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SjJeeßo-M V>n.rU Slrcoe.
_,j cj riO cuictoo tue.*.:
, eornn* civ. >» • »•“„ »I o.«£
jSSriueTc l *'' l .»*
! ’SmS S«I_}-i: ...... ;.U»
J'SSa«h'" 4 '',-r, jorr'in a.OS
f'TS!.- ■••• ,|-0f
* ui! 1 to£«t‘.ucpoi
fi-..-- IO«M
r f C QejUß<C*J^ c; TsAS*!* «*) b# M&t u
Jffr' - -
fAiical tssact to; dal* mart. !a *ll e*at,
Pxxe* *l2 ** 10 t«TUiiau ttb tots •
,OkB!»«• _.
(ifflga tMnmc.
gSDAT,;>OVKMBKK 13, tCicn
i ;tf gecUon of Gralz Brown and lltn
*3 lo Congires, has fallen
. * ibssdnboU among the S?L Louis
that of flcnuuson,
limey painted him. He
tta to be as good an Eriulucipationist
W»b, ioJ at last slayery-ridden 31L&-
;} U-represented aright, and will
Lday lihe her place upon the tide o!
Ifdoß. TbeLUlle Koch returns secure
State to the Radical? beyond all pos&i
--:j of doubt. In this connection comes
morahnMl 100 good lobe, true, that
able' and Kail will resign. Only let
;oJ3cld follow suit, and .Missouri rt iU
:J rescccd from the blight of Slaveiy.
fie Gorenuucnl has acted wisely in
ioming Neal Bow to draw upon Gen.
•edUhforall dptbing required by pur
iim who arc in the Richmond don.
m. 2iow let it Invc-L'gal? immediately
reports that ccne that oar soldiers are
t upon a scanty ration of bran and
her, demand their relief, and if It U not
rpliedwith, order similar rations tolje
it out at Camp Douglas, Johnson's
iad and I'oxi Lafayette.
•or columns present defiled reports
2 rebel sources. The campaign in Vir
ts hi* caused another wail in Richmond
I the new# of iheUnion victoiy in West
rkia is not &t all soothing H its effects
■a the rebel press. The intelligence
a >'oith Carolina Ib-rbodes a Union
re of the utmost importance.
lie news from Xew Yoik furnishes ad
iooal details ol the threatened Lake m
:(»a, and shows what the Copperheads
! Casadian rebels would like to have
rt if the government had hot set it, loot
* n promptly. \ allandigham isngala
raxted io jDsagalastthe govern*
jl, and must cUil wait and watch over
tofder, The people arc aroused, and
{ffrible je.’t. Thev arc determined
sake shori work with the rebels, and
hlious Copperheads desirous of’exhlb-
? their treason in plot* and cor.spira
iwill do well to avoid the storm wioch
altering about their licads.
J ile contraband trado foreshadowed by
Umar letter to “VVocd seems confirm
bfonr «forth f‘ar». *sa advices. Fcr
:iy, as his quota of treason, was to ca
l'*ll blockade running and furnishing
rebels in this manner with material aid
1 comfort, besides lining his pockets
i gold- FcTcandy Is evidently wpir
to be \al s traveling companion
wgh the Provinces. " ”
Inothor appalling steamboat ißsastcr
occaned on the MUsissippi.' The cot
:stcamer:Sunnjslde bnraed to the wa
te<3ge and between ihiuy and fonv
£ ire lost, principally women and chib
o.’ -v": -
s from the correspondence
wns tte Hebei Agent at Paris and
i Dapa, display most eloquently
hopelessness or the rebel cause. There
to hope in England, and Lord,
a Bothell is cauterized with'all
: fluy of despair. The Agent'
ails them is no hope ol recognition
France. He is evidently sick ol
hainesa. Ec rails like aflshwiS; olhla
ther rebels in Paris, and in very cln
uic language desires current funds, as
French arc a mercenary race, no t load
figuretire mocey. . following close
the Richmond JSnqxtircr emits a
a dtan&] howl at the prospects. A few
*a*tarrfyblows and IhorottenConMe:-
r Kill go crumbling to .pieces. *
Pomeroy, Mastering and Diabors
: officer Lix lUlcoiaj.has, wre understand,
® ordered to Springfield, by Provost
jsW General Oakes. Fite” hundred
imttare already in camp at that point,
i they are arriving at the rate of fifty
• day. s>ariy every one thus for has
a accepted, and the InJcDigence Ironx
?7 part of the State promise? large ao
s%ns. Yhe prospects lor filling up the
ota are excellent.
The SUryiand het-Wainre.
Wh batches of the Maryland Legislature
« » clear majority in ftror of calling a
melton to make Maryland a Free State.
*c following Js* daielficitloji ot the mem*
of tLe Senate and Houscof Delegates,
aiding to their understood opinions oa
sg;t*t questions of the day: •
“5 prtdrtd to Coiir«tioa«;.. ..a *
■«BecplnSs«r} « .
ta ® c **t*ftitdSlavery', a is
Tout ’£T rj
Bejutclnir In Sb Ioul«,
i »-..* emlcß ' ltn lrum Su L5uS » informs os
nt the EadlcsU of tlm* city are la high glca
ekcUoa of Grata Brown ondHeii
®Wß, fcr Coegras, aijd are now almrtng a
of the Jclm Browa ecag, as fol-
Sw 11 ', ?«• nionUtrias in ttcgnre.
Aa “irolileno* in tfie grave.
be lurri.p. or «,u;.
Farther and Jtalcre.UiiK Derail*.
{CormposdeLce of the Ncrt To* Ttoee.]
; »r,,i^ 1 £L 0r SCVpIVjHQjr, 23TH COEPS, *
I * P*KEr, Teas;, >*or. 1, 29*3. ' f
«* hlstoiy of this ww shone so more ex*
- success than that pained orer the
**? Cn ; Jotn wTfjftaiy's com*
«fl, on Uie nkhtof at Wanhatcbie.
SE. Ke &i 9 ien T» 111 **<*«»* Valley. Toe
Xk • . the oncoanler is almost identical
Gen. Andrew Jackson's victory
' PM»f nf »)»
» «ch prior. to thclaa- .Indian war, bsldwii
- * country Id this Tidnily eooth of the
• 2*®*®®* Riter *a their hcmbsiead sad
; J*«- lieary bad marched down the Taller
; Bridgeport, Ala., with about men!
s»bg a portion of Gen. Hooker’s com
mimloa w« the reopenlucof
IS?* and rfrer-commanicatlon betKeexx
(■ottanooga audits bass of euopltea.
IJw gnna of Snapp’d Pecntylranla bat
*9*° P“ced la position, and at short
■vffp threw “sphericalcase *.» into the dense
ISS?? 91 th ® Confederate division, as it
,a 22®-io the attack acrofi* an open field.
*****><*& to within eight
and encamped about
SS?* iJ" of “ i ® E’evmth corps, and
S®J£ immediately under the guns of the
;: l2S2J? aLoo . kont3J ' ,M *' Alll - Expecting an j
liHLT^r )T3 >^ e cxcmT, consisting o! three
Eooh 1 # division, Longatrcet’s
- » rigorous attack on Gen Gca
s tLr2rh d P ao, P> at about n p. m., with
: dc *jg® of annihilating the*m*H
2JggJ- But **« »«n who bad withstood
„ at Cedar Mountain.' Antic.
c^lo wd* acd Gettysburg, were
, iio,rh^L" ol,e:iD:U to the fearful ordeal,
cJri?2^ a:, ® red four to one.
• men quietly formed behind
fcaa biS?*?® lll °nhe railroad, and, using
«ttii£^ l^ o £^^ rcd * rom U
as soon taught the
41«iS«V7 *£ w «« wide awake, and not at all
, “■?“ :i * h
, *lSao( < i?,S' ri *’?“* ii* wellknown
a ;-*»ckM oar centre wltn
1115 whole eppveat
l kopncUcibte U force
mated end hailed hit
ttdmSS.y l ' ls left of oar thla line,
i hoa hu^si lB m dmk nioTemeat'which,
la number., completcljr
■**toaKrtS U ’.v! ar > ntklog in the train of
the waole caaip. The
c °ohf bem2UK 1 ? 4 ** aiJl * hat two carapaalea
hMHU.mSIS frou the froat to mlil the
IWrtjiitiJj,^' wU “ h»4 *!re»dy cort
tte&SSls?“ «««dcd In driving oat
cpaji c . B *r®withi:!riiil«!ijthii!t. r The ■
- thiot,, Wth great laiw forfoar haari.
JfcaweJMi n, ««a ■nlouliofthehvt
* , to woiiujS""; MU! eearee foree ealHeicat
•odlteahc.S?' Irc -' e ,G*J>t- At well
‘ ; *W«d^tt,iS2r ,, 9 pf UiC General—were
A l #* tifh tirj,. Tcc rch ' ! s teemed to dl
. -»to -0 «>c .capture of the.gaa.
