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Onjicago tribune.
on Suits Against their Appointees to
* Be Defended hy the Board.
At igo'clockyesterdaylheßoard of Trade was
convened to take Into consideration the question of
municipal inspection. It wQI be remembered that
the present Common Council bare passed certain
ordinances taking the inspection of certain articles
of merchandise out of the hands of the Board and
assigning the duty to noisy, brawling politicians.
As a necessary result, the appointees of the Board
litvc been subjected to annoyance and prosecution
nl the hands of the appointees of the Council, and
this meeting was convened to see if their duly ap
pointed Inspectors could not be sustained.
Tbc Board of Directors have taken legal counsel
and been advised, that the power of the Board of
Traflc, under the tenth section of theircharter, to
appoint inspectors of flour, grain, provisions and
other articles therein enumerated, with the decla
ration that the brand or mark of sold Inspectors
tipon any package shall be evidcncebctwoenbuycr
a: d seller, and shall be binding upon the members
of the corporation, as well as upon others assent-
Jsg to tbc employment of the Inspectors, is a grant
iu tbc nature of a franchise or privilege from the
State, which cannot be divested or In any manner
Impaired by the Legislature, or lost by any means,
prices foifeited for Abuse; and that all attempts,
by municipal ordinances to Impose flues uponmem
ben of the Board of Trade, or others who have pur
chased articles branded by the Inspectors of the
jjoorti of Trade, for selling without a city inspec
tion, arc altogether invalid,and cannot be enforced
in the courts. For these reasons, and because the
action of the Common Councllis highly injurious
to tht- interests of the Board of Trade, and appa
rently Intended to be so, and is also equally inju
rious to the commercial prosperity of the city
itself, the Board of Directors propose to resist
legally all such unconstitutional action on thepsrt
of the Common Council by defending every suit
prosecuted against the members of the Board of
Trade for alleged violations of the ordinances re
lating to your inspection. The resolutions of the
Directors is as follows:
jf. iced, Tliat the Board of Directors notify the
nil hoard officially that they have taken legal
counsel in relation to the Inspection of float, grain,
p.©visions, liquor, lumber, and other artkdes com*
monly cealt In by members of the Board of Trade*,
ttuQ are advisid that the inspections by the ap
puiutees ol the Board ot Trace have port ed valid
ity, so as to dispense with any other inspection in
the case of the members of such Board, and all
other persons assenting to the insp?ction of such
appointees; and-tbut the Board of Trade will de
fend any and all suits inetitntsdhy the city of Cal
cage, or under its direction or authority, against
tiny member or members of the Board of flradt for
alleged violations of municipal ordinances apper
taining to the subject of inspection.
Mr. Beatty said that it was proper to say this
assurance did not include the inspection of fish.
The privileges of the Board on fish inspection is
pot yet satisfactorUydefincd. but he hoped to be
able to moke a report upon this subject also in the
course of a few days. The statement and resole-
tlon were received with marked satisfaction, and 1
Mr J. W. Sykes offered the following resolution,
which was unanimously adopted:
Hesolved, That this Board of Trade endorse tile
fiction of the Directors in the matter of Inspectors,
and will uphold them in all actions growing there
Tlilrd Pay’s Proceedings,
The Board ofSaporltiorfl met again yesterday
st ten, a. m., according to adjournment. The fol
lowing gentlemen were present.
* Supervisors—Allen, Alger, Baer, Brown, Cam-
Dalton, Dunlap, Bdhrook, Gibbs. Gabel,
ComUey. Hotfman, James, Johnson, Kingsley,
Keane, Ifewbocee, Pennoyer. Pcndegrast, Beed,
Bees, Bexford, Strong, Sheirding, Shells, Taylor,
Warner, Ward, Eli Whitney, S. b. Whitney.
The minutes of the proceeding meeting were
read and approved.
A petition from the tax-payers of the tows of
Bloom, was presented, asking the Board to appro
priate five hundred dollars to improve and render
passable the State Line Boad. Beferred to the
Committee on Boads and Bridges.
A certificate concerning Leander Mott, who had
enlisted in Cook County, and failed to receive his
Bounty was referred to Hie War Committee.
Sup. DalUm read a communication from O. M.
Match, Secretary of State, in relation to the
Illinois Eeporta belonging to the County Conn's
office. This communication was referred to the
Judiciary Committee. •
jam, aks-jazl accounts.
The Committee on Jan, and Jail Accounts rc*.
«TTnmpnd the payment of the following bills:
3>. fi. Bsmmond, dieting prisoners.., .$2,732 25
1> 8. Hammond, summoning jury. 40 00
3» 8. Bsmmond, attending court 45 00
£* B. Qalpln, bailiff 123 00
A Banker. “ C* 63
31 Locfabeuer, “ : WSO
J b. Everett, “ 40 60
AH. Merrill, “ 87 50
C.S.Jlctrick, «• 67 50
B.Beal, 67 50
A Button, “ ■ 67 80
Ordered to be published.
The Committee on Roads and Bridges, jo whom
-was referred tho petition of sundry tax payers
for the improvement of the Archer Boad, reported
that, in their Judgment, the prayer of the peti
tioners should be granted.
equauxatioh or taxes.
The Committee on Equalization of Taxes pre
sented the following report:
Tbe Committee on Equalization of Taxes re
ported that they had the assessment rolls and rail
road lists, and recommended that there be added
to the assessment rolls of the towns of South Chi
cago end Palos op*;r cent, end deducted 10 per
ix’irt. from tbe towns of Barrington, Bloom. Calu
met, Cicero, Evanston, Hyde Park, Jefferson,
Lake, Lake View, Lemont, Leyden, Lyons, Niles,
Northflcld, Palatine, Schamberg, Wheeling and
North; five percent from the towns of Bremen,
Elk Grove, New Trier and Oriand; fifteen per
cent from tbe town of Thornton; thirty per
cent from the town of Proviso. ,
The Committee bad added to the assessment
l!st» of the real estate of the Galena and Chicago
TJuion kallroad Company, the sum of $18,000; to
the lists of tire Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chi
cago Railroad Company, the sum of si4,o 0; to
tl o lists of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy
Railroad Company, the sum of $12,000
Concurred in.
The Committee on Judiciary, to whom was re-
Sarcd the petition of John Caldwell and James
Johnson, against whom, as sureties on the bond
of Dr. J. A. Biqhards, a defaulting Collector of the
town of Thornton, tho county holds a judgment
Lr the amount of the defalcation, reported back
the petition without recommendation.
’ A resolution was offered, relieving John Cald
veil from his liability on the judgment, whenever
cnc-half the remainder should be paid, which, af
ter discussion, passed unanimously.
The Committee on Public Buildings reported in
Savor of granting to Judge Bradwiß the use of the
Supervisors' Boom to bold tbe sessions of the
County Court, when not occupied by the quarterly
meetings of the Board.
The Committee on Education reported in favor
o! appropriating SIOO to pay tire expenses of the
Teachers’ Institute soon, to be held at Palatine
and Blue Island, as demanded by the School Com
missioner. Adopted, and the appropriation or
Sop. Taylor/called op the Briggs House claim,
and moved that the Judiciary Committee report
upon lie subject in the afternoon.
6np. Dalton thought the Board were ashing what
they had so right to ask The suit was com
ncnccd, and all the Interest the Board had in the
matters*** not to allow Sir. Tocher to take a
Sop. Bees thought the Board should cither pay
the bill or defend the suit.
An animated dl coeslon here arose, in which
'Sups. Taylor, Bcxford, Bees, Johnson and Allen
paitldpaled, all resulting la the demand of a re
port from the Judiciary Committee.
aonoums aixotxxxt.
ScpX!nlvcr from ■ the Soldiers Aiipttpvnt Com
mittee report* d as follows:
Sllcc the last meeting of* your Board, and
ILelr rcpoit of Jmioß,lbi3,tiu}y have received
f r car the i’arnmsters $14,476.82, making a total of
$40,908-14 collected from allotments since thoßih
afhUrchlcet. . ..
That of the entire amount there now remains
5n the hands of your committc the sum of $993 89
nt-alcnedto persons whose residence or address
they have not been able to learn, though each one
has been thrice written to. ,
The following table shows the amount received
£>om, paid out and remaining on hand, from each
Ko ofßcc't Ain't Bec'd. horsed, called for
«d ....1T.......f16,082A7 $15,063 57 $19.00
«2o V. 11,356.00 11,■076.0*1 810.00
318 th” „ 4,184.05 4,197.62 257.8S
327 th 453.00 418 00 20.00
Mercantile Battery. 1,175 J& 1,159.82 16 00
Total $49,968.14 $48#9.51 $998 88
“The committee la still seriously embarrassed
5n disbursing these allotments, for the rcaeon set
fomi In their last rcpoit. to-wit: ‘the continual
change of residcx.ee of many of tho families. 1 Yet
each eoccedlug Installment as paid out more rap*
3(Sly and easily than the preceding one. Owing to
the details and the large correspondence incident
to the business, the work of the committee has
“been a with much laborandcarc: but, from
S consciousness of tbe benefits it is conferring up
on onr soldiers, has been most cheerfully per*
i ■ the corxrx roon norsr.
€np. Cornell offert.d a resolution that the Com
million Poor House uni Pnnpers, be Instructed
in construct, before tbe let of Janoiry. soluble
' end hose, list In case of fire the
tSSogsandthc imnstes sbonW
jncreyofthe-doTOnring element. Adopted and
rii<» committee so infracted.
sctsosxlANCOus ouaß.
The Committee on MisceDMieonß jClalms, re
ported in favor of allowing sundry bills amounting
yuldng tor s dungs of the pUce of bolding the
diction from tho present, place To thc £n„lnc
Eodkoo Larrabcc street, referred to the Jodi
clary Committee*
op. Taylor moved an adjournment, which waa
carried. And bo the Board adjourned. •
The Board was called to order at two o’clock.
The Judiciary Committee to whom was referred
:he claim of H.A, Wynkoop for services In making
an enrollment of all liable to military duty in the
town of West Chicago reported that there was no
mthority vested in the Board to pay lor such ser
vice. The report was accepted.
Sup* Culver, for the sake of having the m«Urr
properly before the Board, moved that the claim
be paid.
Sup. Alger thought that If Hr. Wynkoop were
paid for these sendees, other asscssars who had
- had made no claim could demand payment.
Sup. Dalton examined thp question In its legal
bearings, and Supervisors Johnson and Stronger'
plained their position, the former advocating im
mediate payment, and the latter opposing It.
Finally, Sup. Dalton moved that Hr. Wynkoop
have leave to withdraw his account. Carried. •
The Committee on Judiciaiy, to whom was re
ferred the claim of Mr. Wynkoop for listing 1,4*30
doge in the West Division, made a report, recog.
nixing the validity of the claim, and recommend
logs its payment. The amount of the claim is
$l4O. '
Sup. Johnson moved that the bill be paid. Lost
by a large majority.
The Committee on Poor House au3 Paupers re
commended the payment of the following bills:
Cail Knott, famishing provisions $6.25
Yitd. Demicke, “ »• : 12.50
Free. Demicke, “ “ • 3.35
Dewey & Co., coal : 1,200.00
hlercy Hospital 310.26
C. C. Garber, prov 221.85
Coolqv, Ftuwell A Co., dry goods 8i6.25
O. C, Garber, Poor Bouse : 874.34
Bright A French, medicines IBJiS
M.S. E_R-, irans 147 70
M. C. K. JL, trims 104.10
Wcst’n Trans. Co., trans 82 53
D. Horton.hamesses.. 16.85
E. Price, livery.. 23.00
C. A. & St. it. H. R,
Thompson & Alston, paints, etc
J. H. Stewart, burials
JohuDimond, meat
Jacob Hitdmaa, labor
H. C. Van Schaack, hardware...
J. Harrison, prov..:
H. C. Van Schaack, hardware ...
Henry Leeeburv, for aide
M«.rty Hospital.
C. Charleston, prov
Gage & Heart, floor
Joseph Wriatt. feeding teams...
Wht© & Walt) urn, lime
R. E.Hobs, mason work
Geo. Dt-nlap, prov
Richard Bay* ood, ptov
J. Kelly, maeou work
Sam, Ditchell, labor
A. B. Johnson-* Co., lumber .. .....
Ptrjy AMeachom. brick
K. Goodman, blackstnitblng
Mrs. Eopcl, labor
Ur. nmiih, “
Henry He lei bock, labor
R, Bichards, care insane
Sarah Nelson, labo T
a L.Cooly. “
Walur Grcv, “
J.F. Merchant, pror
P. Townsend, labor
Hooker & dome, seeds
Wm. Kinsella, prov «
Corouer'eßill .
N. W Plank Road Co,
J. H. Pahlmau, wood
Mrs Walker, rent
Babcock & Peck, chairs
5. B. Shtlde, prov
Mrs. Burns, washing ....
H. H. Bocetcd, clothing .*
Goes * Hoag. Hour eta
Dr. A. 1). Merrit, medical
O. Bus-, Inquest.
Ball&Winck, bcadsteads
Burley &Trml, crockery
Stearns & Co., plaster
John A, Piersons, labor
Osborne Adams & Co., leather.'....
Dr. T. W. Sampson, medical
Paul Cornell, piov. etc
H. H. Daltou, committee
K-J.Edbrook, *»-
Jacksonville H05pita1..............
hire. KU'hUla.prov
Mis. “ •*
P. IlOßEcll, teamster
F. Harding, expenses
C. Summers, M
C. M. Donnell, Inquest • * * *
B. Chase, warden
S. B. King, medical
P. Pahl man, stucco .
N. T Brown, pror.
A- B. Johnson, com—~...
A Gibbs, **-
S. S. Whitney; «*
. McDonncl Morgan, Vet. Surgeon.
' Q Meyers, paupers hill ■
tHnntcy, iran 9 -
. Price, livery bIU
Chairman Poor House C0m.......
C. H. Porcbman, bill
L. Beecher, bill
Dr. B. C. McClure, Inquest.*.
The Committee on Judiciary, who were, by rote,
ordered to report at the afternoon BCBsion,re ported
that it was expedient for the county to defend the
Sop. Taylor moved a reconsideration of the
vote whereby the report was adopted, which mo
tion was disposed of under' a point of order.
On motion it was voted to draw Jurors on Fri
day afternoon.
Sup. Dalton moved an adjournment, which
passed, and so the Board adjourned.
Address ofßlihop Wliiteliousc.
Tcsterday morning opened rather cloudily, and
nine o'clock, the hour of re-assembling, found the
scats of the delegates but little more than hair
filled. As the religions services wont on, however,
the member egradnaOy dropped In, and at the com
mencement of business nearly all who had re*
potted themselves were present.
* Thebneineeeof the day was prefaced by the nsna]
.religions exercises. The Hathiss Magi 11,
of Bock Island conducted the prayer, antecedent
to the creed. The Arst lesson, from the fourth
chapter of leiah, and the second lesson, from
tbe twelfth chapter of the First Epistle to the
Corinthians, were read by Stephen T. Alien of
Trinity Church, Aurora. Prayers were then read
by Bev. James W. Coe of Bloomington.
The ordinary business of the day was then en
tered upon. A call was made by the President of
the Convention for local and parochial reports
from those who bad not already furnished them
The President then remarked, that although in
the order of business no provision was made for
i ailing the roll, the better plan would beta calj
it entire, in order to enable th ose whose presence
was not officially known to answer to their names;
and It was done accordingly. , * _
It was suggested by the Bon- B. B. Servant that
.the reading of the minutes be .dispensed with as
unessential, but such » course being in the opln*
ion of the President without precedent, the min
utes were read, and afterwards approved
The President appointed the following standing
theJhcbrporatlon of Churches; Bar. J.N.
Morrison, Bev. sTc. Judd, Rev. A. C. Calkins.
On Finance: Bev. John Benson, I*.B. Otis, and
Frederick Staid. _ . _
On Privileges: Her.Henry Strong/D.B-, LX B.
