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■MLY’LTRI-WEEKLY and weekly,
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delivered In aty, poryeai SIO.OO
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ft or risk.
W The remittance for duo? must, In all eases,
be made at one time.
Address “CHICAGO TRIBUNE,” Chicago, HL
Tin; news.
A call Ib made Gy the President for half a
trillion men, the number not previously en-
, led by rolnutecringto be drafted on March
anil. This is eimply Increasing the October
!1 for 1100,000 to 600,000, thing this time,
v ithout i.jelponcmcnt, the day of the draft
*i lie credits for the several States will he
n ade agalrst the quotas turner this e.n and
(l.c conscription-will fin the balance on the
di y named. The bounty expires on March
£isu Let us see all necessity for a draft la
Illinois also disappear before that time, as
by volunteering it may be made to do.
Gov. Gamble is dead, and Gen. Schofield
has gone. The day Is brightening for the
leva! cause In Missouri. The deceased Gov
ernor has been mneh belled or hla public
a Is have given little occasion to permit "bis
otraiee at this juncture.
Arkansas in her Loyal State Convcnlion'de
c ares Slavery dead, and In the same connec
tion provldes-for the establishment of Free
Schools. It is worth while to have lived to
£te this day.
The Sunday night news from Knoxville
declares the situation leea imminent. Kothlng
Hi w from other theatres of war.
The telegraph brings ns -cheering nows
from East Tennessee and Northern Alabama.
7- ■ ear Scvlervillc, which la twenty-five miles
( mthcast of Knoxville, on the Little Pigeon
I Ivor, a gallant fight took place on Thurs
day last between Stnrgce’ cavalry and the
rebel cavalry, la which the latter were badly
repulsed with a loss of two rilled cannon and
om- hundred prisoners. At Athens the rebels
I iso were repulsed after a twenty-fonr hoars’
fght, and again this side of Florence by
Col. Miller’s force. But there are only
tlie’lpremonitory signs of the greatanddes
por tc effort of the rebels will shortly make
to regain and hold East Tennessee, and there
by dislodge ns from one position at Chatta
nooga. To this end we have no doubt they
will make a desperate straggle. We have no
fears for the result.
t The peace movement in North Carolina
continues to gain ground steadily, and the
extracts from the press of that State, in
another column, Trill be found of unusual in
tercet. The current is rapidly setting North
■w ard in the old North State. •
The news from Texas is of importance,
which seems destined to witness
l'revolution nearly every week, is again the
theatre of conflict, and additional interest
attaches to it from the foet that a portion ol
Cen. Herron’s command crossed the river to
the sacred soil of Mexico, apparently to piv*
loct the American consulate, and performed
K'.rcet duty by escorting the Consul to
Gallant Utile Indiana, it is announced in
•our Indianapolis dispatch, wDI have 10,000
ijcw men In the field when spring opens.
What is Ulinois doing ?
Gen. McClcrnand, it is at last definitely an
r.ounced, is to have a command and leaves
Springfield on Tuesday for New Orleans, to
report to Gen. Banks. A large part of his old
corps will probably go-with Mm.
» Our Fort Smith dispatch gives an important
rumor, prevailing at that point, that Price
Mid hlc ragmnffins had captured the town ol
"Waldron, which is in Scott county, Arkansas;
near the Indian Territory border, probably
the sidvance movement of a foolhardy attempt
lo take Little Bock.
Bishop Ames, who is at New Orleans un
dcrinstructions from the War Department,
has commenced vigorously to adjust rail
pious matters in that city. Several seces
sion clergymen wiU undoubtedly come up
before him for discipline, and we mist-ike
Bishop Ames if they faU to get such discip
line as will keep treason out of their pulpits.
.Soldiers' Asylum—Tbe Santiago disas
ter Reciprocity Treaty - Soldiers 9
Money—Postal Orders*
Washington, Jan. 54,1883.
The Treasury Department will send In to
morrow a very elaborate statement of the
working of the Canadian reciprocity treaty.
Tbe general drift of the facts given is against
tl.c advantage of treaty to us. Those who
Lave investigated the subject say the effect
of it will be to bring about an abrogation of
the treaty.
Congress will be urged before long to
make on appropriation for tbe erection of an
n ylnm for decayed and invalid soldiers, in
the interior of Pennsylvania.
The President has communicated to Con
gress a message containing dispatches from
our Minister to Chili, concerning the Santiago
disaster, wliicb famish some additional de
tails. When the fire broke out the lamps and
chandeliers were detached by hundreds, fall
ing amonga kneeling throng below, consist
ing mostly of women and children. There
Inring no pews, the congregation was kneel
ing each upon the dress other neighbor, so
that it was impossible for many to rise be-
J‘on the whole were enveloped in a sea of
Senator Lane, of Indiana, has introduced a
bill, providing lor the safe and speedy trans-
Tuition of money from-soldiers to tbcirlaml
lies and friends. His plan is to have army
paymasters, before paying ofl' a body of sol
diers. distribute allotment rolls to be signed
l>y those who wish to remit money,and desig
nate for whom tbe money is to be retainedby
the paymaster, for which he will give his
check on the Assistant Treasurer at New
york, payable to the Allotment Commissioner
o; the Suite, from which a majority of tbe
men or allotment rolls come. Allotment
Commissioners arc to be appointed in every
sMatc, to have the rank of paymaster. He
fcliu.ll keep an office at the capital of his
It is made the duty of the commander of
Ike troops to sec that the troops under bis
•command have the appointed opportunity to
make an allotment. The Allotment Com
jiiiseioncr is allowed a clerk to every fifty
jvgiiucnts and bittcrics in the service, up to
two hundred.
It was stated a week or more ago that the
Chairman of the House Fostofflce Committee
had a bill prepared, adopting the English
money postal order system Jo this country.
7uc bill has Just been introduced, and its pro
*vi‘ions are so important, as well as ofsnch
n ral inters!, that the following full syn
opsis is forwarded. It authorizes the Post-
Vaslei-Gcncral to establish a money order
s stcm through the post offices of the United
States. Offices designated for that purpose,
are to he known as money order offices. The
3 oolmaster of such office under the direction
of the Postmaster-General is to be directed
to issue orders lor money payable by any
other money order offices, winch the person
applying therefor may select. Deputy Post
masters who ie§nc such orders are required
to scud through the moils promptly, to the
office upon which it'ris drawn, dne notice
thcrcol. Money most, in all cases, under
licavy penalty, be deposited with the post
master, before he issues money orders.
Dlouk forms, engraved, will be supplied to
postofiices, and orders not in properform ore
invalid. A person applying tor a money
older, on'receiving it, shall enter h!s name
address on the record, together with the
date aud name of tbe postmaster, to bo pre
fcerved in the office Issuing the ordera. These
tlmll not be for less than $1 or more than
£2O, the fees for which shall be five cents for
*ll under $10; ten cents for all under S2O,
rand fifteen cents for over S2O, Mistakes may
Ibjg corrected by the issue of a new order, and
Payment of additional fee, if the first order
as not been forwarded. An order not pre
dated tor payment within ninety days be
rimes invalid, and can only be renewed by
application to the Postmaster General and the
‘payment of another fee. Orders lost or de
stroyed can be replaced by the Postmaster
■ -General, on the oath that such order has been
lost or destroyed, and a certificate of the
' postmaster to whom it was issued, that it has
not nor will not be paid. These orders can
3>c indorsed over from one person to another
.but once. Postmasters arc allowed one-third
oftbefcesorone-cigbthofonc percent, of
rthe gross amount of the orders received os
-extra compensation, and Postmasters of
money order officers are required to execute
new official bonds. The use of money depos-
Mcd for orders in any way is declared embez
-.lemcnt, and in case of criminal action for
-• -h, a transcript from the books of the
v Auditor of the Treasury shall be ro
f .'rived as prima facie evidence in court.
•C~sntcrfeiting, forging and altering money
ore punished by line and imprison
*n JtH.
Louisville, Jon. 30.— An officer just re
turned from Knoxville reports that about a
wck since the rebels drove off 800 head of
.'eminent cattle within three miles of
ixvlllc. He says that onr anny has gone
i winter quarters and apprehend no at-
A rcconnoissance made last Saturday
inday discovered that Longs trect had
a hasty retreat and gone beyond the
• ridge.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,]
Washington, Jan. 30,18GL
Authentic advices from Gen. Thomas* army
state that since he has assumed command at
Chattanooga, 8,000 rebel soldiers have volun
tarily come within his lines. At this rate
little will be left of Johnston’s army by
The clerks in the Treasury Department
were paid off to-day in five per cent, two
year notes.
The civil appropriation bill reported by the
Committee of Ways and Means, contains an
item of three hundred thousand dollars for
judgments to be hereafter rendered by the
Court of Claims. This is in accordance with
the law of last session rc-organizing the
court, but the practical absurdity of on ap
propriation in advance of Judgments will,
probably lead to an amendment of the law.
The following circular has been sent by the
17. S. Treasurer to all the National Banks
which have been designated as permanent
depositories on the list already published.
