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djktuju SLiuJuiu.
•-.TUc people of the South arc worse than
tt* troublesome Infant •■wicn the name ii
sway" They 'cannot be left* alone, for a
inlaute without setting np a wail
summons Mr. Jeficrfon Paris wUha bot*.
-lie of cordiAlj an oEro branch aridanew.
Epccoli aad cleaa shirt in bis trunk to'all ay
Ihcir amdeties, fHc ls the oil which calms
the troubled waters. IVbenetm besots out
from JUcbmond, one may .know that lace'
.Isa breote or aTkntee the
chivalry,-and as the latter are becoming
cjuife plenty Just now, 3Ir.D avis' calls are
"S'frcquent and sudden, and his prescription-
Epccclica .grow loader and more tedioua <
-•with each, Visit. ' When Vicksburg' was 1
off started Baris to mate a, *
- -Speech, anithrew ln two more at Jackson |
and Port Hudson to keep up the filling
Spirits. The blue coats threatened -Slobile,
* and Ukethe ghost la the play, ■pops up ilr.
Paris with another little speech. Mobile
Icing quieted, there is a call Tor help from
Alahftznar&sd from the depot heps atgel
ma, he addresses the lank.planters and
suuff dippers and & few chuckling Coffees
on thq outskirts of the crowd. - But in the
meantime Bragg and Berr Bishop Polk
have had about with the blue coats and
hare not met with the success they expect
ed. Another bottle of cordial Is needed
and off flics Paris, Chlckamaugawards,
to retire the chivalry with another
speech, and as; there iis & strong
probability that Grant and Thomas
may-knock at the.doors of Atlanta,
some fine morning) to Atlanta he goes and
makes another little speech. He has hard
ly reached his peroration before a mes
sage arrives announcing that some more
of Gilmore's shells hare fallen
plump Into 31ain street. Charleston, and
he takes a special train for the doomed
city. Ho makes & speech it the Planters'
House, and haring three, or four more
speeches in his trunk, he devotes them to
the batteries, and then leaves for Blcb
moa'd, where he makes a final effort to
keep up the spirits which have drooped
in Lis absence. But 31 r. Baris cannot
now rest. like Ahasucrus, he most on,
ft t the bine coats arc contracting their
line?, ondMobileis already crying again
for another speech and more cordial. The
wall of ifederul bayonets, however, is clos
ing in, and as the time weirs on, ilr. 3>a*
>ts* speeches roust becomebriefer anfilcsa
frequent, Let ns , pray .for:that blessed,
lime wlnmbc wBl hare but one more to
r:jko, and that under the gallows tree—
tU-laal dying speech and confession of
Jefferson Baris, Traitor.
The election of B. Gratz Brown to tl<
Vnitcd States Senate from Missouri, In
•bee of lh*» combined opposition of the cn
t niies cl Emancipation, is an event that
ougbl nct to be lightly parsed over.- Hr.-
Brown, u Kentuckian by birth, and a MU-.
Sv ! :;ian by long res*deuce, member of a
luive-bolding family and educated in the
proj udiccs and errors of hL- does, long ago
saw the evils which were Inseparably con
nected with slavery; and all of his latter
years have been devoted to such measures
a* would prevent the spread of th' insti
tution In the national domain, and
to the deliverance of the State vf
bis adoption from the cmsc. ot Us pres
ence. He commenced. when 10. be an
Anti-Slavery man, even from economical
motives, was an offence almost c*jual in
the public estimation to a crime; bulhrav
in;: the reproaches of enemies, the expos
tulations oi friends, and the sneers of the
rabble, he manfully continued in obedience
to bis convictions, and as a private cits
v.en.as an editor and as a statesman, never
Kt slip an opportunity to impress his.
views and their transcendant, importance
all whom his words could reach.'
At first treated as an amiable enthusiast
who might be permitted to‘ have bis say.
then, as’ he widened and*mtendfied hla
influence end left the marks of his genius
upon the policy of Missouri and the lone
* i ft cling in the "West,listed as an iano
v r-*..>r; and finally marked out osßrbderlck’
was for destruction as" an impracticable
who could neither be coaxed, bribed, nor
r.v cd into silence, he .is to-dsy the fore
most man of his State, the representative
ci it? highest Interests and noblest aspira
in the most august deliberative body
in the world I Troth is vindicated, and Its
most fearless preacher has his reword.
Though we have unaffected admiration
for the courage and persistency that Mr.
Brown has evinced In las long war against
the despotic clement in. oar Government,' j
;snd though we do most heartily rejoice over
his personal success, Vc -re mainly con
cerned with the effect ofhis triumph upon
the politics ot his State, and, through It,
upon the Republic. Missouri is ' to-day,
by the act that made Grata Brown a Sen
ilur, Irrevocably committed to an Anti
.:Uv€ry policy. Henceforth she wiU take
S.cr place with Ohio, Pennsylvania and
Illinois,* and no wiles of the enemy can
sc iuc“ her from allegiance to the principle
In politics to which she is thus cemented.
The contest, so far is, she is concerned,
betweenßluveiyandTrcodom,is dosed;
and though demagogues,may, by gaining
power under false pretences, at some time
h crcaftcr, make her the ally of the Slave
Power, as U has ruled the -nation, no man
will at the end of 'another year dare haz
ard his standing 'with his fellows, by op
posing the final riddance of the - State'oi
the iniquity that has dwarfed and cursed
her. Missouri is henceforth free; and loMr.
Brown she owes a debt that she will never
be. able to pay, though she heaps upon his
head ah the laurels that "Mr. Benton wore.’
Mr.Brown’s triumph is probably the end
of the Bchofldd-Gamblc . dynasty under
which the loyal men Missouri have
writhed: The eyes of the President must
be opened; and if no considerations of
public v justice can be made to reach him,
common regard for hla good name will
compel him to set Schofield aside mid to
link his fortunes, with hia loyal friends.
This, though only a minor effect, is sure
to follow. Hoorn for Schofield, who goes
to the rear!
I‘roaervifi* the Smeti of Chicago
from BtUwtf. Cie»..
cil, which win-bo calfcdcpler final action on
ilnpd*y tight, entitled -’‘An Ordinance for the
preservation of certain ateeetaof CWcajo horn
Railwaycaes.” By'thlf'ordlnaoce, (which we
hire hcrtlofors printed,) Michigan, Wibut and
Third Ar eases, ‘Washington, Adana, Monroe and
Jackaoaßtrect*,»ad Lake Street cast of Peek
Street. a»pmcm4 iron railway c*ea tortweety
year*. Thl* tn« proposition. It If
the effect of the ordin&ECe to keep all nUwayVoff
|l»Me,*trect*.thlali!nglh.of timt—nolhlng more
The question Is, are ths'petple of'the city In
tottd In this preservation of the street* iron
wway treepaM ?,, Tail ordinance confer* none*
pjfetron any body-grant* no new prtrilegeaor
ImKhUee. On the other haad.it aecorea the anr
xfikderof that part or Wabash avenue held by the
Chicago City Railroad Company, and that portion
, of Lake street rut of Union Park (peck au*etl
heW l»y the We«l Division Railway Company. It
1 cares such schemers a* the.originators.of the
Railwayhttrootla the cold. It
aeentoa tboetty agataeV VutAs pSnadartß*. : If the
cltyhaa the chartered right'!© coa&oltu own,,
e tree la, why should It not eietetoe It to protect
the people from demagogue* nod political gam*
hlerSrWho seek to.override «Tcrr,rUht withoat
Siring ** KeneQceaJtyexlsts&rraU
•w»yi on the streets named} nod If It did. la thi
cUy toaciaittatheii anrrehder without a 'pirW
j*ro Do the business mea.o( Lake street,
nadQie w-denU*: Wah**h
sr.e«, of Ifashlngtoo and, Monroe street*, scant a
eonpuy “Tested with power totake and ”
»pp'y prirale to Its o«m uses,** admitted
thereto? Tf not, will they not more In the nutter,
and see m u, that voice Uglxsa to’thdr wlahea.
hifere Moedaynljhtt
A:em9Tr*j Bl rti:t?ioi these streets? Tbefna-’
chi s« already panted ths above named comps*
uisa rrOTldethatraOrara.ahall beboUtonatroeta
i pwtilti to.jdl. the alreeta above earned, 1
and adjacent to then. Rose of these ioada are
0:lt» win be. The debt to boßd them
e-htct I* takeaawaf.- So be
japored. .Rut there Ist erf of- ‘.‘aouop
le a scltc;/tge. With » free press and a fu*.
an IrslitclTon of the chancier of Ui«c
CHi'nilirrri, crpecjetl spec both the good v-Q
t-f tUr i'ccple, caoaot become aa "odioae
loorcpoiy,” It la Injpoiilble. Tht cltyhaa powc;
'•ti; there companies to control them, aid protect
x.f public. And It is fitting tbU cry of ** odloat
monopoly” should come Iron the quarter It Sow—
i ois a class of men who sock fraAchicoa pUclaf
tUlr operation* shore ul independent ofmual
t’pal control, and gtrlngtkem power to take sad
apply piirate property whererer (key nay deslro
to do »o. We aay It ia fiUlag nek men the ill
tK’Ot* an otdl&ance which deptiresthea ortkeoe
ptMloeet, protects the people, and assert* the
: J'ght asd power of the city to coatrol iu ova
UJaira. The trouble ta,tbta ordleaace Ussaod,
and Us soundness affect* the ache act of these
men. Therefore let tke people rejoice wk« tkey
*<cure iu piwea
.Mr Fasjrar Edo*wooi>-Bt th* iaUwt oC M Uet.
' *tfl«a of a fistcnelor.** NewTenr: Ck*. - lo« Scrib
ner. CMca^o; s. 0. fiticx* * Co.
This Is one of the most dunning sad de
lightful books «e , met wii&or along
time. Age nuin e country - boo fc i - refi octia?
treated La a thoroughly practical uutr
country scenery, mauacn and .customs—and
every page reddest of the fields and woods.
