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glljkagcr tribune,
WDm “Palpitation Dodge Wouldn’t
Save Ha.
Our readers will remember the expose made In
yesterday’s TamrsE, of a sharper, professing to*
be JamesDsleOwcn—howhe victimized the scien
tific, Judicial and gubernatorial notables at Da-
Iraqne, andbislater operations upon O.N.
Esq., of Xa Salle, on the 84 instant.
The next we hear of him, he arrives at Colons
station,-on the LC, E 8., in company with a
- young man named Ingram, and bis mother, whose
acquaintance be “cultivated'’on the cars—doubt
• less abfatrißg he had “struck a rich lead.” Mrs.
-Ingram bad Just disposed of her interest In alarge
estate, and had the money with her. The old lady
end her eon stopped with their friend. Dr. E. B.
Pmlth, of Colon*—and, of course, the Professor
’ dined there also, and hinted very strbmJy that ha
-would remain over night, and “elucidate” some
Important theories and discoveries In geology
whenDr.fi. would be more at leisure, in the cvol
Sung. For some reason. Dr. Smith declined; Mrs.
Ingram and son remained, bat the Professor took
- the night train to Tamaros—not, however, until
be .had spent two or three hours in posting the Dr.
asto who'he was, and showing him a hsudfoll of
Jotters of introduction, taOrosd passes, Ac., Ail,
and in the course of conversationhe stated that he
■' I considered geology a very important science—one
. that is wofolly neglected; and that for the sake of
encouraging the study of geology, and the more
‘ ’ ecience, he had in a few instances donated copies
• <cf LyeUta Antiquities, Dana’s Mineralogy and Ge
ology, and some geological textbooks, to public
libraries, and also sold them to individuals for a
xucre nominal sum, which his connection with the
■...'gmlthsonlaa Institute, and Ms intimacy with the
authors and publishers, (himself being ao author,)
enabled him to dp. Dr. Smith agreed that the
works be named would be a valuable addition to
Iris library, and when the Professor so generously
offered to send them to him for $% he at once ad
vanced him the money.
After paying his respects to the learned gentlemen
Jn the town, and inquiring into the affairs of the
Ssnitsry Commission, the Professor left for Jones
boro -fihoitly after he left, Dr. S. saw the expose
of theTrofesEor, and wrote to a Mend in Jones
boro, alluding to the exposition. In come way
the Professor soon heard that the officers were
about, to airesthlm; and he found hut very fewln
teDlgent men to call upon in Jonesboro, and very
little “Sanitary" httsinees to transact. He took
the next train back to Tcmaora. Here he walked
straightway two miles Into the country, to the re
sidence of L.S. Norton, Corresponding Secretary
of the Sanitary Commission. He had scarcely
made himself and his Sanitary bnsiness known
to Ur. Norton, before certain county officers call*
■ednponhim and requested him to go to town
with them. Ho was in. the midst of exhibiting
those -valuable letters, passes, and had his
hands full of them; bat the officers fields warrant
in their hands, which was a "trump," and took him
nnd his generally well-played cards. As Mr. Kor
lonstood in his door, and enjoyed the dissolving
view of the Professor, marched off between two
officers of the law, he was at a loss to
know what to make of the transactions—could
ncarcely believe his eyes—and had a bright
.meteor shot through his door yard, he would not
have been more surprised than by the hasty and
qnestionable disappearance of what hot a moment
before shone ont ns such a brilliant geological
specimen—he finally concluded, however, that he
was an “erratic block ”
At Tamaroa the Professor was placed under
guard, while those that had been deceived by him,
could telcgraphto Dubuque,La Salle, and other
points, which could not be accomplished till Mon
day, and when our informant left Tamaroa, early
Uonday.momlng, no reply hadheen received.
OmStmday morning Professor James Dale Owen
was quite indisposed—was troubled with Us old
complaint, 'palpitation of the heart”—tilted in
’ coherently—said he was arrested merely because
his grandfather was an infidel—refused to eat any
thing lest he should be poisoned. Towards even
ing theguard discovered that he had failed to
TTiske his stomach crazy—and he came to the con*
clarion that he “had done all in Ms power for the
goodof-Ms country-had labored faithfully for
science, in and for the Smithsonian Institute, and
forcharityand humanity as agentfor the Sanitary
Commission; now, after all he had done, if those
who had arrested Mm, persisted in their designs
upon him—lT they still were determined to poison
Mm, thay might do it—he was hungry and should
mot starve himself for the cake of preventing the
accomplishment of their nefarious plot
eating, Ms palpitation seemed tojhave passed off.
He talked freely about himself—exhibited his
•‘credentials” to the guard, whom he almost con
vinced that they had arrested the wrong man. He
talked geologo to them till they were amazed with
Ms underground intelligence. He said, as to the.
matter of Ms arrest, he didn't care for that—it was
a mere matter of time; if he had been arrested in
Chicago, where he could have had prompt tde*
grapMc communication with the Smithsonian In'
stitnte at Washington, or with his publishers in
Fhlladelphla, he would have been honorably re*
leased, in an hour. But he didn't altogether like
the idea of belcg arrested by a little self-important
Doctor, awaydown in Egypt—there was a stigma
•.attached to the dark, lower region of Illinois,
which he didn't like to be associated with. He
acknowledged hiving stolen the over coat, hot
says he jokingly told his Dubuque friend that he
had lost his, and should take that in its place,
which he did.
8o at last, this erratic geological pickpocket, who
hu eo successfully deceived Governors, Judges,
Clergymen, Brigadier Generals, Geologists, hosts
of unmarried ladies, and scores of the wise men
’the'West, has been picked up by Dr. E.B. fimlth
of Colons—to whom be all honor—who had hi™
arrested at Tamaroa. Professor James Dale Ow
en will hereafter be more willing to talk of the
Walled Lake of loira, than of his present walled
cell at Nashville, the county-seat where he is
probably boarding. We trust after due investiga-
tion of his case and accomplishments, he will be
permitted to pursue his favorite study of geology
at Joliet.
Adjourned Electing or ladies.
The meeting of ladies engaged in mAing
Arrangements for the North western Fair took place
yesterday 'afternoon, according to adjournment
She Secretary not being present the minutes of
the last meeting were not read, and hire. J. W.
Dean waa appointed Secretary protein.
It was stated that a lady in Wisconsin had pro
posed to furnish a large quantity of wingipg birds
for the Fair, provided suitable cages conldbe found
for them.
Mrs. James Long, Mrs. J. W. Dean, Mrs. H. F.
J/ewia,3£n.H. O. Stone, Mrs. Newberry and Mrs.
A H. Hnlty, eaeh declared themselves willing to
furnish a cage or cages for that purposee. Persons
willing to furnish cages are requested to leave
them at the house of Mrs. Foster, comer of
Twenty-second street and Avenue.
The subject of entertaining the lady delegates to
be sent here from other parts of the country was
then taken up. The President said that the repu
tation of Chicago for hospitality was at in
this matter. It would certainly be considered
inhospitable treatment if the ladles coming here
on this errand were obliged to stay at the hotels,
and found no private houses open to receive them-
On calling for the names of persons willing to
entertain delegates, the following were given:
Mrs. VanH.Higgins, 4; Mrs. James Losg.S*
Mrs.Hoge,S; Mrs. Foster, 8; Mrs. J. C. Nyman,
8; Mrs.B. H. Smith, 8; Mrs. Stephens, 1.
_ The report of the Committee appointed tq con
solidate the report* of the Canvassing Committees
Xor the North Division, was then read.
_ SBie report showed $984 in caches the remit of
the labors of the Committee in the North Division.
Then followed the consolidated report of the
Canvassing Committees for the North Dlvisionlbr
. the table tor each day of the Fair.
. Mrs Snyder presented the consolidated report
of the Canvassing Committees from the West Di
vision. The reports of the canvassers were not
all in, ard the work of consolidation was not yet
entirely completed; bnt the amount of the con
solidated returns was $846.68.
The Consolidating Committee for the West Di
vision on providing for the table. was not ready
to report- •
Eome suggestions were made in regard to the
donations In hindmost seeded by the enterprise.
_Mrs. Livermore said one party had offered to
contribute twenty dollars jrorth, of decorative
palnUng.ana that much more work of that descrip
tion, as also of decorative carpentering, would he
: Toy much needed. Some statements were ™uia
in regard to contributions promised from different
•sections and quarters of the country. Among
•others, some parties in the town of Elgin would
■contribute every dsy eight gallons of milk. Mor
■ - ris,fn ■Grundy County, was pledged to send a regu
lar supply of game, to be shipped every morning
; -andnight. TxomPrinceton, in Bureau County,
were coming large quantities of apples.
Pittsburg would furnish a large quantity of car
~ bon oil In barrels, together with a great number of
- In connection with the liberality displayed by
' Pittsburg, It was mentioned that the people of
that city made provision for feeding every soldier
ihmi through that city, and had done so
Irom the commencement of the war even when
' as many as four or five regiments passed through
. in one day.
The exertions of the Detroit ladies were also
. alluded to, and a tableau vivant, which a number
“ ’©fthe young ladle* of Detroit are preparing, and
_ln which they are to be the actors, waepartlculariy
spoken of.
The contents of a letter from Miss Aune Dlckin
%*°n wcr « *tat«d* fixing the time at which she
would be here to lecture on the fourth and fifth
. Asya of October.
The President stated some of the Incidents con
seeded with her trip to Milwaukee to confer with
the Aid Committees of that city, and spoke of the
* Heeling and disposition prevailing there as being
most encouraging. A lady there who was not
- ' working in aid of this enterprise was considered
. quite onto? fsshlqn.- Mrs. Livermore mentioned
that the town of Eau Clare, in Morthem Wisconsin,
on She Mississippi river, bad forwarded a con
tiibution to the funds of the enterprise of fifty
At the enEg; ttlon of the President, a committee
■one appointed to neme ladles to control twelve
teblcs dnrlrg the felt; twoUdles loeaehUhle.it
l>» lug understood that each lady soappolntel vn
to aoUct from among her friends those who should
atfilst her in discharging ude duty. The Com nit
tce consisted of Mrs. Franklin for the Sooth Di
vision, Mrs. Livermore for the West Division, and
Jlre. Wadswoithfor the North Division.
Hrs. Fargo, committee of consolidation from
the Sooth Side, coaid not make a foil report, as
she had not been able to foot up all the returns,
either ofmoney orprovislous, hot the summing
op of the canvaslng hooka, so fir as eh» bad beso
able to do it,shows a thooea&d dollars cash in hind
from that scarce. Six hundred dollars Is repor
ted asthe subscription of the lumbermen, and
Hiss Farmington returns eight hrmdred and forty
doßarr, in all twenty-fourhundred dollars, which
the complete footings will considerably increase.
The enbject of a committee to visit the wood
and coal yards was then mentioned by the Presi
dent A number of the dealers In these articles
had expressed a desire to contribute; and they
ought not to be neglected. Mrs. D. A. Jones was
appointed a committee for this department of
Mrs. Livermore, from the committee appointed
to select ladles to control the tables, reported as
M?l! SSfeJn.*- wsa ™ ortl >. “*»• Btatchfora and
2d Jm l '& Mrs. Be Wolf.
and^^S %Sg B ** liaruL H *
fS SS"’ S r “- £■ % Do ? m “4 H™- Janßbnn.
tth Table, Mra. Snyder, Mre. Willard and Mre.
7th Table, Mrs. Wo, Wheeler.
6th Table, Mrs. Judge Bradwell and Mrs Job
9thTai‘lc,Mrß.Luddirgton,Mr6. Beecher and
Mrs. Cobb.
10th Table, Mrs. Colburn and Hrs. Hinsdale.
llth Table, Mib. H. O. Stone, Mrs. Chittenden
and Mrs-Scranton.
12th Table, Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Bird.
Mrs. Bristol, Mrs. Geo. Bowen and Mrs. Blakey
were appointed a committee on Crockery.
Mrs. Judge Wflsonaud Mrs. Haines were ap
pointed a committee on Graters.
Mrs. Bone, Mrs. Geer and Mrs. A. G. Doans
were appointed a committee to procure knives
and forks for the tabic.
It was decided that the lady managers of the
respective tables should supply their own table
Mrs. Dickinson, Mrs. Howe and Mrs. Franklin
were appointed a committee on the subject of ser
vants—charged to decide upon the number of ser
vants to be employed, and with the duty of em
ploying them. Ladies were requested to recom
mend none but competent persons to act as ser
vants in the kitchen.
On the arrangement of the Mtchan lira. Yau H.
Higgins, Mrs. Eben Higgins and Mrs, Shepley
were appointed a committee.
His, Dickinson was appointed superintendent
of the kitchen.
Mrs, C. A. Lamb was appointed a committee on
Ur. Belden was appointed Treasurer of the ta
It was decided that the price of a dinner should
be fifty cents, which should include one-cap of
coffee. For every additional cup of coffee the
charge should he five cents' additional..
It was arranged that the ladies waiting at the
tables should wear white tarletane breakfast caps
and white bib aprons.
Mrs. Dr. Dyaswas appointed’a committee on
r thc preparation of fad.
Mrs. Livermore presented the following reso
!:«?.— I That the ladies connected with the
Fair pledge themselves to conduct Its business in
a thoroughly equitable manner, avoiding exorbi
tant prices and observing in all things the strict
est fairness aid honesty.
It was announced that Mrs. Josephine A. Griffin
will address the L. L. W. L,, in Bryant Ball to
morrow evening, on the subject of Loyalty to the
Violating: the Rnles of th.c Board of
Yesterday morning on 'Change, Johk p. Beatt,
e*q n Secretary of the Board of Trade, made some
highly appropriate remarks on recent violations
of the roles of the Board, which were substantially
as follows:
As there hare been complaints made to the Di
rectors on account of a want of promptness on the
part of some members of the Board in regard to
fulfilling contracts, lam directed to read the role
hearing npon that subject, to-wit: “ Any mem
ber* ox the Association making contracts, either
"verbal or written, and falling to comply promptly
with the terms of such contract, shall, upon repre
sentation of on aggrieved member to the Board of
Directors, accompanied with satisfactory evidence
of the facts, be by them suspended from all privi
leges of membership in the Association, until such
contract is equitably or satlsfactorilyarranredand
settled, and it shall be the doty of the Board of
Directors to cause to be publicly announced to the
Association, the suspension, or restoration, of any
member under this rule.'*
There is another matter to which I desire to
call your attention.
Dnrirg the present czdtcd state of tho market,
there have been a great many applications from
persons not members of the Board to be
on 'Change, and I am eorry to say that some who
havebcen introduced by members have undertaken
to transact business here, which is in direct viola
tion of the rale, and subjects your Secretary to the
unpleasant necessity of escorting such persons out
of the looms. *
For the benefit of the Beard I will read the rale
relating to visitors, it Is as follows:
“Members of the Association may introduce
“ citizens or strangers, but no person except mem
-41 bers t hall be permitted to negotiate or transact
44 any business in the Exchange Booms, and it
41 thill be the duty of the Board of Directors to see
44 this role enforced.”
The plea offered by some that tbcy “ only wish
to come on to buy a cargo of com. or a car of po
tatoes fortbe benefit ora poorwidoir." is perhaps,
the strongest plea that could be urged to excite the
sympathy of tils Board, bnt as the rule of the
Board Is arbitraiy in this matter, I am compelled
to refuse the application, even on each a plea.
11 the friends of this poor widow who desire to
purchase a cargo of corn, cr a car of potatoes will
represent her case satisfactorily to the Secretary,
he will guarantee to have either bought for her free
of commission, and time serve the poor widow
without violating a role of the Board.
Cook County Teacbees’ Institute.—The
Cook County Teacher’s Institute held its eighth
regular session at Palatine, last week, under the
management of JohnT, Eberhart, County School
Commissioner. James W. Brake acted as Secre
tary. The attendance was large, over one hun
dred teachers being present, and the interest
throughout unabated. The people of Palatine
manilestcd a most liberal hospitality in enter
taining the teachers. Many school officers and
leading citizens in the southern part of the coun
ty also showed an interest in the movement by
being present and witnessing some of the oxer
cisco—all of which were of an interesting and
practical character.
Evening lectures were delivered by W. Wood*
ard, Esq., Hon. J. D. Ward, and Rev. L. Hawkins*
Exercises were conducted and the Institute ad
dressed by W. H. Wells, 8. A. Briggs, W. Wood
ard, BesJ.. Cutter, Edmund AngeH, O. W. Herrick,
F. W. Lowell, W. M. Scribner and others.
On Friday evening the teachers and their friends
united in a “Teachers’Sociable.” The occasion
waa decidedly a pleasant one, and was enriched
by toasts and sentiments, together with things
agreeable to the palate, .
