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GUuk Btreet
£WCB QV to CHICAGO ▼wsun:
ttbi, delivered Is city, per yoai fle.'Sd
llUj. iellvwedlaelJy.pcr week..—.. S3
BaH>, to BaUsabecziSers, par year |,96
Ball}, to moll snbeezibeta, per fi
«J * «Vly, per year 3.03
I S?i <Mt, tm£e sobicribsr* (6 mo’s SLQQ I.OC
i cosies. T.OC
n 10 copies IMI
.3 copies, ud 1 to goiter up of
ti& —.to.of
V»**lKoMy ia Eeglatered LetUn nay bo Mt at
|frr-*ni* remittance lor dubamust, is aQ etaas,
fi inaie st on tust.
fF* There win be so deviation from the tea
ftfit scale of rates.
“CHICAGO THmUKB," Chicago, ffi;
i(llt)tcago €rtbmtec
Tlie leading feature of news pertains to
BUi-Jt>g events below Chattanooga, where
Gen. Thomas has. within a few days past
* thieved brilliant sueccsfcs, dcrivJngnotable
advantages of position and inflicting heavy
16e* on .the enemy. Ha now occupies Look-
Out Mountain and Missionary Bidce. We
lock upon It now as little. likely that Bragg
Trill court or wait tor a general engagement,
tut he will either have to fight or leave. Oar
anry is now out and . after him. and mom
Stir* ing news than yet received maybe ex
pected in a day or two; .
sbodld tte keep THAKSGITINGI
Is this a time for joy end thanksgiving?
Ought not our hearts to be rather filled with
fiorowand contrition; end oar Ups speak
words cf repentance and humiliation ? There
are distress and suffering all 'around us; and
debated fields and blackened hearthstones;
iht fieieest passions and most brutal lusts
ore carrying bloodshed, and pollution through
the lend* Treason lifts high its snaky crest,
rebellion arms Its red right hand, and war is
3n ii Id care r of carnage and slaughter.
There. are countlesa new made graves, and
Vast mounds filled up with the flower of the
lane. Us youthful vigor and best hope. The
Widw&lts londy and mourns for him who
*Tflj never more return; the orphan and the
JathejiCfS look ont into a dreary world, and
ask U Tain for the care and love they shall
set'r know again. The lard is rent with
civil mife, and drenched with fraternal
blocd A disastrous eclipse is passing oyer
all Itr full orbed brightness; while her foes
jeer aid mock at her calamity, exult in her
incittting disasters and miseries, and grow
Jub”*vt as the sun of her glory seems about
to g<* down forever in clouds and thick dark*
Ziese. Why, in the midst of such sore trials,
and bowed beneath such a load of care and
gufft nig; with all that made her great, pros*
pen.no and free, passing away; with her
povi t r broken and her splendor blackened;
and the yolces and signs which presage near
roll acd cooing death ringing in her ears, or
blasting her eyes, is the country called to
Bing the songs of*joy, and pour out heart and
Volco Id solemn praise and thanksgiving!.
.U Is fit that the country should thus be
called Jo render tbaoks and give praise; for
there are many glorious blessings and pre
dors hopes, which Ught up aU the gloom !
With celestial radiance; and come, like angels,
to minister to and strengthen her, In this,
hour of her agony and trial.. Tor the cour
age m d fortitude with' which she has fronted
sll fo«s and eyery peril, and has borne up so
manfully and bravely under all defeat and dis
aster. For the sterling patriotism and deep
rieyi ilcn of her sons totheUnion; who hare
considered no sacrifice too dear to he mode,
no suffering too great to be borne for it.
For tie affection that has given its children
an c fic.'lrg for the salvation of the land, ana
Witt mid them not thongh its heart was
breaking. For the young and devoted valor
that has turned away from all the promise
and of a bright future, and walked gladly
Into the open grave,* so only the country
* alglithe.great and liee. For the filth and
trust in the Government, that lps held up its
- bands and cheered Us heart In all hours of
Teverce and gloom; that has laid at Its feet
Its staple means and heaped np all its resour
ces, and keeps nothing back of money or men
that can be asked or needed. . For the valor
Of cur troops, the success of our arms at
land and sea; the ever retreating, dividing,
and diminishing forces of the enemy; the
stupendous and incredible display of our
military strength and resources, filling our
hearts with joy and firm trust, and confound
ing (Louarchs and emperors with fear and
Ibreboding. ‘For the progress of freedom
find emancipation; for the'unbinding so
many tongues and Lands, too long fettered by
Elavny, and fighting its battles and doing its
Troik all over the'.North. For the settled,
compact, and resistless determination of the
people that this rebellion shall bo at all haz
ards utterly extinguished; and that secession
and t’avery shall be tom ont by the roots,
bocud up together, and cut into eternal fire.
' A tore all we should be filled with grat
itude and praise, for, the solemn assurance
that Jn this great conflict, wo are on the side
Ofiiutb, of justice, of Christianity. That we
are *clUrg and enduring, bleeding and dying,
for the progress and salvation of the human
xaca. That in all this toil and straggle the
divine blessing rests upon us, and upon our
Work; aud*hat He, in whose hands are the
dettl&yof races and the life of nations, will
Emile upon our cause, hedge it round ogointt
aU real disaster, and lead ns up by bis own
way, through sunshine or through storm, to
fimland complete triumph. They, who to
day can rest in this frith, and gone Initsglo
lions light into the future, may well have
thetr hearts overflow with thankful praise;
for they are the successors of all the great and
gotd of the put; they are of the blessed
army of the martyrs; they belong to the good
3y. fellowship of saintsandapostles; they are
taking up and carrying on tho same blessed
WoikforwhlchaUthesohavelabored, andeuf
fend acddled. Fcr all such there are victors
crowns waiting; and upon all such rest to
day the smile and Infinite love of that Father
Who baa made of one blood all men.
Fortheee among eo many more countless
and precious blessings, it is meet to bow in
profound thanksgiving before His altars to
dan, and fill his courts with sounding praise.
Remembering In the midst of all our sacred
songa ond solemn feasts, to pray that we may
have strwgthto go tJfrough with aU this
work, and endure to the end. That no sac
‘ . rif css may be found too dear; no suffering |
toe terrible. That whatever tho future may
bring to us of gloom, or disaster, of sorrow
Or K>*B,'we'may never forsake the Union,
and never give np Freedom. Recording to
day cor solemn vows that the land shall be
Bayed, acd purified and redeemed; acd hum
bly imploring tbattwe may be found worthy
of saving acd struggling In that mighty army
of the living'and the dead, under the great
■ • Captain in the Heavens, for the freedom and
. redemption of all mankind.
. In the beauty of the lilies Christ was bom across
the sea, -.
With a jrlory in His bosom that transfigures you
and me; -
' He died to make men holy. Ictus die to make
. While God Is marching on.
DB. C. H. RAT.
Tor the second dr third time the ibtf has
Sm.de fortcalanconncementof the withdrawal
of Dr. E&y from the editorial staff of the
Tribune, Tor the special information of
that print it is informed that he has not with
from his po|t, and for aught.his asso
elites know to the contrary, will remain In
She editorial harness of the Tribune indefi
-jillcly, At all events, when he docs conclude
lo sever his editorial connection he will make
the announcement orcr his own signature in
Shne columns. Until then let the JWf pos
sets its soul in patience. As long as two
ycare ago he saw fit to dispose of the major
part of his shares of stock in the Tribcke
Company for a good round sum and invest
the proceeds elsewhere; recently he parted
Wi'hhiaremalnirgcharesatahlgh figareto
a stockholder of the Company, and this bus
iness transaction the Pott magnifies into a
withdrawal from the editorship. The com
plimentary notice it makes ol his abilities as
a writer, is entirely deserved, though It
would have been In better taste to have sep
•crated it from the invidious flings at his asto
. elites which the paragraph contained.
A Xiibelori the JadleUrf.
An application was made to Judge Thos.
Drummond, in the United States Circuit
• Court, on Tuesday, by one Owen Rooney for
& writ of habeas corpus to take his son Barn
ard, a soldier, now in Camp Douglas, out of
XLehands of Col. DeLand, and discharge.him
Jrcm military service, on the ground of hit
being aminor at the time of his enlistment
With the Irish Legion some eighteen months
ago. Judge Drummond refused to grant the
■Writ on two grounds:
That under the law of Congress of 186),
provision is made that the oath of a minor
■ listing Into the eervlcc, wherein he swears to
- - x
{^■B. ■■ - \i
■ ’ I;" ■::; IV ' ■• ; - • ;|d V M' . V
hlsmajority, eball be as binding ae though he
were or egc; end
Second* On the ground that the proclamation of
the Fit aldent snap ending the writ of habeas corpus
In each a case had enpemded hla judicial lone*
The secession Times In reporting the case
attributes this language to Judge Drummond:
“He characterized the law of Congress and the
proclamation aaa ‘trick and an outrage which
not only destroyed the liberty of the anbject. hot
uoblbltfd the right of a parent to the enstody of
tie child.*” .
