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irr-rrirJ ~vourre.
owe inach of tbeir
fii’clmciis to Colds.
J» ■> ttf.itrr where the dlrcas* may appear to bo
tea-id, Ut t.ilgln bit be traced 10 *up|ireas.d I>r.r
--i-ptraCou.orii told. Cratrpi. and J.ao|r CcmplalnW
arc direct products of Guide. In abort, Cold. •**«*•
harMmrcrh of half the dU.MCt that aflllcl Ijiinia’ally. ■
for :.6 ttirr arc caneed by olircVr J rer*i*li*tl°b« uni
ti* : vo fining ot the wane meturor «9capei
x:.r- i’kli ilic pone, lfUin>c poiea* are clo* <,, ;» pro*
pojilonof a ecffwuliv folio* - ** Koepvlew,
i tin of<>ro. cf cold* nud CoochX tlx* preat precursors
dlf-caeo, or If ooMractcd, bn*** them op imms*
dln-'-tjr.bT ntin:clv«ieof V*i»*mr Foetu's Ccs*.
•nvr Halfim. bold by all Prasha*. ats3 cent# and
OOooLU- per bottle. Oc£&-tS7<*2t warij
Bull's c<*<lron Bitters,
Let thor-o who Imre doubted the virtues of BULL'S
CTD':on Bn TECS, If any such there be. read the
following rcrtlfcatc from gei tletnen well kiown In
comtuir ny, and donfll no more,
lu-pimr-'i liilrofluttion into tho army wQlsave the
lives of (noo&fttids of onr soldiers.
Lomsvn.hß, Kr n June M, 188.
Wr, tLc undersigned, hare seen the good effects
produced by tbe use of Dr. JONH BULL’S CEDRON
BITTERS mciu.-c« of general debility and prostra
te of the system, and bdlcTC He general use wou'.d
pi event (Unease and relieve mneb suffering. Among
onr folders particularly wonld this be the cate,
r-i-oclally there who are exposed to miasmatic la
frcnccr in the Southern climate.
fiIAJ. PHIL]!* SPFKD, Collector Int. Bev- 8d Pi*,
trie;, Kfiitnoly,
Collector of the Port of Lonla-
COl.. JL } IJiiST, Provost Marshal General of Ken-
I -LT Cor. 6 e crclary of Sanitary
3V^£V*v?. ! V,£*‘ r J: 6 * co ** Pnbllsbere Democrat.
l!cC k f r,rU)r l-out«vllle AnzUscr.
LI. Ct.l-d:. C: 1 AiilOliLL, AVholeaalo Pry &oo£s
_ , Main street. Loots Title, Kr.
GBI.LN & C'>„ Wholesale Shoo Psalcra,
Moln urc-et, I.ooiivtlif*.
-iAET d- MAPOTIIEE, JJthographert. cor. Market
~,, ov.dTMrd sfeet. li'intfrilte,Ky,
.TULII V. 'N'KI;, Clothlbjr Merchant, COt. Third
and T-li.rl- t "ir l .. Louisville. Ky.
CAIT. s.T. u ii.lu;i.Til, of Steamer MaJ. Anderson.
MA.7. L. T. TM > T.ST- ‘N. I’avniartur U.S. Arrav.
U.M.?:i-;Tf ~ . Lr ,National Hotel.Loal.Willc.Ky.
t'Oi UAVI.KS. 4th KcntnckyCavalry^
(iJ.OHtIK I>. rKEKTiCE, Lonlsvlilc JonrnM,
i>i\c lu CLlcugo m whulf«vlo and retail by
11. GDOVIL, 7C Eandulph street.
Slow w&m
r!o!lotvay’s PHls and Ointment*
lilt. SlTKlllilNOfc OP WotfKN.—CAKCm IK TUB
Irj;/f-T. Notl.n.g !■> more nrcTßlent than this terri
-I.l* ;i i, l .ic' lo u ot wnnifD. or fees understood than its
T::.u:n* i.nd trfuimrnt—tmiil a few vearn back the
I*. i (*.c»ii;ttry were the only rerocSy, bat bow few
i:r\ ivti’, tlTLr.rbr.rons and tiumman optratlon, all
diit r tvi : rr. were ri jimllaled. eo ♦‘inborn J« error—
t.j Li. U.i’ 3’ciijgn ami rational discovery oi Holloway’s
« beamed on the world, tbe newf on “the
uint> o: lit.Lt,” and Holloway's csiablie&mcat w.is
sid’v brfu-}fi» by myriads or agonized martyrs to
ctiiiccr, who vcrc fucceerfclly treated and rctnrood
. tin irl r-iocr rrjolclnr. V/pßowcor.2dcatlra?Bcrt,
tb-ii f- i.f.or, wliMeTor lln origin ha> been, cun beetle
ct-i-!i:Tl>* crarilcMi’tl bv a course of Holloway's rills
(Hr.tn.cm. Thin Ip the actual teetlmonv of thou*
,-iiiiCi. already ccred by llicia. dcS£-U<-i Iwls
iiiumaa Frailly, or Physlolegl*
cal {twsoarchc#,
FVnnU! be read bj- cvcrybodv. It treats on, and
Li-v . now, u.t* i-vll nvnltfi arising from early utmae
r.. i; i;?.l-iii'r)- . oiilPirlnatJon may be subverted, with
t-uri jj:i rf.ofl nf dl?]»clilng tlio misgivingsmaavex
nfri' r.cf If: • ntcrltg the marriage Plate, s-old br Da.
■!• A. HARROW, Mi Blcccker street, 2»cw Torß.
. •; ft- L' (\ i.’i-. Mailed free everywhere.
f>r, Jnmcs,
Formerly of Juracs* Hospital, Custom House
hvw Orleans, established In 1850, now of 88
"...L U ipSi street, Chicago, Illinois, specialist in the
of Old Cubokic, Mkucceail, Blood
/.M- bMK DifXABXS AKT> OeqaXlO
•Jcro- ttinru without resorting to Mercury, lodide
I\ A:m-;.»c or f nr*apr.rllla. Dr, Janies uses a
f. jrri:Ai.i2Kj;, wmen is a positive ctue in all
Organic Weakness, brought on by
r:,; i t:!ra:ion of business, or entailed hcred
r;.;. cT.r.*.:;" lost of memory, nervous and general
•it-; ~liy, t;c„ fumibynn Infallible method, and the
, on a curt lor Lka> weakness—saving both time and cx
oiu Direct-Of Of the MOST HORRIBLE CLASS,
ularr tin Mood has become poisoned, producing
‘...'chtr on the face, small wtucrvblisters, pains in
U . tuan and I ones, ulcerated throat, nose, limbs and
'.H iV y. r ro:ula, together with an endless number ol
Dr. James Is recommended by the press generally of
flit £t u*l:, tlie medical faculty, aud professors of med
;cn! colict-C', etc. Those aUlfcicd should apply immn.
ch.;t.y, i.nd m- cured ol these terrible disease*.
I.tr.cn.bfTjir.Jumes’OJUcc and Parlors are at 85
HarrU'.pu, I’t :t?ccn State and Dearborn streets.
Office r pen trom 9 A.M. until 8 P.M. Consultations
Inviolable. dcl7-al7l-2w
Beware of tlic So-called Hzllt
All nnrtr of fuliibor and sugar of lead. The first Is
most disagreeable and offensive, and the other a rank
poison, winch, although harmless in their operation,
are not Jess certain to produce all the evil effect* of
cr.d disease. Why use this vUlalnuus stuff, when an
article, peifectly clean and Instantaneous In Its ef*
tt-ct, and pronounced bartnlrss by,l>r. Chilton. Is to be
onnd in Il’rhdadcro’a Hair Dye, When all other
corned, have fulled, this has always proved sue*
’ MamiVacturcdby J. CRI-TADOR I >, C Astor House,
£jcw ic*rk. gold everywhere, and applied by all
a*.lrdrcFPcrß. *
fl AO and SSiper box. according to sirs.
TbePEiulfiO I.OTIO, n sure core for *fteh, 1111-
nols Mange,&c., Ac. Having h'O MEIItUBY In It*
OLiupotitlon, it can be used without any dancer.
Warranted or no nay. Manufacture‘V E.T.A: W.
T.Met AHLAND,Lafayette, lad. Flu brLo3l>
& SMlTH,Agents,Chicago, lll. wlßt-so&J-lm
Dr. Biffdow,
Confidential Physician, (formerly of St. Louis, Mo,i
enu be consulted at We office, 179 South Clark street,
sorner of Monroe, Chicago, HI., half a block from the
Post Office, on all Chronic Diseases, and Diseases of
it private and delicate nature In both sexes, which be
treats with unparalleled success. Booms separate,
where Ladies and Gentlemen can consult the Doctor
with the strictest privacy. Office hours from BA.M.
co 3P. M ; Sundays 10 to 12 A, M. Communication?
ooufldcrdcU Consultation® free. Address P.0.80x
154. Enclore two siamps and get bis Guide to Health.
From the Doctor’s long experience In Hospital and
UTlvatc practice, he Is able to perform, and will euar
v.ntec, pericct cures for uil Venereal or Sexual Dls
-euse-s in their most severe and complicated stage*. In
n very short time, without the use ol mercury.
T ouug men ealienm: from self-abnse are invited to
r ‘all. A perfect core warranted. Female Irrcunlan*
tie® attendant on Piibenv, Menstruation, or persons
aming nnr detractions to marriage, should coll at
once and be cored.
Best of city references as toabllity and success.
Clair Dye! Xlatr Bye!!
.k tte would. The only llabmleps, Turn and Kelt
aßLß Dyt known. This splendid Hair Dee la Perfect
—changi-s lied, Rustv or flrev Hair Instantly, to a
Glossv Blace or Natuuai. Knows,without Iniarlne
IbeHmr or Staining the Skin, leaving the Hair Sol!
r.nd Bi-uctitisl; imparts fresh vitality, frequently rcs-
effects ol
3ed 1)\ i>. Tin- Genuine is signed Willux A. Bach
anon, ail others are mere Imitations, and should be
avoided, bold by all Druggists, Ac. Factory, 81 Bar
r.ay strict, Now York. jyS-gfiS7-ly.
