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Jegcrfal Koticcs,
Holloway’** Pills and Ointment.
Thk ermtsiitai or WouzN.-Cjorrtß iiftM
Swan*. Nothing Is more prevalent then tht« terri
ble atiUclioucf women. or Ices undc«tood (has its
nature and treatment—nntU a few ▼rare back the
kntle «nd cautery were the only remr&y. bat how few
rnrrlred the barbarous and inhuman operation, til
other menus were repudiated. *° ftnborn Is error—
-whet the benign and rationatuiacoreryol Holloway s
Ointment beamed on the world, the news on “the
• tnrs of light," and IfoUowayV establishment whs
Okiiv bciicgeu by niTriads or agonized martyrs to
stnncor, who were aticceMfolir treated and returned
v« their homep rejoicing. Wcnow confidently-wert,
*hm concur, whatever ftr origin has been, can be suc
cef-Mrllveradicnted bv» course of Holloway’s l*ll!s
Oin'tn.cm. 1 his lo the actual testimony of thou*
*aud» already cnrvd by then.
£nman Frr.ilTr, or Physiologi
cal HcscarclicK,
Should he read hr everybody. It treats on, and
ehnwanow, the evilreralts arising from earn abuse
ai*d unhappy contamination raay be subverted, with
n mre method of dispelling the misgivings many ex
perience in entering the marriage state. Fold bv Dr.
Ji. A. HaEEoW, 19l Bleccter street, New York.
Price SR cents. Mailed free ererrwhero.
To !m* bad also of H. 6COVIL, 70 Randolph street,
•Chlpago,Hl. dftJ4-t97-ly-la
Beware of the So-called Dniy
All made of rolpbnr and sugar of lead. The flrat Is
roost dlMprccablo and offenriTe, and the other a rank
pcison, which, although harmless in their operation,
are not lose certain to produce all the evll cffecuof
lead disease. Why use this villainous Bluff, when an
article, ikcrfoctly clean and instantaneous in its ef
fect, and pronounced harmless by; Dr. Chilton, is to be
Sound to .Crlstadcro’a Bair l/ye. When ah other
CMefn] baTC IlJlcd * 14111 alv ®yß proved sue
! 7 J - CKISTADOBO. C A«tor Home,
applied bp ill
dS£&£i! and •»»«>»«. to size.
ThePEDEIGOLOTIO, a mre cure for Itch, nil-
HolalJancc,Ac.,«:c. Baris? NO MERCURY la 1U
composition, it can be used wltlioot any danger.
•Jairantedortio no}. Manufactured by E. T. &W.
£ 'JJP.^AULAND, Lafayette, Ind. For sole by LORD
* SMIID. Agents, Chicago, 111. del6-&3-lm
Ball’s Ccdron Bitters.
Let those who have doubted the virtues of BULL’S
CCDRON BTITEBB, if any such there be, read the
following certificate from geUlamen well kiown in
hhU commui itj.and douP) no more.
Its general Introduction into the arm} will save the
Mvcs of thousands of our soldiers.
Louißviuat, St., June Sd, ISSL
wc, the undersigned, have seen the good effects
Produced by tbe tue o: Dr. JONH BULL’S CEOBON
BITTERS in cases of general debility and prostra
tion of the system, and believe Its general use would
I>i event disease and relieve much suffering. Among
our soldiers particularly wonld this he the cate,
©specially those who are exposed to miasmatic In
fluences In the Southern ellipse.
Collector lot, Rev., 5d DU
CHAvtUr C k ,-ION ’ Collector °* the Fort of LooU
CJOL* Provost Marshal General of Ken
’ C ° r * ® ecretM 7 of Sanitary
; 4 C 0„ Publishers Democrat.
Proprietor LooUrille Anzclger. •
•totGiiDs A PAUKHILL, Wholesale Dry Goods
Main street. Louisville, Ky.
GI.KEN ft C()„ Wholesale Shoe Dealers,
.r,. fitrnct.LonliTllle.
HAST ft MAPOTUEK, Llthographera. cor. Market
*« ! d Third kjreef, LoblivJllc,Ky.
JULIUfe Tj.MEPt, Clothing Merchant, cor. Third
.and Market ft*., l.onlßTllls, Ky,
S -J‘• ini.DHF.rn,of Staamer Anderson,
t : £- T< I*'* P*Xn>«ier U. S. Army.
J“-r>¥* AH - «N£>l o nal Hotel, Lonl*vlUe,Ky.
Ji>sL HAi LKB, tth KcatnckrCivilrr *
Sold In Chicago at wholesale and retail by
. _ H. Sc'OVLL, 78 Randolph street.
<lclfr*C2Wsai 2tCTr wan
Hair DycJ Hair Djcl!
r* to* ffoniD. The oalv Qabsl*?*, True and Belt*
able Dye known. This splendid Hair Dye Is Perfect
—chances Red, Busty or Grey Hair instantly, to a
Glomt Black or Natural Hbown, without Injuring
the Uur or Btalulug the Skin, leaving the HalrSof.
Hnd Bcuutllul; Imparts frwb vitality, frequently res*
toriuc Us pristine color, and rectlfl'-a the ill effects ol
Sad Dye*. The Genuine la signed Wilua* A. BAcn
.zloe, all others arc mere Imitations, and should be
avoided. ti;>ld by all Druggists, ftc. Factory,Bl BaN
g.ay street.New York. Jys-g9SMy.
A Physiological view or War.
Containing nearly 80n napes, and IHflnfc Plates ana
dEugruvtncs of the Anatomy of the bcxnnl Organs in a
rtnt'oi Health and DUcase, with a Treatise on fce.J
*kbo«e, Ita <X-r]oruble consequences upon the Mind
•and Body, wr.fi the Plan of Treatment—the
raly rational and successful mode of cure, as shown
by the report of the cases treated. A truthful advis
er to the married. und those contemplating marriage
*rtir> raunaln doubts of their phvblcul condition.
Bunt free of postage to any address, on receipt of 25
rerun in stamps or postal enrrenry, hy addressing Pr.
LA< KOIX, So. 81 ilolden Lane, Albany. S. T.
tern. Xello Smith, Vosußadcn Sc
Treat ah Chronic Diseases, such as Colds, Congfas.
rori«cc.piion ( Asthma, the Lunge, Heart, fitomach,
Kidneys, binder and the Bowels. Dyspepsia, Diarrhea.
Drpvntvry, Gont, BlicutuatUm,Paralrßls, Hip DUease.
White bwelUnge, and all complaints of women and
children ; Sore Kycsand Ears, Cataract Discharges,
Soaring and buzzing Sounds. Also
Withocl cutting with the knife. A 1 letters mast con*
Cain ten cciite tor a speedy answer. Lrs. TELTO
ISMITU. VON-iiADEN ftBAKEf. Box 60W. Hour
from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Office SI Randolph street,
corner of Dearborn. Chicago llUnoe. fe2s-gs47-ly.
PIIc»: Piles!!
Dr. Wltfield’s Vegetable Pills
Are warranted a certain cure for FISTULA. BLIND
We wonld caution all who are victims to this dis
tressing complaint to avoid the nse of external oppll
cation* ns they reeult only In aggravating the disrate.
Dr. WITFIELD'S remedy removes the cause of tin.
cuseaSß, and effects a pennament cure.
These Pills have been tried for tbe last s' ren years,
and In no instance bare they foiled to cnriv
Price cents per box. Sent br mall to anv address.
J. VODNG, Sole IToprietor,
SSI Broadwnv.N. T.
For Mile by BLISS ft SHARP. 11l Lake street, Chb
rago. 111. ocS-m516-3ro.
Jfot tijc firm;
Ptraon* who hare been enroTlc.l for the coming
•irafi win lie received into the United States Navy
'until Jan. Mb, ISCi,
To Serre for One Tear,
On board the Gunboats of the inriwdppl RlyorSqaad.
ron. 1 hero Is no marching In this service, bat good
cjuarterp on board ship, meals at rcrular boars, sod
but OKK YEAI; to ecrrc. Apply nt U. 6. .Naval Ecn
<lcrrotiF, riillch’b look, corner North Clark end
Korth V atrr-M».,(apFtttirfc.) JOHN P.IIAKIT,
Acting Master u. S. N., Com. K»t. Benderrous.
Veteran Volnntecnu $402 Bounty
and Premium*
All other Zlecrnlu, $302 Bounty
and Premium*
All abl6. ! >tdied men between the aces of fttphytAf.
S°JU or 9f^ w^ tftn,w * IO * lllTe heretofore been en
listed and have served for not lea than nine month*
who shall r<MDllft for Regiments in the field, will iw
be entitled to receive one mmuti’spay In advance and
•bounty ana premium of HO2. »*i»uwiwi
To olf other Recruits for Old Ecgt»«it§ t not Vete
rans, ose month’s in advance and a bounty and
•premium of FJC2 u Uf bo paid.
’ r«™:t w111 b<> allowed to SELECT THE EEGI
- prcfeir u>]olu, and will be mastered
into the Regiment of his choice.
All who wbh to Join any of the gallant Reglmenti
*uow In the fli Id, and to receive the mnniflceS boon*
oifereu by the Government, can have the nrlvl
lege by calling at the Headquarter* of y
Capt. WM. JAMES, Provost Marshal of the Ist Dis
trict, ai Oileajro.
-Cart. AMOS t. COON, Provost Marshal of the 2C
District, ai Marcr.ro. „
capt. JOHN v. EUSTACE, Provost Marshal of the
Yd District, at Dixon.
Cant. JAMES ffUODBDPr. Provost Marshal nf
4th District at Qnlucy.
Cent, JAMES M. ALLAN, Provost Marshal of the
Bth District at Peoria.
CspU ABEL LONG WORTH, Ihvvost Marshal of tht
6th District, at Joliet. » •
Capu W. 6ITUIAN, Provost Marshal of the «tb Dis
trict, at Danville.
Cnpt.B.F. WESTLAKE, Provost Marshal of the 9th
District, at Mt. Sterling.
Cant. WILLIAM M. Fi-Y, Provost Marshal of the
10th Dletrlrt, at Jacksonville. *
Cant. MORTIMER O. KEAN. Provost Marshal of
the nth District, at Olnrv. "
Cant. GFORGE ABBOTT. Provost Marshal of the
SSth District, at Alton. '
Cant-1 AACN. PHILLIPS, Provost Marshal of th»
Uth District, at Cairo. ;
You are again summoned to rally around the dear ole
Flag. Your spontaneous and glorious patriotism bai
blihcrto more than cpnallcd every call ofyoor coun
try. Imperishable lustre bos crowned the arms of the
Invincible legions ol your brethren already In the
held. N'oothcrStatcbassoprondarecord. The ro
befuon Is recline and staggering beneath the tremen
dous blows of the brave and stalwart eons of the Be-
Cobilc. A few blows more and Treason dies. The end
inear. Voor country again calls. She asks you tc
close up the thinned ranks of the battle-scarred he
roes, who, on a hundred glorious fields have made the
name or**llllnoUnn M a terror to the foe and the watch
word of victory, bbe greets you with a liberality wor
thy alike of her gratitude for your past achievements
•nd her faith in your ability to win yet more endortne
renown. BUoorsansJ to the field again Iby hundred!
•nd thousands and assist in the final effort that shall
bring the Infernal Dragon of Secession to the dust for
ever. So, living or dying, shall this Commonwealth and
the Republic bless you, and your names aod mem>
rlcs be Immortal 1 JAME& OAKJCS.
Llent, Col. 4th U. sToavalry,
eclS-ohß-Sro. A. A. Pro. Mar. Gen. HI.
call the attention of the public to my new and
elegant aasortmeui of
pally receiving from the most celebrated mauurao*
aurcre lntheKiu.l Which 1 am now offering at each
I nice* u will d« fy the competlttoa of any othar house
D (he trade. Head my list of prices. Call andJndge
foryottreelves before porchasloc elsewhere. t
Plato Single Joint Brackets from $1.03 to fLSS
jMaln Double Joint Brackets fr0m.,..—., US to 1.73
jttore Pendants from IJS to 10.00
•Twb Light Chandelier* froni A.SO to ItAO
Three Eight Chandeliers from ISO to 15.09
Tour Light Chandelier** from 0.03 to 30.00
tl* Light Chandeliers from .2000 to 80.C0
■dcST-tSQOIm _ W Lasslle street.
JKtrs. M. M. Cross. M. D.,
Physician to the Female Department of the Green
Mount Water Cure, Uchmond, Ind.,
Dcare* to Inform her friends and the public that she
Its* ridded to znenr solicitations, and has decided to
opcnim office In Chicago for the winter, while (be
Vc is undergoing repairs end improvements.
She will remain three months irom January Ist, and
•wiUrivo her special attention to diseases of wotne:.
Mrs. tiroes hat made this class of diseases a specialty,
rod has betti encaged In an extensive practice for the
past ten years. The remarkable success which has
attended her mode of treatment is well known
throughout the West. Mre. Gross Is ttntrammcled by
the different schools of medicine, and makes nee of
iHoseromedlce which a long and successful practice
l.i.e proven to be most beneficial. Mrs Gross may be
yonod at *5 Harrison street, two doors west ofWabash
atomic office hours from 11 A. U. to BP.M.
