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**CHlCAfiO TKTBUKK,” Chicago* Hu
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' Washington society was thriUed by an
■event of note yesterday—the nuptials of
Hx-Govemor Sprague, of Rhode Wand,
pud the daughter of Secretary Chase.
We give elsewhere the amended list of
exemptions from the draft on the score of
physical ailment It does not, like its pre
decessor, include all the “His that
fresh is heir to," bat only such as
will, form . . insurmountable obsta
cles to their ' possessor’s entering
the armies of the Union. This list is not
like the other, a help to shirks and sneaks
to escape the draft, hat is simply a safe,
guard for the Government, to save it from
the expense of enrolling incompetent men.
It is greatly impro ved in this respect.
The more we get of election returns the
Ixiter they look. The following am the
majorities for the Union ticket in the
eighteen loyal States that have held elec
tions during the past seven months:
Maine 10,000 Wert Virginia....ls.oCo
Sew Hampshire.. 4.000 Onto 00,000
Vermont .18,000 Keotncky. 61.003
TdaMaadmaclU.. .80 000 California 29.000
Connecticut 8.000 Indiana. 30.000
atbode Island 8,000 Illinois 20.000
'Mew York 82,'W lowa 80.000
Pennsylvania ....16.000 Wisconsin .w 39 000
Maryland 25.000 Minnesota .10,000
Union majority. 426.C00.
On the map of the United States draw
A line from Chattanooga, in Tennessee, to
Fredericksburg, in Virginia, taking Knox
wille cn route. This is the line occupied
by the army of the Union, gradually and
Strongly pressing in upon the veiy heart
of the Confederacy. Of this grand army,
Gen. Thomas has the right, Burnside the
centre, and He&dc the left The present
aspect of the campaign justifies this pecu
liar statement
The rebels have been feeling for a weak
point in the line and have evidently found
it with Burnside, since the enemy’s force
in his front has strengthened and two mod
erately severe blows hare been dealt him.
Sul this movement to the centre has been
clone by the rebels at the expense of pow
er in Virginia, and it has become Gen.
sfcade*s hour to attend to that He
does not propose to set down . on
She Potomac a spectator of a
flght elsewhere, and his time for the reb
els to come back and fight him.
Late movements in Virginia have been
precipitated by the positive information
•which had reached ‘Washington recently
that Gen. Lee’s army was reduced to less
lhan 40,000 men, on account of the large
detachments which had been sent by him
lo operate against Gen. Burnside in East
Preliminary to Lee’s movement west
ward came his fdnt northward to destroy
the railroads and stave off, if posable, any
Advance on our part The game did not
•win. Gen. Meade is now at Fredericks
burg, within sixty mßes of the rebel capi
tal This skillful offensive movement of
our left will speedily tril • for the relief of
Ihe centre, for there will be a hurried re
call of rebel troops baric from East Tea-
jiessee to save their capital
; Meanwhile Gen. Grant on the right of
Uus line is not idle. Hooker and Sher
man are sweeping out around Bragg's left
flank. Any day may bring on a battle,
and indeed three or four great engage
ments may take place dmultaneouriy on
Ibis great extended line of battle. On
ybiß gage of battle the rebellion has laid its
Jast*stakc. If defeated in these fields the
great conspiracy will be at an end, to be
beard of no more save in sullen and sulky
The timid little mmor that came into
Dur dispatch column of yesterday morn
ing, as if ashamed of its Philadelphia
origin, (not a very good start in life for a
piece of news,) has bloomed into a lull
blown sensation, and now comes backed
■with high official names. The Governor
of Ohio, the Governor General of Canada,
Ihe Secretary ofWar, the Mayor of Buffalo,
are all variously mentioned as sharing
an bringing this plot to light, being no less
Shank scheme of rebels to fit out armed
Vessels in Canada, and make a grand
wvater raid on exposed points on Lake
Erie, having as their primal object the
release of the rebel officers prisoners
on the island off Sandusky. The
plot has been so well aired that there is
Bitie danger that it will be again heard
jom. The United States steamer Michi
dgon Is cruising off the island, and other
arrangements to improvise an armed force
afloat have been made, so the probability
Is that Buffalo and her Lake Erie sisters
are sale.
It Is almost certain, however, that this
Canada plot is but a fragmentary portion
of that other rebel plot recently discov
ered in Ohio, while it is even more probable
that both, as well as Buckner's futile raid,
are floating debris of the great wreck of
Vallandigham’s infamous gang. This now
disjointed machine was made ready to
send the fire-brands of war through
Iho North had the home vote of
Ohio sustained that traitor. For that re
sult these Interlocking plots were framed.
With that result they would have been
dangerous, but we deem that now there
WQI be few with hardihood enough to put
Xhelr heads in the lion’s mouth. Ohio, in
sulted and indignant at the imputations
cast upon her fealty, would make warm
2nd short work with any rebel gang Inva
-ding her borders, come they from Canada
or across the Ohio River. Nevertheless’
jt arill be well to watch these men who
mean mischief, and arc only seeking for
exposed points.
Chicago, with its ‘‘network of railways/
lias excited the wonder end admiration of
the world; and has formed a prolific sub
ject for writers of all descriptions, and for
all imaginable purposes. Yet for months
past, some of the most Important branches
or our commercial industry hare been sub
. Jected to inconveniences, from the want of
more railway accommodation, that would
fte absolutely incredible to those whose
knowledge of our resources is confined to
2he productions above alluded to. Sqch is
She inevitable delay and uncertainty at
tending the receipt and transmission of
merchandise, that important orders are
• daily withheld, or altogether abandoned,
in many, of our most important districts of
country, thereby inflicting no small loss
to the dealer, but materially crippling the
trade of this city.
It Is a well ascertained fact that the
lumber trade of this city has sustained
more injury from thU cause than from all
others combined. Independent of a large
number of orders which have* been alto
gether cancelled, a large quantity of lum
3>ex is still In tins city, which has been
'pud for, weeks since, and is still delayed
ibrwant of cars to transport it to its desti
aation. Until within a few days, goods
have been delayed from three to six weeks
■on their way here from New York, that
under ordinary, circumstances conld be
iransmitted in six or seven days.
Taking into account the fluctuating con-
dition ot our money market, the disturb
ing influences that are at work in our im
■ - port and export trades, and aU other con
tingencies, regular and irregular, we yen-
lure to n-HTt that the uncertainty and
delay now alluded to baa done and ia
doing more to perplex our shrewdest and
beet men of business than all else besides.
The importance of this subject, especially
at a season of the year when in a few
weeks navigation win have closed, can.
scarcely be over estimated. The difficulty,
Whether from want of cars, or capital,
however gigantic its proportions, must be
met, and the sooner the better for the
business interests thus injured.
. Wo have a word with the colored men
of Chicago. After months of .exertion on
the part of your friends, leave has been
granted to raise a regiment of colored
volunteers in the State ot Illinois. Every
patriotic principle should induce vou at
once to fill up the rrnks, and make room
for the second regiment It is true that
the pay Is not all it should be; but as soon
as Congress meets there can be no doubt
whatever that all this will be changed.
Show your patriotism and your manhood,
and your country will honor jour devo
tion to freedom* An opportunity ia now
open to you to shame into eternal silence
the vile calumniators of your race. We
hope you will do it by filling up a com
pany in the shortest time possible. It
woifid be a proud day for you and all
your friends to see you parade our streets'
beneath the folds of the glorious old flag
’Within the last few days, the course of
some of our leading colored men has sur
prised ns. As the paid recruiting agents
of other States, they are doing all they
can to defeat the patriotic efforts of those
who are interested in raising a regiment
of colored troops for Illinois. In this mat
ter, unwittingly we are sure, they arc play
ing directly into the hands of the infamous
copperheads who have so long grossly
maligned and oppressed them. Some of
these opposers are men of property who
but a few months ago, in mortal fear of a
copperhead mob, were ready to flee the
city, and abandon their homes to the
tender merries of the infernal crew who
ore always ready to hunt a black man from
the face of the earth. We submit that all
apathy, not to say opposition of any col
ored man to the raising of this regiment,
is the worst policy possible—it is treason
to the best interests of the colored race.- If
the regiment fails now, those who have so
earnestly paid for the manhood of the col
ored people, will be forced to hide their,
heads lor shame. Colored men of Chi
cago, this must not be. In a single week
you can fill up a company if yon try. The
recruiting office is at 203 South Clark, and
'we hope you will at once fill up the first
company, and be ready for the second.