Rev. B. W. Dresser, Bev. W. Be Wolfe, Geo. P.
Legislation : Bev. T. N- Benedict, DB., Bev.
W.H, Eberts, DJXjHon. S. H. Treat, Hon. B.
c. Servant. _ _ __
On the extension of the church, Bev. J. N.
Frcoi.ru. Bev. J. Wesley Osborne, T. C. Moore,
William Wilkinson. _
Ocm finifebed business, Bev. John Wilkinson,
T. E Ca.tcr. „ , ,
Ht also appointed the following tellers of dcc-
For deputies!© General Convention for clerical
votes—Bev. CJnton Locke, Grove W. Hotchkiss.
For )»j votes—Bev. Samuel Goodalcs and Ch&s.
For Trnltces ofthe Protestant Episcopal Church
in the dioceee of Illinois—For clerical votes, Bev.
H.N.Blfahop. Charles Mayo. For lay votes, Bev.
H N. Strong, D. B-, D. 8. Batchelor.
For Standing Committees—For clerical votes.
Rev. J. M. McCullonch, D. D, H. P. Parrish. Lay
vott s, Kev. George C. Street, J. N. Battpn.
Lay delegates whose credentials had notbecn
received, were requested to present them at the
Seen tary’a table. ,
The report of tbe Committee on Churches was
then called for. • . _ . .
The papers from St Paul's Church, Kankakee,
having passed the proper committee, and been de
clared correct, that church was by an unanimous
vote admitted into union with the Convention.
Next in order of business came the Bishop’s an-
nual address. „ • .. ' • ,
TblswasawcH written, and exceedingly able
production. We can do little more than Just al
iUdc to the manny points touched, and in many
cases beautifully enlarged upon by its able author.
In one or two instances, however, and where the
theme of the discourse faae a peculiar local Inter*
st, we have taken pains to get tbs Bishop's ex
act words. These parts of oar sketch are indicat
ed byqnotation marks. *
'The address opened by suggesting the analogy
between the Advent, the Kew Tears Day of the
Lurch and the New Tears Day of the sjealar
world, and continued to dwell at some length and
\cry beautifully on the reflections appropriate to
the occasion in that aspect . , , , .
The pist year of the history of the church had
been fell ot mercy, and the rich blessings enjoyed
1»t the diocese during that interval afforded much
.uason lortirankfulnues. The causes of coagtatu
lotion in the Church, the life, hope and Joy vouch
*afidbj God to his children, axe like a continu
ous stream, on whose buoyant boeom we are
borne towards a blissful canity; while our griefs •
and Borrows, though sternly and drearily
upon ns at the time, Tire fixed, like the gloomy
«: sties upon the banks of the Bhinc, by which the
t-avtlicrie hurried to see them no more forever.
The then alldhed, in eloquent and af
fecting terms to the death of the Bishop of Ten
aeetc. It express:*! the thankfulness of the writ
er, that In the hi etc *7 of the American Ep'scopany
riiuch Is acknowledged and perpetuated of the
_word ard erairplc of its dead bishops. The re
cords of the church are full of their renown and
us annals are illustrated by their labors.
High on the list of American Bishops, we may
«ell mark the late Bishop of Tennessee,
iilike in physical'frame, mind, heart, and the de
velopment of the gentle graces. Touching upon the
many noble qnalith s of the venerable deceased
the discourse went on to say that among fee last
octeofthc Bishop, performed when he was too
weak to sit up, was the confirmation of a gentleman
connected with the army, who now in tho hoar of
dancer and trial, sought those religions consola
tions. which in days of prosperity he had Mlest
cd. The certificate was signed by the Bishops
own hand as of “the Protestant Epis
copal Church of the United. States of
America," indicating that the - writers
rtlll clung to a hope of tho restoration of the
Union The address also eloquently alluded to
the late Her. Clement C. Moore, the ** poet lau
reate of Santa Clans," the son of a former bishop,
and an Intimate friend of the writer. The cir
cumstances of the country, in their relation to re
ligion and the church, were then passed in review
The "address, painting In vivid colors the clouds
v.bich now lie so black and frowning in the na
tional sky, expressed the confluence of the writer
In the disappearance of tho storm and the return
of an ultimate prosperity. But the difficulty is
that the seeds oi our present calamity were en
gendered In the corruption of our past prosperity.
Prosperity had hitherto bcch too much for us,
and onr present calamities considered as the
m'nnßOfcivincchafetisomcnt seemed to bo pro
ductive of no moral fruits. Tho war Is accepted,
the personal spd pecuniary dangers ftn d sacrifices
which it demands are met and endured, not as
niovldcntal discipline, but as a social necessity,
infidelity I* diffoelos tteclf thronrtoet Mdely.
The address exhibited, at considerable h-nqlli, the
irreiictous tendencies of the times, and the dls-
effect upon eof icty produced by the civil
ifarlaiid remarked, tint In eneb a comhtipo of
tiiirgs there must of necessity be much of trial for
0 ThS tetma of the rn'nleterl.l offlea Is more on
critaio. Sa'aties are diminished. t\ew tests of
opinion arc applied to the clergyman onUlde oL
and lidepeaocnt of the testa of religious tenth,
Alter pointing out some of the considerations
which should sustain the profession In this its
hour of trial, the addres* noticed some of the
fl2 eminent chamteriatica In the popular and world-
T n ligion of the day; tof.e faa that ability to
draw bouses was the great qualUfcattoo demanded
in a clernyiLfta— to tue tenarccy exhibited by the
city to dUtt-gard UiUr contract obligations wltn
the clergy—to the multitudinous mt-aue resorted
to for raising money forpr.fcescdly rellgloqs par
poses, the excursions, the pien'es, the bazaars, to
the manlftttaUon of the begging spirit undsr
these and eucb as these iogenioosly devised forms,
to an extent amounting even to extortion—and af
ter holding np these practices to severe animad
version, drew an eloquent parallel between world
ly and Christian expediency.
- Alluding to hts diocesan visitations, the Bishop
rtmarkid, that while they occupied a field as large
or larger than usual, the time devoted to them
had necessarily been more limited, and gave the
reasons for this fact.
• While on the subject of local preparation for
diocesan visitations, he remarked, that every
parish with any. life would furnish every
year pci tons to be continued, provided the minis
ter performed his duty, and be passed from this
subjection view of the labored the Diocesan du
ring the past y< ar. He spoke of the last session
of the Triennial Convention, and of the effect pro
duced upon the minds of its members by the cir
cumstances surrounding their grow
ing out of the political condition, contrasted’with
those under which they had met three years before.
The address spoke with disapprobation of the
course pursued by the Convention In the publica
tion of the famous “pastoral letter.” On Easter
Day, in his own church, the Bishop had. confirmed
thirty-eight persons, and administered the sacra
mu>t to over two hundred communicants.
The importance of a vigorous prosecution of
religions effoit amoigtbe Scandinavians of this
city, and of giving support and encouragement to
the Scandinavian churches, was instated ou.
The address alluded to the circumstances alien
dii g the trial and acquittal of the Her S. W. Ha
gar, which look place at Joliet. At ono time an
effort was made to obtain an injunction, by way
or stayixg the proceedings This attempt to in
ti rfere with the authority of the church the Bish
op was determined to oppose, and employed for
that purpose the Hon. A. W. Arrington. The ar
gument made by counsel on the point at issue, In
\ Giving so much of the discipline and liberty of
every religious community, is of the highest char
acter, end it is the hope and desire of the writer
that it should be published for tho edifica
tion of the church. A determination to lay
the corner-stone of a. new church at
Pern with Masonic honors, of which the rector of
that church as well as the Bishop disapproved,
lead to the resignation of Eev. Mr. Allen with the
Bishop's approbation, and that church is now
w Itlont a rector. The laying of the corner stone
ofa new church at Hyde Park had been attended
i>y difficulties ofa similar nature, but the trustees
had since acknowledged their error, and that
question was now happily adjusted.
At the close of the address the Convention took
a recess. At 8 o'clock it again assembled, when
first in the order of bdslicss was read the Treas
urer's report.
The Treasurer remarked after reading tho re
port that this was the first year in tho history of
the diocese in which the Bishop had received bU
full salary of $2,000, which the Diocese badcou
tmcUdiopayhim. He also added a remark on
the needy condition of the missionary fund.
A report was then made by the Committee on
Privilege, on the claims of tho contesting dele
gates from the Cburchgof St. At-ssjarlus, in sub
trance that tho claims of the parties were so con
flicting that, they recommended that Mr. Ander
on hold his scat as the sole delegate from that
church in the Convention. This report of the
Committee was, after some debate, received, and
the committee discharged.
On motion, 820 copies of tho Journal were or
dered to be printed, instead 0f.750 as heretofore.
A resolution was adopt* d thanking the citizens
of Chicago for their hospitality, as well as divers
jadroads for conrtet-les. *
Also a resolution thanking the Ttev. John Wil
kinson for his long-continued services as Sscre
taiy. '■
Amotion that a salary of SSO annually bo pali
to the Secretary, was lost.
A motion was made and carried to refer so
much of the Bishop's address as relates to Sun
day Schools, to a Committee of three clergymen
and two laymen, to report at the next Conven
tion, with refert.ee to the relations of the Sunday
School system to families and the church.
The tellers then announced the vote on the
standing committee with the following result:
"Clerical—Rev I. N. Bzkxdict,
Bcv.Cukton Looks, .. V •
.. S 19.50
.. 2SIGO
.. 50 50
.. 235.00
... aio
.. 17.63
.. 40 OJ
.. 833 00
.. 59 47
.. 53600
.. 53.63
.. 21.00
.. 4.74
.. 123*00
.. ISt.Oi
.. 361.31
.. 69.1*5
.. 17112
19 AO
.. 17.40
.. 69.00
.. 50.00
6 00
~ 50 00
.. 2213
.. 1,058.80
* 30 00
.. 6919
.. 117.60
7 00
. 5935
.. 1000
.. 18.75
... 9150
... 695
... 1850
... ISO
... 20 61
... 23189
Rtv. 1.. P. CnovKE,
Lay—N. B Kxudxb, St James Church.
L. B. Ons, Trinity Cnnrefa,
F. A. Butan, St-Johns Church.
The tellers reported that the choice of the Con
vention for delegates to the National Convention
hud fallen upon Dr. Samuel Chace. Dr. Q D. Cum
mine. Dr. IT. N. Strong, and Bev. Wm. H Roberts
of the clcrjv, and Hon S H- Treat, Hon. 8.8,
Seivont.6. 0 Judd, Esq .and George Green, Esq., i
of the city. The present incumbents were tmani- 1
mously re-elected to the trusteeship without the
formality of a ballot.
The Committee on Legislation, to whom bid
been referred the- proposed amendments ot the
canons, reported in favor of referring the whole
matter to the decision of the next Convention. .
After some debate, the whole matter was laid
on the tabic by a vote qf 40 to 16, followed, bow.
ever, by a notice from Mr. Clarkson that his
, amendment would, at the next Convention, be
called up ecaln.
Bev. Dr. Blthop made a motion to pay the ex
pt nsts interred by the assessors who eat on the
trial of lie Bev, E. out of the contin
gent fund. Carried.
Bev. Mr. Smitbctt presented an account against
the diocese, in behalf of the Bev. E.W. Higar,
for expenses incurred in his defence. Theaeeount
amounttd to a fow dollars over $3,400, Including
$2,C60 in counsel fees. This last item was struck
out at the suggestion of Mr. H-mar's counsel, who
weie present, and the account then stood at some
thing overJNo?, which was referred to the Com
mittee on Finance.
.« tKO'l
.. 16 00
.. 13.00
.. 12.00
.. 873 40
.. 800
.. 25,39
.. 40-00
.. *790
... BS.GO
.. 105.00
.. 16.00
... 00.67
... 2403
... 24.00
... 10.00
... 2LOO
... 18.50
... 25.00
. . 10 00
The Convention voted to print the argument of
Bon. A. B. Arrington, and tne decision of Judge
Wilson, in the injunction case already alluded to.
After the usual religious exercises, and a most
eloquent valedictory by Bishop Whltehouse, the.
Convention adjourned tin die.
Djsabteb— Excavation.
—A sudden squall swept across the Lake on
Wednesday afternoon, at three o'clock, striking
a large bark just as she was roandiug the bar
end for a while he was uncomfortably close to
The dredges and barges of Messrs. Fox &
Howard, engaged in dredging oat the North Chan*
nd, were made the recipients of the combined fa
vote of Boreas and Neptune. The squall came
down so suddenly that before the dredges could be
secured by the tug In attendance, one of them was
sank and another badly damaged. Three other
dredges and a large number of scows wire fora
lime in great jeopardy. The'tugs Constitution,
Little Giant and Fannie Stafford, came to the
n ecue, and rendered efficient services, and bat for
their aid much property would have been lost*
Notwithstanding the very bad weather, the con*
tractors have already achieved splendid results.
The actual measurement of sand and earth to he
excavated, it will be remembered, was 45, a OO
cubic yards, though from the falling la of the saad
it was estimated that at least 00,000 cubic yards
would hare to be removed. Of that amount 80,000
yards have been excavated, and there is already a
channel of 100 feet in width, which will admit ves.
r-fcla drawing not over thirteen fact of water. Two
weeks of continued good weather would be suffi
cient to see the completion of the dredging.
Pebsokal.— Gen. James H Lane, IT. S.
Senator from Kansa?, is at tbe Trcmont House.
He is ex route for Washington, whither he goes to
bring about measures calculated to prevent such
deeds as were latclypeipetrated at Lawrence and
on the border. .
—Hon. E. B. Washburne Is at the Sherman
House, aleoVn route for Washington. .
—Gov. Salomon, of Wisconsin, and Brig. Gen.
Salomon, his brother, who recently distinguished
himself at Helena, are at tho Sherman.
—Brig. Gcn.J. J). Webster, of Gen. Grant's
Army, is in the city, spending a few days with his
family. Gen. Webster Is one of the most merito
rious officers in the service. Modest, unassuming
and painstaking, whatever be undertakes is al
ways well done. For nearly a year he has had en
tire charge of the military railroads in General
Grant's Department, and it la not too much to say
that never, cvcif in times of peace, have they been
more cxcellcnllymanaged.
Signor A. JjLctainendi and family, and Sig
nor Rodrigo Ponce de Leon and lady, from Ha
vana, are at the Sherman House.
McYicker’s Theatre.—Mr. Hackett •will
present for his benefit this evening Macklin’s
great comedy of 44 The Han of the World, or a
bint to Politicians,* 1 written over, one hundred
yi ars ago, yet containing sentiments wonderfully
applicable to the present day. Hr. Hackett will
also appear as Mods. Mallet in a sketch written by
himself, while the entertainment of the evening
will conclude with a cotbicpsntomime, in which
Jennie Eight and Amy Stone will appear to ad
vantage. This is a bin of attraction which win
certainly fill the theatre. At tbe Matinee to-mor
row wc are to have the burlesque of Mazeppa and
the comic pantomime. The Matinees at MeYlck
cr's have become quite fashionable, and a large
andlenceofladiesand children attend them every
Saturday afternoon. On Monday we are to have
“ The Merry Wives of Windsor,* 1
To Millebs; —We call attention to the ad
vertisement of " A FWiiring Hill F<Jt Sale.” It is
eitnated in a thriving, prosperous farming comma-'
nity. The waterpower is steady and ample, and
is not liable to be affected by freshets, being a part
of the stream that connects Crystal Lake with Fox
Elver. It has a good run of eastern work, as Ho*
Henry county is a fine wheat-producing region.
To those who would like such a property we have
no doubt that it will prove a most desirable invest
ment g .
