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, iK's- Clark SJtrrct.
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far C&1» EJCrt, In all ■»!«,
reir-roE." chiogo. m
o)icago m*tbnuc.
oc- c-triHy CO.
Jostem ■ «a K«« ».
■Ssioj ,W« UaLd ct '
o wSts.”ofAe ttniuhic.': up of U.f
Birminmjr of Dm prornga
’’to^rt,VUi«Wa“ h T tbc Gov. mor.
Lrin lit Sußcs »ftk« vljd TV.«.
sS®dt«mty-flx o: the crew went
TteSaJof the Folonuc i- .itiiccent.
, “JUj «D 1 rife with rumors of aching
rcaonad®. to <®’« » Vang.made
, tmnjni* tie ,rm F' *' :i! - ir S“ ”• r ‘ nci
i^po»«P ro ? tr '' : ‘ rf& ’;‘ l ’. s - .
c,jU,s tI ” 1 ~ur
4x tie iaTcsanott of ttot .it? lo
irfrtelw* only one •-Uousind, while
.stiff theft**'™ 8 fiv thousaud.
mws l ri 'P rrl . emlmtcnt.i a
operations siucvliU
■oeolil report, it given U-ewhe-a
Tit ntd Conpierf W* ftir to have a
,ner sestet. The conservative .North
ininios we toad to piets n sch.inc
i ttftttsantrtion. They had better trove
.J ax offered thtm.liy the rreidcat.-
»j cot often wc write an olUuary *.vuh
'‘'•iTsof jorjitn r.-e ernk--? :o a I.ir.t;
unalloyed »Us£actior. In chrou
&ed*toi t>f tbv-branioua iindirc-u,
Id flit the authority m ilv’ Slate
i an ftamft «pik-tU3 upon the swvn
’ . winch 4 a pack of p«ty
fought in' tso np- -T i tin*
if of Chicago, and'whkli involved in it.-
‘.ltatedntf iMUliihe State at i*r?c,
, >zg*i ihclailof a comet Tno pcopl*.
* Chicago vm.teesUti easier now that
i'carc nnieUbecmT of ihl- InnJiul
\ Ben f!-o bad planned and mm*!* w
nfvto meo& '' hie b
ktVarto their bands ibeccntro! ofevery
ijhwcy and sealed the mcntliH of those
,lo wwM protest aer.bst th- ttwr
s-it. The people of tlic S’.ute a-
;di rjoke that in the crushmi: of thi*
,'c.cle, they are spared still u’rea:>‘r'jvils—
\jt of a Slate and chancier
.Lkh most hare followed. Themji-aty
-ai [*rinr of the law hare l*oen m»--i rig
:jJ> fiadicattd. , It wm a Uetanrr.riic
urged before Dmocn.ric -1 iid-r**-?.
r. the Democratic lawyer* vt.‘> urged it
•itrfoccdthat the ermine cannot Icuial*
ei Tbebnpmno Coon laid j*Mc k> p*>-
Ttjcal sympathies, re£C ntwvc aU pvvr.y
i<iitse,Miil«iissccied tim question phu-nl
fcwiedananpon its naked lc£al men*?,
cl bare answer.
Thr ihit answer tar action of the Gov
?nar u scsaun&i. }Vy that anwer Uio
foie j m«l aa infuaous apportionment";
±f w!ads oi the Xaiioaa] Government
v 2 cat be Uockrti w iiii the atone*
demagogs tnueht to throw
3 tott of them; the cannot Ir;
&roc^ttogether n:p!n ; : the conrt;- cannot
bf Kt M defiance ; -tin.- prerogatives of
S * .Qoro«or which he tu? never
KCflt to cxeinisr except to .vi
r»iCf this interests of the Uni>n
a;se,*if tetWs unci a mlnoTL' per diem
n&o£ fitna the dispe.-sc:nenf to therc
a. snUbg U tponvl the estate Tr.-asary; a
ic 4 of nils has been wiped ait.
cf*h Hthe bartering of the city into tlu*
Itfds ck LittU Fuller and Wabash C.
Cotdv was hut one.
Bet the gfia.'tn L> mthevl down undio
ssoTefteaUng b,-< roasted i;n nw n«."v to u
' TTe have no spare pit}* far
aca -or their pockeb*,. Presid-.at.
fewacrs, fctockholdfcri!, huaJimlders, or
timers cm.. If they can sire
iaa tbc roddowith vholc Itgps,
li >tf will br iijeky, VTt undeniatid a
Kuchiatbbc Inctiaitcd by the curiosity
fcwL&i is leP ofUaicil. V'vbfcdi FnHer,
tfc* 7 y *l‘ash C. GecQy, If there I- any
dcag kft ol‘Ui<_r\ and If the wind U uo*
wpi tb.*y
ww spun the niia arc and
W miny street* tier arc going 10
PJ Uiej ua of tfac skit us o*.*
tbt Gridiron, net? who It to eel the con
b?ct Tcr'lajiag down the.solder? Will
Ifitj Wlia _*oaewhal in detail as to the
roaaiiitß'tf their.health? Oarcolumro?
ethe coaaest sackcloth- end greyest nf
Bpeak oat, gtajllerocn. How are
»!• o’TheJta.Jhitls organ In ibU citv con-
Jfe *»:«• 'mi TiOUratliKi of Mr.-
m tMJ. Sspiiiolcndciit' of t!w liUool. ,t
iG ifpi Teleeapii Comiany, for
•"> ijurtlonct tUTteA.
,k * U to was In duty bonnd to
**■ docs It nut turn round anti
pwroct.iU filth on Mr. Cobli, l-t-cansc hts
ut» wrysaj. oftn.d ih« saiar fcvaitr? The
. ttfi tn earth paraihL Each company
boondss a comiooa currier to do
**** t“- “ then U Mr. Sweet ool as
»*!)«tof atUrief> Let Mr. Cohbhavehls
wt.: ,Bli line is gollty of the some offence.
X; rtOH Cftiao.
tlittO, Dec. Hi.—Late accounts from
Jtfreteut Mancadoke ondcavoring to unite
tets*«!Uk Price, vrho was Raid to
®*J lie Eel Parrr. Into Tciai ' I’ricc'a
Wykh are mnch xedoeed. would anru
ku Uau fixc tbowsnd. A’Urgc Fcdtril
AWeU perming them. . The rebels arc mccl»
XJifl m«aer PUtte pavsed tri:;,
,■ninehalesofetnwuTers* lrf>u*s. {
Derail ProxortMv-M. of TUiS
.rh!»tcd ; two from t!« WWti
Marti, nett Doogolt, jutcnlir. when ,be
awtHttirtUckca Uitlt espion, «>d Mllol
10 - other 1 111
”!*■. Wajtogfan-eicafca. jj.
''' j ■lT*wTq*is t J>ec,li.
Columbia, t»a.VJ Orleans,
aatrtbe health of the
:«WU<aredlMit, Mi they, are ready iiid
Mo the Interior.
adrloiaUu that Cortlnai had
ater the Government toJesndcLa
jTOk'tteold coaaUtutiouaUy elected Gov
agd staff bad arrived lu
S^rOrttana.. -r .
.■SrrToM, December 12t-Jly the arrlral of
fort Royalj W« learn of the
■which sunk
rf CatatlejtonEle, on Bun
***** ‘ cr-irucr, twenty-aia of
’time. ‘.The’ other vessel? sus
ffipy rttoati&n before' Charleston la tin*
lies In live -fathom* of
■ J*" to care resulted from ntiled and mis*
>**sgetncoL 1
P f THE~CRI onto M.
■'nSS* 1 to the Chicago Tribcae,] j
- Dec. 12,1*3.
relation rof £ey*s>B,-Tbe
the *sme w pf
of Stale—a ,]«Jn*nptorj
*d>OTt eases Is refused,
toOretiso holding' that the.
nctfntoswl tn
I Acscabtj. tennlqsWd feu
i ‘ - ■> j
’B " gf : •J'ti'.nai w:!< ’ j ... •.... •„• - ...
volume jcvii.
Important from Spring
fieid —The Last of
the Gridiron.
From Hie A nay of Hie P«-
of Hie Army.
Gen. Halleck’s A nun si
of Military Ope
W.\?;isNa7;-j., T>*v, VI. —Oom wiU
prebaMy Cuatuuatt of the llourv Military
I'tJvat** taUiti‘2 Tv-ct-’.r.-J here to-day from
lllchatODd sj»v the present reason **l ‘.tie
Cor.lVtb, n*.f<•«\;i!ute.-w will be a stormy one.
11s»-*'U-siii.a of tu-a-.* traction will |w ...ar-
Maty presented t« ili« Southern people by
the i , oit?<*n , r.th;* fr?m North Caro-
Luo. A :rtai mmy no‘rut**;rs who were
elected or? the L*.-t DHeh platform, are ?a»d
to hr iPiTetiy In fr.vorof the policy advocated
by The Nvitl. Ca.rc.Una cou*er..Hives. Joint
rcbtlialea*. will 50a;, u- introduced, t«k!;u'
tircui- y.vii , is in favor of ra^oa^tracilon.
V.'vq:f>‘frroN. Deo. 12 —Aorrir-.U received
'.\n niiriii -!«>•*!»!•: ;iil r‘fc,rtfto Ho eti'-et
ttst ticnor.il .Meade hro- born .•*nncr« , *Jjvi afi’
Ur.fiiiUiii «i U*,» to a iulo iiour lx?t uU'UI.
Gent ml JlciJo. il.y hei't-ro ye.-tcrdir, for
wnrdfd liU. n {H.ri or toe r.cciu iiiovcm ;nw
•uuth of Ua* lo the War Dcytirl
•iif-r: J*. > itV: >•• •.! tl will bo
Mtlilrvton t” 11:?'.'mifc-.L Hie !itC TCtr.J
grade uioresivnt n f.-liy indc-ticd Oj
ni ry idTUcr <•( il.e* arun.
NtH- \0:IK, Dec. VI.
.—A V.’OaliiU^t'm
•special to the »'"W Yark '/V-.i/i says,
“The Arm) m’the Pul. i-..c will be imme
diately riorraauv ; i or.J Urger ?zJ bet
ter shat i: hzs i» t vy frame r period.
Its chiefcommand will probably L-
to eitnef Hooker or i bc-n.aa. Is i-» belie red
Mai TloiiiOe Wouii prefer reiu.d-.i3g when*
he lloc\c:'s rtpaf.r.lcn. *ln.’e thehattU
nf I.ooUotH Moontaie .-lands lather tlur.
cT<r. ilc i» cor-Idcreu here by se me as the
not ct-jnhiestdtr of the ’Army of the Poto
mac. Th*- prc.-cpt corps oohimaitjers, with
aac cs.xpticn, will h«. relicruh 1 *
Wa«ti:v?tov, Dec. 13— The report of ‘h 1 * !
