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The President’s Message.
[Contivued from Third
• ‘ emancipation and arming the blacks. These
measures have been much discussed in for
dgn countries, and, contemporary with such
the tone of public sentiment there,
is much improved. At home tbe same meas
ures have been fully discussed, supported,
criticised, and denounced; and tbe
elections following arc higldy encouraging to
those whose special duty it is to bcarthe
country through this great trial
Thus wc hare the reckoning. The crisis
TThlch threatened to divide the friends of the
Union is past Looking now to the present
mid future, and with reference to a res amp-!
tion of the national.authority within the
States wherein that authority nna been bus
pended, I have,thought lit to* issue a procla
mation, a copy of which Is herewith trans
mitted. On examination of this proclama
tion, It will appear as is believed, amply jus
tified by the Constitution. True, the form of
an oath is given, but no man is
- coerced to take it A man is
only promised a pardon in case he
■voluntarily takes tbe oath, the Constitution
authorizes the Executive to grant on such
terms as arc fully established by judicial and
other authority. It also provides, that if in
many of the States named a real government
shall be in the mode prescribed set up, such
government shall be recognized and guaran
teed by the United States, and that under it
the State shall be protected against invasion
and domestic violence. The constitutional
obligation of the United States to guarantee
to every State in tbe Union a Bcpublican
form of Government, and to protect the State
In the cases stated, is explicit and full; but
why tender tbe benefits of thin provision
only to a State government set up in this
■ particular way? This section of the Consti
tution contemplates wherein the dement
within.a State favorable to a Bcpublican
government in the Union may be too feeble
for an opposite and hostile dement in the
exterior, and even within the State.
Such are precisely the cases with which we
arc now dealing.
An attempt to guarantee and protect a re
vised StctcGovcmment constructed In whole
or a preponderating part from the very de
ment against whose hostility and violence it
Is to be protected, is simply absurd.
There must bo a test by which to separate
opposing dements so as to build only from
the sound, and that test is a sulfldently lib
eral one which accepts as sound whoever will
make a sworn recantation oi Ms former un
But if it be proper to propose as a test of
Admission to tiic political body, an oath of
allegiance to the Constitution of the United
States and the Union under it, why net also
. to the laws and proclamation in regard to
•lavexy ? These laws and prodamations were
■devised and put forth for the purpose of
aiding the suppression of the rebellion and to
give them their fullest effect there bad to be
_ u pledge for their maintain once. 1a my
* judgment they have ’aided, and will farther
aid the cause for which they were enlisted.
To give up this principle would be not only
to relinquish a lever of power, but would
also be a cruel and astonishing breach of
I may udd at this point that while I remain
in my present position I shall not attempt to
retractor modify the Emancipation Procla
mation, nor *hall /return to *lat*Ty any person
toko is free by the tennsofthe Proclamation, nor
by any act of Congress.
For these, and other reasons, it is thought
best that the support of these provisions
shall be included in the oath, and it is be
lieved that tbe Executive may lawfully Hntm
it in return for pardon and restoration of
forfeited rights, which be has clear constitu
tional power to withhold altogether,
or grant upon the terms which be
shall deem -wisest for the public interest
It should be observed, also, that this part
of the oath is subject to the. modifying and
Abrogating power of legislation and-supreme
judicial decision. The proposed acquiescence
of the National Exceptive in any honorable
temporary State arrangement for the freed
people, is made with the view of possibly
modifying the confusion and desolation which
must at first attend all desses by a total- rev
olution of labor throughout the whole States.
It is hoped that the already deeply afflicted
people in these States may be somewhat
v more ready to give up the cause of their afflic
* tion, and to tins extent this vital matter is
left to themselves. While no power of the
National Executive to prevent an abase is
abridged by the proposition, the suggestion
in the proclamation as to managing
the political framework of the States, or
what is called redbnstmction, te made in tbe
hope that it may do good without the danger
of harm, and will save labor and avoid great
Botany proclamation upon this question
is beset with the conflicting views that the
step might be delayed too long, or taken too
soon, some elements for resumption seem
ready for action, but remain inactive appar
ently, for want of a rallying point or a plan
of action. TVlv shall 1 adopt the plan of A
rather than of B; and if A and B should
agree, how can they know that the general
Cfovcnuncnt here will respect their plan? By
the proclamation, plants presented which
may be accepted by them as a ralh ing point,
and which they are assured in advance will
not be rejected here. This may bring them
to act sooner than they otherwise would.
The objection to a premature presentation
of a plan by the national executive, consists
in the danger of committal, or what conld be
more safely left to further developments.
Care has been taken to so shape the docu
ment as to avoid embarrassment from this
In saying that on certain terms certain
classes will be pardoned, with their righta
restored, it is not said other classes on other
terms will ever be included.
In saying a reconstruction ■will be accepted
If presented in a specified tray, it is not said
it 'will never be accepted in any other way.
The movements in State action for emanci-’
mtion in ecrcral of the States not included
in the Emancipation Proclamation, arc mat
ters of profound gratification; and while I
do not repeat in detail what X bare heretofore
so earnestly urged on this subject, my gen
eral views and feelings remain unchanged,
and I trust that Congress will omit
no lair opportunity of aiding these im
portant etciie to the great consummation.
In the midst of other cases, however im
portant, we must not lose sight of the fact
that the war power is stSU our tnaiu reliance. To
that power alone can we look yet, for time to
give confidence to the people in the contested
regions that the insurgents power will not
again over run them. Until that confidence
shall be established, little can be done any
where for what is called “Reconstruction.”
■ Hence, our eftitf care must still be directed to
our army and navy, who have thus
Ikr .borne themselves so nobly
and wcU. And it may be esteemed
fortunate that in giving the greatest effi
ciency to their indispensable arms, we do also
honorably encourage the gallant men, from
commander to sentinel, who compose them,
and to whom, more than all others, the world
stands indebted for the homo of freedom dis
enthralled, regenerated, enlarged and perpet
uated. '
(Signed) Asuattam Lincoln.
Washington, Dec. 8,16C3.
Anotbeb Stuffed Watch Case. A
greenhpm at the Galena Depot, yesterday, paid
SSO for a worthless “stuffed watch,” not worth fifty
cents. Tbe dealer has not been seen since.
Cohpant Election.—Company G, 2d regi
ment State Militia is now full, and an election of
officers, on Tuesday evening, resulted as follows:
Capt. A. B. Zaramba; Ist LicuL A. Barth, Sd
Lieut. J. Bratton; fid Lieut. W. Schrmarki
Personal. —William Hobson of the Chica
go and Milwaukee Railroad, arrived in Chicago
yesterday, with the body of Capt, Powell, of Co.
C, 89th Illinois. We are indebted to him for Nash
ville papers of Tuesday morning.
Passing a Countebfeit Geeenback.—
A fellow named D. McAllister, was arrested yes
terday morning for passing a S2O counterfeit green
back note on Marcuse, at 96 North Clark street
Be was, upon examination, held upon SI,OOO ball,
for further examination to-day.
£39*ThebigCopperhcftd'paper denies tbe
story put afloat by the little Copperhead paper,
that Mayor Sherman intends to resign. It de
clares that he will hold on like grim death to a de
funct colored person, to the office and the emolu
ments thereof. While the big Copperhead print is
explaining, will It also explain about that SIO,OOO,
who got it, and why it was given back f
United States Plantation Agent.—We
have received numerous letters Inquiring the ad
dress of Mr.'Uvermore, the U. S, Agmt for engag
ing men to take charge of Plantations along the
Mississippi river. Win that gentleman please
send his address to this office, stating where be
may in future be addressed, also write to Rev. C.
IL-Colvcr, Elgin, Hh
American Books in England.—The au
thor of the popular novel entitled - M Broken
Columns Rev. James Dixon, late pastor of the
Union Park Baptist Church, of this city—has sold
the advanced sheets of his work to a London pub
lisher for five ihovtand dUlart. The work is hav
ing a large sale in England.
' Probable Drowning.—A splash was heard
In the riverjust abeve the bridge, at Uadison 6L,
about half past 11 o'clock on Tuesday night The
noise indicated that some one had fallen in from
the woet bank, at or near the freight depot of the
Pittsburgh and Fort Wayne Railroad. The alarm
was given, but nobody had been found at a late
hour last evening.
Orphan Abtlum. —The annual meeting of
*he Chicago Orphan Asylum will be held this after
-n in the lecture room ol the Second Preshy
*wsan* on the comer of Wabash avenue and
. street. The officers for the ensuing
®uffo tiler business transact
• The mcctJ commence at half past two
■ o'clock.
Flour Inspection—C° DyclL
Mr. DjJce, the person trio 1* provision”
*offhe Common Council. ».-* fls to hull
hs. to taythe
flour trade ol city, under contributiofl *^ B
■ pecuniary benefit and advantage, is constiutiy
evincing his determination to be “ai/t Caforaut
siUtC,” in bis own peculiar sphere of activity. The
persistency with whichho adheres to his purpose
of living off the police, fairly amounts to enthnsi-'
«m, ana would excite commendation it directed
In a more honorable channel.
Yesterday he caused Mr. George T. Elliott, a
■ merchant doing buelnef aon the corner of Water
•nd LaSalle streets, to be brought belore the Fo
ur* Court for selling a hundred barrels of flour
without submitting them to the inspection of Mr.
®S?SiSwi«droon < Jnaoanot totfvethePo
Croat Enterprise.
Tbe Message was published last evening at 6.30
o'dock In Janesville, Milwaukee, Madison, Du
buqec, Davenport, LaCrosse, Burlington, Peons,
Springfield, Quincy Alton, Keokuk, St Joseph,
Desmolnes and various other interior towns, but
the wonderfully enterprising conservative sheet
of this city, that beats all creation “seventeen
hours'* with important news, got ont of wind in
(he middle, and was able to get ont hut half of that
very important national document That's enter*
prise as is enterprise. like Cobb’s sensation
stories In Bonner's Ledger, the balance of the’
Message will be found in the Conservative of next
Betdbxikg to Htb Regiment.—Chaplain
Rogers of the 15th DUnois volunteers will leave
Chicago for his regiment on Wednesday next, and
.will be glad to take letters orpackagesfromfriends
to the men in his regiment. Fruits, vegetables,
butter and reading matter, as well as letters, may
be sent to tbe room's of the Sanitary Commission,
on or before tbe 15th. Tbe boys greatly need
these articles, and will receive them thankfully?
Papers in the northern part of foU State please
Metbopolitak Hall.—Quite a pleasing
episode occurred last evening at the Opera House
of Arlington & Donnlkcr. ‘ After the termination
of the first part of the performance, Alderman
Bblmp stepped on the 'stage, and In a few well
timed remarks, presented, on behalf of several
friends, a gold watch, valued at $l5O, to Wm. Ar
lington, the “funny” man of the troupe. Mr. Ar
lington replied in a modest little speech, thanking
the Alderman and his friends for the valuable gin.
. Soldiebs* Remittances.-—Several com
plaints have recently been tnado that fands entrust
ed by soldiers in the army to private parties for
delivery to friends at home have failed to reach
their intended destination. The surest mode of
rcmlttcnce, the one always adopted by business
men, la to remit by express where banking la cili
ties do not exist. Soldiers should choose tho ex
press, unless the honesty of-the messenger is well
established, and the position in life such as to ob
viate the temptation to steal. •
A Double Buvglabt.—On Thursday night
last the barber shop of a man named Pecklers, No:
11 West Randolph street, was burglariously enter
ed, and a number of his razors, scissors,
taken away. On Tuesday night last It was broken
Into a second time, and the few remaining articles
taken, including in all a watch, banjo, razors,
scissors, boxes oT soap, bat* oQ, etc. In some way,
known only to themselves, the detectives got on
track of tho burglar, and arlcr dark last evening
placed him in the lock-up.. Since his arrest, it has
been ascertained that ho it was that entered the
shop on both occasions. Frank Curran, clfae John
the double-burglar, will be examined to-day. -
Bailwat Collision.—A collision occurred
last Monday night on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne
and Chicago Railroad, between tho Cincinnati ex
press train, which left the depot in this city on
Monday night, and an Incoming freight train.
Tbe collision occurred between Tolleston and
Clark stations, about twenty-five miles from Chi
cago, and resulted in the breaking of the leg of a
brakesman on the Cincinnati tram, the smashing
of two coaches, and a slight injury to engines Nos.
161 and ISO. The passenger train was running at
a slow rate of speed—about five or six miles an
hour—and hence theelight damage sustained.
Lost His Cap.—Yesterday afternoon a
country genius from the neighborhood of Elgin,
came into the detective police station, and with
tears in his eyes told a sad story about how he had
been victimized.out of a “bran" new for cap, by
one of the 44 wandering Arabs’’ of the metropolis.