W© don’t believe, he said anything oi the
sett, as that Is the lacguago of a malignant
copperhead. We don’t believe that Judge
Drummond calls any act of Congress a “trick
and on outrage;” he certainly never thus des
ignated the Fugitive Slave act. which is a
thousandfold more of a “trick and ion out
rage” upon humanity, than any enlistment
act ever passed by Congress. And we pro
nounco it a libel upon the Judge that he call
ed the President’s Proclamation, suspending
the writ oi habeas corpus In certain cases, in
pursuance of authority conferred upon him
hyact of Congress “a trick and an outrage.”
that destroyed the liberty of the snbject. Ac.
We.say that the secession print libels him.
because the Judge that would thus declare in
Court respecting acts ot Congress, Is unfit to
sit on the bench. It would be his duty to re
sign at once, If he harbored such opinions.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Hot. 35,1803.
Jeff Davis reviewed Ewell’s old corps, now
commanded by Gen. Early, at Morton’s Ford,
overthe Bapidan, yesterday morning.. Ewell
gave up the command on account of a lame
leg. Amcssengerfrom Gen. Banks, who came
through the rebel lines, stopping at Castle
Thunder, reports that Lee’s army is strongly
posted, but numerically not so strong as Is
The Quartermaster General Is to ask for
one hundred and sixty more clerks. Other
bureaus are also scant and need more force
to keep up the bdslness now pressing upon
upon them.
General C. E. Hovey, of Illinois, is under
stood to hare acknowledged before the Mc-
Dowell Court that he had been engaged in
cotton speculations, and had transported cot
ton in Government wagons.-
It is well understood that the President’s
-Message is to discuss the question of the
re construction of the Union in some of Us
bearings, audit Is thought that the pos
ition he is to take will be the natural se
quence of his Proclamation of Emancipation,
and will be regarded by the* earnest friends
of Liberal principles as guaranteeing secu
rity for the future in its dispositions of ques
tions to this end. v ’
I think it safe to odd that the position that
It Is loyal men that constitute a State Is like
ly to prove substantlally the ground adopted.
The woman divorced from Aaron Burr In
1882, on account of Infidelity, applied lor
pension. The Attorney General derided that
under the pension laws she could receive
nothing. CoL Alex. Cummings* Is ordered
to Arkansas to raise negro troops.
Humors of Mr. Bates’ removal are unfoun
ded. .
Gen. Geo. Head, Chief of the Onondaga
Indians, delegated on behalf of the Six Na
tions, Nebraska Territory, was presented to
the President yesterday.
A letter from Toiklown, says the Fourth
U. S. Cavalry, matched twenty-seven miles
the first day, and on Its return thirty-nine.
It Is highly complimented by Gen. "Wlstar.
Official returns show eleven toiy Demo
crats in the Ohio House and three in the Sen
ate. Of this number, three in all will be
busted for the rejection of the soldiers vote
which secured their election.
The following is a full statement of the re
ceipts ol Internal Bevenuc since the law went
into operation, down to Nov. Ist:
Down to Alar, 1863.
In Muy..
In Juno
In July..-.
In Ancnet
lo September...
In October
Quartermaster Cbas. Parrott, 12th Wifi., dls
.mieeeO the service for embezzeimest.
Lieut. Murgroin, ITlhlnd., cashiered for drank-
Lienl.Hancock; 30th battery. Ohio artillery, dis
mitred for absence without leave Ac.
Lieut. Waddle,lflt Ohio, dismissal for drunken
Llcutßrown, Bd‘Kentucky, for abandoning bis
company In thepresenco of the enemy.
Capt. Bitley, 9th Indiana, allowing himself to
be captured
. Capt. Hartley. 4th Indiana cavalry, Moisting safe
guard and permitting men to plunder.
Capt. BlgnhanuSid Wisconsin, drunkenness.
Ll«uL Stockwell, 37ih Indiana, mlebchavior in
bee of the enemy.
Lieut. Griffith and Capt Posey, 33d Indiana,
Lieut Cor, 83d Indiana, desertion and cow
_J.lcut Harper, 73d Indiana, drunkenness.
Steele, 115 th Illinois, dUobedienco of
Lient. Coulson,B4lh Illinois, disloyalty.
Col. Ferguson, tilth Ohio, absent without leave,
drunkenness, 4c..
Assistant Surgeon Gilmore, 9lh Indiana, drunk
Lieut, Owell, 22nd Indiana cowardice.
Lieut. HcGrayell, £2od Indiana, cowardice.
Ll*nt Lunsbaw 16th Kentucky, disloyalty,
ilnj Ealfuts, ISth Kentucky, disloyalty.
Lltriu Brookcr, 10th Ohio cavalry, violating
guard, &c.
Lieut. Berne, 4th Michigan cavalry, neglect of
duty and absence without leave.
Llrut. Walker. BCth IMlnola, disloyalty.
Lieut lllcbardsos, Clh Kentucky, drunkennei*.
Cepf. Little, ITih £y„ drunkenness, and
cowaidlcc, ic.
Lient Cress, 17th Ky., do.
Cupt Bassett, 19th Hsch.. cowardice.
Ltent. I’eck, Sd East Tcnn., giving himself np
to enemy.
Capt Sweet, IfGth Ohio, cowardice.
Lieut buadc, 85ta Ohio, dismissed for good of
Cspt. Baugh, 125 th Ohio, worthlessness as an
Lieut J. L Smith, drunk, dishonesty, Ac.
Lient. Hallman ISth lod.
12rn Illinois cavalet.
. The 12 h Illinois cavalry, lient Cot Has.
brcnck Paris, left this afternoon for Chicago,
iia Pittsburg, to recruit under their old
organization aa- veterans. .They expect to
reach Chicago on Friday evening. "
Washington, Nov. 24.—The following is.
an important order relating to re-enll«Ung
troops, just issued from the War Depart*
It Is ordered that volunteers now In
si rvlce re enlisting as veteran volunteers, under
General Order 1,211, shall have a furlough of at
Irast thirty days previous to the expiration of the
crigintl enlistment. This privilege will beseeur*
cd u> volunteers either by ordering all so re enlist
ing, with their officers, to report In their respect
ive States, through the Governors, to the Super
intendent of the recruiting service, for furlough
and re-organlzatlon; or by granting fbrlongha to
t en Individually.
Steond— Mustering officers shall make the fol
lowing stipulation on the muster-ln-iolls of veter
an volunteers now In service re enlisting as above:
To bare a furlough of at least thirty days in their
States before the expiration of their original form.
TAircf-tCommandlog Generals of departments
asd armies are authorized to grant the aforesaid
furloughs within the limit of tune fixed. In com
pliance as the demands of the service will best
permit, repotting this action to the Adjutant
General of the army. . . •• •
.FowrtA—ln going to and from their respective
States and homes, veteran soldiers furloughed
will be furnished with transportation by the Quar
termaster of the department. • . - ,
Fifth-: When three-fourths of a regiment or
company re-enllst, the volunteers as enlisted may I
be furloughed lu a body for at least thirty days as
aforesaid, to go home, with tbclr officers, to their
respective States and districts, to re-organize and
recruit; and individuals of companies or regi
ments who do notre-cnllst shall bo assigned to
cuty In companies until the expiration of their
term of service.
Washington, Not. 25.— Maj.-Gcn. Thomas
las Issued general orders dishonorably dis
missing one Colonel, two Majors, fifteen Cap
tains, twenty-six Lieutenants and one sur
geon, for various offenses, Including drunken*
less, -feigning sickness, spreading false
rumors, permitting men to plunder, misbe
havior In the lace of the enemy, shameful
cowardice, gross disloyalty, dishonest prac
tices, and conduct unbecomirig officers and
gentlemen. : •
ISpedil DUpitch to IheCUngoTtCrane.]
Yicsssuno via. Carso, Nov. 54,1665.
Kctct tiuce the history of this unfortunate
war, has there heen such.' destitution and
despocdencj South, as now. ' The vigorous
enlistments In the North,. and the hearty
support of. the Government, would crash
them In this 'vicinity, and they would never
bate an opportunity bt-aedsg another bat
tle. They have despaired of being able to
defend themselves They hope for no foreign
Intervention and Northern sympathy. The
troops at Canton are without shoes or blank*
etc, and they hare no means of transportatlo
except such as the railroad affords.
When they capture one of our men, th
first thing they do la to search his haversack
Hla pocket receives the next attention. It
hey were satisfied of a united North the war
would end. This la what the Confederate
troops say,';
The weather la pleasant, with no signs of
rain. There Is a rebel force of abont 15,000
at Canton Miss. ~ •
The Mississippi CZartonofJhe 14th contains
an account of a review by Gan. Johnston. It
complains of desertions and absenteeism.
The Mobile Asvu of the ISfch also growls at
the tardiness with which blankets are given
from private hands.
The Atlanta Appeal says inexhaustible sup
plies of com are just making themselves
Gen. Logan left here amid ahonts and
cheers of the excited soldiers. Gen. Legget
takes his division.
