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Cljicaga tribune.
If anyplace in Jeff Davis 1 dominions
has had a foil chance to ayoy the anxie
ties, discomforts, and uncertainties of the
war, in full measure, and to its heart’s con
tent R is Charleston. The fellow who
wished his. throat had been constructed
like an anger, so that when he 'drank his
whisky it might circle about, in its descent,
as long as possible, so as to impart the
- greatest amount of gustatoiy delight of
. which -it was capable, longed for a condi
tion pf things much like what that delecta
ble; nest of treason has enjoyed. - True,
,they do not get veiy badly hurt; but;then
• they are kept in goodly expectation that
they may be. We read now that Gilmore
is giving the city about twenty, shells per
day, besides what he bestows upon old
Fort Sumter and the other rebel batteries*
Even twenty shells per day, falling into a
city, may serve to keep up an amount of
solicitude sufficient to derange business
and to make residence anything but com
fortable. And as this state -of things has
' gone on in this or some similar shape now
for some months, we may conclude that
the fire-eaters thcrcaways have got pretty
well used to it; and perhaps have* become
so accustomed to it as to enjoy it; and to
r realize thus the experience of that cele
brated personage in history who! was
never happy except when he was mis
But what does it amount to on onrside,
after all? Wc have had very sanguine ex
pectations In regard to Charleston several
limes. We have been promised itscap
„ tore in “a few days,” or “a week or two,”
or Christmas,” any number ot
times; and the people have fully believed
in these promises. Why have they so far
failed? and will they come to anything
in the future?
So far, we have gained this: Wc have
shut up the harbor as tight as a junk bottle
. with the cork driven in by a mallet; which
r is an immense practical gain; for Charles
ton was the worst port to guard on the
coast. Wc have the satisfaction, tod, of
having knocked Fort Sumter, where the
warbegan, into a pile of bricks; bo that for
offence it no longer amounts to anything.
We have also kept employed a goodly
rebel army to guard the place, and thus
been saved iheir operations elsewhere. The
rebels have also been forced to expend a
prodigious amount of resources in guns
and defences, and to bum a goodly pile of
powder; and thus to that extent been
weakened for offensive undertakings.
Bat we have not taken the city, and are
in no danger of taking it; nor have wc
been} for the past year. Koris this from
any want of zeal on the part of our mili
tary commanders there. Hunter would
have been glad enough to have moved
upon the place, but deemed luff forces too
, few; as they doubtless were. Gilmore,
with small reinforcements, buf with cvni
and indomitable pluck, has taken Morris
Island. But anybody who consults a map,
secs, as the first thing, that Morris Island
does not reach to Charleston, by about
four miles. Morris Island shuts the har
bor. Moms Island batters down Sumter.
It is a good foothold as against Moultrie
and the batteries 'over there, and against
those upon James' island. Bat to get to
Charleston, you most now go hy water.
But Gilmore is not a duck, and cannot
swim with all Ids guns on his back, and he
' comes to a dead slop and throws shells as
well as he can. Bat we cannot interpret
his shell throwing to mean much. As to
Sumter, it keeps the} rebels from erecting
• any works there. As to the city, he may
. bum it, and nobody this way would shed
_Bby tears. And Greek Fire was for a time
believed in, but it seems to have become
. ancient once more. As to “twenty shells
a day,” they need to be large ones; they
ought to hold a barrel apiece of the fire,
and that of a very fiery kind, to bum up
the place very quickly, when merely drop
ped into it from the air. So that Gilmore
has got to the end of his rope in that di
- “Butwhydoes not the Eavy go in?”
We do notknow. Perhaps it cannot iAs
to the “obstructions,” of which we read so
much, it is probable that they would be
pretty quickly disposed o£ were theyalL
But the truth is, that each shore and the
front of the city itself is lined with bat
teries, as formidable as the rebels in three
years have been able to make them; and,
though the monitors might go in, it is a
question what they could do when they
got there. So far, they have not tried it,
and, till they do, wc are forced to suppose
there is some reason better known to the
parties concerned than to the country at
It is supposed that Charleston and
Savannah might be taken from the rear,
and that a force large enough would get
into the rear. Perhaps we ahull sec some
thing jet, if we wait long enough.
"But why don't our forces take Sum
ter?” Doubtless the place could betaken
wilh no very great difficulty. But the
man who raffled for the elephant, did not
find the difficulty to consist in getting the
beast, but in taking care of him afterwards.
It might not be a pretty job to take care of
Sumter, with Sullivan and James'lslands
and Fort Bilcy concentrating their fire
upon it It may be less expensive to keep
it dear by raining iron Upon its ruins from
Morris Island and the vessels.
From all the considerations of the case,
it is evident that the public will have to be
patient in regard to Charleston. To finish
it out may be tbc very last job of the war.
XST We were confident, at tho appearance
•of the President's message, that tbc Pref jdontial
Plan of “rcstorinc the Union'* was a contrivance
that wonld catch the radicals, but wo have waited,
with some cnrioßltv, as to the cfioct of its allure
ments upon the professed conservatives. We have
root had to wait long. The professed conservatives
have swallowed the bait, hook and al’. with no less
avidity than the Radicals, and wc behold "Horace
Greeley, Thnrlow Weed, Wendell Phillips, Mont
gomery Blair, William Lloyd Garrison, Henry j.
Raymond, Fred Douglas, and Lyman Trumbull,
all dwelling in delightful unity together around
Ihe central attraction of Old Abe.— Steeth Timet.
The wisdom of the President's plan of
reconstruction is thus proven by the entire
unanimity with which it is endorsed by all
shades of opinion among loyal men. Cop
periicads may howl and gnash their teeth
at the hearty support given to “ Old Abe's”
plan of restoring the revolted States to their
places in the Union, but their chagrin will
avail nothing. The “plan” is going to suc
ceed. The confession contained in the ex
tract from the rebel organ is the reluctant
testimony of a malignant enemy in behalf
of the sagacity and judgment of the Presi
dent The Copperheads fondly believed
that the great Union party would split to
pieces and founder on the rock of “recon
struction” the rebel paper with a ghastly
smile of disappointment, admits that no
such prospect longer exists; that the plan
unites all the dements of the Union party
into one harmonious organization.
Secrctaiy Chase ascribes most of the ex
isting difference between the -value of
greenbacks and. gold to the circulation of
the trash of the “hetrogeneous banks,” as
be calls them. There is no doubt of the
troth of this statement If a legal tender
is worth to-day but 07 cents in coin, it is
because the lawful circulating medium of
the country is choked np and poisoned by
the presence of $250,000,000 of the due
bills of individuals, uttered in the sem
blance of money, and on which they draw
In another part of his Beport, the Secre
tory lays down this axiom:
“.When circulation exceeds the legitimate nv
qnlremeßU for real payments and exchanges, no
addition to Its volume wfll Increase Its value. On
the such addition tend* inevitably to do
predation; and -depredation, If addition be con
- tinned, wiD find its own practical limit in the utter
Worthlessness of the augmented mass.* 1
The paper circulation afloat at this time
amounts to six hundred and fifty milllons
worth in gold at 60 cents on the dollar a
little more than four hundred miiiiona, and
the amount of greenbacks in circulation is
Just about ibur hundred xnniions. Hence,
the currency Hb depredated to the extent
of the issues of the “hetrogeneous banks.”
The/ have, therefore, inflicted adeteriora
lion of one-third on the circulating medi
um. If Congress would do its duty and
tax this pestiferous stuff out of circulation}
the value oflegal tender notes would at once
begin to rise, and when the trash was all
banished, greenbacks would be up to gold.
.But Secretary Chase could throw into the
vacuum two hundred minions more of
legal tendernotes, thereby givingthe country
a uniform currency and the Government a
loan of that amount without interest; and
that too without swelling the volume of
the currency, but, on the contrary, con
tracting it by fifty or more millions, which
would reduce the price of gold ten or fif
teen percent Will a law tarring the issues
of “hetrogeneons banks’* so heavily as to
drive them, out of circulation, be passed?
or is it possible that the wild-cat influence
in the halls of Congress is superior to the
public good?
The President is vastly delighted tha t
East Tennessee is taken and possessed by
onr troops, and rails upon the country to
give thanks for what tie estc&ns so great an
“Why don’t the Government take pos
session of East Tennessee and give relief
to those suffering loyal people?” is a ques
tion asked hundreds of times for two
years. The newspapers called frantically
upon the government to push a column
into that region; and thought it indicated
a want of military perception and energy
that it did not Perhaps it did. But so
far as the President is concerned, the cen
sure of not seeing the point, and of not
endeavoring to secure it, must not apply to
him. He saw it at the outset, and got a
law through Congress for a railroad through
Kentucky to Cumberland Gap, with this
very end in view. But such was the hor
ror of the country of government under
takings which involved large outlays for
such purposes, gathered from our experi
ences ofthc rotten venality and stealings in
the days of Pierce and Buchanan, that the
plan was clamored down. Bat to reach
East Tennessee has never been; lost
eight ofi We have been more than two
years at it; and the reason why we have
not got it sooner, is that] with the instru
mentalities we were using we could not
It was what Buell, with his half-earnest
heart and coppery brain was trying after.
He got once to Chattanooga, so that he
threw shells into the town across the river.
But Bragg was enough for such as Buell,
and he took his flank, and pushed him
square back into Louisville. Bosecrans
then took hold, and Bragg found him an
other sort of article. He worked him along
backwards, and in a year got him over the
Tennessee. Many thought he might have
done it sooner. Some say the government
was impatient, and that his slowness led
to Ins removal But this is certain, that if
Rosccrans is cautious, and will not move
until he is fully ready, he Mi what he got,
and East Tennessee .is ours. Chlckamauga
gained it; Chattanooga secures it We
donl think the rebels will evaf get it again.
We may well be- thankful.
While Abraham Lincoln seems fully bent
on wiping out the patriarchal institution,
so called, he is not oblivious of patriarchal
practices and example where they were
dearly good and worthy of imitation.
Abraham Lincoln wishes to save the lines
of the seceded States from the destruction
hy loyal fire and brimstone with which
they are threatened; and In his plan
plainly followed in the footsteps of the
older Abraham Patriarch. For he claimed
that the cities of the plain, Sodom and Go
morrah, though almost as wicked as the
seccsh States, should be spared, if there
could be found within them ten righteous
souls. So our good Abraham proclaims
that our Sodoms of revolt, and Gomozrahs
of treason, our rebellious and stiff-necked
States, shall not be utterly overthrown and
destroyed, if so he one-tenth only of their
people are found to be righteous souls.
Let those who mourn sore over the extin
guishment of the patriarchal institution of
our sort, find comfort in witnessing how
the patriarchal example is followed in
Letter rrom SL Jeff* Thompson—He
Wants to Bead tbe Tribune.
One of the editors of the Tbiuune has the
honor of a personal acquaintance with the
redoubtable M. Jeff Thompson, who for so
many months, with hie ragged, hungry
horde of “butternuts” so harried our loyal
people in Southeast Missouri. The follow
ing letter from the former Mayor of St Jo
seph, was received last week, and as it was
not marked “ confidential,” we lay it in fall
before our readers:
JOSKSOS'S Tbt.avd, otib SAXDtraST, 0_ »
Thursday, Dec. 8,1863. )
——, Editor Chicago Tribune:
Deab Sib —Of course yon remember me,
end therefore are not surprised at hearing
from me. (1) I want yon to send me your
while I am the guestof Uncle Sam,
that I may hear all the good news that you
may hare to tell. (2) I will promise you
that yon will not convert me to your faith,
but 1 am anxious to hear “ both sides of the
story, ” that 1 may know that 1 am not be
nighted, even though I persist in being a reb
el. (S) I will not tempt you with Confed
erate notes or Missouri War Bonds, and the
little Greenbacks which I have have been
given me by some kind hearted friends, to
supply me with such creature comforts as
Uncle Sam fails to issue, and therefore 1
trust to your desire to Spread the Truth to
get your paper. (4) Ido not suppose "that
your political' differences interfere with
yourperaonalrelations with the Editor of
the Timor, therefore I ask you to ask him (as
I do not know him personally) to sendmehis
paper also, for fear yon may seduce mo from
the way which yon say he wants me to go.
\ still have the most lively cad kindly re
collection of my visit to Chicago, when I was
the guest of your Board of-Trade—and lam
fully convinced that the Andobon Club feeds
its guests much better than Uncle Samuel
docs his. However, as being a prisoner is the
least of all the many trials,* troubles and
misfortunes of war, I will not complain,
though It frets me as much as it does anv
body? (C) .