The Conner should read it lot it* wi*eles<ons
on the-flae ebutoat which
nine through it, and pervade* It like an at*
mospheiA. The towns nan should re\d lv bo*
caute It wm make him lore the country, and
cheer him with bright visions of woods* and
waters,mountains, and happy country homes,
and well cultlv* ted*farms. And all who loro
I literature .should read -it, because Ul* de-
Ug-tfcllf wtittco,'ln soch sweet, terre/and
musical English. ; It Is a gonnlae American
classic. .. . . V,
A&rncallaxxaw'sKsaaTKs. la Prose sad Terse,'
with a Preface and Memoir. Boetoa i Tlohaor
A Fields. Chicago i~£.CrOd£ca A Co.
* This book is donhlj iaterestiag, lor Its own
intrinsic, merits, and tor the association*
which crowd about the name of the author.
Arthur Eailsm is the fine, chivalrous, noble
fellow, T*to u the college Cham, And laUmste
friend of Alfred Tennyson, the poet, won his
undying lore, so finely celebrated in that
: gniedusd solemn organ melody, the In Me
| ttorUm. Pew boohs coaid hare been mors
welcome than these vßemalns, to the readers
. of Tennyson. -Vfl all desired to know sorne-
Whiog more of the brave, true heart, so
' affectionately apolheoeleei by tho English
. I*cet laorcatci And In these pages we find
what we bare longed for.
Theilrmolr, written,Clearly,by a dear rela
tire, is toll of the Cicte of Ms life—hi» hopes,
.sorrows sad high ambitions; Ms nobleness,
'&ad hia acholarly triumphs. We hear that he
’dieovery suddenly—a rash ot blood to the
head, patting an end to the groat promise
tbatWM in him. His literary remains folly
all the hopes that were entertained of:
Idm. He wm a true poet, a fine EaglUk
‘'writer, a good scholar, sod Mi out, a man 2
Escnwu*sf.ByH.l>,Thore*a. Bortoa:Tlckoor
& Fields. Chicago j s. C. Orta* A 00.
• Nearly all these papers hare appeared since
poorTborcan’i death, In the pages of the At
lantic Monthly. 'There !* no heed, therefore,
for us to enter upon any critical analysis of
them, farther than to My that they are marked
■by all the peculiar qaalntntases of expression,
and rigorous thoughts, and clear style, which
made the author tomous, when ho published
his u Week op the Concord and Merrlmac
lUrers,V asdhts u ldfeto the Woods."
| Tborcah lived all his life in Concord, Hsu.,
*ad w«» the friend *»t R, W. Emerson.,
I PrrMiCjimtanßar, on rnz >Cijmxn*t* p *,»?•>-
BSL,b;Ca<oUQe Cheacbto. New Vork: Sid
-1 doa A Co.- Chicago;!?. C. Griggt A Co. * -
• A clover story of every-day country life—
ihc characters well drawn, and a great variety
of.them, showing a good knowledge of hu mas
nature and of human life. The plot well con
ceived and. executed, and interesting to the
end; the writer very evidently a Christian
woman and philanthropist.
Bbokzx Cottar*#. New Tcrk: Sheldon A Co.
Chicago; S. C. Qri?s A Co.
One of the most powerful, and best sustain
ed works which has appeared for many years.
finx»erior to Adam Bede.
--A law has paued the Vermont Legislature
•Roving towns lo erect monuments to the
neat -y of diseased soldiers.
—Thv new Secretary of Legation «t Wash
ington, U >a England, the Son. WVEItiOr, Is
a eon cf 11* ' Earl of St. Germain.
—The-vereioae New York correspondent
ofthe London TW» writes home Uut but
for British saflo. % the Americas naff—mer
cantile or natiockl—woold not have been what
iti&t The same Initial per* 00 styles Gen
eral Corcoran “on ex.rebel and romiaUer.”
—An ingenious persor his discovered that
the three moat forcible liters In the alphabet
are NS G; that the two w Mch contain noth
ing oreMT. that four exprt'* great corpu
lence, OBCT; that two areu: a decline. D
E; that four Indicate exalted station XL X
C; and three excite ear tears, yet, when p»n>
noocccd together, ertncceiearrtQagooa un
derstanding, LE G.
: —A'Scotchman who had heard Beecher at
Afaschesccr afterward expressed his opinion 1
of him to an American In unmistakable High
Flfeshire: “Eh, moo, be was joosheruil”
he eeld; 'me tfrgle fm* the tap-of
my head to ym ta eel Te most ha' brew
meisisUre, 11 he’s a lair tainple of ’em 1“
—The- salt of Smith vk Wesson, of Spring
ddd, Msitachuiette, against Alien dr Wttee-
Icck.ofWorccster. lor wtringement of patent
on the revolving pistol, which has been pend-,
lag before the Supreme Court at Boston tor
some time, has been decided tin favor o( the
plaintiff*... This decision clearly establishes
he rlsht of Meeers Smith *t wesson to the
paten: they hold, as there have been previous
dtcWona in their favor in other districts of
the Supreme Court- ‘ .
—Ten or Jeff. Paris’s slaves were lately
captured by the rebel* thirty miles belter
"Vicksburg- They were onthe river plantation
of the ** President,” and had on federal
uniforms, and arms in tbclr hands. Six slaves
belonging to a brother of Jeff, were taken at
the’same timer THU Iho “ President” cany
out his threat and hscghl* oirn slaves for the
offense of wearing the Union uniform f
—A curious case at law has arisen In Pom
erania. A farmer held a meadow, with the
right of Irrigation on each, recurring Apos
tlcs’ Dsy, Be contended that there were mlr
teen apostles, “ Inducing Matthias and Barn
abas as well as Paul” It was closely aignod
by the lawyers; and the Joke of the affair is.
that severs! newspapers have been pounced
upon hv the.government and punished for
having been guQty of “undue merriment”
in alluding to the subject.
—The value ol the petroleum wells to the
state of TcnnsvlranU maybe inferred from
the Increase of population in those regions
since the wells have begun to be worked.
Venango, the county in which the well* are
situated, has increasodits voting population
In two yean ftomone.thousand seven hun
dred and thirteen to tlx thousand two hun
drcdandality-llve. From having been one
of the wJJdeet, It Is likely to become one ol
the most populous counties tu the state,
—ItU perhaps not generally knows that
the Russians use Efgluh terms for the var
ious 1 -arte of a ship, and all the orders for
«-Ufcg are given la Catch, Thete terms were
originally engrafted In the Russian tongue by
Peter the Great, who studied ship-buildlog
In England and seamanship la Holland. Jt
was found easier to adopt these foreign terns
than invent sew ones for every day use, s&
they had no equivalent in Russian.
- The total shipments of boots and shoes
Irom Boston by rail and. sea. for the past
week have been (according to the Shoe and
Leather Reporter) U,s& esses. Of tide
number 10,150 cosee were sent by rail as fol
lows:—o.SC2 cases to New York and Penn
sylvania: 1,1X7 to the Southern States now
In our possession, and $,501 to the 'Western
States, including. 228 cues* to, California.
The clearances from theOuttom-uousc were
J ,CB2 cites, among which wo notice-wi des
tined for Son Francisco. ,
—TkoN. Y , JSrmtng JW publishes the
following communication j - -•
for which job aakcaiotoo tfcneago i.
To aarjoa cannot auko
A rtjino that * J »wp” *rlU lake,
1* mo«t abnnfl!
To make* rhyme to a »tep, M
You oflJj h*TB to sep
arate a word.
RordPalmerecoD dcensedofAdnlieiT.
1 .Earl Blind, the weßlcformed London cor
respondent ot the WhCiche published
in SL Lonle, writes that paper:
, Losses, October 2d,3684.
' The headier of my letter will surprise yon
and yonr .readers. I daw say. Day .before
yesterday Lord Palmerston celebrated his
rJghtieth—say efcjAfistA—birth day, and al
meet on the same day a suit of criMicori.it
brought agahsec him. The occurrence soems
impossible, atsnrd—lndsed, considering all
the circumstances,, a perfect enormity; and
yet It la tree. Tne -EocUah papers do not
jncntlon one word of the suiter. ;Bat In a
jew well Informed circles, it Is spoken otto*
day, , .t ••—-
i By an exceptional clrcanwtancs I am able
to communicate ..to* yon the particulars of
Ihlsailalr. The authority, from which I do*
vivo the following facta, has seen the original
doenmenta .referred to. From certain res*
aoas I suppress the name of the plaintiff; I
wUtmemysay that It commences with an
O.” The lady In question la yocng, pretty ,
and. charmlag. Her photograph la among
the doenments in court. Confidential letters
of the accrued aw also in the testimony. In
.order to, prove the authenticity of thesa
r t«», the pUlatlff’s conisei produced a letter
of Lord Palmerston’s, which he wrote after
; nahad.received the.ijrstpropossUtQ make
;an «*arrangement.” and wtdeh ha—lt U hard
jto understand why—wrote himself, instead
otgeUlcg hia secretory or attorney to write
‘ The easels nowpcndlng before the •’ Pro
bate and Divorce Conn,” but ia adeep.State
iiecret.' The plaintiff demand* twenty thou
sand pounds damage. According to aU an-
baibeen led In*
’toiiuj aSUr by an intrigne; as **Old Co
pldo/’<hls well known nickname.) he coaid
; net resist, cf coarse. In these circles where
tbr affidr Is known, jreat exritemeat pre
• falls.' It Is iboapbt lh«t the occnntaee will
paJUicaliy damage Old Pam,’ st Cj»nrt and
oiherwho. Thectie is almcaJ without a par
slid efits kind.
is Ribe, Progress, and Present
By reference to tbo annual renew at the
trade and commerce of Chicago for the year
1858, prepared by one of the editors of the
Twurwß, it will be seen that la the season of
1552-55, there were cot aod packed In tbU
city tS.lftt Hogs. This was considered la
those day* a most wonderfal achievement,
aad we were much prouder of the feat, and
bragged a good deal louder about It, than we
do packing a millloa. 4 And this,
onrreadcreoiutboaria mind, was only tea
yean ago I In those lUya-picklog houses
were not coaildeml a nnisaacepaod there
were no u Kneeling committees** of aldermen
to be found “ nosing** around to seewaat
city ordinance was bdog Tlolitcd. Attkat
time wo were proud of oar pscklsg houses,
asd prouder still ofthsie who had Ike enter
prise to build and run them. Messrs. Hub.
bard, Hough, Steel, and a few others, who
comprised the packers at that,time, had the
freedom' of the entire city, Including the
sweet Tillage of Bridgeport, and there, was
no objection then to running the odd of the
hog or the steer Into Chicago Hirer. Indeed,
U was one oi the leading inducements held
out by onrcltleens and property owners of
those days to packers, that they could "dump"
, their eiUl Into ike rirer—lt was so “ handy.”
