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IBEH 15, 1863.
?.I.M ITY.
~ J Bo Gluoto the
of tie Deceased, .
sr.yai moksirerto escape.
Ch:!<s Murdered by its
own Fatten
■Ci ; st a Voting Ctrl from.
c f jiJs c' a Villain who ■
Sought Hat Ruin. ;
-• r-' fl ena Ballroad
; st ortlse Thief.
c fuictnx.
sen, we gave an account oy
sing fonnd dead, to the wood*
road,' about a mile and a qnsr-
JJ limits. The body was die
. rorfcmeo, oa Friday sflernoon,
ja retched eo late thu
not be beifl till Saturday forc
ing Coroner John Snmmerltcld
pot, end empaacriled a fury.
i eximlolmf. tte body, fonod U
• fiat spoa tto ground, tl v eyea
tte left hand lying upon the heart.
mc a pistol; tte tight band, bolding
h-iaid.npba the side; tte brains
town oat of the akcli and scsrtehd
ree feet on cstt side; tte upper rig hi
iknQ blown around and hanging by
it of tte crown, leaving a hole large
admit * good-slxcd fist; oaths left
akulla bole about two Intttev indiam*
. skin cleanly' sad fresbly cut ost for
inch In the forehead. Just shore the
iHe spots o' blood sod Praia were scat
<ut for aeveral tech
«letols were of an old-fashioned kind,
gnr.maher inform* aa tv cm mauta-tarod
>any,lmpuß«d here and sold at n very cheap
ntyptobably eosi four dollars for the pair;
tte barrel of each was a sort of bayonet’
could be sprang Into position by polling
the gaud ot the Digger. body
het disrorentd, tte pistols were very bright,
a«rcundoubtedly new,provided forthahor
= oecas'on. T&e forefinger of each hard was
‘iyptessed spec the trigger, and U was with
I'.nhy that -the Id: band coaid be loosened
a Its ctasp.
fbe deceased was apparently an Irishman, or
Irish descent, and abaut tweaty-alx or twe&tj*
•Xhtjearf old; of medium rise; bid light com'
» -ion; blue or g.*«r eyes; wore a sandy
vcv'tche, aud blown or dirk aanfly till. Bo
‘■ere i. ''andsone.aew bearer or ercoit; hsttooed
ipta th. chin, and the'ceUar turnednp; steal
saSndfrtH,' coat, paste and rest, nearly new ;
good, rosso !ocd, caif-Hda boots, eomewhst
worn; aporpl, neckUe, a little faded; w clem
turo-doMcpape collar; a soft felt hat, originally
dr&b, hat now cc asiderabiy dUeolared with dust
asdrAin; agooim,’*Un shirt,with abort iUmDle*
boron, rhs b;m*o of the shirt shirt showed:
s cut in the lower .eft side, as IT the name of tha
wearer hsd purpose been renovmJ to’ prevent
identification. , ' ...
The fo lowing article*, were found la thepocV
rta; A g»een morocco bdi caie, eoatalaisg
Cucrtplaster* ucewporte coanaTe,ccnttlnlag a
thrwecent postage stamp; a Chicago MU* Pori
cf Funday last; a powder dusk, which bad been
sped considerably, and wes half ft*» of powder;
the half of a smell pair of horn, pocket combs; a
tnccrechaca cigar bolder, wllbamUt mouth*
plocc, In a tnoraco case: a Faber No. S lead pen*
di, some caed; a piece of a Chicago ■•not,
with no data epoa it, from which he hid a; pvr
rally tore bis wadding; an old rubber eraair,
four bullets, nine pcruaeelon.csp* and a broken
.jiall moihpjck.
The body bad evidently laiaTor setenddays Jn
that position. Jedglcg from theappcarasMbf She
ferattrrra remains, sed Iron the fact of the over*
cosiU-Lag baitoned up so dotely,which would
not bt* done during tfco last three or four days ot
The following testimony was heard by the
/■ -r./f.'ir*- Stkrtiler, ticom: Tcalerday after*
1; . acout 4 o'clock, I was comleg through from
-h? south trd of the grove, when Ftank Koatcaer
r..:«a 10 rue. 1 saw toe deceased, and thought It
vao fcoutvher’scloihlcg.-whJchhe had left lucre:
he rtiled U) me, we weel together to mo
i-isfc-.ar.ddjKovcfcdlhatUwasadejd man; we
jtp'oiu dUaio-j.ee. « ■.
j b •Kt.'jii Yesterday afteruoonjoy
r t-it-.* and I were raking leaver a few rode west ot
v‘i-cr* tio c body lay; Isawtbs body, aad west u>-
waxi n.evppueioguwossomedothiag; wnes 1
: .t «na dead matt, 1 was scared and went
ij-vk to wLcie my «t«lcr was,and told her, soon
«ric*.ls&» ScLtelhcrcQtumg.andcalledto him;
<• ■’ out together up to the body; w« then report*
<.a ri.c torts. the Coroner was ssat far. •
.1- hfr h- ’•■rrtfy, '*rcrvr Ooe day In the&;e
pari ot ittia week, 1 was pasting .the grove where
»*-•* »1 * sr-l t«o *cot» fired so near together that
•vc rs-iii :cis it-li there were twoshots; I cau’t
;•. p-b*i c*y it eras, betft wsaose of the stormy
‘c. ri-o early part of the week; I remarked
■vU.t t«-a*v*juuy was fifing pretty ta«t; asbttutere
■ re sbct.x lie grove pretty often. J sLought no
:'ic:c clu.-td drove on. , -
I*, appeared to ths Jury that ltwa« a case of pre
medltaird, deliberate sulclde.wUbaa evident par
;o<* jo r.vcid !dcrt!tlfatlp2 f 'acd their verdict ms
la srcor-Jaure therewith.
Tte body has be*n taken to the City Cemetery,
by erder of Coroner SamaerCsld, and rill be held
there two or three dsys for Ide&tffiaation. If any
Paries bs« within a short time sold pfttols of ths
sort descried, they are nquested to report the
ramu to the Coroner. - V
Ki Rotß or a wtr* cv ns& acscssn.
On returning from the inqnesi io Lskevlew,
Coroner Susmerddd was eemmoord to noli an
insert upon the body of Margaret Curias, comer
of Green slrtct asft Milwaukee Arcane, In the
West Piririot. A Jgty was cospaanehed, hot
Ittlc testimony .waa taken, and the matter was
aijontned until this (Sunday) morning, to aSdw a
post-mortem examination!
Tie l>ody Itr la a entail room, betraying filth
arc equator of the wont description- On the
head were several cut* or maxles, evidently madd
by an icefomeat haring a amaU point, as they,
were about half snluch In length; tome supposed
them to he made by a above 44 lUier.” la the fore,
bead,over the nose,was* tractnreof the aka*!
from which, on pressure, oexed a rcpnlslrasoaf’
ter. The forearms were smeared with blood, and
from the front of the tight toeuaa •* piece’’of.
flesh seemed to hare been cut byahlnot loftra.
menu The right eya and the flash, for nearty an
inch about It, Weis very black, and much swollen.
The bed on which the coipsewas lying was broken
down at the foot, and there were many ofher
evidence* of a severe straggle. In one room o*
the bouse a pica stick, about eighteen
long, and from half an inch to two inches In width
va* found, on which were many spot* of blood'
and a portion of which fed evidently been split
from it after It hod bun eoßmeaud. The womxa
waa probably eaceinlf., .
We ascertained thaion Friday afternoon, about
half-past tour o’clock. Cents went to a Mrs.
Hayca.liTlsgnesrby, and relocated her logo to
hie house, aa bis wile was Very drank. She at
first reffeed, bnt afterward* did go, and /hand the
woman lying on the bed, apparently want and
comfortable.. Aboct five o'clock. Coma went
again for Kta. Baye«, and told her lhatfala wife
was dead... She .went over, and ascertained that
anch was the case, and advlaed Conan to ae&dfor.
thedoctor,oraomcbou>«te. Penon*paulngthe
hocae la, one direction, In the afternoon, heard :
Curran and hia wife qaarrellsg; tod repsulog, on
their rctnrxC heard xraaolae, bnt saw the door of
the hocae open, the fiosr wet with water, and
everything. In disorder. .
Cnmc-abratil looking feUowappirentiy about
thlrty*flve yean old—la a iaboreron the Korth
weetem BaUrosd track, and fee been married to
this wife about four year*. Hefei two children,
one four and the other two yean old. Be and hie
wife wen a draaken, qna.*telsome cosple. The
xArfer ia eleaxlyihe result of liberal potations of
** bine refn,?* p:etthl»g.as‘ eloquent a sermon as
mj that wlfl bCheard t&thelftndto'dsy.
oar m yormirno xuimoap.
•.On Fdday, jiighl,. abont lO'o'clock, Amass C
freight conductor on the Horthweaterxi
Hall road, was ifetatUy killed, abont half a mile
dbnthwcat of ‘ Woodstock;; It Is eopposed that In
pgsslcg over bis train befell between the cam. two
Of which pawed over him. The first ear passing
over him wae thrown from the track, hut even
this was the train , arrived at
tiuodatock. When hewac Amt mlued. Hie to-
maias, horribly mediated, were afterward focal
on the tact Mlaquttt was held by the Coroaw
of HcHecry county, and a vertSct was rendered la
accordance with", the foot* Jfcv Cdpp resided at
No. 156 North SUstcd street. In thladty.lle was
aboat thirty years old, sad bad beet la the ea
ploy of the Northwest* rh BtHroad about ten
ytata. He Usres ajtrlfo and thpje children. k—
--'-V' 1 foax’cm, J . ~
Whose bjariss on tbs I*Ulshaifsi,*TdrtWlj,e
4 Ci JcsjoEatlroad wc bcQced on €sfatrdsn died
on Fridsyxifht. Be wu burled 00 Safarday,be>
foie the Corner epukt arrive a;hU UleresliLace.
Dt was ten yean tdd.
a raiiat xcßitxas cos owy chop.
On Eilorfay ; a&emooa, the Police, heard
luriosUotis that \y xnnrder had been con*
suited in the " North Division, and
m<k diligent inquires in the neighbor
Atood where the mnidrr mi commuted, tad
Anally Dsccd it to lie Teryhocsa
Cfcarics firrehel, who tad the matter in rhugq.
found Jobs Ulg'foa aadfo* wife, both ja*t drunk
euODch to he communicative fry atrafogf
be ascertained tie tact* from etch of them, which
were, tbat os Batordiy evening, a week ago, John
nigEisi. the tatter, became angry with the chtid
ebabo. only font weeks tdd—because it cried. He
flm struck it a heavy blowwhae it « t i jyfog
upon the bed, and then Immediately eaaebt U la
Ua hands, and raiding it high above hU head,
threw It with ail fait might upon the floor, and
then kicked it. When the child wai taken up, it
wu dead—and the mother states that she M watted
the body off nice and clean, and that was the last
that she saw of the body." It'appeals that the
tatter made a rough box and laid the corpse la It.
and buried U. v
This John Higgias Is ac Irishman, ahoef ttlriy
dre years of age-haa worked for some time In
the Bolling Mill, and Uvea about five blocks west
ot the Milwaukee Flank Hoad, near Division
street. He ins one child still Uring-a bright lit
tle boy of tea winters—who also related the same
statements afterwards gained from the besotted
parent* About aix o'clock, Satnxday evening.
o ffleer Strebel had learned enough of the matter
to warrant tte arrest of Qiggine, who folly con
fessed tte crime, and even to!d where he bad
buried the body. Ue brought him to the city,
placed him la close confinement, and returned to
eearch for the body, which was foaad st tte spot
Indicated by tte inhomae tatter—in tte corner of
hta own lot, about sixty icet from the house. The
little corpse wai found Inaroogh box, aside by
Iho tatter, boded aboatsfootbeneatt tte surface.
The corpse was brought to the city about tea
o'eJock, Saturday night, end an iaqoert will be
held to-day, and Higgins vrO! probably be exam
ined on Monday.
On Thursday night last, Simon TTalsX foreman
of the coopers to Booth's packing house at Otldge
port, met a bautUfcJ yerng girl at the Industrial
Fair at Bryan HaU-aMlsa Della lty*a. Ue at
once commenced paying his devoirs to her. He
represented to her (hat he wanted a domestic in
hta family, and proposed Uut when tte Fly
dosed, sheaaonld go home with him. Tottiaahe
consented, befog deceived by hla specioca preten
ces, and atS o'clock on Friday morning they left
the EaU together. Some friends of Della pointed
them out to officer Mugnenlhaler, and told him'
that Walsh would ruin that girl. The officer fol
lowed tte couple up Clark street to J*ckMs,
where they tuned down nntfl they reached an
alley. VTalth represented this was the best
way to which to roach tte house, and thus fo.
doced bur to rater the alley. WalPhpathla ana
aronodthe girl, and was about to throw her down,
when Officer Marguentbaier posoced upon him
asdmarched him offto the lockup. Oa SatanJjir
morning be waa bionght bafore Jnatico McPoo
neU, who rtf used to try him under (he eutnte
bet fioed him ten dollars and costa for dlwnfrKy
evadvctl Mlseßyan lea most respectable gi;L
whoso parents, we believe, reside in the city
Walsh is a married man, and has a tastily. We
ate Informed that ttle la not the fimloffcace ortbe
son ter whldr he baa teen arrested. We can
barely expect, bowmr, that he will meet his
Just deserts while he Uvea, and such copperhead
Dogberries preside In the Follce Court.
Koaouir Wi Riiuioau Thux,—Oi g 4t .
nnlay a ma-j who was la the employ of the Chi
css° and Northwesters Itallwsy Company u
bsgetfe-niMlcr, waa acrerted. cmninod, and
commuted lo jail to await further examination,
on Monday, upon a charge of taking sf3o from the
ttnnk of a lady passenger on the train. It appose*
that the UcnV waa closed wlih a cprlng lock, a»d
thst In handling the Ininkrongbly It was broken
open, acd closed »s*la. When the owner, a
Jady octeetior, examined the traakopoa tt» at
rtval al the Carden Cily Hotel, ihefqand aamali
box missing; la which ahe had placed Jiw, cjr
cnmtuncea led to the suspicion of - the baggage,
. master on that (Thursday morning’*) train. Ttm
; greatcrporiloii of the money has been recovered
ftom pnttlcs who.bad received It for dolblcg and
other strides.
Tire AVlnter Tlnto-Table and Xcunua.
