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[Cljifagix Cnbiwt*
Letter List.—The Letter List will be
found upon the third page of this issne.
Sudden Death.—Mrs Kitchen, on elder
ly woman residing w Ith her hosband on franklin
street, sear Lake, fell’dcad suddenly while Arising
Is her bedroom on Priday morning last It is said
that she was as intemperate woman.
~ Light Guard.—A meeting of the Chicago
Light Guard was called on Saturday evening to
take into consideration matters, of great Import
ance, bnt the meeting not being numerously at
tended, on adjournment was decided on, to Mon
day evening.
Cambrian Soctett.—The members of the
Cambraln (Welsh) Society, will bold a meeting on
Tuesday evening next, at half-past scran o’clock.
In the Welsh "church,' on Desplainea street, hear
Lake, to make arrangements for the proper ob
servance of Et. Haulers day—tho first of March.
A Substitute fob Eggb.—Eggs are now re
tailing at. ft cm 40 to 50 cents a dozen, cud are sot
to be obtained at that. As a matter of general in
terest, we will state that corn starch is an excel
lent substitute for eggs for culinary purposes, one
spoonful of corn starch being reckoned as equal to
a single egg. ...
The Zouaves.—A dispatch was received
on Saturday night announcing tho arrival of the
Zouaves at Syracuse, New York. They were the
guests of the officers of tho New York-Central
Bailrood and were everywhere received with abun
dant hospitality. It was expected they would
reach New York this morning.
The Pest House and Mobtuaet Statis
tics.—At the regular meeting of the Chicago Med
ical Society, on Friday night, Dr. Bartlett made a
report concerning tho Pest House, situated ou
North avenue, near Clark street. The report does
cot convey a favorable impression of the condi
tion of the Inmates. According to all accounts
they are shamefully neglected by the authorities.
The report was adopted by the Society, and also a
memorial to the Mayor and Connell asking for the
adoption of a better method for obtaining and re
cording mortuary statistics.
Two of a' Trade.—On Saturday morning
Thomas Tracy, an omnibus driver, was charged
before Justice DeWolfi with an assault committed
upon the person of Cornelias Collins, a brother
Jehu. Eaily In the morning a dispute arose be
tween the men, respecting a coat that Tracy ac
cused Collins of damaging, which accusation Col
lins indignantly denied, when language the reverse
of polite was used on both sides, each individual
resorting for compliments to that vocabulary pos
sessed so eminently- by the driving fraternity.
Towards the dose of the controversy which was
listened to throngbont by an admiring audience,
Tracy varied the programme by a resort to the ar
gumenlvm ad hondnan. For this alight muscular
exercise Thomas was required by the justice to
contribute $8 and costs to the general fund.
A Noble but Terrible Record.—Ob the
21st day of April, 186’, Co. A, (Rumsey Biflos) 12th
Illinois infantry, entered tho three months 1 ser
vice, under President Lincoln’s call for 75,000 men,
125 strong. At the expiration of their term of
service, C 5 of the men re-enlisted for three
years, or during the war, under Lieut. Van Horn,
and have shared the glories and hardships of that
famous regiment to this day. They now have
just IS men who can answer the roll call, most of
the remainder being quietly resting in green pos
tures and beside still waters, until the Great Cap
tain shall muster them Into his white lobed army.
These fifteen heroes have all re-cnlistcd, and they
call upon the young men who love their country
and are willing to be counted among its defenders,
to come and Join them, until there shall be room
for no more in their ranks. The entire 12th regi
ment returns with SU men out of the 650 who
filled its ranks, when it went to face the enemy.
You Tickle Mb and I’ll Tickle You.—Tho
Jeff. Davis organ, on its report of the proceedings
of a late meeting of the Chicago Medical Society,
Dr. Wlckcreham said that the Society was under
many obligations to the Times. It has given full
and reasonably accurate reports, which, If contin
ued, will place the So ciety upon its proper fooling
in the estimation of the public.
This is a plain case of reciprocal puffery. Dr.
Wlckcreham Is one of the High Priests of the Or
der of Copperheads, and has therefore been the
recipient of fulsome beslavering at the hands of
the Confederate organ, and it is eminently In ac
cordance with the fitness of things, that he
public acknowledgment. We have-no idea that
the profession will choose to adopi that disloyal
sheet as the medium through which to 44 place the
Society on Us proper footing In the estimation ot
the public.” We haven’t the slightest objection,
Dr. W. “It’s only a matter of taste,” as the wo
man said when she kissed the cow.
Deserters Arrested.—Saturday evening,
upon the arrival of the Milwaukee train, two mm
named William Walton and Gnatav Jefferdt were
arrested on the charge of having deserted from a
squad of troops sent from Baltimore to join Gen,
Pope’s command. These men had been In tb*
rebel service, and were captured by the Fedorals—
one at Berlin a few days after the battle of Gettys
burg, and the other with a schooner that attempt
ed to run the blockade at Charleston. After being
eaptmed they took the oath of allegiance
to the United States, and Joined the army. On
Thursday last in company with a large squad, they
left Baltimore to join Pope, and proceeded as far
as Milwaukee, where they saw on opportunity to
discharge themselves from service without the aid
of red tape. They took the cars for Chicago, and
on arrival were arrested, through Information re
ceived by telegraph. They will be returned to
Milwaukee on Monday or Tuesday, If their iden
tity is established.
The Emancipation Proclamation and
The Sanitart Cokviebiok.—ln a rerr cordial let
ter from Eev. Henry W. Bellows, President of the
United States Sanitary Commission, addressed to
Tbos. B. Bryan, Esq., a proposition is made hy
Br. B. that the Jac simile of the Emancipation
Proclamation he leaned, for Eastern circulation,
under the joint anepicea of the Soldiers' Home
and the U. 8. Sanitary Commission, the latter In
stitution to participate in the profits derived from
the ealea of copies in the East. Mr. Bryan has ac
cepted the proposition, and an issne of the fac-
Hmile will be made accordingly, hearing upon each
copy the Joint signature of Thos. B. Bryan and
Henry W. Bellows.
We are glad to leant that despite the trickery
.and deception of those engaged in introdneing
nth ere, the genuine fae-HmUe is destined to obtain
universal acceptance throughout the loyal States,
and scores who have been deceived into purchas
ing the catchpenny Issue, consign the bogus to the
flames, and the genuine to frames.
Belief fob Soldiers’ Families.—The
regular weekly meeting of the Ladies' Belief So
ciety was held on Saturday afternoon. In the rooms
-of the War Committee in Garrett Block. The at
tendance, owing to unfavorable weather was
light, bnt the proceedings were full of interest.
In the absence of Mrs. Doge, the President, Mrs.
Hosmer was called to preside over their delibera
tions. The minutes of the preceding meeting
were read and approved.
The reports of the ladies bring next in order.
Mrs Fuller reported an additional collection of $2,
making $84.65 altogether. Mrs. Fuller had assist
ed fourteen families. Mrs. Edgcrton reported $2,
Mrs. Loomis reported stl from the German Evan
gellcal Church, and 50c. from a poor German wo
man. Mrs, Banney reported $8 collected. Mrs.
Ccnrad reported $8 in money, and articles of
-clothing. The collection from North Fresby
talan Church was announced to be $45.10; that
from the German Evangelical Church $11; Union
Park Church, SIL9O; Berean Baptist, $8.70. Dun
lop, Sewell, & Spaulding famished twenty-four
books for canvassers.
Mrs. Beynolds reported ss*o paid in by Potter
Palmer, Esq., for the relief of soldiers’
families. The following woe unanimously
Fetolted, That the ladies’ Association for the
relief of soldiers’ families, tender their heartfelt
thanks to Potter Palmer, Esq., for his munificent
donation of SSOO to-thelr treasury, and also for his
previous gift of SIOO to tbe same purpose. Such
entitles him to the gratitude of
The generous offer from Arlington, Kelly, Leon
& Donnikeria Minstrels to give a special afternoon
entertainment next Saturday for the benefit of sol
diers’ families, was accepted with thantr^.
On motion the meeting then adjourned.
Gough’s Lectcbes. —The great sale of re
served seats for Gough’s three lectures, has ren
dered it neccseazy for the Committee to announce
that no tickets win behold at the door on the eve
nings of the lectures, until twenty minntes befbre
eight o’clock. Previous to that time none except
holders of reserved seats and complimentary tickets
will be admitted. Clergymen and holders of com
plimentary tickets wUI be seated on the stage, and
are requested to come early.
There win be about three hundred desirable seats
provided for persons procuring tickets on the eve
nings of the lectures who do not holdseeored seats.
Some very desirable reserved seats for the Sd and
Sd evenings remain unsold at Chittenden’s, 106
Lake Street. In consequence of the shameless lar
ceny and sale of a portion of the ordinary red “ ad
mission tickets” to the Young Men’s Association
lectures, an entirely new and different “admission
ticket” has been provided, and the old red tickets
will not be recognized by the Committee at the
door or any other place, and holders of them are
warned against expecting to be admitted on
Wages ass Pavzegbw—The mechanic and labor
er, whose large family or expensive habits exhaust
ell his earnings, is perhaps poorer as a conse
quence of the increased cost of living, but those
whose thrifty habits bare led them to save a per
centage of their earnings is able to lay by a larger
amount of money now than before the~commence*
ment of the war. Visitors to the savings banks now
make larger weekly deposits and-their account
booka show a greater balance in their favor.
There is not a better way of investing, such small
be spared from the weekly
receipt s, than i tta a -well conducted Sav-'
lags Bank, a truth which the working classes of
Europe and the East have long elncc discovered.
The workers of Chicago are beginning to recog
nize this, as Is attested by the large Increase in the
deposits made In the State Baring Institution on
Washington afreet. This bank especially com
mends itself to the public confidence by the terms
«of Its charter,whlch renders the stockholders indi
vidually liable for every dollar deposited, and la
Conducted by tho same men who control the HU
nois Savings Institution. It is well known that at
thetimeofthestnmptail excitement these gentle
men carried on the bank at par, paying dollar for
dollar In gold or par funds as deposited,—wilhont
discount. Kobctteiiproof is needed, that deposi
tors with either of those Institutions avoid those
risks of lose contingent on dealings with lew re
sponsible or honorable men; it Is well to know In
yhom we gad puce coaftdesce>
The Peace Sneaks at Work—A lack
Spittles Prayer,
The following Copperiicad petition la bolngclao
destinely arcnlcted among the “peace sneaks “of
this city and elsewhere for signatures. It was sent
hereftom Ohio. ;Vollandlgham is said to have
pci ned It. Several hundred copies were printed
at the scccsh office to bo distributed for signatures.
A letter from Somonauk stales,* “ that a Copper
hcsdjrom Chicago named Brant is engaged in
peddling It in that neighborhood. His ostensible
business Is selling whisky, bat he seems to be
more active in drummlngfornameato his peace pe
tition than for customers for Uls ‘rot gat.'*' He
don’t seem to succeed very well In either branch
of hie business in that section of the country.
To the SonoraUs the Senate and House of Rep
reseniatlres rf the Congress Of the United States
Of America:
Ycvr petitioners, citizens - Coonty. Illin
ois, would most respectfully represent to your
Honorable body, that a most cruel and deatractlve
civil war has been canted on, with a vindictive
bitterness never before recorded in the annals of
civilization',-between the United States and sever
al States of the Union, until rain has encompassed
everything pertaining to onr material happiness.
Onr wealth has been changed to poverty, until
we owe more than we are worth, ana spend more
than wc make. The nation Is essentially bank
rupt; our civilization has been reduced to barhar
citm; onr Christianity has yielded its altars to
Atheism, which has erected Us temple and Inan
puarsted such sacrifices as will only be satiated
by sprinkling onr door-sills with the blood of onr
children, and fattening the Sepulcher with the
choicest manhood of the nation. Onr liberties
have departed, one after another, until the rights
of persons, and the self-government of the people
have sunk together. Human language, In poverty,
consplalnoth of want of strength to dearly express
the multifarious wrongs wo suffer, the evils we
endnre, and the gloomy future In reserve for us.
To avoid these evils, to zedress these wrongs,
and preserve the liberties ot the people inviolable
an early peace is the hope of the country.
We, your petitioners, therefore most respectfully
pray your honorable bodies to take each imme
diate action, as will secure the appointment of
Commissioners to make preliminary arrangements
for the cessation of hostilities, and the settlement
of all troubles,upon the basis of the Constitution
of the United states, securing to the States and
the people their rights respectively.
In the name of the five hundred thousand brave
soldiers, their widows and orphans, whose early
graves attest at once our sufferings and onr
wrongs, and In the greater name of the God of
Love. Mercy and Justice, we pray that yon Imme
diately consider our petition and answer onr
lie place in which to circulate the above peti
tion is !c Sccecsla. There It might be signed with
propriety and conslstencr, and sent to Jeff. Davis
and the rebel Congress. It describes the condition
of things as they exist In the revolted States quite
accurately. It is for tho rebels to sue for peace,
cot for our Government to invoke Confederate for
giveccss. The Confederates can have peace npon
the easy and simple terms of laying down their
- arms and submitting to the laws—never on any
other. And the persons who are circulating the
nbovcpetillon, and those who sign it, in the loyal
States, arc traitors at heart, and hostile to the per
petuity of the Union. The “brave soldiers,” who
are re-enlisting by tens of thousands, and the
“widows and orphans” of those who have fallen
in defence of their conntry,do not desire the hypo
critical, disloyal “prayers” or “petitions” of tho
peace sneaks, bnt spurn them.
