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“CHICAGO TEIBUNi," Chicago, H*i
€i)tcago tKEribmie.
Our dispatches hint at far more than
they reveal of the movements in Virginia.
The people will be quite willing to be dis
appointed, and need no preparation to re
ceive good news from Meade and Ms gal
lant army, whose toilsome campaign may
be happily crowned with a splendid vic
tory. From Charleston, nothing new. The
firing is still kept up, and without marked
change. The part played by the present
bombardment is doubtless to keep the en
emy from extending and increasing their
works, and shortly wo may expect the
grand general attack in wMch the fire
shells arc to have their share. The advices
from Chattanooga to yesterday, report the
situation unchanged, and the contending
forces In such close proximity that a shell
from a rebel battery killed Rev. Mr. San
ders, Chaplain of the Illinois 125 th regi
ment, In their camp across the Tennessee.
A Minnesota battery fell at work and si
lenced the rebels.
The decision of Judge Underwood at
Alexandria gives a construction to the con
fiscation law it has not before received,
and which will create a flattering among
rebels It maintains that the confiscation
Is in fee simple, and complete, and not for
Die only as has been previously held. It
will have a wonderfully stimulating effect
on sales of confiscated property if the rule
be made general.
The Radical triumph in Missouri is a
terrible blow to conservatism, and raps se
verely the knuckles of high Cabinet officers,
as how our Washington dispatch shows in
one striking instance. The Attorney Gen
eral might have been in a better crowd and
In better business and may not yet be too
old to Icam. The little episode of Mr. Ed
wards is a most instructive one.
Our dispatches and news columns give
Intelligence of serious recent disasters to
our lake marine- The fine propeller Wa
ter Witch lias gone down with all on
board. Painful rumors are rife os to other
Vessels, both sail and steam.
The card from Hon. D, Y. Bell, Special
Post Office Agent, is worthy the heeding
of all who indulge in the common practice
of defrauding the Post Office Department
by conveying or sending mailable matter
through other than mail channels. It is
illegal, and may prove cosily to violators.
The completion of a new through rail
road route from the West to the seaboard,
is appropriately marked by the great Cleve
land celebration to-day. Any doubt that
another was necessary, and that this, and
all, must yet double their capacity, can be
solved by a little investigation into the ills
experienced by the trade and business of
the West, from an overpressure on present
facilities. Ask merchants with goods six
weeks on the way from tide water. The
country is filling np so rapidly, and all Us
sources of wealth are so strongly expand
ing, that it is not chimerical to expect not
only other great through lines, but all of
them double-track, with facilities for trans
portation only the most wide-awake rail
road men yet appreciate as necessary.
No decision has yet been reached in the
Wabash (Horse) Railroad case now before
the Supreme Court of this State, at Mt.
Ycmon. Indeed it is more than likely
that announcement will not be immediate
ly made.
A highly important circular from Pro
vost Marshal General Fry will commend
itself to the intelligent and patriotic as
instituting a good method of getting all
intending sneaks into line, against the
draft comes. A list is to be exposed for
public inspection both for the insertion o£
names omitted, and the erasure of names
.of those legally exempt In the face of
such open publication, the Government
will stand a chance of getting out the
entire available military force of the peo
ple, and that, too, without draining the
ranks of loyalty, leaving the Copperheads
snug at home to do the voting. The time
is near at hand when all this is to be done.
And all the people will say Amen.
We are beginning to do these things
better. There is a sound discipline enforced
by serious examples, that is having its salu
tary effect upon our army, both officers and
men- This will largely diminish military
•offenses, and bring up the general tone of
the service, heightening its efficiency, and
removing evils under which it has suffered.
{Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Bock Island, 111., Nov. 17, 1663.
At a special election held in this city to
-day, lor Police Magistrate, the Union candi
date was elected by ninety-eight majority.
News from Rebel Sources—The Siege
of ciiariomon—Great Fire in Wil
Fortress Monroe, Nov. 17.— The flog of
truce boat New York arrived this evening
w ilh 3,515 Union soldiers from Richmond.
The Richmond Enquirer of the 16th con
tains the following:
Charleston, Nov. 14.— The enemies fire
on Sumter continues steadily. Battery
Gregg opened fire this afternoon on James
Island, and Fort Moultrie, Fort Lamar, and
batteries Simpkins replied.
Charleston, Nov. 15.—The firing Is about
the same to-day. From Thursday morning
until Saturday, at sundown, 1,533 mortar
chells and rifle Shots were fired at Sumter.
The enemy’s fire has ceased to be ol any
injury to the fort. There has been no firing
to-day on James or Sullivan’s Island. ■ Oar
batteries continue to keep up a slow fire on
Gregg’s mortar battery.
WmaNGTOV, N. C, Nov. 15.—A large
warehouse next to the customhouse was de
stroyed by fire last night. The lose, which Is
heavy, consisted of cotton clothing and a
part of the cargo of the steamship Advance,
belonging to the State of North Carolina.
New Yobs Not. 17.—A Fortress Monroe
letter to the Commercial says, lately heavy re
Itforcements hare arrived here, and Gen. Fos
ter was about making a grand movement
which on the evening of starting It was nip
pbd in the bud by an order from the War De
partment countermanding the movement.
L&UhtNewi from Gen. Banka’ Force.
New’ York. Nov, 17.— The Herald has a let
ter from off Brazos, sth, giving further par
ticulars of the movements connected with
Gen, Banks’ expedition.
A successful reconnoissance of the whole
Texas coast has been made by the gunboat
Tennessee; also, ol the mouth of the Rio
Grande, the passes and bar, and most valu
able information as to the depth of water
has been obtained, as well as views of the
rebel works and forces at Babiue Pass, Galves
ton, Brazos River and other points.
Daring the cruise, a small blockade runner,
with arms and ammunition, from Havana,
was captured and another destroyed.
Firing tras beard off Sabine Pass, supposed
to be in honor of the arrival of Mag ruder.
Kel>el Plot Dlscov
Washington, Nor. 17.—When the United
States steamer Newbern was oh ber way to
New Tork with a large number of rebel pris
onere, a plot was discovered to take the ves
sel from tlie oflicert and men. as there were
of theta. One hundred and
£, ould easily have effected their
E , Qt cn for the ingenuity of a
V«^ 4 “ “ 65U0r ' d! ‘'
From New Fork.
Krvr Yor.iz, Nov. 17.—About half-part
Un o'clock lart evening a lire broke ontln
the dijlng room of the Fifth Avenue Hotel
which, before it could be extinguished, d&ml
aged the building about SIO,OOO worth.
A Remarkable Humor.
BrrrAxo, Nor. 17.—We learn from gentle
men, just from Toronto, that Hon. Joshua
H. Glddlnge has been arrested in Montreal,
and held to bail in the sum of $30,000, charg
ed with kidnapping.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Wabhikotok, Not. 17,1883. ‘
circular most tub rnovosT marshal gen-
The following circular was issued to day
War Department, )
Provost Marshal General's Office, v
November 17,1855. j
Circular No. 101.—As complaints hive
been made that errors have occurred in the
enrollment of the national forces, by the
emission of persons whose names should
have been enrolled, and by the addition of
names of persons, who by reason cf alienage
and for other causes, ought notio'hivebeen
called upon; and as it is desirable that the
Department should have such information as
maybe necessary in order to do frill justice
to all parties, it is hereby ordered.
That the Board of Enrollment of each dis
trict shall have printed lists of names and
residences of all persons enrolled In. each
cub-district, prepared and exposed to pnbllc
view, in at least fire places in each cub-dis
trict, and as many more aa the Board may
deem necessary. The names will be placed
upon these lists in alphabetical order. Public
notice will be given by advertisements upon
the liste’of names and in That
any person who may appear before the Board
aid claim to Lave his name stricken off the
list, if ho can show to the satisfaction of the.
Board that heis not and could hot be at the
time fixed lor the next draft liable to military
duty on account of
First— Alienage.
Second— Non-residence.
Third—Unsniiableness of age.
Fourth— Manifest permanent physics!
Persons who may be cognizant of any other
persons liable to military duty whose names
do not appear on the enrollment list, are re
quested to notify the Board of Enrollment,
who shall thereupon direct the enrolling offi
cer of the sub-district in which the parties
reside, to ascertain the facts, and enroll the
persons so reported, if they ore found to be
subject to enrollment. TneseAxnay avail
themselves of the privilege of appearing as
specified, in paragraph first, if they had been
originally enrolled.
Boards of enrollment win nee all diligence
in the collection of necessary information,
and making requisite notes to perfect the en
rollment, will proceed as provided in para
graph one, until the 20 :h of December, 18C3,
after which no cases will be heard. As soon
os possible thereafter, a list of proposed
corrections will be made out according to the
printed instructions, and transmitted to the
Provost Marshal General. -The names and
residences of those proposed to be stricken
out or added will be transmitted to the Pro
vost Marshal General, for the purpose of cor
recting the lists on file.
Jas. 11.Fax, Provost Marshal General.
Dahlgrcn has recovered his health. He
was fifteen days cn his back suffering from a
nervous ccmplaint of the jiw. A volumin
ous dispatch from Mm says Sumter will be
toon rendered uninhabitable.
The National Bank note fives are to be
transferred by Continental,the tens by Amer
ican Bank Note Company. The printing is
soon to begin.
It is not impossible that the people may be
deceived by the apparent Inactivity of the
Army of the Potomac. «
Semi-official advices from the Juarez Gov
ernment have been received here up to the
2Gth of October, from the city of Mexico,
and to the 22d of October from San Luis
Potoei, which say that no farther battles have
been fought, and but few skirmishes, which
latter, however, severally have resulted favor
ably to the Mexicans. The French are pre
paring an expedition to the interior, and the
Mexicans are getting ready to meet them.
General Comonioct, Secretary of War, has
left San Quaretero, where he will
assume common (Tin chief. ’General Uragua,
Governor cf the State of Micholocan, is sec
ond in command. The Mexican army in Ad
vance of Quare'.ero is about ninety thousand
General Diaz had left Mafutero with three
thousand men, to obtain relief from the
Eastern States of Mexico, and to commence
active operations against the French in that
direction, with a view to cut their line of
communication between Vera Cruz and
Pccbla. Bazin, Forey's successor in com
mand, who is said to possess liberal opinions.