I»cr f£nierprl*«. 1
The afternoon print that rejoices in the eh vac
acter of “ conservative,'*. which, by the way, U
first tocsin to copperhead, copies our newseted*
nlo of winter renniog time and prefaces U.wlth
this firiee and eueaktngcomment:
“Tnowwbo hanger, and thirst after Im*and
Irerh news, will not tail to mice that me >'ona
ern. Southern and Western afternoon trains are
just the thing for dreaJaUt-p the Hvcaing “Cot
serrarive,” wMle the' morning papers will not
leave the dly till alac and r*a o’clock ta the
teeming, amritg at theirdcaitaatloaonlyaf-w
bourn in advance of the Evening *• Conservative ”
of thu ?aat d«y wtih *frt niH « utyi n laier *« >r*'\
This ihort Item contains no lees than dre firi.
Ist. There la bat a tingle train that will leave the
. city laier than nine a.m , via : The BocklcUad,
which leaves forty Arc nilnutea after sloe. 2d.
There le but a slocle ether road whose rooming
trains leaves so late as Q a su- 8d The Illinois
Centro!, Burlington, and Chicago and S:. lonia
The Northwestern and Mliwau
ketstartutßa.su- TheMlehlgtnCtmtrslandthe
Central and Louisville axd the Southern vieMgsn
start at6:2o a. m.fwbile the Pillaburgh and Fort
Wayne.asd ClsulnnaU Alr-Llne leave at« a, m.,
andtheFmiWayne accommodation leaves at ia.
Eow much do these time-tables lack starting
.btiwevo Q and 10 a u.r 4th, The morning papers
are t eelved and read the same tiy of publication,
ove?at*pace of Urritory the diameter of which
exceeds .'*nr hundred miles. The Truncxa, for
itsUnce, U retd on the day of publication la SlU
waukes, Crete Bay, Hadlaos, Fralrie da Chlen,
La Crosse, BnLrqas, Oilctu, Rockford, Lyons,
Clinton, Danmpx.\ BurUngtou, SpringSeld, tic
Louts. Bloomington, Vebria, Mattaoa, Champaign,
Olovy, Ce&trslia, Calrv (by 4 a. m.) Fort Wayne
Lima, Crettiiae, Peru, Icdwuapolls,
Toledo, Cteveland and -LctroU, and a thousand
other intermediate p’aces. The Jo/r*,al “for
nbWs the Uton new*,” Joea U i -.Tt gore topress
Immediately after dinner. It lies lr. the office an*
ill 11 o’clock at night, far most of the Waters
roads, before starting, txcvpt 00 some
modatlcn tralos. thst run out of town s lutle
w*y. The news that ft’‘arrives with*! Is made
upnlmostsschiilTtly of % reprint and rebut of
the special dupatchre fllchcd
dxlllss. Fully nlne-teiilis of all the tdegraphlj
«itv« it publUbcs has already appeared lu the
momlrg psper*. It kaa sotixiug la the shspa of
original news but rouse cuitfi gs fromihe Nsw
Test papers vtot by the Asadi'atsd Press, the
tuioimatioo. In mott btrtaniss, having been
fuQyaUlclpttedbj tbe special db patches la the
noretng papers. Thuteslof the neve of the eu-
‘‘Coascrvatlvt’' conslau
mainly of dipredstloas on local Item* c* themorn*
lug papers. If peoplebave missed thei* morning
papers and dcsirstosee whn they conmlred, they
wlllbavethelrcurlority grstifled toy purriiaelng
the afternoon Coßscrvarire,” which ionriably
all It can hold of the vpsclal dlrpa’chw
ato)oc&lr.eweof Us'aonUag touaaporaricj. It
coses Ss regularly as a chronic beggar to the
kltchesdoorcf ailt>t*cla9s hotel for the cold and
brekubTtctatieleft by the guests. Of the scrap'
edliotUle of the “ Consnvntive," there ]»little to
say, as they are mostly devoted to 7 cavpiagat,'so<l
mtlignlrg the'organ of the pstnoric audprvvre*-
;tve sentiment af the Welt, and to defiudlog lu Us
feeble way, corruptions, disloyalty, and ahure of
power on iheparto! sabo:dinste Federal officials,
wb’.ch. It ttickcastea tap porting the Govern
ment,'” *'v ‘
4 ‘ Wabash »Jn the f)onnr)l, :
Who are the oppoceau of the pro
tccticg the streets of toe city from railway uses.
In the Council}. .
Aluecmanß. E, Gallup, the dUtlsgnUbelmem«
bet from the FonnhWard atd Ttcasu-er of the
Wjkhaih'Vahvy Grldlion HsUway, la one of them.
Be.is a law partner with one of the locorpomtora
oftheewindle. Be is one of the men whoa the
ptoplcof the, city thoaVi witch as their manlcipsl
AMerauqJ. H Hoberts of the Tni/d Ward, one
ol the chief fuglemen of the Wabash Talley Rail
way bill in the Legihlature, la auother opponent
c| this ordinance protecting the streets of the city
from railwsy ntee.
It lathe mon natural thing In the world that
theae men shonld oppose this ordinance-men lit*
tercitedln ealabltihlng the validity of a bill de»
a’gccd to give them franchisee by which they may
caUbUeh ra&way Uses on almost any atresl In the
city without any benefit Accra lag to the city there
from, and appropriate private property at their
option wherever they may deem Itseeeeeaxy. It
la highly proper that three men, associated ai
they am, with Thomas Barlcas, l*realde2t of the
abash Gridiron Company, and Charles H. Ham,
SecrcUry thereof, and law partner of Melville
Wabash Fuller, attorney thereof; and Wabash C.
Goody, of !rjunction nstmlety. Wo say it Is
k'ghlTptoper that Iheto Ifefrngnlshed members
of the Common Connell should bo the ehaoiplons
of unlimited Ucesee to dty railway projectors.
Lei the people watch these men.
Dentil of Another Old Be-ldenL,
Dr. WHIUm Whitney died at hla residence in
ihls xhj, Friday morning, of . Pneumonia. Dr
Whitney w»e torn at Cayuga, K.T. Ang 15,1«1S.
He graduated at Geneva Collie In 1S», and after
wards etndled medicine, th« practice of which ha
followed In Western'ftewTork, for ten or twalre
yean, but was the* compelled to glra It op on ao
count of h!s health. In 28(7 be emigrated to Chi
cago, where he fe« since continued to reside. He
was a son-in-law of Captain Jsho B Tamer, and
was connected with serend of the most respecta
ble families In this dty. He was a man of fine
talent, generana Impulses and eterling integrity.
Be fee been especially noted for hla ktndnees to.
the poor, and spent a Urge portion of his time la
mlnlst/ring Jo their needs. Be lex res s wife, one
son and two daughters to mourn their lore.
PllcDlgnn Saaihcrn Railroad.
We are pleased to learn thstH H. Porter, Esq,
hM eKnhedtbe-eppaltttaeni of General Sopertn*
tendestsf the hfkhtgsn Southern Railroad, to fill
the vsct»ty s doraslt>n£d by the death of John D.
Campbell. J£r.Tort«r‘s long connection with tele
read and bU xallrDad experience fbUyqasluy bio
for lh« datlea of this important position.
On and after to day trains on this rood leave as
•follows; Day Express. 430 a. m.; Evening JU
' pttts, 5:45 p. a.; Night Express. 10*0 p. a.
BtiIZSTEEtt ra* OKPffiLKS.—OttT
shtmtdm>t fosget that the ladles iDonected with
the Chicago Orphan Arylnm holds Pair ard ft*.
tlrsl thia west at'Bryan Hall, eommenciog on
Tnesday, andeoctlsaißg four days. % Dinner wilt
be smed daily, and a gnat variety of osefol and
oznamtnUl articles offered lor Mia at frir prices,
‘ • “ : • ' -yvX' ..
LitCEST.—Edward F. examined
Or Saturday, on acVsr’e of *Ual£ai a coit from
Janice Kcocey. Held to b»2 la ftp?.
Keainm for the Erection of a Mill
. tary Moauatnt
ruTsntiit to pterions cab, a meeting of the Board
of Trade was bold at their rooms, on Saturday
evening, for tbe pnrpose of taking action upon the
eabject of talking tande and making otter neces
sary arrangement ,for the enaction of a soluble
military monument, fa KosebUl Cemetery, ’fa
toeorof the brave soldiers who have talien daring
the pre&sni war, and whose remains sre Interred
intbe cemeteries of Cblcsgo.' Owing to the brief
notice giver, and the severe storm that prevailed
inring the evening, tbe» were but few members
Is sttendimce. Tte meetloc was called to order
by John L. Hancock. £sq., who briefly stated tte
object of the meeting. *
The Sccxtiaiyrtid a resolution, passed by %
mectieg of various societies and associations,
held at the Tremont Uoase, on the Sd last., which
molnttonlsaafollows: - .
HtHJrtd, That we request the Board of Trade
to take the Dilatory steps for the bulldtsg oi a
£d>eralßUUarymonnment.at the mating ntaie
of tte dead of the soldiers of Illinois, in JfotebUl
Crmatery. • -.
F. H. Benson, of tteßnsehlQ Ceaclcrr Comps
nr, I being preset-t, at the request of the chairman,
made tome statements la relation to the aUastioa -
of tbe Cemetery grounds, and announced that the
company were ready to donate a editable lot,
which lad foe some time been held in r«crre for
that purpose, to any committees or organizations
vbUh would erect a general military monuaant
Charles Randolph exhibited to the meeting e
plot showing the position of tte lot designated
tor the monument, and its perfect adaptation to
thtjjaipqfc neiaed.
Mr. Btadolph offered tte following, wh(;h
upon motion of N*. K. Whitney, was adopted;
Wuxnxaa, The! KosehUl .Cemetery Company
have ceueross’y tesdertd to tte public,
tte Uoarct of Trade, a moat clcgontlot fo their<x*n
eieiy tctunnds.lor the purpose of ercctinga monu
ment to tho memory of oar brave soldiers fallen
in battle, or otherwise, daring tte war:
ifc*uTr«J, That this BoardoiTrsde pledge itself
to U« HosehiU Crinetery Company to uke such
steps as will setnro theerectios oft eoiizWo. jitn
era; mlliUry mosomcnt, Upon the lot In said cam
tUty proffesed for that purpose, (and lately occa
nUd bf tbeii gr»caboose)sodi&at we will endexr
ui la Mean an active p'sbJlc totercst and
ttcui lu such '’.nterprise. at an early day.
foKind, That tbs Directors of this Board he
requested to take such action, to connection wijj
oilier orgat.i2«Utit»,who rosy co
operate in this eutcTpiUr, as shall aetnro the end
Adjutant General Fuller, being la tic toon, vu
persistently called upon for * tptetlu TheOcn
cr»l,fconeTef, was relarttsito comply, as lie vu
feeling quite )cd)#po*ed; but lie remarked tint be
felt a lively solicitude for ttotcccres of the object
.undercOnslfleratton, Ttoc^hacompareUraelrea
ger among the members, of the Chicago Board of
Trade, bo felt at bouewtth them, fat Uietrfesi
legs and desires, In reUlion to the warand mattsr*
growit goat of U,wttcinbarmooy with Llsowu Ho
was not disposed to hatter any nun or act of race,
but it was a historical fact that when this wat
broke out, Chicago was IhefirstcUy in the State
tc raise troops for the dtfeasu of oar Sou them
fcorticr. Be felt prood of the part Chicago had
♦homoSn this war. and he regarded U»c proportion
(hezi before the nutting u eminent]; proper, and
well worthy the heart?»co-oper«tl»-e efTirts ofeve
ry patriotic clUxeu. Ue stood ready to contribute
bis own‘'mltc” towards the erection of the pro-.
• posed aoramcnl. ,
. At the request of the President, Cch- Fuller
made acme Interesting statements relative to the
matter cl recruiting lor old regia cola.
Jtt. Randolph offered the tollowirg, which, ea
motion of E B. Stevens, wassCoptcd;
Wkrrfat, The twcmUed under the
auspices of the Board of Trade are now greatly
reduced in numbers, owing to the casualties of the
y.'saorred. Th»t this Boaru ot Trade wIQ aid re*
ciuitlEg to fill up these regiments, the recruits to
be rereivtd upon the tame basts of benefits t»
lamlllea. and otherwise,as those now in
( Jiftnirtd, That the UomSotbifwiotß be request*
<d to Indicate to the Provost Marshal eniUjleoer
sons to be detailed for such recruiifng.
Ktaaarks were ;msde, during the meeting, by
Cok Tucker, ilr. Crceo, and others. Rer.B L.
Uvemore, who Is a Commissioner appointed by
Adjutant Gcseial Thomas fo; the purpose ofleas
iogplantations on the 3fls*'.. ;*ppl river, balcg
present, offered a fewtoterestiog remarks, briefiy
setting forth the plans and objects In which he
wasengsged. Asthe meeiing wa*but thinly at
. tended. U was thought best to defer any actioc
rrbtlve to this matter, by the Board, till a future
meeting, when a more general expression of views
could be had.
On motion of CoL Tucker the meeting adjourned
Gnnnybcfta Itccomn Alamid at tlie
Canadian loraMon*
ilTrrnx 1,003 Michuus Avmem. I
■ Noretabcrlt, ISW, f
Edltots Chicago Tribune:
-TerUrdsy, Myrtie Msatlon was in a vigorous
ftatc of »lrge. From cellar su attlcrthe pomp
and circumstance of war bsve An*
mlatatooknp the Tnmtrae oo Friday morning,
tcreeaed and fainted. Arabella west Intohyster*
ice, end Mra. O. In sympathy begged of ms touc
.ioote her tleys If I did cot wish to see the main*
stay of the bouse swoon. 1 dldto, aedyou would
have done the came If you bad ever seen Mrs. Q. ,
go throngb with that interesting event. Jobs Jo- ;
ceph, übopUdcs himself upon hla nerve, dlscor*
ered the cause- of tfcls nnaia*! agUatloa.
