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((JTljrcaga tWbraw.
IsADZSS XjOtal League.—The regular meet
ing of the Ladies Loyal League will he held this
afternoon in the rooms of the Young Men's Chris
tian Association. •
"Washingtonian Home.—Ameetingfor the
election of officers of this Institution, will be held
at the Young Men’s Christian Association Booms
at two o'clock *bia afternoon.
Impudent Robbert. —Yesterday morning
two coats belonging te Captain Baxter were stolen
&om his room at the Mattoson Donee. No clue
to the perpetrator has yet been discovered.
An Annoyance.—The officers in charge of
the recruits quartered in the npper room of the ar
mory, should prohibit them from throwing pieces
of plaster and other missiles at parties
passing along in that vidnty.
Evenjno.Phateb Meetings Y. M. C. A.—
These meetings arc now held every evening In
the lecture room of the Clark St, M. E, Church.
They are well attended and deeply interesting.
This evening it is expected that several of the city
3*aetors will be present to odd interest to the exer
The Bbidoe at Rush Street,—The work
on the bridge over the river at Bosh street is ad
vancing rapidly, and the structure will soon be
completed. The timbers are being pinned toge
ther in their proper place on the pier, and the
bridge wiQ in a very few days bo ready to swing
and receive foot passengers.
A Sweet Ciiebet.—Mary Carr, a nymph
dvpate, was brought up before Justice Brown,
yesterday, on a charge of stealing furniture, pre
ferred by Alexander Cherry. In the course of the
trial it was shown that Cherry, who is- a married
ttibti, bad a liaton with defendant, and that he gave
her the furniture. The defendant was discharged.
The Lake Tunnel.—lnformation was re
ceived yeeterday by Messrs. Doll & Go wan, the
contractore for ihe tunnel under the lake, that the
Iron cylinders for the land shaft were loaded on the
cars at Pittsburgh; of course they will be here in a
day or two, and the tunnel will then be formally
begun. c
PEneosai*— Lieut Myron L. Sanford, who
left this dty In the Board bf Trade Battery, with
whlchhe has since been in service in Tennessee,
passed through this dty last evening en route for
Massachusetts, to assume duties tmder Ms Lieu
tenancy in the 2d Massachusetts Heavy Artillery,
CoL Frankie, stationed at Kewbern, N. C.
To be Opened Thbodoh.—The City Rail
way Company yeeterday had a large gang of men
at work, opening the* blockade upon their road
between Cottage Grove and Douglas Place, where
the snow drills upon the track are from two to
three feet deep. Cars will probably ran through
to-morrow, to the : great satisfaction of residents
in the extreme southern suburbs.
Grace Greenwood at Bbtan Hall To-
Night.—Oar readers wBI not faQ to remember
thatthecclebratcdGrace Greenwood will deliver
the first o'f two lectures in Bryan Ball, this even
lug, for the benefit of the “Old Ladles' Home."
The sobjcctls “'Washington, London and Borne."
The lecture is n mastefly production and will well
it pay the listener; the charity is worthy of a lib
end support.
Personal —The Rural Kcus Yorker, one of
the best if not the very beet Agricultural paper In
the United States, has daawn upon Chicago, for,
literary talent to add to Its corps of editors. Chas.
D.Bragdon, Esq, and able agricultural and horti
cultural writer, left the dty last evening, for Roch
ester to take editorial charge ol that sterling paper.
Mn Dragdon is entirely competent lor the posi
tion, and his knowledge, and advocacy of the agri
cultural interest of the West, will add greatly to
to the already extensive circulation of the 44 Rural"
The Bth Illinois Cavalbt—Ee-enlist-
XEKT.—It will gratify the friends of this veteran
cavalry regiment to learn that Cob Gamble has
gnccccded in rc-cnlistlng three-fourths of his com.
m*nd,£indis taking the regiment home to fill np
Sts broken ranks. Two hundred and ten are al
ready here and the remainder will reach our dty
Sn the coarse of a week. CoL Gamble will accom
pany them. This regiment has won a reputation
second to none in the service, and it is proper that
n fitting reception be given those war worn heroes
upon their advent among ns., Who will move in
the matter*
Police Matters.—At the police court yes
terday morning there was a fair sprinkling of those
who will get drank, and some 10 individuals were
fined for soloing.
Larcenies,— Mary A*m Fitzgerald was charged
with the l&rceny of. some wearing apparel—post
poned until to-day. -
Andrew O'Brien was charged by Ira Smith with
haring stolen two sheep from the Michigan South
ern stock yards. Sent to the reform school.
Eitonkiiy.— Hannah Howdcn was placed at the
bsr charged with disorderly conduct. Fined $5
and costs, in default of which she went to the'
The Ice Blockade ok Michigan Avenue.
—At present there are about one hundred teams
engaged |ln hauling ice from the Basin, and
they arc undoubtedly entitled to a portion of the
Avenue, but not a monopoly. Complaints are
made that the heavy long double teams back np to
the side-walk cross-wise of the Avenue, rendering
St Impossible for two teams to pass each other op
posite to them. The teamster* v« •»»-
penca to arrange their teams lengthwise of the
Avenue, and to load over the side of the wagon,
snd if they will sot do It voluntarily, the police
Should regulate the matter, and see to it that the
Avenne Is sot unnecessarily obstructed in future,
fie it has been during the past few days.
Chicago Audubon Club—The Game Law.
—The regular annual meeting of the Andnbon
Club for the election of officers for the «m«ning
yearwas held at their rooms on Tuesday evening,
January 12th, when the following gentlemen were
President— Daniel Thompson.
Tire President— Jas. StecL
Secretary— F. S. Gibbs.
Treaevrer— Goo. F. Abbev.
Board qf Director*—O. H, Walker, 3. F. Bron
ten, J. B. Boss, 6. A. Kent, and B. B. Clark.*
The Club appointed a committee of twenty-five
member* to carry Into effect the provision of the
laws of this State for the protection of game,' and
unpersons found with game in their possession
after January 15th will be prosecuted in accor
dance with the provisions of the said law.
A Eckawat Bot Arrested.—The Detroit
Tribune gives an account of the arrest ofa boy
who gave his name as Walter* 6. Shepherd, and
who said his home Is abont twenty-five miles from
Chicago. A gentleman named Hamilton met the
boy on the Michigan Central Railroad cars, as the
Conductor was abont to put him off the cars for
non-payment of fare, and paid his*fare to Detroit.
The boy is about twelve years of age, and had on
ILrcc pairs of pants and three jackets, evidently of
borne make, the outer pair being oflight blue. Be
also wore a doth cap. trimmed with for. The boy
bad evidently ran away from home, and accord
ingly Mr. Hamilton had him arrested, as the best
means of detaining eo that his friends might
find him. Be was sent to the Detroit Bouse of
Con tctlon, to be kept until the arrival of some of
bis legal guardians..
The State Street Bridge.—There is at
lost a Tiiir prospect that the bridge proposed along
lime ago to be bollt across thq river at State street
frill be taken in hand, though the matter sllllhang*
fire, the gentlemen who have moved in the matter
finding the old proverb to be true—“ It is tbo last
leather that breaks the camel’s hack.” The
original appropriation made by the city for this
purpose was twelve bonds, which would probably
mow sell at £18,200 to $12k500. and it was believed
.that one-half of tbc expense would accrue from
Each sale. Bnt the bld-of Fox & Howard—the
lowest—is £30,975; the subscriptions loot np to
314,000, leaving a balance yet tmralsed of three
and a half thousand dollars. This is diffleut to ob
tain; the subscription hangs fire. Messrs. Fox &
Howard have signified their willingness to make
tbc contract on the strength of the money already
certified if some one will be responsible for the
balance In Ibe future. It is stated that an attempt
will be made next Monday evening to Induce the
Common Council to make a further appropriation,
go as to make the city pay half the expense.
A Disgbactfcl Sces.e—Yesterday after
xocn a disgraceful scene occurred on the river,
Which stows too plainly that there are plenty of
persona who are still firm believers in the “divine
right, 41 and that a colored ™*n was only for
Ihc express purpose of being a source of pleasure
to those who heap insult after Insult upon him, a
colored man, seated in a light cotter, was driving
vp and down the river, and some foolish boys be*
gan to snowball and otherwise insult him by the
use of opprobions epithets. The colored told
the boys to be quiet and let him alone; they still,
however, persisted in their annoyance. In self*
defence he drew a knife, at the same time saying,
“Iso ganman in dat crowd would. do dat but low
white trash. 11 Thereupon a big burly loafer,'
jpmpcd up, and kicking the knife Cram his hand,
smacked him in the most brutal manner, and had
It not been for two gentlemen, who happened to
l>c sear, the poor colored would bare been
beaten to death, for daring to take an afternoon
drive. He was given In charge of two police offl
cefs, who promised topi eservehim from anymore
attacks by this unchristian crowd.
Eecbottiso—Provost Marshal James, of
this city, received, yesterday morulas, the follow
ing offldal aoUflcaUoa that the Government honn
ties would be continued:
SnuKomxD, Jasnarr 12,1804,
!To Captain Wm. James, 3*rovost Marshal:
A Taw ha* passed continuing for & few weeks the
Ijotmticfi ns allowed prior to January Bth, Contis
vc enllstmenttmacr regnlations established nnor
to tUfit date. J a lire OiKEi.
/P 01- S- i Caralr - r > A, A. Erovoßt Mar
tlial General, Illinois
Immediately on this fact being made public, the
recruiting business, which baa been at a dead lock
during the past few days, sprang into life as if by
xnsglc, and some thirty-three were brought in and
examined; of these thirty were sworn in—showing
the number rejected to be about 10 per cent, which
is about the usual average. The medical
examiner is very strict, as many, who no doubt
. know that they are physically disqualified, are wil
ling to enlist for the object of obtaining the bounty,
lecllng confident that they will be discharged be
fore having been in the service a month, thus
making a good speculation of it. Among those re
cruited yesterday were quite a number.of veterans,
who will thus receive the Government bounty of
$402, in addition to that paid by the county.
Should the rolls be completed today the boys will
get their bounty and take the trains for Springfield
fhia evening, and make room at the Armory and
2letropdUtan Hall, for xnore who are coming to
gaily'round the flag.
BcUUob of la&3>or to Capital—Tlic Vo*
■ltion of Chicago—Effects of the War
—Taxation—lncrease in Values—Sa
laries—Cost of Lliing—Comparative
Statements for Four Years*
Replee Action—Simultaneous Appreciation.
The relation which labor sustains to capital, and
tie influence which a super-abundance of the one
exerts on the other is a topic which writers on
political economy bars In scores of volumes en
deavored to elucidate. As long ago as 427 B; C.,
the subject was discussed in the “Eryxlas” a
work attributed to one of the followers of Socrates.
Plato also wrote vohunlnlously upon, the
some subject. Aristotle is however ■ en
titled . to the credit of reducing the
the crude notions and dogmas advanced by previ
ous writers to the dignity ot a science. The an
cients regarded industrial pursuits with disfavor
and even Cicero In much later times looked upon
trade and labor as degrading. He remarks In his
Jk Qfpdi*: “ The gal ns of merchants, as well asof
all who Ihe by labor, and not by skill, are mean
and illiberal. The very merchandise Is a badge of
their Blarcxy.” The more modem treatises on this
subject date from 3,615, and comprise the works ol
Montcbreticu, Sorts, Turhulo, Gomez, Misaleden,
Hun, Child, Yarranton, Colbert, North, Petty,
Locke, Qucanay,-Turgot, Hume, Adam Smith,
Mathews, Chalmers, Carey, and a host
of others of greater or less notoriety. The conclu
sion reached by Mathew Carey may he expressed
in aTew words; “ There Is a complete identity of
interest -between agriculture, maanJkcturea and
commerce." This doctrine, and that other result
to which he arrives after a long course of reason
ing, th at “accumulated capital has a constant ten
dency to fall in value when compared with labor/*
has come to be considered correct, by all thinkers
upon the relation of capital to labor. It therefore
follows that labor is steadily growing in power to
command capital, and that the power of capital
*overlabor is constantly diminishing . that labor
and capital combined are producing a larger return
for the same outlay, of which a larger share should
go to the laborer, while the share belonging to
capital is diminished in proportion, but increased
in amount because the yield of capital is so much
Increased. The. distinction between labor and
capital and their relative values, may be taken
from the definitions of the two terms. Capital Is
the ability to command the gratuitous services of
nature. It Is not money alone, or lands, or build
ings that make capital—it may be skill, Judgment
or tact. It may be inherited wealth, costing noth-'
’ Ing originally, and having vitality and value only
as subjected to the influences of labor. Labor is
.productive, and production consists in directing
the forces of nature to tho services of men. Cer
tain laws pervall in nature, which skillfully direct
*cd by labor, bring increase of capital. An army of
mechanics, by following certain fixed and un
changeable rules and principles, crrect a building,
and this becomes capital because it yields returns.
Labor may so direct the operations of nature that
the earth will bring forth abundant) supplies, and
it too becomes added value or capital. It follows,
therefore, that capital is dependant upon labor for
its value, and that labor is in some»sense depend,
cut upon capital for its value. The relation is mu
tual, and both should harmonize. The act of
production, or labor, 'implies consumption.