A view of Ittaiv
Containing nearly SCO paces, and ISO fine Plates and
Encravinp? of the Anatomy of the Sexual Organs in a
s:s»' of n:nl Di.-.-afc,wlth a Treatise on Sell
uLnsc, fte A.-elonible l upon tbo Mind
hdu Bodr, wfUi the Author's Plan of Treatment—the
rat.ot.al aud successful itmde of care, r.5 shown
oy the repor: of thecas<* treated. A trathfal advis
er to ini' married, and those coutemplatlag marriage
who entertain doubts of their physical condition,
scut free of pOEtage to any address.‘on receipt of S3
nc-tiu- U. ?tamps or postal carrencv, by addrcs'lnz Dr.
..Atr.OIX.No. 81 Maiden Lane, Albany, X. Y.
Tclio fsmitSi, Von»Baden &■
Treat all Chronic Diseases, each as Colds, Couglis,
Crv-umptlui,. Asthma. tlic Lungs, Heart, Stomach,
s, iiludcr ami the Dowels. Dyspepsia, Diarrhea,
DyseiitiT}, Gout, lihcnmatlsm,Paralysis, Hip Disease,
fthitc BveilingE, and all complaints of women and
children: Sore Kyesand Ears, Cataract Discharges,
ii-urit.g and buzzing Sonnds. Also
Wlthout rutting wuh the knife. A 1 letters most con*
tain tea revs for a speedy answer. Lra. TELTO
tfora C A. M. to 6 P. M. Office SI Randolph street,
cornu of Dearborn, Chicago lllinos. fcS-gMMy.
Piles: Piles Zl
Hr, TTiUleld’tf Tcgctalile Fills
Art warranted a certain core for FISTULA. DLTND
We would cantlon all who are victims to this dls
complaint ta avoid the use of external appli.
*a* ions ftMhrv result only in aggravating the disease.
Dr. wn FIELD’S remedy removes the cause of the
cueeb?c,cml tiled* a permanent core.
These Pills have been tried for the last seven years,
inn in r.<» Instance have they fulled to cure.
’’rice cents per box. Sent by mall to any address.
J. YOUNG, bole Proprietor.
4SI Broadway,*. Y.
E or fuic by BLISS & SHARP. 141 Lake street, Chi
cago. 111. ocS-msi&-am.
Hudson's Unrivalled Xootli
acknowledged by all who nsc it to he the best
oiNTi inn; : ow In wc forctrxKtro end phesehv
• Mi the tclth, Per healing sore andtcndercnm.ilt
•XiS >c Sold by nil D regelate. SMITH tt
DWVLR. wholesale agents. CtS-aSTtSw
Wfrsr, K. M. Cross. M. D.,
Plivsiciun to the Female Department of the Green
Mount Water Cere, ulchmnnd, ImL,
U(f>:rcß to Inform her friends and the public that she
iiat yielded to many solicitations, and bos decided to
open tin t. ill re In Chicago for Use winter, while the
w nier ('err b undergoing repairs and Improvements,
will remain three months from January Ist, and
will rive her special attention to diseases of woaer.
Mn-.'GroM ha* made this clans of diseases a specialty,
anti br.s been engaged In an extensive practice for the
past ter. vears. The remarkable success which hu
•mended her mode of treatment is well known
throughout the West. Mrs. Cruse is nntrammelcd by
tin ditkrent schools of medicine, und nntna use of
those remedies which a long nod successful practice
proven to be raout bcncf.clal. Mrs. Gross may bo
found at 1£ Harrison street. twodoorewcstorWebaab
atenne t <UI< c Lours from 11 A. U.toSP.M.
JL/ TUl:n, Wabdisotok. D. Dcc.15.1963.
'lo the- Growers :*r.d Mannf-cturcrs of Flax and Uemp:
Tlio rommltVioccre appointee Ly tils Department,
cot pitting m lion, J. K Morcbeaa, of renn s vlram»,
William j! Bailey, of Übotlc Island, nnd Jobs A,
" artier of Olio, to coufcldrr the following appronria
tlor> made lij- the last Congress, vir;
** Fot Invest(cations to tost ibe practicability of
cnltlratlnc and preparing flax and hemp as a guostl
tu't furcottott, twenty thousand dollars.”
Baring met. and after several days’ Investigation.
liL-iivvim: ilitta farther and toiler notice of their la
wsticutiobs might produce valuable results, ad
■onru-d to meet again on Wednesday, the 21th day of
rohrnhrvnext.at ir o’clock m.
request all Interested Id the distribution of
Uiis appropriation, or anxious to develop the subject
for the public good, to send to this Department, on
or Ix'ioic thet day, samples of Uc hemp one flar in
.lie dlllcrcnt Ft apes of preparation: of the fibres and
tabiics pn pared b> them, accompanied by state
■nuilf-ci Uie various piocossc* used, and the cost of
■reduction in each ease; also, descriptions of the
Kinds and cost ol machinery used, where made, Ac ,
.ogether with any and all Information Hat may be
■_ ''fill to the Commission.
'llibinformation Is necessarybefore an Intelligent
ij.'trlbutlon of the appropriation can be mad*.
Tv • and 44 Nassau street, New York, (adjoining
he Poet OJilcc.) offer for sale the followlni marnlfl*
n:t lifl of WATCHES, CHAINS. JEWELRY, &c
--/: inriat gSOOXCO. Each article ONE DOLLAR, and
*U»t. to herald for until you know what you are to
;.v. Gold and EUrcr Watchos...flsXoto tlOO.Oleach.
>•<* Ladles’ Gold Watches 85X0 each.
W Entiles* und Gent's direr
',f<v SetrOl Ladles* Jcwclrr.....
a.uti Brochtt, Geld Band Draco*
letf, Ear Drop*, Locket*,
. , <-hues, King*. i c BXO to SXO each.
».,(Xfc Gem*' P.ijji-, chains, Bosom
, f -r F A l>, r'' , n eevtnaUon *» &c *** 250 to 8.00 each,
.i.uc Oolu Bens, Hirer Mounted
* rlwv-.vr-.v, 4XO to SXO each.
.-Cv ooh. l ent-, with buyer El*
l.;> cJv.nun.l a fair cha!.ce,and*eni i w m iiij f ur 23
• ttri: : and vonr
'lth. n 1« send ONE HOLLAR and UJ« tb* anlrfJ
ured la U or not. Flee ceri!9c*tcs H.clorlVsa
.11 f'., nxtr-Cvc flO. ore hundred 815 CerUalSa
to ho enclosed with order. CocscaponsKxr?
L(;!:i-uv 4VBWEUKH. “ M
35.00 each.
5,00 to IDAOeACh.
A«»KKTS wanted In t-rciy town and regiment, Wa
thua ten cists on every Certificate. provUol
i • ir mulitunrc amounts to Cl. rod inoreifhml in.
nee i.TT:i<j to ibow’who t»nv larcely. Send for circa
.r. rtw W.rOiISTITI * CO ,Q anddlNassaii
:nvt, Low York. del9-*BSJ-Sai wasaU
I r 1
ilai-k Bock Manufacturers
nrtltnJivr Attention paid to binding SHEET MT7310.
, to order In every
vif. Tii'»t>c who waul nrvt elate work done may
i> npor. being Fulled .1 ©or establishment.
CTc (Eouuaclore.
_ Cmcr OtiA rrmrvjirrza’g Orrrox.l
- r .. _Y my Depot, l>eceim«r 8, uses. *
? lik \ l 'o-‘AW are larbet by ineucocr*
2Sit‘J? r tbe U. 8. Qaartmnfcstere Do
parttbect- st V HBfcinrtoa I). C* Kalt'morc. Md.
Aie*kt.dm, and Fort Monroe V*. or either of these
Com, piu sod Straw.
Flee will be re; elre : fur tie dojvery of *yto3 hnsbeU
«? ro or ***** snv 50 tone of hay or pTaw, or ops - am*.
jiioruß most ttate at which of t*)C above cameo
rploutb.y propose ;o make deliveries, aodtbe rate*
atwMcr* they will main cellrmins thereat, thecnaa
tltyoieachartlfi- proroped to be celirerce,the time -
when ewtrertte shall be coamcacod-andwhoe
Tleprnxiaustlyswrlttfnonl Id words ob theft ft.
Corn to Le pm tip In cooa rtoot *aok*i o<about two
bn»i:elr each. Oat* Ic Ute earhs. of a**ontthree nnsbeli
each Tbe s«eifto he fnrn shed without evtra cr.f.rrt
to the Government Tac hay oad ttraw to be securely
TM*r»r*<nlarHnii or d*»cr'ptlon nfo^t s , com, hav,
or it: aw, propose! to be Cell rerod must be tinted In
the Trope-ill*
All tbe ttrtic’ea oID-red tinder the hide her -Id lorltod,
will be re ject t.. a :Ll. !n*po-iloa by Ilia Govern
meat Inspector before being accepted.
, Cottiactß v.ia u troa time to time tothc
lowest rearonelule tJarcr, aa tue Interest of the Gov
«rt meet tuit riMfi-e aud payment will i*c niio when
the w role amount contracted for thallbavobeenUs*
ara accept'd
The will he repaired to accompany his cro
prraiwlti a*na-artv. timed iyiwo resporriMeper
floi-#. tost la case his li* is a-ceptvi he or they will,
within ten rn}i thereafter, execute ILe contract lor
the.same, with gooo nto mCJc’cn:Fnreileala a sum
e«iual to tie amotict cr the contrail, t> deliver the
forage urorosed In conformity with the ♦trm« of tin*
acver;l6cmczt; acc in erse the said bLd-r should fail
to enter Into tberont-act. Hey to mace good t:.e<tif.
fer*d>cel>etwee'- the offer of said Wider and the next
lowest responsible Llidcr, or me person to whom tbe
cottwl may be n var* - ed.
TbomnoLdUUtT of tae guarantors emstbeshown
bythecill'iej rtutlflzate of a U. 8. District Attorney
Collector of Customs or any other officer audor Inc
Unix;! States corcremoLt. or rexponrtfcla persua
trowr. to tr.k office.
AH bidden w -11 he t'uly notifies of tbe acceptance or
rejection of their propo-alr.
The fall name and P O ai'drcs* of each bidder must
be lejdbly rritifn 1l the proposal.
rroroctsl: most ho aCcra-eea to Sricr.der General.