- t?di- ~T£“.*,7* U
lettrir th-f:r.;li.f cbt "E'>l eren to
. *
I o»llk,n° < ’ Gi'n ’cir«n» rC »“ lllj •lonaca oer
0«n. J? e BWirtri lona of
thf hattlo - r »rfoor hoar*
tie ° f ?“ m ££|' loll had
>o uec the baronet ih. itT • 1,14 «eolr»d
Hciiitidtd. * . r* »Jllad *sd I;*}
• «SS ren k
v cnldli*T©bctti fewfnl^k^^l 1 ® Uttmb«s*l*a4
:{»»» taedlect. uj " SSf'l- Ic * t . l °" >
heroic conduct of ■ haudf n iie*„ d '. 10 '-he
, 1 o'omac annv who rl J cn from the
their h/ethrei'ot *h!S a ”' d ,0
to debt hide hr tide Hthfh. "orthlneM
«nd Stone Hirer “ “• betoce of Shiloh
- •■•■•■■ -J. 0.
Th« rrtitv uoubm
knl«t,)vUl Mil «toord^^ 0 m
f «£r%i2g? , * w ' ••
Mil. WMKmi'-J, «>»ICTirOT-l.
SAoeiifliu Bt»nA Ktt J-, m.
t??S&SSKSf iSgfcW*
ISomellljlT. •' 10 , El £"
i *o«cu Lovrjoy 1 • TnhWit* 4,1 "" 7 *
*6 Jc»«O Norton |.j^“ L T r fv .
TMUSAH, 3 lM?i?;£ fIT '' JU
3 'George \r Jaltaa J •WimiiftTn ß ? 011
te D ssr JSS&
’■^ss-cr* 1 mSsswhssp
? SSSBffIS 5
; sWIS’SSi. -
1 E '
3 'jfiedtrick A J*JWe • dcoaw*&£*il^
-*Ss22Tt£r-? 101 *
J n. nice *
i j*.. ’ *• „ -6 J*ta©« Ikooka
i f, Cw * A i- 9 BMMan«^i|<
” ». wijuUoS*?
i Ji n. vn.fl.ia
« °f? *-••»•« 13 Jloour A. Nelson
!T?£ j tf- U U p - tm H-Johnß Slerfa
3 Jcfin tt.Locfjejr it Jiiim v?/ I-,?,-..
;*3S».&£»* S «s£fiS*F
r Job S D ?“r
- I -Geo IL r-ndldton
]te« I isasiffl
■♦ .ton, ff.lan. T‘SimntlS (.’at
X JineeW.PAttwoc It. WcH» a. DotcWns
1 £5", ."ST -1 - «• E
3 - bQu 7: . IX Jotn O'KeiiL
25- iL'ffipiSS'ox
iS* rfi* ti^ii^ l i.i, thanes Dennison.
0! •SH?*\5 v *^^5 aklM u. wmi4ia a.iiuicr.
suberic 16. Joseph Biller;
£ Freeman Clark. 16 Aler/n.CoO&lh
frank. - 17 Archibald McAllister
iai *Reabeo.E. ycaioo. si Jolm L. D»weon
■.i»?^ cn «-^? ,ck - WISCOSIIV-S.
1? T»'r h ♦ 1 J*aies tj. Bro#ra
*|-iKSKS£ E *£Jf y * I 4 Cb«. A. Edridge
if ?^2 , . p ;, 9 £! a^ te S-I sE *™ Wheeler ■ ■
18 J^obmmS <W * j Total-Demorrat*, 71
1 John B. Mcßride,
rExssrtv.tNu— 32.
2 Charles CKeiU
, 3 LcoeajdSljera.
3 M. Thjf#^UThi»rer.
IJ John 31. BroooiaM.
9 'Tbaddeur Sterwj,
13 Hetrj M. Traerr.
1 •'James T. H*ie. *
lv Uleas! W. Schnfleld.
S3 Amos J!'era.
2J *Jamec tL Moorhead.
52 Thom«s-WiDina»
£QOaS UfjlVli— 3.
■, 1 • Thomas A. Jenckea
1 2'' Nathan F. Dixon
Jk>rJer-h'iot4 J fen.
1 Lscieo AnJtirsos
l*Owjf n. Teaman
3 •Henry Grider
4 •Aaron liwrdtne
& *K«bert MaTlory
6 OrienC'arSmith
.7 Brume*. Clay
!* Wa. il. KiDdill
9 •War 11. Wiiivonh
* •EdwlalL Webstar
4 Brandi Tbamaa
. xt;«orai—B.
1 J». Blair, lr
t* *Jim« h. Uolliuk
1 Fre<LE Woodhrid n
9 -JeaiinS ilcrr.U
2 *l'ortsa Laxter
1 L U. Cbin«l!cr
9'Joeopli Secat
a R n. Kitch*»
Tcui Border Hate, IQ.
- IlLamar
3 Andrew Cobb
S Walter I>. Mclndoo
Total Adm-, W.
of ILc !a*i
Lem. and BordcrSttte
combined, i«o
A Hebei Loiter.
Hzadquaetzo* Aumt or m* Potoxav. i
Tacsday,* Kor.TU, IKI f
The following lotemstlog letter was found
tipoc tha body Of a rebel soldier at Rtpni
bannock 8 ailon. The names arc (oppressed:
T«cr Dnmnur, Sept, 21. 1»3. *
. Mr IjEAJi Son ; Bbbert baa got well, and
helijriUheHmcUlklngaboatyou. Hole &
uriskboy, and wants to -know why yon can’t
.r-c uktu prisoner and come home on parole
;jjto—-. There i»4iot a day that some de-
don'tpaM by going home. We bare
ilenty is our mdgliourfaaod that have come
home, and wfll sot go back to the army. A
iWt mtj tart, gone to Vlckihun; end
i-Utmcd protection. Tie Slue -In cm
under, end He negroes lore ell lelt uid gone
over to the Tuikeee, My ‘ eon B'tStau
*2? to eUy Hero
end fight for the rich man’s property, when
tuey will sot themselves fight .for It. • There
,-re some rich men who are gentlemen, and
go in with their all. Bat where yon find* one
wbo does this, you find ten who do not,
ibteo men are a dead weight to the Coafed
♦ rs fy* We have got borne men here rubbing
und doing more damage than tbe Yankees
wocld have dost*. They are mmfcing more
Union men thin Lincoln ever could make. It
u beyond description. We cutnotbelieve al
«cs«3e in tbe newspapers; bat what 1 set*
wtthmy own eyes lean believe. Ihavemade
t iood crop of t corn and some cotton; and if
•1. - bare it I ahall most assuredly go to the
iatibeee and claim protection, and I know I
*m as good a Southern Bights man ajany
bedy. The rich population have run into
Teaaf, leaving the poor people to do aa beat
They can—burning np their cotton, and talk
of boning op all the booses. This wUI mala,
war among na at home. ; Mv son, France ant
?v. eU -r?M ia)rld= U» United SUtoi. It
»lea r.rl-h there are COO men that will not
torn out—that 1., —tilt the deserters. T0.,-
•re doing something In the Union way. They
are trying to get them to go back. threat
tuieg to burn their houses; hot tbe Yankees
'*K k? 4 that tt keeps our
keep out oi thrir way.
~s®- Tf?** 8 a* marching on Texas at
J/Z® P° lct ». They will hare
line picking there. Our people will return
b-ck to Louisiana stripped of all tber ha-L
These men who have lost their property
want to see peace on any terms. The*?are
the men who are burling tbe Confederacy by
tbetr influence. The Yankees expect that
> ranee and Mexico are going to do something
pm tbt South. They .are tuning their gnea
yowu tb*s river, *t Tick«burg, NVcbet. EuU
UU&~Sa miles belbw Natchez, and ?t Port
it&Cbdn. if 1 ranee had come to our asalar,
tece when we held Vlckabnrg it wocld hira
'tone some good. Bnt It is too late now. Our
men arc too -much divided, and too masc
lave gone back to the Union. This war wat
got np: drunk, .but they will have to settlu
it sober. -.There are a great many men here
la the Scnth who are to bo pitied. My son,
1 must come to a .close. Hoping 1 may see
you shortly, your affectionate Cdher,
P. 8. Do not target your duly to *oar
Uoc. _ - ;
Fernando TVood Preparing to Aid tUo
* Ucbcu. . • •
y*w York, Sot: 14.'—A N’ew'lnlet correa*
pondentofthe New York TVttvne taye, rvU
lire to Uia ciplore of the blockade rnnnor
CambU, that Col. Thorburn, of the* rebel
army, aaspasaonperon bet, but escaped cat*
tore.-The Lord Mayor of London and the
said Colonel bare entered Into negotiation to
famish ammontUon and ehlpe of war to the
rebel Go-moment,
Wilmington papen were also found on the
prize, tawhlchityraa stated that Mayor Wood
tf New Tori:, it going Into a Joint siockcotn
pany with a firm naoer the name of Train &
Co., to to run the blockade,
audccpply the rebels with materials of war.
ieddent to the Welland Canal.
St. CtrurjusKß, O. W.,Kor. U.—A lock
on the WcUand Canal wu damaged by, a
teboot tr to <Ja>, and narlrailcn wfiJbcioltx*
tupUd thereby till the find of next week. ~***‘
Trouble Among: thc Chlmlry,
JoKTKset iJoh'BOB.NoT. 13 -The Richmond
ct Not. 10th, ujl that Tbomu
VhUe. proirietor of the Ablnnlon Hate!,
wierhnt ami mortally wounded Ins difficulty
wtthCoL Clarence Prentice.
fnpprtant Capture of a ci , d
The lord Mayor of London on the
J>looiado Bofliaeaa.
A Dismal Howl from the
Home Rebels.