Labor must cat, animals must consume
and capital is the source whence these arti
cles for consumption must come. In other words,
capital is the snrplussage of labor, or the amount
of product remaining after the necessity expenses
ot labor have been paid. These accumulations
become powerful agents in the profitable direction
of future labor. The mutual dependence Is even
more extensive; labor is comparatively valueless
without capital, as its results are very small; tools
thcmselvCs are capital, accumulated by previous
labor, and vice terea, capital is valueless without
labor, though perhaps the depredation la values
would not be so disastrous and immediate.
Land would not be owned if it brought no return,
houses would not he bnilded if they could not be
rented, and consequently they would have no ap
preciable value; they would represent no sum of
money, and the capitalist and the laborer would
occupy relatively the same position;
Laborers constitute the great majority of our
population. By the term laborers wc mean not
alone those who dig and delve with their hands—
the carpenters, the masons, the painters, the me
chanics and the artisans—but the tlunkers, the
brum-workers, the merchant and the banker—ln
fact all who produce, or whojfacilltate production
by aiding in the transfer of products, whether of
literature, building materials, or anything- which
tends to the accumulation of capital There are.
'probably not five hundred men In this great city
who are capitalists pure and simple. The great
middle men, the employers, are both capitalists
and laborers, and the two relations are not neces
-1 sarQy ontagonlstlcaL Whatever adds to capital
1 in thelrcase, benefits themaslaborers.audshoald
inure to the advantage of those employed by them.
We have not the data at hand from which to ar
i rive at the exact number of laborers in Chicago.
There are probably not less than-thirty thousand
heads of families in the city, of whom, by far the
greater numberare laborers in the enlarged sense
of the term we have given above, and to these
should be added at least one-third for the laboring
members of their families arrived at years of ma
turity and not yet with famllfcs of their
■ own: so that we may safely assume that the labor
ing element of Chicago Is in point of numbers as
. compared with capitalists, forty thousand to five
hundred—in the proportion of eighty to one. It
’. would be an interesting study to indicate the mxm
: her of those of this vast army who ate laborers
with their hands, or beads, and those who com
bine the two relations, bnt the exhibition Involves
an mount of research, sufficient to deter ns from
. the undertaking. Wc are compelled to rely upon
. estimates which may be wide of the mark. OfAr
-1 tisane, Clerks, Lawyers, Editors, and employees
s generally, those who have no capl
• tal and depend npCn the labor of
, their hands and heads and upon employment fur
nished by the capital of others for their livelihood,
» shere are at least in Chicago from twenty-five to
- thirty thousand, and of fmpinym from ten to fif
• toon tnousandT
» The wages of labor in a city of the size of Chi
cago, are always fluctuating, being dependent up
• on circumstances of a local nature as well as bud
' ject to those influences which affect the price ev>
• crrwbere. In dull times and in cities which are
finished and have passea the culminating point of
1 prosperity, employees are able to select their work
men, and capital in some sense to dictate the rate
cf remuneration; hut in a city growing so rapidly
as Chicago, where sew warehouses and new rail
i roads, new ships and new dwellings, are so eagerly
a demanded, and to occupy and to operate which,
’ hundreds are standing ready, and where times are
1 in the highest degree prosperous, the order of
■ things is reversed, and capital is in some sense at
the mercy of labor.
The following table will show tbs price of labor
in 16&4. when the population cf our city was scarce
ly one-half what ft was In 1863. The dtr had then
entered upon a career of prosperity unexampled in
its previous history, and so continued until the
commercial revulsion which swept over the coun
try in .837. and brought on those years of distress,
which until the breaking out of the war, worked
such wide-spread and disastrous results both
to capital ana labor, and which the latter especial
ly have such bitter reason to remember.
wages zs 1854.
"Wage* per Week
„ . and for Piece
CKmpatSOTU IT moverDoy. andM Work.
Urktm’hß and Ire na *k*re [email protected]
Blowers and Strikers......
Butchers..; „ LOot-cSOO
CbopperaasdFackf-r*.... 1 ttGt'iJn
Carpenters LSO&2QO
Unbolstercre a SAO3I9JJO
cabinet Makers. [email protected] £UW*IS.OO
Cooper*. .... WXteUJM
Bay Laboi ere. 1A03L50
Hatter*..... ILOO3HMB
Hours Painters 1*7531.75
IlarnesasnfknaQd Sadl'rp 6.00215.00
Mason* and Plasterers.... lAOftS.OO
Marble Cutters. 1.75&3.00
Maehlnlrts. - 1.0032.00 1L00319J0
Printers SOc M LOT 12.00213.00
ShlpCarp’niTsandJoln*rs [email protected]
l.ope Makers LSO
Ship Caulkers, t.TSftSJO
Stone Cutters. L 75&2 00
Shoemakers 6.0031L0Q
Trunk Makers... 8-00&15XO
Tailor». ....' .... 7.9Q&1LC0
cutters 10.0Ck516.00.
Tanners. 1,00&L2S
furriers. 9AA2ILW
wire worker* LOwilAO
w»gcn Makers
Wagon Painters L 23&&00
In 1657. and subsequently, until 1861,* labor was a
drag, and the prices, except in cases where the
rates of remuneration were controlled by trade or
ganizations and unions, were very much reduced.
Capital was also sadly deteriorated. A large
amount of the surplus accumulations of the pre
ceding Tears had been invested in outside property
and real estate at enormous values, and when the
crisis came it suddenly ceased to be productive,
and the process of equalization began.
In the spring of 1860 the tocsin 01 war was sound
ed, and our citizens, particularly the laboring por
tion, sprang to arms.. Then began the equaliza
tion of supply and demand? A large number ex
changed the activities and tods of laboring for the
comparative ease and comfort of military life, and
those who remained found more employment at
the bands of capital and better compensation.
War feeds war, fttralshes its own sinews and in
duces prosperity. So when the war was fairly In
augurated the whole country felt the impetus. The
demand for food caused the agriculturist to sow a
greater breadth, and labor already largely depleted
t>y the demands of the army, reaped the benefit.
Other trades and employments were also stimula
ted. The promise of quick returns and generous
gains induced the investment of capital, and soon
the equilibrium between labor and capital was re
stored. As the demand for supplies Increased,
the preponderance was once more in flavor of la
bor, and wages began to increase. The demand
was in excess of the supply, and capital was once
more rendered subordinate to labor. The labor
market is as sensitive as the mercury in the ther
mometer. When capital is remunerative, prices
advance as well of necessaries tfs of labor. The
costofprodnctlonis more IJian met by the cost of
While the war has stimulated industry and in
creased production it has also given rise to an in
evitable advance in all the essentials of civilized
life. The expenses of the war must be met by in
creased taxation, and this enhances the price to
ihe consumer of tho article taxed, admitting that
the compensation of labor remained the same;
this, in consequence of the duplication of the tax*
'on some articles, would average four to five per
cent. Then the price of articles imported expe
rienced another advance from increased import
duty, and, when gold commenced to command a
premium, went still higher, from the fret
that they most he paid for in gold. The next item
of increased cost was found in the action of that
class of Industries whose members had bnt little
competition and Were able to dictate their own re
muneration for labor, as wishing not to be able to
purchase less with the avails of that labor than
they could before; this still farther enhanced the
price of the articles on which they operated, for it
must never be forgotten that the price of an ar
ticle is—what it costs to prepare it for
sale, and' to bring it into the' mar
ket. or leaving speculative profits out
of tho reckoning, it Is the amount paid for labor of
all kinds thereon. • Then the increased demand for
certain products, needed to feed, clothe 'and equip
;he army, joined with tho scarcity of labor caused
by the withdrawal of workers* to compose that
army, put the remaining workers into the position
of being able to demand increased pav, and reduc
ed employers .to the necessity of acceding to tbc
demand, and thus the price of the necessaries of
life has risen from this combination of causes, till
now the avenge increase is 75 to 100 per cent, on
the prices existing previous to the breaking out of
Hence the necessity for Increased nay amon"
those who—unfortunately for themselves—were
Dot able lo dictate terms at the ootset; with some
of these the advance has been effected, others
have not been able to procure an increase of nar
And these two classes arc divided by a verv well*
defined line; not that of labor, but w gentility In
sppcarsncc. The honest son of toil who Is not
ashamed to be seen carrying his tools through the
streets, or using them there if required; whose
perspiring face and dusty or perhaps dirty clothes
tell of hard labor,—these are the men
who have had their wages raised almost
as fast as the demands were made. The other
class la composed of those who strive to preserve
a respectable appearance, although they labor as
hard as the others. And the difference Is caused
by the Inevitable law of supply and demand. The
idea that it is dishonorable to be a laborer or a
mechanic is too rapidly gaining ground among the
youth or our day, and hence, whenever a ’ “ situa
tion" is open there are a score of applicants for
the place, and thus the remuneration of him who
•ccnplce U Is brought down to the' lowost potdt.
Ow CommerdaJ Colleges graduate clerks bj the
fcore. and there ore too many young men whose'
«mbiilon to be s clerk or a teachef—anything that
Is respectable—ls their only qualification.
The following tables show the wages paid to
certain classes of workers daring the four past
years, and the difference in price of the neceaaa
tics of life. A comparison or these will show the
difference In the actcal cost of living as it affects
the pocket of tho liver:
Occupation. ■ 18C0. 3861. 18C2. 180.
Blacksmiths $1.76 $1.75 f&co
Butchers 3,60 1.60 8.00 2AO
Packers 1.60 1.50 - 3.75 2.00
Carpenters 3.65 1.73 3.75 -3.00
Cabinetmakers l.ro 1.60 1.75 2.00
I pholstciers 1.63 1.76 1.75 2.60
Eaylafcorua ..MO 1.00 1.25 1.75
gattera...... 1.50 mo 2 ja s.OO
Barnesa makers 2.00 2.00 2.25 3,00
Machinists 1.76 1.76 2.00 2.75
Watera - 1.07 - 2.00 2.00 133
Masons 1.75 1.76 100 8.00
lalntera 1.25 1.75 1.75 100
The great majority of trades employing journey
men who work by the “piece,” cabinet makers
upholsterers, coopers, hatters, machinists, print
ers, shoemakers, tnmkmakere, tailors, and many
others are generally .thus paid. The aggregate of
their wages, however, show about the same rate of
increase as is indicated by the above table. It will
be seen that this Is a little over fifty per cent., of
to speak exactly, fifty-five per cent. The salaries
of the other classes remain about tho same through
•ati the years. Clerks of S6OOInIS6O are still paid
at that figure, and many of them find it exceeding
ly difficult to maintain a respectable appearance
on the money. The educators, however, suffer
most severely. Engaged in an important work,
that of teaching the men and women of the next
age. they are entitled—lf. worthy of retaining their
positions—to be liberally paid for their labor. Be
lore the war opened their salaries, especially those
of assistants, were much too low, now they are
below zero. • Compare SBOO per annum with tho
cost of articles as given in the following table and
f eff if it be a living rate; they are retail prices;
raiCES OE KEPapwAnrya,
Art Woe. ' 1860. 1861. 1662. 186?'??'
Flour tfbrls SO.OO SO.OO $6.60
Pork, rrceb 30 10 10 13 80
F0rk.ea1t.:...:.... 10 10 10 12 20
Beef, freeh 10 10 10 13 -90
Beef, 5a1t............ .5 5- 6 7 40
lard 10 10 11 12 20
15 15 SO 23
Eggs *-15 16 SO 85 181
Cheese 10 12 X 15 18 SO
Apples 2.25 2,50 2.50 8.00 83
Chickens SO 20 25 £5 SS
Sent 1.50 ISO 2.00 2EO 6C
Wood, bccch 4.60 6.00 7.6U 10.00 _ 123
Wood, maple 6.60 6.00 &50 11.C0 100
Coal, anthracite... C.60 7.00 10.00 12.00 85
Coal. Eric
Clothing ioo
Soap * 8 8 9 10 S3
Sugar, brown G 9 13 15 120
Cotree, Java 16 IS S3 45 181
Tea 62# •'C 1.00 1.25 100
Tobacco • .... Ixs
Canales. 15
Boots and shoos..#
These hy no means comprise all the articles
which have increased tn value, but they may serve
as types of the rest. The average percentage of In
crease as exhibited in the above tabolar statement
is eighty-two and a half per cent. The increase in
the value of labor is but fifty-five per cent., show
ing that the increased cost of living exceeds the in
creased value of wages by. nearly thirty per cent.
From this it •will bo perceived that even those
who are bert paid, Buffer largely from the war,
much more thou they ought, while those whose sal
aries hare met with no increase arc, of coarse, in
a much worse condition. Aa above Indicated, the
real deduction in each case would bo four to five
per cent, or perhaps more, that is his fair share,
and if the pay of one man were so much increased
as to evade this tax others most suffer more than
their proportion. The case thus resolves itself:
prices of all articles have been raised to an nnduc
figure, the extra profits have gone into the pockets
of speculators and contractors, men who have
grown rich on a sudden, taking a slice from the
loaf of every poor man in the country.
