved aactoel aiddSliS
oparatfon tor Drama, cdinet. aitiaoaf pain
cm» eye, atappyloma mlala. LMbrymuT enVS
removal of tomors and Bpartoui growths of Vie-t-/(.-!
KrtpUon. Anuclaleyea aawhS'gSSSto Ift
aea. aoosd crpdietore, acoustic cial-n anrt'.pT,iAr
ama and many other oehtoalmcand'
apanrtm nay m Had plot, u, '
P. A. Mirram, .... Hook Wines.
A. Heller & Co., - - - - Claret Wines.
Chauvot labauaie, Bnrgnndy Wines.
Geo. Sayer &Co, -- Cognac Brandies.
Xlio above celebrated trines arc now
offered to skc Trade, and for private
ecl2-mCDS net
Curtain Papers
j. McGrath,
7S Randolph Street.
j ATIONAL BANK.—Books are
ofce t\*
?&3lfl°' n K HoyneVililier A LewW, aid *Rt the
o®co of L. Brantano. uilnola Staats ZelMuw M rne
The National Bant presents to eyorrona t»« mm.
tare of a Bank nutauted byNational CrSriuL.
•“S** l ! oo ,* o those who desire to InrestT* the atomic
of the Bart or p.'ace their money aa deposit a r»t
ISR 1. "Ho coantcfea -mtS tMi ImuS.
1 1 0 ?; * har S persona can place their money for accum
J itaUoa and aaitty. All information wljVe rlrea ?r
the ahore. or the andrrsirnfed at No I ciorv «».?»
Loan.., Bf.ct,new anni wmSSSs: u “ lc
?• P E*AIEIASDEE. CllM.tr.
F - Rt2SOH - * teiirnsr; it
fiasw- ,MgM iSA»
# HARPS. —6OO gross for
sen aca 2ta.t .
BiGl:8 B D? B S?tam ! Si E r H ' ?A R asd air pas.
for ?? !l b « ®b«nt ftom Chicago
«Vp? e hM«^ o A W3 rel ? rn - 01 which <lae antic*
Halls »tc. I have at my Wkrerooa, S3 La-
Salle «treat, six different alias of these
Portable and SVicSc Furnaces
Also, t bare a Furnace for WOOD snltable f~r
Charche* *cc Private D«rell!p~a in »»,* JSSE 1 * I3r
°f which I can »otlo the a£l
notice. Tin pipe andSeglateracoruuatj/oa
sea-m ttl-St-T thAba net **., ff«
The hSr£Sf.S, K ws°i.-i, l^kiS !> Sf^v
™ dttecaoM®,miSrtSSte'htw to'
a and Tronpecs sen* on application. P.0.,80x
q.ent>6 liken collars,
VB Randolph Street, (Up-Stairs.)
OTICE.— My wife, Martha, hav
X 1 Inc left ttt tea .ad board. I hereby Cjibld v:
ps-tor# barbortrr o’* fu-tltis her oaev e;conrt.iul
rsytodebt*of ncr couirtcUrc
ioss 3Uiwrfifiim«ila
Both Oonsoripts and Volunteers 11
..Pit?P° 1 “ at ttossls of Witche? la the Ar-nr
Is a scarce l rf Keormoai Fr jflt ? Are you itirstiit
• ?* a Vhandled deltars caa be mais oa a ataxia 'nay*
day, by any ope of ordinary boalrei) tact ? Aai far
ther, uotou know teat we are oflVr'ng tie mo't An
£J£*iL e V? D f* bl ® a ? aa S ca . ,j:a Wa.cho* lix-thi Amo:l
--c*° >daxket. stp>lee«bati)<Q« all caaraetttloa?
uStoJSffealKttd 7d “ errtn;: «!»«»*•“ this
Railway Timekeepers,
With Deary Sterling Sllier Cases,
Especially Adapted for Army Sales,
Jtawpaper, of Fib. a.