Becoeders’ following is the
ccord In the Becorder’a Court yesterday: Chan
eery.—Burbank vs. Burbank—Proof beard, and de
cnee ordered. Criminal Law.—People vs. Gaylord
-Jury ca’lod and discharged. People vs." Fuller
and Aldridge—Larceny. not guilty as to
Fuller, and two years In the Penitentiary for Al
dxUgc. People vs. Trager—Larceny. JorytriaL
TOdict, not guilty. People vs. HiebeUen and
VUiCfitaen—Biot. Plea of not guilty for each de
One op the Lost on the Tog S V. B.
Watson.—'Thomas Hard castle, of this city, resld
lr g on the corner of Curtis and West Lake streets,
believes that the boy who was lost by tho running
down of the tug 8. V. B. Watson, In Chicago har
bor, cn Monday evening, was his son, William
Hardcastle. Ur. D. is anxious to find the two
boys of the tug who were saved. In order to get
from them all possible Information In regard to
bis missing son. ,
The Betnold’a Lewis Istbroolip.—We
I earn that the Grand Jury of the Bccorder'e Court
have refused to indict Dr. Beynolde, and that'he has
been discharged from his recognizance. This
makes three times that this charge of larceny as
baQce has been examined; twice by tbo Grand
Jury, and once by Justice De Wolf. The Grand
Jury both before and ascr the Justice required
bail refused to find a bill. The. mistake was In
bolding to bail at alb . •*
Fatal Accident. —On Wednesday, night,
jffter dark, an old man named John Preach, and
acothcr m 8" named Chas.Fosman t both
started for Summit. Driving along Blue Island
avenue, near the city limits, they lamed out of
tho-roadtoallowajoadofhaytopaee, when thq
wagon “ fclewed” around Into a deep ditch, throw
ing the men out and fragging both horses In
upon them. Fosman dug his way out, and tried
to extract Prosch, but in vain. He then wont for
help—the scoundrel who drove the load of hay
haring passed on without offering any assistance
—and, finding a roan, succeeded in getting Proach
out, but be was quite dead.' Coroner' Schmidt
held an inquest upon the body yesterday morning,
and thejuryTound a verdict of accidental death. ■
Prop. Fort’s Young Ladies’ Collegiate
i Ixk n utb.—Wo learn that the opening of this In
stitution Is deferred until the first Monday iu Jan
uary, 38G4. Tho difficulty in obtaining a suitable
coifice for its accommodation, and the necessary
dtlay in completing another, are the causes of this
postponement Some of our most prominent cit
izens are now providing means for the erection of
a handsome and commodious building, and the In
tercet manifested and''the energy put forth give
promise of early and large success. This move
ment, originating wiUrthe friends of Prpfc Fory.
is complimentary to him as an con
fidence, and creditable to them, andangurs well
for the proposed Institute.
Bail Fixed fob Chaelet - Notes and His
Beotder.—The St Louis Democrat of Wednes
day rays: u Judge Clover yesterday fixed the
amount of bail to be required for the appearance
'of Charles and Friend Noyes,, to answer to the
charge of burglaryand larceny. Each will receive
liberty on giving bond and adequate security in
the sum of SB,OOO.
Ladies’ Wae Committee Booms —A large
number of garments for the destitute families of
contrabands at Corinth, are being made np at the
War Committee Booms, at the earnest solicita
tion of the Commander of the Post. The suffer
ings of these poor creatures are indescribable.
Will not our kind and patriotic ladles turnout
in masse to assist In this humane effort ?
Almost a Fatal Accident.—A German
soap peddlar was yesterday backed olf the dock
near Adame’ Mill on South Water street, *nto the
river, with his horse, wagon, and a small boy who
was sitting In the wagon with him. Through the
exertions of S. Smalo, the man, boy anid horse
were recovered.
3£msr Pnramuci?.—The following dispatch u
Jnst received at tbe Grover & Baker Sen-log Mu*
chine office in this city:
.Doßuqxrz, lowa, Sept 17,1663.
To Gnovzn & Bakbipß. M. Co., Chicago, HI.
TVe hare received two flrefc premiums at -the
lowa Slate Fair.
P. W. Ludlow, Agent
All Aboard fob Chicago.—-Tho last ex
cnrelon to this city, for tho season, from Belvi
vidcre, will come off to day, leaving that city at
seven o'clock. .
Engaged. —Rov. J. Morgan Smith, of this
city, has been engaged by the Congregational So
ciety of Grand Eaplds, to minister to them during
the next six months.
TJ. L. A.—An adjourned meeting of tho
County Council will be held to-day at 2 p. to.
Arrivals at tbo Soldiers) Some,
The following are the arrivals at the Soldiers
Home since out last issue:
£ N. Peterson. H. 4th Minn.; C. J. Dahln, D,
UhMlcn,; L. J Palmer, 11, IStuHI.; J. Borgumln,
D, J.BlradK-y. B, 124 th III.; 11. ,B,
3d Mich. Cav.- A. Kourd, L, 3d Mich. Cav.; L. L.
Walker, let Minn. Battery; M. P. Darkness,
A. T.'d Ohio; F. W. Shaw, C, 4th Mlun;
E. Moo, A, 72d Ohio; Pan! H. Balger, F, 33d Wia.:
Y. K. PeUreon, H, 3d Minn ; R. Bally. K, 22d
Mliii*.; F. Snlhcre, K, ISthWls.; C. £ Marshall,
K, Ist wia.; C. Colscn, B, 165tb N. T.; Wm. C.
( asrtlt, C.tilh Reg.; H. H. Black, B, 12th 111.;
B. Bun ett, 0,14 th Wls.; Wm. Burnett, G, 14th
Wl?.: R McCelvev, G, 14th Wis.; E Scott, O,
14th Wis ; P.Nelson, 0.14 th Wis; E. Stsce, O,
nth Wia; T.*Lermon,E,gth Wia; S. Abey, B,
15th HL
Burnett’** Flavoring: Extracts.
Firm Avenue Hotel, N. Y., Aug. 4, ISC2.
Mcssie. Jos. Barnett & Co., Boston:
Gestlxnen : Wc hero naed your extracts for
several years and regard them the In {Af
woaUl, Very truly yoora, •
Hitchcock, darling & Co.
Tlic above is the expression of all popular hotels
and caterers. « scl7-4t
Caction.— Tbc public are hereby cautioned
not to cash a check for $l4O, drawn by Siller ft Co ,
to the order of Wm B. Akers, on Solomon Starges’
Sons, the same having bceu fraudulently ootained,
and Us payment at the hank £ topped.
Siller & Co.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
Referring to the above. I with to make a state*
n ent of facts. I bought, through my broker, Mr.
John Shephard, of Mr. C. W. Andrews, Sept. Btb,
I£®», 6.100 bushels of corn in "good corn boasts,
deliverable at ftlier’s option this month, at 64
cade. On StpL 15th, I ordered saldbrokerto
sell. Bcthongntbesttohold. On the ICth, I or
dtred him to sill at the best price be could get.
Be sold the contract or ticket to Siller & Co. at 57
cents. In the settlement, I offered SUlcr & Co.
$lO, to make the difference ({lsOl cash They con
sented, and gave me their check, payable to my'
own ordenior $l4O, which was cashed at Preston,
Willard iK- aiTa. The check was drawn on Solo
mon Stnrgcs’ Sons. These arc the facts, and this
the way the check was ** fraudulently obtained.”
Wo, B. AKEC3.
X3T" What the Bon J. O. Nixon, editor and pro-
Smtor of the New Orleans Cramnt, says of Or.
ames, form erly of James* Hospital, Cuetomßonic
street. New Oilcans, La. (established Iti 1859), and
now of this city, and permanently located at 86
Randolph street, between State and Dearborn
Dr. James.—Of all the medical practitioners
who have chosen a special clast of human ailments
for their study, we know of no one who hoa been
n-ore uniformly successful, or who has become
more justly celebrated, than Dr. James, whose
apartments ore at So. 82, Custom House street.
Years ago, with a full practical knowledge of medi
cine in general, he singled oat one of these hydras
of human infirmity which general practitioners so
rarely cope with successfully, and, by assidaons
study, n persevering research Into tne remotest
penetralia of the particular branch of his science,
»nd the most-careful and extended practice, be
made himself the Hercules of the hydra, and thou
sands of both sexes, in all parts of the world, now
know him or remember bun with the slncSrest
gratitude; lor Dr. James’celebrity Is not confined
to New Orleans, or Louisiana, or the United
•States, but exists throughout Europe. As a gen
end thing, he Is infallible, and those why may
cume within the range of his treatment may call
upon him tot only with the hope, but the assu
rance, of being restored to health and happiness;
—A'eic Oilean* Cre.-ceiii,Hatch ß,lSsS
Dr. James, specialist in the treatment of diseases
of tk£ blood aid skin, cures them without resort*
ikg to mcrcuryiiodide po’assla, or arsenic, oPany
poisonous drugs—but with a neutralizer, the same
as need in his New Orleans practice for fifty year?,
and which gained him the world-wide reputation.
Dr. James cores nervous aid general debility,
aid organic weakness, brongbt on by excess, too
close application to business, or entailed heredita
rily, causing loss of memory, general prostration,
&c.. with all Its deplorable train o/ symptoms
trtated and radically cured, by an infauiotemelnoa,
asvtne both time and expenses. . , r
Dr. James’s office and parlors arc at So Randolph
street-- Office open from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m., Son-,
days exetpted, when open in forenoon.
Consultations confidential.
Barnett's Florimal Is an exquisite
handkerchief perfume. Whatever Dr. Barnett
makes le the best of its kind. His famous Coo
oluc, for the hair, and. Flavoring Extracts saetain
that tepDtatlon For eale by druggists, grocers
and country dealers. scpl7-4t
igr Nervous Diseases and Physical DebQity,
amdne from Specific causes, In botn sexes—new
and reliable treatment, In reports of the Howard
Association—sent in sealed letter envelope free of
ebarge. Address, Dr. J. Skillm Houghton, How
ard Association, No. S South Ninth street Phila
delphia, Fa- an2l-8m
Go to the Best—Go to Bbtakt & Stratton's
CmcAcp-CoaafEnczAL College, to get ft tkorougn
practical hnslness'cdncatloa For circulars ad
dress (enclosing stamps) Brtast & Stratton,
Chicago, Illinois. _______
■ J»“P.E Rigby, S3 Randolph street, le selling
Paper Hangings and Window bhades at New York
prices at wholesale and retail. The trade sopplled
on theznost liberaltenns aeg 16 4w
Thupsdat KvxNISO. Sept. 17, ISO.
Most of tbe bankers report an active demand for
money with ample ability to meet it.' The range of
discounts as heretofore la 7010 per cent, the lower by
only one or two houses, for large parcels payable In
New York.
New York exchange is working closer, Tbe low
rates have invited u heavy demand from our country
banks who wish to place funds In New York.
As yet ttistomen are supplied at H, but outsiders are
charged I-BQX. The usual buying price lspar.bat
some houses were glad to keep up a' supply by paying
a small fraction above.- .;
The rates for gold In New York are reported hv pri
vate dispatches as follows: 132HM32V.ia3.1525.13X
The range here was 1810182.
Hirer 120®IS. Treasury notes are plenty. The*
selllrg price is nominal at Jf -
Boyd, hanker, No. S3 Clark street, advertises to pay
20 pet cent, premium for tho coupons of the 5-20 Donds
dicNov.f; that is forty days before they are doe.
This Is but another Index to the desirableness of this
favorite security.
At Milwaukee.—The money market at Milwaukee
presents nothing new. Currency Is gettlngfcloso while
exchange continues at a decided discount, with ablA
end bnslncss doing in short loans at 7 per cent.
At Cikciksati.—Government .paper rules
Exchange firm with a good demand at par buying and
& pr m. selling. There Is a moderate demand far
ttoney with an easy market at 6®3 per cent.
At prirr- * TiyT - I * tTT * ~Monev continues plenty at
••©C per cent; call loans among first class parties gen
erally ruling at 5.
At St. Louis.—The Democrat says: “TTe hear of a
decided improvement In real property lit this city,
-with a good many large transactions from day to day-
A party who has been selling city property during the
part week or so, Informs us that he has obtained bet-'"
ter prices t h * n were paid last winter and spring, wh'ea
tic price of gold was at Its highest” New Tork ox
change is steady and firm at ([email protected] per thousand
Premium for large amounts and |2.<o per thousand
to ii per cent, fot small sums.
ftnutDELTDIA Basil Btatdieit.-llio weekly
rtaument of the rMWdpUa tanks presents tto fo I
lowing aggregates:
f|| E
OrintSims"".— SW 33 Dcc - 81 - OT
wwyao .-7.ca.tso
NswTolk Bass Btatekest,—The following Is a
• emparettve statement of tho condition of the banks
ofNew Tork city; . .
Snedel"'!.... SR9§T2 * R» c, J £?2
Circulation.... 8?58J39 5,45fi.M6 Dec. 2,773
Depcsiu... ...
The K.T. National Bake.—The subscription of
(S.CPC.OOO to the new N. T. National Bank has been
•completed and the books are closed, > .
Cubeekoy.—TheN.T.Tribune says: “Currencyls
scarce. Thompson Brothers are buying NewTork
Eiate; Pennsylvania, Ohio State Bank and Indiana
EtatcßankatKpercent.dlßcount. .
Death or a Bake Cashtcb .—Nathaniel Smith, Cash,
lerot the Boger’WOliams Bank, Providence, R. X.,
from ISI6 to ISM died a few days since.
Bakes tnmsn the National Law.—The stockhold
ers of the Springfield (Moss.) bank, at their adjourned
meeting on the Btb Inst., voted unanimously to sdrreu
dcr tbeir charter and reorganize under the National
Banking Law, the details of the change being left foy
tie Director* to carry out. •'
—The first National Bank of Bath, (Me.) commented
operations at No. 8 Bank .Block, on. Bept Ist. This
Bank la the first of the kind la Maine. The officers
chosen are *s follows: Oliver Moses, President; Wm.
D. Unfsenden, Cashier: Directors-Oliver Moses.
James D. Bobinson, Wm. Ethers. Charles T.Mlartt,
Henry W.Swantoa.'
-Thecapltalhtsof Grcascdom are abontfstabllah
li.E a Lank at Oil City, under the National flanking
B/.xk DittoESD3.—The Merchants* Bank, of Nor
wich, Ct. liasccclaredadlvldeod of 49- cent., free of
lax, payable Sept. 7lh.
-Tic Grocers* and Producers Bank, of Providence,
has declared a dividend of cent, “(free Of tax)-
payable Sept, 7th.
" —A dividend of threoper coot, (free from Govern-,
went Tax) has been declared, payable to the stock
holders of the Atlas Bank, Providence, R, 1., on or af
ter the 4th Instant.
- ah persons who bold any bills of the Tiverton
Bank (It. I) must deposit the same with the receiver,
on or before the first Cay of December, A. D. 1863,' In
ou!er to beet titled toany dividend that may bo de
clared cut bftho assets Of said Bank.
Bask lytste-Lyman A. Cook bas been chosen
President of tie Woonsocket fells Bank, (R. L,)ln
place of Di. Ezekiel Fordor, deceased.
—G. W. Burbank, C&shlcr of tie Bank of Caledonia '
Vt, has resigned 4 resignation to take effect January
Ist, text. '
Mr, Jodah B. Scott who has been Cashier of the
Csnal Banal Bank, Portland, Me.,ever dace its estab
lishment died In that city on the 7th lust,atthe age
of 62. v •;*
The President anfi Cashier of the Park Bank/lu
New York, have both left that Institution and gone
Into the bublacfs of private banking. .
At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the
Bank of Hartford Co., Ct„ on the Ist lost., the follow
ing gentlemen were chosen directors: Geo. U. Bar
tholomew, D.P. Crosby, Geo. W. Moore, M.M. Merrl
man, C. B. Bowers, P. D. Stillman, S. W. Bobbins, Os
wlttW«rie,P.F. Seymour, C. C. Strong, E. B. Kei-,
Coxnrrxnyxrrs.—The following Is allst of new conn-
Urielta and altered honk notes detected In circulation
vurlng the week ending Sept U, 1963:
14 Government Bank.**—Bills bearing tnia name ore
cirrclallng In Montreal. There is no such bank—they
are dated at^Washington, District of Columbia, and
are rigned’J.Winslow, and Harvey Batten, Presi lout.