D. li. Rucker, Chid i»epot Qnarterxa-tnr. Warbles
tor.l>. c, roc should be plai-JytnarKcd* 1 Proposals
Boot's. In & sum equal to the amount of (he contract
dcredtiv the toti’ractor and hots ilsgaaraetore, will
lereqnliedofthc f-nccccaml Wader or bidders opoc
signing the contract- . __
• Blank forme of bWe. cnarante?*. and beads, may be
cbtaim.o or application at thf«office.
(Tows,County,aodState) —--
I, the ealiccrPie”, Co hereby propose to fcrnlsh aefi
<*el!vpr to tLc United States, at the Qnartcrmarter^
D€jArUE6Ht at ——.agreeablvto the terms oi
3 oar ftcTerti-cmtnt,
flat**! WcshlsgtonDepot,December B,l663.thefoUow
logar-lcl n,visj *
burJiclscl Oats,ln racier, at —rarbntbelo'ar
ponr-oa. ' * •
—to: Sof lilei ITsy, at per ton cf 2,000 pone it.
- toasm baled btrar, at—per ton ol£utfpoasC*
Delivery to comtr eueeon or before the
of r-iSC ,wx toWe comput'd 6a or before the
•—tty o. i .IsS ,and pledge uvfieirto cn.
tp Z. lrto *. contract with the- Dal:«j
•W’ , t ov « •®omw arttidn *ie eoacr
Wter belng nouflsa that my bid t«
sccpptod. Lour obemect servant,
Brigadier Ce’oral D. ll.Ruckbs,
ChiefDbpot QoartcniQaster,
Washington, D. C.
anderglgrer, rwLJeniß of ——, in thr
Conn yot ,osu 6s«'c of—-.hereby joiuUr and
severally, covenant wish the UcltJa states, and guar
auiett in c**e the foregoing bid of p. acc-^tea
ttat hr or they will, within ten day* alter
tf,e for the same
wnh good and euihrlcutsnrotjf* lc a anm eonal to the
anumrt oi Utecontivct. to farnl»h the forage propered
lEXOTfonnltv to t t-H terms of advertlßetceat Gated I>S
cember B,lsCS,tu.derwhlrh the hid wastna2e,and tc
ease the -aid
alore.-ml-, we guarantee to make good the '■RTercnoe
berueim ihu offer .by Vj »eid-= aai the next
lovest responsible bl'dtr or the person toy bom the
comma may be awarewL
WSt&tss, t Given trader our hands and seals
<tlua usycf , is 6 .
Th&r ' to tie best of my fcaosiesU
bihti; tse abort named gnarantors are send and
sunclcnt »« samties for the amount lor vfhlch the*
ontno l*e ►ecnrtty. .. *
tie Unite! Sta'cs District Attor
vP^ e 5^ r °' r Customs, or any c ther otheer unoftr
teliS “”cS ov^“tt resw ” ls,e
•All projvosale received under this advertisement
; nil be opened and examined tt this otHce on WED
: jEBDif end BATDRDAY of each week, at IS M.
Bidders are respectfully invltid to be present, at the
opening of bids," U thty desire. u
Brigadier General and Qoanermaater.
HORSES. Cavalbt Bubeatt, 1
Omcr or thb Cnixr Qcabtbbbastol >
T»T?n-»nc a y yAanraawar. t>. a, Nov. 25,13627’)
&o)lcltea, snd wm bereccivedat
mlbotHceforthe fnrnlrfilDcof Cavalry Horses, to be
CMccSjE. WfttLio « ton . C-.BU Louis,
The hcires to comply with the following speclflea
tiona, vir; to be from tlftpcn an to sixteen (1C) hand*
Jdeb, iron, five (5) to nice (9) years old, well broken tc
Som ea il J d*f C °te! ,,aetly ““‘t to good*flesh. and free
1 he ability of the bidder to tulfll hlsagreenent,mnsl
be guaranteed by two responsible persons, air
naturcsmnstbe appended to the guarantee. Nona
porate will be received unless the oath of alleglanceol
the person or persons bidding shall be on li?e In thb
i t-c responsibility orthe guarantors must be tbown b?
tkc ofllcinl certificate of Uie Clerk cf the nearest DL*
trlct Court, or of iLe Culled States District Attorney.
Fropofals must be addressed to Ueot. CoL C. G.
Sr.wtci.e, CLlel Quartermaster, Cavalry Uorean. and
be endorsed on tbe envelope, “.proposal* for Cavaln
Cavalry horses agreeing witn tbe above specifies.
mom will be purchased in open market at a fair price,
at the following places, viz: New York City, Albany!
Buffalo, Rochester, K. T„ nttsbunrh, Pcnm, Colon.
£», Ohio, Boston, Anmeia, We- and Madison.
™ « c. G. 6AWTELLK, *
Chief Ounrtermasver, Cavalry Bnreaa.
JLallcnumb’s Specific.
U s E
T. ALI.FMAND'S SPECIFIC will not core all iti«.
easca. U will cure
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Heretofore Incorporated and dolsglmriness In the city
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tor of Public Accounts of said State, at his office. In
the city of Springfield, within three years from tbe
late hereof or the tands deposited for the redemption
ofssid notes will be given up lo raid bank.
Dated this 20th day of May. A. D. 1861.
3 GEORGE SMITH. President,
E. W. WnXJtRP. Cashier. Jys3-gSS2»toJe74K
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The Grand Z£rpcditfon—At Union City
-MunlcrWllJ Oct—A Mexican B«u
--dlt-nift Mysicrions Operations—An
XiTcMtcl JLDo lauded—Columbia Con
[From Oar Own Correspondent]
Cairo, Bee. 27,1563.
Tbcrc has been a great amount of talk late
ly about a grand expedition that was to more
from Union City within a few days, under
the command of Gcu. A.J. Smith, having in
view the cleaning out of the guerillas along
the lice of the Mississippi and Ohio Railroad,
and throughout the country borderlngon the
eastern bant of the Mississippi. And Xam
assured that the matter is not all talk. Some*
thing is going to be done, but as to where or
when this something is to eventuate, the de
ponent is unable to elucidate.
Tbe editor of tbc'Colambus War Eagle— a
Eoldier, by tlic way, ae well as’an excellent
printer and sharp writer—has been on a visit
to Union City,- whence, It is said, this expe
dition of Gen. Smith’s has started lor the
scene of its operations, and thus discourses
on the subject.
“Loft Tu. tdny having: been a delightful day.
vre made a visit to Union Citv, and found the
infantry and artillery all In motion preparm
for a ionvard movement. While wo were
litre the above mentioned forces 1011, and
the caycliy, with the General and staff, were
to overtake them the next day. The troops
made a Cno appearance and seemed particu
larly well pleased to, commence the cam
paign. Thcinlanby and nrtillery are under
the command of Coh . Mills, with whom he
had the pleasure of shaking hands. He !a
well qualified, to hold that position. The
eavaL-y is commanded by Col. Waring, an ae
compUshed officer and strict disciplinarian,
p l’V “oo.™ “ad sent a tqnad of men, under
f, cr e<- Burke, to precede tbe infantry m Jar as
tbe Obion, and report the chances for e-ro>s
mg. Tile Captain will probably take the ad
vaucc. Thc iroopE, which remained behind,
Mtlcc Cri tMES rCady t0 lfaTe at a “omont’a
- “Tlie lSthTcnn., CoL Bradford, is filling
up rapidly, and severalLleutenants-iiave becu
mustered in. It is rumored that Caut Moore
was highly recommended by ibc Board for
“Tho General has been making his head
e.uartcrs at CoL Waring’s. Lieut TvnS
rily, to act on the General’s staff” : 1
We may expect to hear from this expedi
tion hetoro the lapse of many days.
xiDuunn irnji ocr.
Tn U cr l ea y 8 that Copt Young, of
the 178tb New York regiment, who foreed a
large number, of land warrants, some ten
years ago, has lately been apprehended at
Columbus. His peculations amounted to
over a million of dollars. A reward of 850 -
000 was once offered foritis arrest, bat ho re
mamed in obscurity until he was recognized,
the other day by an old acquaintance, and ar
reetcu. Gen. Smith telegraphed to the See
retaiy of Vi ar, who ordered him to bo placed
under <d°se guard and sent to Washington,
iic left last fcumlay, in charge of laent At
dnek, S2d lowa, £ost Adjutant. Thus, after
ten years had elapsed, and the criminal
ihought Iks acts liad been cflaced bv the
pmttoent"’ bC “ lastbrou S ilt to
"While reading of the la*.c performances of
a Alcpcan robber who has located himself In
the vicinity of Memphis, one Is strongly re
minded of the talcs written in the Kadcllf
han or truly blood-and-thuudcr age. This
imported rogue, where it was supposed there
were those to the manner-born, cnoutrb has
ont-gtn-rmied the guerillas, ont-fferoded
Jieiod. His last appearance was on the Pi--
con Boost road, about ten miles from tfio
city. The BnMi.gJbur.naoC Memphis thus
describes his latest operations In the bandit
tilwc: I
“It seems that a gentleman named Allen
Bantam, vrho resides some distance from tho
City, came to Memphis with a small load of
cotton in the beginning of the week, and dis
posed of the article to tho best advantage
when ho started again for his home. Molhtnir
happened onmportance till the gentleman
reached the vicinity slated. The shades of
night rrere just approaching when there sud
denly emergen from the woods five men, all
armed to the teeth, and demanded Mr. Kanta
an to halt. Being overpowered he came to
the conclusion that hehid better comply with
the demand of the robbers, wholnstantlv or
dered him out of his wagon and demimded
that be raise bis bauds above his bead. Tho
Mexican cocked bis pistol and placed it bv
Mr. Eantzau’a bead, with tho threat that if
he moved on Inch he would blow his d d
head oH The four other other robbers now
came up and began their search on the un
fortunate man, taking cveiything of value on
his person, among which was five hundred
dollars In greenbacks. Here the Mexican or
dered him to Uki off his coat, which he did.
After cursing Mr. Rantzan, the Mexican told
lum to go on about bis business if he wanted
to retain whole bones in his person.”
The same paper goes on to speculate upon
tbe probable history of the Greaser Banditti
of the Pigeon Roost Road. What a fortune
would he be to the romancer Sylvanus Cobb
or some of this ilk I Imagine him done up
in yellow covers, and sold for half a dollar
per copy In this style: **Tho romance of the
Mexican Bandit, or the adventures of a
• wagged Woman* of the Pigeon Roost.”