Show that you love liberty, and are will
ing to fight tor it.
Consecration ofthe Soldiers’ Cemetery*
Get lira mo, Kor. 7,1863,
The loyal citizens generally of all the States,
and the charitable and benevolent assocla-
most cordially invited to be pres
ent at the consecration cf the Soldiers’ Ceme
tery at Gettysburg, Fa , on Thursday, the 19lh
Instant, and participate in the solemn exer
cises of the occasion. By order of the Gov
ernors cf the several States interested.
■■ Da.-ni» Wills,'' --
Agent for A G. Curtin, Governor of Pennsyl
sylvan!*, and acting specially for the other
the labor strikes*
Strike* of Operatives In New York,
Boston* rhlladclphli, Jcc.
New Tobk, Nov. ll.—The strike among
he machinists, oi whom there arb some eight
tnoueand in this city, has no»r assumed a
jvgnlariT organized shape, and a strong de
termination u exhibited to hold out against
the employers as long as they refuse to give
the wages which the exigencies of the times
The following bstahllshmeuts, in addition
to those already reported, have acceded to
the demands of the machinists for higher
Steele <fc Co., of Jersey City: Joseph Bank#;
Dudgeons, Boot & Co.; A. E. Brown, W. B.
Andrews, Wlldey & Boolger, Hudson Hirer
Railroad Company, and Palmer & Lee.
The larger firms, however, still refuse; hut
the machinists express themselves determined
to hold ont at every sacrifice.
Boston, Nov, 10.—The workmen in the
Navy Turd are combining against a recent
order requiring ■ labor to commence in the
sard at sunrise, and there will be a general
srrike against the order.
The boiler and plate iron workers ol East
Boston, numbering about six hundred, have
, vuck for higher wages, and refused to go to
work yesterday. '
The present wages are $'3.50 and $3.75,
which the workmen say are not in proportion
to the advance m all the necessaries of life.
Tnc workmen demand & 00per day, and only
nine hours labor on Saturdays.
The work on the several monitors now in
course of construction his ceased, on account
of the strike.
Boston, Nov. 10,—About fifteen hun
dred navy yard workmen assembled oaßank
c-t Hni to hear the report of their committee
rent to confer with the Commodore of the
\«d. They reported that the Commodore
cold that his instructions from Washington
*ere that the men should go to work at sun
rise whenever there were but ten working
hears between sunrise and sunset, and he
c-ofid not go behind that order; also that he
had appointed & committee to inquire into
tee operations of the outside yards, and
would communicate the result to. Washing
ton. Be said he would receive euch men as
would come to work at roll call la the dera-
ir>g. The workmen, howevtr, decided that
they would cot go to work except under the
system of hours heretofore constituting a
day’s wo:k. Of the BSOO men employ
ed In the vard, only five hundred continue to
work. It Is rumored that a general strike is
contemplated in the iron establishments in
couth Boston and other ports of the city.
St. Louis, Nov. 12.—Nothing special of in
terest was clone In the Legislature jesterdiy.
The Governor’s Message relates almost en
tirely to State matters. It recommends ap •
pdniment* to be recognized by the State, to
luduce immigration to the State from all
countries. Bespectirg the relations of the
State to the Federal Government, it says:—
‘ rien*ts now no military organization with
in our borders hostile to the Government of
the United States, and that there is every in*
clcatiocthat the former feeling of hostility
has settled down Into a quiet acquiescence in
tbe supremacy of that Government, and an
"lcwillingness to have tbe peace of the State
farther disturbed by rebel organizations.”
The Democrat's footings cf election returns
a* lor as bend from, give a jßodical majority
of two hundred and ninety four, including
tbe soldiers’ vote. The Jlepublican'4 footing,
Uso including the soldiers’ vote, gives a Con
servative majority of three.
Tlse It'cw.Jersey Legislature—
Increased majority on Joint
Pattebsok, Nov. 9.—lnstead of the Demo
cratic majority being reduced, as alleged by
the shoddy press, the contrary is the fact, as
the Democrats have now on joint ballot two
thirds of the whole number. It is a singular
foci that two-thirds of the Senate is also
Democratic. “We have twenty-seven Demo
cratic majorityln the House against twenty
nine last year—the Republicans gaining the
ocelost, making a difference of two. But
this is more than made up in the. Senate,
«here the Democrats gain two, thns really
increasing the majority on joint ballot over
last year.
From It’cw'York,
New Yobs, Nov. 13.—Mr. John Wilton,
Jr., whose arrest at Chicago oh a charge of
having forged the name of deputy collector
B. F. Mndgct, to a note forsl,ooo, was no
ticed about ten daye ago. has been honorably
discharged on examination before Justice
Dowling, having shown his entire inno
Oranges ofßchcl Commanders.
St. Louis, Nov. 12—The SepuWicau'e Cairo
**Aohpatch from East port, Miss., November
7th. esTsthat General Lee commands at Chat
tanooga. and Bragg has boen sent to Mobile,
Longelieet has been left, in command ot Vir
glnla. • •
JLV ewspapor Suppressed.
Baltdioub. Not. 10.—The JSvtning Tron
&cri}>l —a newrpßpf r started here some t*ro
vecks »lnce by wm. H. Ndlson, one ot ths
former proprietors of the Daily Oazftte — was
to-day suppressed by order of Geo. Bcbenck.
Rumored Rebel Scheme to in
vade the States.
Action ( f Lord Lyons
and the Gov. Gen.
of Canada.
Buffalo, Sandusky, and other Lake
Cities Threatened,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane*]
Washikotok, Hot. 12,1855.
, For two or three Jdays Gov. Tod has been
telegraphing here that there was a plot on
foot among rebel sympathizers in Canada to
liberate the 1,200 rebel officers confined on
Johnson’s Island, off Sandusky, and then to
commit such depredations as will be possible
before making their escape to the friendly
security of our neutral neighbors.
Government hesitated at first to credit the
extraordinary statement, bat Lord Lyons to*
day received a dispatch from the Governor
General of Canada, warning: him of the exis
tence of this plot, idling him the plan was
to seise some steamer on the lake, give It
such offensive power as they could, sail im
mediately for the harbor of Buffalo, and born
that city.
• Lord Lyons at once communicated the dis
patch to Secretary Seward, and no small com
motion was excited at the moment.
The United States steamer Michigan, now
Ijirg near Johnson’s Island, U. supposed to
be amply sufficient to prevent any remaining
danger from .the discovered plot.
Bcttalo, Not. 12.—The following dispatch
was received by Mayor Fargo this morning:
Washington, Nov. 11—Midnight. —To the
Matjor of Buffalo: The British Minister,
Lord Lyons, has to-night officially notified
the Government that from telegraphic Infor
mation received from the Governor Genera]'
of Canada, there is reason to believe that
there is a plot on foot by persons hostile to
the United States, who have found an asylum
in to invade the United States and
destroy the city of Buffalo, and that they pro
pose to take possession of some steamboats
on Lake Erie, surprise Johnson’s Island, and
set free the prisoners of war confined there,
and proceed with them to Buffalo.
This Government will employ all the means
In 1U power to suppress any hostile attack
from Canada, bat as other towns and cities
on the shores of the kikes are exposed to the
same dangers, it Is deemed proper to comma
nlcate this information to yoa in order that
any precautions which the circumstances of
the case permit, maybe taken. The Govern
or General suggested that steamboats or
other vessels glviog cause or suspicion by the
number or character of the persons on board,
thall be arrested.
Yon wIU please acknowledge the receipt of
this telegram, and communicate to this De
partment any information yon may now or
hereafter have on this subject.
Signed, Edwin M. Stanton,
Secretary of War. .
[Special Biepatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cincinnati, Nor. IS, 1863.