Treasury U. S. Washington, 1
Jan. 29, 18GL f
fim:—Under Instructions from the Secre
tary of the Treasury, yon arc authorized
to receive subscriptions for two years’
five per cent Treasury notes which arc
made tender for their face value by
March SfclSM. Such subscriptions may be
received from National Banks, other corpor
ations, firms or individuals, In sums of SSO
pieced to the credit of
the U. 8, Treasury. Certificates In duplicite
should be issued, therefor in 'form therewith
rival, theoriginal of which must be forwarded
to this office and duplicate banded to the
party making the deposit. Names of parties
and the depositary, with the amount and ac -
count for which such deposits arc made,
shoffid be stated in weekly lists of deposits
and transcripts, and forwarded to the Seerc
saiyofUieTrcjunry, and also in statements
rendered to this office. Upon receipt ofori2>
inal certificate at this office required amount
of Treasury notes will be issued bcarimrin
tcrest from date of deposit, and in such de
nominations os may be on hand, for the pur
i? 8 *? f , com P I J in g» asfcraspracticable, with
he wishes of depositors, such notes will be
forwarded to subscribers In accordance with
instructions to be sent with certificates.
F. E. Spinner, Treasurer.
Delegations of Chlppcwaand Mundec tribes
of Indians here claim to be fully civilized,and
ask a dissolution of compact with their tribe.
They are here asking to sell the Government
their reserves in Kansas, with a view to re
moval to the Indian Territory. .
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
SrjUKGrinj), Jan. 30,1565.
Major-General McClcrnand of this city
leaves here next Tuesday for New Orleans.
He wlllreport to Gen. Banks. It is said that
a part, if not all, of his old Army Corps will
be assigned to the command of this gallant
Soldiers re-enlisting as veterans wiU not
be allowed to select a new regiment, bnt
meet remain in the some company and regi
ment in which they now are. This is offi
cial. The re-enlistment of so many of the
old veteran regiments has undoubtedly serv
ed to stimulate enlistments all over the State.
During Thursday and Friday and to-day, over
400 recruits arrived in this city and reported
themselves at the head-quarters of Lieut,
Four deserters named William R. Pattc, Co.
I, 41st regiment DL volunteers; John W.
Fuller, Co. D, 123 d regiment; M. D. L. Lan
dett, Co. K, 108 th regiment, and John W.
McGavern, Co. H, 11 th regiment, were
brought to this cify on Thursday last -and
were sent to camp yesterday.
The 48th veteran regiment of Illinois vol
unteers, numbering 380 men, commanded by
Lieut, CoL Greathouse, arrived at Camp But
ler Friday morning. They left ScottriUe,
Ala., on Sunday last.
CoL John Williams, Treasurer of the State
Sanitary Commission, has received SSO from
the citizens ofßuda, to be applied for the
benefit of sick and wounded soldiers.
Wm, Hickman, Esq., acting Coroner, re
ceived an application yesterday to bold an
inquest on tbe body of a soldier found dead
on the prairie. Tbe Coroner decided that in
os much as. tbe deceased was a soldier, tbe
case did not come within bis jurisdiction,
but advised that tbe military authorities take
tbe matter into their own hands. Tbe name
of tbe deceased was not known.
The U. S. District Court was in session
Friday, Judge Treat presiding; A motion
was made for a new trial in tbe case of Zimri
Lewis, convicted of passing a counterfeit
Treasury note. The motion was overruled
and tbe defendant was sentenced to one year
in tbe Penitentiary and to pay a line of one
dollar and costs.
Gcor Walker, Esq,, former cditor~of tbe
State Seffuter, is sick in this dty and not ex
pected to recover.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Frankfort, Ey M Jan. 80,1864.
A bill in relation to the payment of the
Campbell County Home Guards, was rejected
in the Senate to-day.
The bill to further regulate inspection sales
of tobacco in the city of Louisville, was
finally passed to-day. This is ,pne of the
most important acts of the session.
*At the hour of 12 both houses resumed tbe
special order, being an election of U. 8. Sena
In tbe House, considerable discussion arose
upon a resolution to postpone the election,
the Bell and Guthrie men uniting their
strength in Ihvor of a postponement,
considerable discussion an adjournment was
moved and carried.
We think this an‘■evidence that there will
be no election of Senator this winter.
Adjutant Gcxl Thomas and staff left hero
for Louisville this evening.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribnne.]
Lanszkq, Jan. 80,lECt
This morning the Governor transmitted a
special message to both houses bringing be
fore the Legislature sundry measures upon
which action seems to be demanded by tbe
public interest Tbe matters will not neces
sarily lengthen tbe session beyond next week,
the House passed the third time a bill to
further preserve the purity of elections in
tbe city of Detroit ■As usual in snch cases,
the Copperheads voted against .it A
bill passed the third time granting
permission to open and - construct
public roads and thoroughly drain swamp
lands. Various bills passed both Houses ex
tending the time tor the collection of taxes
for the year 1863. In the Senate the bounty
bill was perfected and passed the third time.
IWcgalizcs the action of counties, towns and
and cities in issuing bounties for
volunteers under the last call of the Presi
dent, and anthorizes towns and dries to
pay SIOO to each recruit on future rang, it
also provides a State bounty of SIOO to each
recruit after the present call is filled. A res
olution to adjourn on Thnrday next
was tabled.in both Houses.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Fort Bjorn, Jan. 29, IBM-
Tbe district of tbe frontier heretofore com
manded by Gen. McNeil, having been meig
ged in the new Department of Arkansas,
Gen. Thayer has, by order of Gen. Steele,
been assigned here and will arrive to-mor
One of tbc boats bound for this point with
Government supplies has been compelled to
return on account of the low stage of the
river. The remainder ore light draught
and will probably reach here before a rise.
Thirty-eight Bcminolcs lately deserted from
Magruder in a body, and arrived at Waldron
yesterday, where they surrendered them
selves as prisoners of war to our lorces.
Their interpreter represented Magruder as
concentrating his forces on the border of Lou
isiana, . preparatory to an expected attach
from Bonks.
Over 40,000 negroes have been corralled at
Bertram, Houston, Dalton and other towns
in the interior of Texas, hundreds ol whom
are dying from disease, starvation and ex
posure. The advance of the Federal army
will be hailed with delight by thousands of
loyal Texans, whose sufferings under the re-
bcT rule exceed, if possible, tlac atrocities
practiced by the Indians.
L. Y. Summers, an officer of Quantrel’s -}
command, iras brought here to day a prison*
cr. He is originally from Bates county, Mo. |
He was a Lieut, in the Confederate army and '
Joined Quantrel jnst before the Baxter’s 1
Spring massacre.” He is only 22 years old. j
He says he emptied two revolvers at old i
It is raining and hailing severely, and the
river is rapidly rising.
There was an exciting rumor in town to
day that Waldron had been attacked by Price’s
force and captured. If this Is truest is doubt
less the advance of the rebel column which
has so long threatened an attack on Little
Bock. Waldron is 70 miles South.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Inszinatous, Jan. 30,13 M.
Late lost night there Was a heavy thunder
storm, accompanied by imli and a furious
gale. The weather to-day has been chilly.
Fifty sick Indiana soldiers arrived from
Cumberland Gap this morning.
The following order has been issued by Col,
Baker, under instructions from the War De
u AH unsuccessful officers and enlisted men
on recruiting duty will be peremptorily
relieved and ordered to their regiments' on
the Bth day of February nest. Many officers
and jnen on recruiting duty have accom
plished nothing, and are reported as paying,
but little attention to the business, while
others have been quite successful The suc
cess or want of success of each will be re
ported to bis commander in the Add.
The 31st Indiana rc-enlisted veterans had
a glorious reception this afternoon; It num
bers 275 men and 1 has been in sevembattlea.
The 32d, a German regiment, wilt bo here
next Monday.
.A soldier was killed to-day while trying to
enter a house for the'purpose of robbing.
Nearly 5,000 recruits are in Camp Carring
ton under control of Col. W. W. Fryburger,
an excellent artillery officer, who keeps* all
| things in good condition. Gen. Carrington
is busy cviry day in inspecting the different
camps. Indiana will have 10,000 new men
ready In the spring to takuthe field.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Sr* Paul, Jan. 80.
The House has passed the joint resolution
of thanks to Minnesota soldiers, and also the
memorial to Congress for indemnify for
the sufferers by the Sioux War. Both had
previously passed the Senate. The bill mak
ing an appropriation for the support of the
deaf and dumb, was made the special order
for Thursday next In the Senate the busi
ness was of a local character.
A fire broke out about eight o’clock last
evening In a clothing store on Third street,
owned by Hirsch Heiman. A strong South
east wind was blowing . at the
time and the frame building which
adjoined 'on' the West was
soon in flames. This was occupied by Mr.