2*The only part of tho “nation that is essentially
bankrupt” la the port that Is ruled over by Jeff
Davis. It is there that “civilization has been re
duced to barbarism” and “Christianity has yielded
its altars to atheism.” It Is there that liberty has
been strangled, and rnln is encompassing every
thing pertaining to maternal happiness.” And it
is in that section of ont country that the Copper
head peace commissioners should travel with their
petition to obtain signatures. In the loyal States
their memorial is an insult to every man to whom
it is offered.
Bcmber of Hen Enlisted from the
County—lhe City Appropria
tion Hearly Exhausted.
Since our last report, recruiting has been uncom
monly active. An inspection of the record shows
that Capt. Pomeroy has mustered an aggregate of
eight hundred and twenty-one persons, as fellows:
Beported cn the 25th Jan .....657
Musters en the 2olh “ so
“ S7th “ 31
44 “ 2tth “ 26
“ “ 29th “ 25
“ 44 SClh 44 3
Our reporter was unable to gain access to tho
records In the Provost Marshal’s office, because
they were in use in making ont the monthly re
turns. The former report indicated an aggregate
of seven hundred and eighty. Assuming that
the musters here are in tho proportion of
one to three, to those at the United States regis
tering office, and is believed that this is about the
ratio, the total of enlistments will reach over six
teen hundred and forty-five. Now add to this tho
two hundred and fifty mustered In at St Charles,
and we have the very respectable aggregate of
nineteen htmdred recruits. Of course the above
estimate is in eomesensevery hypothetical,butit Is
believed the total of enlistments in Chicago will
at least reach the number indicated
The War Fond Committee is paying bounties at
the rate of sixty or seventy a day. The total
amount paid by the county to city recruits is
$12,1 75, and to county recruits, $7,00", altogether
t£>,E>7S. To ihli should be added the amount paid
by the city, $104,475, and we have the grand ag
gregate or $144,0:0, as the money paid recruits up
to 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon. The whole
number of lecrnits paid by the County Committee
Is 3,l^2—one htmdred aud twenty-three einen our
last report.- •
These arc dlstribatcd in towns and wards as
Ist Ward.
14th “ 6
15th “ 4
16th “ 9
Worth..... 3
Cicero 1
Pa 105...: 1
Calumet-. i-
Bioom 2
Jefferson 1
Now Tiler 1
Lament l
Evanston 1
. 6
. 8
, 7
. 4
. 8
. 4
“ . C
3rd M
6th “
6th **
7th “
«h **
9th “
10th ‘
11th “
12lh “
15th “
slribnted among the fol-
These re exalts were dl
lowing regiment s:
nth Cavalry 22
Bridges Battery. 4
Uh Cavalry 3
£9th Infantry 2
lOthlnfentry 2
'2d Infiintry 12
Ist Artillery. 5
fib Cavalry 22
2d Artillery. 6
Bolton's Battery ; 4
24th Infantry 1
4th Begnlars 1
Ist Colored 8
tionolity of those paid by
The following is the nsti
the city since oar lost rept
Germans 25
Swedes 1
Canadian 4
Norwegian 2
French 2
Colored : 8
The following notice issued br the City War
Fund Committee, and signed by John Comiskj,
lie Chairman,will show that the money appropri
ated for the payment of bounties is nearly expend
ed, and that those who wish for the sake
of securing the city bounty must do so speedily. .
The City Conscription War Fond Committee
hereby give notice that tbey have issued certifi
cates for soldiers’ bounty to the amount of slo*,-
475, that the amount or money appropriated for
payment of bounties is $120,000, and that tho
Committee will only issue two hundred more cer
tificates which will exhaust the appropriation.
There ie little room to expect that a further
cum will be appropriated by the city, as the care
of the soldiers families will probably consume all
tbe money that con be raised hereafter. This fact
who must come forward at once if they-would
secure a bounty. The federal bounty of S3OO
to white* recruits will be continued
till March tho Ist, as will also
the county bounty, bnt the colored residents of our.
city to whom the city bounty has been nearly all
that Lae been offered, will not receive that unless
tbey enlist speedily. We trust our colored friends
win bear this in mind, and to-daj enlist freely and
take the city bounty. There should be at least five
hundred enlistments within the next three days.
It this is done we can safely promise that wc shall
“avo d the draft.”
A Crossing Brigade Wanted—Wash-
iag the Municipal Face,'
The sorrow® and tribulations of spring an here,
eren though the season itaelf hare yet to come.
Hie universe of mud lo oar streets, caused by the
thaw, was yesterday angmented by the rain, and
onr streets are, to speak mildly, in a acmi-tmpas
sable condition. Tbo state of the crossings are
deplorable, and “ankle deep,” but faintly de
scribes the plight of he or she who attempts to
wade through the slash which there collects In
more ample quantities than in other places.
Gaiter boots an worthless, and orerahoesare of
no use at aU. The boot sinks deep Into
the mire .and a tight fit is indispensable to the con-'
serration of the pedal covering, which, if bot a Ut
ile too large for the foot, finds Us most attraet.ve
affinity In the bog, and leaves its wearer to travel
around as best he may, devoid of vndertiandlng.
The pedestrian la uncomfortably reminded of tho
traveller who on the verge of an Iriah'bog asked
if then was a firm bottom, and on being answered
in the affirmative, plunged forward and downward
to the neck,receiving this consolatory explanation,
“Hold yez there was afirmm bottom, butye are
not halfway to it jit.”
Wc suggest to the city authorities that Some
measures should be at once taken to clear the prin
cipal crossings, at least, even though It should In
volve the importation of a street-crossing brigade
from the land of Cockayne, which they aay breeds
them in such profusion that a few hundred knights
of the broom could be spared for exportation at a
very moderate price. Or bow would it work to
set the masculine denizens of the Bridewell to
render each a service to the city f The officer In
charge of the crossing could watchhts movements,'
and would have ample -time for so doing in the
diminution of his labors in lifting ladles through
the' mud- A crossing brigade would Just
now form a very effective addition to the Lake
street squad. The city authorities will, we sup*
pose move in the matter, but it will not be till
the rain baa ceased and. two or three days of sun
and wind have. rendered the crossings passable
without their aid. We do not, however, need to
resort to himuin labor as a permanent engine for
thu purpose. The single broom or scraper Is but
a slow stool, espedaly when wielded by one who
mentally bears the French galley brand-“TP,”
froroux/orca, “forced labor.” But there are ma
chines at work in other places, which do the work
beautifully, picking up .the . mud cleanly and
carrying It _ aw%y rapidly. We have no
such machines now, cannot afford to wait for
their construction, but should have them, as a
counter part of the afreet epHnWinp tnaiAinw and
thedty fathers could frOtdob*ucr than pass an
order at their next session for u* purchase of half
a dozen for future use. Meanwhile tb« DrMan * dirt
should bo removed, and that tmmeuuteij vy]
&ot our Mayor do something to
natter and thus sire us a sample of that “horse
sense V for the possession of which ho Is so famous;
It has been suggested by onr citizens
that the secret connected with this matter of filthy
and neglected street crossings may yet be brought
ic)lght,by the supposition -being substantiated
thatouT r riy fathers arc. Ins’ underhand way, con
nected with some of onr energetic and lucrative
boot-polishingcorcerns. -*
Yet with all Its memories, we ' accept the deluge
of yesterday as a blessing. It Is an admlrable’san
itnry agent, and will wash away the accumulations
offilthwhichbavebeen made In the snow, and
lay rotting In onr gutters on the first thaw* Strange
that people will be so careless of their health nod
.’that of the community as to throw filth around to
poison the air 1 Yet so It Is, and nature herself
aids ns when we will not help ourselves. The pre
sent rain may bring ns wet feet, dirty bools, and,
perchance, a few colds, bnt Its effect on the health
of the people will be marked. The corporation,
like the indidldoal, will be all the better for a good
Tlielr Various Kinds, Qualities, Dis
tinctions, Difference* and
Peculiarities. . . <■ ~
The nose is. a characteristic feature of th,o hu
man face, and is generally regarded os a faithful
Index of character. Every one Is, to a certain ex
tent, whether he admits It or cot,'a bcHererln the'
science which assumes to indicate, from tho ap
pearance of the human features, tho character and
disposition of another, because every person
forms an opinion ol bis fellow, and this opinion Is
based, not npon a knowledge of hls character, bnt
upon some certain prominent* facial expression,
which strongly impresses him at the moment. ..
The first attempt to elevate phyriogonomy to tho
rank of a science,'was mado by Lav&ter, and sub
sequently by Spurzheim and Crosa. .
No feature of the human face Is more closely
regarded in an estimate of character, than that:
whose title forms the caption to this paragraph.
The Grecian Nose, models of which aro preserved
in ancient statuary, is considered the highest type
of nasal beauty. As there are few really beautiful
faces, - so there are few Grecian noses. The Bo
man nose is another type, less often encountered, -
bat indicative of firmness and good sense. Then
there aro png noses,, and noses in tho air, noses
provocative, anduoscs supercilious, earnest noses,
and noses that have poshing ways, itching noses,
and noses retrousse, noses of was and led noses,
noses out of joint, and noses thrust into affairs
where they do not belong. There aro editorial
noses, and legal noses, ministerial coses and logi
cal noses, rcportorial noses and family noses. .
Png noses are cot handsome. They equal Ho
garth’s ideal, in his analysis of beauty—curved
lines—bnt no one pretends to uamlrethem. They
indicate good sense, however, and will do to tie
tc.—Noses in the air tell that their possessors are
on the lookout for the main chance. They indi
cate that they ore of an inquiring torn of mind,
and ecent a bargain, as the horse does the battle
from afar. Noses provocative induce snitching
desire in irritable fingers to lay hold of them.
Noses supercilious arc the pscnllar property o
those who smell acutely. Fine women are often
the fortunate owners of this feature. These ore
they who expect to monopolize the best seats in
tho street cars, end look snpcrcllllonsly and turn
up their enpcrcilllocs nosos if any. unusual jam
causes the exquisite symmetry of their belongings
to be Impinged. They accept tho seat of weary
men without a distant recognition of the courtesy.
They smell a mechanic a block removed, patron
ize the opera, and when they can afford It, ride In
a carriage. There aro men with sapcrcilUons
coses, but contact with tho world nsoally takes
the quality they represent out of them.
Earnest coses belong to earnest men and wo
men, who despise the frivolities of life.and make
existence a serious matter. They are Intelligent
and active, and In whatever they engage, business
politics cr religion, they work with their whole
soul. The great workers are earnest men, and re
joice In earnest noses. “Turn np”-rafroi«« noses,
me cot infrequent. Most women aud some men
are time distinguished. If slleht. It Is no unpleas
ant feature, bnt if .excessive, amounts to a deform
ity. A tuin-uocoEo in a woman Indicates good
nature, as a thin straight nose indicates the vixen.
“ oecs of wax” is a proverbial expression, de
scriptive of persons who are mutable and accom
modating. They arc all things to all men. These
are the people or whom it is said, *• they hold their
coses to ike grindstone.” To lead by the nose Is
to lead blindly. Politicians thus sometimes lead
their constituents, ministers their congregations,
editors their readers, lawyers tholr clients, and
women their husbands. “ Noses out of joint” Is
cot to be taken literally. The advent of a now
baby puls the nose of the first one “ out of joint.”
When a man leaves bis wile at home, and takes
her friend to the opera, or when she has spent the
day in mending her husband’s coat, and finds a
love-letter from some other woman in the pocket
atnlght,wemaybcsnrcher nose is particularly
“out of joint,” A politician is laid upon tho shelf,
or defeated at the polls, and hls nose is terribly
“ out of joint.” He who is called on to adminis
ter to an organ thus diseased may well be pardoned
if he exclaims after Hamlet: “ Uls nose is ont of
joint; Oh] cursed spite, that ever 1 was bora to
set It right.” - • •
Those who thrust their noses into matters which
do cot concern them, constitute a very great por
tion of what Is called society. No sex, doss or
’ profession is exempt from the imputation of med
dlesomeness and Impertinence. For this class,
people have supremo contempt. These are they
who peep from behind muslin curtains, to see if
Mrs.Blank is not receiving visits in the absence
of her husband: that wonder where Dr. Jones
will get a new wife; that say all manner of pleas
ant things because Mrs. Jones has a now
bonnet; that reckon 11 Captain Arimcklcr’s
debts were paid, he would not dress
so finely; that pity poor Mrs. A. because ol the
neglect of her Cnsnand; that make and unmake
marriages; that drive neighbors to distraction and
their husband and wives to destruction. They
*• thrust their noses ” where they do not belong.
Editorial, ministerial, rcportorial, and legal
coses arc professional noses and entitled to some
degree of consideration. These are legitimate
and praiseworthy features of their calling and
should receive respect. Family noses are also
well enough if they do cot come under tho cate
gory of * r noecs thrust.” A wife should have a
“family nose” for the short-comings of her hus
band, if she do not carry it so far ns to become
Imperi Incut and meddlesome. A husband should
look alter tho comfort of hls wife, but never Inquire
Into family mysteries, the expenditure of weekly
allotments or the secrets of toilet and pin-money.
He then “thrusts hls cose” into what does not
concern him,
A Fortune Teller in Trouble—Matri
monial Bboeeraot.—Swindling is now one of
the prevailing epidemics of the times, and like the
small pox, accms to be spreading all over the
country. Every day or so, some new confidence
operation comes to light and brings grief to the
perpetrators. Some, not having ingenuity enough
to adopt a plan, fall back on the worn out plan of
lotteries, gift clobs, and sometimes make use of
the names of charitable (nstitationa to aid them in
their nefarious work, while others being good
judges of human nature, and well knowing that
the fools are not all dead, gall the people by means
of loro secrets, astrology, ft id gentuomne.
