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ffljicago €ribmt*.
'lTbat isDolngfOndto be Dose*
The Northwest seems alive with interest in the
Great Fair, to commence on Tbnwday next, for
the benefit ofthe Sanitary Commission. In the
city, wbcreverwc go, the conversation turns upon
this subject, and something if being mum factored
for a donation, in many of the best establishments,
and contributed from the most Iqyal stores and
shops In the city—a good test of one's loyalty and
putrlnHwn as well as their liberality. Machinists
and manufacturers, clothiers and hatters, milli
ners and dress makers, shirt and collar manufac
turers, boot and shoe makers and dealers, will all
be represented by come one—and the public will
sec who they are. The LL. D., for “liberal and
loyal donot," win "be as proud an honor, in this
event, as If it stood for “Doctor of Laws/* As
before stated, the articles contributed will be
jjtopcflj labelled with the came and location of
the contributor, so that be may be proud or
nabamedin proportion as bis donation is liberal
or small, and the name ofthe contributor will be
published far and wide.
Responses are pouring In from all quarters,
many of the non substantial kind. The
country people ot the Northwest—the very life and
support of the Sanitary Commission, are pouring
in their contributions by car loads and wagon
loads. Though the Fair is held In Chigago, we
fed that is a 2torihtce«ttm Fair, and the towns
and cities, and people of all the Northwest are as
nmch interested in it, as if it were in their own
vicinity—their soldiers will be beneflttcd as much
as those from Chicago.
Among the contributions from the city we mty
mention: Two sewing mauhmes from George It
-Chittenden, of the Wneoler & Wilson Company;
three from Grover & Baker; two from Wilcox &
Gibbs; three dozen of Bun urn's Self Sowers, for
ah machine*, worth SIAO each, fromD. Bamntn,
183 street: a knitting machine from Bronson
A EUlott; Bailey's spring-roll clothes wringer,
from the Agent, J. B, Bice, 107 Lake street; a
beautiful steam engine from the Bogle Works'
employees. (P. W. Gates, President;) a steam
boiler for the engine, from the employees of the
different railroads—names not given; a hand
some reaper, from C. H. McCormick—one o f
his very best; one of Lis most valuable
wagons from P.Scbcttlcr; a number of plows—
from we know not whom; a handsome pony from
Wright & Cuirier, Michigan £L; tno £soopianos—
one Ircm Boot & Cady, and the other from an un
named coerce; a miniature Battery (insugar,)
Item G. W. Sanford; a handsome hat ($25) from
Mrs. A. B. tmltu, lit Bute 6t.; a phaeton baggy,
worth £125, a miniature carriage large enough for
two chlldxtn to ride in, and designed to be drawn
by docs or goats. It is to be a most elegant affair
a perfect facsimile of a full-sized carriage, from
Thomas B- Brown, the agent for the Novelty
Carriage Works, 44 Adams street, &c., &c. *
And right here, let us suggest to our citizens
that they should open their booses—trlcfe open,
for the cntc.taisment of oar country friends, and
those from other cities and towns, who come to
. trotk, during the Fair. Those of oar citizens who
can entertain these kind hearted visitors, will
hand In their names, rcsidcLCi.6, and thsnnmbers
thev can accommodate, to the Sanitary Ccramis*
elon, by Saturday morning.
£vcxt day some new feature Is Introduced—cv
*<ryhody is—or ehonldbe—willingto do something.
Mr, Wbltbcck yesterday sent word to the direc
tresses that be wlUfnrnleh a lot for a cattle yard,
on the comer of Washington and Elizabeth Sts.,
azd that he will spend some time In soliciting
stock cattle, and that he win supply feed for all
may be contributed. Our country friends
who have cattle to donate, win send them to the
44 Northwestern Fair Cattle Tarda," and hand in
their names for announcement.
The Art Bali, (over the Sanitary Commission
rooms,) is being fitted np in good style under the
superintendence of Messrs. Hcsly and Volkf and
- promises to be one of the most attractive features
Of the Fair. This exhibition vrlH eclipse anything
of the kind ever seen in the West. The very
choicest psintiegs, photographs, and art-works
wQlbc upon exhibition, not only from Chicago,
but from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pitts
burgh, Milwaukee, and all over the country. We
speak snore /Ally of this department in a day
or two. We are requested to urge those who in
tend to favor the enterprise by leading their pic
tures for exhibition, to furnish them at the earliest
practicable hour, that they maybe properly ar
We congratulate the managers upon the unpar
alleled success that they have met with, and the
people deserve great prake for the liberality thus
far exhibited.
Hollister & Wilkins, the well known and popu
lar lake street capel dealers, have donated a su
- peib rug, worth $25. A sweet charity comes from
.. C, W. Sanford, 179 Randolph street, who contrib
utes a miniature battery, made of candy, and all
ready for action. J. H. Case A Co, of Racine,
have with most praiseworthy generosity do
nated a splendid threshing machine, worth $l5O
Carter A Bros, of New York, send $59 worth of
books to the Fair. H.H. Marsh, commission mer
chant on South Water street, has donated forty
- acres of land in lowa, worth ssper acre, Mr. J.
Caibntt has got up a photograph especially for the
occasion, to be presented to the great Fair, to be
soldfor the benefit of the objects for which that
Pair will be held. It is an army scene, entitled
*‘The brave defenders of our country--’—a surgeon
dressing the amputated limb of a soldier, and a
wounded officer standing near bolding np the old
flag of the 19th Illinois- The soldier, who is hav
ing his limb dressed, is sitting on a box from (be
Chicago Sanitary Commission, with its contents of
jars, bottles, oane, Ac, in the foreground. It is a
life like scene, and admirably executed. Hr. Car
* butt has presented 200 copies of these pictures to
the Fair, and offers to furnish as many more as the
ladies maybe able to dispose of.
B. Batnum,l33 Like street, has contributed
three dozen of his popular ** Self-sewers," to bs
sold at the Fair at $l5O each.
P.W. Gfllett presents five dozen of flavoring
manufactured him at No. 80 Madison
N. Kimball, an old resident, who has given three
sons to his country, now offers a fat or, weighing
1,600 lbs, Upon the altar of the Northwestern Fair.
' A noble example, this, to the Chicago butchers.
J, A. Smith, the popular furrier, has given an
elegant wolf robe.
The well known jeweler, J. H. Hoes, 117 Ltke
Street, has done a “ big thing/ 1 Be has given a
ftp*, richly chased plated tea service and coffee
urn, valued at SSO, and the use of some of his
choice oil paintings and bronze figures, valued at
$l£CO, which if sold by the Society while on exhl-
Hon, the amount of profit on them is to go to the
Fair. And for the purpose of encouraging others
' to give to this noble object, he will give to the
. lady or gentleman who makes the best gift to the
Fair, a present of a gold watch, or set of jewelry,
. or any other article that may be selected from his
extensive assortment of goods to the cost value of
S6O; the managers of the Fair to determine who
la entitled to the same, and to give an order on
him to the one thns entitled to receive it. And
the cry is, still they come. *
An autocratical feast is to be given sometime
during the| Fair. This is to be exceedingly se
lect, the invitations embracing only the Govern
ors of States and members of either branch of Con
gross. "We may be permitted to hint that the
wonderingpublic might be admitted as spectators.
■' ’Thousand* would willingly pay an admission fee
done dollar just to see how Governors and Con
gressmen eat.
The ladies talk of issuing a dally newspaper—a
, Atolr Gazette—during the continuance of the Fair,
young and pretty girla to play newsboys. It will
'.have an immense sale, and be a capital advertis
,• .* It has been determined to open the Fair on
. Tuesday next with a grand procession, which we
: «re assured will be a very large and Imposing dis-
play, In another column will he round the Proc
'■r lunation of the Mayor on this subject. Aspacial
xneeting cf the Common Council was called list
. evening, hut as there was not a quorum present,
0 they will meet to-night to take some official action
relative to the Fair.
Propaume of the Northwestern Fair
—Arrangement |>y tne executive
The Executive Committee of tho Northwestern.
Fair beg leave to moke the following announce*'
The Fair will he opened on Friday, October 57th.
Tickets of admiaalon, 25 cents; season tickets,
JLOO. This ticket admits to Bryan HaQ, the Bn*
Mjalsors 1 Boom in the Court House, and the had
fOrmanulkctured articles, nowin the process of
oroctionin the rear of Bryan HalL
-. Tickets of admission to the Art Gallery In the
> -Theatre bonding, SS cents; season tickets, SIOO.
Metropolitan Hall is to he devoted exclusively
s. - to evening entertainments.
The following is the programme:
October 2*s th—Children's Concert; 200 children
fonntbe choir, and the programme is unique and
varied. It will-corpses any concert of toe kind
over given In this city. * * . . . _
October 28th—'Tableaux, revolving, statuary and
< under the management of d.M. Wilson.
No do Justice to them.
October *9th—Tableaux. by ladies of Detroit,
. -under the management of Major Case, of that city,
former bialef* consul at Borne.
October Sytb—Concert, under the management
of Jtalaika. The name of this great leader la a
sufficient guaranty of the excellence of the con*
: -Cert.
. October Slat—Promenade concert.
The entertainments fur the evenings of No
. Timber 2d and 3d, are nut ytt auffldmU v arranged
to announce.
November 4th—Lecture by MUa Anna E. Dick
inson, of Philadelphia.
November 6th—The Governors. United States
Senator*, and other distir gniahcd gentlemen.
' -axeto dmewlth the ladies on this day, and ad
dresses will be delivered by several of them ia
, . "SbbS mh—Lecture by Ml(« Ann, B, Dick*..
Vi l»aiMclomthecn
tortltaßent of the two >reeki by a grand ban.
5 ‘ Tickets of admission to the Fair can only be ob
■ talncdnttbe ticket office, Bryan HalL Tickets to
the Art Gallery can be obtained at the door of lb*
Qaßeiy- Tickets to the evening entertainments
can be obtained at the music store of Boot &
Cady, and at the ticket office, Metropolitan UAK
Reserved scats will be sold for the concert to be
glren by Hr. Bahtin, and for Mias Dickinson's
**£* DOr wcpenas hare been spared to make
these entertainments of the highest character, and
it is believed they will surpass anything ever be
fore attempted.
All persona coming into the Fair on half-fare
tickets, must present their tickets In person to the
Treasurer's office lo Bryan Bail, to h&ve them
stamped, or they wUI-he obliged to psy fall fare
on their return.
Exchange papers in the Northwest please oopy.
Fourth Days’ Proceedings.
The evidence In this case, produced yesterdey,
related principally to the character of the two de
fondants. They proved, by a large number of
eminently respectable witnesses, that previous to
the transaction which is the subject ol investiga
tion, their reputation,*ln this city, had been with
out blemish.
Some slight additional testimony was offered,
corroborative of the statements of. Hr. Norton
respecting the circumstances which led to the
transaction with Becker. The most important
portion of this, was the evidence of a boy in Nor*
ton's office, who testified that in the forenoon of
the day after the affair at Becker's house, Becker
called three times at Norton's office to see him,
but did not find him in. Hr. Seth Tay
lor was also produced in evidence by the
defence, tojihe point that in several conversations
with lira. Becker, she had aesertedthat Ideson
was so drank as not to know what he was about,
and that she did sot think he intended to do her
any bum, and would not have disturbed her had
sot Marshall pnt him up to it.
After the oral testimony was concluded, the de
fence offered In evidence a letter from Becker to
Norton, which, as well as a letter previously writ*
ten by Norton to Becker, and in evidence oa the
part of the prosecution, wc give below. The argu
ment in the case commenced at two p. m. yesterd iy,
with an able statement of the case for the prose
cution ly Hr. Becd, who was |oliowcd by Thomas
Boyne, Esq., in an eloquent argument of some
two boors in length. Hr. Bates is to follow Mr.
Boyne for the defence, and Hr. Smith clsses for
the prosecution. The jury will prowthly-tOwjU
atnoento-day; ' w4.'- * <■,
letter frok nostos to ssckeb.
F.W. Becker;
“ It is said that police officers haregone to Hart
ford to attest vou and yonr wife acd bneg you
backbite; acd, as year irieni, 1 advise you to
take care ted col be seen on the street or in pub
lic anywhere for a month or two at least; and if
3on can send } onr wffc away to some quiet place,
co so, os it wul be enre to hard with you if you
are found and brought bach, for they tureaten to
pot yon both in jatl, and, after they have tried the
men, to seed yon to the Penitentiary along with
“I have been told that the officers found out
t om an expressmen, a man on Lake street in a
stove feto-e, exactly where yon were going, and
there le no doubt they have found out iroci some
cue vLorn you were foolish enough to tell; and
your only way to avoid being arrested is quietly
to go to some other place and let no one at all. or
at mottt but one, know anything about it, and do
lot whiten hour.
“I have written tlds because you wished mo to
Ktyonknow mythlrg which would be for your
ii tircftto krow, auo of course you will act ac
cordingly When yon have read this you bad bet
terbexn it up/’ iNo Signatvre.j
Hartford, July 1,1563.
Ms. Norton— 7>rar Sir: I have reccivet your
letter and 1c made me vcriy choree. In the first
place I movet immitetly to a Hotel because my
wife was sikWcknt not move somewhere else i
have to pay 5t dollars a week for board for me and
my family, i find ont from my wife at said Marshal
Is only tnc Beast som pat Mr. Ideson ap to tne
whole. In the first place when my wife not woold
due what Ideson wanted he told that will say said
Mr >arthall 1 make yon do it and took hold of the
little schlld wed all the power I e knd raise from
my' Wile then told Ideson to go and taker In other
room after Idfson had my wife down and he knd
not get what he wanted and my W. got los agen
oat the Annimalcs Ar;mes and she would take her
Baby then Marshal said yoa bar not get it now
Ideson take her in bak room in the kitchen and
make ter do it quick then yoa hold the Baby and
1 will have a charge. Ur. Norton i find oat to
Bay from* good Fnnd from Chicago said Marshall
shall be worth $2,80000 now yoa dint tell me the
thrnt about Marshall and I am notelpllgtt to hold
ehal if yon not send me (one thousand) SIOO3 dol
lars onMarshals account immidltly My wife she
is sick and bring every day 1 which that i newer
tnk that Monney and stand where i was i work a
little for long while longs wed my brother la the
M&shine shop ikut my tomfingcr kiaer off on the
s'.rkle saw f huve youse the doctor and i spend
abaddy most the hoi Money i did get Now there
Is two ways for these two men anter send me
the S*.OCO or the Trlnl have to going on 1 give
yon eight days time from date, then the letter caa
be back jon here what the gentleman i« going to
do. please yon kt me know or I will be .bak in
Chicago in 11 days yon whrote to me if we would
cone Irak them the pnt us in the Pcrmtltln
ry, I am not afred on that, I inquire!
'What yon going to do yon do vick, there is no
time to loee I got your letter
vet yours
3 .. . Respectfully
Mr. Conrad Steinnlctz F, Wl BECKER
* No 82 Front 8t
Hartford Conn.
Changes Becoxnxnended in the Tax
Law. ,
Putecant to a call issued some months since,
for a Convention of the Federal Revenue Collec
tors of the Northwest, the following Collectors
and Deputies met at the U. S. Circuit Coart
Room, on Wednerday:
Mipeonu—lst Distinct.— Samuel ZL Gardner,
St. Louie.
2. C.B. Wilkinson/St. Joseph.
I. —8 John L Smith, Hockwell.
10. W. H. Withers, Fort Wayne.
11. B. C. Chlpman. Noltisvilie
lixrxois—L Geo. Schneider, S. B. Ward,Bep
ntv, Chicago.
