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JL \-r '• *ia
Tho orwiiage ihe’M.
Proclamation of Amncst?
or the couniryTor l>iTsp:ice or a year.
>nU -now, amid the rushitk
, any such time
to themselves, ta to he aelcnainedhcri-
—S d ° f £to! ™ e * t of « relation. l * with
-fofcign cohntnca,' impressed witheime
•*•»> «ta» ordinal brevitv'
TUcnrui.oiOTejr •iffttflSnttotnlajiob 1
,-|iowcvcr,ia the list There, is. no allusion
V ; jo more than if no snch country
«fel«L Probably the President ielt thht
the; lm.o hadnot jet come to-discottrse to
advantage os that nntter'; ahd.so. acted
onthe proverb, that though “speech be
■ stiver, sdencc b goldei”
,„ 4 * »r the ilesage, (it seems
to ns a little less Lincolnian than some of
hts papers. It la esnemdj brief, consider
mg the number of topics embraced in it
■' t »P«Wißce at’
- to those of a domestic nature dis
mssei 'Die concluding column, which
i^ U rp t tr rCI “ eln '' n ’ ™ l! ,lle Proclama
<o which
-..the tbsoitfeg intereft attaches. The Pres
ident is well pleased with the results of
the Proclamation of Freedom, uttered little
more than u year hzo, amid so much of ua
■ certainty and doubt. More than alemdred
totmsand blacks are now in the mili-.rv
• service mere' than half of whom !u-ar
arms, and have proved themselves, In an
worthy to bear them. *
Lut tho matter of chief and livin' con
cern Is the Proclamation of Amnesic
This is one ol the tirn actual steps towart
that Kemi.(ruef, rai „f which , IJt . fcMra
so much. That it -will be the theme ,rf
intense and ftoitfu! cscitcment, we can
not doobt, It will, without ouestion, he
productive of henelidai results ia Europe.
It will he an assurance of Ihs absence of
Ilmtlnicnieut,bleed v-mindedn-st whicht f -c
rrclW emissaries have taken so much pains
to assure foreign notions mimed in Hie
nund ol the Government ami the -Vorthcra
J'“opltn_"lt will show them, that ail that is
demanded is, duty and loyally, on the pan
_ot therm*,*: with such satisfaction
jnsnee, on the pan of die rebel leaders as
tlwir erca: cnmr.a. and *-ci:ritv in she tu
***** u c i ull °. are us l;i d v:Ui Uuma-e
ll ought, if anything could ,-t., j; t0
flic mouth ofCopjKriicsJs and svtnpa'l-l
-aswwilli treason, mo .Sortin' It n..iv
footiu- ik« minds of some honest tind weak
une.- n:i,oaK iis. ig h
I!m ,il ' S«a> «2cc!. if* it to harp mr
• amounting t» anything, .fler all. Is to b’t
«l the Will it t-Siouat to r.nvtui:i»-
there?. Wc can foil 1-jttir after arairin - T
little, to Is- sure; 1„;t the.-. are-„t,j
fciis for hoping for i! important r.vultt.
• lV>re. it seem- nr tip t« come predseiv at
the right lime. Tile rebel, arc ja« now
greatly exercised in their minds. Three
rears’ fighting bat, i.roughi them-noliim
lnl hard batiks, wounds, ileetli, starr ’
iioli, rags, mid less of half their Serritorc
including each strategic p ?i i[|. ras M
rcand what is left In them. The isonb
has grown ail she lime richer and mm
powerml while Uier hare grow, onlv
mrer«dw<«icr... All their exproiatfori
.tea fro't-TTori: cf Jxlschoyds hare r.nTM 'j
Ih.-m. Thousands as tick end tired „f
the Thole thing. Thousands ncrer had
any stomach for it. We believe vher-are
thousands who will hasten to avail them
seites cf Utis amnesty, so soon si they can
he protected. ami feel safe In it. Ann she
more that flee to it for refute, the s ,fsr it
It would hare been ot no n»c to jflVr an
amnesty wl,r n the preaUge of su
>vilh the rebel-. They w» a ld ulr have
•jwaerfit It to be erej before
they bp.nutuctavlrcsin »hsolatc
and r.ut Ihtrasclrcs at hay. The
ot C<wysbur~ s Vicksburg Port Hudson,
a* d especially CUac
fcmeoga, have funti-hed Just the occasion
.o get respect not only for it, hut attention
and Ut^*
A l " 3 ,!| ns the way is open for reconstnte-
Uon. But how, or on what terms? We
need ttoihcr ourselves with uo she,™
liakiDg whatever. We need not settle it
n nether the .Sta/ej are yet in Ute Union a*
•id*, or ,0 he filled up: or are a!!
.dead M and reduced to territories.
Ail needful questions -trill be settled;’one
a..er another, as thiy come np ; a. rrar!i-.-£
querivm* not theories, orquestions in ;W
as rite ecclesiastics have it ’
And with one preliminary or miderljln*
condition, all such matters will lie ensile
-, adjusted, iasWry U ihs/re.vriknd other
things will gire but ttan-itorr dlflicultr.
- B , U 3t Ch,n ” h “ slavery to oe destrov
• ed. Tim country has Iren waiting with
haled breath for a good while, to heat what
the President has to say on that topi- Ilia
message gircans the anawer: “I may add
nt Uds jioim that while I remain ia mr
present position ! shall not attempt to r.t
tract or inodiiy the" Emancipation Proche
maaon, nor Mod/ rrforn to Anery anyp,r
‘pf <•/?,* iy the trrnu of tie I‘rxitma
: fo/n.-nor by any act of Congress.
That sentence shed daylight through She
whole mailer. That Proclamation, follow
ed up and made effective, wipes the Cou
: ftdbtacy proper, is it was a year ago. clean
of slavery. As to the Border State’s, which
the Proclamation excepts, these are baking
care.’of themselfis. ! Evorv on* of
them win , SU>lEh', it* Kentucky
WB|-.m.akc dreadful faces for a
while, hut will swall.tr Uic pill, and be
u> sec bow much good it will
do her. Altolition is going to t« the
insbton now. And the more decide! the
successes of the war, the more it will rage
an orer tte country. Northern Copper
heads .will. come to wonder, one after
another, how they hare hated slavery \>
loy.andbcen uaiious forlisdmiructioa.
As the case now stands, tic political fu
tnro begins to look clear. There Is a grc,v
deal of work to be finished up.dnrlngmore
than one of the coming yean, even . after
the wnr is ended. A clear liead. an hone**
mind, nnd clean hands will he wanted to |
e'tspr nut and conduct affairs through the
difficult period which will inimitably last
a tie ,“ lsli '“? Presidential terai is
ended. Wlto so flub cany on what is be
gun, as he who has so well conducted in
mulcrtheguidance of-llcaven, tbits far’
amid such groat and complicated perils?
There are many worthy men discharging
Important nation*] iru&u, but at nb
me stands before him in whom the nation
more and 1 more confide-—Abraham rjn
. KECIRO BtßSniXTta *SD- cos.
- SCIHPTJt. ' ;
There Is one amendment to the conßcrijv
tion-lawr which we hojic iosco spenlilr ca
sdolj oml that is, to bulhomo colored man
to me u-dahtawtai for dratted while
. ' , ?.* n 010 Shitw—and to pathesanic
• Wodtalf, « wobU be accorded to
whiter aniadimcs. This niio.'.h6til<r ia
' ***• *« « wdl M frce l.Uci,, and
tlim; dMraWbeno exception oadodfKei.
• T W1 * shonl ' i ™
. cich men be allowed |d Tarnish bn
b^iJJ s< if he-ebri•
W- Jirgit las u,dalarchbltSet to. sartlmt
nnlcer as isabstitates for whom titer pleasi’
: ffl«i«Jfei»chttaon! *>
erdd 'than'Uum-ttore - bribe pbipi e j j,
■•-« e t e“w? ola ™’ s
hlaCkshre'Villine to Tohlnteeraa Sftbstl
ftttes for drafted white men. Wljr ahoald
'!“ ry , •“ genial the privilege! and why
lbc°ri^f>° **" 10 ““ Ctlpl 118d 1»«Tea rt
„'f sh ‘'° “ Bcr » good, robust, healthy.
We Insist upon
bqmadcto thelSv.
