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Office Ho. <&X Clark Scrciaft.
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us*’ ‘ttooer* i* Perl*!*!-** mn*
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CP" Tbu rttAittanee tor dab* nut, In all caeaa,
4 * Untie ll*r»,
S3S"' Tbf.rt- Wt- oe no oentiiioii Iron tfce 1016-
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*>dareas TKIBI7Hfc,“ Clucsxo, liu
Chicago tribune*
A grand n«S3 meeting and barbacuc
will be held al .Spout Springs, near Glea
tlak. Pope county, on Thursday, llic 24th
Inst. Gen. Hnynie, Col. Gluey,Cohßtum,
31cy G. W. Hughey, and other distlu
rpib-Led speakers will be present. It prom
ises to be one of the largest Union meet
ings %ct held in Southern Illinois.
An immense Unfon meeting vras held it
2C:‘nvulk, Ohio, a few days since, ovcir
twenty thousand people being in attend
ance. A grand feature ofthe meeting was
a precession cf wagons and horsemen ossr
x'< xc,x mile* in length! Speeches were made
irem three stands al once, and the enthu
siasm for Brough was immense. Tlie old
chccsc dhtxict will give a rousing majority
for the Union candidates, and against the
ir&ilor Vallaudighazn.
Oi;r near neighbor, Michigan City, was
the recipient on Friday night of an nn
tisual visitor at this season, in the shape
cl a snow storm which left its remem
brances an inch deep. Several parlies are
making up, here, to go clown sleigh riding.
Our Virginia news is light. The loco,
lien ef Lee’s army is a mystery. Tt is
pretty definitely settled, however, that a
iurge share of it has gone South.
Another brilliant little victory In the for
5* newest we chronicle 10-day. The
bi i* u forces, three hundred in number
!.:.vc irutcd ten tiairr. their number under
Cicfet, and left nothing of them hut the
Cm n. Iluiiler has arrived la St. Louis as
Prc-iucLl of the Commission to enquire
into.thc circumstances attending the bum
inf? oflLeKuih and (he heavy loss of
Heavy forces of rebels arc moving into
2sbrth Carolina. The old North State is
evidently drifting into the Union at a
Speed which has alarmed Jeff. Davis. It
is bi rh lime for his organ in this city to
denounce the Kofßi Carolina Unionists as
‘ AbniUifii.lstrt.
A rebel battery in the Sabine Pass have
reduced the gunboat ■ Clifton to a -wreck,
lulling or wounding all on board, and the
S&chtm, her companion, has been cap
tured. There were . probably small
wooden gunboats, the loss of which will
not inelcriaHy affect our navy.
Cihnnrc is busy at work geltlngliisCura
r. 'ineb’ Point batteries in readiness, for a
stcord dose of Greek lire, which tins time
■will l»p administered in allopathic quanti
ties. Ithn;. M nfai*in« cure for treason, and
cbonld be; thoroughly and frequently
to have tffec :
The largest majority by which the He
publicans ever carried Maine at a Septem
ber folate election, was In 18G0—the year
of the great Presidential canvass, when
‘Washhura beat Smart by 18,091.
At the late election, the Hepublican-
Union candidate beats his Democratic-
Copperhead competitor 18,473—50 far .as
' Xepoiicd, and several “rural” districts not
yet heard from.
TThal does Hayes think of the result ?
4 ' Ekctcli of Fort ffT^nltrlc,
1 Port Moulirle Is elt uated on Snllivon’s Isl.
fund, opposite Fort Sumter, but rather up the
barber, ar»d about one aud a half mile distant,
’.yt Is* properly speaking, a huge mortar bat
j *tery, with auxiliary works, having no ca&e-
but wi h immense bomb proofs.
;nrman-.cnt originally consisted of clvcn heavy
several mortars. The outer and in
- ncrwallsarcpi brick; but since the rebels
licvc bad possession of it, it.has been backed
tip and strengthened by sand bags. The walls
*nre iiiad nith tarlh and bricked with stone,
jnaki: g a solid wall sixteen feet In thickness.
’*The work was much strengthened previous to
Ihc t.•mbardiaont of 1501, aud wav in com
mand tf Major Ripley, formerly of tae United
*3talc : Army.
Fo-t Moultrie mounts fifty guns, a few of
..jwhich are in bomb proofs, while others aro
with sand bag rampaits and lrav
. A new bomb proof was erected about
?v* one year ago, on tho parade ground, for sol
diers to retreat to when hard pressed by hos
tile shells. With this exception there has
■ been no Important alterations made in this
. work. *lt Imb been taid by our naval officers
' who took part In tho iron clad attack of April,
r« 3£oo, that if they could pass Moultrie, there
£ was nothing iu tho harbor that could prevent
£ the capture of tho other forts and Charleston.
WA correspondent of the Philadelphia
\ fuss rnys that cn the night tho enemy ovac
.* uated Fort Wagner, a party of Union troops
ff Visited Fort Sumter, “and a couple of sail-
V ore, climbing into the rulas, removed the
rebel IV'g that still waved above the ruined
yaroj et. Tin y lound no oenpants to dispute
their entrance. Bui as they proceeded
dd llu-Ir walciy way, stopping occasionally to
bail out the leaky boaic with hats and shod*
? Iherc tar.g out on the night air a shout of
-V » Heave to/'KCi'ompanled by tho discharge of
J:* S.ncrf the hoMizers, foliated by cries of
*,Wc furicndcrl*’ and, behold la flue prize;
. three boalA laden with part of the evacuating
psrihuti ot Wagner and Gregg, consisting of
a Major, a Capuiln, a Surgcou, and eighty-two
jatk ai.d flic.’’ :
Important STovcmemt.
Tic Baltimore C'Upper of the lOlh has tho
JUkwlng important ctefsmeut la regird
TolVc c .-liniment of negro slaves la Mary
land :
W** luimi from undoubted autUortty that
; the Department has determined upon a
cour-t-uf action In regard to tho enlistment
of li utoes which will do away with much of
flic teding that has been manifested In the
>:'lnc“ rf tho loyal men of oar State, whoso
j lavi s have applied for admission and been
tocUud into tLcregiment of CoL Blmey.
-ffhc f mu of «WOO is to bo allowed to the loyal
jnasteT of every such slave who shall outer
Ihe service. A board of examination is to bo
jmtltuted at Washington to determine all
Air.ovcnunt like tills roar prove a more
practical iiiiUbdpalioa measure In Mary-
Jane ’.ban any one proposed during the ) car
The nar-lias reduced..the value of
*bvi 5 there to a nominal &amj‘ certainly uu
A Dnuucr for the Iron Brigade.
AV>bU!N«.TUN, Sept, 17th, 1633.
A Fj'Pcial to the N. Y. Time* sayc:
■? “A magnificent flag will be presented to
jnon uw to tbc brigade of the First army
conv, known as the Iron Brigade, and com
-1 pertv jof the Second, Sixth and Sovaidh W is
•j courir., Nineteenth ludlvna, and Twenty*
i fourth Michigan Regiment* The flag was
I rot up by clerks In the s.’partuiouta here
5 ifoin thoie State?, and is a splendid affilr,
It is nl Mne rllk, with appropriate devices
richly embroidered In the centre. The names
• * of 11 e regiments comprising the brigade and
' the b-'-ttlcs in-which they have participated,
Vir • Gainesville, Bull Run, Antletam, Fred
• crickeburg. South Mountain and Gettys
\V Tjurg, arc inscribed upon It, Ex-Gov. Ran
hi dall, of Wisconsin, will make the presen*
* cirl Acquitted for Shooting Her So
Miss Elizabeth Beatty was tried at Pitta
\ fjnin. Pennsylvania, loot week, oh a charge
of tnurdcr, committed' last January, In
n Justice's office. The young woman
j.ful been seduced by a man named McCor
j. ■ jnick, and Lad a chud by him. He refused to
as-ht the poor girl in the frolt of their tin,
} : snd treated ter with contempt. She had him
*••• jarcstcd, and he was brought before a Justice,
vho bound him over for trial. As McCor-
V snick was turning to leave the office. Miss
UcaUj shot him through the heart, killing
lilnj instantly. The delence did not do*
»y the act, but pleaded unsoundness of
f mirff'-V the tSme. The mother of Mlssßeit
“, » described the condition of her daughter
U>*hfler Ibe'dlECOvery of her min, as most heart-
The jury werq ont three hoars,
' they returned 1 with a verdict of not
r on the ground of insanity at the time
■“ywh* jtpmlcide was committed, and the prison*
A-~ ir'WasdLichargrd. '
£gT The Knoxville Jlfjisttr&ni Chattanooga
leul have both exploded harmlessly, hut
worse than Greek firttr -
** r
A Ciftdal Tour—TXlo International—
Youi>g America ta tho NowMpapor
Cry lor ‘'Quarter*”—
Mes«ru ►ten by CUcueoans,
[Special r oroßptmefncc of the Chicago Tribune/]
Sept. 17, 1£63. }
Errors Tribune
If “a good bcginnUigmakes a Mr ceding,"
tbc Xi-g.ta excuicion bad the happiest
auporiep. Indeed, hut few - ol :he crcareloaifts
hnrw how good the bsglcning ru utlil ia
formed th&t a gallant captain of one of oar
1 ' leiits visited the First I’. esliyteilm Church
al eelf past fix in the mornieg, to be traus
fo '.ed from bachelor to Benedict, taking
the. eebis biidc to the cxcurelon train. Of
course the party rieclveil the twain-unit with
all due honor, and by bating them iu com
pany, enjoyed a portion of tae light ol their
Ufce parly was too large foraccoaunoiatisn
!u one err, There being nearly two hundred in
.«U; beta few, inducing the owners of the
private moon aforesaid were fortunate enough
to find scats In the Directors 1 car, a coach
which hud hecn used by the Prince of
Wales on Lfo American tour. It is enough
to *eay that ibis car contained u merry
company, without communicating the
good things which Were said, or the sto
ries of which so many were “reminded.”
