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Cljuaga ®ribww.
' ‘m THE CITY.
tThe Newspapers and Thanksgiving.
■i /We, the undersigned publishers of the dally
' newspapers in Chicago, below, agres
on the part of the morning papers, that we will
not Issue any paper on Friday, the 27th instant,
and on the part of the evening none
v will be issued on Thursday, the S6th instant.
Tninmns Coxrajrr,
Stobxt & Wobdxk,
Clncaao Post Coxpakt,
Sons L. Wnsos,
Thursday," Not. 2Gtli to bo Set Apart
as a Day of National Thanksgiving.
Washdtotow, Oct. 8, ISSS.
-By (he President of the United States of America:
The year that Is drawing towards Its close has
been fi'led with the blessings of fruitful fields and
healthful sides. To these bounties which are so
• constantly enjoyed that wo are prooeto forgot tho
sources fromwhich they come, others have been
' added which are of so extraordinary a nature that
they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the
heart which is habitually insensible to the ever
watchfhl Providence of Almighty God.
In the midst of a cruel war of unequaled magni
tude and severity, which has sometimes seemed
to invite and provoke the aggreuaiona of foreign
States, peace has boen'prcssrved with all nations:
order has been maintained; the laws hare bean
respected and obeyed, and harmony has prevailed
everywhere, except In the theatre of military con
flict, while that theatre has been greatly con
tracted by tho advancing armies and navies of the
Too needful diversion of wealth and strength
from the fields of peaceful industry to the national
defense, have not arrested the plow, the shuttle, or
the ship. The axe has enlarged the borders of
our settlements, and the mines, as well of Iron and
coal as the precious metal, have yielded even more
abundantly than heretofore. Population has stead
ily Increased, notwithstanding the waste that has
been made In the camp, the siege, and the battle
field, and, the conntrv rejoicing in tbe conscious
ness of augmented strength and vigor, is permit
ted to expect continuance of yean with large In
crease or freedom. Mo human counsel haUt de
vised, nor hath any mortal band worked ont these
great things They are the gradoos gifts of the
Most High God. who, while dealing with us in an
ger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered
mercy. It has seemed to me fit and proper that
ttey should be solemnly, earnestly ana gratefully
acknowledged, as with one heart and voice, by the
whole American people.
I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every
psrt of the United States, and also those who are
at sea. and those who are sojourning in foreign
lards, to observe and set apart the last Thursday
of November next as a day of Thanksgiving and
Prayer to ourrßenefleent Father who aweSeth in
tbe heavens, and I recommend to them that,while
: offering up the ascriptions Justly doe to Him for
each singular deliverances and blessings, they do
also, with humble penitence for our national per
verseness and disobedience, commend to his ten
der care all those who have become widows, or
fihsns, or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife
a which we are unavoidably engaged, and fer
vently implore the Interposition of the Almighty
hand to heal the wounds of the Nation, and to
restore it as |oon as it may be consistent with
the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of
peace, harmony, tranquility and Union.
In testimony whereof, I hare hereunto set my
hand, and caused the seal of the United States to
be affixed. Done at the city of Washington, the
third day of October, in the year of our Lord 1863,
and of tbe Independence of the United States the
eighty-eighth. . By the President, -
Ww. H. Sewxbd, Secretary of State.
In accordance with the Proclamation of the
President of the United States, and tbe time hon
ored usage of this commonwealth, I, Richard
Tates, Governor of the State of Illinois, do hereby
appoint tbe last Thursday of November next, as a
•day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for Ms
greatmerdcs daring tbe past year.
In that be has blessed ns with abundance of har
vests, fruits and flocks.
In that he has preserved ns from pestilence or
widespread dlseaeeespedsUy.
In that he has spared our State in a season of
great danger from the dreadful calamities of in
surrection and invasion.
Bet us thank God for the immortal triumphs of
our arms In battle and in siege, and the Indomita
ble fortitude of our soldiers in reverses.
Let cs thank God for tbe free institutions trans
mitted to us from onr fathers, and for so long a
period of unexampled domestic tranquility and
Let us thank God that in spite of foreign hatred
and plotting treason, and the fearful shock of
arms, we still have a country and the Morions
hope of a country laden with unspeakable bless
ings for our children and our children’s children.
And while we rejoice together over victories
won and prospects dally brightening,
Let us also remember the widow and orphan,
who, in desolate homes, moor for the heroic
Let us acknowledge in contrition before God,
onr many and grievous sins, as a people, and with
patient trust commit onr cause to him In whose
hards are the destinies of nations.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hud and caused the great seal of the State to be
Done at the city of Springfield. Illinois, this
eighth day of October, A. D., 1563.
_ Bichaud Taxes, Governor.
O. H. Hatch, Sec'y of State.
The following Hymn, written by Dr. Muhlen
berg, (writer of the Immortal Hymn,” I would
rot live alwaji”) is a metrical version of the Pres
ident’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, and has been
set to music, and published by Root* Cady. It
will be rang in an the Churches in the city, to-day
where Thanksgiving services are held, brace we
republish it:
Give thanks, all ye people, give thanks to the
Alleluias of freedom, with joyful accord:
Litlbc East and the West, North and South roll
Sra, mountain and prairie, one thanksgiving song.
Give thanks, aU ye people, give thanks to tbe
Alleluias of freedom, with joyful accord.
For the sunshine and rainfall, enriching again
Onr zeres In myriads, with treasures ofgraln;
For the Earth still unloading hertnanlfold wealth,
For the Skies beaming vigor, the Winds breathing
Give thanks—
For the Nation's wide table, o’erfiowlngly spread.
While tbe many have feasted, and all hare been
Ted, -
With to bondage, their God-glvea rights to en
thrall, •
But Liberty guarded by Justice for aU.
Give thanks—
In the realms of the Az>tll« the Loom, end the
Whoie the mines end the realms, to Him gritc
fally bow:
His the flocks and the herds, sine ye hUI-aldes
andxalct: *■
On His Oceans domains chant His name with the
Give thanks—
Of commerce and traffic, ye prince*, behold
You riches bom Him whose the stiver anl sold,
Bapnler children of Libor, true lords of the soil.
Bices the Great Master Workman, who blesses
Give thanks—
Brave mm of our forces, Life-guard of our coasts.
To your Leader be loyal, Jehovah of Hons:
and the Sura aye with victory
Seflectisg His (lory—Be erowneth the Bight.
Give thinks—
Nor shall ye threngboar borders, ye stricken of
Only wafting your dead, in the Joy hare no part:
God’s solace be yours, and for yon there shall flow
Aft that honor and sympathy’s girts can bestow*
Give thanks—
Is the Domes of Messiah, ye worshiping throngs.
Coknm litanies mingle with JabnanTsongs:
The Bskr ot Nations beseeching to spare.
And out Empire stQI keep the Sect of His care.
Give thanks—
Onrgnlltand transgressions remember no more*
Xgcd! righteous Peace, of Thy gift we
At d tte Banner of Union, restored by Tby Hand.
Be the Banner of Freedom o'er all bribe
And the Banner of Union, Ac.
ThnnlcaglTlng Services,
. Services win beheld to-day at the usual hour In
the principal churches throughout the city. The
Yoßowirg special announcements have been for**
slsbed for pahlkatloa:
■Wlbwh Avesue Church -—Ber. Robot Laird
i2S^*P^*JffiJ^7 ra , #enaoa ** «W o’-
, j, clock, £iu. Subject—LlaeOla sad Liberty—the
•.. man and the idea of the crisis,”
Cubs StreetM. B, Chcbcil—A Thsnksetv.
log Discourse will be delivered In the curt st_
V. E- Church this morning by the B*r C H.
Fowler. Subject—** The Philosophy of Rerolu
. St. Jams’ Church.—There win be no appro*
.priate Thanksgiving Stnnoa in St names' Church.
• this (Tbondsy)momlogat 11 o'clock.
The congregation are all requested to bring
_ with .them a copy of Dr. MshJenberg'a Thanks*
. gWagHymn.
WaeTxcttTEß PBE»TTZsxax.—Divine serrlcea
at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, comer
ofOntaiiosndDearbom streets, this morning at
U o'clock. Ecv. E. JL Pierce, Pastor. Test
DeuLSJd, 1L '
- North pßEarrEm ax Church.—Thanksgiving
eemecs in the North Presbyterian Church at 10 v
• m Sermon by the Ber. L. J. Halsey, D, 1).
Collection in aid ot the U. S. Christian cojuaia
~^® T £”**» to
rtmvJ* i? the Fir * k Presbyterian
Ch»ch, eomerpf Wssiungton and Jefferson sts.
be the pastor, Ber. W. c Jsckso n.
CnmCT—-Third avenue, comer of
VanßcressueyL Public religions senriccsat 11
-a. a. Preaching by the put »r, Ber. J. B Ship,
herd. The church sociable will be held os Thurs
day ermine at Mrs. Stevens’,*) Third arenne.and
not at 619 State street, as aorounord;
- Uxios Pans Chous.—Thanksgiving services
JSSLJ?® held at the Union ParkCongregitloual
'V«Bththii (T curs day) morning at li o'clock.
Sermon to Ber. FroL Fiske.
Coecreoattokal Church, ClesrerrUle.
rteSli£m heP ** tor# BeT * S * 8. Smith.- Set-
Tabxrmcle CornciL-Services at ll
by the Pastor, especially to
SJSSS&i’* n: Mi 24: “And .in.
• «£S? 1 SS2 , 'L% T -Ci>« ; E4w.nl Cheney.
• > .Sector. ..Service Will be tdil at inv
-o'clock s m. 1 ' ** ***
First Corzstzax Cnrßca.-&emees to-dtr.
On West Monroe street, between Aberdeen end
Sucker streets.
South Pbxwttxhiaw Oburcxl—Comet of
Third Avenue and Jackson street. Bev. W. W.
TTa—tf, Pastor. Service at 10>f a. m.
- Thatkfglving meeting of the Christian Com.
mission at the First Biptlet Church, this afternoon
atSVo'clock.:Mr.E. A-.BomeQ,field agent of
the western Branch of the Commission, who went
to the battle-field of Chlcksmauga, in charge of the
' delegation from this city, has just returned and
wQI address the meeting.. The very many deeply
intereatlrg facts in concoction with these nine
' weeks of labor on the battle-field and in the bos
t -pltals of Chattanooga, Stevenson and Bridgeport,
will richly repay all who go. iCspt D. Whittle, of
the TSd, last from Vicksburg, will slsd adlress the
the meeting. All the psvtor* of the city are re- 1
-quested to snroncce the meeting atthulr morning
aerviee, audio be present at the meeting.
Flea of fflanala tighter.
la the Superior Court yesterday a final dlsposr
tlon was made of the case of John Higgins who
was indicted for the murder of his infant child
seme four weeks old. Tho circumstances connect
< d with the alleged murder show as miserable a
state of domestic relations, as could well have ex.
Utence anywhere. John went to his home at night
diunh and found bis wife In bed with the youug
infant, and drank also. The next morning the babe
was dead, and nothing about the corpse todtrsted
precisely bow life was extinguished. It might
have been through braises of which there were
some on Its persor.or of suffocation, or both. John
himself declared the next day that in a fit of.pis
sion, because the child cried, he had thrown it on
the floor and killed it. But John was stQl drank
when he made thedeclaratlon,and it was not cer
tain that he knew exactly how tho child came to
its there were some] reasons for sup*
posirg that the wife in her drunkenness had over
laid the Infant and that It had died of suffocation-
Under these circumstances It was arranged bk*
tween tho conned on each aide and the defendant*
that the State should be satisfied with a plea 0}
guilty of manslaughter on the part of the prisoner.
Accordingly yesterday morning, after reading the
Indictment to the prisoner this, plea was entered
and Hoggins remanded to await his sentence.
A Golden Wedding.
Golden weddings are yet of rare occurrence in
a region where the completed circle of fifty years,
If reversed, would see the West a wilderness. We
arc commercing, however, to gather these ma
tnrtr fruits, and a very pleasant recent instance
of the kind took place on Tuesday afternoon last,
when a party of family friends called In upon
Major Edward H. Halford, at Oaktoo, near Evans
ton, to celebrate witkhlm and his estimable part
ner,the fiftieth anntmsary of their wedding dsy.
The affair was a surprise, nut the day itself
(though it is quite likely the excellent Major Is
surprised to find how rapidly the half century has
flown,) but the visit, which gathered into a de
lightful excursion quite a little party of our resi
dents, who, by a special car on the Chicago and
Milwaukee Ballroad, dropped in at Oaktoo, with
the following roll-call:
Mrs. G. A. Gibbs, Mr. and . Mrs. Thos.
Hoyne, Dr. and Mrs. D« 8. Smith, Her.
Dr and Mrs. Burroughs. Dr. and Mrs.
Bird and eon. Mrs. P. F. W. Peck, Mr. and
Mrs.£- F. Brown,Mrs. Butler. Mrs. M.Ludlam.
Mrs. Halibut, Mrs. J. B. King, Mrs. W. B. Keen.
Mrs. Dbto), Mrs. Cole and son, Mies Hoyne. Miss
Mollle Ludlam, Miss Caddie Bmitb,M(ss C. Gibbs
Hiss Blaney, Mr. J. 8. Smith, Mr. W. Peck. Mr.
O. Walker. Mr. T. Hoyne, Mr. T. H. Shep
pard, Mr. W. Butler, Mr. W, Gibbs, Mr. J. Gibbs.
The Major looked upon his unexpected guests
and began to marvel In what way the proverbial
hospitality of bis house was to bo saved from an
overthrow, thus nine miles from his stores, and
bis communications cut off. The solution of tbe
problem came very much In the semblance of a
able admirably spread, and folly laden from the
atoreabrought by the guests. The after portion
of the feast was enlivened by congratulatory ad
dresses by several gentlemen, a brief and feeling
response from the venerable Major, and an early
boor of the evening saw the guests safely at home,
tho occasion throughout having proved as pleas
antly and well conceived, as happily carried out.
Rev. Dr. Clarkson.
We leant with deep regret, which will be gen*
crally felt In tbe city, of the possible remove 1
from Cb’cago of the esteemed and faithful Sector
of St. John’s Chnich.tha Etr. Dr. Clarkson. He
has received a call to take charge of one of the
largest and most important churches in the Epis
copal communion—Grace Church, Brooklyn, N,
Y.—and It la supposed that he will accept the call.
Besides the immediate parlahonera of Dr. Clark
son, who are attached to bim by an affection as
warm as It is universal, the whole community en
tertain towards him feelings of tbe highest re
spect and most unlimited confidence. His long
residence in Chicago and his thorough identifica
tion with all its interests, united with his own
warm and sympathizing nature his ready and car.
nest eloquence, bis frank and cordial manners
and his unselfish and spotless life have given him
such a hold upon the affections of this community
as few men have, and we but echo the sentiment
of many of our citizens when we say that his de
parture from Chicago, even though it be to a
larger sphere, and to a more prominent position
willbe considcredas a public calamity. .'
Meeting of .Mail.'Agents,
Pursuant to the published call, a meeting of the
various mall agents representing the seven differ
ent States of Michigan, Indiana. Ohio, lowa Mis
souri, Illinois, Wisconsin, a meeting was held yes
terday at 9 o’clock A. H., at the United States Clr.
cult Court Boom. The meeting was called to order
by T. B. Lsylor, of the St. Louis, Alton A Terre
Haute B. 8., who nominated Mr. Hunt as tempo
rary Chairman, and A. U. Baker as Secretary j>ro
The different man routes were represented by
tbe following gentlemen: J. T. Fleming. T. & w
R. E.; E. W. CnSg, O. A N. J. P. Irwl.,
Dixon Air-Line; Robert Jeanlng.N. A.&C BB :
T.B.Taylor,St.L &T.HR.IM AdamKlepoelll
C. A. A St. L. RR; R. C. AllenTWclflc 8.R.; T.
I*. Heaton.C. A C.A- L.R.8.; Patrick Flunleau.
Southwestern Bruch; W. a. Perry, L. P. A B
R- B; Harrison Park, Illinois Central Branch:
Albert Potter, O. 4C.R8.: James Fitzmaurice.