A horrible Canadian gunboat, aud : 4.UXI
rebel officer? commanded by VallaadlshMU
fllgiam, itcvlrgfrosi his board bill, were horning
Sandusky, ravaging Toledo and Butrolt, and man
attitotmoment be aomnivtierub t»eeu Cvatuum
and TVsukvgae, bent iipoo the dcstroction of
Jobs Jo«*'Db at ooce plunged tato H*li«ckou
th«AU of War, but could only Ondhowhotto do
U and c*tc it ap. Hu. Q. wa* detailed »v*
p/cLctontho hocse top, armed with Arabella's
lorgnette, lu look out for the flrft apprarsacoof
the ph&Uad ciafr and the‘4,Oft. AtiaUu
•Ed ArabeVa took cp xbeir portion? In the coil
btr, toi'ba oat of tie tray of shot and shell, and
other ocplcieaat pleota of boa which, might b«
fijlcg al>ost, wbllo John Joseph went over to
otaa too't to pet op bis courage. I andaretswj he
Sttuph’i courage five times attca ccmsaUme.
i ath&cd with the position, 1 Inter dated toy* el/ is
thepetaVaiof achterfol llttla article, describing
the appr snore of a mao who was /hand with the
lep of bU head blown off, lying stiff and elark,
withaDeTTlaceiltiesehtand 1 had Just reached
the thrlUlrg part, when Mrs. O.eune nwhtogln
almoit breathl*** with excitement, and exclaimed
bsaman.Prepare to defend your fire
side and offlr'np your life If ncccjmiy, awllihig
tacxlfics toe mjtcJf fed thoglxl*. end bs core to
ns&cmbtr&iy thitds. The foe la apoa na.’>
; Baric# delivered her rperch, hire. O. atoaco
•Mpecded a table cloth from the window a* a
flag of truce, and Joined the girls in the coil bio.
John Joseph wasitUl getting nphis courage'at
; Stsafon'a «i:a co pro?pect of ictzmiag, at least
while tie danger last* d. Putting ny filth in toe
tablecloth, a&d trusting that the mcrcUees foo
would eparo oor domicil aa he was expected to
•pare the hospital at Ca'ro In the early d-ijjof tha
war, /went to the front dcor to wcoanoitro.
OM Cicrfua was going do»m to hia store •«
usual, and Tiicon liade me pood tooling In a u xq
or r which convinced v me that he considered his
grocery perfectly safe. They evidently worn not
not alarmed, althooph the piratical stranger waa
fast approaching. - ■
r«reetvleg that the table c’oth was *UII flylcg
in the’wind, I eat beneath mypaUsdium andcahu
ly surveyed the vessel as she rounded the bar.
Fonrmeowere visible, bnt no four thousand.
.Thera were piles of lumber and shingles on deck,
and theraoke curled g.actiallyhp from the cook's
‘sslley. I eaw co terrible ecgicery of war, and no
Vallacdigtatm astride the bowsprit, breathing
Stmts and claaghcer from hie horrid mouth, with
: his Kacnck landlord prceentlag the board bill at
> his tail pocket. Aa she swung coaad end beaded
tlmwatd, I made out her name—’ 4 Polly Aao.
HanUo«oc,* 4 «rhh IMly’e face emlllng above In
gPdcd serenity. 2 west to the coal bln.
44 T00 seem somewhat de&lUle ” X remarked.
“Ton esn emerge. The enemy 1® on hia way to
: Bridgeport and Hyrtlc, Mansion Is safe. Take la
< the table cloth atd resumo the operations of the
They merged and rcmmed, in their smudged
wrappers. .
' That evening at the Tiemoat, old Blabs who
lives next door, battoa holed me and aald; M Qool
thing thfttfot the ship easel, Oncny.” *• Vet, yea
very rood thing,” said I, *
44 Anything new In Um market to-night, said he,
“ Ko, bo, goW i» down,! believe."
44 Yea aod table cloths too, I under*tard l - ’
. We walked down stairs In silence and looked
iwlsrly at rash other across two glstsea of uia
Santa pni>w. P«t
N«tlh Side Balixrajri*
Editors Chicago Tribune:
In the report of the proceedings of the U*t
mettlsffof the Common Oottocil, I rot iced* ro
coameadnlon by toe Comm litre on Hone lull
ways la the North Dmilon to allow the North
Chlc#s& Cllyiunway Coaniny to occupy Kltaio
street fiomvlsrk street tollnen nrccawnb Hade
or eontrte track with switches. 4a E
lam satisfied the raid Committee have hern
nUlafomed la regard to the wishes of property
■owners lasaid Klasle street, for th«y are nnsm
mocrly opposed to this movement, and will oro
ml without & single exception.
It cannot he dUScclt to vet the near ohje-lion#
»cd U Jnrtouf etfects, if the City Council ekoold
grant soch a request,
- yoilh VTstetitreeibcingoccaptM byiheGsle
ca Railroad, It thereby rrnderul aaclcss; so that
Klstle street, the next north, hu become a bask
e«» tutet, tnd i« now occupied bycommUeloa
merchtsts (Jolngwholcttla bailoest, which ->•-
qclre* the cm cf heavy teams ana drsyaand
matt be tciiODßiy Injntod by an obstruction of
thie kind- Klnr.c street hse only lately, at great
bceß P° l la cotEnUoa
to ftclliute htary batlccsj, and is destined at no
■ very diMatt dar, to bMhe most importantthor*
Mf&Hue in the >oi ih Division for • certain c!m«
ofh&rlorM, which the faUodflctlon of a railway
would ultimately destroy. 1
■ The "North Chicago«fry Railway baa alreadv
obtained, by grant of Jliy iu*i ".T2
ilich}g*njhtieet(»hich Is jam north of Hmnio
meet) from dark - street to Hath street,
for railway purpose* and should have no
need or claim-to request an aalolninc one
, J cent ot bet think that if the mtodiaeaof t&e
city streets were aware of Uu* Uct besldhs the
mat* otherwises* for forbidding the oocepstion
of Sinzie street In Us present Importance to th*
Noith Division, they would not hp*iuti In deny
ing Ihls petition An Investigation of the tastier
Is only coded to ehow there U no necessity or
Justicefu this pitUloc. 7
If thoNorthClsikstrettrenwaycarsareiKished
for loom at IheU Aanalon with North W»i c? st *eet
Ictthitn etep st. Vat sot ran into Kiosk street or
Itt them occcpyJUchicar slrc’twMch needs’ao
pamUslon or action of the City Cornell, v
Ann* DickliuoaM Lectures,
Editors Tribune:
Will yon allow an additional word of explana
tion le relation to Anna Dickinson's lecture*, and
the price paid for them I
The tacts are briefly thdae. When flrit solicited
to lecture daring the progress of the northwestern
Falx, ahe de-ttuvd cn=oi diuoaaUr, on the ground
that her time was wholiy occupied nnUl Fcbrn
ary.scdeheliadoQtaa evening to spare. She
vsseddtesatc a vi-coed time, aoo btfgijvd to net
aside i&oo of her engagements. that see might
come to Chicago; it batog urged that aattit »u
to be s Fair held bp ttottawevtero women for aica
and wounded soldiers, it had special claims upon
her, and U ws* pledged that aho shonid b* reia
barsea for any ptcontoiy lots the might sustain
in »o Color. ' .
She relied that to come to Chicago for two
e*enlr>B« *ho mast gtrenp her cugsgemsnta for
iennigois,at|loaper night, and incur expense
to the amount ofsUo. more-lf we thought we
conld nuke it pay the Fair to give her $«00 for
too evenings, she would throw no her previous
eugsgmaenia, and come to us. Ucf proposition
was accepted—the mansgers paid her and
turf 0 she bailing tier own
sod her lectures netted the Fair a trine over
SI,BOO. Hot a bad speculation sandy J It will be
seeothextfore, that she actually lo*w»u>utsßuo,by
ictturisgto Chicago doting the Fair—and w*
would litotoknow ofauyman or woman, whose
cin uaetasces are no better tnan hen, that dona
ted a larger com.
Ann* Dickinson Is a tatteTlesssltl,aod has been
from eeily childhood, sod a poor gin. fine earns
bexoaa uviegaed iUpportsber mother, and one
<2ttinkit>»t«o)}Ouagerslateis. Itlsnotmor*
than uyear since she bvgm to lectere for aujtauig
like a lair rompet-stfoa, Before that »bo received
the mixmda pittance paid to tamale teashaza,
cvtnwhcn they aro as competent and work as
hatdaamuu As soon a* her woedertui oratorical
powetswcie known, sue was in grant demand,
bbe was sought bj toe Republican barlv in Con
btcticutsboNew UarojMhiredatingUatitkiracam
ralgUAOd gICO Ccoeiy ofl«©d hr-r.Wiiy
should aha nut n-c«ivo lu lior youtn, beauty,
grace, Impassioned fervor, wonderful eloquence,
itoroogb knowledge ot national and iralUlcxl
event* all tetderrd her folly the peer of male lee-
Inters, and a mighty power to oauilag with the
meanest and mo/l dangerous enemies of the
country— Unitor* at homo—and Intelligent lor si
men tn the two Suites mentioned do not hesitate
to ascribe much of their eoccess to her lectures.
Ever since, could she have multiplied herself four
fold, she conld have received flluo per night—and
during her brief stay la Chicago she refund six
times ss many iuviiations «s noe accepted. May
sot a woman receive all tt*c the can ? VTno baa a
word of condemnation for Jenny Idnd. Fatu,
BUtlcr, or Fanny Kimble, because of the large
aumsthey receive f. .‘tod wherein la Anas Diet
itson, in her department. lufaior to either of
these, in ttsii* J
One word more, it mast be remembered (hit
Anna Dkkl&eou lectures cot quite six month* of
the year. Theteaia-ndorof her time sho works
la Uehcf piula u a bur*e,taklcg aopiy tLsrcfor.
Bvvn to this city, boyt whoa ahe had namd to
the I’hlisdclptaa hospitals found net oat, and
j ointed to &«r, saying, "grand little teciumaa
ahe la, *he aavvd sty tife to ttn PhUadclphia boa
pltaU. ani nuiaed me like my mottur." We
would Uke to mo e:tber ttcmtaorweatao who
can stow a more taatitabk or patriotic record
than our little lecturer. Anns Dickinson, md we
woidii like to t>« toiormtd if it is not legitimate to
invest fiA.O, If thereby one can make gi.aiw,
Thai* ad. M.Xfo
State street Bridge,
On tte flMof March, ISSB,- the Common Onan-
tteaty i-aasea tte toUawtrgOßlinaDCo:
IM/ it Ordained by the Common Council of the city
cf Chicago! :
semes 1. That whenever a good aod reliable
fjbvcrlpUoa to the amount of tourteeo tfcoaeaut
dollars, for the bi'i-hrg of a bridge aut>»s the
Chicago Hirer at mat*. /.m.paj.ible, tup one-
Ull or the * xecatiou vt the contract, and rim >e
tso-laUU half on the compleuoa of the bridge,
etalt have been obtained, and the right of way as*
cured on the north side of the river, which snail
bt ratbfactory to the City Comptroller.—that tn«a
' the net p:oci;vd» of twelve bonds, of ohc thousand
Cellars tatb, to be lt«u«d u hereinafter provided
tor, be, and the same are hereby appropriated from
the dry treasury, to pay the remaining half of
building the same.
btc. 3. That the Board ot Public Worfca Is here*
ty intuctred lo advc:ti*« in the corporation ush*-
paper for Lids furths building of a bridge aexoo*
the Chicago Iclu-f at Sttic street, aod Ip t.'xord*
aicc with the pious and spccifimUons to be pro*
pared in the office of aald Hoard of Public Work*,
which plus a«o apccidcatiuus shall be submitted
' to the Con-taun CoßCctl lor approval. '
Stc. A. That the Mayor sod Comptroller are
bcrtbyaaihorUrdaod OlrecUd to Isrue twelve
iotas, of on* thousand dollars each, brarieg |q.
t4Jtel at tte rate of seven per cent, per annum, in
accordance with,tad by authority of section tti
of tcccharforaoendmentar February tSta, lant.
•ndveciioo 3b of chapters of the act to-reduce
the City Chart* r cf Chicago into one jut and to re>
•vl** the eaiaf.appjovea February 18.iwa,- and to
spiJy lbs proceeds of said bonds In carrying ont
tceptoMaiunaoi this ordinance.” -
We uudvrslood, at the lime of theca vags of
lbs ortir acre, Hut a subscription AfneariV th;
fnUamoani required bymi* ordinosre had been
obtained. VS uat baa t.comc ot that subscrip
tion? AVLohasttr L*.t it beiwc*ht forth. Lrt
ne fare another bti'tfre at State a-re-n. Wc axe
Informed by the Bond of PobUc Works tail
muth ol the Koch street bridge could be c*-?.i (a
tte balldiug ol this UWge, If the pwpiWtj rime
wi» given. Why should it not bo <ioa«r We
tnhnur It to the evad'd judgment of the Common
Council and boslt« M nre'o of this city, IhuVre
bosic«r of this ciw dtraind? greater firisulc*
than esc. before. Ihc whoJezaaUcr 1# too pwin
for argttaent. - Will cot some member of the
Common Connell take it spots faltasrif to t&uaire
Into tbit nutterK6 pat it tsroaga:
We know of no one thing or greater trablix ctil-
Uy. in which people ot all clMevtaru courtracd.-
tLanthU tastier of crtus'ny and tecroft'ac the
Chicago-River. The tweety 4vc ttaa*aad men
aosrtu and ehl)dren,sad tenthoutatsd tiam*tfut
are dally compelled to rrcvsand rcc-Tw at Welle
srd Clstk atteets. furnish me m j*t aryest r.>a»ons
farlbeapeedycumpletlon of rise bridge at state
tt.ccl, and we facpstbM tt willbe d<inc.
Pno Coso Tmtico.
rtiu*s.»AU-~6oT. Tat«a and family, Ad)u*-
UlI Gtset&i FuEtr, Driy. liva, Onae »td f*iaUy.
cf IliitoJ*; Wxo. HofTiaac, Cjtaal*e*ry UvaenJ
of l*riioccr*; CoL bloJcLtrO, W11; C.
6. S.L*Hoiointd!eQ atd faicSly, C;nc:n
ratj;Hon. JS. O. JoseraoU. cM Wtc3. of
Paotift, IC-, are aiopplngit fljoT/etacat Douee.
norns op ciostxc op rttutus at
'lU£ _*-«>yr OPPtrK,
Chsngr oflloum.
3Wl7nta«le*T«. Mtttictote. Tn'n*irr.
ilich. South... frS"fc.a. wnid&toU.
HcOOp.a. B;Wp.w. unsop.a.
Mich, teat j*S. ; &3U a. a, ia
_ .10. (Up m. W»p. sa lOdfca.tu.
MU*-tFt.W.. lamutnisht, F
fcw» m. Htaida*«ht. lft<oi.m.
~ fc.Vp.m. fctfl®. ta. JOiWp.a.
C»a.Alruoc . n. lamidflljiM. Sti.sp.nj.
no.* Lera, via {/-»)». ja limtdnhcht. ou it a.
AUcIl CtDUjj. | 5:40 p. m <i:Bi) pm. licson, m,
Scr. Wctlcrs.. &cOa.jn. 1:03 a a. 5:80 a. a.
w ' . 3 tfSOp. in. ar-TO p. a. s.ao a. to.
ililwODkoe..,. luOa.jn,. 6;»*a a.
n:S) p m. S 80 p. a. m.