Is opposed to tAkinyr the church property,
and always opposed Forey's policy. The
cause of Forey's recall is supposed to be on
account of Ms having unnecessarily precipi
tated matters.
The following is the latest development in
the Missouri imbroglio. It is proper to explain
that it 'was written before the recent election,
which, according to latest advices here, gives
Missouri to the Kadi cols by about 4,000
majority, Mr. Edwards thus dismissed from
office for conduct contrary to the views of
the Administration and the State government
of Missouri, is simply a Radical, He was
one cl the Missouri delegates here, and has
been an intimate friend, if not also a law
student, of the Attorney-General.
Attorney G eke sal’s Orncz, I
Washington, Nov. 2,1353 f
W. W. Edwards, Esq., St. Charles, Mo.:
Slit:—Tour recent active participation in po
litical enterprise hostile to the known views and
wishes of the Executive Government of both the
Nation and the State, rendered it unfit in my
opinion, for yon to contiuneto bold the office of
United States Attorney for toe Eastern District of
Missouri. Such being my opinion, the President,
at my request, has ceased your office to be
vacated. Edward Bates, Attorney General.
The New York Herald publishes a para
graph purporting to be a special Washington
dispatch, which contradicts the statement
onginsHy published in the Washington cor
respondence of the Cincinnati con
cerning the interview between CoL Forney
and the President, at which Montgomery
Blair was present, and In which he was very
plainly told the effect of his Rockville
speech. The paragraph is simply a Herald
forgery, macnitctured In New York, and not
transmitted from Washington at all. Of
course, therefore, it requires so notice; but
as it probably appears at the Instigation of
Postmaster General Blair, it Is proper to say,
that if he wDI father It, unquestionable proofs
of its utter falsity w&i be immediately pro
Among the treaties to come before the Sen
ate for ratification, is one made last summer
by the Commissioner of Indian affairs, with
the Chiefs of the Creeks, by which those who
joined withthe rebels are permitted to return
to their allegiance, but are to be forever dis
qualified from holding offices of honor,
emolument or trust, among the Indians, and
the treaty engages to abolish slavery, as the
Cherokecs have done already, and to colonize
the freedmen on land belonging to the
Mr. Chase drew, last night, for five more
millions of the hank loan. There are
only seven and a halt more to he drawn.
Reid, the Florida Commissioner, has resigned,
to take effect December Slet.
Lieut. Colonel J. P. Walker, 85th Illinois volun
teers, to date October 6th, 1868, for misbehavior
in the Cace of the enemy.
Capt. Graham, 83d Penn., volunteers, to date
Nov. Sd, 1963, for absence without leave.
Capt. Wm. H. HLU, 81st Ohio volunteers, with
loss of ail par and allowances, to date Nov, 14th.
1863, for certifyihg to false and fraudulent account
against the Government.
Second Lieut. A C. Landis, 170 th Pennsylva
nia, vole., to dote November Uth. 1563, visiting
house of tll-famc whilst under medical treatment,
and disobedience of orders in fading to report, as
oidered, at the Provost Marshal's office in Wash
Major W. H. Weller, 2d Wia, late cavalry, to
date Nov. 11th, 18*1, upon charges of insoltlng a
lady, of unlawfully stripping cheverons from a
Corporal, and of abstracting and applying
to Lie own nee, wines and whis
ks belonging to tho bospiUL The following
officers heretofore dismissed are restored, prorid
od the vacancies have not been filled by the Gov*
errors of their respective States: Col. F. 8. Kuth
crfoid 97th IILVoI, Capt. D. E. Livermore, 8d
ObiSoSry. Theordettofdlsmlsetlintte fob
lowing case has been revoked: Cou John S. Cat*
cxderTSPtb Missouri volonteers. thus leaving him
honorably out of sendee bv resignation.
The firing heard yesterday was at Somer
ville Ford, and was occasioned by a recon
nolsaance to the river by a detachment of
cavalry. The Ist Vermont and Oth Michigan
cavalry were ordered to advance in dlrec-
tlun to develop the poiition of the enemy.
Dismounting, they poshed forward, and on
befog discovered, were fired upon by the
rebels from a battery on the heights. Taking
a favorable position, a battery of the 2d Uni*
ted States Artillery’ responded to the rebel
artillery, their shot being effective and their
shells bunting amongst tie rebel gonners,
whose flrirg was very wild. The enemy were
driven bade across the river In contagion, and
fifing was discontinued at 10 o'clock.
The Ist and 2d battalion of the Invalid
Corps were, to-day, reviewed by the Pres
Washington, Nov. 17.—1n the U. 8. Dis
trict Court for the Eastern District of Vir
ginia, sitting at Alexandria, Judge Under
wood tbia morning delivered an opinion lu
the case ol the United States vs. Hugh Lath
am, under the Confiscation Act, in which he
confiscates the real estate of the defendant in
ice siuple. This decision gives an entirely
different construction of the law as rendered
by other coarts.
Washington, Nov. 17 —A bill will be intro
duced early at the next session of Congress
to have a bounty to soldiers paid in monthly
Instalments, additional to their, monthly pay.
This will - make their pay thirty dollars a
month, instead of thirteen dollars.
George T. Ayre, agent lor the sale of Con
federate bonds, has been sent hither from the
Army of the Potomac, and committed to the
Old CspitoL Several other dangerous charac
ters have also been sent to that prison.
Brig.-Gen. Charles JL Graham has been
relieved, by order of the Secretary of War,
from his command In the Army ol the Poto
mac, and directed to report to Gen. Bailer.
The Situation Unchanged—A Great
Battle impending.
Eebel Firing Yesterday—An Illi
nois Chaplain Billed.
tEpeclal Dispatch to the Chicago TrlboseJ
Chattanooga, Nor. 17,1863.
This morning the rebels opened from a bat
tery at the mouth of Chlck&mauga Creek on
Col. Harman's camp across the river. Bev.
Mr. Sanders, Chaplain of the 125 th Illinois,
was killed. Our battery replied briskly.
The damage done was slight.
Gen. Whipple is announced the Senior and
Supervising officer in the Adjutant General's
Department of this army.
Chattanooga, Nov. 17.—This morning the
ctcu-Y brought a battery down to the river
* ide, and shelled the camp of the 125 th Illi
nois, who were guarding a ford six miles
above here—killing Bev. Mr. Sanders, Chap
lain of the regiment.
The assailants were forced to retire alter
half an hours practice by the 2d Maine bat
All is quiet here. The situation is un
Chattanooga, Nov. 17.—The rebel Look
out battery was quite vigorously worked yes
terday, alternately on Hooker's camps,
Moccasin Point, and Chattanooga camps.
Shells were occasionally thrown into the
town, but their plunging fire was neither
accurate nor effective. No casualties are
reported here. Our Moccasin batteries have
splendid range on the camps in Chattaooo
ta Talley, on the east side of Lookout. The
Indications were that a battle would be
made on Hooker's position by a large force
of rebels ere long, but its strength and ad
vantageous position has led to an abandon
ment. ■
Latest information from scouts, contra
dicting former reports, states that the Wes >
em and Atlantic road is worked to its fall
capacity, bringing reinforcements to Bragg,
and the. road from Cblckamauga Station,
eight miles south, is lined with camps.
The rebels aver that the campaign will not
be dosed without a decisive and bloody
struggle for Chattanooga and East Tennes
Intelligence from East Tennessee, to the
evening of the 14 th, is salhfactoiy
Nashville, Nov. 17.—Forty five prisoners,
among them one Captain and three Lieuten
ants, captured by Major Pitz Gibbon, of the
14th Michigan, at Lawrencebtug, reached the
city yesterday. The Cooper's
force, routed at Lawreuceburg, are now en
deavoring to cross the Tennessee Biver.
The countiy around Columbia is clear of
On the 12th instant, Capt. Roddy’s rebel
cavalry crossed the Tennessee Biver, came to
Coiqui, near Lynnville, on the Tennessee and
Alabama Batfroad, and destroyed two bridges
and trestlework.
It is reported that all is quiet at the front.
Lieut.Col. H. C. Hodges, Chief Quarter
master, has been ordered to Leavenworth.
NfiT-wa*. J. S. Donaldson, Lieutenant Colonel
and Acting Quartermaster, has been appoint
ed to this post.
The river is three and a half feet on the
shoals. A large lot of coal for the Govern
ment has arrived.
Louisville, Nov. 17.—A telegram, dated
yesterday, from headquarters of the Army of
the Tennessee, states that Major General
Sherman was in Gen Thomas* headquarters,
having made a junction oi his entire corps
with Grant’s right.
New York, Nov. 17.— ACbattanooealetter
of the 13th to the Herald says: “It Is ru
mored that Hooker has just been engaged
with the enemy.”
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Gazetted
Chattanooga, Nov. 8,1863.
Interesting movements, though not a great
tattle, may be expected soon. Each day
makes it apparent that the enemy does not
intend to remain la our front la making a
close optical reconnolss&uce to day, I was
convinced that large numbers ol the tents
which a few days since were strung along oq
the top and at the foot oi Missionary Ridge,
have disappeared. This con be explained in
port cn the ground that troops have been
sent away, as was stated by rebels, to oppose
Burnside—a story which is strengthened by
statements in late rebel papers. But this
will not account for it aIL
Washington. Nov. 17.—0n Sunday morn
the cavalrv division of Gen. Ellpilnct, un
der the command of Gen. Basted, made a
reconcoheance along the Rapidan to Rac
coon Ford, to ascertain the troth or falsity of
the report that the rebels were falling back
on Gordoneville, When our cavalry ap
proached they were met by a few gnna from
the rebel entrenchments, bat our guns soon
silenced them. , ,
A small number of rebel sharpshooters
were seen In the lower rifle pits, and soon
afterwords a small body was discovered.
The river was too much s woolen by the storm
Saturday night to jnetify crossing, and so the
cavalry returned.
