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€l)tcago tribune.
A pressure of telegraphic news in this
issue, from numerous points, engrosses
both the space and time usually claimed
for comments., IVc invite our readers to
•compare the Tuns use of this morning
with the issues ol less thnu three years
ago, when half a column of telegraphic
news was unusual, and a column a
From Hosecrans’ army the word is
passed “all’s well,” and Roscy evidently
tnows “ what’s o’clock, 7 ’ though he does
not tell, for fear the enemy may steal time,
meanwhile what little wc do receive, is
encouraging. The rebel Wheeler got a
severe set buck day before yesterday from
Gen. Crook, with a bur prospect of finding
the affair final.
Gen. Blunt escaped Quantrell, hut sev
enty-eight of his bodyguard were butch
ered in cold blood. The poor fellows did
not display any great pluck, and it cost
them their fives. Blunt is safe. The
rebels in force threaten Fort Scott,
The news from the South via Memphis
3s full of interest. The Confederacy is
troubled by intestine commotions that
will cause the arch conspirators pale
chocks and foreboding. Only by the direst
tyranny can they cany on the war, and
the remedy itself has bred a restiveness
that threatens to ruin all.
We have cheerful news from Ohio and
Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and lowa, and
our correspondents are so located that thedr
dispatches deserve veiy great weight We
give the States in the order of the interest
that attaches to them. Inall of them there
are badly scared snakes just now, with a
prospect that on Tuesday next there will
*be dead snakes in plenty.
The Conference of the Methodist Epis
copal Church for this State, comprising
that portion ot the State reaching from
Bloomington to CarlinvlUe, north and
.south, and from tiie Wabash to the Mis
sissippi River, east and west, is in session
at Springfield. About 170 members, 80
visitors, and 16 local preachers were in
attendance, of whom a lull list we present
elsewhere. The report of their proceed
ings yesterday, in our Springfield dispatch,
.includes an abstract of the rousing patri
otic resolutions the body stand ready
to adopt nearly unanimously. These
clergymen may serve as a model
The same body is engaged in trying Rev.
W. C. Blundell (of Livingston, Clark
county, sec list,) on the charge of bring a
These brethren dont say
that a Copperhead cannot enter the King
dom of Heaven, (though the old original
Copperhead made desperate attempts to
get in—and failed,) but they do say he may
'do a great deal of harm in the church
militant, and ought not to be set to watch
the flock, lest peradventure men be led
astray in an hour when their country
needs them. Let Mr. Blundell be careful
ly put through his paces, and if he stum
ble in loyalty, drop him.
An immense outrage was perpetrated
yesterday. The myrmidons of the brutal
despot and hyena at Washington invaded
the cars at Richmond, Indiana, yesterday
(they will find some of the same kind of
vermin at the other Richmond), and
dragged from under the palladium of our
liberties and the American flag, nineteen
harmless Hlinoians, and arrested them on
-the spot. This interference with the rights
of the people is defended on the paltry
plea that these martyrs were going to Bay
ton, Ohio, to vote for Vallandigham. They
had revolvers, and smelt of bad whisky.
They confessed their intention to vote in
Ohio. Can our readers peruse this para
.-graph without measureless indignation?
We rather think not. Where sleeps the
e word ? Where is Dick Merrick ? Whose
■blood does he snuff now?
The news from Washington states that
the President has completed his answer to
the Missouri delegation, and that it will be
promulgated to-morrow. Nothing is defi
nitely known as to his decision, but
•the conjecture is ventured that he
will urge lack of definiteness and
jK>int in charges against
and treat the matter by pldring restrictions
on Schofield and Gamble. that
was very tack with the rebellion, biw®
to be long and painfully convalescing In
conservatism. Her hour of health trill
■come by and by, but Gamble & Company
will be discharged quacks before that time
Three more of the wretched blacks, the
Beer-ham murderers, expiated their crime
at Columbus- yesterday, and their less
guilty accomplices have been sent to the
Kentucky Penitentiary.
A few weeks once, immediately follow
ing the Lawrence massacre, a meeting
was called at Bryan Hall, to take action
lor the relief of the sufferers,by rebel vio
lence. How our citizens responded to the
appeal, both in amount and mode of dis
bursement, is shown elsewhere in the re.
port of Rev. Robert Collyer.
Ukxoit Meeting at Cuete.— A grand
Union rally is to be held to-day at Crete, in
Will county. Let all the people turn out,
and testify their devotion to the Constitution
and the Union as onr fathers made it.
William Bross, Esq., of the Tbibcks, and
other speakers, will address the people in
English, and A. C. Heasing, Eaq., of the
/Stoats ZHtviiff, in German.
New Orleans, Sept. 30.—The headquarters
of the 19th army corps, under Gen. Franklin,
and part of th 13th army corps, under Gen.
C. C. Waahbume, are at Camp Bisland, fifty
miles from Brashear City. They have met no
enemy as yet.
Foraging parties have gathered up large
quantities of mules, horses, and cattle, bat
the plantations are generally deserted. The
advance ot the army was delayed on account
~ ot obstructions in Bayou Teche. These ob
structions were blown np, and the bayou is
now open for steamers to Kew Iberia.
On the 23d, a raid was mad e on the telegraph
office situated opposite DonaldsonvlUe, by a
baud of guerillas.
Fourteen men of the New York 14th cav
alry and the telegraph operator, Mr. Allen, of
Illinois,' were captured. In consequence of
this raid an expedition was set in motion to
clear the conntzy in that neighborhood. This
expedition left Carrolton on the night of the
20th by steamboat, about 1,000 men strong,
under Brig. Gen. Burbridge. He reconnoi
tred the whole countiy to the Amite River,
without meeting the enemy, and retumed to
Carrolton on the 28th, without casualty.
Lieut. Earl of the 4th Wisconsin, in com
mand of forty cavalry, marched from Baton
Rouge on the 2Sth nlu, as far as the Comite
River. He captured fourteen prisoners;
' among them were the notorious CoL Hunter
and Cant, perry, guerilla chiefs.
It is known that Gen. Logan (rebel) is on
the cast side of the Mississippi river, seven or
eight miles below Moigausleßend, with 3,500
menana ionr pieces ol artillery, and is sup
posed to be marching to Liberty, Miss., Where
a rcoel force is concentrating.
TRc Late Expedition Successful.
Washington, OctJ).— I The following du.
patch has been received at headquarters:
Fobtbsss Moxnos, Oct. o, 1663.
HaJ. Gen, H, W. Halleck:
I have the honor to report tliat the expedi
tion sent out on Sunday, under Gen. Wlstar,
to break up or capture the guerillas and boat
crews organized by the enemy in Mathews
coante, has returned, having in the mala ac
complished its object.
Four rebel naval officers, thirty five men
and twenty-five bead of cattle belonging to
the Confederates, together with horses, mutes,
and arms, were taken by them.
[Special Plvpatch to Hie Chicago Tribune.]
7a tie lUint ia Methodist Conference to day
tho case of Kev. W. Blundell, charged with
being a Copperhead and opposed to the
country, was taken op, and a committee ap.
pointed to prefer charges against him.
Assistant Mifi&icnvy of Ohio, Bar. Hr.