Xor will I ex poec ary ol the company by re
lating »t wh»rt a low price eomc cf them were
“told,” during our delightful pun over that
fplccoiuly cppoli.ted road, tbe M. 0. tl. It.
Foi once vc forgot that a r&Uruati trio ia
ever icoiour, aud luul no kmcc to our plow
me except real which can-e wine, thltifc a***
* f ilnwe who did net jric the party, wc
pi I- rt them. * 1
The weali ar waT perfect. Indeed it his
Iwcnnp to »‘.l o.mr.-iiiial.* Mui c.uld hive
ln;tn dcj-bfcd, We L..\c tad tbe breath and
tfic rkk-s t fjeuie, close ou edge of theetjui
ri*»r. Wc h«v'c uuly iiil.-scd The luuor bow
wlrch ever tbe b'M'Ov-itooa brought
wl h n« could rot * furnish except
icjktwo.. The Ruiiaa Dutim kept all the
«iu»t «i-d clink's froiit the train by day, and
mcbtuctsWrxjo us iussusiblu to dust a*id fa
tigue by maht. Thcariurgemeula for ourac
coiMhodtithijt made by the osnmUteca were
pntVcl, and it is to iu: hoped ILny will eon*
hbltr tlctiisdve* uoanui.otiMy ihirkcd fur
their “m-.ae'jriedc*n.” uv.l “iiicc«a:»ct polite
iicm.” in a loi*u string of resolutions.
Al U»e lulerjjHtioiiul everything was ready
torus. I's proprietors have treared us w*th
all rerded aU»nilori, Tbc cool days cf the
e*os i'g summer have diminiiibed the iMimhcr
of umv.s in all the hotels; but there are
enough yet rcmblidcgt'j remind one ofthe
crowds attracted here every season. The
shops arc ablaze wish Indian work and feather
Jans and agate Jewdry; all held »• tUm” hut
with some “concession,” at the Inrning
h tVcB rtnnmj the tradesmen that buyers will 1
soon t'cur.e, because they arc few. Youog
America is ttill here, however, not. only In
largo jinn's hd-iud a cigar, but nl?»o In rue
pcison ufat least ouv'jMtite specimen of hu
manity just now. 1 was Interrupted in uiy
willing at tlie Table In the Rending Room, by
a voice In very childish treble, “ U »vc u piper
slri’” Turiib g urouud I *uw I Rule fellow
somewhat- ta ler than I.n« tabic, liaif-cocceKled
behind a Mew York Journal, he was bolding
out to me. Sdghtly arbmibhod at ibesppa
ntb n, I asked him, “ Where did you gel it,
“My shier gave It to me to cell. Five
cents, fiirJH
Fumtdlng In every pe.ckft, I found only a
few paper of com, the lowest
a dime.
4, 1 can't take your paper unless you can
give me the change.”
44 O*” said he, looking at my assort
u cn% “r.ny kind of a shin-plaster will do.”
44 My boy, how old are you ?”
*• Most four. 11l takc*tbat shin-plaster.”
He deserved it, and the extra candy it
would have brongbt him.
Our party has been somewhat broken up,
several of the cxcurcionlris going on to the
eastward. Quite a procession of us, howev
er, adjourned after breakfast, yesterday, to
Goat Island, beginning our first lesson in
t<?Bs at the bridge. What a wonderful place
this cataract is for extracting quarters from
unsuspecting travelers! A quarter at each
bridge, and ttaircase, and museum, and ferry,
and water prison, and camera ob*cura; a
a quarter for looking up or down, or side
wajß. The be»l mode for tourists Uto keep
the hand full of quarters, that one may be
taken therefrom every few minutes by the of
ficlals without bis reveries, But
then where Is there so much to sec as
tra? Do you remembtr the whirl and the
rise of the rapid, tliu tremeuduous energy of
the billows as they fling themselves along the
rlope above the bridgeV Yes if you area
trui Chicagoan, rclirinug whatever is full of
po*or, you remember, even the stepn in
The plnok walkby the sldcrof the rapid* vero
plus .bant to your foot if you live on Wabash
Av« cue.
Do you recollect, how the water crosses
over Hogs-hack (Pnadmsl what a name!)
how It breaks on the very edge ot the cliff,
iuto diamonds, and emerald*, and pearls,
mort of them larger and more bright thin
any which ever graced a monarch's treasury.
Ilo« the spray, lluig oil from the fuse of the
tom nt. creeps up toward the verge again.
How the whole mass—gems and all—dissolve
Into a cloud upon the rocks below, then
losers rainbows in circle* and fragments Into
the air? Do you remember how the colors
l-lay on the green edge of the Horse Shoo
Fall, where, m a sheet twenty Icet in thick-
nest, the water folds itself over the precipice
—bt-vihe pearly tints of the foam flash
Ihungh the green, play under l», play over it ?
IW fellow, he Is beginning to describe
Niagara. No, not I! but how else cm you
rwtWc what we enjoyed without trying to re
call what you yourself have seen?
To day the party is scattered in groups—
some on Table Hock comparing tbmr recol
lections of Church's wonderful painting of
the Fall with tho reality, some peering Into
the Cave of tho Winds, some touching off tho
“Binning Spring*’ andlistenlng to the Cicer
one of Lundy’s Lane Every one has rim
through all the gamut of enjoyment fromco
ataf-j to that Which “doth 110 100 deep for
To night several of the. cxemrloalste rctnm
to Cmci'go, with bletsiugs on their “stars,”
on the International, on tuo railroads, aud on
Mr. W.
. Wt o knows but lint 11m public will hoar
next bpring thru the church wldch projected
tidb I'veurrtbn mo intendingto vi-lt, tu « rtui.
lar manner, Old England or tho Pyramids.
cs.>.i>ois s,nn iiu r com*
An Appcnl from tlio Adjutant Gcn«
oral of lllluol*.
111., Sept. 17. IsHVJ. )
To •!;« People «»f Illinois:
1.-m iustruelcdto submit to yon a state
ment of the ptosent condition ot thelllmols
Saulary OummUrton, uud invite your aid aud
On tho 12011; of Amrnrt, IST.2, Gov. Yates
appointed Col. John Williams of Springfield.
Samiary Agent for tho State, and re-incAlcd
him to take charge of the receipts and tils*
buroCincDts of such money and sanitary sup
plies on should be contributed tor the relief
of tick and wounded Illinois soldiers. For
the p-»t>l year Col. Williams his spent mnch
time lu the discharge of his duties, and has
recently made hl« report to the (t.voruor of
the operations of the Commission during
the past year.
]i! mhilUon to a very large amount of sanl
tarj stores width have been received and dis
tributed, about . t>2S,UOO have lx.cn realized,
and about s‘-*O,OOO expended, leaving iu the
troukuty on the Ist lust, about SS,O;X).
On account ot the large lucre iscof bu«lncsa
the Commission has Jost been re organized by
(he appointment of a Board of Director*, con*
slsthig of Col. John Williams, Hou. Wllllun
Butler, formerly State Treasurer, Join P,
Kcvnolds, Erq., Secretary of the State Agrl
cuhur.il Socletv, Robert Irwlo, Eiq., banker,
ned Eilphalet B. Hawley, E*q., morohaat, all
of Sunnulield, with Mr. Reynolds us Broil
dent, uud Mr. Williams as Treasurer of the
Board. ...
Theto gcrllomrn arc web known as respon
sible acu highly m-ptcUble citizens aud have
agrci d to give, without corapenvatlon, all
necessary time to the work of ageneralsuper
vision at the State CapUol of the transactions
of the Commission.
.Ml agents are to bo appointed and all ap
propriations of money to be made by resolu
tion of the Boaid, approved by the Governor.
Tbc following agents have been continued and
assigned to duty: C. T: Chase, Cairo; £. J.
Enii^NaehvUlc; W. L. Sargent, Chattanooga,
and E. C. Saekett. Vicksburg.
Other agents will be appointed at Cincin
nati, Louisville, Keokuk, St. Louis, Memphis,
Helena, 2fcw Orleans, aud such other places
may be necessary.
The headquarters ot sanitary supplies will
le Immediately removed from Springfield to
Cairo. All sanitary stores, alter the first of
next month, should be forwarded, and all cor- |
respondence in relation to such supplies sent,
to the agent at that point. All requisitions
for Etch supplies will bo made upon that
All contributions of money should be seat
to the Treasurer, Col. John Williams, at
Springfield. That officer will promptly ac
knowledge tbe receipt thereof, and report
once each week to theßoard, for publication,
the names of contributors and the sums con
tributed. „
All supplies and money arc conveyed free of
charge by railroads and express companies;
and 1 am directed to return the thanks of tho
perple of the State to railroad, express and
telegraph companies for their liberality and
gratuitous sendees at all times promptly and
cheerfully rendered.
A Sanitary Bureau has b?on established in
this office for the recordof the transactions
atd general correspondence of the Commis
si -in, All communications (except as above
slated,) should be addressed to this depart-
the consideration of the Gorcmor
•»“ Board of Directors. Enrclcpcs enclos
ttS!"'' 0 " 11 b0 endo ™ 4
Vigorous measures arc being adopted tola
cr&ifec tjhe c»DtribmloD« of money and •an-
I'llcs. The Directors have reiolvcd to hold a
muUDg on WediiesQay evening, the thirtieth
JDft., at Decaiur, during lue State Fair, and
all fne: ds are invited to meet with them, and
by their advice and cou.nlm'i.ns to lead &
helping hand to the good caiito.
