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jlMreaa ** CHICAGO TBiBUNB” Chicago, Hu
Cljicago tribune.
The bottom seems to have fallen out of
-the campaign In Virginia, and the only
prospect presented to Meade’s army ap
-peare to he the dissolving view of gtey
■ hacks falling hack upon Richmond and
grub, as they needs must who camo with
♦out bringing their dinners with them. 1 It
will not do to believe that our army have
fallen Into a cacchination over the
retreat of Lee. for the situation requires
caution, and tbe point of the joke Is'so
ine that any hours neglect may break it
off, but history will wrinkle her page at
the tale of Lee's last grasp at the north
Star, and points intermediate, for Ins friends
in- Northern Virginia can scarcely expect
him back, after thi&;
Our foreign relations arc looking well.
John Bull has.Just laid a lion's paw on
the rebel iron dads, whereupon tbe ragged
Richmond government coders all British.
Consuls in that realm to leave instantcr.
Think of being banished lo the. outside
world from such a place as Dixie. There
our South American cousins smile upon
os and acknowledge consanguinity and we
have ample time to take counsel with
Mexico before the water is hot into which
Maxim!!]ian is preparing to step some
months hence. Stability growing at
home, respect increasing for us abroad;
verily the halyards are taut again, and the
Stars and stripes are at the veiy truck.
At Charleston, only preparation. In
East Tennessee, fresh tokens that the
rebels will bcarwatchlng. From Arkansas
proofs that a sound Union man and hater
of Slaveiy will be a godsend as a com
mander for that region
It did honor to the head and heart of
any loyal reader ol the Tiubcne two
mornings since, if a flash of pain and in
dignation instinctively met the startling
news for which the public were totally
Unprepared, that the favorite Commander
of the Army of the Cumberland had fallen
not only upon unfavorable criticism, but
before a fate which criticism was sum
moned to justify and explain. Time has
been when the loyal public has reen
lamented but inevitable senility bolstered
tip by the zealous confidence of the people,
and incapacity held in place by their
trust. Gen. Scott was for months retained
at the head of oor military affairs when
the great commander had long belore
yielded to the attacks of advancing age,
and the CMckahomlny hero dotted Vir
ginia with graveyards widely ere he
could be shaken out of the public grasp.
Such loyalty to men hampered the cause
they were set to serve, tied the handset
the Government that months before it
dared to remove them, saw the
necessity, hut waited for the con
viction to grown on the public mind
It is a sign of progress in tbic war,
a thorough confidence between Govern
ment and people, of a better stability in our
affairs, that a shining star is suddenly
plucked from, the military firmament be
cause the occasion demands it, iu the view
of the President, without waiting to
'ask the people or the army to he first con
vinced of the necessity. And it is loyalty
to the cause to relieve the Government at
ns early an hour as posable of the charge
ot captiousness or unfairness. Men view
the matter differently, now that a formal
indictment is made out against the late
commander at Chattanooga. , In this
aspect it is not gossip, nor a heartless
canvass of the fate of an unfortunate
to set forth the reasons that weighed to
produce this result Our Washington dis
patch gives copious extracts from the East
ern press, in the same vein, and to the same
effect as onr own of Wednesday morning.
There are grave reasons now folly set forth
as the basis of the action of President
Lincoln. Loyal men may mourn that
their idol has been broken, but the icon
oclasm was necessary If the hand that
struck the blow saw only weakness where
the country fondly imagined strength.
If there he mourning for Bosccrans let
it he first that the cause has lost the leader
he seemed to be, and let no loyal foot tom
aside from following the Government, to
pay devoirs at his shrine. Keep close the
yanks of loyalty. IfHosecr&ns is unjustly
assailed, his hour will come, meanwhile
the situation demands untarnished blades,
and Bay aids without fear and without
iTAitr oosniesioN.
Several communications have been ad*
dressed to us of late on the subject of the
salaries and other expenses paid by the
Sanitary Commission in this aty. We
have made inquiries and learn officially
that the facts are as follows:
1. No member of the Chicago Sanitary
Commission receives a cent ol remunera
tion, directly or indirectly, in money or in
business -advantages, for his services,*
though all devote much time to the work,
and some of the members have made large
sacrifices of time And income lor its sake.
2. Two ladies, Mrs. A- H, Hoge and
Mrs. W. A. Livermore, who are not mem
of the Commission (though by inadver
tence printed as such in one or two month
ly reports) arc paid by the United States
Sanitary Commission, to aid the general
work, under-the superitendence of the
. Commission here. They give their whole
time and unusual abilities to the business,
but draw nothing from this treasury.
3. The only expenses are for clerk-hire
in their rooms, postage, stationery, fuel
rent and similar ordinary disbursements,
necessary in conducting such large oper
ations, here and in the depot soldiers 1
Home at Cairo.
4. The Treasurer's books, minutely and
accurately kept, and balancing to a pen
ny, will be exhibited to all "wishing to sec
them, by E. B. Blatchford, Esq., well
known as one of the best business men in
onr city.
THE MrimiCilt BSIOK coy-
- The Ecpuhlican Union Convention met
’3tt Die Court House yesterday afternoon to
I>nt to nomination candidates iortheap
.pnmehing Fall election. Its action was
■.harmonious, its proceedings conducted to
excellent spirit, and its result a ticket
•Which eveiy honest loyal man may cany
to the ballot box without a reservation.
-At the head of the ticket stands Joseph E.
Gary - in nomination as Judge of
the Superior Court, in place of
■Judge GrantGoodrich, whose term expires.
In the mutations that pertain to offices
in the people's gilt, Judge Goodrich re
signs a position he has adorned, to give
place to a successor in whom he himself
"'rill feel a pride. 3lr. Gary is a sound and
e lawyer, esteemed in bis profession
**L a f. * c ®J Ben i dignified, urbane and ac
complished, and calculated to reflect hon
or upon our bench and our city. It is not
«me of too nominations sometimes strained
•through a convention, to he gulped down
■Jjy force, hnt a selection
win approve, and loyal men will cany tri
-Drophantly to the polls.
. True other nominations oftl R. Hawley
renominated Xor. Clerk of the Superior
Court,-, and Jacob Behtn,, for County
Treasurer, add strength to the ticket as of
.pound loyal men, good workers in a loyal
arase, and fitting incumbents of tbe posi
tions for which thej are named. Now let
cyeiy Union man pin this ticket inside
his hat until election day, and remember
that it is his personal duty to bear a sbaro
in its success on the third of November,
Let there be no dangerous reliance on
superiority ot numbers. Let every man
prepare to vote, and begin at once to csst
about bim to exert bis personal influence
upon others.
Patriotic Resolutions ot the Ohio
Grand Lodge of Free and Ac
cepted masons*
Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 21.— During the sei
tloncf the Masonic Grand Lodge of Ohio,
which commenced Us annual communication
•in this city on Tuesday morning, closing at
high noon to day, the following expression of
the loyal sentiments of the fraternity were
offered by Howard Matthews, Esq., of Cin
cinnati. and unanimously adopted. The
Grand Secretary was directed’to prepare a
copy for publication, and also to transmit a
copy to the President of the United States;
M'ftolrtd, That It la pucnllatlj pertinent and
proper that thia Grand Lodge, In this extraonli
ixwy crisis of our country's history, where treason
and rank rebellion cgalntt the beat Government
on earth, atalk boldly forward and threaten to
subvert our liberties, should again place upon
record her micr condemnation of the infamous
traitors engaged la this unholy work, and to ex
press her complete end thorough determination
to sustain tho General Government in its effort to
restore the Union of tbe States at every hazard
dissolved, That this Grand Lodge do now re*
effirm. as Its nnonlmous sentlmmt, the followin'*
revolutions, adopted et its annual Grand Commu
nication held in October, isci, viz:
Xctclctd, That ttis Grand Lodge of Free and
Accepted Masons regard the doctrine of seccsa on,
as advocated by a certain class of American n di
tictans. as a monstrous absurdity, and if acq \l
csccd in, the Constitution of the United States
would becomc/efo de ee.