The report on Thursday that a rebel force
had crossed the Rappahannock and attacked
Kilpatrick’s forces is untrue.
Seven! English officers ore visiting at Gen,
Meade’s headquarters.
Information through a reliable channel from
Washington, is to the effect that two of the
divisions of Gen. Hill’s (rebel) corps had left
the Rapidan and gone southward, whether to
Tennessee or Fredericksburg, or to demon
strate cn the left flank of the army of the Po
tomac, it does not yet appear.
Washing ton, Nov. 17. —Rumors reached
here last night of cavalry fighting yesterday
cn the Rapidan. Firing was heard on Sun
day in the direction of Stevensburg, and again
yesterday in the same direction. Tho rebels
capturedawagon train yesterday near Stevens
bnrg. The cause of the firing yesterday Is
notknown up to this hour.
Generals Meade, Griffin and Kilpatrick went
to the front yesterday. It is evident that the
army Is not going into winter quarters at
present. •
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
SruzNonxu), Nov. 17,1363.
A considerable portion of the 113 th regi
ment, which have been stationed at Camp
Butler for sometime, leave to-night under
the command of Lieut. Hosmer, for Man
chester, in this State, to watch a desperate
haeff of copperheads and K- G. C.’s in that
vicinity, who are doing all In their power to
mist the authority of the Government. The
men who go are a brave set of men and led
by a gallant officer.
Capt. Pomeroy, mustering and disbursing
officer, arrived to day and will take hold and
assist CoL Oakes and Capt. Hubbs In paying
off and preparing for the field new enlisted
A Fireman's Tournament will take place
here on Monday, Nov. 23d, for a splendid
stand of colors. It promises to be a grand
affair. Each engine is required to draw its
own water, play through three hundred loefc
of hose and a seven-eighths nozzle.
Gen. Feller has returned home and is giv
ing iiie time to the duties of his office.
Gov. Tates will be at the grand opening of
the Atlantic and Western Railroad, at Cleve
land, which comes off to-morrow.
The negro regiment at Quincy is progress
ing finely and will soon be ready tor service.
Lake Disasters—Loss of the Pro
peller Water Witch with
all on board.
Prop. Eaoine Ashore—Sohr, Syra
cuse Sunk.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ]
Milwaukee, Nov. 17,1883.
Pfivate dispatches received from Detroit
yesterday bring news of the sinking of the
propeller Water Witch on Lake Huron, dur
ing the gale of the 11th. All on hoard sup
posed to be lost. She was bound from this
point to Sarnia.
The propeller Btclue is reported ashore up
on the rocks at Forty Mile Point on Lake Hu
ron, with but little hope of getting her off
Propeller lowa arrived from below this
morning, bringing the captain and crew
of the schooner Syracuse, which was pre
viously reported iu a leaky condition on Lake
Huron. The Syracuse afterwards Bunk in tea
fathoms, about twelve miles from the Straits
of Mackinac.
Several other disasters of minor importance
arc reported.
The Wabash in the Supreme Court.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Mt. Vkknon, lIL, Nov. 17, 1353.
The argument in the case of the People of
Illinois, cx rd., Charles N. Keyes vs. the Au
ditor of the State, is concluded, and the argu
ment of the People of Illinois, ex rd„ Harless
vs, the Secretary of State, has just commen
ced. Judge Dickey in the first, concluded
this morning for the relator, and the Wabash
railway. Hon. M. W. Fuller opened after
Judge Dickey, and concluded for the relator,
the Wabash railway, in the other case. Mc-
Allister will follow Fuller, and Beckwith will
follow McAllister, both-for the defense, and
Arrington will close for the relator, the Wa
bash railway. ' - :
The case will be concluded to-morrow fore
noon. The opinion of the court will not
probably be given during iho present session,
and no opinion can at present bo formed as to
what that decision will be.
[gpcclalDlfcpatCh to tbcChicagoTribune.]
Sr. Paul, Nov 17,1863.
Official returns from the leading counties,
ond unofficial reports from nearly all the
counties in the State, give Miller G,530 ma
Full returns will probably increase this
majority to 7,000. This is a gain of 8,000
ever last year, but still it does not show what
the Union strength Is.
The vote -was very light, except in a few
localitier, where there was a contest in local
officers. Everyone knew that the copper
heads would be overwhelmed, and conae
qnentlr the campaign was too mild to bring
out the votes.
Set Minnesota down for 12,000, when a full
vote is polled.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cincinnati, Nov. 17, W63.
The official soldiers' vote of Hamilton
county, stands, Brough, 427; Yallaudlgham,
138; Brough's majority, 299. Brough's ma
jority intho county is over 1,000.
The trial of the Noble countyiconsplrators
commences to-morrow In the United States
From, the Pacific Coast.
San Francisco, Nov. 17.—The stormy
weather ceased last night. It is now pleas
apt. The cargo of thoAqull&caa be saved,
and hopes are also entertained of raising the
chip in a condition to be repaired, though
greatly damaged.
Careful estimates make the loss by the late
lire at Nevada at $550 000, of which only
$50,000 was insured. The city is being rapid
ly rebuilt.
?From South Carolina.
Fhiadelthia, Nov. 17.—The United States
steamer Ashland, seventy hours from Hilton
Besd, via Stono Inlet and Morris Island, has
orrlved. She brings the mall and dispatches
from Gen. Gilmore. The bombardment of
Sumter continued.
From the Coast Blockade.
Washington, Nov. 17 —The Navy Depart
ment has received information of'another
capture off Wilmington. The particulars are
t.ot yet received.
From. Philadelphia;
Philadelphia, Nov. 17.—Gov Seymour
arrived here last evening, en route to Gettys
burg. A large crowd is congregating at flar
jf lection of B« Gratz Brown and John
B. HeuderMta-Tlie Combination,
and- its Beaulta—Clayl»%nk Defeat—
military Blotters—Negro Troops, &c.
[From Our Special Correspondent.]
St. Louis, Nov. 16,1853.
The leading event cf the past week Is the
Senatorial election. The first ballot was taken
on Thursday, when B. Gratz Brown gained
ten on his highest vote at tho previous ses
sion. From this moment the proposed coall •
tion between the Claybanks and copperheads
was broken up, inasmuch as the probability
of such a fusion had taken off several cUy
banks who were Union men at heart, and
because the furtherattempt to prosecute such
a fusion would have inevitably driven other .
Claybanks Into the ranks of the Radicals.
Tno absence of several members on both
sides reduced the number of votes requited
to elect, and the secret of the real strength
of the Radicals was wisely kept until the bal
lot began, Worn fear of illUbusterlnz parlia '
metlary tactics on the pirt of the Cuybinks
te prevent an election. The result was a sur
prise to the Claybanks and copperheads, but
t was then too late to do any mischief Toe
election of B. Gratz Bro m is a glorious trl
umpb, and added to the success of our ticket
at the late election, places Missouri right on
the record. It seals the downfall of the Gam
ble-Blair Schofield policy, and must snecdily
alter the President's view of the Missouri
The selection of John B. Henderson as the
second Senator (for tho long term,)—the col
league of Mr. Brown, has excited consider
able notice. The Missouri Republican aud
the Claybanks’ claim him as an ardent Con
servative, which view ot his politics is
strengthened by the open discontent mani
fested by the Gorman Radical papers over his
election. It is simple truth to say that Mr.
Henderson Is not now, nor has he ever been,
the choice of the Radical party; but the
Sues tion oi Jefferson City was Henderson and
rown or Broadhead mid .Phelps. A mere
boll-dog tenacity holding out for the two
men of the Gratz Brown stripe, might have
been creditable in one point of view, but
in many others the election of Henderson
must meet with the approbation of loyal men.
John B. Henderson professed the most radi
cal sentiments. Personally he has no respect
forthe Gamble government and he is now in
good company. He has sufficient political sa
gacity to see the popular current, and will
not attempt to breast the tide. The late elec
tion has opened his eyes wonderfully, aud
backed by Gratz Brown, and such able Con
gressional representatives as Blow, Boyd,
Lean and HcClnrg, Mr. Henderson, it Is con
fidently believed, will vote right. He is In
favor of another convention to consider
the Emancipation question, and will earn
his election by voting to reject the nomina
tion of Schofield ae a Major General.
The verdict of the people, in favor of the.
Radicals, seems settled beyond dispute. The
Democrat's figures on the home vote are as
follows: Badical, 27,990; Conservative,
34,585—Conservative majority, 6,595. The
Republican's figures are a little different, be •
ing as follows; Radical, 26,270; Conserve-,
live, 83,188— majority 6.860. The soldiers’
vote is ignored by the Eepufilican but the
Democrat publishes the vote in detail. It
foots up as follows: Radical, 7,773; Con
servative, 585. If added to the home vote,
according to the Democrat, it gives a majori
ty of 593 for the Radical; or according to
the HepuUiean, a radical majority of 843.
There are about twelve hundred soldiers’
votes, which will be nearly all Radical, to be
added, and the final result cannot be
less than from fifteen hundred to two thou
sand in our favor, leaving a wide margin for
illegal or Informal returns thrown out by the
canvassers. It is quite urob&ble an effort,
will be made to throw out a largo portion of
the xnilitarv vote, but such on operation will,
if tried, raise a terrific storm about the heads
of the Conservatives. The question cannot
be taken into the Supremo Court, as all the
Judges are personally interested in the de
: Gen. Schofield is considered doomed to re
moval. 'With Gratz Brown and Henderson
thrown into the Senate, to increase the for
mer Radical majority in that body,lt is difficult
' to contemplate BUChapoeßlbUtyasSchofiald’s
confirmation. Grata Brown will thoroughly
espoeethe course of the Commanding Gen*
era! of this Department,and give a good and
square vote against him In Executive Session.
