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Cljxccigo tribune,
aeo. Orea* Speech.
The nwich delivered by this fighting War Dem
cerst. to Chicago, on the 10th Inst., has been pob*
tiebedlu pamphlet form, aid is famished from
tUn office at two dollars per hundred copies.
Those wishing a document that has the ring of
the true metal, will enclose the money to ns, and
the pamphlet will be forwarded by express. ISvcry
roldler in the army abonld hare a copy, and every
League should soo to it that the document
le placed In the bands of every tMaklug man
within their respective district*.
Address: Txiarxu Orrics, Chicago.
rtBSO^L. —Got. Tates la In tho city, stop
ping *t the Trcmont House.
SrrEßVisoEß.— The Cook Comity Board ej
Eupervlforr. commence their regular quarterly
tceelon on Monday.
Peaches bt the Cabgo —The steamer J.
jtarber brought over 6,100 baskets of peaches—
about 3,300 bushels-on Saturday.
Zocave Meeting.—The Chicago Zouaves
meet at their Armery, comer Bamlolpb and State
ctreete, at 8 O'clock, sharp, on Monday evening.
Duditths Solpieks* Home—W.Cran
dall, of Company B.Sflth Wisconsin, died at the
Soldiers’ Home, of typhoid fever, Saturday even-
ccst, of the Michigan Central Ballroad, has kind
jy offered to transport wood, for tho Soldier’s
Home, free of charge.
Comhbmation.—Besides the usual Sabbath
service* at tho Bishop's Church, to-day, tie rite
cf confirmation win be administered at four
o'clock this afternoon—sermon by Bcr. Dr.
Union League.—The Union League trill
n.cctatWarcci'B Han Monday ovcnimg'at half*
past* p.m. promptly. A first class speaker and
flrftcl*fs music maybe expected. A foil attend*
ante la desired.
Browned —A sailor named Frank Gor
simiwss lost overboard from the schooner Dread
icegLt, offTwoßlvers, on the Tth instant. Ev
ery eitrtluu was made to recover him bat in
Mobe Steam Tugs pon Chicago—The
D t uolt Adrertlw says: "The tugs Stranger
and SoL Bntnmage, we lean, were to take their
c* partnre last evening for Chicago, where they
will be engaged in harbor service the remainder of
the season."
Evening Lectckb.— Rev. J, H. Tattle will
kctnrc, on Sabbath eTCuing, at tho Chorchof the
Redeemer, corner of Waehli'gton and Sangamon
eUictf, upon the nature, design and extent of Di
vine Pnnifchmcnt.
Buomt.—The Assessor of the town of
Bloom, Cook Coonty, returns the value of person,
si property Id that township at over $50,000, and
tie real property ao over $160,000. This is ahont
onc-lhird of the actual values.
Inquest.—On Saturday morning, an inquest
was held on the body of Caroline, wile of Henry
Klrchner, Bring on South, near Halsted street,
who was drowned in the river near Halsted street
■bridge. Verdict accordingly.
Diocesan Convention.— The Annual Con
vcDtion of the Diocese of Illinois will meet at the
Bishop's Chinch, on Wednesday morning, Sept.
3Cth, at 10 o'clock. The Bor. Clinton Locke will
preach the sermon. The address by Bishop White*
hour c will be delivered on Thursday at
20 o'clock. -
Anna Bisnor.—Alargcr audience fhsnnanal
greeted Madam Anna Bishop last evening. As on
previous nlgbta, she gave eminent aatlsCictlon.
It will.be <rare treat topfaten to her In sacred tong,
and onr cltlxuns will donbtlcsa gladly embrace the
opportunity to hear her this evening at the Ha.
Fob Rehearsal —The members of the Musi’
cil Union ore requested to meet at their rooms
Jn Methodist Church Block, Monday evening at
«lght o'clock, for rehearsal. Hans Batslka will
be at the rooms every Thursday and Saturday,
between three and six o'clock in the afternoon,
to examine candidates for admission.
The Hrcstuls va Bbtax Hall.—That
excellent company of minstrels, known as Arllng.
ton, Leon A Donnlker’s, which, during the last
winter, so materially contributed to the amuse-
Surat of onr citizens, will open again at Bryan
Ball, on Monday evening. It Is unnecessary to
apeak of the merlta of this company. The mere
announcement will dll the hall-
Sad Accident.—A little girl, three years
old, was rnn over byan omnibus, while crossing
the street, near the Adams House, on Saturday,
breaking her ribs and crashing her hip. She la a
daughter of Dr. Curtis, of Jersey City, on a visit
atH. C. Van Sbaack's, S3 Adams street. We hops
the driver will be properly dealt with. If the mult
ot carclciS drlvlcg.
LAiicrsT.—Robcrt Blodonnn and Peter
Canlton, were, by Justice Mlllcr.on Saturday,lieli
in the sum of SS(O each, to Recorder's Coart, upon
charge of stealing groceries from John Q. Green,
liSßilc street
—Patfiy McShcwcy, charged with larceny o/
r omy and JewAiy, from Hennegan's candy store,
Claihfclntt—will be examined Monday.
Graut Biiihy, a mulatto, charged with larceny
of a coul, Ac., case continued tUI Monday.
Tns Railroad Excursion to Niagara
Tdls splendid affair promises the success
Ihti the worthy object and the complete arrange
ments should Insure. The excursion train will
leave hew on Tuesday morning, aa will be seen by
announcement In another column. Talrtecn dol
lars fare for the round trip takes the lead in these
days of cheap railroad travel. As tho rente is the
most popular and direct, both to Niagara and the
last great Inducement* ars offered to tourists and
pleasure seekers.
McVickeb’s Theatre —Hackett—Tho
great comedian Hackctt feUl .commence an en
gagement at McVicker's Theatre, on Monday eve.
Ring, appearing as Falstaffln Shakspcaro'splayof
Henry 4th. This is announced as the farewell en
gagement of Mr. Hackett, previous to his entire
withdrawal tram the stage. Is there an admirer
of the drama who will fall to see the great Fal
rtefi before this event takes place ? Wo may never
•* look upon bis like again."
The Last and the Best.—The first an
nual p!c-nlc and target excursion of the Chicago
T.tgUi Infantry, will occur on Tuesday, September
35th, at Bee Plaines station, and promises toprore
one of tbe most elegant afflilw of the seasou. It
Ih doubtless tbe last, and the boys say it shall be
the best. Yoas i Bean's Light unard Baud has
been engaged, and any amount of eatables and re
freshments. Cars will leave the depot of the
yorthos cetern Railroad at 9 a.m. precisely, and
returning, leave Bes Plaines Station at 5 p. m.
Singular Accident.—The Toledo Battle
of the Ilth says, that as theSp. m„ train for Jack
eon, was going out of the city the dsy previous, a
Loy named Joseph Hall, whose mother resides in
Chicago, was very seriously Injured.. It appears
that he was asleep In the baggage car when the
train started, and awoko just as it was passing
under the aqueduct, and In looking out when not
felly awakened, was struck ob the. head and
knocked out of the car. Hs fortunately fell far
enough from tin: track so that neither tbe train he
fr.ll from nor the one following hit him. He was
foi.nd soon after aud c&ml for. Although badly
D-jured, be win probably recover.
Tee Laj>t Peaseus or the Stoum —A
wtiurover the signature of *■ Chicago/’ In Satur
day evening's Journal, attempts to he very witty
ar-d sarcastic In reviewing an article publUbed iu
oar columns ou the 10th lost.. In regard to the
“Lady FrarAlin in the Storm.*’ We entertain a
-high opinion of CapE Hlnkley, and of his “ Lady
Frai Ilia.” We ra-jely told ibe tale as *twas told
to us, by tformcrrc-ldcut of Chicago, now in the
fruitbuskceaat Sk Joseph, and he being a pas
-61-Lgi.r on that trip, wt had no reason to doubt
Hie correctness of bla atatememts. If “all’s well
that end * well,” since the boat, as she ever has
done, aaf.; j outrode the storm. It matters little
liuw widely doctors disagree on the subject. Wo
shall be glad to furnish the name of our Informant,
if dcrlxahle.
Tue Tocxo People's Mission,—Among
the most promising and successful of the several
Mission Schools in this city, that of the First
Presbyterian Church Young People occupies a
prominent position. There being an apparently
wide field of labor, a few Individuals obtained per
mission from the Michigan Southern RallroadCom.
p#ry to bold their Sabbath School exercises in a
railroad car. Boca the number of pupils increased
fo inchanextent that several cats were required
lo accommodate them. The Association next
procured a building lor the Mission School. The
Chicago and Hock Island Bail road kindly donated
Ihe use of the ground upon which this ’building
ntatda—not a title to the ground, as we stated a
J,w days since, upon Incorrect information. The
average attendance upon the Sabbath la about five
hundred, for whose accommodation railroad cars
are now used every Sabbath—the present building
l»l«g 100 limited. With proper accommodations,
the school would number from WO to I.OOJ. There
Is hardly a more Important and promising field of
labor in the whole city thau that row occupied by
tbs Young People's Mission Association, nor Is
litre anywhere a more urgent demand for in
creased accommodations for pupils. a consider
able sum will be required to furnish a build
ing of tbo required ctparlty. w« trust
those interested in the Mission will resllie thtlr
host sanguine asllcipalloni, as the result of th«
Grand lUllrosd Excursion to Niagara on the iMh
li st. No more pleasant trip could be plaunoj.al
this season of lbs year, and the profits (should
there be any) could bo devoted to no more worthy
tbjeci. For further particulars of U»o Mission
BehooUnd IU claims. visit the Railroad Mission
•r-yPonday afternoon: for full particulars of tbs
Excursion, see advertisement U another column.
The Tea Tfconuid Dollar Verdict
Inpirtant Detlslon I* the Case »f Innl. is.
In Judge Van ILHlgglos' room yeatsrd ay .Judge*
Wilson end Tan. n. Higgins sitting in banc t the
motion docket was called and one or two unim
portant motions disposed of.
In tho afternoon Judge Wilson delivered the
opinion of the Court on the motion tor a new trial
lu the celebrated case of lonia vs. Boss* As some
remarkable facts connected with this case hare
attracted the attention of the public, we give
Judge Wilson's decision below, prefacing It with
a brief and explanatory statement.
In December 18&9, a young man named A. Q.
Icnle.whobad been In the employ of Wm. K.
llosa & Co., as cashier, since 18M, left them for
the purpose of going into business for i»<m«»if-
Hc had previously, in the month of September,
requested the book-kesperto make up his account
with the firm. Itmls bad a brother in basilicas at
Quincy, w ho purchased goods of Boas' bouse, and
when the statement of the cashier's account was
made outvie was soiprisca to find that instead of
the firm owing him $lO3, they had charged the In*
debtedneea of his brother to hia account, and
brought him In their debt soventy-eeveu dollars
Hs protested against paying bis brother's debts,
and Informed the book-keeper that he
would take hit payment oat of the first money
that passed through hit hands. He did to, and
toon after be left he left the employ of the firm.
Criminal prosecution was commenced against him
by thfi £rm, b«to*S. Justice MiUlkln. who dl*.
charged Innls, and declared that he had not been
guilty of embezzlement.
An action for damages was commenced against
the Boss's soon after, and a verdict of sß,i>(K) ob
tained inlLnls'favor; but owing to some Inform
ality tho verdict was set aside. Subsequently
another acllou was commenced by Inals, and a
vcroict of $6,000 obtained against tho firm. But
this vvidlct was also evt aside on account of an
error in tho instructions of the Court to the Jury.
On the thiid trial, which took place last June,
the Jury doubled the amount of the former ver
dict, hnd.lneuad of three or five, found a verdict
of t«u thousand dollars—one of the largest Jndg*
mints, luauacxloa of this kind, ever rendered la,
the Suit of DlinoU.
The defendant not satisfied with his experience
of new trials still demanded another Investiga
tion, and filed bis motion for that purpose,
the fate of which la determined in tho decision
given below: ‘
arson wzsson's decision.
The other Judge» are very familiar with this
case am each, of them has tried It before. I have
never tried it, and am, consequently,uotso welj
acquainted with lie details. The cate has been
atgued three times, on a motion for a new trial
before a full bench. Three verdicts hare been
rendend for the plaintiff la the case. At one
of the former trials the motion* to set aside the
Tercet, was granted because it oppeared that
I one of the counsel for the plaintiff was also
counsel against one of the'jurors who tried the
The esse has now become very Important to
botli parties. The verdict is v«.i j large. At tUa
foimer irial, I touud great difficulty, os the case
then stood, m granting the motion lor the new
trial, But the point on which the new tr!4 was
grantee appeared on tbe face of the record and wo
thought it was duo to the parties, the amount was
so large, and so we voluntarily seized opou what
v.e ttungbt was a wrong InttmcUonaua upon that
ground granted a new trial. Now, the verdict Is
twice »t large as it was then. I then examined the
question in relation to setting a«idu the verdict on
: tne ground of excess of damages.
In this class oi cases thu Court connot act tbs
verdict aside becauau U is vscetslre, far the rea*
! son that tbe elements, on which tbe Jury aro to
pass, ars of a ctaracter that render a it impossible
; tor the Court to iwy on au analysis of th?mltut tue
verdict is too large. In a ca*s of this kind not
01 ly are the Jury bound to give to the plaintiff full
and adequate compensation for all Us has enf
lirea in consequence of the wrong, but
they may also give punitive, some*
times called vindictive, damages, as a pun*
ialmentfor the Injury committed. Kor, what
amount Is sufficient uncu tbe circumstances for
tbise ends, is always aquation of fact, JejHJjiimt
upon the condition and circumstances of tbe par
tite. One question to be considered is, how much
a e tbe parties worth t because a verdict that
| would be a severe penalty to a man of small
: means, migbttoaman lu other circumstances be
’ nopuiUhnn-Jilatall. Then tbe condition in life
Is another element, because the damage done Is
in some proportion to the rank of the party. And
these quc-ttlous are so complicated that 1; Is
titer'y impossible' for tbe Court to decide
whether the damages are excessive or not
I was struck with the size of the verdict
in the first Instance, and as it now stands doubled,
1 thu kitls a very Urge verdict; such a verdict as
I would not have given. But- I have read the
record over with ertat care, and becoming some
what familiar with the details, I am not ee much
surprised as I was In the first Instance, asd 1 can
now understand why it was that the jury should
have given so Urge a verdict In a case of this kisd.
Tbe reasons for a new trUl are set forth In the
motion In tbe most general way, simply saying
that tbe verdict Is against Uw and evidence, no
objections whatever Oslng taken to the Instruc
tions, and 1 think they axe given with great fair
m ss sod perspicuity.
Now the first objection urged against the verdict
is that the defendant had probable cause. But'
whether tbe (acts proved In this css; show that
there wasorwaa net probable cause, Isa question
tor the Jury, ami is submitted to the jury by tbe
isstrcctious, and thu Jury could i.ot nave fonud
this nan guilty unless they had found under the
Insmrrtloi s that there was probable cause. Tbe
jury were instrcried that 11 there was probable
cause, then, in the first aspect of the case, the
defmd*i.t was not guilty. The Jury teen must
have found that there was no probable canss under
tbe Instruction*. . . • .
The second point la. that the defendant. In In
•lltmlncthepro'erution,acted nuder tee advice
of cocurel, alter fully and taiily stating to him the
Now, the jury were Instructed that If this was
so, then they must find the defendant not guilty;
but if. on the other hand, they believed that he
did not tally aud fairly state all the tacts, or If liny
believed that he mane a cover or cloak of Cun use!
for bis own evil and malicious purposes.thatthen
they muft find the dtft-r datt gul.ty. No*, both
these tacts were presented to tbe Jury, and tbe
Jurv has found cither or e or the other.
They hate found cither that he did not tally
am) fairly state the tacts, or if be did, he did not
do it in any good faith These arc questions of
tact over which the court has so control. This
question was aymd by coutsrl os both sides
w Ith a good deal of ability. By one. to show that
ho did aoi state the facts fakir, while tbe other
look tbs contrary position, buppoee now tbst
the position of dar t’s counsel ou this point
be admitted, still the Jury have found the defend
out guilty, and although counsel may believe that
tbe statement was fairly made, still It was a
question forth; jury, ana not for tbs Court. So
u.at that qnestlon, as presented to tbe Comt and
■rgnen. does not give tbe Coirt auy ground for
disUrbli g the verdict. Tor no obj.ctioss wora
in*d« to the Instructions, and under the form in
which the instructions were given, It was a ques
tion for the Jury not for the Court.