What, then, is the remedy r Plainly not to In
augurate a general rise in remuneration?, for the.
only effect of that movement would bo to raise
the price of all articles of consumption lathe same
. ratio, operate deletcriously upon the gold market
by increasing the relative values of Imported arti
cles, and thus doing good to none but those who
save a per ecu tare of their earning, and not much
to them. If this action be'pen&ltted, a inrtber
increase will bo immediately necessary, and
that would induce another, till we should see the
necessities of life commanding Richmond prices.
. It should never be forgotten that each one is In
justice called upon to pay his due proportion to
wards the expenses ot the war, and any one who
lessens that quota does so at the expense of the
community, the individuals composing which are
taxed so much extra to pay his share. Rut there
is little danger that the workers will fall under
this reproach. The fault, the stigma lies with the
class above named, those who fatten on the sor
rows ul a nation. like scum rising all the faster as
the contents of the pot boil more furious!?.
These then should be held responsible, as they
already are morally so. for the oppression of the
poor. Were the borden equalized it would sit
lightly 'on the shoulders of all. Isow it grinds
some into the dust, while others mount towards
heaven by stepping on the bodies of the fallem*
ones. In saying that a general rise would be not
only useless but mischievous, it is not Intended
to convey the idea that none should be better
paid than at present. The poor woman who toils
at hec.needle all the week, earning only a dollar
and a half, surely needs an increase. The school
teacher who toils for less than a dollar per day,
also needs an advance, and a few others must have
it if they are to continue to exist. But the root
of the evil lies elsewhere: 1c is to be found in the
selfishness of humanity which grinds down Us
fellow, with some exceptions, at every opportu
nity. They who grow suddenly rich not only fall
into temptation and a snare, but entail countless
privations upon their fellows..
KccoreTof Cases in tlic Different
Law Courts.
Emma and Edith Whiting, two young ladies
who arc accustomed to exercise the Tcrpsichorcan
Art for the benefit- and satisfaction of the good,
bad and indifferent people of the Garden City, ap
plied to Judge Wilson of the Superior Court, yes
terday, to bo relieved from on embarrassing re
straint which the said court had-imposed upon
them. , -•*
necemstiiat tiieso young ladles had been en
gaged by one Bcller, the proprietor of that expo*
sent of exaggerated culture and high water mark
of nineteenth century civilization, known os the
North Clark Street Concert Hall, to brandish their
Terpelcborcanlcally trained legs nightly in that
temple* of art for the amusement and delight of its
numerous patrons. *
The young ladles were “ engaged,” wc said; but
the “uncertainty” which the ** noble red man of
the forest” has been accustomed from time imme
morial to predleate-of th e white man, is, alas! too
often fonnd in the white woman, and even proces
sional dancers do not always keep their word. Wc
know not what unlock? wind it was that blew a
cloud of dissatisfaction between the parties to,
this engag«nent. Suffice It to say that the Misses
. Whiting left Hr. Bailor and his Concert Ball, and
gave the benefit of their contributions to tbo
*• poetry of motion** to a rival institution called
44 The Varieties,” on Dearborn street. Mr, Bcller
did not bear his misfortunes in this regard like a
mad. On the contrary, he went “beller-Ing” to
the Court, through the protracted pages of what is
described as a very Jong bill in Chancery, insisted
that if the young ladies coaid not dance for him
they ought not to dance at all, and actually pre
vailed on the Judge to tie the legs of these unfor
tunate females with an injunction, and thus
prevent them from dancing for anybody.
It was toremove this awkward and embarrassing
restraint that the young ladies in person and
by Mr. Ashton, their counsel, applied to Jndge
Wilson yesterday. It appeared from blsstatement
that the bill in chancery which had moved the
court to thin harshness Bad by some mysterious
process disappeared from the files. Hence, as de
fendants and their counsel could not he
expected to answer a statement which they had
never heard, they merely applied to the Court upon
affidavits asserting that innocence of wrong which
should be the quality of all theatrical angels, to
suspend Us severity, (or in other words. Its injunc
tion) until a new copy could be filed, and a proper
answer mode thereto, in the regular coarse of
chancery proceedings.
Legal terms are so generally misnomers that an
approximation to a befitting nomenclature is al
ways refreshing. Hence it was with delight that
wencard the Court and counsel apply the term
“auxiliary” to some affidavits sworn to by the
“hood maidens** of these captive ladies, and with
which they proposed to untie their feet.
The affidavits replying to what was supposed to
be the substance of the allegations of the bill, ad
mltted the contract between Bcller find the fair de
fendants. but declared that its terms had not been
fullfilled by Seller, and that defendants had been
released trom its performance by the express con
cession of Belief himself, made in the hearing of
ott.er parties whose affidavits to that effect were
produced to the court.'
The Court said that tbo motion, so for as it was
intended to meet the case of the disappearance of
tbo hill from the files, was a new, but In the judg
ment of the Court, a proper one.
The Court would not grant an injunction In' a
case of this kind, bnt (or the rale permitting the
party enjoined to move for Us dissolution on a day's
notice. Otherwise, the injnnctlon might work
great and unnecessary hardship. The Court assim
ilated the case to one m which the bill was on file
sz.d a regular answer was made to it, accompanied
by such affidavits as had been read to the Court.
In such case, unless complainant wore prepared
with counter affidavits under the statute of ne
treat, the Conn would consider itself bound to
dissolve the injunction. .In this case there was no
regular answer on account of the disappearance of
the bill, bnt defendant’s allegations werd a satis
factory reply to what was admitted by complain
ant's cosntel to be the substance of tho allegations
of the bin, and, as complainant was unprepared
with counter affidavits, should have the effect at
least of suspending the injunction until the bill
could be found and regularly and properly answer
ed. So the injunction should be suspended, and
the ladies be free to dance when they pleased.
A thnll of nervous ecstacy, which undoubtedly
had its origin in the feet or the now unfettered
damsels, shot through tbo court-room as this do-,
cislon was pronounced.. At its close the pretty
defendants arose and left the Court with a freedom
and elasticity of limb which indicated how heavily
the jndicial hand bad been laid upon their extrem
ities. and what satisfaction they felt In its remov
al. Their cxniaration at the result of tho day's,
proceedings imparted a zest to their efforts at the
Varieties last evening which drew down thunders
o! applause.
Sutxbzob Court, Before Jadge Van JTlgglne. —
. The finding of this Coart in the city of Cnlcago
vs.* Owen al bring a suit on McCarthy's
bond as City Collector, which we noticed a few
davs since, was as follows:
44 For tho plaintiff as against McCarthy the prin
cipal for sio ',(>-0 debt, to be discharged on the
payment of SV,IVB.&I damages, and for the sureties
on their plea ofa settlement between the plaintiff
and McCarthy.”
Thus a salt for a just claim in behalf of the city,
commenced yearg ago 4 and which has been hang
ing by the gijlß through three or four successive
administrations, has been brought by the tact and
energy of tho present city attorney to a successful
termination. , .
Record rn’e Court.— ln the case of u the People
of the State of Blind* vs. Benjamin F. Downing,”
indicted for obtaining money under false pretenses,
the Jury last night came in with a verdict of guil
ty. As the offense is not one to which the jury is
permitted by law to attach a penalty, the convict
ed party awaits the sentence of the judge.
Scrsmon Conrr. —Before Hon. John if. Wilson.
In chancery sitting. _ .
1147. Hampton vs. Shaffer et al. Leave to with
draw original deeds and title papers and to substi
tute copies. . ,
ISO 9. Eddvve. Carpenter et oL Defendant by
pub. and ref. to master. _ ,
• 11,63 a Bellcr vs. Whiting. Order that injunc
tion be suspended until farther order of court.
1271. Booth vs. Beodecter et aL Daniel Booth
appointed guardian ad litem for Infant defend
“isce. peter et al vs. Lyttle. J. C Knickerbocker
appointed guardian ad litem for Emma Jane Lyt
tle. *
1054." Vincent va. Vincent, Default of all de
fendants to be entered as of Nov. ssthlast.
490. Lane vs. Lane. Dls.' and complainants to
pay costs onmotion of complalnauts r solicitor.
6M. Dull va. Finnerty. Same order,
CBS. Dalton va. Dalton et aL * Dls. by agreement
of each party to par one half of costa. .
626. Cardwell vs. Barry et al. Dls. and com
plainant to pay costs on motion of complainants 1
• Before Eon. Fan H Hiatint. In trial room.
Common law.
403. Eyster va. HcGraw et al. Submitted to the
llff-'iras.'*’ T »- Saylor Hal. Verdict for plain-
S4. City o‘ f Chicago Tl. Owen McCarthy. V«r-
220. WeLoakey vs. Healng. Oa trial.
/?«S^ c,nT
ArcDfonvß. Haveraon. Default and Judg
-651. feoldenbere va. Bnrbach, Defendant
an appeal, whicnis allowed on filing bond hj,n
°l within two weeks. Bond in the anm
obeli'W, to be approved by the Court.
. 002. Braduer et al tb. Hammond et aL 'Bent to
foot of trial docket. '
CW. Beiger vs. Forket, Judgment for defend*
ant. Ordered, that the five witnesses ewom on
part of defendant be taxed, etc.
US4. Llpplncott ts. Baragwanth, Trial re
- snmed.
566. Dunning vs. Stevens et al. Leave to file
amended replications and rule to rejoin by Satur
day next. ■ ■
760. Fenfleld et al vs. Wfley et al. Time to file
bond extended one week.
—. Sherman vs. Hammond et al. Time to file
bond and bill of exceptions extended one week. ;
485. Lynch Submitted to court for
trial—anrned and taken under advisement.
4SG. (Chancery.) Baltenwcck etjal vs. Sober et
al. . Amended report of Commissioners filed ancU
"Rzcoiidee’s Coxmr.—Before Eon. E. Yanßuren ,
People vs. Downing Verdict guilty.
Same vs. Waterman. Continued.
Same vs Andrews. Reinstated and tud pros en
City vs. Hendricks. Discontinued at plaintiff's
Chicago Post Office.
The following Is tl\p order for closing of mails in
the Chicago Post office dnHng the month of Jan
mcmoAN sonruxßK b. n.
For Toledo 12 night, ex. Sat, 8.00 p. m., ex. Sat.
For Cleveland, Buffalo, Portland, Boston, Now
York, 12 night, ex. Sat., 3.45 p. m., ex. Sat. For
Sandusky, and Way for all. offices supplied by T6-
ledo and Cleveland Railroad, 8.00 p_ m., ox. Sat.
S3^d, a i lfto sght a e a £ P Sa? bj Southern
i-f°T r3 J. ctr ?! t ’i 2 i* 1 5!‘ t j ex - Sot, ej m.. et Sat
10 r T_iniy(;t!c. lnd„ Colombia, 0., Wheeling, Vn„
“jNaßhjnict lenn., li night, ex. Sat, FotLou
ißTiUe and Indianapolis, 12 night ex. Sat. 8 n. Nt,
ex. Sat. - For Cincinnati, 12 night, ex. &Ac, 8.4$
P-™; cx. Sat. Way for all offices supplied by
Michigan Central and New Albany and Salem
railroads, 12 night, ex. Sat.
rirrannua antj tout watxb n. n.
For Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wash
ington, 12 night, ex. Sat., 8.46 p. m., ex Sat. For
Fort Wayne, Crestline and Way, 3.45 p.
oat. .
. ForLogansport, Richmond, Ini, 12 night."
CX. Sat.
For Elgin, Rockford, Galena, HI.? Dnbnqne, la.,
la. m., ex. Sun.: 8.80 p. m. ex, Sun. Way for all
offices snppliecd by Galena and Chicago Union
Railroad, ia. m. ex. Snn. Eor Waterloo©, Inde
pendence, Cedar Fails; lowa, 8 p. m. cx. Ban.
.4. 200
... 100
For Dixon, Sterling, Fulton, Ills.; Lyons and
Clinton lowa, l a, m. cx. San.; S.’-O p. m. er. Sat.
Way for all offices supplied by Dixon Air Line, 1
a. ex. Snn. For Cedar Rapids, Marion, lowa and*
way, 8 p. m. cx. Sat.
For Joliet, Ottawa, LaSalle, Pern, Peoria, Hen*
nepin, Lacon, ChlUicothe, Henry, Pekin, Gcncaoo,
Molise, Bock Island. 111., and Davenport, lowa,
8.00 a. m.. ex. Sun.; 8.30 p. m., ex. Sat.
For lowa City, Washington, Muscatine, Des-
Moines, lowa, Omaha, N. T.. 8.30 p. m., ex. Sat.
For all offices supplied by the Mississippi & Mia*
•out! railroad, 8.(0 p. m., cx. Sat. *
Way for all offices, ha. m., dx. Son.
For Aurora, Galesburg, Qalncy, Fort Madison
and Burlington—l A. M. except Sundays; B:3d P.
M. except Saturdays.
' For Keokuk, ana offices in Leo county, lowa,
once dally—8:1)0 P. M. except Saturdays.
■ For Hudson, Mlnonk, wenona, Polo and For*
reaon, Hl.—3 A. M. except Sundays; 7:15 P.M.
except Saturdays.
For Knoxwoed, Elmwood and Way, on Peoria
and Oqnawka-8 p. m, except Saturdays.
Way for all offices supplied by B. &Q, B. B.—
la.m. except Sundays.
Way for ail offices supplied by Hllnois Central
Railroad, (main line), north of Centralla—l a. m.
except Snndayp. .