Our real estate owners, when advertising
rtrer property for sale, were sure always to,
.ptlnt out to packers st a distance tie cob-
Tejdence' l of Chicago Hirer for packing and
slaughtering establishments. It was Indeed
wonderful wkal an affection there existed la
'the hearts ot the cUlseas of tbois daya for
.packing houses—they were visited by night
aeors, asd wo waded about iu the tuud kuse
deep wlda an almost patriotic ardor, showing
,them the beauties of a hog pea, slaughter
house, and packing establishment. There
Jwosao *» stench** In packing houses then—
and our dally Journals did not speak of the
much abased rirer as they now do—lt was
then a pellucid stream—the pride of Chicago'
and the'perpetual boast pi those who owned,
water lot* I
.Troth Is s*r*H£er than fiction. Whit
dreamer of JSS3-53 was wild or crazy eaongh
to predicl that lenyesra licace, there would
bepackedln this city «•*# -mSUnnhcffi* Viko
Voold b*ve presoio'ed xipoa the crsdoiiiy of
crca tbe most eaogulco property-bolter by
prophesying that la 1361-6:: Chicago woctd
pack more bogs than Cincinnati, sad that ta
IWd-63 tbe would exceed her by ae'irly lW t -
OOOT And whit aWcraisa weald then hire
been mb enough to b»vc supposed it posil
bleUiAtßlftaylature period of oorbUtcry,
tbe Common CoaucQ. would bo Ur Jatexfere
with the Tested rights ot thoio public bees
factors, oar packers, as to prohibit theca
from mlng Chlcrgo lUrer as s common
But tbe wtraordlnwy derclopmeat ct the
Soribwest • has worked miracles in. many
thloge, sad this Is one of them. ' It bit rero-
lulSohlied the entire trade xml comatrcc of
the cosmiry—oad icaiie Chicago whil it covr
k—the .pirated grain, lwnt~r and prorLsion
irutrift, &r.d the largest U*f and p*rk poking
jvitj in tU VnUnl £tSict, or ludcad la tha
waridl The rise end progress o( the grain
trade of Chicago was indeed remarkable; bat
the rapidity with which the Provision, trad*
has advanced, U, if possible, more wonder
ful ftilL To traverse the.river and ita
branches, and see the numerous plies of brick
and slose derated entire]/ to this b urine «s—
--to find immense packing establishment*,
some of them costing: upwards of ISO.OOO.
erected within two or three /ears—to visit
these when In fall operation, aad see the ra
pidity with which com Is condensedfor ship
ment tothe foor qusaters of the globe—to
go still ftmher to the five or six stock yards
of our city ail crowded to excess with beerea
and swine—and then to etc the miles of ears
all loaded with lire stock, coming daily Into
the city from the Mississippi, ay* from far
west of it, from the banka of the Missouri—
this la what must be done before .theunin
itiated can form a true idea of the magnitude
and Importance of this trade. But thlaia not
&H. There is the immense army of teams,
d»ya, and wagons dally engaged la carrying
the product from depot to depot—the loaded
trains that dally leave for the sea-board—tbs
fleet of propellers loaded to the guard*—all
swelling the capital Invested In the Provision
Trade to an almost Incalculable turn.
Bat when we take Into consideration the
g.t»t fact that not one acru in ten in the
ccnntry tributary to Chicago la under cultl
va;?oa—that la even the moat populous dl»-
tric a, the country la, a« compared with the.
£aat ; sparsely settled—what prophetic mind
can ft retell the gigantic proportions which
this tr vie will have asanmed ten jearsheace ?
Of cl urae, Chicago U not the only point
ttat wlli Lave an Increase in trade; bat Us
central petition as a receiving and re-dlstrib.
ntlng pclft cannot fall to give It in ail future
time pre-ci licence. With linos of raUroid*
tapping the ‘eniiory west, south and north
of ns, and re distributing Hoes leading to the
scabbard from as far] north u Montreal
>cd »cnth as far aa Baltimore, besides the wa
ter communication through the -lakes, rivers
and canals leediny to the soma points—what
city in the United States stands any chance to
rival It*'” * '
BISTORT or’-nncraonstos .HU.OC.
As very little Is known of the history ot
the provision trade In this city, we Lave, by
dint ol digging Iniu some of the records of
thepaatin the offiecvol thc pioneers of the
trade raccwdfid Incollecting a few facts which
cannot iiC to prove interesting to oor read-
The oldest record we can trace cf the pro*
vision trade is fhrnlshed os by oar fellow cit
ixen, Archibald Ejui., who built a
slaughter house here In 1527, for the purpose
oi supplying the 'Doited SUtes troops then
stationed at Fort Dearborn, and also the few
inhabitants living here at that time. Tbl* was
the first slaughter house ever boils In Chica
go. But very little packing, however, was
doce here till the £dl of 1333, as there was no
export demand, and but very little wanted in
the country. Daring the summer OMS33
there was a huge emigration to Chicago and
the country around, which created a demand
for pickled beef and pork. Daring the fall
Hr. Clyboume packed five or six hundred
beeves, and aboatß,ooo hugs—and la 1831, a*
still larger number. ' *
Durieg the whole period of seven or eight
years mentioned above, the price paid fur cat
tle hogs was about Sc’net weight. Bat
the quality of neither cattle nor hoge at tbit
time was very good. The hoga were centr
ally of lie “Borerßreed” and had to be driven
from 360 to SOD miles across the prairies, (or
which task they were perfectly capable—bring
able tc r' ~ ih-lr mile in about 2,40. The
pock packed from these hogs was
Vghi mess or prime pork, with about three
bogs In a barrel, Hr. Q. recollects ot some
barrel pork being sold to one of the first set
tiers of Kenosha, which turned outslcteufett
ptua to it* bomb This was called ic those
days "Prime fork.'*-
• The firstbeclpacked by the city was by Geo.
V>, Dole, Eiq., in 1533. In October of that
yea: hb slaughtered and packed loghead ol
cattle for Oliver Newheny, of Detroit The
cattle were purehaaed by Hr. Dole, from
Chasl Heed of Auvkvry Urea*,«» #2.7speriC3
pounds—the hides and tallow,being thrown
In for. the slaughtering. The cattle were
driven to this city from the Wabash, and they
were slaughtered by John and Hark Noble,
on tho prairie near the lake, opposite Where
the Catholic Bishop's palace !s sow situated,
at the comer of Michigan avenue and Hadl
•on street. -The packing was done in Hr.
Dole’* warehouse, a wooden building situated
at the comer of Dearborn and South Water;
streets. The barrels In which this beef was
packed, were brought from Detroit, and the
beef was shipped that fall to Detroit.
In December, 1533, Mr. Dole slaughtered
and packed 838 hogs. * They were purchased
from John Blackstooe, at $3.00 per 200 lbs
net. They were driven from the WabuhVat
ley. These hogs *ere slaughtered in the
back yard of Mr; Dole's warehouse, and
packed in the store.. There befog no bairels
In which to put the meat, it was packed. In
bulk.and stored away until barrels were
made during the winter. TkiiltwOit Jtrtf
lot <tf hog* w paeM in t\U city: Wo have
so means of ascertaining what prises this
pork or beef brought, as they were sent to
the New Fork market from Detroit, but In
an old bookbdoEglrg to Mr. Dole, we found
an entry of a sale of a barrel of mess perk at
SIC C0 r and a barrel oi "one hog pork 1 * at
In the fall of ISS3 Mr. Dole packed both
beef and pork at Mr. Clybonrne’a packing
house on the Xorth Branch. The mother of
'cattle packed was tSO head, and the number
tl hn£» I.OCO. The cattle coat SJ.BO per 100
lbs net, anJ the hogs $5.00 oel—bcth cattle
s:d Laving Wt driven tros lie 17*
hrsa. lr lcr-i:rxr ? tbc eld papers cf
NcwLcny ct Bole, we csinc across tbs first
contracts tot cattle oni Uogt erer awee in
this city. The flirt i*£sU< Ml 7 21, 133, sal
ia aa fo'Jowa:
isneu or Made asd eal-red
i a j 0 jolt 14U1 day of May in the year of our Loti
09c thnnudd rjght atd tUny-taxa*. by
a-.d between Arrefbald Cirbourae of Ue town of
Chic«{R>,Oook coasty State ll>inoia.af oaf part,
aadNeabenr* Uele/of the •«« place, af the
other part. vTtlaMeeth that the aaia Archibald
VtybovtbeafO'Mald of the Aral park corwuaW
a;d arrrea to aad wUi U.p end Kewberrr Is
froieM’ the f«CO»d part, that he win. between the
find day of BeptemW nod the Ant day of Bo
»»mbcr neat, drtlrer to the Mid Hewhtrrf A
Dole, in the Town offThlfage.or at the Move
of Mid Cvbonaa tn Cookfonnm HUeoU, one
beared bead of good fat merchantable B»ef
Cattle, to welch, epon an a*enj{C, flrehandred
ooB&da each alter being alaticfalercd and dreaaed
aid none of them to weigh tea* than four hnn>
died poonda each alter Vine alambtared and
drera-d; lUcewUe. by the fitmeath day of I>>
rrmbt-r Beit, two hundred head of roed fat
lloca well corn fed and ■aerrhaata'bleiof perk,
to welch open aa average two hundred lift each
alter fciag alaanbtcred and dreaaed. and noae
of them to waigU leas than eoc Uoaored art
ninety Mcnda, alter being sUschtored and
dreaeed. Audio rwcirideml** of the abaTß praw
lieaand corronnXr, to bedoae sod perthnued by
the Ktfd Clyboarae, the aatd Ifewberry A Dole
corecanU and agree* to and with laid Clybenrne.
tfint uj«r will upea dallrery of ufd cattle and
k(Mr*.psy totkft taid Clybosne the • a*of two
domr« and ehrhty centa per hundred for the beef
asd three dollar* per hundred ponndi for the
cork wbea danshlereil and
agreed nsd dtrtlnctiy nndewtood that the tild
Newberry and IXde am to hare all U* hid** tad
uSow. and car-h*lf UeMejrneacomlec from aald
entile. Into the bargain, and that aaidCiyhonrne
U to bwlcdar aald cattle and hoc* and deliver the
up ready for ealUag «ed packing at hi*
own eype«ae*>U to hare the blue* a*u*d and
' bnccnc uinnecare place, and la to Andaman to
: alore the perk through the winter, if the Mid
Xcwbcny A Bole wl»he* him to.
la tefttsmoy whareol, the partle* have hereon
- to Mt their Lauda and tenia thia day and date.