But here is wlmt the Journal says of theMex-
“ This ifcxican has been so notorious of
late that old women scare their little ones by
the mention of his name. We have tried to
find out who this desperado is, and what he
originally did, but the stories we have heard
have been as numerous os the outrages com
mitted by this foreign guerilla. There is a
kind of a romance connected with this wretch
that savors ot the banditti of the old world
save that he lacks the dash of the Spanish or
Italian mountain robbers and has all the fe
rocity of a Mexican outlaw. There is but one
doom for such wandering murderers, and that
is the gallows. This nameless MftTjrerfl will
yet bebrought to it and we predict that the
time is not lar off The officers of the law
wc understand, have an eye upon him and
woe to Lis guilty soul if they chance to pounce
upon him.” *
In my dispatch to tbe Tribune a few dars
since I gave the fact that the feny-boat Rosa
bella Lad been fired upon by guerillas just
below Hopcficld and opposite Memphis, and
a man named Kelly killed. A Memphis pa
per gives the following summary of the
eventful career of the deceased:
“Mr. Kelly was a man of middle age—bad
resided here through all the troubles, and
was known to his friends as a strong and un
flinching Union man. Fifteen months
he was conscripted by Captain Jim Barton
and forced into service in his company, on
the other side of the river. Hot in love by
any means with his new employment, he
managed to desert from thegnerilla business,
and, finding bis way back to the city, offered
his services to the commander of the picket
boat. Lieutenant Chubb, whose warm friend
be was, and led several very successful raids
into Crittenden county, with good results in
prisoners and horses each time. He was in the
advance with Lieut Chubb in the celebrated
raid made by him not long since, which re
sulted in the capture of two of the Bartons.
Latterly he was engaged in the foriy business
between this city and tbe Arkansas shore
and as our readers were made aware by us
yesterday, lost bis life in an attack made up
on his ferry flat by a party of guerillas dis
guised as citizens, who came down the bank
as if desirous of crossing to Memphis. He,
however, as if by prescience divining their
meaning, refused to take them and ordered
the boat shoved off, which they scein- and
becoming fearful that their prey would be !
lost to them, they hurriedly advanced, firin"" I
as they ran and calling to Kelly to surrender I
This he refused to do, but bravely fronting I
bis assailants fired npon them as long as ho I
bad a shot in his revolver, when ho received I
his mortal wound.” I
It will be seen by the following order, late- I
ly published by Gen. Burlbut, that Gen. Hal- I
leek Las rescinded the portion ofHurlbat’s
conscript order, as far os anypartofthe State
k of Kentucky Is concerned:
Mehtrib, Tenn., Dec. 22,1803. j
Special Orders, No. S2B.]
[extract in.]
Pursuant to Instructions from the General-in-
Chief, U. all action, under General Orders
No. 3G7, current series from these Headquarters,
in so much of the State of Kentucky os is inclu
ded In the 16th Army Corps, is hereby suspended,
and perrons drafted under the above orders wm
be released from enrollment and service.
Erin. Gen. A. J. Smith, Commanding District
of Columbus, will cuter into correspondence with
his Excellency Governor BramleUe, and will ex
tend nil rermred assistance to the authorities of
the State of Kentucky and to the officers of the
Provost Marshal General's Department, in enforc
ing tho regular draft In Kentucky.
By order of Mat. Gen. S. A. Hcrlbut.
T. U. Harris, Aas't Adjt. Gen.
Suicide at Davenport'
[From the Davenport Gazette, Dec. 2C.]
The coroucT on Friday afternoon was called
upon to hold an Inquest upon the body of
Melita Alger, who bad committed suicide by
hanging herself to a tree, near Allen’s Grove.
The evidence in the case developed a shock*
ing instance of seduction and abandonment,
■which resulted in this terrible deed of self
destruction. It appears that iiiss Alger, who
was about twenty-one years old, bad been
employed in the family of Lewis Pickens, of
Hickory Grove township. Some time ago, a
young man named Frank Bell, induced her,
under promise of marriage, to elope with him
to Illinois. They lived together for several
weeks, but at length the girl finding Bell had
no intention of marrying her, entreated him
to take her back to her Lome. At length
they started west, the girl stoppingat Wheat
land, where Bell left her, having previously
given her ten dollars, and returned home.
Seme lime afterwards, he gave ilr. D. C. Cur
tis four dollars logo In search of her. Hr.
Cnrtls returned her to her old home, where
she remained until Friday morning, when
she started out for a walk in the direction of
.Allen's Grove. Not long afterwards she was
found suspended to a tree, a short distance
from the house, by means of a portion ofher
under-clothing, which she had torn up and
twisted into a sort of rope. The verdict of
the jury was in accordance with these cir
cumstances, and furthermore expressed the
conviction of the jurors that Bell had boon
guilty of the crime of seduction, and there
fore was indirectly the cause of the unhappy
woman's death. A more disheartening case
of villainous treachery can hardly be Imag
ined, and legal measures should immediately
be taken to investigate the orient of Bell's
THE GREAT PRIZE FIGHT, i'™® 3B Eecn ! ai a ’ most
Slowly, yet with a show of taruj /raid King
csmcto time, and again, as In the fifth round,
i struck Keenan dreadfully in the face,'closed
( at once, and threw the American" a tremen
' dous beck fall. This round again changed
the prospect of the light .which from .Gib
time fonvard set in steadily against Hcehan.
Again the men came forth from their corners,
and now, with the quickness of lightning,
King struck blow after blow fair and full in
to Heenan’s battered face, and, seemingly,
without an effort on the part of his oppo
nent to keep offn punishment tho very sound
of which made the listeners* blood nm cold.
Suddenly the American drawback, then made
a rush and threw King under him, bat struck
his own head violently against the round.
Again, to the instant, .“time” was called.
Both men rose eagerly, though the pace was
fast and each panted heavily. Still, they
never sparred foretime, bnt liko two fierce
dogs fril upon each other, King always hit-.
ting fearfully about the head of his antagon
ist, who, strangely, never; so to say, tried to
parry, -but after a lew harmless blows, closed
lor the throw, and strove'to win by.hurllng
ms man to the ground os heavily as possible.
Bothlsecmed fearfully distressed. It .was
painful to look at them.- King always fell
heavily, bntnot until he had made his mark
‘upon the splendid form-opposed to him.
Keenan was not so mucir_punishcd as - when
he fought with Sayers, b'ut evidently he was
moie injured; for on every part of his body
where blows could be struck fairly the livid
lumps had risen oyer hjm. and lay in a mass
about his neck and throat .Ills upper lip,
where Sayers gavchlm such a dreadful wound,
had opened again- and seemed to hang in
pieces on his lace; his eyes were fast dosing,
and his features were almost blue. Still ho :
was always the first up to time, forcing tho
fighting, when it was evident King was hus
banding his strength, end how much ho had
of it he showed in tho twelfth round by giv
ing the Americana fearful backfall.
The fight had not lasted half an hour, and
it was evident at a glance that it was a race
against nature, in which the Englishman, as
the youngest, was the more likely to win.
;King showed little signs of punishment, but
alarming symptoms of distress; while the
American, though badly injured,, was oppar
cull* the freshest.
I From this time out to the close it was al
| most the same in every round, except - once,
w here the men fought at close quarters, and,
without an attempt to guard, Lit full and
square iutoeach others faces, till it was fright
ful to lookSipon them ns the blows fell with"
a flat, dhll'smash, like, striking upon raw
meat At last, all of a sudden, tho American
care King a blow which sent him totteriu"
back like a drunken man, and as Keenan fo£
lowed up to win at once. King threw himself
down, 1 and it was well he did so." But the
blow which he Lad already got was fearful,
King seemed to sicken m his comer, and the
cry went round that ho had lost, and there
was great cheering, discomfiture and tumult
in the ring, till King, always quiet, yet al
ways strong, c=rae forth, and with awful
sounds of violence In blows could be heard
dab after dab to hit down the now bloody and
fearfully disfigured form of Keenan to tho
earth. So it went on the sixteenth round
Keenan now covered with mud and blood,
almost blind and fainting fast. • ’
Up to this point the advantages of the fi"Ut
Lave been upon the side of the American,
although the violence and speed with which
he Las fought, failing no less heavily *bn M
his antagonist to the ground at every other
round, having begun to show terrible and
exhausting effects upon him. Now, at the
commencement of tho seventeenth round,
there is a waver of doubt whether King may
not hold himself well enough together to
outlast Keenan; but this idea is abandoned
when, at the dose, he falls with such a dread
ful deed weight that even while the dull,
heavy sound is iu eveiy car, a cry arises that
The fight is over,” and “King can’t come
to timer’ Upon this, tho partial rule to
which the spectators have been subject is
swept away. They break past their bounda
ries, trampling over the legs and bodies of
quieter or less active witnesses, and sway
backward and fonvard in masses, close upon
the ropes, hungry for a sight of the defeated
P* GD *x, efforts of the ring keepers can res
tore the order. The ring is intact, but visible
only to those bruisers who have forced their
way’to the front, and whoso closely wedded
bodies shut cut tho view from all others.
But it is presently evident that the herald
“JS® °.\ King’s defeat were premature, for
above the heads of all the bystanders tho
two gigantic naked forms, urged forward by
their seconds, are again seen to approach
each other, and amid louder and more exult
ant cncs the contest is renewed with onaba
ted ferocity and keenness. It is declared
With what accuracy it is impossible at tho
5Sf llc ?J t to discover—that King has with
«14 tJ bccn restored in time for the
eighteenth round, and that Keenan, countin' 5 ’
D( ?Y, u ron an easy conquest, is becoming
widely incautious; and tho event would
seem to justify this statement, for with a
more cruel and resounding blow than any
yet delivered. King’s powerful fist falls foil
in the American's face, and, closing with
him, he dashes him to the earth, almost in
From this moment it is known and admit
ted that Keenan has lost the fight, and in tho
rounds immediately following tho superior
endurance and youth of the Englishman en
abled him to pnrsnebis success with tremen
dous rapidity. Kardly could the American
appear upon his ground—where, it must bo
said, he presented himself with undying
pluck to the end—before he was prostrated
by King’s fnrious blows, or crushed down In
his all-powerful, gripe. His face soon be
came a frightful spectacle, although far less
hideous than at the close of his battle with
Sayers. At last even the dull and opaque
humanities of his friends were stirred, and,
after another merciless round, in which the
faliiag strenph of the great gladiator was no
longer capable of affording mm a shadow of
defence, he was, at the close of the twenty
fourth round, withdrawn reluctautlv by his
friends, though himself insensible. Thus the
cruel contest ended, leaving for the moment
little to choose between the condition either
of victor or of vanquished.
