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v®)kago tribune.
r Eternal Vigilance is the Price
of Liberty.”
A Grand Uses Meeting of the loyal Union men
of the North Side will be held at North Market
-Ball, on Saturday evening, the 81st day of Octo
ber, 1868.
This meeting will be addressed by the gallant
Hon. John Wentworth, Joseph E. Gary, Esq,
Bon. Lyman Trumbull, Hr. Paoli,
Bon. Isaac N- Arnold, Sanford B. Perry. Eeq.,
Bon. J- D. Ward, John Lyle King, Esq.,
Caspar Betz, Esq-. Wm. A. Porter, Esq,
Elliott Anthony,J>q., Wm. BrosVEsq__
George C. Bates, Esq,, John Van WomLEsa..
EmrjyA.Stows.Eth., Hr.Schmidt,
A. C. messing, Esq., Daniel D. Driscoll,
And others,
SUid by the Government and the
“Zternal Vigilance la the Price of
Notice is hereby given that the following mect
. logs will be held at the times and places heroin
during this week:
12th Ward—At John Gutchc'e, on Milwaukee
Avenue, near Reuben.
7th Ward—At Albert Franenknecht's, comer of
Union and Twelfth streets.
Btb Ward—At Charles Schlenkcr’s, Blue Island
Avenue, near Twelfth street
10th Ward—At Peter Danger's, 2S West Madison
15th Ward—At Henry Klingers, on Wells* near
North Avenue.
BdWard—At Chris. Scholl's, Wells
At these mootings some of the followingpersons
will be present ana deliver addresses. Per order of
the • Central Commitiiee.
J.D. Ward, CoL F. A. Eastman*
A. C. H casing, Wm, Bross,
John Wentworth. John A. Nelson.
Hr. Erntt Schmidt, C.H'WoIL
S Anthcny, H. T. Steele,
E. Jus sen, John A. Jameson.
George C. Bates, Cyms M. Hawley,
William A. 3*0:101, li. B. Slovens.
Hr. G. C. Pooll, J. Spellman,
E. A. Stozrs, " J.F.Eoerhart,
A. Klcppd, William Hopkins,
D. H. Hrlscoll, C. E. Jones.
. L.Brestano, U. K Han ley,
8. S. Perry. Frederick Rangier.
John Lyle Ring,
Erenlng: Performance at Metropolitan
The performances at Metropolitan nail, consist
ing of a series of tableaus, and vocal and Instru
mental music, were witnessed and listened to by
an audience which tested the capacity of the house
to the utmost. In the matter of tableaux, wo b&ve
never seen a more appropriate selection, nor a
more beautiful rendering of the subjects selected.
The singing was line, especially the Ellsworth
tong, given by ayoung Miss of a dozen summers.
The tableaux to-night will be a grand affair, got
ten tq» by thcelite of Detroit, who win make it oae
of the most interesting exhibitions of the season.
They c&mehere from their bunks and stores and
offices, and pay all their own expenses, in order
to make this & grand rncccpe. Major Cass is stage
manager, aid some of the costumes were import
edfrom Europe at a coat of $3,000. LettheMefcro
politan be crowded to-night.
Diamonds.—Wc call the attention of the
citizens of Chicago, aud of strangers visiting ths
city, to a superb collection of «HsmoT>ds t jewelry
sets, rings, pins and bracelets, just received at the
store of James H. Hoes. This is unquestionably
the most extensive, valuable, and beautiful stock
of fine goods that the people of this city have been
invited to examine. Ladies and gentlemen who
'have a love for the beautiful, or who propose to
purchase, should not fall to look at this new
assortment. It is already well known that this
Jewelry house is the oldest in the city. In all
honorable competition it never takes a second
place; and now, while, during the period of the
Northwestern Fair, so many objects of utility and
of beauty arc offered to the public, It presents a
list of attractions excelled by none.
' Chicago Dbitiko Pass Association.—
The Managers of this Association disclaim all re
sponsibility for tbe bad practices which took place
on their track on Tuesday, of which indignant
complaint was made in onr columns, except in the
delay in starting of the horses. This delay seemed
posiQrely necessary on account of an immense
string of vehicles which wvre seeking entrance to
the ground, and which, of necessity, must cross
the track. Tbe time made and the conduct of ths
horses were simply in the hands of their owners.
They regret the annoyance which the people Buf
fered as much as we do.
Tin: Geologist Again.—ln our late ac
count of the escape of the erratic geologist, James
Dale Owen, from the custody of the officers at
■CoToma, injustice was done Mr. Banco of that lo
cality. It seems that Owen was arrested In Tam
aroa. Ferry county, and taken upon that warrant
to Coloma, \Taihirgtou county, whore, of coarse,
the wanant had no validity. Owes took advan
tage of this circumstance and departed without
let or hindrance. Mr. Bunco had no connection
the departure of the great geologist. It was
purely a matter of Jurisdiction, of which Owen
had sharpness enough to avail himself of and get
Fair Prater Meetings.—At the dally
Union prayer meeting, yesterday, a deep religious
interest was manifest. Letters from the army, and
remarks h7 a Chaplain from Chattanooga, made ■
the meeting one of deep interest. At the dose it
‘was determined to open an extra meeting at 8#
o'clock, a. m., In the basement of the First Baptist
Church, on the south side of the Court Bouse
square, for the accommodation of the numerous
friends attending the great Northwestern Fair,
that Christiana may unite their prayers for the
-outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
An Honest Bot.—Yesterday a Uttls boy
named Andrew Link, living on Third avenue,
found on Dearborn street a check for SIOO, drawn
by the ladles of Bloomington, in favor of the La
dles* Northwestern Fair, made payable to bearer.
Be could not read, and some one who saw it tried
to get the check from him by promising to deliver
ittotbe owner. The boy said be would not do that,
and took It at once to Mr. Keefe, who is serving
as Treasurer at the dining hall, who gave the little
fellow $5, and the ladies praised him roundly for
his honesty.
Arrest.-—John Wilson, jr., who has been a
short time in this city, doing business as a pur
-chasing agent, and had an office in the Board of
Trade - Buildings, was arrested yesterday on a
requisition from toe Governor of New York. He
Is charged with thTforgery of a note perpetrated
In New York some time last May. The note was
discounted at the Banker the Commonwealth. He
left the city last evening in the company of Deputy
Nelson, and some New York officers.
Gifts from Lunatics.—The pitlents con
fined in the Lunatic Asylum at Kalamazoo, yip-fr.,
have emit a box containing a great variety of fan
cy articles to the Fair. The box was received at
threeo'clock yesterday afternoon, and so bsautl-
Ini, and for the most part unique, were its con
tents, that more than two thirds of the work was
cold before five o'clock.
The heads of the unfortunate ones may be “a
little turned,” but tbelr hearts still beat with pa
triotic warmth.
T bz Eqdertiuan Faib.—This exhibition of
equestrianism Trill be in foil blast, on West Ran
dolph street (at the Washington Skating Park),
this afternoon, commencing promptly at 8 o'clock.
The lint and second classes of lady equestriennes
Trill contend.for the liberal prises offered, and a
spirited contest and large attendance are antici
pated. ..
hfggnyc of Candidates,—All Republican
candidates for Town Officers In .North, Sooth and
West Chicago are earnestly requested to meet at tbs
Committee Booms, on Dearborn St, opposite Tre
mont Boose, at 9 o'clock sharp this morning, as
matter* of importance await their action.
Wobtht OF Mention.—lt should be men
tioned to the honor of the Milwaukee Plank Road
Company, that they passed that historic TitVp
conntyprocesaion of fanners over their road, both
ways, free ol toll. Corporations /tore souls-at
least this one.
"Wounded.—Col. Christopher, late oi this
city, was wounded bv a shell in the breast on the
•second day of the great battle of the Chlcknmaaga.
and fell Into the enemy’s hands, ifls wound Is
healed, and he is now a prisoner in Libby Prison
at Richmond. CoL Christopher writes that Lieut
Fogarty, of the 10th Regulars, was killed.
Pibe —Yesterday morning at Sl-2 o'clock
a lire broke out at 81 Canal street, near Vifliann
street. 1 The building was occupied aa a saloon by
George Dixon. The lire was occasioned by the
gas-burner being turned against the walk Dam
age HBO. ‘
. PKB9OBAL.—Bcv. Dr. Clarkson, Rector of
fit. fames' Church, returned on Tuesday, after an
absence of several months In Europe. He will be
happy to receive his parhnoners and friends this
evening at the Rectory.
Qzv. Ooi»BßT.—Major Gen. B, J. Oglesby
‘ will address the friends of the Government on
Saturday evening next, at North Market Hall.
3>et there be a great turn out to hear the gallant
f3T Country merchants visiting Chicago
. -fv.tw week will find It a desirable opportunity to
a stock of Cards, Din-Heads and Hand
: feQla. GaQ and examine specimens at Toisuke
r Office.
jjio Draft.—A droit for two millions was
paid at the United States Depository yesterday.
• The fund* arc to goto Louisville, Kentucky. It
pecuniary transaction of the kind
that ever took place In the city..
It is Proving an Immense
Grand Tableau! To-Night.
Every department of the Pair was well attended
yette:day. atd at some boors of the day every hall
was densely thronged. Yesterday the visitors
were principally from the city, but we understand
we are not to have the matter all to onraclTes—that
onr “country Cousins” are getting up excursion
parties to come In to visit the Great Pair. A cap
ital idea. If people would make a trip from Chi
cago to Portland to see the Great Eaatera-an En
glish production, they might well come a few miles
to visit the Great Northwestern Fair, which is as
mnch a eight, in its way, and which we opine will
proven Car more successful investment for all
“the stockholders.** Let the Bailroada promise
to bring excursionists for half-fare from all
points, who return with tickets stamped at-the
Fair. From every town and village, the people
should come In and sec this grand display. It is a
eight they may never see again, and there is no
good reason why they should not enjoy It. Every
county in the Northwest, almost, has contributed
its might to the army and Its mite to the North
western Fair, Let them come andsee what this
immense collection from themselves and their
neighbors amount to—what the people of the
great Northwest think of their brave boss and
brothers in the field.
The fair is proving a grand success, in every
respect Tuc ladles who inaugurated the enter
prise, and who are spending day aad night In car
rying It so successfully forward, are more than
satisfied with the prospects; and they deserve
and dally receive the gratitude of thousands for the
manner in which this aflair is conducted.
Wc missed the country people at the Fair in this
zoom, yesterday—the “good fanner people,*’ as
Thomas Carlyle calls them, who are the nation's
back, and a good hig part of its heart, too! On
Tuesday it was one of the most pleasing features
in the exhibition to see the honest, open, amazed
faces of these people—old and young, men, wo
men, hoys* and girls—as they wandered through
the mazes of the Fair and stopped to examine the
different articles in the stalls. It was a sight they
wiD never forget, and it win do them good for their
There was no lack of company, however. The
hall was full of visitors from early morning to
closing time; and a great many purchases were
made, and new articles of attraction added to the
already immense and, as It would acom, ucwieldly
stock on Jmtd. Tho pretty carriage drawn by a
pair of handsomely harnessed goats, which at
tracted so much attention in the procession Tues
day, was purchased by Mr. Alfred Sturges, for
S3OO. Those interested in tlifa unique little team
will call and see the Secretary.
A splendid piano, donated by Mr. Alanson Heed,
the great plat o merchant of the West, whose im
mense establishment It on the corner of Randolph
and Dearborn ttreets, was raffled for. or to ne
raffled for. for $5lO. in one hundred five dollar
tickets. This was, out of an sight, the noblest
Instrument in the ball. It wa« a seven and a quar
ter o-tave, lull, round corner piano; the case made
of rich rosewood, with handsomely carved ic*s,
acd desk: of a sweet tone, and great compass and
power. We heard several fine pieces executed
upon it, which brought out alliis qualities, and
whoever g*ts it will have a prize in his possession,
which. i* rbops, no one in the citv o wneat present.
« c ki.o\v Mr. Reed well, and it gives ns picas
me to record the fact that he has taken up h s res
idence pennant Lily in our city. Alibis life ha's
hern devoted to this business, and Lois acoualnt
ed with it in all its details. Heisconuecied. al»o.
with all the great mauufactnriog houses in the
country, and at this moment he has the largest
stock of superb firfLclase instruments on hand, In
ms rooms, which are to be found in the States.
We say it, in entire confidence and good filth,
that purchasers who deal with him will deal with
a man of perfect integrity and honor, and receive
an instrument for their money which will give
them entire satisfaction. This is a very impor
tant consideration, especially a» there are so many
poor instruments in the market which unprinci
pled dealers do not scruple to palm off upon buy
ers as first class, demanding and receiving the
highest prices for them. fa
Mr. Reed's knowledge of pianos puts it out the
power of any maunfaemrerto cheat him as to its
qualities, and hia lirge capital enables bimtoboy
at the cheapest rates for cash. He can afford to
ecu therefore, a really good Instrument—such as
no gentleman need be ashamed to have in his
drawing room—at the lowest possible figure con
sistent with equitable dealing, and fair profits.
Ixt any peieon who wants a piano go upon the
platform iu Hall, and examine the one which
he ha* donated to the Fair. Let him test its ca
pabilities thoroughly; and then step into Mr.
Reed e Rooms on Randolph and Dearborn streets,
a? d make cbolc; of a similar instrument, and
buy it. He will never regret this course
but, on the contrary, be will, we are sure, ba grate
ful to the Tuißm for helping him to a good, and
therefore, an invaluable instrument. He will hare
an abundant choice, for there Is every variety of
planes In the establishment, the rooms of which
nave been fitted up aud decorated with a taste and
elegance which arc alike a credit to him and the
We bad almost forgotten to mention the Monitor
Organ* donated by the same generous person to
the benevolent enterprise for which the Falrwaa
original. It is eg; eat favorite with us,and is so
portable that it can easily be lifted from one room
to another— which Is a great advan
tage. It is designed for the nso both
of church and parlor, and more nearly resembles
the pipe organ than any other instrument which
we nave yet beard. For pure, rich, deep organ
tone, it has no equal; audits power, considerin'’
the spact: it occupies. Is truly wonderful. We would
rather Lave one of these charming instruments
than any we are acquainted with of double the
size end pretention. There can be no mistake
about them. There they are to speak for them
selves, and truly they do speak with a marvelously
eloquent voice I The ease is made of black wal
nut, without ornament, and it Is as chaste a piece
of work as any cue could desire wherewith to
adorn his rooms. Theprlcelsveiylow.toj, being
only one hundred and twenty dollars I Wo heart Or
commend itto all who lovemnsio, especially to all
who delight in sacred music. •
The other instruments on the platform were
worn the house of Mr. W. W. Ktmbau. They con
sisted of a piano and a znelodcon, both of rose
wood; and veluen at $l5O.
We would call the attention ol visitors to some
splendid specimens of evergreen trees, which ore
for sale at the hall. They consist of two lar~e
Scotch p worth ten dollars each, and two black
Austrians five dollars each. They have been care
fully dug with two feet of unbroken earth about
them, and so packed that they have received no in
jury in the transit.
The day's sale amounted to six thousand dollars.
This grand restaurant in lower Bryan Hall, is
the centre of attraction from noon to three o'clock
each dny. Dr. Wolcott hit the nail on the head,
when be wrote;
44 The turnpike road to people's hearts, I find.
Lice lino* their mouths, or I mistake mankind.'’