I hope all of the members of the Society of
St. Joseph have not “gone down to the
wars”; and any of them that arc left must
receive my kind regards. (7) I pray that
the day may soon come when the North and
the South can extend such courtesies to each
other ss the cities of Chicago and St Joseph
did, in days gone by; fori would be your
friendly neighbors, though we can never be
brothers again. (8)
With many wishes for your personal suc
cess, and political defeat, I am (9) yours most
respectfully, M. Jeff. Thompson,
Brig. Gen. M. 8. G.
1. Certainly wo remember yon, Jeff, and
from the moment of our first acquaintance in
your office, when Mayor of St, Joseph, Mo.,
your long, lank personality has ever been
firmly fixed, so that we could Identify yon
2. Ton shall have the Tbxbitxe, Jeff, and if
you remain at your “ pleasant island borne”
beyond the time for which, yon will see It
marked on the labelj and we foiget to re
new, drop ns a line and we will most cheer
fully extend your “ subscription,” especially
if, as in this case, you make your correspond
ence decidedly interesting. But before that,
wc tell yon kindly and deciddy, we hope the
doom of all traitors will be fixed.
8. Bony we are, Jeff, that you so persist
There arc many things about you that we
like, and while you were reveling in pillage
and slaughter, and perpetrating the most
awful crimes against God and man, we often
thought of yon, and wondered bow yon
could do it Wc shall send yon the Tbibuxe,
hoping that yon, vile traitor as yon have
made yourself “ may return” to a realizing
sense of the fiendish crimes you have com
mitted. .
4. Well, Jeff., if XJnde Sam does not ftir
nish you with the luxuries, be certainly
■ gives you the substantlals of life, and an abun
dance of lb cm. In tbis regard your treat
•ment is in striking contrast to the
eavageiy which your “ Confederate'* knaves
mete out to our noble prisoners at tbe South.
History will have no language sufficiently
strong and scathing to describe that contrast.
If to correct that horrid brutality a little
wholesome- starvation is visited npon
yon, do not wonder, and *if still a per
sistent rebel, yon should not repine.
It is not in human nature always to
endure tbe absolute daily starvation
of scores .of oar noble eons and brothers
amid the horrid filtb'and disgusting vermin
of your Southern “block holes,” while! you
and those about you, are reveling in the fit
of the land, Wamyonr Confederate fiends
In time, of the retaliatory doom that may
await you. Yon may force the North to
deeds which In their abhor, i •
5. The editor of the Titties reads the Tsm
usx and will therefore. duly, we have no
doubt, honor yonr request He is your
friend, if one bo devoid of every other noble,
patriotic sentiment 1 can cherish the feeling
of friendship. At the very conunehcomast
of this war, to nee his own language, he com
menced his “fire in the rear’ 1 upon our
noble armies, and he has kept it np ever
since with every power of his soul, and every
means at his command. *He has confessedly
done the rebel cause more efficient and valu
able service than any paper at the South. He
has really been worth more to it than an army
of twenty-thousand men. If the traitors who
have murdered onr friends and brothers by
scores of thousands do not destroy the best
government on earth, it will be because the
ability of the Times editor, and Us associate
traitors, is not equal to the intense malignity
which they constantly cherish in their hearts.
As vUlanously rebel os they have dared
to be, history will brand them as
meaner- and more ' despicable than you,
who are in some measure expiating your
’ crimes on Johnson's Island. They may be
safely left to the contempt of all honest men,
and the infinite scorn with which our patri
otic army in the field, or again at home as
citizens, will hunt them to the tomb.
6. As Jeff Thompson, ■ the Mayor of St
Joseph, wc, and wc have no doubt the Board
of Trade, “ still have the most lively and
kindly recollections of your visit to Chicago
but as a rebel brigand, as you were many
months before, your capture, and still ding
' ingto your treason, “you are our enemy and
we are very respectfully yours," It will take
a vast deal of repentance on your part and
faith on ours, to make any change in oar rela
tions hereafter.. J.
7. So pleasant was the visit of the delega
tion of the Chicago Board of Trade to St Jo
seph, Mo., at the opening of the Hannibal &
St Joseph Bailroad, that on theirreturn, they
formed themselves into a society, called the
“Society of St Joseph,” of which Geo.
E. Stanton, Esq., is the President They.; are
not all gone to the war, Jeff, but without an
exception, bo far as we know, every one of
them is thoroughly loyal and doing what he
can to put down this most infamous rebellion.
Death for its leaders and unconditional sub
mission for all others engaged in the rebel
lion, is the motto of all onr people, except
the Times editor, and the infamous crow that
surround Mm.
8. For' the terms of future good fellow
ship which you propose, you may as well
cease to pray. Wc can never be broth
ers with those who with sacrilegious hands
have grasped at the life of the mother who
bore ns. .Ton have forfeited yonr birthright,
Jeff; bnt the loyal children of the household
ore determined that the glorious inheritance
bequeathed to them shall be preserved intact;
that the ensign, of onr venerable old mother
shall waVc in triumph from the Lakes to the
Gnl£ from the Atlantic to the Pacific. A
few more months and it is hoped that free
dom and peace will again bless onr- ocean
bound Republic.
9. Personally, we beg to assure you that we
have the most kindly feelings towards yon,
'Jeff, and hence no words to express onr sor
row that yon persist in being a venomous
traitor. As to political opinions, as under
stood on onr first acquaintance, wc have
none. Wc are simply patriots all, engaged
in the holy purpose of saving onr conntiy
from destruction by a pack of the most vil
lainous traitors that ever cursed the earth.
When that is accomplished it will be time
enough for ns to become split np upon minor
and merely political issues. Hoping, there
fore, and laboring unceasingly for the early
and complete destruction of your infamous
Confederacy, and with best wishes that the
loyal teachings of the Tbibuke may convert
yon from the fatal opinions into which yon
have been betrayed, we commend yon to the
mercies of Providence, and the Justice of
your country, whose laws and whose inesti
mable privileges yon have so basely defied.
The National Intelligencer on the
The ItiteUigencer says It has not had time to
ponder the views of the President with the
care which their complexity and importance
demand, and adds:—“We are frank to say,
however, that, on a first perusal, the general
tone of the message under this head strikes
vs favorably, and, while we are not at all san
guine as to the degree of success which is
likely to attend the particular mode of pro
ceeding marked out by the President for the
“reconstruction of the Union," it is gratify
ing to find that he gives no place in his sys
tem to that pestilent political heresy which
proposes to obliterate State lines in the
Chase and the Heterogeneous «■«!r«,
TVe extract in full what Secretary Chase
says in bis Report in relation to the shin
plaster circulations called “ banks/* It will
be seen that much the greater part of the
difference between the value of “green
backs ** and gold is caused by the "issues of
the heterogeneous banks. If their circulation
were retired, legal-tender and gold would
approximate very nearly to one value. He
Much the greater part of the rise of prices
not accounted lor by the causes just stated,
as well as much the greater part of the differ
ence between notes and gold, is attributable
to the large amount of bank notes vet in cir
culation. Were these notes withdrawn from
use, it is believed that much of the now very
considerable difference between coin and
United States notes would disappear. Cer
tainly there ought to be no difference in favor
of coin, when it is remembered that United
States bonds bearing six, or even fire per
cent, coin Interest, are intrinsically worth,
unless the theoiy of national bad faith or na
tional insolvency is to be admitted, more
than their amount iu coin; and yet such
bonds can now be had for their amount in
United States notes.
Nor can a condition of affairs in which ex
cessive prices prevail, or national notes com
mand less than par in coin, be regarded as of
permanent duration. While it lasts, it must
be borne with patience, and made tolerable
by economy. No useful remedy will be
found in extravagant increase of salaries and
disbursements, but an aggravation rather of
the eviL All proper measures should be
adopted to hasten the return to the normal
condition of prices and business; the patri
otism and intelligence of the people must be
relied on for tbc rest
The Secretary has heretofore expressed the
opinion that whatever may be the true degree
in which the currency of the country affected
by a bank-note circulation, issued without
national sanction and by corporations inde
pendent of national authority, and not receiv
able for national dues, it cannot be question
ed that in some similar degree thenegotiation
of national loons must be prejudiced and their
value to the national finances diminished
This opinion is confirmed by observation and
• Impelled, therefore, by a profound sense of
the present necessity of a national currency
to the successful prosecution of the war
against rebellion, and of its utility at all times
ip protecting labor, cheapening exchanges,
facilitating travel, and increasing the safety
of all bnsmess transactions; and at the same
time unwilling to mgo even salutary and nec
essary reforms in such a way as needlessly to
disturb existing conditions or impair the val
ue of existing investments of capital, the Sec
retary recommended, in two successive re
ports, the authorization of national banking
associations, to which the capital of the cor
porationa now issuing notes for circulation
might be transferred, with advantage to the
parties Interest as well as to the general pub
■ The sanction of Congress was given to
these views at the last session; and the sim
ple assurance thus given that, henceforth,
the country is to have a national currency se
cured by a pledge of.natiouol bonds, and the
belief that this currency will at no distant
day take the place of the heterogeneous cor
porate currency which has hitherto filled the
channels of circulation, at once inspired
faith in the securities of the Government, and
more than any other one cause enabled the
Secretary to provide for the prompt payment
of the soldiers and the public creditors.
If the policy thus indicated shall be fairly
and judiciously pursued,-and proper meas
ures adopted to induce the conversion, at
the earliest practicable period, of the bank
corporations of the States into national
banking associations, and of the corporate
circulation into national currency, tho Secre
tary believes, and, as he thinks, not without
good grounds, that all the money needed for
prompt payment of troops, and for the most
vigorous prosecution of the war, can be 'ob
tained by loans on reasonable terms; while
all interest on debt, and all ordinary expendi
tures. and a considerable part also of the ex
traordinary expenditures caused by this war,
will be met by the ordinary resources. Nor
docs he doubt that, thrbhgb wise legislation,
sustained by intelligent popular will, and
supported by prudence and energy in civil
and military administration, national cur
rency con be so approximated in recognized
value to coin, that a resumption of payments
in specie can be brought about much sooner
than even sanguine persons now permittbem
sclves to hope.
Gen. Grant on_tbe Corner-Stone of tbo
The following extract of a private letter of
General Grant to the Hon. E. B. Washburn e,
dated August 13,1803, seta at rest the ques
tion of veracity raised by the Herald with
Senator Wilson, who gave the substance with
out giving the exact language of it in a re
cent speech:
The people of the North need not quarrel
over the institution of slavery. What Vice
President Stephens acknowledges os the cor
ner-stone, of the Confederacy is already
knocked 6uL Slavery is already dead, and
cannot be resurrected. It would take a
standing army to maintain, slavery in the
South if we were to moke peace to-day guar
anteeing to the South all their former consti
tutionar privileges. I never was an Aboli
tionist—not even what would be called Antl-
Slavcir—but I try to Judge fairly and honest
ly, and it became patent to my mind, early in
the rebellion, that the North and South could
never live at peace with each other except as
one nation, and that without slavery. As
anxious as I am to see peace established, 1
would not, therefore, be willing to sec any
settlement until. this question is forever
t3T The New Hampshire Copperhead Con
vention meets on January Bth, 1801, to nomi
nate a Governor and Railroad Conmierioae.
Committee on 'Ways and ]Seaiu»lfo«
Uces of BUla—Cooacrlptlon Act and
Slnvcry—ProlUblllon—Frand on Che
. Government— Investigation Demand
cd—Another Great Abuse to be Corw
rected—An on dit.
[Special Correspondence of Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Dec, 11, 1863.
The chairmanship of this Committee, it is
understood, will Be offered to Mr. Washburne,
of Illinois; but it is said by bis most inti
mate friends that be will decline it, prefer
ring that of Commerce, which be held last
Senator Lane of Kansas, in the Senate, and
slr. Arnold of Illinois, in the House, have
both given notice of bills to repeal os much
of the enrollment act as authorized the dis
charge of a person drafted, on payment of
three hundred dollars. Senator Lane’s bill
also provides .for increasing the pay of the
army fifty per cent
Hr. Arnold also gave notice of a bill pro
hibiting slavciy In all the Territories included
In the President’s Proclamation of Emanci
pation. -
The three hundred dollar clause in the con
scription act, will doubtless be repealed this
session. It was a blunder originally. !
The immense frauds on the Government
constantly coming to light, ore exciting the
attention of members of both parties.! Mr.
Covode, of the celebrated investigating'com
mittee, is here, and, I learn, preparing a hill
calling for a thorough investigation of all
frauds T upon the Government It will be
E resented at an early day. and will no donht
e passed. The lately discovered .frauds at
Alexandria in the commissary department,
have swelled to gigantic proportions, having
already, I learn, reached a million dollars.
