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- O’Connkix’s Address—The celebrated ad
dress of Daniel O'Connell, the great Irish Rspeal
Agitator, to the Cincinnati Repeal Association,
baa been published in pamphlet form, and can be
bad at $S per hundred. It is one of the most
«Ue, argumentative and convincing documents of
the present time, and should be placed in the
hands of every pro -elaverylte and Copperhead.
Address Tribune Coxtant.
North Side Union League.—'The mem
bers of this League will meet at their Hall this,
. Friday, evening. The meeting wilt commence at
, o'clock sharp. ■
Death of a Chicago Drummer.—Hina
Borlong, a drummer of Co. I,6th Missouri Intan*
try, died at the Regimental Hospital, Camp Sher
man, Hiss., on the 11th inst He was formerly a
resident of Chicago.
Killed bt a Guerilla Chief.— We bare
received from Capt McArthur, of Co. F, the an
nouncement that L. W. Lincoln of the Oth Illinois
Cavalry was killed In an engagement with the gue
rilla chief Tom Clark, while entering Montezuma,
Term., on the 15th inst.
Personal —Clark Gdb, erq., of this city,
tiro working Secretary of the Union Club, will be
found In a new role in die matrimonial depart
ment of our columns. Clark has exemplified bis
love of the Union, and we wish him and his lady
all the compliments In the new situation.
Notice.—The Board of Trade War Com
mittee's office will be open only on Friday and
Saturday afternoons, from two until five o'clock,
for this and ndxt week, In consequence of the ab
sence of the Secretary, who is visiting the army
at Chattanooga.
Chicago Budges fob the Government.
—A few days since L. B. Boomer, of this ctiy,
was awarded the contract for the construction of
a bridge across the Buxfnlng Water, on the Nash
ville and Chattanooga Railroad, at Bridgeport
Alabama, and has the principal part of the fram
ing already completed. The total length of the
bridge win be 600 feet.br which three spans of 160
feet each will be of Bowc'slow trues, with trcssel
work forming the approaches on either side. Mr.
Boomer sent elxty-two men to the above-named
locality, yesterday, via the Illinois Central Rail
road, to perp&re for the erection of the bridge
portions of which will beehipped In a few days.
A Prosperous Produce House.—Among
the many heavy produce housee or this city, the
house of Wm. Little A Co., South Water street,
occupies a prominent position. We noticed yes
terday eight country teams loaded with fresh
dairy butter, backed up to their store. They have
a dean, dry, well ventilated cellar—Jobt the placs
to show as well as to store butter. Hr. Little
attends personally to all sales, and ire can assure
those making consignments of produce of any
description, such as grain, flour, seeds, broom
com, sorghum, etc., etc., that they need look no
faither for safe, careful and experienced salesmen.
This film are doing an immense business, and
Tidily merit the success they arc enjoying.
Milwaukee Burglar Arrested.—Orin
Bralnard has been getting an honest living as a
drayman, is this city, for several months, and
might have continued so to do, forseveralmonths
longer, had he sot undertakes to “realize” on
•certain burglarious transactions In watches tfrwt
had transpired before he left Milwaukee, from
•which place be balled. Be was fatally
in imagining that the tone had come when he
might dispose of the watches in safety. He found
the watches he had stoics to be mere trifles com
pared with the watch that had been set upon bis
actions, and yesterday found him in consequence
<n TCAtU for Milwaukee, with a lively hope of the
penitentiary beyond.
Habsemask Medical College.—We have
received the fourth annual announcement of
Hahnemann Medical College, a neat pamphlet con
taining the names of its officers, faculty, students
and graduates. The institution appears to be In a
highly flourishing condition, and permanently lo
cated in Chicago. The course of studies in this
college embraces as wide a range of the positive
sciences. Including homoeopathy and all the
•other branches of a thorough medical and surgical
education as any first class Medical School in this
country. The professors are all residents of the
dty, in good repute as men of learning and abili
ty, and successful in practice. The next course of
lectures will commence in the college, 168 South
dark street, on the 12th of October. For further
information address A. E. Small, M. D., Dean of
the Faculty.
Chicago Mubecm.—For the last few night*
•one of those chaste and elegant exhibitions, alike
attractive to old and young, the learned and the
less-infoxmed, has been liberally patronized at the
Chicago Museum. The Blereoptican affords to
cultivated minds new sources of pleasure in re
viewing scenes made familiar to them by books.
To the traveller it recalls beauties which he has
travelled many a mile to see, and to all there are
familiar views that awaken emotions of fierce de
light. Mr. <3. B. Ross is the exhibitor here. The
storeoptican used Is the same that was first Intro,
duccd by him at tic "Royal Folyteonic Intltute”—
the invention of his brother, famous scientific in*
stiument maker in Loudon. It Is a powerful In
strument, and reveala every feature in scenery,
architecture, or statuary in the most perfect man
ner. Bo far it has attracted laige and fkshionale
A Bow.—Peter 17166, a drayman, got on a
tig drunk yesterday, and coming in collision with
a big four-bone team, at the comer of Sherman
and Polk streets, it occurred to him it would
be a nice Joke to compel its driver to suspend
business. So be seized the leaders by the bridle,
and held them fast, in spite of all rempnatrsTicps,
for three-quarters of an hour, the driver regarding
him as too ugly a customer to be assailed by any
other than verbal arguments. At length Wise's
attention was diverted from the team to Officer
Newton, but assisted by bis wife Theresa, **d
a kindred spirit named William Earle, he made a
formidable resistance, and was at last only sub
dued by the aid of Officer Swift, who up op
portunely. All the xioten were arrested, and will
probably And out before night, that the cost of a
spree is sot always to be measured by the price of
the whisky. •
Ax Awewjlbd Iktkudeb —John Hillard, a
resident, and, for aught we know, a very peace,
able, resident, of the suburbs, some tiaie about
.the “wee, sms' hours" of night before last, was
roused from the forgetfulness in which sleep had
Involved him by a terrible M knocking at the door."
Looking out of the window In a spirit of inquiry,
he witnessed a spectacle that perhaps can only
And its proximate parallel in the eight that greet
ed Macbeth’s eyes when he beheld Birnsm wood
•on Its approach to Bnnslnane. Hillard saw a
large piece of the corporation sidewalk, borne on
the shoulders of four sturdy men, vnafcing an ngly
effort- to enter his parlor windows endwise. It
was, however, too unwieldy a battering ram to be
effectual for any purpose hut breaking his win
dows, and this had been most thoroughly accom
plished. The assaulting party raised the siege
when they saw Hillard—that is, they dropped the
sidewalk and run.
Yesterday Hillard applied to the* Police Court
for redress. One of the rioters, Henry Hines by
name, was brought up in the monring, and, Justico
being somewhat sleepy, got off with three dollars.
But when the second one, George Frcipoth by
name, came up in the afternoon, he found the God
dess so wide awake that nothing short of twenty
dollars and costs would satisfy her demands.
Peobablt x Fatal Accident.—Mrs. Mary
Cooney, a widow lady, who lives with her son-in
law, at No. 244 Third Avenne, was severely in*
Jnred, yesterday, at the comer of Fourth Avenne
And Tajlor .streets. As she was crossing the
street, about half past seven in the morning, a
Mechanical Bakery team came round the corner
with a whirl, and before the old lady could get out
of the way, she was under the horses' feet. The
fore foot of one of the horses struck her on the
left side of the head and l ace. as she lay on the
, ground, breaking the bones of her face and eknll,
’crowding out her left eye from the socket, and re
ducing the flesh of her check to a complete
o! pulp, while his hind hooL planted in her side,
broke three of her ribs, and injured her severely
In other respects. She was taken home in a state
of Insensibility, and had exhibited, at the last ac
counts, no signs of consciousness. The physi
cians, Bis. Hercklc and Reitz Ingcr, who were Im
mediately called, fear that her injuries will prove
The habit of headlong driving, too prevalent in
this city, of the dangers of which this affair is a
terrible Illustration, cannot be too severely repre
hended, end it is to be hoped that the driver who
exhibited such reckless disregard of human life
win he prosecuted with the utmost rigor of the
law. • • • •
. Severe Gale Upon zee Lake.—Succeed
ing the excccdigcly mild weather of Wednesday,
the wind shifted to the northward about mid
night, blowing a stiff gale, lashing the lake into a
perfect fnry. The propeller J. Barber left St Jo
eepb, Mich*, abont 2 o’clock, with a cargo of
peaches, bound for this port. When she loft It
wvas blowing freshly, and the sea making fast, bat
trusting to the well tried qualities of his vessel,
Capt. Bobbins kept bis course. The gallant little
boat labored and strained, but every possible care
prevented any accident to her machinery, and,
•despite the waves which were tossed high upon
herders and impeded her progress, she “made
'-good weather of It,” as the sailors say. At one
time the water had accumulated in b*? fire-hold
.to the depth of about three feet, and np to within
•lx inches of tire fire under the boiler, the heavy
seas"washing over the deck, owing to her being
heavy laden and the sea very rough. About 800
baskets of peaches and twelve to fifteen
«tares were thrown overboard to lessen her cargo,
and she righted immediately and gave no more
trouble, and was soon pumped out. Our lntor
*vnast speaks In the highest complimentary terms
of Capt Bobbins, his engineers- and mates for
the skillful and careful manner in which the
voyage was made. The Barber arrived here aafe
ly abont half-past twelve yesterday afternoon,
having been ten hours coming from St. Joseph—
• distance of sixty five mfles—which, under the
circumstances, is not so bad a run as It might have
xiixi ciiAivo iim» "liivjjS OF
Although Chicago may boast one of the most
rapid and wonderful metropolitan advances re
corded in the of cities, although she ts
TMfWng mi rißi»r«niplnd paint in population and
a degree of prosperity and civic power unknown
to any city, in the short space of a quarter of a
century, we are Car behind every other locality in
the country in matters of public taste. Our
growth has been a rude, uncultivated one, meas
ured by dollar® and cents and huge piles of iron
brick and stone; a race of speculation, in which a
good many were distanced and a few'came out
successfully. But, we claim that Chicago la now
comparatively built; we have gotacity’s growth.
We have bouses to live in and ample accommoda
tion for the demand of onr traffic, gigantic as It
is. The avenues of wealth are open and broad.
Onrmarkethts a healthy development. Our ship
ping is well regulated and systematized. All the
foundations of trade, commerce and manufactur
es are laid, and the ritylsaflxedfactwithasmil
ing future open before it.
Bat while we have outstripped hundreds of
cities already gray and decrepit, we are far be
hind almost every other place In matters of public
adornment and taste, and In nothing Is this deficit
so wofnJJy shown, especially to the>tranger, as In
the matter of parks nnd drives. It Is a fact, as
tonishing as it may seem to people abroad, that
In this city of 150,000 souls, seven miles in length
by four in width there Is not to days single park
or drive. True we have cow pastures and rotten
plank roads dignified with these genteel names but
they are none the less cow pastures and rotten
plank roads and a shame to the repotation of the
Dearborn Park, a piece of ground a trifle larger
than one's handkerchief, stands to day, as It has
stood for years, with a few shriveled trees, with
out a flower, overgrown with rank weeds, the re
ceptacle of tin pans, dead animals and rubbish,
and without a single attraction to call any one to
it. Union Park, in the West Division, is in an
equally wretched plight Broken fences, dead and
stinted trees, cows and horses feeding at large
within the inclosoro make up Union Park, where
the opportunities for a beautiful pleasure resort
could not be better. The North Side Park Is
worse than a cow pasture. The Court House
Square, which of all others should be'adorned and
beautified, is a standing disgrace to the city. A
soil made up of gravel, mud, old bate, coal tar,
dead cats aid filth, into which are stuck some
crooked sticks, by courtesy called trees, some
miserable iron squirts through which a stream of
water, as large as • pipe stem, is elevated a few
inches and dignified with the name of fountains,
constitute the Court Bouse Square. Cows and
horses are allowed to graze the scanty crop of
brown grass at will. A board nailed to a stick, a
. foot in height, in one comer of the Square, is sup
posed to keep bipeds and quadrupeds offthegrass.
There are trees enough to be sure but they are or
all sizes, shapes and conditions, and the most of
them have passed the point of growth or farther
New York has its magnificent Central Park fill
ed with flowers, trees, vines, rocks, lakes and
every beautiful natural object, to which hare been
added artificial attractions, ministering to con*
stoutly increasing sensations of pleasure. Boston
has its breezy common, and patriarchal elms,
and beautiful public gardens; Portland, its splen
did parks; Quebec, Montreal, Cleveland and Buf
falo their pleasure grounds. Hardly a village or
hamlet In the land but has a certain portion of
ground set off and beautified for the enjoyment of
the people. Chicago alone stands without any re*
sort for her overworked inhabitants.
We are confessedly ahead in matters of busi
ness. Our commercial enterprise is acknowledged
by the older cities of the Fast, and envied by all
of our neighbors, and yet we are excelled by the
smallest village In the West in the means of af
fording pleasure to our people. We have the
grounda, why not improve them, when so small
an appropriation would serve to fhrnlsb us beauti*
fill places of resort ? In years to come they wil
prove Edens in our busy city—places of retire
ment from the din and hustle of the great city,
where wearied workmen may rest, and the op
pressed breathe pure air.
We can hardly measure the beneficent Influ
ences which will be exerted by these porks when
improved. Our aristocrats will gain in health,
children will have a play ground, the poorer
classes, instead of spending their leisure mo
merits at the dram shop, will turn to the green
swards, beautiful walks and flowers, and the en
joyment of these many attractions will have a
most wonderful effect to refine and ennoble. We
shall hear of fewer rows and lights, less intoxica
tion and smaller dockets at the Police Court. And
while we are in favor of the improvement of the
parks we have, we are also in favor of Chicago’s
possessing a large distinctive one which may be a
place of general resort. There Is plenty of land
in the southern part of the city, for instance the
Egan dale estate and adjacent property, stretching
through to the Lake, having great natural advan*
tagee, and admirably adapted for these purposes
hut let ns have the improvement of those we al
ready own, first, and let the great park ofCnicago
follow after. In this connection we are glad to
learn that prominent citizens of the West Divi.
sion, impatient at the tardy operations of the City
Fathers, have determined to Improve Union Park
thimsclves If the CityGovcrnment will not do It*
and are already in consultation with a landscape
gardener as to the cost of laying out the Park
properly, beautifying it with trees, flowers and
fountains, and making It a pleasurable place of re
sort instead of a cow pasture. Will not the Com
mon Council follow the good example set them,
and at once convert these grounds into pl&css
which shall he an honor as well as a blessing
to this dty?
But it is not alone in Parks that Chicago is
deficient There Ifl a total lack of carriage drives
leading from the city. From its centre radiate to
every point of the compass, sandy, muddy, cordn
royed roads, full of ruts and broken planks, upon
v> hlch nobody will trust a carriage. At one season
of the year horses sink to their fetlocks, and bro
ken azletrees are the penalties of attempting to
drive out of the city. At another season, ruts,
hobbles and hillocks absolutely preclude travel,
and the consequence Is that an pleasure driving Is
confined to a brief portion of Michigan avenue,
which is already getting out of order, consequent
upon excess of travel. We want roads leading
from every division of the city, which shall always
be in passable order. The result will he, that In
place of Jockeys and rowdies driving boisterously
on the Avenne,and crowding off citizens who wish
to treat their families to a ride, every one w&l have
room enough for Mb turnout, and thus another
avenne to health and pleasure will be afforded.