But thereisSnother fmtura bf the case
Sn^h2^-° reri^ed - sboid
notWnhi^odi^j,Mai men be liable to
conscription \s well as nil able-boSiod
white men? TTc are opposed to granting
special privileges to one class of men over
pother, ire don't consider nc™L Z
better than whites, even
We arc energetically opposed t o confining
blacks the .privilege of ex
emption film the draft on the prScn that'
,fic PWfty Pl* roan white men!
iho acr
vlee. of hi, rt , n ,„ v rri , stfill .
dtvldtials can tare. :, His lien b ahead of
all others, , both ea property and persona
Just npwbc stands in need of more (IchUiie
rrr^ ,a •<*
xlv» .. o coua "7 froal destruction
ft!cam nil the subjects of this 1 Uncle of
black men as well as »hi, c mcn
tand mirn as well as free men, apprentices’
" woll as masters, tons ns well a J lathers
fon^rf TMi a al * ris, “ 'o himself
forward aad say to the Government, “ you
not conscript certain able-bodlai
tTcm '%r UUm ' ** C3 «® 1 c| 4ta looivn
h i . c * bß , r '-' I ' ly of *e Law ou-bt
1 iflT d tir ' yoU “ wdl “those ‘
>° I? 1 ™bv you, are equally subjects
..°L%*r :, T ovcra| uent. and yon am
equa.ly Imhicro perform milharv ser
• vice. On whom the - lot Palis he
most-serve, if phy.-haily capable, u .Ur,<s
„ lie offers an acceptable substitute; black
while men must stand on the same
loorrng. « mspecl to military duty. So
. rolauc-ns between men con
stitute ho ground for exemptions—that
‘•ts a personal affair, regulated "by local
• law or usage. Tbe Constitution rc’co»-
■•ntres and describes aU h, aal.jectt
"ns-prams'—not ns pmiKrty, and con
i ‘«lttf«llv it can righttuilv niahr no dis
• crimination between them in mlaffon to
conscription. Exempting our class , m
account or color or social relation, aad
Iheuby rolling the addiliilnai burden on
"the other classes and complexions, would
lie unjust, anli-Deinccratic. and a viola
"t.on of the spirit, if not the plain hirer of
the coistiiuthm. It must not be done
. " ' i- rw - benj and free—mu..;, take their
»Kuf the draft the as. «pM«.
t -ngr-us tvitl he d* relict nf .hdv Ifit fad;,
!J amend the Conscription tri,«,« lO j^ K
w ‘” » r«e Marks,and
lo'li ca>«a , as«'.-n « nldles; and then
be no Way in mnlloj tlifa chance
♦xi tbi* l.w. n
On,.- Ilony is certain—the non-slavehold
lE"! K ’'U'ut:ky and -fall the othu Border
Mates will vlgorotuly deft-nd «tcl, an
atntnum, ut, and h-Ecriou.lv oppwc-I hv
■ a ; c ihcy v.iii ; P , lr . lni -.
He tlte cum-,-, ejwtti under f, at. and „imt
m.tily abolish it luthcr titan p-rmlt the
ongnniy to etyoy so unjust and odious a
ep«ta| privilege. Titty wdl touch the*.
lon,a of the hndt Ural the poor man's blood
shall not be sptiled in Older that rich mm
ma_ hare their work performed -..diliont
W"* ’"«*»! “ a »a* trtthe nun’s'two
‘Jfmrdcd, neither shall the nun
owners uejm bl‘.
r?' It is not north while1 0 believe that
Joh» C. Breckinridge is .load Jut, though
the .ten-York papers say it is •• confirm.
ed. It tab;-. fact oral ktiliu*-; to di-jinse
of , :c of these tottjh rebels like him.
I.W we are fte* to tey tl.at when Provi
“on ;c dors tend a bullet to take him a was
it Will be.acquiesced m without tears in
thtsr parts. Ne man—not .Mr. DavU
Jiimttlf— deterres more richly to forfeit hit
life than Breukirridgc, the pampered, flat
tered acicn of the Kentucky chivalry, who
r.at turned mntt basely and falsely upon
the mother that bore and caressed him.
W shall feel quite at liberty to rejoice
when he does die; but do Bot'Klicve the
time has come vet.
or *ul a .v«w York
CoMI of York on
Monday lartAlr. Thcodorie Lie said t, be »
2?" fr ; , 7 l “»»«•" K. Lee. mode,
el W ,l “ tlnn the «mody of hi.
child. Itamm," cays the •ntot
Ihe rclHjOire jmuiie.l »M!« Grig-, ofmu.
dcinlna, bn. owing to various alleged cause.
«scpum-Joc let* fleet and r. divoree suit Is
penaing. - Hie lady, we understand, led tier
hnsbsnd ami came to tide city, where .hole
cow residing. It Is alleged bSo nn
with the child, being desirous of bestowing a
moiher scare upon It. and tic petitioner,
who manifests equal affection for him, now
seeks the aid of the Court in restoring him
to h.. custody. The ehlM was brought into
court under, writ of t.oV.rrnrrpnr. i tc y „
flue little fellow, of about six jears ofa-'o
Tory pretty nr.d IntcUl-cat. an.l accmcd'lu
vovu JiealUi and spirits nm! weD cared for.
Ilic court heard the lejal arguments bear
inp ©n the case and referred its dockton.
Iw°i U,OCS r S ' n:, ““ YtirsTßiTJas. The
iTOTiueace Juun„U elytra that theWaahin *.
ton county (R. I.) Rank was recently placed
under Injunction at the* instance of the Com
nileeloneri appolmed by the Governor to In
tcellgale the aIM.-s. ■ A bearing bed been
postponed on account ol the alleged Illness
ol i.r. Banister, I mordent, of tbe Bank, In
die meantime, the Governor learned that a
large amount of notes were In the hands of
the American Bank.;. Note Company. Sew
i ork, and on Sunday night dispatched hi.
private heeretan- to that cite with orders u>
secure Ihe printed' notes and plates. A de
mand was made on his arrlral there and Ilf
whole were delivered over to him. There
were hills to aha amount of *0.0,000; many
of these had the signatures of the rrraldent
snd Cashier printed in, a dangerons and re
prehensible praelice. and they were also cut
snd trimmed ready to he pushed into cited,
lotion as soon at they might he received
E-:” It Is said that the presence in Wash.
-Ston of parties who are prepared with
bribe, to obtain a sight of-the Treasure Ri
port before it. publication, with a view to
operate on the market, in Kew iork. cansed
Chase to rcgncsl that 'eomposltors
fW,m fv tC r nt ‘° tI " ! Tri '“ ,ar y Department
from the Gorernment printing omen lo .et
This request was refnsed
Barnu “ loetorad
n flaahington on -Wednesday evening i„l
the fornicr on ‘'The Question of the Hour’'
and the latter, tree to hi, |„ !U nct.. „n The
•irt iff Gelling money."- Beth W ere well re
■f. Darnum a lecture eapcclally being n
practical appUcatien.of this anbJocL , '
The Grand Trunk Railroad and the
yo prUiitrto* ertniet frOQ - i
of the President of the Grand Thiukltan
way of Canada, ddlrered ot the half veariv*
meeting, held la London. on OeXr S[h
Ihe rcmuks trere received hj the share and
iKiud-hcldcfe aaaemhled at the meeting with
repreled cbeera, giving ample ovldanMof (ho
foS D L° f ' hC IH ’” IS “ a “If^older.
toirardi Ihclrfrirnde In the West:
We have had during thewhoie aeaaon a trt
»o«klj Hue of propellers to Samla, and I
hope that in the following „ shall have n
Un« regularly, running cadi -.ny every day
■ ««
oar ..tlcateni dhlrict. which heFora Svm
=■ -s\-ssSp r^'
nnerol- Ur fiev that
land, tlowcver r aS^ i J^P niwe . of
»nd ioflnr&Ual menof 60—311 *We
with lMn.a “awetea
« that ehctnoeriifc'wtirt^^teiASa^'^
through which they »e« then ra2S? *' j
Over Thirty Vessels and
■*3f. tp ~ ■
rive Piers alMasa-'of Euina—-One
. . ‘Man Bunted WJDeath--Tlie
, Crowd' Foene£ Incidents',
&0., &B.
[From iluXin* York-World,-Dee. 10.]
One of the uo»l destructive fire* crcr
known In Uti* city occurred yesterdsy after
noon, on Uuloanat boat Cora Comubcll, It
l?orth Vlvcr hC0 ' t * l>VCCil - Pictf ..M and 63
TboilM broke oot *tom two . o’clock la
ft* *ta Ujcq when the wind vu
bowleg drrcrly, and spread whk groat ra?
| V l ,ttcf I*o*l* and banjos
Ijlog iu the Vicinity, and from thence to scr-
I a 2. d *t Ibo adjoin
lumpier*. The Cora Campbell bad a deck ;
•l°*f which waa Ignited l»v sparks
* oni Cm rtuoke-slacJt ofthe'boat At
this juncture three bales of bay thrown into
the dock Would bare prevented tho.dUai*
Irens ronfiagruiiou which hamcdhitcly eu
hUS?* »o, rapid waa the prsgrcss of the
flame*, however that this could nofbeac
eumpltflhetL Tbc dtc nut over the tops of
the bales, dnren on by the wind, and cnvcl
oplntf the entire boat in a cloud of deni
•“ft*®* 3110 l>Jir £ e * Immediately adjoining
took Arc. most of them hs>lng deck loads of
ftHch boned like chatf, the hoops sev
trme and the. bundles then bursting
?ffil ?rft 0 Kinlalare cxploaloa aad .ending
tuft* of the burning material high la the. air
The larger vessels then look fire, the fames
leaning up the shrouds, severing thehalTardo
j a^riJ JD t °| Ufcill!; . ft* *“ la ’ burned
IrJTc.l 1 r J T c . IT ’ l«lm: at the »»kio time blown Into
ribbons by the gale.