From his story, it appears thatho had been attend
ing Coart, and believing in the honesty of every
body, laid his cap down on the seat beside. While
ettcntrvcly engaged in listening to the eloquence
of the different lawyers, some ooy came in and
picked up the countryman’s cap. and left bis own
(a poorer one) in exchange. Tbe counterman's
opinion of the honesty of the vonth of Chicago is
considerably below par, and ho leaves lor Ms prai
rie home a sadder if not a wiser man,
Laboekt.—Hattie Childs, a well known
“stool pigeon,” was brought before the Police
Court yesterday afternoon charged with the lar
ceny ofa gold watch and other jejvelry from Fred
erick T. NoelL It was stated that the defendant
had been living with tbe complainant as his wife
for some time past, and on Tuesday, the Ist Inst.,
die made up her mind to terminate the Hason.
To accomplish her purpose more effectually, she
went to Joliet, at the sameltime splritingaway the
complainant’s jewelry, which she had induced him
to leave in her possession, stating that she was
j;olng over on the West side for a day or two. In
stead, however, of honoring the West division
with her presence she went to Joliet, to sec her
husband, a notorious thief who is incarcerated In
the State penitentiary. She was committed for
trial. In default of bail in S6OO.
Fatad Accident. —Yesterday forenoon, ns
the eastward boimd passenger tram on the Galena
and Chicago Union Railroad crossed-a road near
Genera, it ran over an unknown man who was ly
ing on the track, cutting the body to pieces. The
train was running on a down grade at the time,
andthefirstthe engineer safer of the poor fellow
was when his head, entirely severed from the
body and cut open, tumbled from the trick. The
brakes were instantly applied,' but not until the
whole train had passed over conld it be stopped.
The body was literally bashed by the wheels, and
was unrecognized, either at the time or at the sub*
sequent inquest held at Geneva, The jury acquit
ted the engineer from all blame in the matter, as
the evidence showed the deceased to have been
lying in such a position that he conld not have
been seen from the engine until too late.
Alleged Fokgert.—A trial was convened
on Tuesday last before Justice Moore, which is
of rather greater magnitude tba« usually falls
within the domain of action of a Justice of the
Peace. The alleged frets are substantially these;
Captain John A. Hynes received authority last
year from Adjutant General Fuller to recruit a
company of soldiers in or near Chicago. He was
successful, bnt at a cost of $425, which money was
not refunded him by the Government Be went
down to theatmjvand ten months ago fcll in with
two men, named W. U. and F. B. Mar
shall, who after hearing his account of non-reim
bnrsement, informed him that they were abont to
proceed to Springfield, in this State, to collect a
similar account, and would be happy to serve h>m,
He consented and they departed on their mission,
bnt were unsuccessful. A short time afterward
Captain Hynes returned to Chicago and was paid
by Captain Christopher. He has lately discovered
that Messrs. Ransted and Marshall made another
application to the Department at Springfield and
were paid, signing the name of CaptainHynes to
the receipt, and omitted to send h**n the money or
apprise him of the fret of payment. They were
arrested on a change of forgery. The examination
will be resumed this morning.
Belling a Guild. —A girl of not more than
fourteen years of age was observed to be traveling
30 and fro in the streets of the West Division, on
Tuesday last, apparently in a most perplexing
state of uncertainty as to what she should do. She
would pause in front of a house two or three times,
looking wonderingly at the door as if trying to
read on the plate the character of the people with
in. She would then pass to another, and so thro'
the same role, ad libitum. Being very respectably
dressed, her behavior attracted much attention.
She at last accosted a lady who was coming out at
the door as the inquire, reached it, and after a
great deal of drcnrnJoration, though without much
apparent embarrassment. Inquired if she were
willing to adopt a child. The questioned one re
plied “No.” The damsel then betook herself to
another locution, not far west of Halstead street
or south of Randolph, where she effected the trans
fer, riving about 5200 In monev and a quantity of
clothing as a douceur to the individual who reliev
ed her of her unwelcome charge. The child is a
male of about four weeks old. The mother inti
mated that she had been staying for some time at
the Eagle hotel, and wonldnowrotnrn to her home
in lowa,
Coeoneb op Cook Countt—Republican
Noukatiok.—A meeting of the Cook county Re
publican Union Central Committee, was held yes
terday, at the roomc of tbe Secretary—S. A. Irwin
—at which the following preamble and resolutions
were unanimously adopted:
| A vacancy in the office of Coroner of
said county has occurred by the resignation of Dr.
Ernst Schmidt, and an election has been ordered
by the Governor to be held on the 23d day of De
cember next to fill such vacancy, and
liTis/eo*, The trouble and expense of a conven
tion to nominate a candidate to be supported at
said election to fill said vacancy ought to be
avoided if it can be d<pe consistently with the best
interests of tbe party, and
Whereat. Tbe Union members of tbo Board of-
Supervisors, now in session, wIIL In the opinion
of this committee, fairly express the wishes of the
party; therefore
That the Republican Union members
of the Board of Supervisors be requested to meet
at tbe Supervisors* room,' on tbo 10th day of De
cember, A. D. 1868, utfonro’clock in the afternoon,
for the purpose of nominating a candidate, to fill
the vacancy in the office of Coroner, •ccagioned by
tbe resignation of Dr. Ernst Schmidt, and all per
sons desirous of being candidates of the Union
party are requested to meet the Supervisors at that
time and place.
Junk Dealers in Trouble.—On Friday
last, complaint was lodged at the Second Precinct
Police Station, by the proprietor of a soda water
manufactory on West Randolph street, that some
£6O worth of faucets, &c., had been stolen from
him. The theft was traced to three little boys,
who, after some coaxing, confessed hating .taken
the properly, and pointed ont three Jnnk stores at
which it bad been sold, the large stun of abont $4
being realized by the transaction. The first of
those visited owned to the fact of purchase at
once, bat the other two—named Gamey and a«t»-
fidd—persistently denied all knowledge of the
transaction. They were summoned before Justice
Brown, yesterday, and then consented to par the
value of the goods aliedged to have been purchased
by them. Of course the allegation of the boys
docs not absolutely prove the Tact, and it remains
an open question, although pointing strongly to
willing concealment.
Tfaepractico of dealing with these Juveniles, es
pecially when the articles offered for sale are man*
IfeeUr such as they could not have honestij owned,
is very reprehensible and should at once be discon
tinued. Greater temptations than usual now ex
ist. and for the sake of gaining admission into one
of the many places of amusement now in the city,
there are plenty of ooys so oblivions to the laws
of mevm and tnum as to be willing to take what
ever comes in their way to gain the means of grat
ifying their not azmatnraP cariosity. It is almost
ottering a premium for theft, though the dealers
may not, and doubtless do not, as a class wish to
do so.
Opposition to the Permanent Soldiers
Hone.—Strange as it may seem, there are a few
in the city, who are constant readers of the rebel
organ, that are strongly opposed to the expendi
ture of money for the purpose of providing a per
manent home for wounded and disabled soldiers.
They generally use the same arguments set forth
in the Time*—that If the North would accede to
reasonable propositions, the war might bo ended
at once, Ac. Others argue, upon the same au
thority, that “ there Is no certainty that the sol
diers win receive one dune's worth of what is
contributed to the Soldiers’ Dome or Sanitary
Commission." Some of these individuals are
frank enough to give their authority for thiabe
tlef-or what they pretend to believe, as an excuse
to cover up their selfish pennrionsness. Some of
ffrpoo reports—made more by insinua
tions l hmn by direct assertions—have been put in
gradation by a fellow who failed to swindle some
of the inmates of the Soldiers' Home. The per
son who would go out of his way to circulate un
founded stories, to contributions for
toieral expense*/"wo SB
are canvassing- the city tor this humane enter
prise, wUlmaka a separate entry of peraons who
refuse to give, on the ground of rumors from tuis
or any other Individual, stating their authority for
the reports. The managers would be glad to trace
these reports to their source.
Second Day’s Proceedings,
Increase of Salary—Official Appoint-
The Board of Supervisors of Cook County re
assembled yesterday, pursuant to adjournment of
Monday. The visit to tbe Poor House had occu
pied the proceeding day.
The Board came to order at 10 o'clock. After
the reading and approving of tho minutes, Super
visor Allen, Chairman, announced the following
committees for the current year:
Judiciary—A. H. Dolton, W. W. ParwelL J.
Clough Haines, T. B. Brown, Daniel O. Eoblnaon.
finance —M. C. Niles,' T. C, Morgan, A Gibbs.
J. McGtaehcn, S. Shackford.
Totm Accounts— B. J. Edbrook, F. Pancker, J.
B. Shields, P. Brady, H. Hannes.
Jail and Jail Accounts— George Strong, 0. H.
Alger, E. 8. Taylor, C. R. Chandler. C. DrandortE.
Loads and Bridges—O. H. Alger, John Gammack.
L. B. Hopkins, Benjamin CoolTC. Olendorff.
Equalization qf Taxes— s. w. Kingsley, J. H.
Bees, G. B. James, C. Charleston, A Stemlmos,
Benjamin Cook Calvin Dc Wolf.
PuttieSuildtngs— J.H.Rees, George Strong, 1L
L. Finney, S. Whitney, P. Steinmuller.
Toot house and Paupers—A. B. Johnson, AH.
Dalton, 8. W. Kingsley, B. J. Edbrook, 8. A
City fixations— G. W. Gage, W. W. Taylor, J.
P. Campbell, C.D. Peacock, W. N. Smith.
Afisoalaneous Claims —S. I. Russell, A Ward,
W. Myrick, G. Fisher, C. G. Pusheck. -
Licenses— H. Shlcrdlng, M. Gormley, J. MeCaf
fery, M. J. Fleming, H. Hannes.
Education— B. A Irvin. M. C. Niles, J. McGla
ehen, C. DeWolf, H. Shierding.
War Fund—A. Gibbs, W. W. Farwell, C. Charles
ton, J. Clough Haines, A. B. Johnson,
i On motion, the Chairman was added to the
Building Committee.
School Commissioner Ebcrhart made a very
elaborate report of receipts and expenditures,
which was placed on file.
Tho Warden of tbe Poor House—B. Chase—sub
mitted the following report:
To the Honorable, the Board of Supervisors:
1 herewith present you tbe following report of
the number fn the County Poor House. There
were at the commencement of the present quarter
158. Present number 220. Nationalities as fol
lows: Irish 116; seaman 57; Americans SO; En
glish 6: Bohemians 2; Norwegians 9; Swedes 5*
French 3; Scotch 3; Welch 1 ; Canadians 5; Col
ored 4; Hungarians 1; Hollander 1; of which 07
are insane—2o males and 88 females. There has
been made in the House all the clothing for the
inmates; also the bedding for the jail. The in
mates have woven 150 yards of linen doth, also 12
pounds of sewing thread. The farm has prodaced
all the hay, oats and com that tbe teams and cows
will need; likewise tho potatoes, beans, onions,
beets, carrots, and cabbage that will he needed for
the family. The stock consists of 8 horses, 2 mules,
18 cows, 4 calves, and SO bogs—all of which are in
good condition. There has been raised this sea
son broom com enough for 600 brooms, and flay
enough for 200 yards of cloth.
Respectfully submitted.
B. Chase, Warden.
physician's hepoet.
The annual and quarterly report of Dr. Geo. M.
Fox, attending physician, was then read, as fol
Tho sanitary condition of the honse Is at present
good, there being little of acute disease, although
during most of the quarter we have had a larger
amount of sickness than at any other time daring
the year. Number of deaths daring the quarter,
12: births 6—l male and 5 females.
The number of deaths for tbe year is 46. Num
ber oi births 20—7 males and 18 females. Daring
the year there have been treated 260 patients:
about three-fourths of whom have been admitted
to tbe hospital. During the spring quarter we had
a severe epidemic of scarlet fever, and daring the
last quarter we had a number of cases of
erysipelas, aside from this there has been
but few cases of acute disease. Daring the year
I have made one hundred and sixty visits a lit
tle more than three visit perweek, 1 have but this to
savin conclusion. When elected I pledged my
self to this Board to discharge the dntlcs incum
bent on me, honestly and faithfully; and notwith
standing the unusual amount of sickness and the
small salary received. I thinlryour Committee and
those having the Institution in charge, will bear
witness that I have done so.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
Jacob Rehm, County Treasurer elect, presented
his official bond for $575,000, signed by himself,
C. B. Farwcll, John V. Farwell, Franklin D. Gray,
A. C. Coventry, Wm. L. Church, C, M. Holden
andMahlon D. Ogden. Referred to Judiciary
The last quarterly report of Michael Eeeley, late
Treasurer of Cook county, was received and read,
and referred to the Finance Committee. The for
lowing is the report:
Dec, 7. By bah from last report $76,638 70
By License account transferred 160 00
By Tax received in satisfaction
of judgment vs. Thornton,
c011ect0r...... '426 98
$77,323 68
Dec. 7, To Co.lrevenue orders $36,111 52
To county war orders 2,600 00
To Jury certificates of Circuit
Court..... t 1,178 85
To Jury certificates, Superior
Court r833 70
To certificates to reftmd State
tax refused iso 53
To treasurer’s commission 1
_ percent on receipts, $568 23 5 86
To do. do. 1 per cenL, distrib
uting $31,673 07 816 73
Balance 45,097 49
STC ***3 03
Theofficlalbond of the School Commissioner
for 180,000 signed by Jno. T. Eberhart, Albert J.
