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Chicago ®xUmiw.
Personal.—Frederick Ilcrtel Esq., of the
barking house of Mare & Hertel, comer of Loaalle
sndßandolph streets, has been appointed Consul
of the Kingdom of Hanover, in this port.
Help to Bail.—Jessie Reeves, & dishonest
servant girl, was arraigned before the Police Court,
Saturday, charged with stealing (60 worth of cloth
ing, Ac, from Mr. W. H Whitesides, 288 North
Franklin street, —held to hail for appearance be
fore Recorder's Court, in SSOO.
—Geo. A. Hicks, tn .employee of D. B. Bract,
on South Water street, waa brought before Justice
Brown on Saturday to answer to a charge of fraud
and dishonesty—held to bail in S2OO.
About thirty news boys were be
fore the Pol xx Court on Saturday, and each paid a
fine of $1 and costa for a lecture from the Justice,
a night's lodging on the saw-dust. They were
-'warned to wear their badges and their good be
* havior, when sorting as a literary circulating me.
• Thomas Meahey has a mean way of getting a
s - living—by keeping a disorderly house on Wells
;• street, was before the Police Court Saturday mom
c ing, and he and eleven inmates were each fined
.sll and costa.
State Street Bridge.—We are pleased to
lean that the badness men of both the North and
South Divisions are awoke to the importance of
buildiag the State street bridge without delay. Of
it* imperative necessity, vre need not say one
word where it is ao palpable In the crowded con
dition of oar streets, and the Inadequate "»««« 0 f
accommodating the aeross-river travel as is dally
made manifest. Let there be a full meeting of an
interested at the Tremont Boose, this (Monday)
Z2th Illinois Regiment.—This regiment
Is not expected by the managers at the Soldiers'
Home, (where we made enquiries last evening re
specting it) until Wednesday next. The Board of
Directors of the Home bad been in communication
with the Pittsburgh Fort Wayne & Chicago Bail
road Company upon this matter, and they had
stated that they had received no intelligence of
the movements of the regiment; also they had no
• doubt that when the regiment did more they
would be advised of the fact, as they would either
huve to furnish extra care or a special train for
- Another Chicago Soldier at Bosehill.
—On Saturday afternoon, L, W. Lamb, of the 83 th
regiment Illinois Volunteers, was borne to his
last resting-place, at Roaehill Cemetery—another
victim to the elavemongers' rebellion. He died
of chronic diarrhea, contracted while in campaign
with the Army of the Cumberland. The deceased
was a brave soldier, and a member of Capt. Leri
P. Holden's company. At 2p. m„ among the
friends assembled to pay the last sad rites to one
of our country's defenders, were Mr. Randolph of
the Board of Trade, Alderman Holden, and Capt
John A. Brosa of the SSth.
Railroad Accident.—On Thursday, as
the passenger train on the Bock Island road, dne
here at 4Aointhe afternoon, was entering Bine
Island, the switch being turned, a freight train,
consisting of sixteen cars, which undertook te
switch off, was thrown from the track and made a
complete wreck. Nearly all of the cars were smash
cd up so as to be rendered irreparable. A large
number of hogs were killed by the catastrophe,
but no person aboard the train was injured. The
locomotive went to smash in the common ruin, the
engineer and fireman saving themselves by leaping
from the platform. The passenger trains going in
each direction were delayed some time by the ac
Advance nr Eailboad Fares Eastward.
—Since the redaction inaugurated some months
ago by the Pittsburgh and Fort Wayne, and Penn
sylvania Central, and followed by other Eastern
routes, the fore between Chicago and New York
has been SIB.OO for first class, and between Chi.
cago and Boston. $20.00. At a convention of the
managers of East and West lines, held at New
York last Wednesday, It was resolved that on and
alter the SOth instant, the passenger fares were
established as follows:
Between New York and Chicago, first clbrs
$20.60; second class, $lB 25. vmcas °» arst class «
eS’d2'?ir l OU “ gO ’ tetcUs6 ' *«.CS;
Being an Increase to New York of $4.60. and to
Boston of S4A& *
Allotments Received.—Another allot
ment from the H3th (3d Board ofTrade) regiment,
is received, and the committee having it in charge
will be at the Supervisor’s Room to-morrow
(Tuesday) fromll 1-2 to 121-2 o’clock, to pay it
We also letrn tbit a draft on St. Louis his been
sent the CommittceCrom the 12th regiment, and
eft Boon aa the some can be collected, they hope by
Wednesday, It will be paid out at the eame time
aim place,
Thursday next, being Thanksgiving day, the
Committee will not be at the Court House to pay
the lam ill ec their weekly allowance.
Ail Impudent Demand*
By a reference to the matter that appears under
the head of 44 Law Intelligence,” it will be seen
that one Charles B. Phillips has the Impudence to
demand that the city pay him two hundred thou
sand dollars, on account of certain street railways
which he did not build, hot which, had he built
than, would, he claims, hare been that amount in
his pocket. The basis of this demand Is a stale
transaction, of which the purport was to yield up
the best streets of the city to Phillips for the pur
pose of horse railways, without consideration and
almost without restriction. The merits of it are*
as if a man who had conspired with a servant to
rob bis master, should sue the master on account
of the failure of the servant to execute his pa. t of
the villainy. For whatever may hare been the
legal authority of the Council to pass the ordi
nance and make the contract in Question, no one
who lias tbeleast amen of the manner in which that
bodyis wont to manage such matters,bat will sup
pose that if the reasons upon which the members
voted for the ordinance were dragged into light, it
wonld be found utterly without validity in a moral
point of view. The City Attorney maintains that
legally the whole transaction was in excess of the
power of the Common Connell, for reasons set out
in onr statement of the points made In the argu
ment on the demurer. Postponement of
the action for seven yean after its cause had traus •
plred seems to Indicate that the plaintiff is of that
opinion himself. The probability is that, baring
peddled his claim from Connell to Council for
nearly a decade, without finding at any ttfi» a ma
jority baring the hardihood to allow him enough
to pay for dividing, he has at last, now that It bos
become so dry as to be almost Inodorous,
the desperate resolve of presenting it for
tlon in a court of Justice. What his luck will be
remains to be seen.
Horse Bailways fin the Circuit
Court—A *200,000 Case,
On the 28th day of February, 1856, an ordinance
was passed by the Common Connell of the city o
Chicago, by which, for certain considerations qnd
subject to certain stipulations and restrictions the
privili ge was granted to Boswell B. Mason and
Charles B. Phillips, of laying tracks fora single
or double horse railway on parts or all of the fol
lowing streets, viz: State street, Bldgeley Place,
Biogold Place, Cottage Gro re avenue, Washington
afreet, Dearborn afreet. North street. Green Bay
rood, Franklin street. Division street, Clybonme
avenue, Barine street, Sedgwick street, and Arch
er road. The ordinance provided that the privi
leges which It granted, and the duties and obliga
tions that it imposed, should be expressed in con
tract form, and that the contract should be signed
by Mason and Phillips on the one aide, aud signed
and countersigned by the Mayor and the City
Clerk on the other. This was .accordingly done,
and the contract was executed by the respective
parties on the third day of the following March,
L. D. Boone, then Mayor of Chicago, signing in
behalf of the city. By an assignment from Ma
son, all the rights under the contract were subse
quently vested in C. B. Phillips,'who, with no oth
er purpose probably than to save* he
was required to commence the construction of one
or more of the rail asys before the Ist of Septem
ber, 1656, laid down a few rails In the summer of
1t56, but proceeded no farther at that time.
Phillips, however, failed to back his contract
with the city by a legislative charter, and his pro
ject remained on his hands unexecuted; Subse
quently on the 16th of August, 1853, the
Common Council passed other ordinances,
ri pealing and rescinding the ordinance
and contract before passed and executed
in favor of Phillips, granting the privileges
which that ordinance professed to convey, to the
■Chicago aty BorseEailwsy and other Horse Bail
uuy Companies, and forbidding Phillips from com
pr going on with his roads. For this vio
yesterday before Judge Wll-
The principal point involved wm th«
M* t»ecl. y
fetm-tn nf tiip #««,,, .wer or the Council over the
■!hc^«lno t SSr P '' 10 El ve validity lo
that that case was decided njoathe
the charter in the Pittsburg and Fort
-that the Common CouncS had no 52$
a franchise without authority frem°tha r^.S?u t
tore, that the ordinance was null and void
ctcdipg the powers ofthe Council; that no At
tempt os the part of the Common Council to cm
ate a monopoly was valid, Ac.. Ac. He also read
a decision from Judge Manlcrc to the same
Mr. Fuller, In reply, contended that the Hoses
case disposed of all the New Tork autnorltles
(which had been referred to by Hr. Ayer) *wij of
.Judge Hanlcrc’a opinion. Bealso remarked that
fit would be observed that the pate lamented
dndge tinSClf Tendered the decree in the Hosea
case! which bad been affirmed in the Supreme
Court. At the time It was rendered it was a mere
vroforma decree, bnt still be entered It Mr. Ful
ler hoped the Court wouldnot overrule the Hoses
case without duodellberatlpn.
Judge Williams remarked, on taking the papers,
that very different views were entertained by the
bar and by outsiders in reference to the Hoses
me It had not hitherto been supposed that that
case determined the law, as was contended by do*
feedant’s counteh He would, however, examine
the papers,
Cnnnyb*(> Take* a Tenture.
. SLutnoic, 1
1.000 MICHBUIr Atzsux. 1
Editors Chicago Tribune;
We have quite recovered from Us invasion.
Mrs. G. remembers nothing about it, and the girls
atetly smile when 1 allude to It, and go off Im
mediately upon Mrs. Gtm’.s leather bonnet John
Jotcph, I regret to say, was badly bitten by the
adder at Stanton's,* came home Ua dilapidated
condition, and was'found by Arabella with hi*
boots upon the pillow, incoherently muttering
something about Yah and four thousand Canadian
gunboats getting up their courage off Sandusky.
The table-cloth, which answered for the flag of
truce, was sent to the Mite Society at Mrs. Crains’,
and will probably be deposited In the archives of
the Society of Patagonian Research—Mrs. Crasas,
in the meantime, having cut Mrs. Q.’s acquaint
ance for sending her second-hand lhim to her
U occurred to me, the other morning, in the
midst of my customary morning lecture from Mrs.
G., who, for some singularrcason, is neveramiable
until ehe has done np her hair, that I was to a
large extent a being of chance, and that reminded
me of the Fair and the fashionable little ventures.
(Ibelieve that is what Aramlnta r*n« them; when
I was a boy we used to call them lotteries, proba
bly because Lot was the lucky m«w vrho £i£n<t
have to stay in Gomsrrah through that brisk little
ehower oi brimstone before flre-proof umbrellas
were invented ) I announced the proposition to
Mrs. 0., and she instantly hit and became the
gentlest of her sex. All of her neighbors had
drawn cake baskets, wax dolls, shawls, pin
cushions,pitchers and pictures, and why shouldn’t
she encourage charity In a similar manner f
She should.
All that day I studied the chances. I went to a
woman on Clark street. “Have yon been trifled
with f” said die. “No,” aald I, “ not that I know
oL” “Have ybor fond hopes been blasted by
false promises J” “Notablaat,” saldL “Would
yon have me restore to yoa your long lost wife
and once more arouse the smouldering fire of
love?” “Madame of the future,” said I, “my
wife cannot be lost; she stlcketh very close.*’
“Perhaps, then, you would like to obtain my ser
vices In losing her,** said she, with a knowing look
of her single eye.
Adam, with the pippin, and I, with this proposi
tion, were upon the same iereL Howhandywoold
it be, when the fan styles come In, to lose Mrs. Q.
for a brief season, and enjoy a taw days
tnrbcd by milliner or modiste; bnt I resisted the
temptation, and thereby proved myself a better
twbti ♦him A Horn
“ I desire to know the numbers,* 1 add I,
as 1 tendered her the amiable countenance of Sec
retary Chase on a green background. She took
the countenance, gazed upon It fondly, and hid it
in her greasy pocket. She seized me by the hand
and drew her chair close tome, gently bending
her head within three inches of my upper left
coat button.
"What if Mrs. G. bad seen me with the strange
woman II
“You were bom under the cegis of the Lion.
The Lion ie SO. In your second year,* Mar« (6)
crossed the Lion’s tail midway, leaving 10.' I see
a tablecloth covering at least 4. Aldebaran (3)
crosses the equinox. The horologe darkens and
the sign of the crawfish recedes from the zodiac.
Venus gets In the Milky Way, and the Man in the
moen covers his face. There is but a stub of the
lion’s tail left, and that stub is 1. Beware of a
woman In green silk.'* *
All that day I was on the alert for women In
green eilk. I gave old Timon a draft on a woman
in green silk, and I ordered my bookkeeper to en
ter to the credit of Croesus, one thousand women
In green eilk. I met forty-seven women in green
eilk as I wenthomc, and I crossed the street forty
seven times. Z astonished Mrs. 0. at the table,
when she asked me which sancc I would take, by
replying: “The green silk,” That night I dreamed
that Fbcl&n, clad in green silk, was playing bil
liards with Mrs. G. for a cue, and Aramlata, Ara
bella and John Joseph lor balls, and at every shot
the marker s core d 1.
The next day I went to tie Pair to Indulge in
the little ventures. A young woman in green silk
and yellow hair tendered mo a pincushion.
“Aroint thee,” I cried, as I fled. Mrs, Gnu met
me, and wouldn't I take a venture in a sofa
cushion. “Put me down fori,” saldL I took
some ventures in a cake basket, in a portrait of
an elderly gentleman with a flaxen wig, in a col
lection of rocks and paving stones, in an album
full of the autographs of sundry females (I wonder
if they ever wear green silk). In a huge pin
cushion, in pitchers, infantile small clothes, etc.,
until at last the process became mechanical. To
all questions from the handsome
presided at the wheel of fortune, I answered •
“Yes, my dear, 80. L” As I turned to go from
the haU, I observed that I had made my last ven
ture with an elderly female in green sM*, I rushed
out in despair. What was Hecuba to me, or Ito
Hecuba, just then? 1 had met the woman in green
silk, I felt vague apprehensions of a Nemesis
coming. Again, at tea, I inquired for beefsteak
done in green sQk. Mrs. G. was disturbed, and
suggested that I bad a bad cold, which my
head, and insisted upon a rum sweat, a mustard
poultice, and leeches behind my ears. I was do
cfle and took them an. I was just ripe enough to
be picked. Wrapped up la the coming foie, sub
lunary matters had little terror for me. The next
dey four express wagons drove np to Myrtle Man
elon. All my ventures had proved successful.
Three of them unloaded and drove off, The
driver of the fourth came into the haD with five
email children, each clad In green sOk.
“ Take those Infants out Immediately, yon vul
gar man,** said Mrs. G.
“Dow dare you?” said Araminta and Arabella
in the same breath.