We do not refer to these things purely as mat
ters of taste, but of necessity.. What would New
York be without Its Park and Bloomlngdalo drive,
or Boston without its Common and Mt. Auburn
drive 5 Upon the score of health and morality
we need and demand these resorts, and now is the
time these claims should be met Without them
we are not.only behind the great cities and towns
in the march of improvement, hot we are neglect
ing a work dee to our children and posterity.
Honey is now plenty, and no better opportunity
win offer itself. Win not our citizens move in
this matter, and give expression to their views in
such a manner as to impress the Council with the
importance of attending to the work at once?
Employ competent landscape gardeners. Let ns
have the trees and flowers, and walks. Let us
have a place where we can retire from business
acd rest; where the young may indulge in vigor
ous spoils—a privilege they are now debarred
from—and where the poorer classes may enjoy the
beauty of nature, the only beauty which ever
meets their eyes. Its effect will be a decrease of
mortuary lists, and ennobling and refining to us
ah. We xfinst no longer bo behind other cities in
this respect. Will not our citizens pause a min
ute from the demands of epecnlation and trade,
and give some thought to this ah important sub*
jeet, and will not the Council, as representing our
citizens, second them in their endeavors by giving
a practical hearing to the views of the people ?
Widening of Benbcu Street
A barefaced, swindle, as we regard it, la about be
ing perpetrated npon the city and certain city
property owners of the West Division, a history
of which wc propose to give. It can not be pos
sible that the Bepubllcan members of tho Council
were an are of the real character of the ordinance
that passed at the last meeting providing for the
widening of Benben street at its intersection with
West Lake street.’*
• About ten years ago, (Dec. JSS9) S. SI Hayes and
W. S. Johnson conveyed to the city of Chicago
ten seres of land, apart of lot D, block A, lying
between Lake and Warren streets, and fronting
towards the west, on Benben street. This was a
portion of Wright's Addition, and is now embrac*
ed in whatls known as “Union Park.** Tho op
portunity to dispose of tho property at -a good
price, to a good customer, was improved. The
purchase was understood as perfecting the title in
the city, to what is now known as Union Park
and the property was improved at the expense or
the city—the Park was fenced and ornamented,
sidewalks laid, and the usual guttering and grad
ing done. Now, after a lapse of ten years from
the original purchase and dedication of the prop.
crtyforaPark, and after Benben street has for
many years been need as a thoroughfare, and im
proved as a street, one Mr. Bond, supposed to re*
side somewhere in Indiana, claims to have a title
from 8.8. Bayes, for a little piece of land lying
in Benben street, 183 feet long by 21 In width,
running to the centra of Lake street —leaving a
space in Benben street along the sidewalk, nine
feet wide, between the property claimed and the
west (fenced) line of the Park. Mr. Bond, (proba
bly acting as cats-paw for Bayes) presents this
claim for this bit of land in a public street, and by
some hocus-pocus arrangement, an ordinance was
passed at tho last meeting of tho Council author
izing ** the-widening of Benben street at its In
tcreectlon with West Lake street.*’ The property
owners along Benben street will hardly realize the
full intent of this “widening” process until they
arc heavily assessed to pay Hr. Bond (Mr. Bayes)
the handsome sum which the improve
ment of their property -during the
past ten years has emboldened him to
demand tier this portion' of. the public
etreet. 6? conn. this strip was of no practictl
uee to any one for Improvement, but valuable to
hold, subject to purchase bj the city at a good
round advance, materially augmented by the im
provements stimulated in the vicinity on account
of this Park. We can readily imagine the ear*
prise of the property holders and citizens In that
vicinity, some of whom have lived there for many
years, to learn that they and the city have to the
present time been trespassers—that every team or
individual that has passed along the south side of
Lake, or the east side of Reuben street, has been
running over land belonging to. Wm. Hays, and
that the city has been spending money In improv
ing property it had no interest la whatever. We
are loth to believe that the affairs of the city were
ever managed by a Common Council who would
make such an egregious blunder as to purchase
seventeen acres of land for a Park, with one cor
ner extending to within twenty-four feet of a pub
lic street, and wc believe Mr Hayes too shrewd a
business man •to reserve or tinker up title to
snch a strip, unless this was one of his deep laid
plars, for the consummation of which he has wait*
ed for assistance from his Copperhead friends.
But from the published proceedings of the
Common CouncO, we Infer the prayer has been
granted, and ttat Reuben street is to be “widen
ed,” and Hr. Bond's (?) pocket lengthened by the
There is a decision in a case somewhat similar,
that will interest those who will be assessed to pay
for this strip ofland, npon which the city and the
public hare so long been trespassers.
The City School Fund owns block 142, of school
sectlcn, lying cast Rom, and opposite the Poet
Office. Dearborn street did not originally extend
south of Madison street, but for the convenience
of the lesees of the property, the School Agent
threw open a street forty feet in width—a continu
ation of Dearborn street from Madison to Monroe.
The Court decided that the thoroughfare thus
opened belween Madison and Monroe is a street
by dedication, and having for some time been
nsceLfor a thoroughfare, is ever hereafter to be
considered as a public street.
Little M Wabafh Fuller, who owns property
opposite, which formerly was considered as
fronting on Madison street, to profit br dc‘
clston has turned his lots around, and nowhas 190
feet of frontage on Dearborn, instead of 90 on
Madison, and claims heavy damages from the city,
In case they condemn forty feet of his lots, for the*
widening of Dearborn street.
What reason Is there that the same decision
should not apply to Reuben street ? It has been
laid off the same uniform width, graded and im
proved, and used as a public thoroughfare for
years; Is laid down ol uniform width npon sever
al city maps of different dates, some of which
have been officially endorsed by the city authori
ties, and if there be any one sufficiently interested
to carry the matter before the proper tribunal,
the bottom will fall out of this dirty scheme to
gouge a few thousands out of the city for party
purposes, and Reuben street will be decided to be
“Reuben street,” and not private property. Let
the “ widening” process be sounded, and ascer
tain its depth. Bayes and Fuller arc of the same
political party and sympathy, and Hr. Hayes on
the West Side should be governed by the same
derision that Fuller so eagerly embraces on the
South Side. 41 What is sauce for the goose should
be sauce for the gander.” We trust the property
holders opposite Union Park “ know their rights;
and knowing, dare maintain them.”
If this proceeding be sanctioned, who dare pre
dict what demand will next be 'made. The prop
erty owners should have no more cause for sur
prise if Mr. Sherman should claim pay for half
of Clark and Randolph streets in front of the
Sherman Bouse, than have the West Siders who
are now asked to pay. for Reuben street This
matter will bear investigation.
Soldiers 9 Aid Beport.
The Ladies' Soldiers* Aid Society of First Bap
tist Church, Chicago, beg leave to present their
report for the six months ending September Ist.
While they would gratefully acknowledge the
kindness of all, they would particularly mention
Mr. Chittenden, of Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Ma_
chines; Mr. T. S. Arthur and officers of the Illi
nois Central B.B.; Mr. Wentworth. Mr. Sargent
and Mr. Bigelow, of the Michigan Southern R. R.;
Mr. A. Holliday, of the Pittsburgh and Fort Wayno
R. It; and Mr. S. W. Chapman, of the Cincinnati
and Chicago Air Line R.R. Through the liber
ality of these gentlemen, thlrty-elght boxes of
sanitary stores, including nine boxes for refugees,
have been passed free of charge to their several
We are also under obligation to Mr. Hoard, pro
prietorof M-.trepoUtanHall; Mr.Hedstrom, Mr
H. Boggs, and Mr. Williams; also to the proprie
tors of the dty railways.
The following donations have been gratefully
Gale Brothers, 10gals choice wine; Mr. Laflio.
184 qre letter paper and 24 pkgs envelopes: Mr.
Jae.M. Elndley, groceries, $5; Messrs. Goodman
A Cushing, bill, £3; Messrs. R AO.HUier.fll.us:
Hall, Klmbark A Co, $3.09; Mr. DoolcyT *1;
Messrs. Barnett A Murray, 75c; Mrs. Carter. 4
cans tomatoes; Mrs. Higgins, 4 gals pickled cu
cumbers and peppers, 6 cans preserved peaches
and plums; Mrs. Burroughs, 2 bn onions. S do
parsnips. 6 sals pickles; Mrs. Maker. 1 pickle
keg; Mr. Mcßride, 1 doz cabbages; Mr.
Burt, 1 pickle keg; Mr. Rudder, X E>
doves, X fi> mustard; Mr. Leavitt, b lbs
butter; Mrs. Everts, 4 lbs tea; Mrs. Tamer,
8 lbs tea, 1 gal preserved peaches; Miss J. Baldwin,
1 gal peaches, Ido pickles; Mrs. Hayes, 10 doz.
biscuit; Mrs.Ellis.6gal milk; Mrs. Bogs, tea.
crackers, cake and biscuit; Mrs. Bellamy, 8 gal
vinegar; Mrs. Freer, 80 nos Harpers. 3 nos Dick
ens ; Mrs. E. S. Smith, Sdz bottles ; Mrs. Wright.
12 doz fruit cans, Ijf brl apples; Mrs. Shcplcy. 2
yds carpeting, 1 barrel; Mrs. Van Wyck, cotton
batting, 6 cans pickled and preserved cucumbers
and peach, 6 hair brushes, 33 lbs dried apples;
Mr. Burr,lyd carpeting; Mrs. Burgess, Si nos
choice periodicals; Mrs. Shepherd, 31 nos Atlan
tic, Harpers’ and Dickens, 1 Baptist manual'
Mrs. Shuman, 6 choice bound volumes, IS Chicago
£vevinff Journal*; Downs A Co., 10 paper boxes;
Mr. Loomis, 32 do; Mr. Lleues.4do: Mr, Tits
worth, 2 packing boxes; Mr. Goodman, 6 do.;
Mrs. Dickinson,Jelly; Mrs, Kellogg, 12 lbs dried
entrants, 2# quarts blackberry, cordial; Mrs.
Woodworth, 80 lbs ginger, box bard biscuit, box
plain cake, box cookies, 8 lbs butter, 38 lbs dried
bet-f, 105 tana pickled and preserved peach and
plum, postage stamps, periodicals and books, cur
rant jelly, tomatoes, 4 gaL vinegar, IX yard car
pi ting; Mr. Goodman, 80 numbers Christian
Times', Mrs. WUson, 2 dozen fruit cans; Mrs.
Shaw, large roll worn cotton; Mrs. A. Foster, 6
gallons pickled cucumbers and onions; Mrs.
•wen, 8 lbs rice, 3 lbs com starch, 8 lbs
farina, 1 tb pepper, 17 numbers Good Tern
liars', Harpers' , etc., 3 bound volumes;
Mr. Char.es £, Bums. 8 bound books,
937 nos., choice periodicals and Illustrated pa
pers ; Mrs. Peters, 3 cans tomatoes, stockings,
sleeping caps, lemons, cakes, sugar, etc.: Mr.
Wilder, 1 vol. Dana's Geology; Mra. Jas. Long,
pickles, Jam, tea. Jelly, engar, catsup, medicines,
preserves, candles, thread, needles, bartons, tow
els. soap, blankets, stocklns, shuts, bandages,
etc ,lame box clothing for refugees; MrsTßel
lamy.p DOies, value $76; Mrs. Far well, Jl box,
value S4O; Mrs. Maple, 6 boxes, value $161; Mrs.
Jacobs, 1 box, value SSO; T. U. C. Association,
per Rev. Q. 8. F. Savage, 536 paper hound vols.,
6 doth hound vols, nos. choice papers; Mrs.
Wright, 7 doz. bottles.
The following are Included in the contents of
boxes not enumerated above:
228 lbs ginger snaps, 6594 lbs sod) crackers, 152
lbs white sugar, 983 lbs corn starch, 10 lbs cream
tartar, 208 lbs cod fish, 57 lbs blackberries, 74 S»s
butter, 448 lbs dried aupled and peaches. 45 lbs
dried beef, 48 lbs tea, is lbs tapioca, SO lbs pearl
eago,Sßlbsp. barley, S lbs farina. SO lbs castUc
soap, 5 lbs elm bark, 4# lbs liquorice root. 2# lbs
nutmegs, 7 lbs Bermndab arrow root, 3 boxes
lemons, 26 cans concentrated milk, 10 qts Bay
rum, S qts cologne, 7 qte strawberry wine, 5 qts
camphor, ISO bandages, 16 sponges, 4 hair brashes,
14 boxes mustard, 24 boxes pepper, 33 prs drawers,
S3 prs socks, 38 prs slippers, 30 combs, large pkgs
linen and cotton, 64 needle books, 57 pillow cases,
2 lbs adhesive plaster, 56 qts canned fruits,l6 Can
ton flannel shirts. 7 vests, S5 shirts, 8 towels, 4
feather pillows, 2 hair do, 110 flannel bands, S
bound books, 24 Independents, 50 Nos. Christian
Times, 72 Nos. Harper, 58 Nos. Illustrated Lon
don News.
it money have been re-
The following sums
Hr. Foster 5 00
Mrs. Daffield 8.00
Mrs. E. Foster... 8.00
Mrs. Davis 60
Mr. Arthur 7.60
Hr. Bead 2 00
Mrs. Emits 1.85
Mrs. Harvey 6.05
Mrs. Puller 6.00
Mrs. J. A Smith. B.OQ
Members'dues... 13.71
CoU. at Ist Bap
list Chnrch.. ..$182.20
Hr. Wilder. 122.00
Mr. Kelly 62.00
Mrs. Chapin 10.C0
Mr. Brown 10.00
Mrs. A. Foster... 2.25
Mrs. Wilson 1.80
Hr.Dowe 6.00
Urs.Nicholas.... 2.00
Mrs. Tappan.
Mrs. Tyler...
Letters of acknowledgment have been received
from Chaplain Raymond, of theSlst Illinois; Bev.‘
Jeremiah Porter, Chaplain, of Chicago; Brigade
Surgeon C. N. EUinwood; It, J. Collins, Assistant
Surgeon of the 4Sd Illinois; E. H. Bowman, Bu
rgeon of the S7th Illinois; Surgeon BcdJ. Wood
ward, of the S2d Illinois; Capt. HcClung, of the
82d Illlro’s; Col.Samuelß. Raymond, of theSlst
Passing Away,
The old wooden dwelling known as the Wright
house, and situated on Michigan Arenac, just
eoaih of Madison street, has been removed to give
place to an elegant block of three marble front
dwellings to be erected there, for James H., George
S. end Chauncey T. Bowen. The old house was
the first frame building erected on Michigan Are*
nne, and haring weathered the storms of so many
winters, has at last to girewayto the march of
improrement. So, one after another, pass away
the early landmarks of the times that were, in the
history of oar city. The dwellings of the Messrs.