No advices have been received at the head
quarters of General Cox, commanding Dls
t'ict of Ohio, in this city, which would war
rant the belief that reports telegraphed from
Cleveland and Bnfiolo in regard to a move
ment among rebel sympathizers and refugees
in Canada, to release prisoners on Johnson’s
leland, Lake Erie, are true.
A conspiracy may have existed, but it
wobld be almost Impossible for the plot to
be carried out, owing to the presence of the
steamer Michigan in the vicinity of Jobnaon’s
Island, In view of these rumors. However,
Government has taken Gapt. # Harsh’s two
steamers, which run from Sandusky to Kel
ly’s Island, and manned them with troops
from Camp Cleveland, and the; are now
cruising in the vicicity of Sandusky Bay.
It is thought here that the plot may be in
some way connected with the conspiracy to
release prisoners from Comp Chase, Camp
Douglas, and the barracks in Cincinnati,
which was discovered last week.
Advices are expected at headquarters as to
the truth of the report.
Cincinnati, Nov, 12.—Considerable excite
ment prevails in the northern part of this
State, In consequence of on anticipated at
tack upon Johnson’s Bland by an expedition
of armed steamers fitted out for that purpose
in Canada. The facts so fir as ascertained,
are as follows:
Government officers have received informa-
tion, upon what is considered unquestionably
reliable authority, that two or more armed
vessels have been fitted out by rebels and reb
el allies in Canada to attack Johnson’s Island
in Sandusky Bay, and release the rebel pris
oners confined there, numbering some four
thousand. This accomplished, they Intend,
with the aid of the released prisoners, to at
tack and destroy, if possible, Sandusky, Buf
falo, and other prominent cities on the shores
of Lake Erie.
Active and energetic precautionary meas
ures have been taken by the Government to
render Johnson’s Island secure against at
tack, should one be made. Troops and bat-
terieshavo been ordered there from several
points in this Stale, yesterday and to day.
Washington, Nov. 13.—There are over
3,000 rebel officers on Johnson’s Island.
Eighty officers recently captured by Meade,
are on the way there. Several days ago there
were suspicious indications that the rebels
on the. Island contemplated an effort to es
cape, but the authorities here had the requi
site precautions taken, including the order
ing cf a gunboat there. Therefore the pris
oners could not .leave the island, If they at
tempted It. Whatever apprehensions existed
are now quieted.
[From the Cleveland Herald, 11th.]
We have noticed In another place the de
parture of five hundred troops from Gamp
Cleveland for the purpose of meeting antici
pated trouble amongtherebel prisoners on
Johnson's Island. The arrival of ths San
dusky train puts us in possession ol addi
tional information in relation to the causes
which led to this movement.
There are now about four thousand rebels
on the Island, guarded by less than four hun
dred United States troops. Among the reb
els ere the notorious Jeff. Thompson audlla
ior General Trimble, both celebrated for their
care-devil exploits and adventurous schemes.
Since they have been placed among the pris
oners the guards have had considerable
trouble in keeping order, and have to bs con
tinually on the alert to detect and fustrate
plans of escape. The attempt to “dig out”
a few days since we noticed at the time.
For some d&jsjt has been evident that some
mischief was brewing among the rebels, and
close watch was kept on their movements.
Ycstersday (luMday) information was re
ceived bj Major Pierson, in command of the
liland, that a fully-armed and equipped gun
boat had left the Canadian shore for the
Islands' with the intention of assisting in the
release of the prisoners. It is reported
that other information led to the belief
that simultaneously with the appearance of
the pirate, a general attack was to bo made
by the rebel prisoners, the guards were to be
overpowered, the arsenal seized, Sandusky to
be pillaged and burned, and the rebels either
to escape to Canada, or to strike into the in
terior of the State with other designs.
Bow far these reports are reliable we do
not % now, but they were deemed of sufficient
importance by Major Pierson to communi
cate with Governor Tod, and to place the Is
land in the beet state of defense In his power.
The U 8. gunboat Michigan took up posi
tion In front of the prison, and got ready to
receive the piratical craft, if such should
make* its appearance, and the guards were
pot in fighting trim.
Oa receiving the news Governor Tod stop-
ped a train with four hundred prisoners*
which was on the way from Columbus to San
dusky, and telegraphed to CoL Beater to im
mediately dispatch troops from Camp Clove
land to the scene of trouble. The result of
the affair we have not yet learned.
[Special DUpatcU to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Not. 12,1353.
Advices of Gen. Meade from Brandy Sta
tion says, we encountered a considerable
body of Stuait’e cavalry at Mitchells Station
to-day. A hot skirmish ensued which' re
sulted In the hasty crossing of the Rapldan
by routed rebels. There Is no rebel force,
this side of the Rapidan, other than strag
gling bodies of cavalry.
A reconnoisstnce on our right as far as M -d*
Ison revealed nothing, except dead rebels kill
ed by Kilpatrick.
Clark and Thoroughfare mountains are oc
cuylcd ss rebel signal stations, and the works
at the Rtpid&n fords have been .enlarged and
surgeons’ reports.
The Medical Directors of armies In the
field are'ln future to forward duplicate re
ports of the killed and wounded, after en
gagements, to the Surgeon General.
It will he recollected that the Supreme
Court of Pennsylvania, by a vote of thiee to
two, decided, the Conscript act to be uncon
stitutional. By the recent election of Agaew
to the Supreme Bench, the advocates of that
opinion become a minority, and hereafter that
•bedy may be considered as favorable to a just
enforcement of the conscript law.
Fort DcKalb Is now named Fort Strong,
after Major Strong, who was killed at the
assault on Fort Wagner.
The following national banks have been
organized since our last report:
The first National Bank of Marlon, Ibwa, with
a capital of SSO 000.
Cuclcville. Ohio, $150,000.
Utica, N. T., SIOO,OOO.
Hartford, Ct.; $100,009.
Springfield, Vt., $50,000.
Columbus, Ohio, SIOO 000.
Whitewater, Wls., $50,000.
Beading, Pa., SIOO,OOO.
It is reported, and the report obtains cre
dence here in .respectable circles .that Gen.
Burnside's resignation offered somo time
since, will be accepted by the Wax Depart
ment, and that Gen. Foster, now here, will
be assigned to the command of the Army of
East Tennessee.
The belief that come such change- is con
templated in that Department is strengthen
ed by the fact that this cannot be sent by tel
We have occupic d Fredericksburg, and every
indication now presages an advance on Rich
mond by that route, a distance of sixty
It is Intended to commence printing circu
lating notes of national banks next week,
and contract has been entered into with the
Continental Bank Note Company of New
York for the transfer of five dollar plates of
national bank notes.
The marriage of Senator Sprague and Miss
Chose this evening was the most brilliant oc
casion of the year, at the Capital, and was
attended by the President and all* the
members of the Cabinet, Lord Lyons, Her
der, and other Foreign Ministers, and attach
ecs to the Legation. Maj. Gen. 8. Halleck,
Scbcsck, McDowell, and a host of others,sev
eral Admirals and Commodores, ex-
Secretary Cameron, and, in short, a brilliant
assemblage, embracing many of the most dis
til gnhhed people of the country, and ol the
representatives of foreign governments.
The bridesmaids were Miss Chase,. Miss
Spinner, and Miss Nichols, niece to Gov.
Sprague.' The groomsmen were Major Bald
win cf Gen. Stahls' staff, Capt Haven of
Gem Mdfcrwell’e staff, and Capt. Jones, fleet
Captain of the Potomac flotilla.
Washington, Nov, 11.— The following ore
among the casualties in Buford's late battle:
Killed— Sergeant S. Horton, Co. I,Bth Blinds
Serceant Hughes, Co. F, Bth Illinois cavalry.
J. M. Hall, Co. K, B*h I Iliads cavalry.
Wounded— Lieut. J. A. Stevenson, Co. L, Bth
Illinois cavalry.
Sergeant S. W. E. Stabb, Co. E, 3d Indiana.
J. H. Jordan, Co.B, Bdlndiana.
F. L Sennet, Co. C, 8d Indiana.
J. H. Williams, Co. I,Btb Illinois cavalry.
Corporal George Archer, Co. I,Btb Illinois cav
Bugler J. H. Ewing, Co. I,Bth Illinois cavalry.