Vitt lor a saloon and residence. A ?onr-story
stone block staid the farther progress of the
fire up street, and the great exertions of the
firemen prevented its spreading fnrtherdown
the wooden row. The buildings consumed
were both two story frames. Cahill’s book
store snffered considerably by the hasty re
moval of his stock, which was unceremoni
ously dropped In the street The firemen
worked bravely and prevented a very disas
trous fire by their labors. As It is, the loss
foots up $6,000, partially covered by Insur
fcace. Mr. Vitt is the only one who loses
heavily, his loss being $3,000/ and insurance
$950. v
Wasuxsotok, Jan. 80.—The following has
been received at headquarters here:
Nashville, Tcnn., Jan. 29.—Gen. Foster
telegraphs from Knoxville, Tcnn., January
28—0 o’clock, forenoon, as follows; “I have
the honor to report that the cavalry under
Gen. Sturgea achieved a victory over the ene
my’ecavalry yesterday near the FairGardeus,
ten miles cast of Sevierville. McCook’s divi
sion drove the enemy about two miles, ’after
a stubborn fight, lasting from daylight until
4 o’clock p. m. We captured two steel-rifled
guns and over 100 prisoners. The enemy’s
loss was considerable, sixty-five being killed
or wounded in a charge. Gerrard’s and Wol
ford's divisions came up in time to be pushed
in pursuit” Jno. A Rawlings
Brig. General Commanding.
Headquarters, Nashville, Jan.. 29.—Tbe
enemy, six hundred strong, attacked the gar
rison at Athene,but, after a twenty-four boars 1
fight, were repulsed. Oar loss Is twenty.
That of the enemy is much greater.
On tbe 27tb CoL Miller bad a severe fight
Ibis side of Florence; repulsing the enemy-
Our loss is fifteen killed and seventy-five
wounded. Jno. A, Rawlings,
Brigadier General.
The Peace movement la. North
- Carolina.
Newbern, N. C. Jan. 27.—1n speaking of
the growing discontent among the people in
North Carolina, and their desire to hold a
State Convention, the 'Wilmington (N. C.)
Journal says: “Wc say, and we say moat
sincerely, that plans evidently concoctedand
movements evidently set on foot in North
Carolina, are ominous of graver conse
quences than even the advance of the
enemy. 11
The Raleigh Standard , in Us appeal to
slaveholders for peace says: “We want to
protect the State sovereignties and to per
petuate tbe institution of slaveiy, hat if it
should appear that wc are likely to-lose both,
an rational beings wc should pause and con
sider well the direction which we are taking.
If tbe war should continue twelve months
longer, with no greater success to onr arms,
there is great danger that the institution ol
slavery will be hopelessly destroyed.”'
Gov. Vance, of North Carolina, comes out
In a card in tbe Raleigh Standard against tbe
taxation of State property for tbe Confeder
The North Carolina and Virginia papers are
firm in the belief that Wilmington is soon to
be attacked, and have much to say about the
concentration of forces here which arc mag
nified into very large numbers.
Dr. J. T. Leach, tbe conservative member
elect in tbe new Confederate Congress, says
in the Raleigh Standard of the 13th Inst.
“ North Carolina now claims the fulfillment
of the compact or the right to depart from
the Confederacy in peace. 11
At the great meeting held in Johnson coun
ty favoring a call for a State Constitutional
Convention. Dr. J. T. Leach was chairman ol
the committee on resolutions. Meetings arc
being held in different counties having the
same object.
The Raleigh State Journal says:
The proposition for a State Convention, so
close on the heels of Mr. Lincoln’s proposi
tion to let one-tenth of the people form a
State government, has a very strong odor of
disloyalty and treason about it
The Henderson, N. f). , Tunes is delighted
over the reported retirement of Gen. Butler,
and by the establishment of a department of
North Carolina, which the Timet says re
moves the most serious obstacles to the re
turn of North Carolina to the Union.
The Raleigh State Journal says:
Our exchanges from all quarters of the
Confederacy admonish ns that an advance by
Beast Butler on some point on the wnminer,
ton and Weldon railroad, is probable.
Bt. Louis, Jan. 81. —The dinner to Gen.
Grant last night was a most brilliant aflair.
Majors Generals Grant, Rosecr&ns, Schofield,
Brigadier Generals Ostcrhans, McNeil,
Brown, Totten, Fisk, Gray, and a large num
ber of Colonels and officers of lower
rank, and some two hundred and fifty civili
ans were present. Speeches were made by
most of the Generals present and a number
of citizens, bat General Grant declined to ex
tend his remarks beyond a mere return of
thanks for the honors conferred.
One of the hugest and most -enthusiastic
meetings ever held in St. Louis assembled at
the Court House rotunda, last night, to de
vise means for the proper reception of vet
eran volunteers. Veterans ol other States
arriving here, en route for home, will be wel
comed and entertained the same as those be
longing in Missouri.
Governor Gamble died to-day.
A heavy, rain has fallen all day, with Indi
cations of cooler weather to-night.
From Louisville*
Louisville, Jan. 80.—In pursuance of an
order from Gen. Schofield, several persons
have been arrested here to-day for kidnap-'
ping negroes in Missouri and selling them
here as slaves. Some of these parties arc al
so charged with passing altered greenbacks.
The commander of the district of Huntsville,
Ala., has ordered all cotton bnyers out of his
The Kentucky Legislature*
Fhxkfout, Jan. 80th —Legislature adjourn
ed this morning without proceeding to elec
tion ot U. 8. Senator. It being ascertained
that by the Constitution of Kentucky, the
election of Bramiette would demand a new
gubernatorial election, the probability
now is that no election Will be made until
the fall season,
. Jan. SO.—The steamer Morn
ing Star, New Orleans 24th, via Havana 2Gtb,
has arrived. She brings despatches from
Gin. Banks.
AtiViccs from .Matamoras report another
revolution there. Cortcnas. was again in
power. He was placed second in command of
the troops which according to previous ac
counts had been ordered to.march against
Mexico and use his power to again make liim-
Eclf Governor.
j A letter dated Mobile Bay, January 9th, in
giving an account of an attempt to aestroy .a
, rebel steamer aground on the bar, reports
i quite a figbt between our fleet and Fort Mor
fan. Wc were unable to get the steamer out,
at received no damage.
There was considerable fighting among the
Mexicans in Matamoras on the 10th lust.,
when Gen. Herron, commanding our forces
at Brownsville, dispatched the 20th Wiscon
sin, 4th Ills., and five pieces of the Wiscon
sin battery across the river. All bnt the 20th
Wisconsin bivouacked on the banks, bnt this,
regiment went almostnp to the Plaza, and
spent the night in front of the residence of
the American Consul, who next morning
wat escorted to Brownsville, together with
a large number of followers, some two hun
dred of whom retained their arms, which
they delivered up to the United States au
From' Cairo*
Cairo, Jan. SO.—The steamer C. E. Hell
man, from Memphis, arrived this evening
with near 1.200 passengers, among whom
were the 12th Michigan, numbering 300,
officers included; a portion of tho 3rd Minn,
re-enlisted, andenronte forborne on furlough:
. besides there were a large number of soldiers
from various regiments also going home on
furlough. Among the freight was 300 boles
of cotton, 200 of which were discharged for
the Government, the remainder for St. Louis
t a which place tho Heilman will proceed. -
Tho steamer J, Patton -was burned last
Saturday at Walker’s Bend. It took fire ac
cidently. The passengers and’erew escaped.
The books and valuables were consumed,
amountingto $25,000 or $30,000. She was
owned by Heart <fc Co;, of Memphis.
Guerillas are again getting .troublesome at
various points along the river. Guerilla
bands are operating in the vicinity of Skip
with’s Landing. .
A number of boats from- Corinth arrived
to-day. Tie Darling left there on Wednes
day and reports no tremble from ice. Sev
eral boats cleared yesterday and to-day for
St Louis.
The Ohio river continues to rise.
The following order has beeu promulgated:
Headquarters Ifini Army Corps, I
Memphis, Jsn. 25,1864. f»
General Order-No. 19.
Ist. Brig. Gen. H. P. Auckland, United States
vsrtmleere, will assume command at Memphis, re-
Ucvlnp Brig. Gen. J. C. Veatch, United States vol
unteers, assigned to the command of the 4th divis
ion of the ICth army coroe.
id. line. Gen. U. T. Bird, United States rolen
teers, will assume command of tho Department of
Cairo. By order of
_ __ __ Matar General 8. A. Hurlsut;
T. H. Harris, A. A. G.
A Sad Tragedy.
Teeue Haute, Ind., Jan. 80.—A sad occur
rence took place at Mattoon, Illinois, this p.
m. A drunken soldier attempted' to force a
soldier named Stearns to take the oath of al
legiance. He denied his authority, when,no
on turning his hack, ho was shot dead. The
soldier served two years In the rebel army,
and enlisted to get the bounty. It is under
stood he will be immediately shot. Much
excitement exists here over the occurrence,
and it Is feared more violence will lake place..
hew Orleans, Jan. 24.—The Free State.
Convention for the nomination of candidates
for State oflicers will bo held here on Febru
ary Ist. names-now mentioned most
prominently in connection with the Guberna
torial chair, are J. Whittaker and Hon. Mi
chael Hann. Hon. Mr. Durant can have the
nomination if he will take it
Gen. Banks has pledged himself to free the.