T*« aresapposeito UaveorighutellnNow York. *
oiJou Bank, Troy, New York.—ss, very closs Imlta-
U<-n ofgenalne. Ylg. two fenulea rtaallng, ono hold
ing wro&lhovera bust; right end, large 5, five fe
males grouped around it; cog-wheels betweenslgna
totes. Most of the genuine bills in cfrcolatiou are
green tinted, ahi baa a large S each side of the vig
nette. In the genuine there Is a bale and cog-wheels
between the signatures: lathe counterfeit there are
only cog-wheels and a roller.
Hank ol New England, Goolspeed’a Landing, Coon
5a spurious. Vlg., steamboat under headway; por
tralton each end; 5 pasted on upper corners.
The genuine five dollar bills of the New England
Pnnk, dated Januaiy 1.1333, have the initials ABCo.
over the figure 5 on the right band aldeof the bill.
The bills of prior date have no such letters upon
The following table shows tbe earnings ot tbe
Chicago, Alton and St. Louis Railroad for the week
ceding Bept.ls:
1863. 1862.
.16703.32 14.061.81
.809.11.70 19,31127
. 8.153 00 953 73
gu dries....
.50 80 *.02 81,336.37
Gamsa A2fD CmcAOO Dniox Rxn.aoAD.—Kara •
legs of the Galena & Cnlcago Union B. It. Company
for tlio week catling Sept. 15, were:;
Total... ii ..
Increase, 15C3.
>27.28547 141.153 SI >17,167.97 Idc
H ISS 72 11,487.86 Dec
Pa seegers.
Malta. Ac,,
>45.87419 153.3U20 >15,507.01 lac.
New York Stock and Illoucr Market—Sep. 17,
Stocks lower. ‘ *
hi.c.5crip..;...;.;.. i»*jc.*b.i..... ;...i«*
C. A P.:... BBk 1 M.& P duo„ 67
G.& C HMyiP.Ft.WAU...-. BOM
A.ft Til.* 60*
• Monev easy at 0 per cent. Sterling Exchange. Ann
and moderate burincs doing nt 115*0145)4.
---Gold nltboat decided chance, opening at 131 V, ad*
vancing to JSL declining to 132*, and closing Quiet at
132ki%1>2V * •
Covert meat Stocks without desire I change; U S 6s’
1881, coupons,lOCS ; 7-S.Os,lo3*®los*,
C A T....; llOVjErle - ......106*
M. S T.nn. OS 61*
•; £ 4 4 .. .U3k I .136
lienaliv....’..‘.'.'..lioxi N.V- i:.:
Hurt.#.. 140 Pac.Man.-.,..... J2W
Erie Pftl 104 I MO. 6a 69*
USCs’Sl.conp I.OC*l
TiIUBSPAT EVXJOKB. Sept. 17.1363.
'lie to'.lcwlng table shows the'receipt#'aad'ship
menu durirg the past twentf-foor hours:
Flour. Wheat. Com. Oats. Rye Brly.
btU. .bu, ■ hu. ho. bn. bn,
take.. .... .... ............
*s66 arau iisa 27375 ‘Sis cs®
It llt it iceo 7700 WM &00 .... 4330
menu. 1950 7900 5350 4200 850 700
Clt A Q1t1L.... 819 BSTJ ISO 6 6563 1353
swiiit .... &Ji icso, ioso sjoo 1050 4970
A&SILRB.... 498 »60 1800 1375
Cln Air Line.... .... 1950 ...,•
Total C 973 71753 335Q7 SOBS 204315765
Grass Live- Beef - High
Boca Wool, u’ttle. Bides we’s
tts. Ko. ss. No. »a,brla.
Canal .... ....
UACT788.... 22870 - 600 gi
I. I UK- 357 ... 13 .... 150
lUCKR ..... 25700 200 1100 8! 80130 60
CB&QEB 1997 ICO 67 650 210
SWRK 7430 20 .... 227
AABtLKR.... 36141 163 10880 50
iln.AlrLme... 20000 ....
ToUl' - 89691 8785 1100 43 ) 47033 460
Flour. Wheat. Cora. Oats. Bye. Barl’y
brls . bo. ho. bn. bo. bn. -
To Ruffsld 1000 32200 12SC0 43K3 .... 19000
To Oswego. 1000
To Oguezuburg 10000 .... ....
To fe-tCatheiluea. 19750 . -4303 ....
ToOther Torts.. ICO . ... 2600 ....
Total 1100 61900 122359 47973 .... 81500
The leading markets to-day were buoyant and active
and prices again ruled higher.
There was an active Inquiry for Flour by shippers
and the market ruled very firm—with sales of 5,700
brl9atW.Cod7.so forTVblte wheat extras: (530 for
lied wheat extras; |1 .500435 for Winter supers; $1 JO
05.62)4 for Spring extras; and $33004.00 for Spring
supers-the market closing firm .with an upward tea
dcncy. The demand for favorite and well-established
brance of choice White winter and Spring extras. Is
particularly brisk. -
The Wheat Market still tends upwards, and wo note
to-day a farther advance In prices of 2c per bushel
aith sales of about 14a,000 bnshels, at $1.09 for No. 1
Bed Indiana; SLOB for No. 1 Red • SLOOK®I.OI for No.
2 Red ; SI.CI for Amber lowa • 833100 for No. 1 Spring;
»S9CC for No. 2
Spring the market closing at ’93®93)4c for No. 1
Corn was very firm bttt less active, ana we n* te sales
of about 10,000 bushels, at [email protected] for Hirer Corn
afloat;*sßK<3sßcforNo 1 Corn in store;
No. 2 Corn in store;, and 56tf®57c for Rejected Com la
store—closing very firm at 53)fc'for No. Ist ore.".,
Oats were qnlet at 470430 for No. 1, and 41045 c for
No. 2ln store. There seems to be uo speculative and
very little shipping demand for them.
Rye advanced Ic—with sales of- No. 1 at C8069c, and
No. 2at 65c- The supply Is light.
The Barley Market to-day advanced Bate per bushel
with coDßiderable*actirlty, at $1*12)4 for No. 1, and
$10001,68 lor No. 2 la store.-
IHghwlnes were more firmly held, bat the transac-
Uoiiswcrctoollghtto establish ah advance. Holders
are asking 47c and buyers are offering 40Hc.
There was abetter Inquiry, for Timothy Seed to-day
and the marketwas a shade higher-with sales at $3.15
@2.20, A small let of good Flax was sold at $240.
Provisions are quiet. To-day, however, a lot of 730
brls Mess Pork, dty-packed (a fhrorlta brand) Changed
hands at $1325, and GO tres conn try Lard at 9*c.
Freights were a shade higher today, bat not very
active—the engagements being light at6c for Wheat,
Sc for Barley, and 4c for Oats to Buffalo, and lie for
wheatto Ogdensbnrgh.
, The market for Beef Cattle opened this morning
with about 1,200 head at the various yards, and the
- entered sales for the day amonnt to 091 head,--prices
rar glug for medium shipping grades [email protected] 73, andfor
lufcrtorgradcs $1.7502.60. Good grades are In fair de
mand,‘Sutfor allothers tbe markejis dullaudlnac
tive, excepting at very low figures; In Hogs the re
ceipts for the day amount to 8,785 and the entered sales
t02,W7. The marketwas scarcely so firm or active os'
yesterday; but considering the Increased receipts, to*
gather with advices from New York and other Eastern
markets, showing a redaction of sales, prices were
well maintained, and ranged from $4,7704.00 100 fts* -
The Board'of Trade Inspectors,
By reference to our local columns it will be seen
that the Beard of Trade of this city have determined
to sustain end defend its duly appointed inspectors
In the performance of their duties, and also to defend
an?’individual members of the Boar 1, who maybe
sued for not patr mixing the Mayor’s appointees.
The Hay Crop In the West.
Tt’o Cincinnati Price Snrrent estimates the hay
crop of the West, at only about half in average crop,
TnunsDAT Evening, Sept. 17,1863.
BEEF CATTLE -The weekly market opened this
morning with about 1.200 head of Cattle In tbe various
yards, tbe receipts daring the day amounting-to 423
bcbd,ond consisting of medium and Inferior grades.
There w ere less thkn the usual number of buyers, and
but little disposition was shown , to make speculative
purchases unless for good shipping grades. A toler
erablennmber of sales were, however, made, amount
ing to £Ol head, at prices ranging from $3.40 to $1.73 V ■
We note the following sales;
Rankin sold O’Shea * Co. 16 Cattle, averaging 1,631
bs.ats2 53. .
Miner sold Grcenbanm 15 Cows, averaging 860 its, at
Greenbanm'sold Ruble & Hyman 7 Steers, averaging
,»94tts,at*270. - .
O Slea 4 Co. sold Ruble A Hyman IS Cattle, aver
aging 1419 Bs.aj (3 JO.
AoamssoluMorris aCo. 13 Cattle, averaging 1413
as, at 1812M123 Cattle at. per beat?, (23 03 {2l Cattle
at. per head, (19.00 • 8 Cattle at,per head, (42.00.
Acams sola Hastings 11 Cattle, averaging l/ao as,
on p. t - , •.
Adams sold Hopkins 17 Cattle, averaging 830 fits,
Borland sold Moms A Co. 63 Cattle, averaging 1 |W3
Bs. at (2.6 ft . •
xerrant sold Ware 9 Cattle, averaging 913 fits, at
(135. a •*
David sold Mdclean 10 Cattle, averaging’Sl9 Bs,on
private tenns
Morris sold Crist 27 Cattle, averaging 897 Be, on P-1.
Morris sola Hopklna 95 Cattle, averaging ijBS Bs,
cnp. t.
Hush sold Ruble & Byman 27 Cattle, averaging 1,131
■ Green sold Ruble & Hyman 20 Cattle, averaging 1,040
Bs, at *2 SO. • •
varrell sold Greenbanm S3 Cattle, averaging 1,021
B® at(24o.
Newgass sold Gordon 20 Cattle, averaging 1,100 Bs,
at (8.00. - •
Ruble & Hyman sold Gordon 87 Cattle, averaging
1481 bp, at a SO. '
Adams solo Kahn 16 Cows averaging 9Q89, attars;
l9CaUle,BVcraslnß963Bß,at (2.12K .
Anams sold Green baum 13 Cattle, averaging 1,063 bs,
a ffid sold Mitchell * Co. 21 Cattle, averaging 141“
B?, at (3.1 A .
e cotta Holloway sold Gordon 16 Catte, averaging
1411 Bs, at (2.C5.
Tomlinson sold Ruble A Hyman 17 Steers, averag
ingl.CCsßs, at(2.40 : 15 Cows, averaging 9M Bs, at
sold Ruble A Hyman IB Cattle, averaging
I,sSO BS, at (8.40. . • IL. ••
sola Enwright 20 Cows, averaging 9® Bs, at
A Hyman soli Martin 18 Cattle, averaging
1 CSS BS. at (240.. . -
*ltub e A Hyman sold Mitchell W Cattle, averaging
tombs,-at p.t. ..
Hanna sold Klmla 15 Cattle, averaging I,MO Bs, at
*L&er sold Enwright 24 Cattle, averaging 895 Bs,
fit - P dnway cold Hyman 13 Cattle, averagingl4® Bs, at
sold Hastings 28 Cattle, averaging 813 Bs, at
A Co. sold Morris 4 Co. 19 Cattle, averaging
1 ; ”en soM Monin * Co.U CutUejveraptaqUn
Bs. at (3 25, atyl 10 Cattle, averaging 976 Bs. at (2.35.
Loomis A Ctr. sold Meehan HT Cows, •averaging 897
Bs, at $2.50.
HOGS—The receipts at tho various yards amount,
according to the published returns to 3,735, and the
entered sales to 2.617. The rates of yesterday were
scarcely malalalned, and less disposition wu shown
by shippers topnrehase. ’.Tldsto to bo accounted for
bj the advtcea- from the New York and other Hasten
markets being of a leesriavorable character, and also
from Ue receipts of the wear being so much larger
th*n those of last week. That there Is a fair amount
of confidence amongst dealers Is very clearly shown
by O-e prices which have been realised to-day: as al
though the market was less firm tuanyoster ay, yet
the range of prices for Bogs of an average quality,
with ihe receipts of the past fortnight .ranged from
(4 tc<34.70 V ICO os, showing a decline daring the week
of not more than CSICc. . • .
Wo note the following sales: !. ■
AT & BS -
-S • • * W *4! do 55 206 $483
43 ' 270 435,123 216 420
’sl ' 842 4.50 67 231 p.t.
53 |© 4.10 106 223 4.25
120 ISO 4 00 fill 235 4.80
W 264 4.60 61- 233 4.45
SJ 265 4.601 89 239 4.50
42 2M 4451 60 "2» - 4.50
X 280 - 4.50 45 Z» 4.40
313 2)6 4 251 U 206 pi
50 • 2F3 460 | 96 1W 4.80
108 Sffi 4.35 41 240 4.70
93 42flt« M 3 4.20
V 5 - ffiO - 4.20- 78 179 4 10
45 211 'p.t* 129 213 4 40,
81 2SO 4.20 1 87 20 4 50‘
g ■ 224 p.t. I 96 S3 4.50
SHEEP—Receipts very limited of Iht Sheep, and the
market leas Dm; Fat Sheep range from [email protected] 9
100 Be. Inferior qualities [email protected] 00,
a v-
For the-Week Ending September 15.
[Abridged from the N.T. Tribune,]
Number reported for this market at Forty-fourth
street, 3,708. , . „
. The prices to-day are quoted as follows—. •
Fir.tonality lo &11 (Ordinary -6 ®S
Medium... 8 @ 9KI
Some extra good beeves mar be quoted at only llMc.
The general average of the market at 9c.
The most of the sales range from 7)4 to Me,
Prices per bead and per pound of different weights,
will be found lo accounts of sales of sundry droves.
Total number of beeves received In the city this
bead less than last week, and 2,439 head
. more than the average of last year. The average num
ber at each Wednesday's market Inst year was 4,053
bead, while the number to-day being 3,780, shows 272
head lets than the average, and 4o beau leas than
this day week.
DKEvra moM pifteuzst states.
A. M. Allerton A Co., proprietors of the Washington
Drove* Ifanis, Forty.fourth street, report the cattle In
market from tbe following States: v
.2,331 Michigan..
~ 453 Kentucky.
.. 513 | Indiana...
a nx (moss or tide xauext.
Tcesd at. Sept. 15.—'The market virtually close J yea*
terday. Not that all tho cattle were sold, but because
there were no buyers. Upon footing up, we and a to*
tal supply of 7,000 Bn locks for the week, wnlch is tbe
largest supply over reported. No wonder buyers stay
ed at home tCKJay, ana no wonder that several rem
nants of droves nave to bo fen for another market.
Tne Jews, who have been out of tbe market since last
Friday, are expected here tomorrow, and broker* are
bolclnc several lots for them. Fricesoftbosoldto
dav ore considerably below tbe rates of lost evening,
but there Is a disposition to bold on to them rattier
than sacrifice as much as would be necessary to meet
the views olbuyers.
earns op Illinois beeves.
Teed & "Wheeler, 105 of Erwla’s CK cwt 111. steers
sell slow at B®loc V ft. A lot of the best priceiat
q C \voooruff ACro., 200 of Illinois, Ohio and Now
York stock, sold on their own account, the state stock
at 788 c V lb, tbe Illinois drove bought of Wolf « 11 v
[email protected],ond tae Ohio lot, average 6 cwt, at Sl
ap n» • ICsrood 111 nolssteers from Tceidoro Aileu of
Moiau couilv.sod at9,S®llc;3»ofUißaiioßtigrt
for Donovan at over gICO, buyer says are fall lltfo; 79
lor Qolck A Mscker.