,i recommendation ig ai»o midi to con
tributors ai County Fairs to donate, for Im
mediate ehlpimnr, Vegetables on exhibition,
such J'B potatoes, onions, beets and turnips,
ana to mtse a fund by a Bile at auction of
lunb other articles aa ii.av no ooua'ed forlliii
This is a general outline of the policy of
the C< rj.iui:hu>n as at preheat Ofg.»al7.cd, and
it comiuccdti itself to the couQdeucc and
petfjoug fcm poll of all good cirtzens. It
mMe in friendly and birmooloas relition
vbh oibtT e‘u'll.«r oigaaizatious. While not
vritl bolding Pt aio to tlu. sick aad vrouuded
Eoldiera oi oUitr States i; se«-.ka lb ongu the
ptnoDalirUmtioD of tu fcgsuu, to specially
render It*; fr.cudJy oilicea to tU >ee from our
ovn S-»»tc.
1 have been instructed, if desired, to visit
cs many Com.lv Fairs, the fill, aa I
moy be able to co, bn* the p:t pose of iiji&g
hefuie the people of tbcSutethe wauU of oar
abt'CL.toncA jiud the claims which taey lure
upon Ufc for Ti.c-ir r.:if.
Citizen 1 of llb-ioit.! will you can’lnue to
Iriid to TbcEti bO«;i»-UC'ft j our generous sup
per?? Tre Stare -i,ich u«» to lavUhlv
jH-aicd «»ut ilu bi.n.d ito l treasure to uulu
ta»n Use government vr-r iMi.iied by our
fuThtrbvn feel rur- wpl uot now, when ha
gUtiuirbsA arn »?vi ifi »v»n<gu‘.-d our homes are
Jjt e ireiu the pii r-ema-. ol" :i bosiite boldloty,
i;C.-}»at«; io (lest- r|y g.-ocreUsly
virii tin.rC wiia ao»r call far oar aid uud
i jn p»»b) b* U«*-ir hour o? grrat.-sr. need,
Tbc to-aris «*f:»n ♦hon*-;mc Uihrn; coldiprs
ii-ty begluodii.ed o> your bvantiCAorcbUied
by jour lugb-et Aut'iuiojl winter
wliics, uod possibly an active eaxpaign will
iocrcAfo that number. Personal atteuciou ia
fb !o ai rt ganW.ii bo.viu!, cheering wards of
cud biibstuiitial t-..kcu> ofyoar io*
c.inibrarccure >our* togive.
Our soldiers atcall voluuterrs. The alacri
ty and uuaulmby wj»h which they entered
tbe fcvrvice, aed now proudly represent oar
Statu lu ibe arijijca of the republic, have i>ro
b’ct dyou frem beby, coir-pelfod hv a
to bear arms eca’nrt your will. tVncu they
k-ft biMue tLC lov:d or.«« they bore wifb
tbcixi our Pnfoinii pr.oubort t!u.l nothing -ncc
ttfeury to their coitfon sLvulu be withheld.
In oppcaUrg theiclore Io you their fathers
and mothers, aud bruiliure, iu their
btliitlf, you need not be reminded that those
promta* arc not forgotten; nor that for
umy comfort given, for evrey kfoduuM bs
ttowed, for every token of your remem
brance and love, the consciousness offulth
kt-pi and duty done, will be, iu all your Joys
ti.c ourrowc, more precious thin earthly
*reabuics. A.i.en' C. Fullhu,
Adjotant Gcucrab
Authors of Rooks.
Thc.lwmV.m /‘MWicr.? Circular awl Life
ivxry Haz ttf t of Scj-t. loth, hia come to liand,
ficm which we select the following item* of
*ry interest
—Dvriah Hot *1 t*l<l, the greatest bonk col
lator ol (he century, .Mul |K»s<;BHiuLttiefii.e*t
library Id tl.e *orld, died in Lendouiu Au
gust last. Mr. Botfloid published, some jeirs
ago. 44 Air Account of the Cubed.al Libraries
in Ei'Ciand and NNalc?.” Some two years ago
he published a bwrlfnl vohr.ne, la quarto
” Prefaces to the First Edltlousof the Greek
and LaMn Cissies and, as that book ahum,
was au omlnon' bibliographer.
—J. W. Gilbert, the 11 r st manager of the
London and Wntmiiutter Hmk, whoso “Treat
ise on Banking,” 41 Banking iu Alacrica t ,, arc
Kell known in the United Stales, dial at Lon
don a short time tince. Some five years ago
he retired from the management of the bank.
Hid Rinyngft Lis other works his 44 Logic for
the Million,” und 44 Logic for the Young,” are
ct 111 popular. He may he said to have been
the fccoud founder of the joint-stock cystem
of banking iu England.
—•The literary circles of Paris have mot a
sensible loss In the death of Mens. Delecluze,
•who was above forty years the art critic of the
the Journal drs DtVaia.
Mens. Dclecluze was on an Intimate footing
cf friendship with Talma, and Mile. Mars. Ilb
was one of the iicreons present (there were
but twenty In all) at the famous scene be
tween this famous actress and Talma,- She
had just been deserted by a brilliant Colonel
whom she devotedly loved. She was almost
broken-hearted. She sobbed. She screamed.
She apostrophized the absent tickle soldier
wlm hud become satiated with all
those charms which the world never
grew tired of admiring. She determin
ed to starve herself to death. Thirty-six
horns passed away without a morsel of
food passing her lips. Her attendants really
apprehended that death would ensue, and
they conjured Talma to come and try to per
suade her to relinquish her fatal resolution.
Tulu a came, made the cook give him a savo
ry «c up, went to Mile. Mars, who had not
spoken a word for a whole day, and said to
her, in his tones of deepest tragedy: “See
here. Mars, 'Us thy old comrade—'tis Talma
—who begs it ol ye—Take—do take this
roup!” The word* wore s.vucely out of his
mou»h when Mlk. Mats tank her handker
chief from her eyes, uml turning suddenly on
Talma, said: “Go to the d—l with yoursoupl
Order me a goed dinner.” She laughed, and
all the others laughed,aud her days of mourn
ing were at an end.
—Mens. Benjamin Pautex, a modest and la
borious philologist is dead. Herr J. NY.
Lcchell, professor of history at the Univer
sity of Bonn, has likewise departed this life.
He w as born at Berlin in 1781.
—Bancroft, Julia Ward Homcaud Tackcr
man arc at Newport.
-The Rev. Chas T. Brooks has been min
U»cr of a church iu Newport lor twenty-six
yearr, though his poet-heart and innocent Ulc
have caused lime to touch him so lightly
that a stranger would not set his birth
much further hack than tho actual (Lite
of Ids ordination. Mr. Brooks has
made the best translation iu existence of
Gocihc’s Faust. Ills translation of Jem
Paul’s “Ti*an,” a task of extreme difficulty
and delicacy, has been received with uaqaU
fii’d praise by the whole chorus of critics,
headed by Thomas Carlyle. Animated by the
great sneers cf this work, Mr. Brooks has
been applying Ida practised , imwm** tn
nnotber of Jean I’nuVu nuwtcrp’eccs, “lies*
:crn**.” It has .been completed within the
art few days, and the rich manuscript now
lies mi his table, a tempting prize for pub*
lkhi *> to compete for. Iu addition to this,
Mr. Brooks has on hand a finished transla
tion ol“ The AlmiVau,” a famous German
tnigcdy, by Grillworzcr. Aud lie Is now in
the mmst ofn translation of the “Liyinm’a-
Breviary,” by Leopold Soli-fer; a terlous;
uicr.d arcl idlgl-ms meditations.
Dr. Edwurd Hitchcock, well known in
lids country nod abroad as a copious writer
upon geological and other subjects, although
we belie; e bo has reached the rlpo ngo of
Ihtcc tcoteaud ten, still retains his love of
study and of writing. Fur tevciul years past
he h.isbcen engaged In preparing a volume of
Reminiscences connected with Amliorsl Col
lege, nhlch we understand is In press and
ttaily ready for publication. Tho work,
opart from Its local interest, will bo of value
an containing recollections ot the author's
viilr to Ergland, and Ids meeting with Hugh
Miller and other geological celebrities.
A German writer, named Karl Frledr.
Neumann, bos published In Berlin, tho first
volume of (“Gcftchichteder VerelulgtenStaa
ton von Nord America’*) a history of the
United Slates of North America, which pro*
fessestobothe first Gnrmriu “thorough his
tory of the United States, compiled from ori
ginal Eources.** Thu first volume includes
events from lUelomulatlon of tho colonics to
the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson (1007—
I SOI) \ the second wltl continue thoUUtory to
the close of Andrew Jackson’s second Presi
dency, in 1*37; iLo third will bring It, down
to our own time. Thu first volume le written
with we, Industry, andnblUty.
—ln the Loudon papers wo And Advertised
** Sewn Yearn 1 Street Preaebtag; In Saa Fran*
cieco," written by the Kct. W. Taylor, author
of ** California Life Illustrated.' 1 The llrst Is
annennerd as In Its twenty-seventh thousand,
and the other os la its twenty-fourth.
It hart generally been believed that C.vpl.d
KouiKt dc I'i.'lo composed tho musk, ns
well ns the great patriotic war-song of the
French revolutionists. It Is now cUtiucd, on
what tends like strong cvUloneo, that n com*
prei-r known c* but renlly Jultuo,
wns the person who set “ La M-ueilLilsc” to
Sinropedo of Slaves la Delaware.