State, the Convention to so modify the Con
stitution as to exclude negroes from the rep
resentative baals
The secession pastor of the Methodist
church of this city, Rev. Mr. Davis, preached
last Sunday to a large congregation of Union
ists who had assembled to listen to Bishop
Ames. . Bishop Ames- was present but was
not invited to a seat in the pnlplt The affair
has created much feeling here. The Bishop
comes empowered by the War Department
to take charge of the Methodist church and
is now proceeding in that direction.. An
army Chaplain has been, assigned by him;to
each of the M. E, churches In New Orleans,
and he will himscll preach in the Methodist
The veteran troops in this Department are
re-enlistlng with great unanimity.
The Hartford, the flag ship of Admiral Far
ragut, with the old hero on-board, arrived
here Friday evening.
A private letter from Texas gives the ac
count of the destruction before reported,.of a
rebel cotton dad gunboat, near PortCavallo,
on the Slst uIL, by the gunboat Scioto, as*
sisted by the United States steamship Monon
gahclo. The letter also states that the rebels
are in strong force at Brazoria, abont fifteen
miles inland on tbc Brazos River.- It is said
that 10, COO have been concentrated there at
tbc month of the river, and on tbc coast
Immediately around theltfoath.
Fortifications mounting twenty-four guns,
have been erected.
New Yohk, Jan, 31.—A New Orleans letter
says cotton at New Orleans, the 23d, was
firm, with no advance.
There are no signs of a forward movement
pf onr army however, and changes may oc
cur that will alter the aspect of affairs before
tbc advance begins.
Captain Mans, commanding a Federal gun
boat, was captured at St. Fran
clsville by rebel cavalry scouts,
and being recognized as on ex-engineer
on the rebel gunboat McKco, was sentenced
-to be shot. Repeated demands for his re
lease were made by the fleet, which the con
federates would not comply with. The vil
lage was destroyed by the fleet.
News from Baton Range reports the cap
ture of a scouting party under Copt. EarL
The Mime correspondent says an attack is es
, peeled at Fort Hudson and Baton Ronge.
Large reinforcements been sent there.
A considerable force under an efficient
commander has been sent across Lake Pon
charirain, lor purposes not yet made public.
All re Trains quiet on the Tecbe and Mis
A cartel for the exchange of all prisoners
captured by the command of Gen. Dick Tay
lor, Las been agreed upon, and another for
the exchange orthosc in Texas is under fa
vorable consideration.
On Tuesday night lost the track on the Op
elnsas & New Orleans Railroad was tom np
by rebels near Bayou Bocut A train which
came down tbe road a short time after was
thrown from the track. No one was injured.
Scouts were dispatched in search of the par
ties, and succeeded lu capturing three men,
one a citizen and the other two wearing the
dress of rebel soldiers.
The former confessed having assisted nine
others in tearing up the track.
This man a’AO states that a force of the en
emy had come down tbe bayous and that four
regiments were concealed. in the woods.
They intended first to attack Tigerville,
where a body of our troops was known to be,
and then move ou tbe main body at Bayou
The night following three men of this regi
ment were returning to their quarters when
they were probably surprised and taken pris
oners by the enemy, as they have not been
heard from since.
Washington, Jan. 31.—The Herald** New
Orleans letter of the 33d says: “Previous to
Admiral Farm gut’s arrival in this city it was
reported that he had arrived off Mobile with
the intention of commencing an attack there,
and that the garrison of one of the forts at
the entrance of Mobile harbor had mutinied,
and that a force was sent by the authorities
to quell the disturbance, and that the muti
neers fired upon them with the guns of the
fort, driving them back with great •
slaughter. This rumor probably arose from'
the fact Jhat there is considerable dissatisfac
tion among the troops garrisoning forts Mor
gan and Gaines, and that many of the soldiers
had desertedand joined our feet off the en
trance of the harbor. These deserters also
report that a regiment of cavalry GOO strong,
stationed a shore distance in the rear of Mo
bile, had absolutely refused to serve any
1 also learn that many of the citizens ol
Florida, at Pensacola and on the peninsula,
are enlisting in the Union army, and that two
regiments are already forming of white
Washington, Jan. 31.—From information
received by the Navy Department, it ap
pears that very few of the obstructions at
Charleston have been washed away. About
800 feet of the obstructions floated down at
one time, and all that has drifted towards the
fleet were rafts built by rebels lor the pur
pose of crippling out fleet.
Forteess Monroe, Jan. 80—The Rich
mond Engvircr, of the 29Ui contains the fol
Charleston, Jan 28.— Five shells were
fired at the city last night, and five shots
were also fired on Fort Sumter, all of which
struck. The enemy ere still at work on the
battery at Cummings Point, and hauling am
munition to Gregg and Cummings’ Point
There was no change In the position of the
fleet on the 20th, and oh the 24th several
shots were fired at the city, and three moni-'
tors anchored inside, between the Cummings
Point Battery and Sumter. There was con
siderable activity among the Hoot on the 24th.
One shot per hour was fired on the city and
seven on Sumter. * *
103 fnee shells were fired on the dity on the
SlsU . '
3 O’CLOCK, A. M.
Ordered that a draft for five hundred thousand
men, to servo for three years or daring the war, be
made on the lOth of March.next, for the military
service of the United States, crediting, and deduc
ting therefrom so many as have been enlisted or
drafted Into the service prior to the first day of
March, and nothcretoforo credited.
[Signed] Abraham Lincoln.
[SpcdalDiapatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Jan. 81,
Tho announcement that the President hod
Issued an order calling for half a million of
men, which was noised about in the hotels
this evening, created much excitement. It
was entirely unexpected, even by Sena
tors and members of Congress In the
nearest official relations with the
•the administration. Persons who* called
on the President this evening did not learn
of its existence until their return.
There has been great anxiety felt in mili
tary quarters concerning affairs at Knoxville.
The Government advices contain
nothing to cause apprehension.
The Lieutenant-General bill comes up In
the House the first thing after morning
hour to-morrow, (Monday.) AH members of
the Opposition are expected to support it The
principal opponent is Thai. Stevens. • Its
prominent friends are sure, that if passed,
Grant will have the appointment, and will
not come to Washington, but remain at
Chattanooga, but be no longer subject to
Hollcrk’s order s.
The House Committee on Claims have
agreed to report In favor of Mr. Fenton’s
bill to facilitate tho settlement of accounts
of deceased soldiers as introduced. It U un
derstood to be acceptable to the Secretary of
the Treasury and Second Auditor. Tho opin
ions of the Secretary of War and Paymaster
General ore not stated.
An important bill will bo introduced, into
the Senate to-morrow p-oviding for the ex
amination of all Paymasters, Quartermasters
and Commissaries In the service as to their
business qualifications. Incompetent ones
are to be dismissed. It Is understood that
tilt policy of this bill will be favored by the
War Department.
Washington, Jan. 31.—1t will be reeol-
leetcd that in October a call for 800,000 men
was made. This number has been about half
filled by volunteering and. re-enlistments.
The call now made for 500,000' Is interpreted
by a gentleman acquainted with military af
fairs, to include the above 800,000, being in
effect an additional call for 200,000 men. The
volunteering is supposed- to famish at pre
sent an average of 200 per day. The ordecof
the President makes a credit or deduction of
so many as may have enlisted or been drafted
prior to the first of March, at which time the
S4OO premium expires.
■When these arrangements are completed
the total in the army will be half a million
Washington, Jan. 2L—Some surprise is
manifested here, at the course of the British
journals in denouncing the comity shown by
the United States to the French Government
In regard to the exportation of tobacco.
The concession was made at the request
of the French Government, supported by the
express request of the British Government.
Bo*. Wm. Whiting. Solicitor of tu© Wap
miens who are
subjects ol a foreign government, having vol- ;
nntarily enlisted in the service of the United
’ States as substitutes for drafted men, are not
entitled to be discharged from such service
by reason of alienage, bat may under the law
of nations, bo held to perform their engage
ments, without giving the government to
which their allegiance is due, just cause of
Washington, Jan. 30th.—The House Com
mittee ot Public Lands have nndcrconsidera.
tlon the subject of Rail Road grants to Ala
bama, Florida, lowa, Louisiana, Minnesota,
Mississippi and Wisconsin. The law of 1854
provides that in case the roads enumerated
shall not be completed In ten years the lands
shall revert to the United States. The Com
mittee have been instructed to Inquire wheth
er it would bejust and expedient to extend
the time of the grants, several of these States
now being in rebellion.
Despatches received at the War Depart
ment from Gen. Kelly’s command state that
on Saturday afternoon a supply train on the
way to Petersburg was attacked by a rebel
force under Gen. Rosser, and after a severe
resistance on the put of the escort, was cap
tured by the rebels.
Gen. Kelly dispatched a force in pnrsnit of
the enemy.
No further Intelligence has been received
from Gen. Kelly to-day.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane.]