Bowen are to be first class in orcry respect, swell
fronts, three foil stories besides basement and at
tic. They will form a fine addition to the beauti
ful residences which already adorn Michigan Av
New Organ for Masonic Temple.—Ori
ental Lodge, F. and A. M, have recently ordered a
new organ for their hall in Masonic Hal!. The
contract has been given to the Messrs. Pilcher, of
this city, and Is to be completed abont the mid
dle of November. The organ Is to be contained
In a gothic case of black walnut, finished in oil.
We are glad 'to note the encouragement with
which all branches of trade and manufactures arc
met by onr citizens; for It is only by a manifesta
tion of our own confidence in home enterprise
that we can hope to obtain the confidence and pa
tronage of the surrounding country and thus as*
slat in building np onr great metropolis. We
learn fbat the Messrs. Pilcher—besides the organ
noticed above, and the large Instrument now in
progress for the new Unitarian Church on Wabash
avenue, to which we have before alluded—have an
organ in hand lor St. James* Church, Milwaukee
and another for Janesville, Wls. : 1
Presentation.—Col. c. V. De Land, the
popular and efficient commandant at Camp Dong-
Us, was last evening the recipient of a very hand
some watch, presented by the commissioned offi
cers of his regiment of Michigan Sharpshooters,
as a token of their respect and esteem. The watch
was from the well known jewelry establishment
of GOcs, Bro. & Co., 142 Lake street, gotten up In
their usual beautiful style of workmanship.
Death or an Editor. —The Times of yes
terday announces the probable death of Warren
P. Isham, formerly city editor, and later army cor
respondent of that paper. Be is supposed to have
been one of the victims of the Sunbeam disaster.
Ukxeb tub Bensbus Law.—A lease was
precepted as evidence, in a trial before Justice
DeWolft, yesterday, with a stamp whose date on
the face corresponded with'the date of the lustra
meat, bat which (was as shown by proof aHundf,
wee not affixed when the lease was made. Now
coder that portion of the revenue law relating to
stamps Ihetohsve been two relieving acts partly
caused, we suppose, by the difficulty of distribut
ing stamps In sufficient numbers to meet the re*
qniioments of the law. By the first of these sets,
as Instrument executed before the let of Janaary,
IFCB, might bo received In evidence, though not
stamped at tfae time of making, provided the
stamp had been affixed subsequently. Or the
party interested in it might put on the stamp at
the trial, paying In both these'cases five doliara,
smart money. By the second of these relieving
acta, passed tholst of March last. Instruments ex
ecuted at any time between the date of its pas*
sage and the first of June, 1663, and not stamped
at the time of ezecniioo, could have stamps sub
sequently affixed to them “as heretofore provid
ed by law.** The instrument in question was ex
ecuted daring the last mentioned Interval, and the
point raised was whether under the words "as
Juretafore provided by law" the negligent party
who desired to affix a stamp mast pay fire dollars
for the privilege as under the Asrs/q/breprovlslons
be would have bees compelled to do. The point
was reftrredby the litigants, at the Instance of
the Justice, to Commissioner Snyder, who decid
ed it in the negative.
Detection' op Pickpockets.—The advan
tage of the photograph system to the police was
illustrated In an Incident which took place yester
day. One of the city detectives noticed behind a
tumbler in a saloon on Dearborn street, a counte
nance which he thought he recognized as that of
a cotorions New Tork pick-pocket whose linea
ments had been on file among the archives of the
central station for several years. Taking pains to
assure himself of the identity by a reexamination
of the picture, he brought back to the saloon suffi
cient force to capture not only the New Torker
afpreeald, hot two gentlemen in his company of
the most approved fancy stripe, only a shade less
distinguished than he of the photograph counten
ance. This trio were taken to the etation and af
fectionately advised to leave the city by the next
train; advice which ere this they have no donht
acted upon. With great politeness, however, they
left behind them, freshly taken, carta <Je visite
which may be of use on a future occaslon-
Secure Tour "Winter FcßL.—Thebleak,
drear wlndeand chilly atmosphere of thopastfew
days reminds ns that “the melancholy days have
come," and suggest many provisions necessary
for keeping the Frost King at bay. Prominent
amoxg the articles to bo procured for winter, are
woodsnd cook Those residing on the North and
West Sides, will consult their convenience as well
as their interests by ordering their fuel from
De Clerq A Brother, who have extensive
wood and coal yards at 220 Market street, and
at the Burlington Railroad crossing on State
street, where they keep all kinds of both wood and
coal, and sell as low as any other dealers. They
will furnish wood sawed and split (by steam)
cheaper than the purchaser can have the wood
‘prepared. Those who hare not yet procured their
supply for winter wUlgovcm themselves accord*
Prosperity op Western Railroads.—
The earnings of the Chicago and Northwestern
Hallway for the past three weeks In September,
were $110,64312; corresponding period In 1662,
$64,560.23, showing an increase of $46,073.89.
\Vlththc Mississippi River so low tfaatthisroad
has not had the benefit of carrying any grain from
that section of the country, the above receipts and
handsome increase are certainly astonishing,
especially for war times. The increase of receipts
on the Galena Railroad la no less cheering,
amounting to $25,100.85 for the week, from Sept.
ICth to the 32d, over the business done the same
week last year.
Ordinance Concerning Railroads.—The
ordinance passed recently, restricting the handling
of locomotives Inside the city limits, to certain
rales, went into operation yesterday. As its pro
visions arc of equal interest to our citizens and
the railroad companies, as regards the safety of
life and limb, we appends synopsis ofits principal
«No railroad company shall allow tho whistle of
any locomotive engine to be sounded within the
limits of the city of Chicago, except necessary
brake signals, and as may be absolutely necessary
to prevent injury to persons and property.
None of the cylinder apertures shall bo opened
for the escape of steam while the engine is on or
in immediate proximity to any street or railroad
crossing in tho city; except when standing and
daring the three first revolutions of the driving
wheel succeeding the start.
The bell of each locomotive engine shall be
rang continually while running within the limits
of the space bounded on the sontb by the north
line of Thirty-first street; on the west, by Reuben
street, and on the north by Asylum place.
All railroad companies whose tracks cross any
of the principal streets of the city, approaching
any bridge across tho Chicago River, shall, when
any such street approaching any bridge is crossed
by any snch railroad track at any point within one
mile from either end of any bridge, keep at snch
crossing a flag man, who shall at all times keep
watch lor the trains to prevent accidents.
Larcenies.—The following cases were ex
amined at the Police Court, and held for the Re.
cordtr under hail: John Powers, for stealing S2O
worth of clothing from Delia Allen, 353 South
Wells street—s4oo hall. Mary Gross—as gross by
nature as by name—for stealing a ten dollar watch
from Chris. Votpal, 103 West Lake street—s2oo
bail. Patrick Farmer, fora slmllartbefbpracticed
upon Mrs. Tobin—watch worth s3o—s4oo ball.
Another Bobbery ox Wells Street.—A
man named Kane was attacked on Wells street,
Tuesday night, by a couple of fellows in disguise
who threw him down, rifled his pockets of sssj
and escaped. Another man la reported to have
been attacked and robbed of $22 In the same
vicinity, on the previous night.
Camp Douglas Matters.—Companies F
andH, of the Csth Illinois regiment, left last eve
ning via Cincinnati Air-Lino R. R.
Twelve hundred and fifty prisoners, taken by
Burnside In Tennessee, arrived last evening.
About twelve hundred more arc expected to-mor
Attention C. L. G.—There will be a meet
ing to-night of this Company at their Armory at
}i past 7 o'clock sharp, per order of
John A. Wilson,
Ist Lieut. Cam’dg Co,
A Note from Mr, Hackctt.
Tuenost House, Thursday, Sept. 24.
Mr. Editor.—Will yon allow me space in yonr
columns to answer a writer, signing, “ A New
York Merchant of Forty Tears Ago;” and assnre
him that I am ” tbe Backet who became consplcu*
ous as a young and bold operator In New York, in
the opring of 2835, by foretelling before their arri
val tbe only two cargoes of a choice brand of Hoi*
land gin from which tho combined fraternity of
Front street dealers had confidently expected to
pnrehaso and divide, and supply tnclr city and
country customers, and who, oy such monopoly of
the importation, forad them all to come and pay
hlmajrrq/fr upon their respective requirements
that season.”
Sly residence then was in Broadway, facing tho
Bowling Green—my sign, Jos. 11. llaekeU , over
the door of the warehouse, 123 Front street ; the
identical spot now covered by the new atoro house
of SCurge*, Bennett & Co., Aew York.
Yours, respectfully.
A Card*
1 take pleasure in acknowledging the very
prompt payment of the insurance on the life of
the late Frauds A. Higgins, of Chicago, insured
in tho iEtna Life Insurance Company or Hartford,
Connecticut, under Policy No. 5,452, for two
thousand dollars. As soon as the proofs of death
could bo made, tbe loss was adjusted by their gen
eral agent, T. B. Lacey, M.D., of Chicago, and I
only do justice to the Company, in saying that
every facility was afforded by their agent In adjust
ing the proofs and paying the loss before due. 1
moat cheerfully recommend the Company fer its
Promptness, liberality, and gentlemanly manner
n which the whole matter was managed.
W. W. Boynton, Attorney for Hr. Higgle*.
Chicago, Sept. 24,1869.
Omen of tbe Life Ins. Co.,}
with Hubbard & Hunt, |-
No. 1, Loomis Block. )
Mr. Higgins was in our employ for some length
of time, andbyhla industry and fhlthfhlnesa we
became much attached to him, and take great in
terest in his affaire. Wo arc knowing to tho
prompt payment of the insurance on his life by
the riitna Life Insurance Company of Hartford,
Conn., and take this opportunity to add our praise
to the prompt adjustment of tho matter.
Tho zEtna Life Is truly a gallant company.
Pollock & Doans,
189 and 191 South Water street.
Chicago, Bept- £4,1863. •
Burnett’s Flavoring Extracts.
The Ladies shocld know all about Barnett's
Ealliston, for tho complexion.
Burnett's Cocoaxns.—No other preparation
so exactly suit the various conditions of tho
human hair.
Burnett's preparations go among tbe best
dass of people, and are pronounced incomparable.
Burnett's Flobimsl is an exquisite Handker
chief perfume. se3s-lt
Dn. B. and J. Hunter* of Now York*
Physicians forDlseascs of tho Xliront
and Lungs, 184 South Clark Street.
Chicago Near Post Office, Corner of
Hon roc. .
Dr. Jamca Hunter, in charge of the Chicago
office, at the above address, would respectfully
caution tbe public against the supposition that he
is in any way connected with a person practicing
under the name of " Dr. Hunter,” on Randolph
street, in this city, his only office at present being
aa above. 184 South Clark street.
Office hours from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. dally. Ad
dress letters to Drs. R. & J. Hunter, Box 6976,
Chicago. ac23-4t
Monthly” for October contains
Charles Sumner's article on "Our Domestic Re
lations.” For sale at McNally & Co.’s, 81 Dear*
born street.
f. E. Rigby, 89 Randolph street, is eeltlng
Paper Aangings and Window Shades at New York
pricea,atwboreealeandretaU. The trade supplied
on the most liberal terms. ee94-lw
Gas Fixtures, Gab largest
and richest assortment in the city. Call and ex*
amine. J. Wingbavb, Jb., & Co.,
stSMOt 84 Randolph street.
Go to the Best— Go to Bryant & Stratton s
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
practical business education. For circulars ad
dress (enclosing stamps) Bryant & Stratton,
Chicago, HUnoS.
Pr Nervous Diseases and Physical Debility,
arising from Specific causes, in both sexes—new
axifl reliable treatment. In reports of the Howard
Association—sent in sealed letter envelope free of
charge. Address, Dr. J. Bkilim Houghton, How
ard As social lonjNo. S South Ninth street Phila
delphia. Pa- au3l-Sm
Sr. Louts, Sept.There was a decline, with sales
of 250 brla by one flealerla lots at |3/5 r brl. We
quote G. A. at $2.70 V sack.
Baltimore, Sept. 22 —Sack U la good demand from
store at 9L9TQ195 for eround alum and $2.50 for oral
nary brands of fine. Nothing qolnglabult.
CxxcnrKATi, Sept. 28.—The market has not changed
The demand for domestic la fair at 50®53c. Turks
Island we quote at 68c, and coarse Liverpool at 13.5)
Xake salt has advanced in the markets north of hero
, •PrreoiT.Sept a.—Advanced to $3.45 for Onondaga
fine and t3£o for coarse, ftom dock. Cartage, 8c
TinmfnaT Kvzutno. s *pt.3l. 1365.
The supply of Eastern exchange ceatlauei aheal of
the demand, sad rates rule du 1 st par baying and H
pci cent. pram. selling.
Tte gold eon:ard Is unsettle*, and tho tenlemy *b
dovnwar/s. There la bat ft very llrallel Inquiry In
rilsmarket, and the brokers are paying only 1313
l?Ctf. in New York, goli oaoiea early at 137 X, then
fell to irOX, rallied to 13? again, and cloioi dull with
the second board at 136 Sf.
Silver Is In limited demand nt 125 for small an 1 ISO
for largo pieces. Canadian currency I* quiet at 35 per
cent. pram.
Naijoku. Bahkiwo.—The first National Bank of
Washington, opened for business on Monday last, with
a capital of half a million.' The bank was organized
several weeks ago, and baa since been doing such bu
siness ns offered from correspondents; bat its formal
opening has been postponed in consequence of neces
sary delays in preparing hanking rooms. It is expect
ed tho circulating notes for the National Banks wiU be
ready during October, ‘
Tsxs essbe UoirzT.—The Nashville Journal says'
Fori event! days past there has been no change In
Tennessee money. Planters* end TTnlon Is still quoted
at 25 per cent, discount, and Bank of' Tennessee at 35.
At Milwaukee.— The money market continues
easy with a large business doing la produce paper.
At Cincinnati.— Gold unsettled and silver buy
ing at 23. Offerings of Government securities light'
and market firmer. Exchange steady with a goodde
mand at par buying and 1-103 X selling.
At Philadelphia.— Money continues easy at 435
per cent, with the general features of the market un
At St. Louis.—Gold was active on Wednesday. De
fense warrants steady at 88391 buying aud selling.
Exchange easier.
Election op Bane Pbesidint.— John P. Telverton
the Caller of the Bankol North America has been
elected President of the same, vice Mr. Seymour, de
ceased. J. A. Beardsley, First Teller, has been ap
pointed acting Cashier.
New Vork Stock and Money Market—Sep. 24.
Stocks— Pinter, bnt (inlet. __
P.Pt.W AC W( Ma 107*
A * T H 60k I Erie pfd IMK
C.4A. 79* I Hudson, 140
Heading, .118 (M.« C 120*
60 1 Tot.* wab 72
CleveAP. 9U Pac.Mail.... 2t5
M. 8 gtd. 142 Quicksilver Co 62
M. 5 90K | HI. War Loan. 100
11868*81, c0up..1.06 V 3107 IU S Oe, jt coup 90K
7-308,... .106X01071
Money easy at 6 per cent. '
Sterling Exchange lower: moderate business at 130K
3151 lor first class bills.
Gold lower: opening at 36k, advancing to 87k: sell
at 3Ck, and closing steady at si.