'fir.- -V : - '"•icf a T-jrj !cn"ihy ilo.iuuv;u, j
.a-.!u’y a irraiid summary of lb*? <
military opvri'flr-r.s since bis la--t snnud re- J
yon. Referring to the LVparlr.icnt of the j
Potomac, General’JUikek Mjr* Burn«lde’s ■
proposed chin re of Itoac we* not approved
by uira. Runkide, therefore, consented to
true? hU army by tin* lord* of the Upper
Rappahannock, and then move dovra to »tire
tb* height* of Kr* »ierkW«t)crg, while a - mail
f i»rcch* , « to bf- ••.•«;: tiv.-iii of the rivtr, ti»
enao-. Goupt to re-open tfc- railroad, TUI*
plan *.Vc.. >1 t.», In.; jii.t .-»pprOTcd,
Durcsidc, hietctKi -.f lb-. Ibippulna
rtock by rb** fords, as tv opccted to Jo,
maribt-d LLi whole army u>tv»i. the north
Utah of that rltrrr Let's r.rmy, \u the
«hm% ,_* T rd down to the 'outb b*ak of tee
rlvfcr, which we-" nt this time fordable a few
jniles ahoTu the town; and General SuuiKi'r
*»kcd permUsio.* t*. rr;'«? and occupy the „
IxlyMe, hut it wa* .-!VcJ, ami r*o aiumpt
•aa-m;«d£ to effectpa?*-..’* til* Iboenmer
Utli, br which time Lee's urtr > *«*•-"
■*erc» - ntrat«?d. h is tU'-ged that the UHVari
which «v saffcre-.l *OO2I after, r-riult-ul from
the neglect to forward the pontoon train
from Washington; whereas the pontoons at
'he time Verc at Berlin, ir, the Army of the
Potocftc. The delay was therefore unavoid
able. and on investigation of mailers. Burn
tide pronounced it so.
Speaking of attains in Grant 1 : - , department,
I lit- nay*; It bus been al
leged that Grant j os.-.ivtST iLsohcvtMl th« in
sinjctior.v of his superiors. It is hardly
metSf*ry to remark that Grant r.-ver dko-
J.«jcd an order; xucreover, be ha* never
cr.n.plaired that the Government did not far
niih him all the and »u-Mst*ncft in Us
power t«> fa HHato the execution of any plan*
be-aw fit to adopt.
The Genend suggest* tint, u tbc rebel ar
my W\ os upon lh*. country through which it
passe*,'the ledv.m! army do the Home, ns It
facilitates, rapidity of movement. Our com
manders in l.ic rebel Slater hardly ever bud
sU|}plus, ; and in the border State* it id difficult
to distinguish betwees real friends and ene
In regard to sutlers, be say* the entire abo
mien of the system would rid thi* •rrsy tf
the incumbrance of trailers* wagutis ou the
i mu -c the nuisance of sutlers’ stalls and
Puiiths in camp, anil It vouM Improve tbc
discipline and efficiency of oar troops In many
ways, ami particularly by removing from lbs
camp* the prolific evils of drunkenness. It
it.uol difficult for antlers to a:t the part of
spits, Informer-, smuggler? ami contraband
Tilt- General thinks the court.-martlrd a too
cumbrous proceeding for tbc battle-field, and
iUKucata Bourn more speedy punishment.
. lie nursjcsta the Insiwctor General'* X>c
parlriitut bo merged into the Adjutant Gen
eral’* Department He r\cortmicmU several
rvformntlona in relation to the onranimtic-iv
[ of regiments, brigades and cotpe.
He claims that the cartel for the exchange
f,f prisoners has been violated in relation to
1 colored soldiers. ~
tejvccW Dispatch to the Cbirago Tribune/)
t»rc. IS,
Mr. Freeman, Supreme Court reporter, ic->
cclred to-day the following. wbtcb sJ®‘
dal report of the decision of Judges Wollfcr
»ud Brccso to the ewe of the prorogation ,of
the Leg!*latiiro; ■ *
’ Ko li* —The people ex rd rt,.Keyes t*-
0.; Auditor of Sfcui ..So.
rx tt j t *. Harlem pt. the Secretary of bUte.. A
pcicmptorT.iuendamuf In the above *
ft fuM-i. Judsc* Walker and Breese holding
that tin*proclamation of - Gov.. \ *JJJ»
cftced In or the General Assembly, tormtaatwi
llicfiCMloji on thclOtliday of duu®* :
Got, -rate* Is sustained in this decision,
and the question Is settled that there vrUl|bc
no bCbaloh of the CopperUcid Legislature
this winter; . -v.'
- A-~J. jvoss,-of Rochester, was.lo-day
'l.TOudit—before " (I." S: "Commisslower
Adam*, droned ■altbalJlnple»«c Alien md
oiler* to desert from tbc. army, and
hound over to the sum. of Cl.OOOfor hi* fp*
pcoraaceatthe next term of thc.U.
tiict Conrr. - r ' , v.w-JL '
Tircnly-clghl soldiers,.* P«t of the ■"*««•
her deserters, the hshs;* hating ccc -, „
hospital, ••rare sent to SL/.Louis yesterday
from Camp BnUcr.-' '•* 1 »
•• During lwo 'dsji% Thtitsd*/ f l *
ritiruilß presented tbcnmch'e* at tb* iimd
qutrten* of Lieut. Uubb*, la tUs city, *v.fl
vcrc mustered Into the nenlce.
tbe atm of Jul-.n Voprt, of Lincoln, nu,
' rw 010 oTc r by the down train on the Chi
cago and St. Loali railroad joejerday and
Inmntlv killed. • .
Ei£hlr loads of wood were hauled Into the
city to-day for the soldlere’ families, nud
* 4r K c contributions of provisions Were re
ceived from the holiness men.
Tfccetot fci of the Flret % National Bank in
this city has all bocn subscribed. Frank "W.
Tracy, of Poarditown/ has been appointed
teller by Uwj directors.
Klchard O'Conunr has been appointed Snr
p«*r of the rvgirucnt, vice Oardmw, re
ISjicclal Dispatch to Uu- Chicago Tribune.]
cr. Louis, Dee. la. is*B.
The lavtfl returns uf the Stale election cut
down the Oonscn jUvc majority to US3.’ The
‘■lertlon will be i-t-uitstod on tin* ground that
tho soldiers’ voteft terry lmpn)i*Tly thrown
ont. One of Cambl.’a ptl Colonel*. Judeo
MdVrran, who arretted
U dc'usted for Circuit Judge by IJu majority.
A. letter to the Stale Adjutant General re
ports Marmaduho, Qusnlrei. Chelny and
ullur ilissoiiri tpiuiblcr* at Wa.?blni;ton,Arl:,.
ami t>ay* Slit-lbj U preparing another r*id
Into Missouri via the Indian Territory.
The Common Council bus resolved to eel
vbiatc the centennial annlvcmry id the
of i't Cuuis by a public deinouMra
There are rcovcircnts of trooff do-.ni the
r:vrr from this point.
The Hit low* cavalry, tvbkb arrivcJ
Urdny. icmutas at Can:j» O'.ms'ult' fur th*-
j*rrf cii
vtlurt *4 li.-ivz tuade to have the s*‘a
revoked in p< v,.raj .-jt-cs of oxilco here
t twiiphed bonth.
The propped Kale of the Pat-tfir KnHru.nl
f*ii* Cro iu the• Lcirfelaturc, ami the
<ronirov.;j-jy has iM-cnmc hUteraml personal.
The majority iW ip supr-wd to
N- -mall, Iml no frcnii i*V!»U*le
on any plan to complete the ruadio Kam-as
C ity. A proposition baa been mad*' In nisc
►he Uiiu.tv iu Sl l.otiK »f the Lcjii«»»aiufc
will rcUtu-e the state Lea uu the lan sixty
TJio S*lrair Clu**«|M-ukcc
Tout usa, l*ee. Ith—The Clns».
pcakchu eheibunu-ot Uio ciui Mt nitrul,
after ihippiru' met: and ee.dinz.
\TeaiUer ilnuud.
Lad weailiir bavins Inturrapteii Uio vro:k
in> .f Th; Kiiblx.it, M Her, « p uro uiiaMe to
.fvl -uy r.ior- jepurts t.-uiiht.
The Statue of I’rcedont,
’ .-are ot (ho N. V. Trit unr.t
IW i. fUi.
The cclositd rtutue of •* Freedom,’’ Iu
hiviwv, by Chirk MUi!*, auHbdiPd hv Craw
*otd, i? to-day *>vt upon the preat llndas ?nr-
HA inUh.ii: ».h>' dom>• of tUc capitol.
Dujisp more t!.au yen'* of oar
elf. wjjjiu the aatit-r -5, eLuae >et;iiud vv-.tlt,
phe t;C» patiently Wailed and Watched below- ;
now tlu*t victory crowns our advance**,
and the roa.-pln.U;rsi arc belr-r in iiml
everyi here, mu! the baud an- Ik'-
lua treed, the coau-s b-raanl the cynosure of
Ibouaunds ct eyes, her fact* Torird ret' j-;
I n**ly toward Virginia, u:td }ho huttd'ont
slrciolted Jti T la tra-ioofy of National cai!,-
a* - *I PeTional Frr»t!cin.
Pcrhapa the whole htetury of that admin*
Me wcik of art is not generally Ulowu. As
I u-c. Iroai inv window',the crowd jTJthcrcd.it
;hc Capitol, end aa the grand •aluto in choru*
from'nit the fotit wound the cilj r«*?sicg tuy
►are. It oec.jrp »o tie to repeat acoopto of in
cident* for the Tribune.
When the hroit/c casdnca nerd being com
pitted, at the foundry bf Mr. mar
BladLtisl.ai}.', hU Arctuan, who hcJ fup*r
intended the work from the begin r. in £, anti
vuo >3; tt-efhiiuftv p«r day. and
demanded $lO, asaarhig Mr. A£. that the ad
vance Ihu-i ts; ffTtlilca to blm, as r.nho-K Ui
America, except himself, coaid compldc’ihc
wort. Mr. M. tell that the demand Was ex
horlalioil. and i.paeaU«i in fils uitonuns to
il>.v tUwi who v»i nr •asclstin*; l*< the tr-oliUng.
i cJi tla that Weii,’’ Mild one of iberu, an
iulcilletnt and iugenU ue M-n.»nt who luff
keen jirunHtelv •,r»n::g»'d In the various pro
c<s>es. The striker vu> dlsmlrs.J, annthc
.ittro, i-stistod occjsfon&liy by the Suer ’k*d!
of bk mfls.er. t«"k tb<: slflker's pi.tc<-a* *u
petinlcndcaL and the work vreni or. The
nUid. maeier-hnUdcr lifted ihtp.'Udtroa? Un :
fouta hiij-*..;. .and b.tft.-d uivin lojcther.
:r»'.utto loiur. piece bv rUc.-, riV. •iieyU.eod-
Vd lir;o the *• w\.,. t» Jay
lilts bVr K.-d In tbc .'.. « c WaifJ
iiiotou, inM-ikiug a bvavuic'.ioß t;-'- im-
Tv riled Re? uM5<? 1
WaftlJCfo a pi«.*phery in tba* moment whoa
Hie -lave th;.* nr;tst, said wi;b r-rr
loetie. jtisiic-;, r^o«»rr«.:;. ; .l Ibe beautitul
-" ini-ol ci irti dom lor America?
‘ Another fact: TLe orltrioul model of Craw
ford wan crowned with tti- «»ld •*lJb<rtv
Crp"—icvwi by ocr srrvitlfather* for its fic
r.inraß'-c, but fallen u:to Jis/epule flB-J il>-
u?e liinii r li*-. pro-•■'h.v, ry Jc’-nae iu-ry of the
last twenty ytarc. iVbcn .Mr. Jeilcfron Da
>:». ikvn ttcrddr.i *»f War under I‘iorcc.
Ha* mudr), b* 1 said at oucc, *• This will ««»cr
do. iVe Ax*.tri-an? bs*. c patronized tbL- jUh
«urii •Idlu rt'. C..j»* to-- k tur ulr.udy. It \>j*
;bo (Idc.uUe bead by tnc fre eel
r.omt. Lu Ua pul it oat of our
tiilil!” .Mid with t« risilc bail list*',
a focdni-s*- for American lr>sti*»it!-»i:a lor
■wiliiebhe ba** no? r.-.'vntK-r.cut?iß?nus.