Steele, Martin N. Kimball, Ambrose M. Bead,
Joeiah F. Willard, and Samoel A. Keen, was read,
and referred to Judiciary Committee.
A communication was received from the Mer
cantile Assodtion asking the Board to make an
appropriation for a bounty of SIOO, to each volun
teer In this county, who shall enlist previous to
the Ist of January.* Referred to the War Fond
Commlttecand made the special order for consid
eration on Thursday morning.
Adjourned till 2 o'clock.
The Board came to order at 2 o’clock, pursuant
to adjournment; there were forty-seven members
The War "Fund Committee reported through
their Chairman, Ex-Supervisor H. Z. Culver that
since the last meeting of the Board they had re
ceived from tbe Paymaster of the United States
Army. $6,326.28, making a total of $53,530.40 re
ceived from allotments since March 4th, 1663. of
which they have distributed $51,616.67, leav
ing still in the hands of the Committtcs972.73
belonging to persons residing in tbe county who
Lave not called for the same, and topere.ons resid
ing outside of the county whose address the Com
mittee has not been able to learn, 'hough all have
been several times written to. Of this sum there
hue been received from the 7?a regiment
from the 83d regiment $96.00, from the BSlh regfc
ment*S?.Co, from the ll«h regiment $340.00, and
from the 127 th regiment $20.00, Monies from the
TSdand 315 th regiments having been received
wlth% the past few days, accounts for the Tact
that no such money remains uncalled for. The
sum of sl9 has been allotted by a deserter from
company n,72drrahnent, and transferred to the
fond since the former part of the report was
made, giving $503.73 as the amount received from
that regiment, and $991.78 in the hands of the
Supervisor Charleston presented a petition from
Dr. Foster, and moved its reference to the Com
mittee on Equalization of Taxc?. The petitioner
represented that he had been unjustly taxed on
the same property in the North and South Divi
sions of the city. It was so referred.
A petition was presented from about forty citi
zens of the town of Jefferson, recommendin'* Dr.
Edward Dean a, as a fit and proper person to act as
phyeldan for the ensuing year. Laid on tbe table
for further action.
Supervisor Alger moved fbr the reading of the
resolutions passed at the September session, ma
king it imperative upon each Supervisor to ascer
tain the names of persons in townships who aro
selling liquor without license. It was so read.
Supervisor W. W. Taylor asked how the Briggs
House bill was progressing towards settlement.
He was answered that the county had been sued
for the amount.
Supervisor Johnson, from the committee on poor
houses and paupers, reported, recommendin'* that
the salaries of the different officers remain the
same as last year, being for county agent SI,OOO,
warden S6OO, and SSOO for each of the physicking.
Supervisor McGlashen contended that it was ne
cessary to raise the salaries, in view of the in
creased price of an the necessaries of life. They
should be Increased twenty per cent
Supervisor Gibbs opposed theidcaasawaste of
money belonging to the county.
Supervisor Taylor wanted the salaries to be in
Supervisor Strong thought that the county offi
cers should have their share of the public burden
aa well as their constituents.
Supervisor Bolton thought that twenty per cent.
Should be added ts the salary of each officer. He
felt bound to state, that the committee had been
divided on the subject. *
On motion of Supervisor Campbell, the ayes and
nays were celled on the question, each office being
voted on separately. The following Is the result
of the canvsss: County Agent, ayes 84, nays IS.
Future salary, $1,200.
On motion of Supervisor Do Wolf, the salary of
the Warden wee fixed at SBOO by a vita voce vote.
Supervisor Cammack moved to make the salaries
of the physicians SBOO.
Supervisor Charleston thought that S7OO would
be a better figure.
On motion of Supervisor Cool, the rote was first
taken on the Poor House Physician: the result
was, ayes Sidneys 15. Salary fixed at S7OO.
The City Phyeidan was then considered: the
vote was: ayes 26, days SO, Salary S7OO. *
Supervisor Johnson thought that the Court
House Janitor bad been slighted: Supervisor
Strong moved that his salary remain the same as
last year. Supervisor Dalton moved the 20 per
cent, increase. The vote stood: for increase, 19:
against, 26.
Supervisor Taylor then moved the S6OO again,
but was informed that his proposition could not
be entertained; be then proposed $625 as the
figure. After the matter had been talkcdbver for
some time. Supervisor DcWolf moved a recon
sideration. It was seconded.
On a question being asked. Hr. Clark stated that
the dtj pays half of the Janitors salary as fixed by
the Board The S6OO motion was then carried by
the following voteAays SO. nays 16.
On motion of Supervisor Gibbs the Board decid
ed to enter upon an election of County Agent; Hr.
Frederick Harding was unanimously chosen.
Benjamin F. Chase was also elected without op
position, to fill the office of Warden fortho miming
The ballot on Poor House Physician stood thus:
Informal. Ist Formal Second.
Votes cast 46 45 47
Edward Deans 28 S3 St
George H. Fox ~20 S3 23
Scattering 1
And Dr. Deans was declared to be unanimously
The ballot on the City Physician stood Urns:
Informal. Formal.
Number of votes .48 -49
Dr.B. C.Blake
Dr. V. C. McClure ,16 10
Dr. George Ammennan 8 3
: Asd Dr. Blake was declared to he elected unani
Tbs Board then ballotted for Janitor, with the
following result on the Joint ballot:. Mirh»p]
BoganTsS; Wm. O. SnelL 18.. Mr, Hogan was
declared elected unanimously.
Supervisor Brown offered the following, which
waa carried:
Jterdted— That the Committee on Public Build
ings be and are hereby ordered to examine Into
the capacity and safety of the rooms containing
the county records, Including the Clerks’ offices
«t the different conrte of retort, ifltlt reTetento to
any enlargement, alteration or change they may
de.mnewßary for the purpose of protecting our
county records from destruction by fixe or other
accident, and that the said committee be requested
to report upon the same at as early a day as pos
The Board then adjourned till ten o'clock this
morning. _______
The Eock Island Bridge Case Revised
—Motion by Defendant to Amend
Bally Record of Cases In the
Law Courts, &c., dec.
Recorder's Court.—Tho People of the State
of Illinois vs. Josiah W. BisseU. This somewhat
old, but, at the same time, somewhat famous crim
inal action, which three years ago attracted a large
share of public attention, but which has lately
been in a state of suspended animation, gave signs
of “ coming to,” in the Recorder’s Court yester
day, under auspices which indicate that it will yet
be a “very wide awake” criminal proceeding.
It will be remembered that, in 1860, an Indictment
was fonnd against Josiah W. BisseU and Walter
F. Chadwick, by the Grand Jnry of Cook Connty,
for conspiring to bnm the bridge over the Missis
sippi river, at Rock Island. The proof failed to
satisfy the jury that they were guilty, as charged
in the indictment, and, in consequence, they were
Subsequently, in December, 1861, throe more In
dictments were fonnd against BisseU. In one, he
was, as before, indicted jointly with Chadwick,
for conspiring with him to burn the bridge on the
Joica tide. In tho two others be was indicted sep
arately, for. endeavoring to incite (as charged In
the one Indictment) the said Chadwick, and (os
charged In the other) C. P. Bradley to burn the
bridge on the Illinois side. After motions to
quash, in all three of the indictments, had been
■ mode and overruled, tho defendant feU back upon
the record of the previous trial, and pleaded autre
felt acquit to each of the three indictments, as
also the pica of not guilty. To the former plea,
‘‘The People” demurred generally, relying on the
ground that the charge in the indictment on which
Blescll had been acquitted was not identical with
those set out in the indictments then pending.
These demurrers were sustained by Judge Wilson,
a decision to which defendant’s counsel excepted!
without asking leave to plead over, and a biUof
exceptions was drawn up and signed.
In tho meantime the war. broke out, and Blase!
was drawn with others into the vortex of military
operations. It is now nearly threo years since he
began to assist in the. trial of the case of the
United States vs. Jefferson Davis ct ah, while tbe
records of the cause in which ho was- personally
interested, have been gathering dust among the
criminal archives of tho county. Tbe bUi or ex
ceptions was never forwarded to the Supreme
Court. Blssel returned home a few days ago, hav- j
Ing, we believe, resigned his position m the army,
and his counsel, McAllister, filed a motion to the
effect that he be permitted to withdraw his excep
tions to tbe rnUng of tho Court on the demurer
and file a new plea.
Tbe argument on this motion, made yesterday
before Judge Van Burcn, by McAllister, for tho
defendant, and Judge Arrington for tho people,
scemc-dto apply more particularly to the indict
ment for conspiracy, which contained four counts.
By the pleas on file, the plea of “autrefois acqnlt”
was applied to three of these counts, tho Ist, 3d
and 4tb, and the plea of “ not guilty ” to the
second. Although tho record seemed to indicate
that the plea of not guilty, entered by consent, had
a general application to the whole indictment.
Tbe propriety of granting the motion was
orgned with much bigor and ability by tbe connsel
on both sides. Tho decision of the Court will be
given to-morrow. We believe It is the intention
of the counsel for tho prosecution In this case to
get rid, as Cost as they conveniently can, of all pro
ceedings for delay, and'bring tho case to trial on
the main issue as soon as possible.
Siferiob Court.—Bill in Chancery in behalf
of the City. A long bill in Chancery was filed yes
terday in the Clerk's office of the Superior Court,
the purpose of which was to help tbe city out of
a legal hobble in which the neglect of those who
have managed its affairs in times past seems to
have involved it. The facts set forth in the bill
show a disputed title to what is now a very valua
ble piece of proparty including a considerable por
tion of the ground now covered by the Chicago
Cemetery, on the North Side, and arc substantially
as follows:
In 1848' Jacob MilUman purchased' of the Trus
tees of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, out lota
described as 45,40,45 and 4Q in the Canal Trustees’
Sub-division. Sec. S3. Township 40, N. of Ranee
14, £. of the Third principal Meridian, for seven
hundred dollars. Tnepnrcbase was made on canal
time,'viz: one-fourth down, and the remainder in
one, two and three years, with sis per cent, inter
est. MilUman received the usual certificate of
purchase, and went into possession. The next
year he died Intestate, leaving five minor chil
dren, of whom three, Catherine, Caroline and
David,survive. Cyrus Bentley was appointedad
mlnlstratorof Miluman’s estate, ana in that ca
pacity, in September, 1850, obtained permission of
the Coart to sell a portion of this land to pay
debts of the intestate with the proceeds. The pe
tition was granted, and on the 2Tth day of Nov
ember sold out lots 43 and 49 to tbe City of Chica
go for the sum of twenty-flrd hundred dollars. At
the time of this purchase there seems to have been
one outstanding note due from the heirs of Mill!-
man to the Trustees of the Illinois and Michigan
Canal. MHUman’s heirs had as yet no deed and
the city received none,bnt went into possession
without talcing any measures to perfect the title.
The heirs ofMlulman in the meantime remained
In possession of lots 45 and 46, paid np tbe note
that was outstanding at the time of the purchase*
by tbe dty, and in May, 1663, obtained a deed of
au the lots included in tbcfr father’s purchase, as
wclTas those which had been sold to the dty, as
those which had never passed out of their hands.
The daughters are in the meantime married, one
to Conrad Schell, and tbe other to Simon Nether
field. Not long a*jo they made quit claim deeds of
a part of the land in dispute fora nominal consid
eration to a person by the name of Page,
within a short time suits of ejectment have been
brought against this dty to enforce this title.
It is to enjoin these suits in ejectment and trans
fer the cause to the chancery side of the Court for
investigation that the suit in Chancery in ques
tion is Instituted.
A suit was commenced in the Circuit Court on
Tuesday, by Miss Calista Mather, daughter of D.
W. Mather, a well known commission merchant,
against Dr. Aaron Pitney, an old resident of Chi
cago, for breach of promise of marriage. In her
declaration, she avers the fact of a mutual promise
to marry, her continual willingness to adhere to
that promise, and the defendant's marriage with
another woman named Manraret Shields. She
lays her damages at $25,000. The case presents no
features of extraordinary interest thus far: we
shall furnish as full reports of the trial as its im
portance demands.
tP’ Cxr * ct T r DisTnirr Courts—Dyors
Hon. Tht.ma*Dnimmond, J’.dge
600—Chancery.—Davis v-. Tilton. Decree to be
entered as prepared.
narr:?-jn vb. Price otaL Settled,
and costs paid. To be dismissed.