CoL Ed. McCook takes charge of the bri
gade of Leggett. We bare news of Charles
ton to the 28d- Weather pleasant and dry.
ISpecUtDtapatcb to the CblescoTHboae.3
The following Is a general summary of Ma
jor J. P. Robb’s State Hospital report toQov.
Tate*, glylng the changes in the U. 8. Hos
pitals at the post of Memphis for the week
ending Nov. 20th, 1804:
Admitted, 99; returned to duty 78; de.
sorted, 10; fnrlonghed, 12; died, 10; aggre
gate, 215. The names of those who have
died In' hospital are: Daniel Gilbert, Co, E,
Ist artillery; Hiram H. Sharp, Company
H, 9th . regiment; Peter Anderson
do 4Sd regiment; A. J. Winson, Co, C. 15th
cavalry; R.B. Jones, Co. B, 7th cavalry; B.
A. Mcßride, Co. B, let artillery; Jas. Coraey,
Co. D, 90thrcglment; Geo. F. Galley, Co. P
120 th regiment; Jacob Peters, Co. E. 117 th*
regiment; L J.Cor, Co. G, 132 d regiment
There is no news from Little Rock. . All is
quiet.' Union cause and feelhig progressing.
On the last trip of the steamer, Von Phul,
from Hew Orleans,'there came as passengers
two Jewish gentlemen named Boensteln and
Tobias. They were from the interior. of the
Confederacy, and had reported to the Com-!
mander of the gunboat Pittsburg, at Grand.
Gnl£ and had been sent up as far as Vicks-j
bnrg on the Von Phul. At the latter place |
both gentlemen' went on-shore, to;
have their passes renewed and the
boat departed without them. Tobias had in
his possession about $l4O, and Boensteln $323
in gold and a draft on Europe for £SOO, which
he had been induced to entrust to the care of
one Geo. M. Btown, a pretended Govern
ment agent. Of course their money came up
.on the Von Phul; Messrs. Boensteln and
Tobias are In cearch of their fonds.
• Cairo. Nov;2o.—The Memphis Bulletin of I
Ihc evening of. the SSd.imt, noticing aril-1
valMbere, says It is believed that in a few I
days the restrictions now preventing cotton j
from comlngin from the country, will bo re- J
lleved. Stocks are very rapidly decreasing. I
About 1,000 bales of cotton reached here I
; resterday by the boats Sunshine, Dcsmoines, 1
. Progress, 800 and others. I
Quotations arc unchanged, but the amount I
of business Is so small that they are little I
more tban nominal. I
Biles were 1 bale2oet; 4.28ct; 9,53cfc; 24
60ct; 29, 70ct; 7771ct; 70 73c; 44 75cts, J.
J. Boe had 60 hogsheads sugar.; Tae Sun
shine bad 500 bales cotton, 237 hbds sugar
HO barrels of- molasses. The cotton was I
taken on at Goodrich’s Landing,to prevent It I
frtm falling into tho hands of guerillas. I
Many persons-who would gladly go no or J
down now are prevented from want of I
parses. I
The Memphis Journal learns from a gentle- I
man direct frem the Arkansas river, that of- I
lain In that region are in a terrible condition I
Plant era attempting to gather crops; make I
but indifferent progress, on account of fre- I
qnent Incnrelons of conscription squads, who I
seize the men and carry them off. The clti- I
zens are compelled to band together for mn- I
to si protection. Men are rareiy fonnd alone. 1
Tlie- amonnt of cotton gathered, compared <]
with the amount grown, will be small, aad 1
even that will be difficult to prepare for and J
get to market. • /
Prices rebel lorces are represented as smauVJ
and decreasing, with no prospect for a fa
vorable movement on his port.
A large inceticg was held by the citizens
at the City Hall, Memphis, Saturday :eve- j
ning, lor .the purpose of military org&nlza j
tlon under the recent orders. - J.* D. Davis i
was Chairman. O. Smith, Secretary. Mr.j
"Wolcott, CoL Bland, Lieut. Tagg.Dr. Brooks, I
and Capt Ryder, were appointed a commit-'
tee to draft a set of resolutions and report
* the same at a future meeting. Colonel
Blard addressed the meeting in a
periotic speech, and urged the citizens
x enroll in the homo organization. Unless
the requirements of the recent orders are
crmplied with within the specified ten
days, refractory citizens cannot* pass
Lorn their homes to places of business, or
even venture into the street, without being
picked up end put 'lnto some old regiment
The meetirg adjourned to Monday evening.
Rev. Dr. Allen D Scott, of Memphis, an at
tempt to asslnato whom was made some six
weeks since, mention ot which was made by
telegraph, has died ot wounds received at
that time.
~ 4.953899.05
9,571,176 86'
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St. Paul, Not. 85,1863.
river has not closed at this point, bat
the season Is so near over that boats have
cessed running. The Cutter esme In and
left last evening! and that finishes the trade.
The ilver closed two weeks earlier this year
than last All the freight has been brought
up. "We are now ready to be frozen in.
Boats will still run np as far as Lake City.
. Our Legislature will stand 48 Union men to
15 copperheads. The Senate Is 11 Union to
4 copperhead, and the House SI Union to 11
copperhead. . ,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
SrniNarzzLD, H!., Nov, 25,15C3.
The cue of Michael Sides arrested on a
charge of barboting and secreting deserters,
acd resisting a United States officer, Isaac X.
Phillips, Provost Marshal, in the discharge
of his duties, was brought before United
States Commissioner Adams. After a care*
fal preliminary examination, be vras hound
over in the sum of oho thousand dollars for
each offense, for his appearance in the next
United States District Court. Ho has Jreen
sent to jail.
The grand dinners at Camps Tates and But
ler are the gnat event ol Thanksgiving. The
ladies cf the Soldiers* Aid and other societies
have been vrcrklng for this affair for several
days. At the camps over fifteen hundredsol
, diets frill sit down and partake of it, .
Gen. John A. Logan letfc Cairo a few days
ago, to take command of the loth army corps,
and Isnow doubtless fighting.
Since yesterday two hundred recruits have
arrived and been paid and clothed, and ready
to leave on Friday.
Important Rebel , Hcwst rla
Fortress Monroe, Not. 25.—The steamer
New York arrived from City Point this after
noon, with 95 Surgeons from Richmond.
A Richmond dispatch says: >
Missionary Ridge, Nov, 31.—The enemy
massed a heavy force ou oar right this morn
ing and advanced at 3 o’clock,driviog In our
rackets. It is not certain yet wheth
er they intend an attack in force or to ad
vance their lines. _
• There are various rumors of the occupa
tion of Knoxville by our forces, nothing
(fficial, however. Two thousand Yankees
passed RogersTille,- and five regiments
through Jacitsonbnrgh, en route for Kentucky.
Our forces are active in front. - - i
President Davis arrived at Orange G. H. on
Saturday. He is stopping with Gen. Lee.
Charleston, Not. 23.—There was no shell
ing the city last night, but. a slow fire on
The second dispatch says there has been a
vigorous fire kept np between the enemies'
batteries and ours all day. The enemy'har
naiMltdlbo city to-3>y, bat divided Ms*
attention between Snmter, Moultrie,
snnandSlmkins. They also thre w a number
of . sheila on James Island. Two hundred**
and ninety shots were thrown into Sumter
last night. _ L ,
MrssxoKAßT Bums, Nov. 35.—T0 General,
Cooper: 'We bold aU the roads leading lutfr
Knoxville, except the one between Halsten
and French Broad river. Gen. Jones’cavalry
might close that. The enemy’s ■ cavalry, is
scstly broken up. Wheeler his cut off jus,
t*»ln between Cumberland Gap and Knojf
ville. ' * « : ‘ J V £T •
(Signed) Braxton Baaoo.
Our Amy Has Driven
We Occupy Lookout
and Missionary
FROM2,OOO TO 3,000
Cairo, Wot. 35,1803.
Enemy Beaten Back
with Heavy Loss.
Federal Casualties 300 in the
three day's fighting. ,
Latestfrom Burnside—Op
erations of Friday
and Saturday.
{.Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune, 1
The success of our arms to-day Is very
brilliant.. The enemy Is driven from every
position. We assailed every time, with a sin*
glc exception. All portions, of our army
fought splendidly, but the plcrclog of the en*
my *s center, by Wood’s, Sheridan’s and Bay
ard’s divisions, and their occupation of Mis
sionary Ridge, is regarded os one ofihe
grandest exploits of the war.
Hooker’s capture of Lookout Mountain
yet terday, enabled him to sweep around on
the Rossvllle road to-day, and occupy the
right of the ridge, and place a force upon
the rebel left
A part of Sherman’s force, with Howard’s
corps, went round between the end of MU
slcsaty Ridge and the river, thus placing
themselves directly upw the rebel right.
The situation is one of great Interest, and we
.scarcely know bow the Union anas can fall
to achieve a complete trinmph over the rebels.