}._C.vl- «v'i lJi:*lim.*fla*»;clici:sWt beiiorteattii-s
UJit tb“U f,, ‘d‘--* be 1 rwT. i-c.l, >UU r the:nnuoer
.four v-rib An:*- il-—u iuaiuii. with a £ar.t:a
t,.- );cs.ldres< of feathers I So the ÜbvJ ly Cap
of (.’rowford w,> ki-oel.cd the I arbar
du-> dm I? - ', o' .Jvfi i*hvi- niuuiwcil In Ha pbuw,
cou-ietlu- of u ]iu*l**-y eagle thin, With a
k w of stiff mulls. ramp*i.». rumii.g down
ihe l)*»:'k, fryp* bi-ak to lail. ll L» rdamd
that when the amended bejil was QtiiibeJ.
.imlcr. »*.vhlMiu*nln the K«)iunJa,anlri«hnien.
uisr.ce-tikg it. tJtiii tobia cc-mraac, “Miirther.
Mike- what quart- bird is tins, will bis tail on
‘tin-top ofl.i» bead y M As h siand- to-dft-.
tffouch Mr. .Mills guve #U bis talent for t*
uulon, ai;d lalcrpreletl oarofuLy and
faithfullv the onJers wlmh he rvevive.l, id
laaJ JrcVU an mur nondescript; opr
o»r-itnl is to wear a slirii of L.irburlom for iff
verv frown, L'cuute deft. Davis, ivorr-hlpi’ii.
idiivcry. etcipi-ert the slgnltieant wed gftiff-
oM *f.;sp olLiiwny,” .
A d ai-t-ato haa been carried on int’o
rart-r* with rvfWi.tme to the pt'nden-'H
sbiilfi on wMcb the Goddii- 4 leans—hi b-«u
iiortier, with which the artlris fovvc tak-.u
the llb.rlv to enrom; ass it, giving It some
what the appearance of hearing 'fm/oh
etri:-*-*'. Instead of the old tiiirtccD. The
critics chance that tide was deiihcme-ly de
slcm-d to represent the rtftrrn Slave »rato».
intu-ad of «bc thirteen origiual niembert
Thisk too bold .m outrage for probubuitv;
besides, tiis slight aUentiou ot the shield
■ dye? not jiiMlfv tbc criliejsui. All trivo.ons
ehstiKrA in heraldry, and all faneiful ornn
mcntatlon, arc obnoxious to Cvy-ry Hrt^tic
&rirreguiarUv; Ido not etc Uwt tTiis is
opn* to ativ oilier objccUon. Tlictv, hr
rdaUv but thirteen *£i*ntlc: Be^ld^t
M ]l will bc-iitrc thut Crawford, though u \ ir
citibm, had 100 much patriot!*in to conceive,
; «nd Mills, tbougl. educated lu booth Carol.-
: nt, ico u.nel. b.-uor !o exccutnsuch a
and wicked mf-tllation ot ourN«»»f a»l fW; ,d *
, ». A t.
lUc rflMnui»»crHJiiifnil , « Uoport.
Tin- IWnuttcr-GciJcral ro;>r*ras t!ut aur
lr.c Use last fiaci! year the fliuuicul condition
.•>r ii{« l)cr*rtth»*«t has been onr c-f unusual
pwtwritt; The revenue lu« nearly equaled
the cxiK-udiinrei, the latUa* D l l lL l n v ,
Ml yu.iOOtT, and the former to;?n,lC3,JbJ.-
•mi * xhitv U cood reason to bebete that tao
£j.ju \uumt n.U be sclf-euslojitiur lua buu
whole number of5 ’ <^°* Dci *
on Ibo OOtb of Juno, J ls ~ J I b V„
FJcht hundred and thmy others b-vt bw»
JtAublUUd, and MS lave been dte*»oUn-
‘"rim number of «P«“i«enb on Jaw.
133,«» 10, with an aecresate
VO- amlSSTrooto njp’Ut* at nn
’’rim roßtioaeter-G corral -* 0
of inocot AnsltUle re
»•£•£ or m.^
ina to the poelal committee*
£4 ffXl^oeK
Son\“elii.«id“to! to
ycyniaUaoneachtcnce aa may be allowc*
iar the increase leogth of
IJnrtrg tee . .. * ;he annual
i- «*-•*
»iio 2fy» or about 3 per cent. .. •
or SiSgfag
gjj lajj stamped newspaper
envelope*, ihe total value of these
mi ffi.'bclrp
Stf? .73 General renew*.ld* last
- l0M “: ot .
•tamps and *umj*id envelopes by reason or
the occupation and robbery of their offices
bj bodies of aimed men.
These claims thus far presented amount to
about |d,CbO. He calls attention, also, to the
fret that there postmasters have StttTered
greatly lu the 1o«b of private property.
it«- requests’ additional legislation In res
l**-ct (o po- l office then*, and recommend*
iliut llu» stealing of Idlers and slau.j-a be
mady a penal oSetteu
xuc nexy uirrcs omcr.
Tlicrv h<w b'.tn a coutiuucd increase oflet-'
l«.rs coctaiulng uior.-y »-i.| other valuables.
l*bc numbtrot dead letters covering dcwls,
bills of aft-Uaiigc, drolls, and other valuable
pni»cn«, teccivct), regisicred, and relumed for
delivery u» tin* writer*, wpa S.:SSJ, wiOia.i ag
ertgate uctulnul value of SI.KM.dT7.M; of
liw.ee 7,K»P were delivered to the owviers.
Letter* registered «”d mailed, eonUlulnic
money, numbered IK/Jl9; of tbc-ao, 11, did,
coutnlnltig were tlnally delivered.
hixU-cn thousand seven batidivd nud sixty
tlir«-e letters oflesa value Were w-celved, near
ly !*-n thoueund of which oiurtaiued dagucr
u-oiyiH.?. nnd S,s7fi w\*re restored to their
wntcra op cwneic.
The Forimnbtvr Ueucral recommends that
a portal Dtenry order aysUra be established,
to fr.rilit&tc the (run?ml£siou of smalt *um*
through the iuali*>. which he I* confident
Mcflld prove not only a great convenience to
tiddler* and oliocur, hut also almost entirely
obviate the loan of lids clu»a of r^mltUuocs.
In rvgvtnl’U) letter* nddrvntwd to polnVv in
th*: rebellion* t?li»us, the Bostitaaster General
b*ys'. Hy irsaun of (be* continued su<pcm.l«>u
of regular postal «ouimuuk*»tioo with «oo
tionb ul tlmvonuiry under luniiKttlouary cun
trui, a cou«*iclcrub:e notnhcrof letters,amount*
luir in the *rgrcirab* C.iW.in*}. found Uu-lr way
b> v uxioiif cl.n’jutla, tu U.c Head 1a Her OUlcu.
Of tills number h.blu were foreign, and were
rvtuutd to tlie fooulih* where they orlgi
naUu. TL«i*o oriulunling in the loyal btaice
v«n mined over to Uiv military iinU.urilbw,
and. niter eivuun.uluti, lumd of them ecu!
by a«g cf truce to Ilsur dcniu&tlon.
The Postmaster General ha* instructed
posiiuasicra lo fonvitnl to the Dead Letter
otlic*:. c\cci*t lu special ca'cs. all kticr* re
maining uc« laxuud nmt month after bclrg
• instead of two months, m for*
in conclusion. he mka the considcrulmu ->i
LVugrefcJ of tii> rode* of la»a «;.J-
Clituil by him at the ls*t session, which l?
tntltjir u dk'eM of evictin'' postui law*.
capture or Tin:. atGsAPGUis.
The Vossel Taken by Robe)
Tin: 01 tucks ati.uk ui at wu.mmit.
rTron* the Sew Yt-rt Tims*, l'«. to.)
The f.-iluwint' diep.i'ri* ns- rs
iclvcd h) Mr. t rMuHeil Ihh mon-in^.
Poirrmiai'. Wednesday, Dec. 9.
11. !’• Cjoramdl a (••.».:
cletnuT Clieiafcak*: wa» raptured twenty
u.ih-A >'. N.K. »;:i C’-peCod ul !.:/.» a, in. on
.Monday itioroiiiK l y r-Ih-I* who. left AVw
York as p;JUttmiTu Scc*‘ad kiJltai
r ..tl thrown ovetboard. Chief J.::clncer unit
Mi.tv, Wi,WT*dni. “
C:.pt. Wiik-tt* end rrev were ’asdcdal st.
.b'los thb uerairr.
T i.n (>v-r?H'njct' carried u crew <*oapi?ting
rl Cupiain, two Inal* li, two two
cm.l ] '-.'‘Cf?, fj;;r m,n buforii luc in.-set. eu.ik
end rtuward. Tiir sc; it.c tva* m idc during
the lour of miJcunt. and l>at >-mc-sv*; u
hi> cu deck and but twumrn Islhccn^iiK?
Yhe cav’ ft l a »>** l retired, tmd tim*, while
tL»-y wine- *in*r-tly -Ufjiimr. w««* thh ontnty**
ectJimltti d. Tuc seco'. d engineer. Hr. Onn
Shuthr, oiidoul Ictlly had charge of tbr
cV-.tiw, and in u;l orulnthllity met hb i.vtv
tbiodgh Mb hra»« ry‘ !!•: lui- iK-sn a lorn:
i iii.c iii the employ ((hi? iine, and tins alw .«y < *
vt i. the i« -{*••■, l a?id (fkom ofU« wtaploycfa.
Ik- ’vs« » *otu.*; li.-ij', and leave* owiP-and
tl’.iULrw.. The chief nulur-er, Jntuca Johnion,
Jr.d chhf nrule. Chas. Johnson, both of this
eity, wcr>- WT.m.ded
Sercn p-ifsencvrs übtidued their ticket* at
the oieet. aiul'ttiuoui: them Was one who
rtntvdlo th»M*rrk tlmt p? wus an old —vs
e-pluin, arid prcjcrrrd this mode of reuclking
Vortlimd ca account of in being the plena*
M;te*t end cl:«.ip»-;. Bcforo'sbr -tHrtcd eoi:j
--titter-u perron* were counted «r. U-'r decs,
uml as ll ia u-ual in tbi? line for }K‘rv'as to
*-ii without having parchitocd their t:c , t*n4,
rolMuc• v.’Bfc
hue leli lull of CPluh>(<Uj£ of cotton,
rags, provision* and ccncml mvrc'aaJu*e.
r*hc uiity carried about (hitty te>ui of coal,
wl.iclj U in. n-'p t*> lost hr*’for the* round
trip, tii.d had not mon* than three dayt.' coal
.t Use t'.u.e of her c-jdur'-, ro that the rrbcl*
• unnut ~ s ■Yrry f-r nitl» her. She carried
• v,-u cr.r,p, sV; initdvr:, onj \-ra?* the other
Ire n, iovc ra! rsNolvt-rr, >»r.d-ome nihvr drs*
It It r.v - . Ui"*c whether tk-.ro wj, any
pc-wOcr mi I uir.h hut ii In eappo-sJ there
i.c! L.Her »h;l* wav swa'ii «ad c*u
:u-’. !•<. upon. There wi.a uo war
f‘»V. atV rht txlui-of Mu* Trsrclii «»«r oib,*
H<’, ]i u not kr.**'vu wh-Yliwr tho cargo vva*
Inrtned, Tav t“s»pf*?*i I* -vpvrted to 'em re
Uiv- to day. »bu tkeu ’.l'.* fi..l p-.ftlculary will
The strain propeller Clirseprfike i*m own*
si by 11. RX.WiW.'!f, of this (l*v, t:;J Was
a •pkm'i.’. vvf.scl In «.«ry rcspccL tilt* Ww*
built :U I 6 *’*' t* v *l. A, Wfl-o.Tv rU—W43 -i'lJ
t-’kt 1 n-dcß. and 1! fscl dr?ft of.wuio?, built
of 0.i1., pcLbonur ritgod, and lut-l « diivct
tetmt; *,iicin>’ of AAiibree power •. one e.vlln*
dcr of »d hid.** hdi? 4d-lacu pivtou. Her or*
diutiv rj «nl w«« from 10 to ii knu*-, but
cht l.‘ u.d i.c driven at the i-tc c-f i*. i.ii.cr
]<erl*t>ur. sh** iu * alvv.iy * b vn * p. , 1‘
boot oo'UtU ti.'Bt*. nhd wat Uiv Tc3»«l which
rhiitcd Captain lb.ud. of lhe Tacouy, at the
;iun'-* , f hi. ftmoo* t'*ruj in Portland
dune il.', HPkJ in capturing isia Vca
tel, (La sclttKincr Archer.
n utijfh : ARrirrtAns.