Bugler L. Folsom. Co. I,Bth Illinois cavalry.
B.C. HaU. Co. F,Bd Indiana. ■
G £. Hyland, Co B, Bth Illinois cavalry.
L. FttehjCo. Q, Bth Illinois cavalry.
New Yobk, Nov. 13 —A Washington cor
respondent says a privatenotc from the front
states that It was believed the rebels were in
considerable Jorco south of Culpepper, this
tide of theßapldam It now looks as if Lee
was maneuvering 'for some position
for battle which the writer did not
ngard at all improbable unless the enemy
suddenly crossed the Ripldan with all bis
force, thus giving confirmation of the pre
vious belief ot his weakness.
It will bb recollected that In Lee’s official
report of Ms former advance ho selected the
ground he how holds to attack Meade. He
therefore has opportunity to make good hi 5
Oar army cannot advance rapidly owing to
thewantof a railroad bridge at the Rippi
hanneck; yet a few more days will suffice to
eeeifa change in the situation develops* a
Gen. Meade is very active in disposing of
Lis corps to strategical points.
New Tons, Nov. 13.—A Washington dis
patch rays; A contraband who left Gordons
ville this morning says tbe whole rebel army
is encamped on u>e railroad shove Gordons
vllle, having rccroeeed the Rapldan on Satur
day and Sunday. They were maklngarrAnge
icentsforwinterquarterc, bat lor the lost
day or two quite a panic was created by sto
ries of Meade advancing upon them in im
mense force.
They have a large amount of stores at Gor
douEVille and at Madison. He says a large
cavalry force was sent westward to attack
Bnrrtlde before Lee made his movement
northward in October. Small bands ol armed
guerillas infest tbe whole country north of
the Rapidan, hut our cavalry fail to find any
large body of rebels.
New Tors, Nov. 12.—The New York
Tima' Washington special says:*
It is positively ascertained that the whole
rebel infantry force crossed tbe Rapidan on
Sunday last. The only forces left this aide
are recormoitcring bands of Stuart’s cavalry,
covering tbe rebel front on the south bank of
the Rapidan, which they are fortifying with
care. It may ha the intention of the rebels
to rendezvous this winter between tbe Rap
pahannock and Rapldon. This is established
by the fact that from Brandy Station to the
Rapidan log huts, capable of accommodating
50,000 men, have been erected.
Onr advance of Saturday effected oneof its
objects in the preservation of twenty-four
miles of road and telegraph between the Rap
pahannock and Rapidan. Both are in perfect
working order. The railroad bridge across
the Rappahannock will be done next Mon
Lee’s army at Gordonsvflle, exclusive of
cavalry, does not much exceed 30,000 men.
Oor cavalry in force is already far south of
the Rapidan, reconnoitering tbe enemy’s po
Two divisions of cavalry from Lee’s army
have recently been sent to East Tennessee.
Guerillas swarm about our camps. Togo
beyond our pickets is death, as we dally loss
officers, men and mules. Within a month
about seventv wagons, five hundred mules
ard one hundred soldiers, commissioned offi
cers and enlisted men, have been captured.
The forces sent to operate against Burnside
in East Tennessee have been recalled, and
will form a Junction with tbe main army at
Charlottesville or Gordonsville. This will
depend entirely upon the rapidity of Meade’s
A dispatch from the Army of the Potomac
to the Herald, Nov. 11, says:
I understand that Gen. Meade, having driven
tbe enemy to the south side oi the Rapidan,
has accomplished his mission, but he will be
ready to move still farther as soon as the
railroad will make his base of supplies within
reaching distance. Perfect quiet reigns
throughout the camps, except a wail for sut
lers’ stores and more blankets.
A ridiculous rumor was in circulation to
day that 5,000 rebel soldiers of Lee’s army had
voluntarily come into our lines and laid down
their arms and given themselves up. The
military authorities pronounce It to be utter
ly without foundation.
To day a number of Paymasters started for
the front to payoff troops. It is expected
that the army of the Potomac will be all paid
off within a few days.
The N>w York TW&tmeVWashington special
says: Meade’s headquarters are now a mile
and a ball northeast of Brandy Station. John
M. Botts is near there.
New Yoke, Not* 12,—-A special to the Ibti,
dated ■Wrslilrigton 12th, says there is bat lit*
tie important news to day. Thereportis that
the rebels are menaced by Meade’s advance,
and bare retreated to Gordonsvilie, and that
Lee Is in the Southwest.
Gen. Burnside’* forces are concentrated in
and about Knoxville, Team
Latest from Knoxville—The Recent
Eepnlse Less than Eoported.
[BptclaUHspalclito tbs Cblcaso Tribune.]
KHomuLS, Not. 12,1855.
There has been no telegraph communica
tion since Sunday.' Col; Qarrand, of ths7fch
Ohio Volunteer Corps, the Sd.Tetmecaee.aad
PhliUpß’ Illinois Battery, having ariveatbe
enemy under Gen. Williams but through
Mocassin. Gap, had. returned to hla camps
near RogenylUel On Friday, at daybreak,
he was attacked by superior forces, aud com
pelled, after a resistance of three hours, to
fall back to Mor/lfito ira. A largo number of
tho Tenneseccans lied to the hills, and wfire
supposed for a time to be captured. The real
loea'on our side will not exceed SOO, and four
guns of Phillips’ Battery. About 800 were at
first missing. .
Ko blame Is attached to CoL Garrard, who
made every effort to rally thorn. The rebels
also fell back to Kingsport. /
All Is quiet at present in front of Gen
Wilcox on the east and Geh. Saunders on the
Twelve PaymaolcnJ and oar cMol Quarter
master, arc anxiously expected to-night. The
'health of the army is improving. Indian
summer reigns in welcome tranquility.
Movement ia Behalf of Oar
Eichniond Prisoners.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trfbane.l
Boston, Nov. 12,1803.
The Christian Commission has succeeded
in obtaining access to our suffering heroes at
Richmond with food and hospital stores;
Isrge shipments ure daily mode and received.
Three thousand dollars per day are needed to
give each man a ration of twenty-five cents.
The East is coming forward nobly—crowded
meetings and large collections for these spe-
were held at Providence, Port
isnd, Haverhill, Lawrence cud New Bedford.
Will the great Northwest keep ia the front
ranks ? Hand money for the relief of Rich
mond prisoners to John V. Farwell, Chicago,
at once. Gso. H. Stuart,
Chairman Christian Commission.
[Special Dupatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Caiuo, Nov. 12,1803.
By the steamer Forsyth,Memphis papers of
the 10th are received.
A fight between Confederate and Federal
cavalry occurred on the Little Tennessee last
Monday. The rebels were repulsed with the
loss of fifty killed and forty captured. Our
loss Is not elated. We have no further par
Another steamboat bos become a prey to
the guerillas. The Alien Collier, a fine little
boat, while on her way to Memphis from
Helena, was attacked about twelve miles ihls
aide of point and brought to shore. Af
ter robbing the passengers mid crew the boat
was set on fire and burned *to the water's
edge. At last accounts nothing had been
heard from the crew of the steamer.*
The Gillan passed portions of the horning
wreck, hut could learn nothing additional
with reference to the circumstances attending
the lose. She waa owned by Mr. Hoyt, of
Memphis, and valued at $15,000.
Mr. Redman, of Redman’s Landing, twenty
miles above Memphis, was captured by guer
illas, who said they had come to conscript
him. Great indignation is expressed and
lelt by the people In the vicinity.
7 Little Bock news la meagre and unreliable.
There is nothing from Vicksburg.
Caibo.Nov. 12.—AUls quiet between Mem
phis and Corinth. Reports ate that Chal
mers will make another attempt on Collier
vine. The rebel officers captured at the late
fght there arrived at Cairo this morning.
Among them UC'ol. George. Former reports
gave him the rank of Brigadier, which la in
correct. Thej are en route for Johnson’s
The Draft in Wisconsin—Great
Fire in Green Bay.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Milwaukee, Nov. 12,1663.