4 * Where did these children come from J” said L
“Plane, air, an’ the oold woman in grane silk
said yon had drawn 'um in the Fair sir/*
The Nemesis had come. That last renture had
drawn five half orphans, or two orphans and a
half, as John Joseph insist*. We have these or
phans still on hand. Applications should be made
at Myrtle Mansion, 1,000 Michigan avenue, at any
hour of the day or night. Mo unmarried females
or women in green silk need apply. Thennder
elgsedhas no fhrther use for them, and will sell
out cheap, on long time.
Aramlnta and Arabella are in despair. They
met Celcstlna Orient yesterday, at Palmer's, and
Celcstina remarked, In a tone loud enough for aQ
the clerks to bean “Why, my dears, I am delight
ed to see you. Ma says yon have had a great in
crease in your family; says It is remarkable at
Mrs. G.'s time of life. Have yon them
yetf Bye, bye, dearsand she turned to a cart
load of dress goons the clerks had pulled down
from the shelves.
But that is not the worst of it. Mrs. O. went
out to take an airing, with the cloak I drew with
the figure 1, and it wasn't an hour by the clock
before Arabella heard that Mrs. Timon remarked
to Mis. Gnu: “Why, there goes Mrs. Gunnybags
with the cloak her husband drew; cost Just fire
dollars—couldn't expect anything better from
people just off a farm. But, then, we have got
to cultivate them, for they say Mr. Q. is rich.”
I take no more yen tares.
Pittsburgh Female College.
The advertisement of this large and flourishing
Institution will be found in another column. We
called attention to its claims a few months since,
and take pleasure in stating that Us condition is
now more flourishing than ‘ ever. Nearly two
hundred and severty pupils are now, in attendance.
In order to provide for the constantly Increasing
number the trustees have Just elected an addition.
*1 teacher, making twenty in all. Additions and
improvements have just been made at acostot
some twenty thousand dollars. The Pittsburgh
Ewing Chronicle, In'areccrUEßne.Bayß: “Taking
the institution in all its details, we regard it as
one of the best managed and most meritorious
educational establishments in the land, and
knowing as we do, the unvarying care bestowed
on those who attend, and the many' advantages
it possesses not easily found elsewhere, we
safely lecourmtnd It to our readers as in everyway
worthy their encouragemcntjand support. Those
having daughters to educate will do well to send
fora catalogue to the Bev. L C. Pershing, and
they will there find fall Information as to terms,
the course of instruction pursued, Ac.”
The winter term will begin Bee. 9.
Lecture moil Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson,
op Nzw York,—The accomplished orator and
veteran statesman, Hon. D. 8. Dickinson, of New
York, it win be seen by reference to onr adverti
sing columns, will deliver a lecture before the
Yonrg Men's Christian Association next Friday
evening, the £«th Inst, The topics of Mr. Dickin
son’s lecture embrace; “The Government and the
citizen—their relative duties and responsibilities
under the Constitution.” “The Bebclllon—-its
origin, its offices and its fruits.” The Union as it
was, and is, and will be.” The lecturer’s tare el
oquence and great ability as a statesman, united
with bis varied experience as the leader of the
New York Democracy for many years, guarantees
a discourse of exceeding interest.
The Leading Piano Fobte.-—The cele
brated piano manufactured by VTn. Knabe A Co.,
of Baltimore, is claimed by many of the first mu
sicians to be 41 the leading piano”—and Julias
Bauer A Co., agents for this city, have them con
stantly on hand, and will be happy to have good
judges examine them, as they are not afraid to
place them In competition with any other, in this
or any other market. Messrs. Baner A Co. have
opened large piano warerooma, and intend open
ing still larger, to accommodate their rapidly In
creasing business. They will be glad to show their
pianos to any who may call, confident that from
the large number of first class Instruments in
their stock, any musician cannot fall to be salted.
Their store is at 99 South Clarke street.
McYickeb’s Theatre.—Miss Jane Coombs
enters upon her third and last week this evening,
appearing lor the last time as Julia in Hunchback.
During her entire engagement the Theatre has
been well filled, and we wonld advise those who
are particular about seats to secure them in ad
vance. See advertisement.
The next dramatic sensation in Cbleogo wQI be
the appearance of Hr. Sandman, the great anglo-
German actor who has been so highly landed by
the press of eastern cities. We understand he is
now in the city superintending the rehearsal of
his new piece “Vandpe.”
TuAKESGiviic Dpfyyp,—a meeting of the
ladies to get up an old fashioned Hew England
dinner for the soldiers on Thursday, was held at
the Booms of the Young Hen’s Christian Associa
tion on Saturday.
The ladles thought best to ask the Pastors of
ell the church ers to be kind enough to request
their people to send creeling on the Rational Hoi-
Way to oar Invalid soldiers who cannot get for-,
loughs to epjoy home gatherings.
Those who are near the U. 8. General Hospital
on 18th street near State; or the Marine Hospital
on Bush street, will please send turidcs, or pool
try of any kind, roast meats, and boiled hams,and
pastry direct to those Institutions. For the Inva
lids in Camp Douglas Hospital .send to Mr. Booth's
Fish Store, corner Madaion and Dearborn streets.
All should be done on Wednesday forenoon, If
possible. Do not be afraid of too much being do
nated, as there are fire companies of invalid sol
diers doing guard doty at camp, who have a claim
on onr kindness, at least. Bach ladles as are wil
heg to serve the dinner at the two hospitals atl
o’clock, win please call or send their names on
Wednesday afternoon to the Booms of the Chris
tian Association, M. E. Church Block. •
Classical Chamber Concerts.—Out musi
cal readers will be delighted to know that Mrs
Eloes, whose superb playing was a prominent
feature at the late Philharmonic Concert, will give
three Classical Chamber Concerts at the Musical
Union Hall, the first of the series taWng place on
Wednesday evening, the 25th. The programme,
which we append, is a most admirable one, and
will attract a large audience;
Quartette in D major. No. 8,. Monart
Scherzo inß fiat miner,
Spring Song.
liuxgulaji Melodies.
ams. kloss.
Gracd Trio la D minor, Op. 49 Mendelssohn.
Eion, Elegant and Costly.—Oar city
jewelltrs appear to bo vielng with each other as to
v bo shall exhibit the finest display of elegant and
costlr jewelry. -As our dty readers may wonder
what attracts the admiring crowd at 88 Cltrko
street, we would state that Mr. W.H. C. Miller
has but lately returned from the east, bringing
with him a large stock of the choicest articles ever
offered in this market, embracing watches, dia
monds, chains, pine, rings, ear-rings, bracelets—
all of the latest and most elegant styles; also tea
setts, Grecian ware, Ac., &c. His stock is well
woithy a visit from those who appreciate and ad
Boers Agents* Convention.— I The Boats
Agents' Convention will assemble at the V. S.
Circuit Court room, Custom House building, Chi
cago, on the Ssth Inst-, at 10 o'clock on Tuesday
night and on Wednesday morning. A committee
will be in attendance at the office of the Local
Mail Agents, to receive and furnish accommoda
tions for an Boutc Agents. C. E. Dekxan,
Chairman of Committee on Preliminary arrange
The President’s Hyicl—Tho words Jand
music cf which were written by Dr. Mcchlenberg,
of Hew York, and the words ofwUch appeared
in Saturday's Tiubyne, Is being published by
Hoot & Cady, and will be ready for delivery on
Tuesday next. Price five cents per copy, or Ally
cents per dozen. It Is a grand hymn, and will be
generally used in the churches throughout the
land, on Thanksgiving Day.
Promoted.—We are glad to learn that Cap.
tain Geo. W. Smith, of Company A, SSth (3d Board
of Trade) regiment, has been promoted to the
Majority of that regiment, to fill the vacancy cre
ated by the promotion of Lieutenant Colonel
Chandler. Major Smith is a moat capable and de
serving officer, and a right-minded and cultivated
gentleman. Chicago is proud of him.
Donations to the Northwestern Pair
—The Lady Managers gratefully acknowledge the
following liberal donations made during the Fair
but overlooked in acknowledgements heretofore I
From H. Cooked Co., Chicago, S2OO worth of ex
cellent oysters; from F. Porter Thayor,a rosewood
chair, worth $25; from Mrs. A Finch, Milwaukee
fancy articles, worth 15; from Mrs. J. C. Newcomb*
Beloit, a handsome engraving, worth sl2; from
Mr. Metcalf, Milwaukee, two fine pictures.
Change of Time—C. A. & Sr. Locis RR.
—The Winter arrangement on the St. Louis line
takeseffectonSiaday.NoremberSZ. Traiasletvc
Chicago at 8:80 in the forenoon, and 9;SO in the
Bt. Geoece’b Societt.—Tho Grand Animal
Ball will be given by tils Socletj, at Bryan Hall
on Monday evening, the 23d last. Th.ee who
have attended their Annual Balls, or Festivals
need not be assured that thls;wlll be pleasant, and
creditable to all concerned.
Ladies* Meeting.-The lady managers of
the Nursery and Half Orphan Asylum are request
ed to meet to-day, at 8 o’clock, at their building,
corner Michigan and Pine streets, to transact
business of importance.
A few days ago we recorded the very remarks,
hie fact,thatalitherecentpubUc and private Im
provements made In the city of Chicago, are com
pletely charged in their character, from those
which transpired only ten or five years
back; that we had got Quito clear of
the. chryeOls state, and had come glori
ously out of our shell into a grand butterfly
condition, with brave and painted wings. In
other words, andthese a long way the beat, we
have dropped our old fashioned mode of erecting
hnildings of wood, made to last for twenty or
thirty years, and that we now build for centuries.
Every part of the city indeed, bears abundant
evidence that this la to be Us future history. The
improvements made on the Korth side during the
past twelve months,, are of such a nature as
to fill us with the highest hopes and encourage
ment. Go where yon will in that direction, you
will find beautiful and tasteful private residences,
large, well constructed, and finely adorned blocks,
etatcly churches, school houses, and other band
ings devoted to commerce, and the pleasures of
social life. .
It is not above three weeks since that the im
mense block of buildings formerly known as the
Foster House, was lifted several feet above the
level of the street, without disturbing a «fn g te
stone, or family, and so admirably reconstructed
that it Is now oseof the mostplcaslng structures
In the immediate vicinity of the Bridge. And
within the same space of time, another work, en
tirely new, and entirely different In its architec
tural features, has been erected within a stone's
throw of what In Europe wonld be considered
this extraordinary triumph of engineering »hh
and budding talent. *
Wc allude to the splendid block of brick, and
stone work, known by the name of UhUch'e Block
which has suddenly risen into existence like a vis
ion, at the command of an enchanter. There it
stands, in all its simple beanty, and fair propor
tions, the delight of every citizen's eye, who cares
for the good name of Chicago l The front extends
over one hundred and ninety-five feet on Clark
afreet, with a depth of eighty feet. It isboilt en
tirely ofbrick, with stone fa rings, and is certainly
one of the lightest, airiest, and at the same time
one of the solidett and most pleasing structures of
the kind In the city. It Is three stories high, with
out including the basement, and we purpose to
give a brief sketch of its contents. The first floor
Is divided into ten stores, all of which are occupied,
and theproprietorsarealrtadydolnga large busi
C. Eassing, Merchant Tailor—deals In every ar
ticle of ready made clothing, from the child's first
suit to the foil and complete dress of a gentleman.
Mr.E. has thoroughly educated persons as cutters
and all his goods aic delivered in the best
style, make and fashion. The articles of clothing
are so cheap also, that no one need go with a
thread-bare coat on his hack. Let all who doubt
the fact, go and fry the goods, and they will not bo
C. F. Hsppel, dealer In fine watches, jewelry
and cloaks, and in all silver andplited waro.occu
pies store No. S3. Mr H. has had a large experi
ence In his business, and has worked in the beat
bouses of London and Paris. He is, therefore, a
thoroughly practical workman, and u intimately
acquainted with the structure and mechanism of
clocks and watches, and an excellent worker in
jewels and the precious metals. He has come to
Chicago from Dixon where he is well known foi
his Integrity as well as his a Witty, and we are sure
his work will give satisfaction.
Jacob Eahnwtllcr's Bazaar for Ladles, Is the
store bp. 31; a beautiful store, aud a fashionable
resort for laaiss. fie deals in every article of
dress—pretty ornaments for the hair, artificial
flowers, and themoat chaste and elegant plumes.
Ladies will here find the nicest gloves, whtch will
make the most beautiful hands still more beauti
fuL A large assortment of opera hood-, knit
cloaks and shawls are there to tempt the lair buy
ers ; tUk Paris fancy articles, laces, embroidered
slippers, Ac Besides a host orpattera Faria bon
nets, silks, velvets Jladics', misses', and childrens 1
felt hate, drees trimmings and ornaments. Ladles
woolen hose, and a complete stock of ladles’ fam
ished goods; all of them sold at New York prices.
Sboenfield Bros., who have been In boslness at
364 Clark street for the last eight years, have, we
find, taken the large comer double store in this
block, numbered £5 and 87. They are dealers In
all sorts of dry goods and Yankee notions, and the
prosperity which they have enjoyed up to this time
they are likely to enjoy in perpetuity; for they
are exceedingly attentive to their customers, and
gent]emeu in their demeanor. Up to the erection
of this block, the ladies of the North Side have
been accustomed to obtain beyond the river the
articles which they required for dress and the toi
lette. Now they find that they can get all they
need at Shoenfeid Bros'., from a pin to a two hun
dred dollar dress or a five hundred dollar shawl.
The result has been that this firm has done astroke
of business which, accustomed as they are to good
fortune in trade and the patronage of the ladles,
has surprised even them. On looking over the
store, we counted about two dozen employees, en
gaged in transacting the business then on hand.
The chief bustle of the business was, when we
saw it, confined to the cloak and shawl depart
ment, which is * very prominent part of the busi
ness dene; and the goods to it are well worthy of
inspection, even as a matter of curiosity to chance
The front is, as we said, of a very unpretend
ing appearance, bnt exceedingly pleasing for its
lightness, and the satislact'on wnich It gives to
the eye of the spectator. Every one can see at
a glance, that very little expense has been Incur
red In theornameuationof it, and at first one Is
very much puzzled to And out what It
is that conduces to tbegeneral harmony.
The second floor Is divided Into 26 offices. On
the third floor there arc two halls, with an ad
joining diningroom and private sitting-rooms or
anterooms, designed for ladies’ boudoir*, drees
irg-TOonis, ect, with all private and convenient
offices attached, and a similar number of rooms
with the tame conveniences, for gentlemen. These
rooms are intended for a club, and are arranged on
the European plan, and In the European style The
entrance nail la cither for a diningroom, concert
ordancing-ioom, and is 40 feet by 80 clear, in
eluding a gallery for an orchestra. Adjoining
this, is a large dtnlug-room, 2I feet by 51, and con
nected with it on the other side of the hallway is a
(vite of five rooms, all private, for private parties,
and m tj be used os billiard room, barroom, ettu.