Blmon Uiery 126 of Alexander’s Illinois MeerS, estl
itaud at 7 c*t.;ssUatß>f®lo)4c ¥ lb. ebich is about
tbe ranie rf te as latt wee* opus the sa* e grade.
'Wzl. H. Harris has 00 tf borehard’j Lliaol* steers,
averagestrong 7)i cwt., and sell at [email protected])4CF ft,
nuaVly soed.
Murra & Glover bought 53 Illinois st*ers of lieu
Weamelmer. average 3 cwt. and < ell at 10811 c & Zb.
Jca A. WjUhants.3o cf Ed. Wi]i am’s fair Illia >!s
rte*:s average CJkcwt. and se'<l slow [email protected] Pb;
46 lllto els steers Tor an ucksown owner, average 8
cv»t.aadseliat9}i®llc 1> D.'
Yah A’Fiction. 4-j 111100 s steers, on their own ac
CNunt.iehtaave’sgolOcPfton'iicat • •
Thomas Gf-his 65 D LnoiaSteers w boogkt at Anauj
of James Fartldog: 57 of then very good,average
7Vc«t.,and ieliai9j<®loc V ft,
T C Eastman A Brother, 91 of Israel Dalby’sverr
good Illinois steers, average 1\ cwt, and sell at lop p
lb :80 of tbe topat S9O each; av’ge 10Kc *.ft 1.2 of
Jotl Dolbr. not as good as tbe others, but a nice, illy,
handy selling drove; will average 10c » ft ontlicwt.
Goff and Mclntyre, 70 Illinois ole‘ > rs,bonght of John
son at Albany. Common stock, rather coarse, average
strong 6# cwt, and sell at 8c f* ft. „„ ,
i’lckenng, Dudley A Colwell, 63 JUluols steers, on
t'fir own account, at [email protected]?c.
GlUett A Toffcy.on their own acconnt,6l Illinois
fleers, for Custar A Collin, av. wt. at Dunkirk WKcwt,
estimated 7W net here, and sell at 9)<c p ft; 30 for
same owners.amlxed lot.may averacelWc ¥ ft
Mead A Bloomer,4o of Burcfiard’s Illinois steers, av.
7)4 cwt, good quality,sold at BJ43lo>fc 9 ft.
Hccclpts Ibis week, 13 ICO. Quotations. S3USV V
cmt.,live weight,forcorn-fed Hog**.and £s*®s* for
dletlllery.fce.arc the quotations given bv iJeury D.
Grunt; Superintendent of the market. There-were
about SO car loads In market on Mi>n lay morning.aud
trade opened very tin!! at about Slot », though wc
heard ofeolcfl of email lotsof extra qualify at fie V lb.
.The general run of the hogs arc considered ouly me*
ulnm,or below, though the feeling Is a little belter
t0 GeCTge W. D .nn&n gives the foHowlrg as thd price
of Dogs this week:
Flrrt qualty com ffd large size 6*^svc
Second quality, corn-fed ...........s*@s*c
Fin-t quality, small sizes, hit and prime, for
market butchers.... s*3s*c
Large siz*. still fed. (ht..... s*&svc
Second quality stlllfed
Reports Respecting the Crops,
[Washington DlspatchN.T.Herald, Bept.l6.]
Toe report* In regard to toe condition of the crops
for the month of August, received by the. Bn ean of
Agriculture, snow that the-damage from the earty
List which cctoned near tee close ofthatmoath.
vts net aa great as was gene all r apprehended. Tne
danageto the corn crop In Borne of tte States was
couiiaerable.hn;wlll not av rage, more than one
teith of the growing crop. The carnage to the sore
hum crop Is moch less than was anticipated, and will
net, licm present apoearmee. materially aHect the
picCocttono! this article. It having proved to be more
tardy ard poitessed of grtater recuperative powers
than corn, eorghnm has become a vsry valuable ag
ricuitural product, and Us cultivation under the *tka
tLui given pytha loss th.ough tne rebellion, of the
sti|. ar ai d mola ses 'former y cert »ed from the colU
vstion cf tnosngariunoln Loqislaua. JsrapPly and
wlcely fxtesditg. Tne tobaccocrop has aso been
tcmewbat injured by the early frost la certain dls
°Tbe* tabular mothly statement of the condition of
thLcrijalortLamcittnof Au»ust i§ tntnetondiof
tie printer, and will be ready for dUtrloutlcn la two
' Boston Dry Goods Market.
- Be ston Commercial Bulletin.]
The past week has been coeof great activity la
nearly eve: y dvpa'tment of the dry goods trade, ai«d
tucks lu the Toads of jobbers have been much re
dneed. Neither 1« thc.e say great surplus la the
bancs of sgTits or importers, and a coßttnuaoea ot
ue pmcDt vUm&e ol trace for a week or two
lorper, must ret-dcr nearly all kadv-cf ceslrable
eon s very ecirce- Tr*e wejttru trade especially,
wasrevertol ’feand pro iperous here at any for
mer period. The |whoUsale bouses la that section
b«v« ureacy bt-ogUt very Leely of most eTo ythlDg
in the dry goods tine, and retailer.* o - e
tosppcftrlnforcainthoraarket. and
pie*.atnieiy cod weather cause them to bo esg-r*
purcbkteis.-a&d lull prices have been realized for
Duricg tee fint cf tie week there was a heavy but
sersdo rg in Cotton goods acd prices are very firm
a 0 letdujpupva’ds. Oottowards the close thof-tll
it gold rather checked operations, prices re
nma romlDS'ly .unchaa-ed. Bolden are by no
iL*sm anxious to a«U, ana will probably subeil t> no
reduction at prese-.t,howevrr eola may flnetotte. as
KlktheopUlon cf tha shrewao,Cuperaton that cot
tec ÜbrlCaSsTStgo still higher. There la no qac.table
vMiatlos from last week in plain, twi.led or pnatel
cottons. American De Lsloes continue firm at 260
27* c, v lih considerable etTes.
. Toe woolen g<x>dsmarket continues steady wl'h a
• getd demand Tor all staple anlc'es. Fancy Ctssl
litres are vtry active. es;eclally the finer. b!?b
prlced trtdcsof parplc ana drab.wrlcbseU at >2®
$2-29. The rates for these are no 7 so extravagant as
earl; In tbeseason.bnt rule about the rami asUst
year. Army Kerseys are dull. Satinets aud Union
Cloths moderately-sctlvo Heavy Costings and
Clcsklrgs in steadily Inmea lag dan: aud both for the
n-tail aid clothing, trade. Shawls are nuhingoir as
(&.-t 88 received from the manufacturers, a-d tae sales
» e close up to the production Tto trade in F.au
.celscontirocaactive.atdthcreh*s latelyspruag up
» drnacd Blank-1* wblcb, jrom the scarcity of
goons, jobbers find it difficult to meek
Floor and Grain Markets by Mail.
Pinladzlfbia—Sept. 15.—Holden of Floor are
fieeseUeis.-and the market Is steady, bnt du lat ore
vl< us quotations, with sales of 80 , WO brls. In lots,
it cs'ly old stock extra family, atss. : o? btl iacludlag
late ms do and frtsh ground no at $5.7505 25, tbe tat
ter for pood Ohio. Toe s>lcs to the trade range at
St 7505.25 for superfine: *505*50 for extras; 15.75®
e.75Kr extra Ibmlly,and STQS ¥ brlfor fane? brands,
se to quality and uetbneis with a limited badness
doing both/or shipment at d home use. Rye “Tour la
rcarceand firm, with small re:e!pts, and sales at $>
¥ brl.
Boston FtotJß Maukst—Sept. 14.—There l«t an Im
proved demand loi Funr, without,however, any ma
terial variation la prices. Jobbsnand ret Jlars have
pmistcatlybed off for the lowest range, Ul their
stocks are entirely exhausted and have lately been
compel ed to enter the malet and operate quite
freely, lie cal! for the ccast*lso and Provincial
trade contlnnts good and there Is quite a scarcity
stnrd extres. and other fresh ground icWg.adea salt
able lor sh'pplvg, and wnlch are eagerly tasen. as fast
aatLeyanlve. This scarcity Is caused-by extensive
scouring,endcou<questrej*cil-not large quantities
In store which have been lelnspectnd. Tne higher
xrsdfs are in abundant but net so actlre.
The receipts continue lair, ri-.oegbsomsahat short of
the current demar d: lb?* new wheat, ~Di?h is
Ctw arriving quite freely. Is of superior quality, aau
takes In preference to old. ‘The lollowlag are the
quotable rates: -
Wetltrn snptrflre $4 750»f.25; (unsound da for
maon actPtirg t-nrpos'-s, S , .Si 1 0$5.OO:) common ex
tra, 15 37055 62; fresh ground do 13.62K05 87)4;) me
.d!nm.fC®f6N>: and cbolve. Including at Loaisftvor
)te brands t"@3 75. Fx’ra MlcMf»n Is idling at
$«.5C©720; ci o'ce do, $75038; extra Ohio, saso(>
625; Choice do $703.
Deteoit, Sept. 16.—Received, 5,985 bn wheat, 191 bn
barley, 55 bn oats. Wheat scarce and market firm. No
1 white quick at $1.250137- No lumber Is worth SI.OB
ate 9 A sale of one car at Inside figure. Street rates
gj 5C0120 for white amr SI.COOt CD for amber Corn
hcldotClcby thocarload. street price 62H. Oats In
demand at 50©52 c. Rye steady at 81366 c.
St. Louis, Sept 15.—Flour was buoyant ~bn» the
firlrcs asken were so mnch above w hat they have been
utely that buyers did notitake hold quite as freely as
ti cy oth rwlse would have done- Reported sales of
1,150 brls at-$41034 25 for single extra: ss.oo®spfor
county double extra, and *C.s>¥brl for city double
extra. There was considerable activity In wheat to
day. particularly the finer qualities, and prices were
ftm. but not materially higher. Sales comprised over
4.W0 sacks at 60c for damaged, to SUB per busbelfor
extra choice fall. Small receipts of corn buoyed up
the price to f2fflC2Kc per bushel for mixed lots, with
sales ofi,S26si>B. Oats advanced to 62K065c p« bu.,
with salesof 2Jso*ks. Alot of 150 ska of spring barley
brought 92KC. and 100 fall SI.OO per bushel, exclusive
of sacks, we heard ofno sales of rye.
Clsvelanp. Sqpt. 16.—Received, 5,350 bn wheat,
1.650 bn corn, SJXO bn oats. Wheat—Receipts light
and market better. Sales on Change 1 car cotmnoa
white on track at $1.20; i car Kentucky white oa track
at*l£2-1 tarred on track at $1.07; and 2 cars choice
red do at 81CS. Yesterday afternoon sales of 2,000 tut
red free onboard at $1.06; 10,000 bn from store at $1.06;
l.roo bn do at $1.07; 2,000 bn red afloat at $105)4. Corn
—Unworn- tendency. Bales 2 cars fob at 70c. Oats -
Sales 1 car on track at 55c; 1 car do at 56c; 2 cars fob
at 57c. R}eheldat7S®73c.
Tokonto Haelxt iMauzzt, Sept. 16.—Barley nn
dement many changes, having been sold at prices
raadne from 81c 89c. Oats are also more plentiful.
Parley Is being rapidly shipped lor Oswego. Ueun.
Miller* Son, are shipping or the Carrier Dove, 6 000
bu, anc Mr. James Nelson ships 10,000 bn by the Mary
Grover. •
. Axbaktßablet Market. Sept, 16.—Barley Is not
lu larcesnpply.bat the market Is dull with but few
buvera on’Change, gales. 7400 buChl«*go on p t,and
50b bn ordinary four-rowed state at (T?. - _
Toledo. Sent. 16—Received, 81,636 bn whea't, 6421
bu corn, 2,757 bu oats. VVTieat-Sates yesterday. after
our report • 14U) bu and-850 bn amber Michigan at
Sill- 1 red at (l 10; 8.000 bu No I red at
|l iis B.OW bu No 2 red at (1W; TOO bn wnite Michigan
at (iJ2 Sales- this forenoon: 1400 bn and 3,000 bn
Nolted at fills 3,000 b0,3.(Ml bu, 4J»obu. 2.000 bu,
and 1400 bu No b red, all at (1.09. Corn—Good Inqui
ry. butfrans actions are limited by firmness of holders
and llebt offerings. Sales; 870 bu No l mixed at ffijjc;
63c Is offered for round lots. Oats-No sales: receipts
aTte mainly for throogh shipment. Rye-No sales;
nominally h)c lor choice.
Mostbeal, Sent. 11—There was a good attendance
on’change, and a slightly better Inqolrrfbr flour for
local purposes as well os for Quebec. Several small
lots were taken at outside rate for Canada superfine,
but the views of some holders of suitable parcels were
above those of buyers. Some parcels of super from
western wheat were taken at (3.9k5l .01K, the former
at the sheds, the latter in store ? and a IJM& brl lot sold
on p t. There were sales of extra at (t.s7>[email protected], and
of nicer at (4JE3. Not much done In lower grades.
Two ealea reported of No 2 super; other descriptions
nominally the same as on Saturday, wheat-no sales
reported this afternoon. Com—no movement to no
SITLWAUKEB, Sept. 16.-Received. 90.5C1 bu wheat,
5452 bn oata. 100 bn barley. 613 bu rye. Close to 100,000
bn changed bauds al 97. 9iK and Stec for No I soring in
store, and 91)f©95 for No 2 in store. Very little of
cither grade sold at the outside figures, and the mar
ket closed at B7Jf for the former, and hi tor the latter.
In store. Oats again advanced [email protected] and were quite
active. Sales amounted to at least 13.000 bn at 47®t3c
for No lln store, closing at the outside figure. Tuero
was no com on the market Barley was also scarce.
Eye sold at 65c on track. .. ■
Philadelphia, Sept W.—ln WbUky there U very
little doing, and (he market Is quiet ats2®SJc for brls,
ano 51c for drudge. .
Baltoobk, Bent 15.—Demand very moderate. Ohio
we quote at 6iasiHc P*r gallon. ~ .
8r Louis. Sept. 10.—Wnlaky was steady and brisk
at 45c per gallon, with salts orßl6 beta.
• St. Louie; Sept. 10.—There was an active market fir
coffees st an anvance. Sales reported of 330 sics Rio
atSC&SIc per B. The bostuess la sugar was higher,
there being none on the tanning. Sales of SO hues of
Xoclstat.B In store st [email protected] V B. Small sales of
plantation molasses on tno landing at 50c per gallon,
with a alow market. Small sales of rice from first
hands atOi'V tt.
Bam djobr Corns Mb bxbt. Sept 15 —The Inquiry
for-lho continues Cilr. but btuluesa is checked hy tno
extreme views of (cl nr«. We row quote common to
prime ouatstv at 2SH®3Cc P B. No stock of other Jcs
crlrtloisl’i first ban *s.
N«rwToek,Sept. 15.-SuOAits—Raw sugars are In
active, hut holders have advance i their quotations fur
fulr to good refining to lOtfaiOtfc, which Is an im
provement oflfUlly Kc Bsi ce Saturday ; k4cs of
fiXibhitsatlOleOllcforCuha: l3Kc for Porto Rico,
ahd 623 boxes Havana *t 9kc. Refined sugars are also
firm, ami prices tend upward. Corr** Is quiet but
•prices are ver* firm; we have only to note a saie of 200
bag* Angortorn on private terms. - -
‘ FnxLAnsLnziA. Sept. tS.—There la a good demand
for clover and timothy seed, and 500 bn of the latter
sold at S3 0083.10 V bo. prime new seed is scarce and
held sells at |[email protected] 9 bn.