Hannibal and St. Joseph, Mo., S.3Q p, m., ex.
Sat. Way for all offices supplied by Hannibal &
St. Joseph Railroad, including all offices in Eon*
sas, 8.00 p. m.. cx. Sat. For Mt. Pleasant. Ottum
wa. lowa, and all offices supplied by the B. & M.
B. 8., 8.00 p. m., cx. Sat.
For Springfield, Bloomington, Alton, HI., and
St. Louis, Mb., 1.00 a. m., ex. Sun., 7.45 p. m., ex.
Sat. Way for all offices suppllcdby A, & St.L. B.
R.,3.00 a. Sun.
For Kankakee, Champagne, Centralla and Cairo,
111., 1.00 a.m., ox. Sun., 7.45 p. m., ex. Sat. For
Mcmphlg. Ylcksbnrg, and New Orleans, 7.45 p. m.
ex. Sat. Way for offices sappllcd.by Illinois Cen
tral, south of Centralla, 7.45 p. m..'ex. Sat, Way
for all offices supplied by Hlmols Central cranch,
north of Centralla, 1.00 a.-m., cx. Snn.
For Warkcgan, Badnc, Kenosha, and Milwau
kee, 1.00 a. m., ex. Sun., 4.50 p. m., cx. Suo. Way
for all offices supplied by C. & Mil. and Racine £
Kenosha Railroads. 1.00 a.m.. ax. Snn. Way for
all offices supplied by Milwaukee Jb La Crosse, ex
cepting La Crosse City, and Horicon Railroads,
10.80 a. m., ex. Snn.
For Janesville, 1.00 a. til, cx. Son., 3.80 p. m..
ex. Sun. For Madison, Prairie da Chien, Fond
da Lac. Oshkosh, Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse,
Wia., McGregor, lowa, 1.00 a. ex. Sun., 11.00
a. n, ex. Sun. For Sheboygan, Wis., and way,
1.00 a,m., ex. Snn. For Lake Superior region,
I.ooa.m.,cz.Snn. For St. Paul, Winona. Waba
shaw and all offices in Minnesota, 11.00 a. m., ox.
Supplementary malls for; all principal Eastern
dries (excepting Toledo, Sandusky, Detroit, Lou
isville, Indianapolis and Canada, mails for which
close at 8 p. m.,) close daily, except Saturdays and
Sundays, at 4:15 p. m. tetters for these jnalls
must be deposited in tho Chief Clerk's room, (up
stairs,) after 3:45 p.m.
’All Sunday evening mails for the East,lndndlng
Canada, dose at 4:00 p. m..
All Sunday evening malls for the West, dose at
the hours advertised above.
All Monday morning malls. East and West,close
on Sundays at 9:00 p. m.
letter mails for tbe Papfld States and Territo
ries, British Columbia, and Van Conrcr’a Island,
Denver City, Salt Lake City, &c., are dispatebhed
by the Overland Route once dally, closing at tc3o
p. m.
mails for Enrnsn rnonNcns. ■
For Upper and Lower Canada, close once dally,
For Novia Scotia, New Brunswick, and the
ether Provinces, clpse once dallyat 8:45 p. m.
* Direct malls, for Great Britain and Ireland
France and Prussia, in sealed bags, by Canadian
steamers, leaving Portland every Saturday, close
on Wednesdays at 2:15 p.m.
Mails for same conxftrfee, by Cunard steamers,
dose Thursdays, Fridays aud Sundays at 8:1b
p. m.
Mails for the Hamburg and Bremen steamers,
close dally at 3:15 p. m.
Kails for countries on tbo South Pacific, and for
the Central American States, for dispatch by the
Aeplnwall steamers, dose once daily, at Utsp.m.
MoVickeb's Theatbz.—To-night the drama of
The Wives of Ireland, or the Foster Brother, will
be presented, which we believe Is new to a Chicago
acdlcncc. Miss Laura Keene will sustain the
character of Mrs. Barnaby Blcnkcnsop, Hr. Peters
as Barnaby Blcnkensop, and Mr. Lcvlck as Sbanc
Maglnnls. To conclude with the farce of Smiths
and Browns. On Friday night Miss Keene takes a
benefit, and on Saturday afternoon she will appear
in her popular character of Rachel, In Rachel the
Reaper. . .
Academy or Music.—There is ocular evidence
that this Is a popular place of amusement, from
the throngs that rnsh there every evening, many of
whom are unable to gain admittance, from the late
hoar st which they come. Tlie popular extrava
ganza of New Year’s Calls, Father Kemp’s Old
Folks, etc., ore given every evening, 'and will be
for Jhe week.
Robinson & Howe's Cmcus.—This popular plage
of amusement is filled nightly, with andletlws
who seem well pleased. The popular pageant of
the Field of the Cloth of Gold, Is given every even'
ing, m which Robinson, Kelley, Borrows, and for
ty-five other performers appear.
- Varieties.— Tony Pastor continues to* draw
crowded houses at the Varieties. This is the 4th
week of his appearance, bnt there appears to he no
drawback on his popularity. *
Moulders’ Union Ball.— The Chicago Iron
Moulders’ Union give their fourth annual ball at
Uhlich’s new Hall, on Friday evening next, the
15th Inst. Tickets SI.OO.
Gen. Chant’s Penman I .—Mr. Antrobos has
finished his full length portrait oi General
Ulysses S. Grant, and being desirous of giving all
who may desire it an opportunity of seeing this
work of art, be has consented to place it on ezhi
hihitlon at Seed’s “ Temple of Mnsic,” on Ran
dolph Etrcct,with the intention of contributing the
proceed t£of the exhibition to the Permanent Sol
dier’s Home. • The exhibition will commence on
Monday next. Cards of admission 25 cents. Per
sons familiar with the fbee of the distinguished
General, pronounce this portrait perfect in every
respect, and that Mr. Antrobos has achieved for
himself a lasting renown.
Weatheb akj> Morals.—lt has often been said
that ignorance and crime go hand in hand, but it
has not been usually supposed that themurcurial
column was also a moral thermometer or the re
verse, yet It would seem that it is so now in Chi
cago, probably by accident. Poring the excessive
cold weather very few arrests were made. The
temperature and the work of the police each stood
at zero; wo had cause to rejoice that the city was
free from crime. Perhaps, after all, this feet may i
be accepted by some as a singular corollary, to say’
the least. The Berpent—anyul* the cause of all our
cngxtUh— ls torpid In winter; he is a hybemating
creature, and waits In holes and caverns for the
sun to warm him ont.into activity and virulence.
The children of the serpent are Just now following
his example, judging from the signs of the times,
through a way suggested Just now that there was
jnet as much vice as ever, only that it was so cold
the police officers “ could’nt see It,”
.It is stated that not a single arrest was made
yesterday In all the city. Happy Chicago; thou
art indeed becoming a paradise. The late order of
the Police Commissioners puts a veto on the'
Official existence of houses of 111-fame, and the ill
ness of the worthy chief— C. P, Bradley—subtracts
at least one argns eye from -the already too small
force of the city. But let ns rejoice, nobody geta
drunk now; no one is guilty of lewdness, there is
no each thing as theft. Criminals havebeensilent
In Chicago for the space one whole day. Hnrrah I
the day of jubilee is come. The, mUlcnlum is ap
Oodek Skating Pare.—The new management
of the Ogden le wide ap*ake to meet the desires of
the skating public. He announces another Grand
Carnival this evening, at which ho promises that
the Earihgvaief will be present, with a band of
music, and other like attractions. The Ice Is nn
rnfGcd.the music wQlbc enperb, and a good time
generally may be anticipated. The. Northsiders
should turn out en matte to do honor to the occa
Central Skating Park.—'The Central Skating
Park will be the scene of a Grand Carnival to-night,
whore youmay expect to find good music and a
good attendance. . -
Washington Skating Park.—The Washing
ton is an established institution, and tho attend-,
anee there, day and night, by Its three thonsand
patrons, is Just as regular as the morning la sue of
the Chicago Tbibcct, There win be a crowd
there this afiomoon and evening, as usual.
Midwinter Navigation.—The Now York
and Brie Railroad line aro determined to have the
use of their propeller S. D. Caldwell this winter,
notwithstanding It is surrounded by a field of ice,
and must pass through, fully a mile of ice eighteen
laches thick before it reaches the lake. The mas
ter of the teesel states that there is at least 100 tons
of freight sow waiting at Milwaukee, and that it Is
rapidly accumulating—that If the boat can once
get into the lake, she can ply between Milwaukee
and Grand Haven all winter. With this view of
the case, It waa determined to get her ont of the
river, Accordingly a-contract has been entered
into with John Weinherry, who agrees to cut a
passage for the boat through the Ice, from Madi
son street to the pier, within ten days from the
time the contract was made—it being stipulated in
the contract that he gets nothing for his labor, nor
that of the army of men he Is working, unless the
contract is strictly fulfilled, Last evening the
Caldwell had reached the. loot of Franklin street,
keeping closely up with the ice-cutters, and from
the progress made thus far it is probable Wcln
berry will “make the riffle.”
Yesterday afternoon the river presented a novel
appearance—several of the fastest nags in the city
attached to cutters and sleighs racing up and down
the river, a distance of a'raile or more, while
alongside the track was the propeller S. D. Cald
well. with steam np, crowding through the field of
Coating ice as fhEtaa an hundred men could make
A passage by cutting away the solid ice, removing
. it in largo blocks.
Whenever the Ice* is removed the stench from
the water is horrible, and the ice is very dark col
ored, and of course unfit foruso anywhere
The novelty of sawing a channel through 20-inch
Ice, more than a mile In length, for a largo propel
ler, attracts the attention of a constant crowd of
by-standere, and the undertaking exhibits consid
erable enterprise and perseverance on the part of
both the boat owners and the workmen. How
ever, this Is not the first undertaking ot the kind,
as two or three years ago Cant. Trowcll cat. the
steamer Milwaukee out ot the Chicago River a
greater distance, when the lec was 22 Inches In
Onr Chicago
A letter writer with the Army of the Tennessee,
“ Battery B, Ist Illinois Artillery, bettor known
as “Taylor’s Battery,” is about receiving new
guns, by order of Gen. Sherman. The Battery
was mustered at Chicago, June Sd, 166’, and was
first commanded by Capt. Ezra Taylor, now Colo
nel of the Ist Illinois Artillery, and Chief of Ar
tillery on the Staff of General Sherman. Capt
tain Samuel E. Barrett succeeded him and
was last summer promoted to a majority, and is
now chief of a tlflery on the staff of the 2d divis
ion of the 16th army corps. Captain J. Parsons
Rnmeeynow commands the battery. The battery
was under fire for the first time at Frederick
ton, Mlesonri, and bos been in all the battles of
the Western army. Captain Levi W. Hart, for
merly of this battery, commanded until recently
battery H—the Silverspaarfe’ battery—and
Captain P. U. White now commands tho
Mercantile battery. In addition to losses by sick
ness and discharges, eight of the company have
becnklUed in battle; It now numbers 123 for du
ty. Their new battery consists of lour light 12-
pounder Napoleons, and two I l '-pounder Parrots—
one of the best field batteries In use. It Is a de
served, as it is a well appreciated evidence of the
esteem in which they are held by Generals Sher
man and Grant, that such guns ore pat in their
Soldiers’ Home.
The following arc the arrivals at the Soldiers’
Dome, No. 45 Randolph street, during the last 24
hours: .
Mlinoig.—S. W. Wells, co. Q, 33d; F. Boyle, co.
A, CSth: J. B. Mathews, co. B, SCth; M. L. Brews*
ter, co. 1,12 th cavalry!; Wm. Wilson, co. C, 12th
cavalry; S. Cato, co, B, Bth; L. P. Tlcknor, co. B,
SOlh; J. M. McCoy, co. C. 3tith; J. G. Paris, co. B,
60th; J. Ilane, co. £, 73d; 6. Yanckcr, co. G, sist;
J. Panott, co. K, 304 t h; J. W. Culbertson, co. A,
fSd; C. 8. Sanford, co. A, 63d; Wm. Durant, co.
Co. B, SSd; J. M. Lawrence, co. F, 38th; O. W.
Springer, co. 0,12 th cnvdlnr; B. Springer, co. O,
l-.th cavalry. triswfwW.—S.Mlntcr, co. A, 27th:
W. W. Wa ner, co. A, 271h; J. C. Watson, co.A,
Kill; J. M. C. Barchkm, co. A, -sth; J. Blesett,
co.B.Ttb; D. Washburn, co. F, 20th; L. Grandy,
co. D, 81st. Minnesota.— C. M. Yates, co. D, 10th;
J. W. Hammond, co. G, 10th. L. Baler, co. O, ,’st
•Mo. artillery; A, M. Incyham, co. A, 2d Colorado
Comfort-able. —The ladies have been at
work three days at the War Committee rooms,
and have in that time made np from new material,
and sent to the hospitals 290 comforts—real, bona
file comforts will they be to the soldiers who have
been suffering from cold, for they are composed of
the best materials, and made in the most thorough
manner. About fifty have been made at the West
minster Church yesterday and the day before.
ZSf“ Central Park Moonlight Carnival to-night.