The above is a description of the north part of
the building, on the corner of Elnxie and Clarke
sin eta. Os the sooth comer is another large hall,
ot the same dimensions as that on the north side,
and with the same nnmber of private rooms at
tachtd.'wblcb arc designed for show rooms and
trade purposes.
The null ding is accessible from Clark street by
a large and spacious stairway, leading to a second
story-ha'l-way. There Is alto another entrance
from Klszie and Water street by a east Iron stair-
Yikjt luou-b to tic evcond Btory-Lall-way, which
extends from one end of the hail dine to the other.
From the centre of the second story-liall-way tiro
terre black walzmt stairways lead to the upper
Tue two corners bare basements each of forty
feet by eighty; the remaining inside stores hare
cellars connected with the stores shore.
In the rear of the six inside stores Is a yard fif
teen feet by one hundred wide; and which elves
light, and ventilation to the stores, and all the
upper stories.
These are the secrets of the harmony of the ar
chitecture. If the reader will notice lie will find
tbatmottblocks,arc compounded of rich ornamen
ted caps on the windows, and these cannot basup
plied without great cost. It Is to the credit and
praise of Hr. Bauer the architect, and bnilder of
this block, that, without going to the expense, he
has producedeffects which are highly pleasing,and
Batlhlactory. His windows are remarkably plaia,and
simple; but he has managed to make a grand har
mony of results by his use of materials and by the
ftitictlc manner in which he has arrayed the shape
and the setting of bis windows; a bint, which
those who contemplate similar erections will not
fall to remember.
The entire cost of the building, Including the
cut atone Bide-walks.lroa gratinge and iron tUlr
ways, does not exceed fifty-eight thousand dol
Latent Consumption*
Lsrrzn foubtssntii.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
Smij: ‘When a patient his all the symptoms of
consumption strongly marked. It requires very lit*
tic tkill in tbe physician to tell the nature of hU
disease. No rorpectable nurse, who had once seen
such a case, could mistake it. But there are cur
tain obscure cases, arising from tubercles iu the
large, yet marked by no outward signs by which
their nature may be known, which test to tho nt
moetthcdisgonistic skill of the physician. The
books describe these cases under the name of
“iateit corßnmptioa,” because the' tubercles are
in a latent or quiescent state, produclngncither
cough, expectoration, nor spitting of blood-; There
are In this form of consumption no symptoms
which directly point to the longs. The practiced
cjeofftpbyslclanof experience In the treatment
of pulmonary diseases would probably detect in
tbe countenance what would lead him to carefully
examine the chest, but the general practitioner,
having !onlya limited experience in the physiog
nomy of consumptive cases, would see nothin*
beyond the fact that the patient was tlowly d£
dining in energy and bodily vigor. As there Is no
cough, no pain in the chest, no expectoration, the
longs would probably be overlooked altogether an
til some one of these symptoms arose, and that.
In latent consumption, means until the last stage
sets In, snd tbe end is near at hand. A gentlemau
came to coneultme the other day, from Springfield,
Hass., whose disease was oi this character, and yet
it had never been suspected by cither his physi
cians or friends. Had ho not accidentally taken
cold, and suffered from a slight pain in his side,
he would not have even thought it possible his
large could bo diseased. On examining his ebest
I iound tbe superior lobe of tbe left lung filled
with turbercles -in a latent state. This gentle
man had been in poor health several months/bat
nobody could tell him why he did not get well. He
had consulted half a score of doctors: and got al
most as many different opinions. Some treated
bis case verylightly, acdpromlsed a speedycure
by a com«e of “tonics.” Others advised change
ofalr, andpatUnec. One told him itwasallsto
jnacb, while another assured him that his liver
was ont of order. He tried in turn the Regular,
the Homeopath, and the Water-cure, but obtained
no benefit from either. Those who knew the lent
about Lis disease, promised tho most,but accomp
lishedEOthirg,while, if any suspected thelunga
as being tbe cause of his bad health, they did not
enlighten Lim. I would not, from this case, argue
that the majority of physicians arc Ignorant of the
means of diagnosis, but that their experience is
limited, and their time so occupied and minds dis
tracted by attendence on acute diseases that they
are extremely apt to overlook and maltreat chronic
affections of this nature. Hid the stethoscope
been spplied to tbe chest, It is probable some of
them night have detected the presence of tuber
cles; bntthlawasnot done, and but for the acci
dent ef taking cold.lt is almost certain the disease
would have gone on to disorganization of the
lungs and tbe sacrifice of the patient's life.
I have said that in latent consnmptioa there are
so symptoms which Indicate disease of tkelunti—
often, no symptoms of any kind sufficient to ac
count for tbe declining health of the patient. But
this » not always the case, la Tory many cases
the patient suffers severely from Indiges
tion or flatulence, and Irreguler action of the bow
t!s,orfiom pain over the region of tho bowels
When such lithe case, there it some excuse for
mistaking, fora time, ihe nature of the disease*
but I cannot too t-irongly Impress upon the minds
of general practitioners, the great importance of
frequent examinations of the chest in all obscure
esses of disease.
... Schumann.
Let It not be supposed that latent consumption
Is taro. Laencc, the great authority on this dis
ease. says: 41 We may Indeed say that the greater
number of cases of consumption arc latent since
nothing Is more common than to And tubercles in
the Innge of persons dying of what was supposed
to be some other disease, they never having shown
during life any symptom of consumption. It baa
frequently appeared to me, from carefully compar
ing the history ot my patients with the appearance
on dissection, that the great number of first at
tacks are mistaken for colds.” And Sir James
Clark, physician to her Majesty Queen Victoria,
in speaking of the liability to mistakes of this
character, says: 44 1 have known more than one
example of extensive tubercular disease of the
lungs discovered by a post-mortem examination,
where daring life the disease was looked for in
the stomach, liver or bowels.”
From these facts yon will understand what a
mistake those persons make who flatter them
selves that they aie in no danger of Consumption
because they have never had cough, pain in the
chest, or expectoration. Thousands who have
never had these symptoms are to-day carrying
about in the Innge the feeds of their own destra?
tlon. Whoever finds himself less vigorous
and capable of exertion than formerly—
and. indeed, all persona who are in had
health without knowing why, should inspect the
lungs as the cause, and never rest satisfied until
they have submitted them to careful examination.
I know ol nothing which abonld more strongly ex
cite their fears than being told their "liter" la
diseased. Experience has proved that the great
majority of such cases turn oat In the end to be
meie cases of masked or latent consumption.
This kind of consumption, if detected in time
and properly treated, ia one of the moat cnrable,
since it Is tbe strength and vitality still remaining
In tbe system, whicn masks its character and re
tards Its progress.
In my next letter I ahall point ont the preva
lence and peculiarity of consumption in Infants
and young children.
Yonr obedient servant,
Physician for Diseases of the Throat, Lungs and
Heart, S8 Washington, between Clark and Dear
The writer of the above is In no way connect
ed with a ptrson nimed Van Baden, practicing on
Hasdolph street, who assumes in bis advertise
ments, for the purpose of deception, the name of
Dr. Duster, and pretending to be associated with
Doctors Donter.
Prize Money,
To Charles W. Rose, late seaman on board
the United States war vessel, Gem of tne
—YourfihareoftLopiizomoaeyfor tne capture
of the rebel vessel Dixie has been collected
through my office, and Is subject to your order.
Attorney and Counsellor, Bnflalo, N. Y.
To JH Afflle'td wlta Catarrh, Throat Disease,
aid iffcctinns of the Chest.
DrJL Winslow Ayer, Physician for Affections ol
the Throat and Cheat. McCormick,a Building,
comer ot Randolph and Dearborn streets, gives
ms entire attention to this department of practise.
It Is especially desirable that all who have need of
medical aid, either for Catarrh. Asthma, Bron
chitis, or Consumption, should make early appli
_J|ey. E, W. Hpgar. Rector of the Church of the
uoly Communion; Rev. A. Lord, Agent of the
American Bible Society; Hon. Wm, Glnther,
member of the Leglslatnre; G. W.Polslfer, Esq.,
roeidiant; George K. Simmons, Esn., of Michi
gan Southernß.R.l E.N. Tnckcr. Esq. Special
Deputy of Circuit Court of this city: Capt Wm.
Nason, Capt. Wm. Sherman, Gov. N. P Tall
msdge, John G. Bartlett, Esq..and others of this
city, not to mention hundreds from oat of town
have certified to the efficacy of the new practice’
nov 22 r&ffi-SunMonW&F&wkly. ye
A New Perfume you the Hakdkehchxet Ex
tract or THE •
Night Blooming Coreas
Night Blooming Ccrens.
Night Blooming Ccreas,
Night Blooming Cercus,
Night Blooming Coreas.
Night Blooming Cereas.
Night Blooming Cereas.
J^! XD H°t B tm X^ ite V delicate and tosrant per
fume, distilled from tbe rare and beautiful flower
from which it takes its name.
Manufactured only by Pdalon & Son,
n22-rBl6-lm Sold by Druggists generally.
A Card from Bev. A. I*ord, Agent or
Amercian Bible Society for title State.
I hare made a trial of Dr. Ayer's new system of
treatment for Throat complaints, and am happy
to say that the results have been as favorable as I
hadreaeontobope. I have experienced a deci
ded benefit, andean confidently commend him to
all persons suffering from catarrhal, throat or lane
complaints, feeling that the system Is all that Dr?
Ayer claims for it. a xxsjl Lord.
Ladles, Attention*
To retain the bloom and freshness of beauty un
impaired to a much later period than Is generally
the case, ladies should use Burma's KatlUton,
Sold everywhere. novl6-p033-mw&F W
Economise by Dyeing your cast-off Garments
and Trimmings witn the Domestic Dyes— 4o differ
ent fast colors, Including all the newaud fashiona
ble stadee. Price only is or 20 cents per package.
See samples of colors at the Druggists.
An Excellent medicine.— Jonas Whit*
comb's Remedy for Asthma enjoys a well deserved
reputation: its pretensions arc quite modest,and
Its efficacy in many very severe cases has proved
Its great value. Sold by all druggists.
HO23rSBS-3t-mwaf-lt w
tSTFor Concha, Colds, and Throat Disorders,
nee *• JJroicn's lironcMal Troches," haring proved
their efficacy by a tcet of many years. ‘
LAniEs’ Fisx Ftms.—Brewster, under the Sher
man House, has a most complete and varied as
sortment of capes, half capes, collars, Eogoaias,
Ac., Ac., In mink, royal ermine, fltch, French
sable, and the lower grades of furs for ladles’
wear—all of which are manufactured in the best
possible taste. We adrlse our lady friends to ex
amine Brewster's superior stock. nor22-r3s3T>l
W&~ A beautiful Complexion, free from Tan
Pimples and Freckles, may easily be procured by
uslugtbe “Balm of a Thousand Flowers.” For
shaving it Is unsurpassed. It is composed of palm
oil, honey, and other valuable articles, highly
perfumed by its own ingredients, and when used
for washing, night and morning, renders the skm
soft and white, and free from blemish. Price 50
cents. For sale by Saurn A Dwteic. Lake street
Chicago. angS&-M-WA Sat-eow-Sm •
Go to ran Bear —eo to beta** a onurron 1 *
Chicago Cojolcbciau College, to get a thorough
practical business education. For circulars7s
-. 8t “ I>!) BBT "* *
F. E. Rigby, 89 Randolph street, is selling
Paptr Hangings and Window Shades at New York
prices, at wholesale and retail. The trade sup
plied on the most liberal terms, OC29p3i-4ff
Nervous Disease* ana Physical fio&Qlty.
arialng from Specific causes, in both sexM- new
and ratable treatment, in reports of the Howard
Association—sent is sealed letter envelope free of
charge. Address. Dr. J. SklUin Houghton. How
ard Association, Ho. 8 South Ninth streetPhlla-
At PuiT-\T>BLPntA.—The Enquirer of Thursday
says: Money Is still easy, among the broken at six
percent. The inability of tho hanks to extend their
mual line of accommodation causes seme little ner
vousness In other quarters, but not enough to
any trouble, it Is reported that tbe Secretary of the
Treasury winnot Issue any more five per cent.lnte-'
rest bearing legal tenders, but that the next put out
will bear only S-65 interest. This will counteract. In a
measure, any disposition to withdraw them from the
market as an investment, and hilng them more freely
Into circulation.
Emabged Capital.— The First National Bant of
Philadelphia, for come months In successful opera*
tloa, fcaa enlarged Its capital to fSOO/XO. Hr. Clarence
H, Clark, of E. W. Clark *Co , has been made Prcsl*
dent, In place ol Mr. Davis, who voluntarily retires.
Tbe Directors are s Messrs. C. H. Clara, Jay Cooke,
S. A. Caldwell, J. B. Moorhead, 17, S. Russell, E. 17,
Clark and 0.17. Dayls.
Sicosd National Bask op St. louis.-Tho prelim
inary measures for the permanent organization of this
Imin'mlon have been effected. Friday lost the mo
scribcremtt at Barnnm’a Hotel and organized with a
subscribed.capltal of 8200,0t0. It b contemplated to
Increase the capital as the business may warrant, lim
ited to one million collars. Tlb following gentlemen
comprise the Board of Directors; Messrs. T. B. El
gar, J. O. Phrcc, Geo, P. Plant, Geo. B.Rca,Wm.
Smith, S. Rich, Charles Holmes, E. O. Stanard and
M. Tacrsfg. The Board have elected T. B. Edgar
President and E. D, Jones, Esq., of the Exchange
Bank, Cashier.
New York Mock and money market-Nor.lil,
Stocks Aim and active.
NT. C JSS C.A P 409
Harlan 96*4 g.ss c ...niv
km. josh c.&t:::.
Htttfpn 129 C.&K.I .....41-71/
Rj-autng... 425K M.&P.DO C. .Cl
Erie, prefu red 103* P.ftw.sc ‘.gov
M. C.. 127 A. AT, II 63*
HLC. Scrip ......123
IT. fl. 6'f W1 Coupon*. .K9X 17-Co*fl, IOCv
U.B.Certmcausinew) i-SX I *
FoimT—Little easier but damatd active
, ftt-rho* exchange nrmcr bat quiet at IKSI63X for
nmcikM bLis
Gold unsettled and fl rm. opening at 151. declining to
152 K. advancing to 154 X. ana closing nm a- U3Y.
Total experts t l specie to-day was 4617 009.
Sattopat Evening, Nov. 21,1363.
The following cable shows the receipts and ship
ments during the past twenty-four hours:
nioxiPTS fob last twostt-foub hours.
Flour. Wheat. Corn. Oats. Bye. Brly
„ , brls. bn. bu. bo. bu. bu.
a a uii Rii,’.'” 2016 liio 10119 *79 i ini
birr. too 6300 SSTO 4000 1050 1500
HICKK. 1379- 4200 &9SO 1400 .... 850
CD ft ORB 1175 WOO 5250 8523 875 ....