; aborewtlUcA. AnrtnßauOLrsß«K.*at,f»eal.l
NenurimT A Pout. [Seahj
CWltneMl laxac B. HatMuß.
; The following Is a fow mo&Uu UVsr, had
i was for hoffa only:.
Memorandum ofaertementmade between New. >
berrv «nd D*le, of th® town of Chicago. C®ofc . ;
county, lillaoU,andJohß.iHsckitoae, of Cook' •
county. lUlaof*. wltEeM«lb *• follows, to wit;
*XbaiU«aa)dlUatkstoae hereby agree* to fUmUb i<
»sd oeliver to tie aalS Newberry sad JPols five. '•
. hundred bead of good inew-basUble enrntei -
bocs.woichlßesol Iwseach tkta on« hundred
• autt»lchtywmo4*,ao.!to averag® two husdred
ptrhtad.lnthclowaofCMca&«,ou.oe before the ,
; UretdayofDecvnibexoeixt; sad in consideration
of tie furolabloc sad delivery of ike said bow by
> the raid Bledwtoc*. the aald Newberry Ml Dole ■
hereby obligate asd bind thrrawlrc® to pay to
i Ike said BUckatanetUeaum of three dollar* per ,
i hundred pbuodafbrnafd hoe*. «bea boieKenw.
In lestiaarv whereof, the saidpartice bite brrelo
Mtibeir koadeandaea»,Uu» fifth day of StpVeat' «
Joms BtaCKiTowu. (Sea!.]
N*» bkrkt A l)oi±, ISeM.]
W. U. Vaxw^artch.
V InthcfiiiovlSW, Mr. Dolt
packed frost three to five hundred hoad
of cattle, (wt cM&ot find \ht caac» •auinbtry
and about*fourteen ’ hundred hogs. Tkoy -
i wcrc killed and cut in s. packing houca crcc-
Ud by Messrs. Newberry and Dole, on the
South Branch of the rircr, ocar where Sto
well's Slip sow is. . Mr. Dole continued
packing every ecason up to 1b40.‘
' In look!rig over Mr. Dole’s books, we find
a contract between Ns wherry A Dote and
Duncan A Morrison of McLean county, 111,
Tor 250 hogs, at &5.5 C net—the hogs to ave
rage 230. lbs net-anil Die following condi
tions were attached: Monlsoa iV Duncan
were ipreceivcJc ftrib, oxlrs for all they
averagtd over ISO lbs., sud .they wore to de
duct Icj-cr lb..for all-they averaged under iio
wNewberry A Dole sot being bound to re
ceive then At all onleii they averaged 105 lb*.
Wc also found another contract made lnl&$
between Newberry A Dole and Elbert Olckta*
von, of Jdcl-taa tonaiy, lU., for 159 hud of
cattle, to bedthcered In duly, aaa 2>o head
to be delivered In October, at $2 ft? net—the
cattle to average 50C* lbs. net. This fires lot
of cattle, we arc Informed, vrasfor the Indian
paitccut, end (he Ulterior packing. Amocg
the lame papers-wc found the first bill of
lading for beef ever made out tu Chicago.
Here Is le:
•• nbippcd ia good order and •well ccn , Jli«'o<bd.
by SeWoerry £ Du)c. Os board the ecbouaer called
Napoli 6s, whereof is master for the preerat voy
age, Jobnateuait, now iylog In tbe Poetof Chi
cago, and boand/orDeUoit,—Tossy;
O- NfcM’owry, Detroit.
Jth7 brls Beef,
31 ••Tailor.
a »* Beeswax—llsH', OiAT. ilov*
Its Dry Hides- weighing -t.Rjid Ss.
PclcgmarkedaadMiuihercdaj In the angle,
»cd to pe delivered wt the Port of Detroit is ,uk«
good order. (Use dingers of tie lakes and rivers ci
crpted.ißslo consignee# or to their
he or tbeypiyltx freight *t per bri. balk,
luwirntaa uttreot, tie mister of a»id vessel
ivA kCimcd to two btUsot lading, ill of this te.n
or atd date, one of »Lstfl'fo be accomplished tie
other to fund void. Jjun fcTKv A ar. -■■
Dated, Chicago. .tpril 17, If3k
In H-&4-35, Gordon S. Hubbard commenced.
packing hogs In the old “iUafc building,” cor
ner cfLasnllt and Lake street*. The nuiyter
packed by him. Hut year was 5,000, had they
came from St, CUir Co., Venaißion Co.,
and from the Wabash Valley. He *la£ t ,bler
ed them bn the South Branch of the river, aad
bad them cot la kla own house, (*a above
stated.) The hogs cost him $2.00*2.50 net.
Being disappointed la setting barrels, ho had -
to pat np the pork into birth sides till spring,
when be procured barrels from Clsreland at
?1.00, and had the pork packed. In lSo»-3?,
31 r. Hubbard commenced again to pack pork
in hla own boose on tho north aide of Kicsie
street, Rash street bridge. That season
be slaughtered and pocked about £I,OOO hogs
—the most of'which be pat op into mess
pork—paying 31.50a2.00 net for the bogs. In
3528-30 hrpockcd 10,000 hogs, and la 13$M0,
about the eatnc number of bogs, and 4,000
bead oi cattle— all packed on XJnzle atreeL
InlSlOMr. Qubbud-buUtahoa&e on South
Water street, between Cuk and Ljullc
atrctla, and Ja the fall and winter folio wing,
he peeked 7,C00 head of cattle, and about
12,000 hog*. They were slaughtered on the
North branch of the ilm. Ho paid tbit year
for the cattle, Saie’nct., andtbey were drlrca
here from along the Illinois river, McLean
county, Fulton county, &c. He continued
yacking hogs and cattle on South Water
street UU 1646; when he moved to the North
Branch of the river, where his house is at
prcfcnt situated. Mr. Hubbard's packing,
from the time ha commenced up to 1641, was
aa follow*:.
3SBia&-5,«0 Doga l£S&-KM.f’oo Cattle.
lOT-SS-MM) do. / I&WKI-JO.OO) (logs.
IS3B-Sb-IC.tW do. ISHHI-7.0G0 fame.
183040-15.000 do.
July, 1630-7, Sylvester Marsh (who packed ]
with Hubbard from 1833-}) commenced bntl
ness himself, and'parked on North Kinds
street, near Rash street brldgCj where ho
bofil a house, and continued packing there up
tIU 1853—the latter few years Ic connection
with Mr. Carpenter.
In 1657-SS, uMt. Underhill came to this city
and commenced the packing ol pork, killing
his hogs near Fohk’s bouse. lie did not con
tinue In the,business.
lutS4S-4l Messrs. Tbomss Dyer aud jehr.
P. Chapin cdnaneaccd packing In BeynobK*
boose—cutting In that season 0,000 hogs and
£.OOO head of cattle.
' In 16U-45 Wadsworth, Dyer & Chapin
built a packinghouse on the south branch of
ithc river, near North street, where they
packed that season 3.000 head of cattle and
12,000 begs. In 1545-4 C this firm told out to
Julius Wadsworth and Thomas Dyer, who
carried on tho business for 'five, years after
wards-picking from 3,000 to 7,000 head
of cattle, and 3,000 to 12,000 hogs every
, The first cattle packed by Dyer & Chapin
were purchased from Isaac aud Jesee Fa ok,
of McLean county, at 32.25 net. In the same
year they also bought a drove of 1,300
hogs from Messrs. Punk,near I*oniiac,at 30.12
: The first me« pork madeby this house
wj eold to John Touog * Co., Montreal,
for 86.60 per. barrcl—Meeaf*. Toons faring
rent vessels here In the eprin g of 1814 for the
pork, Tfabetf packed Jfai seatpa wa?sfclp
pci to New York; hut as the books andpa*
pcraol this firm fata *3l been destroyed hj
fire, we cannot find tbe price at which It
wm -old. The packing of 3843-44 waa an
unprofitable undertaking. 'The following
»»»f, hoiTßrar, thsy olaatM « *■,’
earn.” .. . ..
- Is the season of 1644-45 Dyer «k Chapin
pecltdtA* fird tierceof fctf aerpul up'in t/tia
city ft* the JE ’vglith market, * They procured
tbe services of an £oglUhmua,'who Inltla*
ted the peckers here into the style required
tor tbe London and Liverpool markets; and
to this do we attributethe fact that. Chicago
liercb beef alwaysstood well In those mar*
kela. They commenced right, and . our
packers hare always been careful to. keep
up the character which they gained in early
years. -- ■■■,
In the early years of Dyer <fc Chspln’a pack*
leg, the barrels were furnished chiefly by our
wdd known citizen, Hugh Maher.
In the -winter of IS4I-2, Sherman Pitkin
packed several hundred hogs, paying 11-2 to
2c net lor the hog». The mess pork waa aeot
to New York; *
In 3848 George steel commenced to pack
hogs on South Water street, ue&r the comer
ofTranklln street, , where he continued to
pack unto 1846. In 1815-6 he packed on the
south branch of the river, anils 1846 he
built a honae on West Randolph street, on
the site of the one which he now occupies. ■
In 1650, Hough & Co. built a packing house ■
on the south branch of the river, at a coat of
$3,000, (the same now occupied by Lelasd &,
Mixer,) with a capacity ot ITS cattle tod 800
bogs dally. H-«fcCo. continued to pack la
this houio until the spring of 1853, when they
erected a lanre stone packing house on the
south branch, at a cost of $20,000, where they
contlsued'packlsg cattle and hog* until tbe
! fall of 1850, when it waft destroyed by fire.