The receipts for each.Taesday and Wednesday,
were about !K<oo for meals, which, if wo allow an
average of fifty cents each, would make fourteen
hundred persons who have dined at these tables
Uauy. V. Unt an army to feed—more than a
Vl.olc regiment: Tha* far ths supply of
all the sabstamlals, a« well as the rare«t delicacies
has been abundant. Let the people in the city
and surrounding country see to 11 that nothing is
wtUJLg to keep up the representation of this de
portment, by keeping up the supply. Besides hiv
irg most excellent fere. at very reasonable ratrs,
It is a luxury to be so faithfully served bypollte.
htnacome young ladles. Let everybody forsake
the city restaurants and dininghalls,lhl*fottu!ght,
and dine with the ladies at Lower Bryan Hall.
Quite a number of very valuable additions have
bees node to this department, which will be found
in another column. The most important of these
is a threshing machine, from J. I Case. Esq, of
the Eadre Threshing Works, Eadne, Wis. Th;
machine is a perfect one in every respect, ami is
warranted to do as good work iu threshing and
cleaning grain as any other machlcc in the Unite!
States, capable of threshing and cleaning from 500
toTOO bnthelsof wheat per day. This machine
woe made on purpose for this Fair, and is as' good
as any ever tnmed.ont of the Eacine TVorkj. The
price is the some as the manufacturer's.
Peter Schuttier, the celebrated wagon manu
facturer, at Nos. 78,80 and 82 Franklin street, ha*
contributed a very elegantly finished farmer's
wsson to this department, and offers an excellent
bargain to any farmer in want of sach an article.
Every day, whole dray-loads of articles are pour
ing in from the noble-hearted people of the Iron
City. Among their latest arrivals is the largest
piece of Iron ever turned out of a rolling mill,
probably, ia the world. Without actual measure
ment, u appears to be about twenty-one fest los**
and eight feet wide.
A new contribution, which came in yesterday,
aid attracts great attention, is a cast-steel breach
loading mountain howiizer. It comes from the
establishment of Singer, Nimlck <fc Co , Pitts
burgh, Pa. It has all the necessary ammunition
for ready use. The gun, with its carriage and
mountings, weighs only aNmt 125 pounds. It is
tilled, atm discharges a conical-shaped ball.
Another Attractive feature just added to the de
partment is a beautiful Vermont marble mantel
ar d fire frost. It is made of cue of the finest epe
dm ns of thatclass of marble we ever saw. Any
gentleman who places this beautiful work of art
in his house will posse&s a memento of this his
toric North- Western Fair, that he can point to
with pride and satisfaction long after this “ cruel
waria over,"and sweet peace bletees and harmo
nizes our native land.
(tending outside of the machinery boll, in the
alley, are four splendid evergreen trees—two
Scotch pines, worth $lO, and two black Austrian
pjnee, worth $5. They came from the Eigin
Nursery. They are taken up In sach a manner
that the entire earth, which surrounded the roots,
is attached to them, and they cm thus be trans
planted in their native soil. This gives them at
least one year's advantage In their growth.
Several other valuable contributions were re
ceived yesterday afternoon, too late to be opened
and arranged. From present prospects the spa
erected for machinery will prove too
a ° j " dc, “
GAiozuT o r rocs arts.
A wonder has been accomplished in the
up and equipment of this gallery, a weekmro
wc visited it to find only the bare walls and toe
workmen engaged la dividing it into different
compartments. It is now completely changed im
its aspect, and presents to the visitor one of the
most attractive exhibitions of paintings to be
found anywhere within the United States.
The warmest praise is due to Mr. Volk, who
has had toe management of this department—and
under whoee genius this noble gallery has sprung
into life. Two day* ago even, the walls were all
bare, and the pictures lay on the floors in promis
cuous and indiscriminate confusion. There was
no time for a careful study of them, so as to ar
range them according to their character and place
them in the best lights. And yet without study,
by a sort of a-tltta' instinct, this gentleman has
disposed of them in so admirable a manner that
toe crabbiest author or owner of a picture would
find it a hard matter to find fault.
’After to-day we shall be able to examine, and
properly to place, the various pictures of this ex
blbilion. A catalogue has been prepared end
numbered, and will be for sale, in all
by Friday morning—it may be to-day. We may
nay, however, that there are works here by some
fir*t class masters, both ancient and modern.
There are two hy Church, both South Auierican
scenes; two landscapes by Durand; three or four
by Hofasitcr;. a superb Ooatelio, a genuine picture,
whose pedigree is well known, and perhaps toe
brslpicture ever painted by this artist; an origi
nal Richards—several juicy fnit pieces, mellow
transparent, by Hall; three charm
ing paintings by Williams ana Herring, conjointly
—Williams painting the lardSDspca, acdHtrrtng
nwirwi<—works of the highest merit; a genu
ine Rembrandt, whose history is also well known;
some dclipbtfcl pictures of the Dcsseldorf school,
nottWo! ior.litc: rail of Power, Character and
Reality, owned by A. S. Crosby, atd others.
A remarkable jdeture styled Excehior , by Dana,
which has few superiors for the deep feeling
ai.il Mrsagc, mystic solemnity which pervade it;
maryfiae copies of the old masters: several fine
pictures by Culv«rhnaeo; some coble, masterly
male and female portraits by Healey—especially
tie Archbishop ol Baltimore, the grand and mas
sivc po:t:alt of Browneoa, the bold, etrikirg, au
tiiotftative, almost speaking and acting portrait
of Tom Hoppon, wnich looks as if it would. at
a S 7 JS cc ’ oot of tie c&qtu; the
two d.csitere,
6. tie f-ither end of the bunding; one hr lomsn*
many hy _Aatrota3: and some fine marbles hr
and others; a marble sleeping in
fjntof eiccedmg pmily; and a alslce
15“ • daughter; a toe portrait statue, also of a
ehOd, by Mr. i oik. which haa real merit.
We perceive that gentlemen arc not allowed to
enter this gallery with cants. It Is an admirable
rale, and abouldncvcr be violated. We also see.
however, that ladies are allowed to carry their
parasols end umbrellas with them, which should
not be permitted- People are so fond of pointing
to and teaching pictures that we woold trust no
one, man or woman, with auvthtng in the shape
of a stick amongst pictures. Let the nue
strictly enforced, and so properlv in the case of
gentlemen, be enforced also in toe case of ladies.
It is due to the contributors, and a simple matter
of precautionary justice. Many of the pictares,
we see. are hung very low, and are likely to be in
jure d nnwittingly by crinolines sweeping past
them. A rail round them from top to bottom of
the hall woold obviate that catastrophe.
the crmosrrr shop
At the Supervisors 1 Boom was thronged by lute--
rested visitors, all day. Numerous valuable con
tributions were made. Those who have not seen
this rare collection of minerals, battle-field relics,
Ac. should not fail to visit it.
Not a railroad train came into the city yesterday
which did not bring contributions to the Fair.
The liberality of the people in contributing for
the benefit of the sick and wounded defenders of
the Republic seems to have no limit. The fol.
lowing are among the principal donations received
A Parlor Grate from Prickett * Drvsdale—a very
fine piece of workmanship. *
Apiece of brocade silk and point lacc hand
kerchief* to the value of SIOO, from Sherwin, Noel
& Pratt, of Milwaukee.
Thirty-nine barrels of oil from different firms in
Pittsburgh—value SI,OUO.
Twenty kegs calls from Zug, Painter & Co * 10
do from Haitman, Rahm «t Co.; 12 do from
McKnfght & Co.: 17 do from Jas, Wood & Co
and 19 do from Lloyd & Black—all of Pittsburgh,
kevtral lots from others are on the way.
One ehytt or flange iron, 17 by 16. weight 1,361
Tbs, valued at slsu, from Lyon, Short) & Co.,
Pittsburgh. Also, from same firm, a sheet of one
inch turret! Iron, 9 feet long by ZX feet wide,
weight 1,292 lbs, valued at SIS 7.
A splendid green marbelized iron mantle, with
fender, worth $lO3, from Blsscil&Co.,
Eleven braes kettles, from Hepv&Co.. Pitts
Two large cans of carbon oil from Gov. John
son, Pittsburgh.
A lot of boxes from Newmym & Graff, and some
fromLtppincott A Co.. Pittsburgh.
Brazier's rivets, from C. CT Hapey «t Co.
Pittsburgh. 1 3 * 1
Five boxes tobacco, valued at SSO.
Six Improved coffee mills, from Novelty’Works.
Abunclcof galvanized sheet iron, 130 2ba.
One esse custom-made boots, from Fargo & Hill.
A large lumber wagon, valued at SO4, from Peter
ScLmlcr, Chicago.
A patent horse-power pitch fork, from W. C.
Palmer, Chicago.
Twenty-ecvtTu card pictures of soldiers ondother
ilistirgmshcd persons, from S. M. Pap-ett s3l.
A beaumnl leather boncett, elegantly trimmed,
from Mrs. Stow, SSO.
Two large boxes, from Milwaukee, containing
among other valuables, silver plated ware valued
at SSS, from Biair & Parsons, and a silver tea urn.
worth sl3. *
Fifteen pairs of gaiters, from Bradley & Met
caif, and a piece of plaid merino and a bolt ol cal
ico, from Bradford Bros
A large lot of fiiucy articles, from Racine, Wts.
Thfriv-five boxes of glueing powder, s3>, from
James Pile. Now York City, .
Forty-two bottles cologne, from Woodworth &
Bunnell, Milwaukee.
A box of fancy article?, from Plaaeville, Alle
ghany county, Mich., the same from Westminster
Cnnrch. and one from the Yuan? Ladies 1 Aid So
ciety, Detroit.
Alerge willow arm chair, and a beautlfal col
lection of flowers, J. M. Allen, Smitbville, Wis.
A Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine. $33,
from the Ladies 1 Aid Society, Milwaukee.
R J. Bennett, of Diamond Lake, 111, has sent In
one hundred mastodon potatoes, worth $2 per bn.
A lot of fancy articles, from Waakcshaw, Wis.
HfcGraff& Poole, clothiers, corner of State and
Randolph streets, donated two elegant salts of
boy's clothing and a handsome overcoat.
The Ealamazoo Soldiers' Aid Society send S3OO
worth of fancy goods—a tnleadld assortment.
Mrs. Lucinda Brewer, of Sterling, HL, seventy
. years of age, contributes one dozen ironing hold
ers. made from a bed quilt seventy-six years old
The Ladies' Unionist Society of Hennepin, 111.,
contributed $250.
One.dozcn season tickets to the Central Skating
A liberal lot of poultry from Mr Sherwm.
Besides the above, a very large number of other
articles, of more or less value, were received,
whoee donors' names we could not learn.
Second Day’s Proceedings.
Pursuant to adjournment. Court met yesterday
morning at nine o'clock. The first witness called
was StQJien 2T. Whipple, for the pra*icviion.
My name is Stephen M. Whipple. My Camllj
have resided in North Adams seventeen years
My business during the year 1852 was collectin'*
evidence in contested patent cases, among others,
for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Ballroad
Company. 1 commenced this business In the fill
of3S'o. IkncwNchemiahHodge. Myflrstbasl
ccss transaction with him was in tho winter of
1552. I knew him five or six years before that.
Q.— State what business transaction you had with
Mr. Bodge in relation to his patent. A.—ln July,
1b62, Mr. Hodge sold me his patent for the Stats
of Ohio forfeit), s2to In six months from sale and
the balance in a year. In the summer of 1633 he
proposed to sell me the States of Kentucky, Mich
igan. WiscoLtla, Illinois and Indiana for $1,500.
and execute, upon the payment of $5Ol down, a
bond for a deed of those States, conditioned upon
the payment of certain other sums at times spsclfi
cd, 1 went to work under that bond In the Sites I
have mentioned. ■ Matters continued in that slums
till January, IW6. When I was at the Dclevau
Bouse,in Albany, a man showedme sons instru
etroment of record, under the sea! of the Patent
Office, which led me to suppose that the Slates of
Illinois and Indiana had been deeded to another
naily I wen: to Mr. Hodge for an explanation;
be admitted It was so. I requested to hare this party
convey to me, and then I would satisfy the terms
of this bond which was just maturing. Bo s-nt
fora deed, but itwa* not running to me bat to
him. I appeared at his house at tho time of the
maturity of this bond. Mr Bodge showed me tho
deed but it was not on record. I refused to pay
anything until it was recorded, and as that was
never done the money lias never been paid. Iq
June, 1860.1 told him that 1 was going to Ohio to
look after my interests in the patent In that S ato,
and that I would be happy to do what I could for
him in ludlaua and lOin-As. After some conver
sation be made me his agent to look after his
claims in those States, with the undcrdtaulin<*
that be was to come oat and assist mu. He dl 3
not come at all to render me any assistance in this
matter, and I, thinking hi: had violated kls agree
ment with me, told Mr. Hammond of the instru
ment in my possession, and everything connected
with it, and of my willingness to transfer
it to him. Finally I did transfer to Hammond
all myintereste under that Instrument. la March.
1861, Hodge came to Chicago and wanted me to
assist him. I told him how it stood between me
and the railroads. I was thou at Aurora. Mr.
Hedge came to sec me two or three tlmas.. Oa
one occasion be came and spent an evening with
me, when we canceled too agrcjmcnt, fu th*
course of th? evening, aft?* urging me to cfias-*e
my course with reference to him and the railroad
companies, he rose up and said; “Mr. Whlpplo
are you going tocmbitrass me In my efforts to
get my riehtc of three railroad co npauies .' If
you do, 1 will not Invoke the powers of Clod
against yon, but the powers of .” He sat
down upon that, and said: “I brought s*» wPH
me to put these roads Into Court, and I brought
something to protect it"—that was a six-hurrelTcd
revolver. On the 6rh of October. 1851. a: 10
o crock, I* as at the office of the United Sta'es
Commissioner, oa Court street, Boston, takic* a
deposition In one of these patent casee. Alter ifav
iugpiottededsometen minutes. I was arrested
and went with the tifficcr iuto the pis si?*. Tne
first man I saw was Hodge. He slid, follow mat
man. The man took me to jail Oa my arrivin'*
tilers, 1 asked the officer what this was for. He
said forstealing a bond. Next day I was takon to
North Adams and put under bonds of $1,5-0.
as I made no defence. The day alter I
was taken to Lenox, the county town of Berk
shire county. While there In prisoa I wrot 5 a let
ter to walker, of the firm of Walker & Dexter.
On the 38th day of my imprisonment a man came
there and entered bail for me. I was set at liber
ty and came to Chicago. An indictment was found
against me. Last July I appeared to attend the
trial, and had everything ready, but the indict
ment was nd-fifoMd. When I was In the employ
of the roads, 1 was at the office of the C. B. & 6.
EE. Iwaatoerefrequently IkuowMr.Hudse’a
handwriting. (The letter attached!© the box was
r ere shown to Mr. Whipple,) This Is In the hand
writing of Nehemiah Hodge, slightly disguised. I
haveno doubt about this being Hodge's handwri
tioa examined hy 3!r. Goodwin— l understood
that Hr. Tucker, Treasurer of Berkshire county,
was my bail; I don’t know ho whe come to be my
bail, or at whote solicitation it was: I never asked
my man to be my bail, nor would I; I stated to
Mr. Walker the £act that I was there; I judged
. that they knew tbelr duty; it was not for me to
inform them: I was in their employ:
tin the Cth of Juno. ISC'). I lived within a few
rods of Mr. Hodge. The first talk in reference to
the agreement was in February orMarch, iB6O. It
was in his shop. Mr. Hodge makes models in hie
shop. There id a work bench there. (The agree
ment of oth of June, 1060. was shown to witness).
It is the hand writing of Nehemiah Hodge. After
the agreement was made I came to Chicago. Mr
Hodge advanced money tome.
The date of the tranmr to Hammond was on tho
oth of August, 1860. There was at that time no
arrangement with railroads that I should go into
thelremploy. That was not till October. At Aurora
I superintended making the models of patent
brakes. Iputthcmodels together. Between 1835
and lECOI lived In North Adams. In 18511 was
as; Delated with Henry M. Paine, of water light
notoriety. I let Mr. Paine hare a thousand dol
lars to assist in carrying on his experiments,
which resulted in what he called a motive po wcr.
