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®>grrtal Notices.
XSollovrnv’ft PiUn and Olntm^nf*
The BuprETturo" of Wosieit.--Caxceii ix *n*
Hucaft, Nothii:* H more preralcrl thin l'i*»
l>!r HiniciloP of wau.cn. or less osientotd it*
nature and treatment—Belli a few Fear* pick ta»
kutle und cautery were the only remedy, hut bow few
Mirvivwithcharhftren* aad tahaman opcr» i .l r >n, all
other menu* were repudiated, so ataborn I* _ err or—
wbor. uu- Lculrk andl stloaal dlacororyol HoilewnyV
CMnfmrLl beamed on the world, the news on “ tuc
wins:* ot light," or.d Hollow*.*** establishment vrae
dnllv besirgrn bv myriad* or agonized martyrs to
cancer, who were ancestrally treated and returned
i<> tiirti l oouti rrio!e.lojr. Wruow cunlldenUy assert,
Dint caaeei, whatever in origin bat been, can be sne
cewiulh eradicated by a course of Holloway’* Tills
jisd ointment. Tbbl* the actual testlmonr of thou
sand? already cured by them. deSS-Ull lwi»
Unman rrallfy, er Physlolojl*
cal Stcbcarchei),
Should be rtnd by everybody. It treats on, and
'■bowi* rma*. tbe cvllrcsni:* arising from carry abase
:*rd unhappy contamination may be subverted, with
n vurc method of dispelling tbe misslrlnpi many ex
'•ertrnre In filtering tbe marriage state. Soil by Ba
ll. A. DARROW.TII Hiceckcr street, New York.
I'iirc ss rent*. Mailed free every where.
I>r« James,
Formerly of James* Hospital, Custom House
♦ trici, New Orleans, established in ISSO, now of®
street, Chicago, Illinois, specialist Id tbe
treatment of Old Cokokic, Mkbotzi.il, Blood
on t*niK Diseases aki> Osouao Wcaxsebs.
Cure* them without resorting to Mercury, iodide
r’otawdl. Arsenic or Sar»sp«riua. Dr. James Teas a
blood diMJSHcs. Organic Weak* cm, brought on by
eirctf, over tuxstiou orhuttlneMi, or entailed bored
itariiv, causing low of memoir, nervous and general
debility, etc., cured braa Infallible method, and the
only cure for this wcakaces—savlnc both time and ex
old HihOntcfi of the MOST HORRIBLE CLASS,
vhore the blood lias become poisoned, producing
vlutcbc* on the face, muuU watery pains In
Hie hcr.d and bonce, ulcerated throat, nose, limbo and
'.Kniy, Kcrolula, together with on endless number ol
Ur. Janie* isreccmroended by the prof* generally of
t he Soiith, tin- medical fnculty, and professor* of med
f< aI nc. Those attiicicd wionld apply tome
dhitely, tiud lx* ctirtvl tit rbtwc terrible diseases.
lifniciulwr Dr. James* Office and Farlors are at 8S
Randolph, t'Ctwccn State and Dearborn streets.
Ofilci* oiiou from l» A. 21. until BP. M. Consul Intlons
luvlalahlc. dcl7-»l71-2w
Beware or tltc So-called Hair
All msde of sulphur and sugar of lead. Tbe first Is
mop] diHiicrrcableniid offensive, and the other a rank
poison, winch, althoupb harmless in their operation.
arc not less certain to prodace mil tbe evil effects of
Cead dire&sc. Why use this villainous staff, when an
Article. iHTfiTtlv clean and instantaneous in Its ef
fect, and pronounced h&rmlc*-. by; Dr. Chilton, is to be
iouud it ;cvißi«drro’s Hair J)yo, When all other
compounds have failed, this has always proved suc
hlanuiacturcd by J. CRISTADORt»,B Astor House.
New York. Sold everywhere, and applied by all
Frice, 81. fIAO and tSJpcr box, according to sire.
The PCUJUOO LOTIO, a sure corn for Itcb, DU*
r.ol.- Manjrc. Ac n Ac. Having NO MERCURY in Its.
t'cnipoflUm., u can be used without any danger.
Warranted or no pay. MaaufacturedbrE-T.c W.
V. McFAJCLAKD.l.aiayette, lad. For sale by LORD
u: SMITH, Agents, Chicago, HI. deI64GBS-la
l>r. Bigelow,
Confidential Pbj Rlciau, (foratily of St, Louis, M 0.,)
oeo bo consulted at his office, ITS Booth Clark street,
corner of Moursc, Chicago, 111., half a block from tbe
Post Office, on all Chronic Diseases, and Diseases of
u private and delicate nature in both sexes, which be
l reals with unparalleled success. Booms separate,
where Ladles and Gentlemen can consult tbe Doctor
with the el riciwt privacy. Office hours from 8 A.M.
tcdP.M .Sundays 1C to 13 A. M. Communications
<:c nfidcr ti&L Consultations free. Address P. O.Bor
15!. o stomps and get his Guide to Health.
From the Doctor** long experience In Hospital and
private practice, be is able to perform, and will guor
.ulca, perfect cores lor nil Venereal or Sexual Dis
ease* in their most severe and complicated stages. In
n very abort time, without tsc use ol mercury.
y ounc meu suifcnne from self-abuse are Invited to
cal! A perfect cure warranted. Female irreeulan-
Vies aUcudant on Fulwrny. Menstruation, or persona
li&' lnganyohstrucUoos to marriage, should call at
Once and be cured.
B.a? of city references ns to ability and success.
Bair I»ye! Hair Dye!!
j.v tuf woclii. The onlv HaitULr*?,Thus and Reli
*bi.i: Dve known. This splendid Hair Dye Is Perfect
—ci.angrf Red, Rttsiv or Grsy Hair Instantly, to a
glopsv place or Natuhal Itnotnr,without Injuring
Ui-Huir orSlnlclDcUio Skin. leaving the Hair Soft
hq'l iii auilful; imparts fresh vitality, frequently :es
torinc lU) pristine color, and rectifier the 111 effect* ot
Bed Dvc*. liio Gonultie is slcoed Wnxiot A. Baca
r.LOß, nl! otSiprs i»rp"merc Imitations, aod should be
traided. bold by all Drugitls:*,&c. Factory, fil Bar-
yoiU. Jj*S-£937-ly.
* Physiological view oi* Mar*
C\-i»tainiDgncarlv seepages, and 130 fine Plates and
■'a l ->-.vit'Cr- of tl?e Anatomy of tbe Sexual Orsons In a
t vi? o; Health and Dist-sw*. with a Treatise oa Sell-
V.-u-i*. ii» rensetivifincc* upon tbe Mind
.n>! Bod’-. wrtU the Author's Plan of Treatment—tbe
.uiv raifouil end eacc-esafiß mode of cure, as shown
n-'the report of tin* cuo'-a treated, A truthful adrU
r 'o tlu- married, nod these contemplating marriage
,iw entertain double of their physical condition.
;-tit In* of postage to any address. on receipt of 25
out- In stntnp* or postal curreacy, by addressing Pf.
..ACItulX., kd. Si Malden Lane, Albany, R. Y.
Br», Tclto Sfilthf Ton-Baden Sc
Treat all Chrome Diseases, such ax Colds, Coughft,
vx.Mimptlnii. Aftbma. Uic Tunis, Heart, Stomach,
hinder *ud Use Bnvrels, Dyspepsia. Diarrhea,
ivwiitcr}-, Gout, lUit’um-Uimi, Paralysis. Hip Disease.
Vhlie Swellings nnd all complaint* or women and
*)i!di pn; Sort- Eyes and Ears, Cataract Discharges,
: »dri:ig and iirj-ilng Sounds, Also
rituoot cutting with tlic knife. A! letters mast con
tiu ten cents for a speedy answer. Drs. TELTO
Mil'll. VON-BADKN <tBAKEV. Box BKB. Hour
■hit 5 A. M. to 9 P. M. Office 91 Randolph street,
;>rncr of Dearborn, Chicago IlUnos. fe2s-gW7-Jy.
Piles! Piles!!
Hr. Wltficld’s Vegetable Pills
Arc warranted a certain care for FISTULA, BUND
Wf vouid cuutl'tu all ft ho are victim* to this dls*
oasinp romplalnt to avoid tbe n«c of external sppli
itions ns thrv rrenit only in aggravating the disease.
Ur. WlTFlf-LD’S remedy remove* the Close of the
seas*;, and eilv. u a pcnuauiCQt core.
ru*#c Pills have boentrled for ilie lost seven yean.
-■. I in bo Instance have iii«y mlled to core.
iticc f( cent.-per box. Sent by mail to any address,
j. YOUNG, bole Proprietor,
iSI Broadway, K. T.
por lulls by BLIbS & SIZASF, lit Lake street, Chi*
go, 111.
udeon’s UnrlvaUedl Tooth:
acknowledged by all who use It tobethcßSST
NTiancr i on - In use forcj-sAXiyo audrßSscsr.
o tlii-vcrru. and tendf-rcamslt
a ko EQfA-L. Sold by »U Druggists. SMITH A
VTEIt, wlolc&clc ugCJiU. dejMSWwr
itallrmanii's Jrpcctffc.
T s E
M.LHMAKD’S SPECIFIC Will not care all dl».
ii will cure
iranatifin, Goat and Keuralgla.
Hundred: l have certified to this fact
r Iv nil flrncidsts. Price, One
Dollar perßotllc*
J. H. BLOOD, Sole Agent,
a yorth FlTib street, SL Louis.
S. B. HEED & CO.,
l-i-rTI-Cm-wr&M Agents for Chicago.
hicnod have Jhl* dnv formed a copartnership,
r the name and style ol PEITITT & SMITH, for
•urnoec of cr.rrvlcjr on a General Commission
c-i. ' HOBT. W, PETTITT,
caco.Dcc, IS.ISC3. G.L. SMITH.
rrrrrrr & s. , mTH,
(Successor* to T. Nk Tnrlay & C 0.,)
South Water street, corner ofSUlc.CMcftgc.
VtTTITT. l«lc20-ES7&-2nil . C.Z..&XITO.
t m T , KQORB & CO.,
No. 2CS North Second Street,
ST. tons, MO.,
•rp-vthi!i;r that Blacksmiths, Plow Maters and
i Builders can desire, and in fullness of assort
riunUtv of Ftock and prices for same, cannotand
■ >i 1«- hurpsaeed. GEO. D. HALL.
; rtOlm
bioc Copying Ink.