One of these latter was nicely “ pulled ” yester
day under the following circumstances. A short
time .ago an advertisement was published by a
young man named Bonn, a resident of this city, in
Frank ledie'e, the Milwaukee Senlirul, a Boston
paper and the Springfield FepvUlean , of which the
style was:
Personal.—Any lady or gentleman sending me
twenty-five cents and a three cent postage stamp,
will receive the carta de vieitaot the future hus
band or wife, and the year In which the happy
event will lake place. Address,
**.» P. O. Box 6530, Chicago, Uh
Yesterday morning Capt. John Nelson received
information by letter (no doabt from one of the
victims to soothsaying) that this swindle was be
ing carried on extensively hero. He then went to
the Poet Office, and after remaining on the watch for
two hours, succeeded in detecting the swindler in
thcactortokingtholetteraontofthc box. After
potting them in his pocket ho went one of the
i’est Office, Capt Nclfon still on his track, after
proceeding down Dearborn street, where be met a
young man named thaw, a clerk in a prominent
home on Dearborn street, with whom he held a
few minutes conversation, he turned up Lake
street, and dropped into a photographic gallery.
.Here Capt. Nelson, who had cot lost sight of him,
stepped up and informed the young gentleman
that nls presence was required. He then asked
to know the meaning of the arrest, ol .which the
CapJaln informed - him; when bo immedi
dintclv owned cp and stated that Shaw
was. his partner. The Captain then sent
Detective Stroebel after Shaw, and immediately
proceeded to Mr. Dunn’s room, where he found
some five or six hundred letters, in addition
to the fifty-four found upon his person. A war
rant was then sworn out against Dunn and Shaw,
and they were token In the afternoon before Jus
tice Miller. They were examined, and were ad
mitted to ball in the sum of SBOO eoch.
The photographs were rejected ones which they
bought at five cents apiece .from the vanous-wt
and then mailed them off to the aiisas
pecting victims of misplaced confidence. Letters
were received from romantic young ladies of the
•w of *wMt rittoott, and other* of a more oncer-'
tain age, whose beauty consisted of false
teeth, a' wig and a pot of rouge- Cor
pulent old gentlemen, who sport gold beaded canes,
and young men who sport elegant mnstachlos and
dress, themselves up, perfectly regardless of ex
pense, enclosed the •‘quarter” and the red stamp.
'All were anxious to enter into the mysteries of
•connubial biles, and requested the “professor” to
be particnlarjto send a good looking husband or
wlte, and at the earliest possible moment. Ho
sent in return the rejected “plctcra” of numbers of
our prominent citizens—Judges, Aldermen, mer
chants and others, suiting their ages to the wish
and taste of the various applicants. Some of the
letters are exceedingly rich, and all so impatient
for the “talisman” that they requested Ur. Hum
boldt to send the photograph and time for the hap
py event by the first mail.
■ The Police Court.—Nothing novel char
acterized the proceedings at the Police Court on
Saturday. The docket was rather a heavy one, and
contained the names ot some SO or S3 Individ
uals. most of whom, as.usual, were disorderly or
incnrablegnmkards. Outside the bar there were
the came few loitering spectators, and about the
same number of ill-used women applying for war
rants to protect them from the brutality of hus
bands. or else to settle neighborly rows, in which
generally the warrant might be applied with equal
force against the prosecutor or the complainant.
One or two eases, however; that appeared were of
slightly greater Importance.
Ccat Steeling.—John Doyle, a stable hand
at the Girard was charged with the larce
ny of an overcoat and other clothing from a fellow
workman, Martin McNaltv. Tbo things were
hanging up in the office adjoining the stable, and
were stolen daring the absence of the owner.
They were found by officer Chnrcbwood In a sa
loon under the Maseesoit House, where they had
been deposited by Boyle. Prisoner, who pleaded
guilty, was bound over In the sum of to ap
pear at the next Recorder's Court.
Mutt try another Mop.-John L. Harrison and
Samuel Harrison, two respectably dressed vounff
men, were charged with stealing « parse contain^
Jfe 0I t £? m A* Ca *dwell, a soldier of the
ahCavahr. The prisoners profees to be brothers!
but from their appearance cannot claim a common
paternity except the somewhat ancient <S?of
Adam and Eve, met the prosecutor lu a saloon
on \\ ells street, between Jackson and Harrison:
and were treated by him. They were also In the
room with some women of abandoned character
who also drank at the complainant’s expense. Af
ter come little time, when the women bad left and
the three men were together, the .prisoners pro
percd a walk, and whilst leaving the tavern Card
well felt that he had lost his parse. He said noth
ing, bnt, accompanlng them into the street, gave
them into the custody of the first officer he met
Pxosccator was positive that he had the money
alter be entered the tavern. Considerable cash
was found npon tho prisoners, bnt not answering
to that lost by Cardwell. • They hare no leritimate
calling and tne police affirm that they are thieves.
Brisonrrs said they only came to Chicago two days
ago, hut they have been noticed here for the last
three or four days. Bis Honor said they bad not
sufficient evidence to conzict on the offence
named, bnt if the prisoners did not leave the city
by the next train, no would fine them (SO each as
Bint* ££abs.— -The Young Hen’s Bible Class
will meet this afternoon at 3 o’clock, at the rooms
of the Youmg Men’s Christian Association, room
16 in Methodist Churchblock*. Strangers are spe-' -
dally invited. A‘cordial welcome Is extended
to oil. j
Ci:eietiak Cornell.—Elder W. B. Black will
preach In tho Christian Cbnrch, on Monroe-street,
between Aberdeen and Backer streets, to-day, at
10 *v e. in. Subject—* 4 Tho Marriage of tho King's
Son.” - ... r -
New JncosAiim Trim r.—The Pastor, Rev. J..
R. Hibbard, will preach this evening in the New'
'Jerusalem Temple, situated on Adams street, near
tho lake. Subject—"The'Call of Abraham,,and
the nature end use of the Jewish Church. 11 Seats
free. ;
Ycdto Mxx’s “Ciisisttaw Association.—'The
sixth anniversary of tho noon prayer mectlogwlll
he held in tbe Methodist Church Block onMonday,
noon and evening and tbe pastors of the virions
churches are, requested to announce It from their,
pulpits to-day. All—without distinction or excop
tlon—arc urged to attend,
Cnrnco 07 the Holt Cozdxunion.—Scats free
—corner of Wabash avenue and Randolph street.
.Services to-day at half past 10 o'clock in the morn
ing, and half past 7in the evening. Rev.’ B.* W.
Eager, Hector. ‘
, XiirifxGßTOK RsronxED Dnrcn Council.—Rev.
N, D. Williamson, Pastor. Services to-morrow at
.half past 111 o’clock in tho morning, and at half
j past 7 o’clock in the evening. A cordial welcome
extended to all. The church is located on the cor
ner of Sangamon end Monroe streets.
Ftcst Hutted Peescttztjas.—Day services at
10# A.Mi and 7# IVIL Rev. W. C. Jackson,
pdstor. Sabbath School at S o’clock.
Ukked PnMBTTLniAS Mission Cnracii. —Ser-
vice at the chapel of the Orphan Asylum, Michigan
avenue, near Twenty-second street Bov. J. H.
Walker, pastor. Services, 10.83 A. 21. and 7.80
P. M.- Sabbath School, BP. 21. All are invited
to attend^
Episcopal.— Free scats for strangers can bo
found In £St. Ansgarius Church, comer of Indiana
and Franklin streets. Service aflO# in the fore
noon. Snnday School at 9# in the forenoon. E.
B. Tnttle, Rector. -
Astzkt Seance.—Mr.and Mrs.' llangfleld will
preach to-day at IC# o'clock in the morning and •(
o'clock in the afternoon, In room No. IV, Bice's
Block—entrance between No. 77 and 79 Dearborn
WrsLET Chapel,— there will be preaching at
the Wesley Chapel Mission on the comer of Black
stone and Sedgwick streets to-day at 10# A. M.,
and 7K P- 21- hy Her. n. 'Whipple.
Park Avekub Mission.— Sabbath service at Park
Avenue Mission, on the comer of Park Avoauo
and Eohey streets. . Preaching at 10# A.IL, and
7# P. IT,, by the Ecr. J. W. Bawshurst.
The Opeixa.—Graa’s great operatic troupe of
singing birds will reach here to-day, prims don*
nas, tenors, baritones, bassos, orchestra, chorus;
and large trunks, and last but not least, musical
directors, managers, and tbo impressarlo. Hr.
Gran, to commence the attack upon our musical
stronghold, and wo expect to announce to-morrow
the hanging out of the white Hag. The whole
troupe consists of sixty-five, divided as follows:
Fire prlma donnas—Vera Lorlnl, Cordlcr, Morcu
sl, Cattxi and Mad. Plcher; two first tenor*—Stef*
fani, Tamaro, and the second, Slg. Ximenes; two
baritones—Sig. Morrell! and Hartmann; fbur bas
sos— Call Formes,• Colletti, Barill and Manclnl;
musical director, Sig. Mnzlo; tbo stage manager;
chorus—nine ladies and thirteen gentlemen; or
chestra, eighteen pieces, and tho small army of
costumers, wardrobe and propertymen, etc.
Donizetti's grand tragic opera of Lucrczla Bor*
gla opens the season with the following cast:
Lucrezla ..Vera Lorlnl.
Orslnl *orenal.
Gensiro Stefihn!.
The Duke Morelli.
Oubeuti Barih.
and the other par 1.3 Sig. Ximencs, Maucinland
I’crnf. Wherever In the Wctt this opera has
been produced, it has met with magnificat and*
cess, and tho eamo jurors which greeted it In
Buffalo, Albany and Cleveland, we believe ’awaits
It here. In the latter city, the troupe wore so suc
cessful that by the request of the opera goers an
extra rendering was given at an advanced rate,
which Is something unusual In operatic history at
the close of a season.
Tueedr.ynlght, Donizetti Is again on tho-boards
in the shape of charming little Luclu dl Dimmer*
moor, with Caalri and Stcffaui in theirgroat parts.
Tbc finale will bring out this lost artist In his
crowning character. The cast has not yet been
announced, with -the exception of the three lead
ing parts. Tickets for tho first three nights are
still for sale at Higgins’music store.
Continental Old Folks,— Tho “Continental
Old Folks’ ” concert company, of New England an
tecedents, who Lave been giving concerts in the
West with gratifying success for some time past,
wiLslcgat Bryan Hall on Friday and Saturday
evenings, of this week (ithaud 6th.) We need on
ly to say that Mrs. Emma J. Nichols, whosoj bird
like notes were admired by all Chicago, when she
was hero about one year since with the Father
Kemp’s company, isa member of the Continentals.
. Mrs Kloss’ Concert.— Mrs. Kloss gave her fifth
classical concert last evening to a vo:y selcat and
appreciative audience. The programme was one
of the beat of tho season and was admirably ren
dered. Beethoven’s qnatnor forplano and strings
hoshccn beard here more that onco before, and
was all the better appreciated that it was not al
together new. Tbc beautiful andante, singularly
iuggeslive of Mozart’s "Baitibalii" was exquis
itely given, as well as tbe spirited Rlndo, which
forms tbe finale. Mrs. Kloss gave the curious
glguc or Jig of Bacb; the beautiful first song with
out words, of Mendelssohn, tbc Impromptu in A
flat of Cbopin and that Sonata of Beethoven known
as “adieu, the absence and the return.” It la un
necessary to say that they were well rendered, for
in snch music Mrs. Kloss baa few equals and no
superior. In response to an enthusiastic encore
she gave a spirited Concerto Etude. Mr. Lewis per
loimed in a highly creditable manner tho Violin
Concerto of Mendelssohn,and was warmly applaud
ed. The stringed quartette of Haydn containing
tbe Austrian Hymn “ Ood save the Emperor ” was
given with fine effect by Messrs. Fcsael, Lewis,
Nubcrger and Bolatka. Take It all in all, tbe
concert was one of the best of tbe season. The
last concert will be given on Saturday next.
Academy op Music.—' Tho Academy is crowded
every night. Tbe entertainment offered is sore to
Railroad Ball.—On Thursday next the em
ployees of the Chicago, Alton and St. Louis Rail
road give their annual ball at the Trcmont House.
These railroad balls have established themselves
as a regular institution. Those who recollect tho
same event last year seed hot be told that this
will be one of the most popular of the season. St.
Louis will be largely represented. Mayor Filleyi
and many prominent citizens have signified their
intention to be present ;.and nearly all the towns
on the line will bo alike represented. Chicago, of
coarse, will not prove laggard on tho Joyful occa
sion. There will be a sharp contest between the
Railroad Ball and tho Opera, on that evening,
with tho changes in favor of both.
Masquerade.—We announced yesterday that
tho German Turngemelnde would give a grand
masquerade at' their new hall on North Clark
street, on the oth proximo. We learn that prizes
are to -offered for the moat attractive coattunes,
and there is, as a consequence, great activity
among tho costumers. No doubt It will prove a
very brilliant affair. The masquerade is national
among the Germans, and tbc old home pride will
not let them neglect to employ any resources
which may be within their reach to Insure a per
fect success.
