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a hip DorcLis matters.
Xtc Sharp-Shooter* Under Marching
another arrival of rebel pris-
Contracts for Furnwhiug Sub-
*Cbc First Begimcnt Michigan Sharp-shooters,
Coh C. V. He Land, sow in command of the garri
son at Camp Douglas, yesterday received orders
from Msj. Gen. Balleck, directing him to proceed
irrr f.Ai*iPir with bis regiment to the field, and re
port for duty to Maj. Gen. Grant at the headquar
ter* of the Army of the Cumberland. The regi
ment will leave in obedience to the order, and
proceed to the front without delay, as soon as ar
rangements are madejor reinforcing the six com
panies of the Invalid Corps sow at the post Of
'Course, CoLDe Land will rot leave six thousand
rebel prisoners without an efficient guard—this
would be the height of folly.
On Wednesday evening, seven officers asdthlr
ty one men—ali rebel prisoners—arrived at Camp_
Douglas Horn Columbus, Ky,, In charge of a de-*
tadnnent of the 14th lowa, Lieut. Beach. These
prisoners are principally guerillas, taken at va
rious points, scut hfere for safe keeping.
The officers and men, and others who were eye
•ffitneaees, ptoconnce the account jof tbe fire, as
given in tbe Titnet of yesterday, a batch of false-’
hoods from beginning to end. The writer may
have got hie Information through his practice of
the science of Astrology, but never by the use of
sense, or from any reliable source.
The fence that was destroyed by the fire has al
ready been replaced, and the improvements being ’
made, ate rigorously carried forward.
The contracts for furnishing subsistence for the
military district of -Illinois, hare been awardedby
Captain N. W. Edwards, Commissary of Subsist
ence, United States Army, to John McGinnis, Jr.,
& C0.,.0f Springfield.
Bids for tbe coitract have been received also
from John "Vniliama & Co., of Springfield, and
Gage ft Tucker, of this city—the former offering
to supply tbe complete ration 17 98100 ceata,whae
the latter demanded 18 48-100 cents.
The contract la for the furnishing of the com
plete lations.embracing all the articles of sub
sistence required by the army peculations for the
use of United States troops, prisoners of war, or
others entitled to draw the same at any camps or
posts In the military district of Illinois, except
in the county of Sangamon and the general hos
pital at Quincy. The contract is to commence in
Cook county on the let of December, 16CS, and at
all other places on the let of January following,
and ending Jone S-Jlh, 2 S6L The military district
of Illinois induces the whole State, except the
cities of Alton and Cairo.
Ths ErtortioDutE Turned loose.
Another 4t Intelligence” Partner
The case of Miller versus Sherwood and Bock,
commercial editor of the Chicago Time*, came off
yesterday at 8 o’clock p.m., before John Sum
mcrfleld, Esq, J. P-, in his office on Clark street.
Mr. Grant renewed his proposition for the sep
arate trial of the defendants. The charge was for
false imprisonment, and the whole case for the
prosecution was printed in our columns yester
day. Mr. Grant, in Justification of his plea, made
a statement of the argument and facts for the de
fense; entering largely and minutely into the case,
which differed very little from that sworn to by
Miller, and published In the Teibuxx, He said
be wanted nothing but fair play and equal J ostlce.
Be should prove that there was no intention of
false imprisonment, and that what had already oc
curred was a mere technical false imprisonment,
at the worst, and ought to be liberally construed.
The application for a separate, instead of a Joint
trial, could be derided only by the Court, and he
left it in his b****-
Ur. Davis said there was no ground, either in
law or reason, for a separate trial of these persons.
The object of the defense, in making sneba pro
posal, was, that one of the persons prosecuted
* ahonldbe admitted as evidence to swear for the
other. Snppoee two men were to commit a rob
. bezy, would the Court allow one of them to
become a witziess for the other? He hoped
the Court would rot admit the plea
for a moment. He (Mr. Davis) came
there, for Justice to his client, who bad been
robbed, and swindled by these defendants, and
falsely imprisoned by them. What was the case?
' The two defendants had got hold of Miller, had
■ entered into a conspiracy against him, had ecized
upon him in bis own office, locked the door on
him, charged him with theft against his own part
ner I The Time* editor, Hocx, had falsely repre
sented himself as a detective for the Post Office,
had falsely stated that he had a policeman below
to take Miller into custody; and when the two
petty conspirators hid frightened their victim
half out ot his wits, they got him to sign away his
right and title to the business, and ah the monies
which he had pot into it; and not satisfied with
that, they had the meanness, and the base
less to take away the young man’s great
coat, Us scazf, bis vest; and the seedy, and needy
commercial, editor of the Times took away his
boots also I and had the impudence to appear then
andthere, in Court,with Miller's coatonnls back:
Now, he could prove all this, against them both,
but he did not want them to swear In each other’s
defense, by admitting them as witnesses. They
were accused of a crime, and be wanted to see
them punished for it if they were proven guilty.
It was all very well for them to say that it was
hard that they should be called to account for what
they bad done. But they should have thought of
that when they committed the offence
and he hoped to teach them that they
could .not violate the liberty of an
AmcriOm citizen with impunity. Law was then
quoted on both sides to show that the Court could,
and that it could not, grant a separate trial. It
was urged for the defence that if the prosecuting
attorney were willing, any two persons charged
withan offence could ne tried separately. Bat the
prosccutlrg attorney in this case objected very
decidedly to be will lug to do anything of the sort.
Be quoted Section 8,196, American Law, to show
that where the reason assigned for separate trials
was that the prisoners might use their own testi
mony for each other, the Court had no power to
grant such separate trials. _ And again, that where
several were not jointly connected in a crime, but
disconnected, the Court might grant a separate
trial. But heie was a case in which the two de
fendants were connected, as conspirators to swin
dle the prosecutor—who had worked together nn
eesringly for this purpose, in order that tney might
Tob him lint of Ms money, and then of his clothes
even to his vest, and the dirty boots which the
v«T clean commercial editor of the Time* swiu-
PayraeM for drawing out
therety deed which ruined Mm. b
The argument was very lengthy, and pro
longed on both sides: and the Court said he hard-
Jy knew how to ach if he followed his own frel-
Ings he would like to hear the defendants sepa
xately but be thought the law was against Mm,
and decided that the two defendants should be tri
ed together.
MlHer was then called and sworn. His testimo
ny was substantially the same as that to which be
•wore yesterday, and he gave it In a very modest,
•nd straightforward manner. The counsel for the
defense stepped quite beyond his privilege as an
advocate in dealing with this young man, and used
Tetygrossand insulting language to him.chanrtmr
him during the examination, with theft, and pe£
ettost nnueualproceding to ssy the least of
it which the Court would have consulted its own
dignity and authority by rebnklngat the time.
Sillier was subjected to a rigid cross-examine
turn, during which the counsel (Mr. Grant) tried
bard to shake his evidence, bnt without result.
The charge was for false imprisonment and Miller
•wore that Sherwood prevented him, by a demon
ettation of force—that Is.to eay, by going to the
door andnladng his back against It and his hand
npon Hiller e shoulder—from leaving the room:
*“■{ subsequently, Bock entered the room and
iSS'v d , t tll . c , <loor - “JjW 10 MSMen htalitoa
Ittlltl that lie m a detective, and tint tie liada
aiLßlaMe below ready to take hlmtoprieoa for
Jtealtre money Horn one of hie own letters! Here
Were the two points of ialsc imprisonment
t* l * °. a th of the prosecutor,
SSb a Sw?^ 0 v thc f o,mßc i aod tbeadmissions
*lso of Mr. Bock, who confessed to locking the
Shyster Pock, by the courtesy of the Court,
was allowed to ask the prosecutor some Questions
—which be did in a most oily, and Insidious man
ner. Indeed, he was to exceedingly sweet In hie
wards the poor devil whom he had vie-
Hri2rlW wo expected every minute he would
“d coat out of which he had
£i-^.«£s1 l c? )lul * r *J* reeil ti or mln connection with
Srith iSLSS^r ftn f over to him,
eyefl * upon the
the tenderness of hie conscience,
was to disarm the young bumpkin
cet k'mto acknowl
wgfiulilifi .il not bo bad as the affidavit Aofi
thepTOaecaUße counsel had mads him OQt But
he rauldn’t fiat mj from the £s« that hsthrSl
«ae4 him In hlsoira office, htviug first .Side a
Show of depriving him of his liberty by locking
the door. “
Ur. Steel, clerk of the Husaeolt Bouse, deposed
that Sherwood boarded there—that the shortness
of the partnership with Hiller was a matter of fre
quent (badinage with the boarders, who were al
ways taunting him with it Some would ask him
if his boots fitted him—others if he didn't want a
new coat I Others if he wouldn't like a new put-
He had heard Sherwood boast that he bad
plnckcd Hiller, and had heard him say also he
a partner like him to pi* every
This closed the case, and Hri Grant moved lhat
Bock, wmmercJaJ editor of the Chicago Tivw
ehonld be set at liberty.
Ur. Davis objected. Why, this man had been
the bead and froct of the conspiracy, and the im
prisonment, and if one were oiscoatgcd-as one
waapretty nearly as bad as the other—they ought
noth to be discharged. His Honor, to the aslon
of all the bystanders, said he did not
c f Pe / or prosecution had been proven,
and Uie defendants were discharged. *
*rJr£ 601115 Spain-” The success of this
woo? undertaking will warrant Sher-
To tfce Tax Pavers of Clilcajco.
The copperhead party in Chicago has always
been Infamous as a tax-eating party. it has nev
er held the reins of power without giving loose to
them In the most unrestricted manner,. jfow
It has a two years'tenure, we warn tax-payors of
what they hare got to endure. Wc warn them
mow that the copperheads in the Common Coun
cil art saddling upon them a debt which they win
he Quite unwilling to pay. The official report of
the Isft nHKtipg of the Common Council famishes
ft pTOTplnfnt jtmlanrw pf the swindling which Is
hdng perpetrated. The Comptroller's estimate
ofthecoctoftbe public printing for the year,
which was a fair one by the way, was $5,000. On
the 7th of September, the Council, to sustain tte
drooping finances of the secession organ, which
had been selected as Pnblic Printer, adrancefl the
rates to a Urge figure, and directed the increased
allowance to be made for all printing done after
May 1,18C3. Hie Timer and Union hare now
presented their bills for printing, and blanks Cron
May 1 to Nor. 1,1868, amounting to $5,643.72,
or an exceed over the appropriation for the year of
$642.78. This is exclusive of prlntiog for the
Board of Public Works, Wax Fund CommUtse,
etc., and. as win be perceived, covers only tbe
space of six months. At this rate the expense for
tbe year will reach nearly to $16,000, as compared
with $8,066.76 last year. We have presented the
figures for our tax-payers to contemplate. The
loyal people of Chicago have got to pay this year
and next the eurcnt expenses of this disloyal pi
per. The matter la yet pending before tbs Coun
cil. It remains to be seen whether they will sanc
tion this swindling transaction. We warn them
If they do that the tax-psyers win not submit in
silence, or without pretext, to such a glaring mis
use of the public funds.
Compleie Vindication of the Officers
Making the Arrests.
On Hon flay evening taet, Aid. Comlaky-tho
veritable, begntrtdna John—as Chairman of the
Financial Committee of that body, made a report
open tbe case of James ifeiflray, hie wife and
mother, who were arrested on the night of Octo
ber 6th, for fiiaorfierly conduct and resistance to
tbe officers, and the next morning fined tsa, each.
John thought this was a good chance to giro the
Police Commießionera a “raking down,” and ac
cordingly expatiated at considerable length upon
the “brutal treatment” Inflicted upon the culprits
by tbe officers, and resting blame upon the Police
Commlßaloncrs for allowing anch men to remain
upon the force. The Commissioners at once pro
ceeded to investigate these wholesale chargca
wilh what anccees may be gathered term the tes
timony appended below. A meeting of the Board
was held at the Central Station yesterday after
noon. There werepreaent Commissioners Way
man and Newbonse, and Chief Bradley. For lack
of a quorum, nothing could he done hnt to take
the testimony of the witnesses present, and sub
mit It ton f nix meeting of the Board,to beheld
some time this week. We append the essential
portion of the testimony giv.n:
IFm. Flanigan, mom: I live near Jamas
McAfiray a. ana know him well; he is a Crajmiu:
Jaroabntdierbytrade; on tbe evening or the
6lh of October, as I was coming from supper. I
saw McAfiray abusing an old man named -Ned”
Bogan, a drayman: I tried to atop him; he struck
Bogan several times when I interfered and took
H. into tbe shop, intending to put him out at tue
back door to prevent Me Affray following him ;
McAfiray followed ns, and I wrestled with him
for a long time to put him out. In which I finally
succeeded; he then ran down home, yelling ell the
way, and my brother called for policemen, with
tkc usual signal; there have been no differences
between us. and no hard feelings; howasdronk
ciough to be ugly, but not eo drunk as not to know
what be was about; ali I tried to do was to make
peace between them; Hogan is much older than
McAfiay; tbe difference arose from ray giving a
part of my hauling to Hogan to do; in the strug
gle with McAfiay, I cut him over the eye with my
fist; he Is an able young man, about twenty seren
or twenty-eight, five fett ten inches In height, and
strong and robust; all this occurred between eight
and ruse o’clock, before the police arrived; I did
net see the police arrest him. out knew my brother
hsd called them.
JohnFlauigan fieom—l reside on Canal street:
batekxown Jos. McAffry for two years; John
Bogan, and qld man and a stranger, whose wife
was slcK. came Into the shop, and I cave him a
part of the hauling to do; McAffray struck-Ho
gan. and I interfered to separate them; MAcffray
struck Hogan after they got into the shop,andmy
brother interfered and licked him; I warned him
to good, and as be advanced toward me, 1 got a
meat chopper;!© defend myserf; I beard him say,
I think, that be would “have the blood of the G—d
—d honed,” and kill me; McAffray struck the po-
Hccman over the head with a loaded whip; the po
liceman caught him and struck him; a man came
out and said one of the women had an axe In her
band, but I did not know it; I heard the police
man tell the woman to keep away; I knew both of
the women bad weapons; McAfiray the repu
tation of abusing bis wife and mother; be told
me he had abused his mother because M she abused
bis wife;” be etrnckthe policeman with wbat ap
peared to bealoaded whip, before the policeman
aid anything; I saw the women when they at
tempted to strike him, and heard him tell them to
keep away; McAfiray was very disorderly at the
the time of bis arrest,
Jlenry Baker, ettern —Am a policeman In the
city of Chicago; on the night of October6th, I
was with officer Humphrey, on our beat, at the
corner of Taylor and Jefferson streets; we heard
zaps ard answered them with our whistles; we
ran awhile, and then rapped again, and were an
swered from a distance; when we came up, the
disturbance on the etreet bad ceased; we went
around McAffray’s house, and looking into the
window, saw him on his wife, on the floor, beat
ing her, while she was screaming londly; tried to
take him off: I held him while Humphrey put on
the “come-alonga’- [a pair of which, formed by
fastening two brass bandies together with a string,
which is wrapped around the prlaonera bands, to
facilitate dragging him alongj; McAffray struck
me; the woman attacks me, aud Me-
Afftay struck Humphrey; I hit the woman
two or three times, after repeatedly telling
them to keep away; we arrested him because he
was whipping bis wife, and we caught him at It;
the women was yelling; I got him outside of the
door, and then the woman turned on me; I hare
been four years and a half on the police, and never
before had a fuss with a woman; 1 prefe red the
charge of disorderly conduct and resistance: we
went hark after Humphrey’s cap, which bad been
blocked off In the first struggle; we were going
to arrest the women, but Mat. Fleming a con
stable, guaranteed tt/cir appearance atthePolice
Comtnt-xtmcrning.and we left them; there were
no complaints against the women that we were
Killing McAfiray; they did nofput their over
fcls htad to protect him from the beating; we did
z ot lay onr bands on the women the second time;
the wife had a white handkerchief about her head;
there were three on me; 1 struck whoever
was resisting me; the women were behind me,
and McAffray on me: they were not senseless:
when we arrested McAffray, they followed us about
a b'oek; the old woman swore she would kill us,
and ordered us out of the house; t*ro or three
weeks afterward, the wife came to me and asked
if we were not going to give her some money
"for licking her.
a irm. Humphrey , worn : The testimony of this
witness entirely confirmed that ot Officer Blake.