In the fight on, cur left we met with a tri
fling brigade of John E. Smith’s
division having been repulsed In attempting
to carry a rebel battery on Tunnel uni.
bar locses are comparatively small, and
7slU not probably exceed 3,000 killed, wound
ed, and mining, in. tbe entire three days,
battle. '
the enemy we have killed and wounded
at least 2,000 and taken 3,000 prisoners, be**
l pieces of artillery the strat*
egetic and morui tiect of our great victory
cannot be measured by material losses of the/
Killed—Mnj. Irwin, Cth Ohio, Lieut.'* Scott,
60th Ohio, Capt. Ching, 04th Ohio.
Wounded—Capt. Warwick, 2d Ohio; Llent.
Lcclg, 12th Ohio; Llent. Emery,2d Ohio;
Capt. Moon, 69th Ohio; Capt. Lemons, C9th
Ohio; Capt. Nciper, 01th Ohio; Llent. Hall,
G4Lh Ohio; Capt. Wolf, 64th Ohio. General
Coatee and Gen. Matthias.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
An official dispatch was received at Head*
quarters to-day, from Major General Grant,
stating that ho had captured Lookout Moun
tain and 2,000 piisoners. This glorious re
sult will make the position of the enemy nn*
Gen. Cox is expected here from Sandusky
to-morrow. Ho has been ordered here to
take command of the 20th army corps vice
General Eartsuff, who has been ordered to
this city, and it is rumored will succeed Cox
In command of this district of Ohio.
Gen. Sturges, who has been here presiding
over a Court Martial, has been ordered to
lake command cf a division in the Army of
the Cumberland, under Gen. Thomas.
Gen. Rosecrans is still In this city, await
ing orders. :
Thursday morning revealed a line of rifle
pits which the enemy bad thrown np daring
the night. A house near our works was oa
copied by their sharpshooters, to tbeannoy
ance of our men, until our batteries shelled
them out. . During the day the rebels opened
with a battery beyond the railroad depot and
threw then. It was silenced by our guns.
On Friday a desultory Are. was kept up be
tween the* skirmishers. Towards evening
the enemy opened with a new battery
of six pjeces, and again threw
a few sheik In the nlcht a , bril
liant and succession sortie was made to
bum a house onthe'Loudon road : which In
terfered with our range. The rebels were
driven from their rifle ; pits and the house
burned, when our men came back shelling
them as they did so. ’ " ‘
On Saturday a rain set in, lasting nearly all
day. The operations of the day were confin
ed to skirmishes. Tfr day skirmishing has
been constant along tho whole line, A lew
shots have been exchanged between tho bat
teries.' ’
The enemy have Invested the city with bat
teries, and their rifle pits are quite ; close to
our works, their sharpshooters occasionally
picking of s man. :v/ ■ . ‘
'Washington, Nov. 30.—The following was
received here this afternoon, from s respon
sible source:- - -
Chattanooga, Not. 25—11 a. m.—We have
had a btisk engagement this morning, and
have driven the enemy entirely off from Look
cut Mountain, a considerable portion of
which they held np to this., morning. We
have slro taken Missionary Ridge from him
this morning, and tbe troublesome rifle 'pits,
the possession of which yesterday’s engage
ment left them at its close, A
. AH firing has ceasod for a sufficient time to
warrant the conclusion that Bragg has re
treated, certainly leaving all the ground and
strong points in car possession, for which ve
have been fighting for the last three days.. j
Our army la'in glorious exultation bver
Ihrir series of victories.-• -'! •
■'jdeces. Gen.Hobker capinred five
tnor muikels on Lookout Mountain. Weatj|
Ja entire possesrion.of the field. We have
control over the raQroad and river to
3port. ■ Twoboals came through this morn-
Jw .....
/fOor losses wGi not amount to more than
SOO killed and 2,500 wounded In the three:
days operations^
The success ha* bqeumoet brilliant. The,
the Rebels.
Cincinnati, Nov. 25,1963,
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trlbaaa.l
~ Knoxville, Nov. 23th, 1963.
LTTANOOGA, NOV. 25—10 p. RL—The Cap
armiery ia.reported at about forfaj
enemy la reported bivouacking tiro mllca
beyond Mission Ridge. CoL Pnelps, SSth
Ohio, andHaJ. Gwae, of the-S3d Indiana, are
killed; Gen. Josm E. Smith is reported
wounded; Col. Avery, 102dNow York, loses
a leg; Major EUiptt Jamea la dead.
WasmsoTOS, Nov. 25.—The Star has the
following dispa'ch.:. .
Chattanooga, or. 30.—Bragg evesmted
the summit ofliookout Mounialn last n'ght,
and onr troops sow occupy It.'lie, however
still holds the rifi? pita at the boss of Mia*
alonary Bidge,-,.r ■ :
The news ol tills glorious success of Grant’s
creates the greatest delight and rejoicing.
The Star taj s: U- We have positive and relia
ble intelligence from our army under Barn
side at Knoxville up to noon of the day before
yesterday, embracing twenty-four hours later
ti an baa previously reached here.
Burnside has been able not only to hold hla
position without loss, but to keep open and
intact all his ; communications.. Everything
Is progressing as well as could be desired..
CseTTAsooae, Hot. S3—7 p. m.
We^are completely victorious. , The enemy,
lrJtotally routed, and driven from, every posi
tion, Our loss . Theenemy’u lose
Is heavy in pritoners. Finding Hooker bo
succeEgful In hlsinovementagainstLookout
Mountain, the enemy evacuated that position
during the night y Hooker took possession
early this morning, and moved south and got
on Missionary Ridge, somewhere near the.
battle field of- CUekamanga. He la expected
to Intercept the fljiag enemy.
Gen. Hooker is said to have captured not
less than 3,000 prisoners in his magnificent
assault of taokoutKMountain. '
Gen. Sherman being all prepared, began an
aeeault at 8 a..nu to day, upon the strong po
sition of the enemy at the north end of Mis
sionary Eldge; He had, the day before, taken
a hill near the position of the enemy, bat
commanded by their artillery, he had to de
scend Into a vaDey, and then made another
accent to the ; position held by the rebels.
Two unsuccessful* assaults were made by
Sherman, but with'the co-operation of the
centre he ultimately gained the position, and
completed, the victory. ■
The brigade jjof GemCarse with a portion
of Gen, Lighthetd’a brigade composed the
storming party.? la the first assault they
w»rc repnlecdvriih quite a heavy loss, alter
an attack persisted for an hour, bat being
reinforced wcro'cnatUed to hold a part of the
Hill In this attack Gen. Coarse was wound
,cd quite severely in the thigh. The 37th
Ohio 6th lowa and 103 d Illinois wcra. in
the attack, A pecond assault was mode at
one thirty p.mJJ In which Mathias, Loomis
and Rtmlins’ brigades wore engaged. The
'force reached yilhiu twenty yards of tho
snmmlt of the hill and works of the enemy,
where they flanked and broke, retiring
In Ibis Mathias was wounded
and Col. Putnam of tho 03d Ohio killed.
There persistent efforts compelled the ouumy
.to mass heavily on the right in order to hold
the position of so much Importance.
Geo. Grant Started iwo columns against
the weakened ccntre,%ud in an boar’s desper
ate. fiffbtlrg succeeded in breaking the centre
and gaining cl the ridge In which
the enemy waa posttd. Tha main force waa
driven northward ’ towards Sheruuu,
who opened on them, and they were lorced
to break and seek safety in disordered flight,
down the weet slope of the ridge and across
the Ohlekamauga.
We have takesnotlesathans,ooo prisoners,
and perhaps ys many as 10,000.
.Guu Hooker-wIU probably Intercept the
flying enemy In the vicinity of Rds&viUe and'
the region east of it
There are reports that, we have taken a
whole corps:
Among the casualties are:
11, Col. Espy. 53th Indiana.
M.jorMcCawley. iota lowa.
Coi. O'Hara, Ota Dlitols.
Lt, Cot Stuart, OUi Ilflcola.
Major Walker. 10th Mo.
HsjorWelch, &6Ui 111.
M ajar Inset, Oth lo «a, wounded.
Major Irwin, 6th lowa, killed.
Pollreportso! killed and wounded cannot
\c cVaircdas moat of thekilled wereln Sher-
Tnan’s corps and remained at dark in the
’’hands of the enemy. The list will be tele*
graphed tomorrow.
' IMtoners say Bragg was on the ridge joafc
before they were taken.
Thu aucccstfal storming parties consisted
of Gene. Weed’s and Baird’s divisions on the
lift centre, and Gens. Johnson’s and Sheri*
dan’s on the right centre. Some of our
wcurded were Itfc in the bands of the ene*
ay alter Gen. Sherman’s unsuccessful as*
saulr, but were ultimately recovered.
Niw York, Not. 25.—A Washington die*
patch to the New York Hmis last night, says:
The latest news (up to 10.40 this evening)
frvxn Gen. Grant, Is ot tbo most satisfactory
ctarhcier. General Thomas and Sherman
have got well ahead. The fighting in onr
iiLtntdlate front has Luted all day long. At
every point along the line we have forced the
rebels backward.
