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the city.
the rumsey-colby suit.
Colby Claims £50,000 Damages
From Hamsey.
Scrcszon Coubt—W. F. Colbt ts. Julias
R octet, ron Libel—Bbtet Rebuke or the
Facts.—The case of W. F. Colby vs. Julian S.
Rumecy, for libel, tried before Judge Gary, on Frl
-day and Saturday of the past week, is so identified
'with the history of the city government, that In
■connection with a sketch of the trial, wc propose to
give a brief resume of the facts out of which It
• arose.
R appears that in IS6B there existed In Chicago
sbnsincseaeßodationby the name of the Chicago
Stone and Coal Mining Company, whose teams
were obliged to make large use of the street called
the' Western Avenue. This Western Avenuebeing
in ft somewhat heavy condition, the company do
ored to have it paved, and procured the passage of
an ordinance for paving it at tile city's expense—
contracted under the ordinance todo the work, and
■Wilhinlhofiret two weeks after its passage, had
Actually accomplished a little of it. In that tatcr
- vat however, the Council smelt something, which
1 led them to repeal the ordinance at the regular
meeting, Immediately succeeding the one which
adopted it. The work on Western Avenue, how
ever, being for the interest of the C. 8. &, G. M.
suspended by the repeal of the ordi
nance. . The company went on and completed It,
- fjp(i ilht -riwiTiiftd fiat the cost of the work should
bemadeuptothemby the city, a claim which the
xity was not swift to recognize.
- * In the dispute concerning this claim, Julian M.
Rumsey, Mayor, and 6. D.Ward, Comptroller of the
Cirr, in 1860, who treated the demand ns spurious,
became especially repugnant to William P. Colby,
« member of the C. C. & S. M. Co., and one of the
Common Council for that year, who was working
yaj hard to have the claim allowed.
We do not intend to do anything more than hare
- 3y allude to the fight among the city officials grow
ing partly out of political, and partly ,
■ont of personal motives, of which Comp- i
trailer Ward was the central figure, in 3863, nor to
the tedious investigations and counter investiga
tions that were made by the Common Council. It
will be remembered that among these “investiga
tions" was one in which Alderman Colby made
• umscir especially active, founded upon the state
ments of a paper purporting to be signed by one
Smart, who bad been a member of the city police
under John Wentworth, but which was shown to ;
be the production of a Mr. Flint, formerly -editor ;
of the Chicago T/emneraf. This paper virtually ac
cused the Comptroller with beta" a defaulter to the
citv. and with covering his defalcation with ficti
tious pav-rolls, and pretended to detail a con
vereatlon between Ward and Wentworth dur
jnjT the mayoralty of the latter, in which the
Comptroller confessed his defalcation, and the mode
be had used to conceal it. The statements of this
T«ipcr were made the subject of special andpro- •
tracled investigation by a committee of the Com
mon Ooundl. with a view to Ward’s removal, ta the
conrac of which, and the Colby investigation,which .
followed it, the handwriting and signature of the i
*• Smart paper” were shown to be forgeries, ana its
contents unmitigated falsehoods. ■
It was atjhe dose of the former of these investl
‘ sations that Mayor Rumsey addressed to the Coun
cil the communication on which the present suit .
forlibdls founded. This communication was as
follows. jj ATOT ,. g Chicago. Nov. 7,1863.
Gentlemen of the Common Council: Ibellevcthat
Alderman Colbv, in connection with Messrs. A, C.
EUilhorpe and C. C. Flint, and perhaps oth
«rcr persons, have been endeavoring to have
the Comptroller removed from office for the follow
ing reasons, vis: thinking that they would be bet
ter able to swindle the city on some old claims
which thev pretend to hold acainst it, and that they
miefat enufr a personal animosity against him,
probablv originating tathe fact that they would not
nay such claims.
In the endeavor to accomplish this object it was
Suite evident to those hearing the evidence before
ic investigating committee that forgery and per-
Joivwerebothmsdcuscot. As, however, bat one
of the parties is a dtv official, 1 shall leave the
Cifind Jury to deal with the rest, and proceed to
the consideration of tho case of Alderman Colby.
And X now charge Alderman Colby:
1. With entering into a conspiracy to injure the
character of a prominent financial city official by
making so-called chargee against him, thereby en
deavoring to procurable removal, behenng that
the so-called charges were false when bo made
Bum, andbv so doing deliberately Injuring the
goed name and financial credit of the city, which
as an Alderman he is bound to protect.
? With using improper means to induce other
Aldermen to vote for such removal before be or
others had intended to make such charges.
r. That by misrepresentation he induced other
Aldeimcn to sign a recommendation to have
a certain claim paid, belonging to Ellithorpe and
Colbv. against tne city amounting to $6,000, for
tnrcscUmlzlng Western avenue, knowing at the
time that he would be swindling the city If he suc
<ecd«Un getting it paid. .. , . ,
4. Acting dishonestly (having said last named
cbim to be unjust) ta endeavoring to sell or hy
pothecate it to innocent parties.
£. With selling an estimate to an innocent party,
Issued by the city to EUitborpc and Colby for work
■done on West Randolph, amounting with interest
when sold to about nmc thousand dollars, the
having to his knowledge been paid by the
Citv more titan a Tear before he sold It.
O. With acting dishonestly ta many ways ta mat
ters relating to the dry government daring the
■time that helms been Alderman, which an investi
gation into the facts will show.
As it is doubtful whether a committee has the
light to -sutowns witnesses and compel them to
answer questions, I respectfully suggest (that as
the Common Council has the power 1) that yon ap
point some early time to investigate these charges
with a view If they be found to be true to a suf
ficient extent to justify such action, to expcllAl
doinwn Colbv from this body.
Out of this communication of the Mayor to the
Common Council, arose two Judicial, or quasi judi
cial investigations. One of them was the inquiry
by the Council into the truth of the charges thus
preferred by the Mayor, an inquiry occupying
oomc four months, and a verbatim report of which,
wse it not 'made by Hitt, tire celebrated steno
grapher, and is it not, complete in live hundred
pages, to be had at the Mayor's office, for the ben
efit of all enthusiasts ta this description of liters
,UTbe other one was the suit of Colby rv. Ramsey ■
for libel, brought in the Superior Court some two
years ago, andtried before Judge Gary on Friday
* Saturday.
In this case plaintiff based his declaration in
libel on the words of the two introductory para
graphs of the Mayor's communication, and not
«n the language contained ta the specific charges
themselves, the tarter undoubtedly foiling within
the class of privileged communications.
To the declaration defendant pleaded only the
general issue.
The order and result of the trial were briefly as
follows: After opening the case to the Jury m a
ehort speech. Mr. Van Boren, conn&cl for the plain-
Bffi offered ta evidence from a certified copy of the
Mayor's communication, the language on which the
plaintiff relied as libellous.
lie then produced Aid. Cotnlsky nsawitness, who
proved the publication alleged to be libellous, by
tire reading of the communication of the Mayor to
BicCcuncu* and then having refreshed his memory
by a perusal of the printed report of the Colby loves-,
tfcauon, before spoken of, testified to certain
statements of defendant made under oath before
the council, during that investigation, relating to
conversations between defender::, members or the
Connell and othere, held before the investigation
«poken very freely of Colby's character and panic
tdarij offals connection with the claim for Macada
mixtac Western Avenue, characterizing the latter
as a rascallv transaction, and Colby himself as a
rascal and a* scoundrel. This testimony was Intro
duced, as counsel for plaintiff alleged, by way of ag
gravation, to prove that defendant ta his communi
cation to the Council was actuated by malice against
defendant attempted to cross-exam
ine the witness with relation to the nature of the
transactions to which defendant, while speaking
of plf»lr tlff ‘, had reference, and thus rebut the pre
. ermption of malice, by showing that the language
was such as any honest man would naturally apply
to transactions of rfa** description. But the Court
- ruled such a course of examination to be Inadmiss
ible. The defence was, however, permitted tota
‘ trcdcceta evidence, the entire statements and con
versations of the dclcndant, so for as they were
eltowuliythe aforesaid printed report, of which
the witness, on his examination in chief, had testi
fied to a part, not, however, as port of thecoatcuts
of the report, but as the statement of tho witness
Comtaky. with his recollection refreshed, as afore
sa'd. by Ita perusal. Upon this proof
plaintiff rested, and the conned for
defence immediately moved the Court
to instruct the jury to give a verdict for the defend
ant on the ground rhnt the communication from
Bio Mayor to the Council came within the class of
privileged communications, which, in the absence
of proof ot express malice, can famish no ground
let actions of XibrL
They claimed further that this particular commu
nication belonged, under the provisions of the city
charter, to that most privileged class of writings
relating to the initiation of proceedings ta too
nature of judicial proceedings, the authors of which
can only be liable to actions formalidoue prosecu
tion, and not to actions for libel at all.
This question was argued at lenclh by S. W.
Fuller, counsel for the defense in support of the
motion, and Mr. Van Boren ta opposition to to it.
The argument was not completed till yesterday
afternoon, and upon its completion. Judge Gary
Immediately gave the following opinion:
Hie Charter of the <aty in force at the time of the
alleged publication of the supposed libel, provided
in section 8, charter 2, that every person elected to
any office by the people might be removed from
such office by a vote of two-thirds of all the Alder
men authorized by law to be elected. But no offi
cer should be removed except for cause, nor unless
first famished with the chaigcs.andhcard in Us de
fense, and the Common Council should have power
to compel the attendance of witnesses and the pro
■ dnetion of papers, when necessary for the purposes
of ench trial, and should proceed within ten days
to hear and determine upon the merits of the case.
By chapter ft of the some charter the
Mayor was required to take care that the laws of
the State and ordinances of the city were duly en
forced, respected and observed, ana from time to
time to give to the Common Council each informa
tion and recommend such measures as he might
deem advantageous to the city.
The plaintiff was an Alderman and the defen
dant was Mayor of the city and the publications al
leged, were, find. In showing to Mr. Ayer, the cor
poration counsel, for hi s professional advice, and
. Sen In presenting to the Common Council the com-
Tnmi'cation continuing the supposed libellous mat
. ”**rhc court held that whatcvermlghthethcrnleor
measure of the responsibility of the defendant for
presenting the communication to the Common
CknmcU, would apply also to the showing to Mr.
Ayer, because the latter was preparatory to the
former, and as to tho presentation to the Common
Council it was the institution of a judicial Inquiry,
■before a tribunal expressly authorized by law to
hearand determine the charges, and as such if a
wrong was done for which the plaintiff had any
remedy, It was not ta the present form of action for
libel but an action for a malicious prosecution. 6
John's 680. 21 Wendell’s 825.
That this would have been true if the defendant
had been but a private dtizen of the city, and with
much greater reason was ho protected from this
fflion, it being bis duty to prosecute the
charges if he well believed them to he well found
The Court therefore on the application of the de
fendant, gave the Jury the following instruction;
“Thejniyaro instructed as matter of law that
the plaintiff has failed to make out such a case as
to entitle him to recover in this action and it is
therefore their duty on the case presented to find
the defendant not guilty.”
The verdict of the jury was In accordance with
the instructions.
• x Questionable Heat. Estate Tbansao
moa.—A few days ago a real estate transaction
-was commenced, and concluded yesterday, which
demonstrates the difference between “ honor
able men.'’ As some litigation is likely to grow
out of the transaction, we give the points: A. of
fered B. a certain house and lot for $8,600, B. asked
A. whether, in case be should find a purchaser, if
he would allow him all be could get over the $8,500.
a mild he would. Afterward B. found a purchaser
nt eft wnfl, and asked A- to allow him the SI,OOO, and
make out the papers to C. But when A. saw that
Dwas about to realize SI,OOO from the transaction,
h&cked eanare down, and refused to sell
to BV but sold to C. for S9,OW, After the
nannrs were drawn, audtbc money paid over, C.
iSJsiU B-“ i “f ofer of *3.500 to
yen, for this property, a* a tonajide transaction.,
I bare paid A 19,000, and consider that SSOO of that
money Is yonr's—here are SSOO that which belongs
to yon, and will make the foil amount I offered.' 1 .
{bery—Can 6. collect the other SSOO from A? Wo
understand the matter will bo legally investigated. l
At any rate should the names come before the
coorta, the public will hare this bit of history in
Attempted Elopement of an Old
Rian of Fifty with a
School Girl.
A Six-Barrelled Argument
lore the Clmrch Boor*
Last summer, it win be remembered, the Chicago
public “turned to plo-nics" as If 'twere second na
ture with them. The excursion ticket admitted all
to the full privilege, and there was no discrimina
tion between old oryoung,ricb or poor. Many were
the lads and lasses that found eeduded shady bow
ers, in which to breathe their first love—this Is ex
pected—looked upon as a natural consequence
growing out of the pic nlc excursion. We may at
most say it was a part of the programme.
• But there was an attachment formed at one of
the later Catholic plc-nlcs which, with its finale, is
nf so remarkable a character that we giro the par
ticulars. In the crowd upon the cars, an old
who Is on the shady side of fifty, who has a rag
store on West Canal street, was thrown into ’ the
company of a bcantlfnl little miss of fourteen sum
mers—a rompingjdayfnl, rosy-checked, school giii,
who had never tested t£p realities of life. The old.
man, attracted by the free, playful, polite manner
cf the little miss, paid her fully as much attention
as would be expected from a fatherly old man to a.
pleasant school girl. She accepted his overtures
and kind acts while upon the grounds and on their
way home, without thinking he meant more than
friendly kindness. .But the matter did not Estop
. here. The bid man had visions of that fair-haired
girl ever before his eyes. "Whether upon the street
or while weighing the rags brought Into his store by
Bie ragged urchins and children from the streets,his
mtad was ever upon the beautiful little girl ho had
snetattfaoplo-nie. But what was to be done 7 Ho
an old rag-buyer, andsbethe budding flower of a
wealthy and Influcdtial family I How could he
dare to ask her hand ta marriage—for that was
what he had determined upon. In one way and
another, without the knowledge of the parents he
gained her society, at divers times and places, ho
lavished presents upon her, and made himself par-
Bcnlarly agreeable to her, and strange as It may
poem, the two were finally engaged to be married,
entirely without the knowledge or consent of her
The day fixed for the ceremony that was to blend
together January and May, was Thanksgiving Day,
at three o'clock in the'afternoon. Ofall this the
family were entirely ignorant, so shrewdly had the
oldman laid bis plana, and so well had the girl
kept her own counsel, even from her parents and
Bat she had paid less attention to her studies
than formerly, and expressed a lively interest ta
the latest styles, which suggested to the parents
that something unusual was occupying her mind.
Her brother, who had been her most intimate com
panion and confidential friend, realized that she
was confiding in another, and that be was treated
with comparative indifference by his sister, who
was as dear to him as his own life, and he deter
mined upon ascertaining the cause. Hence he
closely watched her movements from d&v to day,
saw her walk out, and meet the old man/doubtless
at an appointed time and place. He carefully
watched her throughout her devious course on
the streets, until she returned home. But then be
failed to gain any satiefectory reply as to the ob
ject of her interview with the old rag-man.