SSKS. r». & J. AXtXOIiID,
135 ilderfgate Street, London,
i limit- durvto caution the Amerleau Public
a t nuriouV Imitation of the Articles—offered
•. PurchSM-d, and hold hr parties In the U. S.
q! of theßi* Bottles hnve been traosmllted
cw V.»rk to Messrs, r. & J. Aukolt>, tbe
,p on wiiicb Bottles they bare submitted to
■x-cilnji of Mefsrs. WJtlUnj A Co„ of London,
liters ui the Genuine Lchcls. T'ho declare,
luxißlion, that thcyr.re FOUuUUES,
:i view to chock this disreputable practice,
i’. a- .1. Arnold iiav* given peremptory orders
h'.unn:aciui-crsof Boitlcsio bare,ln future,
oulc fr tamped and Indented with thelrKames,
P. A JT. ARNOLD, Loudon,^
ilew of proiccth.c themselves,and ofseCo>
icDcrclu.&crßandConaumersln America the
• Anlcic.
tUe above precaution was adopted byMesiro.
by bovine thetr Karnes ftatrpcd on the Bqt
jc time of their Manufacture the following
suiucat appears 1m thu Boston and other
L Dealer? and Bottle Collectors In Phlladel
inUUnore end ‘Wiuliln^ton.—Wanted,—Stone
iKicti. Quarto. Pints, and Half Plate, which
it-lu Aruubtr* Inks, or BoiUea of the same
tvatii nev other Label on.
tente forename.
•aid lir the Subscriber who vrl.l pay Freight
/York. -Mcncd—S. £. fcTAPFt-KD, No. IB
I rm.Kew York." .....
1 P & j. Arnold :eavc it with the American
•> draw their own Inference from this Adver*
- ta-mraded thev will be mure cautious In
ether nrc not imposed on by the subsntu
. snurioDi* for e CErtnxs:
•futne enn be had of W. & C- E- HtBBICE,
th John street,onr Agents fortheD.S.
»4w-rB-tra*Tr-is .
bOLDIKRfi. . „
ejit iii wamid in every regiment for the sale
iilrs Uziit and profitable—xxananuT
jprcULLT nr EVKBTbo.nita. Agcnuare
OTBiKOb- Address, enclosing stamp, AB
LE A- CO.,- £l2 Broadway, Lew York.
t«-lraU •
* arr constantly prepared to Decollate loam
■ estate in ibis city lor a term of years, at the
as’obove for residents or non-rct’
jiaVLeica u L D OLMSTKD & CO-
Comer Lake anti Lasollc-stf.
Mm •
.mcnufacturcre In the United States of Bros*
i and FI cure*, to any great extent or in any
Sold at wholesale, at the pojntST cash
tr cffiiP. filcncll Dies anti all kind* erf
ock. InpuWes or orders promptly attended
•k per day net profit.
I Arret. rr«nted for ,U*M wJolMtlelnjd
i which the above profit can be positively
tal • three cent elemn tor a olrnilarron
il! particular,. Addrws
HanJUng anti 3Hxdjangc.
CAPITAI PAID IN, • - $250,000.
„ „ E. B. BRAISTED, Cashier.
E. Arxn’i.lTocideut. no3-p26My-le
U Koisrel*bercl>vgiven,thatallßtil*orCirculat
ing Non* or the
Heretofore Incorporated end dolnx business in the city
ul Chicago, under the geaef al baclrtng lam** of the State
ol Hlluoln, most be presented fonpayment to the Audi
tor orFobi'c Accounts of said state, st hU-offico, la
tbe city of Springfield. within three years from the
date hereof or the forms deposited for tbe redemption
of taid notes v!U be cl mi up to said bank,
listed tbU 29tb ik.y of May. A. D. IBCI.
. GF.OUGK SMITH, President.
•E. V. WfixArp. CatlUcr. Jya»-cSg-toj£7-6<
Tbe blchwt Literary advantage* are offered with
Mllitarv instruction end Drill. All Student* over tbe
age o; fourteen desiring to enter tbe Calc t Corps after
January Ist. will please address without delay,
, „ COL. D. a. COVEBX, President,
(Cmutntssion fEmljants
tP (J. 8. R« late ofCburchman & Roberts,)
to Water atreet, Kcw York.
HzFKTtKsoKß.—Messrs. Jours A Cnlbcrtaon. Chi
cago; Yhoe.H. Brown, Chicago. delS-sTTMm
Produce Commission Merchants,
Advances made on consignments to onr address, by
TVM. AJTCiiISON', J»„ 152 South Watcr-sh, Chicago.
J.AJ.Stnart&Co.BanKen.lieirTork u >-
fctuaxt & Brother, Philadelphia. del-rTOC-Sm
It o. 6 Fomcroy Building
rMiEr.cinrra. Aransrus ouims.
■ ocH-036-Iy
AKIN & CO n . ?
Ko. 19C South Water street. Liberal advances made on
Flour, Grain and Provisions, to be sold hero or by
WiL A- BBOWK & C0 M New York.
No. IS South BalldingJ
gy Btmncefl confined strictly to CommtsslomjEl
Proposals for barracks.
Dtror QuAtrrv.uMAHTES'a Office,)
__ Jeffeesoktille, Inrt..Dcc.l6,lßsL f
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this
office until tbe 56tb Inst, atlO o’clock A. M, for the
20C.CC0 Fretsaw mill lumber, hemlock, poplar or pine.
X«sj£o feet common pine board*.
<35)000 poplar tbinglva.
C 5,000 feet common pine Coming, tongued and
87.WS feet—lineal—Joint strips S)f Inches by 1 Inch.
SSS windows, wish and frames complete. 10 lights lOx
33, primed ana glazed.
J« batten doors and frames. ■ -
JSC wooden vcutH-tors, eliding tops, per pattern.
IS door locks, ltd pairs cast bats, with screws com
plete. per samples at office.
ISO kegs lod nails.
SSkcse&d nails.
The above to be delivered at Camp “Joe Holt,"
within thirty days from date ol contract.
All proposals, and the accompanying affidavit*, ear-
UCcaic#.4c., must be mace in duplicate, each to be
stamped os respectfully required by Internal Reve
nue lav.
1 he full cane and postofllcc address of tbe bidder
(and tbe mil came of bis partners, U bidding fora
turn) must appear in tbe proposal.
Proposal* from disloyal parties and rebel sympa
thizers will not be considered, ano tbe oath prescribed
bv Congress must. In nil cases accompany she bid.
Proposals should be addressed to tbe undersigned,
and plainly endorsed ** Proposals for Barracks.”
Each proposal most be accompanied byaguaran
tr e. signed ov two responsible persons,whose respon
sibility must be shown by tbe certificate of tbe clerk
of the county in which they reside. Tbe form of tbe
giuarntcewul tc as follows:
• *»We——,ofthcconntyof—-andStateof - ,
do hereby guaranty that
contract In accordance with the termsofhls propo
sition, and that should his proposition be accepted
he will at once cuter luto a contract in accordance
therewith. Should tbs cot tract be awarded to him,
vc are prepared to become bis cecurlUea.
Bonds to the amount oi forty per cent of tbe value
of tbebld, signed bv tbe contractor and bntb of bla
ruitrantei-a, wIU be required of tbe successful bidder
on (IgzdQt the contract.
The right to reject any or-all thebldß,forproper
cause, H reserved by the undersigned, as'well as ibe
right to select from each bid such materials, at tbe
price therein named, os Is required by the Govern
ment. And iu case oftbefallure of a bidder whose
proposal Is accepted to furnish, within the lime pre
scribed, in quality or qunctHr.tbc materials stipula
ted to be delivered, then the Assistant Quartermaster
in chanre to hare the right to supply such deficiency
by purchase and such bidder be chanted with tbe dif
ference of cost. TilEO O. BOWLES. .
dcfil-eS&t-K wav Capt.andA.Q.M.
Proposals for forage.
CmarOUAßTEssuvrait g Offick, t
depot, December 8, TBC3, i
SEALED PROPOSALS are Invite» by tte under
eigne i jot ttuprJvLn? tbe U- S. Duarte no after* Do
partmest, at WasbiDCtoa D. C„ Bolt'more, -Mi,-
Alexandria, and Fort Monroe Va. xireltberoftbeee
ptores, vltb Hay. Corn, Oats and Straw.
Bid* will be receive i for tbe delivery of 5,103 bcsbeli
of corn oroats on* 50 tons ofbay orstraw.ornpwaras.
Biflrera must state at which of the shore namel
point* tb»v propose to make dfU rtries, and tbe rates
at which they will make deliveries thereat, the qoaa
tlty of each article rroyofed to be delivered, tne time
when tale rcltuxhe chollbe co emeu aid, onlwhea
ti be cotnpletf a.
The xnoe xunn be wiimn out in words on the bids.
Corn to *e pet up is soot stoat eaclcs o - about two
buxhcl* each. Oat- in He sacks, of about three bushels
each The to be f urn shad without extra cnarre
to the Government. The nay and straw to be securely
Tee rar irular Liud or dcscrtrtlon of oats, corn, bay,
oritiaw, rtopote-ito toe cellrtr ed mail be feiate I In
the cropoali.
Au the articles omred nodcr the Mis herris invited,
v-SU be snr|ert to a Inspection bj the Govern
mrct Icspertorbcftnv being accepted.
Cobtracts aill t>e avarce.' from time to tiaetotbe
loaestrertohslble lildfcr, as tee Interest of theGor
'foment may require and payment will bemadewhon
tee wbole amount roctr&cted for shall have been oe
livrted and accented.
The M -cer win be required to accompany Ms pro
pcsal with apuarafitr. signed by two respooflole per
soss. ttpt in case Lis tola is n-ccptni he or ttiey «11L
wltuo ten cays thereafter, execute the contract for
tbe asm* with pool ana sufficient snietiesla a sum
eocal to the amount of tbe costrmct, t • deliver the
f« rage proposed In conformity with the trrms of this
advertisement; and In case the saldbiidersnoollfaU
to enter Into the cott'act, to mace cool t?e dlf
fereccebtstweeath* offerofeill liltder anltha next
ior.cst Ucdcr,orthe person to whom tbe
contract may be awarded. .. .
bv tbe olh< la] certificate ol a U 9. Dittriut Attorney
Collector of Customs or any other officer utder tee
Vnlred States Ooreruneit, o: responsible person
knows to C Is office.
AH blaccrg u :u t« duly notified of the acceptance or
rejection of their propo-als.
Toe full name ana P.O addreasoffuchbiducrauat
loleclblywrlrt-nln the proposal.
Fioposal* must bo aodre.-sei to General
D. 11, RncXor, Chic-* Depot Quarterma-ter, Was&ln»
toc.D.C,tna should be plat
for Forace.” , . , .
Bon- 4 *, in a sum equal to tbe amount ofthe contract
flc.redt-j tbe cos rautor and both tis cuarsators. will
be required of the suscesstnl bidder or bidden upon
slpnlcc tbe contract . w .
BlanhlotmsorM'K fuarante-x, sod bonds,msybe
obtolnro on appllot’un at tlrla office.
(Town, County, and State!