from till' Third district woa aotindnl at «
V, and w a.- responded for-romptlt: but
U vitittwni fout'd tlm! Ibt force wait "Inade
quate to the work, and a rreond h!nnn was
jj™ 'KY:'"*' 1 - ****** *eS
1o work With a will fuatad their etieutv; but
irrM t ?®J he »*»«fe of the ma
tenal, It Mta ata/o*t frmvoMlble to •mnctlethe
° r Ihe lire. -He flame* Javcr,"l
dlrectlr aen»?s tbe piers, awe. ola* evert-
** fnr,; th«m on.! Jntl.erius strength In
hi C H C r nrs £« The flirmti: were driven back
• H'J- hf the flames, which was
prcoll. WMcntil by rho irlod, •,»
li.un limit Ilir time from u,.. nortli-tiurtli.
mlnil, <: rof tkiMlown.io»n ifaiucm
{&S£SS£ 6 ,he t
Tills TU)U
Lrld'v i f ! U^ J .‘‘ t,hcUnlc tbc«n! oifcl.
n.'c.'i 11, ' M to lh« rnastnrnuioi: cl
Hifi lm his pnpit, In ttt rfcloiiv. Tic
twiilllm'' W mmy tr them, settled ta
~ °y h= a «'^ l '"'!coiiU nol th-relnn: he
\K , anil I'olice llna,
It,""c-™" ««t from tlu, udtalimit;
] »crr.. t«t U B lnp io oi.yin- above'-Uteri
wuhl not tuveerd. Thcjwlioe IhhUmvovJ o~‘
•Sointilraw the lm\v.. :r , wocM
.Lrn nir and put hcf.irc they cuohl lie fatriv
i™V i i U lh3t lulT labor et-
I-raiiJ in eiidearurini;i.i remove the te,.-U
I’™;*' tn-allc-.-. end the lock Was .to
i.cm-tl. there were .oice ecvenlr-ltve ve»-
I'lt’fu t '.'"'’'‘l" 1 ■»«« l.'i'itf m ihniraiiie
thil’t- vkhd.v and it Was, at one Bait tt-oeiil
Ihcv UiUtt till Ik: drMrotcd.
“riir tui’Mi? oi- iiik nue
thenk? to the envrey ami reeeer.-eauce -f-lhe
hrci-K a. a .t? e.atiivd to tint j-cir? Ivihir 1...
. lading Perry and Charles streets. Tk,j--
hour? of UlK.oiuij h i.or had the eiTeel to
proi.-oe? lbi« .Irjlrahh-rw-011. and Hie hodv
Hl' lire was conlined tn the nhr? Kin- a ’t
he lint of Chari,•? and P v rrr .ireels.' hlu
llmdi"' I 1" I'liV r™""- however. It a*
hurnh-d op hrlyluiy. hut Hit- ilremen fell
■;™«r v M 11 . m " ««* '"joDd.in!;
l"“h ™ e lionns thealVn,o..n ll
1!.’.-. I 1 I'OMtef and stores „i, the
ff-'dr 1 ' °f " 'f' ■ ,r 'V would fall a |,r, v ir,
nil A ‘ "■»»«■ si twwntl
I ajminc*. ocvupK>d as non i
and n few of tWm - ' e , dwel ,|"*‘
IfiL-s „rt* at di'Jryrvnt linn'?. but
were n>cuert liy the enerpie* of the dro ren.
Ah...v?t all ihr.e handler? hare a holeP .t
Kfc." Oe-oiehed with water learn tup
jo {K.ttr.in The im'irhante o--urn-iu- th*
K'‘,“ '"oi leave their sn,r!i dTirhi
In whole -v. nirhr. and elated the! thev
shonh; reinaditheredniinh-lhenidht '
Hit: UolioLen ferrr hoi.?«ahaf» a Torr •>
n.\> eseipo frr.in tht llam.a. ttud wo n :-J l’mv
taUn rirc and con-utnfd L.ni not top
hmul t round %r.d ?iru d
tt»fc £rt«4n Another diction nru "*
TLe rjMrtcsac-i I'unitucdn.l.-rswcrcurirl.
cd vy into tne air «nd rahied !on~
>v the * ind, a!l the iimr ’
«heir7.« l .. S ga, lt , l ,i anr coo.n-nf..!?
rr-fL - W ?V th - 7 A atreaia
thP^r’« 1 ’ I iV rn Af rtil ” Wer, ‘ rolled
Ki “v Snjf,? l }; to the 01 ?« of the Hmfon
SVp/tr romjxanr, fool of Christopher
■t.c«, arid somr of them foretd ondrr the
}*>*£• - Fro ni tin the Interior of th« offlec
«]Rlrklr srlducd
jdii?c * LC> mucb damrpe to iht
.iSS7ot?i i n - j wonM occa-
V >,; ,tim J Wdfihe Btuntloiu
hunjor.o of th-.n nTetT^d
any serious damspe. .* i ew <au,ujM Wor _
reuucmi tjocscJr-s, the moat of them fln*l-
tbclf mors fertumie ucljl-
t.o.sm ixinuxcs.
c»» !< ■•cas.
.4^:k l nee V ~^rr i u 00 t 1 fo; , e t o; , ,Vr
tis.'wred up In aumbers. the JoiM** an*
iaH? 18 *' k M Ther are rnion* likelr
’fr^ B Abf r tl; * b s ° LeJuW lids august C {
0,1 t ‘*° prepert» is «Md to he
uatesured, aud th* 7<*a*. wjjj therefore fall
bearde n,.on the owner.. Upward*'rein .
TetnJh. uutitl Wats and hanre*.. wll% tb*ir
cargoes, consisting of has, baia, com sad
o-,.er grain. Hour, wood and articles of li’-e
t,T C T,\ fc.med the bulkof -.l" "'I
load; of tha .arioß* Tools. noise of the
schooner, were laden with sopidles f ur }S
S"ns. w-!! I. 0 "' 1 ,U ,f “*«» h*' l Hi!
be aseerto'incL
wlli'be madc up.c.dv. ,l ‘‘‘ C Iw:,r!u ‘ c '- S
tj:k M.'ucr to nria
Is «tho»tptl at ?2>\ocO u.«
chriK!“h^- r aa < ‘i ri: 'i SC ' 1 - rl “ g “ ‘heforn'or
a';*, u .n r . e X‘nL‘;
Pier, .tthctlms, taking lire. - add nSLi-I
dense heat and smoke that impeded Iks la
hom of the firemen, and ailowe, tKaSVto
£ *>-> I'l'f « 1J iviSek
esi'ws'e^* 11 -‘f* »«<rcoon a continuous
e.-fmlen. After sundown, and whsi ih.
Carnes became risible sr a ]“ » d’.m' i
K sn'i*'”'. r " uots dl->flets S t”,’,
mdh'nn (kJ’s'tm CloCli if'" »«“o atoti
I,U. J k ,u “ n(, sncc. On the whole the
crowd was good natnred and orderlv ri.'
VnJYif w,ro ” nnll Y “hj lawct to be taken In
”*> ttriou. dlstnrkanees. and'
is »tr as ue#ru from, eo uoct/t* ni«.i *1
watches stolen. TU woS« af,d P eh dmn
•tattd ttcm««lrc& on buudiea of tvIiJT»
h , c ™« «oo<l on erta and dear! or mCS
d«y7“thc : .Ve'^ ,dUM ““ B»d ST
numbered some two hundred ra«..
<J««ctoe D t. from »S VS?
lonrfcenUi, Fifteen! k
fcercisteeutb. and *
were under command an 2
" “?««!• «MHM «nd tirons-ht Into iHTI.'
sffwuSs £&sa £®r
were instrumental l n mv| ‘U? w<v - v
?i .^° pe T ty / rom d«lracßon. l n
tbor rendered roo«t efficient scrrW T
serre «p.*eUl credit for tbclr Nbs,’« d Th«
|»oilce boat, under Contain Todd w««
t«3- net*! throughout the tmSJ nlrf? °
THE aciWES AM> ijj C j DEjrT3
to jrn by the board f.ti S .*?^ ase ihem
Tnmidkusc the Jiam.a i .bon. ra “ U
rcntly handredt of feet Into the° tii? mnF 4 ’
n most Indcicrlbable effect, n* P ro “ Tlc l
the TcescJs. where* ktn ™ i.. * . ol * “>me of
eh "‘ MtS
..ssasfuss? 1 ' ■»««•
•-nii.'- > ‘ c. Wi “ i f^ I ° D “ iln -'
,c«s«i»m tic wJr.iri ft? , 1,, c i»w! &>«
haifclrtH-n-Mnot K??sn?n?aS'« b0 ° r i l . l i?°
lunollxen/oniia. It i
£**« jKrtiJitkl It. thc ? tl ‘ t
;te 0 « E <*“«alng lie
Ui jKjslUon tru on board hat
• ,n 6t? '? r “““W
Um ComUlnUon to offcct tncb pnipow.