18 South (Voter Street.
Jlavlnr narchaacd before the recent ad ranee nlarae
«nd entire new el -jck of goods, offtxs the same to the
trade on as favorable terms as any house In theNortb-
J\. INSURANCE COMP ANT.—Notice Is hereby
sriven diet tlic Annual Election of the Officers of the
Addison Farmers' Mutual Insurance Companvwlu
be held at the office of the said Company, In Addison,
on the second Saturday of January. A. D. 1651, being
the ninth day thercoL_By order of Director*.
/\ j) e Casta, the celebrated Astrologer and Clair
-voyant. is now In Chicago, andean l>e consulted by
Jciu ron all bcflnees affairs. The past, present and
future riven In writing. If truth fs not told the
money refunded. tl. Prof, RALPH
Dz C A6TA, care P. O. Drawer 6530, Chicago.
BBT. CHICAGO.-The undersigned will attend the
above courts regularly. All business entrusted to
him will be zironiptly attended to. ~
pju* *«v W£AD Attorney at Law.
Peoria, Illinois.
(gmutmsslon fHecrijanfs
O (J.B. IL, late of Churchman A Roberts,)
EULrr.aurcis.—Messrs. Joses de Culbertson. Chi
caro; Thai. H. Brown. Chicago. del&-f1772-*™i
Produce Commission Merchants.
Advances made on consltrcments to onr v,
WM. AiicmsoK, jE.iaSnSw.taSt.cuSS l
_ _ RErrmrM-
iu-t gnE.rrH.
e.’ 4 A Stuart & Bankers. New York
Stuart dc Brother, Philadelphia. flel-rtOMm
No, 6 Pomeroy Building
iMißr.Giarra, Augustus GKirrrx.
|y daily rccelTlng a supply of the above from the
manufactory of Hampton 1-eedom, Milwaukee, to
which we mpettfnliy lontc the attention of whole
sale and retail purchasers.
Commisalot Merchant*, M Dearborn street. Chicago.
Jal-KW-St T navis
JLP Families and the trade will find a constant sun
p!) from the best dairies, at 1
Produce Commission Merchants, 54 Dearborn street
jai-usosiruawifl •
The only Machine making more than one
kind of Stitch.
it Bakes Tint
wwwnt»Ssi?ii?®ii ## . the celebrated REVERSIBLE
£S;l^’^ , . chcoa V 1 “ ll i e °Pcra‘<H > to fasten Endsol
* i?fk c rl° few Belt to Right, or ld*Ui to Left*
s °Pcriop points or excellence areat
tamed without complication of machinery 1
_ . ~ . TOVrr STITCHES.
Each machine U furnished with ons of
• Bamam’s Celebrated Self-Sewers..
Every Slacliine Folly Warranted,
Call and examine this triumph of
Sewing Mechanism.
124 Late Street. Chicago, Illinois.
___ ce22-a972-10t ° *
Happy New Year.
Who woold not prefer. In selecting Holiday Gifts, to
combine with beauty and elegance, the us*ruz.,T>uxA*
Bix and nncrxKßATivz in the highest possible de
gree? Who wonld not prefer to receive such? As a
present to any jo.i t ob fasult, nothing conld be
more acceptable than thatonlet, rapid and charming
so eminently serviceable and practical in the bauds of
any one, however unskilled and Inexperienced, with
the continued progress of the last year. It will very
soon be comparatively the only Machine bongbt foi
family nse. shall we send yon a Holiday Present for
your mend.
Hew York prices—Ho charge for Freight.
„ L. I'OKKELL * co„
OeO-iTOV-lin Gcnenu Agents, 133 L&re street.
ITJL yon seen the
No. 3 Empire Sewing Machine I
If It will not do better work. It wUlecrtatalvdo
more, drop fewer stitebra. make less than one-tenth of
tbe n-jtee. run very much easier, and do every kind of
work as well as any machine In the world. Look out
for the most servlceablcand most durable Manufactur
ing Sewing Machine for a noun at pbeskxt. New
■i orkprices. No charge for freight. L. CORNELL ft
CO. General Agents. Lake street. doS-rTSI-lm
Hanking anb 35xdjangc,
CAPITAL PAID IN, - • $250,000*
„ . „ E. B. BBAISTED, Cashier.
E. Aiken, President. no3-p263-ly-le
JL> Notice Is hereby given, that all Bills or Clrculat
lag Notes of the
Heretofore Incorporated tnd doing business in the city
of Chitoro, under the general banking lairs of the State
of minors, most be presented for payment to the Audi*
tor ox Public Accounts of said State, at his odre. Is
o>e city of Springfield, irlthln three years from the
date hereof, or the funds deposited for the redemption
of said notes wilt be given up to eald bank.
Dated this Soth day of May, A, D.ISGI.
_ „ „ GEORGE SMITH. President.
E. W. Wn.T.sim. Cashier. Jy2C-c252-toje7-<M
Sxprrss JLiuts.
J.' HKE.
The undersigned have establlshe a Team Line from
aod to the above points, and will carry freight via
2HXUSCTOX iw) sossom HIVES,
CLltago,- Bcranjton and Qnlncy BaOroads,
At the below given rates per 100 pounds, until Nov. Ist,
_ , ’ Ist class. Sddo. 3d do. 4th do.
Chicago to Council
Bluffs and Oxnaha_- S2JO {2.70 g3AO *3 Jr
Alter Nov. li*t, and until further notice—
Chicago to Council
Dldfa and Omaha.... *3.05 fIAS *2.75
Merchants and ehlppen entrusting the transportation
of their freight to the undersigned, mn rely open 1U
speedy transportation.
Goods will be classified according to Eastern classi
Be particular and mark packages via
For further Information apply to G. F. n END RIB a
CO., Council Bluffs: TOOTLE A HANNA. Platta
meuth: E. 8. BOSBTSHELL, Glenwood; FISH A
WIGHTMAN, Eddyvllle. ’
Coujcczx. Bluffs, Oct. 9,1863.
Forftrlhcr Information apply to the General Freight
Office, Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Co-
Chicago. 0c26-oasa-Sm
iUcOr auk ©il ffiJKorlts.
Cor. Clinton and Fnlton St*.,
Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead, Bar Lead;
_ , , (Collier White Lead and OH Co.
Chicago Agcnry for V St. Lculs Shot Tower Co.
{ W.A B. Douglas' Man ofaet’g Co.
Particular attention Is Invited to my
Of which a stock is kept consjantly on hand. OIL
LAKE, ground and tmgronnd, packed in baa-els f oi
shipment, and sold In quantities to suit.
For prices address E. W, BLATCHTOBO,
nol2-p7CS-8m Chicago, DL
(Eflpartncisljip. _
signed hare this day formed a copartnerabln.
nndcrtbe name and style o! PETTITT A SMITH. for
we purpose of carrying on a General Comraisidon
bnrtnese. _ KOBT. W. PETTITT.
Chicago, Dec. 15, ISO. G.L.SUmz.
PEni’lT A: smiu,
<Bncce«son to T. M. Turlay A co.j
• 81 South Water street, comer of State, Chicago.
B W. PZTTIIT. lde2o>sS76-2m] O.L.eiOTn.
The copartnership
heretofore existing between Adolptans Jaeger.
Ferdinand Jacter and Emil Jaeger, tinder the urm
and style of A. JAhGEKA CO .ft dissolved by mu
tual corscnt, Adolphus Jaeger having withdrawn.
Ferdinand and Emil Jaeger only are authorised to
collect accounts dne the old firm.
Successors to A. Jscgor A and Whole*
sale Dealers In
Crockery, China and Glassware,
103 lake-St,, Chicago, 111
JuMISC-lm • ’
T|ISSOLUTION T .—The copartner-
X7«hlp heretofore existing between James J. Wal
worth and William (•. Hubbard, under the firm name
of M ALWOItTII, lIOBCAKD A cO h Is *hl§ dtr dls
solved by mutual consent. Said James J. Walworth
will pay all debts owing by said Arm, and will collect
and receive all monies doe or owing to said Urm
Chicago, January I, IB ™UJAMC.uraiLU U ..
J- Walworth haring purchased
the Interest ofW illisni C. Hubbard In the bn-daes*
«lo property of the lute Urm of Walworth. licbbwd
the old stand, 2i5 Lake street, under the firm ziame
«ndstyleot WALWO'rrH. JR*BBA&&CO
Cblcsgo, January I,ISCL Jal-tSI-lt
The undersigned have this day formed a conirt*
and of WILLIAM K.
A CO.. OJ Chlrtigo, for the trauaactlon of
}MSSTi£^ffA“c ln .Ssiu"‘ d bm “ kc °
cu - Bo!l<>D -'
CHAHLIid A, MOUSE. ( CtlC3 E°-
Chicago, Jan-1. ISG4. jal-UOT-lm
The only mannfacturora In the united States or Brass
Alphabets and Figures, to any great extent or la any
variety. Sold at wholesale, at tbe lowxst cash
INK, viitT czncAP. Stencil Dies and all kinds ot
:stoocllblock. Inpulrios or ordersprompu^attended
€l)tcdiga tftribnuc.
Bemainlng uncalled for iu tlie Chicago Posl
Adcal Maria are Anderson John mrs
Adame Alizabcth mrs Andrews li II tors ~
Atmces J mrs 8 Armstrong T mrs,
Akerly E mre Arnold Nancy mrs
Akerly T Id mre Arthur Mary miss
Allieon Annil mrs Arnottmre -
Alcoofc Jennie miss Aahhy Almira M miss
Allen EC mrs Ashton Maggie miss
Alexander Eveline M mrs Aver P B mra
Alliron Jane roles Atizic Looieo'inrs
Alien Fannie miss Ayers Laura D mrs
Baker Catherine mrs Boynton W mrs
Backus Wary. Boyce Nancy mrs
Baker Maria mrs Bowen Corblcy mrs
Bancroft Jacob mrs Byington Julia mrs
Bancroft Eliza mre Brandt Anna mrs
Barlow Jnlia A mrs Bradshaw Bridget ™i««
Barnum msdame Brandenburg Amanda mra
Barnes Barlow mre Brammall Mary mrs
Barns Lydia mrs Brant Eliza mrs
Barrett Mary mrs Bralnard Ellen mrs -
Bassett U Nmra Brentnall Elizabeth mra
. Bates Sophia miss Bristol H L mrs
Beal Emily mrs Bryant Jes«o mrs
Belden Mary L mrs Brote Hattie A miss
Bcldcn Edwin F mrs Brookins Sarah P mrs
Beldam Anna mre Bryant Jane M mrs -
Bennett Jnlia £ miss 9- Bryant Charlotte mra
Eently Anna mrs Brown James mrs
Bcnncll Maria Ernies Brown Ella miss
Berry Tirza E N mrs Buckingham En miss
Benson Cornelius mrs Bulman,Mary miss
Benedict Fannie miss 9 Burke Mary miss
Bigelow Elsha A mrs Barton Amanda mrs'
Benson Mary Burke Mary mrs
Blsbolder Mary mrs 9 Bnel Jessie M miss
Blackwittc Maty J miss Burton Clara mrs
Bliss Sidney mrs Berger Maria mrs
Bcdman A ll mrs Burch Marion mrs
•Boland Jobannah miss Bosh Mary mra
Boilcy Maria F Butcher Louisa mrs
Boyle William C mrs Butler Sarah miss
Roman Clara mrs Butler Julia miss
Bowman Harriet mrs Butler Margaret
Canty Margaret miss miss
Callahan MJ miss Conway Deborah miss
Call Charles mrs Conahan Mary mre
Calhoun Ellen mre Conahan Kate miss
Canfield Mary mlsa Comcry William mra
Carpenter Charlotte miesConyerae L B mre
Cary Barbara mre Conley Ellen mre
Carpenter Maggie mre Condfln Catherine mre
CarmichaelMargarct mlssConroy Bridget
easy Maggie miss Cooney Mary mre
Ca*y Lambert mre Cozens Sarah mre
Carrigtm Alary miss Cornell Oliyia W mlsa
Carter Lctittia mre Concoran Eliza mre
Carry Mary E mre Canndy Catharine
Cesser Mary A miss Corbett Margaret
Ctpcriy Mary A miss Cord Samuel o mre
Chamberlain Eliza miss Cox mrs
Chllkin Kate miss Cridge Annie Benton
Cbnrchcll Susie miss mre 9
Chase Charlotte mre Creed John mra
Chevalier J C madam Crilley Daniel F mre
Christopher Mary Ann Critrzure Maty miss
rnrs Cramer Anna L mrs
Charlton Hannah mra Crofoot Sarah miss ■
Clay Catherine Crawford Sarah miss
Clay Annette Cropsey Chas mra
Clear Ellen mlsa Crowley Ellon
Clare Kate N mra Crone Nancy mra
Clark Eliza miss Cronin Bridget miss
Clark Lottie M miss Crow Mary Ann miss
Clark Isabelle mrs Culver Mary J miss 9