Jtefolrtd, Tnat in this present nnnatural con*
test the institution of Free Masonry tuts no attri
bute that can take sides with rebellion.
ItfUjlred. That It is the duty of every worthy
Mason, m this hour of hiscouttiy'e peril, to stand
bytiie General Government, cvuxat the expense
of fortune and life: that tfacblesslogs of constitu
tional liberty and Union, as handed down to ns by
opr fi.tl.cra, nav be enjoyed by na in onr day and
grueratlop, and be tranemitted unimpaired to onr
posterity forever.
Excitement at Little Rock—Three Na*
vivo Arkacfcas KJulon Regiments Or<
Cnnlicd-Cnerina Duh at Helena-
VucnUas on the River, Ac,
°* r o ?* 23 *have the Memphis
MuUetln ot the evening of the 20th, with ad
vij*s Tom Little Bock. Arkansas, to tie 15th.
The Llltlc Bock JVottoTuiZ Union , edited by
James Dauby, has been suppressed by the
authorities, and the office closed for the pres
et- , only paper now published at Little
Lock is the National Democrat, under the
management of C. V. Header.
• There was considerable excitement mani
fested among the Union troops on 1 earnin': of
the murder of Blunt’s staff officers. They
Vengeance against all -who shall here
after be crnmht by them. Bloat, It is noder-
swcarS he will fallow the villains to
the la*t ditch. The Union men of Arkansas
are enlisting very rapidly in the Union army.
Three reglnunta have been formed at Little
Bailread trains are running remlarly from
Duvall’s Bluff to Little Bcck-
CcL Chandler is Provost Marshal General
cf the Department.
The steamers Dacotah and Sillie List were
at Duvall’s Bl&ff.
A man was arrested on the Lady Jackson,
** Helena, last week, before she v&s sunk, on
suspicion of bemg a beat burner.
It is reported mat The rebels hadraisedtwo
companies of adscripts in the vicinity of
FriaPs Point. Lart Wednesday the Hamil
ton Belle, with a convoy and some troops,
went down there and captured a lot ol reb<ris,
and about 250 bales of cotton—a prize for the
The steamer Crescent City is loading with
cotton at the mouth cf White Blver. She had
already on beard 2,700 bales.
Considerable excitement was created at He
lena last Saturday morning by the rebels un
der Col Dobbins, who mane a sudden descent
upon the - camp, capturing three and killing
ihree of the J&t Arkansas colored regiment.
Dobbins had about 200 men.
Last Wednesday our troops came upon a
rebel force of some dozen men prowling
about Brownsville, and gobbled up tne whole
The steamer J. 8. Pringle was at Mctuohis
on the 10th Inst., on her way up from Xew
Orleans. While stopping to wood at Ha
gen’s Landing, five miles below Memphis,
she was informed by citizens that a bond of
mounted guerillas, estimated at 200, hod been
*e«n in that neighborhood, and that hints
from their leaders gave reasoa to suppose
they Intended to strike the river twenty er
thirty miles north, for the purpose of ope
rating against passing steamboats. A por
tion of the same bind were in the vicinity of
Hopefield. On Saturday orSunday they were
seen on the road to Marion.
A scout returned to Memphis on Saturday
ft om Crawley’s bridge, with 10 prisoners.
A large number cf refugees were coming
mto Memphis from the upper counties of
■ West Tennessee, to avoid being conscripted
into the rebel army.
Sr. Jouks, K. F., Oct. 20.—The steamship
c-ibemla, from Glcsgow 13th, has arrived.
The feeiruxe of the rebel rams is confirmed.
The daily Aeif* believes that every English
gentleman whose reason has not been blinded
by prejudice aj.d passion, wll congratulate
himself on the step taken by the Government
m seizing the rams.
The Mominy Herald considers the act as
•significant that Earl Bussell has succumbed
to the pressure put upon him by the Federal
Two war vessels Lad been on the alert to
prevent any attempted departure of tte
The character of the speeches at the New
Tore banquet to the officers of the Russian
fleet, had invoked considerable comment
in England. It is stated in regard
to the Mexican question that the Emperor
Napoleon has addressed an autograph letter
to the Arch Duke MaramfiUnn fully approv
ing of his reply to the Mexican deputation.
It is alao stated the reply of Maxmilllanln
Austria Is regarded as an acceptance of the
throne of Mexico, and measures are being
taken to enable the Arch Duke to set out for
Mexico in February or March next.
Poland.—A Paris correspondent ot the
London Timet believes that it Is time that
Prince Czartorlski has demanded of the
French and EnglUhfiovemments their recog
nition of the Foies as belligerents, and tiut
France wm not at present accede to the re
qnest. What the reply ol England will be is
Afialrs in Poland continued without
change. Tranquility waa restored in nearly
port of the provinces of Lulhonla,
ValUgma, Fondella and Uknafie.
Fkance.— A Paris telegram says of Gen.
Forey's return to France that it will not be
1 olio wed by any reduction of the French
army In Mexico.
Rebel News in Charleston and
CniBLESTOX, Oct. 20.—The Yankee, are
1 • Jt work constructing another bitter?
tact of Gregg, facing the sex A large nno
wr ot tents hare disappeared from Morris
kec P op a brisk fire upon the
111 ranch larger forces
tnan usual at Gregg and Wagner.
Gen, D. H, Hul haa been Teleased of hia
blfcolp.’ B,cdantli S e takes comasandof
This report la strengthened by previous
rf°«pin lrt S n s of , ritese corps vraa about to
s.art thither before the late movement began,
flie rebel newspapers say that Gen. L"c can
tnred 10.000 of our troops, and a full battery
and n huge number of wagon. during his late
campaign. It Is sufficient to remark la aa
r-wer that theofflclal reports contradict this
statement The Werrentoa BiL'road has not
been disturbed by the enemy. We now bold
the country east of the Eippabannock. There
are no sign* of a battle.
I'oiiTßESs Mokeob, Oct 23—The Bleh
trom Gen. Lee to General Cooper,
dated October 201h, says: Gen. S'nart.vea
pursued nt?U he “Cached
GtineSSto? EDi,porU * Haymarket and
The Somteerffiso contains the following
Items: Dr. W. P. Bncky made his escape
from Felma JaU; last Sunday night, and la at
Our Gunboats on the Tennes
see itiver;
New Tore, Oct 22.—The XT. Tribunes
Washington special says:
Admiral Porter has taken advantage of the
Ugh water in the Cumberland and Tennessee
Rivers to go with Ms squadron to points
where he can render essential service to the
The Domago to the Africa.
6t. Jobss, N, P. Oct 23.— The Africa is
not nearly so badly damaged as . was at first
supposed. The hole for ward has been dosed
Dp. Sho takes in her coal to-day, and will
proceed to Liverpool on Saturday next
The Goreramcht Securities.
Oct 22. —Sales of Govern-
T?^2Jr oß<i * to-day are $1,700,750, bOltfUde-
Uvcree on payment of tho moary. ,
The Removal of Gen,
Startling and Painful Revelation.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
W-AsmßoxoN, October 25, 1860.
The Morning Chronicle contains the follow
ing “double-leaded” editorial:
“Wo are la receipt of aatbnlshing litslll-
Btoce In regard to the removal of Boaecrana.
The whole country will be astounded at
what wo ahall chronicle. It is rumored that
throe charge, ire made against tho late popu
lar commander. The first charge la preferred
hy Gen. T. 1., Crittenden and Gen.' McCook,
to the effect that Eosecrans left the battle
field during the crisis, and fled to Chatta
nooga and reported to officers there that the
day was lost. It was reported that subse
quently, through opium, ho became Insen
Tlie second charge, it Is rumored, is made
hj the Government, to the effect that his
orders were to remain at Chattanooga until
reinforcements should come.
The third charge, as rumored, is to the
effect that he declined to move from Mur*
frecsboro in June last, when ordered to do so
by the Government, as an opportunity was
offered to crush a large portion of his
army having been withdrawn to succor Jdhn
ston, who was operating against Grant.
If there charges are true, is it not most un
fortunate, as the name of Boseerans was a
talisman of immense weight.