Baltzmoc*. Sept. 15.—Grass seeds are In moderate
demons and hela firmly in consequence of the light
stork. Clover we now quote at $6.7537.25.and_tim£
thy at $3.0C®325. Flaxseed is nominal at 1LW93.00 $
- Bt. Loots, Sept 16.—Sale of 100 sks timothy at $2.50
$ bn, including sacks.
NkwYobk, Sept. 15.—The market for eloversged Is
firmer, with sales of old and new at Timo
thy seed Is also firmer and In request at 13.5002 75 t*
bd. Rough fiaxscca 13 firmer and in moderate demand
at gISOS^SOVbu.
CixasNATi—Eept. 16—Tnere has been some In
omuTrt Clover from the Eastern cities, and sales of
old were made at *B. bnt It is generally held at $625.
There Is • pretty large stock of Clover here whteh
waahcid over from Rut season. Sales of new Tiuo
tbv weremadeln the early part of the week at $3.65;
but at the olefe J2.Cc was regarded anout-lde rate.
F.sx is wanted at $1.50. but naidly any arriving he
vohd that contracted to mannlacturersat $1.25.
Government Contract for Beans at St. Louis.
[From the Mo. Democrat, 16th.)
‘ Col. T. J. Haines. Chief Commissary of this De
partment. auaroed the contrfet for supplying the ar
my atNew Orleans, wlthlOO beef caUle for meat dur
log-the months of September, October and November,
to David l:owc,at $2.98 ? 100 ns net, to be dellverei
at St, Louis, and the Government forwarding them to
their declination. No lot of cattle Is to average le-44
thMi 1,050 lbs, and no bollock to weigh leas than 1,000
Si<>. or be uo< er three tears old.
The other Me s were $3 SO. $4 50, $1.73, and $1.93 VIOO
delivrted at New Orleans, and J3.12X, SSJ3, $3.98 ana
SIOO delivered at St. Louis.
Thubsoat Fvendto. Sep‘. 17 18C8
FRElGHTS—turner, but lets active. The en
gagements v ere; To Buffalo—Prop Queen of the
Lakes, with harler. at 5c s brig Canopus, schr Jessie
Anderson, with wheat, at 6c ; prop Plymouth, oats, at
Ic. To OQDBSSDUiiO-Schr Amelia, with wheat, at
lie. *
FLOUR-Received, 5,978 brla; shipped, 1,100 Ufts.
Market deady. Sales ? Winter Exckas-250 brls
“Belleville Star’* an. 1100 hrl* “Nashville City” at $7.50;
100 brls “Alpine ’and ISO brls choice white wlnt r ex
tra at $7 CO; 100 brla “People’s Mllla*’ (Palmyra) at
$C 85; 400 brla “Cream City” at $6.75: 200 brls “Bril
liant - at $7 W)j 500 brls “C-amnlon - * and 25J “Mason’s
X,\X* at $6 50: 300 brls “Nashville Eagle” at $S
brls“Gnies<de" at $0 35; lOu brls Sapcj
latlvo” at $6.25; 300 brls white winter at $6.00; 100 brls
white winter on p. t.; 100 brls “.Jefferson * red winter
at $5.30; SOO brl- “Exo ango’’ do at $5 30. Wisteu
Stti ei.fixe—lCO brls “Main btreet ’at $1.35; 10'J brl*
“City •’ at $t 50. Spriso Extras -100 brls “Pickwick”,
spring extra at 15.«2H: IXO brU “Goodwin's Imperial"*
at $5 00; 100 brls "Moline,” ISO brls “Lockport Hy
draulic, 100 brls "(jraulle,” and 500 brls good sntlnr
exiras-all at $5.00; ll’O brls “Dartlorii” at $1.30; 127
brls “ÜblH Triumph - ’at $1.95; SOO brl* good extra at
$4 bC; UQ brls do at $lB3. Spuixii SUPEH3—O7 QrU
•'Rockford City" at $3.30; 150 brls super at S3XS; 100
brls coon super at SI.W.
Bit AN—ln good demand and firm at #13.5001100.
WIIEAT-Recelvecl,7l,73o bn j shipped, 61,9(10 bo.
Market excited and2c higher. Sales: wlntek—s,ooo
bn Nol lied Indiana (In M. « S.’s) at $109;8o0 ba Nol
Bed in store at $1.05; 400 bn No 2 Red in store at $lO l;
4(0 bn do at $loo)<. Spbivo—Boo bo Amber lowa in
store at fi.Oi; 4XOO bn Nol Spring In store at $1X0:
28.0C0 bn do at 90c; 80X00 bn do at OJWr; lO.Oro bn do at
S6«: 45,000 bn No 2 Spring In store at 96c; 8,000 bo do at
95hc; 3.0C0 bu do at 93c; 400 lm Rejected Spring In
store at fcSr; 4CO bn do at 89c; ICO ba ao at 90c.
By sample: 400 bu Amber lied Winter on track St
$114; 1,0.0 bn Red Winter on track at SI.OO.
CORN—Receivei, 35,317 bn; shipped, 12.’,350 hu.
Market firm, rales: River ax® Canal Coax—S.ooo
bn River High Mixed afloat at 6lc; SXOO bn do at 6ljfc
afloat; 16,« Won do at 60Hc adoat. Corn in store—
-23.W0 bn No 1 Cora in store at 59r; 7,000 bn do at 553fc;
25.* GO bn do at 58Kc; 5,000 bn No 3 Corn In store ec 5Sc;
8.000 bu do at 57& c; 2,200 bu do at 57tfc; 1.200 bu Re
jected Corn in store at 57c; 1,500 ba do*ts6>|c.
Jit temple: 2XOO ba No 2on track at 53)$c
o*ATt£>Kecelved. 50.413 ba*. shipped, b«.
Market very quiet. Sales: 4,000 bn No 1 In store at
• 48c; 4.000 bn do at 47Kc; 1,200 bn do at 47c; 8,500' ha do
adoat at 4£>Kc; 6(0 bn No 2 Oats in store at 45c; 6»X bn
coat 44c. w .
jtVE-Recelved, 2.W3 bn. Market advance I l®2c.
Sales: 4,500 bu Nol iiycln store at 68c; 80J bu ao at
69c; SCO bn No 2 Rye m btore at (sc.
BARLEY—Received, 1^,763ba; shipped,3l,s)oba.
Market active and advanced 50$ c. Sales: 3.C0 on No 1
Bariev in store at $13214:1,500 bn No 2 Barley in store
at $1.(0; 1.000 bn do at si.Csk; 24,000 bn do at $1.05; 400
bu do at $1 01; 400 bn do at $1.08; SOO bn do at $1.01; SCO
jvy sample: SOO bn at 90c delivered; 400 ba at $1.05
AT.COiIOL-Qniet and nominal at 91096%
BKANH-12 bushels fair at $2.00; 18 oashels good
quiet and nominal at
$90(06(12510. Very little arriving. -
BUTTER—In good demand fur shipment and mar
ket Una.. Yi o quote:
Shipping, In firkins 13016 c
Dnfry, in crocks 17013 c
Bales to-cay: 40 firkins at 14cr 02 firkins at ISK-jj 18
flrilnsat 16c; 21 Jars and tubs choice at 13c; 6 Jars at
17e. -
COUNTRY PRODUCK-Eaas—ln good de
mand and finnat ib&llc. Poultry— Chickensln good
soprlv at f1.5C02.10 V doz; Turkeysso6c ¥ a.
• COFFEEfiy—Brisk demand, and prices very firm.
Wt quote; - .
Java ...S3 @39c
Rio. .29 @Slo
CREESE—Market still very firm, and receipts
light, rnccsrule firm withaaupward tendency. We
unote •
Banbiup - 11)4012 C
wcttemßraerve HH ®--
D'lnolsaadWircoiirinNo.l 11*01* e
“ “ No. 2 IXOUJ4 c
“ “ ‘ N0.3 „ ... 8010 C
FlSH—lake Ashore In good demand, and owing
to the small stocks on band prices are very firm, with
an upward tendency. We quote: ' ’
«Nol Whlteflah.half brls $5.13)*0&57)4
No 9 ** “
Nol Trent “ 475 @JXO
No 2 Trent ,** A4O ®4.ffl
Codfish. 9 1PQ as 6.25 07.00
No 1 Mackerel, half brls J.w @3.jm
N0.2 do do 6W ®7-W
No, 1 do kits. 2X5 03.50
plrkled Herrings (new) 6.00 06.50
Dried Herring f> box ~<6 0 65
FRUITS—Gbeek APBLE3 are plentiftil and In
goodeemand; prices rule firm at $1.»@2.00 irom com
mon to prime. Peaches—The trade of the day has
been much Impaired by the late arrivals of the boats.
The receipts were heavier ih&ir usual, and owing t >
unfavorable weather and the late hour at which busi
ness commenced, prices have ruled lower—prime
nna Itles b lOng it om 4<>o6Oc per basket. Pears—
Trade brisk, but receipts of really good fruit very lim
ited. Flues are now selling well, and are In good
supply. Grapes—The demand Is Increasing, ana re
ceipts heavier, with a reduction of 1c V is. Cnvx-
EKRuixs - The trade for the season baa scarcely com
menced, ana the receipts are small. Good hemes ore
celling at $7X00340 uer brl. We quote:
Green apples 9 brl $1.35 03.00
Crab Apples, %* basket. __ 50
btedjlng Peacne*.F basket. S 0 40
Ccltivaied no. do 40 0 70
prars (Bartlett’s)....per bu 4.00 0 -LSO
Fears, butter 150 0340 .
Priitc*. 73 a IXS
Grapes,F tt. - , ' 8 Q-lOc
Cranterrles. F brl i.. 7.00 @3OO
FitiieN i’. Dried Apples. 6 a 640
OL-’oatd Michigan Dried. . 0 6X
Ui pa’tdPcaches. ntized. 0 9
PUme halves.'. W 0 10^
Phrtd do 14 a 14
Raleinc—LayeisF box new....... M ... 0 4.73
do sf.lt - do do 0 4XO
Currants. old. none.
co Vtthsw 18)40 17
AimOndS,F D 50ft..... . . 29 0 23 ,
do eo hard.... 14 0 - 15
■ LeTPcns, s>box.... M 13.000
RlDES—Active demand, and prices rule firm, with
an up«ora tendency. We quote:
Dry Flint .17 013
Dry Salted .13X014
GrcenSalted.. 9 0 9H
Green Country IXOIX
Grubby :..X price.
lIIURWINES—Market firmer Imt less active
holders aaki g 47c, buyers offering 4GJ4C. Sales—3s
brls at 47c.
LEATHER—This market is at present veryac*
tlv . and owing to the scarcity of stock, especially
Uppers, prices rule very firm. We nolo an advance
upon yesterday’s quotations on Collar from 19029 c to
20021 c; Upper irom 19020 c to 34025 c; Domestic Elp
Rom GOo9c to 60S5c; and ca Domestic Calf from SIXO
iosllo. We quota:
Hare ess oak ¥ a.uacKc ] FrenchJClp heavy
do hemlock.... [email protected]§cl tollght .IXOOI.BO
Collar F foot 2P®2lc | Spanish Sola hem-
Uppcr “ i 21025 C lock. 30032 c
BildleVn 4ic{Good damaged... 25033 c
Line 410121 SlangbtersTsoak. <aß@J2c
Domestic Calf..,. 1.101 do hemlock.,.. 26034 c
Domestic Kin 65035 c 1 Domes. Oak, Kip. 9001.00
Domes.OakCftlf., 6SO 85 '
LUMBER—On log to the light arrivals of cargoes
but bttie business has been do e. There Is a goo - ae
manu, and prices rale firm. Sales-Car*o schr Carrie
Woocford.Kahud«zeo lumber, mixed gooj,Moores
Mil), 60,000 feet, at $19.25. The following ore the closing
laru qnotat oas for all kinds of lumber, shingles, etc.:
tCiumn—Fust Clear, 91,uc0 ft - $97,000*0.00
Second clear. ** ............. six 035.00
. Third Clear, “ 37.00030X0
stock Boards. [email protected]».(»
Bex or Select Boards 20 [email protected]:4uo
Common Boards;dry. 16. [email protected];.
Common Boards,green. 16 000
Cnll Boards
FirstC»ar Floorirg, rough ; [email protected] ...
Becond Clear Flooring, rough 29 00030.00
Common Flooring, rough. £IOOOS uo
Sidlrg Clear, dressed..,. [email protected]
Second t.1ear...., [email protected]
Second common do 15.00016X0
Lccg Joists... 23.00023C0
Shaved Shingles, A V M. 8.750 4.00
BhAved Shingles, No. 1... 4000.. ..
t’cdar Shingles.... S 500...
Sawed Shingles, A. 4.000 •
Sawed Shingles. No.l, . @3XO
Lath 1000 pcs SXCO. ...
Pests. 9 100 10.00015.00
Pickets. [email protected]
NAVAL STOKES—Demand active, and prices
role Qrm R r Manl la I tope and Tarred Hemp, with on
upward tendency. We quote •
Tar...., «licO<3is.W | Manilla Hope.. 15X316
vu.-h .. 15.00^25.001 Tarred Hemp, 20
OILS-Carbon and Linseed Oils still scarce. Dd>'
manu active andprlces Ann, with an up ward tendency,
Wo quote:
Carton Oil best White
r&ibcn Oil, ic110nr.........
Raw Llcscec Oil.;
Olive ou.bnlt
tv rale OH WB
Elephant 01L.......
Bank on.
Lard Oil, Winter. , 8791.00
MschlreOU 80®30o
Sperm 0n,,,., ...... 3JSO
ONlO«»—Market steady and prices firm at TSd&e.
Pit O VISIONS—Mesa Poiat—7so buds city Mess
Pork at*l32s. Bulk Meats—None oflerluc.-UACO-v
Hams in fair demand at lOKOIOKC for plain.
i.O trcs Country Leaf at 9*c. Cubase—ls trcs White
at 6Hr;SC pkes Brown and Yellow at 7Nc.
POTATOES-Qrlsk demand for prime qualities.
Tiie receipts aie large and prices tolerably firm. We
quote common to prime [email protected] by tbe car load, and 5
© Cc extra In store. , , ,
e*VRUPS—Arc In good demand, and prices rale
very firm, with an upward tendency. We quotes
New York sugar House wtn
N. Y. Syrups [email protected]
Sorghum ..4u9»
Ho. reflneti. gag
New Orleans - ... KSS7
trEEDS—Tutotut- Demand more active a d mar
ket a shade better Sales: £25 bags prime at #270; 175
bags. In lots, at |215. Flax-4 bags gooi at J2lO. _
«SAI*T-*Domestic Finds steady and firm at 82. u
delivered at cars. Foreign Salt Is quiet but held
firmly. We quote: „ ___
DOBUSTXO-Onondaga Fine .**.....13.759 ...
*• ■ Saginaw Fine 3.73® ...
14 Coane 3,*[email protected]
“ Ground Solar. 2.809....
•* Dairy, with sacks.... Ls.®.
*• Dairy, wlthoat sacks “one.
Fobbigh-R. A.TP sack of 210 as 20092.C5
Turk's sack... LSD®
Todat the sales were; JTSjjbrls Michigan and Ouon*
dara Mneat|3Jsdel. * „ .
SUGARS -The market for Raw is very active, and
Prices rule firm, with an upward tendency. Reunel
Sdlsts are Bifid scarce and difficult to get. We quote;
New Orleans 13 ®lS*
Cuba -12 013*
Porto Rico.... 12*013*
A. A Portland 11*011*
N. v. Defined, powdered and granulated 15*915*
White A......
Extra. C.
yellow c u ®u*
SAIiBBATUS -Steady demand. Prices are the
same as last qaotatlcna. we quote:
BaDbltVsiiest...... "
'* Pare «...