Another Masquerade.—Several young gentle
men, who have the entree to our good society, are
engaged In getting np s masquerade party, to take
place at Bryan Ball on tho 10th proximo. The
managers have .the power to get up a moat suc
cessful masquerade, and they mean to exerd&e It
to tile extent of their means. .The tickets can be
had of ore of the managers at the City Railway
Office. Ncnc hut those whose respectability is
beyond question will be allowed to purchase tick
McVicker's Compart.—During the occupancy
of McVicker's Theater by Gnu's Open’Troupe,
bis company will go to Milwaukee and occupy the
Academy of 51nslc for two weeks. We commend
them to the courtesy and the patronage of the Mil
wnnkceans. We believe Mr, Bandmann, the pop
ular Anglo-German tragedian, will make one o
tho company.
The Associated Congress.—Every large
community poetesses a certain amount of debating
talent, which will create for itself channels of er
.erdse.and improvement. Bnch m channel lathe
Associated Congress, which, after several years
suspension has been again revived, and placed
upon a, footing which promises to make it perma
nent-and nsclhl.
Its meeting at No. 9 Larmon’s Bloch, lass eve
ning, was lively and instinctive, and a prophecy to
those interested, of a long and prosperous enreer
for the ro-organlzcd institution.
. After an animated debate, Cspt.-Whittle, of the
2d Board of Trade Regiment, who is now engaged
In recruiting and happened to be present at the
meeting, was invited to address the Congress, and
responded in a brief speech teplcte with eloquence
and patriotism.
Yotmg men and others who desire to pass s
pleasant evening and improve themselves in the
art of public speaking, can have no better, oppor
tunity than that afforded them by the
Juvenile Depravity—Daring Bobbery
at Ractke.—On Saturday night, about 9 o'clock,
-threeboys hailing from Radne, named respec
tively Thomas Bowen, Joseph Carlon and David
aged from 20 to 15 years, were arrested at
the Circus, on thei strength of a telegraphic mes
sage received from Racine. It appears that the
three boys went Into a book’ store in that city,
kept by Steers & Freese, where, finding the clerk
engaged, they stole $77 and Immediately made off
with'it. The gareone then went to a'clothing
store where each bought himself a new “rig,*’
from top to toe. Including coats, pants, vests,' &c.
From there they went to the railroad depot and
took the cars for this dty, arriving here about
noon. They then, after dinner, went around to
view the sights, and such was their desire to spend
the money, that they invested in all kinds of traps
—playing cards, trade, yellow-covered novels,
peanuts, apples, hair-pins and jack-knives. The
Sheriff of Racine arrived last night, and the boys
will accompany him to Racine for examination
this even mg.
Kew Iron and Haepware]House.—C. C.
Balthls, who has been in the Iron and hardware
business for the peat twenty-four years, and J. SL
Calthis, late of Knox county, have formed a co
parlncrehlp, under the name of BalthU A Bro.,
and hare opened a house at £O7 Lake street. Their
stock embraces crery class of Iron and shelf goods,
including every description of Iron; boggy and
wagon stock; plow and faring steel; springs and
axles, Ac., Ac. The iron-whlch this boose is to
sell will come from the well known works of
Graff. Bennett A Co., and warranted equal to any
other offered In this market. Our acquaintance
with tho gentlemen constituting this Arm, enables
ns to say that we are sore their boslneaa will be
conducted upon the strictest principles of mer
cantile honwyand w» can cordially commend their
bonce to the confidence and patronage of aU who
seed articles In their Use. We congratulate the
mer&ants of Chicago npon the accession to their
ranks of the two gcnellmes of whom we epoafc.
.The Law’s Deiats.— Most of our readers
are familiar with the celebrated trial of “ Jarndyco
vs.. Jamdyce which lasted for years, and Is so
well reported in Charles Dickens's “.Bleak House. 1
Yesterday afternoon a case of larceny was tried
bclorc Justice CulhbcrUon, which, on account o?
•legal technicalities, Informalities and other lfi«,
-seemed to bo equally as tiresome and annoying.
■ Acn Crown, allam Manning, was charged on
Ftldaybefore Justice Cutbbcrtsoa with having com- 1:
milted the larceny of several articles of wearing
apparel from lira. Fish, residing at No. 855 State
street, and the case was postponed for a farther
teeing to yesterday afternoon at S o'clock.
Shortly after that hour, the prosecutor and two
.witnesses arrived,' and on consultation it was
thought best to again postpone tbe case for
a short time until other witnesses could
he had. When these were obtained, it was found
that they knew nothing of the case, and were con-
Bcqneni’y allowed to depart in peace. The prose*
entor and the witnesses, who were examined the
Cay previous, were again subjected to a close di
rect and cross-examination, both ot which foiled
to clacidnle'auy new facts. One of the witnesses
taking umbrage at the manner In which she was
trosf-cssmined, pitched into the lawyer and final
ly wooed np by giving him an epithet moro cx
prctslve than genlcfclt after which ho subsided.—
The counsel fer the defence indulged In alongpcror
allcr, full ot buncombe, to which the Court was
compelled to listen with the patience of Job.' The
Court finally committed the defendant to appear
before the Recorder’s Court‘in default of S3CO
bail. ,
• Ebidop&'s Battest Absoci-VTIOK. —There
was a gathcringof the friends of the men belong
log to Bridges's Eattciyvat the Trcmont Boose on
Saturday evening, to take into consideration the
propriety of forming a Battery Association, simi
lar to Its general outline, to the Mercantile Battery
Association. The following resolutions were pre
sented and aa the sense of the meeting, adopted
debate: •
Hao’.uH, That an association Is hereby organ-
Isrd having for its objects:
first. To provide for the forcUles of members
of Bridge's Battery, 111. Light Artillery, and secure
lorihrm oil the city and country appropriations
made lor toilers' fondles, and secure them all
rcssicnr, bounties and bac* pay, in case of the
diK Large ci death ot a member.
Second. To keep the ranks of the battery full
to i:s maximum.
Third. The organization- of on official channel
of communication which shall bo a medium of cor
x eepondeteo between oUlcers and'members and
Jrunts in Illinois, giving curoct Information and
particulars of engagements, casualties, death, In
cidents. A’C.
Fourth. To erect a suitable monument to the
memory of tho?e members who have fallcn or
who may fall In defense of their country's Hag and
honor. . .
Bcfcdzcd, That tho name of this association
sbsll b? Bcidges’b BATTEnr Aqsociatton, of Chi*
cage, HHiolp, and that the officers of this associa
tion shall consist of a President, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer and a Board of managers,
with a committee for each of the above
These reeolntions were referred to a committee
of three consisting of Win. W. Boynton, J. F.
Temple and D. n. Howard, who were Instructed
to report them or eimilar ones' at an adjourned
Cr.pt. Bridpoa informed the gentlemffn present
that tbc Bos chill Cemetery Company had donated
seven of the best, lots unsold, for the burial of
these of their comrades who had died or who
might die in the scrvlco of their country.
Alter informal discussion tbe meeting adjourned
to meet on Friday evening next for the purpose of
perfecting the organization.
To Soldiers and Postmasters.—Editors
of newspapers throughout the United States will
doubtless confer a favor on tbo soldiers in tbe field,
as v. ell as their friends at homo, by giving public
ity to the following:
An act to amend the law prescribing the articles
to be admitted Into tbe mails ol tho United
U (naeltd lyOte Senate and House of Rcpre
tti'ttiiira ty uoi United States in Congress astern-
Utd, That articles of clothing, being manufactured
of wool, cotton, or linen, and comprised In a pack
age not exceeding two pounds In weight, address
ed to any non-commissioned officer or private serv
ing In the armies of the United Slates, maybe
transmitted in tbc nulls of tbe United States at
the rate of eight cents, to bo in all cases prepaid,
lor every four ounces, or any fraction thereof, sub
ject to such regulations as tho Postmaster General
may prescribe.
Approved, January 22, UC4.
- Post Orrion Department, Jan. 25, 1 : 61.
The foregoing la w is published for the informa
tion of tbc public, and especially for the guidance
of Postmasters, and it is thought to be so full and
plain that ho one can mistake its meaning. Post
masters will, however, boar In mind that packages
ol clothing entitled to pass in tbe tnalls-/our
ounces for eight cents— must be manufactured from
treof, cotton or linen , and not exceeding two pounds
!n weight, and must be addressed to a non-com
missioned officer or private serving in tho armies
of tbe United States. Consequently a package
addressed to a commissioned officer, or composed
of other materials than as above specified, such as
boots, shoes, Ac., If sent by mall, must bo prepaid
by stamps at letter rates, viz: three cents lor every
half ounce or fraction thereof. M. Blais,
Postmaster General.
- Illinois Bible Societies,—The following
Auxiliary Bible Societies in tbe State held their
annuel meetings Curing tbc month of December last;
about tho uhm namber of anxlUtrls* hoUtbelr
annual met tings in cadi month of the year, but with
not so large results as those presented below. The
following is a summary of their reports;
5$ , a
tag sr§ 2 2
30. »S. sE 5.2 a ©2,8
NAMES orscci- §*=• P's 5= »g.® gg-a*
ZIIEB 2.*» g Pg **
S & ‘ n Bcs ?
S, F ? 7% "Si
Bureau county. J8 1,482 23 $762,07 $6-6.63
Chicago 23 8,000 405 8,03 M) I 5,882.04
Cass county .. 30 .75*7 £8 320.10 454.75
Henry county.. 24 879 11 600.00 1,030.00
Jersey county.. 13 356 12 8l.«7 256.30
Lakcconniy.. 13 (.70 ... 189.90 617.15
LaSalle county. 8i 2,000 73 40‘.83 1,63)45
Montgomery co 15 «85 14 192.07 670.83
Perry county... 6 447 15 67.45 295.05
Wayne county. 34 730 14 131.4‘) 8t0.03
Winnebago co. 18 828 12 496.03 1,168.83
Total 181 17.768 616 $5,920.84 13,880.90
The Chicago Bible Socieiy was organized In 1637,
since which it has circulated about 150,0 0 volumes
end remitted to the American Bible Society, in
payment for these and as donations, over S4U,OTO.
Its efferent Secretary, slr. T.B. Carter, has served
the society since 1840, and to him Is doe much of
the credit oi what has been done.
The La Salle County Bible Society occupies more
territory than any other in tho State, ana has the
largest number of branches.
The receipts of the Bureau County Bible Society
daring the year previous to the adoption of tho
present plan of operating, were about SIOO. Last
year they were nearly being more than
ihcfc of any other society in the Slatetln any year,)
except those of Chicago.
•- The number of families reported as visited and
found destitute, as above, is probably below tho
actual number, owing to the difficulty of getting
full reports. But we observe that tbo proportion
of destitute families as reported, is small, showing
that tbo auxiliary societies arc keeping their folds
well supplied. In addition to what has been paid
for books, agencies, freights, etc., for the supply
of their own needs, the auxiliary societies have
sent between three and four thousand dollars to
the American Bibio Society to aid In spreading the
gospel in other places.
: The Soldiers* Home.—The following are
the arrivals at the Soldiers' Home dnringyhw twen
ty-fours ending Saturday evening.
Illinois— W. Sutherland, co. 0,12 th: H. Spwher
man, co. C, 88th; J. A. Swlnder. Co. 11,100 th; W,
McGregor, co. B, Btth; W. S. Enntz, co, K, 13th;
C. Merry, co. B, JWlh; J, Collins, co. I, TSth; A,
Brice, co. E, 100 th: 8. S. Page, co. if, S9tb; G. IL
Carr. Co. A, Hlh; C. Halrgren, co. D, 101 st,
' 'Tyiiecmfin—iS. Cohens, co. H, 2d: J. E. W.Brind
ler, co. R, £d; J. Gillespie, co. B, 2d; Q. Hughes,
co. L 2d: W. Faiytcn, co. H, 22d: A, C. Wells, co.
C, Ist; B. H. Woodbury, co. K, 2d: C. A, How
ard, co. K, Sd; W. C. Lamarc, co. K, Sd: R. Lee
dle, co. K, Sd : G. A. Low, co. K, Sd; J. Webber,
co. H. Sd; C. Creslcycrust, co. H. 4th; W. Jones,
cc. U, 2d; J. W. Carson, co. E. 2d; E. E. Wilman,
co. K, £d: C. C. Hanley, co. 51l 2d: J. A. Harl, co.
51, ‘.d; J. H. Harsher, co. M. 2d: J. L. Mclntosh,
co. C, Sd: J. Larson, co. C, 2d; il, R, Farmer, co.
C, Id: D'Korschal, co. A, BSd: J. H. Brown, co.
M, Sd; W. Gravey, co, K, fd; J. Hubbell. Co. K,
Sd; J. Church, co. K. sd.
Michigan—3. R. Kins, co. K, 24th.
lotcc— A, B. Grant, co. E, Sth; H. B. Whittle,
Kentucky— R. Thompson, co. A, Ist.
Indiana—E. Warncecott, co, L, 3d.
AVls' Tort—C, Kirk, co. K, 174 th.
Not the man.—We have received a note
from W. L. St. John, Superintendent of the Rock
Island Railroad, In which he denies the Identity of
the swindler arrested on Friday night last for at*
tempting to dispose of tickets, professedly in aid
of the Soldiers* Home, wlthFrancis Chandler, once
an employe in the Freight Office of that road. We
derived our information from a source supposed to
be eminently reliable, and bad reason to think that
U was true, although in the narrative it was made
suppositions. Wcg!vcs[r.Chacdierthcbeucfltof
the disclaimer. He is now, as we are informed by
Mr. St, John, In the employ of the Indiana Central
Railroad as Ticket Agent.
The Case op Hr. Lee,—We have received
letters Iroom the friends of Dr. Lee—who was ar
rested on a suspicion of aiding in the escape of
rebel prisoners at Camp Douglas—stating that Dr.