New York papers make a sweeping accusa
tion that during the battle of Chlckamauga
Gcrurßorecrans, Crittenden and McCook were
asleep at Chattanooga.
We leant semi officially that lu regard to
Gen. Cxitleaden, tils statement is fclae, and
that nothing has warranted the circulation of
such paragraphs.
The blame, H is said, connected with the
failure of Chlckamauga, xoiU fall whoUg vpon
In another editorial, apparently written be
lore the above, the Chronicle says it will
doubtless be generally assumed that General
BoscCians’ almost total absence from engage
ment was the principal reason fbr his being
relieved of the command, more especially as
the General who bore the bnmt of it, (Gen,
Thomas,) has been appointed In his stead.
We have reason to know that his conduct
on that occasion when news of the battle first
reached here, was severely censored by mili
tary authorities, and was probably the turn
ing point in the decision that his been
We hazard nothing in saying that prior to
that, there had been grave cause of complaint
against the GencraL St teat once before on the
tve cf being removed for a failing to move to aid
Grant, and make a diversion in his favor by
attacking Bragg.
At another time he was somewhat strongly
remonstrated with for his delay In moving
from Murfreesboro.
Gen. Boseerans has, in many things, shown
himself a good officer, and his enpersedure,
we believe, has been very reluctantly deter
mined on; but neglect of orders from Us su
periors, will unfit the best ™nn for a military
TheAWng Jbrfof last evening says: We
aie salitfied the good cf the service demanded
Bcsccrans ’remotal, and that Is enough.
The stories concerning reasons for General
Rosecrans’ removal continue rife. One of the
latest la that he has rendered himself in a
measure unfit for duty by the excessive use
of opium.
The stories that Eosecrans, having epilep
tic flte,asdbeing injured by tho use of opium,
are repeated to-nigbt with great pertinacity,
but admitted that they are not the etnas of
his removal, that having been determined on
before they were known; Government officials
are repeating that dispatches shew, him to
have been fairly stampeded at Chlckamauga,
The Chronicle has the following concerning
Meade’s army: Thus lar the rebels have
made no stand ot consequence. In all prob
ability they itill not. The retrograde move
ment ol Lee has been attributed to several
catue?, but we are inclined to believe the
•chief reason of his precipitate flight is his
ffneern as to the result.
Oar cavalry find no enemy In possession of
Important gaps, and it is our impression that
Lee Is making haste to his Intrenchments.
To this statement of the Chronicle it may
be added, that our army had yesterday prose
cuted its pursuit Ve fax as to the south side
oftheE&pxrchanncck, hariDgp&ssed through
Warrentoa as long ago as last Tuesday. Of
course the stories of intense excitement hero
and the probable invasion of Maryland or
Pennsylvania, ot a battle being imminent in
front of Washington, of dangerto the capital
and the like, are absurd, and the whole ex
citement over the Eastern situation, present
here an aspect rather ridiculous than other
The New School Presbyterian Svnod, in
session here, waited on the President in a
body to-day. In reply to their address, he
said, among other things, that he knew he
was not a great man, and considered It
among the wonders of the world that he was
where he was, but thought, perhaps, it was
better so since he relied upon God and other
people more.
The military counties, Hancock, Brooke
and Ohio of West Virginia are detached from
Deportment of Monongahda and added to the
Department of "Western Virginia, under Gen.
An order has -been issued from the War De
partment requiring all officers to Washington
not permanently assigned to staff duty hero,
to join their commands. * - .
. Secretary Chase, Goy. Yates and ■ other,
went do.n to thePotomac this afternoon to
toEpcct the new works below Alexandria.
om prisoners.
Our prkouers at Richmond have been rob
bed of money sent for their relief by frienda
to the amount ofsCo.ooo. The promise that
hereafter money eentjehall be handed to pris
oners should not receive any credit, unless
official assurance to that effect is given with
caution. Until such assurance la given, per
sona desirous of aiding captive Mends should
withhold remittances.
A number of slaveholders from Prince
George’s county, Maryland, called on tbc
President lately, remcnsJrAting against the
enlistment of slaves, and objecting to the
manner in which colored soldiers behave to
them. The President assured them that the
manner of the soldiers should be looked after
but recruits he must have,
Private letters received to day from Eo».
land, by high Government officials, say that
Mr. Adams has information that Mr. Laird
hod been approached by the Danish Govern
meat with a proposition to buy the rebel
rams. He refused, saying that he still had
hopes of getting them out for the rebels.
The news of their seizure, of conrso, unex
pectedly dosed this orn&T other negotiation
for Mr. Laird.
The expressions of sympathy fromtheSonth
Am. Republics are creditable, and they regard
the United States as the guardian and pro
tector of Central America particularly. All
difficulties between that Government and
Aura hitfe been amicably settled, the only
: remaining questions are financial ones.
There is no present difficulty to be appre
hended from the talked of new Government
of Mexico. No such government having
m yet been established, tho French Govern
ment cannot and will not object to the
'relation between these governments and
Juarez, No claim has been made for rocogrrf-*
lion by the Government of Maximllilan or the
Council of Notables that elected him.
The action of the English Government in
turning out Msson and seizing the rams is
regarded as establishing perfect understand
ing with onr Government, and the rebels
acknowledge it to he so by ordering off all
British Consuls. These occurrences are
believed to permanently settle the Interven
tion question.
Gov. Tates and Secretary Welles were also
of Secretary Cha*e'a party to Inspect at Alex
andria the fortifications.
HOW 72Z8 OHIO dots voted.
The vote in the 4th Ohio regiment for
Bicngh was 240; Vallandlgkam 20. In the
Bih Ohio, Brough, 190; Vallandlgham, L
Most of the votes for Vallandlgham in'the
4ih were given from two companies from
Marching county, where exists organizations
Of KnitrM& ot the Golden Circle.
Wetmorc, Ohio, has obtained from tho Sur
geon General, and approved by the War De
partment, an order for the transfer of all the
Ohio troops in the hospitals to Ohio.
Netv York, Oct. 23 —Thic Ne w York Times 1
Wash! eg ton dispatchnaje;
Stock speculators to-day endeavored to
cieate an impression here and over the wires
that Secretary Chase will soon throw on the
market a large amount of exchange on Eu
rope and reduce the premium on gold. Re
will do no such thing, b&youd payiug the
November interest 6* the pnbllh-debt.
Fire more regiments of the Invalid Corps
have been organized, viz: the 3d, sth, 11th,
12lh and 13th. ’
Washington, Oct. 21 —The work of appor
tioning the number of troops to be raised
under the late call of the President, among
the several States and the District of Co
lumbia, has been begun at the office
oi the Provost Maiehal General. The
States thus far apportioned, and the
number of men to be raised by cacb, are as
follows: Maine, 7,551; New Hampthire,
8,708; Vermont,3,33l; Massachusetts, 15.L20.
Connecticut, 5,433; New York. 3S.ZGC: Dela
ware, 1,150; Indiana, 18 097.
..The following Wealent officers have been
clsmisetd tic service: 2d Lieut. N. Smitu,
2d Illinois Light Artillery, for disobedience
of orders aud absence without proper
authority; Capt. JehnF&rrnhood,Gth Kau-aa,
for absence without leave; C®l. R. S. Rath
erfurd, 97th Illinois, for the same cause.
Although It Is stated thal Gen. Kosecrans
ha» been removed for physical disability, it is
well understood that the change was based
pardy on military grounds. The Star asserts
that he was incapable of performing hia duty
at ChUkamanga cecansejof an affliction of an
epileptic character.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St. Piun, Oct. 22,1353.
We have intelligence to-day which contra
dicts tbs reported massacre of Capt. Flake’s
party. A letter has been received from Bon
no«k City, Idaho, dated Sept. 231, which
says Capt. Flake’s party are within three or
four days march of this place, all safe and
sound. This is later than the time when the
reported massacre took place, aud is consid
ered as conclusive evidence of their safety.
The letter does not state how this news was
received bat as a receipt cf letters which
were sent to Fort Benton some months since
Is acknowledged, it Is inferred that n mail
carrier from that Fort to Bannock Ci'y passed
the expedition a short distance out.