S. Wait Talcott, Rockford.
3. A. A. Terrell, Bcpnty, Sterling.
4. S. C. Sherman. Quincy.
5. John IL Bryant, Princeton.
6. Lewis Ellsworth, Naperville.
8. T. B. Klcg. Spiibgfleld.
9. Wm. G. Green, Petersburg.
11. Robt. B. Nolemas, Centralis.
12. Wm. Flagg, Alton.
Michigan—-1. L G. Berry, Bctrolt.
2 a.H.Moupod, St. Joseph.
3. Ira Mayhew, Albion.
Wisconsin—£ R. Wadsworth, Madison.
8. J. H. Warren, Albany.
4. J H. Babcock, Beaver Dam.
lowa—l. J. C. alter. Fort Madison.
8. Levi Fuller, West Union.
4. Wm. F. Cowles, Oskalooea.
Samuel H. Gardner, of St. Louis, was elected
President, John L. Smith, of Indiana, Wsn F.
Cowles, of lowa, and JolmH. Bryant, of Illinois,
Vice Presidents; Ira Hayhew, of Michigan, and
B.D. Waid, of Illinois, Secretaries.
The Contention recommended to Congress the
following changes in the Tax Law;
That all manufactured tobacco should bo sub
jected to inspection;. .
That demands for the collection of taxes may be
sent by mail or served in person, at the option of
the Collector;
Bequiiing all persons to make annual state
ments of their incomes .previous to the let of May,
under a penalty of SSOO for a neglect or refusal to
do so;
Enquiring Assistant Assessors to report the
postoffice addresses of tar payers, as well as res
idences ;
That the Collector in each district be required
to advertise his annual list within thirty days of
receiving it, instead of ten days, as now required;
That the sale of revenue stamps be made at par
to all persons except Collectors, and that they be
afiowedfiveper cent, for the sale of them;
That in case of the confiscation and sale of any
property, the Collector be allowed the same toes
that are allowed Collectors of Customs for like
That stamp duties upon promissory notes be re
stored to the rates fixed In the original act;
That in all districts where the duty on ale and
beer amounts to $60,000, the Collector may appoint
an Inspector of the same; and that when the
amount is lets than $60,(00, Inspectors of whlaky |
coal oil or tobacco may Inspect the same, where
the Collector thinks the fees win justify the
ssme, and shall place on the bungs ot all vessels
containing ale or beer, a seal, which shall be
broken when the vessel is opened, and that all
vessels without this seal shall bs seized and for
feited, as in other cases;
That the certificate of the Collector orhisDep*
uty, stating the time when tho list, annual or
monthly, was received by him, that he made a de
mand within the time prescribed by the act, and
diligent search without finding property to
make the tax,* or the statement of the entire in
solvency of the tax payer, shall be sufficient to en
title the Collector to be credited for all such tax
uncollectcdbyhlm, which certificate, if made by
the Deputy Collector, shall be attested by the
official* cal of the Collector;
That each Collector be allowed reasonable rent.
a cafe and one clerk; .
That in addition to the compensation now al
lowed, twopercentbeallowed on the first sloo,*
000 collected, provided that no Collector shall re
ceive Ices than SB,SCO per annum; and in dis
tricts embracing more than one Congressional
district, and requiring more than four Deputies,
and when the amount of fees under the present
law shall In the aggregate exceed SIO,OOO, there
shall be allowed each additional earns as in the
opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury shall be
just,not exceeding ! 5,000 per annum, net.
W. F. Downs, Esq., chief clerk of the Internal
Bevenue Office at Washington, was albo present,
on his return from Lawrence, Kansas.
The following resolution was unanimously
JUsoUedt That we, the Collectors of the North
western States, convened at Chicago, take this op-
DorCnnlty of proving our esteem and satisfaction
wixli the administration of the Hon. Joseph J.
Lewis. Commissioner of Internal Bevenue. We
contraiclate ourselves and the country upon the
dofgSice, fidelity and ability with which ho is dls
chanting hie arduous and Important duties. Our
official intercourse with him has been of the most
pleaslrg and satisfactory character, and we con
sider tne country fortunate in having the benefit
of his services, and we will cordially co operate
w Ith him in a mutual effort to promote the best
interests of the Department and the country.
The proceedings of the Convention, aside from
the above recommendations, were of Utile public
interest. The sessions wens held on Wednesday
and Thursday, and the various recommendations
fully discussed. . -
' The Convention adjourned yesterday afternoon.
Fool has Just opened at'ISS State! street, (Bay
‘mend's Block) a very choice stock of ladles' f urn
if hing goods, embracing worsteds, yarns, hosiery,
hoop-chirta, gloves, brushes, and fancy goods gen
erally, which the ladles of Chicago' and vicinity
would do wcllto examine. Mrs. Fool has a neat,
iiiw fctore, a choice stock of goods, and claims to
11 at as low figures as the same articles can be
purchased enyv hire m the cUy.
WnznzA*, A Fair is to be held in this city on
Tuesday next, the 27th inat, to raise fends fosthe
relief of the sick and wounded soldiers of the
Northwest, and
Wcvrbas. The object of said Fair is one that
appeals to the wannest sympathies of all who lore
thtlr country and value a* they deserve the hero
ism and devotion of onr citizen-soldiers, and their
generous sacrifices for the suppression of a gigan
tic snd wicked rebellion, and the preservation of
the Union of these Slates under the Constitution;
• I, F<anclßC.Shennan,Mayorof thedtyof Chi
cago, do hereby request the people of Chicago, on
the morning of next Tuesday, October 27th, 1868,
to snspecd tneir ordinary avocations, and closing
(heir several places of business, to join in public
procession and unite in the inauguration of sa:d
Done at Chicago, this 22d day of October, A. D.
1863. F. 0. S HERMAN, Mayor.
A Handsome Actofa Chicago Mcr-
The following letter was received yesterday by
Mrs. A. B. Boge, oneof the lady mausgera or the
Northwestern Fair, from a prominent merchant of
this city, sow in New York. The donation de
serves prominent reference In itself, and the letter
scarce less so from the sentiments it contains. Tne
convenient plea of absenteeism is top often the
excuse for not answering the appeals of benevo
’’leccc, and the farther excuse that one has already
given is that most frequently met by solicitors.
The writer below waives both of these that might
without open discredit be need to spare the parse
of a man oflcss liberality. The example ia worthy
of imitation.. ,
No. SO Bbssb Brawn, N. T., I -
October 17th. 1863. f
To the Lady Managers of the Northwestern Fair
in aid of the sick acd wounded toldters:
Deab LasizaTour appeal to the Northwest
In behalf of onr sick and wounded soldiers, has
reached me through the column* of the Tribune,
acd 1 cannot show my absence from home, cor my
former contribctlOLs, la excuse me from respond
iipto jonrcaiL Please find enclosed an order on
my cashier for two hundred dollars (s2oo>, which
amount I fed great pleasure In contributing to tne
di-strrJttg&na worthy object tor which yon, in your*
goodness, are so carm etly laboring. 1 hope that
your Fair will be a success tnat will prove to our
soldiers that they arc remembered, tuereby cheer
ing the sick and wounded In their hours of suffer
ing, acd renewing the strength of tbe.will for the
conflict lam, with great respect,
Your obedient
The Union Pace Improvement.—Pnrtu
ant to a notice published in circulars and in the'
city pspei b, a number of the citizens of the West
Side met at tho Washington Skating Park Bouse,
last evening, to' take steps for the improvement of
Union Park. Dr. F. A. Bryan was called to the
chair, and Merrill L*dd,£sq., was elected Secre
Remarks were made by Menra. J. ModiU,Thoj.
B. Byan, Merrill Laud, J. B. Bradwell, t —Page,
and others, strongly urging the necessity and im
portae ce of the improvement. ’lt was stated that
the ground for the Park was purchased by tlw city,
some ten years ago, for $60,000, on which the city
has since paid seven per cent. Interest—amount
ing, at compound interest, to as much more. So
that the Park has cost the city about $121,000,
while the people have received little or no benefit
from it.
Mr. Me dill read an estimate of Hr. Nelson, gar
dener, showing that the Park coaid be improved,
according to a plan submitted by him—lncluding
drainage, trees, Ac.—for about.sl2,ooo.
It wie agreed to memorialize the City Connell
for an appropriation for the improvement.
Messrs. J. Medlll, J.B. Bradwell, E. Vaaßeren,
Ttoe. B. Bryan, John N. Tyrrell, Job Carpenter,
B. WUtbeck, Merrill Ladd and Ira Y. Mann were
appointed a Committee (to which, on motion, the
Chairman was added) to ascertain the cost of the
necessary improvement? to be made, and other
facts relating to the matter, and report at a future
meeting. ,
A commendable determination to push forward
the matter was exhibited, and we earnestly hope
that this movement will sot be allowed to fall,
through the lukewarmness of onr citizens.
The Equestrian ExJUBmoN*—’Yesterday
afternoon there was quite rash at the grounds,but
in a short time the cold drizzling rain dispersed
the crowd, who left the Fair reluctantly. Those
who were present received their tickets back, and
will be admitted to-day. Should the wcatherprove
favorable, this afternoon, the exhibition will be
very interesting, and the amphitheatre will be well
The programme for this afternoon, commcnclag
at half-past one precisely, is: Ist, The best saddle
horse; 2d, First class Lady Equestrians; 3d, Sec
ond class Lady Equestrians; to be followed by a
Tournament in taking rings from a stake, with a
spear. >
The Misses' and Boys 1 equestrianism wQI be
postponed, on account of the unfavorable weather
'on yesterday, (which compelled a postponement
of the performances on that day?) until Saturday,
when, deo c ctente, the hoys and girls will ride, and
be followed by the great Indian hurdle-foot race,
and grand distribution of the prizes.
In order that the public may realize their "great
expectation," we trust Uat Mr. Smith will post
pone this Fair till next week, provided the weath
er la 100 unpleasant fora successtol continuance
of the exhibition this week,
A Qrvmnrs DONATION.—We would call
tLc attention of the visiting public at the North*
western Fair, to the generous gift of Messrs. J. S.
Case & Co., ofEadne, Wls. It is oneof their Im
proved Sweepstakes Separators and Fight Horse
Woodbury Mounted Powers with Truck Wagon.,
in Act a threshing machine complete, and what
they readily sell for four hundred and fifty dollars.
In point of material, workmanship and finish, it
Is a splendid affair. We bespeak for it a ready
pp’c, and the fortunate purchaser will find It a
machine he will be proud to own.
As manufacturers Messrs. Cass & Co., have been
too tong knonn to the farming community to
need a comment on tho excellence of their ma
chines. Baring been established in tho mannfa>
tore of them exclusively now over sixteen years,
and their sales having annually increased until
th<*y now exceed five Tiundied, this season, they
were unable to supply the demand within several
These facts show the prosperity of the North*
west even in time of war. This firm arc at pres
ent expending upwards of twenty thousand dol
lars In enlarging their works and improvements,
acd will have six hundred machines for the .sea
son cflBC4. They have given largely for the
cause ln their own State. The way is open for
others to do likewise among the manufacturers of
Steam Engines Threshers and Heapers. Who
comes next ?
Chicago Musical Union.—We have reason
to believe that the sale of season tickets to the
series of chamber concerts, to be given this win
ter by the Chicago Musical ffeion, are going off
rapidly. To those who have not secured their
season ticket, we’saydo so at once, as the number
are limited. The programme selected for the
opening night is a capital one, and will well re
pay those who may have had the good fortune to
secure their ticket for tho series. The opening
■ piece is for a string quartette in E fiat, by Beetho
ven (four, movements.) The next a solo by Chi
cago's favorite—Mrs. Maltcson. The ensemble
chorus with solos from “ANlght in Grcnaday,”
by the Musical Union. A solo by J. G. Lumbard.
Also a duet, by Miss Mann and Mrs. Matteeon;
and a violin solo by Mr. Lewis. The whole to con
clude with “Arise and Shine.” A chorus from
**St. Paul,” by Mendelssohn, with acompaniment
of -a' string quartette, cabinet organ and piano
forte. Tour tickets should be countersigned by
the Treasurer of the Society, at the music store of
Hoot A Cady's. Concert on Monday evening Oct.
seth. ••
Maze Torn Homes Comfortable.— We
have prospects of an unusually losg and severe
winter,—fuel is comparatively high, and it be
comes the thousands who are just preparing to
furnish the new residences erected this season, to
select the most economical stoves in use, in order
to secure the most heat with the least fuel. These
■points are claimed for Stewart's Anthracite and
Bituminous Parlor Coal Burner, and from the fact
that J.F. Dalton (solo agent, .71 Ltke street,) is
gellirg about thirty of them'per day, shows that
the people have confidence in them. Tho inventor
claims this to be the most easily managed and tne
best gas-burning stove in America—entirely free
from g&s and dust; besides, afire can be kept the
- entire season without rekindling. Of the three
sizes, Nos. 2 and 3 have ovens, so very useful in
dining-rooms. P. P. Stewart’s cookingaud parlor
stoves have a reputation second to tow, if any
others in use, and J. P. Dalton, 71 Lake street, is
ibe sole agent for Chicago. Coll and see them.
One More and the Final Sale op Pic
t errs—The interest manifested by onr citizens
to fee the fine paintings now on exhibition at 43
Dearborn street, continues without abatement.
This we areglad to notice. Tho large number of
sales effected by Mr. Tolman, and the well known
taste of the purchasers, as welt as the .spirited com
petition of the soles, afford ample proof of the
high chancier of this collection In the minds of
goodjndgea. To those who have been unable to
attend the previous sales, the present wUf afford
an opportunity to procure for themselves some of
tlose fine paintings—an opportunity not to be ne
glected. We are informed that this. (Friday) eve
ning is positively the last sale. The collection is
entirely new, and includes many rare works of
art. Gilberts Sampson are the auctioneers.
Mcbe-.Ebkelzss Driving.-—Yesterday af
ternoon a young lady named Maria Corklns, who
jives on Canoll street, near Jefferson, In attempt
ing to cross Washington street at the corner of
Clark street, was knock ed down and run over by a
horse and carriage, and very badly bmisqi though
no limbs were broken. She was carried into a
jewelry storebya spectator, who soon after placed
her In a hack and conveyed her to her home. The
heartless wretch who was In the vehicle by which
she was thus injured, drove on all the more furl
ooely after the “ accident,” never stopping to as
certain whether he had killed the girl, or to what
extent she was injured. We regret that oar re
porter could not leant the name of this man, for
■ ho deserves a first-class puiL
Portrait op General Grant.—Oar re
spected townsman, Mr. Antrobas, started this
morning on his way to Nashville, where he is to
meet Gen Grant, for the purpose of making a
portrait of great Commander, which shall
survive as a historic memorial of him. It is no
small honor to be tbna deputed by a committee of
Chicago gentlemen,—and it is equally creditable
to them and to the artist.
Northwestern Fair.
At a meeting of the Committee on Procession,
held at the Tremoot House, Thursday evening, at
which a large number of organizations (so no 50)
were represented, the following Committees were
appointed to confer with the clergy:
Messrs. J. Y. Farewell, Phillip Connelly, and
Col. J. IX Tucker.
Committee to confer with the City, Municipal,
Judicial and Police authorities, and on transpor
tation—J. Q. Hoyt, eeq.
Committee to communicate with the Odd Fel
lows—U. P. Harris, esq. -
Committee to communicate with the Board of
Trade and Mercantile Association—Mr. J. H.