(Date)—— —
I, the subscriber, Co hereby prooose to furnish and
to tbe United Slate*, at tiie Quartermaster's
Department at ——, agreeably to tbe terms of
jour acvertbement, Invltirz proposal* for forage,
cat-d Waabipjrton Depot, December 3,153, tbefollow
leg arid a, viz;
——bushels cf Cora, in sacks, at per bushel of 56
Lurheleol Oats,in sack?,at —perbushel OfSS
—tons o f baled St aw. *t per ton oft.wOpouccs.
DcJlven to (otumeoceon or i«rore the —— day
or ,136 , ana to oe complct-c on or before me
— — day ol— — ,158 , ann pierce myself to ea
ter irto a written contract with tae Unl ei States,
altb good and approved tenuities, wltilo tbe space
often ca* a alter being noriflea that my idd tag been
accepted. Tear obeeiunt servant,
Brirafiler Oe ual D. H.hugest..
Chief Depot Quan^nnaster.
Washington. D. C.
We, tbe ncderelgpei, raddema of , lathe
Counrvot ,anaS:a«eof— —-,hcre'hj , Joln:lv*ni
severally, covenant ▼ tth tbe Unit e States, aod gnar*
ante* 1 in cw c the forcgolnc bid of be accented,
that he or they will, within ten C&yi alter tbe accept
ance of said bid, txteme tbe contract for the same
wnb good ard sottUleKtenretlc*, la t earn equal to tbe
amount of thtcontrart, to farnUtt the forage proposed
id conformin' to tin* terms of advertisement dated l><v
Cf-mber E,lsßJ,uhderwklrb ihebli»-asmaie.aud,!a
cose the told —— stall CuR to enter Into a contract ae
aloreeajo, a-e gsarante" to mahe good the c Inference
between the offer by t-c rata.—— aul the next
loaest responsible bl*dtr, or the pemouto whom tbe
contract may be
Witness, } Given onrhaodsaalseali
1 hereby certify tha% to tbebest of my ktoviolet
ant belief,tbeauove named guarantors are com and
anaidi-fit as 6txrct.ss for tbe amount for which they
offer to be *wcrity. ——
To be certifies bv the United States District Attor
per, CoUectorofCostoma, or any ether oifl-cr under
the United Mete* Gorunmeot.or respoasicle person
jtrown to this • idee . . .
“AH proposals received under this advertisement
will be opened end examined at this office on WED
NESDAY and SATURDAY of each weeX, at 12 M.
Bidders are respectfully invitt d to be present, at the
opentogomiß.-UUitydMlre. TOCKEBi
dfcU-sS3I-Cm Steadier General and Qoar:ermaaler.
JL HORSES. Cataxst Bcexati, . >
WAB&ZXOTOX, D. Ch, KoV. 25, ISO. J
PROPOSALS are solicited, and will be recelvenal
Rile ofllcei'or the famishing of Cavalry Hordes, to be
delivered at ‘Washington, D. C., St. Louie, Mo., and
Chicago. lIL
The bones to comply with the following specific*-
Hons, viz s to be from fifteen (15) to sixteen (in) hand*
high, from fire (5) to nine (S) yean old. well brokentt
the saddle, compactly built, in good flesh, and fret
from all delects.
The ability ot the blddcrto tnlfll his agreement, most
bw guaranteed by two responsible persons, whose sig
natures must he appended to the guarantee. Ko pro
posals will be received unless the oath of allegiance o i
the person or persons bidding shall be on file In sbh
The roaponslbilityottbe guarantors moat be shown by
the official cemwetc of the Clrak of the nearest Die
trlet Court, or of the United States District Attorney.
Proposals mast be addressed to licau Col. C. O.
Sawtelle, Chief Quartermaster. Cavalry Bureau, and
be rationed on the envelope. * Proposals lor Cavalry
Cavalry horses agreeing witn me nboro specifica
tions will be purchased to open market at a fair price,
at the following places, viz: New York City, Albany,
Buffalo. Rochester, N. V.. llttsbargh. Z’enn.. Colum
bus. Onto. Boston. Mass.. Augusta, Me. and Madison,
wis. C. Q. SAWTELLE,
Lieut. Col. and Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Bureau.
Fairbanks, Greenlcaf & Co.,
"172 LAE&ET., cracAOO.
iltfe insurance.
The mutual life ins dr-
ANCE CO., of New York, F. S. Winston, Presi
dent. Caali Assets, Fcbrnsry ißt.ia&S,
O CROKJCniTE, General Agent for Northern anti
Central lUitiolß.yo.4‘ClarkßU.Chlcaso- Jcll-g«-lr
T| headquarters for
11 albums,
n. n. APPUSB V-fj, >3, Sooth Clark Btrrot.
Don't bar HU roa mo Uj otoct, ael-U-to
Adjournment of consre»»—-Bevenuo
Hnle and Johnson Affair*-
Sallttbory and Bayard—The BlcbtU
Cavalry—lllinois soldiers to goQ onto
—Prize money—miMonrl natters—
Col. LttUcflold*»Negro Troops—ClUof
Clerk of House.
[From Our Kegular Correspondent]
Wasbixotok, Dec. 4 91,1653.
adjournment of congress—bevenub bill.
Congress will adjourn this week for the
holidays, but with some most important busi
ness unacted upon, and which colls for imme
diate legislation. The most important is the
Bcvcnue Law. Under the present law the
Government is losing over a million of dol
lars a day. It has foiled to meet the demands
cf the Treasury,and the manufacturers, know
ing that it must be very materially amended,
arc running their establishments night and
day all over the country, and thus saving mil
lions of dollars to themselves, all of which
is lost to tbe Treasury. The immense pro
jected increase in the duties on spirits and
tobacco, of which I notified you some weeks
since, is being cottca ready for—that is, the
manufacturing interest is. making stock and
paying duty onit attbepresentrates. Under
the present law the distillers all said they
would be ruined, hntthe contrary is the fact.
The imposition of duties has in. reality en
riched them all, or at least all those who
v ere able to command capital. Besides tbe
continued advance in prices has materially
assisted them, and in some cases made for
tunes for those who had previously been in
debt. Some parlies well posted In the spirit,
tobacco and ale trades, inform me that the
Treasury is losing a million dollars a day every
day it docs not act upon the new scale of
The ventilation the New York Tribune has
given to John P. Hale and Rcverdy Johnson’s
acting oe attorneys In cases against tbe Gov
ernment, will. I trust, have.a wholesome ef
fect.: Still it is palnftu to sec Senators of the
United States so ignorant of the first princi
ples of right and wrong, as those gentlemen
have apparently shown themselves to be. I
charitably call it ignorance; but will the peo
ple believe that these gentlemen thought they
could represent the interests of the Govern
ment and the opposing interests of private
citizens, at one and the same time ? Even in
European governments no government con
tractor con represent the people in Parlia
ment. Is the office of United States Senator
•to be prostituted to that of a claim agency ?
Even the clerks in the Pensionand other offi
ces are not allowed to take compensation in
caecs where the law Is perfectly clear. Hoir
can a Senator be expected to act fairly in a
case which may come before him finally
for adjudication? Mr. Hale got under a
cloud once before, in the case of the ColUns
or some other steamship line,and the people,
in their great regard for the glorions princi
ples for which he had so long and so ably
battled, and in their love and. charity over
looked his acts. IVc wonld think it would
havcbccn a lesson to be remembered and the
act he had done an evil to be avoided. It is
painful to be obliged to refer to these devia
tions from the path of rectitude on the part
■of our great men, but the duty of a corres
pondent to tbe public compels him to refer
to them; and more in sorrow than in anger
do Ido so upon this occasion.
The two Senators from Delaware, on Satr
urday. made on exhibition of what to a npirn
and dispassionate looker on appears to be Ut
ile short of disloyalty. The question comes
up again. It appears that Mr. Saulsbuiyand
his colleague object to the latter’s taking the
oath of allegiance prescribed by the Senate at
its last session. What an example to rebels
who arc culled upon to lay down their arms
and swear allegiance to the Govern
ment? What a commentary on the
late Message and Proclamation of the
President? In fact, what a response the ac
tion of these men is to this -magnanimous
offer of Mr. Lincoln. These gentlemen set a
bad example, and should be made to feel that
they do.' Let the Senate respect its own
rules and acts, and enforce them. Begin
with the men in high places, and enforce the
law In their case,"or it cannot be enforced
in tbe cases of the ignorant or illiterate, who
have not the respoosibUlties of learned Sen
ators. If there is any hesitation or letting
down in high quarters in this thing, the
whole matter of the proclamation and am
nesty becomes a force.
Gen. Tarnsworth has procured leave for
this fine body of men, under command of
Col. Gamble, to return to Illinois so soon as
three-fourths of them express their willing
ness to he mustered into the service again.
This is a splendid regiment, and has won
more laurels on the Potomac than any other.
It la the pride, of every Illinoisan, both at
home and abroad. *
The General lias also procured permission
of the Secretary of War for all the Union sol
diers in hospitals in this city, capable of be
ing removed, to return home. The greater
number belongs to the Sth Illinois.
The amount of prize money received by
some of the officers and soldiers ofour block
ading fleet is enormous. In the case of the
Memphis, captured by the Magnolia some
time since, $050,000 was the amont for 'which
the vessel and canro sold. Of this the C-ip
tain received $38,000; some of the petty of
ficers three to four thousand dollars each;
firemen twelve to thirteen hundred dollars,
and sailors eleven hundred dollars each.
The enormous number of four hundred thou
sand horses is usedup by the Government In a
single year. While In active service the caval
ry is remounted about every two months. In
some of the raids, and the expeditions in
Eursuit of Stum’s cavalry, ninety miles have
een ridden in twenty-four hours. The re
sult is that every horse comes back from
such work completely used up. There are
now over 14,000 horses in the Immense bar
racks near this city, and from these barracks
all the cavalry'regiments in the Potomac ar
my receive-fresh horses.
And while on this subject,! might add that a
dispute having arisen between Secretary Stan
ton and a number of horse contractors in Il
linois, Indiana, lowa, &c.. the Secretary has
taken their cases under advisement 1 learn
it will- take many months to decide the cases.
In the meantime, the contractors who had
expected to make their fortunes are suffering
for means to meet their engagements to
honkers and others from whom they had
borrowed. Nearly a million of dollars is re
ported to be tied up in these contracts.
Ithiuklmaywrite that Missouri matters
are coming to a focus. The President has
General Schofield hcre,as I wrote yon, and is
giving the management of affairs in that Slate
a thorough overhauling. Last evening he
bad a protracted interview with Senators
Brown and Henderson, at which the condi
tion of ofiairs in the State, present and pros
pective, was discussed in all its bearings.
I had the pleasure of meeting Cok Little
field, of tbe 4lh South Carolina volunteers,
and in command of the negro brigade at Folly
Island,'in the War Department to-day. Cok
L. is a resident of Jenseyviilc, Illinois, and,
by tbe bye, the Copperheads of that'part of
the State hud him fined for bringing homo a
negro servant with him from the war. Gov.