Thursday Even ora. Sept. 24. isas.
Tbe fol'owlog table shows the receipts and ship
meats during tbe put twenty-four hoars:
Floor. Wheat. Corn. Oats. Rye. Brly.
brl*. ho. ho bn. bn. bn.
318 6748 26303 IRHS 300 100
GAG 0R8.... 1159 41023 4153 506G3 1129 6638
KIRR 1973 13050 SGOO 9000 2100 400
111 CRIt 2700 IWJO 7706 4200 1030 700
CRftCMiB..... 1200 ICIBS 13001 2900 .... 132S
N7BB 2150 22550 .... 9000 330 «C 0
A 180 2970 720 635 860
CUm. Air Line.. 100 - ..?T I!**
9710 UTSS 57181 65303 5389 13017
Grass Lire Beet aim
Seed. Boss. Wool. C’nie. Hide* we’s
ftf. No. Bi. No. tts. brls.
OftCtJRB.... S2D7D 19130 153
BIRR. 238 36i0 150
lIICRIt... 20COO 200 .... 84 3855 60
CB4QKR 8085 1501 W55 123 4150 100
ITWRK 850 .... 80 6320 ISO
A&PtLRR.... .... 163 13U
Cln. Air Line 100 2700 *"*
Total 61655 25»- GOSS 266 8332S 630
smrozziTS bt laws fob tub past twxstt-foue
Hoar. Wheat. Com. Oats. Rye. Barl'y
brls. ha. bn. bu. 6a. ha
.. 8600 90623 32000 11875 - 300 siftS
jfgj .....16000
*.!*.*. 14750 .... ;;;; *•••
~ 60 1500 .... HI! "**
To Buffalo
To Ontonagon..
To Pt Colbqrne.
To Montreal.,..
Toßsglnaw .. ,
To other Ports..
'Total..; 0360 100673 54100 13475 200 87633
The genual markets lor Prodace to-day were as
live and firm, bnt without aay material change In
prices, except Com, which experienced a material
Thera was an nnnenaliy brisk Inquiry for Floor
and the market was steady and active—with sales of
upwards of 8,0(0 brls, at $5.5007.90 for wlntsr extras:
$4.50(1545 for winter supers; 11.87X53.T5 for low
grade to very choice spring extras; and $3.7501.30
for spring supers. The demand was mainly for good
branda of spring and winter extras, and for super
fine qnslltlei.
There was an active Inquiry for wheat at the open
ing, and prices were firm at the ontslds quotations
of yesterday; bnt as soon as the New York dispatch
es were received, the market fell back and closed
steady at a decUne cl Xoie per bushel. About
160,000 bushels of all grades changed hands, at $1.04
@1.68 for No. 2 Red; 93c for Rejected Bed; |l,f3Xfor
Amber Iowa: SUS®I.O4 for No. 1 Spring; $1.6001.01
lor No. 3 Spring; and 94®9f0 lor Rejected Spring
the market closing at CI.C 3 for Ko. 1 Spring and 11.00
for No. 2 Spring.
There was a more active Inquiry for Corn, and
prfcea advanced SXflSc per boahel-with tales of
185.0C0 bushels, at TOXo for choice River IKghMlxed
aficat; G9Xa for River Mixed afloat; 67X063XC for
No. 1 Com In store; 65067 c for No. 3 Corn; and 645
for Rejected Corn—the market closing very firm at
the extreme quotations.
Oats opened active and firm, hut as toon as the
New York dispatches were received, the market
closed 101 XC lower—with sales of about 73 000 hush’
els. at SOXSKXo for No. 1 and SSXQSOo for No. 3 in
store—closing st SOXOMc for No. 1 Oats.
Eye was In good demand and sellers had theadvan
tage—prices showing an advance of 3c per bushel
with sales of 2» o. 1 at [email protected] and No. 2 at 75c.
The market for Birley was again buoyant, and
prices again advanced 4®sc per bushel—with sales of
Vo. 2 In store at 91.06Q1.10,
Bighwk.es we:e In active rcqueat,«ndthe market
wts tinner—with sales of 950 brls yesterday evening
and to day at 43c. Alcohol Is firm at [email protected]
T'molby Seed was quiet hat uncharged-sale*
ranging at $2,10Q2.23, F]az Seed continues In good
demand snd the market is firm-wlth sales ol 1500
bushels at $2.50.
There Is an active shipping Inquiry for Batter, and
tbe market Is firm at ICquxc for firkins.
Freights srs steady at 6e for wheat to Buffalo and
locftrwheatto Oswego.
The market for Beef Cattle opened this morning
with about 900 bead of Cattle at tbe various yards, and
conslstedof Stock Steers and Cows. The small pro
portion of shipping grades which has characterize!
recent markets was still smaller to-day; the highest
lot sold,and which was the best In tbe market, only
fetching 98.48, whilst the principal sales were effected
at from 93.C0Q2 SO. There Is still a good demand lor
prime shipping grades, hut Inferior stocks are not In
request except at very low figures. In Bogs a large
amount of business has been done. Tbe receipts
amount to upwards of 7,000. and the entered sales to
6,276, at the following' ra*ea: Stock Hogs 93.25Q400 ;
Fat Bogs, common tomedlom, 9U5Q4.50: heavy do
Grain In Store In New York—Sept. 19.
Ileman D. Walbridge A Co.’s circular says: ** The
stock of grain la store in New York Is not as largo as
generally estimated. We find, on application at tbe
principal warehouses, that of wheat there Is about
1,409,000 bushels, divided as follows, viz: 900,000 bush
els red winter, 100,100 bushels whlto winter, and 400,000
bushels spring, and about 1,300,000 bushels corn, and
1,000,000 bushels oata."
Thubssat Evxxxso, Sept. 21, 1863.
BEBF CATTLE—Tho receipts at tho various yards
amount to about 000 head, consisting almost entirely
of Stock Cattle and Steers. With the exception of
two or three lota of fair shipping grades, the quality
of tho receipts generally has been lower than usual.
The sale has been moderately brisk, and tho prices re
alized fully up to tbe sales of last market. Tbe entered
soles at tbe various yards amount to 763 bead, at prices
ranging from $1.73 to 93,43 per 100 lbs. Tbe following
are the closing sales of to-day’s market:
Good Shipping f3.10Q4.01
Common to Medium ;; 1.75Q3.00
Mallory sold Colt SO cattle, averaging 660 DB, at
* Jackson sold Enwright SO cattle, averaging 935 lbs,
at 812.63 per bf ad.
MMellndy sold Mark 17 cows, averaging Oil lbs. at
* Malory sold Jacob 14 cattle, averaging],llo lbs, at
*£so. -
gearles sold Morris * Co. 40 cattle, averaging 1,030
tbe, at 93/s.
Curtis sold Wicker A Co. 81 cattle, averaging 1,031
n.B at 93.40.
Aeama sold Howard 15 cattle, averaging 1,059 lbs, at
MalUn sold Solomon 17 cattle, averaging 905ibs,at
Geddlngs sold Coats A Turner 15 cattle, averaging
1.075 lbs, at 92 65.- . _
- O'Sliny A Co. sold Hammond 31 cattle, averaging 932
©•Sbay A Co. sold Coats A Turner It cattle, averag
log 1X72 DB. at 92.59.
Oreenbsum sold Woodson 19 cattle, averaging 912
JfcO, at $2 so.
Rosenthal sold Woodson 21 cattle, averaging s!! &s,
at 9225,
Adame sold Rosenthal 16 cattle, averaging 1,112 &s.
ware sold Wraxal 18 Cows averaging 972 lbs, at
Adams sold Rosenthal 89 Cattle, averaging 1/76 lbs,
Frye A Co. sold O'Shea A Co. 13 Cattle, averaging
907 as, at 92/5.
Thompson sold Ruble A Hyman 16 Cattle, averaging
1.076 lbs. at 82.70.
Adams sold Ross 86 Cattle, averaging 1,101 &s, at
sold Howard IS Battle, averaging 1,023 »3,
ume’eold Jacobs 11 Cattle, averaging 909 lbs, at
82 75.
Adams sold Orccnbaum 84 Cattle, averaging 1,106 lbs.
St $2.95.
Adams sold Howard 17 Cattle, averaging 1,150 lbs,
Stewart sold Coats A Turner 22 Cattle, averaging
1(60 ftp, at $2.75. _
Blackwall sold HowardTS Cattle, averaging 917 fi>3,
it 92 J5.
Blackwall sold Rosenthal 81 Cattle, averaging 1/07
BOGS—Tbe Hog market shows a considerable Im
provement in the amount of business done, compared
with tbe last market, aa tbe receipts at the various
yards to-day amount to upwards of 7,000 bogs, almost
double the number received on last Thursday. Tbe
demand has been active, as nearly the whole stock has
been readily eold,' at abont tbe same rates which have
prevailed for tho last tight or ten days. According to
the entered sales at the various yards, 6/76 hogs have
been sold to-day, at prices ranging from 93/sto $4.00
for stock Bogs, and from S4JS to 94.70 for CU Hogs.
There is stni a brisk demand and prices rule tolerably
Light Stock Hogs
Fat Hogs, common to medium.
“ heavy...
Hogs. Av’g. Price.
49 4.2j
71 251 4.40
121 205 4.05
183 215 8.25
60 ISO 4.00
51 253 4.40
100 210 4.21
50 313 4.50
47 263 4.67J*
38 231 4.40
93 280 4.65 *
191 • 243 4.40
815 - 372 P.t.
129 221 4.25
280 210 30
ISO * 235 4.35
48 246 4.50
74 190 3.90
84 SIS 4.50
U7 223 4.55
28 218 4.50
f75 I*3 3.80
SB 270 4.85
19 211 «.»
00 215 fSS
89 255 4.0T
55 215 4.»
54 233 4.40
43 270 4.75
48 291 4.«
m 247. . 4.40
a ■ «7 4»
a SSS 4.25
IS9 191 4.15
Hoes. Av’g. Price.
121 205 f4J2O
129 208 4^5
a 239 ,4.50
a 230 4.10
121 221 4.25
70 ItS 4.85
54 220 4.80
39 253 4.50
49 260 -4.60
171 235 4.55
63 203 • 400
15 ' 231 4.40
28 211 4.50
80 283 4.70
117 ' 4 40
99 243 4.45
a 232 480
63 216 . 4.20
63 . m 4.40
50 2SO • 4.40
98 262 4.65
a 271 .'4.60
183 214 4.12)4
110 201 ; 415
261-212 • 4.40
156 231 4.25
122 SOS 130
110 S3 4 40
52 SOI 4.66
46 , 271 4.50
63 - 209 4.80
113 SSI 4.49
120 1M . 4.25 .
78 239 4.50'
109 IM 4.05
For the Week Ending September 32,
[Abridged from the N. T. Tribune.]
Number reported ft>r this market at Forty-fourth
street, 4.4C0,-
TLc'piiycs to-dar are quoted as follows—
T, rft quality.... .10 ©n I Ordinary £ ©S
Medium 8 Q9KI
Some extra pood beeves may be quoted at near lie.
The general average of the market at 9e,
The most of tho sales range from T# to 10c.
-Jilt*- FCr fc 9° u ana l‘ er pound of cltfercnt weights
wiu no found in accounts of sales of sundry droves.
Total rnmbcr of beeves received in the city tala
This is i,tS3head more than la«t week, and 1J257 head
more than the average of last year. The average num
ber at each Wednesday’s market last year was 4,033
bead, while the number to-day being 4 400. shows 543
haul more titan the average, and 620 bead more th*w
this day week. *
A. M. Allerton&Co.. proprietors of tho Washington
25S5»S«SS B^ r S- ! ” ~ortU,' “ ~le to
.8,3* {Ohio.
.. 1131 lowa,
New Yoft.,
Tuesday, Spot. 22.—The arrival of fresh stock last
evening ana this morning has entirely overstocked
the market, and as will be seen by the total receipts,
though leas than last week. Is still very large and
more than can be consumed la the retail trado
by city and country butchers. In and about New York
and must therefore go to the packers at such prices as
they can afford. Ills this that makes the low grates
ofcattle so much lower than the best, making a (tiff«r
ence of full 4c V D.and woald bring the average verv
low bat for the fact that there was this week a fair
pronortlon of really good bollocks, and alareenro.
portion of eood, foir.medium finality *
The weather has been very favorable for this mar
ket alter three dajs of storm. Monday was sonny
fcnt not enough for winter clothing, and the air lull
such as suits nest for keeping fresh meat, and Tuesday
Is dry, windy, and sharply cool. The owners ofsto k
left over and the salesmen of the fresh droves all con
cur tlatthe rates are nearly a cent a pound lowerthan
ycstcrcay, as the cattle con only be sold In large lota
to wholesale butchers, who must buy low enough to
sell to the hawkers If they cannct soil to the retail
butchers, Notwithstanding the large nnmber report
ed In these yards, all will he sold, and but a small por
tion at any material redaction from last week, imbed
In our table of Quotations, we have given the same
figures, the retortion upon previous quotations beln e
on the better quality obtained by batchers at the rates
of lost week, and tne lower prices at the close of boat,
tees. About 100 head were taken by Government
8.0. Woodruff A Bro., 85 Illinois ste-n. for Aahelhr
A Smith, averare 6k cwt., and sell atSaiOkc V »•
120 Illinois and Ohio steers, bought at Buffalo and sold
at Berp® n at 7K®9e ?* ft on their own account.
8. G. Haring, 65 Illinois steers, for J. G-, Loose, good
fair quality, average 7 cwt, sold at 9310 c j73 or
dinary quality Illinois steer.*, sold Ibr Smith A Ever
son af7>.c V a.
Sbnester a Eisner, bought at Albany 450 head of Ill
inois steers, and resold about 150 nead to go East, and
have 267 head hero; 127 head are estimated at 7 cwt
and sell at 839 c V Q>, andlio at 5k cwt, and sell at 73
Sc V lb. They also sold 100 head last Thursday.
Isaac Budlong, 95 Illinois steers for K. Alberry. av
eraae6kcvt.,anrisellat7k39c9 lb.
Henry Myers, 113 Illinois steers for Morton and Sims,
’ average 6k cwt, and sell at 8310 c V lb.
T. L Eastman A Bro., 90 of Joel Dolby's Illinois
steers, part of the Lbric purchase, which have been
fed corn all summer, soldlo avenue 9kc p D, upon
7K cwt, which la >» cent less than last week.
Glllctl A Tolley, 105 Hllnots a.cen, bought at Buf
falo, average 614 cwt., sold on their own acconnt at
Beach A Bray, 61 Illinois steers, sold for Stilton
Higgs, average 6 cwt., at 8310 c.
Dcty a Church sold for J. Meharra.lo3 light thin 111
BUeis,ay.6cwt„at73BcsMb. *
Barny Bartram. on Ms own" account, sold CC steers
baneht by bis brother la HI, av-14 cwt., estimated at
IX®iH cwt. here, and sold to averaze *72.50
Joseph, n. Williams, ISI of Ed. Wlulams’lli steers
26 of them extra good, average 10 cwt., soMatlOkt*
11c. and 105 not extra good, sold at 3®9wc. 131 arrived
at 4 p. m., apparently Missouri stock. Illinois fed
wnlch cost 5c v ib. last spring, are estimated 7'i cwt
at BXQIOc lb, ana average not matin over
Thompson A McCaffrey bought at Albany. 103 mi.
