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y ILL., Juij 16U1,1363,
\srei for six jlmb with * Ehekoiafl*® Mi 1
•cicgitst ideate i*n*OTiDcu?lßK peer
;t-n» andßcaral/la' Specific, tobstteh* 1 ®* 41 ® c
01 that CUteM that I«T6T beard of.
nenccd Uklrn It 1 coo d bar ly ral» or rtUUI-, to
:TtsiwMtt-.cp&iii.tße m three da:* !»•*
'.Mft»y>P» a -e lerthe flrs* l **T 9 . 3 ?? i ' iTr *
Vom pfcis, ud I f*4l ■; i treble tfcatl .olik I TfOttll
Kdanctrß&UiU while If Mill not cortso mack for
male. jut, fir,li I*»tpi«o<idmeilsUxe,a»C 1 would
too amend an Uimc afflicted wife 4k.*sed.*aasest»
ryn. IharcJoitfOMdCapt Haysont, (a friend cf
e.) cc i.i# bask with Inflammatory rhecsatlea,
ir.di told lib wbsi rear tnesidns daae Tor me; be
rr.i prod to yes for eoae at tt. Enclosed pints fled
*o (loii*-* ard *rrd me two bonles of the
ft kbaujft ret seed It myselflw HI tire It to sessa oae
drot-, far there are plenty that art teffering with
io*e oucare* that are tmatQcalctai with your Bps.
IBc. aed I think that yon on£Mt« publish tt la trery
Ui la tar Union. Vary reapectfeSy your*.
P 6.—Srnd redlclre Yoeare cf B. F.W.Whitima*
'bicno. [nclßraStwrAn] J. W. S.
I') It. JAITES,. (fjrnjcrly of New
' Orle&t* ) whose nnriT»'l*diae«*ila tbs treat*
lent of Cbroulc.Mereustal. Sloot and other dlstases
a pemane&tly located hlmMlf at 1C Baadolpk-sk.
Dr, Jamss is recommended by the medical
*y I'nHy. ted ue almest eatlre pr*oe of the Boath,
/ Thousands of tmfortuale blsas Dr. JAMES, wke.
utter him, wctld be Umg wmlsrsnls ezlstanca.
‘ ’tc fßTiabls rcpattMen Dr. Jamei ei'joy* tram the
i*>as to the Oalf. Is the res alt of yean of study and
Dr.Jafr.asnsef seMcresry lodlds PctawH, Arsedc
f Ca*saparl’la le wc trastment of bload disease, bat
•■f-atraUre-. which is a pot Hire ears.
, OiEaale Weskfcss cared by a saw and Infallible
|3 fl thod esTlcg bath time and expense,
f Office aad partare at 66 BardelpL street, (op-stain.)
iScehoort from 9 A.M. nutliSP.M,
£O6 ;-.436-5»
fyn< EVERso^’s
.cfirniary and Clinic Institute,
For the treatment of dlcaates of the
And aH affectlau of the
lead, Throat, Ltmga, Air Fasaagea, and all
Chroiic Bisfraaeß.
Vr A.B Tiltov. No. 193 Boots Cla-k «t*eet CU
t cc.wi? Barney aaaboTe and tuattire
j caruiatone filling. wUbtotpala.by Dr Aranot.
t-r.'DiriEL .Tatxx. et»<c rjancffctnrcr. rf ttl*
'y.Efcfl ores laboring seder an attack 01 CaUrrn
*j mott two yea>a« very htctc. affecting the
; »■•«. ttzost aid cata! paatagLA b/t-aruinc vu very
’ htxnU. UepartiTww fore, a-d d'tchugtagTery o:>
I cl rely ; hac treated wl*n ilitW palhrV
•ad was Orally retiorad to perfect Leal Hi is tli
ka by Dr hvenoa.
*"»* Folsit aged fflyaara tosofChrictUoKor
j c?. cf FtiirrfTir.L, Wtoctcrdcoonif iil„ vu er
r •t'ely bllnc Is both erae, zrom
: era tr*»tc4 by Bfrnri emlzeat ©■.aitu.’irao floelly
: roDuaccefl bii caie incci> ra,* He tbdn apa Jed to
i h. E raraea, who mtored bits to perfect night in four
I'e-'ki. Hr torn»vv certiflca c eaaba eeen&t my
i** op a* to 1 1? chinnier for yaraaty and integrity.
( ifatveplesaartiuicterrlagio—
-1 I/ ** PscsixxKor A. LINCOLN. PreeUsatof the
J’o.v.D DAVi*,, Ju<UeC.S.tnpremeCoart.
col A CHILL*?. Frce'l McLtsnCo,Sank
ili JAB. ALIAS,JrK.,P St,. Blootrtcgtaa.li!,
Eet VT» k.VoCosmioc, Hethod>e»FreACbcr,Uo>
■ teor lowa-bieSaagour. ago nlao ye*rs. war ai
'<• 00 from ltrcuey.bat efpecaliyarcr aa at
o-v cfcjmj'o* lan M«rc. Her mciltiu- vw awlul,
''■• l ot tee rl •> *• re.- i*ce or** bid i«*u in tbe puow, co
,r lucetl»eltgLi.»hete-u bs iorcodaptoe»i.ter
rt wMnfcr»f-c trlihao-ea.abd b*trpo-f iceroe aae
•J. wareiitie-**-; various phv<l-nat.* androDeJi-o
’*•»« t'i»g in v»in,bet Cft-en cays alter tteracalpc
; in, trerton’e mccidrcs tbe uth*T tee
f o •e, aed ite cMid caurt&youtta tee
:z •. witaout p%lu cr Irconreoieeft?:, he* titb: fully
-•.ored.kpp-H.e acr facers! n rood. a?d that
-rG-jnon n c peorla of the ndabborLooicoaslaer
«. n
kvr- SON Loaaofthenxestepecl&Uitilnthe
• I't-d 6U*ics bbsia v»a*. «Tpi»teane in the*re»t
--ci.l ufaa lj-iui-o(clcpaiccU*?&s boitli. noipltal
Tl pri'utc pQioras ell the tcoAdelicate
in .ye ana *ar •nrvery. la a graduate
i three oi t"e best actilc* 1 . cilecea in tae
•2u*ry ex Piyfea*or«f Bergery. member of several
td'cai sec'fries, sue* refits wi'n ]>iea*ure to a Urye
amber of onr mo* l OisUnc-ueobophysltiiaßaandpru
)4" "ra ol and eßTX*rr.
ZddrcavDr w K Kverpoa. CUICSgO.IIL
<«• ((No ih ° Carzitreot. Cbicaro,
boi-pis litii -^r
• «t htr«’or B-JITKTTAb & CbLEBBtTED BTO
i *C<l rivitßStie great American Tonic. Altera
‘ e a*.d bmorarire. bt« reeeivea yuhlve proa! that
r ale nuprirclrlM itoner tele' a are venoiog. u*cer
itiscc if that po.ularprcpar*lien, and oct efbot
•i that arlaibauy ccnti!reait,ynzinows mtu
oreuc oosip.iv>r« • thri !• er attesptlcg to
''‘tc.therepQUUocor tbe BUten and Impsrtillßc
i hfolib ai d Hvee «i the eoosvumv. If tk* arm af
u lie jorice la 10-c eneufk to ranch any of th*«e
: c. tier »l!l tot be permitted ta carrr on tnelr
1 cktn»tJK,wi b linpcjUy lor thv. law mil be worked
-kin«i u.iur.. 1 i cavvncs ef col a*a have beearz*
c ded in t;c Frltet BUtei by the proprietors of tbe
utert icr the perpeteof protec’lczt emaelrea and
m. public hibiuH similar trliAs. laur uey acc
:ecrc tn mail< % ixa-- yieai-f the offende -a andlkey
to co f' si rr 2c -a 1 fiwone tb«t t&ostta*of
« mod ePe t've preToafve of dl*eaae ai nraie.-t
, oown, tbe old ttuo t>e mafe • c »vert r the discern!•
“ afon cl I'Oit-oE For the orlt tnlalllolscixe for
>*r-rrdaane ever* epe-iiecof ludige* loa. afiaa-Ui*
cctrojlng and eonipmndi are
sight to betubs'ltotei. The public are raqoact'd
oi to puvcba*r aßj-iblng n-rportnc to ce HoffTET
ih’6 fcfoirA'.'b rlTTx’ESof »r*ep-'n-lo e onuna
tUPtwcnr.-y poo’-n tc 22 r~’St3tywtv-l«
. sore car« fur calx ru or col'l In taebead. It la
i ic c-ie Ca.tx£Xh itc-s cokbuhpTxOS. Tbe
/Bptoma of Calami at fi it are vary »HgUt Persoui
o they Lave a cold a?d n*ve frequent a-tact*, arc
•or* eecsativ? n toe caanpee of temt>eratore. The
oeenuy be cry ora s'tzlt di*chaf<;e.tuic andxcrll.
ccoibiiif thick erdaone Ire «a ice diaeate bdccoiefc
otonlc, onalsgot rid of hyhl vfjgthenMeo feus
'to He throat ann is or caughed off. Tae
reathDecotuis otTsnslve. It ma deiuroytin seasa
f etneli aro can** deaf*e«», Ac Price of Catarrh
«meuj. |S 00, Seat by exprta*. GClo ■ ISC South
iirk e:re:t.(ap-itAlr« ) AdthcMDT D.fl BSSL7E,
iriOthctLcx 4SI. Chlsucn. LI RMi by all Orup.
ui*. nollpC.'Jlmn wLfli
--r. ford, sole proprietor and mtnfac’crcrof D 3.
ILCOAt Patent AUnn lAo UiG hiu been
and adapted by tse Halted Stare* Govern
cut,which i*»»epj>ouit«a him ta tnpplj tioiitJ aid
'll- e«? dters. r»re omen addre-esa to c STAF
-010), 12C South c *rk imti, Celca/c. will receive
nae.'iatea'W 100. Ssodfor Paupnuti.
p. o lot &C 5. noiipcaaian w*ri»
r-wHS, W. <fc .1. HUNTER & VON
L/ jB All KIT treat an Chronic Pheua. tech as
y,ds,Coaeba,tonso«ipUon, Ailhma theLoagi,&aart
vemaek Eidceyt. Bladder anc cae Bowela.Dyipepein.
• bTbea Oyae'itory, Goat. Stheenatiam.Parairiia. Hip
iisnaae. White ewellng*. ear ah complaints o! women
a<i children *jHors Fw and Zan Cataract DlacJucgot.
iowrin* aad buzzing Sounds Alro
Tithoat enttmr with the knife. Allletteremnst eon
»ik ten cent* for a speedy answer. Prs. w. A j.
IDHTKR * VON BADaN. Box 6078. Honrs from it
5 toJP.K. Office 81 Bendolpt coper of
isarborn. Chicago, liunois. • tSs get! ly
X TCTnioN-Be«a th« tollowja* l»«« In
ion to KX‘iRLSI')S BAIB DFa
s d then say H it cas any equal in tns world:
I neither kurus the skin nor hair; It calor* every
■«lr «*Drp. it* Meeks and browns are Nature edapu
»t s ;*ii 1* applied in a few ml- niaa; It leavea agloai
' m thebalr: ntt more permanent than other oya» •
zfcODtaina no c*.no»i*« Higredl«)t<: and lasm, Ue
cbaDfrxw atria! between this dye and any
it*>er la existence whtthe'cf native qrtomgncngin.
Jamtfaruredby J. CItIETADHKO. 6
.-twTort evsrywb-re.endapp’isdbyeuHair
iicseers. Price *L|l5O and »S per box, adding to
i2 C nei>bsS-im
. OINTMUKT—erxEvmwG nor Taox. Tha
•rasasl wastirx of thebodytsa myitery whlsa has
.nzzied tne i&roltj u solva coasequentiy, no parts
oiw no te ot rreaßreotloprßs rlbr.d and tfan yatlmt
itconee the victim of ozperlasat. Bemedy after
eiredy nil- be med no binned ne CTpt:r.9taroogb
i.esr icopisboe oi the cents of Ms di.esss Tel*
ntte practice ofc'dical rpecolailoa Is in osri-g
with the revtuizlag powers of HoUoway'e
ail*, wi Ich st>*ze co the direct can —ihu blo^d—srd
>i-rifyu-»Pd by enmaisti- gtna various fonc'Jans—
nay rscoperare the dfblll'atrdconeu'.unoa.uid giro
ue to each tii «ce. streagtn to the muscles and the
•loom of to tbs psJHo ebock. For cic*as!ux
be iktaoi all bloichef aad plmpies ano dry scurvy,
te uin*n*nt u sore and speedy In cHvct.
DH. c. h wouduull,
LJ Cajxo ex a.kd CojnrscraoK Companion .
ins located at « - tlcspo, LUscii. No. 80 Wssblcgton
>treet he kUle aus rrtractaCsuuen 1» from four to
.we ty four boon w'.ttaoutt* , s*rsae%t<orpaln. Abo
rests all ku.de of cnroale Oumv eucoMßTally.
always gaarantecd. Post jmc«BoxO«3.
Dr.H G.TOWNSEKD. reccnOj from Best un, Mssa^
' arrasgefflents of this estahilabmest
‘ Geoetw! PracOee. for which Dr, Townsend has
s comp* test attociiiu fbyslclso.
2d. office Acvlsa wltu verbal or written directions
ler home treatment
sd. Deti&nnje- v for Fem&le Diseases, also for special
czuesol Nervoit D-blllty of stale* and feuraiea.
Kftnsles visitor I*ool*7 sndwltbtog Mel*csi Advice
c»s bs pranoed «nui nice room* aoo the best of corv
.ag os very re=«oushle te>n s Dr. Xowiisesd has his
rooms so snsmeed that pstieou vlslilnr bis office
any onf but ;be D-. htnsel!. setters sd
irfwedto 2*2 k Stsvistreet Cnleago.
111. will be promptly answered. Goaaultataos tree
UfficetOMufrom 9A. M.toB P. M. nolplSO la-b
containing roarly 800 p g«. and ISO fine Plates and
<jtcnvlEeß of the 4n«tomy of the Bezaal Ocg*uet&
fcUte uf Realt): and Dreeane. win a Treatise os Self*
hbnre.lt* D-porable eonseqaaocas anon the Mind
and ik>*y. »Uutbr Aath-rerlas ot Treatment—rtst
■>rlf rational a-.-d ratcwefal airde of care, a* shows
:y the rajmn of ca»« created, a truthful adviser to
'•'■.e *rtrrJW. arn thcee c -t-tennlattug ma>rlace woo
r»Morta*r. doubts o' their physical cof'd Von. Seat
_>*r r-T pocupc e:y acorese. on receiptor 25 cents
r sti»mre O' iK>f al currency, by addreaslnr J)r. LA
j”>i ix Sieiaiccn Lane,
,5. Bi. ViTFIKLS'E
Vi v tfißkruiC • our tala core Sot FISTULA. BLIHC
would cautioner! who are victims to this dls
ttoavuldtheasoof externalappii
v-onr tr they result only in aggravating the disease.