Almost every day we bear of anew atam
ptdeof slaves in our county. Indeed so fro*
qutut have they become of late that no sur*
prUe or comment is excited thereby. Our
people te« m to hrvo settled into a state of
apathy and indifference upon the subject.
The latcet case wo have heard of came off on
Sunday night last. Some fifteen or more ne
groes (men, women and children!. belonging
to persons residing in and near Cedar Point
Neck, absconded that night, and, breaking
open a barn, took out a largo flat-bottomed
boat, which they carried to-the creek, and
thus made their escape. One gentleman, wo
understand, lost on this occasion eleven of
his negroes. During the past week not less
than fifty negroes from this vicinity have run
ofl, and, in several cases, masters have been
hit without hands to work and secure their
growing crops. —lhri Tvtmcco Times.
Tl&o Draft In Wnihlnstou.
There have been 3,919 examinations in Wash
ington, and the whole number of soldiers ob
tained Is 80S, of wblch3s9 are negroes. About
4CO white soldiers have been scat forward into
the ranks of ibe army. The black*, after be
ing fitted out, are started to the camp of the
3d District colored regiment at the contraband
{aims over tbo river, the fifth company of
which is now being filled np.
IST* The nation is rejoicing over the eman
cipation of Tennessee from the iron grasp of
tbc rebel army. May iteoonrcjolca over an
other emancipation in onr whole State—her
en nndptUon from the thraldom of that odi
ous ana barbarous system which is the “chief
corner stone M of the rebel Confederacy.—
my»inrrtri , -,-
[Specialßlsp&tch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Sr. Louis, Sept. 19, I*J3.
The following dispatch aanonneing the
total rout of Coffee and Brown, has Just been
Heaequatitehs, SrKiKunsLD, Sept, 19,1893,
ToMaj. Genera! Schofield
The following dispatch has just been rc
Snxtca Nation', Sept. 15—1 attacked tbo
combined lor« es cf Coffee and Brown at this
piece, cnc mile west of Enterprise, at the
month of Butlalo Creek, this morning, at ten
o'clock, and after an engagement of two
hours, completely touted them, driving them
Eoulliward in disorder, . As the engagement
occurred is a dense grape vine thicket, it Is
imj csnble to estimate the enemy's number
cr their Iras. .Five arc known to have been
killed, and a Capt R.M. Johnson, I learn, is
oi.c of them. I have lost none in either kill
ui, youtded or missing.
The nheJs report their forces variously at
I.fOO io 4,000. My force la Jioo strong.
(Slsntd) M. Larne Hauiuso.v,
j, McNeil, Brig. Gen. Commanding.
MuJ. Gcp. Hunter arrived in Ibis city this
morning. from the East. He comes oa Prc-1-
debt of tbe Cnmtnistion, appointed by the
Secretary of War, to investigate tbe burning
<J the fteair.er Ruth, and the destruction ot
tbe 02,500,CCu Government funds with her.
Between twenty and thirty secession sympa
thizers arc to be sent South to-morrow. They
go to Little Rock, via Helena.
Tic two provisional regiments reccally coa-
FcripU d, the 10th and llth, bare been relieved
fiom duly, the emergency for calling them
out having pawed. The leaders of the mu
tiny in the latter are to be tried by court mar
tuil, :teo the other mutineers are to be sent
to Kolia.
mm FE9BSA.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Psuris, Sept. 19,18 ft.
It has been a very pleasant day and a laigc
number of spectator* were in alteudauce at
the Horse Fair. Tne following entries wore
no\nsTEns. Timnc tears old.
Gcxi.Hooker, lijihtbay, T. C. Reeves, I‘oklu.
Btiphm A* Dougls*, BiucU John, A. Chamber*,
Charley Douglas, Black, .Wm. Thompson, ilar
tbal county.
First premium, SIO.OO In plate, Gen. Hook
er; $2.00 In plate, Stephen A. Douglas.
ci-A-s r. p.—rotrn year old tuoitinq colts.
Jjio. lilick, John Litk. Pcoiia.
Ftyinp Cloud, (dark tonne) JohnSelizcr, Peoria.
IVUv*. (clifstnnt,) G. It, Dixon, Klmwood.
(bay liable, (gray,) C. C. Camming, Pekin.
Flm premium, $50.00, to rotter—time,
S:17; second premium, $25.00, 6 ray Eagle—
;imc, 3:19.
The lliti thing in the aitemoon was the
premiums abided to ladies. A large crowd
v i-g in utttendauce, and the utmost good or*
dcrprevailed. Mrs. Caaslu Bond, of Bloom*
ingtou, tool; the first premium. Mrs. E. J.
Jackron, of Stark county, took the seventh
Entries.— Pet. II 11, Yates, Chicago.
Kentucky Maid, Wm. King, Peklm
C»roy C'lond, A. D. Carson, Galesburg.
Glptcy, A. D. Oansou.
Sweet Drier, John Chambers, Lacon.
OM Tom, S. il. Hickey, LaSalle.
Old Tom'took the first premium, getting
the first beat lu 3;45, Od in 3.45,4 th in 3.45.
Gipsey took the second premium. Time:
2.45, 3.47,245. Much excitement prevailed,
and considerable betting.
There were three entries and a great deal
of fun. One bolted the track, and after run
ning all over the grounds, came in Last, win
ning the first premium of $25. The first one
iu got the second premium of $lO.
The Fair has been a complete success,finan
cially aud othcrwlee. AU the premiums
v ere paid to night, atd the exhibitors are
satisfied. *
[Sptcial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
SrUtNGFIELD, Sept. 19,15>1.
Mnj. Schwartz lias been appointed Assistant
Adju*ont General In place of Col. John S.
Loomis, resigned. Major Schartz was late
chief of Gen. McClernand’s stuff, and Is a
gentleman of first class military ability and
educated, being a graduate of ono of the first
European military schools. Major Gould 3d
Assistant Adjutant General has resigned and
goes into military service at St. Louis.
A tcrious riot Is reported among the coal
miners at La Salic and vicinity, the full ex
tent of it has not yet transpired here.
Complaints are being received from various
parts of the State, especially the counties
berdt ring on Missouri aud Kentucky, of the
number of reckless characters with scccsh
proclivities. Who Iwvo OrW<m f.r«cntUoee
Slates to take refuge in Illluoi*.
The Green County Fair will held at Caarol
ton ou the Kith, 14tb, 15th aud 10th ol Octo-
bi r. Fifteen hundred dollars will be paldout
on lit premiums. A citizens’ purse of ouo
bundled dollars has been put up lor speed iu
iu the ring. Competition open to all.
Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.
SriuxartELU Sept. 19.15C1.
TU Slate Sanitary Coimuissioo, orgaßtzsd
I*3’ Gov Yates about ono year since Ins re-
c* Ivt d iu donations 35,000 la m-. nuy, of which
$30,000 has been expended. In money aud
supplies the receipts have bccu over SIOO,OOO.
Ou ueeouut of the large increase of business,
the Commltblou has been re organized by the
appointment of a Board of Directors, Con
sisting of Col. John Williams, Hon. VTm.
Butler, formerly Stale Treasurer; John B.
'Reynolds esq., Secretary of tho State Agri
cultural Society; Robert Erwlu, esq., banker,
and Eliphalch B. Hawley, esq,, merchant; all
ol Springfield, with Mr. Reynolds us Presi
dent and Mr. Williams as Treasurer of tlio I
Board. All agents are to bo appointed and I
all appropriations of tnenoy arc to be made I
by resolution of the Board, approved by the I
Governor. Tbo following agent* have been 1
continued and as»lgncd to duty; C. T. Chaso. I
'Cairo; E. J.Euo, Xathvillo; NY. L. Sargent, I
Chattanooga; E. C. Sackctt, Vicksburg. I
OlUtr agents wllll be appointed atClnclnna- I
tJ, Louisville, Keokuk, St. Louis, Memphis, I
Helena, Kew Orleans and such other places 1
os may be necessary. The headquarters ot j
theianltaiy supplies will be Immediately re
moved from Springfield to Cairo. All soul- I
tary stores, after the Ist of next month,
■ should be forwarded there, and all corrcs
Ipoudcncc In relation to such supplies scut to
the agent at that point. AU requisitions for
such supplies will be made upon that offlee. '
All contributions of money should bo sent
to tbe Treasurer, Colonel John Wiliams at
Adjutant has been Instruc
ted by the Governor to visit as many County
Fairs the present 101 l as ho may bo able to do,
for the purpose of laying before the people
ot the State the wants of our absent ones,and
the claims which they have upon us lor their
Major Schwartz, Assistant Adjutant Gen- I
eral, left here last night for the scene of the 1
miners* riots at Labile, by order of the Gov- I
ernor. Bo took with him a sufficient force to 1
restore order. It appears that tho Irish I
miners will not suffer any German or Swedish I
workmen in the mines. This has been the 1
canee of the trouble. ' 1
A man named Andrew Rea, a leading Cop- |
perhead of Bond county, was arrested by I
Capt. Geo. Abbott, Provost Marshal of the I
12th district, a few days since; and brought I
to tbU city. Be U charged with being the
ringleader of tho Knights of the Golden
Clide in their attack upon Vandilla, Fayette
county, audio have led on a large force of
them from Bond county. "What rank beholds j
in the order lam not informed. There arc
over* twenty witnesses to prove the charges
against him. He was, taken before United
States District Court Judge Treat, in this
city, and held to ball in tho sum of SI,OOO, to
answer any indictment which may bobrought
against him, at the next term of court, Hon*
8, A.Bnckmaeter, of the House ot
Representatives, and caudlcde fur the guber
natorial nomination of the Copperhead con*
vettion, went his bail, havhf come hero for
that special purpose.