I thought tbe counsel made a very strong ar*
. nm>'M to show that there were some eight or
uiae different points. In regard to which no In
formation was given to Blackwell, while the
opposing counsel made a very strong argument
«n the other side. Batsfter all it was a question
for tbe Jury. Inasmuch, then, as wc can’t
firt nside the verdict for excess, and a« it is ad
mitted by both parties that the Jury were properly
h stunted, at das tin; have found a verdict of
entity under the Instructions, and ns there is evi
dence in the caeeupon width tbe verdict cm be
-Bfialr.* d, I am utterly unable to discover any
ground for dhtnrldog It.
So tbe motion to set aside was overruled. Conn
tel fjr defendant appealed, and the bonds were
fixed at $12,001.
Jewlsli Festivals.
On Monday, the first day of the seventh
month, the month of Tishrl, the Israolilish cltl
zere of Chicago will celebrate one of their solemn
yearly feats, the feast of J!oeh-!laf-pana, or Row
Years Bay. In Leviticus, xxra chapter, S3d, S4th
and 25th verses, the feast is thus spoken of:
And tbe Lord spake unto Moses, saying:
Speak unto the children of leiael, saying; la
the tcveith month. In the first day of tbo month,
shall ye have a Sabbath, a memorial of blowing of
trumpets and boly convocation.
Ye ahall do no servile work therein, but ye shall
offer an offering mads by fire unto tbe Lom.
In Numbers, chapter xxtx, Island 6th verses,
the offerings are thus enumerated:
And in tbe seventh month, on the first day of
the month, ▼* shall hare an holy convocation!: ye
shall do r« servile work; It is a dsy of blowing
tbs trumpets unto you.
And ye shall offer a burnt offering fora tweet
tavor unto the Lord: one young Bullock, one
ram. and sewn lambs of the first year, without
And their meat offerings shall be of flour min
ded with oil: three tenth-deals fora bollock, and
two lento dials for a ram.
And one tenth-deal for oceismb throughout the,
•evenlamha. *
And oi.e kid of the goats for a sin offering to
sake an atonement tor you.
Ik-ride the hurt offering of the month, and his
meat citrine. and the daily burnt ofleriug and hit
>not offering, and their drink offering?, according
, nto their manner for a sweet savor, a sacrifice
uiadc by fit* unto the Lord.
In acrordancewith these command#, theocca
-Icn will be religiously observed, and the offerings
made. Th<a day is, according to Jewish chro.
oloey, the first day of the year of the world, 9,634
On the lith of Tlshri, that Is, Wednesday, the
CJd of September, another still more solemn day
will bo observed by ths Israelites, to-wlt: “The
Day of Atoremctt.” All Jewish stores and busi
ness placet will be closed on this day, and marly
«vi ry descendant of Abraham will examine his
thoughts, words and actions, repent of hit sins
and sboitcomlngs, and resolve to lire piously and
virtuously hereafter. In the synagogues, (of which
thrre an two here, one on Uouroe street, between
Clark and Wells streets, and the other on the corner
«f Wells and Adams streets) public servlet will be
held on the evenings preceding, aid on the fort
-1 ooue of these days.
l.)nan , s DnrlaJ Case*,
The desire to preserve from deaths remalat
of friends who have pone before Is praiseworthy,
mi scarcely any one Is free from Us lafioence.
The perishable wood has therefore given place to
the leaden, line, and finally to the mctalic coffin,
row ia so general me. The objection to all these
is their cxpcnilveness. Nat every person whe
wltLca to keep off the festering baud of decay 1*
able to ret apart the sum required for n mctalic
burial case. What has been an Important dsald
•latum, Isa coffin for the mltlloa, combining
chiajncss of material wiih*strcnglb, efficiency,
Impemcabntty and dorahiltty. This desirable
end has now been alta'ned, and coins distin
guished for all these qualities are on exhibition
in this city. Wr ref* r to Lyman's IndUlrnctthle
liiulal Cases, of which H. D. Sprague is tba agent.
Three offlna are eh-fint in'drslga, and settnlagly
aiimtraUy adapted for tbo purpose. It certainly
appeata, from the casual essmli-atton we bare
been able to give them, that for cheapness,
strength. beauty, utility and durability they ran
not be surpassed. Mr. Rpraguelaat (haCtly Ho
tel. where ha win exhibit the esse, and treat for
lit tale of the patent.
CiccrirCornr.—ln thoClrcnltConrtou Satur
day morning. before Judge Williams. the notion,
previously filed, for a rehearing ia the motion to
vacate the Judgment, In the notorious Drnmmonl
vs.Moodyc*se, was taken up and bristly argued
by Charles If. Willard, Esq., m counsel for W. W.
. Mr. Willard t ok tbs positionJbat, asltwaatn
evidence before the Coart, that Mrs. Moody had
beca convicted of an lofamoos offence, and that
a* the charge of frand, In procuring the execution
of the note In question, rested entirely upon her
affidavits, If these were etrlcken from the files
there would be absolutely nothing before the
Court, going to show that the judgment ought to
be set aside. Mr*. Moody, to be sure, had been
pardoned by the Governor, bat by-the express
provision of the statute of Illinois, the Infamy at*
tsebedto the conviction for kidnapping, and not
to the Judgment. In each a case there was no
donbt about the rule that a the Cover*
nor did not relieve from Infamy, or restofa com*
pctcncy as a witness.
In some other States, there were enabling
statutes to relieve against the stringency of this
role, bat In Illinois the only remedy was in pet of
the Legislature applied to the Individual case.
Such applications were made and such acts pis*
ted at every session of the Legislature.
Counsel quoted in this connection the case
of Foreman et al. vs. Baldwin—being a ease wbers
the incompeteney attached to a conviction oflar*
eery, and where, as counts!. claimed, tbs point
raised bad been expressly decided In his favor.
Counsel maintained that there was no distinc
tion between thv right of a witness, infamous In
law, to testily In thb case of another, or twear to
an affidavit in his own. In this case he thought
the affidavits should be stricken from the files,
leaving nothing before the Court on which the
motion to set aside could rest.
Jndgo Williams, said;
The books make a distinction between the
right of a patty. Infamous In law. to file affidavits
in bis own chse, and his right to give testimony
In tbs case of a third persoa. A witness maybe
disqualified to give testimony as agaln.t third
uuii*- and still be competent to file affidavits.
1 uriduitland this Incompetency simply to dlsnnal*
ify the party as a witness. Under themleoflaw,
ss 1 nnderttand It, even If these parties were now
in the Penitentiary, still they could file affidavits,
and tbelr affidavits would have to be regarded t»y
the Court. Otherwise, for many sorts of Injury,
the party would be utterly without redress.
Motion for a re-hearing ovcr-iolcd.
A Babb Case of absence op Mind ,—A day
ortwoelnceawcll-todo businessman applied to
a banker to dispose of SIO,OOO In Galena and Chi
cago Union Ballroad stock. He had bought them
tome years ago atCOe; they were now quoted at
US—a good time to sell. Tho banker noticed the
date, and remarked, “Ton must have received
something handsome In the way of dividends upon
this." This startled the holder of the stock, who
replied, •‘Whyx.o.lneverrccclvcdadoUar—never
thought of dividends from the time I bought the
ttock, several yeara ago, to the present moment."
Uc went straightway to the office of the Company,
atd there found some SB,OOO to his credit for divi
This Is an Illustration of the extent to which
some of our citizens are absorbed la their dally
routine of successful business.
MmonoLooicxL.—Tbo following table shows
the state of the weather for the week ending Sept.
6th, as kept by E. L. O'Hara, Apothecary and
I’hancnctutlkt, No. aO We«t Randolph street, cor
ner of Canal street:
Mjudaj, Sept. 6
klonday, •* 7
Tuesday. •* 8
Wednitaay, 9
Tburtday, ** 10
Friday. *• 11...,,
Saturday, M M.
7 A.M. 12 M. 6P. M
... SI 63 f0
...58 U 7S
... 70 63 60
... 60 W 51
... W 60 71
... 73 81 75
... 66 60 59
The following contribnt
outlast publication:
Ain't prey, re
ported $2,769.40
II Sayers A Co. 26.00
W. D. Hams A
Co 23.00
S Bogardes A
Co 10.00
Walker, Bron*
teller Pond.
tions are reported since
Dr. J. Ely 25.00
A. K Goodrich. 25.00“
S. Clement s.OO
Jos A.i>rlswoM . 5.00
Ladd, Williams
A Co 10.0J
J. S. K«k 5.00
FnrhUh A Eg*
Icston IQ.CO
VanKltv Fried*
COO&Co —...
Sherman,* Hall
& Co 10.00
Johnson & Co 10.00
Lewis, Paced
C 0....... 10.00
J. F. White.... 6.00
Norton £ Co. 10.00 ,
G C.Cook&Co tOA.O'
Jas. McKiiidley
Kraafl* C 0... SO.W
Ewing, Brigs*
& Co 25.00
c. H.Merrill... 10.00
W, T. SliLCfcldt 10.00
Shonr, Hater A
• o 10.00
Williams, Smith
C 0...... io.co
Smith 4. Bros. 10 00
CumlitpsiHlcg 10.00
Edwin Bichara
son 6.00
Day. Allen ACo 10 00
Hcrnen A Ball. 600
C. B. Dupee... 6 00
£Uarn£lursyLti 6. CO
li W. Whipple. 600
K Hariton..... 200
V.K.KowO ... 9.00:
Wm. Little .... 2.00!
StearvACo..., 90 00
(ico. S. ilcKct
nian 2.00
J B. Kit e. 0.00
K. SL Tank*
honscr 6.00
tV. 1). Hongh
tclme 5 00
D. Williams ’ 1.00
Hamlin A Hop
per 2 00
C. S. Diitchin
ton A Co 6-00
Don & Co 1.00
lather, Colton I
A Spricer.... 30.C0
Hall. Ktmbark
Dow, Qultk A
C 0... . ... 6.00
Howe A Bob
bies c.oo,
X’ollard ADoate 23 00
Tbirc haabean paid in
of ike Lanrencu Bclitf C
Cash proceeds of Bryai
Beetlng .
Do. Evening, do
Imported from W, XL W<
T.B Carter
U llllom Brass. Inclndln
sctlptlon of SUO
Peter Pace
•Tames Hiller..
»T. C. Cook
C. J. 8amb1ct00.........
Mao & Co ... 10 *-0
Gage A H.-arlt, lO.'Vj
O. W.Pitkln... 5.00
Richmond &
Hancock .... 10.00
J. B. Briggs... 5,00
Ourard liras. &
Parsons 25.00
Wiliiard A
Childs 15.00
Hawkins &
Chapman.... 10.00
W.H. E»ta.... 500
1). R. A- Crane. 5 W)
Hart, Aston A
Co 25X0
A Co 10.CO
H. W. Hinsdale
A Co 250’J
J. F.R 10.00
J. Dorchester.. 5-00
K. Haskins 10.ro
U.AA.M.Lewis 6.00
Salem Chnrcli 8
School 1.50
Her. H. Hob*
bard IXO
Sunday ’cash
encacrlptum. G2.SO
: W. M. Ross A
I Co 25.0)
Weber, Wll- .
liamsAPltch. 2S.ro
It Uauhcr&Co 5 00
T.P. Byrne ... 3.00
A. M. King 8.0)
C. S. Stein 6.00
W H.Krttilng. 6.00
OA.iCo 10.00
8 Becker ' 1.00
bard ACo ... 10 00
A. Amet 1.00
liiackhurn Bros 6 00
Wm. Cltngman. S.O»
Stryker A Co.. 10.00
Gllkt, Titus A
Co 6.00
Hollister m
kins 10.00
Lord A Smith.. 15.00
10 00
30 00
to Peter Paso,Treasurer
romaittev, as follow*:
Hall afternoon
:11s 204.50
it Tiubcsk Sab*
., mm
Several members or the Committee bare not yet
n ported, bat tro requested to do so on Monday.
A Sub-Committee, consisting of Peter Page and
•lames Miller, were appointed to reqaeet the Rev.
Robert Collycr to proceed to Kansas and distri
bute the fund Two or three ef the members of
the Committee have been sick, and will not be
able to call personally, and patties from the West
and North Divisions, desiring to donate for this
object are requested to send In their sabscrip.
t ions to Peter Page, Treasurer, or any member of
the Committee.
Electrical Barns.—TVe find the following
compliment to Dr. Hayes, in a letter from Hon. O.
P.BiOwn of Ohio, while in this city, published In
ihe Cleveland Herald of a recent date:
“This morning I met the Hon. Owen Lovojoy,
Inst as ht was coming out of tbe Electrical Baths
at the establishment of Justin Hays, H. D.,06
Stale street. He is an earnest, able man. Liberty
and the Union, with him, are one and inseparable.
In Loi oiirg him, Illinois honors a true philan
tbnplst, and an able, eloquent Christian states-
••In speaking of Dr Hayes,lmay say, that, with
bU thorough medical education In the regular
schools—his long cxpericace as a successful prac
titioner, and the means he commands for cur
ing chronic diseases, no one, however, severely
or long afflicted, availing themselves of his
aid, used despair of a permanent cure
Git electrical battery and apparatus Is the most
iierfict and powerful in nsoin this country. Tbe
electrical baths are wonderful in thoirheaUcg
powers. To these facte his hundreds of restored
patients, In every walk of life and In all parts of
the country will bear me evidence. Br. Hsyes
was formerly from Cleveland, and his numerous
frler ds from Northern Ohio will be glad to bear
of his prosperity and usefulness.”
The HcCabgeb ilrsxEßT Solved.—The
Memphis Arffut of a recent date has the following
in relation to the unannounced departure of one
McCaogar, a cotton buyer, who had practiced
upon the credulity of the Metaphians:
** It will be remembered that in Sunday's tune
ofthcAiOuawemcotloned the circumstances of
ibed 4 Mi-pearaiice from the city of a cotton bayer
from the North named Mc'-arpar, who was bare
operating for an Eastern House. The dream
stateta seemed to point strongly to fool play, al
though It wns the impression of some that be h«d
••spirited”Wmself away at Me own Instance.
And such, according to the latest Information
*»ceived,lsthccase- From the Capl ofthe Post
Poy. which arriv*d from Cairo Sunday, we learn
tint McCaigar, wbo.lt was ascertained, bad bar
ritd off post haste to Chicago, after arriving at
the former place on the Dickey, had been arrested
thereon aaorder from Cairo. Fortunately for
t he M* mpbts merchant, the cotton could not travel
as rapidly as McCargar.
Arrivals at the Soldiers’ Home.
The following arc the arrivals at the Soldiers
Dome since our last issue:
J. C. Crandall, P, Ssth Wls.: W. Crandall. 6,
tsth Wls.; D. Graham, B. 35th Wit.: Wm. Count,
l* 4sth Ind: C. Klchrodd, H, 3d Wls, Car.: M.
rochem** n, Sd Wis. Car.: J. StelL C,6th Mich.;
T. Wahalop. 11, 3d Wls, Car.; N. Klcver, H. 3d
Wis Car.; F. A. Blood, C. 239 Wls; J. D. Gobsr,
E, 20 Ky: J. I, BCth Ky.; J. B. Souther
’snd. O, Wth Ky; U. K. Peterson, n, 06th II!.: T.
• ihaioc, gnu boat; Fred Burwlster, P, VUh Wls.;
j.Seward.F.lSth Iowa: B. Olsen. D, fid Mich.
Car.; E. O. Young, Post Q. M. DcpE
lixixois State Gixmxxß.—This work U
itpidly prcgiessingar.d will be the best ever pub
lished lu the State. Merchants and mannftwtur
. ra wishing to advertise tbrlr business In so ex
cellent ace permanent a work, are requested to
erlti totbepnMlsher.John C- W, Btfjey. P.O.