C. B. A Q.B.S ; C. G, QUlett, Detroit * MU*.
wankec; H. Hallenback, Sandusky, Dayttn. A
Cincinnati B B.: George W, Latimer, M. O. R.R -
Oliver LUnmon,
Joliet Cut Off. Z. Clarkson, P. & B. V. RB. •
J. B. Buckingham, Keokuk, Fort Des Moines
andMlnneeotaß. R. E. Denmu C. A. A S L B
R. Co, W. BunLM. S. AD. A. H. Bordeek C. A
M. R. R. W. w, Boorem Q. W. T. A O
B. H. J. C. WoodhuL Milwaukee A Horlconß.
B. William M. Dunn, C. A M 8.8. Wm. Adi,
W. H. Barnes, South. Wls, B. B; A. Metcalfe. M.
AN. A. E. Chase. L. A LB. B.; Mr.
Perkins, Jackson Bruch B B; Mr. Levi, I. AS
LR.E: Geo. Barp. P. & L H. R; N. Van Winkle.
M. 8. B. B; J. T. Bedraanj P. & O. B. B.: D. D.
Devecmon. B. A M.B B.; Geo Naylor, T. H. A
R R: N.BelchtTtC. AE.L R. R; B. F. Baird,
G. A C. R. B.; B. F. Black, I. C. B.
A committee of permanent organization being
formed, reported the following gentlemen as offi
cers for the convention: C. W.uunt, President:
Mr. Hague. Ohio, Vice President; Ur. H. A
Elliott, of Wisconsin, as Secretary j Ur. Clarkson,
Peoria. Assistant Secretary.
The following committees were then formed. A
committee on memorials, a committee on reso
lutions, and a committee on publication.
Duilrg the absence of the committees, several
pertinent remarks were made by the various dele
gates on tbe necessity of an advance In their sala
ries, fiomtbe Increased price of produce general
ly, and from tbe fact of the Mall Agents having to
live much from their homes at hotels. A memo
rial was then agreed to ba addressed to the Post
master General, Montgomery Blair, requesting
such u advuco In their salaries as might be com
mensurate with tbe Increased cost oMiviog. The
meeting alter sitting 6 tin 0 o'clock P. M.,then dls.
to Contributor* to the Northwestern
Inquiry Is frequently made regarding different
contributions cent to the Northwestern Fair, by
thoee who are looking to see them acknowledged
In type. The managers of the Fair take tuls
method of thanking most warmly all who sent do
nations to that enterprise, and of assuring them
that only a fractional part ot the contributions re*
celved nave been acknowledged In the public
prints. To acknowledge them off, as they deserv
ed, would have been to absorb all the Chicago
duly papers while the Fair lasted. Will our gen
erous. noble friends, who have done so much for
ns. add this yet to their generosity—will they wait
until the Issne of our Record of the Northwestern
Fair, before they conclude, from not finding their
dot ations announced In the Chicago papers, that
•neh gUta have not been received We design, in
a Fair Bulletin, now nearly completed, to record
every donation made to the Fair. If the names of
try contributor* are omitted in that record, as
doubtless they will be. for many contributions
were sent Informally and escaped our most earnest
efforts to have them p&ee through the regular
channels. We shall request an such to unite and
inform ns of the omission, and shah rectify it by
a supplement afterwards published.
Mayacr&s North* as tabs Fact.
We have received complaints from a number of
contributors, that no acknowledgment was pub
lished of their donations. During the Fair oar re
porter* copied from the Secretary’* books every
dsy, as was then thought, complete lists; but in
the hurry of business at that busy stand, probably
a number of names were imint«tiM»ny omitted.
Such as were of Importance, that hare come to our
knowledge, we have published. Hon. Schuyler
Colfax, of South Bend, Ind, with his usual liberal!,
ty, donated SIOO in cash, which has not before
been mentioned. Robert Enoz & Co., of Pitts
burgh, Fm, donated a barrel of carbon oQ (In fancy
cask,) which arrived after the dose of the Fair,
but la Just as gratefully received.
Officers of the Chicago Historical
Socxrtt.—At the annual meeting of the
Historical Society, held on Tuesday erenlng,the
following officers were elected for the ensuing
President—Walter I*. Newberry.
Vice-President*—Hon. William B, Ogden, John
Tonng Scammon.
Treasurer—Dr. F. Scsmmoa.
Becordlng Secretary and Librarian—Her. W.
Corresponding Secretary—E. H. McCagg.
rusxrbss conorm*.
Cooitltntton sad By-Laws,—L N. Arnold. V. H
HDjegint, J. T. SeammOD. T. Hoyne.
S. W- Fuller, W. Barry, B. B. Me-
McCOTStet. W ' L ‘ s!,wbm *- w - n - Brown, C. H.
Library—£. B. XcOss, S. C. Orl&t, E. W.
Nominations—H. Q Loomis, W. Blair. B W.
Investment*—J. Y Scamnoo, JL T. Dickey. E.
B. McCapg.
coxsoTm or research awn corbkstoxdekcx.
Aboriginal History—W. B. Ogden, H. T. Dicker
E. B. McCagg, J. H. Klnale. *
European Dlseorery-W. Barry, M. D. Ogden.
S. W. Fuller, 8., F. Culver. -
Civil History.—W. H* Brown, J. Y. Seaaunon.
J.L Stark,H.H.Marie, W.H.Osborn.
Ecclesiastical.—W. Barry, Bt. Ber. Bishop Dug.
gar, K. H. Clarkson.
Science, Art and Industry—P. Summon, H* A.
John con, J. H. Poster. J. * ’arter. _
Literature—C. Benlly, E. B. Tslcott, H. G. MO
let. W. Bross. ■
City of Chicago—n. Famem, G F.Eumsey,W.
Blair. J H. Dunham, J. Kinxie.
Fine Arts—E B. McCaeg.M. Skinner, W. Bar*
7. 1 N. Arnold. O. F. Buiasey. E. H. Sheldon,
W. 8. Gurnee, W. L. Newberry, D. C. Ely.
Aeotbrr Bold Base Bobbebx.—The bank
ing house of W. Q. Sterling, at WQkesbarre, was
enUred by burglars, s few nights since. The safe %
“a LBlle patent burglar proof," was blown open
by drilling through the “chilled” door, and Insert.
Lrgachargeof powder. The'door was a perfect
wreck, and the explosion was beard la various
parts oflhe town. Only a few hundred dollars were
obtained. A roll of $17,800, which had been placed
in a pigeon hole, was saved by being covered with
the flying cement. No cine was had to the robbers.
BT* The Board of Trade will not meet for
tbs transaction of business to day, and all the
banks win be dosed, as also win most of the
stores of the city. ,
IST The Custom House will be - open for
business to-day (Tbankfglrlng Day,) from 9 a. m.
Tho First Chamber Concert*
•mentor the series of classical concerts, given
by Mrs. E2oss,last\ evening was a floe success,
and attended by a parti/ musical audience, end
one which dees not git op end go bat until it
ought. Since the day of the Briggs House dee*
•Icalcocceris, we bate hed none each as that
last evening; none with eo much of genuine mu
sic or of gmnlce musical appreciation. The con*
cert opened with the string quartet In Q Major
from Mozart—D.*. Jesse], first violin; Holler,
ieeondviolin; Nurnberger, viola; and Balatka,
cello. The Instrumentation was excellent, and
the exquisite harmonies, especially of the anefan
ft, were rendered with great taste and feeling.
Mrs. Slosa followed with the Kherto In B flat, mi
nor from Chapin, which was played so magnifi
cent that the audience called for an encore to
which she replied with the new beautiful Funeral
March from Chapin, and played in a style pecu
liarly htrown, especially in the heavy chords of
the opening and final. Tho piano Itself was a no
hle instrument, and Mrs. K.’s massive, flnn touch
developed resources occasionally almost orches
tral in their effects. In the little interrogative
snatch— uarumf from Schumann, the Spring
song from Mendelsohn, and the Qungaran Melo
dics, the audience bad a touch erher quality in
Ighterand mote plaintive music, moat excellently
The conceit closed with tho trio in 1) minor from
Mendelssohn, and here, as in the opening quartei,
the onefanfs again, received tho finest rendering.
Its smoothly flowingmclodycaught np by theplano
and repeatsd by the almost tones of tho
violin and cello,'then sweeping'along in the full
tide of harmony, was greeted with hearty applause.
Wo hope we shall not be set down as a heretic if
we claim that the two andanUt from Morart and
Mendelssohn as rendered last evening were worth
at least nine-tenths of the concerts ever given here.
We are glad to know that tho series of these con.
certs will prove a success, and Mrs. Eloes deserves
as she will receive, ahaudsomo tribute of gratitude
for furnishing to the lovers of music, the works of
the masters In each an agreeable and artistic shape.
The second concert of the series will be given on
Thursday, December 3d.
Hat a Married Woman m Right to So©
In her own Nome.
The question involving the construction of the
set of 180 “to protect married women Inthetr
separate property,” camcnpbefdre Judge Gary, of
the Superior Court, in chambers yesterdsy. The
act In question is a somewhat sweeping one in its
affect upon the rights of the better portion of crea
tion, and the question raised under It is novel and
Important. Wekaowofcobettcxway of present
ing tbe subject before the Court, with brmity and
completeness, than to give the language of the
Sec. let Be it enacted, &e, That all the prop
erty, both real and personal, belonging to any
woman betcalter married, or which she owns at the
time of her marriage, or which any married wom
an during coverture acquires In good faith, from
at-y peraon, other than her husband, by descent
devise or otherwise, together with all the
rents, issues, Increase and profits thereof, shall*
notwithstanding her marriage, be and remain*
during coverture, her solo and separate property*
utder her telecontrol, end beheld, owned, jm
eemd and enjoyed by her , the same as U she was
sole and unmarried: and shall not be subject to
the disposal, control or Interference of her hus
band, and shall be exempt from execution or
attachment for the debts oi the husband.
Under this statute, Mary E. Baldwin, a married
woman, sued out a writ or forcible detainer
against one O. J. Higgins, who occupies premises
170 Madison street, as the tenant of Mrs. Bald
. win. In the Justice's Court, where the action of
forcible detainer was first brought, the defeuoent
pleaded In abatement that the plaintiff was a
married woman, having a husband living. To this
the plaintiff replied "mat tne premises in ques
tion aro her sole and separate property, held,
owred and possessed by her in her own right,
ss her own separate estate.” To this reply
the defendant demurred, the court overruled the
demurrer, there was s trial and verdict for the
plaintiff a writ of restitution granted and an ap
peal taken.
On the appeal, the Question whether, the legal
remedles’of married women were enlarged by tbe
statute, so as to permit tnem to sue in their own
name for the rente and profits of property held by
them solely was argued at.considerable length.
Judge Gary waa disposed to hold that under the
Statute a married woman could sue in her own
name. He thought that unless that construction
waa given to it, the intention of tne clansea which
say that this property ** shall be owned, possessed
snd enjoyed by ncr, the same as though she was
sole and unmarried; and shall not bo subject to
the disposal, control or Interference of tne hus
band,” would be to a large extent defeated and
rendered nugatory.
If a wife could only sue Jointly, with her hus
band, he might defeat the enjoyment of property
leased to other parties, by refusing to allow b<s
nan e to be used in suits for the collection of rent*
or after judgment be might control, to the injury
of the wife, the proceeds of the execution.
Mr, Hurd, counsel for defendant, suggested that
there were remedies In chancery for the evils
which tbe oonndeslredtoavold. Be thought that
the wife would have the right, at any rate, to use
her husband’s name, ana that the court, if it
became necessary to do so, wools enjoin the hus
band from Interfering with the suit to the injury
of his wife daring Its progress, or with the avails
of it, at its termination. The court, however, was
of tbe opinion that tbe remedies suggested by the
counsel were more circumlocutory tnwn was con
sistent with the intention of a statute so plain
and straightforward as this appeared to bo. The
judgment of the court on tbe demurrer to the
replication waa respondeat ouster against the
Release ox a Habeas Corpus.—Some time,
tarty In the present month, Patrick Leddy, an
Dish laborer, going home from work in the even
ing, had an altercation at the Twelfth street bridge,
wlthMJchael Gibbons, the assistant bridge tend
er. The transition from words to blows, was
speedy. Leddy struck Gibbons and Gibbous re
turned tbe blows with interest, punishing Leddy
severely over the head and face, and fracturing his
jaw. Leddy was taken home, and died in a few
days, some say of pneumonia, but as tbe Coroner’s
jutyseemtohavethooght.of the blows Inflicted
by Gibbons. At any rate, on the 18th, and aa the
result of tbe Inquest, Gibbons was commltud on
a Coroner’s warrant, for the murder of Leddy.
Tbe grand jury summoned to attend upon the pre
sent term of toe SuperlorCourt, after hearing the
testimony, ignor id a bill for murder, but ordered
that the a te sh mid bo transferred to the Record
er’s Court, in order that the grand jury of tint
court,lf in Its opinion the evidence would Justify
it. might find an indictment for manslaughter.
Yesterday morning, D (Driscoll. Esq, counsel for
Gibbons, caused him to be brought before Judge
Williams on xmllothabeaseirpne. The reason
alleged In the petition for the issnldg of the writ,
wss, that the grand jury of tbe Superior Court,
bavlr p, so far as the power to indict was concern
ed, complete Jurisdiction of the whole
matter, their action In it. must be taken as final,
end that as they bad failed to find a bUL the pre
sumption that tbe prisoner had been guilty of no
offence must be deemed a conclusive one, and he
was therefore entitled to his discharge.
Counsel for the Stated’dnot resist the motion
to discharge Iheprisoner, saving that In his opin
ion tbe evidence was not sufficient to convict him
of manslaughter, should he be held for trial. Gib
bons was therefore set at liberty.
Personal.—Lieutenant CoL 0. L. v»nn (
of the 39th Illinois—tbo famous “hero of Fort
Wagner**—!i In tho city. He has been ordered
here by Gen. Gilmore to recruit for Us regiment,
and will open an office in a day or two.
—Brig. Geo. W. 8. Smith, XT. S. volunteers,
well known to many of our citizens, has been ap
pointed byMaJ. Gen. Grant as Chief of Cavalry
for the Military Division of the Mississippi.
The Post- Office will b® closed to-day
from 10 o'clock a, m. tin 0 o'clock p. m.
Amusements To-Day.
At MeVicker'a Theatre two performances win be
given—this afternoon at two o'clock, and in the
evening. Last sight bat one of mi— Jane Coombs.
Arlington, Kelly, Leon A Donnlker’s Minstrels
give a Matinee at 2 o’clock, and also an evening
performance, at Metropolitan!!*!!.
The Varieties Theatre will be open at 3 *nd TV
p. cm, with an attractive bin.
The Holman Opera Troupe at the Museum, pre
sent “The Bohemian Girl,*' at the.afternoon Mati
nee, and la the evening. •
Seller’s Concert Troops, in the New Concert
Ball, Uhllch Block, North Clark street, presents
an attractive programme for the afternoon and
evtnlrg performance*.
Y. M. A, Lecture.— I The lecture at Bryan
BaD, on Friday evening by Bon. Daniel 8. Dick*
Inson, w{Q be one ot rare Interest to onr citizens-
This veteran statesman and orator is dis
tinguished beyond mod men of the dsy for his va
ried accomplishments and ornate oratory;
lecture win be one of the finest exhibitions of
statesmanship and eloquence ever listened to in
the Northwest.
The Tonng Hens* Association* hare been forts*
tale In eecnringhis lecture for the opening ofthelr
winter season.
We predict for them such an andince as has rare*
It been , crowded together in our city. Certain*
Jynolecturer can better delight and Inatractaa
Lectures.—Rer. Prof. W. 8, Blanchard
who has lectured with success and profit to jyce
ucfl aod communities, will lecture In the north
west the present season on the clrll state—its ne*
ceseary importance to dTHixatlou and progress—
the Epochs of liberty—on natlonaly and the min*
tstiy of the beanUfoL Committees who desire,
lectures fitly adspted to the greet crisis and to lit-'
trmry worth wm do secure the ser rices of
Hr. B. who can be addressed at Chicago.
St. Andrew's Societt.—As will be no-
Uced In our adrertlalng columns, the Eighteenth
Anniversary Supper of the Illinois St. Andrew’s
Society takes place st the Briggs House, on Mon.
day ercnlzg next, when the cons of Scotia, ex
as usual, a good time. Procure your tickets
In tine; they are In great demand.
Ban. tor tub Soldier's Howe.—The Jour
neyman Coopers of Chicago hare decided to have
a good time, sad at the same time do something
for the soldiers. * Tbay give a grand ball at Ido.
coin Ball to-morrow (Friday) evening, and dvcote
the entire profits to the Soldier's Home.
Faesett's Photogbaphic Notes.—The
public who are interested in Photographs—and
who is there at this age that la not—will And
something of interest to them in the ** Notes'*
Lom Mr. Fas sett. In another column.