The draft for this city was completed yea
urday noon, after which Racine and Kenosha
counties were drawn. The draft for Wal
worth and Waukesha counties takes place
to-morrow. This completes the draft of the
First Congressional District. The entire ab
sence of riotous proceedings throughout this
draft has been a source of much gratification
to ell law-abiding citizens; nevertheless, it is
probable that this state of things is in a great
measure due to the ample preparations which
have been made by the authorities to enforce
the law at all hazards. -
Volunteering is going on briskly in other
parts cl the Stats, and several.places have al
ready filled their quotas, thus obviating the
necessity of a droit. -
A very destructive fire occurred in Green*
B*y, at an early hour yesterday momiog,
vkhlch resulted in tbe destruction of nearly a
b.'ock of buildings in the principal streets,
comprising several fine stores, and two ho
tels. The loss is estimated at $50,009. —
Amount of insurance not stated.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Springfield 111., No*v. 12,1863.
h The State of Illinois having accepted the
grant by act of Congress, approved July 2d,
ISC2, for the benefit of colleges of agricul
ture and the mechanic arts, has to-day re
ceived from the General Land Office three
thousand pieces of scrip for one .quarter sec
tion each—equal to 480,000 acres, bring in
foil for the claim of tbe State under that law.
Lieut. Hubbs mustered seventy-one re
cruits into the United States service to day.
Fifty-one have in addition to this reported to
Lieutenant Colonel Oakes, Superintendent
of recruiting service.
William Waller, of Texas township, De-
Witt county, was arrested on Monday lost by
Special Deputy F. £. Morgan for harboring
deserters. Waller was brought before United
States Commissioner Adams yesterday, and,
waivinga preliminary exam!naUop I was hound
over in the sum of SI,OOO for his appearance
at the next term of the United States District
C urt. For want ol'bail be was committed
to jail.
Peter Saunders and Wiley Saunders, desert
ers from Co. I, 10th regiment Indiana volun
teers, were arrested at Hliopolis, on Tuesday,
by deputies ci Captain Isaac Keys, Provost
Marshal, and sent to Camp Butler.
Williamson county, heretofore one of the
strongholds of copperheadism in southern
Illinois, Is no exception to the revolution
that has swept over Egypt generally. In a
very foil vote, tbe copperhead majority of 491
last year, Is reduced to 75; the Union vote
being neatly doubled, while the vote ol the
Peace Demociacy suffers a corresponding
diminution. *
So much for the influence of. Josh Allen
and the effect of copperhead raids.
Rev. Joseph M. Mellsips has been appointed
Chaplain of the 86ih Illinois regiment vice
Brown resigned.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
Madison Nor. 12, 1863.
Mr, Rnblee, editor of the Slate Journal, was
attacked on the street to-night by Mr. Wake
ly, the-recent copperhead candidate for At
torney General, on account of a paragraph in
the Journal isst night criticising Wakely’s
course in the late canvass, claiming that he
was one of the first to lend himself to the
dirty ard bastardly work of attempting to
corrupt and demoralize the loyalty and pa
triotism of the people* and that ao one had
taken a. more ultra copperhead stand or more
deliberate stand in violation of his own sense
ot the duties and decencies of an American
citizen in order to get office.
Mr. ‘Wakely attempted to whip Mr. Rnblee
in the stiect, but finding his blows parried,
resorted to an outpouring of abusive words,
in the midst of which Mr. Rubles walked
off, leaving the detested candidate to waste
his breath on the empty air.
Official returns generally increase the re
ported Union majority. The soldiers* votes,
thus far, foot up 4,077 lor Lewis, and 414 for
Palmer—giving the latter about 10 per cent.
The 17th Regiment gave Lewis 97, and Palm
er 220. Excluding this vote, Palmer only
gets 5 per cent of the soldiers' vote.
The draft In this district begun to-day and
proceeds quietly. Enlistments ore numerous.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cincinnati, Nov. 12,1863.
The Court Martial which convened hero
has found John E." Welch, Co. E, Ist Ohio
heavy artillery, guilty of desertion, aud sen-
Uucedhim to be shot near this city on De
cember 11th.
The findings of the Court Martial have
been approved by Maj. Gen. Burnside.
Rumors arc afloat here to day, that the
resignation, of Gen. Burnside, which was ten
dered some time since, has been accepted by
the War Department, and that Gen. Foster
baa been appointed as his successor. The
origin of tho rumors is unknown, aud it is to
be hope d that they are without foundation.
[Special Dispatch to Chicago Tribune.]
St. Loins, Nov. 12,1?63.
The soldiers' vote is steadily increasing the
Radical majority on the State ticket. The
Blair organ coolly gives the total soldiers'
vote at less than 5,000, and says the military
vote is about all in. The Republican ignores
the soldier vote, and it is reported about
town that an attempt will he made to throw
it out entirely, • *
Seme kidnappers were foiled yesterday in
an attempt to caVry off negroes from Otter
vlllc, by soldiers of the 9th Minnesota, who
have been ordered under arrest for stopping
the train to rescue themegroes. •
A small guerilla outbreak, In Lafayette
county. Is (sported, but nothing serious. l^
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Jcrs-EneoK Cmr, Mo., Nov. 12,1863.
In the Legislative ballot to-day for Senator,
Gratz Brown came within five votes of an
election. To-morrow he will reduce it to
three, and his chances ot an eleetion are ex
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ]
Chattanooga, Nov. 12,1868.
The rebels were shelled briskly from Look
cut this forenoon, with no damage done.
Thirty-six deserters came over the lines
last night
The Atlanta Appeal, of the 7th, bewails our
late successes, and admits Bragg outgeneral
cd; Lookout worthless; blamesLongstreet;
Cheatham resigned.
Tltc Rebels Routed—Capture of
Prisoners, Arms, I*roTi
ions, Ac*
TVasitihgtox, Nov, 12.—A dispatch re
beived at headquarters from Gen. Kelly, dated
Clarksburg, Virginia, Uth, says the informa
tion Irom Lewlsburg is that Gen. Averill’s
victory was most decisive. The enemy had
over4,ooo engaged. They
loss of over 800 killed and wounded. AverlU
took over 100 prisoners, one stand of colors,
three pieces of artillery, and considerable
small arms, camp equipage and wagons.
Amended List or
Exempting Dis
Pnovosr Marshal GmatßAL’a Omcs, >
Washington, Nov. 9,1863. )
Cmcui-AB No. 100.—Paragraph 85 of the
Regulations for the governmentof the bureau
of the Provost Marshal General of the United
Suites, Is amended to read as follows:
85. The following diseases and infirmities
are those which,disqualify lor military service,
»nd for which only drafted men are to be “re
jected as physically or mentally unfit for the
service,” viz:
1. Manifest imbecility. *
3. Insanity. This includes well-established
recent insanity, with liability to a recur
3. Epilepsy. For this disability the state
ment of the drafted man is insufficient, and
the fact must be by the duly at
tested affidavit of & physician in good stand
ing, who has attended him In the disease
within the six months immediately preceding
bis examination by the Board. -
4. Paralysis, general or of one limb, or cho
rea; thclrexletercatobe adequately deter
mined. Decided atrophy ofa limb.
5. Acute or organic diseases of the brain or
spinal cord; ot the heart or lungs; of the
liver or spleen; of the kidneys or bladder,
which have so seriously impaired his general,
health as to leave no doubt of the man’s in
capacity for military service.
6. Confirmed consumption. Incipient does
not exempt
7. Cancer; aneurism of the large arteries.
S. Inveterate and extensive disease of the
silo, such as will necessarily impair bis effi
ciency os a soldier.
9. Decided feebleness ot constitution, or
deficient size of chest, sufficient in degree to
.leave no doubt of the man’s unfitness for
military service.
10. Scrofula, or constitutional syphilis,
which has so seriously impaired his general
health as to leave no doubt of the man’s in
capacity for service.
11. Habitual and confirmed intemperance,
or solitary vice, which basso materially ca
feebled the const itntion as to leave no donb
ol the man’s incapacity for military service
12. Chronic rheumatism, unless manifested
by positive change of structure, wasting of
the affected limb, or puffaeis or distortion of
the Joints, does not exempt. Impaired mo
rion of Joints and contraction of the limbs
alleged to arise from rheumatism, and la
which the nutrition of the limb is not mani
festly impaired, are to be proved by exami
nation while in a state of uwestheala induced
by ether only.