Senators Wilson, Trumbull, Grimes, Wade,
Chandler and Sumner have given their atten
tion to the matter, and thoroughly under
stand the merits of the case. The order pro
hibiting Jnrlonghs to members of the Mis
souri Legislature to attend the session which
vas so quickly and emphatically repudiated
by the War Department, might have elected
CoL Broadbead, IheProvoat Marshal General,
to the Senate by keeping away Radical mem
beis, IflthadhowcouldGeuSehofieldeacape
the odinm ot conapirisg to effect a politic *1
trick? Why should he be relieved of the
odium because the trick failed. This affair
ought to be • sufficient in itself to secure
Schofield's overthrow, and his consequent re
moval from the Department, the only eveat
now wanting to give Radicalism a free swing
In the' State. 1
These various political matters have folly
absorbed* the interest of the public'. The
military situation of the State may bo de
scribed as quiet Rebels and rebel sympa
tbiz*» are swarming in the interior, and ma
ny of them are doubtless slipping through
this city to the interior every week, but they
discreetly refrain from violent outbreaks, and
manage to retain an existence. In Lafayette
county, early last week, it was reported that
a squad of-six or seven bushwackers ffiad
committed various outrages, but as no Hres
were taken, the details are without interest.
There are other bnehwackers in Pettis; Sa
line, and Lafayette counties, though the cop
perheads have hit upon the plan of calling
them Jayhawkcrs, or “menfrom Kansas,”
hoping thereby to deceive the authorities.
There are also a fow guerillas in . the South
west, bnt they find a scanty substance to
prey upon in that region, ana will disappear
as the season grows colder. Ah a rule, the
guerillas are powerless for serious hormyand
simply need to he warned tube kept harm
less. ••
Gen. Schofield has issued s long 1 general order
Id relation to the enlistment of negro sokllera
lathis State. Blare and free negroes of col
or are to be enlisted indiscriminately. *Re
celptsoreto be given to all loyal persons
whose slaves are enlisted. There will he a
rendezvous for such troops in St. Louts, and
Col. Wm. A. Pile, of the 33d Missouri. Vol
unteers, is appointed to command them: The
bad featnre of this order Is, that the enlist
ments oro to be made nnder the direction of
the Provost Marshal General and his assist
ants. That officer has no hcait for enlisting
negro troops at all, and it is dubious wheth
er ne roll smooth over the obstacles or build
np new ones. The business will need watch
irg.or the fruits may be bitter.
«Ttic quota aligned to this State under the
last call is 13 510, and the number hat been
divided off according to the Congres
sional Districts.- It is announced ‘Semi
officially that unless this number Is taUed by
. the sth,of January, that the draft will bo en
forced.' The draft will have to proceed, U
that is the only contingency. Volunteer
ing in this State, under the auspices of the
Gamble government, is not a popular Insti
tution. No steps have Men taken to rouse
toe people, and the population has been so
reduced In many districts by the calamities
cf war, that bat few loyal men are left,
.An incident on the Pacific railroid hxs ex
cited the ire of the Conservative press. Some
Minnesota soldiers stationed near OtMrville,
stopped a train and carried off three negroes
in spite of the commands of an officer on the
train, who claimed to be their superior. Tde
merits of the ca*c are to be Investigated,
when it will probablj* bo found that kidnap
ping is at the bottom of tho whole affair.
The day far mourning over the loss of slaves
!n Mitfionri has passed.
By the way Gov. Gamble claims too. much
Cfidft for Missouri troops for driving olf the
gneiiTlasundtr Shelby. lie failed to mention
In Lis massage that Minnesota regiments
t'»ok the place o! the garrison in Jeffemn
City and in this city withdrawn lor active
service. They assisted in driving offdhalby,
in enabling others to to go into the field.
The Governor omits mention of the* Tenth
Kansas which served uhdtr Gen. Etviag In
The controvcsy in relation to tha restric
tions on river trade is still kept np by the
copperheads. Secretary Chase Ms ordered
the nioneypald on tho five per cent. chv*go
on fblpiDcnts down the river to be refunded,
whereupon the copperheads claim in sub
stance that they have forced him to this, and
then demand free trade entirely. Is it possi
ble that any real Union man can ba so blind
os not to see the uttter incompatibility of
free trade on the Mississippi, with extensive
military operations constantly near its
banka t The proposition is absurd.' 1
The Provost Marshal General remitted
the sentence of banishment against Mrs.
I'rusten Polk and family. The father, late a
Colonel on Price’s stiff, is now a prisoner on
Jolmron’e Island. The family Is said to be
destitute in Dixie—a Utter lesson for their
lormcr enthusiasm for the Confederacy.
A letter recently received from Springfield
n entions a rumor, brought by refugee*, that
Qaantrelland Shelby arc preparing for anoth
er raid into-this.State*. It isptobibly a
The military prisoners receive a steady ac
ceeilon from the bnrremlerlng bushwhackers
Jn the Interior.
Kosehili. cemetery.—a
special train Yl'l leave the UUwan.es T) jpet
*or Foirt 11. returning at 4. J. ffyoiSRIOGS
B b lIH. Txe»»ur»r. notS-rUg-H
A* ent for all kinds cf SOFT COAL.
Office 185 1-2 Boutb ClarU-st,
All orders Oiled on abort notice. noxß-rI3S-lt
Without reserve, for C/ah
On fIUIMT, Nov. 30th. at 3 o’clock P, M„ at the
Lake Shore Cattle Yards, (Shemaa’s,)
We (ball ic’l TO stock-Sheep of tbs Lelcetter and
;'otis«cl(l breed They con ce seen at the above
jtrds up to the time ot ta.e.
• WM. A. BUTTERS* CO.. .
colSrPrSh-ltlsp Aictlonecrs.
X CIdNS —A ycang man from the E&et.lT yean
oi aso.waohMhaaco«eetoerif»eaai a draft olsrk
wisht? to locate here, and would like to fiad a place
.v-ith some established Physician or Otngclst. with
wom ha cd. ht engage for a term of year’.t a became
t»ml Par w:tn every depsrtmeit of the mail drae
business Atprvsentwagesarenotexpoctad. Would
prefer a votl ion where ce could have the advantages
of*come wl.h hla employer, f> whom he would
ntikoidsfell mefoL lie will call personally if al
drmed. and e«t famish the best of raieroucra. “W
h E.*‘ Box 31 Chicago. nol3 rISHt
gALT.— Ex. Bark “British Lion.”
4. 000 Sacks a* A. Salt
I store atd lor sal; in qn* ntlries to suit
• iclE-jS33t _ 13 Laaalle siren.
X TOFCPK ciutlng he*, warn the nader.lraid. uu
rerttefirm came ox Mortan Ootaarlond A Co.. Is
• o.adty diuolvedbyllmitation, Aayursett'od hni
lf*»* *lihineDx» wiUbctitUed r»y G£o C; MOB
TON. who hestkf privilege of osinr toe firm name
ft r that porpoet coll. G.O^MOBrov.
Ch'caio. Nov. 16.1963. noX3-i3Mt
/A. Bale, of Men's Calf. Eipp and Grata Cavalry
Boots. Also alineass'rtaoncofiadlss’caodaatioas
ueu Involse prices. Winter coco*. IJ3 shoo poxes
latte bargain. Addzesrlfox3299 City,
nolS x123-lt ■
X zessoftheWcstDWslon andparticularlythose
o»nitc property noon Milwaukee Fank Road Hal
stead e trier and vicinity, are invltad to meet this
(Redceeday) evealrg at 8 o’clock, at the hoise of
Christian Sennits Hi Mlw aoken avenue. to consult
In reference to the bnlidlog cf Horse BtU.'oais.
noisilisit . Many cmzm
X/very choice animals, with Herd BookPeJisrees,
can be tad by addressing the subscriber, cite of Hon.
jcbn Wentw«r*h. OMesgo, or b* callloe »t the Sim
mltDeiCt,23mllest omChicago. HENB7 HAY.
XX on Carilo from the latest importations, with
Ee :itre»s in both tie KrrUsh ana American Herd
'COkt*. can be had by visiting Smamlr, 11 miles from
the city, or by addrurir.e the subscriber, care oi
Hob. -oha WentworthJ Chicago. HENRY HAY.
I wc w\a*.’A your rame,
I wonder how yon came to D 9
In such a stylish frame
1 hie was not raid of o&e oi the Photographs taken
at averitrs Art Gallery, they are superior to aay
P* it ted Portrait. 127 Lake street. Cartes de Yieita |2
per Cozen BAY NIAS, Agent.
colSriOSlt .
Vri lbgaNlES—We have this day received
30 haslets of Clestnats from Flitslorg, Fa.
Thfyare extra nice. Call at 55 State street.
The inccefs a'.csndtug onr new mathod of ox'ract-
Jre terth.wlthoat the LEAST PAIN or UNPLSAS*
ANT H yj»E IT. isro osvaT thatwe reqceztpersoas
wlehiieteetbextrscted by tb!> pleasant and harm
rets precets, to call EARLY, at Dacton Busa & no
ble’s Drnul Hoorn 131 Clark itreet comer of Madi
son. We will remain tn this city.but a few days
forger, at d
To all who try our tew method. Dentists are Invited
to be present. PROF. WALLACE.
MASONI G—There will be a
•pedal convocation of Washington Chapter
no 43 R A. M„ this (Wedncadav) er«h|ue ot 7X
o'c cck. for work. S. E. UNDERHILL. Secretary.
nolß r92-lt
CAUTION —AH parsons sre
hereby cautioned agalntt negotiating a Crock
for *SCO. numbered Wl. drawn on W. y. Coolhaugh <k
Co t>7 B D Raymond ft Co., In P*vor of Wm, Brine
A 00.. and endorsed by them. n- 4 ia check watloit
Ttaurdavand paymentthercoah/**bten stopped.
3 no: S rIOT it -
\TAMMOTH G r ,£ESE Persons
It.l wishing the Mammot’ a Bremen White Qztse, or
the White China Geete. rh'jnja call at the
gununit S’ arm at Once •
Or addrewthe •übacr' ,ber. rare of Hon John Went
woitc. Chicago, [no i6-r9l2toawl BKNBYHAY.
Beal estate wanted,
IbavePtuejkcaert for several Homes and Lott,
located on the North or West Side. Parties having
property lor will do well to sail.