TnaocKKPseasre boco«lax
proverbial fbrtnstr accuracy and reliabtlliT. Tnev
valuable for oEcara in tue array aas
«J^S- An ? Tasd « K ’ aT V Gazetta - of Philadelphia, la its
of Mey o.reviewing this water, says; ••‘Wo
?hfo?L ,c iSsi. to tP° ltI * •“fortoooa of ttuonaao
®A a 2*416* 416 tt ‘® cUc r lb ® enormous Mis that saca extra
ordinary enterprl-a aa theirs so rlcaly merits, Tnesa
watches are novelties produced by so other bone.
Urexceedtoc other manofactares to point ot accuracy
aadeiegMice fidelity and promptneaTto
S tte army 1 a d cai?»blo medium for uuaor»
The Sew York Weekly. of Jnly».is63. voluntarily
22*t We bare been mown by the Messrs. lima van
TJ?° aw exclusive Importers of the article
Sifft-? 67 W* a PJ» r °Prt*tely term tbx Railway
being a superbly flouted wa’ch. is war
ranted tokeei: the most accurate time la all climates
reelr b c“S»n» “•“* Tlmek ““!« ! ™ k “al, aqoauei by
TniBKTCPER ha i heavy mM
•terllie rtlrer cue. beantUU wolta enamal ai«l
bpicsoite gold binds, with superior regulated morel
meet, wa>mted to run and keep excelleot tlne»
£j«fl’J- r . c # we^ f . ka^ d ® z ' a * W>- ot mall $i.C3 for
postage. If reglst?red. SO cents adoitlouaL 9 A safe
deliver)- byrnansaaranleed. gold ooy by the case.
The Sail war Timekeeper 1* al?o famished In hiid
soißf silver plated cases and In all otbdf respect i the
wire »s tie»liver ones, while la appeiraace they are
fuliy tqual. Price per case of six. pjftage SLG3
BcgltlKlae 20 cents. Bold only by the caseT
Magic Time Oteerreis!
The Perfection of Mcchaolsm!
retag n Jlniano. crose* E»:e. or HdrX or otitle
n.&n s Watch Gambit ed. wlih Patent BJf.
n Inning Aapporatoi I !I
TbeKewTorklllnstTat*dlTews,la ItsUgoeof Jan
10.15C3.00 page M 7, yslaotarllysays: “We &*▼« been
shown a isoet pl*a‘lng novelty. of which the Bobbas©
Bros.. of>New Torlr. are the sole Importer*. It Is
called the Maaro Tim OBsairyxa, and is a Hcntinr
ana Open Face Watch combined. One of the pretti
est. most convenient, and decidedly the best and
cheapen t'aepteee for Eeaeral and reliable use ever
oflezed. It baa within It and connected with Us ma
chlae'v iti own winding attachment, rendering a key
entirely unnecessary, The cases of this watch are
cemporedoft<7omecalß.theo'i:sroae belnr Una 19
karat told. Ithai the improved ruby action layer
teayeznear. and is warranted an aczorate timepiece.”
Price, anosrbly per case o' half dozen, *3ll
temple Watches In neat morocco boxes lor those
propiilsgtobayatwhsl-saTe-t'S. If sent by
the noatage is 36 cents. iteylsferiagSOc *
. Watches sent by express to any part of ths
Jcyil Slates with bill payab.o it Lxpreij Ag-int npon
7' Perrons orde-tn j a thU manner matt ea
hS^fiff.ySibii?ar uomt <0
Soldiers. and all ethers laths disloyal States, er air
••rtatbfroof.mnstseadp&wmeatla advance at the
apMaConpyei peremptorily refuse makicjr col
lection* Is met precarloas localities.. nfoner can ha
sent by m-01 or express. If by express or mat!, in a
registered letter, at our risk. Oar patrons are ra
(msilfd to call in person, when ic Is coavealet for
tntin to co so.
HIBBARD BROS., Importers,
.eUsKist l6o B«aasrar, New Torlr,
TOEK, Sept. 7th, 1863,
Of the City of Chicago, sola agent for
nko sale or the celebrated
cufm mm
Of the Stance of
-Also, for the Hoases of
Fit. 5>E BIEBY.
135 Lake Street.
JTtffl 2U)«rti*nntnt».
business directory.