At the close a collection, amounting to twenty
three dollars and seventy-eight cents waa ta
ken up for the benefit of our sick and wounded
Recobdeb’s Coubt, Tuesday, Oct IS. 1863,
—Criminal Zorn.—People vs. Fred. Scott, larce
ny—Jury and parties present verdict guilty—one
year In penitentiary. Motion for new trial; Peo
pie vs. JohnWtthertow, larceny—plea not guilty;
People vs.EDen Hall, larceny—Jury trial, verdict
guilty—one year In penitentiary; People vs.
Hugh Ryan, larceny. Jury trial—verdict guilty—
Motion for new trial; People vs. Anthony Horcc,
larceny—Jury trial. -
Lost Gveeboabd.—ln consequence of the
heavy sea on the bar on Monday, the propeller
Oneida was unable to enter our harbor until eve
ning. During the day the propeDer came to an
chor, and on heaving it up, while overhauling the
“foil” for the purpose of getting it on the bows,
one of Abe wheelsmen lost his hold of the rope,
and felloverhoard. Every effort was made to save
the man; fenders, ropes, and life-preservers, were
thrown to him, but all to no purpose.' ' -
•‘Loyalty to the Govebnment.”—Mrs.
Josephine B. Griffith, the celebrated lady lecturer,
win deliver a lecture upon the above theme, thi»
evening, at Bryan Hall, to which the public are
earnestly invited. She has delivered this same
lecture in one of the churches, and now repeats it
by special request. She Is an intelligent, inter
esting lecturer, a loyal wide-awake lady, and is
doing a great good. Go and hear her.
The Minstbels.—Arlington, Kelly, Leon
A Donniker are .drawing fall houses at Metropoli
tan Hall, and well deserve it. The Hen Conven
tion, the Lively Flea, Essence oh Ole Tlrglnny,
andßellsario, each give oaoenongh enjoyment to
pay for attending, while the excellent music of
“ Keep this Bible near your Heart ” and “ Man the
Life Boat” are worth much more than the price
Of admlnfcfftn-
Judicial Election —The canvass for the
office ofJudge of the Superior Coart waxes warm.
The candidates, Judge Goodrich, Joseph B. Gary,
esq., Wm. A. Porter, esq., and Harvey B. Hard,
esq., and their respective friends, are busy pre
senting their several claims for the nomication.
In this contest the Tbibtoz takes no part, bat
will with all its power support the ticket, after the
candidates have been selected.
* Peebokal.—The many friends of Dr. De
Laskie Miller will bo pleased to learn of his safe
return to this city yesterday after a live months ab
sence in Europe. The Doctor has rialtedEngland,
Scotland, Prance and Spain, both in a professional
and pleasure point of view, and returns to his du
ties with a new lease of life.
Thzbteehth Wabd.—There will be a meet
ing of the tJnion men of the Thirteenth Ward at
Christ. Antes 1 (late Henry EUhkle’s) saloon, on
Wells street, just above Hortb Avenue, this eve
ning, October 14th. Good speakers will be present
T.wiww to White.—Every facility Is afford
ed at Bryant & Stratton's Commercial College
Booms, -for both Ladles and Gentlemen, to im
prove their penmanship. We understand one
large hall Is appropriated specially for writing.
Catalbt Houses Wanted,—James A.
TfriHn, A. Q- M. at Indianapolis, advertises in this
day's paper for 2,600 Cavalry Horses, for which, If
delivered within twenty days, he will pay SIBO per
bead. For particulars as to else, Ac., ace adver
tisement. ‘ -
Wasted.—A home for » very fine boy, sev
en years of age.* Applyffomoceandahalftofour
o’clock p.m., at (he Ministry si Large,l77 Ran
dolph street. > v -
A Most Noble CnisiTr.—At the Oriental
Mills of Olmsted A Co., by the H*dieon stree*
bridge, we saw. this morning, twelve barrels
the best flour, with cards attached, directed to as
many different houses. And thereby hangs a tale,
and the record of a most noble charity. As many
of ouritadersknow, Company E. of.tbeßSth.(3d
Board of Tfftde) Eeglment, now at Cbittaooogs,
was raised In this city by their present Commander
Cspt. Levi P. Holden, and were call'd the Holden
Goads, In honor of 0. P. Holden, of this city,
brother to the Captain. That the brave men com
posing that company did wisely in thus compli
menting Alderman Bolden has long been apparent,
especially to themselves who have his name upon
theirllps coupled with blessings. He has donated
liberally and bountifully to the wants of the faml‘
lies left behind, of whom there arc now twelve in
Chicago. Making the circuit of these families, the
other day, Alderman Holden ascertained that their
most pressing want was fnel and flour. Of the
former be hss secured them a supply through the
City War Fnud Committee, and of the latter, those
twelve barrels, paid for out of his own pocket, and
presented to the families, mark it as a most noble
andtbooghifhl charity, which shouldbe held up
for emulation everywhere.
To the Sick.— Dr. E. A. Ballard may be
found, as heretofore, at the dispensary. 168 South
Clark street, everyday (Sundays* excepted) from
Bto 4 o’clock p. m., ready to give his services to
those who arc unable to pay for medical attendance.
The Tribume ih the CotmrKT.— 'Walsh,
the enterprising newsdealer, ordered 16,000 copies
of this morning’s Teibune, to supply country and
railroad orders; and other newsdealers in about
the same proportion.
- Home poe the Fkiendless,—An adjourned
meeting of the Board will be held at 3 o’clock this
(Wednrsday) afternoon at the rooms of the Young
Men’s Christian Association.
There are the most urgent reasons for a fol*
attendance. With a family of nearly one hundred*
the Home has not a dollar on hand, and is incur,
ring debts for its daily snbsistezice. Besides, the
committee appointed to procure a Matron ia pre
pared to report. E. F. Dickinson,
Union Hbk Bally.—There will be an open
Union Love Feast, of all loyal men, at Warner’s
Hall, on Bandolph street, to-night, at IX o’clock,
to rejoice aod cocsult together over the gmud
Union victories in Ohio and other States. Let all
lojal men attend. ' •
By order of the President.
. Lad IBS op Teinitt Citobch.—The ladles
of Trinity Church are requested to meet at the
residence of Hn. Geo It. Chittenden, 410 Wabash
avenue'.atS o'clock p. m., Wednesday, the 14th,
totransaetbnsinesß of importance. ...
By otder of Committee.
Fob Labe Superior —The Planet leaves
from A; E. Goodrich's dock, at 8 o'clock morn
ing, for Lake Superior.
*• .In Lock —Mrs. J. E. Prescott, from Peoria, HI.,
received with a book a fine castor, worth sl3, at
.the Original Gift Boor Store, 97 Randolph
Street, under the Uattcson Uocee. Costly gifts
are given out daily. A fresh supply of Albums
just received by express. Oct. 146183 —lt
Demand fob Gold.— The demand - for gold is
great, but is not equal to the demand for the cele
brated Chemical iSaltratut, especially where this
Saleratns has been tried, and where Us worth is
frilly known. Tty It and satisfy yourself.
Hasst Bulbs.— Plant in Fall 800 varieties
tulips, fine roots, $1 to $lO per 100; also, hya
cinths. crown imperials, crocus, narcissus, Jon*
culls, Japan lilies. Ac., a very large assortment;
also, fruit trees, grapes, shams, &c—all good and
cheap. Send red stamp for catalogue
„ F. K. Phoenix.
Bloomington Nubsebt, His.
Dre. B. & J. Hunter of New York, Physicians
for Diseases of the Throat and Lungs, nave re
moved to their new permanent offices. No. 83
Washington street, between Clark and Dearborn
streets. Dr. James Banter may be consulted dally
at the above address, between the hours of 10
o'clock a. m. and 5 p. m., Sundays excepted. ocO-tf
Tlie Domestic Dyes
Prepared by Geo. H. Beed & Co., offer the simplest
and most perfect means of dyeing household ap
parel ever presented the public. They embrace 40
different shades, and include all the new and fash
ionable colors—and are perfectly fast. Samples
on silk and wool can be seen and the colors pro
cured of the druggists. octlO-St-em&w
XST The Ladies should use Burnett's Florimel.
It is a choice perfume, unlike the pungent and
sickening perfumes in the market. Sold every
where. ocl4-oiSßWT«b*4wK 4 T.
A Bapßreatii—The greatest curse the human
family is heir to. How many loyers it has separat
ed—how many friends forever parted. The sub
ject is so delicate, your nearest friend will not
mention It, and you are ignorant of the fact. To
effect a radical cure, use the “ Balm of a Thousand
Flowers ”as a dcntrifice, night and morning. It
also beautifies the complexion, removing all tan,
pimples, and freckles, leaving the skin soft and
white. PrieeCOc. For sale by Smith & Dwyer,
Lake street.—aug29 m-w-st-qow-Sm
tsF“Jnrt received, a large variety of wall-paper,
windowetades, &c., at
B. F. Chase & Walk bus.
0ct.5,-2w K-W. &F. 109 Bandolph street.
Gifts.—A sew Gift Book Establishment
wDI open Monday, Oct. IS. In the large and spa
cious store, No. 153 Clark street, in Morrison’s
new block, between Madison and uocroe streets.
A splendid stock of Photographs, Albums, family
Bibles, Pocket Bibles, Historical and Miscellane
ous books. A costly gift worth from 50 ccots to
SIOO given with each. All in want of Photographs,
Albums, and books, should call and AT»min* their
stock before purchasing elsewhere, 8t
XST Nervous Diseases and Physical Debility,
arising from Specific causes, in both saxes-new
and reliable treatment, in reports of the Howard
Association—sent in seiJed letter envelope free of
charge. Address. Dr. J. SkQlin Houghton, How
ard Association, No. I Sooth Ninth street Phila
delphia. Pa. . anSl-Sm
Gas Fxsnmzs, Gas Pixitbe?.,— The largest
and richest assortment in the city. Call and ex
amine. J. WiNonavz, Jm, A Co,,
0c315t 84 Hasdolpb street.
S3?* F. E. Rigby, 89 Hasdolph street, Is selling
Paper Aangings and Window Shades at New York
prices,atwborcßaleand retail. The trade supplied
on the most liberal terms. se24-4w
Tuxsnar Evzacro, Oct. 13.1563.
Tic money market has been decidedly feverish.
Bankers steadily refuse to loan for speculative purpo
ses, and Judging from the exchange market, many of
them have scarcely any currency to loan. Bank ex
change has been sold as low as UQH off, and the high
er figure was in some cases offered on balances. The
nsutlbuylogpricewas discount, selling par. On
small drafts, K premium may have been charged, but
the rate was above the market.
The market for Gold has been excited and fluctua
ting. Private dispatches made the Won street rates
as follows :152tf,158H 154,155, ISSJf, 15C, fls6*. and in
the afternoon It «mk to 154 Wc refer to our Ute
dispatches for the closing rates. Before the morning
dispatches, it sold here at about 120; then 153, and dar
ing the day It sold up to 121 J*. In the .afternoon IS.
was all the brokers would pay
Ai to the causa of this unusual state of things, per.
baps it is Idle at this distance from Wall street to
speculate. To say that the excitement is caused by
the feverish anxiety felt for the result of the State
elections, especially that of Ohio, to come off to-day,
would be about the most plausible reason we have
heard suggested; If such n calamity as the election of
the convicted traitor Yallaadlghom should belall the
country no man can predict at what point the rise In
gold win stop. Every patriot will ardently pray that
ere they read this paragraph the patriotism ol Ohio
win be placed beyond all doobt or question.
Silver 140&145. Treasury Notes nominal, selling at
Gotxexuzst s-20 Bonus.—We can attention to the
advertisement of J. A. Ellis A Co„ northwest comer
of Clark and Lake streets, who, it vDI be seen, have
been appointed agents for the 5-20 Bonds; all, perhaps, 1
have observed that the popular subscriptions to the
5-20s which are dally Increasing, amount at present to
thrice the daily average of a fortnight ago. And it is
not the least advantage of this loan that.notwltiiiland
ing the vast amounts absorbed. Its negotiation by the
agenUQeoeta'aless per centage to oar Government and
the Nation than any similar loan over raised In this
country or In Europe. Several other important fea
tures of the 6-20s arc referred to In the recent circular
of Ur. Jay Cooke, the general agent, from which we
make the following extracts: ...
“The Get era! Subscription Agent Is authortzelby
the Secretary of the Treasury to continue the sale oi
tills popular loan, and ten days public notice wm be
given of discontinuance.*Ab-nt two hundred millions
remain nr soldjand this amount Is scarcely sufficient
to furnish a bans for the circulation of the National
Banking Associations now being formed In every part
of the country. Bat s short time must elapse before
this loan Is wbollv absorbed, the eemand from Europe.
Germany especially, being quite active. As It Is well
known that the Secretary of the Treasury has ample
and unfailing resources In the dutlee on imports. Inter
nal revenue*, and In the ls»ue ol lutercit-li canoe
legal tender Treasury notes, It is nearly cer
tain that It will not bo necessary for him
for a long time to come to issue further penna
b(ntloaLß,tbeu>teiettaLd principle of which are
psyableln sold. These ccmlderatlois must lead to
tte prompt conclusion that the time Is not far distant
wbenihwoTlvc-rw cl ties* will sell at n haudeome
firettlun.aswasthoresolt alth the •Seven-TWiTT’
oas.whtnltwsseold.and could no longer be sue
scribed for ai par. Tils is a six per cii-i. loau, the in
terest at d princlpalbeing payable In coin tans yield
ing abcot 8 per cent, per annum at the pteseat pre
mium on goid. It!» called * rtvc-Twenty* irom the
faettbatwUlethebondimayruu for twenty years
yet the Government has the right to
pay them off lo gold, at par, at
any tlmegaiter five years. The l-tere* Is paid half
j t arJy cn the first days of Nov. mb*r and May Sub
scribers can have coupon bonds, which are payable to
bearer; and are Issued for SSO, *:OO.SSOJ and *IOOO or
rrglstereo bonds of similar Denominations, and. la ad
dluon, SSOOO and *10,010.. These **f ’canl
not be taxed by states, cities, towns, or counties.and
the government tax on tt.cm Is only 1 w r» cent on the
amount of Income, when the Income exceess SX)O per
annum. Income from all other investments, such as
mortgager,railroad stocks,bonds, «c„mnstpayfrom
S to S ¥ cent, tax on tte income.*’
Ax Milwaukee.—The demand In Milwaukee for
money Is very heavy, and the Indications are t iat this
week’s burin css will tax banks to the full extent of
tlclr anility in the discount Hue. Exchange plenty
At Pnn.APxirmjL.—Money still continues at [email protected] p
cent, and general features of the market up change t
At St. Lons,—Money market cl os *, an 1 complaint
Is made of a scarcity of currency. Now York Ex
change plenty and rates 3*®X P cent off buying, and
par selling.
At Cixczsxatx.—27o change In government securi
ties. Exchange firm and in good demand, at par buy
ing and 1-IC&K prem selling. Money easy at 658 per
Saw CorsrxHTEzrs.—The following Is a Ust!of new
counterfeits and altered bank notes detected in circu
lation during the week, wmHng oct. 9,1383;
Andover Bank. Andover, Msss.-2j, altered. Tig
men cutting annloading grain; cup! is on right end t
3 above. This plate has been altmed to the following
Banka.- 60 be on the look out? Bank of Brighton
Mass.: Hampden Bank. Mass.; Hlngtum Bank, Mas*.:
Hume Bank, Conn.; Mante Bank, it. 1 j it Veraw
Bank. Boston. Maas.: Traders- Bank. K.t
Wrentham Bank, Masses, counterfeit,engraving
coarse. \ Ig. in upper left corner female with sheat
fickleandrate; Tillage and canal lock In the ci£
tance; Vin Melt centre; portrait of Washington in
lorn er right 1 51n upper corner. 0
6*)brookßank,Eßeei,Conn.-s's, counterfeit Vic
female and chip; Sat the right en.i of the bill, flowers
above, crapes ana fruit below- left end 5 In each cor
ner : Goddess of Plenty between.
hew England Bank. Falrmourt,Me.-SOs have re
ar reared. These bills hare been freely.altered to
New England Bank, Boston. .Mg. Inelan and
oeer: lortralt of Washington la lower ri/nt corner •
leftmle with shield and wreath In upper left corner
W aterbary Bank, Waterbary, Conn.-l s, i% 8 a, sk,
lC*s,£oaann li’Os.c'os ly Imitates and well engraved,
aretncirculation. Folookout.