The meeting adjourned to meet at line time
and place Friday evening.
J. n. Richards, Secy.
narnum’s Self Sewers*
Editors Chicago Tribune:
I have donated to the Northwestern Fair three
dozen of my ‘“Barnum's Self Sewers” for all
sewing machines. They sell at $1.60 each. Mre,
Llreimore has acknowledged their receipt, thank*
iag me for an offer of aid in selling them at the
Fair. They will be exhibited and for sale on all
tbe machines.
They have taken premiums at the late Fair of
the American luetltute, Now York city, andat all
State and County Fairs wherever exhibited.
Yours truly.
I), Dabhuic, 133 Lake street.
8e asonable Advice.—Merchants and all
others vltiting oar city daring the Orest-Fair*
yri\T, if wanting cloaks of any kind, do well to call
upon Messrs Stryktr Ss Co., at No, 141 Lake
street. They sell at both wholesale and retail,
and they do say that a cloak can be purchased of
them as low as eastern houses famish them, if
rota shade less. They hare excellent facilities
for manufacturing, and a long experience in the
trade enables them to produce a garment tmex
ceptionable in style and finish. They baye re*
ceivcd an unusually fine aesertment of Balmoral
Shirts, just suitable for this changeable weitthesF
■ A fall assortment of Dry Goods, of every descrip
tion will be form'd at their establishment, Go and
see them.
Beal Estate.—Those who desire to make
a purchase of real estate, either as investment, or
a speculation, have row an opportunity offered in
one of the few large tracts still vacant in tbe
midfctjof a rapidly We
allude to twenty acres ofrfSeTJllch tract in the
southern part of the fity, which is offered for sale
by Geo. Id. nipglneon, No. 7, Metropolitan Block,
as advertised in another column. The Indications
of a rapid advance in tbe value of propcrtyarc not
to be mistaken, and those who, through want of
faith or decision of pnrposo, permit this opportn*
nity to pass, may hereafter have reason to repent
It. A word to the wise is sufficient.
Lightning and Photographs.— Tbe rogues*
gallery at the Central Police station is supplied
from time to time with the likenesses of rogues
of high and low degree from about the country.
Those scamps ate announced by telegraph, fre
quently, and meet with an unexpected reception
upon their arrival. Three pickpockets came to
the city from the East a day or two ago, but our
detectives bad studied their shadows so faithfully
that they readily recognized the “substance,”
and “shadowed” them so closely from the time
tbey arrived tbat they soon “ faded” andgavo the
police a “dissolving view” of them on a train.
They couldn't operate in Chicago to advantage, in
so strong a star- light.
Honesty.—Bolivar Reed, hackman No. 19,
conveyed a party or travelers, night before last,
from the Michigan Southern depot to that of the
Galena and Chicago Union. One of them, a wo
man, dropped her pocket hook, containing $l5O,
in the back, hat did not miss It until _ after the
whole party had alighted, and the hack had driven
away. The aid of the depot policeman was called
In, and the most thorough search made for the
hack; but as It could not be found, end as its
number was unknown to any of the party, all hope
of recovering the money was abandoned. What
was the surprise of our travelers at one o’clock in
the morning to receive a gall from Reed, who had
found the pocket book in his hack: and made haste
to return it to ita right owner.
Debut of a. Chicago Pbiua Donna.—We
are glad to learn that the Philharmonic Society of
this city has been so fortunate as to conclude an
engagement with Mies Anna Frederica Magnus
ecn, to appear at the first of their eeriee of winter
conceits, on the evening of the 13th of November.
So general is the curiosity of our people to hear
this young lady, who has spent years in this conn*
try and with the best masters in Europe, in per
fecting herself as a singer, that her first appear
ance will be an event among our lovers of music,
and, from what wc know of Hiss Magnusaon’s
powers and accomplishments,.we feel quite sure
her debut will be a complete triumph.
An Appeal to the Hospitality of Chi
cago.—All persons willing to entertain delegates
to the Fair, are urged to send their names at once
to the Sanitary rooms, bb people are constantly.
coming from our Aid Societies. The Sanitary
Commission will otherwise he obliged to pay their
expenses, as the hotels are fall and decline taking
Fair guests. While our soldiers suffer all priva
tions uncomplainingly, wo at home can and ought
to pack ourselves a little closer for a few days, to
accommodate those who bring supplies and offer
their help in the coming Fair, which is, wo hope,
to be a credit to Chicago in every respect.
Fishing axd Hunting Excursion.—On
Tuesday morning, the 80th Inst, Hr. Tocher, of
tfcc Briggs noose, Allen Bobbins,' Esq., and Q. W.
CJsrke,Eeq., (on old settler of Chicago, after
whom the station is named,) modo a visit to
Clarke's Station, on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne
& Chicago Railroad, for amusement on the banks
of the grand Calumet river and the adjacent hunt*
ing grounds; Hr. Tucker was fortunate enough
to hag over one hundred and fifty fine Mallards,
and canvass-backs, with a variety of snipe, coons
and rabbits.
Arrivals at Soldiers* Home.—The fol
low irg arc the arrivals at the Soldiers* Home dur
ing thepaet 21 hours:
O. S. Moore 10th Min-, N. A.Hill Min. battery;
S. Hlggereon, SSd HL; G. 11. Lawrence, 21d Wls.;
E. Burnham, (ithWis battery; D. Itamsdell, 14th
•\Vie ■j. s. Hedges. 32d 111: 1L ScraUord, 20to HI.;
T. T. Bab, 134tu III; T. w. Mann, do.; J. Mary,
2d HI ; A. C. Hackeidy, 7th Kansas; C. Daniels,
11th Wls.; Wm. Small, do.; G. Austin, do 4 A,
Blanchard, 24th Wis.: L. Olm, 2d Wis. cavalry;
Wm. Bartley, S2d Wls ; D. It.Jtobert?, SothWls.;
Wis.; E. A.Hebert?, do.: J. W. Hudson, 23dWls.;
G. Bovlo, 911 th Ind.; J. Robinson, 21ec \YI».; N.
Ba>adon,2SthK.Y.; H.P.Barnham, 9'itbllL; C.
Abbott, 44th ill.; G. W, Stevens, 27in Wis.
NonrawiSTßitN rant—Meeting op tub Bspue-
Delegates from all the different societies and
associations in th 6 city are requested to be
punctual in their attendance at the meeting this
evening, to make arrangements for the opening
celebration on Tuesday.nexL A full attendance
Is expected, as the short time left for arrange
ments makes every minute preclons.
Send ik tub Evergreens.—Let those who
promised them, send forward Evergreens without
delay. There Is no danger of sending too many,
The Northwestern Fair will occupy five different
halls, which will require “a heap" of evergreens
to decorate them. Send them on—send quickly to
Lower Bryan Hall, and let those who can assist In
decorating, bo on hand when they arrive. There
Fair Dealing at the Fair.—The manag
ers bare decided to ask no more for articles sold
at the Fair than they same can be purchased for
elsewhere In the city, and in every instance to
give full and accurate change. There will be no
imposition practiced.
Pat Tour ‘Water-Tax.— The attention ol
our city readers Is invited to the advertisement of
the Chicago Water Works in this paper. Those
who would save a handsome percentage must pay
their semi-annual dividend before the first of De
cember. See advertisement.
“American Stab” in Chicago.—Mr, Wm.
Patrick, of this city, has Just purchased from Geo.
B!dffell,of Adralh, the famous horse “American
Star"—paying the snag sum of $2,000.
Harper's Magazine, for November, has
been received bj McNally & Co., 81 Dearborn
Gas Fixtoies —The cheapest place to bay new
styles. Is at 'Wllmarth's, lS3Xako street.
ocie-0484-20d •
Go to the Best— Go to Bbtaht A
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
practical business education. For circulars ad
dress (enclosing stamps) Bbtast & StßAtroa,
Chicago, miaou. -
rar Nervous Plseascs and Physical PcbUity,
'arising from Specific causes, in both sexes—new
and reliable treatment. In reports ot the Howard
Association—sent in sealed letter envelope free of
charge. Address, Pr. J. Skllhn Hcoghton, How
ard Association, no. % South Ninth street Phila
delphia, Fa. • auSl-Sm
Economise by Dyeing your castoff Garments
and Trimmings with the JjojtuhUc 10 differ
ent fast colors, including all the new and fashlona*
■We shade s. Price only 16 or 25 cents per package.
See samples of the colors at the Droggiats.
For tlio Asthma.
One ofihe moat severe cases on record, was
cored by the use of Jonas Whitcomb's Remedy,
and the sufferer was Induced to try It, because, he
says, “it didn’t pretend to core everybody and ev
erything." Sold everywhere.
J b . oct7-3tw-F«tlI&ltw
From pm Officer of tlie Circuit Conrt,
The following la from a apodal deputy of the
Circuit Court of thla dty. Dr. Ayer. UcCormlck’a
Bending, cum Catarrh and Throat and Cheat dla
Chicago, HI., July 18,1863.
I have been under the treatment of Br.L Wins
low Ayer for a chronic affection of toe throat
atd chest, and although toe dleepe had made
alarm leg inroads upon my health. Dr. Ayer b sac
cess has been so complete in my case that I take
pleasure In assuring those who may be thns afflict
ed, atd yet be as skeptical as I was at first, that I
am perfectly satitfied that Dr. Ayer thoroughly
understands toe nature and proper treatment of
, such cases. I feel very grateful for toe benefit I
- hare received at bis institute, and add that it baa
been thronged with patients whenever I have
been there, and I have never heard one dissenting
voice to the opinion that the Doctor is de
servirg the celebrity he has attained for curing
Throat and Cheetaffeotloa..
Special Deputy Circuit Court,
No. ns State atreet, Chicago.
octlß oUJ-it-eoimrrf
To all Afflicted with Catarrh, Throat
Dlsesatß, and a flections ol* the Cheat.
Dr I Winslow Ayer, Physician for Affections of
the Throat and chest. Booms '2 ano 13 McCor
mlck’s Building, comer of Randolph and Detrboni
streets, gives hie entire attention to this depart
ment of practice Th**extrao dmary
haeatunded bis practice iutbls city, baaeaabled
bun to refer to the beat and u oat responsible par*
ties In Chicago. It is eeperUliy desirable thitall
who have need of medical aid. either for Catsrrb,
Axttma, Bronchitis, or Consumption, should make
early application. Thu patient, at a distance, who
cannot isome to the city to remain here for treat*
ment, can, after an examination, return home and
pursue the course of treatment with success-
Where It Is impossible for the party to come per*
sonally to tbe city, be should write as many of his
symptoms &s possible, and give such description
as will afford a correct Idea of the case A list of
questions will be furnished upon application.
fitting work dono'promptly at W3-
marth’B, IS2 Lake etrtet. oclS.^Xd
py Look our ron Coumtrrpbits I not only of
bank bills, but of everythlrg truly valuable. Wo
understate that even the indispensable articles
known as “ Family Dye Colors'* are not anoxcep
tton to this rule. The Imitations, like all counter
feits, are utterly worthless. Remember that Ho wo
& Stevens' Family Dye Colors are the original, the
only valuable and useful thing of the kind.
octlS-o-tt i
JST”Just received, a large variety of wall-paper,
window st ades, &c., at ‘ _
B. F. Chase & Walkers.
Oct. s,'brx.v. aF. 100 Randolph street.
pg* The Ladles should nee Barnett's FlorimeL
It is a choice perfume, unlike the paccent and
sickening perfumes in the market. Sold every*
whexe. . otvU-ofriwp&M&wE’T.
TnUKSDAT STXWXKO. Oft. 12, 1363.
The demand lor money Is good and the bankers have
tte meats to supply it, bat there Is no surplus. In*
deed some of them report it close, and therefore they
are supplying customers only to a limited extent. As
a wbeld matters are moving along smoothly. The
atomlna lc a catber conflaea transactions to the actual
necessities of commerce.
• New York exchange Is working closer, or perhaps
the supply of currency Is relatively bettor. Only fa
i vored customers oblaln it at par and only oh largo
di afts. Some of the hanks do not sell belowl-l?. Wo
quote thOjianje par @X discount haying, and par
premium as the telling rate. On collections ani small
crafts I» the rate at most of the banks.
Gold has fluctuated largely. Private dispatches
made the Wall street rates 112)4,139,1Utf,143 ,y.closing
at 114)4. The actual range here was 1100149. For
most of tie coy about lUOH2 were tbe rates.
Treasury > otca are more plenty. Nominal Belli a#
ratts K6U. Silver 1285153.
At St. Louis.—N. Y.exc ango plenty and steady at
$$ per cent. Discount baying, and parselllug. Defease
wamnts steiuiy at 60&91 c buying and selling.
At Philadelphia.— Tne Inquirer of Tuesday says:
“The Blockmarket wasmo erately active to-day with
a general firmness In prices. Tlie anxiety to hoarfrom
tbe anulc*, under tae impression tbat decisive engage*
cents must soenbe fought, tends somlwbat to limit
operations, but the abundance of money, the tow rates
of Interest, and the universal conviction teat tic effect
oftLopaper Jfsnejof the new National Banks (which
arc soon to be distributed) added to the constantly
Incicaslng volume of Government obligations, will
continue to glvo*prlccs an upward tendency, keeps a
good supply 01 buyers In the market, and makes bold*
ers correspondingly firm In their demands.”
■ at CixcunfAU —Tlie scarcity of-currcncy restrict
ed operations la Government papers on Wednesday,
and there was a limited business done. Kentucky cur
rency was bought at *f premium by one or two hanks
that had orders, hut others refused to receive It at
better than X. The issues of the State Bank of In il
ana*are quoted nominally K premium. The Gazette
says s
The receipts of exchange from the Northwest cod*
tlcne libetal ana this, together -a Ith tte large amonat
wilch has been created by orawlocon the recent pur
chases of cotton has canted a onll market, and rates
are unsettled. The banks generally received It at par
from their regular customers hnt large sales were
mauca shade less than this and tbo banks haying a
large supply on hand and currency close.they drew
for round sums at 50c per 41,000 thoagh they gave ns
the nominal stlllng rate l-10c premium.
Philadelphia Bass Statement.—Tbe aggregates
of the rhlladclptlahanks at the last weekly statement,
madcap on Monday las*, show the following changes,
as compared with last week
Decrease of loans
Decrease of specie
Increase of deposits
JDecteaso of circulation.
Increase of U. S. note*..
loner market** Oct. S2.
New York Stock and
Stocks better, but not Retire,
C. *K 1 IGStf 111! C ...
M.o P. do C CS« I RettUnc .
P. Ft. TV.* C 83* Midi. Cent
A.&T.1l 65 I M.6
C. O Toledo .111V.N.Y.C ....
G.& C 113* Brie
C.& Pitta lo7kl
aovzmncEsT stocks.
Government Stocks firmer.
U.S.6*. *Bl, c....109X911017-30*8 107^®l f ‘X
Moneviiasbado firmer, with a fair business doing
at 6(i,7 p cent, on call-cMefly at the latter rate.
- Go a Ten Irregular and unsettle i—opening at 13, de
clining to 42X. and closing steady at iZX.
TntrrsDAT Evening. Oct. 22.1963.
The following table shows the receipts and ship
ments during the pas; twenty-four boon:
Flour. Wheat. Com. Oats. Rye. Briy
brla. bu, bu. -bn bo. bu.