In the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day a carriage
drove up before the door oftne residence of Bus
very young lady's parents, and she stepped out of
the door, saving to her mama that “Mr.D—— had
called to ‘take her out riding." The car
riage drove lei surely round two or three
squares, and finally stopped ta front of the
Catholic Church, on the North Side. The
brother, a young man. though unobserved by
the representatives of either January or May, was
on their track, still intent upon protecting nig be
loved sister from any snare. By tbe time the old
man of fifty, and thelnnoccnt little girl of thirteen,
bad alighted upon the sidewalk, preparatory to
their appearance before the hymenial altar,
the whole affair flashed across the young man's
mtad—he could now understand many acta of bis
sister, that bad before been as an enigma to him.
Now he bad a realizing sense of the old man's
intentions, which were nothing less than that of
marrying Jus sister. A desperate disease demands
a desperate remedy—the brother stepped in front
of the old deceiver, as he was approaching the
church door, and presenting a revolver, told him in
language that could not be misunderstood, that if
he did not return his sister to hcrhome,atonce,
Lc would blow him through—that be would sooner
follow his sister to her grave than see her married
to t»jm T The old man began to argue the case—tho
little rate* cried from a sense of fear or exposure, or
both, and as the old fellow still stealthily pursued
bis steps towards the door, he was stopped by the
vermg man, who insisted that he could not take an
ether step, except it be at the peril of hisllfe.
Tbe organ was playing in vain, and ta vain was
the altar lighted up. The trio got into the carriage
together, the brother and sister upon the back
scat, tbe disappointed old lover sitting alone.
Scarcely a worn was spoken on the way from tho
church to the house. Tbe old man looked morose
and sullen; the girl wept bitterly when she real
ized the fatal error which she was about voluntarily
foiling into, and the young man apparently enjoyed
the satisfaction of having saved us sister from the
clutches of one whom he despised. After the
perty alighted from the carriage, the old man took
Horn hie anticipated bride some of the articles of
dress which be had presented to her, and made
• tracks for Us rag shop. *
A Priest in a Bad Way.
He is I> is rolled ibr Lascivious*
A few days ago, a disgraceful affair occurred in
ti.c dty, which, disagreeable as is the mention of
it. wo still consider it our duty to impart to onr
The week before, a well dressed gentleman of
c’ ! gnlficd aspect, entered one of the houses of in
ft,me on South Wells street,and* made tbe acquaint
ance ofthe girls who were boarding there. One of
them, with whom he became especially Intimate,
gave M™ to understand, that she recognized ta him
a preacher of the gospel, which his whole appear,
auce indicated. Her friend denied this accusation,
but informed her confidentially, at the same time
exhibiting visible signs of teraor,that he was a cap
tain ta tbe rebel army, and bad chosen the disguise
of a clergyman In order to secure himself against
discovery. With this explanation thcgirl was com
pletely satisfied, A few days later, the same gen
tleman returned to the house, and brought back
with him a charming young girl, for whom be en
grged board as a “lady friend" of his; a proceed
ing which excited the Jealousy of bis first conjt
dunto. She believed herself to have a sort of first
ftnitn upon the would-be Captain of tbe Southern
cluvalrv, and when all her attempts to attract his
attention were fruitless, meditated revenge. She
vvas on good terms with a policeman, to waosi she
confided the circumstances and confession of her
faithless lover. He made his observations accord
inuiv, and on a beautiful moonlight night, onr hero
aid his lady lore were arrested at the door of the
bouse, just as they were taking a moat affectionate
leave of each other. The pretended Southern cav
alry official was in the utmost apparent consterna
tlon. After he had exhausted hfe stock of persuas
ion upon the iron firmness of the policeman, he
ot.ered him $5500 ta greenbacks to let him and the
girl go, but this last attack upon the official was ro
relied with indignation, and the guilty pair taken
to the Armory. Another secret policeman whose
ffjnily accurate memory is the horror of all crimi
nals, thought that he had sccft our hero in a pul
pit, and it was determined to take him to a prelate
ofthe dty, in order, if possible, to identify him.
This was accordingly done, and theprclate, who
steads deservedly high ta the Roman Catholic
Church in this city, recognised ta tho Southern
cavalry officer, a brother u the same
who had thus foully disgraced his sacred profes
»ion and calling. It is unnecessary to say that
the offending priest was immediately degraded
from his office, and to-day sustains no other rela
tions to the Church he has disgraced than those of
a layman.
Xlie laflUu*Flanlgan Homicide.
Sentxkcx Pronounced bt Judge Van H. Hig
gins, ik tbb Case or Tnoxis Laflxv.—Wc have
already stated the Acts connected with tho indict
ment of Thomas Laflin for the murder of Patrick
llannlgan In tho Switch House of the M. S. B. 8.,
on the night of the 14th of last April; the plea of
n.anslaughtcr put in by the prisoner to.the indict
ment, and its acceptance by the State Prosecutor.
Cur readers will remember that Laflin stabbed Han
nlgan in a fight, which arose out of a dispute con
cerning the merits of a railroad engineer, and after
(as says) Hannlgan had struck him with a
lantern. Yesterday Laflin was brought before the
court, and the sentence of the law was pronounced
by Judge Van H. Higgins as follows:
Yon have been indicted by a. Grand Jury of the
county for the crima of morder—the highest crime
known to the law. If you had been convicted of
that crime, then the duty of the court would have
been much more painful than it now Is. In each
ccee. Instead of the imnishmcnt which you are now
to receive, yon would have been condemned to be
banged by the neck until yon were dead. In con
secration of your former good character, the States
«:torney and the Court have consented to accept
Uom yon a plea of guilty, of manslaughter. Ton
l.arenot denied, anuyon could not deny that you
b.Ued Patrick Flannagan. You cruelly took faia
life; sent him to his final account, wholly unpre
pared, with all his sins npon his head. It is true
»v this, the Court admits that yon bad no premedi
tated design to kill Flannagan. If that design had
existed In your breast it was murder, and by the
laws of God and man, you should die.
But the humanity of the laws is so great, that
where there Is even a doubt as to tho intentions of a
criminal .he is entitled to the benefit of ench a
oonbt, That principle of the law has saved you
fiom the gallows.
But notwithstanding you did not intend to kill
} lannagan, yon need a dangerous and deadly wea
) on, and stabbed him to tho very heart.
You used that weapon In such a way as to indi
cate that you were intending to wound him in a
iems If not fatal manner. You thereby commit
ted a great crime, and it Is only the provocation
under which yon are charitably supposed to have
acted, and your former good character, that have
saved yon from tho gallows. Probably no one re
grets, more tlum yourself, the rash and fatal act—
nud 1 have no doubt if you could recall the deceased
i 0 life, von would give worlds if you possessed
t hem. Von will he punished enough in fni« world.
In vonr conscience, sleeping orwaking, the image
of that mnrdercd man will appear before you; ms
blood which yon wickedly shed will never cease to
try (o you freon the ground—and In another world
von will have to answer for the commission of that
awful crime. But yon must he pimlched-socletv
has an interest in protecting itself against homi
cides. If men were not punished for the commis
sion of crimes. If examples were not made
of those who kill their fellow men, instead of peace
and security every man would havetogo armed,
and murders would be more frcqnenlthan they now
unfortunate are. No less than three indictments
have been returned formurderatthlstenn of Court,
end a fourth case inquired Into. This Is an alarming
state of society, and it is tho duty of Courts to see
that the law is enforced against this class of
offences. It Is said that it Is the certainty of pun-
J fitment and not the rigor of it that prevents the
commlseion of crime. This may be true, but pun
ishments should not be so light as to encourage
the commission of offences. The Court Is pained
to award so severe a sentence as it feels compelled
to do in this case; bnt a sense of duty is and ought
to be paramount to all other considerations.
The sentence of the Court will be that you be
taken from the bar of this Court to the County
JalL thence, within six days, to bo removed to the
Penitentiary of the State at Joliet, there to be con
fined at hard labor for the space of five years, two
days in each year in solitary confinement.
gjr* Xbc afternoon conservative has another
and unusually violent attack of Tribune on the
brain. Tbc antics of that print reminds one ford
dv of a poodle dog that runs out and barks
furiously at the train every time It passes the house
where the puppy Urea.
JBer. Sr* Dempster.
• Wc gave yesterday morning a brief state*
mbit of the death of this eminent minister and
scholar, at the time of his demise Senior Professor
.of Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston. Wc learn
that he was aboat 70 years of age, and had been 63
years In the ministry. Few men have occupied a
more conspicuous place in American Method Um.
Six years he spent in South America in missionary
labor. Be was also the pioneer in the establish*
ment of Biblical Institutes for the training of min*
isters in Ms church. He was a profound thinker,
an earnest worker, a devoted Christian, and ft
warm advocate of thorough anti-slavery principles.
Peace to his ashqs I Honor to kis memory.*
Wo learn the funeral service win he held in the
Evanston M. E. Church to-morrow (Tuesday) at
. about JO o'clock, p. m. The time will bo fixed by
the running of the trains, so persons from the city
may go at noon and return. We learn there will be
a discourse by Iter. Dr. Eddy, and other appro
priate exercises.
The Christian Commission—Bebuko
to tlio Secesli Organ.
The meeting under the auspices of the Christian
Commission,at the First BaptistChnrch on Thanks
giving Bay afternoon, was well attended, and very
interesting. Mr. B. F. Jacobs introduced Mr. K.
A. B run ell, a member of the Christian Commis
sion, Just retvrned from the battle-field of Chiefs
manga, who entertained the audience for aboat an
hour with a simple and unvarnished recital of inci
dents tending to illustrate the good that the Chris
tian Commission is accomplishing In the camps of
onr soldiers. Bis remarks were exceedingly inter
esting, and well received by the audience. He was
followed by the Rev. Mr. Raymond, Chaplain of
the 61st Blinols Infantry, who also related many
. sad incidents of Camp life. He remarked that his
experience was very similar to that related by Mr.
BranelL The Christian Commission, he said, had
a great advantage over army chaplains. The for
mer administered physical as well as spiritual con
solation, paring hfs way with delicacies and little
articles or necessity, for the reception of religious
precepts. Bo spoke of the bravery of oar soldiers
who, when upon short rations, Joked and smiled
over their hard crackers in a spirit of heroism
that was truly grand.
Capt. B. w.Whittle, of the 73d, Ist Board of
Trade regiment, addressed the meeting in a spirit
ed and pungent maimer. He warmly defended the
Sanitary Commission from the attacks of the organ
of Jett Davie. Reports of what the Sanitary Com
mission were doing, through the Northwestern
Fair and other avenues of benevolence, had reached
the ears of the soldiers, and sent a thrill of Joy
.through every heart from one extreme of a camp to
the other, and through every Federal camp. Be
branded the insinuations of the enemies of the
Government that supplies sent through the Sani
tary Commission were systematically diverted
from their course, as wholly false and malicious.
These calumniators of the soldiers' friends
win by and by be called to a terrible
acsotnt for their hostility—the soldiers will he
homeward bound ere long. Does the editor of
the Chicago Times either fight for or pray for us?
No. The speaker was certain that such base at
tempts to decry the efforts of the Sanitary Com
mission would recoil upon the heads of their insti
gators and return to plague their inventors. Be
alluded to the growing sin of intemperance in the
army, and bitterly denounced the liquor shops that
arc permitted to operate in full blast in the camps.
As matters now arc, officers make requisitions for
liquor “for medicinal purposes," and get all that
they want. The regulation concerning drunken
ness among the officers was a dead letter.
Four companies of the 73d were recruited in this
city under the auspices of the Christian Churches.
Recruits were wanted, the speaker was at bpmc
for the purpose of obtaining them, and he hoped
that Christian patriots would lend their assistance
in the matter.
Repaid a tribute of respect to the efforts of the
Freedman's Aid Association, and said that since
thoanny had inaugurated a practical abolition of
slavery, there was much work for that Association.
Mr. B. F. Joacobs announced that a collectlo
would be taken for tho purpose of sending supplies
to onr suffering boys in the Libby at Richmond. A
gentleman in the audience bad pledged himself to
give SI,OOO, if the audience would raise a similar
sum. Hr. A. D. Titsworth remarked that he hoped
the benevolent gentleman would give them one day
in which to make up the amount. Mr. Jacobs bent
an inquiring look upon Mr. John V. FarwelL and
immediately announced that the request would be
complied with.
IjtU. 8. Cibouxt Coubt.— Lair— 3s7. Crawford
ct si vs. Kelly & Maher. On motion of plaintiff's
attorneys, leave was granted them to cross-exam
ine Geo. N. Ford, whose deposition de bom mo
has been taken on behalf of defendants, by giving
dcfendautsnotice ofthe time and place or taking
the same. Ac.
In Chancery—ZQi. Whitney vs. Hiller ctal. On
petition filed, order to he entered as prepared.
re. James Byan. Indictment for larceny; sen*
tenced to county Jail for thirty days.
People vg. Geo. H. Jones and John Curran. In*
dictment for an assault with intent to do bodily
injury. Motion for a new trial overruled and Jones
sentenced to county jail for six months, Curran for
four months.
Civil D ocext.—Lg ßancroft el al vs.
Johnson ctal. Motion for new trial overruled;
exceptions entered and Samuel S, Johnson made
party to Judgment.
29C—City of Coicogo vs. Lind ot al. Motion for
new trial by defendants overruled and Judgment
vi>. Lind, Foes, Hcald & Carver for $37,010 Ot.
137—Colby ve. Bumsey. The Jury find the de
fendant not guilty. Motion fora new trial by
681—McEindley et al vs. Meslcr et aL Bala to
rejoin extended to first day of next term. .
1012—Mahoney ve. Kern. Buie to plead in 30
TTCV—BcdbUTTTS. Knights et al. Or* motion of
parnbhece. judgment against them set aside on
payment ot garnishee proceedings, unless plaintiff
show cause to the contrary on or before the first
Wcdnesdav of next term, he or his attorneys being
served with a copy of this order at least five days
before that day, and that execution be stayed In
the meantime.
SOS. Sheridan vs. Doyle; leave given to amend
set. fa. instantcr. motion by defendant for continu*
ancc overruled, defendant excepts.
76a. Ely vs. Miller; suit dfs. at P.C. motion
plan tiff's attorney.
CS4. Cockran ve. McCarty,ef. al ; scaled verdict;
defendant guilty; damages 10 cents: motion by
plactiffforncw trial overruled and judgment on
Grorvecorr/’. a 7. v?. Horton «f. at; motion to set
cride service and subsequent proceedings argued
and taken under advisement.
5C7. Koecnihal <l. a/, vs. Jennings cC. a?;motion
to set aside dismissed, argued, and taken unner
952. • Quinlan re. Zimmer; demr.tofid ABd,pleaa
signed and demr. sustained, with leave to amend
hr Monday morning next.
420. (Chancery) Bowman vs. Buchanan, ef. alt
dunr. to bill ergned and taken under advisement.