Clinton Bank. Conn.—l s, spur ous vlg. a lumen
rion brie gc, 1 each upper comer, female figure on nght
e Caakof Owego, Owego, New Tort-fis, altered.
Vie, Indian girl, hunter, three cherubs. Are gold dol
bank of ninebumton, Blnehaoton, N. T.-S's. fmlta-
S os jsjsgs wom “ '“ t ' d: “ aor •»
BaDt.AU'toD, N. Y.—ld's, mined from
2a. Uiri milking cow 5 mao.oc
Atwam Heeler a hank, couth Worcester N T
10 b Time Is to inch bank-It was projrcted-hat
alter*-rrreaiandoned. y*u,>«.kca nut
l’tilllp.'bnrg Bank, kew Jersey.-ss, altered Vlv
cars cto-s:na a bridge, hooves, *c rmra nhßhin- ? a
heat sci»- « Ftream • rbbt ena ciri
5 aforr j left end temale, 5 below WB -uig umge,
Peoples Bank, Koutocicy — 2l, Imitation. Vlr laree
female Kilu 1 two cLUiren on ngtt rfcmfle hSS
lirover*' Bonk, Columbia, Ind.—ls. 2s and Sa are In
circulation; no inch ankT Fraud. a 51 , ® lO
Mechanics Bank—yig group of mer.tools, hntid.
log> In the rlstonce- right end male bust. Tela la be.
lug altered to all the Mechanics Bank* lb lookout.
ICOrn Drvn>E3a> —The Bank of Lanalugburg K T
has declared If lOCth dividend. The average for fifty
j ears has been OH * cent, and all taxes paid beddes
CrecuLATiKQ Notes fob the National Base,—
It is r.ow expected that the first batch of the circula
ting notea for thenallonal banks will be ready by the
10: bof November. Preparations for the prlntlagof
the Interest-hearl: g legal tender notes are In a consid
erably less forward condition.
New York Htoek and HI oner Olarket-Oct«l3
Stocks lower end
cLfl» w;-.;;;";v.«v Sift
Tol. * Wrt 'V Har]ra.V* ‘
A.d T. H.„. GlJi Da pfd ... "**..«,V * 12t ’
Do om • 61 * i2sv
M.&P.auC 71J i M.B. I"!!" re*
O.AT. 11<» jM. 8. gftd IB
P/*.| 1)1.,C. BnrlD. lOTK
Ue* e.’* P.' exl dir*..iM - I
Brt«» 109 X I Mo. €8 BIK
Government Stocks Ann.
V. 8.08 -81, c’p.lCß[email protected]®V 17.80 Notes
U. B.
Money ittiuJy at 6 per coat with & lair basinet*
Sterling Exchange irregular and vnsettled opening
at 168. ai ranting ton 1), and closed enliat icraiCTu
Uold ▼eiyn-Dc&nmetOta.opeMse os 52 tf. mar.n
dng at 66. and doting qnie: at per cant. prem.
Ttoebdit Erzrore. Oct. is. .
"Weekly Itßvnnr.—Rarely, 11 ever before In the
history of our dty, have the general prodace markets
been so excited and active as daring the past week.
The dally scene on "Change is Indescribable. As gold
kept advancing," the speculative fever increased, and
for several days It seemed as If operators wore tbor.
oogbly Intoxicated with excitement. Day after day
prices went up-up, higher and silll higher, and par.
chasers acted as though there wcnld never be a reac
tion. . From the Board of Trale the desire to specu
late spread among all classes of merchants and capL
tall»ta-and with visions of suddenly-made fortunes
before them, they swelled the tide of buyers—ell on a
furious scramble for grain, as if a famine was about to
prevail. A pause, bo wever, and afterwards a reaction
took place In consequence of the scarcity of curren
cy, as well as the unwillingness of bankers to make
advances on such high prices—when the slightest un
favorable symptoms wonld sweep away every cent of
margin and a large portion of the capital 'before a
sale could be effected. Affairs culminated on Satur
day last, when No.l Spring Wheat reached ILlStf.
No.l Corn,93C; and No. 1 Oats,72r. Since then the"
coarse Lns been dowi wards, and to-day Oats dosed
at 61c, and Com at 83®$tc-a decline of 0310 c per
bushel In two days. Meanwhile the ree Ipts of every,
thing except Com have been unusually heavy—up
wards of half a million bushels of Oats alone having
been received.
Notwilhatandlrg tie reaction, however,there li a
r*ry mil trial advacce la prices as compared wlta
the week previous. Floor thews only l a slight Im
pi oven, cut. In cbnsequeccecfan advance In freights
o! 20c V brl daring the week, ana the dlfficalcy of get.
ting stocks forward. The sales daring the week were
26.00 brlr. against only 19 000 brls the week provloos
and 41,400 bils the week before that. The soles of
wheat daring the week omosnt to 1.735,C00 bushels,
and the market clears 9QlOc higher thin the prices a
week ago. Corn closes dail at an advance of 9c per
hoshelrntheweck-wlth sales cf 1,150,000 bashels.
Oai« shows an advance of only 4®sc per bushel, but
It c.aet he recollect sd that on Sstardsy lest Ibe ad*
vance was [email protected] per barbel. The sales amount to
ITSO.OCObtshels. Eie shows an improvement of [email protected]
per burtel—with sales of 130000 bushels daring the
wetk. Earley las advanced [email protected] per bushel—with
sales of spwarta of 800.wo hasnels. Blghwlnes ad
vsncedSe per gallon; Alcsbol. [email protected] per gallon:
Hess Pork, (1.50 per brl: Lard, Jfc per tt; Tallow
•J(2lJ<cpern.;Coffeelcporn.; Sugar, XOlc pern.;
Tobacco,[email protected] per B; Butler, [email protected] per -2.: and
cheese. 1c per ft.
The following table shows the receipts and ship
ments of prednee during the past twenty-foar hoars
ucurrs fob last twentt-toxts nouns.
Flonr. Wheat. Com. Oats. Bye. Brly.
brla. bn ba hr* ba bu.
By Canal 100 BMO 58319 SI2OO 200
G* c U 8E.... 1106 53617 8815 21613 3571 2903
8188. 1790 19930 5950 SOW TOO 100
111 CRB. 2140 4-00 4550 5410
CBA QBE 950 7U» 10375 14133 869 1760
K WBit .. .... 1310 21350 TOO 2330 1100 MOO
AiBtLRB... 290 1320 720 1870
Cln. Air Lino.
Total 7776 1C2437 .66329 121920 6310 10163
Gran Live ' Beet Tal-
Seed. Hots, Wool. C’Jtie. Hides low.
« « , -JM* No. No. »•- Hm.
By CanaL 2610) . ,
ttACuBB.... ICS6O 780 .... 266 11620 ....
8188. 583 .. 162
810 BE 37000 1150 000 701 23700 4330
C8AQ88..... 10961 2819 7915.623 158 0 3733
Kffßß 4250 ' SCO 060 89 6200 ....
AAFtLKR... 18870 1330 .... 430 ...
Cm.Airline.... .... 75 ....
T0ta1....-.- . lOSM 6957* 9773 23X 6832
. Flour. Wheat. Com. Oats. Bye. BarlW
brla. bn. bu. bu. on. bu.
ToßuffalO 6000 114950 52075 85457 .... 81000
To Oswego 8S»0 .... 20350
To Kingston 45675
To Gonerich 5019 .... ... ‘ ..
ToColUngvood 12100 ....
ToMarquette 1000 9000
ToOtber Ports.. 578 .... 4430 S3OO
TOOL 11637 196379 67525 BSC2S 12100 31000
To-day the general markets had a strong down
ward tendency, notwithstanding the extraordinary
advance in gold. The trouble here Is not a scarcity
of gold, but of gr<en-backs. Bills of Exehange were
hawked about the street at a discount—the bankers
generally refusing to boy at any reasonable quo
The Floor market was more actire, hut in conse
quence of a farther advance In freights of 13c ? brl
there was no quotable change tn prices, although the
sales were generally at the mil quotations or yester
day. Upwards of 7,000 brls changed hands; at $6.G2){
for White winter extras; s3.CO®t2sfur Spring
eatras; and $15004.03 for Spring superfine.
The wheat market ruled le ? bushel lower, anl
closed steaay—'with sales of about 220,090 bushels at
•U7SUB forNo2Red; $1.03 for R'Jectedßel; $1.15
6UG forKol Spring; $i I^l lß for Ko2 Spring; and
fI.OCOI.CStf for Rejected Spring—the market closing
steady at f1.15Q1.15tf for Ko 1 Spring, and sU3Ql,l2tf
for Ko 2.
Corn was verydnll and2c? bushel below yester
day's lowest flgures-wlth sales of only abont 53,003
bushels, at 61033 c for Ko 1; [email protected] for Ko 3; and Sic
lor Rejected* there bilog no demand at the closest
the Inside quotations.
The masket for Oats w#s ve'y “panlcy,** and price*
have Alien within the past 21 hours, 7tf 08c per bushel
—with sales to-day 0f280,010 bushels at ClS6scforNo.
1, and 60c for No. 2 oats In store-closing firm at the
lowest quotation.
Rye was steady, and closed very quiet—with sales of
The market for Barley was less* active, hat prices
were Ann at $1240125 for No. 2, and $1.30 for Ko. 1.
. llighwlneswerequlet ot 61c. Alcohol, $120(21.22.
Beans are dull. Timothy Seed was quiet at524002j25.
Flax Seed doll.
In Provisions there was considerable activity and a
firm market. Mess Fork Is held very firmly at 915.C0,
and we report sales to-day of about 500 brls at *14.730
15.00. A lot ofsoo brls Milwaukee packed was sold for
December delivery ot $15.00; but Chicago packers re*
fbse Co contract at such a;flgure. Ltrd was la active
demand at 11c, hut holders were asking an advance of
48Kc. A lot ofsoo tres prime Leaf for November do.
livery, was sold ot IC-tfc, Brown Grease was sold at
84c. A lot of 500 tres India Mess Beef, cased, was
sold today at $20.00. At the close common India Mess
was held at that figure.
Freights were steady at 6e lor Wheat, 6c for Coro
and le for Oats to Buffalo} sadlOJjc for Wheat to Os’
The Railroad freights have again advanced their
rates 23c per hrl on flour and 124 c per 100 ns on Fourth
class goods. The rates on flour to Now York are not£
$175 ab rail, and $1.65 raQ and lake; and to Boston,"
all rail, $145, and $1.75 raU and lake.
This evening at the meeting at the Tremont House,
quite a panic took place in the grain markets, and
prices fell very materially. The decline in gold la
NcwTorkat the close, and the gloomy character of
the dispatches from there concerning produce, fright*
ened holders, and there was a general anxiety to real*
Ire. Wheat fen Sc per bushel below the lowest prices
quoted on 'Change—with sales ol about 40, 0C0 bush*
els, at $1120144 for No. 1 Spring, and $1.090U2c for
No. 2 Spring—closing at the lower quotations. This
Is a total decline to-day of 4c per bushel. Coirs was
extremely fiat, and prices fell 6e per bushel below the
lowest prices ou 'Change—with sales Of about 10, WO
bushels, at [email protected] for No. 1 Corn In store—closing dull.
Oats were * panlcy," and the market Buffered a for
tberdeclineofSc per bushel—with sates of abontlCO,*
OCO bushels, at SSQ6O4C for No. 1 In store-closing at
the Inside figures. This Is an actual decline of 10®llc
during the past 24 hours, orliol3c per bushel dace
Ttdbdat ETEjfcra.Oct.is. IBS 3.
FREIGHTS—Lake ckkioiits are siIU compara
tively * caret, aid rates a’e dull at an advance cn the
week of U&Hc V biifchtl—the ruling fitnres(luce the
da*e cf onr last weekly having r>tea Sc for corn, 4c (or
O'te, aid 6c fer wheat toßullalo, ana 10;»c for Wheat
To-day ue eni agements were u follows:—To Bur-
Yalo:— brig Robert Bums'and ecor Moulttr with
oate.atto: ichrKarragatiatt.ctrr.at sc. To Post
Colbobe —ict stamped*. with wheat, at Cc. To Os
wego :—bark Wm Eturges. with wheat, at 10Kc.
"Lake axd Rail” hnxiouTs.—During the week
tbecorreitra'ca by the propeller Uses have been
*1 10 for floor to New York, and »170 to Dos'-on, but
to-day tn»y are astta* $125 to New York andsL3S :o
Boston, and wo report an engagement of SMbrls floor
at the lattor quotation. Fnt wecanoct report tols ad
vance as belt g folly established—as shippers are Ken
ally tolclcgodln h pea ofmaklrg better terms. me
‘aiklng zatfl M to Portland, via Sarnia, la 11.50, bat
the? e ere no engagements reported at that price. We
Floor to New York, lake and rail ....SC23
Flour to Beaton, late and ran i.«
Floor to Boston, via Ogdensborgh iJS
Floor to Concord, via ogdensborgb 1 43
Floor to Greenfield, via ogdensborgh. 1.45
Floor to Lawrence, via Ogdensborgh 1.45
Flonr to Portland, via Ogocnsbnrgh..., 1.450L50
Flour to Nashua, via 0g0ene0ureH.,,,,,..; L 45
Flonr to Lowell, via Ogdensborgh-. 145
Floor to Montreal, via sarnla and G T. R ’TO
Flonr to Portland, via Sarnia and Q. T. K lio
Pork to Montreal, via G. W. R. R ~ 80
Flour to Ogdcnsburg, an lake...-..-.., 70
9 The rates by the O. W. R. R. Includes insurance on
the lakes and river.
lUn.noad Fkxigbts—On the 10th Instant the rates
were advanced iScperbrt on flour, and to-day they
have again advanced 25c—or 10c per brl onthe weeX
>Vo quote:
- „ Class. Class. Class. Floor.
ToNewTorlc, allraH... fUO fL2O |O.B7XSU3
“ * rail* Late L3O 1.05 0.82* L6t
To Boston, all rail 1.60 1.25 o jnjt ijs
M ran and lake 140 1.10 O.B7QLW
To Portland, all nil 160 L2t 0.932 l«
ToPUladclptila.ranandlAe.lJO. 103 O.77K'LSS
To Baltimore, all rail 143 1.15 0.82 X 1.65
To Montreal, all raO 1.20 0.90 0.70 1.40
To TTorccsler, all ran 1.60 US oxx LSI
•* lake and ran. 1.40 140 , O.S7X 1.75
“TTpluke” Fauonifi-tip Freights aro not so
pit nty bnt tiitra la no change In rates. Weqaete:
Prom St. Clair Hirer. ............140®
Prom Lower Sejdnaw, B.oo®
FromDopere .. 8.50®! 00
From Oconto 3 JO®
Prom Menominee '. B.oo®
From Peabdgo :.... ®
From Cedar iUtct. * 8.00&&50
From Ford rarer....... <3
From Mnakeapn J.00®3,25
From Grand Traverse 450®
From Grand Elver ....2,00®
Coal from Erie per ton ..................1-25®
Coal from Clereland .....LOQ®I4O
SaltfromLowcrSaglnawperWL...... SO®
Ealt fttinj Upper Baginaw per in S3®
BaUftoro Ofwcco per bri. 2b® 80
"Water Line from Oswese Q 80
Casix F££iqiit»— We
QQOW: ...
Cora from
“ Fern..,
“ OUair*.
“ Joliet v.
Lumber toXaBeBcTT
IXOUK,—Received to-day. 7.776 brla; shipped by
L»j.*-ic-o.y ii 637hria. Ihe receipts and anipxenw
c*!*rf the week we'oas'olo**:
Receipt#, Shipment*.
By Lake 370 47253
BvCanal IWt ....
Bv Galena ft Chirac© Union R. R.. 9, tie
By IBlnois Central R.R............. 15.615
By Chicane & Rock I?land R. 8.... 6,2*2 . ....
By CHcago, Bnrl ton ■* Onlncy K.R. 5,>13
By Chlcaro, Alton* Ft. Louis R. K. S,oi3
By Chirac©* North Western R.B.
By Clnrinretl Air Line CO
Three Eastern Railroads 2io 3.6)6
Total last week. 51,166 49.913
Total previous week .63,870 6092
Corresponding week In ISC2. 52,658 46,047
Corrcspondlrg « eck In isa.. 44,MU ST 141
In the early part of tl.e week the market ruled very
/nil, ana iinc»B actually feQ while everytblnc else ad
vance©. This was oamg majnlr to the Difficulty of
shipping to Maine, bet partly tn consequence of an
acvance In frelehts. Boring the past two or three
cayr. however, tie vetnano 1 as btea more active, and
the market ba> rallied. *Tho tollowing table shows the
dally’ransactlonaonrlnc the week*
Barrels White Bel Spites
polrt. Winter. winter. extras.