XiTE He^v'V
,■ \ ~
. , 'JTie Ycnltrc Pntnre. y ’
; (From (he Richmond Whig.) v'*
■ i ,5^ ed H y . th S lr rec<ult kucce*«c*, lie- Y«u*
arc pfeluring t° thcmidroTVbrllllaut
I futuw ana onl
Jc* tab soldiers once divided a certain gar
meat, ortho I-ioutenants of the great AJcx
r.::der cut up the world he lud -coaqacrcd.-
It fa all plain sailing with the Abolition*u£
juculoreuow. They Imagine ■Orafit-aafely-
Jodgedfor the winter at Atlanta; the Confed
heretofore rent in twain by the capture
cf J V A ck *i’ n, £* now tern into foorfrezments.
and the final overthrow of every oreanlted
aimy oinerequoatJoa of time, t nw/ pfiv
rthly givp Mcrde *omc trouble; but i thc*ab , «
moke the-nltimatc discomfiture of the crest
a mottcr of, almost .absoluto’ccr-
The fragments of Ixo’e army may retire
within the latrenehmenU at Ktehmond, and
Uu-re receive rneb j»tlr aerewions as Davis
may bo able to draw from various unlronort-
forstrafogle purposes;
but Grant pressing up from the South, Burn
aide from the W ret (LonpdrOet having almn
fcm'Hi tb S" Jr ? e ‘*f, Knoxville,) amlVeade
from the Jtortb, w ill render the capllnlallou
of the rebel capital, with cTcmhlng in It. an
tafikr and speedier Job than ’that of Vicks-
TO;*. Ab * matter of cocrie. the armies'of
*f ,(i vrlli h aV c been de-
; t " > -V d I*! 0 ™ thc Of Richmond begins;
commands- of Kirby. Smith,
110 rnea, 1 rice, Magrnrler nod Taylor, thev
| will te really ilift}K>srd or Immediately after
the enm-ndpr of Richmond, Two Imndrcd
Ihon,and men will t!,-n bo concentrat'd
under (Irani to drlrc the'Franeh ont of ■ Met
ier, whitens mi.iir raoro.'nnder Meade, win
.wcr,, tho Brilhh/hnn
Ire wml?.!' "” d ~18 httiverMl Yinker
In r U 'W"!*' fr ”“ the North Pole
10 the Isthmus oiDanen.
RtT 1 !? I - 4 Bnd , proirraninie.
,u ; i 6U ir l ‘ f ' re - While UK hand i.
In, Brother JonAthuti’ will inclamorpliose
and renovate the whole dviliaed world. The
ttrst step of course, mil be to wrest down
*DtJ ,lie despotic grasp of
(.not Britain. and annex the “Gem of the
l ct frc ,'i a,IJ Stales of
America, Hmnltaiiroudy, CV,a and the
" ‘* l imlia ii-Unds xenorally will be “I**,
ged. By this tune Garibaldi will have no
peered on the K-enr, and tinder hi? guidance
tbc grmworkofu-slowinsr the blwh-lugs of
g iSre- CT, l e,jt VT™ lh,J oppressed popuia
tlous of t\ t stent Knroj< will forthwith he-
to fartheproirrnmmcia suQlelently clear
tin Jw'jomi thU point llu-ciUtimr UvTmstrat
rtafeiilrijtou do not chooec to extend tlalr
r M°ti; it will several rear* to exe-
MUe tilts ‘rlic tru* in till tr* part*. Durimr
~ , ' definitely iijHtu wliut Is the tacit
dltj-nsition to nwkuofit.f iuzn*auU nf the
fo-rc-Iv more ra.e- of Europe, a
monopoly pj cotton will or turesaHv u.
mmnuuurd l.y tbcVunkee Government,
wi>ii«a. p ,nlßUo,w I.p worked
wl ..ll\ ou Government account nn-1 bv Got
r*7««» l they wiu.be k-Xsed to
.oyj.l tenant* w.ir have luitvn the oath of al
legiance u:uJ suln-erlbed to luav» bonds. An
t-jiirt only on cotton. touiTilent to'tu !
Fr hrV 1 Hh v l " tb * ■* arkot of will
J.c levkd. -Vuroes Mil be worked to ih, lr
fnl capacity hroedins; will soon cea,-e.
trVT of Mack mnpikxi
!r,. te i . k ‘* ,ir last a* occasions may
d< mur.it. If the white mitn ••anijot tie
coim utjiinitnl ai.,l tj,.. ...yro „it lit'
t< rh the place of both will W supplied by
by ir ' ,n ‘ clad niurdkliir
Ihc leubliFtnunt ot a trreat ileiiut.i’c
"* \ h S " '*} a part of the- r.hui
N Y d . natul, ‘ :U!l ’ culljrlitniiruent of
‘ i l ‘ t , I'cnj.los ’• ot Europe will («■
,7“1,1-) accompli alien through the agency of
a rtnilivicut anmber of newsoJara
; sad I aiikiH echooimarnw «
,*} r Wi r,d a . u ciJH.rlt.lon of the Tan
•*l ilsloo t>. tidvertal r'n«ni»‘at—whlrh
would prove no vislutj, hnt an urt«.tl attempt
U the outt were snl.j*U'utaS to «l,ow hi
lol.y r;f th‘;lrr.v}-cctatlouslu r cßt home. That
i£™t "tj. 1 t bc . <,v,rniu . »'«us unw nut
inipoiaiblr. Hat bctirc. n oTerrunmnc vat
sulyncMion, there is a wine dlt’.-reucr Th.
cor.pdo triumph of ourfoo will not occur
' 1 fl, r }*- ■? I’ialn nss. n t*r»t tn-h tri
t.uir-hwdl redound neither to th« W-ri: of
the cci tnv themselves. nor to the world For
! 10 - n * H ,at ,l “’« » *<>P« of the n.-
torntu’U c» cood roviminent at the N'ortk af
f r too boath shull have iron if* iadept mien e
aii. in case of the m/rc ot lur
To n.-JWr.* of the un«|*ak;»W.'. «roo
teomry. U,« «na rtrul; of n Northern tri.
unj>li M’uuJd be the r<ruittmn Mib».vtion o»‘
li:L rc y ,c . , ° t! T BW ». T of funatii'4tv
nmth. Nt*st r ould follow, from tin* von
? W4C '? f ttnlTt-n.nl n *
vmk'i U L v> l n which Iht* allki*
North ud South wonld I>e Mi.-i t» the ntu low
l.niir both of Mood and tre.Mur- IVaou IK-a
to.I that war for no nun c.v, **■.• th- rod o'
Ibe wan winch t»„ n i,i f , lMe i„ con»^.i«n'-«
of anttu-mptoiifbc pan ot the re-Unlted
''- rk »t t!.i. hip..
Wi l r-v? ? 10 r«« afil !li«r«nreOT
V ~ 1..«. ri r«t t.. D„.| it. Trait Hie
eSIi lta,ure ’* “ hri t T!it «i»-«, M »!,f;jVi.
nl'-SKi 1 s' o * l3s moml-. tin- I
buiaainln trp-. .tltl .'■itTr'.-n
«p'" 4 ” »***£?££'■
(It.alot laic iirOTn.itl.b hivrolT biSi.T
Ab,, , sen.,lt it. doc . ls 1.. t ,U, r>
I- ..- bc’t r»CT 1m bit rtb-tiui fa.
1-..1 rreio tW fiirbirn nor.J hi. S MJo.
st.'«!Jb(! JbJcac ,jj t it|,,i, i:.i, S.y, j...
The ‘•Staat.z.ltuna- .... U,*
‘f U p l! Ola ivt.irfe
'm "w to l!i.- fro
,V ™on the da/ anbaeancal to
.i«,jbllcallon, iftorijicatltbjof !u loadbv
,n“ C ! - ” ,cru “ of P iwnJ •tpprotaiioti. it
■” ll,! “feetrs to in to bo.
nmx ' f r-"arko on tint Pro
, tL * a rcfonsmtettoii ;,oli-r, leer
■KtloMit:— ’ u3
We i,eree.lv,, is .fort, nodlffet™M|„ r ,ri„.
vi|;le, hcmecnlhe fn>|insm<,r of the p‘-ee|.
a. ; et end that of the- meet I ,eeli„„
ul the Id-pul 1m petty. ~b u p oii; ,
'n •ome.vhot milder
tlt't lw jtiJl rtwrj ),.!i
mrne ,he «■":
1 -iuSmi',:
•T.;^v^‘sr- t!^r«nS *£s-irLSssffl!
irom ton Aworlcaa people. and <»ii k t n r .I!*

» - the mo6t popular mun la tbe iutluo. !