Captains Gay, Carey, two Captains Stoddard
and Captain Ferguson, the latter Chief Quar
termaster, have been arrested and lodged in
prison. A rigid investigation of all similar
transactions, of whatever character, is imper
atively demanded. .
I learn that another great abuse which
Congress will correct during the present ses
sion, is the keeping in the service of an im
mense number of military officers who have
ho commands, and who simply draw their
pay. For instance take the district of Penn
sylvania. In that district, in which there is
' but one brigade of troops, I find tbere are
the following officers: —Maj. Gen. Couch,
commanding; Mai, Gen. Cadwollader; Maj.
Gen. Slgel; Afaj. Gen. Dana; Brig. Generals
FIU-Henry Warren, Whipple and Hatch. :At
a fair average each of these Generals
has sis staff officers. Now all -Ihesc persons
are drawing pay and renderingShhost abso
lutely no service for it It is fair to say that
from forty to fifty Major-Generals and Briga
diers of this description, will be stricken
from tbc army list Among them will prob
ably be Gen. McClellan. But his friends
threaten that he is to resign, in order to be
put on the track for the Presidency.
It is rumored here that a late Treasurer of
Illinois, is making immense sums of money
by speculating in cotton with a sort of exclu
sive permit at Memphis. The question is
•who gave him such is it proper
that no should have it? Has he not made
enough out of his Illinois office, into which
he went as poor as a rat, but come out as
rich as Croesus? Zeta.
Casualties In tbo 13tli Illinois.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Nor. 20,1803,
Editors Chicago Tribune:
Dear Sms: For the benefit of those who
have friends In the 18th regiment Illinois
volunteer infantry, I send you a correct list
of the killed, wounded and missing, during
the late battles of Lookout Mountain, Mis
sion Bidgc, and Biaggold Gap:
Lieut. Colonel Partridge, wounded, left
SajorßnshnelL killed.
CocPAjrr A.—Martin Blanc, wounded In leg,
Compost B.—John Davis, wounded in face,
Compact C.—Lieut. J. Joslyn, wounded In
shoulder, slightly; Corp. J. A. McCollom, In side!
(since died); John Dlkeman, in thigh, seriously:
Henry Selzer, In arm, slightly: Chas. Boscbro, In
head, slightly; Sam’l Fairchilds, in lace, slightly.
Compact X).—Capt. J.M. Beardsley, In arm and
right eye severely; Sergt, John Anthotne. arm se
verely; Peter Bier, band slightly; Joseph Cooncr.
hreost slightly. .
Compact i~—Sergt. H. Skinner, breast severe
ly; Corph W. B. Howe, both hands severely*
Corp). A. A. Sheridan, arm and breast, severely;
H. j. Seaman, thigh and side (since died;) James
Brookins, In face slightly; A. W. Noe, both-legs
severely; E. C. Hinckley, hand slightly; O. j.
Cone, left foot slightly; Thoa. Cooper, shoulder
CO3fPASX F.—H, Smith, killed; Chas. B. Peck,
killed; John Young, wounded In arm severely;
C. S. Connright, wounded In both legs severely;
D. A, Barnes,wounded In right hand side severe
ly; P.D. Holhn, wounded In left arm slightly;
Sergt. Wyman, wounded in arm and leg slightly;
D. P. Bradley, wounded In face slightly; tub
wounded in arm severely. .
Compact G.—CorpTH. 8: Smith, wounded in
hand, slightly; CorpT Klblock, do bead, slightly:
, Licnt. Jackson, do head, slightly; Addison Jack
son, do head, since died; A. il. French, do side,
severely; Tbaddens Graves, do leg, slightly; W.
Sheers, do ana severely; P. Ponsouby, arm,
slightly; J.Snlder, do head, slightly; Private/Sav
age, missing.
Compact H.—A. E. Beardsley, wounded in
right hip, severely; A. West, do neck, slightly.
Compact I.—Capt, J. G. Everest, wounded in
ankle severely: Lieut. Cnnlffc, missing; Sergeant
Lynch, do thigh slightly; Corp. N. Woods, do foot
do;J. Lockner, do thigh, (since died); J.T. Hay
wood, do knee slightly; Geo. Hampson, do leg do;
C. Bnrkel, do hand do; 31. Gaflhey, do hand do.
Compact K.—Capt, Blanchard, wounded severe
ly • Sergt. E. Page, wounded in arm slightly: P.
Riley, killed; Sergt. H. Ketchum, wounded In
shoulder severely; Corp. C. Bcekman, wounded In
right srm severely; E. Boles, wonnded in wrist
sliL-htly: R. Snider, wounded In hlpscverely; J.
Holley, wounded In arm slightly: W. fiollaman,
woended Is leg slichtly; Boot. Suddock,* wound
ed m forehead, slightly.
Total killed, 8; wounded, S3; Mlselng, 2; ag
gregate, na;
I -would eay for the comfort of their friends,
that the -wounded hare every attention and
care that It is possible to bestow upon them.
The wounded will probably be moved from
Chattanooga to Bridgeport in a few days.
General Ostcrhans has personally Inter
ested himself in directing affairs for their
removal, and will endeavor to Imre them
while in the Held hospital, placed near their
regiments to receive the care of their friends.
A. T. Needham. ;
Chaplain 15th HI. Vol. Inft’y.
Maine is estimated to have raised the past
season 1,855,113 bushels of corn, 407,423 bush
els of buckwheat, G,095,348 bushels of pota
toes, and 7,C00 lbs. of tobacco.
—The total expenses of the common sell ools
in Vermont in 1805 were $570,000. Popula
tion. 315,726. .
Many families In New York arc breaking
up housekeeping and going to boarding
Cause, the high price of almost everything.
The recent (Episcopal) Church Congress
In England unanimously condemned the pew
system in parish churches. t
A coal operator at Carbon, Pa., has sold
his on some coal lauds for $700,000. A
few years ago the same man was a bankrupt.
Fifteen thousand persons died in Lon
don last year, out of its population of two
end a half millions, for the want of ordinary
sanitary precautions. Of pure and whole
some water the people of London drink but
little.- i
The prize steamship Jnpitcr, captured
•while trying to run the blockade into Wil
mington, -was sold on Wednesday last at
Philadelphia. The vessel is 184 feet in length.
18 feet breadth of beam, 8 feet hold, and his
a carrying capacity of 108 tons. She was
built in Glasgow, and is plated with iron.
She was sold for 139,000. i
The Freshmen of Talc had a meeting,
the other night, and seventy-four signed a
pledge to abstain from intoxicating drinks
daring their college coarse..
■ The amount of wheat sown in Southern
Indiana this fall was unusually large, and
from present appearances there is a prospect
of a heavy crop next harvest.
lt is announced that on Sunday, the 6th
in&t, Hon. B. Grate Brown united himself
with the First Presbyterian Church of *St
No less than fifteen histories, twenty-five
biographies, twenty-seven geographies and
travels, thirty-eight novels, eleven poetical
works and eleven theological, are announced
as about to issue from the British press.
Volunteering appears to be going on in-
Vermont with a success that promises a com
pletion of the quota previous to January 5.
No State bounty is offered, but the towns
propose to give from S2OO to SSOO for volun
teers. In a number of towns twenty dollars
a month extra pay has been voted instead of
the bounty. ' ;
. The story that Gen. Thomas Francis
Meagher was captured by the rebels during
the recent movement of the Army of the Po
tomac is incorrect He was on a visit to the
remnant of his old Irish brigade when the
advance upon the enemy was ordered, and he
went with them into the front of danger; but
he was not taken prisoner. He returned
with them across the Rapidan, and is now the
Siest of Gen. Corcoran at Fairfax Court
Prot Love, the magician who waa ar
rested at Westerly the other night for* too*
much love for a married woman of Norwich,
has compromised his difficulty with the Con
necticut authorities hy going for a soldier.
A cheese moimffictarers 1 convention is
called in Home, N. Y. With cheese a shilling
n pound by the load, what can they wont?
The father of Gen. Slgel died atHienauby
Achcm, Grand Duchy oi Baden, on the 17tn
of August last, oiler an illness of three days.
He was bom in BrnchsoL in the same Duchy,
pg* Mrs.Crisecy, of Decatur, Dh, whose
husband is Chaplain of an DUnols regiment,
recently related to a visitor that many years
ago her little baby, while playing in the
street, fell down and began to cry. A very
tall young man, who was passing with a yoke
of oxen, picked the child up, and handing
him inside the gate, said, cheerily, “You
will never moke a soldier if yon ciyforthat,”
The little fellow at once banished his grief.
The tall young man was named Abraham
Lincoln, and Mrs. Crissey introduced to the
visitor a young Captain home on furlough,
as her son, who had become a soldier af
ter all.
CapL Levi Hartwell, an old resident
of Cleveland, Ohio, died a few days since,
and bequeathed his entire estate, valued at
$40,000, to the Cleveland Orphan Asylum/
Monday Etxntno , Dee. 14,1383.
The demand for money to-day has been nnnsn
ally heavy; so much so that some of the hankers
have sold New York Exchange to each other at par
to keep up a supply of currency. There is no
surplus of Exchange, and some bouses hold the
selling-rate firm at while others sell round lots
at [email protected] The buying range Is nar®t-10; hut
most purchases were made at par. The general
money market Is exceedingly close; and is likely
to be eo certainly till the packing season is over.
The Telegraph gave us hut one quotation from
Wall street, fbr Gold, making it at 11 a. m., 149*£,
We refer to our late dispatches on the first page
for the closing quotations. The rale hero was
quite uniform at 148, though some may have paid a
fraction above.
• Silver Legal Tender Notea being nom
inal at 1-10, selling
At Mn-WAUKEZ.—The Sentinel of yesterday
says: The condition of tho money market towards
the dose of last week was very much Improved,
hut the supply of currency was still far inadequate
to meet the demand. The nominal rate of inter*
est was 7 per cent, but those who borrowed had
generally to pay. enough in .“commissions” to
bring the interest actually up to [email protected] per cent.
Money readily commands these rates' in Chicago,
and there is, of course, no reason why it should
hot command just as much here, the statutes to
the contrary, notwithstanding. ;
At Bt. Loots.— Monetary, affairs dull, and but
little demand for money. New York Exchange In
small supply. . .
At CxsciKHATi.—The GazeiU says: Exchange
rules steady at K®l-10 discounts buying and par
selling. . The supply and demand were, abont
equal.. .Money was in fair demand at [email protected] inside,
and 9(^lo' outside.. Government securities were
lees firm, but holders were not disposed to sell,
preferring to.borrow at 6 per 'cent' on collaterals.
We quote orders 3K and vouchers [email protected]
The Pripabatiok or ora NatiosAl Ctransf
er.—The report of the Controller of the Currency,
contains the following paragraph: “ The work of
preparingthe national circulation has been attended
with unlooked-for delays, but it is confidently ex
pected, after the banks already organized are sup.
plied, which will probably be accomplished within
the next two months, that all associations will be
famished with notes within thirty days from the
time bonds are deposited. with the Treasurer.
, Contracts have been made with the Continental
and American Bank Note Companies for engraving
the plates for the $5, $lO, S2O, SSO, and SIOO notes”
and tho printing of the fives and tens has been
commenced. The delivery will soon follow, and
through the banks the people will soon bo put in
possession of the much-desired currency.” The
report is mostly devoted to the recommendation
of amendments to the National Currency act. [
N. T. Csmsan B, R. Earnings.— I The follow
log is a statement of the earnings of the N.‘ Y.
Central R. R., for a series of years, as derived
from the animal report:
1853 $4,787,520,101
ISM 5,918,t»t50
1855.. 6.502.581.14 |
1856.* 7,707,548.18 J
1857.. \ 8,027,251.41
1858 6,588,412.70
Total, ten years....*
1859 $8,200, &45.82
1860 *857&1.01
1861 7.309,012.66
1863 10,897,631.38
Mohpat Evkxtss, Dee. 11, igffl.
Tbe following table shows the receipts daring the
last forty-eight boors:
Flour, Wheat, Cora, Oats, Bye. Barley
brls. bn. bn. bn, btu bn.