{r'l'kCl lV* N* v. W : -M. Tl-r m ]
t-T- *.•„ at the ♦ •lliee of the
Cromwell Lix.>' *-u Wctincrjay. mqU a*kfu
iHini.u?»oii 10 toi*v the U»t of i!u* Ciic-4-
neuki;*e tm-s-nULr*. Marshal Murray Has
CiiTCifJnC hi«! Iletul rll'.Tey and dle
osctitoj fiiilnu tun fuel-* that bare bovtt
vcclcd in relation lo lh-> rebel pirate-. He
plr.r. m wr.** mui ronfUc.src the
C'Ut*j*ik*sM* .•rh:Sn<’.t. J In Canada, art! that
tht- rlmHe were. urn.etl nod in tb.il
province. A uUr.cc :.t the pa*aeß?er tat
ij.w;,*. tiwwnw: IsuM upon the ()ai"tioa,
»'ui tht i . lx has" not been acromed to
tjw. J rf! .s i;r,r r!j«. ’United Static authorities.
V» e rro rot j>warc that direct appUwiiotiM-a*
Tr.r-t*« hr the latter to make d..dn-l lnr*>tl
ration. . . .
The crew of the Clu-s-.; ■'akf ccn.*;*tcu of
r.t or.t twt ntv mer. There wir.* b-.i. few pis
h- r.-cr* l-r.-i’io the rebel plrr.ii:*. The supply
<: li’xvS-io:.? on bo-jfil vr>i not Urtrv. ”
Ae *K-wos tnltch py*;ci?i'jn of at
1 ,.V1i-rU uu ilcndaj im«rutnr, It Isproha
l';* the captain was asleep, a.> the ran?* dun*
v t r tt« :>a:l of the\oyauo w «
«»-nvn:ii Lf.htr Island and Marina's vineyard
Sound?, ,
The M-oood rtjjincer, killed, wua Onn
Shatter of tiiUci y. He leaves a wife end
cLPdrcn. The chief engineer, James «Kdm
srti:, rxd rjiivf mate. Charles .!obu?.»D, both
of thUriiy. wtrv wo-af/led.
TU Mb' Wing U a list of the clScenof the
Captaic. .T, Wide;*; rhei Officer.«W*"-
ton-‘W.-i.d OCfc-r.. D-nUI Htndon; Third OiS*
*’hU’f Engineer. Jaa. J«hn.
B«*v>nd KnTinr'T. Orln SMfIV
Thlt'd Rufclucer. A. Hcrab&j; Ihnr-;,.
Kelley? ftewardcM, Urnuic llorvuln.
Tin CTiCt»pcal:*; bad a caitro ofeotjar, raus,
t'.iton, and a Urcc muaber cf small pack.*
°~lltCTc arc several hunJrcdr of dlsehsrgod
blockade ranccr- at large lu this city, Phila
delphia and Poston. Many of them are co.U
heaver* and common fallow. Among them,
however, an; men of cuoc-illon and ••irc
devi! enterprise, who sro on excellent tern
with the Copperheads, and fully prepared to
S?o a steamer or etl im to a wit J yard- A
larce imnibtr uf ilieso men have violated the
blockade with impunity, and when captured
tbtv have iHildlv claimed their di-cb«r;c
upon taking the oath that they were forvlgs
on* Manv of them, as won us they were
dlpclmr-ttl. would return to the banat* of
fecctfsloo end rcshlp in other hloc.udo vm
etlb? Indeed. s*-inc of them lute been caught
half a dozen limes, always claiming to be
fuulraL, when they really were aggressive
1 The Captain of the EUa, and Anna ha# been
funded by the in Boston, and w now
the mnch-mlmlrcd pet-of a clique of snobs
and scceMlunlrts of that citv. lie puts up at
a ntrl-cbas hotel, la honored with evils, and
wined and dined to the great dl*gnst of the
patriotic lxople of Beaton.
The stm-U of New \otk are thronged with
mcnwhoon*;ht to bn In Fort Lafayette. Some
of them have been caught over and over again
running the blockade. but they lave tbua fur
escaped Just pnnWhmcat, under the plea that
Uit-v were the subjects of a foreign power.
Thev bare their private consultations, their
crips tod pass-words, flrd they watch for op-
POrtuolUt* to render aid and comfort to the
rclMa The* need watching. Oar detect
ives should he upon their tmefc.. They may
seize other vessels and murder unotfcudlng
cllircna to accomplish their puq>o*». Only
vesterday, James O’Ncih aprlsouer sent North
from-the blockading squadron, Was sent to
Fort LaCivelle for attempting to Wow up a
Union cun boat and all on board by throwing
a keg of powder lute the furnace of the ves
gucu I* the character of the desperate
rmi who arc let loose In onr city, and we
Jiave little doabi that the xn«u who seizial
the Chvwpcahc were formerly blockade run
ner*. ~ >•
\£T A considerable stock of sheep, horse*
and cows arc being Imported Into the United
StaleSf hvm Canada, for the use of the mili
ary market.
CST’Thc ialernil rerenve tit jiatd by cltf
tMU of daring the y«rend*
ing September 1,1833, amotoU to 13,430,497.
a car in m ima.n !
II was on Windermere, one annoy evening
ls«t autumn but one. that-the following ad
venture was told rue by a kindly, middle-aged
gvsntb-raan, whose pleasant acquaintance I
had made at the hotel where 1 was staying.
We had coxae oot with the Intention of fish
ing, and were anchored about twenty yards
oil shore, on the farther side of tbolakc; but,'
finding the perch In no humor to ’ blto vrhiio,
the biin was so high, we sat chsttlng and
smoking, and watching the purple sluvlows
steal slow ly up tbe side of the great hills that
guard the head of the lake, biding our time
patiently till the fish should be hungry
enough to he tempted by our bait, ,
I bad Incn taking u walking taut through
Lakeland, and my companion had made the
aaveut of Fairfield on the previous day; a«
that our comcmtloc, working gradually
rv>cod from divergent points, at U-ngth fell
naturally on nedcatrianlstn. and the amount
cfbvalth ana pleasure to be . derived from
traveling through a country on fool, and U
fki upon this bint that my companion spoke
When 1 was a young fellow, said he—that
is to ear, more tbau thirty feummera ago—l
w as as loud of walking tours s* any anybody
The first I ever took wu*. through Cbrnwau,
whoa I was hut a lad of seventeen, ou-which
occujion 1 met w Ith a little adventure which,
with >v-ir uood pleasure. I will relate to you,
us soon Oa T have lighted another cigar.
With a rlx vrciks* holiday lu vlow. before
returning t-> the dtudgvry of ii.y father 5 * of-
Uw, and with a ptme not badly supplied, 1
set out on my tour, determined to enjoy my
«i-lf after my ov-u free and independent fi»n
Ion; and, to thoroughly exploru thc ronmu
lane country, I had' clio&tU a« tae ftceoes of
my wanderings, which vra* at Ihut time little
better than a Otto iucng*u<i to tbcordluaiy
nm of tourists, who firmly bribrvud they
have bicu evuryihing that wa* worth seeing
afters taring a few boars In each of the prin
cipal towns, .aud viewing the Intermediate
country fiotu the top of a coach or the win-'
do* sof a poti.-ehalsc. For my part, 1 dis
dained all guide books uml ru*d map*, and
never knew, w hen I set out in the morning,
what *pol would be ray resting place at
rdgbt. I delighted lu the croiu*ru*da and
i*4>bt:lM lam.*, and riieejr-track* among the
hills; and fcot-vuth and by-way that led irum
the rio?ty profoile IdgU-ro-d, had allurement
forme that I could rarely rcriri. 1 had bc -n
Ir-edhigthia pK»sant soil of .life for about a
fortnight, gradually working wy way south
westward toward* thr.r-<a, when lute one r.f
tcinoor.—agloCTry"overcoat afternoon, uc 1
w ell rauum twr-i overtook a pedlar arai >i>g the
fills,’u German Jew follow, with a b<*\ imag
ine ttoiu a tittup Over Mr. •ihoaldcr; and, aa
the read was v» ry lonely and we both hap
i'tiiwd to fc atlng the ?: mo way, we naturally
rill Into rouvdrfeatUv.i; far In those days I wxi
ulwayr tfady to make the acquaintance of
Tie road vi were traveling was little mnw
loan :1 hrldie-pfttli among the bilif*, widen 1
h.m taken b>chance, neither kuowlug nor
eaih'irwfciti.erlt might Uadme; and was to
biirii *t li< cl that I u’lbWiTuil luy companion
i\ i.cli lit; Hi ked mr fur what {-luce 1 W.w
bonr.d. He greeted my answer with u smile,
und a litlK* shrug of the shoulders, which
snmVt vUlwr \>t one of pVty »t th** Ultra any
rf-tiocnl hting finding pleasure or proiii
In euels a-uil;i4 wand.tic:;*, ur one of
dir-btliif at ■■riii.t h«* jeGwps considered
a too (raunparcji au*.Qipc to impose
njou hie eicuiiJiiy. Afb r I nidging along
in sloncr font short time, he remarked that
l.e was Ihjuual for a ccruau tuwu. wUcli he
nuintil, sonic (h>/cn mi!<aw iy; that ins lud
batch the it-aa through tin* UUa, bopinc It)
lij.d a ncatcrcui ; lieu he had nocr bcuu (hut
way before; unu that he h.al huirJ th.:rc Wan
*a fondtiMc inn a iul!c or two further c?».
vhcie *tc could probaMy ol min .u-eoii-motiii
tlv-n. for U*e nlijht, ua It %Vc"’ I 'a- dark in lv»s>
than an hm:r, a.ml to til. to imd one’*
wuj ?.ero-36 liu moots ailor dark, wunhi k >c
tlo'htf-.Lt of folly. He c*.m-Iud»«l by
jut Whvthvi’■ l’*thl not Want a bj-U tviM stool
wr.tcli, or a ebaiu, or a rinz. or *• JirciU*;p;n, -
or a tit of <-r M of which he
would let l < bavciit uruli- iiiouah lnwriu’irtf.
bis utleuipta to trade uf uo
avail, he*hiXkn:>.u poili-d
sj» hh* t*ov i iit;it; higher or. his b-v'-, and be
O’tnintj on the h'.flayt, otfeted
me hi? l*o\ fliil of choice foreign tobuivo, at:d
•wyuosted a Vr.tnily rift as the l>cT. allevia
■tion of the (oil* o’j the wav; a proj.-osUloo
to which I reailUy uitrtul, for, yauibi < l> T
Aif, 1 had harm d the art <*f T-moklui:. Ami
»o, ivulklua-, p.'unLJhu-and rhattiiiit plcaiantly
together an hoar or ni ore s-xil n uickly a way:
J kuew in-»t how nearly dark it Wie (ill my
couij .mien jndfctud to a faint t wluia'i in
the dietar.ee, end JocUn-d tiut it muat pr-a*
;*cvd fiotn the iiu. ' >*f which wo were
in t-ncsl. \ have said noihlm? hitherto to
the jHironalajpearwccc of my ]*cdlar fri<;ul.
la person he was thin and win, with keen,
ir.ot!U frntcire, .‘■lj.'.ri entd sndlnteneltlcd by
tl o < iin> Umralnhiif of many years. In
hi* Plight hratty, or nahtr'morc: and ht*
lujir pud heard.’both uf Uicni ionc and tan*
L -J< d. nt.d cmc i>lack, wcr« now lost becont-
ing grviV. Uc wan snidt gold cirrl t?