Clark E S mra Cutler Ellen B mrs
Clark Kate M mre Currie Maggie mre
Clark Mary E mre Currier Bclina P miss
Colwell Jane mre Cushing Charles mrs
Colby Acca L miss Conoly Jane mre
Cooler C mrs Cummings Mary E mre
Cole Sarah J miss Connolly Catherine mrs
Collier Lorctte mre Cutler mrs
Dale Kate miss Dodge Lizzie A mre
Dabb Richard mre Dodge RHra mre
Dace H mis Dodge Mattie miss
Davis Julia A mre Dodge Timothy mn
Davis Joanna mre Donnovan Catherine
Davis Louisa O mre Doccgan Bridget miss
Davis Christiana mre Doric? Kitty mre
Davis Sophia miss Dond Ellen
Davis ArlelineM miss Dovle Wary miss
Dawson Julia Ann mrs Doyle Kate miss
Dean Mary Ann mre Diamond Amanda mn
Decker Zena miss Downs Ellen V mre
Dean Clara mre Dunham C M mre
Dean I. Piers Dullnmn
Dempsey Mary mre Domain Eliza mre
Devine Charlotte A mre DuflyMarvmre
DcttercrMary E.miss Dnniilpwn .Tnita mi,,
DelanaMarrAmre DunnJOmrs
Democt Isabella miss Dwyer Catherine
Dimmock Rhode miss Dcpew Carrie mrs
Dingman Angie mre DnsenburyPrecitlamiasS
Dietrich Sarah miss Dyer Elth mre
Edwards Libble mre Elliott James Tmn
LJy Mary miss Eylcs Ann mre
Eilikcr miss Estes May miss
Ellccwood A J miss Everts Matilda mn
Emmons Fannie M miss Enright Margaret
Eden LizrieW miss
Farnsworth E Jennie mre Fleming Naomi mre
Farrar F George mre Forrest Martha mre
Fay M William mrs Ford Jennie miss
Ferguson G O mre Ford Ann Mary miss
Fnigus Margaret miss Forester «i mre
Fenner Marflia mbs Forrest Martha mrs
Ferrell Ida mre Forr est H L mre
Fenton Marrmre Foostcrß Sophie miss
Ferguson A Naomi mrs SFosdick Chloe miss
Fifield Laura mrs Foore Mcdora miss
Fitzgerald MJ mrs Fox Laura mrs
Fitzgerald M cap turn FnnkllngMlidred mre
Fish J Mary miss FrazzerMarr
Fltsgeal mre French Hattie miss
Flood Marie miss Frary Ruth miss
Flanagan Maria miss . Frazier William mre
FlojtJ Jane miss FranleE Lucy miss
PlarntDingAnnamlss Fallen TerestaSarah miss
Flanagan e Margaret Fnrdon Ann mrs
Flint Helen miss
Gamble Richard mrs Goode Mary p
Gaylord mrs Gordon Ann Mary mra
Garber Mary mrs Gore B J mrs
Gayloor A Charles mrs Gorman Kate miss
Gardner James mrs . Gray Peter mrs
Gavin £ Thomas mrs Gray Sarah miss 2
Gotland Mary miss Grey S W mrs
Gluldon H1) mrs Grey M miss
George E Mary tales Grady Hannah miss
Gibbons Mary cues Gray E Mary miss
Gibeon Karla tnrs Gregory J tars
Gilford Ella miss Green Henrietta miss
Giles Jennie mles Green Ladnda-mlss
Gilbert U G mi's ■ Grover Francis mra
Grodat Mary miss Gurley Frank miss
Giiiis D E xnrs Graves M R mrs
Ginncs Martha mrs Gonn Jane Nancy mrs
Gilllgtn Mary miss GranwellßCmn
Gilmore colic mrs Guinn JBmrs
Gbonen luniea GmmC Rath mles"
Glynn Catharine miss Groeebeck Fannie miss
Golden Ann miss Gross Leah mrs
Hand Theresa Eatc miss Ucrdman Maggie miss
Hallctt Bridget mra - Higgins Mary mrs
Haines Ssran mrs ~ Higgins Mary miss
Halcht Eliza mrs Higgins Margaret miss
Racket J Sarah mrs Hitchcock Louisa mrs
Haley A Claris miss Hill Sarah miss
Hall V Annie miss. Hilton Nellie mlsa
Hcmllton Louisa mrs Holland Margie miss
Hamblin John mrs Hollister SI) miss ..
Handy L Jennie miss Holiston miss
Haney Freelove mrs Hoiked mrs
Harronn FA mrs • Hoviier Harriet mrs
HcweyC Bridget mrs Houghton Ellen mrs
Honing Helen mles -‘Jostar Honnoria miss
Haring Heilcn miss -Hove D Fianreate miss
Hsrlau Kate mrs Howeer Alice miss
Hovan Annie Mary miss Home L James mrs
Habcn E Mary miss Hues A Jenny mrs
Hatch W S mrs Hubbard M Laura miss
Hayes A J mrs Hnngcrford Geo mrs
Hellas Marv miss Hulse Emily miss
Hemstrect B C miss Hunt P Ellen mrs
Heller A M mrs Hnnt F E miss 3
Hensry J mrs Huber Ellen
Heritage Mary mrs
Ingcrsoll Elsie mrs
Jacobs Oliver mrs Jones H Resina mrs
Jackson Anna mra Johnson J Emily miss 8
Jeni'kc? Livingston mrs Johnston Clara miss
Joise Ann mrs Johnston D mrs
Juni son Mary mra Johnson J Bateman
Jorden Bridget mra Johnson Ann Mary miss
Jewett Kellie mn 'Johnson Helen miss
Jones Kate miss
Karp Susanna miss Kelly Catharine miss
Keogh.Laura mrs Kenny Ellen miss
Keith Kellie miss 4 Hnatt MMmre
Kccfc Catharine • Kenney Keter miss
Kearney Maty miss Kenney Kate miss
Kellogg Julia mlas . Kennedy Maty mrs
Kellogg A Lama miss Kennedy Honors miss
Kdly James mrs Klmbalf Angellne miss
Eliza mn KeppMEmra
Kelley Ann Mary mra Kensla Catharine mra
Kelly Andrew mra Kiuey M M miss
Kelley Catharine mrs m t aa
LcFerro Emlna miss Leonard Esther mra
Lakey Elizabeth mrs Lean Louisa miss
Lamb Bridget miss Lewis S B mra
Lane Margaret miss Lewis Emma mra
Lawton Julia miss S Lincoln Lilly Amn
Latham Jclia miss Little Sarah B mra
Lawson Anna Lena miss Locke Wm B mra
Lawler Mary A mra Lori eon StenaM mn
Lawthcr Martha mra Langblin Marv
LawicrMaryAmraS- Lyman mra
Leighton Minnie miss Luce S E mra 2
L<& Emma mra Lyman Ellen mina
Lee mrs Lynch M&ria
Lewis Almira mrs Lvons Ellen
McArthur Carrie miss McDonald flora miss
McAboy Catharine mre’ McDonald Kitty miss
McDean John mre McDonald Kate miss, 2
McCarthy Margaret McGrune Nettle L, 2
McCarty diza nits McGrew Itiur Ann miss
McCabe Emily jars McGill Sarah’L mbm
McCann Mary Ann mra McGinnis miss
McCandles Sarah miss McGrath Margaret mlsa
McCory Nellie miss, 2 McGarlock Mary
McCormick H M znre McGregor Jane miss
McCormick Mary Ado McHall
JlcCurdy S S mra McKncte Catharine miss
McQoy Bridget znlee Mclntosh Kate S miss
McClure C C are McKinzie Ellen miss
McClerey Anna miss McMahan Ellen mre
McCcemra McMullen James mre
McCrcady Margaret misaMcManamora Bosev
McDeritte Jane mra McMahan Mary
McDonga l Wm mre McMillen Mary N mre
McFadden Mazy miss McPherson Mary mra
McGregor Msggie miss •
MoclimSophlj Miller AJamran mre
Macnmber Lydia mrs Mllia Aaale mlsa
Marnier Bridget MitchrfSaacv mm
Mahoney Camrine mis Mltchel A M Col mra
Malone Mary mra Mooney Mary P mlsa
Mahoney Florence mre Monaghan Mincrw
Mangan Mary mbs Monroe Mary Azm mra
Manning Ellen miss Montclan Frances mlsa
Mauda! Mary J mre Monza Cloddlo D miss
Motion Della znlss Moakley An nn m \ aa . ■
Manning Harriet E miss Morgan A C mre
Marcellas Haule znlss MonatvEAmre
MareballMary J Morris Matilda A znisa
March W W mre Morris mre
Martin Isabella mre ' Merrell Joel £ mre
MaJtin Emms miss. Morton Sne miss
Martin Hannah J mre Moroe D mrs
Martin Mery miss Morrison Libble miss
Mattis-on Isabella mra Hosby Rebecca mrs
Mcahcr Mary A miss Monray John n mre
MnrriilE J mra, 2 Moore Eliza Vmrs
Metz Sarah mra Mill nix Hencretta miss
Mind Annie znre Mann Harriet mre
McflcyC Pmre Mnrgovan Margaret
Mathers Laura E Muir Wmre •
Mills John mre. Mullins Sophia miss
Miller Leah mre Mulhaheyry Anna miss
Miller Dorotha mre Murray Maggie miss
Mills Harriet N mre Murrey Bridget
Miller Hattie mra Morpbv Kate znlss
Millard Priscilla mlsa Muller‘Louisa miss
Nunghton Julia miss Nicholson Elizabeth miss
Nason A Mary mre Nngcnt Isabella mra 2 -
Newcomb Lydia miss Neville Ellen wtiwa
Nicholson Isabel! mre
Owes Lizzy miss OBrion Alice’mre
Owes Mcrrarct zniss O Connor Katp miss
Oliver J Eliza znre OConnor Margaret znre
Olmsted F col mre . OConnor May Aim znlss
Oglesby Caroline mra 2 ONeilmre
Osborne Joanna znre ONcil Margaret mtay
Owen B John znre OSbea Margrret tniy
Owen Louisa OMally Mare mre
Owm M Ella miss OSnlll van Ellen mlsa
Oilman Eliza znlss OShay Margaret mre
Paddlcford H mre 2 Petrie Libby miss
Palmer Margaret miss Petcrkln Elizabeth mra
Palmer Cornelia mra FlatU Maryctlc
Barley, Brown ABatthls John b H
co Brett WmP Beam AC
Babbage EP Baker WH Scrub C Scant
BaecomAD Baker N . BlllingsCS
Ballen £ B Barkley M Blodget C M
Barnum O L Bocho mr Be ringer Peter
Barton N A Barrow Robt F Blatcoford C E
JBamca, Pettit & Barttlet &co Bcllerd Francis
co 2 . Bass Chas A Best C C rev
’ Boyly Archer . Barry James L Blew Chas H
Bartlett P Blakely Geo G Bigelow Chas
BarllcttPhlneasßingbam Still- Bluings Chas -
Banow TJichdE man Blateßichd A
Bacheldcr Chaa Belcher Geo Benjamin Ren-
G S ffielby Thos hen
BarrS C 3 Bell Geo W 2 Blackman R
Bair Frederick Bitch Thos Blair F M
Parr Chaa Bell Henry Belcher N
Baldwin GH Beaty Unch Brown BF
Baper Philip Blanchard JIM Beach C
Balrnson T BecketJasC Beaufort Frandis
Barnard GW Bennett Jas BowoWm
Baldwin Geo Beals Irving Bonella Ths
Baldwin Grover Benson 3 K Bradshaw Thos
Bassett Geo Blake J M Brown E D
Barnes Henry P Bernard J B Bodflsh Henry
Baker HHJ Bishop JeromeJ MS
Barnes Henry L Blake John Brown H
Barlow H S Bender John C Bowen John
Baits James Bender John Braggs HR
Badger J P W Benano Joseph Bramard HenryS
Baird P 8 Bell W A Brodle Henry
Bates J C Beckcrt L Brown Horton L
Bassett James Biyil Vdr Bostwlck J W
Baker Jacob Bcaeant F T Bond Isaac
Barry John Beloit O V Brown Jas 2
BehlerJohn Blazy Bernard Bratson Jacob
Balioier John Eeanchaw Alex I'oman J L
Bax ten John Bennett Oriandoßrown Jack
Bowers Wm Bonrke Pat . Buckminster
Bryan WH BosworthChas Chas O' •
Bronson L * Bowen C Bums P capt
Brown 12 L capt Burch C £ Burr David
Boynton Moses Brush DII Baiter WD
Booth Lathrop Brown D W Burt Dwight
Bowles Michael Bonnard Dennis Boggard a
Efady Michael Brook Monel Brigham Geo F
Bridget- X B Brewer Kassel Buckler Thos
Bradley Alexr Bowen £S dr Byrne Thos
BoyerAlfrcdN Boswell K Buxton VI
Bovingtcn D D Briggs KB orßamburyUcnryT
Kent «fc mrs Buckminster
BctsfordNelsonLßowcn Elisha Horace 3
Browning 0 U Bonier Thos Bullard A& co
Frady O W Brooks G B - Bonrke James
Brown & Hart- Borden T C Bums Jas cant
well Brett W H Butler J 6 & co
Bradburft ' Wil- Boolchmr Barns John
Haas «t co Barton Alien Butler Mack
BorlcndChas rev Burk Kathan Bradshaw Hugh
Bccm C P Batcher & Bey- Butterfield Mor-
EradebawChasA colds timer
Bonner Chas Bagley Peter
Ingertoll Helen miss
Clark dr ' Casey Wm Cassidy Peter
Chase Durfee Campbell JamcsCarpenter C R
Chester R, Collins James Carroll Dennis J
Clark Edward Clagard Wm Castler Robert P
ClosplllGeoß Carpenter WR Carr Robert
Church O & H Cahill M H Cary G 8
dark T W Carroll Maurice Carpenter C B '
Clayson GH CayncyJohn Carthewßichard
dark H Caivent A L . Cadwcll R L
Carpenter Wm Canal on Alesnn-Cartwright Fl-
Cary Thos der deltas
Carpenter JJ Campbell AChlld Alphas
Cav&n Hugh Moore dark C A
Csnfield James Cawthorn Nlch-Carpcntcr Geo
rafcJP- olas Clarkcn James
Cation J 8 Canada A Church W A
Cassidy Job E Caldwell Chas Chan Jacob L
Carlin James Cam Fat 2 Clark James W
Cary John Carman CharlesCloogh John D
Carter JOrne' IT Clark Wilton'