NWBK 2430 12930 .... 7500 1050 2100
A461L8F..... 880 .... 810 120
Cm. Air Line 1100
Total ' 8280 41912 15540 81867 2216 6337
Grass Live Dres'd Beef Tal-
Seed. Bogs. Begs. C’nie, Bides low.
OftCU 58.... 7130 4ROO .... 7Q lingo ..
RIHK- 1670 14 S3 1000 .!!!
mC B B 4150 Its 273 87U0 ....
CDftQBB..... 22373 11491 83 516 1 4354 8360
NWRIC. 5820 1300 172 5)0 30230 750
AftStLBB. 8109 23 889 TT. .!!.
Cin, Air Line
T0ta1..... 83323 28223 876 1610 97174 9110
snrFxiHTS bt TAin fou last twzxtt-foub nouns.
flom. Wheat, Corn. oats. Rye. Bariy
brla. ha. ba. bu. no. ba.
TO Baflalo .... 10300 87350 150C0 71.
To Toronto .... 12500 .... ....
To other ports.... 200 .... 8700 '*
Total... 10500 37350 31250 7.7. ”
The uncertainty with regard to Bnmside has caused
antrvouaand excited feeling in gold, and almost
every article of produce has been affected thereby.
The Prorttlon market remains Arm, and the tenden
cy is stiff upwards; but we have no actoal advance to
note to-day. Mess Pork Is still in demand at 117.50
bat there does not seem to be any disposition on the
part of buyers to exceed that flgnre at present. Hoi*
den of round lots are generally asking 91s 00; hat
outsidebranas can bo bought at sl7 50&17.73. To-day
we note a sale of 500 brls city packed at 117.50 and 100
brls country at sl7 25. Lard was inactive demand and
flim at 12c, with sales of I.KO tree at that price. Hoi*
dets arc generally asking 12Kc for the best steam and
icttle-rendercd. PiimeMess Pork la In good request
at $1150; hut it Is generally held at $15.00. A lot of
SCO brls changed hands, hut the price was kept private.
English Meats are Arm and quiet. Short Iffb ore in
demana atStfc, with sale of 100 bzs last night at that
price- sellers mostly holding at 83f®8jfc. LengCut
Hams are wanted at BSfc,-wtth sales of 100 bxs at that
price. Green Hams have advanced J*c 9 tt-wllh
sales of 13,000 pcs at 7ftc from the block—the market
closing nith an active demand at that figure, A lot
of 80,010 as country-cut Hulk Hams, in dry salt, was
sold at 3c loose. 'There is rather morclnqnlry for Beef
ProCuct,Bßd the market is firm with sales to-day ol
100 tres India Mess at $20.00; 100 brls Mess Bed at
$10.50; and 100 brbExtra Mess at |12.C0.
The Floor market was very firm at the fall prices of
yesterday—wlthsales of about 4,003 brls at $7 5007.75
for IFhJte 'Winter, and SI3OOO 00 for low grade to
choice Spring extras. Ac the close holders were ask*
lug an advance ol 9®loc, and the market was firmer.
The Wheat market was active, but without any ma
terlal change lapricea-No 1 Spring selling at
JJI; No * Spring at sl.osX®i.w ; Rejected Spring,
99c; No a Red Winter, slls®U7; and Rejected Red
at sl.ooal COX. At the close the market was firm at
SIIOK for No 1 and $1.06 for No 2 Spring,
Com was scarce and under an active demand the
market again advanced 4®sc V bushel—with sales of
No lat 97K®99e; and No 2at 96X033c. A boat-load
ot Canal Mixed (uninspected) was sold at sl.ooafloat.
Oats advanced 2S2HC* hnsbel—with sales of up*
wards of 100,050 bushels, at GSXO67KC for No(I and 630
65c lor No 2 Oats In store-the market cloJag firm at
the advance.
There wm a more active Inquiry for Bye and th
market advanced Sc V bushel—with liberal sales o
No lat SI.OO and No 2at 97c.
Barley was quiet at SU6X for No 2 In store.
Btghwlnes were In'good demand and the market
closed aVas advance ot 2c V gallon—with sales of
about *7OO brls In lots atC7O6Jc gallon—closing firm
and excltea at the outside quotations.
There was a more active demand for Clover Seed to
day and prices were hlgher-Salea of prime being'
made at $73(3. Timothy Seed was in good demandat
$7.25. Flax was qnlet and steady at $2 35.
Refined Carbon Oil still tends downwards. The
market at Pittsburgh has fallen to 43c. and sales were
made In this market to-day at 45050 c. The ilocks are
heavy and the market dull,
Freights are qnlet, and we note engagements at 5c
for oats and 8c for wheat to Buffalo.
- The receipts of Lire and Dressed Hogs daring the
tree* enclrg to-?aj were as follows:
Lire. Dressed.
... JO,«S 211
....14,757 8)9
. . 15,*91 •: 97
....18,414 2-3
■♦...29,223 878
w 5
Vi Way,
Total ..
Add Dressed.
Total Lire and Dressed..... &4.552
The receipts duringthe corresponding week of 1862
vtre4o,9l3liveaud629 dreesd. Thr recelptsof live
Hogs, this week are heavier than ever before known
In the history of the Provision trade of Chicago; and.
cf lire and dressed the receipts are wlthlh 40 of the
heaviest week ot last season—which occurred In Jan.
nary last when the receipts amounted to 914J1-of
which £7,044 were dressed.
lu Beef Cattle there haabeen an active demand and
the market closed very firm, with an advance upon
the quotation* of the previous m»rket,[email protected]
ICO as on medium and prime grades, and of 10315 c
per ICO as on Interior qualities, la Hogs the market
has been ux usually active. The entered sales for the
day amount to 23.637 hogs at piles* ranging from *4.co
3550. Wescte an atvatce during thaweekofSOo
on prime qualities, and ol [email protected] on common.
In tie evening at tne Tremout Boose there was a
strong speculative demand for Oats, and about 4C.000
bushels changed hands at G3Js69c-princlpally at the
outside quotations. This is an advancs of life above
the highest price patd on 'Change, and of 4c * bushel
over the extreme quotations of yesterday. Wheat
was nominally l®l}sc higher than the prices paid on
•Chaape-bujers offering |1 1131.UJ4 for winter re
ceipts No. 1 Spring la store.
Cincinnati Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
CnrCDTSATi Nov. 21,1963.
Whisky— A good demand and steady market* sales
900 brls at 67367J<c, latter rate for wtfgon.
Hoos—Dull and flat market to-day, and at the close
priceswerenomlnai,Jtbelngdifficult to Induce buy
ers to name a price, and $6.75 could not have been ob
tained at the close for 8(0 ft averages. The receipts
wereB.OCO head,sales 400 t areraglng2£o ft*, at *573;
80e, averaging 200 fts,at *6.75; ana 200, averaging IS}
fis, at *6,50. -
PuoTisioKß-Market for the product participated
in the decline ofthe bog market, and new pork and
lard were not saleable excepting at a decline from
yesterday's prices, and not much demand at that,
though old bulk meats and bacon are held as hereto*
The Commlseartt not yet having announced! hla
he prchahly wlUnot until Monday or Tues
csy, new mess pork offered rather anxiously at £l3 00,
and new lard at 12c and herd lam at ujfc, and old
prlmelam UXc.. Green Hama sold at B£c lor Monday
end seemed to bo In Mr demand. IVe heard of no In
quiry for old mess pork, the fact of the demand ftr
irkand lard which has existed the. last few days be*
lag speculative and local, and this bavins altogether
-revsed, •' the state -of the market can be better
Imagined than desalted. The sales were 200 tierces
new prise lard at 12c, a decline of tfctlßttO green
lams Bt33fc;lCO,o<onßbnlk shoulders yesterday at
and £shUs fcacon ahonlder»tt«j<c,
Ahbitals at tub Soldiers 1 Gome. —On
the 9lst of November, 1863:
J 8 Roberts, co G, 83d WI«; S Toney, co <3. «3d
Wis; AHMcGtngklin,coß,B3dWl«; WMTow
rer, co B, 83d Wis;QAllea, coC,32dWIs: AW
Wf Uy, co C, 10th Wls: C W Pilcher, G A Smith, co
I.l7thWls; J Joicc, FFitzgerald, Wm Farrel,D
H< Cullen, L If Sulllvy, J Ktn»e», co P, 17th Wls;
roof 72recruits belonging to various Wisconsin
icglments on their way to Dixie; CLlrdalev, co
F, Cth Hichigau; J Marry, co G, 16* Wls; D A
Rogers, c#B, 18th Wis; T Stevenson, co D, 13th
Wis; L Plsbeck, co P. 18th Wls; N M Waveman,
coH.lSth Wis: A JHam, co L 18th Wis; RJ
HcMichael, co C. 18th Wis; T R Mach, co A, 18th
WisjCßikini,coD, 14thWis; APLewis,coK,
14th Wis; J Kennealy, co H, 14th Wis; C 8 Child,
coC,l4thWis; CHBeam©, coF,l4th Wis: WS
Ramadel,coß, 14th Wis: A A WescaD, did regi
ment invalid corps; J N Yanderenal, co C, 3Sth
Iowa; J A Ste lin, co C, ISth Wis; C Walbee, co
F, 15th III: K Molgeer, co G, 43d 111: H Henues.
c#E,l6thHl; WmHarris,coE, 14thWis; NLau
prie, co Q, 43d 111.
mmm m wmmssssul.
Eatubdat Era Kino, Not. 31,1369.
The week closes on alter/ close money market. In*
deed it hat been close an the week. The regular cus
tomers of the tanks arc supplied as far as their means
will permit, bat tbelr wants are curtailed as Or aa pos
sible. Rates of discount are very firm at 10 per cent.
Tbe Bcardtj*of currency still keeps the price ofNew
York exchange at nominal figures. The.buying range
Is par ®Kc and tome of the banks even require jfc.
The felling range Is par @)fc premium. The races are
very Irregular.
Gold opened In New York at 9 a. m. at 154-9; 15, isjy
—19,153-13 m., 153Jf, closing at the second board at
151. The bickers here pa10152®152)5. Market firm.
Silver uc®i«. Legal tender notes are still inde.
mand, bujlng xc, selling He premium.
At St. Louis—Money market closer and money
scarce. There Is complaint of a scarcity of five and
ten dollar Treasury notes. New York Exchange in
goo.l supply, at X per cent, discount buying, and X
par selling.
At Cdscisnati.— The Gazette ol Friday says: Tbe
activity In the general markets causes more inquiry
for money, hot the demand continues to he freely
met, and good paper is placed without difficulty at
rates ranging from 6to 10 per cent.-6®3 being tho
range for transactions between bankers and their de*
posltora, and 9®lo outride.
Pittsburgh Oil Mnrkeis-Nor. 30.
The OU markets continue very doll: in fact, there
seems to be no demand In any of the leading dues at
the piescst rates. There Is a large difference of opin
ion between buyers and sellers In New York: buyers
Lave matter* their own way. Theeamomay be
in this market. The receipts by river and rail continue
heavy. There will bean ample supply especially of
Crude. The exports during the past twenty-fours were:
unde-P»lce» have mate* tally drcilned : salesSM brls.
withoutpkgs at 12Kc; tales ££7do,w«bontnkrs!as
IBkc. uther lota we-e dispotert ot at
ccnie dealers hold cut that prlcis will further decline.
?fi Sc s;ll-9 n . !I si?„ r rev!L e v !^ tcd t P. Tlce3 altojetner noml
pal. One lot of 5fQ brls Free oil was disposer of at
irp- l-esioium-In lair wlta idles In a small
way at (4 00 per brl. Naptta-Not anen laauirodfar
pilots nominal at lo©i7c, ***«4u«eu*qi.
[From the New Yerk Independent, setb.)
The demand slackens, but a moderate business is
doing with Western ana clty buyers. in spite ot the
dullness, prices of ill go*si ire very strongly upheld.
A scarcity of goods la anticipated at the reopening of
trace neat season, and the higher cost of goods will
render prices necessarily higher. Prta T s*re vryonler.
but very Arm. Stock* irellght. Printing cloths are
dull, but the Increasing price ot the rate material
points to hlgherprlceslor cloths. Brown and blea-h
--ed shillings and sheetings are inactive, without
change of prices. Drills are active and buoyant in
price. Stripes and ticks are dnll. Woolens sremo:*
eratelyactive; delaines, however, are dull, though
steady. Fancy casslmerea are It&s lainlrel for. Bay
ers for California are making liberal selection*, but no
concession In price Is given to them. Black ca-ilmeres
are active, being wanted by clothiers. Doeskins are
lo cemano, with a light stock. Beavers are higher.
Cloakings are in reduced slock Flannels arc very ac
tive. bout plain ana colored. Shawls ore la poor sup
ply,^being bold as eosn as they appear. Spring styles
are mskhg to order. Foreign goods are less active,
and even the auction sales are diminish ng • prices are
nevertheless very flnn. British are very dalC
Idbbons are more actives priced arc 'rregular. Sco’-ch
shawls are much wanted. French styles are dull, dav
pnygoodshave been *oldoff; therels no stock, and
little expected t* arrive this season. Worsteds are
tinner, with little remainder stock. Therel* a better
supply of black silk*, but the demand for these and all
rreneb foods has fallen off. Holders arc verv firm
under the high cost of importation. Auction salt* a*e
not so well attended, ana many lines of goods are
passed, holder*not submitting to any demine. De
laines, however, were wanted, and realized toll price*.
Merinoes and silks were neglected. The late Importa
tions have been large.
The following arc the wl
all the leading styles of doi
Now York market
lolesalenot cash prices of
mestlc dry goods sold in tbe
Janies suns ....7-8 3914
WinianiiTille ” .4-4 S3
Dwight .7-8 33
Dwight 4-4 as
Bay Mills 4-1 85
Warregan. 7-3 so
Waltham,!*.".*.’., 29
Aurora- ..7-8 33
Kennebec. 40
Kaumkeag .43K
Amoskeagß... .46
Newmarket. 42
Bates «
Nashua,. 40
Chlcepe L**** 39
Salem. 45
Pacific 21
Sprague’s 21
Donnells 2fl
Manchester. 19 J<
Richmond 20
American jsi
Amaekcag .19
Lowell J2O
Dnchtaa ,B nu
Fancy Brands 12&1S
. “ “""""44 26
Androscoggin.. 7-8 SO
Red (4 8ank..../.‘.7-8 33)4
llamlUon,*Q.‘":.., 19
Portsmouth p... ., 17)4
Amoekoag A7X
lort .57*
Manchester. .47)4
Eagle 12)4
Oxford 43K
OUS 45
.1 ewett City .37)4
Providence ...27)4
Falls SO
Clinton. 27
Lancaster. ~..26
Gtascow .25
Manchester. „.2l
Lawrence.... SSif
Stark 4*4 33K
■Appleton 4-4 S9*
Membrd 4-4 ssk
Indian Head 3-4 28
Amoskeag 45
York 42k
Jewett City.