I,i 185" they built the house which they now
Oixcpy. (°c tbe tile of tic out which was da-
,trcy«4,) »S s coat.of WlfcACspacU/
toxack2tf ThU
lioiw, bowerer, dari&g the past samaier, ha*
lpci cnargtd to JoaM a Hi farmer alsc ixi
la IW3, Meetra. Toboy, Booths Co. coat*
ojcnccd iiuiA*ss htza aajK>:k packer*, nnd
packed I>ojV Jroaa U»*t up to 1U57, •» the
Simtii Branch of the rtycr. In Ua »pH»g of
1557, they trrcVcd n new boaSotmUa Sanli
lirtatltof the liter, near Oil street bridge,
which they occupied till this >»mj, when
•tej tcboill it oa n much hrycr scale on the
au&otUe.' ■ *..
In ISH Crsgln & Co., of New York, bttUV a
boure ea the South Branch of (he riser, at %
coil of fk*»,ooo. Jin I? 00. ho,weTCr, tit.oil
house Waalers lQ*ia wifia rjiradld newpae ’
ejected— the tiaUedSUtw;
nai also Ihe'soat costly. Dmipfjlhe'put
auiutacr, evea thli hotiaA SndTio be greatly
enlarged and bUerwiae "improTod to keep
pace with the tflcreaalrS'tHieT'Tho follow*
irglabla shows the, number of. BeerMui
Bogs packed by Uxcovl atoce tho date of tkelr
commencement till the pretoot snaos:
C.OOOCAttIc,- JS.OM Uo2*.
T.»3 “ **■*.«»
StfO " SOW '*
l»l 5.
.IWJCO *' 'SiCW *
-•* 25,0 m. «
%t *»«••« SI,®M *•
13&8-9. ....
In ISKM, Andrew Brown A Co., commune
cdpaciibj Is lie hoMefoimeily occupied by
HoogH & Co » on the South Breach, end con*
tlnncdupUU ISOI. .Till, hoturels nowoccu
pled by Xeftnd A Mixer.
. In the'CiU 6/ 1554, Moore, fisayeru# A Co.
' commenced ptckiog b. a house on tho South
; Breach of tie rircr,“fdr«erly haflt bf Mr.
;Kent at ft’ cojt ofsl 5,000, occupying about
! tiro acre* of ground, with 210 feet river front,
i aid continued in the buslaos* tflT 1550, when
Meurs. J, G. Law: Co', opera
tions la both beef and pork, and continued
up ini lie last season. Now tie house U
owaed or ileeMS. J. G. LVovUe * Sob, who
arc at present packing both pork and. beef. It
has been greatly enlarged and Improved. 1
' In Mr. Ueary MIL ward bnttt a beef
fork house on :tho,South Branch of the
* river, on the Archer Hoad, at» coat of about
&S]ooo. It tt»i modelled after one formerly
builLby him at Cavlsgton, Ky., and was then
considered a model house, in li5T U was
rtntcd and worked byTboatsa Nash, and In
' tic' rooath of fiuy, 185$, It waa sold by sue*
lien to Messrs. Van Brnot A Watrous, who
packed beef and pork in It tiltlßoo, when it
fell, by nssjgnffe’f «alc, Into lie hands of
Mcifirl. Harlmck A Erelgi, who have worked
It ever since, and who now occupy it,
: In ISSS, Messrs. Jenea A erect
ed a pork boose on tho comer of Stste
' street and Kirgold Place, which they occu
pied tOl lot year, when It was sold to Gard
ner & Co., Its present occupants.
In I>sv\ a fine new house was erected on
tic South Branch, by Bowers A Co., with a
•eapscUy of killing 1, WO bogs per day. During
the iamb year, Mr. Thos. Kaah erected a new
bouht on Ringold Place, specialty adapted
for curing Erglftb Meats. This is one of the
test small been* la the city, or Indeed In the
Wtit. * ' ’ *
Dnrlog this’»»me year, Messrs.TUat &
Sltsms meted n »#w pork-house, vrttb a ca-
Taclty of about I,OC<l hogs pvr day, on the
Sfjtb Brauch of Urn river, santh of Twelfth
pnuit, now owned by Mcure.’Pllut JfcThomp-
About this time, M«mj. G. S Hubbard <t
C«. rebuilt their beef and pork house c a the
>*orth branch of the river, greatly enisling
ti)d improving li,ond making It equal to aay
hours it that time te the Wat, In every par*
llmJar.- It Is fctlll occupied and wortfidby
In there wexe built in tbU city »
large number of new house*. Mciira. A. E.
Kent A Co. erected ft very Urge beef and
pork house on the South brauch of the river*
staecst ol about (00,(DO, with a capacity
to kill and cut 2,C00 hogs and “7.00 beeves
dally, Messrs." V. A. Turpin * Co. also
erected a splendid brick Pork House, on the
South branch of the river, with a capacity to
cutl.SOO bogs dally. Hr. Robert McCabe
erected tiro Pork Bouses close by these, of
solid, atone, with a capacity of 1.-Vd bogs
.eachperday. Daring the past year, Mr.Mc-
Cabe occupied one, and the other was rented
by MeMit. Dufflcld & HUton and worked by
them. The present season, they are both be*
log operated by Mr. McCabe, and Mr. Dof
field occupies part of one of the buildiags
lor coring and putting up sweet-pickled
Haice. Gelpcke & Thom also built a new
_ Perk house this year, with a capacity to kIU
l T &CO hogs dally. There *wero also erected
during the Same year about a dozen small
bouses, principally for Dressed Hogs.
To give cor readers an accurate view: of the
history of this trade, we append tie follow-
I lug tabic, showing the number of Hogs
lacked In Chicago each season since X&kJ:
noc,# fAcsmiy rmcAoo ron zusrrs bca*os».
Scaroßß. JCo. cfHo**Cr.{.
I*o2-53... 43,1 m
2ftM45...v . TWi
HSC-57.... . 7MXW
lasi-w.....; ;.4a8,»«
3*£S-oi> 167.81S
imwh stt.aw
issi-e* 1................. su.it*
!{<a-63.... . 97U.26J
, The season of 1563-& has Just opened, and
at present it would be Impossible to give any j
estimate of the number of Bogs to be cut
before tie close of the season. To Judge,
however, from the Increased faculties fbr
. packing, there will no doubt bo an Increase,
lithe ciopofllogs holds out. As will be
seen from the table given above, there were
packed during the past season VTO.Soi hogs;
but the total receipts during this period
footed up 3,030,M5—0f which &6,Ssl were
shipped East. The following table shows
the receipts and shipments of Hogs for
eleven Seatons: ; v :
nzccuTS axz» ?ror«.vrs or nocs at emcaco
rou slaves bkasoxs.
Received. Shipped.
'I&A-83.. SUM 10,0'W
le«A-6». io.e«
ISSI-S0 303.535 fiiiMl
IST 100,702 10*,OU
IWT-tft...., 213.216 t«AK
\t&UM . 2SUOJ 10,431
JKO-CO 255,551 TI.BW
SH'O-€i aw.csi
je«M3 - l.msas 84WS1
i The above table abows that almost every
■ 'season daring the past-eleven ycara a large
- proportion of the Hogs received ber' , ~>*e
been shipped Hast. This must be si _ ...
Chicago packers ought to-receive every heg
itbot comes Into our market and only hare It
' sent East In barrels, tiercec, cr b«Tfts,
1 ; Wiiu regard to - Reef-packing, Chicago
stands, as it has stood lor twelve years past,
foremost, both as regards quantity and
quality. 1
The ioliowiog table shows the number ol
beeves packed each season for twelve years
i- past:
. mm ncKia tr oncAoo roc twxltx ski
- eoxe. ’ . -
• The present reason thus &r has been par*
.tjcularly octlre and profitable to those en*
gwged in H, and ilid promise® to be
nnuicaHyhcarr. ' ■- •
i ’ ’ nobs iqr stout tsars.
; To giro our readers some Idea of the mag
nUnde of the entire trade In beef cattle and
bogs In this city, we append the lollowlag
table, ihow*ng the receipts and shipments
for a series of years: r
necaims or noos awn n*rr cxrri* in ancaso.
\ . . Hog*. Beeves.
Tear. Rac’d. Shipped. Reed.-Shipped.
3855.. 903.00 ft J41530 JU.715 £«»
ISM:..-., 391.623 2*1,510 31.960 91403
1etn..... 231,113 131,318 43,634 35 SOU
Jfߣ 6M.009 176,668 213.151 45,149
1»9. 231,496 315,840 00471 45.973
1W....,....:, 3SMSI 1&5.7 M JW,m
m 673,0 ft *O.OOI 301473 muo
ISCS.. ...1,348490 491.185. 509455 113,7*3
The trade in Beef Cattle with the Eastern
States is now Immense—and this la theonly
city probably In the world which holds a
dally market for the tale of breve*. We
eepplj KeW York with at least three fourths
of her rcqnrrements, and the trade with
Philadelphia, B&lmore and the New Eng.
land States, Is aniatußj inoeavlng. / Since’
the breaking but of the rebellion ebont three*
fourth* of the cattle sold to the Goremment
Jure beenparohasedln.this market.
yumovaikNTa w.m t&adb last
i Below will be fotmd In detail some of - the
loading Improvement* made In the prosecu
tion of Ibis trade during tbe put c summer:—
—Thla tp!®cd!d structure, Just finished, Is situs*
tad ba tbe West aide of tbe Sdotb Branch of the'
Chicago River, Jest tooth of Old street. There,
looming op Is Ita rastneae, It stands as a laud
mark lor tbe environs o I ear dty—attractiac spe
cial attention horn its Immensity aad solid appear,
auce. Its sire UIW by 156 feet-coveriac sa.OM
■ s - tkTi lH>t of ground, ta three stories
a tvtroai track ccuTcultully hullt near tie houss—
a doth oa Ihe ri*cr close by—*o that tberv
*ce.l bo llttioor 30 eipenaf lu teua*oittao pufucl
o? the brg to railroad dfpot or chipping *o r k. la
U»* erection of tbta were u*ed,
l»coxdiiMae,WO>»brick,7M.W9 feel ofloia
trr, 93d !b.» krga of naila. beeidt* Beveml tons of
like wails are of Immense thlchne**,
and the Umber* are 19 by U larbe«.*hltetb« joists
are only 9 Uchm apart—bol lew baildlag* la _jle
city bating been erectadwUh aneba viewto gen
eral stieagth and endntanee. Tbecortef tha an*
Ura etruetttre will piobthy exceedss6,oo9.