I did rot see the letter on the box taken from it; I
received another letter connected with this box; I
have not got that letter; I gave it to Mr. Hall be
fore the machine was exploded, and ho gave it
over to Mr. Bradley, with all the other things; I
know Willard Hay of North Adams: I saw mm at
picTrcmont House some time in 1662; I did not
«li Hr. Hay that Hodge had the advantage of me
now, but ’twould bo my turn next; I
t Dr .‘ Phillips of North Adams, Mass.;
ItrtfnfvJ? 1 P T .\ PMip, at Povn.aU In the
?? nont . something would shortly
Mr. Hodge, that would aur-
Sml calling himself Mr. Ford,
TbatwaalnNorth s *^" 11 ® ti s e Iwt April or May.
Ford w£i?d to occ " lo , a M '*
I told him that hehad S?dL5« dgc f P a i* nt * * nd
nies. ldldnotten^.|Jrf e twf^ ro4dcom P & -
bined to prosecute Mr. were com
thc State would not take it ud £ntth«Vii? t^a*
were at the expruso of thewi ll^^®7 d , ld - ? od
nishtbemoncy.acd that it would b2lhA^ ld for *
way for them to ect the rightofs£°pJSi Cll ? ai>e * t
eut. I think Itold him tovt the * pat ,'
tomev had been at North Adams, batididnm
him that toe railroad companies paid
(Mr. Ford here came In, and witness Identified
him ) I did not state to Mr* Ford that Nehemiah
Hodge had * not collected anything from his
patent Elect 1659, and that consequently he had no
menus tofiefat this suit I did not state that!
should sot have done anything about this matter
but for the railroad company, but they were bo md
to defend their agent, and all that had been dune
heexpenteof the railroad comp antes I
told Mr. Ford that I received the aanonymons let-*
ter and regarded It as a boas till 1 came to Chl
cago. At that time I did so regard It, as
I carried the letter a month betore I-heard
anythlngoftoebox. I don't knowwlrttSer-Umij
told Fort that I kept that letter for the
novelty of it. Icidnottell Ford that I shoved
the letter after being in Chicago a few day* I
think I told him President toldme that a
B ? criD ff totbelcttcrha d been received. 1
did think up to the time of the explosion the lel
terwasallaEham. I may have told Ford so. I
tlunk I told Ford in substance that I did not sun
twbo there was anything of that kind, did oot treat
it m that light. I think I stated to Mr Ford seme,
thing about the articles found iu Hodge’s ehoo
t*v» , ash-aprace-walnut-vrire, *c.
I think 1 told Mm that I thought Hodge senttbe
J»xMdth° aroesmous letter, but I did not tell
that I d:d not think he meant to injore me, giving
as a reason that otherwise ho would not have scut
the letter giving notice of the bos; I did at one
time showlbe anonymous letter to dbubel Bray*
ton, of North Adams; it was on the cars to New
York, on the 23d of December. \ ‘
JMak -Qvtnty Robin*on t for the prteeeviion.—
This Is the ofllcer who went with Dixon to make
the arrest of Hodge, and whose testimony wlth're
gatd to what bed transplredat Hodge's house gen*
trally corresponded with his—
AmESOOIf 65551027.
Ifr. UqV re-called by the jtroucHdon,— l hare
written a Utter andaeked a pass over oar road for
wtnefEcsto come to this trial. Several other]
officers have donethe same thing.* The personal'
danger 1 incurred by reason of the box being
placed in my office, was my reason for doing this
Phitlija tramlMdby Vie proieeuHin.—J
am editor and publisher of a sewsoaper in North
Adams. I have seen Ur. Hodge write, and know’
his hand-writing. (The Utter on the box was
here shown tour. Phillips.) I can see a good
deal of it that looks like Mr. Hodge's. I think it
is his The direction on the envelope resembles
his ordinary hand. The s’s, the p's and the o's are
the letters which I recognise particalatly as being
Cress Examined —1 think I read an account of
this letter in the Chicago papers. I published an
account in my own paper. Don’t know whether
this account spoke of there being a letter outhe
box. Mr. Potter, who has already testified, hand
edmelbo letter to see if I could not rccogdse
Hodges hand writing.
2)r, Jothua JX<or.—l have charge of the Acade
my in Pnltenv, Vermont 1 have corresponded'
withNehemiah Hodge, and have two letters from
him inmy possession. (Letter on the box shown,
to Hr. Poor.) It's my opinion that’s Hr. Hodge’s
Crop* Examined.— l have received three letters
from Hr. Bodge. I first heard of this letter some
time In August, through Hr. Whipple. He asced
meiflhadlctters in Mr.Hodge’s hand-wrltiu'V
He then inquired if I should be of the opinion
that a letter which he could obtain was the same
hand-writing with the notes in my possession,
whether I would bo willing to goto Chicago. I
told him I should not consider it a matter of op.
tion, whether I should go or not, Ishould consider
It a matter of duty. After that he got me this let
ter, some time in September, and! compared the
hsnd-writings and judged them to be the same.
Mr. irhipiU re called.—l neither made, nor pro
cured to be made, nor had any knowledge of the
making of this infernal machine. I was last on
Hr. Hodge’s premises in January, 1861.
Ciws Examined by Mr.liatee.— l do not remem
ber being close to Mr. Hodge’s shop a short time
previous to hi-arrest I don’t know Hr. Be.le.
1 was not on Hr. Hodge’s premises last summer
to osk anybody if Hr. Hodge was at home. I
never tola any man that the anonymous letter was
in the hand-writing of Mr. Hodge
Here theprosccnilon rested. Thcdefensc called
as their first witness:
"■ '£ Tan dark
of the United States Hotel, in Boston, Mr. Hodge
was in Boston, at the United States Hotel, tie
cveniag of December 14th, at tea, and left on tie
id. after dinner. (Betel register produced with
entries corresponding to tbo statements of the
witness.) It is 232 miles from Boston to New
Watennan Broirn catted for the Defendant*
I lire in Clarksburg, Massachusetts, two mile? from
North Adams ,* know Bodge; I saw him in Boston
on the 2d, 3d and 4th days of December, at the
Unltco States Hotel. On the 6th Hodge and my
self arrived in North Adams. Pittsfield la 150 miles
from Boston.
Joel Jt.Durntt,called for the Defense.—! reside
at Cooley's Hotel, Springfield, Hass I know Hr.
Hodge. He esme to the Hotel on the 3d of De
cember. (Hotel Register here introduced by the
witness), lie stopped there one day and three
Abigail T. Sairyer, called for the defei i*e.—l
reside in Springfield, Hase. I know Mr. Hodge.
I fitw bun the evening of the 8d day of December
at Sptinfleld, at my tionec. Ho came there early
in me evening and remained there urtil nine
o clock. I remember this aeheing the Wednesday
evening after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was
Thursday the 2Uh. " D
John Hanley , called for defense,—! live In North
Adims. I have known Hodge about t5 years, and
i* hopple from 15 to IS years. I sell goods in the
clothing store of Wm. Martin. He routs of Mr.
»*hippie’s wife. Martin's store Is about twelve
feet from Whipple’s house. There are two side
windows in tbc store that look upon the alley be
tween the store and Whipple's house. Whipple
was in North Adams, In November, H-G2 Also m
Aiignst. I told him one spruce board in Au
gust, On the 4tbot November I soldtwenty-four
f fet of spruce, and on the 6th, fifteen feet. T col
lect the memoranda from the books. Altrr that I
should think Whipple was awav at intervals. 0 a
the 12th oi December I sold Mr. Whipple some
poultry. Whipple put on a small addition to the
back part of his house. He got aequareand ham
mer of ns.
. Ciou-ExanJned, lyMr. Knox.—l saw Wliinple
haveaeaw. The 24 feet of lumber Whioplenscd
to boz up sr.me tiecs.
Mrs, Amelia Helton called for the defence
—Mrs. Amelia Nelton resides at North Adams; I
know Mr. Hodge, and Mr Whipple; the former
since my childhood. I only lire a few rods from
Mr. Hodge. My kitchen, sitting room aodpirlor
all front to Mr. Hodge’s premises. I saw Mr.
hippie frequently pass Mr. Hodge’s premises
caring the summer and fell of 1562. I noticed that
he always passed on the same sidewalk where Mr.
Ho;*ge lives,with his face always from me as
though he was looking over, examining the
premises. I noticed Idm once when thay
were building the fence. I knew when
Mr. Zlooge was at home. The windows
of my kitchen look across into the window of bis
shop, so that when Ic was tbcrel could see him I
knew that the general report was that Mr. Whipple
was inimical to Mr. Bodge, and I thought ho
ezhibiitedagreat deal of interest In Mr. Hodge’s
prtmises. This was matter of frequent remirk
between myself and Hodge's wife. I know that
Hodge went away a few days after Thanksgiving.
My lather came from Ohio to North Adams on
the J2th of November. Soon after my father
arrived, my attention was so much attracted to
Whipple's peculiar manner in passing the house,
that 1 spoke to my father about it.
Ciotti examined by fir. Knox—' There is not
much difference in the sidewalks. Whipple has a
brother-in-law living a short distance beyond
„flre. Zelia Uodge—l am the daughter of Me.
Nehimiah Hodge. I was at home last summer
and fall at my father’s house. I know Stephen M.
Whipple. He passed our house frequently—two
sod three times a week; and always when he
went by be looked towards the house. Once ho
stopped, turned round with bis arms folded, and
lokea towards the shop or barn. That was in No
vember. I never saw him turn in that way but
once, but always when he passed he looked to
wards the bouse and the fact he went by so fre
quently durirg my father's absence made us fear
he meditated some evil; so much so that my *
mother and I kept a light burning at nights. The
shop was accessible at all times. After Thanks
giyfig my father went to Boston on Monday, and
returned Friday night. The next Monday after
that ho went with my brother and sister to school
and reiniutd the next Friday night. Mr mother
and myself were always in thchabitof lookin'* to
mv father’s carpet bag and bidding him goodToyc
«vhe nhe went away. My father Is a subscriber to
.he N Inilej.endent and has bees for many
years. There Is an old-fashioned Iron chest in the
shop in which my fatter kept old newspapers
and blanks not filled out. K
Orcft hicmine-i.—l am a daughter of nr.Hodgo.
Thanksgiving is on the 27th of November. Mr
wther lelt on the Ist day of December for Boston.
Became back on Friday n'ght. I have not seen
r * ''hippie on the premises for the last two
years. The shop is not always locked nights I
1 r® 10 ,} h a * n nights. When I hive been
there It has not been locked. Whipple, when I
saw him standing with hie arms folded, looked In
the direction ol the barn. It was his frequent
passing that excited my mother’s fears.
• 7 - Ca’kd fur Defense,—! have lived
Nor Hi Adams, Muss, about twoyearaanda half,
t know Hodge. I was working on his premises In
the summer of making fence. I be-mn It
some time In June. It was eome two or“three
weeks before we got the fence finished- The fence
was made of red cedar posts, pine casing, and
spruce rails and pickets. After I got through
\ ork op the fence I kept my chest of tools in that
ehop till unite late In the fall. J conld go in and
out of the shop to get my tools I have been
there early In the morning after my tools—some
utnes wfore the family were up—and never found
any difficulty in getting my tools. There was an
addition made to the house last Bill. The lumber
was dressed In the barn. I know Stephen If.
Whipple. Aman empo and inquired for i*r.Hod'’e.
In June Of 3SOI. Be came to the barn, where we
: WCrt dressing staff. I think another raaq
and said Mr. Hodge was cot at homo. After be
was gone I inquired who it was. Some
one said it was Hodge’s partner. A few
days after the same man came again. -1 learned
that his name was Whipple. Last February, one
cvenirg. I was parsing ilr. Hodge’s premises. I
&aw a man coming from Mr. Hodge’s barn. I sup
posed it was Mr. Hodge, and I stopped till ho
cviuedornsoccartbaclsawit wasn’t bbn. and
I moved along, bat before I got to the first turn I
thought I heard somebody speak, and the Tn«n
wtnt by me. When I got up to the corner of
Chestnut an Mary streets I caught np withhlm I
looked at Mm and thought It was this same Whip-
Pie- I went round to the post office with the man,
anal saw it was the same man that came to the
barn to make the inquiry. This was a fow days
before I beard of Mr. Hodge’s arrest. I was at
home when I heard of the arrest. I did not hear
it till a day or two after It occurred. I did not
tc;lanybody about sector this man til! I saw Mr.
Hodge. That was after Hodge had given hall and
came back from Chicago. Had never before that
time heard of any difficulty bet Fean Hodge and
Crofe examined by 3fi\ A’/iO-v.-I have lived In
Noj th Adams two years and a half; went to North
Adams from Williamslown; had been there two
years working journey work; came there from
Bennington, vt I came there from Ohio. I was
horn In \ ermont. I shall be forty-nine years old next
month. I farmed in Ohio six years. Atxnyresl
depce in North Adams I have no neighbor within
thirty rods. After Hodge was brought back he
went by my house one Snndsy. I think that I
spoke with him. He did not ask mo to come np
cere and Ml this ttory. Some six or eight week!}
ago, be came to my bouse again. The first con
versation I had with him was when I told him
about this matter after be came back the first time;
met him on the street near Dawes’ office. I met
hlmjln the street and told him about seeing this
man cone Lorn the barn. That was the laatjof
June or first of Ju*y. I told him I saw the same
man come from the barn tint had been there to
Inqnlro for him. John Rhodes was In the bam at
that time. He is at North Adams. Joel Whit
eomb.wss about tbn premises. I believe ho is in
Savoy—that’s on the mountains cast of North
At’sms. Neither of these men area here
I think Whipple stepped into the bam. I should
think the bam was about three rods from the
sidewalk. When I saw Whipple coming from the
bam, I was on Chestnut street, the fore part of
Febinary. It was. I think, between 7 and 8
inthccveaing that I saw Whipple coming from
the bam. Iliad so conversation withhlm. [was
within two feet of him. We have no gas lights
there. The night was starlight, with a little snow
on the ground. I met Hodge on the street, and
spoke to him as|l always do, and told him that I
saw a T T|Bri coming from his bam a few days before
James Wilbur—l ara a step eon ofHr. Hoige. Am
S3 years old. I reside in North Adams. lam en
gaged in do business at present. I have attended
school for the last six mouths.
A plan of Hodge’s premises and neighboring
portions of North Adam? was here produced and
the witness pointed out on it to theinry the sever
al points mentioned In the testimony of Hr Beall.
At tiia point the court adjourned till nine o’clock
this morking.
Relics yno* Sr. Helena.— Miss Kate Kennedy,
a young lady from tho Island of St. Helena, Is vis*
iting our city. She has given tho Fair a collection
of views of the island, and several relics of Na
poleon's life at Lockwood. Miss K. says that the
people of St. Helena, though far removed from
tho United States, heaitQy sympathize with the
Federal Government in the conflict with treason*
Promoted.—Capt. Wm. Inness, of the 19th
Illinois, has been appointed HtOor of the 2d Ten
nessee regiment. Maj Inness has been with the
lOUTsince its organization, and at tho battle of
Stone Elver, where this regiment distinguished it
self so much, he was honorably mentioned by
Cols. Stanley and Miller, brigade commanders, fot
bis gallant conduct.
Ges. Local’s Chicago Speech.—Oar Wis-
COTdn Mead, will did this one of the most efltect
ire they m pat Info the hand, ot
ri I !™,, * ,cw ftousand on hand, which
WO will oend to eider at.s» oo pet sop. A4tou'
TmßcsE Ccmpuy, Chlcaso, Aaoiew
Chicago Driving Park.