The Herald'* Washington dispatch, dated
midnight last night, says:
The War Department received this evening
dispatches from Grant at Chattanooga, which
a*e of the most important and cheering char*
icier. The engagement in the immediate
frt nt, an account of the commencement of
vhich was yesterday received, to-day has
continued throughout the entire day. The
rebtU, although sturdily resisting our ad
vance, have been gradually giving way.
* Netting farther hu been heard from
Burnside; but the success of this movemoat
is expected speedily to relieve him from the
presmie of the rebel columns, Grant’s ad
vance compelling them to retreat to prevent
their capture or destruction.
Washington. Not. 25.— Official dispatches
from Grant and Thomas, dated Chattanooga,
24 b, state: Yesterday, Granger, Palmer
and Howard’s corps carried the drat line of
rifle-pits between Chattanooga and Citeris
Creek, and captured nine officers and about
ICO men. Oar less was about 100.
To day, Hooker, with Geary’s and Oatsr
h&us’ cirialons, and two brigades ol the 14th
corps, carried tho north%.slope ot Lookout
Mountain.’ The enemy’s loss was atoou: GOO;
ours tmalL There has been continuous
fighting from 13 until after night, but we re
paired the enemy’s attempt to retake the
. Sherman crossed ' the . Tennessee this
morning at the month of South CMckamau
gs, with three divisions of the 151h corps
and one division, of the 14th, and car
ried the northern extremity of Missionary
* Our success so far is complete. Tho troops
from Lookout Talley carried and now hold
the eastern slope of the mountain and points
higher up. Hooker reports 3,000 prisoners
token, . ...
New York, Not. 25 —A Knoxville letterof
the 15tb, to the Tribune states: “ Moat of tho
llihasd Ist Kentucky cavalry, stationed at
Marysville, have been surprised and captured.
The rebels also made an attack on Rockville,
another on Lenoir, and demonstrations were
made also from Rugursviße,
Losgatrest, with Cheatham, Stevenson and
others are reported in command of the rebel
troops. '
The rebel force ■which attacked HaryavlHo
and drove our picket* In upon Rockville have
fallen back, ood Col. Woodford is reported to
be onthtir track. The enemy, satisfied with
thelrplonder and the tclot obtained, have re
tired, and there is again comparative calm.
Thepeoplewere more scared than hurt. Pre
cautionary-measures have been taken, forces
distributed, and everything done to check the
fhitber advance of the enemy in that direction*
The whole number lost in prisoners is estima
ted*! not over 150.. All qnlet along the whole
CisoniWXTi, Nov. 25.—The situation at
Knoxville is satisfactory.’ There waa hewy
fighting west of the town on Saturday. The
investment north ol the town is still close, bat
the south side is open. B arnside is confident
of final success.
It ie rumored Drouyn de FHuyt Is drawing
up an explanatory document comprising the'
different questions which the Emperor In
tends to submit to a Congress. In tne mean
time the English journals appear to be goner
'allv taking a view averse to the Congress.
■ The French Government had informed Mr.
Davton that theirviewa on the American
question were unchanged. They had not
vrtccgnized and, consequently, had not sign
ed the treaty for the acquisition of Texas and
Lcuhbna, as repotted. ‘
S Kiswvnxn, Nor. 25.—Brig. Gen. Robert B,
• Mitch*!!, commanding the Ist cavalry'divi
sion, has been ordered to report to Adjt, Gen.
it Washington for duty. River ris
ing ; five fett at the shoals.
■" : -’• ’” l!'?s'i r . Ji */ x^""j ■
A rival of the Steamer Arabia.
Halifax, Nov. 25.—The Arabia from. Liv
erpool the 11th, via Queenstown loth, arrived
here this evening. She brings three days
later news
Behkt, Nov. 15.—The Jnaren Government
had addrciied a note to the Federal Council,
protesting against the modification of the
Republican Constitution by French Invasion;
honing for the sympathy of Switzerland. *
The bank of Franca baa raised the rate ot
dltconnt to 7 per cent. ,- t
The monthly returns'show a decrease of
cash in hand of 67,000.000 franca. ‘Bourse
steady. Rentes 67£ 37c..
Affairs remain unchanged In Poland. The
withdrawal ol the Grand Duke Constantine
from the Governorship la confirmed.
Xlie War fin. Virginia.
New Toek, Not. S3.—The New York
ima? Wachlagton special, list night, says:
We have news from the Army of- the Poto-
Tracnp to 8 o’clock this afternoon. Absent
officers may be interested to know that aer*
oral changes of poalUon of the Army -carps
have been made. _
Fredericksburg Heights ore held by one di
vision ofEweli’e corps, which Is the extreme
right of the rebel army. Lee’s leU rests near
Madison Court Bouse. * On' this side of the
Bepidan his force Is mostly cavalry. The rebel
army seems to have no faith at all that we will
advarco and fight before May next, for It is
canlfestly preparing winter quarters at or
near Qortcmsvllle. it present it is stretched
item that place to come point on the Rich
mond and Fredericksburg Road—probably at
Hanover Junction. .•
The TTorf(T* dispatch, dated “Headquarters,
Amy of the Fotomae,'ifar. 34tb,” says: Xo
charges,have yet been. made. AU Is quiet
slcng the Hapldan, and oar brillkot expecta
tions of an advance are yet unrealised. It
rained all day, and this may have delayed an
Amy elides in town are somewhat agita
led over rumors regarding a well known
commissary officer. A court of inquiry will
probably be ordered.
The iferold has the following:
Akmt of the Potomac, Xov. 24.— Ere this
can reach yon, wo shall hare probably fought
a severe battle or crossed the Bipldan—per
haps both. As military movements always
are snbject to delays and. contingencies, It
wonld not be proper for me at this time to
enter Into any details ol the plan of the cam
paign. Everybody is hopeful and confident
of succ&s. Meade's plans are well matured,
atd It Is thought they do not coincide fully
with the Tlews I have heard expressed, T&ey
are perhaps the best that could be adopted,
keeping in view the necessity, so urgently
et joined by the authorities in the War Office,
ol covering Washington.
From Charleston.
Boston, Nov. 25.—The transport steamer
Pciesi Cltf, trom Charleston bar Thursday
noon, Las arrived. She reports a vigorous
cannonade going on from Forts Gregg and
W*gcer, which had continued without Inter*
mission, night and day, lor several days, but
seemed more brisk on Thursday. The fire
was directed against Sumter and Moultrie.
The United Spates steamers -Pawnee and
Marblehead went up Stono River on Thurs
day, The Marblehead was engaged In shell
ing the woods, it being stated that the rebels
bad a battery concealed at that point. .
Thursday last was a day of thanksgiving
ard prayer In rebeldom. It was rumored that
atfi o’clock on Ibatday, Gen; Gilmore waa to
open a bombardment on the City of Char*
New Tobk, Nor. 25—The Washington
co; respondent cf tho Commercial says good
news may be expected from Charleston ere
lor g, bnt not quite as soon as some imagine.
Gen-Gilmore and Admiral Dahlgreuare
■preparing for tbe final attack, so that when
it comes, sooner or later, they will mokesnre
of success.
Fort Burned.
Serrano, Nov. 25.—The interior of Fort
Porter was burned this morning. Abont
64,000 worth of clothing was burned. The
fire Is supposed to be tbe work of an Incen
diary. .
The Draft in Baltimore.
Bai/rutons, Nov. 25.—The draft Is pro.
greet Ing quietly.
The 'War Democratic Convention.
The conference convention of the War Dcmoc.
raryoftheNoithweetmctattho Trcmont House,
inthlscity.atlOo'cJock yesterday morning. The
SUtesof Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Minnesota
were jrprceentciL The meeting was called to oa
derby B. Barns, ofOhlo, and General John A. Me*
demand, of Illinois, waa called to toe chair. On
table" the chair ko explained the object of the coa.
vcntl&n In a few pertinent remarks.
Andrew P. Ward.ofnamilton county. Ohio, and
R. W. H. Simpson, of Vigo County, Indiana, were
appointed Secretaries.
. A Committee of seven was appointed to present
resolutions for the consideration of the Conven
tion—the Committee to consist of the following
Ohio— Hon- W. J. Flagg, Dr. J. J. Quinn, Bar
ns has Dams, Esq •
Indiana— Judge A. Lovering, of Clarke county.
Illinois— Gen. I* N. Aauoy, of Cairo, and Col.
Tunkfcaneen, of Effingham county.
Minnesota—J. W. Taylor, of St. Paul.
Wisconsin— N. A. Page, of Milwaukee.
General McClcrnand was subsequently added to
tile Committee.
The Committee retired to prepiro the resolu
tion*, and tho Convention adjourned until oue
o'clock. *
Alter a short abeeucs the Committee reported a
scries of resolutions, o! which the following will
give thottiemes:
Ist. In favor of the Uniooaod Constitution.
2d. Thu latter affords no ground or pretence for
secession, but
3d. It affords a peaceful remedy for every
4th. The existing wicked rebellion to be sup*
pressed by the whole power of tho nation.