CoLuacars, 0., Jan. 31, 18iM,
There was a sensation in tbc House to-day.
Last week, a Copperhead named Larwcll, of
Ashland, was ousted because he did not re
ceive as many votes ns his opponent, who
was refused a certificate of election by a Cop
perhead County Clerk. The South Carolina
representative protested against the action,
falsely stating that Larwcll had been refused
a bearing by counsel to his protest. The ma
jority of the House yesterday pa&cd a reso
lution, declaring it to be untrae. To-day the
Copperheads entered a .protest against this
resolution, In which they used undignified,
discourteous and ungentlemanly conduct to
wards the Union men. The protest west
upon the Journal Is as required by the con
stitution, but Mr. Delano, (Union) notified
the aforesaid Copperheads that the majority
had rights as well as a minority, and they had
bettcr’rcspcct them.
Waste paper Olds then Inflicted on the
House a speech terribly long and dull, bat
an excellent plea for martyrdom. He begged
members to exnel him, to censure him, so
that he could be a martyr. He coald well
afford to be one; is be not getting up a new
church, which of course must have saints,and
the quickest way to become a saint was by
road of martyrdom, but alas for the would-be
solut, bis truck was too plain, and the ma
jority allowed him to take bis seat , without
designing to moke the least reply or take
notice of what he said. A more com
plete failure has. not occurred during
the session. It is whispered around
to-night, that he will make another trial on
Monday. The copperheads are so much at a
loss for political capital that they are seeking
to get np an expulsion, In order to create sym
pathy for them. Their loyalty will soon be
tried as the teat oath will pass the Senate in a
few days. When it was before the House there
was no small amount of squirming and wrang
ling among the copperheads ; 12 ol them voted
to change the title of the bill to an act for the
encouragement of peijury, thus practically,
confessing that they could not swear that
they bad not yielded voluntary support to
auy pretented government authority, power,
or constitution within the United States,
hostile or inimical thereto, without commit
ting perjury.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
By steamer C. E. BJ Imau arrived
from Memphis this evening, we have Mem
phis advices to the evening of the 2Sth. The
Hillman had a great trip of passengers, nom
bering in the neighborhood of twelve hun
dred people, a large number of whom were
re-enlisted soldiers going home on furlough.
Among these was the. 12th Mich. In-
Cmtry, 850 strong, including officers; also one
company of the 3rd Minnesota.
By the arrival of the steamer Diadem, we
have Memphis papers with late interesting
news from below.
About 4 o’clock on the afternoon of Satur
day, the 2Sd inst., the steamer J. J. Famen
was burned at Walker’s Bend. As soon as
the fire was discovered the boat was immedi
ately headed for the shore. The fire spread
with great rapidity. The tiller rope soon
burned off, leaving the boat unmanageable.
At this time the flames had made such prog
ress that the passageway was closed. But
the captain and pilot, with great presence of
mind, climbed down the back part of theboat,
seizing the tiller, and at the same time giv
ing directions to the engineer. The boat was
kept on the course to the shore. It was ow
ing to the courage and presence of mind of
her officers that no lives were lost. The fire
was discoveredT>y the captain who ran down
iuto.the cabin and gave the alarm, and com
menced collecting the money deposited by
passengers In the safe. This was all saved,
-Two hundred dollars belonging to the boat
w»s I’timed. All on board lost all their cloth--
Ing eare what th v had on at the time.
The arc originated in ally cords o'‘dry wood
trhich had hoen piled near the hollers be
coming Ignited. She homed rapidly. | :
The Diadem soon came np and took off her'
crew. Among the passengers was Dr. Dick
inson, of Memphis, who lost a considerable
snmof money, besides clothing, ic. The
boat was owned by Hart & Co., 01, Memphis, ■
and Is a total loss with what valuables were
on board of her. The Diadem took ,
aboard a family whose members had been
robbed the same day by the notorious Qnan
trcll’s band, and compelled to seek refuge in
flight.. The house was burned. Tholmoril
las had carried of the owner and took ont the
goods with the intention ol burning them.
Thrf captured man's wife gave them S2OO to
desist from their undertaking, which they
agreed to do. She afterwards wont for as
sistance. The nest morning they burned the
house, but subsequently released the owner.
Quantrcl Is said to be operating to a consid
erable extent in the Interior. Here also Mr.
Wade, who had- been captured by Qnantrsli,
and taken ont into the woods for execution
but afterwards robbed of S2OO, came aboard
and was brought up. •
On previous occasions they Lad robbed him
of horses. Mr. Moore and party then started
out in pursuit of his assail ants, who were
still lingering in the neighborhood. Tnoy
came np with a party of ten then In the houao
of Mr. Alfred Smith, near the church in Ma
cedonia, moat of them being asleep. Their
Captain first became aware of their advance,
and shouted to his men, “Yankeesboys! Yan
kees! and then run oft In his consterna
tion, leaving behind his hat, coat and boots.
Several shots wero fired after him with no
other effect than to add wings to his bootless
heels. Oncofhis men rushed ontofthehonse
;aud ran also and was called upon to halt
. but contlnug to run was fired upon and
; wounded by eight buckshot entering his
. back. The other men fired several rounds
. but without effect. Finding- themselves ef
fectually trapped, surrendered Eight pris
oners besides the wounded were captured to
gether with their horses, saddles- and equipa
ges, also nine guns and some ammunition,
aho captors started to bring tliolr.prisoner
to Memphis, but on reaching the plank road
the men begged piteously to be allowed
to depart, offering to beg- pardon on
their knees for any injury they might have
inflicted, and promised to return* to
.Mississippi and never to trouble that
neighborhood again. Unfortunately their
prnj ers were listened to, and they were
turned loose. The next day one of the men
returned and asked that their horses -and
arms might be given back. They were an
swered that nothing would be given npun
less it should be proved they were the prop
erty of unoffending citizens, and if they did
not leave as agreed they would be compelled
to do so. Learning from a wounded man
.that Maj. Stewart had started to go to Mr •
Jones’ in the same neighborhood, Mr. Mor
ris s parly set off in search of him. He was
not to be found. The party went after the
remainder of his gang, and pursued them in
to the borders of the State of Mississippi.
This gang is one that some weeks
logo seized twenty-nine negroes on Wolf river,
not far from the city. Eightornine escaped.
Most of the remolnderwere hired out by their
captors. Those who engaged them informed
them that they were at liberty; to return to
Memphis when they desired. Some did so:
othersaro as contentedly working where they
The people from Tipton county have long
been annojed by gueilllas, and have come
to the determination to clear them out. Their
small stock of onus Los been increased by
this capture. They are resolved to keep
guerillas away for the future. They
will submit to no moreeonscripting and they
have given warning to certain parties in the
vicinity that if they arc ever seen ont with
aims in their bonds they will be taken and
Alruln going west the M. and C.’Rail
road was tired into on. the 25th, ten miles
west of Pocahontas, by a party of guerillas,
numbering forty or fifty. Tbe engineer a
most worthy man, named Charles Anderson,.
ISsf&f 3Sth?’ He "leaTes "SSiMwo-
who were entirely dependent on his
daily wages for support.: The body waa
barfed on the 28th in Memphis by the Mason->
ic fraternity. Some exertion is being mode
to raise a little fund for the widow by sub-,
Mn. Batchelor’s cotton gin, onfc-hoascs
and a lot of cotton were, destroyed by tbe ,
same gang the other day in that neighbor- I
hood. * 1
Washington, Feb. Ist, 1504.
Qnantrel declares - that it makes no differ
ence to him whether the war ends or not as
he is not connected with the Confederate ar
my. His men had burned some cotton, but.
had not fired into boats.
Lately the guerillas were reporter at
Choctaw and Cypress Bends, but the Dia
dem* a officers discovered;no traces of them
Guerrillas have been burning all the com
in the neighborhood of Bland No. 78 to pre
vent it {oiling into Federal hands.
On the night of the 23d Inst, a hand nnm-,
bering some forty or fifty paid a visit to Is
land No. CO, opposite Helena, overpowered
the gnard numbering abont thirty, and
carried off oil the plunder they coaid find, In
cluding a few cattle, negroes, etc. . During
the melee one man was lulled. The water is
so low they had no difficulty in reaching the
island. Efforts were made to capture the
freebooters, but they succeeded in making
their escape. The next night they visited
Friar’s Point, robbed a store and committed
some depredations on the inhabitants. Mon
day night the robbers turned np at Island 03.
They met with some resistance at that point,
and did not accomplish much.
A most brutal murder was recently com
mitted twelve miles back of Helena. Two
cotton traders, whose names we have not
been able to learn, had been out in the coun
try buying cotton, and were returning with
loaded teams to Helena, when JwUhln twelve
miles of the place were attacked and brutally
murdered by two ruffians. After committing
the bloody deed, the scoundrels took the
teams and cotton to Helena and sold them.