The trotting yesterday between “Black Dia
mond” and “Cooley** attracted a respectable num
ber of visitors, and interested those who were
The Patchen-Clay farce Is again to be put on to
day. Both ore splendid horses and can do good
•work—neither Is likely to under the patent combl
naton arrangement, that means only moderate
cxcicise for the gate money. The horses are ad
vertised to go under saddle to-day for $2,000, ad
mission one dollar. Bather a large price for a
horse show, and yet quite the rule for a great
attraction in point of speed. It will depend mnch
upon the result to day whether it wiH not be time
toadTisethePatchea-ClayJoint stock concern to
dissolve business, or come out honestly as they
are, and let it be understood the Tribute will
“have a reporter there.”
Thames—The Lake County Committeo
wish ns to relurn their thanks to the Northwest
ern piank Eoad Company for the free passage of
the teams and loads of the county delegation, on
Tuesday last. Alto to Mr. Boynton for the free
nse of livery; to Stryker & Co., for cloth for ban
ners and ribbon for badges, and to B. F. Hagea for
painting banners,
gsgT A Union meeting will be bold at East
Wheeling, In this county, on Friday evening, Oct.
80th. Hon. J. D. Ward and. others will (address
the meeting.
A Noted Visitor —Gen. Grierson, of .Mis
sissippi cavalry raid fame, is on a brief visit to
friends in this city. Gen. G. and staff will visit
the theatre to-night.
Barrels and Boxes Wanted.—The ladies
of the Sanitary Fair want more empty barrels and
sacks for the Lake county potatoes. Let them be
provided at once.
Forßent.—Attention Is called to I lift adver
tisement of a famished house to rent in the North
A valuable corner on South Clark
street, with other good property, is advertised for
sale in another column.
Brtan Hail.—-The receipts at Bryan Hall
yesterday are reported at about five thousand dol
James, formerly of James Hospital
Custom House street, New Orleans, La., estab
lished in 1850, is now permanently located at 80
Randolph street, between State and Dearborn
ttreets, Chicago, Illinois, for the treatment of old
chronic, mercurial, blood and skin diseases—cures
them without mercury, iodide potaesle, arsenic
or any poison, bat a neutralizer, which is a posi
tive cure for these terrible diseases.
Organic weakness, brought on by excess, over
taxation of business, or other causes, producing
debility and a lack of tba vital forces, treated ana
radically cured by an infallible method. -
g>r. James’ testimonials are of the highest char
er, from Professors of Medical Colleges, Hos
pitals. £c. Dr. James could produce thousands
of testimonials cT Inveterate and considered In
curable diseases l«» has successfully treated, were
la not for the delicacy of the subject. A practice
of fifteen years. In New Orleans, with his high
a.ray of testimonials, should be sufficient evidence
to gain the confidence of the unfortunate.
The following editorial Is from the New Orleans
Delta, March 12, IStO: •
“Cojstixced Success.— -Thecontinued success
of Dr. James is whispered throughout the city,-
and physician? are beginning to be alarmed for a
certain lucrative portion of their business, which
is deserting them and drifting into the channel
which empt-es at No. S3 Custom House, (old num
ber,) the headqu mere of Dr, James.
“it has teen the case since the world began that
true merit sooner or later meets its just reward,
and is aptly illustrated In the case of this physi
cian, who, after laboring Industriously and studi
ously for years to perfect himself thoroughly in a
special branch of medicine, is about reaping the
benefits at the bands of his numerous patients
who are, as it were, cured by bls magic hand. In
tie advert Isemcnt, which will be found elsewhere,
Dr. Jfiines explains the nature of the speciality
whl- h he so successfully treats.”
Those whoso blood Is poeoned, haring blotches
on the face, small watery blisters, pains in the
head and bones, ulceratedthroataud nose, scrofula,
together wiih an endless number of sufferings,
should apply immediately to Dr. James, and save
yourselves from the more fearful consequences
utteniiing. Dr. James’ cures are speedy, safe and
Dr. James’ office and parlors are 8C Randolph
between State and Dearborn streets, where
he can be contnlted from 9a. m, till Bp. m. Con
saltations confidential. 039015-lt
Aid pou tbe A rvucted.—What tongue can tell,
w hat pen poitray the miseries suffered by those
unfortunates who, in some unguarded moment,
have placed themselves in the way of temptation
which they were unable to resist, and hare fallen
an easy prey to the tempter i The bodily anguish
is small Ih comparison with the merited agouy
arising from the dreed of exposure and loss or
gcod came among those whose opinion is valued
more than life Itself. Afraid to take steps to re
move the disease lest discovery should ensue,
that which was at first but trifling becomes in
terse, spreading rapidly andicocwlatlng tbo whole
syptem with a deudly vlrus. It is to the relief of
tni* class that Dr. Bigelow—No 17U Clark street—
is specially devoting his energies He aims not
to deal with those children of • vice whose
a vocation It is to play tho tempter, and
who often fall Into the pit which they have
d’ggcd for others. Tboec who aro unfortunate
enough to have once fallen from the normal path
of rectitude meet with his earnest sympathy, and
for their relief all the resources of the medical art
are brought into requisition. Treated with that
tenderness and delicacy which their heightened
delicacy so much demands, and which by the
moral action tbes inspired, forma so essential an
aid to tbtir physical recovery. None need fear
but that at his hands they will receive all the at
tention required In their case, or that they will
fail to be treated on the bean Improved methods
developed by modern research into the physiolog
ical etincture ot the gculial organs and their sym
pathetic connections with the other portions of
the animal economy and with the articles of the
materia medico, the immense and endlessly varied
resources of which are in his hands an open book.
*• F . E. Rigby. $0 Randolph street, is soiling
Paper Bangings and Window Shades at Now York
prices, at wholesale and retail. The trade supplied
on tho most liberal terms. 0c39p31-4w
To Persons Suffering from Biscasos
. of tlio Ej*c and £ur.
Dr, J,B.' Walker continues to attend exclusively
to this important specialty, which he has practised
with great success for the loti fourteen year*.
Office 117 South < lark etroet, Chicago.
Examination free. oct27-o3CC Ct
The Domestic Dyes
Prepared by Geo. H. Reed & Co offer the simplest
and most perfect means of dyeing household ap
parel ever presented to the public. They embrace
40 different eh&dce, and include all the new and
fashionable colors, and arc perfectly fa*t. Sam
ples on silk and wool can he seen ami the colors
procured of the druggists. oc2*-o9M-StTTAs
To all Afflicted with Catarrh, Tliroat
DMcsKCß,and Affection*of tfloidacHt.
Dr. I. Winslow Ayer, Physician for Affections
of the Throat end Cnest, Room’s 12 and 13 McCor
mick’s Building, comer of Randolph and Dearborn
streets, gives his entire attention to this depart
ment of practice. The extraordinary success
which has attended his practice in this city, has
enabled him to refer to the best and most respon
ses paitics in Chicago. It 1j especially desirable
that all who have need of medical aid. cither for
Cat-mb, Asthma, Droncbitis, or Consumption,
should make early application, The patient, at a
distance, who cannot come to the city to remain
hero for treatment, can, after an examination,
return home aud pursue the course of treatment
with success. Where It Is impossible for the party
to come personally to the city, he should write as
many of his symptoms as possible, and glvo such
description as will afford a correct if ea of the case.
A list of questions will he furnished noon applica
tion. oct 25-0-861-71
XST Gas-fitting work done promptly at Wll
maith’e, 182 Lake street. oc!B.2Cd
Gas Fixttoe3—The cheapest place to buy new
styles, Is at Wllmarth’s, IS3 Lake street.
Go to tub Best—Go to Butast A Sthattok’s
Chicago ComsuciAL College, to get-a thorough
practical basiness education. For circulars ad
dress (enclosing stamps) Bbtast A Stbattof.
Chicago, Illinois.
Nervous Diseases aud Physical Debility,
arising from Specific causes, in both sozes-new
and reliable treatment, in reports of the Howard
Association—sent in scaled letter envelope free of
choree. Address. Dr. J. Ski Em Houghton, How
ard Association, No. 2 South Ninth street Phila
delphia, Pa. auSl-Sm
Wednesday Bvxsura. Oct 29.1363.
Tic money market to-day was qnlct. Eastern Ex
change was In fair demand and firm at par haying, and
* per cent premium selling. The offerings are ccm
paratlvely light, and the inquiry is good.
The gold market was active at 1150115—the brokers
here paying np to New York quotations, on account
of a very short supply. To-day In New York, gold
opened at 145*, then fell to 115, advanced to 145* and
closed at 14G.
ycvriVork Stock and money market—Oct. 37,
Stocks dull, Let rather better.
4UK IM. S.gtd 135*
p. Ft tv.& c so* j m. c. serin my
C.AT ....JIDJjj MI!.*P.DaC 7i
o. a C 114 I Harlem litw
C. * P.. .113* I Hudson 1365
Reading. '....lttH -Erie ......110*
M.C .rsyiN.Y.c 133
M.B 97*
Government Stocks quiet and steady.
U. S. fc, *Bl, C ©llo* 17-30'f1.,..J .107
Money steady. An active business doing at 65&7 per
cent, cbteQv at the latter. Sterling firmer, hut closes
dullatiCO*©iGiW. Gold irregular ana firmer, open*
log at 45 and closing firm at 46*817.
Floor anil Grain In Store in Chicago.
The following table shows the amount of Hoar and
Grain Instore la this city on the 31th Inst, compared
with the amount in store on the corresponding date la
Oct 24, Oct. 21,
18:13. 180.
.... 81,291 2u«23
...4,803.370 50.',113
.. .
~..4440453 ....
.... 10l5»
.... 00,570
Flour, brls.
'Wbeat,ba. l
WEDNESDAY Ensnra. 0ct.23.1569,
The following table shows the receipts and ship
ments during tbo past torty-elgbt horns:
Floor. Wheat. Corn. Oats. Rye. Brly
brla. bo. bn* bo. bo bo.
Bv Canal.'. 04 57M 224i6 15*50 45 fOO
64CDKB..V, ism scans am isics ista ivn
R 1RK.. .77.... *BO 5960 BSD 5001 7(0 ....
ni C R R1........ 1550 9350 8150 600 850 JO’-O
CB&QBB..— 1697 W350 16«73 1130S 23W &*0
SWR2 . IMS 15109 850 Bl6co 1069^600
Aft 8tL8H.... 1«2 »0 675
Cm. Airline.... 19 2900 ....
Total.-.—...- 9711 8053 551 M 78139 5309 8311
Grass Live Beet Tal-
Seed. Hoes. Wool. Hides low.
tbs, Ho. fts. No. a*. Iba.
esS as :::: m ::::
ni'ciui - si» TBi "" ‘its 93-0 iiao
SSftfc’ *!• -s *S -JS s!™ 5 !™
AABtLRR. 891 .... 81 ITJO ....
Cla. Airline... .v.. lIH
Total... 89910 2299 2329 620 51253 333S 4
SBzrazsm bt un ootobjbZS l
Floor. Wheat. Corn. Oats. Bye. Bari*
brla. bn. bn. bn. ha. bn.
To 8uffa10........ 23935 13850 .... 37275 .... 15600
Rfrasss»:Sß r'da:::: ::::
T0ta1,,,....... 28335 99050 *5 1915 M l?« 0
Flour Wheat Com Oats Bye Bar*y
_. By brls. bu. bu. bu., bo. bo.
Cana1........ 800 5600 20SCO 12000 SIS 1090
O. &O.U. R. 979 26333 8211 15505 193 3751
It. I. 1LK.... 1771 10950 4550 4000 1730 SoO
IIL Cent 1t... 8390 2800 5000 7X>
C.B.AQ.R.. 551 7350 11625 7AB 1125 ....
K.W.R.K.... 2135 BWSO 7PO 13610 1550 5050
A. * St. L. It. 1372 3637 - £350 C 35
On. Air Line 4900
.10501 95150 49047 51716 6?71 11 SO
Great Til- Live Beef
Bj Seed, low. Bose, Cii’l.lU'les. "Wool,
I!m. iba. No. No. lbs. Iba.
Canal SQGO
G.&C.K.RK 6050 .... ■ 2400 Sfi 51550 ....
K.1.R.15. , .... I*lß 119 1109) ....
1.C.K.8... .26909. .... 1750 172 52.*>0 13770
U.B &Q.RR 2685 4513 840 K4Bt SUI
N.W.1U!... 3060 550 1100 900 80413 SIGO
A.54.L.8.R. .... 2859 1373 38 29313 ....
snmuurcs nr nan ootodkr 37.
Floor Wheat Cora Oats Kye Bar'y
hrla. bo, ‘ bo. bo. bo. bo.
.wn 23000 11000 60990 12300 ....
Ft. Barela ... 2157
Ogdenaborg..- .831
Faclna* ffr»3 ....
Cleveland. IT6SJ 35375
Clocerich S9S3
Toother porta SS
MM 8300
Total 12707 COM # 41135 101323 12500 ....
There was a air attendance on ’Change today, and
buslntsa was more active In consequence of the sus
pension of business yesterday. The tendency In prices
however, Tras downward—mainly In consequence of
the decline which has taken place in gold since Mon
Flour was dun and neglected, «nd we record tailing
sa.es of Winter extras at $7.37X07,59 ana Spring ex
tras at $5 2505 50. ft
Tte Wheat market suffered a decline of 2XO7c per
t-uahel-wlth sales of about 130,000 bushels, at sl.ll for
cldNo.llUd Winter; $1.03 for Rejected Red Wi ter ;
$1.0601.07f0r No. 1 Spring; SU3OI.OIX for No. 2
Spring; and !S©93Xcfor Rejscto t Spriag-the market
closing quiet bnt firm at Si.O6XOUMX for No 1 Spring
an* SLO3OUI3X for No, 2 Spring.
Com was In limited request and the market ruled
about2c per bushel lower-with sales of about 70,001
bushels, &[email protected] for Canal and River afloat; 73039 c
for No, 1 Cora In store: 76017 c tor No. 2 Cora In store.
and 75076 C for Rejected Cora In store. At the close of
the market the demons was unusually light and the
market was dull at 73c for No. 1 and 77c for No, I Cora
Data declined 3XO lc per bushel below the prices
paid on Monday, and the sales amounted to about
!Co,o(obnshelfl,[email protected] 1,at5603?c for N0.3
Oats In store—the market closing quiet at 533(@33Xc
for No L
Rye was in fair demand and steady at 90092 c for No.
lln store. Barley was quiet and [email protected] per bushel lo ,r
--er—with light sales of No 2 In store at sll3£i id.
Hlghwiccs decllnellc pcrgallon-witb light sales a,
Me. Alcohol closes at $1,030 UU per gallon. 1
Provisions were quiet-with sales of 400 brls city
packed Mess Pork at SU.CO, and 250 brls light Mess at
$13.75. Balk meats were more active, and we note
salcsof 100 bis old rough sues at Sc; 100 bxs Short
Clear buddies at 6Xc, and 100 bxs Short Rib Mlddlesac
Cc. Green Haas are In good demand, and we note
sales at 6Xc. A lot of 2690 pcs old sogar-cared and
caavaascd Bacon Rams change! hands at 10Xc loose
Lard is held at 11c, without buyers. A lot of 200 trc£
India Mess Beef was sold at $20.C0.
Timothy See Jls in fair demand with light sales at
$3.55<23 40. Flax Seed was sold at $2.43; and a small
lot of Clover Seed at $6 SO.
Freights were active at 9Xc for Cora and lOXo for
Wheat to Buffalo, and 16c for Wheat to Oswego. *
The propeller lines took floor at $1.35 to New York
(1.03 to Boston.