I>t, removesthecaase ol the
Lcue.uc Ldectaa pennanoutcba.
this 15 NO QD4 K 14JCDIC1NB.
- >eee Pius have beei tried for the U» seven yean.
Nt; it, ac tnatauw tuve they failed tayufe
Me* ?c cants per box. £aot by msutoany aioresa.
7. YOU# (a. hole proprietor
. _ , sn Broadway. «.T.
i ■j. a>le by L’Ll&e * ear.BP I*4 Lake street. Chi
• ,*c.lu. * ee&-mWWx
. A
- avf m *ra» Wools, rte <my BantLsas Tmrs
■iUaBU *»»r k ,^? C '>Lll fcniM jQia rtHf Dit ll
'.,fl*et-cb»igi« Bed, Bo4tf orO'ey HeSlnttMtly.
•- * GbOity wL^ca. ot i*otul#x ouows. BitLont in
"IBR Ult r - Ol‘c. Vl*JntUt Ujc fiiCß lefcvjw* Itc Pn*!
r-ijl asd ; U*pm» tnnb itality. &ScenU»
.-tLrtrfJt* rrwnaecolor, asd
jf B*l Dyea. Tl-fc «*eaoiaP U rimud PixtaSi A
. ATatTUit obo:ce-t-Uftiorv ou« oboeid
i ■voldr: by aL D.-tgcltt* Am factory, v
»i.reeV KewYork 1v?-cwndy>
' l A G E If C T.
eager sold a: Refiner's prices. A U'-re tspnly al
mt,j. OD baud. J. H. UDNHAM
-V^OTICE— Mj wife. Electa L. Mo
J-’ Draw, bavlnx Jen my hou»e. bed and board,
■without cauae or provosauou.* ad perauoa are can-
Honed not to give my aatu «rtte aay credit oemyac
coort. m 1 ahali pay no debts m ooeonau eactnFrved
|>y bei- _ ____ HKBB7 6. SioORAW.
Odcsgo, Oct. «»• 1868* . noI5-p6BB tw
Wfi the tmcVr: r?d rt?- k **** ir * iE * u “*
Uilud fcU.c* Airlory, B^rl^Eaeld.
201 JL ™ 14 -’irl eiber* fa.
1C £ \ Arsenal, ruttburt Pa.
St TaZU'j* MO.
Oeaada is direct c a
*■'* lL CTlatJjo pkiltrM. *htca cat be
zb?* V “««’ctc,bamedplace*. E*ch setli to cos
l,:*fc complete: car
cimplct* tone oaOia ani*t;
SJ*31 C <! etrtrtdi,* i»cx; '•no pi t\*i eartrldae bar:
tSi lor ,l2a audooactp
S?*k?k W 1 Ui co ‘®P‘ck. All of which veto be wade
tfte-lkjra d wcrttraraLlp. Tne i*,V>
aac carbine flier **a to beofbaff
Hatter,blacked;«aflthec*rtr.<fgeltjxm bet holster
*£iS*K poocll •' flH'rtOtktM.ntdKatber, I btobe
lit£-- u *.? ,iatwU ' 0 ’ s b * b Oden that leatbw carnally
nrpM vita ar-»m*c clm> bat oak -ct biro
f tSf lote
,M ” 7ifle J °l 3t O' nni-Jtb»r.sT<
SSJE®!?^* 01,111 «*u:»ctioMO,«ir.*ej aninaier,
aid E "tJ<etU>n 1 rocroie jkt wetk for►'!
ttl *- 7 be hrat celtTerrto be made
JltSfe “‘W fe >* «i»*<sa:o of coatnots aa?a?y
Utue win eely-ct the
° J J :c nnu.os.* ol sei* woica
C.™ iJS Jf c lr the nnal ma^asr; the
dl> ?,T “p!&^ ld »« « «»I Prtss. *0 b.
■ PWdCi* vijl rate cxp:icuvr the Arwnil wVcrc t*:cy
I'lS? 1 *? do Ivor, axo •! more than cpb oi«ce a
tepanttebjd Etift bo mode for eica Kobld win be
Cynrtieredi om parUMottcr mtiouc
ter»jeoru.ca»ticle,and mthso srekiowstocte o*.
pfcitrctto be fn’.lf catrpeioet to czcwhco is taslt
cwaopcp. tbo far. Each p*-ty ob Atp-
Ire a coairar.ii vui be requited t»ent«-Into
with f-pi<roTt(3 rarctlM. for ue falih'oi follliitreat,
Tcai/erarme&t rooerree ue nch*. to reject any ez
alJjblCk.trret d'Pmed vatUfactoriN fcratiycaaie*
PropcfckJbwinbeadireuedtoßrle Gonl UeonraP
Culef of Ordnance. Waili&ptoa, D. C ai»i
wtnbo ctdorcea “proposal* frv oa»al*y accaitre*
_ OKO |>. BfIMSRr;
'SB** *“ Cilu 010rd^«-
vy Chicago hhioh bail hold
£?r* s * l !i*. coll, £ ,lca '’ n ol tb * Draw Bildge across the
iDtA *t canton.
l l ct s «deaina‘.ls Jauaary
i« I Wt, attar the satire bondea debt cfthecomoahT
bcmctfn brUtfilflkipg fondi. and ay a.lea noun
the whole rentno efthe road? ?
The lutr rest will
Ist In each ystr—p:Ucip>l acd payable at tbs
American hxchange Bar k la Hew Pork.
Ibecompanyvui reject a 1 bid! vuch are not sat-
Hnctwry.srd wPlnot cutertsla aoyTar leascusn hr.
Pajmectfor bebonasawarded wll! be required from
Waelet toucisih Jainar/ nextlafaada partnEew
cbeoid be plainly marked ‘'PeoposiLs
roa»ovi>e“ar.u cddreibedto * ff H LAKEI <Bit.
B MSSS!l^ thi9 ‘ iaM - W.H.BEOITA.Pre.u
_ewM»niiJS!a n gaa-.^^
fJr famltalok sappUes of
COEB. UATdaad fcaT.to h% dearered
i in LoaltrlUs. Ky.. Snlti
of the Cambell *nd St rcr, or at the
Ot*oEiTtr U Uem6fß 00 - Tt£lenl itlpxeut on tie
c forConj or n&t* tote mtfleisnra’.elr:
tie mice of eu& cwtitctly to be put noia
gocdtpbdaaml tacks; Cf r t In good renwodgnm?
*? se«sr»«.d-beßd sacii, to be doat>l«.s£ckcd,
¥* u *P bjulaot; -wtlHhi o' mcutubeoodact-d
** c Bay to oe £if>t qotPtj timntar. b'uiTy rrer.Rd
ite Ll.-torj b»;ps to
fecb wie; la wtluht abca*. tun e uoaar'd iwdeiTht*
UW) rotcct t»w; weight of lioipa to bo deductsi.
Tte pl*C' oi deli»c*y matt be stated, and wbetaer la
• tJffci t.aKT,nn ooneor oa;K*n.o.*oatnerlTflrbink
S?utsmlSSU?“ OvKitf
<m«tity cl fcraji that the ratio* are c»p*b!e
cf n’ctt bseutttd; tee tics of oommtaco*
**rt cr dcLveu. and bow mac* per week or moatt
duoftkeab Teioberl :hebest Qnalirr.tobeinib.
Jtci wtopp«-ctton aid trelebt.tae Itepector to be an
pcttUd by tte Qoartcttancf. . **
Beads lot lac faUbfullolollcent of tie contract «v
l«cl.fd. la tiu sum cf twenty t-onsaai (cßtcuidsi
Ur* hot accttopsay each proposal ' * ■'
Bias will m ot**»natt tt two (t) O'clock r. H. oa the
“in ffISSSJcK"- I - ra - “ a ' n “ w<f “ l “o**
Iba Qcsrttncatfer rcicrrcs to M«mlT the right to
r fUcl ar J or all bids ibatmaj not be cmaideredto
tl*p fCrai tsg*otthe Gorerpiaenv
r«.>c«Et*> to be msdo m ot Indebtedness
ca tte 1). 8. Treasury, or eucb other toads as m»Tbf»
P for that ooriKHe,
Bj order oi Capt. W. Jeaklsi. aqm.
C 4 D. O. BBWOL*.
» 018 «n-« CMrt.«naA.Q.H,
rSITP® I CTmn» rW-
<2_> omcE Chief roioiihißT of Scbsutksoc )
„ . 2SB son& u*la vt'eec. >
Ft lons Mo. NOTOnbcr 10 -863.1
? PKOf OSAI-ti will tie received *t ta’j ot&ce
Ur£ C '° Ct il « Mo=fl& y. KoT92lb*r SD, ISC3. for
To tteroop* in the field and at port j and ca*rp» to
t‘ « wwitcwtii toe Tecum;*} (Ctrjtaa t'edaeah
port* or camp* in tae Deptnatn
f?? p 5* Lt s ll being tx iflerm ed tb at shnnio
tu ttcorr ;eaye tst above Dsnrtncnu.bit ontiuae
tw drawsappllea therefjno. the contractor alia'lcoo
tiuceto fbrxbihtlieiL with noth beet if reqaired.
to K.rce fbrfonr months
The £tci to cc ct k ooi aid qai'lty with
equalp-oporilorscf tcre cud hud cuarte*s (neck*
sac kldrej tallow 1* be excluded ) Tie ne *jr*
cxfjecajtte rtaugbtefrd ror beet under the central
trail beent effatike loom vertshraljoiut. »nd the
brtoat trimmed down. Toe atanktoft'efoar euar
. tors eha 1 be cot eff pom three to four Inches above
•be kzee joint, mod of t:c hind quartor* f on sir to
tight ism-*? above the gsmb.-el or aock j :int.
Tse beff to be dekverca at such times la euih
I lac** sod In each Qon.tit‘**« si may bs directed bribe
chief cou>n,iu*rlcft of the Departments, tba Cot mis
eary of an a' u,y. or comma .-a in toe ff«l£ or fit 02s: or
camp# or by ciber competent aattoriiy
The L cited Stages reserves the rightoßlinrht*r
kCr the ore of tbe troops such cattle as rear be seized
crcaptiitid as comrabaatt <f war.
The Mrs win rate the price per net pound at which
the beei »1L be furnished, the D"ltsd fltatas fornwi*
L->g waurtravspcrtstioQ from sc Loots era polo's
jemh taetrof,toUJe n sin Sutelrtence Depots in tte
- on ravlcaMe Bcream*, and railroad
vaxupoMatJoa on roads conducted by the Qovem
icor.t. when practicable.
Ah o. the price pe? net pmnd. the contractor far
pietu-r all traarperariou.
Proposals troji who have previously
;« t a to co»*p y with tae.r bids, or uU tie‘r con*
tract,Trcm dlLoyal persons, those interested la mo-e
uanoDebld.or when bidder is not pment to ro
tpond to Lis old. will not be co»ride*e«L
Neither coctraciora or their agents will be allowed
to engage in lay epoculatiocela »be enemy's conntrj,
rcr teil beef to private parries wltooat due anthcrliy.
. All bids must be accompanied by a guarantee o
tee lent annexed The rcsoocslbtUty oi the eaaran
tore (aMes hrewn to mast be
by the rfflda! ccrtlflcate ol the Cierjc of the
nearest Xtstrici cenn. or of the omtoo fitaus Bis*
trier Attotrey.
Tee ram- aof finm must be stated In foil, with the
prrclfe addre»eot tach nsamorr '"t the firm.
Bach bid must bare printed copy of this adve'tlai*
n;ut ptaseo at Its bead a xd be la the foliowlngf-irai:
I —— —.hereby ptopo« to doHysr the ficbelr>
t*<*e Bepartrcen’ or tae united ttatei enchfra ib teef.
oi the quality ie-C'lbed is the a ivo*u*c went above
potted, ae I mry from time to time be required to lor
til*h. cn dee an l tlT*ely pottscatioa. at cents per
toond net welgbt.the OovcmiDeat (nrrlshlcc water
nno r*Uroed tr«n*p;ruUan a* ndlct ei lr. tnea*<ove
*d- crtisemeat. when praetlcah's.or I wlUfaral*! tfta
raine awumlcg all trantportalloa at cents per
noord.i(t weicnt—
I trc'fftt bere%lUi m? r fflisvlt that I am rot talar
♦ eicd,dl*ccuy or indirectly in any bid offered, ea*
cept t e cue to which Z have aubecrlbad my name.
A bead, with geod and sudcleht security. wU be
We, —of checoncty cf ana Scats of ——.
d? ht-chj t nuantse that -- .. la able to fnlOll the
contract In accordance with the i*rms of his propoa
rirn, atd that should hit preposition be accepted, ne
v hi at once enter into a contract in accordance tnerc
Should the contract be awarded him,-we ere pre
oared to become hi* aecarldea.
earned) ■ i
Ttis f narantee mnrt be appended to each bid.
The rirat to reject stl bidets reserved
Bids moat be fa duplicate- To be endorsed ••Pro
posals for Itocf,** and addressed to Colonel T. J.
valuer. ADC. and Chief Commissary of flubila
tenet 8l Lenfs.Hc.
Those no. corresponding with the above condl
Hons wHI be reject* A T. * HAINES
Co'cneL a.D. C.and Chief Commiwary.