Hox 14k! 1 . Chicago 111., or at the office, island 1W
r’li-tk street, t'liy and country merebanta and
•manufacturers are invited to lescrt their car ls
rots of thalr holldlrgs or maaufartorlea. Col
leges and public schools whawlll advertise oat
p%pe will be pnseated with sn extra paga free, to
instil cutsoi their buildings If they desire IE
Itttxoia Watxh Cons.—This InatllotlotP. to
which we have several timrshad occavlontorefer,
!• receiving the patronage Justly floe to the enter
prise.' Dr. Ni vine informant that he has patients
from five dlffmiit States now undrr treatment,
with a prospect of soon having as many as the
larce establishment will accommodate. , Several
rsslflcnta of our city are already rejoicing ia
hralth rrstored at this new Dr. Nselns
r aid will be found In our new CUT Directory, page
to,, or I.irr rni:*.«TKi> »r Till V-* or
Cl l.Ar-ir.l, Ik'»T.—ll,l IK,
k lohr>!n liitlr lo»l <ll Huiwlor. br«n pro
uioi illr-o Iloolr. no 11-c. nwa hm l««n
~i lVc,»r. Uko ind 111 m HtMun.r. mo
liioitlr V. IfppllcS Willi llwm- TUr. fold op.
“• •'"2
boat vtniiirr partif*i»rs can n obwijw or
Jof.o CVW. Poll?,. Kd'lorofllJoClilM,* *•«*«•
l.nultr, It, A IN Uiikßl .ttlcogo.
We present below a directory to the prindpa
chnrchee In Chicago. Service* commence at lOJtf
a. m. aad~#p. »*?
Pntvas CrDßCo.—Drsplaluea street, oonxer of
DeKoren—Her. A. Kenyon.
PißbT.—Washington street, corner of LaSalle—
)ler. a>r. Everts.
North —Dearborn street, corner of Ohio—Eev.
A. A. Kendrick.
Tabernacle.—Desplalnea street, between
Washington and Madison—Eev. Dr Colver.
Union Pars.—West Lake street, comer ofßhel
don—Nov. James Dixon. - •
Waba> b Avenue Corner Eighteenth street—
Bev Bobert Boyd, D. D,
Bmuttr—North Well*, comer of Michigan—Bev.
J. U. Leonard.
First CunisnAN.—West Monroe street, be*
tween Aberdeen and Backer streets—Her. W. P.
Frarr.—South Green street, comer of West
Washington—Bev. W. W. Patton, D. D.
Nxw England—lndiana street, "corner of Wol*
cott—Bev 8. Nichols.
I*ltboutb—’Third Avenue, comer of Van Boren
—Bev J. B. Shcoherd.
Booth—Rio Grande street,comer of Calumet At*
enue—Rev. W, B, Wrigbk..
Bisnor’s—WestWaablngton and Peoria streets—
Rev. John Wilkinson.
Si. J awes'— Casa and Huron streets—Eev.B. H.
Clarkson, D. D.
Tbixxtt—Wabuh Avenue and Jackson street—
Rev. Jas. Pratt. D. D.
Gtuoß—Wabash Avenne and Peck Coart—Bev.
Hi lt Cojamaox—Wabash Avenue and Ran
dolph street—Rev. E, W. Hager.
St. John’s—Lake street and Union Park—Bov.
H.N. Bishop D.D.
CnjusT'e—Twepty-foorib atreet, near Cottage
Grove Avenne—Bev. C. B- Chencr.
Ascension—Oak street,-between Clark and La-
Salle stieeU-
Si. ANtOAßirs—Comet of Indiana and Franklin
atrects—Bev. £ B. Tuttle.
Clabx Snurrr—Washington and Clark streets—
Ect. F. D. Hcrntncnwar.
Ikduxa Sniur—lndiana street, between North
Clark and Dearborn—Be». H. Barbee.
JsmntroK Strzkt—Jefferson street, between
Washington and Madison streets—Eor. C. U.
Wxbt Ikpiakx Stbxxt—West Indiana street,
near Sangamon-Rer. D. Conch.
Park atwue—Cornet Park Arenne anu Robty
street—Rer. J. 6. Chadwick.
Euhwick Btuxit Sedgwick street, between
BlsckbawkandNorthsvenoca—J. S.Chadwick.
WaaaiH Avrst*—Wabash Arcane, corner of
Hair! son street—Her. K. L. Ctdlitr.
South DssrLAiKzsSmzsr—3ll and 243 South
Dteplalnee street—Rev. L. Hawkins.
Finex—Wabaah Avenue, near Congress street—
Her, Z.M. Humphrey. * .
Second—Wabash Avenue, corner of Washington
street—Hev. ]{. W. Fatturtoo, D. D.
Tuuio—'West Washington street, comer of Car*
pentcr—l?ct. Arthur Swarcy.
Edwaiuis— South Halstead street comer of mr
riron—Rev, A. L. Brooks.
Wzrtjunwteb— Dearborn etreekeornerof Onta
rio—Rev. E, A. Fierce.
Ouvkt— 'Wabash Arenac, near Twelfth street—
Rcv.J. A. Wright.
Calvaht— lndiana Arenac, near Twenty-second
street—Her J. U. Trowbridge.
North— lndiana street, comer of Csss—Her. J.
Ik Stewart.
Form—'Third Avenue, comer of Jackson street
—Rcv.W. W. Cunningham.
Refouxed Scotcu— Fulton street, between
Clinton and Jefferson streets—Rev. Robert Fat*
in son.
Finsr United—West Washington street, corner
of South Jtflereou—Rev. W. C. Jack-on.
Naw jEiiCeatAw—(Swedt-nborgiaa) Adams
street, bvlw ecu Wabash and Michigan' avenues—
Rev. J. It Hibbard.
TJ.B Ho!>riTAi~— Scnlcesat United Stales Hos
pital. Eighteenth street, Sunday evening at 8
o't lock. Iter. E. B. Tuttle, Chaplain U. 8. A.
Biele Class. —Young Men's Bible Class meets
at tbe rooms of the Tonne Men's Christian Asso
ciation, (Boom 15, Methodist Church Block,) at 9
o’c'ock p. m . every Sabbath. Stringers arc pai;i
tlcularly Invited. All are welcome.
Fbysiciu for SUcmsen of the Throat
100Wx*l«H Avixue,)
Chicago, Sept 11,15C3. (
Editors Chicago Tribune:
I dc»lre through your columns to state a few
facta relative to my reiteration to health aad
astive life, through the peculiar treatment of Dr.
J*m«s Hauler, now In the city. My family are
alt of a consumptive tendency, most of therm
having died of that disease. In tho year
la*? I was myself greatly reduced with cough
and expectoration, hut at that time Improved an-
Oer (he influence of a visit to the South. My
heart has been diseased for many years. About
the Ist ot January last, however, all my symp.
Toms became greatly aggravated, my cougn was
di»tr« seine, my brtauiiig short and ulfflcult. ex
{federation profuse, constant night sweats, with
ciillU onu fever, entire loss of appetite, and com
sequent emaciation; pulse a humored and twenty,
f.vc brats a minute, in a word, 1 was In as pros*
trap* and hopeless condition aa a man
could well he in. Friends had abandoned
all hope of my recovery. Im this condi
tion 1 was fortunately . induced to call in
the aid of Dr. Hunter, and was placed nmder
Ins treatment early in January. In the. course
of tie first month 1 began to show crldsnce of de
cided improvement The cough, which had resis
ted all ordinary means in ssc, and which was very
violent in its diameter, gave very gradually in the
trest tliignlar mannerto the ueeof the Inhaler.
My night sweats stopped, soon after all the un
favorable symptoms disappeared, onu after an
other. Hy appetite returned, stiengthincreascd,
countenance, before deatlily pale and emaciated,
bss become full and healthy; and my
weight In three months bis increased twenty'
pounds. So that friends who now meet me on tho
street, never expecting to sec me abroad again,
can hardy believe it is myself. At the termina
tion of three months from the time of placing my
self under Dr. Hunter’s care, I find myself enjoy
irgrnch health as 1 have not bad for years, and
n* ver e*p»Ttcd to enjoy again in this world. And
f< fling tint I owe it ail to the attention ami skill
of Dn Hunter. I make this public avowal of this
fact • as due to him and his remarkable practice in
tho tr«atmeuto( Consumption.
Yonrobcdlent servant, Ws, J. Knco.
Doctors It. at dJ, Hunter, of New York, Physi
cians for diseases of the Throat and Lungs, have
optied their permanent office In. Chicago.
Doctor James Hunter. In charge of the office
In this city, has taken rooms, rnntll tbs comple
tion of his regular suite of Office) at No. IHt
Clark street, w here he may be consulted dally
hetwttn the hours of 10 and 4p. m.
Dr. James limiter on hie arrival In Chicago, find*
a pi«eoi> has been (or some time past practicing
ol Randolph slice! and advc-iUslng under the
PMDe or Dr. Hunter Be would respectfully can*
lion hi# patient# and the public morally that he
Inis no foiiUCftiou whatever with tbi# perron, hit
only addrera being 181 Clark street. Box C'JH P.
0., Chicago. '
Bnsarkahlc Cure of Asthma*
Some four years ago Dr. Ayer of the Chicago
Throat and Lung Institute, McCormick*# building,
correr of Randolph and Dearborn atreots, effected
andlcai cure of Asthma In the case of a lady who
paaVuTt-ted some twelve or fourteen years contln
*oOa«y of this distressing complaint. The lady
w as the wife of Geo. VT. Bice, Esqr., a gentleman
favorably and extensively known In Ohio. The
following la an answer to a note of inquiry, as to
whether the cure of Asthma bad been permanent
or cot.
.$3 073.34
CijtcnofATi, Jail 97,1863.
J. Window Ayct.M. !>., Chicago, lUg
Dear Sm-I mi thl- morning agreeably snr
prleed epon reception of yonr truly kind note.
Accept my grateful acknowledgments for this sal
ience of jour regard, and the manifestation* ol
good will expressed for my wife, yoor former pa
Rett armied that I shall ultra jb feel under the
greatest oWlgattoi,* to job; and If at any time I
van say anything respecting her core. that will be
of eenlcc loyon, 1 t»illmostcheerfully doit She
was entirely free from the disease, during the
Mbo'c of la at year (1:£3). not baring a tingle
symptom. nerpmrnt health la a* good as utual
—jo symptom* of asthma.
AVisUli g yon tuco re and p-osperlty In yoor pro*
fceslon, I remain your* uioei truly*
O. W. Rice, Box SOS, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Dr, Ayci’s New Mode of Cure.
Tkc citizens ofCh'cago, as well as neighboring
lake atd Inland cities, hare observed the alarming
prevnlcrco and Increase of that dangerous class of
maladies known as Throat and Lung diseases,
More effectual measures than those which gen*
c rally prevail arts called for, and It la to this end.
and the belief thst scientific investigation In one
clsssofcomplalnte will be more ceruln to attain
success in this direction than by occasional re
search and observation. that ha« led to tbee«tab
lishmcnt of a Throat and Lung Inetitvtion in Chi*
capo—an institution which shall afford the best
possible advantage of medical treatment of this
class of diseases.
Dj the permanent establishment of tbe institute
in Chicago, invalids can at ail times consult the
doctor personalty.
Invalids who have Wlcd to derive benefit from
lLedl«U treatment, and who have made fruitless
trials of the nostrums of the day, will find la this
new practice abundant reason for hope, as numer
ous instances have been reported even of the en
tire restoration to health of parties In this city
and vicinity who have madg thorough trial of the
remedies, although they had previously been pro
nounced in an advanced stage of consumption.
Its peculiar efficiency 1* especially noticeable In
throat diseases, (which Jf neglected end lu con
sumption!. ns»al catarrh, bronchitis, a-thma. and
diseases of the heart. To this class of cases Dr.
Ayer gives his undivided attention.
Norte*.—The New Tork and Illinois Hoop
BMtt Slanntoctoty will he doted until Tacmday
r- ertrg at ft oclock p ra , on account of the Holy
liays XVe will be vtni happy to serve our an
utioua ccatomere on Toeenay evening.
L. Thaoeu A Co., Proprietors.
T9 South Clark street. •
KryrrcKiANs Attk.vtion I—ilcCurdy A Co.,
Ml Rudo'i’h elrevt, branch of Lexington. Ky.
M-c-r, arc pr» pared to futnleh clothing ot nil
grades at the lower! prices. eU-5t
C7o to Tins Bsst—Oo to Bnraarr A Sttuttos's
Cnicaoo Coxxxncui. Cotxzsc, to get a tho-ourt
practical business vducnUoa For circulars ad
utvte (enclosing stamps) Bbtast A brnarruK,
Chicago, DUnoU.
To Tr.EE Bmra.-Many, iro believe dozens of
tseetgeitslc this and other Western States. are_
Uktrc orders for stock, from oar “Bloomington,"
or “ PLoeclx’s Bloomington Karsery," without
any tight to do so—though they may have, (a* any
ct>n can get by sending for) our catalogues.
This Is to say. that for reliable testimony tent
tncbtforc Octoberlst,ncxt, (the sooner the bet
ti r), at to any patty so doing, I will njy $5.00 on
each case, with best thanks .in behalf of all bon
cat tree grower* or planters. Letters of inquiry
on the subject promptly answered. Our agent*
can show their authority. “ Every tub on Us own
bottom." Beyers should attend to Itinerants.
Lcl scamps beware 1 F.K. Phpbhix.
Bloomington Jtnraery,ln., BepL 1,1363. s«3 3w
UTT. K TUgby, W Randolph street, is selling
Paper narglngs and Window pbades at New Torfc
prices at wbolrsale and retail. The trado sntipllod
on the most liberal terms. ang 16 4w
pT Nervous Diseases and Pbyt’.cal DebllUj,
arising from Specific causes, In both sex*a-new
and reliable Uratment. in reports ol thelloward
Aeroclatloo—rmt to sealed letter envelop* fr*> of
charge. Address. Dr.J. Bkllhn Uoashtoo. How
ard A»eoclatlOB,2Bo. 1 South Ninth street Phils
delphla. I’a. AOSUn
A lUT>Pwum--ThP arealeat enrao lh« hatnan
I*\)y u hr\t to Hot tn»t>y totem W b*a ••l’w*t ‘
fd-bnwmapyWonda (Ureter'parted. The into*
JcctUao delicate, yoor tirareat Mend will not
mention It, and y«a are lituorant of tho fact. To
effect a radical cure, uw the •* Balm of a Tnouaand
Flowata’* a» a daatrtdoo, night and morning. It
alMtoantlfle* the completion, ramotlng *ll tan.
pltnnlra, and frocklea. leaving the akla #«ft and
«hHo rrleeboe Koraabnby Hnltd A U*yar»
Saturday Emora. Sept. 13.D0.
Ths week cloves on an active money market, sad
tcsUxw grrerally has been iaU*tactory. Tbe city
and the vast, fertile country tributary to it were nev.
ertawe prosperous. Whatever lots ourpsople m«y
ramla in lie futare throngs tbe eflarts of the U»e
rr.rfui Argus' lroit.lt la not now felt, and will not
be fer several months to coma Tbe volame of bu4>
ceiatow doing is truly enoimona. Tbs barkses>
tinaeto meet all tbe waa’sof customers atthea«u«l
rates of dlseotu t. vis •7®13 V cent, Pabaps la this
xra'Ur II is but jnst to be more speclfle, and say that
708 V cent. are tha figure* of ihaMeichaais’ftaviog*
Loan and Tnut Company and perhaps one or two
others cake tbe same rates to customers: while
; nearly all tbe other booses charge 10c.
; New York Exchange Is steady at parbaylngasdM
selling, as the usual figures. Most at the bonce pay
pa* to cuitor era. but from ootsUers t-ey take X off.
llialstLe rate afStnntea’Boss, aad for small drafts
Uty charge H ; for fTfI.OCO aad upwat ds they bare sold
to ewtomcra at p«r.
The ra;es for Gold U NewTorkwararepvtsd a
ISXftlBK* Ibe brokers paid 137®-23, the higher
Silver. llSQitt. Treasury Botes tomtnal. buying
• K.acnicgK.
< Sattrsat Svxrzss. Bept. U, 13®.