Dole, estimated 8W cart, wbleb sold mostly to whole,
sale butchers, at [email protected]?> b. 3
Vail A Preston.l 6 pretty good Illinois oxea bought
at Albany at 5c r a gross, sold wholesale at 10c f B,
* Philadelphia Cattle
The arrivals and sales of Beef Cattle at Phi lib’s Av
enue Drove Yard, reach about 2JJOO heal this week.
There was a better demand this mornlncjand slices a
shade better than last quoted, first quality Pennsvl
vanla and western steers selling at bom DUffiDve • gu
@9c for 2d do; and common at from [email protected] as :o quail tv*
btockcaltlerangeatfrom3o4cV ftgroas. Theiuar*
ket closed doll, and sales were made late la the day at
lower pi lees than the above.
11006-8.700 head have been sold at the different
yards, at from $3.00(33.00 to the 100 fta.net. as to con
The cattle on sale to-day are from the following
States: 6
1,100 bead from Oblo.
590 head from Pennsylvania.
450 hea > from Illinois.
SO bead from Indiana.
SC bead from Man land.
• The followloearo the particulars of the sales *
P.MeFUlen.Tt Chesterconoty and western steers,
selling at from «39Xc for fair to extra quality.
John Klrvb.ts western steers, selling at from 3Ka
4Kc P ft. gross.
A. F. rmler & Co., 110 western steers, selling at from
[email protected] for fair to extra quality.
P. Hathaway. 125 western and Chester county steers,
selling at from BXo9jfc for fitlr to extra quality
Klee ft Smith. 98 western steers, selling at from 508 c
for common quality.
Th- arrival and sales of hogs at the Union and Avis
nac Drove Yarcs reach about 3,290 head this week.
There Is a moderate demand, hut prices are rather
lower, ranging at from <8 [email protected] the 100 fts.
1,990 head sold at Henry Glass* Union Drove Yard,
at from $7 [email protected],0u 7» 100 fts net quality.
4420 head sold st the Avctuj Drovtf Yard, at from
s6ioup t0<9.00 f> ICO as ;ic •
Flour and («mm markets by lUall.
Milwaukee Sept. 2J.—Kecnved, iU7A3iba wheat,
5,149 bu corn, 490 bn barley. Transactions opened on
’change at SI.OIOIOIX tor No 1 spring in store, and
snch a strong exposition was evinced to realize that
the market soon cropped to SIOO for that quality—a
decline of 4c from the closing price of Tuesday—bnt
subsequently rallied l(3lXc, closing firm at sl.oiX.and
in a few Instances $lO2 was paid to fill out incomplete
orders The sales ofNo2,wcre comparatively trifling
at [email protected], the marie; closing with buyers at 98c for
Snniu a receipts. Oats ruled active at &Jc for No Ila
store, but towards the close cont l not be bought at
that ngore. Barley scarce andprlme saleable at Si lo.
Bye advanced Sc, selling at 75c in s’ore.
Cleveland, bept. 23.—Received. 2,650 bn wheat;
2,' 00 bn oats. 'Wheat, market 303 c lower and without
activity. Sates of 4,000 bn red fre» on board at SLI3;
Corn, no sales. HeMers were asking 70c from store.
Oats held at 59c.
Aluant Bablzt Mabjtet, Sept. 22.—Barley le»
active, bnt more firmly held, and for Canadian better
prices were realized. Sales of 1.000 ba two-rowed
Cayuga county at $1.20; 500 ba four rowed Genesee
county at $1.25; ba Canada East at sl.sj—clos
ing tdetioy. __
Detroit, Bept. 23.—Received. 5,305 bu wheat. 555 bn
corn. Wheat—Excited and higher. The only sales
reported on 'Change were four care No. 1 red, deliver
able any time this month, at $1.20 ♦ 1,100 bn red at f 120
If the lot Inspects No. 1, or 81.17 If It Inspects No. 2;
and a ear No. 1 white at $1.41. Com—Scarce ana
higher, C7c being offered. Oats-Scarce with an active
demand. The street price la 52054 c. Barley—The
range n 11.C202.C0 V cwt. Rye—Steady at Clg&c.
Sr. Lons, Sept. 23.-Wbeat was also In «m«n gap.
ply. and the market was very stiff. and In some In*
stances higher prices were paid, conalderlaxttie cual
liy. Sales comprised 2,000 sacks at [email protected]/5 N bushel
for common fail to extra choice. Corn was quite firm,
with eah s hue of 2/80 sacks white, yellow and mlxcu
at7oc p bushel In new bags. Oats Drought a’’out the
same prices that were paid yesterday, the Government
contractor taking 2/Cy sacks at 70c, delivered; 215
sacks selling »t (be: SB do at 70c; and 117 do choice
at’2c V bushel, delivered. Barley was higher, a small
lot of choice fhll bringing fl /I pbushel, exclusive of
Sandusky. Sept. 23.—Wheat—The market opened
flrmaLafaUy4cbetter.bat dosed heavy and unset*
tied, with a strong d.vanweid tendency. Sales of
8 SCO bn at 91131 o. b.; 3.510 an red at the same price,
t. o. b.; SCO Da at 9111 f.o 2 000 boat 9112 fo.b,:
5500 ha at 91.13, f.o.b. The ranee Is abou;aa fol
low*: fl.lScntr'ck; 91.12* from teams; lUtto.b.
Cera steady at 60e for saelicd from teams, oats firm
and In good demand at 50c. Freights—Wheat, to
Buffalo. 8c; to Oswego.-c.
St. LonlsHay Markct-Scpt. 23.
Very dull, caused by buyers and sellers apart la
ttetr views, with small sales of ISbaleaatll.OJKon
Thursday Evening, Bept, 21.1368.
FREIGHTS*-Steady. The engagements were-
To uurr*io: echra Cornelia and Natan, wltu wne*c’
»t6c. Tooswsoo: Echre Delos DeWolf. Bahamas
KorwftUn and Fulton, all with wheat, at 10c.
FLOUR—Received. 9.710 brls: snipped 9 8-JO brla.
Market mure active and prices steady. Sale*:— fits*
tea BXTitAß—too brls * Brilliant * choice St. Louis
wtane winter extra at *7.50; 100 Orli * Co utab-a ”at
97C0: 200 brls "Cream City” at 17 00: SOB brls
•kclpfe” do at 96 75 : 50 brls ** Caldwell’s XXX ”at
16 75; 100 brls ‘Flora Temple” oa p.t : 103 brls
‘‘RcDlsion A Co’s” at *650: 100 brls ”Illinois”
(spilt g field) at *6 50; 103 bru Co es Co.” at 9610 -
400 bns fair winter extra at *0 23; SCO brls "Ex
change” red winter at 95.50: 200 b.-Is "Cnamplou**
mixed wltterextra atssso; 100 oris Decs nr ** Guam
plcn” at 95,75; 100 brls good mixed winter at S3 73-
70 brla red winter extra at 95 00; 121 brls winter ex
tra at 95 75. wnrTzmScrzarrNE.—loo brls good win
ter super at <5.55: £0 brla Salem” do at |l 50; ltd bns
w!ntersuperat94 50; 100 brla do at 91.73. Spanvo
Extra— 60 brla “Peerless” at $5.73; 100 brls "Cedar
Foils ’nt S3 50* 100 brls "Princeton City* at 95 40- 200
brls good lown spring extra at 93.40; 100 brls**Hnta
vlii”andlOObrlsvUcrwent”at 95.55s 100brls ."Uhl’s
Triumph 1 ’at JS.SO: 200 brla "Como” F. c L ,at 93 30:
200 brls "Commercial” at $5.80; KO brls "Hay’s extra’*
at 95.25; ICO brla "Pfennings” at *5 25; 200 brls “Cen
tral City” at 95 25: 100 brla "C. vi. Ilodson’s Best” at
95A7K: SCO bna fair spring extra at 95.30; SOD brls do
nt |5.25; ICO brla "Glllct * Hinds” at 15.20; 200 brls
fair extra at 95 20; 124 brls fair extra at 95.20; 100 brls
at 9505:100br1a "Ullfion” at 95.15; 100 brls ”oqlo
State *at $510:200 brls medium extras at |SJO ; 100
b:l9‘*Bolfcrino”at 91.70; S3 brla medium extra at
95.10; 110 brls "Honeywood” at 93.C0; 100 brls " Union”
Illenry.'tatfOCO; 100 brls low grade at 94.37*4:100 brls
"Bartlett’’StO brls "Chicago Mills,” 100 brls "Pick
wick,” and I.COObrU good spring extras—all cop t
Fprixo Sctehtink-3D brls "Rainbow” at $1 so; ivo
super at 94.15; 75 brls do at 94.00; SO brls at
BIUN-U lons in bulk on track at 912.00.
WHEAT—Received, 117,326 bn ; shipped, 100.375
hu. Market opened firm at full figures, but closed
quiet and lower. Sales:—Wi2«TKn-400 bn N0.2
Red 'Winter m store at *108; 800 bo do at 91,06; 800
bo co at 91.01; 400 bu Rejected Red In store at 93c.
Seeing—lXoo bu Amber loaa In store at 91 0334:
400 bn No. 1 Spring in store at 91.01; 13,000 ba do a£
91 03)4; 8000 bu CO at |l 0Q34; 38,000 bu do at 91.03:
18,000 bu No 2 Spring m store at 9101; 23,000 ba do at
}1 0034; 1,000 bn do nt 91.003*: 53,000 ba do at SI.OO
-bu Rejected Spring la store a(96c; 1,100 bu do at
9C34C: 82(0 lm do at 95c: 800 bu do at 91c.
CORN-Received. 57,481 bu; shipped, 54.400 ba.
Market advanced 2W®Sc per bushel. Sales:—River
and Canal Cork—s,soo bu choice River High Mixed
afloat at 7034 c > 24,000 bu River Mixed afloat at 0934 c•
19,000 bn Canal Mixed at 6834 cf. o. b. Coen in
Store—3.oCO bn No. 1 Corn at C734c; 73,000 bn do at
(Sc: 12/00 ba do 0268','c; 5,000 ba ao at 6934 c :7/00 bn
No. 2 Corn at67c: S,OCObu coat 6634 c; 1.2C0 bu ao (In
A. B*9) at CGc; 2/CO bn do (In North Side bouses) at
(Be; 400 bu Rejected Corn in store at 61c.
OATS—Received, 05/63 bn: shipped, 12,473 bu.
Market opened firm, hut closed 134 c lower. Sales:—
6TMI.U No. 1 Oats In store at 52>4c; 14,000 ba do at 52c;
55,(60 bn do at 513? C; 7,C00 bu do at Sltfc; is/oo bn do
at sic: 2,000 bu do at 5034 c: GOo bu No. 2 Oats in store
at 50c 5 S/OObn do at 49c; 600 bu do at 43t(c.
RYE—Received, 5/S9 bo-shipped, 200 bu. Market
advanced Sc per bushel. Sales: 800 on No 1 Rye In
store at 78c; 2.000 bu do at 79c; 800 bu do at 80c ; 3,500
bu No 2 Rye In store at 750.
BARLEY—Received,l3.6l7hu: shipped, 07,625bn.
Marsetactlve and [email protected] per bushel higher. Sales: 400
bu No 2 Barley In store at 91.05; 8U) du do at 91.06
1,(00 bu do at 91 OS; 15.0C0 bu do at SUO. -
By sample; 400 bu at 9112 delivered; 400 bn do at
91.10 on trank.
ALCOHOL—Firm at 9GQ93cDcrgaQ«n. Demand
BEANS—4S bushels prune Whitest $235; IS bags
do at ?3 Su; 24 bra at $2 25.
BROOM CORN-3 tons very good quality, new
crop, at 9110 00 V ton.
BUTTER-* Demand active and market firm- Sales
to dayoo nrklns prime at 17J4C: 75 firkins prime at
17c •SO firkins goed at 1634Q16XC; 43 firkins talr at 160.
We quote:
Shipping Butter. In firkins [email protected]*e.
Dairy. m creeks and tu”* ISQIOc.
COUNTRY' PkODOCE-Boas-Deosso good
at 14Q150 per doz. Fon.Txr—Chlckers, 9175Q|2 00
perat/z: To’keys.s3<QflMc aD, - -
COFFEES—Bemana very active and prices firm,
with an upward tendency, wequate; •
java. ®lO c
Mo!?. -2934 @3334c
CHEESE—The demand continues considerably
beyond me supply. W eston Reserve la for the pr*»-
ent out of the market. Tbe supply has for some time
Df si been exceedingly United, at lecgtn it ass failed
altogether. Prices rule un with an upward tmden-
Western Reserve.... n . 0n8 .«
Dllools and IMsconsln...... . 9 ®l2o
FISH—Tbe supply of WHTTEnsn continues very
limited, so that present orders cannot be filled. New
dried Bxbsxnqs are now in tbs market atprlces m
advance of old quotations. For all kinds offish there
is a seed demand, and niiccs rule firm. We quote:
Codfish. V ICO ftl 6/3 @7.00
No. 1 Mackerel, bail brls 7.90 qs.oo
No. 2 do . do 650 Q7.CO
No. 1 do kits 2/5 @3.50
Pickled Herrings (new) 9.00 @c/C
No. 1 Dried Herrins box M a S3
Scaled " " 60 @ 65
FRUITS—Tbo market for Oozzn Apples con
anucsbrlik. There is an abundant sapplyof fruit,
both of die commoner and choice kinds. Price* are
consequently low. Malden Blush Is selling 9L6SQL7S.
Common to fair, *[email protected],50. Pkacubs—The
supply has to-day again failed owing 10 the
non-aiilval of the boats-tbe amount of
business done has consequently been
much restricted- PzAss-Sapply limited. There Is
an active demand for shipping fruit and late kinds.
Plums- Tbe season U nearly over, and tbe present
supply consists chiefly of Imported fruit tor which
there is a dull sale at [email protected] basket. Gi:\ni-
The market Is now well supplied with choice fruit for
which there Ismr active demanp at lowcrratcs than
recent quotations. Tho prices now ranging from
, [email protected] Ceanukbiuxs—There is a moderate uemand
supply limited- We quote:
Green Apples V brt. aim
Crab Apples. F basket *SB
Seedling Peaches. V basket. 50 a 75
Cultivated do. do an a 1 u
pears (Bartlett's) per basket l» alts
Pmm hnllxr 7m 3? Ml
4.40® 1/0
Fean, hotter ioa Simi
Plums* basket 75 a t»
Grapes,* ft 8 a 10
Cranterriev* brt 3.50
Prime K T. Dried Apples. S ft SOT
Ohio ud Michigan Dried. ...... 9
Unpartd Peaches, nixedU * 9
Prime bUra. U 9 1W
Find do M 9 IS .