Uffzcs or na Dxpot Qtunxxiunm. i
foxv Uu.raswoßTH. Kaniaa. October 28,1953. <
6BAUH) PBDPOBnLS wm be received at tab
oniceiintil 12 o*c:ockM .onihe 10thda> otDecemne:,
laGS IcrtbetraoapoTtationofniliLazyßappileedatlnf
ue years aca 13tS.cn the fojiwfcg roates:
KottjeNo.l-Prom forts Lesveaworih, Laramie
red Btiey.aod outer jdpeots that may be ettabllsher
dnrfngtoeaboverears.op toe west nankof tne Mis
souri merxorth of and souti of lot
imdstrcer noith. u.-anv pofi« or stations test cram
mai ceet'-aUuSbedlntbeTermorles of Nebraaka.De
Utah sosthof l.VtadtH4 der.nortk
eadeastof icnttmdelM de<%west.and mtneTerr*
torj of Colorado, north o '4O deg. north. Bidden n
itßUiticisiepcrlOO nonsds for 100 c.tlea. at whlel
the} wllltrananort nldjstores in each of the months
iron: April‘U&t.piembcr.lncinßlve of the years lot
Boctsßo.2. Prom ports Leaveawcrtb aid uflej
in tte State of Ka- e«<, ana t!*e town o! Eunsss is tbi
cta*e o; Missoori. to acy poets or sutios. 1
Uat ere or may ba e-tsblicbed la the ftuti
of Aasi.ve. or m tue Territory of Comrade
•octb cf lantode 40 dee. certs, drswi&g en>
xpn» from pert LtsvesworuLard to fort unicn
r . H.cr other depot that zraybe dsilgnaied la ttisi
TenKcftyto Icrl Gmliid. and to any oier point cr
i-olnu on tie rante. Hieaers u> sute the rate per ioi
pocnosior icoout«.at wucb tney wifi transport salt
ncres Is rtub of tue zuortki.from AptH to Beptcmbe
loclozlvc. oi tney*arslS6i andi l^.
item 80. 3, Fort Union, or seen otbe;
Mexico, to any posts or statiocs ib»t are or may b<
estaoUsbedlstbat TerrltorT.aadtofccb poets or sta
noia as may be cestg* ated in the Territory ol
and &'.awmTeiee west ol losgltnaelOtceg. ws-t.
Blcdento sine the rate per 100 poandt ler 100 mile:
atwbichthsy wilitranspoft slid sioreslce&cb of tb<
toonths. mm -»ane to November. Invasive, oftu
years asd DCS.
Ibeaeltntto be transported each year will net ea
coed lorooxoo pounds on Pont*, fro. 1.
poundsonßont«No,2.aid6,ooo.ooo poundsoußook
•jo. a.
No addlttonal per cestage win be pcld for the tram
portatint cfbt.cou.bard bread, pine *naiber. sbiigic
or any other stores.
Lldoera most give their names In fall, as walla;
tee? piece ol residence; and eacn proposal most tx
Hcoompanlea by a besd la tbeinmof tentbonsanr
dolla;s. signed or two or core letpousiale persost
cnsrant6*mß thsttncsKaeouC'Sctissararaed tor the
route nwntioted in tue proposal to the parties propoa
Jrg, the contract will be accepted and entered Into
a&a poed and saddest aecerUv lirnlsi.ed by said par
ties, in accordance wttb the terms of tbli advertise
fke amount of bonds required win be as follows:
On Route ho l «....sioo,w.
- 2 900.0 a
•• s'.'V. I."
eatlsfnctory evidence of the loyalty aod solvency a
eich bidder and person ©Coed as security. wlin>e r»
Prcposali snift be endorsed ** Propoaau for Armj
Transportation cn B-«tes Noe- L 2 or 8.” as tie ea»
mey be. and nr-ne w-3 be entertained ualess they faC;
o-mply wuh all the requirements of tun advenus
•sent. •
Partita to whom awards are mete most be prepares
to execute contracts at once. and to gl fa toe require*
bones lot the faithful performance eu the came.
Contracts will oe made subject to the approval e
the Qoane.maeter General, bat the right u reserved
to uject any or ail: Ida that may be offered
Coctraaon trust be In reaolncas tv service by th(
Cmdf-y oi Aprl;. 1864. and they wU> be required tt
nave a place of bosioesa or exencle* at or lo the rids
•tycf Forts Lcavfcvwortb and Uo-on.and other de
pot* that may be ecUb’lshed.at whicc they may b:
>:otsmuslcated with reaCU? and promptly
ncl-p23ft3SMf Vajorand Qnanerroeato
Ijate, Capa, Jars, Sf l
3S X*k« Street, Chicago;
WBOLsaarx nc
trfl tew rrepartd to oflhr by the p&ctxxc or flew
much the lavrest, most attncUve <ed
cbMMd itocx of
Sa«, CFttrt,
Snchubin Ckro^S;
Vrilsis and Faaey Schw
SXat9 t Aht.
Te be locud wort of the see boare. aaof whtchw
jk& aod will sell as lew as any fine EAST or tfSfii
ftpeoal attest; o<9 is izvftod to otrr extensivestock (
Fur Caps and Ladies & Gents’ Fro
Win receive prompt attention of one or ow Fztr
Weber. Williams & Fitch.
_ eras law sn
a^ 014 at the Lowwt
Cljkaga &nbtm&
Eenfifoiag uncalled for in tie OMcagc P»«t
Abbey Sarah mrs Ansel AHnds are
Acre Sarah Mm Arnold Fraacie mrs t
Adame Jane inrs Araietroaj; Edwin mrs
Allion Jacemrs Arnold Iff
AlaxaiMfltrf Alary mlefi Arno U Jane mice
Alim Sarah Cxnrs Ashley Lucy miss
Alien GeoDmrs AeplnwallM Wmias
Aldridge Hiram xnre S Atkinson Jokrpblnesalgg
Andrewi Alice mr* AnehrayMary mite
Andrews Josephine ailfsAr* rj Kate miaa
Andrews Havxu>h mrs AreryCMmlss
Atd&aon Libby A mlae vViPtuSlmrs
Baker Vary miss Blackwood Hary miss
Backer Kate miss BodmsaAHmrs
BacleyHßriaEmias Bogle Mary E miss
Ttler Julia miss Bour Stiy A mrs
IJaluy FlsTflja E mlr» Bclgcr Mary mra
B-Odala Kary mr* Boatke Manrarec miss
BnUesEllzabothinrs Brown Gix» E mrs
Bai ktr Frank mr?' H tars
Barlow E L miss Braobury Jane mra
Batnark Ada mra Bradford Aunic mrs
BarrigtdAsn Brault CLirlotic m:s
Barrett Hioy mrs Brewster Nancy mra.
Barton Beckle ini is BrcnnteeUfirymisa
Bspcom Radae illps Brink Elizabeth M mrs
Ba-tUtt Emma miss ’ Bcituic Clara miss
Efeban Sane Bronson Kate miss
Bcalior Brown Bel! miss
B*-cy CsTollnemlss BrownMsrgaretmn
Beloaca? Amrs Brown Jfsrgaretmliß
Bernis TCmrs 8.-own Jolla miss
BuKellHAinrs B own Anna «u-« S
Bentley Robert mrs Back Este if tales
El ire BJ mrs Back MaryEmles
Blue Helen E BardlckLuclcda tales
Plain Sarah miss Sarah A mrs
Blanchard Katie miss Batse JohauD&mrs
MaisccllLWmrs Boatwick Francis mr*
BiMksteck Sosas alias
Cady Robert mrs Code Mary mm
Cam pbell Ann mis Cos 8 U mrs
Campbell Valeeia miss Colllna Elizabeth mr»
Cam.on E lea xnlea Collins Ann rnW B
Carney Bridget Coman U J mrs
Ca -man Ellen mrs Colby Minnie miss
Carpenter Mary M. ColeadtyAsn Hmrs
Carpenter Louisa mrs Col far Ellon miss
Canoil Mary A miss Coleman G A miss S
Caulk K mra Coleinsn Ofo mra
Capcely Mary miss Conroy Matilda mrs
Chapman Jane L mrs Cooper Thos mrs
Cliutclr Corner H mrs Cook Luciaa SI mrs
Chare Bsrrift G mrs Cook Candice mrs
Chase Wilson W mra Costello Wione miss
Cnnse Lucindamre mi**
Can Aon Coughlin mra
ClaikALmrs Coran Anns miss
Clark Maria mrs Corbett Margaret mn
Clark MEmlrs CorbinCalrlnmrs •
.Clark Eatber miss Cor kins Slaggle miss
Clark Mary L mieg Cn han Brl<mot miss
Cioep M A miss Creh«*ne Hsunali mtsi
Crandall SamhS mrs Cartes M miss
Crawford Peter mta Cutler Harriet miss
Croty Varymlas -•. Carrier Mangle mrs 2
CroEb il C mrs Cunuiauhsoi Sarah miss
Cumbeilana Kate miss SCollms Borah miss
Culvt-tCdiaiuißSS Cline Mary miss
Cullen mis
1) tvie Martha miss Doherty mrs
D/wiaEmrs DoburtyMary Anrs
Davis Annmr« DoyleMarymrs
DeCanpJoeephene miss Drake H £ mrs
Demiug Emily miss Dnanlgan Bridget miss
DeLui Siecgle miss Daone Johaanah mrs
DcviteHelen mrs Dagan Mary Ass ales
Dcklnton Anna miss S Duaucm Kale mte
Dickson Matilda sue 2 Dnocis J T mrs
Dodge Jane mrs Duscau John r on
Dong* Mary mrs Daffy Kate A miss
Dolamy Mary mrs Daffy Mary Jane miss
Dontovan Maurice mrs Duprey Catherine
Doughtily John sub Dyer Laura A mi-:a
Eaton Fannie Erg<rt Charles mrs
Ednards C RorS Cmrs Ellison Elsie miss
E'dj Bmlah mies Enright Elizabeth
Edward* Maria mrs
F«kc Henry mrs Fox Ira M mrs
FaseFarnle miss Footier Wm mrs
Fcntoll Natty nra Foster SI A in re 2
Farucm Frances miss Fowic-Hmrs
Fnzpatrlck A fl mrs Fotrl-r Emma miss
FiizpstrkkMaryAun nifiFrcurh K'-ttio miss
Fitzgerald Mary Frick Isabella miss
FtzgeraldMeryAmlss Frankll.s Laura miss
Finney Mary £ mrs Frauds Barnet mra
Fitch Maria miss Fallur Aibe t mre 2
Fields Jane miss Fa’-erton Marymiss
Floyd Grace mice FultonAOmrs
FccgFamy J miss
- - G
Gtl'ngbcr Elizabeth mrs Goddard K£ m!es
Gallup Cyrus mra Gordon Jaa M m-*s
Genet Kate B mica 2 Gould Rachel miaa
Gtraedy Fauoy miss G.mhatu Mary Aug nisi
Gilt* CL mrs Grouey Mary mrs
Govagan Maggie miss Grady Leoo.a mrs
G bfcs Mary £ mrs Grave* Adda miss
G:bb* Jleggie A mrs Grant Alary mrs
Gibbs W A mrs GreonEmma J mrs
Gibbs Albert mrs Green Ann miss
Gmaonßehbecca miss Grimes Ana miss S
Gilmore Jane mrs Gofflnc Frankliamrs
G llx-rt Sarah B mis Grant Ellen mra
GloreKateMmrs QuudryMAmlss
G let boo Nancy mrs GroretAWmrs
Gooding Hanoana E miss
Halley Hannah Herdmanß A mrs
Backet Lucinda mkß Hitchcock Sosa miss
Eallaa Eliza miss Hitchcock D S mrs
Balnea Nvllle miss Hitchcock Llzzle’M mils
Hogerty JIA mrs Hines Kettle miss
Bebn Jennie mrs Hill Hannah miaa
Hackett L F miss Hincklt>yNancy£missS
Hackett Arm mrs Bodge L S mrs
Haekrtt JennleS miss Hogan CM mrs
Homes Anna mrs Bogan Mary £ miss
Bain Anna mrs Hood J S mrs
Hamlin C mrs Holcomb Mary H
Hand Kale T miss Holnrook Erie L miss
Harmon Charlotte Honncn Mary miaa }
Paneoa Elizabethmtes Holihan Elizabeth mra
Handly Eliza Hoolebac Marls
Harris mrs Horner Laura J
Bairtr Amenda mrs Howard Miry M mrs
Harris Mary M mrs Hotalander Henry mrs
Hansion miss Howe Mary mrs
Horgin Caroline mrs Howe Sarah P miss
Eoitney Mary L Hudson Josephine miss
Haseel Cornelia miss Hughes Mattie miss
Hardy Della M miss Hughes Mary mrs
Bayes Kate miss Hu-tey Kate miss
BetiennanMaonllredmxsHaltyM miss
HemrnweyJ Bmrs Huntington Mary E miss
Herrick Caroline miss Burlhut M A miss
HiL : s EUa 6 miss Hunt H H mrs
Irony Mary C mra Ircdale Chas mrs
Ive.scn Martha
JackronAHmra Johnson Davldmrs 2
Jackson Hannah miss JohnsonEUzamrs
Jefferson Fam y O mrs Johnston mrs
Jcfieraon Josephine miss Johnson £ C mrs
Jesblnyt Minerva R miss Johnsoa Margretmlaa
Jerome Mary 8 miss Johnson James mrs
Jepper Margret miss Johnson Molly Ann 8
Jox.es Monla miss Judge il Amiss
Jonc s Beccrn £ miss Jadkins Hannah mica
Jones Bothnia H Jordan MO mrs
Eannder Maggie miss King Emma mrs
Ketoe Annie sin Kii p Mary miss
KclloggMaria miss King S T mrs
EellryKlttlemlt-s Knapp AnniuWmiss2
Kendall Lncy miss Knight Frank miss
Kiefier Nellie B miss 3 Kno*l«MEmmamlss
Kirby Sarah miss KicstMaryEmlss
King Henry mrs Kimball E C mr*
King Elmira mis
Lawrence Jolla Lincoln Jennie miss
Lamb Marls mrs Little Maggie miss
Laukton Mary Amies Lencle Nancy mrs
Lt Bne L mice Little Sarah mrs
Law recce Anna miss Loy Amanda E miss
Lobnm Snale miss Lnff Percls B mrs
Lawson Ellen Lnhmte Rosie
Leavitt P. J mrs Lnly Frederick mrs -
Lrmoine Henrietta mlseLuman Sarah F 2
Leary Ann M mrs Lombard M»y A miss
Leary M C mrs Lyman Catherine miss
Lilly Bosey miss Lyons Charlotte miss
Livingston il cigar ct Lytton mrs
McArthnr CF Miss McrJonnell mra
McAllister Lizzie miss McCreash Soielia
McCain Kate mlrs 3 - McCormick Maty miss
Me- arey Esther mlzs McComey Ida S miss
McCalium Neil mrs McLeary Esther mrs
McCanotbers mrs HcFee Lncy mrs
McCollongh Ellen miss McGcoJßmrs
McCurdy Mary Bmlss McGrath Jolla
McConnell Melissa mrs
McGeary Hattie L miss Mantel mrs
McGees Biddy znles Mansfield Wei thy miss
M* Helen miss Manning Ma>y mrs
Mcßandall Sarah miss Mandezteld Sarah mra
McGarey Delia miss Marshall Mary E mlsi
McKay Donald mrs Marshall Ingnsta A mrs
Mclntyre Anna miss Marshall Eliza miss *
Mclntosh Margaret znissMsretaall Mary J miss
McLean D S mrs Martin £ C mrs
McLnmer Phebo mrs Martin Amanda mrs
McMonomon Roe-y mrsMartleO Emrs
McN&Uis Kellie mrs Martin Ellen E mrs
McPherson Mary miss Maynard mrs
McTavish Fanny mrs Mathews Annie mrs
McPherson Elvira miss Meacbam Betsey mrs
McGrane Mary miss Hears Lizzie miss
Haddock John mrs Maolln Mary L miss
Madagan Mary miss Meats A Emrs
Magmsson Anna T mlssMead Mary
Hardens Maria miss Mellendy mrs
Maloney Ellen mrs Mellendy E mrs
Mayoner Winfred mrs Melody Sarah
Marigold William mrs M<>ore Kate A miss
HetcaifCHmrs Moore mrs
Mervlane J C miss Molvey Mary miss
Miller Lncy B mrs Mulligan Susan
Miller Matty T mrs Murray mrs
MlllerEHmrs Mersey Margaret mra
HULr Adah miss Mnchmore Theo HIOIB
Mahan Frank mrs Mann OL mra
Morgan C F mrs Miller Mary mrs
Morehouse Margaret JMarpby Kate miss
mrs Morphy Anastasia
Morgan Lewis B mrs Myers Marr mrs
MorrlsMarymre Myers Lydia
Morrison B M mrs Myure Bridget
Morrison Ann A mis Mulchrooe Mary mrs
Mosher Bnby J mrs Uaway Con M miss
Moseley Georgia A snissMorehonee M J
Mott Ophelia miss Morehouse Maggie J mrs
Nash Angelina miss Norman Anna mrs
Naughtou Jnllamlas NoTjrove KUe miss—2
Nelson Mary J mrs Nolxn Kate miss
Nelson G F mra Nolan Dora
Newbergerli mra Nooner Mary miss
Nicholas Netty Mra
Norton Henry mrs
Ofennan Gertrude miss Ostrander Chaamrs
Ogilvic Brlle miss Ostrander Helen miss
Ostrander BopMamra O'Oorman Mary miss
Ormeby MaryJ mis O'Flaherty Haoorla miss
Oxenbam £ mite O’Shanntesy Kate mil*
Orr rtOJ-Ellen miss O'Romkft Arnorah miss
Owen Ann miss O'Sullivan Ellen mist—3
Owen Ellen mrs O'Connor Mary A miss
Palmer 8 J mrs S Philips Mary mrs
Caroline F miss Phelps Joslc H miss
Parka Evelyn £ mis Phelan Hargt miss
Patenoct LF mrs Plnnkf t Mary
Patterson Eliza J mice Price Wm mre
Paine HaitieM mlts Policy Edward mrs
Paine Mary J mre PonstJmre
J'ayne Ann mise Pottermlee
Proton*; Kate mrs Palme' Lizzie miss
Ptnij J mra Page M O mre
Pendleton Carrie mrs Potter Jace mlas
Peror Sarah miss Preston Emma MC mrs
PoklnsL mi Prestloa Mary miss
Perry Htlen m’B Preccotl Maiy mrs
Pcterkia Elizabeth mre Pridern Maty J mrs
Petrie Ellen O mrs Price SaraaH miss 2
Pike Loratne mrs Putnam JoaiahLmrs
Ph'Jipa Catherine miss Price mrs
a ui:k Bridget Quinn Johanna miss .