Tates will, no doubt, quietly pardon the of
fender. He speaks in tbe highest terms of
the negro troops; of their efficiency, docility,
bearing, and their aptitude for the profession
of arms generally. The Colonel is a fine look
ing specimen of a Sucker, and his whole
heart and soul are in tbe war, and especially
the employment of negro troops os an efll
cleut means of c&rzylugTt on.
Hr. McPher&on, Clerk, has just appointed
Clinton Lloyd, Esq., of Williamsport, Penn
sylvania, bis Chief Clerk. Hr. Lloyd Is & War
Democrat, and a gentleman of talent and In
dustry! ■ Zeta.
PXotlou to Quash Proceedings-Argo-
ment of Counsel.
[Special Dispatch to the Toronto Leader.)
iIOKTEEAL, Doc. IS, 1363.
The Giddlngs case was heard to-day on
motion to qnash the capla* and relieve Ills
hail. The argument of his counsel was that
it was illegal to Usuc a capias on Sunday, es
pecially under circumstances not warranting
the-issne on that day; second, that a capias
could not issue for unliquidated damages
which arose from a personal tort; third, that
the affidavits did not contain sufficient de
scription of the quality assumed by the
plaintiff, who did not show whether he was
a partv to the suit or not; that the grounds
of belief of the deponent Rcdpath, requiring
to he set forth clearly in detail by the posi
tive statute law of the land, unless they are
sufficient to justify the issue of the writ
ought to be set aside on a motion to quash.
It was held by the counsel for Mr. Glddlngs
that no cajiias can issue for unliquidated dam
ages. It was held by the counsel for Bed
path that it was not necessary that the writ
should depend on unliquidated damages.
The motion to quash the writ and the mo
tion for security for costs was taken sn ddibre
by Judge Smith.
Another Female Soldier*
Lizzie Compton, a bright young lady of
sixteen, arrived in the city yesterday from
Bnrdstown, where she had been encamped
with her regiment, the UIU Kentucky caval
ry. of which she has been a member for sev
eral months past. Her history, daring the
past eighteen months, is strange and-roman
tic, She has served In seven different regi
ments, and participated in several battles.
At Frederickebmg she was seriously wound
ed, but recovered, and followed the fortunes
of war, which cast-hcr from the Army of the
Potomac to the Army of the Cumberland.
She fought in tho battle of Green Blrcr
Bridge, ou the Fonrlh of July last, and re
ceived a wound which dlsablcd’hcrfor a short
time. She has been discovered and mustered
out of flic service seven or eight limes, but
immediately re-enlisted in another regiment.
She states that her homo is in London, Can
ada West, and that her parents are now liv
ing in that place. This young clrl has served
a term of eighteen xnonths-in the army, and,
were it not flint she dreads the annoyance of
being detected and mustered out, she would
enter the service again.
Bbe was sent to this city by the officer in
-command at Bardstownto be again mustered
out, and is now at Barrack No. 1, awaiting
orders. —LwiisviUc Jonmal.
Eoport of the Eesolt of the Fire by
the Monitor Captains,
fEeMiog to (he Monitor,attack on Charles
ton, in April last, under Admiral Dupont:]
| [Cflpt, Drayton, of the Passaic;
At the fourth shot from a 11-lnch gun,l was
struck In quick succession in the lower part
of tie turret by two heavy shots,'* which
bulged in its plates and beams, and forcing
together the rails on which the 11-inch car
riage worked, rendering it wholly useless
for the remainder of the action—several
hours being' necessary to put it in work
ing order. Soon after It was discovered that
there was something the matter with
the turret itself, which could not
bo moved, and on examination it was found
that a pnrt of the brass ring underneath It
had broken off, and being forced in board,
Lad lammed; on clearing this, the turret
could egoin be moved; bat for some time
irregularly. A little after a very heavy rifle
shot struck the upper edge cf the turret,
broke all of its eleven plates, and then glanc
ing upward took the pilot-house; yet with
such force as to make an indention of two
and a half inches, extending nearly the whole
length of the shot The blow was so severe
as to considerably mash .in the pilot-house,
bend it over, open the plates and squeeze out
the top, so that on one side it was lifted up
three inches above the top on which it rested,
exposing the inside of the pilot-house, and
rendering it likely that the next shot would
lake off the top itself, entirely.
Captain Eodgcre, of the Wcehawkcn:
Two or three heavy shot struck the side
armor near the same place. They have so
broken the iron that it only remains in splin
tered fragments upon that spot; much of it
can be picked off by the hand, and the wood
is exposed.
The deck was pierced so as to make a hole,
through which water ran into the vessel;
hut it was not large. Thirty-six bolts wore
broken in the turret, and a good many in the
fulot-liouse; hut as these ore. concealed by an
ron lining, 1 have no means of knowing
how many.
At one time the turret revolved with diffl
culiy in consequence of a shot upon.its junc
tion with the pilot house, but it worked
well again after a few turns had been mode
with higher steam. ' •*
Captain Worden, of the Montank:
I desire to say that I experienced serious
embarrassment in maneuvering my vessel in
the narrow and uncertain channel, with the
limited means of observation afforded from
the pilot bouse, under the rapid and concen
trated tiro from the forts, the vessels of the
fleet close around me, and neither compass
nor buoys to guide me. After testing the
weight of the enemy’s fire, and observing
the obstructions, I am led to believe that
Charleston can not be taken by the naval
force now present, and that had the attacks
been continued, It could not have failed to re
sult in disatcr.
Commander Ammen. of thcPatapsco:
Forty-seven projectiles of tho enemy struck
the vessel. No (Limagc was done which dis
abled her, although injuries were received,
jwhicli, multiplied, would do bo. Forty
bolts of the smoke stack were broken, and a
chain around it will be necessary to ltd con
tinued security.
I am indebted to Acting Master Vaughan,
transferred temporarily to this vessel, for
valuable aid in avoiding collisions, os it is
ont of the question for one person to observe
properly from the various light holes. I
think n want of vision one of the moat seri
ous defects of ibis class,making it impossible
to fight them advantageously, to avoid dan
gers, or to make a satisfactory reconnois
Another question of great Importance os
relates to their efficient employment is the
character of the battery. If it is proposed to
butter down forts with a fiftccu-iach gun,
then it Is quite plain that we have to come
within distances at which heavy ordnance, if
employed in heavy batteries against us can
not fail in the end to injure or perhaps dis
able ns.
Commander Bogere, of the Catskill:
I was surprised to find, even with this se
vere lire, that these vessels could be so much
injured In so short a time, two or three having
passed me during the action, to ‘which some
disaster had happened. This vessel was
struck some twenty times, but without any
serious injury, except one shot upon the for
ward part ot the deck, which broke both
plates, the dcck-plankiug. and drove down
the Iron stanchion sustaining the beam about
one inch, causing the deck to leak.
Commander Fairfax of the Nantucket:.
. Our fire was very slow, necessarily, nnd not
half so observable upon tbo walls of the forts
as the rain of their rifle shot and heavy shell
was upon this vessel. After the third shot
from the 15-inch gun, the port stopper be
came jammed, several shot striking very near
the port and driving in the plating; it was
not need again.
As the fleet withdrew, the forts materially
slackened their Arc, evidently not wishing to
expend their ammunition without some re
sult, Certainly their firing was excellent
throughout; fortunately it was directed to
some half-dozen iron-clads at a time. The
effect of their fire upon the Keokuk, together
with that of their heavy rifle-shot upon the
monitors, Is sufficient proof that any one
vessel could not have long withstood the con
centrated fire of the enemy’s batteries. The
obstructions being placed at a concentrated
point of fire bom the three forts, shows con
clusively that they must hare been of no
mean character. Our fire always drew down
upon ns four or fire heavy rifle, shots, aimed
at our ports. One m riile-sbot struck within
less than six inehcs'of the fifteen inch port;
several struck vcyy near. lam convinced
that, although this class of vessels can. stand
a heavy lire, yet the want of more guns will
render them comparatively harmless before
formidable earthworks and forts, I most say
that I am disappointed beyond measure at this
experiment ol monitors overcoming strong
forts. It was a fair trial.
Lieutenant Bcardalce. of the Nantucket:
One rifle shot struck on the lower comer of
the fifteen-inch port, denting the outer plate
about one and a hall Inches, and bulging the
whole thickness, so much as to prevent the,
port stopper from swinging. This shot was*
received afterthe third fire from the fifteen
inch, and disabled the gun for the rest of the
fight, we not being able to open the pork A
ten-inch shot struck directly opposite, and
near the top of the turret, starting a number
of bolts, and breaking the clamp ring inside.
During the action the turret became jammed.
Upon examination, we discovered six or se
ven bolt-heads and nuts that had fallen inside
and into the recces around the bottom of the
turret, rendering it necessary to key the tur
ret higher in order to clear them. Upon
attempting to revolve the turret again to-day.
found that another had fallen since the first
were removed. The pilot bouse was struck
once, a square hit, bnt doing no damage.
The side armor was struck nine times—once
below the water line. A number of the side
plates are started so much that another shot
In their vicinity would, in my opinion, knock
them oH One bolt was driven through the
iron and was buried in the oak. One of the
deck plates Is started from a blow on the side
armor. The smoke stack was riddled in the
upper sections, and received five shots in the
lower sections—one a solid ten inch, fell,
alter striking upon the deck and was secured.
The steam-whistle was cut off. The deck
plates were cut in twelve places. One shot
cut through the iron, and about two inches
into the beam, starting the plate, several
bolts, and the planking for some feet below.
This was directly • over the Andrews pump,
in the cngincHroom. The others are not seri
ous. The first discharge of the fifteen-inch
gun blew oil eight of the heads of the bolts
securing the muzzle box. The discharge of
the eleven-inch gun, or else the blow of a
shot on the turrckliftedonc of the perfora
ted plates on top. These plates are not prop
erly secured. The outer plate in the fifteen
inch port is started about one-fourth of an
inch; the next layer in a less degree. Two
of the “guides” to the eleven-inch carriage
were earned away, through the gun not being
properly compressed. Some oi the gear to
the engine-room bell was disabled at the first
fire, causing trouble and confusion in getting
orders promptly conveyed from pilot-house
to engine-room.
Captain Downs, of the 2s ah ant:
'We soon began to suffer from the effects of
the terrible and, I believe, almost unprece
dented fire to which we were exposed, and at
4:SO the turret refused to turn, having become
jammed from the effects of three blows from
heavy shot, two of them on the composition
ring about the base of the pilot-house (one of
these breaking off a piece of iron weighing
78 pounds from the interior, that assisted to
keep the house square on its bearings, throw
ing it with such violence to the other side of
the house, striking, bending and disarrang
ing steering gear in its course, that it bound
ed from the inside curtain and fell back into
the center of the house), and the other on
the outside of the turret, bulging It in and
driving off the inch apron bolted on
to the inside to keep in place the gun-rails,
and down the main trace of the turret. The
bolt-heads flying from the inside of the pilot
house at the same time struck down the
pilot, Hr. Sofield, twice struck and sense
lees—and the Quartermaster. Edward Cobb,
helmsman, fatally Injuring with fractured
skulk leaving me alone in tbe pilot-house,
the steering gear becoming at the some time
disarranged. We were within five hundred
yards or Fort Sumter, unmanageable, and
under the concentrated fire 1 tlilnk, one
hundred guns at short range, and the ob
structions close aboard. But fortunately we
got the "preventer steering gear in working
order in time to prevent disastrous results.