PprcUl to UreChtogi triia, ,
On S«.«* W-MHINaiO*, Kot. U , lAiS.
Ob board one of the blockade naisr.
“* ,h «m are mu letter, of Miaou'. a r .
dcn »i,r^ P "' I ; j ° f ““ «W ori«L
i.«. nnill,0 S to IB cmctoi wav
-“ ? tWI »• WRoUatiou. wito
!c «era from Edwla De Leon” rebel
LffU.^r 01 " 10 B “J* d! °. the other to
•liffitovla. From the letter to Benjamin _e
otrecttiefol!owln B : “The K resteot recoil
of Stoaoua wilful rawil has boon sininst
Lotd John Rmsell pcreotaliy. hi, soeech:
audvicduSoryor £. ol„ coSc!
Itif chM "'V. sod it prom
Jfj * T, m r mht to “to jxjllcj- to the bitter
cna. ml In era: ready to otcrstcn the tow to
ordtr to avoid cfleneo to the WaakloglonCov
etnment The d.Uvct, of this .“eecMs tco
10 I * rmU n “ to Inform you of English
"J”™ 10 tototlon to It. The commentary
Of the Tlioi.lll ehowtbit eren that abacqub
ons echo of the ministry does not accept
tretrm t ira C . L °M, lttlsKl ’'‘ Tiew ‘ ’ritoont
rroteel, tnd ahonid he renlnre to carry: Into
ton tht threats that he has made of
t touting the tow, and ashing a bill of indem
biiy from Parliament. the experiment
re’ W ' ~Uct ' n ' ■Fntpatoy of
f 10 *: ■ tor ns is growing stronger
"7 d - °* e “““ totlo ne their aoUpa-
7 1 C " r ., l ‘‘ e y ““ k «“ Increase* those favorable
<1 jpcallfons. 1 have esnsod various publics
tlons to be mad* In English on the topics of
cotton, stoveir, the oath of allegiance, and
federal fabrications, and kept np a vanning
lire through the English press."
Thoesme letter dltotea on our altered Im
tarnation of recruits for ocr armies from
Ireland. It cays that “after the dlspoaal ofthe
Roebuck motion, the rapid tocrenjc of Fed
ttal recruitment in Ireland attracted
much attention,and I destined It advisable to
visit amt country to sec If anything could be
dene to Cheek ft. Daring three ncettsrealdenso
cMc„y In Dublin, with . vlalt to Belfast in
the >*orih of Ireland, rj succeeded in an
nuikingand eapotlng the cnemv'a battery
rnd enlisted the aid of tome powerful au rll
iarics lnthe preaa and pulpit, to et op this
cruel and cowatdly Crimping reernlta under
pretext of employment on yottbern Ball
Beads. ■
ilauykncvr the res! nutare of the service
required of them, but many mote were en
trapped by promises of high wages, tbnlr con
tacts containing a clause that they would
take the preliminary oath of renunciation on
their arrival to America.. Thia at once would
make them subject to the draft. The num
ber of actual fecrulte thus obtained from Ire
land, the past year, np to Angust, cannot
exceed 20,000 able-bodied men, but wc hope
tlrrlr nets will not hold.
*‘Xo step has been or will be taken by the
British Government to stop this wholesale
deik>rUllon for two reasons: Ant, from the
difficulty of proof of actual enlistment; sec
cud, because of the unwillingness of Lord
Roissll to wound the susceptibilities of Mr
Sewwdg of whose ccncaci he Las no com
plaint to make. The press, the priests and
public opinion mar supply the short coming
<•1 the Government la tils respect—at least
the attempt is making In Trance.”
Jlc ears “the Polish «inest!on and the Mexi
co* entirely absorbed oar*, in which French*
men hare really felt but little Interest. The
sympathy at first felt for the Federal# baa
***** forfeited by th:*r brt»*ali*y
ictce. A kind ol vague admiration lor lhc
heroism of our people has succeeded, batnot
liycly enough to prompt any action, nor give
us reasonable hope of it The withdrawal of
Jlr. Mason from London the Em*
I eror more than ever master of the altosUoa.
The only rivally he feared, belnw his with
drawal, he can amuse us with Mexican
alliance In lieu of more practical interven
tion, in the belief, that we shall continue
to bt very grateful for very small favors,
yeither the British Parilameutnor the French
Chambers will meet until February next, sad
until then the game la entirely In hla own
h&nda. Earllla‘Beir« speech having relieved
bin. mind of any change la England's lose* I
ihily, I sincerely hope that the intentions of I
the Emperor may be the more practical, bat !
I can only Judge by the lights before me,
1 remain, very.slncorely,
; Edwdj Dc Lrox.”
The same person, in a long private letter to
Jtff. Davis himself, after complaining of the
| unhtness ol the men who surround Davis,
; and especially of those who manage the dl
plcmalie afialrs of the rebellion, goes on to
bit; •• Ridlcal Democracy, widch levels
cown instead of grading up, ee:ms
almost as strong with ns as with the
2?orth, though not in anch repnl live shapes :
and after the war Is over, we shall-have to
fight the same .old foe with a new face. I
may seem to speak bitterly, but I see on this
side so much pitiful sclf-sccklng and worth
less greed in the swarm of speculators and
blockade breakers, and swaggering ahufflers I
from danger, who call themselves Canfeder-1
ates, that my sou! sickens as 1 contemplate I
the future.”
- some, general bUtcmaaU,. about*
English an L nmch f**itag them,
be says: “1 tm'not & prophet, and euj be
deceived, bnt'as far as I know and c«r sec,
there has been, and la 10-d»y, u little ml
Intention of a speedy recognition by France
as by England. That we'may bo a
jinn In the Mexican basinets I think very
r robable, bat detected intrlgaeailn Texas,
Ur. Benjamin's d'enuncUUoa of 'which
-? Intercepted end published in the K« w York
and English papers, docs sot Inspire confi
dence In that vary astute gentlemen, who la
row an arbiter of bouthora and Mexlcsn des
tl&lCS. -v
“Judge Host who Is hero nowjenilrely con
cm»ln xay views, and he adds farther list
Mjr. Dayton declares ho baa neverhad any
complaint from Washingtonregarding
* reach Intervention In Mexico. It
Seward, therefore, acknowledges MaxlmilUan
Emperor, the ground on which our action
seems to have been predicated Is. cut away
from under our feet, and abbuld Seward
a piotest* for he cannot meditate a war. with
France, we still will be held as ,’a power, and
have the shadow of a Givor whlle'our enemy
enjoys the substance ot non-Interrention.”
lie then proceeds to. suggest to Mr.
that the rebel Trcasnrermnst keep him better
supplied In current fhnds,~and explains thns;
“France wants money literally, and not figur
atively. They arc a far mete mercenary race
than the English, and we must buy golden
oplnlonsof them, 11 at all. r Such was the so*
ertt of Dr. Franklin's success." •
Thtae extracts are taken. literally from the
originals now on file in the Navy Department
The foil test of the dispatches will be speed
ily published.
- The Richmond EVijwfrer of last Wednesday
contained the folio wit g leading editorial:
•‘The people and army of the Confederate
States Late been ao much compllmentod upon
the protects. and gallantry of their arms,
so much flattered open what has been ac
complished. that they hare lost sight of the
i»ct that more surrenders hire been made by
their stales thin by the armies of any othw
What nation, la three ycaraol war,
™‘ Fort Bene'ox.a, liouoko
ItUad, It, Phillips, Jsckson, Arlanau Posit
leckabutg, p ol t Undaon. Mi Cnrohrrland
fe ‘- been an Instance
of-pubhant In thlslorg u , t „ f ,
IT!., on the contrary, promotion haa In .onto
Icklnncc. followed .wilt upon the command
"noh r «p »«■ >ni aho w a* I
tmicb pUntey In tho light «• jw Ilf
m 3 dert^^>, , '' U ' , 11 * m •‘““Mbit more.nr
rer det. _ than ever held the mu. ol .ny other
**“* rcrio ' l of *•“«. nod
wc CMnot point to mj Smsow. aliens
If ndorierrj or P eno ‘ to off.ctthls lour cat
W our people
" hj E'-Opoed halloa.
heelute to recognize one nationality, perhaps
they may find the cause In the laet that the flag
Virtv » r s* l ““ kmor * tU “Potti of the
eetth, though often cio wned with glotloaa vie
tory luu unfortunately been lowered very often
rt.!, l ‘r. n «“ iI “* 1^Cj,ll " Cra "' “ d “>o»K«fnr.
cigac&tlonaMe iorreeder* *o complacenllr
made Md promotlca* often following ibe m
I *** ar ® unctrtiiQ whether tome iUtuntr
»ty not bring the ners ol par oncoudiUoail
K >nntt£ef to the Lftxzm ofih«, »wvnir. V» hA’ <
lottesnto lotr'auibj tia: f
nndcj. ner® hot 4?do '
my that to one of them conferred *nj honor
ci-on the unit ol the Confederate fiutea. At
twj ol them galUnt lighting wu done. At
\ ickthwg *ad Port Hudson, and Hooclsoa,
Md Roanoke UUnd there were not w*nUs<T
in«u,cc. of great galUntrr; bat to cone of
thtm cMwcpolnt with thc prldo of tho Spin.