Ferguses* Soldiers' Hour.—There will
be a meeting of those Interested in effecting an
organization for establishing a Permanent Sol
diers* Home, at Bryan Hsß to-morrow (Friday)
tftemoon at half-past two o'clock. This !s an Im
portant matter, and we hope to see a full meeting.
Evert Citzzex is Pbcukurilt : inter*
wstxd.— Those who have not paid their taxes upon
rcaV estate or personal property, win find some
notes of warning in another column which It will
be to their interest to heed. Bee advertisement
headed "Important to Tax Payers,"
S'* The House of Dstld will glye a Thanks
giving Lunch, at half past ten this morning, to
which all of "David's" friend are Invited.
FuMtt’a Photographic Rotes.
Editors Chicago TVlbo&e:
With your persuasion, I will use yonrcolnmcs
to comm uni cate a few facte of interest to my pat
tone and frltnde, and explain to them and the
commoslty seLcralijr why I do sot make my
Cartes de visile end other pictures for the same
price as others ofmyprofetston; sod In doing so
shall sot ignore the feelings or Interests of soy of
mybutbrrpbotographeie. •
*CheepPictures " are Just as aecesasiy
ruecityol this size, as cheap clothing, Jewelry*
Ac .Ac. Ton must not expect them to last for,
*U time. But then they do their part towards ere*
atiog a taste and fondness for'something higher
inert. A person going to a cheep Tailor to get a
►nit of clothes, does sot expect to get the t'p
’op" of the fashion, hot that t&Qor <Toee the very
6eriheknoffehow,andonghtto have the credit
of It.
Second.—lt has always been my aim toprodnee
m oood pictures as could be made In this: country
or In .Europe, and In order to do this and rank
among the first of my profession. It has cost me
much time, travel and money. Within the last
eighteen months I here brought from New York,
i.t my own expense elr/rri cUut Photographers,
—nun that stand preeminent In their profession.
Third —To produce good pictures, great care is
required in the selection of chemicals, which must
necessarily be ofthe purest, and many are prepared
for my especial use. Negatives for photographs
are taken first upon glass-end for brilliant effects
Itmust be of the finest quality. I use the beat that
can be procured, which at present la very expen
sive, as are all the materials used In producing
flee pictures. •
Fom rth—l preserve all my negatives—and hare
now on hand about ton thousand, which, to be
numbered, kept In their proper places, and han
dled -with care, requires a great deal of time and
attention, and a capable person to take charge of
them. Persons haring pictures taken by me, can
procure duplicates five or ten years hence. -Tbla
care has already proved invaluable to many per
sons who have lost friends by sickness or on the
Lastly, InJUUngnp my gallery, I hive spared
no expense In making It a place of reeort for
patrons and friends, people ofenltnrc and refine*
ment, who might feel a sort of Interest in cve.-y
Elclnre decorating Us walls—a home inferett— as
else the work of Westers artists. And so kind
friends, yon see why 1 ask a fair remuneration for
my labor, that I may continue to make progress
and Improvements as fast as this great and grow*
irg ace demands—to be, in a word, a live photo
groiher. Ko one atocan supply the demand for
tbcbeasUfnl in the •wonderful art of making sun
pictures. Truly yours, 8. H. Fassxtt.
A Correction*
Ed irons Tiubutte—l was greatly surprised to
Cad in your Issue of yestcrdayZonder the heading.
“The Chicago Sabbath School Union—Doctrine of
Human Depravity,” sentiments ascribed to me
which I not only Old not utter, hut which, during
a ministry of t eventccn years, I have ever most
earnestly combatted. • One of the speakers present
did otter whatmlaht be construed into s denial of
the doctrine of native depravity, but from which
denial I doubt not even he would .shrink upon ma
ture reflection. Yours, Ac-, . W. W.Harsha.
Christian Commission—Change or Meet*
ikq.—The meeting of the Christian Conmasioa
will be held at the First Baptist Church at 3j£
o’clcck this afternoon, and sot at Metropolitan
Hall, as erroneously announced In tbo evening pa*
per yesterday.
Central Seating Pare.—The present
cold weather will soon form lec, and we‘shall see
the signs up, “Good skating to day.” Hr. Caryl
Tonrg is making arrangements to open the .over
popular Central Park (on Michigan avenue,just
tenth of 12th street,) and to have It In the best
order, for the reception of tho steel-dads, •
Boardman & Gray’s Plano’s*
The many friends of the Boardman ft Gray
Plano Forte will be pleased to learn that this ex*
rollent Instrument is again to bo Introduced to
their favorable notice. Messrs. Richards ft Bob
bins, baring opened spacious and elegant rooms
for this purpose, at No. 89 Washington street.
Messrs, B. ft Q. hare of late made many valua
ble Improrements In their Pianos, the principal
of which wenotlco astbelrlron frame and run,
cast In one solid plate, and insulated from contact
with tbe sounding board and ribrating parts. By
this new principle the entire strain of tne strings
(about nine tons) Is sustained within a solid
iron frame whlsh cannot expand and
contract (as In tho wooden instru
ments) with any slight change in tho
w< alher. so incidental to their climate, end which
very seriously affects and injures the tone, and re
gain s constant tuning to keep them in order. The
true of the instrument ranges from the sweet
dulcet strains (of the Aeolian hup
to tbo rich and powerful notes of the organs.
Excelling in brilliancy and melody tho "stein
way” or any other. They are substantially made
of the bcstmatorials, and their elegant style and
superiority of finish axe unequalled. We advise
all to go and see them.
Diseases of the Throat* Heart and
Dra. Robert and James Hunter, of New York,
devote their exclusive attention to the treatment
of diseases of tho Throat, Heart and Lungs.
Office In Chicago, 8 Washington strdet, between
Clark and Dearborn. Office boars from 10 a. m.
to &p m. Address Drs. B. ft James Hunter, box
No, 6,919. p029 R3T3-5t
Scbscriftion* for ISCl.—John R. Walsh is
prepared to supply all the magazines for 1861, at
lees than publisher*’ prices. Hamper and Atlantic,
$2 50: Godcy, $2.28, and all others at prices
equally low. Comer of Madison street and Cos-
Honso Place.
|3f Brown's Bronchial Tro:hos, for Colds,
roughs, Pulmonary and Asthmatic troubles, are
highly recommended and prescribed by phyel
clana and Surgeons in the army.
(3The “Nitrous Oxyd Gas ” as} administered
by Dr. O. C. Hanson at the dental rooms of Dr. T.
P, Abell, 144 Lake street, fully equals all expec
tations that have been formed of it for the palmess
extraction of teeth, surely no ono should suffer
with aching teeth, forall subjected to thelifluence
of Nitrons Oxyd, speak in tbe highest terms of
its effects. Dentists desiring Information as to Us
use, would do well to address Dr. Munson.
nov20 1&6O It,
TaAKESOivxNO Boinxz.—Tbe usual Thanksgiv
ing Soiree ot tbo Academy will beheld Thanksgiv
ing evening. Patrons or the Academy and their
friends are cordially invited.
50!5r456-St J. Edwin Martin*.
Grintlatss Stx Lids.—Having carefully in
vcstlyated the subject for many years. I find that
four-fifths of all cases of impaired vision can be
faced lo this cause, and would ttrouely advise aU
poisons suffering from this disease to attend to it
m the early stages, and thus prevent irreparable
carnage to the eye.
J. B.W>lk*r,H. D.,Oecnllst,
Office 117 Sooth Clarkatreet, Chicago.
covS4r44l-8t •
A Nkw PinruMX ron the Handkxbchief Ex*
Night Bloomloff Cereas
Night Blooming Cerea*.
Night Blooming Cerons.
Night Blooming Ccrcus.
Night Blooming Ccrcns.
Night Blooming Cereua.
Msht Blooming Ccreus,
Almost exquisite, delicate and fragrant per*
Inme, distilled from the rare and beautiful flower
troin which It takes Us name.
Manufactured only by _ Piuxon A Son,
bxwari or cocntuitotb.
ask roaruALOK's—Tams sooTnxn.
nSS-tSIC-lm Sold by Druggists generally.
Economise S
Economise by Dyeing yonr castoff Garments
and Trimmings with the Vomettic 40 differ*
ent fastcolors, including all the new and fashions
ble shades. Price only 15 or SO cents per package.
See samples of colon atthe Druggists.
Ladiss' Pent Pros.—Brewster, trader the Sher
man Boose, has a most complete and varied as
eotiment of capes, half capes, collars. Eoganlas,
dtc.. Ac., In mink, royal ermine, fitch, French
tabic, and tbe lower grades of fan for ladles’
wear—all of which are manufactured in the best
possible taste. We advise oar lady friends to ex
amineßrewster's superior slock. aoT&r3S34t
0T An entire sew stock of Ots Fixtures of tbe
Ute st psterns. Portables, Drop Llgbts.Shades, ACm
Gas and Steam fitting. Jobbing promptly attended
to, Wrought Iron Pipes, Fittings and Plumber's
nwterUia for sale.
Psrziuoy A Parmtsoy,
88 Washington street.
GoTDiHSßest—Gotoßktabt AStsattoiTs
Cccapo ComfraniL Comai, to get a thorough
practical buslneu education. For circular* ad
drew feneloelsz stamps) BBiazi A Btaattov,
Chicago, Illinois, ______
street,!« celling
Paper Hangings and Window Shades at New York
prices, at wholesale and retail. The trade sup
plied on the most liberal terms. oc39p3«4if
WrD3r**DAT iTMUtt. Kor. 2S, J36S.
Ttepresscreapoo the banks to-day for mosey has
cot been tobeaTy, consequent npon the gwtiHay 0 f
the markets by the decline la gold. Correacy, how*
CTtr, it atm rery dote and the demand Cor It Car la ex*
Tbe boylof price of Sew Tork Excbasge Is KOM
d!acotmt.asdthe MOta* rate tm qofce nnUorm at
par. aome perhaps settlac#. Tbedemaal li good.
Tbe good netra from the Amy of the Coabcriaad
bu tlren cold a ramble. Tbe opening rate la Kev
Torkvasat 9 a.m. 120; 10.119; u, 113# s lUQ,U3X«
ilsL.inM.andtttoUdoiraaalovaaltS#. Wo refer
to otir late dUpatclee for tbe clotins rates. Tba mar
ket here wai decidedly •* pialcy," opealag at IIS aad
•eUesdovaaalov aallt.
SOrer lOBetS. Legal leader cotes not n firm.
Bajlag MX x tellißg S9H>
'At cncaxarr-Sopply of currency lower, while
tne demand for loans is soma larger. Market ua.
towavar. for good commercial paper, banters tnp
pniog tnttrregolar enstomers at «33percent, on
ojier paper, i» the cuttide market.tne range wasß9
U percent. „
a Uossrat Natxoval Bask.—A. meeting of mer
chants. capitalist! and bankers took place wn Friday
•vetii g at the Fifth arcane Hotel. Sew York, to or
ganise ana tonal bask ta teat city with a capital of
afty minioea oi deHart. The Object cf the conte m
pUteo back, a- stated by Boa. Bogb MoCu loch. Q»-
trokcrol tee Cirrency.wto made a lengthy speeca
cn the oecacon.waathattbe national banks org»nlzed
aid abcat to be established would require cones
pendents in Bew York, and the prongcnj of
ibe set were sneb that it wni very desirable if not
aheoimely necessary. that th»*e correspoed»atj
tbe aid also be national banks, inasmuch as threafifibs
of the laafhl money to be kept on hand by the nation
al banks might he keptmttb sneb depositaries In New
dork aad certain other cffl'S. The national banks cf
the interior would constantly hare on deposit, with
thecorrespondent* In New York, many millions of
eo lam. and a banc established by sneb gentlemen as
were present would be very certain to secure a large
pottlon of these deposit*. He assured bU hearers that
the scheme was comututlonal. and that the organiza
tion of the bank wi a matter of eeen concern to the
Government and to the national bub generally. Tne
meeting agreed to organize the bank, and to open
hooka ft receive tnbeenpUoas to its capital stock.
Baxx Itbul—wniUm IL Allen, who hu been Pre
* of tre Mechanic* Baak, since Ua orzißlxatloala
•JCS. dM at Us residence ta Ourdaxtaa,7T. J„oath«
—The Tint National Bank, of Phladelnhla,has la*
created Its capital at' ck from tlSo.wn s • svaoco, aal
imposes to make* further lacre*»e to *l.ooo^oo.
—The stock of a Katie cal Baak baa beea taken op la
ttm Gmomie, Penn.
Cotmaararra.—'The following U a Hit of &ev
conttertclU and altered bank aotei detected la drear
Urton dmtojc the week ending Not. X. t«o : .
Bererty Bank, Bererly. Mask-S*. sparlons. VI r.
depot and train or cuii cronpoCchtldrca, Son right:
portrait and Three left. • . ■ *
Traden*Bank,rrorldeace,B. I **6*» altered. Vie.
farmer potutncsalQ topics: portrait of CUt on left.
Jiew Hares Bank, Coon.—iMsluttoa. Vic.aaUor
•eaied on a barrel. vltn spyglass, looking at Teasels at
seat female portrait to tkenght. _
Ctoeater Bask, If. T.— 2a, lmitation. Vic. female,
shield and taxi- x right end. female standing i tare end.
State die, Shading or “Chester Bank*' and “Fire
DoQara/'heaTT ana black, vbOe the genuine shading
U barely perceptible.'
Kingston Bank. Elnritoo, K. T.-Jd, Imitation. VJjr,
State ana*, ran and ship In xUilaoce - Ofi right Mid, V
—left cte, \ —left end Fit* Doixaxs.
Bank of Beneea Fall*, K. T,—Sa, Imitation. Vic.
UUeoxba&k.beaiorWaihloctoQ to runt,ueaoamp
tolefl:oetbcrlct>t«B<*,s,im>to(womanwltn tickle
arc ibttl; left et>d,3, state arma. Oaaeral appearance
w«»tmi Before Bask.Ohlo-Ba, dated An* 13.1865,
Tbe ume r-late a> tke *aanko(G«acga,' Otlo.wnicfi
via *> estrr lively calculated tome time are ; in cen
ire 1 1 ibe bill a larks Sr ft female altuated between toe
- fgoatorta. At the n»bt end bnst.<«ltb a fijare B
»i ore a>d the word w flTO** below. At theleft end la a
. coat of snaa n Ith a Azores above and the word * five*
below. Upper riant end female flgur* and upper left
Drorm* Back. Colombia, Ind.—li, 3a and 5i are In
< Imitation no anch bank. fraud.
Sew York Hindi urf Bnnnr dlufcet—Nor.23.
. MrneyiteadTtndactlTeatTVcent.
l Pterllnr exchanee lower, doll and nominal 1633
l(tH> • .
ucld Coll and decidedly lower—one nlng at USX*. de
ciding lo H6*. doling qolct «117 X. ■
Gorenmeu atoeka octet and Ann. Ko aeeond
beard to-day.
VTxejtvsdxt evurzHo, Nor. 85, I?S3.
The following table shows (be receieu and ship*
menu fluxing the past twenty-four hours;
ucxtPTS vet zjlst twmtt-voux norms.
Flour. Wheat. Com, Oats, Bye. Frlv
_ PrU. bn, bn. bn. bo. tm.
Cana! ...
eacuau.... Ira hot itss iqoo set ni
8188 * 7TO aoa SIM JOS - " *!:
niCBB. 1350 asso sioo coo .. !!!!
SSARPB.—* »» 56:0 <sva ixo !..I
BWBB 250 3500 .... MO .. *M
AABtLBR.... SSO 970 B0 MS**”!
Cm. Air Lise.... .... ' ItCO ....
Total 8103 33937 13131 33117 JtS U33
• eras* Live Bra'd Bees ' Tal-
Beed. Bovs. Hcgs. cnie. Bides low.
Cana! V* *°* ** Ko *
OSSCUBBr..*.* 6MO CM 209 721 79W ****
uIBB. „„ tm ”
niCBB 1900 as s 1033 ”«
N W Bit 750 40S S5 70 1100 260
AABtLRB 1610 5,...
da. Air Line... .... .... „„ , fit ••••
TOtaL~_..... 23339 Sift *895 581 99978 7333
Flour, Wheat, Com. Oat*. Bye. Barf*
To Gcflertth a'so % H > »"•.
To other p0m.... • 60 * 1200 ****
21*0 1800 .... ““
- The decline in gold caused a general stampede In
the markets, and prices of nearly every snide have
declined. The shipping demand (Or produce u now
about over, and the speculative demand la almoit en*
tirel y regulated by the Quotations of gold In the New
York market.