Lee is hmocent of the charge; that he was driven
from Memphis as a Union man, and that all for his
to his country. Wcbavo no disposition
to accuse any man unjustly; hut the exact strength
of the proof of bis guilt is bes. known to the mil
itary authorities. If Dr. Lee is innocent, we trust
he may be able to prove it to their entire satisfac
tion and none will; be more ready; to publish the
■ fact than ourselves.
Chicago Typographical Union.—At the
annual meeting of the Typographical Union, on
Saturday evening, the following officers for the
ensuing year were chosen;
iVaicfeiif—Geortre K. Haalltt.
Ftce Jrftldenf—.Albert H. Brown.
Jlecordmp Secretary— John Buchanan.
. H. I-. Owens.
CorrttTxndlng Setretary-B. Q. Booghmaa.
TWmnrer-c-eo.\r.Morrfs. ,
Board 0/ Directors— Chas. J. Burroughs, Chair
man ; Jas. Tracy. Hubert Fellows, Jas. Moffitt, A.
K. Cutting.
: Gyord\QT~3t». McNamara. _ _ ,
Delegate to the National Vnicn—B, V. Shuriy.
Stoppage op Cabs.—lt has been determin
ed to discontinue running the can on Hal
ted street and Blue Island avenue for a few days,
for, owing (6 the late thaw, the route has become
impassable. The track was laid down hurriedly in
the middle of winter, and consequently is not so
durable as It would otherwise be. It is thought,
however, that oil repairs trill bo finished by Wed
nesday evening.
Imptoest Eobbeet. —An Impudent rob
bery was committed on Saturday evening at No.
170 Washington street, where a new leather trunk
containing some clothing and furnishing goods,
was stolen from the room of Charles Kggharb, a
boarder in the house No clue has yet been ob
tained to the perpetrator.
Dasoerous Accidekt.—A severe And paln
fal accident happened last Thursday night at the
grocery ofJoha McGinnis, 254 Indiana etroet. He
waa rolling a barrel of beer oat on the aide-walk
when It bant open, blowing the head and stares
all to pieces, and catting McGinnis’ bee and head
lie Karine .Hospital*..: .1
Editors Chicago Tribune:
Sin—Will you be so kind as to correct a remark
made by myself In an article published in your
journal on too 28ih'inat., , thus for exonerating the
Superintendent or officer in charge of the Marine
Hospital. His remarks to me were thus: that he
would not receive a man in the Marino Hospital
unices he had a ticket from the Collector,if ho saw
him lying in the gutter. '
Since that date ue lias received fifteen U. S. ni
val recruits, and, as far I know, they ara ex
ceedingly well cared for. and have been famished
an outfit of clothing from the Sanitary fomralsslou.
1 would respectfully suy there has been no blame
laid to the officers of the hospital. In fact they bad
no right to receive them according to the Uws and
regulations of that institution without an order
frem Collector Eaven.
Many thanks to the kind generosity of the offi
cers of the Marine Hospital and Sanitary Commis
sion. ‘Edmik F. liui:sr.TT,
Clerk of Naval Rendezvous,
Chicago, 111.
United States Crectnx Cocbt— Before Hon,
TAcincs Drummond, Judge.—Common law.
£6*— Ole Hansen ot al, vb. Lewis & Page. Ver
dict lor defendants.
~ 3U‘—Wilton vs. Kingston Coal Company. Con
tinued. * J
Ifwlu et al, va Cartncy et ah Leave to
amend declaration.
Summon Conor— Before Chief Justice John Jf.
I Titscn—Jn Chancery.
l,oJC—hood ve. Fowler ct al.' Decree catered.
3.0 C5 —Crotby vs. James ctal. Commlssloacra
report filed and confirmed. • ■
3.l4l’—Maxson va. Mitchell ct aL Decree of sale.
£B7—Tho Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co.
vs height ct al.. Report of sale filed and con-
Before Ucn. Jos, E. Gory, Judge—Common Lz : r,
6't—Haafly vs, Miller. Cause reinstated uuon
tho docket. PUT. excepts, &cr
CjncuixCocßT— BtfcreHon.E. Williams. Judge.
— Ciir.Tron Law. •
4fc-—Wing et oL vs. Campbell et al. Leave to
file plea, Ac.
715—Armstrong vs. Eealy. Rule to plead in .0
days. ....
69G— Same ve.Moser. -Same order.
795 Same vs. gtoeh Same order.
79E—Seme vs. Sterling. Same order. -
- BC(^—Some vs. McNUils. Same order.
SOl—Same vs. Kelly. Same order.
;—McAndrew va, Bradley et ah Dismissed at
plaintiff’s coets.
£o2—McCook vs. Pennoyer. Defendant confesses
Judgment in open court.
C2o—Auhert ve. Gelat et al. Commissioners for
partition appointed.. ** - -
23.1611—Gray vs. Gray. Masters report filed and
6(6—Walker vs. Stompofieki et al. Bill dis
missed us to Daniel Eaton.
Asmt Subsistence.— By reference to our adver
tising columns, it will be seen that the Govern
ment, per Lieutenant Colonel Small, Commissary
of Subsistence, Is'prepared to contract for the sup
ply and delivery of molasses, rico and codec. Bids
may be banded in till noon to-day (Monday) at the
office. No. 54 Zilver street.
Tun Soldier's Friend.— There are times in the
life of every man when a confidential adviser, one
in whose judgment, discretion and fidelity, and
secrecy/.fall reliance may be placed. Is invaluable,
and is too often sought in vam. The same mao,
however fkillral he may be, however extensive
his knowledge, Is not available for every case of
difficulty that arista; and in fact it Is only those
who have paid special attention to one depart
ment of human woe that can bo expected to com
prehend a case In all Its bearings, and give advice
which will enable the afflicted one to meet each
phase triumphantly. And as with the learned
professions in general, so' Is it particularly with
the minor divisions of practice in cither and each
of those professions. In tho medical field of la
bor, for instance. It has long ago been foncdnecos
sary to separate the general physician from the
general snrecou, each of these branches of study
requiring the labor of years for Us comprehension.
And tbo improved state of knowledge at a more
recent day has demonstrated the advisability of
making still finer divisions, the practitioner
taking one class of diseases as the object of his
study and subject of treatment;*
Among those who have anywhere adopted at
their speciality the study and treatment of that
large and formidable class of diseases known as
“ sexual,” Dr. Charles Bigelow stands In tte very
first rank, few ecTlamjg, and none surpassing min
mi diagnostic, prescriptive, and manipulative skill.
Commencing the study of medicine at a very early
age, and possessed of an intuitive ability to trace
out analogies and sequence, he soon became no
ted for the wonderful rapid progress which he
made Jn the acquirement of knowledge of tho sci
ences which lie at tho root of general medical
Sractice. Becoming convinced then that in the
epariment in which he now labors there was a
wider field of usefulness, and a much greater need
of practitioners than any other, he embraced It,
ana for years thereafter labored diligently to at
tain lo a superior and complete acquaintance with
sexual diseases. Ho began where the majority
leave off and upon that primary knowl
edge be built up a superstructure of diag
noses and prognoses so extensive, so
accurate, so all-comprebensivc, as to leave useov
ered no single portion of that vast net-work of
human tuflerlug which, springing from one com
moo radix, grows and increases Tike the Banyan
tree, till a whole series of distinct trunks arises
from the soil and seem like Independent growth.- 1 .
Very few ol those self-styled specialists take this
course, the great majority of them have not re
ceived the simplest rudiments of a medical educa
tion. Dr. Bigelow has not devoted a whit less of
labor to this class than is given by tbo general
physician to the whole range of human disease. It
is apparent from this that it is to tho vital interest
of those who have been unfortunate enough to
contract tho venereal taint, by Imprudence orbe
rt ditarlly, should placo themselves under
his care. as they may rest assured
that all that man can do tcUl bo done for
them. Nor is this ail. Those who would visit
him may do It so In strict confidence that their
feelings will be respected, their delicacy unassailed
and their good name untarnished. By the new,
expeditious and unobtrusive method of treatment
the patient need not fear circumstantial exposure,
and with him tbo honor of the gentleman is In
volved In keeping verbal silence, and preventing
tbo chance contact of patients who may visit him
at the eamo time. Ho has separate consultation
rooms in which a dozen patients may be treated at
once without being aware of the presence of each
other. Those who wish tho best treatment and
tbe most honorable dealing should without fall
consult Dr. Bigelow at his office. No. 17J South
Clark street, on the corner of Monroe, whore he
may be found at all hours of the day and evenin'*.
From the Mobile (Ala.) Advertiser of May 2d, 1S31:
,I Dr. James.—We learn from the New Orleans
Crtictnt that Dr. James (not the Cannabis Inciica
man, whose “sand of life'’ have recently ran out,
beta veritable and skillful practitioner,) who has
been conducting one of the largest Hospitals In
the United States since 1850, at & Custom House
street, New Orleans, La., leaves during the pres
eent month for the North. What he is leaving
for we cannot say—only conjecture—probably on
account of our present troubles with the North.—
Be that as it may, we can say, and with confidence,
that he has the greatest reputation in the country
in a speciality of any physician that ever practiced
in it. Furthennorr,we have had occasion to know
that Dr. James is an honorable man. and he will
inform those requiring his aid whether or no he
can give them a cure. The fact, also, that Dr.
James* residence has been a permanent one, is
good evidence that he Is capable of accomplishing
what ho promises in the treatment of the speciali
ty in disease to which he confines bis practice.
is the announcement in the New
Orleans Crescent to which we have referred:
“Departure op Dr. James—This gentleman
is a medical benefactor of merit so great that to a
large portion of the community his departure is
ever a regretful event. He leaves the city on Sat
urday for the North. Wo can cheerfully recom
mend him wherever he goes, as a practitioner, in
fafs peculiar branch of medicine, woo has no living
superior, and few; If any, rivals.
Dr. James Is now permanently located at 8(1 Ran
dolph street, Chicago, Illinois, specialist in the
treatment of old chronic mercurial, scrofulas,
blood and skin diseases—cures them without mer
cury, iodide poiaui, arsenic or any poison, but a
centralizer, a positive cure for these terrible and
much to be dreaded poisons.
Organic Weakness—such as seminal weakness,
nocturnal and dinrnal emissions, brought on by
excess, abuse of the system, or entallea heredita
rily, causing loss of memory, nervousness, de
pression, ringing in the cars, dimness,
Ac., with all Its deplorable train
of symptoms treated and radically enred
by an inlallibie method—saving both time and ex
pense? and the only sure enreror this treatment—
thousands certify to the enres effected by Dr.
James. Testimony from the medical faculty, pro
fessors of Jledrcal Colleges and Hospitals, have
fiom time to time appeared in the papers. Dr.
James has been practicing in the speciality of dis
eases of a private nature in New Orleans fifteen
years- thirteen years conducting the largest hos
filial in the United States in this speciality, and
Or the last three years In Chicago. During that
time Dr. James has treated more diseases of n se
vere and complicated tvpe of a private nature sue
fully than any of the physicians tn the United
States. Dr. James is responsible and reliable,
andean give the best of city rclcrencce as to his
skill and success. Remember Dr. James's office
and parlors are 86 Randolph street, between State
and Dearborn streets, op stair?. Olfico open from
9 A. 51., until 8 P. M. Sundays from Uto 12 51.
Consultations confidential.
January SI. dAwlt.
fST" Instantaneous and efficacious cures of
Corns and Bunions, without pain or bleeding, and
other diseases of the feet. i)r. Randall can be
consulted during this week. Office 254 Bast Mad
ison street. Janßl-w3T-3t-sun£mon
House and Sign Painting, Calclminlng
Glazing and Graining. Paper Hangings and Win
dow Shades selling wholesale and retail at New
Tork prices. F. E. Bjobt, £9 Randolph St.
Box 566?. Jsy23-u5&Mm
Iks Vl&te? BUlmd Tims Tattle
•jj*ror jpootov L&nsT&aii.
Detroit Express 6:15 a.m. fcasa. m.
Detroit Express 6:40 pm. 11:15 a m
Detroltßxprffs.... 0:45p a. JtfcSOp. m
«£H. CXhT., CI£CXSBi.VI XKD I.Ql?Tayr.-i.n iwb
Moralng Express 6:15 a. a, 10:30 p. m
Sight Express..9.4sp.m. 6:25 i tu.
micbiqas sc oomrxa taj sum
* Jay Exprece
+Etch leg Express.
t*Nlght Expreer.
6:15 a.m. 10:83 p.j.*
5:40 p.nu fc'flam'l
.1C:00 p.m. 10:80 p. m $
L«ave. Ar Ivc.
.6:15 a. m. 10:30 p.m*
.C:-10p. m 6:00 a. m.*?
•Day Express ...
lEvccing Exbrcsa.
nnloc Depot, West fiida,near Madleoc rt. Brld.’-s
Day Express 6 30a.m. 8.35 am
Night Kxprese. fcinp.m. 10:30 pm,
015CQ>SAT7 AIB LOT—JOB rn-nri«**ftTT» ivti
Day Express.— fcSOa.a. &Ssa.m
Night Express.... 9:10p.B- IDtSOp-a.
DayPasecngar Si4sa.ni. *3O pm.
Night Express 9:10 pa. 7:50 a.
•Urbanna accommodation. 4:00 p. m. Sit’diya only
Hyde Park Train 7:00 s. m 3:20 a. m
Hyde Park Train A3.COm. R3sp m
Hyde Park Train 5:1:5 p. a, £45 p. a
•Mailand Accommodal’n. 4:00 a.m. 9:10 p.m.*
•Day Express. &30a,m. il:3ua. m.
tNight Express ItelOn m. 10.&*p'o»*
ICin. & Louisville Express 9:10 p.m. &2Sa.m.