And getting my vessel once more under
command, X endeavored to renew the action,
but after repeated futile attempts to turn
the guns on the fort, I concluded to retire
for a time from close action and'endeavor to
repair damages.
wo rcceivedthc following injuries to the
vcfisd and fittings, besides those already en
nnmerated; the plate on side armor
broken badly in. several-places, and In one,
where struck by two shots in close proximi
ty, partly, stripped from the wood and the.
wood backing broken in, with edging of
deck i plates started up and rolled back in
places. On port quarter side, armor all in
dented, and started from side and extremity
of stem. The deck is struck twice damag
ingly-Kme shot near the propeller well, quite
shattering and tearing the plating in its pas
sage, ana starting up twenty-five bolts;
another starting plate and twenty holts'; and
slighter blows arc* numerous. In smoke
stack armor there ore three shot marks —one
that plcrcod tho armor, making a hole fifteen
inches long and nine inches broad, displacing
grating inside and breaking seven bolts. In
flic turret there aremarksof.nine shot; fifty:
sis of the bolts ore broken perceptibly -to ua,.
the bolt heads spine off inside of turret, and'
tho bolts starting almost their length outside,
some of them flying off completely and being
found at a considerable distance from the tur
ret on tho dock. . Doubtless many others are
broken that wc pannol detect, as by trying
them wc find others loosed. Ono shot struck
tho upper part of the turret,breaking through
every plate, parting some. of them In two,
three and four places. In the 'pilot-house
there were marks of sir shot, three of them
Xl-inch; twenty-one of the bolts were broken
perceptibly, and others evidently started.
The pistes are also much' started, and' the
pilot-house itself, I think much damaged and
Trucked; indeed, it is my opinion that four
more eneb shots as it has received would
have demolished it One shot at the base
broke every plate through, and evidently
nearly penetrated It ■ -
Who Killed the Congress ?—I, Bays
Lord Jobußussoll—ShoMect oftho
Pahib, Tuesday, Dec. 1,1355.
. The famous Congress of Sovereigns is
and it was Lord John Russell that killed it
Or rather the Congress was always dead, aud
it was Lord John that buried it Not that
the.Engiiah Foreign Secretary discovereff any
new arguments against.the Congress or said
anything that was not known byalb the
world, but-becauso lie bad the courage to say
brutally on paper what the rest either shrank
from or covered up in such a froth of words
as to mystify the best inteutioued readers.
Thus Prince Gortschukoff accepts in a rtply
so smothered up with politeness, as to Isave
a doubt whether it is in fact an acceptation,
or only a high flown attempt .at irony. But
there la no humbug about Lord John, he
knew the thing was a Napoleonic swindle,
and he said so.
The first effect of this refusal at Paris had
.been to throw down the funds and revive the.
fright about, a war. France has been insulted
and France is a military power; therefore,
she must fight. That is the logic of the tiling.
But* France has no idea of fighting Russia
alone, and Austria will not engage -In "any
conflict which will weaken her hold on Yen- *
ice. Therefore, France willtry to keep friends,
with Russia and obtain from her by conces
sions, what will save her military honor, pud
the whole afialr will end with the mutual ex
clamation, l( -L'inirnfsor snoui P 1 Only
the Polish revolution will bo crushed out,
and the statu quo will be maintained through
out Europe till the revolutionary party and
Gariboidl decree otherwise. And this Will
not bo long, if the Spring opens with all hope
crushed out of any yielding on the part of the
continental monarchs.
Thorcplyof Lord John Russell has had this
farther effect in France, that the friends of
the present dynasty arc deeply vexed, and cry
out for the millionth time “Perfidious Al
bion!”. “Nationof unprincipled shopkeep
ers!” and so on—you know the song; while
. the enemies of Napoleon are naturally delight
ed at his defeat. * - *
But everybody says that since England de
feated the Congress, and Is at the samo tune
4ho leading liberal Government of
is her duty now to. find and support some
remedy for tbe alleviation of. the Buffeting
nationalities of the Continent Bat England
.will support nothing hut a peaceable renun
ciation by Russia and Austria of their rights
over Poland and Venetia, and a peaceable re
nunciation is scarcely to be hoped for. Wo
come back then Infalliby to this, that the
next thing to look for is a repetition of IS£B,
but on a much larger and surer basis. For
tunately ibis time there will be one Chief
whom all will obey, and the movements of
the revolution may thus be combined in such
a way os to strike more surely and fatally the
dcspbti#fowcrs that refuse to yield to justice
and reason.
A pamphlet which has just been published
here, entitled “ Napoleon 111, and tho Euro
pean Congress,” and which was gaining a
•wide influence by its supposed Imperial ori
gin, is disavowed this morning officially In
the ATonihur, and thus falls to tbc ground
powerless. Tbe pamphlet advocated war,
and was probably paid for out of tho treasu
ry of the Polish Committee—for that is tho
way all causes, good or bad, are backed up at
Another Confederate cruiser, the Rappa
hannock, has escaped from an English port,
and come to a French port to take on board
her officers and crew. The papers publish ail
the details in regard to tbe movement of this
vessel that wc Cave been able to obtain In
Tho Schleswig-Holstein Question*
Copenhagen, Saturday, Dec. B, 1863.
The following proclamation of King Chris
tian to the Holstcincrs has been published to
day: 4< The order of succession of the Dan
ish Monarchy was intended to bo a labor of
peace, undertaken by na without personal
ambition, in the hope of serving the country.
It bos been accepted as public European law,
because tbe integrity of the Danish mon
archy was recognized as being a necessity to
European peace. Opposition, under the
mask of founded hereditary claims has, how
ever, been raised against the measure, pur
posing the dismemberment of tho Danish
monarchy. This opposition has also gained
ground in Holstein, calling forth excitement
and doubt. Tbe maintenance of the mon
archy Is one of oar most important duties.
As a ruler, wc cannot suffer officials to foster
a position, and arc resolved to pnt down in
surrectionary movements with armed force.
The endeavor of many years to bring about
an understanding upon tbe constitutional re
lations of thq monarchy, has not been
attended with success. "While, however, we
intend to give to tbc territories belongingia
the Confederacy an independent position 'in'
tbc kingdom, which has already been accom
plished with the remaining portions of tho
monarchy, wc hope that when Holstein finds
herself contented in constitutional .freedom,
and the pretence for foreign Intervention is
thus removed, she will voluntarily
nearer connection with thercmalaaW of ffitj *
country.” •
A proclamation has also been issued tfy
the Xaueubergers, thanking them for not
having been led away from their duty us sub-,
jeets m spite of overtures from without.
Tlie Richmond Tobacco Trade
the French Tobacco.
[From the Richmond Examiner, Dee. IC.]
At a called meeting of the Richmond To
bacco Trade, held at the Tobacco Exchange,
on the 12th inst., the President In the chair,
Capt Wm. T. Sheppard was appointed Sec
retary pro Uvt.
The committee appointed at a meeting of
the Trade, on the 10th Inst., made the follow
ing report, which, on motion of John Jones,
Esq., was received and adopted:
The Committee appointed by the Richmond To
bacco Trade, at its meeting on the 10th insL, have
the honor to report that they aonght and obtained
an interview with His Excellency, tho President of
the Confederate States, and through him, with
Hon. J. P. Benjamin, Secretary of SUte, oa the
subject of certain publications In the Richmond
dolly newspapers, on the sth Inst., relating to tho
French Tobacco in the city ofßiemnond.
The committees were most cordially and respect
fully received, and were Informed by Ills Excel
lency, tho President, and Mr. Benjamin, that the
publications aforesaid do not contain the facts in
relation to the french tobacco, but that the Con
federate States Govcrnmeutneiiher couldorwould
make any objection to tho removal of any tobacco,
vrtthinthc limits of the Confederacy, belonging
actually to the French Government, if done under
terrain restrictions, viz: To be cleared from the
Confederate port, and not to touch at aoy port in
the United States. They were informed, also,
that under the arrangement entered into between
tho Confederate States Government and Monsieur
Paul, tho agent of the French Government, no to
bacco, other than that belonging to the French
Government, would bo permitted to leave tho
Confederacy. '
[Respectfully submitted,
Sam’l J. Uarbison, Chairman:
Richmond, Bee. 12,1863.
On motion of P. D. McKinney, Esq., the
following resolution was unanimously adopt
ed. viz:
Eeaolvedy That inasmuch as tho publication of
the order of the Federal Government of the Uni*
ted States, on Its face, seems intended to convey
the idea that the tobacco shipped by and for the
French Government, was bought and paid for
prior to the 4th oi March, 3Sol, and such not being
the case, all ox the tobacco having been boajht
since that time, that thefacta shall be made known
to the world by this publication, and that the
chairman of the meeting be requested to send by
the different steamers leaving the Confederate
States tor foreign ports, a copy of tho daily papers
containing tho above facts.
On motion. It wsa ordered that the proceedings
ot tho meeting be published In all the dally papers
of the city. - JouxCaskie, Preset.'
Wm. Y. Sheppard, Sec’y, pro tem.
A Bible Society ending in a
A meeting of thc.Hamn ton Branch Bible So
ciety was licit! at Hamilton, C. W., a fowdfrra
since, which resulted In a free fight at
close. ‘ Edward Jackson, Esq., thcTlcc Pres
ident, was nominated ns Chairman, which
was the signal for an uproar amongst a clique
who were determined he should not occupy
it Ec succeeded- in doing so, however, and
made a brief speech. Two of the members'
arose, each claiming the floor, when a dis
graceful'tumult arose, which continued in
such a manner that .the Chairman, declared
the meeting dissolved. TlioHamilioaSjkcta
r gives the daumcmatt as follows:
Notwiihstanding'tbe declaration of the dis
solution of the tuecUne, the crowd still lin
gered in the hall, ns if "'expecting spmoJiing
else to occur, and their expectations were
not long.ungratided. swaying to and fro
of a knot ofpersons in the centre of .the hall
attracted our attention, and on proceeding.
thither we found Hugh McMahon and a Air
King struggling for the possession of a wait
ing stick. The origin of the disturbance,
ucar-as "we could ascertain, was as follows:.