Such was the end of the fight, after nearly
forty minutes of hard, quick, desperate fight
ing, between two of the most powerful men
that have probably ever entered the ring. It
was fought out fairly and truly to the bitter
end, neither roan taking any advantage of tho
other. No hand was laid upon them but that
of their own seconds from the moment they
belli entered the ring until the American laid
senseless, braised and beaten out of all sem
blance of the man who in the pride of man
hood and strength had stood there only half
an hour before.
• There were great cheers as King won, to 1
which, for a few moments ho was very deaf,
for the pace had been rapid, and, all powerful
ns he was, the heavy falls had shaken bis vi
tality, and the giant who had strode into the
ring an overmatch for all, could scarcely
close Lis fingers round the glass of water
which was to kcep him from minting. Yet
there must be a soul of goodness even in
things evil, for the first really conscious
thought that flitted through his mind was a
wish to makefriends with his late antagonist,
and as he said it he lunged heavily through
the crowd of his admirers to a little knot of
curious lookers on, amid whom, what seem
ed the corpse of the redoubtable Keenan now
GrapMc Account from the
London Times.
Invasion of the Emg—Heenan
Badly Whipped,
ITrcm the Loudon Times, Dec. 111
Tto fight yesterday between Hcenan and
Kirn terminated, aa the public already knows,
in the unexpected bat absolute defeat of the
former. The result of the American’s second
effort to claim the chief distinctions and no
torieties of the prize ring will probably put
an end, lor the present at least, to his pugil
istic pretensions.* The circumstances of his
first encounter, in Apjil, 1860, withthc cham-
Elon of England, were such as to obtain for
Im a considerable reputation, which ho nat
urally forfeits by his complete incapacity to
cope with a man of average standing in his
Woody calling. It would bo difficult to de
scribe how thoroughly popular anticipation
has been disappointed .by lids result The
soundeetjudgmentsandtho coolest ejacula
tions had settled beforehand that the Ameri
can could not fall to win. Not only- were
the advantages In betting wholly upon his
side, but even the friends of his antagonist
acknowledged by their acts, if not in words,*
a sense of inferiority. How prediction and
expectation were ultimately overturned, a
plain narrative of the events of the day will
show. .
Hecnan was first stripped. A single glance
Wes sufficient to «how.that, however massive
and brawny his present appearance, it con
trasted ill with the recollections oflus gigan
tic power in the memorable fightwithSajers.
There were, indeed, the same broad frame
, sinewy limbs,-the same muscles that
throbbed with nervous force at each move
ment of the active body, the same depth of
chest and reach of arm, the same splendor of
physical proportion. His action, also at the
outset was ’.the samcj vividly recalling the
triumphant air with which he threw hiloutr
spread arms from his sides, and heaved his
enormous chest ac If to inhale fresh vh-or
from the morning breeze; but the perfection
°f, which three years ago struck,
all beholders' with admiration seemed now
impaired, and a * shade lees of elasticity ap
peared to animate his frame. Three rears
and upwards in the life of a prize fighter
leave traces that even In a man still youa"*,
like Hcenan, cannot fall to be distinguished.
Die advantages over JUug/as the latter ap
peared half naked, were, however, too evi
dent to change in the slightest the flow of
opinion around the ring.
.King rose from his corner wtfh a singular
air of doubt and anxiety. Every movement,
even before the fight began, seemed cautious
ly taken; but there was certainly nothing in
his appearance to warrant premature exulta
tion from the opposite party. More finely
trained than Hcenan, ho showed less balk
and weight; hut there was scarcely less dc
vclopmenfof those qualities which make up
real fighting strength.
There was a great nproar round the ring,
and men with foreheads villainously low
came trampling past with bundles of notes
in their hands, shouting again that they were
ready with £2O to £7 on Hcenan; bat they
found hut few takers, for the American was
already considered the winner beyond all
chance of accident.
Amid these cries of betters, the efforts of
outsiders trying to get a place in front, some
calling out that the police wore coming,
some that the light was sold and would not
come off at all, Hecnan and King, each with
his two seconds, crossed the ring and shook
hands, ‘With the seconds it was a mere for
mality, hut noise with the principals. They
at least seemed to shake hands cordially, and
spoke orseemed to speakforau instant, then
each drew back.
The fight then began, not as most people
see a fight—a mere rough and tumble street
scramble, in which there is more noise than
hurt, more danger from the pavement than
the worst the combatants can do—but a
quiet, good humored, deadly scientific fight,
where iho men looked long at each other,
and then advanced slowly nearer, with the
right arm held close across the body, the left
just raised now and then as if tb fcc*l the wav.
Both stood easily, shiftin': their ground arid
warily watching the other, lightly poised
upon their lees, ready to spring in upon the
least opening or drawback from danger. Now
and then there was a rapid feint, a quick
glancing of the arms as the body was threat
ened, and the stop was there, and then both
smiled broadly, as if they understood each
other better, and again changcdground, keep
ing still near enough to hit H a chance should
ofier; bat by no means so near as to throw a
chance away. It was really a wonderful
sight, this fencing match with hands, both
men so cool and so good tempered, while all
around the ring echoed with advice, taunts
or invective.
In spite of all his seconds could do—in
spite of all the loud entreaties of his friends,
King suffered himself to be outmancuverea
by the American, and left his comer, facin'*
round on Hcenan. with the glare of the level
morning sun follin his eyes. It was a dread
ful disadvantage, of which Heenan seemed
inclined to make the most; but there was a
danger in the quick eye and long, formida
ble arm of King, who strode out now and
then as his antagonist came near, and warned
him back in a way that Hcenan. all-powerful
and clever as he was, did not dare to disre
gard. “Coin; he’ll stand it!” “Finish it
with a blow!” was cried from Hccnan’s cor
ner, and in another second, like a Hash, blows
were offered; there was a slight close, and
Hcenan stood upright in the ring with his
antagonist’s head hold in a grasp Uke that of
a vice beneath his arm.
From every side came cries to King to
“Get him down!” to Hcenan to “Hold fast
and 101 lon him!” Yet still, as If in igno
rance of the tremendous advantage* he now
possessed over his opponent, the American
stood upright, never attempting to return
the fearful blows with which King was visit
ing his chest and back. Just in the same
way did Hcenan catch Sayers at Farnborough,
and, to use a very homely but expressive
phrase, he, after having caught his fish,
seemed at a loss to know what to do with
him. Had the American thrown himself
down, with his antagonist’s head under him,
he conld certainly hare stunned King, most
probably have broken his neck; but, as it
was, he suffered his advantage to escape,
and merely stood up, grim and stark, hug
ging King with a choking grasp, while lus
whole chest and back seemed to spot with
red bolls under the sharp, quick, close blows
of the Englishman. Another minute and
they were struggling upright for the fall with
their great powerful forms interlocked, and
swaying to and fro like a huge, uncouth ma
chine, stamping heavily from side to side.
A greet shout, and they came with a smash to
the ground, King under, heavily. In an In
stant the seconds arc by their sides, and they
ore borne rapidly to their corners, swathed
in heavy cloths, their faces dabbed with
sponges, and their qniverinsr lins moistened
from flasks of water. McDonald Is fortu
nately one ofHecnan’s seconds, and Sayers
is unfortunately the other, for the champion
pugilist Is at sea in this mild office, and is
about the worst second that ever crossed the
ropes, lifting his man by the hair, or ear. or
nose, or wherever he first catches hold of
him. Nor are King’s seconds (one at least)
much better, for a heavy man, named Tyler
by his injudicious meddling, vexes and ha
rasses his principal in every way.
Both are quick op to the call of “Time,”
which is not punctually* adhered to on either
side, and the half-minute rale is broken
through; for both men are strong and fresh,
and there is no need of hurrying them.
Hecnan is first in the centre, and at once
rushes on his antagonist; and there are what
are called “ exchanges” in the parlance of the
ring—that is to say, both men hit each other
slightly, all the profit in this most unpleasant
species of barter being on the side of the
American, till they close, when Kin'*- Is
thrown In a heap on the grass. Almost be
fore the time allotted is run out, both arc at
it again, the American forcing the fightin"
and giving King again a fearful fall. The
blows arc nothing in the rounds as yet* it
seems all wrestling, in which, though failin''
under, King does not appear to suffer monT
than his quick assailant. ’Yet somehow King
is thought to be losing, and sundry flat-nosea
men, whom no one would think of trusting
out of handcuffs, swagger about, and loudly
offer one hundred to five on the American
In truth, it looks ill for the Englishman. His
eye is clear and bright, but there Is a suspi
cions tenderness about, one of his seconds
which makes the lookers-on more thnn timid
of his chances ag-inst the great athlete, who
stalks forth first at every call of “ time,” hla
white, delicate skin all bruised, and marred
hut with the huge muscles crecplngand seem
ing to overflow his limbs with eveiy move
ment. Again they meet, and hand over hand:
lie American forces the fighting, though his
blows appear to leek mischief, but not so his
wrestling, for, for the fourth time, he throws
King so heavily that the spectators—the very
men who come to see the fight which they
hoped would he fought out to the verge of
death—arc silent and look alarmed, as Kin«*
goes down with a heavy, dull sound, like a
huge rock, and lies like a corpse on the
trampled grass. King is carried to his
comer, and at once leans hack, his
heed resting against the stake, his
minds outstretched dong the ropes
on either side, and he breathes heav
ily, while men come into the ring and
tan him, and cold water is poured upon his
hands and chest and face; yet still they bare
ly restore him to sufficient consciousness to
enable him to wdk forth to where the Amer
ican is waiting for him. He spare for a time,
and so they shift from King’s comer to Hoe
nan’s for a few minutes, both to a certain ex
tent distressed, for both act on the defensive.
Tims fencing about, still good tempered—
better tempered far than those around the
ring, who, with all the dreadful taint of the
first murderer in their veins, call out for clos
er fightiug and more blood—the men con
front each other, King with his face olways
toward the sun, his forehead contracted to a
deep frown to dim the light which dazzles
him. Here King moves In, and with all the
might of his great strength hits the Ameri
can full In the month a dreadful blow, which
sounds throuch the ring like a loud snlosh.