The g#ner*l arrangement of tils Pork Dwiirt
blbita an acuasal amount of care ail study in la*
bOf-**vl*«—MW depwtmeni heiag adapted to
other, *o ae to render It one of the most con
venient eatabliehtnent* In the West,
The boga when brwU into tae house Ate driven
up ea lacllotd puac to (he fcpofihs bouse,whom
Vtwire nro Ate, pens,.capable of accomtao-taUac
ASH) bopa. These'pen* are *0 constructed that
they will be alwaya dry and eoatfertahle. Tbl*
idraofhaWng the hogpens on the roof of ti»e ;
baiUtnel* * new one hereba t'be*!dos Veiag a.
*av!>s efroba, it !s ia tkU'UgUace.adootedbe*
caato of Its hntfealc‘eflisl - oi tbs'kogg:. The
ueaal method la tod'rivethe hog* np to the alaosk-.
tar' pen. tinmtllilely hefora they are killed, and'
it lathe opinion of many that the excitement and;
beat prodneod thereby, b detriments! to Vac'
menu. If them ere nay grounds for thi* opinion/
the plan adopted In thisTork Uunte la a remedy,;
forthe hogsaronilowed to cool U rhepeea oa the<
toof,tn& as the slaughter house t* erected
oathereof,there U»o possibility eftheir being
i«tod Vfort they are killed.* From flie*l#nßkter,
pona there are, two eciulrii' down which the
Slaughtered hog* «Ude Into Ike scaldiag tab*,
which sreeHnatedcoorenleutly at oaeeod of the
lbtr& floor.
(looby thess tubs, sad outhe time door, Is'
is. tba haoEbJ^room,. baring- beams''seveu
feelt'.y.bllackt*apart,on which can behuag.at-
one time,oo loe* than fiJtfO.hog*. Thl* drying'
room la a perfect modri, aad we call the attention
of all late rested la this baataeas to it. As we
atsted, the hssgiDy beans ate sarea fat eight
rebel apart,* but beside#:this tbere la a sytee.
of fourteen feet »3 around theeebeaas.so that tke ,
air has plenty of room to circulate til cool the
bog* thoroughly. Te veatllate tU* room fa a#
complete a ouaser a* porelble, the windows are ;
cooßtiucted bom to bUils eatirely into the waU.*ad
«*« a *crie* of jvnUlatore coa*tracted la the.
roof. Immediately over where the hoga haug. «o
that the Blown arising from them afterccmtag but.
of the scalding tub, I* carried bT Immediately, ..
'The packing'room Is on thV second floor, aid
there srcconveale'atlycoMtruaedßkutea for ear*
ryieg tbc varfoua kinds of meats fiom the floor
above/ The brine tank Is sltnsted bn the npper
floor, to which there are hose pipe* attacked,
which leads U to the seeuudfloor. Bare there ate
gutter* constructed—w that the waste brine runs'
Uiroogb them to a tank ou the door, below, and is
savecu ThU is oo tamll Item lu a year, in each **
ektablDhutent as this, and salt coitlug $2,T5 per
Tltu bandog room is on the lower floor, and It is ;
capable or holding several acre* of aide*, hara*r
•The Lard Department deserves specialities
ilea. U tooslstsci three rooms, 1M br R* feet,
tanning from the bottom tothetopof the bulld
leg. There,are eight imsiease steara tanks sud
two large kettle*, beside* a telUe-drler, capable
of holding ICOtitrccs of lard. The upper L-ud
room U the receiving room, which la uqavaaleaV
lysltuatcd so Unit the leaf, trimmings, bead or
gtrt, are, with very little labor, tumbled into th-lr
nspectlve tanks. Oa ihe second floor la the task
room, and on the first floor Is tbs drawing-off
x**m. Btloweachtank Is a hrgotozto receive
the oflkl, f;om vblcb It rone Into carte and Is car*
; rtvdawivjr>-f)ot nmlalo thertrer. Indeed, as far
ee wo (©aid see, there are no -appliances of any
kind whatsoever by. width the offensive offal of
the bog can be nio oat of this boose Into tbe river,
aad Mr. Culbertson tofanna as (bat bo bias coat,
plcud araageiaccta by * hlch every ounce of of&l
will le carted away daily and burled
The capacity of this pork house Is about 3,590
hos* dally.
To hit £ Booth's Xkv Pome Bocyr.—Thc aew
; pork Boose of Mews. Tobsy Arßoorii, Jnstfln-
IjbeJ. Is altuated on the site of tbelr old home,
on the east side of the sooth branch of the river,
cm Eighteenth Street Bridge. Tbemsla balld
•cg la two stories high. troulltgilOfrttou Grove
rtrtct *sd IS! feet oc Eighteenth street. Although
b ta ptetenlioasand costly than some houses in
the city, there are but few In the West po;«esa\eg
the same convenience* and capacity, and are «o
w ell cclcolaU'd to save labor and expense in kill*
-log. curing or packing.
The slaughtering department is situated la the
cpptr story, and adjoining it Is the hanging room v
which is capable of banging 3,5u) hogs. This
room J* well ventilated by. windows is the roof
and on the sides of the building—which caiTto
opened by means of cords whenever required.
The steam from the sodding tuba la also all car
ried off by ventilator*, and Is not permitted to
get Into the hanging room; while In the latter, the
ventilators speedily carry off the steam arising
from the bogs. Adjoining the hanging room is
the catting and trimming room, Boat which there
are convenient abates to carry off the different
kinds of meat. Close to this room is another 43
fret wide and 113 fret long, to be used for spread
ing grwaataU.
The room for packing and rtorlcg barrel meats
Is 130 fast square, end Is provided with all the most
approved appliances for Icrnl*hlrgbrlße,£e.-
There Is on the same floor a room 130 by 00 feet
for re-trimcilts and packing English cal meats-a
* branch.of the fanzines* which Is annually becom
ing ofgreaterJmportance. ...
. The room for coring Bulk Meats Is ICO feet long
by 113 feet wide, and is In every respect well adapt
ed lor curing an Immense amount of all kinds of
Tbe LardDepartmcnt consitte of s'room (K1 feet
loss by 43 fed wide. Here we sltaated eight iargo
uaks capable of taming 0n 1 50.000 tb«. reufered
Lard per day. There are also two Lard Driers and
two coolers, with * capacity of 60 tierces each.
This department is to many respects particularly
attractive,sod doeires especial cotlce. All the
escape sttamfrom tbeLardianka, loatcadof
beicgwaatedandallowedtopermeate the entire
.hosse.le condcneedby rcttoe cf a new larefition.
siwi U used la heating the water that ecppllcs
the boUcre-thn# totals;; to good . ac
count what would Otherwise be a nniMnce, Un
derneath the Lard tasks are ImmenscTats. into
Which th: ofr! is emptied—which, u has always
been the case in this houses will bo removed la
carte tirioe a da; bcjMil the city limits and prop
erly taken careof by panics engaged In tboiaana
i faetore of Olae, This will render Messrs. Tobey :
& Booth’s establishment entirely unobjectionable
to the ccm>nimltr, and will protean,agreeable
• halting place for the AWennanlc Smelling Com
mittees, when next' they make their rounds
.among the eiasghterlhg establishments of the
fidoth Branch.
;• At the back of the main fcnfldlsg are a series of
‘■JSofS J’eat, well constructed and closed In from
.the weather—capable of accommodating about
■3«»tog#.. ‘
> ’ There are two boilers, SO horse power ctch.snda
beanllfnJ engine, 10 horse power, In the main
balldlog. • ' ‘
• The house Is conveniently sltn»lcd,wllh a dock
' front of Stso feet, and k railroad track traversing
Grove street in front—making it one of the most
•;convenient bouses in the city for shippers.
■ Sfoesriv Tobey A Booth have bean engaged In
irork iwcticg buslhcis m this city ever since U
became a recognized interest in our city, and their
,brand stand* Ugh not only here but in rrerj mar*
jktt Is the Tclted states.
The eon of meeting this new bonsais about
«t Co.’s PoaK asu 2sxf Hoese.—Da
iries the p«*t eum*?** Mi. Hancock lh* resident
'partner, h»s bees basy mafcuiu'aldUlone and lev
jirom&f&Uto their already large and complete
Poritaod Beef Honae. A new rendering mw«
llthmcntba* 'been erected outrtd* of It* mala
tlmctor©—the dimension* being 114 feet lons by
;S6 feet wide, and two stories high. It la bailt of
'stoneandbriektandl* la thehighestdegreeeab■
aUntUL Tno xow lard task* hive also been
hddsd,inaklog the camber of tacks la aU ninc,*nd
ofvery large capacity.' A new cooling floor has
also been constructed, which has come very im
jwtaat and valuable improvement*. Is the first
place; the hrd runs SuO feet along tie varUma
beetles* of the floor, before reaching the Tata;
■but beside* this Immediately under this floor of
metal la another floor, on which a eODatutatream
ycold waUrl* kept ragnteg-to. (Jut asderaay
Jarcnmstancce tho lard cannot fall to be thorough
ly cooled beforo going Into the rata below. This
Improvement cannot Call to prove of Immense
'raise io an establishment of each mag&ltade aa
that .of Uessn. Crarln ;dr Co. An
ccaiUiog too naa also bees constructed, eo that
thocaittdtyofthe'boaa*.to'hQl a&d pack lain
beevea per
day. These Improvements cost upwards of
| liianeodlcea to elate that this establishment
ranis among the moat complete and hvgeat la the
.United States. - ~ r •
! R- H. & 0. B.UoroU'a D«S?. A3SB Pdkk
Sorts.—Dsrteg the past annanor, thfa hoate,
situated at Bridgeport, on the Sonth branch of the
ilrcr, baa been enlarged to doable It* former size
and capacity. As addition, 65 by 160 feet, ha*
bees added to the old atrnctare—making the di
mensions of the honee aa U now stands 150 by IBn
fe«t, three stoilca high. It has s capacity now to
bang at one time 4,000 bogs and -JO) beeves, and
no expense baabeen spared to make It one of the
most pesfect hone«ft in the West. ~'
•| Quite a xsmber of Improvements lave been
made lathe mode of TenUleictag and cooling the
house asd thee tendering It secure against anfa
vorahle weather, - ■
■ln the lard department bare been added two
new tanka. Capable of holding » V CQQ 6>s cadt—«»
that there are now in aU tlx lard tonka and thro
)**S* kettles, capable of rendering seventy-flrc
ttcitee per day. AB the offal from the boose fa
dally carried eway-not-an oonce of It being
run into the river. .