492 et al. vs. Smith. The motion
of plaintiffs, lyr attorney, heretofore made, that the
deed deposued In Court by the defendants' attor-
Wecd, of Zeba Pannllee to E. A. Lacey,
of of February 11, 1837, bo attached to a com
missjon to be'issued lu this case to Nelson Taylor,
Danbury, to take the deposition of Zeba Panne
ice and Bryant Smith, is sustained, and leave
given to tho clerk to attach said original deed to
such commission, upon filing a certified copy of
the same in the caosc.
6Gs—Roberts ct al. vs. Dclpcck ct ai. Settled
and costs paid to dismiss.
—-—’ Meeker vs. Waterman. Court sustains
the motion for retaxation of costs and eleven wit
nesses to be deducted as against plaintiffs, Ac.
220—Admiralty. Quunby vs. Schooner St. James.
Set down for hearing. Argued and taken under
271—Admiralty. Com. Exchange, Fire and
Inland Navigation Company vs. proceeds of
schooner-Harriet Rosa, set down for hearing.
Arguments heard.
WS—Admiralty. Colburn vs. propeller Backus.
Intervening claim of Colburn. Decree on affts.
Petition in matter of schooner C. C. Butts.
Petition filed by parties in interest, and sale or
Scrznion Court.—Before Hon. John 1L Wil
son in Chancery sitting.
697. Hinckley vs. Fisher et. al. On motion of
complainants Solicitor, Bill dismissed, as to all
defendants except Alexander Fisher, W. H.
Cartel and Jacob Fisher. Appearance of Jacob
Fisher entered by J. A. Kendig, his Solicitor, and
the appearance of the other two defendants enter
ed by themselves. Rule oh them to answer in
stonier. Default and referred to Scott. Master Ac.
351. Field ct. al. vs, Shelden et. ah By agree
ment. Rule on both parties to close proofs m 30
days ana cause set for hearing then,
1157. Shepard vs. Adams et. al. Leave to com
plalnaint to examine Mlcajah L. Adorns, one of
the defendants as a witness, subject to all legal
exceptions and rule tocloscproofs by the 20th Inst.
3139. Hobble vs. Dnpng et. al. Time to an
- swer bill extended to Ist Monday In Jan. next.
756. Rond ct. al. vs. Davidson ct. al. Default
and referred to Master, Ac.
1027. Christy vs. Culver et. al. Leave to an
swer bill by making Margaret Ann Culver party'
defendant with proper allegations charging her as
926. Jewell et, aL vs. WahPet. al. Default and
reference to master, Ac., with leave to examine
£9l. TheCbrystal Lake Ice Company vb. Joy et.
&L Set for bearing on Wednesday next.
1223. Springer vs. Stone et. al. Default entered. •
3205. McDonald vs. Douglas ct. al. U. R. Hawly
appointed guardian ad linitm for Robert M, ana
Stephen Douglas, minors. Default ol others and:
reference to master. >
167. Kimball tb. Gibbs et.aL Discos tinned with*
out prejudice at complainant's coats on motion of
complainant’s solicitor.
In Superior Court— Before Hon. Jos. E. Gary—
Tft PlfttnVnXa *
1007. Friable ct. al. tb* Craig. Judgment for
plain tiffs, $141.40.
660. ElycLol. tb. Twombloy. Default of judg
ment against property attached, $645.68.
1059. Anderson et. &L tb. ilacqueen. Default
and judgment, $322,05.
1098. Hubbard tb. Perkins. Same, $567.91.
In Coos County Cmcurr Coubt— Before Son.
E. S. WlUlams Judge. ,
Chancery—l 22. Bansom tb. Ellsworth. Perser-
Tice on decree of foreclosure ah 1
per slip. on file. S.K. Dow appointed special Mas
ter to make Bale.
Law—3B9. Atkinson ts. Fay et aL Trial resum
Ik SuTzmon Coubt—Before Hon. Tan H. Hig
gins. In Trial Boom.
636. ■Reierig et aL, ts. Koehler. Judgment for
plaintiffs $161.80.
C9L The Corporation of New MeQeray tb. Wo ra
ter et. By agreement special pleas withdrawn as
to John T. Huches.
187—Smith vs. Schwab. Leave to add additional )
count to Narr by Monday morning next. ’
588— W. Blair, ct al, tb. Staaden. Dis.D. C.by
557<tBatcham vs. Alexander & Wheeler. Sub. ;
to Court finding for plaintiff, $111.75.
601—Hamilton vs. City of Chicago. Bole on
DeTttofile manuscript of Justice by to-morrow
morning, or show cause to the contrary. **’
605 Haniscn, ct al, vs. Wicbman. Dls. for
want of afTt of merits on mo. of pl’fl—cross mo.
by deft for leave to flleaiTt of merits instantcr
sustained— Pl’ff excepts.
C7l—Lander vs. Hartman; judgment for plaintiff
for $40.00.
606 Wisdom vs. Carter; mo. by Plff; to dls. for
want afiL merits.
516—Lynch vs. McLean. Dls. want pros. mo. of
499—Myers ct airs. Steele & Connell, Judgment
pjff s£s2£4.
810—Dexter vs. Johnson. Dls. P. C. mo. niff's
662—Perin vs, Burnett et al—on trial.
There was no coll of the docket to-day on the
first call.
Beoobseb’s Coubt —Before Son. E. Van Bu
ren. Judge.— lo7—People vs Margaret StecL Plead
guilty larceny; sentenced to thirty days in
tb John Garner. Plea of not guilty/
10C—Same vs Michael Donahue.- Same plea.
11C—Same vs Wm. Jones. Same plea.
Ill—Same vs Mary Geiger. Flea of guilty to
petit larceny,
US—Same vs Ellen Murphy. Plea of not gnQty.
113— Same tb John Lorenzen. Flea of gouty.
114— Same va same. Same plea.
115— Somovs same. Same plea.
116— Same vs Mary £. Boyne. Flea of guilty—
117— Same tb Pat Fagan. Plea of not guilty.
116—Same tb James McCabe. Same idea.
119—Same vs John Skinner. Same plea.
121—Same vs Janes Fitzgerald. Same plea.
s—Bender tb Klava ts. verdict for deft. Mo.
for aew trial by plfl, . ....
25—Frisenecker ct al vs Klnahober. To be dlfl.
on paymt of costs as per stip. .
21—(Chancery)-GQbert vs Gilbert. Default and
bill taken pro conf.
lE—(Chancery)—Newbaner TB Newoauer. Same
order and decree, st,
14—(Law)—Sold tb VUlinger ot al. Mo. to set
aside ycrdlct and judgment, sustained on payment
of costa by plff. PB6ECZ
21— City tb Eager. Order of court set aside.
22 Van Mehren ts Larmon. Dis. at P. C.
if—City vs McEneely, Mo. to reinstate over
Coronbb’s Returns—'Deaths in Coos
County Dubins tub Tear,—Tho quarterly re
turns of the Coroner of Cook county have all been
filed In the office of the Connty Clerk, for the
present official year, ending with November. The
following statement of the number of deaths from
certain general or specific causes during each quar.
ter, closing with the months of February, May,
Angnst and November, with the sum^totals':
Cause. Ist. 2d, 3d. 41b, Total.
Drowning. 7 * 13 40 8 67
R. R. Accident... 5 7 6 8 35
Intemperance 6 6 5 3 10
Suicide 1 8 3 5 12
Struck or Stabbed 0 2 5 4 11
Falls, Ac 6 4 0 S 11
Suffocation 2 5 0 0 0
Bun over In street 0« 0 4 4 6
Burning 3 0 13 7
Cordites 0 5 0 1 6
Abortion 1 1 1 3 6
Inflamatlon 2 0 8 1 6
Machinery. 0 0 3 2 5
Hemorrhage...... 2. 1 '0 1 4
Fever.* 0 4 . 0 0 4
Shooting 1 0 0 3 4
Sunstroke 0 0 4 0 4
Appoplexy 0 .*0.2 3 4
Exposure .0 3 0 1 4
Explosion 0 13 0 4
Debility 8 0 0 0 3
Scalding 10 0 12
Epilepsy 1 0 1 o'2
Murder., 1 0 0 0 1
Freezing 1 0 0 0 1
Poisoning 0 1 0 0 1
Choked 0 0 0 1 1
Unknown 3*7 4 7 21
This classification is far from being precise, al
though, perhaps, tbe heat grouping that can be
presented. The cases of drowning are tbe least
susceptible of variation, yet in many of these it
cannot be said whether they are suicidal act or ac
cidental ; the verdict ot “ suicide” has been re
turned only where it was really certain that the
deceased bad taken bis own lira. So that nnder
tho head of •* murder,” it is well known that with
in the past twelve months several persons have
died of injuries received at ihe hands of others.
'Many more deaths have, resulted from Intemper
ance than hro credited to that agency. The
death cited as due to poisoning is only that one
case believed to have been accidental; of suicides,
two pot an end to their existence by poisoning.
Instances ol abortion have been but few, as report
ed. In most of these 'cases the body has Seen
fonnd wrapped np and conveyed to the water. The
following snows the number of males and females
on whom Inquests have been held, with unborn
babes, tbe sex of which Is not always stated. Of
the twenty-nine persons returned as “names un
known” several were afterwards identified:
Quarter. Ist. 2d. Bd. *4th. Total.
Male 36 44 68 42' 190
Female 0 15 15 16 55
Fains 0 8 18 7
Name unknown. 5 10 13 2 29
* It is much to be desired that more accurate re
turns were made. Tho above table has been com
plied from an examination of the verdicts separ
ately, no abstracts having been prepared by the
Coroner. Tbe fullest returns should be required
in all cases of violent or suspicious death, and
monthly or quarterly abstracts should bo required.
Dr. Ernst Schmidt resigned the offlcoontholGth
day of November.
The last of those fine chamber concerts takes
place this evening at the Musical Union Rooms,
with as good a programme as was ever offered in
Chicago’s musical history. Every lover of music
will be compelled to go. The programme Isas'
Grand Trio in B flat major Beethoven.
Mrs. Kloss, Dr. Fcsscl, and Mr. Balatka.
Waltz, H Bado
Mrs. Bostwick.
Ballad, in 6 minor.
Mrs. Kloss.
Andante, fromD minor Trio, op. 49...Mcndclsshon.
Mrs. Kloss, Dr. Fcaael and Mr. Balatka.
Song, “ O Ye Tears y\bt.
Mrs. Bostwick. ,
Prelude, Skizze, Presto Glojasa, from the Italian
concerto—Mrs. Kloss.
The rush to McTlcker’a Theatre lost night to
seo Cubes in the French Spy, was scarcely less
than at the opening night. The company who
supported seemed more at home intheirparts tfrnn
on the previous evening, and the representation as
a whole was more satisfactory. The same enter
tainment will be repeated this evening.
The crowds that flock to Bryan Hall to ace Tom
Thumb and his family, are almost unparaUelled.
At each exhibition, hundreds have been tamed
away, unable to gain admission. Everybody is
delighted. This week doses their stay here. It
has been suggested by several of our citizens, that
In view of their extraordinary success-hero, it
would bo highly gratifying to all our people if the
General would consent to give one or more exhibi
tions for the benefit of the Soldiers’ Home. We
hope the General will do so.
Hoblnson A Howes’ Circus, on Washington
street, Is receiving Us share of the patronage
bestowed upon amusements by our people, a con
sideration which it well deserves.
Arlington A Co.’s Minstrels are attracting frill
■houses at Metropolitan Hall. They are well worth
Wheeler, the Irish vocalist, is the prlndpal card
at the Varieties.
Amipon’s Improved Clothes Wringer.—
This premium wringer Is meeting with an extend*
ed sale all over the West. It Is simple In. its
construction and verj durable, being free from all
those wooden springs, rubber boards, cog wheels,
and metal frames which render other wringers ob
jectionable. It Is so simple that a child can work
it. The machine is for sale at wholesale and re
tail by James W. D. Kellj. No. ISlDeaabom St,;
also by A. K. A Q. H. Miller, No. 235 and 231
State street. H. M. Puffer Is General Agent for
the Stated HUaols, Post Office Drawer 0202,
Attcntion! Ladies.—All the loyal ladies
Of Chicago arc invited to* Join the Ladles' Loyal
League, and aid them in circulating the petitions
now in their hands, praying Congress to make the
Proclamation a law; and thus every woman may
help to crush the rebellion which has laid waste
the country, and made so many widows and or
phans, who now need the assistance of the char
itable, and are how calling for onr help. All those
who are willing to aid in this work will meet with
the League at the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion rooms, at SX p. m., on Thursday, or call on
the Secretary of the League for the petitions, at
No. 16 Fourth avenue.
N. B.—The League Is now open to all loyal per
. Musically Included.—From the increase
In the number of dealers in musical instruments,
and the rapid Increase In* business, and conse
quently necessary enlargement of the establish
ments of old dealers, one must conclude that tho
people in this section of the State ore liberally pat
ronizing the mnsic dealers. Julius Bauer A Co.,
No. 09 South Clark street, have recently added to
their already extensive establishment oy opening
another ware-room in the new block, at 89was£
ington street. This firm are wholesale agents for
the justly celebrated Piano manufactured by Wm.