Be did not strike the woman; struck McAffray
twice, when be gave np; he had a whip in his
when we got him.
C. U. J. Miller, worn : This witness testified to
the facts of the trial of the McAffrays, before him,
on the 'Sth of October; that the women appeared
to be uninjured, except that the wife had a hand
kerchief bound about her head, which might be
taken as an indication of injuries received; that
but for the earnest pleading of the wife and
mother, be should have fined McAffray twice as
much as he did.
The redoubtable John —Cotnisky—asserts that
wife-beating in Chicago is not against the law!
That is, be says the parties, at the time of their
arrest, were guilty of no violation of the *' laws
and ordinances of Chicago.' 1 Verily, it seems that
we are retrograding in civilization when even
John ComUky can gravely rise in his place in the
Council Chamber and defend each such brutalities
as these. Maltreating an old man because he had
secured employment whereby to earn a liveli
hood J Beating with his strong fists the woman
whom he had sworn to love, protect and cherish I
Abusing the gray-haired mother who had home
him! These are no offeneeagainßt u thelaws and
ordinances of Chicago!” Well, John Comisky, If
they are not , the sooner we enact a law declaring
them such, the better for our credit as a people.
Bow he Got Away from Camp Dong
las, and Bow Jxe Got Bade
Early this week, information was given at the
Proven Marshal's office, that an escaped rebel
prisoner was known to be in the employ of Judge
Fuller. The Provost Marshal at oneepnt the mat
ter in the hands of his detectives, who went dili
gently about ascertaining the frets, and finding
the man. When Jndge Fuller heard that inquiries
bad been made by these detectives, for this Samuel
Force, he brought him directly before Provost
Marshal James, who investigated ths case, and re
ceived from the prisoner the loliowlog statement:
“Hy name is Samncl Force. I was born in
Canaca, twelve miles from Niagara Falls, in the
year I£B7. I was a member of Co. K, lath Texas
infantry— Cant Eazzell. and was taken prisoner
at Arkansas rest on tie 11th of February, 1863,
was brought to Camp Douglas sometime in Hatch,
1968. remained there about six weeks, and escaped
about the Ist of Hay, by bribing the sentinel, a
private in the tsth Illinois regiment, on duty at
the time as sentinel, by giving him S2O. CoL
Cameron was commanding the Post at that time.
Don't know the name of the man to whom I gave
the money, nor his company. We were both in
the sneer's store at the same time, and I had some
SBS. This sentinel approached me, and asked If
1 would like to get oat. Of course I replied
rhat I would, and asked how much it would take.
Be said it woold cost me $25. I told him J would
give S2O, which he agreed to take. I then bought
some citizen's clothes from the Sutler, who had
each goods for sale; gave him $l5O for a cost and
(8 00 for a pair of pants. I bought the clothes in
the morning, and got oat the following morning
about two oxlock. Another prisoner by the name
or Benjamin Liflln came out with me. He also
orlbcd the same ecntineL”
This man Force has kept his own counsel, and
it appears has been working in the city ever since
his escape in May last. He is represented as be
ing a sober, industrious, faithful man to work;
and furthermore, that the only way he was sus
pected of being au escaped prisoner was through
some Inquiries he made as to the tnodus ojxrandi
of taking the oath of allegiance, which act he is
anxious to perform. He was promptly takpn to
Camp Douglas, where he is again imprisoned.
Wc cancel blame the prisoners for attempting
to regain their liberty—that is perfectly natural;
but If the sentinel who was bribed, or the sutler
who sold him the citizen's clothes coaid be (band
out, - they should be severely dealt with.
Sisszb to the Soldiebs.—For some time
past there has been a plan talked of for giving a
grand dinner to the Onion soldiers now at Camp
Douglas, and at last the proposition promises to
be carried into execution some time next week.
Mrs. Franklin, at No. 8 Eldridge Court, and her
boarders and their friends, hare taken hold of the
matter in earnest, and will m«ka it as creditable
as it is well-merited. The duties of the soldiers
at the Camp have been arduous and constant, and
and their friends and the public will sow have an
opportunity to manifest their appreciation of their
services. The Sharpshooters are under
orders, so that what is done must be done quick
ly. Those who wish to contribute for thu «Mn ggr
will leave their contributions, or a memorandum
of them, at Boot A Cady's music store, or at Ura.
Franklin's boarding house, No. 8 Eldridge Court.
PEB6OXAL.—The South Bend (bid.) SyiiUr
says lhat the Alpha Delta Society of the Northern
Indiana College baa st cured the services of Bev.
Dr. Tiffany, of this city, to deliver a lecture some
evening next wetk.
xde roos of tub cirr.
Action of the Young Sen’* Ohrlstiaa
It Is acceded by all who bare given the subject
any attention, that the coming winter will be of
unusual length and severity. We have probably a
greater number of poor to care for now than ever
before—not only because our population has
greatly Increased, but we have here hundreds of
soldier’s wives, with families of email children,
who will be unable to gain a livelihood from their
own efforts at labor, with tbo greatly enhanced
rates of all living expenses. Bents fire exorbi
tantly high, fuel and provisions of every kind are
high, and men’s wages have generally increased In
about the same ratlo t All these it-ma tend-to
make the expense of living much greater than cv •
er before. Manya poor woman, who, a year ago
received monthly instalments from her husband
in the army, sovrmouras thaloesof thathus&and,
who has died in battle or in hospital, and she and
her helpless little ones have a sad prospect before
them, as the cold weather approaches, no fuel at
the door, and so provisions in store. Not a few
of those widowed mothers have taken their chil
dren to the Half Orphan Asylum, and the Home of
the Friendless. Others arc striving to keep the
little family together by working out, at washing
or housework, &c., very few, we believe are apply,
ing to the County Agent, and none go to tbe War
Fund Committee, unless they fed they have some
claim upon that fond.
There is a demand for some organized effort to
relieve the wants of this large class of worthy
poor people, and we are glad to state that with
their usual promptness, in such-matters, the
Young Hen’s Christian Association have taken
the initiatory steps in the matter. At a special
meeting of the Board of Managers, held at their
rooms on Wednesday, a committee of twelve citl
zena was appointed to co operate with the Belie
Committee of the association is relieving the
want* of the poor of the *dty. This committee
-consists of Messrs. P. L. Underwood, b. G. Ham
xnond, W. E. Doggett, George Armour, H.W.
King, J. L. Reynolds, D. J. Hy, H. B Kent, W.
Hinsdale, L Y. Hum, n. C, Powers, and J. Far
well. H. W. Hinsdale was chosen Treasurer. •
We trust that whatever plana this committee
may adopt will be promptly acceded to by the
. Chicago public. Notwithstanding the high prices
of every article of daily consumption, there la
scarcely a man in the city but boasts he’ Is doing a
paying business. As a people, we arc highly pros
pered. There has hatdlyfbeen a time in the his
tory of this city or State when business men of
all clastes were accumulating wealth more rapidly,
nor when money baa been as abundant, or as
ctßlly obtained by the masses, cs now. Thou let
those who are prospered give of their abundance
to the helpleis who are destitute and unfortunate,
end give freely. Chicago has tbe reputation of
being one of the most liberal in the way of caring
for her soldiers, and in contributing to alleviate
the suffering oi the distressed who mett with
calamities abroad—in America or Europe—she
will certainly not suffer the poor of her own city
to suffer, whcnlhcir wants can be supplied by the
timely contribution of a pittance from each.
Bcport of the Hebrew Belief Asso-
We hare received the fourth annual report, in
pamphlet form, of the United Hebrew Belief As
sociation of Chicago. The Association was In
augurated for the purpose of aiding and assisting
the poor and distressed, and caring for the sick,
of the Hebrew faith. It represents eight compo
nent societies, each of which Is represented by
delegates in the Board of Directors of this Asso
ciation, to which has been recently added the
Chtbra KadUha ULikkur Cholim, numbering
thirty-eight members. The more specific object
for which this Association was formed, is the
erection of a Jewish hospital in this city. Imme
diate action !s imperatively called for, and a stir
ring appeal is made to the Israelites ef Chicago
to so increase the fund now that the comer stone
of the new building may be laid before the closoof
the present fiscal year. The fund netted during
the first year of the existence of this Association,
was S6SS, which has been increased tost,oos.
PreHdent— lsaac Grecnefeldcr.
Tice President —L H. Henoch.
Treasurer—l. Wolfhcr.
Recording Secretary— Jtxlins Rosenthal.
Financial Secretary —Q. Suydacker.
Trustee*— M. M. Gerstley, Jacob Rosenberg.
sms crons.
Frauen VTohUhatigkeiVs Terein —Mrs. Michel
Grcenebaum, Mrs. Lea Goodkind.
T. L. JI. Ji. S.’— Mis. Hannah Foreman, Mrs.
Lea Strauss.
L. S. S.-~ Mrs. Rebecka Levi, Mrs Hendet’e
Boeenfield, Mrs. Mina Stine, Mis. Bertha Sny
dacker.Hrs. Esther Gutman, Mrs. Emily Greene
baum.Mrs. Susan Alschnler, Mrs. Clara Moore,
Mis. Julie Cohn.
A'. J?. S. 27. Ch.— Messrs. C. Snnerfleld, H.
Cole, M. Marcus, J. Moore, S. Mendelson, A.
Relief Society -Vo. 2,—Messrs. A. Barnett, S.
Eotb.A. Pcrllnsky, 8 O.Wltkowsky.
JT. B. B.— Messrs. Henry Oroencbanm, Nath
Mayer. Julius Rosenthal, Aaron Kahn, Nathan
Eieesdiatb, Leopold Mayer, Jacob Llebenstein,J.
Gieensfelder, A. Hart.
Hamah Lodge. —Messrs. Levy J Dnna, Samuel
Strauss, Benjamin Brntmeman, Henry Frank,
Lewleßrede, Isaac Wolfher,
Belief Society .Vo. I.—Messrs. Jacob Rosenberg,
B. Bonn.
Cheh. K. 17. B. V //.—Messrs. L. Meier, D.
Witko wskl, H. L. Marks, Casper Barkhelm.
The expenditures of the Association hare been
as follows: First year. $300; second year, $1,000;
third year, $1,300; fourth year, $1,800; total,
M.COO. • The Increased Expense of toe present
year is doe to the increase of the Jewish popula
tion, and the fact tbat many destitute families
from the South have come Into the cllj, and the
higher rates of rent, fuel.-and provisions. The
sum of twenty dollars has been contributed to the
Sanitary Commission, for the relief of the sick and
wounded soldiers at Vicksburg.
Probable Homicide,
On the afternoon of Nor. Bd, (election day),
Patrick Leddy, who works in Flint & Thompson's
grain elevator, on the South Branch, started for
home about 5 p. m., and on arriving at the Twelfth
street bridge, was attacked by toe bridge tender,
named Gibbons, and very badly beaten, ar
tivitg at hla home, corner DeKern and Dilated
streets, about 0 p. m., with his jaw badly broken,
the teeth ksocked out, and suffering from serious
internal injuries. The whole affair was witnessed
by David Bays, who was standing at the end of
the bnidgewhen It occurred, bat who took nopirfr*
In it. The Injured man refused to makeany state
ment respecting the matter, until a day or two
since, when his physician pronounced his recove
ry hopeless, when be detailed all the particulars.
A warrant was lesned yesterday afternoon, for the
arrest cf Gibbons, and he is now is jalL
Sanitary Stores to Libby Prison' —The
Northwestern Sanitary Commission will send a
staipment'of sanitary stores to the Northwestern
rden in Libby Prison, in season for the next flag of
truce to Fortress Monroe. It made one shipment
some ten days ago, which Is probably now afford
ing comfort to our captive countrymen, in the B&s~
tile of Richmond. All persons desiring to send
articles of food or clothing to their friends In
Libby Prison, by this opportunity, may leave their
contributions, properly directed, at the* rooms of
the Commie si on, 66 Madison street.
Exchanges please copy.
Seventy Thousand Dollars fob ths
Soldiers.—As near as can bo ascertained, at tho
present writing, the profits arising from the re
cent Northwestern Sanitary Fair, will nett the
United States Sanitary Commission about S7),(XXK
This sum includes as cash the contributions oi
country produce, which is as good as so much
gold to the Commission, and better than gold to
the soldiers. There are a few small bflls yet out
standing, and the exact amount cannot be known
till all those matters are squared up. But we are
assured the profits will not vary much from $70,-
OCO. Well done for the Ladles who inaugurated
and so sncceaafnlly carried through this great pro
ject—well'done for the people who so liberally
sustained them.
A Monument to Illinois Soldiers TvTr.r.wn
ie Battlz,—A movement has been inaugurated
for tbe purpose of providing for the erection of a
suitable monument to the memory of Illinois sol
ciera who have fallen in battle during this war. A
meeting of the members of the Board of Trade to
consider the project will be held in the Board of
Trade Booms to-morrow evening.
Seduced.—We see by an advertisement in
one of the city papers that hoop shirts are "re
duced.” This will be good news to those who
have been compelled to' stand up in railway cars
to make zoom for expansive crinoline.
A venire lor a Grand Jury In the Su
perior Court of Chicago has been Issued, return*
able next Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock.
Sabbath School Exhibition.—The Sabbath
School connected with the Edwards Presbyterian
Chntch (coiner of West Harrison and Halsted
streets), gave a very attractive exhibition last eve
ning, embracing recitations, essays, orations, al
legories, etc., two distinct and different entertain
ments. One of the pieces, entitled ** The Ameri
can Past, Present and Future,” embraced over a
hundred characters, and was a very brilliant and
effective production. The exhibition last evening
was well attended, and gave universal satisfac
tion. To-night another will be given, with entire
change of programme, the whole gotten up under
the direction of Supt, B. W. Guilford, who Is au
/afr ln matters of this kind. Let the children have
a fine audience to-night.
The Philhabeonio Cos celt To-Night.—
This Society assisted by Hiss Frederika Magnus
eon and Eloss, give their first concert of the
teasou this evening at Bryan HaU. The following
excellent Programme is offered:
1. 7th Symphony, Beethoven—Orchestra.
S. Grand Aria from Allila—Miss Magnusson.
8. Csppricdo, for Piano and Orchestra—Mrs.
4. Eetnrn, Ballad—Miss Hagnnssoii.
5. Harah, from Puritan!— Mrs Eloss.
6. Overture, Larretta—Orchestra.
It is an excellent rule of the Society to com
mence their concerts, punctually at eight o'clock,
and therefore it is earnestly hoped, that ail will be
in their seats by that time so as not to interrupt
br their entrance, the performance of the Sym
phony. •’
Good Temtlabs.—This -flourishing tem
perance organization now numbers some ten or
twelve lodges in this county, and all are in a pros
perous condition There are four lodges in this
city, the youngest of which is Daahaway Lodge
No. 840, now numbering over one hundred mem
bers, and meeting every Tuesday evening in the
lecture room of the Edwards Presbyterian Church,
corner of Halstead and Harrison streets. Thefol
lowlngare the officers elect for the ensuing quar
ter: H.C. Morey. W. C. T.; Hiss Sarah J. Bc-
chanan, W.V. T.; Wm L.H. Owema, P, W. 0. L;
Rev. J. W. Haazkarst, W. C.; Wm. H. Drake, W.