Baiatcz—Layer* V box new. 9 *.73
do U.K. do do 9 190
Currents. ft eld • done,
tfo It a new I§KS JJ
Almocds.H & wit 25 @ a
no eo hard. ...... U 19
Lemocfl. Vb0x...... 13.003
Cherries*. Vft 213 7/
ninys-nm market tt more sell to and tae auppi/
more liberal Prices role Arm at present raise. v?e
Dry Salted-
Green Salted.
Ore cn Connery
UIGHWINES-Market decidedly firmer and
more active, bales last night and ito-dsr* VO Oris at
LEATHER—There is an active demand Tor all
descriptions of Harness an Upper, aal owing to ’the
scarcity of stock prices rule very Arm with an up ward
tendency. We quote:
Harness oak4lo .... I Domes. Oak Calf .LIOOI 35
do hemlock.... 38039 c! Freocn Kip neavy __
Collar 9 foot 20®21el tollgbt OJ3O3UD
Upper “ suaisc Soanuh Sole boo*
Bridle 9 a 42012 c | lock. »M34c
Line [email protected] • Good damaged... s>o39c
Domestic Calf....tovai.io ; oak. 40.412 c
Domestic Kip.... 65083 c' do hemlock... 25034 c
LUMBER—The oeraand U active and consequent
ly beyoca the present restricted supply. Prices rale
Salks to-dat.— Cargo achr Challenge, mired,
Moore's Mill. 60,000 feet, at sls 50; canto achr flosa
bclle, from Muskegon, good null raa, at 113.00: cargo
achr Odin, {Tom Mu*kegon, at SISOO. Siuxqlbs—
SOOXOO prime Rogue River sba red “A'a” to arrive, at
*3.7 D afloat: 301,000 sawed shingle*. per achr Mary,
from Green Bay, at S3.SIM afloat; 600,000 shaved from
Green Bay, in quarter bunches, at $3.73 afloat. The
following are the yard prices:
Ltraam*—First Clear. ♦LiMift $3700010.00
Second Clear, ** 53.0i035.00
Third Clear, •• 3T.00.a30.r0
Stock Board A. 13.00010.00
Box or Select Boanu. 20.0042400
Common Boards, dry. 18. 00
Common Boards, 16000.....
Cnil Boards is.*/®...,.
Fencing...... ; 16 000
First Clear Flooring, roega 33.000.....
Second Clear Flooring, rough. 23 00030.00
Common Flooring, rough, 23UW03OiJ
BldlcgClear.dreesed. 13.000J0.00
Second clear. 17.0C0. ...
_ Second Common do 15.00018 00
Long Joists 230002310
Shaved Shingles, A V M. 8.750 100
Shaved Bhlcgies, No. 1 4000.. ..
Cedar Shingles s siva
Sawed Shingles, A. iffta '
* a !w e ‘L fi,l l2JP ,eß » Ko * 1 - • 0 3jo
Lath. 9 i COO pea sjCa.
Sgft&f 100 10.00013.00
L mI
Fitch 15.00025.00 Tarred Hcmo. * %
offira.-;;;;;:: uSSiSI T “ rp “ tlnc -- 3 - 733L0<1
•OlIiS-CAEDox Oils ore st&lln very active de
manu. There Is, however, abetter supply, and the
market is a little easier than It has been for some
weeks past. Prices rule Arm a*. 70072 c. Li.vsekdOil
is stm very scarce and high, a farther advance of 5c
tas teen made, both on Raw and Boiled, and prices
have still an upward tendency. We quote- y
Carbon Oil beet White. * 70073 c
Carbon Oil, yellow.
Raw Llcteea Oil «t 23
Br-tcdLnsecdOD... fcso
Olive o», bulk 9 m
wtaleou WB UOOUS
RlephaniOn UOOUS
Lard OU, Summer...., 83090 c
Laid OH. Winter «... 90©35
Machine OIL SOOSOo
4451 Michigan.
2201 Missouri.
SmmfiQ .. 2JO
POTATOES—The market Is dnO ana rather in
active. We quote Nesbannocks at 55®60e, and other
descriptions common to medium iftasOc by the car.
Sales to day, 300 bushels prime Neshanaocks at 60c
on track.
PROVISIONS—The marietta quiet. Mass Fobs
—OOhrtaclt) mess at 813 25. Bulk Meats—2oo,ooo ns
rough sides, loose, at sc. UACo:r—llam» steady. Sales
lJ2ou lbs plain covered Hama, loose, at lOJic.* Labd—
loO tree prime kettle Lest at 10c * 6 ires country Lard
atSYc, GBEAss-Bbrls White at [email protected]
SALT—Market for Dohsstic steady at $2,50 for
Fine delivered at cars. Fobsiox steady and quiet.
He quote;
Dojizstio—Onondaga Fine. ~51503 ...
* Saginaw Fine 430® ...»
“ Coarse. 433®....
“ Ground Solar. 2.55®....
“ Dairy, with sacks ~ 0'®..,.
u Dairy, without 5ack5............. 8.40® ...
FOBSIQS-G.A.VBackof2lotts i 00®2.08
Turk's Island.V sack. 1,60®....
SEEDS—luiomT—Less actlTs and qalet. Buies*.
85 bags prune at S2AS: 200 bags do at s2£o; 23 bags at
$4lO. i-lai—in active request. Stle«: 1.200 busneta
gcod quality, sewed up in bags and delivered, at
*UtfCAßS—'There If etLl a very active demand,
wticn is anen In advance of the present Kc*
fleed Sugars are especial y scarce, so toac homer* cf
anythlrjt >!ke medium tmantlile* of stccka>e looking
for very nigh figures. The scarcity here and at Hew
York renders it dinlcult to fill orders, which are
therefore accumulating. Prices are firm, with an up*
ward tendency. We quote:
New Orleans 13 ®l3v
Cuba 13 ®I3Q
Porto K1c0.... [email protected]*
A. A Portland
N. Y. Keflneo. powdered and grannlat€d.....i6X6*ißK
■white a isxaie
Extra It .. 13X&15Y
Extra. C „ 15X016
Chicago A .15X015X
Chicagoß .. 15 ©ISW
SYRUP9—Market very orlak and firm. Some of
the leading brands are bo scarce that It 2s dliDcult to
obtain reliable quotations, and others are held back
for advanced rates. We quote:
Belcher's. [email protected]'
New York Sf House 566*61
N. Y. Syrota [email protected]!5
Golden Syrup ................. ,is6ofiß
Sorghum..... ,„40®45
Do. refined ~„,65®68
New Orleans . ~....,,.,55057
SALEltATUo—Moderate demand and priced
firm. We quote:
Babbitt's Best. .B*9B*o
" Pore 7jf®3 e
DeLond's Chemical. 8 &3X c
** Healthv [email protected]
TAIXOW—The market is active and prices rule
firm. We quote;
Prime City rendered. 9*@ 9*c
Country. 9*® 9Hc
Soles to-day, 15,000 as prime city rendered at 9*c;
20 brla good Country ot 9*c * 12 brls do at 9*c.
TF. Peruana good, ana prices role very firm
with an npward tendency. Green Teas arc especially
scarce. We quote: .
Young Hyson, common to very fine. fX.icat.so
Gunpowders. LIOBLSS
Souchongs 85®l os
Oolongs 800120
TOBACCO—Demand brisk and prices firm. Wc
quote at25<335c for New York, and [email protected] for Con*
nectlcut ililDOlslfl dull at 5® 12c,
MAjrcFAcrmirD—Quiet and unchanged. We quote:
Standard 5e,105, and* tta S3® 53
as and fiincy *5®1.00
Inferior dndootslflebrauda 40® 13
Cut—ln moderate Inquiry. We quote:
e nosers. „ casters.
I*. 12c | “Star of the West".,...Soc
5. Smoking ..13c | Pioneer ....„T3s
5. M. Smoking ~lsc I Extra Cavendish...,. „65c
I. Smoking. .iflc I Prairie Pride. .60s
n Smoking. .......19c I Sweet. ...^sso
f* • • ..JSOC
WOOl<—Tbcro is a good demand Stocks are low
aud receipts continue very light. Prices role moder
ately firm. We quote:
Medium fleece*. 50®55c
Fine J6®570
Tub-washed 6lc
WOOD—Demand active, ana good supply. Wo
quote by tho cargo. Beech <s.oo®s;iS • Maple <6.00®
R55: Hickory i525®8.50. Delivered—Beech [email protected]
7.00; Maple <7.5083 CO: Hickory <8.0083 50.
Cincinnati Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane.]
Cincinnati, Sept. 21,1533.
Wraaxr— A good demand and prices advanced to
SOc; sales of TOO brls at 50350KC, the latter for wagon
OIL—A sate of S brls linseed at $1.25. The supply Is
very light, not equal to the demand.
Peovibions—The market U quiet and nnchangod.
Old mesa pork is hold at 910.50; new at $11.50,. Bulk
pork at 535k®63fc, and Lard at 10c.
New Tork Markets—Sept. 2*l.
Corrox-Qulet at 75c for middl ng uplands.
Flour—Less active, bat prices generally without
material change. $5.3535.50 for extra state: ss*6s®
58u for ext»a round hoop Ohio; 55 33(3123 for trade
brands, c’oslng quiet and moderately firm
tvmsnr—Dull and heavy* 52>4®53c, the-latter an
outslne price.
Chain—Wheat dull and drooping. Shippers- are
waiting Ibr recelots from the West. *1.033113 -for old
Chicago spi log; 5L29 for Chicago amber new do; 51.03
31,21 for Milwaukee club; 5L2331.31 for wlaltr rot
western; <1533155 for wh te western. Rye scarce and
decidedly higher; 51.0031.10 for wstrn and at. A brisk
demanu lor corn Is cnlefly speculative, both for
piesett and laiure delivery: for shipping
mixed western afloat; 83y-'QSIc lor do inttort; B*>c
fer western yellow in sco>e. Included in sales are
100 (00 bn mixed western, dellvarab.e from IStb Octo
ber to 13 h November, and 25 0 0 bu dodsllrerab.e
from 15th November to the close ot navigation at
Provisions—Pork a shade easier wltn fair demand.
sl2 25312.50 for Old mess; $13,75 for newmesa; SIO.LiX
310.50 for newpilme;
mess. Beef dull and lower at *5.5037 00 (or mess;
$4 0f05.00 for prise; $10.50313.50 for repacked mesa;
513.CC3H.30 for ertra m*»s. Prime mess beef dull
and nomlaal, cat meats quiet and firm. Bacon eiacs
dull. Lsrd a shade easier at 10.5310J4,
Osrveco Markets—Sept. 2d,
Grain— Wheat and corn quiet and unchanged. Bar
ley lower. Rye quiet and nominal.
Canal Fbxigut*—Weaker on grain. Fleur 12c and
wheat U3llKc to New York.
laar-uste: news.
Stmr Morgan, Comer.Two Rivers, f-undries.
I*rop Lady FrankllD, ulnkloy.St. Joseph,!,lCO baskets
peaches SO brla apples.
Prop Raclao, Atkins, Buffalo, sundries.
Bark D. P. Dobbins, Kendrick, Cleveland, 5,153 tons
Bark Chicago Board of Trade, Henderson, Manllo
Bark tlnadllla, JftsoaJßuffalo, 200 tons coal.
Schr Plymoutn Rock, Vickery; Oswego, 350 tons coal.
Scbr Ithlca, Davy, Brown’s Her, 117 cords wood.
SchrJ.H. Drake, ilvUenburgb, Bay City, 220 m lum
Scbr R. H. King, Wilkinson, St. Joseph, SO m lumber
<0 cords wood.
Scbr Bermuda. Bicker, Oswego, 2.596 brls salt.
Scbr Island City, Watennaa,3t. Joseph, 53 m lumber.
Scbr R. B. Hnbt>anl,Thompson, Muskegon, 80 m lum
ber 40 m lath. . „
Scbr S. Bates. Cannon, Muskegon. 03 m lumber.
Scbr Barney Eaton, WaWi, Two Rivers, 100 cds bark.
Scbr Dawn.Leiblosteln, Pier Cove, 70 m lumber.
Scbr Moct;Eagle. White, Bay City, 130 m lumber.
Scbr Gertrude, Stewart. Holland, & cords bark.
SrbrEmma, Embrltb, Muskegon,6o m lumber 200 m
lath. ■ -
Scbr Jupiter, Thomas, St. Paul’s Pier. 11 cords bark.
Scbr Minnesota, Sherman, Fulton’s Her, 100 m staves.
Scbr Hero, Levitt. South Haven. 45 m lumber 40 m
Bark Naomi. Hall. Buffalo, 21,000 bn com.
Brig Vim Lewis, Svallard, Oswego, 15.000 ba wheat.
BrigDavidFersuson.’Carrol.Baff'ilo, 11,000 ba wheat.
Sc hr Aolrondac. McKee, Buffalo,lS .000 m lumber. -*
Schr Wild Rover, Foantaln-BufUio, 13,300 m lumber.
Scbr Leader, Monroe. Boflalo, 14350 m lumber.
Schr Geo. Stcelo.Gnuderson. Oswego, 10,000 m lumber
Scbr E. s. J. Demis, Manning, East Saginaw, 3,000 ha
corn, 425 brls floor.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago TrlbuaeJ
Bbxdokpobt. Sept. 34.1363.
Monarch, Joliet, 69,7>'4 ft lnmber.ts.ooo lath.
11 ing ana Wine, La Salle, 2.6G0 ft lumber.
Eldorado, Joliet, 61330 It lumber.
Cayuga, Lockporr, CS,v2O ft lumber, SO.OCO lntb.ls.ooC
shingles. 20,000 pickets.
Fowiattan, LaSalle.
Time, Morris, 90,903 ft lumber.
Ocean, LaSalle.
Maple Leaf, Joliet, 33383 ft lumber.
A^^Monls, rt lumber, 10,00011 siding, 30,000
Investigator. Lathe.
Imperial, Lockport. . -
stars andSDlpea Morris, son dries.
Clyde, Seneca, 100,OCO shingles, 30,000 lath.
Republic, Morris, 95 tons coaL
Elizabeth,Lockport.SAOOO ba corn.
Oneida. Ottawa, 5300 ba com.
Alliance, Ottawa, 5.4*5 bu com, 290 bu oats.
Lost Otebeoaed.—On Monday morning, the 21st, a
man by the name of W. F. Jones, Second Mate of the
schooner A. 6. Morey, was lost overboard, while on
the passage from Buffalo to Chicago, about twenty
miles below Point an Pelee. He was knocked over*
board by tbe awloglog of the main boom, and, owing
to the darkness and a very hlgLsea which wasrun
nlng at the time, all attempts to save the life of the
unfortunate man were In vain. Mr. Jones was a na
tive of Troy, New York about, twenty-eight years of
age, and unmarried. The Captain of Iho- schooner
will leave what effects be possessed at tbe office of
Irwin ft Morey, No. 9 Board of Trade, Chicago, whero
his friends can obtain them'
Terrific Gale on Lake Superior—Loss.of the
Propeller City oY Alndison -Steamer 1111*
uola Beached- QtAer Disasters.