Harris, Secretary of the M. £ Church, ad*
di cased the Convection on the subject oi
missions. He gave a very flattering account
of the progress of missions, and of the finan
cial prospects of the Society. In ISGO the So
ciety was forty thousand dollars in debt. In
16C3 there wss a surplus of $30,000. tm«
year the increase in receipts over lost is one
hundred and twenty one thousand dollars.
2. The great question before the Conference
to-day was the state cf the country.
A series of highly patriotic resolutions
were presented by the majority of the Com
mittee. They declared,
■ Seedlud, That the Conference recognizes the
band of Codin the present war.
8. That a correct understanding of Its cause is
necessary to its suppression.
8. That we believe slavery Is the primary cause
of the rebellion, and that there can be no security
for the Union and peace for the States as lons as it
is tolerated.
4. Endorses the Emancipation Proclamation, as
not only Justified by mllita-y necessity, but by the
moral sense of tho civilized world.
6. That in the sienal victories gained by our ar
mies since the enforcement of the Emancipation
Proclamation, we behold an indication of the ap
pioval of heaven on that measure.
6. That every citizen should abstain byword or
deed from interposing obstacles in the way of the
prosecution of tho war, but to employ all the
nutans God has given to assist inatrikmc down
the r* bdiion.
7. That the Providence of God in the events of
tbewar. declare pithily that he la compelling the
ration to ricognizt the maiJiaod of the negro .
which the system of slavery has been endeavoring
to ernah oct.
8. That it la a matter of great gratification to all
Christiana, that the President In all his official
proclamations, recognizes so distinctly the effici
ency of Chris’ian faith, and the overruling hand
Of God in shaping the fortunes of oar country.
9. That a man who withholds his hearty sapport
from the Administration, znsy be justly aaspreted
of wsntol sympathy with, and loyalty fo the Gov
10. That they cordially approve of the policy of
the Administration in the enforcement of the con
scription act, and the suspension of the writ of
hobean corjntt touching offences against the Gov
Hev. Mr. Crane, of this city, offered a mi
nority report. His resolutions do not en
dorse the Emancipation Proclamation, or
any of the measures of the Administration.
They denounce all secret societies, thus put
ting the Loyal Union League in the same
category with the Knights of the Golden
Circle. They leave slavery out, almost, If
not altogether, and protest against inquiring
into the causes of the war. This minority
report of Mr. Crane was laid on the table,
only fifteen or sixteen voting against such
disposition of It. This may be considered a
test vote. An interesting debate then took
place, in which able speeches were mads in
favor of the majority report, by Messrs. Mc-
Coy, Bbezm, Somber, Sample, and Andrews.
The last two gentlemen were particularly
pointed, loyal and patriotic, andthe confer
ence is decidedly with them.
Messrs Buck, Cartwright, Adams, Crane,
and Sucker favored a more temporising
To-morrow the resolutions will be doubt
less passed; probably not more than nine or
ten votes will be given against them. This
Isa most Important movement of this body,
as come of the speakers said to day its loy
alty has heretofore been considered by other
conferences as of an equivocal character. It
represents a very important part of the State,
in many portions of which there is much
I consequently consider the position the
conference wSI undoubtedly assume as a
gnat step gained in Central ana Southern
Illinois, in favor of freedom and loyalty, and
against slavery and secession.
The Governor administers the oath of al
legiance to the conference to morrow at 11
The Masonic Grand Royal Arch Chapter
elected the following officers to day:
H E H. TV Hubbard, G. E. High Priest.
M.E. W. U. Egan, Dep't. Grand High Priest.
3L E. L. L. Mono, Grand King.
H. £. O. H. Minor, Grand Scribe.
E. Comp. J. R, Mack, Grand Treasurer.
E. Ccmp. H. G. Reynolds, Grand Secretary.
E. Comp. Levi Ln&k. Grand Chaplain.
E. Comp.T. J. Wade, Grand Captain ofHost.
Comp. J.C. Baker, Principal Sojourner.
Corfip. G. W. Llnneger. Royal Arch Capt.
Comp J. W. Downs, Grand W. ofßd YelL
Comp. J. W. Small, Grand W. of 3d Veil.
Comp. J. W, Grand VT, Jet
Comp. H. H. L!tharas, Grand Steward.
Comp, A E. Robinson, Grand Tyler.
Rev. Mr. Paddock, of Lawrence, Kansas,
preached to-night in the Methodist Church
cn the Lvwrence massacre. The reverend
gentleman preached the funeral sermon over
the bodies cl one hundred of the members of
bis church in Lawrence, who left eighty five
widows and nearly, three hundred orphans
behind them. His history of the tragedy Is
one of the most soul harrowing ever present
yd to an audience. -
TheGovemorhas tC ordered an election
for judge in the ICth JndlcnJ Circuit, on the
17th cf November, in place of Judge Mend
The track, rolling stock, right of way, £nd
other appertanances of the Illinois Ri>er rail
road were sold under a decree of chancery,
in this city, on the let lost, the principal
bondholders becoming the purchasers, lor
$400,000. Messrs. Arnold, Allen and Trow
bridge represent $954,000 of the bonds,
while only about $50,000 are in other bauds.
The route extends from Jacksonville to Peo
ria—that part from Virginia to Peoria being
In operation. The purchasers Intend to put
the division from Virginia to Jacksonville
under contract immediately, with a view to
the early completion of the road through its
whole length. The stockholders arc also cn*
deavoring to effect an arrangement with the
the Bureau Valley and Hannibal Road, to se
cure a through route to Chicago. The name
cf the road is to be changed to the Jackson
ville, Peoria and Chicago Railroad.
ISpedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribunal
St. Pact* Oct. 9, 1563.
The Assistant Provost Marshal General of
this State received orders to-day to proceed
with the draft on the 25th inst. In the mean
time Got. Swift has been authorized to raise
a cavalry regiment for frontier service. The
time of service of the mounted rangers now
on the frontier expires in December, and a
large part of them will undoubtedly re-enlM,
As we have hut 1,425 to raise, It is likely
that they will all be secured by volunteering,
and the State escape a draft
The 9th regiment left for St. Louis via Chi
.cago to day.
St. Pam, Minn., Oct B.—Ramsey’s treat?
expedition is likely to foil, on account of the
large price demanded by the Indians for
their lands. The? demand SIOO in money
and $55.621-2 in goods per head for fifty
years. The demand of the Bed Lake and ,
Pembina tribe*, combined, amounted to over
$10,000,000. They will probably agree to
take $20,000 for the right of way on Red
River md over their lands. This is the oiler
made them.
The War in Virginia.
New York, Oct 9.—The Mould has the
following dispatch:
Headquarters Arht op the Potomac,
Oct B.—During the last twenty-four hours,
there have been indications of a collision be
tween the two armies, but I doubt if any will
speedily occur. Our forces now at the front
thought, yesterday and the night before, that
there was danger of on attack, and made
preparations to meet it, but quiet has pre
vailed since. , _ .