Knabe and Co„ In Baltimore, (which have the
highest recommendation from Tbalberg, Gotta
.cha!k£Snttcr, Strakosch, Ylcuxtemps, and other
celebrated pianists.)
Messrs. Bauer A Co., are also agents for the
Pianos of A. 11. Gale & Co.. Boardman, Gray 6s
Co., Gobbler A Schmidt, and other first-class manu
facturers—also, the prize patent Melodeons, Har
moniums, Organs, Ac. Those iu want of musical
instruments, either at wholesale or retail, will do
well to givcMeesrs. Bauer & Co. a call.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
My name having been mentioned in connection
with the coming Section to fill the vacancy occa
sioned by tho resignation of Coroner Schmidt, I
wish to state for the information of my friends and
the public generally, that I am not a candidate for
that office. Having discovered my name upon the
enrollment list of Marshal James, and having had
assurances from my many friends that my chance
in that enterprise will be successful, in which
event I shall be called oat of the city on important
business, to be absent for an Indefinite period of
time, I could hardly feel willing to allow myself
to be elected to the office of Coroner and thereby
entail upon tho cofinty the expense of holding an
other special election. J. SuamznnELD.
Godey for January.—J. R. Walsh has Qodey,
Peterson, Ballon, and Leslie’s Ten Cent Monthly
for January. 1664. ' • •
|39“ Dr. James, who has become so celebrated
throughout tho United States and the South, in tho
treatment of all chronic, mercurial, scrofulous,
blood and skin diseases, and diseases of a private
nature, without mercury, iodide potassiL arsenic,
or any poison, bnt a neutralizer for all cutaneous,
contagious diseases. Organic weakness, brought
on by excess, abuse of tho system, or entailed
hereditary, producing nervousness, depression,
irritability, Ac., with all its deplorable train of
symptoms, treated and full vigor restored by an in-
Dr. James is now located permanently at 86
Bandolph street, Chicago, HL
Dr. James has been practicing. In the above spe
ciality in New Orleans fifteen years—thirteen
years conducting one of the largest hospitals in
the United States, in this speciality— for the last
three years In this city, (Chicago).
In the last fifteen years Dr. James has had the
largest and most successful practice In diseases of
a private nature, of any pbyaidan in the United
Dr. James is responsible and reliable, and his
testimonials arc from honorable and scientific
Delicacy prevents the publication of names of
persons successfully treated, or thousands could
beproduced—many of this city..
Bern ember Dr. James’ office and parlors are 86
Bandolph, between State and Dearborn streets,
Chicago. Hi. All professional interviews private
and confidential. Dec9-SSI-lt
Coughs akd Colds,—Those who are suffering
from Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Ac.,
should try “Brown’s Bronchial Troches,” a simple
remedy which has relieved thousands, and which
is in almost every case effectual.
Ladies’ Loyal League.—The Ladies’ Loyal
League Will meet at the Young Men’s Christian
Association Booms, at 2)4 o'clock this (Thursday)
afternoon. Afull attendance is requested. By or
der of the Secretary.
We call the attention of our readers to the
advertisement of holiday presents for sale by Mc-
Nally & Co.; 81 Dearborn street.
pW Those desiring to acquire a thorough com
mercial education, are referred to the “Illinois
School of Trade,” where, under the direction of the
accomplished principal, Mr. J. Dyhrenfhrth, theo
retical and practical business Is taught by an able
corps of professors and Instructors.
A New Pbhfuek fob tub Hakpsirl'hief Ex
tbact of the
Night Blooming Cerons.
Night Blooming Cereu*.
Night Blooming Cereus,
Night Blooming; Cereua,
Night Blooming Ceretu.
Night Blooming Coreas*
Night Blooming Cere on*
A most exquisite, delicate and fragrant perfume,
distilled from wblcn it takes its name.
Manufactured only by Phaloh & Son,
noss-tSiMm Sold ij DnggUU gwenllr.
Pension and Bounty Blanks.
The Ust of approved forms of Pension, Back
Pay and Bounty are kept on hadd at the
Tribune Omen, and sent by mail, post paid,
upon receipt of the price, at 75 cents per quire.
Application for Transfer of Pension.7
“ of widow for Payment of Pension.
“ of Invalid Pensioner forJPayment of
Claim of Heirs for Arrears.
* for Horse and Equipments.
Declaration of Minor Children for Pension.
* of Orphan Sister for Pension.
Fathers* Declaration for Bounty Money and Ar-
Invalid Pension Claim.
Mother’s Application for Pension.
Officer’s Certificate of Soldier’s Disability.
Power of Attorney to Draw Soldier’s Pay.
Soldier’s Declaration for Bounty Money, Arrears,
Disabled Soldier’s Declaration for Bounty Money,
[Act of March 8,1863.1
Surgeon’s Certificate of Soldier’s Disability.
•.Widow’s Declaration for Bounty Money andAr-
- rears.
Widow’s Declaration for Pension.
Also all kinds of Law and Military Blanks. Con
veyancing Blanks, «tc. Address,
TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark street.
To All Afflicted with Catarrh, Throat Disease,
and Affections of the Chest.
Dr. L Winslow Aver, Physician for Affections of
the Throat and Chest McCormick’s Building,
comer of Randolph and Dearborn afreets, gives
his entire attention to this department of practice.
It is cspealally desirable that all who have need of
medical aid, either for Catarrh, Asthma, Bron
chitis, or Consumption, should make early appli
Rev. E. W, Hagar, Rector of the Church of the
Holy Communion; Rev. A. Lord, Agent of tbe
American Bible Society; Hon.Wm. Qinther, mem
ber of the Legislature; G. W. Polslfer, Esq., mer
chant; George N. Simmons, Esq., of the Michigan
Southern It It; £. N. Tucker, Esq., Special Depu
ty of Circuit Court of this city; Capt. wm. Nason,
Capt. Wm. Sherman, Gov. N. P. Tallmadgc, John
Q.Bartlett, Esq.,'and others of this city, not to
memion hundreds from ont of town, have certified
to the efficacy of the new practice.
81 61
VST Diseases of the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary
and Sexual Systems—new and reliable treatmen—
in reports of the Howard Association—sent by mall
In scaled letter envelopes, free of charge. Address
Dr. J. Skillln Houghton, Howard Association, No.
2 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Go to tije Rest—Go to Bryant & Stratton’s
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
practical business education. For circulars ad
dress (enclosing stamps) Bryant & Stratton,
Chicago, Illinois.
The Winter Bailroad Time Table.
Detroit Express 6:80 a.m. 6:00 a.m.
Detroit Express 5:40 pm. 10:30 am.
Detroit Express 10:00p m. 10:80 p.m.
Morning Express 6:80 a. m, 10:80 p. m.
Night Express 6:40 p. m. 6:00 a. m.
Day Express
Evening Express.
Night Express...
Union Depot, West Bide, near Madison at. Bridge.
Day Express 6:30 a. m. 8.35 a. m.
Night Express 0:10 p.m. 10:30 p.m.
Day Express 6:30 a. m. 8:35 a. m.
Night Express 9:10 p. m. 10:30 p. m.
Day Passenger 8:45 a.m. 9:30 p.m.
Night Express 9:10 pm. 7:50 a.m.
•Drbannaaccommodation. 4:00 p. m.Sat'diysonly
Hyde Park Train 7:00 a. m. 8:20 a. m.
Byde Park Train .12:00 m. 1:35 p m.
Hyde Park Train 5:25 p. m. 6:45 p. m.
Morntrg Express 6:30 a. a. 720 a. m.
Night Express 5:40 p.m. 11-30 a m.
Fast Line 10:10 p. m. 10:30 p. m.
Valparaiso Ac’modatlon...9:lop.m. 8:40 a.m.
Fulton Passenger 9:00 a. m. 4:40 p. m.
Fulton Passenger 411:40 pi m. 4:30 a. m.
FreeportPassenger .... 9:00 a.m. 4:40 p.m.
Freeport Passtnger ...11:80 p.m. $3:45 a. in.
Rockford, Elgin, Fox River
, and State Line 4:00 p.m. 11:10 a.m.
Geneva Passenger 5:80 p. m. 6:80 a. m.
Hall Passenger 880 mm. 9:107 p.m.
Night Passenger 030 p. m. 6:45 a. au
Joliet acd Wilmington Ac
commodation 4:80 p. m. 10:30 a. m,
Bay Express and Mall 9:45 a.m. 4:45 p.m.
Night Express 11:30 p.m. 4.45 a.m.
Joliet Accommodation too p.m. 9:40 a. m.
Day Exudes and Mall 8:80 a.m. 6:35 p.m.
Nlgbt Express 11:80 p. m. 6:45 a. m.
Accommodation 4:00 p.m. 10:10 a. m.
Morning Passenger. 9:00 a.m. 6:80 a.m.
Bay Express 1:00 p.m. 12:55 p.m.
Night Passenger 5:00 p. m. 8:10 p. m.
Express 9:00 a.m. 8:80 p.m.
fit. Paul Express 12.15 p. m. 11:35 a. m.
Milwaukee Aceom’tion... 0:00 p.m. 6:30 a.m.
* Sundays excepted, i Saturdays excepted.
$ Mondays excepted.
Wednesday morning, Bth Inst., HELENA T., daugh
ter of Robt. u. and Lydia Woolley, aged 10 years and
Funeral, Friday morning, 11th lost., at 10 o’clock,
from 70 Adams street. Friends of the family arc in
vited to attend. delO-3lsMt
In this 9ib, MATTIE AHBELIA. round
est child or 11. L. and Aurelia P.inakeslce.agetfi
months and 28 days. ’ °
Funeral will takeplacc fron the resMcnce.2S3tate
itrcct,on Thursday afiernrm, •« hovimu.
In this city, Dec. 9th, Vtt.t.tam TONNER, aged 85
Funeral will tahe place from his late residence,
corner or Hnrois, AD( j Dearborn street, to-morrow
(Friday) atfiq’clock P.M.
FOR SALE—One Woodworth
Planer andMateber—planes 13 Inchcsand matches
lt> Inches: ran two months, and cost *OOO. Will be sold
for *2OO If applied for soon. Address S. G. SHIR
LAM>,Fon du Lac, Wis. ■ dclo-sl&*3C
"OOR SALE—One Fire Box Boiler,
J_ in good running order; weighs nine tons: size
of box 6uxlo Inches; t hell 1 feet by 18; 51 three loch
flues; water space under Are Jdox ; run two years and
cost*l9CO. ‘Will bo told for 812C0. Extra heavy beat
charcoal Iron. Address 8. G. bIiIKLAND. Fon du
Lae.Wls. delO-sIKWt
FDR SALE—By Ward & Stan
ford Bros., 114 Randolph street, n first class resi
dence on West Jackion-st. noose contains 11 rooms
besides elotbee-prerses, pantries and store rooms.
Lot ICO feet front by ITS fret deep. A largo barn, large
quantity of fruit trees, shrubbery, Ac., on the premi
ses—price SII.OCO. Also a cottage on leased lot—lease
siceyeareto run from the first of May next; ground
rent *25 per year; bouse nearly new; cheap— price
*IOSO. Also house and lot on West Labe street; lot 30
feet by 121; good barn and well on the promises; cost
*1300: will be sold for *I6OO cash. Other desirable
residence property for sale. Money to loan on ap
proved security. dcK^sStfJ-lt
"pOR SALE—House and Lot, No.
_L* 254 Indiana street, price $2400
Honsc and Lot, 151 Third avenue, price. 2,400
“ “40 Fourth avenue, price 2,500
t* “ on Wabash avenue 2,050
Apply to (delO-*2SS-lt] PETER SHIMP, 167 State-dt-
TfOR SALE—River Lot. Valuable
X and suitable for a packing house, lumberyard
or. manufacturing purposes, located on the South
Branch, near Cragin A Go’s Packing Douse: 21 feet
front by 44 deep, docked. Also Lot adjoining Cragln
A Go's Packing House, 21 feet front by 350 fret deep
tothe river. Also Houses and Lots, Residence Lots.
Farms and Western Lands for sale.
, Real Estate Agent, No. 4 Metropolitan Block.
FOR SAL E—Brick House on
Warren street.ncar Lincoln; large lot, 43x125.
House on Park avenue, near Union Park; large lot.