Provisions to-day were don and heavy, and we have
to note a decline of UQHc on lard-wlth sales of only
630 tres at a range of UKetSc for prim 0 Leaf, and lie
fbrKod. At the close holders were offering prime
city Leaf freely at 11 Sfe without buyers. Mesa Pork
was dall-especislly new, which was offered at |l7 50,
without buyers.' There is, however, some Inquiry for
ola Men Pork; and we cote talcs oflJKObrls last
night andto-day at tu.oo—purchased principally on
Canadian account. There was a limited demand for
Short Clear Mlddltt, and we note tales of soo boxes at
*9.SO?9 X. Green Hams were In limited demand and
dull at Bc, at which price we note tales of 5,000 pcs—
from the block. A lot oflhOCO pea Green Shoulders
changed bands at life dil. Grease .was leas active to
cay, and the market was a shade easier - with sales of
White at We'; Yellow, at 9g9Ke; and Brown at
Drtssed Hogs closed decidedly lower-the sales
ranglngfrom ss2so6.37#—buyers attbe close rein*lug
to pay dftr $6 5J for tne hist weights.
The Flour market was lees active and weaker-wlth
islet of only about IL7OO brls, at $7.00 for good White
Winter t $450 torWtoterSapers; $3 2505.73 forSprlng
Extra* and Spring Superfine.
Wheat suffered a further decline of lol#e V bn—
with tales of only abent 70,0(0 bn, at |l.C9K®l.u for
No 1 Spring t slosHott6\'c for No S Spring; and&[email protected]
slolk for Rejected Sprtog-tho market closing quiet
andnomlnalatfUO# lor No l,aad $1.05# for No 3
Cora was In limited demand and tbe market fell 29
3c pbn-wlih sales of only about 25,000 bn at 97999 c
for No 2, and 9Se fbr No 3ln ttore—the market closing
Oe's declined l#c Vbu-with sales of only about
75,C00 bu at 65#066#c for Nol, and 51c for No 2ln
store. At tbe close tbe demand was limited and the
tendency waa downwards-sellers offering No l at 66c,
without buyers.
Rye declined 495 c V bu-wPUight sales of No 1 at
There was ratter more Inquiry for Barley and the
market advanced 303 c V bn—with sales of No 3 at
Blgbwines wire In fair demand and steady ot 57c, at
which price we note sales of 660 brls.
Tbe market for Carbon Oil Is very dull and prices
have again decllued-prlme white In round lota being
told to-day at;«k94oc. There la nodemandforStraw
Oils, and the market is entirely nominal.
There is very light freight offering, and we note only
one engagement at 10c for wheat to Buffalo.
The propellers today refused to engage any more
relght—and rates by them are therefore entirely
la Hogs the receipts daring the day amount to
stout; is.ono, and the: en'ered sales to 17,808, at prlcts
ranging from $4 2505.60; tbe bulk of which hare,
however,been qude at $4 7595 25 per 100 as. Taere
Las been • considerable abatcmentjlu tbe general ac
tivity of the sarkft packers especially are Indisposed
to concede the preset.; rates; this* together with an
unntnal scarcity of enmney, have had the effector
reducing our prevloea quotation 2Se on medium, and
12c' on prime qualities. In Beef cattle. the market
bat been more active and prices have ruled very
steady and firm at former quotations. Tbe receipts
fer the day amount to about 1,100 head, and tbe enter*
ed tales to SSI, at price* ranging from $2,509$ UX),
Flonr and Groin In Store.
In our statement of Flour and Grain In Store In
this comug'a paper. Bye should have bten 117,212
battel#, and bnloy 60 S3 bushels.
Thanksgiving Day.
There wQI be no meeting on *Chsnge today and
therswUlbe no market reports.
Albany Live Stock Market—Nov. 23,
Bzzvsa-Althongb the rapulyts scarcely equal to
the weekly average, the market it heavy. Tee damn,
cuagreeable seathtr.aad the mean coudltiou of the
treater rortlon of the stock on sale discouraged trade.
Ilclden of tbe scallawag droves (and they were nu
merous.) preseed the market for bids and generally
took tbe first offer, while the few who brought to
craves of prime ani extra qualities, iuslsteiupon
higher prlces-priees that t'.e New York and Eastern
markets would sot Ju»afy, and tne result was few
sales. Most of the cattle going from here to New
York this week will be to toe bauds or comml-tlon
men. as the speculator* are airald to make any exten
sive ventures. The Brighton trade lait week was dull,
sue as a consequence a less number will be taken la
fbat oirection. We t sve ludicated a slight advance
on tbe best grades, which, owing to their scarcity, are
In brisk request.
Tne cattle lo Qe different yards are tram the several
States and Canada In the iollowlng numbers:
From New Y0rk...... 6931 From Kentucky. 71
Illinois. S3l Causes 7u
Indiana.... 5351 lowa ... 69
Ohio 3931 Pennsylvania...
Michigan 10181 —-
Pwcts—UwiU’be seen that there Is scarcely any
change In pr ces:
This week. Last week.
Premium Of too &■) $o aca „ s.a..
Extra... S.7TU6JQ 570960)
First quality.
T(.lrd quality 2AO9SAO 3A09L09
Hoos—Are plenty, tbe demand having slackened
somewhat, owing to the mild weather. During the
week prices have ranged from Birf toSKcft a. for
light ordinary to heavy, fancy State and western com
Utt. Receipts at East Albany, for the week, about
The Oil Trade orPenDsylntnia.
The quantity of oil produced annually from the
Pneniylyanla oil wells Is estimated at from l.Ooc.QOOto
I JCO.COO barrel*. The weila baye been pro tnclns a;
this rate for about three jean. Darios this period
me price of on has ranged from twenty.flya cent* to
seven ooDsn per banel at the wells Tbeptodnclnz
portion of Oil Creek valley I* a flu eighty rods wile,
extend'* from tne month of Oil creek to Titutrllle. a
distance of sarenteeu miles. Noollofany hoesequeace
has been proenced at a greater distance from Oh City
than ten mil's. Appearances indicate that at tome
remote period tbla wools flat was a manh. The oil
wel b avenge from four hunarao and Any to flee hen*
dred feetlader-th. The capacity of the welt* mir be
Judged from me fact.tnatfrorn the Maple abate well
nave flowed for some time past one thousand barrels
of oil per cay. Xearly hair a million doDars worth of
oil baa been ukea from tbe well alone. Tne present
population of Oil Cre-fc and the coatlguons vmaze* 1«
animated at ten thousand soul*. The anober of oil
remerlet In OH cu* 1* forty, acdmanjmorearebetnz
constructed.—Oil City Register,
Review of the New York Grocery Market.
[From the N.Y. Mopping list, 2M.J
. Corrxx—Theactivityaal excitement noilcel In our
Imi has subsided, out the market remains extremely
Oim.asd as bolters offer their reduced stocks quite
sparingly, sery fall If notlmprOTct prices save been
realized.flosiog buoyantly, the tendency belir ns
wsrd. Anlonraseofeatyat the next session orCre
gressbealnaagalntobeacltate'.soiU Is thought by
semethat the receu large percbascs by tbe Govern
eu nt were to view of is probability. The stl-s la
clace2hSSbagsßlo.perneßryinu.ne. at 82c-*67-co
prtmeaadcholcv.SlttSfHet 8«do sklannlar*.«/- : 200
mats Jars 40c; i.wO bags Maracaibo, a ao
gosttxrs, UKr;»4 Triage Laroayra. part. U not all.
ARC usual rHcooat; w9 Bt.ltotmago, part. 2»r; 43
mats Jars,2Bc;6oafandqrbales Mocha.and6m>*zs
Cellos, on terms sot maoe public.
Tza. The auction tale of yesterday, which has been
the ctlef feature of Interest this w««fc. paasei off with
goodstKltatfaUpricesfarGreen. an* as la pro ro
xentofgaSeon Oolong. Atnriratg thereha« been a
fMrdemand. csrketclcse* flntlyj tie sslei
a't LKfl hfcLests Oreen. aw eo. inEugUstx'order.liM
Souchong, ana 3/co Owlssg. a poriou from second
for beea doll Here
oaru«c,tmveßotie«eesoaiie4 finnaeas-and with
* UtHelocraue off«n«aa > w«rt>y, there wu i cor*
rupotsißi naproremeat la valae*. ciotlsr ctroar.
tteoflcrtag t»eUg Myat. Ksflcei ItaUorery firm,
■ IthontacrnmaUtiosofttock. Mettrt fitoart’t orl*
MiaUlbetoaaaoa oar tecool pact; toeotserre*
liten qaote Hard, KKdiTK cents: soft Waite.
15K8IW: aad jeDow 1IH8&VC ca«£ The tales of
rawarei,Whhdt Coda at itKaiSet 9rlartfle i do at
M «V»“* c * 651 orieaa* it
aod Lilt bxi Karan* at 138 uc. 4moatht,
igrarQoa*-*S3O nbdi scir Orleans toll at 9U 918
.. m " t '<!' iMMre, wits > aoimtt
ucmanq, tat bolters are llna,aoi there it no change
to Botice ta pricei. Tte tales Include 19 hue# pono
Rko, part at «8t0c: «2 thds, 39 tea and St fim CaOa
MOKOTado. cart flgMt* and 459 Brit aal 45 tfdo Kev
Orttans.SOttiOe, iinot, By anctJon-t» brlt aae S3 hf
*.o tew crop N> w Orleam sou at 7t875c: aadSHbrls
old crop co at tSKBU.Sc, I mot.
Etrlfw of the Boston Ciocery Slirket.
(From the Commercial Bolledo, Not. zddj
Sroan-Tbe market Uarm at the late advance, but
▼O7 quiet. m extreme rate*, and approach of mu)o
lor receipt of sew crop, teal to coecK operaioss.
dales of 400 bxs Cuba ye low. Not U to is, stKAISc.
{not 1 400 bbds 8 arista, to arrive. at tlo, cash ia do
Cuba Muscovado, to bond. on private terms? im da
**o. rroceij. at 13 jfr. aad 40 do do at tike. Smooths,
he fined to fan arc sellloe at l«c for ernibe 3, powder*
«d and granulated aad llOifiXc for coffee crumbed.
Ootti*—Tte supply©! this article is probably small
er than at any previous period wuhto the memory of
the present mercantile geaerailos, aad st .cfca have al
most entirely disappeared trom first hands, la Sl
Domingo, sales ISO bap Port aa Prince at »Hc, caw,
row bud higher, and for Cane 33c Is asked. email lots
ofJavasoldattdeV b.easb. Tbe New York stock In
first bands has been reduced to the unprecedentedly
low figure of t5J300 pkgs of an descriptions.
Cmcxorr—Sales SO.OCO as at fiXOfie, nod smaller
lots at 6c P a, cash.
Sue**-An to port ol 431 tea white peppertold at
14c.c*a&,labono;K0 tec* buck oa Prtrate term*;
*mall lot* ootmegt as abase, cub; mat* Cuilr,
on ntnu terms; SO mat* co, ise^csth.
T*a«— The market tea tees Terr qolet with do
change la prim mm lut week. Ooloan are held
Lrmlr at for Air to good can». Soochoogv
i ala la boso of wood eomsoa at Mafic. Green*—
there Übot a eiUbt boilsett doing ret price* are rtrr
Him. SalaSMbfeb Yoanr Hj>oacolored Japaae at
U«93c. At tae anctloo sale in Sew York, on Frida?,
tee teat, cotb green and black. brooght fan market
rate* and aearlj all toll.
Boston Hide JlarkM-Xor, 'i3<
[From the Com. Bulletin.]
Tte market here la steady vita a moderate demand.
iboßtti a tUeirt ixaproremeat la reported la New York.
Sales «o Buenos Arraa atkSKcj sjMdo USe# Yore
at aaoife: 1,300 Central American at Sdcj too western
dry at He, aod Tie for Bent and bearr: western
vctraltea at Umc: «j»ißa*alat asetjS,«oZauinar
aa Sc rath, la E*lem, tales of 10.« OB Blmud at
»Kc with 7 n cent, cell* at two-thlnli price. laC*b
estia bit es there bare been sales of 23 Dales cow at
2Sc lor eeaa erneo and 80c for slaoxhter.
The Fore leu Korkets* 1
Lrmroox* Nor. 11, tao.
Coxtox—Sales of the veekajtoohalce. The market
opened to-day at an adraace or XdKd, trat snbee
qnently lost-clostag Irregular. Bales to*lap,
Sales—closing octet.
BtiiD»rtjT». t teady. Floor steady at IHBh.
tiheatibm: red'vcatern Taasii; reitosth rafti 6i
ofe9i. Corn steady at 2fs SdOSa 61 tor mlxel.
PsoriNoa*- Quiet aar steapy. BeeflaactlTe. Pork
quiet and steady, i<acon sail oeellnlnc. „
Pxourcn- Market Quiet ana itean. Batter Ann.
Lara itSTs 6d«*Cs. Ta lo» <2aatSs td.
PknoLinn—Flat and trregmar.
BEEADFrcry*—Tbmer end adrsncedkMmta.
Gsocnocs-Coffee caster aadnreguur. Tea steady.
P»on» itwr*- inmctlre.
Americas feturUtes •teafij: uies small. Oomjli
Etotiho, Not. 85,150.
satlonea aDovnkllj brUk
4a of staples bare a a light
i Sheetings are Very scarce
sat la price of He on Stand*
being dost 40s. ‘ Prints are
le: 1
TbeDryGoodmarket ct
and price* of nearly ill Wat
ap« art tendency; Brown i
end veaeteanlmprovemei
■rtf,—tht ruling figure b
steady and firm. ‘We Quoit
| Korthweaters
nnowK unmKos.
Lawrence....... 40
biaito, 4-4 ■ , 40 i
Appleton... 1-4 ’. 40
Medford .4-4 BMf
loulan Head.4-4 40
* .8-4 > . JIW
Maesachu.'ta.S 4 37*
” .4 4 85
Trcmoot... .8-4 , 37H
- 4*4 S4
Cabot, A. -- .4-4 »S
Atlantic, N.. 8 4 21
“ K..4-4- 38
Amoakeg. 59
1 Y0rk...;....’,,,, 87J<
I Manchester *.. MH
I Eagle 42K
Oxford 43K
i Bine H1H,..............43}<
0t1a...» ........ 4 i
Jewett City. BSIS
8ri5t01...... .....as
Napoleon....*. w
Colombia Dro... SO
Washington. 87 H
A1bany...171...! 35
Charter Oak. 20
•• Alla-i • so
Anu*keag...4-t • 40
f ....i. . i i.
Sbawmut ....4*4 . 40
Carrol. 4*4 *0
Salmon FaDa4-4 40
GU boa. 4 4 . 28
Ozark. 4-4 40
TbamesßlTer4-4 83
Perkins, D...8-4 2iw
Globe s-i 28
o!aD«DtoUc3-t 2&H
E. .; ' so
York.. 45
Jewett City...... ss
Wblueoton, BIK
Uoeasmie S?k
Fall#, 8.. 35
MUlbory. 31
Penn Treaty. »K
Shetueket 80
Boaaoke 2iK
Albany 20
Delaware..... 90 '
. " q.* I'. S3
Great Fa118,M!1......28
- K.........30
m i..v.r.v.*/.3i
Indl&nOrcb’d.C, a
• “ - *n. st
“ “88. 30
Baodolrih .25
LOSan Mill .23
Columbia, 40 30
„ *• iso, sa>4
North Amet lean '.... .*.35
AN0.L...N0.120 ....SS
** ** ....No. 130 37H
** ** 7?' KU
Boat Mm*, n.... 25
** *o!" 28
Bartlett. SMnch .81
** 40 “
Dwl£bt. L S3
Batea.lL 88
rortimoaih. P, 16K
Katnnkeaff.B ....SO
Napoleon SO
I XL St*
Constitution 22H
A(awan.F..4-4 83
■Warren SO
Fern Rock S7K
Carlisle Sttf-
Kennebec 40
Eavrmui .jstf
■Washington bleached.SJM
Amoakeag a..