Mr. Homier’* Imaroo
To ll„ Kdijoni of iho f
Sjeb: Mj attention hat been . *n^
hltt'SSr 1 ! » OUr ! '° P ' r *” U ‘“ «S?rtthSS “
rate made a return on U:u Xcw "ni-t v/
?? rri f uo r wl “ i »«>u« «>iw
iSWiflM ™ FS™
r"Vg«„ the
,X, 1 , *“*.•* U '° “"t. no t f™ .nv
Sjl V “ M‘C great Bonner, We wifi
ran r»; , “-I tho Lone. Vfl
r^; s mnome l„, like hi. .tori.,.,
ulUboloo* contlnr.h, , n J ,h.t It will it.
s ‘ ,w *' r Han that of anr other wooklr
■W« 6! too rultod Sl.tn.-EWj " t ' na V
toehogro. But that nob*« wJ U ght P £«!
taming colored .woman entered lK P S2 b ]j'
«srSffi*3t w? SS
to'tooebooL Qua of the l£tta
-■.\Wi ii i i : ai/j
FffiiNCIAL : ’m;f MMMfiKCUL;
.yv -inß aoHOT-Kiiiturr.’i't.
• * ‘ 6 • “
' ' ,> L . JUnr*e*T Sruaro, Dec.u, ;
* ,The week clo#e» oa-m eery tioee. money'market,'
. Only (lie feat eoMMsm ‘ tin MbbUw. and ajapam*.
IjMjjeadU*. * , ra»rtßCjr close "l» Uu deacrtotioa*
, *«aaofs or basket*glTelC•:
: b'ew YorV cxcbasra Jaael Boi&e boa**
' hare a good M.p;>lr.w hfl* other* areahoruTbebny*
H T**exi aeWoe Ktt*.: JJL*njtWn*, the
fe ««t I* fimtf to-danand the apperibeiLore bck
at figure. . , -
The Hunt bare worked badly today« bat
probably virtue dhpaiehea win be fojl aad eenc
juele. Tbe'ooly QaoUUona we bare hcard froin
MStitewfT ba-m^lOV:fcw.asejtf jit,
:IMM t IfcCO. UiV, -The au> her* wcromucttled and
ftfTfrt*h. the range !4«ai»-tbe hither jl tore
j - -
taiTTri«9l«2. Legal leader ante* tp good demand
at Kho> Island Ko* prcmlnm aa the #olbn* rate,
. Xtw Co trsruo nr*.—Counterfeit fir re an the
Adanu Dank, North Adama, Maw.,; afv'ln circulation.
They are *ood, hot to the conntwfeJCtho President**
•ICnatoreUccgraTod which Ueo( thecase with’the
jrwe *S'ATlojr*L Loxx.—TLa patUc aaburfnUoiu u
the Bye-twenty lo « coctlnce Urge. a Ur. hi toui
hundred udlilon* lure been laaaed or iHna popnlai
boode, and ib<j Umasd U extend re tht
counuy.lbe following jotter la oMctercas to the
bolder* of the aerco-lMrijr percent*. A aJmllaf a*,
auratcc oa the autjcct of the aerea-tblrly percent!
has before been *l»ea form lUTreaaory Department,
bol may taro bees forgotten by many partfoa to to-
TatAlClt D»f*aTJ«MT. K0Y,‘50,i563.
.JH^?’f. u 5- ,eWer f * J * tlT ? tha payment oftba
*«rfecAMitvTre?»ur7Delr*U alb\ncb
of U l* fl«rru rr In recap-* to the re
r U ‘ al be converted before
or atputanty (Inmaa uotJcmAiao *4iO) tato (wniitv
the ttioorfocfoM andlnterS
of which are payable to fteld. Verr
Aishf.nlflecreUry of
To lb« I*nb)k;
Window. J.anlcrJt Co, win pay at their
R l 2 “•* c,t J of *** Torlr. iG- inwr'at
iSiw. ~ fIV * a * * wo **4 • &»lf r"cim;
k CL nw U Ms**’ * ,be flmt day of J aif j
W •■Udoe oa ibn find of JaaoA.-y ocal
~V‘® r ? Jlt ? e to P«r M>e tnterret ta Jaly waa nut
£ f M *S.l»v tl»a want of money. fl.o nohe/wL »n tSI
h U JOrpCRC uTbS b?
vTI v,'.; 11 !, Trcaanrcr reruaed bt vttr.lt It to
to he taK>*.t frrin ihtMMKika of tbw Acmr% Ttiip i.«
f/j? ao * * aM J r s° forward and nay
t> >n i><* ai-«*-nee of the teeairrrt b«t (
be i j££ w ?iut
V U1, ? lf “ r r lAufor A Cv>. 1 bate
B3»r\s; w ssarey&as-*- •«<*»”
ttm««p.ia. Dffg-ssr"- ,io ’ ; ° !
t» - J'Moax fimwa. Dee. li ISO.
Tie following u-vls ■&•>*■ the receipu UarJcr lh*
Ltstlwcntj-rourLcun.; - C '
MceifTs. taur TWTunr-rocn mc»4.
IS ® H 3 -■* rßi
aibi'lkr; SI JkS tS *}gs » <*
f0u1........ SJiJ Kf-JsjSS Siu
T 4 ’* nr^Jlletl
F aT S ' ft?*
«$ c nr. n <<m • ?£. 3 ;.’; u - -*•
«r.i:i:....... 7 •
Ifef Iff | i
ivui... »,. », ,-ja, M ~
* tit? "■ to-a.-.v tm :oo|-l * llfi Trrv
dtlVring * ’ '" U>M<,< ’ r «.K duiTaad
- ,'lv' r J" lira auil
..K® k.rxail. Tka rev.-fpi, ilcrinj ifca t,r—,.t
- ,k - a.> m~.u d»!lj oa Vlasase w-ra u fallow,:
Uvr. Dn
• s.:rjj
• «.-iS -•;,>}
• IVM*
2,-xa i
•JJ.431 tt.saa |
s*lu;i!2j ...
Tmjj »> r .ad
lo '* l
Decrpa*c thle
RftcPipt*i I.vejij rorre«-
K€«k, l«.Vi, at-*—
T ° ” pts IrMr ' l UcL lire'.')-.
Taui H.v pw iKJJbtu i ll:! IlfiC H‘ is*:
locrc«*e !ds seajim.... , ...
nbovt j--Vcn Vb,; tit «:
cript.ban apparent* fallen 0 * dßrißjf th« put
“ * l " cl •'»•«>« l>«J— Wd. wooldm'.l
-AIOO, which .0,1,0 leo To.hoot h „ ‘,,
TO, •««"
V."“'’"l l ' wWwrenn. will out a _
l “ “»’***'‘‘■"™ *!»*«; fortbore are tn-nMit in • iT. k
new* SS.UM los qm:« Iw
' v wa “ «K«c«dl»slv dall AU.I
dMU “ 1 »
w,; Wt . „ tko 10 _
J J,f, not , <ad<:t * :ne,a r-“'
U, l ”' tewd tnldwr. or
.. „ ,■!■ 1 .. *“ <*nMiili>n«, dad wc hr
“ •»*
f rcriaioßa mJed dull ami bf«rr
»,«or ™z r
'o"’f.?,r’ r r ~hOT' ”' ta! -’••is
.11...,*. for lac funner, and SJt.^A-jrm
c«aT : i-r ' °!7 h H *", WU « *>■-<«.
* !»▼ a. flwiihcatbuyer*. CouiUTi ». *
Si 11 * HMilj-.IU, ttlMOfWJbraShor!
IK.UWH.WOtO Mid .1 SVCciDOM. Solltn how
cerwcm KOotiallv holdlor s«. i
oMhins doer lu Krccn Mt»u. Load w>t
iro,Tlm. ,nd onlj .hoot »l tra , MmcM
t', I ,’-'Prime Uor. bcller, w.„
lfWi»C « 11.’.c, odd bojeo. olr d *
•UfM»e was dull. " vG tm*;ic.
«tlTc and--.
S u« Is-' be,ter * vlth or ! -«ut
•S.UW buehete *t il.IJi-ro tcv »«- xri , c
*™ “»■ ■» r “ >. »i.(m to xo. r s,-^7
TbeCorn marSret wa* rsW , .s.j
There*™ mo,cloudily to Ruler 10-rUr
Iht mrket ruled «boot 1c Holm aa
KcdEMlc. “>« <”
r VS? Srk '‘\ ! '‘ TUlcbw ‘“-’ ta'ntelitmid ikt,
qr B T^K 0 “f~ ; - r aic }T
'“' d '•-- "<*b. «d .hi. monsr,,
b«l ~ U»dec, m-o. rt ’
n .P" h ;- 1 ‘> «*rc« ml firm a , • SVKI , i,
".Imch, I* .!« ta del r. a r.d „ a
V.r lb*
Tbtj rrceliiuof if' I,ra *
'""•’7 «“* “» W.I.M
"•tk tiMliej; UtreoJbera. VJJ «,li:
Xurwbff S"SS IS-i®
Wrcksndlaff >OT*rul>«rsi . rSu ■ MO.*JO
Wwk tamoj jJ :: £{£ 11.93U
J*o*kemllac November 7 JJvJJJ TI.JO
ocioivrij..;:;:: ,?*SS <u»
w #y £ c sS ,B « ««"*>« r «:S ■ £-319
•Wwkt.trtißrOeuO'erl? ” . *Jh2 • ».«3
W«fca.njt« October M. ~’*"**• ?1£? Si- 811
Wctkcstiae October M IS 2*211
September*. ' - ** Wj* 23,707
wHiS s*»*«nh#£ Mg • ■ ■ *•»
>»wS mdlnjf f»rpt«nbw ** **HS ■ IM3S
)*«l«««:»* Sf puwiber sC„. *•?? J-klul
WfekmaiucAßjuHl#..,,.. **•*»»
Week man* At«a*t MS JMM
Weekends Anjn*t i.... ••£? ’
WarkMdtnc JalrXS.wJls»
J«Jy U....,,. laS .WATT
w W k tsdipS jr?r 3*22 ».«i
Jims ’**•* tj3 W«*W
. C«Ul«. iloK».