cigg Victoria miss
Ramsey Henry mrs Riley Mary miss
Ronkia MolUv miss Belly mre
R*rt y MargarctLa miss Roberts Emma mrs
Rc'L'en Bose mlas 2 Robinson Annie miss
RhodfsC Rmrs Roberts Emma miss
RoonoDdNelliemifiS Robinson H B mrs
Reese Ida mlts Rockwell Mtllda L mrs
Rsthbmy Dora miss Rogers Lndoda mfna 2
RJorcan Stella mrs Rowley Eleanor miss
Rice Mary miss Rowland Cba lotte miss
Reevte Alice miss Rowell Jolla D mra
IMd John mrs Rowlle Luc/miss 2
Richardson Marian miss Rounds Melissa B miss S
Rice Hi my mrs Rudd Maria A miss
Rogers West dine miss Enaaell Alfred mrs
Richmond Mary Qrnly Bade Lon mn
Bice Pfcebee Amn • Bttesell AUie S xnisf
BichMAzcrs ' Bnseell Dora miss 3
Ripley Jane N mra 'Ryan Elizabeth mlaa
Salford Mery mra • - Smith Johmuah mrs
Sailer EtgcneWmrs* SraithMaryS
Scott Ebsa rate® Smtin M»ry mra 3
Scott Cuthcricß tt.lbb ' Smith Emellne miaa
Scott Amelia B mrs Smith Cassia miss
i Scov:MeMMn*f® SmithDolheiuiss’
t ScrlpiPt Frank mrs Sterling Fan-In mrs
Sccf**)ckCAmjt‘B Sonth«roitn Rebecca C
ShajpCaiollLemitß mits
Shaii f-pty K«te inieS Solon Jennie mfse
ShawEcuhEmr® Southern mi's
Shew Carrie mn . Spear Mary L mra 2
Shea John C mrs Sprague J W mra .
Steady mra Spencer Mary A mias
ShtahanFanajmlaa- Sprecher Fllza mxa
Shtppaxd George ran SproalAnn
Sheppard Bath cm Spaulding Clirriasa mra
Shook Angelina rare Spring Nellie mra
ShunwayHaryF mn Spicer Mary mrs
Sherborne LE mrs Stanley Joseph mn
Sherwood Lizzie miss Stewart Delpby mn
Sherman mrs Steel David mra
Sim Martha T Stuirait Annie E mn
Stnmor-p J J mis StwensEciUy miss
Simmons Anne mn N Steves LD mn
Simmons Cecelia Fmn Stevens Emma'J mn
Sidwcli George K tuts Stephens Sarah mlaa
Snider Judemita SuckneyElizabeth A
Sinclair Mai yG rales mWas •
S<mr ett Maty mles Strickland Elizabeth mra
Slovfr Eltraoftb miss Btorge* James Dmts
Small William H mrs Strom Sarah miss
Slocum A D znze S Sioughtot. A C mrs ' ■
Slater C mrs Sullivan Eatomlss
St-ell S S rules Sullivan Ann mrs
Enow Ella miss So hi rau Mary Ann miss
Smith Harriet mra Swift Theresa mis i
Smith Lizzie Bdee
TaylorDeborahmrt Tiernan Bridget
Taylor Elijah mra . Thoma® Muy Louies mr*
TaylorHU mrs 8 Thompson Jennie miss
Terry Charity sirs 2 Thomason Hoilla C mrs
Teed Emma miss 2 Toucsy S N mr®
Ttatcker Clara E miss . Towaecsd Mary mrs
TitbyNellie miss . TruesdaleLacrmles
Thomas Bell miss Trigga S mra
Thompscn Sarah M missTncey Bridget
Thorn Mica niee TurmurUarULmlss
Tilton Sara wits Twoomay Lydia A mra
Timmerman £ mra
Van Hiper Higgle mias Vankurea Louise P nalsg
Vidler mias Vegan Anna miss
Van Natta Jennie miss
WaSHng Jane miss Welch Harriet mr®
Watt Kt-temfea Wheeler Emma miss
Walktr Mary £ mrs Wheeler Charles mrs
Warren Hello mis® Wild Carita® mta
Warren Loulca miss Whitney Lucinda
Watkins DmsllaT mis Whitney Wm mrs 2
Watkins Jane miss White Hay L mr®
Wat&on Jarah A White Carrie mlsa
Weufeter Lablna misa Whitman May C Mrs
Webber Sarah J mra Whltlnc Hudson Lmra
Well® HW mrs Wiley Jennie mUa
Wereing Rachel M mrs Wiley Carrie mlsa
Wesbrook Nellie mr® Wickeon Hrenla miss
Webster Elizabeth mrs Wilkin eon Henry mrs
Wftt Henry mrs Wild® Isabella mra
WiUardEhzabethmrs Wilson Eliza T mrs
Wilcox MaryLomsa miaeWoodard Amanda mra
Winslow Tilley mrs Woodard DelightO
Wise Either mis® Wolfing Sarah mra
Winlack Sarah mis Woodbury P C mra
Wlrg Phebc miss Woodbury Helen B mra
Wing Ruth Woodbnry Ettle mias
William® L Mare 2 Wolf Amelia miss
WflllansPermtUaMmlsaWood Walter W mra
Wiliams J oisa Wright Fanny mxa
Williams Kellie mrs Wright R mra
WiilihUiSOu mrs Wright BMC mrs
Willlniuß L M mre Wright A L mrs
M'alth Julia mif® Nancy mra
Yale Julia mias Young Lizzie min
146 Best Madison street.. ..£. T.S. miss
All* n WmH capt&rmer J B
AucreweWm Adams James
Anderson Wm Ault G W Ackerly Aron A
Alexander Wm AtiamsGeo Ans.*l Albert
Aiiuin Wm H Ames Thos H Aiken Bra'e
eldrlch ArchibaldHughSAshlcy Benedict
Andcnon Jos Aldridge Q Andrews C
AnttinJohnß Avery 8 AndressDorseyC
AgnewJas Abbott FranclsßAlby Edwd
Atwood J B Allard Chaa Armstrong Bobt
Austin J&sP Adams Peter B Anet Augustus
AdcottJß Arnold lease W
Baker BcnJ M B&nta Robt 2 Blake John T
Baker Mmcus Baker D Bennett Jaa
Buker 1, S Barns Chas Bloomer JL
Eannirc L E Bunett F M Bifbop Jas H
Baxter Wm Balling F T An-B ill ini' H
Baker Wm D ton BiauleyVD
BallW Boachor ChasAßiissUeo H
Barry John Babcock Fred BBenton Thos
Bartielt dr Jno Bams V. r lletch-BUcketonc Geo
BoitlettM D Jno rr A
BtkifEoiaceD Baldwin Ciias LBoarko Edmond
Badger H W Baley Choa Beaufort Lt F
BstcacllerGeo Banka Pat Bennett SDW
W BacbeUerC Q Bently llcv B
BarrnffTom Baker dr Peter
Bartlett GcoF BakcrCE blauchardETT
Bassett Tom Baxter dr A J ■ Black Ba ild S
Ball Theo Baldwin AS Block Capi.