V*’ i tench and £ogU*h, at places cuie glo
rloaa b/ the obttinacy and endurance of the
r tleijec. The aurpiUe of Kelijsrllla
Brw-dh Station, WUlJamoport, Urintor 8U-
Uoa, and now the Ute diautcr on the Uapp*.
hai nock, thow howlcriencj to the ttret derl
itcUcn of dotj may entail contlmied and re
peated dhaatera a'.d Cardesancsa lafilct l«St
»gdl»giace epontne army. NotulihsUnd.
log the gallantry of the array of Northern VJr
g'ala, fomcihlcg Is watting Incorrect and
prevent Itcac frequent affair*.. It has not jet
tnufj-ired where the brigades ot Hoke and I
£»ja were when the enemj pounced upon I
|l*inn It la not jet stated hoir they cnae to
be so completely leoUtcd from the main body
of tie army that they could not be rrinlorced.
| though the fight Is represented to invented
! •Übout Intermission from 2 o’clock lathe
•fim.een nntll dark. No explanation has
been made why rdbforetments were not scat
o Utlr rescue, nor are we Informed how
Ifceec two small brigades came to be thus
tipcwed, Inviting almost their capture or
eudhUatloh. We hope there are good and
sufficient reasons for these circumstances
« d that Gen. Lee will, upon iartstlgaUan.’
be satisfied that tU taro brigade* were loatin
one of the b:d nary eventualities of war
which op vigilance can prevent, and no
a ctljlty remedy. ;
Soiprlacs ere more lajarlous to military
prestige, more destructive to men »nd mate,
rial, than defeat in regular buttle, and as they
>-reea*Uy prevented, toe officer who suffers
birr self to bo surprised, and ponnscj upon
an.” punt*
‘■Oen. Br»Egb»slat«!y«nl&mlgrti'.lylrom
n foprite by which «n Important jlottiloa waj
Kalncd by the enemy, and one, which It 1j
feared, may neutrallke much of tho advantage
pined by the battle of Cblcfcunaagk."
The Richmond paper, al§o publltb In fill
the cotteipondence between their Cummle.
f loner of enchango and onta, which revolted
In the breaking olf of exchanges. It Is r|olle
• harp, contains nnmerom dl-putes as to mat
ter of Cict, and la conaldered by the rebel
Cemtnleelooer, In a lorg leltet, of which the
following are the closing psregraphs; i
“.Not control with all the misstate,
menu of IkcU which I hart cited
yon hare In yonr letter of the SBlb desecadi
ed ta malignant and wantob upnalons of the
Ccntcdcrateanthorllles In miking proposals
In my letter of the SOtb yoa-wen"asked to
agree that all oflleers and men on both eldet
should he relesscd, excess on one side or the
other to be on parole. It would hare been
Irjnslke tnongh to many thonsanda of yonr
prisoners In ont lisnds and to those of oars
in yont enstody, simply to have delivered the ■
proposal,hot yea have thonch *, proper to add
to yonr rtfesol gratnltons Insult to -the Con
fiderwte elates by asserting that their
fair and honest olferwas made for tha pur
pose of potting Into the Meld offlrers and
men fraudulently*- changed. This calumny
Is destllote of Pr.nndaflon In fret and Is das
,plc«blc in spirit. In conclusion leV me id! -
yon that (he purpose ol yonr letter 1. appar
ent; It hsa been well known for a long time
that yoor authorities are opposed to ulr
and regular exchange of prisoners under the
eastel. Is rejecting my proposition yon
hsxe cndexTorsd to Ocoee a 1 aortr r, a cl snd
of xagno charges and nnlennded atvtemtnt
tho dctcrmlnaUon at which yonr Govemmont
long since arrived. .
Whynotaay wlihontany fisrtheranhtcrfiigei
»hat yon have reached the conclusion that,
thanyoure* >n4 Ml,acre * re “ ore Falmiblc
Respectfully yonr oVt. terv’t,
Roiwnr Oct.i>.
The Hichtaond £xambi*r of the Uih snjs*
‘ It was reported that Gen. Echola had been
disastrously defeated near Lewltbnrg, Va,
hot It was more than a defeat—a ahameful,
unmitigated dlrgrace waa permitted tohefal
cnr aims In the boasted army of Northern
Virginia. Two whole hrlgadee of the army
< f North Virginia were captured on Salur
day. We learned this, not as a ru
mor, tut as a fact, from inch a
* nice that we cannot (juration Us accuracy.
We coaid not learn Whole brigades they were'
notjvtn whether thry were cavalry or In-
LsicnnrHo, Not*. 10.—-The special corrcs
r-cheeot from Lynchburg, v*., gives partlc
niars ofiho late light SO miles, west ol Lcrts*
trnrg. Fire thousand Yankees under AvcrlU;
who camc from Beverly, attacked Johnson.
The latter fell back to the point named, and
■was Joined by Echols, and a severe fight ensu
ed* Oar loss was heavy. Welost one piece
of smlJciybat eared our General
Echols hearing a force i opposed to be under
General *Bcammoh was approaching,
from Kanawha to cot him oO; fall back to*
wards Salt Pond .Mountain,, and passed
through LcwUbnrg our cliy cr tz\*z The
force expected - from Kanawha arrived there
the next morning. . ' {
Je£ Dark has returned to Richmond, bnt
the ovation called for by the lUchmoad pa
pers dMuot come off, owing to tbeutesess
of the hoar. The Kxaminrr says he havde*
dined to call for a Coart of
caee of Gen. folk, and has assigned to an
important command.
lcpcd»]Dlnp*tch to its Chlcaco Tribanc,]
Kt. Loci*, >'ot. It, Hi,
The copperheads and Claybanks atJcffer
sen City ore taken bock by Henderson’s «x
--presslons of redlcolism. Several of them,
members ol the Legislature, denounce Hen
derail roundly, while be profetses contempt
for the Gamble Government, sad is -jaile as
radical as Grata Brown.
The Little Rock Tote gives one tucrsvid
Rsdlcftl majority, placing the Radical over two
ahead, for beyond the power of de
feat b,.illegal or informal vTotcs or returns,
Some mOltazy companies known to coststn a
majciUy of pro-sUTery men when enlisted,
hare sent in a nearly ansnlmoas Rsdieoi rote
Including companies Loa the wont pro-slsy*
counGes in the State.
The rebel) are rapidly loalcg men fromdo
eertlon, In Arkanits, who Join our Iloei
s!any of them from Prlce’a army are now tn
custody. ■ ■
The stoppage of the Pacific Railroad train
by Minnesota soldiers,to prevent kidnapping
Is to be cfiJclolly investigated. ■ **
[Speciil DlipCchlo l_ht CMci^oTfibanc.]
. Madi*o.v, Vij,, Nor 11
Official returns from fitly one counties
glr» Lewis IS.tiS! majority, with Bra more
counties to hear from, which i-sto Uarre*
''t'T majority. The soldiers rote at far as re.
cclrtd circa Lewis I//I7 majority, with foar
teen reclmenU and the batteries to h-rr
f om. The total rote cannot fail i!io r; of
®>.W) majority for the Union tiecet.
Wl'at thcTopplrbcadT Wanted
, to De,
Tokokto, 0. W., Not. ll.—Tho.lf.rrri.tr,
• MMeatoa paper, to-Saj admlte the Mluro
eftbe natal pint .ml' eaja tho Confederate
Gomnmcat fitted oiit tho ateamcr It. X.
L«e, from Wilmington to Halifax with a car-
Ro to furnish ftmda. Thlrty-tl* ofllccr® and
thne hundred men weife to come overland lu
partie® to a genisl remifavoaa. Thalr
intention waa to sarpfbe the Federal gvri
wn at Johnson’* Island, liberate tLe prls.
oeere .thcre and : coifrej them to Cicada.
Ttelr order® were notlo violate British neu
trality, only to reecic 8,000 valuable Urea
fi*m such wretched quarters, which weredo.
tqkili by ®lowfdegrtie><.
Brrrato, Nor. He-Gon. Dlx and iK(r
!* Ic ““'ulUHoa
K«rT«w.. Nor. —The New Tort
W.itlrflon dilretih uyi ; ■■ lotk
It jenndfietooj hero, from Ciaadi. that
7.mccDl.y and itir.hii Kmc
l td ' lall 7 ■"XH.ljf r«»lae ihrbKbThS
t i o: F r, lf n dM ™ for
to «?jsi^lgsSSSS^Uif^
SJ«“»fVo ctoi f ft. ra » 10 t“»t= Cm™
l *P b** rwecls la port charred
f're'«fi 5 »S f^40bT:ru Ordifd: ilxtiicto
wife out the coruirbrcc of Lake Erie • acr
'“,b-to coteeme Detroit, mid In Si
«tor the commerceKnd cltlea cf the hikei
fronOpleiutmry to OMo.ro. a ; “?“•
fr.-l'p 'optt. Scr. 11.-ihe irorhftTipecW
id ifjSJ? Allonaj Ociicnt ilSoa.
h' ‘f Inogs icfomullon which
teftwlMw or tfce plot tor the
iTZ'jL}}* rtWmere.elc to r dLr.n»re.