By Canal 800 4*506 6916
UA C U R8.... 3171 • 3-SG9 4613 17U4 22*0 4054
•2CIHB i? 7 iCnfi 230 3500 333
IllCr.K. 5353 5750 UKO 6000 ... 8160
CB&QKK...., 830 9800 11623 75744 375 880
NW SB 2131 aSKO . 12000 IKO 2300
A.ABtLRB.„. 4CO ISU 1430 1250
Ota. Air Line... IUO 5950
IMSI IKM9 7d504 818S1 4035 10131
Grass Lire Beet Tal-
Seed, Boss. Wool.C’Jtle. Bides lor.
ft*. No, bs. No. B«. Ibt.
ByCao&L. COM ....
OAUUIiU.... icsyo iso
IUC3K. .. 20*0
CCaQKR.... lOlfl
K W Bit S9OO
On. Air Line,
T0t*'.....,-• . CU3O 5360 .... 559 GC292 6316
Floor. Wheat. Cora. Data. Ere. Barl*y
bris. bo. -. bo. ho. bo. bo.
ToßnffalO . ... 200 17SG0 1960 23600
ToOther Forts.. S6 .... 850.
The tfownwar j tendency In sold caused a doprea.
(lon In the central njarteta at the opening to-day, and
prices luted lower; bat after the news by tte Liver
pool steamers and the New York despatches were
received, a better feeling, particularly la wheat, pre
vailed, and prices rallied.
In flonr tiere was !lttle or nothing dose and prices
were entirely nominal. Shippers are almost entirely
out of ttemarketln consequence of the advance In
freights and the difficulty experienced In getting
stocks forward.
The wheat .market opened heavy and X® 1 c per
bushel lower, hot It rallied and closed Arm at jester
day's qnotal'ons. Upwards of 180,000 bushels changed
bauds at SI,O4X®I.OG for No. 1 spring; sl,ooV®L r 3 tor
No, Sbprlog; and 03®2Wc reacted spring-the market
closing firm at t1,D3X®1,03 for N0.2 spring and SI .CSX
®sl,C6 for No. 1 spring- There was little or nothing
done In winter wheat grades.
Tte corn market suffered a farther decline of 1 c
per bushel, with sales of only about 50,000 bushels at
78®73X c for River and Canal mixed com afloat; 79X
®7?X cforNo.lcorn,and7l®T6c for N0.2 com li
b to e—the market closing at the inside prices.
The market for cats was tolerably active, and with
out material change in prtces-opeclog heavy with a
downward tendency, but closing steady andhrlsk.—
About 120,(00 bushels changed hands [email protected]
1 oats, and W®Sc for No. 2 oats In store-closing.at
ttc outside quotations.
Bye was Steady at 87X®SSe for No.l, and 87 c for
No. 2. Barley was dub and 2®3 c per bushel lower—
with light ealcsof No. 2 at SUS®I,I6X in store.
High* Inca were held at 55 c with sales of only 100
hbla. at that price. Buyers were generally offenng
-51 e. Timothy seed advauded 5 c per bushel—with la-'
creased activity at *2,l2K®2£2X. Flax is quiet and
The decline In gold has greatly depressed the mar
let for Provisions. ’ There Is no inquiry whatever
for Mess Fork, and quotations are nominal. Lard has
&llenlX®X oper lb-withsalesoflSO tres. prime ket.
tlelcallard atlOXc. Prime packers' Tallow was sold
at 11c. - '
Fr eights were steady and quiet at lie for wheat. Sc
for oats, and SXc for com to Buffalo.
In Beef Cattle, the receipts at the various yards dor
ng the day amount to head, and the entered soles
to The receipts comistied of medium and com
mon stock; fbr the Utter there is little demand, and
prices rule very low, but for medium stock there has
been a fair demand at the quotations oflast market,
Tbe range of prices to-day has been from |l&)®3CO
but the bulk of. sales bas been made from 52.43&3.00.
In Bogs, the receipts during the "day amount to 10,500,
and the entered sales to SJBW. There has been au act
ive demand among shippers and packers fbr medium
to prime Bogs. The martet has, however, been scarce
ly go firm as yesterday, and we note a decline on me
dium and common stock of 10120s f 100 fis.
Flour and Grain in Store la Chicago—Oct* 17*
Tbe folio's leg table* posted on 'Change to-3ay,
Bbos’B the amount of flour and grain la store In this
city on the |l7th Inst, compared irUhthe amount la
sto:e a year ago
Oct. n. Get. 17.
... 10,760 25,141
.1,007,771 497,041
. 421,321 1,W8,46J
Flour, brls.
Wheat, nn..
Corn, bn....
Oats, bn....
Barley, bn..
Sf. Louis Lumber Ulnrket-Oct. 10.
Tfcerehavobetn no arrivals by river this week, the
water being so low that several large rafts are last on
the pocks ot the rabies, ana unless we soonnaveame
of-water U is doubtful whether much more lumber will
reach here this season by river. We M n ?x md prices
for dry lomber, shingles and latb, withJ&e remark
that toese puces arc veryUnn, dealers showing no dis
position la the present condition of things to reduce
their moderate stocks at any less figures:
First clear. ?> 1,000 fetor *SSS9 ••••
carond ro 1 Inca boards,...••••
Second do, IJ<. IK and 2 Inch V 1.000 fcet... 37 50®40.00
Ttlrd,clear uoaras ana fendug jS.fc® ....
JoU'.iCieetandtmaer. "00® ..
Joist, isieet ami over SSl®*®®
Grnb plank. orfni
Shtaibtoe 17 60®20 0d
Digged tong. 2d rate is 00®37 50
do do Sdrate 2Mfi®SS2
Dressed riding SS® 25 *®®
Hough -Co 20,00®...,
gblnglts, A,. Shaved. 550®...,
do co Sawed.... 500®....
doSo. 2 Skwed 3.50®....
Lath, y 1000 feet, sawed SCO®....
Cincinnati Seed Market—Oct. 31,
A fair demand for Tlmothyat $2.G532.73 from store.
Cover may te qnotcl at J6 75®7 M for old. Ko new
yet In the market. Flax isnomloal,none offering.
Baltimore Seed Market-Oct. 20.
AH varieties move slowly, bat prices *re maintained,
receipts being light. Clover we quote at [email protected]*.S7K
as to quality. Timothy at [email protected], Flax seed at
E2.G5a2.75 4 bn.
Ocean Freights at New York— 0ct.20.
To Liverpool, I£PO brU flour at Is 7*d, and SO.OOObu
■wheat C&Ckii. Prussian bark with petroleum to Bris
tol Channel Cs 9d. Two foreign vessels to HavrejSome
«argo. Ce &C®7«. To London, per steamer, 1,003 boxes
bacon Eos; 8000 boxes cheese and 5,000 flrklns batter at
Cincinnati Salt Marltet—Oct. 31.
Tbesarket Si urcbanged and quiet at SiGSoC iot
OWo Bl?er. swioa City and Kan awn a; 50c la toe n=m
-1<)»1 rate ft r Turk b liitnd. and sfl per big for coireo
liTerpcoU .
Toledo Grain Mnrkct-Oct. 31.
lUcolTCd.l7.sra bn wheat. Wh»6t-Sa!e, early ttU
roomcß. O.BOu bu ho 2 red at $12.. Arerflrst New
Torknpo.t ia:«blsoohu.6sDoDti n**-®?**** I }*
M'ch'gaaat sl4i There 1* notaiacdoW«latorßor
call Thepilceaor otcer grains are nominal.
Cleveland Grain Market— Oct. 31.
BtcciTcd. 7 000 bn wheat. 1 j»0 bn cam.l.aOOba oats,
7CO bn barter. W*.eat daii and oieXtoe only
a*ie i epom d at the Board wat l car at
•UO. Bale* SM-eid»y afiorsoon 1000 bn red from
Here at $121; 3 c*ra choice do do at sl3*. Corn-
Bales yeaurr ay utter barge 1 car from atore at fc.c;
$ can do at 90c. Cats- Sale 3 cats on tack at Mo.
Bt. Louis tVarfeeta-Oct.tn.
’ Wh» at was Ip liber*! receipt, and havers
In hnyloeme'ium iu) l«iwgra‘Os on rather more ft*
voraMe terms Sales comm *»i 7.0W sk* at 51 W3 t .'*s
Dbo for fair fall to eitra choice. ... .
There was a pretty fa’r market f.r corn, wlta sales
“‘oY^ere ‘I.toSS of 2,10) 858 at 73877 c per
'barley was stiff, with. aal*s of TOT ska spring, at $1 Si
pi 45, ano »0 aka Call at $1 tf®l TO V bn, exclusive of
*n>e»asfirm,and brought Stooolo3 5* bu.eiclu*
' was soli at 10c F & In Ucrccs. Nothing
trußßiircolnprovi-ions .
Wr buy was iiniet, with small sales at for new
arrSTcPpalfo oil. -*•,«!«
Hav was scarce a&d very Ann, with sales at 51303
IJOPlOifta. • ..
■ TmmsDiT Ermcnro, Oct. a, 1365»
BEEP C iTTLE.—The receipts of Beef caltle at the
various yards during the day amount to about 2,900
and the entered sales to 2,814 h»ad at prices ranging
from ft 60 to $3.6 C; the principal number of sales have
bccnrrarc Horn 531033.03. For tnciom and good
shipping stock there baa been a fair demand, bat for
anything beyond there have been no receipts, and
consequently no sales by which to estimate the value
of prime’.stock rn the market at present'' Common
stock, of which there has bcennolaekln tb&recelpts
ofto-day,is bat little In demand, amt prices hare
been very low, so moch so that la most Instances
the lots are disposed of on private terms. •It
woold be well, however, for the beneflt or
Fanners who keep sending their thin stock In, P
the*e terms were publle, as It would probably In many
cases Induce them to keep their stock fora better mar
ket. Thasales ofto-dayladlcatea falrdcmand both
amongst shippers and packer*, amongst whom many
of the largo buyers have been In tbe market to-day.
Greechtum s Id limn 19 av IH6 as. at 12.23
At sms st laTorcer ft Mitchell 16 s*. 1.027 B-, «t S3 SO:
G, Bnbei A Co. cold Rosenthal 87 ar. 1480 a*, at $3 GO,
Kt btiu told Pvlfctd 15 aV. 1 016 a*. a* $2 40.
«dan t sold Mallory IS ar. 902 As. At S3l2tf-
Merc* »oldPol*tdß4av,l«wai *t|2so
Wire * Co seid Kshn. Jam, 18 at. 993 as. at $3.13:1
TVblktr told Qrety.baatn2sav.l.Cso as. at $37,00 V
Hurolej sold Grcenhaum 25, ar. 1100 at *27. CO Phcad.
y n t and Co so u Kent ACo S6, ar IWI jss at $3 60.
pierce sola Ecwarrs « Smith 20,av. 1109 aaats3rt).
Kb odes A Newman sold Kent * Co. 49, ar. 12-0 as at
Kubcl & Rcinneman sold Williams ITS, ar. 1132 as at
$325 *
Kdscrmau told Poland 68, ar. 1009 as at $3 25.
Kyle solo nußhlC av. 1156 at 90.
• Polan icH Kat,n,.lun. 23, ar. 872 as at $1 CO.
Koberts coin huff Si, ar. 783 as at $l6O.
. Alcerecn sold Keller 16. ar 918 as at $3 37>$.
fctewartßOluDQSb22 t av, JMSppats
Hubei a Co. t old w UUams 34, av IWU as at $3 73.
dobmon sold Uufcel a Co IS, av. 961 as at $3 31. -
Frye A sold Morris & Co 37, av 933 as at $3.49.
Acnms 101 l Mums «t C >. 26, av. 838 as at
Ha-Uni s sold Ge-Ur S2. av. 1013 as at $3 90.
Atams sola Evans 16, av.901 as a -$3 SO ■
Ar sms sold Hancoca 85, ar. 972 as at $3 SO.
Brlaistaff soln Konkin 13. av. 10C6asat$tjs, -•
Knlßhi sc la Hancock t2, UI2 as at $3 65.
Stiong sold Evans 53, av. 108 as at $2 SO
Leach sola Hancocks*, ay 1225 as at $360.
• Nelson cold Moore 16, av. 936 as at 94 00.
lioi.crt' eolo HaococK 65, av. 1142 as at $3.(0.
Haetiocb sold liatcocklO. ar. 90S, at $2lO.
Olacot- sola imrke 15, av 110 Bn at $2lO.
Hookies sol-1 Kci t a Co 2*. av. 11-5 as at S3 00.
Adams sold I.cland ft Co 2s, av. 1078 as at 84,00.
Kaufclu tola Evans 13.nv.92l as at $250.
Ac* ms told Wicker* Co. 30. av. 1014 as at $335.
Adam* sold Kent * Co. 100, av. 1122 as at S3OO.
Gregory sold Kents 89, av* 1213 as at $3.50.
Mackat sold Lelano a Co. 83, av.-1171 as nt $3.40.
Kail sold Lelaml A Co. 25, av. 1052 as at $3 35.
Loom's ft Co. sold Kent a Co. 13, av. 1030 as at
Powell sold Kent ft C. HB, av. 1114 as at $3 SO.
Boon aolu Kent ft Co. 37. av. 1050 as at $i 23
Blackburn sold Hancock 49, av. 1135 as at $3.63 X. I!
DOGS—The receipts at tbe various yards during the
day ameunt to about 10,500 bogs, and tbe entered sales
to B,££2, at prices ranging from SI SQQS 03 for prune fht
corn-fed hogs; from [email protected] for medium to good
sblpplcg grades; from $3.50(33.03 for common; and
from $2 OC®3 00 for inferior. Although so large an
amount of business has been done both among ship
pers and packers, yet the market - bos been scarcely so
firm as yesterday, and the sales made sbowadeclluc
offo®2oc on our last quotations; tbls, however,ls
more especially seen on medium to common grades.
The sales colored to-day do cot Indicate the whole
business transacted, as a large number have been sold
' hut not ns let weighed, owing to the miserable weath
er cf the afternoon and evening.
Hoes. AT. Price. Hogs At. Pnce. flogs. At. Price •
no:.. S» .«410 l-SIT.. BS3 .9195 I 97... 2J0....£175
103 .. 23...4.15 I 50,.,.190...863 j 100 .. 210 450
iy... 2ss .410 iea a 5...4,50 ) ios .. w: 410
50. . 844... 425 I 50 . 812.. 422# 97 .. 193... .390
150.. 280.. 4S |JS6 .. 181..275 i 46....232 ....373
16.. 813...5H) I 60....288...4 70 I 49 ...210 ....4CO
K».„ 159...380 C 0... 281.. 4 55 55....310 423
GO . 1U7...500 140 250,..415 (3....190 373
115.. 20S ..400 52... 271...4 40 50....2i0 390
63.. 160...8,60 !45 .. 2H...420 00....137 ....4W
19 217...3.95 143 . 251...4.23 37... SOS ...,4.C0
116 ’2M .4CO 155 .. 23H.. 410 50 253 423
150.. 251...4 F3 53 .. »8...413 91... 231 4.20
C 7... a 3.. SE6 CT .. 219...4.20 R1... 251 ....423
& .. 211.. 412K 40... 227...420 56....190, ~..3,50
5«I" 250...4 10 50....173... 4.50 101 . 197. ....3,33
C 0... 235 .440 201....199.. 405 132 .. 213 ~..413
60.. 190.. 870 113....280...485 71....173 3.50
1(6... 138...8.75 90.351...411 121 ...ISJ ....8,50
fS ~ 218-.4.10 122 7. 152...8.60 29 ...5C0'....5.00
61.. 311 .400 53....220...425 SO .. 23 425
449.. 191.. 390 ' 95....22*1...390 43....213 ....4JO.