Oak Leather.— Jobbers, retail dealers, and
shoemakers, will fled a full assortment of superior
Oak-tanned Leather, of all kinds, at the extensive
establishment of J. Y. McLaughlin & Co., No. 210
Kinzle street-
Intebejtino to Pons Packers.— By reference
to our advertising columns, It will be seen that
proposals are invited for delivery at the Commls-.
sary of subsistence in this city—on the 25th and
80th of January, and 10th of February,—COO bbls.
each, ot Prime Mess and New Mess Pork, and
TS,O<X) lbs. of Smoked Shoulders. The proposals
must be made by the 19th instant. For full partic
ulars see advertisement.
ScnoNßEßo’s Standard Atlas.—-The pub
lic will be grAUfied with the announcement that a
complete and comprehensive atlas has been pub
lished at a price that places It within reach of eve
ry Individual,who needs one. This atlas cnjbraces a
vast amount ofaccurate and valuable statistical and
bisWlcal informotlon respecting the physical feat
ures, resources, the public lmprovcmeats,the popu
lation, religion,'politics, &c., Ac., of every country
In. the world ;—tho United Slates being divided In
to counties, townships, cities, towns and villages,
and properly classified and arranged for ready ref
erence. Every family should have a copy of this
Standard Atlas of the World. Price $6. R. R.
London, 88 Lake street, is the .General Western
Agent for Its sale.
IST" Light Guard Bond at Central Park to*
Thxbd National Bank.—By'reference to our
advertising columns it will be seen that the Third
National Bank has completed Its organization,
and will commence business under favorable
auspices on first of February nest. Their books
arc open for on Increase of stock, which we pro
seme will bo readily taken, as the National Bank
system admits of the payment of highly satisfac
tory'dividends to thoso having spare funds or
United States bonds. The advantage of having a
uniform National currency must be apparent to
aIL The name of the President Is James It.
Bowen; not Brown, as erroneously reported. •
winxi.r.n & Wilson’s Store—Closes at 10
o'clock. No business transacted this afternoon.
Business resumed to-morrow morning.
Insurance Agents,—See notice in new
. ANew Railroad OmcL-Wc notice that
the American and Great Western Railway
Coropwiy is putting up a very fine office at No. Qd
Clark street, under the Sherman house. ’ The trav
eling public will do well to call on the General
Agent—O. B. Brown—for tickets to all polnta'eaal.
No change of cars from Cleveland on | broad-goage
R. B. .
t3Ti Good mnaic, goodJcc, and a good time at
the Central to-night.
I • Contradiction*
Editors Chicago Thibune: _
In the Chicago Pest of to-day (Dee. 38th) an ar
ticle appears under the following heading, “Grave
accusations, &c.” The statements in that article
•are entirely ftlgoas regards myself; I know no
thing of each a transaction. Respectfully,
(Signed) M, Felkzb.
Charge Against C. P. Bradley.
Chicago, January, 13th, ?BW.
Editors Chicago Tribune: *
Gentlemen,— I The article In the Chicago Post
of.this date headed “Grave Accusations,“sc., is
entirely false as lar as I atn concerned.
(Signed,) C. P, Bradley.
Fomin Ward U. L, A. —There will be a meet
ing of this league at the hall this evening at TV
o’clock. Every member is expected to bo present,
as business or importance will bo up before it.
Come every one.
Public speakers and singers will find
Brown’s Branchial Troches exceedingly useful, en
abling them to do more than ordinary exertion
with comparative ease, while they render articula
tion clear. Sold by aR druggists.
A Justly Deserved Tribute*
Copt. D. Stewart, of the well-known mercantile
house of D. Stewart & Co., l‘43tf South Water
street, was cured of Throat and long disease by
Dr.Aycrofthe Chicago Throat and Lung Insti
tute, McCormick’s Building, corner Randolph and
Dearborn streets, and now gives his friends a moat
gratifying report of Dr.- Ayer’s remarkable success,
and speaks in high terms of the singular efficacy
of tbo new system In cases of Catarrh and Throat
and Chest diseases. Ho man in Chicago is better
or more favorably known than Capt. Stewart.
January 14, -'t u
Owing to numerous applications a preparatory
class will be formed on Ttmred-iy, January 14th, at
the rooms ol the Musical Union, in Methodist
Church block, under the direction of Mr. Charles
Ansorge, commencing at half-past seven o'clock.
Terms per quarter, $3.00.
jalo-tfl37-at O. R. Chittbkdbk, President
To Consumptives*
The Her. E. A. Wilson's remedy for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and all
Threat and Lung Affections, together with apatn
phlet giving the prescription -and a short history
of his case, can be obtained of Fuller, • Finch <s
Fuller, Druggists, 24 and SC market street, Chi
cago. . jayl3a4B-lm
Information Wonted* •
Office op Pub. Fatkastzb, )
Miss. Squadeos, v
Cairo, 111., >Jan'y Bth, 1661. j
Information is wanted of William Lawrence,
late Paymaster’s Steward U. S. S. “Choctaw.’’
When last heard from, be was in Mendota, HI. If
this should meet his notice, he will please report
himself to Bear Admiral D. D. Porter, Command
ing Miss. Squadron, as a witness in an important
case now pending. .
• W. B. BOGGS, Paymaster,
Per M, Conan ck, Chief Clerk.
Any person giving information of the wherea
bouts of the above-named person, will cooler a
great favor to the Government by informing Acting
llaetcr JOHN B. HARTV, U. a. Navy,
Cosd’g Naval Rendezvous, Chicago, 111.
Holidays aheOvxb.— Mink Furs cheaper than'
ever at Brewster’s, under Sherman House.
lane-teewot, .
%3?“ House and Sign Painting, • Calclminlng,
Glazing, Ac, Paper Bangings and Window Shades
wholesale retail at New York prices.
•F. E. Rigby, 89 Randolph street.
Box 5503. dccl6-5593-lra
Office or Asaxsson of Ixtzhnal Rzvknus, 1
Finer D termer, (Cook Co ,) Illinois, v
Chicago, January 0,1851. I
Mr. George Dunlap, of the town of Leyden, baa
been appointed Assistant Assessor of tho lOlh di
vision of this District, in piece of James Mlchlo.
Perrons having returns to make In tho towns of
Leyden, Jetfuvon, Provlfeo, Cicero, Lyons and
Lake, will make them to Mr. Coo. Dunlap as
above. Office at Leyden. Pzrzn Paob,
jaO-L&itWt Assessor Ist Diet. 111.
(Jonrnal copyl week.)
In this city on Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 1851, NANCY,
daughter of Jas F. Allen,aged 17 rears.
The funeral will take place at 1 o'clock P. JL, this
day, from the comer ofHamson and Clinton streets.
In this cltr,Dec. 12th, ÜBIAL BIRD, sonofUrlal
and MahlUble N. Walker, aged 4 years, 10 months and
from the residence, 87 Carroll street, to-dsy
(WctntadsjjsUOA. M. ...
Sot g>air.
"POR SALE—SaIt for sale to close
J- out couAlcnmcnt:
2» do COARSE 1.7*
Tn 32 do GROUND SOLAR*.... 1.15
In good order, delivered on caw.
r id°nms?° r!a- So.S^Mrw'fßSiibw.
F3R SALE—The stock and fix
l ®T e *9 r , s grocery and provision store, neatly
Tvihim? ?S? * Good location. Address “ Ouckbh,”
Tribune offlea. jalt-alSl-lt
P3R SALE— To Broom Mannfac-
J 1 } 0 BQ bscrlberbeing obliged to chance
ls desirous to dispose of bis
bc ai°e36 to one wishing to engage In
F ,°.r Particulars address Poit Odlce
fSS IwAtt^.lr S c°tZ n - ° r Call “ 11111 C °T. f il°/l£a° al
—Lease, Furniture
rcL'p.o. B. h i°y». di,i ' oM ° r 11
SALE— One hand Lathe, 14
* u Shaft and Hangers. Apply
a £sk T * * BEOS„ 102, 1 M and 106 West Like
Btrcet - 1 J a 3-1791-61
FDR SALE—A welf established
a iT^ D ®> a cood 1011 °f custom. Profits
nve io seven dollars per day. Long lease, cheap for
Post Office Box 6155, Chicago.
pOR SALE—A No. 1 Ice House,
Smoke House-and Tools for Packing Pork and
-KcnderlDg Lard, with market attached, in one of the
best locations In Chicago, will be sold cheap for
cash. Apply on the premises. 111 West Harmon
street, corner of Desplaln. JalS-ojO-lt
SALE—A Horse. Probably
J- as good a boree for tunllv carriage, express
wagon, or heavy team as there la In the city. Ho Is
Bcond, In good order, cnstly kept, large and heavy,
and wll he sold cheap for want of use. Call at l:a
Lake street, or address 8. CORNELL & CO.. Bor
81, Chicago, 111. jal3-cS7-2i
"OOR SALE—And Exchange. A
JL Block of Crockery and Glassware amounting to
about |I,CCO. All bought much below the present
market value and In nice order—no befusb stock.
Also about 2500 In Groceries—mostly in full pack
ages. The above will be offered for cash, or one-half
cash and one-half in secured notes on real eatate at a
bargain. Also a nice two story house In good condi
tion and nearls'new, to eichange for Improved farm
propertyornotessecnredby’mortgare. All of the
above In a flourishing Western town, and if not sold
soon wll bejwlthdrawn from market. Address lor
two days F. CANE, Mattcson House, Chicago.
lalß-n52-2t * *
TT'OR SALE.—At a great-bargain a
JL First Class Hotel, the largest and best In the
city of Aurora, which has all of the patronage that It
•an do. Also a Wagon Bhop, with a steam engine of
six horse power, and a good Blacksmith Shop, all In
a good location, and has all the eastern work that the
shop can do. Terms one-third down and balance in
one and two years. For Information apply to s.
McCARTY, Aurora,Kane county,lll. Jail-ta63-lt
pOR SALTS-r-A Hotel well found
R. In every particular, doing a good business, and
for location la not surpassed in the city. Also for
talc .the stock, fixtures and good will of a grocery
store, well located and having a good run of custom.
For farther particulars ad dress Post Office Box 2C£J.
tpOR SALE—A four story fire
A proof Warehouse, 50x60 fret, windows ou three
sides, situated on the south side on olloy between
Lasailc and Wells and Madison and Monroe, stranely
built, and suitable tor heavy storage or maonfactnr
lug purposes. For price and terms apply toßUit-
LET* TYRRELL, O Lake street.
F3R SALE—Vessels. Schooners
J. S. Newbonsc, Henry Hager, and other ves
sels for sale. For particulars Inquire of li. F, DAVI
SON, Room No. 4 Wheeler’s Building, corner of South
Water and Clark streets. delfrsMMm
"OOR SALE—One 3 Horse Port-
JL 1 able Steam Engine also one 5 Horse Portable
Steam Engine, also one A Dorse Portable Steam En
gine with Trucks, suitable for sawlogwood,etc. Mon*
nlactnred by Messrs. A. N. Woods * Co.,*Eaton, N. V.
Those tnwant of engines are Invited to call and ex
amine the above. Also ohc horizontal Self-feeding
Traverse Drill—a first class article for heavy work.
Will sell it at a crcat bargaln, GEO. B. FARRAR,
US Franklin street. lalO-tS6S-13t
FOR SALE—Hardware. Great
Bargain. The undersigned dedring to retire
irombusincfs will sell Vzbt Cnzayhls entire stock
of goods, connis ting of a general assortment of Staple
and Burly Habdwabx. Noiriy all bought previous
to the late advance. Amount of stock about Six
Thousand Dollars. Will alio rent the store now oc
cupied for a term of years at <SOO per year, being
located In the bust business past of the City oi
Dubuque, and well adapted for a wholesale basinets—
brick, three stories, good cellar, size 22 by 111 feet.
This Is a rare opportunity for any one having the
meat sand wishing to engage In the wholesale and
retail hardware business. For further particulars re
fer to M. A. FARWELL. 153 South Water street,
Chicago, or addreas JOHN 3IMPLOT, Dubuque,
lowa. - . JalC-ISTj-dt
TjlOR SALE—On long time or to
.1? Lease, the property known as the Union Salt
Docks, on the South Branch, in lots to suit purchasers
or tenants. Also, lots on Wilson and Maxwell streets
near Cnnal streer. Price ISO. Terms, <l5O down
balance on five years lime. II desired. Apply to Dr.
BRAINAUD, <5 south Clark street.. -JatMSIMm
T OST—On the evening of the 12th
JLi lust, at Bryan Hall, or la the Randolph street
cars, a Lady’s-Embxoldered Handkerchief, which the
finder will receive a suitable reward for by leaving
It nt 84 Dearborn street, with J. 8. Fuller. JnU-u156-lt
LOST —On New Year’s day, either
on West Washington or Canal streets, a Wolf
Itohe.trlmmed with red and bine fringe. The finder
will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same - at
Jacob Gross' Livery Stable, 12 Clinton street.
Jalg-tSIO-St .