Covine Johnie Campbell C CCUfford John
Cartnn Joseph ■ major chenoweth W £
Cains W J Cameron CP T S
Churchill W L Clark Oliver J Coly David
Curley John 8 Clark ChanceyCooMD
Clark WmR 08 Coleson Richard
Charrat JohnS Chessman GF W
Clark dr Church Charles ComueE A
Ciark Wm J Cowan George CooperE M
ClunmoneLDdrCorigan A J Connelly E A
CUTord Morris Corbin A D Colbath R D
Carle Michael Colagan AndrewColUns F S
ChildAAS CoJbyOsmondVCorard GeoW
Clark A 8 Cotes A B Coynue Thomas
Cleary Patrick Cent A L Cochran Thomas
Chapin U Cole Anthony B ■
Child Henry Cooper CbarlcsCox Georco
Closson J John- F « Cordobes Thoa
eon Collins Patrick Cornell G B
Campbell Alex-Congell Charles Cole Henry
anderD Calahan CharlesCaticn lINE
Cashner GreigcrConway Patrick CognardH
Carter Thomas 2ConllnPatrick Coyle Thomas
Carton Geo W Connors Patsy Coatsworth Jas
Campbell JamesColerorc CUntonConncr .Tames
Chnrcbß «T - • Cooler JII
Corbett James Cambcl James Corbal John
Cope Adam Curtiss James DColsicn John
Cole Allen Cracraft J W revCochran John A
Crofcot Benj Creotc Joseph Cowan John 8
Cronan Patrick Crongban John Cosgrove John
Canning Corne-Curran John CoriganWm
Una Curtis Leroy Colima John rer
Crane C 7* Crandall LymanCoolcy John
Cronin Deni' S Condon Michael
Cnrran Peter Cashing MlchaclCassleman Word
Conan Daniel Cason Mitchel Corrigan Wra
Crittenden Ed-Criramins John Covet Wm n
mnnd Corbett James Colford Michael
Corrcy Edward Cohn J H Coonev Martin
CraffsEdwtCrddrCoclan James Cross M D
Carson Bobcrt BCoatcs JL Cooney James
Cross George WConglilan John ConatantlnePhil-
Cridy Franklin Cook John ip
Crane G Colvin John HClevcland M B
Curiy Timothy capt . rev
Craginllß Cotter John
Davis DJ Davis Jno Donaldson Sami
Davis E Barley Jonathan II
Davis O W Day Jno Driscoll P L
Dale Chas S De Camp Jno Danksin Thos
DixonDanTorthßDaiucis Wm DnnnH
Daly Thos Dickinson WmADrcw Francis
Dilton Falk Derenshicr WraDunnlmr Goo C
Dillon Frauds Dougherty Wm Darccv Geo
DlckeimanAmoeDcnne Louis Dunn’Jas
Dennis Oscar C Daria Jas B DtxhyJaa
DittlmessAW Day Warren F Drew Hiram
Dickerson AmoaDunlcrccnC Duffy Jas
Dclany Peter DneliAE Dnggan Jereml-
Duane Pat K • Downs AJ - an V ‘
Dcady Peter Dunn Nicholas DjnhomJS
Delft van EC ■ Donovan Benja- Duke Jaa >
Dahas Frank min Dolaw Jas
Daniels Geo W Dali & Go wan DonellyJaa2
Dawson Thos Dodge Norman Downs J V rev
Deinlson Thos Durant C A DoonerJno *
Dick Dougherty Pat Donum Jno D
Davey ITuch Dowd Peter O DnffyJno
Dauphin JB Brea Pat Dodge Jno F
Dempsey James Doddridge Fhil-Doogan Jno
Jcnlaniram. IIpB Ilojle Joo
Dallas J B ’ Deploy Pat Danoldmr ’
Dmnan Jas • • Donlgan Daniel Durkins master
Do Forest Wm JDrewDanl Dunne M
Do Coudcr T P Dmmmond EdADarkor Martin
DcHavenStcphnDrew Edwin Donley Mlchl
De Angary Bay-Dwlgct EC. • Doherty Mlchl
mond. .. Dobson Blcbd DoneWm
De Lam Peter Doyle Simon ' Duncan WmH
Darcl Jcsh A Daily Scott P Dunn WHS
Duffy PatkC
Evans Patrick EUard Edmond Every JM .
Ernebaw Jco Edwards EO English Jacob E
EUlot Anthony Ec&n Frauds .ErskineJasP
EvereU ft BotleiEvans Sami II Ellison ft Son
Enos A W • Eggere Fredk Jno B
Emory Cbas O Kllis Sami EemayJnoS *
Evens Pain Evans Frank Eblctt Josh
Eari Chaa Eagle Tycualx Evorill Wm
Egan Pat Eagan Thos EidrodWmH
Parker Gan S mra Platt E Ellen miss
Parmcly Catherine mra Plummer Sarah mra ’
Bartons Ifellsea mra Fenkertomre
PaieonsA Frank misa Phillips Catherine raise
Parker E Mary mra Flcton Nellie raise
Parker UlUc miss Plainer Robert mra
Panhu Marcaret miss Phillips John ran
Payne Amelia mra Pierce £ Sarah miss
Pat chin Rate miss Pierce Margaret
Person C A rates Popp Ann miss
Publca C O ran Powers A Posey mra 2
Peake Ellen miss Pooh M 0 mra
Patchln S ran Prindcrrillo Theresa ran
Pony MSmre Price M Anna miss
Perry Frances W mra Pnrden L E rare
Fury Kelah.mra Proaaar MolUe miss
Quirk Bridget mra -
Qufgg B mra
Quigley Lizzie mra
Rankin Y Jane miss Kldgway B Charlie mra
Raral>c Lucy miss Reguey A M mra
Randall PQ rare Ritchie Margaret miss
Bawson Rosalia mra Repon S mra
Rathbnrn Caddie miss Roberts E Mary mra
Rawson R Lucinda miss Roberts L Mana mra
Reynolds Fanny mra RobcS Rattle
E cordon Michael rare Rooney Henrietta mra
Eedtchncidcr Mary mlssßohcrts J R mra *
JtbcdosC Frank rales Roger W George mra
Reca Nellie miss Rodgers A Mana mra
Reed Sarah mra Robison B Hattie • .
Reed F Susan mra Rolf Wfntcrmra
. Reed Frances mra Ronno U tuhhhh miss
Rich Rhode Roos M Anna rare
Rice Henry mra Rowls Christina miss
Ringrcsc Catharine miesßonrko Eliza rare -
Richards M Harriet ran Russell M mre
Rice M Susan miss Ruby J Jacob rare •
Richards J Maty mra Rochford James mra
Rice Lot ndes Reed Robckah miss
Sage RW mra Smith Hannah H mra
Sambas Barbara mra Smith Elizabeth miss
Scccchall Josephine mlssSmlth Caroline miss
Scouton Amenta mra Smith Julia A
Scott Natty miss Smith Jane miss
Seeley Eunice mra Sayer Agnes Muirs
Scevey Richard mra Southworth Rebecca miss
Sexton Mary mrs 2 Smith Catherine mra
Shaffer Ann miss Smith Lida mra
Ehaddera Rebecca mra Spur Mary mra 8
Sharp Emma miss . Spicer Maggie miss 2
Shaw Edith E mra Spikcns Sarah miss
Shaw Maty F trap Stafford Carrie miss
Shicl Catherine miss Stafford Nellie mis
Shelby G mra st*Hton Emily 2 mra
Shipman Louisa N mra Stark Barbara mas
Shafllet Tonia mils Stakley MolHe miss »
Shook Nancy mrs 2 SterlingM A mra
Shields James mra Steele Emma J miss
Sherman Marion miss Stephens Sarah miss
Sboudy Minerva J miss Steoens Margaret E mrs
Sims Catherine miss Stillwell Mary -
Simona Anna mra Stone Mary A miss
Slnnott Catherine mlsa Stoll Annie miss
Skelton Anna miss Sullivan James mrs
Sc-eter J Cook mrs Sullivan Alice mra
Smart Amelia miss Sullivan Catherine
Slitcr Molly miss. Sullivan Mary miss
Enow Sarah A mrs Sullivan Catherine
Smith Matilda mrs Sullivan Catherine
Smith Tlllle mrs SUvcrston Della mrs
Smith Johunfiamrs' Swift Susan A miss
Smith Ella miss Switzer Ann M mra
Smith Hannah B mra Skeer Carrie miss
Smith Ann mra Squires Man - Aim
Smith Addio miss 4
Taylor Mary A mra 8 Thomas Harriet A mra
Tail Nancy miss Thomas Matty miss
Taylor Ida miss Tomlinson A A mrs
Taintor Anna T miss Tobin Jeannette mrs
TernUcgflr Matilda miss Troxell B F rare S
Thorn John mrs Tracey Hannah mra
Thayer CE Mrs Tamer Jacob tore
Tiffany M W mrs Tomer Julia
Thompson Kate miss Tucker Boela miss
Thompson Laura miss Tattle Mary mrs
Thompson Sarah miss Tnttlc Wallace M mrs
Thompson Harriet mrs Taylor mrs
Thompson Maria A mlssTaylor Annie miss
Tan Dorcn Lucy M mrs Voorhces Eliza mra
Vannatts Jennie miss VanPattcn Gertrude miss
Wait Solomon mrs Wheeler Carrie miss
Wales Mary mrs Wheeler Mary A miss
Wallace Susan miss Wiley Elizabeth P
Wallace Wan* M miss Williams Sarah A miss
Wallace Nellie mrs Willard Hattie P mrs
Warrenncr M F miss Willard E C mra
Warren Mary miss 2 Wells OH mrs
Ward Hanora Wei tee 8 mrs
Ward Edwin H mrs Willett MJ mrs
Waikhnrst James mrs Wlsncll £ L mra 2
Ward George mrs Williams Cordelia mrs
Wearer Francis miss Williams Caroline
Weaver Hannah miss Williamson A E mrs
Weaver Susie mrs Williams Matilda miss
Well* Susannah miss S Williams Edward mrs
Wells Kate E miss Williams Marv mrs
Welle Kate ' Woodard D A'mrs
Wells F A mrs Woodbury J P mra
Wentworth Jenny mrs Woodbury Nellie A mrs
Wells PF mra Whittlesey Salliemlsa
Wellington Joscphne mreWoods Elizabeth mrs
West Emma mrs Wyman Christ miss
Walsh mrs
Young Mary Ann mrs Young WmP mrs
Archamber A L Allen S F Anderson John
Andrews A Avery Sami C Adams W H
Alexander A 8 Alexander captS Aldrich W
Aldcn Charles Arnold Danl A Anetim Wm H S
Fletcher AdixGH Alien W A
Anns A Akerly T M Allen Warren
Adams & co Ambrose Geo H Anderson W H
Adams & Son Armstrong 6 W Ailing W J
Amhrosc&Jack- Andrews J W Avery Wm M
sen . Adams VadenßAsheUcy Mat
Anthony Chas P Alien Henry Aiken mr
Allen P T ■ Adams J C Adams L L
Amc-t Chas L Arnold JameaW Austin James
Allmson DC Arnold Jog Arnold J
Annan David Allen John Anrick Herd el
Alverson D B Arnet ecaret W Amet Chaa L
Adams RH . HH Alt John
BrcwstcrCbns F Barns Putt
Eagan Mlchl - ‘ • Ercns Q Q& CoEwallFfH
EmotCbasT EakinTWS Errett Joseph
Fisk Albert A. Forwell Wm Freeman Lafry-
FendfieldACaptFarweQWD ette
Fisher AD Faulkner Wm Franklin Alonzo
FishAH Felten Wichl Flint Almon
Feeney Benjn FarhnahLH Fletcher Archl-
Feellx Benjn F Fcrreeh Edgar baldW
FarrelFat FihonW A Fordney & Do*
Fanner Fat ' Foster Chas Tids
Fcrrler&Bro Foster Hr Fleetwood&Baw
FiehCE Foster WmP Franks tine Peter
Ferguson Peter FnUerWmDCaptFosbergCariF
Furney Daniel Fuller J 8 Fleming Pat
Fitzpatrick Den-FnllerJP Dr FnrgusonCT
nis Fuller J Ensign Fogerty Pat -
Pitch Edward Foster ThotnaeFlaggßaal S
Penney Ever . Benton Forsyth Robt ■
Frolbingham E Foster George' Foot Richard
Fay Thomas W Fuller Geo Forman Edwd
Farrington ThosFrench Geo W FolerEdwd
Farnum Geo A Frledie Theod French Robt
Femei Thos E Forney Jas Ford E W
Falon 21C Freising J Fox Eddie
FcrnattllG Flaherty Jero-Freeman Edwin
Faith Q R Capt mlah i.O*
Fitch llolscy Freely Joseph Fox Shipman •
Faxon J H Frost Frcdk Freeman S A
FarnhomJA Flagg Jno L Foss Freddie
Field J C Feeney Jno Fulton F B
Fitzgerald JnoJFlood Jno FlIntGT
Fairmsn JnoF Foreman JosephFrazoU Sami
FarwcllJnoA F FlavellS W
FcrgisonTW Flynn Jco FowlerS
Fennel J H Franzen MathlasFreuch Oco W
FibbinJno FordMichl Forrest FranklC
Fisher KK Furlong Sir FrisbyWHil
Galllgan Jas t George Thos GntzanWm
Gilchrist JR GibterWm H Goodman rar &
Gibbs Henry R Gibbons Walter mra
Gleody Geo GeesonWalter E GormanMltcbell
Glasaner Geo George Wm S
capt Gardam J T Green Hilton
Garvey Thos Gilbert JEdwd Goorich Willard
Gssland Thos C Gaffeaey Jno A co
Gifford Qco W GatnsheJas Gray Mitchell
Oanißcy Geo O Owcncr Jas Griolos Alfred
Gillett S S dr Gideon J GrahleME
Gleason Fidelia Galloway Jas H Griffin Albert
GUI Elias GeiffFredk * Gridleymr
Gilmore Robt Gowan Jas Coding A L
Glocnon E A Goodscll Jas Granger A F
Gibson Robert Graced Wesley Goodrich A F
Gilmore K. Goodland J &co
Gibsonß Greary Jas Gowdy&co
GcdK GrassonH Gresham Polk
Garvey Patk SdUwhJdo Qreenwell Chaa
Garilck D S Greer Jn6 2 Grant Danl F
Gifford PH Gormley Joseph Gregory Eph
GlegenPrev GnrlerJnoJ Greenfield it A
Gilo Asa O, Gullet John J Griffith Rlchd
Gilmir A G Gore Warren Gorham E D
GallacherAnd Gray Wm Grannla R W
Gates BC Graff & co George RB
GlnndcnlngAD Grossmanßenj CoffFC .