IhrouslT hi* t«M. 1M spoke good .Krgl*i?h.
mil with a slight f«jTciuuaccent; nutl, tically,
I gathered from hit* bras*-tettcred box th.it
Ids r;.rtu* was M«i Jacoby.
Tr.p.ingtlcwlv upward, wc at length rcscU
td U.o eumaiii‘r.f the UU, and found our*
scire* cicie to tlic imi of Which, Were in
m arcli. Th; light w« bad seen p«> far a way
* roc*'*iUd trr.m a lantern en**puuUd from u
roof of o rude shed dote to the inn, where :i
tall brawny xouiiu savage, of most forbidding
wjo.llftcflug eoiuo rude repair* to a
rlcbtfy tumble uov. n cart. There was a
*-itlii, too, iu at lead one room ofllu* lun, as
v ; i- raw through a cbiuK in tfcc Avoodcu *-'.nV
with which tlie window aa'us j:a!ontly
cuardtd; vthcfA»i«e, i.l»* pli»«v *«.«-«urd dark,
t'.lcxit am! leiiiuiUt-.*-. On Inquiring of the
~onngs«A'ftgv TThetlierArc coulu bcarcosuno
d;iu<l fur' the- uight, lio nplied Uut
; d tiul know, but that wo bail
' ‘‘cr knack at IV-door and n*k the ma-»t«*r.
>’ot iking in the habit of-knocking at the
Jowre **f c«‘UntrVjun», I lilted *l;tlatch. in
t.iuiitn; Jo walk* lu without cnromo'nv: but.
tinting that ibe rtogr would not. yield Ift tin
rilorls, I wa» yhllced, after .ill, to accept the
, - »"«i knock. A delay
of* Titlf a 01 limit ur cu, and then theuuoi
opened ii.* Jar the thcln within would al
low, and the landlord stood before in
tjuuißg what avc- wanted. Cuuld he aceuju
module ua lor the muld? **e asked. lie
tubbed hi? hand slowly over lib* chin. mured
.1 u.onu-nt, tmd llu-u replied that lie thought
he ould perhaps do mi, ur.:a»muir.g the chain
rt the sa:;.* tVo admit ua
Wo lonci onrs.hcs In u room ufeouddor
nbli-'slrc. poorly funi**jcd AYith a few chrdra
t .d two übJcß «*r the commonest kind, hut
looking cheerful Ju&t then hy the liirht ol the
j.irge iitc bcnuiiL' at omtoml of it*o count.
.Jctol '• drew a chair up iu Uu* flic with ait air
uijbjnn.nl, andr«dh.A'ed'hln».«cifondoWt,
rdavltitf It -luse by ids m.lc where ho could
I »»-p a’halfr vc con-Untly upon It, re >u»aline
i ,ca; tb<- k Unit: to order Acmt I pleas-.-S
for suj P» r. The Inmllo.d had dlaappottrrd In
to an inner room cr kitchen, from width
them now issued, in .Answerto my summon*,,
it uU, big-ln-utii inu'.uUo woman, alllred bui
check cotton pawn, and having a red ’fcet
cldifl-ounu mound h.r mad. Thb.api-ari
?[on wru' rft unexpected, and seemed yo ntc<o
ludUrmie and out of place hi a lop'ly Curul-h
Inn, that I could not help bursting Into aa
irrepressible‘at of Itmgnter as the woman
t.Tt piK'd forward into tin* room: but the dark
in»wi that clu»»ed away thcpoM-calnred eriu
wllh which she had jn>t creel**! me, warned
m« not to carry »ny amusement 100 far.
On strict Inquiry, the capabilities of the
liouec resolved tuemrelvva Into an mtUrnlt
cd supply of cpirA and Picon; so wc were
fain to give oar'order* accordingly. After
llie remnant* of-the nival liad Lota clt-wcd
aw AA, the landlord Idm*cU'entered the room
t». whot Arc wonld like to drink. Crr
lainiv a T'-jj !«w •ir.oi.th ,
verv’rtltJiTcnt from that of a redo comitry
iaudlonl. He avsk a largs-hnltt, fleshy roan,
a red. frtsh-colonid, whlskeriws fare,
which pwvv you, at Slrat glance, the idea of
iTifct comi-iutunv tojhhincd with an vpial
umvuiii oftlftild imlolcnec; but when those |
heavy ovcrhaitpinglids avc re fairly rabid, ;
r.rd vou caught a mil glance from the grey ,
.cfttfiss rrirji beneath them—-reeilcss ami 1
trccchcrousaf. thfjAt- of n tfger—llicn yoa fell
that there w-*a nothing good natnrvd about
him—that there Avas an iron will to do and.
to dare bcmuth that Inipu#.-dvc exterior.
Jacoby tfhoec *om.; whisky on the land
lord's rvcommvntlatloii, and I ordered »tum
bler of tins same, morv lor “ the v,«*od of the
mtusv." us U.« saving is, than l>eo»uce I carod
to diluk It.. Uu Jacoby 's.invitaUon, the land
ion! came and joined us; fc-rlhc peddler avas
fond of tocl' ty, ami probably thought Ue «aW
tfjmt! cliruce of driving a bargain: at all
cTvOU', after Imbibing a s;:a»a or lavo oi w liia
kv, he grew more ialktilirc than evcr r and
at liflctl Ids box on bis knees, opened It,
nnd spn'ad «»ot on the table a •manllty of
cheepjtweln which looked very briThtand'
v .Uterine M Vaudlc light, bat wa«, In rctfliiy,
of very small lutnnelc value, and • ndeavor-
Uut bv a voluble and cncitivlic harangue, to
leuipt the landlord into becoming n pumlmC'
cr. That calm end scntcntlons Individual
examined Ihe bauble* one hj one, replaced
them care hilly on the tabic, and cudt*d by
expressing lira op'mlou of them by a luve 1
silent laugh and two or three extra pun I
from his i.lpe; thereto inUmatlng ns plilidy i
as though he had said In so many Atonfa, i
“UuMdsh. every hit of U; don’t attempt to ]
deceive me v ’ . ‘ _ • ‘ ;
Jacoby, with a shrug, put away hfa warc?.
rlcscd his Iwx, ami resumed hfe. Mpe,-A
eratcful space of silence tutervcoco. The .
peddler vm drinking heavily, and the lawl- |
ford took cure to keep Ids glass coiulMiuy
rtplmlsbed. Before loop the elfcota of the !
lien liquor began to make themselves visible
In Lis flushed fate, mid thick, unatewdy tone; ;
that mixture of shrewdness aod caution i
which, to far aa I could Judge, characterised
his dealings with every one, seemed sudden
ly to deter! Win; -he became at once noisy,
fcoattiui and confiding. ... . n !i«.
u Pvc romcthlng here, now. that U win do
your eyes good to look at» he excWmo«l*
drawlnc a email leather bag from some bid
dentm&et. “Gurus of the first water, -&e
bereft herelWhatdorou say
and he poured Into Us hand a. numbtf of
emall briUlauU, JIU of them unset, which
even lo that 1 Isll ,V fwif "the
tn-« •*#»nr clippicge fron tlie
SStUltol Orioo., “OJ.
I love TOU,” said Jacoby, fondly.■ • *«» re
ca-ilcr to cany-than sUfcror gulij, oad far
more pretty to r look at. - A ragged cost Is
sot always thoßign of a poor, man," maslcr
landlord J” . . ' !
Heehookhl* bead with drunken gravity;.
gave another look at his treasure; then de
posited then) in the- bag; and then by a
eliglit-of-haud movement disposed of the bag
uud its contents aboat bis person. . The land
lord’* heavy eyelids were lifted In . surprise
ss the peddler held oot the brilliants in hfa
palm; and be greeted them with a lung,
stealth; glance from the corners of his greedy,
treoebaocs eyes, then let his. eyelids fall
train, and Kent on with his Blacking as
though then; 'Were no each things as dia
monds in the world. >
, “ Tou do not drink, youog gentleman.”
Bald the landlord to muaflcra white, lam .
afraid the whisky 1b not to your taste.”-
“The whisky Is very cxccllcut, I have no
doubt,” I replied,.” but I rarely driuk spirit*
ot any kind, especially when F fiavo n long
dsv’» walk, before me on the Morrow.”
... Then, ]>crha|i6, yon will allow me to brew
' you ii cup laj'tia-’aU. 1 learnt the art wbvh
i wa# ayoungfdlow kaocklug about Faria,
end 1 Hatter myself that X can do it tolerably
w ell. And you, too, Mr.. Fuddier, would be
none the worse for a drop ofrcoifec. What
doyonpivyl” •
‘‘Just h* too like, Mein just na you
like. This Urlnk which I have here i« venr
good, but I scpi<ose 1 have had enoughofit.”
The lam Horn to work, with alacrity, ami
in a few mluuies produced an excellent cup
of cuthe, such, cvttaiuly, as I had never
. tasted iKifurc.. immediately after the coll on
vraa ready, the little clock In tbe comer
struck ten. and. ou hearing It, both Jacoby
and I arose, and asked, to ho shown to oar
ioccib, for Mr had the prospect of & long
t.-amp l ef.'ru us tbe next ilay. The mulatto
women and the young savage had retired
mm- time before, so the landlord in person,
ligl.u door cundk-i and ushered us up the
; rickety stairs, on the top of which we found
oum-lve* In u gloomy corridor lighted from
the roof. Lining duors opening out of it on
t ither side. My room was at ouc end of this
tasfage.'and Jacoby's at- the other. Tholand
fc.nl having s<-cn each of us luto his room,
Lade ns a ciavrful good-night, and the next
luoircnt I heard the crcftkhig of tbe stairs
us be vent down Into the lower * arts of
tbo house. I was about to close my duor,
when Jacoby called to me from hid room,
” Cicod old fellow I • Pon t oversleep
y'fcir In in’ moruiug.'’ I rcaj-outied to his
cjectitig. end then closed and locked the
uoor. The Uid-ruotu, like every other part
of tie LourC I bud eccu, v.:ia ;-our!y ami ecan
ti’.y furnished, mid w.aa of mi olu-iushioucd
luUilde down Across thd whole
length of the low ceiling ran a thick, heavy
M«u», fiaro Uie middle of which stood out
o small, strong hook, which at
once connected itself in my mind with the.
idtaof sumeunt- ccdent suicide; the floor, in
many places, was rough and uneven; tin
window culisiafed Of tmiuil diaiuoud pane*
set iu lead, and iaj-red with iron; tbo door
wasot old bhek ouk; ami time wo* a de
ecent of two bloj»s In the room.