Tocetbeuwlth a large number of Houses and Lots
and vacant Lots In the different divisions of the city.
dcKVeISO-lt J. L. LEE
Xf'Oß 'SALE—A small stock of gro
-1- eerie?, with lease, horse and wagon, for safe nu
reasonable terms. Inquire of CLARK & BEAN,
No. 1 Cobb's Building. dclO-a3CS-2t
FDR SALE—A Grocery. The
lease, fixtures, stock and good will of a Grocery
Store, doing a good badness. But small capital re
quired. Best or reasons given for selling. Applvat
97 Washington street. uMO-ssWt
PDR SALE—Four lots, comer of
Washington and Oakley streets, one-fourth down
and the balance la three ycais at 6 per cent. House
and lot corner of Warren and Lincoln streets. House
and lot on Washington street, near Oakley. Twolots
Inllolstlenc, *SO each. Two lots corner of Losalle
andUlgh-st. J.F. STARR.. 121 Randolph-st., Room
N9.1. delO-sRMt
FOR SALE—Or to lease, a Kettle
Rendering Establishment laßrldpcport, capable
of turning out twelve tierces daily: would pay to pack
tripe or slaughter;will sell or trade. Also, wameda
partner In a Packing and Rendering Establishment—
buildings and machinery new. Address P.0.80x 3815.
Tf'Oß SALE—Eight hundred doz.
JL 1 two and a half pound canaot superior peaches,
hermetically scaled, pnt np from St. Joseph.Michi
gan. poaches, for family or army use. Orders solicited
from country:merchants or sutlers. Also thirty bush*
els ofPcach Pits. For prices, Ac., address B. BTO
liET A CO., Box 1773, Chicago, 111. deD-sSMt
XTOR SALE—A large supply of
J. genuine drugs and patent medicines, of the
freshest description. Also some druggists’® fixtures.
Apply at 60 Clark street. de3-alo3-2t
IfOR SALE—On favorable terms,
JL 1 a stationary steam engine, wfth pump, beater,
steam pines, etc. Cylinder is 10-Inch bore and 20-inch
stroke. The same is in perfect order, and will bn sold
at a bargain. For particulars, address MEYEU A
BnOTHEß.FoudduLac, ‘Wisconsin. dcO-aTf-lOt
FOR SALE—Cheap, a lot of York
State Winter apples. Adaress "PC L,” Tribune
office. de9-S7l-2t .
FOR SALE—On Dock, corner of
Madison andlMarket streets, 8000 barrels of the.
choicest York State Apples, Jut^rriTed^yy^ropeller
* dcS-sCO-St S6 State street.
FOR SALE.—On account of ill
health, the subscriber will sell his Store and a
small stock of Dry Goods and Groceries at a’great
bargain. Said store Is situated In the Tillage of Dowa-
Sac, Michigan, ICO tulles cast of Chicago, on the Ml ch
an Central Bailrond. Is 20x60, two stories high, up
per story finished off for dwelling-house. Lot is 32x90.
The above Is a rare chance for any one wishing to go
into business. Tor farther particulars apply to W.K.
STTTBGIS. Downelac, Mich., or if by letter to K. B.
HARDY, Niles, Mich. de7-rO3&Sc
FOR SALE—A good matched
team, welehlngZlOO pounds—color,black. Ap
ply to J. W, TUTTLE, foot of State street. dc6-rts3-4t
FOR SALE—Two two-story frame
dwellings on Indianaavcnue.near North street,
atcr, cas, and all modern improvements. Also. 50
feet eat-l front -on Michigan avenue, between North
and Old streets. Apply to O. IL KEITH, 45 and 47
Lake street. des-rBS6-6t
F}R SALE.—The Buckeye Foun
dry and Machine Shop, Keoknk, lowa, is offered
for sale only on account of the health of the present
owners. This concern Is of fourteen years’ standing,
baa a large run of custom, heavy stock of patterns and
valuable machinery, and will be sold low for cash 11
orpltcaHon la made soon. Address VAIL A AF.MI
TAGE, Keokuk,lowa. n024-r4SMOt
CJTRAYED. —$20 Reward. From
kj the subscriber on the night of the 4tb of Decem
ber, a Black Horse with a blalze In the free, hind feet
white. He la a fast pacer and a square trotter. (will
pay f2O fbr his delivery at Sherman’s Stock Yards,
CotUs9.eroT« •!«»«. J.STKADSR. MH&TT
. 6:30 a.m. 10:30 p.m.
.. 5,-45 p.m. 6:00 a.m.
.10:00 p. m. 10:30 p. m.
W/ ANTED—Three or four good
- Tf Slate Roofers, Also two good Tin Hooters.
Best of wages given. Apply to JAMES PARKER, 71
State street. delo-sils-2i
WANTED —To Rent, a photo
graphic gallery In Chicago, furnished or un
furnished. Address ‘‘GALLERY,” Box 1205, P. 0.,
Chicago. delo-iH7-U
W ANTED—A situation for .a
Scotch woman; also, for a neat young girl to
do light, second work; also wanted a man ana a wife
to go in the country. Apply at SIRS. BALRAM’S In
telligence otlicc, 160 Dearborn street. delo-s3IS lt
V\! ANTED —Rooms suitable for
T T photograph rooms in the city or large coun
try town. Address JASPER, Tribune office, Chicago.
WANTED—A situation m the
T T wholesale boot and shoe or drygoods busi
ness, by a man who has had ten years* experience la
the wholesale business In this city. Address “£,” P.
O. Box SSI2, Chicago. delO-saWt
\\T ANTED—A young married man
TT of good education, wants a situation for the
winter In any employment when? he can make him
self useful and earn sufficient for his maintenance.
Con bring first-class references. Address ” INDUS
TRY,’.lrlbnne.office. delO-5213-11
WANTED —And no humbug. A
man from nearly every Township la the United
States, to make two or three hundred, dollars a year
without delaying other business. Also, gentlemen
wishing to change their business, will find la this a
few thousand dollars a year. Call personally at Boom
1, up-stairs, 124 Clark street, or send a ten cent stamp to
Post Officeßox 8642, Chicago, UJ. dclo-silt-2t
WANTED —Agents, S?SO per
month arc cow being made by good canvass
—the BEST for family use ever published. Address or
appply to J.N. V/RIDDEN, General Western Agent,
b0.7 Methodist Church.Block, Chicago. Post office
Box 2361. delO-rtlMt
WANTED—A purchaser for one
Tv of the most pleasant and profitable business In
In the city of Chicago. A man with a few hundred
dollars can get Itu application is made during the
present week. The proprietor Is compelled to sell
owing to poor health. A great bargain will be given.
The rooms arc pleasant and furniture new. No one
need apply unless they have the capital and wish to
Enrchase. Also a few men with a small capital can
ave constant employment and good wages Apply
at TO Dearborn street, Room No. 2. delO-5233-U
\\7 ANTED—By.a young gentle
man,board. North Side, eastol Ciark street.
Address P.0.80x5352. Refcrencesglven. deio-slB3-lt
TyANTED—To rent, a small cot-
T T tage house. North Division preferred. Rent
not to exceed twenty-fiyo dollars per month. Ad
dress Box 2348. ■ del6atS6-3t
WANTED —A situation as ship
plug clerk in some wholesale house in this
cny, by a man who has had five years’ experience.
Salary no object. Address “SHIPPING CLERK.”
P. O. Box 1183. delO-sIS3-2c
W ANTED—Ayoungmau of moral
T T habits, baa had fire years’ sxperlence In hnsl
□ess, and writes a good band, desires a situation In
some bind of business, either as assistant Book-keep
er, Clerk or Copyist Will make himself generally
upend t and do an ranch work os any other young man
In Chicago. Salary only a secondary consideration
Please address ROBINSON, 109 State street.stating
where an Interview may be nad. delteWMt
ANTED —A man to solicit or-
T T ders for Show Cards, Signs or Glass Writing
Apply to J- P. KEARNEY, 1$ Dole’s Buildings, South
Clark street. - deliEsbi-lt
FOR SALE—A fine place in the
Grove, at the Junction, six miles south of Chi
cago, three acres, On it are bearing apples, pears
peaches, plums. In great quantity: au of the differ
ent kinds of berrrlcs, with a good well of water.
Twenty trains a day to and trom Chicago. M. S
PATRICE, at Junction, or 40 South Clark street
W ANTED—Musicians. Wanted
IT fora brigade band, now organizing, and to
go immediately into the service, twelve goodmoat
clane. Address, for ten doyß,**LEADEi:,’’Post Office
Box 880, Naperville, liiinola, or call m personae the
office of the Clerk of the CircniC Court, Naperville.
Illinois. deo-.^3-3t
WA NT E D—-A Partner ■with
$3,000 in a very respectable business in this
city. It Is safe, and will pay a profit of 230 per cent.
I will give any party satisfactory evidence of the
same. The demandnnd sales are abundant. Address
“CBB/’ChlcagoPost Office, with name, Ac.
YV ANTED—A competent and ex-
Tf perlenced Silk Salesman. Apply Immediately
In person to SHERWIN, NOWELL £ PRATT, .Mil
wankee. Wls. de9-sBWt
"Cy*ANTED. A situation bv a
* • young man os Bookkeeper, Assistant Book
keeper, Entry or Shipping Clerk, or any other capaci
ty wherein be can make himself gencrallv useful.
Address ROBERT E. STEVENS, Post Office Box 2337.
\\f ANTED. Agents (local and
11 traveling) to sell Claus’s Improved family
Sewing Machines. Terms liberal. Apply to S. M.
PRESTON, 103 Lake street, Chicago. Post Office Box
SOOT. de9*l»l-2t
\\l ANTED—By an energetic and
f T practical business man, a situation of trust
in some business house In this city. Is well acquaint
ed with the flour and grain business. Can give good
references. Would have no objection to travel. Ad
dress 44 X Y Z,** Tribune office. de9-sl6B-3t
YV ANTED.—To save life and mon
•" j ey to every family In the land. The recipe
used by Dr, Churchill (of Paris and London) with
wonderful success in the core of Consumption, Asth
ma, Bronchitis, Scrofula, &c. The recipe used by a
hospital physician to cure Diarrhea and Dysentery.
Never snows to fall. Both recipes mailed to any
address on receipt cf SI.OO. Address M CHI,” Post
Office Drawer 6555. de9-5!67-4t
WANTED —By a middle-aged
Scotch woman, a situation as housekeeper in
a private family, or would act as such for one or two
gentlemen. Apply at 214 North Losalle street, near
Chicago avenue. deS-swS-St
TV ANTED.—Two good workmen
* » at small iron work. Apply to W. TANNER,
86 Washington street. ' dc9-595-2t
WANTED —Employment by a
man with some knowledge of business, who
cou enmo wcu recommended. Aadro** ci-edit, i-hu
cago. Hi. - de!>-fi9o-2t
WASTE D—A situation by a
young man who has had two years experience
in the mercantile business la Milwaukee. Salary not
so ninth of an object asa permanent situation. Can
give the best of references if required. Address
a ßF,*’Tribnne oflice. de9-sS7-2t
YV ANTED—By a young gentle-
T T man. board in a private family, or where
there arc n few boarders, on the North Side. Address,
stating terms, location, &c., Post Office 80x430. The
beat ofreferences given. de9-s9S-2t
TAT ANTED—AII persons to know
T 7 that Morrell’s Giant Lift and Force tPamn is
thebestpnmpforr.il uses In the market. Greaun
dneements to purchase territory. Examine for vow
st s tß UIrLU for mle by JAMES A.
MOnnELL, 153 Dearborn street, Chicago, Dla. P. o.
Uoi 1137. de3«3t
YV ANTED Book-keeper. Any
7 7 r one In want of n competent and experleneecl
book-keeper, can hear of one by addressing Box asse,
stating where an Interview may be had. <le3-sl2-3t
T\7ANTED. —Knitting Machine.
* 7 Every Farmer, to know that hla “ women
folks” can earn $5 to S2O per week with one of Akin’s
Celebrated Knitting Machines. It will earn its cost in
thirty days. Price, complete, $75. Weight 43 pounds.
Freight from SO cents to $1.50. Send for circular and
samples (send stamps).
BRANSON* ELLIOT, General Agents,
mhS-aSSG-Sm 120 Lake street. Chicago, m.
Y\ ; ANTED—Surgeons and Assist-
T 7 ant Surecons for colored regiments In the
Departments of the South, Gulf and Tennessee. Tho
candidates must bo examined before a Board ofHedl
cal officers. Boards are now In session at Boston,
New York, Washington, Cincinnati and St. Louis, and
at the headquarters of the Armies of the Potomac,
Cumberland and Tennessee. Applications for exam
ination should be made to tho Surgeon General U.5.A.,-
Washington, D. C., and must be accompanied with
one or more testimonials of good moral character
from respectable persons. The Board will determine
whether the candidate la qualified for Snrgcon or for
Assistant Burgeon. The candidate most be a graduate
oi some regular medical college. Non-graduates will
not bo examined. *
„ J. B. BARNES, Acting Snrgcon General.
Snrcoon General’s Office, Nor. 18.19©.