Gillon Bernard Grimes Jno Mj Graves Sami C
Gillespie JJ C Gove Warren GreenholghThos
Gilman B A Gregory W B Greenleafßß
Gage mr GonldwmH Griffin Homer
Gardner mr Gould Wm Graves J A
ribbons Miles Gregory W S - Gobblns Jas
GaioyMlqhl GansyWm
Hcency Bernard Hardcaatle Thos ITovey S cant
Hcrzack A & co Harvey Thomas Hollingsworth P
messrs Haynes Geo Howard F
Hadley O S Hanlon Thomas Hoyt Sami
Herbert A Hayes Samuel Ball V H
Hamilton S B Hawver Samuel Howard Elt
UcaYoy B C Bap F 6 Uobcn D
Hallpan A Jam- BaehrookEdw Hall Thomas
eton Hardy Robert Hynes Denis
Henderson And Hart E Harrison Boolan George
Hamilton C W Hartwell Edw A Hogan Cornelias
HeudcrconWP Haney Chris Huntington CH
Hams Charles Hart Charles A Hogan CH'
Hansel John HarlenPG HyottFat
Hoinecl John Hopkins Abner HnbhardFß
.Hermann Lewis Hapter A* J v» Hopkins Alt
Hall C Walter Bassett MichaclßowesAS
UamiltonKobtP Harrison mr Boose Abra cant
HamanFlorcnco HanbonNicholas Barton Alfred
Hews Thomas Harllgan Martin Hughes A
Ucminway O O OT Hopkins A R
Henut James M Hanen Luther Harzon Allen P
He ling O Harris Wm Hopkins Marcel-
Halstead W J Hatch IV H Ins
Hemming Wm Hanson Wm Hopkins Michael
Henderson Wm HandJeyWm Hobart S J
HoleWniH - Harris WmH Horton Wm
Hoys Wm Hawkins JohnD Howard Wm B
HallyJosepb Hawley John HowardWm
Sail John T Harrington Jos Hodge Wm
erron John M HarreyJC Hoofov Wm
Hennery John Hows John H Hogan John
Hamill James R Harrison John Hogan John
Hendrick Jason Hand J 8 Haghea John H
Henderson JS Harrington JS How John P
Hamilton Jos H Ileut Hontoon J P
Htnneberp JasE Harvey J C Holden Jataos
Herrick JN Hayden James Bopping John
Hcminway H 0 Hankey James Holllgan James *
Henderson TB Hall Harry Hantoon Henry
UennessyTF Hitchcock M V Hoe H Heat •
Hall Thomas Hill Washington Horton H K
Hcnccssy Thos HinchclitTWm Hoe Henry Heat
Hawes P A Hickey John Hoe Henry Hem
Harteck Thos Higgins Judd Hobby Uriah
Hanlon Ben Higgins John* Hoe Henry Heat
Hamilton Edw Hickey John Hoe Henry Heat
Hart II W Hill J.T Hoe Henry Heat
-Hatch R B capt Hill J B capt Hall Yates
EcrmcnHcnry U ill Edward HowonAdam
Hart Hobart Hillary Andley Hdlsworth Goo
Hawkins Henry Higgins Charles Hunt George
Hatch Henry Hickey P C Hopkins OL
Harvio Tbcroas Hanklnson AC Hahbard G H&
Ha j ward Thos Bill A P comessrs
Strong H 111 Allred G Horne Thomas
Hayward GaylerHurlcyTimotby Holchinson Wm
Hartman Geo H Ho.*artb Wm Hutchinson E K
Hawkins Geo HnbhardPE
Tunis D Tunis R 8 Isbell 8 M
InmeD Inner Dan IngersoHGF
Irvine J P IngebrctsonHal- lachlcaf John
Inness A O Ter Ives Frank
Inceraoll Frank Ineley C W Tnnls D
Ingram W B Irons dr
Jewell James Josperson Thoo-. Johnson Roll in
Jewett J W doro Jones Daniel
Jones Hcnryß Jones Tho James Daniel
JewettßcnryE Johnson Sam B Johnson CJ
JohnstonSamnel Johnson Sam D Jacobs Clark -
JemieonThomaa Jackson T C • Johnson Chris-
JonesTomß Jones £ . tian-
Johnson George Jackson E - Jacob Abraham
Jenne George w Johnson Edward JanneyßYmajor
JennlsonThomas H Jones Wm
Jones WO Johnston John Joy James F
Jones W O Adolphus Jewell Thomas •'
Jenkins W SJenniaonJohnW Johnston zor
capt July Joseph • Jones LE
Johnson James Jamison John Johnson A
Jones Wm . Jenkins Isaac G Johnstone mr
Jennings John Johnson J R Jaeco Michael
Britain Kent. . Jones W H -
Johnston John Jenkins J G
KnowltonGcorgeKing Philip Kanzow Wm
H Kerns Pat Keeffc John
Kaufman Frank Kerns Put Knight Joseph
Kihran Francis Kenny OS Kennedy John F
Kallett Samuel Kirkland Na- Kehoe John}on
Kfevd Fred W thaalcl Knapp Joseph
Kirke Edmund Kennedy & Mar- Hoys John P
Kirby K shall • King John £
KcpScrEdwardß Kinney O C Kent James
Rorat Earnenst KnowfeaMichacl Kimball J B
Kamlahßudolph Kelly jor Kevan James
Kandy Daniel F Kerwin JIW Kavauaugh Jas
Kelsey Daniel Kirgan mr Klnc James
KcefoDcau KlngMartin Kellogg JB
Kelly Dan Jel Keeler S C Kcin uamr P
Kidder Dwight KlngMartin Kendall HW
Keating Pat Kiguor Wm Kendall H W
Kirk (hurley KerrWm Kimball Henry 8
King Charleys Knapp Wm King George
Keller t ctcr Keogh Wm H King Thomas J
Knevrill J KellyWm Kelly Pat
KohonePhlUipH Kanzow Wm Kirk Ruben '
LcgorGA Lillie & co Littlefield TT»m
Lawrence Thos LadolpbyA ilton
Larkin Town-Leavitt Byron Lapuren V
. send T Lawrence W It Luucr Henry
Lolly Thomas Leo Bernard A Leary Daniel
Linn Thomas F Little A Smith Lewis Henry L
Larier George Langan 1) Leper Joseph
Leavett P P Laraby A Lyman C W capt
Lamb Thomas J Larkin Michael Lober John
Law W H Lincoln W J Loomis Wm H
LconaidTbosWLcc WD dr Lober John
Latin Thomas Lane Wm Lord J A capt
Icy Thomas Lewis Wm F Lynch Jeremiah
law Smith O ‘LangdonWm Lacker HL
Lccock Eric S Loher J P Lucas Horace
Laigb Pat Leahy John Ludolph 6
Leisen Christo- Litton John Loomis T
pher LlnglcJohnC Looby Thomas
lay Charles Lake James K Ludlow F O
Leary P C . Lake Jesse Loss Samuel £
Lelsen Christo- LcarwoodJames Lyon £ A
pher Langan James Low EM
I ennor Richard Longs C F 'Lands O C
i-£inb Ralph Lyon B W Lncore Baptist J
LyouDcnlcU Long Chas M LoengLHmessrs
Lycn D ,
Marsh Volney A Marsh F H Mnehon James
Mann HE MaulveyCH Martin James
Munson Henry MagillChas Mathews James
Masrhall H Martin T W Manny Henry
March Henry T Maston Alonzo Kowat James
Manman GeorgeMatber & Rich-Merriam J W
May Frank . mond Macbeth mr
Marlcy George May O G Mills Oscar J
Mason S C Manvel B 4 MlddlesworthJß
Martin Samuel Meek A Miller Nick J
Macombcr Ed Mar Lawrence Miles B C
Marcus r* A Maher Michael Hills R
MelgesPG Marlign L Mix Franks
Mcmll Fred A MalloitWß Miller PL
MartinTW Mason WH MitchellTlmolhy
Martln-Ezra Mulhatton John Miller Henry
Martin Edward Marshall Jacob Mix James G
Marsh Jcffcrsn BMelrin Jehn Miller John Jacb
Mozfield David Martin Wm 3lallln Moses
Martin Peter MastW MyerChnstian
Manny Patrick Marshal Wm Master C D
Mahon Patrick Malone John Morse Chas T
Mak Daniel McchltngJohn Moran Patrick
■Mooney David Mulln Thomas Mnaray Patk
Moore cant Murray James Machmore C H
Muzzy Milton Moore HF&G Moultin Cheney
Mallgan M IchaclMorrlson DonaldMoree Chas R
Mortimer £dwd>Mnrday David HMontague Jas
Mott Robert Morrell Daniel MorraonJosM
Moorc.Robt S Montgomery R BMurray James
Moigan Ejr HentMorse E A Morrisey John
Moss Robert Morris £ £ Murphy John H
MorpbyßHS ManxooJG MulthayJohn H
Myers S 6 Moore Joseph Moris John
Moore SM& co Morphy Patt Mona John Q
MyerFrank Morse AM Murphy Jehu*
Montgomery JnoMoos JS Moody William
Moss Fred Moore A J Moore W T
Mortimer FrndsMyers Aura Moulding WR
Morgan FP - Morton ikAdumsMurtanga Wm 3
Stott Thos B Mulligan Patk Mulvey Charles
Morse GW Morgan A P
McGowan Sami McCarlln Cit McKlnzle John
McLaughlin McLevaino McLeea John
Frank messrs &co McMlUen John
McGrattSaml McMahon Ber- McKean John
McFbetcridgo nard McCone Jos
Enchel McWhorterAlcx McElhose James
McCanJy It B ' McKlndy capt McCaflerty Jas
McCann Chas Alex • Mcßcath James?