** , B .
N.Y.MU1*...,4-4 41
Wam*ntta...4-4 S3
.Lonsdale 4.4 8S
11111 l Smldem7-8 80
Bartlettß„,.,7-8 27K
■ “ «... 4-4 82
wnilimrrtiiet 4 ss i
Pay Ma1a.!..4-4 St I
Warregan...,7-8 33
_ “ ....4*4 84
Waltham; N. ;. 23
Hedßank....7-8 23
Hamilton,* Q.S4 ISV
I > orumUi,i?.3-4 I~H
Lewis Uver 18
Aurora .7*B U
Atlas •27 I
nope Mills 13Y
I)non 4-4 S3
White Koch.4-4 83
•• D*.*.*.* 47K
York.Bo.ladi.... B7K
•• Si *• .... 60
Hamilton regnl’r 47
“ D...... 43
PembertonXL.. S7K
1 Pemberton A
Palmer Co , J< ...40
Conestega, C. C. A,X!S
Ainany...! ra
Manchester..,.*.. 'Tin
Massachusetts ... .40
, cossrr jxasa.
Laconia * OS
Bates 25
Zooiaa Orchard. 23«
Androscogln..... 29
Satina Twi11.... ' 82
Leehton as
Pemberton ,35
Qlasgov ....35
. nnowir DRILLS.
Amotkea* 40
Balia cm Fa11a.... 40
Mavaehitaetta... «a
• „ de uma.
Hamilton, dart.. ao
Pacific. ” so
Vaecbeeter.d'k. 30
Peps . 83
Rock River.
Cllßten.... 27
Laaeaater 36
Maactester 2i
Ever-tt 67K
Farmers and Meehan*
tcs.... 67H
Merrimack. ■ 23
Cocheco „ 33
I’adfic 21
Spragues 21
Bunnell's 30K
Richmond si
Saunders. 90K&31
Amsrlcan 3o#oai
Amo»keag 30 OSI
Lowell 19K
Fancy brands...l 2 914
Hamfltotu .22
A11en'5........ so
tvame»n'ta .is# 1
Star A Mathews 18
Waltham J7#
Host. I7K
Naomkeag.. 17k 1
Pemberton. 11k
MontvlUe.,.. 16K ;
Dnchfes.B 17#
Stark .
Coats Spool Co;*
ton.. 91.00
Clarlrt 935
Stuart's; 93s
wnumantie 990
Stafford 8r05.... 930
victoria 013#
White Skein ut.69
Assorted skein... 91.00
Chicago sw.oo
Heavy ... 22 SO
Cotton Yarns.. ai.a»
Twix* „M 01 00
Kt.JxANS 40 950
SiTiNrmj so 91.U
HOGS—Tbo receipts at tbe various yards during
the day amount to about 18,(00 Hogs, and the entered
sales to 17,908, at prices ranging from $12505.50 PiOO
&s. The bulk of sales have bee made at $4.7595.25
Then has been less, activity in the market, and we
note a decline (Tom yesterday's quotations ot 15c on
prime Hogs, and of 25eon medium and lower quail*
ties. There is a strong feeling expressed and
acted upon by most of our packers that prices are at
present unreasonably high, several have consequently
almost withdrawn from the market, and others are
buylrg very sparingly, fully anticipating lower rates.
In shipping there baa been a air demand, the(advlees
from New York and other Eastern markets are so far
favorable as to Induce larger shipments, which has to
tome extent kept up prices here more than would
otherwise have been the case. There la a large num
ber of bogs still unsold In the yards.
M. Tabor bought at Sherman's Tarda 53. av.311. at
HtU; 340. av. SO, at tl 531 52. mv 23*. at $5.00; 84, aw.
211, at $4.90: Cl, OV. 207. at sls*; ias, av, 250. at $5 Hk CJ.
av.Sso.at n A ;U5. av. 2*l, at $1 &); 51. av. 2CS.at #420;
43, av. 3M at $5 S3: :09, av. 2 GO. at $5.00; 49, av. 283. at
$3.60; 388, av. St, at $5.23; 169, ar 293. at U 50; 306, av.
*33, at $5 Wt (B, av. 231. at $5.00; SBO, av. 240, at $510; 5".
av. 215, at $4 601 151, av 210, at $l6O ; 115, av. 20*, at
stSo7«o,av 25j,at$S.4S.
Totey « Booth bought at Sherman's Yards, 42 av
37ltt$A25; 107av213at55.00. MorphyA-’o bought
56 SV|3II at sslOl 34 av 291 at $5.30; 170 av 270 at $5 50;
l!0av SSI at $5.10.
W M Tlloen bought at the Fort Wayne Yards. 463
av247at $2,90b 482 av24l at $190; 1(1 av 329 at $4 90.
J Huntley bought £9 av 208 at $4.75; 336 av 243 at
SSI2X: S3 av2u9 at $4.70; 54 av 303 at $163; 500 av 240
at|sCo. Holden A Perkins 53 at 2tl at fs2i>. Steele A
Co 97 av 241 at $4 25 1106 *V 2€3 at $5.43.
Coffman bought at the Fort Wajne Yards 323. av.
224, at $5.00:113, av 209, at $4,73. Holms* bought 51,
av 250. at $4.60; 46. av: 231, at $5.25. Barbacb di
KrelghbougbtS64,av. SIS, at $5.00; 203, av. 232, at
SSOO. Herb 177, *v 232, at $1.55. .
Nash bought at the Southern Yards 01. av. 259. at
$515155, av.9o\at s*.6o; 232.av.233,at $5 00; 139,av.
ISS. at $4 55; 103, av. *34. at $5 CO; 115, av. 233. at $5 351
57, av. 245. at $5 IS. Frye A Co. told 825, av. 2fl. at
55.45; 80, ar. 167. at $425; 115. av. 253, at SSJ2S. Fa*
vorlte A Sou bought 46, ar. J6L at $5 25 ■
Gardner A Co. bought at Cottage Grove Yards 111
av 263 at S3 25 ;63 av237at $41*5:54 av <53 at $5 00:151
av 290 at tt.TSj 59 av 224 at SI.GS. Reed A Sberwlu
bought ISO av »l at |5 SOt 99 av 3(3 at $5 40. Llnelr 95
av SOS at $5 50. Tohey A Booth 99 av 252 at $5.20. Mur*
Shy ACj,59 av 197 at $425. Hancock 03 av. 535 at
BEEF CATTLE-The receipts at tho various yards
daring the day amount to about 1,100 bead of Beef
Cattle: and tbe entered sales to 964 head, at prices
ranging from $32004X0. In consequence of .heavier
receipts the market has been more active, and
Prices have been firm and’ steady at for
mcr quotations. Good medium and prime
qualities are especially active, both for packing and
slipping, and receipts for some weeks past have been
c-n*Wer*bly below the demand. Common qualities
areloratherbetter.request,but tho demand,at the
belt, U limited, and quotations irregular, much de*
ptnolcgupon the requirements for this class of stock
on arrival.
Stubelflel! * Co. sold Tranlman 40, ay, 1,00 as, at
$ ro.
Coffttsn sold Rosenthal 51, ay. 855. at 12.60.
Rosea that told Kent & Co. 13, ay. 900, at 2,73 • n. ay,
•S?. at S'AM.
icoaenthal sold Turner £ Mitchell 43, ay. 1,233, at
(3 90.
Myers Mid Hubbard £ Co. 90 ay 1,051 at 13 00
Acama sold Ro*enthal 94 ay 1.U33 at 93 S3.
Morris ACo sold Seymour 63 ay 1,173 at 3.25.
Babb sold Beardsley 15 ay tJ2O at fa S7h.
Berry (old Rankin 17 ay 1,113 at 3287 X.
Railings sold Sweet Slav 911 at $3 90.
Morris A Co Bolt Stanton « arS/7 at 92 50.
Adams sold Kent and Co. 19 ay 1,100, at 3.90.
Hicks sold Morris and Co K3 ay. 1,103 at $3 00.
Boon Bold Bartlett 96 ay 1,141 at 11.00.
Boon Bold Hancock ® ay 1,183 at 93 25.
ITzunksdat Ersrcro, Nov. 35.1363.
FREIGHTS-Quiet. The engagements were as
foiows: To Br/TAio; Bchr. Kate Richmond, with
Fl.OUK“R«celyed,6.iWbrls; shipped, a.lio hrl*.
Marketonl.andorooplog. Sales were? WmnWin-
Tin Extras: BO hrls choice white winter at 17.00 :
l&ocm"Camnie"on p.t. Wurrxa StrpCßnrat l«
brls at 91.50; 187 brls "Barieen-co at 1150. Scrixo
Extras: lOorrU “Matchless" at 95.73; l(W brla-Corao
Mill*” at $5.66; UobrU M OUiett A Uladl" at 93.40; 800
brls fair extra at|Sss; 5(0 nrls "Goodwin's Imperial"
m p t. bpisxxo acran-ca brls at 94.90; iCu brls
"Minnehaha" at ft 80
f)KApi—10 toss Bran in bulk at IIO.OOFtnn.
W lIEAT-liecelsed.23.S37 ha ; shlppeJ, i,«4ha.
Market laiHc lower. Sales to-day were:-aratxo
Wozat rad-ront-SKiOba No l Spring at till; 1,200
bu do at 9110k: 6/00 bn do at 91lOK: sj> obn do at
9UOK X 6/M bn do at 11.10 t ifi oo ba 5o 5 Spring at
91.06 V: 2/JC3bndoat lI.MKx 1/00 tmcoatll.odU :
»ecobndoat|lM;lAObadoat |l/CV : 9/kO tnx ao
at *IOSK; 400 bn Rejected Spring at II.OIK ; ICO hn do
at WHi IMO ba do at ».<c, WIXrXB WniAT IX Srosij
—ttOJ.a Rejected Rea In store at ft 04.
COltS—Recelted, 13,131 bu: shipped none. Mar
ket 203 c lower. Sales t XWOO bn No. l Core In store
atVoc;2ACobndo at Pie; 1&J0 bn do at 37KC; (On bn
co do North Side boost) at 97e; 9,540 ba No 3 Cora
In store at Ole.
IU . (VI E •, PH..
OAIH-RecdTad.ST.U7 bu. Market dullaadlHe
Inker, eales were 1 10 oOh bo No. t Oats la store at
\ CD/ObU do at Me; 5/0) bu Co at 66Jfc 1 5/K0 bu
do ai (Zhc 11 / m bu No, 2 oats in store a: Me.
RYE—Recetved,2,464 bu, MarkctdecUcei HJicW
tost.eC Sales: 1300bu No. 1 Rye in store at |ii»; 49M)
■ llAßLEV—Rsedted. 1123 bu. Advance! ink
«aiea:lco»treNo3Barleyia i’ora ai 9IU;3fWOB
do a: |1 JO; IM* bu do at il 21; I (JO bu do H9123K.
By sample — M bgs good at 9125 on trace.
i ALCOUOL-waxkct steady and quiet at
' liCTTER-Jlutotq Utesd ittUj, Weqiotef
Prtae supping ...................... a»*2sc
Corrmnon to istr do uaiic
BEAXH-W oris prime mixed et 5350
CUOPESAtiC-lW Pork B*n»uttlStdd! 900
to at 11 Uoa track: 8M do at <:.78 del: bOLra Tl«r*
eeeei ilAdet
CIIEE»E-M*rk»t attire ud to Uir n;p|y.
Prices firm el pmloni quoteuoni. We quote:
Serntwr*-........, OU
western l(<eliK
dlfiols std Wtoeondn... 9 oil
COFFEE-Demand itUl ecdre. end receipt* very
Halted. Prices ere firm wltb e strops npirerd ten*
cesejr. We quote:
Santoe. ~.,n . '. OS9 C
/are. ..................... Ec e
Bto.cooaontoCUr....._ waus
EGGS-Eeortpu Bolted and In gooa demand.
Prif *» flrxn at 19&28 C per cozen.
'Wamtfian—Market firm, and la fair dr*
mana with receipt* Terr H*ht. Taotrr rawer quiet
and recaipu limited. Macxxaxnin good aappljr and
fair eemand— market ea*r. Conran—Becapu terr
limited and marktt T«fj arm. Uasaaro- Market tol
erahlr active and receipts liberal, we quote:
Not widtesa.aatr bna.—. .aa-UHQgJTK
No 2 - -
- " - (.3 ©sj»
Ko I Trent • " ,
So 3 Trout • ............ UJHsMJS
Vo. i Mackerel. new. 9 tatftela. B.M w 1.00
Ko. 3 - .** “ ..... AM © 1.00
do. 1 do Old, do A..„.... 630 ai.o9
Ko, 3 do do do 5.75 %t&X
Ko 1 do, new to*... ui 93 is
50.3 do do do 325 6*2 SO
Ko. 1 CO, ola do 300 ©123
K0.3 do do do ~..iis usm
ooeflib.ueonreaßank,* 100 aijo
CodiUb, Gnnd do do 6.13 91.00
* b0x................ N ft 65
Roifldßmißaßev M .mL!n»3"n6A also
Hmup (Clfl) ~..5 30 ©5.3
Armas—Becdpu Uoeral and
Sefatreesuand, Pilcc* are, bowerer. 15©25 c leas man
former rate*. Balea today—l3o trrli tcMlim as ft go
B hrlootraektl2dt»t*doasfus;sobrUffooda:«Us
cellTered. Gum—Receipt* moderate and In limit'
demand. Cnanxxxxza—Market moderately act!re
end firm. We enote:
Green Apnlea,* tel...—p.oo*2jo
“ Kew York •
Gnpo, Imbella g ® 9
u « U
Grape* Kmiiimiiw. 9 5 0 7
Cftnl«nM t VbrL M .... M .. ## «.. M 13J0 a 12J0
LftnoM. » “jo «12J0
Qatnce*. per barrel —,— r , *JO a iojjo
Omobv,vtnu iso a wo
ClcfcrTSnO. 9 bn. „ TjO a
Dkxxd An us-Becetpu rather better and to scare
deatnd. fucm my aearce sad firm at present
Jaotatioaa, Rauzv* ts fair demand. CceaxTT*—
larket quiet ana tieadj at former qnomaons. We
fmedAwlea,prtme.^.. w ..„...,.„.„. 6K3 8K
•* “ meal cm... 6k a s
tTnparadFetchflA.*.*...— u.» UK
Pared do so ea
Biktsi-U7n 9 U7KSSJI
do do .do (new) 5,00 «sa
Csmnta. V * old. 11 o u
Co do 5ew...... is 0 u
Ateorta,* »ioa non
do do biri.,.,,,,,.,,.., n a 9
DriedHuptwrtrt. so as
do s a si
.. M..,,.,,, .....V.Z 3S ft 28
FVKS-Bccelpti very limited tad little tfolsg. TTe
esn, (Meek, lerfe, end fiill ieuoaed)....slo OOau.OQ
SsHS»ssS?frKr£*L*cv ••••••• mo® we
Bean, cod* KtoK value
Beaver, (blackand «*•»*>-,,. tw1 ...... iJOa 300
Beaver, (pels andaUvtnr).,...........,,.., l.ooa USO
Batter, (larce and fine) 49a so
Beer gkina, red and bloe. 50a M
FlSrt, (dafkflirie sJoa dio
FUben,(paleor tuovs) SOea aoo
Foxi ibe lea red tbe better. tjoa&m
Foxee, red. toolbeni and u»a a.CQ
hoqw Kiii • SS ' u
Lrsz. ‘txt* end fine.. tn>» iJ»
Miukrsta, CtUendwteter. a» U
Mutes. Ceric witbost red S Ota 4 m
Meilcu. common esd pels LVa 339
»tni e, Misseeote. Utcuiea tfbcoasts sa&ai so
Mali, imsote end lows 3 oo^s.oo
Otter, Black, large tod fin#.
otiw, hrewn,- “ - - 3.00^100
Opoasom.Bortbern, dry and clean ga u
OooMnm. Southern, ** ■ . ** s« 10
itaccoon. Illinois, Wisconsin,Ac 10a so
Fknnr, black..r?.'.. DOti 40
bfcunk,*triped.....i 10a 30
■who Cats .' sum 40
woir Skim, large, white and fins Lonauo
Wolf Skins,prairie.....' SO® 79
(■AHIB-Praut« Chickens ana qasUitn goad sap.
ply. Market centrally active and Arm. Weonoto:
Prairie Chickens *275 03.00 3> Cos
■Docks, small, mixed. Un 44135 WCox.
Mallards. 02 00 V doz
EabblU ........... « f»«!ox
Geere c«BJM Vdoz
Bale to*flay: 9 dor trapped Prairie Chlckeaa at $3.00 1
Boor Quail* at $1,25 ’ ' '
GKEASIB-'ln fair demand. Sales: 40 tea White
Createot 9jfc:46tca Yellow Grease atOlfei B tea
Bro«nGreaseat9c: 50 tea ao at Bjfc? 100 tea bellow
Grease at 9c.
