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Cl)icaQo tEfcibmw.
Yiolatii-'o Hack Ordinance. —Charles
Chtl was yesterday fined four dollars and costs for
violation of the Lack orainatce, in driving with,
out lights.
The Halsted Street Injunction.—The
hearing of this case has been set for the first
week in January, but we understand that by giv
ing doe notice, a hearing maybe had before an
other court, at an earlier day, which is certainly
Saturday Evening Prater Meetings.—
The regular stated prayer meeting at the rooms of
the Young Men's Christian Association, will be
held this (Saturday) evening at IX o'clock. We
are pleased to boar of the growing interest In this
meeting, and hope their rooms may be filled each
Saturday evening.
Personal.—N. H. Farnsworth, Esq., left
Shuman, Grayson Co, Texas, for the North, on
the second day of September, 1861, since which
time nothing has been heard from him. Any one
having knowledge of his Cate will confer a favor
on his wife by communicating the same to her—
addressing P.0.80x4,083 Chicago. Western pa
pers are requested to copy.
_ Discharged.—John Wilson, jr., who was
about two weeks ago, arrested in this city on a
charge of having forged the same of Deputy Col
-0 lector B. F. Mudget, to a sole for SI,OOO, as no.
ticed about ten days ago, has been honorably die
charged on examination before Justice Dowling,
ofKew York, his innocence of the charge being
clearly proven.
Pardoned.—Frederick Scott, the colored
boardinghouse keeper, who was convicted at the
present term of the Recorder's Court of the crime
ef larceny, as bailee, and sentenced, on Wednes
day last, to the penitentiary, for one year, was
; pardoned the day after his sentence—His Honor,
•Judge Van Boien, and the States Attorney having
> eigned the petition for hie pardon.
At tee Police Court, yesterday morning,
WnußeUwas held to bail for farther examina
tion upon x charge of having stolen $497 from
'Barney Mooney, of Bridgeport.
—A boy fifteen years of age applied to Cornmis.
misrioner Williams to send him to the Reform
Bcbool, stating that he bad no home nor friends.
His case was considered as one of vagrancy, and
Us request granted.
!Rie Chicago City Hallway Company will this
morning commence running a line of Tmeses on
the newly-laid irjonctioii-afflicted Halatcd etrect
City Hallway trade, free to all who may Im
prove the opportunity to ride. The gunge of the
wheels la fitted to suit that of the track, so that
the ■’busses wiH run upon the iron rails. Now for
a law declaring that omnibuesce and street pas
senger cars are one end the same.
Fire District Violation.— At the last
meeting of the Common Council, a petition was
presented from J.B. McVicker and others praying
thatthe leave granted to Maty Axmedy to put a
wooden building on a lot In the neighborhood of
the theatre, within tbe Are limits, contrary to the
fire ordinance, be rescinded, and the permission
revoked. The petition was granted. We notice
tbatso attention has been paid to thematter, aud
that the building is being repaired and fitted up
Jor business, in spite of the orders of the Council*
Tbe Art G allebt.—The pictures and mar
bles arc to be exhibited only one week longer,md
the citizens' would do well to see them at once.
The gallery is more attractive than than ever; the
absence of tbe crowd of last week, and tbe air of
quiet, which now pervades the whole, make a
Tfisit there a positive luxury.
Tbe owners of pictures who have not sent in
their names and address, will please to do so at
once. The owners of engravings and photo
graphs not donated, are requested to remove them
Siow, as the room is wanted. •
Twr- New Bcsn Street Bbibce—Opening
of she PnorosALs.—The bids for erecting a wood
en bridge across the river at Hush street, adver
tised for by the Board of Public* Works, were
opened on Thursday, by the Commissioners.
Three plans and three offers had been sent In,
all from reliable men. The bidders were all rep
resented at tbe opening of the proposals.
The plans are similar In appearance to that of
WeHa street bridge, which has evidently been se
lected as the model. The following were the bids:
Of Fox A Howard, for $9,€00; of L. D. Boomer,
for $8,950; of Newton Chapin, for slo£oo.
"We understand another meeting will be held
to-day, when a decision will be given.
Another Injunction Case—Csubch vet
tus Craxcua.—As our citizens have observed, Hob
. inson A Bowes have recently* commenced the
erection of a wooden Ampitheatre on Washing-
Isgton street, opposite the Court House, where
.they propose to give equestrian, gymnastic and
wcrobatic performances during the winter. The
Pint Baptist Church Society, whose house of
worship Is located on the adjoining lot, applied to
■Judge Wilson, of the Superior Court, for ea in
junction to prevent the erection ofthlßjballdiDg.oa
the following grounds: First, the erection of a
wooden building in that pan of the city Is in vio
lation of an ordinance; second, the Board of Pub
lic Works has no power to grant a permit to erect
a wooden building there; and third, a circus is an
immoral exhibition and a nuisance. Cyrusßent
ley ,Eeq, appearedfor the petitioners, and Messrs.
Barker& Tnlcy lor the respondents.
Judge Wilson, in the course of Ids remarks, said
that under the old law the Council only could
giant a permit to build a wooden building inside
the Are limits, but under the new municipal Uw,
the Board of Public Works have power to grant
such permit. Be did not consider a circus an im
moral exhibition. The equestrian exercises and
gymnastics were calculated to develop .the mus
cles, improve the bnmau system, and were a bene
fit. Be did not think a circus on Washington
street was a nniaancej*/* rf. Be had sat In the
court room with the windows open, in summer
time, and listened to the music from quarter,
and though he was not a proficient in aeouaties,he
rather liked the sound. As far as the question of
the exhibition interfering with divine worship was
concerned, be said there was a day set apart for
the latter, on which the circus would not be lu
operation. With this summing up, the Injunc
tion was refused.
Death of Another Old Resident
Dr. William D. Whitney died at his residence
In this city, yesterday morning, of diphtheria. Dr.
Whitney was bom at Cayuga N, Y., Aug. 15, igis!
Be graduated atGeneva College in 1639, and after-
wards studied medicine, the practice of which he
followed in Western New York, for ten or twelve
- yean, but was then compelled to give It up on ac
count of hie health. In 1647 he to Chi
cago, where he has sines continued to reside. Be
was a son-in-law of Capt. John B. Tomer, and
was connected with several of the most respecta
ble families in this city. Be was a man of flte
talent, generous impulses and sterling Integrity.
Be has been especially noted for his kindness to
the poor, and spent a large portion of his time la
ministering to their needs. Be leaves a wife, one.
eon and two daughters to mourn their loss.
The New Jemsalem church Organ.
The New Jerusalem Church, on street,
is a very beautiful little bunding, both Inside and
out ft Is lighted up by nine stately windows of
painted glass, most of floral design*. The reading
desk and pulpit are of carved oak, and all the
adornments of the church are of the same material,
andthe style gothic. The seats are also of oak,
covered with crimson damask, and each pew has
the occupier’s name upon it, engraved on a neat
During the last few days a very fine organ has
been added to the attractions of the New Jerusalem
worship;and the fame of it induced ns to make a
special visit for the purpose of testing its quali
ties. We were accompanied by Mr. Root, and
Mr. McCurdy, of S6 Randolph strect-a fine or
gan player. Both these gentlemen very courteous
ly offered their services for the occasion.
We found the Instrument all that report had
stated cor ceming It A little while ago it waslis
tened toby a select company of artists, who were
enthusiastic la their praises of It; and we can add
our testimony to theirs that It is a very fine instm
-. meat
The maker is Hr. Roberts, of New York, as we
understand; a man* not much known at present,
* Dut of whom both the church andthe world will
bear more, by and by. It is not a large organ, but
itpoesestes great power, compass, and sweetness
It has twenty-eight stops, and two banks of keys.
Its range Is two octaves and a quarter. Its height
twenty-two feet; width fifteen feet; depth, twelve
feet. All the stops are full and rich. There is a
mclodia stop, solo, very sweet. A flats stop,
. which is exquisitely dtar, soft, and melodious, a
;J. viol dl gsmba, solo, broad, deep, and grand in its
2 tone; being an imitation of the rlolinceDo. Tb?
« double, open diapason in the pedals iscxeeedlng
-1 lyzlch, The full organ swell superb, and of great
w.ppwer. The choral stops are admirably voiced
J& pwposc*; end the touch and action
.. fineplaycrcouMask.
X Take It aH insll, It is as good an Instrument, lor
\ He sice, attny to be found in the West.
«'• Mr.McCurdy teeted it in all its combinations,
and executed upon it some of the best pieces from
.. Mozart, Mendclieohn, and others,with great effect.
* The reader m»y be aware that the object of these
combinations is to produce an orchestral effect, a
perfect harmony, s»im<-|njr of all the notes
and chords, so that none be higher the
others. The transitions from one series of contin
uations to that of another, was very striking and
delightful, and the result was au impression of
great instrumental power, and capacity.
Inthehanfisofa good player, each asHr. Mc-
Curdy assuredly is, there could be no end to the
combustions and variations of thesetwenty-cight
stops. Indeed, they are literally. end
- must ■continually startle with new effects. We
were particularly struck with the combination of
the ynohwiu, and the fifteenth of the great organ
—with an accompaniment of softer stops in the
swell—which was very brilliant and effective.
The.Cbnrch of the New Jerusalem baa reason to
be proud of this beautiful addition to 1U sacred
properties; and Chicago orght not to be sorry
. that another fine Instrument has been contributed
to Its civilization.
Man Found Dead, with His Brain.
Blown Out,
About 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, some work
men found In a grove, two or three hundred feet
ftom the gravel road, a mils and a quarter from
the city limits, a man lying on his back, daid, his
enus lying by h!a side, each hand holding a dis
charged Derringer pistol, and his brains so com
plctely blown out as to leave only a hollow ia the
top of Ms head—the brains being scattered around
the place where he was lying. Kb doe conll ba
obtained to his identity, ss them*a finding him
thought it best not to disturb the body until infor
mation conld be sent to the Coroner, which was
immediately done. The deceased was apparently
an American,- from S3 to SS years old •
was large and etont; had light compleziot; wore
a mall, light moustache; was very well dressed
in an overcoat and undercoat, black heavy
calfekln boots, light handkerchief and clean, nice
turn-down collar. It is thought that he had been
dead two or three days, as his overcoat was but
toned dose up to his chin, which would not b;
likely to be done yesterday, when the weather was
warm. The Coroner will hold an inquest this
mornlcg, when it is hoped the body may be iden
The First .Philharmonic Concert.
The Philharmonic Society inaugurated the sea
son last evening with a grand concert. Tho audi
ence was all that conld have been asked for—lm
mense, brilliant, appreciative and enthusiastic.
The hall was filled just fun, and another one
would have made it run over. The styles were
exquisite, and a flock of flamingoes would not
have cmbl&sonod the hall more finely than did the
scarlet cloaks and scarlet plumes ox the white
hats. It was the first full dress display, and It
was gorgeous. The orchestra was enlarged, and
new faces were sprinkled through the rucks. The
organization was nearly as follows: Fire first
violins, five second, three violas,-three ’cellos,
three double basses, two Antes, two clarionets,
two clarionets for oboes, four horns, two trum
pets, trombone, tuba, tympani, and bass drum.
The first violins were very effective-Vaas, Lewia,
Budcihach and Dhyrenfhtth being among them. *
. The concert opened with the immortal Seventh
Symphony. It was not done as well as it should
have been. In the al&gro tho instruments were
out of tune and there was lack of precision. The
splendid olUgrtUo was better, but the jtretto was
marred by lack of time and some bad breaks.
More frequent and diligent rehearsals will remedy
these defects, however, and win accustom the new
and old members to each other. The finals was
well rendered.
The event of the evonlrg was the debut of Miss
Magnnestn, and ehe made her appearance amid a
handsome hurst of applause. The aria she had
chosen, Santo dlpc(tia,b om Attila, was well se
lected to display and test her vocal resources.
We bare hardly heard enough of her to judge cor
rectly, hut It Is evident that she has a voice of con
siderable compass, rich quality and great
power. Her execution is good, and her runs
were delivered carefully and In good
taste. Her style is of the modern Italian school,
and intensely dramatic, too much so f#r the con
cat room. Her gestures and facial expressions
were very fine, but better adapted for the stage
than tbc concert, and will br, when properly toned
down, of immense service to her, should ehe ever
appear In opera. which is just the field she will
shine in, and for which she is admirably trained
and fitted. The tremolo which sounded well in the
aiia, seemed out of place, however, in the ballad,
and spoiled the effect. The 1/ basio with which
she. responded to the second encore was very
effective and displayed some fine sweeps of voice.
Her reception was very enthusiastic and was de
servedly merited, and while we would pronounce
her a fine concert singer of operatic music, it is
in the opera Itself, for which her excellent vocal
abilities and intense dramatic power fit her, that
she wQI shine and take high rank. She has all
the resources and has only to employ them aright.
Hts. Hoes, always a favorite in Chicago, played
splendidly. She is a thorough artist and handles
the instrument with a power and expression that
place her in the front rank of American pianists.
Both the concerto from Mendelssohn and Liszt’s
arrangement cf the march from Puritan!, were en
cored and received with the most enthusiastic ap
plause. Her playing was au entire success, to
which the character of the instrument itself; a
splendid dickering Grand from Heed's, added
much. Its brilliant and rich tones found a worthy
interpreter in Mrs. Sloes.
The concert closed with the overture to “ Zan
etta,” which was very well played by the orches
tra. As a whole, the concert was a fine success,
and an auspicious omen for the series.
New Counterfeit,
A new and dangerous counterfeit made ite first
appearance in the city last evening. The counter
feit is upon the Western Hesebte Bans, at
Warren, Ohio. Tbe following is a description of
thebQl: In the centre of the bill a large figure 5;
at tbe right end a gent’s bust, with a figure 5
above and the word “five" below. At the left
end is a coat of arms, with a figure 5 above and tbe
word ** five” below. Tiys right end top female
figure, and left end top Henry Clay.
The bin is well executed and liable to deceive.
We learn that many of them were passed last eve
ning. ItwiUbeeafefordtlxecstorefaseallflves.,
on this bank, and report parties passing them to'
the Police Headquarters.
In Trouble.—John C. Stone is an old
counterfeiter, who has served one term in the
Penitentiary. Last summer, the police searched
his house, and found a large amount of counter
feit money In a stove up stairs. No arrest was
made, however, till about three weeks ago. When
arrested, at that time, he dropped a roll of coun
terfeit money on the street, which the officers
aftcrwardfoundbytbellghtof a lantern. Be was
sent to jail, and again released on ban. Some
fault being found respecting the bail, he was
again remanded, and again gave bail. On Thurs
day be was re-arrested, and yesterday taken be
fore the Police Court, when he gave ball in S6OO to
appear for further examination on Monday next
Fair and Festival.—We are pleased to
notice the announcement of an approaching Fair
and Festival, to be given by the ladies connected
with the Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan Asy
lum, an institution with whose object we have
made ours elves familiar, and cheerfully add our
testimony to the efficiency and thoroughness of
its management Let a generous public go and
partake of the dinners that will be furnished b>
tie ladles at Bryan Ball, for four successive days,
commencing on Tuesday the 17th. Articles both
useful and ornamental will be for sale.