McKinney Bick-McCormick Ml- McNomus? Jas
ord ■ chael* McLaughlin 8 T
McLean Bohert McClelland Milo McCaffery James
- McNair BA A McCarthy James
McllalicrJ . McGrath Lnke McMahon James
McLean Chas 2 McConnel Wm McDonnell Jas S
McGraweeß&co Mclnnes Wm McDonnell Jas '
McCarilnS McXlroyWmD McKlUopHngh
McMahon Fat* McKlnzieWmßMcElligotThOfl2
rick S • • McMnlty John McOnnn Thos
McKay capt- McCullongh Jno McDonald Geo
McNamaraPatrk McKay John Walt
McDaniel Peter McColllck John McMahonPatrick
McCartyßcrnardMcHcndrlxJohn MclntosfcFrands
McGiilJsCH McGill John McEvoy Stephen
McCall Peter McLlesb rev JnoilcKeary James *
McLaughlin D Mcßcan Thomas 3
■ Neves W 8 Norton George Nash Charles
Nichols W(I£J Norton Thaocns NoeuanPatrick2
Nash John NortonTheodorcNotan Patrick
Nichodemns J C NaeonsTames H Newton Patrick
: Ncwmr.c JL 2 Newcomb 8 B NelsonlMark . ■
Nolan James Nash'EdwardS Nellis Barney
Newell J C Nordcn David Nash & Bates
NcweßHS. Nevin Patrick Norton Connor
O . '
O’Donohngb O’Connell John Osborn DM
' Michael O’Neil John J O’Kelleydr
O’Connor Mlchl O’NoilJoelT O’Mally Patrick
, Oakes Michael O’Neil J H O’Donnell P M
. O’Donohoch O’Sullivan Jas O’Leary Corne-
MichaeT O’Maher Hugh lias
O’Dell W H • Osborn George ; Olds Charles
Owens Wm F O’Grady George O’Mara P
Oerlnp Johnß John O'Connor Nlcho
'O’Donnell John O’Brien Blchard las
Osborn mr Otis B 6 O’Brian Morgan
Orton John . O’ConneliDenniaO’ConneU B
O’Brien John N Oglesby David
PbiDlpsJohn PlnmmerJno WPalmerft Morgan
Phillips cant Payne J P Parkcn & Joan*
Phillips Nil Palmer Stephen son
Phillips Richard Pago Chaa • Packer Albert H
Phillips G B Purdey H B Peters nr
PhlTps Henry Puffer Henry M Prelect A J
Phillips JO Priest Henry H Patch Oliver
Fhilipsonß Pike Henry A Palmer Ben}
Powell J Leo Place TP Price Wm
Powell Wm D Pint Jacob Plukham Atmos*
PnreeeloWm Platt I) It . ♦tnsß
PnrintonGeo Platt Nathan E Potter ft Ackley
PiersonWmH PaxhesJas •’ PlperAsaA
Pitman JM ft coFcck Jeremiah Pitkin Nathaniel
PreetonJas PetersJF -Pollard Philip
Price Wm Parcells J W Pardee Patk
PbolpeWmO Page Hiram E Frlnderville B
Pbclpa Henry S Pursoll E H Pussy S T
Pratt ITennan Palmer Thos H Pierce Edgar T
Pratt Jno W PcndletonQeo Pratt EdsonN
' Pratt mr • Peters JP Petitt BobtW
PhllHgL W Peebles Riley Prosser Wm R
Perry ID L E Petrie EndelmanPnrceU Martin
PareonaMarionC J) . Popemr
Patterson F H Pelton Elblrte Porter Sami
Packer Wm Parker DB Power Francis
Pafee W W - Peck Daniel Fairer Frank
Patternncle WmPetereon Chas Pike Geo S
Pamley John Pepper Pat Piokortoa
Parcels Jno W Parabolic W PlcklcyThos
Paul Jonathan PeddicordsCalebPiicdcrvillThos
Perdue. Jno Palmer Chas Peirce Chas H
Patnonnd JolienFarkhorat C G
Quinlan Timothy
Ponn Hichael Redfield'Joseph Rosman A W
Reynolds Madl- Reynolds Jno capt
son . Richards John JRcia F E Hent
ReddlngtonLaw-Rlnn John Reynolds E F
rence Richards J Reed E W S
Relloy W H Ramsdell Alonzoßichards R B
Wm Raymond & Ad- Rea RL dr
one W ams Reaves Roller
Rrn*el Wm B Rlcholson bros Richardson Ed-
Raymond Wm RlgmanA win
Rlqge Wm Biggie 0A 3 Richmond D W
Richards Jno 2 Rich AD Regan Daniel
Reed Jno F 8 Reynolds «£Chap-Raweon D W-T
Regan John. man . Kipling David
Read JudsonW 2Roch Nicholas Rich Caa A
Reynolds JohnWßees Alonzo Ranswclt Peter
RecsJobn Reddick A capt Rcdficld Corue-
RecscrJohn 'Rice OF lioa
Rapp C Royan Patrick Rogers John
Rlclly Jas Roche Patrick Roso Joseph
Raymond J M Robinson Chas GRogera Junius
Kaihtnm J B Rider Patrick Ryder John S
Renchan Jas Rider «frco Rowe James L
Ringland CW Bogereon&GrossßosoPN2
Rice Geo H Rockwell &co Rowen J F
Rice Geo Rowan Michael Rosin H C
Redficld Thos 2 Rogers Martin 2 Robinson H H
Riddell Geo Robinson Luclosßyan Thomas
Regan Thos Ryan Michael Russell Thos A
Regers & son 8 Rule WUUm Roden John M
Rose P N Rork Wm S Richardson Edw
Russell Eph’m PRecd William Rawson DW T
Russell D £ Ryan Justice Rea R L
|' T ™f Jpta Saaan Shcrin Patrick
Slip AW Samlor M Shnata Patrick
Scribner WM 2 Scott Frederick Shcrwin Newell
Sboioin W A garage S W & Pratt
£c?lcs P.S Shores Frank Saxton Arnold
Sbnrd&h Wallef£argei2t 8 9 Sanfihln« mr
8 Scofield F A * Stenson James
Scott JohnsthanShaddere R B Stricklor J A
Sanborne J R Segner Eman’l JStarrlng J B
Scanlon Jermh Shaw Edwin W Swift &co
Scott J C Shirhurn E j St John J U
Sherwood Jacob Sawyer Eugenn Stevens 6 B
Shelton James W ’ Specter B8 8
Shoitzcil lient JShehaa John Sweet Em
Shehan mr Sanders Patrick Swltzerß L
Shea Michael Sherman Philan-Stlckney E
Sheldon H der SweetEP
SheldinßN ShanleyPcter • SwcetEJ
Stewart E col Stcneon F Stiolton WD
Stains William Sykes Edwin Sproat&Lyon
Strunk William Streeter £ S Smith Edward 8
SnttcnWO Sommers Dan Smith'Sß -
Stewart Wm S Sullivan Danl Scott R
StreeterWmH SwcetzerCH2 Smith CharlesM
Sterling John SboerruckHeorySnow & Green
SummcnrllJeJno Stafford Charles Smith A B
Straker Joseph Stearns CT Spencer AW
StonehrcaksrJnoStcwart P A SalebaA
Stewart JohnPWStongh O J Smith BF
Stanley Joseph Straust AmanuelSmlth B John
StuteJohn Stewart Sami J Spencer BF
Swnrtlcv John Satherwalt & Spink Alfred
Stillwell Henry Granger Smith Brainard
StcrncsHM Stevens Allen Sonthwlck Wil-
Stafford Geo L 4 Sovillo Emanocl lard
Sutton SK V SnlllvanDanl
Snider. Wm Sprague ScsaeWSmlth 8 J
Smith Francis SorinTß4 Smith mr
Sinclair Wm H Smith O B Smale H
Spare Joseph H .Spence Thomas Smith H & co
SprinkJohnß Snoad Geo Snow Henry
•Suuonds John Smytho ThomaaSlsk Geo R
Slade JoimathanSlmonds GUbertSpraguc Thos A ‘
J'A Smith S A Small Geo
Stack John Speer PR Silver Qco W
Smith J Leo Spaoldlng Sami Shields J
TwohyMichl Thomas Jas Tharp Vcrner
Thomas Lewel-Tranes Jno W Towno H A
lyn Tobin Jno Treemer Thos R
Thaylor mr Traynor Jno ThoptdnsThos
Toon Jno TiCOny Edwd2 Tyler TheoP
Tolland Jno Tiffany E A Tipping Thos
Tyson WmJohnTyier Elmer ThreedyFred
Timlin Jno Turncyß Tuckcrflonare
Thompson Jno . Trous dr TurriU 8 H
Thompson J & CTimothy C D Talbot JohnD
Thompson & co Twomblay Chaa Teggart Jas
Thcmpson&Arn-Trglcy Chas TaSmadgeHcarv
•tot Tibbetts AHatch B ,
Thompson Chri- 2 ' Taylor TR
tian Thagcr Anton Tear G C
Thompson CyrasTrocey W G Taylor Chriar L 2
Augustus ThrenardtWm Taylor Roht A
Thompson Jos- Tobin Wm Taylor Geo 8
eph TwfbsJC Taylor SB
Thompson Jno THson Wallace TeaH TSamueldr
Thomas Path 2 Tracy Jas Teal Peter M
Thomas Jacob JTownscndlsaacJTerreUßE
Thomas Henry BTnrner Jas Tcnen Mathias
Timm ermanTylcr JasD TerWWm
John . TowncrHWlt Telt Waller
Upham WillardP Umpheville T L
Vcmidgo Jno H Valentine W H Van Boren Fred
VanstenbargJos-Vcrily W 8 Van Osdale Geo
~ph Vanname O R Van Bremer P B
v'uinpbom Jno Van Bramcr JnoVanloan Eavert
Voder David E
V ard Patrick Ward ell Geo Wlnham Levi
Wait Cat Webb Charles DWHson M E
WalkerPcter Webb Geo L Wilson W
Walker CharlcsHWard Horace WWilaon scut Wm
Webster Daniel Walton Joseph BWhcaton W W
Wall Dennis Walworth John Wlndwood John
Warf Dennis Wallace John R Wheeler It JnoD*
Washburn Prd.’kWallard John P Wilson captJohn
WalkerFranc’s JWateon John H Wilson John. 2
Walker Samuel Webster John Wheeler John
Walker Taylor &Wolt capt Wm Wilcox John V
Earner Watt Wm Wiggins JameaS
Ward O L Wardell Wm Wibben JM, 2 .
Warwick & Cas-Wakcflcld Wm Whitney James
eady Webber WmP Willard JN
Wells Alpheus Wardell Wm W Whiteman J H
Wagner Frank Wallace A co JWhitber J
Wallace Henry W, 2 Wilson J
Weller Hiram C Walklcy L H Wilder J C
Wallace Henry Walton Wm W Whitney Mm W
Watts Hiram WescottLW - Wheeler Igaic
Weeks Jos 8 Welch John Williamson Jaa
Warner Enos J Welch Thos Winslow Hob G
Walker JH Welch CL Willard Henry
Wells JL Welch P.L Wilcox Henry M
Warner J JusaleWebbcr AW White Samuel
WebstercaptGcoWarren S B William TC
Walker Geo H .Wilson James DWinsel Geo
WellerAC WilllomsJay WilderOC
Waters Thos' Williams Will HWlnlack Thos
Watt Robert C Williams Wm NWlcks O 8
Waldron T Williams John Whitby Thos 8
Wales Thos Whitney Wm Wilson SsmlK
Williamson Wileyßß WryeteGodQrt
Frank *" WilEoaOrrinhDWordejVGco
WigginFrankE Wilson AN WoodheadThos
Winansßß WllbukAM Wood Harry 8
Williams Elias WllkeyßF Wright James
WillltsEzrn Wiltlams M F Woodruff Jed
Wilson Cbsd Wilkinson John Wood &co John
Wharton Clifton rev ‘ 8
Tlieut Wright Sawyer Wood Joseph II
Wilcox CC Worth Millard capt-
Wilson PM Aina Wood Wm
Whitman P C Woods rermr Woods W A
Willard Albt R Woodward A W Wright Wm A
Wilson Owen Wyman Byron Woodrnft Wm
Wheelerßenj Wood Chas L Wood W W
White Albert E Woodard D A Wood Wm R
Wygartß Waddoek F Wright KG
Wilson & Camp-Watson Charles Wilson & co
.hell Henry , Terry
TeoJno Tocmne WUeyMYonngAure
younglove De-Young Geo Young Q A
Will &Co Young Michl S ■
Zimmer John Zcngeler John
D.8.C... P. O.Box C 05....11. T.,P.0. Drawers
thousand & Something....Millers P. O. Drawer
21)11,2, ..SantaClaus....M.E. M. Butcher...,C.
C.8., P. O. Box 1915....Card Writer.
Persons wishing drop letters advertised must af
fix a three cent stamp.
- Office open from Ist of April to Ist of No
vember from la. m. till Bp. m.* From November
Ist till April Ist, from 8 a, m. till 8 p. nuand on
Sundays from 8:£0 a. m. to 10:15 a. m.
15xii J. L. SCHIPPS, P. M.
Edw. Mendel’s New Township and Sectional
Map of Illinois. t
Complied from United States and actual surveys;
showing all Roads, Railroads, Rivers, Cauals.Creeks
and villages In the State, and having the name of
each township distinctly bxqrated thebzox.
The sxap contains on the margin correct Plats of the
principal cities,a valuable Geological Diagram of
tiie state, and a very accurate and comprehensive
Kailv ay Map of the United States. Also; cartful!*
prepared tables ol statistics, Inclusive of the new
State Census.