»n cf cljthoecho®*, from ccltl
-55“ two muatlitfcfo. I acocars
that a camber of p«cs6«lon)au were to take
on the CUmm and TMJeuibnrci.ro
KtrolfiSfn*w*f *“*•
littroltaodßofWo alters, tbea ihreateu
Ogdewlwy and BtUMo/ Tte/'•otuS
tie Canadian MlnLtry We taken ample
SSfiSSf TUrtM * *?•«»«,
ot w « ™
Col. itoffmic, CominaadliiK Oca ofPri«Q.'
ihS’nhlf? dV ,!° i ,'* i,c f l “« condition of
L v«i t4) ■ 1 cuehccj. at Saodoakr w,d
vhw tt«..nr» of mv.mie*f£ r
mcht£r‘ u ~ of our i** o "" at
The Rebel Press on (he Sltutlsß.
A Wail. from Biqlmiond—Afikirs
hi East Tennessee and Iforth
>i!W Souk. Not.’ 14, late rebel n, r . tr s
up ncelTuL The Kkhinonil Summer ol
ifcs llta ays their army <nw haletly uiralUnir
*6 attuck Iroai iii’udti. It waa thought iic
»ooW hant the inurement toward. Frcdcr
ukibcrg. The Sumiiur of the 11th fore
• hudoKe another retreat of Bragg, aud.peah.'
if dieorgMliu and coward. la the council,
ol their Western army.
lie of the JOA eaj!: Me.de
lu. billeted a terrible Wow, on Ice, and in
•uilem Virghda the dicaster to Echol'a
command shows the caemy active, aad ap.
j rchetetons are felt for the atfety of the rail*
md In .Vorth Carolina. the enemy h« land
td a Urge force a*. Wintca,aad threaten the
ejnthtra lino cf railroads at Wddou. Ou
the F ccli. pa la the te reported xo be*
Ucfilng large auniUia at Jfewpojt Stm.”
The Jllchiiood jLidjiftLitr after irl vlag a
sstMtdutnt of the capture of ito of their
bilgadce, wtye It is believed Ue expected
ilcade to adraccc, bat wat cot prejiaml tir
i‘i tail} and Tlgcrous an It ao* ap.
L'eaiettat-Headocaa adtauce aa o«ick as he
ictreexe. .
He Ziambia- dcmandt the dletnlstol from
their army of the Brigadisre who commanded
ihe captured bilgodti, Icr their dltgroeelnl
negligence. - , a:
TfceJT/ijfwO-frof lie lOti eaj a there U so
rest trial ciiate »■ Ciarkaiou, The Yankees
keep tip a continuous fire day and ofgh’. but
with )UUe Ims, ami confidence!« a? sir«Dc la
charleston as ever. - •
A Charleston correspondent of a Georala
P»ptr,.aj»r Should tie Yankee’* try tie
esretfitb ot oar land lorccs, they wjoJd get
he womtthrifiblng any army ever received.
Brerr day adds to oar strength while 11 less
ms Ifccixs.
A. rebel vonespondect writes to tbe At
tain JnieUigcncrr ;tom Missionary Eldjre
rut ear eilreme right now occupies London!
which give* as coiamaca of the Tennessee
Ulverst that point, britglngour forces with,
ic miles of KcorrlUc.lmportant move
•neats »re expected in that direction. The
«Mtoj evacuate the fortifications a: London
•vocr approach.
Tbe iiomlacr states that Are pieces of can-
I °“S LOW pl “ t ' d Ikmuib'od the prisoner*
a’ Bede Jtle, ami any demonstration to over.
l~oor the guard, alii result In thinning out
ifaelr nnn.bcr aaajJtrly. ’ ■■•
Jtß. Davis arrived at Richmond on the
Mo. Tho JCjamimr Is much exercised at the
of the North Carolina election, which
.*m wnt oce or two peace men to Cocifrws.
Mi-bmond r»per«»a* ihutlm Twakeeprte
< t«i we to be sent mou to DanrlUe, Lynch
bmg acd other pLcf-s.'
lUhcl paper, hate the followlm: dlapatch
Naasowt, Xva* Dcittnr, Nor. jfch.—Our
prlioners, four cauton. two stand of colors
ajxiy wagena and 1,000 animals. OtSloM
raataokiiicd and right wounded,
aigned, ; R. Ka>soar, Major Gen.
lUnn«m,.N, C., Noy, S.—Weldon adrieM
l^Ahl^ 1 VrTi ToEiee
*». ail t w n> » troops, 'it u
Thought another force from N-wnera
15 l’ ,ece * of »*lUlery, la t \J.
signed for the esmo point. An »Uc<iiut«
turee has bten sent to check them.
Important Capture by
Curries’ Brigade.
-Another JppaHlng Steamboat
Disaster-Forty hires Lost.
ISpecial Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.]
“ CAmo.Jioh. il. foes.
. Tiit Memphis U*lUtirt Of the 12lh Is receiv
ed per e'etmer Glasgow. W iC»rn by tlfc
clerk and passengers of the Glasgow that on
the morning of the ISth at fi K.m., neir IsU
.aidlß, the steamer Sonny Side, caded with
cotton from Memphis to this point, to ok .fire
from sparks coming from the chiiancys, and
burned entirely up. There were 1,2&0 bales
of colter? on board. Thirty to forty lire*
were lost, the belcg women and chil
dren., Great creiil U dat io the possengdrs
and crew of the Glasgow for their, hind treat-'
cent o( those who escaped from the burning
wreck. Jl major having been wounded In the
nhouldcr, and haring a sister on board tried
to sare her by locking hands with her and
jumping overboard. Ehs was drowned and he
was picked up insensible. Be was a raring
maniac all night, from the effects of the ex
pc rare,, The bool and cargo are a total jdu.
A great number camped with barely sufficient
fo cover Ihdr nakedness./.,/.
Cmo, Not. 14.'—The Memphis SiSkU of
ihelSth Inst, contains the following:,We
.learn from a gentleman who has Just reached
this city from below, the particulars of the
'opt rations of the Mississippi Marine Brigade,
which is »t present In charge of Cot G. JS.
Currie, who Las been doing edslcct service
for several mouths past. Three rebel mails
have been captured recently, containing valu
able information. The first mall ws» captured
it Campbell's pl'atitlou, Jast above Green
vlUe, acd ww c*cli'*lTely from Texas, bound
to Richmocd, It was In charge of Lieut. J
Bnllsford, who was returning to Drag;**
aribjr. . The second null wn captured oa the
OUi, at the uua place, On the 7th; another
tndycjy Important mall Zn% captured. It
u from Richmond; aad contained Tfiry Inj.
pamat document* and let ter a. One of these
It a letter from Jeff, Davit In replf to certain
pMtlcaaihlr* hi* oplnloa,*M> the propriety
■e d expediency of bands to de
at-oyatwTOboaU. He replies that he see*
no objection to the plan, and construe® the
act of the rebel Coogrese to empower th« for
mtUoD oi bands lor that purpose. There
were other document® of efua! Interest.
OoL Currie*® brigade ha* been quite octtre
Istely, and keeps the enemy at a wholesome
die Unco from tbs rircr.
TVo learn that ahead j M aic one li oa tbs
htrtß tfMcntgomerj, >od the partj who re
f entlr but a t the atoamer Alloa Collier. Oiil.
Conlo baa captured la all, acme •1,360.000 la
Coafriler.tumoaej.Bad Ilftj prleoncra dar
log tho puat aioatb. Quo of tho latter »u a
aua going from Maeoa. Qa.. to' Camdca.
... “ , llUcl ‘ ln ’ > 6 > r •Planing cotton,
which bo said would bo worth one million
doll.rs to him If ho had oalj got It through.
Tho brigade managed to pa/ their own war
cuttlrg their own wood. . *
Th« Jctvelry or u.e Nnplulß
[sltc!»l Dl.jiuch 10 IheCblcjo Tribute.;
o ' W.twMOToy, Nor. 14.R
StnilorSimpie and brido left WMblonton
l.it etenlog lathe r.eildent’e oar of the Bal-
Umoxc and Ohio iuilroad, and rMohcd Pliila.
Oolplila about one o'clock tbl> mornlon
Ttey atop In PliUadclptia lillMooday.tl.cn
t.ccced tol ITotldtncc B. L They are,e:oa.-
r«Jcd by Ibe following bridal party. The
bridemnlde. Mitt N'cltlc Chaa e, Mlai Skinner.
Kid Mm Nlctola Tbe groomemcn, M.Jor
Baldßln, Capta, Haven and Ivaa. and the fol-
Icnlnglrciii Kbodo Island, Mra. F. Spraeoo,
klra. A.£praene, Mi., a. Sprague, Mbta Sn
ean bpragne, Mlaa A. lilec, Mre. L B. Tricw
Mlaeta I'slmer ana niter, a.-.U Mcuri. A.'
(.ardnerard C D, JSlaon. Too dapartnre
atd journey were conducted qnletly, and pub
deity avoidtd as much u posalble.
Koneof tho dctnlla of thia Intereallanaf
sir bare yet reached na. Tno N. r. 2W,or
-i-c X,tb apeaking oi tbe Jewelry ol the nun
“ f Ml'* Cbaso's r™»«reu, from
Wtt Bl JPcrb ccg»gemeatrlDg,i.boat wiuchs m
i'nrp & rto t nUde ott ltoa »
f «i C 'ft h^r*l to *£ c 6C3lJleat sbawll pin of the
out.!!. La* bccu for wteka a subject of d*in'
l?o“ th. frem. 0 “* onnoS
■ xe . r. cr give a detail**! rt*.