A new Copperhead secret rWuizatlon h\»
been started. In their ritau they declare
themselves independent of Bek Tates, Abe
Lincoln, the United States, md the rest of
mankind. / •
The total number of the fhjt class subject
to draft in this State, 107.309.
[Special Dispatch to the Chic-, »o Trioune.]
Dcauqut Sept. 10,1553.
The Copperheads and the Jnion men of
tbit city have felt the pulse of the great
crowd which has guttered her from all parts
of the State to attend the Fa.i. Last night
Augustus Catsar Dodge wa3 announced to
speak. Not two hundred wc ;to the Court
House to hear Mm. To-slghttHofi. John A.
Kaeson addressed an imnenai meeting. The
greatest enthusiasm prevailed.
It was a fit! tag close to the j. eat Fair. He
sent the people, to their holies convinced
ihat the more zealously they went in for the
Ullor cause the sooner wtH ceste the dam
nation ol Southern and home trlltors. The
influence of the meeting willhe felt for good
all over the State.
Ihe trottirg and riding enacted 10-diy
were witnessed by a great multitude. C, J.
Cnnmdigs’ Dubuque borsc, {Buckskin, won
the citizens county purse. s:h« fohr hun
dred dollars sweepstakes wert won by Ne
buclish, ofßilvlUc. ’ Mies M-tryfGr.iy, of Du
buque, was awarded the ore hundred and
twenty-five dotlar’B&ddle for best ridding on
hctfcback. 1 v,
(Special Dispatch to the Ohio, go Trliiano.l
St. Ito, Ecpt, 10, isWl.
Active preparations are going on to collect
the Tib, 9th m.d lOih regiments, at fort Snul
ling, with a view of stndiug them South. It
will take until the Ist of October to get them
in rtadhitfs, as they are scattered all over the
State, and many of them furloughed.
A parly ol laborers arrived here last eve
ning, from Canada, to work on the Minneap
olis d: Cedar Vtdlcy-Railroad.
Gctbuat CiliKou Destroyed, aud
the facbem Captured by the
Rebels In the Sabine
New Ohleams, September 15.—The sietta
cr Cromwell, from New Orleans, Sept.m.bar
10th, arrived at 1 o’clock s. u. The r .vs la
Gen. Grant’s wound was much belter, aud
be wouldbe able to Sturt for Vicksburg In u
lew days.
The health of the city is better than at any
tme for years. There U no yellow fever,
lien. Shcpley had arrived.
The World's New Orleans correspondent,
writing on the 11th lost, gives some account
ot a movement, probably on Texas, In three
columns, under Gens. Franklin, "Washburne,
aud Herron.
The gunboat Clifton, while passing through
Sabine Past, was exposed to a raking fire,
which reduced her to a total wreck, killing
or wouuding ail on board. -The gunboat
Sachem, which was in company with the
Clifton, was captured.
the wap. vkqihia.
"WAsniNjypqN, Sept. 19.—A special dispatch
to the K. Y, Evening I'ost tays: Air the
Richmond papers of the 10th and 17th, re
ceived here, mention that Lee’s army has
been In line of battle for some days, betwftvn.
the Rapidan and Orange Court House, bat
seem to intimate that it will remain on the
defensive. This would seem to indicate that
Lee ia cot strong, and It is looked upon us
confirmatory of the report that troops have
been sent south from Virginia.
Another spechifto the Ihit, dated the 19th,
srye rbe rallioud nortli of VTashingtou, which
was rasied away, has been repaired.
New Yokk, Sept. 19.—A special to the
New York Tribune says: The Lower Poto
mac I i thoroughly cleared of rebels.
Thirty or forty mounted men were seen
opposite Maryland Point yesterday, and
there Is information leading to the belief that
the cautois of the Satellite and Reliance are
iu Cone River, with boats, awaiting an oppor
tunity to capture the guard boat at Pino
A Fortress Monroe letter says the escaped
Federal prisoners who have arrived there
from Richmond, state that the fortifications
of lM*rsburg, Va., arc quite formidable.
They passe d three lines of these and were not
Interfered with.
The tatnft <*•«» rumors
here nt the most exciting kind. It Is .staled
that Leo is deserting the whole Slate of Vir
ginia to join Bragg. Charleston, it is report-
ud, was shelled for three days, and is com
pUtc’y destroyed. This is said to bc.com
mank-aUd by parties direct from Atlanta,
Gtuiuia .
Nr w York, Sept. 19.—The steamer McClel
lan, from Morris If laud on the morning of the
Ifith, h:«. arrived. Gen. Gillmorc was mount
lr g purt on Cummings’ Point to shell Charles
ton. The rebel fire from James Island con
tinma. but is not very effective. Sumter Is
still held by tho rebels.
dio of the EngllNh Kelicl
Ready lor Sica*
NV.v York, September Ul,—The New
York TWtmna'j Washington special says:
“lu a private letter received to-day, our
Consul at Liverpool says, one of the Anglo*
rebel rams Is ready for sea. He expresses
the decided opinion that the British Govern
ment will lake no steps to ptov«wt her trom
“ There arc those who consider Mr. Dud
ley's views, regarding the course of Great
Britain, as more entitled to credence than
those which Mr. Adam* has frequently reit
erated, and who have apprehended open
war us the inevitable result of the secret
hostilities to this country practiced by Eng
From Fortress JlEonroc,
Nr.n York, Sept. It*.—A Fortress Monroe
letter to the 7/«ra?d of the ITlh, states: Yes-
U-rds-y, four men In the uniform of rebel sol
diti> arrived at Fortress Monroe from New
port News. They proved to bo four of our
own men, who had thus disguised themselves
to fuilluto their escape. Ihcy were captur
ed on the 18th of July last, to the first terrific
charge of our troops on Foil Wagner. They
state that tor some time fast four or five
trains per flay have beer, running troops
through Richmond, south.
The day they tooktbtir uKcremonious de
parture the city was Ulumlcatcd with camp
ilres, and crowded withtroeps, all, doubtless,
being hurried toward Charleston.
Maryland Colored Bcglmeut.
Baltimore, Sept 17.—TheMarylan dcolored
regiment, recruited here, nude a dress
parade this morning, from txeir encampment,
near the Park, through t‘e city, attraction
general attention. The nflment appeared
with full ranks, about a thlusand men, and
made a splendid appearaztte. They have a
full brass band of colored nixslclans.
Another colored regiments forming.
Snow Storm in Sjptcmbcp.
Michigan Citt, Ind., Sfpt. 19.—1t com
menced snowing here last upht at 0 o'clock,
and fell to the average depth ox an inch. I
have no means of ascertaining thv extent of
country visited by this storm. .It* effects
will be disastrous In the extreme. But little
coin Is glazed, and that which \s ml Is of
courte destroyed. Fruit of all kinds Is se
riously damaged. ~
Damage by a.&tom,
tITAPnraGTOs, Sepl. 10 —Doling the storm
yetterouy, among other ditnage don\s on the
Lower rotomac, two sclponere were enp
s**cd, and the rain destroy® the oroja: The
streams were swollen, and me railroad bridge
>t Laurel wm earned awajl
V Artr"
■** l
from north eansim
Thirty Thousand Rebel Troops
Passed Through Raleigh
New York, Sept. 19.—A Kcwbera letter
cf the 15lh to the Herald, says:
“Intelligence from the front announces the
arrival of a large force of the enemy at Kings*
ton, consisting ot cavalry, iufantry and artil
lery. The main body consists of cavalry,
which is reported to bt Irabodea’e, from Vir
ginta. The cavalry is said to number 40,000,
but Ibis figure is probably exonerated. No
North Carolina troops are mentioned as being
among the new arrivals.
“Between 20,000 andSO.COO rebel troops
pssstd through, or were within the vicinity
cf Raleigh a few days since.
Alfred Stanley, brother of Ex-Gov. Stanley,
was arrested in Little Washington a few days
by Lieut. O’Brien. Stanley lives in the
vicinity of Little Washington, about a mile
and & half from town, and is a substantial
and influential citizen, of seccah proclivities.
He seems to be sincere in his bpluidds, and is
not inclined to let any opportunity slip to
show his hatred of the Yankees. He i> re
potted to have passed our lines and denounced
Ui icn citizens in KicsUn, causing their af
reet, ord committed Über acts M detriment
cf tec inteitsls of the Government of the
Uuittrd States. On bis arrest, Stanley said he
had done nothing but what he believed to be
Ms cuty. and would doit again. He U now
in thv Little WiisMrgton jail.
JKats I-c:iviii" tlic Siiip.
j y S lls \ Sc I ,: - I’-'-Tlic Xov Tcrk
1 nh-niry W :iablagton special .states:
Frivjte Utters from oUicers in Gea. Rose
cnins* Army more than confirm all tnas ms
been prioted touching the numerous deser
tions from which the rebel armies In front cf
me at my of ihe Cumberland uie suffering.
Boring the march to CbatUnooga, not far
nom five thousand of these fugitives from
tbe nbel service enme within our liaca.
Rrndiut'islou uud Reorsaniziitlon of
JourittI C ** A Kci,lyi ° 1110 AiOutavlUo
IFxoia the Nashville Union, 17lh last]
As Tcm.csbce hap now becudelivured. no donbt
pcnuaiirxitly, from th.« prc*CLti«i of rebel soldiery.