I bad sat dow nto uOt« these things, and
and was partly undtrswl. when X suddenly
•luiiibtcu (uiward, uud found that i hud uu
cnnsciucf !y pone to sleep while silting In tbe
di:.ir A deadly sinp4»rnnd lethargy, such nr
-1 had never expVrionced before, su-emtJ sud
denly to weigh down both my body arid brain.
1 gni up but could scarcely stand: aad whe?i
X «Uuj!pted to walk I reeled forward towards
the b«<l like u drunken man, nud sank with
ojy i;«-vl on tbe j-lliow, weighed down with »
Ccavimv* uimpcukutde, and knew nothing
morv. The - cotftre had undoubtculy t>ceu
iiow luog 1 slept 1 evur.ot tell— wheth-jr
hmtrs or m\uuU» only—when X suddenly
iocnd uijsdf NiUiuc up In bed, ttemMing
wiib horror, and with a wild cry of agony
ringing shrHy through my brain.
Tl.t--sharp, intense cry of one iu din*ex*,
treinlty. VV bo*o voice it w»a that gave ut
terance to it, and from what pan of the.
)u,um. it proceed* I 'd, I could not teli; I only
i.T.tvv that, vvi:Lontauy preliminary wakiug,
U t‘ie, I found myteif pitting up
iu bed, staring with wildly-heating heart into
Uie m;ei'*c lUfkin-rs arauuid me, net remcui
bcrli-g for the moment «hvro I was, my.
bmurstill ring.ng with that terrible cry. JMt
Iliad barclJv time to gather my scattered
nits toguiLer, when, lolloping oulckly oo
the ety, came the pound of a pistol shot, evi
dently* clo«e fit hau«l; then a heavy fall on
the floor; and then ull vo^Miil.
I hrtl < ailed to my niiml b,. this time where
1 was, and mil the occurrence* of the weatng;
•-ud ou UuiriugUie fchot I b;aj*cd out of the
Led and made tor the door, nml niter groping
about for a moment omwo hmnd iu Iliad
locked rise door Kdore gettiio; Into heel, and
now unfa.-riced it. >»ui, on'attompilng to
open It. found tlui 1 could uotdo so, Itwu*
eTMuiily fattened ojuid»*; but for what
yur]><pter Uaditbcuu done to prevent uie
irons going t<» tbe u*»|s»imce of Use pwidlcr?
T; i t cry, that phtul thot—poor Jacoby mud
have been mnnlercd In his bed. nud It would
I*- n.v turn tunt. l)wd men tell uo talcs. .
1 wafk ~lfbout arms, except a email clasp
hi.jc—ft knife which I Lad had when a
f hid. ;.ml niu carried - from long habit.
Tlii# xvyuld probably he r.f little or. no ser
tfer In any cntrlujr'raporptcr. hot 1 irot 11
tffirty, ccreitbdcae, tying my lißbdkervblrf
ar* ure' thuhatlbuoa to obtain a firmer grip.
Niilhirglu the room that 1 could hare piled
arduft the door could hare opposed for one
n-.rmvrt tbr entrance o( any one determined
oif coming in. I rxamhied the wlnclotT
etpain, hopim; to lindsalUelcnt apace betwwo
li,c curs to T-Uuvv of my treeplrg through
and dropping to the c;round; but the hope
proved faille. I groped my way back to
ihi- >-’.kl, and ««t dov non tbc edgy of it. I
. tntuhlcd no longer. The first Bnrprkc wu*
iiVsT, and, although the BUsputM* Was tcr
tPk.T prviATvd to meet the worst that Could
}i:.p..vn t.« nu*. I fc’t very cold, chilled
to the marrow, to I laid down my knife for a
moment, find wrapped tuy imveliug plaid
t artfully round me. Mt thought* wandered
r.vtny to’jiij* umtloT. Uow she would wou-
dtrwhr! hud become of her hoy. and sit at
tv w*; with wd patience, month alter month,
Wf.Jtln;r to greet him who would never cro*&
the tfcicsbbold more: bnt a little sob that
Lurid irrepressibly from my heart warned me
not to cive way, and recalled my tlumgbU to
♦ hi* immluvrit* danger before me. Yes, 1
nuahl sell my *if- klcarly. If they did not
shoot tm* dvAvu h**rort‘ 1 hue time to make
uiiv vtiort for my deliverance. Hot why did
thiy m\l wine! ’
A dcath-like silence reigned through the
hon*e, not h whisper, net « toot-fall, a silence
and darkness of the crave Uilense and herd-
Mo, um long to bo"liorne without matlue^o.
Wa* n. v bedroom door really fast ? Hod I,
In rev baste, c-vtunlneil It .sufficiently
to be sure of the fact?' 1 rose «ml groped
rnywaytothr door, and examined ft core*
luiir i'-nln, assuring toyt-elf thU time that It
n,;i4t iuilU he tccurtM on the other elde.
As I tal A V< (ore, there was n descent ot two
Mo].* Into the room; and, bjj I moved my
hnn* feel alonsr tlicK eten? In my el
icits to open ‘ the door, i slid one of
;K‘ic into a told liquid pool of some
<» v Uich was trickling slowly into the
romii, I frit buck as tbomrh I had been *Uut,
1 was l.«t u ln»v, remember, nnd Imd scarcely
recovered from a lomr Hlncss brought on liy
over «*m)v: my nerves tv«.rc still iveak. and
lid* lust honor was more than 1 could uenr.
A aleJcjiM?. a# of death, crept over me; my
svjv-cs hit me, and i fell to the lloor.
tVl.cn I required mv consciousness, the
room was still unite dark; hut the outline of
thcwhulcw stood out,-n faint gray square,
from the summndioc darkness, and I knew
that the blessed daylight woe at hand. 'VUh
u shudder I drew myself farther away from
the door, away into the farthest cad of the.
nM.w, and there crouched np against the
wnll.sat, eapccilng I knew notwliat.
The terrible stillaesß which ha<l oppressed
run so heavily before, still reigned through
the houfe. Not tbu faintest murmur of a
v-'let , not the lightest footfall on the floor,
ljiv-s.hue itr b" b-rr**. TVh; L-< 1 I oeen fa*t
cnid up In that gloomy roomy Did they in- ,
tend to kwe me to starve? But for What
rmposc? What had become of Jacoby*
vV.i- it who hadclvcn utb.nncc to the cry
of aconv In ihedark? I exhausted a thon- ,
sand conjecture* w I crouched In my comer, i
watching the dawn slowly brighten, usd still ,
keeping'mv eve* Used on the door, under I
which I know a thin red strewn was slowly
oozing. I could fee it nt lost—a shining
, patch on the dark oak step, where U had
inilec drop by drop during the long
idaht hours. 1 could not take u»y eyes offlt;
thrv formed wedded to it by tnmo fascina
tion. I watched It while the day broadened
by imperceptible decrees. I got up after a
time cud "cm slowly towards It. 1 must
trvtUcdcor again. Perhaps, with daylight
to'iwid-t me, I mitht discover some mode of
e«cnj»e. Ah, tvhai a g?eal dark patch still
creeping idowly under the door! Slowly ,1
av osoachcd U-rueawvaud nearer ’
Thank Heaven! not blood, but water!
In tb« revulsion of feeling caused by lid*
discovert - , I sr-nkon my knees by' the aide of
the btd/and bunt into a passion of nubs anti.
t< an, and. became thereby stronger and cola-.
ir, and again felt the sweet hopes of life
nestle wnnuK around the heart.
On Benin tf* Ins the door, which wo*strong
end heavy, nnd made of dark old oak, I nicer-,
talnrd for a fact that It wa* fastened on the
outside; the keyhole I found to be covered
bv a pltte on the other fide. I tarefnlly ex
amined the window once more, but the iron
ban were too dose and strong loatfonlnjc
the silliest chiu.cc of escape that way. The
'rUUnneri* too, after a glance was abandoned
‘f hopeless. ' ~ ’ •
That unaccountable «UUues& still con-'
ttaued, alibuOirh It was now brood day. I;
would bleak it at any risk. happen whit,* |
might. I Went hack to the door and shook.
U, and hsllccd wllh all ray strength, nailing ;
J.icoby and Ihtlandlord by name;, but there,
enmo no* re*|>ot)SC. save a.fewdull echoes,
and, when they dial away, silence fell onihe
place ouce more. - ■ >;■; ;
There was a email ocroVclrculaj opening,
near the top of-the ’door, andprobablyin-.
tended originally os a mesne of ventHatlon to
the n*om, and cast lug about for some way pf
escape, the thought struck me that bv got-,
tlugon o chair ana looklngthnmgbthe open
ing, I ml<;ht ascertain sometbtog that would
he of eirvlce to too Nesrt moment I had •
placed one of the two rlckeUy ctalrehcar
the door,- and, with caution,
fbend that mv eye* were exactly on a level
with tl:« apertne. ' On looking through, my
first the floor ofwopaa-.
msv, - the -‘thread •of wnt*v M»d
IritUg lk btck< w, rt «srxw ; to thedoorgf
! l-i-
Jacoby's room, which,* as staled before, win
opposite mine, at the other end of tbe pas
sage, sod which I novrsuw, as I followed the
stream with my eyes, wasfitaudlnsfwlde wpeh
, Having traced the thread of water tUMt was
lost behind tbo. angle of the'entrance to the
peddler’s room, • my-glance fell on a small
drcseing-table standing In the room exactly
opposite the door? and from the dressing
table went op to an oval looking-glass placed
thereon, ana then stopped snudenly trans-,
fixed with hurrah at seeing tbo reflection of
a ghastly face bluing intently at me from the
glass. ■
U was the fact of Jacoby, without doubt;
so ranch I coaid clearly distinguish; bat,' al
though Uie half-open lips seemed grinning at
mu In bitter derision, It was none tbe less of
a dead men. I
That my poor friend hud.been foully mur
dered £ could not longer doubt; but bow did
It .happen that 1 hail escaped a similar fate.
There wss the white face, changeleM ami
epeechlesa: but beyond that*oil was conjec
ture aud vb£us surmise. I gbt down gently
from my poet of observation, feeling very
sick fit heart, aud more overcome just then,
I tidtik, with pity for. the Bad fate of my
friend, than with apprehension for what
might happen to myself. Still that same
death-llke uud oppressive sileucc, so tlxafc the
burring of u fly on the window souuded In
(he BtlUnus unnaturally loud and Intrusive.
More impressed than ever with Uio noc«a
rity for immediate action,.! began, m boon n*
1 bed In some tueosnre recovered from tim ef
feet ofteeieg the face In the glass, to east
about In my wind again for some means of
effecting nij escape. Licking op niykuf/p
from the floor, where It hod lain neglected for
some hoars past, I at once set to work U> try
to cat away one of the ouneU of the stoat-out -
door, hut I broke my knife before 1 hod been
at woifc five minutes, and then gate up the
attempt In despair. There wtm a dreadful fas
duatlou about that face la the glass, which 1
found it inmoteihle.toresist; and standing on
(he chair. i again looked through the opening
in t tie door, “and turned my eyes vlowly o
ward:- it, half expcctlmrJo lin’d it had dbnp
{icartrd. Hut it was stilt there, a» grim giiast
y usd immovable as before. The pallid lips
m erm-dto stir with inaudible words as 1 look
ed; but the wide-open eyes stored #teadfa»t
lyirto my mine with -aglnasy chaueclcaemuw ,
of e> p row lon that chilled my blood to look !