215 2C6...375 S3 .. 261...4.55 34 ...ISO .. ,2,00
103.. 216...4.00 50 .. 173...8X0 133....313 .... 1.73
SIIEEP-Thc receipts of lAt Sheep hayj been for
some time rutrery light, and consisted generally of
tmall lota suitable lor city butchers; for anything be*
yond this, there has been little demand. Pile-share
consequently rarled but little. Stock Sheep still ar
rive In large numbers, and aresldppet through west*
. «U
. 149,413
. 9,670
. 133,031
.125 V
. 86V
Bale to-day s 157 Sheep, averaging 103 tts, at SI 23.
TntmsniT Evening, Oct. 23.1585.
FREIGHTS • Quiet ana steady The engagements
■were: To BUFFALO-iehr Live Oak, with wheat, at
Hr; sciirs Tu o Fannies and Naiad, wltn oat*. at 8c;
sebr W. U. Goffe, with com, at 9£c. To Oswego
sohr Pilgrim, with wheat, (to load at St. Joseph,) at
FLOURr-Received to-dav.io,4s4brls; ehlaped.336
brls. Market almost entirely neglected. bales: 100
brla “Becker's Doable Extra* at $6.50; SCO brls chol-e
spring extra at 25 50; ICO brls “ iYacotuu'* at |S.CO; 100
brla spring super at 23 50.
11RA N - 20 tons Bran In bulk at SIS 25 on track,
WHEAT—Received. 107,519bn; shipped, 17sou bu.
Market occllned Xcalc ¥ bnshel, but ana
closed firm. Bales w ere: Winter Wheat in store -
400 bu Rejected lied in store at 2100. Sfbino Wheat
ix fcioßE—],ouo bu No 1 Spring In store at gi i4X: 17,030
bn co at 210»X; 5.000 bu do at 21.04 V; 18 OCO bu no at
21.15: 7JCO bu do at 81 CDS s 2,000 bndo at SI.OC s 41,000
bu No 2 Spring at2l.t 1;(OC00bu doatflOlX: 13,000
bucoat 21C2; 12.C00 bu co at SI.C2K; 3,000 buco at
$1.(3; obu do (In 8. B. & Co's) at 21.00 V: 1.600 bu Re
jected Spring In store at 06c; 2.'j00 bu do at 93Xc: SCO bn
Cu at 06<--- ao bu “No Grade * In store at £Wc.
COHN—Kicrtved, 73514 bn; shipped. 13000 ba,
Market decllaed 1c ptr bnshtl Sales r-Rivke and
Canal Corn—s 5(0 bn No. 1 Corn atloat t* 7oX®; 5 5;0
bu do -at tsc atlnau Cobnut Stock—3oCo ba No l
Comat77Xc:6CCoba do at«7c; IMCCbudoetTSX-:
3.0:0bu fto 2 Corn atlGcs 13 oCobadoat7sXc; 18% oa
dost 75c: 600 bn do (In North Side houses) at Tic; ICO
bo *No Giade" corn In More at TOc.
... 1570
114 7760 SCO
173 IS&S 25.1!
83 24039
..i 2000
ItytaTple:—!so b»ga Corn on track atßOc; lOOba
••po Grace’* Ccrn on rack aC7ic.
OATsS-Received, 61SM bn; chipped. S3 CCObu. Mar
ket opened bear; aid dail. bate os«d steady and firm
bat vr.tcom any material ebazse la cnccs Sales:—
ICCO DuNol oats In noro&tMj; cscoobado atssKc;
P.fiOO ba doatss*C; S3 CEO Da do at 5Cc; 4 COO bn do ( o.
b.HMHc; S.ftODaN 0.2 oata tasters at Me; l.Otf ba
ao fcts4*C: 12(0 bo do at 54* c; 5,(00 ba do at 53c.
By i ample l &co ba No 1 oats in Damans at Gsc del;
ISOhn’istedoav6Ce<*ei; 150 burlap* No3Uat«atCtc
R YU-Itecelwo. 4.025 on: shlpptd. none. Market
att&cy. Sales:—s,(Co bo No 1 Bye la stO'e stSSc; 2.300
tc i*o a:B7vc; 800 doNo2Kyoto score atß7c.
BARLEY—Received. W. 454 ba. Market dan and
2®3- lower, fftlefl—ico ba No 2 Barley la store at
f U6K: *OO bn do at slls.
By simple:—lCT Dags at $1.30; 107 tags at 91.23; and
113 D»c»a* 51 23 oc track. „
AliCOnoli—swacy at *1 OSOI4O per gallon.
. imoiini CORN—In active demand aid arm
&a'« » 2 tors prune at 1 183 to per ton.
BEANsi - lie ms.ketia very doll. w*tb adownward
unetney. Salet;—lso ba prime at 1339; 43 bags at
52 W
BUTTER—Market sot ro active. The quotations
of s csierduy Dave not aa yet changed. We quote:
c-hoice Dairy, in modes .........21023c
CDclceKirkm .'..£iokic
Kali to good do .................I9oh)c
Common 19019 c
COFFEE-Brtik demand and prices rale Arm with
an nr.wara tendency. Wo quote;
5ant05....... 86 (357 C
java , *0 «4l o
Bio. common to felr... S3KOS3 c
KIO.LOCd to prime SJStejß c
Bio. choice.... .. „.......3»3i®33 > c
CHEEriE-llamburg in fair supply, Western Re
6«i tc very Arm and the supply limited. Market toler
ably active. Weqnote;
Hamburg.. ...............11X015
WcsrernTlCferve .. ....13*011
nilnolaand Wisconsin.... ? ©IS .
EGGsi-Market tolerably active and supply limit
ed. iticcs nrm Issi6c * dor . •
FISli - WerrEFlsH—Market active and Arm at $5 09
«525 for No l. Troux—Demano very-limited. We
quoteNolats4 5C04.75. MACKJtKKL-Slnrket very ac
tive, and owing to o large demand East,prices are very
Arm with an op«ara tendency. Codfish—Market ac- '
tive and very firm. Receipts still leas than the de
mand. Pickled Hsßßisoa-Quotednomlnally.tbere 1
being scarcely any in the market. Weqnote;
Noi Wbltenab-biir Dili... pa.w 08.25
Ko2 “ “ 162 ©IST
NolTront |* I® ®*.75
No 2 Trout ' 4.00 @4.25
No.lMackexel,new,?lialfbrls 9.50 019.59 -
No X 00 old, do 8.50 ©7.5)
No; 3 do 9&n>r1.... BJO @7.00.
Mackerel,kltß 250.03:75
•• Family 173 0»oi
Codflsb. Georgia Bank, * 100 85,.........
Cod flab. Grand do do 6.50 06.75
No. 1 Dxledßetrlngllboz »-a a
Scaled “ 65 & 75
Pickled Herrings 6.C0 0700
FRUITS-GHEEN— Apples—Winter varieties are
In good supply and the market la tolerably active and
fl>m GbaPXs are In good demand. Isabella's are
plentiful, but Catawba's scarce. Prices rule Arm at
our piesent quotations. Cbandkbsjks—Market active
and Ann. Lemons are In good supply and prices rule
easy Ciatssura—Bmk demand and in better supply.
Prices rule 50c lower. We quote; „ '
Green Apples V on. f1.7502.2S
Crab ApDies.V basket & 50
Grapes, Isabelle 8 0 9
Grapes,Catawba... U @ MX
Grapes.commmon.Ftt ,5- 0-7
Cranberries, 9 brt 19.W 0 12.00
Lemons. box. .. 10.00 01200
Snlnces, per barre1.............. 8,00 0 9.cQ
FRUITS—CRIED— Apples—Market rather active
anoints pply of new fruit moie liberal. Baiacra—
Receipts of uew trait very limited and prices rale Arm
at S3 ((<3535. CuBKANTS-Stocks of old fruit are very
light and owing to there being aa yet no new fruit In
the market there la ilttie demand. Almonds v«xy
Arm. wtib an upward tendency, We quote;
Prime N. T. Dried Apples 6*3 7*
Ohio and Michigan Dried. Bfc« 7
Unpared Peaches, 5 a 7
Pared do 12 0 14,
Balatna—Layers' 9 box LS7>jas.rO
Currants, V b old. 17 0 18
g.* 8.
S S |
do Cherries - 30 0 22
HIGH WlNES—There Is a firmer feeling among
holdei*. but nnyera generally refuse to pay any at
vanco. Sales:—loo bria In two lots *t 55c. 1 ■_ ,
Ilipys-Oeoe demand and In fair supply. Prices
rule Arm. Wequcte:
Green country. BH® 9
Green BaltM.. ’SSSS 5 *
Green Fart Corea nS^SJSu
DrvFUnt «... .....19 020 ••
LEATHER-Xhe demand for hearty au desqrlp-.
Hors 01 Leather continues active at hit oar ptlcea..
Btocka on hard are light. Linings and Beans are
Ugh and tcarce. Weqnote:
Harness', S »... »Vg£iCc i SlangMer’a 501e...
Tine ’•• ... 41042c1 bnenos Ayres S2®«_lo
a. " ;;;siSn s ‘BSS,?nv::;;::lli§
E±; 883;
TTarn«B Cfcft ... 43®45C FrenchSo(Sl4s
«r<n vmw gs/s&c S3oJ.. I'-* l ®...
cl& K?! 7- *l«®.~ LaMotat,® cloz.6# OOail OO
t thtiitifit —Eeceipta continue light and consider*
“sifIVGIES-Oooa fleiraad hi* prtts. ru!a Aim.
SH«tosMPHtiaMolSOCMQrl!<ml!ajS«ea A. at
H Tte fo'lopltg ire mo clctlsg ocotatJois forlmnssr.
rcmHH S2X&.__...
ISiadCle£pF!oo&*.rough. SnSI&IS
Common rough. 24.00®a0$
Bldlrg ciear.dreactd.
Second t-lear
Second Common d 0...
LOCR Jclitl.
Shaved ghtnclce, A 9 tL,
Btarad Shlnp-’er 1’0.1....
ceosxetna*. c. ........
SiwedShingxiA,... -
Sawed 4.009 423
Uth.ll lOOOpet 4 509 ....
PcSte.* —~ g-ISd l ** o
Pickets . .. ..... 16209
NAV AT* STOBES-Maiket very acUro aad price*
T I S‘..!!. e .H"SS 00015.001 Manilla Hope. J79U
Ptch 10.00®25.00 Hemp. 0»-
ftoJla 50.00®.... iLathTarc K0.1... 015*
fSintlne.... 5-7594.00 | M^a
ONIONS-Marietactlre The rupply IsTarybm
lieo aecpticearele Cna at $14091 M per too. ■ '
4i11.»-Va:ke*-to)er*biTactlTß aid firm. Carbon
sntsLu-iecdarelßiatlierbeueriappty. Tbademand
la, hoverer, very aclre. Woqnoto;
Cariftß Oil beat-white To32®
Carbon OD, yellow 70c
b»» Lwe«/ on f aaiso
BrledLnseed Oa - 1 £03155
OQ*e o-i.bnlk. X2w35)
wr ale tm wb 1.2501.50
:.rr* lsoiso
Chile oa. J 1531.28
L*-«l otf. Summer. • .. as;* so
L*?rt on, win-.er HT ar<3i “0
mcuoe ou T - aval oc
ou .tvrrrv..7r.
kf«cra<-t 4CG» S)
PBOVISSIONS-'i»«m' , oiik—Varßßtioll ml us
il-cvd -odn.nl Laui>— uml and lover.
8» e?;-15C crcapr tse kti-ie Lire tachsaca c* Deals
tm ft*»t MatiPftn.
Pt>TATOES-ltoma;k*t la active and li batter
supply. »»n »o • isrnat>€ nixed poUt.» atha
i*sot osc»lt»aoeprlceileahtm. Woqoots:
Neuaneockß? bn, ~ TOOSo
bead-B oh«, 4 * aViTJc
O mint'll, * 4 530C0c
S»e«*iP<U*o*» $1.753’.80
Sale*’r.tfaj 400 bun Nethancocks at7sc; 400
bn Pck s>i a< dPi tea Wo vs a: Tie; ICC ba siitol
ac 100 • 6CO *u C-.n»taut »t Me.
SAI.ERA* l'S-*»rlet tolerably aeil»o aad
p*ictefirm. Wenoteaaalyaaceofon all brands,
Babbitt's Best .........AVOW o
•* pun... ....••••••..
DeLaad's Chemical PHtegXe
- Ileal thy &3HO
STEAltlNE—Market actire and Ann. Wsosiw:
Single l're;Bcd ...W3IOKR
Double “
tfPICES-Btltk demand aid price* yetrAna, fro
pepperptt 3J
aliSolce *7 @2*
Caraia f«ss
CIoTM ..55 6*.—
SUHARB - Demand very active botii for Kaw and
ReOoeQsngaia, ana prices firm with an upward ten
rentry. Woq ole
New oncana
Porto Rico
A*Fortiud.'.!'. -
N Y.Kcflncd. powdered and grinoUte*.,..,l7K«l7X
White aTTZ.
Extra B
Extra,C .-.}9
Chicago A *45 t&tt*
Cbtrayoß ...
SYKUPS-Market tcit active and Ann. Amber
-ye»jsiarce. Sorabnm we Quote nominally,aa there
Is little ir any In the market Wequote:
Chicago^agar —— jyßJi
Chicago Golden. t- 'SJSIi
Cbicaao Amber— *s^Ci
B.T. errapi
Golden Syrup • t i9«2
Sorghum WQ*J
Do.ruflned C«CS
Ke« Orleans-. ~ . . .5805*
SEEDS Intornr—ln better demand and market
6c higher. Sales to-day ; SOS ska prime at SI 22*5.60 bn
at *2.20; 119 bps In lot*, and 107 tors—all at $2.;5 Ftvx
—2l bn inJmo at S3 £0:13 bags at $2 25. Gloyeu -10 ba
at 4623
SAXT-Marbet for Doirasno steady at $l7O for
Fine fobeiqw la doll New Ground Alum la held at
S2J2s9rack,without rnyers. Wequote:
DOEurio-ununaagaFine....- $2.70®....
** Eaginaw F1ue.2.70a...
Coarse ................ 2.75 a....
u Ground Solar 3.75 a....
u Dairy .with tacks 475 a...
44 Dairy, without taeka........~«.« S.Oa ...
FOEKIQX-Q. A. 9 sack offflO ft*.... J2.20a2.25
Turk’s Dland.fi sack of 110 83.. 1.G5&...
Caclz. f» sack of 2SO ms 3,73 a...
Trepannl, tn bulk » On 603&3*
To-day the sales were:l.6oobrU Domestic Fine at
$2 70 cel; &o ska Liverpool Dairy Salt, at $3.10 9 sack
of_2£s Ba. . / _* -j. _.
TOUACCO—'There Is a more icUta demand »*d
prices tale fiimer, nitb an upwara tendency. We
3 note:
tandard Se.lOe.aodX
** . fte ana fancy..
InJeriorandOutfUe braadi._
Cut In lair request. We quote:
Biema JiKaUHc Gold Leaf. 80c
Mlsssourl 13 «isj<c Bonny Side 73c
0 13 V ®1 Ic C. Harris ; SO c
00 15c Sponge CaVe Si 50
000 .*. ..UKttSOKc Char ley's choice 70s
TAIitiOW- -Market Ins active mad hard y so firn.