The foUowUg taUe shows the xtcslpta and ship
meets dnrtfigttte past twentydour boars:
ucxirrt vox rw*xrr-ron* boom past.
Flour. Wheat, Cora. o*ta.Kye.Brly.
brU. bo. bo, bo. bo. bo.
491 ci wg6s '.V.'. JU
ga c dkb.... acsss ms aan .... tms
It IKK, SCO MOO snso 4000 1050 200
incite...- sns I*o isbo too xo 1250
Cn*QRR..... woo 11HVJ 7MB 12968 SIX 2113
N TTB U. 973 RMO 350 6690 700 *B3O
AABtLKB.... 101
Tot ft],
to aao ioer» saoo awioa
Grut Lira Beat HJrb-
Baed. Boca. Wool. Cttle. Side* w«'i
l 5« **°* Ho. »•, brU.
H cb 106
.. .... v»ja u
19600 130 230 61 1330 ....
- o*oß ICSB 103 17 019 50
N RR. .... 191 UQO IU 800 ....
A4.81L88,... KSB 00 77. .77 fiS) „„
Total ~ „.. GSIS ItS 473 £3 2219 300
■BiriaGm fir un yoa tub list twxttt-foc*
Floor. Wheat Corn. Oat*. Bra. Barfy
brta. bo. bn. bo. bo. bo.
T080ffaJ0........ nto 13173 1(0050 40000
To Montreal KM)
To Marquette.—. SOO 500 .... 8000
To st Catherines. ... 13750 .... •
To CleveUafl 21100 .... ISO*
4300 tltsa 103050 37400 61000
The central markets to-day were dun, and the ten.
dency in prices was decidedly downwards. *
There was less Inquiry for Floor, and the msrket
was quiet aod a shade lower, with sales of only about
brls, at $0.90A7.00 for good St. Louis and South
ern Illinois brands of White Winter: WHO for Mixed
Winter extra; 4480 for Winter super; gtfiOdS.OOfor
Spring extras; 13.3&3.73 for Spring »uj»ers, and f4.W
for Rye Flour.
There was a very quiet Wheat market to-day, and
we note a det line In prices of 1c Vhosliel, with sales
of only about SO,OOO bushels, at sl-01 for N\ 1 Red do
M. A S.’s); 95396HC for No. S Bed; Sbi3«ic for Reject
ed Red; 8&9le for No, 2 Spring; 89V91MC for No. 2
Spring, and 7S®SOc for Rejected Spring—the market at
the close being quiet at 98®9SMc for No. I spring, and
SOKfcfOc ft.rNo.2 Spring.
Coro was less active, and prices foil folly Me F bush*,
cl, with tabs of about 115,000 bushels, at 50qS7c for
Canal and Biter Mixed afloat; SBj<c for choice River
nigh Mixed fo. b a slk®ssMc for No. 1 Com la store;
sic for No. 2 Com in store: and 53dS3J<c for Rejected
Com In store. At the close the iniulry was light, and
the market nominal, at for No. 1, and 51c for
No. am store.
There tu less Inquiry for Oa's, and prices ruled X&
jr per bmhcl lower, with Mies of 90,000 bushels, at 43
4SJ4cloiso.t,and ttAllclbrSo. SOau la store At
the close there vu an Increased demand by abort-s«U
ere, one the market closed firm, with sales at 43Kc for
50.1 In store. For future delivery, uprards of 100,000
bashels changed bands, at <?£Ue for delivery op to
Ist sufi lStb October, sellers' option, and at 15c for do
livery In the early part of next week.
Dye wasqulet atK«ysstfc, Tflo Barleymarkct to
day suffered a further decline of fully So per bushel.
«Ith sales of 50. 3 Barley in store at 93®n7J*c, the mar
ket closing with a strong downward tendency, there
bdnp sellers of No. 2 at 93c, but no buyers.
The market for Blghwlnes was quiet, and the up.
ward tendency seems checked, with light sales at
47c. Alcohol Is steady at £M&9Cc.
The offerings of Timothy Seed to-day exceeded the
demand, a c the market was less active and easier,
vltb sales of common to prme at |2.00i45.30. Flax
Bied is steady at (3.00.
There was also Icm buoyancy In Domestic Salt, but
tbere Is no change In prices. Flue selling In small lots
st $2.90 del. Ground Alum wus more active, with
sales ol 4.000 sks at $3.00 afloat, on the spot, and to ar
rrovUlor s arc more active. Mesa PorkU in good de
mand at (13.00, holders asking sl3 S3. A sale was re.
ported of 1,6(0 brls at fW.CP, but not being « ell authen
ticated, wc publish It with camion. Hulk Meats were
In good request, and we note sates ot 23,09} tts, at 74c
for Hams, loose, delivered at Burlington. Bacon Hams
are In good request, with sales of 7,000 pcs plain can.
raised at 10,4 c packed and delivered, and 1,700 pcs
smoked Shoulders alSJfc packed.
Freights were steady, at 54c for wheat, and 4c for
o to to Buffalo; 94c for wheat to Oswego; and lie for
wheat to Ogdenshurgb.
The total receipts of Beef Cattle tort- e week bars
been 717 head leas ttan the previous week.hut heavier
then for corrcspordlng periods of pterions years.
There was a good demand forprlme and medium ship
ping stock, for which prices ranged from f3 j0 to (4.80,
The Inferior grades for which there has been a very
limited demand, ranged from |IOO to 13.00 VIOO fts-
The receipts ot Hogs have beea heavy; bot although
the close of toft mar showed a considerable dedmn
lu the demand, there has been a lair amount of busi
ness done, and the market at Us close showed a brisk
demand and an advance upon the price* ot last week
of &*tsor. Prime qualities ranged from 51.50&1.75 j
meclom tLOCdt 89, and Interior $3 fc.54.00.
Commerce of Cincinnati
w« acknowledge the receipt ol the Ahjjtu’ BUto>
rtateftho ClacUnall Price Cmneet, showing the
tiada sod coitweico of Citdrnatl for the year tad
uc Attgnrt St. ISO. prepared by Wm. Smith. Bit.
finparlntoedett of the Chatthrr of Coaaerce. At
i.»oal,ltla coc.plf i* had }it concise. exhibiting *«
ability Imho compilation otiUbalica watch wt era
;©»ry toaay Ihiii We make a f«w extracla from
nrrotr* 3KD izrom,
The va’ne «f tbeli/po-tsacd exports fora series of
3i«i»cou,»*ias*fo.lfc»a: _ _
ZapAtU. Exports.
U-S4-B y~,KI »U $39 777 294
Kfi-0..... 513tt1*5
77.RWIW MdJiTl
U37-A MAO .747 53U055U6
l*5S-9 V 1.313 447 W.f107.7J7
ISs*> US 30516 77 tST.IH*
ivfo-t 9019* 196 67 038 Ui
isi-a irsx?u»3 7*4VJ4tn
IM.iriJOS 103,331,176
Tie rcllrtri»g Übl* rtowi tbe wrelt aamber*:
i*< fcabor* btrcw bstviea UiU sbA
cil c»ports tub •( u.t Uitihliieen jnr*. mta Uitir
Kn,To«'f«. X« Toe K«
[MO-51 XU 49 tn 11M7-M T4 481
i-si-ra . sn ts«3
(‘fti.’B 503 76*47 1659 60 tti 71 «l 5
I*3-54 1»4 fO.SWJ ImO-11 SIS 7H>*o
IDM-S8 SIR W. 574 - U6i-« 25 3 515
i»s&m. ...&s rt.mt i;o-cs zia Ti.m
ISM-17... »7 ««i
soot ?>ans zx cixcixvatt
Tbe c«ot>A7Uoi for iMrtj-tiro y*»r» U u follows
T**«n. K» T*»r*.
1*85... WPOO-Ww
l*ffl 1 I«.WM 1«I
Ifj; 1(3 000 1*33
t*:S I*Bl*o I 1151.
K2» Itt.WOjlfja
»s;i Ifin.ocot 1*57.
.2*.* UO I l*3S
i--s awo»l i*w
1*,5 1<.«.0M I IXI
IV6 ,8 SM»
1M» 475rt00
3!o.ft» i iNia.
.V.d.OW 11>«1
i s’ioo t«
BW.OW) fcdß.
TLOCS IM> omant
T\a f Vowitg üble shows the receipts of Fioir and
Grain fer a re-ic**' yean :
1*63-3. Pfill lUVI ICM).
Flour, brls.**- fIVIO 5?%245 41061S SlT^w
f* utst.ba IKU.3.S SWifit 11**007 1,067 US
Ccrm.ba ...1 KM.’.K i.Tttfel 15101*0 i r Tr».>«
O tI,IO 1.31.7,U* SMSI Stt.fSlS
Me. bo iitnrw 54Ti J 7 isr.vo pti n;
Barley, bn. 3MIT« ttJJM 493.213 35j^SJ
The tar law was not put into operation until about
t e Ist of October, but the tmpre«sloo being t’tat all
whisky made after the Ist of September would be
taxed. distilling va» to *on*e extent an-pended, about
f. e of Septemler: and even bad the tax not in
lerfcred, the operation of martial law would have
Cone this, ftrlhetraiesn the article was strictlr pro-
Litltcd during tbe neater portion of that month.
About the Ist of October, the lu-ernxl Revenue ms
cin ry I clog all arranged. and ofll*«n appointed,
et-utlailon veaseu, and was not itwumed for tom*
t.me. with lie exception of that la connscllonwlih
the manufacture of alcohol, and even la tht«. dltficnk
tlca arose, as secortrr had to be el ten and other
things dead which cotnrUrated the bustaeM even for
the manufacture of alcohol. Tbe demand for home
ccssutnp.lon was tapuUe-t ttoti tbe stock which had
a> it musted throughout the country, and prices re
trained 1 elow the co«t prices to <tl«inter» until
the middle cl Jaurary, as wttl be seen by
deducting the tax—twenty ce&ta per gallon
Item tbe current prtrea up so tbs; .ks a.,j tnea com*
raring tbe balance with me pnre of corn then cur
rent U will be seen that the receipt- have fallen off
utaiVv 206pe* vent, while the exports have fallen oft
but thlrtv per cent., which Is o» tag to me large slock
on band a ' ear aeo, to which we then referred. There
«nsa railing off lu the exports of alcohol equal to
7 .on.-barre s wMskv, which:enure 1 this ■iUpantr.but
Hill the fart* show that the amount of * tdsky on hand
last rear must lave been very heavT.l-ecanse.oalng
to the high prt- es of forrtgn Inuors. tne ronsumptlon
cf comcstic liquors has increased axsterla’ly. In the
rrl-esweclve below.lbe duty ta Imluies the p:ist
year, t'Ulibe jrerloas year there «u no only.so that
■n crvrr tomahe a correct coiapart«c &. ff*c should be
• ciucted from the prices riven since tae tstofO. to*
Ur, ',S*a. Tiiert-e in cola hadam-rkedinflaeoce on
tlic price of this article.
TLe folio* lug were the average prices the last eight
ji 2-sc! iff® 6o jaa
IVB-57 25 f-7 [IWJ 61 14 5-5
K" 59.... 17 S-3 IS*
I WC-O « «
Deduct 3V Horn tbe last year's averace. and it will
1 e seen that l?« average Is below that of tne previous
> pjir. * 1 lie the avenue prlt es of com and rye are
vas-ly above those of that year, showing the bailees*
♦ ha»ltcu lar from satisfactory.
Farcin Commercial Circular*.
GltHO*. ins Jftlk. 1953.
Weather w«t and aufavarsba for ba-mt owa
Van*. Arrival* goes «l barrel Flour, •■all afau
° Tradeweak eareed’ngly alow, a-d
11 cca c»rt:alb In buyer* fa*or. At yreve.t there
•• macfthloff m prwpict bat alow level of pr.ee*
•tlvtr-allv which laott tatd to lucre*** caova.*p
ttta.and ofeenrae. as* legttuaaie
trade lor tae dealer. _ . ,
At%e»tn«a7'*i ota Kicha’-g* there waaanodarat*
*u«p«»d< e. W&eit *1»I. fair coOiUMptlv* eemud
•< aeecltza*fod P IWU ua lea naree’t of Barra.
. lout «e quote av cfcsie*.bntoonbtP»ll jta*re *;IB
colt to celt attheng: offered f-eely area leu weney.
: 1 ting coin steady oiliest atte-auot in v»Jaa. ,
In l r jov|«!** a there bM brec;awact>v*.tr daring ha
r,*i «(ek.azdlDHmeltataae*a a little i**a wou-y
n!»*b*»t ukea tat Bare* at.at Vest. Rairprofca
-o a’.ny ii : ito'-tat: Ufvforaßtt ataxleitlicurttaatU
Laid ilow at ear qa.utlon. 3tecx. A Cairo.
Litkktool. Aug 3Mh. 1W
n*»*t)rirrr»-Tha *atne uaTarymg OuQuus ha*
vntut nfd dntlr* •faewack. ihraniho t
■t* cent try taarkvta W&aat caanut be
nuc’ed war is to 3a la war, bat when aay pra,«aore o
•e’ltt apparent, a fartbar rsducUaa taut aasda be
•nbuit'td to. Ploar rcmalaa s’ow cf cals, a t»eil e
<fm iiKtirg la'ifd to attract pn»era la* qnaatliyt
l anadlan laTraely aScrsdat trtagn’ar r«t»a atlr cva
d'ttcu la*itba a«var>ea rf .id mtciau*
• taady at M for Mixed; bnta a at «|u stttv cu
vnpfiy iha'r wa&t* aim-na of call ou better tvrsa
tran h*ra at ti>a n'oirvet
rk4>Ti*K>as *-lhai*tsa**v at Ike'ate adrtar* Park
llVia a*etui »l piarl.bi raUa ut'on li acUVf.aod
itbi I* lo9» Inwev, *c*ot«l*iic t# rtHcrlpilou. Ilame
aaa ShbU’Carae^nilausacarraaart vantad. La-a la
. ftra* d. tx*iti n« it. ■ ha uav* *"a*p»ca atari;
»•’»»iretrp«at t*rf»ir ala aaa sp« m to 4"a r*r
a<wm to at* v*w. evaea* la »l**di isan •tatf-ra»*f
<•w>, inner of See quality orm. Intariar a* to I*
srapstve-Clsverh'vd eorliaa*a la daaiatid far
U* ca»ii«*i.t.aad ptira I* la Meter. w|Ut bat Utils
*OHqaalHx ri>Ma*. lalewllHda buiara *4 (all
K«* tv nr*atl»-*aaip*Mat*»s*ttt-edwnauanMiy.
nelr«a> au.) la good raqa**t apvealativm. tad
•ai<a«xi*»atv* ail* H oa i-aspot-as#»*Mwr d**
iiv*»yiu*a*tl>taswastaa lor raO*^«i Unida 11 is*
In fa war oa Vlgliti Psttll B*<ireiw A law tea*
Bb«*hfra If 1 ale oil si ear outalds flgvrti aoUlag
«0U it t|UB,
CFrom the N. T, Independent, lOthJ
Buflaesa continues excitingly active,and within*
cresringbuojancy of price*. western merchant* are
lomeroos, and nty and near-by dealers are bnrlnr
largely. Domestic standard cotton goods have men,
en-i bare itlll an upward tendency. Tne print mar*
ketexUHtagrcat activity, anil purchases are being
made In heavy lots, boddea a quickened activity for
unall panels, Mocks are much reduced. Prices are
Hill looklignp, aid acme holders have withdrawn
tlcir goods, wafting for MR or price* Ginghams are
Hrnnj. Denims arc scarce an-iin demand. A very
brisk demand l.aa obtained for both brown and bl ach
eo rliting* and sheetings, and prices bsve risen,
printed celatnes are greatly « anted, and the demand
cannot Le supplied Tne Maoci eater delaines are be*
tm eagerly competed for.an i Mown. .1. C. 110 e<k
Co have already orders for all the fall coo js their
mills can procure. l*nces have advanced since our
but report, and still tend upward.