The report telegraphed to the press from
Washington that a rebel brigade occupied a
position north of the Rapidan, is incorrect
Our forces have picketed the entire north
bank of the river to its confluence with the
Rappahannock, and a single rebel brigade or
dlrlslon would necessarily bring on a conflict
The army baa been paid off to September
Ist The best feeling prevails In the army
and re enlistments for £wo years are going on
rapidly, ud it is intimated that two thirds
of the Army oi the Potomac will re-enllst
The tallowing is in the Richmond Examiner
ot the Cth Inst -
Goumkbtiijx, Oct. 3.— The report th»t
. d .? ent two army corps toßoeccraus,
®ud that the enemy was preparing to fall
back, is contradicted. Our scoot?say bat
SSfSS?** *“* be ? n «eut to Roseerans, and
that there are no indications of tailing back.
Mis 120, Captnres 828 and
4 Cons.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct. 8,1833.
AD quiet here.
A few shots passed to-day, but no damage
was done.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
yAggynxit, Oct. 9, 1803.
The following dispatch was received here
to-day by Gov. Johnson, who kindly furnish
ed me a copy:
Murfreesboro, Tenn., Oct 9.—Gov. John
son; This morning I learn that Gen. Crook
overtook Gen. Wheeler twelve miles to the
right in the direction of Franklin, fought and
whipped him, hilling 130 of his men, cap
tnring S2B prisoners and 4 pieces of artillery.
The rebels are retreating closely pursued by
enr troops, with a fair prospect of capturing
most of the men under Wheeler’s immediate
command. ' The rebels had divided their
forces before Crook overtook them. How
many Wheeler had with him is. unknown.
Tours, &c,
[Signed.] W. P. Woodbbxbge, Gen.
Washington, Oct, 9.— The MepuJAican Ex
tra says: The Government has advices from
Chattanooga to the Cth. On the sth, the rebel
batteries opened onjour position at a range of
8 and 2 7-10 miles. A dispatch from Rose
crons* headquarters ot the Cth says: Not a
man was injured by the rebel batteries yester
day. Other dispatches show the impregnable
position of Eosecrans. ' There is no official
information of the rebel statement that two
of Sosecranfi* over the Ten
nessee have been carriAaway. Telegraphic
communication has been restored between
Nashville and Stevenson.
Washington. Oct 9,18(3,
It is ascertained that none of Gen. Soso
crane' very latest dispatches, which are to
the evening of the sth Inst., mention any
thing relative to the situation in the locality
of Chattanooga. All of them refer entirely
to military details. The other dispatches,
however, recently received by the Govern
ment, speak of events in that quarter, and
are from Gen. Meigs.
Louisville, Oct. 9.—Onr Nashville corres
pondent says that but three buildings were
bunted by rebels at Shelbyville, Tenn., the
Court House and two others. The town was
plundered throughout, and come 1,500 pris
oners ore reported captured, but this is doubt
Major Lester, fromthe Confederate cavalry,
captured Cart. Smith, of Sheridan's staff and
257 wagons; Including 15 sutler's wagons and
487 men, at Waldrcn’s Eidge. 537 men were
captured at McMinnville.
Guerillas are reported on the Louisville
road. Fears are entertained that Gallatin or
vicinity will be attacked. It is reported that
Pillow is promoted to Major General In the
Confederate service.
New York, , OcL 9.—The Scrcld's Wash
ington dispatch, Oct. Bth, states: By the
Mett private advices from the South, it ap
pears that Bragg's army has been reinforced
since the battle of Chickamauga, by the fol
lowing troops: one division from Richmond,
commanded by Gen. Arnold Elsy; one from
Western Virginia, commanded by Gen. Sam.
Jones; one from Petersburg and Wel
don, commanded by Gen. Ransom; three
brigades from Florida, commanded by Oen.
Howell Cobb, and. three famous batteries
from Lee’s army, viz: Cults’, Blodgett's and
Walton's. In addition Bragg has his original
army, consisting of D. H. Hill's and Folk's
corps, besides four dlvieions from Mississippi
and one divMon from Charleston, one divis
ion of Georgia State troops under Gen. Walk
er, one division from East Tennessee, seven
divisions from Lee's army. 15.000 Georgia
State mSltia under Wayne, 5,000 cavalry un
der Pillow. 15,000 cavalry under Gen. Wheel
er, and SoO pieces of artillery. Bis whole
force Is estimated at 173,000. It is now rep
resented that Joe Johnston's reserves at
Some, Besaca, Kingston. Costersville and
Etaw&b bridge, number 55,009.
The Herald lias the following special:
yAKTTVTTj.it, Oct. 8, —Up to this time we
have no news ol especial Importance regard
ing the doings ot either oar own forces or
those of the enemy lathe neighborhood of
BaUroacT communication has not been re
turned. The damage to the railroad Is greater
than was at first supposed.
Information has been received which goes
to show that the enemy has divided his
mounted force engaged in the recent raid into
several detachments, and these again Into
minor ones, and that each detached bands
now infest the mountains and woods in those
neighborhoods, thereby rendering common
road travel dangerous to other than strong
military commands.
Telegraphic communication was still inter
rupted to day between here and Stevenson,
Alabama. It Is reported it will be 0. K. again
I saw a gentleman to-day who was made
prisoner by the rebel forces, when they were
in the neighborhood for Murfreesboro. This
gentleman says that the rebels Intended to
reach onr railroad line some two days sooner
than they did, but, owing to unfortunate
causes and detention incident to moving their
artillery, they were delayed, and bad at lost
to make extra efforts to get up in time to
cause their movements to be a surprise, or
effect their object He also says that the
rebels admitted having tailed to carry oat to
fall success their main design, and they de
stroyed the railroad bridges as much to pro
tect their retreat, and for the sake of doing
some mischief, as fihey did from any consid
eration of interference with Rosecrans* sup
plies or reinforcements.
New Tobk, Oct 9 —A ■Washington special
to the New York World says:
The Government is once morein communi
cation with Rosecrans.
Gen. Hooker was at Murfreesboro when
Wheeler made his raid. Communications are
about fully restored, and everything will go
forward as usual.
New Tons, Oct. 9.— The Washington cor
respondent ot the Commercial states that the
recent rebel advance in Bosecrans’ rear,
S roves to be an extensive reconnolssance to
iscovcr what forces were moving to the sup
port of our army. It did not have in view, at
least, such were not the results, any serious
interruption of communication, which the
rebels well knew would bring on on engage
ment which would end in serious defeat to
them, a fact fhlly realized before their object
was accomplished.
What little intelligence was gained by the
rebels it is not proposed to state here. By
this time the rebel cavalry will be back south
of the Tennessee Blver; and from the prepa
rations to keep open communications with
Chattanooga, it is not believed that they will
run the risk of penetrating so far within onr
Gen. Booker, who was published a few
days since as being at Nashville, has leit that
place, but not to command Burnside’s force,
as was lately Intimated. His position is en
tirely separate and independent.
Onihe whole, the officials here seem to bo
well pleased with the situation of Rosecrans 1
army. The day is now past for the rebels to
crown Chickamaugawitn what possibly might
have been a legitimate success. East Ten
nessee is forever ours.
The War in Mississippi, Tennes-
see and Arkansas*
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Cairo, Oct. 9.1863.