O&CURB. OSS COLO tOOO 0656 519 0^
BIRR 1180 12210 70CO 11500 TOO 800
ICBII «3 1400 4550 2100 830
CB AOR It. 117 SISO 8375 5901 .... 440
inVßll 625 7700. 1750 10500 1750 400
A&BtLRB. ICO 660 slM‘
4003 £OI6O 82073 40360 8179 36U
Grass Tal- Lire Dr’sdßeei
Seed, low, Hogg, Hogs,Cattle,Hldeg,
_ SB. DB. DO. DO.' no fta
G* CURB. 5393 .... 4710 ISIS 230 61M
RIRB 1231 600 251 23970
1C Hit 1300 83 80 7530
CB&O11R..1K0 2302 4071 153 712 ItnKi
KVKR 850 200 VjO 874 160 18M
A&BtLBB 410 HI 68 4263
Total 8160 SOO2 12535 BH2 1571 55093
- Flour, Wheat, Corn, Oats, Bye, Barley
br&. bo. bn. bn. bn. bn
GACCER. st2t «?0G 19120 83112 7863 SOM
8188 2220 I*oo 19690 23900 3150 20%
III.C. 8.K... 2116 12650 22(00 7930 1050 800
CBfeQRB.'. SISfl 16100 56625 283)8 2025 880
BWKK 7GSB 72350 HOT 79200 7250 7310
A*StLRB.IS« 5280 176(0 5730 ItT. 3OT
Air Line 88. 100 „„
T0ta1.....12570 171066 117335 236070 21330 15192
Total elnce
Jan.1....165710610£51C57 2617WW 9010K8 82100813J330
Flour, Wheat, Corn, Oats, Bye .Barley.
To brls. bn. btt; bo. bn. bo.
Buffalo— 20CO 1200
Other Ports. 10 .... 800 ....
Total .2010 12C0
Total since
.12C017S 9501374 24290050 5166825 945586 596166
Jaa. 1,
The receipts of Hogs to-day amount edto 16,077
including live and dressed. The market for Live,
Hogs yesterday and to-day shows a decided im
provement, both in activity apd prices, and we
record an advance on Saturday's quotations of 100
15c per 100 lbs. Nearly 19,000 head changed hands*
at a range of for low grade to extra
quality; but the great bulje of the sales were a*
$4.C6®5.45. The yards at the close were pretty
well cleaned out, and the market closing firm.
The packers were the principal buyers—shippers
holding back In consequence of the difficulty ex
perienced in getting freight room.
There was a good demand for Beef Cattle by
packers and government contractors, and the mar
ket ruled firm—with sales of 956 head at a range
of SS.ICQ4.CO for common to good, and SSXO for
There was a better demand for Dressed Hogs to
day—the weather being* more favorable—and wo
note an advance in prices of 15®20o—with sale&t
a range of s4Xfc36.£C—the great bulk of the sales
bavinc been at $5.00©5.50, and $0.25 —dividin'? on
ICO and 2CO lbs. ;
There was rather more inquiry for Provisions
to-day, and a better feeling prevailed; but owing
to a difference of views between buyers and sel
lers, the transactions wero light, and the market
shows no material improvement in prices. Mess
Pork was neglected, and the market Is nominal
at SI7.OC®I7XO. There. Is very little Prime Mess
Pork oflering and the market is necessarily inac
tive. A small lot of old Prime Mess was sold at
$13.00; but sellers of Prime Hess are bolding at
$14.00. There was somo Inquiry for English Mid
dles, and wc note sales of 500 hxs Short Rib at
SJfc,SCO bxsdo at Sc, and SOO pcs country t ’cut
at 7c, loose. Bulk Meats were more
active, and we note sales of 1,700 pcs country
rough Sides at 7c. loorc; 8,000 Tbs country Shoul
ders, sKcpacket!; 12.000 lbs Hama at Bc, loose;
and 700 pcs country do at 7#c, loose. A lot of
10,000 pcs city cured Shoulders also changed
hands at s£fc, loose. Green Heats were more ac
tive—with sales of B,COO pcs Hams from the block
at Bc, and 2,C00 pcs at 7M®7Xe, and 3,000: pcs
Shoulders ’at 4£c. There was a more active In
quiry for Lard, and a firmer feeling prevailed; but
we have no actual advance to note In prices.
Abont ECO tree of all grades changed bands at
©lljfc for city, and U®llMc for country. At
the close the demand was brisker than in'the
early part of the day, and the market was firm at
llKcfbr prime Lent A small lot ofNol Lard
was sold ot 10#c. Grease was dull, and the only
sale reportcd was 100 tres White at QXc. * '
There was a more active Inquiry for Butter by
shippers, and wc note sales of upwards of £O9
firkins at lOGSOjfc.
Flour was dull, as usual, and the transactions
were of a very trifling nature;
There was a more active inquiry for Wheat, and
we note on advance in prices of #c per bushel—
with sales of 75,000 bushels, at [email protected] for No
1 Spring, for No 2 Spring; and 96
®SBc for Rejected Spring—the market closing firm.
Com was quiet with light sales of No 1 at Ol®
92c; No 2at 91c; and New Com at 73c—all in
store. •
Oats declined folly 1c per bushel—with sales of
about 60,000 bushels, at SH&G3C for No 1 and Cl®
62c for No 2—dosing at 64# for No 1.
Bye was quiet and steady at $1.0251.0t There
■was more Inquiry for Barley, and No 2 In store
was'spld at sl.lß@l.lßif.
The' market for Hlghwlnes declined 1c from
Saturday's opening prices, and about 1,200 brls
changed hands, in lots, at 70c, at which figure the
market dosed steady.
There is a good demand for Timothy Seed and
the market to-day was .firm—with sales at $2.85®
$2.50. Flaxseed is also In good demand and the
market Is firm at $2.50®2.G0. ~ i
There Is less excitement in the market for Car
bon Oil; but It Is stQl firm—with sales in round
lots to-day at 68c, and for delivery In January at'
56Xc. 'Jobbers arc selling In small lots to retail
ers at SS&6OC.
Philadelphia Dry Goods Market—Doc., 11.
There u not nmcli activity to note la the Dry Good!
market this week, hot trade bolds on well, and busi
ness Is quite ae good as usual at this season or tbe
year, some oflhe commission and Job bouses have
been selling quite freely since the first of tbe month.
.Cottons of all kinds keep well sold up and firm, and
holders look for higher prices when the spring busi
ness opens, the stocks as well as the produe lon being
very light. Woolens arc steady and without materhu
change to note In any of the leading stvles Army
cloths, however, are scarcely so firm, and business is
rather quiet.
Milwaukee Grain Market—Dec. 12.
Wheal sold at the same ranee of prices as on Friday,
viz. No. Ispring at [email protected] N0.3 doat SLOltf
f:IXS, cash, the market closing at the outside figures.,
ales onto 1 p. in. amounted to 81,000 ba, of which all
but 20,(t0 bn was fur immediate delivery. A compari
son or the sales ■with the receipts of wheat for last
week show the existence of a large speculative de
mand,.the former averaging over 315,CC0 bn dally;
while (bo latter averaged only 29,500 bu per day.
Prices advanced with the Increased demand, and the
market on Saturday was Itf c.above' the highest' and
3e above the closing prices of the preceding week.
In the evening n.ccobu No. 1 spring sold at Sl.lltf
cash and [email protected] buyer’s option all the month. |U
The following will show the range of prices for the
standard grades of spring wheat, with the amount of
sales reported daily during the week:
No. 1 Spring. No. 2 Spring. Sales.
Monday. [email protected] &\M 55.000
Tuesday. IXSXfIIXIT [email protected] 72,000
Wednesday..... IXStfgIXQ @l.Ol 110.000
Thursday 1-Wtf«l.lo LOl @1.03 173,000
Friday L 1.11 @101)4 IXI @IXS us.oco
Saturday 1.11 @Ultf [email protected] 131.0)0
St. Louis Markets—Dec. 12.
Flour was dull and 10 cents lower, with sales of 330
brls at 4&12K for superfine; fSXO, inspected, bead
lined and delivered for single extra, and |[email protected] S3 p
brl for country double extra. There was a dolt mar
ket for wheat, with few buyers at about yesterday's
prices, sales comprising 41 brls and 5,810 sks at 41-10&
IX7 per bushel for poor fall to choice. Com was In
small receipts and quite firm, with sales of 2X09 sks
at VUEQIXO for old; 4Ll2fornew- and 2XOO bushels
In the ear, wlthont sacks, at 80c per bushel. Oats
were lower, contractors taking 2,7C0 sacks nt SStfcper
bushel. Nothing transpiring In barley and rye. A
couple of considerable lots of spring barley were
sola, but not reported.
Wo beard of no business in provision and lard.
Whlskv opened dull at 81c, and dropped to 8: c per gal
lon, with sales of 47 brls at the former and 22o.brisat
the latter price. Hay was firmer, sales being reported
of good and tight pressed here at [email protected], and to
arrive at 41.C0 * ICO Bs. There was a steady demand
for white beans, with sales of SI packages at [email protected]
Baltimore Provision Market-Dec. 11,
’ The Government has not been In the market during
the past week, hot the loeal demand for most de
scriptions hastecn moderately active. Receipts of
old Meat have been extremely light, and the stock
hero Is much reduced. Very little new cured has
come forward. Bacon—Sales to the trade bave.beoa
very moderate, but with short receipts for some time
past, the stock has become much reduced, and the
teodeccy of prices U upward. Wo now quota Shoal
dew at BKG6>£c, Sides at 9K®9)4c, shipping Hims at
lli'eJ2c,and ecgaj-cnred do atlSKaiicVft. Pork—
Since the Government awards no transactions bare
been reported. Stoclc very Imht and prices altogether
nominal. Balk Meat—No stock. Lard—Very little
has been done since oor last rorlew la tbla article.
At the close wcqnote prime Western leaf at 12!<@
12XCJ No. I do at 12c; City rendered atlljfil2c, and
Baltimore refined at V ft.
• Detroit Grain Market-Dec. 12.
The breadstuff's market continues heavy. The only
poles of Conr which we hare to report this morning
ore ICO brjs high extra at *645, and 70 brig fine at *LSO.
Wheat—There is no Inquiry, and prices remain as
heretofore. Com-Holdere’ views are at *U)I-3)1.03.
free onboard. Oats—Unsettled. 3cars were offered
2 t , c ? c^U b l tora se paid, while a lot ofSJOhnwas
held at 70c for present delivery, with 65c bid.
Toledo Grain Market -Dec. 13.
. AT rf, l, lS s VS2A? 2 Kcd at *1.25. tns hu No
2 White at *1.28; 1,000 bu Red Mich, at 31.29; 203 ba
do at *1.29.
Cobn—No transactions • firm at *1.05.
Oat*—No change from former Quotations.
Bablxt—Last sole at *u2s.
Philadelphia Proviaion Market—Dec. 12.
Provisions arc firmly held, but there Is very little
doing. Bacon llama are In fair demand, at U<Jl3c V
ft for plain and fancy. 250 casks Pickle 1 H vm? sold
at UdUXo V ft. Lard is held at v ft for old
ana new.
IFhiladclfflila Grocery Market—Dec. 13.
Coffee is scarce bat firmly held, with small sties of
Hlo at [email protected] * B. In Sugar there U little or oothioz
doing for the want of stock.
Baltimore Coffee Market—Dec. tl,
Since the sale of the carco of the brig
4.CoobagslUo Immediately after the close of oar last
weekly report, no sales of Importance have been
made public. The stock of Rio In first hands now
barely reaches 600 bags, bat the trade are well sap*
glied. Ordinary to prime grades are quoted at 33>f3
New York Seed 3larket~Dec* 15,
The market Is quiet, bat firm, for new clover seed
Timothy seed Isdall and heavy, as
the receipts are larger and the season past for Us nse
as the ground has become frozen. We quote at*} 50
03.00 V bn of 4U318 B. the hitter an extreme.
flax is steady and In fair demand: sales of 400 boat
Milwaukee Hog ’and Provision Market-
Dec. 15,
- [From the Sentinel, Dec. 13.]
liogs were a shade easier Saturday. Packers de
murred somewhat at paylug so much above Chicago
E rices, bat there was still a orlsk competition for the
ogg. and the sales reported do not Indicate any mate
rial abatement In prices. Dressed hogs sold at 5$ JO.
{6 and gCJO. dividing on 150 and 200 pounds, and ex
tra lots at $«36.60, dividing on 200 s»a. Prices paid
for lire hogs ranged from $5 to 15,50 for medium to
heavy averages. Receipts were-for twenty-four
hours 3,201, of which 993 were live and 3,206 dressed
; llecelpts for hogs, of the week ending Saturday
amount to 14.4C9, os follows:
Total for week 2,400 10.049
Previously reported.. 37,356
Total since Oct. Ist ..1 43,8*7 17.5D3 53,726
Total to same date last year 89.031
The provision market nas been rather dull during
the past week, buyers not being disposed to pay the
prices asked. Sales have been confined to a few hun
dred tierces prime lard at lljsc;-800 bores long cot
bams at Btfc and 100 brls prime tallow at Uc. Pack
ers are very firm in their views.