Army kerseys are quiet. Katlneta are rather more
active. Flannels are quick of sale, and orders are
large for future delivery. Shawls also attract great
attention, but at present t e stock Is small The
greatest activity U,nowetdr, shown In the market for
lancy cas»bnerei. All desirable goods of this class
are takes up on arrival, and t> e pro cctioos of the
Mac dirtier mill* are catcrlraong’ t for. Lignt colors
ate Icotw aitravUve. The better qualUlesa dairies
command bleb prices, and yet are r.ooyant In price.
In foreign fabrics the market Is equally excited. Tbe
choice productions of tbe French looms sreln goot
request. French silks, French delaines, French rib
bons, Frerd.merinocs.are all active, with an under
snptly. and at rising price*. Thereactlonlntheprfcs
of gold baa partly occasioned tbs new advance la
prt< ev, but the excess of demand over supply l» the
chief can*eot the advance. British goods are taken
with avidity on arrival Plain colors are most sought
for. Cobnrgs ate scarce of desirable colon, and goods
on the way aero« the w stem are being soli by pat
tern to arrive. The whole country seetna aUvc with a
presilng demand for goods, which cacnot be fully met
at present. Auction holiness la active, and tbs active
competition exhibitor Is resulting in a constantly ad
vancing market
Tbe follow teg are tbe wholesale ret cmbpipra of
all the leadicg stylet of domestic dry. goods told in
tbe New York market;
,aK 1 Klchmond...., ..U
QH American >lB
9u I Amo«tecag >l3
.» iL0ue11.....
IS I Dutchess 0.. Jb
it I Fancy Brands CrotnlliiU
JB I Glasgow....
OH 1 Manchester.
Man cheaper.
; Perkins, D S4 »
, Glol*flT7. 84 86
Old Dominion. .X 36
r*PC*reli,E JJ
“ o'.V.'.V.V.V.M
• “ s as
Orest Falls. M
*• K
“ L
Indian Orchard. C 36
- N
“ 88....31
“ L 80
t* W.....21
BoatMlßa, n 19*
“ O 33*
Bartlett, BMuch ,
•• 40 M
Dwight, L 31
TtatnTU B
I*orl smonth JP .16
2» anmkeag, g .
Lawrence 83K
Stark 4-4 83K
Appleton 4-4 OK
Medford 4-4 83
Indian li cad S4 3S
** - 4-4 83K
Uae«acfcQMtU..i4 33
“ ..4-4 SO
Trcmont m ss
“ 4-1 80
r*i>ot, A 4-4 as
Atlantic N.......84 SO
- K 44 a
M A .4-4 OK
Amoekeac, 4-4 OK
Laconia, u 4-4 S4
Fliaa mnt........44 SS
Attaty....: ....44 «S
Carrol. .44 a
Salmon Fa 11*....44 OK
Ac* wan, F 44 a
Gllboa... 44 a
Ozark 44 S3
TtamesßlTer...44 19
New York SJfIU.44 87K
V tir.BUita 44 8t
Tate* .„..44 80
■U Lite Hock 44 SO
I>nnl»lc 44 a
lllllaScm.ldfTn.7-6 a
- - - 44 33K
BartlctU .7-8 a
“ 44 STH
i James Mtlla 7-s a
I ** ** .....44 37
TMn!amsTflle...44 OK
linlgUt .1-6 a
Dnizht 4-4 37
Ray Mills 4-t 8-1
Warregan. 7-8 33
“ .. :....4-4 27
Waltham, X 25
Aurora 7-3 IS
•» .'.**.’,*.***.V.4-t 23
Andrix , ogstn...7-3 96
...i-i sn
Red Bask. 7-8 19*
- *-t a m
RatnlUon, Q S-t 16
I’onsmouth, P..34 16
I Otis 98
l.lewettClty... at
1 Providence
Fall* .21
■Whitten tna.
i UnreaTlUe.
/ I Fa11a...-
I Vort.B2 Inch ...£3
Hamilton, nesolar....<aH
- D.r. s:«
Fem'borUm, XL .Si
AmciiScag t A.CA es
** A 60
“ It 4V
** c... : CH
. ** v «
York, SO Inch 60
....... T>H 1 Indian Orchard 3*
2 “H Androaroggin. 80
~..2 | HasMcba<etta 33
...35 I Indian Dead St
fcolmon faille.
Hsncherter. (Dark 3* ) Hamilton, Dark. 26
pacific, Dark .2ft l
r Q ,-nVi ■ ni r ..*!.« 1 Crowleys Pat. Taues-
A-oacH.a riy. ♦ IrT rrn#-e15...«i,50fW.«
.•• ifciSraa’.V.l!! lea | New Ed:. 1 ISWI S
XmrerULS riy i.SS | EtrplrcMilU :*vu.7r
•• Purer us rcitmle .%.*
“ Vcllnm.... 1.05 Ingrain SOQ73
Hanford, Ixtxa 3 Ply. LSO I
St. Louis Mnrkcts-Sept. 11,
Fleur wa* hc’d wßh flra.n«a*.h-t buyers generally
dccUrrd to tea* hold at the trie. ->t,d. baleswere
reporudcf2sioj , rto.li»cludtog . uaU icio'cbnUc
tttcle cxti* at St 3?: a couple c country don
bit extra at (3io *ru I,COO till Mtgle extra and 1.000
•a i cnb;c enre at the v J lat nricea not man* puhx’e.
The wheat uarkst exhibited no contrast to Us con
<tlil<-njcMciday Sales comprised 4,500 s«is &t 70.(4
|I.XS W bn tor Inferior tail to choice. Some 4.0 C rks
oicorn changed hands at advanced ptices forme
gra<ies,hclng mostly mixed, mixed v Life and yellow,
at CtaftK V ha. ost» opened doll and unsettled. and
were heavy till towards the rlo*, wh n a hover came
turwaraann took oxer 8,000 aka In various lota at 54c,
and 10,(to bus to arrive In eight ''ays at 50c *» bo.
Nothing »as done in barley. The market was bare.
A small lot of Maks rye was sold at 59c $ b«, exclu
sive of tacks.
TLerewaaa steady demand for baron clear tide*,
with tales at 5c a. A lot of 9(0 tierces choice lard
was ‘Old; bot the price was withheld. A small lot of
pi Imc brought 9Jkc.
Whisky was unsettled, with rales ofS-'Obrls at 41a
tic per gallon. Hines were steady at 16c for flint.
Hay was steady at fl ft hundred delivered. Wo no
tire a decline In flax seed to Si * bn exclusive of
niickases. White beans are Quite doll and sell low.
Their were sales ot sngardlrett from New Orleans at
iS&tSHc V &.
Toledo Grain Market—Sept, 11.
nerelved, ha wheat, 5,100 bu corn, s,l'Mhn
oats. Wheat • £alesS,(KU bn amber Michigan a* $11»-
S.OSS bu do at {HO t 3.0)0 bu No 3 lied si #1.06; 3,000
bo <io at (1.t6; S.tW bn No 3 red at 91 0C: bo bn do at
51.07; Wh |iq white Michigan at (1.30:870 ho float
130; 350bu do at (l.Sd; 1,500 bu rejected white at
yl C( t MOO hu do rea at »c; 1.2 Mbn oo spring at SOr.
all since our report of vestercay. This morning, vale*
Ot 3.0C0 bn No 1 red at |t OSk 1 1,000 bn amber Mlchl
van at (U9; 800bu white Michigan at (1.30: 3,000 tm
No 3 ie<: at |1 C 6. Corn—Sole* 1,400 bu NolmUodat
GSc. Data-Advanced 2<*s sales to-day,COO bu atsoc;
MOVn atsCe< ©.bo at 50c. Kye-There are buyers
tor pood at 70c - Barley—la In good request by city
brewers at (J.OO ? bu.
[orket~Scpt. 11.
Detroit Grain 9l<
Wheat—With a moderate demand, the market to-day
is wltbont material change Sale*. U cars So I ied at
|l OS For 4 can No. 2 red, tl 03 voa aaked, and SI 04
offered. No. I«title wont! atilt command ft 35 Street
rate? for red declined to tl.oo. White sieany at *llo>4
lIS CorolicMst 62c by the car load. lieUll totaOV*.
Oa'sverv scarce, with brisk demand. Street rates 43
tfSOo, sMmpra offering Inside Dgore. l!arle>—T&o
ranee USiiCGlts, choice samples being saleable at
oauldc figures Jiye-Bnjcn* offer CBc.
Cleveland drain Market-Sept* 11*
Vectlvcd,7 ba rhea*. CSa bu corn, WO bo oats,
850 bn bvj*-y. Wlifar—So Mies. totr*«: la 1. Cern
—Ssl»#2catryt!>t»rdara:fi:con ir*ct. 0»t Cruat
!>KGv ; c. U)e cuil Lcld si« l)*rlty wv qu».e
#i Nrttri.fO. L«ke Prr’pht#-Tlit scloooer Ottawa
«h chartered to day at One tor «t eat to oe wego.
For tbe Week Ending September 12, ISB3.
The receipts of Beef Cattle *ndU*e Hour# «t the n
r'oi'Fyetd* in the city coring tee p«t week, eadlQfi
W-dfty, compere a follow#;
Ceevee. Ho**.
80. Ro.
.4,1*7 15.-.T.1
.4.911 19.394
.S.RS 4,(M
.4.337 6.411
~4,eti i«.m
.4js« i>.sn
.:rei him
.8.563 13JM
.5.t%7 n fir
.MM 9.(31
,s fir lo.nw
*.236 18 513
•ek ending September 13
nk eni jop Septembers...
cek ending Aoctut 39
rek cDdvg Aunu-t 2i
tek ceding August IS
tek ecdirg Aoguat 8
tf k ending A oan*t 1
eek ending Jn1y55........
eek ecdirg July 19
eek enalug Ju y11........
eek fcrdtßK Jolj 4.........
efkccdicgJa&e 37
4*l HI
.a«i w»
.431 on*
.341 51!
titu or raiionr on utk stock raoic omcioo to
Cattle Hog*.
V 100 ft«
Mich. C»nt and Mich Sostinlarge ear*.. 30 eta
4 an ot SlO fret 45 8u -
3t cU?&b Crntnl. small cars,
to nrrr»Lo on bribo*.
V’ch. Out and Mich Soatb. large car* . JSS CT cU
M cLtcan
Foil « syne on, 2U xect
.453 ?*>
.474 *177
put*. Ft.vr, & cM.cir# or re*t vi so ct*
toicMgan Souibern.large car« so SO -
do 40 cats of 201 !*••».., <W »••
Hates to Dunkirk 16 per car leamaa to Buffalo
wh*n shipped by »n rail.
Bates to Dunkirk. 2HC I> 100 hsleasthan to Buffalo
when skipped toy all ml.
The total receipt* ot Best Cattle for the week end.
Hg to-day. amount, according to the dally recilpt*
petted os 'Chants. to 1.13'. u<*l. TU’ U 71? head
niTctkat U« week. *■ d ft's Tore tcaathe corns
ptedlpgwexkoflut year.
The dally rteelpta po«ted on ‘Cliarige.and tbe enter*
ed tales a; the various yard* compare as foliows :
Total 4 197 4.ISS
tbs opurarw or tow xackjt.
Tbctisdst. Sept. 11.—'The market opened this mom.
Ingwlthavery limited supply of saleable stock, tbe
bulk on hand betas thin cows and steers, for which
there was little or no demand. There were, how
ever, a few lots of good Shipping Cattle, which were
quickly sold at prices ranging from SKdSgc p ». The
remaining lota sold fetched from SA3,Hc, at which
rates the business of the dsy terminated, with a down
ward tendency, excepting for good shipping grades.
Pattrdat. Bept. 12 —Tl*e market closed with a good
deal more briskness than U presented on Tbutwlay.
Tlds msy partly be accounted for from the factor
Messrs. Aiken A Co. attsndicg for the purchase of
stock on Government account. From the entered
sales at the various yards, we find that 1,231 heal were
sold, and at prices varying from f3d>«sta& for good
shipping cattle, and from «.0002 CO for Inferior grades.
We note tbe following sales: ,
Cowley A Andrew* wU Baldwin 5W Cattle, tverag*
IC f.uUcr H)?d &aw in 75 Cattle, averts ttf. at
*\\nilami HWPpeorcr A Campbell C 3 Cattle, ar rag*
ln j| SjVrt Cattle .averaging ifiTi o*
* S cV«jolJ ndnemao S3 Cattle, averaging 1,130 fts, at
*Vtae aold Belneman W Cattle, averaging IJQO S«, at
Hd Belneman 10 Cattle, averaging BSSfts on
r Ccttl‘fold Belneman 15 MU hs.oa
’ man ft Ruble told Berg U Cattle, averaging 1,119
A*, on t> i.
> u;.cr Hid Weaver IS Cattle, arera.tag MM »«, at
as so
VandoUa Hid Berg 17 Cattle, averaging MU ®«. **
nld Wicker ft Co. 19 Cattle, averaging 1,011
Hid Aiken ft Co. 31 Cattle, averaging 1,053
tt o ?i ca a**Co Hid Alien A Co. 50 Cattle, averaging
ntaAlkea ft Co. IS Cattle, averaging MK9
n* at taw
I’rni neman Hid Aiken ft Co. 64 Cattle, averaging
Webb 10 Cattle, averaging 1,137 at
1 Vwtran Hid Fry ft Co 15 Cattle, averaging 1,113 ft*.
•tfS.old O’Shta S3 Cattle averaging SSI »•, on
r- A* anf icld Later 17 Cattle.avenging 9$ li at
‘VtVan told W leker ft Ce 17 Cattle, averaging 111
*P** ulvn Hid O'Shea 6 Cattle, averaging UU hi.
told O'&kta ft Co (9 Cattle, average >3
*o>»-**io'id Aiken ft ColllCftUe. averaging 801
*»,kl(300. % *
ibMtttlr** t** »««k,*ctoHiiir
ti tha «ailjr ralnra* pakiUbad oa 'Cfcaoja. U>#
i«lm«bUu4 al tha varMtu yard*. compara aafol*
‘ *JX- “j’l
il I
V< mtay
Total IW W*
la oc»»atl*s th# *b«v« ncoyadf Ow fat tti
presentwcek with the preceding oce.lt will be ae«
that the number received tbtsweek la 4.48S leu than
Iheprevloui witk. NotaUbaundlngthsuafATOfsbie
aspect with which the market closed lut week. It
soon became apparent that, u the supply diminished,
the demacd became b:liker and p Ice* traer, Mostly
•thewhile of tbe a'cck leftover from leal week, to*
ietberwi'hUiereccifUth's week.bare beeasoH at
frasi&®socadTaar(iupna tbe do-tag price* ot lan
.mitket. There s.UI appeara to beag>ed «en ad,
aad pr.cra tnle fliu, The sals* of to dap rarged aa
fjllpws: f4.SCOi.7sfor good qualities; fl.WQl.aJ Ijt
medium; and f3.B:®4.eeftrtnforlef.
The following sale* were effected to-day:
Hogs. Avg. Price. Hqz». Av’r; Price.
a a*r tt.Ta is> is sisj
SI a 3 4.25 79 ZJ9 <W
m SOS 435 IS 319 425
41 210 425 IS 270 4»
23 191 4XS 143 HQ 4.10
123 173 V» 43 2U 4(9
61 237 425 53 257 4AJ
-.9 213 OX » 211 439
41 OS GO 151 20 4 40
191 183 4.00 55 214 4 50
<7 3U 415 113 IS 431
1U 310 4 CO 291 IG3 4.M
U9 179 '4» 113 214 p.t.
snEET— The supply of Cat sheep has been very lim
ited. Good qualities have fetched from 84.00 to|lSo,
Inferior wm from |3.coto $3.73. There I* considerable
activity Just now In stock Sheep. Large quantities
art shipped through westward. "We note
tbe following sale:
- 123
Bxttuut Etuisg. September 12,15*.
FREIGHTS-DoH. The engagements weiel
To birPALo -Kbn. Kate Uicbmont ana 11. L. 'V i< it
maD,wtib Wheal, at 5Hc; prop. ldaboe,aod harl P
C bberman, vlthOatLat 4c. To Oiwcoor—-b:rk
Starnes. "Wheat at 9Kc. To OODtr»ocno ;—echr.