The steamers Atlantic and Commercial ar
rived this morning from below, bnt I am In
debted to the agent of the Adams Express
Company for files of Memphis papers to the
afternoon of the 6th.
Augusta, 6a., and Selma, Ala., papers no
tice a late rapid decline of 300 or 400 per
cent, in the price of gold for Confederate cur
The Gas Company’s engineer at Selma has
been conscripted, and the city is in darkness.
A petition was raised asking Ms release.
There is not another man in the vicinity uhle
to ran the machine.
Hen. A. Jones is trying to steal Bhett’s
thunder. ■ Jones says he started the secession
ball three years before Rhett could screw his
courage to the sticking point.
A conflict of authority has taken place be
tween the State and Confederate authorities
in Butler county, Ala., which has excited the
people to frenzy. The town of Greenville is
especially excited. The Provost Guard bod
been fired upon and one killed—the rest were
captured. The one killed was one Smith, a
tax collector.
Two companies of soldiers had been sent
for to keep the c ilizena of Butler county in
CoL Cushman, a noted guerilla, captured at
or near Fort Pillow, some three months since,
and who has been in close confinement at Fort
Pickering, Memphis, since, arrived to-day on
the steamer Liberty, cn route for Alton, where
he is to he confined until finally disposed of
He is a small, active energetic man, and one
of tha,most successful robbers and bush
whackers that ever infested Tennessee.
He will be carefully handled at Alton, as be
has already once escaped, and will undoubted
ly try to do so again.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cairo, oct.9-10p.ra.
Tho steamer Liberty, Armor, Master, with
Memphis dates to the afternoon of the 7tb,
has just arrived.
The rebels endeavored to break tho railroad
communication with Memphis at Coldwater,
six miles from Collierville, on the 6th, They
were repulsed, but will doubtless try the same
game soon again, and meet with the same
treatment. They have already tried it at
other points with no success.
The rebels under Lee,oi Johnson's staff, are
said to be concentrating near Colambus,
Miss., where the Confederates have extensive
iron and other manufactories, as well os some
powerful military,works of defense.
Gov. Brown, of Atlanta, Ga., has issued a
proclamation protesting against the seizure
of persons! or private property for the use of
the rebel Government, except in cases where
the authority plainly emanates from head
quarters. He calls upon the State to resist
the impressment of property where such au
thority cannot be produced. Persons at
tempting such impressments to be commit
ted to jail until a warrant is issued against
them for robbery.
Late advices from Little Rock represent
matters in a satisfactory condition. The
railroad to Duvall’s Bluff has not been inter
fered with. All necessary repairs have been
made, bridges built, and station houses and
.watering places put up. Gen. Davidson has
published an address to the soldiers. He
compliments them upon having achieved two
victories in one day. He hopes their valor
will not be'obscured by misdeeds; that
no outrages upon defenceless inhabitants
have stained their hands, and concludes by
thanking his troops, and saying their con
duct has more than repaid him tor many
anxious days and sleepless nights, and he has
no desire for greater honor than to lead such
The Penitentiary was ionnd without in
mates, and Is now used as a military prison.
Gen. Davidson’s business office Is located In
the old Bank house, where CoL Caldwell,
chief of staff, presides.
The Campaign in lowa.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Fulton, HI,, Oct. 0,1803.
I havejnst listened to a two hoars speech
by Senator Grimes. It was delivered at Lyons,
on the opposite aide .of the river. It was
a candid, dispassionate, Union speech, In
which he made on eloquent appeal to all par
ties to drop politics for the time being, and
Iced tho Government a hearty support in Its
efforts to put down the rebellion. He briefly
referred to the patriotic tone of the Union
platform, and then took up tho “Democratic,”
and showed its insincere, Jesuitical and trea
sonable features. He dwelt at length on this
point, and thoroughly dissected and clearly
exposed the rottenness of the Bylogton abor
Senator Grimes spoke of the candidates of
the two parties, and paid a Mgh compliment
to the two standard bearers lor their bravery
and military skill. He had a hand in the pro
motion of J. M. Tattle from the Colonelcy of
the 2d Infantry tn & brigadier Generalship,
and. had supposed that the General was more
radical in politics than himself, as the General
had pretended to be for exterminating the
rebels of the South, and the speaker could not
go quite eo far os that. But Gen. Tattle had
fallen into the snare of bid men; Ms politi
cal advisers are of doubtful patriotism, and
were merely using Mm, for the time being,
for base ends. They do not expect to elect
Mm, but they run him for the sake of saving
the whole patnotic element of the Democrat
ic party from sloughing off.
In a private conversation with Senator
Grimes I learn that the prospects in all parts
of the State ore most cheering. Next Tues
day is election day, and you may prepare to
have thunder from lowa. She means to beat
California and’ Maine—every thing but Ver
mont. A few counties wUI «**
• . « go VOIUVVIOtIV|
as usual. Ifahonymaybe elected Sheriff of
Dubuque county; but the State will roll up
such a -majority for CoL Stone as no other
Governor of lowa ever had. Kirkwood had
about 15,000 two years ago; this year the ma
jority for Stone will not stop at 20,000.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Memphis, Oct. 7, via Cairo, Oct. 9.
Tour correspondent, writing from Corinth,
gives an account of the late fight at Sleydlau’a
Bluff. Our force consisted of the 7th Illinois
mounted infantry and 7th Kansas, and left
Corinth on the 37th ult., commanded by Col.
Bowett of the 7th Illinois. Two days
brought the expedition to Fort Hooker,
near Mifflin, They bnii a skirmish,
and captured three of the enemy.
That night one of onr pickets was killed.
The next day we got on the rebel Newsom’s
track, had a running fight twenty miles, cap
tniing three more prisoners. On the 30th
we reached Sleydlan’s Bluff The rebels had
crossed except a Major and twenty men, pro
tected by one hundred comrades on the other
side, but within musket range. Onr men
chanted under a shower of bullets, drove the
rebels away from the opposite side, and .cap
tured the Major and Ms men, with a loss of
one man killed and two wounded.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Dubuque, lowa, Oct. 9,1563.
Ton will hear glad-tidings from lowa on
Tuesday next. The Union men in this sec
tion were never so enthusiastic, nor the Cop
perheads so desponding, as now. The latter
are distracted, and fall half of them are dis-.
gusted with Tuttle. Northern lowa will give
Stone at least 10,000 majority. •
In Dubuque county the Copperheads have
split on D. H. Mahoney, their regular candi
date for Sheriff, and the sore headed portion
of them have nominated John Fortescne.
Capt Swivel, a gallant officer in the field, Will
probably be elected by the Union men. Ma
honey was egged atDyersville,ln this county,
yesterday, and driven out of the town, by his
own parly.
New York, Oct. 9 —The transport Curlew,
from Charleston Bar on the morning of the
oth, left Port Boyal on the 4tb, and towed
the Wcehawken to Charleston Bar. The Pa
tapsco and Passaic are at Port Royal.
Gen. Gilmore is hard at work, but the navy
is quiet.
The Baltimore American'* correspondent,
dating on the evening of the sth, states that
all is quiet, beyond au occasional firing from
the rebel forts. Gilmore’s preparations are
nearly completed, and active operations will
loon be commenced.