Personal Message from the South.—
The Richmond Enquirer of the Sd Inst contains
several messages to Northern people, which pre
sent a novel mode of communication between the
North and South. Among them is the following:
To Dr. L. D. Boone, Chicago, Bis.
Myselfand Family all weu. Not heard from yon
since Sept. 19,1662. Special inquiry is after
S. S. Boone.
Chicago and Waukegan pipers please copy. *
. S. B. Fzrclozh.
Bun Over.—About half-past four o’clock
yesterday afternoon, a boy named John Carl was
run over by the Pittsburgh and Fort Wayne cars,
and his leg badly hurt, and other injuries inflict
ed. Be was taken to the residence of his aunt,
on Barber street, near Canal, and several physi
cians summoned. At a late hour last night the
physicians pronounced his recovery hopeless.
Annual Sleeting or the 9t Andrews
The annual business meeting of the Illinois St.
Andrew’s Society was held at the Briggs Bouse
Thursdsy night Vice President John Rankin
Hr. J. inner presented a report of the commit
tee appointed to procure a seal Ibr the nse of the
Society. The committee reported that they had
obtained a seal at & cost-of twenty dollars, which
Is now in the possession of Mr. Alston. They also
requested the Society to act on this report, and
grant an order on the Treasurer for the amount
x be report was accepted, and the order granted.
The Committee to procure a diploma of mem
bership were granted farther time.
Mr. George Anderson submitted the.report of
the Board of Managers, as follows:
** On the 23d of January,l6*B, the Board met and
was organized by appointing Hugh McLennan
Prtß’t, and George Anderson Bec'y; S. McKichan,
Eobt. Clark an 08. McLennan visitors. We have
to congratulate the members of the Society on
the continued prosperity exhibited in the reports
01 the Treasurer and otner officers, which wilt bs
laid before you. It will be Been from the detailed
statement herewith obtained, that the amounts
paid out of the bounty of the Society have been
aces this year than any other since the organiza
tion of the Society, no donbt owing to the contin
ued prosperity of the country, and the means of
readily obtaining employment xor all who are able
and willing to work. The whole of the orders
drawn are fourteen, and the amount paid on the
®* Jn 6 is eighty-three dollars and sixty cents. We
would alfio recommend that the by-laws of the 80-
aexy be rigloly enforced, for the future good and
pemanaii stability of the Society. Wo would
tiie tubjeet tnst the Treasurer should give
ibe bodety for the safe keeping of the
*55 ds , that, however much coLfidence many indl
« have In the honesty and in
legrity of our present very respected Treasurer, it
isTor the future ones that may come after him •
end tins recommendation la made with his knowl
edge. and he has always stood ready to give the
necessary bond.” fa
The report was accepted and placed on file
Mr. George Kennedy, Treasurer, reported that
the balance on hind at the last anniversary was
$83.93; amount collected since, $23551; total,
*819.44; amount paid out since last anniversary.
$145,85. Of this amount, $88.60 was paid for re
lief; incidental expense*, $1225: on BoseHiU.
Cemetery lots, SSO; balance on hand, $173 59;
amount of reserve Hind, $291.28.
The following were proposed and admitted
members of the Society: John .Smith. Joseph.
McDonald, David M. Phillips, and David John
On motion, George Anderson, Robert Clark, and
John Alston, were appointed by the Chair, a Com
mittee to advise with the Secretary relative to all
those who are indebted to the Society, for the pur
pose of enforcing the payment of fines.'
The Society then proceeded to the election of
officers for the current year, as follows:
President— Wm. James.
Atiwrk* PreHdent— John HcAßbtcr.
Second Hr* President —Geo. McKeand.
Tt ear vrer— Geo. Kennedy: • ' - f
Secretary— Or o. Rain
AnUtani Secretary— WyUe.
Jioatdif Manager*— Jam** Thompson, Dcgald
Stewart, I’eter McFariane. Geo. Anderson, and D.
Q. Miller...
Mr B: Clerk Ictimited that Dr, McAllister had;
volunteered (ogive his services aspbyiician of the
Society. Be moved that a vote of tbanka be ten
dered, to Dr. McAilißtcr. Carried.
Tbc Chairman appointed the foQowlngasmem
bere of a committee to make preparations for the
tissual fair on Monday, the 80& iXisUnt; Dogald
Stewart* Peter McFanane, John Alston, George
Ande'sos, and Solomon McKlcban.
Arote of thanks wae tendered to the proprie
tors of tbeßrtgga Dense forthe tue of thepar’or
forboldlrgtbe meeting.
Mr. Hugh Ritchie suggested that steps should
be tak< n to secure a permanent place for boldine
the meeting-of tbe Society. *
Mr. George Anderson moved that a committee
be appointed to make arrangements for procuring
a suitable room for tte nee of the Society. Car
t» Tl l*-o9. h j\ nn,ta . appointed George Anderson,
Hugh Ritchie and Dugald Stewart a committee to
make the necessary arrangements 5 and the meet
ng adjourned.
Testimony Before, the Coroner’s lu>
Acting Coroner Sammerfleld yesterday held an
Inquest upon the body ofTatrick Leddy, at the
late residence of the deceased, comer of. Halsted
and DeEoren streets. The following Jury were
empanndled: John Kelson," foreman, Michael
Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan, M. C. Hickey, Hugh
Comleky, Wm. Trust, James Pumey, John Kil
leen, N. G. Sumnerfitld, Michael Doyle, Joel Lull,
John Dunn.
The following testimony was taken:
Patrick IT. Loftvf, srorn .‘—Am bridge-tender
on the Twelfth street bridge; Michael Gibbons
was my assistant; on the fid of November, as the
bridge was swinging open, deceased came upon
it; atugbad just passed, and anotherwascomiog;
be asked, “wty don’tyou turn the bridge?, you
ate no way accommodatluehe abused us still
further, and threatened to throw us both id the
river; we turned the bridge, and be still eat there
and abused us; I told him we should have to ar
rest him for being disorderly; he and Gibbons
then began talking: I said “ wc-dcm't waut any
QuarrcUrghere;” Gibbons did’nt leave the pole
till we bad shut the bridge; Leddy walked hack
again after leaving the ‘bridge: I was put
ties back tho polo, and board him say to
Gibbons, “I want you;” I turned to look
and saw Leddy knocked down; I don't know
which struck first; I told them to stop that: then
Gibbons hit him again; I separated them; Leddy
left, and 1 called him back for hie hat; I aaw Gib
bons strlke'him throe times, I tfiluk in the Jaw;
ho didn't kick him ; I didn't touch Leddy, except
in separating them; 1 pulled Gibbous back; ha
let him alose till he got up; when he got up the
Dccotd Urn**, Ltddv got holder Gibbons again*
Gibbons is generally a peaceable man; this was
the second fight he nad since coming on to the
bridge; he came on the bridge about the 17th ol
larld llay«f suom:— On election night (Not.
S), as 1 was messing the bridge, going from my
work, 1 saw the affair; saw Leddy on the float:
Leddy said to Gibbons, “I waut to see you:'*
Gibbons replied, “Wbatdo you mean, you son of
u b —h ? ” «nd walked up and struck Leddy with
his right hand; he struck him again, and Lottos
tried to separate Item; Gibbons struck him two
or I hire times while Lottos was between them;
Gibbons again knocked him do wn on the side walk;
Lcfius apparently did his utmost to separate them;
1 saw no kicking; I was two or three yards from
him: he struck him in the left jaw, with his right
Wrick Doyle Strom /—On ttc Sd of November,
I was crossing the Twelfth street bridge, and saw
Lcddy on thefloat; Lcddy said, “1 want to see
you;’* Gibbons replied, *‘What do you want, vou
eon of a b—hi'* and caught bold of him and
knocked him down: the second time, he struck
him up through Lottes’ arms; this was on tbe
south side of the bridge; Leddymade the blow
towards Gibbons flrtt; Gibbons called him that
name first, and struck him.
Hugh Cotntfky, nrom : Icame to Leddy's house
last night, and told himlbad procuredtne arrest
of tbe men who had beaten him, and I wanted some
cine before he died; he sat up In the bed, aud
said the red-haired man (Lottos) did not strike
him, but the young man did; he thought he should
soon be over with it; he was in his full senses;
be said Gibbons was the cause of hla death: he
was a sober,-.industrious man; I never saw him
drunk: 1 lived near neighbor to him; he was a
peaceable man; he enjoyed most excellent health.
Dr. Ainmerman, County r/iytician, morn: Dr.
Hatch and I made a post mortem examination of
the deceased’s body; found no marks of violence
on tbc outside of tbe body; the left side of tbe
jaw was fractured; the organs of the abdomen
were sound and healthy: the right side of the
whole lower put of the lung was solid from in
flammation ; tne canecof his death,inouoplnioo,
was inflammation of tbe lanes; he probabirdied
abonttbenlotb, tenth or twelfth day from the at
tack of tbe disease, which was recent; a bruise or
blow would cause inflammation; there were no
marks of violence, though it might have been pro
duced by a blow; a blow on tne chest would bo
apt to produce such inflammation; the disease
may have been caused by sucha blow, but I do not
know that snch was the case; tbe blows on the
jaw would have no influence in producing It.
Dr.Uatcfunrom: I saw the deceased on Mon
day, November 4; his face was so swollen that It
was difficult to look Into his mouth; 1 began to
treat him for inflammation of the longs; It was
difficult to open the mouth sufficiently to learn the
extent of the Injuries; bo was laboring under in
flammation of tbe longs during all his sickness;
I noticed it on Thursday, when It was slight; it
continued to increase until his death, of wnichlt
was the cause; a blow upon the chest might pro
duce inflammation; it might do It without pro
ducing a bruise outside.
The jury retired, and soon returned with a ver
dict that Patrick Leddy came to hie death from
injuries inflicted by Michael Gibbous. Gibbons
is row in jail, and will probably be tried at tbe
next term of tbe Circuit Court
K Is but just to state that just as the Jury
were about to return their verdict, a witness came
up who said he had heard the deceased complain
of a bad cold a day or two previous to receiving
the injuries. •
The Soldier* 3 Home,
The regular weekly meeting of the Board Of
Managers was held at the Soldiers’ Home, on
Hardolph street, yesterday afternoon, T. B. Bryan
Heq, in the chair. Owing to the continuance of
the aU-absorbing-.Northwestern Sanitary Fair, In
which the principal officers and members of the
Board were deeply interested, there bad not been
a full meeting of the Board for three weeks past;
hence an unusual amount of business claimed the
attention of the Board yesterday.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read
and adopted.
The Committee ©(lnspection reported that ovc
cmhing in the Home was in good order.
The Committee on Donations acknowledged
tbe receipt of 25 £>s. coffee from Morris, Cloyes &
Co., 45 LaSalle street • $8 60 cash from the Berian
Baptist school; a barrel of flour from Mrs. J. 8.
Fuller; a quantity of vegetables from the Sanitary
Commission, by Mrs. Bornham; 5 barrels of flour
and four loads of cabbages.
On motion It was decided that the salatyof the
Superintendent and Matron be increased from
five to six hundred dollars, the increase to com
mence next week.
Dr. Hollister,the competent attending physician,
reported having prescribed for SOS patients at the
Borne, during the month, of whom 50 were wound
ed soldiers from Chickamsuga. There had been
but one death during the month—that of Richard
Gaunt, who died Oct. 16, of dropsy. There are
six permanent invalid soldiers at present at the
Borne, who will be permitted to remain for the
present, or until farther arrangements can be made
lor them.
The Treasurer reported the total expenses of
the Home, for the past month, as being $553 77.
Mrs. Fargo stated that she expected to be ab
sent irom the city for a few weeks, and suggested
that some lady be appointed to serve as Secretary
during her absence. Mrs, Bnmham was nnaaf
The visiting Committee for the ensuing week
was appointed, embracing Mrs. Dr. Blaln, Mrs.
Allen, and Mrs. Fuller.
jest’s report.
The following items were embraced in the re
port of the Superintendent for the month of Oc
tober: Total arrivals, 1,167; departures, 1,150;
remaing,l7,of whomTareinvallds. The following
shows the number of visitors from the several
States, daring the month, Ac.: Illinois 1,998
meals and 730 lodgings; Wisconsin 2,191 and 710;
Michigan 162 and 62; New York JW and 35; Ken
tucky IC7 and 51; Ohio 150 and 40; Minnesota 380
and 150; Indiana 106 and 36; Vermont 63 and 20;
lowa 170 and 59; Missouri 85 and 9; Canada 15
and 8; Pennsylvania 19 and 6; Kansas 4 and 1;
Massachusetts 4 and 1; Connecticut 20 and 7. To
tal meals supplied. 6,905; lodgings, 1,918.
' The report for the week ending November 13,
showed the number of arrivals to be 402. depar
tures S9O-remaining 12. Meals famished 895,
lodgings 273.
The representatives of the Press present were
requested to publish a call for good, sweet coun
try butter, so heartily relished by the soldiers, and
so scarce in the city, and also to suggest that pro
posals will be received from botchers in the city
and vicinity, for supplying the Home with meat of
different kinds. Donations of either of these ar
ticles would be most gratefully received.
There being no farther business, the meeting
adjourned. __________
T7. S. Circuit Count— Before Hon. Thomas
Hrununond, Judge.— No. 580, default and judg
No. 592—Default and judgment.
Nos. 508 and 690, heretofore consolidated, by
agreement set down for hearing; bills, replica
ions, answers, proofs and exhibits filed.
Superior Court —Before Hon. Joseph E. Gary.
—No. 961—Default and judgment, order of writ of
No. 831—Assessed at $79.82, andjodgment.
No. 812—Default and Judgment, S3,(M). *
No. 1,015—0n motion of plaintiff's attorney, dis
missed at plaintiff's cost.
No. I,ooo—Disposed of in the same manner.
No. 618—Motion of defendant to quash capias
overmlecL Defendant excepts; time set to Mon
day next.
No. 962—Del suit and judgment, $239.58.
No. 70S—Plaintiff enters motion to strike pica
from files. *
No. SlC—Defendant's attorney comes and with
draws his appearance.
No 225—0n affidavit of defendant filed, cause
continued at defendant’s cost.
No. 281—Submits to court Ibr trial; Jury
waived by agreement; finding for plaintiff, $36.96,
Judgment entered.
No. 215—Submitted to court for trial: finding
for plaintiff $255,66: Judgment entered.
Co un tt Court— Before Hon . J. B. Bradwdl,
Judge.— The motion for anew trial in the matter
of inquisition of the lunacy of Nancy Ferris, was
overruled by reason of its not having been made
curing the term in which judgment was ren
Estate of John A. Washington—Renunciation of
Edward T. Turner, one of the executors, filed and
entered on record. _• _ . : . ,
Estate of Win. T. Barron—Claim of Wm. Devine
allowed, _ • „ „
Recorder’s Court —'Before Hon. E. Tanßaren.
Judge— Criminal Law— Seaman vs. Wright etal.
Jury discharged. . ...
Taylor vs. Gorman—Motion to re-instate over
- Lawrence vs. Schmidt—Submitted to the Court;
evidence heard, judgment for defendant; motion
for new trial ovtrrulcd.
Gilbert vs. Sherwood—continued on motion of
defendant. ■ ’ . „
Criminal Law— People vs. Emma Johnson—de
fendant discharged for want of prosecution.
The Court adjourned yesterday afternoon, till
the next term, which opens on the first Monday
in December.