The Man will be ornamented with views of promi
nent public buildings, an elegantly engraved border
and a beautifal HUjo picture of the City of Chicago,
all engraved express'y tor this work. •
The Map will be 4x5 feet la size, handsomely Color
ed In Town shirs, and mounted with cloth backs, roll
ers and mouldings In theheat and most durable man
Thei publisher and manufacturer of this man has
Men for the last ten or twelve years engaged in the
map publishing and lithographing business at Chi*
cagOjßnd daring that time has mapped nearly every
coonty In Illinois, thereby accumulating a very lares
amount oftbe most valuable material forthe produce
il£2# f «S t . #la J l,a P» vUchto * eU| e* with hisexten
Nvefaciutlea for manalacture has enabled him to
produce one of the most beautiful, comprehensive
and correct maps ever published in ran States, and
THAN A LARGER price FOR an inferior article
produced abroad. This map will be aold to snbscrlb
crsonly at the verylotrprice of |W»tmt copy.
For every cpnnty In (be Slate, to whom will be offor
ed themost liberal terms. Address ED TV. MENDEL.
lO Lake street, Chicago.
The Public are. herebytwarned that Cbas. R. Ab
jtolp, or AbnoldandAtwood, are nolonger Agents
formy New Township and Sectional Map of Illinois,
nor in any way authorized or employed by me. All
parties vt bo have been in their employ as Canvassers,
and also subscribers to the map, would do well to
communicate with me Immediately.
163 Lake street, Chlcaj
Stereoscopes or Plctarcs,
Magic Lanterns, etc., etc.,
In greatest vnricty.have Just arrived la tine for the
Holidays, at the Store of
dcK-eESJ-lOt 46 Clark street, near Sherman Honse.
SALE IN ADMIBALTr.—Dv virtue of four
writs ofaalc by tbc lion. Samuel H.Trhat. Jadsre
of the United States District Court for the Southern
District of Illinois, in admiralty, dated on the 26th
day of Decemb. r, A D. 1863, will be sold at Public
Sale, to the highest and best bldderfor cash.at Cairo
In said District, on the 15th day of January, A. D
1864, the following described property, to wit • 159
bales of cotton. 21 mnles,4 mules, l baery.l cirt
l box of medicines and 13 mules, the same bavin*
been condemned os contraband of war
U. B. Marshal.
XI that a meettogpi the Stockholders of TheTTnlou
Insurance and Trust Company ot the State or nit.
nohrwill bei held, attheir oficeln the Chlcigo
at lOo’clock A.M., on the second day of January.
A. p. 1864, to elect Directors, and to do such other
bnslncee as Is usually done at the annual mcetlnc of
said Company—(the annual meeting recently adrer*
tlsednotnaTlng been held for want of a quorum.)
Also, a meeting of the Directors who shall then bo
elected will be held at 2 o’clock P. M. of the same day
and atthesameplace. BENJ.LOUBARD, rr( *x 1
Chicago, Dec.2l*l,lßC3. de22-sS69-10t
Ho. 5 Wapitinoton St., Victcbpphq,
CommiMion and Forwarding Merchants.
The most liberal advances made on ahinmenta of
merchaodiFe. *
Refer toW.I». Greene * Co., Chouteau, Harrison
ft Valle, Et. Louis, P. B. Staats, Chicago. B O Qil.
hert, Cincinnati, Korthrop ft Co., Memphis.
Moulater,Architect, from Paris, baa jostarrived
lo Chicago after residing In New York city for twelve
years, and Is at the disposal of all persona wishing to
honor him with their confidence In architectural mat
ters. 10ft Randolph street. Deferences—Ogdon, Pleat
wood & Co., J. Y. Bcammon, W. Gurnee, H. W.Osbora
president I. C.8.R.C9>:000, Beal/. des-r96B^wMp
®ostctter's fitters.
Stomach Bitters-
Strengthen the Stomach,
invigorate the nerves,
Segnlato the bowels,
Ergen crate the liver.
Improve the appetite.
Animate tbe spirits.
Equalize the circulation,
Tone tbe whole system,
And thus prolong life.
Hostetter’a Bitters.
Dofjr unwholesome air.
Qualify Impure water.
Guard against damp,
Prevent malarious fevers.
Antlelpato Indigestion,
Baffle fever and ague.
Brave all climates.
Recruit exhausted nature.
Sustain body and mind,
Hostetter’s Bitters.
Enfeebled dyspeptics,
Toll-weariod operatives.
Soldiers in the hospital,
Pale, careworn citizens,
Settlers in new lands,
Travelers and explorers.
Victims of sea sickness,
Tho aged and decrepit!,
Should all be provided
Host ewer’s Bitters,
Harmless a*a Stimulant,
Powerful as a Tonic,
Quick as a Corrective,
Safe as an Alterative,
Mild aa a Laxative,
Sure as a Restorative,
Good os an Appetizer,
Pleasant as a Cordial-
Life has no safeguard
It Is of Infinite Importance to the public to know that
Prevent, relieve and core the complaints doe! preva
lent in.this climate during the
y upon the stomach, and through the stomach upon
the liver, the bowels, the circulation, and the nervous
system, they Impart to'ihe. vrhole organization a degree
of vigor and elasticity which enables ns to resist the
unhealthy atmospheric Influences,'by which so many
dlstrcselng maladies are produced and prolonged, Tho
great predisposing cause of sickness la Cossrmr
tiosal and Physical Debtlitt. Disease, like a
coward, generally assails the feeble, and turns aside
from the strong. And this Is especially true of the
-forms of disease which prevail at the breaking up ol
winter. Tho first warn* of the Spring sun seem
to thaw out from the frozen ehrth the elements of In
numerable ailments. The miasma which the frost
'lied hermetically scaled up. Is let loose In clouds of
vapor, and Fever and Ague, Bilious Remittent Fevers
Indigestion, Liver Complaint, Dlplhcria, Rheumatism,
Bilious Colie, Asthma, Coughs, Colds, Physical and
Mental Depression, and a low and feeble condition of
all the vital functions, are among the moat common
consequences of the great Spring thaw which fills the
air with unwholesome damps. Foxrzrr rv ajjvaxcb
1 against these prostrating and destructive agencies,
leox-plate the system, as It were, by. resorting tg a
tonic and alterative, which wQI bring every organ
and fibre of tho frame Into the best possible state for
resisting the flying arrows of disease* which the fogs
and winds of March,* April and May bear upon their
mephitic wings. Remember that HOSTETTEK’3
STOMACH BITTERS are like a strong garrison thrown
Into a fort before the approach ol the enemy. They
fobeabh the citadel oflzfx aoazxst the attacks
of v suxAsiss that arise from sudden changes of
temperature, impure air, privation, exposure, exces
sive labor, and malarious exhalation. Hence they arc
And no military hospital ought to be without a suffi
cient supply, both for preventive and remedial pur
poses. Happily the attention of the " .
Basbcen directed to the epbject, and the proprietors
of Hostzttzb’s Bursts congratulate the troops now
In arms for the' Union on the probability that the
Aduutzbated Cohtracp at present
nsedjas medicines by the army Surgeons, will soon be
superseded by the purest and best Tonic, Alterative
and Invlgorant that baa ever been presented to
Faculty in this or any other country. - Since the war
commenced considerable quantities of the preparation
have been forwarded from time to time to field and
line officers, both In the Western and Eastern armies, •
for their own personal use; and letters from some of
the most eminent military pen In the sezrlce attest
the extraordinary virtues of the Bitters as a means of
sustaining strength and promoting health In the* midst
of hardship and exposure, and also as a safe stimulant
for. the wounded. ’As private citizens, many of the
officers of volnnteers bad proved the hygclon proper
ties of the article, and, therefore, wisely resorted tolt
as a protective and a remedy, where their health Is
necessarily in greater peril than It wonft be in civil
.. Dyspepsia is never so general or so distressing as at
.this season. The appetite Is keener, and is Indulged
to a greater extent In the Winter than at any other
time of the year, and the consequence is that the ftmo-
Hons of the stomach, bowels and liver, are over-taxed
during the cold weather, and are often, in a relaxed
and partially torpid condition when Spring arrives.
NOW, therefore, this is a time to brace up the diges
tive and secretive organa for Iho’Bummer campaign
with nosTZTOn’a Btirzna. To neglect this precau
tion under such circumstances, is to invito Canoxio
IxniQzsnox, the most melancholy and disheartening
of all complaints.
As a Boost, as well as a Preventive, this celebrat
ed'medical cordial ranks among the most potent
preparations of theage. It breaks np Intermittent and
remittent fevers promptly and without debilitating the
patient, and is equally efficacious In disorders of the
liver and the bowels. For all complaints of the stom
ach, it is as nearly infallible as anything of human
rigln, can be expected to be; and In cases of general
weakness,ltls UtcraDya Yxtaxjziso Elixzb. Con
valcseents will find It the safest and best Inrigoran
end BestoratlTe ever administered to exhaustive hu
inanity. It is guaranteed to be absolutely free from
all the corrosive elements which enter Intothecom
position of ordinary diffusive stimulants, and Its effect
upon the nervous system is' wonderfully soothing aad
5 who wish, to Ins art? their health for the
Sommer, use Hostkttxs’s Stoxach Bittus as a
Spring Medicine. %
And sold by all Druggists and Family Grocers.
X3T New York Office, 429 Broadway.
-•too. lor mtPljSS't'S L r '4 C ““K£ -
PlffM. Irtm H.J, cS™.(iSS.a's'b" amor olUiom
pointsteypn^StomUo SliT°riS*
The price must be written oat in words on the bis.
Coin to he pat a p in goo i itout **cfc.vo -.»boau«
enib. Oats la IKa sacks. of about three bnsheS
e*ch TOe sacks to be torn »hed without sxte charge
{Sled G ® Tfrn “ ent * The bar and straw to he secarvr
Tee pari Itular kind or«ivKrtMlon of o.ts.con.hay
or straw, propose! to be delivered must be statei us
Ibe proposals.
All the artless offered asder the Mij hereto Invited,
■will be iuMe:t to a > Infection by the Govern?
meat Inspector befbrabeingacceptcd.
. Contracts will te awarce. from time to Uraetothe
lowest rcato&alble blocer, as uetotereat of the Gor
ircment n.aj reqalio a-.o payment will be made whim
the whole amount contracted for stall hare bent da*
llvered aaa accepted.
The bidder w in bo require-1 to accompany Ms pro.
pesat with a guatantr. signed by two responsible per
sons. that to case Ll* Hi Is s- cept'M be or tier will,
wlibln ten days thereafter, execute the contract for
the same, with coos anc 4uffl(t;entsareilMla a smn
equal to tbe amount of the contract, 1 1 deliver the
fi rage proposed to conformity with thet«rnuof this
aCTeruemest: and In esse the said bl:<I»r suoailfsß
to enter into tbe roct'act. they to mate good tie dl£
irreoce between of saithldder and tbe next
low stole tlcder.ortas person to whom tha
contract may be awsr*. Ed
Tbe reeporslbtlltT of the guarantors mast be sbows
by the ofll'tsi certificate of a U. 9. District Attorney
Collector of Customs or any other oificer aider tas
I'd C‘i States Govercmoit, o.* responsible parson
known to th Is office.
All bidders win be duly notified of the acceploncaor
rejection of tbelr proposals. *>
Tbe fall came and P. O a ifireea of each bidder must
telealMywrlttrnln tbe proposal. ,
. Procoeols mast bo addressed to Brigadier General
D.H. Barker, Chief Depot QuartermsHter.
ton.D.C,»ad should be plaUlymaraed* 4 Proposals
Bonds, In a sum equal to the omcact of the contract
sl&zedby tbe cos'ractor and ootn ’'ls guarantors, will
be required of the »uccessml bidder or bidders npon
signing the contract. .
Blanklormsofbld*, guarante-s, and bonds,msybf
Obtatnsd on application at tbh office.
(Town, County, and State) —.
, . (Date) —— ——
. I. the subscriber, do hereby propose to fornlab and
reliver to the United States, at toe Quartermaster's
Department at —agreeably to the terms of
J.oar anvmi-cinent, Inyltlcg proposals for forage.
> »trd wajhlagton Depot, December 3,1963, the follow
togartlcl s.Tiz;
—— hostels of Corn, In sacks, at per bnshsl of 5f
poaaSs 01 oat3 ‘ lneack? * at —per bushel of»
toasoM sled Hay, at—per ton of 3,000 poonda.
at;a ' r * ** —P« ton ofu.wipouads.
Delivery to commence on or before the -—— dS
Of- —■, ISB , and to be complet'd on or before tbe
. ■■■day 0f——.134 ,and pledge myself to en
ter Into a written contract with the Cor*] States
with good and approved securities, wltoin the space
of ten cays after being notified that my Md has been
accepted. Your obedient servant.
Brighter Geernl D. IL Rrcsxx,
ChlefDepot Qnartenn aster.
Washington, D. C.
tt ® undersigned, residents of f la iht
Counsyot —— .ana State of .hereby Jointly and
Morally. ooTCnant with the UrltN? Stoles.aud
MteMn cate the foregoing bid of beaccectad.
nr O .«MV > i7 lll, day* alter toe accent
“fa of aald bid. execute tae contract for the same
vith good and safficleatsurerles, Is a sum eooal to the
amount of the contract, to fnrnl»b the foragu proposed
iSSSSf OI 2 n ll£* 0 ter ™ B of advertisement dated f)S
cembcr 8, lSC3.nr.der attUb thebtdwasmade.aad in
catetba tald■ snail fSfito enter Into a contract ai
ar “te^ to maXe good the difference
between ibe offer by tyj raid and tba next
lowest responsible bidder or tie persouto whom the
contract may be awarded.