Sec’/; Miss Jennie Ferguson, W. A. 8.; J. 8. Ham
ilton, W. F. 8.; Mlbb E. M. Edwards, W. T.; E. C.
O’Neil, W. M.J Klbb Lizzie Holt, W. D. If.; V>4
Lama Pierce, W. J. O.; Frank Pond, W. 8.; Mr#
W. W. Tounglove, R. H. S.; Miss Genic F. John!
Eton, L, H. 8,; U, H. Guilford, Lodge Depot/,
North Side Union League.—Notice U
hereby given that an election o( officers of the
North Side Union League will take place this
Friday, evening, at 7# o'clock. • *
All the members of the League are requested to
be present, as matters of great importance will
come before the meeting.
By order of the Preaident.
Acknowledgement.—The lady monsters
of.the Northwestern Fair desire to acknowledge
the receipt of a valuable donation of elegant block
Unandtoilet sets, amounting to 130.00, fromE,
Kltehan & Co n New York, by Mr. Van Schaack!
also $25.C0 from the employees of the City Hotel)
who have thus manifested their deep interest in
the Fair and the sick and wounded soldiers. ,
U. L. A. North Division, No. I.—There
will he an important and interesting meeting of
this Connell this evening. After the election of
officers, which will take place immediately after
organization, Judge Brown, the distinguished or*
ator of Ohio, will address the Council. Members
of tbo U. L. are cordially invited to attend.
The Chicago Minstrel Troupe —Arling
ton, Kelly, Leon & Donniker’s Minstrels, after a
successful tour through the country, reopen at
Metropolitan Hall on Monday evening, where they
will give nightly soiree* until their newh&Uon
Washington street is completed.
At the High School.—The usual rhetori
cal exercises of the High School will take place
this afternoon—continuing from two till half-past
three o'clock. • ’
BcmarkahleCare of Asthma.
Some font years ago Dr. Ayer affected a radica l
cure of Asthma in the case of a lady, who had suf
fered some twelve or fourteen years continuously
of this distressing complaint.
The lady was the wife of Geo W. Rice, Esq. a
gentleman favorably and extensively known In
Ohio, as connected with a .public inatltutloa.
er.d more recently a publisher of a religions ™mrr
azlne, in Cincinnati. The following is an answer
to a note of isqniiy, as to whether the core was
permanent «r such Inquiry aa Dr. Ayer
addresses to moat Asthma patients annually.
CiNCiKXATi.Can. 37,18531
D. Winslow Ateb, M. D.
Dear Sin: I was this morning agreeably sur.
prised upon reception of your truly kind note.
Accept my qualified acknowledgments for this ev
idence oLyour regard and the manifestation of
youx good will expressed for my wife, your former
patient. Rest assured that I shall always feel un
der the greatest obligations to yon; and if at any
time I can say anything respecting her core that
will be of any service to you, I will most cheer
fplly do it. She was entirely free from the dis
ease during thewhole of last year, not having a
single symptom. Her present health ia as good
as used, bbe has to symptoms of the Anthm*.
Wishing yon success and prosperity in your pro
fesaioo, I remain joure, most truly,
.novlß-pS36-lt G. W. Rice, Box 868, Cln.
C3T"Dr, Jainga, formerly of James* Hospital,
CuctomHoute street, New Orleans, La., is Terr
highly spoken of in New Orleans, the Sooth, ana
u lie rever ho has been located. Hr. James was es
lahllhsed In New Orleans 16 years—l 3 yearn coh
doctedoneol the largest hospitals In the United
States. The medical faculty generally of the
South and New Orleans—say he Is as near Infalli
ble as It is possible to be in the speciality to which
he devotes nis attention.
Hr. James is now permanently, located st 86
Randolph street, between State and Dearborn
streets, op stairs, Chicago, HI.
The following from the Hon. J. O. Nixon, edi
tor af d proprietor of the New Orleans Vre*cen} •
“Do James —The success of this gentleman
In the branch of business to which he has for so
many years exclusively devoted himself. Is all
that -any follower of science could ever hope or
desire to obtain. There Is much suffering in the
world that Is utterly needless, because the suffer
ers rever take the trouble to find who are the men
to apply to, or to rely upon. It is enough to a&y,
that no one has ever yet called uponHr James
without blessing the lucky chance that sent him
to that gentleman.”—JVVic Orleans Crescent of
Hr. James, specialist In chronic mercurial dis
eases,—old diseases of the most horrible class,
where the blood has become poisoned—producing
blotches on the face, small, watery blisters, ulcer
ated throat, nose, limbs and body,—scrofula—with
all Us deplorable train of symptoms,—effectually
cured and eradicated from the system. Organic
weakness, brought on hr excess, abase of the sys
tem, &c., treated and radically cured by an Infalli
ble method. noylS-pSiOlt
• ‘A CIBD.
Benui-kfiblo Car# of Throat Disease,
I had suffered severely with a Chronic Throat
Disease, which was making fearful and rapid pro
gress, when a few months ago I went Hast and
consulted several eminent physicians but without
material or permanent benefit.
In almost despair,and with little filth,! placed
myselt under the treatment of Hr. I. Winslow
Ayer of the Chicago Throat and Lung Institute,
(McCormick's building, comer Randolph and
Dearborn streets) and in the course of a few weeks
Hr. Ayer has effected as entire cure. My throat is
welL My general health is excellent. I speak
with perfect ease and have gained more than fif
teen pounds in weight. I recommend Hr. Ayer to
my friends with entire confidence.
Dakiel L. Patch.
n032-p745-8t Conductor C. B. & Q. R. R.
Pastor of the Ladies' City Mission,
Chicago, occupies for study, room No 16, in the M,
E. Church Block corner of Washington and Clark
streets. Receives business calls irom 10 a m. to
12 m. H. Wniprur.
Cakczrs, CoKrmmoK.— All forms of female
difficulties, and all complicated chronic diseases,'
treated by Dr. Woodhull, with unparalleled eac
cess. Office, 80 Washington street. See bis ad*
vertlsenicnt on the Inside. novl3-p343*lt
A beautiful Complexion, free from Tan,
Pimples and Freckles, may easily be procured by
Dslngtho “Balm of a Thousand Flowers.” .For
shaving it is unsurpassed. It is composed of palm
oil, honey, and other valuable articles, highly
perfumed by Its own ingredients, and when used
for trashing, night and morning, renders the skin
soft and while, and free from blemish. Price 50
cents. For sale by Smith & Dwyee. Lake street,
Chicago. aag2o-H-W& Sat-eow-Sm,
t&~ 8. D. & n. W. Smith, sole mannfoctnrers of
ILeNew Ameiican Organ, with tremola attach
ment. Finished In fifteen different styles. Elo
?;antly polished in rosewood for parlor use. Also
n Black WaJnpt at d Oak for Churches, Schools,
Lodges, Ac. Every ic strnment wananted for fire
years. For sail, wholesale and retail, by W. W.
Kimball, 142 Lake street. noClm
Chicago Directory for ISC3 —A few copies
are for sale at McNally & Co.’s, 81 Dearborn street.
Bf“ Nerroos Diseases and Physical Debility,
arising from Specific causes, la both saxes-rum
and reliable treatment, la reports of the Howard
Association—seat la sealed letter envelops free of
charge. Address, Dr. J. Sklllm Honghton, How*
trd Association, No. 2 Sooth Ninth street Phils*
delphla, Fa.. ma-Bn>
Chicago Cojochbcial College, to get a thorough
practical business education. For circulars ad
arcee (enclosing stamps) Bbtast 4k Stbattoh,
Chicago, lUlrois,
Gas Fixtures.— The cheapest place to buy new
styles, la at Wilmarth’a, 18) Lake street.
}£ff~ Gas-fitting work done promptly at WU*
marth’s, 188 Lake street. oclß.2Cd
t37“ F. E. lUgby. SO Randolph street, la selling
Paper Han pines and Window Shades at New York
prices, at wholesale and retail. The trade supplied
on the most liberal terms. Oc29p9i*4ty
Thubsdat Evxsrcra. Hot. 13, i£63
• The demand for money continues heavy, but opera*
tors of a speculative turn of mind, are not qplte so
numerous at the bank parlors, for they have found
that they cannot obtain any favors. Discounts are
confined specially to those who are entitled to them,
andofcouneareilmitedto legitimate trade. Kates
very Ann at 10 per cent.
New York Exchange Is steady st former quotations,
viz ,parsK bujlng.and S-16QH as the sailingrate
the lower figure by a single house.
Private dispatches to Jas. Bovd, Banker, No. S3 Clark
itreet, gave the rates of gold In New York as follows;
At 9a, m„ 146 X: 9.20,146Jf; 10, 146J<; U and p,
m., 147-dosing at 146 Y. It is thought here that tbe
advance is caused by foreign exchange dealers buying
largely for shipment by Saturday's steamer. Tbebuy
ing ra: ge among our brokers was 145HQ143K; about
146 being tbe figure fbr the day.
Silver nominal atISSQHS.
Treasury Demand Notes are firmer. The broken
to-day paid H&H, and the selling price was j£@Kc.
The demand Is very heavy, and comes mainly fiom
beef and pork operators. One ol them remarked that
nothing that walked on fonr legs can be bought for
anything but greenbacks.” Sensible the farmers aie,
every one of them, that sticks to that.
AtSt.Louxs.—Considerable buslneas is Exchange
at M per cent, discount to par. Defence 'Warrants
steady at 9CQS3C, Thereto beginning to be some de
mand for the old bank notes of.the rebel States, and
transactions have been made at 54®S5c.
At Cinciswati,— Market liberally supplied with ex
change. Kentucky money KSYprem. Indiana par.
New CorsTEinrrs.—New counterfeit two's on tbe
Bank of Seneca FaHs.N.T. On tight upper corner
largeflguretwolnmelal Ion; woman with sheaf of
grain In lower right; spall figure two In upper leit;
Stste anus in lower left; large eldewbeel steamer and
portrait of Washington in centre, and the word Two
In green across tbe face of the bill. Look ont for them,
as they are not described in ihe detector.
The EotrntkßK bank or St. Loins —The stockhold
ers of thelSouthem Banc of St. Louis have determined
by a nearly unanimous vote to organize said hank un
der the National Law. ..
ahlbsispoksiblx Baits,—An irresponsible hank
ofclrculatlon,colled tbeLakeErie and .Elver Ealsln
Eallroad Company, has been opened at Monroe,
xuM.tcAn, The notes are printel la close Imitation of*
the national currency. The Uonrce Commercial
warns the public against countenancing the concern.
There is no security for the cotes, except the paper cn
which they are printed.
Chicago & NonrnwKSTEnjr Rulwat Company.—
The following table shows the earnings of the Chica
go and Northwestern EMI way Company for the weak
ending Nov. Tib, 1853, as compared with the corres*
ponding weekm 1663;
1 1563. 1862. Inc.
Passengers |U.7-9 41 $10,807.74 $3,92170
Freight. 25,895.20
Ext'iesss *2*2 22187 18105
MalllT. 5&L83 423.95 84.48
Total $41,515.89 $29,363.55 81UJ788
TotMlDcreaw.......!r.C?r. \ .$12,177.31
Chicago A Altos' Baileoao Company.—The fol
lowing table shows the earnings of this road for the
month ending Oct. Slit, 1663, and for the same month
In 1663: -
1563.- 1862.
Passengers . $69,18931 •. $42,09615
Freight... 109,72350 . 37.CXJ.90
8ULM1M...... 6,678.14 4,71508
,$185,590 (6 8133,863.23
. 851|7»73.
Increase in 1863,
Galena ft Chicago Union. Eazlhoas.—The ac*
company Ing table el ova the earning* of the Galena
and Chicago Eallroad Company for the week enliag
Bov. 8,1563, and for the same date ia 1862;
133. 1862.
Freights 857J5L93 $35,415 72. $3,115 21 Dee.
PaAsengers.l I ®l WWI.M 4,599 27 Inc.
MafisTdc...; ijBOjOO ifoO.OO 50.C0 Inc.
TOtd....iftfßLM $51.81112 tSJBLM Inc.
Correct earning* wr September. $277,523.91
Kew Yirfc Stock and nmy Market-Now. 13
- stocks—Doll-
K Y C.,.. ISOHIM. 6. ft N. 1 80*
Kriepfl...!.. .}OI. nLC w ßcrlp..„ ll*K
lo.* c i» #
«V c. 48. I .IM*
bcwubk..'.. .ia*lM,4r.Dti c a
M C.TT.....4 ..141* I P. FL W.*c MK
eenanuT stood.
Quiet and without dectaod change.
| liesrccrt -
MoasT-Aljme easier, hot BUU brisk demanl at
7 F cent on call.
Gold firmer and rather more actlve-oaenln'' at
145*, declining to 146*, clot tog steady at 147*. *
THURSDAY EVENING, Nov. 12, 1-33.
.Tbs following table show* the receipts anaahlp
siesta during the past twenty-four boon:
stoxiPTi res last twrhty food hours.
floor. Wheat. Cora. Oats. Bye. Brlj
bcl*. bu. be. bv ba. bs
Canal 100 2700 GBOO 7661 .... 1M
OftCUNK-... IMB 15-iTS 29U 13561 566 IK){
SIRS 132 CtTO 5330 105 0 .... 409
IUCBH. 99S 8150 • 4WO 3403
CO A Q8E..... 387 2450 1400 5213 .... 440
NWSB 85* 8450 .... 5600 .... IfcO
AABtLBR.... 650 660 1030 1350
Cm. Air Line
Totals. 4861 525e5 35731 47320 666 8653
Grau Live Beef tax.
Seel Boca irooh C’nia. Hides lor.
wa. Ho. H Ho. Si, Iba.
Canal &£) .7 3tfo
btCDiifi.... 8490 .-- ......... 6100 ....
8188. 1228 - 144 35400
DICBK.. ..... 3JSM MgO 580 SS6 ISIM 2UO
CB4QBB £67 6087 Mg 473 3137 823
HWBB. 6110 3£SO U3GO ISO 9870 540
AABtLBB. 898 100 ....
Ctn. Air lane
T0ta1...... 51897 12Md , 20253 1133 63533 5643
SHmocßTi xt nazx fob last twenty-four hours
TO Buffalo 13300 .... .... iavA
Topnscottt:*.*.* 518 12000 ....
To CobOUIZ 17873 .... .... ....
To other ports...* 45 15300 31821' 750
Total.. 588 40500 49200 ltfT.7. IMOq
There was a better feeling In the Produce markets
to-day, owing to an upward tendency in gold, and
prices ruled a shade higher.
Tie Flour market was quiet and steady—wlthllght
sales of White Winter Extras at $6.0007.35; Bed Win
ter Extras, $S 6006.00; Spring Extras, at *5.1505.90-
and Winter Supers at slß7*. The demand was very
Therewssa better Inquiry for Wheat and prices
Improved 1c F bustel-wltb sales of 90,000 bushels, at
$10601.08* for No 1 Spring, and $10301.04* for No 3
Spring-the market closing steady at sl.C4* for No. 2
and sl.oß* 1 Spring.
There was but a limited inquiry for Cora, aad we
note a decline to prices of 1c F bnatael-wlth sales of
about 70,000 bnabiU, at 86088 c for No I,audßs*co3Sc
for No 2 In store-the market closing at BGoß6*c for
No 1 Corn In store.