Judge Edgaiton, late of Ohio, but now
Chief Jubtico cf Idaho, arrived with his fam
ily the previous week.
{Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Hadisos, Wis., Oci, 93,1553.
The speech cf Palmer at a Copperhead
'meeting last night, was doll and pointless—
Inferior, even, to. the ranting of Mallory,—
and disappointing many who expected from
the candidate for Governor, an able argument
cn ihe Copperhead side He tried to explain
away his indorsement of Yailandigham, who
don’t seem to have as many friends as he had.
Geo. B. Smith played a pretty good farce
efter the dismal tragedies of his predecessor,
and restored the audience to tolerable good
The demonstration will win more for the
Union ticket than Copperhead:
About two hundred and seventy conval
cecent soldiers from various regiments held, a
meeting at Camp Randal Hospital, express
ing their saliefactlon at tho result' of the
recent elections, and asking furloughs that
they might CT&tribatc to similar results, and
denouncing those who ore willing to sacrifice
the Union for their party, and prolong the
war by encouraging the South In their oppo
sition to the Administration.
Out of all IhoEe soldiers in the hospital
here, net more than six go for Palmer. It
teems doubtful whether the exigencies of
service will allow the Iron Brigade to re
tma home at present. The 6ih .Wls., for
some time engaged enforcing the draft In K.
Y, has rejoined the Potomac army. Hon.
JlO. F. Potter has been here for a day or
two on business connected with affairs ou
the Fox & Wisconsin Rlvcrlmprovement Co.
He was warmly greeted by many friends
here who appreciate hia services In the state
and National Legislature. His health is by
no means good. It it has snowed
here slcco noon, melting as it
CUls. To night the ground is white.
Skirmishing in Burnside’s De-
Louisvtlle, Oct. 22.—Prevalent rumors
say the Lebanon train has been captured to
day, but the best information procurable says
the train put back safely into Lebanon, but
does not give the reason for Its return.
A sjiecial to the Journal) dated Knoxville,
21st, cays the rebels attacked Col. Woollord
yesterday, beyond Philadelphia, Tenn., and
captured his battery of mounted howitzers,
and a portion of his wagon train.
Oar loss is about 100. We took about the
same number of prisoners, and drove the en
emy back beyond Philadelphia today.
Whether this be a raid, or a movement In
force, Burnside Is prepared for them. We
still bold all our ground in tbe northeast pan
ct the State.
. Loyal Tennesseeans are flocking to B urn
side’s standard faster than they can be arm
ed. The greatest activity prevails in military
circles, y
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trnnme.l
Ikdianxpous, Oct. 22,1363.
Gov. Morton has sent a large quantity ot
clothing, fruits and other necessary varieties,
to the Indiana prisoners of war now confined
la the Libby Prison at Richmond, Va.
Col. Wilder Is still in this city, too unwell
for duty in the field. His brigade'is com
manded by Col. A. O. Miller, of the 72d Indi
ana. '
Finale or the Stimcrs’ Case*
NAyrDiirAßraEKT, Washington, Oct. 31.
—-Smj Ton will be pleased to learn that the
court of Inquiry before which you recently
appeared at New York, We reported that,
in their opinion, .there is no.necessity or pro
pricty of farther proceedings In the case,
I am respectfully, your obedient servant
„ Gideon Welles, Sec’y of the Navy.
To Chief Engineer A. 0. Stimers, U. S. N.
* A Canard*
„ T «“> Oct. 22.—The N. T. Daily .V«m
published an Extra this evening giving a
statement of another raid npouTChambara
burg, Po., by the rebels. • Inquiries by tele-,
graph proves the statement to be a very ex
pensive canard.
Boston, Oct. 23.—The prize steamer Com
ity. captured by the gunboat Rhode
Island, was sold to-day for Hi,ooo, - . ,
Tbe Last Obsequies to General
[Special Dispatch to riba Chicago Tribune.}
; Cincinnati, Oct. 22,1863.
The funeral of Gen. Wm, H. Lytle, killed
at the battle of CMckaaauga, took place this
afternoon. Alter theaerviceiwete held at
Christ's Church, a procession was formed
consisting of several/egiment* of State mili
tia and volunteers, a*-hattery of artillery, the
- officers of the various courts, city council,
and a long line of citizens in carriages.
It moved through streets, the flags at half
mast throughout the city, and profuse to
kens of respect to the memory of the deceased
shown along the Hue of march. '
Tbe honored remains came in charge of *
. Lieut. Joeeph' Donohue, and a detail of ten
men from the 10th O. T. L Lieut. Alfred
Pirtie, Aid de camp to Gen. Lytle, also ac
companied the remains. The ten men de
tailed aa escort received that honor on ac
count of'good conduct aa soldiers. 1 They
have not been. home before in two years.
Their names are as follows:
Corporal Frederick Ecclehtrt, Co. G.
Corporal Frederick Bum, Co. K.
Thomas Dolan, Co. A.
Ernest Miter, Co. B.
John 8. Pierce, Co. O.
John CumUichara. Co. D.
David Butler, Co. IS.
Frank Sutter, Co. F.
Patrick Ffoican, Co* IT.
William Saluvan, Co. I.
The escort Kith the remains have been just
a 'week Ih coming from Gen. Roaecnms’ head*
quarters at Chattanooga. They came in
wagons to Bridgeport, la Southern Teanev
etc, where they took the railroad and came to
Louisville, arriving there on Wednesday;
Ihc body was returned by the rebels in a
metallic coffin, which was senfcto them, un
der a flag of trace for that purpose two days
before. A confederate surgeon named Thom
ssonj a fellow soldier with Gen. Lytle In
Mexico, recognized the body of bis old com
rade on the battle-field, attended to its in
terment, and marked the grave. The body
bad been robbed of part of the clothes and
had teen buried twenty days, but was readily
identified by one of the General’s staff offi
cers. Bomepapera were returned with the
remalcs, but a watch was retained. The
cross presented by the lOlhi Ohio, not long
bcfoicthe dcath'of the gellant recipient, bad
been tent to Louisville'and was not in the
hands of the rebels as stated by an evening
The body was received with military honors
In Louisville, aud placed by. a large escort ou
the mail- boat.
Since their arrival, the remains have loin in.
State in the rotunda of the court house,
which had been beautifully draped for the
occasion. The coffin—a black one, with mas
sive silver mountings—was placed on a data
In tl e centre of the room, and strewn with a
profusion of white rosea.
The aged colored-servant of the General,
the faithful sharer of his campaigns, sat weep
ing at the foot of the ccffia.
A dispatch was read to-day from a special
committee sent to Louisville by the Chamber
of Commerce for tbo purpose of receiving
Roeecrans, stating that he was still at Steph
enson and would.’not reach Louisville until
to-morrow night.
There Is no truth in‘the rumor that Qcn.
Buell had been appointed Chief of Staff to
Gen. Grant.
Buell, Stanley and Garfield are all here.
Lee Has Retreaded Across the
Washington; Oct 23.—Accounts from the
Army of the Potomac, received to-night, say
that it has been ascertained that none of the
rebel infantry were engaged with Gen. KU
Patrick’s cavalry rcarßoeklsnd Mills on Mon
day last A brigade of rebel sharpshooter.!
dismounted acd partially deluded our cavalry
into the belief that they were attacked by in
Gen. Leo’s army, with, the exception of
Gen. Stuart’s cavalry, crossed the Rappahm
neck on Monday at Rappahannock Station.
Gen.Stnart fell back on therirer on Tuesday,
tot stopping la Warrenton, through which
he passed, although he admitted that his men
fcad. not enjoyed a meal for twenty-fourhours.
The officers ot Gen Lee’s army stated that
their rapid retreat was caused by a destitu-
Uon cf previsions The bridge over the Rnp
adon bad been cairied away by the rise in
the liver, caused by the storm of Thursday
night, and Gee. Leo laid a pontoon bridge
over which he crossed hie army to the south
»Ide of the river.
It is believed that there is no considerable
force now north of the Rapadan nnlees it be
portions of Gen. Stuart’s cavalry with his ar
tillery. . .