Who is Webster Cassel
of Chicago.
The Way They Hope to Carry
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Indianapolis, Oct. 9.2863.
The Provost Marshal at Richmond, Indiana,
arrested nineteen persons this morning, all
arrived with revolvers , en route for Dayton, to
vote for Vallandigham. After their arrest,
party confessed the facts and sta
ted that many more were expected to follow.
They come to Richmond by different routes,
and each had in his possession a rough map
showing tho different railroads leading
through Indiana, to Dayton, Ohio.
The leader ofthe parly first gave hla name
as John Brown, but afterwords said it was
Webster Cassell, and that they all hailed from
Chicago, 111,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Oct. 9,1803.
There is fighting again at and near Harper's
Perry, this time on but a small scale. Imbo
den bos a camp near Winchester, with 250
ires, from which he operates. On Monday
there was a skirmish between a scouting
party from Capt. Meats* company of Mary
land Home Guards, and a company of Imbo
dsn’s men, resulting, in the repulse of the
fermer, with one killed, three wounded and
ten or twelve prisoners. On Tuesday the
rebels picketed the road within two miles of
Harper’s Ferry. Oh Wednesday night the
garrison cf Harper's Ferry being alarmed,
sallied out and Capt. comers* company of
cavalry fell into an ambuscade. The Captain
and ten men were killed, on equal number
wcunded and the rest captured. Before the
rest of the cavalry could catch them the reb
els had escaped.
Secretary Chase is making a harried visit
homo to vote against Valbmdlgham. He
leaves this evening and will be in Cincinnati
on Monday.
The stoppage of exchanges of Surgeons is
in consequence of the rebel detention of one
named Dr. Rucker, on pretense that there
were charges against him. Rebel surgeons
were of course retained as hostages , for him,
and the rebels retaliated. *
The absence of clerks who wish to vote In
Ohio and Pennsylvania has not affected public
business, as the Copperheads charge, in the
slightest. Their fellows from other States do
double work.
The following list of National Banks which
have received certificates to October Bth is
States. Banka. Capital.
Maine 1 $ XuU,OOO
New Hampshire 3 300,000
Maassachusetts 8 800,000
Connecticut. 3 600, (00
New Y0rk,.*..,,'.*..* 14 1,810,000
New Jersey 1 . 125,000
Pennsylvania 16 1,621,500
District of Columbia 1 600,000
Illinois 4 250,000
Total No. Backs and capital.
The President has finished bis reply to the
Mlssonri-Kans&s delegation, and it is now be
ing copied, and will probably be given to
Chairman Drake to morrow. No knowledge
as to its conclusions is entertained. Kansas
men hope their petition, to he set off as a
separate Department, will he granted. There
U (little reason to expect the removal of
Schofield, but his opponents hope the Presl
dent will if sue such Imperative orders to Mm
and Gamble, as fahall lead to reform. The
President, has promised that the Missouri
election, this tall, shall be carried out with
fairness and freedom.
New* York, Oct. 9.— The ITeraWs Wash
ington dispatch says: Notwithstanding the
denial of the Washington press, it is a fact
that for ten months past the question of a
rettlement cf the difficulties between the
North and South, has been under considera
tion in Washington and Richmond. (BOS fl).
The New York Tribune's Washington spe
cial says: Ihz Herald's statement that apeace
proposition has been introduced In the Wash
ington Cabinet is denied by the very highest
authority. The 7Vt£mnralso says: If we may
trust the intelligence from Richmond, the
rebel leaders are not only providing Bragg
with reinforcements, but are also sending him
large siege material. During the last.two
weeks gnus of extraordinary size and range
have been sent him. It is thought to be their
purpose to erect batteries on Lookout Moun
tain, which Is said to in possession of the
1 advssced guard of the rebels. It is thought
tnav if tnfiSO batteries reach Chattanooga
lihey would make the place untenable.
Washington, Oct. o.—Gen. Sherm* nj com
mlrdiDgtbe 15lb army corps, feporla to
headquarters that many of the neat inhabit
ants of Mississippi are now clamoring for
rt n „ -on terms acceptable to all who do not
nfmVM.'* 1 destruction of that part of the
ns£* a* n H® thlnks’also that no Fed-
Konla W*** l ° in
terlor of that State.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Sr. Louis, Oct. 0,1863.
Sedalia has been fortified with bay bales*
and is guarded by a force of artillery and in
fantry to prevent attack from the rebels. Jef
ferson City has been reinforced from tMs city,
the provost guard duty and guarding military
prison being done by enrolled militia, whose
first night’s work resulted In the escape of
five prisoners.
The rebel force under Coffee and Shelby di
vided at HermansvUld,Coffet{going to Osceola,
and Shelby to Warsaw. The bonk deposits at
Warsaw were saved.
STbe force moving on. Fort Scott is said to
be Cabell’s. Coffee is, or was, with Shelby.
They are gaining accessions from returned
rebels and bushwhackers hourly, and unless
checked} will do immense mischief in the nest
forty-eight hours. Refugees are pouring into
the towns on the Pacific Railroad west of Jef
ferson City—even from Booueville. The
movements on our side are active, bat details
are contraband.
Bed alia, Mo., Oct. 9th.—lnformation, re
ceived to day, contradicts the report of yes
terday about the Indiscriminate slaughter of
citizens of "Warsaw by rebels. The number
ot persons killed are now sold to be twelve,
while many think even this an exaggeration.
It is Impossible to get a true statement of
either the lives lost or the property destroyed.
The town has always been strongly secesh—
it is, therefore, not probable that any great
amount of damage was done.
'. The latest information places the rebels
about twelve miles from "Syracuse, on the
Cole Camp Hoad, where, it is presumed, they
will camp to-nlgnt. Their number la estima
ted at fifteen hundred, with two pieces of ar
Major Foster skirmished with their, rear
guard to-day, surrounding and captaring
three prisoners.
The military authorities are using every
means to protect the people.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Uauibok, wifl„ Oct. 9, 1863.
The apathy which has existed up to this
time among the Union people of this State,
in regard to the coming State election, is
about to be broken, and a vigorous canvas
inaugurated. Judge Doolittle, Senator Howe,
Hon. Mat Carpenter, Hon. Jonathan E. Ar
nold, Hon. LcviHnbbell, J. B. D. Cogswell,
acd many other of the leading minds have
entered heartily Into the work, and will give
it their whole attention until election day.
A number ot rousing mass meetings will
be b»iil at important central points, while
smaller meetings will be held in almost
every school district in the State. It U the
Intention of the State Committee to invite
Gov. Tates, Hon. Bichard Oglesby, Senator
Trumbull, Hod. £. C. Ingersoll, and other
eloquent Illinoisans to address tho people of
Wisconsin at their larger meetings. The
loyal men are very confident of carrying the
State, even by the home vote, while tho sol
diers’ vote will add seven to ten thousand to
the home majority. The enemy arc hard at
work, but in a very quiet manner.
Narrow Escape of Gen, Blunt—Bar-
barism of the Eebels,
Their Prisoners Murdered in
Cold Blood.
8,000 Rebels Marching
on Fort Scott.