It won to be.her proper course, as a State
of the tuiou, which certainly she bin at no time
ccoscd to bo, to tl-fcta Lrirtplatnrc ami a ik-loca
tiou to Cocjtro*. ami enter at once noon thudia-
ah lit-r old duties ami tats enjoyment of
ail 1 i rold prhill;;. a. Sue should perform the acta
th.u Ilvntuehy p-iifonna end he treated as Ken
tucky la treated. !• there any obstacle to
thfaj If ro, who Interposes UJ And by what
Perhaps it wonid be n sufficient'reply to
this imoJCLt paragraph, to txr th-il It ap
plaud in a ucw>p:ip.-r width liercely dc
nouitccd the I'm sidont for calling out troops
to luppri-ss the rebellion. Had troops not
been called ru!, Keotu.ky wnuul have been
plunged, a» Tennessee »as,la’«the whirlpool
of Jtfl* Davis’ CoTitedcric.y, Fortunately, a
patriotic Prcardrr.t called out an to sup
press tbe slKvtty rehdli.*n, and Kentucky U
acy, gieatly, dcuMles*. to the dltappuin'ment
*wd cragrUi of tbe Louisville Journal, a jiup.-r
which never h*d a principle, nor uttered
a manly, patriotic thought. Had the advice
of Bomecan and Josepn Holt not been over
borne by the “armed neutrality” doctrine
of the Louisville Journal, Tennessee would
have been spared infinite snUerimr. and tor
rents of blood. Tnc worst foes of Tennessee,
dating this rebellion, have been the pro
slavery politicians of Kentucky, who proved
lalte to her in her hour uf trluL
Governor Johnoon.from the very day he as*
sniued bis present office, has not ceased both
publicly and privately to express his earnest
desire that the people of Tennessee chould
ci joy c ivil government as soon as such a
thhg wa* practicable. Wo arc aware tint
many perrons who were active rebels under,
the reign olGov. Harris, are anxious that an
election should be held wllhotrr d«lay, over
the State, for officers of various grades, feel*
tutr a alrotg hope, if not an assurance that
such a blep would place the State iu the
hands of the very' class of polllicUus who
helped to drat her into the rebellion. These
■J&SJL! C,J not desire a restoration of civil au
inomy ev iu«i\.u up a . u . -'-t,
rtMlUmfy jiro-ihuerg w:lH'Ucc % vbich has
curbed ua to bitterly already. Recognizing
but one institution in the State, and bar, one
ckmuit iu Statu Sovereignty—Slavery—
and r* girding only one class of men as
ucedh-gcr deserving protection—slaveown
er? —they arc eager to roergunizo Tennessee
under a mmumoiA -SAnrjWiVf. The next stop
would be to receive tveuty thousand or thir
ty the nsaudStUe militia, officered by ‘'Gal
\anizt cl” guerillas, after the fashion of Gov.
Gamble’s officers iu Missouri, whose sole bu
siness it would be to suppress “ radicalism.”
over the Shite, and if any little burning of
lairs should take place in Knoxville, or Sbcl
byvilic, or Greenville—why, it would teach
“transientadventurers and slapdash innova
tors,’Mo mind their owu business I There is
not a Sheriff, nor Mogis'rate, nor ollicer of
election iu any county iu Tennessee, and be
fore an election can be hold it will be neces
sary to appoint the agents and instruments
of"an election. The Louisville
as Ignorant as it Is impotent and Impadent,
talks of electing Congressmen in Tennessee,
not knowing that the State has not been dis
tricted, and therefore cannot elect Represen
tatives to Congress until this shall have been
done as required by the laws of the United
A State election will be held as soon as pos
sible, and it will be held by loyal mca,"aud
none but loyal men jinrrt .ovoer.t to
rafe 3n”. The uTcclun wiilbc lor the ben
efit of loyal men exclusively, whether they
ccn.Mitn.e two-third*, or one-third, o.r one
tenth of the voters of the State. The rltffit
ol r«.l els to re assume the control of the bai-
lot t* T will not bo recognized lor ouc mo
fecit. 'JLry will tc excluded at alt hazards.
Exciting Cliunc by a Pirate.
Cspt. Dillingham, of the ship Snow Squall,
*hicb arrived at-New York on Tuesday 1 ist,
jrom Penang, makes the following report:
July -8, lut. 30 deg. 6 min; and lea. 15 deg.
45 inn . capt Cape Hood Hone, bejirlng B.fi.
by E. Imif K., distant 100 miles, 3 1-4 o'clock
]>. m., made a sail ahead, with which no came
uprtrj rapidly, toon made her out to bo u
bnik flaming the game course as ourselves,
unctr whole to] sails. wo having royals ami
ten mot*,studding trails Ket: sot oar ensign,
which was answered by the American ensign;
we ran under her Leo lo speak to her; us we
anpnm hcd her we observed no name on her
ctci n, w hlch aroused our suspicious: wo wore
soon bailed, “where from nnd bound ?” which
Laving answered, wo itsked, ‘‘what ship,” and
received for reply, “heave lo and VII send a
boat alongside of you,” lo which we prompt
ly replied, “Ay. oy.” At tw* ««»ufcnt her
three itnrWuu h"** sero5 ero «l»cncd, and as
<»»**.> guns run out and upon us, wo being
about a ship’s length from her. Of course,
wo • ere now fully awnrooftbc character of
the ftmuger, nna having a smart ship under
foot, were fully resolved lo surrender only
when the Inst hope of efcape was gone: re
questing my wife to return to the c»bin, 1 or
dered the belm.hovo up, and all possible sail
made: the stranger now observing oar move
ments, tired a blank shot at us, wnlch having
no edict, was soon followed by a solid shot,
which fell short about tdirty feet. At the
Fame time the Confederate dag took the place
uf the Stars and Stripes; wo now shot ahead
ul lu r, when she made sail ss fast as possible,
m.d p»ve chase after us. It soon become bat
too apparent that she was too light for us,
being In pood ballast trim, while wo were
very deep; the wind, lu the meantime,becom
ing light red unsteady, with every propcct of
a calm We, therefore, on consultation,deem
ed 1: advisable to lighten the ship as the only
puEelblu chance to e«cape, and immediately
stove tcveral casks ol water, aud hove over
beat d a considerable quantity of provisions,
aud then reluctantly sacrificed a small portion
of the cargo. At about 6 o’clock the chase
swnrg broidtirte to and tired a shot at us, bat
without (fleet, and then continued the chase.
Soon after this, finding that we were distan
cing him, wo desisted Grom lightening the
ship, oil bonds uniting In thanking God for
His gracious ’deliverance.
Wtcn the great dancer of the city first be
gan to be realized, >mle the large majority
teemed to be cool and collected, there were
not n anting hundreds who become perfectly
frantic witli fright and excitement, Xater in
the afternoon,“too, a number became intoxi
cated. and added still more confusion to the
scene. , . .
A few mlnntcs after the commencement of
the fi>e two men engaged in a fight on A
street, in front of the Bulletin office. They,
mauled each other most unmercifully for
a few mlontcs, but were finally separated.
Billy O’Neil was working like a hero with
the hook and ladder company, when ho was
ordered by theforeman to fasten the grapples
to a small shanty cn Howard street, for tho
purpose of tearing it down. He commenced
, following the command, when a huge sped
[ men of human nature stepped up and ordered
him to desist. Informing him that the house
should not fail until it was burned down. A
gentleman stepped up, however, and drawing
.a Deringer, ordered the fellow to stand back,
which he did, and the grapples were fastened
andthehonse pulled down. , , ~ .
E, A. Protois was confined to ms bed in a
house, on A street, with a broken leg. - The
already at the house, when* some of
hlairlendsrnshed In and carried him out. In
ler»s than five minutes there was nothing but
r. mass of smouldering rains on the spot
where the house stood.
latr. Roe, Postmaster, received a severe
rash on the left arm, while removing thlnga
from tho post oflice, tearing It open in a
frightful manner. Ho was taken into A. O.
avdlrfirm parents'’ app®** w O6 very puauy Kirk & Co.’s ding store, and Dr. Hall acwod
in Bristol county, Massachusetts, se the fol- it up. ’
lowing from the report of the Board of It was rumored that a child three op four
Enrollment in that district will show : years of age, was burned to death In a house
wzcmnted as the only eons of widows,; tot on A street. Our informant stated, thatthiee
Only mm of aged and Infirm parent*., 30; \ TW eßdmQiing \0 sates the house
Personal.— Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Banks,
Central Dix, the Baron d’Ostersacken, (Con
sul General of Russia), Judge and. Mrs. and
Miss Roosevelt, and others, making up quite
a dibtingulshed party, yesterday visited the
Russian tteam-fiiga’e Osliba, now lying In
our harbor. They were Tery politely re
ceived by the officers of the vessel, who
showed them all over it, to the great admira
tion of the visitors, who were then invited to
partake ot a titfeuncr in the? officer’s cabin.
TLU was a very pleasant incident of the vis
it, cf course. Mr*. Lincoln toasted the Czar,
Captain Baubahoff replied fitly, and toasted
the President. Then the Consul toasted the
General, and the Army and the 2»ayy of the
I'nltcd SUtes, and the, General toasted those
of Russia. Last of all Hie Judge toasted both
rrovernneuts together, and expressed the
hope that “the current of friendship might
become closer.” This over, the guest* de
parted, under a salute to Gen. Dlx of fifteen
urn t>, and this pleusauv-llUle affilr was over.
:_jV. x. JZiyrtis. 17tf »«*4.
Great Fire in St. Joseph:,
Fire's, Bobberies, and Murders at
Virginia, N. T.
IFiom the St. Joseph Traveller, Extra, 18Tj.]