6th. Duty of all good citizens to aid constituted
Cth. claims right of criticism of an public scr*
Tth. Avows the accountability of the Adminis
tration to the people. . .
Stb. There are state rights and National rights,
hut no State has a right to be a nation.
oth. The rebellion a war upon tno principles of
ICth. Calls for disbandment of the Africancon
t'psen, vbtu the xebeQlou la echoed,
lltb. Reaffirms the Monroe Doctrine.
l<tfc. A tribute to our volunteers.
13tb. Urges probity and faithfulness in places
of public unfit, • , _ „ ,
Hib. Tho preservation of the union a para*
mount utna. npudiatlng everything tesdiog to
embroil the people of States.
Is»b. Recommends a general Nomlnatiug Con-
T*ut‘on rl War Democrata at Cincinnati on th»
f.r«t Wednesday in May, 1864, and appoints a Na
tional Executive Committee to promote the ob
j«t of this resolution.
Amofi Loveristr. Hubbard Post Office. I«jcL:Jqo.
A.McClsrn»Bd.Sprtxißflrid,ni.; JoeepbS. Eriey.
Cincinnati. Obi: Matt. n. Carpenter, Milwaukee;
Decry M. Rice, St. Paul, Minn.
1. That the security of tho American Union, as
well as tbe progress of Democratic principles, re
quite the total divorce of the piny of Jefferson
aiid Jackson from all-assocUtion or sympathy
with filavery.
2. Taat tho Rebel States, by the action of their
public authorities, waged war apoa tho Nation la
violation of the Constitution—taat each w*,- was
an abdication of all legitimate State authority:
and with such war ana abdication the power of
the mister over the slave was totally and forever
3. That whereas by the Constitution of thoUnl-
U d States, no power is delegated, or exists, to bold
or make a nan a slave, therefore the whole
■population of the rebel States heldassl&vea by
State authority before the rebellion, was Imme
diately thereupon enfranchised by the constitu
4. That the same result, only In a lesser degree,
; has been retched under the -laws of war by the
of th«% in Chief Ol the
Ara y, by the forfeiture of the rights ofrebelslive
b}lders as contraband of war. by right of capture,
and by a Confiscation Actof Congress i
5. That the remnant of slavery legally existing
in tbe Border Sates aboard be immediately re
moved, but by so other agency than local acts of
6. That tbe re-organization of the rebel States
is a proper subject cf Congressional legislation,
under the ccnsatuttocol authority to guarantee a
Republican form of government to the States, and '
that Con grew may Impose whatever conditions
eb&llbe requisite to secure the permanence and
’ harmony of the American Union, Including tbe
limitation of suffrage to loyal men. the revision
of boundaries and the prohibition of slavery or in
voluntary servitude, except for the commission of
■Hb. That the aaotment of the esa coasts of South
Carolina and Georgia, and the Peninsula of Hon
da, for permanent and voluntary occupation by the
African race of this continent, under a protecto
rate of the United State*, would bo an act of jus
tice humanity, and we recommend such a
measure as tbe alternative of all schemes to com
bine the white and black races in the same com
munity on tbe basis of political equal ity.
Stb. That upon the restoration of the Union, It
win become a paramonat duty to a brave and de
voted soldiery to assure to them homos upon the
national domain, and we shall welcome some
well-matured system of military of
our Rocky Mountain districts, as will dlachaige
our obligation to the citizen-soldier, develops ten
fold our immeasurable mtuerar wealth, aacteae
tbe Indian savage upon res«reaHon», f.ud Mud tho
Union Indissolubly from the Atlantic to.tho Pa-
C *Ssi. That we look with confidence to the saga
city and patriotism of the Secretary of the Treas
ury to cooperate in restoring as soon as pos
sible tbe application of tbe great Democratic
principle*, of a system oMmports and duties ad
justedjxclnalveiy with th« purpose of revenue,
and tbe prompt convertibility of all paper lesoea
into gold and silver—the currency of the Consti
tution and of .the world. ■
To these resolutions James W. Taylor, of Min
nesota, who framed and presented them, spoke in
' a meet able and eloquent manner—decidedly the
tpecch of the occasion, reviewing the whole sub
ject, and scathingly rebuking the men who would
bltesgow from their whole duty to the 'country
The minority resolutions were tabled, but they
will be heard of again, and have In Mr. Taylor a
molt eloquent defender, T&6 other aeries were
■i I*o
At Jsvts QBOBOK STARS. Se 1 ?., for
muy yurt • mtdeat of Ottawa, Id- Ha wit bara m
NcTjo.x.EPtlaod Feb 2Ut. 17? 8, and died Sep
IH3 act-eayvaraaadtßODtfea. * -
Jntfcii ettj, Fov.2ltt.ax 9u Jsai®**CbnrcSr,by tla
Bar R H. Cl*’>*ca. D. TT.SCr. CHABLBS ttfOGd
a££ Ulit ISABEL II THOMPSON,beta oft&U CBy.
Id this etty.os the SSth lm_by Rav.c. wheeler.
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• For Uth, bT Bar Or. R. W. Fattercoh. Rob.
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-I TTUTOBFoBIILB.-The Boar* efPnblte Works
win metre sealed proposal* n&til TueiJir. lies. lit,
at U A. M. for tto won obtained ftoa Bub itwt
bridge- Tbelro&Unovattbe Brirovsn dock. T&e
iron offerad for *>leu ell oft tie un uos tad tteflat
vrongba iron Tbe xoaad Iron )■ sotoftered. Sep
arate bl/t vUlberwxdTed for tbe cart Iron aaStxo
mimtiittiea. Bs order of tba Board. -
.X' 1350 PSB BBL—Wearetiilj dar receiving Mme
Oftbe trett rejected Fe» T'vrk apple*. aadtoUlag
at tbeebovergere aim ttlcVgan applet, fro a l*tr
to extra at from $3 01 to td.W n#r btu call atSS
CUtertr.et. [DcCS:ST:3t] H. P. BTAFLVr.
V_/ offer for tile t woeilor qi*lUy of
FlSailze to coarw D-)Ctlor. iportrwa are
cir-red ue ce.ebr&te<i T>umoßd Qms Po»ti«r,
Q.HBWBALL Jn, Ajeat,
IS IflTfir lU oet.
tcSSisj! S'tent
Vow Id the “Chvelx of the A.'ceailon'‘ i»effered for
tao a»;tmtui rererooredto mskorooci loraaeir
ac<ii«rxeroßecovnaiidliff. thu l»a-rareoppona-
Bt'Tlo'tOmr chorea r« protorean or**a atasfett
barja'a. Perrons detirlr* to »ce tae isrtroment ana
* jisxtica iri, *lll csllopon or aoare*»
111 Dearborn street. Cttetso.
-5025-}519 U
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Ucctrtaia. cor and Sard to pleat*.
Cove to BVBBirra. 157Lak».tor soar Cartel de
Vl<i fe. Tterare oojy two eoil*r» per ewea. aad
BDD«*riorinn»laaanaflnraOJlUy. BAT Ma 3. atX
loss • an it
.1. tDeettnvotCnleir'tSeaaieoßUatail Reaerol*nt
Society, at their roim. 232 LiYevtrwt. TqumiUt No
temtfr 2€tn. >t TH o’c ocfc. uetabfn«rßD«raealftrlr
reached toatttLd. aa baUcea* of the rmmt m
ptttaice auceabtiOteUe settlor: Perorde Ano<
Canon C. F. FOSTSB. Pteald &U
6C26- 506-lt
a wrote rloalcby truuk* «t tho «r«eey
OC BnBVV&BZ‘S DTK HODpE Ko. 107 B,nihCl*rc
meet, netbocl t Chwcn Blca, u wipecnnily re
QQMttd to cftSßfltce auno lorhirow* *•. n« atxne
puce. n026t3»-3vneS
To extract teat* by tbe*r plmaocanUpMolsu oroeeM
at Dr#. 3s>b * Nob!*« Dental Banns.i!6C<«rfc»treet,
ecreiirfMadison. De«><btiarelQTlted tobaprewst,
Hon«sirom9tol2 A. U . •Q't fioaa to 4 P.M W«
art preparM to tUTTiUh Dnot'lta with apparatus and
icatTßciiorafor maklaet&e itw Aiueciocllc.
nc76t£S(*lt ' .
Tbe acden>*pxcd wcaW Inform their CQitomersaud
all rerrota i*nipplne to this nark-c. teat they hats
ttne»?e(llatlhneaUiU Kiuoa ter baaohajC
VW will give oor softonai attsattan to *ll aales,aad
will cc»p»i tte lie HIGHEST BRICES AND t*B UPT
BETnttNS. BATftS. SfOn««kOO M
Lv2C.iOSC-to-lEln6t 219 aoath Water tttset.
H. HOYEY, 191 Late street.
At Hoitv’s Seed Store, 101 Lake street.
ac&iSSMtncttn mtmAw
Unequalled for Strength of Texture
and Absorbing Qualities.
Befall Frlte 10,15 ami 25 Cents per Pactage.