The Town of Carthage,
Mo., Burned.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Leavenworth, Oct 9,1663.
Gen. Bluet efcaped, and was met below
Fort Scott by rehforcemcnts, of which he
took command and started in pursuit of
Quantrell. I have received the following ad
ditional particulars concerning the attack:
The General was lu advance of the wagons,
ana while waiting for them in the vicinity of
Pond’s camp, he noticed a body of 100
men advancing in line, who, being dressed in
our uniform, he at first supposed belonged to
Pond’s command, on drill; while at the same
time he had some suspicion that they were
rebels. He had the escort formed in line, and
thetand and wagons were ordered to the rear,
while he advanced towards them.
He had proceeded but a short distance
when they fired on him, and at the same time
he heard firing in Pond’s camp. As he tam
ed to give the order to fire he discovered the
entire escort running from him. Seeing oar
men break, the enemy charged followed by
about two hundred others from the timber.
With the assistance of Major Curtis the
General endeavored to halt and rally the es
scort, but only succeeded in detaining fifteen
men. With these he turned on the enemy,
who retreated. He followed them until they
formed in force, when he halted with the de
termination of remaining until he could as
certain the fate of the escort and of Pond’s
With a force ot nine men he kept firing on
their rear until they moved south, where be
jolted Pond’s command,wbich he found sole,
with the exception of a small loss la killed
and wounded.
Copt. Todd, Quantrell’s Adjutant, has ar
rived In Pond’s camp, asking lor an, exchange
of prisoners. He sold they had a number of
their force wounded, among them Colonel
Shelby; also that they had Majon Curtis
eleven of onr men prisoners. Tho band Maj.
was captured and all the boys were brutally
shot through the head.
Qaantrell’s force came oni of McDonald
county, Mo. From Pond’s report I learn
that his camp was attacked: while at dinner.
Four of Pond’s men were killed and three
wounded. Tho whole number of killed from
Gen. Blunt's escort of 100 men was seventy
Gen. Schc field has telegraphed here that
a force of from 1,000 to 8,000 men under
Quantrell, Coffey, Gorden and Hnntsr are
marching on Fort Scott, and that he has or
dered Col. Weer to move all the force he
could raise to Fort Scott.
.16 1,521,500
. 3 225,000
.80 4,458,600
A special messenger from Gen. Blunt has
just arrived. He says the body of ilaj. Cur
11s, eon of Qcn. Curtis, bas been found. He
was thrown from Ms horse, shot through the
head, and evidently murdered after he was a
prisoner, as well as all the rest. Lieut. Farr,
of the 3d Wisconsin, was killed. A letter
from Capt. Inslee (?) to Capt. Theolon, dated
Fort Scott, October 8, says there was a rebel
force at Carthagethis morning, which burned
the town. AU of Gen. BlunVs clerks, order
lies, and hand, were shot through the head
after being taken prisoners.
103 $12,635,600
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Another outrage was committed by a gang
of guerillas numbering about thirty men, at
Owiogsuiilc, Xy., on the night of the Cth
Inst. They murdered seven Union soldiers
who were m the town at the time, and pil
laged several stores, to the amount of over
$5,000. These outrages are becoming alto
gether too common in Kentucky. The whole
of that State is by roving bands, and
it Is Mgh tim* e that some action was taken by
the miliary authorities to prevent this fre
qJlent occurrence.
By dint of bands and fireworks, the Butter
nuts managed to gather together a good sized
crowd to-night, who were addressed by Geo.
E, Pugh and Geo. Pendleton, Congressmen,
from the 2d district of Hamilton county.
Both Pugh and Pendleton endeavored to out
lie each ether. Pugh carried off the prize.
He claimed 75,000 majority fur the martyred
It is the acknowledge! lop and desire of
the Butternuts that Bragg will engine our
gallant eoldlers under Bosecrana, on Tne.u-y
nent, to keep them from voting; bat oven It
such should be the case, It will make no dif
ference, for Brough wm bo elected by home
Good news has been received from 'War
ren county. She Is good for 9,000 majority
for Brough and the Union. The Frovost
Marshal of Richmond, Ind., to-day arrested
twelve men, who had come oil the way from
Warren county, Illinois, to . vote for
Vallandigham. They had taken seats
in the cars to come to this city
when one made the remurk that he had rath
er vote for Jeff Davis than Abe Lincoln for
President. On hearing the remark the Pro
vost Marshal arrested them. On being
searched seven revolvers, a quantity of lead,
powder and caps wars found on them.
They said they had come over 400 miles to
vote for VaUandigham,
Only by such means do the traitors expect
to elect their ticket. They can never dolt
by only fair ballots.
George Pugh, in Ms speech to-night, said
that if elected he would call out the militia
of the State and go and bring VaUandigham
Several Union meetings were held in this
city to-day. The greatest enthusiasm, was
shown everywhere. The nearer election day
approaches, greater seems the confidence of
Brongh men, and vice versa the butternuts.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Desuoines, lowa, Oct. 9,1663.
The news from all portions of the State is
cheering. Grimes, Kasson, Cole, Harlan,
Wilson, and others, are stumping the Slate
for the Union cause. All unite in saying that
their meetings this fall have been the largest
and most enthusiastic ever had in the State.
Gains are reported from every quarter. Iu
the southern border counties the gains for
our ticket ore Immense. The counties in
Central lowa will more than double theirma
joritles for the Union candidates.
The Copperhead candidates in this county,
who came into the canvass with a great blow
of trumpets, arc demoralized and already
beaten. There is no betting on the results,
for the Copperhead supporters won’t plank
down the dust. lowa treads heavy on snakes,
and will keep step to the music of the Union.
Humored Federal Victory at Lebanon.
Louisville, Oct. 9.—Reports prevail of an
engagement and Federal success at Lebanon,
Ky., but particulars cannot be procured to
Execution of Three ofthe Beck--
ham Mnrderers.
The execution of three more of the negroes
implicated in the barbarous massacre of the
Beckham family, at Compromise Landing,
gome time since, took place here to day. Tho
proceedings were under ths direction of Pro
vost Marshal J. H. Williams, assisted by the
Provost Marshal of Union City, and passed
off to the entire satisfaction of all who wit
nessed them, and there was tho usual attend
ance of soldiers and citizens.
The gallows used was the same described
as being used by Major Rowley ibr the execu
tion of the first batch of ths same gang of
murderers, last winter.
The military partaking In the ceremonies
consisted of two plattoons of the 16th Regu
lar U. 8. Infantry, and Kth lowa-rcgiment,
and a detachment of the 2d Tens, artillery
The prisoners met their fate with-the same
coolness and stolidity that characterized their
comrades on a previous occasion. Perfect
quiet and order attended* the entire affair.
There was prayer, singing; then preparation
of the Cital nocse and its adjustment around
the necks of the crimlnols, placing block
caps over their heads, and catting: the cord
fastening the drop, when the three colored
men, Joseph Davis, Wade Dood, and Abra
ham Cole, were deprived of life, and In a few
moments without apparent straggle, hung in
mid air, ready for the coffin, grave and worms.