LOST —Yesterday ij) going from
the Poet Office, on Dearbornto Randolph, on
Randolph to Wells, on Wells to Lake, and on Lake to
to 254. a Gold Chased Pencil Case marked “Edwin
May, Jan. Ist, 1557.” AsnpreFentfrom my father it
is of great value to me. whoever will rotors it to
this office will be handsomely rewarded. -
Jal2-025-3t EDWIN MAT.
email slze-l bay marc. In fine condition, with short
tad Had on a leather halter. Any pe»on giving in-,
lonnatton to the undersigned as to where she mav he
found. wlllbepnW fortnelr-trouble. Lieut.CHAS.
E. OTEKRBOCKEB, 80 Sontb Dearborn street.
CJlClh lost, from North Clark street, near the Ceme
try, a bay mere—white star on forehead, stripe on
nose, one white bind lee; with a French sielpb, tlesh
colored palct.ono red blanket, one old quilt, andone
piece of carpet. The floucr cn returning the same to
Its Jit Iwaukce avenue, will be liberally re * anted.
QTRATED —From bam on Wa
lO bash avenue, on Friday morning, a dark bay
Pony, bad some gray bairn on bis head, and Is sup
poscu to be thirty years old Who ever will return
him to rft South water street, room Ko. 4. will be
Boltablyicwarded « JaL2-t9OG-6t
s!Cn Hcnt.
T3 KENT—A neir hrict honse on
Wabasbavcnne,ncar North street, with thirteen
rooms and all.modem conveniences. Apply to FD-
Will HUNT, 8f Lake street. Jall-ull2-Ct
T.O REX T—A new furnished
house, ten rooms, water, gas. bath, and la s most
desirable nelcbborhopd on the North Side. Posses
sion immediately to a desirable party-a pleasant and
cheap borne. Address, for three days, P. 0. Box 553,
Jalloin-n *'
rpO RENT —Two or more rooms.
JL with the privilege of a furnished parlor,with
or without board. Bent of three -rooms $lO
per month. None but respectable and responsible
Bersons need oppir. Apply on the*aoroer of c ttage
rove avenue and Tweatj-Third strcet,ofE.ELDON
ITIO RENT—Ou Randolph street,
JL I'CtwevD Clark and Dearborn streets, two salts
of three rooms each; also several suits of two rooms
carta, furnished with water closets and washbowls,
suitable for Omess or sleeping apartments. Also a
Hall with anti-rooms attached, suitable for Uasoulc
purposes. Also a bleb Babbmsnt, 40x75, with large
iloe, suitable for manufacturing purposes. Also a
Stoub on State street near Liberty. Good stand for'
grocery business. GEO. A.SEAVEBN9, N0.2 Whee
ler’s Building, southeast corner of Clark and South
Water streets. _Jaiau33-6t
TO RENT—IS Fourth avenue a
mcdlnm sized Brick Dwelling* House with all
modern improvements. Hot and cold water through
out the house, etc., etc. Apply to AYRE3 &
THOMAS, corner Madison and Dearborn streets.
TO RENT—Banking Office on
Clark street. The good win and lease of one of
the test Banking Offices in the city, with a large
vault (gu'talertm the most prominent part of Clark
street.) for r«L ! e. Address Box 8113 Chicago Peat
Office. . )al2-al7*3t
TO RENT—Souse to rent and fur
nlture for sale. House situated on oneofiSe
finest avenues on tbo South Sid e—ls new, all the mod
ern improvements and rentJmoderate. House fur
nished In good style and all ready to commence house
keeping at once. Possession given Immediately. At
same place a competent mao to do chores and take
care of horses wanted. For farther information In
quire ofW.IT. SAMPSON. House and Land Agent,
Room No.SMetropolitan Block. Jai--t982-4c
FOUR D—A purse containing a
sum of money, which the owner can havebv
calling any time before 11A Mat my house. Thirty
first street, corner of Prairie avenue.
Jall-ultl-K S. L. HULL.
rrVAKEN" UP.—On Jloniiuy Jan.
JL llth, ISM, near the North Chicago Rolling Mill,a
dark red and white cow, between six and seven years
old. The owner can have her Ry proving property
and paying charges. D. U. MUNGOVAb, near the
Roiling Mill. . Jal3-u3J-3t
Blank Book Manufacturers
Particular attention paid to binding SHEET MUSIC.
Old Books, Magazines, etc„ bound to order in every
style. Those who want first class work done may
rely upon being suited at our establishment.
148 LIRE STREET, Cp Stalrcs.
Wholesale and Retail.
I have now on hand, and am dally receiving, the
best assortment of Plumbing materials, direct from
themost celebrated Importers and Manufacturers In
the Evet, which 1 am offering to the public at reduced
Tboec partlesbavlrc work done,will find Ifto their
advantage to call and see my prices, and compare
them with what others charge for the same class of
Goods. - K. D. McFABLANE;
dec27-123d-lm 51 Laeille stieet.
Balsam Is- the most highly approved medicine ever
discovered. It has stood the best op all tests,
Time, having had an unprecedented sale of nearly
forty years. It Is recommended by onr best phys
icians, our most eminent citizens, the Pres?, the trade.
In fact by all wbo-knowlt. For certificates, which
can be given to almost any extent, sco wrappers to
each bottle. The proprietors will cheerfully refund
the money If not entirely satisfactory, price 50 cents
and $1; the large bottles much the cheapest. B*
careful and set the genuine, which is prepared onl
ay HEED, CUTLER & CO., Wholesale Druggist*
Boston. Sold In Chicago by BURNHAM A SMITH. B '
delO-sSOi-flm tu saatp 4thp .
The only business of the kind In Chicago. Orders
wl I buproxnrtly attended to at Ihe Depot, corner of
Ohio and Lasallc-ets. GEORGE OERfEL & CO.
jalLolC&lSt-ls -
T'VISSOLUTION'.—The CopartHer-
JLr ship heretofore existing between the undersign
ed as Ges Filters and Plumbers was dissolved on the
first(lst) day ol January IS6I, by mutual'consent,
Ihu debia of the old firm wlli be *ettlf <1 by Jaxms S.
IbiMoit, who w!I) continue the business at the old
stand, 119 Monroe street. *B. LIVINGS TON
ASTHMA CURED—Relict guar
anteed in ten minutes, and a pi rmsr.ent cure
I’Fccled by the me of “Upoan’s Asms Cows."
Cases of from ten to twenty years’a andlngjteld at
once to Its Inflnencc, Price $2 Scut post-paia to any
address, by 8. C. Unun, 211 & outb Fonrtn-*U PWU
dclpbla.Pa. Circulars sent free. jal-UTT-lmts
COURT, CHICAGO.-The undersigned will attend the
above Courts regularly. Ail business entrusted to
him still be promptly attended to.
H, m. WEAZ). Attorney at Law.
deß-rtSUm * QUnoU.
"ITT ANTED—A good business man
TT .with from MOO to |soC,M»taiea State agency
with , too advertUer for an article that will hare a
large sale, and in which there will he no competition.'
Most have good reference*. Addrmt immediately,
interview,Poit Odlca Box 177, Chicago,
WASTED—Board for a Gontlo-
T T emi, wife, and daughter, 10 year* old, fur
nished and comfortable, bat not expensive. or too
far from the Court House. Reference* satisfactory,
any payment prompt. Address “LAREStRKBT,"
Tribune office. jalt-uUS-lt
Tf/" ANTED—A Girl to do house-
M work in a small family. Most understand
cookiojr. App y for two days at 303 Like street.
WANTED —A Carrier tor a
Route in tbc West Division. Requires about
four Lours to deliver. WIU bo pall br the week.
Apply at the Tnbnnc office this noon. Jalt-uISS-lt
'XJ(I ANTED. —I want some Sign
T T Painting done, and wish to pay for It with on*
of Errant* Stratton'* Commercial College Scholar
ships. Address P, O. Drawer 6CG7. Jal4-nl3?-lt
WANTED . —Hand Loom.
Every farmer to Know that Lamb’s Self Act
ing Hand Loom is an article be wants to make and
save money with The taming of an easy crank by
n man, woman or boy, does the whole business of
weaving 15 to SO yards In a day: (5 to 910 a day can
be earned bj Us use. State, County and Township
Eights and Looms for sale. Address, with stamps:
BRANSON & ELLIOT. Chftago, 111. Jall-nlts»3t
"\\7 ANTED—A Protestant woman
TT to do Cooking and general Housework. Also
J girl who can saw neatly and attend to a child. Must
be willing to go to Evan-don, twelve miles ont on tbo
fa.Hroad Apply at CO Sooth VVells street.
Jal4 oliS-St
WANTED —A Good Girl that is
competent to do general bouse work. .Amply
at 44 south Morgan street. Jall-Ql3f2t
Vl/ ANTED—A man who has a
T T good knowledge of business and $100) In
money, wishes to Join with some one who has capital
and experience. In some safe paying business Ad
dress l f OSt OQICO BOX 5733. Jftll.ntai.it
T/V T ANTED,. —A Physician, a
■ ’ young man, married, a regular graduate of
one of the first American Literary Colleges, and of a
regular Medical College, having practiced la this
city a year, wishes a situation In some thriving
country town, either with an old Physician at a mod
erate salary, or alone, where the prospects for bust
neis are pood Best city references given. Address
“A M, Tribune office. Jalt-n136-3t
w ANTED—Board hy a married
T ▼ conplo In a private family on tbo South Side.
Term* must be moderate. Address “B E/*Post Office.
Chicago. Jali-nm-Sfe
\\f ANTED—To rent a furnished
T.T hou*e with all the modern improve nents—
cat, water,bitb. 4c„— twelve splendid rooms all well
mnlshcd, situated on Wabash avenne.flve minutes,
walk from the Post Office. Address, for three days,
‘XYZ.” Good references repaired. Jal!«nllHt
VU ANTED—By a young married
9 man of steady habits, a situation. Is a good
penman, lias some knowledge of book-kesplng, and
a good city experience, having lived some eight years
InKew York. A permanent place more an object
than a large salary. Good references furnished. Ad
cress CAUL/* Post Office 8ax5707, stall g terms
and reqnlrements. ia!4-uUS-U
■WANTED —By a soldier’s wile, a
▼ T home where she can pay herboard by sawlnz.
Has a machine. Also, a Lady wishes board—'will
teach the piano and collar, or care for children. Un
exceptionable references given and required For
frrthfrrrartlcnlAn* address, for thrfie days. Mrs.
BEBTHEB GREENWOOD, Chicago, 111. JalLulUlt
Tjy ANTED—Boiler and Engine.
" * An eight horse power onglnft and holler, por
ta’le or stationary, upr’ght or horizontal, to«run
three steam presses. Address W. S. LIKGLB, La
fayette, Indiana, tt ttlng lowest cosh price.
IV ANTED—lmmediately, a good
T * cook, male or female. Apply at 223 Randolph
street. Onlytbose with good references nee! apply.
VV/ ANTED—By a yonng man of
.T T eteedy habits, with some business practice, a
situation ns Assistant Book-keeper or as Shipping
Clerk preferred, but would accept of a Job of any re
spectable business for a few months at least. For
further particulars address Post Office Box 5116.
HOUSTAIN, Quincy, Chicago, 18. Jai4-wiss2t
VV ANTED—A situation as house-
T T keeper. Would object going to the country,
and would prefer to keep house for one or two single
gentlemen living alone. Address Mentis Fxrc.vn-
LEtB, Post Qfllce~Box 5156. JalLulSO-lt
WANTED—A yonng man pos-
T T cessing good abilities, and willing to com
mence on a moderate salary, desires a situation In
some wholesale house as Salesman, Would prefer the
dry goods business. Satisfactory reference given.
Please address ** J B L, M Tribune office. Jal4-nia»lt
"WfANTED —$2 to §lO per day
IT can be made by any person, male orfemale,
possessed of ordinary energy, by mannfactnrlng and
selling an article tnat meets with very ready sale, and
will save *5. to sls per year In any famDy. SIAO
worth can be made In ten minutes, at acostoflfi
c.en's, Fall instructions given- on receipt ot 11,00,
and exclusive territory given to parties who desire It*
Seed stamp for circular. Adlress C. R. STEARNS,
Box ITcljCMcago. - ■ Jal3-n93-3t
WANTED • —A good girl who
wishes to do general housework can get a good
place; with good pay. by calling at the third house
south of Twenty-third street, on Indiana avenne.
Foot In the family. Jal2-ut33t -
Vy ANTED—By two respectable
T f French girls eltnatlons—one to do chamber
work and the other to do washing, cooking and Iron
ing. Apply at 116 Fourth avenne, between Harrison
and Polk streets. Jal3-n4t-2t
WANTED —A Situation, by a
yonng man in some Bank or Banking House,
Has had five years experience as Teller. Good refer
ence given as to ability, etc. Address “J G," Box
rat. Cincinnati. Ohio. - Jal3-uis-2t
WANTED —ln a Wholesale
Grocery House an experienced Salesman and
Shipping Clerk—American or German None other
need apply. Address P, O. Drawer 6302. Jal3u73-2t
VV ANTED.—Volunteers who will
T.T he paid the largest bounty. The under
signed will recruit for the ttth Regiment HUnol? Vol
unteers, which regiment Is commanded by experi
enced officers, and baa a good name In the army. SIOB
will benald to new recruits and $502 to veterans, of
which $175 win be paid cash on being,mustered Into
service. gy Offices at Ostendorf’s Saloon, No. 210
Randolph street, at 143 North Clark street and at
Gelo's Saloon, corner of Meagher street and Stewart
avenue. G.FREY&LEBEN, Captain and Recruiting
Officer. Jal3-u3O-Ct
\JU ANTED.—A.sitnation as Clerk
Y T or-Driving for a Grocery Store by a'youcg
man wbo bas been several years at the boilness, or
caring horses for a private finally, and Is willing to
make himself generally useful in any capacity, would
have no objections to the country. Best city refer*
encc given. Address P. C. N., Tribune Office.