In Beef Cattle the market bos been rather active,
sndlor medium and prlmcqoalUles prices are firm at
yesterday’s quotations. Tne entered sales daring the
day amount to 1,978 bead, the bulk of which have been
at prices ranging from $31303,50 perlOO lbs. In Hogs
there has been an active demand at the reduced ratss
of 3 ester day. The entered tales for the day amount
to 13,400 Hogs, bat there bos been a very large proper,
lion of large and Irregular stock, which has been sold
at veiy low prices.
Wednesday Evkjgko, Oct. 23,1363.
Business as wo write la leumk ably brisk—a very
large number ot conu’ry dealers having embraced the
opportunity of making purchases while attending the
great Nottvwe*tcrn Fair. All our wholesale houses
areas husyasthoy can possibly be, and heavy sales
are being effected.
As will be seen by our 11* t of quotations given below,
nearly every article has advanced. Notw thstanding
this, however, we are yet below New York prices
For Instance, last Wednesday’s N. Y. Independent
quotedthe Jobbers’ prices for Standard Sheetings at
40c; while here the same goods precisely are selling at
83X0S9C. Every thug else Is in the same proportion-
We quote;
Lawrence 33 ®S-i
Stark* 4 4 38*039
Appleton... 4 4 SB*«XI
Medford .4-1 33 038* j
Indian llead.4-4 33*039 i
“ 4 .3 4 27*!
Massschu. t*.n 4 27*
. .4 4 88 I
Trcmont .. .S-i 27*
Cabot, a’"‘.‘4-4 38*
Atlantic, N..3 4 21
“ K..4 4 28
•• A..4-4 32
Anuskesg...!-! 28*030
Laconia,.. ..4-4 88*039
Sbawmut....4-l 88*033
Amory 4 4 28*039
Carrol. 4 4 S.'*&39
Salmon Fall a. 1-4 83*029
Gllhoa 4 4 26
Ozark. 4 4 880 39
ThaniCilUver4-4 23
Perklus,D...S-4 27*
Globe 3-4 26
OldDomlcißnS-4 36*
E. .. S3
44 OV .*.* 30
“ N. .. 27*|
Great Falls, M 28 I
44 f K 30
44 I 31
lodlanOrch’d.C. Si
44 ** N. 32
“ "88. 80
“ “ L,. 25
44 44 TV. 27*
Boat Mills,H... 23
44 0... 23
Bartlett 364ach.. St
44 40 44 36
Dwight, 1 23
Bates. D 30
Portsmouth. P. 15*
Nattmkcag.B 80
Napoleon S3
I XL 34*
Constitution 25*
Agaw&u.F..4 4 32
I onranxM-i.
I Dorchester. n*
Amoskcg so
York sj*
1 Manchester . 50 '
! Laglc ....,.; 42*
■ Oxford 43*
I Blue mu .42*
oils 41*
Jewett City 33
Bristol .25
Naooleoa 20
Columbia Dro 80
Washington- .37*
Aloaay a.
Charter Oak 211
Hartford .25
Boston 40
Northwestern .29
striped smimxos.
Amcskeig 16
York 45
Jewe'.tCUy a
Whluenton. 33*
Uncaavllie 37*
Kalu, 27031
Peim Treaty. so*
Stietucket so
Boanoke 2i*
Albany 20
Demware .20
Union 25
liacdolph 25
Locan Mill f.,23
Colaaibia,4o SO
** 150 S3*
North American 35
A No. 1....N0, 120 ....33
44 4 4 ...J70.1» 57*
TVamn ....80
Fern Kock. 37*
Carlisle 1.83
Kennebec 19
Sawmat 38*
Washington bleachea.37*
Amoskeag a.
44 it
N.Y.JU115....;-! 41
Wanwutta ...4-4 S3
L0n5da1e.....4.4 S3
HfTlaSmlUcm? S SO
*• “ - 4-4 a
BarlMts... .7-8 27*
“ 4-4 S2
■\Vnjlamavlik4 4 SS
Dw lF ht 'll
Pay MIliK!!l4-4 St
Warrcgan.. 7-S 23
“ . ..4-4 St
Waltham, ; N. .. 23
Red 8ank....7-9 23
“ .. 4-4 27*
Hamilton, Q.B-4 13*
rommUi, 1'34 17*
Lewis lUver TS
Aurora .7-8 IS
Atlas 27
Bird! HOI 20
Union 4-4 82
White Rock.4-4 S3
_ 44 D.... 47*
Tork.SO-lncu.,.. 57*
44 Zi •• so
namnwnregul’r 47
_ 44 D ..... 43
PexbertoaXL.. 87*
Penhartoa a a., S3
Kalis 27*
Palmer Co.,_* 40
Coaestega, C. C. A.,*.55
Alnauy 20
Manchester. .21*
Massachusetts 40
_ corset jeans. *
Itsconlu • as
Bites 23
! Indian Orchard. 23*
Androscogln 25
SattnaTwill .... 32
LcwUton... 25
Pemberton „23
Glasgow 23
Amoikeag. 40
Salmon Fa 115.... 40
Ma*uet>n«ettß... 40
Icdlan Beal 40
Sock River 35
Hamilton, dark.. SO
Pacific, ” 80
Marrhcftter.d'k. 80
Reps 52
Cllt ten
Ever, tt 63
Fanners and Mechan
ics 65
.. pcctts.
Merrimack. 23
Cochcco 23
Pacific,...". 21
Spragues 21
DnrnicU's 20W
Manchester 20
Richmond SOK
Saunders Sok®2l
American 3rj£®2l
Amo?keag. 20 ®ai
Lowell 19K
Fancy brands...l 2 @l4
Uanmtoin. .22
Allen’s ~.,,.20
Waiueentta isv
Star A Mathews. 18
Waltham IGJ<!
Dost... 17*,
Laumkeag. 17* 1
Pemberton .17*!
Montvllle ;16V£:
RucLe», B 17* I
Coats Spool Cot
ton „93 @I.OO
CJartf ®S3
Stuart’s ass
wmjmanttc ®3O
Stafford 8r05.... csSO
Victoria ®l7*
White Skein ®i.6fl
Aasortedskeln... @I.OO
. BATTS. ,
Chicago sic.M
Heavy.... 3*50
1 „ an-cKLLAxsons.
Cotio.v Vajixs.. @1 00
Twdtb .90 ®i 00
Kt. Jz.cc? 10 ®SD
SATixerra 50 01 w
Wednesday Evencto, Oct, 23, iSG3.
BEEF CATTLE.—The entered sales at the various
yards during the day amount to 1,978 head. The de
mand has been tolerably active, especially for me
dium and prime grades, aud tbo quotations ol yester
day have been fully sustained; inferior qualities have
been in better request; Several lots having been
bought on Government account at $3.1303.25 p 100
as. A very capital lot of 035 heal of medium grades
was add at the Cottage Grove yards, by Slosum. av'g
weight 14W as, at $3 59 *) 100 as. and which has been
the highest price given to-day, a large number of cars
arrived thlealtcrnoon. which were not unloaded.
Bldgloy sold Kent & Co. 15, ar. 1.K50 lbs. at $2 30.
Loomicsold Kent & C0.73.av.912 as,at $323
Bennett sold Kent A Co. 29, av. 1,331 B>s at *3.25.
Fawsctt sold Downing 2D.av.837 Us, at $313
Jones sold Kent A Co. 216, av. 1,100 &a. at $3lO.
Fawsettaold Downing2o, av.916 Ch. at 52 23
Hyman sold Kent 4 Go. 40, av. 1,129 tts, at 83.13.
Kirchway sold Bridge 50, av. LGC6 ibs. at $3 00.
Ward sold Herman 18, av 1J25 as. at $3 05
Harp sold Mallory SC, av. 970 a«, at *2 50.
Clark sold Mortis A Go. S3, av. SO3 as, at $2 23.
Morris A Co. sold Downing 49, av. 873 a**, at S2J2O
Beech sold Handcock 47, av. 1,119 as. at $3 50.
Morton sold Handcock 15, av 1.200 as. at SBAO.
Slocum sold Priest A AUxer 291, av. 1,132 as, at $3 59
Slocum sold Harheck ft Co 401* av. 1,194 as. at 83 50
Gunn sold W llllams SO, av. 1,147 as. at $3 25
Bareham sold Morris A Co. 23, av. us. at $3.10.
Barebam sold Morrl-t A Co. 19, av.958 as. at $2 09
Gunn sold Vaugram 83, av. 95i as, at $2 23. '
HOGS.—The receipts In the various yards have
amounted to ahont 25,000 hogs, with nearly as many
more In the cars, waiting to be delivered when room
can be found to stow them away. The entered sales for
the day amount to 12,106 .audit is very evident that were
there greater facilities for shipment of stock, that a
much larger number would have been cleared oat.
Underprescnt arrangements shippers are nos able to
get can fast enough to transport their sales to
their destination, so that their operations are fre
quently more limited than they would otherwise be.
There Is a good deal of activity in the market, espe
cially among shippers and packers, but prices are
much less firm than they have been for the last six or
seven weeks, and the tendency Is evidently to go be
low even the reduced rates we quoted yesterday.
There la a very much larger proportion than usual of
Irregular, 111-fed stock In the market, for which, with
the present downward tendency for really well-fed
hogs, only very low figures can be obtained. In the
sales to-day a lot of IIS, prime quality, averaging 201
lbs, were sold at $4.00, whilst inferior qualities, aver
aging respectively 213,233,230, 233 and 257 As were
sold at the same price. Tbo same difference will he
found in all the transactions of the day. For the bene
fit of out country friends, who areaboutsendlng their
hogsinlor6ale t wetakeanotherqnotatlOQ. A lot of
prime, wen-fed hogs, averaging 289 as, were sold at
s4,4o—whilst Itlerlor qualities sold at the same price
averaging respectively 233,2tt, 271 and 291 as ; and*
other lots averaging 360 and 263 as were sold at SUS.
Hogs. Av. Price. Hogs. At. Price.
«... 153..5325 167....231'.|3.7U
213.. 259...4.40 K2....223...5.50 '
159.. 107 .. 223...8,90
2 15....223...4 40 «....218...4.60
E)....1£3...320 200....2D...a4fJW
8....218...4 50 46....29J...450
98.. 271 .4.50 1*3....238.,.4.00
97.. 237...175 120...J200...3 00
Hogs. At. Price.
61 ...201..*3 50
141.. 213...3 70
69 ...201...86(1
170.. ..223...8 80
43 ...145...S CO
53.. ..237...4 00
54.. .3.90
51.. ..215.880
101.. ..400
263.. .303...3-91
103 .. 330 ..4,55
135.. ..221 ..380
112.. ..230.. .8 90
118.. 233...4 SO
136.. .400
113.. ..333...40*
603 ...245...4Jt>*<
100.. 10
119 ...222.,,4.15
153 ...253...433
107.. ./58...450 1
U0.,..aa ..4A3K
70 .. 115...3 3
209.. .251...4.25
40.. ..4.35
59.. ..223...4.00 116....231...41*
89.. 1W...JT0...4.4A
53.. 75 41....2 , i9...390
103....225...420 177....220.,.400
55.. 3.60 55....291...4 40
46.. ..215...4.00 6J....2W...4J25
530.. 212.. 4.50 50....260 ..420
110.. 200,..380 59....264...415
15n.,..238...440 51....260...415
13.. 259...4.40 72 .. 261...415
255.. 259 ..4.53& 114....250...400
113.. ..91...4 00 591....211...4 00
D 0....371...4 40 90....263...4 50
K8... 257.,‘.4 CO 99....241...440
ITOIII 1f8.:.9.e0 K‘A...237...415
2a! 178 .350 IG3. . 521...86S
1?o!!::173 .890 in.,..225...8.90
W!!..250...4 85 41....a55...427Jf
54. MO .8.70 58....215...833
Bariev In Store in Albany.
[From the Albany Evening Journal, 23th.l
’ There U about 100.000 bn barley in store here,’ ot
which about 23,cC0bu has changed hands alaw. tt was
i.ore«. Many maVtcrs and brewers, who are tempo
rarily supplied have withe rawn from fe market and
a»ciucl.i.,gbackforfartdor Jerclopueuti Tue traf
neii>coc3eque tly restricted. Toe sales reported since
wo-rowei state at
w ros«Dit Evening. Oct. 2t. ISO.
active and The
GLcacemeou -era ao followa: to i£r/i£w.Bapt
Superior, bris Mechanic K s
A. &tng. Cornelia ano EUza Logan, all with wheat! Nt
loK*:acbr Fortune, with com at 9Wc-baVkp2m^fts
ana srhr Firing 511 st, oats at 8c To u>w«ao®?«Sr
Barney,with wheat, at 16c; schr J. h Drake with
wheat ani flour at 17c 3> 60 as. To
Glr M y.wltnco n .at»Kei echr Pilot, with wheat 5t
ICKj.To Post Coluokxi ;-Bark nymouth, wheat
ToN*w Tons, viA ConKKicn3,ooo brU floor it
ft.95, VlaLakeand Erie Canal, :<J)ooobis at 1173 To
Boston, via Gonsr.im-2.0C0 brlsat 8195. To Buf
falo, bvFropel!er-20tO oris flour at 835*1)-.
FLOPtt-tlecelved»inceMon :ay,2o3i5 brls; shin
pefl. 46.60 br!s. Market very dull Sales. Wbitic win.
tek—iso oris f holes white -witter acs7.SO;ioo oris >io
at |7.S7J£c. 'Wistkt: Superpine—so brls at siju
Spbino krthas—sco brU “Fords” at 839): 490hsrre!s
gooatitraal $3.25. Spring Suprkpi.hr— 150 brlsat
$1 00. Unsound -1< 0 brls unround wiater at 41 '25.
WnEAT-Kccelrei43cour3,l7s,7!S bn: salmei,
1614’Oba MarSet2K©Srper bu lower. Pa ta were.
Winter Wakat in Stork-100 bu old No 1 red at $114;
4Cotm Rejected Kco at *1,03, Spring Wheat in
BtOßz-Sf.ooobaNo. ISpnngit $1.07: 9.000 budoat
81 < 6 Y-15.«*O0 bu CO at 31.&K: 1.009 bu do at 31.06; I,IWO
bnXo.TSpmgatjt in«;l7,ooobu do at *l-01 : 3.000
bu coat il CCJf; SS.OCO bu do at 9LO3K; 6.000 bu dost
?1 03!,’;l?.0C0nacoat$1 CS• SOOr»udodoS U.J*Go's)
at Steak : 3,000 bu do a: $103.4,000 bu Rejected Spring
at9Bc;S>' buco at 95x«:300 bu “no crtae'*Spring, in
store, at 92c; SOO bn “no grade” Winter, In store at
CORN—Received 43 hours. 105,151 bu; shleped, 41.-
450 bu Market cull aia 2c per bu lower. Sties. River
and Canal Cor.N- 000 bn No 1 Cora afloat at ta)cj2s,-
000 bn no at Hike afloat: 6.000 )>u No 3 Corn afloat at
79Kc. CohnznStock-SDObaKo.lCornfeirly) at3ou;
SOU do to at 73Kc ; 14,000 bu do at 79c; 12, 00 ha 3fo 3
t ore at 77c; 6,0(o bu do at T6Jsc; 400 bu Rejected Cora
at 7Gci4oo tu 00 at Tic.
41 ATS- Receive t43 hours, 123,195 bu; shipped, 306,-
825 bu. Market decl'Dedß[email protected] per bu Sales. 1.2b) tm
>*o 1 <W« In Bt««» at 69c t &.000 bu do at 58¥ c; 95,000
> budb a til KC.S.MS bn do at sS>fc; 13.000 bn do at S3j:
l^u.ouAo.a UALjlnstc.ront 5Kc; 6.W bn do atSTc;
bu Rejected Oats, in store, at
By Sample-495 burlaps, at on tract. Including
sacks. 100 hags at 61c on track
UY E-Recelvea43hours, 12,780 btt; shipped,LJ.*m
bo. Market steady. Sales were as followa on So.