Oats were in better request, both by speculators and
shipper#, and the market advanced fully 1c F bushel
—with sales of about 100,(00 bushels at 63065 c for No 1
and 62068* for No 3 In store-the market closing firm
at 6i*e for No 1 in store.
I*s e was qnltt and unchanged—light* transactions
being made at 95c for No 1 and 980 for No I in store.
The Barley market Is neglected and dull, and the
market rules quiet at $1.16 for No Sin store. 4
Higbwfeea were In good request and we note an
advance In prices of 1c V gallon—with sales at 58057 c
—the mark* t doting firm at the extreme figure.
The Provision market was firm but not very active.
There is a fair demand for Hess Pork at 115.75016-CO,
bat the offerings are light, aad we note sales of only
150 brls at the above range of prices. A lot of uobrls
M. O. Pork was sold at $llOO. Pickled Hams are still
In good request, and we note sales of 108 hrla at $16.00
and CO trea at Bc. Lsrdls active at lie for prime, wtta
sales of 1,350 tree at that figure. Yellow Grease was
sold at 9*c. Tallow Is m fair demand at lie Mr prime
city, and lo*c for country.
Freights are dull, w Ith light engagements at I2e for
coin to Coborg and lie for corn t? Ogdensburg.
The propeller lines offer lo take flour to Boston at
SUFO, anh to New York at $1.70.
In Beef Cattle the receipts to-dsy amount to about
I.SO heed, and the entered sales to 1,108 at prices
ranging frem -4.00. The hulk of sales has been
at (3 7908.33. For mealum and prime qualities the
market Is active and steady at former quotations. In
Eogsibe receipts lor the day amount lo about 17,0(0,
and tbo entered sales to at prices ranging from
$3500500. The return of warmer weather, together
with tbe.want of firmness apparent In the market
last evening, have tended to lessen the activity to-day,
and we notice a decline upon prime and medium
[email protected],andof 2C®Cocupon common quali
ties, . •
New York Weekly Cuttle Market.
Mokdat.Nov. 9 --Notwithstanding the impression
tbac irevauea curing the week along the lines of
transportation that tie supply ofb-ef ca'lle would he
stort to-day, we find nearly 4,300 head In tue sale pens,
very few or which are stale cattle, and consequently
the itate of the market Is not what drovers generally
anticipated. Eaily in the morning tee sales of flrst
data Bullocks were at slightly better rates than last
Monday, and a few of the brokers thought all grades
tola at oetierrates.bat that was not the general Im
pre&tlor.ana before nlghtlt was almost the unani
mous opulon that the market was not oa the whole
as good as a week ago. Our own opinion it
that it is full as good for flrst-cla»s Bullocks, which
sell at prices equivalent to X‘.'@loKc. and some extra
groc atl'cF B for the net weight of beef, seller
sinking offal, and probably quite as good for medium
grades at B®uKc V tt but not as goo-a for the tower
grades, at OKCtSc V ft. which the owners and brokers
ssy have sold hare er to-day than t- ey have In several
weeks There wonid have been a fair supply of first
class bollocks for dty batchers If non* hsabeenre-
Julreu tor the army; but os the agents, Messrs. Starr
: Used, took about 170 head, Ml-ctei from various
drover,of the very best, for shlpplig, It interfere!
with the prices of fint-clnss butchers, and will con
tinue to do so as losgaa the Sonth Atlantic army is
fartlsLed la the tame way it is now with the
best beef In market. The prospect of continued good
prices for tne same class of cattle, we tblok favorable
to the fte: era. We don't believe the price will be
less than 10c f ft this winter. Of !owgradesand.me
alum itiemarket is crowded. We expect the reports
for the week, made np to-morrow, will again
show over C.OOO head. True, a great many
of the numbtr are very light, as soxe whole
croves are reported to-day at on average of
only SK cwt .net, and many small lotsaro still lighter.
The market to-day may be r-ted talrly active at the
quotation, the weather being very favorable, and
nearly an the stock will be sol”, bnt at a decline from
asking prices in the morning equal to a large com
mission. Some of the brokers woo ate selling cattle
cn thetr own account, and profess to koo w what their
cattle welch and what they cost, are sure that the
price gradually declined after lu o'clock till dark.
*eknowthat some of the broken who knew that
fresh lota were expected t) to-morrow mate strong
efforts to sell out first day. and the natural conse
quence of such effort* Is a reduction of prices. The
weather Is cool and ory.
Tuesday, Not. 10 —Tne total number of cattle yard
ed this week la 4,471. ana of this number some 4,200
were to the yarns Monday forenoon, beside a rev
small lots of stale cattle, wtlcb. by.the-oy. aid no: sell
for enough to pay coat of keeping and shrinkage. Al
most the emiri number In tne j ares on Msnoay were
sold before dark. The market was brisk tn tbo morn
log, sue to was the weatner, but pretty dull for three
or lour boon to the middle of theoay, bnthesun
down buyers came forward eo strong that most o( the
drovers cleared their yards. They evidently feared
tte effect oi a fresh supply of three or four hundred
head to-day, and the most of them are satisfied with
a single experiment in holding over at this season of
the year on poor bay at tl 90 per cwt.
It is worthy of note that the number of scallawags Is
large this week. It Is o * tog to the high price of bay and
grain, and the desire ot owners of such stock to get
no of it at any price before snow, which the annos
pbtrethls morning indicates not tar off, as it la quite
cold, windy and cloudy. There arc not as many fresh
ratt ela this morning as were expected, but quite too
many for the demand, and prices are S3 00 to $5 00 a
beau less than at the opening, ana trade very dull.
The tendency of buyers Is more to the store and bar
than to the sale pens, and those who hare fresh lots,
or nmnantaof ororea from yesterday. are “down In
as the mouth'* as well asking prices. The close of the
market is certainly bard tor drovers, a* compared
with the opening, thonghall the stock will probably
he sold.
The Weather In Hnglaml~llow it Affects
Food Prospects.
The reports from Englanl op to October lOtbdo
not Indicate quite as favorable prospects as the
Minos of tfco poor la that country would desire.
Tte rotate rot is evidently destroying a eood deal of
food. The Mark Lane Express cays: “In Ireland,
potatoes are going baa In man) localities. By oar oj
tloiat*, however,"orof good am bad. retake It that
the country as a whole will be gainer la mine of
atom fi.OU’.COO. ct real*. cattle, green crops, and flax
included. It la well the account Ij on the rlgbt side:
bnttbu. with a population say of about six millions.
Is only 8s 4d each, or not quite two day's labor. Tans
much will sot therefore, he enough to stop farther
emigration: and wtttunt a continuance of doe sea*
eons, and tte adoption of superior»nabandry, lasting
prosperity is barely to be exbected.”
Of England In general. The Express stys; “The
weather caring tne past week has ceen variable,
though continuing warm bat there was enough sun*
ship? tq enable many UgbMand farmers to get on
huh sowing their wheat; and this, with represent
Umpemure, must soon be ap, vita every chance of
gttring strong before Christmas. Wo hear, however,
more unfavorable accounts of the keeping qualities
of the potatoes raised, tbe work having been hinder*
ed by wet; so that la this respect matters are not
proceeding so well as was expected. Intbesevera*
country markets verylittls or no change has occuri
red In tie value of wheat; and indeed with tne aver
ages now sank to 4ls V quarter, we do not expect
much anxiety to sell, as tne fading off in tbe London
market sufficiently Indicates ’*
Uncer the bead of Agricultural Prospects” the
Express rays: “Wo fear tne rain has be*n more than
the heavy soils reqmred: bat, with brisk drying
winOt>.-tb*se weald soon be In tine condition for tne
reception of tbe seed, and a good time may be expo*
rlenced for sowing, while the quality of that sown
will he as fin© as it prsslbly can be, giving a good
promise of a plant for another season.
Philadelphia Cattle Market—Nov, O.
Tbe offerings of beef cattle reached about 2,900
head, a Calling off of 400, compared with last week.
Tbe demano was brisk, and prices if anything rather
better, ranging from $7 to $lO for common to good
and extra quality. Tbe sales were cTefly at s£soq
9.50 tbe 100 Bs. tbe packers and the U. 6. Government
taklcg all tte good lots offered. Tbe following are the
particulars 01 the sales made public to-day at.tbe
Avenue Yard:
57 Pennsylvania, I. Abraham*, at„ $3 @ 9k
58 Maryland, E Scott, “ 7 ®9
*8 Chester county, 11. Kimhle 8 ©lO
SO “ A-Kennedy. 8 ® 9#
60 •* B. C. Baldwin 8 @9*
Chester co, and Westers, Jas. McFlUen.. Bk® 9k
U3 *• ** P.Hathaway... s @ 9k
in Chester county, P McFlUen Bk® 9k
49 M WnuMcCail @ sk
77Western,Mooney* Smith Bk® 9
121 Ullman * Bochmaa Bk®lo
61 •*' John Kirwln 8•« 9k
43 Pennsylvania, 11. Cnain Bk® 9
28 Chester county. R. Keolcy Bk<a gw
221 Ohio and Maryland, Fuller & Bros ® 9k
81 Chester county. Chandler &Co 7 aio
71 do S.Klrk. .„..Bk®9k
Ifs do E. McFlUen 1..8 « 9
lf« . do Martin*Shilner su® 9k
10 Ohio, Frank. 7 aio
120 do T. Mooney 7 a 8
40 do Christy*Bro 8 ®9tf
51 do L. Frank. 9 aio'
a do Drytoos 7J*a 9K
51 Cheater county, C Martlel 7 @ 9
161 Illinois, Rice & Smith s <aiOK
41 ‘Western, R. Main. 7J<® 8K
40 do O.fihelby. • S g>!o^
77 Chester county, Kimble A Cassady 8 a 9>s
Hogs were better, and some 3,200 sold, Including 2.2JJ
lead at GlasaVat from $5 50 to $3.00, a;d 020 at the Av
enue I aid at $7.(008.75 the ICO db not.
Cleveland Grain Market—Nov. 11,
Eecelved, 18, COO ba wheat. 650ba com. The receipts
of wheat were heavier than for any dayftramontn
past, and the samples offered at the Board showed a
great Improvement as to quality. The market, how
ever, was exceedingly dull and inactive,and there was
very little done, the millers buying lightly and insist
ing on a cecllne of 203 c. We heaia good samples red
offered at 8125 without a response. Corn sad oats are
b<ld very firmly with a tendency to farther advance.
Wheat—Dnllandjlnactlvo. Sales reported on ’Change
were only 1 car Ohio white on track at sl*ss aad 1 car
mixer white and amber at $l5O. Com—Qolet butbeld
flrmat 91c on track and 92c from store. No sa.es report
ed. The receipts by rail have becnveryllgatror sev
eral days. Oats-Inactive demand ana held flrmat
67068 c from store. Eye—Qnlet and nominally at
•115. Barley—ln fair demand for malting purposes
St* liOuls Cattle Market—Nov* 10*
Best Cattle—There are very- large arrivals of
common cattle. The scarcity ot feed In some parts of
thetonntry has compelled a great manyvery poor
- rattle to be driven to market Tee demand la bride.
Government contractors, packtrs. snippers and
catchers are all in tne market, we qootepoorto
good at Ik to 25fc, ana heavy shipping cattle at 30
S»cVm gross
Boos—Market buoyant, and prices ranging from
4Ml°sKc Eft net. The change In the weather baa
causes ajgcod Inquiry. Three of our packers have
commenced operations.
Toledo Grain Mnrkct M Nov. 11*
Eecelved,Bl£Ci bushels of wheat. Purchasers of
grain for through shipment have pretty much
withdrawn from the market, ana this has
been a very qnlet on the cock. The sm»U sale) of
wheaOnade were at a decline, and since the noon re
port from New York,u.e market is heavy with a
downward :eneency. Floor— flee, $3 0003 23} enper
flne $3.7504 25; extra, $4 7305 25; c cubic extra and
faDcy,ss<so7jDO. Buckwheat flour, $8 00 Ere flour,
155K Sales
U Creme at 87.25; 200 tr<s Weat-ro Charm at S7(O
Wheat i ales this forenoon; SSO bu amber (bagged) at
slAb; 2-CCO ba No 1 red at $123:2.000 ba No 2 red at
$1.23. Coro—Vale 2.OCT ba No I mixed at 89c. Barley
-spring, 8L20; winter 8125.
St. LonbMarketa>*NoT, 11.
Floor was stiff and Ineood demand for all grades.
Etocks are Ter} light Sides reported of €3l oris at
IS 25059010r choice superfine and low extra; $6.00
for single extra; and $7 89 V brl for doable extra.
Wheat was In small receipt and llrax at sll3 to $1,40
V bo for common mil to choice. Corn vat steady aid
flnn«ltbß9lesofl.€ootol.7ooaka at96o9Scsiba for
mix'd and white. Data were firmer, with tales ot
1,850 to 1,900 sk», part la store, at BT®aBHS? bo; Bar-
JeT/«nnch*oeed.wUh sales of fell at $L26t051.48
(orjf-ku lor coolce aprlajitfoiu
cull jth Pile* it 95c sbn eks returned,
c J.H £f, a / t, ,°£ no “I" of pork ant lard. Sales of
V?*en »i fl of clear sloes, packed at 6*016 sc
-^ crce3 canviesea hams, cUytmokeJ, aiw*c
Lumber Trade outlie Ottawa Rlvor.
[Corresponcence of the Montreal Gazette, otiara
la ®l>cr manufactured the preseat
lro^a?li te i?^M a . E1 y er >oa ,ta tributaries I* larger)
!oStos l i^Vr o VuS“it r = rCV ‘°' U, “ r T “'
v. r
W.n.EiUa.lo, ’
J K-Booill. {AiS-O
■* Bpuk'i wn,” « >• S-S2-2S
T- a ™ r IS™
|» O Sg
Hamilton Bros, at Hawkttbury Mali:’.*.*.:*. i|ooosJ
Informed oftho amount they have pr&uced. rerel
total i roduct of the OttawaValleyW nreiint
werevreriaiQed.lt would probably roach ijStfMnSfl
reel. Heart* al.theparUea menlmMnz tm4pSv: V
aliens lor theensulug year. their op«r-
Boston Flour market.
[From the Commercial Bulletin, 01b ]
The market here is witlu-ntmnchanimatjoo thouzn
st*aoy, and price* are nrmleal y unrhan°e i Ta«
cossumptlve demand la light, and sales are chtesv
coofiaeato the home iraef. inNew York. *0 Ave/
there Is tUlla briea speculative .Inquiry. aadoricM
lost now range some 23c biyher than in this markat
There are some orr ew for European slipment bo-h
trere and here, but wflh jacu Umltatloni a. tomea
that they casnot at nresent bo execute 1 ieß
Dealers even where are seittar tired of fcllowisr
Uie finer nations cl gold, acd the Hasw rn xaa: keuwf
beflcatng to be less affected bf th.a taflaeoc£ ana to
at«lo down under the natarw reaulation ofsoppir
asddMLatd. Thlfclatter ha* p*obahiy taSre to do
'"i 11 state of the market ujaa anything
elar. The latine*aol the season aad tardiness or
et ipta create an apprehtaaron that winter wM set to
wiiaveryUght stoeki upon the Atlantic ac»bo-rd
notwiUstandlPgihelargo supply acaamnla’ed lo the
toteilor Thu is ntdonbteary the ptlnciest
which keeps the carket up to Ha present otaida-d •
but ihcnldaay temporary dctraid lor export imtor
up to attract a large stock hither, It would mOJt
be followed by a col’apse. ' 1
The receipts for the ffrflt five days of fie week
amount to some 86,■COO brio; but these are mostly of the
shipping grades which are not Immeaiatelr wanted •
ano for wnlcb the market la oull. On tne other hand
choice trade brands of Western and Baltimore are
scarce and Id request, and for these we advance our
quotations t Western superfine at $6.13*36 S7U : com*
mon extra, 18,7507.00; medum. $7 o*o7 W; ana choice
Incloolngßl. Louisfevoriie hraoda, $75901100 Ex
tra Michigan U selling at $7.0003.00; choice do. $7 750
9 20; extra Ohio, $7.0007.50; choice do, $7 7507.23 Corn
Meal ia better, and prices have a-iya.-cea lo $5 12*0
525 F brl. Ityo Flour more active, at $3.0006 90 ror
common and extra grades.