Whlttondon..... 81k
Falls., .....S3
- ....'4-4 39*
UuaacbueUß';.B-l 27
_ “ k .*.44 88H
Trem0nt.,.,,,,.84 27
_ ** 44 3oJ<
Cabot, A 44 88W
Atlantic!* £4 21
“ K .44 28
“ A .44 SO
Amostcag. 44 sow
Laconia 44 40
Bhawmot 44 SO
Amorr 44 69
Carrol. 44 SO
Salmon FaUa.... 44 SO
Agawan.F .. 32
GQbOa 44 29
Ozark 44 39
Thames River.. .44 23
Perkins, D 34 27
Globe... 84 29
Old Dominion...34 29
Feppcrell, B Wk
z *K S3*
** o SO
• N JttH
Indian Orchard. C... ..si
“ N .S3
“ BB ....27
* 1 25
“ W.....26
Boat Mills, IT 28
“ O 29
Dwight, 1 .24
Bates. D 87
Portsmouth.? 17
Amoskcag,A.C.A .. .63
Amoskoag, A 60
“ B 55
M C 50
M D 43
York, SO Inch 55
York, 88 inch ;...60
Hamilton, Regular....so
D.r. «
Pemberton, XL JSS
** AA 55
Falls 80
Amoskeag..., ..35
Laconia S3
Bates 31
Indian Orchard 331
Androscoggin. .23)
Peppcrell 35
Amostcag 41
Salmon FalUs 3754
Massachusetts 8714
Indian Bead 87k
Manchester, Dark. 29
Pacific. Dark ......*.9
Hamilton. Dark. 39
Lowell, 8 Ply $t 50
“ Super... 1.23
“ Medium 115
Hartford, Ex traSPly us
** iropetiapiy 1 .so
** Super .125
** Medium.... 1.15
Crossloya Fat-Tapes
try Brn*Bel9.|l. 15(31.55
hew Eng'd Pat 1.35(31.15
Empire AlUls go
Belgrade.... s? X
Is stain .SSdIS
sleacuxd coons.
New York MUls.4-4 40
Wamsmta 1-4 S3
Botes 4-4 S5
"White 80ck.....4-4 S5
Lonsdale 4-4 34
Hlil9Sem.ldcm.7-8 30
“ “ “ W S3
Bartlotts .7-8 20J4
* 44 S3
For the Weck’Endlng November SI, 1563,
Patubdat Evxstso, Nov. 21.1563.
The receipts olßeef cattle and Live Hots at the
various yards in the city dorlzgtbe paatweekeom
pare as follows with the previous weeks since June
Beeves, Bogs
Wei k etdli g November 21 6 464 gfSa
WeAkenoirg November 14 qjss 76W2
WeekenolngNovember7 ioM si'oifl
Week caclng October 31 1Y.588 gt!sid
Week ending October 21 sab 89553
Week ending October 17 ai'sti
Weekending October 10 5751 js'ki
Week ending October 3 .5.453 21:07
Week ending September » 5341 201039
Week ending September 19 4391 itSa
Week ending September 12 4.197 isSoi
Week ending September 5. 4314 ioVu
Week ending August 29 5.023 4493
Week ending August 22... 4357 6’42i
Week ending August IS 4,651 u’t46
Weekending Augusts 4318 is’srn
Week ending August l .7.C6* 17.106
Weekending July 25 3,563 igafl!»
Week ending July 18 3.737 nin
WeekendlngJu'yll 3.435 9131
Week ending July
Week ending Jane 37 7356 133U
satzs or nxionz ox live stock teom chioaqo to
Cattle. Hogs.
Mich. Cent and Mich. South.large cars.. sss* eta
Car* of 210 feet bo S3 ~
Michigan Central, small ears 60 68 '*
Mich. Cent and Mich. Booth, large cars .sllO 63 ct«
Cars of 210 feet , 94- K» •*
Michigan Central, small cars 85 61 •*
Fort Wayne cars.224 feet 100 63 “
. iUIiII3i»UUWU,
Pitts. Ft. W. & Chi. can of £24 feet 1 08 BO cts
Michigan Southern, large cap* jwj eo ••
dp . do __ cars of 200 feet... 83 CO M
I><!r “ r •-““toß.iruo.
Thetctalrecelpta cf Beef Cattle for the week end
log to-day. amount, according to the dairy returns
posted on ’Change, to 6.461 head. This Is 2,739 head
leu than last. week, and 4,001 more than tbs corres
ponding week of last year.
Tte dally receipts at the various yards faring tne
week compare as follows:
Total, t 6 l&l
Tt*e rateable of Beet Cstt’e ’aT’tbe 'cVweof
the weekly market, this evening. we quota as fbllowi:
™S5m‘!S S‘*a= to
cottmoQto medium 75
Itere has been a Calling off la the receipts of the
week as compared with the preceding font or five
weeka, to a considerable extent {which, with an ac*
tl*e demand, has resulted la aa advance tee
dot e oi the previous market of 15Q25C per 100 tts. on
the medium and extra qualities, and [email protected] per
100 lbs on loser grades. We note, with the advance
of the pressnt season, a steadily Increasing demand
for medium and all better grades of stock, and a Iklr
Irqulry fer commoner quautlsa, with leas than the
uinal fluctuations In prices.
opxaxxa or thx scxcext.
Thttsbdat, November M.-The weekly market
opened this morning with about i.oco head ol
Beef Cattle In the various yards. There having
been a ratter heavy failing off in- the re
celpts of the week as compared with several
preceding weeks, together with a better and more ac
tive demand amoog packers, shippers and for govern*
ment tues, tnere was a much brisker competition in
the market than had been expected; and especlallr
so considering that the weather was much too warm
for the present season. Prime qualities have for some
Ume past been extn mely scarce, although good prices
have been geneally paid; we suppose for the practice
reaeon that breecers find It more profitable to sel
Block that has been less fed. Of really prime quality
there was bnt one drove of 83 head In the market, for
which $5.25 V ICO bs was psld. Medium grades were
uOwevet In better supply,audimet with a ready sale
at prices ranging from *2,62X68.75. The transactions
of the day showed no advance on previous rates, but
the market was very firm find active.
. FsnuT, Nov, 20.—There was some six or seven
hundred less Cattle in the market this morning tunn,
on yesterday morning, and and as the weather was
considerably cooler buyers were In excellent spirits
and disposed to concede an advance upon previous
rates of 10015 c The entire receipts of the day, which
amounted to some 1,100 head, were closed out at a
considerably earlier hour in the day than nsnaL The
bulk of sales were made at $2,600330. Several
droves of good medium, and a few of extra grades
were sold; of the latter two droves were purchased
by Hancock, one averaging 1,201 bs at $4,00, and one
averaging $1,550 bs, at $5.00, Several lots of common
grades were purchased on Government account at
12.C002.50 pIOO bs.
close op the haekst.
Sattthdat, Nov. 21 —There were In the market this
morning about J.XO head of Cattle, of which number
the receipts during the day smount to about 1,300
bead. Fine seasonable weather has proved very fa.
vorable for the market, and not omy has the advance
of yesterday been freely sustained, but the market
closed firmer with a farther advance of s®ioc V 100
as. It Is folly apparent that the present receipts of
Cattle suitable for and also for shipping, are
below the requirements of the market, and that If
they were far heavier there would be no difficulty lu
meeting with a ready sale. Our packing houses be*
Ing now In full operation, need the full receipts of the
market, such as we are now getting, and could easily
dowlth a larger number. In the receipts to-day there
have been a few droves of prime qualities, one of S3
head averaging 1,855 as, from Henderson county. 111.,
were sold by Brain to Hancock, at *4.50; and one of
90 Fancy Bteers, Hlf nols. averaging 1.313 as, were sold
atFoitWayne Yards by Messenger to Kent A Co„ at
*4.(0 The entered sales at,the various yards
to head, at prices ranging from $2 [email protected] The
principal number have been sold from *3 90®3.60. We
give the following as the closing quotations 01 the
market: Prime to extra shipping qualities, *4.CO3S 00.
Medium to good, *3,[email protected]; common to medium’
f1.15a2.75. *
I3 ! ™w«%! 4otlin » 161;
Rankin sola Hough ft Co. 67 av. 1.098 as. -t*3 DO
tGraberßolo Priest* Co. 150ar,i,t53 as.at S3 90
Brain solo Hancock 83 ay. 1,355. at 84.50 *
Potts sola Fawcett 13 av. 1,135 a a. at 83.60.
Jones sole Rosenthal 10 av. 1,030 as, at 88 20
A. E»Kentft Co. bought of Mesgeugi r 96 ar! 1,313 fts
at 84 to; of G, Adams 32 aV. a sTat 8313:37 ar
1.K3 a?,*at 82*0; 20 av. 1.187, at «s.r&t U ar. L 0& at
ta.Wh of Ely 430 v. 1.140 as.atß3.oo; of Walzal6oav
U» ftfl.»tj3.2ssof O Adams a av LOSLatnS&of
Rosenthal 26av. KS.at £h23. ’
Ely sola Oglesby 13 av. 950 ft s. at $2 40.
Grioley sold Hughes 13 ar. 1,060 as. at S3 (-5
Balous sold Richards 388 av. I.ICS. at fa 25.
Blake sold Seymour 21 av. 969 as, at $3,25; 60 ay.
LI .8 at 83 25
Russell sold Keller 13 ay. 911. at 82.15.
Veolnam sold Me Phtrson 14 ay. 1,074. at 83.00
Vaughan sold Norton 13 ar 09u as, at 82.75.
BohnsoiaHagtes42av.i,lS9tte,at 8144.
Davis sold Keller 17 av. 954, at 82.33.
HOGS- Thereceipta of Hogs during the week end-
Itg to-day amount, according to the daily returns post,
eaoa ’Change, to 91,960. This 1s 15J513 more than the
precedlnglweek, and 41,937 more than.the correspond
ng week of last year. The daily receipts at the vari
ous yards compare as follows;
• 10,ra
Tte Trcekly market optnoloa Thu>Sa j with a goo 4
supply of Hogs, amounting to upwards of 39,000 la the
vatiova jardi, and under the influence of an active do
sand, which had been Increasing through the week
with a rapidity that seemed to taka not a few by sot
prise, whilst It sent to the wlada the predictions of the
more nervous class of buyers, that the advance of the
Saturday preceding and the Monday coall not he sus
tained through the week. The entered sales for the
day were large, amounting to 19/33 bogs, on 1 the prices
realized pre<entsd a higher range than any given pre
viously this seat on by CCc, being from $1 co to »5.73 per
1W Bs. On Friday a still larger amount of business
was transacted and a funner advance oflOQUcon
previous quotations was conceded. The entered
ules for the day amouted to. ai.ft-8
bogs at prices ranging from 8350 to 85.73-
As the beat evidence of the very superior quality of
the hogs received we find that no leu 3,400 were
sold at 85 CO and upwards, and 10,91$ from 815033.00.
To-cay, Saturday, we find that there la no diminution
■ In the activity ol the market, but If possible there has
been more excitement than on yesterday. Th .* enter*
ed sales at the various yards amount to no leu
23,437, many of which have been ma le at prices that
thoroughly eclipse any given before during this year.
As a sample we find that bogs weighing from 300 to 210
ns have been i ell log from $4.5004.75. and ethers some
ten or twelve pounds heavier lor as high as 85.00. In
auefuHy going through the transactions cy
the day we find that the rate* have so varied as to lead
to the supposition.that some Influences have certainly
been working with a view to give an excited slim ulus
to the market. This, however, la perfectly useless and,
beyond a very limited advantage to the few, can only
.prove Injurious to the Interests of buyers and sellers
generally. During the last week In August and the
first in September of the present year the price of
Bogs advanced with unusual rapidity, and as rapidly
declined when the market was filled with stock. We
are, however, now given to nacurstaod by fanmira
and o* alers that the present Increase In receipts re
sults from the fact that owners, to avoid the ox
tra expn se of feeulng begs as usual an<i sending them
la December and January, arts getting rid of them
now, and naturally taking advantage of the hlga
prices which are being given. Ofthe unusually large
receipts of the present week, which exceed by 11,771
the heaviest receipts of last year but few are angola
this evening, and the market closed as firm and act! vo
as it has be*D doling any part of the day. We give the
following as the concluding prices of this weea'i mar
Prime to extra qualities.
Medium to good
Being an advance upon the preceding market of 30c
on medium and extra grades, and of [email protected] on com
J. Gridley A Co. sold at the Southern Yards, 115 av
217,81 $4.80: Slav 224, at $4.65; 70 av SOS, at $40:51
AV262,at 9490: 126 at 316. at $4 65- 108 arm at ssho:
140 av 229, at $1.65; 57 av 23.’, at $165. *
P. Nicoles bought at the Southern Yards 72 av 332.
at SUO; 129av202,at SL7O; 13Sav2l5,at $173: 112 av
2S9,at S4‘JO; 51 av23l,at $1.99; 2& ar 229. at $190:
452av202.at54 65; !Wav2l6. at *175. Ely bonghtUO
av 2!6, at $4.70, Webb bought 4CO ar 3*3, at $1.73 - 373
av 239. at s4¥o; 63av-11, at $1.70; IBS av 237, at $l7O.
A. E. Kent* Co bought at tne Fort Wayne yards 5$
ay 22a at $lB5 :56 av 213 at $L55 : 116 av2l at *165-
63avlrfat$125:5S,av200, $155; iai av 2llataL'<o
- -A at *i». S. F White soli
87 av 229, at sS9o;Graves ft Co. bought 60 ar23o at
$480: 63 av 211, at $1.90. Quick bought 63 av29l»at
lteed*eherwlnhough*,per S P.White,32l av232
at tS.CO; 42 avSCO, at $oJ>Il: 153 av 231, at $3.30;1C6 av
24!*, at $4.85; 167 av 247. at $3 12)4;113 ar ‘£7. at $5 35
Bteele ft Co. bought at tbe Fort Wayne Yards. 96 av
2i7.at5&25; 62av235,at $5 00; St av 253, at *3is; 163
av 270, at $5 50. Holme*. 115 av 223. atlSlsT W*. M,
XUceo. 423av204, at $175:171 av 213, at $5 25. Mur
phy ft Co, 109 av 3Ss,at $3.20. Thom ft Co., 155 av
252, at 151 C; 112 av23i,at $515. Turpin ft Co., per
s. V- White. »7 av 232. at $512 K.
Gordon bought attheFert Wayni yards,492, av 217
at U 85:147, av 203, at $150; 4>. av 230. at $190; 131, ar
2CO, at $1 50;203. av 319. at $l9O : 65, av 2uo,at $4.55.