Having disposed of the plunder satisfactorily
they took passage np river on the Shriove
port. Theanthorities at Helena not wind of
the deed, sent the steamer Cheolc in pursuit
of the Sbrioveport, was overtaken and the
murderers secured and carried back to Hele-
na. They were brothers by tbe name of Fur
gnson and lived thirty-five miles from He
There was a report that Pine Bluff had been
attacked by the Confederates nnder Shelby,
and were repulsed, bat we are unable to
leant any particulars. It will be remember
ed that the place has* been tnreatened for
The Little Rock Unconditional Union is the
title of a new newspaper published at Little
Rock. The first number is received, from
which it appears that the editors are Messrs.
Wm. Fishback and T. D. W, Tanley. In
their prospectus they declare themselves for
the Union without ifs or 6ufcf, shrinking
from dastardly neutrality for the Union at
all hazards and at whatever cost, ignoring
party polßics and standing on no other plat
form than that of the Union.
The Bulletin has the following Interesting
particulars from respectable residents of Tip*
ton county.
On.the morning of the 10th. some guerillas
appeared at the residence of Mr. Moore,
near the river, In Tipton, county. Their ob
ject was to conscript Moore tor service into
the rebel ranks. B.vend of his neighbors
came to bis aid, and several shots were tired
by the rebels withoat.effect. The gnerilas
were under command of Capt. Thompson and
Major Stewart They were led by Lieut
V.'ood. Mr. Moore’s neighbors fired on the
party and wounded! he lieutenant’s horse. This,
unexpected opposition took the marauders
by surprise and they rode* away. Expecting
another visit, the Tipton county gentlemen
made their preparations. While Mr. Moore
wos from home seeking further aid, the guer
illa: entered his house, doing little damage,
except breaking to pieces an old useless gin.
Cairo, Jan. 31.—The first issue of the Lit
tle Rock Unconditional Union is rcccived.and
contains news of the State Constitution
adopted by the Convention, recently in ses
sion at Little Bock,which provides that neither
slavery nor involuntary servitude shall here
after exist in the State of Arkansas, other
wise than for punishment of crime whereof
a party shall have been committed by due
process of law. Among other measures'
It contemplates a system of free schools.
Caibo, Jan. B', 1601,
An ordinance of the Convention authorizes
the Provisional Governor to borrow one
hundred and fifty thousand dollars to carry
on the government. There may be funds
from ordinary sources received..
Jay hawkers or bnshwackers are declared
guilty of death whenever tokens
The oath of allegiance has been administer
ed to one thousand three hundred and thirty
people in Little Rock and the vicinity.
The steamer J. H. Baldwin, from Nashville,
arrived with the sfh lowa, cavalry veteran
•volunteers, numbering 42$ men en route for
home on afurlough.
The steamer United States from St Louis
arrived this afternoon.
A severe storm attended with wind, thun
der and lightning, prevailed here this event,
ing. No casualties reported.
New Tore, Jan. SL—The Herald's special
from headquarters. West Virginia, the 30th,
has the following:
The command of CoL Tbobnrn which com
posed the garrison at Petersburg, are now
all safe. Late last night he evacuated his po
sition in consequence of receiving Informa
tion that the enemy in hrge force would at
tack him in the morning. The enemy did at
tack Petersburg this morning with artillery.
They made regular approaches and finally
charged, but found no opposing force.. CoL
Thobumwaa within hearing distance with
his retreating column. Military affairs are
now encouraging.
Headquarters op West Va., Jan.
SO.—This morning a reconnoltering force that
qad been sent out from CoL GampboU’a com
mand, returned after having gone to Romney
There divided into three columns, one
Holng out on the Winchester road 80 'miles,
jhe other the Grassy Lick road to the vicinity
Oi'Wardensville, and the third on the old
: if* refield road. None of these columns met
wiJk’ serious opposition on their advance.—
* The* information which they gained proves
tobeNOf high importance, and tells of many
stfenC*'Hß movements, proceedings and pre
paratlsa, * within the rebel lines.
We Capt D. T. Tinder of Co, A, 49th
C£?,j-prl«A*ier. This rebel officer says some five
.or six Georgia and Alabama regiments have
been divided into small squads and stationed
at different points In the valleys and moun
' tains to piNwent desertions. He reports that
: his company' encountered a portion of Col.
Mulligan’s troops, had a fight, was whipped,
and had to skedaddle. Thu rebel officer also
reports that? tl>o enemy is actually pressing
oilmen infd the service between the ages of
sixteen and fifty‘-five. .
From Lis etory it appears that some of the
North Carolina find a few of the Virginia
regiments arc boiirg looked upon and watch
ed with suspicion! *
Latest nbws from* Ihe Kanawha Valley re
ports all quiet and’satfe.
Army op the Pot omac, Jim. 80.—An or
der has been Issued - directing that new hos
pital* arrangements' s.’ioll be made for the
field and all the aick'now in the army be sent
to the resri
Everything is quiet tb-(£ay on the lines and
in all parts of the army.
Casualty nt»n Halo.-
Buffalo, Jan; 30.—Last? evening at the
Central Depot;-as some' substitutes* were
about leaving Wesf,, under charta - of
soldiers belonging to the New Hampshire
Invalid Corps, a boy belonging in Buffiilo
was shot aud*almost instantly killed by one
of the Corps, under the impression that a
substitute was trying to escape: There was
considerable excitement for u time and grest
indignation against - the soldicri
From Dayton;
Dayton, Ohio, JaJ. J 31.—The remains of
the late CoL Ward AS King, who* was kni<vY
at Chlckamauga, were followed to- the ceme
tery by a large procession, civil and! military
Chaplain Montford delivered an appropri
ate luneral discourse at the Third Street Pres
byterian Church this evening.
Markets by Telegraph.
Br. Loots lUarkte* -
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago TTlbnncJ
St. LomXr January SO, V3St.
tobacco— Market continues unchanged, with sides
ofShhds factory lugs at |[email protected] 5 do planters
lugs at [email protected]; 4 do common leaf nt 613AO<3tt'gO;
3do medium manufacturing leaf ct'tiß[email protected]‘ 15
boxes at [email protected] ; i hhds withdrawn. •
Wnisxv-rDecUncd and active, wltlrsales of 310 hhl*
la two lots at TBc.
Provisions— There Is no movement of any import
Groceries- Market very qnlct and 1 business ex
ceedingly light. We qnotc Rio Coffee at SiK«33. So
gar. Including new, sold at 12j*@Mc. Considerable
shipmemsof sugar* have accumulated at points be
low, hat now that the river Is open they will 1)0 arriv
troo^—Market continues qnlet and steady, with
sales of 13 bags unwashed at 43c. We quote tab wash*
cd at *2®Tsc..
notrs—We could hear of nothing doing to-day; a
few contract" lots are arriving. The season has about
Milwaukee Market.
CSpesUlDlspateb to tbe Chicago Tribune.!
Milwaukk*, Ad. SO, 1881.
Chain—Receipts ofwbcst 24,000 bo. Market'un
changed. Sales 0f45,000 btx No. 1 spring at $1.15)5.
Com quiet j-salca of 1,200 bo, new shelled, delivered
at 80c. Barley firm r sales of 200 bu No. 2 delivered at
Peovtsions—Unchanged; sales of fibrlaprlmoctty
tallow at 10j$c; 7 brls white grease at 9#e.
Deesseu Hoos—Receipts 433 bead. Market quiet
and tendency downward; sales of 109 hogs, dividing
on 200 lbs. attUOSTSJ, payable next week.
York-Stock Market—Jan. 30.
Monzt—Market easier with lair demand at 7 vet
cent on call. •
flretc?MßbUk XCIUKSE “ Ver7dnUat * l ' 7l^®L72 fop
ed at sSsfc, advanced to 57K—declined
to 170; closed steady ats7Wcr.
ppecle Btean,er to-day carried ont $101,401 m-
Gov^panmsT-Stocks—Firm, tt e «- ~
_ t’.AU.I., , U.S.6s*Bl coupons,.
*lO7- tT 5 rpta*lU&:Tr. S.CSS-20 coupons. xM;
gqlcCls7Ks N.T.C„t3B; Hudson, 138Kr
•Harlem, IMW-M.8., I.C. scrip. 126K; C. & xl.
W„(b.30)48V;O. A 0,112; C.4T,137M-P.F. W.A
C n WJf; C, A A.prfd.97; C.D.wQ.,127; C,&A..5J.
New York-Market—Jon. 30.
Cotton—Heavy and drooping at 82c for middling
Ploub—la better request for export, and prices of
aood shipping brands a trifle Weber, sales at sd.S3®
s7Xofor-extra state; $6,45(56iT> for super western;
$5X607.60 for common to-medium extra western;
57.4C07X5 for common to good shipping brands extra
round hoop Ohio. Closing steady.
Whisky—A shade firmer and better Inquiry. Sales
atßCo63c for state and western.