Bradly Jones, George Harris and H.Bridge
water, also employed in the murder of the
Beckham family, had their sentence commu
ted to five years imprisonment each in the
penitentiary at Nashville. They, with Benj.
Robinson, as accessory to the same deed of
blood, and who was sentenced to the peniten
tentlary at Nashville for one year, left Colum
bus to-day en route for their place of confine
Capt. Williams was provided with, suitable
raiment with which to- clothe the prisoners,
by order cf the commandant of the depart
Cheering Tokens from the Re;
[Special Dispatch io the Chicago Tribune.]
Pennsylvania is baing thoroughly canvassed.
The vote will be one of the largest ever
polled. Among the prominent Union speak
ers are Gov. Morton of Indiana, Judge Shan
non, Ex Gov. Noble, Gov. Randall, Gan. Bns
teed, J. Vi. Torrey. The speakers represent
every State, even South Carolina. H. J. Ray
mond of the New Tork Times, is energetic
for Curtin, and other leading Union men of
New Tork ar& earnestly working for a loyal
triumph to influence other. State elections.
Immense meetings one In session at Read
ing, Chester, Potteville and Lancaster. Gov.
Carlin has canvassed the whole State, and is
everywhere greeted with enthusiasm. Gen.
Siegel is speaking for the Union. An attempt
to mob him at Ashland, lately, was put down
by tho. Germans.
Gen. McClellan is positively said to be for
CnrtSa, a fact which will mend McClelland
Woodward wQI run best in the interior,
and has no chance in the city. The excite
ment generally equals that of a Presidential
A great meeting Is to be held in Indepen.
dencetquareto morrow night, to be address,
ed by Gov; Curtin, Gov. Morton, of Indiana,
ex-Govtrnors Pollock and Johnson, Judge
Sherman, Hon. J. C. Knox, Hon. John TV.
Forney, and CoL Matthews.
There will be a torchlight proceeelon five
miles long. It will be the event of the can
The prospect for Curtin is excellent—ls,ooo
Union majority is the honest estimate cf the
least sanguine. The army is known to be de
voted to Curtin, and its home Influence can
laidly be over stated.
Aspects of the Campaign Id Ohio.
The meeting called fur to night was post
poned in consequence of the failure of Gov.
Dennison to arrive.
Crxcnrxaxt. Oct. 9,1333.
The meeting on Monday night will be a
ronscr. The public square will be illuminated
and decorated, and many speakers wUI join •
in urging the people on to the earnest work
of Tuesday.
Gen. Slgel was expected to pass through
here to night on Ms way to Erie, but did not
come. He speaks inPlttshurgh to-night for
Curtin, and will pass through here to-mor
row morning on his way to Erie, where he
sneaks tomorrow. He will acfta£ here Oil
Monday. Thousands will gather to hear and
see Mm. The Germans of the Western Re
serve are all enthusiastic for Slgel and SlgeVs
There was. some trouble at Akron yester
day. The Copperheads hod a meeting, and
the Yallandlghammers of Mlddlebury Town
upon leaving their homes for Akron,
filled tht ir wagons with stones, &c., and sup
plied themselves with hickory clubs, and
boasted that they would clean out the Union
men of Akron. The Union men of Middle
-1 *mry rode* to Akron to warn the Unionists
help them If needed. Accounts differ
as to the of hoatiun’w, , bat 111 a
short time the fighting became general.
Several returned sofuL I ®*® Joined forces with
the Union men, and finally cleaned out the
Copperheads completely. For a time brick”
hats, &c., flew so tMck and fast that tfome of
the merchants closed their stores, and it was
unsafe to he upon the streets. No person,
was killed, and none badly wounded, except
with bruises. All this was before the meet
ing and while the delegations were coming in.
No disturbance was offered at the meeting it
The Copperhead meeting at Youngstown,
Mahoning county, the other day, was a «m.in
affair, less than 3,000 present—.so spectators
disclose. The VlaindedUr rfftfan* that .there
were 20,000.
A grand Union meeting will be held there
to morrow. Mahoning gave 134 Union ma
jority. It is the only county on the Reserve
that th§ Copperheads claim for this year. The
Unionists are confident that It will not be so
Saw Fkascisco, Oct. 7.—The export de
mand for general merchandise for China and
Japan is unusually large this season. The
prircipal articUs exported in that direction
are breadstuff*, tobacco, hams, bacon, lard
and cheese.
Twenty-four thousand dollars were sent
becce to the National Sanitary Commission
during September.
The usual State Fairs in California and Ore
gon are over. They were especially distin
guished this year lor the extent and variety
of the wines ot this coast that were exhibited,
and by the extraordinary devotion to horse
racing. .Agricultural and industrial matters,
generally, were less regarded than at any
former lairs. The California State Fair,
however, awarded some very high premiums
to domestic manufacturers of woolen goods
printing paper, and boots and shoes. ’
Philadelphia, Oct. 9—The Subscription
Agent reports the sale of $1,775,705 5 20s to
day. Deliveries of bonds ore made to the Gih
While bearea ud all Its host* approve;
True pictures that a e undented
Are but the counterparts of lev*.
Such Cartes da VUUea are taken at E VKMITS A: t
Gallery. 157 Lake etiwt, at only *2 P« dpsso.
CclO nSffi) tt ’ RAY NIA9. Agent.
We offer for sale n first-rate
Hoe Small Cylinder Printing Press,
I* io perfect order, never beea broken. aad does flnt
c’e’i work. Cost (2.150. beeldai freight. Wlil toll (or
Jl 500 caeh or approved credit. If applied lor soon.
.ddtte« M TrtbtiaeOfloe. M €bicaffo. oca
[Special Dispatch to* the Chicago Tribtme.l
Coonrsus, Ky.,-TiA Cairo, Oct. 9,1563.
Philadelphia, Oct. 9.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Cleveland, Oct. 9,1863.
From California.
The National Securities.
61Z£ 68x33.
Jfraj Sliioirtiscnunta.
The largest Keck West of New York.
Of over a hundred differ sac qualities, aad made la all
!to clfffcreat styles.
HOIS’ CSHI OTIIKOiTS. of E«ry Color,
griTS, of all Colors and Qualities*
Overtures bnudrcddlflcreot styles,w that not one
lao hnnoredcsafall 10 te ruled la every respect.
As regards pries
It la Our FuU Determination to Allow no
House to Compete with us.
Of every quality aad color of Csashaercs, Cloths,
French xrlcota end Doevera.
W* are satisfied that all will Bad it to their interest
to exact me oar *t. clvaod p.tcos beforo par>--haulnc
elsewhere, AU Goods warranted u rspressaud, saa
tatlilaction gnsioaceed In every instance.
Corner of Randolph and State Street*.
it. B.— Pieces lernished to match oar goods.
cclO ti&S-ie
No other Safes In this country wIQ begin to
compare with these in Workmanship'tad
We challenge the world to • prodace their equal* l a
an; respect. The manuflieturara are all practical me*
ctanica and working men andacklowedged to be the
beet workmen In their line of any In America.
Single Door Kre Proof SSO tot 160.
Bouble “ ‘‘ “ *lB5 to t 835.
Single “ Hre4Bciglar*l4o to* 305,
BtnMa “ “ “ .*250 to $1230.