MedScrr. Wheat, at lie.
FLOUR-Beceived. 7.C2 brls t shipped, 4,' SO br
Market cnJet amt a «ha:e lower, sale*;—vist*
£xnua-29obrU "Brilliant*’at *7 00; 260 brlsTl/-
rroct>> Rot k" good St J.ool* white extra.at $675;
SG brU M Cfcan<i>loD*’ at t6.SOt 100 hrls ** Nashville
Epgln’atfgSP; ICChrla-rear!- tSprtagfleld) mlxot
reo and white, at |S 90; 200 brl* red winter extra, at
wp, WtSTaaScpxr—ajbrbwinter super at *»£.*.
bl-siscExTßAs—ltohrU "Derwent,’* »& brla "Fair.
water,” and uo brla choice spring extra-al tat £$ Cj:
100brl*” ilaathe'.l'*De*l*alsl.93: 300 hrU**Ca«n”
at J4EO; ICC brl*" Kankakee City at 2173; 473 h:u
fair extra at (4.73 > 100 brl* do fCTO • 100 brU at |i *v».
sprtsn Sppeb—lQu brla Spring taper at $373:73 bit*
low gtadeat $2.73 Cjtsocxo—iw brls unsound aid,..
Tina extra at stSs;SsbrU do ats3Ss; 40 htU aoar
extra at $3 35 Irra FujfK—so hrl» good at f 100.
■HR A N-20 ton* Brat* In bulk on track at sl3
*\\ HEAT—Received, ba; shipped. ISW2Sba.
Market declined 1c tier bushel. Salcar—>Vt!fr*a.—
400 bu So l Ucd tfa Sr A at *1,04 1 1j00 ba So 2
Bed la wore at 9CKc; ifiCO ba no at Wc t lAui bu do
at 90c: 400 ba Ucjecuc w Icier In store at t»o; UJM3
Vuro at 65Vr;4U) bn do at f4c. ypatao-If.OOO ba
Ko lln store at 94c; 19,000 bn do at VUSc ; LOOO ha do
at *8t«c;8il)u bn to at 93c;4C0bn So 2 bprtnsla
»loie at%lxc: S.4CO ba do tin A. S.’s) at 9IC: S.OOOJho
do at »kc j 4>o bu to at M*tc;Bl,Co) buooat9o.t;
SJDCObn qo alfflHc; 1290bu do at 39c; 400 bn Ucjecl
eiisprlng In store at SOc: 4(0 bn do at 7>c ? 4jo bu do
By Sample s-2,Sooba So 1 Spring in balk at SIHc on
tia< k: 1.0)0 bn No 2Bel In bulk ou track at >7c.
COHN-Kcrelted, 108,709 bu; shipped. lUMOB bu.
Market declined fnllr Me per ba*::el. ikdeat—Bivaa
xia> Cawal Corjr.- 9Jwba choice lUvcr Ulgh Mixed
f o.b IP.OOo bu River ob ats7c;
l?,tCObnCaoal>U\£df o b. at Mtfc: 6.000 bu Wcer
Mixed afloat ats7c; 12,000bu Canal Mlxc-i afloat (No
I) at 56c Coi» rx broua. 7XOO bu No 1 Corn in
itvre at 55«4c: 45JKO bn do atsd-; 4,000 hudo at Stye:
24£OhuNo2CoinlD»toro at 34c; 1.200 bu Rejected
Corn Coin In store a|s2Hc; Sue bo <lo do atSSc.
By sain;let-4 car-loads No I in balk at 56c oa
**o ATS—Received; G3J9CO bn; shipped, 61.00 ba.
SUikct declined Kit>lc »■« bushel. talcs s-20,000 ha
No 1 oat* In store at ISWc; 18.1XO bn do at -SVc;s\ooo
bn co at 43c; 4,000 bu No 2 Oau in store at 41c; 2,000
Ln doat-JOc
By Sample s—lo6 burlaps at 31c del; 50 burlaps at S3c
RYE-Rece’ved. 2A16 bn. Market quiet andean
Cbai Ktd. ewJes: T.JCO bu No XBye Id etore a. GjC
1 BABAEV—i»celTed,lCS9abu. Market declined
fills Sever besbol and elt sing with *♦«! a downward
Ukdtncs. bales; l^lCObo bo. 3 n»tUt In store at
974*0• 7 sH)ba do atsKC; 93*0 bn co attCc,
Br rakPLa-sfibßsat ».00anu*ck.
AT.nillflL— SiradT tad qolet it'JISMC _ .
BROOM CORN-Dali suil oomlfid si
#.w>to pti ton. ueceJpuunUni M.Q cetnacd nnos*
e^j{jTTER— There Is a good demand but the sap
plx ta ughttandthe market inactlre oat arm. no
Wippitr BuUct *li2iSr
Bury, in crocks i«Oltc,
Sales to car. 3' Irklns at Jfic. . .
rOL’XTRV FItODICE-Eoos we steady at
KBl3c r iU» by the tnaik,andtn*oot
-1 pm e Tlcritr fir Ito-b abd counted out. roctrkT—
I n-uVwUbimnpwardtmdcßcy. r
| .lava
CUEESE—Active deinuid. Iteceieu iu»k *j«
c*-L*i.<;uentis very lltai. quote:
tenbOTp tltfdlS e
nincl- etd -Wucccita 8 <£U> c
den end for L*kf fljh contl.,Q«» ae*
telco. »cd tc» tnjpiy »iul imeli. We u>-d»j qn«le
M»llcK r« Hfriioge, vtblcbaie nowlnibemeiKci.
{C.C0&6.50 V brl, re quote -
-J’ wua2UL.bair.,Vr))r
„ v . - hukoss:*
k'O) " .*• tShipU))
No l Trent “ * £ tfj-W
No *4 Treat ,** ........... « « 35
Uooflsb.plCOlis.... 625 «. W
No iMackerel,haifbrl* u»
NO. 2 do do ,
No. i do kin........ 2.25 »;.«
Dried Herring ¥ box <6 «3,55
It irdPirktua Herrings mew). 6,w
FKUITS-Gnrrx Apm.*p. are etUllnactiveile
d oi:ii and the market Is well supplied wtihagooJ
variety olfmit Irom common to prime. PiaCll*-*
Owing (o the late arrival* of the boat* io-day,the ton*
stress of ibl*market was materially delayed. bat
when U din commence there was no lack of activity
either amongst teller* or buyer*. Such Is the abun
dant tnrplv that prices ate exceedingly low, *o touch
so that it is (ilfflcult to ascertain the lowest rate at
w Llcb reaches can be had. The choicest qualities can
be purchased for *l CO, and very Air qualities are *e 1-
Idp at hem JO6oc > basket. whilst lower qualities cm
be bait at ¥ box or basket Pbcus-There la
ainlrfui il> bora of preserving and dessert traits-
ftnlt, tor which there Is a gooi demand,
ranee* from 75c to *I,OO V basket, ami dessert fruit
isrgw from fl 3to s2fo V basket Pxu:*-Ther6 It
not po ahunoanta supply as usual. The demand Is
limited excepM-rcpervluß. We quote: _ „
Green apple* $• brl |l.®>
Crap Apple* • IJ&s L2S
attdiltiß £eathes.V basket »» <|
Cultivated do do ...» 40 aIM
rear* do go <4 J. 75
Fiuri do 90 (4 1.50
do P box W til tS
PrlueN Y. Dried Apple* 6 cr.6A)
Ohio and Michigan Dried 6k tJ<
TTt-parcd Peaches, mixed. ’ ... (5 9
Prime halves -.46 a 10*
Pktrd dO 1< U ,JJ
Raisin*—Liven p box new. « 4.73
do M. B. do do <A 4-60
CunanU. *» tt old none.
do -V 1* new 16X9 1*
llrooads.F 0 soft. *S o 28
do eo hard 14 a U
L* tror*. f* b0z.... M , 13.00 a
C4A?lE—Marker active, with good supply. We
quote I’ralrlr Chickens at $1 7Sst dozen. Qualls $l5O.
Ducks fissG.l to liceonsTSc. „ . , , .
INES—Market quiet. Sales ISO brl* at
"liinEs*—remand imich re.trlctcd owing to defl.
cicnt supply. We quote
! Dry .► Hut...,.,
i Dry Sa'tcd....
I Green BsUed~
G'«rn i ouctrT - • ...
HOPS 1C bale* prime N. Y. at 25C. . ,
LEATHER—Good demand, and prices rule firm.
Wcqnoie: _ _ ... .
Banina oak 1» French Kip heavy , __
do hemlock.... Sx<itfu lolteht ....I^3#Uo
Collar ¥ loot It>*iaoc SpauKhSolehcai- __
U;rcr ** kwile lock. 303»3e
IbldleVft 410 Good damaged... Jj&iSc
Line 41ßi2 SlanghtersTsoat 9*4 i3e
lion c-t'c Calf.... i.ro i do hemlock.... 9*A3tc
l»oii oil' - Kin . .. OViaoc | Dome*, oak. Kip.
LEMCIiU-Tlmre I* ttCI an active demand for
cargoes ot pood quality lumber. Snprly limits!,
Prhe*rule very firm. Sale* iarco Prig Geneva, tstur
scoull*r,soci‘r‘r*f.i.|lsloholt*at(l3oo; 22,000 hewn
lumber at (12 25, The lollop lug are the current
mli op at tbc jar>.»:
LcKfiaii-Fi .t Clear. VI.QOQ ft »37 VXt W W
Record Clear. ■* SJoaa.rt
Thlro Clear, ** 710V430'0
stock ikwrci m.tm.t-0)
Common Boards. dry. 16. fta
Common Boarca grvsn. 159 a
rail Board* is.-v;*..,.
Fencing........... 15ft.ai6.30
Flut Cifar Floomc.roosb Sluts. ...
Sc ond Clear Kloymut.ioogh 29(**'130.00
Ccmmor Flooring, rough. aOa
BldltgCleat.drßscd IS.ttX4JO.u6
Second 0ear...... i:.Md.....
Second Common do.. 15.tt\4H.M
LotgJoim 22.i*VM5C0
Biased Sotnglse. A p
Slaved Ihlncles. No. 1 S.va
fedar Shingle*.. Bf*se ....
Buwed Shingles, A 1... 5.TJ<* 4.i0
S*»ertßhlDr ee.N0.i..., a s».jo
L«tb. VlNupct mi !JH
Ports, p K« l*.a.«M
NAVAL STOUES-Good demand and price*
firm, We quote?
Tar |...|12JJPi413.C0; Manilla Hope.. 15
Pitch 1500r.425.Ml Tarred Hemp. 30
Ko*ln St.(Vbtl2.flo| Turpentine.... 8.753 CO)
Oakum 4^0^6.231
ONlONS—Tlicre Is a more active demand and
trb es rule somewhat firmer. We quote good qual*
lie* a? Sf-i* CO--: common I'ftiTOc
OILS-Csnnov on..—There U at present a large
au<i Imrva»lnc demand lioth for White an t Velio* - .
We note an advance of 2d on 1-oih klrni*, prl -ca rule
ven firm. Lis-egoon,*.—The slowness with which
sock* are helm: te.dlalshed owing to scarcity, has
given great firmest* to this market. Wo quote to
dayanauvauceof 5c both on Kaw and Boiled. We
. t at iot oil best White.
40 SI -
66 » M
77 a -
rat ben Oil, yellow.
Rvw Lltseed 0i1...
F< 1 id Lnseed 0i1...
Olive OM.lulk..
9> t ale oil. TV B.
Pat k Oil
La.d OU, Summer. 90c
L-td oil, winter. ».^9sc
MachUe OU. Sk4»e
FTi’ratin... 2N*
FlcphartOll... UOdt.ls
PUOVIs-lON:?—There is a rood demand for wtss
tons and the tearertu firm st fia.oO—with areported
ti-rvi i.6ociri*aith«t pnev. but cot well au-.aeaU
c*trd- boldm get erally o*kloß f13.‘3. Brz.it Meats
—SS W0 ns Hams la dry salt delivered inUar.UßMa
ii loose. b>co.v-7 pcs rl*ln
t-ac». packed, at
rit) »-sbc uichtd. llabd—N'omli 11 at9Vt-
POTATOES—Dernaart Rcod. a th an ahnrdirt
siPity ot vtry prim* nashtlea. We qaot> from cvn
a«L>opiluesvSCCc }■ La by me car aadbjiioe
extra tr Here.
SYR U rS—Then is still oa active dsmsad. and
pners rule very firm, nlth on upward teudiocy.
St cks axe acpnasantly Ught. WcQUuto Suraham
roomally <o3uc. Tbe-e u. however, scarcely any.
market. We quota x _ _
Belcher's... JJIQ
kiew YorkfeuaarlloaM........ *Sf**L
S V. snare- sJ*i?
Goldcnßyrnp. *5*75
Do. refined. ®«*®
New Orleans... • ...AWi
srCARS-1 he-e •» Utile variation la the setivltv
aulcn ate characwmeC tel* market for Hat
tine tost. There U a laree cemaad, with
a-Inadequate supply. Frtme and cbot e Sagsrs are
a.s»c bo«i. heieaul at Few icrk. and are ; *-dat
h'gh flgarea. Inemorkothaa an vyvard teadtacy.
We qnoio; - nv
Nee Orleans- ~f,X
Cuba * SvSiW
FcrtoKlco..... ItHills
s', v.liefinccipoVieredand
white A hiSSIiS
leßow B"* .. .. I* OIU
SALEILATUST-Erisk demand, and prices firm.
•£Kt|* e
*• Pure iKds c
Deljmd*sCheml<vl a ». wS 'Ji c
- so
*aLT-DowJMTJO-Vke market liltis a*aJTe bat
t> tt» t» to clshga in pricve-wttk isles cf only aboat
XObrls Otondsce and.Saginaw Pine st ILiO deliv
ered at cars. FoaiteN-asore tefve. Oaiei; 2 V)»
%\%Gioaad AJmnefioat. oa the »p3t. sl|lMt 1A»
>i»deto sntvs atizoo Weqacte:
Dojatino-Onondaßa Flee ...
*• gaplnaw Fine L5D»....
•* GroandPour L90a....
“ Palry,a Ith tacka.
“ Dairy, without wk»..... none.
FotEIOX—O. A t Sack of 210 &s JW2IIS
Tark’ililamLF 5ack.............. L*XVa ...
SEEDS— Timothy is le#i active and act so firm,
San »to-esy: ICO b*s prim* at jIM; 80 bet at Ml 5;
Mhrirertr'-pat 1300. iL*x-75ba.be:*at00.
TOJI4TOEH—Id *ocd supply at WjftiSC.
TKAb—There baa l*ecn a consl leraiTe amount of
aHlvltv.and s larve demand for both Own and Black
Teas *>ut eireclallv for Green, owloz to the imollaess
ot the ito>-ki In hand and tie unfavorable reports from
.latan. I’rirct are very firm with on upward tea*
dsnev. Wcqnote: , «..«
Y eccr Bviob, common to very fine »1 tjajAO
—• LW4IM
C T^fiVrro^Market’ac‘tivV iuid nrtcM firmer. We
B .Te U «t. ...K of Sc w Mannfactored standard
rrsr.dt? Ve’uoleM r-YJCc for Newark, and U«
rDc for Conccitfcnt. Illinois Is dull at 5-313 c.
Receipts. Bales.
....ICC l.m
..,.1,433 IST*
.... 357 163
... SS6 CII
.... 2C JOl
n»irrT>.civrd. •
tupdtro ?«. lowd w *
•• ]>i and fanrjr....
Interior and onuUle brand!..
Hr-r«i Minnl Lc*r..........
Cui-o'*>(l demand. Tfa quota i .
i* i “swrofUie w«l ! * 50c
£• |?»Vr^areniUih!!!!!!
Tni t I.lte | PndcM tTlda. no
TA LI.OW-An acUta dcmauii and flfmw market.
UrntiMei . .
'c.Tn’i 1 ' 7
XMIOI.-'tt’c'toi'Vfi r»m*lnp laarUro. Owing w
Ihe al| ta ptkea rula Orta. \\« quota >
J*m>mOteca s*£'>
Klrr.™ J. i. • •
»• ««>od ITkco iV 6/cVMW ftt medium
Weaqou hrlhif*rfpi
New York
Cottos—Doll and unsettled, and l®3c lower. Sato
at 6A207c.