13. Fain, whether simulating headache,
neuralgia ha any ol its forms, rheumatism,
lumbago, or affections of the muscles, bancs,
or Joints, is a symptom of disease so easily
pretended that it is not to be admitted ass
cause for exemption unless accompanied with
manifest derangement of the general health,
wasting of limb, or other positive sign of
disqualifying local disease.
14. Great injuries or diseases of the skull,
occasioning impairment of the intellectual
faculties, epilepsy, or other manifest nervous
or spasmodic symptoms.
15. Total loss of sight; total loss of sight
of right eye; cataract of right eye; loss of
crystalline lens of right eye.
16. Partial loss of eight of both eyes, vision
being so greatly imputed as to leave no doubt
of the man’s inability to perform military
duty. Serious permanent diseases of tbe eye
or eyelids, eo manifestly effecting the use of
the eyes as to leave no doubt of the man’s
incapacity lor military service. Nearsighted
ness does not exempt, if found on trial "to bo
so decided as to incapacitate for field service,
tbe man may he transferred to the invalid
17 Total loss of nose; deformity of nose
eo great as seriously to obstruct respiration;
ozivna. dependent on caries in progress.
13 Decided deafness. The disability must
sot be admitted on the mere statement of
the drafted man, but must be proved by the
existence of positive disease, or by other
Yatlcfsctory evidence: and it must he so de
cided as to leave no doubt of the man’s un
fitness for military service. Chronic para-
Itnt otorhcco.
19. Incurable diseases or deformities of
eliher Jaw, such as will necessarily greatly
ls>pede mastication or speech. Anchylosis
cfthelowerjaw; caries of tbe bones of the
face, if In progress; cleft palate {bony); ex-
Uiitive loss ot substance ol the cheeks, or
saHvaiy fistula.
20. Dumbness; permanent loss of voice; not
to be admitted without clear and satUUctory
proof, „
21. Total loss of tongue; hypertrophy,
anophy, mutilation, or obstinate chronic ul
ceration of tbe tongue, if sufficient in degree
to interfere seriously with the use of the
° l^ 3 Stammering, if eiceselfcandconanned;
to be established by satisfactory evidence un
der oa*h. . . , .
23. Loss of a sufficient number ot tee th to
prevent mastication of food. This applies to
those cases only where the loss of teeth is so
great that, if the man were restricted to solid
food, he would soon become incapacitated for
military service. , ,
24. Tumors or wounds ot the neck, impeding
respiration or deglutition; fiatula of larynx
or trachea; torticollis, if of long standingand
well marked.
25. Deformity of the chest, or excessive
curvature of the spine, sufficient to prevent
the carrying of arms and military equip
ments; caries of the spine, ribs, or sternum.
26. Abdomen grossly protuberant; exces
sive obesity.
27. Hernia.
28. Artificial anus; stricture of the rectum;
prolapsus ani-Fistnla in ano is not a positive
disqualification, but may be so, it extensive
or complicated with visceral disease.
29. Old and ulcerated intemalhemorrhoida,
If in degree sufficient to impair the man's effi
ciency. External hemorrhoids are no cause
for exemption. .... .. ,
30. Total Joss or nearly total loss of penis;
epispadia or hypoapadia at the middle or near
tno root of the perns. .
81. Incurable permanent organic stricture
of the uretha, in which urine & passed drop
by drop, or which is complicated by disease
ot the blidder; urinary fistula. Recent or
spadmotic stricture of the uretha does not
S3, incontinence of urine, being a disease
frequently feigned and of rare occurrence, is
net, of itself, a cause tor exemption. Stone
in the bladder, ascertained by the introduc
tion of the metallc catheter, is a positive dli
83. Loss or complete atrophy of both testi
cles from any cause; permanent retention of
one or both testicles within the inguunl
canal; but voluntary retraction does not ex-
Confirmed or malignant aarcoccle; hy
drcctle, If complicated with organic disease
of the testicles. Vericocele is not, in itsslf,
85 Lots of unarm, a forearm, hand, thigh,
leg, or foot.
' 86. Wounds,-muscular or cutaneous con
tractions from wounds and bums, or tumors,
which-would prevent marching, or otherwise
manifestly Incapacitate the man for military
Service. .
37. Fractures, irreducible dislocation or
anchylo&ls of the Urge joints, or chronic dis
eases of the joints or bones, that would*prc
vent marching, or otherwise nods the.man for
milltaiy service.
38 Total loss of a thumb; total loss of the
Irder Auger of the right hand. Other Derma
manent defects or deformities cf the hands,
so decided as to leave no doubt of the man's
incapacity for military service.
39. Club feet; total loss of a great toe.
Other permanent defects or deformities of
the feet, such as will necessarily prevent
40. Varicose veins of inferior extremities,
if large and numerous, and accompanied with
chronic swellings or ulcerations.
41. Chronic ulcers; extensive, deep, and ad
herent cicatrices of lower extremities.
Surgeons of Boards of Enrollment in re
porting the “statistics of the causes of ex
emption on account of physical disability,”
win hereafter. In addition tp the alphabetical
list of disabilities required by Circular No.
00, from this office, report the number re
jected under each paragraph of the above list
of clsqnallfricg Infirmities.
James B. Far, Prov. Mar. Gen.
Xlie Forelgn^.spect.
New Tors, Nov.. 12.—The ibsTa Washing
ton special says: The Ministers of the Diplo
matic Corps in ihls city, freely express the
opinion that a war In Europe nest year is In
evitable. „ _
It is understood that the position of Rus
sia toward France qnd England is haughty
and likely to continue so.
Heath of a United StatesJudgc*
Louisville, Not. 13.—George W, Lane,
Ui ited States District Judge of Alibama, died
at the Galt House this morning, of conges
tion of the lungs.
The Eounclpallon Procl*m*lJoQ-A
Card fromtlie Committee
The original draft of the Presidents Euian
cipation Proclamation remains in the hands
of the undersigned, the committee to whom
iis sale was ininutcd by the managers of the
Northwestern Fair for the benefit ot the San
itary Commission. There are two objects to
be secured by the realization upon this docu
ment. Confessedly the first In matter of pre
ference would he to locate this great histori
cal paper with some society In whose collec
tion it would fitly be surrounded by the gath
ered records ofthe present, period, to grow
each year more priceless as the war ior the
Union, having accomplished its purpose, ra
ce dee into the past. A>
But even such preference of location of the
document must yield' to another considers
oration, made more sacredhy circumstances
that control the committee. The document
is the property of the Sanitary Commission.
Its sale Is made in hehall of - the wounded and
sick of the noble army of the Union. The
committee, consistent with duties so Imposed,
can only consult the one consideration, and
dispose of the Proclamation on the highest
i ffer received for it.
Two tbcu'and dollars by a gentleman la
Maine is the highest sum yet named, exceed
ji g by several hundred dollars the highest of
the several bids by geatlemea of this
city. The committee desire to acquaint the
public with this fact, and leave It for Vue
pride of our Chicago citizens to say if for
xhifl sum this priceless historic doc ament
tball he allowed to pass into other and distant
hands. Extravagant rumors have prevailed
to the injury of the sale desired* The abave
is the fall statement of offers yet received.
Another statement has been made, perhaps,
even more to the retarding of the sale. It Is
enough to assure the public that no photo
graphic or other fac simile copies have been
made or will be allowed. ItwlU pats to the
purchaser without any such haring been
With these statements we appeal to the pub
lic in behalf of the sacred cause we thus rep
resent, preferring to hold the matter open a
short time longer, confident that it may safe
ly be left to the local prideof ourcitizeusand
their patriotic appreciation of the document,
for such result as shall every way best answer
the end desired.
E I. Tinkham,
W. E. Dogoktt*
H. M. Smith.
Chicago, November*!!).
Id PSUidelpbU. Oct. 15th. by Rev. S. A. Ueaxsa,
AAKX. O' tills City, and Miss EMMA M.
UGMfLR, oX PM scelpbla.