Demand's Chemical. -
** Healthy.,,.. Sc
TEAS—There Is & large demand, especially tor
Green Teas. Stock'are, however, very low, and the
supply less than usual. Prices, therefore, role very
firm, with an upward tendency. TVe Quota:
Youna Hyson, common to very tine. .11.1001-50
Gunpowders. „ L10&1S5
Souchongs....*. 8361.05
Oolongs SOOIJO
TOBACCO—Brisk demand and prices rale firm.
ITe cnote at 25®S5c for New York, and BS3SOc tor Con*
neetjent. Illinois dull at 5612 c.
Standard ss, 10sAnd X ft's.,
•• 6a and fancy
Inferior and outside brands...--
Cut-In moderate Inquiry, we quota.
EMoznro. csiwciq,
L .. .TT-... 12c I “Staroftha West’*.....Boo
8 Smoking 13c Pioneer -75 c
s’ M Btno&lnir. 15c I Extra Cavendish -Be*
I em0k1ne..............16c1Prn1rie Pride ......60c
ri Smoking J9c| Sweet.
TAIXOW-Active demand ahd*prlces*nijo very*
Arm. We quote:
Prime City rendered 9*olo. c
Conntrv .., 9*o 9*c
. WOOI*-Moderate demand and receipts* small.
Prices rule Ann. Wo quote:
Medium fleece. ®OKc
Fine «®®2S
WOOD—Brisk demand and prices firm. We quote,
by tbe cargo, Beech $3 00355j Staple |B,OOmSS;
Hickory Delivered—Beech fASOO*.OO; staple
•UOO&O|ffickory 18.00*3.50.
New Tork Markets—Sept. 17
Cotton—Quite firm at 59079 c.
Fiona—More active and 5s higher. S\!e# at 51.903
S.CA for extra state; $3 3303.55 for extra rona* boas
Ohio, and $5.7097.00 for trade branda-closlng firm.
WmstT—Without material change at SOgUMo.
heat active and lc! Igacr. Sd »; 171,000
bu at [email protected]$1 07 f«»r CMcrgo aarlag; V»CV3#II7 for old
c nb; |l uxgtl 2ltor sitter r"d w sis.-u Oora Itu
active act tcsrcc'y #o firm, at T’Wr f «■ a.iltiplag nux
ec * «8»»ro je low Oat»qnjet at 53,571cfar weste.n
ni?-Pp re bum dan asd il/ooplau
Puovirioxs—Pork (inlet oat clo#*d more
active »a<- nrm-" at 112 00 lor o.d mots; CUTS for
lea*ci*: prime: sl3 9 lift
tor sew prime ise» Beef dal. Cat mea'j quiet
and first, Bacoa, aides dill and nominally uscaang
ed. lard a made firmer bat I*B3 active at 10H'9l0kc.
Ct eet e fir m a; lo®l3c for common to pit me.
Boston Hide Market—Sept. Id.
With an Improved demand from the tanneries, and
light receipts, prices are neadllr tending upwards.
Sales of SJOOO Buenos Ayres at Sic; 1400 heavy wet
Balt**a Naw Orleans at 10^ c cash. In Calcutta Hide*,
sales of 35bales slaughter at 23c; SOQ bales Buffalo at
17c cash.
St. I*onla Hay Market—Sept. 16.
Quite firm, wlih sales of 10ft bale# at II «5 eUvercd*:
St oo at SUU; ICOtoos to arrive at SU2X VIOO as, ana
40 bales on prijate terms.
Cincinnaii»llay Mnrkct-Sept. IC.
Prices advanced materially yesterday, and loose
was taken quickly on arrival at $23.00, ana tlgbtprese*
ed at $24.00 per ton. _
ARRIVED -Sept. 17.
Stmr Comet. Morgan-Two Rivers, sundries.
Prop Tonawanda, Langley. Buffalo, sundries.
Pro? Queen of ll.e Lake*,> allows, Buffalo, sundries.
PropJ Barber, Bobbins, St Joseph, 9,000 pkgs peaches.
Prop Hunter, Ulck?on, Sarnia, sundries.
Schrßlno Bell, Pecker, Manitowoc, EUO m shingles.
Schr Enterprise, Peterson, Sheboygan, 89 c<ls wood.
Scbrßero. Levitt, South Haven, 20 m lumber, 130 m
staves .
Schr Sutherland, Thompson, St Joseph. 60 m lumber.
Schr Challenge, Ames, Kalamazoo, 40 m lumber, 230 tn
shingles. . _ ,
Schr Carrie Woodford, Upborn. Kalamazoo, 63 m lam-
Schr Ffchbowk, McMfllen. South Haven.3l cds wood.
Schr ll Greeley, Long, Pier Cove, 45 ccs wood.
Schr S Bates. Cannon. Muskegon, 75 m lumber, 73 m
• lath
Schr U B Habbard, Thompson, Muskegon, 63 m lum
ber, 70 m lath.
Scow Tempest, yewton, Kalamazoo, 40 m lumber, 120
m shingles.' _ , . ,
Scow HironfleUe t Thompson. Kalamazoo, 60 m lumber.
Scow Rowena.Klng, St Joseph, SCO railroad ties,2s cels
Sloop Union, Carr, St Joseph, 67 brls apples, 50 pkgs
Sloop Scandinavian, Holm, St Joseph, 53 pkgs peaches.
- CLEARED Bept. 17.
Stmr Comet, Morgan, Two Rivers, sundries.
Prop Niagara, Mclntosh 3,609 brla Hour.
Prop Avon. Carmichael, Kingston, 13,550 bu wheat, 300
brt* Hour.
Prop lowa. Howard, Buffalo, 17,500 bu barley. 300 brls
Bark Twilight, Vance, Buffalo. 19JT73ba wheat.
Bark Danube, Cotton. Buffalo, 13,t00 bu corn.
Park City of Chicago, Lynn, Baffalo.gl.OTS bu com.
Brig Banner. McElugott, Buffalo, bu com.
Schr David Tod, Ingraham. 8uffa10.18,750 bu corn.
Schr A .1 Well, Craw ford, Buffalo, Y7,6»A bu com.
Scbr S E Hudson, Harvey, Buffalo, 19,075 bn com.
Scbr Storm Spirit, Guilds, Buffalo, li.'dS ba oats.
Scbr Plover, McCormick. Buffalo, 19,150 ba wheat.
Scbr Resolute, Hammond, Buffalo, u&O ba wheat.
Scbr Correspondent. Jeffery. Buffalo, 11,530 ba rye.
Scbr Gallatin, Perrv, Oswego. 31,500 ba corn.
Scbr Tbos Kingaford, Toiuklnson, Oswego, 13,325 ba
Scbr B F Davy.Himt. Colborne.
[Special Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.!
BumaapoaT, Sept. 17.1303.
Monitor, LaSalle, 13,179 tte machinery, 30,733 nts bone
S A Donglas.LaSalle.
M L Adams So 2, Bird's Bridge, 7 m lumber.
Ottawa. Ottawa.
Constitution, Lockport, W m ahluglca, 15 maUluf.
Enlocy, Joliet.
Terror, LaSalle.
Resolute, Athens.
Investigator, Athens,
tv alter Smith. Athens.
H G Loomis, Athena.
. arrived.
Ocean, LaSalle, IS ton cool. -
Monor, Mmooka Landing, 5,500 bn corflT
Vessels Passed' Detroit* .
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Detroit, Sept, 17,1363.
Up—Prop Fountain.; barks Dobbins, Newman: schrs
Logan, SQaH, Hart, Hunter, Mclnnes, Game Cock and
Down—Prop Empire State; barks Sherman ami
Maflsllon * schrs Denmark, Disabled, Mazeppa.
lo ibis city. Sept, ITib. 1663 at the residence of the
bride’* Hither, bj Bev.R. W. PaUerson.D.D., LEWI-*
HDNT.of Jaceavllle. Wis., aidMABl A MiTiIAS,
Daughter et Hn.H.P. Mather ot mis city.
f3T Anhnrn, N. Y., papers please copy,
In tils city, at the Indiana Stroe’. m. E. Cimrch,
Eeptember Kih, by Rev. L H. Bngbee. Mr. ED WARD
W: SPENCER, of Rock Island, and Mbs LUKA J.
C AMINE, of Chicago.
In this city, on Thursday. Sept 10'h at the residence
of ber abler, ars M. H. Ore*n, US Wabash avenue,
Mrs BaraH M. pnu.T.tPd, ox Brooklyn. K. Y.,
aged S3 years.
in this city on Wednesday momlntf Sept, ISth at the
reslder ce or hla ster*f*UivrDr. aaaiof, SI Aa-tmsst..
GEORGE fIIMPSuN, aged 21 years.7 months and 2t
• a rnneral lro*i Dr. Hadley’s residence, on Friday ft a
IStb. at 1 o’clock P, M, Special oala for RoteblU
will receive ail friends of the family, who are respeev
lolly invited.
In the Town of Hyde Park, on the 15'h last., Mrs-
ANNA, wife of Levi BUctwell. agtd 19 years.
lUilatlf BalltoU Ibsa
' Hereafter talus will ieiTP an 1 arrive sS Gtlz&zc..
as followsf
M~»n 5:00 a.m.
Detroit &N. Y. Express *7:30 a. m. *6:30 p. m
flight Express *7:15 p. mp:Boa. n
Homing Expreta *7:80 a. m •Ifclo p. m
flight Express .♦ t7;15 p. m. 17:80 a. jl c
New *7:30 a. rs. *4:80 p. m
Night Express 17:15 p. a. 17:30 a. m.
Sxprcsfl ••’1:30 a. m. *7:lsp. &.
Szpreab tU Adilaa 17:15 p.m. I 7.80 a. c
crscursArn aib lint.
Delon Depot West Side* near Madison cl. Bridge.
Mail Train.... *7:Soa.m S7:2oa.m
Night Express 18:30 p. hu S&3O p. m.
Day Express. .• t7:2oa.m. fKßoa.ni
Night Orrefiff...... 18:30 p.m. 58:30 p.m.
MomirgMail 4:00 a.m. 8:50 p.m
Onj Express ...» 7:20 a.m. 7:15p.m
NlghtExprcss 7:15 p.m. T. 40 a, m.
p , npftra!iin^ecom , n»».».» 8:30p.m 7.10 a.m.
Day Passenger *S3oa.i&. c ß;4’p. a.
Passenger. +10:00 p.m. *7:45 a sv.
Kankakee Accommodation *5:00 p. zn.
Hyde Park Train *6:4oa. a. «8:00a=l
** »• *l2:flD m. *l:3sp.m,
« *3:Sup.n:. *4: sop.m.
« ** *&lsp.m. *T.6op.ia.
Passenger *8:80 a. cu *55.00 a- m
Klrbt Passenger tß.4sp.si. 17:50 p m
Joliet and Wlimlngton AC
ccmncdatloß.. . *4:oQp.B* *9JSOa»Q«
cmoiso aot> boos xsnigp.
Day Express ana Mail... *9:ooa.m. *5:50 p. a
Joliet Accommodation... *4:45 p. zu. C S;SS a. xn.
NightKxpress............ tB;3Op.BL 16dSa.m-
Da? Express and Mail.... *BtSoft.*n. *s:l3p.n.
Nlghtsxpress +8:15 p.m. 16:80 a. n.
Accommodation *4:50 p. in. *fclO a. m.
Trains win run as follows, on and aits? Sonlay*
April 19,1863:
Fulton Passenger 9:00 a. m. MSBp.zu,
Fulton Passenger *8:30 p,m. B:oCs.m
Freeport Passenger 9K)O a. id. 8:55 p. m.
Freeport Passenger 9:10 p. so. 8-2U a. ss.
Rockford. Elgin. Fox HIT*
er ard State Line 4:00 p.m. 11:10 a. m.
Genera B:S0 D. rz. 3-8 C a- »
rie and West Water streets^
Day Express *8:45 a. m. *5:50 p. m
Woodstock and Way *9:10 ft. a.
Janesville Accom *4:15 p. m. *11:45 Am.
Night Express ....*B:3op.m. *6:4oftJ&
Morning Express *B.4sft.ia. *11.43 a in.
Szpreoo *8:80 p. za* *6: fop, m’
Waukegan u ... *5:20 p.m. f 8 23ft.m.
• Stmdfiy?. exccptod. * Saturdays axcoptefi
tfond n excepted.
Is: 5.:.
C’OR SALE—Salccn aril Fixtures
X 91 Randolph street. Poi terms Inquire on the
premises, * sa!3 m037-3t
O'OR SALE A Farm., An excel-
X lest Farm ol SCO acreiln Maine Township. Couk
County. Illinois, ooe tulle from the Desplalnesstatlon
cf the northwestern Railroad, n ralies nortawest
from Co'csgo Tbe wbo.e Farm is well watered ami
anbaiaatiftby fenced, two story frame bouse of eight
icons, la ce Lime barn, an orchard of be irlai fruit
trees. *VUlbe eoldlow and terms made ca-y.
Alio—A number or other Farms in ZUluola and
Fcai Estate Agent. No. 4 Metropolitan Block.
EelS.m[€&2fi .
tTOS SALE—At a bargain, a steam
.i- Saw, Grist sod Sorjl am JUH.aU In cood rad
niDgcrdersndln agoca ioailty, within 1(W Bdlcaof
Chicago, and orly /our miles from railroad. WUI Da
cold Terr cheap. aathemoneyiQustbeieallzeaon it
at cnee Apply to NATdan T. FI PC a. Attorney.
•g & 131 Bascolph street, or address P. O. Pox 17CO.
gel3-g.&IB-2t _
, [email protected]
- *UO
ITOK SALE- The lease ot a fine
JL dwelling hocie. Kent $360 a yßar. and fromtwo
•o e'git hundred dollar* worm cf Furniture. Car*
pern etc. AppljtoE HAyDaa.omce or tio Amtr.
lean Eyprgß. Company.
17 OB SALK —A Horse for sale
.T cheap! ADarkßayllorso.Touairaadporftct’y
tm<* and gentle In harness, wlil oe sold low. at 11«
Sorfh Cla?g street. Btl. mSB62t
F'OK SALE—House and Lot on
Wabash avenue, bouse two story, water and gas.
let •ifclGO: price.ft,COO.on lons Uice Also, one as
?2 COO House sn < Lot on Ttlrd avenue; price *2.500,
InjmedietWporeeeslon. House and Let on Sontb-at.
price a'OO One Jefferson it.; sh4>.o. one
on Van Bnren street, $2,250. Apply to PETRK
snntP. 167 State streef, ■ 5e17m3133S
L’DRSALE—House and lot 127
a EdlnaPlacajhcnse two story, nice rooms'- lot
25x100 t>< an alley: prl:e*2 400 on tune Furniture caa
oe bad If want'd, for sto9. Immediate possession.
Bouse will rent for S3OO. Amtnla the bouse to show
the oremiwp. Tbla is a great bargain. Apply to
PETS It SQIMP. IffTState street. sel7-aM3-3t
POB SALE— Residence and other
I Property.—Lots la Duncan's. Ogden’s and Bat*
teifleld's Additions.
Lot on Vaduon s’reet. near •Tefl’ersou.
Donee ano large let corner Indiana and Wolcott.
Deere and lot c »rcer of Fine and Illinois st*
T»o lots and three store*. 125. 157 and 150 West
Mai.lson st.oppotite High School. .
let* in the Original Town, on West Lake. Randolph
atdMsdiion streets
Also— A arge well docked lot on the Sonth Branch,
ffat tic Plum .rgh Railroad Bildge.by P. QEUDE3,
So 8. over 17 Wells street • sel9*mSSs 20t
C'OR SALE—A Packing House,
L with Smoke Houses attached, together with
fixture* atd lease of same. Toe best opportunity for
a nan with amaii means in the city. A good retail
and wholesale* trade a'teady established. Address
Post Cfflce Box 12Sl Chicago. P B.—A dwelling can
be bad if desired with the above premises.