Bailow Sami Bccccti Jaail Barnard Peyton
Bacon & co J H Brown John It I
Barlow Bichordßirch WmS Bennett AL2
£ Beeson TTm Bicknell Andrew
BUUtga Albert Bams Harlow Baker & Griffin
BeiiOnaaY Biightinanlra D 2
Bow cnWta Breen J Brown &coCH
BoeckJC Boyd Isaac -Boyd Chas
Pxown &co JYBoaldlcc Rev J Bright-a Pliny S
Brunton Uanln Bright James Brown Christen
BrundUatklas Borden FC BoggoasAlxx
B own Letter WBramlyH A ■ Bongkan And’w
Brown tv m. Bromley Townerß is oeNA
Bropby U m A co Bohan Faf
Brown WmJohnßoyd Geo V Brown OB
Bowers Joseph Beardsley Geo RBranch Necdlim
K . Bowles TQ Brown A P
Brooks John Barnes TW . BowenNstkuA
Boyer John II Brown LukeS Brntoa Brother
Bceprey Joseph Bowtrs SJ - Bowersax Allen
Broikabonk JoßbaseettThos Brown B Eraok
Brolly Jno Brady FA Bradt B
Beyer John Brown BS Beocc Colamhas
Brown Joe C Braes Rtger J BoweebNicklaos
Bond Jo slab Brinkerhoof C Bradley David
Brown JH Briggs Chas Bond Geo
BnrccttklaJ Basn VllroyL Barritt BsnrOtt
Balien Wallace Berlin Henry C Bccstlh c B
Burton W C Byn'® Aenry Boms Pat
BnUctfltld Wm Buxton J H Bams C
H BaixhimGE Booth Chas
Bonrke Wm Bonce G N Boms David
Barr John EC Beuten & coSHOurgess CE
Buffhaiu John SAOyrns Andrew
Buigester Jaa RButke Fred Briggs J
Burbank J Burt Prod Brciuck John
Bnrgcsscr JasHßatchcrßH Baruham D -
kirn Jas Bndleng E Bargees Thos
lurleJS Butur2eMEl!s BrugeenSiophcn
Bouiku Hemy BrendenwellWmßnrton Alien
Euitan HcnrjiEßradrhawllash Battcrworth Ed
Cape Mather Chambers E ColbyP
Caithty Micbl Christie Davldß Cory S T
Chill b yran Clemons Chas S Caccrt S A
Casey Willis W Cherot C A Canert S A
Campbell John* Chilton C W Co.coran rev
Calbeid John Chase* Walker Connly Dennis
Catty John Chapman &, co Colby Davis
CampoeUJoßlah ChamhineAmoa Como'rels D B
Cornell John Clark >'C2 Conway Pat
Carpenter JnoL Clnkey Oliver Connors Patrk
CateGtoW Child Alpha Coaly PJ
Coarse V A Clark dr Colbergh Chas
Caswell Geo CnmmlngsJ ban Cooper A 6
Camp Silas Cross EL& co Crawford Wm A
Cad well PA dr Channell Man* Cunningham Ml*
Cadweil Bobt L reee chael
Cadweil Roht Conklin Leather Cooly.Benj
Casey EG Cannon Micbl Calvin Albert
Caltbngh Chas Connell Micbl Cooner N J
CudwtilDV Coleman HR CannlngbamJno
Carter Dexter Corcoran Math CrallJotm
Caswell espt Comer L B Currier Leonard
Cagan Peter Cole H W Gumming John
CamphellChasM Call mr Cromble Jno W
CaihoundAJag- Corbett Wm Clearer John
gets Cooney John Crowley John
Cleveland L J Concealed Jno Crary John
onset) Fatik ComiskyJno Cregg John
Clark Michael Cole Wm Crninb
Chenowetb WE Cochran John Cannon
Chambers Wm Coserow John Crane V B
Church W Collins John . Casey J C
Chapel Wm Cocbad J L Critenden H W
Chipmau Web Cowen J L Cashing Goo W
ChampleJos Cowley J T CnrtlssGeoW
CbtlverJos ConncllJC.' Cross HB
ClaikJohnd CorsetJH Crocker DanlS
Clerk John L CobamJLcaptCreokwricoLE
ChamberlalnJoelColbytJ A &co Cnrgci Geo -
Charles Gideon Cook Homer Crain O E
CheneyJL ColbyJAAco CotterEß
Clark JasW Carpenter AH Curry Daniel
Clark H A Cone H B - Craig N C
ClinerTbos Cook Geo H&co Camming* J
Chase GL ConnellTim’thy Crabb Norman
ClarkS A Cochran Geo Corley Dennis
Chapman S S Cogle Edwd CaomnghamTho
Chapman Fred Corbett FionkP Chafley mr
Clam M L Cox Emery Coe J&s £
ChambetlainE CookSW
Davis JJ DlckJ Davis CB
Dernndrean L DanforthJM Donley Patrick
Day rev mr Dernay Geo Daugherty Pat
Dorgan Martin Darnell W L Daniels A G
Devlin L C Donaho Thos Davis Alfred
Dewitt Wm Dely Geo Wltmoro A W
Davids Wm M Deacon Geo Davis L
Dempsey Wm Dsv Thoa Davis Rob’fc
Denim Joseph Davis Geo A Demlagß
Daunchy John Dewey BA Dunbar Aco
Dickinson TC3 Dlx Richard Doherty Michael
Dunbar John Darwin BM DnttonLS
Davis Jos A Dickey EL Dana Loomis
Daily John DanloyGeoL Dox Martin
Davidson John Dan D J ' Dobbins Mich-
DeekerJJ DlmlckDan'l eal
Davis James D SDenser C H Darkln Martin
Drake Wm Doolittle JamesDodte Cortland
Doty MM DoonerJas B3
Dnffleld W Dmmlgan Jas Donlap C
Doane John Dunning GW Dorrln Patrick
Dodge John F Darrell GW DoleChaa
) >Dnsi John O Dyer S G Drake Chas
Dwight John DoolittleS DoadChasH
Dodly John Doe Stephen Donlap C H
DonlleJohn Dnckham Eich-Doty & Sayder
DnnlapJnoH ard Dooly & Brother
Donahoe John DondhoeEdwd Dodge C K
Dolan John Danham Ban-Donham Beoja-
Donsell James som min'
Dosohnc James Duncan Bohert Dodge Norman
Draper J Denis Thomas Drake FH 3
Emmons MartlnEdwards OgdenEsterly Gao
HS H Elliot Geo
Emerson Moses ElwynChas T EatonGco
EnlerML Edwards Chas MEdmonson Geo
EstyWllilsH Fillet Geo Elkina Gilbert
Ec&n Wm Evory Obcdlah Eagan Francis
Elmer W El died Anson Earle CM
Eld red WH Emory AS Everest B B
Englirh John B Edwards Henry Egles JE
Eastman John AEldrldge Thos
Elmore James H
Flagg LP Pindess Peter Forrest John
Favor ZC Field Otty Foreyth Henry
Ficley W C Fisher A D Fraser John It
Fitzgerald JnoCFay Benjamin Foster Geo
Faibe John Fceny Benj Fosbnxgb J A
Firman John C Fields Beej F Flanders F A
Farnsworth J Floor Edward Fox John J
Fleck Henry Foley James Frank G H
FelchHS Foot Jobnß Fuller RH
Flaggeit GeorgeFrakeF L Frear Geo A
Fan B» orth GeoFoly Martin Force 8 F
Fall*n Thomas Fox Martin FrcemanEngeno
Fitzgerald Oar-FosterLDD F.aggDt
rttß FreemanManriceFowferOeoß
Fernando Flan Fogg Thomas Foster Chasß
mey FoeierWm Ford Patrick
Fitzgerald Patk Freeman \TalterForcßter Peter C
Fartium F P B 2 Franklin BW
Fsrnnm BoecoeFoolbarWmH Fox Adam 2
£■ FJ*mtrgGeo W Frink AB • •
Farley EnpcneEFlaumry Wm Fowler GBAco
Fairchild 1)L Fiannig&nJH Finceecan Jas
Fenny E Frey John Floyd EC
G ’
GogginThos GooninAW Ga*nsey Horace
Gen GW Gnffln Patrick H
Green JG Grvnteo Alvin Goodman WH
Goodhue GeorgcGribble Alfred Gooding W P
Griswold Geo Gorey Patrick Gordon Letter
GninerySH G een&Wiug Gregory Charles
GarfldaF . Green &to Goodrich HE'
Gcvtcz F Jos Grehan ilichl 2 Gird tier ico
Qnmsey Frcder-Green Hmry K QHUs Adam
Ickß Goggin Thomas Gibha Clark
Grargore Per-Goodrich J& S Gammon A C
tatdo Grant John ■ Garabract Amzy
Green Fred Graves John M Gil m ore. Bnolan
GienanEW Goldabeny dr J &co
GnntEC A Garrison CK9
Griffith I) Green Jonas GibbeCß
Griswold BIT Green W Grtffory Davis
Golden CbaeH Gregory WS Gates Ralph
Golfogle FatrlekOrej W& co Qalliher Edward
Gilulej&Mitcb-GcafoaWm Gleesondr
el) Oreebe Wm QlbbsSolomon
GwinCH GlrdlevW W Gardner Sylres-
OncDwellCll GogglnWm -ter
GalnsbaAP Gastra, DickeonQarrison Joshna
GermamOeoH £co * Gillespie John
Gealtty ThomasQQman BUS Garret Lawrence
Gibbons FatrickGlbbcnsWOUamOardaer Joseph
Gloom Thomas ti&mmooa Alex Gammer John
GcoinDM Gibbous Wm • GayloalWilluc
Gibson Henry GldtonJoe GoSnney If'Chl
Olhnoie JteseNQarrKyMartin Gaylord Jasper
Glibgan James ; Gay John, E -
Gammon James GanEttJohn Galloher John^
HlgglnsSD BnxrottßM HallDamia'
lidloißU HernlllTEdwdDHan David Sas-
Hcrmn & Broth Hallcg S S * loti .
era Ha-lvtt Samuel HaaraosiEA
Ht.n!c* & Brotn-HaincaCß Heapur Ptt-r
era . Hall C Walter BaUmc'CH
Heart Abram Hcaly P Hamilton 0 W
Htniy Audicw HammellPetci Cn.ndcrtoa PB
Hertz A Herniindtz AM Hemlf. »way AO
Hanes Prank Ha IJC Deuahaw esq
Hewitt Sam Henlegan JamesUannan Panick
Hall G H Henigao James Hall Franklin
HcnnLan Tho’s HenderdonJamesßathawsy A A
HageitrTho’a Hamilton James Hinghsia Pdr
Hlcketlwttz Q HerranP '; Herrington New
Hcdegan Jerry HlaeyJobnL ton
Benmeg Tho’a HearceyJclm Ht-rollyCbaaD
Hall Diram HewesJohnE. Hanley Andrew
« HeameyJoha Hawley DivtclW
Hall Hiram H BullJubeph HawkinaEdward
BamllionH 8 Erg Wa Haw&lnsEC
BammondJoinisHcws W HaangEddie
Hamlin J W Higir JK HannacJcEugene
Hala James O Bamilton Wm Hanipin Eugene
Eemmlogway HHammcU Wm Cfiaabrook P A
Kali J L Derma W C How Edward
Hamilton J K Hamilton WiUrdHawkhorat E G
HaaklncrJT Handy Michael Handley SJ
Hammond JamciHatnpsoa Lot EanaonTimotliy
Btcdrickeon J GHsaly Michael HuaonGeoß
Hamilton J B HanaebergUikainayes Timothy
Eazback Tho'B Harrison D Htrper John F
Hanlon Tfco’c Hayca hlichael Hull Cbas G
Ecrstas Henry Hartwell MldiaoHZsrparLteat
Band WH H Hardy Harvln WHIU M B
Han ty Hcscy Hinds O.landoS Hitt John
HoUeoii H Hickey C Hog-in Wm
Hayward HE HiUChaaß HocaC
Hatch A H Blllerd Capt Hoame Shipman
Hawly Henry H Htlii&rd G L Hogg Oliver
Harvey James H A Htmiss Alfred
Hudinfi James Higlty JB Hume Ferguson
HarretyJohn Hive John Hudson ODF
Hann&JoLn ;Ei'h’andJohn HurlbatNL
HathuwayJosfahllUi Jtonea H Holden (J
SobnE Holrrao WalterEHo rls Charles
Haw< s John nigging® W Q SHolmes Patrick
BetmuUi D Hlnckly Myron Huntoen C L
Hoiion John HellWmO Hodge® Charles
Baekill LeonldasHuickley M E Howell Cornelius
Hayes Wm Hick® Marcus Howland Caot
HasllegWm Hick® John Charles L
Ballon Ephram nigglua Q W ' Hoghe?lß<chard
Hedges Ed S HowardEß, Boiwn Wot
HulbotEd Hood Thomas HjtchklaaNP
Hoga F _ Hubbard JomesHOunt Wilson J
HucheEvan HngbesJ Hemphea Hum-
HnlititSamß HoolbrookJS phrey
Hogc Simon MydeAJ Howard W
Daiden 8 vlvegUruiud Jacob Eonjin Wm
Hopkins SW 3 Hotford James HuutiogtonLF
Hopkins SP. Howe James Hyland Mathew
Howard Jordon Hoops Matthew
Bunt Joseph L Hulosen MlchaU
w2S*3? d rm h( « 8 Hooley William Hogan Mlchal 3
assta? ?£i , ATH‘' d
n°S?B d L?olB N UOOP “ JOSei,k aotoe^aUL
It giaham W W Ingraham C G 2 Irieh John F
Jerkins mr Johnson Roht Jennings John
JobmonA - JoneacaptEJ Jflllch John Vjr
Jocts Newton CJohnsoa PM Johnson John P
JsckAT Johnson GN Jacobs Joseph O
Jones & Price Johnson JaaT Johnson Joan L
Jones Amos G Jennies* Geo WJohneon John
Johnson AH Jemc James Johnson Wm
Junes Charles Johnson TnrlyDJohna Win 3
Jones C C Johnston JamesJaqncs William
Jackson £ M Johiieon J R Joy Hick 2
Jtflerson Edgar JobnfonJN Jones Levi
Jones££ JccesJohn Johnson SO
Johnson K B Johnston John Jayne Joseph T
Johnson F L Jemereon John Johnson Walter
Joseph Edward James John
Kellogg Ansel LKeplerDaniel Kine Henry
Kendall CW K«yesDD . KelsoyJim
KanCman C P Kennedy Edw HKeraman J
Knott Charles Kayglor&FrankKennedy JA
Ktirnaii Patk Kellogg S H Kiogrovo J H
KUeverCF Eimp’.on Geo WKcUy
KllocgChancjDKlag Geo W Kelly James
Kecr anPatk Kerr Geo D Knapp William
Keith C W Kennedy Tbes VKmg William
KdgbCbasP Konnert Henry Keaeler William
IMiy Peter Ktmbftll H S Kehoc Michael
Kinltn Patrick Knight H n Kelly MU»a
Kt lIyPH Knight Hn.iy Ecu Wili am
Kelly Dennis Kinney H B KolJey A R
Appleyard Alvin
Landon J Hugh Lawrence DavidLUtlo Wm S
Lctse Comad Llvington Roht Leo W0 dr
Lazarus mr Lvibam RW 2 L*eperWm2
Lawson Alex ' Livingston EdwLaraaor Wm
Light Austin colLawrcnce Thos 2Lo&nrd Walter
L’ddeli AJcx Lecoz Sami D Lightcap W H
L'-motte AntonyLawJcy & co FCLamb Lyman W
Lipman Philip Larglcy Geo Lewis L B
Law peter L Lcgctt H Leonard L
Like Chaa O Leaning Jas Littlchale Thoa
Lspione Chas Lund J L Lawrence Michl
Ltwis Calvin Law Jas Jr Loris Antror
L‘£htliallCY Little Jas Lowry Albert IT
LudES • Lesley J«-ssc Loomis Albert D
LeoiardßH . Little J D Lamsnrue John
LarcßiUrKvae'DltiigHtoD John lutz John
Low Adam 2 Long Wm Lyons John W 2
Lyon David LoggOo Lyons John
LyncyJ’eterJ LowryGeo LowoJoienhP
Low EM Lock&coJH Lull Wm O W
Luxton ED msißnddington & Lynch Mathew
LockwoodStthU Henry Lowell LD dr
LuxiokSaml Lucas John Leary M -
Li.nn GC Lyman Frank Lynch Michl 2
Lyon Geo W Lyman HM dr Levy Alvin B
McLahlin G McElroyJas McClenxmdnWm
McDtrmott Ed-McCaiidlesa AI-McKenny sVm ■
waid Red Mcßonongh Jno
McCaddin E McNcnty Jas McMackin Jos
MiGibbln E HrMlUati «r 0 McGUUs D
McLeod R C Mclntyre NlsbolMdntyre Joa H
McMahon Fred JUcCaithy Law-McFarland Da-
McDearmon 8H renco vid
McGowan Thos McQurrlnMlchl McMenany
McCnzn Geo R McKenzie M McDongaid Danl
McColia G& C LcGrcgor Mur* McCorgndal D
McKeieman G 6 dock McLane R L
MiMntiy Geo McConnell L W McGrath Donnell
3fcMillan Thos McAnnernyM McDongall &
McDonough F TMeCormickßich- Feck
T ard McNeill Archa
McNeill Hugh McFarland Wm McFarland A W
McNallyJaa . McVoyJ McMUIenE
McKercheo Jas McGuire Jno Hcßay Nelle
McDonald J McNally Jno MeMcbm B
M<-Cnrdy Jan oi McCray Jos McXamaraP^trk
M'.TremyJas McGrath Wm McLeodAlexa :-
WcClnreJaß McDonald Jno d«r
McKUioit Jos MsCole John McNally Patrick
McLaughlin Pat-McQ ude Patrk McNamara Dial
rick Mciiretvy Pat- McCurdy W W
McConnell capt McKay C P McDcrmOwtt Jno
tecNabb Chas McNeills Chas
Med Ebenezer Maitland John Mann 8H Jr
Meeker W U Mann W C Maxon Stephen
Mahoney Thoa Magoffin Birch .Maher Tunothy
MagU Mr Mathews Jas May Fred
MaerLtcncrd Major John MaclayPS
M ole L L Morn James Madison S
Martin dr Maner Jacob Melville SD
Martin or Malone Jas £ Minster Ed B
MartinMidard 'Marshall JR Marguenot dr E
Meikell MlchaelUeieer J C Malcom Robert
Mastla Wm , Macklln Henry Magee FH
Maetin Wm Martindale tt S Mann Robert
MonuW C Handera H Macombcr Ed-
MarklyWG Mallory H win
MatonW S Matllson HiramMasonEG
Maher John M Mayer GR MaidciE
Merrtam JoscphMortler Tiros Mangram David
W Martin Thos Melville Peter
Mattock John RMagillen Thos Mason Cornelius
Martin John Marshall Thos MasonO H
MitnaganJohn Marsh FP Margin C
Mentor John Meager TB Mayberry Chae
Marvin A MatbeesCbriet’oUeiryC H
Mansfield AmosMarblo Bnckley Maple Charlie
Merrill AM Masoa Albert Melyeter Chas
Mainer Ab»abtmiMiydwfcll A Macey C A Jr
MackTS Martin Angostos
MceherCbaaD Mortimer \Vm Mitchell RC
Mullen Cb»s Moore W Shana-MUcheUEdgarH
MorrlfOnHD ban Milter Edwin
Margaln Part Moore WS Miller Ed B
Morehouse D B 3M core Wm 2. Mills U E
Morgan David Moore MsJ W B Miller Robert
Mooußobt Mortis LE Miner DD
Myer Frank Mooney MichaelMHler A 8
Mowzey SpenccrMutdocs mr Mulligan Andw
Mathews &Co Hunger D.-M E Moore John •
vose Francis G Murphy Michael Moran John
MenonTbos Miller John MulhornAndwS
Morey Geo Miller J 0 Murphy B F &
Myers H Milton Oscar W Co 8 *
MeoeruHazen Miller Alex 2
MorritonJL Mills M
Moore J Mills Wilton J Morse AL iCo
Mcorc Jerry Mitch-11 Wm T Moore Alex
Slolloy John Mintor W B ‘ Hotter A P
Montgomery J Mills Wm HynhartAJ
Murray John Miller Wm Moody Alex
MontgomeryJtoMiller W B Morgan A D
H Mills Joseph Myera B J
Murphy John 8 Michmer Israel Munn O L
MohynonxJohnMillerDrHQ Mosher Alfred
Mnrpby John Mll’er GH £ CoMaltqneery A
JlOfher John R Mix Geo Montrose Alex
MalllnJobn Mitchell WB Murphy BF2
Morgan Wm Miller Thos Mullin Patrick
Monroe wn Mitchell Geo D Mondon Paul
MoorbWD MitchellGT* Moran Patrick
Nauton Michael Noble Charles AKorman Jno
Norton John Northrop Asher Nenes Jos P
Nlcholeßrett&coNute Benj’m Nugent War
Nichols CW &coNergen A Nlnnls WmT
Nsgle.Gto Nielson N Nicholson Wmß
Newton Ellas- NlckolsGL Nixon W K
NeUee Rob't H Nixon Thomas Noble JS
Newton Renel Noble Jas C Noonan Lawr’cc
Norllnger CbarleNeeloxenKaroneNowbury W T
*Nichelß August Nate J rey Noly W&Q &co
Neville PhUUpJ
OrcewebnAG O'Brien WmP O’Connor Jas
O’Mally Barth’ O'Brien Hugh O’Kelly Jas H
O’walJy Peter O’Brien Dennis O'Meara Jas
OLangbllngPatkO’DonneU D JO’SheaJaa
Opple Jno capt O’Neil Hugh
Osborn LA O’Mara Dennis O’MallyTnosP
O'Brien Jas 2 Overmire Levi O’Connor Geo
O'Brien Wm O’Neil Joel F Osderkirk H A
Peck Elliott 8 Patt Martin PierneGcoW£co
Palmer T W ParkhurstLymanPlka Andrew Q.