It was currently rumored by rebel officers
HiatGen. Lee bavieg driven Meade towards
Washington, tmd destroyed a portion ot the
Orange and Alexandria Railroad, that Gan.
Hill's and Gen. Ewell's corps would now be
immediately dispatched to the assistance of
Gtn. Bragg. • -
New York, OcL S3 —The Washlccton spe
cial of tho N. Y. Tima sajs:
* Our arm j is following the enemy, up to
day rapidly. No rebsls were dHcovered thla
side cf tha RAppHiannock by tue reconnais
sance to day;
Headquahtchs Anatr op the Potomac. )
Oct. 20. f
The cavalry of Geh. KUpatrick’s divhion
in front of the army moved forward yester
day to near Warienton, driving the rear
guird of the enemy, The whole army ad
vanced to within supporting distance during
the day. The railroad to Gainesville has been
re-opened. j
The Washirgton ipeciol of the N. T. Tri
bute sajs: 1
“A message which the President sent to
Gen, Mtade ia&t Saffirday deserves to be re
corded as part of tet history of the campaign
now drawing to a close. Mr. Lincoln told
Gtn. Meade he must find and fight the ene
once—that if he won a victory he
(Meade) t honld have all- the glory, but if he
were defeated, he himself (Lincoln) would
;as Commander-in-Ciief, assume the responsi-
Dllity, , * ]'
The array oairtTpindentofthe Herald, Oci.
20tb, saja: 41 The prevailing oplnioa,¥ounded
opon good authority, is that the enemy has
fallen brek bohltd the Raopahannock. AU
our Informaata stath that Lee’s and Stuart’s
forces numbered over 70,000 men. With this
i force it sounds strange to have them falling
back. It is saltl.aj want of supplies is the
cause, but when tiey get within reach of
transportation, they wHTmake a stand.
The Herald has too following:
Ahmt op the PoroiiAc, Oct 21.—Among
the camp rumors bearing semblance of troth
ere these:—That Lee’s headquarters are now
at Culpepper; that Ewell’s and Hill’s corps
are between Culpep>or and Warrentoa; that
Lee is greatly dhoppointed-at the failure cf
tls plan to occupy.CentrevlUe and the Ball
Run field before Geh. Meade could march his
troops and send his supplies back to that
point; that Lee intended not only to/ore?
Meade to fight him at Centrevlllo, but pro
posed to take up Lis winter quarters there;
that Lee’s army-is discouraged and disheart
ened. and that the Blue Ridge is full of rebels
awaiting ah opportunity to desert dud come
into our lines. > (
This motsiog, quite early, there was artil
lery firing and a cavalry skirmish in the vicin
ity, cf Sulphur Springs. Particulars not
Washington, Oct 33.—1t is calculated that
the damage dose to the Alexandria and
Orange Railroad by the rebels will be re
paired In a few days. -
No Information of importance has been re
ceived from the Army of the Potomac up to
From Charleston.
New York, Oct, 23.—The N. Y, Times has
the following letter;
Mourns Island, 8. C., Oct. 18.—During
the past three or four days there has been
very little firing on either side, the
enemy evidently waiting for the iron
clads to come up, for which event he U
saving ma ammunition- Admiral Dahlgren
a short time since,. expressed .his deter
mination to an officer high in rank to go
Charleston on the next trial, or else assure
himself that the iron-clads are .unequal to the
task. This will enhance the excitement o
the conflict, and do much towards settling
the dispute as to the amount of work the
iron-dads are capable of performing.
It is believed that James Island, is occupied
by 5,000 rebel troops. SalUyan’s Island la
supposed to be occupied by about the sane
number. In the immediate vicinity of
Charleston axe quartered 10,000—making an
aggregate force of about 20,000.
Gen. Seymour arrived here from the North
yesterday. As yet he has not been assigned
to a command.
Tbe following is the vote of the Ohio sol
diers at Morris Island:
25th Ohio—Brough 199; Vallandiffbam 7,
C2d—Brough 273: Vallandigham, 41. 67th—
Brough 233; Vullandlghiun29, Toth—Brough
ISO: vallandlgham none. 107th—Brough 35:
Vallandlgham none. Hospital—Brough 39;
Vallandlgham L Total—Brough 898; Val
lendlcham 78.
Nomination of County Officers and
Judge of tlie Superior Court.
The Republican Union Convention of Cook
comity met yesterday afternoon, In the Circuit
Court room in this city, for the purpose of nomi
nating candidates for the offices of Judge of the
Superior Court, Clerk of the Superior Court,
, County Treasurer, County Surveyor, and County
School Commissioner, to be supported at the en*.
suing November election, to be held on the 3d
. There was a full delegation In attendance, both
from the city and county, and also a large number
of spectators. Indeed the room'was crowded to
Us utmost capacity, and many who desired to
witness the proreediogs were unable to gain ad
mission. At 3 o’clock the Convention was called
to order by Perkins Bass, Esq.,who nominated Bill
oUAnlhony astemporarychalrman. The nomina
tion prevailed, and immediately after taking the
chair, Hr. Anthony was chosen by the Convention as
Its permanent presiding officer. A. H. Dolton, of
Thornton, was chosen Secretary, and L. J. Gage,
oftho 10th Ward, and H. N. Hubbard, of Hyde
Park, were chosen Assistant Secretaries. Dr.
John McAllister, C. G. Wicker, and S. B. Perry,
were appointed a Committee on Credentials*
After a brief conference, this Committee reported
a full list of delegates from city and county. The
names of those from the city appeared In the
Tiusuks yesterday morning, ana we deem It un
necessary to republish them iu this connection.
The names of lue country delegates wo glyo be
. parrlng/on—D, 8. Skinner, J. W. Kingsley,
AbelCowden. * *"
Jiremen— CariKott, Christoph Schmidt.
C'i'lutMi— J. Pcriam, A. B. Wheeler.
Cicero —Henry Stvlnbach.
Elk Grocers. 31. Allen, 8. P. Brown. 31. L.
Curtis. *
Lyons— Stephen White.
iWw 7H#v—Cbfta.E,Pcck.
Korthfieid—nkste Steadly, D. L. Wood, J. S.
I'alatine— S. A. Shepard, J. A. Hallcck, H. Web
ster, Q*o. H. * layton, John H. Pohlman. ■
jPrttfro—C.6. Ruahecb, H. Evers.
Schiumberg—lltinTy Schierditig. John Kolherg.
WhulihQ— Hiram Snow, A. WT Peat, C. Hegii
clr, Wm.Dnnton.
Hanover —Ell Wcltny, David Lonclev.
Hyde Park- H. N. Hibbard, John Middleton.
Jefferson— Robt. J. Edbrooke, IT. N. Kimball.
Lake—F. H. Sproekccle.
Lake View— Henry C. Brown. •
Lemont —n. M. Sieger, H. Miner.
Leyden —Geo. Duulap. u. Hnckneiater.
J/alne-Alvln Scott, Eobt, W. Meachem.O. H.
Algar, P. N. Gramls.
. jWm—John H. Moulton, 8.8. Day; Henry Hor
Ortand—TL W. Griffin, S.S. Campbell.
Paloe— Alex. Roberts.
Thornton— Andrew H. Dolton, M. TL Tichenor.
Jos. Han.
Etamton— Geo. IL Reynolds, John Clough. E.
S. Taylor.
IS'ortf, —ll N. Day, H. H. Massey.
Dloom—Charles Santer, Charles Morris. David
JileJt— Henry Werner, Michael Arnold.
On motion, tbo above report was accepted, and
the Committee discharged.
In view of the Immense number of persons pres
ent and desiring to gain admission, John L. King
moved to appoint a committee of three to procure
a larger room for the Convention. The motion
prevailed, ard the Chair appointed Messrs. King,
Chileon and Harvey as that committee The
committee, however, were unable to proenre any
larger room—as both Bryan and Metropolitan
Halls were engaged—and so repotted.
C. Q. Wicker moved that the Convention vote
for candidates by ballot—Carried. The Chair ap
pointed Messrs. C. Q. Wicker, Perkins Bass, Alon
zo Hamy, and Col. Cbas. Knoblesdorf aa tellers.