»>16ir833 6t . _
L'OK SALE— A Slaughter Honae,
i with si earn er.olne and boiler, tabs and vats and
two large tanka all newly got op Best accop-no<£
flea for Wilt g cattle and bogs la toe city, on lnmp«
stmt vearlUlsted revet .bridge. AppJ'o'*s* h
FIAMQAJt.FcrttyayneCattleYarca. sol3-inua»iU
l?OR SALE—One Engine, 8 inch
F boie and M licb atroke—nm three months,
complete. Also one 23 to M .52T?--?,* we oßispis
Bclicr. all complete and ln eod oraor OBi
BAOB . Ko.'SFtmeroy » BalMmga. Btlimu^un_
.530 S3
.400 45
17OR SALE—The cheapest Farm
M -lamisol4-830 acres ($6 under
CTRA'SED —A ted mare, of mid.
C 9 dllog dn 4 years old. strsyod from Vh« corns!
of Clinton ud Fcrqnop ttreeU. on MondoylMt too
• Hlb of September »bout noon Sao t*d a wjJto »>“»
cact«cfWbindleis«. m one -m bo £«««»&«
o*wbo cut cl»o Information wbicb B*r lo‘<l w no
will be to**rded brJA KRSaT.
C-ltton corner Fortner »W««U
WANTED —By a gentleman,
v V board aod lodgio* Is a llntcla** boarding
hoa»6orprt*atef*mliy. Raereacastfrequired, aa-
at tuts affice. aelßn96M-.
TX7 ANTED—Boards Boara with.
» ’ oefanished rooms wasted for a mao, wtfli
are oaactUa. n»e yean >irt. in aonvatefamiiy wh#r*
U>ei*»r».fo\»of t0 rtMrb,H»vei. vfa;ov*,»l**«lC
itroa anaioc.iloo,p ya t utfice D>xss*. ael3-mlWt>lfe
W AN’iitD.— $50 will be paid to
• wUi vilit* z-a’la-naa. that to
h.?* r.?«f. 1L * e .* ac^ 'ontatt a:.d a«Ve«m*a la procar
irgasttnston la a first claß*coo*e to thUcitv datts
rtc.on xefertnee given. Addreaa ••DCM.-’ ohic«g®
Peat QO.ce. fUa»»U
WANTED —A man and wife*
without children, also two ctrts-oen most
be s food family cnor the otaer for scoo td work—to
go to Brookstas. Indiana. Apply at Hits. BaTBS*
Ag new Office, 171 Washington street, or Post ofleo
Box Sa». . seia-mas; it
TV ANTED—A rf *peet«W« min'ns
v « Partner In a goed money-making bu»ln<as.
One baa Ire several bondn’d dollars ca*J can )*ect>tio
Interen»d In a hn»»te«» thrft will res us a Urge and
ametecome. For fall partlruUra apply to Slew*.
LBaVITT A WRIGHT. 63Cu«k*troe« Room N0.4.
secora floor eppostto the Sherman iloose.
\VANTED —To hire by the we k
Tv an esperlescsd Canvasser, to work in thselty.
Good references require©. Apply to SOiltf sOV At
PCSf.S9 South Clark street, (up stair*.)
T\7 ANTED -Ont thooßand Local
T T Agents to sell an Instrument fwaleh sen*
readily) for twxstt-ftvs dollars. and’only costa
yrv* • o'.lars Tf ey cn oe told By sny one Farmers
axe preferred- Please call rersonslly at Room so. i,
oposeualr of fairs 134Clarksoeer.or»oooonodoj-
Uf forlnlortnaticn to Put Omcs Box 5512, Chicago,
WANTED —A Store Room or
part of one on South Water or Like > rrti.
m*tof *rstklß a second-hand Safe. Addrew
Peat efflee Drawer 6261. . *eis-ma»3Jt
\V ANTED —Business by a party
v * ■wllllrgto furzlsh |10(UO cash capital Ai
dreiS £oi 343>, Chicago piutOUtce. 63iSmJ4g4t
ANTED —To rent a email
* T Boorelo a good locality, not over one mils
from the Court House Beat not ty exceed SIOO.
Would bay the Fun Hare if It ratted. Artdre## uax
4267. crcall at lWLakestreet setoaSSO-fit
TV/ANT£D-By a lady who can
Y Y give uaqufstlocaole reference other Chris
tian ckami ter aadablUsr.aaltaailoa ■** Housekeeper
In a first cla« hotel. NotparOeola aboat comlog to
Chicago. Addrtsa * , CniOAOO, ,> Post umco 80x3199,
at la moo 3 It
V\f ANTED—lmmediatfly, men
Y * who wish to ergago la a legitimate baifnwa.
ere lovl'ca to cud a*- 71 D-azbora street *ud explains
torn, or the most Important sew invention* of the
age. ssoo io 11000 can be made every tnoatn by a
•w»Q ir»ve«-tneot of (SCO The practical vorkiU23 of
•aid loventlocß will be freely -sows to a l w>o am
looking tor business. BOWaJtO XILDAH
seIM mIH7-2tf
"l/MAHTED.—I "Wish to purchase
T t a pood secord-hazd SaDown De»k ebeanfor
catb. Acdtesa *L.” boa -H2S. aelS-cxs it
VV ANTED—An experienced Dry
v v Coeds nalestran, Apply ta person to D a
JpyiS Racine. Wia. Btl3 m'jgl-R
V\f AliTlD—Agents. Sis per
v T day net profit! On vat sets vantel for oar
spletdld Dew Photocraih Album. Also. naennaTiel
InnuceiueiiU to i«U onr Gkkat Patza PtCKioes.
Our Agents are paid a co aml»ait*n of tr m S3 to its
per day. This isiio humbug. .circulars seat frt*.
AddressC M. DUNN A CO, Publisher*. 181 «narlc
etrett Chicago. aeW-maw I2t
W AKTjSD—A young gentlemaa
T T oi ieif ectabDlty. and of abm clrcunntanr.et,
who baa become weary of goto* every ev«u.l z non*
bit bas-tnesa to ala lonely bachelor rooms. wUhea to
form UeacqnaliUnce of aiady of reone I andean.
vatcdnliQ, worthy to Da called wire: to welcome
him with a glan smile of joy to a home of mutual
happiness Any yooeg Uoy who tfiar chance ta read
tblsadyartltenent ano be feveeshecon d make home
happy, can addxess\heandersii!Dea in thefifUcood*
decee of navlas her received *>y one
wbohasreapecttrougbfcrblcn elt to b ln Itfnvlo
l*te. Cartel devtMtcsexchanged if viataed. Ararea
JNO. A, SXAtFOSd, Drawer No. 63£ Chicago Post
tttcc set»-m§a 3t
WANTED—Board by a Physio
tt lan la a private fhmlly. respectably located,
ontheWe*tStde AdnrtsaP.O.Box&SL
\\J ANTTD—Board and room, by
»* u g«nt'e?raa. BoardlhU or cartla*. acco ding
to locality of icoo. Address’ POftTL aND,” p. o.
Drawer 6S9L sel3-m92»-3t
\\/ANTdD —Booms and board,
• * for gentleman, wife, and server t on South
Side, cort&of Ola Btrret. Frigate Xaoi’y prefered,
AdtKssP O. 80X4517. se!B m9J3-3t
VV’ANTED—Aeenta, to sell'good
T* selllrparticles; Lloyd’s Maps.Photograph
Ail-itfffa. 2C.000 Phctosraph Pictures. to selectfroa
P»lze Packag's. B«cd stamp for ctrcu ar*. R. B,
LajJDON, eatne, SSLakestreet. opposite Tremont
Route. Chicago. Hi. sal? mß7u-80t
X\[ ANTED - A jomh at the entry
v* d*sk.aadTodrtefflC6work. Address in own
hand, to CHARLES BIGGB. 11l Lake it. «eITmS79-3C
WANTED—To rent, a neatly
T * (or. ith«»d cottage. Must oot be more than a
mile from the Court Hoase. Do not care if it only
baa truce room# In It adorees. stating terms, e'e,
•’ A W G.” care box 6515, Chicago. ac!7 mi77-2t
TA7ANTED. —Who -wants sn ao--
v ’ lire energetic Clerk? wlllrg and able to do
anything. Uni been In the Dry Goons trade alsota
the Grocery trade, can give nnexeentiosaDle rater*
eccts. 771]] Bt»v tn thf city <jr go to the country. Ad*
dre*s “Clzse W.” at thtaorace. sel7m9ta-2t
XXf ANTED.—An experienced
v * Edl'or wants to oorchaso a union Weekly
Newspaper Id Central or Northern Illinois. Address
the nnderilgncd immediately giving foil particulars
of clrenlarion. patroesge. terms, Ac., together with
s deicrlpdon ot the to wn and conaty. with the vote
at last State elee.loc, “M.S J. limn, Ohio.’*
tell m9U fit .
\\T ANTED—Ager.ta. Wilson «fe
f ▼ Underwood. Conunlf&lon Pnrcbarlog Mer*
charts, h'o 3 Bo«rd of Trade Bnfdlosr CJiUajo, da
sire to »tab’l-b a Sub .A sent Is every town and city
ter. nKboat toe iJonnwest. adcreia u above.
aelT-zrStS 6c .
VV ANTED.— Arespectable young
▼ * German man, who baa recently arrived frost
New Oilcans, with* a a situation oa ulc.'t or jUalstaat
BocS Keeper In a Wholesale or Retail Grocery Kuie
o-Ci mmlaalon Boose. Address “GTS.’* Trio me
omce. B9l*mS9i3t
fA 7 AN TED—By two young men,
v * situations In EstabTstuneats. Can
Bpe>-5 German and understand Book-Keeping, Being
fctr.ceere, immeolate employment aid knowledge or
httklpea* mor- of an object than w sires. Addret*. for
one week. AUG WILMER. Chicago. lIL ~ selT-mSSS-M
ANTED—To rent a furnished
* or unfurnished Hons*. foraladyandson, In a
pleat ant neighborhood. References giveo. Andros*
" "R .’VtXkt Cfflce Box 070. . salTmgPSt.
V\ ANTED—An American or
T * Geiputw girl to do general hou.*ework la a
srra’l family. One Ctat can come well recommended.
Sadi wti xprelvd >o u wage* and arteuai bote by
appl>ltg sUSNoxth carpenter street. eel 7 mail as
V\' good Canvasser
T ’ and Traveller-oca with experience required,
iddrcisp. O, L0X2115. selT mOll-Ht
W’ ANTED —A perfect file of the
T * CblcßgoDally from July lit.lSC2. to
the present lima Bept 16ib,lSC3. Any person baying
st. ci. to diipo e ol will p'.eaia addivss or applet
Tribute officr. selg-m&aMit
IV ANTED—A Lady’s Saddle
T ▼ Horse sound, kind and settle, good action,
about fifteen hands high. Jet blaet preferred or any
dark color. For a hauosome animal that fills tuo
bill, a good price will be paid. Address Immediately,
as tbe call trill not be long open. Give In latter fail
irtcrlpilonof tte horse. Adirtss “CASH." Draper
6117, Chicago. 8613 mg»lw
\\; ANTED—Oca Thousand Dol
» T la's cash, for the lease stock and fixtures Ot
a good, well established cash business, where with ia
crewse cf capital and proper attention, a business of
orehundrea dollars per day may be dene, Forpar*
tlculars«ddiesa "F. Foat utPceßox 375, srlS-aTiw-U
WANTED—Board, with turn-
T * Ishedor unfurnished rooms, lor a lady and
daughter, in a private family, where there are but rejr
tr no other boarders. The.location most be aplea*
sent one cc the Nortn or Side, east of Clark
strut. FeftrenccsexchaDged, Address P.0.80x liW,
stlfi-n 7Bi>3t -
ANTED —A good Lithogiaph
T* Prluter. Addrssa UTP, STUOLBT . CO. St,
Lou’a, ko. se!s-m779-IQt_
V\; ANTED—A goed pair of eeo
T T ord-band Plstlorm Scales, a 8 CLARKE,
S'.nth water eteeet. seL>-mao7 3t
WA NTE D—A few moie good
sgents to aril Uw ** Ulnstrated Bncyclopedla
AuKattd bature.” sm!-otfier wor a. Agects ara
msßlnp splendid profits, bow la the tlm* tocom*
mtcce Sesd stamp for circulars BoulN“OS A
POs*T. Post Offlcoßox lta. Office s3 Scuth
op i tabs. se 15
T\7 ANTED—A Partner in a good
M and lucrative badness. A person with a small
capital zsav realix* a handsomefortuselu a few vears.
fti r-ly at Ist West Randolph strset. sets u733 64
WANTED —Moles. I wish to
purchase Immediately frcra 500 to 1000 .Male*,
from three to nine yea: a old, and wUI pay the xolioW*
Log prices lo cash:
For th'ee measuring 11 bands, *IOO. .
Porihojemeaamirg Wtf •* _ .
For those jneuailcg 19 * from |UO to $l2O.
All to be In ecod eondtlon. sound end fre« roes
biecUhea delivered at Fort Wayne and Chicago
Sleek Y»rds. where I caa.be ftnna« ear n«a.
»H3-m749-7t SAM I* CLAF. Jr,
TX r .ANTED—SCO more Agents.—
y T *75 per tcoatt /rturanteed. Send attunp to*
clreol*™. TbreemvnrKclc*. SaapTc*. CUrk’iPn*-
•at Irdeltble P«i-c:i, fbr SO cent*, miilel free. Ad
p. nr.sRK, Box!*i,Aorthsmpton,ll»fle,
T\ T ANTED—(Knitting JMachizL'.)
T v Every Farmer to know that his “ woulv.
■ol*3” can earn $5 to XX per week with one of All* *
:el--bratcd Knitting uacnlr**. It will earr lt» c'-r.
ntMrtydtya. Pricecounlete, 150. Weight IS noup.-i.
r mgM torn 50 cents to 4L56. send for circular y.s
an. ji*s (send stamps.)
BRAS*OH * ELLIOT, General Agwcw.
xai aif-M)-?! 12C Lake street, ehtcag- IU.
OOAEDING.—A large front par
J_Jlar,w!th bedroom attached (unfurnished), caa
be procured, with board, at 253 Bute street. Al> o.
oneengia.’oom. sel3.n!Uo2t
(Eo Brut.
r PO REFT—House sud Furniture
J. Iso. 1 Park Bow Apply on the Premises.
«tl&-m'.2r2: ' . _
TO BENT—A two story ard base-
Kent Brick Bouse, with all the modern IruproTfl
merw. to rent until May i*t,at ri ryr ,??
coir erMadlson and Peibornsts. selS-mStj U
TO BENT The brick Packing
Wa-ehonse situate o’' the main river,
I MrS .trt«i'l»VTt. JmllfllPS U W to 1».
«?h fcnr lloflip. *"> l l*n» flock room. AIM. the M
JS!IS tramobul'fllok .Itl bilaaca oi lot covorol
iy.«Vjraof root *lvl. g laroo room for .Mro*^
A E?i£m«£lA >tlC Soon So. 3. Metropolllan H«V.
T~) REN I s —Two front rooms, 81
Booth Cla»fc street. 3J floor. suitable for Law
ver*< or Doctor's office. Inquire ot C 8, F RlNl£«
Kjatt Halt. wn-a8«)-4t
10 ST—Tuesday morning, a gold
J band bracelet. Had abloe enanTe lod ctom »*•
tacctd. The urcer will be loltaMr rewwdy ®Jr
Uatlnirthe same a* my gtoie. GKOBGK k. ?*» J*
TI»N i 35 Lake street.
T^OUND —Taken
cd wuh the ie;tot C. u aAld»mi)Ql»U
nr.TTiarSi'cola ring, hair set-
T7'OUJ J -»- , t ..‘iaticaontßilds. Thoowa*rcA»
ONUB *«••*»• M PV _ -
i I s?isW’Sa assusassj
asaj; . Capua ai FoHco mate!.

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