; The yard cm and* and baUllcgtotrapy four
and a half acres, and the yards and hog pens biro
all bees filled tip and planked over—an iha.t v, all
tlmrs they are dry and comfortable,
i On the river there 1# a dockage of 900 feetln
length/and a railroad track also nma into the
: house/ ’
...;......... t .28,973
The coat of the bapnrvemestaiA this boose win
be upwards of SU,OQO. •
i TLe Messrs Hough are well known as one of
the oldest Po:k and Beef packing Unas la the
Meet, «nd thslx reputation lor both heat and pork
stands high in every market in the world.
They tare basic©** connections with the firm of
Worst*.*, flouak & Co . la this city; Worker,
Pnpe« £ Co., .md Pap;: A Co., ia
Now York city.
CRtrrra Bno'*, Pona am* Dan* Bor**.—Ti:
erection of thi* koaao wa* commence* ia 19a.’ by
a packer rvamed Welch. bat for aonse reason at
other belted *0 finish it,and U »u porchafed
during the previous year by Moa*r*.’ Qrlfila Uro’*.»
p- d he them reeon»tructod and fluisled. It ia dd
l*yl'*{ccl--three*tod.9»*lgh. It iai alx lird
ttuka.andbas the capacity to handle two tooaoad
bog* per day, nad wkea ftoUked fbr h*o£ two
butdred beeves per day. As * * ull Asacrlptiot of
tWsboaaoku alreidy appeared in onr colama*,
It t» ce<die«a to recapitulate Ueti.
At-txascpanDßU.** ISxw Poaanocge.—TliUlJ
asaw home, Jail erectcdoa Archer Ro*d,oall»e
Sooth branch of the rirer-«3 by JSO fact and two
itortes high, besides a spacious and lofty bi*o
*sei.t, *»l a tort of a boot SM,OCd. It* capacity 1*
aboat I.ROO bog* pot day—with 4 lard tank* ni
galvnalacd iron coolers.
OrboVton ACo.’s Bow
al*rgcßent'bf tho bobaej form oily occupied oyKr,
IkU. U'U" tUuilad on the Archer ko*d,»n Ike
South Branch of the river, aad haa a capacity to
tin and cut about 1,000 bog* pet day. The Im
provement* coaaUt of aa ’addition to Ihe'-uaia
bnfidisg eOfeet by 1W feet, and the erection of sew
gan* tanks and‘ltettW.’’There ‘aro -now la this
house, twoJ*isekeltie«aadaU Wilson tank*. The
Speciality of this boaia.U Saglialt Middle*. Mr.
Otepotonkaa brought from the boat konserin Cia.
ctxmail a large and most efcclest corps of caUera.*
Tbetbulktfig ftCCotnmpdition* of this house are
admirable, . 1 - - " _
Lxoaro t Bork aw» Jl*w n»o*e—
Mtbdn.Lclaad Jt MUer hare leased the beef gad
pork-packing home formerly occupied by Andrew
Brewa,'.*Uuited on tkeSoalkßraackbf the BUer.*
UUncapacity of 600 keg*- and 196 beeret daily-
Be>ldea ihli hooae,'borem, tkey still
their old home, for picking dreaaed ko£», sltaated
at Use foot of South Water street. During Uepaal
aea»on it Ualwen to hudle
OOOhosa per*d»J' *
lUazue# atn> * Snnuus Beer awo Pauu
: tiucsv.— Dutitg tie pavt tu mmer, several very i«-
yottaat improvement* hare beta made ia this
boose. A large brick stalking ioa«e, A lW by 1M
foX, ia* been coattruttad, aad oat new lul taak.
hs« been added—the ro*t pi the improvemenU
amooatlc; to about £lo,ooo* --
The capacity of thU heuas is now 1.500 hO2V,
and SOObcere* dally. There are fa all four U:d
!taaka and eight kettle*. ' v
■ ’Tula huoae was erigfnally batlt by Mr. Henry
Milward, and Is ooaof the finest of its capacity In
lie West.-*;
I Vsvxnwooo .a no LiPtiNoorr’a . Pacccto
lOousa.—'Thlaluaoew Crame houas, eltnaled oa
UeweetsidooMbe South Branch of the elver, at
Baiated street bridge. It it US feet long by CO
, feet wide,'three stories high, and baa a capacity
lo till aad cut WO toga per day. There are two
rtairge lard tanks and two kettles—and they have
[exccßitnl. conTfcaltnces for cooling arid drawing
- off. Although this U a'small house, It wras out a
quantity of product, and their brand la be*
coming well and favorably known U this market.
Sx«i> £ Hatnwia’a Ports Boosn,—Boring the
past summer, this home, situated oa Ogden Slip,
; Boutnc on the Archer Hoad, has beta improved
by an addition of by 1W feet, with a thorough
’ and complete overbading of the entire establish
.went. .TtliSfl.a cspacUy to handle i.SOOhogsper
day—with three lard tanka, 2 kettles, and a large
kettle drier.
R. Eavowrc & SoVs Best ano yonx Hors*.
This la the house formerly occupied by Messrs. J.
; O. law A Co., situated on the south branch of
‘ the river. It has a capacity to kill about 1,500>
hog* and beef cattle per day.
t. I). Booth £ Co., daring thopast BeasoaJbave
(cnlaryod their packing bouse, oaChicagoavenao*
Idarlog the paet season, to double U* farmer ca
pacity. .Their building le now JQO by IS feet, arid
there is Opacity to ;WII about 400 dressed hog*
per day. They have two large lard kettles, caps
bit of bolding 4-Wit's each; They have the re
futationof being food packers, and both their
lard and calmeaU incut with' ready sale on the
■ matkel. -
PntMtc* Bozjisx hire leased theo'd
Biewa:t House. Jocatedon the snath branch of its
river. Ite capacity U abaut-SOO hog* per day. .
F&ekxa#, lltm <fc Co.’s Pjxkrco House.—
Tils Loose, situated on Indiana street, la tbs
ybrtli Division of the city, during Use put earn*
jeer has bees enlarged by the addition of a boild
trg S3 by 40 feet, two stories high. lie capacity Is
400 bogs per day, has two large lwd tanks and two
C. J.*& J. H. Wicket bare erected a tnme
pickles ioaee on the sooth branch of tie river,
near ilcCabo’s Pork House, with a capacity of
kiDlng and catting 200 bog# per day.
TALwea’aPacKino Horse.—Tbla la a eewhottao
recently ejected on the south bonk of tie river,
built of Wood, with brick basement. It has a
capacity of killing and cutting 500 bogs per day.
Bounin's Packcw llor-E.—TMs lj a new
frame bouse, Juit erected on the Archer road, near
Harbach and Srctgh'e, with a capacity to kQI and
ent £CO bog# pw day,
Gnarxa & Co.’e PacKiso Boca*.—Til* homo
Is .eltcated In the, Korin Division, and during tbe
past summer U has been greatly improved, and
with a large addition being added, its capaclty ls
early doubled,'
Fmr & Tdoitpson's Pqjik Hoirsn.—poring the
fast summer, this house has been greatly Im
proved In -Us interior arrangements, end is us
urped by the addition to U, as a bundaxr-robra. of
it one of tbe most complete hoaies Is tie city.
• Sautons <fc Smut's Pac*»*lSona,—ThSe
bouse lathe tame occaplwl last year by Kiem>£
ACo. It Is on thoKorth branch of the river,
near Indiana street. Is bollt of wood, with sub
stantial brick cellars, and a capacity to kill. 133 to
hOOOiogs per day.
Gto. Stmt. & Co.’* Packing Horjs,—This
bouse, situated on the corner of Jefferson and
W-tak Randolph sUetla, and which war enlarged
to more than three times Us former capacity a
yvarago.)* now. in foil operation; Daring lit
peat summer, one large lard tank auda lard bet'Je
I.avcbcra acort, sod other improvements of a val
uable character Introduced. This is one cl tbe
eldest packlm! «taWuhmeuU In the city, and tbe
brand »tuulß desetvcnly bigb In vbeieadiog mar
kets of the Vnttcd States and Canada.
gglbure It one thing worth; of note la con
nection with f thc Forkaad' BocC Packing
Hoqs«.s cl Chicago, « compared with thoje.
la any other city In tht Unfed State;; viz :
the/ are more complete and tboronghla all
their appointments—are erected la » more
substantial and approved style—and the; cm*
brace all the improvement* that have beuu
made la the bonnees anywhere during the
past quarter of acentuiy. The slaughtering
houses arcalao all connected with the ptek
‘ing houses, and the entire prodls of this
branch of the trade go to the packers. - The
complete manner also In which the leading
home* are enveloped by railroad tracks on
the one side, and by water communications
on the other, camea an Immense awing In
shipping product, and la- receiving salt,
cooperage, coal, £c., without expense of
q ravage, «xc. A propeller or sail vessel con
haul np to any house in the city, and Take off
a cargo ofpork orbeef, ora truin of cars can
bo loaded at the other end of the house—aad
all without any expense either to buyer or
The operators In beef and Uve hogs are
now all at work, but as the AreescJ h *g lea
son haft oidy barely commenced, a large cam
ber cf annul.houses will yet golnto.opera
tion. The following isamtof packers re
ported to ns a? psxkfag this season
Cr«gla A Co,Adama i Sou
A a Kent & Co J h McDa01ei..........
HsrbacbJkEreicb.... .. John XT«y ward. .........
rvvctfcter.liooab ACo.,..Rhodes » VTbrte .... .
G.FsvohU A Svu. ..... .McCook«j A Hil’
Jocta* Culbtrifon.....Cbsrloe JIP-iaitjf.......
Bowen A Co.—. ......SUU*, A C 0,..
Geluckc ATb0ru0.......T. C.Hooth&Co.
J.E. Norwood, A^eb*. Louis Jllchberg
Hubbard,P&ttersoa a Co.Jobn Kaeb.:
Lc!*ad£ Mixer.. B.F Qnlmby * Co
Gardner di Co .-.Hohcn Coker4 Co.