Arrivals at the Soldiers’ Home, yes
terday, Nov. 7,1868:
P Clark, D Davis, 96th IU; B Bear, Bth
Wis; E 8 Kinney, 14th Wls; J tt Vandlne, 14th
Iowa: LShammer, 22d Wls; C Sutton, Jst Wls;
J Ballon, 18thWls; T Frederick, 27thWls; Vat
Holler,7th Wls; H. Warner, DEBatterflela.l4th.
Iowa: AOBall, 83d Iowa; JMUIs, A WTlbblts.
J a Finley. J H Robertson, Lueb L B Beach, F
Spur rier, 14tb Iowa; A V Lacey, H Cabhert. SSih
Iowa; Sam Elliott, 127 th 1U; A Deri, 96th Hi; G
Newton, 76th 111; M. J. Nevil, 100 th IU; G.
Eider, lOOlhNew York; R. Alien, UthDl ;E.
Winch eiL 251h Wls.; W.T. Saddler, 16th Wls.;
G. W. Madden, 2d Iowa; N. T. Sanbury, 4th Min;
W. A. Bucbar, 8. O. Seaman, S.M. Carr, H- W.
Streeter, W. J. Ricker, W. H Guyon, 14th lowa.
Ladies' Heetbso To day.— The ladles in
terested in the dinner* for the benefit of the Nor
eery and Haif* Orphan Asylum, are requested to
meet at half past two o'clock this afternoon, to
ccmplfcte arrangements. A foil attendance la re
quested at the Ladies* War Committee Booms,cor.
ncx of StateandßandolphstrceU, *
The Winter Bellntd Time TAhle,
Below we publish the time of arrival and de
partnro of passenger trains upon the several raill
roads centering in this city. We congratulate
the business and traveling public upon the adop
tion of hours so general]/acceptable, and which
we are confident will prove more advantageous to
the companies in over/ respect, thin those of last
winter. - •'
The new time table takes effect on Sunday next
at noon. (The St. Louis and Chicago Railroad
will charge in about two weeks:)
aacaxaiw csniral—dipot tootof lake street.
dxpxbt. arrive.
Detroit Express C:80 a. m. 6:00 a. m.
Detroit Express -..5:40 pm. 10:80 am.
Detroit Express 10:00 p.m.. 10:80 p.m.
Morning Express 6:80 a. a. 10:83 p.m.
Night Express 5:40 p. m. 6:U) a. m.
. 0:80 a. m. 10.30 p. m.
. 6:45 p.m. 0:00 a.m.
.10:00 p.m. 10:30 p.m.
Evening Express.
Night Express...
•Union Depot, West Side, near Madison st Bridge.
Day Express 0:00 a. m. 0:15 p. m.
Night Express 7:40 p.m. 9:00 a.m.
Day Express 6:00 a. m. 9:15 p. m.
Nigbt Express..- 7:40 p.m. 9:00 a.m.
Horning Express.; .. 6:00 a.m. 10:89 p.m.
Night Express 6:80 p.m. 10:40 a.m.
Accommodation 4:00 a.m. 9:15 p.m.
8:80 p.m. 9:30 p.m*
8:45 am. 7:60 am,
Mail Paesecger 830 a. m. &00 a. m.
Night Faest ncer 8:45 p, m. 7:50 p. m.
Joiieiacd WUmingtonAc
commodation 4:00 p.m. 6:60 a.m.
DsyExprcssardUoU 9:15 Am. 4:45 p.m.
Night Express ..11:80 p.m. 4.45 Am.
Joliet Accommodation.... 4:00 p.m. 9:4OAm.
Day Expn ss and Ma 11..... 8:30 a. m. 0:85 p. m.
Night Express 11:30 p.m. 5:45 a.m.
Accommodation 4:00 p.m. 10:10 a.m.
Fulton Passenger 9:00 a. m. 4:40 p. m.
Fulton Passenger 31:40 p. m. 4:30 a. m.
Freeport Passenger ....9.00a.m. 4:40 p.m.
Freeport Passenger 11:80 p. m. 2:45 a. m.
Rockford,Elgin, Fox Elver
and State Lino 4:00 p.m. 11:10asl
Geneva Passenger .6:50 p.m. 8.30 Am.
Day Express
Night Passenger.
Way Passenger..
. 6:00 a.m. 8:80 p.m.
.11:30 p.m, 6:80 Am.
,4:15 p.m. 12:20 p.m.
St Paul Express... 8.00 a.m. 8:30 p.m.
Milwaukee Accom*tion..4B:l6p. m
Milwaukee Express 6:00 p.m. 11:20 a.m.
Mail 11:30 p. m. 5:30 am.
WaukeganAccom’tlon.... 5:00 p.m. 8:50 a.m.
Met the Soldiers Hear of It.
Messrs. Enirons: The late Northwestern Falf
stands as a noble proof of the Interest oar
communities feel In their soldier boys. It*
was so general in Us sources, so lavish
in its bounty, so generous in. its resalts,
that it is i portion of the Mstoiy of this period
which deserves a bright and prominent record.
Is it not desirable that the soldiers shall hear it
and adequately loani how strikligaproef it was
of the interest and affection that is felt for them
among the people They can only incompletely
gain tola xrom the public press, receiving, as they
do, bat scattered copies. My proposition is. tbit
the Sanitary Commission be made the agency of
distribution of a full pamphlet report of the North
western Fair, to be carefully and suitably col
lated andediicoTbom tbe published records of the
occasion. Lettne expense of this be met by a
special Bind of cnx thousand dollars, which
w ill be soificient for thepotpose. It can be easily
raised, and I think that nine other persons may be
found who will, with me, subscribe one hundred
dollars apiece, not to refuse smaller sums, and a
larger list of subscribers, It will be an outlay
which will bring valuable results, and carry to oar
soldiers in their camps voluminous and tangible
p:ooI of the loyally that possesses the people. Let
mo urge the proposition upon yonr llbeial readers,
and invite a prompt response. Tours. A.
Chicago, Nov. 13.
Grand Dinner to the Soldiers oi Camp
In view of the fact, that the Union Soldiers at
Camp Donglas did cot receive a dinner as it was
announced they would, at the Great Northwestern
Fair, recently held in Bryan Hall, and inasmuch
as the Michigan Sharpshooters, under command
of Col. De Land, are about to leave for the battle
field, after having so faithfully discharged their
many and arduous duties as guards of a prison
camp, tbe Union ladles propose to give to the sol
diers at Camp Douglas a grand dinner on Thors
sat, mx Ibrn xnst. In order that the dinner
maybe a success, and that the soldiers mayhs
entertained as they deserve to be. It will be neccs
saiy that contributions be made of meats, turkics,
chickens, potatoes, parsnips, turnips, cabbages,
beets, pickles of all kinds, bread, batter, fruits,
pies, cakes, tea, sugar, coffee,—and. In fact, every
thing that goes to make up a good dinner.
It will be necessary that many things must be
provided by the Committee, and in order to do
that, they must be famished with money. Tbe
ladles wish to make this dinner a grandovatloa to
the soldiers of Camp Douglas. The ladles, there
fore. very respectfully solicit contributions of ev
eiy kind. Contributions msy be left at tbe music
store of Boot A Cady, Clark street; at Seed’s
Temple of Music, Randolph street: Jaa.fl. Hoes’
Jeweler. Lake street and at Mrs. Franklin’s, No.
8, Eldrldge Court. Forties wishing to contribute
will please leave notice at either of the above
named places, stating where their contributions
may be had, and the Committee will call for them.
Contributions must be handed in by Wednesday
evening, the 16tb Inst.
Please be prompt and liberal In yonr donations,
which will please the soldiers, and greatly oblige
Tax Committee.
A Fine Collection ofEograylogs,
Messrs. Foster & Jeckinson, of 124 Clark street,
have received a new assortment of very line litho
graphs, mtzxoUnt and lino engravings, which
those who arc interested In this splendid depart
ment of art, will do well to examine at the earliest
period. Neatly all the engravings are either ar
tists' or India proofs; and besides these, there is
a really excellent and brilliant collection or chro
mo-lithographs for inspection and sale. These
embrace nearly every variety of subject within
the range of art. There are some beautiful en
gravings from Eensett; from fro La Roche, es
pecially the “ Beatrice Cenci on the night before
the execution,” which Is grandly executed and
very effective; two or three India proofs of
Church's “ Heart bf the Andes,” engraved by For
rest, and of which there are no prints cat at
present; some seven or eight of Ary Scheffer's
best; many fine engravings and mezzotints from
Mnrlllo, of which the “ Immaculate Conception,”
from Marshal Sonlt's painting, is the best; some
good ones from Mallacs, of the Prcraphaclite
school; some exquisite pictures from Mollier's
plays; two very .wonderful steel engravings by
Mercury, (very rare,) one, the “ Queen of Hunga
ry,” worth, In proof, one hundred and fifty dol
lars. The handling is masterly, and the detaii of
each extraordinary fineness and so rich in color,
that the print, to anamateur, would -be cheap at
almott any price. The other engraving by this
artist is “Jane Grey at the Block.**
How that winter Is coming on, and drawing
room visitors will want amusement, those who
can afford it should make np a portfolio for their
benefit and Instruction as well as for their own.
They will never regret the money, and what is
more, they may never again have a chance of
choosing from so rich a collection.
XLe Art Gallery.
Another week has been added to the time orig
inally allotted for the duration of the exhibition
atthis Gallery. Since the close of the Fair, many
now pictures have been added to the collection,
and every day proves, by the great inflax of visit
ors, that onr citizens appreciate the treasures
which it contains.
There is no longer the rush and crash which
characterized the gallery. during the Fair time.
Those, therefore, who visit it now have an oppor
tunity of inspecting the pictures at their leisure,
without being subjected to the annoyance of jost
ling, or of being jostled, by their neighbors. Ic
will be well also to remember that all the funds
taken at this exhibition will go to swell the re
ceipts of the Fair, and that every quarter helps. -
pT The Boston Traveler x in its remarks upon
the introduction Into that city of the” Nitrous
Oxyd Gas/* as an anesthetic, by Hr. Munson, at
the dental rooms of Drs. Flagg & Osgood, for the
painless extraction’of defective teeth, asserts
that the patient recovers from the sleep which it
produces in a few minutes, and finds, to his aston
ishment and delight, that the aching tooth has
been removed, while he was unconscious of
everything bnt the enjoyment of rapturous
dreams. The nitrous oxyd, besides creating an
utter oblivion of all pain, acts wonderfully as a
medical agent on the system. It is rapidly super
ceding all other methods which dentists have
hitherto adopted.
One of the first to profit by this new discovery
was Hr. Munson, of Hew York, a dentist of emi
nent skill, who early perceived its remarkable
properties. He immediately commenced to use
it, atd from that time to this has met with credi
ble success. Hever has he felled, and In every
case the nitrons oxyd was highly extolled by
those subjected to its influence. We have been
present while those gentlemen have performed
operations, and found that the nitrous oxyd
equals the highest expectations that have
formed of it.: Quick and sure In its results, It is
inapproachable for dental purposes.
We would add tliat Dr. Hasson is now In CM-'
cago, and receiving calls at the dental rooms of
Dr. T. P. Abell, 144 Lako street. As he remains
with ns but for & brief period, none should lose
time in availing themselves of his skill, which is
amply endorsed by the Eastern press, as well as
by gentlemen eminent in the medical profession,
as shown by letters in his possession. We be
speak for the Dr. success here coequal with that
of the Eastern States.
New Miutabt Jouskal.—“The Army
and Navy Journal—a Gazette of the Eegular aid
Volunteer Forces,” is probably the best military
journal now published, and should be in the bands
of every one who would beep posted on mflltsry
natters. It has received the approval of the most
distinguished navy and military officers, and la
really an honor to itself and to the service, both
regular and volunteer. My Sitwell Harris, the
agent, is now canvassing the city for'snbscribarr*
and we bespeak for him a liberal list.
PsODrCE Mkk chants,—Among the numer
ous branches of produce furnished In this city,
none appear more generally useful than potatoes
and apples, forming, as they do, so necessary a
part of the consumption of every family. To ob
tain a regular supply of first rate qualities is a de
sideratum not to be overlooked; and in order (0
accomplish this end Messrs. B. Hanson A Co-pro
duce commission merchants of 197 South Water
Street, ia this city, are using their best endeavors.
From their extensive connection throughout the
country they are certainly in a position to succeed,
and our wholesale and retail dealers will conse
quently do well to give them a trial, aa they may
at all£tlmes depend upon careful apd prompt at
McVickbr’s Theatre.—At the Matinee
this afttrnoou three beautiful pieces will be pre
sented, Kiss Hfght appearing as tho Dumb Boy,
in the Broken Sword, and bar fine character, with
songs and dances, in In and Ont of Place. Ur.
Myers will fight for Twenty Minutes with a
Tiger, Ur. Bainford being the tiger. This Is cer
tainly a well selected entertainment. Miss
Coombs continues to crowd the theatre each
night with her refined acting, and she is ably sup
ported by Ur. Evans and tho entire company. Sho
appears this evening as Mrs. Haller.
Another Through Luce.—'The Cincinnati
and Chicago Air Line Railroad Company hare just
effected the purchase of a charter which will give
thcmcompletecontrol of the entire line between
Chicago and Cincinnati. This important arrange
ment baa been affected through the Instrumentali
ty of John Brandt, Jr., Superintendent, who Is us-,
ing erery tffoit to put the line la the best running
Chicago Gymnasium.—The second grand
exhibition of the season will be given at this pop
ular place of physical training, on Monday eve
ning, Not. 16. Commencing at 7tf o'clock with a
lectnrebyFrof. Andrews, U. D. Admission 25
cents. Tickets for sole at the door.
Attention l Dearborn Light Altillert.
All members ore commanded to meet at the
Armory this evening at 7# o’clock, to be Inspect
ed by tbo Adjutant General of tho State.
Jas. Sjoto, Captain.
Per order,
Dr. Bigelow.—A large proportion of the hu
man race suffer more or less from venereal dis
eases or their concomitants. The taint, once ac
quired. is often left to lurk In the blood, and man
ifests itself through succeeding generations. The
great fault ol the age Immediately preceding this
was that this frightful class of diseases were
combatted only in their symptoms, which being
once subdued, the patient was declared cored,
though the deadly virus was still unexpaugod
from the system. Fortunately for humanity, a
better etate of things baa been inaugurated, and
the increased knowledge acquired by the foremost
In the ranks of medical practitioners, enables
them to strike at the very roots of the disorder.
Prominent among these is Dr. Bigelow, who has
devoted the labor of bis life to the discovery of
the means of totally eradicating the venereal taint,
and leaving the patent as free as before infection.
That he has succeeded, his thousands of former
patients testify; that be still succeeds, his large
present practice plainly proves. Dr. Bigelow is
one among the very few specialists now practis
ing, who are able to do what they promise—work
a speedy cure. Ho can do this, and that In a safe
ana speedy manner, without danger or exposure.
His rooms are located at No. 179 Clark street, on
the corner of Monroe. Vhlt his, all ye who are
afflicted. Yon cannot afford to remain awar.
Remarkable Care of Throat Disease.
I had Buffered severely with a Chronic Throat
Disease, which was making fearful and rapid pro*
grcsß, when a few months ago I went East and
consulted several eminent physicians bat without
material or permanent benefit.