No trains leave pn SaturdAv evening, and no
trains arriveon Sunday evening.
JulUm Passenger *OO a. a. *4O p. a.
Fcilea Passenger 113:40 p.m A-30a.ru.
Freeport Passenger -...9:00 a. 3. 4.41 p.m.
Freeport Paxstnger ...31-30 p.m i±4B*.a
Hock'o-d, El «in/Fox River
tnd Stats Lins 4:00 p. n*. U:10 s. a
GenovaPeas-rger,... SiSOp.’a q-sy* a.
riall Passenger 680u.m MOp m.
Niyht Pars*-i»gcr ' ESOp.m 5*45 a. m.
JoUet m T _d Wilmington Ao
tommodailon 4;B0 p.au tOJOa. m.
Cry JUpre&rand Stall..
Joliet Accommodation.
. 9:45 a. m 4:45 p m.
.li:SCp.au 4,45 a.m.
. 4:00 p.m. 5:4. a. pi.
Day Erprrta ?:]5 c.m 7:00 p. a.
Nlßfct Rxprtea U:SOp. nu a 45*. a.
Mcndota acrommodatfor. 4:00 p. & 10.8' a. m.
ax axd tut watts CTBJtxta
Morning Passenger ftOO a. m. 6:80 a. su
Day Express 1:00 p.m. 12£5 p. m.
Klght Passenger bOO p. m. 8:10 p. m.
Bzprew 0:00 a. a. 8:80 p. m,
8L Paul Sxpreaa lUS p. m. 11:86 a.m.
1 Msaiayu ckmvom*
.Stager Cook Store* “fltao wed In.” '•
The “mowedln”cgrloadolHagercookstores
Lave this day airivad. •< ; ■■■ ' ■ - .
: I ehall bo prepared to commence dellveplngtiieni
to inch parlies as purchased, to arrive on Monday.
- A. Q.Oi.WIBLD.
CmpAco, Jnn. 80,18 M, j/31 cSX-31
. f9PT A. A. GiurpirniElocnttoiilatnhwengaicd
in tha University Law School aadJSchool-of Trade,
will teach other claescs. Address Box l*il, Chi
cago. Ja29-uSl'*2-St ■,
Go to rim Best—Go to Bryant & Stratton’s
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
practical business fdneatioa. For circulars ad*-
dress (enclosing ttamps) Bryant & Stratton, Chi*
cago, Illinois. .
To Consumptives.
The Bcv.E. A. Wilson’s remedy for Consmnp*
tion, AetLma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and all
Threat end Long AlTectlons, to-ioiher wi th a pam
phlet giving the prescription and a short history
of his cate, can be obtained oi Fnller, Finch £
Fuller; Druggists, 24. and £C market street, Chi*
cago. . jayl3u4B-lm
o** Diseases of theNervoae, demiLai, Onnaiy
and Sexual Systems - new and reliable treatmen—
in reports of the Howard Association—sent bv mall
in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address
Dr. J. SkllUn Houghton, Howard Association. No.
2 Sooth Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa.
uogPrfiS?-Hip ,
TIT - ANTED—To rent, a Store, in
T T a good situation lor retailing. will t.ik'jpo*.
secelcn oi It ImmedlAtely, or on the first of Marco.
ACurtea P. o. Ho* IZSI.CLIc.'go. 111. JdSi-oDjS-Si
\\T ANTED—To exchange good
».£. lou-a or Missouri Lands for a stock of Biots
and Shoes. 111 pay part cash, IT required. Address'
p . O. Box <K», Chicago, 111. Jaal aSSMI
WAX TED—A situation by an in
telligent young man from Lancaster county,
I'cnnsylvaolu. Has bad tone experience Innvrcau*
tile bna ness, nnd has been for the four last years en
gaged In school teaching. Adorcaa •• ilOHO.” Tribune
oihcc. Jo3Uu9»l-*t
TED—Agents, male or fe*
• . male. la f rerv town In the Untie,l SUtos, to
cell an article of MLBIT.r.cd needed in every family.
Arrnttt traveling la other business can cirry Anuan “V
■alihont Iticonvcclocce. Sample, with directions tor
ate. w-nt to rnr address on receipt of 83 cents. Direct
to JOES TnAXTEn t ßox«TO.&lcaso.ni.
\\T ANTED.—A situation as Fore-
T T rufin Jn a Harness shop. Have bad tareire
jtaw expi ricoce., Inference circa. Address FOUE
MAb, Tribune ofilce. JaSI.uJJI2-2t
TfTAK TED.—An Entry Clerk.
f T Meet he a rapid penman, and correct tail*',
urea. Habits unexceptionable. Address la hand
writing, glrlpj; ago of oi>plica».t,wlih reference, aat
salary exrectsd,Post Office Drawer 6303.
Jan*aS6-2i ■
ANTED.—A second -hand por
f T table Boiler, from two to ton horre power.
Apply to John J. W right, at the carriage shop, corner
Elite red Liberty street. ja3i-o9U-2t
ssl/ ANTED —To Rent, one furnish
* * ed or unfurnished Boom and Bedroom, on
Sooth Sloe, without ooard. Inferences exchanged.
Adores*. for one week, "W G B,” P. O. Box 5110.
ANTED—lmmediately. Two
'v f cr three furnished or unfurnished Booms,
suitable for houtO<Cßplne. where Dressmaking can
be carried on. Address “il D E," Tribune office.
WANTED. —A few good Canvas
f f sers lo take orders for a work of great merit,
devoted cbiel’y to the •' Fine Arts." Apply (where
fpeclm< rs ciinhe seen; to Virtne, Torsion Co., U7
bomb Clark street, Loom it. Chicago. Post Office
JaSt-wSC-lw - Manager.
\\l ANTED. - (Knitting Machine.)
Tv Every Farmer to know that bis “wonen
folks” can earn SS to 220 per week, with one of Aiken’s
Celebrated KcHJlng Machines. It will caraltscosc
in thirty cays. Price, complete, *ls. Weight 45 lbs.
Freight from so cunts to fiAO. Three of these won
derm I machines ere now far sale at 01 Washington
street. TUccco, bv JEFFERSON FARMHn, General
Aren: for " Weed's” ceiubratod Sewing Machine.
\A7ANTED - A situation as House-
V T keeter. Brfereuceielveaasdrcqnlrcd. Ad*
drera “MBS. O.” Fo«t Office Box 1632, Chicago, or
apply to MRS. S. D. PRATT, 150 Sooth Clark street
JeiU-nK5;2{ ‘
\V ANTED. Three boausless
V * jpui'g Ladles want three Beaux to take them
them to the Oi ora. 'i'hoj don’t aspire to a carnage,
and will pay itelr own car tare, or go Address
PELL, MItLL and BELL, Post office Drawer &lli.
ANTED.—A pleasant room for
V V one or two centlt-c.cn to rent, with board
now. Afro, a suit of rooms fora remit tran and wife,
tobevacatcc In about tcu days, at 2b7 LlinoUstceet.
References required. jaSl-ufiU2C
"\\7ANTED. —A Situation in a
V T Wholesale Dry Good* Boose, by a man with
out Incumbrance, who has bod fourteen years expe
rience In the business, in all Us branches, and has aa
extensive ncqnalntancc throughout the West. Apply
aITODKG *RoiilEi?B, southwest corner or uako
street and Wabash avenue. JaSl*aflS9-3t
WANTED. — An experienced
Salesman, with extensive buslm-ss acquain
tance tbrouth the State, and unexceptionable refer
ences, desires a situation with some first-class Whole
sale Rome. Would not object to traveling a small
part of the time. Permanent cngacctm nt tlesirabl*.
Address till 6th c-f February, •• C h If,” Tribune
Office, Chlccso, 111. | jaSl-wSVSt
"V^T ANTED.—Board for a gentle-
V v llctnan and wife, A good, plain home, la a
private tsicllyorcfcrrcd. Room furnished rr unfur
nished. L cation near West Side Post Office. Ad
dress “M W H,” Tribune office. Jail 0916-U
WANTED.— Personal. It the
young Lady, who, while in a Randolph afreet
Car yestei day (Salordaj) morntnx, noticed a gentle
man crofslng tbe Bridge, and also m Lake street,
will send her address D,”Post Office Box
16C0, she will hear of a friend. JaSI-wJS-tt
WANTED. —No humbug, but the
religious truth. I will, for thirty cents. Inform
any lady orptnuemaa over sixteen years of ago, how
they can make, clear of expenses, from *3,000 to 63.Q0J
per year, and bew I made *50,C00: nocapltal requir 'd.
Let every person apply, for tbe business is reQncd and
attractive. All letter* promptly answered Address
C. w. WHITE, Post Office Box 4&7, Terre Hants. Vi
go county, Indiana. Js3l-n9XMt
YY^ANTED. —Two Giris, rather
T T pood looking and prepossessing, wish to cor
respond with n nuoberoflatelllpont good looking
gentlemen. Object, fan or any other man. If anv
would lifco Q* GRACE
LO6A^aa d MARIAM WJLbOK, Chicago, 111,
WANTED —To Rent. A small
House (Cottage preferred) or Booms, sal table
tor Housekeeping. Rent not to exceed SWO or 5230.
Address ”M,” Poet Oihce Box 6368. Ja3fru!G;-2t
TV7ANTED—Energetic Agents in
* \ every County and Town In Illinois and Indi
ana, to sell the cenulne Fac-Simile of the Bmancjpi-
Ucn rroclumatlon. For terms,&c.,call.or address
wltn stamp, O. F, GIBBS, isi South dark street,
Cbtcnpo, 111. Post Office Box SCB. Ja3>n9l3-7t
ANTE D—Occupauts for a
“ pleasant room, with board, enitabla fora pen
wemnn and wife, or two single gentlemen, a» S3 Fourth
at enue. Btfcrcnce required. jaS6-aS93>2t
\\T ANTED—A good cook; also a
▼ * coed washer and ironer, ot ra State street.
>oi o but those wei! qualified lor the bu.dacsa need
apply. UaSO-oSmt) GAYLORD & SON.
\k/ ANTED—A boy 10 years of
_• f ape to learn tho art of engraving on wood.
BObp £ Oil EE, il Clark street, Chicago.
WANTED —At 32 Washington
street. South Side,anbones*, and capable Hrl,to
a ?*oV c v^i?^ ‘ Mast be u good wasbfr and ironer.
TIT*ANTED - Board in a pleasant
# suburb cf the city, on orncora city railroad,
for a fondly consisting ol three ladles, one gentleman
spa a child four years old. Two bedrooms required.
Mutt not bo expensive. Address H D, M Tribmie office.
Jan. 22,1804.
Wauled Condespondcnenco—Tn eozers and nary
won on cm bant nntber party our anther am them
verry unlellygeat, but cm want like to Coademaad
with ol uv the gals wb&t bant got sura feller to bane
oulu. now gals wo bant git no letter* kaw* no boddv
wout > Ite tun to ns we hsnt verry petlckler bat wood
rntber permr stool moms in no won else oblekt
mootovcll Improvement. Address “ A J or M C. M
Battery C, Ist 111. Artillery, Ist Division, 14th Army
Corps, Chattanooga. JaSO-o£9o-2t
WANTED Correspondence.
Fonrgood looklucyonag men, who are now
sicmg Uncle Bam to put down this rebellion and nre*
serve the union, desire to open correspondence with
nemanryonngladlfsof good standing, and who are
In favor of the Union, rlfht or wrong. Object—fun
love or matrimony. Copperheads need not reply. Wo
devirc an exchange of pfioto’sas boo-j as convenient
Address *• J M H,” •* O W B.” •• W H L.” and “ J A.’»
BaUfir C.ist HI. Artillery, Sd Brigade, i>t Division,
Utn Army Corps, Chattanooga, Tenn. JaSQ-nott-t.
WANTED . —A woman who is
tally competent and wishes to do general
housework, can find a home with good pay, bv in
quiring third door soath of Twenty-third street, on
Irdlhna avenue. Family email. Ja9Q-ugS9-2t satam
TV/’ANTED —A stout boy to drive
▼ J a waeon and act as assistant porter. Apply
at I£l Bancolph street. Ja9.*-aSB?-8t 9
YV^ANTED. —Information wanted
TO 1 ?? by bis daughter Ellen
Parser. Be left Liverpool for Chicago nine years ago
and was last heard from In Chicago. His daughter
will be obliged for any Information concerning him.
or her ottle Thomas Hearn, roach builder. Her ad
dress Is Mrs. ELLEN DANNELLY, 55 beach *iraet,
hew York City. Ja3o-übT9-2t
WANTED—An American, Ger-
T v manor Scotch girl to do general housework.
Apply to £9 Elm sireet. Ja29-0331-U
\\T ANTED—A yonng man of good
V T business qualifications, with two year? cxp“-
rieuce, desires a situation as Salesman In a boot and
shoe or bat store. Can produce the best of testimo
nials from former employers. Address “CLa.” Post
Office Box am. jatß-omst
Uy ANTED—A situation as Sales
loan Id a dry goods Jobbing Louse, by a man
mho has a thorough knowledge ol the business. H%d
aermtecn years’ experience In the retail trade and
three and a half In a Jobbing boase la New York—
see 85 Can fnroish Hrebelsss testimonials. Address
Is. A. HINTON, Post Ofllce Box OT. Milwaukee. '.Vis.