Orient* CbLi 0:00 a. m. l:Uoa.m. 2:iiium!
31:30 p m. 8:80?. m. - 4'ioa.n.’
.ntaonAirLlae,B.oo«.jq. Ltfia.xa, tap» a.
■• .. ■ ;i;iOn.m. S.TOp, m: &.
C. 11. & Q &<3oa.m. I.ooa. m. 3:45 a. ia.
. Jljaop.m, &ajp.m t dnio. m.
Reck Itl&cd... Ortta. n. ftGOa.m. 445 a.m.
* . , 1*:«P n». &W>p.m.
Alten&St.Lou. 8.80 a.m. l.'Wa.m. fcfiOa n
. . a«p.m, 880 p.m.. “<son.ta.
Illinois Cent... &4Sa.m 1:00 a.m. T.so».n.
B:3L*p.m. 8;30p. m. ocop.m.
acrr«j»eNT*BT SUit« for c*»tsro f>tl-8 ard
arraUi’esjcut, -
To iur CtsEvoLessT.— the din
sere and Fair Tor she JJanety and Half Orphan
wifjlsn which open oa TaMdjj, JTor.Jr.'h, at
Bryan Hall. Wc tope oar citlieca will donate
proTlalora for thcUWet, even thonph they may
no! receive'a call from the collector*. Articles
from the South tide tsiy Be' eent to Bryan lull;*
fioia the VTett 6U« U> the hoaaa of Sir. Job Cai
pcster.Sl, JoWePiace ; and from thoXorthSlde
to the Nunciy.aKSdichijraa street, on either day*
of the Fair, \ ',
U. L —Hon. 1 J. X. Arnold, 31. C., will do*
liver •'ipcccb to the Union Lc&~nc, it Warner'*
Mall, ooKacdolph rtrcel, opposite the Muiwitn,
on Monday eveUrjj, Mot. J6tb, at 8 o'clock. Oth
er dletlncuUhtd epeaker* are erpcctcd. Mam
hen o I the otherCooncUs ere^ordhUj"lnvited.
To 111 ifflltlfd wlto Count, Timil Dlsoast,
Mi Ittrtlons of It* fhrst.
tfccTbra.uieCli'Ut, Hooma 12 and Ji McUor
mid* ** Building, corner oj Uandoiph and Dearborn
streetr,fives hie enilr-s attiutlou to this
aeiit ol practiaa. The extraordinary sbcccm
■aWth hktautniedWs practice in this city bsa
cnkKtd him to refer to the test and mosiroeoan*
•line Mnht tn Chtcs*>. it la especially desiwok
tbataunhahavonccd of medical aid, either for
Catarrh, Aethtna, ItroachitU, or ConnuaptJoa.
“boald make raily sppltcuion. The pstitei, at a
utataoce.wbo caonot come to the city to remain,
befe fortrratetest, as, after aa examination, re
turn borne and pnreae the coarse of iftatment
wtthantccM. WhatsitUtmpoeslbieforthepmy
to camepersooaily to the cliy, be sboald »*fte m
many 01 hie eymptome « possible. *9 «ire each
description as w 111 sffbrd a correct Ides e? the caae.
A l:et of <iu2eticae w-m be famished upon *pnjj.
cation. ■
JUr.JS. W. Hi gar. Ilcrtor of the Chorchoftho
Holy ComtnoUdn; Her. a. lord, Arent of the
Americas Itfble Society; Hog. Wsi, Oiuther
member o! the Legislature; O. W. Ralelfer, Em..
2*nSonttera U. R..* K.X Tnckcr, Ee<i , Special
wejnrti of Citron Court of tlriaelty; G. » B-tid
witi.Eaq., BerthaU; Opt, Wm. Nasos, Capl,
Wnt. Sherman. Jsdcou Bale Ran.. U,H. Ruben*.
Cor.l*. R.Tallmafise. John Q. I lartlcit. Errand
clLereoi to tnesUoijhnnA’w'i J~*-~*
ont of tows, bare ceniheti u, ,«« emcarToMhe
new practice. novls-p9di u sani(onW&F&wklj
MtmcjT. Rworm —ln that a»j» of ia
called medical Mom, when a thouatad medical
quacka palm uff ten Uumaand nostrums upon the
people a* panaceas lor all the Ills that fi«fi)« heir
to, it la coneollnp |o know that there la at least
one mat: In existence who. while making a ecr
?l 6 }* au fir' ?** WWHyt haa jet steered
wide of that pair into which to many have
fallen, t and combine* t thetoasb general
mralcal edacatlon and an enHcbion'
ed course of treatment with an exclusive atten
tion to one dsseof disorder*. Those who are la
need ot treatment for disrates of ibe vencttal
type, or who are aff.icted with chronic complaint*
in asy shape, may ml aa&urcdtkat In Ur. Blee
low they wm find a man well fitted to deal with
their cases,'however intricate, aad able to do all
(hatman can do in the way ofeffectloira.caro.
Xlja office la at ho. 17V Clark street, oo tfco corner
ol Mowoe. . norts-p?6i*it.
Fix* A RTi.~lfl consequence of the crrat suc
cess and atlntcUreiscra of the tioldlen
>orth Westers Fair. it hie been deter
cun mi by the manager* to ' continue
the Exhibition tUI Saturday tTcnl*j». November
SI, nbes It win positively dose, and the works be
retaroed to the generous rcntrjbntors. OtlUrt
is NtV leker a Theatre building. Hoars of exhi
bition from 9*. m. to 3 p. mu, andga the ertninr
uoa •to 10. Admission its cents—ftir the ecaton.
M cuts.
Lidy’e Book** and “Arthur’s 8
Hume K'-arfoe” for Hcwmber. bare been reccir
cd by McNally * Co, 81 Dearbtin street”-
Pr Perron* Hisv*m* and Physical HebQtty,
arising from Specific canoes, la both sax**--sew
nod reliable treatment, Is reports of the Bowart
AwochPoa-sest la sealed letter envelope free o
charge. Addree*. Hr. J. fifcQim Poachtea. How
ard Aasoditloo, No.* Booth Btath street Phils
dolphu.l's. nac^a
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GoMopeftadtcNer forfeit» A M.*tll7;P». JtTtf
lI.USH; 1 r. «. US*. cloelngat Uf. The bn ring
price betewattt&wUVorowat of the dtjlheorjwr
wutt* rating fixate. TV* notice more acUvil/than
hilrer ooinlail at iSTtfltl. Csaada 145-WO eon*
pout 143 fi.
- Legal Tender ooum are not unite eotcarce. Coon-'
try taskaiud corteapoadenu ire teaeuxe them la -
largely (or exchange, «nd to obltla the prealifui rob
tegforU»np*«iew*tt*s». Taebajiß* range w**K®
>t; ttUlc* XftW.
Kew K anov* t BiSC.-Tbe flrtl National Bank, or
Hartford. Connecticut, bae bees orgasbeJ with a
raniuiottmebeai'rei tbooeasa dolUra, with power
lo U»onewtUlua. |tla totake foe pUrwot
the Merrbanu'ana Ma.heturen’Bank, U*org*nli*-
tfoo inlug identical. with foe exception or one of tne
Ctiectora. ~
Borrow lUk'Ka—The alatement of the Homoa
baulafbrtno iMt *kK compare wUa UonrdTloua
*eek, and fbrtno corrMponaingaoekof 13W, «foi
l0’“ K0r.».190L KoT.«.IMS.Ko» HUMS,
touu ...gryjaCstß ffcaLW gu.tto.s**
......... 55.78.JM &3»«,Ta
Thettatcvcrfiv oltne pteaent week at compare!
wttbtbe (irecdalog »oow» * oaercaaeor in ene
i.rou ofitiUk ana cUroama. gi.vir.Ma, in cepoilu,
auc.aa ulcrtme of In circnlnuon. aan >131,7.3
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bm. Ic.fii* ooa
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tan t C. a T....... ...jif
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it. IC.aK, \f «H
ooriiuiMirr groca.
A Uulo tinner.
U.s. e« *si coop.i»Kdiid 17-sft. tXHein
kleoeT tafier and in bctiar atspnlT at T per ecal.
SUtUng Kxcbatge cult at idtwClX.
Uolaascliaraeo.opeoli)vat47v. declining to tSH,
aovanelog to 4TJ,', aac cloHug qolel al 47.
loial u]>cru of specie io-da>. SSO.QOO.
SATCWMt £rstfu(o. Sot.
Tfta toUowlaj uWe «twwi ibe receipa *oa tblp
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flour.iTte*v.Coca.o»u.U}u. jsrlj
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Cu. AtrLue ... 100 ‘sao ....
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-8«o4. liof*. wool C*:ue. Ol4ei low.
W*. Va. fet. NA %• IbC.
lUC'JBR..;. GftjO ?«4 .... ICS M«0 ....
HlUtt. 16U7 ..~ IW7 SM ....
tUUUR— SCO .... 4*3 JiOOO 300
ti 3TK\„ ... . »C 3£» SCO) 24 BWS Xats
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Wa, Air Lise... .... .... ......... ....
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iaiv¥«m rv lack fob uit TwesTY-rora uom.
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&rta., ta. ta.Be 6a, 6a.
TO EaSelO SJ) SJJW .... >USO .... ....
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rcu£. i tDM 7.7. 777.
Tbt;e «»• t bit *U«v. *- <.4 'Ofaogn ltt day. bat
■)<*«)• rr co If qalrx for Hoax aadlte
strict vttcajliad fetter. nib n*bt nWof rtry
ucireTtloter Wister ti 1: W. tsd flprur Etta uat
wicftt HffuciS ideal's °l porbdtlicVirttb
iirtt uuttetioca at tllf.iat.Ci for l'o .1 Sjrlo*:
»; <t fits Ho 5 spile*; aid »fc«9H for Rejected
CwßdfdUASXtilc per limipl Alt'* V*St ole* of
Ho i ktsr«S{etLd)>'» 3 it S-Wd:-<“’c*lrs a! ;bo is
t>*‘« xere *1«o Uta taqaUad lor »o J pneet fell
jc»M> 1 eifithil^lwtSoa.
HieSici'ttd to pti mitb»*t«* at No I tx
- 6*r*tj ** qoUl eed ftrviyat |I l«H9l 11.
I&waaaiaßraer fceUic tatiUgbwfau* tsdltgbl
r»rtiA«-£»»don ba; this astaace to«de*
cudauUfbi. .-
rtttKcr*. we« era, box sot very »curo, Mesa
?c?v ttw.’i** an adiaaoo tt :ij#s.ie.a;u»Va %x *tfc w
Aittedlcfc. bow ever, tr.eia amt cooddcatsdat
• J5. bat to:fis i*eie a**i-T fi;ooau:o.
riUrcMwl’orU ta* ainacf d tx’U of
2,ar<lUis cOOd d«d»d a®d £m
Graft frcfsili at a *itreii;)y Can. tad uve< are
recital. VTejepoitao ectiiemftati, ;
la I’ccf Cattle, the entered Mica at ik«r*rtoo*TarC#
to 1,31 he»4, at prior* r»se)tc from S3 30-
Ca.G5. The tttetpi* bat* coasktod rLi-iOy of oeiJans
•stf a ft? lot* of r\tra aoalltw*. Tbete tea* N*t» *
Kraeyacd bcaltbv oetnasd. asd Uto qaomloa* ot
icjfrrfarMvebtea tally taalaiamm. InKny»,ite
»*rkft ta* te« vc-t a?U»« *sd Cm. rri«
sn:'.otiTo upward* of and we catered #*l« to
2t ,tw. MVi l<*» r»Di )BS frx la U C®4*3 55.
Tlie i'rsvf'liin Trnitr.
Or. the ftcerad paytof Ulc Inne of tbe Titrsram will
fju»3 an tnicrwHiay arUcle 00 the Vroit?Sna Trade ot
Cl k»s>-i; 9 rt*?, pr«sr«7*, aud ptoatiu po» Uoa. with.
toioe-valaai'te itatUtic*.
For the WerkXniUey Nt»?c»i»ber 15, ISO),
S*Tvm>AT Etctko, -Vor. li, «o.
TMttcOpt* of F,Mt »Dd Live iJotiM
'tatWc* s«?»lnL*«e city darlta pas;«iskioa
»ar« m fokovs*imht pTeTica»*»ca**>l3::tt Joaa
ar;hj- •
Bone*. Hon
- No. 5j
w«ii£M4irc7foyn?U)«rU !*.na 7««2
Meek enett'g .VoveiM*cr7 /'.tat tuw
W«» rortac t»«tw>er iX n/** «,vo
vtfeXeoclxicOctober «unc 39iVi
iVtcs rocitK October l" ~.>jC9 BijU>
*.rttM>Otrc(KU>be 10;.«,...., 'S.7M .. »J#R»
weektwineOctober 3 ,a.tM a,icn
Wfe»ea4Jßp.«erwwher»... 4jSsi ■ mI-cs
Week encic* September li. ~..i.r>7 is^»i
Wrttf3S'lUj*ftepte3»MTsrf.v.'........«.Wl 33331
TVfCif erClajs Aoec»«»... .3,(30 4.««
Wr«tre?*tfU»s Ao?H-'»22... ;...... • . e'et
Week eaai6sAti«B'‘t 13 ....Lfiii 11,445-
Wtekesdi&cAccsnP,.*... yit
w«k tnelcjr Aeeeii 1.. .7 Mi W.IM
Week cedmjt JaiyJO...., ;.... JJ« u.«a
Week eacitr Jttfy i 5........... J.7T.7 • 11,07
w««Jt FB<n«x/a yll S.i'jG % til
WcekradlaeJirij’i 3.M7 10/ffl
w«eSea<ltcjEjun«JT...- 7.25 c tun
uiu or rxxisfiT ov Lrr.mrocK rsox czscaooto
Oattie. - Hojw.
Mtro.oat **< l Mich. saath.urae car*.. V* as ««
(••r*a2ic>yet...., a -a -
MlcMSftflCeptTftl,«ta*ncftr*.... *5 js -
arrrjLo fiii »cy«!t‘to.v aarne*.
SMeb.Cfo* ftEdSUe&.BosCb.lftnro£ftra - m ctj
Csi«of3l<lf«et SI 06 **
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_ _ _' ■ io nvriwrcon.