Witness#. j Given under our bands and
I ibis day of , 188 .
that ‘ te r- e ** Bt °f “T teloiSfeis
£?£..*• tte ahoTe named guarantor* are goc»d and
S?r“b.“ 101 tt * 4monl,t t°rwElcliU. q
«J°£*,? er ! ,flefl A' r the States District Attor
“ffft Collector of Customs, or any ether officer tmdet
ißown , to < tW?omce° Ttrnmeal, or per**
‘‘All proposals received under tbla advortlaeraent
eDe J a i l Ps£iff? :dned ®*‘bl* office on WED-
IjESDAi and SATURDAY of each week, at U if.
Bidders are respectfully Invlh d to be present at tbe
opening of bids," U they desire. p s ‘ ai “ c
and Quartermaster
ivofiaeft's fitters.
S „E
S —R
SB . I
s S >
s U
S ®
® K
K o
I .....O
I" On
Sold everywhere, and used by everybody*
* o

K ' o
K - o
c B
0 -B
C ;...B
C .-...8
C 3
C... B
C. - .;.;.. . B
C ......B
C b
C..... B
t-... . Sold at Wholesale by
P-.O BCOVILLR. At* Retail br BLISS ft
Boren and State street, and by Druggists generally.
Db. C. W, ROBACk, Prop,, Cincinnati.
C. A. COOK, Chicago, General Agent,
_ Offices! ft 26 Market street, Llnd’aßlock.
insoluble (Cement.
Cheat Discotiet.
Applicable to the
useful Arte.
A sew thlug.
IU Combination.
Boot and Shoe Han-'
It la* liquid.
Sold hj LORD A 1
Lake street, Chicago
whom all order? nur
EallcmanlTs Specific.
U 8 E
IAU.KMffiD‘B SPECIFIC will not care all die.
eases. It will core
Rheumatism, Goat and Jfenralgia.
Hundreds have certified to this fact.
For Sale by all DrtzcMi. Price, One
Doll ir r-er Bottle.
Fairbanks, Greenleaf ft Co.,
i&tmMlj ErST '’ CInCAGO -
t!To CTomractcrs.
! L. : S,^ r ., more general practical
futility than any Invention now
before the public. It haa been
thoroughly tested during the last
two years by practical men. and
pronounced oy all to be
Superior to Any
Adhesive Preparation known.
, Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Is a new tblog, aad tbo result ot
years of study; Us
oo soiEranc PnncciFLas, aad
tmderso circumstances or change
of temperature will it become
corrupt or emit any offensive
Bfr '
[annfhctnrers; nsfng Machines,
will and It the beat article known
for Cementing the Channels, as It
works wlthont delay, la not affec
ted by any change of temperature.
Will find it sufficiently adhesive
for tbelr use, as baa beea proved.
It Is especially adapted
to Leather,
And we claim aa an especial
merit, that It stick* Patches ami
. Linings to Boots and Shoes Bniil.
clently strong without stitching.
Extant that 1* a sure thing for
boi»e^ ort
And articles of Household Use!
Eli ton's . Insoluble Cement
Is In a liquid form, and os easily
applied us paste.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Is Insolubfa In water or oIL
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Adheres oily substances.
Supplied m Family or Mannrac
torer'i Packages, from 3 ounces
to ICO pounds.
HUTOK BROS. ft C 0. r
SMITH, Wholesale Druggists, 29
o, HU General Western Agonu. to
ty be addressed. JelO-gaMywF.kJi
J. H. BLOOD, Sole Agent,
21 JTorth Fifth street, SC. Louis.
J. ZL REED ft CO.,
Agents for Chicago.
H)rttntDnj's ISitract IBttclm,
In the tear 13-46, the writer of this article embarks*
his jane has been employed la uo manufacture of urn
various solid and fluid extracts.
Host prornir rat among those to which he desires to
ca, J J5 e »H]? cll,ar a * , ««wtou of the locally, draggista
•o^thePShle, ax* tbe Highly Concentrated.Flowki
&act Bar bn, ma Highly Concentrated Plaid Extract
Both c»there are prepared on purely scientific prm
cl.lea (In vacuo), and embody the fun strength of toe
various togreclehls enterieg Into their composition.
The*, medicines require considerable care in the pre
paration, andthe emp’oyment of different menstroa
in successive operations to take op the extract!**
ma ters, and Inconsequence are most frequently Im
properly made, and not enfrosnently much Impaired.
If not rrreerec totally leare, by the Injudicious and
unskillful management of those unacquainted with
pharmaceutical preparations.
!n c l? acbQ . “oon Inspection, will be foaad
to beof u» ocor. colorend tasteof tne plant Of that
not a cars, gloitoous preparation. A
ready and conclusive test will be a comparison of its
KspensiSory** 1 thO,S Mt forUl !n ta ° Catted State
w Tfi Extect Sarsaparilla la /hr superior to any prs.
paratipn that baa ever coma to my notice as a blood
pnr MSi? g A tablsapooaful of the Ertract Ssr
saparQla adOed to a pint of eater 1* fully eqoal to the
S e *£r ,r ?* e< * Ulet Drtok, so much used by ok
fr bled and delicate constitutions of both sexes and
all ages.
One bottle Is frilly equal In strength to one gslloa of
the syrup or decoction as usually made, ana bun trass
of drngsfrts throughout the couutry hare adoatei it
to masbg their syrupa of this name.
1 desire to thlacooD»criou to snake a plain statemaat
of fact*, being rccmptly to do so- *
Fint—By a conaiurratioa of theweltoreofanfferlax
Second—Because 1 do not wish my articles classified
aa nostrums or pat nt medic toes, many of which are
made by persora too Ignorant to read a physician'*
simplest prescription, much less to maanfactore ahar
aacoutical preparations.
Thoserersorsadvirtlsc. tbla lam compelled tote
to bring mv name before the public. conscientiously
believing than have tbe most valuable articles rial
were ever advertised. t They have been advvtiacd
over tea years, commencing la a small war. and have
not only sustn-ed thrir reputation, bat ttelr noon
larity baa extended to ell parts ot the United States
snd wisely throughout foreign countries.
As before remarked. I, in common with the maaa
fsctnpers of patent meolones, aurertisa my medlcmea.
lint bow short Lven have been toe thousand a of those
artliles. Ana yet there are many persona who wfß
continue to ttluk that merit In tbe article la note*,
aential to success.
Mrccnne in maaypartlculare has been Quite differ
ent from that of any others. With over 30.010 usaolf.
cl.ef certificates ano recommendatory letters from all
sectloLs, many of are from the highest source#
incluti ig eminent phisiclana, elergyaea, stateuaen*
Ac . 11 ave not been fn tbe habit o? resorting to their
publication In the newspapers. I do not do this for
tiie reason that, as my articles rank aa standard remn.
eles.th iy Co not neei to Pe proppednp by certificates.
1 may. however, w Itbout t .o much deviation from my
plat, present here a soeclmen-one selected by chance
Dom the «i eat number at hand ileal the following
certificate of a cute cf over twenty yam’standing- *
Lswiyrojr, P*., Jaa. lltb, 13ST.
have been troubled with aa affection
er ana Moneys for over twenty years I
bac tried physicians in vain, asd at last concluiad to
P*™ vour genntoe I fiVhirS
v blehlT spoken of I have usee three bottles, ami
have obtafrea more r-llef from Its effects ana feel
much better than I Lave for twenty yearn previous
.SS SSftSfflS
unUnlyjcran. H. C.MoCOIUUCC
Uevelsfcnlabave beerftomygiwvehadlt not been
for It. Tour obedient servant, . -' °* sa
K,no^ g r ' ftrtmM * t "«-
Hon. D. R. PORTER, Ex-Goremor Pw
lion. R C Gltlßß. Judge U. 8. Court.
Hcc. JOHS BIGLER, Ex-Governor CaZUbrnla.
Of .tho ■whole number treated, u shewn by onr certi
ficate!. 8.720 were treated for disease* of the BU«*e~
Kinneys. Gravel a»d Dropsical Swellings. The ivbn
age amount of medicine consumed, as per certificates,
was seven bottles • the average tam of suffering on
year sod one month. Of this rlßber. 33) two ft
n3aJej-.227 cbOaren.srd the balance mafes.
10 4r 1 Jf. ere .VS flt £rom diseases amine from. E.i cm.
scf. Habits of Dissipation, youthfni imprudence a*tra
cea with various symptoms, amooe which will <m
round—ur.ispomion to exertion, weak nerves, ojm
ness ofTisloD|&l£t (sweats, pallia countenance, ere ah
mommy, restlessness, borror of society, no earn e?t& aw
of manner. Tbete symptoms. If allowed to coninue,
wonldundoubtedly resu tin epilepticats, Insanryor
consumption Howmanv thonsanasoftae youa<hrtvw
alec of these causes. VUltour almshouses, hosclialA
ana prison*, and see the mlse'7 they Produce. Out or
these ip,m there were 5,m males, 3.750 females Thw
wx of the remaining number was cot stated la ie ters-
The average term of suffering was 4S years; average
•**«;« - T ? ars l av ® r oge tmoani of meah'tne com-imed
10K bottles. In respect to ailment* peculiar to women
In Occllco f r cl aose or lift imj » ni be r,.noa nr»lo»-
bit Ns family should be wlihontlt
7,200 were treated for Scrofula, Sa't Rheum. Scald
Head, Ulceration of the Tproatan-\ Less, PsjTa and
Swellings of the Bones. Tetter, Pimples on the face*
and allsealyernptlonaofihesun.
3,971 were treated fordlseasesof theMoo>f anslnar
from habits of ol!«?l?stlon. ut this on«ber2,2li ««r»
treated tor syrhllK&H for humors Inthabloo-. LS3
fordlfeaseaof aseem Datu-e.Jn % 1 thdrstages In
this classot complaints paUentsco ooc readily to no
tear ccrtlflcates, which acconru lor the small number
received, ot this nnmber 4,219 were males, and 2.200
fetnal.j; average age 26 Tears and 2 mouths-
tem of suffering 3 months: average amount consumed
9 bottles.
The above statistics are taken from a dlarykeotex
prwslyforthe purpose, and wIA great cars.
Tee proprietor,! masking this statement. hopes ibafi
nis motive may be appreciated. A feeli: g that entlm
career Is doe to all baa prompted blm’o do so I
well aware that many person* corslfler five or tea
2. 1 5^ e . x R? n,? ,®£ 111 aoy kina ofmedldnefr tie beoe*
nt of theirbealtb a wane of money, and yet these *una
persons will expcnilunrrecs of «iollars la drew and
dissipation, and UunknothlDgof It. Such forgrt
That good health
la troevedth.
«.iSISJ? 0 * ett6 S2?* terft,ra moment Thereara
oajreoUct, poisons, dluretl-*,
towto/Scu^’® 6 * Ttero ,9 no contradicting the ful-
A poison for one Is a poison lor all.
A narcotic for one la » Barcode tar all.
A diuretic for one Is a diuretic Ibr an.
A purgauvoftr ore Is a purgative torall.
Tri.wii,2’ ir *® M ftronalaa blood purifier for an.
some cozutltuttons re
quire more than others
Tie Extract Snrj»j«rtll» wia enawor In «n am. uM
wiiiaecompllsn a» much as any other purifier. Twin
gladly p»y 85,000 for a letter article. 9
MyEijrartßnclttlsaDliretlc sod wfflact assa.*b.
as much as any other. I will gladly ray
?i^ H SL* bet J < r a^ ac . le * *»(*» * r « vegetable
Hoei, plfasait in taste and o<for. and safb. an*t are
taken by men, women am children. Explicit afrac-
Uona accompany ihemeclcine
To the snffenng I womasay. In concloslou. that 1
nave htul much to contend with, the objects being
chiefly of this description. The expense ts prenerioc
my articles Is such that I conldnot afford to. commlv
won them as patent medicine manoacturerado but
have beet compelled to sell fat cash.
Consequently. I hav* lost much by anprihcfoled
dealers endeavoring to dispose of their own or otter
articles pa the reputation of mine. The merit of mr
prepanuiocshat nowever.quletlv pushed them tafo
lavor; but you still need to exerdaecareto obtain my
true preparations u *^
Ail tor HELMEOLD'S Preparations:
extract Bucmr,
extract sahsaprtlla!
extract rarsapriixa!
extract sarsaprilla!
improved rose washT
uSs“£o°feS“ !««»•*»«ttoprtßeu^
Tour obedient servant.
Helmbold’s Drug and Chemical Warehouse,
Helmbold’s Drug and Chemical Warehouse
Helm bold’s Drug and Chemical Warehouse,
594 Broadway. Haw York,
594 Broadway, Hew York,
594 Broadway, Hew Ycrk,
104 South Ttlth Stmt, PhUaWyWa,
104 Sulk Talk SlrMt, Philadelphia,
104 B«mth Ttalh Strew, Philadelphia.
Wholesale Dragsiata* 33 Lake Strict,
AsA bf kQ Pmzkts erwrwtisre.

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