Id Whea‘or, 111.. Nov ittb.hy Rev.Swnnel Hewes,
B. BALLON, both of Wheatop, Pa County, 111,
In this city. on tbe 10th ins:, by Ibo Rav. Robert
.i AW£»C O ARP h EH ot little Sturgeon,
wta . aid telts LIZZIE A cf Chicago
lo this city, on tt e llth Inst,, ol eosscmpUoo, Mr.
BpDNAT MoPaE u SON a*eo47years.
Frceral wlii tale piece from hts residence, on
Ptak»r street, tear Jefferson street, at 2 o'clock, on
tbv i3:b lost.
In the hospital a* Cbatatoojta. Oct 22L IS6I from
pod she* wonods received In battle. BjBBRC 8.
MACE, private in Co E, Kith Regiment Illinois In
famy. aged ii yctra.
Hu. w. j>. WiLiams writes. * He was wounded In
thetattlecf Cbjckamaog* In three place*, through
both thigh*. and ose below the knee, while bravely
rnshlse a charge with his and regiment on
the en&y’s Batteiy. Sept. so?h, 1?63 He was a good
and brave solder, and bis lass is severely felt by his
company and resident" , ~,
BW~Bls Cleans lire at Leland. HI.
Nod CJUiotrfefmcrtta.
A sprc'al mtetlre of the Compinv will he held
»t its AraoTj this ( Friday) everlog Nov. i3jh, at 3
o'clock.for election of Captain. Perorderol
B. a. MYERS, Cam™ and sat.
John Dte*. Ord. Bergt Eol3-p33: U
IyTASONIC.—There will be a
L»J. srcclal conanclcst'.on of Oriental Lodza No,
S3, F. * A. M.. at the M*»or.lc Temple this (FRIO AD
aodtc-zroTTOw (SATURDAY) evea!cjr.at7x o'clock,
work op m c T&l d Degree. A, G. CHAiis. Sec’y.
JLVi stireofcoalc views of the Wreck of Rash Rtrect
Prides taken early oi the mo-slo<r socceedlQg the
atciaen'.Dbotojtraobed b? J. CABsOTf for u*c or
j tt WALS-i.Ftsm** CO.DR P3ILUIPB, and
St JIBUTI'S eaLLBRT. ISI Lake street.
pels SSS-H ;
» v mp.ilchcdaycnngTassla. No,de»’e-.t,lh*ve
cae of those IscotDDsrahle Phofcrspis taken or you
at EVUBITT's. 157 Lake street, aid l cover epeet
Two DoUa:4 to better advaatasethaa whan I hod the
down ta*»r> there. 157 Lake su eat.
EOtt-pSIP-U . B aY NIAS. Agent.
■\TOTICE—AiI persona are forbid
den harboring or trWlnir oanyaccoaar. Mi*.
Martha Browner. ciEarlyUla LuaHe Cooasy 111., as
l«Cl pay no debts of bar cant'ac’lsg an#r tM?data,
EetITEe.HOT.I3.IS63. 8013-p?0«8; *
V-Z derfol Clalrroyant arrt Drtftesa, Madame
CtfBNIisTKR boa Juft srrtTed In Chicago, and taken
Boom at 135 fionta Cla k wrest. wn«ra »ho miyM
conenltrd dally In a it&e affair* of life Sba rcipjcc
telly itrli« me r micted t» call on her. She bai a
limestone which wl I draw the noiaoa tr-im any
voasd. Temslow, and aaflifacdon Riven to all,
W w BWAVAH Hatiso Bommr*. Pekolox?.
Back Pat asdPcize MojrarlorchUectlon. caahiro
the iam* done on the most reasonable term*, by call*
Ire on o T addrwslre BOUBB, CO JK * CO- Boom*
12 and 13. Dltkey* Building, Chicago. HI. Pot f, aica
Box 8283. ttOl3-p32C-ly
JTJL For choice vailetie*, hand-picked. carefully
necked, in fill tlzed barrels. we are rtcclvlag-13 o t r
barrel. If there Is aty doubt of toeir being worth the
money, call an 0 ezwmln* at
65 S’JtAVS SWKBf* vt .„
<& 9 k BEWAKD—The above re*
w£o ward win ba pa'd lor the and
delivery. entoardtoeU B Fertrta*
of it# following nett, wuoi oaltad
B'ttea Eonbcai 'Zyler. on the 6Ch lost., while lying in
eeamaa, aged 27 yean; height.s lert
4Kliohe*:®*«ablneaoahalr brown. . .
John Botch, seaman. aged 81 yeara; height 5 feet
5 jEtLe*r eyo gray; hair dark brown, and complex-
tMOr ible expf a** Jhclr apprehwsldn will
>2a niifl LT oriet * I ott* \iiutu
wpv %A.VIDD PO*TO,q %b Msaj.B«i<roa.
CaIro.lUwBOT.lC. 1353. noU-yWlir
Jfftis S&Dtrtifltmtnlr.
Hoop Skirts
Ifr. 16, 75 cb; Ifo. !S, 871-2 tb; So. 25. sl.
Extra "Wide Taps.
!fc. 20, $1.50! !fc. 25, $1.75; So. JO, $2.00.
CHILD EES'S SKIRTS, a pow a apply.
A- C. DOWNS & CO., 150 Lak«-st.
Borders, Decorations, Etc,
The cost Compute BtDtk in the City.
Matteasses, Blanfcsts, Conforters, Etc.,
Feather Red* Pillows, Etc.
The cnly plica la the cl ,y to get
Steam Cured T’eatliors,
Free from Bad Odor.
Fixtures and Trlmmlns*.
noll-plliaw. tQ bAKB flTKßfff.
"POTATO DEPOT,—Ntshaimcck,
1 piach Blow aadMVatdPctvow.by car load.or
1c i trailer quirllCea. Also.
In car !o»d or smaller lots, to suit purchasers.
On Consignment and For Bale*
, . By R. HANSON * CO*
Prodacward commission Merostn.
ro!3 p3U- Iw 197 Booth Water street. Chicago.
U rs Cr PEOPrirrr
In the max Set for a few days,
eight large lots,
Neartheßlver.and well adapted for Maanfaturiag.
PacsPff Home Foundry.Machlco Stop, or Piailng
MiU purposes. For paniculate aodreta Po?: omca
Box 4510? apply to Banting H-juaeo* JAME3 BOYD,
S8 street, nol3-pS3S-6;-y-9c ru-act
13 Lnsalle Street, Chicago, lU,
I) iWed frem New Orleans, with a fine aaiortaeat
cl Mocking Slrde (splendid siagtisj and offer* than
FOR is a. LE LOW,
At the LAFAYETTE HOUSE, comeref Washington
and Weha itreeta. , «I. OWdSEKP.
P. B.—also, a parrot for sale. acts psa-.’tn t
102 Lake Street, Chicago, 111.
SirL plain, staple.eaiy »o manage, and durable, Tao
BE6T Mac Wao extant xob all kinds of work
Agenrswauted. 8. M PRESTON.
Wa are now reanl' g and offer (to the trade cazyj our
(In barrels aud kegs.) which are of superior quality
and can te relied upon 53
BENBEB Sc RJEUSS, Proprietor**
C. B. HUTCHINS A CO- Agents,
Co»pgs3 (tret d A 213 Bouth Water street.
\J m the meat £aailon*b!e style, by
DOl3-t»4l-lt £Q MADISON STKdET.
Have taken roott s at No. Si Washington street, where
they will be happy to meet ana £l*e certificates to
snywhofeelln'erestedlnthe new anaesthetic "rse
Muhriitoi Oxygen." njiO-pTTMt
1j talicn.
member of this Corps must report »» their
Airnory on cr before Monday next or their
berrbip is mrmn> Dues most alao be paid at that
Tlie Battalion Master Roll
WUlbe opered for Cue Hundred row members to
lotto si that Hire, and Become members of this .*orps,
all curt reside Ib the cUv. and mast » We at least one
DUhCavcefetodriL Must be no; less than five feat
six inches in bright nor under 13 or over 35 years of
*«• SBASD.
r oig.pTC-St-nct Major Coxmaadlng,
'pHOMAS TRIPP, Dealer in
Lewis* Celebrated Patent Perpetual.'
The best In the world and warranted!