DKxaaao Hooa—BeealTei. 895, Uuke* qalstlaad
at«ady Salta were a* fo lows:
ft», oU. ........s|Jp{
so M “ osw “ - e.fo ’
.40 S “ 190 “ 6.S
.20 19 “ “ 180 “ 550
40 ** " 110 •*
25 ** " 185 •• 550
fO '* at 15 25, 600 and 65C-dIT, on ISO and 203 B».
82 •* at 1555.6.C0 ud 650-dlf. oalMaadW) ft*.
46 *■ st
81 *' fct $525. ftCO aßd 6,50-dIT Oh I3oatd2oo Br.
35 " at 16 CO. S6O-dlr. on 200 Be
UIGHWHsES-Becelrea. (M brli. Market
sbadr. Saits esoorlataiou at 6To
HA V—‘Ttuoihy, preaed. la limited demasd at
fIS 00030 co. «
HIDES-Themarket has beea rather quiet,bat
prices hare beea Una at former qaot»;ioaa. We
Green Country
Green Salted..
Green Fart C0red......
W* 3V
is eu
sure and firm. We quote;
Dry Baited.
Dry Flint...:
Barnes*. V A... JOfttici Slaughters 801e....85a38c
Lise. ** ... c&4Sc I Boenos Ayres 83aS4c
Kip. u ... 75<)4S0e 1 Orinoco, OW Jl®S3c
Calt. “ ...|1 OO&llS. Orinoco. MW. JO&Sic
Upper, ? foot . 2iasse| Orinoco good dam*
Collar. ** ... 20322 c I aged. .'.....270300
Harseas,{a A [email protected] Slaughter* Sole, «3as
Rip, xnealam...tiJ)o«Lis FrescnKtp...... L4O
Kip,heavy...... sseSGe BwtCaU.77 Aa.. 3.00 a...
Cab, No L* »!«»■... ISC& ...
caii.aeconds.... lknalss Lamolce,vdoi.6fi.ooO7t.oo
Upper.• f00t... 25<327c Uaesett Lining*.7.ooßl2.oo
Baaeeltßrlale,V Pink Linings.i..7.oo<ai3.oo
aloe .. fAooafiJo bmsi. uoooiioa
I.IJSI fIER-Kecelpt* limited and market sloggiaa,
chlcflylrom want of oock room. Sale cargo sckr.Oc*
taTJa,lrom Trneaoells M*n, Mnake*on, 3UOT feet
mixed from No. i logs at 213.00. The following are
theyare prices;
Lubdeb-FiretClear.fl LCCQft. fU.oooli.M
Second Clear. v S7.ooaio.io
Ttlrc Clear. 44 82.00933.00
Stock Hoards „ 22.0X423.00
Box or Select Boards 23 0o«:coo
Common Boards.dry 17,009,....
Common Boards, green 16.009i7.00
Coll Boarcs U.oc«
First Clear Flooring, rongb 55.009
Second clear Flooring, rongb. 32 00a.....
Common Flooring, rongb,, 33 00a...,
BioUg Clear,oressed 22.00 a ...
Second Clear so com
Commonco. 13.00a....1
Long Joists 22 coaooc
Stated Shlnylea A f» M 4 50a!T.„
Shared Shusles.Kol 4 35a.....
Cerar Shingles 4ga ‘
Baaed Bbmgles.A sstka*. ..
Sawed Shinties. No 1 4 rsa'
Lath.tP I.WO p<i. ...1...!............ VSa.”**
Posts. fi 1,000 10 coats 60
Pickets u.00917
NAVAL NTOKES—In f.lr uauir ui Ann at
former qaotatlons. We quote: ■
isr. si2do«iwx.i Manilla Hope J£ai9
pitch !Q.OOa2SJK| Hemp........ ft'to
go«to>-..- jfSSW »;|L»UiT«niSo.l... mSK
Torpentlne.... I " “ a... aim
Oaknm 6 45 *7.00 I Barline
OlLei— Cjutuojf On. The market Is In a very no*
settled coneltloo, in consequence oftbelsrae amounts
presslrgon the market. To-oay we note a eale of luo
Itrls-Oil Valley”good w'lte oil at 42Hc, and 50 hrls
choice white at 43c. Straw OUs are wholly unsaleable
and tromaiketls entirely nominal. L:.v-*id—Ma»*
k t quiet and neebangeo, Fisa Oils firm end In good
leanest We quote:
Carbon Oil best 459170
nwiMm nn, leiiQw,,, ~«..o
Saw Linseed , ,—njxvai.33
BouedLnseednti......, ,7T--T.. WliZ, m ÜB9LIO
Olive nn Jjs&LSO
mepbant 1.5091.35
p*nfenn._ ,11m,, —~,,,, LlSatj2s
Ltrd OU, W Inter... . 955100
■perm Oil 250
Mecca Ofl 4095 a
In good supply, wlib a less active de
mand Market.ea*y at II aSjjl.6s for prime qualities,
and Cl.4f9i SO for common.
PUUVIC3ION9—Bo-elved to-da;, 630 brls Pork.
b» cut Meair, 73.551 ns Lard. There a very
dull feeling in tbe Provuloa market to*day and prices
tended cownward.
Mzas Ports—Market for now very doll and droop*
Ids—city packed being offered at 11750 wtttioat bar*
era Old 3le*e Pork Is In fair demand. Sales:—SCO hrls
last night and 200 brla to-day at |i6 DO.
From: Mess Fork—Demand light and market
nominal. Sales HO brls city packed attu.oo.
English Meats- I(Xj bsa Snort BoaeleaaMiddles at
91i c; ICO bzs do at $9 20.
KtrLX Meats—Quiet Sates: — pcs Balk Shoal*
dfrs. 6 da> a in salt, at 5J6c loose.
Cukes SIEATa-o,oro pea Hama at Stitom the block:
2,ooOpcsßhonldcraat4Kc dellrered.
Dull and VQKc lower. Bales to-day 100
trca prime city steam at itjfc; awircsdo at live; 300
trca Peoria steam at live: 100 tree bead Urd at lies
SO trea prime kettle at i2c.
PODXTRY- In good demand and firm at present
quotations We quote:
Lire Chickens, * oox. „,.,|l5O 611.73
D. e«ed, V doz L 73 w2W
LlveTarkest, 4 00,06
”«■ 7 f* 8}
v». & 8K
Locks, fi do* LSQ ®1 73
Qee«e.each 35 ®toc
sales to-day TO l»>« lire Turkeys at ?Hc; .S dozen
live Chickens at |173 per dozen.
POTATOES—Nesbannocks and Peach Blows are
In better demand and the market la rather firmer.
Common are la Mr request and easy. We quote:
NerbansockiV 83®70e
Peach Blows, “ 33tt63e
Common. " uosoc
" *
Baeet ."~”t*tUM<ai.7s
Sales to-daysf3bush Neshannocta al 71c del; 300
bort common at Me.
«AI.EUATCS-In moderate demand and Arm.
We qaolC!
Babbitt's Bert. JVD9 C
.. ..SjfoSw-
" Pare .s£a9Hc
DeLand*! Chemical, .«Has*c
Healthy... -,,.8}<03Kc
SPlCES—Market active and firm at former quota
tion!. >Ve quote;
Pepper V ft....*.... ..SI 033
AlfSplce 17 Q2B
Carslm SI Oil
Fuuce* ..........1.00 duo
Clem, ..si
SAlii'-Domeatlcqnletand steady, Forelrn no*-
lectea. We quote:
2>ox*«Tia—Ußonomfß fim ft.ssa....
M Baslnaw flue,....—i-250....
1 COUte. 2.230...,
“ Ground 501ar.........^.......... 3.250....
•* Dairy, with ■»/!*■ .... TII , (.730....
" Dalty, »jthAnt aa*>y i.t......... O
FOS’IIOH-G. A.> UU OfJlO 81..., 3 030 LW
Turk*! Island.9 tack of 140 tti.... 1.600i.<2
Cadiz. »lm .. -
u «tll.>u tt
Trtpaonl, fibs. 0060
Sale* Unlay were i .SCO brts Domestic Fine at $3 as
delivered on cans SO bag* Turk s Island at f 1,70 del;
120 bass do at *1.6?0n track.
r*KEDß—Tmonrr—Doll. Salesat eka good at
*315; 10 ben at ta 10. Flax—l 6 ban good at *3 35:
linanatfaSO. Ctovan—ll bile good now at $1.35,
SUtSAUS—Market very firm with a-atrongnpward
tendency. Kecelpt* limited and Insufficient lor t&e
presentdemand. We quote:
Cuba -, r -- TT .„., —
,1,11 I | _ _
A. A Portland. isfcaisx
N. Y. Refined, powdered and granoiated.»««,is asww
WbUe A. .rTirrT.„.,«HC»»M
v-rtr*. n 1,,,,, ~ , , 1
Chicago A.... .. 06KH16S
Chlcaaoß ... . .* . .. texaiw
»YHDPB Market active! and firm, tendency up
ware*, we quote;
K.T,6rraps,.,. M . - rr - i T ,r-,
Or>Mra Hymn , man
Sorghum. ~ , .■mi.i....i.. l ..i l ii < ¥ il '
Do.refined. T ~,,,,
Few Orleans
wooua __
Cblufo umon Beanery Bnnr Home, btis 70s*
•• •• •• * r •* JCSge 76(4
M ** *• Amber, brie <&4SS
TiIAS-In fair demand and good Vupply *Market
mm, *e quote;
Toon* Bnon, common to tot
Gunpowders. 2.io«Uf
TALIOW-Uirteticireetrio Mtlu. andprlCM
»t- aay at former quotations. We quote:
C&olcetio.lPacken'Xallow....**. 11 a
Good*o iova
Primecity Butcher*; iflya
Country IDiJaiOK
faleto-daylO.OCOprttrecouDtry atlOMc,
TOBACCO AND SNUFF-ln fair demand, aod
market arm srltu an upward tendency. We quote:
_ _ kur luiu^kj.
lllliolimlfdlleg to prime «®ioc
•• common , -foe* c
_ . oavwno. „ • avokoro.
BUr oftb*Waat.'S «80 c L U «n c
Ficceer...... .« «T3 e 9 13 mu c
li CftT(Bdl»b./0 was c hu il mis o
Prairie Puds...fiS QtfiO c r. 18 mi 3 e
Sweet. fo mss ell ,ij c
OoioLeaf. »e Mimotm is mis c
Boob? Side O .-.1114913 c
C.iianli Uc oo tssal* e
Bsoßsecake .....ti-30 000 ..a sa e
Ccanersebolc* «0e
Txro lomtooo.
ratsdS'afltftrortbtWeat fio a'rtc
Resl e.ngrze ..... w aMs
7’«Kd9aPtoseer, , 7) cfnc
.W <&A%
5», if a BuckCUiMad,.,. m ar£e
5 •.raeaOlO'a 43 ctUe
rooHelUueMtetbor... ~,,.*. is a(3e
jie*ie - - a iac
u» pp*« . , to aiic
\> 001/—KeeHpu llmltel, and la food demand.
Market ora. We aoote;
Raefieeee T ~ . ~ T —
TobWMuea rr
Yictcrj Tob WMbed. ItoJtjc
JV(HfD-Mirket t«ry »tti« wt flna.
A *v«inoMb7C!wMno-B«ec*t't9A: Mtc'e V>&
c* CO &clur7_ »« 6ftß7Jo. t7Aa
.jCjMMU, »lijraic*o»7. tWOCIMOr^^
sew York f>tltS!Brket'(lar.‘i3.
Th« coptlnca rerr •’Badly supplied with
tieTarioM “* *&« *«* P«l«; comic*
r»r»»nJ, sot prerloour or. are rea'tUyuiwo
°°Uce 25 »»»fc C«oli it «Ki
lO.lsqbnsbelt Turks bland*, tot i&o dolc£KO«.atxm
•»w Price» tan do Tore* blasrf*. Un portal by •
dealer. ao« 1.730 *aek* Jdfter* A DarerVLtrerpooj
Cae teiore ar. Irai, on term not traaiptred.
sew York Market*— Sot. 3S.
Cotton-Du 1. hearr. and dedleUy lower, at SI
Flotx— Don and 10 to He lower: the decllse In told
na> a Tenr ecpreealsr effect, and quotation* more or
icMfEouunal, at |fl for extra itate; |7,ioa7M
Ur extra round hoop OLlo: tIKOSSO tor trade
brand*. Ifarketcloilagheaay wunnobayrnstoat*
Wnunr—Firm at TieTSc for western.
OiLaur—matt beary, coil, case rued tad ■ 2®3c
lower. Tbedtclinela coll lust rery depreialng tf
wt. Som na) gootatloui a-s ft 3131U for Chicago
ipriagj 14031 42 for MiUsatee cioo? ticsUs for
amrer Mllaaokte; 51.4531.5 l Cor winter rea wettero:
5L5631 SB for tab r Michjr.n. Sties 11.173 ba amber
Sill *»nke« tt 91583t S3.f2om dtul tad 333 c lower
tt fL193122 to ttore, tad 9U131 2SKO afloat. OiU
LetTy.onteiUec tnaSeSclowers 663»c for wasters
MIU «*«•«
Woot-Qalet tad prices wltnoat material change
PrTXOLBm-OaUttadflnnla bonds: HK34lsc.
t'BOriMOKt* Fork oan and tabtde lower at 91650
16 QKfor old meu t |l7 94313 00 for new dot 912.013
12J2S for new prime 9*6 003)7.5> for new prime meM;
, also 500 biU new for December at 919 23. Beef quiet
and iteady. Bacoo dees dnll tod beary. Boxei
western lose eat bams dellrerable la January at
I'ke. Lara quiet and without material ebaage: i.»O
bris for March, April and May at 13c. Coeese 5m
actiTe and trarceif io fins at 12316 c. Dressed boc-i
•teacy at SX33Kc for dry. ■
Oiwece Sarlet-Xor. 23.
CKAZX-WbeatdaU. So.l Mflwaakeeelob at f1.91,
CornaeldaboT*bnyer*BTlew>. Barieydoll.
Cmi, Futonrt-.So uxrosgb es cat emesis re
ARRIVED Koremb.rS,
Prop Clerelaad, Reid. Ogdeaibargb, stmdrlee.
Flop ForaatQaeeStCrecal, Baffalo. saaarlea.
Prop Bt anbury. McSeeleT.Baffalo, asodrlet.
Prop Mobawk. Pbeati. fassalo, simdrlea.
Bark Oollcnßieee, wood, Buffalo, WO tosacosL
Bark goanse, Trotter, Buffalo, 115 to os coai.uotoaa
rig Iron.
Bark l caoina, Uatoo, Baffalo. 2D6 toar coaL'
Bars P CSbtnaao.Hason. BoiTalo.3ootons coal.
Bark svk Watson. Brant, Baffalo, 230 loss coal.
Barks UPoaeror, Moms. Cleveland, su toaa
Bark Wm Jones. Anerews, Baffalo. 4» tone 00a).
Brig Pilgrim. Grant. Oconto. U0 m lumber.
Bng C iliatcblaeoD, liotcbinson, Menominee, iso m
lamber.UObrUflah. . wwa»
Brig tjebaetopol, Johnson, Uaikegon.flO m 1 amber
Brig Mmboblng, BSordan,Two Rfrert,luam lamber.
70 m lain. *
Scbr Wyoming, Furlong, Grand Haven. ItSmlnmbo.
BcbrßH Campbell, ConUMOrd, Grand Haven, uom
1 ember. -
Schr Fonater, Fcteraon, Grand Haves. 77 m inmber
Scbr Autocrat, Grover, Buffalo, 190 tons B It iron, and
•usdrlea. ,
Scbr "W O Brown, Benner, Buffalo, 350 loos cooL ■ .
EcbrComcr, StooCsxd, Baffalo,2so tons coaLs
Bcbr Conxtrigbt, Csrlsitaa, Erie, 350 tons coaL
Scbr Leader, Monroe. Erle.SK) tons coal.
Scbr bt Andrew. Komt.Btfe, 499 tone coal.
Scbr Cbaa Hintklay.Ma&nmg,C>eTeland, 419 toaa coal.
a toes plgmm.
Scbr Wm Hay nor. Tower, Cleveland. SU toaa coal
Scbr Stella. Maybee. Manistee, 50 m lamber.s9 span.
&clrAb:gaU s CanoUo,ManlMee,9Smlamber7‘
bcbrltUcs, Parr, MsoUtee, 80 m lumber, 15 m am-
BcLr A J’Rleb, Crawlord, Cleveland. 220 tons coal.
EcbrA'da, Coates, Kalamazoo. 75 m lumber. 20 m
Bftrflallnn.Aaii- Cilumnwi W w..