BcalKjtate Agent. No. 4 Metro? oUtan Block.
toiS-r u
Jfftm SliDtrfennrnls,
Piano Advertisements
Desiring to protect a well-earned, and to us
most valuable reputation, no matter where or by
whom assailed, we call the attention of all inter
ested in Pianos to the following correspondence.
It would never have been pat In print by us, had
we not learned that our late agents in this city
had carried Into effect the Intention with which
they wrote their letter of Oct. 25th, by publishing
the first two letters given below, the publication
having been made in a monthly paper, issued by
'themselves, designed especially to be seen by the
trade and profession.
We give the correspondence without comment,
feeling that we can safely leave the decision to
that public who so liberally praise and purchase
oar instruments.
Very respectfully,
Stxihwat & Sosa, New York.
New York, October 20th, 1863.
Messus Root & Cadt:
. Gentlemen,—We ate very sorry to inform you
that onr Agency for Ooicago has bem transferred
from yourbonec to Mr. W. K. Nixon, of the firm
of Smuh& Uixon, Cincinnati, 0. We will hereby
give you a detailed explanation of ear reasons for
eo doing, showing that the step we bare taken
was fully Justified by the circumstances.
When, last year, you took the agency for Wor
ce*ter •» pianos, the Chicago papers were teeming
with long, flamlog advertisements and notices
written by yourselves, pnffiug these pianos to the
skies, while yon kept perfectly quiet about our in
strnmexts. This we would nut have cared any
thing about; bar when you published one notice,
which, after giving a grand puff for W. pianos,
said. “ Steinway had better look for their laurels.’’
It w as rather more itmn coold comfortably di
You will remember that, in December last, yon
put a W. piano in the Philharmonic Concert, wotle
onr came was pnt on the programme. We wrote
3 on about the matter, and strongly objected to
such proceeding. In reply, you wrote, (Dec 31,
'62,) amosget other offensive things, that “ you
thought you ought to apologize to Mr. Worcester
rather than to us.” This, gentlemen, wc consid
ered a gross insult ;’ond when, shortly after, a gen
tleman from LaSalle, 111., called upon us to bay a
piano, and exhibited to as a letter in your own
handwriting, (which was in answer to an applica
tion to yoa lor a Steiaway piano,) In which you
stated that you ** could scarcely recommend these
pianos, bnt that yon could sell him a fine 7-oct.
W. piano for $350. etc., etc.,’’ it settled the matter,
and we became firmly convinced that your heart
and good will was ro longer infavorofourpitnos,
but that yoa intended to make the W. piano your
leading instrument, and that, therefore, a change
in the agency was absolutely necessary for oar
Jufitabont this time Mr. Nixon called upon us,
stating that bo bad resolved to remove to Chicago
and open a music state and wareroom, and applied
for our agency. Believing ourselves foliy justified
by vonr actions, we promised It to him at that
time, feeling that you would not do justice to our
instruments any longer.
Although your dealings with us have been all
that could be desired since that time, we could not
break onr word and fhe mailer is settled and can
not le changed. We are, however, willing to do
cveiythiiig in our power, and will supply you with
all pianos at current wholesale prices, which you
may have sold unto the time of recleptof this
with promise to deliver them, and as an equivalent
to your extensive advertising of our pianos last
summer (which we regretted very much at the
time, but could not well prevent) wo will give you
the style 2 pit-no, sent October Ctb, price $lO7
at wholesale, without pay, and Immediately on
hearing from you shad order the draft at 80 days
for $307, Bent to Marc & Bertel for collection and
probably already accepted byyou, back here to us.
In conclusion we would say that we aro very
sorry on your account, as wo have no fault to find
with yon since last spring, bat that cannot make
your JOimer actions undone, and it is now out of
our power to alter the matter.
We remain, gentleman, yours respectfully.
Steixwat & Sosa.
Chicago, October 23,1363.
Messes. Sixikwat A Sons ;
GutTnsxzx: Yours of the SOth Inst., inform
ing ns of the transfer of yonr agency in this city
to air. Nixon, is at hand. Yen need feel no re
grets on onr account. The causes that wc have
hsd within the past year to be more or less dis
satisfied with you, your pianos, and your prices,
ana which are well known to you, entirely recon
cile us to-the trsnsfer.We have Cor some time past
seriously considered tho propriety of throwing
up your agency. Your action In the matter re
lieves na of au embarrassment. Some of your
complaints In the letter before ns (as for example
that relating to the Worcester piano In tee Phil
harmonic Concert) are too pitiful to be noticed,
ticcc you must know from the circumstances ex
plained to you at the time, that there was noth
ing in the slightest degree affecting our repeti
tion for houoiable dealing.
Since wo commenced busslness in Chicago, un
til wltnln a y. ar, your dealings with us were fair
aid manly, and all the pianos vou seat us-were
ZD’gniflccat, and this, too, without an exception.
We were proud of them, and proud that wo had
intiodncad them to tho Northwest. Within the
past year, however, it has seemed to ns that Just
in proportion as otbermakera improved their pi
anos, tiH they become dangerous rivals of yours,
you bnvo so for presumed upon your splendid
repiitatloatlmt you have disregarded your obli
gations to us as yonr agents, cxhorbitaotly ad
vanced your prices, and, worst of nil, sent out
, pianos in several instances defective in work
manship and inferior in tone.
Allow us to refreshyour memories on one or
‘two of these points. During the past year you
•have often failed to send ns Instruments a* prom
;lscd, pleading your inability to keep up with your
orders, while at the same time you were freely re
tailing pianos to our customers here in Chicago,
—a coarse never before taken to our knowledge
by respectable manufacturers in any similar in
Whenever on examination your Instruments
were found to be defective, wo have had them
carefully repaired, often at considerable cost and
trouble, before offering them for sale. In one or
two cases yon have In accordance with your guar
anty refunded oar losses, bat in the case of lira.
C. £. Hovey. of Bloomington, 111., whoso piano
vas really defective, as we wrote you about the
first of September, and which we had previously
taken back at considerable expense to ourselves,
you found It osier to call in question the evi
dence of our senses than to share our losses. Since
wejgalaed this insight into what you meant bv.
“warranted for five years," we have not troubled
yon with similar cases, but have pocketed our
.lessee, determined that whatever course others
might pursue, our customers should know that
when we “guaranteed them, satisfaction” we
meant sometniog by It- Under these circum
stances, duty to our customers has compelled us
to tell them frankly in various instances that we
believed Haxelton Bros., Grape <2 Kindt’s, and
J. W- YWe’a pianos were better pianos for the
mency than Stclnway’s, and we have no apologies
to offer for It, for It is the truth; how unwelcome
to us may be Inferred from tbs well known fact
that we have expended ten dollars tn advertising
your pianos, where wc have one dollar In pushing
any other.
as an acknowledgment for advertising that mast
inure to the benefit of yourselves and agents, we
accept the last piano sent us. (which, by tao wayfis
a very fine onejand will feel obliged if you will re
call the draft as you propose.
We hereby cancel all unfilled orders for your In
struments. If wc cannot otherwise please our
cnstorcera we shall cheerfully refer them to you,
or to Mr. Nixon, when, he gets established here.
To save answering letters about your agency,
and asn matter ol Justice to all parties, wo shall
insert this final correspondence entire in some of
the leading! ournala thatbest reach our customers.
We remain, yours, truly.
Boot & Cadt.
New Yobk, November 3d, 1863.
Messrs. BotT&.CAsr:
Gentlemen'.— Tour.letter of the STthhas been
received. Its contentaaro highly amusing to ns,
reminding ns . strongly of the fox in the fable
who pronounced the grapes sour after finding that
be could not get at them.
The closing sentence, however, in which yon
say that “ wc shall .Insert this final correspond
ence in some of the leading Journals that heat
reachonr customers," explains everything, viz;
Your letter is written for the express purpose of
being published, andto serve as an advertisement,
but was directed tons to give the necessary im
portance to It By this you undoubtedly Intended
to he very smart, but after all it is but a clumsy
trick, and too transparent not to.be exposed very
easily, and we will hereby answer and refute your
statements point for point.
Ton begin by saying “youra.of theSOth Snst.,
icformlng.Bß.ol the transfer oiyour agency In this
city to Mr. Nixon, is at hand. You need foci no
. regrets on our account Thc.canses.that we have
: had within the past year to be more or less diasat
' iefied with you, your pianos and your prices, and
which are well known to. you, entirely reconcile
us to the transfer. We have for sometime post
seriously considered tho question of'throwing ap
your agency," etc., etc.
Now, gentlemen. Incurs’of the. SOthnlt, after
giving onr reasons fb»-thetrans£ir.of our agency
from you to Mr. Nixon, we informed yon. that
this decision was final, and would not be changed
wat pianos, and consequently, you. wrote this
letter, (intesued to he advertised! In which you
accuse ns of various things, and state that oar
pianos hadwitbln a year deter!(sated in tone and
workmanship; also that vre knew yon were dis.
satisfied wlth'cur pianos.
We will now prove with your own words and
actions that It Ii» false, for during tho past summer
tho Chicago papers have been teeming with long
flaming advertisements, in which yon pronounced
our instruments tho belt in tho world. This yon
did of your own free will and accord, and as we
statedin onr last letter, we regretted it very much
at the time, but could not very well prevent It,
You Advertised our pianos to such an extent that
we thought it hut fair to reimburse you for it by
glxing you the last piano we sent you . You have
written us a great many letters, at the same time
urging us to send pianos, and as late as September
21st, 1868, wrote ns a letter from which we extract
the following: "Wz last week sent a man
wrni one or tour pianos to attend the lowa
State Faze, and abb giutoted at being able
The question, therefore, is simply reduced to
PBOM THIS TIME. - • > • ,
Any person with common eensq will see that
Jfra) Shcrrtisanntfa.
the latter Is the case, and that you now endeavor
to make the best of your position by writing na a
letter Intended for publication, In which you at
tempt to undo and take back what you have said
ai d done in favor of onr pianos heretofore, and
puff to our detriment the Instruments of three
makers which yon mean to sell hereafter.