Ja»uKS-n _____
WANTED By a young married
man, a situation as Book-keeper or Salesman
in a grocery or commission boose. Has Lad cipe
riarcf It. iLc letter business In Chicago, and can clvo
good St. Louis and city references. Address Po«t
QtUce Bex 65&9. Ja23-uUI-St
\\F ANTED—$60 a Month. We
f T want Agents at SCO a month, expenses paid. to
sell oor Etkbla.stjxo Pxscils.Okiistil Bitbsshs,
and thirteen other new, useful and curious artfc.os.
Filtern circulars sent rasa. Address SHAW ft
CLARK, Blddeford, Maine. Ji23-u3W-2m
TXT"ANTED—For the Government
T T in the Quartermaster’s Department, at Bt.
Louis.lCO Qnarrrmen. Wages<3sper mouth and ra
tlous. Also, 2.500 Laborers and Teamsters. Wages
|SO per month and rations. Free transportalon fur
nished to place of destination and relumed to St
Louis, Wo. For further Information Inquire at the
Government Olhce, IS2J* South Water street. CM
Ja2o- cS7I-Sm Government Agent.
Vi/ ANTED. —Employment. —$75
▼ ▼ a month. Agents wanted to sed Sewing Ma
chines. Wewill gives commission on all Machines
sold, or employ scents who will work for the abjvc
wages and all expenses paid. For particulars ad
drees BOYLAh & CO., General Agen^
Slice* . ' JagT-ura-sT*
TV”AIt TED—A Protestant woman
.▼ ▼ to cook, wash and Iron. The b'st of
pilling to go to Evanston. Apply a*
the City Hotel. Ja27-n«5-6t
WANTED -Information of James
i" j , llto » (stone mason) who led Leicester, Bog.
mnd. fonrteen years ago. Any Information will be
received by bla brother. Address "SOL-
J mt,” Baitfjy D. rim Mlaaonrl L'.gb- Artillery,
o 00 ?? v Nrlgade, Fourth Division, 151b Army Corps!
acottabro, Ala. ja2l-0587-20L
ANTED—Agents, SIOO per
T. * ®onth la now being made by good Caaraaaerf.
•Ob ibe new and splendid Steel Fngravlag of
LINCOLN. Also. Steel Engravings
tfphen A. Douglas. Trice, 45 cents each, or five
W-00 ; mailed In a nice tube, on receipt of price,
any pert rf the conntrs, b» E. B. LANDON,
aefit, 88 Lake street, opposite Tretsont House,
cago. de3Ut3l-lm
of Bt<
for *3
to ai
ANT ED—Wood Choppers.
- - 3C0.0C0 hosbela of Charcoal, by tho Norlaweat
crn Iron company, at Mayvlllc, Dodge County. Wls-.
for tv, fire ml.es west of Milwaukee,on the Milwaukee
•ndD* Crosee Railroad.
Toe Northwestern Iron Company, engaged In the
manufacture of Pig Iron extensively, will pay at all
tunes the highest price for Choppers and Collier*, or
let con tracts, lane aDdstaall.ioanU parties. Inquire
of VicePrtaidcnt. at tne works, or Col.
E. DANIEI^BoxB7I7, CWoaro, for Information.
JaKtfMta T.WUJLEfI, VlcePreatdeat,
- I auction galeg. r
’ * : AtJCnOJrEKHS,
hot. l»S, 189 aid 107 Dwtm Btrwf.
I ■■■_. Ji&nsl'lm 4tAp
Dry good?,boots & shoes,
Cn WEDNESDAY andTHUnSDAY,Fch. Sd and Üb,
at FK o'clock, A. M.,-at Boners’ Auctloc 800 ns
Tortiond BJcok, cornerot Dearborn and Washington
streets, a forge invoice of
Wool Shirts ondDravera, Bhache » and Brown Sheet
tog*. Cloths* CasdlmereJ, Ac. .
Cn TUESDAY, Feb. 2, at 10 o’clock A.'M., at dwell
ing Pome its Wolcott street, corner of Superior, we
el all sell me entire furniture of a gentleman relin
quishing housckceplrg. ■ Ja27-um-7t
VX Anctloreors. 41.46 and IS Dearborn stree*.
Superior llonschold Farmtnrc,
AT auction,
On TUESDAY, Feb. 2d. at 10 o’cloak. we shall sell
at our salesrooms a large .assortment of Hoasjhold
Furniture, Carpets, Mlrrurr. Knjrravlnrs, Hair. Hose
and Si a Grass Mattresses, Spring Beds, Elegant
Chamber Salts, Ac.. Ac.
ja£UuK4-lt GILBERT & SAMPSON. APCl’rg.
General Auctioneers. 41. 4G & 43 Dearborn-et
Harthrjire, Files. Table and Pocket Cattery, &e.,
Hl °n y^OXFSDAT. Feb. Sd. at 0* o’clock A. M.. wo
sb all sell at oar salesroom*, 16 and 13 Dearborn st
a V s s i ß9 K. rtn,e S« of Hardware, Ac., conalatiac In
*. f «.T& bl V°i? po £^ tt Firmer and t ram
[rg (.h!McV. H o ll°t%-Hntchts. Spring Latches, Door
LoCkA LUlllanSlcß,Crass ana {run Bolts.Sisb iocks.
BUcksrnllh'e Tongs, fit?, {yards, flatform Scales!
ScalAflcgnjs.tolefaand Fork*. CoTeu Amis, suwrs!
6p«arAjrwM ( 9MltlW racket Cooks, Combes, Ice
Plrte; Mte|fc|%MapWßrs. Axes, Wood P< ncll*. Ac.
AIBO-AMH- Cfflra bnndr.’d dollars worth of
Flicjof rations kinds, comprising a large and gents
ral assortment sellable for city and cooatry ilotall
Trade. Sale positive and wltbont res- rro.
Ja2o-uS«2-5t GILBERT & SAMPSON, Aact’s.
41.46 and 43 Dearborn street.
100 Crates of Crockery by tbe Crate,
At onr salesroom*. on THURSDAY, Feb. 4th,at 10
o’clock, a, M The crates aro splenldly assorted.
Country dealers trill please write for a catalogue.
SalepObltivc and without reserve.
Ja2£os2E-iat GILBKBI* & SAMPSON, Aqci’ts,
A J. BLEECKER, Auctioneer.
-CXs Tbeonderrigntd. Assignee of the late firm
of Jec, Coddlnotcn & Co , will rell at public auction,
on MONDAY. Feb. Bth, at 12 o'clock, m ih • Exchange
Salesroom, U Broadway, bjrA. J. BLEECKER, SON
& CO., all the remaining assets ofsa'd hue firm of
Jce.c.oddlngton &Co. axd Its members, which aro
vested In me as Assignee, Including the following de
scribed real estate, vis: 3 lots in St. Paul, Minn.,
Fes. 18.11.15, bloc* No. 06; So acres land In Benton
C< nnty, Minn.; 300 acres land in Worth County, Iowa;
8 lots in Fast Shakapeo, Minn. Also, a mortgage for
$125 on lot No. 9,block Vo. 16. In the village of Keno
sha, Wls. Also, an undivided one-fourth Interest in
h r use No. US Madison street, and In the two stores
Vo. 12 Coer tlfs-sllp acd Ko. 18 1-ront street. In the
City oi New York, subject to the incumbrances there*
or. Also, suedrv cook f-cccmsis. cotes, ftc., an In
ventory of tvhlchmay be examined j.t the office of
the auctioneer. PEN J. HAXTDN.
Assignee of late firm of Jcc, Coddinzton & Co.
New lork.Jan.9.lSßl. fa26-uG33-Gt
33 cal 35staie tot gale.
f?OR SALE - Lot on north side of
X' Parkavcnoe, between Lincoln and Wood,soby
ISO feet, • • • •• ■ • *
on r.tse of Warrer street, between Lin
and Robey. 50 by 125 feet.
Lot on Ulbhnp Place near Union Park, 50 by ISO ft.
Also, a number of Houses and Lots. Building Lots.
Eivur Lots, Faroe and Illinois Land*.
Real Estat: Agent, No. 4 Metropolitan Block.
T7OR SALE—A choice River Lot
X on tbe Sonth Branch, 392 feet on tbo river by
atont Iff) fccc deep, with extra railroad, facilities.
Only fSO per foot. Apply to
. Estate Agent, No. 7 Metropolitan Block.
jaSO-nESS-St r fiCKATP
SALE.— Great Bargains.
80,0(0 acres of Land, on the line of the i.oems
oort and Peoria Railroad, in Livingston county. 111.
Ttef e innns are bleb and rolling.and *rc within three
miles ol Railroad stations Chatsworth and Forrcst
vllle.a-.d five miles from a good Coal Mine, and will
be bold cheap, one-Uith cash, balance in live or seven
years at six per cent. Intcnst. Thera Is a Beet Sugar
Mnnofcctoiy at Chatsworth, In successful operation
No tctl-r lands in the State. Address or apply to
D. K. PEARSONS, 118 Rundo'ph street Chicago, or
to J. STILLWELL, ESQ., Chatsworth, Illinois.
FOR SALE—Desirable Residence
and Business Property. Brick Dwelling House
and Lot corner of Indiana and Wolcott streets. Lot
11SMby 10Cfeet. Frame Dwelling HonseandLotcor.
of Pine and Hinols-sts. Lots In Duncan’s, Ogden's
and Entterflcld's Additions. A large Lot on the South
BraDcb.neartl ePltUhnri: Bndze. Lots on
West Lske. Randolph, Washington and MadUoa-sts.
By P- OtpDEg, Otlice N0.5, over XT Wells street.
FOR SALE—Choice Residence
Property. SO Lots for sale on Wabash, Michigan
and Indfnoa aveuncs, nearHlh street; full size und
depth. 20 Lets on Prairie and Calumet avenues, near
Ringgold street. A. J. AVERELL. Real Estate
Broker, ho, 7, Metropolitan Block. Ja39-aS3G-6t
FOR SALE—Business and Resi
drnce Property, S Lots SOxITO each on State
street, near Liberty or Fourteen street, only 870 per
loot. 2 Lots on Indiana avenue, near. Fourteenth.
The above lots for sale very cheap. Apply to A. J.
AYEEELL, Beal Estate Broker, No. 7, Metropolitan
Block. Ja39»u33r6t
FOR SALE—Union Park Prop
"l 7 Cheap. £0 feet by 150 to alley, fronting on
union Park Inst south of street, 13,100.
1* ‘Cet.py 128 lett on warren street, near Paulina,
f 1,£40. App!y to A. J-A.TEEELL, Beal Estate Broken
ho.«, Metropolltao Block. Ja23.0533-6t
*OOR SALE—lmportant to per-
JL eons wishing to reside xa Canada. Two line
rcfildcnciß near Niagara Falls, one containing
rooms, conveniently planned, water brought into the
house, a pood carriage house, and largo garden with
grape vlt es and fruit trees: and one containing nine
rooms, French windows, with verandahs, and every
convenience possible for a small family. Both of the
above places are quite new and in no.-feet repair. U
desired, the furniture and carpers would be sold with
them, thus affording a fine opportunity for parties In
tending to settle In Canada,or to retire from business
to the most beautiful and healthy snot on the Conti,
rent. Apply to WIILiAM PATRICK, Esq.. OUiton.
(Niagara Fail?,) c.W. Jas-u730-tt
FOR SALE—A first-class resi
dence, 213 Indiana avenue, near Ringgold Place,
uot eai-t innt 50 bylCI feet to an nlley, wtib ilncat
shade In the citr. House now and built m best mol
ern style, wbh brick and stone foundalloo. This xs
one ox the most desirable residences now oTcn-d for
sale. Apply on premises. ja3S-u737-7t
FOR SALE A Lot on Carpenter
street, near the corner of Lake, with a large
a« cuing house, two story baru 20x50, fit for a factor?
or packing house and a three story brU k building Is
otli-rvd for sale on longtime, onlv a small amount
La ja e i& U i& d 2w Caeb ' Applr 10 CAL,VIK D’WOLF.
JFot Sale. _
E'OR SALE. Two fine Xewfound*
JaSllSK ope - CaQ c - 6cen ati, ' o - 15c Green street.
FOR SALE. — A fine toned second
hand Piano; also, ODP shifting tonßn v nn.l
■oJd cheap for cash, bv apy lying
soon at 10 North Curtis street. jo3l-uIM7-2t
"OOR SALE.—A Singer Machine,
■fr.„ •!'{. (or lerrlre leather, or for eloUdnz.
auo, a heavy Anvil and Bellows. Apply at carriage
shop, corner of State and Liberty Streeter JaSi-wt&t
OR SALE.—Hotel for sale. The
r»ft.M. , 2 e iPi d Furniture of the Weatcott noose. la
ioivl CP£C ’ 'y ,6Con tln- Lease runs three years. Far
fn l ih r « VnVihl D r V o • rhf * V Bt paying Hotel basinets
U M«£ic2i. , Ji weßt ‘ Possession given Immediately.
JaU>US66-4t H. L. BEACH.
r^?^ c A he , Stock tLi eft9e ‘ Fixtures. License, Ac..
pal? ff, , rt«S S B, r *od Confectionery Store, situated
L?* P 0i5i.?., , ?£ e ,. p, « e * .Everything ready for Immedl
-2!i e .isS eo ,Pf np r* Moßt , bo *old to-day, Reason for
Se jß i^-t pra^lf C6g * App yat 215 State street, to-dat. *
XT OR SALE—A fine grey Horse,
excellent_ln sadd'c, carriage or express—per-
CfSl! y i yen^e r^ ce f*®* ® ne new Florence Sewing
v c ~1-rlee iM-for ss°, or will eichange It for a
coed brreyorljKhtwacon. One WheeU-rA Wilson
Sewing Machine, luperfect order-price s67—tor »10.
ni^ e ?,‘>°ftls T M 5 dlo or ntruess. six rears
old, for S3O. Call at 133 Lake street, up stair?. Room
-•c.l. Ja3o.u3lT-2t
FOR SALE.—Connecticut Cigars.