Fittft.n.y. a jsa acu
jclctlfftc 6«aihcra. tftrm* can vt w■*
ao_ . - <e. careuf3Co lest... 74 » •
. TLfttctalrttolpta oi Bwf C*Ule Ut the tzi
IstuaoßSA *ccorfli»c to ibe dalyretea*
ycft'.tCea'Cbftan.'oitlW teftfl TftU 1, i m kMd
am Uj*q ls,t -wrek. 4*»s morethaa the cerrce*
poaClacvrekor iMtTtft.*.
TudH'rrtctfrtMt kstwisu y *nji acrisjjtao
> - .’••■■ Itectdpti.
WwiJiy..,,.. \sti
ToMOftf. a’lig
vis,??* 1 — in
T® l * l ............ SJ«
Tl« nt?*b!e r*Jßb or test o»tt*e *t tbe dote or
tlw Wjmor ktt,thl* Orestes, wt q*oie ** foOoin;
rrimetoejtj* rttfrpttg gtsittuci »37Sauo
Median to ■ 33W3c0
CoßunoalottMlWß l6oSl«
7btlntf4cV.pl.* ct ibt kbow a «4
ACUvedcsLtsd lor srtdlastto ostntbl.'plfgsrMc*
,*t *n »««Tsec« of It®isc oa tbe goounoc* cl ia»t
narktst wd * ftlr Icgatr? tor lowtr mrtei it tb«
UeprtooiUrg turhec
orrxtso or ms vu eject. 1
Tnrrw>*r. Kor. B.—The weekly jairh« opened
thlt morales vUhaboot 1,400 head of itcef Caulo la
the varices ytrda, beiay wst cm head leas this vere
m thayarea ob tbe pmeiUiß Thurid*y, aUhenyh Ue
dstiy receipt* fbrtbta -week shoired a coulderaMe is*
cream lo tte arrival of itoclt There bad however'
bees, dertsff the prerlooß day* of the week, a more
active demand both for sealom and better
owtsctaamiyto the weather brief cooler and more
favorable for packlns, and the rtedpti were b&reiy
fl)UoJ*u3ldei.t to meet tbe active loqairy vbicb ex*
ut«d.; A eutildera&lj- milder temperature to-day u
wa* feared vomd entsrorsbly lofiseaee the market,-
especially as there were very few rrt3:e loaooiale.
and therefore bo parUcnUr laosrement belJ tru t fo
cpecnUtloa. sot«Ubstasd!aß ibtte tfrawpaeka the
market soon atanmed that bcauhy tone which has
bees so apparent for some week* past, and at tbe
a’.-- ~ am-Uj iLii *ue **•* *ui» imuoottj, iae
to:ii entered uleataoeßtioz to i,ts9pe*d. Of realty
prtmeqoau tie* there were fcuttwo rmainou,bcUiof
whkhwetepntchMeihy 4. naaoeck, one at Shet*
mas'* and one at Cottage Grave Yard*, » veracm
There waa however
a vmt sood proportion of useful taeiiam Cattle*
weithlacflroialUWl to 1,900 6*, lor which mere a *
r«rr»lMe’i*ndfaf fkctlnr. There appear* to he
lewioqtun *mony ehippei* for thu clati qf ttock.
which |*r. Hi anficr»tood wbca'wo find. that la all
tbe£a»te tmarketuttcretahot aUtcUtdOamindfor
anythttp /end** print and extra gnalJUwj festive
think ta .’thehert evidence of the proprteuve d*
velopto ft of tte packing trade of this city t« far
nbhed' t the fact, that the lacrtwins recrlpti of eor
live tUt BMkeu are not more than the/require for
preacl. ioMunpttoo, with no ezdted or estraordC
aat n pund In the market, The hoik of «ale« effect
ed t/ ;ay were from*:,Ti&l S, and*! prkc* foUj&a
toe" roveth«quout(oo»of theprerinoi week. -
7 f-tnaT.Kor.tt.—TherccctpUat the various puls
tt hut the day amounted to about U177 he* i, ui the
e «red sale* to 1.38 P. the bulk of which were from
' . •985.3S V 100 tts, from which it am be sees that the
ifrsge quality of the receipts ra* teach hlcbtr that
utoftha preceding day. There was considerable
cttvltybothamoagpeeken and shipper*, and prices
rertterydnn at an advance of nearly toe on the
transaction* of the week. several very prtm* lots
a eie offered, which were soon caoghl nr, tte pried
pal of w! feb were: a let of Ilf's tec rs, fed by J. Qret
orf, ofLe*lß*ton, McLean county, averaxla* U«1
; nc.and‘*o]dtoHaocecltat ttOOaad il.ooper bead
exuat also, a tat cf U Steers, from Janesville, Xu.
by bump A Gray to Bostnthal, awrnplo*
I,OT tt 19; and alot of » Steen, fed &y Stas, ot
hkrpts toßßty, averailnglA'* t>«, sod sold to Oreo
bass at |SO.tO per head.
Cbosa or trx w****r.
BsTOhaT. Kor. U.—The entered sales at the Tart
cos yarts darts* the d*T eatous: to.IAU htad. at
prtcis rtegtat from gHVIICI. The racetjw* hare
Pees much Of tbesewechatarttr asduxiaxtheprert.
bos days ot the week, I»lcmedium rrafita consider*.
Myfreroßcerst'sit. There baa beea also a steady
hesUhy dtmaad. w»‘h price* hm at prSTlpui quota.
Uo3*. n»c traces hvi coforistjiJJy beer. Tif val
»3jUi!nc but flcau'at Tor oct oT C«>r
bat ibis biTing Wes »ntlri*
poted, a ftlr unoast o! btulncas waa
done dnrtaßtsp early pan of Ibe day, Tie traasac.
Hoc* o f tbe week suit bate prottS aatwiketory both
to be; tn sol seUen, to the former wo ju gefrosa tbe
fir a. awl acute tone whlcli J>*» pro* tiled tbrooßboat;
sod to Ue«eUtr,MOO cotnparl<:c tbe preaent wUk
f> nucr period#, aad taklsß ait drawbacks Into Ibpac
eeont, tbe price* given are very mack in tf* fHror
A»or» the beat lot* sold to-laywa oot S8 h<ai Hl* > Baltimore Prewidea Bl«rk«—Nor.lJ
no>« fetter# told at ibe Cottage Great Varda by Walia
>.sW S cr,.»BU.*ds« l,«t »v« »l*. «•
lOtsoisbleer* soldstCottaseQrora Tare* to .nU» Quotation*. rU: sew mm port tie di; old do |u as.
A OU*,*Terace »el«h: I.M »s.st #1.(0; and « bead f*afrD-awulCera6K*^,«JtadS?s<e,piambaoiii WK
00a by Henry, creraxe wdebt 1,833 &a,at 94 SJ. Tie btrre b and tierte«ji>fon«c, ao to km 13c. country
loUowia* art IbequoUtioaa of tte market atlui con* iQKc ana Baltimore cared lie a> ft. ~
clntioa tUa eremsß i rnmeio titracradaa 0
mod am to Rood CttbftSJO j common lo medium |i.w
O. Adast «oW6tronk«.aT.kSf »«.st |J.».
Merer told Oonen 10. av. I.UO B*. at ft Sd.
0. Art*nw «rtd Kent * Co. l\ *t 11?1 »■, at »sfio \
jt »v-riS MJ3; 17, *r 1.165. UOoi.
: Ktlltrtol4Une>lX*-F &iTn».*t gITO.
Monl* A Co. eold tirutgrr lS>. «v. f.W> B*. at (3 W.
JUoklO auld Hobgli 62, M IJIS Bi, st S3 U.
ItCiuTKdC WblteA OU«C.lJ3sß»,*r»it9,
Dowpena »oM Lyman 11, »r, l*ii n», u gt*.
‘ NotrbtoldUancocklßC.av ijsiwt utlV).
litpkla wlobftT«Tmasl&»T sj»S»v ll PR.
iirt«r>ttca »old Wnua * Oil* S3 it. OSd i»*.at (4 fd.
|{*okietoid>'«wcet>u»er tra.
Vblto told Bpescrr», »v l.tttt**, at 64J5.
HOaE—TßerecelptrQLf Hopulortoc the week es£>
ing tomar wtowat, - becoming to the dallr reforai
po«t«!> on 'Change, to T6.MI. Tbia f* 45,99) more tfian
l»»t week aaoßJUlDbfeik»ntbecorr<aM>a(ilngweek
oflut jesr. Toe J*Hj recerU *t We rtnoa* rxrdi
comtareMfvUowas- , - •
R •eolj-a.-
Voedsf M
Tnetcsr ..13.13}
«'Nc#i«r„.„.............. »,TU)
Friday....... I\»T
The weekly market opeoedoi Tbnralay under aomv
what unfavorable Influence#, which were saf-
Cdcnt to teat tbo gaonlneae** ol the pretest demand,
hlotetbaclom of the rxerlooi weekly marker, ve
Lad Veen favored vrttb a few dajtofcool.clear w«alb*
tx which bad badthe effect of glr eg !acr*aacd I Urn a
laaloMaademand. with aa advance ofSO Co 3Sc tn
price*, end to rapidly aid matter* proceed ta thliei*
recUoa that ca Teeedajr Mine of oar “ trWff awake”
buyer* «ere. lb the e*ce»a oftbflr liberality, doing
ifcetr beet to benefit omiin by allowing * farther die
vf acor3so ott prevtoue figure*. TtU.bovever.dld
net at all meet wttb tte eoseorrcace of tae Urgeat
and most tegular buy***, who aeen to prefek that the'
market should receive a lair and legitimate enpply,,
ti as that it aho«l<*, nader ue Influence of a flcUlioua
dimasd. be glutted with stock, coMedneatly (head
ranee of Monday xra* all that could be gained. Oa
.WefUMdaytaerevaea Urge amount oftßCkaofd
and no apparent detUne ta the market, bat towat:*.
evening there wae lee* confidence, and every appear*
«DteoraCecliDoiDi>ritM. OnTbaralay the weath
er war considerably warmer, more r<«embUcg a day
In September Uaa one m November,t»ere vu coruo.
qaectly • lew active ertnana. and price* declined fully
tOfttbc frost Ut* quotation* of the pnjilou* dan There
were nearly told during the day at gjy*
l.«s per IfdPw On Friday tteie waa noloproveoeat,
(be day waa warm and packer* appeared to hesitate a
goeddealwhethertofcuyornot. Tne receipt* were,.
| lowevcr, large,and ultimately there accmod a lUJe
i bejurcociirance,wldcbmaUelJatbe aale of3>,Vt
bog* for the day. this wae cMeity induced by the eape
tier quality of tLcbogs brought in. a large number
, sood heavy corn fed bOgs welgalngfrom 2% to
Stdba,aucb b» a «w wcct»«lDco we aercatmort di«*
toaed to think bad dUappearedcrooi t.e market for
tfce prevent aeawo.
SarrititAV. Not. It.—The rece!t>u at the vaiioua
yard* tWay amount (o upvarda of ro.oco b-gi, and
Ue entered ialci at price* ranging from (10)
«s.fStar,tse latter qaotanon only one lot of M «a*
bcuglt at t b« Fort Wayne Var-i byyiaeoelb, avenge
wdgbtSdt'tta.ronired from lowa, There bat been
aascbOimtrionetnibe market a more
atilveccairetioa, racket*and Ulppcrsare aTldeaCy
t’lOJogie evtoeaU whether oc acconnt of an extra
pretest demand, or in auueipation of a coaaJdarntle
falling off b> UaordJnarr>o;ply lu a few veek, we
n,uv set t bat from all appearance* ? e are of oplidon
Uat the latter 1* ihemoreevcltfsecaiue. The receipt!
for ttewctk navabeiti ungrecedeuiAdiy large, taking
any cormpotmlog period la former year#, ana larger
than owloe any wtekof l««t j«wr.excepti‘gtbe «rec
ending bnoober mb, a ben in ay satonated toT7,t3S.
Tbeaitraorcinaryflrm&etitf Ue muket.wltb tueh
. large rcctfpu dorlag Ibermen 1 .week, lit aortby of
coif, an- Ctrtalnl) Indicate* os tisoisal anvltty toar
curei he uanalqoa&utg restored fbr the s.aaoa at the
carllckt po-nille peatoONot a ttw.of the dealer*
Hate that they are hrlcelngahKC In uortbatln for;
tter year* aoula Lara bees Icpl back for Amr or tire,
vrekalauriatbr veaaont and that the cooalry sop.
ply of good beg« U very raplsly dlmfaUilsg; Weglve
.thecorduCmccrlJa*oftrn weef*marlet:
IMmatcexua quaiyiea . . ...... (ttSOU
JUcinttU»gvod........ : ttixtS)
Ccouauu; 3 .3AIM
I ndbg aaadrance upon U" ’Mt market of 2>j oume*
I <ios.Wpiln.e<ißaltt!t«,andof tKeobUfertor-
nou tun to-iur.
t>. Afftßift »oM ftt v'on SB *r 173 »t
zwatfi tv it a?. mm
Mijct'.ldHr MimtilSX Orissa * Um tiuacitt i? 1 *r.
£k ssatfi.<n: Oar. 2SC u}l ft). Si a?. £1 at |l€>l7
». &i»t |iA«. Grate* « Co. bongnt X »»..-’iiiat
H fis.
Ttara ft Co. bonfihi at Fort w»yno Y*n3j 13 ar
SZ at ft.Ci w ae. SU at *1 Cb lS»r su «t 11 «j4‘> »r.
•> at ft.*; a *T, *« *v 11 SJjtUftV.ts*ftt «tS6j»Ja?.
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Kes&ebce. ~H»
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Silas..... 49
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gyrm .«4 a
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f 44 a
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..44 a
Rad Rank.......74 »i
* 4-| a#
IlmsJjtfln, Q........ 15
I’ormsoatta ?..... nw
. J'SJfUtS.
Amoake**..... ST*
Vorx,. .«*
gJ0rt vv ........ U\i
•»f *'ttt city ".’.'.‘.st*
......... .....30
Paris*.. 31
fpractje 1 * ....a
imntelTa,..,-. ~m
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Amort ear.
Lo*e»...T, j5«
Ducbfn at,,,;,.., IfW
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Clinton 31
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: Indian Oreb*rd........Mx
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Salmon Ftla*. .31X
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Manchsiter, Dark
Ibctfie, R»r> ss
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m Medium.... 1.15
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J'blie Rod: 4-t as
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Perk ParkiOKStliOSlsvlllr.