About one o'clock th!*, Friday, morning. a
Are broke out in John Martin's store, on the
north side of Water street. Tae building
need by parties from Chicago, for calming
peaches. The wind wa« blowing a perfect gale
from ihe northwest. Soon afeertbe fife broke
cut, the rain commenced descending in tor
reot*. Notwithstanding, the flames soon
conmmnicated to the building’ formerly oo
cupkd bv B. M. Springsteen, as a drug store,
but which at tbb time was used as a fruit
warehouse. Next, the Are swept acres* the
street and in a few moments the saloon and
ueidcnce of Fravk ConUn was In a sheet of
flumes. Simnlraneously with this, Michael
Havllu's saloon w;w discovered to be on lira
The building fl rmeily occupied by B. F.
Klog as a store, cow owned by John Martin,
and occupied lor peach canning, was about
the tame rime discovered to be on tire, and
was tutallv destroyed. The old store build
ing of J E. Steven?, corner of Ship aadS'ita
streets, ustd a* a furniture warehouse by Mr.
Stevtnt waeul-o destroyed. [ntbeupperatory
of tbii bolldlDu were t'\o tenants—Miciuel
lltivliu and W Forler. Moil nf the contents
oi tci» building was ravod. N**xt
cufl vl Conlan’s is the saloon of John Mar
gin? tlicu tie brick block <‘f John York, oc
cupl. ri by btarsua. ctftivrv store; next the
bail-shey if John Tore; ns- »ho 6:»lo-»n of
K. Ly.-MiUt; Cf>t the ohi bakery of Wm
iirjoii.rU; ;i.d n.« i twloasiim to
.loLi. n..vo,ii - 'tl by Ohsrlos P.i«et
;.a i i.uvrv rtwrli:,--: .11.3 :..jJolr,lf ß tiiisfiUa
(uiotuef ratnek rnisrao; and lastly, on the
CufCM* of Main hi><l .Vnicr rtree**, the build
ing Klnrging to Charles K'eigher, used as a
work shop. All thosn were otusamed with
rnoj-t of their contents. The • building of
Frank Gilbert on the north tide of the sired
and next to I*. G. Edwunis's fl »ur rail!, oc
cu] i« d as a shoo store and lu Hie b uecieut is
a billiard saloon was also destroyed. Sevetn!
limes the mill wan on tire, bat through the
tfl'orts of lhe flremen ard citizens, at'thi*
wrhivg, 4 o'clock a. ni,, there is reason to
believe it will be saved. Indeed, there is but
little oatger of its being burned. A* yet, we
are tumble to state with any degree of accu
racy tin* amount of damage unstained. Prob
ably $50,000 will cover the losses. At ten
o’cli ek tbia a. in. wc shall be able to give
further particulars.
[From the Virginia T-) Union, Aug. SWth.l
Y»6tordi»y Virginia was visited by one of
the most terrible dltastir* tbit ever befall it.
About 11 o’clock the bell on the top ot the
• bglri hon?c of No 1 peal-, d furib the start
liegslannof lire, CRUsetl by a demo volume
ot smoke being sti u issuing from a small
bouse on a street between Union street and
Sum n Avtuuc. A large portion of the city
h. e been bdo In ruliiß, and hundreds have
been deprived cf their only bouici.
The fire Is said to have originated in a car
pettier’* thop belonging to two Frenchmen
named Vorb. Sums matches were flaw to be
ignited by tome means, and thus caused the
coi IhgraticD. Reports, however, are contra
dicto-y as to the origin, but bo this as it may,
the lost was terrible.
the rum.
When re reached ilie tcctc of the conllv.
grallon, but o f?w mClients niter tb* bell was
nirg, the 'carpenter's thop aba?«: mentioned,
the ttalrway entering Louis Bache’a bathing
uoube lu the rear, un<i a i«rge pile of wood
Ijitg in the middle.of the atreet. were in
H-n.e*. The firemen were speedily on lund
with their enpims. but all ibe buildnigs dt
the Immediate vlcluiry being of wood’, all
ll.tir herculean effutta wore unable to stop
tb«sptogrws.of ihe devouring element. Starc
itig fioia this source tbc beat was lu a lew
btcoLuis 60 lateme that Ibe houues oq ibe
tame hide ol the street were speedily eovel ap
ed lu flames. A tremendous c ; . • d anon
jmtheicd, bouses were soon broken opea, fur
niture of all descriptions and value w;w car*
rled out, but was almostinvariably deposited
on that portion ol the street which me lire
was upproactung with terrific speed. Men
loaded down with clothes, beds, tables, «&3..
were rushing frantically In every direction,
and numerous job wagons,vainly endeavoring
to'penetrate too dense urns?, still more in*
creased the confusion. At the junction of A
aid Union streets, a large frame lodging
boose, on the west side of the former street,
caught on fire, and the fiamos wore immedi
ately communicated to .the houses la its re*r,
fronting on B street. • From tnis they spread
iu both directions until stopped by *he Court
House on tbc south, and a Urge brick build
ing adjoining Pat Lynch’s on the north. The
lincrua ioLalHottl,*£flstmau & George's Ma
sonic Blrck, and Mudln!* house, formerly the
eld San Francisco saloon, were la most ex
treme danger, the wooden cornices of too
firT. ; ifreTfro diiil
the libehil use of h’anketo ami water by the
eitl.iet'?. tht-y were saved, and the security of
U fct'tcl ihui* ensured. The flames, however,*
spread up A street, and, crossing Taylor
street, burned three large frame houses on
the wc.-t tide. The next house was so far
distant, that the heat could not affect It, and
by tbU means ouly *as thn further progress
of the flic fitrppr.d. The heat wo* so Intecse
during :l;c fire that it wu almost impossible
to pm? through A street from Taylor street
to Sutton avenue. About half past two
o'clock, however, the lliracs began to sub
side, and the gratifying fact was uQuouuced
that all danger waa* over.
Such » large portion of the city had been
burred, and to moch excitement reigned yes
terday evening that it was aluioct impossible
to find out the losses of the diff:rent individ
uals. We obtained a list of a few however,
and give them below ; Jacobs, proprietor cl
the Cheap John establishment, on"B street,
near the corner of Union, climates Iris loss
to be about 520,000; John Piper, proprietor
of this building and of the onu immediately
adjoining, lest about $15,000; B. F. Mores
and Dr. Cohen, the Jewish Rabbi, lost about
52,500 worth of furniture in a bouse on A
street, between Sutton avenue and Uclou
street; about 5000 worth of lumber, belong
ing to Bvnhatn *fc Heaton, vrasalso consumed; I
Smith & Co., proprietors of a cigar stand and
news ogency, in the Gould Curry Lunch
House, on B sticet, lost about SIOO. The sa
loon was burned down, the occupants incur
rirgalosr of about 5200. Mrs. Thomavoo,
on the west aide of A strict, lost about 5300
worth of furniture. Tue bonce of Mike
Lynch, on Stewart street, c night on tire, but
t> tb** I'crrfverlng efforts of ibe workmen lu
the G uld & Curry, of which Mike Lynch was
foreman, ft was saved. The new shaft house
of the Di«*k Sides Company, on Stewart
sticet, was also entirely destroyed,
llawloy & Moxlcy loat about s*oo
worth (Thimbu. —Harvey loft a house
and furniture on Howard street valued at
$2,000. horaccSmlth lost ahoatSl.OOO worth
of furniture and clothing. Charles Legato
lost SuCO worth ol furniture lu a d veiling
liuure on A street.and achop-honseonUnloii
•trcct, valued at SI,OOO. Fhmcdy dc Hall, pro
prietors of the Pioneer Laundry, on A struct,
estimate thtlr lo*t» to be about SI,OOO. Joseph
Loryc-i lost two houses ou A atreut. and some
furniture, the valuo ol which w l“ “oj-.ftjj
much fhnrt of »SUOO. TIM n*;'
liouso of James Wll,lf u / Taylor a.id
A streets pwied a few daysslJce at a coat
«»<• nearly $20,000, was a total loss. Imme
diately across the street from this, a two-story
frame house belonging to Mrs. Hickman was
entirely consumed; lossss,ooo. James Choi*
lon lost nbont S7OO worth of furniture In a
house on A strict. These are" all the particu
lars which we have been enabled to obtain in
regard to the losses. The total loss will not
fall in low, if it docs not exceed $500,000. A
largo amount of furniture, which was taken
into tbc street, was also burned, and the
owners will probably bo enabled to recover
only a small portion of that which was not,
Thr band of robbers, which have been In
festing our city for some time past, seemed to
bavcbce*u aroused In full numbers. Furniture
and other valuables disappeared in every
direction. One gentleman Informs us that
one of them entered his room and carried off
his wife’s gold watch while ho was looklngat
him, but he was so excited and so busied In
endeavoring to quiet his wife and throw out
his furniture, that he could not, or rather did
not, ptevent him.
while It was enveloped in flames in order to
cave the child, bat were prevented from ac
compMehing tbe rash act by men standing by,
Mrs. Vt oolej, however, informed ns this she
Lulu, dating the day, a anuii girl, fire or
rix years of age, supposed to be French.
This is probably thy same child supposed to
bar* been lost. Mrs, Wooley can bo found
at the Catholic Church.
The most terrible affray of all, however,
occur.-cd about three o'clock, after toe prin
cipal danger was over. Fire Comp mles No.*,
1 and 2 met at tbe lutersectisn of T»?lor and
C streets, and by come means became involv
ed Id a general row. We know cot the o*-Ig.
In c.f the difficulty, and care not. We know
thi? much, however, and we speak the senti
ments of nearly all who taw it—it was a
burning disgrace to the firemen of Virginia
and the wholii>cltv. All go *d citizens feel
ashamed of it, and we~ thick that the
participants themselves, after they be
come cool, will' deeply regret it.