Uilffin ft Bro’e. 62, av 243. at $515; atSherman s yards,
129.av210,at51.65;1D5. av263,atss, 25; 53, avSal.at
M Tabor bought at Sherman’s Yards,-92 av isi.at
$125:118 av Ztf, at $4 75; 73 av 169, at $1 25; 21S av £25.
atss.(o:lolav229,ac $4.33; 99 av 3i5, at $3 05: 101 av
230. at $5 IU; 57 av 233, at $4 !5; 67 av 179. at SI.SO; 237
av 211. at $4.65; 174 av 225, at $4 8$; 373 av 2J7, at $1.40;
650 av29o. at SSCO; 301 a?236,at $5.10. ’
V. A. Timl in ft Co. bought at Sherman'S yard
67. av 220, at $160: 161, ay 217 at $175-
118, av 218, at $4 75: SO; average 225;
at $160:117 av 2llat $160:216 av <32 at SUO. Han
cock hough* 59 av 370 at $5 SO: I<9 av277ai $3.10; 51
av. 290 at $5 30 ; 92 av 2D3 at $3 50 ; 2fi9 5V 263 at $3 25
Sbafman bought at the Cott 'go Grove Yards. 151. av
241, at SS.CD; 56, av 257, at ssw; 229. av 238, at SSOO.
liar.’, 171, nv23l, at $4.90. Gardner ft C 0.,101, av 2SlJtt
$560 MrConSev ft Ha 11,67, av LSl.at $1.23. Moroay
ft Co ,267, avSS9,aC $510; 102. av 203, at $5 00. H&r
bach ft Krelgfa, 133,av 219, at SI77X; 53, av 244, at SIOO.
Kimball ft Woolcott, 219, av 239, at SL9O.
Batd bdat Evkstxo, Not. 21.1363,
FREIGHTS-Quiet. The engagements today
wen:; to ButfaLo—bear Skylark, vnta wheat, at 3c;
FLOCK—Received, S SO brla s shipped. 10 500 brls.
Market nun. tt«les today were; *-nrrn Wistes
Bxtba»—lCO brls ••Canle” at 17 75 : iso oris good mi
nota white winter at $7.50. Stucco Extua—loc tris
-VetQ'Jßtgo” at $530 ; 200 brla "Olrcf Timr &t
ss3t>; 2,500br1s spring extras In lots.at slß[email protected] 50;
4CI *Goou«ln’B Imperial" at 1540; 250 "Bancuets’a
B«w” at $5 50; HO %cXwlck" at f h 00 8
BRAN- Sot.-nsßranmbulk at sl6 55 on track
. CORN—Received. 15,540 bu; snipped 312C0 bn.
» a> ket ad v* need [email protected] per bushel. Sales to-day were
-6.0(0 bn Canal Mixed afloat as $1,09: LCOO buNo 1
tern la store at D9c;-IOC bu do at DSc; 4(0 bn do at
97Kc; 400 bu Co at 97XC: 2 SOO bn No 2 Com In atot 6at
bn do at 93xc; 400 bn Rejected Corn In store
OATS-R(helved.3l.C67ba: shipped, none. Mar
ket acute [email protected] higher. Salts tt-day were; 1.000
bn No 1 Oats in store at 65Xc; 6 000 bod» at 65Yc
-70 000 bu do at 6Cc: 12 OtO bu do at tfSXc; 10 000 on do
at 6tXc: 7,(00 bu do at C7o; i.«» on do at 67Xc • 6to
bn No 2 Oats In store at 63c; 5 000 bn do atfiSKe . 3.000
bu do at 04c; 2J 0. bu do at 01 wc; S (00 bu do at 64Xc *
B.OCObndoatCSc. *
. WUEAT-Hecelved.4l,9l2bu: 5Mppe1.37,850 bu.
Market firm, but without material change In prices.
Saleslto-oay were—-Wixteb wheat cr Btobe-40>j bu
No 2 Keo winter at sll7 - 2.300 tm 00 (In A. S.)at
{1 15": SOO bu Rejected Red at $100: ICOO bu co at
I.OOX. Specso Wheat nr btoi:e-15,000 bn No I
spring at $1 it; 3.000 ba do st si.ii>v . sioo ba do at
fLiOH ; ?,uto budoat $1 il; 12,000 bu No 2 Spring at
l«K* l,opjba coatfLlMfi 12,000 bu do at $1.06;
2,0t0 do Rejected Spring at 99c. '
RYE-Received, 2,261 bu. Market active and 3c
$> bn higher. Sales to-day were;—13.C00 bn No 1 Bye
to store at $1.00; 4CO ba No 2 Rve In score at 97c.
BARLEY Received, 6,827 bu. Market linn.
Sales:- oOubu No 2 Barley la store at SU6X.
By sample .—4OO bu choice at $125 del: 81 bazsat
$ 1.13H on track.
ALCOHOL—Nominal at 5P26®123 9 gal.
BUTTER—Choice Is In fair demand, but common
graces are qule:. We quote:
Hairy In crocks and tubs 22324 c'
Prime Firkins 2!X®22 c
Falrtogooddo 20®21 c
Common do. 17(ai3 c
brls at 9a 25 ; 3 hags at $2.40. * ’
BROOM CORN—Market quiet. Sales to-day; IX
tons pr me. at SIS3IO, cel.
, COOPEUAGE-Flrm. Sales to-day were; 290
Lar« Tierces, st $l9O, ael r 200 ao (mixed hoops), at
$1.65,de1; 300 Pork Barrels, at SLSO. Wei; itjo do at
CHEESE-Hamburg and Western Reserve la lair
supply. Market active and Qrm. We quote;
Hamburg.. 015
Western Reserve...., call
Dllnols and Wisconsin. 9 ®i3
COFFEE—The cemaild for Bio very active, and
owing chiefly to unnsually flght receipts, *lta snail
stocks on band, the market rules very firm, with an
upward tendency, We quote:
Bantos ass e
/»TI ■■JXIITI.HII.H... 41 ©l2 0
Bio,commontoikir T ., ~,, T ..,,33 otsjuo
Kio. good to prime si was c
So. choice.... 85«®J6 e
Cll>Eii—Market continues dull, and demand
heavy considerably under the present receipts. Prices
ate enjltirg bnt fi-m at 13.75®5* 25 per bn.-
F.O lifij—ls got d demand at iß®Joc per uoz
FlSH—White Fisa market rather doit; receipts
still small and prices Arm at. lor No 1. ssl2H®s Six.
Tbodt In rather cetter dcraaid and arm at pr-xeut
quotations. Mackerel are in mach better receipt
analccreatsd domat-d. Prices rule Arm. Codfish
market active and Arm. Hiitxmas in good supply
and easy at present Quotations. We Quote:
no a Tram • J-guS-S
No. lM«c6crel,3BT, Htutom s.:o aaoo
S?-? ‘ “ tso 0 7.00
Ho. 1 do Old, do esoa? 00
N0.2 - do do do 575 ®6j25
Mackerel, ..n».’*« 225 a
•• Fatally L 75 ©3OO
Codfish. Georges Bank. v ICO fts. ua ©7 so
Codfish, Grand. do do 6.75 ©7OO
No.i Dried Herring H box., M a 65
Scaled * „ 70 a 75
Pickled Herrings, new * *6jb atw
good, ana a AUr oemana at present Quotations.
OBaPßsare Is AUr receipt and moderate demandl
Market and firm. Lkxoks—Becelpta
Hmlted and In little request. Market easy at
|7.tC®l2oo. QuuCß—Fslr demand and llmlte-i sup
ply Chkstjtdts active and firm. Hicsobt Nuts-.
snpply much better and m good request. We quote •
Green Apples, * brl .** *«.ooa£o
_ New iork scotra
Grapes, Isabella.. g i 9
Grapes, Catawba. .*.7.*...* 11 Sl2
Grapes, commmon, Fft * 5 a ?
Cranberries, $» brL 13.00 © 13.00
Lemons.« b0*..........,::;::."™;;;;
onlncw, per barrel 7XO a if So
cne5nnt5.Vbu................. 7.nn a vnn
H^iTN 0 ta,*6n:;;:;;;":;::;;"""" }g g 3 - otl
Dnira AppLzs-Recelptßitm limited, and not at all
K Prtmo qualities are scarcely
to bs obtained. Market very firm with an upward text*
««». Peaches—Unpaired in small receipt, but
palled aieauoted nominally, there being tew. ft any
mine market. Prices rale firm with an upward t°n
sws-n pricee rule tolerably steady and firm*
19 better supplied and there Is
a limited inquiry. Domestic Fntrrrs-are In very
small receipts and fair demand, the market la Terr firm
at present quotations. We quote: *
DnedApples,pnme... 8 a 8v
_ * medium 5 a 7*
tJnpared Peaches. „ « « 128
Pared do m an
Baltins—Layers 9 box 4X7u®sos
do do do (new) 5.00 @525
Currants, V ft old ... n a is
60 * J?° new is a 19
Almonds,* ft sen 23 * m
do do bard 17 a H
DriedEagpberrles so ©32
do Blackberries w 2ji
dp. Cherries ......... 25 a 33
t .f7?KS--Thß season trade Isjust beginning to more
the tiamsactloas are, however, as yet very small, bnt
there la an active Inquiry, ana a fair prospect of an
average trade. Sale to-uay 200 fall muskrat enod
quality, second hand, at 13c. We quote; *
Bears, (black,large,and full seasoned).,,.slooo®l2 00
Bean, brown 2.00© 8 00
Bears, cubs K to X value ‘ w
Beaver, (black and dark) 1 sva 2 00
Beaver, (nale and silvery) LOO® Lto
Banger, (largo and fine) ”” «© »
Deer Skins, red and blue so© 60
Dear Skins, grey «f® id
FUters, (dark, large and silky) 5.003600
Fishers, (pale or bjown) 3 Of© 4 00
Fons.croes the less red the better,,...,.,. 4.00 a 800
Foxes, red, southern and western, LOO© aco
ana grey.l'.'.'. 3o© 13
Marten, dark without red.. 3 00© 4 00
Matten. common and pale LSC®2SO
Wlscoasla 3.50 a* 50
Minks, Ullnois and lowa 3 Ooa3 00
OEer.Blaek. large and fine [email protected]:wi
Otter. Brawn, “ * B.oo©i 00
Opossum, Northern, dry and clean.,., . ipm 13
Opossum, Southern, •* .... * 5S 10
Kaccoon, llllnots, Wisconsin, Ac I**... 10a 60
Skunk, black. saf 40
Skank, striped 10a 2a
Wllo date... . 20a 40
IS D 8» and fine., .*.* loo®i 50
Wolf 5kin5,jrmHe............ ~, soa 7S
GA3IE Prairie Chickens, Qualls and Ducks are
very abundant, and fully canal to the present brisk
dun and. Prices are therefore scarcely so firm, and
lots are being occasionally .sold even at slightly lower
prices than ocr quotations. Ventsoals Intel/sunnlr
and moderate demand. We quote: supply
Prairie Chickens *2.50 ©2.75 a. aot
DBcktsoaU, mixed. ;...T.OO @L2S ?§Sz
fSi 1 ,? 1115 02 00 V doz
S.'l'Si'" TOO 01JS »aoz
Pigeons a 75 v An*
Venison. ......... 7a is »b
Babbits L 53 8 Idoz
Geese... ©6AO Vdoz
•«W*si2^il r r*?JP2? Prairie Chickens at
$4.73: 4 doz shot at $2.50.
GUEASE-Qciet, Sales to-day :-10 brls White ;
Grease at 10c; 3i tree Yellow Grease at Bgc 5 25 tree do
DBESSEO HOGS-Becelved. STB. Market ad
vancea n @2oc on heavy Hogs. Bales to-day were •
l2Uogßavtraglng27o Bsat *6 73
21.** “ 223 ** :*650
jo iTo * 5.70
7 ** ** IfrO “ 590
50 *' at $5 50 and f 6.6) dlvlvlng on 200 os,
32 “ at $5 SO and 36 fO—dividing on 2CO os.
51 *' at $5 75 and $6.25—c1v1-ilng on 200 Os.
50 * at $5 50, $5,75 and sSJ2s—dividing on 150 and
too OS.
45 at SSXO. 50 and $6.56-dividing on 100 and
15 “ at and sß,so—dividing on 150 and
52 ** at *5 % SBSO and IS.TS-dlvfdlng on 200 and
sco fts.
0 [,rk “ e “ 7
GrecnCountry.. s a str
Green Salted... ouS gv
Green Part Cared. B¥© 9 u
n^FHnf 41 * 14J»®m
Dry r lint .17)4313
, LEATnEß—There 13 an ac'lve demand for Hem
lock ana Oak. Sale and market Is very firm. French
and American Calf Skins are In fiiir request without
change In price. We quota- H
Hun«, * »„. 40®4lci SlangMer’aSole....s3o36o
Ltoe, ..." «®43c Bneno* Ajm 33^3is
pi „ -SSS ;liiSS
Harnees,»»..„ <a®lso Bl»n*!iter , iSols. 4&3i6
K p, yrencuKw, t*A
KJp, teayy. 85(436c BeatCaU,*7»i.. 3.0 M...
Calr.Nol, tuoca... *• «»•,. 1a00...
Call, seconds.,.. Lic®l2s Lamolne,* d0z.66 00®7*.00
Upper. V f00t... 25®27c Rnsaett Lwinn. 7.or<4!l.M
Bnwett Bridle,# Pin* Linings.... 7.00»i3.0c
LTIMBER-Miikft duH im some dlHcaltr i»
•eiifal cargoes, at prices satliactery to oSS In?
In* chiefly /rum ue w»at of o*ck worn
fcrtransbipmeat Sales
irom Xalamazoo. 10,000 lectmlxed andrafteSt bnof
eargotehrklv Vermont torn Grand »w i*K
M Strip* St <l3 400 SOd bsISQM St sl3
Ballet from Grsnd Hirer SO 000 icet mlx»i saa rsftai
si sl3 (0: cargo Kb' Ca’cntta frtia Sheldon’s miii
90,u0 ieetsMso. Tbs lolloelrgar* the c.o»lac gmo*
Lc* nxs-FT-stClear. LWOft SCCOitios
SecocdClear. “ S7Jo(«4Ocs
TUre Clear, M ns.fr-jtfS OS
Stock boards 2J.«r.{;is 00
Pox or S- loct Boards iss oois.;! td
C.-n mot i:c»rcf.ary, ITOfta, ...