The next business before the Convention being
tbo nomination of a candidate for Jud-re of
the Superior Court, the names of Grant
Goodrich, Joseph E. Garz and William H. Porter,
were presented as candidates before the Conven
tion. .
James Miller moved that the chairman of each
delegation receive their ballots and deposit them
with the tellers. Carried.
I'etkfus Bass moved that the Chair appoint a
committee of three to propose a Central Coihmlt
tce for the coanty. John L. King moved toamend
by having the Central Committee composed of
two persona from each division of tho city, and
three for the county, to be aolected by the dele
gatee to the Convention Thlaamennment was
carried, and tho original motion passed as amend
An Informal tballot was then taken far Jad 7 e.
With tho following result: °
Whole number oCvotescast—ls3.
J.L Gary w
W. A. Porter * 49
Grant ■ Goodrich **** 41
w.b. nmd J
Abner Sutton * ;
The next ballot was a formal one, as follows
Whole number-187,
Goodrich o<
On motion of J. L. King, Joseph E. Gary was
declared the nominee of the Convention.
Messrs. Frank Lnmbard and U. It Hawley were
pnt in nomination for Clerk of the Suprame Coart,
and the Convention proceeded to ballot, aa fol
lows: Whole number of votes—lß3.
Lombard..... ; 77
11. G. Hook
No choice.
8. B Perry stated that there had been two more
votes cast tcan there were delegates to the Con
vention, and moved that the ballot be declared in
formal. The motion prevailed, andanothsr ballot
was then taken, resulting as follows: Whole
number of votes—lo9. '
Lnmbard 33
J L. King stated that the chairman of delega
tions wtro voting, in several instances, for dele
gates not present, which he considered improper
and unfair. Hr. Dolton moved to declare the nomi
nation of Hr. Hawley unanimous, but aa thispro-
SoeJUon was strenuously opposed. Hr. Dolton
□ally withdrew it. .
Hr. Wicker moved to proceed to another billot,
and that each delegate vote as his name was called.
Third ballot—whole number, IST. Lnmbard 70,
Hawley 117. -
On motion of Hr. King, TJ. E. Hawley was de
clared the nominee.
On motion of Hr. Dalton, the Convention took
an informal ballot for candidate for County Troa
hurer. - .
• Whole number of votes—l 69
Jacob BeLm
H G. Culver
. Heald,
Archibald CJyboume.
No choice.
• The nameof.CoL Arion. was then withdrawn, at
ms own request, and a formal ballot taken as fol
lows: -
Whole number of votes—lß9.
Jacob Hehm.....1....;
H. Z. Culver
Isaac Speer.
U. N. Heald.
Jacob Behm was dechurcd the nominee’
The IConventlon next proceeded to ballot for
mally for School Commtealoner. The names of
John F. Eberhatt and John Atwater beta? pre
sented in connection with that office, the ballot
Whole number of votes—l7o.
John F. Eberharts.....'
John Atwatar,,....; ;...
■ John F; Eberhart was declared thecboice of the
Convention for School Commissioner.' *
On motion of S. B. Perry, Alexander Wolcott
was nominated by the Convention for County
Surveyor, by acclamation.
On motion of S. B Perry, tbo Convention then
resolved itself into Town Conventions, for tbe
nomination of candidates for town officers, and
for the selection of a Central Committee. The
following gentlemen were chosen as a Central
Committee to serve during tho ensuing year:
North Division.—Alonzo Harvey, H. A. Kauff
South Division Hopklpa, s. A. Irwin.
TVest -Division —R. Fowler. Perkins Bass.
Coustby.— E. 8. Taylor, R. J. Edbrook, A, n.
Bflow are the names of the. candidates chosen
for the various town offices, in the three divisions
of the city:
Srpertlsor— Charles Charleston. 1
Assistant— A. E. Grant.' r
Attestor—W. m H. Stickney. i
Collector—E. Q. Hook.
Town Ckrk— Henry Johns.
west division. ' |
Supervisor—A. B. Johnson.
Jtairianf—W. W. Farweli, -- ’ ‘
Cofoetor— Andrew Akin.
Atteseor— P.B Shergold. ‘
Toicn Clerk—W. B. Stevens.
SvferrUor—T)t. A. Gibbs.
AuUfanl— George W. Gage.
Collector— Frank Lombard.
Afse&or—H. A. Heald,
ToionClerk— Q Pflum.
No further buamees coming up the Convention
dissolved. '
Tic Blaaell*Traey Trial.
Tbe result of tbe trial that has recently been
held at ; Rochester,—J. W, Bissell vs. Jno. F. Tra-
'ey, has been already announced in these columns,
but there aro some facta connected with the histo
ry of the case, and the course pursued In the pre
sent cxaminatlon,whlch are so Justly set forth in
the following, from the Rochester Union and Ad
vertiser of the ICUi, that we gladly publish the
“The actionhroneht by J. W. Bissell. of this city,
against John F. Tracy, Superintendent of tac
Chicago and Rock -Island Railroad Co., has Just
been concluded In the- Circuit Court The Jury
took the case at noon yesterday, and camo inthis
morning with a verdict for plaintiff for SLGiO
When this trial came on, we made preparation
to rtpoit it, supposing that It would bo a matter
of Interest to the public, bat the narrow limits to
which the evidence was confined, deprived the
case of Ita chief interest. We supposed that tes
timony relating tq the famous conspiracy to burn
Rock Island bridge over the Mississippi would
be brought out, and this the defendant proposed
Tv £o into, but the plaintiff objected, and it was
.Mi . n.esell was charged with a conspiracy to
destroy the Vwldge. Mr. Tracy had charge of
tbe bridge, ax'd, as appears by the testimony,
believed that !t was intended to destroy that
bridge, and that Blseell was the agent. Hence
Le pioccsded against him. caused him to be ar
rtsted and Indicted. The indictment was tried
and an acoftlllil obtained It Is now alleged upon
a technicality.. It is said that another indictment
awaits trial now. 'When the arrest was made Bis
: sell was detained at tho private roomsof apollcv
; man instead ofbeing loosed la Jad, and this for
■ a lew borne, for which tbe Grand' Jary found an
' indictment. Ilcwaa then taken to the Recorder's
Court. It was ccnmUincd that this detention was
illegal. It was made by an rtScer who held a valid
warrant, and the plaintiff admitted on this
trial that there . was probable cause
for the Issue of the warrant. It was
ccevrsaiy to show that Tracy directed In thle* dc
t>stton. and upon this tbe question turned. He
tefrttUed that bo did not direct tbe officer. and the
officer swore that be did not take directions from'
Tracy. It was shown that-the whole proceeding
was madethedlrectlonoftbo Prosecuting Attor
ney of the people at Chicago; yet the Jaryfiod *
verdict of $1,636 for plaintiff After looking over
ail tbe testimony, we are surprised that tbe ver
dict was such as It Is. We suspect it la more than
Mr Blssell expected to receive In view orthe tact
that the Conn was at one time upon the point of
granting a non-suit.
Another suit for malicious' prosecution was on
the calendar, and had this Men brought to trial
tbe matter of the bridge conspiracy with all its
curious features would have probably come out.
This suit was withdrawn yesterday by the plaintiff,
; though it Is said tbe defendant was anxious to h-ive
it tried, that he might vindicate himself of the
-charge of malice, and show up all the testimony
w hlca itdncfed bun to proceed against the plaintiff
In the trial which has just been completed, the
most interesting testimony was excluded, and the
whole matter reduced to a very em*U point. Tue
question of malice on the part of defendant, or of
guilt of conspiracy bn the part of plaintiff, has not
been touched
t The conned for defendant intimated an Inten
tion to appeal tbe case. It Is not Impossible that
another trial or tbe iaatn; may take place here, and
itdots cotthertfore become us to give an expres
sion upon tbe merite of the controversy wnlch
may Influence tho action of a jury either way.
That ia no part of the duty of the press.