JalSnifl 2£
TT/’ANTED.—A situation as Sales-
Y T man In an Agricultural. Hardware or Seed
Store, by a young man of experience. Can come well
recommended. Address D. w. F- Tribune Office.
" \\T AN TED—To Purchase one or
T T more sectldha of land In Illinois, lowa, or any
one of the Northwestern States, for cash. If the price
is verylow. b« lag wanted for trading purposes. Ad*
dress, K.8.P., room 60, Leggett's Hotel, New Tors
City. Jais-a92*2t
TU ANTED.—Employment. $75 a
J * month. Agents wanted to sell Sewing Ma
chines. TVe will give a commission on all Machines
sold, or employ agents wbo will work for the above
wages and all expenses paid. For particulars address
BOTLAN A CO., Gen.Agents, Detroit, Mich.
Jnl&nSri-St .
WA N T E U—Active, energetic
men to canvass for popular seUlng works—sold
only by-subscription. Employment permanent and
locratlve. Apply atl2S South Clarks-reet.
Jal2-tiOCfrßt JOHNSON, FKT A CO.
f\l ANTED—Agents. 850 per
« month: and all expenses paid, or allow a lib*
oral commission for selling the -LITTLE GIANT
Sfc.WING MACHINE. Retail price 815, We have
Agents whose commissions average 8150 per month.
Particulars scat Jrce- Send for a circular.. W. O.
P. O. Drawer 5839 Chicago. •
TSfANTED—At IV3 West Adams
* Ti, street a Girl wbo Is a good Cobk. Iroser and
Wcsher. None need apply with reference. Good
wages will be paid. Jal3-t937-9t
Wf ANTED—A young man of re-
T Y liable and trustworthy confidence wbo has a
few hours to spare every day, wishes to employ them
In posting or balancing merchantsor traders'cooks.
In making ont or collecting accounts, or any other
kind ‘of general office work. .Terms exceedingly
moderate, and the best city references as to character
and ability. Address Box 4&U. Chicago, 18.
WAN T E D—lmmediately, five
Coppersmiths at Fullagar A Smeeth'a Copper
Shop. Good wagespald. Corner of Basdolpn and
Otsplalocs streets. West Side, opposite West Market.
1,1/ ANTED—Agents. . Good can-
T v vaojcrs are making {l5O a mOntb In selling
3iiTcn>xi.’<7 Nrw Gotskal Atzas and Stxdbisb’
Aicnrr Yxabs’ Pr&obkbb of the Uxitxd Statzs.
Apply to J.N. WHLDDEN, General Western Agent.
No. 7 Methodist Church Block. P. O. Box 3591.
Jail-1894 ot *
WANTED. —100 Carpenters
wanted at Wright’s Grove, to build Barracks.
Wages, 82 per day. Apply at the Grove.
tag-1825-lw HEhNEY A CAMPBELL.
\fU ANTED If-Mr.
T T JAMES R. SMITH, who formerly, lived on
Palmer's Addition, In Milwaukee, Wls., will apply to
K. D. Cogswell. 151 South Water street, he will near
of somctnlng tohlsadvantage. Jo 9 tS4O-6t
W ANTED—A situation as House-
YT keeper, by a widow who feels competent to
educate and manage a family of children. Salary
not so much an object as an agreeable home. Unex-
Cfptlonnrdt- city references given. Address .MRS.
JaMES, Chicago Post Office. ' JaS-t77Mw
VST ANTED—In a small family, an
T J experienced cook, washer and IronerattiO
Wabash avenne. References Jal3 n6l-8t
VV ANTED—An£ no humbug 1 A
T T man from nearly evert place, to make two
or three hundred dollars a year without delaying
other butlness. Also, gentlemen wishing to change
tbelr business, can make four or Are thousand dollars
a year. Call at Room 1. upstairs, 124 Clark street, or
to Post Office Box 5W2, Chicago, DU
\\l. A N TED—To rent a Store on
T T on Lake street, between Lasalle and State-sts,
or on South Clark street, between Lake .and Wash
ington streets, by a'prompt paying tenant. Posses*
sion wanted the fin tof April. 'thtbesX of city refers
ences given. Address “ C S,’* P, O. Box IS2.
Jal3-no&2t • *
WANTED - Correspondence.
Two young men In the sendee oT our country
do wish to correspond with all the young ladles from
• the age of fifteen to twenty-three, in the Doited States.
Object—to pass the monotony of*caznp life.
Photographs -exchanged. Address Wm. Chester
and Frank Mead, Headquarters istßrtgade.lstpf*
vision, 4th Army Corps, Bridgeport, Ala. Jal3-u97-3t
TITANTED—One Agent in each
ft County In Illinois and Wisconsin, to sell
SonoiniEPO'a Standard Ai las of ThkWo cld, prin
ted on heavy paper. Imperial Quarto, W pages. Maps,
Ar., finely colored and handsomely bound, and is the
cheapest Atlas inthk'world. }Us theinew T*ni
tory of Idaho, and the new S.atepf Western Virginia.
Sole right to. Counties given to 4?®?P*o t •inaw’
cnlsr scat on receipt of stamp, by It. R.LASDOIL
Agent for the Northwest, 83 Lake street, Chicago, 111.
WANTED Correspondence.
Ayoung artilleryman from the shores of Lake
Michigan, whose home Is not a thousand miles from
the Utile town of Chicago, solicits.»
with one or mono of HUnoU. bright eyed, rosy
cheeked, free-hearted daughters, wfih a view to In
(■tractive amusement and Inierchapgeof --bought.and
Idea and also having in view the legitimate duty of
the lovely girls at home. In preserving ftomaaalhi
latlcb the social affections 1c the hearts of the bonnle
hot sin the field. Address, gtvl c real name aud full
ncncDSl description, SLIGO MOULTRIE, Chatta
□coca Term. All correspondence treated confided*
tialfr and photographs exchanged. Jiß-t7B»lw
V\/ ANTED —Agents. SIOO per
T V month Is now being made by good Canvassers,
veiling the new and splendid Steel Engraving of
PRESIDENT LINCOLN. Also. Steel Engravings
of Stephen A. Douglas.- Price, 25 cents each, or five
for 8100; mailed in a nice tube, on receipt of price,
to any part tf the country, bv R. R. LANuON,
Agent, 88 Lake street, opposite Tzemont House,
Chicago. da3l-tl3Mm
WANTED .-rilS a Month.—l
V « want to hire Agents in every connty at 813 a
month, expenses paid, to sell ray new cheap Family
Sowing Machines. Address 6. MADISON, Alfred,
Maine. ogS-o3tOdm.
ORIGINAL poetry, essays,
V-P and other Compositions and Lettersof all hinds
written, and information on Literary. -Political and
Miscellaneous subjects, lornishcd by addressing Post
‘Office Box MC6, Chicago. Poetry. 81 for 15 lines-
Pros *. Mcents a page; Literary and other Informa
tion, fl a page. ■ JsS-tSW-Stitap
fteltntoft’g iSittact ISarim
la the year IS4A the writer of this article embarked
In the drug business In the city of Philadelphia, where
he bn been engaged now over sixteen year» la toe
manalbctnre of pharmaceutical preparations of vari
ous eesciiptlons. But for 'he last tan years most cf
bis time has been employ ed In the man mac tore of the
various solid and Hold extracts.
Most promlrtot among tho*e to which he deal res to
call the particular-&ci entlon or the faculty, druxgtata
and the public, are the Highly Concentrated Fluid Ex
tract Burton, ana Highly Concentrated Fluid Extract
Both of these are prepared on purely eel entitle nrm
clplea On vacuo), and embody the full strength of tne
various Ingredients entering Into the*r composition,
Thes» medicines require considerable care in the pre
paration, and the employment of different menstrua
In successive operations to take up the extractive
ma'terr, ana In consequence are most frequently Im
properly made, and not nnfreinently much Impaired,
If not reocerea totally by the Injudicious and
unskillful management of those unacquainted with
pharmaceutical preparations.
My Extract Bnchu. upon inspection, will be found
Jo be of the odor, color and taste of the plant ot that
name, ana not a cars, glmlnons preparation. A
ready ana conclusive test will be a comparison of its
properties with those set forth In the united States
Tee Extract Sarsaparilla Is far superior to any pre
paration that has ever come to my notice as a blood
pnrUvlng agent A tabUapoocfol of the Extract Sar
saparilla added to a plot of water Is fhlly equal to the
celebrated Lisbon Diet Drink, so much used byen
fe- Died and delicate constitutions of both sexes and
all ages.
One bottle Is folly equal In strength to one gallon of
tbe syrup or cecoctlon os usually made, out htmireda
of crngsUts throughout the country have adopted It
In making their symps of this name.
I eesire in this count ction to make a plain statement
of facte, toeing promptly to do bo—
Fint—By a consideration of the welfare of suffering
•Second—Because I do not wl»h my articles classified
as nostrums or patent medicine*, many of which are
made ny persons too ignorant to read a physician's
Blmpleat prescription, much less to manufacture phar
maceutical preparations.
These pexsors advertise. This lam compelled to do
tt brlnv, my name before the public, consetentlotialv
believing that 1 have the most voidable articles teat
were ever advertised. They have been advertised
over ten years, commencing In a small wav, and have
not only sustained their reputation, b >t their nopa
larfty has extended to all parts ot the Unite! States
and wisely throne boat foreign countries.
Aa before remarked. 1, In common with the manu
facturers of patenfmedlcmes, advertise my medicines.
Bat how shot lives have been the tbonsaqes of those
articles. Ana yet there arc many persons who will
continue to think that merit In the article Is not es
sential to success.
My course m many particulars has been quite differ
ent from that of any others. With over 30,0.0 unsoll
cl:ea certificates and recommendatory letters from all
sections, many of which are from the highest sources,
inducing eminent phvaclans, clergymen, statesmen.
Ac . Itavenotheeclntnehablt or resorting to »nelr
Snbllcatlon ln-the newspapers. I do not uo thin for
'.e reason that, as my articles rank as standard romo
eles.ihey do not neea to be proopednp by certificates.
I tray, however, w Ithont too mnch deviation from my
plat, i resent here a specimen—one selected by chance
from the gt eat number at land Read the following
certificate of a cure cf over twentyyeara'standing;
Lewiston, Fa., Jan. 11th, 1337.
U T. Bsuraois:
Dxab Sib—l have been troubled with an affection
of the Blade er ana Elcneys for over twenty years 1
bad tried physicians in vale, and at last concluded to
give your genuine Preparation a trial, as 1 bad heard
ft so highly spoken of I have uaei three bottles, and
have obtained more relief from Its effects anc feel
mnch better thanl have for twenty years previous
I have the greatest taitn tn Us virtues and curative
powers, and shall do all in my power tomakeit known
to the afflicted. Hoping this may prove advantageous
to you In assisting yen to Introduce tbo mealdne, 1
am truly yours. M. C.iIcCORMICK.
LXWISTOJT, Pa, Aug. 23th. 1857,
H.T Hxlbbold, Eaq^
I am happy to inform you that after the use of yoqr
Medicine, a cure be* been effects;, and I candidly be
lieve Inculdhave beentflmygmvehadUxot been
forte. Tour obedient servant,
This gentleman offers the following reference attest
ing thefactsoftheease: • ••
Hon. WM BIGLER, Ex-Governor Pennsylvania.
Bon. THUS R FLORENCE. Philadelphia,
lion. J. C.KNOX, Attorney-General, Harrisburg Pa,
Hon. J. B. BLACK, U. 8. Attorney-General, Wash
ington. * ■
Hon D.R. PORTER, Ex-Governor Pa,
lien. B. C GRIER. Judge D. 8. Court,
Hon. JOHN BIGLER, Ex-Governor California.
01 the whole number treated, as shown by onr certi
ficates, 8,120 were treated for diseases of the Bladder,
Klaneys.Gravelar.d Dropsical Swellings. The aver
age amount of medicine consumed, as per certificates,
was seven bottles* the average teem of suffering one
year and one month. Of this i-umber, SSO were fe
male*, 237 children, and the balance males.
10J21 w ere treated from diseases arising from exces
ses. Habits of Dissipation, youthful Imprudence atten
tea with various symptoms, among which will ee
fonnd—lnrfljpOrliloQ to exertion, weak nerves, dim
ness of vision, nlgtt sweats, pain t countenance, great
mobility, reat!cs=ne?e, hormrof society, no enm-t-tn-oe
of manner. Tne*e symptoms, If allowed to contlnae,
would undoubtedly resn.tln epileptic fits. Insanity or
consumption How many thousands of the joon.t have
died of these causes. Visit oor almshouses, hoscltals
and prison?, and see the mlsc y they produce. Out of
these 10,121 there were S.f'Sl males, 3,750 females. The
sex of the remaining nlimber was sot stated in le'.tera.