1 Rye In store at SJkc; Bto buco at SSc; 1,600 bu do at
91c; 1,40. ta do at Wc*
By Sample - SCO bags at 90c. on track. '
uABLBT-Received43hours, 20.182 bu; shippoi,
15,610 bu. MarketlfiiSc lover. Salei,2.ooo bu No. 2
Barley in S‘oro at $l 19; 6JMO bn Co at 8113.
By Sample-133 bags at 81.12 del; 801 bags at 3140 de
ALCOnoL-Qolet and nominal atsLo3.sUOper
,1*^ bu I,ltae “•» * ls
BHOOIII COHN—Scarce and In good demand at
*[email protected] r-erton
DtJTTElt—Steady demand and prices rule firm.
We quote:
Cto’ce Dairy, In crock* 3U33Sc
Choice Firkin ~..2iaKc
Fair to goed do ..1954203
Common 155*133
Sales to-day, IfO flrklusat 21^:15flrklna at22c.
COFFEE—Market firm and in fair demand.
Ftntoa 037 e
Java mu e
Rio. common to fair 53K331 c
Rio. coed to prime -..3JK«U c
iao. choice 83 c
F.R4JS— In good dmxiad at 16017 c oer doz.
CHEESE—Shlprlng demand very active, an I mar
ket rules Orm. We quote;
Hamburg .13*015
Western Reserve Wkau
Dllnola and Wisconsin . 0 am
COOPERAGE—I,otO Pork Barrels a{
Lan tle-ces at 8135. . ’
FlSH—'Whltcflsh receipts much larger and de
mand very active: prices Arm- Trout are la little de
mand : supply moceroto Mackerel market very a-t -
Ice and fltm. Cod Fihu—Receipts very limited aar la
gooicemand. sfark-t very Arm. Pickled Berrlam
are In very limited supply, and much wanted, we
Koi Whltoflßh.half brls... .is.eo AS4S
Fo2 “ “ .................. A 62 0137
5° IE 01 ! !" 150 1*4.73
NoSTront • 40C W4J3E
No. 1 Mackerel, new, p half oris ......... 9.50 010.58
NO. 1 do Old. do ...6-50 07.53
No. 5 do.. Vhf bri HBO 07.00
Uaske?el,kita.«.. 250 @275
“ Family 175 ®*t»
Codflah.Georeia Bank, V1'0ka.......... 6.75 07 00
Codfish, Grand do do 620 @5 73
No. 1 Dried Herring 1* box 55 0 65
Sealed “ 65 0 73
IMcfcU’dßerrlpzs ..6CO @7OO
FHUITS—GRBEN— Apples—Supply liooral and
lagocoabuiand. Cn-tsDEumss are mbettevaupyiy
isathsm&iket tole &biy active. Qbapks—Receipts
large but mt beyend tse detna d, which for good
qn.Ut'ca Isvtryac lve Quinors ai« in lilrsoruj
atd medvrs'e demand. Ckesnuts—Tae market la
tcleraoly aedre ana a much better supply. Pr-ces
rale mm sttee following quotations:
Green Apples * bn. fl .7502 23
Crao Apu.es. basket 050
Grapes. Isabelle 3 0 9
Grapes, Catawba U 0 12
Grapes, commmon,B> d ................. 5 @ I
Cranberries. 9 bri ID.CO 012.00
Limons. 4Pb0x....„., ....10.00 01200
Bninccs,8 ninccs, per barrel BJM 0 9*B
nesnnts. 1* bu 725 0 7JSU
FillflTS— DRlED—starkat generally active an
firtfc. st oar iut quotations Raisins and Cnßs.tNTs
—1 be Lew Dale la atowiy fieclsg itf way to thU mar
ket, ard in sm&l qcanmiei. mslaa araveryfinu.
and tvea hlghcrpilcca than we quote are aakid. We
FritseN, 7. Dried Armies 6YO 7K
Ohio and Michigan Dried. 6xo 7
Unrated Pcachec, 5 0 7
Pared do 12 0 1*
aalJla*—Layers F boz 487Ka5.c0
« d 0 /° .J® o (“«»)- 5.00 @525
Currants, 8» » old 17 0 is
Aimocds,V & Bolt. 23 0 SO
do _ do hard 17 0 20
Dried Raspberries 28 0 30
do Blackberries J9 0 21
do Cherries 30 u 23
, HlGHWfJfEeJ—Markat dull and ic per gaVon
lower Balestoc»y,9obrlsatsle:2Go brisUa.clJit
at 55a
HlDES—Doitag the last few days there has hem a
marked folding off la tee demand &?d tunmirxet la
not 10 tt-m. Pairexa are not disposal tods more
than therein pcatloly help doing, at the presait nao
tailors, we bavenotaayet heard of any redaction
Inttepreeentratfcs. Wc quota:
Green country . S*a9*
GrccnSaited .... ....1... *lO
Green Part Cared 9*olo*
Dry Baited....; ..16 018*
DryFltnt x 9 al)
, LEATHER—There is co change, either in Hem
leek or Oak sols, the market t» gnaeratly aettra.
anc Prt-ntb and American Calls kins are firm and in
gooc demand. "Woquote:
_ axxLOix.
Harness, 9 is... tfk&ilci Blanghtcr 4 5501e....32035c
Line, 44 ... 42043c| Buenos Avres S2oSic
<lp. 44 ... 75020 c ( Orinoco OW 3:033 c
Calf, 44 ...slfOoll3 Orinoco.MW 30033 c
Upper, P foot2loS(c Orinoco good dam-
Collar, 44 ... 20022 c aged 27030 c
larness.fs».... 43®43c Fiench Kto. »i«
<lp, nieulom...tlCo«l.l3 BCBtCa]JL27tM.. 20 , '0...
vlp, heavy. SS&SOg 44 S3C>5.. 1910 ..
Cair.N0L.......514i*0 ... LaMoine/p rt0z.W0907400
rail,seconds ... Lirol2s RussettLinings.7.o*Ql2oo
Kasjcttßrldle.p Iloass 12C001300
side «5.C0®6.C0
ItUIHBER-The demand Is still very active end
co.stderatdy m advance of toe supply. Prices couse.
qicntly are very firm with an upward tendency,
bales to-day: Cargo acbr Bose Dousemsa, from Mas
k«|os.Boß;oft mixed at 61550; cargo sebr Hstlzo-
LmC. from Muskegon. S > OCo ft nuxed, at sis 50: cargo
icbr Tnree Beils, worn Green Bay. 110 000 ft mixed at
$16.00. fursonss—Market very active and firm,
aslea to-day: cargo achrFUh Hawk.ftom Kalama
zoo. SS6.OOU sawed a’b a*. $4 25. and $125 for Coll*; du t
cargo schr OetavU. from Kalamazoo. 57,000 saw* L as
SI 25; carcvv from Ore a Ba». iswed A 9,4O I .UO to a-,
live, at It 23; the cs~to of h:l< Octavta 01 900 COO
sawed a's. scid to nzxiva at SLl2*. was re-sold on ar
rl*ai st 34 23.
The following are the closing quotations for lumber
Ltnißxn-Flrst Clear, VI.GOOR $39 00®W.ca
Second clear, •* sia ®ss.oc
Third Clear, “ 21JW030.M
Stock 3:..0u®.....
Boxer Select Boards 22CO<*rioo
Common Boarda. dry. n. o®. ...
Common Boards, grena. 1300ai0.50
Cull Board* **... 14.ju®^.„
Fencing...... 1700 a....
First Cirar Flooring, rouga Site®. ..
Second Clear Flo urvng. rough.29 OOcsSO oc
Common Iloorin,?. rough. 24A0®2 OC
'SldlrgClear.drerstd licoeMocc
Second c1ear....... 17.M®,
. Second Common do woo® ..1
Along Joists 23roasscs
Staved Emnglea, A 9 4 sn®
ShavedShlogiec. >o.l 4.25®.....
Cedar Shins: ct ..
ftawed jJWngies.A..., 4.50 a ...
SawedßhlnMei.Ko.f ,* 4J25® ....
Bath,looo I>CS 4 so® ....
Posts, v 100 , , iDAoaisoc
picket* . . ispS. .I.
NAVAL STORES -Moderate demand and prices
Him. quote:
Tar. »[email protected]&.oojUanmaßope 47aiS
Ptch [email protected] 1 Hrmp ®3O
80dn.... &0A0®.... .LathTamKo.t... ®WJ<
Torceutlne.... smat.m •• *• 3 . aiiw
Oakum.. 5 50<r625 I Marline ..SS®?*
OMOXS-Moaerato supolyand In hruk demand.
Ppirrt role firm at $1 [email protected] 53,
. OlLS—CAnnoif CCLo are In fair supplyand good
demand. Prices rule easier. Linseed atitl scarce
and dear. Market generally active and arm. We
carbon Oil best White to*
Carbon Oil, ye110w............ . ‘ wc
Raw Linseed OH .$1430150'
Boiled Lnseed O U......V.,”.., II!" 1 Mai’S
Olive Oh. ba1k.,,,., 9 giat m
wtalaou. w S.;:. ■ tfiaun
b®«« 0“ :::....raSIS
Bank OH 1 laams
its <SV’w?SS' r SS3 SO
Lard oil, winter 00
Machine Oil m«loo
Boetm on r;.v.r;. vn
Mecca Oil 40® 50
POTATOES-Receipts liberal ‘and demana very
active We auote:
NeibansocksV bn. ID®7se
Peach B.ows, MSTJc
Crmmon, ” 50®sjc
BweeiPo>ato;s [email protected]
POULTRY—The eunply cf Chlciaoa continues
very Imeescd ettre U unt a small demand. Prices
arecona queatly very loir. We quota:
Spring Chicken 11.00^1.73
lallao, [email protected]
Turkey* 6 ®6*
PROVlsslONS—Market lencrally quiet. Bbw
Foas—4oo trla city packed at 315 CO. Bulk Meats—
-100 bss old ronsb sides as sc; 100 hxs old Short Clear
Middles at 6h’e; ICO bxs old Short Bib Middles at 63.
Gr.rvx Meatj*-I,<KO pcs Haras from the block at B*o.
labd—Held at lie. Demand very light Baoox—
l,€Co oca old sugar cured and canvasatd Hams. loose,
at lo*c. ledia Mem Beef—2oo tree India Mess at
|2O od.
SALT—Domestic steady and active. ForclctqnleS
sad heavy. We quote:
DoxiflTio—Onondaga Fine 32.70®...,
** BaglnawFlne 2.70®.,,.
** Coarse «^.,^..^2.75a..,.
** Ground Solar 2.73®....
** Dairy, with sacks,,.. 4.73®...,
** Dairy, without
rOREIQK—S. A.> Sack Of 210 3.1502.20
Turk’s saskof 140 as.. 1.50®l «2*
Ca3U.»bu.. 50052*
_ Trepannl, «bn o.so®jaj
To-dat the sales were: 2.800 bris Domertlc rice at
32.70 del r FOOsks old Ground Alum a* f ils; .'Ol sks
c ! d Gj ensd Alum, warranted to weigh 20S as. at 8213-
f*CO sVanew G. A, at 12 20 delivered.
SEEDS—'fncoTHT—Ia fair demand and steady.
Bales: 16 buss prime at $210:24 >1153 at SI S3: Si bass
at 93 SO. Plax—2o bags good at 93. 4?. Ciov.EE—I I .* ba
at $650
SALERA CUS—Steady demand and prices firm
at last quotations. We quote:
SabbitraEest. a
•• Pure *B}«&S*o
Del and’s Chemical........ „.,9JS(a9kc
** Healthy. d9^o
SUGARS— ihe market baa been scarcely so ac
tive, asd prices, although fltn at last quotations. hive
not ebat I’xenz upward tendency which has prevailed
for seme time past Still with tne present high rat*
0/ exchange, but little departure from the present
high rates can be hoped ior. We quote:
New Orleans. , 13^815
Cuba.... 12?fM13V
Porto Rico 13&au
A. A. Portland ...13?<<41£
N. T. Refined, pewdered and granulated 17MC41TX
white A ""isScan
Extra B lOKaisv
Extra,C ,-- ■■■■.-....n..- — is «ioQ
Chicago A .16 Citotf
Cblcagpß 15V®18
Ss^HUPS—Thera la an active demand, baio riot;
to iLc scajcliy of several brands tcere U more tbaa
ordinary difficulty In filling orders Chicago Qotdea
ai d Amber and Sorghum are quoted nominally, there
b*lcg«carc»lyany mine market. We cviote; •son
Chicago anwrH0nM..,....... eftftTQ
C&icago GoMen ~
Chicago Amber—.,.. S3 as?
N.T. Strops
GoldenSyrop - ,- 11ir ,,, .........tivgrg
Sorghom T ■■ rTiiiii-,,nii.,...^^
New Orleans 58a®
TOBACCO—Market steady and prices firm. we
Standard Sa,los,acd.V as.,
*• &9 and fancy
Inferior and outside brands....
Cut in fclr request. We quote.
enoKisa. chzviss.
Stems tUMdI-HclGoULcaf. .Wa
Mlassourl 13 ai3XcISncnySldo «c
O OSXSIic |C.Uarrts 50c
OO UHAISc BponeeCaSte Si 20
000 I Charley's choice *oc
TALLOW—Demand active but prices scarcely so
firm. W« quote:
Ciolcc City Packers Kigali
City Butchers 10XQU
Country..; 10 (4XOJS
TEAS-Ma:kft firm and both Black and Green
Tekßiueood demand, Wiiqnoret
Toons Hyson. common to very fine —,11.10(41.63
Gunpowders. LlftaUO
BouchOUgl S5&1.0B
Oolongs. 8041.25
Japan. l.os<ai.*o
WOOL—Receipts still llghtand mocLbeiov ita
demand Pjlceatrm, We quote:
Fine fleece
Medium fleece—..—.,,., .flidsssa
Tub Washed flScsKo
Fsctrry Tub Washed [email protected]
WOOD—In gcod supply *nd active demand We
quota ny thoeareo-Beeeh.SSOOSsa: Maple Jfi.'XJa
625; Hickory So 50a7.60. Dellverad—Beoi .h, |G.SCa
7JS; Msple. SB.Cf®3j» : Hickory*ss.CoO3.sG.
New York Markets-Oct* iiS.
Conon—Firm at S3®S3c; by auction Jo-dty. on
g'-vert aent account, m bales uplands atSSHO&ic.
Plotto—common grades dull and havr»; tmde
brines scarce and in good request at dacide M? better
pi lees: tCjSQH as for extra rata; gUEsrso for eo a-
Ji.rn togcoa silppjr.g brands excarooad-boopobio :
floras ss for good to choice extra: market closing
* WmsKT'-Qntatcifilc.
- ucAnf-.-^£cji;i c lower rather more doing, at
Xtoc.ot»: s!37<ai.sMor *«b«Iow* : tl 49 for cso’cb
*mMr Grec« B*j; $t tiotiji »or stater
fgf® 0P«IM qxe; «ao elated 1c hl?l>er- ftl uwa
1.06H *®L* mixed a oaten la «mtj* Si ota
i.tfcK efleat. O*U cieaad ta*Tj eat cloied 3ai
-10-»er; 79»330ciorwe«t«aaa4»t*te **
Pconsxoxa— P*rk Trom ar,ti»« and timer at Si \ M
5115 W lor oil met*: SIS 2rv»i(t 5' lor nsTr can • a l* 13
®I2.W for re*- rrlme; ?M.<oat?so for as* onus
meat. Betf quiet. La?daniiasiiv#li\c.
rOB 7 #F coxa AC*.
A-KKITO October 27.
Prop Fre State, Averin, Buffalo, sundries.