Gt pact ita we cote a decline of }»cptt ». neqa i'a;
GioiceUty Packers 0911
City Bcichers .. lOJSOU
Country 10 QIOK
daleste-day 50tarla Packets at lie; 15.00® »» pno.e
Con» t»v atlOUc
TEAS—nmt demsxd, and owing to the Halted re*
ceipia of all Green T? ea.p lets rule ve;y firm, wita mu
pnwarc tencency We qccte; .
Young Eteoo, common to very due fl.icai.u
GuapowaarsT! 1.1001.70
Soachongt 85ai.ro
(tolnnp ......... 80S1J9
jaran7T. 1.050UM
WOOl*—'Thera tsaimie mere activity la ih3 mar
ket and a good demand fof allnrulitlei receipts are,
however, still vtiy linJted, Pxlces ruls Arm, We
S*lne ticccc .630550
Medium fieeeru.. ...CSaSu
Tnl» Wasted Cs®67c
WOOP—Mcrtetarttreard arm. We quota oy tao
cargo—frrch *5000523: Slapto *3.'*0a0.25; BTcVnrv
|GrrO7.CC. Delivered—Beech Wstia7,Co: Maple W.M
08.50: Hickory* $8.1008.50.
Tlic Foreign markets.
Per Steamer Hibernian.] [Bt Telegraph.
Liverpool, Oct. 12,
Cotton— Excite ’, and Id advance on Amdricaa and
Egyptian, and MU Sarata.
bbeaom uffs- Generally steady. The usual autliT
licsrtrott flour steady. . , ’
Grain— 'Wheat firmer. Cora firm: mixed 2T©2os
Provisions- Quiet and steady. Beef quiet. Pork
quiet. Bacon steady. Lord quiet. Tallow steady.
I*mtoixcai-Qulct nnd steady.
London, Oct. 12, ISO.
. BnzADSTCTT?— Steady. . _ ~ _ .
* Groceries— Sugar quiet and &rm. coseeurm.
LyVBBPOOL, Oct, 12,1363.
Cotton—Advanced id.
Provisions- Quiet and steady. ,
Stocks- Consols closed at 92j;@33 for moneys Illi
nois Central shares ISMOI'K clacoont; Erie CBS Cl.
Lzvzspool, Oct. 13,1363—N00k.
Cotton—The probable rales to day alii reach 30,000
bales. Market excited, very active and buoyant, with
as advance of Xd. -
BBXADsrryrs—Quiet and steady.
Cincinnati Market.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune]
CINCINNATI, Oct. 22,1368.
■Whisky— A good demand and market firm. Sslei
4t'Cbrlaatss(3ssXc-tte Utter rate for wagon.
Psoti»iokb—A dull zsa'kev Old city mess pork
was offered at sl2 75, find prime cltylud at lOKt*
Nothing trasi;!red la balk meats or bacon, bat both
are held firmly, owing to the Urge Government ds
New York Markets—Oct, 22.
Cotton—Doll at &s<3S6c for mlidling uplands.
Fiocn—Market opened doG, bat clnsea ra»h-»r more
steady, with mode ».te dimacrt. Pilcas without de
cided change; 55.tPa5.06 for extra state; $3 7C®».9t for
comtontoablpplng brand extra roand-hoopohlp,
V HlßKßY.—Ashece firmer, 61X®-X
WnkAT.—Oteced very dull atd ncavy, out with the
avvaccolueolda falroemana sprung np and a fair
bueUcss was transacted at about one ceut deercu.—
Market closed quiet acd firm at $1,2531,30 Chicago
sprlrct Mil Club; amberfo*
«t; felASaf 1,87 .winter, red western; |1,[email protected],43 *am*
ter, Midi.
Coen.— Opened quite heavy and closed quiet and
rather more steady; shipping mixed western afloat sl.
cats— Opcicd cull; closed firmer at T3(3TB for
proTisrejfß—Pork heavy and declining; sale* at
sl4 [email protected] 62 K fur old mesa; 5133'X315.57}S for new no;
®il,7sai2JXHor new prime; gi3 00Q16.M tor new prime
mcfp. Within a few days past too Government boa
purchased 10,0(0 brls, mostly prime mesa, at JiS 54
lictf qci*t; prime mess quiet. Beef hams quiet and
steady. Lam heavy and ceclinlng, at [email protected]>sc, the
latter an outside quotation.
Oswcko Market—Oct* 33.
Flows—-St eady.
Gmi in—Wheat dro-rlac; No. 2 Milwaukee club
fl 25; winter red. SI Si. Corn scarce aid no sales,
lijrley loser. Bjolndemand. 'Oats and Peas quiet.
. Canai.FsniouTS—yionrwoilc, wheat Uc.toHew
Canal Expcet9-23,000 bn barley, 25.000 ba cats.
21,(t0bup<aa; ■ ■
?oa* op
AKBrVKD October 21
Stmr Sea Bird, Pobst, Two Elvers,’sundries.
Bark M 11 OolTo,McCavv , Unffnlo.lpiO Lrla salt.
Bark Kfljad, Wilcox, Buffalo, 3,500 brls ’alt.
Bark E, C. L, Downing, Oconto, ISO m lumber, 40 m
Bark Norman, Ferguson, Ut'le Ssnmlco,l9o m lam*
her CO m lath.
Bt Ig F. B. Gardner, Bather, Green 8ay,210 m lumber.
Brig David Ferguson, Carroll Buffalo, I,ICO brls bait.
Schr Rambler, Pngb. Mac Istcc, to m lamner.
Scbr Abigail, Cullotio, MaMsiee. 110 m lumber.
Schr Live Oak.Thlmef*, Cecbur River, 150 m lumber.
Schr il. E. Massey, GliTuoy,Green Bay, ISO m lamoer
7<) m lath. •
Schr Jane Louisa, Train, Centreville, 65 cds wood.
Schr It. B. Klng.Wllklson, SC. Joseph, £2 c *a wood.
Scbr Plow Boy, Brown, Buffalo, 230 tons coal
Schr Jupiter,Thompson,Buffalo 2£otoasccaL
Scbr Fox, Fox, Bnfialo, 1,125 brls salt.
Schr Plight. Chi I turn. Bay City, 133 m lumber.
Schr St James,' Shea Eric. 313 tons roaL
PchrMiddlesex Davis,Cievelan-i,420 tonsroaU
Schr WmSandiraon, Williams, Oswego, £0 tons rail
road Iron.
ScbrCorthagenlan, Hays, Oswego, 32) tots railroad
lroD,l,2Gobtlssalt. • . . *
Scbr J B Penfleld, Becker, Oswego, 2,444 brls salt.;
Scbr Calcutta, Long. Jennings’ Bier, IPS cds bolts.
Schr Geo H Roberts. Kelson, Centrovllle. cds wood.
, SourlYm Smith, Smith, Grand Haven, ihO tons gyp*
Scbr C North, Monroe, Sheboygan, 63 cds wool.
Scbr it B Campbell. Cumerfora, Oconto, U3 m lam-
ScLr iioroct, Acderaon. Brown’s Pier, 35 m staves.
Scbr Shanghai, Dali. Ballev's Harbor, l r ß cos wooL
Schr A J iuch, Crawforo, Bay City,-93 m lumber,
Schr J S Harvey, Hansen, Oconto, ISO m lumber.
Scow Blacktawtf, Ulnton. Mosseyoi, idoeda bolts.
Bark Tw iUgtt, Vance. Bay City, 2,330 brls salt.
CLEARED..... Oct. 21,1863
Stmr SeaßlrJ, Pahst, Two Liven, sundries.
ITop C klcars, Blodgett. Lincoln, sundries.
PrcpßrockvUle. Moat, Montreal, 410 hrls flour, 100
btlapork. , .
Bark Mary £ Ferew.Bromon, Buffalo. bn oats.
Bark Monarch Felon, oCihoroe.lD.rwha wheat,
Scbr Minot MltchelL tUce. BuffaUo, 9,150 bu rye.
Scbr T*b Brothcra/McDonald, Colooroc, 15,000 bn
wll “ t ' abkived .....octa.
Stmr Comet, Morgan, Two Livers, sun Dies
Prop Buckeye, Chapman, Ogdensbnrgh, sundries.
Prop Kenosha, Hewitt, Goderich, snndrleß,-130 m lum*
Bark l herabusco, Chamberlain, Oconto, 23 m lath, 130
m lumber.
Bark Naomi, Hall, Buffalo, 200 tons coal.
BrlgLoweU, Simons, Menominee, 130 m lumber.
Brig Alexander Mitchell, Burns, Menominee, 115 m
Schr J H Kcwhoose. Gats?, Port Colborne, 200 m lum
Schr D Kewhaß, Aibbe, Eagle Harbor, ICO cds wood.
Schr L C Irwin. Taylor. CeatrevUle, 58 Cds wood.
Scbr Mariner, Kelson, CentrevHle, 90 cds wood.
Scbr 11 Spencer, Wlgiand, Centrevllle, Tt cds wood.
Scbr Albany, Panlson, Kewanee,Bl cds woo l.
Schr John Webber, Floyd. Green Bay, 145 m lumber.
Schr Perry Hannah, ConflelJ, Grand Traverse. 193 m
Scbr Norway, Eaeson, Kewanee," 80 cdswood.43 cds
Schr Meridian, Woelnaugb, Oconto, 140 m lumber.
Schr Erie, Lanson, Manitowoc, 4CO m shlnzlea
SchrMoafauk, Nlckolson, Oswego. 3JWO brls salt.
Scbr Guide, Johnson, Green Bay, loj m lumber, lmi m
Schr Charlotte. Fulton, - Centrevfll", 125 cds wood.
Scbr Pilgrim, Higgle, Green Bayjio mlnmber.
Schr Gesone, Donovar, Manitowoc, 70 cds wood.
Schr Gen W scott, Morgan, Cleveland, 320 toss coal.
Stmr Comet, Morgan, Two Elvers, sundrlM.
Prop Bnckeye, Chapman, Ogdensburgb. 1500 brls flour,
Prop Lady Franklin, Hinckley, St Joseph.
Drop J Barber, Robhlns, St Jotepb, sundries.
Schr Clayton Belle, Salih, Oswego. bn wheat.
Scbr Jnntter, Thornton. Buffalo, 13,b00 bu wheat.
Schr Norway. Eaeson, Kewanee.
Schr Transit, lloag. Manitowoc.
SdrExperiment, Hill. Manitowoc. -
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Beidozpobt, Oct, £-V 1563.
Louise, Joliet.
Chas. B. Pope, La Salle, 81,500 feet lumber.
W. Mcrrlaro. La Ballc, 37.253 feet lumber, "0,000 lath,
SO.OuO shingles.
Oitario, La Salle, C 3 Se3 feet lumber, 40,000 lath, 175.C00
Kankakee, 27,129 feet lumber, :
Ocean Spray, Ottawa.
Glasgow, Ottawa.
Antelope, La Salle,lSSbrls salt. ... , ,
imperial, loekport, 10.560 feet lumber, 133,000 shingles:
Deet Park No. 2. LiUca.
D C. Norton. Aliens.
Time, Morris. 70,0(0 feet lumber, 10.C00 lath,
Commotion, Loekport. feet lumber.
Drill. Morris.
E Burnham, Prison. - •
Orator, La Salle, 20,203 feet lumber, 13,000 feet siding,
70,Ca shingles, ■ , r ■ •
Danube, Ottawa;
E. Burnham, Prison,
p. Nortbrnp, Pnton.
Reliance, La Salle. 157 tons coat
Barton, Utica,3,lCO bo wheat, 3,CCObu corn,
Kennebec, Prison, 8,448 bu oats.
Advance. Athens.
Lady Franklin, Ather s.
B. F. Gale, Athens
Asia. La Salle, 8,000 bu wheat, bu com, U0 brla
Dolphin, Ottawa, 9.5C0 bu oats.
Onward, Jollet,Sßcoba corn»7Cobubarley.
Investigator, Athens.
Desolate, Athens,
tv alter Smith. Athens.
H, G. Loomis. Athens.
....... woe®
....... 220W*23.0fl
....... 45 Q.
.. 100®425
...... 4.00®
Vessels passed Detroit.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trlbune.l
Dffnorr, Oct. 12,150.
Dp—Prep. Racine.
Dows—Prop Toaawanda: harks "Ware, Ellsworth,
Marsh, Champion, Chicago, 'Winslow, Massillon, Mer
rtmao,Ster,Addaißoa: brigs .Monitor, Roscius, Pow
hattsn,Banner; achrs. Grey Eagle, Colrer, Ell Bates,
Ethan Allen, Bronson, 'Avery,- Rainbow, Williams,
B‘ampede, Denman, Wings of the Morning, Kate
Richmond, Ilnbbard. Waacoma, Whaling. .Walrus,
Martin, Senator. Morren, Perseverance, Ralph Camp
bell, LnmtnU, ’.Stephea i Gold Ron tor. Rapid, Ama
Caw, Palmetto,
B*»xB 9.6bkhiabo.—lao bate D. S- Bbep*lirS.
beui d do«n wkb « cargo of cav. which toak nerd*
paitoe frotc tpt# oo tnaa»y nijit. woal a>kore
e»»tj otttae following aorateg at *a P«>ire
ion»eß(*y !C*s;ißil*ottedomn‘y, Tfeta» wissio»
«t(&M«vs panpciio otaer apparatat who wa*e& to
fleat ter ot patched to Brrreieroa Monday
ttylt. o*l. a tutb*»tr»«* t jattiva*: vied volchbo
nice ptrraMed tbeeUov.ioa cf u»a voire! war Q;
cOL*l «red m exmu c'y p'cctnou, »a<i u uao*.
creoaoi* *bc •?!* jf> »o olee»« tale** proust rcitnf u
ifloiCtdber. Shr U owned i-. huWo bi k.L 9 act
dot i»q . and wo ictra l» iciatec,—Detroit Vm
FrfW 21at .
A»noFi4 O.N Poxe Bu.vo-A tew cUiel the
vtiLft. lioutd otv.tla • »i«d l» Bo l * B;a%c
i» Bio la H eri»«rt»«io» ustr. ecert sasiuo lemniaad
tbecutUu*ed«7B acs!3 pxob«biy vnere ice eta
.mUm 20 Silicon <*taȣo. ft ,d tie (lUbll CCaOUSJB
fc«tr eot>n-*»t-Ib.
Hereafter trains ertßUtai-* *as trr.Ti .V. CllC*£C.
JOCSZeUI TC-OT OT H«v r?s3ffiH.
S£a& . . .....
Detroit &N. Y. KxprfM. •'Jrc-O* as, •B:9op.aL.
Highs fsxprew. p. a. tf:3o *. a.
SToniri; Eipr«» "rsa l. *a_ «»1G:15 p. a.
Night Kxpreae - rhlS p. a. fliQO*.*.
Iffail_ nr*®?-*
Nerr York Expteea •T. 30 a. n. *6:80 p. a
Sxpr*sa *1:50 s. sl * 'Tuc p. iu
ExpressHtAdrUa «:15p.a». lT:80».a
Union Depot WtßtSidi,SEAr Mailrofl >*-
MailTzgSa.... £M0m.3l jMO *.m,
„ 12*1.413*
Kfcbt Expr«m ia3Qp.nu jSJOp.m.
oikb. *m Liirfi— toa critfAxopuw ait; louts ruxx
Day Express .. J7^40 1. m. ITrlO a. m.
KigbtSrprtM *8:80 p.». ißtSCp.s
UorairgMail —~ tOC*.®. 8:50p.m
Oay Exprew 7:20 a. m, 7:15 p. a.