(lathering heart somewhat, after ft time, I
j-Liila went tu work on the door with my :
broken knife; laboring on, hour alter hour,
with Wearying persistence, l>ul making such
cundl progress that, hud. 1 not felt that my
life depended on the auceers of my effort*!
should have given op the tasknlmiulred times
in .despair.
Keen cjitnu and went. A dull, gnawing
pain began to make itself felt, which I knew
iiroce.drd from the want of food, though
lunger, in the ordinary si use of the word, I
did not led. I began to get weaker, too, as
the ailcnicou advanced, and to labor like a
man in a dream. 1 think that altera time i'
mast la.vc 1 alien into a Lind of stupor, la
dect-d by wearing* and exhaustion, ns I s.it
fniorc the door with my bead resting In my
lui.tb. \i Iku I c.uije to myself again 1 found
that tlie wind bud risen, and that the tirst
Shades, of evening were beginning to creep
into ihe room. '1 stood upC Weary, rick, and
faiolat heart, and uricvd myself how It would
u«; {K'sbil.Je tu live through another bight all
kluso in Uiat' terrible house. 1 calculated
that, even by daylight and mv full etrength.
It would have been a Work of several hours
to .cut my way out: stud now both daylight
and etrencih w ere failing me rapidly.
A dull, lowering evtnlcg, with rain and
|o;.vy wind. Ilurk! whutubhbt was that!
it seeded to •diakt the rickety old house to
ha htur.dutlou, making Utc door* creak, and
the windowb rattle, uud tbu whole lumblo
iltiMD ediUev to shiver and gr»«an in the grasp
of its Invisible anas. rtmiiKnly I waa ©bu
lled by the ciiuUng of some distant door;
sbm Uiero was u taint rustle and whisper
s.'long the joiseage. as tuough Lite murdered
ii.au was tomhg iwek to ‘ rt-vbdt its teao
lut-iii; then Uic strong gnat outside swept
Kwiftly away down the vaiiey iuland; imd a
' brief lull followed. It wus needful that I
; should look once more on the face lit the
| ghi?* wliile lijcie was atiiVeiifilclcnt daylight
1 u. he it ty. I felt druwu to do this by some
inward ncctseity, come occult mugimtUm
working against my bettor nature. " Vi’hut,
then, was my surprise and honor when, on
1 taking once jnon* through the opening la
the dour, and staring steudfuaUj into the
gltus, Isuw that It was blank—tiat the face
wf'« no longer there.
I looked and looked again, but with the
osme rctult; the face tud'sniiikiUy disappear
cd; the pla** reflected nothing hullbeoppo-
B J;e wall of the n-oui, uud part of the furni
ture of the Led. Inc blood juuud my hmrt
g,vw cold. Os I looked. I got off tiiO chair
act! £St down In tt»e corner of the room far*
Un-sl }Tom the door, and peered fearfully Into
the gathering p'oon», struggling hard to crash
down the dim ghostly fancies and vague
hr.untlv.gs of terror which begun to troop 1
wiltllv. about me and claim me for their own.
Whitlwr had that while face vanished > X
l.ci-t on asking myself that question again
and again.. ru the Uret strangeness" of
Hie di-cottry I had flung aside my
tifoken knife, ami I. now mil an utter
i •ieio’ci’mrticnto rlsefrnju that Jar corner and
‘•‘i ichforlt on the flour, and r.-f time my labors
on the door, liow snildeiily th** cTchta*
hud ilarkeuedl Was that n iiitu! which
touched my chcik In the dusk!. Whose
baud? And hush 1 was not that a whisper
■close beside me? Would the floor ere:L to
loudly If some ouc : 1 could not see wen* nut
wylkfng across It T
Above the loud howling of the wind I
heard w-Ild shouts of hugi.ttr. Th*-re ware
creatures abroad that uicL; such as Jayiigltt
never looked upo ll - 'they callcrl me by
name; they shouted me to join; and far
away, along the flinty highroad. I heard mOi«
«,f tnem poimugwlth » «iulek' tiwnp. They
were riders of (teuton steed and llicr would
take .away with them out of the'terrible
Jiuntc, acd we should gallop all night with
ilic storm.
Be still, my throbbing polsca! (irant me
a moment’s ’respite—give me time fur oue
ic.-t prayer, ere sense and reason desert nia
“ Louder came the tramp of horses; not d«i
w.on stctdA now, bat veritable ertaturev of
Utsh and blood. A moment of tcyriblc bus*
}.cns«, usd I heard a load knocking' »t the
iront door, and the confused sound ofecvcr.il
voicej, all tr.lkiujrnt once. The flrst knock
uixdvutcd all those weird fanclea of an over*
wiought hni!n,l>ct which bad held to/ pow
rrless only a morreo! befbre. I sprang sriun
;hc window, dung open the castraoct, and
cried forhclp.. I Know not what i raid, but
i,oil moment, it seemed to-me, I saw n.y&otf
’ ; '.irroumlcd by half « dozeu kindly faces, and
1 felt that 1 was safe. • ...
* My rescuers proved to ho* party of jovial
lanutr«, returning from a distant lair. In u
iVtv brief cuatciiact.3 gave them an outline of
rr.y story—a etory winch* rvtelvcd agliastly
tUiflrinniJonwliKU they vnuued the peddler’a
rtM'iu. Both Jacoby and the tr»iicheroas land
lord I.iv dead—the utter in the comer of Hie
roctn clogfj to an overturned wader-jag, with
abullel ihrmighbls hnilu; holding in one hand
a sharp hou Ic-hhlfe, and u dark lantern imho
other. Jacoby was in UiO bul In a half silting
stubbed lliruagl. the heart: boldine,
nrmlv ckuthed in one hand, the pistol'nitc
■widen. In the last moment granted Idm on
earth,he U.ul wrought shell fcvrlll vengeance
ou the mnidcrer. PTicn tve catered the room
tJ.cr.ueof Jacoby was Invisible—hidden from
us by the loose dimity curtain which hunc
fret- Hie head of the and which the wind,
when It burst open the badly reared ease
ment, and rushed Into the room, had Idled up
and tiucg tenderly overthe dead man’s lace,
as If in reverent pity at an bod a spectacle.
The bed atuod Just. behind'the angle ot the.
tolmncc into the room; and from the posi
tion of the body, the lice m hen. uncovered,
wi»* folly rudeeted m the oval class which
»tcod on the dressing table, nearly opposite
the foot of lhe bed. A farther esammutlon
uwtt noth tin* p—idlcr’ei noxwaud
iMAkcta bad beta rftivd of their contents, I
Tide, evidently, could not hare been thcv.orjc
of I hi- iiirnilorU; hi* r-ucer bad been cut abort
100 coon fur llajl, whatever Ida .Ultimate in
tention* might have been.
The robbeij, watK . therefore, act down
as the work of the mulatto woman sod the
Totimr bivage, ami. iteps wtreat once taken
to procure their am-el, which Jcaimbic coa
‘‘tnitrm.tiou was tttfected threw weeks after at
I.lvt-rpoul as they .were about to embark for
Atioiridia. Some* of the property of the roar*
dered rimn tvus found in their possession.
1 be woman’s version of the atSilr was os fob
lows: ‘
Ehc staled that she was awakened some •
Inn* In the night by tho loud cry of “.Mur*
der I” tiUJeUy folio Wed by rt -pwlf.-ebot, and
a tUL Unit, being loofiightcncd to get out
of led, aho lay trembling and lis
tening for, more thai »o hour, afWr
which she- summoned sufficient cour.
ago to creep stealthily . out of the.
Louse, and make bee way to the loft over the
BtnbU-, where the young savage-slept; that
together they had, after x time, ventured up.
emir*, where they found both uacoby and the
landlord dead. Tills must Imre occurred
while I lay Insensible In the room. Thai,
thereupon, they had loaded themselves, with
the property ot the dead man, and ai«sc.ond<tl
together. As there was ao evidence to prouo
any complicity on their part In Uie mnrdci,
thtlrvcrrion of the affair was taken os the
correct one, and punishment meted oat to
them accordingly. . ? •
: I may just cay, In condbMoD, that it was af
tciwards discovered by the police that,the
landlord of the lonely Inn was a notorious for
ger of whom they hsdlone been la. search—.
originally of some education and breeding,
but whose nnmtrona misdeeds had at length
made hla ordinary haunts so hot for him,
1 that ho found It advisable to withdraw him*
-efclf for a year or two from 'public notice,
ard Lory his talents lb the .distant wilds bl
Cornwall. / ; " ' ■' \ .
Xobacts Crovrtnj lullla&eieU, ; t '
Mr. L-'llcimcrof LaXCTilitf,D&coUcoa nya
MinnesoU, : 44-S0 >*., lat*. 'n'Titts to the at
Paul iVm a etatement of bis experience In
raising tobacco in that place* la the'spring ;
of 1800, be put out CCC plants of Connecticut
seed leaf lotacco, setting, -them IbcSOtbof
June, three fectcach wsy. It ripened about
the first of September, sad yielded shout 300
pounds of first quality leal During the sea
sons of IS6I-’62 and ’63, Mr Hotmer planted
half an aefe/kad the product wm pound ;
eseh year; equal to T;f00 pounds to the acre ■
lilsnecoiaary to forwsrn the pUata inifctA t
beds In the spring, or they will not h$ l*rxd
• |Q9ugh to i« by tbe SCih pf . T i
..m ; j'y&ui j
NUMBER 155, ••’>
Ccd» Grant In a .IXorso Trade.
A. few Congressmen on a nfflrotid train the
oilier da}* entered Into a conversation about
the Merits o Jdlfltrentr Generals Irtooranny,
in tlic cotlrso of which one of than lold the
folloWlngslorT about Gen. Grant: ' ■ r
- *•! knuvr Ulysses Grant when be was a
lltllo boy. We used to go to school to
"clbrr, near Georgetown, Brown county,
Ohio. The boys need to- plague him dread*.
fully, about a horse traUc .be once made;*
When lio was about twclva years old, liU
father. pent Urn a few miles Into the country
to litiT a horse from a man named' Balaton.
Tic old man told Ulysses to offer Ralston
City dollars at first; if be wouldn’t lake that
to offer tifly-flvo dollars, and "to .-o aa high
as sixty dol'jur lf no less' wonU make tac
purchase. The embrjotlc Major Gcoer.il
started off with these loslrrfctlooo folly im*
fucsMd upon his mind. He called upon Mr.
lalatoa and told him bo wished to boy the
“Ilovr much did yonr father tell you to
give for him >" was a verv natural tmjulry
irom the owner of tho stood.
“ Why,”eald Ulysses, “he told meto offer
vou fifty dollar*, und Ir that wouldn’t do to
give you afty-fiTB dollars, and If yon wouldn't
take less .than sixty dollars, to give , you
“Of coarse sixty dollars-wastho lowest
figure, and on payment of tluit amount, lie
animal bocMne the property'of lha young
Ise\d iUibcrtfsemtuts,
Importers and Manufacturers,
Hate Pi/catl for the IfolUar TraJe a fine stock of
Iltcb Bad ucjqae
Silver Goo3s.
' -AISO- .
amim m gexe'iA watcher
E‘a*ed Vv ttivmiolte* la DlaoMt&l *d,T‘n»i«t*al
7t.amrlr<frfH?9<>r tbs rtehmt (Imi(cd. Sliver I'Uu‘d
r*a )l u-lct*. ItQ-.cr Caok;r. Pitchers, Up.-r*
rttafb Clocks, Ac.