20.0C0 of the best quality, superior make, war
rauied mate) lal, cheap for cash, to close consignment.
Also, an Indian Sign, and working Tables, at a bar
gain. A good cnanco for a new beginner. Forpar-
Gcnltrs a p j ly to **s W, corner of van Bureo street
and Ith avenne, up stain. JaSO-0355-lt
SALE,— Hotel. TheXational
rni«^P 0 . w ir ln ChaupalgnCity, Champaign county,
llUnols, is offeree for sale, and whl be aolu cheap, on
snert time. For lalcrmatloo,address C. M. BHEKFY
cr the Proprtttor, at Champaign City.
JaSC-cg«4t E. ADAH 3, Proprietor.
*OOR SALE—On loner time or to
JL Lease, the property known as the Union Salt
nocks, on the South Branch, in lots to suit purchasers
or tenants. Also, lota on Wilson and Maxwell streets
near Canal street. Price fMO. Terms. |l5O down
balance on five years time, L* desired. Apply to Dr
BBAlWAßD.iS&nthClaAstreet. iSKaHOn ‘'
F3K SALE A first class Tubular
Boiler, stoat 15-horse power. In perfect order,
l»gs® {OT three days, at R. T. CrtANE
A 880. 8,102 West Lake street. Ja2B-uSIS-2w
F3H SALE —A Foundry and Jin
chine Shop, tools, patterns. In short all that be-
JCCfS tO the foundry business. The foundry has been
established for seven years, and has s good trade, alt-
S*ted t l ?pil«f,from Chicago on the Chicago and
Pock bland Ballroad; also twenty four miles from
any other shop and on the bank of the canal; can
snip by railroad or cans): abundance of coal within
one mile 01-the works Will sell or lease or take Ins
mechanic os partner with Fire Thousand Dollars
capital to manage the business. Reasons for selling
the owner has been an Invalid for four years. Ad
dress E. MCQDISTOBf, Morris. Grundy County, 111. or
call on him on the premises. Poet Oiuce Box w. '
TpOR SALE—Cheap for cash, an
A Iron Fcucdry, at tbe corner of Halsted and Way.
man streets, with ttesra engine and patterns Tor bond
ing end Machinery work, and all other tools necesurr
for a foundry. hor particulars apply to THOMAS
EEZMAIUAICII.oi address to West Side
Cblcago.BoxSOl. ■ - Ja27*u7t2-7t
FOR SALE —2OO firkins Butter,
parked In Winnebago County, WU. Address
i J. A.PAIGE, OshEosb, letter or mb?
erwUe. Ja2l-ntS»m
FOR SAL E—The product of
15/ CO bogs, conilatlng of Lard In tierces.Mess
esa Prime Mess Pork. Clear Bides. Bibbed aides <u£?
Fbonlders, Hams in street pickle and 1' balk* Ad.
uxt&* B. wade, at Alton, by letter or otherwise.
®o Ucnt.
RENT.—A new One and a half
story CotUgeHouse, 2oiU.3fo.lU Silsted bL
. I ? lk * n,iß . ,rtr: * l •tret*’. Possession given
Immediately. Inquire of CUABLEB BBS3MADB.
on Twelfth street, near Rttgkcr. jiM-uHtt-lt
TO RENT—Wanted a house of
? lth F* 8 “» d water, east of
£•“**m Mt » oaKorth aide. Address M TFL. n Trl.
nuneomce. ]a3l*ußsMt
T.—Lower part of a two
Ip%« e .bfe , ’E l ±
'TO RENT—Desk room in a very
AoSSfegg l lllll
T3 RENT—The building known
Kn the £ 1l * nT ?*S Unr an** atflolnlne the Cham-
E£.2£F 0 ?? M S, e f,, l iM. lltw ‘ l B JP * or a first-claga Re*.
?* r> Bpo“* wine Cellar. Kitchen,
* c : of the,beat locations ta the Northwest!
S2^H?i , w ; sP te 4 10 . to %.BOod tenant who can
and will keep a flr»t-cIaF» Restaurant—noon other
need apply. Inquire of W. n. BODWA.Y No U
Jnneau &oct, Milwaukee, Wla.
Honday And Tacnday, Feb, Ini * *>
riIEE. *'
The public arc Invited.
Tickets, admitting go&V.oman and July, Si; Ga.i-rj
25 cents. To commence at 8 o’clock.
At II o’clock Great Prize Distribution; at K o’cbch
Demssqm-ntlon nnd March to Bnpper. After S.ippur
danclsgwlil to continued until Tuesday raornlre
tZT Tickets can be got at the ball and bv all m-ra
btra of the r.ojiuy. la3o-cBOS-2t eiria
MoVIOKER'S theatre
on Madison street, bet weeaState and Deartor*
J>oore open o'r.Jork, cot lain rl«esat?p;np»rii~.*
Ppbiis ct Adsiissxqs—Paj onetiH and Parqif.ita
Circle, fl.tP. Ke served fc-eata so cent? extra. Second
Circle ?0 cents. GEAND ITALIAN oPKtfA. I Ir.c
tor, J. Graf. Tito rpenlDß of the season trill l»e la*
toppratert cn UoIfDAIT.Feb. Ist. IS6L on which oc
casion trill be resented Donizetti's ctUbrattdoocn
LGCKE2IA EOIIGIA. Mad. Sophie Vera Lorinl as
Lncrezla: MalT'O Or-laJ, Al'lle Moreasl r tJcar.ro, S jt.
s-ttlli*cl; The Units Slg. ilortJil; Catena,
Pip. B&rlU; S ; pnor» Perm and Mandolin
the otter parts. •ICESUAT,Teb.*,LuciA i»r Lasi
kxbbook. ii’lle rmiUnaCattrlas Lada. Ur. Gran
tr>r? to aLconme that he baa *>aeceeden lo
for the se.flon the rbannlnp Si’ll e Axoiollwa Cor—
rißj: and Ee.sk Caoz, Fobhus, the celebrated Basso.
Notice of their appearance will be eirec In tho
per?. AU l;e Operas will be plTenwll h fall cast, ap
propriate costumes and proper Jes, and a powerful
cfcorre tad orchiiiru under the musical direction <tf_
siq.Mdzio. -
JjL PLAS. - ,
First Anneal Pestlra! and Eanqnet
(V. L. BtTRLBUT, K. C.)
Will be held at the Brteg* Boose, Chicago,
February 9th, A. D. IS6I, A. O. T«
All SlrKnlchts In thlaandadjolzilDcStatea ire cour
teously Invited.
cozairrrzs or AnuotQßuraT j :
Tbc Festivals to bocoaflned exclusively to Kalzhts
Templar and their Ladles. K
Sir Knights will appear In fall dress uniform.
Tickers |5, to be had of the committee.
ja34-uCll-6i acTuar
Academy of music.
Washington strect.betwceu Clarkand Dearh-ta
MONDAY E\£slNG, Feo. Ist, and every evemcr
dcrlnc the week. Aepicndtiiprogram »e. iiKw.'fij
of Kelly’s PaLtnmluie. Tru? Love neverrans .Stnoota.
First week of Heir Brocbarlinpwuytan, lb* Wonder
fnl Three Legied Man. First week or Pa-» d’.Vrlqa**.,
First week o. the Olholn Gobble Family, It’s all tr. , a
Dixie, Lsnclgau** B ill. The Bee Hunter*, Ac.
Doors open at 7 o'clock, commencing at 8 P. M. M*
mission 25 cents; Scuts secured through <: t
cents. Private
Fob. Cib.forthe benefit of Soldiers' FamUi s. com
monclnc at 3 o'clock P.M. B. S. OINQi-on. Atjucu
Including Borrow*, Kelly. Bord®ox aadCarr.CHAM
Benefit of the Poor of Chicago on Friday nl^ht.
One week longer of the
Gnat Bearing Black Sea Uoa Old a’cptnnc.
The Invisible Lacy is expected next wcck,on Mon
day, Fvbruary itr. Hours of exhibition, dally (-oa
day tieeptedt from BA. M. nalU 10 p. M. Ai:ml*«Ua
to all tbe Rooms, Hulls and Galleries, 35 cents. Call
dren, under 12 years cf age, 15 cents. Ja3l-w3Mtr
Original Oil Paintings,
By eminent living Artists of Europe and America, at
Embracing Costly Works by
A. do Bylandt, c. Leslie, Carlo Dotcl,
vantcvcnicQck.W.si.alcers, A. Vandervelde
K.Gpilbt-n, W.tbayer, Orlzonte.
l\ertmullcr, T.UIU. Snagnoletto,
Muller. 1. u. Morris, dvantoo.
Pollcmln, Bcittlo. H. Vunßslcn.
L9 n ‘. e] L c s AngcUlca Banff Arnold Maas,
vv.M.Oddll, Carlo Marram
J.Ames. P.Naysmith, Basso Ferruto.
Albtri Mearns, I. li.mil, Mlsnard,
I. E. Meafows, 31dm. dcLlcnr, Vincent;
LF. IlcTTlfg, Jno. Both, Hans Holbein*
Adam Bartend,
And la part by Original Pictures by the
Collected daring tbe last thirty years.
Open from O A.M.till 4 P. M., and from 7 till 101
the Evening.
idolislon 25 Cents. Sens on Tickets, 50 Cents.
The Gallery will remain open five or sir wee!:?.
|aS6-a£EO-6t-4thp WSI. BERUB.
Three Lectures
EH.TAW a^XiXi,
FcLrcary 2d, 3d and 4th.
«t^H°r»ii« p t? a ? 0 lecture to commence
6al '* ©pickets at the door not to cum*
« Jl I J,i wc S' t * m!aa ‘ L : B More 8 o'clock A.lmla
sio.t 60 cents. No extra charge for reserved scats
*m*l?S/n^erJ e £&S! B J' OMtunt,l tvery tiny at the
ef°*f < '», Ch L t .* Cildea - -Wrut for W'hee!er*
L s©o ® s |. wl °s Machines, 10€ Lake street.
JEul- Wlc-dt
- L Madlron street, between State nad Dearborn.
Proprietor and Manager. J. U. McVlcker.
_jr I ‘* I , “ SA v haa the pleasure to announce that he
yj l give *fieaaoa or twelve nights of Opera la Ohl-
Lf?cAi T S-i.K e S P9 . to . c . onim . c S C(3 on MONOAh.Ftb.
Ist ISw, with Donizetti's celebrated Opera of
„ LUCBE/U uobgu.
will appear lor the tint Urao
.In tniseity in her celebrated role or....LUCBEZIA.
1 l e "o 0 , re < 9 z1 ." Matlllo onlnl.
Signor SleUau! as Genarro
S goor Morvlii as The Ooko d’Estc.
Signor Barri.i a 5.... Gubetta.
lm ? nce » Signor Perm,and Signor Mancinl.
Musical Conductor .TSlguor Mnclo.
niv pW. vc , d *? Higgins* Music S:ore. TDHS
- ‘ 2J * Lacla dl Lammennoor. MTIc Costrl
Dollar—Reserved Seats,
et - ,c, ud Circle.s3 centj.
at 7M—Opera commenceaat 3 o’clock. Ja23-nT9a-lt
“Or Tuerdnr Eycnln-r, Feb. Otb, 1801.
Fell pregramme wiU appear la a few days.
la2P.uaZ.-lm TUt; COMMITTFE.
116 & 117 Dearborn street.
C. M, CHADwiCK....SoIe Leasee and Pronrleler
The Great Comic Vocalist,
Every Night.
MONDAY, February i^f t
Dress Circle and Pirouette *.
Private 80xea.... • . . .
Sl ja®4—jV® PrlTate Boxes/.”"'.’
t>fi(ENXX haCC7~~
A .. - BLOOJUSGTOB, ill.
.Good Piano, Curtain a&*
T>OARDKG—Rooms, with board,
sellable for gentlemen with their wives, or aln
gl« gentlemen, can be obtained In a private fatally
five minutes’ walk from the Court House. Pleasant
« s, .Best reference given. Call at
I\ oS T—leather Pocket Book,
3* orth avenue.
«f» ay » 4 IW. olack XewfoondlsndDox. Th"
lrenn. reWaftl VS™?**
v t There will be a aeetbur of the CmhHtn Be.
near Kandolcb** at **** Wela kchnrcb, Deaplainea-at,
ON TbfesDAT EVtLNISO, FEB.2d, 18«.
• U»’ a, ,“hn*ea are respectful!? invited to attend.
jaSS-nStStaarsuenr JEO. BODEBTS, Sec’y-
S2K Ann —Any person wish-
Sr iSr ? Vf V • log a Mortgage for |S,(KO or
f* per cent, interest, on the “ handsom
est’'piece of Land In tbe Sonth division. and In*-
can ad dress, with real namej^Pos^OfflMßug
r PAKEN UP.—A Red Cow, about
JL Qve or six years old. Tbe owner can obtain tbe
aaac by applying to the subscriber, la tbe town of
Lake, near the nve mile boose, proving property and
paying charges. KBS SI BCtUIALLAN.
15 cent*
••25 cents.
..50 cent*.

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