Mr.BisEcilallourcltizcus know. Mr. Tracy is
a gentleman who bolds highly responsible poal
fois. and we arc assured by those who Know him
that he stands high at tho West as a man of In
A Statement from LIU & Diversr-
Chicago, Oct. 22,1863.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
In an article on the Lake Tunnel In your issue of
this morning, signed by James Hamilton, Civil
Eugkeer, the reasons given for our not using the
well we dng just north of oor premises, are gross
ly erroneous from beginning to end.
Mr. Hamilton says, “the well was dng before
the city hydraulic works were moved from the
foot of lake street, on the South Side, to their
present location on the North Side.” The fact is,
the well was dug in the summer of l£6i
Mr. Hamilton eays, secondly, the city would
have charged them (ns) for the water tue same as
If they used it, as all property fronting on streets
through which the water pipes are laid Is taxed
for tbo water. Ourtay if we did cot nsetbc water
would be lees than fifty dollars a year, whereas we
now have to pay at the rate of twelve hundred dol
Mr. Hamilton rays “thirdly and lastly,” because
they found It would be too expensive to raise the
water from said well bv maentntry, and from it
through the various and very extensive depart
ments In connection with their Urge brewery.
The troth U, we cug the well for the express
purpose of pumping too water Into alt parts of our
brewery, hnd eboula have been greatly the gainers
.by the operation could we have used the water.
If the rest of Mr. Hamilton's article contains aa
much, “light on the question of supplying the city
with pure water,” as tl.© above extracts, what
Messrs. Editors, do yon call darkness on such a
subject. Lirx Jfc Divxrst.
In this city. on the 2lrt last., at the residence of
Samuel Greece. Jtsq i>y Bev. W. W.Paitoo. D.D..
llent BENUY llmiVEk, 3ith ;ow* Infantry, and
Mlt» SaHAH Jr. EUBBaUD. of Ponauti, Mo. No
esrdc. *
Nod JUujertetmntt#
C. Pi. iSCA/KSiV, AeeuL
Dear6om itreeit ii authorized to receive advertise*
Kent* far Wir and aS iAs leading
s Sale, SonrfUmrw
ipor Bent, Found; &oos *o# 5 cei
mfe pfije, * •
OCTOBER 261b, 27tTi,2Slhana23th,
MONDAY, October 28.h Parra #2 COO. D. TMxaa
sumon gsouob m
PlvcuEj . vra,. Wcrdrnff. cf j*esr York, names
blacki.aiiioiHaßi>Y CLaY.
race ii to hi mils heat?, throe la five, to bar-
7UWDAT. October 27th-Match rice forsl CCO. be
twe.n Lio.ey and uuckCiamond to barneas.
October* tStb-G:cpf e U. Pitch-n
pan?cf^>oS r 110113 h* l *! three In five. fUr a
THBB»I*aT. October SSth-Match racolor *IOOO
b* tv ecu Abe Ltccoln and Flack Diamond "Ate Ut*
cols to wapoo, citca Idizncnd to hartess.
Bates each Day to Commence at 3 (VClock.
_ « „ THOMfSOS.PrseWa t.
Cnaa.D SttAQPQy. Store tary. cc5S-o3t
WAR CLAIMS.—‘W. K. Wells
*lva special attention
to tba Collection of Bounties Peasloaa Ac, groMaz
cot of >ne war andab other legal <>ua;zeu aauavea
tnsit c&ie -wltn di<p»reh ane flde.Uy OHlre i’Q»
Dearborn street, norm 19, Post Od v Box *ISt
INFERS ? CBBJo ha M -WlUoa. W. W. D.
D..Hesry Pootb.PrsZ. oXLaw. orSS-oT&u
IV ,TA SONIC -Thera Tsiil ha a Rag
ffl.rCojToe.McTi of ff.iMr,ton ol.otar.So
M r •iJ'o ’ h£. rida ri e'er lee. oetobsr23i.at7«
v clock tccsa-oTaam 8.8. GADRnwrr.T^s^-y,
Ob and tU«r tc-a*y 2JI October. a'.l contrast? road?
bj ARtma 01 Ushi Company fj.* FM«hta to poloia oa
T*J s *sSi , - tol: ’^ i .? lv K7 ,a «.m«rr»alie cnCaien or
La Cto< iq will be ’object to advanced rates or p*ck«
Coco.i\» &rd clc’o of navic.U"aoa tae rive'
ccti oTisit ciiAs.s.rAgpgy.tfM^yrtArt.
TVTASONIC.— Thera -will he a
coamo-i'citioaor L*isc k„.
S3 w. « a. \r„ at tbe Maaoalc Temple tala (erilay)
evenlßfC icr work on tne Third Degree • v
cc.3-0.i4-lt * H. G. CgABB, gec’y.
A_ iHSSS-‘i Cn:Ql ? vi:i A. nAK7Br.
SOJT & CO S deck, on or about the lat Sovajabar for
pent on Ls&e Sopvior.
! p?1 y t0 A Harvey. Sou &
Co.. 22C and <j2gcmh WV.er street. ociS-oTliot
A frst rale cut to be had application to
V, A t Ten PIN ft 00.,
0C23 0719 Sts et IS2 South Wattr street
'Alcohol Stills and Brewers’ Kettles,
And all kinds cf
Manufactured at short nctlca.
M.rcO’bs. ofßrflzier’a Copper !or *\lo at Eutarn
prices for cash -with Irt'ght added. Highest price
pslil :or O.d Copper.
Corner West Randolph and Desplafnes Sts
Constantly on hand, and for ulo at par by
Bazta Kd SnticilpMoa agen;, l!d Lai, street.
0C23 otsl-lm Marine Baaa Bniidlnff.
■CX. 3itß3. In all varieties.
ccScTTISw Offlcc 523 CcmicerCQ atieot. PhUa.
J^JETJMS. —Call tnd see,
For tale to the Trade only, at
; PEuaaoi s wholesale toy house.
0c22-o«dC Stuec lOSLa&e street.
The Ghost! The Ghost!!
Mr. and Krs. S. U. Bay-Doom of Destiny!
Go early ard see the wonder. 0:23-o»50 it
JHat new perfume,
At SARGENT'S, Comer State and Randolph sts.
[oc2o-0193 St to th A ex]
oca-o'w-it «o mad isos street.
■REAL estate wanted.
Ah' l h »ve purchasers for several
Houses and Lots or Tacant Lots.
S-na’l corsmlislons cbarjcM.
fIAIiUTL A. SaLguNT. Real Eatato Agent No. 4
Metropolitan Block. oc - .*3-otl3-i:
V.IKELAND Lands—To all
▼ wantiuj: Farcca —Large oad tatlrlne settlement,
mild and healthful climate. SO nU«a aonth of Phllatlel
phia by railroad. Bleb soil, prolocea
which can now he peer crowing. Twenty ana Cf;v
acre in c;i. at from *ls to J2O per acre, payable wltMa
foorjPx4» 6ocdha»iaeia cocaine* for manufactories
o:d others; cimrchca. schools and good *o*.'cty. it la
cow U.O most lmpro*l=B place Bast or West Han
diedi are tetUlrs and nollcllng. The beaurr with
wfclch the place la laid out la aainreasiel. Letter*
aaawertd. FaDeracontala'agrooortaaad glria* f 3 ii
Atldresa Ohaa. K. LAN •
DIB Vtselahd Feat Office, Cumberland county. New
From report ol Solon Bobl son. AzrlcnitenlEdi
Ur ei the Trihue; —lt la one of the moat extent!**
fartlls tracts. in an almcit level position and stut#‘,,ia
condition lor pUasant fanning that wa know o'
sjaeof thsWcfttwupisWet,
NUMBER 10 i.
Of the Choicest Styles in market,
141 Lake Street.
In Scarlet and Crimson Centres.
„ the attention of buyer*, both at WHOLE
isroßTMmtTcr 1 '’ t0 oar tee “ ,t B?LS ™-' D
From the lowest tc*lhe hi* heat priced good*, all
toaoenadu on” o«n scperruion. a.1.50 fSISTaI.