W A N TE D—lmmediately, three
7 7 hundred bridge carpenters and raisers, to
work on United States military bridges on tho line of
the Nashville and Decntnr rallroad/Tennessee. The
wages will he from $2.00 to $3.00 per day. and will be
Enid monthly. Transportation will be tarnished from
Mcago to the work and return, unless the men are ’
dlscbared for misconduct, or leave on thetr own ae
count. The work will last about ninety days. The
men arc allowed for their time while traveling to the
work, but not when returning. Men furnish their own
provisions while traveling. About three days are re
quired on the route. Board will be furnished to the
men at the work and charged to them at S3JO per
week. Tents asd camp equipments famished free of
charge, Ono pair of blankets will be famished to
each man If desired, and charged to him; the price to
be credited, less deterioration, when returned. Car-
E enters must furnish their own framing tools, such os
andsaws, rabbit, smoothing, fore and Jack planes,
chisels, mallet, square, adze, slick, &c. Carpenters
should not cucumber themselves with a large tool
chest. Themcnwillbcscntforward from Chicago In
lots of forty or upwards as soon as ready, until the
required number Is obtained. Also wanted, one bun- -
dred experienced bridge carpenters, to work In my
bridge yard at Chicago—wages S2JO per day. Also
wanted, fifty stone enttersand masons.L.B. BOOMER
14 Dearborn street. deS-sIZ-St
WANTED —Agents to sell by
77 subscription I. V. J). Heard’s Hlstoir of the
Sioux ’War ami Massacres of 1863-’<o. Liberal Induce
menu offered. Address J-. GARVIN, P. O. Drawer
6198, Chicago, HI. des*rß63-7t
W ANTED—Agents to sell by sub
* * BcripUoD, John 9, ti. Abbott's History of the
Great Rebellion, Headley's Ufa of Washington, and
otber new and valuable publications, which are sell*
lag rapidly. Liberal Inducements offered. For full
Sartlculara, call upon or address O. F. GIBBS, 134
oath Clark street, Chicago, XU. Post Office Box 309.
W ANTED —Agents to canvass
* T for new and saleable Books, Photograph Al
bnmSjJPrizc Packages, etc. Dr. Ira Warren's House
hold Physician; The History of all Nations bon the
Creation of the World to the present time: The His
tory of tbe Great Hebelllon and other popular works.
C. M. DUNN A CO., Publishers, 131 Clark street. Chi
engo, Pi. deS-rIaMK
WANTED —Agents. S3O per
month, and all expenses paid, or allow a libe
ral commission tor selling tbe LITTLE GIANT SEW
ING MACHINE. Be toll price sls. Wc have Agents
whose commissions average $l3O per month. Particu
lars sent free. Send for circular. W. O. JONES, Aeent,
P. O. Drawer 6659, Chicago. delo-r7O&-6t
WANTED —Agents. SIOO per
month now being made by good Canvassers,
selling the new and splendid Steel Engraving of PRE
SIDENT LINCOLN. Also, Steel Engravings ol
Stephen A. Douglas. Price, 25 cents each, or live for
$1J»; mailed In a nice tube, on receipt of price, to any
part of the country, byß. H. LANDON, Agent, 89 Lake
sL, opposite Tremont House, Chicago. n029-rt63-im
WANTED.— $75 a Month.—l
• ” want to hire Agents In every eonnty at $75 a
month, expenses paid, to sell my new cheap Family
Sewing Machines. Address 8. MADISON, Alfred.
Maine. 0c25-oSKKta
WANTED. —160 a Month.—We
want Agents, at SCO a Month, expenses paid,
to sell our Everlasting Pencils Oriental Burners, and
thirteen other new, useful and curious articles. Fif
teen circulars sent free. Address SHAW* CLARK.
Blddcford. Maine. s«2s*lcWMni
BOARDIN G—A desirable suit of
unfurnished front rooms, wltb board.at 40 Van
Burcn street, between Stale street and Wabash ave
pne. No children takefl. delo-a213-2t
T> OARDING—Rooms and Board
_U for single gentlemen, at OS Adams street. One
large room, suitable for a gentleman and wife. A lew
day boarders received. delo-320t-lt
BOARDING —Pleasant rooms and
board for a gentleman and wife and two single
gentlemen, at 145 West Washington street.
BOARDING —A pleasant unfur
nished room, suitable for a gentleman and wife,
with gas, hot and cold water: with four other board
ers; a few day boarders can be accommodated. At
15 Fourth avenne, four doors from Jackson street.
T> OARDING—A gentleman and
JL> bis wife can have a very pleasant salt of unfur
nished rooms, with board, in a private family, on the
West Side. Situation pleasant, and within a few
minutes walk of theCodrt House, and convenient to
the street cars. References exchanged. Address,
With name, Bex U4fc de»ai7Mt
TO RENT—Seven rooms on the
second floor, finished plain hot neat,with all the
necessary fixtures to make it convenient for a family.
Within five minutes walk of the Court House. Apply
at the office of E.H. WATERMAN. 13 and SOSouth
Water street, Chicago, 111. d5165194-it
r PO RENT—A house and store, on
JL State street, containing four rooms and good
store. Apply on the prcmlses,S37Statcstrcet. Rent
113 per month. delO-sgn-u
TO RENT—A fine residence on
Wabash avenne, containing all the modern Im
provements. In a first-class neighborhood. Imme
diate possession can be had. Apply to PETER
SBIaIP, IC7 State street delO-aSMt
TO RENT —A handsome front
office, ever 123 Soatb Water street. Inquire of
CLARK A BEAN, No. 1 Cobb’s Bailding. de11>3236-2t
TO BENT—A hoarding house,
four sterlc* high: first twoistorles.loox23fect;
second two stories 50x2-1, divided Into single bed
rooms, with full ventilation. First story—stone, up-
per part frame, with gas, water and sewers, and a
coca yard on Canal street, one block from the Fort
Wayne cattle yard. Built expressly to supply the
muchncedod wants of the cattle merchants. Apply
on the premises, to T. CLANCY, Chisago. delQ-Sawit
TO RENT—House to rent and fur
nlture for sale. House in a desirable location.
With ten rooms and all modern improvements. Fur
niture nearly new. Bent SIOO. Furniture $1,250. Ad
dress “ W.” Box 5876, Chicago. de£als4-3f
TO RENT.—A furnished room for
two gentlemen, without board, with gas, and
use of bath room, at No. 20 Congress street.
TO RENT—A small house, -362
Ohio street. Bent sls per month and water. Ap
ply to M. 8EAL.212 Randolph street. de3-914-3C
iKeal IHstatc for gale.
T'OR SALE—Timber land in Mich-
A Ipan. S2oacrea,sevenmllesfrom9i..loaeph.and
within two miles of a saw mill. Price $3,700; one-half
cash, balance In one and two years, with seven per
cent. Interest. One-half of the land will be sold for
$1,400. For farther Information, address ROCKWELL
a CO., LaSalle, HI. dc3-r921-lmeod
FOR SALE.—An Improved Farm
of 560 acres, near Chatswortb, Livingston county.
111., coDtaltffng 250 acres under cultivation, with a
good house of eight rooms, feed lots, stable
room for eights horses, com cribs, Ac. The Farm
is situated two miles from a Railroad Station. Terms
—Fifteen Dollars per acre, cash. Address or apply to
JNO. STILLWELL, Chatswortb, 111. noSOrtaMwt
XT' OR SALE—Valuable Stock Farm
A for sale, in Tazewell county, containing four
hundred and ten acres, mostly under fence; three
hundred seresanderculnvatlon: balance pasture and
timber land - situated three ana a half miles east of
TTemont, on the Bloomington road; a never tuntwy
stream of water running through the term.
As a stock and grain term it cannot be surpassed;
one large twostory house, containing eight rooms,
with a good cellar, well and cistern. Also, a one ana.
s half story house, with a never telling spring of good
water near; one large frame bam, 30x00 fret; stable,
15x30 feet, with com crib, outbuildings, Ac. aiba &
bearing orchard of choice fruit. .
Tebms—One-fourth cash- balance of payments on a
term of years, with annnal Interest or six percent.
For farther Information, Inquire of JOHN STILES.
or SETH TALBOT, JB., Tremont,llL
T/TNELAND Lands —To all
▼ wanting Farms.—Large and thriving settlement,
mild and healthful climate, SO miles south of Phlladel
na by railroad. Rich soil, produces large crops, acre
cts at fr*m 815 to £2O per acre, payable within (bar
years. Ooqfibusiness openings for manafactnrers and
others: chnahes, schools and good society. It la now.
the most Improving place. East or West. Hundreds
are settling and hnUdlng. The beauty with which the
Kice Is laid ont is nnsorpassed. Letters answered,
pets containing reports andglvinir fall information
win be sent (Tee. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS, Vine
land Post Ofllce, Cnmbcrland county. New Jersey.
From report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor
of the Tribune: It Is one of the most extensive fertile
tracts. In an almost level position and sellable condi
tion for pleasant fanning, that we know of this side ox
the Western prairies. oc2S-oTO*n
LOST —From comer of Wabash
avenue and Eighteenth street, a black and tan
g‘J} l -, Uad name E-P. Tobey” inscribed on collar.
•1*1" be paid for return of said dog to mo at office
of Tobey & Booth. [delQ»alofr2t] E. P. TOBEY.
LOST —Five dollars reward. Lost,
a black and tan Sint, ears cat short, answers to
mo name of “Fanniej” bnd on a brass collar. Any
one returning her to the Tribune office, will receive
the above reward. delo-5228-3t
LOST —A large leather pocket.
Supposed to have been lost between R. R. Lan
con's. 89 Lake street, and the City Hotel. It contains
nothing of any valne to anybody bat the owner. It
contains a lot of bills for goods purchased, mado eat
to S. H.. Freeland. The finder will he snltahly re
warded by leaving it at K. K. LANDON’S, 83 Lake
street, or at City Hotel. delO-s23X-U
LOST —On yesterday morning, on
either Dearborn, Washington or Madlson-sts.. a
Ladles Geld Watch and Chain, with two lockets and
a gold key, with red stone attached. Inoncofthe
lockets is a gentleman’s mlnatnro. The finder will
be liberally rewarded by retnrnlng It to Madam
Hammond’s store, on Madison street,betweenStat
and Dearborn. de9-567-2t
1663. Ms 1663.
325 miles Doable Track*
In order to keep pace with the demands of the trav
eling public, the managers of this popular route have
added many improvements daring the year im?, and
with its connections. It will he fonnd In ail respects a
FIRST CLASS ROUTE to all the Eastern cities. The
track Is stone ballasted, and entirely free from dost.
(With dose connections from Western Cities,}
All connecting direct to New York, THROUGH PHI
LADELPHIA. and close connections at Uarrlsbniw
From Pittsburgh to New York, ono train runs dolly,
(430 miles,) via Allentown, without change of cars, ar
riving in advance of all other rentes.
TlcHcta /•» mU i* Dn««u lijr OOat Or fan *»--■
tickets good on any of the sound lines.* Fare to oil
points a* low as any route.
Sleeping Cara on night trains to Philadelphia, New
York nnoßaltlmore.
Baggage checked through and transferred free.
By this Boute freights of all descriptions can be for
warded to and froniphlladelphla, Now York, Boston,
or Baltimore, to and from any point on the Railroads
of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois. ‘Wisconsin. lowa
or Missouri, bt iLiiXBOAD dihict.
The Pennsylvania Central Ballroad also connects at
Pittsburgh with Steamers, by which Goods can bo for
warded to any port on the Ohio. Muskingum. Ken
‘ tacky, Tennessee. Cumberland. Illinois, Sldalaalppl,
’Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Bed River,
and at Cleveland, Sandusky and Chicago, with steam
ers to all ports on the Northwestern Lakes,
Merchants and Shippers entrusting the transport*,
tlon of their Freight to this Company, can rely with
confidence on Its sneedytraoslt-
THE RATES OF FREIGHT to and from any port
in the West by the Pennsylvania Central Rallrooaare
omBB BAiz.noad coxpAjrrsa.
CT Be particular and mark packages “ tia Pkrt.
For Freight Contracts or Shipping Directions, send
to or address either of the following Agents of the
D. a. Agent, Pittsburgh.
CLARKE A CO., Transfer Agents, Pittsburgh.
H. W. BROWN i CO.. Cincinnati’ Ohio.
R. C. MELDRUM & CO M Madison. Indiana,
J.E. MOORE, Louisville. Er.
W. W. AIRMAN & CO.. Evansville, Ind.
R. F. 6ASS. St. Louts, Mo.
CLARKE ± CO., Chicago, HI.
J. H. McCOLM, Portsmouth, Ohio.
McNEELT & MONTGOMERY. Maysvllle, Ky.
W. H. & E. L. LANGLEY, GflUlpollS, Ohio.
H. S. PIERCE A Co-', KanesvtUc, Ohio.
H. H. HUDSON. Ripley, Ohio.
It. C. MELDRUM, Geencral Travelling Agent fox
the Sonth and West.