BCripLon of each, U‘ consequently su
ernuoua. The jewdry waru npoa ths
btldid ccculoa consisted of a tiwi nf
rj-ans and dUmondn, and a bracelet aadoiir
\ * eatriaga Oi iinditd materials. The tmra
t*' for -• boron lino of pSriTol ciooSre
tymmetrj and excecdlnglr rate color - Tola
m shaped cunningly to at the lady's email
E . M ",*™« frommtherrer
<o lo * tcantlml girled of orange leaves aud
blcMoms, formed of the premous on Uttr !
* c, pr^, Bu oK'/ t edi and meeting at tbe front In
a udUy ued bow ol brilliants, upon wuieb
wo shVfh7«irt n rtMl ,a 512(3 StTwell
mechanical w«p, this fa {J
bisluortd as to farnlab, as needmay be foar
dUtinctnmamefiU; in the tirrtplacithc tree
c detactes. ocd wlih^udazaUac
Pn^f^-1 4 M mammoth poarl, the hivttit
inAmeiica, forms a unique brooch. N~xtth*
gnrJanu scgnmica Into two nractlal toxwri
available ue head r rjaments when the who’e
!f!i} s . 8< l t requisite. Finally, the base line
a neckUce. The bracelet is a circlet cf dn>
vows of pearls of exemplary beauty meetln»
In a head of diamond openwork/beartnga
»W«t Si I
i lW "* car»riuga are pendant
flSti lU iifo.J'Vh r ™ MMC<I ln “ n * u l»U.
.fibres, Ih ® “"ons dlomond woddln;
b«n d 'T b»*
Treatment or Union Vrfsonor,
. ft!
I WltiMa.mu,-Jf»T. f l -Tac.W4-.im h«a
» (Jitclni du-p.lch from ro.-irm, Monroe,
.Mch Gen. I‘ilz Hugh JL«
Ca askia<:r tJ 1 ‘- ua '- ta Fort Lifay-
s,m$ ,m ,»rtSd« withouta word re
fiMM iMis'ilVT. of i , t | 3*?• ** ho between aad
N>la d»*apj tct»t{n W’a &ne<t* »«
in 0 ?* *c*rt» who mike I* th-!*-
irt , hXtr^ ,^* 9rlt " !° »oaopoiiM all the tea*
w*.o^TSs*.- l il v v #n } ®T their hand* ttpoo.'acd
Ijr ® tnmoKe thereby to Veep rral* the
c,!ot - • liiri they
V?*' ! ff do they ttj the
.Toni*oo * houae, than thee WntiM
' Ihjb the owner—who I* aoxiona to have's* Litle
bothers*potfllhU-laearefrua hima
of Mb l«tiS*Sd"ScS
ui«n to *? sdvsnra a * It I. possible for
»* «?»iS •"* eft l from th# t?n*et—attially from thlr
re.-S.nl? Jr W-S'L ce ; t ; "“““•Se price theythrm
euT«a pay. >v n ha.e heard of caict •*!>»•« t»n
••ate bar- been oChred is high a* fifty per cent. *i
sac**, apon their teas**, by the** eormonnt* the
frm * r^ls *r that they roold then make thlr
»ftOh ®*f' L °?% adrlre to both Un3!o*d
f. ca^J CD “ ct bare nothin;,' winterer to .Jo with
tft»v F*r better. If high rest* "wg( b« nald dt
cti(!s mtll “iSSSJ *& nU *3 l **MM«b<KS»
SI.V^^ o> i' directly and t«a.
tSpwltJ ftlrpatch to the Chicago Tilbane.! _ KftO 2lDDCTtl3CnUntf~
Iter. 11. C. Trumbull, cf the loth Canneo
ttenmeghutut, who h«. hern a prieouer at
IMchmond, woe exchanged ta Wedoeeday
He eaji the day previous to hie leiylag Libby
Biiron, the clflcere. colly rationa eonslated of
about etc-third or a pound ot bran oad wo-
N ~“* a3 toll •»«*» eencj tor aeveral
t JJ6. The rebel Quartermaster told theprU
ainhnt nolhlj fault, and that ho hod
rone to give them that day. lie had been
uooh.e to furnish at.jthing whatever to feed
rtcprltonera on at Belle Island, and that It
»oi with the greatest dltllcully he could get
thegtLalltst capply of meal for the hospltds.
SriaxoriELi>, >’oy. 14, law.
Cucp isles li ailingnp vtrj l«st sellhnew
rtcniKs. At noon u, nirora In, the toantr,
Ac., stllh a good aiade of clothing, Is lir.
titled Uicta. ?
Thomas Larkin, itlth Illinois caral
ty, convicted of an nslanlt Kith Intent to kill,
at t ? April term, rtcUted a pardon from
Got. Talcs uz jesterday.
Capt. T> aH. Rmiiifrcig, United Biat« Aa~
eUtant Qcarlcmustcr,'lj to Lc *UHonedat
of Use copperhead leaden, met here .
** w fcfelit* ago, ia ttcrtl action, and decided
to Sold a teflon of the Le s lil alnra aojlww,
Soldlt g that GoTeroor rotes hid no riett to
breait op that eeccaaloa Aeaemhly.
"''from Ken* YOrlc.
■ New Tons, NoV.li.-rh3 lut a.ja; e„.
c.-tmcct ha. Authorized Gem Neal Dow i*
JticbmcnJ prlron to daw npon Gen. Mere
..llt laretc.y article cf clotting needed by
the Union prisoners. v J
Inspector Boole was nominated for Mayor
to-day by the Tammany Democrats.
Non-repo rtiog drifted men ire to bo nest
ed Immediately, and tie elljl, being pl.crrd
td with posters containing their namea and
reiidcncea. '
*>etv Toek, Not. K-The jßTmrtT * Wash
ington dispatches state that Important for
cign rebel dispatches had been captured, folly
Indies ting tlat the rebels ha T e no hope from
England or France; ' ! ■
'in. i.a. y uepartment baa lately new.
lug » "umber of .wlfl t learner) to the block
»Jlng eqnndron off Wilmington, and the re
ctnt capture of three valuable prizes le.de to
the belief that that port, tho only ono availa
ble lately to the rebel), will he permanently
te&led. , .
lion. Pre-ton King 1> going to Canada to
confer with the authorities there, relative to
the recent eeceeh plot. So saya the LTrreM,
Too Gbed to be Trnc,
■ St. Lome. Not. If.—Speclala from Jeffer*
son e*y: tolerably well founded rumcre pre
vail that Gov. Gamble and Lieut, Gov. ».n
contemplate resigning.
; >*w Tons, Nor. 14 The Jferald'4
uy“ " AmJ of ? otomac, NoTOnbffls’”
fho weather Is admirable for active mor*.
ir.epts, and, no doubt. General Meade
T^f rrelll ° n Jouctfon la at present the
df V°,M b .s fl ”, alJ • W applies are issued.
koto the Uth Alabama narlmcnt
(EweUe corps) came Into oar P | c kS fuS
jetlerday, who slatee that the men in hw
regia ect iuive laid down their arms since the
si Rappahannock Station, and refused lo
serve loifgrr In tho rebel army. They were
ordered under gusM. bat before tho c-aSd
«me, incceedra iu themsrtrS
through the country, and MektiL anoorwS
UtA v °s?s® toto U>« Union UnS He reSi
jitta that a Tt!y ieapjndeat fctUng ctlslPta
the rebel army and Northern TUwi^*'l«3
tho. general belief In Ibe ranke to
becoming more bopeiew a. “SI
Ina letter fonnd In one of the rebel camps r
t ear the Kaji.bu.noek, written by a xjSh
Wa. r* h« eajatbe moan Ulna ot
fhat State are foil ofdeeertere from tho rebel
army. He mention) that Capt. Blank w«
coming np to the mountain) with a mlliUra
fcrce to arrert deeeitere,. and omnwJcaliV
rmatka: "U he geta la, he w& hare a
dauncdgrodllme.” ** T ® *
WaranroTOir, Nor. U -From the front
hear that tho enemy preeonm a Terr Vuom
fiont on tho hank oi toe Kapldao and he, .
cemmeo-ced. picket thcollig. Y t! i, '
del Bailment of the let Vermont
h” l ’. on wlltle going out on
betwten eomerrillo lid Gir.n.ol.
I'erfe, onr men on picket found It nccewa-J
to krep tndcr cotct, or elso besuJeUr*
grp cf.
Jbat tUs rircr U fordable at many palutd.
Tols icnkos the work of Kturdior H Tcry
arooons. It would not be surprising if tjj>
enemy, some di;L night, should make a dttlt
•troeaand itctdetdally gobble eomecirelMs
i rebal* we now on the
left hank of iho Rac’.dao. A small party wo
r l ]!? 1 tr? OfS T«terday by •an lufjrior
When oar men reached the bank.