Liberal Discount to the Trade.
BUtioperaasd Oealra In Photographic A'bnm*. W
lake ttrtel. Calasgo. . loSGtSiOli
Ko. 4 Metropolitan. • Bloclc.
TTocsei and Lota. Residence Loti, Water Lota. Farm
and Wratern Lands tor sate. , n025-rS3I It
<3- E. -A. 3ST X 3
Exhibition of Tableaux,
Bryan Hall Next Week.
9 CM iR 17 It
’ ’ ujortmeat o f Wl*a, Toap :«i. Snide,
rrt ell ktcd< ofHatr Wore, of tupsr.or voramtoabip.
con bo toooe tt __ „
Barrow’s Wl* and Ornamental Hair Factory,
f«vjß Booth Clark «ties’. (aj-s»tr») Ctiew Port
Office Box 3457. acSArtO-U
■yyzooDi wood i wood:
iooo enrdt oe’tol*- »3Pckorj
11X0 cord* Oran i Tr*rer«e Maple
1000 corda Qrttd Ttarer«e Beech.
- Ter aale at reurntiie or’cs* tt the Two tlh at»ftet
WcodTtrd. CecS§rsS3*6tset] D.M.iLDitBD.
Fitmted wlfion* PAlFtiy cm of the
ibetlr- WH. ALUAUOH, D-*OIW.
m StoSSO-Stset 54 Wait R*atfoip*i suaet.
Eo. s. Bcsrd it Trade Dalldla* (ap-JtUrs). Ctkuo.
O»otr« for parcRMW *o3Oonuaz tolcw «h*n*U.ftOTi
plac.f««ltnin naeo <* a IH-ly Bxoron n*?» be pkiotob
oxD*LiTx*TßT*xPSxi , BV«aer»*noolilDereau»edMr
q, Faroe* forvardu e more faaaa tovx req itred
f.»- QAttafßt of ihtlr order*. *tu bbcutx xxoua
o trcjJtt'on for service* tg ■ 10411, ud at the ra-ieoUQa
dsl.Tofßomeroosorderajeqotres la^xeernoadiuira.
oar Meads vlUrradiu ate tae J««ne»a asdaeoeMitv
of this costae We pcvoqksk anythin* on eartn."
Dnt next, • *mtlJlagatdersaoa‘STen«.”
8c35i524-St WIMOE & ONDSBWOOD.
Important to Tax Payers.
Crrr comcrox’a Omos. 1
MOV%X Hoeas. HOOXII. >
Chxo4qo lu.. Savvas, iso. >
Tax oayen are again noUfled that I a'areqttred Dy
the aew Uty cta»ter to collecta psaalty of fit* pa»
cot. upon a'ltateaopoa real estate cot paid Deton
taeai.t day of January next. Tae time u •oeaprt.
anduieprtaiurenooa my weak neuss wtuDa
■o groat, that al ptedent peraona w!U a role too at*
Cfeetirofiiancirgdayelnalme andtae rtakctDotsg
c. o oaai out asd r cirrtsc tn« aDo re oeaalty. Dy caa*
Isaac DTOflcannioumr. aid making pay rae:t
Vam alto reoaV'ad to eoUeet Dr LB VT AS D B ALB
N R—soth'Ol but LKtJ AL TBI7DBR ■»fll D« r6*
calTMl I a v i)aut of taxes and aaae m seat*.
toSAzMSIa ■
Custom Howe Street, Hew. Orleans, Lft.
86 Randolph Street, Chicago, HI.,
f peculiar In the treatment of
Oib Cnnovia Mn’ctmAn. Bcaod aso oxa Do-
Com them wltbont ruortlng to Morcnry. lodine.
aaii. arsenic, or •areaparula. ijr.Jatnosusea a
Voirun tm -wmcn is a rocTtrs ooiti in alt Wool
d ttaiea. organic Weskneu. broaznt on by exewe,
over taxation or botlren. or entailed hereditarily.
csßilcx leaa of memory narrow and general nebUUy.
no- cored n? an infallible method, and tee only care
fSTtb'sveanesa-atTirebota floated exeenM _
Old Dlaeawa of the ¥OST HORBIBLE CLASS.
«but the bleed baa twesme potaoaei. orodaflog
btotebtaon th« face, rmtll watery pla9laa.paiaa ia
the brae tnd I one*, ulcerated taroat.ncae. Uw'wand
body aercfola together with anendieia naoberof
* Dr. ISfito wcommeodrtbyttepwuteneiwUyof
the Sooth, the medical f acnl'y, and p:otaa*oM or med
te.l coUe/e*. etc. These afflicted ahoeM apply irnme*
Cb.tt’y.and be cured of these Mrnhla dtesuee. •
■ ter. ember Dr. James’ uffleoand Peflorsara at»
betweenauta ana D»rbjmi»feeti.
offlf e open from 9 AM. nnui 8 F. 2L
Itmolable. aocortai-stnea-
KTTOSC «hllPhotagraPbartl»Ul>estn»aCll ABLIg
21USBKR >)«■ <MBOd • tNW Batoj»»ptt
Boom 143L»k6wMt- k# 1» tUflllC• M*fm4;
brtottfoi«il« ’ (Card Plcinreetor SISO per dozen, or
Sx jcrZi coeaper tlnalna cnsipcw.
I People's Pension and B'onntj Money Offlse oi
HOUBB. COOK * CO. wl.i drav moner lor Pen
s)ozera.vtea it timb I .* at too cniaaro.HUaoii,
dsencr. CHABLIS B. SIMMOUBUUwIr iUnroer
for lb's pnrpoie - faee SUM. Address BOUSS.
cook * CO. Poet O/jjca Box s»i cw«»xo. Offlaa to
pictej *sl}nlldini t no* rS JS; irwT a«
. mtL PCBUs'tt. IK i P3W SXTS,
Round tile Block s
i you uio ,-cicth. ii so.
EFioa the Hcce JouseU
“It !s ntdfrjJood to tie the worker aeevtumaa
who am achieved incceM tn otter department* of
[From the American Literary Gazette and pnbltsb
;; ■ - ex'* arcnUr,"
M We bave bad a great manvWndsot Kovals lately.-
There bare ocea. CavAouo. Posonsa. High Genres,
low Cboteb. Bo caoicn. preaoyteßan. BaptleC
iuttMlit isd DstttiUs Bowed*. Tbare bare been
Novels written by Umoo moa In bebaUaf the Gatos,
and Novate written by-Btbeis to prove that the do>
time of Seearstoa !i the ooheantnate do war of baman
wudom. There nave been Novas written ta the la
tout of priio flebtlsg. eeimu Inn, froe-lon*. and
vegetate i let We noderetaati mat a Novel. 180 and
tbe njooic* -which win be a decided departure from
thiciostottblhf.is paeelng throogt t>e prate or Ao
b>ton * Co. It is e bold attempt to pat the Kovel
ba* k oo tbeoldpleuormof nmeatie Uwatare where
xeitber docmoM nor theories were tearhi; bat the
•ole parpeteof tborcvelntwaetocateitelahUr&ad
en Moehieasoaadeoftbeploc.which'BazcMes*
tlal eedir neglected and eitmed in letter dars.
Novel readers, who have bees loaglag fora romaice
oftbege'CdolJson.made-on; ofbrannew American
•tretemlt wia eagerly await the appearaoea of
•Bontdtho Block.'
gy* Early order* should te forwarded to the pub-
Jlitei*. ae there le greet dimcnlty in eettug books
naßTleetarodthu kujs, acd the supply wui cecea
la'tty bnflefltlott,
Sant ft ea b j null on receipt of price. no2B xUS it
Can afford to be Without One,-
Don’t Buy any.ef the Old Fogy Kind,
tlida with ill the IcprOTtmeat*.
13 Lasallo Street. Chicago, Hl«
ntC6-jfSB-U '
U. 8. 5-20’S
On hand aid ordered for Subscri
bers at all times.
Parcrablo arratgementa made with Banker* and
others ordering bonf a.
Alcohol, Adds, Borax, Basin,
Potash, Glues, Isinglass, Twines,
Sal. Soda, Garb. Ammonia, Garb.
Soda, Cream Tartar, Dye Woods,
Alum, Sperm Oil, &0., &o.
DBCGGISTS, 111 Lake strut.
rcSE- MMt
Illinois St*. Andrew’s Society,
Will be held tttbe
merer on tba t»Me tt ha’fpast 9 o’clock. Tee
tt«u htnw» requeued to meet poactoaEj tit o'clock,
fcitbetrtxaacuonoi baslseu.