0c».7.... 1.710 [email protected] $575® ... §5 23®570
**» 8 ... S,OOO 600 @7.00 58'@5.90 5.2525 C2K
“ a.... I.SCO 7CO »7.*0 [email protected] ... 6.23®573
**10.... 5,5(0 7.00 @7.75 885®..;. 5.303*51
“12.... C.SCO 640 @3OO 8.6036.00 5.003623
“ 13.... 7.000 6t3H<3&50 [email protected]' .. 5.(K®625
To-dat the market was active and firm at yester
day* ai vsnee. tales were as follows: wnni Wur*
tko Extras—2lo brls “ Standard* aort 200 brla“st.-
Q.orgo * choice St. Lotus brands, at $3 50; ICO brlsrerr
cfcohe St Louis oo at $8 0j;J0o brla “ Imperial"
(Clarksville) 5t37.90 * ico brls ‘ FFFO”(Quincy) at
$7.73: iso brla choice St. Louis at $7.75• 100
brls “Troy Clty“ at $7.62 X; 200 brla " Cttamylon"
(St.Loots)ats7.so:loo trls choice White Winter at.
$725: £CoLrla“l’nlonSiar ,, iso brls “Im* -
rerlal’tst. Lonla)ats7CO;BCOorla “Hon" at $6.75:
SCO brls ftlr While winter extra at $6 62K. Ukd
Worsen Extka-200 brla good Bel extra at 45 90
WIMTZB SUHZItFIM—IOU brls at $5 33. fipnnvn Er.
thas—2oolirla“lcllc”atsß2s; I'Obrls “Carrol! * anl
ICO trla "Matchless " at S6XO; 7CO aria “Janesville"
(lowa.) 100brU“GU!et* Uinda"l.ooobrls“Oooawin’B
In peital, and 750 bilsgcod Spring extras (Drams
private' all at $575; ISO nns “Como iUlts •at $575*
ICObils pood extras!ss7o; 100 brls “Wolf River”at
SSCS; 5.0 brla“tilenwcoa" at |5.50; £o3brls “JlUson*
11“ oup,t; )25 brls “Wallace" at $523; 79 brla “Rain*
tow-at $5 CO; £8 brls low grace at $313. Bpbio su
fbbp KE-2COrrb»“Oilentalatsl6.; 100 brla "Prairie
Kneen" at $4.50. Rtz rtouß—7s brls “Stone Mills”
at |5.75. ,
The following table shows tbo closing, quotations*
Et.Lom# usd Soothe.n 111."While Winters.*7.soo3.so
'White Winter extras 6.4001.2s
Mixed Red and White extras 6,i0®6.40
Red Winter extras 0.750* oo
Winter enperdno 4.7505.30
Erring extras, very choice 6 £008.50 .
no do pood to choice 5 ?so«t.oo
do do fair to good. 5.5005.75
do do common to medlmn f1.CK03.33
Sprtßcsuperflno 4.000L75
Rye Floor 0.25®-.75
CORN BlEAlj—Owing to the state of the Cora
market, this article is unsettled and higher. We
Bolted, V ton *-18OO0lO.CO
Unbolted, * ion 33.0005700
To-dat the sales were 1 10 tons coarse at $3»
lUllili STUFFS There Is a more active Inquiry,
In consequence of the high price of Oats. We quote:
MlOrllogs, Hue ton *21*0002800
“ Coarse **. 17 00020*00
Sheris, V ton .V. IS.oSoo
Bron ; v .„. „, M. 00015.50
bu’; BUp^fTby
Lai® to-, ay, 126,875 ba. The receipts and stipmeota
curing tlio week were as follows:
gscEiFra ahd fcniPMEMTa r oy. wuxxt Duanta tsk
By like too.
By Cub! 26,309
Ly Gai. A Chicago Union. B. 8.. 173 731
By Idiot la Central R. K.... - SBKJO
By Chicago & Bock Island R. R.. BUBO
By Chicago, Bur. & Quincy R. R. 0
By Chicago, Alton <t Bt. h. K. It.. 19,110
By Chicago & Northwestern R.R. 171,700
By Clacknatl Air Liao flioO
Three Eastern Railroads...#. 7co
Total last week.-. 4i3,lM
Total previous weak.. . 6?.',or# isLSa
Corresponolng "week In IBG2
Corresponding week In IbCl 750.669 631,127
There has been great excitement In the market dor*
leg the-past wick, and mnch activity-the sales
. amounting to upward* of 725,000 bushels-and the mar
ket closes CfolDc tm higher than at the calc of out
last weekly review; bat there baa been great fluctua
tion as the following.table shows the ouily transac
tions for the week:
Dale. Bn,sold. N0.3 Red No.lSp’g No.2Bp’g
la store instore. Ik store
-Oct. 7 ; 800,001.'7 @IOB <1.05 @l/6 1.02 @UQ
“ 8...275,0(0 1.09 @10"# 106 @U7# 1.63 @lo4#
* 9...E5Li,000111 @U2*lO7 QUO 104 @lO7
** 10.. 8(0(10 1.16 @ . lit @1.13# 111 @1,15
“ 12.. 270/0 118#@120 116 @IJ7 1.13 @1.14
*• 13...2230U) 117 @llß U5 0116 1.13 @ll3
To-dat ih<re was good disposition to invest In
wtcat, bnt owing to the cUQcnlty of selling exchange,
them was less activity and prices ruled ic tower than
ye»ieroay. The sales were :.Wixteii Wheat—l,voo
nu No. 2 Red Winter In store at *1.15; IJ2OO ba do (!a
A. s’s) at *117;3.560bn Rejected Red in store atfi.te.
Sri-zxo ’Wheat— 9,cot» bu No. 1 Spring In store at *1.16;
18.CCU l.u ro at *1.15#: 7 1 00 bn do at *U5#; 29.0U) bu
Co at *1.15; 0 buNo.3 Spring In store at *1.13:
70*100 hn do at *1,12#: 18,(CO budost*U2; 10.000 hrf
Rejected In store ut *1.03#: 7,t00 bu do at f 1.0b: 3,000
he do at |lo7#: 7/00 bn oo at *1.07:1,700 bu do (In 6.
B. & Co'p) at *IOO. Gi eek Bat Spislso Wheat—
S/tObuNo. 1 Spring, at *ll7 f. o. b., prop Cuyahoga,
with a7c freight to Buffalo; 15,000 bn No. 2 Spring at
*1.12# f. o. b. next week. The following table ahowa
the closing quotations:
Ko.l Red Winter Inolanaln store [email protected]
No 2 Red “ “ 123 @LBO
Ko.l Red Winter In 5t0re........ @ ...
No 2 Red Winter In store., 117 @llß
.Rejected Winter In store 1.09
Amber lowa In store 1.17 @ll3
No.l SrrlngiD store..,, 115 @lls#
No. Spring m store ... 102 @ll2#
Rejected spring In store 1.07 @I.OB
COltN—Received to-day, 66,529 bu; shipped, 57,525
bn. The receipts and shipment* daring the week we.o
ns follows: i
r.gcr.fpTs A2>2> EmraxsTs of ooiarDUßnro the week.
Bece’pts.' Shipments.
By Lake. 824,350
By Canal iZ,
By GalennandClilrflgoUnlonß.R. 10310 ....
By Blinds Central R.R. SlSoo ....
ByCLlcflgonndßocklßlandßß... 87,800 ....
By Chicago, Bnr. and Quincy K. R. 61300 ....
By Chicago, Alton and St. L.R.R.. 13,630 ....
By Chicago and N. W. R.K. 1,050 ....
B> Cincinnati Air Line.....;.. ....
Three Eastern Railroads ....
Tr>tallastweek...v .817.712 * 83IAS0
Total previous
Corresponding week In 1863. Txn.223 513.760
Corresponding week In 1861 511,55* 033,016
The market for Com bas been unusually excited du
ring the week.and prices advanced one [email protected]
per nnshel blgier than those of the week previous No
icorninstorosellhig'ouEatnrdaylaßtas hlgbasOic;
l>utw!ihlo,the last two daja a reaction nas taken
place, and No l Com closes dun at 84c—an advance on
the week of about 9c per bu. The following table
show s the sales each day during the week:
Bus. ConsJAßlv- No. 1 Com. No.3Com
Bate. sol.', er,afloat. Instore. instore.
Oct 7 ~250,0t0 78HSS0 C 76 ©T3XC 73X373 c
Oct 8 ..860,000 Kl C<iS c 81 80 @'3Xc
Oct. 10..22',C00 91X® • C £0 @O3 c 89 @9O 0
Oct. 12.. 40.CC0 83XSS9 C 85 088 c 86 @SB C
Oct 13.. 53.100 .. @.. c 81 @35 C 83 @3l e
To-day the Corn market was exceedingly doll and
Srlres fell about 2c below reHeruay's lowest-quota
ona. The sales were as follows; Bitzb and C-utal
Cm x-No sales reported. Conxrx Store—27,con ba
No 1 com la store at 85%; 2,000 bu do at 81Xc: 7.000 ha
No 2 com in store at Me; 7,(00 bn No 2 com In
store at Me; bu do at 83Xc; 4J>C bn
costSSc; 1200tmc« at&Xc: 2,500 bu do at 83c: 103
bn Rejected corn In storcai Sic. The market closes
very anil at the t Uowlng Quotation*:
Blvar and Canal Corn af10at.............
bo 1 Com In store ;..... 83 @Bl e
No 2 Coro In store 83 @33 c
Rejected Coro In store fcl a....
OATS-Beci Ived to-day, 121,920 bn; slopped to-day.
EB.<j2olju, The following table shows the receipts ana
shljmenis curing the past week:
Receipts. Shipments.
By Lake 5X9,85
By Canal 43M57
By Galena A Chicago Ualon'B.B.lß6 816 . ....
M IllliOle Central J5. B. SUWO
By ( Mciro A Bock fraud B. U..41&0 ....
ByChL,burrton&QotccvE.B.. ' ....
By Chi . Alton A Bt.Xoola V. 15...
ByChleagoANortaweateroß.li99.6Uo ....
Three Eastern Railroads 23,437
Total last week 507,211 613,063
Total previous week 56&968 21LC61
Correspoiidlog week in 1863 J57.4G5 * 181,930
Corresponding week in ISUI 18,818 . 87,871
Never telore In the history of the trade were there
such heavy receipts of Oats, and such buoyancy and
activity In the market, as outing the past twees. As
may be seen by.tbe above t«ble the receipts of Oats
were upwards of half a million of bushels- and not
withstanding thi*, in consequence of a wild on* reck
less speculative Inquiry, the market rose from 57Xc on
the 7th up to 72c 00 t&e 10th instant—an advance of
HXc within four days, hinco Saturday, however, a
reaction has token place, and prices havo fallen back
9e per bushel—closkg at an advance on the week of
[email protected] per bushel. Tee sales amount to about 1.T8P.000
bushels dating the week as follows:
• Bus. No.lOata No. 2 Oats
Date. sold. In store in store.
Oct. 7 800,000 67XC&MKC 87 (£. O
Oct. 3 ~..275,'M ,K* «C 3 c S9 @ c
Oct. 9 430,0(0' 6iK«67 C 634063 0
Oct. 10 8(0,000 09 072 c M e© o
Oct. 12 475,(00 ' 674®7D4c 67 @G74c
Oct. 18 2SO.CiP 61 065 c 60 0.. c
, To-dat the market underwent a panic, and prices
fell 7468(k» bushel since yesterday -The transactions
: Crohn ho 1 Oats in store at 65a ; 8.000 Ln do at
W4C; 45,000 hu do at GIC; 12 000 bn cont 634 c* 22 000 hn
do at Cse; »JDoolbncoat C24c; 27.000 hn do at
hn co at 01,4 c; 35,000 bu do at 6154 c; ro.ooo bn do at the
-20.K01m Mo. i Oats to store «t Mo. ’ Too ma/it t cloiS
attbefol owing quotations:
No. 1 cats In 5t0re..,.,..., «;<*
No. 2 Oats •• .............
Rejected Oats “ —e
By tample ; 8,000 bn No. 1 Oats la burlaps at We on
track- 1 n weight deducted for each sack.
BYE—Recdvcdto-day,6,24obu; shipped, 12,100bu.
Tlie receipts and shipments during the past week were
as follows:
_ • Receipts. Shipments.
By Laic 85100
By Canal. lisi ....
By Galena ft Chicago Union E. It.. 13.510 . ....
By Illinois Central It. K i!tso „ *
By Chicago ft Bock Island R. R 4,550
By Chicago,BmTton* Qnlncylt.lt. 1,847 ....
By Chicago; Alton ft St Lootsß.K. 720 ....
By Chicago ft Northwestern B, r.. 12.450 ....
By Chicago ft Milwaukee K, B .... !!"
Three Eastern It. It. X. . 7CO
T0t.1....... 86,015 35.860
Total prertons week.... 57,807 7.» i
Corresponding week in ISQ 12,707 6.900
Corresponding week in 18SL 12.733 6f£C
The ocmana for Bye daring the week has been tuuisn
ally bilsk,and the market has advanced In prices 12*3
34c per bnahcl. The following table shows the sales
during the week:
nAxi. r TBABBAcnors op m ntmnro Tire wzes.
Dote. Bushels # No. X No. 3
pol'd. Ins Tore. In store.
Oct. 7. SS.OM' ,82J*@92c 51 @3sc
•* 8 25,500.••91£(fc98e 03 & ...C
*' 9 29,000 90 ®D3c W ®9sc
* 10 17,000 99X0100 DC*® ...C
** 12 50,000 . 98 @99c 95 a ...C
*1 13. 1,500 98 ®99c ....® ... c
To-Datlljc market teas quiet and steady. Sales
were t 2,000 bn No, 1 liya In store at 99c s 1,500 bn do at
9?c. TLo following are tbe dosing quotations:
No. 1 lire In store. 93 a...
No 2 CO do .91 «95c
Bejected do ..... .....
BABliEY—Received to-day, 10453 bat shinned.
JM,otOhu. The receipts and shipments daring the week
were as follows:
, , Receipts, Shipments.
By Lake. '. - * 41,775
By Canal .. 8319 ’
By. Galena* ChicagoJJnlenß.B... 39,934
By Illinois Central R.K. 5360
By Chicago* Bock Island R.R .... 4.000 ....
By Chicago, Bur.* Quincy R. R.... 6,163 ....
By Cbl., Alton & St.Lomsß.R ... ....
By Chicago 4 Northwestern JtR... 53300 ....
By CMraco A Milwaukee RR...... .... ' 7.069
Three Eastern R, R.’s ....
Total list wcek,....,..i ....93367 Gl/W4
Total previous week 102,178 06.830
Conei-pondlngweeklnisfe 81 763 ....
CorrttponalrgweeklnlSSl 25.999 . £SO
- The market daring the week has been unusually ex
cited and prices show an advance of 15016 c V bushel.
The sales were as follows:
Bate. Bushels No. 2 Bariev . Barley by
sold. • Instore. sample.
Oct. 7 80,000 LOO @UO 142 OU3
“ 8 40,000 113 0.... 101 «L 25
“ 9 Z.OOO • 1.15 0116 345 0120
“ 10 28.000 148 0123
” 13.. IfijDOO 132 01.25 133 0....
13. 154C0 IM @135 UMjJOISO
To-day the market was steady and firm. Soles were
—4OO bn No I Barley In store at $1.80; 5.200 ba No 3
Barley la store at $125; 30,000 bu do at $1.24. By sam
ple-500 bunt I1S0; 200 bn at $127; 3,000 bu do at
$1315; 16 bags at 51S-all delivered. The following
are the closing Quotation:
No. 1 Barley, in store. .$1900....
No 2 “ ” L 210125
Rejected Barley in store
AItOUOL- Owing to the excited slate of t>e
market for Blghwlnes, She Alcohol la somewhat lr
retmlar. and prices show an advance coring the week
of ifaita v gallon—closing at $12001.23 F gallon.
. AKUES—There Is a light supply, with a moderate
Inquiry at Cj<c for Potajn barrels, and 16c for Babbit a
pure in tin cans.