Chain—Wheat in rather better request and held
iroreflimly. Prices, however, ore wlihoat decided
chance. Bales at sl-530,U58 for Chicago spring; fl.ts
for old Chicago spring delivered; $1.5501.60 for 5111*
wnnkeeclub; sii9ol,fli for amber Milwaukee; $1.51
<SIX9 for winter red western r $1.7001,73 for amber
Michigan; &lAI for white Michigan. Rye qnlet at
$1.33. corn heavy and a trifle caslcr.at $1.2001.2(3 w for
:hlpriQ{ mlxsd western in store. Oats in limite.f de
mand and ra-her easier,.at 89591 c for western. Wool
t.nlet and firm.. Petroleum qnlet at 29a29)5c for
ci ndo ; 47043 c lor refined In bond; 53053 c for refined
Peovibioss— Porks shade firmer at $20J»02).t2K for
mess; $19.00QJ9.12k old mess; $33 33 new do • $16,000
IB.CO old prime; sa)J»o2Oks prime mess. B:ef quiet
and steady at S6XOO7XO country ness; $1.c055.00 do
prtac; $10.00011.00 repacked do; 413.00016.00 extra
do: prime mesa beef quiet and unchanged. Uozs less
i‘.ctlvcatßJ»'g.9J*c. Lard Is without material change.
Blgliwincs Manufactured in Chicago,
_Neto_aiJi)misments. _
Association will hold a nee ting at the NEW
Opposite theTtemont House, for tbc first time,
(m this (Monday) Evening at 7X o’clock.
Members are earnestly requested to bs on baud
promptly, as basin's* affecting tbe future Interests of
tbc Association will bo acted npon.
All Meicbsn b, wttetheb mkjcbbbs ob xot, are
cordially invited to be present
lel-wli-U . MERrtIL LADD, Sec’y.
X. I. LEE, CG Clark Street,
Will give bis personal attention to tbe purchase and
sale of property In Chicago.
MONEY TO LOAK at low rates and ca long time.
EXCHANGE.—I offer for sale or exchange for
coed trading property ten acres of valuable
Sllrato immediately on tbc Peoria anti Bureau Valley
Khi'road, near Lacon Station. It is a fortune to any
one able to mine It or to hold. For particulars ai
drcts“FG,” Box 832, Chicago P.O. fel-wS-it latp
Xftf ATCKMAKERS with a small
TT capital of|sioor so,who would like to take
charged along established Jowelnr store, can re
ceive tbe desired InforraaMoabv addressing
, „ . . Albany, county Wls.
Immediate possession can bo taken.
Cut from White or Norway Pino, delivered on the
opening of navigation. Orders solicited, at my office,
orrcr or Twelfth and Beach street*.
A fail supply of Hewn Timber. Also Saved Timber
and Heavy Joists. Yard comer of Twelfth and Beach
streets. RAMr. r p. CLARKE.
to7_l_v Certificates of Enlistment wanted. Will
cash any amount cheap. If correct, at 48 Clark street.
1 be undersigned have this day formed a Copartner
ship, under the name and style of
BALTHIB & BROTHER, of Chicago,
For the transaction of the Wholesale and Retail
Ikon, Steel, Kails. Shoot, Wagon Stocks and
Sbku Hakdwaek Qobixksb, and have token the
targe new Rooms,
No. 207 Eake Street.
X undersigned is prepared to
smoke Heats on commission, on as favorable terms
tsany responsible parties. Pack and Smoke House
on the corner of Grove and Todd Bts„ Sontii Branch,
next norib rf Turpin & Co.’s Packing House. Ad-
Cress Pest Office Box 3297, or orders left atW. B.
Stone’s, No. 21 Lasallc street, will be attended to.
la2B nTHS-St-rn-SATA Mox-net
The largest assortment of
Cash Buyers will find Good Investments.
• Itt2?-ul9l>3t r aiawnet
Dickerson, Sturges & Co.,
199 & 201 Randolph Street
Wrought Iron Pipe
vbolewleb, B.T.CBAait*BBO,
nISUGe-oet 03, IMaad m WeitLske street.
Neto ahbmtsemenis.
February 3, 1864.
A good story "will sometimes sell six thousand after
It has been published and advertised several weeks or
longer. Bat it most bo a work of rare merit, and by
a popular snthotfTO DEMAND THIS LABGE NHM»
DISHED, with but little advertising.
This author’* name, however, is a guaranty of sac
cets. Nothing that haa come from his pen has Oiled.
A short story of his Is enough to add to the sab*
eerlptlon lists cf tie best periodicals.
w prieteomrenr ±
Mot of Great DytMatic Power aniTlateregt.
The description of*border wnrtire eqoallngifnit
excelling tbe wrltlng»cTany pterions- anther; while
ass history of the present time {Or fitmliy
reading cannot he andtrralded.
Elegant C6A, over tMO'pntes,
Beady at all tbe principal” Book an 1; Periodical
(ores, WEDNESDAY, Felfnfr/Sd.
The best Family PaperPnhllshod.
ani F ‘“ il?
55 Clark Street, Chb:a"o, ni^
fcl-wis-lt Post Office Box XOS.
207 Lake Street* Chicago,
Where the Trade can select from a moat complete
and- excellent stock, baye all articles that-Black
smiths, agon and Carriage Builders can desire.
Tor innneas and quality of stock and prices for
same, will not be excelled. Orders solicited and
promptly ailed. BALTHIS & BKOfilEli
~i —- - - i
Having been quite sold out of these unequalled ln-
I atrumenls for some days past, and part of these hsv
• Ing been engaged before their arrival, those who wish
to secure one of them should lose no time In making
their selections. SMITH * NIXON 1 ,
201 South tlark-su and 4th street, Cincinnati.
fol-wB-2t-»4w net
\_/ WOIK.—Do yon want anything in the line of
Ornamental Plastering and Modeling Center
Fleets, Brackets or Cornices*
Scad year orders from any part of the coantry.anl
they will be promptly attended to and Backed no aj
Insure against breaking. JAMKS JOHN',
P. O. Box 1179. 61 Adams street, Chicago.
P.S.—To parties In the city who have plastering to
repair and callomlnlng to do. don’t wait until the
firttof May when everybody Is cleaning house, and
yon will have to wait yonr torn and pay one half
more, hat get yonr work done Immediately.
Ercrytblng Done In the most Work*
•- maaliko Manner.
Call or address as above. JAMES JOHN'
M O V A£i«
J. 11. REED & CO.
Have this day removed to their store.
33 Lake Street,
Peoria, lUinols.
k Central Bans, Peoria, HU
On the morning of January Ist, IS&J, my store build
.ng, situated on the corner of Main and Water ste.,
in this city, was dettored by Are. I had a policy of.
insurance In the Phoenix Insurance Company, of
Hartford, Connecticut, on the bonding for #1,3»
Immediately after the lire, Herman Field, their
(fflclent agent, proceeded at once to adjust and settle
the loss without delay, he paying me sl,soo—the
whole amount claimed from said Company. For
inch commendable promptness on the part of the
Phoenix Insurance Company, I cheerfully recom
mend all persons who wish to insure their property
In one of the moat reliable and prompt paying in
surance companies, to insure In the Phoenix.
|a2S-u7So6tnet g. 8. MATTES ON.
It Is sure to be a favorite, because the beat Writers
In prose and poetry write for It. Alt who read it
or.ee wish to again, and Immediately subscribe lor It.
Clubs are thus coming la from all porta of the great
Specimen number sent free to all who wish to get
up Clubs.
Price, Single Copies, per year.. $2.50.
In Clubs or Six or more each SIA).
Address W. S. 9PENCEH A CO., S3 Cuss St—
Chicago, HI. Post omce Box SJ9S.-
fel-w4fMw MATU-net
For 1563.
Jo-t publlihed and for sale at the Tribuneoffice,
u Tqe Tbadb AjfD Coimxßcz or CaiCAQoronlSdS,"-
la pamphlet form, 50 pages, price 25c., containing
valuable statistical reports and articles on the lead*
ing Trading and Manufacturing interests. Mortuary
and Fire Statistics,, etc., etc. Ja29.nlCoo-3tnet
Blank Book Forwarder & Blank Book Jlnlslitp
By applying to
TUTION in the errr of Chicago.
(Incorporated; February. lS6f.] -
Office, 104 A 106 WasliiDnon«si., lletho*
_ dlht Cbnrcli Block.
This Institution receives deposits of Five Csxrs
and opwarta from all classes of person*. Including
Motors and Uabbikh Wouzs, and allows interest at
the rate of six per cant, pur annum Dividends paya
ble on the first Monday of Janaary and July. Ex*
chance sold cn the Principal Cities of Europe.
President. Cashier.
Vice-President. Assistant Cashier,
(Sncceseon to Bailor 4 Hunt J
M.anxxfhctxrpox*s and Wholesale
IS State Street, Chicago.
|aß-tls3r-WAW net
17© Lake Street.
Wholesale Oil ant Lam, Dealei
The subscriber has been applied to by a nnmberoT
respectable ladles and gentlemen, laboring under
Chronic diseases, who bare despaired ofbelag perms.'
nently cored In this climate, to accompany thorn a
aurndlne Physician on a tea voyage to California,
ted to remain lor one year, to try the benefit of that
laincnoos climate oa their broken down soastltc
ticna. The healthfnlncss of the trip and that climate
nave become proverbial. Hundreds of Ilyin" mr.