From—Lera active and scarcely so firm. Price* *re
elthontdedded change: tI.TSMI K3 for extra *UM;
15inbs.io rur evtraround hoop Ohio; 13.4507.00 ftp
trade brand*. Market closmgqulet.
Bnit-ay-Quiet at 5»-Kc. A , .
Omai*-Wheat dull *ith tendency downward*. at
(Trail (3 fop Chicago r>prtajn93ea*l.Ll ftr Milwaukee
club: f LtCfti i»> for winter re l ' western. Com heavy,
ml 7So»ScftrehJrplncmlsed western; closing at lue
Inel'ir nice. Oat* moderately active, at 63071 c ftr
wevlern. .
Boot-Qoletsnd nominally oncban;ed.
Pbovimonk-rork onened doll and closed a shade
etulcr.at 11175011 ST* ftr old me**; filS.6Jwau.73
for new <*o; fiiuccaio.Ts for new prime; *i3.2JaisoO
for new. Pnom mat beef nominally acute, at (3 51
«7 CO for com,try met*; fit 9006 CO ftr ronntry prime
11051(21350 ftr repacked me>s: sl3 (XVaIS 10 for extra
mesa- Cot meats iiulet and firm at S'/fiaiVc ftr anoal*
dera: Bka9*c for nama. Bacon aide* unU and nomi
nal!* unchanged. Lard dull and warcely so firm at
1C01OXC; the latter an extreme price.
hear York ritdefle and Money Market-Sep, H.
Mosey steady at 607 c.
•terllng Exchange quiet at ICfetCW ftr first class
Gold a little firmer, opeahg at U9. advancing t»l3ow
da lining to ISSH.asd clo-lflu «ulet at 130*.
Export of epecie to-cty,
coteniuientatocksftrm. L coapons, io7s
7-Os 105*0107.
ARRIVED... -JJept.ia.
Star Comet, Morgan. Two Riven, nmdries.
Prop J Barber, Robbins, SL Joseph, 6.000 baskets
MoUcr, Kingston, bags
Brts (sai ella.Van Tassel, Cleveland. tonscoaL
gchr StelU, Marquette, 100 xa lumber.
Sitr it Eaten, Welch. Webster a Her, 104 cds bolts.
Sctr Hero. Lovllt, South Haves, 60 m lumber.
BcLr Commencement, Van Pl*. Holland, 60 m staves.
ScUrM williams, wmiams, Colborte.
schr .1L Goof*. Morgan, Cleveland, SIS tons coal.
tcbrC North. Monroe. nbeboygan.S cds wood.
Sc Ur C CTrun bridge, Slackftrd. Bay City, l£Uhrls
Schr A>iv«nre, r»sl, Baffalo, lIS m lamber.
SchrNew LisiHft. Darrell, Erie: SCO tons coal.
6ci-r L B Foster. wiuiams.Gr»nd Haven, 190 m lumber.
Schr Amelia, Esslish, Ktnnton. ballast.
SchrWn.lone#«Tbooas,ManUiee, 139 mlumber,2oo
Schr Sawn.fjebenrtetn. Pier Cove. 40 ede bark.
Schr L TLruop. Vlbert. m lumber.
Schr Oypfcy, Jamison, Kewance, SCO m shingles, 70 eda
wood. _
Schr Pilot, Lan-lerson, Oconto, l? 3 eds wood
Schr Tuscola, Connell, Grand Haven, Tim lamber, 50
m staves. _
Pchr Gar die. Anderson, Sliebovßan.2S cds wood.
fcea star, lltgtee, Marqneite, SO m lumber. 40 cds
Scow Laurel, MeNea. Wilkinson's 53 cds wood.
B<owTemi eat. Newton, Kalamaroo.SOols wood.
Scow U Olen, Vctersos, White Lake, 63 m lumber.
CLEARED. Sept. 15.
Stror Comet, Morgan. Two Rivera, sundries.
Prop Onrl- a. Demons, Buffalo. 10,(XO bn wheat,
brla Hoar. U0 brl* hlshwine*. u
Prop En pire state, Brett, Buffalo, 25,000 bn barley,
Bark Sunshine. B ells. Buffalo, 21,000 bn wheat.
Bark P C Sherman, Ma*on, Buffalo, XI.OW ha ost%
BarkWmStnrces, FtHh.Oswego, tS.WObn wheat.
Btlgß F Gale, lAnglcy,Oconto, 400 brU pork,2oobrls
ficbr Batnlmw. Fletcher. Buffalo. tsjXO bu wheat.
Sci r Cuba. Clvtea til, Buffalo 13.4001 m wheat.
Pchr R Campl'ell, O Nvlll, Rnffalo. 13.0 -fi bn corn.
Pctir Return. Brown, 8uf1510.20,000 bu oata.
Pchr C C GriswcM. tall, Buffalo, hn wheat.
Schr Tranaiorf,Bums, Saglnaw.lo.ru') bu com.
Schr AcoDtlaa, Cumminga, Oswego, 16,5C0 bu wheat.
The following vessel* cleared the port of Cleveland
for Chicago Sept. 9.lSGJSchooner Stalker, Clil<*aco,
CO tons coal; shooner Msplll, Kerr, Chicago, M 9 tons
cosl; schooner John Tlbbctu nmnYUl.Chicago, SCS
tons coal.
On Bept. 10,—Schooner H. Hartzell, Chicago. ISO
tons coal.
Tr*H*li Passed Detroit*
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trthnoe.]
Dmtorr. Sept. 12. iso.
-17 p—Props Qneen of the Lake*. Kcooata. Plynunth,
Mayflowur. Son; hath Monitor; brig trUl; tiers
pfowboy. C N Johnson. Nabob, Grey E*gle, Y«an-Uff,
Walras. hfontlceUo. Selkirk, Parson*,
, Down—Bark Marqn ette; schrs jgstaff, ExchMJt.
Golden Harvest. Btatnpe^,
Bnllxond TiM Tnhls.
Hereafter trains will leave and arrive as ChJiwyc,
as follows;
D»rx*r. anduva,
■dcbtoab cijrv*iaL—dsto* roor op stndtki
Midi 6:00 a.m.
D»:ro!t AN. Y. Express. •7;boa’ ta. *6: Sop.it.
Ns«ht Express ~ 77:16 p. tn. |«.ai a. to.
MorningEzprets *7:30».m. *lo.lip a
Ncj* YorkEtprea*....... •TiSOa m, •f-Mp.m.
f?:!Cp us. J7:3Ua.m.
ncmoj* lounraaH—ditboit um.
Kvw**a *7:33 a. m. • 7:15 p. a.
Exprete via Adrian... tTjIS p.n*. ) 7:90 a. xr
Urion Ropol West Side, Dear Madison «t. Bridge:
Vail Twin *7:*U.m. r:9ot.m
Sight Express d&aOp.Eu tS.Slp.tn
pay Express i7:2ya.m, l";2Pa.m
Ntgbt Express td.3op.m. tS:3Op. m.
Morrli cMaU 4:00 a.m. 860 p.m
iitj Express 7:20 a.m. 7.15p m.
Niett Express .. 7:15p n. 7:40 a is.
V»ipar«lsoAccom*n 8:80 p. m. 7:40a.m-
Or* fasamger.... -3:39 a.m. *S:42p.m.
Kicht Paeseoger .tlO-CO p. ta. *7:45 a. m.
Kankakee Accommodation -t;00 p. a.
Hyde Park Train -6:4oa.jc.
“ « -la:00 m. *1:35 p.m«
« *3:30 p.m. *4:50 p-ia.
** ** *6:15 pm. •fcfiOp.a.
IL-U Ptawagex *8:80 a. nu *B;W »• m
N'*4bX ?ft»»cßSCx .. +3;45 o. n. tI:SJ p. n>
Joliet acd Wilmington Ac*
conuatxUtlon.. *4:00 p. w.
cm case m> bock ibxa-to.
Gay Express aoo Mail... *9:ooa.in. *B:S)p.n
Jonet Accommodation... *4:4& p. m. a S;SS a. a.
Night Express t&80p. au 16:15 a.m.
cracxao, bcaixsotom ahz> qtnaos.
Day Express and Mall..- *8:20 a. m. *6:t6 p. m.
ZttefctSxpress tfclfip. m. |S:£oam.
Accommodation *4:«0 p. m. **9:lo a. ra.
cmcaeo ASB oaimu inn us.
Trains willrna as follows, on and alter £rsda>,
April 19.1863:
Pulton r.ssemgsr 9:00 a. m, 156 p. a.
Palton Passenger *s:3op.a. &(>}». a.
Freeport Pasaengst 9:00 a. m. tJA p. m.
Freeport Passenger 9:10 p.m. S'd->a.s
Bocktord. Elgin, fox Bit*
cr and State Lin0........ 4:00 p.c. 11:10 a.m.
Genera...- 5 80 u. m ft&ia.a.
cmcaoc a*td ftoimnntsmuf—(Depot cores.- Bin
ate and West Water streets.)
Day Express *8:46 a. ol *5:50 p. m
Woodstock and Way *2:10 a. tn.
•laaeiTille Accom *4:15 p.m. *11:45 a. m.
NlgLtExpress ...*S:SOp m- *C:4oa.m.
.IT atTH
. 9li» 9H
. T.stt T*
nßianeo An milwiowc.
Morning Bxprees.
Sxpresa .4
Waukegan *•
* Sundays exceptofi. » Saturday* tzcepwd
Vend ye excepted.
J7OR SALE—A Mflooson, cheap
X {breach or la ezckaiße fer Stores or Ilou-shold
vutrliarr, a soon aecond nand Welcdaei. Address
•'StamtiKoyT' Tiibaae affice. sets ic723 u
L'OR SALE- A first-class 7 octave
L I’esewocd rare Plano. Also, a coed Frame
Ha* ■ (on the > orth wide), w f«et square. Aptly to
M/CI.aT ft KKOZIB. Boom he, 3 Kusibnry Slock.
J7OH SALE—A two-ftory and
basement Brick KeaUeaas. mostly tew: lar.ee
let and faahlcaabiy lecated. nlie «A»», Potts*,
fitd given May lit. IW»t Agents nsea not ssaly.
s. -i. Smith.r. o.Poisr-L sets mitsat
Ij'OH SALE —Hoqso and Lot on
L Wabash avenue. Ko better location la the city.
Price, At w*. es Uor Utse. No. 137 Rdlna Piacc.
Priee J2 :M» caih immediate poaauatea to both.
SOI tcutn Jeffm-'n itrait. |1 <OO- Boo»o «cd Lot on
South ttrret, <7OO. Apply 10 FfiTAU
Btateitreeu teiS o7M?t
17OR SALE—At a tatrifke, a
1 conp'eteontfltforalirßC offles. Bm«s»t»Cor
r* t. Move a-C Plpta Dt.kt, liht UakCasl a.vaps.
ftc ft3.-ad nearly new. AddreM **J T ” Tribune
once. seia p<w-2t
SALE-The Fixtures and
& Leaio rf one of the be»t points lo the c*ty (or a
Meat Market Apply at office Vo S Ca'honn du'.U.
IDC over UU Booth Ctark strut. ael2 mC7)3t
L'OR SALE- A Slaughter Ilnnse,
I with s tarn er plte and bonsr'taba and vats icd
twolorire untt alltealycotup Bcila'-coa'cnda
tl -n lot bllllr c cattle at a bogs !n the cltv. on Limber
ttieet nearlUlsted rtrtct bridge Appyo JOHN
H.AMOAN, Fort Wayne Cattle Yar-A ael2-tnaCt!-Ut
.. UMI.M
uaci ii
17OR SALE—A Sewing Machine.
1 wm be sold at alow flgnro. Apply at 73 lUz,-
dol;b sVect. (np-atalrg ) cel3 oOCI-Tt
17 OR SALE—One Engine, 8 inch
I. b- -e and 20 Itch stroke—ran three mouths, aU
cP'-ipiets. Al-o ooe 25 to SO bone poaer tubmar
Ifil tr a tcr.n.rlete sad It R.-od orcer. ORIFFJN
Px«t>S .Nf.sP' mtrcyY SuUdmca. stll mSiOUa
|7OR SALE—An Hotel. Lease
A and Fcrnicnre of a good lecood-class Hotel now
CO'rßaßrodbnilnfes. asd with the cheapest lia*e
at osi seed location aa osy in Chlcoco. Foa«*adoa
cHenuiin td>lely. Apply to T.S. BAKEK, litKoa.
do ph street, Itoos Ko. 1. self) m£3l it
I?OR SALE—At a bargain a
X ft? 000 strek or Hardware, emdarieg of sbt’f
*co«» Corpeoters*. Coopers*and AtrlcoUatol TuoU.
fils. GUn Siab. etc. The stHve will be in the mar
Set only * few days, bat will be sold very eriup If
eaL«*d ror 100 a. Apply to C. B. KOLSLES. So. 3
Metiu.dtet Cborchßlock. P.0.80x siX<.
17 OR SALE- A Bakery, with an
X- extern vecnrtcn,wh'chhas boea In operation,
wl'h the area«ttßacc«is,ior the lan ten yean Two
bcrif*aadca?sesß.two wxgona and twosle’gh* a md
01. the ttore f x'eres and hornebo a faroUnrn will he
«.e atneixme tmelirequired. B, EOKX.3S Nona
Clark street. selo-x63^ot
C*OR SALE —Farm of 420 acree.
X? la AJbaoy. Whiteside Uountv. minols, woE La
prsved. W:D tw icld CHEAP. Inquire a? cue- n
F S. HOWB. «*Bearbornstreet. seSaPiUt
T?OR SALE—The cheapest Farm
Plt ni’rolf—S2o acres (393 under plow.) ia Llvt-.«.
rton fcnnty. Web rollloc prairie, near to timber are
oua* mice—only three miles to Riß'oad statfoa—with
cltice of thie* cf the bnt markrts in the West
a hnsdaue* cf never (illtaz ipricj- water on the place
lirctovetevts not valuable Prico «13 per acre. cari.
ai*o struct cf 4.00P icte* of U-id-odLilatna
o e above tabs fold cheap. Apply to C. O/HOLMEs
s<-. 3 Methodist Cnarch Block. Cturaxo. P. <>. Box
hSS*. snl^kgjXritp^
LOST —On Friday mornieg, a
Wsck aid Tar Psr. He had on a chain collar
wj'h oa verifier's name on bran plate. A suitable ro
«*-d win h*r»ld to any peison who will r*tnro him
to BOWAUD UOPKIL FuIUO Blcrator. BW. Sta Mi
gy>2»otU> water«P«et. tciSaiWit
LOST— In Kingibnry Hall, on
Friday evesliff. Sept 11th, » small Morocco
ruriinca* ale csrivmiaz thlrieen tfel ar*. ibe finder
willbe rewarded by leatlsg It at NOWLIV ft Mo.
ILWal.Vfl Jtwelry Rtore.s7H ClarUt. ee!3-ma63t
LOST— On the Bth Tret., near the
BiermsD Bcuse. a Memorandum Pocket Book,
cnr’ritm rnmfier of netes m favor of A F.
of to value to any ret’oubut the owner The finder
»i Ibe *ntu - L» rewatceo byltaTUr**taea*v9*otttt
V at»- f«»e*t. (upstairs) C. D. ADSTIS.
fe:arr.wc4t •
10ST— -By the ntdersigred, a Ho
.t celpt frctn tWt7clt*l El'ln Pepo«lto»y In Iblf
cur.rente bnsdredldollnit restate Cnlteoc7. au
. erropt ere lereby centlooM net to fey or negotiate
tbeitn* ( niytn*p{ thereon hnrfcibeenetoppM Tne
n» d* r «lu be solUblj rawer. • d by ieett;« U with Jbe
ntdmiiard. et J» lur Mtut, cotctt or w*b«a
eyrane. T«l»-tH.tfT7t] J. U. Srt.NK.