Albany Hoir Market—Dec. n.
Hogs-A buoyant market, with a brisk demand.
Eastern buyers swept the market nt an earlrbonrof
all the olTcnncs. leaving city dealers In - the larch
The prices realized were fall K over tho New York
prices, vet they wore all taken. The following lots
were taken:
76 State, dividing on 175 as, at $3®325
24 “ - “ . M ' 833.12 X
51 “ heavy, at,; 8.25
40 “ ‘‘ . 8.20
46 “ Pigs, a* 7.75
SO ** ,r 7.75
Shot t Hog Crop Views.
[From the Cincinnati Gazette, Dec. 12.]
Short crop views continue to grow, and operators
who were more than doubtful In the beginning now
think tbe falling off will be large enough to insure
profitable result*.
• St. iiOula Hog Market—Dec. 12.
Onrpackcrs are bnallv encaged In killing and pa«k>
Ing, with full pens. A good laanr hogs were la to*
day. most of them light, and packers stood aloof.
Some contracts were made fonutarc delivery at 5X
&6KeV&net. By the time of delivery tbe weather
will probably be more favorable for killing, and the
togs will bo heavier, having been fed longer.
Toledo Ho? Market*—Dec* 13*
Drxbskd Hogs —The weather Is warm and un'aror
able for shipping. The sales since oor report of jog
terday have been quite liberal, but the market is far
from'buoyant. Sales. 10 carcasses at Ji/XKflS.’lS—:he
latter for very superior; S3. moglnir from $3 00 to
s6.oo— all weights; 72 at $5^000.15 ; 100 at $6.3503,75,
Cleveland Hojr and Provision Market—
Hec. 111.
Dressed Hogs—Fair receipts, and prices rinee as
follows: Inferior light weights, dividing on 10J Us,
[email protected]; medium to heavv, dividing on 2C3 Bs, m.oo
6U25; estra heavy corn-fcd, $6.50. Mess port firm
and In moderate demand at SIB.OO fornew city packed *
$20.00 for clear. Hams—New city sugar cared In
steady request at UKc. Lard firm and steady at 12c
for city In brls, 12J(c In kegs; UJfgllJfc for country.
Detroit Provision andlloir Slnrke t.— 12.
Fsovißioss—An advance has been established both
in mess pork and lard, the former being now Arm at
SI7XO. For several days past there have been plenty
of buyers of lard at U>£c, and considerable amounts
have changed hands at that figure, but holders now
ask 12c.
DBEfefiZD Hoos—Under the inflnenco of the favora
ble change In the weather a day or two since,-which
Induced a pood shlpplnz demand, prices appreciated
r.bont 25c. Yesterday tbe weatber was less favors*
blc. but prices were well maintained, shippers talanz
hold freely. The current Ogurcs for lota dividing on
SCO are $5.73(36.73. Packers are mostly In fair supply,
some of them having enough on band to last five or
fix days yet, and their views do not soarsohlzhaa
those of shippers, hot they offer $6.73 for extra heavy
lots that have been well fatted. Tbe number cat so
far will not vary materially from the number to this
time last year.
Army Awnrds at Cincinnati.
[From the Cincinnati Gazette, Dec. 13th.}
The following awards were made yesterday by Ma
jor B. Du Barry, C. S., at this post:
12X00 Jbs, J. if. TCoodbridge, at 4.65 c.
13.CC0 as. J. 31. TVooatirldige, a: I.ooc.
12.CC0 ns, J, M. Woodbridjre, at 4X6c.
100,000 &b, Jelko & Kohl, at SC.
800,OCO tbs, J.'A. Dugan A Co*, at 13.75 c.
2SXCO as.Brown, Bntler A Co., at 11.93 c.
16.0C0 Bs, C. W« Rowland, at 4L95c.
SSXCQ as, Minor A Andrews, at43e.
96.000 as, Tweed A Andrews, at 42.74e.
45X00 lb 9, T. F. TblrUeld A Co M at 4Se.
200.000 lbs, J. A.Dugan A Co.,at 43c.
65X00 bb, Tweed A Andrews, at 9.15 c*
18X00 Bs, Chas. E. Hicks, at BXOc.
100,000 Bs, T. A. Biggs A Co., at 8.70 c.
The awards'for the other articles advertised for
will be made to-day. There were twenty-four bidders
for mess pork, at prices ranging from £17.23 to SU *
brl. Bids were made for clear bacon sides at $8.33®
9X6, and clear rib at [email protected] * 100 Bs.
HOGS—From the transactions in the stock
yards since Saturday last, wo note a considerable
improvement In the dull and depressed condition
which characterized the clo;o of our last week's
daily market. Of the largo number of hogs left
over on Saturday evening in the yards—from the
entered soles wc find that 18,751 have since been
sold; besides which a rather large number have
been shipped through to other markets on owner's
account. There has been olsq considerably more
activity especially among packers, and on
prime and extra qualities an advance of
lO&lCc upon our previous quotations has been
conceded. From the list of sales we find that
prices have ruled from [email protected] per 100 lbs, but
that the bulk ofllogs have been sold at 54.63&5.15.
In the sales at Sherman's Yards there has liken a
very marked superiority in the general qualities of
the Hogs sold, and the almost entire absence of
anything like inferior stock. In the Southern
Yards, we especially noted a lot of 253 White
Chester and Berkshire Hogs, as one of the finest
droves brought in this season, part of which were
fed In Bureau county, and the remainder in Peoria
'county, Illinois, and are being offered by Mr. T.
Nicoles for sale, the average weight being abont
£3O lbs. This evening they were unsold. The
cold, bracing weather which has so opportunely
superseded the rough and miserable style of Sat
urday and of yesterday, has given an additional
stimulus to the market, and at all events has ena
bled ns to start the week well, whatever may be
the ending.
Seller. Buyer. No. Av.Wt, Prce.
Gregory,....Cragin &Co 418 257 $3,25
do do 100 274 5.00
Adam? Totcy .131 101 4.25
do do .129 189 4.25
do do 43 165 . 4.00
do Jo *1
do ...... do 57 337 4.73
Williams.... do ICO 177 4.C0
Gregory..... do~ IS2 200 4.45
Liddell.....Jl. Tabor 6M 237 5.00
do do 183 170 4.00
Strocr do 700 239 6.00
do do £SO 223 4.03
Bastratr...,. do 77 215 4.G5
Gregory do 116 134 4.00
Adams do 500 ■ 271 8.45
ilorgan Setes 29 281 5J25
MamoL....Favorite & Son 53 261 6.25
Fcrgtuon. ..Hoach&Co .'...181 209 4.50
Adams do 66 205 4J»O
do do 53 200 4.05
Hubbard.... do ; .087 288 5.00
Bragg.......Murphy &Co ;.298 230 5.25
Thornton. .-Foster.. 83 807 5.65
Parish. Greer 68 246 5.50
Hipsley do ...118 219 6.25
Hicks........Bryan 83 234 4.C0
Durpley.....Greer 48 250 6.25
Bnnter Jones £ Co.. .223 218 5.33
Grecth ......Brown 50 230 4.80
Seller. . Buyer. No. Av.wt Price
Brash Cragin &Co 138 378 $5.75
Farlow do. 336 292 5.00
Loomls&CoJilarphy &Co 377 334 4.30
Wicker Oliver. . 177 242 5.00
Chambers..McCabe £ Hughes... 54 276 5.50
Kilby Favorite £ Son 90 278 5.30
Bnesel do 219 233 - 5.00
Locmls&Co do 187 573 5.80
Sherman.. ..Jones* Culbertson.. 52 234 6.00
AHin .JlcCabe £ Hughes..2lo 277 3.05
Seller. Buyer. No. Av.wt. Price.
Nicoles A.E.Kent<tCo.... 04 ISB $4.45
Daly Flint & Thompson.. 63 263 5.30
Plummer.... do 110 270 5.25
Gridlcv......Sanborn & Singer..lß6 176 4^>
■Wm.%fcl)b.. . do 222 100 4.23
Frye 4 Co.. do 58 181 4.25
do do • 129 205 4.3
Lewis iocas 105 163 t.O
Seller. Boyer. No, Av.wt, Price.
Broom Jones & Culbertson. 42 200 $3.50
Winter Carter. .% 458 231 4.60
White Shomo &Co .110 282 4,60
Seldonridg.. do 161 SS3 4.83
Edwards....Peacock—i 80 273 5.15
Thomas Hubbard ArC0...... 97 250 5.00
Turner O’Shea 33 2GO 4.60
Walworth...Holt & McDonald..l27 140 3XO
-53 29 4XO
Hur5t....... do 63 161 8.75
Vining. do 101 223 4.40
Palmer.....’. do 263 197 4.40
Devine - do • 113 210 4.75
McConley...Griffin Bros 132 202 4.40
Groves......W.M.TUden. : 90 286 6.75
do. . do 102 297 5.73
Devine . do •54 231 5.65
Hustln do 174 221- 4,63
Vaudcrgrlft, do 43 206 4.40
Shaw... do 47 231 . 6.00
Jones... do IS! 231 555
BEEF CATTLE—The entered sales since the
dose of Saturday’s market at the various yards
amount to 966 head of Beef Cattle, at prices rang
ing from [email protected] a lot of. 22 bead of. extra
Christmas Beeves were sold at the Cottage Grove
Yards at $5.50 per 100 lbs. They consisted of 13
Durham heifers, the remainder being Dllnols
Steers, averaging 1,847 lbs each, were raised by J.
Laebnry, of Pike county, Illinois, and were sold
by Allen & Chambers, to J. Warde. The market
has been generally active, and the demand for me
dlumto extra grades has been better than on Sat
urday last; prices arc consequently firmer, but wo
note no advance on previous quotations.
Brigbam sold Rosenthal 17 avJ1,342 at $3.75.
Began sold Bush 20 av. 855 at S2XO.
Turner sold O’Shea 16 av. 1,243 at $2.75:18 av.
007 at $2.40.
Rosenthal sold Bush 13 av 897 at S3.GO.
Carter sold French 84 av. 1.051 at $3.30.
jßnhd & Hyman sold French 49 av. OXO at $2.00.
sold Hancock 48 av. 1,154 at SO.OO.
George sold Hancock 20 av. 1,257 at $4.00; 7 av.
034at53.00. . .
Allen & Chambers sold Watde 22 av. 1,347 at
Moxdat Etas iao.Dec.ll. 190.
* FREIGHTS—The following are the rate* of the
railroads leading to the seaboard:
Mott*> at Evestko, Dec. 11,1868,
First Clear Flooring, rough 33.00®..-...
Second Clear Flooring, rough 31.00®
Common Flooring, rough 2100®,....
* Siding Clear, dressed. 23.00®
Second Clear. 20,00®-...
Common do 19.00®
Long Joists 1.. 2LOO®S.M
Shaved Shingles A f»M 4A)®
Shaved Shingles No 1.....* 4.25,®...,
Cedar Shingles 4^5®....
Sawed Shingles,A 4.5C®....,
Sawed Shingles, No 1. 4A3®-.„
Lath, V I.OW pcs 4.50®
Posts, fl 1,000. 10.0&31S.00
Pickets. 1&00®I7.00
NAVAL STOKES—In Mr demand and firm.
Wo qnoto:
Tar. [email protected] Manilla Bone 1S&19
Pitch ; IMC®SB.OO Hemp ©2O
Rosin..... 2S ?» B Lath Yam No 1.... ®l6Jf
Terpentine.... 3.79® 4.00 .. 3.... ®ttK
Oakum 7.10® 7.50 Marline; 23®2S
ONlONS—Active demand for good qualities, and
market firm at previous sales. We quote:
Prime qualities P bn sL6o®l.fi3
Common »o medium f* bo I.IO®IJO
CARBON OlL—The excitement noted on Sstar
day has to a:great extent subsided: bnt tbe market Is
.nevertheless firm. Sales to-day were: 40 brls prime
white Oil at 58c; 100 br!s •‘Excelsior*’ do, for delivery
on Jan. 11, at c. We quote tbe market In Jobbers’
lota as follows:
White 53® 60c
Straw. "
Telegraphic dispatches frdm Pittsburgh to-day re
port the market steady at Saturday’sanotallona—sse.