Drovers and fhrmers will find this the most advanta
geous route for Lire Stock. Capacious yards are
watered and supplied with every convenience have
been opened on tula line and Its connections, and every
attention Is paid to their wants. From Harrisburg,
where win be found every convenience forfeedlng and
resting, a choice Is offered of the PHILADELPHIA.
also be fonnd the shortest, quickest, and most direct
route for Stock to New York—(via Allentown}—or
with fewer changes than any other.
ENOCH LEWIS, Gcn’ianpt., Altoona, Pa.
. L. L. HOUPT.Ocn'I Ticket Agent. Philadelphia.
H.ILHOUSTON, Gen. Freight Agent»Pi>llsdelphla.
18G3. NETT BKOAJ> GUAGE 186-1*
Connecting at Salamanca, N. T„ with the Erie Rail
way, forms a continuous Six Feet Track from New
York to Akron or Cleveland.
Through Passenger and Freight Trains will be run
regularly between
Cleveland and New York.
Fare as Low as by any other Boute.
Passengers by this line have choice of Flvo different
mates between New York and Boston.
Can be obtained at any of the offices of the Erie Rail
war, and all ticket offices of connecting lines West
and Southwest: also, at the Central Ticket Office, un
der tha Weddell House, Cleveland, Ohio.
Ist for Tltktts yla Ihe Atlantic and Great
Western and Erie Kail trays.
Passenger Trains stop at McadvlUo thirty minute*.
gvlng passengers ample time to dine at the “McHenry
onse, 1 ' the best Ballway Hotel In the country.
New and Expeditions Freight Line,
No transhipment of Freight between New Tork and
Akron or Cleveland. Merchants In the West and
Southwest will And It to their advantage to order their
goods to be forwarded via the Erie and Atlantic and
Great Western Hallways, thus saving trouble and ex
pense. Bates of freight as low os by any otber all raU
Especial attention win be given to tbe speedy trans
portation of Freight of all lands. East or west. Tbe
engines, cars and otber equipments of tM<» company
are entirely new, and of the most Improved modern
style. •
The only direct route to the wonderful OIL RE
GIONS OF PENNSYLVANIA, via McadvlUo or Corry.
From Lcavlttsbnrgb the Mahoning Branch runs to
Youngstown and the Coal Mines
This Road Is being extended, and will soon be In
complete running order to Gallon,Urbana,Daytonand
Cincinnati, without break of image.
J. FABNSWOBTH.OenerafFrelght Agent.
T. H. GOODMAN, General Ticket Agrot.
„ . „ _ „ H. FJSWEETSES, Gen. Snpt.
Meadvllle, Nov. 17,1363. nol3-r7tVlm
Fob coughs; colds and
CONSUMPTION.—The Vegetable Pulmosabt
Balsam la the most highly approved medicine ever
discovered. It zias stood the best op all tests.
Time, having had an unprecedented sale of nearly
forty years. It is recommended by oar best phys
icians. our roost eminent citizens, the Press, the trade.
In fact by all who know It. For certificates, which
can be given to almost any extent, see wrappers to
•ach bottle. The proprietors will cheerfully refund
the money if not entirely satisfactory. Price 50 cents
and $1; the large bottles rnnch the cheapest. Be
careful and get tbe genuine, which u prepared only
by REED, Cutler A CO . Wholesale Druggists,
Boston. Sold In Chicago by BURNHAM A SMITH.
delfr-sSOWJm xu saatu 4thp m
la now prepared to repair and Improve aH kinds of
Scwlngmachlncs andlight machinery. defrs3-3t3dp
XJL Monlalcr. Architect, from Paris, has just arrived
in Chicago after residing in New York city for twelve
vrara. ami la at the disposal of all persons wishing to
Jonor him with their confidence In architectural mat
ters. K6 Randolph street. References—Ogden, Fleet
wood A c£TJ. T.Pcammon, W.Uornee. Jlfw.fWrn,
PrMldentLC.K.B.CouGeo.Healy. dcs-rSffi-Bw3dp
Jld ENTS.—Splendid Gold Coxpoamo* Watches.
assail »lie for ladT or medium for gents, beautifully
engravodHanUng Cases, fall Jeweled, sent free on r£
ceiptof sls. Agents wanted In every county and regi
ment, on Übenu'terms. Send for circular, *hbAi
“wwA-toifi; ” 7 ' New York -
Positively only Three Bights More.
Era Known on ths Fan of the Globe!
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
Dec. 10th, 11th A lOtfa.
are usually least crowd*!.
clock. Doors open half ac hour la
'IRL'MB and his beautiful little
of BeSnu “ ,lIIU w »rtca. tb. Cuclaulnt
i NCTT f th ? ftomna iaum Xatt.- s>
called from having received that sum from Mr. P T
Barnnm for three years services.
ELFIN MINNEWARREN, the smallest Lady of her
age ever seen.
Here are a Married Couple, a Bachelor and Belle
all four weighing hat One Hundred Pounds,
perfect is form and features. The world never saw
anything naif so wonderful 1 No largerthan *o many
babies 1 Educated.lntelligent, social, affable and 09-
Ute. Who can wonder that crowds throng their levees
every day, and ore eager to feast their eyes before
their departure to another land? “We snail never
sec their like again.”
At the opening of the 11 o’clock morning Levee, the
General and hlsXady will wear the identical wxd
dies costumx they wore sc Grace Church on their
MABBXAQ* DAT, Feb. 10th. 1863. They will appear In
a great variety of fascinating performances and cos
The rich, rare and costly wedding psxasm. *lm
the MAONincsNT jewels presented to Gen. Tom
h&^dafe^chLevec* 1 Iw * ( “ °* £up °P e » wiU be ex
fr Admission—Twenty-five cents. Children un
der to yean of age. Fifteen cents.
TOM THUMB AND COMPANY will hold Lovcesla
the following cities;
..Monday, Dec. It.
Tuesday, Dec. 15.
....Wednesday. Dee. IS.
.Dec. 17,13 and 19.
Monday, Dec. JL.
Tuesday, Deo. 52.
....Wednesday, Dec.s3.
Dec. 2t, 23 and 29«
J>ee- 28,29 and 30*.
Tuesday, Dec. a.
.Friday, January 1,1964.
January 2 and 4.
116 & 117 Dearborn street.
£• M.CILU)WICK....SoIo Lessee and Proprietor.
GEO. F. hicDONAJfD Stage Manager.
The popular Drama of the
The original sketch of
THURSDAY EVENING, Dec. ITth, first appearance
of the fine cantarice.
Dress Circle (reserved for ladles and gentlemen
accompanying them) 25 cents
Parqnette 23 ccaSa
Private Boxes
Elghtein Star Performers— tbo largest and best hand
of Sllnstrels In the country. MONDAY EVENING,
Dec.Tth, and every evening daring the week, and Sat
urday aftamoon. A splendid programme.
FBIDAYaVENING, Dec. lltb, benlfic ofSam Price.
Doors open at 7, commencing at 3 o’clock P. if. Ad
mission 25 cents. Remember the Grand Day Perform
ance on Saturday afternoon, commencing at 3 o’clock
P. M. Admission for children under twelve years a<
age, only is cents to Matinee.
defi-rt&lw B. 9. DINGESS. Ag’t.
McYICKER’S theatre,
on Madison street,between State and Dearborn.
Doors open at 7 o’clock, curtain rises at 7K precisely.
Engagement of the beautiful, bewltchtngly fascinating
Spanish Danseuso.
The management have great pleasure in announcing
the engagement of this extraordinarily gifted and
beantiml artiste. Asa Danseuse, she is without a
since her assumption of the roles which
made Czlxstb her great reputation in this country,
the success of CUBAS Is unprecedented, and wherever
she appears she Is bailed with raptnrona applause and
delight by admiring multitudes. Assisted by Senoe
THURSDAY EVENING. Dec. 10, will bo presented
Mm’e Celeste's three act drama of THE FRENCH SPY;
ob. Tub Stobbiso- or Aloibbs, Henri St. Aime,
Hamer. Wild Arab boy, Mathllde da Merle—CUßAS*
In which character she haabaea pronounced by the
press of New York to be superior to any artiste on the
American stage, and eunai to the renowned Madame
Celeste; Mohammed, Mr. W. H. Leak. During the
piece will be executed—Wild Arab Dance, Cuba*;
Broadsword Combat between Hamet and Mohammed;
Grand Dance, Miss Jennie High:. The performance
will commence with the farce of A PHENOMENON
IN A SMOCK FROCK. Saturday afternoon. Grand
Matinee. FRIDAY. Benefit of T-S -vhel CUBAS.
Bryax hall.
Father Kemp’s Old Folks’ Concert Company*
Grand Inauguration Night. MONDAY EVENING,
Dec. 21st. The largest and most talented tronpc U
the world, delfcS&tf
Situate between Randolph and Woak*
Ingtop Streets, West Side.
Bandolph street cars pass the door of the Park, and :
Madison street cars run within a block of it. The
grounds of this popular place of amusement have been
refitted, the buildings enlarged, and the Park la la *
complete readiness for the coming season. ,r
Tickets can be obtained at the following places:
Barman's Variety Store 133 Lake street a
Root A Cady's Music Store... 00 Clark street ■*;
Hovey’s Seed Store ISM Lake street V
The Tribune Office a Clark street -
And as the Park.
Gentlemen’s Ticket. *4-9?
Ladles’ “ 2JO
Misses* **
Boys’ *•
Large, airy and central. Good Plano, Curtain and
Scenery. Singers will find this a superior Hall for
Concerts, as the stage can be entirely cleared.
no!2-p7«-Sm Proprietors.
-L7X DEMY, corner Clark and Monroe streets. T
All late and fashionable Dances systematically taught
Classes open at all times for beginners. *
SCHOOL SOIREES every Tuesday A Saturday evea’ga -
Mlli C^TOINE3tKY J kßS,l l ' lld y Teaclier9 - i
nol2-p«3B-lm J. EDWIN MARTINS,P.O.BoxUH
auction gales.
Large and Peremptory Sale. ■
On FRIDAY, Dec, llth.atlOo'clock, at onrSales
rooms, ICS, 103 and 107 Dearborn street, corner of
The stock consists of tho following kinds:
3,723 bags Ground Alum Salt,
« 899 bags Liverpool Dairy Salt.
10,000 bbls. Saginaw and Onondaga Salt.
It will be sold In lota of 100 packages and upward*
for cash. Should tho purchasers desire it. upon the
payment of one-quarter, the salt con remain on stor
age for 80 days. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.,
deß-aiS-4 tills tp Auctioneers.
VESSEL for sale AT AUC-
Ashore near her tackel and apparel com
plete, now stored inßaymond's’Warehouse at Uaclne.
Also, two new harness, twelve box pumps, lot of coal
scoops, and lot of new globe lamps, wilt he sold to the ’
highest bidder on THURSDAY, DECEMBER KITH, .
at 13o’cIockM.jtt the Chicago Board of Trade Booms. -
on account of the Underwriters. _
deß-819-8t B. K. DRL’CE.
Auction. —i will sen at Anc
tlon at No. 231 Lake street, comer of Franklin,
at 9 a o’clock A. M. on Monday. Tuisdat. WxDirsa
dat and FeidaT, Dec. 7th. Blh. 9th and 11th. a large.
and general assortment of Dry Goods. Boots and
Shoes, Tallors’Famishlng Good vYaokeeNotions,»c.
defl-rfflSWt 9.NICKEBSON. AacUoneer.
Alcohol Stills and Brewers* Kettles,
And aU kinds of
Manufactured at short notice.
20*000 lbs. of Brazier's Copper for sale at >
Eastern prices tor cash with freight added. Hlghev
price paid for Old Copper.
Comer Wen Bssdolpli and Deaplaine* SU., J
TO COOPERS.—A consignmcnf
ISO,OOO ft. Urn Floor Barrel tleadla?-
For sale by H. K. BICKFORD. Office comer o >
Lake and West Water streets. dtii-rTTS-lw
lALERCHANT ~taSdrs—h™
A.U. you seen the
No. 3 Empire Sewing Machine !
If It will not do better work. It will certainly d. *
more, drop fewer stitches, make le-« than one-tenth o.
the noise, run verv much caster, and do every kind o *
work as well as any machine in the world. Lookoa •
for the most nenrlceable and most durable Manufactor
Ine Sewing Machine for a bolidat puesebt. Noi
York prices. No charge for freight. L. CORNELL t
CO. General Agents. 133 Lake street. doO-rTn-la •
One largo Engine, new—4o horse power.
One smaller *• **2o “*
One Portable u used.
For sale low. J. t. RTERSON.
det-rSTI IQt 234 South Water street, Chicago
19 South Water Street.
Haring purchased before the recent advance a larg ,
and entire new stock of goods, offers tbe same to th ,
trade on as favorable terms as any bouse In the Nortt
west. n024-r39Mm ,
No. IS South Water street, (Aiken's Building.)
or Business confined strictly to

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