[From the Detroit Ad vortlsor t 23d.1
By tbe arrival of the steamer Meteor, which reached
hern j esterday at i p. m., wohave late and Important
intelligence from. Lake Superior. Tbe Meteor left
Ontonagon. Wednesday,icon, at noon, calling at asaal
way-landings. Lay at Copper Harbor two days own
ing to a heavy gale which prevailed. Left there the
IStn, at 4K_p. m. The steamer Traveler lay t'sere,
bound ap. The Cleveland left Portaze Entry, boons
up, saineMoteor went la. The bark Fame waa dlv
cbargluj coal at Quincy Mine dock. Usft Portage
Saturday, at 9 p.m. Met steamer City of Cleveland
outside the entry. Left Marquette Sunday, at 10 a. m.
Tbe Northern Light and Iron City lay under White
Flab Point. Left the Stall Monday, at 9a. m. Tha
schooner Tartar struck a rock while coming lata the
canal, ana lay at the dock, below the lock?, with two
feet of water In her bold. She was discharging her
cargo of ore. The propcilor City of Ma&soaotruck
.is aiax
. 9X910
. 9 «8M
. X price.
'S Te , C’JTtVi Lulls*. nSmlt Hirer
rhhSS* tSJR 810 lud SM lon. of oro tor
mi if Ir«SSi U 'SSf e *? tw °- •J' 1 "H' n» • toll! lois,
ss% r h^ ? o"u
The First Mate wa« la charge at Viettmo Tho?i?iT
of Iho late Captain Itntterar wm fount a adort <llv
tanco from whore be WMUrownet. He waa street
•be wheel andhlabead badlr bruised Thoboiv wm
TuonrM do«noa ibo Meteor aiHleft at Sombre laver.
• St.Clair, bis late residence. The schooner Farweif
bas been abanooned.
Vessels Pasted Detroit.
[Epeclai Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane.’
Dxtsor*, Sept, at, 135 J.
t>—Preps Buffalo, Idaho; ba - kaWard.Poaeroy.
Scahade; brim Standard. Rsfeloj; achrs Rapll.
Martin Cutter. J?«* Lcndro, Persia. Contest. 3alUc<
Tork State.
Dow*--Free NMa.
In thUcity.on ibeJSJlnft. by Rev. J U SMphefJ.
Mr.CH*S. u. i.SpPE»Sand Mlse ANNA BOaCEf.
IntMscl'y.Taaraiay mortlaj;. attoa residence «f
the bride »i»tber. 17Scuta Green itree;. by the Bar.
E.tV eager Mr CuAKlv ii OtSßaid «!□• LACK*
LAY. SMITH. daughter ot J Milton Smith, dfc«|.
Clsclou**! papers please cox j.
In thlactr. at IS South Peoria street. So?: 'rut,
1863, FREDDIE only son of Theodore F. aaa Lanra
A. 8«od, aged 4 j ears ana 9 months.
In this city. on Tanrsday. Sept. If.th. ADKLP, laf»at
daughter of Wm.M.-ana Jolla a Eve.ht.
Fmcdsof the family a»e Invited to attend the fune
ral Irom the residence of ter pare. ts. 151 State street,
to-day at 3 o'clock, wlthcnt fnrth>*r cotlce.
At Gexeva 111.. Sent. 23d. 1363. HART HATES
POPE, d nsbter of W Hlard S. and Julia D. Pope, aged
1 year at d 3 months.
The booy Ml be taken to Qraceland Cemetery f>om
the Walasti ett Dspot.on Friday atremoon at 4 o 'cl’x.
Hereafter trains will leave and arrlvo at Chicago,
as follows:
Mall 5:00 a.m. _
Detroit &N. Y. Expresa. *7:30 a. m. •tftflC p. m.
Night Express M t7:lsp.a. J7:-’®*. a.
Momtas Express *7:20 a. m. »I 0:15 p. a.
Night Express t7:15 p. m. fJ;23 a. n.
MAH a. a. *7:15 p. a
•7:80 ium. »«;Sop.au
17:15 p. m. H:3O a. cu
New York Express.
Night Express ,
Express *7:3o turn. • 7:15 p.m.
Express via Adrian t»:16 p. a. 1 7:30 a. a
Union Depot West Side, near Madison *t. Bridge,
If ail Train $7:20 a. m. |7:2oa.m.
Night .Express tS:80 p. m. $8:30 p. m.
Day Express $7:20 a.m. (7:20 a. m.
Night-Express t8;30 p. m. $8:30 p.m.
nrrsßmtaß, rosy wanra ass ohicaoo
MornlrgMafl. 4:00 a.m. B:sop.ta
Day Express 7:30 a.m. 7:15 p.m.
Night Express. M 7:15 p.m. 7:40 a. m,
YafparalsoAccom’n 8:80 p.m. 7;40a.m,
rmioa cisTMi.
Ray Psßseog«r *8:30 a. n. *8:45 p. m.
Night Passenger .IKhrOp.n. *7:15 1. to.
Kaniakeo Accommodation *5:00 p. m.
Hyda ?axi Train *6; 10*. m. ®9:CO a. ta
M ** *12:00 m, *1:35 p.m,
** *3:80 p.m. *N£op.m.
“ ** *&lsp.a. *7:Eop.m.
chioiso un> rr. lotto.
M~.il Passenger *8:30 a. at, *fcoo a. m
Night Paweneer +8:45 p. xa. p. id
Joliet and Wilmington Ac
commodation.. *l*oo p. m, *A£O a. m.
caioiso aiQ> bock mJJtr,
Day Express ana Hail... *9:00 a. m. *5:80 p.jt
Joust Accommodation... *4:45 p. m. *6.56 a. a.
Night Gzpress +9:30 p. m. I&1S a.m.
Day Express and Mail.... *B:£oa.m. *6:15 p. m.
Night Krppees +8:15 p. m. 18:20 s. m.
Accommodation *4:50 p. m. a m.
Trains will run as follows, ou and attar Sunday,
AprU 19,1663:
Fulton Passenger 8:00 a. b. 8:56 p.m.
Fulton Passenger...... *3350 p, n. tOCa. re
Freeport Passenger 8:00 a. ax. 5:65 p, ta,
Freeport Passenger 9:10 p. a. 3*20 a. re.
Rockford, Elgin. Fox BIT'
er and State Line I*oo p.m. 11:10 a. o
Genera 6:30 n. a. 3:30 a. it,
—(Depot comer.
zie and West Water etreetsJ
i)ay Express *8:46 a. m, *5:50 p.m
Woodstock and Way.....*5;10 a. m.
Janesville Accom. •4:15 p.m. *11:45 a. m.
Night Express ..*£3o p. m. *6:10 a^r.
Motnlrg Express *3.4ssum, *11.43 a.a.
Ixpreas *8:80 p. a. *5:50 p.m*
Waukegan “ ... *5:20 p. n. '8 25i. m.
* Sundays excepted. * Batuxdijw sxcoptQi
Mond its excepted.
In SiOi.
Tf'Oß SALE—Cheap, one or two
Horses. Bugpfes at»d Harness. Inquire at
JULIUS BatlEß'ti Moslc Store, 99 South Clan street.
St 35 n293Jt
SALE—One Steam Engine,
X 15 to IS hone power. aQ complete and In good
order. One Fire Box. tabular Poller. 15 to 19 horse
power, with steam dome. <ko.. al- complete aad in
good order. tae2s B2SO 30tJ GBIFFINBBQB.
SAXE*—A Vessel for sale on
X very etsy terms. 'Her tonnage la IC6 tons and
aha draws ( oaded) 6X feet. Forpartldaw Inquire at
CU.SLDITEIVB, WebtCanalpcrtaYe .no. or at wXLtf.
HfIIKE. Archer Bead, near railroad crossing,
seas iSOO 3t
EDR SALE —Com ter and Shclv-
Ing. of first quality. Will be disposed of cheap
If apnlitd ft r socn. Inquireafiiti Waihmgtonstreet.
■es»-Btf3 3t wa. manning.
FDR SALE—Two Lard Ktttlcs,
very little need, bolding four barrels each. In
quire at 120 Michigan-st.. cor. LasaDe. . settsn2Sl3t
Xf'Oß SALE—A complete Vinegar
X Fsctory. In good running order and with a good
wco’esald costume, la offered for **le on account of
the bad healtn of thepronvtosor. For partwul'M *d
drees "8 B," Post Office BOX 2373. St2s Q261 3C
FOR SALE—One second-hand
Portable Engine. 20 tone power, all complete,
npciicrc older. Aleo. one Boiler i«n flues 18 leet
b? 43 inches diameter. JOHN r. HOYB. 23 Market
street. seil.n2s*-6%
"CpOR SALE.—Horses. Wo have
X fer ia> several spaa of flneteam torses. WAD
HAMS. WILLARD A Co • 132 Dearborn street.
Tj'Oß SALE—2C acres of Land in
X a riplcly improving neighborhood, bordering
on fitaiestrtet Am* chaser tor »übdlvl«loa or \z
veitmeat. Apply to GEO.il. HIG3InSaN. Real E»-
tats Agent. 80. 7 Hetroco’ltan Block. se2l-nS3t-6;
F}R SALE—Three Blccks in the
West Dlvlalon
. 18 acres la the Sooth Division.
'.‘l lota on Wabash and Michigan avenues. be tween
Tweiith aid Fourteenth streets
65 fret on Lake, comer of Michigan avenue
BCD feet cn Calumet avenue, near Rlcggold.
SCO fees on Prairie avenue, near Ringgold.
117 feet cs Indiana avenue, near Old.
26 feet on Michigan avenue—a first class ’ot—near
Congress street. Apply to A. J AVSQSLL,
„ Beal Estate Bruner. 80. 7 Metropolitan Block.
«2Lc2J36t *
FOR SALE—The unfiersigsed
offers for sale one large Barouche Carriage, (Ic
can either be open or shut,} suitable for Uvery or
buck; also one doable silver plated harness. Ail of
wMrhwillbe sold at low figures. Addicts or apply
tpWM, h. ELD BED. at Bou Sturgis Eon’s Banking
House. ae2t-c23i*~l
"p'OR SALE—The Stock and Fix-
A turcs of a Grocery Store. Is a good No. 1 stand,
and cow dole* a good tmalneis. For particulars ad
dress ‘TB J/’Poit Office Box 1108 seM naoo it
FDR SALE—House, Harr ess and
LlghtExprersWigop. Horsegcutleandlngcod
csrdlion. Wagcn and Harness almost new. Cheap
lor cash. Inquire at 175 Lake street, up-stalit;
X Mules, four years old thirteen and one hall
hards high, well broke, gentle and kind; alsos nice
Buggy Horae, cream colored four years old; win go
la about four minutes. The above will be sold cheap-
If appllcufcr scon, inquire at 60 State street.
»e23 c!7S-4t
p'OR SALE—A pork packing es-
X; abllsbment. The tools, fixtures, machinery,
goodwill, and leaec ot a first class pork slaughtering,
curing, curing and smoking establishment la Phila
delphia. Having capacity to slaughter and eat two
hundred hogs per day. with requisite rendering ap*
paiatu* to make the lard »nd nom to cure the meats.
Abo. sxoks houses, etc. The capacity can readily be
Increaicd to handle a larger number of hogs. flitui
tlor >.ood A>r the business. Posae*ston October Ist.
or sconer If needed Fo tartber informa’lov. address
Bex 525 FhJadelphla Post Office. se33-nli6-5g
Xj'Oß SALE—At a bargain, a large
X Dwelling bearly new, with all modern Improve
ments, located near Union Paik, with lot 23x iso feet.
Price |5 COO. Apply (o J. C. HAMBLBfON. Room
FOB SALE—Residence and cth-r
Property.—Lots In Duncan’s, Ogden’s and Bat*
terfieid’s Adottloss.
Let cn Madison street, sear Jefferson.
Houce and large lot corner Indiana and Woicot
Bouse and lot e«mercf Fire and Illinois st*.
Tv o lets snd three store*. 155. 157 and 159 West
HaJlson st. opcotlt* High School.
Lr te in the Original Town, on West Lake. Randolph
andMsdUon streats
Also —A ’arge well docked lot on fie South French,
’rrax toe Pltiobcigb Railroad Bridge, by P. GEDDE3,
No. 5. ovtrlT Wella street sel6*m^33-2tft
l?OR SALE—A Slaughter House,
X wlthsiesm ecglceandboilsr,tubsandyatsand
twolarge tanks all newly got up
Urn icrelUtog cattle sea bogs In the city, on Lumber
street nearHslsted street bridge. App’y to JOHN
FLANIGAN. Fort Wayne CatU* Yar-w. sel2*mS69*l4l
So Rmt.
TO KENT—A two-story frame
housi, with basement, situated in the South Divi
sion. A gcon Btm on tha premises. Possession
given on or before Octobor Arse For particulars ap
ply to BILL ft SINCLAIR. comer Canal end Jacc.
son strettft. itis-n303-3t
r l''o KENT.—Furnished Home to
J rent, pleasantly situated on the North Bide.
wPhlnten minuies walk of Lake street. Dwelling
costaus all modern Improvements Will be rented
utiillMayist 1334. Possession given first of Octcber.
Appl* at 101 Lake street, from 9 to 13 A. M.
B€25L 299U ■
TD RENT—A good two story
BrickDweUlng.wlth basement. In first rate or
der, on the North Blde,onOctarios'reet.eaitof Clark..
Arrjj to wkbsTßß, marsh ft co., (HLaicostrest.
TO BENT—A Honsa situated at
Lake 'View, sear tha Lake View House, with
seven tens cl laud. the most ot It under Improve
ment with strawberries and iparrowgrats beds, pie
plants, cu rrar> bathes. &3, Tha house has twelve
rcoms. hard at d sols water. The rent fu? one year
wl*i re two butdieddodsn. Forpirtlcclarsinqalre
at 353 North Caik street, or address "FaL "Post
pace Box M 3c * stit-n2ti.lt
TO KENT—The third (new) house
west cf Union Fork. fronting north on Warren
street It contains tea rooms, ana for a 33 000 wood
tenetrcntlt cannot well be stnpaesad m regard to
convenience and artistic beauty. Boom 19 No. 132
B.QihUazkittetL stilus Id 2t
T) RENT—A famish* cl room in
a private ftmfly. on Third avenue. Address,
rose Oftce Box 83*7. with real nacre, stating where an
iutryiew may he had. atiSnisMt
"PO RENT—Two Iront rooms, 81
•*-. South Clark street, 2d floor, suitable for Law-
Vo’s cr Doctor’s office. Inquire of C. 3 profs.
Bryan Hall. Btis-nli2-*t
TO REN T—A first class Brick
Home. eon , er cf Cottage Grove and Prairie
avenues, with all the modern improvements None
cutmooßiibie parties need apply to Dr. V. L H URL
BUT. 122 Randolph street. Hfa-alOMt
RENT—A first class Marble
Front Dwelling,, ittuatedtnthe North Division,
in a good relghboracod. containing all the modem
imptoven cuts and bandy to buslnese. W. H. SAMP-
S'/N. Rome and land Agent Room No. 8 Met-onoll
ton Hall. " 93t9-r0970»6
TO RENT The brick Packing
House, or Warehouse, situate ou the main river,
rear Rceh street bridge. The building la 60 by 120.
with four floor*, and targe dock room. Also, tha ad
joining frame building, with balance of lot covered
by water proof roof, glvk g large room for storage.