OlLS— Letsksd Oil. is fair demand and very limi
ted supply. Prices very firm with an upward tenden
cy. Market generally active and unengaged. We
Raw Linseed 00 IL4OOI 50
Boiled Linseed Oil 1.430150
Olive Oil. bulk. 2.2502.50
Whale 00, w. D 1.500153
Elephant Oil .0153
Bank Oil 1.1301,23
Lord Oil, winter LWvsi.(»
Machine Oil : „ 8531.00
Sperm OH 0350
Mecca Oil 400 53
Kents Foot OH 850 90
POULTRY—The change from warm and close
weather to cold, has given a little more activity to
this market, and prices which had been drooplngdor
ing the last week are somewhat firmer to-day, with
increased activity In the marker. We quote:
Live Chickens. V dor 11.000150
Dressed, 9 dot L 3531.75
Live Turkeys, $ » 300.00
Dressed.ffi Bao.Ql^
Ducks,* doz!
Gcese.eacb .1.111111!!!! [email protected]
Sale to-day 713 m Dressed Turkey (stale) at »31c
? PROVISIONS—Received to-day.sot brls Pork. U
brls 8eef,227,556 brlsLard.CSSXtibrlsCatMeats. There
waa rather more Inquiry for Product to-day.but there
was no quotable Improvement in prices—buyers and
sellers being apart.
Mzss I’ouE—The market for Mesa Pork la quiet
and neglected. City Ale&sls hald at 41725317.50, and
Country at 417.00.
Pnxxz Mess Fobs—The offerings are light and the
market quiet but Jinn. Sales: 40 brls Prime Mess at
Eifetisn Meats—Sales to-day were: SCO bis Short
Kb Middles atßtfc; 800 bis do atßc; 300 tc* country
cut Cumberland Middles st 7e loose.
Bulk Meats* More active. Sales to-day were:—
10XC0 pcs city cured shoulders at SWc loose; I,TOC pcs
country rough sides, loose at 7c • &XOO bs country
shoulders at stf c packed; tbs dry salted Hama a
Sc loose; TOO pcs country do atltfc loose.
Ficxizn hasu—Sales to-day were:—loo tea city
sweet pickled hams at 9c; 400 tea do at glfc*
Gxexx Meats—Sales to-day were: U t oo)poaHama
from the block at6c; IJjOO pcs do at 7tf c; 1,000 pcs do
at 7tf c: SXCO pcs Green Shoulders at 4£c. •
Labd—More inquiry, but without any quotable
change. Sales to-day were: 200 tea prime lowa
steam rendered Leaf Lard at 11 tfj 200 tes city steam
at like; ICO tes country steam Lard at 11c; 200 tea
city »team (Saturday night) at lltfc. free of storage
tm in of May: 158 tea country kettle at Uc; 10 tea
No 1 Lard at lltfc.
POTATOES—There hag been less activity In the
market, and we cote a decline on Neshanaockj and
Peach Blows of fQ5c * t>u. Common varieties are
dull and inactive. Wo quote: _
Ncshannocks,* btu, .....4 [email protected]
Peach Blows, “ ®®0.15
Common, “ [email protected]
SUGARS—Market very active and pirloasgooer
allyinleOim.wUhastUl higher tendency. Theax
died condition of our Eastern markets, with an an
nenslly active demand, renders It dltlleuu to keep op
stocks m this market as required. There la conse
quently continued difficulty ;n flUlnff order* for most
of. the leading bxanda. We quote:
Fourth Dressed
Floor Class. Boos.
To New York. AJO 140 1J»
To Boston .2.30 1.15 1.70
To Montreal 1-83 OJJI 1.90
To Albany. 2.00 1.00 !•»
To Portland.. 2.40 145 1.70
To Baltimore J-06 IAS ....
To Cincinnati 0.70 2.35 0.50
FLOUR—Received to-day, 4,002 brls. Market dnll
and neglected. Sales to-day were; 200hrls** Orien
tal” low grade Extra at $4.70; 50 hrla Soper at *4.10.
CORN MEAD—IO tons Unbolted at *32.00 on
tr fntA "—lO tons Bran In bulk on track at iH.Oo.
WHEAT—Received to-day, 80,160 bn. Market ac
tlve and tolly Xc higher. Sales to-day were: 18,000 bn
No. 1 Springm store at $1.15; 26,000 bu do at *1.12 X;
IXCObndoat *1.12; 9,000 bn No. 21Spring in store at
SlX6V;l6,CCobndoatsl.o6K; 4.000 bn do at *Lu6K;
lliCO on do at ai.o6; 800 bn do (In A., D. * Co.’s) at
; 4CO bn Rejected Spring In store at 96c: 400 bn
do (in S .'B. & ro.'s) at 96e.
CORN—Received, 52.073 bn. Market qnlet. Sales
today; 1,500 bu No 1 Corn In store at 92c ; 400 ba do
at 91c; 800 bn No 2 Corn In store at 91e; 2,490 bn New
Corn In store at Tic.
OATs*—Received to-dar, 40,260 bu. Market de
clined lev bn. Sales to-day were: 4,000 bn No 1
Oats In store at 6£c; 4,000 bn do at 6IYc• 1,300 ba do
at 64He; 4.000 bn do at. 64c • 600 bn No 2 Oats In store
at 63c: 1 JeO bn do at 61c.
HYE—Received to-day, 9479 bn. Market steady.
Sales to-day were: SCO bu No 1 Rye In store at *1.04;
lACObn do at |I.CS: 2.4Cobn do at *1.02.
BARLEY—Received today, 2.642 bu. Market
firm, hales to-day were as follows: 2.4oobuNo.2Bar
lev in store at *148; 800 bn do at *ll3>,'.
ALCOHOL—Steady at *L58Q1.60 per gallon.
Rit—Demand fair and market steady. We
Choice Dairy In crocks and tabs J2a23c
fair to good do 21922 c
Shipping Balter, prime .19&20 c
Fair to good do ~13;j419c
Sales to-day were: 45 firkins prime at 20c: 30 arsing
at 19c; 210 firkins choice at 2fl)se, free of storage SO
a\ good demand and firm. Sales today;
200 bushels good at C2Ao:2lbrtsat*lso.
BROOM COHN—Demand light and market qui
et at ?i25«y%u0.00 v ton; „ . • •
COOPEBAGE—QnIeU Sales to-dav were;-300
Lard Tierces at *I.OO delivered; 500 Prison do at 81.73
delivered: 1000 Pork Barrels.hickory hoops, at *1.15
delivered. '
CHEESE— In fair supply, and market active and
firm at previous quotations. We quote ;
Illinois and Wisconsin,
COFFEE—Market active nndvery firm. Advices
from New Yorkshow a still farther advance oa all
descriptions, with considerable excitement Jo the
market. We note an advance on all brands of Bio
and Java of He V & oa present quotation*. We
n siKafflxc
Jin..." ; «K®0!«
Bio, fair to good.; ~ J5 <33S3<c
Bio.good to prime .30 @3OJic
EtJtlS—ln very limited aapply and market Arm
and active at 22c f> doz. , _
FUKS—In good demand and small supply. We
Bears!’(black, large and fall seasoned).... H8.00312.00
8ear5.br0wn............ 3.009 8.00
Bears, cnbs KioX rarae
Beaver, (black and dark)....,...
Beaver, (pale and silvery)
Badger, {large andflne)
Deer Skins, (red ai bine)
Deer Skins,
Fishers, (dark,laifk and silky).
_ .oners, (d.—, . i:rww .
Fisners, (paie or brown) 3.SO® 4.00
Foxes, cross tbe less red the better 4jX>® 3.00
Foxes, red, sontbem sod western LOO® 2.00
Foxes, grey M® so
House Cats, black and grey _ 10CS _ IS
Lynx, large and line.. 1.003 3.09
Muskrats, dill and winter 133 IS
Marten, dark without red [email protected] 4.00
Marten, common and nalo ISO® 2XO
Minks,Minnesota,Michigan,Wisconsin.... 3.503 4.59
Minks, Illinois and lowa [email protected] 3.00
Otter, Black, large and tine 4XO® SXO
Otter, Brown .. 8.0034.00
Opossum, Northern, dry and clean 10® is
Opossum, Southern, .. .. [email protected] 10
Raccoon, Illinois, Wisconsin, *c 10® 40
Skunk, black 80® 40
Sknnk.striped 10® 20
•Wild Cate „20® 40
WolfSklns, large, white and flne IXO® IXO
Wolfskins, prairie . 50® 75
FISH-Likt Fisa—Market qnlet and very firm at
previous rotes. Macksbci. In moderate demand and
fair supply, prices easy and unchanged. Codfish In
trifling receipt andfinn at previous quotations. Bos
and Barrel SxnMjros—New fish are In fair demand
and firm at previous rates. We quote;
NO.l Wfllteflsb.halfbrla *sX2^3sX7}*
No. 2 " 44 4X7}*®sJ2)*
No. 1 Trout, ** 4.15 ©SXO
No. 2 Trout, 44 4J2}*@lXs
No.lUackerel,new,¥h»lfbrU SXO @9XO
N0.2 44 “ 44 6XO .©7XO
No.I 44 old 44 BXO @7XO
N0.2 ** - 44 “ 5.73 @BXS
No. i “ new kegs 2xo @2.75
N0.2 44 “ “ 2X5 @2XO
No.l ** Old 44 2XO @2XS
N0.2 44 44 44 1.75 @2XO
Codfish. Gcorpe’s Bank, ¥ 100 D 3 7.123 @7.50
Codfish, Grand ** •* 7.00 @7,25
No. 1 Dried Herring, 9 box . 55 @ 60
Scaled _ .... 65 @ ?o
Pickled Herrings, new. &50 ®7J»
Pickled Herrincs. 01d....
FB/CITS-Getej Applxs—Market lesi act!re,
andprTces notsoflrm. Receipts still large. Grapes
doll and Inactlyc. Cbasbskbzeb In steady demand,
and firm at present floatations. Lrjcoss rather quiet
and in tolerable supply. Cnzaarrs quid, and easy
atST.fiCOTJOtm M we quote:
Green Apples, * brl 1100 d 2AO
*• New Tort
Grapes, 15abe11a........... [email protected])o
Grapes. Catawba : U^o^lsJ)o
cranberries. V brl 12.50ai2j0
Lemons, P box.
Quinces, 9 brL 7.00310.00
Chesnnts. V bo 6JO® 7JO
Hickory Nats, 9 bn, IJD® 1.73
•• •• large, * bo 1003 1.25
Oranges, Havana. 9 brl 10J03H.00
Sales today: 15 brl* Cranberries at $1340; 3 brls
cultivated do at JI2JO.
Dlil£D FKUlTS— Apples, mcdlom qualities In
fair snrply, choice fruit scarce; market Ann and ac*
tire. Piacnxs.—' Unpaired In limited supply and fair
demand; New Pared Id nominal receipt. Baxsurs and
Cubmxts quiet and easy at previous rates. We
Dne'' nrlmp
/led Apples, prime...
** ** medium,
Unp&red Peaches
Pared * do
pnUlnft—Layers * box 1.73 @ 3.00
Currant*,* a 17343 13
Almonds, * a. soft. s a n
44 • 14 hard 17 a 20
Dried Easpberries S3 @ 85
“ Blackberries 23 a 25
“ cherries 23 @ sa
GAME.—In good supply and fair demand. Market
firm appresent quotations. We qnote:
Prairie chickens S3XO @3.73 * oos
■ Dncks, small, mixed. LOO @IX3 * dor
Mallards. @I.OO * dor
Quail - .....IXO @1.79 V do*
Pigeons @ 73 * dor
Venison 1 A 10 ? 9
Babbits ....... 85 @I.OO * dor
Geese @B.OO * dos
GREASE—Demand Light and market dolL Salas
to-day were: 100 tres White Grease at 9)4c; 13 tres
Tallow Grease atsyc.
HIGHWINES-Market ]o lower. Sales to-day
were: iXCObbls. Iniota at 79c.
DBEBHED HOGS—Becclrcd, 3X12. Market
more active and advanced [email protected] * 100 Bs. Sales to
day were:
40 Hogs, all over 250 as, at SBXO
16 - • M 280 44 6XO
16 44 “ 250 44 650
18 “ 44 ISO ** 5.25
197 44 at SSXO and $6-50—dividing on 300 As.
66 44 at 5.50 and 6.4o—dividing on 2iX) Bs.
118 ** at 5.50 and 6.4o—dividing on 700 ns.
7 44 at s.soand 6Xs—dividing on 200 bb.
163 44 at SSOand B.lo—dividingoo2Colbs.
24 •* at SXO, SSXO and SBX3-dlTldlng on 150 and
200 as.