Boston Wool Slarket.
[From the Commercial Bulletin,]
We note a more quiet market, the demand betoz
limned by tte very light supply of deal able woofe
both foreign ai d nomestlc. BQ>*n a aeflcl-ncy of
stock#, beta lo bands of dealers ana manufacturers at
this usually atuaoant season. Is a circumstance un
prtceoeited lo tae history of wcol operations, aod
laolcaies a complete revolution to the course of
The firmness on the part of holders continues very
marked, both u view of tqe small Btpplj Just tow
available, and the high rates ruling In the country •
ano tbt market is, if an>tUog, stronger teanatthe
cate of oar last r-port. Tala is eapeclallytho case for
all fine fleeces bought up since the late rise set In, and
these arc now m.st wanted for the manufacture of
light, fine labrlcsadapted to the spring trade. Grow
ers throughout t • e West have bean holding their best
clips to reserve, and now part with toem reluctantly
at extreme figures. In Ohio and Pennsylvania 80e
has been refused In some cases for choice lots, aad
dealers here, vboareso fortuiote as to havet'.em.
are boldlrg back oISSc. ’
The transactions In domestic for the week foot up
not over 710,000 ns, at If c former range of 75095 c for
fleece, roc 75093 c ft r polled, the latter rate for Bil
lings’ extra Included In tbe sales of fleere are a lot
of coarse Wisconsin at 75c of good Vermont at
77* c, several of New York State at 75073 c, 100.000 Bs
c o at 79c. 1C,0( OBscoatSOc-a marked 1 m pro vemc at.
aro lots of cnolce Michigan, OMo and Pennsvlvania
atßOoßsc. In Cooaoa.smes at7Do7sc. tbe latf-rrate
for a lot of choice delaine, ano S( Joo Bs combing, at
7Cc, ahlchlsonacvacco In CaUfcrtln, sales luo/io
Bs, at 2FOSCr, as to quality. In foreign, sales of £OO
bales, all descriptions, Incfudl&g 190 bales Car>e at -100
45c, ane 76 co Mestlza at 3‘*c, now held at 38010 c for
choice Buenos Ayres Merino.
Pittsburgh Petroleum Olarket--Nov. 0*
There was considerable inquiry for crude to-,lav and
about all that offered was sold at Saturday’s rates In
clnolng 125 btls in bulk at 15c, and 434brlsat20>fc
packages Inclnaed. These may be regarded as the rul
ing figures, alibouth tome cealera are holding off In
anutipatlcnofan improvement.
Refined Las been ratter quiet to-day, and the differ
ence between the views of buyers and tellers still con
tinues. The former offer 85c for beaded, while the
latter demand from 40 to-lie, and with this difference
transactions are out of the question. We heard of a
sale at 83c, though we cannot vouch for Its correct
ness There were some few small sales at free at 30c.
and this seems to be the prevailing figure.
New York Sugar Market—Nov, 10.
There.wks ccntlder&ble excitement In the sdgar
market. Fair renting was firm at 1214 c, and much of
the stock withdrawn lor a further advance. Sales 4CO
hhps, including a cargo of common Oomeraraat wife,
and tomewbiteNewOrleabsatlSkc. Refined firm
at 17c for stasesrd crushed.
Philadelphia Provision Market—Nov. 10.
The Provision market Is firm, \ffch further sales of
(alt Shoulder at 6>j®iSfc. and Lard atii>[email protected]£c V a.
Thtusday Evzjroro. Kov. 12,13C3.
BEEF CATTLE—The receipts at the various yards
during the day amount to about L3SO bead, aud the
entered sales to about 1,193 at prices ranging from
$2 2f®4 00. There Is considerably less excitement In
the market than usual, and quotations appear tolera
bly firm at the Vates which have prevailed for some
days past. There la a larger proportion of stock sold
to packers, among whom tha demand Is exclusively
for medium to prune grades. Two small lots of extra
grades have been purchased by Hancock, one oflO
Illinois steers, at Sherman's Yards, averaging 1,237, at
$4.00, sndanother lot of 14. a*. Cottage Grove Yards,
Be, at the same price. The bulk of the
sales bas. however, been from $2 73(3325. The market
has been firm at yesterday's quotations.
omu sanzs to-dat.
White sold Oreenbaum CO. ar. 1,225 as. at
Pierce sold Tloxlla 49, ar 1,323 as, at & 85
KtrjraJonea sold uymaa * itobel 17, ar 1,035 as
i Beaumont sold H. Uymaa 60, ar. 1,077 as, at
YingllQ sou Eepner 39, sr. 1052 as, at S3 CO
Acams sold Fawsett IS, av. 1,153 as, at *325. and 13.
av.i.aca§,atf3 50 ’ *
Rockwell* sola liable A Hyman 53,av. IJW as, at
Morris ft Co. sold Hancock S3, av. 1.010 fts. at 53.23
Merrick sola Hashes 13, fts, at S3 20
Craft & Co cola Hancock 18, av. 1,237 fts. at 8100
CraftsoldGea<'e9n.av.M7Bft9.atS3 73. * *
Pi lips sold A. E. H ent A Co. 110. av. 983 fts, at 53J25.
Zleassoa sold Morris A Co. 16, av. 837 fts, at Si 00
Bennett sold Hancock is. av 1,393 fts, at St 00.
Miers sola White 11, ay, i.2n fts, at *3.23, and 13. ay.
913 fts, at |2 SO. •
Patterson sold White 15, av. 1.003 fts, at *2^ls.
HOGS—The reedpts at tto various yards during the
day amount to about 17,C00 h-gj, and the entered sales
to 11,200, at prices ranging from *35035 00, not Includ
ing a few lots of light stock bogs which have cold
from *2 [email protected] CO. The feeling of distrust to which we
alluded, as exhtingta the market last evening, has
been growing ever since, stimulated no doubt by the
lovely and warm weather which has again visited ns.
It seems a pity that the hog trade ean only really flour
ish amid frosts and ice, but so It Is, and from the ah
iecce of these necessary adjuncts to-day, together
with the advanced rates which have obtained during
the week, the market has been leas active, and prices
lees firm, with a decline upon medium to prime quail
tfes,ol [email protected],[email protected] A
few very prime lots were purchased by Hancock at
Sherman’s yards, for particulars of which see sale list
appended: also, by Adams of the Fort Wayne yards.
Thom & Cobonght at the Fort WayneYards. ill av
256 Bs, nr $| SO; Mav, 273 B», at *4.90:53 av. 263. at
W. 60 :49 av. 2d ai.at 84.40.t M av. SS7,*t ti «-'uo
»J. KS, «1 *• 3 ?). 56 210 ' a * 84 25, Holmes lioiisht
5 1 av. 2C3,atsliO. Graves ACo bought in av.*lo at
U.GO; mav. 23,% at |»SO. HunUey bought 113 av.
aaW, at fI«3IK,
Kent ACo. bought at the Forst Wayte Yards C 6 av
l%t *3 20; 1.C16 on p. t: 50 av. 214 at $1,53: 7J av. 213
ats4.So Cl av. 224 at 84.50 ; 31 av. 939 at Bl!sj".aM at
Cottage Grove Yards U8 av. ISO at $4 00; 63 av. 180 as
$4.13; SO av 193 at 83.73. Thoma bought ill av. 2t3ak
li.M;» a?.” n« ?1 "5 157 7 ; 93av. SvS at
av. 257 at $155; 103 av 261
at $4 80; Ml BV.lhOat $165:50 av 217 at SIT3-253av
241 at M 45; 133av. 254 at 8113; Hav. 23? at 84
A Co. solo at the Spntfcern Yards to Favorite A Sen
53av 257at$1ISjtoG rdter A Co.M av.2o3atsl2o
Mcklesbongbt4Soat.2C3ats4 S3. Bowers ACo iso
av. 263 st $4 73. Shaw 133 av. 213 at $4 75, Freeman
131 av. SSI nt $4 67>£. ’
(Urdter A Co, bought at the Southern Yards. 54 av.
291, at s4.£o. Nash 120 av. 211. at $125. Favorite A
50D,250 BT. 205, at $4.25. Gutoler. 176 av 197. at $125.
M>rcor»D,s3ay.S?6,at $5.05. Bridge, £SB av.281, at
Cordon bought at Fort Wayne Yar's 224. an. 259 at
$160; Flanigan 69, av. 146 at $350; Wo Taylor 233.
av. 225 at $4 43; Boeuthaler 47, extra Illinois, av. soi
at $510; Sanborn A Slngerjlft}, av. 213 at ft.4o; Heel
Pulcifer A Co. Sherman's Yards 23 av.
21S at S4AO; 44, av. Bi9 at £4 25; 43, av. 21S at $130: 63.
av.210 at $4.50• 99,av.216 atsl.Bo; 163.av.22l at|L4-1
U5. av. 2Co at $4 95; Milward A Co. bought 314, ay. 233
at $4.50.
„ Hancock bougbtat Sherman's Yards, 111 av 217 at
$4 20; IS6 av 253, at $5 00; 840 av SJi. at* $5.00 • 315 av
22t at « 35; SCO av 223, at $l 5O. Toboye ACo bought
109 av 244, at $4 50; 80 &V 290, at $4.90: 46 av 260. at
$4.9°. M. Tabor bought at Snerman’s Yards, 02 av 233.
at *4.25; fID av 230 at ?4.C0; 165 av 230, at $1.30; GO av 203.
$4.12*; 67 ay 909, at $1 50: 320 av 228 at SM3; 820 av223.
at $4 151132 av 21S at $4 35; 105 av 23 %at $4 50; 155 av
225 at $4 JO* 194 av 283, at $4 40; 128 av i9S, at $1.10; 110
av 227 at SiSO.
Mercer bought at Cottaae Grove Tarts. 82 av 341. at
14.50; SC av 231, at |4.so. Hancock bought 43 av 239 at
(4 40. Maple as Co. bought 43 av 230, at $3.00; 43 *ov
473, at $ l.Sv.
Tucesdat Evejiso, Nov. 12 1563.
PKEIGHTS—DuII. The engagements were as
follows :~To OoDKst*ncnanttanflard vessel, with
corn,at lie. To Concno-ecbr. Airlca, with corn, a;
To New York-I,OCO brls floor at $1.70, ran irom
, Fl-OUR—Receive*, 4.561 brls s shipped, 553 brls.
Maries quiet. Sales were White Wmrzß Ex
tea e—loo brls *" Star of the West” at $7 83: too brls
•• Robinson* Co” at f6 83; SCO brls White 'fvimer at
SB.OO. Bed W’ctter Eitha-100 brls “ Exchange” at
1800; IDO brls Good Extra at $4 00: 103 brls falrdoat
85 so. Spucre Extra—loobm choice sprint: extraat
85 90: IWbrU “Como MUla” at |o 50 •
extra at $5 S3: S' 0 brls medium extra at $3 13 • I'jS
brls ** Rockton” at SIKK- TVinteb Superfine-100
brls at $4 37k.
BRAN-21 tons Bran In bulk at $16.50 on track.
WHEAT-Received, 32,585 be; shipped, 40,500 bn
Market more active and abont 1c f bushel
Sales Spring Wheat in Store -2,500 bu No 1
Spring at *1.06; 2,000 bu do at SI C6K; ld)00 bn do at
$1.07^2,100bn Coat $1.07*; 13,000 bu do at $108?
5,0 obndo at $1.08*; 6.1X0 bn co at sloß* • 3,0110 bd
No 2 Spring at SI.C 3 ; 8,000 bn do at SLCt>H;IOjXM bn
do at sl.csk; 16,000 bn do at $1.04; 7sobudoat
! 3 ’” J i:elected «
By sampleloo bu Amber lowa In baas at sllO on
track: 40u bn Minnesota Club at $lO9 .
CORN—Received, J5,79i bn ; shipped, 49.200 bu
Market abont 1c bushel lower. Sales to-day. -is oo)
bu No 1 Corn and 12.000 bn no—all at SB*c fob*
7.sCobn doatSC*r; 8.000 bu do at 88c* SCO bn No 2
Com In store at bfic: 23,000 bn do at 85* c.
OATS—Received, 47,220 bn: shipped, 730 bn. Mar
ket more active and advanced lc P bushel Sales*—
5,C00 bu No 1 Oats In store at G3c; s,o'Obn do at 61c*
rr.OOObndoat 61Jfc; 45.0C0bu dOai6l*c • 15.0C0 bu do
otGl&c: 6,(00 bu oo atCsc; COO bu No 2 Oa*» In store
•at 62c: i,2to bn do at 63* c: 5,500 bn do at 63c; ?.I)W bn
do at6S*c.
By Sample:-6,000 bu No 1 Inburlapaat 74c deliver
ed—sacks Incinaed,
RYE-Kecelved, 566 bn. Market quiet. Sales
8,500 ba No ißyein store at 95c; 400 bn No * Eye'in
btore at 9Sc. J
BAKIiET- Received, bn. Market dalL
SalesTOO ba No 2 Barley In store at 8116
WjiSfex 2ls ,!! o * 9 .* o ?* »* •L 2 *: TOO bit at sus.
ALCOllOli—Nominal at 81140U6 V gallon.
Demand light. *
, EllTTlJl—Market very Qnlet, with a fair Inqulir
for choice, bnt little or cone for common grades We
ouote: *
Prime dairy In crocks andtubs. • . 24025 c
Prime slipping, in firkins '.’..*21022 1
Fair to good do 20021 c
Common do 16018 c
bags prime Mixed at $2.40; is bags at
BROOM CORN—Market quiet and nominal at
slsc ©Swi.Oi 1 ton.
COOPERAGE—4BS Pork Barrels at $l6O deliver
ed ; 125 l.ard Tierces at SIB7K celtveredT
I‘HEESE—Market moderately active and firm.
We quote; . *
Hambuie *. iiuatt
Dllnolaimd Wisconsin. 9 ais
COFFEE—Demina active. Stocks of choice and
pnme mo are scarce, here, and cootlderableolttlealtr
laioondtomioroera i'rfceaflrm. We quote- J
java. in ai< a
Bio, conusoa to COr , «
Bio, food to pilme S3«asi c
... ... [email protected] o
tolerably I ttrm at
Ef»Gß—Market Retire &ad freak Cess ue firm at
20C.V008 _
FlSH—Whit* Fish In good demand and firm at
15.UK&5 55 Tkoitt—Market rather easy, receipts
very limited, mioxxbbi, are In good demand and
firm at last Quotations. Qon-Ftss—Market rery ac
lire ud receipts still limited and below the demand.