Apply to the sabsenber. w. H. SIMPSON.
sel3-mSS-L2t Boom No. 3 Metropolitan Hair.
TV-&NTET) —Agents, to sell good
J T 86U12c article*: Lloyd* Maps, Fnotogripfe
ilbomi. JQ.OCO Fbotocraplk fietorei. to telset frota
Piles Ptckagrt. Sard lump for circa in. It. B,
LAKDON,A«ent, ssLakettnet, oppo*lta Tretnoat
(POUND —An Qx, which the owner
f* can hare open apptlcatloa to A.. Oermtln. Woit
Chicago Hotel. chaff*, *c.
TXT ANTED,—S6O 3 monthl Wa
f f rant Aceata at |W a am«th. ex>ea«e» r, vd
to sell one criazarnvo Pxsoim, Qaisrrat. Bn\i
s».andtblrte«aocaeraer uselm a«d canooaa-w
C’««. Flpttnclrcnlrras3a6l.se. Adlrrsa
iLaBA Maloa teas-, tto 3a
\\ T _A>>T£D.— Photographers, at
** ucfOT! I aPiotogtaph Gallery, wed
5 tsd up md do'.etr a hM vbtna ( sen
ctrao icr rash. 1 u.t?rtl to ubec »y 00 •«
of mi tea'tb. A-JJnw Pa« Office Box U75. CUcego.
T\^AMTSD—TiGCt73r by A. R. <fc
’ O.a.MIiLSE. c-srner of State and Jacks**
\\7 ANTED S-r-ral good~H»f
nutlia *° *® Tonic a,~La»alld cinalr.
o’’ a ere of gMs O WC nn nn-.e f.on‘»o»B?Mi
Please nddrus CHaiL BTiNFiiUD.CHAULUooU
USB, or WILLTafc W» LVGRtS. C» i9*,St
nett lit Yol Vicksburg. Ifca a eg.nm. ;*
\V A> TED—To pnrchss' ,a 3 j loon
** cr retail liquor bna:: css, !& a respectable io
c*Uty. with one or iwo tcowsbackor above »ul*aM»
io r a sut»il laally. Apply by letter, stalls* location,
sir onnt of ret? ani amount of monay reqnirel. to
**B B a," SoiScca, Chicago P O. *c33c:i7J-rt
WANTED—Two cr three good
" * Coopers to wrt on knreAlso,
afewilsckworaada.at::© SKI luicolsstreet,
YV’aKTED—One cleik, ore bar-
T * tCider, and a colored boy of 13 years Apply
«t the hferebarfs ‘Tsxk* Keghtr? oflce, earner uf
Dearborn aid Hadlsca street, oe 3d floor of the* new
Litck bnlldkg P. B.—All person* out o( emp:oj
iror twin co well to addres* qi as vs procure ahoa
ttocadiherlathe citr or country, a fltsto’iMll
eensto oC ee, D. B.SUEBft OCD4 CO . P O.Drawer
&PB. Chicago. la se23-Lars- it
TV ANTED—By a discharged sol
,▼ ’ dlar.ontof emplojaea'.asttnatloaas e’erk
In a vfcojeea> or retaU grocery store, in which baal
» eaehebashaa some experience. Or a alcnatlon la
ar-y aoi orabie bualusss, where the services of a wo t
educated,lndustrious and honest youagmin will se
cure permanent employment. No objection to g»tig
at j where la the country. Good telsirccss as regard*
ebsrseterane capability famished. Address* J 8?/
Trlbane office. «35-r3Jlu
XIT ANTED—Experienced Can-
TT vamrslc every Costly la this Slate, Tbos*
who understand :he hn*t:e» may ho sate that iai»
notice la worth (heir attention. Address Pot omce
Box UK. Chicago. 111. »e25-a3l(Mc
TV 7 ANTED.—A reliable man,
T T having shoot (SCO c»»h. to share and tislit la
thehestmotey-aisklnfr nostoeva going. Will »bow
for Urell on Interview. A good man can meet with
an unexceptionable ehaace to make mossy hr ap
piji Z‘ to UeMTi. LEAVITT A WKIQHT. S3 dark
street. Bcom No. 1, second door, opposite taa snap
man House. seS5-n3o6>li
\\ r ANTES—A situation as Clerk
v • In a Wholeaa’e Grocery or Coair talon House.
Good reference* given. A-ldrws ~f WSB., ,T rtonna
office. seangKU
\\7 ANTED—Two s;ood operators
▼ * to Braid oa OroTfr A Baker’s Sa"!nz
cUse. atd six good Clcak Flnlsbeii, at&i Ltkattnet
tQ *e%nsSi!3t J. W. GRISWOLD* CO.
WA]flftD-A situation by a
▼ T jcaogmaa.asCoachaaqlaapilrato laaUlr
by caa who tacroasur aadamasdi tbo care o'
bones. Tbabeitotrefereceugtvra: Addresses 9 ••
infante ctflce. *»23 af>7-xt‘
\\f ANTED—A situation by u
** yooifc rasa M Coachman io a private faailJj
naa hid tote** nooer h a care for the la*t aarea
} c ,*t2- „ c *n 1 “ n31,h <ho beat cl references address
JMiC. Trlbonc office. ecSniwit
W 7 ANTED—Board in a private
T " family fora frentlernsn. wife ard two ‘mall
chllcreo. four ard oae-tod-a half years old. Plesw
acd'ess sts:ire terms, •* t+ B G." Bo* 4271 Chios*®
Ft #t office, will famiii own room It leces.arr.
3C25-1-205 it #
X\f ANTED—Aud no hnmbng. A
T T man from yearly crery TottbsWo tn Ilia Hal
ted States, to make nro or three hundred dollars a
year vi boat delaying other buMset# Also. gentle
teen wliblog to clarea the.r badness,'em find la this
a few caouasd dollars a sear. Call personally as
re cm or e.np-sfslrs, i2t Cl«» street, or send a ten cant
(tamo to Pott Office Box 5M3. Chicago. 111.
se‘is t‘iSb It
J ANTED—A Boy about ftfttcn
r ytars of aga. at iSlLafca street. se»ngam
\\7 ANTED—lmmediately, thirty*
7 “ firemen to work on ‘Railroad. * Wagea SISO
per day, ocd in addition 100 acres of good land.
la>oier» tot liable to thednUt Call at »TBWaRT
yT v *TT.Tr : ys j ip; sooth Clark street, ses »2bo It
ANTED—A woman to do gene
“ * ill tocjcwork. None bat good help seed
apply. Can alto gtiea joodnarse girl a altna'loa—
cay four In toe fazliy. Inqalraat tiilrd boos*soati
of nvtatj-Third (tree*, on ilia west aide of In-fan*
artooe. seat a2JS-2t
\JU ANTED—Tinners. Good men
» v who thoroughly understand the basinets.
, Apply to JaS. P. DALTON. 71 Lake st. ae31a3333t
"'WJANTED—A Enraished House
' byan unexceptionable tenant. Address "F.”
Box 2334 Chicago. w34n33&3t
XI7 ANTED—lmmediately men
* T who with to engage In a legitimate business
to manufacture one of the meat Important articles
of merchandise in the country in welch they can
make 30 per cant per a onth on every dollar invested.
The advantage of the bnainessls Itcaabemaaufhe.
lured one fay and ready for the market the next.
Samples will be shown and explanation gives to all
who cau Smalt orlarce capital can be employed
with equal euccew. HOWAoD TILDKN. 71 Dear.
born street. se24 p2CS-3t
WANTED. —A jonng lady,
Teacherln aPobllc School, wishes board la
aprlv&te iamby on the West Side, or north of Monroe
aireet. South Bide. References exchanged. Fleaae
address immediately, stating terms. loc ition and Wo.,
P. O. Box 1460. Chicago. se£!4-n£32t
WANTED —Tiuoo or four Cabi
* * bmH»hento so loOeka!oota.lowa. Highest
ptlee paid. Apply to AUMSTBONG * CO.. 183 South
water street. »aJ4-d3lB It
WANTED —To purchase a Rail
road Restaurant or Eatlrg House. Address
F. Q. BOX 3333. Sg&alC3 3t
TV ANTED By a lady, tiro plea*
v * part communicating unfurnished rooms la •
reppectablerelghborhood, at a reasonable rent. Ad*
drt*a Mrs. Warren. Post Office. sep3l-n673t xwAy
WANTED —S'rghnm Syrup, by
BENDER & REUS3 Refiners, & Sooth Canal
street, near Madison St. Bridge, se2l ni6 at xw As
WANTED —A good Journeyman
Plumber. Good war*s and steady employ*
meat. • Addrcia JOHN C. STEVENS. Milwaukee,
\U ANTED—A good Lithogiaph
f T Printer. AddressB.P.BTUOLEY A CO. 8U
tools, Mo. sfcls»m77S»lot
\\f ANTED—I,OOO Kerosene CHI
* T Barrels, for which the highest price wlllba
paid. BMBDLB7, PECS A CO.. No. S Board Trade
Block. so2i>-n2O 6»
WANTED —Tinners. Two or
three good Tinners can find work at A. O.
GARFIELD'S. 53.41. 43 and 45 State street, Chi
cago. se2on4t-0>
WAN TED-Immediately, four
gocdßakersto go to Daveupoit lowa, Apply
meet. seSi-nllStt
\K[ ANTED—A Packing House in
* • this city, with capacity of 1.000 bead per day.
Will rent or purchase. Possession desired Icnms
f lately. Address, with parti Calais tor four daym.
Post Office Box ffl«. se33 nITMt
WANTED. —Agents wanted
everywhere. The greatest chance ever of
1‘ red to make money. Sena id cent* for a sample and
it e lor yourself, or call at 221 Washington street.
stag iis3 3t g. w. Tomlinson, Boston. Mast.
WANTED —Agents in every city
and village in the Northwest. Revpjctable
employment either for gentlemen or ladles Must be
able tc write a good p’aln copy hand Address, with
st bipd for circular, Post Office Box 8095. Chicago. QL
e»23*t lf6*Sc
\\7ANTED —SOO more Agents,—
“ \ 573 per mouth guaranteed. SencT stamp flj»
circular*. Three caw articles. Hampies. Clark’aPa*
ent IndeHbie Pencil, for so cent*, mallei ftea. *«?■
drer * B. P. CLARK. Bex til, Northampton. Mass.
ao3o-ml3i-24t *
TAT^ANTED—To rent, a small
* * Bouse on West Fide of Cllcago. Wonldpro.
fer one o«»t of Curtis street, and south of Randolph
rtreet. PosiessUn to bo given by or batons the fins
rtayof Novemter next, address,stating particular*.
Pest Office Box 2513. Chicago. 5&22 nas it
WANTED —Hay Wanted. Tight
Pressed Hay wanted for shinning. In any
quantity It munc do near or on the LTnois Central
or Alton aid St. Leafs Ballrcads. Address or call on
R. FOWLER, No. S Dearborn street. Chicago.
WANTED—By a first-class bnsi
v * less man. a situation la a retail Dry Goods
Hcusa. Bashadsevo ajjearsexpeileoceaisuperta
tcidert. a’so thoronzbly understands the manage,
meet ot a Clcak and Mantbla Department, which l»st
EO- Itlou ho at orci ent fills In one of tcelargesthcuvx
üßuChlo. bit wishes to change tor Chicago. Ad
dress **T W H.” Post Office 80X2577, Buffalo. N.Y.
ec23 aIS7-1t
\\T ANTED—^To rent at any time
* * between now and the first of November, two
Dwelling Houses, either furnlshtd ot noftiinlsbed.
containing ftv* to eight rooms In oao and tho other
eight to twelve. Bom mm ba within thirty minutes
wa k of the Tremott House, or convenient to street
csrs Addre s Post Office 80zC737, with paxtlcolaxs.
stfiS-nieo St
T\7 ANTED—Amenta to sill by
* v »nb?CTlp»lon. John 'B C Abbott's History ot
the Great Rebellion. Headley's LUe-rf Wuotogton.
sedotter reward valuable publications. which are
Belling raplolj Liberal inducements offe*ed. Ctrco*
Jars giving all neceesaiy inioiroatiou, mailed tree.
For fall particulars, call upon or addles O.F. GCDBS.
lot South Clark meet, Chicago llu Post otflee Box
-3(9. 95i1-hlo9 56
XXf ANTED—Agents. sls per
* * day net profit! Canvaisers wanted for ou?
rpleidid new Photograph Album. Also. unequalled
Inducements to tell our Gbkst Paiza P-icxio**.
Our A gents are paid a conmUslcuof term *5 to 313
per day. This fa no humbug. Circular* seal free.
Address C U, DUNN ft CO . Publisher*, Ist Clark
street Chicago. ceis-msasait
11' ANTED—(Knitting Maohin*}
v * Every Fanner v to know that his ” wor-M
folk*” can earn |sto 320 per week wlthonocf ALt_
Celebrated Knitting Machines, I: will earn its fu<r
tc thirty days. Price complete, 330. 'Ap.matL'
Freight from 50 centa to 9LSO. Bend lor circular vi>
ramplcs (send itamps j
BRAN WON * KLLIOT. General Azens.
Mbit aSS 6 On 120 Lake street. Chi cage. Hu
V »the farm of Jehu Lyon, on the night ofSeplein
b*r ISth,alight coisrtd Sorrel Horse, oetweea oraoa
1-3 hands high, leur years old. llcht colored mane and
tall light colored Ifga. thlnimleah. *4° **!]**£ SjJSr
.btpald for the recovery cf the above uesertbed bprta
•by notifying JOHN LTON. two miles
ChlcigoßcUlrg Mi l, on North Br«ch or to U
PKBIiY. at «uj Health Office. In tha Conrt B"»,
Chicago. nMJ>U3 3t
QTOLEN— On the night of the 21st
Cj lEsttnt. trem my Farm la Lea Cotutfy; 1.8., near
Dlxcn. a,CI eeiaut Horse, between
ou). about fifteen bauds high heavy n:^ iaa ,
the mane hanging on the slcbt side
imtisY itrioe. the length of a n an a finger, think a
sash ?tsr In the face. a liberal reward wJUbapoA
lor return of’thahome » riS
de’ertl n of the at JAMBS
Blier*t, Chicago, or at the Farm. J, V. DSiTlslfi.
K 24-1213 3t .
O IT- len Park Home, a white horse, about eight
«anold gc-atcb on bstn hind lets. AUbenlrewari
t»aid for his recovery, or for such Information
Si ma* lead tott. by E- G. FREEMAN, corner Wal
nut and Lincoln ata. or at the Union ParkHouso.
T OST — On the 24th inst, ahathep
Jj PccketBcok. containing!H»y
s"S?.*s}«“ia S“v,iu emeo
r awarded.
LOST On ‘Wednesday, Sept. 23,
tie S&erran ¥t|*»HoteL
JgflSSi? coaWnr
n?i'jsb£l» Huttn money oo*Ul currency.
T> VflsdSr e ilfrrceir* • row* t»t>yle»*lßi;t*a
Inma joi KOnLLS’B B*.'♦OB OB R*adOloh »trees,
i“!rtihVsunW Hou*, »0?IjC»W

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