In almost despair, and with little faith, I placed
mystlt under toe treatment of Dr. L Winslow
Ayer of the Chicago Throat and Long Institute,
(McCormick’s building, corner Randolph and
Dearborn streets) and in the coarse of a few weeks
Dr. Ayer has effected an entire care. My throat is
well. Mr general health is excellent. I speak
with perfect easeand hive gained more than fif
teen pounds in weight. I rccommendDr. Ayer to
my friends with entire confidence.
Daniel L. Patch,
no!2-p745-3t Conductor O. B. A Q. R. R.
9Sf~ Wc caR the attention of our readers to the
advertisement of Plays by McNally & Co.. 81
Dearborn street. novl4-PB9i-lt
A beautiful Complexion, free from Tan,
Pimples and Freckles, may easily be procured by
oslngthe “Balmof a Thousand Flowers. 11 For
shaving it is unsurpassed. It la composed of palm
oil, booty, and other valuable articles, highly
perfumed by its own ingredients, and when need
for washing, night and morning, renders the skin
soft and white, and free from memlsh. Price CO
cents. For sale by Smith & Dwter. Lake street,
Chicago. ang29-M-WA Sat eow-Sm
X3?~ See notice to Grain Shippers, Ac., Ac., in
to-day's new advertisements.
the New American Organ, with tremola attach
ment. Finished In fifteen different styles. Ele
gantly pollahed in rosewood for parlor use. Also
in Black Walnut and Oak for Churches, Schools,
lodges, Ac. Every instrument warranted for five
years. For sail, wholesale and retail, by W. W.
Kimball, 142 Lake street. noG-lm
Nervous Diseases and Physical Debility,
arising from Specific causes, la beth sexes- new
and reliable treatment. In reports of the Howard
Association—sent In sealed letter envelope froo of
charge. Address, Dr. J. flkflhti Houghton, How
ard Association, No. 9 South Ninth street Phila
delphia, Pa. • auai-Sm
Go vo thx Best— Go to Brtastp A Stratton’s
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
practical business education. For circulars ad
dress (enclosing stamps) Bbtaxt A Sibattoh,
Chicago, Hlipola.
Fetdat Etentno, Nov. IS. 1663.
Tbemoceyimarket for yesterday with tbe excep
tion of a Blight change In gold, might almost as well
be repeated fer to-day. Money consumes very close
with a heavy active demand. Bankers supply cus
tomers to. a liberal extent, bat the calls are much
larger and louder than thsbaik parlor gentlemen
are disposed to satiety. Discounts very firm at 10 per
Hew York exchange If anything is a shade closer;
but prices are the same as yesterday, viz: par®#
tnjlnE; 3-16®# selling,the lower figure byStnrges*
Sons to customers. The demand Is active.
Gold opened In Hew York at 930 A. M, 147; 1030
147#: H. 147#; I P. M , 117#; the same figures ruling
to the close. The haying price here was 1453116#,
usually the lower figure.
Sliver 135(3140. Canada 115-6-20 coupons 115#.
Legal Tender cotes are still scarce and in very ac
tive demand. Baying 1-B®#: selling #@#.
Fxtst Hat zonal Bans at Mahion, lowa.—a Ha
tlonal Bank has been established at Marlon, lowa.
The Register of that place says;
All the parties Interested are men long known here
In whose reaps no enterprise hss ever tailed, sad the
public will agree with‘os that in their management
the people c*n he sore of as sound as institution as
any In the country, ana for as libe.al and upright
course of dealing as could be desired. The Directors
are Hon. N. W. Isbell JJoseph Mentzer, A. J. McKean
William Ccok.j.F, Hervey, D T. McAfee ana R l>.
Stephens, or these, Joseph Mentzer lathe President,
ana R. D. Stephens the Cashier.
Gentlemen here acquainted with the officers assure
ns that tie complimentary notice ol the Register Is
entirely Inst, and that theywlll make theUatltutloa
one of the best In the West. H. Doolittle Esq., Ban
ker, Ko. 40 Clark street, is the Chicago correspondent
of the Bank.
At St*. Lons,—K. Y. Exchange scarce and trans
actions ranges at i-s cent, discount to par bating
andetlllog. Monetary affairs dull.
At Philadelphia.—Ho change in monetary mat
ters. Money 4&6 F cent.
At Cincinnati.— Tha Gazette says; There Is no
pressure in tne money market, but there Is a steady
demand for loans, and this, with the ttsoal arrange
ments by the pork trade for accommodations, prom
ises the bankers all the business in the line of dis
count that la desirable lor the present and immediate
future. For the fllrac time la many months, it may
now be said, that there is fall employment for money,
and some or the lenders think the oemanlmay get to
te in excess of the supply; but It must be recollected
that a large amount cf currency has already been
transferred to the interior, to move tne hog crop,
which is now being paid out, and will soon begin to
return through the channels of trade.
Tun Bask op Posruo.-The Detroit Advertiser
rats: We are informed that certain parties hava
bought the old charter of ihe Bank of Pontiac—
another of the wild cats of ancient times—and have
commenced the business of banking in that city. We
do not know that any men of any prominence are
connected with the movement. Aayet. they have
issued no hills, but we presume It is tha intention ul
timately to establish a circulation. Of coarse, no man
In his senses will tver lend the slightest encourage
ment to the speculation by receiving or paying out
the bills of any inch InslUnthn,
Hew Fork Stock and Money Market-Hot. 13
STocss-Second board closed stronger.
Sulcksllvcr 61# i A. A T.H 62
Y.C IS3 111, C. Scrip ".in#
Erie. 103# C.A P...... .....j(»y
Eriepfd 101 iG. A C ...lO7V
Harlem.. 96 C.AT...V, ......116
Reading J23# IC. AB. I .....105#
M, C. 424 JP.Ft. W.&C * 83#
IS: I “• 4 p - Da c -
eovsmraxsT stocks.
U.s.fs’Sl coup 109 ll year cert, new 93#
7-30*8 .106K<3107 1 1
Monet—Market a shade easier and good demand.
Sterling Exchange closed dull at 161#®161V.
Gold without decided change—opening at 47#, de
ckling to 147#, advancing to 14734, clo3ng weak at
Feidat Evening, Nov. 13,1563.
The following table shows the receipts and ship
meats during the past twenty-foor hours:
Flour. Wbeac. Com. Oats. Bye. Brly
„ brls. bn. bn. bn. bn. bu.
GACUBB.... 1314 34000 653 9899 t»3 387
BIRR. 420 '5950 2150 6000 .... 1000
U1C88...... 1050 TOO
C8AQR8..... 473 4550 4375 5243 730 ....
NWBB.. 1255 9950 .... 8600 850 2000
AA&tLRB.... 400 3630 3330 635 880 ....
Cm. Air Line 3150
Total**** .... 3831 42230 11557 25372 21C3 4467
Grass Live Beef Tal-
Seed. Bogs. Wool. C’ttls. Bides low.
• _ at. wo. Bi. wo. Bs. lbs.
G4COSH... 13C20 48T0 22099 112 ....
8188. 1023 2CI 4UO ..
H1C88... - 1500 CSOO 208 54M 1500
C8AQR8..... 9685 4534 886 466 31390 33374
NWER %20 1810 6150 190 49520 1000
AABtLRB.... 4tßo 310 96C1 .... 8151 ....
Cln. Air Line...
T0ta1...36155 1t067 23U7 U77 11TO6 4»tl
Floor. Wheat. Com. Oats. Bye. Barry
tola. bn. bn. bn. do,- bn,
TO Buffalo 8000 84225 15100 41625
To Oswego 46125
ToOgdensbnrg 2SSOO 5025
To outer porta.... 10 .... 84500 ICOO
The slight Improvement In gold to-day caused an
Increased speculative demand forneariy all kinds of
produce to-day, and this, along with a decline In
freights, stimulated the markets somewhat, and prices
opened higher; bnt towards the close the demand
became very light, and the advance In prices was not
The Flour market was doll and drooping, and the
transactions were unusually light at »6.50®3.T3 for
White Winter Extras; *5 65 for Bed 'Winter Extras;
and tS.OCdS.7S for Spring Extras-tho market closing
The Wheat market ruled active and prices advanced
le V bushel at the opeiflng; hat towards the close It
fell hade and closed quiet. Upwards of 130,000 bush
els charged hands at 11.1481.18 for No 3. Red? ft 01
for Selected Bed ; 9U881.10 for No 1 Spring; 91048
I.o6j<for No S Spring- and 9Sc for Rejected Spring—
tbemuketat the dose being quiet. with sellers of
No 1 Spring at sl.oß#, and bnjers at 91 (8.
Corn opened qnlet and the transactions were light
at ESQBSKC for No 2, and 858360 lor Nol Com in store
—the market dosing firm at the outside figures. Be*
Jected Com was cold it [email protected]
Oats opened buoyant and about lc V bushel blgter;
but the advance was not sustained, and the market
dosed quiet. Upwards of 90,000 bushels werejsold
at 648&HC for No 1, and 62®G5c lor No 2 Oats in store
—doting at 64K&64XC for No 1.
Bye was quiet at 95c for No 1, and 93e tor No 2 In'
store. Barley was inactive—a Ith trifling sales of No
Thirewaaa more active demand tor Highwlnes,
and the market advanced 2c9 gallon—with 8/m of
about 1,100 bils at JB®s3c 9 gallon.
Provisions wero quit! but firm, Tbsro U qalfa an
active inquiry for Hess Porh.particnlary ou Canadian
account, and the market is firm—with buyers at |i j.oo
and l ellers at 515.K5317.00. The offerings at toy price,
tow ever,are very light. A lot of I,*» brls old U.O.Pork
was sold at SIS JO. Pickled llamr continue in good re.
finest and firm at Be, at which x rice we note tales to
day cfStOtrcs.* There Is very UUle doing In Bulk
Meats, but were port a sale to-day of 3,6(0 pcs SSonl-
Cers, 35 days in sc, loose. There Is eot-lar
doing jet In English Meats. Short Bib Middles were
offered to-day at 3jtfo3j<c, without buyers. Lard Is
active and In goou request, with sales of MO tecs
prime steam rendered Leaf at lie. Same holders re
fute to sell below ll^c.
Brewed Hogs were more actlre to-day ata aha fe
Idghorprlces-with sales at *4 0005.00, according to
weight. U< ary Hoge were m good demand at $3 50®
5.75, and Bacon Hogs at $4.5005.25.
Freights were dun aad lower—with light engage
mt nta at 6KO7c fbr corn to Bnffalo: and 10c for wheat
to Oswego.
•In Beef Cattle the entered sales for the day amount
to 1,39# head, at prlcr s ranging from SMS®4.M perlOO
tts. The gemral character of the stock luthe varus
has been better than usual, and under the Influence
of a fair demand from packers aad shippers, we note
«n advance upon jeettrday's quotations, on medium
aud prime stock, of 10915 c per ICO as. i Q hrgj, the
receipts for the tfay’&mouDtod to about 19,009, and the
enteredisalts. 19 684. On light and medium stuck
prices bate declined 10015 c, hut on prime qaaliusa’
the quotations of yesterday have been
Review of tho New Fork Grocery' Market,
[From the N. T. Slipping List, inn )
Sugar-This article continues gradually to advance*
a*d the market remains very firm, the tendency otlar
still towards tmprovemenr.bnt at the high range wblcE
prices have now reached there Is less activity the de.
mana being cooflued to the Immediate wants oi refi
ners and tbo trade. The stock is quite light, and hoi *,
era maintain a firm attitude,' offering their Minnl'es
spatlntly. lUflued also is higher, and we now quote
(other than Stuarts) 17c for bird. iSkaiswc for soft
wlltr. and 14*015*0 for yellow. The sales laelnie
IJ2C bhCsCuha at
14*<c;8 rlanfled Now Orleans. cash ; 215 hhJs U
tea and S3 tula Enell-h Islands, Uomerara. Barba tna*
4C,) 12*014 c •" 4M hhds Martinique, zl
clarineo do, iskv; 2o st. Domlnjo, sac? IUO cerooas’do
12* c ; lOObapßManlis.lSc.tmoa: 9,309 do, 12c caiht
and 5,073 bisUavana, iZCsUSf. 4 mos. By auction 41
bxs Havana, (lightly dam*ged,Boldatl2*c.ana'23;i
bhcsNew Orleans, 12*0i3ctf, cash. *
Bzport.frcmJaa.ltoOct.3l 1363. 1353
Muscovado, hhds. 57x6
Havana, bxs 4195 I’tw
Manila, Ac.,bags 100 none
Refined, ICO ft SIOH
teeaquletslAeeourl.st, Me dcaaad having fallen
off. The rail lire 294 hbds, Porto Rico. pan at 63*
100 Barbados* 62 : 363 Cuba Musejvaao. 50059- 511
aids sue 41 ties Clayed Cuba, pare 44? 437 bm ifer
Uihais4s®6s 4 mca. *
Corm-We again reduce mr quotations of Brazil
hsifaceotVft. thowaiket being quite dull and fa-
TbZlxgbuycnfor all descriptions, except Jars, for
whlca fn:i prices have ceeu reaJzed We notice
3 714 btg» Bio. nerLf»ette\atßlXc: 4 067 do 9 Car
psnero.siKc; 213 do.SuKSl.thoiuwer rata for Akim
mines; SOU mats J ate, 40.4 mos; 50 bags SADouuuiro
21; ICO Uarscsiboand IGO
daod4ooVsrsealbo, on terms rot made public Tao
stcckofßlolntba country, as made no by Masits
yt. ecati & Bon. la 50,637 bsgs. Tlx: 46 6i7 ban cere
aid 4 200 atßsltlmoie. ** •
Export from Jam. 1 to Oct. SI—
-19T3. pkg». 18-143 *1363 pkgs. 71921
Tea— Since our last the market has been very quiet
again, and thorgh there Is no particular change to
tote ln_prlco», tco tendency is evidently In buyers’
favor. The anlvals of Greeu within a short time, from
China sod England, reach about 50,000 hf, cbe»t«, a
laige portionofwldch was not expected at present,
seme of the vessels being ont of time, and it was sup
posed capture dby privateers. We thoroughly revise
ouruotailoDs, conformingasheretofore to the China
classification Tte only aales wo have to notice are
820 iff. chests Oolonsr, in English order, and smaller
parcels Green and Block, within our range.
Kio»— A moccrate demand exists for home use, aad
tbf re (s an occasional Inquiry for export, bat the mar
ket generally is inactive.- the sales are 5T5 bags Ran
goon at 87 25; ono 200 do. la bond, $5.13x5 33 cash.
Philadelphia Provision Market—Nor. 11.
Tbe market for the hog product generally u bet
ter and moxe active, with sacs of pork, la lots at
$1540016 00 for old me*B; |l6 50417.50 brl for
new, now held at tbe highest figures. Beef is steady
at $12(916 for western and city mess. Bacon nss ad
vanced, but the vecraud 1b confines to shoulders and
sices, at 707X0 for the former end B®3«c for tbe lat
ter. Nett ing doing tu bams. Green meats are scarce
and wanted at full prices. We quote Hama la salt at
9>4o?9*c, and Shoulders at CHQGXc. Lard is firmly
beta, with farther eales of b-Isana tierces at ll&c. and
kegßatl2oi2Mc. Some holders ask more. Bauer is
in belter aemend, selllug more uwely at 13423 c for
Pennsylvania aon Ohio, and 27(330c lor good and
choice Goshen. Cheese is wantsd and commands 133
16c 9 tt. Eggs are better and selling at 25c V dozen
Pittsburgh Petroleum 9larket-*Xor. 13.