You admit that for some time you endeavored
to sell to your customers pianos of other make
than ours. We knew that about a year ago yon
attempted to substitute for our pianos a make,
through the sale of which you thought you could
make larger profits, being a cheap article, bat as la
always the case with pianos, whose chief merit is
cheapness, they Called to take. Wa here admit
that wc would have deprived you of onr agency
then, had it not been for the fact of your being in
debted to ns for such a largo amount, that we
could not very well risk the transfer of Agency
then, but had to get onr money out of you first, as
best we could.
As regards your accusations that our pi
anos were dcfectivoln several instances, and that
we refused to make good our guaranty, so that you
had to pocket your losses, we defy fon to substan
tiate a single charge of the kind. April 25th, 1363
you informed ns that two-pianos bad arrived in a
damaged condition, they*having been injured on
the road by dampness. West once allowed you
the sum of S3O for repairing thorn, although we
were sot obliged to, the Railroad Company being
liable for damages.
Jane 27,1883, yon wrote to ns that a tuner had
found the piano of Mrs. C. 25. Hovey of Bloom
ingt on, Illinois, defective, that the soundboard had
cracked, etc. In onr reply to yon, dated July 1,
1883, we offered to forfeit the price of said piano,
if the soundboard was actually cracked, as we
knew It was not so. Yonr letter of July 20,15G3,
eays, that yon have shipped another piano to Mrs.
Hovey, and awaiting the coming back of the de
fective instrument from her. lix onr reply July
53,18C3, wc also offer to pay freight for tho said
piano both ways from N, Y. to Bloomington, 111.,
and back, u i/the soundboard is cracked." In your
letter of July 29,1863, you say “tho phmo from
Mrs. novey, has arrived, and we fail toflud any
radical defect in it, 1 * showing conclusively that we
were right and that the instrument was noi de
These arc to the beet of onr recollection the only
two instances you ever Informed ns of any defect
in a piano of our make, consequently your com
plaint, as to sot making good our guaranty, lacks
allfoundation and falls to the ground.
That, having lost our agency, youcooldnob be
expected to speak la favor of our instruments la
but natural, but that you could stoop to pursue
such a contemptible course as indicated In jour
letter of tho 2Cth u’.t., and which must sooner or
later recoil upon yourselves, is more than we
thought you capable of.
Under the circumstances we shall defer the ex
ecution of our intention to give you tho amount
of the last piano as an equivalent for your late ex
tensive advertising of our pianos, until joa justi
fy by your future behavior towards us such a vol
untary contribution on our part, and we shall
therefore not recall our draft.
You are of coarse welcome to publish your let
ter or anything, else in the Chicago papers, hut do
not forget that we shall in every instance pu&Us h
answers thereto and refute anytalso statements
which you may. make.
Yours, very respectfully,
nolß-:90-lt * Steixwat & Soxs.
Tills Day Published By
little, Brown & 00.,
Law and Foreign Booksellers,
STATUTE OF KBAOD3. as in force In England
md Ue United Stares, with an appendix, contain
ing (be existing Bnsltsh and American Statutes,
8-tctd edition, cueiuliy levied, with extensive
Bvo. Price $5.50.
Sjue the publication of the first edition of this
wo*k over flva han-irea indicia l detls-ons upon sub
ject mated by it, have been reso.ted; a nambsr
wKchb arssoTarpearraioulon to the previously
exntltgca2.ee ol TnessmecU.r.as to ihow the ques
cols which tcey la crude, to d« mnthmoi n prominent
»ttn» h’r than formerly Ai’ of these sew esses
(tome of which, p ry-kuUriy from she ilhelr«h C <nrt*.
. *?* or ouch ib'.emt a- d value) are embodied in the
present editoc • gmcrally la the octet . oecAdooally
vitnpanuaf* auen ricn or commentary in the text
tn-portsat addition hsve born made under several
he&di, especially those of Actons lor false r>p*essnt
>tuc*»atochar&cifcrt.r ciicumstsues* of third par
tl-H- acUo*. supoa *B’e«:n<i U not to be performed
wltblna ytartrom the mating; and the Acceptance
«d Uccelptcf goods la cases ofea’.ts. Tho .whole
woik h*»recetve< l a very csre.nl revision from the
snthor. and bv condensing where it was piactlcshle
Sitwell as eolsrglngwaeze It was necessary. it U oe-
UfiveC .ticomvlis are mcio increased than Us
»lzn,«ndttitit pTetentssCO't-pie*e compendium of
tie >aw to which itidstba down to a late period la
the present yeir. naS-rli-Jt-wrAir
Ballemand’s Bpoatfie Will Hot Cure All
Eheumatism* Gout and Neuralgia.
Hundreds have certified to this fact
Price One Dellar Per Untile,
Jw*S.BLOOD. Solo Agent,
31 North I Uth st„ St. LOols.
Agents forChloigo,
Gas the Cheapest Fuel.
Gas Seating and Oozing Stoves
Send for Descriptive Catalogue.
Liberal Discount to the Trade.
B. D. BLifiE, Manufacturer,
471 Broadway, N. IT*
nolS Jls3*lot _
Atlantic and great
1863 1864..
New Broad Gauge
Passenger, Freight, Mail,
Ccnnectlceat Bslamanca, N. Y.. wUU the Erie Rill
vay fonssaconucttoua Six Feet Hack from Nov
York to Akron or Cleveland.
On and after Monday,
Poy. 361h 1563. Through Passer ?er and Freight
TraLa will be ran regui&ily between
hew and important fassen-
Fare aa low as ky any other Eonte.
Paieeagers by this Lino h%vo choice cl YlvadifiEr
CLtßoates between New York and Boaton.
trboigh tickets
Can be obtained at any ol the Offices of the Erie Rail
wv*. and a;l ticket offices of connecting dries Weft
or Southwest; a'»o.at tna Central Ticket Office, on
cer the Weddell Boose, Cleveland, Ohio.
Ask for Tletets rla the Atlantic and G;cat
Western, and Erie Ballwajs.
Pawengcr Train* atonal Meadvnie thirty minutes,
slvios parsetkcrs an ole time to dine at the ** McHen
ry House,•' tne heat Bsllvay Hotel la thecountry.
Kew and Espiditious Freight Line,
Ho transhipment of Freight between New York and
Akron or CUvelaad Merchants in the West aid
touihweit will find It to tneir advantage to order
their goods to h« forwarded via the Erie aai Atlantic
and Great Wtswxn Hallway?, thus saving trouble and
exoetie. Hate* of Freight as low as by any other all
rail route.
Siptclal attcntlcn will he given to the speedy traua
pctutlon of Freight of all kinds. East or West. Too
engines.care and o’btr equipments of th*.a company
art entirely new, and of ue cost Improved modem
only direct rou*e to the wordarful OIL RE
GIONS OF PENNSYLVANIA, via Mcalr.Ucor Cnrry.
Frees Leavmahargh the Uanonlog Branch runs to
Ycnogitown iud the Coal Mice*.
This Bead U being extended, and will soon be in
complete running oroer to Gallon, Urbann, Dayton
and Cincinnati, wl’houc break of enaga
j FARNSWORTH. Gene al Freight Agent.
T.H.GOODMAN GcaotalTicket Agent.
H. F. SWEETSEB. Gent Supt.
Meadv{Fe,Pa M Sot. IT.tsea. noisriasa
O A few South Down Buck Lambs, from
Imported Stock « Both Sides,
sSmui? m iSSuMoS chi‘«5 T oVb',
2ftro SUmcrtistmenla.
V r S. 5.20
U. 8. 5-20 '
We aball nn’O farther advices from tbs
Treasury Department, to receive aaDjcnptiosa At
United States 5-20 Tear Six Per
Cent Bonds,
Both Principal and Interest payable in Gold.
Interest win commence on day of aabicrlptlon and
receipt of money.
Bonds dell Tired at oar once, cron the llzo of the
An erluu or CTnUtd States Express Cooiparilefl-wlUilt
e'abt or ten days fron data of tubstrlptlon. Free oi
ail Expense. Parties can seed enrresoy La amounts
ot ssro and upwards, free of Charge. by mark'ai
packages **s. €, p. W A K,"
treasury Note* or New York Exchange received a!
par. Also, us depository certificates, payable
so the order of J\Y COOKE, Bub. Axent
Tiien-nalcooui'aMoo avowed to Baukaasd Bank
ers Sl«n Core w*shlair Bonds tn*»tabUah 17 aTIOHAI.
BANKS iu which case subacrlOtfewUl pay that own
express charges.
Backets ard Agents lor Five-Twenty Loan, corner of
Clark aedflouth (Vaterstrects.
nclß-r123 w FAxcct
Ermioie or the Gipsy’s Fov.
**Prlcej3ifSy Cents In Paper, or Ee7cntj-ffYO Cents In
C ntln May Carlel32 hai proved hersel'aßomanoe
■Wjnernot lea* pope ar tna*- Mrs. Wcodot Mias arad*
don. Per books at o esgorly sought efre*. and have
met wl U unprecedented success. “Kroueiy is prob
ably her best effort and Is now offered to Che trade:
it:e hstdsoroely printed cn fine wh*ta paper*, the
lilmtrarons (7) are ircm designs oy Parley, and arc
p*ltted onfltely calendered paoerseparsta from the
fettrrpress Cousin May Carlaiou li the succor of
“Stiver S*ar ’ qci “SyMi Campbell.” iwblah are pub*
Jelied uniform with Hr"* Ule.
21 Ann street New Tort
FoppelnbyßAllFOUD a
and ail Booksclltzs in Chicago and elsevhsret
tol J riant
VT* On MONDAY, Res Sib yewHl open In the com
mcdlona balding now being completed at
201 South Clark street,
A superb stock oi Pianos, amongst which wDI bo
foned toe finest assortment cf Stelnway'ioiagnlflcaa?
instruments ever brought logttaer outside ol their
ptwlork warerooma.
Id announcing ourjclves an sole agentv of Messrs.