The blood flies from Heenan’s mouth, and
there is a great shout as he stands dazed and
off Lis guard, swaying round and round, his
knees trembling and bis feet only
turf, while his whole body reels like a teeto
tum that is about to fall. King, still with
knitted brows—for the sun is stfll in his eyes
—looks at him distrustfully, and there are
cries for him to “go in and win,” but ho lets
his chance escape, though another blow at
that moment, as Hecnan then stood helpless,
would have ended the strangle. Great cries
and cheers and shouts followed this dreadful
blow. Keenan seems stung beyond himself,
ai»d, only waiting (111 he could‘draw himself
together, he rushed at King, and in a hairy
struggle for the fall King was again under*
irost, though Keenan struck his nead dread-
bavege, apparently, but always grimly
smiling, light, quick and dreadful with his
left, the American egain came forth, meet
ing King. Both hit out wildly, but did noth
ing. Tho pace was getting fearful now, and
the men seemed distressed; yet still both
came forth, and King hit Hccnan so unmer
cifully about the eyes that the latter tlosed
at once and again flung the Englishman heav
ily and fiat upon bis loins, so that for a few
Sayers was with him, and kept with him;
but better advice wa§ needed than any pugi
list ought to be called upon to give, lor
Hecnan, though not nearly sonmehpunished
as when he fought at Famborough, was evi
dently much more injured.
He was pulseless at the wrists, and oven
over the heart the palpitation was fluttering,
faint and low. Yet he had not fainted.
It was the insensibility of exhaustion, the
sheer want of vitality, though almost tlu he
collapsed so suddenly, he was supposed to bo
the winner. One man was trying to heave
op his immense inanimate form, while an
other stripped the wet drawers, stained deep
with his own blood, from the limbs of tbo
stunned athlete. There was a dreadful sig
nificance in the nay in which ho was hauled
about limb by limb, as warmer clothes were
dragged over his unconscious form, like
dressinga corpse. Yet no one seemed to mind
much, for all were crowding round the victor,
who, with very little signs of punishment
about his face, came gaily up in the train to
Heenan was left with his seconds on the
field he had fought to win. No one seemed
to think much of him—ho was a beaten man,
and among pugilists there is no mercy for the
defeated. Fair or foul, there Is as yet only
one morality with them —success.
Still there are men olive who think they
can revive the prize ring. It would be as easy
to restore the sport of the arena.
A Heroic Soldier*
The Cairo jVrww has had related to it some
particulars of an affair which took place in
the south part of Williamson county, which
certainly borders upon the marvelous, and, if
true, has few parallels in history. The wife
of an officer in the army recently received
from her husband a package' of money con
taining S7CO, a portion of which belonged to
the families of soldiers living in the vicinity.
Early last week a soldier, lame and sick,
stepped at the lady’* house and asked per
mission to remain all night She refused
him, but he said he was too lame and tired
to proceed any farther, and, therefore must
stay. The lady finally consented, and upon
going to bed she. took the precau
tion to fasten the door of his
room. During the night the family were
aroused by a violent knocking accompan
ied witli orders to open the door. The lady
refused, and asked what was wanted. Some
one on the outside of the house answered
that if she did not want to get hart she had
better open the door, or they would break it
down; she had a lot of money., and they were
bound to bare it As might be expected, she
was greatly terrified at these threats, and
opening the door of tho soldier’s room, beg
ged him to protect her. In a voice loud
enough to be beard by the ruffians outside be
exclaimed, “I am unarmed, but if I had a pis
tol I would fix the villains I” Telling tho
lady to bring him the money and not to be
alarmed, but to secrete horielf and children,
he recapped his revolver and made
ready to receive tho attack. Tire mon
ey was given into his keeping, and
scarcely had she time to seek a place
of safely, when the door was burst from its
hinges cud ten men, disguised os negroes,
entered. Not finding the object ot tbeir
search In the outer room, they rushed into
the one occupied by the soldier, who, sitting
up in bed, fired five shots in rapid succes
sion, with such deadly effect that three of the
would-be murderers were killed and a fourth
severely wounded. This unexpected opposi
tion frightened the remainder of the scoun
drels, who retreated in dismay. Great ex
citement was caused in the neighborhood by
the affray, and the next morning a large
crowd assembled to investigate the trans
action and examine the wounded man, who
had been taken prisoner. Upon washing the
blacking from tbo faces of the dead men,
they were recognized as some of the lady’s
nearest neighbors, and one of them was her
own brother-in-law. Tho heroic soldier be
came the lion of the day, and the lady insisted
upon his receiving a share ot the seven hun
dred dollars as a reward for his bravery, but
this he persistently refused; saying he waa
already well cared for, and in defending the
family of tho lady who had sheltered auq. fed
him, he was but doing his duty.
Farther Answers of tlic Sovereigns,
TLo following letter has been addressed to
the Emperor' Napoleon by the King of the
Belgians, iii reply to. the .Congress proposi
tion ;
Mt Beoteeb : I hare* received the letter
which has been handed to me on the part'of
J°£r Imperial Majesty by Baron de MaUret
and I cannot but applaud, the sentiments
which dictate it to you. It would bo very
aesinddo to see the subjects of anxiety which
exist in Europe dispelled by the effect of a
pacific agreement, and without wishing at
this moment to prejudice the means wSich
pight be egreed upon with the various States
interested m order to attain without distur
bance such a noble object, I have much
pleasure; in -your Imperial Majesty
that my, government,would.be quite ready to
assist as.torasit was.able. With-regard to :
that which personally concerns me, it would
genuine, satisfaction' that I should
£ rout in the case indicated by .your -Imperial
lajesty by the cordial offer, you have ad
dressed to me. I* seize this occasion to re
new to you the assurances of the high esteem
and the inviolable friendship wiui which I
Imperial. Majesty’s
good brother. * Leopold? •
Chateau op Laekex, Nov. 20, 1803.
The following letter has been addressed to
the Emperor Napoleon by the King of Italy. •
in reply to the Congress proposition:
Mr Bbotueb :-rrThb letter which your Im
penal Mqjesty has addressed to mcis inspired
with a grand and generous thought; to which
those who understand the tendencies of our
epoch will associate themselves.
* A permanent' struggle has established itself
in a great port of Europe between the pub
lic conscience and the state of things created
by the treaties of 1815. Hence mi anxiety
which will .only increase until European
order is. constituted upon the basis of. the
principles of nationality and liberty, which
arc tlic very life of modem peoples.
Before a situation so threatening to the
progress of civilization and tlurpcace of the
world, yorir Imperial Majesty , has become
the interpreter of a general sentiment by
proposing to convoke a congress, the object
of which would be to effect a durable under
standing between the rights of thesovereigns
end the jnst espirations of the people,
r I adhere with pleasure to vonr Imperial
Majesty’s proposition. My assistance and
that ct my people are assured to the realiza
tion of this project, which would mark a
great progress in the history of humanity.
Directly the meeting of the International
Conference occurs, I shall hasten to take
part in it, either in person or by deputy.
* Italy will bring to the Congress the most
sincere spirit of equity and moderation. She
Is convinced that justice and the respect of
legitimate rights are tlic true foundations
upon which to establish a new European
My most ardent desire is that the work of
wisdom and of concord which your Imperial
Majesty has taken the initiative in may suc
ceed in removing the dangers of war and in
strengthening the bonds which ought to ex
ist between nations.
I seize this occasion to renew to you the
aesurcnciß of inviolable friendship and bM»
consideration with which I am, my brother,
your Imperial Majesty’s good brother,
Tuhik, November 23. • - ‘
The following is a summary of the letter of
the Emperor of Austria in rcjdy to Napoleon
lIL, dated Nov. 15:
The Emperor acknowledges the important
object Bof the Congress for the settlement of
the political questions at present pending,
and the security of tho future, but wishes,
before taking part therein, to learn with some
accumey the bases and programme of the de
liberations of the Congress. Should tho ques
tions to bo discussed be indicated beforehand,
and the Powers agree upon the tendency of
the deliberations of the Congress, unforsccn
accidents which might overthrow everythin o,
would bo less to bo feared. Tho dangerous
and resolvable problems which would create
lush, instead of removing existing, compli
cations would then be set aside.-
This idea is more fallr explained in a dis
patch of Count Rcchberg to Prince Mettcr
mch of the same date as the Enip2ror*s let
ter. It says: It is not sufficient to put for
ward a programme of a negative character os
the basis ol such important discussions. The
Austrian Government wishes to know how
the declaration of tho Emperor Napoleon
relative to the treaties of 1815, is to bo under
stood. These treaties have been partially
modillcd; but, bo far as they have not been
altered, they are considered as the founda
tion of public right in Europe. Some im
irorcments are necessary. Let the French
iovtrnmcut point out those it considers de
sirable. Certain remedies might be more
dangerous than tho evils themselves. The
programme of the Congress must fulfill all
the conditions for the maintenance of peace,
which is the principal object to be attained.
The reply of the King of the Netherlands
is as follows:
Monsieur raon Frere: Theconrteous and
cordial letter which your Majesty has ad
dressed to me, under tho date of the 4th of
November,has for its object to unite tho Pow
ers of Europe in a Conference to advise mea
sures to settle tbe afiairs of Europe on a
peaceful foundation. I respond to the gen
erous idea of your Majesty, and am willing to
join all the other Sovereigns of Europe lu
realizing the noble object your Majesty has
In view.
“ I take advantage of this opportunity to
renew the assurances of the high esteem and
inviolable friendship with which I remain,
u Monsieur monlfere of your Majesty, Le
(sir) bon frere, • S“Willusl”
The Hague, Nov. 29 ”
The King of Prussia declares himself ready
to participate in a Congress, the object of
which would be to effect the modifications
which might be considered necessary in the
treaties of 1815, which, however, none the
less continue to form the foundation upon
which the political edifice of Europe at the
present rests. The Ministers of the various
countries should prepare the propositions
which would be submitted to tbc Congress
. The Pope, in his reply, concurs in the pro
ject of a Congress, and will use his endeav
ors in order that the principle of justice, un
recognized and trampled under foot, may be
re-established and violated, rights vindicated.
The Pope also states that he should especial
ly demand the re-establishment In Catholic
countries of the real pre-eminence naturally
appertaining to the Catholic religion os being
the only true faith.
For tlie Presidency.