"WMi light receipts, and a continued fair demand,
principally for shipment, crude is steady bat without
quotable change In value. T(-e sales were moderate,
aL'grpc&tlngl.ftiSDrls. Os follows- brl* In bulk at
15c; 125 bris at l!c, packages returned; and 100 and 200
bris at 21c, packages incladed. Kcflned continues to
rale very dull, and prices are gradnally declining
There Is no remand whatever for bonded, and we an
derstand toatsomo holders are offering to*ellat 33c,
Free oil is more Inquired for, but at a lower range of
prices, SCO bris have been reported at 18c, and 200 at
47c. Naptha and Rcsldtam are dull, but In tbe absence
of sales, we omit quotations.
Friday Evening, Nor. 18,1363.
PEEF CATTLE-rThe receipts at the various yaris
during tie «’ay amount to about 3400 head, and the
entered sales to 1,890. The character of the stock In
the yards to-day has been considerably above the
average to point of quality, and the result has been
an active and quick tale at fnlly an advance on yes*
terday’s rates ofSOMcPlCOtts. The recelptsof medium
and prime ctock for some time past, and especially
cowthatourclilefpocklDghoasesarela very active
operation, are cot heavier than are needed fbr our
owncocsumptiOD, Independent of which there Is a
ftlr shipping dunand, under the Influence of which
prices have ruled for some weeks unusually steady,
and at figures which In comparison a Ith previous sea
eons are considerably In favor of. producers. A bet
ter lot of medium stock has not been in the yards for
some time than that on sale ,tc-day,aad among other
really gcod droves we especially note one of in
steers, fed by J. Gregory, of Lexington, McLean coun
ty, wlo Is well known in this market fbr bringing
In prime stock, tbe average weight of which was
1477 ftp, and sold to Messrs. Hancock at $4.00, and
ILOO f) head extra; also a lot of 15 steer#, from Janes
ville, "Wisconsin, sold at tbe Fort Wayne yards by
Messrs. Bump A Gray, to Rosenthal, averaging 1,437
»s, at $4.15; and a lot of S3 steers, fed by Bloe, of
Morgan coonty, avt raging3,soo Da, sold to Green
banm.at $5-00 V head. There has betn a smaller pro
portion of thin, poor stock in the market, for which
there la only a limited demand.
J. Gregory ecld Hancock in extra Illinois Steers av.
L 277 bp, at $4.00, and 81 per head extra.
Frye a Co. cole Borland 19 ay. 1,019 Be, at 82 70
Blackburn sold Hancock 51, ay. 1,123 Bs. at 83.56:
and 122 av. U32 bp. at <3 73. * *
St ever son told Hancock 16. av. 1/23 Ba. at 82.10.
White sold Fawcett 12, av 11315 bp, at 83 50.
Font sold Rankin 59. av. 1.203 Ba. at $3 50.
Hastings bought of Adams 78 ay 973 BS at 82 00: of
Wltxall 50 ay. SCOBB at $335; ot Harris S3 ay. 975 Bs
*Wft sold Hashes 42 av. VIB Bs at 83.12 K.
Moon solo Gretnhanm 16 ay. 1,132 bs at 83 63.
Bump A Graj sold Kosentdal 15 ay. 1487 Bs at 8115.
Worn sold Rosenthal 50 av 1.075 Fs at 83 40.
Bine sola Greenbaum S3 av. I,sooßsiat 860 00per
Acams sold Fawsett 13 av. 1,153 Bs at!B2 30.
Acams sold Downing 20av. fro Ba at tiOO
Pierce A Morton told Rosenthal 80 ay. 1,217 Bs at
Sprague sold Hancock 36 av 1.105 bs at 83.50.
Cooper sold Newgasa 83 av. 1,130 Bs at |2 23.
Uopidrs sold Bvman A Ruble SO ay. i,2U bs at
$3.25, __
Acans sold Wolf of 39 av. 1,105 bs at 83.25.
Knoo told Gordon <3 av. 1.C43 bs at $3 00.
HOGS—There were in the various yards to-day about
2S,oCflhogs,and the entered sales amount to 19,894 at pri
cearangmgfrom 13.50 to 85.12# UlCflßa. The reports
circulated through the city during the morning were
to the effect that a considerable decline bad
place In the hog market to-day, and.tbat prices were
much ion er; the same statements were alto advanced
In some of the yards, so that In making the usual dally
examination of the real state of things we were fully
prepared to Ond a pretty considerable felling off from
yesterday’s transactions and prices. This feeling, too,
was somewhat stimulate! by the closeness of the day,
which, with a heavy, warm atmosphere, betokened
anything bat a feyorable condition of weather for the
hog trade. The appearance of the sale list, a consid
erable portion of which we herewith publish, Indi
cates, however, a very fair demand, amounting to no
less than 19354 hogs sold In one day, and, on an exam
ination of prices, bat little difference will be fonnd la
'the rates paid yesterday and to-day. On light and me
dium hogs a t Ifference of 10(3 15c less will, In many In
stances, be found to have been given, bat on prime
qualities there la no perceptible difference between
yesterday and to-day.
Green bought at the Southern Yards 633 av 330. at
84.50. Gtutler 152, av. 201, at $4 20. BrlJge3l3av 232
at 84.45 Quls'er 178.ay. 234, at 84.20; 380av.237.at
84 45.- Jones A Cubcrtßon,3C4,av.2Go.at|» 72u
Mapl s & Co. bought at Cotttaga Grove i'ar-s 55.
ay. 262 at 84.50 ; 53, av. 246 at $460; Botbwell 55. av
240 at $4 85; Bowles 24L av 226 at 84 50 ; 55. av. 233 at
84 to; Mercerss.ay.9B3at 8443; McCabe «lliiznes
107. ay 256 at $4 60 ; 70. av. 212 at 81.25; 333, av. 213 at
SI.GS; 102, av. 263 at $4.72.
Hart bought at Sherman's Yards, £9 av 250, at 31.23 ■
90 av2P.atß«6S; 97av262, at 8443; 117 ay 23t. at
84.50 • 103 ay 281, at 84.40 . Morphy A Co, 41 av 253. at
$1 45: 202 a f 259, at 84*73 s 42 ay :33. at *1 »0 ; 50avt}S9.
ktfll00; ICOavzSO at 81.55; 55 av 223, at 81.50; 53 ay
2GS, at 8-I.CO, Mllward A Co. bought 222 ay £39, at
FXtdat Evening, Hov. 13,1363.
FREIGHTS—Very dull and lower. Tha engage*
rcentswereas follows; TO Buppaxo-ScSt Alvin
Bronson, with com, at 7c; bark David Morris and
schr Clyde, wlttr corn, at 6#c. To Oswego— Schr.
Tbos Mott, with wheat, at 10c.
The propeller lines ofier to rake flour to Hew York
at $1.70, but shippers are bolding cff. and rates have a
downward tendency.
FLOUR—Received, 3.SU brls; shipped, 3,010 brls.
Market an II and drooping. Sales; white Winter
Extbab- 75 brls “St. Nicholas” at $3.75: lUO brls “Rob
inson A Co.’s” at 85.‘ 5:100 brls “Olietta” on p. t :000
brls good white winter a; |8.50. Red Wintbb Errata
—SCO brls “Chamtlon” at 8335- Spring Extras -
200 brls “Peerless” at $5 73; 100 brls “Fosters'* at
$330:100 brls "Central Uty” at 15.50.
IIkAN—IO tons Fran in balk at 8'.5 CO on track.
WHEAT— Receive*. 42,2:3 bu; shipped, 129,457 bn.
Market advanced ic per bushel at the opining, bat
closed quiet. Sales were: Winter Wheat is Stobb
—4i obu Ho. 2 Red at 81 IS; 400 bn do at BU4; 1,000 bn
Rejected Red at 81.01. Spring Wheat in Stous—
-7,0.0 bnHolSpring at 8110: 14,000 bn oo at 8109K;
5,0f0 bn do at 81.19#; 35,000 bn do at |109; 4.CCO bu do
-8181-0654 J 8300 bn do at 81.08: 8,000 bu No 2 Spring at
BLU# 2»’,p00 bn dofet |1.05; 25,000 bn do at |LM#; fCOO
bn do at |lO4 : 400 bn Selected Spring at ssc. -
By Sample: 120 bgs white winter on track at 81.30.
COBH—Received, 11357 bn; shipped, 45/23 bash.
Market quiet bat firm, sales to-day were: 14,000 bn
No 1 Com f. o. b. at 83cj 1300 bn do at 56c; S.foO bn do
at 85#c; 2,000 bn Co at 85c; 8,600 bn No 2 Cora at BS#c;
8.000 bn doiat 85c: JL3O6 bn Rejected Corn In store at
S2c; 8,000 bn do at 81c.
By Sample: 800 bn “No Grade* at Tsc on track.
OATS*—Received, 25372 bn; shipped, 45,625 bosh.
Market opened buoyant sad about ic higher, bat
closed quiet. Salts; 6,000 bu No 1 Oats In store at
65#C; 2,000 bn do at C5#C: 42,C00 bu 00 at 65c; 2/OObU
ro at 6lxc ; 12,000 bn oo nl 51 Kc 1 18/00 bn do at Sic;
3,0C0 bn no 2 Oats In store at 63c; T3OO bn do at 6334 c;
By Sample; s.c-OO bushels Ho 1 Gate in burlaps at «4e
del- sacks Included.
RYE-Recelved, 2,103 bn. Market quiet Sales:
laotn No l Rye In store at 95c; 1,400 ba No 3 Rye In
store at 93c.
By sample: ICO togs No 1 at s3c on track.
DARljEV— Received, 4.4C7 bn. Market quiet.
Salea: soo bu No 2 Barley in atom at 1147; 3,500 bn do
Bt l?viamrle: 4Cobn good at $1.20 delivered..
AXCOnOI*-Market advanced 4c per gallon—dos
%%&’BffiS a SSS?l«ta*a.Ulr t o S ood «
tisrai 40 1 60 bn at $l4O. _
BIJTTER—Market qnletbntflna. We quote:
Choice Dairy : 31&25 C
Prln e si ippmg J21022>
Good do [email protected]
Common to Fair Ifiaiflc
CUOP£RA€> K- B.OCO PorK Barrels m low atfl.6o
tfel; 1500 Lara Tierces a; |l9O.
CHEESE—In active demand and fair supply,
prices very dim at previous Quotations. TTe quote;
Hambmjr.. _......145GC19
Western aescrve jSjfait
Illinois and Wisconsin. 3 @l3
COFFEE—Rio’s are in better supply andmarmt
easier. Javas ate still scarce and market very Arm.
We quote:
Santos ... S3 @3? C
Jara 40 an e
Mo, common to fair [email protected] o
Mo.iocd to prime .................33X(*34 e
ElO. ctolc®. J4KOS3 c
CIDER— Moderate demand and la good supply.
Prices role steady at *3.‘»[email protected] brt.
EGGS-MarketbrfckandinUmlcedsapply. Prices
cotremientls Ann at 20c doz.
Fl>H—white Fisn—Market less active but price*
very Aim. Tne receipts at present are very limited.
Trout Coll and easy at present quotations. Drt Coo
1b active and market dim at present quotations,
MAcXKktL—TLere las fair Inquiry and receipts con*
tlnne light. ilerbtoo— Stocks are Increasing, but tbe
market roltayery firm botbfor pickled ana smoked.
We qt o*et
Hoi WUCeflaXhatf btlr .~...*~..J5jaka5 1 37«
Ko2 “ M ltn.\©sl2K
Hoi Trout - ........U* «o
Ho 3 Trout * 4J2KSWJ2S
No.lMackeretnew.ptaiftju 9,50019 so
Ho. i do Old. do ssoOl 39
Ho. 3 do 9hfbrt ~.......V.8 M aVoo
Maomi.Bts..- "so. sin
Family.... . 175 a'oo
Codfish, Georgia Bank, 9 100 725 arso
Codfish.Grand do do sts a 7 00
Mo^iDiied iipyiag9box 'eo a e
Pickled Herrings, new II.IIII"!!!.".*! 8.00 *9.00
FHUITS-Gbsbk Applxs—Demand very active
and In air anpply. Prices are firm at present quota
dots, with an upward tendency. We quota Hew Ycrk
Apples at [email protected] 9 btl. Oaagus-Harket doll and
Erleeaeasy. CxAwnaaßiM la.good demand and oitr
etflrm. &aleito^&y9opkn»tsl2oo. Lexcnfaare
in Terr limited cemacd, We quota Sicily at $7.00
and French at fit)
oc demand and price* Ann. Chestnuts It fair finpply
and good demand. We quote'•
Green Apples, 9 hr! ~, &3-09539*
" „ New- York 3C00350
Grape*. lamella 3 a 9
Grapes,Catawba. ••»•••• .. *j
Grapes, commmoo, 9 »....... . **•’ « S j
CranbertW.9 brt * .’*'.*. m OO
fanou.« w.. •?« 3 its
Quinces, per barrel ... rrw a iiwp
Cf.csnntr. 9ba ~.TT.. IS a «M
illrk< rj Nets, 9ba .*’? I S § 800
Dsied Arptss are *HU la very limited »applr ani
Rood demand. MirSet very Ann wlti an advance of
He. ItAiaiss-Kecelpt* more libera l , and good oe
~i?£.,V ower . r * tca - ttn-RASTS ia lair demand and
market firm, ALnoKpa—Market cot *o active, ami
r ricea inioegrier. Clackheeuhs and lUarnsnaiiai
are la very abort supply and prices Am with aa up
ward teaceacy. We quote: *
Dried Aptlcs,prime *ya at*
•* “ mednm a f* ?3
Hup ared Peaches. U
Pared do „ 1* S iJ' 1
RiMm-Lhbb 9 bo* urujtirt
- r>ia dt> <*»») 5.00 0525
Currant*. 9 a old. 17 « I*
. co do new. u a m
ilmoKli.V bi0f1,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,....... m m
do do bird. n a m
pried Raspberries 23 a a
do Blackberries ’ 52 Sas
do Cherries ...... . am S3
DBESbEO HoGß—Msrket inner*.
were as follows:
9 Hogi aTeraginsSas Beat {B.OO
ss •• •• !<a v I::::;:;:;::::::;:;:-“is
5 " Hi ** 52S
» ;; ;; ™ • :*«
7 175 , 5 wj
U •* allnnder 2(0 •• 111*11 alts
8 averag!agl2s •• isa
U *' ** 77 ■* 400
20 *• dlTlolflRoa2(0 88.atf4.7S aa*ssso.
11 •• *• SCO 81, atfc.roaad $350.
SO •* *• 190 B#. at $s 00 and $5.75.
HICHWINES—Received, 234 brla. Market ac*
tire and advanced 2c V gallon. Sales were r—so bcla
atsßcs 591brlsln lotaataiHc; 400brlsdoat59i.