° gMlaaw Houses la Chicago:
COOL^JSS'J™ 0118 ’ &0 ' ■
baah avenue. 42, 41 and 43 Wt*
HABHON, GALE & off B3 IS?i!S “****
Boots and Shoes,
G C - «*"«“* cotasr
J.O. 43LD. WELLS, 88 Lake street
GILLETTE. wnmtßT a CO.. Salesroom* «
Lata street; Factory, Bia north Oast street.
Clothing and Gents’ Furnishing
ramp'wadsworth aco..siima sa Lett
TOtrt^e rofWslMiSTl:;ae _™ » «*■
ggQ. KELLOCg a CO . It Lata street.
Hats, Caps, Furs, &o,
Crockery, China and Glassware*
SS^?°T nER3 * a. W «4 75 Lake street.
BUIiLEY & TTBRKLL, 48 TjiVo street.
Hardware, Tin Plate, Sheetlron.
TOt. BLAIR A CO., 176 Lake street. .
Mannlhctigeia, H Lata street. ™ an “ W “*
Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, &o,
smn, BENEDICT A CO., si and 38 Lika street,
CHA3. BEAHDSLEg A BRO., 68 Lake street.
Iron, Steel, Hails, Heavy Hardware!
*o°-. M 3 and 185 Sooth WV
C ' B r.akestreet,oppositeOf
Metal Warehouse, Tin Plate, Sheet
Iron, &o.
VA S5^? v 9 OEr ' dickebso>7 a eo v>»
101 Randolpb street. * W ** ®
Paper, Stationerv Blank Books, &e.
MDMOE, SKEWER & CO.. 140 Lake street,
CULVER, PAGE A HOTSB, 128 A 180 Lakasb
. docks, Watches and Jewelry.
J. H. HOES, Dealer In all tic da. U7 Lit a atroet.
T^k? ( S-J nportara “ 4J& “
Banters and Brokers,
JAMES BOYD, S3 Clark etrect.
Oils, Lamps and Glassware,
Wholesale Clothing—Mon
and Boys.
Co..m.«ts itnet andfluoa
Drugs, Paints, Oils, &o.
J. H. REED & CO., 146 Lake street.
Millineiy and Straw Goods.
KEETH. EASOS & CO., <5 and « Lata street.
Yankee Notions, Fancy Goods, &o.
OILIETT, TITUS & CO., 137 Lata street,
it Sor 836 &t
Wines, Liquors, Alcohol, SpiritSs
&0., &c,
BEXNLTT flExmS & CO., 2i Rlyor Street.
16 & 18
CaelMn6s3»nnM muKsaaviMieST
We are prepared wlta one nsua
Formerly BAEBETT. KXSG & CO.
27 Lake Street.
SAFa 0F this
CitooLD, umm & cd m
All others are Twenty Teas Behind the Age.
For sale only by
In aiwi’loii to the Government Bon* tv
wa-msaMwet Sec’yMerSSa^jg?^
PTONITURE. —I am now receiT*
J3Kirom oar Nev Torfc and Boston
Warebomes. and Ml aeu to me IradSfror *S2
j t Boston a'tad New York Prices,
freight ADDED,
FLAX seed.
I.?S L' >«Pla of Seed
co - mEa “ aw *^“.
Burglar and Bire-Froof
Improved-Bosk Loc&t,
A. L. WINITE, 58 Dearborn street
Carbon and Oil,
• ITS LAil
Wrought Pipe
Atwbeleealeby R. T- CRANK « BHO.
anlO R26s.nct in. 101 and Km Wait Lake strati
"•ffmw.raiT.K f.UIP JLfD Ott JJgiIHS,
131 dark Stmet, Okleag*.
.als-CTS tttn e
BEECHES* PATENT.—For warmln* dwell
ing*. ttorea charche*. public halldlnn. Ac. Vtm
prepared to famish the Taxloas iixee ox Portable aad
Bricfc FnrmacM, for Anthracite and Bltnmlaona Co4L
Our Furnace* are an. warranted. Masn&etnnd aad
E>Sl°ll Caie * fAEMB. rn jtog«.try,

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