Tlio Springfield, Mo., Journal of the 22d
lest., says:
We this -week place the name of Abraham
Lincoln at the head of our columns for the
nest Presidency. Mr. Lincoln may have said
and done things which we have not folly ap
proval, yet woTjelievo him honest, natriotic
and devoted to the best interests of the
"country, possessing more ability than any
other maiTto successfnllv manage the Ship
of State under present circumstances, We
shall therefore keep his name before our
readers until wo ere convinced he is not the
choice of the Radical Union men of the Na
We also hoist the name of Andrew Johnson
for the Vice-Presidency. His unyielding ad
herence to his country In the midst of trai
tors, entitles him to the confidence of all
loyal men everywhere.
Mrs. Lincoln was at the Capitol on Tues
day morning, dressed in a black silk dress
with sweeping skirts and handsome furs.
Senator Sumner and other Congressional gen
tlemen paid their respects to her in the mar
ble room of the north extension,
—Solitair confinement of prisoners has
been abandoned in the State Prison of Mich
igan, on account of the evil consequences at
tendant upon the punishment; most of those
so confined quickly becoming hopelessly in
—ln the space of one year three members
of one fiimily, who a year ago must have had
tut indefinite dreams of empire, have now
attained tho highest rank to which It was
possible for them to aspire. The father sits
upon the throne of Denmark, the eldest
daughter is heiress presumptive to the throne
of England, and the youngest son is Kin" of
—A wreath Is exhibited at a fair in Glouces
ter, this Christmas week, that is composed
of the hair of one hundred different residents
of that town, none of whom is under seventy
years of age, while ten of them are over nine
ty, and one is a centenarian. The ladvwho
made it is fifty-nine, and has been four years
about it.
—The Bangor papers state that one church
in that city has recently paid off a debt of
§10,000; another has canceled one of §7,000,
and a third has some §B,OOO subscribed to
ward liquidating a debt of §IO,OOO.
—On the sth of September, 1753, the first
play performed in America by a regular com
pany of comedians, was presented at Wil
llnmebmg, then the capital of Virginia. Tho
piece was the Merchant of Venice, and tho af
terpiece, Lethe, written by Garrick.
—The O. S. Presbyterians of California, at
theft last Synod, gave a deliverance on the
subject of dancing, in which they maintain
“that no member of our Church can, in any
way, encourage promiscuous dancing without
compromising his Christian character, and
violating most sacred and solemn obliga
* —John Clebbon Brolne, who seems to have
acted under, the instructions of the captain
of a rebel privateer, in his barbarous seizure
of the steamer Chesapeake, seems to be cu
riously identified with John C. Brain, the
British subject confined in Fort Warren about
a year ago, upon the charge of being an offi
cer in the Confederate service, and famishing
aims to the rebels.
—T. D’Arcy McGee, In the conrse of a lec
ture at Peterborough, in Canada West, warn
ed his countrymen against the Fenian Broth
erhood, as an organization recently formed
to excite rebellion in Ireland.
—The Montreal TFftness says that one house
in that city had on board the Chesapeake 113
hogsheads of sugar, and another 100 casks of
wine, A Quebec firm lose 10 hogsheads of
—A couple announce In tbo Providence But
theft marriage, and add to tho notice—“No
cards—nor any money to get them with.”
—The Southern Confederacy is not satisfied
with the Bible “as it is.” A-commissloo,
with Bishop General Polk at the head, has
been appointed by the Episcopal Conned to
revise and get up a version to suit rebeldom
and riavciy.
—The Montank nation of Indians, once one
of the most powerful In America, has dwin
dled down to five persons. Their monarch,
or the monarch of four of then, Sylvester
Pkaro, keeps no standing army, the smallness
of his revenue obliging him to dispense with
that kingly luxury.
ESP The' Lincoln (Logan county) Herdd
runs up Uie name of Got. Tates as the Un
conditional Union candidate for Übited States
Senator in 180$.
TSTW book: by hiss brad-
The Secret of the Heath.
w ,£Ht!?? rof Secret,** “JohuUsrch.
meet’s legacy,** 4 * Aurora Floyd/* 44 Lady lisle/* etc 4
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09 OD the margin correct Plats of the
a valuable Geological Diagram of
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, HU General Western Agents, to
rbe addressed. JelO-gg-lywraM
Sold toy LORD & S
Leke street, Chicago,
whom all orders may
p IT K S.
MM, Sable, Ermine, &«.,
J. A. SR3STH & CO.. -
Gent’s and Boys’
J. A. SMITH & CO,, 118 Lake St.
SSostctfcr’s 33ittm>.
..Price 50 cents
..Met 50 cents
..Price 10 cenU
• Brave »UeUmates,
1 Recruit exhausted nature.
r-;,,:. The aged and decrepld,
i. Should nil be provided
It Is of infinite importance to the public to know that
Prevent, relieve and euro the complaints most preva
lent In this climate during the
Tbcirprevcntiveoperatlonisslmple. Actingdlrect
-17 upon the stomach, and through the stomach upon
the liver, the bowels, the circulation, and the nervous
system,they Impart to the wholo organization a degree
of vigor and elasticity which enables us to resist the
unhealthy atmospheric Influences, by which so many
distressing maladies arc produced and prolonged. The
great predisposing cause of sickness Is Cossrzrtr
-71 os'An and Pbtszcali Debujtt. Disease, Uko a
coward, generally assails the feeble, and turns nuidp
from the strong. And this Is especially true of the
forms of disease which prevail at the breaking up ol
Winter. The first warm days of the Spring sun seem
to lbr.w out from the frozen earth tho elements of In
numerable ailments. The miasma which tho frost
had hcrmctlcsjly sealed up, Is let loose In clouds of
vaper, and Fever and Ague, Bilious Remittent Fevers
Indlgcstlon,Livcr Complaint, Dlpthcrta, Rheumatism,
Blhocs Colic, Asthma, Coughs, Colds, Physical and
Mental Depression, and a low and feeble condition of
all tbe vital functions, arc among the most common
consequences of the great Spring thaw which fills the
air with unwholesome damps. Fostztt 127 advasos
against these prostrating end destructive agencies,
lEOS-riATE tho system, as It werg, by resorting to a
tonic andalterntlvc, which win bring every organ
and fibre of tho frame into tbe best possible state for
resisting tbe flying arrows of disease, which the fogs
and winds of March, April and May bear upon their
mephitic wings. Remember that HOSTETTER’3
STOMA CnBI'iTERS arollkeastrong garrison thrown
Into a fort before the approach ol the enemy. Tost
of all VAT-Aprea that arise from sudden changes of
temperature, Impure air, privation, exposure, exces
sive labor, and malarious exhalation. Hence they are
And no military hospital ought to be without a suffi
cient supply, both for preventive and remedial pur
poses. Happily the attention of the
Has been directed to tho subject, and the proprietors
of Hosttitsk’s Brrraia congratulate the troops now
In arms for tho Union on the probability that tbe
Adpltssatsd Costcact SrmtiLAjrrs, at present
uEcdJaa medicines by the army Surgeons, will soon be
superseded by tho purest and best Tonic, Alterative
' and Znvigorant that has ever been presented to tha
Faculty In this or any other country. Since tho war
-commenced considerable quantities of the preparation
have been forwarded from time to time to field and
line officere, both in the Western and Eastern armies,
for their own personal use; and letters from some of
the most eminent military men In the service attest
the extraordinary virtues of the Bitters as a m<»nn« of
sustaining strength and promoting health In the midst
of hardship and exposure, end also as a safe stimulant
for the wounded. As private citizens, many of the
officers of volunteers had proved the bygelan proper
ties of the article, and,therefore, wisely resorted to It
as a protective and a remedy, where their health U
necessarily In greater peril than It would be In civil
Dyspepsia Is never so general or so distressing as at
this season. Tbe appetite Is keener, and Lj Indulged
to a greater extent In tbe Winter than at any other
time of the year, and tbe consequence Is that the func
tions of the stomach, bowels and Uvcr, are oyer-taxed
during the cold weather, and are often In a relaxed
and partially torpid condition when Spring arrives.
NOW, therefore, this la a time to brace up the diges
tive and secretive organs for tho Sommer campaign
with nosTxrxxu’s Bxttzbs. To neglect this precau
tion under such circumstances, is to invite Cnsavza
Inniarsnos, the most melancholy and du>>»nrt*wi"g
of an complaints.
As a KxisDT, as well os a Preventive, thia celebrat
ed medical cordial ranks among the "vyrt potent
preparations of theage. It breaks up Intermittent and
remittent fevers promptly and without dfibiUtatlugtba
patient*and Is equally efficacious in disorders of the
liver and the bowels. For all complaints of the stom
ach, It. ,1a as nearly Infallible as anything of human
rigto, can bo expected to be; and in oases of general
weakness. It la literally a Vmr.Ta wo, Etrynu Con
valescents will And it tbe safest and best Invlgorant
aad Restorative ever administered to exhaustive ha
inanity. It Is guaranteed to bn absolutely free from
aQ the corrosive elements which enter Into tho com
position of ordinary diffusive stimulants, and Itaeflfect
upon tbe nervous system la. wonderfully soothing and
who wish to Insure their health tor tbe
Summer, ase Hossrma's Stomaca Btrtun* as a
Spring Medicine.
And sold by all Druggists and Family Grocers,
gy New York Office, 433 Broadway,
Stomach Bitters.
Strengthen the Stomach,
Invigorate the nerves,
Eegnlatc the bowels.
Regenerate the liver, -
‘lmprove the appetite.
.> . ’Animate the spirits.
. T?qnaHy» the rlrenlnHnn,
i Tone the whole system.
And (has prolong life.
■ Hostettor's Bitters.
_ ..i.-Defytmwholesomeair.
QnallQr Impure .water.
Coord against damp,
Prevent malarious favors,
Anticipate Indigestion,
. Baffle favor and ague,
8 os tala body and mind,
Hoststter’s Bitten.
Enfeebled dyspeptics.
ToE-wcarled operatives.
Soldi ora in the hospital,
Pale, caro-worn citizens.
Scttlore la new lands,
Travelers and explorers.
*'Victims of sea sickness,
- Hostetter’s Bitters.
. Harmless as a Stimulant,
■ Powerful ns a Tonic,
Quick os a Corrective,
Safe as an Alterative,
MHd ns a Laxative,
Sure aa a Restorative,
Good as an Appetizer.
Pleasant os a Cordial—
Life has no safeguard
LxwxstojT, Pa, Aug. 23th. ifflL.