UOFS-lufair demand and steady at 29330 c for
HlDES—Receipts are large and maiket vary dull
ana inactive. Wo quote:
Green Concur Bfls
Green Salted..... ,„„10 e
Green Part Corel 9 0 9J4
Dry Salted 15 OU,S
Dry Flint 13 <sihK
LEATHER—HemIock and Oak 8o:e ere In good
denunr and market Arm. French ani American Calf
Skins are in good request at previous quotations.
Market tolerably active, but sot generally so Arm.
We quote:
Htmecs, 9 Be. 4804i0, Bi»agh!erkSole....SSQbsßc
Lino, ** ... 420<30 1 Buenos Ayrea S3oStc
Kin. “ ... 750‘jOc I Orinoco. OW suassc
Calf, “ ...{I 000113 Orinoco, MW. 30033 c
Upper, 9 foot , 21025 c i Orinoco good dam*
Collar, ** ... 2002301 aged. ,27030 c
Harness.^».... [email protected] ssiaughter’a Sole. i3otß
Elp, meoium...sl.ooaLls French Kip Liu
Kip, heavy 85095 c Best Call, WBa.. 2000...
Call, No L. f L««... “ S3DS.. 1.900 ...
CaU,seconda ... LKOI.K Lamofne,9 Coz.66.(jOo;i.wj
Upper, 9 f00t... 23027 c Rossett Liclngs.7.OCol2DU
RusficU Bridle, 9 link Lmlnga.... 7.00013 00
side....- 55.0005.C0 Roans 12.OO0isoe
LUMBER-ln consequence of a strong head wind
which has been blowing for some days, cargoes are
not arriving Market coceequently Inactive. Dock
lumber in lair demand. The f»Uo wing are the closing
1 notations:
.Tumßß- First Clear, 91/(0 ft $39 OOOW 00
Second Clear, u 3500036(0-
Third Clear, *• [email protected] 00
Stock Boards 21000 ..
Box or select Boards 22 oorwri 00
Ccn.monßoaros.ary 17,00(5. ...
Common Boards, green IS.UfciSiO
Bnllßoarca it,0>x4.....
Flut Clear Flooring, tongh 35.000,....
Second Clear Floomg, rough.... 32 oOo*
Common Flooring, rough 270C0
Eiolig C1ear,dre5eed.................... tc.oua
Second Clear.... 13 6f®
Second Common I 7 oto
Long Jolsta 23 (0023.00
at aved Ehlnylea A 9 M 4 50®. ...
Shaved Shingles, No 1 4 25®
Cecar Shingles 4250
Sawed Shingles,A 4 60®-...
Sawed Ebinvles, No 1 4 83®
Lalb, 91,000 pea 4 500....
Boris, 91,000 10 00013.00
Pickets 16.000....,
NAVAL STORES—Market active. Spirits op
TnicPEfiTzm very arm with ah upward tendency.
Rosin in better supply and market rather easier. Wo
Tar. |l2 0CQ13.001 Manilla Hope js*i9
FtCh 10.00026.00 IHbffip. nffio
Eoaln. 28c V ».. Lath Tara N0.1... ®l6^
Turpentine.... 3.75at00l ** ** 3... @l4*
Oakum 5 45-«700 1 Marline 23025
ONIONS-Marktt very active, and prime qualities
In goou demand. Brices inle firm at USaiTS. Sals
to*c ay 4CO bn prone at 81.73.
OILS-Carbon Oils—The market Is very doll and
Inactive, and prices are declining. Liksbkd Oil—ln
limited cemand. -Fisa Oils are more active and
ie arket firm. We quote:
Carbon oil beat White. 60®ffic
Oil boa OD, [email protected]
Saw Unyeed 01L.„.„.„„.,..,^,,..,.„[email protected]*0
male oil w A Lasauo
KlephaatOll...... .. I.3<a 1.30
Bank OIL l.i vat^s
Lard OIL Sommer ~ ~ as® 90
Lard Oil, Winter 95&100
rn--Tn.li mini 33®1.00
Sperm OIL 150
Mecca Oil „ 40® 50
PROVISIONS—Mess Poee is In good demand at
818 CO, but bolrera are ssktng Jts 50Q17 00. The offer
ings at any price for present c ellvery are very trifling.
Bulk Meats—There is bot a limited eem*ml and the
market Is romlnal. English Meats—There has been
nothing doing yet, bat holders offer to sell Short Kib
Middles at Bk®3j/c—buyers still holding off. Lard—
There Is a good cemand and tee market Is firm at lie.
To*cay the sales werer-1,300 brls old SI. O. PorkaC
823.50; lOObrls Beef Hama at sii.2S- 500 tres sweet
Pickled bams at 8c; SflQO pcs Balk Shoulders, twenty
days In salt, at Sc, loose; I.COO pcs Green Hams at To
fn m tKe block; pcs co at 6jsc from the block:
6*.0 tres prime steam Leaf Lard at lie.
POTATOES-Are In good receipt, and for Xe
stainocks and Peach Blow* there Is a fair demand
and market tolerably firm at present quotations.
Common Potatoes are In very limited demand and
Snces less firm. We quote:
fehannocksV bo. 63®70e
Peach B.ows, *• „ 63®6^c
Ccmmcs. " [email protected]
SweetFotatoea BLKKJL7S
POUI/TB.Y—In good supply, and fair demand.
Prices role earier than last quotations. We quote:
Live Chickens, 8* ooz M ...|tj2b ®i73
Dt eased. p coz 3(0 @2 23
Live Turkey?, Ptt o.o7Ha°.cs
Dressed, P A.... : @aw
Lucks, ?dcz .....2.00 @223
Ceese.eacb ...... 50®C0c
SAUHLATUS-Moderate demand, and Ann at
previous quotation?. We quote:
Babbitt's Best. .8X99 c
“ Pure [email protected]
DeLand'a Chemical.... *HSSYc
** Healthy Bj*a3><c
SALT - There is very little inquiry for Domestic,
snathe market la daß and nominal. Foreign quali
ties are also trooping. Wc quote:
DoxxsTio-Onondaga Fine....—82.70(3...,
M Baglnaje Fine 2.70 a....
* Coarse.? 2.75 a.,..
'* GroondSolar, 2.73 a...,
“ Dairy, with sacks,. 4.75a-*.»
" Dairy, without 5ack5,3.60®....
Foaaies—G. A. w sack of2io a 5..,. 2.i0®3 20
Turk’* sack of 140 A 5.... 1.50 a 1.63
Cacu. f bn-. 55aW
TrepannL 9bu 00 60
To-DATthesaleswere: 500brls Onondaga Fine.at
82.70 del: 1,0(0 sacks Hew Ground Alum onp t A
lot 0f3,400 sacks old iGronna Alum was sola at auc
tion yesterday afternoon, at the following flgnres*—
at sl^s; 1,(00 ska at and 250 aka at 8190
@ICS __
SEEDS-Timotht—Very doll and drooping. Sales*
17 sks fhlr at |3l2)*: 25 aks at 82,20. FiAx-Sogstur
at $3.S5j 10 bgs chclcc at $2 45.
SPlCES—ilartet quiet and firm.. Wo quote:
Pepper?# jq @33
Allspice 27 @29
Catsla.- 52 @sl
gratae* QUO
Cloves 53 @35
&L T t»AEB-Xhe market continues very Arm, the
tenrency being still toward higher rates. From the
present high range of p Ices there Is however less ac*
Uvlty in the market, the dem no being confined to the
lamer late w ants of the trade. Stocks generally are
very light ano tolders seem indisposed to do no more
than they can help, even at present quotations. We
New Orleans iswaiSK
Cob*.... uvaii^
A,A. Portland.. „ fcttais
N,Y.Eeflned, powdered andcrannlated... 17v«iU«
white A TTT ....... ipiaitK
Extra B.
SYKUPS-The market la tcarcrly eo active, bat
la the nreeent low- state of stocks, pilces rule very
nno.-wlta a still highertendency. ■Several brands are
State out, ana others, from the cifllcn ty in lining or*
era. without delay may be considered quoted nomi
nally. .Tv e quote:
Chicago Golden ~ ~, TiaW
Chin«)Am&er.M. HM 83a37
. ,*,T~777 7777777 toqt!
ftorghnm slW<o
Po. refined— . 66070
Hew Orleans ‘sea®
Chicago Union Bennery Sugar House, brls
' ’* ** , \ “ kegs 7fi®
” ” " Amber, brls 3*3
_ TALLOW—Market ratlier more active*andprices
firmer at present quotations. We quote:
CUy Packers. U ®
City Butchers ioj*aioy
Couctry lOttaioS
Sales to-day, 13 hrls country at lOSfc.
TEAS—In fair demand, and Green and Black Teas
are in better supply. Prices rule somewhat easier at
present quotations. We quote?
Young Hyson, common to yery fine. slimlu
Gan powder*,. tr „,, TTtt -. L j.iaai.7o
gonchonga. — fTT , 85»1.D5
Oolongs aoai.2s
Japan I.OSoUiO
TOBACCO—Market mo'erately active and firm.
Weaoteanadvanco on Missouri ’‘Smoking** oflc.
We quote:
Stonoard ss,lof,andjf fts..,.
Bs and fancy
Inferior and outside brands.
Cat In fair request, We quote.
uusurs. CHTwae.
Stems -.12 ®l3 ciQoiaLeaf. Wo
MUasourt 14K«i5HC | Sana; Slue 75c
O [email protected] ciC.llanis *oc
00 35KU18 c BponceCa*e *l2O
000 SO 023 cl Charleys cliolce 70c
WOOIi-EcceJptaUgbtana in active and fair Co
rn an a. Wo quote
Fine fleece.
Tab Washed 66®«Sc
Fa ctcry Tub Washed. 70® ;2c
WUUD—Market active acd firm. We quote
by the cargo—Beech $5.25; Maple S&aOOTOO;
Hickory »6»<a7.00. Delivered—Beech. |7jK®7je; Ma
ple. S&S0: Hickory. t9.00®9.50.
The Foreign Markets.
Pee Steameb Asia.] . [By Telegraph
Liverpool, 0> t, SO, 1903.
CoTTON-Uncbanged, for A Crimean.
Liyxbpool, Oct. 31,155 J.
Preadstufts—Quiet and steady.
Provisions- ran.
Consols, 93: Illinois Central, 19® 13 discount; Erie,
6f®67. * *
' Lm epool, Nov. i, 13G3.
BBEADS’!rrra—Qniet and steady, Flour quiet and
steady, Wheat qnlet. Com firmer; mixed, S3s3dQ
28s 60: white, ZJQSCa.
Fbotisi6h»—roll. Beef steady. Pork qaiet and
steady. Bacon heavy, and 6d®ls lower.
Geocibixs— Sugar irregular, hat closing firmer.
Coffee doll.
New York Markets—Not. 13,
• CorroN-More active and firmer,'at [email protected]«c for mid
lisguplands. •
fLOUB-For common and medium grades 5c better,
ana in fair r emand, at SB.ISQiUS for extra sue; $7 2i
@7 S3 ior extra ronnd hoop Ohio; and 17.4CQ9 for
trade brands. Market closing steady.
WsiBST-QuletaDd*llrm,ae 6SH®Mc for state and
Gbais—Wheat ic better and in moderate demand,
chiefly speculative: SI3-1Q1.53 for Chicago spring.
flSl forol3 dot ai.4s®l3s for Milwaukee dab- si 33
©HI ibr smb*r Slllwaukee-lbe latter in store ; $t 43
«l 51 for winter red western; SI 52QX57 for amber
Michigan. Comic better ana lu moderate demand,
cbieflj speculative: $10731 c 3 for soring mixed-»es.
tern in store; St 09K afloat. Oats a little firmer and
ftlr business at&4c tor western and state.
WooL-Flrmcr and In fair demand. Domestic
fleece 73Q75C.
Pbovisionb—Pork firm sod in moderate demand at
Sl6sC®ia.62H for oil mets; Si9.CCQl3.t2k for new
mess; 5U.7tQ13.00 for new prune; [email protected] for
new prime mess. Also. 500 brls old mess for January
at teller’s option, at SIBSO. Beef qnlet and steady.
Cntmeats scarce and firm at 53fS6Kc for shoulders;
7(ftloc for bams. Bacon sides unchanged. LarJ firmer
and in roootrate remand at UK® 12c. Also, 3,750 brls
deliverable from January to April, at 13Kc.
Buffalo' 13.
Ftotrs- Steady.
.Grain—Wheat firm and parties apart Sale# at
fll6kfcrKo2Ctlc*go spnnc;_|l2o (or Ko I Mil
waukee club. Corn arm at [email protected] Oa's selltmr at
71c. Barley easier; sale# at f L2S. Bye nominal at
Whisky-Qalet at 58059 c.
Fbuights-Slc (or wheat, tic on oats.
•Imports^-23,DC0 btla f100r,46X00 bn wheat, 13.000 bu
oats, 22,CCCTbu barley.
Exports-3,C00 brla flour, 210,000 ba wheat. 9,000 ba
corn. 131,000 ha cats. •
. Oswego Markcla—Nov. 13.
p Grain-Wheat cull; sales amber Wisconsin at
?1 27for white. Corn acarcc aod quiet.
ffiCANAL Freights—Uncharged.
3*023 OF oaxOAG*.'
AKBX7KD November 13.
Stmr Ulchlgao.Crabb, Ontonagon, randrle#.
Prop Maine, Itoancan, Ogdensourg. sundries.
Prop Biono, Alien, Montreal, sundries.
CLEARED Kar«mbcrl3.
Bark E.C. L., Downing,Oconto, 4,C00 bu corn, and
sunorlea. .
Brig Wocteruma.Burns, OrandHaven. light.
Sic hr Harriet Koett, HasOrge, Buffalo, lo,ouo ba wheat.
Sc hr Clyee, Fellow#, Buffalo, iSAOObu corn.
Schr Granada, Clement, Sacketts Harbor. U,OOQ ba
Bcbr liapld, Pease,Coboorg, ftttCOrs.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
BuEDssraar. Nor. 13, isa.
Robert Holme*. LaSalle, 5a.433 ft lumber. 5,000 ft
.elding.lP^kOitlalb, W.fOft silnele*.
Acadts/LaSalle J.COs sacks salt. SJbrls pork.
J. D. Leonard, LaSalle, 109,180 ft lumber, 55.050 ft
Paragon LaSall-. 114,970 ft lumber.
mlUiant, Joliet,
Araols.LaSalle.OCf Bssalt. . .
Monarch. Min.oka. 36,(W ft lumber, 60,C09it thing:*.*.
BXIIKISPOST, Nor. It. 1363.
Monitor, LaSalle, 33,314 Ba fait. _
Aut (rails. LsSallr, shiagls. he
Tnoaatry.LaSallo, ft lumber.
Mners, Ottawa sundries.
ll.Wl-nearaa. Otuwa,7l. t S7ft lumber, 5,33*3 ft lath.
Portland, 9aßaur, 118.050 Bs salt. 965 poat
Marett a. KatakeeJß 279 ft. lumber, 7,280 ft lath.
Lfmoat, laSalle.
Plant t. S7.KO it lumber.
Alonzo Ltacf, LiSalle, lumber.
Sbamroclc. LaSalle,ita.ooJ ft sbloc ea.53 toss coal.
J B.Fmton. Morris, w.lss ft lumber.
Imperial. Lockport, bu wheat.
AJav, 146 250 Bs salt
York Slate, LaSalle,37s.Ko Basalt.