X *sli
i - to smuo oi actrmtoT ninoi ,
|J5 . g££
• THmltu ?•'* ~ « ii-*
«^^%s- ; r c “ * c “ “■■ “**k
HI * ".?••
.{>- -_, HCKJft. ••.■
The trUaS rttript* at Utb Hf
-crtpt. .'cHfti* far Uie 7«k N(.
Ib« 10-tUy, mount, kcorUsc W tbe 4aUx mcelj.tr
ixwitd oo ThABsMoSMI?. TtiUU lon tlua
-;*crc tacclrcd lut week, tad IV® more thaa were ro
.colted dartre tie corrwposdlus -reck of last 7car,
receipt* at He rafiooi*. yard* compare u
follow ru -£*£ v.
tTpui:r.„. Bj,in
i Tto rateable mJoe of llngy per 1M IM at tkc ctoao
of thomarfcetlblacrenlcgwa quote as follow*-
iT*?? 0 * 0 “‘r? Qo»Ulim. -g'
Medium to prime TSSr<»
Commontomedium ...I'.'.'.'.'.'. *jo?{£3|
Jbe narka baa dnrtog tbe week teen aaajaailp
udii ana depressed, and we note a decline, upon the
quotation* given on last Saturday, of njtf* on prime
jd «xjr« qualmet; of soaitte ontoedinm to prime* ud
or We on common qualities.
BATVMUAJt Doc, 11—The Hog trade, Uko »j| other
departracsa of commercial industry, ti subjected to
the Uw» of change. For aotaa time part, (upmlouj.
natter fcaturex bare liecu flnane*aand activity trlib
reeelpte that for cumber cart all pterion* correnos*.
tog periods into tbe.shade. and In paint of quality
»onJd bear farotablc comparison with .any of thru.
Daring the last elx daya, however, the tide baa beuo
turning t tbe receipt, have fallen off tome 30 per rent.
Doa the preceding week; a eonaldarablo reductioii
la Use piiCM baa also taken placo-lmm n to Wc r-r
KCBa;anda»nearae wo can judge, 2vw ban if
mala over In the yards Ibis evening unsold The do
med lor/rluie to extra qualities lhronsVtl, e aeaaia
bs« been considerably ahead of the supply, ami there
ba* not nnlrcquenlly Urn a Utile extra ezcUem-nt
J®, “• yards la the shape of tbe higher
bidding for anything a iluic xapertor to the
ordinary run of the market, lids demand would '
lutweter.appear to hare been to some extent met
from a decline of elmoat 33c within a few daysSuwlur
taken place, with tbo entire absence or Uwte.rou
ccmpeilltou, which bad previoualy exla-cd. 00-n
medium grades the market baa been Rtticrully .ic
prewed, whilst on common hag* there baabeenno
•ale jot the last three or lonr «h.r».«ranatarr ß a! t r
t eduction thaw ihei.omtual ouoof «c, which we Lave
«ju.-fed aboyc. To account lor so spoedy 4 ntl tanked
U no ilUllcn'l ondemlanTWlthaU^S
actulty end flnares# l Ua. baa prevailed for wrerat
weeks there h.s been a growing frellnr wan
paekeia cueclallj, and other largo operators that
prices were attJttclally hlgb, and that a.-fc.p*’ mnat
very»o«n occur. The demand for tbe Log,.redact
ha» Ura Untiled from the beginning dr the
and between the prices paid rorlt and those raid f OP *
hogs, there waaauch din rcpancy in f.r.:r or the he
ter that mnny of oitr packing hn,,**, hate el;he-he'n
closed or else producing thoch nailer ouam«*''«*
than under other eltcmustaneea would be the
There baa alio bee« through the mUO h
dtffeulty experienced in obtaining correacv
and with considerable stringenTy !a
taoney, market, ti.uny boaww hare 1.,..,..
nltegell.tr inactive. The closing day of the Week has
bten thoroughly to keeping wlthlu predecessors- so
far a* lbewea*herU concerned it boa been as nnddr
a# It well could; wnald even bear eomp»rl*-, n wit?,
some of tbote terrible d«ya we read of on the othc
nldeof the Atlantic, of - Met, olrl and for are iha
chief accompaniment. * umr.njlmyers there has lc-n
a nnlrrneisar.d gloom quite nnasasl. but tnoroo-Mv
in keeping with alUrvuml. And IheootonunateAui.
era of stock In ths ynN» this evening, *«-«,! no better
plea**!; a state of ttones quite natural with hat at
yl'A and corn at Loss feeding prlosj 1
TLo receipts to-day at the yards amount totbeut
lt.Ctt:voy«;aa<Uhe entered salea to UJC. at nrlce.
rangiug rrmn tVft<«73. the principal of which hate
bfeuiaade*t«»Avc*aw. On medium hogs there ha,
iH-euadeclUioo: inllyjsc.aua for cmnajor-.tr uaali.
lira they hate tew. ortrs. owner* a*w»oar
t® he reluctant la moke any farther cm.eu-sU.&r In
prices, and u Tory Jsrge nctaber-ure conseqa-c‘Jr nn
•"hh SUyptra would brohably clear out Iheli-laoe
of bo«» nmwld at oeu the present ratci.but frc,n tbe
impossll-nity of getting cars to tl.eaj }J
addition in the |rarchaaear.i»de by VT *l. Tllden ’aad
-I. -Uappeartr the sale Ust appemleJ. he reporLPiae
reOetple of l.'&l boga, cMcSy from lowa, wthu ite
UOftbALte TO-I>AV.
• taum,
do ...;..
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Uu ....
Co ....
n.,.*. *. .&*• I’rter,
:\::.::::S:;:;:;::::::S S £B
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. VJJ , --
I si if
*Jo *-ao •«: Ji
,r *' ,nA “> <• »o sL
;;::::v;.do-:::;::;;:;;S -S? lg
- « Lt»
com he t*novß t Aiioa
II V s?f'
•« 1“
H is
. ~5 . |,(3
Sellfr. Uo**r. N„ i» m n ,
( ‘ ‘Vo : “ t A Kt ,“’ * A *•.« * P J i\
r !S
: ™-4 % «
tef - -« :;::;::;:S gj ;•£
imU:;:;;::: £
I g
n .idle*...:.. ,j 0 S' ii 2 . i.«)
U 2 S«
aorrass* taiu*»*
| ;S
Venetian .Uosrj- a «:« in £•?
Mrtu-.f V. “ '** >2 £3 *.»
* o. n. 52 » t.to
s? IS
Frye/.-Cc n.AJi V,' m
MalS*-.-, ,***’*•** m ill .
•IS ; S £ 5a
0 « L ‘ r... .-.if jg
flfc.'i' CATTLB. **
*'* f * u '*•*- rarlou * 7 * rt * <««i*re «
*V.417 IT. ISO
We.tj, ; ;a S j
Hortus It.r „k,.afrt. h»v. 1,., n «„ C | P .,„”
J ' h *t«’-aac:r,* p oii.!ln*(lcce:ia»la i.rl."enTnnM
nine. Praia tl,« .'.ail. n Uic ».,k n „ pll M
orac..ilirri.cunilh.»l,aranoi r .,. r H l „ , L ‘
luT. Bajuir.tl ti.,l.
e«Jculau-a to BjHet finr Harlot ih- ** 1 “tmlrOi’y
tU IM MreH»,«nM„„. The ' f
c*.RTprs«ii with the capacity *• ih.
.(..0 KOT.M.I !, r , d prt J t
camrl..c„„ s .i-unicl.nt „u„ l "’ rT c,r
pi?Urnr«kclr«D]a..taoi th- De( * llttl ■" »Ji“
cMrat t ,ll,l. rj . c- , c4 ru ,, K“PW
c.uic,l :u ulr ..,d erca axiro mcdlnla'—aaa^'*
Kr. ... >1« ut!aj .
there haa been Utile ~,'rJnn-e lath. *, * "® e4 *
tl- mein. - ' j ,* ' r ‘' Me4, »S* of
B ? ker * ll - of Mct« a cotuuv of
4 umtlir dwrif.ipn, bat trt M ‘‘ f
ot of Ri ftrotuht tn al- 0 l>r ilr^'iuv'^
7»rd» ttsoont to thoni fjoo head \i!d ,* A 1
to *3C, at priCM ranging trpa ?, /r-CflV
ThctnariEethiU l>e*-a ftnttanally *■» ;!/ *** •
Utge Lu,cre. Pr.cra u»e not been wfi,!.? I
tn«JDC»mot.ntof bßtfachaabe-ndont • ’ **“
" e ouct* the foHovtar w the cir»m. - 1
market unaercclnx: f prtec* of tie
Inline to.rttra _ .