[Trota tha toutsvtUe Htmoerat. itih J
„,£. or * packing seaaan will c-w»«nce
fkTor * tll *- Several
droresof bojrs.vbtcti have Been porchas,! by our
l| c l w , hire alrraor ariiroi la the city, sod some
Ba1 ? “gs lß Pen*- M*a*n. fToffm w,
l>usrsn St Co. y»ler.ur too* aoraotsce of tee vta
££ffc?.TKS. k £S?*^ t! *Sf* Thlsfaita Ant lot or
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*f,"f J^dood®*tMi«iam. lUiallt »n A Qw».,
J^SftS^'lVft' J ' r ■‘•"•cm**-
Posb P*ckwr» is that
•£* ** ho e?» angbierwi aroeaa the rails thU
52“555 *• that of but season. The
h®*s“*lhavearrt»ea *oiar are UttLin) there «ui
erebatu-eea lalllng off to tt«tr weight this sear as
Pt*! > I°o*y®dr»r 1 °o*y®dr»r The
a *. are asking more thaxour
■ttkaS.i'.*-* ? A! c P*V*he Trtc ® offend belny pi
ft SiSifsSTS£h£*22 ,l i 2 •s.’Wnct, am this u f*i
cStlS*^* 10 *** Brtee °® eretf b f the packer* of other
PsrkParWw In Charier Coanty. HI.
-• [TrctD the Schuyler Co. Qtlteaj
. The pork pae«s, season, by reason of the rreat
aearclijrpf’corn opens Uu* )nr mu ta times at
tse usual time. Mr. *VrlUße«an pacictac eatlrun
week. Tbt pJlce ories* at Sioo ¥ IfO Oi u. w vr*
a lot of si Jive hnmt.sTetaziuxTnasea*')'
so “ e ,oUot V 2£
.Vw York tliic TUmrUrt,
JTrotu ibe N.V.Bhlpplßg LUt, lllbl
The demand &oo> tie trade bubeeo more ftcUro
AiiK'f* oar I**l tb*n for * moots pi*t, lie **»*
bare been r»r> large, oomprtilajr ■ T4.COJ Uneno*
Airr* »d MOtttorltito, fo artlr*, Zt«t3( ft. « Si-*
SWi:cb-oaUt roldlutv«ib)j 3lO) llueooa AvteVf*
a» WS'ttV»Mo-l"vMeo, :j »*. 23'. : 34
coKlcXU»*,»r,rMh; li.UM Callmrru.*: »•, Wc.
tmM< Oran'J*. SCM4M33 tt*. 2*3:3.101 wt
m.l M ' o, iO si, ttc: i.liw city end coaoirrmogbler.
W(-S ft». IlfriSM-. «.*»'»« and S.Ofo orj Montevideo.
& a* bj/q »«t*iieiCwMorol*;wa*.»tu3,l.o Vert
Cn>xJ w ft*, oatsme we old nut learp.
New York Bred Slnttet-ScT.ll,
i Gnn Mtde are dollj s small lr»i new elOTer brought
' UKc, cun. Uutoa U lowen*ate* &JHO bap Bom jar,
iromAtore.ex ••Bo»pbor«u,’ *t (3 SO;*o-1 i/KOdo no*
fiour d, S3 W, ca*n t oi the Cabmu*. per 'Cosuoenu].**
: i»*ge wire tola, asa reported pronoae to armei.
BATTtDiT Krssiso,Kot.ll.lK3,
FH EIGHTH • Grain freigita are cult «o-t eattrS/
nominal. Tfieie »oro do cacaxeaieat* reported,
FLOlilt-lhcilTetf. 8,315 brUr »blpp«*d. 780 b*K
• Market v&f call bale*H* hrti "Innx-rlal" JCiart*-
Tibet whll* aimer»tf7soj3oobrU M Cole"> Choice**
•t>.ueei treat scobruaprtng etitU|sAi -Mb
' bri»coat $.%3>
Wlln<«T-JtorriTetf.s3,Tcflbo; illPpeJ.ea.779 ba,
■ Market anr ceUJooa le*3e per baaoe). Bala* wgjt!-
wi>mW«iAT i» eto«»->0 bu Ue,r«etcd lIM at
rftoi. Srai.so WnraTXWßToßX—USObaholßprmg
a; tl.tft; B, r «ObQCO at tU7XI »#»6O do. at ft .Mi
500 bu do (to B, H. * Co »/ at •ft 03 1 iOM tin No i
rrtlDgat JUH; 14.«W tu oo at ; <UO) ba do. at
Uiei U>A4>bQi:d. at $> OBV: 3,A»ihu 00. at fl.ttJVi
.ijKUtuUQjrcte* Spring at Itfc; tWbndo at Mo.
<.'t»J£S—ftecelreo, VIJW btij •hlppal, 41,733 ba,
Mark* Kail and H«lc lower S*l<W; iffttba No Ito
kwroattec; t,‘. Oo bo do et&c: T.f&oba So J la store
at sscs t,7W buao atWc
U.lT*>-fierrl»B*, STJIO 0O; ahlpned. SUM bn,
Mamt to per boabeiioaer. Sale* • 19,wd bo Not
Ovvln**oreateiWC:?3.WOtni coatete; v<H 00 do
atCfcri IS.tOiOuooatMHc; 9,000 ba No 3 0»U at.
SFc ? l Cbudo at &(a.
it V K-Ketclfed. aO6 bo Market Jc lower. Bale*:.
EMrra Ji O 1 Kjt ftt 85c s 3,100 bn do at vie ; ifoba No 3
*SuBTXY-nwlTad,6.736a.Marketdol! Bale*:
3 SOQ bu ho 3 ltado> at 9U«H : fttfoa do at |t t7.
|u Mtrple: CW 9a at fl it i **!. -
Al.COllOti—AdfacoadSc »* gallon, e!o4aja«|LM
Ill’TTKft-MarVet Qa>tbni «ealj. Choice !• in.
fair ceaano, but common grade* are doU, We
Qdotet ....
choice ftalrr . ~..,..,.7)9390
•' •1ipping.,.,,...
coed ~a*»a<o
Common to Pair
IIKANH- a auhela good at ft 4S \« satin at I < (0.
COdrUlA ()&-•» Pork Carrel, at gl.MdeltW*
Lain Tlerrea at #1 w del j 290 do at «i.n o«l.
riIEK&B-*J«*ttanlTeßnaio£aJrdeaj«il. '
'Ci notes
Ww’ern H*wn • ..........Uki^ti
1Utn0i«#taW1*C0851t„............... , t bits
..COFFEK-BHicoeaiadiad itirket yttj Oiw.
ttBIOI. ...St t»»7 o
K)t>. cosmos to air ...,UWj3A e
Mjo.kocft tOtiUM... £S‘,ytM C
ItSO, CtiOlC®.,.. .Tiktitf c
CIDEIt-Is limited reqaut tad rood worr, prl*
ce-rale aieaoy at ».7W*I S3, * *»*.. v
Kt*(Jrt~la utiTc Demand and limited receipt. tnar
kttTfryftnriitTOc perao/ea. .
Fl!*ll~l7uJT* Kt*u—market »te*ur. receipt* (till
rto •null, price* Brin W previous quotations. Taotrr
Quiet and mdpta tut !*mitei. Uacuul market
Terr firmans active. Cop Ftan—toppi? still toon
■nJ Inactive crmsod. Market firm »ioj as vpmm
teoceac.v.' HK):HiroB Is lure runout and recent*
m:cr>iett»t. Mattel ana. We qaotes
Ko. 3 il£eKsTei, ntw, v
Ro.t da old, do ..........sop sa
K0.2 do *afbrl,.w*oo
UaclUClktO : 5 W <*3 00
*• Family ........... IIS itJOQ
c,o<*csb, Gcoma e*ex, v no at. 7.23 «*jjo
Coetuit. tm»d do do c.ts «toa
No. i Drtea&nrrat «e a ts
Boiled ** - TO a TS
lickied Iferrtar'.aeir....... S.» ao&i ..
KKIflTa-oatni AWOM-Markct (Olantblr acU
Ito audio good aarply- OB*rta tr» in rtrr limited
request,«.»! receipt*we vtrr aeturtDlj dlntialthlact
fiireamiesire. Ca*ss\»Tßrs demand
and tolerably firm at f£o3. _cxo.v» -Market tory
QolrtaadpHmeflsratfomer floatation*. get»r*»
In fair tea sod, hat ropply tery llamco. We quote: .
Uretc Apr-le.',* fl.»>suoQ
,* •* .sew kork sw»a»
Orapet. leabcUe : 3 «t S
ftttres.CaUwoa... U 9 12
nrsper. coousnio*}. V ft.............;..., a ac j
CrtnoeTTle*, f» erl I6JB o UJ9
fcenofiS. • b0r...- M 7JO 9 1300
Quinces. per barrel..... 7.50 t» late
7j» <* goo
UJckirjKMa, * w. ioc &
Irßtkt» J.m*9 ate *«ll scarce an 3la a: Uve d round
iTiae qulUio we r»r? Onr, »ltn a iurUier advance
of Xr. RaJ'C*b arcla fair demand and belter limply,
tiar.etfinaatrment Quotation#, cnaitadta -Mar
ket rUber itartlv*. but o*tn|to Mint stock* and a
trttrwwd ♦Qt’tly. price* ml® serf arm. AOcosba la
ftooure<jr*»land film. tVequotoj
imrdAi'tUs.rnioe.. .9 st 3t*
reeviaa..., ( « tk
RbtucdffeftCbic*..,. . 13 9 J3‘<
fared do - ;; M g »
ac«a*~Lare.'* > boa i^mous
£0 . S° ,fi° 3,»
Oarraata. P a tfd n ii IS
Co do ccr,.... 13 f» 19
AJa.oa.se> « so
do do kard.. l; ( 3
DiledKaJpterrtf*....,,,... „',a u 30
00 TUackberrttti...., - 3S 1.4 »
do Cbctrtre.. v 35 9 S'
si-tot u p»rtfi Fesetet »i lie.
Fl/ltS'-Mlnma m active •‘tmuM, tnl**tor rawi
lagslry, There art
»»o*ever, nearly tifmtnFoia T«ir» eaten of 3lß*k>
rao, Smukt, lu«oor.a*od Opoiwga* aasoh la trie
1-oncoo market. Shipper* I*7 that-ibrr cu not r»>
Rieal er ■ trorto 1* Jp»}c Fair thaa that jnsi over. The
j,n«« too-mettoratiasowßettertoaalt u Uteiy
«Uibere*U/«aittrtneboHdar*. Wegootm
Jfeiuy, ib/»eKt*r/rP,»tiSfaUM*M>o*V....fll}CH4tfm
Vf*if,tuv*a.... scat «ro
Vvuk cut* k to s raise
iie»r«r,fWnk»oa ‘’aw . - ijawlOO
iteavcr, <r*lc and tli*«j> luort tzO
Ha' eer,<U»ir*a‘iase)..'- wu so
ocerSklc-re-5andb10c....... so« W
l«n Stint, prey ....i.„...., 40
KWm, •dor*. Urge tail W*cj> icoo# tu3
FHbm,tpeieor b(o*a> Shot (00
Foe*r.croMthelr»Brrdl*io VJ’ft......... iS&A SXO
► ose»,i<rd.KicltennxOwta'rr». ..... i.t»«*3to.
Voac». CTty.,.. 91A SO
ffonre cat*. oitrt ana grey........ I*4 15
L»tx, urga and flae... IrtVt 3 w»
aiOftrntjH Call ass Winter ......... - 8m 13
'laricn. Car* altboal rcl 5 o£m&3
M*-l«o,rpmmca«sd ral« ... .......... iccasso
Micks,MJairto’*.Mvbl/aa, WUcoasta .... SSoatSQ
mieoU and ion a .....; acfeMto
Otter, Wacfc, Urge«Ba flee 4 ois|sto
Otter. l’r**u. ** • • SMAaIOO
Opo*‘»aj.sottJerß,<Jry aodcleu Ft* 13
Ouiaram,Bocibern. • . *• , &* 10
lia«oos,uriß«t.HUccfliin.#e. live ®
Sktir.a, bWjr,.....,,......;..... ftea *0
Mrtu,k, «rrJMd lbs* 30
>v}icC«»t........... .;... 3SX* 10
wdf sunt, Urge, white sad Baa joc^im
v»©\r skit*.promt... . a
IJItKASK-11 tm WWW at 9.Hc; ifl tret
Vcilo'v oreace atSj&* 33 tm rrimtaa la uevplui.
"a’?k'«j 45»rw Tolio* 1 u» ea*e »i 9Vc.
I>HEJ“SKI? *i Oft * ~Ke-.eiMart rr more
active. Sole*lo-c*j were;
*o»a,»t ;;..*l9O
ss .. ~ afs .. ....................... a.®
... c.7*
*s V. fit\i<Ycsc«K‘6 V.
13 .. .. ICO .... S<OQ»nI3OJ
11 ifillffis ES-U«rtVPi, {fe |<rta, Mu et It rwr
csitoahui-er. oat sot vcrfhcUre. ns jn
l#o Jofs.atKfe • •
lHOto-);«feir'»ihrc%ana*!emtii!Sla-vcfsTe We
i*»ie » nor line )a lo» »v ft eoouUaaft oj->a Qm» aaa
. i»r, met* or x«H* v %,Wt <|«ote: ■ ■
8 a»
fJn*us»l«*J ............ V«si PV
Breen Fw, *£a *3
DTyt11w;..,.....v&m« .
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Carbon oil, ye110w......,:, SXvS'
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firm stpmer.t QBotMiona. We quote: m
I’olitJllV-DeattC not ip active, ana inhoeral
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Live Chicken*. ¥ n05......... ei 73
#>«**««. v d 0*..., alo Sras
Live Turkeys, P9 n wwtow
pmaed. * a.,.. *2aS
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»e quote: 1
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repper* »... . va
Allspice * ta
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tKOiat flutwuß«
stems ....13 011 c[001dL«*f..............
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o*he.-Tr)*a»err«cfiTe,»»ioucar«»trtc««, Price* nl®
frm cl present doouUo;*, We Quote:
To® Washed.
IVC’OJ)—Pr(«ktfeisud »a« receipt* LOraloal prl*
C*«nileflrni »I«i »a entrant >V« Quote
r f uie OL*co-B»eefi *s3t >ta?Te W (o;
B rtcrr l«NA3.tl.l)»limed~BMck tf.OCOI.SCjKv
pie. IWC: Blitcrz. JO.
Kew York Market*-War. l-l»
renews—Market quiet aad vltbout cbaage at
9f t
Uoi'S-7*i« active. Common eraJea 5c lover a;
(6 1 exir» state: 30 for titra roaad
iioopOMo; anafVSfifcrira'enraads.