Perkins JP Patterson Wm Pugh A
Parsons n H . Penwell Wm N Pratt F P
Paddock HG Parsons WE Pape & Keeler
Patterson HenryParevlvon Pomeroy Phlle-
PerryGeo PetlWm ' tusw
Page Geo ’Peterson JP FlantzCH
Pefoon Oqb Pumbalton J Pearce Chas
PeasleeGW PeodergrassßlchPoweUE’wdHD
Parker Geo H Petty Charles Pate B P
Penney G P Perkins A H Plainer Rob’t
Parker Geo J Pope Geo C Preswick Ed*
Patterson Ed’w PyeWm mond T
Peck E B Powell Wm Ponst Simon
Pears ill Rob’t Pogb Jno Pomrey Hil&co
PellEdw’d PotterJeoo2 PrlceJHdr
Pearsallßolla Powers Jno Poole Gas
Peck Joseph W Powers Barth’wParcell Lamel
Palmer Jasper . Powers Jaa Pierce LH
Pareball Chas WPowers Jno regram Hays
Patton Perry Potter Chas Pratt Moats
Pun Chas w Potter & AckleyPalgrim J P M
FaikerCfaas PorterEP Frau Jno 3
Paxton &co Porter JJ Pearson Joseph
PttbcreonP Pope Goo B PurkeyJoha
FalmerNß&coPope Theodore Pierce Johnoy
Pendhtoo BecjFPond Toos Pengalo Joseph
Parker 0 L PendergaatThoQProut Geo
Patten Ales’r Paulson ThosE Post Wm
PeUt Albert Pratt Geo P
QuanbeH Bcnj’mQuackenbnsh Quirk Timothy
QuonisJusC Jsoß Quinn Frank
Qalch Chas H Queckeabuah Quirk Timothy
Quinn Jno Ttco
R’charde & Bob-Rengully R rev Rose Rnfascapt3
bins Belfourßob’t Bobbles E Q
Reynolds Hor Roads DW C - Bose San’l
Hcßeycolds Beany Pal Roles Henry
Reid H D Redfldd Chaan-*Robltiioa J 0
RetdLorerzo i cey Russell Hoary
R nicy Wm T Red &Lynn Robinson J P
RlicßWm Reynolds BP 3 lleut
RfdmandJC Biker ADM Ryder Henry
Rlcha:di>on JH Bapinßaptist Roberta JQ
RryroldaJW Reynolds A Ramsey Wm
Reveny John unspman Ryder Jaa J
Rices JS Robeita & WeHsßo.*e Sinus
R,c* J B Ross Geo W Robeson Wil*
Ripley JK Rogers Thos lard
Retd J W Ronndwell Qeo Roes Wm
Reed JB RobiosonGco FRo»ley Henry
BeedJS . Rent Robins H M
RichardpouH WRogers Geo w Ryan Lawrence
Rhlnes Yolney Rounds G«o Ryan Michael
ReutlemanH Robbins Geo S Ribblns Melvin
Bitter Geo A Ryah ThosP Rmseler Henry
R< id Geo A RoesGL RtaJas
Rtce Geo Rugs B H 2 Robins*©*! Ira
Reid Thos J Buggies Q-*o F RyauJas
RtysoldsGL Russel CP . RoweJasL
Rhodes Thos F' Rubier Orlond Robinson H H
ReyroldsGS RobetisAH Rosa JN
Bane Frank G N Rodgers J B
Read F Ryan Peter Robinson J L
Revdßob’tcapt RobertsonC-A ReevtJasS
Rlchmoi.dEO Bussell DA Roberts John 9
ElchardaonJ R
Beley Henry E Sanders Jacob Sickit Hobart
-Satin Peter ShuJtsJH ; ShayWm
, EerptilEich’d Scribner WnK Sender Henry '
. ~ ?£F J Sbcpard Jas J 3 Spabno John
Baal ChrlatopherSandeib J B Seymour Jas
Softer Chas Shafer Isaiah- Sard Geo C
Earner,' SieirartSUcaham Jere- Sallow Geo
' ABalldan. miah ShawQW& co
Shipman B Sargent Werren Seymour G Q
filmic N T Sheridan Joua SSeuguard 3:eren
Samnela John i Sherwood GW
Saxon Arman adScanlon John Saeppard Spea-
SLaw alfrd W Shaffer Joseph ' cer
i beldon &co Scales Wm a 3 Shepard Sidney
Shcr»ood AilenSpoonor Geo & co
Shepard O Spooner GsoH SbeUerSlmoa
SachetO Shepard WinT Shields SLJ ■'tß
S&stonlsaacA SilXaxa Henry ShirtllffS M 3
Shuman FlUndr Still ward Wm Smith CH dr
, Shears 8 J StnrmWm Smith lahl
ShldeFrcdk Stcrena Wm O 'Smith JL
bcoitFred Stratum Jules Sluaser James
Scripture Frank Stonehraker JnoSmlth A
Scot lil Bobt A Smith & Block
Salmon £ P rev Sthaley James Smith Albee T
Shciby Edmun-J Stapleton John ES
SegterEG Stufcbs John Spencer &co 2
Sondere WilllemStnbbs John Smith Hibbard
bookxuerch't Stanley James dsco
Srawmr StrauLouis Smith JF
Savage LW StmardJ P Shafford, Clark
Stiwy Lawrence Stanton John &-£Ui» ,
‘Sayht-y Michael'Susvci-sou Thoa Smith AN .
Sconl eL Sleet GB Simpson A
Shuinon Daniel Stovel Geo Smith & Brealey
Shwtu AcoLardSweeney James StoantLDlck ••
Sample Chie D Station Jas F SwifrAlex "
Scott ChasE Sutton Jas R Suter Alfred
Speer Chaa Stockdafc Jas B Stinson B G
Scott Cliasß StewortJH Stinson BG
Scott C G . Sullivan James Stellt Alexr
ShoiwcllF AMDSwlft George StandUh Otis
Smith AJ2 Stack Gerald M master
Smith Fredk S Stickler J A Smart Ansoaß
Smith Frank Sterna Geo dr
Sibley SylveeterStellicg Lewis Smith Nicholas
Smith 8 J Stnrtevsiit HniySmtth Wm K
Sowaiby Francis G Spooner Otis A
B Sullivan Hugh Smith Wm W
Smith T G Stevens HenrickSmith Ed 3
SlncemeyFrancsStevenson Thoa Simons Ddwd
Smith G E Stralhcrn H Smith ESS
6U> or 6 W Stnrge® Frank Smith Bobt S
Slocum Hiram Stoat T D Slain B C
SpiaUTF SulesEd Slocum Edward
Smith GeoH Stronge Geo W SklnnerßlwinS
Spring Henry G Sweet RM Smith Edwin
Skinner H G Stewart David BSlbboo Edwd
Smith Harmon Stuart David Small B N
Smith Henry A Sullivan David Small Bobt
Smith MB AO Southard John
Sawlnemr Sullivan Patk Simmons Chaa
Spaulding mr Starkweather C Stack John
Bmnott Mlchl A Spsneer Joseph
Sinclair mr Sullivan Patk D Simmons C has II
Spear mr Stafford CS SolomonChaa
SperccrWill Swtet&Napc SsnlnesCA
Smith W OebracStreet & Smith Smith Jno J
Smith WmAdr SommberM - Smith John
StieelerßH Spraka W W Smith Joseph
fioncrant John Smith Ceylou Smith W Os*
Stewart AG Smith Brig Tren- bom 8
siev<n ß WA ton cant SlttsWn
SulhlfWP Snyder dsßiddcn
Taylor John ' Taylor D Tracey Job D
JaygotJaa Taft Jas M True Joseph
ThumanHE TaUDanUB! Twohey John
Tl ompeon Sand Taft Paul Tallda John
lord Talcott & Shci- Tuner John
ThontpeonSH wood Trembly Jno W
Thompson SandTalcotlLamuel Tyler Jno
ford 2 Talcott M&acel Talte Jno. S
Thompson Thoa i'ewkobery C S Thomas Jno
C Tagg&rt Eowd TalardoWm
Thompeon JasDTallman TA Treemaa WM
Thompson IsaacTalbot Thos Tuuonr Mathew
Thompson Jas Tabod TnoaN Tlffiny E »wi A
Taylor Jno TatoWm Turner JW'
Taylor Z B Tees Lewis Trimiogham RP
Taylor J W Toher Hilton Tramvrell &co
Taylor 0«o S Thornton HonryTamer G R
Taylor Thos TrevettH Tyson Herbert
Taylor EO
Underahcll Sml Uffoer Frank Utley £ P
Vauripcr John Vanness Isaac Viacely Edwd B
VanhornJhon VogttHenry VaIIESB
Voice John Vanpatten JesseVuaghtt Edwd
Van Patten ML C Yen 11 Davis ■
Vantaescl Wm Valentino JR Vinson £co
Vantyne H C Van Bergen FrcdVan Fedyas A
Vaughan Jas B • W Yanderwort Nell
WlllardWi Wagner S Wilson Hobart
Welsh John B Watson F W Weakler D
Welch Antony S Walt Solomon WniteCbas
Walling W Work John Wheeler Cha*G
Walsh Mkhl Wellington JnoLWUslowCH
Welch Thos G WalketX.QciasP2Whitaker C
Welsh T C Waters MannwelWheaton, Loon*
Walehßoht WebbLßS ard JS liarr
WalahJas Walt Marshall Wilcox B
Walsh S R Waterman Levi Whitmore A H
Warner Starks Wicker&SloeumWilion John
WaehbainWmWWilliamaEviiaEWtlklnjoa John
Webb Wm Williams N WcptWilson Johnson
Wade Ramsey Williams free* WUlisJobn
Walter Edwa nan W Wiley Joha
Wangti Roht Wlthams MarsblWillion Jonathn
Wanner dr Williams & Avc- Wlloman J H
WaUiChritUan ry2 WUsoaJas
Warren C V WUllams & Wlb-Wmtdsldo Thos
Warner Orrlm bolo . Wilson JH
Wtst Abiabam Williams JF Wells J O
Webber Albert Willlama J T Wh-elarQeo
Wayae A £ Williams Water Wilks Thos
Wemple Andw WilcoxSP Wright Geo ,
Webat*TllyfODPWhitman IV H Willard Thos
Wanner Anthny WhUneyWhfitrH Willis Fredrick
Wallace W H Wheeler Wm W Wittbeckr Fred
Warner Wm 8 Whitney Wm WellbarkyFS
Weston Wm Whitworth W HWhitehooseSllaa
Walker W P Wilson T A White Taos
Webb Wm Wilson P G Wilkie P B
Ware John WianJceseP White John L
Waite John Willett Jeaaeß Wiggins WIUJ
Wa'd John C Wiley Isaac WoodNM
Well* s John A White T Wood AbrahamS
Waterman JosphWlldmah J H Woods <£ Barnes
Watkins Jaa Wilder JJ WocettCaaa cpt
Wei et Jonas Z -Wheeler & Whit-Wool ChasH
Walker Jeiome ney Works A J cant
Wells Horace WWhitncymr Woods EL
Waterman H B Wlzeman M Woodruff Rod-
WateisHS Weeks MationF rickS
Ward HI Whitmore M Wonderlo T T
Welleteads ThosWU-laoißSD&coWrigbt J C
Waktrs G WUkina Elias Woodruff Jackaa
WdlfeteadThoiSWlcklin Edwin Woo draff J W
WeltonTboa WilkinsKJ Wood James H
West O W Wilkins EW Wright John
Wardrop Geo 8 SWillard E H Wright John J
WjllardE WrightE&M WolfLymanED
WlanLcandcr WoodHRS WoounanJosph
Young" John Young Thos C Y*t-*s Henry
Young Mark* Young Aleck Yallery T C
Young Geo A " Young P
Parish Priest, Townsend Street Church .. .Pub
•hshers Of Headley's History of the Rebellion ...