.*** 43
f OST —A Boy I.ho yiur» of ncc,
I . blnrk err*, dark brown hnlri had on when ust
mVp e stay *c»r ot»1 top. t**
I 1 tint ■ tat(l el ti lie bt* OhUH7l‘n tl
AUMI kl Into, Kffil*U •‘oantr* ll r, POj». AOf 10*
>< iin»« oc c- prarcii r
It tl. PAI rt>P». IMafto IWBnMICt
1) K W A U I) •- A)i*,rr«\ reword,
l| will be P*M «JP Vein,
i ret daw IM * •« W *■**•, S* hIW Weak.
I t r Mn*ii- ibie 7»» «lv» *MtJ>|ft«iaa. Os or
ttat ItaidrU>.’Vfi/'S" 4 lbblack moroooo.
Horse, sound, kind and _
ahent fifteen bases high, jet Mac* i
dark color.' For a handsome aatm
btk.a good pr.ee am be paid Addr*.
as Ibr caU wllltotbs lone otr*o. Oh
dficr|in«t) bfuie bunt, Adiliasa***
tU». Chlrago.
f » Fairly Carriage-*3l*ll sire. .
for c»«h. Ar*dre»» with price aid a’a
be sera. CARDIACS, at Ite Tribune
\,\7 ANTED—'To bny,
T V handed Looking Gtaas of at let
60 laches Aeereia Box 3t3L
\VANTKD-A inrni 1
v T wltbaatboard. In a central loo*
•see* fiver and repaired. Address P. t
\\l ANTED—lmraediaitlj,
“t frsmaxAai.TlTaaTTOWMnipiat.
Etatts to tarrodsce aa article mat, wbm
will be uacd by every family lithe land,
aheo eo pioye j.c*n make from fiv*tot*n .
p«-r day let No cartTAl. mqdisid Ladl*«
a*wel-asgentlemen. andean soon ears the i
afiewteg JlacMre. VsloceeuO’ Plana. *>rfa
t'en art. e dress Box 436. Salsmaxoo. Mlclu e; ci
Ham*for Tatars ystate. aettaV.. ~ ~
XI7 ANTED—*A Partner in a r
» ,» ,atd lucrative saMae*s. A person wltk*
Capita*tr jy team* abaadoometartaaela. aft*
Aiplj allotPToatltaacolphitree:. iei3n
\\} AK'IEI-— Ad active,lutolii
4126. Chisago. iel3-m
\\J A^TJTD—A fror.t room, u
Tv alihed, wlthbediosm attach.d fora
and required Addreis r. O. Sex i.13 ca*
se!3u.7Ult *
T* fit're ahcrwboreeldawtth h
le*ra thebu.lneis. Salary »nad. Ar
srltlogst ayp-ic;nt,Boxs;~v3.Celc»;
\\7ANTED- Board
v * obtain bcardforself wife aid
la a private family. Will la nt«h n»
Location teesi b« hut a shart dbtsare fro.,
licn»e or P-.at ofiica. ItePe?tof ref*;i«nce
Adorees. :or one week, ** TTHSaLEK." <oi
W AKTEI) — Bcard U1
t » ebbed room In a privets fkmlli.fer aee
nan aid wife Price can be KOisrcit. Aid:
*' ¥ D B.” care Cunen A Wright. Chicago. !*L statti
terwtatdTecst on *«lSca7lMl
V\ ; ANTED—A small home, lur<
* » ni*U(*d or otherwise, m som* goed locality.
Cnawith Staple pretened. AddreasP.O Buz'TSl.oc
call at7l Baaddph itrnt sel3sa7b>3t
\V ANTED—A good Soprano
»* Birger. Ocs that 1* aeqsHntad with tfcn Kris
ccpal inrvtco i'i!)«.-»U4ivf wmbepui. one
living on the West Sldstreftaed. Address -g *• Hon
6C-S. >e!3 rnTJi 2t
“\\J ANTED—By a single f ei-tle
* * car. room sed board In a rtaremYa faatlly.
F-lce su.tthc ccdrnte South Stds- f the ri*y pro
fs rred. Add.-tts * J XO.** Post Otflce Box 3>63,
TV ANTED—An Architectural
V * tnnS'twiß. App ytoT. V. VTdD-tKnSK,
Architect. 11» Pe*rto-a »ir*«t sel^raTllVt
TV A 2t T T£D* Mules. I wish lo
▼ 7 parchnela-cevlvelr frcmSCO to 1N» Malta,
frrn: ttue lo tins }Ck!»vM,ul will psy th» follow*
leg p»lct» Jnrs?h:
For tli- n- cifusirlt;- 1 1 bull, fIOO.
Por >toic Di*c»mli <ns “ |ir6.
. „ Fc? u.*«: tre»»atlpf 15 • frem sllO to $l5O.
All to »e is ccoc cccd ties, soaod and fre* i;oa
hletrlshes deUvcrtd at Fort Wayne and Chlcu*
St' clt Yard*, wtetc Icanbefsna'i at may U-n*.
scIS-mnMt BAteT* OLAT. Jr.
\V ANTED—A airall comfortable
** home. InaplensartnelgUKrhssd on North
Side, for watsaU tacllj and taro pay—wlttiinainUeoC
Csun Hr tue. Asdiats "H W C.” Box 3.00.
ttl? H.7.7-5C
• • ..very township In the United
** —.to n tht t«». or three hnudred dollars • y.*cr.
without sny Tsocntn or cost whatever. Panose
w bo dr»lre pamarunt oudneta to occupy their whal*
ol st lawt terse tnonsanu <|d.iAW) dollars a year, by
mshlrs fe;*o’ si application at Boost No. 1. up ore
pair of gtarrs. 131 Clark street. sel3-m7ta2t
TV ANTED—lmmediately, men
T * who wuh to in a legitimate ba«ln*ss.
are lavl»ea to call a* n t>-*.*bsra street amt ezunlas
*of;« of th* moyt imporunr sew inventloas of the
age. ssbt to |1 000 esi Do made every ms.ith by s
atbsll li» esteem of 13C0 The practical worklagsaf
said JsveniltLS win bo flatly •sown <• a l wlio am
In klcc for bust*#**. HOWARD TILDCN.
relit ,
TV' AKTED A Fitiifiiion a*
? • Icacherof lb« KaslUh branchc* lo a Sen'
«ary. Fr>ot S'T id, or pri. »>« f»mily. t»y % yoa
1 at} «lo h»sl.*J *otnj experience 13 te*cula< T
le-t of recossnculA-joas *IU Dclurolai »J. AdJre
*• Itlff." BtttTa'o.Ptta. siXi-tQTjS-'jt
WAITED— I'inceM to go tc
f * the country Steady wc-k ncd eood vases.
Apply to s 11. KASSOU & CO- 305 Randolph street.
TVA>TEJ.J—Tiiittrs. Uoud men
T I ntu3»rs‘ac<l th» bn»:Te«<a.
Apply for occ «ttk to A. R. 4 G. U. MILLER. 23 And
'iSl b ate street, tell m&v <■(
TV TED—To rent between now
w » arid ite Iptt of Octber. a small Hoo-a oa
MJrMcaa. Wabash. Prairie or Indiana arenaes. Kent
loi to tiered MOO par annum. Address- k-XT.”
Tnbcne office. ae!2 gC7*3t
\V ANTED—A soc«. 15tws Cock
T* Maker. Apply at SMALL S draft Found, y,
79 Sctilh Wells meet. AUo. lor rale at ve same
plfe.at.obdsepower bUam fcpglae. seU-m6a-6t
TVANTED—A email Portable
T t Icrloe. State power and price Adirea*
P.O Praw«rfl.*3l.Ct;cajQ sel3-m-;;pa*S
\VAKTED— Boaiding in private
T T fa-nllis* for youa? men attending Biyaat*
Stt*v«n> Colifce. Add eta, ctTtar
tern* aid location. a sruvr.-ox
cajiO.l.l. swl3-m«7»3t
• * also six laborer*, at B. G GOOD wil.MK'a
FA* TOhT.IB Norte t ranklln strict. »et2*mG»t-2t
TVAKTED—A situation as
* * man In a Wbo’mle Qoote (Dry Good* or
O’ccerts# pitltrred) by * p«rton »bo baa tad tea
ie>ratiprrl<x cemcercbancULa*. Add«e«-J SE."
i«trof«>Uiaa licteU teir-a6tA3c
W ANTED—A situation as Saks-
T T man ts the Lumber bsulsetp.liya jocse man
veil poitvd In the bu»i«ii», aac acccsomrd to t-ep-
Incbooku Addren-LC/’l’O SSMeliopoUtaaHotel,
st 13-n.OW-2t
W ANTED—Officers and Sckiers
* * who have be»n disabled and honorably dis
charged f;om ttin ocrvire. ana are la w *Ol ot monr-
Isn CUifimaJi l ost Office provided they poMemKOOd
bailceis tact and csorcuy The business a luded to
1* pecullariy edaptcc to eccb pei tuna and eeveraltow
en*»R<c inst haw been cleauiss from aUMIotSOO
pern.onUi. Imais xo xxsqqxration, button six-
.•5.45a m. *ll.<3a.m.
, »B:Klp.xa, *8:93 p.D*
•B;20 P. ra. r 8’25%. a.
\y ANTED-A Pintner in the
T * wtoie-'i’e Llijmr and Omm's*!'n bailueat
In ibe cltyo! Cairo with a capital of ps.fpo. lama
practical cuts acturer rf aL klsds cf liquor Tba
avcr>Rt- profit UOO perce.it For farther particular!
teams •K 0/ rwt Office Box 1103. seu.mgNtt
0 -0
■■LK IMPLCTHBNT. »11l do well 10 »(ldre»«L ca H x
let ait dprl|r»tlor« (or particulars ne accompanied
H'b a«utcui«nt ot tnecompany arn U-’clrent trie
to.aad the data of Us discharge.
■> IJ-n-OT 5i
\V ANTED—To Lorraw for five
T * vears.or len-er. B*vea Thousand .70001 Dal.
lon tobeotcuredby amortr-soon atom oa White
Pigeon Prairie. Michigan. wnrtn seventeen thousand
dolors Apply to It C. LIVIXGSIUK ft <;0.131
goi.ta water rfceet.Chicago. wu mflW6t
WANTS D—A man to run a
Mou’dlsc Machine, to whom high wige* wIU
herald acr. coruantemplojm-rit Riven, Nona bat a
mao who tlio-oagblr andersUDds ibe k *'loe«a n-ed
appir Itqnire at 71 ard 76 Puiton street. kid**
irtomeutt <1
"IT 7 AN TED—Clerkship in a Qnar
** ttraiaitera Cociml-aary. or auyotoer cepert*
neat cf tie army and caty.or any employment oy
a* 7 Pailrtad or Kiprtts Ccmpany. Tbo>e wto aa-
Uc'ratetha: tbermay want at come ta*are ttme.toe
lerrirc* ot a reliable cap-tile and Uimwortny n»n.
vt'l please rat thl- out and prrserre tt. Ad tre«a P >*t
Clg re > QS 32f<». nitnota. aelO n.sj>6t
\\7 ANTED—A Protest art woman
• » todoßfreralhoosework. fora atnsll tamllr.
at Evaastou.tcr mi ea tror> CMohro To one who
cai: coje well recoe-mrnded. RAod wajes will be
Blven Addreta M j A L.** Pot OCiM Draper C3OO.
Cheapo or apply it CO booth WtUi street.
srS a SCO Ct
WANTED— To T.ilojf. Wanted
* * ai'inilUnas CoU:..byaocnen of ticeridcco
la st] tic df partr. -it - r, f th> trvtt. at d who c«a alvo
eerd teiencce o» to abil'ty and eha-acter. Leave
1 mil# aid number at vMa office, adlreiw'd to H,
CB Aims uXXj 6t
IT'"ANTED—SOO irorr Agents. -
* ’ f75 «r south cosraueed. BcndTatanti ftsr
clrcnlara. Tfctee new articles f*op e* ciarh*«P*t
011 ludellble Pci rJV for M ceat*. I f;»«- Ad
dtt»«E.F. CLAH£. Box tSl.Northataptoo, hUs*.
W ANTED—Tc borrow oa a long
v » term cf jean *OOCO. la two sum» of
each. The security ecpiirts o» two Improved
ab’ atSlfi ssrt*e*ci«. ca*b valo“of
farm exceeds S*9,CC . For furttier particuiaM opw>
»t No. 3 Metb-dUtChurch Block bet*fee 9 esn IT
o'c.ock A M. quri-kmt 9Ct
\V ANTED—(Knitting Machine'
w ’ Every Former to knew that his "
fos'rs r *c»n tar.; C to KO perwerk w.n use of aSU .
je:«bratsO Baftcag Machlea. It w£: nam its cor.
mtbinjday». Priceeoaolete.wu.
rnirr.t from 53 ccnu to |UA Send for drc3l» r t>»
tamp.wi (leua *umpej .
BRAJD'OKft Ktllb?, trsoera:.uca*.
cM-aStc OS 130 Lake street, rhlci^r,^
<2Io Hcnt.
'T'O RENT—Frame Bweliing and
-* 15* n.-»rh rae sere tncloMd. »t the cnrce- of
ntcb<n tad WaitlrdUaftetre*’*. » few blocks from
•E? ?°w 1 ' ,r • ktßl * u P« met lb. inqatre et 3.0
W>b»*hfcTU.pe. . *el3 mHi Is
T3 KENT—A beautiful Residence
at Union Pa I **: prtre, wo AJ«o. »-»ii hoeis
ib ioe WeetUlTialon: pxl.e, SISO. Trrrai e*sh or
itcatltT. A I**’, »Eili, kat uoy famU e* reonlred.
Boon; No. 19.N0. 133Clark street. >e!B tniioat
T3 BENT—Two suits of Booms,
Qbfoii.ttted. »td hedroooa farauhed. without
bevd. Id nr» Bnck Uwelilag Hoo»e la adJololnr
hie ck to Post OC ce. Address “A 11 8," Port Otacs
Bt» srst.
TpO BENT—A new house on Wa-
J hash RYfirne. be’ow Twelfth street win h*
wadj shootthe loth of The bonie cosUlnS
eU tea ? ocas. Weald board «ua famlir if It wm
•Tec»ble. Addzais Box in i.cuesßoT«JamTOl»
HPO RENT—A modern finished
J Ptlcklloare two stories, with basemaat hot
»t d cold wster. with nil rooiera Impromemoati’ On
W»bs»b srttae near Hubbard Court. PoumuTi *■
crUfore October lit. Per partlcaun addteee PoS
Ofllceßox fci. BeU-mCD tt
HPO RENT—To May Ist, 18G4, a
A Cottsre oa Vui Ttarea street comoieteiT tad
fOTLI'bM. Bcart
ntjr.ftl Apply to J. W. TCrTIJS. No. i BUtfrst.
t Vj n 513 6t
T'O KENT—A Store on the ccr.
of Canal and WrtgDt street*, with cooatm
sreiTes. Bl*M r**«e and P»* •*i^ t * jad tpwx
r]cr»li. 01 tr the ft* re. with w»t*r. Als a Dnt clws
•l td for the err goods baslness. clothlßS.or * Urg«
bin uditr* searatwifv
dtbati*d oh stolen-a
Crewn M»’e. »itb sedd’e ltd 1 title on. W.i
t»br" trow pontb'Weter iireet, between Puts aad
lictub'rt in J*tQiO*y ifirtnoOk.f*-*i t ITh Aif
pfr«(it> trturttnc tte eb*»e ptepety will be sotub r
tiwerded. li«jnlre at Limber On»c* nf t?AS!ta.
LbT a m .tomr Lumber aid liMwtUtH.
lM* tn'JT't flt
iD ebont Hie mb oi J«a«. * l»ay Coll, f.nr yem
old. b imu *MU « C U*> trf * 4hd So IP '»'*» J*|t,«•
Uelcitibonwier. Naurh*»b»*n ihoO.t«d UoUern
p.«nto win no paid lor it* rmimi w K V.r r JL t# *
I uvw tviufOmtu rMptir.lil. *fWy3U_jjt_
BO AUDI NO—Plutuuit room*,
with b'ffd. Buy I* low 4 ufttMMklca
& moil dt»uu* vector u«*b ittMt bnj*r Tvo4«*

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