B T HnansoLD. Bag.;
lam happy to Inform yon that after the use of your
Medicine, a cute Urbeen effected. and I candidly be
lieve laf cnld have beeo In my nave had it not nmn
foils. Your Obedient sorvanc, Deoa
Ren. BIGLER, Ex-Governor Pennsylvania
. 1 on. raC3 . lVaiUa “
Hen. J.C.KKOX. Attorney-General. Elarrlsbimr p.
k Hcn. J. S. BLAck. TJ. s/A.WlM^GeiSil^S:
Ron. D. R. PORTER, Ex-Governor Pv
Hon. R- C GKIRK, Jucce U. ti.Court
Hon. JOBS BIGLER, Ex-Governor
Of the whole number treated. as shows by oar certi
ficate!, 8,720 were treaten for of ttie BWider.
Klouey*. Gravel ard Dropsical Swellings. Tbe aver*
aye amount of medicine consumed. as d«jt certificates,
was seven bottles• the a»eracu <Ain of suffering one
year and one'month. Of :Mj j-omVr. 230 wer-i fe
male*. 327 children, and the balance males
10421 were treated from cUeases arming from e»o-*-
ses. Habits ofDissipation, toatlful Imprudence »’tea
tea with various symptoms. amoug which will .*»
found—lnclHpcriilon to extrtlon, weak nerves. olni
-1ie*?.9.t,,1810D t ol E l * <weßU -P | ti , li countenance, great
mobility, resiles* ness, horror of society no earns-tn-*a
oftr-anner. There snnptoms, If allow*! to continue.
would undoubtedly resu t In epileptic Bt3, Lnsoary or
consumption How many tconaanor* of toe yonag havtr
aieo of these causes. Visit our almsionses, hospital-*
ana prisons, and see the ralße*y thf*v produce. OotoC
the»e 10.121 there were sJ<2l males, 3,750 fannies Tha
mx of tbe remaining noinber was act stated la ie ten.
The averaae term of stiff-ring wca itj years* avenja
»?* ?1 veara; average amount of meoHne cor.vjmed.
10K oottles. In respect to ailment) peculiar to women
la decline :rcl an.’eofllfe, ru win be f* nod invalua
ble Kontmnyshooldhew{*hontlt
„VOO were trea ed for Scrofula. 9a’t Rhenm. ScaLZ
Head, ulceration of the Tt-ro»;an t Lees, Palis and
Swellings of the Bones. Tetter, Pimples on the face,
and an scaly eruptions of thfstUn. im ~*
8,971 were treated for diseases of the blood aristas
mom natltfcof rDsjjvitiGu. Of this cu *berߣi7 w«r«
treated lor syphilis, 9M for humors In tte bloo *, L 333
for diseases of a secret r am**. in a 1 their »tact*j la
this class ol complaints ratlentsro not readily vo co
tter certificates, which account* lor tae scull number
received, 01 this comber J. 219 were males, and 21209
remaps; overage age 28 years and 2 months:
sent or suffering 3 months: average amount cossumaA
9 pottles
The above statistics are taken from a diary kept sx
pwsly forthep’ircose.aid with great care.
Tte proprietor,! n nuking this statement, hop*-* tbafr
Ms motive may be appreciated. A feeU'gthauntlra
raocortsdneioallbas prompted Mm'oooeo loos
well aware tha* mauj persons cot alder five op tea
dollars expense* In a*y kind of medicine Itph ieoe
flt of their realth a wa.«te ofmonov.and yottherwMimn
Pfraora will eapen 1 hoci'nwa of dollars-la dr*-** «nj
Clstljaucii.andtmnknothlngof It. Bach forget
Let us look at the matter for a moment - There are
astringent*, purgatives, narcotics, poisons,dlureti *.
blood purifiers, *c. There Is no contradicting the few
lowing fecta;
A poison for one la a poison tor all:
A narcotic for one 13 a narcotic for all;
A diuretic for oue Is a diuretic for all. ■
A purgative for ot e Is a purgative for all.
A blood purifier for one Isa blood purifier faraD.
with thh* clnererre only, that some constitutions re
quire more than others
The Extract Sarsaparilla -11 answer In all eases. •"«*
will accomplish a* much as any other purifier. Twin
gladly p»y |S,OOO for a better article.
Sly Extract Bncau is a Dlurftlc
arecmplkMng as much as any other. I will eUoiv o»
gs/cofer abetter article. Both arevegetablaprepara
tlocs, pleasant In taste and odor, and safe. and ore
taken by men, women an t children. R*pHnt dlrao
lions accompany she xce-ldne
To tbe suffering 1 woo-d say. In eonclnMoo, that I
have had much in contend with, tbe objects being
chiefly of this description. The expense la preparing
mv articles Is such that 1 could not affordto commis
sion them as patent medicine mamuhetorers Co, oat
have bees cotupt-ited to senior cash.
Consequently, I h«vn lost much by unprincipled
dealers endeavoring to dispose of tbelr own or oner
articles on the reputation of mine. The meric of nr
preparations has, however, QtUetlv pushed them Vito
favor: bat yoa sflii need to exercise care to obtain my
true preparations.
Aik lor HELMBOLDB Preparations:
Takenootber. Tbe patronage of tbe pnbllc Is par
ticularly solicited by
Tour obeflent servant.
Ilehnbold’a Drug and Chemical 'Warehouse,
Helmbold’a Drug and Chemical Warehouse
Helmbold’a Drug and Chemical Warehouse,
104 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia,
104 Soith Tenth Street, Philadelphia,
104 Sonth Tenth Stream Philadelphia*
Wholesale Draggiou* 33 Lake Street,
And by *a Prussia® erwrwtorc, noILJK
Hairact Hurfiu.
' 1 to the public. : •• ■ 1
' - . . TO TUB PUBLIC. . ; O
-TO m-pUBUC. - v
. : TO THE PUBLIC. !" ;
TO THE PUBLIC. ‘ - • *
In ibe year I£W, the -writer oftW* article embarks*
to tb« drug bnflTieM la the city of Phlladelphls, when,
he hes cecoeaeM;e<i oov over sixteen yean la taw
Pharmaceutical preparations of varf- ;
JHV'.SPv I P I, ° BB - But for ’He last ten jean moat < r
®5 la the maaolhctare of us '
various icllsanc Cala extracts.
Most proair «st among those to wMchha daalreato
S5% 4 !5 epa ; , . Icnlftr * t,cct * on of tR « tacaity, dnetwt
ae . u U? w y Concentrated Flmu Sx- , ;
S«rep2lUn* MU ’ Concentrated Fluid Extract
Both of :te«e ate prepare* on purely scientific ona>
rUle* Oivvacno>,ancj embody the mil strength of ti« ;
variouslajneoleat* entering loto th-Hr composition.
.Thr>- meoldaea require cotultersMo care lathe ore- ’
paratlon, osdtne empoymeat cf dldterent mcnstru*'-
lo enrrp'sive operations to take up the exuaetlva >
tta tere ano In consequence are most frequently lm-*
rioperlv made, and notnnfteinentlv much Impaired,.'-i
• « MLFTV**®* totally Icert, by the loJaaicfoaTant
ursfelidol management of those nnacoualnted with "
■pharmaceutical preparations.
• • M? Extract Busin nocn Inspection, win be found
to he of tneocor.coloramt taste of tte plant of toms
name, anc not a cars. glutinous preparation. A
rtacy ace conclnalve test wfll be a comparison ofita
those set fbrth la the united States
TneEx tract Sarsaparilla is ftrropertor to arty pro
pamUon that has over come to my notice as a Blood
purllt mg scent AtaMeapoonfal of the Extract Sar.
raporllla added to a pint of water U fully equal to the
celeprateuLlahoal'ln Drink, so much naed by ra
in-Mea ana delicale constitutions of both sexes sal
all ages.
One bottle Is IWly equal In strensth to one gallon of
the syrup or oecoctlon as usually made, ani ban wot*
of dxaeclsts throughout the country have adontea It
laxnaaingtbeiMyrnpeof this name. v
I desire la this conn* ctlon to make a plain statement
of tacts, being promptly to do so—
Flr»t—Bj a consideration of thewelfare of suffering
humanity. - - .
Second—Because I do not wish my articles classified
os nostrums or pat* at medicines, many of which are
made ny persons too Ignorant to read a physician's
gimplen prescription, much less to manufacture nhar
skM«aucai preparations... . - 1
Thews persote advmise. This lam compelled to do
to*rtocsurname before the public, eonsclondonrlr
believing that I have the most valuable article ?**
were, ever advertised. They bare been advertent
over tec yews, eomijenclcs Us a small wav, and nave
pot only gnsthioed their reputation, bet tfielr noou
lari ty naa extended to all parts ot the Halted State*
BOdHteely throughout lorelgn countries.
As before remarked I. In common with the maeiti
(acturer? of parent mcdlrinw, Aovert'se my m-dletoea.
But bow abort Lveo cave been tee thoaian-s of tco*s
arUd**. Ana vet there are many persons who will
continue to thiak that merit In the article is notto
sential to success.
My course in many particular* has been quite differ,
cut from that of any others. With over atom a SSL
cite • certificates ami recommendatory letter* from all
sections, many of which are from t&e highest sources,
incluciog eminent physician*, rlorzytnea,- statesmen
Ac . I have not been in the habit of resor ting to tnelr
publication in the newspapers. I do not do this far
.the reason that, as my utricles rank as standard tome
cios.theyco net nee-; to be propped ni> by certificates.
I may, how ever, without t-o macn deviation from mr
present here a specimen—one selected by ehanr*
from the hi tot number at r and Ileal tne following
certificate of a cure cf over taentyycara’standing*
Imm, I-a, Jaa. Htb, 13SI.
n T ITipiCOtt)
‘'“■Men with «a affection
er ana Moneys for over twenty yeara I
aa d at last concluded to
F l };® Preparation a trial, as 1 hat heard
It so hikhlr spoken of I have nsei three bottles, and
m »*? nUef It* effects ana feel
mnch better than I have for twenty yean previous
,ts virtues aon curative
°? u “jpy power to make tt known
this may prove advantageous
i£7fS.}- you to latroiace the meoidoo, 1
am trulyyoan. if,C. MoCO&MICKI
That good health
Is true wa*Ua.
694 Broadway, Haw York,
694 Broadway, Hew York,
694 Broadway, Hew Yuikl

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