Shawls and Hoop Skirts.
f3f Calibeiore pnrcbaalas your DRY GOODS, at
STEY I££H£ & CO’S,
oca 0757 St T Maw nat lit LASS OTUECT.
We ebaa Genuine torfcelvasabacribUona
AT P-kfi ferae .
United States 5-20 Year Sis Per
Gent Bonds,
TUI farther advice* from the .Department; Interwi
to commerce on day of BObJCrlptton and rece'.m of
money. Roth prltcipal until '-tareat oa? able m Gold;
Bazas aauy* red at our offlee Frse of unarge. wiut
la let day* from dateoi aabacrlntloc.
An arrangement win be made with Binkari aafl
tboae wbo with to wublkh
Jbleh win be preferable to subscribing through
PRESTON, WILLARD & ggAff, BaaSers,
_ ..And Agents of vjve-Twenty Lean.
anSl-mUO TuAr-aet Cor. Clark and South Water ata.
Museum. ghost,
Gotc-nlgbt and go early.
48 Lake Street.
Silver-Plated Goods
■esc-aios-iotw T4a net
Great Success of
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. DAY,
In tbtlr DramaUa Eecltations. Only 23 coata toMa
.am *“ EiteT “ llnl ‘ ot -
500 brls. Straw Carbon Oil,
On consignment and for sale* at -
2XI and 2X3 South Water Street.
oc2l oSC&iwnet
Ji WILHIRTZ, 30 Lake St,
A Urge let of Woolen Goode. which are offered at
13T* ye:cban*B will please examine the stock.
0C23 c7lt-Ttnot
At gcod ss new, token In cichanzo fir oar nnw
cca c6lMt-cet • 4U *
American Safe
-A.t Pratt’s,
0t21 : c5C34t-nct 13 LASALLS SraE3r.
J # H. REED & C oT,
mposrsaa aiid jobbers of
148 lake street, Oltleaso, I'l.
Also, deal largely in
Valuta, one, TklndowGlaaa, glur,
ware, Banting Oils, Kerosene,
Ssap-Klakera’ Stock, atanu
raetnrera> Goode, dco.,
■TOeliwo offar at price, farorabls to Cetera m a
chants and MaauXacwrers.
J. H- Eztd. 171 Pearl street, H.y.)
H. A. fltmisrr, Chicago. f b C I3 mT7S-u
iVr RS - E - G - BOSTWICK, having
MpU> tor*™ 611 Uo:z la nOTVztacy ;o isseijj
M-f ™ Ca ? *'-■»«• Fort!l DltUou.
-? •. *lxo made arrarceraetta (for the
afnt?M^“vH°?T?i f i tl i o,a al !vlo **** a a, 3t»nci on the
, £ l,l °° ’> to Tfcsivs pa pji* /«r Vocal
i t^H tl TO Oa ' two d*)“ la cats we-k az tna Plano
Roxte Worcreoma cf jULIDB BAUSB. no vj Sooth
Clarlt street, comer of 'Washington atrcet.wtere ap
plications can be madeforta.-ni An
ocWcCßSa.ott ‘ J *
AiTD EAR. —Dr, Under*
jreoi. .(eatah kfeed in Chicago eight rears.)
Oc»nir ana Auns*. operative Barren nfor Blindness.
OfafDeM.acd aU diseases of the E.e and Ear. Artia
ml ESc9, B&r-Drnms Amities, Soosd Conductors
ardpan? «ntrcoctriraaceslortioEye and Ear mr
fe®ottaiiicdcyr Dr.U. ctflte 121 Randolph at. near
•fee Sbennan House, c Wcajo, ul. oc2 - 4-cel2*lsta3s
For ta’a by
HUNTINGTON 3F.OTHECS. CoarlaalaaMKC’iabta.
ccb-tDSI ist r 125 Soata >Vattr street.
Wholesale Lamp and Oil Dealer,
VrougM IroE Pip?
ajto mimes sos anas,
wholesale bf B. T. CRANK * 330.
mio kae-nrt 133.1 Muu iw West Laia tsrsVi
C 9 —Tha advertiser wish
5JW*Uuv« ea to Invest #1.5C0 la aa
InwhichbuUa;eaajbeemployed. Addrew H PR"
P. O. BOX 3151. 0c21*05& St-Hoc
T) EMOV AL.~ J. Maac-n Psrtat
XI; baarema?frlto
No. 9 Nassau street, New Tort,
Wttrehe ciftw b;a lervlceE. e.tber toward* ueieeo.
UsUonci crtowaxCi tba aa’eof Ctdcaro
KWrt jla thet market. 0cv?.03G51 wnei
V-I Wearsrseaiviiutdalyoß ooaiitxuneasltf&ft
(ju*B»lt!n of ClSTelad aad Gr*roi.
taa a ♦ offer thart t? ito trade low call, a>u 4«aa
lajoorcrdere dries*
BOC US *A4 JW ?• W«J« Bimt»
Wasted, at an idraoee on (Ms or other Sir.'
E. W, MORSE, Agent,
Office of Boston A Co., Baaten. Cftleagc
Box 6130. ocncSCTSSMtvi
Tassels, Coid, Fixtures, &c., i
184- Clark ©tree
New Hat, Gap and Fur Stc
And all the latest stiles. Can and sea
J. BABSIO.V, Agent, :
oc33 o6a& at net
70S 1863 XHO AIL TIKE. j
Herring’s Patent “Iron Cla;
„ . „ Brrrilo. IT. r.. Oct. 6. L 1
Mr«at Ezramro A Co : 1
Cents: Dn the lath cf Saptambep. 1563 my *
Eu valor and ciflce wore ctastroyod by fire It
. ay cilice oao of your Patent Ch-anplea safe*.*
. contained myaoofca- papers and money. Toe’
van subjected toan-oa: beat for about •
benti, ARerreraovliu Ufftratborulntandopr,
it. iibnndthe contents-uninjured, everything h
aaiegfbleazid as useful for ref peneo m o '
old books the only irjcry being t« the coven nt
bcoha. which eaxe or.-prcoablr from too aette '
ico steam I would recommend!© those wlstjlr
sennlne Fire-Proof Bala to parcluae on* of !
irt&Clsta" __
Toon. KaipectfaHy.
Herring's Patent Champion F
Proof Safes,
The moat Policet and DeUab’e Security now" mi.
With He:tlcg end Floyd’s Patent CryrtaSred Tr
ibe only siMerul which will effectually rea:ai t
_ _ aansiNQ * co..
No. 251 Broadway, cor. Murray*** .New Tor*
. No. <29 C. PhLaJelpUa
„ _ . H3RBING A CO..
ccgi es*s-lt«rct No. M State-at., Chicago
For thirty days, commecoing Oct, 17th.
October llih I win commence a deals* out sai«
my entirs Pan atoci of
BORDERS, &c., &
Rich Velvets and GoL*
Rich. Stamp Golds onp?
and tinted grounds; Gon.
Papers of every descrip
tion, French Tints, French
Woods, Plain Satins, Mar
bles. Oaks, Muslin Satins,
Blanks, Decorations, Bor
ders, &c„ &c., at prices 25
to 50 per cent below their
E. G. i. FAXON,
Of every description.
Window Shades, Fixtures and
E. Gr. L. FAXON - ,.
celfr 0275 act
Sheet Iron,
199 ft 201 Randolph strsat.
mnao-ba&iy.g w*mat
li"Will’s Patmt, with Haw Improvement
BegTzlAting Wick from Outside*
All orders filled promptly by
0«.«4 t , 55S b w 0 ?. ,b B&.ESS2SaffiS& t
.Haanfactnxera and Wholesale Dealers in
Furnishing Goods,
67 Labe Street,
cbiigo. m.
cc60740-2m ru w*pr.et
Carbon and Kerosene Oil 5
»pl7-c€S5-Iy-not *
fibs raw? UPK,
l«S-SK3-xWA7net 40 BXaT2 sT..Cbicaso»
At Prices tiut etnuoi bo aadwiold.
J. J. MoGEATH, 78 Sandolph-St.
„ I AS2P' J H?-P "“•W KA Winns, smith *crr
Uiw.sKtMt. WlM»ww.wu»|f»

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