Common Board*, green. 18 co&i? 00
Callßoarcs nnrva,
first Clear Flooring, ionßb 35'oota '*
second Clear Floonrg, rough..... S2 00gsT***
Common Flooring, rongh WffVa ***
fiiclog Clear, dreaded. aou;i *1
Second Clear JO Ctya,
Co mm onto .. MnaS”'”
Poor Joists.. .. .... <m m
Rbafcd shicriM a * m... liSlr- 00
Sharedßhwslea,NoL. «»?*“'*
Ce\.ar Shingles ***
Saved Stmgles.A V.V.". *1! 4vy2
Saved bhinclea. No 1 1 ?a
Latb,* l,m pea '**!..*!*!""”"* r§a
Pictet* 18 ofV^l7
NAVAL bTllßEy—liulet Retire ana’ Qrni at
former quotarioca mc qnor*:
lar. s!2oCiau.o9| Manillas*** jsau
Pitch 10.fl*a38.N| Hsaa.rr . ....S?*
JSoalD 53c 9 D. iLathTara N0.1... i*iß!*
Turpentine..., s.TSeiooj - - 3... *nS
Oakum 6 CkdT.CO | IfsrUoe 23025
more active and anpply better.
tVe gnote prime qualities ami common
$1.4*6150 Vbn Sals to-day: 100 brls prime. $1.75,
Carrels included.
OlLS—Cabbon Oil*—The market laorarstocked.
anaovlngtothccecllceof Keflnoa la Plttihurz to
43c. prices tere have fallen ma-eri ally-sal** harlmr
been made here to-day at a range ot laasoc. The
£- 1 ? e £;P o *,?X er »f re seremlly asking 52c: for the
best Oil. Lissaxo market quiet and easy,
i isn and iUcuixr Oils in fair demand, and market
firm at present quotations. We Quota *
car Don on nest White... soa^o
SKu “iMT;;™::.™ »t &
Belled Lnseed Oil* rt
Olire on,bulk. SlfS
WtaleOliwi LSO§US
Bankoo-. ...„-r■«■-■■... ijsous
Lard Cl!, Winter Baioc
Machine on OO
•perm OU IS
Mecca OIL ... tfa w
—Balea to-day: 50 brls best White Carbon OD.atSOc
173 brls Carbon Oil (two-thirds white and balance vel
. 4.50 >4 70
3.75®4 40
PROVISIONS-Rwlved to-day; 497 torts Port,
SO oris fleer. 2U6.9U) Da Lard, 60, ’D0 oa Cat Meats. Toe
market to-cnj ruled Qrm, toat there was no material
cban ee In prices.
Mus Poi:s-G»oerally beta at $19.00. Sales to-day
,s£o briai city packed at sl7 so: ICO torts Dubuque pack
ed at $17.25
Poos Moss Poss:—There Is a good Inquiry at
sl4so:toutboiderearegeneraUyaskiiiff SlSuO sales
to-day, SCO bria city packed on p. t.
Bum Mkats—SO.OCO as country-cured dry salted
ExoLisn MKATs-Domaud for Short Rib active at
SSc—holr-ers asking S3A3S#c. Long cut Hama m de
mand atSYe, with sale of ICO b.ts at ttat price.
Lakd—Demand active and market very firm at 12c—
round loto of choice kettle and steam bring held at
lafcc. Sales to-day w»re 1,500 tctrrtme steam render*
eu Leaf Lard at 12c; 35 tea country Leaf at il¥c In
«iaxc rD °° n IC ° 1031,rlme 3tC4m dried, leaf were sold
Gb*k3t Mxxts—Tlama are la active demand and *'c
y ft higher. Sales to-day were :-600 pcs Hams at 7«c
fro» me block: 12JW0 pcs do at 7«c t i,too pea do on
„?Pir?^ Ol> £ OT r lootTCßln<Uft Mess Beer at 830.00;
KObria Mesa Beef at $10.50 $ leo bris ex rs Mess Beef at
Pocxtbt—Dressed Poultry la la abundant supply,
and prices rale easy at present quotations. There is a
good demand especially for Chickens and Turkeys
we quote:
Live Chickens, f do*. Also
Dressed, y dor 150 aits
-Live Turkeys, Vft h 1 4 §0.06
Dressed, y ft 6M» 8
Ducks,s*ooz I*so aits
Geese.each Mafflc
POT ATOES-The market Is rather more active
and prices are firmer at present quotations. We quote*
KerbsanocksV ha, ...
Peach Bsofti, *• 6i<#oo
Common, M
SwentPotatOM 50Q1.75
SALECATUS-Steady demand and Arm, We
qnote; __
BabbitVsßest, , ,av*9 e
* Pore J W'(43hc
Detand’s Chemical. 9k«Sic
Healthy •••!*.!!” SjJmko
SALT- Market quiet and steady. Wa quote:
Dojcwtxo—Onondaga jnaa *2.2361....
M Baglnaw Flni> 3.25®....
• Coar«e 2.'ixa
“ 3/*a.. x .
** Dairy, t.TSca..,.
w Dairy, without leea...,
Fcßsia3-*.A. * iacjcofaiosi.,,,... [email protected]
Turk's Island,* sack or 140 A 5.... [email protected]
Cadiz. Abu yam
Trepannl, Abu auSj
_To dat the sales were:2,tCo brls Onondaga and
guaw Klneat*22sdeL cars: 15* aks
A. am fsl: at.*2.13 .(delivered at 0. B. & Q. R, KDeooti
160 sia Turk's Island Baltatll 65 del at Depot. y
SEfeDS—CLorua-Demand active and market
S»:ei: 3M bcsueis and 12 baza prime new at
*760 Traoriry—»3 bags ana ICO bushels prliae at |2uS.
Kiax—s*»bEaeooaat*2Ss. v *
SPICES-Matket active and Arm, wlthao chance
In previous quotations. We quotes b
Cassia ..................Vw @sl
S*2sS* @uo
ClOVf*. @33
BCGAKS-lUw and Eeflned are In very active de
mand and prices very firm with an upward tendency.
New Oneana lavmiik
Cuba... 13*^15*
PortoßJeo . Ukais
A. A.Portland 13^ui3K
N. T. Beflned, powdered and cranolated... .13 ou?
2?“* £ mtariH
fiS. : gS ggx
Chicago A [email protected]
Chicago B TT.T. slo^fJK
SYKUPS-Io active demand, and prices rule very
firm at previous quotations. Wo quote:
Chicago Golden., ___ 7«@79
Sorghum .. -- ---, [email protected]
Do. refined. 66A70
New Orleans iZ, ’ BOoffl
Chicago Union Refinery Sugar Bouse, brla [email protected]
** “ ** “ tBgS 75Q
« « “ Amber, brla [email protected]
TALLOW- Market tolerably ac3ve and steaoy at
present quotations. We quote: 3
Good do iova
Prime City Butchers [email protected]
Cone try. lOlfialOK
Sales t»dat r—loo brla prime city at lie; 100 bria
prune coot try at lOyc.
still limited and market quiet
Standard ss,loianai A 5...,, t , Pfim
, •* As and fancy ..... [email protected]
Inferior and outside brands «asi
Cut In fair request. Wequote:
_ UlOXiaft. OUWIXO.
Stems... -J3 @l3 ciGoldLeaf. m
Mlissourl. UKfetotfc J Sonny 5ide.......73c
O. -14H015 ciC.Harrla ....50c
OJJ.. UJ6OIB ® Spongecake fUfl
TEAS—In steady demand, and talr supply. Prices
unchanged atformer quotations We quote *
Young Hyson, common to very flap--, riMi.M
SSHSJSSP** ~ lwaUl
Bouchonas——— T ~,, ~ [email protected]
oolongs.— TTI —... mvftt m
Jauan. , i iWiaf
WOOL-Tte receipts are rather larger and more
hnslae»a is being done, bat there is amnch mote active
ceinand than esa be met with the present supply.
Prices Arm. Wo quota:
Pine fleece
Medium fleece- Kvasse
rub washed “...,,j..nn.n!rnrn:6&4»<c
Factory Tub Washed. . [email protected]
_\VOOD—Market active and Ann at present prices,
quote by the cargo—Beech *5.25; Maple is M
M: Hickory 16.50a7.00. Delivered—Baecu, 17.09 a
VUh, Maple, t W0: Hickory. iMOaMOr^^
New York
. COTTOS-Dnll and drooping, with sales at 54(3 SIXC
for mldollng uplands.
Flour—sc better with moderate demand • sales at
16.4 CG. 3.50 for extra state; [email protected] 60 for extra round
hoop Ohio; $7.650950 for trade brands, market do*
sine quiet. ’
SW® with, sales M
Gea^—meat flrmer but quiet at 1U20U6 fbr Chi
cago spring. ILlial S3 for Old do., $1430L46 for Mil*
waukee club. $1173143 for amber Milwaule“. 51.530
1.60 for winter ri-d Western, $1613163 for amber
Mlcblgsn. Rye firmer; western siio. Corn excited,
anaß3sc.higher-demand chiefly speculative: shlo
plrg mixed western [email protected] in store, closing Arm at
ae utter figure. Oats excited and 2®3c. higher, with
a good business dolrg.at [email protected]<c. for western and
State, closing at the ontflde quotations.
WooL-Very firm.
PBOVwioss-Porkunchangcdandta fair demand,
iara quiet and steady. Boturfirmat 20021 c t O ilo
250Sfc for state. Cheese firm at [email protected] lor common
to prime.
Buffalo 2Uarket*Kov. 31*
Flour—Fair demand. -
and quiet at $1.21 for No 2 Chi-
Frights—Finn,at 22c fbr wheat, I2kc Ibroats
Ixpobtb-7,0i 0 brls flour, 30.000 ba wheat
Exmbts-B.CC3 fcrls flour, 100 000 bu wheat, 9jm bu
corn, 11,000 bu oats, 8,000 bu barley. -
Oswego markets—Nor. 31.
Giuijr—'Wheat Ann but quiet. SaleslMt night of
C tcago spring at $123; amber lowa at $133. Other
grades nominal.
Fslzxots—Floor 65c, wheat 16c to New Tori.
Milwaukee Market—Nor, 31,
■Wheat—Dull, at sllO for No. 1 winter.
EXCKIPTS—FIoor. 3,659 brls. ; wheat, 35 000 bn.
EzJirnxTS—Flour, 3,333 brls.; wheat, 11,000 bu.
„ . Fun 4 DitnU,
[Special Dupaccb to tne Cfclcazo Tribune J
Dktboit, Nov, 31,1563.
Up—Prop Mohawk,
Dowx-Props Queen of the Lakes, Potomac; barks
Champion, Northwest, Anderson, De Soto; scnoocers
Baltic, Algerine,Bertuad*. Stampede. City. Mclneds.
Thornton. Tf Johnson. Aldebaran.
[Special Dispatch to Chicago Tribane.]
Proton*, sbv. Z3.
Daws’—Prop Kenosha : Burks|Nadas.non, St. Law
fence, Gaston, Lion i Stmr* Danube. Sleef. Cambria.
Sovereign • Brig Mechanic; Scars Granada. Mott. Pe£
wan, Athenian, Metropolis, Acontlag. G. Smith, Alvin
Bronson, Arrow, Bronson. Noapartel, Chicago, Jnnl
ter. C. N. Johnson, DeWolf. Emu. '
. Bart Adriatic, sun* by collision with Two Fannies.
In Lake Haron, crew raved.
latblsclly. 2TOW silt CHABLKS WAB3B X, soa
Ol ffcini»nK. and Mary Wbitncy. aged 1 1 j< ara
TJOABEING,—A few gectlemen
JL/ can be accommodated wUhboa-aat 43 Adasi
•fceex. £033:320-36
T> CARDING—;To let with board.
•XJ a pleasant front room an d bedroom, suitable tor
man anc »l c or small family, at 13 Adams street.
InqoL-eolJ 8. WCTIDF.DFF, noS-rS37-2S
“OOAKDILi GK—Three gentlemen
*rd lhe!r Trtrej. or ilx aula Keatlemen. can
i and lodfclnx at 3G6 Chlo street.
»treet. Afewdayooaidars womd be taxes.
PQI9-rl>4 6t
So Rent
RENT—A "wtll furnished
X £rt r t room and bed reon, saleable for a watlo*
rcom, at 373 Bomb Clark, (ap stain.)
©tntral Notict*.
T I UP—Four Hogs ciiue
A Uto oq the Uti leßt Theo’mercm
236 Third aveauc.
noil pii£o-3t
WTANTED.—a Month.—3
'••ot 10 *be Amenta ia every county tc 175 r
SKS®** F*Jd.t;) soli icy now cheap faaiUi
• «lar macMnea. Addreae. B. Madison. Alfred
* Al£e ’ _ oca^stoam
V\TANTED.—*6O a month! W«
st !*£_ a month. expentea paid.
?,*? lew. assfoi and curiotmartJ
Fifteen circulars «eat trae. Addraaa aa AW *
CLARK. Blddelcrd. Maine.
\JU ANTED—Agents to eell new
. aa« ropuJarworlu. Good men wltt fled It a
?.*Vv? bui '- r *“ Hlnory of the Rebt-moa. byJ 8.
L Abbott: flame Mt moires. Lire of Clulat. Ac . Ac.
Adareta CLARKE ACO .97 Washington at cuicsao.
?08t QgceflOXJ7sl. * n»«uagw»a i3jg3M j*
W ANTED-(Enitting Maobinß)
* V Srery Farmer'to Know Sat Mi
!olk*" can earn *5 to 330 per -peoh with oceclASiuh
lelebrated Knitting Machtrre It wti'
m thirty days, fnc* complete,
freight from 59 ceau to tLHL Bond for —rolt aad
SSuSSSW Bilin.
\\T ANTED—Men for the U. S.
f T Karr to do doty ta the Mluhdppl Hjvtr
BoeadTon, tor ore. iwo or three yeva or 4 arte* the
war Good pay and Pzite Monav Tali U the moat
diilrable service. P»T trv m 112 to |eo per month,
no lose hard marchei. and good qa*rter3 on board
ahip ror farther pan’.cuiarß aoply to ih- OS. Naval
KandexT' ni. Chlicha Block, comer North Clark and
North Water atreeta * „ J D.HARir.
Acttr k Matter o. 9NNt. t Com d’e flenflarroua.
Or at B» cruini g Offl ce, 161 Lake it., cor. of LaaaUt.