NO, 13
mrnnT.TrflAT.Tg Da.v Lan £2
Xj .a. im; -S 3 s „
Cf.rbcm aod Keroseas OS
its ura sthkb;?.
Wholesale Lamp and Oil Dealer,
199 CLliUi STREET,
No. 12 3. Clark-it., Chicago, HI,
1 have on hand and am receiving dally tbe largeit
and best aiiortmeat of JtnTolcpa# everbroajb.to
this market. wblcb 1 will eell by voi sbox or la larger
qoimltlsi at manufacturers prices. My stock com*
priies all sizes and qualities, from tba smallest no to to
tie largest legal.
Orders taken to manufacture any odd sizes on abort
=OUCO ' LOT c. whitpokd.
nc3-p213 Ctnet
Wroagtet Iron Pws
a. T. CRAITS 41 iJKC*.
iff.xw mu* W wax L>tactwa;
TUN. —Oper cna tnn of
FOrß p£oft**OT ”wHO TOY HOUSE.
&012 p719 2m-» 10d L*tc fl.reet.
* -j baneiJprinc. tew
SPLIT hkrrinq.
tottrtTOtbUweelr.forßalebT 8. H. BUTLUB.
° er. So. 7 Board or Trade BaUdlae.
Wlthfrry etfyiatage for t>e fdscattaa of youth.
«tt: V ojUj C4txaen r *tUaexild(A.
e**t c; (rah tt.ctt. sari ;TO iwta
JSm 2U>otrtianiunta.
TMottferaWhedlo-rttetlie atteaM-aof b<iywa «l
UsMMOiXTiti PU3UO.IO UtlraxletaiyaiWCX K
Black Books & Photographic Album*.
Kjtt beta* r'-.1T.., sad wm D» offaradTjc
sale ta qoant!tle> to salt.
On or about Norember 15th.
LiU»cfraph.'C and Letter Pr*a Frtatta*- WosMr*
ileerc* f=r covoßE »: FliLDj aHSSIj&S
SUUo&eri, LiifiojtspVr* sad Blank Boo* K*au~
ioU-goii»?l3C« N£aE WBTiTA, chisaqo.
U. S. 5-20’ s
We shall conserve, an*:i nirtcsr aarleesfrsw tM
Titulary Dopwrtmnat. to rosette vi (Mulatto::* XT
PAR forth*
United Stales 5-20 Year Sii Per
•Cent Bonds,
Both Principal and Interest payable in CohL
latmwt will commence oa day of sahscrtptioa ui
receipt cl moacy.
Bczdi dehnred at car oflco.or on the Unfl of th«
As sneas or tTutt-a State* sxprta* Coiapaaie*. witaa
eight or tea diys from date of labssrtptson. Free at
ail ifrperre. jmntes caa wad carrencj ta amvaaid
of 95C4 aid upwards. Free of Charge, by marktaf
p»Ci»BM-S.C,P.W Ait.” v . . . .
imsary Hoi re ox Hew York Sschaaga itCIWM at
par-correacy 3W pot rent diiceuat. w _ . „ w
Xhaa>oil coxm'sVoz alio sed to Beaks and Baas*
era. Also Ihote wiihlfig Bonds to estabdah
la which case sobPcribfnwiU paythefrowa express
Bias era and Asesta lor Flre-Tveaty Lcaa.
K. B.—CRIt TIFIC IT? 3 70R MnN2n>BPoSTTni>
mih the U. 8 r.epo*lto y. at CMcaio. for taa e*edtl
or JAT CODSB. 3afc-A*tav, oa account ct salmoC
5-20 6 Per Cent. Bonds,
wm fw recelred the ssxessTreasury Note*.
ncC-p424 y at* Wh3i F. W. x X*
[i NNOUKCFMfiNT. —On tv.i
i\ after this date we TTtfrnfrwn the General Gro
eery Trade, to deeote oar atteacoa exclulyeiy to tM
importation Am jobbing of teis,
At oar wwk location, 71 Sooth Water st, Chiracs
aadat 43 Wad street. New Yoric.
Represented by Jaji*b a P*ifloas, New YorS; a.
W Pnwin *ud J. lusxrr, Chicago,
Cl logo, ypTembap 2, 1363.
I 3ST T3H .A. S .
7! SouthWkggj^j. {45 Wan« T t. k
1000 half cheats Young Hyson—common tochdlce.
SCO • “ Imperial. *
SCO * “ Gunpowder, „ *
1000 qr ** Ootooff,
And bole? the largest and best assorted sloe* ere*
offered to Western onyara With fifteen yean expo*
rlecce lathe trade, tad with facilities second tons
Home in the West, we believe we a etn apoeltiow
to do tall jnsttet* to the wanta of Merchants lathe
herthaest. Our Price Current and samples seat non
to aoy point by man or ea press ou application,
opedii thduerments miula to country Jobber* earn
ctuer lane cealwra __
Importers and Jahberv, 71 South Water street.
tcS-p223 tnet
I have fast computed 100 pair of CO hCH LAMPS.
TnMsrgfhi and finest assortment ever EXHIBITED
In Chicago.
. Prices from $lO to S6O.
All stylea made to order asdrepslrad at Short notice.
118 also IP airing OUe 01 (1.6 BhoT
Kerosene Lanterns
M’uufsc’ured In the United State*, well mown as
HtWLN s patent, with toe sokesa attach
ment, which coisldtam a note! node of regulaoss
the wlcS Iruß the outside.
It 1» very staple. and can iev» get out of order. And
ccEhtderoa by al' whohave i«en und n*ed it, to be oaa
cf t* e neatest to pi ovemente that has ever been made,
to smite a
Perfect Kerosene Lantern.
Ur name win be stamped on the bottom of thn
be found for tale at a 1! the first clmv
Wholesale Dealers aad Hard’Wt.
Northwestern Lantern Depot,
43 & 43
P O Box 60CO. no3-pSoT*U an x wAmet
Wanted at aa advint. on this or oilier aartrts.
E. W. MORSE, Agent,
OSes of Huston A Co. Bankers;
P. O. Box CISC. noil pfflgatwrAMoet
Sheet Iron,
s 159 A 201 Randolph street
ainao-baa iy-a wamet
FIBS PHWif Cirjfc
patent cftimuns mow*
nct-ptsi Ist wwamet to BTATK Ml..Chicago.
The Steamship “GL4BGOW" of the L..N.T *y.L
3. Com will leave Now York for Liverpool ud
at 12 o'clock nooa.
Batbs or Passage:—First c'ftfs. IBS - ; Third cl«a»
|3S; payable In Untied state corrarey. ,
Tlcssts issued to bring persona from Liverpool or
Queenstown to Chicago for |si la currency.
Apply to T. A. 8M037. General Agent.
non pTSfsa et se (Lark street, cor. Bandelph.
Xami&ctnrera wnolotslo Deslsxs t>
Furnishing Goods,
07 Labe Street,
cc6-E*lo-?m tt: wi’.-B CHXAGO. HL_
Goods and Sea Shells.
On free exhibition and private sale for a
in the «afc s'roin* ef Wm. A. Bakers * Co.. Nos. Nt
103a:a U. 7 Dearborn Street, corner of Watblcgtott.
AsaacUoa of tbb valuable «tcck will taka pi tea
•Silaonyndaytadßatarday ereatnffs. the UU tod
CAPT. 3LY ft CD„
Q.W»UI Agents.
Open** December 14th, 1863*
Xt is os 4 of tne moit necwtml Bcaoota la ttta
It baa a Sarce and able corps ol teacher*. ud tj*
bnitoif s U the Hamot the bind ta 11» B'ata, T»>»»
male aepatunent otfera epeciat la bom
andtunSon.il week*, from *»0 *SL Made,PWat-
Sde, Boofck’eplrg. ftc., at mo umal rates. Lw*aio»
coasts to clergyßoa. n w otterwaH-
For drcttlara. addrta ***■
ft. VU AtUCT*. Pl» Qt»gHHWBW_
U choic* wi»is»
To uilra by take aV,ut Sot. UU, 1361 CooatgM*.
ga. , «.ri..«HvsHdg 5 Hdg ssss-Aont.
noU-pTj 91 So tub Wife* UTMC

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