BETTER-Duriag the week there has been a very
active shipping demand for firkin batter, and the
market Ul&Sc tnzror on the week—heavy sales hav*
Ingbeen maoeataOattc. VTe quota as follows:
Choice Dairy In tnba and Jars. ®0230
Fair togoed so .. J. SJOltc
Choice shipping in firkins. 23®..d
Fair to good do 180218
To day the transactions were:—l 96 firkins prime at
2f(322cj I9firk!n*at2le: 76firkinsCilrquality at fc)c;
fc4 i a £S»- e Sr7ls a KOM supply and tie market
tasssgh.;«f.?”* ! *2™ 02,75
ML\ed.. ..... ; 2.40 08,00
Sales to-day were j-45bnabels prime Navyl>t $3,75
Soa l o»hels con Mixed at $l5O. ~.„ _
BEESWAX—The receipts are light and the ma 7
ket Is Cm>, wiu» a good inquiry at 4Cc P. D.
BBOOni CORN—The new cron comes In very
slowly and oncer a more active Inquiry, wo note an
acvanceonthewcekofgtOperton. Wo quote:
Prime brurti 145JC01MPq
Common to good [email protected]
.4 ©IKS
• Sc
• SKo
BAGGING—Market very active, with a largo do*
mane for Groin Ban. Etark U!;U A are oat of the
n arket Auburn Mills A are in good supply, bnt oth
er trades of Cotton Grain bags are very scarce Stocks
ol 10H oz. Burlaps are nearly exhausted, ana prices are
firm atSfc per yard, with an npwaro tendency. Du
nrslhe wcekweqno«eAmoeteasA3K pcs at an ad
vance of ICc. Auburn Mills Aat an advance »fsc and
on Burlaps and GmnJes an advance of [email protected] We
AniotkrspA SMho, do
Bnmlum Mills A 60 •
Actum Mills A.
Kena-tJ Atr....;.
Veru oi.t.
Builr.ri.four bn...
Gunnies, two bn
** fourbu ;
Flout Earks. hf brie, cotton.
u r. k u unen.,
** **■%£** « "
«.**• H --M “ »* V.
COOPERAGE—Market very active and Arm,
wish an upaara tendency, We note an advance dor*
lsgiheweekon.Lardkesstooocdti.o9. We quote:
Pork Barrels..... $135(3 LW
Lard Tierces. 1850191
Whisky Barrels..,, 1.4031.50
Flour Barrels, f1ath00p....;.;; O.4S® 0 43
Flcnr Barrels,roandboop.,,.,. 0.430 OSO
Lard Kegs 9QSIU»
Better Kegs.. ; 0.130-..,
Ijqnor Kegs, doe-.. . ... ......... .1100
Tight Barrel Staves and Headings. 620J30
Flour Panel Staves and SqnaroHeadlngs., 9.000
Flour Barrel Staves and Circle Headings... 1000
Flatßoopa. 6.00.
Nmv fllctory Poles 40.00» ~..
Oak Poles 20.003 ....
Sals To-dat • 500 Pork Barrels at |1.55.
• COAL—Marset active and stocks held Ann. The
cemano tor Hard Coal xs on usually heavy ana recelnts
Car below the average. Cargoes very scarce and dim
cult to get. The quotation at Ilondont have advanc*
ed. fcnuofarjirlcea In this market remain at oar last
quotations, we quote:
Ebxe—Brookfield $9 00
co Ormsby * 900
CLawLAKh—BriarHin... 9.00
do Mineral Ridge..... 850
do Willow Bank, B.CO
Blossbnre uoo
Lump Lehigh 11.00
Lackawanna, prepared, 10.00
Scranton 10.00
Illinois GOO
CANDLES—Tbero has been a very active demand
during trie week, and owing to the firm amt advancing
state of the market for tallow, a large number of or
ders, many for prospective sale, have been sent la.
Prices are therefore very Arm, with an advance on
Prvecdof [email protected] a. we quote
Kirk s
Steal Inc, Stanley's
Ftar Candles, Kol 19 <320 c
Star rannlca.No 2. 13 c
CDEFEES—The market baa been very active dur
lr>s the week, endowing to a largo demand with stiort
eappjy.Trlceßbavegonenponlllosnd Java 1c V B,
at widen rate* the market is very Arm with an upward
tendency. We quote: ,
Java 40 QU c
Wo S3 feSIKc
CHEESE—The market has been.very active for
Hamburg and Reserves during the-week, and prices
have advanced lr 9 b from our last qnotaclong. Ham
burg Is In rather better supply, but Western Reserve Is
still i-carro. Prices rule tolerably firm. We quote*
Hnmlmie.. ll OIJX
Western Revervo 13K<ail
Illinois and Wisconsin 9 asj '
beo'i active ano prices generally Arm. Upon Hal. Co
psvla we note an advance of Sc. Carbonatf of Ammo*
llh. own eto an Incitaeea demand bas advanced 2c
Cas'orOU, the receipts of which have for some time
beenbelowrhedtmand. baa advanced Sic. and Soda
Ash He. At present rates tne market is Arm with an
upwaro tendency. We quote:
Alovs.Socotrlne, (Gum Trag; 40
B 1.10 I do BheUe l.a)
Alum [email protected]| do TragAakeA.lool.2o
Acnatto 431 do Myrrh.:...
Receipts. Shipments.
Areeucpow [email protected] do Opium.;... u.co
AzxoWhootJam 35 Ipecac s.so
_ . do her. bs loaieo J.w^i.eo
BaL Copalva 1.00 lodine [email protected]
Bal.Tola 2.60 iodldepoUfl 3.25(31.25
H-carb 50da,.... 7®7k Jalap.. [email protected]
Blero Potash.... 3u Juniper Deny... io
Bcrazieflned.... 33®as Morphine 7.330750
Camphor do ...,[email protected] OU. Castor —<32.20
Copperas Am.;.. Quicksilver. [email protected]
Cream Tartar.... 63 Quinine @3.00
Cnbebß 75 vitriol. bine 17a
Glue, best 40 Soda Ash, 60 o-o. 4K
Glue.com 11(020 5a150da.......... 3u
Aqna Ammonia.. 14 Glauber Salta.... 2k
Carl) Ammonia.. 80 CanstlcSoda 75f®8 .
EGGS-ln sood demandat lie. Sales to-dayll oris
by the mark at 14c.
FEATHERS—'There has been an active demand
dating theweek.and owlwr totheshort supply prices
rule very flrm with an upward tendency, we quote:
Prime Live Goose Feathers 43 <£so c
Medium •* •* , 40 015 c
Sales to-dav ofllSlbsmfdlomot 43 -®.. c
FlSH—wnrxxxian are In much better supply.
Tbe receipts oaring the week having been much larg
cr than any previous week this season; prices bare
toi Eeqneiitiv rcceced like per brl. The market is
hoa ever active ana firm. Trout have been In limi
ted demand, and prices ba;o fallen during the week
on No uske. No. 2 remain at the las: low quotations,
but there is a very timing demand. Coonsa -The
market has been very active, bat tbo supply is limi
ted-prices are consequently very flrm with an up
ward teodencer, at an advance daring the week of2sc
per ICO lbs. Mackxrkl arc in. good demand and
prices flrm, with an advance on Kits oflSKc. Pikled-
Heumkob wo quote nominally, there being scarcely
any In the market. Dried Heuwsos are in active
demand, bat very scarce owing to which prices have
advancea on No. 1 Dried and Scaled Super box with
an upward tencency.* Wenuote:
NOl WhlieUfih.nair brli js.oo as.tff
hu2 ** . “ 4.GT Ai.S7
NolTront “ 4SO ®4.75
No 2 Trout •• 4JO ®4j§
Codfish. V> 100 ftfl ~...6X0 @7.00
bo. 1 Mackerel,halfbrls. 7.60 as.oo
go. | do do 6.50 ®7.00 -
No.l do kits. 2X7ka2 62W
Pickled Herrings (new) 8.5(1 @7 Cf"
No. 1 Dried Herring V b0i.V.V............ H a «
Scaled •* 63 a 75
.FRUIT—GREEN—The supply of winter varie
ties 01 Aj-ples has been more literal, and there has
been a good demand. Common qualities are scarce.
TVc cote an advance during the weekon the common
varieties of [email protected] V brl. C pad Apples-The snpolv
for tbe present scaron may be considered at an end.
Thei e are a few irregular lota In the market, for which
there is a cull sale, at 50c ?i basket. Piucass-Cold
w Incs and antonm frosts have produced their ordi
nary effects upon tie crops for this season. The re
ceipts, which are very Irregular anl small, tell an un
mistakable tale In the U'matured and damaged fruit
brought lr, that the end of tbe peach season has at
length come. The demand has considerably dimin
ished, and for the Seeollogs on the market to-Jar.
which constituted almost the entire receipts, there
waaoccllsaleatlCQCOc. A few baskets of Cultiva
ted varieties were selling at $1 [email protected] Gr-u*Es-Are
in cooa ccmand.ano tbe supply < r Catawba and Isa
bella Is rather limited. Prices rule flrm at an advance
curing the week of ic on best fruit. Common varie
ties, which are in limited supply, are selling at &37c
V a. CimmianiES—There has been an active de
mand, end owing to an Irregular snpplv, prices rule
tinner at the quotations of last week, wo quote *
Green Applesjp hri gi.7ssa2.oo
Crao Apples, V basket a so
Seedling Peaches, fi basket. 60 ® 10
Cultivated do do • Ixo ©a oo
Grapes. V ft 8 ® 10
Grapes, comnnnon, V ft,. 5 ® 7
Cranberries, brl - .....10 CO « 12.00
Cranberries V hall brl 550 aß,ic
Lemon*. V box... 13.00 & .
pearsvlater per basket...., ioj &125
Qulnces-per basket. Nx, ©125
FRUITS DREED—Apples *ro si yet in limited
suppiy. the ecasuQ lor sow orud fruit having scarcely
itilo. Tboeaie.however afewin the market sell*
leg at 6J<c. Pxacuxs-Soppty of sew fruit very lim
ited aid id Uitia demand, kaisisb—Tcere has been
an active den and. and as the supply ofeev fruits has
been very trifling the markctruies arm at an advance
duringthe*eek of IZHc V box \ cbiusts-New
stocks are not j at in tae market, and t&c old axe near*
lycahausted. Tcerels bo* a trtflire demand, and
price* quoted nominally. We quote:
Prlu.oi<. 1. idled Appiee ■ a
Ohio and Michigan Dried s*o 6
DtparedPeachae, fie?
fared do 12 a 14
Raisins—Layers 0 box 487><a5»0
Currants. V it old 17 a 13
Almonds,** it son 23 a so
do do bard ... 1? a2O
Dries Raspberries at
do Blackberries 17
do Cherries is q is
do "Pitted". 21 @ 28
CABXE-Tbe market hasbeen mote active, and an*
dtruieinflucnceol tnoreiavorable weather the ce*
mate bis iccnaaed. There is a good supply, and we
tote an advance 00 Prairie Chickens of 1334 c. and
upon Rabbits of isc f) dozenjWe quote:
Prslrle • Itfcken 1. $‘.000255 « dox.
Docks. emaH, mixed [email protected] 25 9 dcz.
Mallard 9 dor.
gjull.; sltOPdoz.
MK»m» 75 it doz.
Vejßoß . TplOcV D.
Rabbits 51 tfgoijas 9 dor.
o *Cto 1c k raT*t-J25;
HIGH WINES—The market daring tbs past
wees, owing to a very active speculative uemand,
been unusually brisk, and we note an advance la
Trices ofOc v gallon.
To-day there was only a light demand and the mar-
H t .?S52“ 1 S. t .: Sales were: SO Ms la t«o lots at 01c.
HOPS—The receipts during the week have been
more liberal ano the demand active. Prices rule Arm’
at oar bu-t quotations. We quote:
New York, new 23a30c
" ** old *^zc
Wisconsin, new. * ’'uaSte
lo WON'EY—There Is a good demand, bnt the supply
Is very.limited and irregular. Prices rule Arm at is®
18c t* Jo,
HA V—The market Is very active and owing to on*
favorable weather anringtho pastweekthe receipts
ba\o been legtlmn usual and prices rule Arm for
rratr.e and Timothy at our former quotations. We
quote s .....
Timothy, pressed. t13.C0014.00
I **. loose io wan.w
I Pra'rie, messed,. 9.M3ia00
| loose. 7.003 9 00
Patent-pressed llmothy Hay Is In very active de
mand for shipment at tl&OOdft OC, hat the supply is
HIDES— I the supply during the last week has been
more liberal, but owing to a very active demand too
msrietbasrnles Anatnth an advance upon onr last
jjeonPry Flint, and Green Country.
Dry!hln£'. @l9
Dry Salted 14X315K
Green Salted lO^aiuw
Green Country 8 3 9
Grubby-, x price,
. IRON—Market vervactlvo and Arm. Supply con
tinues limited, especially of Hoop and Band Iron. We
note ad advance daring the week of 1c on Sheet Iron,
aidofxc on Charcoal Sheet Iron. We quote:
Flat Bar, Sable 4V3 1
Flat Bar, Charcoal.,., .....6V3< '
Horse Shoo Iron 6 37-
Sheet iron.... ~, ew® yv
Sheet Iron, Charcoal yv<a 9
Bound and Square Sable..., [email protected]
Bound and Square, Charcoal 653 0
Cast Steel.. A je* @25
Spring 5tee1...... .MKSI2K
H« op and Band Iron i @gv
LIL\D AND SHOT—The market for Lead is atm
unsettled, and owing to Smelters continuing to hold
stocks for an advance, the amount of business during
the week has been much restricted. Stocks are very
llpbt, and prices Ann at onr present qaototlona. Shot
Is In coed demand and prices rule Arm. We quote;
Bar Lead. iDc
Pig Lead
Shot, bags 25 ©9 [email protected]
BnckShot, 25 Bs 2.750280
LlME—There la an active demand, bat inconse
quence of a short supply, owing to the Bcarcltyaud
high price of labor, prices rale very high, and bnifflesa
is much restricted, we quote:
Lime in bulk. *100®....
Llmc,lnbrls L250L50
Water Lime
LEATHER—As the busy season progresses, the
dimondts becoming still more active, ana prices are
ruling firmer, with on upward tendency. On all Im
ported goods this is lonnd especially to he the case, as
with the present price of gold it Is found Impractlcacle
to fill orders that have been given only a few days
part, unless In cases where a llflo old stock may bo on'
band. Of LaUolne there arc no stocks on band la the
market, atul prices rnlc very firm, with an upward
tendency. Monocco*. Bo.urs ana Lixixgs are unu
sually scarce and cear. On Habxzss Hbxlock wo
note an advance daring the week of ic.on too best
qualities of Boxzsrio C.uj of sr, and on Kir of 10c
Fbesch Calf we quote at |i 70®215, and aa advance
on La Jlocra of (S.CO. We quote:
Harness oak V 8...42015 c Spanish Sole hem
do hemlock.... [email protected] lock. „ asosie
Collar 91 foot 20(321c Good damaged... [email protected]
Upper “ ...... 3U%2Sc Slaughters'! oak. [email protected]
BridleVß 42<343c do hemlock.... 26<334n
Line 41012 French Calf 1.700313
Domestic Ca1f,...L0001.15 LaMolneflk? d 02.580.00
Domestic Kip TS®9SC “ 10 >e “ SUM
Domes. Oak Calf..l.looi.BS * 11 “ “ gg.oo
Fresco Kip heavy
toL'ght L2SOLSS
DIETALS-Uarket very firm and active at oar last
quotations. We quote:
tdj, 1 Coarse AS c
Pox Tm Plate, I C. | • zisc.
10x14 14.50115t quality, cask... '
*->.30 | lb. _
.52 c 20 sacet 13 c
.53 c| Slab 10 c
Jltofi 9 c
Copperßottoms 40 C|7,3and9 ~.10 c
Unit Copper. 50 ci ioahO ll n c
Brarer9,itolo©s...4s c|l2 jljfc
Fbeetblng. 14 to 16 0z.43 c 113 nod 14 12)40
Tinned .43 0|15and16.... li c
lujnirr MTXib 17 .15 o
let quality SO cl 20 ...20 c
30 “ 25 c I Fence Wire BWc
Tin Solder, 40 c I Fence Staples 13 c
Pi AVAL Si ORES—Demand brisk and price
Ann, wim an upward tendency at oar last quotations
We quote:
Tar f!2JXH315.001 Manilla Hope,, aiff
Ptch U.00«25.001 Tarred Hemp. ■»
Borin 40.00045.001 Turpentine.,B.7s®4.oo
Oakum 4 50&6.251
NAlLS**Tbere la a good demand at the quotations
of last wcflfrbut tbe market baa sustained no farther
chrnge. our quotations, which are 12Kc per teg oyer
factory prices, are as follows: We quote:
d to COd V keg
10 ,
Largo Pigs.