Trumpets, sticks and C-ue»**a were freely
UFtd, and blood streamed from numerous
heads. The efforts of the t»olico to stop it
were at first futile, the Marshal himself re
ceiving a severe blow on the h*ad with aebib.
Finally, however, thej*mauaged to partially
quell It, and all toped that the disgraceful
scene was imced. a few of the c*iawud : »tg
parties still lingered aroend, however, railing
fiesh disturbances.
About 4 o'clock a man Trained Edward Rich
ardson was ahor, it is tupposvd o> John Cut
lun. Ho was immedintely carried into Rtcv
*fc Livermore’s drug *ti>re, bat died in less
tl ati thirty minutes. Decease 1 was a native
•of Dublin,-Ireland, about 5? vears-of age,
and was a werkman iu the Gould «!C Curry
Biiiie, which mine he had left but a few mo
ments before the difficulty occurred. Cullen
was arrested anti incarcerated in the county
jnll. This ended the riot, the majority of the
cuvwd leaving the scene. A few, however,
lingered around, and several more fight* oc
curred, but they were cencmllf stopped by
the police, or by bystanders, before much in
jury was dene.
A pariy was raised at one time to rescue
Cullen, and another to take him out and
mob him. A number ot clUzccs. however,
piuvsukd on them to forego their lateutious,
and both quietly separated.
Dosing me tight, 1. E Brokav, Foreman
N«>. i, was cut on the head and very severely
Ujnn d. Dr. Uottum also Ihtorms as tb.it he
drfSßtd the wounds of six persona. He con
siders uouc ot them, however, fulally injured.
Kcfrcttlimcxit* nr a VaUuodlsUsm
We have been, farnislM-d with the l‘o*h>w»ng
list of us tides shipped from this city—co «•
fcijtiM ii 10 a eai didtitc on the copperhead
ticket of.tbla con .ty—to alii In btlni'ihulag
Attendants ui the copperhead meeting at
RolleirVille, n few d lya ago:
Five b.inelh WhUky;
Four kins Llqnor;
Three barrels Ale;
One box Blrtera;
Two boxes Herring;
Om Cteetc.
—Totcfo JJtade.
Wei, l. Answered.—The Nashville rwnvi,
replying to a contempt nous remark of a Cop
perhead paper that “Sambo Is setting to he
of great Importance lu these latter days,"
say*: “The negro has been of great Impor
tance lor more than a generation, tie has
enabled a few aristoc;ati to rule the nation.
Ii« ha.i the cotton Stares their impor
tance. He has caused one foreign and one
civil war already, and ha* become at last 41 the
chief* orner-atouo of the Southern Confedera
cy.* Who will deny ‘ Samba’s’ Importance?"
sfrn; SAmtUtnunla
JST" L\ 33. Si'Kl fj’.:-. aU ifriulflu .tyx.-J. «;
Otcrfa-n .**.v<L I - ur'h.-wd fc neetre 'tire-? L*-*-
miit* far lAm arid oil ihs Umii&y •'Vbr.‘A ##s4 J *»«
W t-'o? Wxsti, Sale* £o«ri2 «r,
Wot* ttbiit, F»n m.*u Loos 5;c,„
Fonrtlb -JPufitt.
o^2otmiS ? HOM^f e sc,l;s - BE:,E7IT
ByMrc‘an'?Dispopand»'»T<*r«l eminent re*ldaat ar
n*i* Ore half the net xicelpts to se nivea to tie
eboTe casro.
iir geo Frogrammea. ■ relS-mT'CS*
ST. GEORGS.—An a.ljonrnc.l
meeting of Ifce bC <ten*2«*s Ucr.erol i«t A**ocl.a*
tlon.wDJbe held at their Hill ou MONDAY -SVFN.
ING. 6ef*t.-*lrt, j.Soji. Tlirre is buslncrs of great lm
ptriucc<ilH.f.)r* Hi* meeting, ano H !•» ibero
■FiU be*> la-goattendance. .1 AMES .JOHN.
eeBQ-ißft.it Recording Secret try.
E V 1«M ri>« . 1.„
£ picr.*i having . i -> wlib
WM LITTfiR. w«llTiPthOifl hlmsci'r»4ptni*l.»le for
nnv deMn contracted by *Sv LIT PLK. or tn« new
urraof ‘Vm. LUt.o & Co., msec aI"T the 7tudav of
dei‘»*ms*er. G-. A. 8 A«;i»KTr.
tUCfcjo, Sept 19th. IMS. ee?i>n2:iV
coksission mEacnvNry,
133 South Venter street* Chicago.
r.srsE to
C n. i»L«\in. Bncvcr. CbJcneo
H. I> BINSPaLK & CO., do.
aLK.X. SAJKhTT. Kfq.. C.Cveland. O.
ASA DOW. Esq.. BnlTiitO. N.-eeaO-nTI W
Lie Attorneys and rorNSTLi/ms at Lt*r.
UavlrgperTnarcntly located In Cbic*zo will practice
’.ni'eMaie and Federal Courts of Illinois L. True
bull wt:l a>o alterd to bnMaoes la tbs Sitonvne
Comtofth* United States at Washineton. Otacolfo
80 W- sM.-;}>tOD et.. bet. OlarVaod Dearborn Ch'csgo
PAINT BOXES !— 2,000 dozen of
JL Children's Palut uox43 for sale
AtT’KCGEOTS Wbole.mloTry House.
ec2C-:-8--2u>ft ids Laka nirsc*.
'*~ J tuk trade supplied
No fi Hoard cl trado Pl ~>clc.
AJOTICK. —The imdereisncd leaves
IN i- • &,*«!*?* for N>wYor*»*i*ilMloa.oa!m»l
pt“« *T.v:le« MnMnjrio procure loin on
recutita- or «:*hin2 to Fcurev cnote li LWc w>.
c .ViriTj.n M« •tfivjc’* fy muitlPi: »apltc.«.iii ui Jito
ofee. Uuoilo *vrcci. ccio!S*«
fielrt’f r r>< xC. P. i*. ttiANOHhoTfclt
Bl »,>r. 3»i Attorney Lay.
EVUNING, Sept. 21,
DUSJNIfSS. —A business man of
ierpj»l roar* cxp'rlruco, hevlnx from t) <W *,?
#3 CCO i»i command, *Uto«n to coo««et hlowtfwUh
Job.- GOOD cuncoin, ,wou M pt«»r io jy- A r ,j
Luans made on city heal
estate sncDi:ms9,
At the lo«*rt enrreat rates. We c*a m»ks a ley
jour-ton isvorsblc term*, lor choice hu;inw» er*ae:ty.
l(j'>LU-Stact L D, OLMsThU A CU,
■Wholesale Lamp and Oil Cealcr,
Hair Brushes,
Tooth Brushes,
Hail Brushes,
Hair Tonics,
Oriental Tooth Powder,
Lubins Perfumes, &c.
Dispensing and Family Chemists,
r'CO nfl-lt
Tr eo to rentjetbraaia aaSibwitute?,,lhr drafted men.
LARGE BOUKrT PAIO. cash In hand, anda.l cx
pentas paid. CaHatonseat-
119 South Wells Street
Fav* bow rscflvfd. for tba Pal Trade. a new stock
cf Watc*e*. eompru&g tt« mj&t ma*s iScaai M«or«- ;
not uf American and the xnoet natad For el c* *
mater*, sncb u Juboknakk. Patbk bt Avouc,
Fa-my. Jacott. Montandox aod Hxhxt Cons
toibsizb. which, for accuracy of ttajc-k«*plop. aro
ti>Mi.iHkfEßKisCl In kin. Gre4i ptitu gM bian
taken by ire lector Mr. GUea. lost returned front
Pnrope. to tare eased spin nwcoiacmt G Id ul '
I'lsmcod Sett.Enamelled asd Frosted Cares. so»a
flt'CDioieTnests. which are the acmlraUon of *'l who
bav t examined the stock ajcrbica.v aid racamv
2. it. ATrc c.is:--nj-o.i a aid
aca c. vec to cider for preaenudoa on most notice*
Diamonds, Jewelry and.
Fine Clocks,
Apeit* for American Clock Company and no tort*
South &. Cw’i cAlvsrat.d Piated If are, at l&Tijry
Matcfacinren cf Chicago Ooaunerdil GoldPta
Inrp-rtfr* of Watches sad Maaoffsctortcc Jewelerfc
u a*. Lake street.
V 5 feet correrof Lake *rrt Cllcton. No betterfeisf*?'
tet-gtancjoa iho West Side,
ltd fret oe C’a' k. tear aTf**ue
t-aterajSttjtl: r iara •treuL'jta
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Castom House street, S-m Orleans, La,
S§ Baiidolpu Su-ect, CLicago, fli^
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Single Door Piro Froof $ 50to$ 169.
Doable “ ’• “ *lB5 to $ 855.
Single “ Firo t Burglar $l4O to * 305,
DcnWo “ “ “ .8250 to 81250.
IS Lasalle Street. Chicago. Hl*
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Formerly BARRETT. KING <s CO„
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Wholesale Dealers In.
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A. Harvey, Sen & Co’s Dock,
Cc Tuesday*. Tharadays end. Saturday*
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BllKWS? BB,3tirsto street.up Btaln-ambo ityt*y-.
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tile PftVtir will oay a bounty ol twenty tt?e doUaxi**
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IT'YB AND BAR-—Dr. Under-
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staphyloma,/litulA.'W-bryjraUj. and
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Carbon and i-'erosena. oi3,
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1 halt.*' 300 VEILS SISECT^v
- .*a*niwaa«dros. %
" '■■ ’ "' ' '-Mi
27 Lalto StreoC
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