McMahon went up to Mr. James Walker,
who bad the books of the. Society under his
arm, and took hold of them. Mr. King went
in between them, and washed away McMahon,
Mr. Walker making his escape in the mean
time., McMahon seized hold'of King’s stick,
one or two others joined in, and soon there
was quite a disturbance, but it would doubt
less soon havc.boen quelled had it not been
for the introduction of- another element.
Some five or six Irishmen (and Roman Catho
lics, wc believe) armed with shiUclahs, dashed
into the crowd with wild whoopsnnd yells,
and laid about with their sticks in the most
promiscuous manner, the leader calling out,
“ clear the way before yon boys I” The scats
were scattered in all directions, and a scene
of "the wildest confusion ensued. After'a
time the gong of rowdies went out of the hall,
smashing at the scats with their bludgeons
and yelling like savages. The. excitement
continued for some time alter their disap
pearance; and it was not until the Superin
tendent prepared to tom out the gas that the
crowd was persuaded to leave the hall.
The Methodist Bishops,ln the South*
The JbtficdiU of last.week-says: - ? -
The recent appropriation of thirty-five thou
sand dollars for the extension of our work In
■ the far Scuthls Ukcly to bo by im
portant consequences. Almost simultaneous
ly with it appears the
President oliering to the people of the states
now in rebellion ah amnesty on certain con
ditions which he has thought fit topreeribe.
Measures have already been token to carry
out the plans of onr church. -Bishop Ames,
at last accounts, was ot St Louis, preparing
to start upon his tour down the Mississippi!
Bishop Simpson will soon proceed to Ten
nessee. A prominent and popular Methodist.
minister, - now stationed in Now Tork city,"
. has been designated for tho. city.'of New Of- •
leans; and though the appointment demands
Of liimnot ii little sacrifice, his Acceptance is
nevertheless hoped for. An order has been
given by the Secretary of War permitting the.
occupation of deserted churcaos-within our,
military linos,and the U6e.of:tUctn-tempora
rily for religious services. No questions of
ownership or possession are to be raised;
these can be determined only when the sev
cial-States ore brought back to their allegi
ance, and clvE rule Is once more established
over their people,.
many facts in the condition of the southern
States encourage the hope'of the return of
the vast mrjo ity of Methodists of the South
the old crnirch —the church of Asbory aud
MoKcmlrce, from which many of them sepa
rated with the greatest reluctance. The
Methoclst Episcopal Church, South, is shiv
ered to atoms. It is doubtful .If its General
Conference will ever meet again; or if.it
shall meet, it will be shorn of its former pro
portions. The publiahicg house in»Nash
vilieis la the hands of the united States an
-tijoxities; its finances were impaired beyond
remedy before it was closed by military order.
The members of the Louisville Conference, at
their last session, avowed their loyalty to
the government of the Union, and by that
avowal severed themselves from the rebel
part of southern Methodism. The southern
Methodist Church, which was ons of the
cM£f moral supports of the rebellion, will
inevitably share its fortunes end go down
with it to a common rain.- As the rebel
statesmen have made slavery the corner-stone
of their Confederacy, •so has the southern
Methodist church placed under that corner
stone the New- Testament. It did its best to
give thesanction of religion to the political
measures which terminated in secession.
. Confusion of Names,.
[From the New York Tribune.]
Many sensible people are puzzled by bear
ing or reading that Mr, Smith, Mr. Brown,
or Mr. Jones has said or done something in
Congress, .which he could not believe said
Smith. Jones or Brown could do. He fills to
cbn&iacrthai there* maybe more than one
SmithT and that men of like name arc pot ne
cessarily oflike politics.^. For the benefit of
a large class, we volunteer the information
that: .... ...
■ ■ There are three Browns in the present Con
gress—-B. Grctz, of Missouri, In the Senate,
Wm. G., of "West Virginia, and James S., of
Wisconsin, In the House. Only the lost is a
• Of Chandlers,* there are two—Zachariah, ef
Michigan, in the ’ Senate; Lucias H., of old
Virginie, In the House; besides John W.
Chanlcr, ol New York city. (Lucius 11., by
the way, has not yet been admitted, bat, we
presume, will be). Oar Chunlcr is a bad egg,
Solitlcauy; while the one that halls from
Llehlgan is as good as can bo.
Of Clarks, thls.Congress rejoices in the pos
session of three—Daniel of New Hampshire,
in the Senate; Ambrose W. and Freeman,
both of New York, in the House. All three
arc sound. • ■ • • •
Of thc.widc-spread family of Davis, Garret
(Border State") represents Kentucky in the
Senate. _.whilo Henry 'Winter, of Maryland,
and of New York, are in the
House. If yoff near of anything said by a
Davis that «• loyal man should not say, you
will attribute it, of course, to Garrett.
Of Dixons, James (Senate) halls from Con
necticut, while Nathan F. represents Western
Rhode Island. Both good.
Of Hales,' John P. of Now Hampshire, is in
the Senate, James T., of Pennsylvania, in the
House. Both Union.
The name of Harris Is unusually well rep
resented-in this Congress—lra representing
New York in the Senate, while Benjamin G.
of Jfanland, and Charles M. of Illinois,have
feats In the House. If yon hear that “Mr.
Harris” has said anything loyal and patriotic,
on may safely credit it to Ira.
Of Hubbards, A. W. from lowa, John H.
from Connecticut, are both In the House, to
gether with Calvin T. Halbard ofNew York,
if rebellion or slavery derives any aid orcom
fort from anything a Hubbard or Halbard
says or docs, be sure it is some one not in
Of Johnsons, : there aro Beverdy ofMary
hmd.in the Senate, Philip of Pennsylvania,
and William ofOhio, in the House. Kevordy
was elected as a Unionist, but wc don’t brag
on any of them.
Of Kelloggs there are two—Francis W. of
Michigan, and Orlando of oar State, —both in
tbc House, and as good Unionists as they
make anywhere.
Of Lanes there are two—Henry S. of Indi
ana, James H. of Kansas, —both in the Sen
ate and both Union.
Of Millers but two appear—Samuel F.
(Union) of New York, William H. (Coppery)
from Pennsylvania.
Of Morrills, Lot M. is a Senator from
Maine, Justin 8. a Representative from Ver
mont—both sternly Union.
The name of Morris belongs to two mem
bers—Daniel (Union) of New York; James
(Copneiy) from Ohio. Each is in the House.
Soalyors is the common appellation of
Amos and Leonard of that ilk—both from
Pennsylvania, and both "Union.
Of O’Neills, Charles (Union) Is from Penn
sylvania; John (Coppery) from Ohio; both
are in the House.
Of Pomeroys, Samuel C. represents Kansas
in the Senate; Theodore S. Is from New
York; Loth thoroughly Union.
There are two Randalls in the House—Sam
uel J. of Philadciplda, and -William H. of
Kentucky. Of these, the latter Is Union,
hat of the Border State pattern; tho other
is of the Copperhead persuasion. Cu
rious as It may seem, they usually vote
.The Smith family were scandalously over
looked in electing to this Congress But
one of them—Green Clay, of Kentucky,
—was chosen. Mr. Smlthcrs of Delaware,
just escaped being a Smith. Both are
<Wt?nisU. - - - . .
•iLOtf-Stealas there -aw John JL- from -New
Yotk, and WUliam G. of New Jersey—Cop
per fastened, both, and both In the House.
Tbe bouse of Rollins bos two representa
tives—Edward H. of New Hampshire, (a-truc
Unionist) and James S. of3lissoari, who
ought to Lc the same, bnt isn’t, lie some
how stands aloof from parties, but of heart
seems to long for the flesh pots of the com
promising era.
Of Washbnrncs, Illinois sends EHhn B. and
Massachusetts William B.—both strongly
Of Whites, Chilton A. and Joseph W. (both
Copperheads) complete the catalogue.
Of Wilsons, Henry, of Massachusetts, is in
the Senate, James F. of lowa, in the House—
both largely Union.
Finally we have two Woods—Fernando
and Ben., both of Kew York City. If the
politics of one of these are better than those
of the other, wo would like to know which
Is the good one, or how anyone can be worse
than either of them.
Sojodunek Truth.—A letter from Battle
Creek, Michigan, says:
Sojourner Truth lives here in Battle Creek;
is very aged and poor, but is most kindly
eared for by the citizens far and near. She
wants for nothing that can make her comfort
able ; she realizes a little by the sale of her
photographs—those who purchase each pay
ing her from twenty five cents upward.
Some time this full she received a draft of a
small amount—?oo,l think—from England;
also one from Pennsylvania. She Is not with
out many friends, and seems to enjoy life as
well as ever. She takes her daily walk, staff
in hand, regardless of weather, andlias a pleas
ant smile, and a kindly greeting for each and
Among the acts passed by the Weal Vir
ginia Legislatarc at its recent session was one
lor a system of free schools.
A London letter says the bereaved Geo.
Jordan has gone into court, through his
counsel, and accepted ten pounds sterling
damages for being imprisoned In connection
with the Bourcicanlt affair.
M. Absnt,ln a recent publication, says of
an avaricious man. that “ it had been proved'
that after having kindled his fire, he stuck a
cork la the cud of the bellows to save the
little wind that was left in them. - •
A church in France wos lately struck by
lightning; and when the attendant opened the
church m the morning he found all the can
dles lighted and blazing away, as if celebra
ting the grand mass.
lt is said that tho scccsh women may be
known in theiowna on the Mississippi by the
absence of crinoline. They will not wear the
round-abouts, which they hold to he a Yankee
fashloil.' “
• A correspondent of the Montgomery
(Ale.) Adi’crtiter says that John Morgan has
fought sixty-three battles, has been success
ful in‘fifty-seven; taken 50,000 prisoners;
killed and wounded 20,000, and destroyed
$50,000,000 worth of property; taken.so,*ooo
stand of small arms, 50 pieces of artillery and
£O,OOO horses, and traveled 13,000 miles.
There is said to be so much American
hnttcr in England that, at the present prices,
it would be a good speculation to bring most
of it back for sale.
—.Professor Agassiz, In a late lecture in
Springfield. Mass.,said: “Boys girls, men and
women, should bo less cloistered. They
should be associated in the school on the term
and in the shop. Their influences should be
pure and healthful, and thus would the race
attain more- perfect development. Society
will then be put. on a higher foundation.”
There is an old gentleman living in Bol
ton, Ct., who now has in the United States
service, four sona-in-law, seven grandsons,
thirteen nephews, and one daughter (as hos
pital nurse)—in all, twenty-five of his family
connections. A good representation.
—The various soup bouses in Philadelphia
arc now making preparations for distributing
soup to the poor during the winter.
The following singular announcement
appeared in the New Tork if-raW—“Six
bridesmaids and groomsmen wanted, by a
conple about to be married, who have but a
few friends in this city, ana wish to be hand
somely united. To respectable parties a fair
compensation will be given. Address, etc.”