Btelnwayes Sonsfurthe :ityof Ctlcago andv'cUUy.
wc uetm it entirely unnecessary to say anything in
yr*lic < r their ics-rnmorne, cc.tbrated as they now
are wherever the piano Uiedl* Known.
Poroorsflvcß we can only jeferta onrnaay years
o» bu«iset b exprricnre in Cmcl&Datl. end request from
Plato buyers such a shared tut-ir patronage hero, as
our buuocM reputation elsewhere, and the excel
lf£CCOlUelhStraxci.tsWj keep maymedt.
Ace'tn for ste'.uoay A Sous, SIU South Clara street,
CMcscc, and 31 W. Fourth street. Cincinnati.
T E A YEN WORTH, Kansas,
Xj Wednesday Kov 4.1353
To tbe EdJU r of the New Tork Times;
Ilcfdnlngto cur card, published In your paper of
the 7th u!», cautioning capitalists against purchasing
tte bond! of tbe Union Pacific Hallway Company,.
(Eastern Division) we desire to say that onr altar
teys, la this city, advise na that under the
{sitting statute laws cf' the State of Easau,
our contract gives ns a prior, lien upon
all the property, and franchises of tM said
Railroad Co mpany, to any mortgages or deeds of
trust wh.Ch said Company can execute; that.notwlth*
standing Judge SliEer.of the United States Circuit
Court for the District cf Sansaa. declined to slveui
a**pernarect injunction” against the said Railroad
Company. In conformity with hla ‘'temporary order’*
ot Sept. 23.18*3. (alluded to la oar card above re*
ftmd to ) the State statutes ol Kansas readerlaay
bends which said Company may ieaue entirely Invalid*
st long aa our contract U in existence, which contract
we hove fulfilled to the letter, so much so that oar
most vl.leut enemies have not been able to success*
fully attack It. wUhavlewoi setting it wide.
Yours. *e.
nol&rVlMt EC S3. BTBSL A CO.. Contractors.
St. George’s; Benevolent Society.
A Gifts') Ball of the Members and Tricots Cf tie
shove Society win tale place at *
On Monday Next, tUc SSd lost.
Wil famish the music, and avery arranßement has
been made for tie aecommocatlea of seven hundred
•May he bad of any of the mouthers cr at the door.
fW~ Dan cine w;ii comxtnco at a o’clock precisely.
DOl3 rI3S 66
U/TONET At how low a lata per
l« A cent, can I get Twea:y-Five Hundred Dollars,
for 11 to years.
On Improved City Property,
Worth Six Thousand Dollars, Address, tt»« day.
■‘J B," Post Office Box 2653. nol3-»I0Mt
J-JhavajoatiecclvedMbria of
Very Superior Buckwheat Flour.
179 Sooth Water (entrance on Lasailest,
zcl3 r!2Mt
A LAE Meeting of tho Chicago Seaman’s Mutual
Society at their rooms, 332 Lake-st..
IBDBaOAT.Hoy l9lh atTK o’clock. All members
are particularly requsated to attend, as business of
'ti •* greatest importance conies before the meeting.]
Fer order of the Association. _
nol&rlC6>3t G. F. FOSTER. Predient.
as gcod aa new. taken in exchange for onr new sty’e?,
for tale by F. W. PEAT I.
loIS-1150 « net
XX buyyour Gaunllettißt
115 Lake Stmt, np-stalis..
T-f7*rego.-dardcheap. FBANELINBASSS Ast.
nets tlMwls
American Safes
At Pratt’s
nois-nso -It-net 13 LASALLE STREET.
PATENT Cfiiminstt ibcb,
nc4-E34>lst*warnet 40 btath BT..Calesjto.
Sheet Iron,
199 ft 201 Randolph street,
aih2Q-b3S3-ly-M waynet ~
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in
Garnishing Goods,
rubber goods.
67 Lake Street,
OCB-n"W-2m nr w*r ntt OIHAQO, Hi.
T3 BUILDERS. —Sealed propo
la's vill be received at t'e office of O L.
IfßWltoct archjtect. No. 77 Dearoom abess,
nnul r ,Jturday. the 2lit last., at 4 o'clock, to Xho
bt D-T.fn*,JTSre frame cpttace* la tb= South rirl*to-».
ownermmrttbe n*ht to
ptcpca-Tt. soTTtttltaßt
2fts Stocrtiununtf.
nstlU o’clock p. * ot tbs am o»r or IX'caobe
seat.for fnrslUil g73 noj i«t», complete of cavalry
Accoocemecitt,lo cede iTi'-'fiaiutimfdUov’Tieauaa"
U-iw kt I)i3 nnecn ao «d i Kccj. viz:
10 COO MIS at tbe United SU:c« Armory, sprlfirtsU.
HOCOartaatibeUtUed Sta’ca imml GtvwaorTi
lid- JC« w V rk
Arsens’, Br!(fe»banr. P*.
20*Ou»«tk at Ajtgbany AMCiikl, kUtatmra. Pa.
lCoCw»etsatSl.DcßUAitenaL St Lcoia AIo.
Tb«« acrontemetts %rt to be trade indirect eta
fbnelty aim tbv recaUtl n purer't. vb'eli cube
Kaan theaboreoamed places, iacb a- 1 la to eoa>
•Ut of one iscro-boii atd pia'c? complete: on* car
01* anise, with swivel. complete; ooa taoia not;
operartisec*7trtci9bci; fnoplitol cartridgebox z.
oaa ?irit bolder, tor krtny ■lce tereteer; aad onec*i>
povc*i. w:tb eo.ep;cit irate be
oribsbNt wateilsis ■: d workmanship. Tbeaahro
pei». •kßr’*: knot ace carbine
leather, blacked; *Bd tbe cartridge bare* be t-bolU«r
andesppscO.ffboitn»t turned,father r.utobe
t »UJ«ctly not«rstoon by hdd-re *1 v: ’e*th*>r r*«rtialty
tJi-r.Ci v I*ii «-!'• i.ui i,«k j»n.
ertred All tfce arlciea toba tasyccfed at ibfft>l»c«
aterpto ba delivered.
Deiivrrfee ! I ':* of nntiwwiffl
set* per woek for all car t.-sett ot io.oco m;* sad under
ardncthis than I.iCOiMta per week (Jr til contracts
cf over lO.PdJ se’a. The n.-st aeaverv to bemade
within fifteen raj* aft«* dare of contract; anr any
failure to deliver 3 specified time will «cQ;ect the
cr atrsetor 10 a forfeit art of t*«* camber of sett vven
bfi cay fall to deliver it that time. Tbnsccsatrt*
are tc be toxed In tho areal manner; UlO
hexes lor which wjupo palrl for at cojl price* to ba
determinedbv C-elnjpecfjr. . . ..
PJcMers wxR explicitly t.»a Araroal triere they
propete to de-lwr, asd 11 .-novt tbna cte riivce »
icpfstebMirnttbr meis for excb KOjldwlllbA
cci turned t*om parties other rta 1 mshttfso-
trditrrbtt are'kro»atotbat>e
ptitrestto bo nriy competent tc .exe&ote la their
oanshop, tbe wcikp*opo3oafor. Xaith partyobiafe-
Irg a contract -win ba »eqolred tn sate* into bond*.
>i‘b approved ra’otlei. fortts tair&fai faifliimedt.
Treuerar*irfot teeerve* ie« rebvto rejectaayor
all bids, jftet il-emeii fatltfanta?T. cane-
PropoaaU t»l*l be adfrotKCd to Brie Gon. K'eorjoV-.
Faireey, Cblef of nrdpanse. Washington, &. C. ass
•will be csdonea ■’Propoavi for «'a»*l*T • cv'otvre
me=»s. GBO a. ni«9Ky.
Brt*a.!i(*r Gerarel aad C!Uel 01 Onlnaaba. •-
rol9 »76wrdMio1eci
EcmoTal of General Eoseerans^-
Its Caiits audits loterior Sstarf.
Not. u.issj. cant.la< afal: aai
25£. t TP 0 «i^ e £. ,L . 0 l e^ J^ stllD^t ® ,b, lemovn. of MAJOR
.PByHRAL R(j2nCI*AN3! axd tbe moaAei in.
Co»bc<d that lapcrtast itep.
It also conuins a careful sarrery of Tru U Hilary tit
oat'Oßi.fDll Army sad navy Gawticj, aad a grtak
aaour-t of other itfcrmailon sf Icdiapacaable (moor
tacce to every loldler ci aalior ambidoa* of Improve
men: Is biaprofesil.'Q. w wcltat to eva-yaan dMir
cop cf taHnjrsnlntal'.’ffia: vlrv of tbe tnllaary ope
ia:loila sow absorbing onirerml at;estion.
The Army and NavyJoariHd
13 tie rccogslroj organ of tbe Dclted Service It bee
tbeiopportano cm.tidaace of the most ski! ftl and
ai a olaUDjoUbed officers of t .a Army and Navr.aad
nnwbein among l:s conmbatofd the ablest mtltary
wtiuraof tte coontry. At entice Is called to tbe
extac*efrom lette a. which are MlaoteA
from iracy of a klmll«r character, of which tbereailor
is in cot Blast *eceipt.
yaou v.»job osbssax. straps.
Seotemberll ICB3, J
Capt W c.Church, 191 Rioadway:
a»»ab Srn; I bavertce'Ted several paiabers of
A bbt iso Matt Jouhxal. at d have not«a will i«£-
biartiaatbe avlcerces they bear of the promise of
ni efUlnetacf this journal It affords me slacexe p.ess>
ure to add tty centTlbutloa to !•• malnta'Dafice. andX
the* efote herewith the annua tatac* Iptlon 4%
Ve y re? pectxn'.iy,yoar ooediTDt servant.'
«t*omoaO. Haase.