*97. (Chancery) Gotthclf vs. Gotthclff; proof
pnb. default ana referred to Master.
493. (Chancery) Strauss vs. Hellschcr, eL al :
bearing of motion to dissolve Injunction upon bill
set for Saturday morning next.
Kerosene Oils and Lamps.—Everybody
through the country can now have a steady, clear
bright light. In some respects superior to gas, for
about the same cost as “ tallow dips' I —aye, for less
money, for one kerosene lamp with good oil gives
more light than five tallow candles. Every coun
try merchant has or should have a. stock of kero
sene goods. People In cities and towns will study
economy by using kerosene instead of gas. Those
In dty or country who would buy the beet oils, and
all the latest Improvements in lamps, chandeliers,
lanterns, and glassware generally, either at whole
enle or retail, will find one of the best assorted
stocks in the dty at the thronged establishment of
H. F. Merrill, 85 Bandolph street. By keeping the
bc£tofartldcs,end selling at low profits, he is
building up an immense trade. *
The State Street Bridge.—The ad
journed meeting of those interested In the State
Sheet Bridge*, on Saturday night, was not very
fully attended. Since the previous meeting the
subscriptions had been Increased, and now amount
to $10,720— leaving tho dtlzcna to raise $3,270. It
is necessary to raise this latter amount before the
Hoard of Pnblic Works win take any action in
the matter. We regret to see so much backward
ness and short-sightedness In this important en
terprise, and believe that if those most deeply in
terested would look at tho matter In Its true light,
endsbowthdr hands in this, as la otherprojeCtS
oflcsspubliclmportance, the $8,570 TTonldbosub.
scribed forthwith. There 7**ll be another meeting
next Saturday sT6nlng.
’ Becohder’s Court.—For the December
Term of the Eecordcr’a Court, the following jurors
have been drawn:
Grand Jury —Tarlton Jones, L. K. Sanborn,
Henry Farnbam, M. B. Clancy,William 21. Brown,
James Long, D. A. Foot, A. Q. Hcald, Charles
FoUansbee, william Stnrgca, E. S. Wells, Oosta
vusTroost, A. H. PitUns. J. A. Hack, Beamier
Bccd, Eli Eater, O. Kendall. George W. Gage,
William Brass, Frank Pannelee.Tertlns W. Wads
worth, Benjamin Jennings, William Arbuckle.
Petit Jury —John Bobh, E. L. Osborn, D. M.
Ward, Jerome Beecher, Joseph Meeker, Ed wan
Kchoe, George W. Flanders, Frank Uarringto •,
E. B. Talcott, J. Linton Waters, Joel Oarlo ,
Joseph H. Tucker, Samuel McKay, C. W. Mayber
ry, if. D. Colvin, Alexander Stelle, H. B. Caber
ry, J. B. Denham, E. J. Chapin, B. W. Phillips,
George W. Noble, John Ffond, Walter L.Newber
ry, Luther Stone.
New HruTAmr Coxxandes.— By orders from B
D. Townsend, Washington, (Acting Adjutant Qcn_
cral, in absence of General Thomas), Colonel C. V.
HcLandbas been ordered to assume the duties of
Military Commander of this dty, lately performed
■ty Captain C. C. Pomeroy, who has been ordered
to Springfield to assist Lieutenant Colonel Oakes,
tho Acting Provost Marshal General and Becrul ting
Superintendent foj this State. This will greatly
Increase the already arduous labors of Colonel He-
Land, bnt we believe be will bo found equal to the
tssk. His headquarters wDI continue to be at
Camp Douglas.
jgf The Methodist Ministers, pastoral and
local, of the city and its vicinity, are requested to
meet at 10, a. m., to-day. In tbo pastor’s study of
the Clark street Church, to take action in reference
to the death and funeral services of Bev. John
Dempster, D. D.
The Trustees and Faculty of the Garrett Biblical
Institute arc requested to meet at 2, p. nu, in Dr.
Eddy's office, for the same purpose.
Ministers from the city and county, and espe
cially students of the Institute, arc invited to attend
the Amend, if possible.
Citizens are invited withont farther notice.
“Tile Newspaper Press.”—lt Is gratify
ing to note that a dty dergyman, whose pulpit or
professional ministrations have never indicated
any conedousness on bis part, of the peril of his
country, has at last awoke to tho perils of the peo
ple from the newspaper press. As bo reads solely
the Chicago Jeff. Davis organ, tho only wonder Is
that the discovery was so tardily made. A few
months of tho Times as a finally sheet, ought to
open any man's eyes, but is it not introducing sec
ular matter Into the sacred desk to launch a homily
at such an crib
Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana
Eaileoad ArroiyxMP»Tß.—We noticed a few days
ajro the election of H. H. Porter, Esq,, to the Gen
eral Superintendence of the Michigan Southern
Eailroad. On the 27th inst., Mr. Wm. F. Staunton
was appointed Superintendent of the Western Di
vision, with his office at Laporte, Indiana, to enter
on his duties on the first of December. Mr. Chas.
M. Gray was appointed Commercial Freight Agent
of the Company, with his office at No. 66 Clark
Change in the German Telegraph.—
Col. Chas. Knobclsdorf, late of the 44th Dlinols
volunteers, and Henry Binder, have purchased the
German Telegraph* from Dr. Ernst Schmidt,
whom we arc pained to learn has been obliged to
retire from the paper on account of protracted Ql
health. The new editors are, as the old ones were,
Union men, without an if or a 6wf, and the Tele
graph will continue to battle manfully for the
Union cause.
Globe of tub Canal.—The water will be
drawn off the canal to-night.
Ihe largest Contribution to tbe North
Western Pair*
Chicago, Nov. 23,1863.
Editors Tribuki—A brief notice appeared In
yonr columns of yesterday, concerning the award
of the gold watch from R.H. Hoes, Jeweller, of this
city, to the largest contributor to the North West
ern Fair. The incident was so beautiful, and re
flected so much honor on tho principal persons Inter
ested, it seems desirable to call attention to it. Mr.
Hoes donated largely to tho Fair and worked earn
estly. In order to stimulate others, both by exam
ple and (he novelty of the proceeding, he offered a
150.00 gold watch to the largest contributor. As is
v, ill known, gifts came up from all quarters; the
rich gave freely of his abundance, the poor widow
her mite. The People’s President, though onr rep
resentative head, being one of us, donated the
“EmancipationProclamation"tom. It brought
Into our treasury $3,000. By tho gift of T. B Bryan,
Esq.. It now belongs to the soldiers of the Union,
ard is held in trust for them by the Soldiers’ Home,
and is to be the corner stone of a Permanent Home
for disabled Union soldiers—“man proposes but
Gcd disposes.” In the history of this war no more
significant idddent will be written than this—that
In a great loyal and human effort of Northwestern
women, thePeople’s President gave the largest
contribution to the brave boys who have rallied
round him and the flag, and that it has become tho
unexpected privilege, oy his own simple liberality,
of Hr. Hoes to bestow the gift upon the People a
President. No grander illustration of the wonder
ful working or onr republican institution—no
stronger proof of the wide spreading character of
tine benevolence than the present position of the
44 Proclamation of Emancipation at once tho pal-
Isdlnm of liberty and the corner stone of patriotic
benevolence. L.
Fuel for Soldiers’ Families*
A call la made in this and otherpapere fora meet*
iug ofladleft to provide fuel for soldiers’ families,
which is aald to be made “because nobody else
does.” This la not really eo.
The Chicago & Bock island, the Chicago, Bur
lington £ Quincy Railroad, the Chicago & Alton,
and the Michigan Central Railroad Companies have
agreed to bauf coal and wood for 41 The City Mis
sion,” mainly for this purpose, and subscriptions
are being made to purchase the feel. Besides, Al
derman Brown la making efforts with other rail
roads to the same effect. Tho movement on the
Sart of tho ladies la a good and a noble one, I bid
3 cm God speed. The object of this la to correct
thcabove error, and to say there ia sufleringamong
soldiers’ families. My daily visits to the hospitals
bringame In contact with the most needy cases of
families. Recently a soldier’s wife pointed, with
tears in her eyes, to five children she could only
feed, and they had neither shoes, stockings norun
derclothing* Her husband bad been a prisoner in
the Sooth.
Last winter the mission distributed, by tho help
of the “ Camp Douglas Aid Society, 1 * over 800 large
loads of wood and Ju> tons of coal to tho mostneedy
of soldiers 1 wives. We hope to do more this win*
ter.- At the same time, too much cannot bo done
for this worthy doss. At the rates they have to pay
for fuel, wood Is Cir better than coal for them, os
few have grates in their stoves; and some, who
take in washing, find coal not tho best fortheirnsc.
Tours, E.B. Turns.
Remarkable Surgical Operation.
The following account of the extirpation of a dis
eased eye, on account of a large abscess in the or
bit, by Dr. Underwood, of this city, will be read
with interest:
George Farrell?, of Kanevllle, Illinois, has been
blind In his left eye for a number of years, and a
short time since, was suddenly attackfd with a dc-
BtructiTC inflammation, which rapidly spread, af
fecting all the structures within the orbit, and
forming a large abscess behind the eye-ball, forc
ing the organ from its socket, and producing dread*
ft] deformity. II allowed to continue, It would
hare destroyed the orbital bones, and thus Involved
the membranes of tbo brain—to avert which, ex
cession of the eye was required. Thopatlcnt being
brought fully under the influence of chloroform,
Dr. Underwood commenced the dissection by dis
uniting the lids externally, by an Incision carried
outwards towards the temple, so as to complely
expose the anterior opening of the orbit, as the
eyeball was greatly enlarged and the surrounding
tissues enormously swollen. A curved needle,
armed with waxed thread was thrust clear through
the eye-ball, from side to side, so that the opera
tor could move the diseased mass in any direction,
during the dissection. The lids now being held
widely apart by the assistant, a double-edged knife
was plunged directly backwards into the orbit, and
the eye and Its tissues separated from the lowo
lid and inferior part of the orbit; next, pulling tbo
eye downwards and Inwards, the incision was
carefully carried along the upper edge of the orbit
In immediate proximity to the brain, and the eye
and its muscles and nerves were divided down to
the very bottom of*the orbit. Dragging the eye
forward, the dissection was completed by cutting
the optic nerve, muscles and blood vessels deep in
the orbit, with strong curved scissors. Much skill
and Judgment Is required to execute each an ope
ration, as the roof of the orbit is naturally as thin
as paper at some points, and an Instrument used
Incautiously may easily penetrate the brain, and
km the patient. The bleeding daring and after the
operation was profuse, hut was checked without
much difficulty. Dr, U. has preserved the eye en
tire, and also has an amhrotype of the patient be
fore the operation, which shows the frightful ap
pearance of the orgam
A New Drug Stork.—Those who have
passed along the west side of Dearborn, near ilad
eon street have doubtless noticed tbo neat, now
store just opened by Messrs. Rico & Porter. For
the benefit of those who have cot visited this es
tablishment, wc would say that these yonng men
start ont in business for themselves with new.com
plctc and well assorted stock of goods, embracing
AU the articles usually found in city stores of this
kind, the purest of drags and medicines, choice
preparations and toilet goods, and that they wDI
make it to the interest of the public to deal with
them. Their advertisement will be found in . oar
columns to-day. Give them a call—at 131 Dearborn
Heavy Pork Transactions,—The total
receipts oflivehogs hero for the past forty-eight
hours, are 33,704 head. Wo notice that one of our
receivers of live stock here, had, yesterday, con
signed to them, and for sale, at Cottage Grove, and
Sheiman'a yards, thirty-seven cars live hogs—
sldnt 1,000 live porkers. This is one day's receipt
hy.Messrs. Sherman, Hall & Pope, commission
n,erchantg, 07 South Water street. In this lot were
four car loads averaging 340 lbs each hog. They
were yesterday offered (and declined) for one ban
died premium lowa hogs, $0.23 per 100 lbs. Messrs.
S., H. & P. sell rome hogs.
A Pleasant Select Entertainment.—
The social and magical entertainment bj the
fiitnda of the Ballroad Mission Chapel, at Bryan
Ball, Monday evening, will be a delightful affair.
It will be of the character of a fall dress party.
With appropriate mnsic nnda bqnntifnl sapper;
the party cannot fail to be a* success, under the
management of the Committee, consisting of Mrs.
C. E. Henderson, Mrs. 8. M. Bassett, Mrs. S. P.
Farrington, Mrs. Chas. H. Ham, Mrs. Marshall
Held, Miss Belle Adait, Miss Jolla HamDl, Miss
Kettle Stone, Miss Emma Downs, Miss Sophy
Foster. .
Ukiok League.-—One of our ablest
and most distinguished orators Is to deliver a
speech at Warner's Ball on Monday evening (30th
Nov. t Inst). Other speakers may be expected to
address the meeting. It Is hoped there will be a
full attendance.
The TCdEzgihent Again. —Tho allotments col*
lected from the 72d Regiment Illinois Volunteers
(let Board of Trade regiment), for the months of
July and August, are received hy tho Supervisors’
War Fund Committee, aud will bo paid out at the
Supervisors’ room to-day (Monday) from 11# to
Tableaux.—Wc believe that no order of en
tertainments have proYta more popular this sea
son, than a niCTltorious display of Tablcax, hence
wo pleased to learn that a rich treat of this
kind is in store for our citizens, at Bryan Hall this
week, of which farther notice will be given.
St. Andrew Society.—We beg leave to
remind our readers that the Annual Dinner of this
society takes place at the Briggs House, to-morrow
(Monday) evening, as per advertisement. We need
not remind those who have ever attended these re
unions, that it will bo a graud affair.
Change of Tote on toe Nortowestebn. —
On and after Monday, November SOth, trains ou
the Chicago and Northwestern Hallway will leave
Chicago at 0 a. m., 1:00 p. m. and 4:15 p. m.
To ill Afflicted with Catarrh, Throat Disease,
and Affections of the Chest*
Dr. I. Winslow Ayer, Physician for Affections of
tho Throat and Chest, McCormick’s Building,
coiner of Randolph ana Dearborn streets, gives
his entire attention to this department of practice.
2t Is cspcalally desirable that all who have need of
medical aid, cither for Catarrh, Asthma, Bron
chitis, or Consumption, should make early appli
*lJev. E. W. Hagar, Rector of the Church of the
Roly Communion; Rev. A. Lord, Agent of tbo
American Bible Society; Uon.Wm. Qinthcr, mem
ber of the Legislature; G. W. Polalfer, Esq., mer
chant; George N. Simmons, Esq., of the Michigan
Southern R.K.; E. N. Tucker, Ksq M Special Depa
1v of Circuit Court of this city: Capt. Win. Nason,
Copt. Wm. Sherman, Got, N, P. Tallmadge, John
U. Bartlett, Esq., and others of this city, not to
mention hundreds from out of town, have certified
to the efficacy of the new practice.