Heirs of Christian Jesperson, deceased, late of C»
I. 62d regiment Illinois volunteers.... W F post
office drawer 8304 ....Captain 11th infantry U S A,
military commander. Chicago, 111....T0 tne occn
pantsofFrlseplace.Calcago .Bonn No2,B3Cinrk
st, Chicago... PO It....Office No 2, 7-) Dearbo n
street (up stairs)....Colby book store ...Ship
Carpenters’ and Caulkers* Un'on. ...Publahcr of
Chicago Machinist Proprietor boirdlng house
SOSKlnzie street.... Agency Little Giant sewing
machine....Patent Yeast Co.
Persons wishing drop letters advertised mast
affix a three cent stamp.
f&T Office open from Ist of April to Ist of No*
vemher, from 7a. m. till Sp. n. Prom November
Ist till April Ist. from 8 a. m. till 8 p.m.and on
Sundays from 8:30 a. m. till 10:15 a.m.
6xl S J. L. BCIUPP3. P. M.
€swimso!9v fllsrcnms.
commssioN seebchants.
No. 5 Pomeroy’s Hnlldlcg.
sdgas p. GEzypur. Atjoubrus Gsxreiai
cell Q*Ki3-Iy
;o. it Couth water street. (Alkesl. Saiifitax.
ifiTEuslnesß confined strictly to commiaaion m
dir<sSPo*e;—Messrs. Page, KlChardso t A
* Middleton a Co„ New York.
Snow A Burgos*. do.
Johnston A Baylsy. do.
Jain advances made on consignments ol
/lour, *c. to tis above house by
isiaylM- ia Ltsaße street, Chicago.
Asm & co.j
Moore. Foote &
IBS Soath Water street. Liberal advances madsc*
/lour. Grain and Provisions, to be sold here or by
WM. A. BROWN A CO.. New York. .
d. AX3T. J. H. EffSLUtn
#AHMT MISHORS, the nert in the world
fox finish auo darablity.
ORNAMENTS t> elegant Patterna ol
our own designing
colors for the bottom of dresses.
STEEL AND JET BK ADS. all sizes.
SOUTACHE BRAID, in black and colors. Just landed.
ALSO by ever* steamer. BUGLE GIMP, BINDINGS,
nolß p337-4w 157 Duane street. Hew York.
Alcohol Stills and Brewers’ Settles,
Manufactured at short notice.
20,000 lbs. of Brazier’s Copper tor «*.le at
Stetera prices for cash with freight adaod. Highest
price paid lor Old Copper.
Corner West Randolph and Besplainss Sts,,
0C23*0T40 5a
* A Returned Soldier,
Who after serving for nineteen mo.ths in the Union
army—btlng dischargee on account of hi* loi-gsuf
Imu { «)tb Fever ana Ague. alio, Cnroale Diarmaa—
uncovered, whbo In TcocesKe. a rjoutot. wnlea.
tbrrogh the providence of God. rostered him to per
lectbeaUbmaveryfow cays. After rrpeatsdiy or
pn bn anting upoatis comrades tndo’h n.who were
tcfferlßg irom the tatre dreadful disease—all of
♦hlch were cured the tame ss himself.—ho now feels
cesmus cf culling yieat senret laUehaadiof
&LL who may bo suffering from tee tame coxnpUlnta
that they may
BjeddresalcgLUKKßaFD«Fß P O.DrawsrCso6>
Clfcsgo,lJi.lnelcß!ng2Sce&tft in currency (whlcals
simply to pay lor this adrtrus-itaat,) the recelptia
foil will be sent by racura mail, pezb.
nol3-rloß la nlsaltw
Artificial Eyes,
2C2 BanSolpb street, CUcigo, HI,
Constantly on hand, and for sale at par by
Becker and Bobterlpdon Agent. 1M Laks ttraet.
0c23 oTCI-lm Marino Bank Building,
CO All,
Fotuisb, xiLLoaa * cm at.
nai4-pss9lf *' Cor.Market anO-WashlEgtoaßta.
And an glads of
BtomoiQ Eitttra
A pure and powerful Tonio, correc
tive and alterative, of woader-
M efficacy in Disease
S’tomaeli, liver & Bowels.
Prevents Fever and Agne, and Bilious Re
- mittant Fever; 'Fortifies tie System
against Miasma and tie Evil Effects
of Unwholesome "Water; Invi
gorates the organs of diges
tion and the bowels;
Steadies the Nerves, and tends tc
Prolong Life.
Cures Dyspepsia, Liver Caaplaint, Sick
end Kervous Headache, cneral De
bility, Nervousness, Depression «f
Spirits, Constipation, Colic,
Intermittent Fevers, Sea*
Cramps and Spasms, and all Complaiatfi
of cither Sex, arising from Bodily
'Weakness, whether inherent in
the System or produced by
Special Causes.
Nothing Cbat la nos wholesome, gaolol. and raster*,
kre In Its s&tvre eaters into the conpodlCon of HOS-
poratiea contains no sdaeral of any kind; no deadly
botanical eiemeot: noseryezcltaat: bat la % combi
nation of the extracts ofrare balsamic herhs aad piaate
with the nnreic aad mildest ef all diffusive stlsolaeta.
It ta well ts be forearmed sgalnstdhevo. and. so far
as the boman system can be protected by homaa means
against maladies engendered by an unwholesome at
mesnbece. Jropnre water, and other external catuae.
BXTIABh may be relied on as a safe?
In districts infected wltn Fxnrs asn Aon. It haa
been found iacsnible ts a preventative and Irresistible
as a remedy. Thooiaads waa resort to it andst appro
benslon crsi attack, escape the B--earza- and thou
sands who neglect to avail tn»mselvesonts protective
Qualities In advasce. are cured by a very brief course
oftoia marvelous ciedicloe. Fever and Ague patients,
after being piled with halnlns formoathim vala uattf
fairly aatnrated wltn that danceron* alkaloid are not
nnfrcQuenUy r*atored to bealth within a fhwdavabv
Thewc-k etomtet is rapidly invigorated, aad the ap
petite restored by this agreeable Tonic, and heace it
works wonders to cases orDrsrai’cia. cad la less con
firmed forms of l*n>iGSßTioir. Acting as a gentle and
painless aperient, as well aa uponthellrer.lc also In
variably relieves the Corranpanon superindaced by
Irregular action of the digestive and secretive organs.
Persons ot feeble habit, liable to Kanvocs ArracKn,
Lowriiss op Enurs, and Firs 07 find
prompt andrermaset relief from the Bitten. The tes
timony on til&polnt la most conclusive, and from both
The agesy of Bilious Cozjo Is Immediately auaa*Bd
by a single doae ot the stimulant, and by occasionally
- Mortlag to It, the return of the complain; may bepr?
For Sea Sickness It Is a positive specific—cither re
moving the contests ofthe stomach, sod wits them the
Urrible nausea, or relieving the internal Irritation by
which the disposition to vomit la occasioned.
As a General Tonic, HOSTETTBB’S BITTER* pro.
dace efiecu which must be experienced or wltneved
before they can be folly appreciated. Incases of Cox
rrircnorrai. "WnAxiresa. PaasuTuna Decay and
Deblllcy and Decrepitude analog from Old Aon. it
exercises the electric Isfioenca. lathe convalescent
stages of all diseases It operates as a delightful in vigor
act. When the powers of natare are relaxed. It ocer
ales to re-lnforco and re establish them.
Last, but not least, itis thb ohxy batb btoctoasy.
being manufactured from sound and Innocuous mate*
rials, at d entirely free from the acrid elements present
n ore or lees la ul the oidlnaiy tonics and stoaachlca
•tthe day.
Tbe (act Is veil known to physicians tbit the basis ol
all the -medical stimulants of the nhannacopmla Is
Ceryacdunpnrlfledalccfcol.anarticle which medica
tion can deprive of Its perai clous properaea. The
liquors of commerce are stlQ wor»e. They *t.t.
a duz.tbsatxd. Hence the (acuity, while universally
admitting the necessity for diffusive tonics, hesitate to
employ those In ootnmon uso lest the remedy should
prove deadlier than the disease. During the last
twenty years, the quality of these articles has been
ecLtumally deteriorating, andlt la notorious that the
Colds which bear the names ol the various spirituous
liquors, aremATOEzn and *tehd tjp with corrosive
drugs to a degree which renders thorn dangerous to
theh*althyandsnn*DSEOt7Bto theslck. Under thea*
circumstances, medical men are glad to avail therm
selves of a preparation absolutely free from those ob
jections, and combining the three invaluable proper*
ties of a stimulant a corrective, and a gentle Uuative.
HOBTETTER’S BITTERS are therefore held In hl-h
e.-Umatloo by oir most eminent practitioners, and old
fair to supercede all other invlgonnts. both in public
ho’rltahj andln private practice. No family medicine
has been a * universally, and. it may be truly added.
rsasßTSDLTpopnlarwlththe InteiUeeat portion m
the ccmzuunlty. as HOSTETTER’3ISITTKB3.
Make sure of Health. *'Bnt how,”you aak.
"We answer. Its an easy task.
Strengthen the Sroscaon and sustain
The Nieves, the servants of the brain.
The Lives keep in active play.
And exouultx. from day to day.
Each organ aid, on Nature's plan, '
Brace and refresh the cote max.
And Ukeawatch, that's kept In chime,
By constant care with railroad time.
The system’s tone and strength reaew.
And thereby cheer the bpzsits. too.
M How.”yon inquire, “can this be dons.
This Victory o’er Diseases be won ?”
’'UoaTETTEE’s Bittsbs,” we reply.
Is Health’s bttpsshb psozxonoa—tbt!
As a means of regenerating the disordered and
feehled system, regulating every function of the lnt«r*
nol organs, reviving the depressed spirits. Invigorating
the constitution land prolonging life, no medicinal
preparation either of the past or the present ttmq t ha*
bean bo completely and universally successfol as
Against the vapors foul prepare.
That fever taint the heavy atr.
Drink sot nnmlxed the water found
In prairies, woods, or marshy ground
If sedentary toll you ply.
Natuex you must assist—ob sot—
For when debarred from exercise.
Foe aetxpioial aid she cries.
Medicine’s grandpnrpoae and intent
Is threatened evil to pebtsst;
And if you’d be relieved or spared
From ills that crush the ttktskpaexd,
Hostetler's Bitters use-lor note -
They are the sorest axtidote.
To set at defiance the miasma of sobs, the
poison of unwholesome water, the effluvia of crowded
work-rooms and factories, and the baneful Influence ol
sedentary employments, it is only necessary to be fore
armed with
Dyspepsia’s pangs, that rack and grind
The body, and depress the mind;
Agnes, test as they go and come.
Make life a constant martyrdom;
Colics and dysenteric pains.
•Keath which the strong man’s Tlgor wanes
Billons complaints those tedious Ills,
Ne’er eonQnered yet by drastic pills;
Dread diarrhea, that cannot be
Cured by destructive mercury;
Blow, constitutional decay.
That brings death nerer day by day;
Herrons prostration, mental gloom—
Heralds of madness or the tomb;
Forthese—though mineral nostrums tall—
Means of Belief at least we hall,
Boststtxb's Bittebs— medicine sure.
Not to raavxyr alone, but ooee.
In Dyspepsia, fstzi ayx> Aoxts. Bxtiona Con
plaixts. Cokstitdtzoxal and Nbbtous Deezute
CosmPATiOE. Seaeioehebs, Spasms. and in all com
plaints of Man or Woman, proceeding from r.nmai or
üborentweakaeaof the body, the one great remedy
and restorative la
Towanderera on sea and land.
From Polar shore to Tropic strand j
To household lone, and regions new.
And dwellers In great does, too;
To soldiers In camp, fort, asdfleld.
Who need against disease a shield;
To miners. California bound. '
And tillers Qf wet, marshy ground;
To feeble wives of fragile mold, .
To young, and middle aged, and oBd;.
To those Is health, who wouldeajsy
Heaven’s best gifts without alloy;
To all the strengthlosa, weak and pals.
Who droop, yet know not what they all,
Boctexteb’s Birraaa we present
An Health’s most potent demwik
U there Is any value In public opinion, or any weight
In medical testimony, the very beat and safest Tonic,
Corrective and Alterative now before the world la
Bold by aQ respectable Druzglsts In aQ
parts of the world.
Now York Office, No. 438 Bxotdwaf,
le»€Jssem-«:t«W •
fr***al*’.g *rbt} Sage
COB CBM Tit* yun
A*a ax yoitca«TKL'ss:
spstayic RhMSDT
Hea-KaUstlui cs InconttneaM cl Vntc.
ttift Bladder and KJdaejß, Dieeues of
Ute Prostrate Gland, Stone in tls
' Bladder, Calcnlotu Gravel cr
3rlei Du&t UepcsJt,
All Dlaoasae or Afifectiona o tlio Bidder and
Sidneys tnd Dropalcal SweDlega cxlitlng
In Hen, Women cr CtiSiren.
For weikn&a arun* ires 2auu ai
panes. attended with the follows aymptonu-
Isdlntosmoa to Exertisn, hov if Memerr
Difflcuitr of Brea’kicff. weak Serve.
' rrenibliny, Horror oi Dies*** Dtmsa»
Of Vl’lch. HVRiatnifieaiL **ll3lll tte
Sack. untTcrM’ Lsjujtede ot
the Unseala* System. Ect
Sand# yinthing nf
©aSody.Dry- '
. aeaoißta.