Wimer-Moreactiveanafirmer atMMtcQe. '
Giuik-Wheat (mgtu*r and unsettle 1 ), Common
era<-««IU3r lo»rr «du Choice firm witb fair demand :
It.SaiSS lor Chicago sprint: t CTfor MUvao
i»e.cTub; *13P«1,4l for a racer Western; fnoaira
for v m»er r«o vfl*teni. Corn opco« * strada Orm»f,
flo.m<jnle:*boalje<<l»T£ax: price* |s.oi‘i-ilo6 tor
t rime westernmttcata-sio'*:: ?to9afloat: aai tl 07
fur inferior io *tore. Out* more active and « a&Aie
firmer at M&SIH fcv common. ■*
Woot—Flm aod la moderate demand,
Gcockiut»-£offarflraAa4 quiet wltbont aiiertal
numaiDM*-CotTce»ttts*lerAßd firm at SV-3MHO
for »boHl<i«ra; 9i»loc Far tuuaa. Bacon-SUw arm at
Sfc.c for 010 veatcra short clear; 30c forcltr Cam!*»
Undent: 1&K lor lou«rclear.aodlonj cat bams: 10c
lor <tnttford rot. and liv&for b*tlie«, Lant ou!«tat
HHsue. Atao t.tte bcu deliverable ta December atd
.1 senary at U><c.
aca-R-itth: news.
CLEARED.. .. NofemNfrU.
l*rop Maine iJOiJinaa. Oxflenaburc. as bria pork; 600
t>rt» flour. ■ •
Dark X) Wonij, Moora, Buffalo. 18.4 C. l.n com.
htit Ccaccra, Curil. Coburg, il.iuJtm eoro.
Wnatlhpnm. Caoe, Mnaslo. W.aoO tw» -neat.
Cnlr, woU'ob, UolTala, IMit to %*eat.
UeLr Altlb Broarcn, Atkfbi. B00U". 12,100 t»a com.
Set*/ bowtjjni ortho L«koi..Se*,ansa,{Jape \laceul.
16.0C0 tn wheat.
Schr TU* H Mott. Mo» , S, tHweze. ivscfl be wheat.
Bctr AcocUm, Oavejo, kAOS ba wheat.
Sett '
■a. We
AKBT7ia>....;.soTmber il
of the Cake*, Carey, Milwaukee, mo-
T.&rk Haomi, nail, Buffalo; J75 ton* railroad iroa
bark Buffer Stale. HammoM, Buffalo. I‘<oo CrMaall.
Balk coroi wood.ko3to&»
real . . V
Bark MaHUm?, McKlurJa, Ccderleb.US corSs trooJ.
Jfrtk ilcrPanlr* Coilina, Buffalo, ail tons coal,
Schr Kate Klr-htnornJ, Shtelas. Bar CKr. Ito m lumber.
; ttefar WoHln, Wwine, Hollaad.'mm lumber.
BvUr.ki.eptim«, l)r«<iOB, W'aUon, C*arlott««tUe.M
rote* woo*
Bohr Mo»k»(jon, MeVea, Hnnm’a I*l ar. ss m lumber,
hetr C&arlv ;tr feioop, Mlnlio*oc,lo‘)cort» wool.
Bclr Larloca, costam, Kalamaroo. 5Wn lumber.
Bthr O U-Roberts Nelaoß.CetlxctV.le.Wcnraa wood.
&hr Barney Kaiun. W«tto, Urano uares, un m lum
Bctl UalJe. BorgeM, El. railroad tl«.
Pchr Horner. Aaseiroo. St, Joseph, 315 hrls apbles
Fcur Jate looita. TrayU. fit. Joseph,to eorjawoad.
Bchr I’ar&hee. Ja-kjoa.st. Joaeph.kO bn potato**.
Fr.br Grin. Dior, Bt. Joseph, 00 m. leather,
bchr AcUte, r»i Iron, SCJoBc?h,« m lumber.
Temeli faiwrf lietroU*
(£pecl&n7upstcb to tLfi CiUc*2oTrtt>*iO* ]
L'r—l*rop Caldwell, Towwandfi 5 Bebr St. Jatae*,
DOWK-BwkßuCftJp.TMMf; BrJ«c *niUaa«; 6chr
At JVnifle. Cook Coast/-111, oa Tfaorrdar >’or.
IS*S. «t tt>« mUUacc ot ta« uitr. &*t. a, £>
lUW by B»y. 1* KHMJCIS **.
y KKHT. f-I l>>t Dttooil A*ao»S Cosit re* -tad Hits
In ea F**nrd*y mcriins, JOUST H , fsocf
bobeit It.aicLya'a WortKr.»|r«M'i
IttMttx tc.ifcj <Buaa»j> a; • j ©clock. :ro» “6
-AAaieft afreet. . .
For. nth ol coßiertlao et - tie mass. STLLtS.
6»sLU; t>JA3>o» B nsfl ftmataj Hsu jeer *•
■ Octoberlitfc ofcoaaswpWon. to Pie JT.tr ..I Ho*3i
rn. UeiT'itt.u. Tear, Mr. EDW&fcD LANGUISH,
pr-Kccfcf*t»r 2T,y p*t*r* picuaraor.
Sqx SaU,
FSU SAI.E,- Truck Horse* and
e»nTjtnb,Hcr»esasaa»im, Aprlrto F. A.
CBtilMlf. SOUjfMiH.d
rfOll SAIK.—The stock, fixtures,
A ted toed *m of « smieoary »ad FoUoa Strre
Torate.l! appreafarrrlixt&tiirendsrt. WCooioid
clxap for cub. A tsad cbisre for esc do*
nimgto »j>Ut lots & p;b&C»bfe'P»laE £*«!:%*».
I« «. aaftr aeU'is vl Ibe airvti. *pn!y o.U3J Nor la
Clnk Kstni. corner of Uar©B. aoi^pumsi
X\J A!NTS3X—Two gay and dish-
T T taic joobc oflrwtt t» t»e *crrlc* ci ‘•atj
sairntL- a> uribg to m*te csajp j*re at Jutwetiu*
pot?:blo, vo&U bo sou' tipoy to cosmos* vs
iro jcanz.cosf wrae ud wff jfciwar
of tt«t«&&teg*BCer Tbe'rOliitciulatcbaiwtk
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Ucsa L« tateo&Uimo* (‘tsixa n* vm»| **
ttrKyt prutrpt sttettfos. ouoteai LOractit
105 » w>smston. su*& oSa
lieu!Quitt» i‘J» Ajilj corps. BtaaimectMiS
rKevo —STT’S 1~~ 'oJ.li rrr CaeWwa. Cbattmoogs. ‘lean. aou-aar
}?OR SttLfi M A Subld on tb6 tit axitvtj- p_. ■ /n.,-. -
X 1 r&*. »a aa. y\r^ NT i£l). Gocn
dm» ** w." Uds ogca. .? * wott** *
Tj'OJi SALE—Honat hold Farci
J- tare. ab.ac to foite the
Cltr.< trim to «• t! fcU uomebold FanUoro ro rcur*.
loceUjer'iltaitieltMaoT ttae Uoo»p »t * suxltrtts
rest. Mm ten 'la unxctflaxclr. «t» oarnti. as
crtU* ■gEuilPnr,‘ v V. Q. B<xaflU. aoiLp«2-$c
SALE—A Baktry doing a
L rocfiont-ildaftcd ft*K iftteeiujp bta2rjei»—coeap
If npp.lte tar tooa-»s SOstS Cattk »U»A,
U’Oli SAI JS—Choica Lots. A few*
X BeMdeat Lets la **CsMP«««r’ft AddJ*
Uon (oCl>t£v:'>.’‘ totaonecftra oreoert
**tt to!)»!«»<Mcenir* Alw>. (i®> »cies in Mcsica
(25) Tofts <v>. Hftoae <lS}
PatLO CASPER titti.
re. SALE—A Ho;aa, Hirmsa
r.mw Vftroo.
EC. BoyiJ?OTQ» ss&ftteaifgpt. COlOgSaMw
TfOR SALE— I Tine© Blocks on the
X eora«rofyit*M»ftadßsab«a>We«tofOr»*?»u
fi&,aco it uVea wnau* % few e*n. A arstreteciiiaca
r-ifAa or rnMiTLfua. Apoiyto a-j.
AVXK£tk.ite*iKnKe iuofcor.ho. I aJtiraoomaa
idocfc. sou-pm-st
Jj'Oß SALE—MiII Machinery*
all tie Sxtaree ccnrpitie ter » ent clus aourteustilL
To M rtcoTte after tie Jfrb cS Pwvwbir ttxt, tz.
qslrecfs:. C. 87&A553, byM&eatrvetpridga.
a»H{j3 ta -
If OR SALE—-These epltndid
'i. Doit’s Ecstcj troa lb* Twc WtJterMcQoeea,
•11 tscoapUto order. 'WJI] be sell ctre? U*pr>'J*d
Ir t »oo*. For panicsjar* and tern* app 1 * to J.C.
Water iStet. Cblctin ImaoU.
JL irilMßOotiieMtof Aoxcre lD,3Coacr<a-all«i
--elow0.i>DC3t Mtcws ihcber. aboot ore bait sod*;
com-rsiicD. in txct} Ictar.HetteXHiSO. good -»v ft
»U e*ceU*it;pttbie. TOaUetcbarc la beats* caodi.
Con. AgocaßkCketacAktorsferailklcdaertkesi
prcdcco Api-<7 to OJfO. H. UlOQINBO*;. *0.7
if«w polfm 3.ocb. ooir-p"ist
FO Jt SA L E—A Steam S:ap
Munftctoiy, vary dababiy located, aeamoit
csßTt,mrt:o a?raa|«d. *&d cued op «lto kJj tee a*.
cmaryapp<*ratoaiar doiczaayjucoan; of Ctulset*.
la**w.soptt*uoQ.ana cCeteTerr superior tsdnao
to ace oae xitbajr to enjn*lai£ebtuiirM.
Apclj at x:3 Micitgss «uect.cr addrean poet Office
£rz l(<d. f.hicsao. nelO'pSn-iw
tfOU SALK - One Pcitahle Engine
a-, olten bom ;r-wer. acdoaeof five bone power
-of A. U.Wooiß Co** Tn«si*ctuie. *t N. V.
SiF*,coa>;;«e. aodnuidj torunniftdutee««. lujaite
£ 115 Tnokna Uicet. oic: a. N.VfOOU. fiber *nn
Bcoto, 7t
IfOU SALE—A Tnbular Boiler.
I? 8 !!* 44 toebe* ladu®oser.wjtt <2 does
cf23* atcbwta diMteter. meaadaao a (&-. t bvoiaad
•HWt la dlaaa ie?. trlih t&a tucin 2_ front
lyna dewir-ail In goon order. Apply :c JOSS *
LlGßTKilJ..COeoaib WtlJstrttsV col>ofii3-l»r
Ii 1 O I< SAL E—Great Bargain?.
. K.cco «cre« of Lasd oa the Use til tn« oozmis*
port, ftorla rnd Baillrg»a BaUnnd. te Urloettoa
I Jlsolß Tt«ieL»soj ate la debut wcoto
of ifte Mate, bscb and roUrng, aod weu adapted to
Kcckiklfße.«be*t*BdC3Ta. Tbal*cd» aromtbr
ilrtO ttUr* ot xnUr.jvi *utJOBA Cbawarorttj aae
7c»TTtL«.eT«iclKatramaCTOdcoalalse a-
add at fiO ter acre, cneßlUt flerwn ud onlucc-sto
5 or 7 year*. In utßil naynießt* ti a per c«t. ir»
«n«t. Tterelj aßeet Sog*r y»*afactorrat c&au<
ycnhla»ntiuifs:opo»ai',u. sobrnterlanoaia toe
firaia Addri** or *nt«/ tn D. K. PSAKaova us
Kasdolyo atreet. Ciicago.oi TO J.
CbiOrrrjtb Uiicou. CCSOrIiWCi?
£7 t>R ft ALK.—To Lmnberraec,
cic,c * evil, ct Win be ex-
Uicttißey, T9*ttrt>o»ef ««jaM v*«xy lathe Bitte
ttliuCt6-W) CBpesiept cßttlftck»fW seat r»« 4*r»tc
tefb#r»uh»bcot Tooeetes oi beat ntae XeaiL for
g*f«CoUTaeppry byirurto J.VOtk.ocoator*iij,
Bttte » y. 0.. UwciQ cooaty. Wla. not-pxa an
1708 SALB—Kngines and Boiler?,
15-tone ataeccaty esgtoe aad tobola*
£>n'r. *jwyto Kiop. a-m.oms
to la ccna fcol ct *m ccstoe, eomt>i«c« «ad re* dr for
nw-tfor.aCQT >r GEIFTIN PEGS*
oc3&oßfr*ot . So, BPomexoyiS"^"^
P'oll SALS.—A Farm for Baio.
A Twraty-eJghticlletfromChle*fo one mile from
Back at OTtnft.»*seanUc*tioa£iiin, cotta sitla
XbttaaoState Head—« »cm anbla aad 14 m-u
goodtcn**. gram bam aa4 a flae
orchard: Wer, AJJ tQdor eaMTiCOtt. Apply
(S» wS 8?* * Blio -*v=« T
LOST— Saturday evi&ios about
t*u put roar o'clock between Wuttßctoß and
Jtwno* nnfL ob 1 Untitrtft.i box c( iuP.k(a
e.aikrd c, B. ukutSt Uonu. lit. As y
U aeupctt $ 31 * u * d« ttlutlyrffirMdvf
IpOST—A Geld Watch, opznfaoe.
Jew tried by iteite* tie
p&*t *** * Menwwlo « *•** Soava curiatt.
T; OST.— $5 Reward. Ring Lost,
ln ctlcg toom w»bM » arwoe. tbrovit Xcaaa,
State, Uraree tart Etirbcrn ureeta, »c
weave. aXeqre War. set with To r £ Q ; m. TaV fl ad>?
?i^ M swSr V
eOce«.r XSWabub
(2TB AyED~On tha 14th lest,, <v
UOAV BOB&B. At» ;tuii J'ld. dfcilata *Ue.
j« t??*paihwe»t PJaiir Uooa, aear
ea bill* d« WKJOHr * "coymii'k'ill
w^TRAyBH.—-Game hsto the en
V* ttoenre rifee anbtaibey, two three veer eu
seiUi of Norrotwr. Iba onoii:* rcaoerted t*
V*oteproper:y.paycharge* aadtaketcersawey.
BydeParlr. Kar. 10 \m.
TO —A House to a good
, S. f JS c l S?« f , rtW hnytio Mrattare. wblcb caa be
COUND--bn tha track of the
■~, Clitai Cerant K.B, at the foci of Twenty *<**
aagsa- — 1 •» "»»»
soau iimt.cucw.ig c> -
J7OTjKD—In Btyan Hall dit fin it
•gWBBf^ to nwjaa^^." > '
npAKEN TIP—A Red Cow n,.