Chicago and Kansas—To Business
The trade between Chicrgo and Leavenworth
has already become very expensive. Kansas mer
chants makelarge expenditures in this city for lum
per, dry goods and groceries. The trade of that
flourishing State is well worth securing, and the
attention of our business men cannot be turned in
a direction which promises more profitable results.
Injudicious advertising has never failed to pay,
and it is the first effort our merchants should make
In Kansas.
Wo can conscientiously commend The Leaven
worth Conservative as the beat advertising me
dium In that State. The Conservative Is the lead
lug paper in Kansas, having a circulation of more
than seven thousand copies. An advertisement in
that paper will be seen by the business men of Kan-
STS, and will reach the popple at their homes.
For terms addresD. w. Wilder & Co., publishers,
Leavenworth, Kansas,
Musical Union.—A full attendance of the mem
bers of the Union is requested on Monday evening.
The roll will be colled promptly at 7jf o’clock.
J. H. Bnoss, Sec.
Diseases of the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary
and Sexual Systems-new and reliable treatment—
In reports of tho Howard Association—cent by mall
In sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address
Dr. J. SkiUin Houghton, Howard Association, No.
S South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Fa.
Some of the best, if not tho very best Eng
lish, French and American Coats, Pants and Yosts
to bo toned in the city, have Just arrived at Hc-
Cnrdy & Co.’s. SC Handolph street.
In' the article of Overcoats, of all sorts
and sizes, Scotch Cas. Sacks and Frocks, sin
gle and double-breasted English waistcoats, fancy
Scotch and Basket Cas. Pants and Vests, and eve
ry variety of goods of native manufacture, will be
found at this store, of the best qualities and at the
most reasonable prices. ,
McCurdy & Co. s goods, as any one who will ex
amine them can see, arc made of tho best material
and workmanship, and of tho newest and most
fashionable cut.
We advise all who dcelrc to become purchasers,
to make an early call u and got a pick of the pret
ty.” . nov2d-r62Mt
%3T An entire new stock of Gas Fixtures of the
latest patents, Portables, Drop Lights, Shades,
Gas and Steam fitting, Jobbing promptlyattended
to, Wrought Iron Pipes, Fittings and Plumbers
materials for sale.
Peterson & Patterson.
noU*4ST-0t 69 -Washington street*
Testimonial to I>r. B, A J> Hunter, of
88 Si aslilngton Street, cMcago,
To the Editor of tho Chicago Tribune:
Slit;— Some months since, while suffering from
an affection of the longs, I was InducetLat tho sug
f cation of a medical friend, to consult Dr. Hunter,
or more a year previous to this time I was
on invalid, and had employed all the usual means
of relief, even to spending a winter In tho West In
dies, without obtaining any more than very tempo
rary benefit. About tnreo months have elapsed
since I first made trial of inhalation, and! now
have no hesitancy in stating that 1 have obtained
groat benefit from Dr, Hamer’s treatment, (having
gained six pounds of flesh in the last two weeks,)
and feel that It Is my duty to bury allprofessional
selfishness, and promptly and gratefully render
him this public acknowledgement.
• lam clad to see that on every hand the profes
sion are beginning to admit thei meritsi of Inhala
tion, and to pubU&y advocate it in the medical
journals. I have seen enough of Dr. Hunters
practice to know that It Is attended with extraor
dinary success, end possesses the highest claims
to public attention. Similar * results must not,
hcwever. be expected from Inhalation in tho hands
of others who have had little or no experience In
the administration of medicines in this manner.
Indeed, It is to be feared that injudicious experi
ments wIU lead, in many Instances, to injury and
disappointment, rather than benefit; for. simple
as this practice Is, it requires a degree of experi
ence and discrimination, which, unfortunately, the
general practitioner can rarely attain.
Considering that consumption has held its trial
career through all preceding centuries, and that
on the inodes of treatment proposed to the present
have signally failed, to what can the invalid look
for health, if not to inhalation? To mo this seems
the only hope science and o!mraanity have to offer.
The disease will not die out of its own accord; med
icines administered by the stomach cannot reach
it, and 44 change of climate ”is a fallacy upon which
tco many hopes have already been sacrificed.
- The history of the past is but a record of fruit
less experiments; and from beginning to end there
is not one page which onr art can lastly claim as
its own that is not impressed with the seal of
death. Our feelings and hopes have become so
fielrified by disappointment and failure, that now
t requires a strong effort of the will to try to live
when the remedy for onr malady is before us.
Many will wait for their friend’s experience, with
ont acting or even thinking, it woold seem for
themselves. Alas) such are doomed to learn their
own folly in their own fate. While waiting for
others to bo cured, they lose the precious time that
would have saved themselves.
Although long since proposed, it Is only now
th&tlnhaiatiouc&nbeßmdto have been reduced
to a system of practice adapted to the many phases
of pulmonary disease; ana none can deny that to
the judgment, experience and able advocacy of
Drs. B. & J. Hunter, this treatment is indebted for
its introduction into the United States, and for the
high and deserved popularity, both with the pro*
feasion and the public, it has. already attained by
Its success. A few years hence it wQI be regarded
os equal to the brightest discoveries of medical
If I have written earnestly, it Is because judg
ment, what I have observed in others, and what I
have experienced in my own person, all unite to
make me feel that the hopes of the consumptive
are in Inhalation, and that none ought to despair
of recovery, while tho means remain untried.
I fITD, air, your obedient servant,
J. W, BEATTY, M. D., No. SO White st.
To Dr. Jaa. Hunter, now of 6S Washington street,
Chicago. noSO-rCSS-ditw.
Popular Hotel*
All nee and recommend Barnett's Flavoring Ex*
tfactaas the best.
Chicago, Sept. IC, 1863.
Messrs. Joseph Burnett & Co.. Boston, Mass.;
Gents—Having used your Flavoring Extracts in
ourHoneeforthe past year, and compared them
with other kinds, we do most cheerfully bear tes
timony of their superior merit.
Yours truly. Gage, Waite & Co.
These extracts are sold by Grocers, Druggists
ard Fancy Goods dealers generally,
nov 30 H 634 8t M. W. & F. W
Bye! Dye!! Bye!!!
Dye yonr cast-off apparel, and thus economize.
The Domestic Dyes comprise a variety of forty
shades, and can be need by any one without
trouble. For ribbons, silks, dress trimmings,
scarfs, and indeed all kinds of cotton, silk, or
woolen garments, they are unequalled. Price, 15
and SS cents. Call and see samples at the drag
gists. noSO-riEKKK-aiw&r
A New Penman: rou -ms Handkebchisf Ex
tract or the
Night Blooming Coreas.
Night Blooming Coreas.
Night Blooming Cerous.
Night Blooming Coreas.
Night Blooming Coreas.
Night Blooming Coreas.
Night Blooming Cereus.
A most exquisite, delicate and fragrant perfume,
distilled from which U takes its name.
Manufactured only by Piialok & Sok,
bewabe op coromcnpEtra
no£2-r316-lm Sold by Druggists generally.
Go to tub Best— Go to Bryant & Stratton’s
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
S radical business education. For circulars od
refiS (enclosing stamps) Bbtant & Stuattok,
Chicago, Illinois.
637“ F. E. Blgby, 80 Randolph street. Is selling
Paper Hangings ana Window Shades at New York
prices, at wholesale and retail. The trade supplied
on the most liberal terms. ocS-pSMw
Satsbdat Evzxnto, Nor. 23,1963.
The unsettled state of the gold market, and therefore
the uncertainly of prices, have made operators more
cantloas. Hence the demands for money have not
been so pressing, and currency relatively Is not so
scarce. As yet, however, bankers husband their re
sources, for there is no surplus.
New York Exchange is closer. The baying price is
still [email protected] discount, bat the selling range is nearly
uniform at X. Few sell at 1-10 to customers, anil one
or two of the heavier booses may have conceded par
on round lots, but they were the exceptions. Tbo
more usual buying price was K discount.
The prices of Gold In Wall street were as follows:
Atfc9oA.tf t lllKtlOdO,lllXslSlL, U3;I2JOP.IL,
1«K; 230,141#. The lines worked badly in the after
'noon, and we therefore refer to oar late dispatches for
the closing rates. The range here was [email protected]—the
lower figure towards the close, when operators had
gained more confidence In the steadiness of the mar
ket. Not much offering.
Silver, Legal tender notes not so scarce.
Baying, ; selling, a premium.
Faixxcxb.—Oar business public will regret to
team the assignment of James F. Dunn & Co.. Bank
ers, of Galesburg, HI. Wc are assured by well inform
ed parties here that the senior partner, owing to foil
ing health, has probably taken this method to wind ap
an extensive business oflong standing. It Is believed
that the assets of the firm will be amply snificlent to
pay all claims against the firm In (hit. We have no per*
sonal knowledge as to tbo foots, but are assured by
those who ought to know that no loss will bo Inflicted
upon the creditors of the house.
The earnings of the Chicago and Alton Railroad
Company for the week ending Nov.23d, were as fol
,|15,923 42
Total f 16,503 03 $26,830 II
Increase, ISO $20,243 89
Moxkt Mattebs ix Bosrox.—The Boston Adverti
ser of the 26th says:
39.193 37
1,174 St
Money continues In fair request, with a supply tally
adequate for all purposes ofgeneral trade or specu-
Intion. The banks arc freely answering tho call from
the commercial community, and the outside negotia
tions for good business paper arc quite limited; o per
cent. Is the current rate, with occasional exceptions,
as circumstances may require, Use tendency rather fa
voring greater ease.
Kew York'Stocknnd Hit
etocka better.
a.&t. n..
c &&
c & ». w.
C.&K. 1...
C.& Fitts..
111. C. scrip.
[oucy ilarket-Nov.2S.
ltt»K Reading.
GoverMsent stocks firm, with transactions to a
moderate extent.
7-30’s ; ~..106K
Mckzt—A shade easier, and d maod isss a:tlvo.
rnt* s uncLaaged.
Sterling exenange closes firm and noxlaal at 159
Gold ut settled and firmer—opening at IWjf. ad
vancing to 14**, and and closing quiet at 146 K.
Total exports of specie tp-cay, 11,115.000.
Satubdat Evening, Nov. 23,1363.
The following table shows the receipts and ship
ments during the last forty-eight hours:
' Floor, Wheat, Corn, Oats, Eye, Barley
brls. bu. bn. ba. bn. bn.
Canal 4000 6000 1200 .... 452
G4CUKB. 2123 12793 3199 20013 019 1961
8188 400 4200 2(50 2000 850 400
ICBB 899 2100 5253 600 SSO ....
I’Bt OR B. 500 1750 6COO 5K3 873 410
N WETI 2223 8730 1060 13000 700 800
A&SrLRR. 781 1330 3960
Air Line 88. 100 8310
RSO 88223 2SJO9 42C85 SCI 4036
Lira Dr’sd _Bcel
Grass Tab
Seed, low, Hogs, Hogs,Cattle,Hides,
Bs. lbs. . no, no. no. bs.
G & O U B It. IXO
11760 090 SH 20150
2530 151 65 ....
5100 282 612 23372
63® 11 113 1373
90S0 635 SOO 00770
1030 23 15' 1697
CB& O Bit.. 4221
U W8R....'. 1680 *BOS
A&StLKK. 8700 ....
Total 12901 805 S3T6I 1091 1513 121191
Flour, Wheat, Corn, Oats, Bye,Barlcy.
To brls. bu. bn. bn. bn. bn.
Ecffalo- SCOO 49G00
Tort Sarnia.. 1200 - ....
Ogdcneburg.. 965
Goderich 2073
The general markets to-day opened dull and heavy,
and prices had a downward tendency: but at the close,
owing to more favorable news from the East, there
was a decidedly firmer feeling in almost every article
of Grain.
The Provision market ruled quiet, bat there .Is no
material change to note In prices. There was scarcely
any inquiry for Mess Pork, and the market was dull—
the only sale effected being o lot of 600 brls heavy city
packed at SI7XO. There was some inquiry to-day for
Prime Mess Pork, and we note a sale of 810 brls to-day
at SIIXO. At this figure there are free sellers at the
clqee. Lard was in better Inquiry today, and although
we have no actual Improvement to nolo In prices, there
was a firmer tone prevailing. Today we note sales of
IXOO tres at UHc for prime city steam-rendered Leaf
11K©UXS for prime country Leaf, and 10Hc for No. 1
Lard. The sales at UHc comprised one lot of 1,000 tres
and another of 200 tres. At theclose holders were firm
ct that figure. There was very little done In Meats. A
lot of 100 tres city pickled Hams changed handsatSJfc,
but the demand at this figure Is light. Balk Shoulders
are In good request at SH®3HCi but holders are asking
S”fe. Today we report a sale of SXOO pcs for delivery
in 2fl days at 5Hc loose.
Flour was dull and neglected—buyers and sellers be
ing too far apart to admit of transactions. The sales
today were of a trifling nature, at $7-12H for White
Winter; S4X3H<3SX3 for Winter Supers; ssXs©sXofor
Spring Extras; $1.40 for good Spring Supers; and SSXO;
'GUOfor Bye Floor.
The Wheat market opened dull and easier; but as
soon as the New Tork dispatches were received, it rai
led, and closed firm at yesterday 1 * prices.. Only about
60X00 bu changed bands, at sld2jf for No. 2 Bed Win
ter; SIX6OIX9 for No. 1 Spring; SIXSOIXS for No. 3
Spring; and 96c for Rejected Spring—the market clos
ing firm at SIX 9 for No.* and SIXS for No. S Spring.
Corn was dull, and prices again fell [email protected] par bn,
with trifling sales of Ko. 1 at [email protected] and Ho. 2 at 09
(390 c. . -
Oats were doll and lower at the opening, but alter
the Kew Tork dispatches were read, the market closed
; firm.*- Onlyabout9oXoobuchangedhands,at64H9SHc
.for No. I and 63c for No. 3—the market closing firm at
(Sc for No. L
Rye declined IHO3e per bn-openingwllhealeaat
SIXIOIX3, and closing at SIXO for No. 1. Barley de
clined 2c per bu, with light sales of No. 2ln stofe at
Hlghwines were He higher, but less active-only 2*X
brls being reported at 68Hc.
There 13 a firmer feeling among the holders of Car
bon Oil* In consequence of an advance In the
East, To-day we note sales of 200 brls in
round lots by wholesale dealers to Jobbers at
4SO4Tc. Owing to the irregularity In the quota
tions given by jobbers for small Iqts to the retail
trade, wc have been compelled to drop them entirely
for the present. The sales reported to-day and during
the past three or four days are actual sales made by
tho wholesale dealers to the Jobbing trade. -The latter
state that the Oils thus sold are 44 wild” brands, aud are
not worth as much as some others; while thesellers of
these oils claim them to bo as good as tho best brands
and Inform ns that they sell almost entirely to city Job
bers, who of course sell them to the retail trade. Oar
readers will therefore see the ridiculousness of onr
quoting Oils to the retail trade at 52c, when the Jobbers
make purchases at 43®i5c. Unseed Oil has advanced
—and we note sales to-day of 23 hrls In one lot at 91,10
for Eaw.