31 44 at SXO. SSXO and s6Xs—dividing on 150 and
200 tbs.
230 44 at 5X0,33X0 and |BJs—dividing on 150 and
200 lbs.
8C 44 at 5X0,45X0 and S6XS-divldlng on 150 and
200 lbs.
47 44 at 5.00,15X0 and s42s—dividing on 150 and
IS 44 at SXO, $3.30 and 86X3—dividing on 150 and
200 lbs.
13 44 at SXO, SSXO and s6.23—dividing on ISO and
200 lbs.
11 44 at SXO, SSXO and s3.2s—dividing on 130 and
200 OS.
46 44 at 5.00,85X0 and 86X5— dividing on 150 and
200 BS.
85 44 at 5 00, S3XO and s6X3—dividing on 150 and
200 as. ,
41 44 at SXO, $3.50 and s6Xs—dividing oh 150 and
SCO as.
18 44 at 5.00, SSXO and sSX9—dividing on 150 and
200 as.
2*o 44 at 5.00, $3.50 and s3Xs—dividing on 150 and
. 200 as.
142 44 at 4.50,85.00,85X0 and^OXS—dividing on 100,
150 and 200 as.
66 44 at 4.50, SSXO. SSXO and s6Xs—dividing on 100.
• - ISO and 200 as. '
HlDES—Market generally doll and dsprested.
with no change for the better slnco Saturday. Bay
ers generally are dolor as much as they care to for
the present in taking their customers’ stocks direct
from the country. The sale ot Hides on the market
is consequently very dull. We quote:
Green Country -t 9XO BJf
Green Salted [email protected] 9*
Green, part oared....
Dry Salted UXBIS
Dry Flint ~.17)[email protected]
Sales to-day: 200 Green Salted at Sjfc; GO Green
part cared cood at 9Ke; 125 Green Salted at 9Vo.
LEATHER-Market quiet and prices unchanged
at previous quotations, wc quote:
Harness.* &... [email protected] Slaughter'[email protected]
Line 44 ... [email protected] Buenos Avres 83335 c
Kip, 44 ... 80®95c Orinoco, OW [email protected]
Caff. 44 [email protected] Ormoco, MW. [email protected]
Upper,* foot.. [email protected] Orinoco good dam-
Collar,* foot.. [email protected] aged. ,[email protected]
Harness,* 1b... @46c Slaughter’s Sole —@l6
Kip, [email protected] French Kip..... [email protected]
Kin,heavy [email protected] Best Calf, KBs. [email protected]
Calx No, 1 1.40® .. C 3 88. [email protected]
CalLseconds.... [email protected]!X5 Lamolne,*dor [email protected]
Dpper,*foot... [email protected] Bassett Linings. [email protected]
Bassett Bridle, Pink Linings.... [email protected]
9 side [email protected] Rosas 12.00315.00
LUMBER—Market active and firm.
The following are the yard prices:
Ltjmeee—First Clear, * I.WO feet [email protected]
Second Clear -■ ** 37.fXx3t0.00
Third Clear. .. * [email protected]
Stock Boards [email protected]
Box or Select Boards [email protected] 00
Common Boards, dry.
Call Boards
Ketr Orleans, .yvau
Cuba. IS &is
Porto Rico isyais
A. A, Portland .llyaiS
K. 7. refined, powdered and granulated. nxaxs '
HhU«A - llWOTtf
Extra B 47 ®i7ij
Extra C jskan'
Chicago A
Chicago B ... WtaifiH
SALT—Marketquiet. We quote:
Dob*eric Fine this
“ Coarse t.20
« Ground Solar. 2.20
** Dairy, with sack* 4.7S
PonnaJT—Ground Alum, V eck. *2.00© _
“ Turk’s Island “ i.aal.®
" Liverpool Dairy “ 3.00©
Sales to-day were; JWbrltDomcstlcFlnoat |LI3 do*
llvcred: 123 ska Liverpool Dairy at *3.00. . . .
SEEDS—TTbotht—Demand good and market
Ann. Sale* to-day were as follows:—1W hags prime
at *2.50:1 M bnshels good at *2.40; 28 bags do at *2AS.
Flax—ln good demand and Arm. Sales to-day;—3s
firm with an upward tendency,
■w© quote; _
Chicago Golden
Chicago Amber.
V. T. Syrnps «M*
Golden Syrnp W®]*
Sorghum 50®*
Do. rcAned 25^2
Kew Orleans. ®9«J
Chicago Union BeAnery Sugar House,hrls 7?©..
« •* •• Amber, brls. ”.BS©S9
•• « " « kegs .93093
TEAS—In good demand, and fair supply, except
choiceqnalltles, which are more limited. Market
Arm. wequote: _
Young Hysoo,eommon to very Ane *H%?« 2
Gunpowders - HJjHS
TALlOW—Demand very light and market dull.,
Choice No.’l Packers’Tallow lO^au
Good do tj\9
Prlme City Butchers JHuiainu
on Plug and manufactured Leaf. Prices very. Arm
with anupward tendency. We quote: •
UUnola middling to fair.
M common
. cnawrso. sboketo.
BtaroftheWest.Bs 0— e S .13 All c
Pioneer 99. 0— e
Et, Cavendish..7o 0— e
Prairie Pride...6B 0— c
160 0— e
. 9013
and s*a Star of the West.
Ts and s‘sPloneer.
s*s Extra Cavendish
s’s,7*s andlO’fl Black Diamond..
Gol Leal 80c
BnnnySlde 75c
C. Harris 50c
Bponge Cake... H. 20
Charley's Choice .tc
Royal Gem.-..
Olive Branch.
Lso® 2.00
LOO® 1.50
40® 50
90® .60
80® 40
S.oo® 6J»
Double Bose Macaboy.
Single “ “■
WOOL—In fair receipt, but demand limited and
doll. We quote;
Fine fleece 6S<3G9c
Medlnm f1eece........................,............*5®Mc
Tpb Washed .SV3fi)c
FaetorrTnb Washed ......7T&73C
WOOD—In lair demand and market firm. We
Pittsburgh Oil Market—Dec. 11.
refined Is in precisely the same condition as crude.
Holders do not seem disposed to operate, nnlcsa at
extreme rates, while buyers ares little cautious; or
In otherwords.are holding off, awaiting future de
velopments. The transactions have been llaht, and os
price* are unsettled and Irregular, wa quote nomin
ally- at 42®43c for good city brands In bond, and SdA
£sc free.
■ A rumor was cuwent to-day, that some of our spec
ulatorsbsve formed a Kind of “Joint company,”
and bough* thee tire production of three of tno lar
ge-1 *ellaon Oi Creek, fur the next sixty days. We
can ot. of course Touch for the correctness of this
store, though It Is believed by quite a number of the
Prop Lady Franklin, Hinckley, Sarnla.l2o m lumber
from Grand Traverse.
Scow Saltan. Erickson, Shebovgnn, 15 cords wood.
Scow Trenton, Smith, Point Betsey, 15 cords wood,
Schr Abigail, Bnllatln, Manitowoc, 85 m lambcr.
SchrWm Jones, Thomas, Manitowoc, 63 m 1 amber.
SCO m shireles.
Schr H Rand, McKay, Blakenlee, SI cords wood.
Schr Fisher, Glaser, Kalamazoo, 65 m lumber.
Cant Glaser reports bavins lost a man named Abra
batnDaTisoverboarrt yesterday morning
off Port Clinton. He was knocked over by the Jib
boom sail, and It being a dark night with a terri
ble high sea.ltwaslmpossibleto save him. Theun
fortunate man leaves a wife and child on Division
street, near the lake shore.
list of Vessels Laid tip in Buffalo.
[From tbe Buffalo Express, 31th.]
The following is a list of tbe vessels of all class
es In this port, all of which, with a few exceptions,
have gone into winter quarters:
Stzaxzhs.—Baltic. International, Crescent City,
(huD), River Queen, Western World, (hull), Missis
sippi, (bull). Queen of the West. (hull).
Propellers.—Portsmouth, Toledo, Cuyahoga,
Marquette, City of Madison, Tonuwanda, Oneida,
Sarah Frances Dorr, Arams. Equinox, Susque
hanna, Queen of the Lakes, lowa. Hunter, Son,
City of Buffalo, Fountain City. Comet. Empire
State, Orontes, May Flower. Concord, E. B. Sey
mour, Bradbury, Merchant, Illinois, Meudota, Ev
ergreen City, Galena, Mary Stewart, Idaho, Pitts
burg, Atlantic, Rocket.
Tcos.—N. Britton, Charles Nelson, Relief, R.L.
Howard, Buffalo, w. 0. Brown, Reindeer. Moni
tor, J. S. Noyes, C. Y. Davenport, Tiger, Mary A.
Green, J. w. Peabody, Glen Iris, Homo, J. Kel
derhouse. Swan, H. N. Martin, Geo. Jeanison, Q.
W. Gardner.
1?)[email protected] 13)4
SO a 25
Barque ■>. Potomac, B. A. Stanard, Chenango,
Danube, Uuadilla, David Morris, Levi Rawson, S.
V. R. Watson, City of Chicago, St. Lawrence, Do
Soto, Superior, A.P. Nichols, Invincible, Sonny
Sidts Red White and Blue, P. O. Sherman, Oneou
ta. Western Metrqpolls,G«n. Prank Slgel, Cham
elcn. City of Buffalo, H. C. Winslow, American
nion. Tanner, John Sweeney, Golden West,
Samuel Ward, Great West No. 2, Naomi, Jesse
Hoyt, Nucleus, R. J. Sanborn, Garry Owen, Wa
ver:y, Fontanelle.
Bbios.—Mechanic, Castalia, N. M. Standart,
Venice, Gen. Worth, David Ferguson, Empire
State, Belie City, Young America, Saxon, Lucy A.
Blossom, Geo. M. Abell, Commerce, Rio Grande.
Schooitkrs.—Live Yankee, Comet, A. Boody,
Monteagle, San Jsclnto, C. N. Johnson, JSrlai,
Wm. Flake, Bush, Tartar, Dio Vernon, Arabian,
Surprise, Alxneda, Antares, Puritan, Elm City,
Baltic, Fred. L. Wells, Arrow, Fairy Queen, Amer
ican Eagle, R. N. Brown. Mare Booth, Aldcharan,
Philo Scoville, H. D. Root, Gov. Hunt,
Hamilton, Sea Bird, Senator, Zephyr, Mi
randa, Africa, Jnpltcr, Drednaught, Al
tai r, Jenny Lind, Hlppogriff. M. A. Rankin
Kate Kelly, Transport, Geo. W. Holt, Rainbow’
H. A. Richmond, Lone Star.W. O. Brown. Con’
3 nest, W. H. Craig, Phllena Mills, Eveline Bates’
. C. Trowbridge, Ruby, Correspondent, Wave,
Madison, Day Spring, Comely, Scotland, Impe
rial, Kate Richmond, Stampede, Pauline, David
Tod, B. F. Wade, Sasco, Fox, L. C. Butts, Geo.
Worthington, Sylvia Morton. Enterprise, J. Mc-
Cullough, W. H. Arbuckfe, Oliver
Culver, York State, St. Paul, Idaho,
Dauntless. Dan Marble, Harriet Ross, sky Lark,
Swallow, Eureka. Lively, Corinthian, Muskingum,
Jura, Atamito, Sinai, Metropolis, Wings of the
Wind, M. B. Spauldxng, Yankee Blade, Atmos
phere, Minno Kicnle, Consucllo, Clvde, America,
Cuba. Maize, S. Robinson, Storm spirit, Eliza Lo
gan, Midnight, J. H. Hortzel!. Hyphen, Thornton,
Arcturus, Perseverance, C. Y. Richmond, T. J.
Bronson, Star, Racer, E. Kouter, Colombia, C. O.
Breed, Rappahannock.
Scows.—L. 33. Goldsmith, Wm. Barclay, I—no
name, Geo. Neville.
In addition to the foregoing there will be sever
al propellers jet to arrive. There are now la port
140 canal boats of all classes, including scows and
attracts hot little attention In its inclplency
may he the forerunner of Consumption. What is
s« me times called a ” trifling cold" frequently ends in
Bronchitis! What reckless folly to allow a coogh
ora cold to become so deep-seated when a remedy
so prompt and certain aa JATNE’3 EXPECTORANT
can be readily procured. Sold by Druggists every
where. dc12u306-3; 9A TATSIa
JL_L soluble Cement of the Messrs. HILTON
BROTHERS Is certainly the best article of the kind
ever invented. It should he kept In evenrmanufac
tory, workshop and bouse, everywhere. By Its use
many dollars can be saved In the ran of a year. This
Cement cannot decompose or become corrupt, as its
combination Is on scientific principles, and under no
circumstances or change of temperature will it emit
any offensive smell. The various uses to which It can
be successfully applied, renders It Invaluable to all
classes. For particulars see advertisement.