Onward, Joliet
Humbolot, LaSalle.
Dridostost, Not, 13. :r»3.
AIU as. LaSalle, 1,000 bcls salt.
D, C. Norton. Wlßow Springs, 58 erds wood
Lady Frank to, Atbens, 90 yoa rubble mobo.
w. f mlth, Athens, 7e yes rubble stone.
Advance.Athcne.lSydsoimonsioa stone. '
Cbannaton, DuPage, 2.800 bu oats. 1280 ou wheat. Vfi
bu com.
& F. Q. li*. Alh«n«, 45 yds stoao.
E. Burnham, .Prison. 75 yds rubble atoas, 33,295 hi
, Legraux, Ottawa, 90 cords wood.
▼csaela Paaaed Detrslt.
[Special Dispatch to the Chlcazo Tribune j
Dwteoit, Not, 13, iwj.
Cp—Scbra. Rich, Dowltt. Raynor.
Down—Props. Forest Queen, Mohawk, Bristol
Acme; bark Marquette.
FOB SALE —Household Furci
lure. The advertiser, beloe ab.ufi to leave the
etty. < eslrrs to a* 111 bHo toehold Fort Imre co * plcte.
together with the lesja of the homo at a modtrato
rest. Mart resold Immediate I *, atabirgais. Ad
drete ‘ yuahiaußr." P. O. fl»z2fll3. aoi*-pHO3-St
IT OR SALE—Honsts aud Lots.
X House aad Lot carter of Warren aad Liaoia
sts. Houte si d Lot avarcoraer of (alley and tviae
legten »u Home and Lot on uskley.betweea Wsih*
mgtrasc and Park ava&ne Leu on wasnicgtoatt.
and Park avenue, mar Oak'ey st. 3ix Lota on Lake
*t ,u«ar Dfclca Fm k; Lots for (50 each. Lots
on L*rtilc-9t. ucrih cf and oihar parts of
the city. B.F.BTALR.I2I Kaseclph sueet. Room
Mo. I aolt-pSfrMt
SALE—To Sausage Makers.
X Ftraale.a flrat-cl«s Meat C'mppUs s(actatae.
capob.e «t amt g * large amount of work Apply at
Eaecmeut of 50 Lear bora attest. nolt-pah-u
XpOR SALE—A Stable on the
X sTeywedtof ‘be Coat House. Price. S2O Ad
dlCßß W,’ Ihli OffiCO. Poit-[>B6L 2{
L'OR SALE—Several Houses aad
X Lots, located on the South a v d Wert Silas,
which immediate peueaafon wt-l be Alto, a
number ot Lots on Wabasa. Michigan, Indiana *al
fralitc avenues. Also. Building Lou on w«»s aids.
Rial Estate Agent, N0.451-:tropcUtaa Block.
! coit-pi 3Mt
SALE—A Bakery doing a
X gocdcuMlfe and first rate shop buslne«a-ch*ap
If app>led for icon-at 319 Bcnth.CLark street.
IfOR SALE-Choice Lots. A few
JL desirable Resident Lets la *'Carpenter's Add!*
tics fo CMc*ko." convenient to hcne cars orashort
wslk to bo‘Utssc«atre Aleo. (M) acres la Section
(25). Town (99). Basse (13 ) Offlce'dOaßut Randolph
Street. [BOHpßTiaw] FdlLO CAHPENJiUL
IfOR SALE—A Hoi go, Harntsa
-A sr.d Bitroea War or. Icqaize at the Stable of
B E.BOSIXOIOfI 82 state atryet. nolop63Mw
Tf OR SALE—Three Blocks on the
X eorrtrof Tws-fihaodßsnben streets for sale at
fIC.COO if take a wilhln slew Cays. A flrstrste choree
zeran Invettmcst or suboivkioo. Appiy to a. J,
AVIBELL. Beal Estate Bicker, Ko. 7 Metropolitan
Block. poia-pTK-Sl
L' OK SAL £—Mill Machinery,
JL Boiler Engine, thiee run ot stones,together with
allttecitmes compute fer a Cnt clans flouringma?.
To be reitovea afier ueiffh of rccamber next, in
quire of M.C. BTSABSS. bjLako street bridge.
FOR SAL E—Those tpltndid
Double Fcgicee from the Teg Walter McQneea.
all incomplete order. WCI be sold Cheap uappbed
fer toou. For jaiOcu.’arß and terms sm'r to J.C.
BYMaF, 160 south Water street. Chicago
nol d£3v»lft
XT OR SAXE—lmproved Farm two
X miles south east of Aurora D 1.200 acres-alien*
clcsed,stout 85»cns tl&ber. about one under
coiilTatlon. IJs stciy loose,stable isxso, good wa'er
soil c3cel’eLt;pr»lne. nnali orchard in bearing condl
t on. A good a srk et at Am era for a)l kinds of fhrm
produce. Apply to GBO. M. HlG{Hi*so». fo.T
Mttrxpolltaa B;ock. nol2-p173 5t
FOR SAL E—A Steam Soap
Manufactory, very desirably located, and most
ccnveeleiitiyarrarged. andfl ted op wltn all tfe ne
ceirary apparatus tor doing any amoanc of business,
is sew in operation, and offers very superior indues
meats toanvoae wlafrrgto engsge la the business.
Apply at US Michigan street, or address Post office
Box IMS. Chicago. nolo-p657-lw
LfOK SALE One Pc rtsblo Engine
X 1 often bone power, asdoneof flvehorsew>wer
—of A. K. Wood A Co's maniactuie. at Baton, n. Y.
K<w,complete, and ready for immedlaxa use. uqulra
at US Fzanklln sweet, or of A. N. WOOD. Sherman
gouge. aoio-p66i-7t
FSR SALE—A Tubular Boiler,
10 eetlosg.l4 Isches In diameter,wish 43 fines
oizxnithesihdiameter, steam sfstcb'g&and
2 x act lndlam»ter. together with the azchttf front
and dear*— ail In good order. Apply to JUtTN A.
LiOHTHSLL,6O South Wet’s street. noiO-pCffi iw
If OR SALE—A fire pair c f Horses
X .aidoeeof Wltbeck'sTrnckp.cearlvnew Ala 3.
a let of team ltd busgy Hoi see. Mules. Brood Marc 3
and Colts. Wsgoss, Hamets. Ac., a law flto Otwb and
yensg Cattlr, Hcgs. Sheep, Ac; also, three good
Frame Bullclais. MsCO ket. in good condition for
movlrg; a so. about SCO ton cf timothy and prime
Bay. For pntJcu’ats inqu re 01 the undersigned, at
the Coas House. oaCaeai street corner of Mitchell
street, soy day between 12 and 1 o’clock
FOR SAL S— Great Bargains.
SO OCO acrea of Land cd the line of the Logans*
port. Peoria »nd Bmlirgtoa Killrcad. la Livingston
Ccanty. Illinois ThcieLscda arelnthebtit section
of the date, high and rolling, and wed adapted to
stcck raising, wheal and corn. The lands are within
three aJlea cl railroad kUCcns, Chala worth and
resirire. five mils* from a good coal mice, and will d«
a old it $lO per sae, ore fifth down and the balance is
5 or 7 jean. In annual payment* at S per cent, in*
tenet. There Is a Beet Sugar Ms; praetor? at Onvc*
worth In successful operation. Ho better lands la the
State Addicts or apply to D. K. PSAB4OSS 113
Katdolph street Chicago, or to J. STILLWELL, Esq.
ChsOworth. Illinois. ocSO-pTS-^Qt
FOR SALE.—To lumbermen.
For I ale very cheap for caih. or v*U bo ex
tbaogedfbr Chicago property at cath prices, a com
plete Itmberlrg eit&b’jEha ent la Wucotuia. near
G:eenßby. Waterpower «qaa! laths State*
aI? la (ccw) capable of cnttloztO coo .cat per day. to
telhsrwllhalHut 'COaciee ol beet pice land, for
Binicnlsrs apply by letter to J. VOLK, oconco Falla.
stUeaF. O..Oconto Cocaty. Wla. ao7*p&i-105
SALE—Engines and Boilers.
A One 15-bcna stationary engine and tubular
boiler, aU complete and ready to set op. A'so, one S
to 10 bone tol er *g<i engine, complete and ro> dy fox
nte—for sale by GEIFFIN BEOS..
KO. 5 Poaetoyf Banding.
F3B SALE.—A Fajm for sale.
Twenty-eight miles frcmCilcago. one mile from
Hoctfer Grove, reven miles from BJyln, on the S3 sin
and Chlcazo state scad—« acres prairie and li sc.ea
timber: good boose, stabling, gram bam and a due
orchard; «odwater. Allonder cultivation. Apply
to CaMPbBLC & BRO« Wayne Station.
0C23-C9EI sit
IJOaRDINQ.—One room saitable
JLJfonlnjlegen'leiaeato rent. with beard at 61
Wabaah avtnae lootheaat corner ot Randolph Two
day boarcera can teaccoamodatad. polt-pOOMt
TjOARDING. —First-class board
-I—J and roosa can be obtained in a or Irate family,
wuhln ten minutes walk of UePoat Offlca by add t eta
Irg •'flß," at this office. noll-pTlltt
r |"o RENT—A House to a good
J- ter ant-, who can boy the furniture. which can be
bad for Six (lat died D.llais. (££CO) Kcntvfcryiow.
Inqnlte at St? State street. no 13 pso2 3;
TO RENT—He tel to rent, on
Canal stieet.one block west ot the Fort Wayne
Csttle Tarda, containing forty bedrooms, gas and
•water, ttreo ttrjj and atone basement. Apply to
PunxiPCOBLErdCO., 17South dark street.
T OST.— $5 Reward. Ring Lost,
I~J lu gilog ft om Wabash avenue, through Adam?,
SUte, Mcnrte and Dearborn streets, to McVlcKsr'a
tbeat. e. a Lady’s Hiss, set wlthTorqcolse. The fladsr
wl.l receive The above reward on leaving it at this
office cr 212 Wabssh avenue. noi3-p6i4-3t
T OST.— $25 Rewaid. lost $175
J_i and DU charge Paper a, on ’-he tnorclr z of thelOth
or Bovesber. at the Chicago and St. Louis Depot, by
JohnW. ligicsn. awoonced soldier, who was dis
charged ou the 7.h cl November at St. Loulr, and
wsi on his way home to Minnesota at the time ot his
lots. Any person flndlrgaid retnrnltgthe same te
the Soldiers* Home, cr to tte War Claim Office oi W.
K. Wells.iCODcaihotn street, Chicago wiureceive
the above reward. n012p7583t
JO the f3tb of October, from the subscriber. Two
Colts, between two aid three j eats old. One of them
a oay with a very >Um toll, and a white soot on ms
Lira leg tear the fetlcck. The otter co.t is a cream
color, bisck nane and tail The finder will receive a
reward of Five Dcliara for each colt, by leaving them
at the Seven Ml ; e Boose, near the Junction on stale
street. [no!3pSS3 2t] BPHBAIM DKLDBJ7.
O 2X3 South Claik street, on Tuesday lut, a small
White Pcooie Dog; asswezato the name of ••T-l?,”
Had a small steel chain around bis neck. Baa had nit
now and lees sheared, a liberal reward reward wlli
be paid lor tia tetum to 213 South Clark street.
Ul'RAlED.—Came into the en
Kj clotare of the rabicjlber. two three year old
»U«tb; ore on tie tfth of October aoa the o'heroi
the sih of Notnsber. the owner* are reqaeJted to
piore property,peycteige* end tehe tJjwn^ew*^
‘ “ ' dol3>wt«3;
Hyde Parle. Not. 10.15€3.
EAN AW AT. Two Brown
Home, about five year# old. did nm araytlhla
(Friday) mornlrg, about I o'clock A. M.. with tie
ban essatd part of a broken a aeon. Iron: tbeco net
of Market and Kilo street. For A Division, Any per
ron wbo baa picked ap tall bones, or wbo will givs
as Information cl tbo wbertabcuaof aaldbones.bo
that 1 may recorar the aame. will be well rewarded
by tae owner. JACOB SBHABDT, (Night Scavenger)
so JO West CUcago avenue. between Backer and
BoH ey street. Chicago. lU. noU pss6-3t
ANTED— (Knitting Machine
f T Kvery Fanner to know Sat b!a "wemsa
folks” can ears ta to t*o per week with one of Aklnt
Celebrated Knitting Madunea, it wQI earn it* coat
in thirty days. Price complete, 175. Weight 45 poanda.
freight from 50 cent# to CLSO. lend (or circuit. and
naplef (seed stampaj
BHASSOK 6 ELLIOT. General Ageuta,
mbS-aSS6-Bm 120 Lake itreet. Übicagw. i ..
WANTED —Men for the XT. s.
f T Kavy. to do dnty la tbe Mhsiialppl River
PqcaJrcn. for one. two or three year* or coring tae
war. Good pay and Prize Money Tnla is tae m:»t
di slrsble tertico. P*y from fbj to no per moota.
.Vo 10OS bard maxete*. and good ausrters on ooard
ship. For furtfc er par.lmiais apply »J7 8. Na’»*
BecdesT' ns. Üblieh*# Block, correr North Gluk and
B U.CcJAS^^.
Or At B.cmltUß One. tsio .Sijj'brUrS
Aeomslatlca will be paid to any verto^o™
ar accepted reexait to efiher office. aqis-pmaw
ITOUND—In Bryan IMI dniing
i' t>«wnrt*»-«Mtarn Fair. at*dy s Portensonnale,
4 u , a^^2S»^ e , >/ t . proTlaK !,rc
p°«?U ,C? e! V. BLAICH.Q3D. Tr»H.
TPOUKD- On Tuesday, Novem
|» vi* icth. a small Pockst Boot containing %
mail ram of money, which the owtu-r can have oy
StwJijij property and psyugchargea. at no.B Peck
?i«eL C T. J.COZIKK.
rpAKEN DP—A Rp.d Cow. The
_L owaar can obtain thoaapia by applying to
Largfleld, on the ffihiaky Feint Read, just north of
jegrnoa btd|«.alghK(&UV#fro63 Chicago.
solS>pds? St
dor Salt.
®o ItUnL
S trailed.
XJU ANTED—A situation Book-
V? Keeper. Salesman orShfpptngClerkia »q~
cctjHcum. ffarobadthree
ah etd to work sad willing to »ake aswir muiii?
ucerai. Fe»« of i«fe.'foc*a given, Addrtve r T t
iJli-Tiy,” Tilboatf offlod. noil
\A/ T ANTED —A gentleman of go-).,i
T“ uJrcii totavat. Abates*man
agoodiiUty Tor oa;;KUiarsa9p«y atDDasibary.
>Ueet. Room Kq. 2
XV ANTED—Agents to sell an
t T article wan‘el by arary tomlly, aad pays a
proltof four auadred ptx eeat. A sampte will he
scat earseMpt. af se aay pd's?a wlahlcg to
ftico*Bptrdo»aa. SetsUforrJe*oi.