/ncaetsctabebtdoi Peter Mtdtrltoe. Ibotnoeon
& AMon, Adam Mnnay.Geo’Be aadenoa tad tba
nrgjta Home, tad all tba xstaatentad memb*reot
tbt committee, All Scotchmen ted their deac«nd*
tutmthtu tbemsneiof Atru> Econa.. ar* tar
eiaUr mtiudlotuead. acM-rSS-lt
V_/ Was Dspabtjcmt. \
Washtwotc* , F ovembtr ua lira. {
BSALUDPROKJd&LS mllberc;elTedattn:soiD*te
mth 4 odock P.M.. on tbe 13th of December next,
ft? iio.coo ituutrr accoutrements. ciulotr, ss.to oe
ec h>re»l la »be quantities. at the under
signed arsenals. vis t
fOO-o mu at ice Siw Tork Anent\ Governor's
tW.fMselsattbsFranSfort Arsenal Brl2eibars.Pi.
;oooo«etsat Ue All*gtavy Arsena 1 , Pittsbagc.rs.
‘A.KPie’iit tbs&t.iAaii ars'.eil.St Loal*. Mj
.0.(10 tea it ue Umtsd stmtw ArsauL. Watorto »n.
Tbe*« accoutrements a»e Vs b* made in strict on.
Unity wltn tbe regnailcn pstt-rn*. wnieb caaoe
teen at any of tn# iootc earned place*.and uev a o
t- fee torjoct to ra*pe:nca at use arsenal where oe*
meie?. btiore beio* received oy»ne Gaveruoest;
t ott o be accepted or > aid for bn: ancaas ars ao
{iiOT'd on taepefoa Tta belts to bo oftramet
iaib*r. atd an'be stock to be the seat oak tinned,
are*ton!derbtUtobaicclndoo intbesn. „
Uebttiles most be made la loti ofoutleat tban 1,000
atta cer week,tor a I costrscts ot 10,000 sst* or onisr;
s'ono Icnthan2.oMtstaawe>kcnsU contract tor
cr«r 10.(011 eta: tne first delivery to be made within
flilw»ioajtlroio«h«date of contract. Failure tode
iV»erat a specified time will tablecttbecontraetorto
a forfrltoie of tee amount in be delivered at Dist
il □*«, The eecoatrementsmtut be boxed Is tbe meal
BtjJo • tbe boxes to be charted at colt, to Do deter*
mined by the inspector.
Bidders will state erpllcity tbe arsenal or annals
vfeet e they propcae to dettvtr, ana tbe aambev et sets
thsy propose to deliver as each pUce, if lor mate Can
° P So bids will be considered from partial other tban
regnlsr marnfaetorert cl tbe article, and such as are
bxown to tbe Department to be fouy competent to
execste in their osrn sbope tbe work prnpoisd for.
Barb party obtaining acfttract will bs reqalradto
enter into bond, with approved surety, for its faithful
.Tfee Department reserves tbe right to reject any or
an bids If not deemed satisfactory.
Propofa a will bs addressed to* Brigadier Gcnwal
(leone l», Famiay, cniefot Ordnance. WaiMoppn.
D.r. ~ and will be endorsed for infantry
Frtr. G*£“c££f ct olt&iaee.
no2G t527 in TH EA*Jt
To be .bed »t tha Mail* Store
Caay.Claix untt. no» ria«m
Of all grades oi
To- be foend In this etty.wbieh I am now offering
for Cub on. .
Tho Vary lowest Margin ■
■ Boom* Ho. 32. LakoiL cor, of .Wabash ava.,
and 59 Inhs-st.
mCO-i25&-.ta-r maw-net . - : . . .
Carbon and Kerosene OsV
mw l-ASCS 1
x V-' ‘ ‘ " Fazhtxbs. Shokatus*
t ' CltT.
Eutsuit B*ttrlce—;.....Scheffer. I<6Co3tptß»
~ golf, Worn* a.t t&aToa&.Sehtffer.'- 1 oirmrff.
. Landers. Girard*
Ecce - UtndeL
. Hater Dcuorcu—
la: mt estate Conception;. Manila 1 * Lefevra.
HrtMceCesel. ..........Delakoche.. GenrdflC
'VtercsanCasdelDrat .-...lUphael. - - Bjllonx.
ClnUt...:..Scheffer. TrsveoU.
' Ee'rtef tbe Asdea;...;r.ctraretu - ‘ FsneatK
BfjalUt ......KUltla. ' , Btnoo.
£ol9 tNßtiTor the Feiri.BapbaeT.' Lecomptc.*
Ourles i'tla Guard BocmDeukoche, : Huttsetfe
! £>’ r.cs L
Together with over
400 other PSOOFS tndPRDiTS fron
Caabeeeealcr * .THOET-TIBB at FOSTER. JSS*
ncUpSSSMtaet . : - -
Staple and Pancy
No. S3 Lake Street,
TTetnTlle attention todor large and!
well assorted stock, now in store*
aoio-psst-raTH net ■'
luselosUscntayFaU Stockof
At Reduced Prices.
A Good Vutety of :
57 -- LIKE STREET. - - 51
ffronghtlron Pipe &Boiler Fines
Steam and Water Ganges, Valves, Cocas,
Whistles, Ac.
Rubber sad Leather Belting, Patting Hose, A*
Ho* Water asd Steam Hetties Apparatus.
557 Sacks Tori*! latacd. >
ilso * Grenada Idm,
&99 Hairy.
Os coEB-'gment. aid for sale la lots to *nP by
u, n
nc21p578 TlrA-rrar nxt 59 Sooth Welle street.
VJ GiyiEQ.
Jams, Jellies and Preserves,
CITS CPS, HrSTJSDJ, shoes ixdwcklh.
A teaotlfol article of PUFB Blackberry. Currant.
Whortleberry. Peach and Ginger
Mar.rCiciarera vd D--a>T« 89LasaHeatr«8*.eopotlte
Cout Home. P. O. Box TOM. cogHig at-net
XA altar thli data we retire £ro» the General
csy Trade, to devoteonr attention exclusively to the
it onr present location. 71 South Water at, Chicago
Rapreeented by jAjcxa a. Paxsoxs, Kew York; O.
W. Frrnx and J. Havxrr. Chicago.
- Chicago, Korember J, 1365.
iit te as;
71 South Water-rt., 1 1 45 Wall street
Chicago-f \ Hew Yak
1000 taftlfcbestaTonofr Hj
SCO * ** Imped*),
500 • Gob powder.
lf*oo qr. - •• Colour.
And bUorihe iinett sad beet a«ort»iitceKrrar
oSered to werera Bajen < Wira or.eea y**n ezM*
rleoce t& the tr*de. tad wlia fßdlltlee Mcoad tons
Beam trrtuo Wort, we believe woo eiaoecsttiaß
to do tad jolt]cm to ub woats of lierc&una lath*
V crthi eat. Oar Price Comal and temple* Mot fin
topur polttbv m*u or uptcu ob loplfcettoa.
opectei tsdoeimeata mode to cooatry Jobber! tal
otter Arse ce*}*n -
Itreprten tad Jobber*. 71 sooth Wrttx atreeU
ncß-paa» taet
£)B. LEWIS *
Corner cf Dearborn and Randolph ata«, Chicago,
Costtouea to meat *t»h vaenapted neeou la bit
prtfcM’ooalßerrcMtnottrcttytiil Tta&tty. tad bo
corti«lly ibTttM tea mellcti laeoltr u woil u tba
tffllc:ed.toc*llttbHotScaforettiiCactory rcfereieo
of tb» numetoai cum that be bit wttortd to debt
tad be* Ist dauagtbg part year. noao^CSflinft
GEO T, ABBEY, Ayent,
Aid a floe line til seuoatblb
J. W. STINE’S, 33 Lake St.
poso-taai S’-nct *
Sheet Iron,
199 * 201 Randolph itraet
ac*-p3«l3t*w*jnet « BTATB IT„CMe»ga,
The Grand Trank Bailway
Art row prepared J? c gg> l J r ltoit " 1 4a “' UT 01
Throngs B2I» Ladles glTea
From- Chicago to Liverpool.
For ratea and flutter tetormaltea apply to
"Weitem General Agent.
Chicago, Bor. 23d. 1*63. n023-rSS2 Si re-way act
U. S. 5-20’ s
We abaft conUant, oavE further tfea
' !rr«sorj Department. to receive lubswlpßona AX
:’Ait for tha . . :
United States 5-20 Tear Six Per
Cent Bonds, .
Both Frinelpol md Interest pjil»We la Cold,
latetert mn commence on day of aohecrtpttoa and
Bond* dattmed at onr oaco.oroattßiiaßOj th*
ATtertema or United State* Sxpra* co3p»nie».j«Ma
■igbtor toaday*troadata of inbagipcpo. nwa
ail Szpecae. rattles can seed carsoaej to jaong*
of ud upwards, Ct**e«. bJ mwHil
oar. TvgpnaiTOßYCarOfleatea. jqaDM
{otto order of J« COOKB^O- Men« M
uprai eb*JX«-'
-BQ»Tia-wyASPt -' 'v _
TP i»n»m TTAT.VBB, A3IP KII3. ;
AnmuUUM. rorMlol>i»
■' bcTT-rtTlw*rulE ,' - -‘ - . ~15: B lTtr Krwt.
100 Boxes Grand Bask Codfish
PCTBS’e loatothstradsbf
nmon to cbpleg.
rccelpt of money.

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