.A 1056 c
Tha Great Unequalled Preparation for Beetor
• ing, Invigorating, Beautifying and
Dressing the Hair,
Rendering It soft, silky and glossy, and disposing it to
remain In any desired position ; quickly cleansing
the scalp, arresting the fall, and imparting a
healthy and natural color to the hair.
It Nero: Fails to Best ore Gray Hair to Its
Bnt acts directly upon the roots of the hair, giving
them the natural nourishment required,
producing the same vitality and lux*
nrions quantity os in youth.
Rev. Mr. Thatcher, of New York, In a letter, say*:
“My age U sixty. One year ago ray hair was very
eravnna failing. I used Mrs. S. A. Allen’s World's
Uafr Restorer, according to directions, and now my
hair Is restored to Its natural color, and has ceased to
“The Zylobalumnm I have found tho beat and
moat agreeable holr-dreaelng I have ever used.”
.... [email protected]
Whoso hair requires frequent dressing, the Zylobalsa
mum has no equal
No Lady's Toilet is Complete Without It.
Sold by Druggists Throughout the World.
19S & 200 Greenwich Street, Jfew Y«rk City.
sel-hS6S-Cm-TTn*sa.3dp cow_
.1. discovert or thb age.
Dr. XEHHEDT, of Ecxirary, v>>»,
Has discovered a COMMON PASTURE ’WEED, that
enres Scrofula. Erysipelas, gait Sheum. Ringworm.
Scald Head, Pimples, Ulcerated 3oro Legs. Scab* and
blotches ofevery name and nature. Wbeneveryother
blood pnrlflcrlhas failed, try this old standard an/
»«»tol>T»aaraoUtt. ; *
901 M
7® 3c
.11 015 e
.IS 013 o
.17 020 e
II „ 17 020 e
) ha coo,
>nd. 61 e
Missouri 45 016 e
o 14X015 e
OO 15X01$ O
000 M 023 e
.43069 .
......45 C
By the Cord det
f 9JS
18G3. 1863.
8 10
84 39
SO 11
36 St
14 t 31
117 122
1 .1
4 6
Knife and Scissors Sharpener.
The best Sharpener ever used for Bouse Knlvea.
Scissors and Shears—made of Solid Emory, and will
last a life-time. All housekeepers should have them.
'WeftzrnlahafastenlngwUbwhlehlt can be used on
any table. With this machine anypenon can sharpen
a pair of scissors In a moment, ana with •
And for knife grinding there Is nothing that wm com
pare with It, We invite everybody to call and see It
operate. SMITH A TAnNEB, Agents,
86 Washington street.
We are general manufacturer’s agents for the sale of
Rotary' Needle Sharpeners. All boyera of Singer’s.
Howesacd the Florence Sawing Machines, can buy
than at their offices. We also sell all sues.
To Scire for One Year,
On hoard the Gunboats of tbo Mlslsslpp! UiVfirSqaad
ron. There is no marching In this service, bat good
quarters on board ship, meals at regular hoars, and
but ONE TEAR to serve. Apply at u. S. Naval Rcik
dezvous, Chlieh’s Block, corner North Clark and
North water-sts.,(qpstairs.) . JOHN D. IIAHTY,
Acting Master U. 9. N., Com. Nav. Rendezvous,
No Freight will be received at the yard of the mi
nd* Central Vallr*>Hil for shipment, until the present
accumulation is forwarded This docs not apply
tc General Merchandise, which will be received and
forwarded as usual.
I* FLOURING MILL?—A miller Intending to
erect a Custom Flouring .Mill desires proposals from
towns where one Is needed. The advertiser Is a pric
ed miller and would either erect a water or steam
mill. Address “MILLEB.”Pcst Olllcc Drawer 3911,
Chicago, SI. Has the machinery on hand for a steam
mill. . den-sSKMt
Manufacturers of and Dealers In
TTUpfl, Horse Blankets, Plow Har
ness, dec., dec.,
B*3>ms6M2w __
tablishment, which has been lately opened on
Clark street, one door north of the Sherman House
under the Vermont Central Railroad OOlcc. by E
THOMAS, promises to be one of tho
The proprietor h«9 hail fifteen years experience in
tec bnslnewsin BwTslo, and Is ao cxcelloat caterer
ns well aa a clever fellow. Bealilt 9, he has shown hi*
loyalty by leaving rebeldom, at great hazartU anti
laermces.for the land of freedom and groea-haoka.
lie proposes to I eep a tLrat-claas restaurant, and lur.
nlt-b meals at all hoars. dcltaSftltr
1. J Tfe arc constantly prepared to negotiate loona
npon real estate tn city lor a term of yean, at tba
lowest current rates.
Money Invested aa above for residents or non-real
dents. L D. OLAISTED & tio^
nol3-p2SS-8m Corner Lake and tasallo-ata.
For the treatment of diseases of the
And all affections of the
Head, Throit, Imp, Air Pawiges, and all
Chronic Diseases.
Mr.A.S. Tilton, No. m Sooth Clark strecLCbf
capo, was severely atHlcted as above, ami wa*eailreir
cared .. one
Mb. Dabtxl Jatxb, stave manufacturer oftM*
city, bas been laboring under an attack of Catarrh for
more than two year*, very severe, affecting the head
throat and naaal passages, breathing was very dun!
cult. the parts very sore, and discharging very offeo.
slvely; bad treated with all the •‘pathys'’ in TAUU
andwas Anally restored to perfect health la six weeks
bv Dr. Everson.
_.Fitbb FnKrar, aged 2S years, son of Christian
Forney, of !■ orneyavl tie, Woodford county, la. was
entirely blind In both eves, from Amaurosis and bad
been treated by eoreraf eminent oculists, who flnallr
pronouncing his case inccbabl*. He then applied
to Dr. Everson, who restored him to perfect sight In
four weeks. Mr. Forney’s certificate can be seen at
my office.
As to his character for veracity and Integrity. I take
pleasure In referring to—
Hib Excbllbbot, A. LINCOLN, President of th«
United States.
Hob. D. DAVIS, Judge U. 5. Supreme Court.
Col. A. QP.IDLEY,Pres’: McLean Co. Bank.
Mg. JAS. ALLIN, Jew., P. M., Bloomington, HI.
Two extraordinary eases, one that of a daughter of
Rev. TV*. E. McCouiacb, Methodist preacher, for
merly ofDccorah, lowa, now stationed at Wilton,
lowa, and the others sou of Wx. S. -Footk. of Bur
lington, lowa, wboec cases bad baffled for years the
skin of the best occollsts and physicians In the United
States, East and West. Both cases were cured In a
few weeks. Da. Etbbsow*b peculiar treatment In
these cases precludes the necessity and expense of
travel to and remaining here. Send a statement of
the case—this is enough.
Dr. Everson’s reputation and success In the treat
ment pt disuses of the skin, kidneys, blood, and all
affections of a private natnre, whether from conta
gion or vicious habits, is a sure guarantee' to the
afflicted. Terms moderate. *
T ej?? n I s oa f 2 f lh " oldMt specialists in the
United States, has had vast experience In the treat
raent of all forms of chronic diseases,both In hospital
and private practice, performs all the most rt-llcate
operations in eye and ear surgery, ts a gradu «o of
three of the brat medical colleges In the country
ex-PTofcssor of Surgery, member of several
medical societies, and refers with pleasure to a large
number of our most distinguished physicians and
professors of medicine sod surgery
Address, Dr, W. K. Everson. Box 6176. Chlcairo. 11l
Office, South Clark sweet, Chicago ? ’ *
dcls-a554-151-nrT*s-ls * X-
Something Entirely New.
JSS c pt'«^V.'L C| .? S ;', IU GOLD PE*.
tlLSsna rMS for Five Dollars,including one other
article, (from a promlscaons list of over &300 <Sffe"
eot articles,) whatever it may happen to ba brluck
or chance, not on the •« gift” principle bat the
as Custom Honseand KspreeaCompanleawll nncanM
fornackagea, lrnnks,c*rpcl sacks;*p.,io the hlifheU
hinder, on a venture. without their contents
known. We certainly hare as much rl~h; to aeu »
BiAlzs WTXLppr, containing an article of unknown
value, aa they have to soli a sealed package, contain-
Inc, many times, no valne at all; especially when
purchasers are first sure of the full worth of the”
"S“pmS. M Pen ' “‘ Jo tTQm “>•
A New and Fair Offer.
We ask no one to send as the money till they know
what article irom the general JUi wllf accompany the
Pencil and Pen. They con simply send os their names
on a allp of paper, and we will let them know the re
sult hy return mail. In sealed envelope, and they can
then send for the articles or not. as they choose. Fnll
particulars,with private elrcuUrto agents,sect hr
mail. Address, (with stomp for rotnrn postage.'
J. B. CLAItK & CO.,
81>assan street, 2tew York.
dels-sSS!Mt is
XX In Drawing of December 1.
No. 21.612 drew *100,OCO; No. 9,655 drew $50X00; No
IJJU2drew $30,000; No. ■I.Sli drew IIOjjCO; No.
drew ss,ooo—being the live capital prizes. SO per cent
premium paid lor prize*. Information famished.
Tbe highest rates paid for Doubloons and all kinds of
Gold aid Silver. TAYLOR & CO., Bankers.
dcls-sSSS-Ct-ls No. 16 Wall street, s.T.
TI/TUNN & COMPACT, Solicitors
Publishers of the ILLUSTRATED
No. 37 Park Row. Now York.
Pamphlets of information about Patents FREE
Specimen copies of tbe paper FREE.
A beautiful Holiday Gift, for young and old, combin
ing instruction with amusement. Magnifying aboat
100 diameters or 10X30 limes, and so simple that any
child can use It. Price*! OO.ormallcdp epald.*32S
with ObeauUful mounted objects, $3.00. A liberal dial
count to dealers.
JNO. B. IDESON & CO., Agents,
New music store.
105 Randolph-st.,
Between Clark and Dearborn streets. E A-BEN
SON. publisher and dealer In Sheet Music and all'
kinds of
Sole agent for Haloes A Bro’s celebrated Plano
Fortes, Carbarta & Needham’s Melodeons • also Bras*
Band Instruments of all kinds. Music arranged far
Brass Bands In line style. Pianos tuned and an ktndu
of Musical Instruments repaired at short n*tlce.
dels-a33S-2w E. A. BENSON.
Having opened a large
At 147 As 14 9 . South Clark-St.,
We would Invite all those Interested In or desiring
cither pictures or Instruction, to call and examine
oar specimens.
A share of public patronage respectfully solicited.
The undersigned would inform their customers and
all persona shipping to this market, that they have
increased facilities this season for handling
We will give our personal attention to all sales, and
will guarantee the HIGHEST PRICES AND PROMPT
noas-raUMm 219 South Water street.
• OB’S OFFICE, Mascpms, Txww., Dec. 1,1365.
Manufacturers, Dealers and Importers are Invited
toseud to this offlce.price Hsu of.aurl tenders for.
any or all of the articles of Medical and Hospital Sap
piles required for tho use of the Army. Copies of tbe
supply Table can be seen at the oClce of any Medical
Purveyor. Further particulars made known on ap
plication to HENNELL STEVENS,
Medical Storekeeper U. 3. Army,
de7-r9SO-lm-ltew Medical Purveyor, Dept. Tenn.
An Agent 1b wanted In evenr regiment for the sate
of something light and pro (liable—nkedkdbt wvxbt-
BOOT, ISPECIALLT BT kvkbt SOiciZß. Agents are
doing bio things. Address, enclosing stamp. AB
BAXDALE ACO., 212Broadway,NewTork.
Treats nil cases of Baldness, Premataro Graynes*
Bern IT, Dandruff, and Papulous Eruptions of the race*
Head and Hands. Office, iu Dearborn street. (a>
stairs.) P.O. Box 03. • delS-sTS-lwla
deS-rSTMwIs 96 Washington street.
JLI Persons who have been enrolled for the coming
draft will be received Into the United States Navy
until Jan.sth,lßCl,
Ciucaoo, Dec. 8, IS®.
Gen. Freight Agt.
See the PHLSTEH*S DEVIL. How ready at alt
Newsdealer*. A prize for everybody. Gold Pencil,
Gold Pen. See Puzzle DepartQjflQt. A splendid nnm*
her. Don’t toll to got It. de»*U94Un

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