Hskbliu are ra better sapply aaa cool demand. We
Mol WUteflA.balf bill _^^.naJH*s-37S
Ko2 ** M *37^0513«
MolTrovt ** IB
KoSTrovt * ........ CBM®US
No. 1 Kactoel nwr.?»balfbrl*..9.B9 tsTe.Si
NO. I do Old. do 0 M 617.5:
So. 2 do Vhfbrl 850 fctT.ttl
Mackerel, Id's -,,.,250 cs3 5»
„ “ ramfly i 75 «2 0a
Cotfflsli.Ccormßant,o»lw»a - 7*5 «tso
CoSfUb.Graua do do 6*5 w7*>
Mo. 1 Orlodfierrlca 8»b0a.....M u 65
Scaled ** 70 Ci T5
rivaled Herrlncs. now *., roj a 3 00
. FItUITH-Gtsax AprLxe—Market rattier active
boq lirm at present quotations. Grafss are In Ha
lt celnan,, • recel; U moderate. Craxckruss—
Market ana firm. LzjioKS-Martot dall aaa lacu?e
QciNCES-Are In, short snpaly and Rood demand,
paces rule Tery ilrm.. Cawrwurs— Keceipts Umltea
and In acme demand 5 prices Terr Arm. we quota •
Breen Appieejn 0n,......,., - ■** *•*--
,*oea Apples «■ _ _
Grape*. Date He... S « 9
Grapes, Catawba U « 12
Grnpei. commmon, V ft...., 5 Ca ' 7
CranbeiTle-.iJbrl... 10.00 u U.OC
Lemons. ♦ box .......... 10j» a UOO
QnlDces. per barrel aoo a *.eo
C-wnot*. »bn ... SOJ a WH)
IHck py Nuts, V bn 2.00 a
Dbixi> Appijcs- Receipts contmae very triflioc sal
Quite unequal to tbe annaacL On Obi > and Uicblzan
wenoteananvanceof He, and New York KcT* a.
Kaisiks In good remand and modtrate supply. Cur
rants—Tbe receipts are Improving and we note a
.better demand. liuckbcrrlef, Raspberries and Cher*
rter are scarce and very arm. We quote *
Prime H. l.DnedAppte* vv* 3*f
Ohio and leicbiganlmsd. 7ua 73?
Uapated Peaches. .. M a iaj<
Pum do u a 1* *
BUslnt-Layer* V box .. 4j37H«5c0
«o t Jo «o i*rw) 5.00 ass
Carraats, Vis old. 17 a is
co do new. 13 a 19
Almoide.V a»oit • js « M
do do hard... 17 a *>o
Drtec Raspberries 23 a S3
do Blackberries..., 2t a 22“
oo Cherries s a 23
GREASE-Sales to-eny. C,ooe S3 Yellow In new
ps< bases at BMc V ttl; 40 tree prime Yellow at 912 c.
HlDtS—Martet atlllj Inactive. Owing to tbo
gre&t scarcity of bark tanners are generally oat of
tbe market Prices easr at previous quotations. We
Green Country
Green Salted .....10 a -
Green Fart Cored. I g9H
Dry Salted- 15 915 X
DryFltm ,13 aiHW
DREt*s»D QoGß—Uecelred, 10. Market active
ano nrm. Sale* to-nav were as follows •
6C Hogs averaging 130 as at ;...$5.5a
50 *• *• 200 553
13 ** *• SO •• 550
10 *• atiunder sao •• s'no
13 •• averaging2oo •• 5.0 i)
ItO ••at $5 00 and S3 CO dividing on 2(0 as.
IIIGH WlNES—Received, 113 oris Market ad*
vanned ic V gallon, gales to-day —3J btls at 56c: 350
brls at 57c.
HoP«-4 bales New York HopsatSQc.
LEATHER—Market tolerably active, and la fair
supply. On sole leather there is hardly so much firm
ness. We quote:
Barnes, 9 tt... W&iic > bianghier’a 801e....35'%36c
Line, “ ... 42®-Uc Buenos Ayres SS^Sls
Kip. ** ... i7s®9oc I Orinoco. OW 3)@33c
Calf, u ...$100(31.13 Orinoco. MW. [email protected]
Upper, 9 foot .. 24«23c, Orinoco good dam-
CoUar, ** ... 30322c 1 aged JT3300
narnesß,»ft..., 43045 c Slaughter's Soli. 43013
Kip, meulam...fl,oou*l.ls FrencQKip 1.10
Kip, heavy. [email protected] BeeiCaU,T7ftß.. 2PO ...
Call, No 1„ $1400... ** 83ft»,. 190« ...
Cali,seconds..,. I.KOI 25 Lamolne.Vnoz.66 00031 uo
Upper. ♦ f00t... 25037 c Kuasett Linings.7.OCol3OJ
Bassett Srlale, V Plat: Linings.... 7.00043 00
sice 55.0006.C0 Roans 12 00015 M
JLlifllß BR— Market inactive and receipts very
limited* Bale to-day aargo schr Mount Vernon, f»om
Otaaiilver, rafted, at Si3.GO. The following are too
closing quotations:
Ldmukb- First Clear, V LUO ft $39 00010 00
Second Clear, “ ©00038(0
Thlrc Clear, M . 27 00030 00
Stock Boards 21000
Box or Select Boards. 32 000*4 CO
Cemnon Boards, dry. 17,00 a, .
Common Boards, green 16.1001530
Ball Boarrs It.fta
Flitt Clear Flooring, rough © 000....
Second Clear Flooiu-g, r00gh.... S3 000
Common Flooring, rough 27 000
StoU'C Clear, orcseed SC.OOO ....
Second Clear 13 8C0..,,,
Second Common 1700 a ....
Long Joists. 23(002500
Sl>oved Shingles A V 51 4500
Shared Shingles, No 1 4 250
Cecar Shingles 4250
Saaea Shingles,A 4GOO
Sawed Shin.lea, N01....,,,, 4 250 .
Lath, 1,000 pea 4500.
Potts, 1,000 10 C 0015.00
Pickets ; 15.00®
XAVAIi STORES—Market moderately active
ana firm. We quote:
Tar gi2 0.015.00 1 Manilla Hope. 4E019
P.1Ch..,.*, 10.00020301 Htrnp. 020
Hosln. 28c v ft. .Lathy araNo.l... &15H
Turpentine.... 3,7504 00 1 •* *• a... 014k
Onkmn 645 *7.00 I Varllna .23035
ONIOJiS-Recelpts limited and good qatuues
scarce. With an active cetnnad. prices rule Qxm with
an upward tenoescy.
Sales to-dat, 800 Mtsbela at $1.75 delivered.
OILS-Stocks&reheaTyanotbemarketdtzU. Cae
box Oils at ectAl and lower. We quote;
Cartjouun best White «o®62c
Cirbon OH, yellow. Tt ,„ t ,. m „ mm , t „„ 53055 c
Haw Ll&ieed 011,,,„,,,,.,.~^._,.„,, t ...51.5501.40
Belied-LnseedOil L 4001.15
Olive On, talk 2J8502J0
Wtaieou. W R— 11, i.-isaijifl
Bank OIL 1.1501 aa
Lard OH. Summer, • S5& 90
Lard DU, Winter. 900100
Machine OU. 35© UM
dnerm Oil .......,-t ajo
Mecca oil 400,50
I’KOVlrtioNS—Market firm. Sales to-day were:
-JK twlsnew i Uy-packed Mess Pork at |lG.‘O; KWbrld
do at $.5.75; 100 brls Plcklea Hams at sl6 00 :50 tres
doatSc; 110 brls old U. O. Pork at $14.00 ; l,£so tn»
»rime steam Leif Lara at He; 23 trea steam Lorn at
POTATOES—Market tolerably active and la good
BopLij. prices are lets arm. We quote;
Neahancocks? be,
Peacnß.oira. ••
Cc mot's. “ 45050 c
B«e«(Potatoes ... s!sc®i.Js
POULTRY—Receipts rather large, aoa In goad
demaoo. Price* toleratilj.Ujm. We quote:
Live Chldew, V to*. .....$*.23 01*5
Dtessee, V aoz 2(0 @3 25
LlveTorkajs, 9B o.o7Jsao.tß
llressod, V 8.. , 00.09
lacks.veer. 3.00 @123
Get* e, each 50000 c
SALEKATCS-Moderete dtmaad, and prices
Arm. We quote:
li&sbm'ißcn. 5V39 c
•• P0re...... .BKOSHC
DeLand’t QiemJcaL,,,,.
** Healthy. ~9><eaßMc
SAIjT-Uojtsanclsdall and beayy.bat wltnoat
any chance id quotations. Foeuojt Is quiet wtm
steady. We quote:
“ Saginaw Pine 2.70J....
* * Coarse 2.73<a...
“ Ground Solar 2.75<a....
“ Dairy, with racks,... 4.75 a ...
** Dairy, wlthont , ~ ~,, 3.606*....
?onsios-s. A. s» same orsio a*......... iina-j 21
Turk’s Island,* sack of iw a 5.... i.eoai.6s
Cadiz.* bn „ 55®a)
Trep&nnl. *bu auco
Sales to-day :—1,200 ba Fine at *2.70 del on cars: 40
bg* Liverpool Dairy Sate at f3lo * gaaks 4XOO ba
Turk’s Island Salt la balk at 70c * 70 as
6*EED»—TiiiOTiiT—Market doll and s®loc lower.
Sales:—to rgs good at 52.20; 100 bga prime at S2J3.
FXax-17 b&s prime at $3 40; 40 bga at £2 20.
Si*lCEa—Demand more acUrc and market very
firm, weqncte:
Pepper V ft.
Kataeeg 1.00 @llO
C10ve*...... 53 <335 •
SUGARS—Market very active and Ann. Stocks
arc still very low, and bolaers are car# less to sell at
present rates. So ebance has taken place since pre
vious quotations, bnt pncea have a strong txpward
tmdency. We quote:
New Orleans lagans
Cnba 02*811*
PortolbCO.... 13X014*
A. A Portland 12x01s
s. Y.Beflned, powdered and cnmlated... I7*®nx
Sxtra B - „,......17^191:^
Chicago A 06«®wx
u *rd teofiency. we quote:
CThleagoanttf Home , T ~ 63©70
Chicago GoMea. 1 T.. ,1 T „,, 77®T9
ChICSZp Amber— ..J, 85®37
N. ?. Strap! ....... 60id3S
9oWen Syrup Ttv^Ts
t0rphnm..,,,,,, , t L ,, r1 - _ SCO6Q
00.refined IrT TTrr ., r ..,^,, T ,,, 1T ,,,,,, flftfrTn
Sfew Orleana 53©Q
Chicago Union Eeflnery Sugar House, brls ID®
•* ** •*••** kegs 7«@
****** Amber, brie B*®
“ ** “ ** kegs ....91® *
TAIiLOW--Martet more active and prices Ann*
er. We note an advance on Prime Country of kc.
Wo quote:
Cltj Packers. @
City Bncchers [email protected]
Country lo>«aiojs
Sales to-day j—SCO brls Country at 10Kc: 50 brls
Prime City at lie. .*
TEAS-Demaud active and market firm wltb an
upward tendency. We quote:
Yoons Hyson, common to very
Gunpowder*. i.ioai.7o
Oolongs. «... booias
Japan 1.03&1.30
TOBACCO—Marbet more active. Prices role very
firm at previous quotations. We quote:
Standard Ss,loundX
** Ss ana fancy
Inferior and outside brands .........
Cut in Air request. We quote:
Stems U9 @l3 e | Gold Leaf. 80c
MUssourl. 14 ®i4Kc I Sunny Side „.,.,T3c
0.. [email protected] ctC. Harris joe
<>£;• MMtoJg c Sponge Cake *1.20
000....A SO @23 c| Cnarleys choice 70c
City Packer* „ n
City Butcher*. ifluaiov
Country. ... io @lO x
WOOli—Eecclpts still light, and market conse
quently restricted. There ban active demaaa and
prices role firm. We quote;
ilne fleece.
Medium Ce /
• , ~.CT«ftK7w
Tub Washed 66^Wc
Factory Tub Washed. 70572 C
WOOD—Market active acd firm. We quote
by the cargo—Beech $5.3: Maple $6503700;
Hickory S6 CftaT.OO.DeHvered—Beech. 57.0QQ7.50: Ma
ple. 18.50: Hickory. SO.OOQ9JQ.
Cincinnati Market*
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Cixcixsati Nov. 12,1563.
WmsKT—Themarkat to steady. &al>sof7oo orxsat
fifQBOKc. the latter rate Tor wagon.
Pbovtbioss— The receipts of bogs are still light and
holdeieasfced extrema rates, and ref sed o tell loti
averaging 200 pounds and upward, unless they got
50. and we understood that eema sileio<23o
pouto averages were made at tbe latter rate, but no
sales were made public. Tbe receipts were 5,005 head.
The mildness of the weather bad some Infinenceon
tbe feelings cf packers. General and uniform firm
new Is silil the leading feature of the provision mar
ket, but no advance has been established,. Mbs 1 Pork
could have been bought st $13.C0. $15.00 and sl7 OQfor
tbe tbiee grades. Lard was saleable a;iic.andilot3c
toreldandgew. Batter Is held at i(c higher. Green
meats cold at s®6Yc, and for shoulders, sides
and base. Sales were 6.C00 pieces green meats as oar
quotations; 2CO tics prime old city lard, and OOOtrcs
country do at lie, and 110 do new at ll>fc: 1 SiO atd»
bacon shoulders at sKSsXc—theUtter tbe prevaTisg
rate; ICO brli old Mesa Pork sold a; $13.75.
New York Markets—Nov. 12,
Cottos— Markefhcavy and 102 c lower, at [email protected]
Xormldd lug upland. , . _ „
Flock— lne market for common and medium
cratfea about 5c better.wlta Cilr business doing ctlelly
for the local trade, at $■2007.30 for common to good
shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio—market clos
ing qolet. with scarcely so much firmness.
Whisxt—Firmer at 63064 c. , ....
Oiuxrc.—'Wheat [email protected] better, with moderatlve de
mon, chiefly speculative, at 81.8301,8. for Chicago
apilDcS7for Mtlwanxeo club; $370139f0r
amber Milwaukee i *141(31.50 for winter red western:
Si 51(3153 for amber Michigan C-'ru 1c higher, and
& moderate demand, at $lO7 for shipping mixed wes
tern im store; $lO3 ailoat, oats a shade tinner, and
moderate butlncta doing, at [email protected] for western.
Wool—QuLt-and firm.
riTBOLBCH- Market shade tinner, with rather more
doing; crude,2Sc; refined,laboad,4i®l2c; refined,
fj PHOvisiosa-rork opened quiet and closed more
active and firmer; sl6 37KGC16&H for old mess; $17.75
028 On for new co-closing at the latter for prime;
3i1.75512.C0 for new prime; 8U.50017.00 for new prime
mesa; new mesa for January and February. sls 12>i.
Beef firm; prime mess beef quiet and without materi
al change. Dressed hoes a shade firmer at 7kc for
city. Lard very firm at fl J*oll?Xc—for January, i2Mc>
Baltimore Market—Nov. 13.
Floue— Active. Sales Ohio superior at 86.50; extra
al GE.\rv—White wheat steady; red dun at $1.5131.63
Cora Ann. Old yellow sold atst 0501 W.
WmsxT-Qalet. Ohio sold at tiQKc.
Philadelphia Market—Nov* 12*
Floue— Firm and holders demand an advance.
Grain—Wheal acUve and advanced lc; wcOtc S2O
2.01, red SIA6OL6O. Corn firm and aavanccd 2c.
uats—Soles at c2«B3c.
fOBI OP 0839A69.
MtßlVKD......November 13.
Prop. Kenosha, Bcwfit. Goderich, sundries.
Scbx Challenge, Held. Wooolaua tom lumber.
Bchr liotkegon* Warren, Brown s Fler.Sj cds wood.
Prop Merchant, Brigss, Buffalo, 2,012 hrU beef. 1,528
PropNllefHußt. Buffalo, 1,425 brls beef, 2,881 brie
Barkl)Stibe,CoUer,Bairalo v 2UTSba oats.
Bait Major Anacreon, In graham, Buffalo, 33,768 bn
Bcfcr Baltic, Baker. Buffalo. 15.700 bo wheat.
gci.r Eroea, VanalUtloe, OEdeMbarab, 14,3(0 baeoro.