When a photograph album, filled with
choice pictures of American statesmen, liter
ati and warriors, was presented to the Em
peror of Brazil by J. C. Fletcher, the Emper
or asked to be shown the picture of ProX
Agassiz. Gen. Meade was the second one
called for. General Gilmore the third, and
Chfls. Sumner the fourth.
A patriotic old lady recently sent three
smoking caps os presents to officers in the
Potomac army. One was for General Meade,
and the remaining two she desired to be pre
sented to two generals, one .of whom most
be a teetotaller, and the other one who never
indulged in profanity. Gen. Williams, chief
ot Gen. Meade’s shut; took the Anti-Profani
ty Cap, and Gen. Hunt the Temperance Cap.
Mad’Uc Lucca, who appeared in London
for the first time last season, has Inst conclu
ded alife-long contract with thcßoyal Opera
House at Berlin, whereby she obtains £1,300
a year salary, ,besides a small honorarium for
each appearance, five months, a year leave of
absence, and a.retiring pension of £3OO &
year. • . •
Madame Borgbl Mamo has reappeared, at
the.ltalian Opera in Paris, where Madame
Meric Lablancho has made her debut ; also
Signor Stcfbint, a now baritone, and Signor
. Barogli*. *''.*• .V •
■ —The Portland .Aiyu* says that “an infant
child was placed In a-'band-box by an inhuman
mother! and left dnthc door-stop of one of oar
citizens Saturday evening. A boy, “indUTer
-anUybooesl I ’, passing by concluded be would
;* confiscate’ said band-»ox.: He seized it and
convoyed U home, but great was has horror’
when he discovered its contents, -The * waiT
ls alive and kicking", and has been conveyed
to the Alms House.’*
. Particularly rain able for officers In the Army and
travellers.”—{trank Leslie’s, Pel). 21.
“Prettiest, best and ebeap-st timepieces ever offer
el.’V[N. Y. Illustrated News, Jan. Iff.
. - u Very pretty and durable Watches for the Amy.”
*H«. v. Army and Navy Jour. tGoverumrat orgas\
Aug. JO.
“Udo of the oldest aud most reliable houses la busi
ness,”—[Louisville (Ky.) Journal, July 31. .
Beinga Hunting or Open Face, or Lady’s or Gentle
man's Watch combined,with Patent Self-Wind
j lug Improvement, a most pleasing Novelty.. ••
Most convenient, and decidedly the best and cheap
est time-piece for central and reliable nse aver oIT-r
--ed. It has within U, and connected with It* machin
ery. Its own winding attachment, rendering a key
entirely unnecessary. The cases of this Watch are
composed of two metal*, theooter one being floe IS
cam gold. It has the Improved ruby action lever
movement, and is warranted an accurate time-piece.
Price, sepertrty engraved, per ease of half-dozen, SWL
bcmpic Watches, In neat morocco boxes, 533.
FI rt-class Hunting Timc-Ficcesfor occnwcy of move
ment, beauty of material, and, above all. cheap
ness m price, these Watches most insure
universal approbation.
An. Imitation eo fruitless that It can hardly ha de
tected by the roost experienced Judges. The materia!
beiDgof two metals, the outer onearstanallty Ster
ling Silver, while tholnnerone Is German SUvcr.it
cannot be recognized by cutting or heavy engraving.
maMuglt r notonlyln appearance.bat in durability,
the best resemblance of SOLID STERLING SILVER
In existence.
The sale of these Watche* In the Army Is a source
of enormous profit, retailing, as they very readily do.
at |23 and upwards. Many hundred dollars can be
mace m a single pay day by any one of ordinary busi
ness tnet. *
OT* AT WHOLESALE ONLY I In heavy hunting
cases, benniliuny engraved, white enamel dial, and
fancy cn**jands,!n good running order, by the half
dozen, S&J. Sold only by the case of six!
Upon receipt o< two dollars, as guarantee of good
faun, wowlll send Watches by express to any part of
the, loyal States, collecting balance of bill on deliv
ery. This ensures buyers against fraud, giving them
the Ir Watches before payment Is required.
OOP eb vnox tss
171 Broadway, corner Courtlandt St.
The only Machine making more than oas
kind of Stitch.
Every machine has tbe celebrated REVERSIBLE
FEED,which enables the operator to fasten Endsot
Beams, f-r to sew from Left to Right, or Right to Left.
All the above superior points of excellence are av
tamed without compUcatlon of machinery.
Each machine is furnished with one of
Barnnn’s Celebrated Self-Sewers.
Every Machine Folly Warranted.
Call and examine this triumph of
Sewing Mechanism.
124 Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois.
dc23*s972*lot a 1
Aa there arc doubtless many who would like to select
a splendid
Or other fine Instrument as a most sporoprlate holi
day present, and yet ■whose time at this season may
he to much occupied to enable them to conveniently
accompany their families for its selection during the
day, we shall Keep open our rooms every evening,
UNTIL THURSDAY, DEC. 31st,Inclusive,
until 0 o’cleck P. 11, * v
Notwithstanding large soles, we trust that oar almost
dally arrivals will enable na to salt all whomay favor
SOX South Clark Street*
And Fourth Street ClunciimaU.
1868. Fall Trade. 1863.
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers la
30 Lake street, Chicago, 111.
We are now offcrlne to the trade one of the largest
ted BEST SELECTED stocks ever brought to thU
Having determined to make our BUSINESS CASH
ONLY, wo will agree to soil our goods
Ah Low as con Ire Bought
fa tlds or say other market. Eastern bills freely du
plicated. We make ft SPECIALTY of EXTRA SIZED
coo<l9, a large assortment of which we now have oa
Blank Book Manufacturer's
Particular attention paid to binding SHEET MUSIC.
Old Books. Magazines, etc., bound to order in every
style. Those who wont first class work done may
rely upon being suited at our establishment.
Stereoscopes or Pictures,
Magic Lanterns, etc., etc.,
In greatest variety, have Just arrived in time for the
Holidays, at the Store of
de22-s9SMOt 43 Clark street, near Sherman House.
• and 44Itausa street, New York, (adjoining
the Tost Olßce.l oiler for sale the following magnifi
cent list of Watches, chains. jeweljßY.&c.,
rained at 8300,000. Each article ONE DOLLAK, and
not to he paid Tor until you know what you are to
150 Gold and Silver Watches.. .*15.00 to *IOO.OO each.
200 ladles’ Gold Watches each,
SCO Ladles' and Gent's Silver
Watches . JSJOeach,
10.000 Seta of Ladies’ Jeweler 5,C0 to 10.00 each.
50.000 Broches, Geld Band Brace
lets, . Ear. Drops. Lockets,
Chains. Blngs,_£c 3.00 to BXO each.
35.CC0 Genta'PJna, Chains, Bosom
Stc&sSleercßattonS'&c... 2 50to SXOeach.
10.000 Gold Pens, Silver Mounted
Bolden 4XO to SXO each.
5,M0 Gold Pens, with Silver Ex- _
tension Casesand Pencils.... ICO to fiJOeaco.
The articles In this stock of Jewelry are of the neat
est and most fashionable styles. Certificates of the
various articles are put in sealed envelopes and mixed,
thus giving all a fair chance, and sent or mail for »
cents each; andonTecetoiofthocertlficavc.itlsatyour
option to send ONE DOLLAR and take the article
named In It or not. Five certificates Si. eleven $2,
1 thirty $5, sixty-fire 310, one hundred *ls. Certificate
money, to be enclosed with order. Corbespoa'dsxci
mosipixT aaawxuzD.
AGENTS wanted In every town and regiment. We
allow them ten cents on every Certificate, provided
their remittance amounts to*l, aj?d more liberal In
ducements to those who buy largely. Send for circu
lar. Address W. FORSYTE &CO ,43 and 41 Nassau
street. New York. del9-s8»l-Sm wmaU
Gout and Neuralgia
J. H. REED & CO.,
Wholesale Druggists,
Agents for Chicago.
’ • Price SI.OO per Bottle.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Officer’s Uniforms,
Trunks, Travelings Bass and Valises,
0C3>Q336-3m __
New Patterns, First Quality and
Loir Prices.
gale brothers, Croatian, »k Bwaoijfc «twt
(i v' %
'■:, <( (PXL I.S^
The Oldest Regulator for
There Is but one GENUINE AND SURE CUBE for
FEMAI-KS who suffer fromisuEoczjiimss*oros>
BTCCCTXOSB or ran jfiNSßs* whatever may be the
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CLceseman’s Female Pills,
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those peexods which.ifkeptnn according to the calls
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THIS GOOD OLD REMEDY for all obstructions
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yiTs team, in all pan* of ihe civilised world. Its
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Oliecscman’s Fem*lc Pills
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deed, so certain are
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EXPLICIT DIRECTIONS with each box. The
mez, ONE DOLLAR PER BOX, containing from
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Pills sont xrr auiL, fcoicptlt, by remitting to Hie
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Sold by Druggists generally.
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dcs-r£69-ltew ax Smis SI Cedar street New York.
Infallible Liniment.
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Knife and Scissors Sharpener.
• The 'beet Sharpener erer wed for House Halves.
Scissors and Shears—made of Solid Emory, and will
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We famish a fastening with which It can he oscd on
enviable. With this machine anyperson can sharpen
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We am general manufacturer's agents for the sale of
Rotary Needle Sharpeners, All buyers of Singer’s,
Howe’s and the Florence Sewing Machines, can hoy
them at their offices. We also sell nil sizes.
dcS-r317-lwls s<i Washington street.
Depot qtl^rterniaster’s
OFFICE, Chicago, HI„ Dec. 10th, 1383..
Notice to Owners of Land Occupied by U» 9,
at Camp Douglas.
Parties Interested arc icqnestcd to file their claims
In this office, stating the exact number of acres ol
lan d orparta of acres ownedbv them, now occupied
by the united States at Camp Douglas.
As as the tacts arc known In each case, 1 am
prepared to pay rent for the whole of the land occu
pied. pro rata, to all owners,from the time the camp
was turned over to the United States bYtheState 0 j
Illinois. J. A. TOTTER.
deU*ssC7-lot Capt.amlQ.il., Depot Q.M.
T H. RE ED & CO.,
140 Lake St., Chicago, HI.
Paints, Oils, 'Window Glass, Glass
ware, Bnrainz Oils, Kerosene,
Sospnoken’ Stock, 3Xsna
fsetarers 9 Goods, dee.,
Which we offer at prices favorable to Western Mer
w men wo «“" and Maimfeetaren.
i tt BHO. 174 Pearl street, N. Y.)
n. A*. ncxLBCT, Chicago. S selS-mTOS-Sm
Tha undersigned wocM Inform their customers and
all persons bSipping to this market, that they harfl
Increased facllUlrauds season for handling
We will give our personal attention to all Bales, sad
will guarantee the mQHEBT PfUCKS
no2s3-rK&2a 21h South Water street.