CTghtSspttM .......... 7:15 p.m. T:4Ga.ss.
VaJ7«slepi»«CEi , n v 9:30p.a. 7;10a.m.
ty.THOB uSU idllij
rhy TtMcagM *8:30 ft. st, *4« p. sl.
Night Fassssgor .*lO-Dop.ta. *1:65 a.«.
Kankakee AecoxAOdfttiOß *&00 p. «. •
St4c Park Srftia *6:4o*. au *&CO ft. M.
•* « .*12:00 a. *l:3!ip.m,
« *3:aop.«. *4: sop.m.
« w *6:15 p- a. •'MOp.w,
feall Ws3£C£br *8:30 ft. •'fcOQ ft. s
KU’sti'oaiieft&fi; i&4sp. rs. ftW p. nr
Toilet and Wmnlngtoa Ac
ccmnalfttloa—. *4:00 s*. Bft
mnv jiwm
'£ay Kxpreea ana Ma 11... *fcCOt,m. **s:2o p. a
JoHet Accommodation... *t4sp.ic. *B:sdi.ia.
STijiitKxpreM t&SOp.s. f&ltfAm.
Pay JSzprrts and Mail.,.. *8:50 a. m. »5. , 38t». sl
Kigbti&preaa t8:l5 o. n. 18-SO a. m.
Accommodation *4:50 9. tf, *9"JO a. a.
Ttaleb as follow, on and Sunday
April 19,1863:
Faltoa, Faase-Egcc; 8:00 a,», 9:56 p. m.
Fulton Fuaeager...., ..*B3O p. », Aooa. ol
Freeport Passenger.........9:Cti a. at. £56 p. sl
Freeport Paeseos«.... .8:10 p. at. . 830 a. la.
RocVfOli- r^ctaryoxßlT*
er *rd BUtoUae! v(Mp.gt. U.-10a.*fc
G-r.-Ti *BO o. ». a. at
obxcaao Konawajiu-(tkpet comm SUa*
sle West Water streets^
•Jay irpreir. *B;4s*.ib. *s£op.ni.
Woodstock and Way *9:10 a. n.
JaneertUoAccom..... . *4: sop.a. *11:45 a. m.
Kight Sxpreaa ...........*8:30 p. a. *&Ooa.a
. .70(230
Morning Rxpreca..,..
Waukegan *
« Bundaya excepted. ♦ Baturtaj* axcepU*
Hond »tb executed.
pOB SALE.—For SSOO dollars
X casta, avm *ll. near cottaee tod »*r yeara leaaa,
magooo locally. Ko. 113 Wcet Van Barea street.
itquireoD uepiemleee.crof a. Maaaflelo,S2 North
Dearborn street. cc23o7aMt
I?OK SALE—A Saloon. An} body
*X havlogiizhusdred dollars aal wltblne to par.
ebase one of the best pajlnr it loots ta it e Chi
cago. can Bid cut psitkoltrs 07 acnrejfire U.C,"
Peat omco Box acis. oa3-oT3J2;
FDR SALE—Two first class Reei
(esces on Wah»»h Averu*.t»o‘ »tcw«
enl Tat ant If ta on Klnzle street. east cf ClatX asd
one on north CUrt meet. It **TKE3 a Tfc OMAB,
cc23-0737«2t Cor.Beatbora me Madlroam.
C'OR SALS—Largo Lots, suitable
-L fcr manufaciarlcg pnrpctss, tear the rlv ar; on
Lake, Fulton. Carroll, JcCerKin. Canal, Union and
Hstted sheets. Also. oie brick i’or* oa Market
street] bv
F!)E SALE—For Cash, a rice
little Tot of Liquors. Fcr particulars address
Post cfficeßsxinct. oc&oTJSSs
C'OR SALE.- Fsim for sale cheap,
J- containing one bandied sad seventeen acres.
Cl tee a mile* uom Ctlc*go. and rear a railroad sta
tion : la uncer a good slate of cu:;ivat*on.bss a cox*
tollable borne, un excel:tat cclar. will and cistern.
Alio.tblrty acres of timber land. and a thrifty «oosz
cxcb*td of bearing trees. CLAFLIV 4 FaT,
0c23-c715 BtFk AW 63 Clark street.
FI R SALE—A good coijucodions
Hotel Budding. f jtrtcely low. wlih' Ton? ard
advastaaeocs lease cf ground, to a am rate loc«t on
latblaclty. AddiessPott Office 8052<6. 0c23*075J3t
C'OR SAXE—Wett Side Property.
J. Ibaveforealea number cf v*ry dailraileWast
Side r esid»t ca lets, at mederate Paurea.
FOR SALE—Lot ou Michigan
Avetu* between Commerce and Ringgold 50
by 161 fort, Loton south sld* cf Commerce, or Sat
street.between Wabsthanfl Mi hUan Avenura,s)by
2CO ftet. st 150 per foot. Also, a number of boasts,
lira and luma. SAM 081 A SARQEST,
a .«• MU) IMlil.. OJUIUMI A WDtUUII ...
0c23-j>~i7 It reMEstateAgt,Ho. 4 M-trcpol'aa 81~.
FDR SALE—Two 23-inch ‘ Ssul
fiers’ Chantogo’* Fmaaces. new about one year
ago audio use aboot three months; 4fl to 50 leatof
li-ltch tin pipe sad two registers with them. one2’-
Inch McOxegor’a Stove-been ured. Also, about 30
table coußfeti. H. W.QUNT,
cc 33 cits St 76 E. Water street. 21 door.
F)K SALK —A good chafes for &
manwltb »tra.’l mc.st. The stock fixtures and
good will ut a Stationery and BotlunSlow loreale.
Now otlDw a profitable bssltera. Apply at No. 1/2
b otih Clark street. oca-076i-it
C'OR cALE.—A iare chsnoa for
I 1 Jnveitment or rpecuUtlon. Twenty acres of
Land In ire UhlithTract. tetween Btua a treat sad
Wentwoith avenue and Monterey and Buena Vista
streda Thote wishing to uuzebase mast apply soon
as the time of limited to a f*w days use-naif
of mo abeve wilt be sold ir desired. Terms easy.
Apply to QKO. M.HiQOIN&ON, Eesl An«st.
Ho 7 Metnpolitanßlcck. oc32*aSll>-6t;
E'OR SALE—Fourteen acres, with
a tw<Mtory frame building. tte first ttary Ailed
In with brick, a stable lortyfect long, ovcxahandpjd
apple, peach, pear and plant trees, five miles siath
o> this city where the Dummy Car trava'e three
tlmesadsy fbr stven-ind-a-half cents per trip: mat*
leg it I* lirteennluntcs. Also. 65 feet on the earner
orciarfc a-d Cross streets ruring west to Arnold
street 152 net, and £0 serf aof zoo l Forming Land in
SeeMnnir JOSHUABELL. iDMarketat.
CC22-063D 2t
T?OR SALE.—A good second hard
X Seller.26ftetlorgby S leeb diameter, will be
told clean for cash, her partfcnlars apply to A. W.
O. SPCOLBB. in the Mechanics’ Savl; gs Hank. No. 8
Clots street. • 0c23 0G45 St
FOB SALE—A pair of heavy
draoaht Bones. To be found on lonth side of
the Public Square on Friday morning. For particu
lars inquire ataberura office. oc23»cCri-2;
f?OB SALK—A Piato Forte- A
X 1 sp’eedld "HaCett’A Davis’* Plano, iargeatelzs,
and nearly new. and will be sold at a reasonable price,
by partial about leaving tor the East. Persona co
sting loforroattcn wilt please ad IreasP. O. Box 373.
Chicago. 111. Those wishing a cheap Instrument need
not apply. cc.S-06U.2t
C'OR SALE—A fine'stock of Car
X rlfger. of all kinds and Light Top and
Open Boggles, Standing Top Bockaways. Pars vfa
guns Cot under Fall Top B*rrouches. Csnoiogham
sad BlakHlt e A Sons Phoe ton’s of tna best quality aid
tt3ler.ati£s 8;»ta inedt.co nfrof Adams,
Peslttnc* Box 1737. BSAINARD A MATHER.
“C'OB SALE—A Brass Foundry.
X The unoetsigned offers hla Brass Foundry atd
lailbea, MacflJnisjy. Sjoftlng. Paitirus. etc.. f»c ss'o
on reasonable terms. The bail new no# been la boo
in Riful for tte lost ten years and is in ono of
ihe bat* Iccatlotsln the city. Irquire oa stepreml
scf.TU Sells street, [oca ct2l3tJ PEG, SMaLL.
XTOR SALE- City Property, for
X I Bale. Acorcerlot on iLver itreet,nßxr Bash
street Bridge, tor ssle. Title direct from Govern
m«nt, and unincumbered; 75 feet Dott. Address P,
O, BOX 703. CC2I 056*82
XTOR SALE—Few No, 43, Third
X* Pretbyterlan Church (Rev. A. Svazys) will be
eold »t one-lMrd !t» valuation. fbrc»»si or in >.b*r. if
applied for immedUt-jly at 44 and 13 Son’h Wa'er
et**e g, ccii»os77-3t
FSR SALE—H-,use aid Lot on
Wataab avenue.
Hovse a* d Lot on y IcWean avenae.
House ana Lot i ear Union Par k.
House and Lot ou Stale street. . . . „
Alto, valuable ictidenca and business lots la all
parts of tte flty. Apply to J P.OLiaOSB,
Beal Estate Broker.43 CUrk-st .Boom No 8.
(CM-t 500-36
Murine* Dimttm.
SoVlMl ftrilWH TSM tiWd*
08X0194 ABB S(Xm UCT3I.
ovtcuioo ass wn.7rxtr cu.
....•8.45a.n. *ll4l a, m.
~*B:2flp.«. ’SiMp.n'
*5:20 p. au *3:26*. a
Jbr Salt.
' ATR3& 4 TdOM AW,
Cor. Detrbcrn and ilaolaon-its
TTOR SALE—A new open Baggy
X 1 for sale cheap fer cash- Also, one disle-ievt
and one twe-seat slrlgh to barter lor drygoods, clou-
Irg or rood second-aaad velvet carpet. Icqalr-i ol
juHN j. WEIGHT, at carriage shop comer of State
and FonrUentb streets. cc2l-osj»3c
E'OR SALE —A desirable Rtsi-
X 1 fierce oaWsbaih Avenue, betweenVaa Bares
and Earrisca street*. Lot 43x170 feet, with Dwe ilng
Bon»e Potseision can he riven immediately. If at
tired Apply TO A, J AVKH2LL, Real Betata Brolrer,
N0.7 yetropclltta Block. ocl3-oi3Cat_
Ala iUnt
rpo RENT.—A Piano to rent, by
X ore cf the best music teachers la the city; was
made a Aw months ago. oadconiaF* aU the » a “_ e ™
toprotcm<nt»—overstrung bsae, Ac. zi e-ty
one dollars a quarter, wclaoisg isnilc le.-soas, to a re-
JUDIe perron j pavobfs quarterly in ad vaice. InqrUe
It tte ccrser cf Qalccy and State streets.oradoxeaa
kilts il_ teacher. Post Office, ChlCstgo.
Od3 0713-2t
T~J RENT—Two lojins, 92 Like
street, seeoafi floor. cc 23 OOP) 26
T'O RENT.—S.veral ginilemen
X or a geat'emsn and lady, can he accommodate*
with famished rooms la a very piesisat locality *>u
theVtess Bide. Termamcderate. Adcres* FoßUimco
Bex 611, Welt Division. cc2l-o7Vj-2t
TO RENT —A new two story
House, contains line rooms, sltnitcd close by
the PresbytwlsnTtecloslcai Be .alaary. on tho corner
ol North Balstcd stre-it aad Fullerton avenue and
about ICO rods west of the horse rallro*d on North
Clark street, at the City Limits. Inquire on the pre
mises cci2-cG63-3.
BOARDING— A pleasant fur
zl»hcd cr unfurnished Chamber, soltab'e for
two single jcent;exea, or geitumaa and wile. wUh
beard, a. fa s* day boarders eon sUo be ncccamc
dated, at its Wsbssh Arcane. ceait
DOARDING—For a Gentleman
.1 J and Wife, or two Single Gentlemen, ■with an
ucfomishedfiCLt chamber and closet, at No. 51 Wol
cott street.-Noith Side, where there ate no other
boarders. Rcierecces exchanged. 0x110723dt
"DOARDING.—A young gentle
-1 y man
TateCsmlljca Mich Iran or Wabaeh avenues. Nona
butthosehavtogthe required accommodations need
aprly. P.sfcrencet exchatged. Address* O.H. M..*
Tribune office. 0c230727-4t
BOARDING. —Plsaaant room?,
wi hbeard, caa be obtained by applying at 45
Ijiriiton strut, two doors west of wabaahavenue.
cc 23*07613t
BOARDING. —Desirable fom-
Uhed rooms to Ist, with board, at 12 Rush street,
CC23 06b72t
•DOARDING—A few rooms at 48
X> Tu Boiki itrmt. rnaatlo for E r3tl<_n^, o »lta
beard. ——
©nural ffoticeg-
r PAKLN UP, on Michigan Avenue,
I M»,a Po3fy.nllti uiUhHd toWl«.hr»jy
J_ aßjMi Mai jj The owner nan have her hr
«nl PMlne cbArxes. MITSSV
QgX—A little Gill, nine years
o'd named Tm.T Silt* wanders! tram hsr
***** i:a Q"* l street, last Sunday, and her txlenda
havebeca tushie to haar -inyiXkc from her sines.
Rti wore a bine tech, woolen nofld. calico dn sa. sad
rMI striped stockings. 11m dait hair and eyas and. la
iueliUy peck sazked. Waoever can give Itiorma
«ud cl her wiU h*T« tha manlca of her
fr:cod*.l)jl«aTtrr & C-naletraat Bhslalately
frowC*r«d*.as'ihcrfatherUaatoaarat or.
oca cow i\
ZIiT ANTED —For a gentleman
f v and hliwlfe,twoortaTraroo«»,t»afiif,is3rtf.
a .H>V»rorkto/iDi bento Wentaidepro:erred btt
IcuDidJU »Bike«»«y UnilU. Ken» modern*. Bee
*r iei*»Kkce n«ra Aaoie#o eta'lng tCTo*. %«.,
UAHT r *>.Sox6l«. ocajaTUl*.
W'iNi£D —B> &i* setito business
* T tDBu to #4.000 to *3 000. aud lUimito*
la a traceable onal-ej# cJjiij
glC’b rr<)i4<reu biW StTs£. Addml*. 0.9dx5»i6.
ft ■
.ANTED—By two yaurg men
* " b tnmlahed poooj vttk or wltkoto Irard.
licit of TefMCDc*t cbb be clren. Adlrst* to-' .oea
CaysP. o DrawerC.ns 00i3b7311t
WAN TED - Carpets to clem by
, * / C lnr ' < ’r Cara* i B*v«bx and Brnrtlajf Uacbtjtf.
AUeaipets a.a-a to io.it a* t<>i.aa« a«v B«i war*
r*atca to itmoraftl Tbi# il«Qla»
U»lc»BCC« ajul opentioa tn >ew \ork_ dotoaa sail
o'herlargectu a UtxdiefcreacexurabyoßriianT
ps&tßt, if *tqniiea * y«w«uy
PilCto futc:ea*unxltg;tia ....3cU Dir yard
** * - *■* '
•* •• s ••
N.0.-Carrßfaca , Jfdf'>r*Dd iQ’wael without re.