Major GdXieral fliunmaniUßy *
vut>aa ji»iiwiaaia.t«u4a taumjiß,
“it will afford me murapl- aiursto racommoae th®
Asmt apsNatt JocßSAnto ••fleersto rr>y portion
rf a r d I iSkatth opportunity to expreew
my t rat flection that Its destiny Is In lucahasds.’*
* Touy toat the akmy aniv s avt joukxal (j c- < *tb>
aessurste with wtat • boa d be a repriseuitlie of'
cor pment great oi'btary estab.iiameut, u» waat I re
ally mink,"
••Tcnr Jo ax a? ceeti ait a very great favor in this
snoy. Xconstantyrrcomm-ndlt lotneuottceoftho
cfflciia of this corps Ihopeltmaj rßAlzethesueceae
itduerve-. ’ •
Tae b jin 15D Natt Jontx*x>'s far il'c toy an
ebwtdesltra at 10 cccu a ilovle cipy or ttwnifc«a*nt
to ary addresa on receipt or 10 ; cents. SolacripUoii
price Jsa year, rr M for b'.t fronts*. A r, dr'»a UstrxD
BTAYEB A2XTAXD N..VT fOn:H\l, Naw York,
W. C. CHUBCS. P.op lecor,
nciS i75-lt
Distillers, Sillers unit Others
TheEichanJs’ Maunfaduring Co,
Hereby gives notice tint they are the sole manuft*
tmers nan venders of tae Uicbariviroo Corn Shelter
wlir all lUlicprovcmeut*. Ladngtnj exc ualvecoa*
tioi ofthe pat-nt ty parchas t fcr a term of years J,
c;. Richards. fumsr.y oar iipirlntecdeot, wudl*-
djarzert frna our employ on the alx'.h (6»b) day of Oo
mdaiocethHC dve h*s bail no amhortfw
to 083 ■'or name o. to ccatric; la any way. la who&
or p«t. f.ir onr
Or any part of our bnstneM Parties corresponding
wirhiis. orwlablavto uurcaaie oar Speller. mooli
be careful to add-'ew “R ciwdC UanaficturicgCoo*
p6cy. Po»t ofl!c3 UasToS. Obicago.
uoii-»cs3 nt-net Jacob a arp.*3 Prasidtat.
Tils sear’s catch. 303 barrels In pickle. For sale by
lOIT-131 Stast • • 16 LAS ILLS'STREKT.
IT. IJ B. O 1/ E .
Tte Steamship M GL*S6O w.” ofthtL..N.T &F.Mf
8. wilt leave New Tork for Liverpool and
MATTHraSDAT, Ifov. 19th.
at 13 o’clock coos.
Ratio opPassao*:—First c’a*a. J55; Third cIML
yjs : payable in United State carxeDCy.
Ticista issued to bring persons from Liverpool Ot
Queenstown to Cblcazo for S3Z Is currency.-
apnly to F. JA. KMOBY. Gensral Agent,
n012p733 3met 66 (Lark street, cor. Baadslpfe.
QP mJ • \J\J\J in some good paying and honora
ble business, by a young man of thorough banner*
education and wed kn>»wn in the city. Any patty
wnthlrgtotake partner, or wljhlog to sail oat their
ba»tcefu. either manuUctnrloe or mercantile, can ad
azas*. with particulars, “J H R,‘ P. 0. Box 2iJL -
Tbroush a new system, by w&lou ttoaa lauguegea are
sprhO" duett’.? and PTon'»uuced perfectly, laaverw
aooit time OOir.e, 90 "Washington street. 80x2063*
Hours Ito 6 P.M. nol7-i3l Ttnet
CTnr prices are tMa day advanced One-Half Cent
per pound on ail grad*s.
I 0v.19,1363. C.B HUtOHISU A CO.. Agent*.
tol»-!53-2get 3U and 213 South Waterifc _
'J'HOMAS TRIPP, Dealer ia
Lewis* Celebrated Patent FerpetuaL*
Tie is it in tie world and warranted!
NO. 13
Has pe.-m>cent'y located la Chicago, U
Texp.e, Dearborn streas.
Fr S wll! answer all communication* by letter ap
p»rtalriug to disease*, by simply having too tma
xameoftce na.aon, reTima: without
t2ea'mext,.'oc6ats. Bj letter 5:. P. O.Drawersl33.
noI5 rfl-d
Jar Bale.
FIR SALE Residence for gala
cheap. We have a large lot andcommodloofl
hccee. oatheWfit side, neat Union Park, which w«
can «•!! lor 1 l,too'caab, if sold within a lowaays.hy
aTEFS a THU-IIaS, comer oi Dearborn aud Jlaof
sen atreeis. nolS-rllS 2t
Tj’Oß SALE—A very desirable
JL ptoperty for residence 1 ; fu Eockford. 111. A small
and a laiae farm m tne vicinity, one and seven mCaw
out. Alto, a larae fa)m la jasper Co lowa. Good
Lsn<iiln Tcwa or Michigan wit he taken in part pay
irnit. Itqnhe ofß, V. FHE3TOS. at Clarice SawlnjC
Machine Roomi, 102 Lakeitreet. Chicago.lll.
so»rl»kt '
FIR SALE.—A good iriv stmont.
For sale for c*»h or ccoa real estate, a profitable
business m the Stated Illinois, that requires a-veiy
as adaxouatof ctpltsltocairylt on A good boat
n*?e trao canirakeji&Cue per year. Inquire at room
ffo. 96 Metropolitan Bxck 5013.)30«26
Tj'Oß SALE—A haidseme dark
a bay Ponr. tultsbla for a lady or gentleman: te
psrfretly hioken, a beaatuultraveter.aedfast; driven
well In a boggy, wm be sold cheap Also for sate,
»eieral iooq c*»rl9re to-s's. Apoty at the livery,
stable. 13 Souta Franklin it. SILAS DUXTjN.
L’OR SALE—Hon?a and Lot on
1 Wabash avenua-honse coatalrs water and gvn
east front Ptice %i 630. Eons* and Lot 254.1naiaoA
street,near Cbm;.price 11.5Q0. Boose and Lot o«
Third uTeroa. >320 Po»Bds»ion snvta Immediately.
App’y toPRTEIS SHiMP,i67 Statu street, . . .
tola rUli 26
SALE - Lots on the west
J/ side of Indiana avtcae, between Commerces*!
Blr sffoltl. 25x170 /ee». „ _ _ w
Lot on Commerce street. between TPabmb sn!
iltcMgsn. ?(hi2U)feet.
l>oc on Fia'rlo nreauc, between Commerce end.
Einczold, s r jxi73 ie«t a’so « numoa.* of Lots on
wahmii. Michigan, Indian* »nd
the "West Bide.
f counter M Ponses and l*oti on ti* South And
'West Sulu.'wUclilnxi&edlAt'ipprievtoncAahß d T «a,
■ SAMDSTj a. sabqbst.
Kf&l Zitite Astir, Ho. 4 ilfcOOpoUtaa Bloct.
EOlSx It __.
T?OK SALK—Or exchange for
X 1 City Prcpertj. ft Schooner of 315 tow raea«ar»-
meet. KorparCcalaricall onJ.C.KXMA.H.!M Sooth
Water stmt, Chlcixo. cc 9 naji-lS:arw*»
TJ'OR SALE.—A rare chance is-
JO offered. Amm wit 1- . aimall caoltslcan bon-A.
J»c 1 c&vio,-; tu«'ne*f. by calilDT»t9” Washtoitna
street. bsst op seasons >os 3111.1x0. noli iJi*s
FOR SALE.—To Coopera and
Brewer* I2fo hazel ataves, 4Htaa3K ft.loay,
acdßry GiiDPOE GuuCK,corner of Qretn Bayand
White street*. Nortu aide. polT-MV^t
T?OR SALfi—A first class Pony.
I : Cclor. brlzht bay. May be teen at P. S.
c»n*s ff*> rear oftheaberxaaacusb
FCR SALE—Two Phthn Billiard
Tablfs nearly new, wUb Cues,
Pat OUICo 805C212. , boi-x* «»_ f
17 OB SALE—Household FortLy
. ? «• KTSSSSSSf &&ASSS,S£t
gsh .afffi. B>**> O. .o-.trsswt .
F3B SALE —Choice Loia. Afe< r
deniable resident Lot* la *• Carpenter* Adf U
octueaeo." eonrcaleatto hone cara.otatby /t
Sm™ Mess ct«r« m
Ml TtM 'HI. Ida?, (-3 ) O-f .-l pi
av«? inoli C3ilt!.l raO.o CARPE-NTiU
FOR SAL E—Those splewiid
DcoSle BnztM. ttoio tie Wna WjUer Meg M<m
aniaiottpUtacrfier. Will 'T 1 ** 5 ?! 1 * i 1 f fPSM
fer soon. For particulars and Tern* SJPTMJ.C.
yTXir. iKScuid Water fibect. Cblcajo UTtnal*. •
ret dfsi-ist
T7OR SALE—At a great bargain.,/
JO a BelaJlSwctofGoods and Store tor sal® »s .
sncatbaiEsin. mv»c nsw.bnttarlTlße imletawv J5
Koilra. ont*e Illinois Central KUlrosd, Thest
If tew, bcosbt In June loss. Amounts a? co .ViS
42 ;la In perfect order and condition, and tv
?or *n* country trsde. Goulets of dry good*
jin hardware crccnery. rata, tin wan. b' xiuand
at> e* and cross and m-d'cien. Goals f<m tiraUy
ha vs acvaeceo tinea their purthaie equ per
c-T.r. zsiklnatna pteaeit value cf this -• o cJc*3jM.
J2 000 in cash »111 bay theta, fteelrotr 4»»eiitscom
nsron.lfsoMbyrltn. The store, wy fioew.coa
vrrleit, well shrived and coasters'* 4 OB three ilder.
Com !i June last tTSQ.acd wtlb«i sold if wanted as *
cost* if sot. win stvoto tnamm ub , Kro f (oodeMx
nc&thar.ttree crtemav retno m a goofs. Tbo
s' act 1« ell isven toned and pos* .{sslon can bo had ur
hour aidUepuTchseer 09*% basiasM Any farther
DMnnhrt msy be Mr. w. R.BQWABM.
r. Bowen Bror. y'^ica^.whob*eaanpliaae
i. Ttrta;y. or srplJ'io’jie owner at Farina,njettu.
c u^ t, ' rnvlawm “^.-coosw-

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