18 RnaWtter gttwt.
Having oureh&aad before the recent advance a larca
and eutScuew stock of KOOds»offers Iba same to the
trade on u (aronthle tonaa os any boose la the Nort
h SwtrtwrUß
tub 1803£
325 Mile* Doable Track*
Tn order to keep pace with the demands of tho trav
eling rubUc.ttiemansgers of this popular mate have
addeu many improvements daring the Tear t** l ? mxtA
ujth its ■will be found In all re-snorts a
>'«»T CLASS ROIfTE. to all the ThJ
track Is stone ballasted, and entirely free trim dost.
' (With close connections from Western Citicsj
All connecting direct to New York, TilßOUOllpni
LADELPHIA. ami clcso connections at Hmtsborr
From Pittsburghl a New Fork* one train runs dally.
(■*&» utllea,) via Allentown, without change of cars* sc
riving In advance of all other routes.
Ticket* for sale to Boston by boat or rail. Boat
tickers good on any of the sound lines. Faro to sM
points as low as any route.
Sleeping, Cars on night trains to Philadelphia, New
York sna Baltimore.
Rasgage checked through and transferred free.
By this Rome freights of all descriptions esnbe thr>
warded to and from Philadelphia, New York. Bootes,
or Baltimore, to and from any point on the Ballroa*
or Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana* Dllnoij, Wisconsin. low*
crMijaouri.irr katlkoad dilfct.
Pennsylvania Central Railroad also connects at
Pittsburgh with Steamers, by which Goods can be for
warded to . any port on the Ohio. Masklmrtun, Ken
tucky* Tensest*?, Cumberland. Illlnots, flualaalpnL
Wisconsin, Missouri. Kansas, Arkansas and Bed River,
and ut Cleveland, Sandusky and Chicago, with stoao
ers to all ports on the Northwestern Lakes.
Merchants and Shippers entrusting tho transporta*
tlon of their Freight to this Company, can roly with
confidence on Its speed* transit.
THE RATES OF FREIGHT to and from any port
tn the "West by tho Pennsylvania Central Railroad aro
at aix mils as favosael* as ask chabokp it
CSr-Be particular and mark packages “via Punr.
For Freight Contracts or Shinning Directions, send
to or address either of the fallowing Agents of tbfr
CLARKK & CO.* Transfer Agents* Pittsburgh.
H. W. BROWN * CO., Cincinnati, Ohio,
R. c. M fcILDRUM ft CO., Madison, Indians.
J. E. MOORE. LoulsvUle.Ky.
W. w. AIRMAN ft CO., Evansville, Ind.
• R.F. BASS,St-Loup<, Mo.
CLARKK ft CO- Chicago. HI.
J. H. McCOLM.Portsmoutb; Ohio.
W. U. ft E. L. LANGLEY* GallipolLs, Ohio,
n. S. PIERCE ft Cq.. Kanesvlile, Ohio.
H. H. H UDSON, Ripley, Ohio.
B. c. MELDKUii, Oeenerai Travelling Agent for
the South and West.
Drovers and farmers will find this the most advanta
geous rente for live Stock. Capacious yards am
watered and supplied with every convenience hava~
been opened on this line and Its connections, and every
attention is paid to their wants. From Harrisburg,
where will be found every convenience for feeding and
resting, a choice is offered of tho PHILADELPHIA.
»L>o be found the shortest, quickest, and most direct
route for Stock to New York—(via Allentown)—or
with fewer change* than any other.
ENOCH LEWIS. Oen’l Bnpt„ Altoona, Fa.
L. L. HOUPT. Gem Ticket Agent. Philadelphia.
H.H. HOUSTON, Gen. Freight Agcnt*Philadelphla.
laiptCSS JLiucs.
i.'t USE.
The undersigned have cstabllaho a Team Line from
aod to tbe above points, and will carry freight via
smuiVGTox i.vn inssociu kited,
Cldtago, Darlington and Qnlney BaOroada,
At the below given rates per impounds, antllNov-lst.
Ist class. 2d do. 3d do. 4th do.
Chicago to Connell
Bluff* and Omabiw. tISO $2.79 $2£J SUQ
Alter Nor. Ist, and until farther notice—
Chicago to Council
Bluffs and Omaha— |3d» t2J» st» SS.TS
Merchants and shippers entrusting the transportation
ol their freight to the undersigned, con rely upon Its
speedy transportation. .
Goods will be classified according to Eastern oleari*
Be particular and mart packages via
For fartner Information apply to G. F. HENDRIB dr
CO- Council Bluffs: TOOTLE A HANNA, Platto
month: E. S. BOSBT9HELL, Glenwood: FISH A
WIGHTMAN, Eddyrillc. „ _ _
For further Information apply to the General Freight
Office, Chicago, Burlington and Qnlnoy Railroad Co-
Chicago. oc2&o2SA3ra
.-fTor tt)c jlrmg.
X 1 Persons wbe bare been enrolled for tbs coming
draft win be received into the United States Nary
until Jau.sth, 1361,
To Serve for One Tear,
On board the Gunboats of the Mfrtsslppl River Squad
ron. There is no marching la this service, but good
quarters on board ship, meals at regular hours, and
but ONE YEAR to serve. Apply at U. S. Naval Ren.
dezvous. Üblich's Block, corner North Clark and
North Water-sis..(npitalw.) JOHN D. HAUTY.
Acting Master u.S.N- Com. Nar.Rendezvous.
Veteran- Volunteer*, $402 Bouty
and Premium.
All other Recruit*, $302 Bounty
and Premium.
All able-bodied men between tbe ages of E!aht«aa
and Forty-Five Tears, vu hare heretofore been eo
listed and have served for not less than nine month*
Who shall re-lnlist for Regiments lathe field, will tw
deemed VETERAN VOLUNTEERS, and cs such wfll
be entitled to receive one month's pay Iff advance and
aboanty and premium of $402.
To ail other Recruits for Old Regiment?, not Vete
rans, one month’s pay in advance and a bounty and
premium of 9302 will be paid.
Each reenut will be allowed to SELECT THE REGI
MENT which he prefers to Join, and will be mastered
into the Regiment of his choice.
All who wish to Join any of the gallant Regimes tc
now In the field, and to receive the munificent boon--
ties offered by the Government, can have the privi
lege by calling,at the Headquarters of
Cupt. WM. JAMES, Provost Marshal of tbe Ist Dis
trict, at Chicago.
Capt. Asios'e.' COON, Frovon Marshal of the 2d
DUtnc.t, it Marengo.
Cnpt. JOHN V. EUSTACE, Provost Marshal of tbs
id District, at Dixon.
Cant. JAMES WOODEUST, Frovoat Marshal of th«
4th District at Quincy.
Cant. JAMES M. ALLAN, PfOToat Marshal of tho
sth District st Peoria.
Cant. ADEL LONG WORTH, provost Marshal of tbft
sth District. at Joliet.
Cspt. W. SZTBIAN. Frorost Marshal of the “th DU
trlct,at Danville.
Capt.B.F. WESTLAKE, rroTo3t Marshal of the Mt
District. atMt. Sterling.
Cant. WILLIAM M. FKT, Frorost Marshal of tb*
Khh District, at Jacksonville.
Capt. MORTIMER O. KEAN, Frorost Marshal of
the Uth District, at Olocr.
Cant. GEORGE ABBOTT, Provost Marshal of tha
Uth District, at Alton.
Cant. X aAC N. PHILLIPS, ProrosS Marshal of th«
Uth District, at Cairo. '
Ton are a earn summoned to rally around the dear old
Flag. Tour spontaneous and glorious patriotism haw
hitherto more than cpualled every call of your coos*
try. Imperishable lustre baa crowned the anxu of tbs
invincible legions of your brethren already In tbs
held. No other State has so proud a record. The ,
belllon is reeling and staggering beneath the tremen
dous blows of the brave and stalwart sons of the Ro-
Eubllc. A few blows more and Treason dies. The end
inear.-Tour country again calls. She ask* yoo
close up the thinned ranks of the battle-scarred he
roes. wno. on a hundred glorious fields have made the
name of “Illinoisan” a terror to the foe and the watch
word of victory. She greets you with a liberality wor
thy alike of her gratitude for ycur past achievements,
and her faith In tout abllUv to win yet more endnrtnc
renown.- Illinoisans! to the field again I by hnndredr
and thousands and assist In the final effort that shall
bring the Infernal Dragon of Secession to the dust fop.
ever. So, living or dying,shall this Commonwealth ami
the Republic bless yoa, and your names and memo
ries beunmortall JAMES OAKES,
Lieut. Col. 4th U. 8. Cavalry,
ocls-03C9-Sm. A. A. Pro. Mar. Pen. 111.
Seining Jflarinnes.
Happy New Year.
Who would no: prefer, in selecting Holiday Gifts, to
combine with beauty and elegance, the usstul. dob*,
bus ocd nsstxrxEiUTiva in the highest passible de
gree? Who would not prefer to receive such? As a,
present to any lat>t ob familt, nothing could be
more acceptable than that quiet, rapid and charming
so etalacntlv serviceable and practical in the hands of
anyone, however unskilled and Inexperienced. With
the continued progress of the last year, U will very
soon be comparatively the only Machine bought for
family Shall we send you a Holiday Present for
your friend.
Hew York prices—Uo charge for freight.
General Agents, 133 Late street.
lU. joo seen tic
No. 3 Empire Sewing Machine T
If It vrlll not do better ■work, it wCI certainly do
more, drop fewer stitches, make less than one>teauk at
the noise, ran very much easier, and do every kind of
work as well aa any machine !n the world. Look oat
for the most serrlceablcand most dor-able UsnaCtctart
Ilk Sewing Machine (or a nonraar punawrr. New
York prices. No charge for freight. L. CORNELL A
CO. General Agents. 133 Lakaatreat. da2-rTBMro
Car Notice.
Crrr Colltctoc’s Omo*. >
Cocnr Hoea*. Uoox No.U. >
Chicago, 1tt~,N0r.3,.i863.>
Tax pavers are again notified (bat I am required by
the new City Charier to collect a penalty of vtv* kb*
cxst. upon all taxes npun real estate not paid t»c*ofe
the first day of Janoarv next. The time Is so short,
and the pressure upon my office » week hence wr-t m
so great, that all prudent persona
any of standing clays in aline, and the
crowded oat, and Incurring theabove penalty, ty can
-I^^r^Xsi D o^S’ l .J°&W 1 35iffS2K
BT DECEMBER cltT Co „ cc , OT .
K. B.—Nothing hat LEGAL TENDER will be rt
aelved In payment oi taxes and assessments.
iLcah anh ©il 22Horfes.
Cor. Clinton an 4 Fallon SU^
Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead, Bar Lead,
( Collier White Lead and OH CO.
Chicago Agency for <St, Loui.-i Shot Tower t
Particular attention Is Invited to mj
SuJS?* iS >“ to «“■
teems cash.
Architecture— j. f. l«

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