A coamimicn will be paid to any paraon bnoctac
u. accepted recnlt to olUieroSUo. aou-pTit-fw
XV ANTED Good rooms, for
r-bbed orur furnished. vlth kevd, tors rad/
«25l li l: fc X‘2. h,ch • liberal price wUI beoald. Locat
eMt » area ue bst»e#n:L*k*
scantin' ** teu - 4 adiess P. O. Box 3.185,
'W A raiil to nra »
W » n expsiienoed
aflnr.cJi-f ta
1 pca^it**' ol^
T ,® D ~ Uo"Pspondpro9
" c ° A -. l 4a.^°^»
tty-axil’iJU—To invest *3o<\ br
▼ » Jofaloza psr.y {« »o«*s ho?!n«u that
*? rnoaeruift, la itl» clcy oreSeran tS
MrortSc/d bS«u «,«
Jan oat of the arvy. oeirjc dl*char?«d an .-Sr! ,» ?v
m tttJia E«fe:eoee ft4oSSrSaSli
\V ANTED— Ttires yonag man,
&ad POfceii a nrrtty seal i£ an of mnodfffjit!-
Maa fcf to •ofect. A urea* UHAKLEa «“rrSrii*
JOHN C t)OJLE and JAM3S M £•
■'earner J.P.Jaciacn.iibip tiled, mu*. tt ua rs’s't
VV AN'X&L)—A few men wuh
ple»»lDraddr«i. Indnatrioat tad leaMrttf
!*on.Q like to trsval tod a«kn tapper
J o fc ® bceiceni is very respccfni tad ajrreeailo tr<£
e»»y,Mic. tij oao
I) no»lS3 t s** l * I<oCm S °' ** loraext tiroa **!»/
WA HTJt U— Iti,*orraauon of
HIKAM COPE lod "hiid.‘a* Cowl
jentraon county, Illlnoli Usv imi t«<»i
cea to courUy.^
vu tbie&t from teen onriajr t n i jutaTiar la u««!
ttmter hereioictd, and took the children l® wu
nahiopa to tHelr m.tser. The niS^r“danuS
lie children ai e. CUnna*. li;LUntjn u- id! 3 ,«*?£
si Cprelt-e fa AO: cm QraVn haS
lead; hn«it sfeat 9lathe*-; .peats Volet. a ß V*i£
great itlfaeaoracce. Any nerhin that nas kanwlaira
or ttwe ehUdias, wlilcoi/er alaTofoa am* tttwS?
roared ether ehl.oreo t>y leuiog bar kaov ota where-
J-COx»K. Mt. Ver“o* 55
ftfrtoncounty.il. nous-rd itdftstw
ANTED—Agents iTscT'pier
f Bouts »*e be»re mad* ttr good Ciariac.
7*?® trr &n:jy u# •«?»t»ablUh»L AOdns'iar
Gtaorai A*«a»
5i > c‘.^ u,odijt c ll ®* lCfl 4’oc&. cucago. Pottotcs
ttoxj.SK a«3.f£M 6k
\\f ANTED—Two ycurg studfLtd
J ,ff!6 r>oaCo'l9ca hlaMedwica utt.a mu
f EliQant ot good loots Qe«ro to cxirr^
idccd or cso*e yoorj luora* with a-rlavtA
Inn and tfla c.naequeace*. i»ni»toa darirad aaa osa
■jnt !* ntu.n Auorau 8&KBY as?vbuSl bSx
Al ?* P l£°J. Washington coantr. Peu.^ 6 * BOX
W* ANTE D—To Drugeista. A
J T Minatloo In the dmsbnilaaa*, by amia ha*h*ir
lIV- 5 ear*; eiper once. and who la UiorooisMy can.
petett o tskecnargaoi aaj drma itore lalaacna
oy. CMC.p« \iei! rec nixeadctl Adilrcu aU'liSf
A, R,PEK> y. corner of Flf .oeoth «ad o5
Ire St Lotm MUioaii. n023-r?3l it 4
X\f AETiID—A situation sa CUrk
v •! OT In a itoilar eapaelj, The adrertlser li
beside* tie EnKlua and German, acnaatatad wlta
tie Fnacb ana ia» a Rood and general Knowledge of
f °ntaris2t f ‘ AdilC “ Kaadolpa Kieet*
VA/A!NTJfiI).—A laoy of eatab
T J Jlshcd repatatloa a> a Teacairot Pan* Forta
and Bilging denrea board in a twrlly whore lualruc
non in Mtulc aadPrench wUI be recvlvodwoeSy*.
.T“- relonaiCM £IT« A»dren
mix ml. Dai<l)o. noa-rTli3t
VV' .AjNTKD—A sitnation as Book
v T Keeper. Cashier or Entry cla k. by a uartr
whohaafl ka resposslblo szd ccnddentlal ooiMla
large whdeiale hons's. and also knows thsietaii
and eonnter work of a grocery and liquor outness
thoroughly. Is married, tteady and of strictly boat
nesahaDUs. Bettorettyrafezenees. Athzlvlrgtowa
la the country preferred. Address, for one wrek
foil Cflu-e Box leos. Chiogo. n022i3j1-'A
WASHED - Good men to can*
vse* in every cenatv to the State to whoa
me oe*t cf terms wUI be offerer. None bat capaoio
gmvaawia »ee«l apply. Addrers ARNOLD * AT
WOOD. Box 5983, Chicago. noia-rSB 61
vy ANTED- By a coropetert
D.uggfit. who bs* beta in tts DmlneM for
»l'uatlon in a Whole»ale orKetstl
Drns Bcuia. Grcd rtferctcos given. Address -B a*•
Pest Office Box 5590, Chicago. ntt£J»r32s 3t*
\\l AiNTED Rccm with or wiciu
, cut board, wanted for a lady and tw® children
BaotJ J Je,r *of.age The vicinity
*^aA a> . 0 ? Jf*s*Moaxoestreet, preieirei,
C°SMOh « the office of Ue Chicago Trt-
P Dn,) ’ »o*3-p358«
W AITED—By the Ist of Bdceizt’
her. to a private Dually, cot ten minutes walk
trojn the Court Bcura. a furnished ream or parlor
ai d bedroom, without board, for a gentleman and
?“o- lefertnee given. Address •S H - Trt
oune omce. jjjxii i273-3t
*W7AKTED—lmmediately, at the
v ▼ Gsge Bcuse, corner flute andlwelfth sreets
a young man to do chores, stc ao2l-n67-3t
Vi J AN TED. —A respectable young
T y ■woman seeks a situation to a small urlvats
uslly. She is thoroughlv acquainted with an kinds
of housework, sewing, etc. Taoss to netd will Had
ton an excellent chance to engage a good he n. Ad
ores*. for three da) aP. O. Drawer 6150. nofw3o7-3t
\\l ANT ED—To purchase Im
* * Proved Eualnesa Property la a good location,
worth &om ten thousand to tws&ty.flve toousmi
dolisrs. Alro. Jiesidetca Procetty, improved or un
improved. Muvt be wen situated, Ownerscauapn'v
to J. P. OLISQEB. Heal KsUie Broker!
street. Room No, S, no2i >33sis
WANTED —A goed Stock Farm
ol prairie land, from ISO to 320 acres, wltk
rouing dry land fer location ct boild'oga and yards
with living running water. As much as one-third
mart be excellent meadow bottom land preferred,
too balance good grazu g and tuiago land .with a good
Umber lot on therarro or cioeeat hand. Terms caih
Inquire of WATOMBIHSON,Nora. Jo Davteee co!
lihnola. no2Q-i 261-4 tdaltw
VV ANTED —Love, Courtship and
v y Matrimony. An interesting new book, em
bracing the above subjects acliatlflcally treated,
ror Circular send »hree cent alamo to wk J di
FORBBaT. Chicago. IU. p noafcaiHt
\Y ; AISTED—A Confectioner and
V ▼ Cake Baker, to whoa steady employment
SJH. 1w A sP ly IO ** IJ - ANDUESON, at Bootn-s
Rf l A. THOMP.
at N MHwankce wla. n019>r163-lw
TJtJJ—To purchase a D wt 11.
tog Eonre on Wabash avenue, north of Twelfth
HtL3iE3A BKO.so.4Dole'sßuildlag. South
Water street, comer Clark. nol7^U9-7t
WAN'J'£D —Agents to sell tha
? ■sjly' 1 endid bl el Knsravinz of PHSSi
uanT LINCOLN. One copy malted ua alee Tons
to any part of the country on receipt of 23 cents
oeM-cas-in at&kItSP&JSSPh, '
tA/Aft TED— Agents. S3O per
* T month, and all or allow i!U»
raUommpßionjor Beiline the LrfriJC GIAST a «Tf.
lUGMAtBDJB. Betau price sls Wa nave AJteali
whose ccamutlon# average $l5O per month Parts
cnlarsMUtfree. ferrt fo. clicular, W.O.JONS3
Agent.p.o Drawersfts9. Chicago. nolS-pSOI-lOt ’
WAKTItD— Agents. Something
New, uegk.xtlt snasn nr mrr
hole. Aeei'U wanted for the following article* ol
Pfoved lnooirbla Pencil," for .Marking Clothing;
‘•Patent Htmmer ana shle’d * combined, for Hand
B»wlng;;‘Patent Bird Napkin and Wo-it Holder."
for the Lap; "eenl* Vest Pocket Match Safe:"
Kgjptlaa Cement. ” for Mending Crockery, Furt.l
- Ac; ' Coffee and Tea fitralner," save* one*
fourth; *• Kerosene Crater." nsed on Lamps for beat*
)ng purposes; "improved Kerosene Burner*."fbr all
Lamps:"MagneticTack Hammers;"* FlexltieShawl
and Safety I’m," ’‘Novel Unconsnmlcg Cigar pim
and Holder" combined: ** Wolcott's Palo annißif*.
tor" cores Headache and Toothache in three mlnotee.
Samples by maij>23 cents each. ForeataloguetneloM
srampto aEMITaOB A CO., snccetsors to Bsea k
Co.. Custom House Place, Chicago. BL
po1«-ivr"5 s» » way
lor Balt.
pOR SALK —Second hard Chaise.
A. Physicians or other* la want con purchase at
°heboiltto order by James Hall * ianTuor
,B3nCtoa running ord«r, cm be
»csrrlage*hop, 73 Pranklm street. also,
Mw®w£Ss!«‘ ft «. c 2.” to J!*£ a,lae,> or »ddie Apply
M imi3r3?Mt * wabaih avenue, near Lika,
—-St a gnat bargain
■ A Beta*! Stock of Scotland Sloe for Sale at a
bargain, in the new bat ttrlTtorll’Je tavs of
Parlaa,on the HlUois central Tha Tta<?s
m4sTi?tßwsri* a lm * t Amounts ’at cost to
454. is In perfect order and condition. a» d suitable
co on try trade. Consists of dry goods rroc'-
crockery, glass, tinware, boofsaad
sboea, wad drug* end mealcinei Gotd* generally
havsodvsactd slcce th«r purchase equal wa twr
the present value of this st4Ck«.23L
S2vCCO in cash will bur then, free irem agent’s com*
WaL Iba store which unaw.ccn
vtnlent well sieived and countered on tire: si ea.
Cost in Jure last $760. and wtl b» sold if wanted at
g v ° 5° tte purchaser of thef ooda six
montts rettires, or he may remove the gooss. Tao
stocklsojllnventoried and possession can be bad «ny
bo ß^’ E ?* lhe Purchaser optn business Any fa.ther
particulars may bo ha< iromMr. W. R EDITASDS
at Messrs. Bowen Bros. C.ilcago, who baa a doplieata
inventcry.or apply to the owner at Karina, Fayette
county, ho lacu t r trade illi ba taken
noI3-iS2I 3t-awAy N. COONSJ
F}R SALE,—The stock, fixtures
and good will of a Stationery and Notion iStore
icr tale, row doing aeooa Oosineso. Seasons for »ei>
tog will to given. Thu 1* a good chance toraperioa
with email mease. Apply a: No. 13d Nona mark
street. corner of Huron. noM-iSH at
SALE- Grocery Store, a rare
X. cfcarce for business. A grocsry More on tbs
west Side, delay a fair basin cm tor sale cbeapfor
cash irapplled lor Immediately. Sadalac’ory naaona
glTjnlcrteillaif. Apply toJaS,JONES. STramaat
locb, under Tremens Boose. nog.t3Tß-3t
If OR SALK- —House and Lot on
X W#b«h 4T«x>a iisooo
Home mdk>t ca waNteh atenae xo
** *■ ‘ *• 1 000
“ on Third arena®.
'• “ oo Foarth trenao (ortek) 5 nco
•• 334 Indiana street 3 500
, *• on Bonin Clark street. a'-m
w ~>$ZP, l V* FKTRS BHXMP.
coS.vai.3t 157 State street.
SALE—Steam Hoop Mills.
X lecajed on the Galena audChlcazo BaDroad. well
situated to every rwoect. now tnroTn* oat two biu.
piyM?«a?d:Si' " U cticip for cajk. Ap
noilfaSb £ 9tttd A " ent * No * 4 Block.
C'ORSALE.—24 lots in the city,
.4-, ntatet Union Pirk for MO. Central bnslnnn
and tendenco property ilaj. Honan. aed Lota In
various psr»s of lie city for sale at mat aarzalcs,
rarma la Cook.Kaxb. and other comities In Ulnols.
A1 3 o mortgage a:d business saper discount! Dat
anortnooee. Address SIXCLAIK « ToHFKINa. F.
0.0 Box 3 i63,orcaUatzooxaNo.7SlxuEsbaryßiock.
60201223-€ C
FOR SALE-Cheap for cash, SCO
Eat bead Wheel Barrow, 100 Gvrden eo,SOGc*X
dc.so Weed d&; also 100 Preplan Straw CaUerahy
FI KBT A 2BADLY. 53 sad 3S 2.ortn «•.
Cllcsgo.m. aox»rl»*w
FOR SALE- Great Bargains,
20 wx) actea of Land on the Une of theLoeana.
tort. pVorla »nd »urllr<foo .Railroad. in Livloscaioa
ox the PJ*«. tuc* aao roi”n*. and wed adaptai to
eioci ralsla*. wbeat aad corn. The Lands ere within
atadonm, Chauworth and >£*.
raißTlla. dae mil** trom aiood coal mine, and will be
■old *i *W t«r acre. one fifth down and the balaaoatm
5 or 7 years. Is ireoal saysecta at t per oeat tm.
urtit Ttere la a Beet bojv JU: uxactorr at Chat*
worthla reccteafal operation. No better uada ta the
State Addma or apply to D. K. PBAHtONg US
Randolph street. Chicago, or to J.BTILLWKLL, Im_
Chafe worth Ullncla. OCM-pTSJBt*
POR SALS—Choice Lou. A fair
X deritaMH Resident Lcta in *• Carpenter** Ad<sy
lion To Chicago '* convenient to brne cars or aabort
»»lk to boi«»f.*<»ceatrfl AIK*, (lot aeraa ta Bectloe
(35) Town (59). Cange CIS ) Ot9ce2o3B*at Randolph
avaet [aollps7;2w] PMILO CARFEMIRR.
FOR SALE-Or exchargs for
City Propett]. a Bchooaer of 213 tom tn«Mnr<».
rrert, Fcrrartlcn’iuscaHoa J.C.NYMAS. IMBoath
Water »t»e*t. Chicago. &e)a2j»i3;away
F)R SALE.—A Farm lor sals,
Tweitty-eikCtmueeiromCucafO OBamUsfrott
Hooafer utoia aeveamtlea from Kiln, on the Slain
and Chicago euta Hoad—acreeprabiaantlSaeraa
aster; foc-d borne, stabiles, cram barn and a dna
orchard; e« od water. AU nnder ettUtaatloa Anefw
t€ c»Mg»sLL a ado. Vim iiutca. ' ”
OU3-C‘*i i>t

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