Prop J. Barber. Robhina.St. Jorepb, sundries.
Pnp Chicago. Perry. Buffalo, atmcrUM.
Prop Ratine, Arthur, Buff Uo sundries.
Prop Empire. I.tcharoson. OgCeasbiinh, sun ;ric*a.
l*rop Niagara, Mclnto»b, Go<rcricb.l,WO aria salt.
Prig Commerce, IHcR, Erie, -150 tons coal.
Scbr Barbarian, Ballcntlre, Bay Cltv, 5,400 brli wit.
Schr Ocln. Donherty. Mnivegou, 10'ux lumber.
SdT Falcon, Wool, Wolf Direr, t 0 c<N wood.
Scbr Tu.*cela. Conly, Grand Haven. 13 cds wood. ■W m
Scbr Harris Le'gh, Mail-tee. U0 m ium , 'cr.
Scbr Octavla, Johnson, Ka!»znaroo. I.CCO m shingle?.
Sclir Uli-ser, Jamison,Sfiutegon, TO mlumber.
_ ARRIVED Oct. 25.
Prop Queen of the Lakes Crary. Buffalo. sundries.
Prop Winona, CoUlni, Buffalo, sunorlw.
Prop C. Meara, Blodgett. Lincoln, ifo m lumber.
Prop i ntonagop. Eran?, Goderich, sundries.
Bark A. P. Blrbois. Locke, Buffalo 50 za lumber.
Berk FI« ing Ml*t, Blanchard, Bay City. 5,300 brls wit
Schr Western Metropolis. Buffalo, 3,5 0u brie wit.
Brig Sebmtoppl, Johnson, Muskegon TO m lumber.
Schr Venus.Thompson, Muskegon, 50 m lumber.
Schr Kitty Grant. Kompman, Muskegon, U m lumber.
Sclr Rose Bonaman, Johnson, Muskegon, so m lum
Schr Geo F Foster. Hansen, Muskegon, Ssm lumber,
fOm lath.
Schr Heligoland. Burke, Muskegon, ft m lumber.
Schr Illinois. Burke. Muskegon, to m lumber, 33 m
Schr C F. Bailey, King, Muskegon, 30 m lumber. 50 m
Schr Manner, Murray. Ft Joseph, 30 cords wood.
Schr Magnet, Mnkle, Holland,»l cords bark.
Schr Poland, Lynch, Elk Rapids, 13j m lumber.
Schr Fi-h Haws, McMillan, Kalamazoo, 335 m shingl a
Schr Arrow, Scott, Kalamazoo. 83 m lumber.
Schr Dawn, Lnfcensteln, Pier Core. 73 cores wood.
Scow Hunter, Williams, Muskegon. 90 m lumber.
Scow Hercules, Peterson. Muskegon’ 55 m lumber.
Scow A»ba. Anderson. Muskegon, SO m lumber.
Scow Laura. McVea. Wilkinson's Her. ft m lumber
Sloop Union, Moran,St. Joseph,33o pkgs fruit.
CLEARED.......Oct. 27.
Prop Merchant, Briggs, Buffalo, 3,000 hrla dour, 1.5K5
Prop B r Wa<*e, Goldsmith. Sarnia. 1,405 btls flour.
Prop Ecltb, Travers. Gocerlch. 3,767 Iris flour, SS brl-j
Schr Morning Light. Uea, Windsor, 13JJ25 bn corn.
bcbrCarthaienls.llajs, Oswego. 104& hu wheat,
schr Grand Turk, Green, Oswego. 13,130 hu wheat.
Scbr Gertrude. Mares, Buffalo, 16.2J0 Im wheat.
Schr San Jacinto, Blackhurn. Buffalo. 19J27 nu wheat.
Scbr Bahama Becker. Oswego. 30,000 im wheat.
Schr 1)1® Vernon, Mitchell, Buffalo, 17.500 bu wheat.
Schr W W Arnold, Johnson, Buffalo, 19.563 bn wheat.
CLEARED Oct. 29.
Prop Empire. Richardson. Ogdensbore, 1,051 brlsfloar
Prop tree State. Ronnas. Buffalo, o orb flour.
Hunter, Dixon, Buffalo, bria flour, brls
Bark Chicago Board of Trade. Henderson, light, to
Brig Mechanic, Callin?, Buffalo, I t ,300 hu wheat.
Brig W Lewis, Swectlaod, Oswego 15,175 bu wheat.
HchrXljhtlnjale, tfteveus, Buffalo. 1* 700 bu wheat.
SchrEbcex. Ctj-OD, Buffalo, 12J)00 bu wbeat.
Scbr Bonnie Pood, Leaden. Katiaio.mnbO ba wheat.
Schr Leader. Monroe, Buffalo, 15,373 bn wheat
SchrMH Sibley, Conner. Oswego, L 730 brls Hoar. Cs>
brls pork.
L Schrli II Brown, Ibbotson,Buffalo. 11 ,50 ft bu barley.
Scbr Eliza Logar, Lacpbier. buffalo, 16.0 ft bn wheat
Scbr fortune, Frazer.Buffalo, l/AOO bn corn.
Schr IVm ihiynor. Lower, Buffalo, 13£K> bu corn.
. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago TrlbaneJ
CszcanoßT. Oct 3S.' 1^63
Energy, .Toilet.
Arts, LaSalle.
P Nortiimp,. Prison, ;6y*rd3 ruble st sae.
Powhnttan. LaSalle, 121 tone coal.
Monitor, LaSalle, 5/41 ba corn.
Africa,LaSalle,s,cooba wheat.
Geoi gu L Ta*lor, Joliet, 13 yards ruble stone.
Inonstry, Joliet.
impenu/, Loci; port. 3 033 ba corn’ SOP brls floor.
Advance, Athene, 40 yarcs ruble stone, ai yards
T ad; Franklin, Athees.SO rar’a ruble stone.
W S Daria, Ataenr, 12 yards ruble stone.
I. F Gate?, Athens, 12 yam He.e stone.
Corstlt atlon. Lockport, 5,*500 ba corn.
feuels FaiaN Detnlt,
{Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
IfeTSOtT, Oct. 23 t l3c3,
Fi*—Prop Winslow; Barks St. Lawrence, Pierson,
Uol; Bng Banner; Sshrs. Hubbard,jilorey Alvin
Clark, Ell Bates, Altair, Fashion, Mclnnli, Hyphen
“ Do war—Props, Mohawk, Badger, Galena; Schrs. Cur
lew, Afirloncac, Arctoros
Marine Dinastcn, Ptc.
[From the Buffalo Advertiser, 21th,]
The fo.lowlng marine items were received by the
Board of Lake Underwriters to-day:
—A letter from Mackinaw. 21st Inst., reports a large
unknown Bark having been aground on Graham
Steal, In the straits on the JOih and a Ota, during a
strong gale, Sle f:ot off on the night of the 21sf, and
proceeded on her coarse.
—Tie schooner Geo. Worthington, with a cargo or
barley Jr cm Chicago for Buffalo, was ashore on Sc.
Helena Islana at the same time. The tug McClellan
left Detroit on u e nig t of the Sttb la ctarge of the
Mate of the Worthington to relieve her.
—Cant. Robinson, Inspector of the Home Insurance
C0.,-will- two powerful Holly pumps, left Detroit on
the night of the 22j Inst, onboard the tug Mair. to re*
Ueve the schooner Isaac W. Nicholas, ashore on Than*
tier Bay Island.
—The hart Shepard remained ashore on Point an
Felee on the 21th. She had lighted 5,000 bushels of her
cargo to Detroit. More lighters had gone to her. She
was not leaking at that date.
. —The schooner Gold Hunter, with a cargo of wheat
from Chicago to Buffalo, flamagei about LUJO bushel*,
ti rough her cabin and hatches, in tbe late severe sale
on Lose Michigan.
.-*Theachoocer Ayer, cargo of Liverpool salt from
Montreal to Chicago, la in trouole at Maoitou Islands.
Labe Michigan.
—The Bchooner Sarah Clow and scow Chapin, lately
ashore at the month of Grand Itlver, Mich., are off
ami safe in port.
-Capt, Charles G. Fortier baa undertaken to raUo
the ecboocer Hucsoa, lately sonic oy collision lotf
. lo tbla city, it St. Paul’s Cimrcb. cn the 22d I:at. by
K*y. Jcarpb Barcsaco. Air CIIA9 S. LoDInO and
Hits K&TIE A. Cacgdter of Loula Kictt6o:ir. Eta..
botn or tis» city,
la this city. Oct. 28th, at tie icrtdssca of Mr Seth
*3138 Efq., by Re». J. H. Tattle. Mr. CH&BLKB
PaINI anc amPA.RMBLI a winter all of Chicago,
latbft c!ty. oothe22d tim.. Rev. J.R. suin'! or J
Mftimad p. pirmx aid miss j.
In t£i«city. o& the 21 - h Inst, byEev. Eohajt Laird
CUA3, BtDaN aad Jilaa CATaa.
by the same, on the 37th tost. Mr. WILLI vM H
la oa Wednesday Oet. 29th ofciucer.
SsRAHB.FISLO relict of tieUfcsSargent Field In
ihe slib jear of her age.
Z3T Danvine. Vt. papers pleats copy.
AtfclsrefWtnce in Bristol, Ketoaha county. Wl*.
Hr. P. M. Bloߣob£nK£R. aged 63 years.
A aood man tss gone to bis rest.
gW Alexandria aod Pittsburgh papers pleasecopy.
SsU»>lß B*uron4 TSxm faMo*
train? will learo and arrive at Cclcagc,
ccmaiii ds?ct foot of f »xr srxxsf.
Mail 5:00 a.m.
Detroit *N. Y. Exprcai. *7;3i» a. m, °8:S0 p. m.
Night Express ~+7:13p.m. |7;3oa.a.
mcz. carrf-. crscntrfiTX axd louzstcxs
Morning Express *7:80 a. m, 510:15 p.m.
NigttExpreea ..+7:lsp.in, rJ:GOn.n.
Mall _ *6; 40 a.m. *7:15 p.n
New York Espies* »7;30 a. m. *5:30 p. m.
Night Express Mffdßp.a. ]7;ft)a.s.
Express *7:30 a. m. • 7;i6 p. a.
ExpressriaAdrian fTtlSp.m. »7:SOa. a.
Union Depot West Side, near Madison st. Erldge.
Hall Train. *750 a. m. J7:SOAm.
Night Express tß:3op.m. $8:30 p.m.
Day Exprees $750 a. m, 5750 a. m.
Night Express -13:30 p.m, sS:3op,m.
MomlEgilan, 4:00 a.m. &50p.m
Day Express 7:20 ».m. 7:15 p.m.
Night Express 7:15 p. a, 7:40 a.m.
ValparaisoAccom*n 9:80 p. m, 7:10 a. a.
Dsy Passenger *8:30 a. a. *3:45 p. ta.
Night Passengar .+10:00 p.Ci, *7:46 a. a,
Kankakee Accommodation *&oo p. to.
Hyde Parc Train *6:40&. m, *8:00 «.m.
M ** *13:00 m. *1:35 p.m,
** . - *3:80 p.m, *4:50 p,m.
“ M *5:15 p.m. *7:53 p.m.
CHXCAtfO A2o> ST. LCD 3.
HiU Passenger *8:30 am, *l-00 a m
Staht Passenger +8:45 p. m. »:50 p. m
Joliet and Wilmington Ac*
Dsy Express ana Mail. .. •9-M a. m. *S:M p. m.
Jouet Accommodation.., *l*4s p. n. *c-55 b. m.
Night Express +B:Bop.n. 15:15 a.m.
OHZCA&O, *TTaUHQTOH iia> quad?. -
Z>ay Expreeo and iftiy*B:Bo*. a. *6:18 p.m.
Klghtßxprew *3:15 p. m. 13:30 a. a.
Accommodation *4:50 p. 3. *9:10 a. eu
. na u foCowa. on and aSU? Bn nday
Apnl 19i1503 2
Fulton Passenger.
Falton Pcsaenger...
Freeport Pasaosger...
Freeport Passenger
Ecckford. Elgin. Tox Hir
er and State Line 4:00 p.m. liaot.m,
Geneva 6:80 o. a. 3:30 a. a.
osicaeo aim KOstnwssTzna—(Depot cots or Kai*
- 9:00 •.«. 8:55 p.m.
9:00 a. m. 1:68 p.m.
-8:10 p. tfu 3i2Ua.m,
zie and West Water etreetaA
£sy Express *8:45 a. m. *5:50 p. m.
Woodstock and Way *9JOa. m.
Janesville Act OEM *4:50 p. m. *U;4S a. m.
Night Express .*&3 op. a. *6:00
, . _ CHICAGO iSD 30LWAT7Z33.
•forcing Express *9.451.10. *15.45 a. a.
fapreea *8:80 p. m. *5:50 p. m*
WauJcesas « ... *5:20 p. as. *9:isa. m.
• Sundays axcecud. t Saturday axodptod
Sfoad'.ya excepted.
'DOABDING.—Two rooms, with
-U board. desirable for eeßtleaan and wife or *??o
single gecaeocn, at N08.257 and 2sy Uilnoli street,
Boarding —a suit of front
Roots fnralabed.cra large rlovle Boon, far
nlibed or nnfttn>isaed. maybe bad, with Board,tea
p"l"-te ramliy, Seated within ten ninnies w»ig of
tteorS-ensaa House. Addict* “HC.'at
this office ccST-ocoi;
TIOARDING.—A young gentle-
A-J man dealrei to obtain board In a drat clast prl>
vale family on iUchlzaa or Wabash avenues Kona
bat those oavlogihe required accommodauosa n©‘id
apply Btftretcki exoaaaged. Addreja “OH M;”
Tnbnna off c?. on7-it
So RrnL
r PO RENT—The two story Brick
JL Home. l!M "West Lako street, contValos tea
roctns. Apply to Vi ILLIAM C. Do tV, 31 Cia: k street.
PC 29 p&VBt
'T'O RENT—A famished house in
A tbe North Division, conven'catly locitscV coa
talilsz ten roTtne.pai tries amldccata. gas and water
wiu> good barn. Kant moderate. App y ta W. u.
SAMIEON, Hoaso ana Land Agent, No,Sliutroaol’..
tan Block. rj-jt
©aural JTotkra.
T OST—On the evtniug of the 27th,
Xj at the Fair In B'ryan Hall, a iAdy'-a Mick For
(quartet) Cape. The finder wld be liber *Ty re yarded
by leaving tte sane with J. F. 6MICH '.3 Lakettrar..
OC2a p252t
T OST—On Saturday, a Gold Fob
A-i Cbaln. po;ng from Randolph street to R’nggoll
Place. Tbs under hUI be rewarded oy lesvmr u at
Gilbert a Sampson's 44 Dearborn street. 0c33-pn U
k!? Fnlton itrcet. near tbo comer of Sheldon, on
Saturday tvmlrig. Dec. 2i,a Bay Mare, about twelve
Sears eld— white bind feet. - BSe washttebed to a I'gbt
express wagon.with a green box Had on a good
barret e. nearly now. Tb'j finder will roc: Ive a liberal
reward by leaving the tame at Dampaa/ft South's,
m West iAke»n. oca 099i-3t
O The AnaualV.eetingoftbefStockhO'dereofthe
Union iraaranee'aaaTnut Company will beheld at
their offleo in CV.cago- niioola at two o'clock. P. M .
on TUkfiDAT. the third dar of November. A. D.
caiMjo.Cjct. 5.1353. oeaoiusSß
ID onto
\ VANto-Br a jounw i a( j T
f ▼ its woald Uie to •» o,t joWta* h? *
WAKTBD—A fir.-t olaaa Cmij™
,▼ * Piiatst to jteaily ea,V9»»i«*' RZ
a»»UwJ n iuSf
3 5 Ko:U. Jotfertaa tt;ee*. oo&t t« at*
\\ ANTED—A purchsjtr for jn
eiefiiest a»d Hirm to s*
XXtZ I ’*™*- Oft t KID IT MOR.MSG by W a
?2lftW A * co * « cora«r ot aLJv?t
iweifu atrteti. oj* v jj J?