Scbr LarlncA. Coataln, Kalamszoo, 100 m lamber?
Sctr Ellen Pike. Upbao, Kalamazoo. 39 m Inmber, (00
m shingles.
Scbr Genrnoe. Stewart, Moakegan, 39 a lamber, 235
Pcbr EtcUdp. Hubbard.Bay City, 300 m lumber.
PcbrGcrtiaoe.MaTea,BaTClty.lsom.lnmber. .
Bcbr Bonnie i>ooo. Ladden/Bay City, 300 m lumber.-
Bcbr Huei. Cbroo. Bay City, 149 m lumber, 100 m
. lath. -
Be hr D Kellertln. Gallozan. Detroit, 25q m lumber, 100
in lath
Fcow Amleton. Bell, Sooth HaT'B, J9 eda wool,
gcow maeai.a«k. Martin, Blafcerllle, ICO cos wool.
s‘OopUn'OD. Moran, St Joeetb, aundrtca.
tenr Ketfbntp.VoiUoD. GraudlTtarera % 103 m lumber,
bcbrlire o»k, Tbomela, Grand Traverse, 139 m
hunter. .. . '
Prop Wicslov, 6ml^^l^^**3*iCT I brls !
IQtOIiCI. • *
nlr * l & ??’>•>• floor, 3 837 bill boot.
Prop! limiter. Palmer, Buffalo, 4.M9 DrUrfloar and
- inoonea.
Prop Antelope, BrUUn, Sarnia, i,too brla flour liw
one reel, r
Qodeiici, 2.075 brla flour aud
Prop BrookTflle, Meat, KlDjaton, I,QB btls pork aud
Bark Prince . Alfred, Goodearle] Kingston, 19,32$ bu
Bark Chentbnico, CbatnberUu.
Bark Oneonta. Close Milwaukee,
4 000340
100 ai.B VdOZ
■ a 75 H doz
7 » 10 g»
<i«>wwuuia l vniH oiuaauan,
Bcbr Lone Btar, Jamlaon, Buffalo, 16JM ha wheat.
Bclr TofJt State, Dimlck. Ooffalo. 16JtO bn wheat
Srbr Kata KJcbmoad, Btlelis. Ooffalo, 11500 ba wheat.
Bchr Futloor. Qraad Uaren, aaairlta.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Beidokpokt Nor. 23,1353.
E Burnham. Prison.
Vorktowo, Ottawa.
CoDimoUoD.Lockport, 40,000 ft limber 130 brlisalt
Lao? Franklin, Lockport.
W s Carney. Athena, 40 yd* dimension stone.
* ranhun, Aiheni.43 yda dtmeoilon atone.
dimension atone.
Allancc, Otta«a,4,7io bn com, 4.500 Ds tallow.
Teaaela Passed Detralt*
[Special DUpatcn to the Chicago Tribune.]
Detroit. Not. 23.1333.
Up~Brlga Bay City, Cross; Schr. Arnold.
Dowk—rrope. Idaho. Iowa? Bchr. ‘Window,
Marine Disasters*
[From tbs Detroit Adv. end Tribute, jj.j
CoiusiOK—Bark Asbutio Busk —Forty une
Point, on Lake Boron, whlchr u tom* twenty
O itant lids tide of Mackinaw. liu, u would inoe&r
been ibe m-et feUllaceUtj lot reweleoa Like iFaioo!
mt ex aids both vessels end steamers, ot all otavs m
Ue whole chain oflnisnd navitatlon dartucthaiia
roa now about to draw to a cloio. Within the pm
few dejstwosteamers. alike number of bsrk*.a«d
fnor veesels bare been loac la taoae waters. On
Tkojsfsy evening last tbe Adnatie oae of oar finest
barks, was on her downward pa***«froa Chicago
a lib sottoot grain. audwaen off toe polntabove
named, came In eolation wfta tbe bark T*o eanniej
apwara bound, which resnlted in completely cattvlac
awaytbewboleatem and mizzenmast ot tae former
vriiol andcansing ber to sink shortly thereafer la
sbont tonrfatooms ot water. Her crew were a'l »*fe
!• laaeedoh the shore bys paislng vassal. The Cao
tatao! the Fannies came down on tae propeller ro
tomaetothlscliy. and chartered the tagPiladlvtlle
to tow ber through to Chicago. Her foremast hesd
was earned awsy, as alio a portion ot tbe headgear.
At tbe lime of tae collision tbe weather w»e aatfl
cJently clear to distinguish a Teasel for some distance,
at d both craft, as we are Inlornud, had tnelnicnta
filed acd mtaelr proper posltlso. Toe upward bocuo
vessel bad ber port tacks aboard; tae downward
bound vessel ber rtsrboard tacks. le each a loeaUty
,a l Jl e the clrcamstaa'
SSy *bOTe disaster to as sppear remark*
DtßtffTXn-Tbe tchooutr Aconttas. owned by Jore*
ft CummlniLOf Oswego, which ptsied hereoafiS.
urday hl»bt.bomd down, grain 'oaded struck the
« ef off tbe Colchester cisy Banks eariy the morning
following, dsmsglcg her so severely that see sank
shortly slierwardslosbqpt five fathoms waters Son
bad on 16.300 bushels of wheat, which, with too vestei
ScnooKin Hanoteb ow x Bar.—We leam that
tbe i choot er Hanover, of Dettoti. bound xor Sacloaw
with acaicoofTSObrls flour. Is on Point aux Barace
nef.iniioi water. AnlstaccebasbeeosenChrr
p*OR SALK--A frame residnr.ee
on the vest side of Wabsah avenue, north •■’t the
ra’Uoad croaalig. with a lot 52 by 17t> fteL Hoose
contains eleven rooms, besides bstb roam, gooicel-
Isr.large attic, and Is famished with gss. water and
Jf or panicolira, apply to JAUHSk BURT 13.
at tt e offlea of the Ctlergo Oss Co. noS6- 5323t
If* O R SAL E —Houec aisd Lot
. _4iiX2s. on Madison etreet. near tbs Park; House
and Lot srslOO, corner of Hubbard atd Liaeola eta •
Lot SCzIGO. on Wabash avenue, near Libery* Lot
50t1>5 on Hash street: also. Homes and Lotsanda
Urge amount of Boalncss Property.
no26is3Ut J L.LBB. 66 Clark street.
FSB SALE—A valuable Water
Lot snlttllo for packing imseor manufsetnr
loc pnrpoie*. located on tie Booth Bruton sear
Leiaod A Mixer’s Parking Eonie. 2>o teet front on the
river and 440 aeep. It la docked tYll be 1011 lov
aid terms made eaiy. Other Lots on tee Sotun and
Worth Marche*. BamUisl a. BASQKN t
„ n« R ?flS. ,utaA * eat » Jfo - 4Mel^o»oill *o block.
ho<6-lasa a
If OR SALE—Six hundred second
X. 'band Laid Barrel* and Tierces, all cooperedand
In perfect order. B. B. UITCH&LL « CO- its Cbieaeo
artatie. n036-ral2lw
SALE—A gjod and gex-tle
lyboise. Apply at 13 MU wauioa arcane.
If OR SALE—A hlsck horse, four
X jeara old. wanstted perfaady »ootd (Pe--
ftet y tale forwemea and cbUdrifc) alio sir and
bartrea. Apply itOwa A Collm Wuel Barrow
Factory. SO GtUwold street, tear tbe Mlcblf an South
ernliepot. now rtju-it
Tj'Oß SALE.—The Church Prop
JL erty corner of Third areiuoandJ«et«ou'troet
Is offered for sale. Apply to a*, y TDLBY. 157 asa
dciphsUfet.or IVM.O.BULMES. 170 Clark Kreel.
Hc26rtC!)6l -
TfOR SALK—A first cUss Bestsu-
X nut with Bar. now dolojt a Rood parlce bait
net#. satbfactoiy rotaona for teuiag etrai. wa
dies* ‘fl/'F. U EOXS363. to£-f«*3>SS
"p'OR SALE—The fine Callage,
X No. 119 Writ V»a Bores street. conti Isilaz debt
room* be lets closets ps\tiv. etc. wits letsnci lot
Apply to JAMBS A BPSIRGSB.Hoorn 13 Metropoii
tsaßiocic. noa^t-mi*
Tf'Oß SALE—SOO bria Apples, at
JL Ttry low prlccf.«UßS Klpzl»*t. mxartTM;
"P OR SALE—Lease for term of
X jMrtwid fixture*of* flntca« BtorawnJ&ui
s6nt«lajioj(Xloc*uoß Hown;ed for oroance com.
&h»knbnuce«. AddreiiP.O. Box2£S. gras-nr. 6s
Tf'Oß SALE— Cheap* Mr. Back-
JL minster will tell bis Caney Factory cteap icr
ejab. a good chance for *o<*e oae with a amad
auout of money. c*U tad examine the premises. 71
jjeatborn street. n025-rtSO-3t
Xf'Oß SALE.—The Buckeye Form
-I. dry and Machine shop Keokuk, lowa, la offered
fcr ulo only on eceonnt of the hemth ol the present
owners. This concern Ucf fourteen rears stanolsz
ha* a large mo of custom. heavy stcckcf patterns atd
Taxable machinery, asdnU. be icldlovur c*»h u
y p , l £ M i? D J B S l V® km* Address vail a abhi-
T&OE, Kecknk. lowa. no2i r139-Wt
VOR SALE—lmproved Farm?,
JL 800 acres near Katkakee City,
sto icni nearProphetitown.
SCO acres near Aurora.
■ 520 at ret near Gardner
Bsent.No. .Metropolitanßlock sostrlStet
17 OB SALE- Grocerj Store, a rare
• chance for hailresa. a grocery store on the
«eat Hide, delays f*lr basis eat for sale cueapfot
cseti Ifapplkd lor Immediately. Satisfactory nasons
gi van far selling. Apply to J. JANES, No. STremont
Btcck. nnder Tremcnt Houbs. no32.i3TtMt
Tl’OR SALE—Or exchange for
■A- City Property, a Schooner of 243 tons measure-
Bent, For particulars call on J. O.NVU&R. Iso Boots
Water street. Chicago. &c 9 n33t-l3t n way
SALE.—At a gnat bargain
& Betel Stock of Sto eforda!eat a
treat bargaln,m tbe sew bat thriving lU;ie town of
Farlpa.on tbe nu&ols Central Railroad. The atoea
I’towboaakt la Jane u*t Atnoacu at cost to
fM«t li in perfect order and condition. a? d tillable
lor ani conatrj trade. Confute or dry (rood* ccroc'*
flea, hardware crockery. gins, tinware. boots and
•tote, and dregs and meoicnea Uo:da generally
hareadsar.ctd alcce their purchase canal u> a o*r
wni .rnaJUrg the preaent raloa of tbCa at*ok M*3i.
lUrOlnciaiiwlU tone men. free iron azeal’s coca*
nu>toq.lfsoldbybln. 7hestorewltch itnew.con*
Ttnlent will rtetTM aid countered on ttrei at ea
Cost in Jote last 1760, and wli b« aoM ir -wanted at
« »t s if sot. will give to the purchaser of the t ooda «tz
DcaUarcttiiee.or he oayreooro the kooks. Tie
•lock U ail lavs storied and poueeelon can be bad any
boar, ana «be pot chaser open nnaine** Any further
particulars zcaybebai trom Mr. W. R BD WARDS
•iMiwt Bowes £ros. Chicago, wbo has a dopbease
Itsentory.cr apply to tbeeweerat farina,rayotle
ec'pt tj. Noiatdcr trade alb be taken
nolS-td smwsr K. COONSI
FOR SAL K— Great Bargain«,
3noro scree of Lead oe tbs tins of tbeXoraoe.
tort. Penile and bQiUxztoa Kallrcad. InLuicntoa
Lcuty liUsofa Tbeietaode arelntbebtrt saccios
of tbs State, tie* ana rolLsr. end wen adapted to
fiocxrafatar.vbeataadeora. runLaada arewitbla
three miles cl ataeosa. Cbauvcrtb «od fm
testvfl’a. five mike from a rood coal raise, aad win be
SoldattiO|erac/e.oseflnb town aod tan Balance is
8 or 1 y*ar». in anneal payiseßta at • per eeat, la>
l«ra*t. Icere la a Beet neear Calefactory at Csa:*
wertb la mcctiafal operation, wo better land* ta tae
9U:b AdO-M* or apply to tf. K. PBAH*O»B IU
Jtasdolpa »»r*«t.CbJc»*o,oT to/. STILL WKLU B*q
esauwonb. mincta. ocafrpfcaot
T?OB SALK.—24 Lou ib the city,
X vcit cf Htloa Park ter |£9, Central tn*tae*t
ltd reerdecre prccertr. AUo. Iloruetatd LoU la
aailosa ftrta cf tee ctrfer tils a; treat tmaX’-t.
Paint la Cooz,East, apdoilur e:sattai Is Illscla.
Abo Bottftga acd barista* mmt diteoontid at
taortaette*. Adam* MK.LAIIi* TnbPKisa. p.
O. O Boa * Us. or call at tooci Vo. 7 Etogibmy Block.
P'OR SALE.—A Katm for eaic
X Twesty-effM mflf* froraCbiaaco oee mCe f/ow
Hoofer Grore teres mile* Crocs Birin, os tie gists
aaecfciescocrate Hoad—«2 acre* prairie and Kacie*
tlabemood bona*, cabtisc. nala ban and a fine
<*d water, AHunder colMradoa, Apsis
toCttPStLt* r-tO~ Wi7»e fMlon.
oca* mm
ETOK SALE—Cheap for cash, SCO
X Eailread Wkrclßtrrowf. 10} Gtrden do.SoCoa)
<!<*, SO Weed do s alto, wo FreaJoa Straw Cattert.by
yi iOT a IBADLiT,« and 83 Sorts Jefferson et.
C.leaiQ.m nolens? Iw
17 OR SALE—Choice Lots. A few
JL desirable Eesldest Lota In ** Carpester*i Addi
tion to Chleaco.” convenient to bone can oreabort
•v aUc to bumes* centre Also, GO) scree In SecCct
ra). Tows (T8). Baste <l3 ) Off C63o3Kaat Randolph
it ret. [noft pß7l2w] PttlLO CABPESrBB.
f?OR SALE—Hardware store, at
X lovt City. Uwa. Theater* It wea Ice ited ted
ccttgaeasbbuitteta. Address Box tSB, Chicago,
rcPtifrdrt i«&
CPOB SALE.—A lard rendering
X apparatus, 3 hrt kettle cooler, press, etc la
gulje •« «i state (treat, or at 29i Boats Ctntl 1 tract.
FOR SAL E—One of the b;st
81/ge Wanna Is Cook Copnty. eoatatnlag 120
serf*.teumllssfrom tbe ftßwwoure. Ploebuntiaga
ssd tse blab state of calCvcfloo. inquire of B. B.
chambers. Beal Batata Agent. Boost so. STelo-
I rapb Building. - noil rilMl
J7OR SALE—4O feet on South
U (Sark ititet wltb two htfck 1 tores. 913 W0 -20
vat oa Sure (treat. wUbbsSdlag. 9(300; 26feet oa
rtatetueet.witagoodewelllsKbatue 93,710;U)feet
cesser of Cstal ssd Folk streets (USX):34tenon
c»»al street, with bouse. 932*0: 50 feet 03 Wabash
.T.ioe. wna two booses. fillOO Apply to 3. P.
• LISGEB. Beal Etlale Broker, 43 Clark street. Room
g. 8Q31.t413At
PO RENT—A Inrniehtd lodging
L room to rest without board. laqalre at U3
'♦ te street. noas-rat 21
HO BENT—Afront rcom for one
X •crtwofentlemea,wltbOTwllboutxnmltuTeas<l
> ttbons board, at 79 Mcuroe-st. ac2sjrtsi*2t
(Snurol 3Totius.
iKnnO TO LOAN fob
vvVvV/ three yean ou Improved City
etty. O. K. PBABiOira. __ .
nc36 )Bt4thp - us Bandolpb strict.
A REWARD will ba given for
VXv saytafomatfoaecneerslsg H*gbßartley
about fifteen yean old. tarmc auburn
tafr bar el eye?, weß grove for Usage, a large sear
•'a blstltbtioet caused byabam. wboleliinerosi
*iee of bis parent*, about m milea aoatbwcst of
*/kCbwtae Statlor, Putnam Co cat y, IlUuili, by bis
•zglc.uafetter. JOHak HOD3iOS.