The average term cf suffering was 4H yean; average
see 21 yean; average amount of medicine consumed
10H tattles. In respect-to ailment* peculiar to women
In decline cr cl ange of life, this win b« f.qnd la valua
ble. No family should be without It
7,200 were trea ea for Scrofula, Salt Rheam, Scald
Head. Ulceration of the Throat and Lees, Palos and
Swellings of the Bones. Tetter, Panples on the face,
and allscalyeroptlonsoftheskln.
9,971 were treated for diseases of the blood arising
from habits of i Uslpatlou. Of this cumber 2,217 were
treated for syphilis, Ml for bntnors Intheblooi, LS33
for diseases or a secret nature. In ail their stages. In
this claw ot complaints rotlenta do rot readily vo on
teer certificates, which account* tor the small number
received. Ot this number 4,2i9weremalec,and3,2oo
femalt s; average age 26 yean and 2 months; average
term of suffering 8 months: average amount consumed
9 bottles.
The above statistics are taken from a diary kept ex
preisly for the purpose, and with great care.
The proprietors n maxing this statement, hopes that
tU motive may be appreciated. A feelUg that entire
cantoris due to sll bas prompted him to do to. lam
wen aware that many persons consider five or tea
dollars expenses: In any kind of medicine for the bene
fit of their health a watte of money, and yet these same
pereocswOl expend Lunrreda of dollars In dress and
dissipation, and think nothing of It. Such forges
That good health
Is true wealth.
Let ns look st the matter for a moment There are
astringent*, purgatives, narcotics, nelsons, diuretics,
blood purifiers, Ac. There la no conwadlcttng the fol*
lowing facts:
A poison for one la a poison lor aIL
A narcotic for one is a narcotic for all.
A Diuretic for one 1* a diuretic for all.
A purgative for one Is a purgative for all.
A blood purifier for one Is a blood purifier tor an
With this curetence only, that some constitutions re
quire more than others
TLeExtraet Sarsaparilla wi l answer In all eases, and
wSI accomplish a* much si any other purifier, r will
gladlypay 85,Duu ft? & tetter article.
. My Extract Bnchu la a Diuretic and will act os ancu,
accomplishing as much as soy other. I will gladly pay
85,000 for a better article. Both a?e vegetable prepara*
tlons, pleasant In taste and odor, an-* safe, au<: are
taken by men, women an t children. Explicit direc
tions accompany the medicine
To the a offering I weald say. In concln?loa thatl
have bad much to contend with, the objects being
chiefly of Ibis description. The expense In preparing
my articles la such that 1 cenldnot afford to conunls*
slon them as patent medicine manufacturers do, but
have tees compelled to senior cash.
Consequently. I b%v* lost much by unprincipled
dealerscnceavorinetoclsposeof their own or otber
articles on the reputation of mine. The merit of my
preparation s has, however, gnletlv pushed them into
fhvor; but yon still need to exercise care to obtain my
true preparations »
Ask lor HELM BOLD S Preparations;
j&xxKovi. nritort rmi.UA,
A2TD .
. Take no other. The patronage of the public is s«.
Ocularly solicited by * *
’* Tonr obedient servant,
Helmbold’s Drag and Chemical Warehouse,
Helmbold’s Drag and Chemical Warehouse,
Helmbold’s Drag and Chemical Warehouse,
694 Broadway, Nsw York,
694 Broadway, Hew York.
694 Broadway, Hew York,
104 Sooth T«lh Street, Philadelphia,
104 Sooth Tenth. Stroet, Philadelphia,
104 Booth Tißth Street, Philadelphia*
Wholesale Druggist** 33 Lake Street,
And by iR Druggists everywhere, noIMK
McYICKER’S theatre.
on Madison street.between State and DeaXbem
ut>or*open atT o’clock, curtain riaaaatlHnreclaalT*
Lsst night bat two ot the accci»plt4he<i artist*
Jlß * 1,lh » WtllbepPOMW
ted we cclehmed Drama, eatuied
Mr*. Barmaby BlcnieLßOp MlssLaara Keeaa
BhaneMaglaaln. Levtek
Baraaby Blenkensop petera
Assisted by the entire company.
To conclnde with the tororlte Farce of
.Mr. Lerlek
.Mr. Peters
Mr. Somerton,
FftlDAX—Beneat of Miss Laura Keeae.
In numerous request* the Manager respect*
fnilT announces that 3fl** Laura Kc'no will arn«jr a*
KAuLFL Tlifc IIEATEK on Saturday afternoon.
F.A. H.K.
Go In the AFTEBNOON and avoid the crowd In
the evening. >
Sand in Attendance Afternoon and
(irantl Carnival
Thursday Evening, Jan, 14,1864,
Good Ice, Good Basic, and a Good Tims
Generali) Hay be Expected.
j&ll-OlCS-lt ;
Vicksburg Within the Rebel Lines.
On Thursday and Saturday Evenings,
•January 21st and 23d.
A. S. STONE, U e Paroled Vicksburg Prisoner, a
Northerner by birth, hat for several years a red lent
of the extreme Sooth, and who for tus devotion to
the old flag was Ixpsisokfd nr Mxsphu. and finally
compelled ti> join the Rebel Army to save his life,
and who was inside the fortifications during the
**MOUABL»IS DATS OT TUX SIVQE, will address the
citizens of Chicago on the above named night at
Bryan Hall.
Ladles and gentlemen are respectfully requested to
attend. Lectnrcs free. The Second Lecture reining
particularly to the Slcgo of Vlekabnrg.
115 & 117 Dearborn straec
C. M. CHADWICK....SoIe Lessee and Proprietor.
6HO. F. MCDONALD ...Stage Manage,
Crowded Houses.
Drees Circle audFarqnette ..
Private 80xe5....
Single Seats in Private Boxes
Academy of music.
Washington street.bctwoen Clark and Dearborn.
MONDAY EVENING, Jan. lltb, ami every evening
daring the week. NEW TEAR'S CALLS: Arlington
in his great character of Peter Day; Kelly a-* High
flyer: Leonas Lucinda; Price as Mrs. Day: Jones in
a Barberous Affair; Donmker In a New Solo ; The
Echo In the Woods; Old Folks; toe CblneseDance,Ac.
Doors open at 7 o'clock,' commencing at 3 P. M. Ad
mission 25 cents; Seat® secured through the day 50
cents. Private Boxes $3 CO.
JalO t£o7-lw B. S. DINGESS. Agent.
Robinson & howes’ cilui-
The warmest and most complete place ever erected
SATURDAY AFTERNOON, will be presented the
Grand Historical Spectacle of the
Field of the Cloth of Gold r
The most gorgeous paegent of the age.
45 performers In every entertainment.
JalO-t—iw ■_
J? - THE
Chicago li*on Moulders Union,
At UHLLICH*B HALT., comer ot Clark and Klnzle
streets, FRIDAY EVENING, January uth, 1361
Tickets 91. Masle by the Great Western Band.
Large, airy and central. Good Piano, Curtain so:
Scenery. -Sbgcn will find this a superior Hail let
Concerts, as the stage can be entirely cleared.
nol3-p7W-3m Proprlfltorc
auction Sales.
General Auctioneers. 11,46 AIS Dearborn-bt
Curtain Goods, Mirrors* 01QccFaruitnrc,&c.
On FIUDAT. Jan. IS, at 10 o’clock A."M.. we shal
sell at our salesrooms, a large assortment of elegant
chamber suits, in rosewood, oak and walnut. nmrbU
top bureaus and washstands, French and cottage bed
Bteads.parlor salts. In crimson and green plush, ant
bair cloth. tet«*a-tetes, sofas, rocking chairs, parioi
chairs, extension dining tables, cane scat choirs
spring beds, mattresses, office fnrnltore, Ac.
Also, a large asboitment of curtain goods, Frencr
and German plate mirrors. In polished oil, walnut onr
gold gilt frames. .. . ..
Aho. a variety of household goods.
U RAILROAD OFFICE. No. 25G G Street, Wash
Ington, D. O, December, 19,13tti.
Locomotive Engines and Bailroad Iron to
• Sale, -
1 will sen at public auction, at the Orange and Alex
ardriaKallroadDepot,lo Alexandria, Va n oa WED
NfcSDAT, the 13th day of January next:
, Ten second-hand Locomotive Engines, 1 feet 3?
Inches nose.
About IJ3OO tons of old Balia, T and U patten
’ « 152 T. CirWheels.
m SS2 J _-Axles.
~ -*0 “ • Wrought scrap Iron
»« “ Cast “
A lot of steel Springs, Sheet Iron, etc.
Sale to commence at 10 A.M.
dc23-US-22t . Captain and A. Q..M.
Estate for gale.
"OOR SALE—Vain able Water Lo!
JL suitable for a Packing House or 3lanaf icturi;u
Jarpose on the South Branch near Cregln Co':
asking Boose, 240 by 41Q;deep (UockcT.. Lot »r.
South Clark street near Splnger or Fifteenth .«tre«.-«
110 by SO feet. Also Houses and Lots, Building.
Farms and Illinois Lands.
Beal Estate Agent, No. 4 Metropolitan Block.
Tj*Oß SALE—Desirable Residence
JL Progeny, Michigan avenue,
north of Twelfth street: 100 teet on Calumet avenue,
near Ringgold street: 200 feet on Calumet avenue,
near Ringgold street ;200 feet on Prairie arena*. near
Ringgold atrefct. S3 lots on Wabash and Michigan av
enues, near Fourteenth street or Liberty street
knownas the Sherman and Herrington Tract). Very
desirable property. aOverychohe lots near Union
Park. Honse ami lot on Michigan avenue, near Rio
Grande street. Boose and lot on West Mnnroe.near
Rucker. House and lot on Park avenue—che;ip. Ap
ply to A.- J. AVERELL, Ileal Estate Broker, No. 7
Metropolitan Block. Jalo-t9s3-3t
FOR SALE Good Business
Property. Two 5 story stores on South Water
street, near Wabash avenue. One 1 story brick store
on North Water street, near Clark street. Apply to
A. J.AVERELL, Real Estate Agent, No. 7 Metropol
itan Block, ° JalO-tWt-St
FOR SALE.—Lots lor sale very
cheap. Ten lota on* the northeast corner ol
Tyicr and Loomis streets. Block 29, Canal Trustees
Subdivision of Section 17, Township 59. Range 11.
For sale in cne'or more lots, at 8500 each—onc-thlrd
cash and the balance in one and two ye*rs at 7 per
cent. Title perfect. .B2LNJ. F.HADDLCK. 30 Dear
born street. deS-:t3t-h)t
“OOR SALE.—A Farm, of 215
acres—32acres of timber.and IS3 acres of good'
roilingprairie under good cultivation, with a good
house, born, orchard,and plenty of living water on
It. Located In the town or Wayue, P Co., 111.,
two miles from .Wayne Station, six miles from Elgin,
and thirty mile* from Chicago. Inquire on far*, or
KERSHAW,Wayne 9 UU°n,D tt Page Co.
* wanting Farms.—Largo and thriving settlement
mild and healthful climate,3o miles sooth of Philadel
phia by railroad. Rich soil, produces large crops,aero
tracts at from 815 to S3O per acre, payable within four
years. Good business openings for manufacturers and
others: churches, schools and good society. Itlsnow
the most improving place. East or West. Hundreds
are settling and building. The beauty with which the
place is laid out Is unsurpassed. Letters answered.
Papers containing reports and giving full luformatioa
will he sent free. Address CHAB. K. LANDIS, Vino*
land Poet Office. Cumberland county, New Jern-v.,
From report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Ediuj**
of the Tribune: It la one of the moat extensive ferine
tracts. In an almosLlevel position and suitable condi
tion for pleasant fanning, that we know of thiazide or
the Western prairies. 0c23-o.exm
XJ CARDING—And rooms suitable
J-P for a gentleman nnri wife, or two singly
men, can be had at W Washington atreet,Dy •rpiy-
Ing immediately. Afew day boarders can als«>reJ 6 *
commodated. j-.imi.JA
T> CARDING. —To rent trith board
fl oceoafruaUhed front room, suitable for a gen
tleman and lady, or two single gentieaien, at 61
Wabash avenne, southeast corner of Baadolph-su
BOA KDING.—Furnished rooms
with board on Wabash avenue. Address I^ 9 *
Office Box 310. jait-ullM.
Boarding.— a nice suit of
Front Rooms to let, with board.- *
now In them can be bought If desired. -'Pr'L.*:,-*
Van Boren street. V
BO ARDIN 6.—Music Teucber.
An accomplished madron a
private family, not very «w C-iurt t loose,
where his services as ‘Ve n r' . w S
Organ cr Melodcon, would 'lini"rm
ences. Addre*s**NC, Fust Oiflte Box 1101, tDlc-„o-
JalC-tlSl-ls - —-
A MONTH—Wc want
OI f Agents st |6O a month, expenses pabUto
Bii MT EtxS-asti.vo Pxrcius, Oriental Hu*.
and thSieen other new. nsofnl and cnrlotu* a£
*Flfteen circular* sent rats. Address iUAW
2 Maine. deas-UK-ums
.13 cents.
.23 rents,
.50 cents.

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