B«ra rowrathir ftretfetaree. Alioreerac'oapcir
auendroto Addna> Po«t Odlca Bas 3W7 Par.o.T
ccia*r «>t Archer Uca4 and Stats e*. ft* \ .
f J.CLaRK. Agatt.
WANTEI>—A mcthra Stcun
„" ▼ Rastn- of eljhtybone p nrer. iifubla :or %
Mir Mill. tcg«*b«r «ua b.'Uer*.*c., 018-3icltnlc..pi
-. u ‘V* ine * A d fl r«»Bn:* *t «ui«softe». Wn.,
d-octtb.uit tbtaipiiUcuiMJy, ituiit prt-«. *o.,«c.
\\f ANTED—To rent a Honso
m ple»i*nily iccatal tntubla for kco nundu
rc-C »Ic» ur%x-cI9M boudvn. foueAioo vaated
tltttHnOito!»wlj orctuuu the m uth afffoven.
ber. 3ho, wauieft tbreft or loar m-althea r>.-m,
tni:&h!efortcatiheev'ioe. tor ft soul !unil<. 41-
cte«> feat ouico Box ;ao. . oca
\\ ANTiD - A gui or young wc
»* man to do‘'oeccxd work" Uft lastly. Bho
moil he .fit ly competent and attevtUe. *0 Irift
wanted. yttftUia. ftdlrpiftßox2ooT 0C23 oTiMt
\\/ANTfir.—Two smart, active
r f gWa -wasted for light werk. laqni'a at tae
htaegent, SlLaaaiie aveft o.g.oliau
\\l ANTED.—A Graduate of Rar
* * Tftnl UolTenltj ftriahee to obtain a alttuttoa
uniTita eecr<t«ry cr Tafor. or ic Tetchir to a
itjßbEctoclor Aca:eny He tangoed peim*o aai
qualflro to *teacb coraxoa ftau higher Baxltab
hritene* thJ Clwul.a. Va-heaVjcs. Cacili'ry aci
Skior»J yhiloiorby 'and tees ooeralatgosg*#. tax
*l7et£ebestofreierßacM. Atldiew * BC '»Or«a
qtifftt.B-rtftP. Mata. * oc?i o Hsft
*1.50 a. a.
Tl/ AN TED—A Foreman in %
Tv BoLer&hcp. Kocobat competeat men aMd
a t»oca p«y *r.d gicaoy t$ orA. Adare*« "Ay a.”
Pint C flicp BvX U26, ocJJ o7IJ-3t
WAMED —To tradd 40 acres of
cbclce It mi a PoUn-tomld foamy, Io*».
for a tecoao-basd lisao. rAddreu * J D if.” Draper
«. Go aeo. li.d. 0c3107t6 6t
\V ANTED A situation by ah aa
J V of ■c'ber.iteadj. acuta baalnea aabtta. and
thcioogbly acqo»lßt*a wna btutneaa ia *U its ddparV
ew-t. Ijwo as oo penmiD, bcokket?srt:c is
ccecum, VaderstaoCf b*L», ra'lway aad comcas--
clai be ok*. l« *ar icna {or Kme klao of ex,Dl&Tti>a&t
\hl ANTED A woman ta da
* * kitchen work; aim. a girl to take career ohlj*
cita. P*>ml*y srtm.U lQqulieati3a)t*lr) dweiug
scan of Teeny.fiecond street. on, seat *1 o of In
diana aveane.
WANTED —By s yomg man of
four years experience la the Dry Qaoaa ba»l
-aeißin aaPaiieia cfxj,.a*itoailoalaa wbcleaale or
retail Dm* fit* re, or a tliua'lon at aiat.taat Book
keeper, euny e etk oi cousin. Ouod ref*.eaee' ftir*
elated. Auqum • J O.** Tilbuse office. cch3-u707 is
ANTED—A &st class Dr>da
t v maker. Must be ccxnpe’.eat ta cut sad flt mod
lua Wttjicr * WU. oa*B tl«cbice Nona bat flretclaaa
cesdßDplv and must come well ncommaueed
kr.j. Vaß&£Obbw. WLaiestreet.
TV? A>ITED—A situation as Bjok
▼ T *e«er. aiaUtaat bookkeapw. hotel clerk,
ciy good* •iiPisra.’i topa vrad;e*>i« Drr
Qcocs, Boot ane BhPt, K«; »4 Cap w Grocery
Bfaea by onarrleaiuaD. a*cd tairty jean, van La
temperate. bo&tst ntd ercraetic; ana wbo baa lad
experience 1a ill of tne s'xive aaoed btaocaes of
batltCi# TVidbateso oDjectloat to eolac to anr
teaU-y kcalljy Wirn odarato. Belciescea tail
fyctcry. AchLesa “W VT T?." Post Offle* *o»
BorJigtOP. leva. ccaaTlOSt
lI Aid eo humbug I A
* BV* torn vsasz.7 aniYPLics to sake two
or three Lncdred oolan a jest wiiboat denjlnc
ether bcilreu. Alto pentletnen wlg'-loeto ci:*n«
UelrfcotUese c*b cuke foaror flr stionuui
» jc»r. Cal; at Boon-1, np-stal.-s. 121 UarK btreet. or
aetdten cpetato Boat Occ*jßoxsW3. cUcaxo.la.
0(23 bi3i*«t
W ANTED- To exchange, a Ibnr
» * Test old Slate for a Top Uasry
cr Carriage. or will tailfjr cash. loqube u 113 Bta:e
street, nnmtdlateli. oc3&w7i6 it
TA/ANTFD—-Boja to work at
M Map Cclorinr(Genraapriferred). Apply at
6onthuest>orner oflhncolp.l and Dearborn scr eta,
bo. 90. athFloor. Kccm B. ociS-oTt&lt
Y\7 ANTE D An experienced
f * clotblnz laleaman. fbr first class ret til trade.
ACdref s, zlvu g irieretce, *• A, D.,” Tilhnoe office or
Poet Office Box 407. 0c23 07G5 It
X\f ANT.hD—A good Pork Cutter
Tv and one Ham Trimmer. Beferenctaieqolnd,
Apply for two cays to m. C. UARSR
Ob2d*c7S33t No. 16 Deni born st*. Office Not.
T\7 ANTED—A good. Teamster to
T T drive a team and work on a farm nea* this
city Inquire of J. W.TUTTLK No. 2 Slate street.
0c23 cG7Mt
WANTED —A light business
Wcgon. recond-haad, and cheap. Apply at
233 Randolph street. * oc2J «>7U 26
X\f AN TED—A amoIJ residence or
T v three or four rooms In a respectable locality,
suitable f>.r a family of three perao'.a, on the Nona
Side, between the Elver and Cnlo street, aadthe Brer
aid North Clark strtet, cr ou tnaWeat side between
Maolson and Cartel itr. acd Ue Blvsr and Green
street piefemd Answer Immediately. A. L,
ABNEY, Pctt Office. oe22>off7l
\\' ANTED—By a young man of
T V Tea years experience la Kew Yotk. a sltuUlou
aaßoek'Seeper, Assutant Book-Keeper or as Sal ea
rn an ins Whol»»ala uncery. Best of refereme given
ifreqmrcd. For lurther par tic oJara addrera ‘Hairav**
Tribore otßce. 0c22 0675416
Show Case. Inquire at J. 17. DOMBNICS
KEILEVb. 131 Dearborn ktrtei. ccs2-.C162t
WANTED —Agents to tell onr
Army Letters. Solulet s’ Cards and IJ-ncuwea.
SairpTea and terms sent en receipt of twcarvflve
cent*.to pty postage. BOBBINS A CO.. Box 1850 SC.
Loulß, Ho. 0c22 OtRAtJS •
\\7 ANTED—A Partrur -with
v T sisOOtoSlCGOtolnvestlaaleglUicstehuiltesa
luthecliv.wlih a iron of experience, aid an equal
amcuaitf capital. Beit.of relereacis given ani ra
qolred. AddressP.O. 80a6113. oc‘MoC32t
WANTED. —A young mac who
has had as experience of 11 re years la the Dry
Goods hciintw In an Fas trn city, ana who 1» sow
etnnected yrith one of the largess Dry Goods Bouse*
tnHsrtrord. Connecticut. desires to correspond with
a tim-cJaea Dry Goods Home in Ctlcajo. wUh a view
io gaining a good situation. Btar of r?comr.eada-
Addie»s “aBC," Hartford, Conn,
cc2Ac6»7-6t •
W ANTED.—A good healthy Wet
* * Kune can bo obtained by applying at’llOJVdjt
Bandolph meat. oeM-cSS-St
W ANTED—A gill' to assist in
M taking care of children. Apply »t 261 Wert
Adams street. 0c22 0631-3t
Tl7 ANTED.—A lady teacher of ex-
V T perienrelatbeschoolaof Wisconsin aedebe*
wht re. Is deal-- on or securing a fa wyoung lady pupils
In all the English branches; also. pnpLs both boja
ard mite's. In penmanihlp. Ao>ucaiioas mny M
made at Dautz'si.ommeicl*iCoU*go.4t>l<&saUe street,
Dorn y A M to 13 51.3104P U. or 7to 9 In tie « **b-
Irg. GocCieftreaccsglvaa.lfreqolied. oca-0(33-lw
WANTED—Sight or ten smart,
V T ictelilgcat and reliable men, who are wsil ac>
qnalnVd la tre city to ergsue In a prjfltahie boei*
ctra From $lO to |3S aosy caa be made, anu the
busmvfswlil oa oermacout. For further psrdcows
Irqetie of A. B. V,"RIGHT, at 43 Clark atreer, Chicago.
0C52 o(SS-25 ■
T\7 TED—Agents to cimrasa
THS GREAT REBELLION. Tsa cheap?st am! tbd
bPit—mboth ycrgiisti and Geimau langoare. Over
ISO CCO volatFis already sold Extra lauacsnunta of
fered. Fcrtermsanaierltorya dre*3K B.AK.C.
TKSAT. M 3 Clark street Chicago ccl6o3232wFnaw
W? ANTED l^CCOchticeshippincf
f T Cattle, hy CHAGIN A CO.. ID 8. Weiiz-at.
0C22-C661 76
X\T ANTED—Ageuts to sell by sub
v T solptkn, John B. G Abhoit s History of the
Great Bebellion, Pcadicv’a Litis of Washington, and
other new ard vanablj publt:st!oos which are sell
ing rapidly. Liberal Inducements offered For full
particulars, call upon or address O. P GIBBS, 131
south Clark street. Chicago, DL Post Office Box 80S.
V\7 ANTED—At the Tiansoript
» T Bladery.Peorl*. HL. a good Euler and BUok
Forwarder. Apply at tha.cfflce.by leUJ orb? ter
ser . itnmee lately. o;2l-c6L»36
TA7ANTED—lmmediately, by a
TT flntc.'aißM!Blacr.to whom
constaat emp'.oymtnt will be glvoa. Aon’y to
BDBSItT Galaaa, HL ocll-57>7c
WANTED—A man who uadc?-
T f star rts cuttlnw an kinds cf Tobacco, also Dry.
Ing. Call at US and 130 6. Water street 0c210584-3»
T\7ANTED —A Sitmtion for a
v T prsc' leal sad experienced Book Keeper from
New York. Ha pertectJy underlined* Book-ieepirx
in fill Its branches a’so. all brsnehee of meicantt.o
bußtneis aid caa pr -duce tie b»*t of te‘tjaioaJ* • f-r
cbaiaucr and capacity trem mevehanwef t-eh! n ne»s
standing A Hob to F. K ANDKK3GN. -73 Ureed
wich s.reet N. T. will be promptly atteaJed to,
OC2I-CS73 3t
\y ANT* D—Agents to sell tba
Ti *• Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animated N.v
tore.” cciUlato* over 1,3 A accur*ta angravlags
a 101 l description of the diffe-*ns Races ot Meoaad
the various Beasts, Birds. Fishes, Insects. Bapt..es,
Ac-one ol thancstatuscttTeoooksererpabUshO'J.
r" ctl “• c *^ 3i ““““iSlSSsoif* Pu r 3 C rf c= ‘
oc£l-cC3I-St Eos 4135. Chicago. ILlnola.
ANTED —To rent on or before
f T the 15th cfNovembernext, a pleasantly loca
ted hove. suitable tor a small family, Beat nos to
exc»ea I'CO 'Will pure hate a>l or a part of the fura:-
tore It denied. Address Drawer &iC9 stating locatoa
asd term', or inquire in person at 14 State strict.
CC2I t534 a;
WANTED —An experienced
German Dm rglst wants a iltuatlaa In a whole*
sals cr ra’aii estatllahtmnt. For rofereucei Ac . v!-
dicil '* A B,” P. O BOX i 173. ocatcSU- It
WANTED— $S>OCO worth of sec-
O-dhand Clotting. Furniture, Carjmtt. Jew
elry andFurs.tcr whlca Iwlll ptylhe ht.hrstpri'ta.
Lacies and Rtntshavlcg any rf the above tum-vt ar
ticles to dispose of.will plense call at 91 South Will*
street, two dco?» from 'Vashlrgi.n or ajurasa M.
PFLATO4, P. O. Box 1120. Ladles a'.teadad by Mrs.
Pfl.um. ocS-0!43-;t
WANTED —Five good cmnpa
trntGaa Fitters.twoP'nmbexa andboys
to learn the node. Apply toll i>.
Lasalle street. Also, two good fur uo
country. oe»Acmn_
XV 7 AM TED.—Employment —5
V » amonrn. Agsntn vnntcdto sell
chides We will alvo a comndwioa on *u MacmOT
sold or employ agents who will work for lb® abo«.
wszes end si? eTceuscanaßf For a.^dr«S
C. UCSGTfFh A CO- Detrclt.Mlco. Co 3 c 651
T\J ANTED —(Snitting Nocnitsi
7 v Every Farmer* to know that his
foua"canerr: I*to CO per week withoacof
..•%h*atiJ Knitting M?chi2*w. U wli* ?ar.* > J »_•
»tirtv days. Price couiclftte, 5«5. Wsfcjiit J * -.y-V
pL;jivfvj'on:C!>cc'!ti!to 3LSU, Send Isr
fsrtif stamps.) . .
DjUNSOH * ELLIOT. GaaeraLA<«**u •
nhS-o£s>9m DM Lake street. Ch.ra«i- -
OtH putnN Ol C. DSBP3. .“ e3 a^»>l»Ci
aEncSfib HO*SE.»scottanje*r*oW j4l(1 Soj|flt ,
ktxloACA Llabick. Ab*od» rctwniop, ?e »rßrt('s;;
cHA cud <y. CO., atttalr
ton or ooieo No. w3- WiL* w oe2.vc«i»>tt
CuAGLN S 00.
o TTf A \ t?T) OK sTOIiETT Jk* 3
> „ n .,iriQ near Pallid
Cj Sant's? w«**. J&SmS >b»ta 9rync*i KolUn-
HfJeV.v tear tb« black »*U and tuau 1
fclCs a d-ri b* T rS?S’wbit» b«l» at.-oha* oa
lb ere ara t»® S r . SaMad •*ne«Xyhxituai am •
or on tbe kaee. Tb*r* w .
ones* tudjee %im n*r. with iilw *;•
light bay 18 /Vawaid of toa dollar* will bapil
forftaai A to re^y *i>oto add«»» -w *w Wcr-»
tt«E.qa'.b.&Ser-w .an.Tß3t
- ""“'SSw*"

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