■ ecafrrWMw
Jj'OTJND—A hibsll anm of money.
i? The owntrcanbSTeUeiawaby IdentUylng t&e
".eacy and psyi-g tor tbls adrartUemant. Itquirest
t eTilbuneflook Boom. 51 Clark at. r026 r529-2t
r OST—Fitchfhr Victoiine, Thnrs-
LJ day. For. 12 in the wldnlty of Union Park, Any
• tno* seeing Uxe abore. bjnaiungat itssoum wiM*r
•vee*.wm*uaf«r£aTtr - nc»iso4 2t
» about tbe 19th last, from the f*rm of WffUau
•to. bmaDlvl4loa.a Black Mara Cptt-rtlbetwo
»ar* ole nex* Way Air* peraoo K a Tire tafvmaaoa
Itbeaaaett'l South Clark M^I;F u 4?Sij2S£ ,y
-.wareed. (asdsHoXtj JOoSL HABNBrr.
Sat Salt.
So Entf.
W ®°J *b3Ut iilte-n
W^r¥V* trtoa noasa Porter
WAB'M-A girl fur
• * bcuiewlt to* *ml3i ofj*.
»illAr*eoßfKt«Et gUu Conir at JM4 ucw? 1
ANTED—Board for a tizJ,
_ KKIUmM. AUm> “SH- Box 2>» I?
w p u - xao i i
TX7ANTED—A linucr. i
T T to hire arood, Mbar aa> laitotrtat
abeetlron »or‘er.to -work In try Catfnno» m
c»a cot a sea to inUtne lailclre aimiMaaVh*
Witti. good wMeetjnd • sloonune
qp*ltte<J»tlbny work.l»lDcute aimtaero^T-**
to»lSt8lT M. W. IKKKI
WANTED—A firU c'.sts Slt'4
» .nw T S mr FvA pp^’J,t,la, ‘-*bliorK c At*?;
i «OJI. Conit Plica, tf.wna tiuti «iwg
lgM "- mki
ANTED -Imnuciattlv. Alio?
T Onor® tmitw. nby attain, cai-»l
•rlenflt* aewijonntj Map of tte I'wSfaftS
Cana4*nf3rlK3 meets Tbe ere*Jetslasn*^-
AcurM» wlmoot ca 7^
K no2friVnSt Cm * s * m ' ** °* Vninz 6U!. ' rJ
"Vl/AJTXitD— A situation id
• » ▼ 'Wholeia’e etlabiUbtoett. by » m»a wka
been e aspicyea la vbo:e*ale b~niet it tM« q* t 55. ;V‘
to toaeetyano ability, aad accept a ten m0i..,?,
■elan. A«rauWILUAif.P. o.BoxlSi S M
nioiMi irt
_ vczttyajjntila etery c-.Mtr iu
•«« uescit pocnUr and ramable pa&Ucattos* of r.
£5 & , 5.® F e ™ m • k , b * P'oflu,
inttcßtdtiiy. Cl:rol*r« * J( | xaJ lnfom*t'oa
?*®.. AdwtMWM. H. P03r.n0x47«. *rc*U«"
B bo?UsmI roCtt Ko * 3 * CWC4 «oTU , »-
ANTED—A lady, accniton.-i
. * , to toltioo and bo ding first-class teetlmoaiii
’ Bi ******* a s tusrou as Govemcas*
*TS«O« of ah English ecacag*.
““' c - ,ftonca and Drawing langht. Address Bor rT
Chicago. noa>rst&i: *
\\ r ANTED—Atitn&tion ea Por-r
drygoods or wholesale grccery.br a ui;
\\[ ANTED—A situation as
Naree. by a healthy young woman. Asn r>.
lUett 0681 oXror,Jn: ' lcea
WANTED— A yoEDg lady ws:a
a sltusUoa to do plain sewing aid teach : w i.
aremnecomnoa ifaglUh braneisa or a poimo* 1,
bcusrkeer. Or uy lady wanting a trardllag a~.
pn !cn—one that u trustworthy la every
pitaeesddme AUDA.P.O Pax 4331. nt>36:sK;f*
ANTED —Board, for a lady \z
* » faaily. oa either the Wert or Sv a
» * e »SA wlto re *l*»a® cad iOcatt«a.-*aLf
r.O Eorl9sU nogfi-rsaa
ANTED—To rtm* on or b« fore
walk of a«~Q"atC«*t£
“O »n » rqpnctabie locality AddS
A,rf. Ttibase office, tia*.teg tern*. Ac. r.o?g-iWj;
\V A NTE B—in txperierccd
CEe ,ot * baa b«ea la tins for tnr>4;
pi timed. * noS*-isi;it
\Jtf ANTED—A ptaclißßf-r, ia
r..h 5 ? p s rt *,££, a & n »ne« that pm n
««h capital required aisoa. Pall»tactojy rewa
Klren lor aeilme. aoj one wtshis* to flnfi a rleaair
eatj andrtarucUMe boiine* i ai fntu*
n E “ lbara K <» “"I »?S:
wANTED —The dcor is still
, s ‘.\..cpea <br a fair more scents cms n £ tt «tRn
that w!sb to taaei and erase ct»o3-baok»lb ry.j
•ort**7-Apply fo ♦ tte next tsiee dayi at 7» Deatb-i
tcrier, Scorn > o. B.op*atitr». ntac-iasu
WANTED. —Book Trade. Attend
Hon- A jotm* man who tas been for’i*
cau (even years. Bco fa at pre«nt eazajfed la tie
bo«x Jobblae bnilaeee, belne deeuont ofren o?ltta
Cttcaxo. weald be pteawa to ciocoib a Bltna'.lci’*
Km);-f k .s°y e * Csaflwi filitqmred fecorcaea
d»U° aa« to charset*r. and ioowloJa* oftac ba;,
new. Addrets • B," Poet Office Boscso. Ciacluru*
HUo. _ noas rssu:
ANTED—-$75 a Month. Agents
cMmriiiica rnjwl wtchtaei »old. or employ tc«t»
.2 *2.* work f«r tta abcre •uexcetm
E* ! “-PtrUcalers aedrcss C. UUGGLKS & O) .
DttroXMlct. ppy-mtut
\J\J ANTED—As Partner, a relb
* * J>l« n.*a barter a soall ca»l eapllilaidrtll
la* to travel wJib the larenlier la a bliurnsi
Mj\'? T ?. ca *s- bo s?. ei, - ro JLf** ;artuaiß *PPiJ at R«o
NO. .5 New Tort acw0,227 aad£s» Banoolobitr.#-.
between 9 aad 5 tbli day. 0025-isis j;
"W/ AKTKD*—A Honso and Lot
* *Bh * barn. Lot to te of good Has aed ce-
Ktahty locattd. cb tto South orTT«it bide, rot ere*
taoroileraoznlbe court Houte Any ptneo h»«ir
io eh for it]#, rosy fled a puictaaer by sodzeist&z Pok
Offlea Box R S3, itidf price auo Iwc*Uoa.
WASTED— Agents, Perecvsr-
Irjrmeh may aalo ss*»f7 petday. Nc £*.
ccpnoiL CaU at S!4 Souta Clark aireet, or aadr**»
jrptkjp ceua f-r patOenlaia. Boat o*ce Uox
ctaako. noe^riTW:
\\l ANTED—To trade forty ao:e3
, * ▼ of jrocd l«nd. near Geseiea Henry Cocatr.
LLrolß.ro: atoodrano. AddmadfTreaiott
fo; torce dan. n023 r4*i-’i
\\T ANTED—A Baier. A Jon*
• " * sejmss Bsker'wasted ImaMUtetrto irm
tkeccostnr-Applj it C.W.Sacdtoid'a CoafactJoanj.
119 HanJuph street. ncCVrits-.t
"t A/AN TED Boiler Makers l , to
tte kislxst Ttnivm te p*la. Ar;>lj
«t Boom Xo.Skuoaic Temple. noasrfc.U
ANTED—A airl to do general
k6u*eworkla»tMnSyoffonp. Moat bea*’:.:
ctck, vatber ana Ucaer. and Iriag coed referee:*.
Ocod wane a arm b« paid. Ca*l at the flnt tonic iccia
iticet oa Michigan avehoe.
nets noo at
TA,' AN TED.—A Teacher of thir.
tttnt loaicbotl or private lamily. Can refer ts P.*».
Sr. Cintron too otter*. Atldreta -HISS M 8"
not tal » orta £ ranch Post Office. boss nsi »t
\KJ ANTED—I -with to rest the
▼ ▼ balfori»hoJeofaGrl*tat:dFloarillli.iaK=e
good location. Addrett MILLE2. Box 29. Chlcica
P. O Country fttlcried. notf-t i&!a
ANTED—A Re eider ce, ccn
. » tainler ten or twelve rooms, in rood rspdr,
ftr^afaiMiT oi acoita. Address *K2s/* Box 2spi,
T\fANTED —A home for. as or*
,t>oy. eieven rears old, in the city or
ctnntry. Icqobe at 193 Foortb avenue. noss-rtfo a
W ANTED—To Musicians. A
• ytl E^dy, lolo Planet and accompanist; also
y Tf** 11 ***® 0 twor singer foracoccert traa,-»a
aoviPinißgat Louisville Ky. Parties most be:e>
? n - c*P»Me--,Address, for torae iiiys.-T
P W.-Post office Box 6373. cilcsgo. HI. when* as in
terview esn be bad. • noSl-tlid 3:
AN TED.—A leading Grocery
” T Hoot* of tbit city, cl Itrja meant aad nn«or*
ptuec ficil.tlM tor potebujoK lowest ma iet
rate*, and eociuntly lappiled with a la’ge » B d rariM
•teck. with to obtain toe terrlcci of a competed
Saeeiren u liiTellDK Agent. To aayote haring aa
ea tenure constn acqnitntasca aaa knowledge oftbe
ontiouß. wo can oiler iiSerai.lnqnceaaatt. Sent
B««S*Pplr. AddfUt “iIEItCHAWT,” Pdit
C&ce Cox 837. Chicago. aoSt-tUsii
7 ANTED—A gentleman trim
f TUp CoOkbls Attironi of foiralijf sa eanra
tteaiMjricw. Addnil *J it!*." -Cl Adtaustmt.
MM 1103 76
WANTED —Agent*. $l6O per
.ZLODtb a»o nmrbeuif reads br food c±a* ww-
- the BKbT Ur family n»« ever pabllabed. Addff»or
•ppjj 1° J. S VlfiDiff. Oeserel Western M*v.
Block, cxieago. rott<»r,rs
WANTED- Good men to csn
we In every coeaty la the Stats, to tr«a
tr.p nett of tense i»m be offer* i. ifosctiot c*;»tfe
wn&TftSS *SHL ?£?**• Adorer* AitaoLD a at-
H OOP, CM SV33. CLICIKO, 5023-:28l r /.
TyANTED.—A yonrg ltdy ci
* i-- ! i,,s ? Ration le iflraUual ytodo p* a
ualsk.cr sukila tcotetoidtffjl/a. Anessforißf
•later boii m object tian oracetustioß %w.m
e*cea alna II icfjm/ed. Addieea JULUP J.cv-
a uU'ta.y.
W ANTED.—In thtre a gentl« m’.n
la fora tin
cf anas from ibi Kur, «»o<i trltnAt
.»f «•!•« la taasotae siicr aos aiuxea •
et**orea*nircoats«trac«? -nans 7 U)ng ß
unite. Plea*a/tor*t<P.
pr.Tba*. aait-rW)!;
AWTJB.D—ErnployiLebt by a
TT jouczasvbolaaacodpirsvasasdeorfe't
bflxaret. fefiaeis prefer t>C£C»lacaaa««lrta:;t book
keeper. bst aat ai»tr bartsetecdceaPoa. W9s*d cot
ecjcottoasj other porinua wfientr Betas ears a
btethood. Addmalnxedlaic/y *aYW/ coxi.7l.
WANTED —To parchaae la
oiOTfdSaAne** property in a raod locates,
worth uom tea thousand to twen'y.flTe iheortc
debars. AUo,Hmcetc* yroztitr, improved cr an
improved. Mot bewail •“safe* «>waetf c*eas» »
to j. r. uusGZß.'*Batr*£aUle Broad?* qcu«
neat. Koca gq a. cciliZAK
ANTED—A good Stock Farm
T T ol prairie land, /rent mto no acre*. w.ii
roßlscdry land fcr location el boJld'tpaand la’Oa,
with Unr* rassise water. Aa aneb a* oaa-tslH
awt be excellent meadow rottoa lend preferred,
the balance good jtrazlrc and tuiige lasd. wits a toed
uaber let eo tee farm or close at nasd. Terms eaib.
Jtqoue ol WA.TOMBifI3US.SO»s. Jo Daneie Co ,
IThftoia. ncaoiacMMeiiw
\\/ ANTED—A Confectioner and
r » CiH« Baker. to »lou i u%aj stspioTweat
wlUbegma Apply 10F R. ASD2BSOF.aC boctai
7tib ssdOyiterDspcr.tr by leucrtoi* 4 TBO*p.
b„y. Muwankse. wla. soi9-n<»iw
WANTED. —$75 a Montiu—l
west to Mrs Agent* ta erery eornty at |a 1
xaoctb RpccHi p*io. to Mil my new ebrap tuz&j
tew Inc machines, Addno. a MAJJISOS. AUrr€
Matte, oeg-ofrmga
T\f ANTED*—I6O a month I “Wi
v f was: Areata es 960 a xneata. ex pester
to ten osr KniuiTDS PxaciLa, Oxrcrrax. Etn
xms sad thirteen ether new. asetsi tad csrloai iro
&ei. nnetsdrsaltrieeaitete, AddrwwSHAffj
CL/.RA Biogcttra. Watte, _«eas-* 2*v-?a
W ANTED-(Knitting MacLiiii)
* * Brery Turn a/ to know Sar m* •• w tiea
nlbt** can cam tS to xx per week w.tli cae'.l Atin't
Knitting M*cbm«t. It wd w. »- :c<
lc thirty days. Frtcaecxsplete. 93, Weigatii pouwm.
jrtjgKfrooSJceatato «JB. lead far etrewu and
tarn pica (tend atusps^
3RAAWO3* A SLLIG7. O-W-xal Arecti,
athS-aOMam 130 Lake street. Chicago. ~~
WANTED—Men for the XT. S.
f f k»tt. t> do datr » te« ktb
ffjnadron. loroce. twoortnreeyeafj oreorto* tee
wsr Good pay asd Prize Mossy TMa litti most
drslrabie ie:Tiee. Pay frets Sid.to an per mos-l.
>0 lose bard marctes. and good camera on oeard
•blp. ret lertbsr panlmiars apply to tbeCß. s>rsl
Keefemni. Ctßebs Block, corier WOTtt: CU.-X
Or at B»ernltirgOifi£*» ISX Lake m. cor. of LmiA
* eoßßlMlcs will bs paid to toy person brtizls*
an accepted rrcralt to eitber eftce. aoZS-pTil tw
WANTED —Surgeone and AsiU-
I! tant SorgOcaa fer closed regmests in tse
Departments 01 tleßcatb Calf and Tennessee. Toe
ca; oiatra sntt be ezastted before a Beard of Vedi
cl cscers Beards are now la station at rcstos.
Ktw York WaatttstOA f’-lsclnsatl and BL Loa's.atd
st tie teadqoartejs of tbe Aralm of tbeketjeae.
Canberland and Tennessee. Appßca lota for esa-n*
ttatios aboald be mace to tbe Bargees GeaerU ÜBA„
Wutlriton. D. C.. ted most be accsxpamed w!Ji
ore cr mere tettimenlUs of rood aof«
frets mpeetahle ecrsoLi. Ite Boani wiiid«t«ttji ,- o
»t»tier the caaduate uqatilfied lar Surgeon or for
Afitilsrteumon. Tbe esndldatenostbeagracive
cfioat. Regnlsr Meolcal Coiietejaon-grsduatTi wil
not be examined. J. B. CAUSES. Acting Borgeon
C GezeraTsOßlce.Hovember 13.130.
»4»»L*f a* TO tiiAsat :
T? CARDING —A pleasant front
II toea itmlsbsd or oalanijsbed, solublefer a
gentlemto ebd wife or two angle gsattemea.to Mt
w«b &sSl“t »> IMtoott ***'> "‘•StSSi? 4
wclee-turseti. oe»isa It
"DOABDINQ —Large room at 142
II Wabaab arsane. Bo2S*sagt
TSOABDING—A few gentlemen
D etn be aeecmaodsUd with day hoard at S3d
B:ato street. 53^71

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