F. W. Pn.VTI,
13 Xinsallo Street, Chicago, HI.
V-/ Crrr Oil Works.
Tbesnbecriten hare, within the pvtssssoa, erected
a large and spacious oolldlrg. wltn machinery and
flxmies,pot exccL«dby«nv es;abltshmcniof thoklad
Inthecocutry and are tow manufacturing
Guaranteed equal in all respects to the best
GiuoianaU brands.
We are prepared to-ruppljr manufacturer*. railroad
ccmpanlca. and the traoegeaeraliy, whose orders ore
re»pccUoUy *oilclted.
Correepordestacan rely upon orders being filled
with promptnets and cn the lowest terms the market
will aUcrd.
Oar Oil fs pat ap In interior Iron hound packages,
lor which wc make no charge.
No 3 Bo aid. QI Trade Slock, South Water ot,
12th Street Bridge, South Branch.
arnwmeftedto give notice that this fine estab*
BahneLV’sUl be ready toiecelye Grata
Their track connects with all tbo nrlndpal min
roads In the Stste-thlcago. Burllneton ami Quincy;
Galena and Chicago Unl-'n; Pitfabnrgn, and Fort
'Wayne; Chicago Alton and St. Leals, Northwestern;
Clcclniiatl Air Line. Ac.
We hope flippers tc Chicago will appreciate the
adTantageswlch win accrue to them, by giving oar
mends a fair proportion of their patronage. Tha
house has been bnllt with
Special regard to tailing care of grain
while in store.
oelO-nPSMt "■
Fashionable and Well Made
Tie latest Styles of French and Eng
lish Cassimeres and Beavers,
Wb’cb we tave reads in tea Walking Coat.
SaCQuef.ardPalctotstyies. AlsoPantsand Vests of
every quality and pit:ern-tha ity;e and workman
ship ct ail ot which U net aaTpas?«d by tnv bouse on.
gsgedm the trade here OKIN NEWYORK,
Isittmenia. errhiscnir bverythlnr. from common to
the iLctt tnperb ENGLISH BEAVERa. We would
Bay to all who are In teed of any gaod* in our lino,
that. as regards rtlca. Etyle and varl* ty. ve are pre
pared to olfersucb Inducements at our atcre as will
irate It to the intereit of every man to call at oar ea
labile braembefufl toying elrewbero.
Corner of Randolph and State Street#,
For Sale to the Trade
oc!0-n967-3t-nct HUNTINGTON * CO. T
ynL-r; sA LT i
New Ground Alum Salt,
in bags
Instore or to arrive. For sale by
10 Pearbern street.
wholesale dsalsh 19
Carbon and Kerosene Oil
A splendid Stock Farm of 1500 acres, one of
500 acres, and one of 280 acre?,
Wen watered and wooded. In OGLE and LEE Coun
ties. and near Olsen. In this citato Apply to
ccio tosuw
SCO Pork Bamla,
300 Batter Flrklos,
CdO-0979 36 16 Blrerstreet.
211 WABASH A7EKCB, between Adaxoa and
J C^ C .osi7J“rU U3M forb-uIMMa.
CUMien- Cl»* «T" r TatuUy _a,d Sitard.j.
“ TU10 "- GSSffigg l
t?OR EXCHANGE—Lands in
I* iiifsourl for Lands In Illinois. Wisconsin, or
lowa Tee undersigned will exchange superior an-
Unproved lands in Northwestern Missouri : or an tax
proved tarm In Pettis coat ty. Missouri. lor unimprov
ed land in Northern iriaol*. Booth?ra Wisconsin, or
Eastern Iowa; or for well improved land in those
regions, paying apart cash on exchanges. Address
oclO tS7i-4t Bloomington, lIL
TVfOTICE. —Edgar County Bank.
It Thenotesoftho
WUI be taken np atrpar at the office of * BUNN.
SpilDgfltld.ll’fl..orat thcctOcc of the Bank in Paris.
_ , t GEO. B. LOSINGS. Caahle-.
Oct lit IH6B, ccioniUMwaaitir
T T B.POO gets Dry Warou and Baggy Spokea.
For sac by a. t. Bl.tsoF*
ig South Jefferson *aeet,Ohica*e. BL
Book, News & Wrapping
»c S£- h ,'L, “AKU.I-AV. TSi PA Palis SOL.
t S p«pen F*p«r Flour
wn make arracffemeats with country dealers.
pltra.*&.to take all tta rags taoy collect, juth*
n’gfteat market pilco.
72 Randolph Street.
P.O. BOXCSI. orfaTSMt-TTJsnat
Burglar and R’ire-BrooC
Imprared Basil X.ocU9.
A. L. WIN si h, 53 Dearborn street
lylUi33»Staw Ttraai. net
A, R. & G. H. MILLER’S,
335 A 237 STATE STBEEf.
At Prices that cannot ha undersold*
LI. MgQEATH, 78 Eandolpk-St,
ocl-n7J3-30t net
Parties desiring to purchase or sen
an; MINING STOCKS will do well to
commuaicate with us.
United States Securities State and Railroad Bond*
andlaUroaa Stocks bought aid sold oa commission..
6. W, B DAKIN A CO.,
oc3oE3S-3tTBiATDOt 43 Exchange Place. N.Y.
Canned Peaches,
Canned Strawberries, •
Canned Blackberries.
French Lemons,
Sicily Lemons,
No. 7 Clark-st^
oc7-tSiS 3t»w»rAaa.Taet I O.
48 Lake Street.
Silver-Plated Goods
SC3C-atss-lot W 7i3 3£t
Tie Assortment ia the West*
Curtain Papers, &c.,
At Reduced Prices,
These Goodshava been bought la lapgefltnatlklei At
cash, and will be sold at bargain!.
Waitresses, Comforters,
Blankets, Ac.
WINDOW SHADES, <tc„ *c.l
E. G. L. FAIOJf,
We are prepared with our usual
Formerly BAB32TT. SENG * CO.
BeC-mBOS'Det ST Uk« ItM
Wrought Iron Pipe
AtwßOleMlahf B. T. CRANE A HCSO.
eoiokas-net M.IM and lo*w«t Lake strop-
Q.EO. a. POPE,
Wholesale and Oil Dealer,.
flntn.c 9
DR. R.
Das removed his residence v> the Shsrr'n House,
octtuOO Si aw
JLJ to sight and hearing by
Ur. JAKES EE WIS, Surgaoa, OotUlrt * Aaiiit,
London Kjo and Bar Icnrniarj.
Cor. Rudolph ud Dearhent-sts*, CU*K*
Bmuiois-Miss Boose, entirely hhnJJhr two
yesrf.Piocort Houae. Chicago :thp
mon. 358 Rabash avenno. deattea*: FASiSSSt?
Cart J.CuiUtca comer of Late and union streauL,
Cilcago entirely blind. rtttorrtjop®ftctiUSt,ißd
vtth tt* Boatn concern on Clark street.
V V •Marts:ent of Wig*. Toupees, Ladles’Bxaide,
and ill finds of omizasatal Baft woikoi snpertS
ataira. Post Office Bos WbT,

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