The receipts of Bogs daring the present week, as
posted daily on ’Change, were os follows; ' , 1
Uve. Dressed.
Monday. 1W37 430
Tuesday 23,104 573
Wednesday. 8,464 ®5
Friday. 25,031 612
Saturday... £3,761 1,601
Total .10*800 3,130
-Add dressed *430
Total live and dressed..... I®##
Total last week 9i^Si
Increase on the week 15,908
Eccdptßof lire and dressed, correa
ponding week in 1663...... 57*H7
Total receipts from Oct. 1 till Nov. 28,1863 JE6.IJI
Total receipts daring same period, 1862. 860,512
'lncrease over last seoson.
In Hogs the receipts at the various yards during the
day amount to about 23,000, and the entered salea to
27.180, at yrlces ranging from *3.55®&60. The balk of
sales have been made at $1 J0Q5.00 per 100 lbs. The
market has been considerably more active than on
yesterday, and firmer, with no advance on previous
quotations.' In Beef Cattle the daily receipts amount
to about 1,400 head, and tho entered sales to 1,013, at
prices ranging from s&[email protected] The market has been
active and firm at jftevlous quotations.
Receipts of Hosts at Cincinnati.
• [From the Cincinnati Price Current, 26th.]
The receipts daring - the week and season, and com*
pamllvely for some previous seasons, np to this date,
•were as follows;
By Railway.
From Kentucky
Driven in
Slaughtered atPiainvillo.
Total for tho week...
Previously reported.
Total to date
Seme time last season.
.. lulS6l
.. 1860.......
.. 1959..;....
.. 1837
.. 1856.
.. 1856
. 1851
• There bus been some coi
leg to tbo rising premium ■
demand for Its export. I
bare again advanced, at
exists, which with a limlle
still higher prices. A revi
goods is observable—ranch
Jobbers have been large bn
logs arc In light stock. Prt
arc In rather better snppl
Printing cloths are looking
dlatc consumption. Is bnt si
pectatlon of a moch hlghe
few goods, both jobbers at
considerably. In woolens
ity. Delaines sell well, 1
Heary goods for winter cl
cloakings, etc., are In rei
prices, rancyxasstmcres 1
to leave no stock. Deslral
All new goods aretakenuj
eagerly taken. In foreign i
heavy business. The rates
excessive as to enhance
Desirable goods coming fo
bnt the rise in gold Is cncct
to Import. British goods
held for another season. F
crate repnest at full prices,
Silks, especially blacks, are
Inquiry. Bonnet ribbons ai
Linen goods are venr actb
vaucc. Auction safes ore
offerings are very light;
goods. The Importations u
arc not stored, going Immc
prospects for the spring tn
view of the rising markets *
The demand would be nctlr
do not rise, but whether the
with the rise in prices is unc
The following are the who
all the lending styles of don
the New York market. It 1)
that this weekly Infonuatloi
Independent—and to no oth
is worth, to every 6xy good
subscription price of the pt
cxntox rujrsxLß.
Kennebec <0
Naumkeag. 43%
.Amoskeag, 8... 46
Newmarket 42
Bates ....41
Nashua 40
Chicopee, L .89
Salem 13
Fancy brands.
Lawrence.... 40
Stark 4-4 40
Appleton 4-4 40
Medford .4-4 89
Indian 8ead....5-4 29
44 “ ...4-1- 40
Massachusetts. J-4 23
44 ...4-4 37H
Tremont .8-4 28
44 4-1 S7H
Cabot, A.. 4-4 89tf
Atlantic, N S-i 21
44 ’K 4-1 23
“ A*.‘.*.*‘4-4 40
Amoskeag 4-4 40
Laconln.fi .4-1 40
Shawmut .4-4 S9X :
Amory 4-4 40
Carrol.. 4-1 40
Salmon Fa 115...4-4 40
Ajgawan. F......4-4 82
oflbOfl.;. H 27H
Ozark 4—*
Thames Hlver..A-l 21
Perkins. D 8-4 29 ‘
Globe..; J-l SO
Old Dominion..3-4 SO
Pcrjerell,E 6 . .&
•» \
Indian Orchard, C S3
44 N-....32
*• 88...2S
44 I SA
44 W....27
Boat Mills, R SA
44 O 29
Dwlght.l 24
Bates, D SI
Portsmouth, P. 17
New York MiltsM 40
Wamsntta (-1 38>f
Bates 4-4 36
White Rock t-1 35
Lonsdale 4-1 St
BlllsScmp’rld’m7-8 S3
.. .. r “4-4 81
Barilctts 7-8 29K
. M -.4-4 SSX
*8.750 63
10,439 **•
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market—Nov. 33.
With llghttecelpts, andbut little prospect of a rise
in the Allegheny river, the market for Crude was deci
dedly firmer to-dny, and while the transactions were
only moderate, there Is as yet no perceptible change
In prices. Quotations may he fairly given at 13c In
hulk and ISKc in bbls—bbls Included—and 1,233 bbls
were reported at these figures. It is bat proper to re*
mark that some holders are trying jo establish an ad
vance, and we heard of 18c bemg offered for balk oil
and refused, Refined pi bond has been quite active,
some 2JXO bbls, in different lots, having been reported,
bat the terms were not made public, we understand,
however, that a slight advance was paid over oar last
to’loE: si
1,138 80
Allegheny Live Stock Market—Nov. 23.
Hogs—The market was welt supplied during the
week, and the amoflit mat changed hands, was liberal.
Prices were governed altogether by the size of tho
bogs, ranging Tram [email protected] V cwt. The latter
figure for heavy weights. The shipments cast were
large. Messrs. Holmes A Glass shipped over 7,0)0
head. Cattle—Were plenty. The lowest rales were
2c; the highest 4)[email protected] P.
For the Week Ending Nor. 38,1583.
Sathtoat Evening, Nov. 23,1533.
The receipts of Live Hogs and Beef Cattlo at the
various yards In the city during the past week com
pare os follows with the previous weeks since Juno
271h: j* « „
* Beeves, Hoes,
No. No.
Week ending Novembers. 6,337 105,500
•Week ending Novembers 6,161 31,960
Week ending November It 9,193 70,612
Week ending November 7 B#JO 41.019
Week ending October a 11,586 67,310
Week ending October 24 B|S36 39,558
Week ending October 17 8,106 31,814
Weekending October 10 5,761 29,061
Week ending October 8 5,458 29,707
Week ending September 26. 5,311 20,060
Weekending September 19. 4,581 14,525
Week ending September 12 4,197 13,201
Weekending September 5. 1,911 19,291
Weekending Auguat29. SJC3 4,493
Week ending August 22. 4,257 6,121
Week ending Augustis. 4,651 11,110
Week ending August 8- 4,833 13^837
Week ending August 1 7.064 17,106
Weekending July2s 6,662 12,501
Week cddlng July IS 8,757 11,627
Week ending July U 3,196 9,(31
Weekending July 1 3,687 10,260
Week ending June 27 7,256 13^13
Cattle. Hogs.
Jlich.Cent.ftDdlUclj.Boath.largecjirs.. $65 83 eta
Carsol 210 feet ,06 S3 eta
Michigan Central, small can.
Mich, Cent, and Mich. Souths large cars. sllO 63 cts
Can pr2io_fcet... Os 63 cts
Michigan Central, smalt cars
Fort Wayne core, 231 feet.
PIUs. Ft. W. A Chi. cars of 231 feet SO6 GO cts
Michigan Southern, large cars 106 60 cts
do do ears of 800 feet S3 GO cts
Rates to Dunkirk $5 per car less than to Buffalo,
2jjc p 100 as. less than to Buffalo,
when shipped by all rail.
HOQS.—The total receipts of Lire Hogs for tbe wee
ending to-day, amount, according to tbc dally receipts
posted on 'Change, to ICC.SOO. This Is 13£J0 more than
last week,' and 50,711 more than the corresponding
week of last year, and also 27,611 more than the re
ceipts of the heaviest week of lost year.
The dally receipts at the various yards during the
week compare as follows;
Wednesday. ........—...
Thursday and Friday...
. Total
The rateable value of Hogs 9100 Bs at the close of
The weekly market this evening, wo' quote as follows:
Prime to extra qualities $4.6005X0
Medium - 4XOOIXO
C0mm0n....... 3.7504X0
Boring the week we note a decline from the quota
tions of the preceding week of 80040 c. V IOO tta. on
prime and extra hogs, and 0f50070c. on common and
light hogs.
> nAn*n>Tov vmm
Sattupat, November 28th.—The receipts of Hogs at
the various yards daring the day amount to aboat
22X00, and the entered soles to 27X80, the prices of
which have ranged from $8X505.60, and the bulk of
soles bavo been made at $4X005.00. The business of
another week has drawn to a close, and daring Its
progress n considerably larger number of hogs bavo
been received In this cily and sold than were ever re
ceived or sold during any previous week in Chicago
before. Although the receipts hire been so unprece
dentedly large, Ihtro boa been no difficulty in obtain-,
log customers, and at prices,’too, higher than have
been given—with. the exception of the preceding week
—during the present season. ,’ Our last market dosed
with consideaable flrmeess and activity, at an advance
during the week of 20QS0c. per 100 83. On Monday
and Tuesday of the present week the demand appear
ed quite as attivc, and the healthy tone of themocket
was folly aaprominent as on the previous Saturday.
Boring the following day, however, there was a mark
ed decline both In the demand and firmness of the
market. Shippers found the usual dliflcnlty In trans
mitting stock to Its destination rather increased than
otherwise; the decline In gold; more tfrnn ordinary
dlfflculy in obtaining currency, with tho provision
market generally doll and inactive* all combined to
lessen the demand for hogs, but more especially to re
duce the high prices which bad been given daring the
preceding eight or ten days. The entered sales for
Wednesday, however, amounted to 17,808 hogs,-with a
decline from the prevlocs day of 15020 c. V 100 As*
Boring Thursday and Friday the sales amounted to
27,436, bat at a further decline of froxasCoCOc. odprime
to common bogs. Without any exception, the large
buyers—both packers and shippers—felt that the mar*
ket was too high either for safe or profitable business;
and from the rapidity with which prices advanced
during last week, it was pretty evident that such rates
cotxld sot be maintained, and hence dealers and own
ers conceded the redaction with a far better grace
tmm, under other circumstances, might have been ex*
peeted. To-day there has been considerable activity
in the market, ns Is plainly seen by the large number
of bogs sold- We have perceived no advance upon the
quotations of yesterday, bat the market Is more firm
and buoyant. As the result of the transactions of the
week, compared with the closing prices given on Sat*
nrtluy evening last, wc. note a decline on prime and
extra bogs of BC®loc. VIOO and on medium and
common hogs ofSCdTOc. 100 tts. At the quotations
given above the market closed this evening with con*
eiderable firmness and activity.
W. M. Tildcn bought at the Fort Wayne Tarda IJOO,
av.2So,at f4.SK: TOO av. 225 at *4XO; 1,3C0 ay. 250 at
*1.40: IDOO av. at *4.75. Reed * Sberwln bought 47
ar.261 at *1.70; J. 73 av. 212 at *4XO.- Confeey d; Hall
bought IS ay. 260 at ft .S3; 237 ay. 274 at *1X0; 126 av.
241 at $4.75. J. Hughes bought 293 av.-255 at *4XO; 133
av.24sat*U2V: 161 av. 222 at lIX7V; 173 av, 215 at
A. t,Rent & Co. bought at the Fort Wayne Tarda
97 av. 253 at £4 DO; £0 av. 201 at $4.13:137 ar.331 at *4.13;
163 av. 223 at $1.15; 45 av. 243 at *CB2V; 245 av. 213 at
*SXO: SI av. 219 at *4.70. Sanborn & singer bought 577
av. 223 at *4*6o; 897 av. 355 at *IXO. Flint & Thompson
boncht99av.2l3at*4Xo; 1.70av.275at51D0. Holden
& Perkins bought CD av. 3GS at *4XO; 138 av, 291 at
«X2K: 57 av. SI at *IXO. Nash bought SIS av.243 at
*IXS; 445 av.2£o at *IX3. Flunnlgan boogbt 154 av.
bought at the Southern Tarda, 113 av.
217 at S4DO; ITS, av. 253 at *1X0; IC2, av. 273 at *1.90;
101. avtsSlat *4.75; 57, ay. 230 ac *4XO; 135, av, 224 at
*IXS; 325,8 V. 225 at *4XO. P. Organ, 6M, av. 310 at
Nreh tWght 13j_nv.192 at *UO: 121, av. 310 at*L6o;
at *4XO: 47. av. 261 at *4XO; 167, av. 232 at*hS>; 2Sav.
231 at *4XS: 112, av.221 at *IXS: 63, av. 2SO at 85.00.
Frye & Co. sold 125, av.235 at*t62K;s7.av.2TOat *4XO;
11.% av.?43at*sJos 121, av. 241 at *4.60; 53, av.261 at
*5.*4);1C0. av.aOat*s.«« _ . • •
Hancock bought at Sherman s Yards 250 av,261 at
*s.«:lS2av.Sl2atssXo:2sav.2oOat *1X0: mar.ffi
at *4.73; 174 av3l9 at *SXO; 44 av. 2CO at *4XO*. 29p av. 271
at Sj*s; 515 av. 224 at *4.85: 317 av. 251 at *3XI Mor
phy & Co. bonebt 65 av. 232 at *1X0; 70 av. 252 at *1X0;
M. Tabor bought at Sherman’s Yards 478. av.231, at
*4.75; 210, av. 279, at *3XO; 135,av. 172, at *3XO; 188. av.
lBl t aV*tXo; CO, av.26B.at *IXS; 72, av. 233, at *1X0:
810, av.219, at *IX3; 222. av.2C9, at *lXo:l63’av.2U, at
*liO;los.av.lDS,atf3XO: 171,av.252,at *SXS; 290.av.
So,at *SXS; 450.av.29, at *1.65; 273, av. 191, at *1X0;
IS2. av. 251, at *5X0:315. av. 281, at *5.10:139, av,189, at
*1.00:458.av.223, at *SXO. _
Gardner & Co. bought at Cottage Grove Yards 95,
av.247.at 54.75; 170,av. 240, at *Ua; 818, av. 211. at
*IXO. Hancock bonght 59. av. 33, at *SXO; 93, av. 213,
at *5.00:116, av. E2O, at *SXO; 210. av. 315, at *1X0: 725,
av.2sß,at *5X(i, 53, av. 211, at *5.00; IM, av. 3tL at
*SXO. Kimball & Woolcott bonebt 638, av. 239, at
*5.12 V. Rodd A Nichols. 181, av. 215, at *4XO. Favor
ite &Co., 151, av. 252, at *IXS.
, .103,030
.. 42,713
~ 89351
.. 83,081
__ Tbc total receipts of Beef Cattle for thoweek ending
to-day amount?according to tbe dally returns posted
on’Change, to 6,987 head. This U 473 Kbad more than
lost week, and 4,717 head more than tbe corresponding
■week of last year.