So all Figs.
Bar Tin .
, 5.00
6 as
Sd • ... 800
Bd, fine blued 7 oo
OlLS—Caeeo s’.—There has bees a better supply,
ami prices rule a Utile easier. Both Yellow and White
are in pood ccm and. lectzd ok still Very scarce
aDipricesQm at last quotations We Quote" -
Carbon oil best Whitm,.,.. ToaTae
narben OU, yellow ..7* TOc
Raw Linseed Oil ... «t .jaai «
Olive On, bulk. icauj
■wtaleoli-W 8.,.. 7.....711 lsoqlS
S?l?Sl 0U 1.2031.55
BtticOu. 1 uvai •»*
Laid OU, Bnnimet I I^gS£l
L<ad OU, Winter toms
Machine OU, svaso
Bperm ou ,7. .7, .7. ,7.7. .7.7;.”
OIL CAKE—There Is a very active demand, and
price* rule firm at t3o.Q»per tom ’
There^ fcM to «en & considerable to
♦£*!£&*“£ oa ? ana l Qrln K P«t week, forwhlch
the supply oas been found very inadequate, li *■—
therefore been difficult to fill order* as f» at as required,
anoutlces have, consequently, advanced on Meehan
nocks and commoner qualities iodise per bushel, at
which rates the market b Situ firm with aa upward
tendency. We quote:
Neram.ocks¥ bn
S* eet Potatoes $1 ,*\ai cr
PUOVISIONS-There Is mom activity In no
market eno prices are Mgherln couscq ie ice of tie
a' vam cln goM The Pcer-pßcHtra are all at work,
ard t K e reason promises to he nnjsuallv hr at,
Pzbt Proorcr—Tho. e uas been verr little .tone in
Mc?ao. Extra Mesa iknf.-ne stocks mainly solos
forwar** to tbe seaboard Several small lo'sof Me-s
veiecolunt Slu.co tor fancy,an i $llOB for reruUr
Vrat.es. Attl.e close, however,park-rj nameSUW
as their lowest selling prices, am SKCO for Bvtra
Ucij. Prime Mcra Bern Is in fair demand at SIS 'O
lutrolccrsarefinnat SI7CO. India Mess is Vi active
request at sl9 Oj. at wuicii price about 1,030 tres
chanso. har.os during t e pass week; bat t ere Is a
pooomqnlrvattbe close atf.at price ami hoi era
are firm at S2O co. reef Homs navo been soUdurimr
ttoweekat $14.00. and a small lot at 81300, at which
figures the market close* quiet ana nominal. Tallow
islneooacemand at llollK—holders generally a«*
ins ilKc.
Hco Pronrcr.- Mesa Pork during the week ha* ai
vamreo '51.2531 SO i-er brl-closng at $11.7*313 00.
About 9,U0 tonshave changed bacds during the wees.
Uew Me»sPork, for December delivery tiasoeenln
aemano at $13.(0, and we i ole a •'ale of 500 orU at that
P'lie.c oliverec at HiTfcaukee City packer*, however,
relcse to make contracts at that price, or even to
name a figui eat which they will kll. Bulk Mcataaro
In faT demand, hat the oUVrlngi arc too light to mako
a market. Severl lots of rough *1 e* in boxes have
been vole durirgthe week at Bacon Hams
are quiet and steady at lOK&lOHc ter plain cov
ered. New sugar-cured are expected in the mar
ket soon Lard baa been active during the
week and prices have advanced Xc pec »-the mar
ket clot-tog very firm at llc-holdcrs asking 1130
UVc. The sales during the week amount to about
tres, and there ore hot few desirable lots now
offering. For November cellvey we note a »Je of
60u ires prime Leaf at luitc. Grca-e Is In good demand
aud firm at 93- ®93fc for Whl'e, 9®9for Tello w, and
B>eSic for Brown. We qoote-as follows:
IncTa Mesa Beef. 819.00 020.C0
Prime Mess Beef IS to 017.00
. Extra Mesa Beef. 1203 c*UOO
Mess Beef lI.CO 01900
Fancy brands, do Vi oo & ..
Peef Hams 14 00 013.00
Mess Pork ua 013 00
M.O. Fork 12.50 01100
Bacon Hamvplaln.... 1&H®....
Films LeafXotd n <a .
No. 1 Lard 10 0 13K
White Grtase 9*
Yellow Grease 9 0 9<
Brown Grease .. : kj*o BJ<
To-dat tbe sales ol Provisions were :-Sl9 tirls city •
MeasPcrkln twolotsat $15.60; 135 brls do at $14.73;
100 btla 81.0. Pork at 813.50; SCO brls New Mess
for celtvery In Derember, at MIU auKee, at $15.00:
&0 tree prime .Leaf Laro, for delivery la November, at
10J(k; 600 ires InolaMe« Uecf (cased) at $.0.00.
Eli* IRON—The market cas o«eo unth nnsot*
t.to ourug me week, owing to tie rayll advance la
rates wtaicnLsvo been mads by masumcta ea.- The
trade has to agro-t extent been snape&ded bn j era
leellre culfrtl.ed to give the advatce required, and
merchants being indisposed to tel la ua present
atate cf the market npo.v any quotations. We there
for* quote nominally. Weqa w te:
Scotch Fig No. L 817J0
Lake Superior ; 047.50
Union J4g Iron A No. I ®4-?.co
** ** ** BNo 1 . 01300
CDfcnntATi, Sept. 15,—The fo lowing le Addy, uit;l
&Bay'auOitrecentcLcaJdr; •* Webeg leave to mb
it It tneioßo wl£g siatemeut »lth reference to tbe Iron
Pomaces ot tno duagiag itosk legion, druruacei m
Plasi—Oftfieslxty-twoirar.acea reporter!atworkia
1£59. sixteen (ifl) have since that *ina
gnre out of blast, sed m>ny of then
are worn out, ana permanently impended
Tbere aretherefore fortv-slx fumac»B rowengsgei
In the r rocuctlou of pig Iron. Of these, ten arc mak
ing told blast lr n exclusively; two. <old blast In
firt; and thlny.foarto- blast iron. Production’or
EON.—Tie mjrcapacity of t-e forty-six tUrnaces per
annum, la U5.C00 tons The average > early production
of (be tame unoer \ rosperoui circoma anced wouM bo
02,000 tons. Tho-atlmatea production for rear endin'*
May Ist. isw, derived from tbe moat reliable sources
la 74,446 tons From an extensive correspondence with
the Iron makers, and personal l-.tervlc-awlti a large
number of them, we «re convinced that the amonr.t of
Iron produced toe present season, most Call le -
ably short ol tbe atove estimate of 71,116 tons Start*
Inc with an abundance of wood-choppers unrlng the
winter, the sapply of hanos has been gro ioally ratling
off, until, at the present t me. a large ntunberof tae
Itortares are with great dilfleuley kept at work, and
all of them (with oaeor two exceptions) have
not a supply oflaborers at all adequate to tielr uece?
Bltiee. The passage of Morgan’s army through the
furnace region of Ohio, resumed in 10-scs to me far
naciscotrcßCilyCdJmatcd; not so much by actnil
destruction of property, os through a complete ae*
ras2ementandaemo.aU/atlon of the laboring popu
lation. Tho average number of bands employed by
each furnace In ordinary years. Is 161. The furnaces
can now obtain, even with tbe stimulus of high wages
only an average of iS laborers. Unless some tavorahle
change takes place with respect to the supply of labor,
amaterial redaction upon tee nmouut or Iron the fur
naces estimated early la tbe season for thepreseot
bla»t,maybc counted on. The above facts woult
seem to point to a higher range of prices than have
lulcrt raring tbe past two months.”
■ POULTRY-there has been a large supply of
Chickens, lor which the uetaaod Is only' moderate
prices are easy at former quotations. .We quote*
fcpringChicken. 815J0U5
J.“U n o 1.750200
Turkeys. SWuSfiig
Market active aadflrm. ITe quote;
FF F Powder ¥ keg...; 87.M07A0
Blasting 5.0005.8)
PAINTS—Tbe demand for the week has been good
and prices have been firm at oar lost quotations. We
‘bite Lead pure ¥ 100 lbs 1250
** “ -.Fahnestock. 1*330
* Thompson’s 1230
“ M Brooklyn 12 50
** ‘ BtLoufs 1250
M ** Continental U.OO
m 4 * . “ Inftrlor Brands 7-50Q10.53‘
*: ■” NowJerseyZlnco ;.9OO0iO.t»
“ French Redfieal 110 a
- colors cr OIL.
. (44
.. cya
.. ®3J
.. so
II @ls o
16 c
Chrome Green.....'.
Paris Green
Hampden Green
Emerald ana Magnesia .. .........
Yellow Ochre
French Ochre
Chrome Yellow.
Venetian Bed...
Vermillion. American.
** English...,
Chrome Green.
farJa @37Wc
KlCK—Demand moderate And prices firm at ottr
lasi quotations. We quote;
Anacaa 8 a9j<c
p«tna... .... . t!::::::;;::::::::! &$&
Eaneoon SSQc
SUGARS—The market during the week has Men
very active, and a large amount of business bas been
done, * Ith less excitement tuan for tbe previous week.
Owing to tbe short supply, which Is very much below
the demand, prices have been advancing almost dally,
and on comparing the range of our quotations to-uay.
with those of last week, a difference of Jfslc wffl-be
loom?, at which the market is very firm, with an up
ward tend ency. We quote:
New Orleans. ISK&UK
A. A Portland 12 «®iax
N. T. Penned, powdered and ETjLnalated.....i6yaiT
2™*? isH&itx
Extra B 16K®18J*
Extra, C 13* @lB
Chicago A. Js*®lsJf
T)"mand’’contlnnOT'Vef7’"ncUTe.^v) , d
considerable difficulty bas been found to Oil anything •
like current or-ere. An advance upon tbe priidpal
brands bas been made oaring tbe week of 3®sc, and
tbe market is still very firm, with an upward tenden
cy. Bogar House and Golden are In fair Buoply, Am
ber la very scarce and difficult to be obtained. We
Chicago Sugar House 88063
Chicago Golden. 76(#T3
Chicago Amber. , Eliait
N. Y. Syrups [email protected]
Golden Syrup 70® is
florgbum..,.. r--.., 40®4S
Do. refined ..... ’ g®63
New Orleans R®gs
. feAlitltATUS—Market tolerably active, and ov-
Ids to an acvance on Soda, prices rulejfc nlsboron
all trancs. We quote:
Babbitt's Best. JK99Ye
* Pure 3 032 c
OcLand's Chemical..,. , , SHaSKe
“ Healthy. 1,.......,55Qe
SALT-The receipts during tbe past week nave
been-unusually heavy—amounting to 7It,TS3 brls Bo
nn sue ana 9,127 sks am 882 tons Foreign. Avery
large amount of this Los been to supply packers on
former contracts. Domestic—There Uno change In
tbemarket lor Fine and Coarre-which are tolling
freely at *2**o and (2.75; but we note an advance of
2Sc on Dairy Salt-rbe market closing at *1.73. with
sack, and *3.60 without sacks. Fobbibjt—There has
teen a better inquiry during t&e week and prices bare
advanced about 15c 9 sack—new Ground Alum being
now hcl2 at *2.10, to arrive. Paring ine week 800 sss
•Cadiz were sold at *2.75? 2SO lbs and the market
closes steady at that price Turk's Island is held at
M7O 9 sack of 110 D* Treparml Salt in bulk la of
fered at 65c 9 bu. We quote:
Domestic-Onondaga Fine. * *2.700...
. **
“ Come.... J.'wa.,..
“ Ground Solar. 3.750 .
“ Dairy, with ear te... 4735'
_ ' “ Dairy, without sacks 3.CO® ..
FOB2IOM-Q. A. v MCAOfaiO 253.53
Turk's Bland. ?*. sack of 110 as.. [email protected]
Cadiz. V sack of 230 as 2.75®.
Trcpannl, In hoik V bu . fidafflU
To-day the sales were: 1.2C0 brls Onondaga and 600
brla Saginaw Fine at *2.70 del ; 2.C00 brls Saginaw Flue
•float at *2 <o|Blo ska Cadiz Salt at *2.73 rer 230 Qjs
.2510 aks old Ground Alum iu store at *2.23-frceofr
storage all this month. .
bEEDS-TiMOTHT—During the week the market
has pecu active and steady at *[email protected] oer bushel—
cloting, however, very quiet. Fiax-THo market
£S?&f>* b , e bo* been active and prices have ruled
2SQ37HO lower-closing quiet at *250 for prime quali
ties CLOvra-Tbcro is very litue doing and the mar
ket is almost nominal During the week a few lota
changed bands at *8.25(2650. W oa
To-day tie sales were: 120 bags prime Timothy at
*2 25; 100 bushels and 60 bags dirty at *jjo; 10 ska
prime i lax at *250. *
SOAPS-Markct very active and firm with an n>
In consequence of tae advanced rates
of Tallow. Prices rule firm. We quote*
Babbitts... Iflwa
oskiev's • S
Austrian 9 & 9S
Extra s««9*
Common Bar Rua 71/
“ OUto soap 3 ffi 8^
“ Chemical palm. 7 a?£
“ German mottled g
** Frenco 7GS 8
** Mercantile soap 6 qBW
“ **A”soap 4v
American Castile. <atl
6TARCH—Is in moderate demand and prices
Him. We quote;
Kltasflld TuaTV
pttaaa 6s?®7*
Locecn Sett
fcjpjCJES—The market hr - *■— aaa
has been very active ana
owing 10 the large demand and the *dyacca in cold
prices have advanced l©l He coring tt a week, wish a
ttr< ngnowaid tendency. tVaonote:
Pepper V tt 23X032
Allspice jzr&sa
Clow* w .45 ©3O
TOBACCO—Market active and firm, and owlcg
to the injury sustained by tie recent frosts, price*
bare advanced on pine Sc. and on several brands of
smoking rase v a. TTe quote:
Standard se,lo?,andJ< as
** Bs and fancy
Inferior and outside brands
Cut In Ihlr request. We quote:
BMOszsa. cnxwaa.
Stems • \ Gold Leaf. 90c
Mlsssoml IS (313>sc ! 50nny5ide..............73c
0 13*@llo IC. Harris ....SCO
00 ux&ise Spongecake tiai
000 19J«320Kcl
TAliLOW— Tnere naa been anacMve demand un
dtriheintintDceolwMca prices hare advanced k®
2c during th? week. Tte market la still very Arm at
the foltowli e Quotations:
O mice City Packers. IDfOIIX
City Botchers.*. .. WJiGUI
bales to-daT:-SCO Do country at 10c: 200 bits
cho-ce packers lie: 100 brla choice packers on p t.
TEAS-The market is very aenve and firm with an
upward tendency. Stocks or Grkex and Black Teas
arc very low toih here and la New York, and cannot
he replaced at their present cost. We quote:
Young Hyson, common to very One tIJCtBUB
Gunpowders LIO3LTO
Souchongs , 83(31 *3
Oolongs 80®L25
Janaa 1.05®180
W'OOIr-There Is an active demand, but tbe re
ceipts, although mere liberal, are still fight. Opera
tions ore thereforemnchrestrlcteJ. Prices rnlerather
firmer than our last quotations, we note no advance
on Mef mm fleece for the week of [email protected] We quote •
Medium fleece ..Ks®aso
TuNwash ed’!!! *l7 " 7!!!'.’.! 7 .\\VV.V’.7.*.V.V. , .‘.‘r a^o
WOOD—Market active and firm. We quota bv
the cargo: B*ecb. *5.0C®5.25; Maole *5 (ft
06 25; Hickory *6 5007.00. Delivered—Beach. *iS
Q7.W; Maple *3.0009.50: Hickory. *
Sales to-day; _ Cargo bark Ostaeio, 122 cords of
?D*r P d?h”K* O K%“ f tS ' aH; CIUSO Arabia. 100
WOODEN* WAHE—Market very active, and do
mano farexceecing the supply; prices consequently
rule firm with an upward tendency. In Wooden
*» are the advanced rat s of hoop iron, with the diffi
culty of getting orders executed, has very considera
bly affected the market. Coes Baskets are very
scarce, and quoted nominally. We quote*
Chums No 1 12.00 I Market Baskets.
do No 3 11.00 willow. 74 73(53:25
do No 3 10.00
do No 4 9.00
Grooms, ¥ d0z...2.G0®5.2S
Washboards, per
doz [email protected]
Corn basnets Iba
1 doz 6.0037.00
doiKbn 7.(038.001
do 2 bn 8 00310 DO 1
firm. We note an advooc
New Tort Brandy of 10c;«
and on Whiskey of 10012 c
Otard .5.0037.00
Bclgnctte j.ooes.oo
Martens 6.00
New Torn. 850L50
Swan 3.50
Schcidara .2.7533.00
Domestic....... 953L25
WmsKT— 550 60
Irish Imported 3.00(44.00
. do Domestic.. 75QL5Q
Tuxsdat Evening. 0ct.15.13C3.