Scbr King SUten. Moore, Ogdeoaoargti, 18£00 ba
VbCSt. ,
Fchr Ban mlt, Gilson, o*ve*p,l3J3ba'wn«at .
6chr Gertlt Smith, ba*J»t
Bcbr Major Anceno»,Clei«d,CollUisWOOd, db
feawii Pamm Demit*
[Special Dispatch to Chicago Tribune ]
Drrsorr, Nor. 13,130.
Ur.—Prop Chicago; achooaen Nov London aai
K mb»n.
Down.—Propeller* Plymouth, Galena ani Brai
Slarloe Disanterg.
[From the Detroit Free Press, Itth.]
•f CUOONXB Ashokb.—The schooner C. Y. Richmond,
with a canto of torn from Chicago to Buffalo. went
ashore on Friday sight at Point au Poles, not ur dls
untfrota the wreck of the bars B. s. shenpari. Toe
tag Dispatch has teen chartered to go to her relief,
toot her oepartare for the scene of the disaster, (tom
Walden, on Sunday nJ<ht She took with her the see*
e&ary epparatns with which to c*i her atloat, and,
should the weatherconltnue favorable, wlilaouDtlai*
succeed in the nnaertataag.
DisanrsD—The schooner J. F. Tracy, bound tor
Sastaaw.whlle off Point an Barques, on Sa’nriay, was
Etrnch by a heavy squall which earned away her fore*
mast head and malctopmsst. sue returned to this
port for repairs arriving here Sunday afternoon.
Aauon».~Tbc Canadian sloop Mesengcr,, we learn.
Isasnpteat Bar Point. Lake Erie, wlih-acaivo of
wicar. bte Is bound for this port having ta«na oa
Ler cargo at oa tbelakeabore. As'Ltance
haabeen sent to»cr, and she will probabl* ee got off
without serious damage. '
T‘T» Bins Shbppasd —The berk Shopper J. eehoro
at Point anPelee, after ha vine wit ha tool tno severity
of the calc for the ra«t two weed. Is aowbermala'
to go to pieces. Her port quarter has-broken awaf
ana other pan* of her hull are presenting evidence
that in a few nays not much will be lets ot her.
Got Aotocnd.—The propeller Pittsburgh bound
op. got aground near the ni ralter Channel, dsnoay
night. ana was yesterday lighted off by the steamer
If OR SALE.-A Sta.iGELry En
*• Rjr eat a Ter.cow up and In good running or
?.*£• WIU bs s Id ou»ap. Address Post Otflaa dor
1-.CB or call atSC&Lake street, ctlcsgo. uoi3-p63d-l;
I7OR SALE—A firut class and
JL very lacxafwe besinea#. Hut be sold, as the
ewctrtsatOKoßm. m«> ti.sco. »0.79 t^arsom
satev RcomHo. 2. op stiarea., n oi 1.7 “
SALE—A Hoisb, Horn es
X and Kinross Wason. laqniie at the Stsbiocf
E H.BOSINOTOH 82SUtessrsat. noiQpQMw
FOR SALE—Or exchasga Lr
City Property. a Ssboescr of 213 tona mamro
meet, ForsarUeolara call on J.0.HYUA9.160 Santa
Water aaeet. Ctuesgo. cc 9 najtista war
U’OR SALE—A Eina Cairia"©
X Fcne-ioondftcf.TeaaJ gr&ilo. sidsulUble for
a ctrrlsgf, expreta or family borsa. <;a« ba teen at
tie stables of B. c. ALLEN & SOS. Coa:t Place. o>
tween Lasalle and Walla atreeta. ncl2-p7?i3{
FOR SALE—Th>ea Blocks on the
X comer cf Two fth and Baa be a streets for aa*e at
SI6.CCOI/ taisawitMaaieweaya.
fur an Icxettment or aabaiTlMon. Apply to a. j.
AVJ BELL, Beal Estate Broker. 80. 7 Metropolitan
Block. . . 8012»p77j-3i
SALE A go«.d Cam ago
JL Go w. Barteir aid TopSoncf Tbebacgyla
neailitew. Laviac been roaotir iworooatha. fos
fcsl«.»tabkt;mln. Cenbe leoh, at Bol=atoa’» stable.
so state meet. boh p6VMi
FOII SALE—We have for sale
a »alwt»nnsl.7 improve? property on a leadia*
that la and-r rtn-.icrthie* years at 15 per csatl
intßemriitnttt, AUo two centra'.!* locateoeiotca
for tSSOOo.tnat viilpay 12 percent, oa taecoat. ur
A7nhS& THojans,comer Dearborn and uvtuon
ttretta. n012*p750 St
I)' O K SAL E—.Mill Machinery,
A Boiler Engine. three ran ot tcosee. together with
au the nzta*ea complete lor a Cntelaes flooring azUL
Toberexco'vedafterUeiS'b or December r.ext. in
q^eclD*, c * SZ2A&BS. by Lake ytreet MUgel
oci4 0171 im
Cf O R SAL £—Those tpltndid
A Doable Engine* Dom the lac WalterMcQaeei.
an Id compile order. WCI be sold cheap it applied
ut toou. her paitlcnlara and tenru epp'y to J.C.
160 gemh Hater >licet Chicago IBlncia.
SALE—KtBkkBMs. Two
- First Clus Eejliercea or ILctlma rrenue.
Three rim Cites betidescea oa Wabash arenne. Tvo
Pimclwsßesldonceson the ifcrta Sica. Oca Fin;
Cltsa Eeaidence cn Curtis. between Madlxoa ant.
'R tiluiUa ttreefe. Iwo largo Lets oa Mlcafgsn
atei ne. north of Barnson Csort. Bj AYBEd A
TiiOMAS, corner 01 Bear bom atd Madison streets.
pOR SALE—lmproved Farm two
X xsllcaßonih east of Aurora 111. 200 aerea-alien*
clceed.sbonlfflscns lie.bar. thane oae half tmder
cobiTatloo. IK stoiy ions*,slab'slHaH).good va'er,
tell »ctliettiprsine, nnaii orchard m bi-sringccaar*
kon. A good izaxlet ac Aar ora lor all hinds of farm
B reduce. Apply to GSO. M. HIQSINSON. *• o. 7
fetw polliao Beck. noia-p773 5t
L'OK S£LE—House Lot on Dear-
X born street near Commerce—price jiBCO, eery
chtep; House and Lot ca Blcfclßan avenue. north of
Wgbteeith t.tr»et; one on street: floats
slcLoH in dinerent parts of tee city. Also oae of
•bebistTarn tin ccclrCrusty. cooialnlnniao acres,
ten s.Ues irom tte city Bill, under a alga iuts of luv
a B CHAjtfBEhB, Beat Estate Agent, T«tezrapn
Enlldllg. Be cm No. 8. -null p637-86
FO K SAL E—A Steam Soap
Manufactory. very desirably located, aodraolt
ccuTeuieitijbiriiiisea. ana fitted up wits *n tze ne
enrary apparstuaior dolseaay amountof hntlaeas.
Jsaew is opfraass.asa offers *ery superior ladnce
meals to severe wishT? to engage Utne business.
Apply at 1)8 Michigan street, or address fost office
BtxlElS. Chicago. nclO-pKT-lw
C'OR SALE- One Portable Engine
J. often hone power and one of five bone power
••of A. tf.’Wco-* £ Co's maoiacTore. at Eaton. N. Y.
Htw, complete, andreadj forunroediste a*«. Inquire
at ns ifianklin aUeet, or of A. N. WOOD, Sn*r.r#a
Honee. noic-p»ji Tt
SALE—A Tabular Boiler,
jl 10 eel 10ne.44 Irenes la alai.e’-er.wlih 42 flaes
of2>f mtbe* la diameter, Bteaad.n.e 2fo.t hga sad
2X leet is diameter. together with the aiciitd Irani
uid floors—all in gooa order. Apply tc JOdN A.
liIGHTHALL. 60 gooth WeLfl street. nolQ-0612 lw
fr'UK SALE—A line pair cf Horses
X axd one of Wltbeckl Track#. nea;lv new Also,
a let oi team and tnsgy Boreas. Males. Brood Mar*s
and Colta. 'Wsgons. Harness. Ac., a few fl-8 Cm and
spang Cattle, Boca. Sheep. Ac; also, three
Frame BcUaiuss, iflrtiO ktt. in good concitloa for
irovlcc; aso, abonc SCO toes of timothy and prime
Bay. Fcrpaitjcalarslnqa re of theandcrelraed at
the Com Boose oa Casai street corner of Mitchell
street, any day between L! and 1 o'clock
tce-pssliw hoar, s. smith.
EpOK SALE!—At a bargain, an Im
X proved Farm of WO acres m Propheiatown.
Whitesides Cce&ty, LI. two miles soatn of the vil
ibR«. JSJ to 140 acres tinder pow. goad lences ail
round, good orchard »Dd water. IK story hoasd isz24
«ad liuot kitchen, well bmlt ana well painted; U
so ea timber 4 miles off; 101 l first rate, with claj sab
snli; Bcbcoi within hilt a mile a miles from MOirUca.
on the Galena £lr Line rtaiiroad; beard stable, cborn
hocee andS'tmbilckontbbpremises. ApptyioA.J
AVLBELL, Heal Estate 2ro. er, JJd. 7 Metropolitan
Block. no 7 pslL7t
..S3 ass
.27 ®2B
.53 4»3i
tj' O K SAL E— Great Bargains.
SO.OCO iae« cf Land ea tbe Una ci thaLogaas
tort. Pioili iod bnillrcton Railroad. fnLtviivntoa
Ccusty I-lmois Ttetelinds ate in taabtrt secttoa
of fbe Prate, highland xollhis. and wen adapted tc
stock raising. wheat and corn. Xbu Lands are within
three tiles ctralinad stations, Cbiu worth ana For
restvfl’e. five milts ikoet a eood coil alee, and will be
■old at *lO per acre, one cab c own and me balance la
5 or 7 jean, in annual payment* at 6 per cent, to
tercet. Tterelj aßeet Sugar Ma.nfactcryat Gnats*
worth la auccessftil operation. no better lands in the
State Address cr apply to D. K. PK&bSOS'3 115
TUidolpb street. Chicago, or to J. STILL WKLL. Sro..
ChaWworth. Illinois. cc3o-p73-2Ct
L'OR SALE.—To Lumbermen.
A For tale very cheep for cub. or w*U bo ex
: tanged tor Chicago property at ca; h prices, a cca
glete lunberlog establishment la Wucotuln. near
nenßey. Waterpower tonal t" any lathe Bta:a:
mill* (new) eapaoieof cutting >0 too ;eet per Cay, to
retherwlthabcut 7Coacres cl ten pine lend. For
pittleuisra apply by letter to -I. VGLS. uconto Fan*.
BtUeaP. 0.. Oconto Coanty. W!». Do7-psJllDt
POB SALE—Engines and Boiler*.
A o&e ISloiM stationary engine and tubular
boiler, all complete and ready to setup. A'so, one 8
to iDboxaetol er and engine, complete and r»-dy for
use—for sale by GRIFFIS 3805.,
oc2g-uG7O-30t No.SPooeroyfr Bonding.
Tj’Oß SALE.—A Farm for 'Sale.
A Tweity*e!ght nllea from Chicago one mile from
HcOß*er Grove seven miles from KJgln. on the Elgin
ano Chicago State Scad—€ 3 acres prairie and 12 acres
timber: good how, stabling, grain barn and a One
cretard: ex rd water. ‘ A’l under cultivation. Appiy
tc C sMFaBLL A BRO„ Wayne Station.
00*28 cSfil Sit
DOABDIN&—One room bnitablo
-A> for single getilemen to rent with hoard, at 64
Wahatb avei.ne. southeast eo:nercf Randolph. Two
day 6caiders can be accommodated. nol3 p327-lt
Boarding. —Waited, on the
West Side, one large room, or parlor aad b*l
rcotr. with board, for gentleman ana wife.
•*D A,‘* at this piece. nc12n7382t
"DOABDING—A few sjontlemsn
A_> can be sccoamofated with board and lodglog
at S&l Oslo Also, an anfornieheJ front narlnt
ana bedrcom to let, with board. nol2-p7U 2t
"DOARDING.—First-clisa hoard
AA and rooms can be obtained la a private family,
within t«n mlnutea walk of the Post Ufiles by address
lug *5 H.'* at this offlee. noll-p7i34t
r rO BENT—A House to a gooi
A tenant, who can buy the fanitore, which can'be
hadlcrSlz Unxdied D.llats. (1600} Rcatverf iow.
laqolie at 547 ttaie street. no! 3 pBO2-3t
TD BENT—Hutel to rent, on
Canal street, one block west oi tbe Fort Wayne
Csttle Tarda, containing forty bedrooms, gas and
water, three story and atom basement. Apply to
PHILLIP CONLBT* CO.. 17 Booth Clark elreesT
T) BENT.—House to rert acd
Furniture for sale, on Cabinet avenue, near
Rlnesoid Place Pcisesalocglvenltsmediat-ly. w, h,
SAMPSON. Room No. 3 Metropolitan Block.
. ncl'i tfiiSS*.
T OST.— *5 Reward, Bing lost.
I J inetioir from Wabash avenue, through A-lame,
State. Mcnroo and Dearbcra streets. to MoVicksra
tc»a*Je. aLeaysßJag. set wlthTorqaofaa. Too fladsr
■aid receive tae above reward on leavtac It a* this
cSce»r 518 Wabuh svenae. noi3-pSM-3t
T OST—A large Black Newfound-
L/ land Pop.rearJygroon. Thola-gotoe oatbe
Irtt fcre fcot nas been broken. Had on a leather strap
vithmjrand chain anacted. A liberal regard will
b»p»H foe hlarecovery.at 16 West Randolph atreo!.
f OST—Near the coiner of Ran
| J dolpb and Dearborn stre-ts. a small Order
Took, The fiadirwili be liberally, rewarded by re*
turning tie tanetc 83 Randolph street. nol3-pT32-2t
T OST.—*25 Reward. Lest *173
-I J sad DischargeFa9ela.cu thenaorsltg of theiojh
o' Bovenibcr. at me Chicago and St, Lon:s Dr pot. by
John W. Iryrrsn. awotmeed soldier, who wsa d-s
chaired on the «»h cf November at St Lou.», and
•••ssonhlaway homato Minnesota at ttetlns ol his
ofs Any person ending aid returalrg £e same t»
ms Sole lew’ Pome, cr to tte War Claim Office ol W.
K. w til?. I2fl Deaibom street. Chicago receive
the above reward- goigjg»3t_
O the Isth of Ortober. from tbe subscriber. Two
Cotta, between two at d uuee yea-a old. One
- bay with a very slim tail, and • white spot on hia
irdlesneartbc fttlock. The other co.t is a cream
•'or. click nireaulull Tie finder win rec.lve a
cwtxd ol Five Debars lor each colt, by leaving them
tthefieven Kt'e Poise.near the unnctiononStite
•rest. [nol3 pSSfi at] EPHRAIM DgLDKJ.
OTRATED—*S Reward. Ficm
O the subscriber, aLlgttEed Cow. a piece broken
ffhei lefi horn, has a bob tall and UheniT with c-JL.
.nypcrtonrannlngber to A, BUBNi* I’rl'lceoiiU
-HI receive tie above resard. aol>pß3.-n
O 212 Sooth cnaTk6tieer,onToe6daylt«t.a «m*ll
Vbile Poodle Doy; acavers tionaae ol a-i?*.
ltd a mall steel chain arooca blastek. bad w«
ox ana IK» melted W.* r V,£SJf
■ e ptln Ut hi* retun to 212 South Clirk street.