'••tlii-at to jirinr,, *
Couunon to ruedtura *
; 1 "
\*/° Tnroer Uar. |.i« at 19 %
i w.ijon «<-"?r ij ~V.°« SVi 1 ** 1
T.ndhrm enj.t Ott/c WhicoWaV i mi .« ■., A
•V. i'att T '“ : * c °- ,re «i EkU. nnvn, j
Knvr Orleans 3la\ket~niv •»
"i™?"”'' «"Slw!»!5& ilia l ='ia! rr . but
•V-r-Vt?!. 1 4 , b,ir r l y 7?Ke J Thi?«’l lotf at
tp.-'l»r, lint T7r.-nt rcrortVrf* V-‘ v*f a ,°‘> pa« 4. Ye*.
Sco&ThVrS*?«&•«*»»MnVc*- mWdUn **«
to M fcha>, in lf,tT i(' , • r " conaaerf
*»» lot. Illation. .1
•I fi“VS™ TC " “ It ‘' >( •!»« MO uck, »tn, 0
o»r.-Tbe nlr.<ete„ UOokj. ii
3" ,o.
fnctt tlltlbUßd more IrmtiM
pfnlou d*» y*® w ’*rwl troin the dveiin* f?#®??* -
JS*“J*f t wbi;«h below Ta#
r. [Ftvta Ifce N. T. ladependeot. Dec. U;h.]
*» wbol«a.-i> sot ca*b price* of
v o|Sgi'? r Uc **F*i ** *»:
| 'IuSSKiSSStu 'Slf
« fe;::~:iT § -
golem il Waltham. ».
* w -.puns. _ Aorof*..: 7-»
Cocfceco it? ~ ”.!!<•? 3#
3' Aciflt l . Acdr"siiA'jia,', 3l
I nedßsuk kV
j M*rehtrr"t i»u •• ... ...i-f Slv
7. HlctmoCAL. J«H HaaLlioo, g....5-i
I p^:-:::::::::: S ij *
* tek-ii;;;:;:;;;;;:” rS?^”lv;;.v;.v;v
rancy brasus..... .I>£l3 M.inchestrr...... ?:3
p- •• - Quonuu. ... R-.-1,. * •}
CLat0»,...,,,.;......,Jtl nSirtf
* LoncoMer...... oil*. .. ..
* U • .Ltweli C\»y.V.V.V.V.’*' »7W'
; ' Jagf* ~s*
* wP“";.\v;"A'V«k -ZSSSg'x^t,
rcdiaa U«b4...>4 » 1 ’ '£> !jtL.-nu.n.*...... V.V” i K
•MuachwiilviJ- "*• yS£ nu -g
Trruwot ...£4 » AtawsLcap, A-L , A..;...8
CiUot. A*.'.',*.r.*.*.4-« JO* • o "•fiu ,
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Ar.,tr.r.v.v;.M S* j
‘ $SKrz:tJ 1$ ’
iu:::. 1 --? S
<J«rlr i®h CMSnttt!.? ??•■*•
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o!. AiiiSroacogrlß 31 ,
OM D o rnl»;j*B..>t 31 PvpSSroil, a i
ivpirrMi.K ja r %BowiV.: l Vi.u , ;* :3 5
.. J{*v 2 Arawto**.. u
M Oilmen V»IH jj “
iiduif 1
•m ■ . Mi op h rV.....« 1
m J......36 TicteV. Dark .. _ •.
a^r i::;:: a s «
Tnrk Pn«J«li« nt LoaUvlllr,
s , £'ClS?’4Jl„^i"4v S “*«'“S«to«™e £9
V** ua. nu Bioff |i> kill. The m«}<ir cotutieceeJ p«rtv ~s
afccco, ‘ niof ' p - a
erqucmly l» oyi?r «oou«ir Uus 1/ u*oa»r ILp c»Tp t»S. r "'
""P liocw* (hat are id!l oui hare a fpv huo r
»uc» .vi I. b"ist uvS «'
»7.»'l re sl-A 4 "S'iV clMee, we will irir** ‘P
0 “f wader* a full eiatcmen: •>* the tr*rfe with i£- cl<
Wfl«ht,amuun: or port,Up<l, ie. pul bp « 1 •**
ll, tJ* u, ”L* r tlaouhitrfd aroLou tic faUi to<la^ S 11 '
Cclhcr wMb ifce number in pcua: 1
n»mltkin A Uro
S i B*3
SS jjs
Tvt*1.......... . « .
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•• i:«M.t acjviu,",.'tfreK!! ll 'Vr g TSi
SoSiS.*?* ,or **“'£*■ »•f«r - a.itA; «jj&
Allrcknrl.ini Nlork ftlnrln.-l-Urr. In.
well «uiiii;«-u id a ißr«,
W.O.M eb.rsr4 Iw&t:* iafl mioeaVaS
£?*!«£• wc ct
**lnoa4 r.oiul
■V2m£lfK“„*/Sa "« "■• ■' i=* .iSI .t«i Are" •
ami ft, Tin.; j.|fD(r ( ‘t j»i? chie*»V«**r * •? t» I* *n 1 * V * CT
i- I>i*»ruU lliiff fllar«-n.v- 11,
,a fcctw request than f»p «. Mae
1 >rweigiiijfrom I>j !• i»...
*• .
_ *• of JCOni.l VTer
«s«a «sHssa“s.g H ‘sss!
Si “& * «!?*&?.'.
liM*.amt9o*to* cn’f ao klirta Ther» l^»^, ,?**
wtrulato, vl>u lit itoci of'/n155 VA ?„ i r 111
•■-npr. n.
Se?d Market— i>it. ]O.
r.U • V* “•
To Xew Tort... rl ®"£ Vu?* ,lc>s< -
To iiooien... .» « J»J® i.Cft
To iloj if*] , j H? i.:a
To AJbunr.. v& ?*2L
to poMWod.. •!£ »•* m
To 85Ui8i0r*...,,,; Jfir *•» 1.30
«*« nrsiKlfd. e*t-«t«Minr WW* l£ !
t-fcol S«.kSX; ICObrl.do at , o.nrta* Ks-
'-"n. V«1 on
**» <• ■“
KoiJ.pmvs.lwv,! rv-V - s . w *»
In do at >i.o«v •jw hi do It *,*2?. 3 ‘TO
iC'-rt-VRObaduai Wo * orf w • 91 -l lA»J»a«lo at
I,lc ! ”” t
a ?«as?
4».«; J,CCObn do it il • ~rtV.. K* U
VIV-'iM.tV 17 '., 1 - 1 ? ftteflVut* *•* M * U *
'»fc« ti •.‘cHf* »u™“" w '' 1 ' te »-■ •
i~afta-Vt-'E/i? wss
sj,tp. *'** 1 “““• I’ll anneal
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iv*»itn Bticrrf,,,' •••
rm\’".V v '. Ko °‘ 1 ." : :: ; ;;:::;.:;;;;;:;; ‘isli*
?«nii u J Kronsnp-
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ar» t ;V , & ,, f r Si pu *«* ltal««d,*ad ii'RiTaSU
i® =“ m "!.<»!«,»
Heu»,catMKioyiVarae! *oo*B^o
Bcavrr, (black aiul dark).. t
IFV"’* M *lV»err... ..” l£tl£
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'’• ••"•-"■•■•: *8- m
Ptaltpra, (dart. Jarre, and 'tain] . T** ,
-w • S3 tS
llonivAu", black atul rrer ?}? 5*
Lyni. large and fine . * H
Huakrat- tsn sad winter l ‘»M2.00
aS:SSi , ?**fc- 88 a
«Kss;Ss& t ' i :r^..... *g? <»
-S g
iis iJS
f ®DFI« ami In Terr a!iO X rt Onouuooa.
tLedmird. Market^Tmffi',l?* 11 * nnaqnal to
daor,. Uca and lUrrel HaiSfalVl"? *«•
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jjo.mw.-j box ;;•“::: .*5 ■ g’-g
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“**• A • "V-V.T <?i/b
■^»ir3S2sa ~IK !SJ» I™*^“^?.%
Greral e «T. W?q^: r <w, «««4 1
gwb iMbenfi;- ■ l ßg* Ji i
tw Jl^di* - iSSftu'il
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mend li V ft: ÜBparedwe cnoto nomlnaß**
l.'jtECfsacri Co&iujto father qoiet and firm at pro
rion» qootatlra*. ZUnnuxsiu la belter tbouxb
•Utl very lead equate> npplr. We note » decline from
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--,terwppiy«adeeJUn<Xnje)/atartancugn irom ore
cedlsg quotations ofMOc ¥ ft. iUsrasßStu rattier
cjoletaudArmatprevfeaarales. We quote’ .
| n a nsy
**• ** medium...;..,.,,,,,'..,. MW.* 0755
Üb|iaredl*eaefac«....; nvi Uw
Dated do • .....V.”.."” 30 «m?
naUfee-Lsjxn* b0t.......;. 4.75 SJO
• t'crrante, Vn. i?k-a «
.llmontli, 9 ft,«0ft......".... a « 57
Dried W a |j •
.*V Blackberries : ;. . g 2 5 J
Cherries ** j]2 S
K*le 10-dt* ICC fts CLrmcs at »c. '
PialrteCblcteas..., l*o oa_r\ » Mnr
****** u» <r
“> PM |
i S-3 Si°‘
■;; “ Si™ * * 0 *
■ Qoal’li - * flo *
i, watekfgtssE. , Sii BgaM;»«s:>g 8 gaM;»«s : >g
. f r V H9ie.jim9»» ntuetiieti. »?««»• mo
g? r jr
•boot ICc l<»ww oil round—c?o*ldc tjtilet oa ice«ut>> of
IheujitftTomMewestfarr. f»aieawere* • »«*ua.of
ii•• < •-.' j2. ..