BEEF CATTLE—Tbe market has been more doll
than ostial owing to 11mlted receipts. In the transac
tions of thoday tbe quotations of Saturday seem to
have been folly sustained.
Drake sold Moma ft Co. 9 ay. 952 lbs at |3 ffl
McFarlaoe sold Monte ft Co. 9 av. 833 las at |3JO.
Silver sold BO ay. 986 ns oa private terms,
hi orris A Co.soldUasbnck ft Co. 71 ar. 1.038 tt» at
(3 00.
loach ft Co. sold 159 av. 1.163 ftaonp.t.
HOGS—Tbe receipts during the day hays bean teas
than there, hayo been fex buyers in t&®
market. The sales effected indicate no decrease la
the demand ana ahowqaotvlons stmllir tothewrof
yeaterday. w© however note the receipt of more
than the usual quantity of light hogs ai !ailc*tlag
the limltoc supply of corn.
■i i Hi® «>jS «is
TtmsDAT Erkxcro.Oct 13.136J,
Tbe following table shows tbe re elptsof Lumber 4
dc, during the past week, with comparative «tat*
BiCKiPTB or Luurxz. BmKaLsa. lath, sto . to* thw
lw/vx airoiao cor. l«. 13G3. coxtario wrra tor
two raxvious trars.
ISOL ISfa. U6l.
Lnmber.ft...' .17.183/00 6530.000 3.(31,000
Balngle*,No ; 2,677.00) JOO LYSAOtM
Lath PCS 2,U:.f00 5,7*,000 IMOOO
Timber, ft t5/00 95.000 20.010
Poets, No C.BB
Tbe receipts of lumber the weak previous were only
lO.ot-S.MO feet—showing an Increase of 5,C0 .COS feet.
The receipts of lumber irom the Ist of Janaary to
October 10, f&r the last three years compare as fol
RxcxiPTs ot Lnmrs, sznxGura. lath. xra. trox
jax. 1 to oar, 10, tor thrx* tzars.
1863. 186k m.
Lumber, ft .SN.ir4.9CO 813,573,301 177,113,798
Sblnglfl.fi 0
LsO),pcs OJH.OfO 23,77t,<XX) .14^7,750
Timber ft 3.311,170 4.L5U0
Postß.no fn .33 513,163 231.574
Luxbrb—Notwithstanding the heavy receipts
daring th?veek the market has been even firmer aad
a shade higher than on tbe week previous. Very sel
dom have we seen such a supply, with such light offor
logs-nearly an the arrivals being to fill contracts.
Good cargoes of boards and strips are la active de*
mand at $16.00, aad we report .some at even Mgher
figures. Common Mixed Cargoes ore la lair request
at 81325011.00, and lair to good do at
The (ollowiiig shows thesale of cargoes during tho
Cargo bark Amenca, from Menominee, mixed. Kfrw
by A Carpenter s Mills, 200 fret, at $15.73* csr»o Queea
oj the West, from Menominee Loulugto > >s Co.'s -Uls.
iep,OCOmlve<t.stslOvO;carrobrtgWH Stevens Grom
Aienomiceo. IQ'.CU) f et mlxei at 816.C0; cargo schr
Ttree Bells, from "enomJne**, 112, Coj feet rnfaet at
S1600; caruosc r Hayoeo, from Menomla e, ISO 000
feet mhed.at cargo senr lthacH,from Lake
fir.orc.'.S/* 0 feet ntfll CC : cargo of schrD ll
Martin, rom Dexter a Nome s Mills, Grand Traverse
atIISOC; caigoof rear Kate Uicnmoa., 150.CV0 feet.
frcms*agica*.at an average of sl6-10; car/o ot s*hr
Wotc ester, from Gr.i-ia tJver,4P,o>t) feet coarse oloe
at IM.CP, ana 12,0(0 fe:t oak ai *2J,00; cargo of s-:hi
Doufroan.iron. ptuake;on, common ac slt.oj; rsrgo
of rafte 1 iluakegou lumoer, per Northerner, at 113 25*
cargo of schr lr« la, from Massegoa, mlxe 1,51,000 tee r>
a: f 14 50; cargo ofsihr Gem, froa« Koherts' Xlilis. Mus
kegon. mlxec. 55,000 feet, at $16.06; cargo of schr Heh
co’rnd.from Moikegon. mixe i,62.000 feet,at slso>*
carg s hlilrcn ell fromSnel«!oo.BsllU, Kalamazoo
mixed, tO.OOO fret, at $15.00; car.ro schr Kitty
-Grant, srom hla.-Kecon-. mixed. CO.COQ feet, at
$1500; cargo of schr Chall nqe, irom hloore's
Mil, K»iamazoo, 75,(00 feet at sl6 00*
Cargo actor 6en« ra. from Menominee, Kirby A Caroem
ter'smlllf.Tnlxcamill-run,219.1 Ot teet, at $15.50; car
go sefar Fashion. Item (Mmtq, boar's, strips and
bcantllngs, >20,1-00 feet, at sls 00. Cjrgo scar Alleghany
from Muskegon, mixed. Trowbridge's mills.TUiCOn
at $15.50., Cargo Canal Boat, from Menominee, mixed.
Ts.couft at $16.00. ’
There la no change la tbe yard prices- Common
board.! and Fencing are selling at $18.00017.00-tne
market lor good Saginaw or Green Bay boards being
finn at the latter quotation.
SHINGLES—Tho supply la fair, but under the con
tinued active demand the market U Arm and we cote
an advance In prl&s on the week of 25c p*r I,COO—
sales of**A” at $2.7504.00. Tho demand Is
chiefly for Sawed, and the market by the canoes at
the close firm at 83.550J.00.
In the yards the best “ A” Shingles are held at slso*
I*ATH—There Is an active demand for cargoes at
$3.90tg4 00, andthe marietta the yards Is flrmatft23.
The following are the closing quotations for lumber,
shingles, Ac:
Lu*B**-Ptrst Clear, W.OOO ft *39 oo&to.C*
Second Clear, *• stoassu
Third Clear, M w'ocasolto
stock Boards-....,, 1 oca...
Box or Select Boards. i 3 coast es
Common Boards, dry- ia oallOO
Common Boards,greem, 1500 a *
Fencing...... I6o!.<ai7bo
Jirnt Citor noortog, roogj! sa oca
Second Clear Flooring, rough. iSOcaisTob
Common Flooring. roogn. W.ooa;sce
Blditg Clear, dressed. laooaaico
Second c1ear...... 17 otaT'
_ Second Common do .* lOOOa "
LctgJclßU •*•»«#>?:■
6h»y«l flh!ae.'«f, Fo.l '
rnuuK SIMTi oi
Sawed Shirg.es, 4 25a 4*50
BlUEßlea.No*l* 5.75 a 4.00
Lath 41 1 COO i>CJ 433 a .
SfJKi? lo °- - it.ouais.oo
Pickets. 18,00®.....
. HARDWOOD LUMBER—There has been a better
supply daring the week ; bat aH other
descriptions of hardwood lumber are la short sapply
and with an active market prices rule Arm, lUckory
especially In flue wood la very scarce, and we note an
advance of $5.00. TTe quote:
~ soc
.. 80c
.1. 2J*®3 c
.... BJs® 4 c
....16 025 c
.... 4 & S C
..'..28 030 c
...fl 7503.00
.16 c
Afb. 20.003a3.00
••••-* 20.00aw.r0
Black Walnut 25 00350 00
cuerry:,;. 200094500
' Fxb Stzasss AtbicaJ ' (Bt Telboraps
„ . Ltvzbtool Oce. a, iwt
Tloor d«u ana partially declined Bd.
'Wheat steaey, hut call. Klee—lncln, 6s 9dSßs 3-1 1
Red Southern, Cs [email protected] 9d: White Western, 39 4d •
White Southern ,9009s M. Corn—Actlye, and 8d hlzh
er j mlieo,[email protected]»,
I'eovtsxoss—Beet qnlet and steady. Pork steady
Bacon tencs upward and active. Lard buoyant and
all qualities a trifle higher; £[email protected] do.
London, Oct. 3.—Breadatuflb dull and tending down*
Only man sales of American securities, and prices
Liras poor.. Oct.’S.-COTToa—Buoyant,
±jBa»DSTUJF9-Qolctandßteady. Corn active and
tetclag ntw*rc s.
Provisions—The provision market Is quiet. Lard
London, Oct S —Consuls [email protected]®K for money. 111.
Ccn,share* 16014 discount; Sub 72371,
New York markets—Oct. 13.
Cotton—Firmer with /alrlnqulry at 92c for Mid
dling Dpiazda.
mors—Advanced 10 to 25c—more doing—with
ea!ee at lor extra sate; 55.7507.00 IS- extra
rounabuop uMo; 57J03313 for trade oreads, mar
ket C'oslrgqulet.
W msKT—Dad, heavy, and lower, with sales of lota
eyerie. s ' otltx *^ oserß seneratiy reluuag to pay
Gnjrs-lVlieat very feverish, nnscttled and excited
—opening better, and closing heavy, haters
generally refusing paying advance; su23®l3i for
old Chicago spring; [email protected] for new uo-tne Utter
figure an trireme ptice-Jl 303135 for Milwaukee
club; 4i.4C31.-U for amber Iowa; (14031.50 for win*
ter red wtstern. Cornopened bravynnj closel dill
anc2®4clower; [email protected],oo for shipping mixed west*
era afloat; gl
tations; gl C 5 for prime white western. Oats in mol*
crate request at 85®9-:c for western. La<t evening
100/00 bn western sold for alt November at 85c.
Groceries—segar quiet; Sloscavado uv®l2i£c.
Havana 12Xc; Mollassc-* dull and coctinnea heavy*
Coflee qnietam) nominally unchanged.
Provisions-Porkfirmer and la good demand at
g11AC314.75 lor old mess; new dot
$11.73012 23 for new prime; 31150318J50 for new prime
n ess, also ?/Cobrla new mess for December at giSSO
Baron rile* steady. Lard firmer at llk(*ai2jic, also
4/00 brls for December, January and February at
li:[email protected] Cheese firmer at 12315Kc for common to
New York Cattle Market-Oct. 13.
Bset Cattle.—Owing to considerable falling off In
receipt?, toe hiftrkcl beef »***]o haa ruled morq
active and buoyant this weckVwMle prlceshavO rang
ed much higher. Prime beerea were scarce and act*
hv.atan aavenco of fully [email protected] several lots having
sold as high aa ICoilc. Government agents were
on band and took some of the best cattle
at. ICglOKc. Tbe Cattle all sold. Current*’
prices at all tbe markets for the week-
Beep Cattle—lst quality glO Si)®U.OO; or-llnarv to
gwdfD.OO© 10.00 common g7.00©3.t-fl; inferior giw
Cows AND Calves—lst qualltr 43.0C560.00; ordinary
g4O.CC3-15.C0; common 133-00340.0J; lalerlor awoo
Vkal Calves—ls qualltr [email protected]; ordinary 637 c*
[email protected]; [email protected]
Sheep—Extras $5.CC35.50; prime $1*5035 fO; orJi
mw^[email protected],sO; common $35034.00; inferior $3.23
Swot—Cora fed 535 V* still faisV3sWc,
ItzcxiPTa— Beevts,s,Mt- cows, i&f- veal calves
657; shceij and lamb?, 10,231-swine, 22,435,
{Buffalo Ulorket—Oct* 13.
Flora—la fair demand and Ann.
' Obact—‘Wheat la nir cemand, and [email protected] better :
rale«ataiJSf*L2SforKo.l Culcago spring; $1.2531.23
tar No. 1 Mliwaaketf clnb,parttto arrive; $1 SK&I.S3
for red wlnt r western. Com qnlet ami lea* Arm at 91
©Bsc. Oats less Arm atTUfttSc. Barley Ana at *133.
■WmsKT-Steaoy at 88c.
Fbziouts—]Sc oa com, 13c on whaat.
lirroßTs—lC,COO brli Aoor, 61,000 ba wheat 21,000 ba
com, H.CCO bn oats.
Expohts—No dour, 131.C00 ba wheat, Sl.ooo ba corn.
Oswego market—Oct. 13.
Gfwrs—TVheatSQSc Weher; Milwaukee club *133-
Ho. i Chicago spring *l36J*: prime do *i 37 • amber
Minnesota *1.37. Com advanced 2c; Hdnola mixed
*I,OO. Oats firm.
liOnisriUe Tobacco Market—Oct* 13.
Tobacco ban advanced about 1c T> a since Saturday.
Stock light Lata advice* confirm tae recent dam*
ages byflrost.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribute.]
BszDQzrosr, Oct 13,1363.
Financier, LaSalle, 87.921 feet lumber, 9,300 feet siding.
Lioness. Ottawa.
Acme, LaSalle, 82,083 feet lmnbcr,l2,Coo feet siding.
Empress, LaSalle, T.CCO ha oats, 70 brls floor.
Boston. SaSolle, 117 tons coal.
Resolute, Athena.
'Walter Smith, Athena.
Investigator. Athens.
Imperial, Lockport, 7*ooo ha oat3,<oohrls floor.
Teasels Passed Detroit.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trtbunnj
DbthOtp, Oct. 13,1363.
Up—Props Mohawk, Neptune r bark Anderson; brig
Williams; schrs Nabob, Nonpareil, Saabary, Goble,
Joplter,W. O. Biown, Pauline, Autocrat, Advance,
Boncy.Klngsfbrd, Minnesota, Cairo, Arctic, Barney,
Athenian, Squall, Dreadoaugbt, Fremont, Leader.
Montank, Darien. Gen. Scott.
Down—Bark Unadilla; schrs Lookout, Wagitaff,
IntMs city. ontbslS’b lest., at tie UilchHotel, of
typhoid fever, ELIAS FELT. Intne 41 tn year ochii
In this city. MABSABST QABITT, the widow of
Patrick Gamy.
I W* Burlington, Vt. papers please copy.
At Charleston. Mata.. act. 6 Ji, SMirUD.9TDP.rE
TAUT, formerly of Chicago.
Atßlack v eiry, Kane Connty. HI, on Sunday, tha
llthlnrt HOBACB WILLIS, aged 57 years.
Mr. WDtla was an boneat ana moattriooa man, a
good citizen, an ardent ft lend of Liberty and Union,
an obllglzg neighbor, and a kind-hearted father.
J. p/b.
IST Papers in Chantaaqae Co. N. Y.. please copy.
i Do clotties 9 ayats m
i Palls, two hoop, V
i dor 2J&23M
do three h00p....3.5032.65
Tub?, nests ol
three «2.40
, do 3«o. 1 v d0r..11.00(312 00
( do No a
dohoS. 8.00®9.00
ORS—Market active and
ice on the lower brands of
on Domestic Gin of 10325 c.
: per gallon. tve quote* •
Scotch Import'o3.oo© 1.00
do domestic.... sisuo
1 KT3t—
Bt. Cr0ix........ SSAI2S
dp 1mp0rted....2.23(33.25
I N. England
Maderla 5,00©5.00
Sherry [email protected]
1 Claret 8561.30
i B organdy. 2j0®3.00
Port A50®3.00
PortJolco 3.00
BO ARDlNG—Pleaamt ro^ms,
with board, suitable for accommodating laml*
OMly’e ge. Usman, maybe obtained at as Scorn
Clark street, it la also a convenient location tor day
M It la only a moment'* walk f*om tie Post
Office or Ccnrt House. oclioi37-it
TJOARDING—Two single gentle-
JL* cancan bo accommodated with a good sired
reno and board. Ca reasonable terms, by applf lorjat
2GL»to street. ocit-oi3J-3t
T>OARDING.—A gentlemen and
iJ h!a wife or two slrgle gentlemen can be tceoa
modstedwltn board and a pieaaaat uont room at i.»