Tbc dally receipts at the various yards compare as
Monday . 1,069
Tccpday ;
"Wednesday Ml
Thursday and Friday 1,907
Saturday .. 1,513
Total A 937
The rateable value of Beef Cattle at the close of the
weekly market, this evening, we quote as follows;
Prime to extra - $4/005 CO
Meolum S 0003 75
Common to meclnm* 1.150375
J-or coodmeclnm and prime qualities there baa
been, throughout the ■week, an active demand; on
common graces tre market fa leas firm, and the de
mand very limited.
Eatukdat, Not. 23.-Tre receipts at the various
yards during the day amount to about 1,400 beau, and
the entered sales to 1,015. at prices ranging from $3 25
04.25 V UO lbs. For packing grades of Cattle toe da
nano has been more than usually active, probably
arising from tte fact that the present supply.'is less
than tie demand. Among shippers there does notap
pest to be tbe active competition wbicb existed a
few weeks since, but tbls Is more than made up by the
Increased demand among packers. We also Had that
In common grades there Isa fair Inquiry, chiefly on
tio'errmmt account. Tea transactions of the week
show a steady demand, wlta UcUeor no fluctuations
In prices, unless for very Inferior quallt es, and tbe
mars et has closed this evening with the usual Amines
ana activity.
Campbell soli A.E. Kent A Co. 82, ar. 934 lbs at
sold Hopp 32, ar. 1,193 at $2.90.
Bhocttf & Ke«nian «■ la Bona Id. av. 1.105, at s343tf.
Frre A Co. sold Mallory 18, av. 1400. at to.
Packln tol'> Bancor* 89, ar. 1,V51, at $3 80.
Dotson soldCriht : lß,av.97l,at $2J0;31, av 931, at
$? 45
Morris A Co. sold Hancock CO, av. 1.400, at $4j25.
Adattiiold Downing IS, av SB3,atf3ss.
Aoams sold Tomer A co. 75, av. i.flw. an $l9O.
Ac ams to d McCralg 13. av 1,006, at $2 25
Bexley sold Seymour 40, av. 1,234, at $3.75.
, Independent, 26tb.]
mmotlon In tho market, ow
on gold, and the Increased
Prices of all cotton fabrics
nd a feverishness of feeling
:d supply of goods points to
Ival or demand for printed
h of It for speculation, hut
uyers. Sheetings and shirt*
rices are very ttrm. Denims
jly. but are strongly held,
g op. The demand fur Imme*
slight, nut la the general ex*
ter cost of production, and
ind speculators are buying
s there Is a moderate actlv*
bnt stocks are very low.
Slothing—beavers, doeskins,
;pucst at ftilly maintained
i nave been sold bo freely os
,blo styles are very scarce,
in on arrival. Novelties are
i goods there ts no longer 'a
s of foreign exchange are so
prices very considerably,
orwnrd arc much wanted,
king at last the disposition
of standard styles are well
Trenchmcrinoesare In mod*
i, aud delaines sell readily,
e very firm, with a steady
are active for good styles,
ire, at a considerable ad*
o drawing to a close. Tho
; and mostly undesirable
are now.very moderate, but
sdlutcly on toe market. The
ado are rather cloncly-ln
of gold and raw material,
re and very largo. If prices
• demand will keep pace
jlesale net cash prices of
mestlc dry goods sold In
Is confidently believed that
3D, specially reported to the
her newspaper In the dir—
dg merchant, ten times the
James Mills T-8 29K
- “ 4-4 SBH
wmianißTUlc..~t*4 38
Dwight .7*B 28
Dwight 4-1 32
Bajr MiUa .4-4 SS
"Warrcgao 7-8 80
" 4-4 35
Waltham, X.... 29
Aurora 7-8 22JS
“ 1-1 26
Androscoggin..7-8 81
“ ..4-1 35
Bed Bank.
Satusdat Kvsarso, Nov. 28,1863.
FREIGHTS— There Is nothing doing in lake
freights. Iseuriv all the sail vessels are laid np for the
winter; and although two or three propellers will yet
go below, the agents reftise to engage freight at pre
BLOTTR—Received,7X3o brie; shipped. 9,SCO brie.
Market Inactive—buyers and seller* being lOa'Xc
apart. Sales were: White Winter Extras—SO brla
good at S7J3K. Winter Scpeb—29 brie at $5.23; ISO
brie at $1.62 m. Spring Extras—9o brie “ Vermil
lion” at $3.50; SCO brie good extras at $3.25. Spring
StrpKE—lOO brls "Tuckahoe” at $1.40. Kte Flock—
-50 brla at $9.50: 100 brla do at $5.00.
WHEAT—Received, SS&i ba; shipped, 49,500 ha.
Slr.rket opened doll and lower, but closed armor alter
the receipt of tbe New York news. Sales were:.
Spring Wheat cr Stork—4oo ba No 1 Spring at $1X8;
EOO bn do at I1X8K: 3,1C0 ba do at US# t 10X00 ba do
at $1X0; 7XOO bn No 2 Spring at 41X1; 3,000 ba do at
SIXIK: 1.000 bn do at tl-Olx; 10X00 bo do at SIXS; 400
ba do (In 8. B. & Co.Vf at SIX 3: 400 ba Rejected
goring at 96c. "Wettes wheat—4oo ba No 3 Ked (In
&. B. <£ Co.’s) at SU2K.
CORN— Received, 28X09 bn; shipped, 19,2 a bn.
Market declined B®4c $ bushel. Safes toulay were;
400 bn No 1 Corn in store at 92c; IXOO ba do at 92c; 400
bndoatS9c;l,CCo ba No 2 Coro instore at 90c;l,«0
ba do at 69C,
■ GATS—Received, 42X35 ba. Market opened unset,
tied and easier, bnt under the influence of the New
York dispatches, It closed Arm, without any material
change In prices. Sales to.day were:l2XdO hnNol
Oats In store at WK C : 12,000 bn do at 61ic; 50,000 ba
do at 65c; 8,000 ba do at GS#c»BXCO bu No2Oats In
store at Gskc; IXOO ba do at esc.
RYE-Received, 2.724 bn. Market IK®2c lower.
Bales 10-day were; 2.0C0 ha No 1 Bye in store at SIX 2;
4.00 bn do at $1X1; 6,000 bn do at SIXO.
BAKERY—Received, 4XOO bn. Market doll and
2c lower. Sales to-day were: 4,400 bn No 2 Barley in
store at $1.36.
By Sample—US ska afloat at $1.13; 63 sks on track at
(lib; 124 ska on track at SIXI.
AliCOHOL—Market advanced le per gallon, clos*
Ice fit $1X791X9.
BKANB—More active. Sales tewlay were; 22bags 1
gcodals2X2,on track; I£l bushels medium at $2.40;
1C hoe* prime at $2.00.
BUTTER—Market very quiet and rather heavy.
We quote: -
Prime Dairy, In crocks .31923 c
Roil Batter. X0921C
7-a W
“ .4-4 26 H
Hamilton, Q....2-I 19
Portsmouth, P. .3-1 I7JS
dS 1
Jewett City.
Amoskeag, 45
York 12X
Jewett Clcy 35
Wblttcnton .41#
TTocasvllle ~S3
Falls 31
Amoskeag. A.CA......63
44 A 60
“ B A 5
44 C JM
u D 45
York, SO Inch 55
York. S3 inch ;....C3>j
Hamilton. Regular....so
44 D.f. 15
Pemberton. XL 33
“ AA. 55
Falls JO
Amoskeag.... S3
Laconia ~JS
Indian Orchard 34
Androscoggin 24
Peppered SS
Salmon lulls..
Indian Head...
Shipping Batter ~18021 c
IsUUUIU CORN—Receiptsheavy; market quiet;
We quote:
Prime *17020018020
Fair to good do 140.00w160.00
c O OPERAGE—SCO Lard Tierces, at *l2O, del; 800
Pork Barrels,at SLSO, del. „ ■ ...
CHEESE—Market Arm and in fair demand. We
quote: .
H. mburg 015
Western Reserve J4OUK
IUIdoU and Wisconsin 9013
COFFEE—Demand active and market very dm,
■wUh an upward tendency, chiefly owing to limited re
ceipts ana very light stocks. The reported stock on
band In Baltimore, N0v.213t.15700 bogs, and In New
Y0rk,N0t.24,21,733bags, Woquote: _ _
Santos - ~..87 @3B c
Java....... ....41 013 c
Mo, common to fair ........... S3 0333{c
Rio, good to prime; .34 @33 5
Rio, choice 85X038 c
EGGS—Are In active demand, and receipts still
small and insignificant. Maiket drm at 19030 c per
pjyH—Luce Fish are in limited demand, and mar
ket nnn at prevlotu quotations. Macesbbi. in fair
demand ana good supply. Prices easy at present sales.
Codfish are still In short supply and good demand.
Wo quote; _
No. l Whitcflsh, balfbrls *3J2X®S27X
No. 2 44 “ 427X05J2X
No. 1 Trout, 44 4.13 ©3.00
No. 2 Trout, 44 4J2XOL2S
N0.2 “ M “ 620 @720
No. 1 44 44 44 620 @720
N0.2 44 44 44 5.15 06.35
No. 1 44 new kegs 3.30 @2.13
N0.2 44 44 “ 223 0720
No.l 44 44 44 220 0223.
N0.2 44 44 44 1.13 0220
Ccdfleb, George’s Bank, 9100 as 125. 0720
Cokllsb, Grand “ ' 44 6.15 0120
No. 1 Dried Herring, 9 box 60 0 65
Scaled '■ 44 10.0 15
Pickled Herrings, now. 625 0620
pickled Herrings, old .. 520 @5.73
FR.UITS—The demand for Osset Afplss la
scarcely so active, and the market is not so firm, with
a decline from previous quotations of 2Sc per brl.
Guapes dull and inactive. Market 11m at present
quotations. Lxhosb in vety limited demand, and mar
ket easy at present quotations. CHsssnrrs in small
receipt and limited demand. Wo quote:
Green Apples, 9 br! * 2200 220
New Fork 3200....
Gropes, Isabella.. 8200 9GO
Grapes, Catawba.... 112)01220
Grapes, common, 9 B 5200 7.C0
Cranberries, 9 brl
Lemons, 9 box. 7.0301220
Quince?, 9 brl 72001020
ChcsDUts. 9 bn 6200 720
IHckoryNttt*. 9 bu 2200....
DRIED FRUITCr- Applss are In active de
mand. lor which the present supply Is limited. Market
firm at prescntquotatlons. Pkachxs—Unpared are in
limited supply; Unpared very scarce, and demand
f;ood. Rubens—Market active and firm. Cub&ists
u limited demand. Doirxsno Futrrrs are generally
In very limited supply. Raspberries wo quote norm-
Dully, there being hardly any In the market. Wo
quote: ,
Dried Apples, prime $ OS 0 03V
44 . _ .medium 06X0 07X
Manchester. Dark.....29
Pacific, Dark.'. .29
Hamilton, Dark 29
Lowell, 3 Ply, SIJO
“ Soper 1.25
Medium... Lls
Hartford, Ex. 3 Ply 1.55
“ . Imp.SPly ISO
“ - Snper 1.23
“ Medium... IJS
try Brussels. :S. 1501.53
Kew Eng’d Pat.USwl.U
Empire Mills 00
Belgrade 37 >$
Ingrain .53073
Unparcd Peaches
Pared do
Raisins—Layers V b0x....
Currants, ¥ s>, old
Almonds, 9 B.soft
“ “ bard
Dried Raspberries..
“ Blackberries
“ Cherries
Sales to-day 200 bags Indiana Dried Apples at 7>fc:
115 bugs Ohio do at be; 50 bags Unpared Peaches at
liUc; 150 fisPnrcd doatSSc; 800 Ibslilackberrlcsat23e.
3FUKU—Receipts light and in flair demand, especial*
1y Minks. Prices firm at present quotations. *We
bears, (black, large and foil seasoned!.... £0.00®12.00
Dears,brown. 2.009 8-00
SO 38 CU
Bears, cnba ji to Ji value „ M
Beaver, (black sod dark).........'. «... IXO® 2.00
Beaver, (pale and silvery) I.oo® IXO
Badger, (large and tine}.... 40® 50
Beer Skins, (red and bloc) so® 60
Beer Skins, (crey). SO® _ 40
Fishers, (dark, large, and silky) 5.00® 6XO
Fishers, (pale cr brown).. S.CO® 4.00
Foxes, cross the less red the better. 4XOOBXO
Foxes, red, southern and we5tern.......... 1.000 3.00
Foxes, grey— —. —... SO® SO
House Cats, black and grey 10® 15
Lynx, large and fine..... LOO® 2.00
Muskrats, fell and winter 9® .13
Marten, dark without red BXO® 4XO
Marten, common and pale 1.50® 2XO
~MlnV:n, Mlrmpgfila, MIAImb, Wisconsin 3XOO 4XO
Minks,'lllinois and lowa.. 2XO® 3.00
Otter, Black, large and fine 4XO® SXO
Otter, Brown .. B.oo® 4.00
Opossum, Northern, dry and clean.... 10® 15
Opossum, Southern, .. s® 10
Itaccoon, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ac 10® 60
Skunk, black 30® 40
Skunk, striped 10® 20
■Wild Cats 20® iu
Wolf Skins, large, white and fine LOO® IXO
WolfSklns, prairie........; 50® 75
GAME—So doz trapped Prairie Chickens, at <3XO;
12 doz Quails, at <1X0; 5 doz do, at <IXS. We quote:
Prairie Chickens .<2.75 ©3XO F doz
Bucks,small, mixed..,......'. .2XO ©IXS F doz
Mallard .. 03X0 F doz
Quail IXO 0L25 F doz
Pigeons ® 73 F doz
• Venison .. 7 @lO ? »
Babbits - L 25 @ F doz
Geese... ©3,00 V doz
BGB EASE-25 tea Fellow Grease at 9)(c; 40 tea do at
awe; 13 tea Brown at BKc. . . *
DBESSED HOGs-Eecelvcd, 1.681. Market de
cllnedk®s4c F ft. Sales to-day were: _
60 Hogs, aU over 2CO as, av 210 fts, at <6.60.
12 Hoes, all over SCO fts, at <OXO.
13 Hogs, averaging SCO as, at £SJO.
54 Eoga, averaging 175 as, at <3XO.
150 Hogs, at 35X0 and <6XO. dividing on SOD fts*
63 Begs, at <5X0.15X0 and $6.00, dividing on 150 and
26 Hogs, as <IXO and <SXO, dividing on ICO as.
ICO Hogs, at |*SXO, <SXO and SSXO, dividing on 159 and
ax ft*.
DIGDWISES—Received, StObrls. Market Kc F
gallon higher.. Sales: 200brl3»at 63Mc.
DAY—Pressed Timothy te in fliir demand. Bales:
10 tons beater-nressed, at 120,00.