JTRATED.—Came into tba cn
? clceare of tte * h tf| Jmte°oa
iotg properti, PM “V*“ X. o. OTI3.
Hjd« Pl--C. KeT. I°. noia .SM .a
fj'OUND—On 'iUsiday, No von
n 1,, tqm, * «m»n Poekit Book, containing a
.«»tianm o? money, which the owner can have by
T'AKEN UP—A Red Cow. Tba
J_ owner can obtain the aaTehy apotylngto J-ba
Urtfleld. oa tae Whlakr Point ikad.]art north Of
jisrrsoc Wdgo. algbs man from cueiff>,
for Salt.
So Rmt.
VVANTED—A young man in £
VT Paaoy Seed* Item, Appyet ißSonacu*:
■oeet - nois>ai n
TAT AN TED—A laborer for s fjw
Ww day*. Inquire at tha Counting Bjr.c 01 Vi»
Trtbaaoomee, Si lUrK t'rteL ao!3p7«»t%
WANTED—A Partner ia th.,
WW 6a«;er baslneie. Apply at 115 South C!w*
ctreefr. lertwu day. aolJ-«*s; it
ANTED—A Tent suitable for
V V recmltlrr nornoies, at 13* Randolph street.
noo-paß-it afdabi* AXitf, aor. Kt*. Agi.
\\T ANTED.—A genilsmsn and
T V daughter waat two fanSahed rsoatt with or
without beard, in tome rose location. Please *4-
drstt “C A fTrlhqoo offits. zclZp'%2St
WANTED —By two airf-ic " n
tinssb farDlsfcPd n?Krs. with board. w:tftin
tea minutes walk of the Post Oflce. a.: ti w I'oe*
Office Box 2546: naC s»TJi-2t
\A/\AJ»T2D —A Milimt? toc-atab
? T I!sh abroach hoir-aat iSSLtki ■•rijt where
a good trade la sow aecnred Isqoirc a: •&*
a am bar. cal2 yTTS-st
ANTSD.—A premium of *ir>o
T * will ba paid for a petition as a Liensaaaot hi
a whlta regia cat. Addtcaa “N.SVfcVTfibßai office.
Ch»c»RO. aoia pasi-it
WANTED— Irfojmation. Any
one knowing of • W!U executed by Uln Jnfls
sieexar, wla p>mo ceitser it So the clerk of tha
County C'-ar: of CcofcCouniy
E0!3p760-3t JQSZPS VWTlirgg,
WANTED— A steady, active
man, sccustoced to the Grocery busloau, also
or reams care of jomsand aitTi>r wsroo. Apply
WANTED— *75 a Month- —I
” want to biro Areata ta every county at m a
month eipeuMa paid, to sell ray aaw case? family
tewing mar, Maw. Addreae. B. MADISOH. ah**/
>f*lae. ocC-o3UKaa
WAUT2D- laahottljEmac who
lawmiPK to make blravelf useful loth In the
ouireaaaclMagroom une with soseaseezlsaoed
prttejrcd. ApplyatthePieeottlloaae.comerci.rfc
and van atuen street noli p3U-lt
\AJ ANTED.—A joungj man who
* r . hai occupied a poilUoa of high ttust la thk
elly dOTIDK the past t*& years. U dostroui of sc-irc
cpplpynant. Btstcf refer BhCM. Address Post on 01
BOX MW. nol3-J>43 It
TV-ANTED—Board ardtwo rooms
. * ; ,*ht » first-cliM bosidlig bstue or prirstn
family, for a family of five. Acdresa -r J fttbuiu
OtflCß. 0313-0850-27
WANTED —A fe-w genteel Boys
WANTED —An experienced
fjISfTOHin 3SUo Fnr H.
iwiiaiD, 79 Lake street. no 13 pTM it
T\f AItTEIJ—At 221 South Water
a cheap dr*? and
gtiy earrcitftaiaorßg. nol3-p3tQ.lt
\\l ARTED—A situation aa Wet
> I* Kamo by a elder I* anl health* , «opei wa-nan
Adlnto or call on MRS. irOWETo, *SKS
airtet. enter bridge. Mg^igiaT*
X/y ANIE.U—To Rest, a good
V\l ANTED.— Bcsid ia private
\V -ANlED—Ag‘ut« to fie!! th;-
t«>»’*aa*plerdl(ißi-el Bner&yUeo/ I’HSfl:
BBKT liIfiCOLOT Oas copy nul’eti dXai*
to any part of tbe country on r*c«fpt oC»c«li
ss Lane itreat, Calc»su. lii.
\AfAKTED —To R-nt. on or be
t f fere tie flrit of Jsnnary oext. a rroir or
r , .n^ ,^ fl ? tc i, eeccn<l t l,w ® r * Lifts «!r
ttDdu.pb st.teta mi?&jio |q» aarcantlla
ntfciett P.0.J3rx3T57 carcjßoT BctasTfosi ‘
\\7 ANTED.—I6O a month! l?i
. T , T» set Agents at |6O a month, ex-renaae paut,
to a#>n oar Amsiarmio Fskcim. Obisstal 3rsn
sbs tno thirteen other new. tisefni and cnrloasnr»
r\ e Vo4 a ori^ c} / c^, i?? ea ‘ tro3 * Address
CLASS- t»ldd?fcTd. Maine. se2s-n2£>-3a>
WANTED —An active man, with
B cash capital of fl COO to |l 500 u mtu*
rtzmerma lucrative csih oas'satt. One who Vul
isstttniirt charge of the sales, and court of toe H uU>
acer of tba occe. Address “fl fl B,”Tiibaaeoaico.
\\l ANTED—A etcut, honest, au*
* " UTejoarjcmn. white or colored, u porwr
andpsffterlaaljTyGoodsStore. Address, *Uh ass.
J/HopJ-j'-T and refexencfa. ••PonTna,’* Pott office
Boa 2436, Cblcsto. no!3->S5j-3i
TV AN TEl>—Board for myrelf and
* f ■wife In e private £*mlly. where there are n>
other boarders South Side preferred. J.A, POT.
TtR t apt U. a. a. Adorers Pcac Office Drawer 6217.
noia pefii 3t
Til/ANTED—A comfortably fur
« " El'Ored bedrcom, without board, wlji stove,
for a quies ncgle gentleman. Nefzaooracoa of
House or Pest Office preferred. Terms liberal. Ad
ders COX S7i6. to Mit, CHAXB2BS. C&ICSKO
1013 f B*9-11
ANTED—A Famished House
▼ * lntfcßSoatnDt7lß!oa.nonhofTwalfthrtrc6t.
Parties having anch to Earr wM hear oi a careful.
p*ompt pajUff Tarrant by addttssln* *'Q w Dp
inbnne otnee. nol3-pslt-n
W r ANTED—lmmediately, a Drag
* v Clerk. Address, seating references, to Post
Offlce Box 4C61 Chicago, UL nol3 p615-2i
WANTED —Residtnoe Property,
Improved or arlmprcvei on Michigan. Ws
baab. Indira ano Prairie avenues: atio. on West
Warbicaton street. Park avenue and Warren strait.
Owners can app'Y to J. P. PLUGS?.. Beal tfatata
Broker, 80. 43 Clark street. Booa 80. 3. nois-pra 6t
WANTED —Ima-eeiatfcly. ore
Cleaver Man. two men to Pall Lard, oia to
Pack Pork, one to Trim Hams, ard one Tank Men.
Bose bat men of the bet t qaaddeatlcm for the boai
resi need apply. Packing aense down town- Ad*
dress. wiih ci'y reiertncea.Poss Office 80x5363.
BQI3 p773 3t
WANTED —A compttenc Photo
grapher to late c h a»ge of the operating <la>
patlmentm aflrst-claseGalierj. Inopro.>rlnt'.rbn
iigutahle to a’.tatd to ba-lseo on account otlU
ne*l h. would require a c.-mpeivut man Immediately,
None otbc;aneeaapply. Acd.et» Box-4229, Chicago.
WANTED— Aidcohumbug! A
man from hsasct xvkxr Ft sox to make (wo
or Ur-s enacted aolars a year without delaying
ether tuilaew. Also, gentlemen wishing; to ebsego
tcelr business cm make tom or QVathousand dollars
a year. Call at Soom 1, no-stairs. 121 Clark etreet. or
jendlen ceMj.to feet Omcoßox 56ifi. Chicago. ILL
no!3-pSI6-2t *
WfANTED —A firtt rate itdns
ttlcos Machinist; one who understands his
roEfceulnaUttabrancbea or cculd taka charge of
t he niactlr e department and can comerocotnmeadecL
A]io,»go« dsecond-hard or new Lathe, soluble for
yood work. Apply at once to F.S. WILSON, Vulcan
lion focndiy, IC7 and 469 South Clark street, or
Box it&7. nois pa:-:t
WANTED— By a young lady, a
situation a»Beanu'res< In a CtmOy. PI sue
addicts • Iff," Trlbnae office. aoi3 p3io-tt
WANTED —Agents to sell mw
anc popular works. Gocdmen wlllflnd it a
pejlrebuilneas. History of the Bebelllon. byJ S.
O Abbott; fame lit ujolrCß, Life of Chilis. Ac.. Ac.
Addi&u CLARKE A CO, ,87 Washington it. Chic* *o.
Post QCceBOX 4751. COl3 p33t-ut
CV7 ANTED—Agfnts. 8150 p«r
V v month sre now belngmade bygood caiTSM«r»
1- telling MliCfiBLL 8 NRW GBNBKAL ATLAS—
the BESlior family use ever pobdinea. Addrta or
epp'.y to j. 27 WHIDDEN. General Western Ag’snt,
No. 7 Methodist Choich Block. Chicago. Post once
£cx 2594. aOiapjllKlt
WANTED —A Partner in a
Slsoebteilng. Lard and Gtoais Badness. with
acapltalof*s.(ooto|loooo ihe nouse and machinery
newly fltles op la a superior style and ctpible oi do
l> g a large business, address, stating where an ister*
Maw n av be bad, -Box 3315.’’ Ctlwgo PcstOdlCL
B\7 ANTED. —Attention Mmstre I
v v Performers. Wanted a first violinist. Alro
s first ttror linger—<ne that can play a vlouacelio—
tor uuatrei bnsineiA toeo to Cairo. Noce but first
c art ptxfonneranted apply Gocd wagrsand steady
rmtl. vnuntgutranteed. Address CHaS MEAN Ha,
L. B. 203, Cairo, lU. ■ aou p7« Tt
W ANTED—To rent a small house
v* rtsatet on orrearaslreetbavliua railroad,
for which gocd rent will be paid. Win ony or rest
all ct part cl tbe {furniture it may contain, an-* la
sure seed esre. Acdicas * B.’* Post Office Boz4US.
DCl‘- p7513t
V\7 ANTED—A Partner with a
TT small canli al tn tie best money making baal
ceu going Will show for Itieu os interview. A
iocd reliable man. willing to travel, and havtrg from
I3foto firo can become auocfeiad with the adver
tiser For Interview address •*% F,” Drawer 6301,
Post Oflee. Chicago. noU-pTMat
WANTED —A situation by a
young from the East. a* entry clerk and
cashier or clerk, in rem* gcod respectable btuiiesr.
Baa energy and gcod character, and Is a 'good pau
rea« sna sccoontnat Wll give good raierwaces either
in Mstsachnsatu or lo ibis city. Fussa athirew tor
and with panlcnlara M Q F 8.” Box Sit, Bockforu. UL
noiß pTWrt
Y\7 ANTED male or fe-
T T male, to sell an araclo of universal use li tbe
ache als at the But. and now being Introduced into
ue Western States Samples seen and Infolmillon
liven at 47 South C ark saeet, Boom N0.2.
TX7 ANTED,—I want to rent a
If good 800 tin spring. oa tie Booth Sid*,
;na Coni: House. grlcr
preferred. and man ■’*«. Can at 130 Clark «*“ r .
ttofim 80. s. oraddreii P. O. Box 761. aolSpSCQit
WANTED— Agents. *3O psr
ironth. and an eipeasea paid, or allow a liba*
ral commission for selling tflsLlxTLS GIAHT 3»ST
iNO 3IACHISS. Betall price sls WeosTeAce-its
whose coamlrtlotu average liso per raoath., ram
eulars seat fr.e. Svit to* circular, ff.
A£est,P.O.DrawcrsSs9. Chicago. nol3-pso: lot
WASTED.—To Manufacturers
f T asd others. A situation wanted in aose ai
tahllrtmeat by a Machinist and Snglnter. ol good,
acadflcailcra, having a D. 8 Etgaeefs- certacate.
tie peat of *tef<>reocea given as to character, Ac.
ACCifta *• J C,** Post Offlcoßox 3«:s. Chicago.
£Ol2 p7913t ;
ANTED— ?10.000 on five yearn
▼ T time, on the following lands >-100 arres la
Gmrdy County, in ; S2O acres In McLean county. UL:
ICO setts In Mason County, 1.1; SCO acres In Tar .swell
Ccntty. 111.; U0 acrei in Login County.
tcr*F, 2,2J0. a Detracts as to t'.tie furnished Parties
having a on«y to Invest can not find a bettor forests
nunt. Address P. 0. Box 3T61. noIO p«B3IW
ANTED—Agents. *ls per
v t day nett profit: Catvas&ers wanted 'or oar
spier dlo new Photograph Albans. Also, aneqasued
indue, meats to sauenr GkeaiPriz* PacxaOE- Lra£
agents are paid a commisaliin of iron $3 to_gis p_r
fl*y. lfi>?ls no hnmbng oirgulm seat
t rlt* C 31. DUSK a CJ., Pabllshert. iß*t
Chicago. nolO-pdU ■»
TX7 ANTED —Immediately, 300
VV Ccpntm Utw.-'I «»d ciowm. »
WT ANTED —Men for the TL S.
VV navy to do dciy la the kUssiislppl Ittvar
for ore. iwo or three years or soring toe
Good par sad PriroMonav Tala U tae ra:at
fi.Vi-sb'ttfaivice, P>y mm SIS to a«0 per month,
voloiz h»rd maxchei, and good onirtersoa board
■tun ycr firmer par.irmsia apply to iho U3. N*r»l
Rtrdarv- ns. Uhbch’s Block, correr Konh C*_,rk and
Kcrih Water atrteta J D.nar.lY.
JcUriMistsrU.B N .Com d’R Seadaaroua.
Or at B*cmi>ixg Office, IGI lake it., cor. of LusM*.
A commlsiton will Ce paid to toy ponoa brl-ctojc
at acrepttd rtcrcltto eitherothca. aoli-pTt;aw
XKJ ANTED—Agtnts, Somothing
• * Kew, rKGisTLT nsnao x» • TXXT ,“? TT *'Ir
noth Agr* t»w*eted lor its
proved Inedible Pencil,* for C^tb.o*.
- Patent Bimmer and Shield * C ®J^ & \S.*‘ l L , S,'
mV bSm VSS■ pS»rt fiA? l asJ|-
•“leieUe^femrat "'for Meaauj ctoeknj. l«il
tejl’Vc 'CcSo aid Taa Btiaieer." o aa
uailk ■-feeiawu C' ”“ a ®«J-“>V»Ior ke.v
SI aiiacaea •“ ■ &proT*a Keroema Bar-a,. „ tor ril
?V7“ e !£J 8»»»1
tv? Pin " “Bove! Ustpnaev^jjj (bps
ard Boldsr** combined: "* Pale AaolhU*-
mi" ettfs
iS'ns^fsby Forcatajo*us«aclo«
ynito *O, coccsMors to Rea *
rTOutoh Booia PUce* Chicago. XU.

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