W* .. ' i]o ..
: , f-g,„ ,
U^M*etVs s^^W»t, «*S W,a * OuTCfl a*.
j| °i" Bajggassssasst
% »o. KU “- 134 “* «J“. UrtSi? UO 130,a3
9B, ir»fc.* u^ ijß * nd . s - M ' «i i» ■oj
li»llC£3 at !Ut, ue.aatl lw
“ “"Sfl 8.-*'’"’’ - 5 M ■»■“> «»MIW on t»mt
."• "gys* - *>•"•••■*» •« «.*>r.ii.wi o r, B BIU
°“15,5.5“^V» •»■>.«* aitUHj oa 130 aaj
a,! "Sii '■tj? "- »i«h.
59 “I« a/ 1 -I®, 1 ®, “Hand W-’X. Jirwins oalMoaO
“ .«• *adrains on 1»; 130
»•» M4.U5. Ulrldlns ,a 101).
" I! "SV.&SiJf*’“ O "a «•«*, anno* on no.
°* “lg' ! & i aPis**'«9“* <Wti HTtllajoalM.
oa i contain* iliolriron*
rooß?ai.Vi! e 5 n ? , i , #i , i l ' t, L CCa *-S 3e ‘ I lo lu*m oribeir
«Tf>nl*BDUT., - ............ •“•
Offrn»sa!Wrt.;.; - —T*** JH^SA
Grfct), i-Aft cured jHut9,
'r**^ r **^2^l’
I • f 10l (lie Illdft 100 To'U(l|0«l Ola
tl •...; * uipnCM “ re * ,I *l Sru » •t > prcceaiai quoW-
- ». P ».
I Bneuoe Arnt*.i... < Bav e
Rk*rc(omeca l (sw.... 3 . JsSS
.<*Hl to} On*oeo! u W.. *! ’
1 Orinoco good <£m*
*" t «SOte
Tfc* follovinir mrr the t*«l nrtce#: ®**
te Ssasa? w - • r "‘--- «sa»“s
Iblf.l Clear, .
■• Slock Board.* ******
u-x or sriw t uointf awS»
f-ou-uoa Board*. dr>
™ ;■ sg»s
>lr»« Heat ruoaii -*S» *’
fmtvl tteir Fi»cfl o ™T?fcbr - ""‘ s!g
•j-jaicpninowlss. rm;efc.rL s>T(wa
Sidlrr Clear.
KfCf)j«i Clear... SS!*-**
. Common do i< v& ”V
Jolitn. aiS&irs;
£*»»«<* SLiagiea A * M V
ftjaredKtiapJrsKo ! ...' J*s?£**v
«.ic»ve« ;•♦,?••••
S»w«d Fhlrsclir* ’ *
:::;:;:::;:::: «*£•":
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*•**» *•» »s» s
° wi r oco““ J ’ ***** Prime and
iTtrar tiGKililcx bn .....*; • airasAt
«iuinnon tii medium, V bu. t ?fsi S
rAII BOX oi MU* niultf utfivim
’■ i, y rft,i, i» * a f°M*noencc ofdi»pa:aties imm
« K^!F h ' V ,cwte s * n
tfte > re *pe«t of an additional tax’
we had no ualeo reported t*-dar. holder*a*■SilJii
t.lst; rehutee t<* name <joot»U.'iu TTo
-iuci* li entirely nominal aa”nc*»t W# U,ero6, ”>
Boiird Uctred Oil ’ V «
oute on, b0ik..,., ;; ” ;
wtaitdiVw u ?£gf2
RlrwtentOil •••••
Bank OI!
Lard 0)1. »Ulw J'SaJH
Machine Oil I Ooat.c
Spemon * '°sl£
fc“‘i on " "■* »£ ™
" >,l,r jv? r° T ?
ffe sarsta .
Ctl/, - ; •• .*’«i
ypt«r. «. foot..
Cellar, V .foot,.
limlteti rt*aj»ca b«
„&SK saS?DSi , Sf;sft.Ji ,cl J!tS l “4
„,t ‘iHjTK\-T!iijM»r<t: ti;«aenl!? in f.:.
teS&fef.*--- aw**
£ >- <• £s>,‘3
r i;o
Otw. each.
>;f*hxaoockiwC ton.
i’w.'h ••
ftnnmsn, **
D i: rv.'xli* .k.!Vn 3
„, Kll -i i‘ L'!?.- 1 n Steady deuia-.l aaa flra. TTs
i : _sr. # ;
D, '~'“'‘ :::::::::::::::: lo^
ih.. r nl-«Vet ir Tr *** W fioi o^na 1 ;
«£« aa-U
:V, >ll f’-rn
i ; 3. r Jo iticiV. ••••«
A. A. r»ril*art.---- }'*9U
V.i.TiVa'"' 1 - »»"Wd»gaaa!i i rsBSK:
Hstrsn..... »XWtJV
Extra C.
I'Mc*** A,
?I? '"* t“;J«aey. Wciaata; Tery flrTawlU,a «*«> os
t M«--iiroi}*>l(»en
rt.njr \- l r
3*V tyrepa. ;•*
GtWou snip, •••«....
Vmhnw... :
!»;». rrAneil
New Ortf«n».-- .
ttujw Doloa Haa^wii;;;;;;2g^
“ " n ArtCT,ih..J«;:.-:^gßS
uSSf^HS:^ 0 * “ Ttrj »«
8-.Uoh«<Bi{f •••••••- Ll>^l.7o
0<0.”>r... I’.',!’.'.’’.*”*.'*/.*. * Sjftjf.*
Jaritol.'.V.V.V .
t^^«^t?!SS!\S3J5S, i S.? c,lt ?- i od «»
ana. W 0 qaoie: V * M * rkel 2«oer*ny T ery
~ LaJkrrowooo, , I
lUwu'4 nlddltoc u> iai r
" cotnßwn,.,. * * lie
farcnSy/StSi «- ,U
tesuarST'Sr ? !*"•."••::•-
t£*v, d /J! r of tot We«t
HtNle.fiertie *
. earnlS'e Plooecr...„.
* • Fitim Cwymdiij ,
S * and I 0*» Buck DtaiuoihC";
„ , • CHrwiaa.
Del teal .... *3-
HnntjSlrte.....!!.!!! ?£,
fcjK«)« Cake. ;..n.Tp‘
CtutfeTa Choice^... *jc
kl.ro TOBACCO.
Car ITialdl.
I WIXT* Hr» Bc j, # - •
I O'arnwldl. *v.?~ •••.- G0,(&3
UCfj’ 1......
«'" E 2« _
seotui;, # i,-.. •;••••? «.
SUpper 13; e
Medlom aeVcel‘*r.ir*
ruh WashfrC;.;
. WSJX?®*
- uUf
- ♦♦»
P°BT op CHICAGO. •' !
itL £>«£• °«a<l lUtbb, 3J oU
f 0 !* 9 ®» *“»1)«w*
Mississippi &. MissoiijT 8, |
•r tt. Hinurri *na JiuSii iSSiSSJj
. , ; H«t; OolnMrßMlii li'of’jj,
keisosabu: iuTffi^.
__■ ' PEffi! drTrfloi
. »s ?■■
N'p T :^irctnfv
. a piraE TOiric, '
€JEkI?IAM; BiTTlij
wsEPinnninr ,’.J
DB, 0, M. JAOSSON, Phil?
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Cbcnlc or ffejroM Debnitr DfcSSj
an dl» gaM - l ’. rl .^*l
, a iMsorJttrtUTerorStau^ 1
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Prlc® Per Bottle, 75 C«iM,
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(Sacermnto C. M. JACKSOX*
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X} UTIOE.—J, J. T. Morris,^
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Dated Chicago, D«.mh.teSi.- ....
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Mcrcliante and Freight S^-
BBITTiRM ' ■■■^‘
. : Council Bluffs, Donvel
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