2SS&£V>LS na & 1 *- "ho. byjudlclous me Ilea!
0 K neett £ a w,th * *-» voyage and a Cal
«h^ 1J ?. C i i^ atc ’ ?* T ,° been restore! to perfect hed;b.
?bo had despaired of ever onjpylnsr that prelim*
boon. By eolrg in a compapyl And the faroc*i?s
considerably reduced. I propos* to fQrnl.h auVe
medicine and medical attention the company mvr r£
quire for cne.vear, from the ttmr wo leave till wj rC
torn to New York, and while in California, for ih»
sum ©roue bondrcddcllarseach.la band before etirt*
Ing. _ Those who may wish to accompany ns that are
not invalids, but may require medical attention
g. n j££ and tbe y&ir * can ?° ror ’ dollars.
Jjv Wife wm accompany me, who will bo fonnJ ag*ee
abie and kind, which will maSe the trip pleasant to
the most delicate females. If tbe company should
prove too lane for my attention alone. IwH! him
competent assistants, so that I will be prepared t«
.give all tbe attention th*t may be required. When I
arrive T propose to locate In San Francisco, Sacra,
memo City or gome otbergood pokt, where wc can
Retail necessary accommodations while wo .'lay. \r»
propose startle? from New York. Aprll.lSSL \Wtti?
P£j o ? s ™ xpmei V c S •uccessim treatment of
Chronic Diseases, 1 flatter myself that all cases wUlck •
me acatt comblecan.be restored to perfect health
For briber information, immediately address the
subscriber. In case yon make op your mind to ?■> it
la neeejhvytor yon to Inform me of the lact as soon
os possible, so tbatall necessary arrangements canbo
made to time. -
On appUealion, satisfactory refercnco can be elvea
to any who may wish. **»«»
BtopacproTOW, Jan. 2C. 18& I. M ~
)T*sf*s ayenje Garble Dwelling. tis.'VM
North LasaUb Marble Dwelling?: ILOTO
Wabash ar'ane.-UxiSO foot with bouse nooo
T?-£^Aril?, vel l ae * g*?? fte{ »near 1-th street .
« Residences aed Residence
°^ nt ve 200 feet, and sereral corners
near the Park, one at SSO per fcot, sonth and east
£?te 6h , aT . e . nnel o tß » near Harrison street.
Prorie, Indiana, .Michigan anti WaMsb arenjes, near
Old. and near 16;h street and the Lake. 3SO to *»**
per foot.
Wen Jackson. Monroe. Randolph, Lake. 4c., and »
laree number ofellplble lots In each Division ln-
Sl- d l5 B J&U depth* lots t l ® fec D near Bio Grand®
and the Lake, for $23 per foot.
Indiana avenue, new honsefor
.The best now In the market, la the immediate nelgh
-s?^? od l£ 11, £ Co ? rtHon ® c * Hotels and Postoffice!
yielding from? to 8 per cenr. groqnd rent: and 10 per
cent, on Improvements. Luke, Bandolph,Clark.
“"E; f TIIOS.'B. Bliyls* CO - ,
Ja3i«wti%t Bryan n«i|.
BosrbN; PUBLiangitg.
■/»_ PANY.
Until ftmher notice,-we are prepared to recetra
cd Forward all boalnaaa-clTared.ror
Jtnd other points occopled by onr armies. AUboßf
ness for points restricted by Government, must bo
accompanied by permit.
'Merchandise coßHlened to permanent dealers aft
MKMPHIS and NASHVILLE, .will bo reeclTed and
forwarded,-subject to coabobs; all other mattar
(exeeptmoneypackages) must bb p»t-p<m.
All articles lor SOCDIEKS most bo marked with
Coepaht ajtd Regiment to wnren tsbt mm
• Jaa-wl3-lw Di D-COOXE. Agent.
24 Rtctth ftw— im, wwr " >
. Sealed proposals for thefollowlce Subsistence Stores
will be received at this office until MONO AX’. Feb
. ru ary Ist, at 12 o’clock M.
- :;M0 gallons of good Molasses, In-barrels or hall bar
rels, with at least four hoops.. • -
- O.CCO pounds prime Rice in good stoat oak barrels
pounds of prime Bio Coffee. In good dotthla
To oedelivered February Sth,ISM.
The above proposals to be subject to the usual eon*
dltlonsrequlrec by the undersigned In his aivertlao
The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or
all bids. • a
The stores to be paid for in suchfrmdsas the Gov
ernment may furnish.
Proposals to be endorsed “ P ropostlsfor Subsistence
Stores,” and addressed to tbo undersigned.
Ja‘*Mlg3Q-4t Lieut. CoL A C. 8.
89 Washington Street.
Vacant Lots on Wabash avenue, north of Jackson,
also, south of Twelfth.
Lota on Michigan, InJiana„and Pr.ilrie avenues,
north and south of Twenty-second street.
Corner Lot on Washington street, near" Skating
Lots, improved and unimproved, on all the streets
west of “ Union Park.” • jaSl-oIKD-Staot
Original Stories, Poems, Sketches, See.
If you want a GOOD paper subscribe for the BAN
NED. .Price, 12.00 per annum. iel-wl7-l6
\*J The undersigned have this day formed a copart
nership under the Arm name-and style of
For the transaction of the-Wholesale Hardware bosf
. ness at 113 Lake street. Chicago.
Chicago, J0n.25,156i.. B. a. drkakrv.
Cutlery, Nalls, &c., &c.,
MASS., ten Julies from Boston, on the line of the Bco
too and Woreewi r railway. It alms to seenre all the
benefits of HOME AKi* A GOOD EDUCATION at
the same time. The number of the pupils la limi
ted, the Instruction thorough, the discipline parental,
the place most bealiby. Pupils are received atony
time. For circular and testimonials address J. K.
WUODBBLuQE, Aoburadale, Msißß. BrmsnE.3.
Chesboro. Esq., of this city. J»SI-q3S2-3w
The ucderslinml offers for sale, at a fair valuation,
boelncss, at
Parties wishing lostep lotos LARGE,THDBOHOH
Retail Grocery Trade,
And thos save the time ard expense incident to tba
commencement, will find this an opportunity rarely
oflerf d. i>. B. WINTON.
\J StTP.ANCF. COMPANY.—Capital, JIOO/jOO, se
curely Invented.
Ogbinoton Lryr,
H.TT.Maoix, c. B.UOBWEB. P.luYow.
Twos Cmmnr, Kzi-sox i'uttlm, Ftmhai.
LC.P.Fuxb, J.V.Faswslu Sol. a. Barm
U. 11. MAGIE, President.
L A.tnLLAFD.Gcn.Agt. C.N. n6tDEN,Sec*y.
All profit* nlvlded with policyholders. This lathe
only Loc>l ‘lie Company In our Sut:, and is well
pa»son z(4bj onr citizen* who wish to Irsore their
live?, office, northwest corner-of Lake »'d Clark
a treaty. jail-0101-am itewneos
To make room for our spring stock, we will for tba
Sell our heavy and well assorted stock of Winter
Goods is percent, lower than anv house In C'jieazo.
Js27-n7Sih6inet M Randolph street.
Mostly on lime, will * •* U,” Tribune office.
Fossc.-felon at least by M..y jad..uKo*2tnc«
Volunteers will be
The undersigned will recruit for the llth ReiUmept
IlllECla Volunteers, which regiment la commanded »y
experienced officers, and has a good name Inia*
crrnv. *SC2 will be paid to new rccruPa. and JSHI to
TL-lerar.B, of .blob Ira win bo PJ> d
tered Into the service. Offices at ostendorrs Saloon,
310 Randolph-* t., nt 143 North Clark-*u,
C,pl- «°n Becmltlng Oncer.
A SEVERE assault, and
THCin COLOKS TAKEN I—lt Is not often that
WC bear of a mcrjchivalroua assault, and with such.
rtTffnff success, and so few killed, aahas been made
onVowe A Pttvtoa* Family Dye Colon, and that to»
bv isdiee, wholly nnaccustotned to anv thing of the
kind Every lady la the country should continue the
sMsalt until these colon are found in every beast.
Bold by r 11 druggists throughout the country.
Neb Hbbertisemcntst.
Will hare an equal chance to obtain one of the fol
1 Sewing Machine? (Grover <t Ba-
tor's cabinet Case, the party draw
ing to have the choice oi stitch,)... 65.00
M clod eon 75.00
Set Ladles’ Jewelry. 50.00
Silver Pitcher 20.00
Family Bible 15.00
l i ma 10 subscribe. Ton aresaroofs
good "Wickl/ Paper, and ra»y be the lucky oaa to
draw the l lano. ary U and see. v
Send S2.CO to
50 Clark Street?
Post Office Box row. CHICAGO, ILL.
fel-wUHt daw
Business Property,
Contains every week
(sreexssors, to n. o. stonx,)
Wholesale Dealers In
. 150.00

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