TV 7 ANTED-Ac d Eoliumbne:! A
.7.7 a*afromuuxltimrptaoi toaaka tv*
ftfh^o>*«f£ aaill9< i» Co * J4 **.? •’Rboat aaiajriM
frth*-hnstreaa. Al-O- jraUcmaa wlsblar ta riutiaS
a year, Lab a* boous I, a***s’alrs v-i r i.,if w
v s&'%i£ uu> * 9 *
\V~ ANTED,—An exp* rienexjd
* i_. Pook-ff o«»pcpJ?cl ex a ki. .« , n
t 2 * Witbja s Ucn*a Satisfactexy city s'd
refer* ree»fnri:sbcd. Adore?* I rtbree d»«J?v!?
TV ANTED-Ac ac'is-f, istcilicent
» » bey le a store. Addraaa. m aoallcsatf »«
fc»n .rule?, e o. Box k~<.
TV ANTED—A situation aa Boat
J, »7*aDf arm of orar fear years*
SrjS , p fc i, c w r6l ?-~ c V. QcO4 giro* Ad
dmaP. o B.i 1777. Chicago. oti?>3St
W-ANTED.—I wart a position as
drU af ¥ yaga”* St saj“
"WJ ANTED— A reliable man ai
, T ' Partcerlsacashtmrtnen. A good man with
Lorn $550 to |3io can brc«»mo a#*-elated la a t»iaP*e*
that cannot fall to realize from SiO to |I£M dally
outasytl**. torpaiticuiar* asd laterrlsw «d:rtu
aodresa W F.‘ Drawer 6301, Post office, enclosing
a&me aad address. oc2.>c«;it
TV ANTED—Aciive, energ-tic
’ * U>cmtm ftrMITCHn.L 3 NEW US-T.
BAL ATLAS. Too WaxktsavccaaaiTr to erer» ta
te.Ugexu family. It sol a readily, and affords • good
cpmclJdtoa Adcrs?s or anptyto J N WdlDDSff.
General Western Agent. No. 1 Methodist Charc’i BiX
Chicago 18. P. (.>.80x35:1. oci)ptS"t
IV ANTED—An esptrianced
oty>t6s a: a. g. gaufisld.
VV ANTED.—Employment.—l 73
.7 * » Meath. Agents warded to sell 'ewiag VU
coirci—T*e,aj-ixJtßacommlß»!oa oa all Macsiaei
sold, orempoy a*antswno wfll work for the shore
wsees and allerpersespstd. »or pantcul-usacortee
C.RUGBIES. GecenilAsenV Detroit,Mies.
WANTED—A ‘situation aa Or
▼ 7 gaalst, by an ezpcrlcscsd performer and
teseber. lax* trom Snsland. M.derara inaryoaly
jequlrrd. Wen rt also l<ke» iltustioa as Teacnar of
Pi*ao Innrauflly on re«ocable terms Beit of refer
ences given. ftdc*r**aN.CAWTi!Oß!TS. at Ue:ho-
Pookatoie.ffi Washington street, Culcagj. Hi.
OtiC* p3i 2t
T\7 ANTED—S toilers, 3 tinners,
*, .. lEtcbttst I ediersmlth. I hoy and fi enote;
and litoanoas for 3 booii-k'fpsra. 3 saleamea i ojerks,
3 cpr>jl?w 'i potter* Sharlstden aao I brakesman.
Apply at Merchant'* Ue Jet Bsglstry Otac«.l3l Dew
-29 ri J » ,r P*- SUaaUoa* precar«d for persons ta ail
b T? ,tw# A«\er«-sD.B saUKWOUD* Co
ronotace Drawer Ski Cue* go. 11l oc3>q6oU
T\7 ANTED— Boaid in a private
7 f family. lot aiaaaaadwlfe. Mast be within
Stb Often rniDuUj »aife ot the North ireetefa Kooai
Wl «West Branch Post Oaice?*
W ANTED,—Any one wishing;
* * . tj» became later<sird in m&naractailarfluSl
YVANTED— Dy a yenu" latl*. a
’LJ. “Rowse* In agood'fanUy-lii »
exp Bier ceU tpachtr Will furnish a ysod piano and
rt^. 3, £2* *2o>l teacher, ifUl
d 0509&3t dlM * OOTasnn,* Inbuna oflee.
W ANTED—Lumber Wanted, in
.J.! ” c l ! A D * e for * flm cIMS Rosewood Plano s*
octares colcecampana aitsohmen-. m»oe by Board.
na *- The lumbar fqatred
c!ly - Addre33 - ». AXDRRBJIM,
pare r o box aSC3. oel? 09C3 3t
VV ANTED—Agent* to canvass
tssg{£«\ti^nPTT-TiiS^ l^ HaToror op
REBELLION. Tea cheapest ami the
eiSffcr 13 H o,tl —and Geitnaa .'angaaTa Orer
T -S 1111 ?* 8 *i flad J sold Extra taoucemeau ot
fayed For terms ana territory a'drr*s ic u *k_ n
TLBAT. 112 Clark street Chicago cebioiCTSwy
TI7ANTED—A good seconc-haad
. * * T?§.9 a -i or which cash wl.l te paid.
Apply at 142 SonthClaik atreat. t cUT 0000 4t
\\f ANTED—A good Tinier to go
,/J. to Appletcn. Wls. Apply at 251 Sonth Water
«t:eet. [ccgicanstj lyman bluk.
T\7ANTED —Good active men as
V " igents to c*ava?Bfor new ard poaalar Bias
tra.edwcrk# Hmplrjmeat permanent and «maa«r»
atlvc Apply at 123 South CiHrg street,
oc?? cosiat joaseojf. fry a cq.
\\I ANTED, —A lady accnatcraed
» f to trillion InKfglish French aad Muslc.tade
i.roua ot asitr.ftticiu ac dress “Xxicass.* Of
flee Box Si, iter deta, in. 0c27 C9SO>l6
WANTED.—S7S a Month.—l
T ▼ wftot to UreAjfanta In erery county at t*3»
moEm fcijwnfei p.w, ta sail 107 n«v ch#ap family
machinal. AddM». S. MADISON. AlfttX
Maize. oc2Sc.iW-Sni
TITANTED-20 Clear ilikcra. by
_» ’ NICHOLAS KUHNS*. T-ywa,
Gocd work and good pay. Only BEST NEW Wrao
peramed. oc2so3Uiw
ANTED—Purchsasrs at whole-
« T sale and retail, for 300 ReroiTors-sil the dli
ferentilndsmade—atp»lccst«a percent lower than
ever before sold la this mwhe;. Alio, of *!lU*rr
Qocfs of all blade, sad Back Glcres. at BO WEN'S ift
Clark §»r6et(uj-»tair») over U. S. Express Oihce.
TV. r A N'T ED--32:1,000 for five
v * years, on lint class improved Fanrs. wl hla
i:o mL’ea of Calcjgo. Tea car cant I: ta - eat will ho
paid. Call on L.D. OLMSTED A CO., corner L»ka
aao Laaahe street. ocai»o7.rMw
WANTED— Agtnts to seU the
newandroleisdiaat-el Knurarlc* of PitESl
vsst LINCOLN. Ooe copy maloti In a i!ce Tubs
to soy part of Uia country on «e*fpt cf eetita.
K. R. Landon - . Agent,
S3 Laka fttteec. Chicago. UL
"W^ANTED —A modern Steam
_* of eighty horse p •>wer. suitable for a
Saw lilll. together with U-.uerj. *c., cl sa'iictsntcaoa.
nty fer tts same. Adurcisme at Milwaukee. wii..
ducHblcytbrm particularly. statics pri-o. *c..*c
CC23 orr-lw JAMKSjLUniSGTOH.
TOf ANTED.—S6O a month! Wa
. * * ant Agents at |GO a month, expenses paid,,
to sell our ETtuisTno Pssjuj. CnmsrAt. Bran
aaa and thirteen other new useful and curious am •
rice. Flft2ercllcaUrascatt.ee. Address 3»Jawa
CLAR& aiddefaro. Maine. scS-ra££u
w ANTED-1,000 ctciceaUippingi
ocLtSiV- 6 ' >y * co - “ s -
'\A[ ANTED—Five good compe*
7 ▼ tent Gaa Fitters. twoPlumbera and seven boys
to learn the trade. Apply to R. D. McPAULANS. t*
Ixsaiie street. Also, two good Finishers for tba
country. oc&-c93r-ia
X/U Aj^TED —{SnUtlng Machine
, TJL »ery Fvmrr to knew that Us M wtrxtr
folka * can earn ts to St'd per week with one of Aka t
Celebrated Knitting MaciLnU; It wS iarn
U thirty days. PncaccnDieta. »75. Weights tcura.
Freight from 57 cents to £3<L Scad tor circular t-»
lasplcs (seed
BRAJbSON « ELLIOT. General Agent?,
mhS fr953-9m Lhj Lake street, Chicago. 13-
WAjS'TED. —Employment.—$75
a month Agents wanted to «ell Sewing Us
cbines We will give a commission on all Mar:nines
sold or employ sgtfEts who will work for the above
wages and ai: expenses oMd. For particulars address
C. RPGGLES A CO.- Detroit Mien. QC3 nfiSl 4U
For Salt.
F}R SALE—Furniture and House
to rent. A fan Uy about leaving the city, dsalro
to flapose of their furniture and household elf. eta,
(uearlynew) Two story brick house (West BWe»to
ieaL To parties about to commence housekeeping,
this is a desirable opportunity. Address Pewtoaco
80x6(47. OC29i>63>3C -
TT'OR SALE—Twenty acres of land
X a mile and a half west of the City LI nits. Terms
liberal, or exchat>z< d forcity property. Also, several
farms sdjclcjrcthemostploaxint cttlMand Tl!iag>a
in Herti.em Illinois and Soothern Witcossla. For
;a ; e ctesp and on Joa« time If dielreo. JU;TAG
UU*i). Keel Estate Agent. 44 Lotolle atrast.
FSR SALE—At a bargain, Rose
wood Furniture «oltaMe lor parlor and b*d
room. Addre»sFo6tOQlce Box 1591. ocy.»p?l 46
FOR SAL E—A good Horse,
welshing, about it(o pounds, about eight years
C *F** And 1« bonds blab, at the Lake House, nonnend
° CC^ipSdt* 6 trlJKe ‘ A PP S 7 to C. A. LOOMIS.
f'OR SALE—Carriage and Saddle
Horse, Apply tOBLIB3 & SHARP, lULUe-St.
0C29 p55 It
SALE—A Frame Dwelling
X House and Brick Basement, containing tea
room*, on old Eighteenth street, near Prairie avenue.
Lot ® it. front by 133 ft. deep. With Barn. Al-o—A.
number of other noußca and lota, and residence lot-,
Linns, Ac. SAMUEL A. SAUGENT, Real Estate
Agent, Ko 1 Metropolitan Block. oc&K)93J-3c
"POB SALE—Honse and Lot on
X. May street, only 13.0C0. on lone time. One on
E'Jlna Mac-, $2,350, rented for 4215. One on Wabash
avenue. *2 &o, rentel for *315. one on DesPlalncs
street, |2,2f10 House on Stain street, to remove. S&O.
AppW to PETEU SHIiIP, IC7 Slate street.
FOR SALE—Or exchange for
CltyPrcpertj. a Schooner of 213 tons measure
»ent, Forparticulars ca!l on J.C.N3TMA«r. 165Soata
Water street, Chicago, cc 9 l!>: 1-13: x war
"POK SALE.—Farm for sale cheap,
A containing 03* hundred and seventeen acre*
Citeea miles jtoc Chisago. and near a railroad sta
tion: la under a good atatejof enlUratloo. h«s a com
fonaoiehonie.anexcei’ent cellar, wall andclstara.
Alto.thlrtTacresoftiaibsr laa-J, an J a thrifty vonnc
orchard of bearing trees. CLAJTUW A PAT.
0c23-Cils 3tF3eA»T 63 Cleric street.
FDB SALE—Engines and Boilers
0n« 15terse stationary engine and tabular
boner. all complete and ready to setup. Aao one 8
to ID bene borer ana engine, complete ana r*- jv for
nae—female by GRIFFIN BROS
OC2S-o9T>3CC 50.5 Poaeroy’s Bolidlmr
SALE.—A Faim for sale,
_ Tweoty-elfibt miles from CbMago one mile
Hooker Grove teTeumiJea iron Xigla. on the Klein
s&o Chicago state So»-:—SJ aerea prattle and 12 acTee
timber; goedbonte. etabilng. gram bam aad a
orchard: z« o<l water. A-') ouder cultivation. Armi«
to i SKO„ Wayne Station. .
cU3 oust ;«
FIR SALE—A Taritty of first
class'octave pUnca. three second-band ditto
one full grand concert ditto, rosewood veaere for
r&le as 11* Dearborn sireet. on second tloor b«
J.PRf3TOS.P.O BOX 1110. ocSSobtt7t
Tj'Oß SALE— Or Lease, the Brick
I Warebouieoanark street, north of the VIIH.IL
Frelcb f -lepot,(K>sf»eifrost bv ISO-feet deep, two
story asd basement soltate for rackingor ware
house purposes App.y to JAHBd ft SPRlNgsi*
Keen 13 Metropolitan Block. oc2»p2S-3t
FIR SALE—A Splendid Farm.
Two hundred and seventy seres—larza part of it
limber, bailuace in goad culuvatioa—ln Champaign
cooity, Ills, One of the nncat farms fa; stock on
litbb t small reals In the State. Terms fayo able,
II T. HELM. 126 Dearborn street. ce37oV.it 3t
FIR SALE.—Choice Residence.
C 6 reet tn Prairie Averins. soatb of 01J street.
174 teet on Prairie Avenue, cor of Bio Grand*
lOOfeetoaPrai-te Aveane.just a rath of Ulo Grande,
Sii feet on Klo Grande, tear Praine Arenne.
46fett on Old streot. near Indiana Avenne
ICO reet on w>barb Aver tie, bet. 1 ttb and Wth Bk
Sfifectcn Aveaoc.fceirlithstreit,
TSfeetoaWabisr ATeaue. between I2tb andllte
street#. Applvto A.J. AVBIHBLL
0c24 o?M St Beal Estate Ag’t 7 Metropolitan BVfc.
F)R SALE—Cheap, 320 Acres
excellent farming lard-partly Improved, nine
mfles north or Horrir. on the canal, and two soda
batf miles east of ibo village of Lisbon, in Lisbon
towcibip. Ker.dall conaly. IlUaoU: 131 oerve uaier
coltivation, tad abcut aM rods dltcbedj lies car i
wile or the road, and known as the Nat baerrUl
Farm.” Apply to a.J.A\£hBLL.
0(21079Mtv Beal Batata Broker. 7 Matrbrolltaa Plk.
FOR SAL S—Mill Machinery'
X 1 Boiler Engine, three ran oi stones, together vtth
all the fixtures complete tor a flr*t class
Tobe remored afte-'tbelO'h of December ne.\t, [2
qnlieolM. C. STSABKS. by Lake street w
cell cl“l Im
T?OR SALE—A New Schooner,
X tHt on dock, M food 1 tack Iw,
on the stocks at >ort Howard, wk, to be
launchedabont theMtltof October, will be toll w
a bargain. Apply to yy. H, WOLF, Fort Howard!
CHASES ft CO- MUwtukM.

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