HlDES—There has been a considerable decline in
the market since oar last quotations. We notice an
absence of all actlvly and confidence, under the tniln
ence of which prices have declined K©Ke. We
Green Country BKO 8Y
Green BaUed 9>j® 9*
Green,part cured.. 9 @9;<
Dry Balled 41K015
Dry Flinty *65©18
liKATHEU-Msrkct fli
Prices unchanged. Wcqn<
Harness,. F ft... 40®Uc|
Lino “ ... 42043 c
85 63 cts
100 63 cts
.... 2!,40l
Kip. “ ... 75050 C
Calf* “ *.,.*1.0001.15
Upper, ? foot.. 24025 c
Collar,? foo>.. 80022 c
Harness, V &... [email protected]
Kip, medium....ll.oool.ls
Klp*bcavy 63003 c
CalL No. 1 1.40»
Calf,seconds.... LIOOI2S
Upper,? f00t... 25037 c
Itnssett Bridle,
?side $.0006.00
T.UMBER—Beceip to Terr limbed knd Bucket lo
actlre. The cargo of pc hr Forester, from Grand Kir
untied lomber. reported at »JUO, should bare been
at sl3. >5. The following are the /aid prices:
Ltsbzs—First Clear, v 1,000 feet... tta.teauoo
Second Clear •• 3700©w00
Third Clear. .. 21009300
Stock 80ard5..... 220093,00
Box or Select Boards ..... 33 00C43LOD
Common Boards, dry 17.00©
Common Boards, green 16 00Q17.00
Coll Boards lI.CO©
First Clear Flooring, rough „35.00©
Second Clear Flooring, rough 33,00 c*,....
Common Flooring, rough 3300©
Siding Clear, dressed.... 22.00©
Second Clear. .. 30.000.....
Common d 0..... 18.00©
Lore J0i5t5.......... 52A&29.Q0
Shared Shingles A 9 M 4.509
Shared Shingles No 1....... 4.25.9....
Cedar Shingles,, 4.35©.....
sawed Shingles,A 4AC©„...
Sewed Shingles. No 1 1259.....
Lath. VIJtS pcs., 1.50©
Posts. B 1000 19.0001100
Pickets. 1100917.00
NAVAL STORES—Market actlre and Arm at
former quotations. We quote ;
film, tending up. We quote:
Tar. {12.003)15.00 Manilla Rope 18019
Pitch ICXCS2SXO Hemp f. ©2O
Resin tßfMfc Lath TamNol.... 018K
Turpentine.... 3.75© 4.C0 .. ..2.... ©llk
Oakum 6.459 7 M Marline 23©2S
CARBON Oil.—Owing to the advance at the
East, holders are ashing higher prices. Sales to-day
were: ICO brla •* Franklin - retroleum Co.'s” at 43c;
100 trla “Laughing Waters” in two lots at 47c.
QIT.S— LrsazxD— I The market la firmer in conse
quence of an adrancc at the East. Sales to-dar: 25
hrla Kaw at $1.40. Fisn Oils arc in fitir demand and
firm at pterions quotations. We quote
Raw Linseed Oil..
Boiled Linseed Oil.
Oltre Oil. bulk..
Whale Oil* W. B,
Elephant OU.
Bank Oil
Lard 01), winter.
Machine Oil
term Oil,
(ecca on.
ONlONS—Receipts more liberal, and In fair do*
mand. Market tolerably firm at 9L00&1.65 for prime
qualities, nod 91.4591.50 for common. Sale to-day, 21
br’a at *1.60.
PROVISIONS—Ecceived to-day. 171 brla Pork.
Ca Col Meats, Bs Lard.- The market to
day was quiet, but without material change in prices.
Mzes Pons—There was little or no Inquiry, and the
market was quiet. Sales: 500 brlacity packed at 917.00.
Pints Msss Poes—Market more active. Sales: 800
brls city at flt.oo. „ „ _ „ ,
English meats— pea Long Cat Hams at 9c In
Bros Meats—s,CCO pcs Shoulders, for delivery in
SO days. atSlfc loose.
Picelbb raeb—lCO ties city ent at 83fc.
t'abd —More active and rather firmer. Sales to
day were: 1.000 tres prime city steam rendered Leaf,
and SOO tres do-all at 11 Kc; 93 Ires prime country
kettle at 91LS5; ICO tres do at UX? ICO tres No 1 Lard
at p<JrATOES— In fhlr demand, and firm at pre
vious quotation*. We quote:
Keebannocks, P hn. -9 €500.70
Peach Blows. ** 635)0.88
Common, ** „ 4590.50
SweetPotatocs 15091.73
POULTRY—There is a fair demand and good sop
ply. Prices role easy at present quotations. We
Live Chickens, ? doz. 9L2SOLSO
Dressed. V doz 1759 u
Live Turkeys, V ft................. 490.06
Dressed, V ft , 790.®
Ducks,* doz 1509173
Geese, each 3390.10
Sale to-day 3 boxes Dressed Chickens at 91-73-
SPlCES—Market very firm, with an upward ten
dency. "We quote:
Pepper, V ft...
WA TTR moderate demand, and prices
firm. Weauote:
Babbitt’s Beet „..83(®9 C
“ Pore B)4®BXc
DeLnnd'e Chemical
** Healthy.
ai jingle
ft* do (from Urease) at l)Kc.
tfAliT—Market quiet. we quota i
Dojlsstic—Onondaga 5ine...—...... .|2^5(9.
Saginaw Fine 2J99..
Coarse . ... £259...
Ground Solar. 2.23®..,
DAlry.Wlth sacks.,... ..... 1.139....
Dairy, without sacks.
Foumcx—G.*A., 9 sack of 210 6a 2.0593.10
Turk’s Island, 9 sack of 110 D 9„ 1.6091.(3
Cadiz,* bn 509 60
Trepanni, * bo. 9 60
To-day Ihe sales were: 1,000 brls Fine at 12.25, de
llTered on cars. __
SEEDS—Flu—Owing to an Improvement In Lin
seed Oil* the demand U more active, and prices have
advanced [email protected] Sales today were: ISO sics prime at
|2.60; S9osks at $250; 26aksat (3.10; 11 sksat|&So;S
sfe^affi.2s; 5 sks at <BJS» Tuiotut—lo bags prime
SUCIAKS—Market very active* and In eonsegaence
of deficient supply with an extra demand for foreign
shipments, the market Is firm with a strong upward
tendency. On Cuba's we note a forth cradvaace of X®
V&. 3 quote:
New Orleans 13*015*
Cuba 13 @ls
Porto Rico 13*@15
A. A. Portland, *“
N. Y. refined, powdered and gmnufcited IS QlS'i
White A HMonx
Extra B
Extra C 46*017
Chicago A
Chicago B
STEI'PS-la active demand, and market Arm,
wim an upward tendency. Weqaote
Chicago Golden.
Chicago Amber.
N. Y.Byrnps.,
Golden Syrnp,
Do. refined...
New Orleans,
Chicago Union Hennery Sugar House, brb 7U®..-
•* “ “ ** 44 kegs 760 .
** “ M Amber, brls 35088
“ u “ *• kegs [email protected]»
TEAS—Demand less active, and prices unchanged
at previous quotations. We quote:
Young Hyson, common to very fine $10001.53
Gunpowders -1.10(91.70
50uch0ng5...............*. 8501.09
0d0Dg8..... * ..... 803L25
Japan 1.0501.20
TALLOW-AttlTe and linn. We quote;
CboiceHo.irackera’Tallow.....' .11 &
Good do. .10 XC
Prime City Botcben 10J(S
Countty lOhOWH
TOBACCO—In limited receipts and moderate de
mend. Market firm at previous quotations. We
Illinois middling to prime.
** common
CBBwnra. BBOxore.
BtaroflheWest.73 @BO c L 12 @l3 c
Pi0neer.........70 @73 c S AS @ll c
Ex. CavendHh..CO @65 c SM U @ls c
Prairie Pride...s3 @OO e I AS @lB c
Bweet AO @55 e ILi 17 @2O e
Tsandß’aStaroftheWest, ...80 @9O e
PlcN!c,fl?Blze 80 @9O C
7s and s*s Pioneer. .70 @75 c
s*s Extra Cavendish 60 @65 e
s’e,7’s and 10’s Black Diamond. ..50 @53 c
s’s, 7s and 10’s 45 @s<j o
. Mtnmmvna
Gold Leal 60c 1 Mi550uri........13 @lB c
Sonny Side I 3c I 0................14)[email protected] c
C. Harris,... UK9I6 c
Bpongo Cake!"!"...!sl-20 OOOi
Cnariey’e Choice TOc
Double Bose Mocaboy.
Single “
Bsupee 40 @45 c
WOOL—Active demand and supply continues lim
ited and maufllclent. Prices Ann. we quote;
Fine fleece..; ......66069c
Medium fleece.
Tub Washed...
Factory Tub Washed 72073 c
WOOD—Receipts very small and demand active.
Prices nrm,with an onward tendency. Wequotoby the
carco: Beech, $3.29; Maple, $6,5007.50; Hickory, $8.50
f :.CO. Delivered: Beech, s7.of 07.50; Maple, $9.50;
ckory, $9.0009.50.
Coitos Irregular, unsettled and decidedly lower,
at 73<a«7c for m ladling nplancs
[email protected] better for common grades, with a
vtry moderate business; rales at $51003.25 (or extra
state; $7 5507 44 for extra round Hoop Onto; $7,150
$9.50 for trace nrands—closing firm.
wtnaKT—Dull, heavy, and unsettl'd, at 73075 c tor
. Quart— Wheat more active, and closed [email protected] higher
for pan sold lost evening, at |i 3701.11 for Chicago
spring; $18801.413>r Milwaukee club; sL42®l.t4tor
amber Miiwauke« • $1470132 for winter red western;
sl.£ofcr white Michigan; ana $1.46 for small parcels
amber Green Bay. Corn 1c better: mixed western
$1190120, in store-closing very firm at the latter
price. Oats more active and 203 c better, at 83090 c
for western ana State.
Wool—Quiet and rather steadier.
irßTSoLnm Dull, Refined, In bond, SlM®43c.
Peoti6ios&— Pork more active bat unchanged.
Seles 250 brls new mess, deliverable within the last
fifteen days of December, 1035, and 10,000
brls new packed do for delivery In January
atd Feb.,ac SI9.S7X. Beef quiet. Baron sides quiet
and urchanged. Dressed bogs dull at 73f®3c lor city,
Lara dull and nominally unchanged.
Quart—Wheat quiet. Sales at $1.30 for red winter,
do. Com quiet at SLOB. Other
grains quiet.
Fbziobts—sVc on wheat to Rochester.
Imposts— 7,ooo brls Hoar, 8,000 ba wheat, 45,000 bu
com. SO.COO bu oats. •
Expouts—soo brls floor, 74,000 ba wheat, 25/100 bn
Oswego Slorket—Not* 38.
Grain— Wheat held abovovlcwsof buyers. No sties.
Cora firm—all on private terms. Other Grains quiet
and nominal.
Canal Fssxquts-OS ba. flour, 15 ba barley.
Milwaukee Market— Not. 2S.
Quart.— No. 1 Wheat. $1.07.
Floub—Dull and nothing doing.
R2CUPTB-1/60 bu flours 49,000 bu wheat.
Shipmxnts—l/29 bn floor; 65.000 bu wheat.
Park Advance, Muir, Kingston, 3,432 bags salt.
Bark Twilight, Vance, Bay City, 200 m lumber, 120 m
Bark Cornelia, Kelso, Bay City, 60 m lumber, 60 tons
pig Iron.
Bark U. N. Gates, Eeddick.Graml Haven,7o m lumber.
.Park Warner, Garrison, Grand Haven, 450 m shingles,
400 r r ties.
Bark Josephine Dresden, Watson, Cbarlottevllle, 60
cords wood.
Berk E. M. Peck, Robinson, Lincoln, 180 m lumber.
Bark J. S. Harvey, Hanna, Buffalo, ISO m lumber from
Two Rivers. __
Bark Ma3n et, Merckle, Holland, 60 m headings, 28 m
13 0 13%
20 0 23
5.00 Oi 553
17 6 18
28 0 80
17 0 20
SO & iS
23 & 21
25 ® 28
Scow Sultan, Erickson, Holland, 15 m staves.
Scow Laurel, McVeo, Kalamazoo, 53 cords wood.
CLEARED .N0v.29.
Prop Bradbury, MdNeeloy, Buffalo, 800 brls flour, 1,3-13
brla beer, sundries.
Bark 8. V. B. Watson, Brant. Buffalo. bu wheat.
Bcbr Comet, Stoddare. Buffalo.SMOOba oats.
Echr B. B. King, WiUdson. BU Joseph, sundries.
Vessels Passed Detroit*
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
DsTsorr, Nov. 29,1583.
Dows.—Prop. Tonawanda ; bark American Union.
BOARDING. —A few day’ and
weekly boarders con bo accommodated with
pleasant rooms and board, at 65 Wabash avenue.
TDOAEDING.— One large unfnr-
JLJ nlsbed front room and one amah one, suitable
for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, can
bu had at 29 Washington street. A few dar boarders
can also be accommodated, no»-r6S6-4t
X> OARDIN G- —Board and a very
»> pleasant unit of unfurnished front rooms can be
lad by a gentleman and wife, In a private family, sit*
rated In a pleasant location on the west Side* conve*
rient to the street cars and within tenminuteswalkof
the Court House. None need apply unless willing to
jav for good accommodations. References exchanged,
Address, with name, “ J," Post Office Box 2010.
IQOARDIN6. —Two gentlemen, or
XX a gentleman and wife, can oe accommodated
% ith board and pleasant rooms in a small private
i. applying Immediately at 107 Adams street.
fJIO RENT—Two single rooms.
8 Kone bat those whrv can furnish u»o best of refer
ence need apply, at IS Monroe street. no3o-rS?S-gt
TI ' RENT —One six-and-a-third
Light l : h Bradbury’s Kano, nearly now. low to
customer. Xpply at No.l2l£nsh^orl^nP*
(Senetal lottos.
A REWARD will he s'wen for
? “f •& se
V his rtghtfiMt cawed oy Qt mile* southwest of
Wu “ m 'ioS'LUOD^N 11 . 18
noS6.rt67-lw 2
in and 1a limited demand,
Slaughter’s 501e... ,33096 c
Buenos Ayre5......33034c
Orinoco. 0W...,...310»c
Ormoco, MW .50033 c
Osluoco good dam- __
aged. [email protected]
Slaughter's Sole 43346
French Kip..... T£-4°
Beet Calf, il as. 3.000
nas. 1800 iaa
Lamolne,? doz €A00371.00
Kuasett Linings. 7.0031i00
Pink Linings,... T00013.C0
- ;oK SAL E—A Farm for sale,
. Twenty-eight miles from Chicago, one mile from
, noticr Grove, seven mifw from Elgin, on the Elgin
~j Chicago State Bead—B2 acres prairie and Li acres
ifcer: good house, stabling, grain bam and a Hue
, - chard: trood water. All under cultivation* Apply
CAMPBELL ft BEO n Wayne Station.