Aedress Box 3381. ihicuo. >ol4yiM6-lt
TXT’ANTED—An A«nt to tr^vsl
v * ssdfolieltoidetv. MutWvtU posted la lie
measgec-ectof a gesa s«i 4 «aaa aad
wliltsg to work for a sxousrate
PAITQy*Co.. 13La*aLe*Ueat, aoUp^ii;
VV 7 ANTED —A frcod Canvajjiaaf
TT A*ant la KATTS 000*77. U<u; bo writ
teqaatntca is'ho counts To ibeOghtkicc o'man
•upetior tnd*e« meats will be otrasa. AUrm r. o
Dpi 470. Chicago. aoit p»>i ie '
WANTED. —Two gay and d.;.h-
Isg joenr ofloai* 1a tte serrlee cf'"TaciT
u aa
posMbla, work be most kspsy to eotrsepoad with
i7?>caad.haaviomaara wtileducated*’ jiomenta“
of tteiemaiaaeacer Tkairoblect’.jfuu. hut itthe
>*ae vmsara *• succepnbie to tea most tecdsr omo
-11065 * Lat:w eoaiUs!~;» Ctxrx* p« vjityi will
prompt etteatfoa. Addreaa LOUId CARL
TON or iHsRLIk kbj&si'O.s. eii»al osocn
Beftdqusttei* 4;h Army «.orpi Deparrajat o' thj
CUBherlard. Cbattaaooga. 7aaa. aoii-cJU-Tt
TX’ANTED—By a lady, a si'nv
v T tloass Forewoman c? Mach’vt (a s Dr'oo-
Mikluff Beep r r would so cut draumskiuv br too
day. Pita* trfdimsP o. Box C3l. icu pjfj it
WANTED —A itaxation aa Bcoi«
Ssep«r, Clerk or a*l«sman. by a seisca of
Moperate habna and acilva huilceca wmoiaiea la a
flra:-clai*t*ase*Baa and icquamted with laazrottrr.
PJ7 goed*abdcomulisiouonalaea* alsouacerauum
the curia* and packfflß baaittiaa, c»a give no be«t
Si. t /.l*f retSl ?T , , >u . ,w aad ability. Woald
accept »&? klal of icapectaaic »Uoatk-u tfilka.v t >
bepemanevt or would to to a country '«wa \d.
ateea - eoog.gwapaw." Pot OU. *
XArANTED.—Gocd Cloak HaVera
. waateJ lamadiitAiy. Liberal wt(«i to * 3 c«
h*rCA- i Aoniy la Cloak Koom of J. B. StfaT s ?5
Lake at: eet. aoit-p-^.:
XX ANTED—A Paitnar ia a
« 1 BJauphta»bg, Lsrdaud Gre**e Boslauj
a cap*,*! cl (3 C<4lo 6*', The bouia and aac&i 'ery
aewiy a»teo up la a superior riyle. aaa capable cf do*
Irfralargeboj-Uesa itstirg where t «.
auJ * ** Box •^ 3 .” Ca*«a?»poat oace.
&014 pSOV-St
XX7AN2ED —By a steady tinMo
T y man. a aPaatfeg to attend ha? In a ftm-eiaaj
hotel criejtauiaat. Beat 01 rafhrenca gtrea. Ad
dreu HMS. * Pest Office. aott-p3»73t
WANTED— Eunishcd or uarur
n’ahed room and bootdls ap«iratefamCv or
and wrifa Oowib car
prcleirtii. Adnrtia • 8.» Trlbue oaco.
WANTED —Eniplaya>eat lor
American. Fsglhh. DUh ScoJb.Qeraa-rsni
rjioicd S«v*ats. nut scod c.ty referencea »; na
Pbilaaeifhla lUellliwiee Ofßc- 13) South oiark at*
VvS Te x?.f , T? 7 5r,*^?- & : Id!aoa sV4 - roll Office Box
1u69. Mra D PRaTX. in attoadanca, noi4*pj9s*u
\\ T ANTED—By a healthy youner
/ JLygOM. who haajnit.’ost be: bate.aaimaUcS
« Cat bs neasd cfat Mba ba,ta»*
Off ce. 1,1 WaiAisgton atxett. between w«iu» a Lv
MLe » noUpM-lt
WANTED— A Partner in thu
BuUfr Sunlsea* of *= Illinois Rfgtmest. A>
p.yaiLd Couth C.ark Btreet, (op-atamj for to-ifsr
oDl y* 8014p895U
\\f ANTBD—A iliiliner to eatjb*
**. v* 8 5 1 praocb Eon*?, where a gaci trocs u
tKabJsied. ligtdie at 136 lake it nais-pgsjit
WANTED —An intelligent Boy,
about flteea years of tgs. to do oQcawork
apply to DBS. B, A rf.2Cin28.83 Waa> ißatoast
(np-> aka) atll pft&lt
—By a competent
T " Drugglst.asltoalloulaa wholesale or retail
Dreg HoMa. I'm lad ten years experience, «;*a
;ainX,»ithob*st of reference. Addrms 'CK D," Post
Ottcoeos 557. lomfellt
TXf ANTED—A Pone? in a wholc
" ’ rare Boot and ShcoStore, with good leoam
meidatlcns Horn hit Luc employer, and who :a «M.
lag to make hiirieix useful A yousg naaersferred.
Office Box 1«3. sta;ug the rexertace*.
WANTED— To rent a tuit of
rooms, uafnrclihed cr furnished, or « small
cottage In araacrctabielccatlcD.eonveslesttohuii
neii. Address -F.” Lccklßox STBB. with bi=a*.lea a* i
icrgg* noll-j. 38331
W/ ANTED—A Hcrae. Any per
▼ T B»ah3vlDgasoo^EnjgyarFami;yHor» l ifcr
releat alow flgnre. can And aaurch*ier fit'the horse
suits) by aCtreaaißg Pcit Otnca Box USB. stating
lowntcMh piles descrlpUoaof ihetoiie. elo.
nOll-pSSt-A 9AdM
ANTED— By a yonrsr mar,
J, J age. a eltcattoaaa anlat
actßcok-KeeperorCletklnawhelirals store, book
or btcker'arcdca Has lad ttureaud-s-haii
ezpensnce tnawhoJesa.edraggJsts(ore. CanfazW>li
the lest cfrefer.&ces as to caaracter and abl it'r
Will zetpena In person foreia-olsaiioaios line
areisid *4 B C,” Boom 53. liemcat House, thlcvgo.
ao’.-psis 3t
W ANTED—By two yenng nfr,
' tarnished room In a private family wlthla
ten mlnutss walk of oho Coon Hcute AdJiess
statugterms, **D C.” Pcs; Office Box 17W
noil p9il.lt
VV-ANTED—A yenng man in a
Tv Fancy Goods Store. AppiyatlOSSonthClark
StfCtt. no 13 p6M-2t
\\J ANTED.—A geutltman ard
T T daughterwaai two fnraiihed rooms, with or
wnhont besrd. to come gpoa location. Please ad
dr»» |, CAir.’ Tribune cmcc. nci2p7623t
WANTED— liloimation. Any
one knowing of a Win executed by If its Julia
Meeker, wJU pieace ceiittr Is to the Clerk oi the
County Ccrrt of CcokCconty
-1013 p?6C-3t JQSIFfI MBggkß.
WANTED,— *73 a Month,--!
w ant to hire Agents in every county at 873 a
month, expenses p»ld, t> sell my new cheap tamllw
1 ewtag machines. Address. 8. MADISON. AlftejL
Ifetae. ocß^3K«m
WJ ANTED— Board ardtworoomu
" T In a flrst-c'ots boazdixg house or private
fsmCy.foralamllyol five. Addrera *t J.”Tr'imud
office. nol3-p309-?t
XjV ANTED—A situation B3 Wet
»" Unraa by a cleanly and healthy young woman
Agrees or call cn itES. iOWEBJ, at 2i5 Van Buna
street, estt of c ridge. nol2*pfc232t
\J\I .ANTED,*— Boazd io private
» » famUles. v itbln one mile of tha Court Hoise.
lor joddc men sttei ding Bryant «& Strairoa’a Com*
iLficial College. Addrcw. gvrtrg location and prices.
WANTED— Agents to Bell tha
DBTraadirplerdldSfcel Basraylngof PBEfll
vjf£*T LINCOLN. One copy mailed In a bice Tube
to any part of the coni try on receipt of 23 cesu.
R. R. LANDON, Ageat,
S3 Late atreet. Chicago, ILL,
YV ANTED—To Bint, on or bo
» * fore tie lint of January cert, a room or
rooms on llntcr second floor, sUuwed on L»k« or
pantfolpb streets smtaole 'or mercantile pujp'ws.
Address P. Q. BfZ 3737 ChlCJgO. COUp7&3t
WANTED. — $G0 a month! W*
want Agents at |GO a month. expenses paid,
to sen oar BTsaxjtanao Pxnczza, Omxstxl Bcia*
zss. and thirteen otter sow, ocefol and cartons
cles. Fifteen clrcul* rs sent tree. Addrtts SHAW «
CCARS. Blddetard. ie23-xJ63-2m
WANTED— A stent, behest, ao-
UTayoongmao,white or colored, u porter
and packer m a Cry Goods Store. Address. * Ith age.
nationality and references. ••Foams," Fost oiflco
Aoi Usfl. Chicago. aoi3-»SSJ-3t
\\T ANTED—A Famished Honso
" " la the South Dlrlslou. north ot Twelfth street.
Parties haring such to Bxst wbl hear of a careful,
prompt pajlrg Tsaiar by addressing •* G W J>.
Tribune office. nol3-pSU-iS
\\T ANTED—Immediately, a Drag
tt Clerk. Address, stating refeiencea, to Post
Offlca Box £6l Chicago, m. no 13 psis-2t
V\/ ANTED—Residence Property,
? » Impror-dor nr Implored on Michigan. Wa
bath. Isdiaxa ano Pr»!»le arenues: »’»o. on West
w*tb'c*ton street, P.rk areune »cd Warren street.
Owners c*tt appjy to J. P. OLIbGBR. Real Kutnta
Broker.Bo. laCJarkstrtet.Bootußo. 8. nou-p7356t
\\7 ANTED—lmreeciately. coo
* » Clearer Man. two men to Pall Lard. 033 to
Pack Fork, one to Trim Bams, ard one Tank Man.
Bore but rcen of tteb« tqaaudcaUct* i:r the bosl
teii need apply. Parting aonso down towi Ad
dress. with city itiereacefl.Post Offiao Eos
no 12 p~d 3t
WANTED —A competent Photo
grapher to take ctar*# of the operAtlaa: d*.
Sana: entla a first class Gsli*ty. Tnooro-riet-rb*.
gmahle to attecd to business oa account os lU
ictl h.wcurdrcQolr« ac:mpei»--ntjpanlmn:ediat9ly,
Soceothmsneeaspply. Add ct*flox4Ss. Cnic«o.
ncl2-p756 3t
\\ ANTED—And nohmnbng! A
T v ass from nmr imr pun to auks two
or three hundred dodars a year without delaying
other business Abo. gentlemen wlablagto c3ais;a
th sir but Is ess can make four or ftveihousand dollars
a year. CaU at Boom 1. up-stairs. 121 Clark street, or
send ten cents to Post Office Box S&U!. Chicago. 10.
noi3-c;iS-2t .
WANTED —A firit rata it das
txlcue Machinist: one wbo understands bis
buslceas In all Its branches or could take charxa of
the machlredeyattsrnt asdean comereootnmeaded.
Also, a second-bald or new Lathe, suitable for
woodwork. Apply at orce to F.B. WILSON, Vulcan
Iron Foundry, 467 and 165 Sostn (hark street or
Box ITC7. * UQI3 p317-tt
WANTED— Agetts to sell ntw
auo ropuJar works. Coed area will flad t a
■ csjlrgbualnaaa. History of the Eebeliloo, byJ 8.
C. Abbott: Borne Mtmoliea, Life 01 Christ. Ac., fcc.
AddzeuCLABKE Aco ,b7 Washingtons*. Chlcno,
feat Offceßox 4*31. no 13 p33>-l»
\\T ANTED—Agents. *l5O pir
v v month are cow telng made by zood caav*a«u»
tbeßKSriorfamljy use ever pub>Uneo. Address jt
apply to J. B. WBirr&B. General Western Ageiv,
80. 7 Methodic Church Block. Chicago. Post O fin
i’oz am. noi3-pdiy-i
ANTED.—Alttntion Mins til
■ * Performers, Wanted a first violinist. a?o
a first tenor «tEg«r—<ne that can play a vlounceft—
ior ieus»re. bnimesi. toeo to Cairo None but t*|
civs performers need apply Gocd wsgt-sand iteay
emnl« jmentguarantced. Address CHaS
L. B. 203, Cairo. 111. noli P?l3 I
w ANTED—To rent a small hone
t 1 water ca or rear a street basing a raOrod
forwtlch coco rent wL'lbepald. Will boy or xat
an or part cj the Furniture it may contain, at>o i.
fore gtcd cars. Acdieu poat Office Box4a,
ccla p~SX 31
W ANTED—A situation by i
T * yoaocmaatrciQ tbs Bar. as entry clerk at
cashltr. or clerk, in tom* gcod respectable
lisa er ergy and good character, and la a good P«-
m&o tun accountant. W ilsivogoodrsiarencdeeiuv
la MajiachastU* orla tblscltf. Plena address r
and a Ith particular# “G F B.** Box 911. HOCkfc.ru, !•
POl3 p;%3t
WANTED— Aginte, nale or f.
Dale, to icll an article of nnlvarsal aje la ts
scbCfls at tbe but. and aow being
«e Weatern Stale#, »«np m “ l
klTcs at 41 Scatb C.aikstreet. Room K0.2.
I Ol?-p7V7-3t -
Wf ANTED— Agents. *3O pf
▼ T aoatb, and all ejpeoreaoald, or allow auk
rsl commhsloc (or #f Ulog tbo LITTLB QlAfil 9d-
IbG jiAIIIXRB. Betali price »15 WeaaveAni
wht'is ccoirlu!onAaTer»go*lso per manta,
cnU»flf»atfr*e. *erd (o. circular, W.«). JOn>.
Agetr.P.O DrawersSs9.-Cblcato. nolS-poOlh
TI^ANTBI).—To MazmfHctnrß
▼ ▼ and others. A situation wanted In some*-
laMlolment by a S!acMi>lst and Krslater, clgd.
Aca iCtaUcta, hawing a U. 8 Ceraao.
The scat of uflreieea ylren as to eb»raeter,:«
ACdJi*# * J C,” Post Office Box 3075. Chicago.
TAT'ANTED— *IO.OOO on Sveysa
T T time, on tbe following land#
QJMdy Ceonty, IU: 330 acj c» la McLc»a
160aczestnMasoa County. LL; Sta ecree la Tan#*l
County. III.; 560 serfs in
acres, 2,310. ‘ACsiiacTi aato nuejfurntoaed l«.i
hayingnoney tom*estcaanot and»
sect. Addrtss f. O. Box 57t>U nob) poO I
WJ ANTED —liDinedlaUly, 3>
v V caxoantara nswfuaasd Chopper*, to wc
enlJnlieabtSe# wflitatyJ»aUroad BiUgss. Wa#
ftnm ai to #3 per day. The t*OTtruma»t (ur
blMleti and tranaaoitsttca from Chics
aadietwß. Uk« dlsekatvvd (BTUmtfMtWIN
Snthwr own account laqulie at taa office otU
bcomJß i 4 Dearbarn street Bv order uf
B ncifl?s33Tl H. t. MSI9e. Q M. *Ha

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