•finery appesml on the.
i opposite shore, to uslai *&*{ they thought
;• reeonnoUssooe in force, or a movement
loner* but nohcavygoDB openedoo either
Hde, and there waa bat JitUe ctrbloe firieir
TU ci eioy also resumed work with the ui*£
oot sulaflwl with the debases
thrown up mat December, bat are digging rl
!** J; 11 * •#« throwing ap earthwork*; and
C ‘viir tl T UziR e ?. rUlnfc . fof «»M7«po*od point.
of?hJV^j ,UK " i ' 0 i r *
of the Potomac fllspatch to the Bun* »*ya:
fi made by the enemy yos
u offiterenrbarc. whJch
Kilpatrick’# cavalry. Not more
2Sf ehtlifi were thrown on either
eioe, and on the sdvsnce of onr cavalry the
JFijfV!**&**' No one wae Injured on our
t t.m' A l !>*“ a4 T ADCcd &»n the dlrec
Uon of Pony Mountain, my Informant, a
Ye loQeI * pr^envbc^'
the report that Kilpatrick has
taken Pony Mountain is lucirrect
The ral.rosd will boin running order to Col-
PtT-peroa tbolCth lust. h UfU .
S r '5 i ‘ lr J' 11 . 1 In the lv.b«rt Arc-
QueM. £. Church, Ua« molding at o'clock.
Tn* Ctoirn awir riir Thutbs: on. Mir
ATRO!,,z,! Thkatrz.—A tmt
audience was pioseot at the First Bmri»t
-Cbuirh last Hncday evening to hear H«r
E«cxta preach on taia anldwt. Tha discussion of
HJ® i/, ab J ect J*dl be resumed thia even*
* Be3 Jt I* hoped luaor more will liatea to the
nine arguments wmch will be presented. .
Clnmni n, H olr iv.BMnoK._Th. rec-
' H p- c ”"' frM - Tbo public aS
Tenant Hoosea-Wanted.
Kdllora Chicago Trthoae:
Thrte Is no cue Item In the cost of Urlag In Chi
caco propoitloniWy »o high „ boasr rent. The
rapacity of Undtorda and the Qtceeslties of tenants
b»T* combined to increase the rales, from year to
year, until It his become almost lllerallj true that
dweliaga erected Poor or Art years a go auw repay
laefr ownars, acacally, fltty per cent, of tho cost
of buildltg. On tho Ist of May last, mats ad
vaaced bom thirty to fifty par cent • and bow we
fewlindlp'datslticeof a still farther ad
taace- iiaalng their mtioo. not oo thecroand of a
Ml s ,n »^ om the laereasEd cost of mite*
bat up>a the robbers’ plea that
n d t a,Bßd * ■® ,! “now Is the lime for
forfunM ’’ The fib’* of
laid the coldea
* direct ar.d especial application to these
Undlorri.. The .flscj of their an» on is to drtw
f ,jf #nial l Into those modem
fi«2S'. i JH Uot,, ‘ lh * ba a-"4lf’£boHse»: and It tm-
tbe B‘Ulerasßt here of a utim#.
'l?nn4 C \tfß ,Tb .° wnald ra,k * Bice-diß-Jy vslfiebta
arqa'»ltlonsi to onr popolatlon. It should be r*.
membersd that popnUUna and labor Arc the «r?I
whatever tends to prerrot
Ue domlcUlag of either among os, drives awtv a
P'PportloßSt# saonct of wealth. A reaefj onTrorn
thspresenthlghrate. la Inevitable; and wheo U
w3D *»«w a direct inreree ratio to
U- 1 recent advance, and landlord* thenuelrss w m
be ereatly the loeers by the oparatioa I
I torn e-. oom. In addition to what was liad In ilav
la*t. *ofl!c»ent to accommodate tot less than v.n
!“}•<*», <*n>Ui«». .-will be tSinlTod't. CM™
f the famlllea requiring them will
*t rrmV«fff, a tb!e 10 to»Wfl o: tree
f P«f “*om. accorllaglo th* styleaudchiric
t- r of the scrommodattoos tUem-a lat
sjvTP'•‘‘l-ortlon of them, fits to than aor
O.her figure. A teasmeat whleh will brla«- the
hljbest r.v.» we Late named, ahoald be jtr*{- e :T« in
«“ »•»««» Our r!«k#. meetaito nnd wSStn
or f& i week, sad
mromce. and able
to live “corarort*blT, *l' desire d*rem*i~« tn ror
r*>Tv>nd with their circumstances, the r-nt°of
b °?I? 001 *i ce « d <lsu a year. Now. tha
rclMlngof hnnres for nnt, la Chlca-o la a »«r.
«m\ r F* (0r m ** s i* r aoant» of capital.
“ in MwaJS P*ya fair percentase. The
£ w5S r -!?A D l7 aulw V l bs 'osreat as cover
to iuave thun dead prapsttyoa tbeownsr'e hands.
Ji.liA't 7 jfi® VV IB in case ths owner
corspelied to “realise” upon
This la * matter V.tilly affectloj: thenrornsrUr
£| c l r T / *? u 64,1 attention lo It at thli tine
la order, u pOnlhlt, so alfrct the ms'.ler for the
SiS t^wi? 600 * 0a MUU* o wnfnTwho de*
thVwhZ rtV/iT-i fl & ? d psmaaeat advance la
*? °* r rrop« r ty, nate an eepeslsl fato
111* patent to
f;li£2L o *f of & e firft «n«JtlOLa atkod by a maa
win he lar^latloritorecta
lr °s, that *£• rates
wecan call them bosom? ]«*«— which now o*v.
frol^o I ** W l, . i, ?> ve * tfirptt ludaencatods’te Vm
irocn oe . L*t the uorwoent be comtie*e*-i «♦
oew, ted ptahed forward -.nth rnrrey. to t.rovlJc
ui»reeni.tn roffldent nnmhars to me« ,!-!
rnaad which la certain to exist la the Let
of their n*n
combine with otb-r*. inballdins
ia v{ f u C^r’^ lhD »completed prevtona to May T.
-rUcf non
•» »«mw
fob SIALE low.
*.•* y*frot for »*ic abis irJt3-jta t ■
6CPJSCT or ill' 870BT.
.air bias, iitat,
E.if5 c '*?^C <l !a I Lon«h«? or Dry Goodt or
»Ulte • ,«l law fl» c**&, jf »Ypltc»Moa uSmtin ta
r»«cee,i« t j!<a.eicwo MSSSSS&t
• *~~ rois-rop-aaat
sa^e sever
crexchangßror cny proMrty. ~ l * , ' >r * 4 ‘ e
Wrought iron i>ip«
iau mirsai job »»■
»t TMcaxo—Uc»Bjt«li »• rkjcuS
£?*s‘i c .9 ac^, . u l TroOtM u C«mn Doaifii*
pss *;7^ h b ,“"-
IT I tFSIiJFJt&Z!!} kSa t ' t ß Ur tbo:r
Mrtudat “»• ®t®P«alaz tae Wdi, cr v*y win &■
. Vwo or icnr« Wdj&ow tbetsmv strict wUlMntr*
S C d«?i r ;ar?EiSj.'rr£ ,lt *S rt Rf *e»P«ctor a c*mae*ie
w»L*rM«??£i Hj’VT ll ' 5* i**Jwtfttf.tia Ift* aider.
5' ~tt™' .7?.5f7" ~U .KTOBAtLOUW.
dt*S‘£ feeeiJSM “ * ‘“ HI >ardo P . aM
nolfliwi Cat. A. QM ■ 17. g ySSg IU
J)R. JAMES. r— ■—■'
roBMEBir op
; Cutom Eonia Btreot, Wow Orloana, I«.
Sfi Randolph Street, Chicago, IU.
epscto&tta tes treoseat ot
r . *X«» AJO Osohjno W***Hjbis.
O' - ® (*xaUo& or {mtlaet*. or ectelled berndlt*- 1-«
heaCßtaviM. dlwa**
Quv orsstfll
i ),u«oa
»a opportavtty oi ex.
*aM.Ue ttt aa»; » O rP ot Ihs cJchHSd
dneleal and Modern Painters,
Aa copied by tbs b<« itw.er#, ja Ua*s. Mezzotint
LKlccrupty scdCsoncs. by cSiia*M “*•
■Ktere U gfftred
Engravings and Proofs.
•_ . • i nois^o'Bw.»et
RE FI il E R-y.
V» m oow rttrl. V ,04 o?-r (to toe trMe ooryj cm
m.a'cSS'r'iallSrn' m « "rericc ,«««,
“OS S’ SCHOOL SUITS, an colon and
BOYS* tizsss suits, ot nine and
Black Clothe, aodTrlcot Caastmcrcs.
Onr &*»ortmej>t 1« tho hartcett, oor
Pilcee the loweat, and oar
Styles the Latest.
11.ee* tnralabtd to match oar cooda.
miner or Randolphand State Street*.
'J'HOMAS TRIPP, Dealer in
Celebrated Patent Perpetual:
calendar. .
o Xi o d :jsz s
. &*•* hi the vcrld and wairaatMT
rof C wSS'-“. l llot: ° B rLiun. oatoaoo.
Goods and Sea Shells.
C&ftee exhibition tail private uls fora
!£tte«alM»'Cffierira.A. Pct:<n Aca »r-« th
iuJto W Dt " Cora ***««*• corner of WiiiaiastolJ
Ap*actjcn ot tbt* t«lciu« atock »m bl«m
4:14 B*ux.ur cremate. tfcs isu P *ad
iuj James u. nßsrirr
Gpfm December I4tb,
i. l l , . , . c ? eo i. u>s racst «act»«artl ucaoou ta u>« Wat
i ; *?s a Mdyble corr* of Ml Si
“•Ast»t« ibealadm t**Su?<t Tbar&
trSLa‘gS£ , n^ am ‘ BtT - T^SS'.«SM>
Carbon and Kerosene Oil'
* r ‘ •awßialesUoo# byiettirsp.
t>rt lining to olmsso*. br itapir sstUk tan tnu
isnieefue t>9<tov Pences'.
b aolil*cic!d« u ' ** *•**•* ••• P.O.DT»*Mrw«!