*** <?S fe&* :
\V ANTED—ADing CictkTTvQ
T» Bortb (Talk Itrert Oj-wUtVS/tii “'S
'Wf’ANT.irD-—Two or thrM Brid
ft Bitted rooef. (oe»t<H
■ ~ hffi nM »»• «»«WlW.<g^ < «g.
W Se*t!«iuurd
fa • m«ci»b« fi»ny. «r*i
i£^a atIQIM, * :a - Adofe^^^v
W ANTED ~ Carbon'
' ' lorwilcb * P«C« l>« njid*^^
' " Carpenter Step |is«rdoaa«srta/nlr *3
C LtiEss^z!* c ’‘ r,: " J -
\K[ ANTED —A puidlasa?
W ANTHU—ijaiivsEiera toUt
W ~- An Sinrfsj
genii Wiwr>lreet,'l£lou,Vr ‘“•VSSS? 1 ?-?
'.§Sv»r »1 8$
W ANTEDOro Saloon Wg
•it la »taom wM;
Ur**, u i Oats otter Boureu
>ortlo»,of oy Utjo. Atf dm» MHSBO* tj'&l
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• W ANTED-—A first cues PatJe?
\U AKTiii>-—xo purchase for ciA)
, »"•■*!» jmproTtsJ (im coouiaint IrwasoTw
W N T KD--A 6»tti»iionb?i
ujCJert. uas tu u -wiuia/tfliLih
»xz»U t%'%n M»jnew or hvrtEj
AdWtt* U D. P. 0. BQ» SM.
W' ANTED—A reliable m&5. fcjT
wrtßJOßtynitkto*-b3itne>4 kqicc. mocio*»faS
to Frosi RXi to iSPfrtwTia c-wSwit*.
**f ««t rorifXmiew
rcttOfflceymyerCM. ctdogo. - wiSiKn
WANTED — Nonce. Fornij
. A s«w »sd T*)a»bld tktm. A* vta».
jtecmlmlrny, &oa«tbtur»b»i wsuteaoaietnr!
to Utvtl led c3*«r ft on »U< to jrro ptr
P 1 ? *t T*;. Laftu*'£ oC3c«. IU Ranc»jph iuSaftW
T\7 AN T E B—An ejpeiiractf
. * V« fttoler. with • c*?iu!of ns? tetkk*aa
t*r»itlD» CTBtUyS»i»i3*pef wl Job OBcVin
Co Ja?L\ tteM'tac** «ttSss
mi£s&u fflca ****** caicisa. ur~**
\\? AT?TI2I)—A German 'Witte;
' " laAt. *ltt> t«a eb&drta. and foar «w«
yearf. »fto U »eu M«ja»bl ea wjta an Usdisftnu
ic.d vork, ard e*a /ira tte r*conua&
XKn«a*to ab'mraaa ct»r»cwr dtOrnaontft
ta it« car oren iO? toasted
ttiotx. tetvcea Clark aai
XV ANTED—A jonag 'iadr is i
.* •
*‘o'®s .liA4 ta I eitaneaea and eaa nt« rattrcaei
hb»o!4 r* tltce cCer »‘oo vesta VX* % piu*
aoa »»ar fa a pm*W UmUr. 6Mt%
'• W f." i'cat OSe* Sot SCVS. Cb ego. noi3.*S*Ji
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AN T E I>—Comsp&ndflßctl
" 9 t,& «s»l kf'llfCda Wll> tj bbJ
jc-suf 7»c**.i M*iil7*»ortsi«a; •wits •TiewtafS
To»e.«,tC e*rl,*rfrt*. afl(*T4««Hnnn
two, in. tosjma
X\ 7 Aj^THH—A* man ■who ntdci
*stac£« uJu-rcareotiomaawJawntot
zaatablitHd/ c«a«r»!:r urtfa! *0oa: *£oc*s. acea
rtrfo*ppi; except *nfeveod rfimnto* c»‘fital
\ itr-I'mioent § orcco ol nn i n!car® *a« M
velars hu»w*j Ccu.p»t>r. co?i«f sn.iic«Mdaß
itrtntr. u*» Cn? Utnwa noctu
A. M *ad «5 F. u.
~\JiJ A2vTSD—A situation as Bcofc
* *. Keeper B*le»j=4actsi(?ppi3iCJerktat(!»
c«ry Ui>tite. ViTßiftd tdM )ti>i eißWieuiaa
PM*K»*bacd uarjt*r»u>uur*U'ttr3'le. »«rw
at aid to «ozr.and-«iiuas to make raraeu uuna
tieioi. lut gifts, Adii.-m f»tr
1 4j«"TT Tritnae office. to:*fsc3
WAN TED—A gentleman of eosi
T T nddrta. lo tmrtt Abnels«*:cnccMiaa,
Agocd jninrr ,1-or pnnliciet* apply eirJlfcwsati
ilicft.Bocm Jio.S. Oj«ps»k
IKA N TED. —Goc d Cioa> M&ken
. T watted t attcdUtetr. Liberal wftttitarai
mcc*. Anplj la cio«k Zs*n of j. a. 6tJa;« a<
Mfcaitictt _-»oj
WAITED- —A Banner ia i
SHorKela*. Lvi aad Greuv BstUm via
» cMllsj tl ts ctO?o *ift roo, ate toaw K,a %»eHv
cc» nr &»te>j apja ft •uptrtor»;jl«. ua cftp*ai*clte
»'RftUrs«&o.urtu. kt&nec wtuveU)
terfMv n »t lKtft4."B;*»*ls.”
BOM pwd*-5S
'VAf ANTED:—By & stead?’ rini&
T T csfta akituUo&teftttcadßirla'ft imtw
feats! ct reettaraat. B*n ol jxie.*asse rrrea,"
dICM U MB.”Pcit Office. . oolf-sOtk
AsJTED—Kurnshed or onto
* * n*tl>«4 rocs csd botrdlc a mltou foppi 3
b;&rctse boon ur a :c.u«a«a %ad irt> saai *
s’orth aide preferred AdCrcie • 3,’* Tilpasv oSu.
VV A^TED—APoner in a whole
> T **le BcoS *cd Shoe wits rood rt«t
n3erd»t’oa»fcc*ch«lui eepioytr. *aa wSo * «£•
lartoJEftiettsßsitoMJol A JpQßZ' r *ftayrrfiß«&
«C*. rf&te* U.O Ttlmsm.
VV ANTED—Tn rtni a ‘ suit «
*.* tcosa onftfT»l*b»«cr fimutM, ombl
foliage Jn a tez2<.ct&s> iQcat'on.rocTwlsttabsa
sea. Adi&a*"JV*£ock;Bo*Kts.wittloi*tit , tt«i
l trot. seit-;393
VV? AN TEX) —By a yonsg nm,
» ’ t»«»ty.O£eje*p*of tt*.astaatfoßaiirt»
ut Bcol-iLtece? o» cie k is a «toiiul« stora.’bttk
or broker*; office Bn baa toue aartekad yam
ejpcrrraceiaa'wiiofeai.odrcgxtititore. cnizsai
t&c best ofreftrisce* u to eeaacfer ud ate*
niuxtfpoco !a penoo lorex*Klsiiiaswa Cota
pirbs s C. m Boon «. Txcffloes Boom, cub**
WANTED.-*75 a Month.—i
* T mutt to Wie Agrcta to erery eenafty «t (It
ttcotb fcapenf* veil, to sell tct a«» cseaeftadj
ire Is* aacWBM, AiUxtn. 8. UASmoWSiH
Mffise. * oe3K3War
W ANTED,— Board io prirata
-■ r Jajr'lit*.»nairooeitUeofUieCoartHoail,
for jobs? ram attwdip* Erjsnt .V stnutul Os*
e.eirJ#l college. Addrur. c,rlx.* laCaCon asdrnrst
VV ANTED—Agent* to eell tia
~* * Be»«d«pie»duißvelSßemtaiofPSJß*
DSST LISCOLN. Oee cep? rcitrd la % *u«Mi
M esy part of tbe cooatry oa rw*q»t cf 3 ettk,
' K. E. LAHD&S. Ajt«V.
QCX-dStf-lc a Late ttrteu 01
WANTED—To K-nt, on c?>-
* t fere tie firtt of Jesonry cast a rom a
rooms on om or »eecnd doer. »Jtn»’<c o* I*na
ITantfwlpb twtiti *us*srte jor “_iUCt!!e onrn*M.
Adoiwe J». o.B*x 33: cb»" *o. • ao:ay»i;
'Ey ANTED.—SOO a month! ttl
T T wan* -gecu at S» a mooth. expeaies oti,
to *eH o r ; tfTSsrArrcto Fczcilo. OancTf*t Bint
as* “v-«J tbirtrencurwae». tueini mad enneaer*
FUiets.clrcol>r» reel tree. AdCreaSßAttf
CLAtS. iMddelDtd. Halaa.
1/V AjtfXED —A skut, hoEefit, M-t
* * Utb ot caterer. M pat-**
iuiC c»c*tr ux» Dry 6o«<2iStor*. Atfarm. »ttt sft
»Qd i*/eiese?a. **PohTsa.*' ton ow
wa :uc. cttcijo. ao'j-»a>a
WANTED—a- Fnmahcd HOMS
_* * la tie Secth riririoa, nonh ctTirolfthW#!
P»itW buv'Bjrjcb'.ft Bjorr *U ct » eMaftfe
ptcaj.i pyuc TtFASt by idlsuslaic ”0 Jf.ft %
"\A/ ANTED—Ketidence Prop€rtTj
• “ tinprcT. dor w Joproteoa
buh. Itdiasa aoo Fr*tiJe «»annt>] i’kj,
7P#»tltitoo atreet. P»ik aranu/i and ff»m» itut
O*o*)»ria »PO.y WJ P. OLftGBU. K«al *s*»
Btoktr. yo, <s Clark itHa-. Soast Ho.B. EJi»yg>*
XJV ANTED—Agents to £elln*w
* v *3tf
nj«fcry al use reb*riea br<* i
C. Abbott: Boma Vmorr*. LIM ot tjiiitx,
ADtitett cLj pkkaco..s»
Fc»t VlPetZoxiTSl. goUjOU*..
TOASTED,—Attention SKastt;!
’ * Fertomen. "Waaioa ■ ant tId«Jo». £**
aflr»t tfEor»lrc»r—cue ttat cab puy a -nwmcato'
JorJiume bc<Acr<.>ocotoC4}n>. KooaJntKJ;
e:a*« j>«rtotmet»E««lapily Gocdwtpuwmjfl
Kcn*n:e«l, Jddm- CHxB HSHTk,
ANTED—Agents, reals or ft
* * xtiLe,tot»UaaarSleo< aatrewai as»J* £»
•cbca!f aKoaSitv and bo* Wee ikt»dM«iJg?
flute* flamo;** ireo tad mX»»*«*».
atren it <J Scats Clarkitrert. Rwz r»o. 1
toiApTmt ■'.- -
\\7 AH TSH—Agcats. S3O P£
-»f Boatt.tndaß txvtiu* paid. or»Ug»*by
ral consttUalOb tor MlDac tfce LITTX-* OlAnia**-
IK6 HACHIKS, BetaU prlw »ia W#»»T«Ap*«
wbeae ocmiolri3bn*awa*eflso wr **J?
«nlii*t<nit:«e. m»4 /»*• caeniir. W. o.JJWj*
Iteat.P o.lff»werMs9,Cfeleafo. gott-paw-m.
WTANIED—SIO,OOO on five ysai
T T tine. • osthe foaowtoK land* t-«3 aWB
Greedy (Wt>. 10-. 830 K3C» UJICUU
imaemia elates donnty, IX; Mgactea te Ta*«*»
Cventy. «U KO Ktu in Logas Coast*.
abiuact* aato fS r, £5511t
barlcg icoaey to ln*wt ceo not find a bvigfjffff'
gtet. Addutt F. O. BOX S.SU ’ soRpOW^
XV ANTED—(Knitting Hacbiae
• T Y Beery Faraer to toow tSai til* ‘•■W
fblia*caoea-ts»to sac par«Mt v:k eaetf
Celebrated BaUUajt eCcatsoa. 1? wtU tart U* eg
t& thirty days. Pnceecon'.ete.W. Welc&.3rJ«a%
rwehtftoa Scania to iiia. tend tor GTctUf IS*
taxnpieataeadftaxpo .
BHAJiSO** JCLtilVl. feentflJ ,
a*»b.aasc-taj laai-ixa^faqt.Pttcatt.^
XV ANTED—Mon for the U-J,
* T b'sTy. to do dnty is tfta UtuUtipp*Jr* ■
pQtadroa. for ore. tiro or three jean or tvxarm i
war Good pay and PrUe Mom* Tol* It ®* *5?
dtiitabieteteua. r*y ficm |i2 to t*p per
Nc io»i V>vd taatebec. aae food Q««t«rrr * 5*55
•hip. yet tartteraat^iraunaopirie
l«rctferr n». PftUebaßloelr, com«r KOT'J
ffortb ffaiertimtt J D.
Atttx* MkftarC.B H..Coa 4f Boa^n*^
UratikeioutseOslc*. JSil-*ke»U, cetr.of t***
A coßmlMiOß will be J-a'd to *2J perafln
at rrcrslt to eitb»r ogee. bol>P»**x.
VI ■ A NTSJi— 3“|,
« * Carraatera Hivw.mm
on tJcUeo ?utee KlUuiy Waliroad
Iron: £2 !o *Z per day. The twgJJ
yauoor, toiabbjta a-u tr*ns*cntw«cn tra»9522
aos ie»w» fc oaiei,a diKbu fed far iciacoadaci a I*7
catbetr c.wn*«r>- , ut. is'iaUe at tßeetoej**'.
hooytß u Oixt bam »i«tc. Pt o»d«r £
ac 15 f=M U Gcal if. C.
Boatiratg. "X : ii
T>OA UDIN G.—Oie utfomtshg.
) ggjortol«UimhtF3fcrt,*Urtg»^^s
HOARDING —Rcoraa «*4-- 1
XJ Board o»r be
T> CARDING -Two lurgejicm®
J3 m»< cue mcl« »«oia. i
»-W«»id»Ktoa #«u a**et?»u!t w|JS3C
AUo-A?eg eiybta-.dCT.
pOARDIKG—StVirJ iiaUn.ff
-t > «taz!eroo»«. rraUSM «
I 1 IWi^i

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