• ’ fieivcae-u
J. flmr.rt Trl<» in I) Minor, for Ptnno, Vlolia *ad
Vicltß--cllo .........KM**l*-.r.
J't.-.pxI’O.r.UDJI.Mr. LEWI? en-IMr.DALATKA.
3. Tbcat» ivad TArUtloot. ....Uodo
e. Slr. tr-Fmn Pnalm.'o, Cvai*» let t * Bisc.l f-T .
Solo aad cuortu Jicadeiwjta.
i. roorll. Pno C'csrertanU. for V!otin *r:l
1'1n00..................................8. IkßJflc t,
X juul COM,
6. Klt-ujrpncat*.,
Ms. EABU*.
...Cbohuby ?ien.!d*#3hn.
Oa the sTra.
Concert coiocieatw at a o’clock precisely.
105 Randolph-^t.,
bftwrea rurk ud Dearborn creel*. E. A BES
f-OS. rubilaher awl dealer la Sheet Uctls ami aU
kl&& of ■. ,
MtstrAt iNsrncMKm
Sf’V* agent kt ilatarii A !)rr>*« ce’ebrnted riane
t‘orit»,Uarlart»A Seaehan.SMetudtrakaj alva Bri*»
inairnratnU r-fallUada. Mmlc uncctd tor
Bn>e4 Itacde In Um flano* tuned *ni all klad*
of Murteal L.»trem<nl*repaired ai abort notlfe.
drlt-fStfs-5w j E. A. BBhaOK.-
71 |’--^SOXIC. —The Animal Convo-
IfJL catlvu of Lafayette Charter Kp.s, TLA. M. f for
tl»ve;cci’;*r* of •‘fseeraacn r«ymhl »it <loea, *mbe
USU at«reMaeonlc TVTapie, tomorrow (SluSi'Ai)
tTPT«rp.pec.l<th,»t7Kd’eioc»u - c _ ,
iklC-ȣW-U ILC. CHASE, Secy.
A few barrel* very ciolce, for sale low to cli»e
br r.B.I'AI,
yp« lODeartiatn nreat/1
■VOTICE.—To the officers of t!i*
LI •w'Ttral Trult* rnjonupf Chicago. At t> meeting
.T u.’.*i».*tncn. brld 2a the MonlricrV Hall, on Thar*.
Csv.Cec. *r.i, W!,U "xaa rriolfm. tU-V tbc <iSc'ri
Trade Cploa* ofCßlciffo to.frtpxt
?u;ylc»lJid torr.ret nt tfce MpplJer. iIiE. 132 Lai.?
wrtit. tro Sunday. D«c. t».U. al 2
uit itw coaalCcrailun the piopei mean* of \>V.ata.
trj .-.Ml.raocr mr car i'cliow workmen of Near Torw,
ktnro Umsaarnlof wfioia are so* - cnaairtke.
C<t3-»S»U . pe»oita»«orTnxCo»Jitrf«*..
. BI«IDKNCBrBOWS«TV.-K««»a(l - *’ei*LaVe
micc; troicrty. Port once eornc ef Cl*rk and
Morrw meets. Us-UUner • to all three Dl-MaHM and
•11 v&e arena**, Wert Wsuli«agluu. North LaMilo.
°!l.nc34t * C " TUOIB. TOT4.S t. CO.
I Dcrjee Forsyth, - Cost $135 al UtO,
1 tfllderS - - • Cost SIBO at 1125*
1 Itstldfon's, - - Cost $145 «$ 80.
1 Lillie’*. - Cost ssi3 at SIOO.
1 HmlngVPoQblc Poor, Cost $375 at $l5O.
Alt taken wllbln IH« U».t w«t la Ezchange tor tar
rt.» rotUU-sunt
F. W. PRATT, ISLasalle-st.
SU Stwei w
Hr »fral ciivice rcMrtwif r* oa Ohio atrcrt, rpr
ci'vtt.conuilntßS c*», »wr, bath ruotn, and r.i lap
r?" n® s&i WhMm la wo-
P o'acL’n Mor.rof mctu near Aberdeen.
t>«:icacolco> on Indiana, Catunrci and MieWzw
cofprr Lc,imti tad Van Korea to irat
>fi.uiu.crorr >AijiEt(it KKIfFOOT, -
• ]:«*}E»UiP Urol;«T».
oelS-<W 2tn?l sj'W&aluinityn ,
AllhpMlH*uf»Tfllf>r«of - ;
188 Sorth Clark t treat, Chicago, XU.
A beautiful nod law R«*nrtn»eat of
.'nlSQlilia-ADB COSTVpaKJ* j
.■ os hand;
TJief can b; ;«CI or made to arder afl»*r aameroai
»nn»plefc. -
onr or
, I« tncßCit oat Ulm arrival*. , Moalc Ict*u are I®'
tiicdto can endue it.
Ml gorja Clark itreel, Chicago, art Tcarth meet,
Uacianatk • - - del»ia*Mtßet
\_f w. jj nor.TOK wIU remain ai the ‘-It hjM*.
riT'tisk* *»reei, »M f#r*i»h ia« o.iy
VErlwT.wtoltb *r« known «* b« tl»e BKST ln w ig
■fli m»tlivoe*anite*fl ar o»M them. Wholesale vqa
mao. androcßkfxo res territory in flr»SUt»-Ke»-
turkr. V(t«(toarl. low*. Sllnseaoia ■'un ,
pr&itex ”fte«-«44ll W. U. BUiITOR.;
-7U To Packer* other*. la»t*.BtocJca«.(kT.-
gee. 5* T.D, K. 11. coatslulrS aboot3fc
3‘Tt*, oa Wir coiner »r Areber Road.end
r.-atlv crP«*U«U2I sew Be Icrai Setocol, WUJ ooyoM
I».r#i;!ro c*?b,"t- for eatn.aaS h^poe
jeert,W.tetatcreat. Appiy tu 4l -k.
K?mKE. Vo. 9 Maaonie T«aptr,b6eriwra-a»r<j«t, So-
Wltot tor the ■ fie!J-*3lNv3-net;
HB. SiltTll tfc CO., .
• GEVRUAb ' •
18 Doftrbora Street,
g. n.i«rrt« ‘ iJUUStMUiI- J.ir.rra
TAISSOI.IJTION.— Th&co-pirtncr
-8 / *ru» Heretofore «ad«* the am name of
imirrou * UIDF.LL, t* ihl* Say CSwolvM t»y mot aal
■ ■ ' - • 1 ;
t?i’E JEAR;—Dr. Under-
XV «oo<Uc*r«bratol lor Ms erlttsal opmUess > «a
tfia Bio'and £>ir, aaj •xtraoMiaary rare*, of ik«
tuoit otMttßAta OUeaaeaoT U»*>*e dellnta c, ®»oa».*nß',
Usnea liU sxacUe* at, Mv.Ut fUadalsh iliwti !»,•
uTlm detowA tweatr-aUm r«n of hb nroftiloiw
Hfetsme tr*stts«to7di»ea*c»ortho
Uorlcr »l«of wMek hchv» pmeUaeA
' t
de»*StAtßet. ■ ■ ’ - • r ; • ■ ’ - .
■. W Sulolph Stmt, wt»Sa, ■■ <
C.II l: MH- 1 -•■ ■
jJL The s*eo»4 h«a of IkUlaamaUw, Vzs.9, A*
?es*J '-Hondmyi . 4 >2;^r^fL r
■■ soerdiilVS jwr wwt. rooia.teo* inchi(teH.3Tßi^ :
r-.d r.-. * xMt igjhr «S»<U { i!
, «SStisißg£ttst •• “■.•
19 & 21 Isike • Street,
- Onorabott the Ist ofjstturyattr,*'^
> or oar DnQCAUBff
raci?S.jsSa e ( gf ul ‘
' Tfl rctfpeenwthw-irof Wbr»tM#.‘ Woolens. Dms
»«* tiry. flood*jrewnklly; Eayen tub: be
enable to rfiipiicSte oar b*nc»les la je; o ibar market
Importm, Jobbers aad 'Coaaalsaoa MeVcbaata^.
72, 7t It 70 UKS STREET.
holiday coons.
Every irsJa of
Oiina,. Terra Cotta,' Wedge
wood, Parian and- lava Articles.
Also, a inperb stock ot
Silver Plated Goods,
or Tire BEST QtTALmr.
An tarty Mtrcttaa very drtfrabta. Abmaqlmllcb
aloee win •attaft. iTtee* aa low u any hotut ta
ibe ccmniry.
72 Lake • Street
AKk OrFKItl.Sf/ LS' *
Borders, Decorations, Etc. ,
to LvVinr: 6TBE32T.
Mattresses, Blankets, Comforters,
Feather Beds, Pillows, Etc. •
The only puce In the city ta get
nmntEs and tkimm*ng3. -
E. C. L.FAXOM, !
•n i-AX* STCE2T.
The LMgtsU Mast Csef»\ anil Vataahle is-
Kn*r offttjj la Chicago, at‘
Cr.iuHrtlngln part of Jewclrr, Walche*. X>*t»oM«
Coni, Cab<«. rctfl*. Ntv l'atwnii Surer. Gouda
Plated Vsrc, Farter Clock*. O*J Palrmar*, Bronte »aJ
Parian tVorJf.i»pc«Ol3aaw. Fan*. Card Cc.oa.aad*
ibooMßd arUclo it braerr aad lozor/. ibo*e In
learehPfrrrMotaaßoaldTMKfaata TilU (►.* popatxr
and aitfsriUe afore. ... -
dr«-r«»swnet * - • JAJfSS £. IIOEB.
Mew Music Book.
Containing Treaiy JC«w »o«l B«ao' jfxtV Bong*. irJUi
pUno forte »c«tßjpauCnpM,win te «fl!po«t*pald,fc*.
•nysAdret* upon the ncelpvof S3 cent* potnutw
E M;
CHICAGO,, ULL.i- s - r
*\tste XlA'\ <1 E JUST, RECEIVED
TT Uic« cytqoili*®
A. G. DOWNS & CO..- 150 Lake St.
■ .... --. 1
QHAS. L. , ;
WHOLESALE pKALBtt Di;; ,* f‘-
175 Lake- Street. - * 5
?lr-rCg|j-aet» ■ ■■■.•■' ■ A ' < »~1- : ■■
cu N PO WDE R.
aol>-rltWil*ntt 196 LACC STItEKt
QEO.G.FOPB <■; - >
Wholesale Oil and JLamp DeaJnr,
iaa ninii stkeet, '. ; 1
-oogs. hogs,"
TbrasrtrntfeneO wqoH Inform theircßstomen.S*«
i.he a™ kbessed'swWi
I?.W5k“ SiTES. eTOSK * Co.
- . -• xusoatk Water stmt.
(Steam to TEux-ojpe.,!
aoaa.Tor Cork and UvenweJ. , - .
e*txs or i*A»*x<«».nr ctixocort i.. ,r
•tew Tori to Cert or UverpooL M...,1»
v. r rork to Cork or Urerpool, SA ei»aa^.M.— •* *»
WvbSs tobrtSoat
ueketa from Llwpool or Cork lo^leagoforrtl*
ii CUrUnroot, cf BazutohO-
Wrooglit lron Pipe
:.-V - ajcd rrmifOflFOESAjcE, - • >
r Ig.BUMid'»Wo^LaSuntg*.
\J Ofl’wfoe»alsa*an«ri«««iuyof>f'
rma'KCk alxe w coyas Backfor^epqrteeaiar*
d<l.ta*n«ofoe r
; , V 7w4aBASTED J JDg, c jj
rj&'z x-'U
sortmeßt ef
■<i rM

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