/ J.liibC«lvl i*t wzviUk wCZr,
VX Geaorsl AoeDoMm.U rt&oDesrbora-n.
at oor Sacuoooi. M ricz. Hats *?*«». laser*
tfITOS froa Now 7ort.sU temsr roods,
crMeaa sad flcyW w lot**c*ps,Floater VsoLKei
un J!f u £?£ 001 tP Mrsrtsn HsU. CbCdmrt
“■ * “*■ ffentesa. London sad Pk*
i!2r.V“iv*a,’’. or:kr a " • n, = ,,0, ‘ «*•
’ aouttstet UILQdUf * SAMPfioy.AWrc
Wholesale Lamp and Oil Seder,
intuuK stbiw,
XJ iso puoPßirrr
la tfte tasjket for s fsw day*.
%P d w ? n »4*Pt*d rot Msaotetarta*.
.SJS* Foaadix Mscitao Stop, or Plsiiop
riflS 1 ??®* , F ssdrm Pot* OOoe
or apply toi>sakUell-iiu*<d JAMhd BOVal
E^,ra oiail '/ ,OUAVK BAT
i IST i -
. trart report u«a«r
X**** 3 Mrt $* IbeU cem*
smbtp u rwartmp't Decs aid stea U psii it tbit
The Badalian Koster Roil
JVW6se»«t*ato,',«n« Hoadfoa sev adabsrt.U
(?r® «tb»t«««. sad membs-tof tftlo»-«p*.
fc^®^ at '» f »rdoUUras»iT.sa«^ ,, «i.lTS st lesit oeo
*oci l. UtutbooM i*sf tbse ora Art
ilzftdonhHtM nopoßderitor orac Z.*HriM
*P- - Porordsrof • • / *
jrj, BSdSD.' -• -'*• i
’ WajorCoareßTitSg/..
A CARD;—The uedt rii fi ned hair-'
Uf letnßtiihs.nrirtl *« of tti uv' UT;a *b!s
Ttcmcitf il!o»cs tribe pda'uo. Us; >• bs>
so'vsrtrcnkts wna kl« >srtrsm. rsramtl*
soUU, u>er tbs U'lßßsusct Goolrtclt, rtrw.B*
smifb. s?4 ibet i* «*'U rtr- ssd arsspt
arrs .. CfAAbXOCODaiCfI.-
C.iCsCO.S9> >< H, |?CJ.
3Tca Giotrtiscmnite.
(ycncnrj Vti, 3. a. icui a 03 J
• Claris Street,
Perfumeries, Fine Soaps,
Fancy and Toilet Articles,
Patent Medicines, Po
mades, Oriental Tootli
Powder, Brashes, Combs,
■Extracts. '
Mwi ' r m.ooain’o cebecs.
Dispensing and Family
121 South Clark Street,
stjlMDa i: d «oiiiiu.
ItEfßEa * R?fiUS9 ( Proprietors.
c. a. mrxcmjTs * co.. a *-au,
211 A 2a BooU> Wamt it/wt
with asd wirnocr cap ns.
NO. i:
CArr. JAY A OO- •
Urluttl Ag^att,
3fap SUrctrti3tmtnt>. g^
=:■ - - . ■ i.
. ' S A. Xa *x- .
iW? r S*L'L. m ‘ V.i iW.V' ..-•
SKSWSaa-* .;:::
r I» AIH T r j i, s
: SrV-M
... , v « ABSit-luiaic*« 15s
c- s\»”«
Farrtt Tf ?***' R*vt
8 *»OWH *ftrre,’
’ o «• n Mia a*
»-•'«fill e lima >•*=•-«.■
O.TL OK v .s ay.:
Chas, L. Nofri? *- •’>•'
WsilSen, ailhn
liicßiciflrds! hanui " *■
f^Kaggtfg.'Ss.i.v;-, <?Vk
■ 4.-a?c. •
v .‘i
■ lul LI Of Vlfrhf to DAfCbAi. i ~ - Vj
5 er * r ?J B * t * ,ll4W, * M ’•Rtettud" . ,;i .'r-U
Ptajr l‘o*l Offlc* liox WUcES,*- “ “ •■ • n ~~
_ J/lOQH A«- * V,' v-i»r'
i-T.S 07YSUTJ i:;
mper Mrnmm
Border* Etc # •
E. O, I*, ,FAXO>4 >
70 'jAKE STKicicr.
a «•: Ooap kt# stac* ta Ua dir.
M _ Bl.nl.fa, Contort-r., su ..
fMllitr teis niton, Ku. v
TOtcalf pl*e«latb«ci(yto get
Steam Cured. Feathers,,
’ Froo from Bod Odor.
Vlxtnn> ana Trtnmlns*.
Jf 3 -,® - * Ij - faxon.
a lake aTAEtr.
Distillers and the-Public/
nSi&SPSftsr "‘‘s'*««»«»«»»*».
Richard’s Com Shellar,
11 * 1 ~
Improred New Stj 1* GoraShellst*
Perfectly Clean from tbo Cob,
,rrM,,m » r oa ok O uai> irw
a^qcini-nerr ON<n*Lr ihc rowaiTOStrra
I l ®* l **** tct.fr u>g public, ttii b«rto* tuvo--<*-»
ttwr rottraet -witb rae.fnc uUt com“**^*/£; k *t
u or,.v to a**by aame ta uy moaner ottotsvu'.
Office, 89 Wkshington-st., Chicago;.
I*o*l OSes BO* : U5.
»RJT »*U date we retire from tb« (feaeral Urrv
ctry Trade, to demote oar mttannnii ■TFi«^y l i ) )j^, |
W — K .chi«,
*»««« i/jSgS: SIS"'»
TT. frranr tad j. UA*cxr. c£ic«ra * o,t s ®*
Cbioito, Woronber a, issi.
AT WUOUISAL® orvi.v.
I IN' 1? IB -A. S .
71 Soati Watw-R., I 145. Wall ilmt.
CUeaso.f 1 How Yurie
■ ««v-S->»Bs'* , u- : :
m**®* •w-wiiioekirer :
cTieen xo*r» «*bs
s}®*** * sa tudltite* *ecoia too*.
-lo«c ve bellcTo «»• «iaa&o»ttlea
J2H J r n^ t 2. , to wt * of MKCtttalltaS
?, c l^^SsL*»^? ir l M Carrect and umplM *eaj rn>
ctbSrwteeSfi« 05 ‘. “**• 10 M,antr7
i~.«,t^ rA !i S 9*3-* rr im * HAVSBT.
cts-iaa tw 811 Jo bm ' 71 601x01 •*”**.
Qnr«7u,»i.“ T ”,”°'' v °“‘ f“ “nsw A
NEXT TBCSSBIY, Ho,. 1 9 , h .
*. 13 o clock aooi. *
Hoop Skirts
■ ■ at 'r. - j
tape skirts.'
Sp. 16, 7j«U; S«. 18,871-JcD; Is.SO, il.'
Extra - "Wide Tape.
So. SO, 81.50; So. SJ, 81.73; So. 50,83,00.’
CHILIJEZE'S BKIRTB, * naw ripply, ;
A ' ®®®y™s* CO., 150 Lake-st.:
nois-peuiact '
Fashionable and Well-Made
From Common. to the best
English Beavers.
et » Mob la sqssl to the BUT CUSTOM WORS hi tfcls
«iir. webtTosLAKQE Afsonracssrof toftuk:
w«mßcsß4a*c«afl coats. botbVosblo tad stwfw
lU«*st«d. Also, a Utf« sesorttssat of Dress Comb.
c/Bssnisud ilia CoUu, 01 Petit sad Vssu. «a
SUvspser a Thousand Different PkC
• '.J'~'' tern* «od Qualities.
Oar steel nabnuca twtttlrt to bs teoad in the.
LATICSar BQCBSS uf MB ST TOOT, sad R Uotir '
ffendcterttlsttlQatO allow BO has— MWf«4 m n» T
tisdpto sodeinl) et. .Wa betters jos win asd tt ta :
jear is tec c«t to esU asd.xxurun ova soom sad.
rucu. twUic pucAutar dsewbero. .
Comfj omanaolph .nisutolu'ciul:
" aota t?HU ; . . ‘
. Asd ~’s,
Tbs Bofcnlta*d favttstba sHeVluor ber*i tad*"
U«H»oswnui Pet Lie. to'tbdrcxtetstTtßoeEof /
TTIOTCto PA7KE3; »!T7*MrD.V .'
Bias k Books & Photographlo AlbDtn._
Sow bilßf rcertTrt*, sad vbled wih b«ofrjtss.
• sale tn«a*ctittoiotilt, - . “***
On or ‘ ahonl NoTember - 15th.-
UttwvC'tc od LMUT Prn#lMatVn. WtUn
V£f!*S n Tww.™ *' r ““*^|aSssa
J. W, DZDBiFi vll «
Saumcn, LUhOOwMr.
HO LLK.b btkbet.
ksah wsja earaasoi.
:s t-ii Tv

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