00 u aaowoa to ce at. which tsi:
Kodldjid rer-OTW, uocc follows 7a
sulty. BpUepdo.Flt*. in one of which the
pottesf may expire. Who car a? that
they ire cot frequently followed by
aioaa **direrui diseases." “IS.
COS. Many are ewar*
Of the oaoao of lhair
• «W
9j the la
ace Asylums,
end the licUa-
Choty Death* by Cc*-
juiaptoa, bear ample
Witness to the truth oitha
•aertton. The eoactlcutioo once
affected with Oizanlc Weakness. nr-
Quires tae aid of hftdldae to StrengtheN
Md Invigorate the System. which HELM*
Helmbold’s Extract Buclm .
Is nds. pleasant In. its taste end odor, tad more
strengthening than any of the preparations ol
For those safffertßf
From Broken Down and Delicate CanititnUoni
From whatever cause, either ta
Brisk and Energetio Feelings,
ajgUj CmeantntM
Compound Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla
scoring all chro
me constitutional dls*
fi<SM srlsln* from an impure
ififltS Ol the blood, *tiA thft nnlj pgJJ,
fiblo ftid effsctualtaowß remedy fbr ths cbm
Of Scrofula, Scald Head, Balt Paiaa ttd
flif&nirgg of the Bones, Ulcerations cf
• Uo Throat and Legs, Blotehoa,
Ffcnplsa on the FaSi Tetter
Bryfdpalss-and all scaly
captions sftfca
And Beautifying the Complexion.
ih U2 eiiii oswraer* that amics mamma ctaas'cs;
teaocssrpticataat accumulates lathe blooo, osafl
thodlswvertes teat have boon made to purge tt out.
none can equal m affect 'HSLtfBOLD'S COuPOinra
renovates the bl-cd. instils the vigor or health late tea
system, and purge? cut tea humors wMoa rake di«.
ease. It stimulate tae healthy function* of tne body,
and expels tee disorders teat grow ana rankle In tee
bleed, tuck a remedy, Chat could be reded ce. has
lens been sought for. aid now. lor the first tir*V the
public have one or which they car dopad. Our space
here does not admit certihcatw te snow Its effect*. bal
tee trial of a unite bottle w&3 show to Ue sick that n
has vlrtoes iurpaa*isg scything tuar havs war taken,
two table spoonstm of the Kitract of Sarsaparilla
*dd«d to a pint of water, is equal to the Llbson Diet
Brink, and one bottle 1; fia» equal to & gallon a
tee ftyruy o( HrsapsrPia. or tea oocoeaaa. as usual
ly made.
ara also In very general use la all the STATS EC*-
Urougliout the land, as wan aa 1b private yrenkbE.
s?.d at considered astnvsloabie rtmfdJsa.
See Medical Froperiia tf Buehu,
MS FTOfMCT DBWHSS' nlnulo worn 01 tk.
Practice of Physic. *"■
Bee ra23Arka .made by me lata celebrated Dr.
P3YIIO. FhUadalptia. '
see remarks mads by Dr. SREBAZM madowbll.
a celebrated Physician, and Member of the Bond
College of Surgeons. Ireland, and published in tea
transactions cf tec King and Queen's Journal.
lee MsdlwvChlrmgleal Review, published by nw.
JAMD7 TBAVFBI. FeUowof BoyaJ Collecs Ofßur*
3ao most of tee late standard Works of Melbas,
iitraftßiehl sl.oo;nlottl«,nglxf«r|s>i!t
J ‘3usip*rma s BrSllfcrlJ.fi*
Peflyerad to tav adflreaa. seenrely packed
Address letters tor information to
aarra tkcth isms?.
paai/jv osnaravr,)
o* own” and ■•ether" anaitt w m
revutatlou attained by m
atoonra jstbact bdcett,
sold U lOßß*sai*H, SS Ittß-DL,
■sd aU Srnzc^ts.
MT Cm m itUuMiHat Mid Had
tt iiatmlßSßss(i£caißlazM»>a
lot tiji arms. _
Veteran Volunteers, $402 Bounty,
and Preininm. -
All otter Eecmita, s3o2'Bounty
and Preininm.
wli beenUtled so receive tee m £-ta-| wt% d
atw a bonny #ad bitcas® c£ *«»j ‘ , *ru»*araae» •
Te all otter lUsra Uto OU Be*!-a cat*. tax Yrta
re-.B.oetr*o !tSp*rla attrancy aula boit» *S
pmrran of ws. wot be paid. ** *“*
Jto in ecrnl: xUI be alo wed WSKLBCrT3K
UKST wmcb he prefers to Join. wiL ba maa
tertd into the Berfrect of hi* choice.
AUvho *Uh to Jctn aay of the *Mlaat BesfUMßd*
crwiatteflsli. end to:e'«:mthetanatae?ntbM»-'
tier offered oy the Oownipen*. can bare tho pdri
e v# by e*tlia»ratthe Headanartara of:
J&lfitt&iZSS*- yroTOrt ***
rrorat “"““w
nfiutjn 1 « iv..SH , . AN * y,J,0 ‘ t ***** ° l *»*
K^Kk'o^ttot¥rr OSIH
Cap*L f * rw I*l4. Fiovc.t Mißf tl of tho7th Pth
tr'C , At DiliVllLK.
UsU KKT3. Proyoct Marshal of the
r k pc.*F f. WKS-LJ.KS. Prorort Martha! oilhft
9lh District At MX. 8 ThHUMr.
t-tet WiXXUM U FB7, Pruroat Marshal of ths
10Tb Dlitr'.rc.at JACKinHvXLLK.
CstH- MOBKUKK t). QULS.PrOTO*t Uinhalofthtt
D'h District atf LKET^^
Gen OfcOV.Q2 MJIiOTT. PrOTOrt Marahal of
T*t\Dletnot.*tßLTnrre- ? d **-«*»* m a»
Ton *rt train nrunoced to rally aroand Shi
ctar cli Fuk. Tcku Bt>o&tanao*» And jctofleea
faci-tica has titAerto n.0.-o thin kuUm
orer; coll ofyoor cooctrr. Imperishable laesra ha
erowueitto *nn*oi too Vyiaclbl* lagioca of row
brethren al e*dy la no fl«:d. so o’.h#r Suits tee as
Etrad a record. Therehe-Bon U tee ingaudttaccar*
cbeaeath too tr*me:.doc* blow* of the hratua&tf
Raiwart eosa of tbe Repob'.lc. Alow blow* moro
Treason dleo the fntfi* cair. Tour azala
caQe, abeaekayonto eloioopthe thifaod rank* oi
the bittle actried hert-ae, who. mi a hcuA-oa 2-o:l«rta
flAd j ha vo made the tuune of *' TTUnoitia ’• • urrorto
toe foe. and the wstoliword sf y She creefi
y n with a liberality wovthy ahkoofhfrKrattnidotos
JcarpettscalAtomeati.a'.dher la'-'h lhioa<- *biu*
o wtn yet more e-dnrlngraoown DlinoJtaoa! toifil
field attain! »y bnedredoand laousaoc*. oadaidasu*
tbe Una effort that aball brtnr fha Isferca: IHraa e£
Becrmoc to thadost ferersr 80, hTtajt ordrthff.
*&*UtblaCosaoQwectjQ a-idths KeoubUcblMtrca
and jonr aasiei and meznorie* be immottaL
~ . , Jamks oaku,
_ Went. Colonel ttu U. A Cav*hy,
OflSftSIDSn a. A Pro. Xar.Oen DL
Sants ana Sijoia.
1863* f ALL TRACE. 186Se
atonnActartn aud Wholesale D~alon!a
30 lalea street, Chisago, Hi
-JftJSS.M I *overKi* ta tie trade oncci theisms*
gJBfflT SKIJ£(T7I*D stock) ever brought tolhlo
"HaVtoxdetannJced to mesa ourßUaiHaß gas*
OPLT.ve trill agree So tell oar good*
As Low as can be Bought
1= this cr soy other market. Hasten bills froaiy tu,-
ptcaied. We make a BPBUIAUT7 of EXTRA B&ZL
ffogd*.e arse assortment of which wa now hare OS
«n Mi^ WSON * ■“*“»
.fall onb iDinter (Jlotl)big.
■Wholesale and Detail Dealers Is
Officer’s Uniforms,
Tmnfrti Traveling Bags and Valise*
Bms&z 3&J SS£!]CSHIJo
CAPITAL PAH? IN. 1350,001
B. B. BBAIATBD. Cashier,
E. Amy. President. no>paO>ly-l»
thereby given, that an Bins crOrculifr
toy Votes of the
Heretofore tncoiporated and ootnr traumas ta the SOB
ol the general banking laws of theStua
of LUno'a. must be presented lor payment to the AadW
carol Public Accounts ol said State, at hia onca.la
tha city or gpriapleld, within three years Cron oh
date hereaf. or the fund* deposited tor the redemption
ot said notes will ba np to said bank,
Dated this %Ui day of May. A. D. 190.
_ ' GKO3B* SMITH, meffiffla.
•a. wnxaxp oubtwr. »wa».riw»otri-es
<Zrprtn* Uinta.
The ncderalysed have established a Team Lise trim
and to the above points, and will carry freight via
Burlington ud Qalacy Sa&roads,
At the below given rates per 100 pounds until Row*
bar Ist, lies.
_ _ Ist class. 2d do. Sddo.tthdou
Chicago to Connell Blnlb
aud Omaha. SXBO <3.70 <3 60 <3£t
After r>o tester ls\a&d until further notice—
Chicago to Council Bind*
andOwaha... . . ....<305 <295 <2BS <3,7*
Merchants and shJppms entrusting the transport**
tion of their freight to the undersigned caarely on
Its speedy transportation.
Goods win be c'assided according to Eastern claat
ftcadon. Be particular and mark packages Tin
For farther InfO-matiou aopiy to C. F.HKNDRQI 4b
CO* Council Bluff* • TOO TLB ft HANNA,_PIaB>-
north; E. 0. BOSBT3HELL, Glenwood; TI3H A
WIQHTIIAH. Bddynllo, _ , UT *
Council Bluffs, Oct. 9. ISO.
Forfartherlnfonnstloaapplytothe Geal Freight
Office Chicago, Burlington ft Quincy Baiiroad cons*
psny, Chicago. oclft oSSOAm
WestemTransportation Company-
have made arrangements to run their Lake Steam
Propellers on altercate days with those of the
Banning over the New York Central Railroad to But*
cJoTasu connecting with tee various Railroads raw*
Qlzir West, and the different Lines 01 Propellent oa
tee Upper and Lower Lakes,
For bills ot ladlag and contract* via Canal or BML
road, apply 15 the following agents ;
fICQU nLLKN.No. 1, Ccentiss Slip, Hew York.
KVKESTT CLAPP. No. 1. Canties Slip. New York.
ADO. COLSEN. No. 1 CcbbU* SllpJNew York.
B. e. CHA63. U3 Pier, Albany. R. Y.
8.G.«.EA88, 131 aivors:ieet,Troy. ff.Y,
J.L. EUP.D ft CO..Hurd's Dock.DakroU.Mlok.
£. A. BUCK,Greet Bay. WU.
J. J. TALLMADGB. M. ft P. D. C. S. S. Dock,
gsukee. "wis.
nm HBAM * co.. sn«.p».
BOND * MOBHIA- Cleveland .Ohio.
W. F. DILL. Bandna-y, Ohio.
A P. DTJTTOW. Ractne Wla,
kkkobha FIEB COMFAB7. Kenoeha. wm.
w. h. WKIOBT A CO.. W*nke«ae, DL
j. y. KIBKLAND. Sheboygan. wia.
Senerei Western Arrest. Fo. 3 state street. Chicago
VIXELAND — Lands—To ail
wanting Parma.—Large and thriving settlement,
mild and health/al climate 30 sdlea sonto of PhfladeL
phia by railroad- Bleb soil, produces large croasL
wtlch can no-» be seen growing. Twenty sad fin*
acre cncta it from sis to S2O per acre, payable wlthl*
fouryears Good baaice* openings lormannfhctorlee
acd otasrs; churches. acaooia and good society itM
cov the most improvise piaca East or West Bob*
dreda are settling and oalldibg. The beantr wltA
wrlch the place Isl&id oat Is unsurpassed. Letters
answered. Papers contain l n» report* sad elrtur fnn
laformauon wul be sent tree. Address Chai. eTLAB
DIB Vineland Post OCca. Cumberland county. Sew
From report o! Solon Eobl-son, Agrlcaltnral EdL
torot the Tribute —lt is one oftbe most eataeatTV
fertile tr-veta. in an almost level poaltloa asd suitable
coadltlon for pleasant farming that we tosir of OH
He oftheWesternpralriae. oc»o.«®*i«A
unad pay tnetr particular artenSon 6* tbe sale of TaJ«
<oV. and an Scan stocks. Any conalgamanta sent ta
asm will be pronrVy disposed of. and quick recant
sate, en very advantageous term*, we man oat
lejfrgfWm a waaer mass. Few Yerg
XjL aensastockof new. rich.and brintlfu l
towoaaxhl Itlon S** •'!*• t?*-? r-r.ds tar? to
my order, lam retain-/ lc lower tha.- as? hou*e
la tna city, while I or. - - a; whcluiaie at tba
s&Qierateaaa Eaiten...-la*:. Don't bn? ant\| ;<ra
JMEJ r<*k. F.O Be ‘ n : APPLEBY FuotO*
graphic Stock Oapot. 134 3:V.'.Cl\:l »*.. ii3k3|?j
XjL bayjon* 6*nntletts at
115 Lake Street, np-stilis.
Theyarcgoodaadcheap. vt>*vet.twbatter Art.
V_/ derfol Clairvoyant acd I4oc*reaa. Sftdatae
CASKI6TEK baa last arrived In Chicago, and taieo
Bncn*» atIFS Bvntn Cla k vn’ra»bemiybe
consoiud daily m» 1 the adkira of lira Bhera«p*oi
fally l»vl*?a tro afflicted t* cal!on her. She has a
Mao atone which vtl draw the oo«oa from «ay
woo t *i. fan: a low. and satisfaction gireaMaiL
nolS-pgld-Sv -
WKSK Madame AFDBEW3, the boat Calt
voya-tof tne Ace.vlU la Chicago
nenocswlMilngto consoit herein do aobyeameg
■t ter reildonca Xo. 44 Bootn HonroestreA aeftten
the cioaaof i»eweak. Tar*a.secoataead|l.o<k

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