Wabash arenne. ; ocll olfifrSt
TJOARDING—A large anit of
O frent rcomi. unforalahsd. and »
too iri tarnlsbed, caabe had. withboard.br
at 238 Btate street* qc»s-os>-.s
OOARD.—A pleasant loom, auita
T>CARDING— A gentleman and
X) k. h. M KOOIKOd.IW wlih « .nit or room.
tnaoTiTate family where the comforts of
231 W-mLnlOßr-nu*
BOARDING. —I desire board for
trytetf’. wife and sou. II years old. la a resptet*
we private foam.»;jrt«re then «n ««rj * »oard
siraC. B BKCiW ITH, 113 a*iUs Water street,
For the Week EndlnxOct. 13,1503,
The Foreign Market^
V\7-AKTEI) —Tiiormaiion of Wil
e f liatn «oon*y alias win *3. w
Ottawa. Hi . flv. j*«i ago
t wvrd from w as iC. Ch*t hTia V “afu-w
formation wt l th* (h>nk*o).y >#e*tv*d br*'U
Ctl'd -toil CO- l-K C-Utita. P. JII2S
J*lrFS U<N>NKT. K39lv« .tr.VT *,5 rS“”**
pr Cl’-uusi.Cums »e t. pi M r; ji.VcJpr
\V ANTE I*—A loom mite. A
* * highly reapeetab ey .mgcaoofs'e dyhabits
la laiiD&a dvwn 'can.co.treato m*ao!art«cqa»li2
»nco i f acme o’hrr yenng man wto wnajo ig 0 u
boaid atd take a room with Mn. h«f roaceiox
cb»rg»d. Ai dress * P H L,” ftltmae once.
_ceu«.2iß it
X\' ANTED.—A gentleman of for
,. 1 " ty-flv«, in past circumstance*, wisfaaa fo lora
tße.cqu.iMa ceo: as ameKcaa lady o' etmllAr «ga
a view tc tuAtrlmoay. &ii
»d!c- w y rocfldantlaL Adl ea* for
w® B ' ” Cs *»c*d® Foil Office, girirgoiioe
OurOatl Jl
W .1 -vonnfr German
rpeaka tta xctush isrzasze sad
Xnwuy Acottss tu. Triruseomcp, ocllohXMt
XV'A^TIiD—A titUßtion by an
fnnL Sfb^c'rcUT
OIN&RB *» P. U. box 1075. Ca - 1*^199
A7| J AiN TED—lmQudiaUly, twenty
Rlr: sto work on Haversacks apply |» rmg
ol 86 rourth avenue. [ociio:9altj J. n. sfAIU>,
ANTED—A fonnshetl room.
nL!.- ,lts Joard for a gentleman and wife W/ *
wART*®»? ! Adoxess, fttauns t»ima. slb^
WABIt*.N. Box 43,9. oCl4oa3ls
W 7 ANTED — Ar 6 Dohuoibu-;!
orttree hunuiedcour* a year ■ithoa*. .10-eyist
o*h*r buslneam al*o geatless*) wlsninc to cts?**
Iteirbuttapsjcsn sake foaror flv »iao.iitaiS d-JIS
aye»r. Cab at Boom 1, up«c«irs. 121 jw-c irn-n?
send tenderts to post OfllcoßoiSotJ. Chicago ih**
\\? ANTED-A purchaser for an
*v American W;tßh(Beartyo*iw).huatinrcaa#e.
vlltedial; o* I will trade it f»r a Piano or Mri ds««
ana w»l-psv Pifftro. ce. if therouaty, m cash Ad
(Le;» Po>t Off ee Box 761. oeu-tlMit
\\ ANTED—A situation bv a man
“S 1 ’' I ”.* ~of •«»-Jramtb» S.« oflhjronn
•»» Brt’t,. [. WIMD* ll> mil
UmttJt Rtxer.ll7 u-.f il «, cim, or a.ok Koaw
c"“cM3s"’ J- “• FOIVLEI: - emef ’*•
AN TED,—Five good C.rpcn
“ co,Mr u,ysr.ig J
TV ANTED.—A lady wishes fur
icsisexperieiire and I*3 no cbj cion to e» in the
conn try. Adflrtas "yd T>abkfb arenna.'* ocii-cKt-it
XV/ANTE!)—A l)wellii>" House.
, " ; .Watted a good coavealent bou*e pl«a*aatiy
jeeated between state »‘re« aad theL»k«. Wouii
» ay sr4*»* fomlture If good. Address Post Office
Box con. oci 1 oi«J-»
\\/ ANTED—A Partner. 51,000
Tiie paper lu bten oubdsbed to an *.a ciwlS
eleven yeaxs. It will ha isaova* to Caieizo TeS
paitDermnn tea goert c*avm sar to att-nS ta
SdMntllpi^ 64l * AdOrtaaPoatCfece Kdt !15 P? U !
aaeiptia. yq. ocii oiss is
VV/ ANTED,— Boaro in a pnvita
-H w -. S K Or * ec c Ws wH-. A pUce
7n i Ji h «2- c ..^? bo H der * pre . fe . rrt ‘ l * . Keferenc** given
and zcqeitid Adi.re*s gl«lrg lull iMrtxu'uiu ta
ft?pa •S, 015 ’ 00 * Fost office Drawer 0151.
cell olCa 2t
\\l ANTED—A siuution as Clerk
’ 2-SI T,lv _? l1 "> ! Aunt hr * jon W m«a wh • tua
ft* “a hSamatdi lioot-KaamiT
P* a , gtTebewofcttt aaccniL.tr> refeiosc*. aoiU**«
lor P, O.Bo£sS3.Ctuc*gu. ocil-oltiO it
Tl/ANTED.— Übfixiniehed icou.
" wanted lo a pleasant celghboitoodbyaren-
SJSSfW ,rU «* J - *• BXXRT. maSi
omce.glTlnt <ccatloa and tema. oclJ oiea-jt
ANTED—By aycnng man, who.
./ a few Soars Id eaclt dae aaemploTed a
situation to do writing or other work h. & otflce or
store. Salary rery aooerata. Or would wor* tot
Board. Apply at tbe Merchant's Clerk* Kojlsut
Ottco cr adoreu Post OlHco Drawer 6303, C-!c»*o. 3
OCU 0121 MC
TV ANTED—A situation by a
f T young man In a Wholesale or BrUU Grocery
Store. Come* we.l recommenced ai being a proper
and competent pen on tor tut* or an* otu«r nutation
ln«tfcOnecan mtkehlmie.r netful. CanPestenor
Inqul edfcret HAMILTON’S Intelligence asd Km
ployaent Office. 107 Clark street. cell oi6Mt
4 51
WANTED —To rent a Hondo or
» T part of abotuc. by a xaatlemaa with a tm*;i
fanily. (tozea penosa, roLB i»aii> m goni locality
l»oo(\jecucn to dutaneoil convenient ioitra=tcanl
Beat ®JL t^C e . reilce ?* l,ea - ■•adre* ' Watx* stsxict ••
Box 128. Chicago Kat utflcf. poll oITMt
TV AitfTED—A sobrr, steady man,
T" who understands taking care of a bone. To
men a man a stead y euaauonaad good wag swill bo
given. Konn bus one wt>oc*n come well recoct
mended-need apply. Apply for one week, P. 8,-4
manioc man irezn tae country preferred. Apply to
AKBUBST ABOUOLaS, Boat yard. South rranch,
near Twelfth btteet. Chicago. pel t 0154-iot
. IS 00021.00
WANTED —One ale brewer, one
crag clerk, ore blacksmith, several coat
makers, taree funnels and cooks; a;so. p aces for ona
salesman, one entry cieik.oco assistant book-k eper.
three c’erke. one copyist.one saving mactdce -.pera
tor, one CDl'er.cne oiakesman, and ona torse or«r
peer. Apply &t the Merchants’ Clerks’ ttegl-'try cilice,
131 Dearborn meet BltnaU*rs proca'*d. D. B.
Bf?EhW< OD & CO.. Pest Office Drawer 6306, Chicago.
eeu»oisoi6 •
WANTED —A Situation as Clerk
la a Grocery Store, hv a young of good
morel character. Spe.ks Eigllah German and
French, and baa bad »even years'eaperlf nee. Ad
drets * D W." Tribune ofllce. ocl3-oio6-3t
WANTED —A "Widow Lady
wlebc* Board In a re ! pectabia private family.
Terms most be moderate. Coala farnhta bar own
room, ~B." Tillmne otflte. oclSclOltt
\\T ANTED —To Purchase, a
» J Grocery Pi ©vision, or other business. requir
ing hot sroal. capliaL Address, with parttcuU’a p.
O..BoxCC3L ocLj-ul‘4o 2t
\XJ ANTED—To Rent. A small
* * Cottage containing some six or eight rooms,
fora family consisting of tnrea persons, either In the
Hotth.’Wtst or Sonia Divisions. (ooa>a blJo prefu
rcd.) Hens? a obi be net* or In good repair, masted
In a good locality, wl:h pleasant surronnulcaa. Beat
not’Oexceed#i - OJ per annum. Addrtss K0 9,"P.
O. Bcxam, ocis-oiwat
W ANTED—By a first rate Ecgi
“ • n*er, asltmvtl-n to run any klni of stationary
Bnalre. Wooidao'.ob]eci.togominecoaairy, Can
6lve first class refeiencis. Address “B H •• rnbuae
mce. ‘ ocl3 c lOU 2t
*I\7ANTiD —Oce or two Can-
Tv vasseralneverycountyofthh.Sl»’e Steady
emplojmeLt and *.oed pay b? the month, or on cum*
mission None but active and intelligent men need
apply, Ad*ieaaP. O. Box 131 L Chicago.
ocl3-oics-26 *
WANTED —A Seamstress and
Dressmaker desires a tome In some respecta
ble private lamuy, a ben rot employed, wne- e ineeaa
compensaiewlth herneeole. Address P.O. hox 4773.
ora.fimie»tNo.3Kti»hstieot.corner of Kinzle.
WANTED— A strong, activsßoy,
: who can milk a cow. at end a horse and bog*
K7, and do general canre?. Apply, betwew the hours
or U sad u a M., at Boom No. 5, its S?uth Water at.
cciC-01l l*2t
AK TED—A Suit of unlumiah
* ’ , CdEocmi, with bo. rd. la a private family,
whetelnere arc 10 otherboardei*. by aOeitlemva
ssdMswu?. Situation of house must be la * pi*aa*
art lo<alliyeuu£?«ithe Bcutb, North. opWeetDl*
vI-lodb. (hut South Bide pMerredL) Terms must be
moderate. Nonebut ie«pectabla parties ueed answer
tblvocveitiseuienc. References excaacged. Aadresa
* LIVD "T. 0.80x2551. 0c!3c1133;
X\T ANTBD—Afi:st class Milliner.
M Cne who understandsmakinr aswe las trim*
misg, or would rant tbe room to a lady who would
wiati to carry on the business for nera«li. Ib'ums far*
nleted—trade «stat>U»t-ed a poly to IS> L>ke street
npatslra. MRS vfANKKNRkN'. oclUol!T-lC
fax Salt.
POR SALE.—A large siz’d Pony
X for ?aTe cheap, found, kin?, aulgeafe;
to both sacolo and hsrnesi, ana wilt staid aitnout
hltrhiog appiyatlQl Klnxlo street, cp stairs.
FOB SALE—AjCattsge. A
eJ*ht room rot f a?e HcncSfor sals unetbsre* )
moved wlthlxi one we«a. <To«t w.en now jIS O j
lehad« agieatbantsln u appbal fo'vmda afe«r -1
$S*: *2OO, cash. Apply totfaraa e mar. i
I6i State street. odr-oiunt 3
Tf'OK SALE— Hanas and Lot on ,
J- Watuh avenco, Bona* two atiriea. conalo- ;
log water Ud ZU; Lo 40x160; P.tco '4OOO ns v
Jong time, (renteo tor *250 > Alao. one for icooo. t
rented icr 1250; cne oo mud avaana *.sw rented 1
for |a:s; cce on Van Bureo • trees *22co.rentoa tor '
*270: coe oo Gurley street *uro, rented or*' 73 *o.
ply to f£T£B ftSIMP, IC7 BMta et. oclQolOt is
SAXifil—Choice BnilcicgLota
J- la the Booth and West DlvUlnna. °
30 scree of jand north cf aueta Vlata street.
House u>d Lot Bio Grande aisco .
sUntratcßiTorLotßox.taeSon;a fl:anch fron 100
lent to 250 feet each river front. Aptly to GB'i. w.
uIGGISsOH, Ho. 7 Metropolitan Bloc*. cei t-oiu 3*
L' OR SALE—MiII Machinery, {
JL BoOer Engine, three run ot store#, tosetbsr with i
au the natures complete for a ant-class Hearing mil: 9 ‘
To beliemaved atiertteldh of December next, in- T
qnlxeci M. C. BTEAHS3, bj Lake street onagri *
ocu oltl Ith -j
U'OR SALE—House and Lot half 3
JL a block west of the Pork on Washington street;
60 by 131 on Warren, near the Pars; *5 by IC3f oat*
ingeach on the Park; a'so a large amount of Dasiuess
and residence property In all partsof tae city; tarns
lor sale • money 10 loan at low rates and c n loon time.
J. L. IBE.fC cTlark meet. ocUolOJtt
$0 Rent
r PO RENT—Pianos and Melodeoas.
JL I*o Clark street. WM. K. PBOSSSB.
OCU-0161 It
TO BE N T-A small house on
West Waahlrgtoa street.between Oakley street
and Wetern arena*. Commits seven rooms, roar
cloaetsand pantry Lari.olct.good «eIL ctatemand
born. Inqniteoathepreniacs.or atl63E]azio-at.or
J B.CLAJIK. celt 0193 it
TO RENT—A two story house
JL and the fnrrltnre and a stock of tael In tha
bouse for sole. A rare chance. Pleats eAI immedi
ately at 198 at vi Ison steel, comer of Clark.
cell oi>9 9t
©nierd -Notiasr.
LOST.— Strayed last Friday ri^ht
ftomthe stable of H. HARMS 110 North Uiion
stmt. aDarkGreyHcrse. watte star In forehead,antt
a little white on one hind leg. A liberal reward *iu
be paid for bis return to the ahovo oddrrsa, or for in
formation leading tohls tecovoiy. cell oiss itdaw
T OST—On the Bth inst., oc South
Xj Dearborn street, a laree black Xewfooodiaod
Dr*. Bts a veil small wtdte spot on Ms breast;
bis ulna rtet axe typed ; ofl «ytb
•white. Arswera toih» A liberal «.
waul will be paid for tl* retarn tost) Oklo street,
IPODS D —Tafcec np a Horso with
f1 Mukatoa which th» owner can have bv prov,
property ard payfeg.eberr*". CUD
cinco corner of Lake aid Was* Water street.
oelS-oict-st :
STBATEB— Two Cows—One
t early wbito a 11 tie spot'ed abont the neok;
tear rears old: baa been zone one weak. Toe other
»:• Ad. » dulo -white la toe face, also abou* the
Sanks ■ boa been cone three days. Both went from tae
Went tiltT-ion. Isforcationlnregard to them l*»ft ac
tbe Gan Store* ISO Lake stmt* will bosQUaMvre*
was dtd. ccUoil»3t
Reward. StoleafromHathaway'allvorySt-blo.
Rrckfrro 18., Tuesday Oct. sin apalrofZ>ark,*‘Dot>
ut." Cbcraut Horse*, well matched, prompt drivers,
carry beads weil op k US hands high, with short thin
tsl ». OtTborsatpsawblteairlpeiathelace i&ft eye
tafherdull and taaomaknea sprung Haioaanaw
hsrxen.TeryUgb*,cnibhtt iacflbo»»eaVldla«arrtage
sqnaio box, newly palme .dark trees color, •i.iuara
pace'.* old leather tep, (adJoaJable.) «ark hova lin
ing. with a Ihw attl> rcon* patch#* hi oack curtain,
pis an dash, to plallrg ISO reward for the recovery
He property sna for tbs thief. T»b*gTaph or write
toORO. w.BAlUAWAT.Bocklbrd,lllinois.
|_i Brower * Cos Warebooseßoealpt for 1157 brla . A
Sa’.t tcdoised by W. B. stone and I>. W. Math*? A ■
Co. Seprosedto Deloetcatwwn Ho.M St«t* 839.it. /..v
--or la th* weatrra Martoe and lira loiorrmcoCom- /;&•
pans‘a Bank. also, D. W. Mather a Co'sca’e, dated ®
tictobirOih iF€S,paj*bleto thtlr own order and «■ y
doned Ry th*a, tar *atty three Rnndtwi aad Tv«lt«
BOKO Dollars. Pa*tlea are caa'.loaoJ arw-pat negc
Uktlxg there teonuUts. U.’W. MATUSU&ca v

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