T7OUND —On Saturday lost, a pair
l? of Eye Glasses, The owner can obtain] the same
1.1 this Office. i92»-rtM-3t
.. 1.4501 AO
.. 3.23C32.30
.. 1.30(41.35
.. 1.80(41.35
.. U&4US
... S&1.00.
. S3® S3
. 27® 23
. 53® 54
.L 0031.10
. S3® 55
ireiaecl at 11c; 1,006
.'■jcTiia c
.40 @ls C
.88 @43 c
.40 @45 c
New Tork Market-Nor. 2S.
Buffalo Markcta-Nor. 3S.
®o Hent.
ZcS anted.
TIT ANTED —Dress Mafdn", A«.
T T Ladles wishing drees ttaldng and p!>mi sowfne
done can be accommodated by Addressing Post Ot&cs
Box 4106. Tenii9,«lxßliUllDgßperdi»r.
WANTED Correspondence.
Two H gay ami happy” offlcatt of the anny of
the Tennessee, desire to correspond vlth an indoftnita
namfccr of fandoving and Intelligent roonjr ladles.
Both ore fancy, freeand ready foranyfnfyect that may
be offered. Object—fan, love, and ihe'consepacitcns
alter the war. Particular attention ctTen to tetters
containing Photos, Photos exchanged!! desired. Ad-
Lieut. AKTlins K,. or Llcnt. Co. K,
Utblowa Infantry, via Memphis. Tenn. teS»rt3»tt
TIT ANTED—To pnrehase, a well
Farm of lai to ao aerpaprairio, with
ELi!,t’ci! r b!? r » "iMket. AdclrtM. with p*r
tlcnlars. Box 614. Elgin, 111. noSO-rtfiMt
ANTED—A man of good btisi
. . nc*B habila to solicit onlrra fur Show C«rtl4
&om sample. Apply at 116 Clark gtroct, aoavrtsHt
W ANTJil)—One or two unfumish-
Tf cd rooms In the city, for a small faxr.T, or «
neat Cottage Id t£te limit?. Address, stating locality
and rent, to “J
\!\l ANTED—A small house m a re-
T T Jtpecuble neighborhood la the South or Weal
piTlslon.orapanofivhoQjw waitable for bonsekeev-
Ing, by a quiet respectable family of two or throe per
sons, wlthoat children. Address, for three days, rok
Ofllco Box MM. noS-rt&-2t
WANTED —A pleasant lodging
room, by a gentleman. One without board, or
with breakfast and tea preferred. Address, xintimr
terms, location, *c~ ** llß,** aare of P.0.80x 4385.
WA N T E D—The advertiser do
elres a situation where he can earn something
and be useful to bis employer. Is a good penman and
quick at figures, and Is not afhild of bard work. Cood
reference* clren. Atl dress “ABC." Tribune offlcc.2
40$ jO
"ITTANTED —Fifty Thousand Dol-
T T lars to loan to farmers on first clast mortgage
security. Also, *IO,OOO to tnrest in a safe InTOstment.
without risk, which will par 30 per cent, per annum.
JAMES A. DICKESSON„ Heal Estate Agent. No.t
Metropolitan Block, Cbicago.ni. P.O. Drawer 500.
WANTED —Agents. SIOO per
month now betas mode by good Caamsson,
Felling the new and splendid Steel £ngriTlng of FBB*
BID EXT LINCOLN: Also, Steel Engravings ot
Stephen A. Douglas. Price, 25 cent* each, or five for
91X0; mailed In a nice tube, on receipt of price, to any
part of the country, by ILK. LAN DON, Agent,st Lake
bL, opposite Trcmoat House, Chicago. nos2>-r6C-lm
~nr ANTED.—A live man wishes to
TT engage with some wholesale boose who need
the sendees ofa man competent to act ss salesman,
book-keeper, corresponding clerk or collector, or In
thee who la competent to earn a good salary In almost
any branch of mercantile business. Can give the best
of references, or better still, will engage on probation
and thus afford parties opportunities to judge for
themselves. Address M B,’' Box 613. najD-risMt
ANTED—A Bar-Keeper. A
, . man to attend a bar. One who ean jrtre ort
uence of Mb ability and Integrity cun bays » £1 rat-rat*
Bltuatlon, ami never occupied later tbnn 9 o'clock at
nlgbt. Adilresd, with reference, P. O. Drawer SH3.
WANTED —A respectable man
having a email cash capital as Partner In the
best money-making bnalnciw going. (Moat be willing
to lravel.) Apply at Room 23, third floor. New York
House, N0.227 and 229 Randolph street, this day, be
tween 9 and 5 o’clock. n029-rts£3t
ANTED—Board and suit of un-
T f furnished rooms In some private family on the
North Side north of Erie street, by a lady, ilcrerencoa
given and required. Address Post OtHce Box 2tC.
WANTED —A good girl, thirteen
Tf years of age, wants a home In a Christian
family, where she can learn to make herself useful.
She la an orphan and desires a permanent home. Ad
dress Post Othce Box 2153. or call at the Roomaofthc
Tonng Mens's Christian Association, between 12K and
1 o'clock. noH-rWWt
W ANTED—A good second-hand
TT Plano InexchaneeforafcrmofaOacreßofgood
land In a good neighborhood. Price £IOO. Any dilfer
cnce in price can He on aor desired Umc at 6 per cent.
Address “AB C,” Box 96, Elkhart, Indiana.
\\f ANTED—A Lady ■wants board
v * with a private family or where there are but
few boarders, will fttrniah her own room or will take
room furnished. Tbo beat of reference given. Ad
dress Po«OlliceBoxl9C8. no»ifißl-K
WANTED. —A lady accustomed
to tuition and holding flrst-clasa testimonials.
Is desirous of obtaining a situation as Governess. Be
sides the usual branches of an English education,
Mnslc, French and Drawing taught. Address 80x271,
Chicago. n026-rt«Wt
\/V -ANTED—S7S a Month. Agents
V * wanted to sell Sewing Machines. IQs give a
commission on all Machines sold, or employ agents
who will work for the above wages, ami all expenses
paid. For particulars address C. GUGGLES Se CO..
Detroit, Mich. n025-rSI not
TX7ANTED—A House and Lot
* * with a born. Lot to be of good size and de
sirably located, on the Sooth or West Side, not over
two miles from the Court House. Any person having
each for sale, may And a purchaser by addressing Post
OtLce Box 6CS3, stating price and location.
. .60083
WANTED —Boiler Maters, to
whom the highest wages will be paid. Apply
at Room No. 3, Masonic Temple. no2frrlSMw
ANTED.—A Teacher of thir
* * teen years experience is desirous of an engage
ment in a school or private family. Can refer to Rev.
Dr. Clarkson and others. Address “MIS3M. E-” B.)i
904, North Branch Post Office. noCa-rISMt
AKTED.—A leading Grocery
• * House of this city, of large means and unsur
passed facilities for purchasing at lowest market
rates, and constantly supplied with a largo and varied
stock, wish to obtain the services of a competent
Salesman as Traveling Agent. To any one having an
extensive country acquaintance and knowledge or the
hu.-lness, we can oner liberal Inducements. None
others need apply. Address “ MERCHANT.” Pose
Office Box 827, Chicago. n024»r435-6t
[email protected] 9c
ANTED.—A gentleman from
T v Tale College Is desirous of forming an engage
ment as teacher. Address “ J. R. P.," 42 Adams street.
WANTED —Agents, *l5O per
ntAnth arc nowheirur mode by good canvass
—the BEST for family use ever published. -Address or
apply to J. N. WXDDEN, General Western Agent,
Nc.i Methodist Church Block, Chicago, Post office
Box 2504. no2S-rS2m
\\J AMTED—Good Men to Can
• * vnss in every county in the State, to whom
the best of terms will be offered. None bat capable
canvassers need apply. Address ARNOLD * AT
"WOOD,BoiKfcJ?,Chicago. no23*rSKj-6t
Wf ANTED—Men for the TJ. S.
•s' * Navy, to do duty In the Mississippi Blrer
Squadron, for one, two, or three years, or daring the
wcr. Good Pay and Prize Money. This is the most
desirable service. Pay from 913 to S4O per month. No
, long, hard marches, and good quarters on board ship.
For farther particulars apply to the IT. 9. Naval Ren
dezvous. Uhllch’s Block, comer .of North Clark and
North Water streets. J- n. w arty.
Acting Master U. S. N., Comd’g Rendezvous.
Or at recruiting office, 161 Lake street, cor. Lasalle.
A commission will he paid to any person bringing an
accepted recruit to either office. n012.p748dw
VV ANTED—A full list of Second
v T Hand Office Fnrnl tare. Including Safe and Copy
Press. Address “Commission,” Post Office Box 3003,
no2B-ttCO-3t •
WANTED. —Teams wanted im
mediately at the Merchants* Despatch. Flvo
or six teams can have good work by applying at the
office. No. 1, foot of South Water street.
co2frrs964t W. C. PARSONS. Agent.
~\\l ANTED—Employment by. a
•■ * young man who is a good penman and correct
In figures. Should prefer becoming an assistant book*
keeper, but baa a fair business education. Would not
object to any other position whereby he can cam a
livelihood. Address Immediately “M. V. W.,”box
8273, Chicago. n024-rS(MI
WANTED.—*7S a Month.—l
▼ * want to hire Agents in every county at $73 a
month, expenses paid, tosell my new cheap Family
Sewing Machines. Address S. MADISON, Alfred,
Maine. oc2Soßt(Klni
ANTED.—»6O a Month.— We
T * want Agents, at SOO a Mouth, expenses paid,
tcrspll our Everlasting Pencils, Oriental-Burners, ami
thirteen olher new, useful and cartons articles. Fif
teen circulars sent tree. Address SHAW * CLARK,
Blddcford, Maine. a«25-k2fi&-Sm
"IXT’ ANTED—Agents. Something
T T Nxw, maxsTLT kxxsed in xvibt nousx
bold. Agents wanted for the following articles of
proved Indelible Pencil,** for Marking Clothing;
“Patent Hemmer and Shield** combined, tor hand
Sewing ; “Patent Bird Napkin and Work Holder,’* tor
the Lap; “Gent’s Vest Pocket Match Sato:” “Egyp
tian Cement,” for Mending Crockery, Furniture, etc.;
“ Coffee and Tea Strainer,'** saves one-fourth; “ Kero
sene Crater,” used on Lamps for beating purposes;
“ImprovedKcroaeno Burners,” for alt Lamps; “ Mag
netic Tack Hammers;” “Flexible Shawl ami SatotV
Pins;" “Novel Unconsumlng Cigar Pipe and Holder,'*
combined; “Wolcott’s Pain Annlmlator,” cares
Headache and Toothache In three minutes. Samples
by ma 11.25 cents each. For catalogue enclose* stamp
to ARMTTAGE & CO., successors to Rice & Co., Cm**
tcm-HoudC Place, Chicago, 111. nol3-p795-6t-Jt wap
NX? AN TED.—Knitting Machine.
* Evcfy Farmer, to know that his “women
folks” can earn $5 to Si) per week with one of Akin’s
Celebrated Knitting Machines. It win earn its cost in
thirty days. Price, complete, $75. Weight 45 pounds.
Freight irom 50 cents to $1.50. Send for circular and
scruples (send stamps).
BRANSON 4k ELLIOT, General Agents,
mh3*aSs£>9m 120 Lake street, Chicago. HI,
SALE—For a few days only,
JL* a commodious residence. Just outside of tbo City
Limits, In the town of Hyde Pari;, half a mile south ui*
Douglas Place and within twenty mlnutea-rlde of the
city by the Hyde Park train. Tbo house commands a
view of the Lake, the city and the adjacent country.
The lawn Is well stocked with shrubbery, and the gar
den contains strawberries,raspberries. cnrrantsj>lack
berries, asparagus amLgrapes, with a tow dwarf pears,
apples and cherries. The soli has been cultivated sev
eral years and Is for fertility. The prop
erty may be seen any day after 10 A.M. Anplvto
THOS.B. BRYAN. BryanllaU. no3o.rf&-3t
"OOR SALE.—An Improved Farm
JL’ of 560 acres, near Chatsworth, Livingston county,
111., containing 250 acres under cultivation, with a
good house of eight rooms, feed lots, stable
room for eights horses, com cribs, Ac. The Kami
Is situated two miles from a Railroad Station. Terms
—Fifteen Dollars per acre. cash.. Address or apply to
JN O. STILLWELL, Cbatswonh, lIL coSOrtaHOt
TTtOR SALE—Or exchange for im-
JT proved city property, a nlceStockTnnuorzsi
acre?, mile? northor Dixon, Lee County and 100
miles west of Chicago—beautifully situated on Uock
Liver, brick bouse ot seven rooms, frame born?, bear
ing orchard, &c,
A number of other Farms and Lands In Cook. Kano
and Lake Counties. SAMUEL A. SAUGENT,
Heal Estate Agent* No. 4 Metropolitan Block.
no2D-r€C5-2t r
FIR SALE—The stock, fixtures
and good will of a Stationery and yotlonStore,
now doing a good and profitable business. Ta»»»
good chance tor a man with small means uesiroosw
going Into business. Apply at 10! North
corner of Huron. no»t9p-3k_
FOR SA L E—Fine Residence
Property. SU Lota on between
Twelfth and Vonneenth straet. '” c 4 *s
a\ P £?po'S A
FOR SALE—Sleighs. Apply to
innv j -WRIGHT, at tha Carriage factory,
r,,mcr of - UU&*aMt
F3R SALE —Six hundred second
hand Lard Barrel* and TVrces. all coopered and
“ectorder. 3.B.MITCHELL ft CO-.r&CTMcago
avenge. no2&-r513-lw
tt'Oß SALE.—The Church Prop-
Jl ertr corner of Third avenue and Jackson street
la offered for aale. Apply to M. F. TULET, 157 Kan
dolph street, or Wil. G. HOLMES, lit) Clark street.
T7OR SALE—The fine Cottage,
X No. 179 West Van Boren street, containing eight
rooms, beside* closely p»ntry,eic.,wlthjew of lot.
App£j[ toJAMES ft SPBINOKB,Boom
FIR SALE—Lease for a term of
years and mures of «llr»MUi; Store and Hue
mcntjii good location. .Vow
baaiDeta, Addre*aP.O-°° x —***» n025»r477-w.
FOR SALE. —The Buckeye Fouu-
This concern la of fourteen yr,ar»* standing,
itrire ran of custom, heavystook W natternaaud
v»lu«bl?m«kincry, and will be sold. low Tor cash It
U made aeon. ft ARMI
®OE. Keokuk, lowa. mrttrßLJK
F)K SALE —Or oxchange for city
property, a Schooner of Sts tons* measurement
For particular* call on J* C. NEMAN, 160 Sooth Water
street, Chicago. oc*a3M-19;-«wftr

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