Kced*St«wtn.......;.H.B Pn*<;&C0........
V.- X. Tnrptn* C0......H.J8T7. ILSmlth—.
'inrcer m ..... p ;*uch A Co.
J. G. DnCleld.;. Andrew Brown
Alexander 8e11..........0. W. Ueyuolds&Co...
Tobey & 800 th.... Clough* 8r0ther.......
G.W.XUjkIssA C0.....W. A Co ...
PulsUtr d>Co.. Peter Curtis....
Thomas il'Cabe.........Prentice <s Holden
Geo. Steeled: C 0........11. F. Mcrphy Jt C 0......
Vrteinan.BurtACO ....Qrccatoa x Co
ThomssNsib. Underwood ALlpplscott
Adam 5mith............C.0. &J.H. Wicker..,,
Film A Thcmpfoo Sanborn <b Singer..
IL H. Graves <ft Co Boliban A C 0............
flihe ■Winter itnilroßd Time Table.
sacmoAS cb^tiul— nxror rooror ulktstbebt.
• ' r, DKTACT. ' AABSTB.
Detroit Express 6:90 a.m. S-.ftie.ra.
DetroltExprees 3nop m. 10:30 4m.
DetzoltExprees.lo:tn)p. zn. laaop.m.
«ien. csxt., osicuntATi axs locmtH-us like.
MornlmtCxprces.... 6.50 a, ta, 10:80 p.m.
Night Expre55............. &M p. m, ; 8.-00 a. m.
micbkux Botmimx—PßroT<xm>'ißyaß bvlxh
Abu snxaxix stcbbti.
Day Express.....
Bvenlqe Express.
, 8:39 &.BU
.. 3:45 p.m.'
cix<rtxK*‘n am uwa.
Union Depot, West Side, rear Medlson «L Brldrc.
Pi7'2r?rwa-.-...i....... 6-.uoe.ja. 9:15 p.m.
NlfihtwtpTeW 7:40 p.m. 9-.0) a. m.
cxscuma-n am u>T.-ron iswaxatous asp
Day Express ftOOium. -9:19 p.m.
Night Bxpms 7:40 p.m. OrOOa.m.
xixixotscsuTiuL—nsrbr, toot oriASB BTRxer
DayPasscnger...;........ fc;4sa. m. icvip.m.
Night Szpreefl.v ttftl pm. 7:50 am.
*LrbamaaccoumodstloD. 4:00 6. m. Sat'd xys only
Hyde Jhitkivaia.... 7.00 Am. tk«a.m.
XlydoPark Train .15:10 m. l:3Sp.m;
Bjde Park Train &2Sp.in. 0:45 p.m.
balbha astv Chicago cnion.
Pulton Pmksrcx.. tMjaß.su 4:40 p.m.
Pal ton rafWßCcr.,......ttl:<Op.in. 430*. m.
PrtrjjonrMatncer .... 0:00 a.m. '4:4lp.m.
PrrrponPaeafocer ...11:30p.m. su
todSUt«Uae. 4joop.ui. J!:loA.a*
OmcTft ptasercer &So p, nu 830 «. to.
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JoSel Accommodation.
, iISB,SU 4:45 p. iq.
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Accommodation 4:00 p.m. 10.10 a. nu
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Do yoa want» Good Appetite V
Do yoo vnat to Dclid op yoar CoastttatiOAl
Do you WTvat to Fml "Well f
Do you vast to get rid of fforvoonwi t.
Do you vmat Eiergy) -
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;Do you want a D.isk »ad VtgmouM Feeliagl
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There ere Busy orepuxetiau «?d«r tbs ss«e
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Attention. Soldleni And Friends of Soldi***.
- We Cell ti*e aueuiioa of an canof rejaao* «
CrieoiU La Vis awcy Vo tie lam, that “ROOF-LAB*’.*
German auter* " 9111 care alee taaUt* ct tae dliwa*
induced bfcspoiamaao trif»noaaizcjd«a£ to camp
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wboae life, to n*a Ui owo language. ** Ha# beta eared
by ttn Bittern, Pnn-ai»«tFiiia.Aiig.is,iajS.
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~very ticly yoora, ISAAC 21AL053.
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JORK F WARD- Co. K, SU» M*lsfc
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- Em War (ttMtare of *• C- K. JACSSOK.** Ucs C.B
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Or Half Po«; tor 64.00,
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Principal Office and Manufactory
SB. 621 ABC? bTEEET,
u'nHona K. .iacebos a m.j rmpmsm
tP~For**-> brtU Drrjftlsl*end Dealer* ta every
town raxb» UtatedSatc*. asse-naxtfcD-BAyacy
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tfitmtcsor'Bsrsxnwuneacabox. Price oec dollar.
TEH rtopr-ftore.
oc»aj9AtiaWo n.Cedaratcest Bewaocsetty.
61 Sing William street, London, and 9 Chapel
street, Liverpool,
Who arte ash cocstdenaie exnerteaee ta efibenux
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boaicmia Jtaeltsh. receive eoaCcaraects of Aatert*
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- Befcreuee* to 2ie«n. Josw Pmtt *
Bictubc Bmm. importers. <l9 hroshmy. 21. T,
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Bov.HvwYmX. ■»
Pamphlet* *. iotormatioa about potent* PUSS.
r ~
Merclianls and Freight Shippers
Council Bluffs, Denver,
Tte retMCrfhers irffl ran regular trains of Kola team*
'with covered Wsyca* uausportiar oil nsd* of
Prrjaht. la larn or tsuU <*qju:u.Ucs, £rom OiUH*
P2LL. laws, the pretest termlaas of the '
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and the exrcn
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this the .
Most Dourahla Boute to the Wejt
1 the distesee fioa at, Joseph and ■ Ortaneil to
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,to Gmaeil. Uh axle* iw» theu to Si. Joseph. ProJ*ci
eeUvesedtetheCblcszoeud Bock I*l*3l ttoUtoed.
ccnslfc’d to our cere er GrlaseU will be uxesat
l<kßJ p.m.
6:00 a. m.
!ASd receive BCOD DISPATCH.-with huton«uaa>
f*r beswtea Cblcecn *»«J
r..r izu*** utoraukaa »}»bly »t the OOBRAL
FrtEIOHT omes of IBS CflleetfO end BocX Island
B*l£rc«d. Cilcexo, or to
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siNnSwia-rrAi* Omaha city.
! PETITION -Bead tie foltavlax /*ct* la raja,
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It B«t(>er Partatße ■fca nor h»ir; U<n;sr*erfff
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MaaaOcturad byJ. CHtHTADDKO. 6 ‘tor no-jic.
£e* Totk. soiv BTarywhfTß. aid »ppUr xby all Hair
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HSJOTICE. —Prof. A* M«gb, the
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>» a » p:jp*Ted » <lto uatractfona upon tie Plate.
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6«& Ticket. ;. ••
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U2S^ ,c * ~J 4 fe. ?' H “*«•««. Utor]>iiAai
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116 ft. 117 Dearborn. s4ee
2 S-I?,*?,?iS? Huw.aPrtM,
T.O.ia*i*i bwbtuei frmis.
tsb two roaspsvs.',
veoro Buamc*cs3, witnce
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JSccoU. Press Cirnio nwtriM for, M 4,«« u.
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L«*B.»lrj »=d Gool Piaa*. Uvt4
Dcwttrr. 6u»r*-ra wm Aid iu a rtfpcrior Ux,
Concert#.**tae«t*c* eaa c» **U’*iy e-atm.-
Vntritu. TanwraaiiSlra,
toUpWto , etg»n*w
» 0 A S O I K O A C A 9 S X r
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Piucnu Only allowed m ttrtata. AaiweMyi
ZmartaraUbC ■ - • • ya&ifa.
Sartiait Sale*.
Gilbert * sampson.
41 A 4* DBAHBOS*
Inrgs Tfanch ?l*te SdnsUe Glasi,
cjaTrsiDi" 1 , SoT.inb.ai3K a'e'eu. Vt
MU at our SaJcfmosr a urge awartmeil ot
Parlor, dUUDber,|)latAgr«oiß ' ;
aod Kliehen Faralu
Flp£*Bt Freseb Plate HasCe Hbror. Bidt Pia
\Vusdo« Ctrt»lss.■ol.b toinir«», tpUatld.Cat
Ceur.Cowpl'fA. Ate— Oaf one fear round e»
Kcwwood c»»e, T retire, are fan irenfraae p.
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order, in u>e tala r*UJ he lacluJed a saamalaa
mast cf bo&tttiCtd soodA
VA tf acd 43 l>«aro^raitr»
or Tantuuui <\
Fine, Old and Mqdei
in Fine Gold OQt Fraae*. by Caiasocu
at auction;
At No. 4S Dearborn St tee
Oa WKDKBSiiAT. Kor, i?tb. eomsescttf' t
o'cloeA eaam
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number o» ticoltlta rmatlsgt of >n«Uoteafe
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Hadosea cf the CboP: a fla* copy ef tftewi&l
maeelaibe PHI! Palace at Florenea by Sesthftdl
Rose. Valued at E3&O Bymn’e SrlleOf ASaAttfl
I'eTooer: Dog#, bg &aeti. cf ixradaa; Hoaaiiftil
Dcccett; came Pvt. mm thut of tbe>TkaaJ
Ficrror and Fialt Piecca s Olaaa ltd Snaj*» ad
ise: View cftbeUtnrsi; Ssoaet ontMlTenadl
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Prwn«d PrulUj JclUea, Tickle*,*
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P.O.BosiKCS. oppose O* CourtHm
trea*»T7CAti.T «*xt*s-re«wt.
retell**, KuyOenlCs, gumcr*
Tomatoes. TfUinlcStrrlti. Pia»». , .
CSeirif*. Ttut. Bir**s«imA;
Blocitberfle*. Ra* Apples, Cnsbeny w
in OLi«S—ABWSCO USI*.. "V.i
Strawberries. dunces, CtAL Apples,
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xvbottieMnJcf. Flo* Applet. Tkstnada.-.
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retries. Peart Grape*.,•.
Fetches, ' ‘ Oisea S*ye», A,-*
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Proper Potltloa oULo tUads acd Hare**.'*
whleb sre added lbs Budhseats ot
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BT EiraiKDJd.T,;; >:
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